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The Holy Ghost vs. The Set Apart Spirit p.1

(This is part 1 of 3) In today’s lesson we will talk about the Set Apart Spirit vs. The Holy Ghost. Now, this lesson and this subject brothers and sisters is one of those subjects that when we talk about the Bible vs. Christianity…what the Christians teach, what the Christians have been taught vs. what the Bible actually says. Because satan has set up a parallel to everything that is of truth. Everything that is of Yah…satan has set up a wicked parallel to mirror that. So when the people are trying to find the path of truth, they are always thrown the lie before their face and many people grab hold of the lie and believe that the lie is the truth. So satan has created a lot of counterfeits and that’s what we will see right here with this holy ghost. But we will go deeper, as the revelation of Yah has been given to us.

We will see the Scripture, that identifies who the holy ghost is. He has remained a mystery for years upon years. Once we know who the Set Apart Spirit is…we know that the holy ghost was a wicked, powerful, entity. But today, we will find out who he is. He has a name. And his name is mentioned in the Scriptures. And we will see this.

But first, before we go and look and see who the holy ghost is we have to establish so there will be no mistaking who the Set Apart Spirit is. We have to establish that first. Who is the Set Apart Spirit? What is the Set Apart Spirit? What is the sign of the Set Apart Spirit’s presence? How do we know if a man is under the Spirit? How do we know if a woman is Spirit filled? Because Christians speak a whole lot about being filled with the Spirit and I’m not going to argue against them because they are absolutely right. They are filled with the spirit. Now here’s the question and it’s critical. What spirit are they filled with? And if you can come up with that answer, then you’ll know. The spirit Christianity is filled with is the spirit that is ruling in the Christian-dom religion…it is not the Spirit of Yah. But we are going to see from Scripture. So pull your chairs up. Get ready to open up your Bibles. Grab your pen, your pad and your highlighter marker because we are about to go into the Scriptures and we are about to see what the Father has to say concerning His word and concerning His truth. So come along for the ride brothers and sisters.

The first thing I want to do is explain or define the Set Apart Spirit. What does this title mean? The Set Apart spirit in Hebrew is pronounced Ruach ha Qodesh. the Ruach ha Qodesh is the Set Apart Spirit in Hebrew.  And Ruach in Hebrew means Spirit, it means wind, it means breath or breathe and it also means to blow. It carries those four definitions…wind, spirit, breath, and to blow. So we are looking at Ruach, we are looking at the definition of the Spirit, this is what it means, Ruach means Spirit. Ha Qodesh means The Set Apart. It means The Separate. So when you have ‘The Set Apart Spirit’ you are talking about a Spirit that is set apart from all spirits in existence. You are talking about a Spirit that is higher than all spirits that are in existence. It is the highest Spirit, that’s why it’s separate from everything else.

So what is this Ruach ha Qodesh? Let’s kick this off with the book of John chapter 4. We are looking at the Set Apart Spirit. Let’s define who this is first and see all the characteristics of the Ruach ha Qodesh, The Set Apart Spirit, The Separate Spirit, The Spirit that rules all spirits.

John 4:24 Do you see that? Yah is Spirit. Wow that’s deep. Because if we are talking about The Set Apart Spirit, the Spirit that’s higher than all spirits, the Ruler of all the spirits, then Yah is Spirit. So this let’s us know that The S.A. Spirit is what? It is the Spirit of Yah. It is Yah. That’s who the Ruach ha Qodesh is. There can’t be a spirit that is higher than Yah. Because Yah is The Creator of all. His Spirit alone created everything. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 1. We are going to establish The S.A. Spirit, The Ruach ha Qodesh. The word Qodesh in Hebrew means Set Apart. ‘Ha’ means the. So just like we say ha shatan and ha shatan in Hebrew means adversary and when we say ha shatan we are saying the adversary. he goes by many different names and titles but he is the adversary. he is the hostility, he is the hatred, he is the anger. he is all those things…that’s what the adversary is. So right here in Genesis chapter 1. We establish the Ruach ha Qodesh is the Spirit of Yah. Yah is the highest of all spirits. The spirits can not get higher than Yah because Yah created all the spirits and His Spirit is the Spirit of creation. Look at this.

Genesis 1:1-2 So the Spirit of Yah, when the earth had sanked into darkness, notice that it says that the earth came to be formless and empty. It came to be. So if it came to be, it means that something was here that had form. And something was here to fill the earth before it became formless and empty. We will talk about that in another lesson. But right here it says that the Spirit of Yah was moving upon the face of the deep. It was Yah’s Spirit that caused all to be created. We will look at this and get a little deeper understanding because you have to know man, this S.A. Spirit is deep! It’s deep and if you don’t know who it is and how it operates you can find yourself blaspheming against it and you could be committing the unforgiveable sin. Everything else you can be forgiven for…except blaspheming The Ruach ha Qodesh, The S.A. Spirit. So you don’t want to blaspheme it by confusing it with the holy ghost. Or confusing it with the guy up in New York who says he is the Spirit of Yah…he calls himself the comforter.

So Yah’s Spirit is the Spirit of creation. This is what was at creation, Yah’s Spirit and Yah’s Word. His literal voice created everything in creation. He spoke it all into existence. When you understand that…that Yah and His Word are one. Let’s go to 1 John chapter 5. I want to read this from the King James Version (not the Scriptures translation) The KJV gives a clearer understanding. Now you see holy ghost in your KJV Bible…it’s a misprint just like Jesus, just live Jehovah all those are misprinted things that should not be there.

1 John 5:7-8 Now this is where Christians confuse everything and they get their trinity understanding from. But this is not speaking about a trinity. The Father is Yah, The Word is Yah and The Ruach ha Qodesh is Yah. And all these are One. These are not 3 aspects of a God…and The Father, then you have Yahoshua, then you have something else called the holy ghost. Because the Christians say that the holy ghost is a different entity from their God. But it shares in that God’s oneness. But right here we are talking about Yah. There are 3 that bear record in heaven because Yah’s witness is true. If Yah bears record to anything…if Yah witnesses to anything that witness is true. That’s the only sure witness that man will ever know. Yahoshua Himself validated that…that Yah is a witness of whom He is. So The Father, The Word and The Set Apart Spirit are One. So when we look and see that Yah’s Spirit was at creation…what else was there with Yah and His Spirit? His Word was there. Let’s go to John chapter 1.

We have to know who The Ruach is and how to identify The Ruach. It’s real easy. See, that’s why we can understand some of these things that are in Scripture that has been a mystery to men for centuries, for millenia. They just can not comprehend this simple thing that Yah is showing us. The only way we will see, that you are able to comprehend the word of Yah is if Yah’s Ruach is upon you. If His Ruach is not upon you, you will not comprehend Scripture. That’s why you have some Hebrews that come into this truth, they get Spirit filled , then they leave the truth and they are without The Spirit and now they can’t comprehend the simple things. And now they don’t believe in the Scriptures anymore. Because they left Yah’s Ruach. And The Ruach is the only thing that can lead you to salvation by giving you the understanding of the truth leading you to all truth.

John 1:1-2 We just read in 1 John 5 that The Word and The Father and The Set Apart Spirit are One. And we also read in Genesis that Yah’s Spirit, The Fathers Spirit was moving on the face of the waters at creation. And then if you go back to Genesis and read everything that Yah created…He spoke it into creation. ‘Let there be light’. And there was light. ‘Let there be grass’. ‘Let there be trees’. Everything that was created He spoke it out of His mouth. That was His literal word and that was the only thing there with Him at creation…just Him The Father, The Word, and His Set Apart Spirit. All of them are Yah. And that’s what was there at creation. That’s why The Word is One. Now Yahoshua, The Messiah became a representation of what Yah’s Word is. Yah’s Word is truth, Yah’s Word is righteousness, Yah’s Word is justice. Just like Yah is. Because He is One with His Word. So Yahoshua represented Yah’s Word to the fullest. Yahoshua became the living Torah. He became the living law of Yah. He became the living instructions. So that’s what we mean when we go farther down in the book of John and it says ‘and the Word became flesh and dwelled with us’. But right here where it says in the beginning was the word and the word was with Yah…we are talking about Yah’s literal word. And how do we know? All we have to do is go read Genesis chapter 1. And it says Yah spoke everything into creation. He spoke it into being that’s how powerful He is.

v.2 ‘He’ is The Word in a masculine form because Yah is spoken of in a masculine form. And His literal word is masculine. I’m a man, so my word is masculine. My name that describes who I am is masculine. So that’s why it says ‘He’ was in the beginning with Yah. This is speaking about Yah’s Word. Because Yah’s Word is Spirit also. Let’s go to John chapter 6.

It’s funny with this lesson, Yah’s leading me, I have my notes here, I have my Scriptures that I want to go to but I’m not going in the order (that they are written) because The Spirit of Yah is not taking me in that order. He’s taking me in a whole other order. And I love when The Spirit rolls like that. And we will talk about that. If you have ever stood up to teach someone or to evangelize as they call it…to teach them The Word of Yah. You know when Yah’s Spirit comes upon you. Because you start remembering things that you thought that you had forgotten. You start getting bold with it. You start flowing with Scripture and busting their heads open (with The Word of Yah) and there’s nothing they can do or say and they sit there mesmerized. And say ‘wow I have to go talk to my pastor about that’. That’s because you are filled with The Spirit and that’s what happens when The Spirit is upon us. The Spirit does not cause us to start going into convulsions and foaming at the mouth and you don’t do backward flips and hang off the lights. The Spirit doesn’t do that and we are going to see that from the Scriptures. Whenever a man stood up and Scriptures says he was filled with The Spirit, this man prophesied, this man spoke truth, this man spoke truth with a boldness…including Yahoshua Himself!

So once we get (know) who The Set Apart Spirit is…the question has to be answered… what is the holy ghost? Because when we see people in the church claiming to be Spirit filled under the inspiration of this holy ghost…these people don’t speak truth. These people don’t prophesy truth. They don’t know the simplest of simplest Scriptures. Ask them to show you the Biblical definition of sin. Ask them to show you from Scripture The Father’s name. It’s all in there (in The Bible). They can’t give you those answers but they swear up and down that they are filled with The Spirit. We will see that they are lying. Let’s go to John chapter 6. Remember, Yah is One with His Word and He’s One with His Ruach and He is Yah, The Father, The Word, The Ruach and The Set Apart Spirit, right? Right. If Yah is Spirit…then that means that His Word…because we know that His Set Apart Spirit…I mean He is the Ruach ha Qodesh which means The Set Apart Spirit. So we know His Word is One with Him so we know His Word has to be equally Spirit.

Let’s go to John 6 to show you how The Word, The Father and The Ruach ha Qodesh is One. Not 3 different aspects but just One. The Father that’s one right and then you have the Ruach and The Word that’s three but they are One. They are all of Yah. They all are Yah.

John 6:63 Now whenever you read in Scripture and you see ha Ruach, The Spirit, whenever you see that The Spirit…it is talking about The Set Apart Spirit, The Spirit of Yah, The Highest Spirit. ‘The Spirit’ that’s Yah’s Spirit. Not ‘a spirit’ but ‘The Spirit’, that’s Yah. So Yahoshua tells you that the words that He speaks are not His own words but the words of Yah. So He’s speaking the words of Yah and Yah’s words are Spirit. Yah’s words are Set Apart. Yah’s words are Him. You can not separate Yah from His words…you can not do it. You can not separate Yah from His Ruach…you can not do it. This is who The Set Apart Spirit is…it is Yah. And that Set Apart Spirit has been promised to us. And once we take hold of it, it will lead us into all truth. This is the first sign that you will have that The Ruach ha Qodesh is dwelling upon you. This is the first sign that you will have that The Ruach ha Qodesh is dwelling upon a man or woman. Because The Spirit will lead them into all truth. Let’s go to John chapter 14.

We say this often and repeat this over and over because it’s very important. You have to watch those satanically inspired people who are speaking things that they have no knowledge of. One of the things that Hebrews love to say is that no man has all the truth. ‘No man has all the truth’ this is what they say. That my brothers and sisters is a bold face lie straight from the mouth, straight from the thoughts of satan himself. Why is that a lie? Because right here we are promised that The Ruach will lead us into all truth. The truth my brothers and sisters is The Word of Yah. The truth is Yah’s laws and commandments…every Bible contains them (the laws). It’s called Torah, instructions or law. They are found in the first 5 books of your Bible. So every man who owns a Bible, every woman, every child that owns a Bible has all the truth right in their hands. It’s that simple. But satan will tell you, ‘you don’t have the truth’. ‘That ain’t truth’. ‘Has Yah told you that, that’s truth’? satan speaks that same snake talk. And we are still falling for it to this day.

John 14:16 So when Yahoshua came and dwelled among us, He was on a mission to save His people for their sins. What is sin? 1 John 3:4 sin is the transgression of the law. So Yahoshua came to keep His people from transgressing Yah’s law. So while He was here with us, He was teaching us but even while He was with us the brothers that He was teaching, they still did not understand what He was saying. It wasn’t until after, that these brothers became filled with The Ruach, that they were led into all understanding and their understanding was open. You must have The Ruach upon you to understand The Scriptures. Otherwise, you will read it from a Christian perspective. Otherwise, you will get it from a Muslim perspective. Otherwise, you will get it from a Judaism perspective. Otherwise, you will get it from an Egyptologist perspective. You will not ge the truth if you don’t have The Spirit of Truth upon you…The Ruach ha Qodesh. So right here, it said ‘I shall ask the Father and He shall give you another Helper to stay with you…forever’. Let’s go to verse 26.

The King James version calls The Helper…The Comforter. But it’s called a Helper. What will a Helper do? He will help us to understand the truth.

John 14:26 How many of us in this very room right now, understand the things that The Messiah is speaking because now we have the Ruach upon us? How many of us understand that the Psalms prophesied of Yahoshua? That the prophets prophesied of Him? We understand that now. Everything He told the brothers we understand it now. Even the brothers themselves were having problems understanding Yahoshua’s words. But now the truth has been given to us. We have been led into all truth by the Ruach ha Qodesh. We are Spirit filled. These lessons that you hear are Spirit filled lessons because we are giving you the truth of Yah. We did not have to go to a seminary school or cemetery school of the dead to learn Yah’s truth. That’s why those men that do go to seminary schools don’t learn the truth of Yah. Because Yah’s Ruach is not down upon them. And that’s the requirement of understanding His Word. Because He and His Word are One. There’s no separation of it. So when Yah’s Ruach which is Yah, comes down upon you and gives you understanding of Yah’s word…How can you argue against that? How can you debate against that?

The Helper that we are promised to receive is The Set Apart Spirit whom The Father sent in Yahoshua’s name. He shall teach you all. Look at that…He shall teach you all. Isn’t Father Yah teaching us right now? Aren’t we filled with Yah’s Ruach and are learning about the fallen angels? Aren’t we learning about very critical salvation issues? Aren’t we learning about the deception of the devil? Yah is giving us all of this because it was promised to us and Yah is not like man in that He should lie. So this is how you know that you are in the presence of The Ruach. These little children have The Ruach upon them because they are understanding. Yesterday was December 25, 2009. You better believe some of these little children set down grandma who is still trying to give them Christmas presents. (The children) set down grandpa who still wants to give them Christmas presents and told them to their face ‘no I don’t do that, that’s pagan’. ‘That’s of the devil’. These little children understand that. They don’t even have a problem doing away with that madness. Because they are Spirit filled. They are filled with Yah’s Ruach They are being led and guided into all truth.

Let’s go to John 15:26 See this is another way that you know when a person is under the Spirit, when they are believers in the true Messiah. When they are believers in the true Yahoshua not the fabricated Jesus Christ. Not the fabricated Osiris and all these other false messiahs. That’s how you know a man or woman is Spirit filled brothers and sisters. Because they will come bringing The Messianic message. They will come speaking that truth. They will give you deeper levels of understanding of Messiah. That’s how you know it. Not because a man is flip-flopping and gibber-gabbering you know speaking in tongues he just made up. Because Christians do say, that a sign that you have been saved is that when you get baptised, you need to start speaking in tongues and you need to be filled with The Spirit. So people need to be falling down and flip-flopping on the ground and all that after their baptism. Not even understanding that they are being immersed into the order of the holy ghost. They are actually selling their souls over to the holy ghost when they go to the Christian baptism. Many of you have sold your souls over to the holy ghost and many of you are still trying to break the bond that you had with that entity. It’s a strong powerful one, boy. And we will see why he’s so powerful…once you know his true identity.

Yah’s Spirit brothers and sisters called the Helper called the Comforter is the Spirit of Truth. That’s one aspect of it. It is also called The Spirit of Wisdom. Because in order to understand this word you have to be wise and Yah tells us that this word is our wisdom. So it’s not hard to tell. That’s why we are so attracted to a brother or to a sister who’s speaking The Truth whom we know The Spirit of Yah is upon them. And what I mean by ‘attracted’ is that we have high respect for them. Because we are truth seekers ourselves. I respect each and every one of you ‘brews that are truly seeking Father Yah. With all your heart and all your soul you respect me likewise. But others see the respect that we have for one another…and they try to say that you are worshipping me. You aren’t worshipping me, you see The Ruach that is there. And you are able to discern what Ruach is there. That’s all it is. And that’s why we all have this connection. Like when we meet for the first time, we could have known each other over these airways, over these paltalk rooms and all that, the internet for years. But when we meet, it’s like hey…long lost cousin! We already know each other. Because we have already connected on each others Ruach and we have the same Ruach upon us. That’s why it’s so easy for some of us to get along. But others we can not forge any type of relationship with. Because The Ruach that’s upon you is battling the spirit that’s upon them. And if you have Yah’s Ruach upon you and they have satan’s spirit upon them, there will always be a clash. And for the life of you, you could never figure it out. ‘What is it about this person’? ‘I just know’…it’s the battle of the spirits. That’s what it is.

So, Yah’s Spirit is known as The Spirit of Truth. That’s big there. Because The Spirit of Truth…what is truth? Let’s go to John 17. The Ruach ha Qodesh is The Spirit of Truth. John 17 tells us who it is. And you will see how this circle keeps completing itself. The Father, The Word, The Ruach ha Qodesh. They are One.

John 17:17 Set them apart (sanctify) because Yah is a separatist. He doesn’t want wickedness and righteousness to mix. He doesn’t want you hanging out brothers and sisters when He has called you to be a people unto Himself. He doesn’t want you hanging out with people who are doing wicked things. He wants you to separate. He wants to set you apart. (reads) So set them apart in Your truth, Your word is truth. Yahoshua said The Spirit of Truth whom comes from The Father, He shall bear witness of Me. So Yah’s Word is truth. And we have The Spirit of truth. It’s Yah. The Comforter is Yah. The Helper is The Set Apart Spirit is The Ruach ha Qodesh. That Helper is The Spirit of Truth. That Helper is Yah. Yah is The One that will lead us into His Word. That’s why we don’t get into debates or arguments with those Hebrews who say if you don’t know Hebrew, then you can’t understand the Scriptures. Is that right? I can’t find one Scripture that says that. I will tell you this, I can show you plenty of Scriptures on this. If you don’t have Yah’s Ruach upon you, you will not understand The Scriptures. Because the pharisees were men that spoke perfect Hebrew. They probably had some of the original writings of Isaiah himself. And they read from them each and every day in their synagogues. But when salvation…the salavation of Yah stood before them mightily and proclaimed who He was. They said ‘naw, let’s kill this nigger’. ‘He’s a liar’. ‘He had demons on Him’. ‘Execute Him’. So what did Hebrew…if they could not see who Yahoshua was…they saw Him with their eyes and heard His voice being spoken to their very ears. We have not heard His voice or seen His face or His shape (form) but we believe. And just like our brothers that are in Spain. They believe through the Spanish language. The one in South America through the Spanish language. The ones in the Netherlands through the language of Dutch. The ones in Germany through the language of German…whatever language you need Yah’s Ruach. Because Yah’s Ruach is The Creator of all languages. This is what we will see when we read Acts chapter 2.

So you can’t limit Yah to a language. Are you out of your mind?!! He’s beyond that. You have to figure out who Yah is brothers and sisters. The Spirit of Truth shall lead us into all truth. The Helper, The Comforter that is Yah’s Ruach. The Word, that is Yah’s Ruach, all of it is Yah, brothers and sisters. That’s who will give you understanding. Yahoshua was Spirit filled from the womb. Yahcanon the Immerser (John the Baptist) was filled from the womb. The first words these brothers probably spoke was Yah! While the rest of us were goo-goo-ga-ga-ing and ma-ma and pa-pa…they probably came out saying Yah! HalleluYah!

Let’s go to John 16. These words we speak are truth. Now let me just give this to you. We talk about Yah’s Spirit right? But if Yah is One with His Word…His Word is what? His Word is The Ruach ha Qodesh. Oh, yeah. This very word that you have in your hand…call it the Bible…call it The Scriptures…whatever you do to identify it. This is The Ruach. This too is The Ruach because this is Yah’s Word and Yah’s Word is One with Him. So we will read in just a moment that if you blaspheme The Set Apart Spirit hey you blaspheme this word…you’re blaspheming Yah. So this is why He tells us to keep and guard these commandments. That’s why this thing is serious. Your salvation depends on you doing that. That’s why we always say here, Hebrews, this ain’t no toy. You don’t play with this like you played in the church. This very Word is Ruach. It’s The Set Apart Ruach…Qodesh Ruach…Set Apart Spirit. You better not blaspheme this. That’s why…see…we don’t talk about contradictions in The Bible here at Israelite Heritage because we don’t see any. What we see is a lack of Ruach upon the people who do see contradictions. What we see is a lack of understanding from people who don’t understand Maschiach. That’s what we see. Because if there’s something in Scripture that we don’t understand we pray and fast about it. And wait for an understanding. Yah will provide it. He just needs to know that we are ready to receive the answer because some of the stuff in here, many of us are not ready to receive the answer. Like many of you all may not be ready to receive who the holy ghost is. But yet you are here. And if you stay long enough, you will hear.

John 16:7 When Yahoshua walked the earth, His brothers had a hard time understanding Him. That’s because they had not obtained the full Ruach. They had enough of the Ruach just like we give. Yah gives us enough of the Ruach where we can see truth. But to have a deeper level of understanding…that full Ruach has to come upon us. As we walk along with The Father, He will give The Spirit as He sees we need The Spirit. Only The Spirit can show you the truth of the fallen angels. Only the Spirit can show you the truth of the feast days. That’s it, you can’t understand it if you don’t have The Spirit. That’s why we look at some of this and say wow, man this is just so easy. Why can we comprehend this but they can’t? I get this question all the time and this is on my heart too. But now we know. It’s because they are to defiled and they reject it. Yisrayl has always rejected Yah’s Spirit…always. So Yahoshua said ‘I have to go away so this Spirit can come to y’all’. Do you know why? Because Yahoshua Himself was Spirit filled. He walked with those brothers and He was giving them the understanding but said hey ‘I have to go and then The Spirit will come down upon y’all on High’. This is the promise. and so when I leave and since you see Me as a physical man…now you will be able to understand the deeper Spiritual things when The Spirit comes down upon you from on High. So I must go. I have to leave this physical existence so you can get the full Ruach. Because if I stay here with you, you only get it partially but if I leave you will ge the full thing. And do you know what? They got the full thing (full understanding). Those brothers became dynamic! You know how dynamic they became? Here we are 2,000 years later reading what they did. Here we are continuing the work that they started 2,000 years ago. Here we are understanding Maschiach because of what they did. HalleluYah. Blessed be Yah for giving us His Ruach…for giving us His Spirit and leading, guiding us with His mercy halleluYah. I’m telling y’all it’s a blessing.

Let’s go to John 16. Now you understand why when certain people leave Yah’s Ruach…they become so confused. I mean it’s like taking the floor from beneath their feet and they fall down on their face. And they don’t ever get back up. They stay down. Because they leave The Ruach, they leave the understanding.

John 16:13 ‘He shall guide you in all truth’. Once again don’t let nobody come and tell you that no man has all the truth. Yahoshua is promising us that we will know all the truth. We will know all the laws and commandments. We will Know what Yah requires of us. That’s why we speak it all the time…Yah wants us to keep His laws…we are being cursed because we don’t keep His laws. That’s Spirit filled information right there. And it can only be communicated to others who have Yah’s Ruach upon them. That’s why we are speaking French to these people that we are trying to wake up in the name of Yah. They don’t comprehend it. Because they don’t have The Spirit. They don’t even have the smallest (bit) of The Spirit upon them. They are still stuck with the holy ghost. It was only until you searched or questioned whatever you were involved in…that’s when that little spark on your heart said ‘something just ain’t right…I don’t know what it is…you start looking at the condition of your people you start thinking we are a highly Spiritual people. Who are we? What are we? That’s when Yah’s Ruach says it’s time. And that Ruach came upon you and you looked and saw…your eyes were opened.

I’m going to show you something about that too. I will show you how that happened on the physical and it represents a Spiritual meaning. It happened to brother Shaul. It’s like that’s why they can’t understand Shaul. ‘Oh Shaul is a false prophet’. ‘Oh Yahoshua prophetised…no he didn’t…Shaul was a brother just like us. That’s why we can comprehend what he’s talking about and you can’t. Because the same Ruach that was upon him, that gave him understanding is the same Ruach that’s upon us, that’s giving us the exact same understanding. ‘But Paul said that, oh a woman has to cover her head’. Oh, you don’t even know what Paul was talking about. He started out in that chapter telling you what he is talking about. And everything proceeded from there. He’s talking about the order of Yah. That man is over woman, Messiah is over man and Yah is over all. But we can’t explain it to you if you don’t have The Ruach. (talks to someone) Yeah, Kepha said Shaul’s writing s are hard to understand. But what did he say, there you go brother, the ones that don’t know the Scriptures, that twist the Scriptures. That’s what he said, he said that Shaul’s writings are hard to understand by those who twist the Scriptures. They don’t have understanding. If you twist the Scriptures, Yah’s not going to give you His Ruach, His Spirit. It’s when you humble yourself and admit that what you are doing is wrong. And admit that what you are involved in is not the way of Yah. You may not know His name at the time but what you’re doing, you have to admit ‘hey man there’s something more to this’. That’s why so many Hebrews are forever reading books, are forever learning man’s knowledge but can never come to the knowledge of the truth. Because they are missing the critical ingredients. They think they can read 100,000 books, learn 100,000 languages. Learn everything that the Jews do and repeat it. And they think they can get salvation through that. Not even trying to seek after Yah’s Ruach. That was 2 Peter 3:16, where Kepha speaks about Shaul’s writings.

The Spirit of truth He shall guide you to all the truth. For He shall not speak from Himself but whatever He hears He shall announce to you things to come. So that’s why we have knowledge of what is to come…the mark of the beast…Genesis 15:13 the 400 year captivity. Yah has shown us these things. His Ruach has come down upon us. It’s not anything that we’ve gone out and studied and read and you know we’re just super smart and have understanding like that. No, we can’t get understanding on our own. We have to be guided by Yah. Yah will guide us and show us what to study. Yah will guide us and show us what to read. Yah will guide us and say hey that’s the information I want you to have. That’s what will happen. It’s His Ruach. It’s the same Ruach that came upon the prophets and gave them understanding of future events that were to come. That’s the same Ruach that’s giving us understanding of all these things. We can look now and see what the mark of the beast is. We can look now and see how everything is shaping up, to the return of Yahoshua. Because Yah’s Spirit is leading and guiding us and giving us truth. And we know that Hi Spirit is speaking Yah’s Word. He’s going to announce to us what is to come. Man this Spirit is upon us and even upon our sisters. Man, we have sisters that can break down this word and tell you this and that, that would put many of these Hebrew men to shame. That don’t have the Ruach upon them. Our children can sit some of these Hebrew men down that don’t have The Ruach upon them. Our children can sit some of these Hebrew men down that don’t have The Ruach upon them! That’s the sign, when you are speaking truth, when you’re prophesying of what’s to come. That’s the sign that The Spirit of Yah is upon you. Spirit filled is what you are.

Let’s go t Mark chapter 3. (talks to someone) That’s right He gives it to who He wills because do you know what? Some of these Gentiles have Yah’s Spirit, yes they do. And so we will see because those stiff-necked Hebrews were getting mad because the Gentiles were having The Ruach come down upon them. And Kepha had to tell those boys hey listen, how can we fight and stand against Yah? When the same Ruach that came down upon us…came down upon them (the Gentiles). And they started prophesying and praising Yah. You don’t even know how to praise Yah if you don’t have Yah’s Spirit upon you.

Mark 3:28-29 Don’t blaspheme The Set Apart Spirit. Those who do=eternal lake of fire. So those of you out there that are saying ‘hey the Bible is the white man’s book’. ‘The Bible ain’t the Word of Yah’. You are blaspheming Yah’s Spirit. Do you see how things are simple with Yah. It’s easy to reject Yah. It’s easy to blaspheme Yah and saying there is no Yah, saying there is no Messiah. Non-messianics you have blasphemed Yah. You have blasphemed The Set Apart Spirit. So you have to be careful out there brothers and sisters just repeating whatever you hear some foolish man telling you. ‘Oh, the Messiah He was a Greek’. Okay what Greek? ‘Oh-oh, the New Testament was written by’…Yeah, written by who? Tell me. Show me just like Yahoshua told the pharisees, He said ‘y’all are trying to kill Me’. ‘And I’m just speaking the truth, I’m just speaking the Word’. ‘Show Me where I am wrong’. Show me where He spoke wrong. Show me where He said that He’s Yah. Or that He was there at creation. Show me some of these things that y’all accuse us of saying. We only say what the Messiah says. He says that He is the son of Yah. (talks to someone) You know what brother, it’s getting to the point that satan don’t hardly even have to do tricks anymore. They just foll0w him…he says I’m satan hey you want to follow me? They say, yeah satan. That is how the world is going because they can only think on the flesh.

So you see if you blaspheme against The Set Apart Spirit that’s the Highest Spirit in existence, The Ruler of all spirits, there’s no forgiveness of that. So you better be careful. Didn’t Yah say I will not hold him guiltless who takes My name in vain. Because Yah’s name is Him. He said I’m not going to hold you guiltless for that. And Yahoshua’s saying you will not get any forgiveness if you blaspheme His Spirit. His Spirit, His name encompasses who He is. So you better watch what you are saying out there. I try to tell you Hebrews all the time just take a moment and think about what you are about to say. Choose your words carefully. Because some of you all speak blasphemy against Yah and don’t even recognize that you are doing it. Speaking against Yah’s servants and prophets and you don’t even recognize that you are doing it. Because you want to sound smart. You want people to Kayn (agree) you. You want people to shalom (greet) you and say that’s a deep sister there, that’s a deep brother there. That’s what you want. You want the praises of men. And at the same time making yourself an enemy to Yah. You must be mindful. Because only a servant of Yah will speak the words of Yah.

Servants of satan will speak the words of satan. It’s just that simple. You better know what words you are speaking and in what authority your bringing those words in. You will be held accountable for every idle word you speak. (talks to someone) that’s right brother, Moses’ sister, Miriam found out (about speaking against one of Yah’s servants). See, when you come under Yah’s Ruach and Yah removes the spirit of satan from your midst, you should build on that Ruach that Yah has blessed you to receive by serving Him. Becoming that righteous servant, listening to His laws, getting the understanding, becoming that kind-hearted person, you have to practice on that. Learning how to forgive, learning how to overcome stumbling blocks. That’s what we have to do. We have to be an example to the world when the world sees us coming they should already see ‘something about that person’. It’s The Ruach that will introduce whom you are before your mouth even opens. Just your very presence alone they are going to know there’s something about you. Just your very presence alone, they will open their hearts and open their doors to you.

See, I’ve always been treated differently in these neighborhoods here in the hood in Chicago. I go to whatever store that the stranger looks at the rest of the ‘brews because you know they are acting wild and this and that. I just come in and they know…hey it’s a totally different situation. We should always represent Yah’s Spirit like that. We should not be on the corner with thugs and people confuse us with a thug. If we are on the corner with a thug…we are trying to give him the Word of Yah. We are not hanging out with him and smoking and drinking with him. You should always show your set apartness. You should always shine your light before the faces of men. Sisters, the same thing with you. When men see you coming, when they hear your voice they should not think that you are just another fluzzy. They should respect you because they see The Ruach upon you. Even our children, they should not get mixed up for a little neighborhood knuckle-head. That Ruach will speak louder than any word that we can ever say.

People always wonder ‘why y’all don’t get mad?’ ‘Why don’t I hear y’all fussing and fighting?’  Why should we fuss and fight? Why should we get angry? You are the one not serving Yah. You are the one in trouble. You should be the scared, angry one not us. We see the road of salvation and we see it clearly. You are the one that’s troubled not us. Let’s go to John 6.

(talks to someone) That’s right brother, sometimes when I’m out running errands on the bus or train and people are staring at me. I’m like, do I have something hanging off my nose? Is my beard all wild? What are they looking at? And so people always try to figure out what you are. For many of the brothers, they see you coming and they see your appearance and they think you’re a Muslim. They think your this or that…but you have a Bible in your hand. You just blow there minds, right there. What is he? They are always trying to figure you out.

You have to ask yourself why would a man leave the Ruach? Wherever you see The Ruach…because now you know how to identify The Ruach ha Qodesh, The Set Apart Spirit and where it dwells. Whenever you see a man prophesying truth. Whenever you see a woman speaking truth. And truth is the Word of Yah…giving you the Word of Yah that’s where Yah is, that’s where Yah’s Spirit dwells. So why would you ever want to leave that?

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The News You Can Use: Did y’all hear about the object on the bottom of the sea? It was reported by the associated press-CNN. The object was found on the Baltic Sea floor. They thought it is an U.F.O.

The movie ‘Tuskegee Airmen’ is awesome by George Lucas. We have a unique history with our enemy. Black men begged to fight in their wars. The Tuskegee airmen’s mission was to escort the bomber pilots. The Gentiles were losing so many. O’Hare (the same O’Hare named for Chicago’s airport) shot down many Germans. The Red Barron was the best German bomber. The Tuskegee airmen never lost a bomber. They guarded the bombers well. Back then they could not just shoot a missile from a long distance like they do now. The Tuskegee airmen were brave Hebrews…mighty men of Yah. George Lucas spent 100 million dollars out of his own pocket to make this movie. Hollywood would not fund it because it has an all black cast. Someone texted in the room that George Lucas has a new Hebrew girlfriend too. He took a lot of mouth for few blacks being in the Star Wars movies. He has been trying to make this movie since 1988. People are tired of the white hero only…you have to mix it up. Where are the ancient Hebrew movies? Not ‘Roots’…lol. Alexander fought with Ethiopians. Why don’t they show this? Hollywood is white supremacy. Will George Lucas become a black sheep in Hollywood? George Lucas stated ‘these were brave men, why can’t we show their history too?’

Mel Gibson…Jews wrote him a letter and told him that he is anti-semitic…so pay our mortgage to prove us wrong. Mel Gibson said Jews own Hollywood when everyone else was afraid to say it.

Look at the Tuskegee experiments too.

Battleship—>U.F.O came out of the water. ‘Battleship’ with Rihanna. It is freightening…all the things they do.

The dollar is almost over with. This May, they are going to kick something off in Chicago. Chicago is a hot spot…Obama, Farrakhan, Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Ben Anmi (sp?), the Israelite movement…there is something special about Chicago. Did y’all know Chicago was settled by free blacks?

Some countries have pulled their money out of the U.S. dollar.

The lesson: Blessings. The original lesson was going to be ‘blasphemy of Yah’s Spirit’ but there was technical difficulty. The teacher gave a preview of this lesson called ‘Blessings’.

Genesis 49:25-26 We are blessed to know Yahoshua’s name. We are blessed to know we are the people of the book. We know Yah’s name. Can satan bless you? he only leads you to deception. his blessings are temporary. The chip=the lake of fire. We call on Yah for help. satan hides. Joseph was enslaved and spent 12 years in prison. Joseph was blessed! He was a dream interpreter which gave him favor with pharaoh.

Deuteronomy 28:1-14 The blessings: Obey the commandments to get the blessings. To not know Yah is a curse. The only way satan can get to Yah is to go after the Israelites. he knows we are the apple of Yah’s eye. satan loves to get us to sin. Material things are temporary…these are blessings from satan. Only Yah gives eternal blessings.

Joshua 8:34 Moses read the blessings and curses. Yah will bless or curse depending on if you obey or disobey. The Israelites will not be stopped…the truth will not be stopped. This is the last movement y’all. There was the freedom from slavery, black panthers, civil rights but this is the last movement…the Messianic movement.

Proverbs 10:6 The brothers in NY are always in violence. Did y’all know ISUPK and GMS fight each other now? This is why Yah doesn’t tell us our tribes yet…gangbangers…throwing up hand signs and colors…foolishness. Gangs have a masonic influence now. They started as protecting the neighborhoods. The boy and girl scouts are masonic organizations for children. We know the truth…we are blessed.

Proverbs 28:20 Faithful=blessings. Going after riches=punishment.

Revelation 2:9 Yahoshua said He knows we are poor yet we are rich. Our blessings are coming! Money doesn’t make you a better person.

(talks about something else) someone texts: Russia said if the U.S.A touches Iran…it is on!

Malachi 2:2 Y’all bless each other. satan doesn’t bless. If you don’t esteem Yah’s name your blessings will be cursed.

Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be Yah  and Father of our Messiah, Yahoshua who has blessed us with every Spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Messiah. See, we have Spiritual blessings…we have Yah.

(starts talking about something else) Johnny Depp is a big witch, warlock. Talks about actors love to play the devil…it is an honor for them.  The guy who played Harry potter is an alcoholic now…demons are plaguing him.

The room closes out by everyone saying Yah bless and blessing each other. Praise Yah.

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Speaking in Tongues

Today’s lesson is entitled speaking in tongues. We are going to give information on this very important topic. I know many of you have come from the Christian understanding of speaking in tongues, in fact, if I’m not mistaken the Christians say that if you don’t speak in tongues or something to that effect that you will not get into heaven. Well, you can speak in all the tongues you want…heaven will not open up to you. Because heaven is not for man. But the kingdom of Yah is (for man). And the kingdom is coming to earth. So they say something to the effect that you have to be…when you are filled with the Spirit…one of the signs of being filled with the Spirit is speaking in tongues. What they do and what they say is that they speak unknown babel, unknown gibber-gabber, which is very very dangerous y’all. Now, sometimes you can say some things and have no idea of what you are saying but the spirit world can here you. You may be speaking a language to them. Yah understands everything that proceeds from your mouth because Yah reads the heart. So when you put vain bibble-babel out there…it is being caught. Some of them are calling on demons and they have no understanding. In fact…they are calling demons into their midst. That’s why when you see these people speaking in tongues, they start getting what they call the holy ghost. Which is another entity, another spirit, that’s not Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh, the Set Apart Spirit. The Christian holy ghost is a totally different entity.

So when we look at speaking in tongues, we just have to understand from the Scriptural perspective what it means versus what the world says that it means. Yah tells us speaking in tongues means one thing and he gives us a comprehension of it and then the world tells us something else. Speaking in tongues my brothers and sisters is a gift. Now what we will look at in this lesson is that…we will see why you never heard of speaking in tongues in the old testament times. There was a reason and purpose. There is a reason and purpose of why we have this Spiritual gift of speaking in tongues. There’s a reason of why that is and it came 2,000 years ago. And you will see the beautiful reason why Yah has put this in the midst of us…to speak in tongues…some of us. Not all of us will speak in tongues. I know many of you know that Christians have, like speaking in tongues schools. They say they can teach you to speak in tongues. They think speaking in tongues can happen when they feel like saying it. Then they go through all this gibber-gabber. So we will look at Scriptures to see the whole understanding of this…speaking in tongues.

So first I want to explain to you just what tongues is and we will see that when we hear about someone speaking in tongues in Scripture, we are talking about speaking in languages y’all. The tongue represents language. It represents speech. So when we talk about speaking in tongues, we are talking about speaking in a language. We are talking about speaking in a speech. That’s all it is.

First, I want to show you a Scripture that I know some Christians use to try to show the comprehension of them…what they call speaking in tongues. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 14. I’m a little choked up with the praise we did a few minutes ago. Yisrayl let’s not forget that Yah has blessed us with the knowledge, understanding but never let us get to far from praising. One of His greatest servants David, danced for Yah. He danced out of his clothes. David wrote the Psalms and look how those Psalms praised the Father. So that’s how we will start this room every week…praising Yah. We will praise His name before the lesson.

1 Corinthians 14:1-2 Before we start, we have to lay the Scriptural foundation and understanding that tongues means languages. Tongues is speech. So we will go into a few Scripts and we will see that tongues is synonymous with languages. Tongues is synonymous with speech. So if a man is speaking in a tongue…he is actually speaking in another language. Let’s go to Joshua chapter 10. Let’s go to Yahoshua chapter 10.

Joshua 10:21 So it says no one moved his tongue…it means no one spoke. No one gave speech against the sons of Yisrayl. Now speech brothers and sisters or language is just human thought verbalized. That’s all it is. Before man speaks it is first a thought. And then that thought is materialized through his language. So when a man speaks it means the tongue. You need your tongue, lips to talk. So whenever you see in Scripture…when it speaks about lips or tongue…we are talking about speech and language. This is why they call it ‘speaking’ in tongues or it is ‘speaking’ a language, that’s the proper term for it.

2 Samuel 23:2 So if you have a word on your tongue that means that when your tongue moves that you will verbalize what that word is. Now before you get a word on the tongue…once again it is in the mind and the process is in the mind. And then it is verbalized on the tongue so you are speaking a speech. When you are speaking a speech you are speaking a language. That’s the only way we communicate with one another if we are speaking a language. They even have what they call sign language for those who are deaf. They don’t hear physical speech but there is a language that they understand when they move their hands. Yet, it is still a language. It is still a tongue. So that’s what speech, language is…verbalised human thought. Yah’s word is on my tongue. So when you are speaking tongues and you have Yah’s word on your tongue, what will you speak? You are going to speak the word of Yah. But you will speak it in another language.

This lesson will not be long because I only have one sheet of notes here.

Isaiah 66:18 Yah says He is gathering all nations in all tongues (languages). So all tongues here stands for languages. Because remember Yah divided man according to His language when He separated man on the earth. Man was gathered into nations based on language.

See, the word ‘tongue’ is synonymous with language and speech because speech is language. So we are trying to lay this foundation that when we talk about speaking in tongues we are talking about speaking a language, a speech.

Psalm 35:28 ‘My tongue’, my speech, my language shall speak of your righteousness. Now, when we comprehend the reason that Yah uses speaking in tongues, it’s going to kill that misunderstanding that is promoted among the children of Yisrayl that you have to know Hebrew in order to understand the word of Yah. That’s not so. Not at all.

So those were a few Scriptures that show tongue is synonymous with speech. Speech is language. It’s the same thing. So when we look at the term speaking in tongues, this is where the Christians get lost. Because as I just said a moment ago, speaking in tongues means speaking in languages…speech. What is the purpose of speaking in these languages? Why is it a spiritual gift? Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 12. Because this is a gift given to us by Yah. And not all will receive the gift of speaking in tongues. Not everyone will receive it because not all need it. But Yah will bestow this on those who He deems worthy and deems His righteous servants so they can deliver a righteous word to His sheep.

You will see what Shaul talks about as clear as day when he’s explaining just what this is. But it is the corrupt mindset of the Christian and of those who can’t comprehend Yah’s word because their minds are too defiled. They can’t see what Yah speaks here when Shaul explains to us what this actually means.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 v. 7 He’s not talking about profiting like Creflo and Jakes. But profiting in saving souls. To bring souls in Yah’s kingdom that’s profiting. v. 8-9 Now what Spirit is he talking about? He’s talking about Yah’s Spirit…the Ruach ha Qodesh not the holy ghost but the Set Apart Spirit, the highest Spirit, that’s Yah’s Spirit. So he said hey, words of wisdom through the Spirit is given. So the same Spirit…Yah will give one brother wisdom, one brother knowledge, another brother belief, another brother healing. When I say brother, I mean sisters too…all of mankind. v. 10-11 So speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift delivered to us by Yah. So Yah says He gives one an operation of power, another prophesy and to another discerning of Spirits. So we don’t all have the gift of how to discern Spirits. That’s why when Yah includes us into His assembly, we may have one brother or sister that’s good at discerning spirits. And then if we have an unclean spirit in our midst then that brother or sister can see it when the others can’t. And the others can discern that spirit, ‘hey that’s unclean, it should not be here’.  It says ‘another kinds of tongues’ or another kinds of languages. And to ‘another interpretation of tongues’…interpretation of languages. You see so this is what the gifts are that are given. Because when you have a speaker of tongues and if that person is giving vain babble…if it’s not profiting the assembly then what us is it for that person speaking tongues? What use is it?

If is was to get up here and speak Hebrew to you all and I’m not sure anyone in this room is fluent in Hebrew, what would it profit? The lesson would be dynamic but if I’m speaking to you in an unknown language that is unfamiliar to you, how does that profit you? So when someone is gibba-gibba-gabba-gabbing…what is that? Who are you talking to? What is your purpose in speaking in that language? They don’t understand that you have to be filled with Yah’s Ruach in order to receive these gifts. Because what did the brother say? He said all these are given by the same Spirit. v. 11 read again. So let me just put this out here too, never get jealous of the righteous works of your brothers and sisters. If you have a brother that’s doing a magnificent job…never get jealous of that. Hold your brother up and say halleluYah. Because Yah is working with him and Yah is giving him that gift as He intends to. And you just do as Yah has you to do. Because your works is just as important because we are one body with many members. We all have different jobs or duties. We all have the same goal but to accomplish that goal, we have different duties within the body of Maschiach. (talks to someone) that’s right get in where you fit in! Yah called you to do one thing, He may have called you to do another thing…just whatever it is you are called to do. Yah called some of the prophets to run around naked and stuff. They didn’t question it. To lay on your side for this many years, they did not question it, they just did it. It was beyond their comprehension but they knew it was Yah giving it to them so they knew it was righteous. So, if we have a brother that’s speaking in tongues, we have another brother over here healing the sick, let’s say halleluYah. Those brothers should not be competing. You know saying ‘I’m the chief tongue-speaker’. ‘I’m the super-chief healer’. That’s the spirit of the scribes and pharisees. That lines up with them. Let’s continue.

1 Corinthians 12:28-30 v. 28 So speaking in tongues is last on this list but Christians have put it first. They say ‘if you are not filled with the Spirit, if you’re not speaking in tongues’…but Yah put that last on the list. And Shaul is going to break it down…it’s not even that important because it’s used for a certain situation. And it’s used to edify the body. v. 29 We don’t all have to have the same job. We don’t all have to do the same thing. See we have to break down that Christian wall (mindset) because they say everyone has to speak in tongues and they also have tongue schools. I mentioned that but many of you were probably part of that tongue school where they teach you to speak in tongues at their school…craziness. v. 30 No, there will be some that speak in tongues and some that interpret. I want you to under-stand speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift. It’s real. So let us not get to caught up with everything the Christians do…we just step on it…remember the Christian has taken from the book. They have stolen and corrupted what is in the book already. Just because they have messed it up that doesn’t mean that it is…you know…a whole false doctrine because The Book does talk about speaking in tongues as we have just read. So that is a Spiritual gift. And it will be bestowed upon many of you as Yah sees fit to do so. If He finds you worthy to receive that gift. Just like healing will be bestowed upon some of you if Yah finds you fit to receive that gift.

Now, let’s look at the whole thing of speaking in tongues. Let’s go to Acts chapter 1. Let’s look at the event of speaking in tongues. This will not be a long lesson. It doesn’t take a long lesson to explain something as simple as this. I could have just said tongue means language…lesson over…good-bye. But we will break it down so we can ge the proper understanding.

Acts 1:1-4  So Yahoshua told them not to leave Yahrusalem. This is after He had ascended into heaven. He said wait a minute, I’m going to give you something, I’m going to send something back. I’m going to give you the Ruach, the Spirit of Truth, It’s going to come upon you. So stay here. It’s funny last year when I was in New York myself and ahki (brother) Michayah, we were up in Harlem. And there was this Christian up there. And he was trying to debate with us saying that what we are about to read in Acts chapter 2…that on the day of Pentecost when all the apostles and everybody had come together that they were not there to keep the feast of Pentecost but they were there tarrying for the Holy Spirit because they knew that the Holy Spirit right here…because Yahoshua told them not to leave Yahrusalem, so they were tarrying for the Spirit…NONSENSE. Those brothers did not know what was about to come upon them! They knew what the promise was…the comforter would come down, The Ruach would come down but they did not know when. Yah chooses the perfect moment and we will see what the perfect moment is…when Yah choose to bestow this great beautiful gift. And in this chapter…we are about to go to Acts chapter 2…we will see why Yah has given the gifts of speaking in tongues to His people in this day and in this time…in this generation. Remember, we are in the same generation that was 2,000 years ago because 1,000 years of our time is one day to Yah. Yahoshua was executed 2 days ago in the eyesight of Yah. So those people who lived 2 days ago still are in the same generation as us…The Messianic generation. The generation that has seen the Messiah come. The generation that has grabbed hold of the shed blood of the Messiah and the generation that is awaiting the return of the Messiah. We are the same generation. So, we will see why Yah choose this generation to bring His Ruach down to cast us, to call us to speak into tongues. Because you did not hear Moses do it. You did not hear Noah do it. You did not hear Enoch do it. Kind David did not do it. But why now? Because there’s a reason. You are going to see the beautiful love of the Father when you understand why He has us speaking in tongues to this day.

Let’s go to Acts 2 y’all. Let’s see this event of them speaking in tongues…of that Ruach coming down upon them. This will give us understanding on everything else we read from here on out.

Acts 2:1-5 v. 1 The festival of weeks (Pentecost) is one of the festivals given to us in Deuteronomy 16:16 where Yah says 3 times a year you have to come to Jerusalem. This is one of those feasts. Pentecost means 50 in Greek. Because we had to count 50 days from us waving the sheaths. This is the first clue right here…they were on one accord, one mind, in one place. That’s what we are trying to build here…one mind and one place. v. 2 They say the heaven here. It’s not plural. They did not say the heavens. The heaven is where  Yah’s throne is. You know how on a windy day, especially us in Chicago, the windy city, you know on those windy days when that wind just hits you. Sometimes you can be in the house and it sounds like a freight train rolling over your roof. That wind blows so hard. So a mighty wind came in. Wind is breath and breath in Hebrew is Ruach. So a mighty Ruach…Ruach is Spirit. That’s what the wind was. A mighty Spirit. And it filled the house where they were sitting. v. 3-5 Whew! A lot was said here y’all. ‘There appeared to them divided tongues’…divided languages ‘as a fire’ and settled on each one of them. Yah’s word is fire brothers and sisters. And you know when we see a brother or sister moving in that Spirit we say that they are spittin’ that fire!!! You know because that’s what Yah’s word is…it will burn your soul! And so these divided tongues…let’s see what the divided tongues are. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 11. Keep your finger on Acts 2. We’re coming back to Acts 2 but let’s look at what this divided tongue is. Then we will really start to comprehend what speaking in Tongues is and why it’s needed in our day.

Genesis 11:1 Now the whole earth had one language and one speech. So the earth had one tongue, one lip…right. That’s when the world was young. We all spoke the same language. Many believe that this was Hebrew. More than likely it was. Let’s go down to verses 7 and 8.

Genesis 11:7-8 Yah brought these divided tongues because we will see that when we pick up in verse 6 in Acts chapter 2…these brothers came from every nation under heaven. So Yah had to confuse the languages of mankind because we all spoke the same language at one point in our history. But they wanted to build a device to go up into heaven and make war against Yah. Yah had to stop them and He stopped them by confusing the languages. Meaning He gave us divided languages. He gave us divided tongues. Spanish is different from English. English is different from Russian. Russian is different from Zulu and so forth. So when these tongues appeared to them as divided tongues as a fire in different languages, in different tongues. Because we had Hebrew men that needed to hear the word of Yah but they were from every nation under heaven. Meaning, they were speaking all these Gentile languages. Because Hebrew was our language but they were speaking all of the Gentile languages. Why? Because they had been scattered to the four corners of the world. This is why Yah has us speaking in tongues today because Yisrayl speaks every language under the planet. So therefore when His servants come, Yah will bestow His Spirit upon them so they can speak His word to His people who are lost. His people need to hear about Yahoshua the Maschiach. There was no need for Moses to speak in tongues. Moses spoke Hebrew and the audience that he spoke to, spoke Hebrew. When the prophets came, they came to the Israelites and the Israelites were right there before their face. But now we have Israelites all over the world speaking every language under heaven. So Yah is sending His divided tongue to fire among His prophets, among His servants, among His teachers to deliver this word to His people. This is why we have speaking in tongues today. Let’s continue. Let’s go back to Acts chapter 2.

Acts 2:6-11 v. 6 This sound=the wind=that Ruach. Because that’s what it was. That’s what came down on these brothers…Yah’s Rucach, Yah’s Spirit…The Spirit led them. And it told us that the Set Apart Spirit began to speak with other tongues, other languages as the Spirit gave them to speak. So when these brothers were speaking they were prophesying. They probably didn’t understand what they were speaking. See, if any of you all have been in that moment…being in the Spirit where Yah’s leading you…Yah is just opening up your mouth and words are just coming out. Sometimes when I give these lessons, sometimes when I give these words of the week and I go back and I listen to them…I’m like whoa…I don’t remember saying that or thinking wow that was an excellent point there. When you are in that moment Yah takes over. And sometimes you talk so fast, you know you have to calm yourself down and you get all excited and breathing heavy because Yah’s Spirit is just rolling with you. I know some of you have been there.

Back to verse 6. See all those Hebrews that had come from every nation on earth, speaking all of the languages of the Gentiles but they heard these Hebrew men that spoke Hebrew…speaking in their own language. v. 7-11 So they were speaking in the language of the Egyptians, the Elamites, the Arabs, the Libyans, these brothers were Hebrews who never spoke these languages before. That’s why these brothers are amazed. But look at what they are doing. Their not just speaking a language…their speaking the words of Yah. They are amazed they are teaching these brothers in the languages that they are familiar with. Now this is a form of speaking in tongues. But another form of speaking in tongues is Yah’s Ruach had come down upon us and we understand His word in the language which we have been accustomed to speak from our birth. How many of y’all came into Yah’s truth, by someone coming to speak to you in Hebrew? How many of y’all came to this truth if your native language is English and someone came speaking Spanish to you? We are English speakers and that’s how we came into the word…through the language in which we were born. And that’s what these brothers are saying here.

So Yah’s Ruach came down upon the apostles and they began to speak and teach Yah’s word in different languages…languages that they were not accustomed to speaking. But Yah’s Ruach led and guided them. Do you know why you need Yah’s Ruach to speak in tongues? Because Yah created all languages. As Scripture already told us, ‘as the Spirit gave them to speak’ so you know it was Yah’s Ruach guiding them to speak, utter one word to these people to these other brothers. It was Yah’s Ruach that led and guided them. That’s why we didn’t hear the prophets speaking (in tongues). Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 3. Yisrayl has been scattered to the 4 corners of the world. As we see right here. They named all these places from where these brothers…they said every nation under heaven. These brothers came back (to Jerusalem) speaking the Gentiles languages.

In Ezekiel chapter 3, see when Yah sent the prophets to Yisrayl they did not need to speak to them in tongues. Yah’s going to tell you why right here.

Ezekiel 3:4-6 So you see why our brother up in Spain can only get Gentiles to listen. Stiff-necked Hebrews do not want to hear. But He said I’m not sending you to a people with foreign speech. This is why there was no need for Ezekiel to go and speak in tongues. Because he spoke the same language as the Israelites. But now here we are after 70 CE, here we are after 722 BCE when the Assyrians came and took the 10 tribes. Here we are after 586 BCE when the Babylonians came and took the 2 tribes to the south. Now here we are worlwide…scattered. and Yisrayl speaks every language under the sun. So now there’s a time for speaking in tongues. And Yah’s going to deliver His word to those Israelites in the language that they have been born in. Do you know what? When He delivers that word, Yah will be the same, Yahoshua will be the same. Our brothers in Spain can communicate to us in Spanish and when they mention Yah’s name BAM! Y-A-H! You can’t change that. When they mention Yahoshua’s name…those names don’t change. I don’t care what language that you are speaking in. They are the names of salvation.  So this is why we have tongue speaking today. Let’s go back to Acts chapter 2.

Now you have the understanding. This is what speaking in tongues is y’all. That’s why it’s a Spiritual gift. So if Yah’s Ruach comes down on a brother,  a brother in Russia and there’s some Israelites that walk in the ways of Yah. And this brother has no other way of communicating with them…when all of a sudden…BAM! He just starts talking. Don’t even understand that he’s speaking their language. And they are there agreeing and they are there praising Yah. And they are listening to him and he’s looking like whoa but he’s in the Spirit so he keeps going. That’s what we are talking about…speaking in that language. For the benefit of bringing back the lost sheep of Yisrayl…that’s what it’s done for y’all. Because the brother said we hear them speaking in every language but we hear them speaking the great works of Yah. That’s what we hear. That’s the purpose of speaking in tongues. And Shaul is going to break this down to you. So what if you are speaking in tongues and no one understands you. What benefit is that? He’s going to break it down.

I remember when I was in church when I was a child…that’s terrifying y’all. That’s scary for a child to see…people flipping and falling and eyes rolling up in their heads and this gibber-gabber stuff. It’s like that’s scary to a child. I know it was for me when I was a child. Because it is demonic. It is demonic. They don’t even understand it. They could possibly be communication with the devil…telling the devil how they want him to possess them. And inviting the devil to come in and possess them. You are speaking an unknown tongue that’s why when I’m in the midst of brothers…I say listen man, I’m not as fluent in Hebrew but if your going to pray please pray in a language that I understand. I don’t follow after anyone’s praying if they’re praying in another language, in a language I don’t understand. And that’s just common sense. I want to know what you are talking about. I’m not saying how we pray at the end saying todah Yah which means thank you Yah. I’m talking about a full prayer in Hebrew. I don’t trust that….a full prayer in another language. I can’t trust that. I can’t have you praying over me because I don’t know what you are saying. How do I know if you are calling on el and elohim to come in the midst? I don’t want to be in the midst of el and elohim. I want to be in the midst of Yah and Yahoshua. And If want to hear those names pronounced clearly and correctly so I will know who you are talking about. That’s not arrogant brothers and sisters that’s just being cautious and real because I understand the Spiritual war we are in.

I understand how these demons move and operate. I don’t want to openly invite them into my midst and do it our of ignorance. So it’s only proper if you say a prayer that people understand what you are saying. That’s why we are under every language under the sun. That’s why The Bible, The Scriptures are translated into every language under the sun. When we were coming across on the slave ships, they had the whip in one hand and The Bible in the other. They we’re bringing that Bible over for us. That’s why I know there are some things in the King James Bible that is, you know…but I can not stop on that Bible because that Bible is what Yah used to awaken me as an Israelite. There’s much truth still there. And He did it in the language where I was born. Ain’t He merciful? Let’s go back to Acts ch. 2.

Acts 2:12-18 v. 12-14 So Kepha is about to break it down for them. So if they are listening…what language do you think Kepha is speaking in? Isn’t it possible that Kepha is still speaking in tongues here? So he can communicate with them. Peter and the eleven stood up. v. 15-18 Oh and Yah has female servants, for you women haters out there. Oh yes, He does. So this began 2,000 years ago. We are still in that same generation, the same time frame. So Yah’s Spirit is being poured out upon us. How do you think I’m able to come before you this day and give you this word? This is not me doing it. This is Yah using me to deliver it because Yah’s Spirit has been poured out upon us to this day. How are you able to go out and sit these preachers down and take them to school? And you have just been studying the word of Yah for a little time. We all have just been studying a little time. It’s because His Spirit has been poured out upon us. We are prophesying . We can go into this book, in the word of Yah with the understanding and with Yah’s Ruach leading and guiding us. We can break down prophesies not that we are breaking them down but Yah is giving us the understanding of what’s going to happen. And how it’s going to happen. Because His Ruach has been poured down upon us. Our females, ahkotees, His female servants can do likewise. They can break this word down just like we (the brothers) can because Yah’s Spirit is upon them. They understand what’s going on.

See we are in that same time frame.  Christianity always seeks after a sign. They are apart of that adulterous generation, that generation that does not believe unless they see a sign. They tell you that you can not get into heaven, which no man is (except the unique Son) but they say you can’t go to heaven unless you speak in tongues. And you have to do back flips and do them correctly to get in heaven. You know, if you ain’t speaking tongues the loudes…you are not getting into heaven. All this type of stuff they make up because they seek after a sign. But it’s not as elaborate as that. The evidence of Yah’s Ruach being upon us is that we’re now prophesying. We’re now bringing forth the truth from His Word. We can go read all the Books of men that we want…but it is Yah’s Word. That’s why when we give lessons no matter who’s teaching, myself, Michayah, Yahudite or Moshe…it don’t matter who’s teaching…when we give you this word…how many times have y’all heard us say to go read some book of man? Man, we go to this book. We go through other books that Yah has given us to give proper understanding. And that’s where comprehension of these lessons comes from…directly from the Word of Yah. We rarely use anything of the secular world. We might say hey go check out this site about giants. But we give you this word from front to back (Genesis to Revelation). Yah’s Ruach has been poured out upon us. It is still on us. It did in that day…this is still the same generation. The same generation y’all.

So Yah gives us the utterance of how to speak in tongues. He will do all that. The same thing we seen on those brothers is the same thing that will happen to us. All we have to do is keep going. Keep going on the straight path and watch the smile on the Father’s face. Watch the blessings that He bestows down upon us. Let’s move on.

These brothers were amazed. They wanted to know what is meant by this. So these brothers were able to prophesy  to these brothers, give them the truth…now look at what happens. This is why Yah would have us speaking in tongues because this is the end result of it halleluYah.

Acts 2:37-39 Those brothers spoke in tongues. The brothers saw what Yah did. They were teaching in the name of Yah and in their original languages and those brothers were blown away. Those brothers said now what shall we do. Kepha stood up and said you have to repent, turn from your wicked ways and each one of you be immersed in the name of Yahoshua the Messiah for remission of sins, the forgiveness of sins. So that’s what the end result of speaking in tongues would be. This is the purpose of speaking in tongues, to deliver the word of Yah in another language, a language that you are not accustomed to speaking. But when those divided tongues come on you…tongues of fire…you can’t hold that back. What will you do? How can you resist that? So that’s what it is brothers and sisters. They don’t understand and can’t give you that comprehension. Let’s go back to 1 Corinthians chapter 14.

Yah knows our hearts. He knows when we want to stretch out and meet Him. This is what makes the realness of your walk…actions show how real your walk is…what your willing to do for Yah in the work. (talks about a brother that drove from Kentucky to Chicago to get immersed) Because Yah’s work is truth. What are you willing to do for the truth? What are you willing to do for your reward? That the Father has bestowed upon you.

1 Corinthians 14:3-8 We opened up the lesson with verses 1 and 2. Now we will continue. v. 3-5 You see that? So if your speaking in a tongue and your just babbling, it doesn’t benefit anyone. Because no one knows what you are saying. This is why Shaul says prophesying is better than speaking in tongues. Because when you’re prophesying you’re giving the people encouragement. Your giving them the word of Yah. Your giving them the truth. So he said that’s better than speaking in tongues. But the Christians tell you that if you don’t speak in tongues then no heaven for you. Remember that Yisrayl.

So Shaul said ‘unless he is interpreted’ (in v.5). So if a man is speaking in tongues and that word is being interpreted then it can be a building up of those who hear it. But if he’s speaking gibber-gibber-gabber-gabber…nobody knows…there’s no building up of that. v. 6 You see that?! He said if I come speaking languages to you and if I’m not speaking to you the word of Yah…the word of Yah has been given to me by revelation, by knowledge, by prophesying or by teaching…if I don’t bring this to you when I’m speaking tongues…what good is it? What is it profiting you? You have people who say ‘man, we got to learn Hebrew’! ‘That’s why Obadiyah them don’t understand because they don’t speak Hebrew’. What does the Bible say? As you all are seeing, doesn’t Scripture say something totally different from that nonsense. So if you go out here and start giving all your time to trying to speak Hebrew…now I’m not speaking against learning any language. That’s on you. But I’m saying if you are trying to learn this language because you’re trying to get some deeper understanding of Scripture and you are only going to go as deep as Yah allows you….as He sees fit, as He intends. You are wasting your time. ‘Well this was the slave master’s religion and I just want the deeper meanings of Scripture’. Well, get on your knees, humble yourself and pray to the Father. It’s just that simple brothers and sisters. There’s a lot of Hebrews that speak a lot of Hebrew but they are not prophesying, they are not teaching…they are just speaking Hebrew. Just so you can say he’s a deep brother or sister.

v. 7 So let’s put this in our day. If someone is playing a guitar and someone’s playing a piano. If the guitar sounds like a piano…what use is it to have a guitar? Just put the guitar down and go play the piano. There has to be a distinction. So when a man is speaking in tongues that tongue has to be for the benefit (profiting) of those who hear the language that he’s speaking. Otherwise he’s just doing something [nothing (?)].

v. 8 So remember when the trumpet is blown or the shofars are blown either one…when they are blown for the congregation to come together, when they are blown for battle, if they don’t make a distinct sound…who will know the reason for it to be blown? For instance, there was a battle cry, there was an alarm and shofars had to blow a certain sound to announce the people for war…to get the men of war together. There was a distinct sound to call the men together for a meeting. There was another sound to call the people for a feast day. Just like we have different sounds today. We have a police siren, we have the ambulance siren and we have fire truck sirens. All have the same purpose but have a distinct sound. So if a trumpet is just blowing the same and it’s not giving out those sounds that distinguish it or if a police car sounds like the fire truck what distinction is made there? So if a man is speaking in tongues and he’s not speaking in a language that people can understand to build up (edify) the assembly…prophesying, teaching, revelations. If he’s not speaking in tongues for this purpose…then his speaking in tongues is just vain babble. It profits nothing. It is no good. Let’s go to verse 9.

1 Corinthians 14:9 If you don’t give a language of clear understanding, how shall it be known what was spoken? Who will know what you are speaking? We are going to go to Ephesians in a second. Look at this he said, you are speaking to the air. What’s in the air brothers and sisters? Let me show you what’s in the air. And let me show you who you can possibly be speaking to…since no man can comprehend what you are saying. Since you don’t have an interpreter there. Remember, the interpreter is the one that understands what you are speaking. And the interpreter is the one more than likely is the one that you are speaking to. Those brothers who were hearing the word of Yah spoken by the apostles in their original tongues…those brothers stood as interpreters because they understood the language. So if you don’t have anybody there to interpret what you are saying like we see in the church…left and right, up and down…you are speaking into the air.

Ephesians 2:2 In which you once walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience.

The spirit that works in the children of disobedience is the spirit of ha shatan (satan). And satan is the prince, the ruler of the air but it says right here according to the ruler of the authority (power) of the air. So when you are speaking this vain babble…Shaul said you are speaking it into the air and satan has the authority of the air so satan is catching your vain babble. You are probably having a conversion with the devil. You are probably inviting the devil into your house. You are inviting the devil into your life. Because wh knows what you are saying? Who understands that? There’s no interpreter there. Let’s go to Matthew 12. I pry you are getting comprehension of this because the adversary has kept me off focus all week-long. I could not even sit down to get this lesson going until yesterday. That’s what he (ha shatan) does…he doesn’t want the children of Yah to get understanding.

In the church they do things to be seen of men. But Yahoshua gives a caution here. We see Shaul said you are speaking into the air. And we see satan is called the authority (power) of the air. So satan is listening to what you are saying. he may understand it.

Matthew 12:36 So even when they are in the church speaking that language…it may be a language that demons can understand. They may be speaking directly to demons but you will be held accountable for it…every idle word that comes out of your mouth. Yah understands everything that proceeds from your mouth. We know that. An idle word is a word that lies idle…you know you are just saying something (to say it). That’s what they do in speaking in tongues…just say stuff. But Yahoshua said you will be held accountable for that. And the danger is that they don’t even know what they are saying. They have no clue of what they are saying. And there’s no interpreter there to interpret what they are saying because they are not speaking a language that is known to man. Let’s go back to 1 Corinthians 14.

1 Corinthians 14:13-15 So I don’t even understand he says in verse 14. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 13:1. So we can breakdown what Shaul is saying. I want to put this Script in so it can make all the sense in the world. Because Shaul says when his tongue is praying, his spirit is praying so let’s see what he means.

1 Corinthians 13:1 He says if I speak with the tongues of men and of angels. What is the tongue or language of angels? See this is the key right here to what Shaul is saying. If he’s praying and his spirit is praying…when we pray our prayer goes to the angels and the angels take it to Yahoshua and Yahoshua takes it to Yah. So our prayers go in that order because the angels are under Yah’s charge. Yah has placed Yahoshua over everything so the angels have to be under Yahoshua’s charge that’s why when we read in revelation, which we will go to in just a moment. (I think he forgets to go to Revelation) We will see that the Scripture says that Yah gave Yahoshua the testimony, Yahoshua gave it to the angels and the angels brought it down to the Israelites. So the angels are the messengers of Yah. When they come upon men, when they come face to face with men, they speak the words of Yah. Words are speech. Speech and tongue are language. So what do the angels speaK? The language of angels is the word of Yah. And Yah’s word is the truth. So the language of angels, brothers and sisters, the tongues of angels is the truth. Yah’s Ruach is upon them. So whenever there is a heavenly messenger sent by Yah, he’s going to speak the language of truth. Because remember Yah speaks every language. You can’t even confine His angels to a certain language. You can’t only say angels only speak Hebrew. They only spoke Hebrew to the prophets because the prophets spoke Hebrew. But they are speaking English to us. Because we speak English. Yah’s Ruach is down upon us. So it says if I speak with the tongue of men and of angels…if I speak with the language of men and if I speak with the language angels…because the language of men is rebellion, it’s disobedience. That’s what men speak. Their language is also war. That’s why Yah has to speak to them in their language. Yah has spoken to Yisrayl in every language on the planet but Yisrayl still will not listen. So Yah has to speak to Yisrayl in another language. That’s the language of whipping their behinds.

So many will take this and say the tongues of angels that’s what we speak in the church when we say gibber-gibber-gibber…we speaking the language of angels. Oh, no you’re not. Your speaking something that is not profiting anyone, that is not of Yah. You don’t even have an interpreter there. You, yourself don’t even know what you just said. So how is that any good to anybody? But to speak the language of angels is the language of truth because angels deliver this truth in Yah’s servants hands. Let’s go to Hebrews 1.

You see when these brothers started speaking in tongues they started speaking truth, prophesying, teaching. Shaul says I shall pray with the Ruach, I pray with understanding. So if I’m praying with Yah’s Ruach, Yah’s Ruach will lead me into all truth. And it will give me the understanding. So I understand what I’m praying in. I shall sing with the Spirit. I shall also sing with the understanding. I am going to sing praises to Yah but my praises to Yah will be based on understanding. Just like we did today. All those songs that were sung here were singing praises to Yah and that praise is based on you understanding who Yah is. So if you are going to sing with that beautiful Ruach you will sing with understanding. You will be giving true praises to Yah.

Hebrews 1:14 He says are they not all serving spirits? He’s talking about angels here. All the angels are ministering spirits or serving spirits sent out to attend those who are about to inherit deliverance or salvation. Those who inherit salvation are those who follow Yah’s truth, follow Yah’s Ruach. So when those angels are sent out and they attend you, they will speak the language of truth, to attend you. Only those who live the truth, know the truth, love the truth and obey the truth will make it into the kingdom or will be delivered by Yah, halleluYah. So we speak the language of angels, y’all. We talk to angels. As these words come out of my mouth and go into your ear, they go into your hearts, they go into your minds. There’s an angel right there speaking to you saying this is how it is. That’s how we get understanding. That angel is speaking to us. And it’s all about how much you give yourself over to that angel…the righteous one or you give yourself over to the wicked one. If you give yourself over to the righteous one, more understanding will be granted to you. You see it. That’s how it works. (talks to someone) Yeah, you feel it. You feel when that Ruach comes down upon you, boy. whatever you are doing. You can feel it when it comes down upon you. Let’s go back to 1 Corinthians 14. That ‘s what Shaul means by speaking with tongues of men and angels. He said but if you do not have love…that’s the key. Those angels can come down and speak truth to you but if you turn away from love and love is Yah…what do you have? So we speak in that language halleluYah.

Do y’all know what? We will be heading into those times where the angels will be allowed to manifest themselves before our face…the righteous ones. Just like they did the prophets. Just like they did all the servants of Yah. Yah will manifest His malakeem before you so you will know the real deal. and if they appear before you…you better make sure you try him first to make sure he is of Yah because it’s not hard for satan to transform himself into an angel of light. If Yah’s malakeem ever come before you…they will speak truth to you…they will speak the language of angels. They will give you what is already written. satan ain’t going to do that. satan twists and turns…just like Creflo coming to you saying now he’s a Hebrew Israelite but he’s still keeping his money ways. You would be able to see through that con artist real quick. Likewise, if an unrighteous angel…I don’t care how light-bright they appear…that light is not hard for them to do…they are an angel…they can do that. But if they come speaking to you something totally different from Yah’s word, you rebuke him and rebuke him sharply! Call Yah down to rebuke him. But the righteous angels will speak the righteous words of Yah. They will speak the words of angels. They will speak the truth.

1 Corinthians 14:16-40 v. 16 So if you are speaking in a tongue no one understands and you are blessing the Spirit, how will we know that you are blessing the Spirit? If you are saying good things about Yah and you are blessing Yah’s Ruach…but we don’t understand the tongue that you are saying it in…how can we say amein to that? How can we give thanks to that? Since we don’t know what you are saying. We have no clue or what you are talking about. So you could be saying some good words but we don’t know. And so those who call themselves speaking in tongues when you speak in tongues, Yah’s going to give an interpreter. Someone will understand what you are saying. Because it’s to build up. It is to bring back His lost sheep Him whom He scattered to the 4 corners of the world.

v. 17-19 So if he’s speaking 10,000 words and nobody there can interpret and he says if he speaks 5 words in a language that they know and speak 5 words of understanding…halleluYah. Isn’t that more better? Don’t some of these brothers and sisters speak this Hebrew…they just talk and talk and talk. And give you 2 hour-long prayers in Hebrew so that you can know, that they know the whole Hebrew alphabet. At the end of it you are scratching your head…bored, sleepy and tired. And you’re like man I wish I could praise Yah, I wish I knew what he was saying. This is what Shaul is talking about. You see the understanding that this brother is giving. You see how now since we saw how speaking in tongues is…now when we get to 1 Corinthians 14 we have a clearer understanding of that. Instead of going directly to 1 Corinthians and read and then start thinking we can babble-babble.

v. 20-21 Do you know what? A lot of people take this right here and they misunderstand it. There’s a great misunderstanding with this Scripture where it says…’with a stammering lip’ (or other lip) that I will speak to this people. This is what Shaul is quoting. Yah is saying that with men of other nations. Remember tongues represents nations with men of other languages and other lips I shall speak to this people with other…is he going to have the Gentiles come prophesying to us? No, He will have the Gentiles come and kick our behinds. That’s how Yah speaks to us now. Because He’s said everything He needs to say to Yisrayl. Now He just has to do. And He’s been doing it. So that’s what it means when it says ‘with men of other tongues’. With other nations, other lips I shall speak to this people. He speaks to us with those nations. The Greeks spoke to us, the Romans spoke to us, the Medes-Persians spoke to us, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Americans, the British, the Russians, everywhere we have been scattered! We have been spoken to by these people.

v. 22 Tongue, languages are for a sign. Why isn’t tongues a sign for those who believe? Because they say if you are a true believer, you should speak in tongues. No because it’s for the unbelievers so we can speak to the unbeliever in his native language and give him the word of Yah, teach him the word of Yah, prophesy to him the word of Yah. So speaking in tongues is for the unbeliever. There’s no need for us to speak in tongues in this assembly right here because we all understand the English dialect. We all believe according to the English Scriptures that Yah has given us understanding to comprehend. But to the unbelievers in another language, that’s what tongues are given for…for a sign to them. When we prophesy to one another, we encourage one another that’s for those who believe. But we can’t prophesy to the unbeliever because the unbeliever does not believe in prophesy. The unbeliever does not believe in Yah through Yahoshua the Messiah. So tongues is for him, prophesying is for us. So any Christian come to you and ask you ‘have you been filled with the Spirit’? ‘Have you spoken in tongues yet’? You tell them, speak in tongues for what? For what reason? I’m speaking to you in a tongue right now…I’m speaking English to you. Do you understand me?

v. 23 Doesn’t that make sense? What if all of us came to the mic today…just to speak in tongues. Everyone who brings a song, a praise or a testimony usually but if they started speaking in tongues…unknown tongues that no one understands and if others came and saw this they would say ‘man that is the crazy room over there man’. ‘Those folks get up on the mic and talk and I don’t know what they are talking about, I got up out of there man’. Utter confusion! See, the speaking of tongues is for the benefit of uplifting and building up the unbeliever who needs to hear Yah’s truth in the language in which he was born. So there comes a time when Yah doesn’t have a servant in a certain part of the world. And he has one servant that understands but this servant speaks a different language from the others over there. BAM, Yah may send, if it is His will, He may send those divided tongues of fire upon that one brother and let him prophesy.

v. 24 So we all get up here and start speaking the words of Yah. We all start prophesying, then we have a Muslim coming up in here or a Christian, a Hebrew Christian, he is reproved by all and he is discerned by all. We have Spiritual eyes and if we hear someone on the mic saying something totally different…oh, we have already discerned your spirit. We know who you are. We know what you are. v. 25 When you prophesy and everyone is prophesying the same…how can you deny this truth? We have a lot of people come into this room each and every week…brand new people and they come in and see us coming to the mic and they are amazed by the knowledge that we have according to what Yah has given to us. And many of them praise Yah because of it.

v. 26 Now did we just do this today? We came together for Shabbat class. We had Psalms read, we have a teaching going on, we had revelations and so forth. He said let this be for up building (edification). Now when we have tongues, if we had someone in here who didn’t understand English and Yah blessed someone with the understanding of tongues that tongue would be for the upbuilding of that person. Everything we do in here is to bring forth the word of Yah so that it can up-build the congregation. v. 27 So if there’s a speaker of tongues among us, we have to have an interpreter there also. Otherwise, we will have to rebuke that.

v. 28 So if you have an unknown tongue that none of us understands…you take that up with Yah. You speak that to Yah. But you be quiet because we don’t know what you are saying in here. v. 30 Hey, those who have revelations, those who have a word from Yah, let them come, let them be heads of the congregations. Let’s hear their voices in the congregation. But those who speak unknown tongues that they only know and there’s no interpreter…let them be quiet. Do you see how deep that is? Isn’t that the exact opposite of what’s going on in the Christian Church? In fact they say the one that speaks the tongues, that’s the one everybody wants to hear from. That’s the one that’s at the head of the church…in the pulpit. But that’s the one who should be silent because there’s no interpreter there. No one knows what they are saying. If you think you have a word and there’s no interpreter there…speak betwen yourself and Yah.

v. 31-33 So all the assemblies of the set apart ones will have shalom. Yah will be in the midst. But if you bring that speaking in tongues and no one understands…there’s no interpreter, that’s going to cause confusion. Like you see in the church’s. They are totally confused. v. 34 Here the Corinthians were out of order. This even goes back to 1 Corinthians chapter 11 because Shaul had to retell them the order of Yah. That the man is over the woman and the Messiah is over the man and Yah is over all because they were out of control…the Corinthians were. The women were taking over the assemblies and the men were sitting back. The men were growing their hair long and looking like women and the women were standing up with the authority of a man. Shaul said, let women be quiet. No need for them to get up in the assembly and speak with all that authority. This is what he’s saying here. v. 35 It’s ‘improper’ for women to try to speak with authority in the assemblies…to try to usurp the authority in the assembly A.K.A (as known as)…teaching in the midst of the congregation of men. This is what he’s talking about here.

v. 36-40 So we are not going to forbid speaking in tongues but if anybody speaking in tongues, there has to be an interpreter because remember speaking in tongues is a gift. And we know what the purpose of that gift is…it is to awaken Yah’s lost sheep and bring them back to Him. You have to do these things in the order of Yah (from verse 40). True tongues, remember there are the fakes and there’s the truth. Speaking in tongues is a true gift. And what they do in the church is unreal. It’s not true. We will not forbid a true speaking tongues…not at all. But, if you are trying to come in here being fake and phony and that whole Christianity stuff…that won’t go on in here.

We are about to close out. This lesson was short, you know we can go 4, 5 hours on lessons in here.

Acts 19:6 Do you see that? Speaking in tongues AND prophesying. When he laid hand on them, the Ruach  ha Qodesh came upon them, the Set Apart Spirit of Yah, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth that will lead you to all truth, so when Yah’s Ruach comes upon you it’s going to lead you into that truth. So they were speaking in tongues and prophesying so whenever there was speaking in tongues, prophesying, giving the word of Yah in that language…So once again, what is a tongue? Tongue is language. And Yah’s Ruach…like those brothers in Acts chapter 2 and the whole purpose of speaking in tongues is to uplift, teach the word of Yah to those who don’t even speak the same language as you. To speak it to them in their native language. So this word of Yah has been given  to us in English, the word that Yah has been given  to us in Spanish, the word that Yah has been given to us in Hebrew, the word that Yah has  been given to us in German is going out to His people world wide and it is awakening them giving them the truth and leading them back to Him. So halleluYah that’s the end of the lesson brothers and sisters. I hope that it was a blessing.

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Teachers of Yah vs. Imposters of satan

You have to recognize Yah. Yah speaks the same way. That’s how you know Truth of Yah versus lies of satan. Look at what the Book says. satan will come to you with lies. These people know who you are…satan knows just like agents went after Neo in the Matrix. They know you belong to Yah. We need to know these imposters…dirty rats. (Here the teacher says dirty rats referring to a dream he had about filthy rats being put in his face then another animal eating the filthy rats. He talked about the dream before the lesson and it was interpreted that there is someone who wants to take his place as a teacher and this person is an agent because the other animal ate it. He said there were two females in the dream that wanted to push their way into a room he was in. He said he knows who the male and two females are, that were in his dream).  How do they operate in our midst? This is a short lesson I only have 1 page of notes. There is a way Yah’s teachers bring Yah’s word. We don’t give sermons. This is class. satan’s imposters don’t do this.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 False apostles, deceptive workers transform themselves into apostles of Messiah. satan transforms himself into an angel of light. They will be rewarded according to their works. satan has imposter teachers, apostles and messiah. satan imitates Yah. You are either for Yah or for satan. If you’re not getting fed by Yah…then satan is feeding you! Yah is truth, justice and shalom. satan is strife, division, slander, gossip, accusation, lies and deception. Not all who say Yah and Yahoshua are of Yah. If you love to break laws how are you of Yah? satan will bring false teachings trying to get you to be contrary.

1 Corinthians 12:28-29 Did you know there is a camp that says not to believe anything teachers say? They say because he is a man. Yah works through prophets. He always has…Isaiah, Jeremiah. The teacher (who is a man) follows the prophets…The Book. satan will come to you with different levels of deception depending on how many years you have been in this walk. For example if your new with only about 2 years, satan will say oh is that the real names? Or if your like me in knowing the truth for 16 years, satan will say things to me like, oh they don’t like you? Why do Christians say to speak in tongues means your saved? When Yah says here that apostles are first. There were many prophets during Isaiah, Jeremiah. There are many prophets that are not written in the books. Teachers are third in line. Apostles are sent on missions from Yah and Yahoshua, they tell The Good News. Prophets deliver to people Yah’s word. Teachers instruct what have been sent by the prophets. See it all in harmony. v. 29 Yah has it laid out in perfect order. All are not apostles, teachers, healers, etc.

When I was in Christianity and I was also interested in Islam I could not understand this Bible…not until Yah sent Messianic believers to me. satan will deceive you into believing you can understand this book. Yah is the author who gives the understanding of it. I don’t need to know Hebrew to understand it. Do you limit Yah? This book came over here with us. Who will teach you Hebrew? The synagogue of satan, the imposters who say they are you. Don’t accept deception from the enemy.

Romans 10:14-15 How can they hear without one teaching? How shall they hear if it isn’t taught? Yah sends you a teacher to teach you directly. Shaul, Kepha and Yahoshua were teachers. We teach the exact same things. Isaiah the prophet said a virgin will give birth. We teach about the curses that Yah said would come. The New Testament in not new. Man separated The Book. The whole book is Messianic!

Luke 24:25-27 Starting with Moses…don’t Christians teach that the Old Testament is for Jews? Here Yahoshua said starting with Moses. This whole book is Messianic!

Luke 24:44 Yahoshua is spoken of in Torah, prophets and Psalms…’The Old Testament’. The New Testament is to look at in this day…it is to show us how to teach. King David was a prophet a lot of people don’t know that. He prophesied Yahoshua. Shaul repeated things said in the ‘Old Testament’. You don’t know Messiah if you don’t start in the front of The Book!

Matthew 23:1-4 They read the law but they did not guard them (the law). They had traditions. Yahoshua taught different from them. He was a teacher who gave them understanding. The pharisees could not explain the law because they did not understand it. Can you imagine going to school without a teacher?

Mark 1:21-22 The people were awed by Yahoshua’s teaching. His teaching was not like the scribes who had no understanding. This is why we teach from one book to another, word upon word, line upon line. You can’t learn this on your own…you need a teacher. Guard your soul against satan! satan tells you, you can open your book and understand. Don’t lead your family to satan…man of Yah. Yah gives teachers, prophets and emissaries.

Isaiah 28:9-11 Whom will Yah teach knowledge? Line upon line…precept upon precept…here a little…there a littles…from the old, middle and new testament. Each prophet gives a little then when you get to Yahoshua…He gives the big picture. There are Messianic teachers all over the place…instructing about Yah.

Isaiah 30:20-21 This is what the teacher does. Yah is the Master teacher, then Yahoshua, He sends if to the malakeem then to Israelite men. Why do you second guess the devil when he deceives you? You have Yl (The Power, The Mighty One, The Almighty) on your side. The satan will tell you there is no Messiah or the Bible is fake. You know better, you heard Yah’s word.

John 14:16-17 We have The Spirit of Truth in us. satan’s imposters can’t lead you into the truth. Truth of Yah is why we (teachers) can give you line upon line. Continue to take notes…you will understand later, if you don’t right now…Yah is always here.

Moses taught the commandments.

Exodus 20:8-11 v.11 Tells us why we keep Shabbat. Yah rested on the 7th day. This is not based on the moon!

Acts 8:26-38 He the Ethiopian was reading Isaiah without a teacher. v. 30 Do you know what you are reading? Philip asked. v.31 He needed a teacher to guide him. v. 35 Philip taught Yahoshua to him. The Ethiopian wants to be immersed. He did not know who Isaiah was talking about. But Philip taught him about the Messiah that Isaiah was talking about. How can they proclaim unless they hear? Yah sends teachers to give you the truth.

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 See who labors among you and over you esteem them in love for their work’s sake. Not to worship them but respect them in love because they (teachers) bring the word of Yah to you. Delivering this word is not easy. Leading this people is not easy. This people killed the prophets, the Messiah, made Moses stumble…Yah says this people makes Him continually angry and He is slow to anger. Yah said don’t be afraid of their (mean) faces to a prophet. We have to be dedicated to our jobs. Imposters of satan disrespect servants.

Proverbs 5:12-15 He did not heed his teachers then was in the mix of an evil congregation. If you don’t listen…imposters of satan come into your midst…

Imitate your teachers.

1 Corinthians 4:16 Shaul said imitate him. If I said that they would say it’s a cult. Shaul’s an imitator of Messiah…a righteous teacher.

1 Corinthians 11:1 Imitate me just as I imitate Messiah. Messiah is our example. If you have a brother following Messiah…follow him. satan’s imposters will twist this Scripture saying the teacher wants to have a cult.

Philippians 3:17 You have us (teachers) as a pattern. But we don’t follow false teachers. Let’s look at false teachers.

James 3:1 Don’t teach if Yah’s Ruach is not on you! Teachers will be judged harder!Don’t lead the people astray!

1 Timothy 1:7-10 They don’t know what they are teaching. Ask them a simple question and they don’t know. Show them a simple Scripture and they can not explain. Those are imposters of satan. I’m not saying all Scripture can be explained sometimes I don’t know…Yah gives understanding when it is time.

Hebrew 5:12-13 You need someone to teach you. Milk first (simple) and then solid food. Our people are still babes in this word.

2 Peter 2:1-3 False teachers are among us. Many will follow them. They exploit for greedy gain. Truth will be spoken of in an evil way.

Titus 1:10-16 Circumsion=The Israelites. v. 11 They teach for filthy gain. v. 14 Israelite fables=saying Judah is in the U.S., made up lies by an elder who had a dream from their god Yahuah. v. 15 Have you tried to bring truth to a person defiled? They can’t understand because of their demons.

1 John 2: 1-5 Guard Yah’s Word. Walk as Messiah walked. Yahoshua taught the only way. If we stay on this path we will have salvation. Yah calls men and women to work. If just read what is written. I did not write this.

Matthew 13;1-17 v. 11 It is given to us. We understand parables. The people (servants) that took root are us the Messianic believers. v. 16 We see and hear Yah through Yahoshua. v. 17 They do not hear. We are blessed.

Do not let an imposter teacher take you away from Yah’s truth! They are whispering servants of satan. They try to stop Yah’s servants with lies. Yah choose us to be born at this time…we see that Yah has something for us to do.

Q & A: We have been watching clips of the movie Asher…what do you think? A: Just knowing how the adversary operates, there will be no good that comes from this movie. There are no Jesus movies that look like us. But this movie shows us as terrorists. Do y’all know Barack signed a bill that can accuse anyone of being a terrorist? They didn’t do a movie about Israelite Heritage doing the free breakfast for the community that we do. (talks about ‘ready for war’ an article done in the past on militant Israelites) They wanted to do a militant movie. The NY Israelites want to kill all white men and rape and kill all Hebrew women. This movie will reinforce what they want to do. One day they will arrest anyone saying anything against the synagogue of satan. Micah Phiffer has already done his sacrifice to be a major movie star. He is boule now. Who funds this movie? Who wrote it? What are his religious beliefs? Let’s research this. Asher will be out in July. If they want to show the bad Israelites, We will show the Good Israelites. (someone in the room says the movie is directed by Francisco Ordonez)

Q: Do we reference Abba Yah and Yahoshua first? In conversations, Shabbat etc? A: We always talk about Yah. Honor Yah in your heart. Remember Yah says there are people who say Yah on their lips but He is not on their heart.

Q: Did Enoch die or did he escape death? A: Yah promised death to Adam (man). Genesis 5:21-22 Enoch will not see the second death is what this is saying. Enoch is in the grave. The Gentiles say Enoch is a descended master (My sidenote: I don’t know what this meant but it didn’t sound good from the tone). They also say Enoch is metatron.

Q: What is the testimony of Yahoshua? A: The Spirit of prophesy. He is th one that the prophets spoke of. He did all the prophesies. He defeated death and brought us back to Yah. Every knee shall bend, every tongue shall confess that He is Maschiach.

Q: Is the epistle of Jeremiah found in the Apocrypha? Because it speaks of 7 generations of captivity in verse 3 and not 70 years as in the book of Jeremiah.  A: I have to read it. Some of these books of the Catholics are forgeries.

Q:Luke 24, Yahoshua telling about tribulation, I understand winter but what does He mean about if on the Shabbat? A: There are Israelites that sit in the dark on Shabbat. They don’t drive, use elevators, don’t use Toilet paper etc. They will not run from their houses when the man of sin stands up if it is on the Shabbat. They will wait until the sun goes down and it will be too late. They will go through tribulation.

Q: In the book of Enoch, the 200 watchers that fell but I read 10 chiefs of 10 which is 100? explain? A: There were 200 that fell. 20 leaders were put away in captivity by Yah. Revelation 9 says 4 malakeem are under the Euphrates River, and other malakeem…Apollian will be released, this is in Revelation. These 20 leaders were over 10’s. They gave this knowledge from heaven to man. The 1846 Book of Enoch by Richard Lawrence is the most valid. 180 of them remain. They (the watchers) went to war with satan for mankind. The watchers loved mankind (they made children the giants with women) and satan and the fallen angels hate us. The watchers taught us how to make war, knives, warpaint etc. These gods were among mankind… ie Zeus, Titans, Olympian gods. satan controls all angels now. You know ‘the all seeing eye’, is from the watchers. The Giants became demons when Yah killed their flesh. In Jubilees satan asked for 1/10 of them (the demons) and beelzebub rules over them. The movie ‘Immortals’…the gods died but they don’t really die. The movie ‘Thor’ gods descended in a teleporter to earth. U.F.O’s beam people up and down too.

Q: Rapture? A: Rapture is a false doctrine. Listen to our lesson called ‘the wilderness’.

Q: 31/2 years of tribulation, Do we stay here or what happens to us? A: ‘Here’ as in the U.S. or earth? We will be here on earth. Children of Yisrayl…Rev. 12…in the wilderness…Isaiah 35…Ezekiel 5:28. We will be hidden in the desert…Rev. 17,18… Babylon will be destroyed. We will not be here. Rev. 19 Yahoshua returns. We know there are no deserts in South America. We will not go to heaven. We will be transformed into Spiritual beings in the clouds and come back down to earth with Yahoshua.

Q:Galatians 3:10-14 explain because Hebrew Christians have twisted it. A: v. 10-14 read out loud. This explains about non-messianics, they only observe Torah. They don’t believe in Messiah. They only do law–Shabbat, commandments. Shaul is explaining we need the testament of Messiah, the living Torah. We have to believe He is the One who came. There are no Levites for us today to take a sacrifice too. Messiah interceded today to Yah for us. ‘Curse of Torah’ =sacrificial part of Torah. We don’t sacrifice animals anymore. They use to line up their animals so they could sin!!! Messiah is the final offering for our sins, so why do you only do Torah? This is what Shaul is saying.

The News you can use: The world of the fallen angels lesson coming soon. Be careful on You Tube. They don’t understand the Illuminati Spiritually. They don’t know about satan. Christians are the illuminati. Movie ‘demons and angels’ talks about the Illuminati. The mysterys are given to you Yisrayl. They don’t know there were two groups of angels who fell. Get your understanding of the Book…your Spiritual bread…or else you will be talking crazy like them. Blind + Blind=the ditch. There is a lot of misinformation out there. baphomet is the rain man. How many demons does satan control? What about the ring of Solomon or band of control? This is the age of information. There is information overload. Stay rooted in the word. Stay away from unlearned people with a Christian perceptive. Explain to me why Jay Z loves the cross? They talk about reptilians on YT, they have no understanding of where they come from. satan’s ministers are liars and deceivers. Be Cautious.

Article: dismembered body found under the Hollywood sign. This was a ritual going on. Hollywood…wood used by magicians to make wands. This is where TV, movies are made. Television puts spells on minds of the people. Signals on TV to put spells on your mind. Mindless, trance while you are watching TV…it makes you daydream about being that person. I know I use to daydream about being that person. Mass mind control is for weak-minded people. The body was put in a public tourist spot. There is an article that says plasma screens does something to melanin. surround sound=wave lengths. This is like the matrix Morpheus and Neo were out of the matrix. (talks to someone) that’s right Los Angeles is the city of the fallen angels!

Article:Steven Hawkins the scientist (physics) trys to prove there is no Yah. He is disfigured but still will not repent. He has all this fallen angel knowledge but can’t cure his illness…madness. He wants to conquer space like the people wanted to do at the tower of Babel. They wanted to fight Yah.

Article: A wild Gentile family kept the knowledge of the gender of their child a secret for 5 years. They wanted the child to choose. The child was born with a penis. What has this world come to? And you wonder why Yah is going to destroy this place in 1 hour!

Article:Gay parents make the best parents. Really? This place is like Sodom! They want to put gay history in schools (someone texted this in the room) now too.

Article: Man married his girlfriend at her funeral. It is death worship, a ritual. It mocks Yah’s way of marriage. You can’t be on one accord with a dead person. They can’t vow with you.

Article: Cruise ship turned over. The captain said he fell in the raft. :/

The News you can use from last Shabbat: They did talk about Beyoncé’s obsession with the number 4 and that she practices numerology.

Q: Deuteronomy 23:1-2, explain please? A: Yah did not let high priest with blemishes to enter the temple. Defiled people were kicked out. Messiah has now cleansed us. Not that they can’t get salvation in v. 1-2.  In v. 3 Lot and daughters Moabites, represent imperfection because Lot had children with his daughters. Yahoshua was sent to clean the Israelites up. These people could not do temple duties. The kingdom will be filled with those who have the perfect walk in the sight of Yah.

Q: Isaiah 45:3? A:’Cyrus or Koresh is a Persian King that allowed the Israelites to go back home. This king was prophesied to come by Yah. ‘Treasure of dark…sec. places’ Yah gave Koresh all he could see and not see. Yah gave him wealth, the Babylonians wealth was given to him when the Medes-Persians came and got it.

Q:2 Corinthians 3:6 explain? A:Yah’s going to renew the covenant. Yisrayl broke it. The new covenant will be forever…we will be obedient.

Q:The letter? A:Jeremiah 31:31 The law on our hearts…no physical Torah one day. Some Israelites keep Shabbat (law) to the letter. But not Spiritually because it’s not on their hearts. Without the Spirit you will go to the lake of fire. You have to have The Spirit and law. Love the law. Yah’s Spirit is life. Yahoshua talked about the pharisees not having the Spiritual understanding of Spiritual understanding of Yah.

Q:I use to be a Christian and believed in the trinity but I am still confused, are we to worship Yah and Yahoshua or only the Father? A:We don’t worship the created. Worship the Creator. Yahoshua was the greatest servant. We go through Yahoshua like you go through the vice president to get to the president. Yahoshua is like our supervisor, our intercessor. He talks to Yah on our behalf…like Moshe did. John 14:6 He sits next to Yah. We worship Yah and honor Yahoshua. Yah is The Power, The Almighty, The Mighty One. Yahoshua’s power comes from Yah.

*Richard Laurence book of Enoch, I think I spelled his name wrong.

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Where Are They?

I just happened to be looking through 2 Chronicles last week when my eyes fell on this verse 2 Chronicles 12:15. I wondered where these books were, the books of Shemaiyah the prophet and Iddo the seer? I had heard of other lost books such as the Apocrypha, the Pseudepigraphas and the book of Yasher. I had even heard the Israelites say that there are many books being hidden from us. But it never dawned on me that they are mentioned in the Bible. I don’t know why I never thought about it because Jasher is mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18. I googled to see what other books are possibly missing.

Book of wars of Yah Numbers 21:14

Book of Songs 1 Kings 8:12-13 (Septuagint)

The Chronicles of the Kings of Yisrayl and The Chronicles of the Kings of Yahudah mentioned in 1 Kings 14:19, 1 Kings 14:29 and 1 Kings 16:20 (Israel)

Book of Shemiyah the prophet and of Iddo 2 Chronicles 9:29, 2 chron. 12:15, 2 Chron. 13:22

Zechariyah was the son of Iddo Ezra 5:1 and Zechariyah 1:1

The Manner of the Kingdom 1 Samuel 10:25

The Acts of Solomon 1 Kings 11:41

The Annals of King David  1 Chronicles 27:24

The Book of Samuel the Seer 1 Chronicles 29:29

The Book of Nathan the prophet 1 Chronicles 29:29 and 2 Chronicles 9:29

The Book of Gad the Seer 1 Chronicles 29:29

The Prophesy of Ahiyah 1 Kings 14:2-18 (?) 2 Chronicles 9:29

The Book of Kings of Judah and Israel (this may be 1 and 2 Kings) 2 Chronicles 16:11  2 Chronicles 27:7 and 2 Chronicles 32:32

The Book of Jehu 1 Kings 16:1-7 (?) and 2 Chronicles 20:34

The Story of the Book of Kings 2 Chronicles 24:27

The Acts of Uziyah (also called the book by the prophet Isaiah, this may be Isaiah) 2 Chronicles 26:22

The Vision of Isaiah 2 Chronicles 32:32

The Acts of the Kings of Israel also called the Acts and prayers of Manasseh (this may be the kings of Israel book again) 2 Chronicles 33:18

The sayings of the Seers 2 Chronicles 33:19

Laments for Yosiyah (also called Lamentations in the Book of Lamentations) 2 Chronicles 35:25

The Chronicles of King Ahasuerus referenced in Esther (Hadassah) 2:23, Esther 6:1 and Nehemiyah 12:23

The Book of Tobit: Book (or wisdom) of Ahikar referenced in Tobit 1:22, Tobit 2:10, Tobit 11:18, Tobit 14:10

Sirach: Aesop’s fable of the two pots referenced in Sirach 13:2-3

Sirach: The Egyptian Satire of the Trades referenced in Sirach 38:24-39:11

2 Maccabees, referenced in 2 Macc. 2:1, The Memoirs of Nehemiyah ref. in 2 Maccabees 2:13 (could be same as book of Nehemiyah)

Letters of the kings referenced in 2 Maccabees 2:13

The five books by Jason of Cyrene referenced in 2 Maccabees 2:23

The king’s letter ref. in 2 Macc. 11:22

The New Testament: Menander, Thais 218  in 1 Corinthians 15:33

The New Testament: Epimenides (and later Aratus, Phaenomena 5) in Acts 17:28 Paul introduced another quotation from Epimenides (de Oraculis) by calling him a prophet of the Cretans (Titans 1:12-13) see Epimenides paradox

The New Testament: Euripides, The Bacchae in Acts 12;26:14

Non Canonical books quoted or alluded to: The Book of Enoch referenced in Jude 4, 6, 13, 14-15, 2 Peter 2:4, 2 Peter 3:13

The life of Adam and Eve (Pseudepigrapha vol. 2) referenced in 2 Corinthians 11:14 the devil turns himself into an angel of light 2 Corinthians 12:2 ‘third heaven’

Assumption of Moses referenced in Jude 9, satan wanted the body of Moses and argues with Michael, satan wanted the children of Yisrayl to worship the body of Moses, Yah had Michael hide Moses’ body

The Book of the Covenant in Exodus 24:7 also Exodus 20 through 23)

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Did Shaul Do Away with Yah’s Laws? Part 2c

…This is what Shaul is teaching. He’s not teaching against anything. If you find him teaching against anything let me know.

Galatians 5:1 v. 1 Brothers and sisters don’t go back into the slavery that we have been freed from. We are not Christians, Islamics…we are not far from Yah anymore. We know what He requires of us and we know how to get there. Let us continue to grow and strive in understanding. Let’s not go back to slavery…don’t sin anymore…controllable sin because no one told you it was wrong to do those things…because they did not have understanding. Now we have been given understanding and we can go to others and tell them that their wrong for what they are doing. We can’t convince them but we can tell them. And in hopes that they repent of their sins and return to the Father in truth and righteousness. Messiah has freed us, He has given us the greater understanding. He came to complete (fulfill) Torah to fulfill our understanding of it.

v. 2-4 ‘Fallen from favor’, now let me stop right here. Once again sin is slavery and sin is a transgression of Yah’s laws so whenever we transgress Yah’s laws…we are going back into that slavery. This is what Shaul is talking about. Now remember he says in verse 4, you who are declared right by Torah have cut off yourself from Messiah, you have fallen from favor. Remember what he’s talking about, declared right by your works…your own works without having the Spiritual comprehension without making yourself a living Torah…just doing it. Do you know why? Because didn’t he just tell us in chapter 3 (I think) that we must have the belief of Abraham. And circumcision came to us from Yah through our father Abraham. v. 5-6 Shaul is not speaking against circumcision. Let’s go to Genesis 17.

Abraham was given the bond of the covenant of circumcision by Yah. So we are to be believers like Abraham. We saw what Abraham believed because he obeyed Yah’s voice. There’s no way Shaul could be speaking against circumcision. What he’s speaking against is the pharisees type, ‘oh just get circumcised according to the law of Moses’. We will read this.

Genesis 17:9-14 v. 9-10 Yah said this is My covenant which you guard, between Me and you. So we have to guard this…everyone that comes from Abraham…every male child has to be circumcised. So what did Shaul say? If you believe…you are counted as Abraham’s seed. If you obey Yah’s laws you are counted as a child of Abraham. So every male that is of the belief of Abraham has to be circumcised. v. 11 Now, this is between Yah and Abraham. So how can Shaul break this covenant, y’all? Yahoshua Himself did not say anything against this. So Shaul can’t be saying something against circumcision. v. 12 If Abraham has those who are bought (by silver) that represents the Gentiles. The Gentiles represents the foreign nation. But once they have been bought with the blood of Messiah, they can be brought into the house of Abraham…(then) they are the seed of Abraham. v. 13 So the Gentiles must be circumcised also. The Galatians had to be circumcised. We will see what Shaul is speaking out against….he’s talking about that pharisee doctrine. Pharisees talk about how you have to circumcise this way or that way, instead of saying get your circumcision its a bond of the covenant. Instead of giving a Spiritual understanding they put a ritual behind it. And now you have a tradition of the elders on just how to circumcise. This is what Shaul is going to speak against…we will see this. It says, ‘he born in your house or he bought with your silver shall be circumcised’.  My covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant. Brothers, all of us that are professing Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach, you must have the foreskin of your penis removed…every brother. From the baby brother on up to the elder brother…we all have to still be circumcised. Yah never took this away. v. 14 Yah is not making no symbolism here. He said ‘you have to be circumcised in the flesh of the foreskin, that person shall be cut off from his people, he has broken My covenant’. You have to be circumcised. If you have not gotten that yet…plan to get it. But know that you must have it.

So Shaul says in verse 2 in Galatians 5, ‘I say to you that if you become circumcised, Messiah shall be of no use to you. Verse 3 and 4 read again here also. (The teacher, Obadiyah is about to break down what this means).

Let’s go to Acts 15. Let me show you something here. Let me show you what he’s talking about because the pharisees sneaked up there (to the Galatians) and now they are telling the Galatians to just get circumcised instead of just understanding and telling them that this is the bond of the covenant. But you must be circumcised according to the law of Moses…Moses did not give a circumcision. It started before Moses was even born as we just read in Genesis 17. Shaul was not speaking against circumcision because that was a bond of the covenant between Yah and us. Yah has not done away with circumcision. Yah did not give Shaul the power to do away with it. Yahoshua did not even have the power to do that.

Acts 15:1-10 v. 1 Look at this. See, they are teaching their own pharisee doctrine saying ‘you can’t get salvation unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses. What about the circumcision that Yah gave to Abraham? They don’t mention that because that’s when the circumcision began. See, they go into Torah and their saying all these things…and add to them (the Scriptures). If says ‘you are unable to be saved’, that’s a doctrine (false doctrine). This is what they were teaching, if you don’t get circumcised, you can’t get salvation. Yah said get circumcised as a bond of the covenant between Me and you. So Shaul is saying this, ‘if y’all get that circumcision of the pharisee…this is what he is saying…if you become circumcised according to the doctrine of the pharisees then Messiah shall be of no use to you. Because you are not doing it the way Yah said to do it, not as Messiah brought us understanding of but you’re doing it according to the pharisees. v. 2-4 Shaul knows who the pharisees were because he participated in that doctrine. v. 5 ‘They rose up’. Do you see that? It looks like they are trying to preach righteousness here but we are talking about the pharisees. They sit in the seat of Moses but they were hypocrites. Yahoshua said they do things just to be seen of men. v. 6-7 So they’re talking about you have to be circumcised according to their way of circumcision. For example, you must have a 7-inch knife, you must cut the foreskin this way…that whole non-sense. So if you get a circumcision according to that brothers…if you let a pharisee doctrine tell you that you have to get circumcised according to their way…then now your on a different understanding. v. 8 Yah gave them the Set Apart Spirit to the Gentiles as He did to us Hebrews. What does the Set Apart Spirit represent? The Spirit of Truth, The Comforter that would come among us and stay with us. And lead us into all truth. What is truth? The law and commandments. That Spiritual understanding the Gentiles received it as we receive it. v. 9 Belief (faith) in what? Faith in Yah’s voice, that Yah sent Messiah and having the belief in Messiah. Shaul said there’s no distinction between them (Gentiles) and us. They believe just as we believe. v. 10 So he is saying why are y’all putting all this tradition…remember what Yahoshua said, they (the pharisees) lay heavy burdens on the people who they themselves will not bear. So how do they lay a heavy burden? By adding to Yah’s word and creating traditions of the elders. This is what they are doing here. Their commanding that the Gentiles be circumcised according to their way. Who knows what kind of madness the pharisees would have people to go through before the circumcision. For example, maybe telling the people they had to sit in a tub of ice water and all these types of things. That’s straight pharisee doctrine…adding to Yah’s word…this is what Shaul and Kepha are speaking against right here. He’s not saying don’t get circumcised because we must get circumcised because that’s the law. But don’t get circumcised according to the ways of the pharisees. Shaul is speaking against pharisee doctrine. Let’s go back to Galatians 5.

Galatians 5 v. 7 Look, y’all were doing well. Y’all were not confused by all this pharisee doctrine… you were running well. Who held you back from obeying the laws and commandments? That’s what truth if right…the laws and commandments. Who held you back from that? v. 8 ‘Him who calls you’ is Yah. Yah is not going to send you righteousness then turn around and send you wickedness…no.    The adversary comes and brings wickedness brothers and sisters. satan does that. v. 9 So if you’re trying to cook some unleavened bread and you put a tiny bit of leven in…the whole bread will be leavened. So the smallest of false doctrine can destroy the entire group. This is why teachers have to go through a process (here at IH) before being able to come on the mic (and teach). First we have to see if the Spirit of Yah is on you. It is a whole process because we have to protect what is being taught. We have to continue to be under the one teaching as the Messiah delivered. There was only one teaching ever delivered to every prophet, every emissary (apostle) and The Messiah. Yah did not send multiple teachers so why do we have multiple doctrines today? Because we have men out there teaching things that are not of Yah but saying Yah and Yahoshua in their mouth. Yes (talks to someone) we have to be on one accord. That’s right teachers are the biggest students.

v. 10 ‘No other mind’ let no one come in and deceive your mind Yisrayl. ‘Whoever he is’, Shaul is saying whoever is bringing y’all that false doctrine, whoever is bringing y’all that pharisee stuff and telling y’all that y’all don’t have to keep the law telling y’all to go against The Messiah may His judgment be upon his head. Yah will judge him for that wickedness that he’s doing. v. 11 Shaul is talking about that circumcision…he already explained to the Galatians that pharisee doctrine, he was a pharisee. Shaul always came from the point of this is what Yah says. He tells you this time and time again. He had already told them about pharisee doctrine. They knew the deal on that. ‘I still proclaim circumcision’ he’s talking about the circumcision the pharisee taught. He’s not speaking against Yah’s circumcision. Why am I still being persecuted? (Shaul taught Yah’s circumcision)

v. 12-13 Don’t use freedom for the flesh. Don’t give into your flesh because you know the Spiritual understanding of Yah…Yah’s truth. Don’t use that as an occasion. v. 14 See, he got this from Yahoshua. Yahoshua said the entire Torah is fulfilled on this: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Shaul is still teaching Torah…he is not speaking against Torah. He said the entire Torah is completed, so what his is saying is this: Yahoshua also included putting Yah above all and loving your neighbor as yourself that’s what the whole Torah completed. That’s what it means. Meaning, every law written in the Torah that’s what it’s going to come to (all the laws are good). How do I know how to love my neighbor? I’m not going to steal from my neighbor, I’m not going to murder my neighbor, I’m not going to sleep with my neighbor’s wife, I will not covet what my neighbor has…that’s how you love your neighbor. And that’s in the ten commandments right, right! So that’s what he’s saying that the whole law this is what it comes to (if you love your neighbor you will be doing all these laws).

v. 15 Do you know why he’s saying this? Because they were fighting among each other because you have those that were following the false doctrine and you have those who were following the true teaching. Yahoshua already said, I’m going to bring a sword (of division) so I can separate. (Who will follow the truth?) So that’s why they are fighting against each other. v. 16 See, walk with Yah. Always know what Yah requires. Yah has delivered that understanding to us. Now we have to stay here (in truth with Yah). We will not do the lusts of the flesh. v. 17 The Spirit can only lose when you do the desires of the flesh. The Spirit will always overtake the flesh when you stay on the Spirit, you won’t go after the lust of the flesh. We talk about that all the time in here. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under Torah, halleluYah. (The Torah lives in you.) v. 18 Understand brothers and sisters if you are led by Yah’s Ruach, if you are led by the Spirit of truth, if you are led by the Comforter, if you are led by the Helper, you are not under Torah. What does he mean? If you are under the Spirit of truth, if your living with Yah’s Ruach, you will have understanding, so you will not be under the penalty of Torah because you’re not sinning. The Torah is for those that don’t know truth. They have to stay under Torah. But if we get the Torah and we get the understanding of Torah…Torah becomes us. You are a living Torah…once you get the full understanding of it. And that’s what we’re drawing to complete our understanding, that understanding has been delivered. It’s here. We don’t have to wait 5,000 years to have a complete understanding of Torah. It has been delivered. So if you are led by Yah’s Ruach…Yah’s Ruach will always keep you obedient to Torah. You will not have to constantly keep reminding yourself because you will live in Torah. That’s what he’s talking about here.

v. 19-20 You know drug sorcery, getting high is what this is talking about. Wrath=always mad. v. 21-24 Revelries=wild parties. v. 25 If we live and walk in the Spirit…this will be the result…the fruit of the Spirit from v. 22. v. 26 There will be no envy if we are walking in Torah. Because the Torah has taught us what love is. Without Torah we don’t know love. Without it all we know is hatred, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambitions, whoring…that’s all we know. But when we have Torah, that’s what we have…the fruit of the Spirit…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. If you live in the Spirit it will guide you and keep you in the law. It will keep you in obedience. Yisrayl only became a disobedient nation when we decided to walk with the flesh and leave the Spirit behind. Let’s go to Galatians 6.

Galatians 6:1-18 v. 1 If you go to your brother and see he’s doing a particular sin. You set him straight but go to him, humbly. You don’t go to him throwing stones at him or cuss him out. No, go to your brother humbly and explain to him. Check yourself too…make sure your not doing that same sin. Because if you are doing that same sin there’s nothing you can say to that brother. Remember, Shaul is correcting the Galatians. Because they had been walking contrary to what he had taught them. He taught the Messiah and believed through the Torah. True belief in Yah through Yah’s voice, through Yah’s commandments through Yah’s Messiah. So now he has to correct them. So much was going on with them. That’s why he said you foolish, senseless Galatians, how can y’all fall back and give ear to what the pharisees are saying with their false doctrine. v. 2 Bear one another’s burdens, the Messiah beared our burdens according to Isaiah 53.

v. 3 We have a lot of deception going on around because Israelites think they are more than what Yah has made them to be. Because they have that lust on their hearts. They want to be known as something when Yah has not made you nothing but what he has called you to be…whatever that is. You don’t have to be a super-duper moray (teacher) to get salvation. You don’t have to be a super-duper servant to get salvation. Just follow the truth. Follow Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. Keep His laws. Serve Him. And you can gain salvation. But when you have these things on your heart…thinking you ‘somebody’, ‘why everybody’s not clapping for me’? ‘Why everybody’s not congratulating me’? When you start thinking like that and then that’s when deception has entered into your heart. v. 4 Worry about your own calling that Yah has given to you. Explain and worry about what the Father has called you to do. And if you’re doing that then you will be shown to be a good servant and you will not have to worry about what someone else is doing, ‘and not in another’, see.

v. 5 He starts off saying bear one another’s burdens but we will all have our own burdens. We will all suffer for the word. Our suffering will be similar but we will all have…some of you will suffer with family more than you do with friends. Some will suffer with friends more than with family. This is what he’s talking about. We will all have our own burden as we walk in this word. So we bear one another’s burdens…if your family’s troubling you hey come over here and let’s talk about it…now you have a new family. Don’t worry about that…if your friend is worrying you hey come over here and let’s talk about it. Now you have new friends. So don’t even worry about it, we bear one another’s burdens. But we will have our own burdens.

v. 6-7 So true halleluYah. v. 8 You see that? Make sure everything you sow, every thing you plant is for a Spiritual reason, to get the Spiritual results. But when you start doing fleshly things…like you coming into the word of Yah because you want to make money…you come into the word of Yah because you want to get money. You want to get women. You want to get a nice house and car. Oh, you are already lost! All you will sow are fleshly things…corruption…from the flesh. But if you are doing it because you love Yah’s people and you love Yah and you want to return Yah’s people to Him…halleluYah…you will sow in the Spirit.

v.9 Don’t lose heart. Many of us do so much good work and say ‘I feel tired and I don’t think people are paying attention.’ ‘I don’t think they get it’. But they are (getting it). Just keep doing it…in season and out of season. Be prepared for we shall reap if we don to grow weary. Endure until the end…the same shall be saved. That’s what you have to do brothers and sisters. You can’t just give up. A lot of work has to be done. We can’t give up…keep going. It is a must. v. 10 Those who believe in Messiah and believe as we believe, we are to do good to one another. v. 11 See, these are letters Shaul is writing. What is a letter today? We call it an e-mail. Shaul had to write with his own hand but today we type…still the same thing. v. 12-13 mmm huh, you see, now he’s summed it up. He’s talking about this pharisee doctrine. He said those who are circumcised, those Israelites, those pharisees, they don’t even keep Torah. But they wish to have you circumcised so they might boost in your flesh. What does that mean? So they can boost that they even took their ways of circumcision and went and circumcised Gentiles like that (like themselves). ‘Oh man we were circumcising 3,000 Gentiles and we had the 7-inch knife and…that’s foolishness. That’s what they wanted to do. They want to boost in your flesh. Shaul is not saying circumcision is bad because we all must get it. But it’s the way that the pharisees do it (in a wrong way). Shaul said they are circumcised but don’t even watch over Torah…so what good was their circumcision if you don’t keep (guard) the law? Whew.

v.14-15 He’s saying the circumcised Israelite and uncircumcised Gentile. He’s saying just because you are an Israelite doesn’t mean you will get salvation. Just because you are a Gentile and you have smart science and all that, it doesn’t mean your going to get salvation. We are a renewed creation, we only get salvation when we come to Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. That’s when we have strength. v. 16-18 Amein. He said for now on let no one trouble me. Don’t BOTHER me with these things y’all! (laughs) and anybody that has ever dealt with Yisrayl…you know what Shaul means. (This is a stiff-necked, rebellious people says Yah!)

This is it brothers and sisters…Galatians. Did you see any anti-Torah? Remember when he talks about the belief, he’s talking about belief in Messiah. The Messiah brought the truth of Yah, from the laws and commandments. He did not teach anything against it. You only get that understanding that Shaul is doing away with the law…when your mind has been corrupted. So that’s it for the lesson halleluYah. Shaul taught as Messiah taught. That’s why we still use Shaul’s letters to this day. Remember what Kepha said there are people who twist Shaul’s words as they  twist all Scriptures!

*Anthony, there is a Q & A session which is the last part. I will add it here in a few days instead of making another post. I love you baby.

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Did Shaul Do Away with Yah’s laws? Part 2b

…Torah teaches us to love. Not just to say that your some smart man or smart woman. Or not just hear people give you good accolades ‘oh that’s a righteous brother or oh that’s a righteous sister. That’s not what we are aiming for because the Messiah said you have to beware when all men speak well of you because so did their fathers do to the false prophets. So even false prophets are spoken well of and if that’s all you’re aiming for then you can consider yourself that. v. 6 Right, Abraham believed in Yah and Abraham’s beliefs were reflected in his actions. How do we know Abraham believed in Yah? We will read that in just a moment. v. 7 Those who have faith in Yah are sons of Abraham. You have to show faith, your belief. v. 8-9 Abraham the believer, he believed in Father Yah. So what does His belief encompass? Let’s go to Genesis 25. Let’s see what Abraham’s belief was based on because if you believe in Yah then you believe that Yah is true. You believe in what Yah’s word says. And Yah tells you throughout His word to keep His law, to keep His commandments. Not to just do it, but to do it with the understanding of doing it. Because do you know why? Yah’s laws are our instructions. They are our instructions on how to live properly upon the earth. That’s what they are meant for. So when you do away with His instructions, you don’t know how to live upon the earth. This is why man doesn’t know how to interact with man. That’s why wars and rumors of wars are all over the place. That’s why man kills man and do all the terrible things that we do to one another.

You try to get a new appliance and throw away the instruction book and try to get that think working. You got the super-duper washing machine. You never had a super-duper washing machine before but now you have one. You think you can work it like your old washing machine saying, ‘I already know how to do this’. So you throw away the instructions. So you try to hook it up and…break it. Now you have a broken super-duper washing machine. You know, you must have the instructions. If man knows to include some instructions on what he builds with his hands, don’t you think the Father knows the same? To do that also what He built with His Hands? So this is our instruction. We have to believe that the Father sent these instructions for our guidance and to keep us out of harm’s way. Let’s look at what Abraham did to show his belief.

Genesis 26:1-5 v. 1-4 We just read what Shaul was talking about. This was the Good News that was first delivered to Abraham and now it’s being delivered to Abraham’s son Isaac. Abraham believed in Yah. Yah promised all this to Abraham then Isaac Abraham’s son because the thing Abraham did and Abraham’s belief. v. 5 See Abraham obeyed Yah’s law, statues and commandments. Abraham guarded Yah’s teachings. He had Spiritual understandings that’s why Yah choose him out of all the men on earth. Yah told Abraham, ‘I’m going to bring a righteous seed through your descendants’. ‘And I’m going to re-institute My law back onto the earth and all nations will be blessed through your descendants’. Abraham obeyed Yah. Now what did Shaul tell those Galatians? You are counted with Abraham the believer if you have that same belief. Abraham believed Yah and he listened to Yah’s voice. He guarded Yah’s law, statues, commandments and teachings. Do you know what? If Shaul is teaching against Torah, why would he mention Abraham the believer? Abraham’s belief in Yah was based on him listening to Yah’s voice. Yah never said you don’t have to keep a commandment. If any voice ever spoke to you saying that, that ain’t Yah’s voice…that’s another voice…that’s a voice you should not listen to. Let’s go back to Galatians.

Galatians 3 v. 10 uh-oh, what is he saying here? See, your comprehension level should be opening up by now because you have an understanding of what he is talking about when he says works of Torah. He’s talking regular works…he’s talking about false works of Torah because if you’re doing the false works of Torah…your breaking Torah. And what happens when we break Torah? We become what? A cursed people. So if you are just doing those false works of Torah…then you are breaking Torah, you’re a sinner and now your under the curses. You have to do the righteous ways of Torah by putting Torah on your heart, mind and having that Spiritual understanding. Staying with Yah’s teachings, keeping Yah’s laws, statues and commandments is listening to Yah’s voice just like Abraham the believer did. And those who believe are counted with Abraham. Abraham will be in the kingdom according to Luke chapter 16 and according to all his righteous ways. So if we want to be in the kingdom with Abraham…Abraham kept the laws…likewise we have to. This is what Shaul is saying here. We just did a documentary called the curses and we said throughout the documentary the children of Yisrayl are cursed because they are not keeping Yah’s laws. Now when you read on, as we will continue to read, you will see that this is what Shaul is talking about every time he talks about the works of Torah. He’s not talking about the righteous works we are commanded to do. He’s talking about the false works…I’m going to continue repeating this…I know I’m sounding like a broke record right now. But this must be told to you over and over again because we have to get this ‘Paul’ teaching out of us. We have to replace Paul with Shaul…like we had to replace Jesus with Yahoshua. Because what the Christians teach about the Book is not true because they don’t have understanding but understanding has not been given to them. It has been given to the children of Yisrayl and the children of Yisrayl must take that understanding to the nations.

v. 11 You can’t just wear a tassel and still are sinning (willfully). That’s not right before Yah. It says the righteous shall live by faith. We should live in belief…our belief in Yah. We believe in Yah therefore we listen to Yah’s voice. We believe what our Father’s voice says to us. Guard My commandments, keep My law…our belief in Yah. We believe what the Father says. But when you have these other doctrines…they don’t believe in the Father and you can not believe in Yah if you don’t believe in Yahoshua the Messiah…noway can you. Yahoshua believed in Yah…He had the strongest belief in the Father than any man in the entire book…even Abraham…Yahoshua’s belief was greater even than Abraham. Do you know why? Because before Abraham is…Yahoshua will be. Before Abraham get his reward…Yahoshua already got His because of His belief. (Yahoshua defeated death and now sits on the right hand of Yah, He is the first) The righteous shall get their just reward …if you have no belief in Yah, you can not come to Him. If you doubt that Yah even exists don’t even pronounce His name out of your mouth. The righteous shall live by belief. The fake ones will live with no belief.

v. 12 Talking about those who do it to do it…it’s not their belief…because you have no understanding of what you are doing. You do it to be seen by men. Because that’s what’s on your heart. Only through the Spirit of Yah can the Torah be perfected and be manifested. If Yah’s Ruach does not come down upon you and lead you into all truth, you will not get truth. Yah’s Spirit has to be on you to understand the living Torah. Yahoshua Himself said if My Father does not bring you to Me, then you will not get understanding. I’m just paraphrasing what He said. In order to get salvation Yah has to bring you to Yahoshua…Yah’s Ruach has to lead you to Messiyah and Messiyah will open the door and show you Yah fully.

v. 13 This is talking about the penalty of law brothers and sisters…we have been redeemed from. Because now Yah has mercy. He give us grace. v. 14 We have been redeemed. Those Hebrews out there serving baals, serving many gods of Egypt…they are still under the curse. But we are being redeemed from the curses because now we have knowledge of the Father through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. Let’s go to John 14 real quick. I want to break something down for you.

John 14:16-18 This Helper (in the KJV) is called the Comforter. We have been led by the Spirit of truth because Messiah has redeemed us. Obedience to Torah is righteousness. Disobedience to Torah is curses. We have been redeemed because the Spirit of Truth now dwells upon us and He stays with us forever. So our understanding as long as we stay true to Yah’s voice, word and continue to have belief in Yah…that Spirit will dwell with us forever. It is the Spirit of Truth and the world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth because the world has rejected all truth. What is truth? Yah’s laws and commandments. So the Spirit of the laws and commandments whom the world is unable to receive because it does not see or know Him. But you shall know Him and it stays in you, this is why you are able to comprehend the Spiritual understanding of this Book. This is why you understand what is being said here.

Let’s go down to verse 26 of John 14. Remember in order to get to Yah we first go through Messiyah…the understanding of the teachings of Messiyah…so Yah’s Spirit is coming down and dwelling upon us and opening our hearts and minds to Machiach. It says He shall teach you all and remind you of all I have said to you. Everytime we do a lesson, that’s what these lessons are…to direct us and lead us into the righteousness of Yah and to bring to us all the teachings of Messiyah. Yah’s Ruach or the Comforter or Helper is the same Set Apart Spirit, the highest Spirit, Yah’s Spirit. It is the Spirit of Truth that guides you into all truth. But those with the pharisee doctrine, they can’t see that, they don’t understand that. When that guy in NY says he’s the comforter, he’s saying he’s Yah’s Spirit. That is blaspheming Yah’s Spirit. There’s no repentance of that.

Galatians 3 v. 15-16 The redemption, the blessings and all that was given to Abraham for his blessed seed because through the descendants of Abraham the Messiyah was birthed into the world. And the Messiyah came to redeem us back to Yah so halleluYah. v. 17-19 Whenever the Torah was delivered it was delivered by angels and sent by the Father Yah. v. 20 Yah is one, Shaul is not saying anything questionable. v. 21 He is saying…this is what all the apostles were teaching…that righteousness doesn’t just come by doing the works of Torah alone, you must have belief in Messiyah to go along with it. If you don’t believe in Messiyah then all your works in Torah are for nothing…non-messianic (I’m talking to you).

v. 22-23 What he’s talking about here is that our understanding came when Messiyah came. When Messiyah did His walk and completed His mission, the greater understanding of The Book opened up for us…that belief. Those that have the belief now have the Spiritual understanding of Torah because Messiyah has come and has given us that…by the will of Yah, Yahoshua has done this. v. 24 ‘Justified or right by faith’ what is your belief based on? You can’t have an empty belief. Whenever Shaul is talking about  belief here he’s talking about the same belief Abraham had. Abraham believed in Yah’s voice, keeping Yah’s laws, statues and commandments and teachings. So when he’s talking about belief here he’s saying you are counted worthy like Abraham the believer if you have the same belief he had. Not empty beliefs…your beliefs have to be based on something and you have to show actions to back up what you believe in. Yah says this people honor me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. So if you want to say that you love Yah, you have to show your love for Yah. You have to show your belief in Yah. What are you going to do? Are you going to be opposite of His laws and commandments? If you are opposite you don’t believe in Yah, you believe in Jesus. (The speaker says this because Christians say the laws are no more because of Jesus.) There’s a distinction. You say you believe…show me what you believe. Can a Christian show you what they believe? All they can show you is that they believe in sin. If you believe in righteousness, you keep the laws of righteousness. This is what Shaul is talking about. He’s not going against Torah.

v. 25 So now your belief has come. Now your Spiritual understanding has come. Now the Comforter is upon you. Now Yah’s Helper is upon you. Now Yah’s Ruach is upon you. Now your minds and hearts are open, now you can live righteously… without doing those insane works that the pharisees put on everybody. The pharisees have special ways to circumcise when Yah just says circumcise. They did not even teach the correct meaning of circumcision. They just said Moses said to be circumcised. Not even teaching that this is the bond of the covenant between Yah and us and it was given to father Abraham first. See the pharisees don’t have the Spiritual understanding…Yahoshua told them, ‘y’all can discern the heavens when a storm is coming. ‘You can tell when it’s hot and cold but you can not discern the sign of the times.’ Because the signs of the times are on the Spiritual. And if you don’t understand the Word, you will not understand the signs of the times. Many Hebrew do not even know what’s about to come. They have no understanding of things like the fallen angels. They have no understanding of the man of sin. To us, we are like that’s not that hard. But that is the difference.

v. 27 So when you got immersed brothers and sisters, you are putting on Messiah, you are walking as He walked. That’s why after you are immersed, it’s so important that you stay on that path and walk as Messiah walked. Messiah did not sin so you try not to sin. I mean don’t willfully sin. v. 28 He is saying don’t be separating yourselves from one another. We all are one in Messiah. We have different jobs and duties but we are one in Messiah. *The Scriptures translation of the Bible says Yahudite instead of Israelite as in the KJV and NKJV.* Notice that he mentions Yahudites and He mentions Greeks. The Greek represents the separation from Yah because the Greeks to the Hebrew was the poster child of the Gentile nations. So when he says Greek here he’s saying Gentiles. When he says Yahudah, it represents the separation from the nation of Yisrayl. After the death of King Solomon the nation of Yisrayl was split up. Ten tribes dwelled in the north and two in the south. The ones in the south were called the tribe of Yahudah. So Yahudah was separate from the nation of Yisrayl. Notice, he did not say there is not an Israelite because once we come into Yah, we are all part of the nation of Yisrayl…all of us that come and grab hold to Yah. So he’s talking about the separation that once existed between us and them and now if you come into Messiah, you are immersed into Messiah, you have put on Messiah and now your part of the nation of Yisrayl. Remember the pharisees are coming up there telling them they had to lick their boots. Like the pharisees do today in NY. The pharisees told the Gentiles all types of madness and Shaul had to correct them. So he’s giving them the greater understanding brothers and sisters.

v. 29 All the promises that were made to Abraham, the Gentiles, if they come in and if they are of Messiah. So the Gentiles are not without Yah if they come to the truth. The Gentiles have the same promises as we do…if you come to Maschiach. halleluYah.

Also I want you to be aware in a lot of Shaul’s writings say about the law being nailed to the cross. Shaul also talks about the sacrificial end of the law that we don’t have to do that because Messiah has made a sacrifice for us. So we do not need to sacrifice animals for our sins. So Shaul is talking about that also. So be mindful of that when he’s talking certain parts of the law, that he says is nailed to the cross. He ‘s talking about the sacrificial law. When Messiah was executed that left with Him so we no longer have to sacrifice animals anymore.

Galatians 4:1-9 v. 1-2 Do y’all understand what he just said? Like a trust fund, you know how rich kids, their parents put up a trust fund for them and they can not get the trust fund until they reach a certain age, this is what he’s saying right here. So you are already master of all brothers and sisters. You are going to inherit what your Father has. You are heirs to your Father’s wealth. All your Father’s wealth will be yours. You will not get it until the time is right. This is your trust fund and the Father is not going to release it into your hands until you get yourself together. He knows if He puts it into your hands and you are not ready for it, you will not appreciate it and you will not use it in its correct purpose.

v.3 When we were in the world we were like children that didn’t know any better. We didn’t know not to eat pork. We didn’t know not to eat shrimp. We did not know not to fornicate. We didn’t know any better. If you put a child in a room with a loaded gun, a child doesn’t know any better, he will go shoot that gun. And maybe kill himself or anyone near. So when we were in the world we were enslaved to that attitude…because we did not know. We were enslaved to sin. I know that most of us in here…if there was a sin contest…we would come in the top 3. That’s how big our sins were. It’s elementary to not know we are not to eat pork. v.4 When the completion of the time came, yah saw that their was a time period when His people needed the truth. They needed the Spiritual understanding at this particular time period because Messiah’s birth was calculated on a time period. Daniel 9 gives us the exact time when the Messiah would be born. Yah had already pre-determined when the time would come for us as a nation to regain that great Spiritual understanding.

v.5 Those who keep Torah will obtain the first resurrection and they will be counted as sons of Yah. Those who keep law, the Messiah came to redeem us in order to receive the adoption as sons. Remember, we went over that lesson speaking of Yisrayl being the adopted sons of Yah. Like Yah says in Exodus 4:22. Yah told pharaoh hey let go of My son Yisrayl. That’s My first-born son. If you don’t let go of My first-born, I will kill your first-born. So Yisrayl is the first-born. We have an entire lesson about the adoption. So this is what Shaul is talking about ‘adoption of His sons’. Does this sound like a man telling you not to keep Torah? No, he’s talking about those under the righteous works of Torah…those who have it on their hearts because Messiah has been sent into your heart. v. 6 And now you cry ‘Abba’ ‘Father’ we have sinned. How are we to know that we transgressed the law if we don’t know the law? How can you know that you transgressed the law if you don’t know what the law is? How do you know if you are breaking the Shabbat if you don’t know what the Shabbat is? Can I go to a Christian and tell him he’s breaking the Shabbat? Yeah, I can tell him. But do I expect him to comprehend it? Not at all because they are Christians…they don’t understand what the Shabbat is…they break it every week. So you must have the understanding. When we go to them we just can’t start arguing with them ‘oh you breaking the Shabbat.’ ‘Oh you sinner you are going to the lake of fire’. You can’t do that. You have to explain to the children as you were a child and everything was explained to you. As Yah had patience with you, you have it with other people too. Yah’s sons are righteous. Yahoshua was unique and righteous, different from all other sons of Yah.

v.7 You are a son now because you are keeping the righteous order of Torah and you have Maschiach in your heart. v. 8 If you don’t serve Yah, you will serve the elohim. There is only one…Yah, one Power. That’s who Yah is The Power. We have been praying about the name Yisrayl. Yah said His people are called by His name. So we were trying to know where Yah’s name is located at in ‘Yisrayl’. And all along it’s been right before our face. The ‘yl’ at the end of Yisrayl denotes Power and that’s Yah. Abraham knew Him as The Power…The Almighty. Yah said that was My name to them. They knew Me by The Power. All power that exists comes from one source and that source is Yah. The power of the brightest stars that shines in the heavens and lights up the heavens that Power comes from Yah. So we are wearing His name in the name Yisrayl. That Power, that’s Him. He is the only One with it…He has the Power to give and the Power to take. To strive with man and strive with The Power on earth, that’s us, that’s Yisrayl. That’s who the Father is.

v. 9 He says why since you know Yah…how can you go back to Christianity? Since you know Yah. How can you go back to Islam? Remember these Galatians were being deceived. He said I have taught y’all about Yah and Yahoshua so now you have known the elementary level. How can you be a master of calculus and then go back to third grade math? It’s elementary brothers and sisters. Since you know about the feast days, why are you even contemplating going back. See this is how many of you all get confused. This is why Shaul’s wisdom here is even for our day right now. Because so many of us turn to the weak, poor, elementary levels and we even contemplate…we have known Yah and have known of Yah and Yah’s Ruach dwells upon us and we get that Spiritual understanding and then we turn around and turn our backs on The Father. How can we do that to The Father Yah brothers and sisters?

Let’s go to John 10 because it’s very important that we understand this. Galatians 4:9 asked us, how do you go back to these elementary matters after you having been knowing about Yah? And then he goes on to say to which you wish to be enslaved again. So you go back to the nature and ways of sin, transgressing the law so you can be caught up in sin again and become a servant to sin. How do you do that? You can only do that when you don’t know the voice of Yah. Remember all this that Shaul is talking about…talking about being a believer…Abraham knew the Father’s voice…if you don’t know Yah’s voice you are going to accept any voice. Let’s look at that.

John 10:1-16 v. 1-3 See when you are known by Yah, you have heard His voice and you know who He is. This is what Shaul is talking about, those of you that have heard and Yah knows who you are…why do you not listen to His voice and fall into the weak elementary levels? There is no debating on whether the Messiah existed or not. We know He did. Because the Word tells us and we believe in Yah’s Word. Wo we are not going to debate with those who do not believe in this Messianic understanding. That’s for children. I remember a few years ago, when I was in my early twenties and one of my nephews about 8 years old…do you know I found myself in an argument with my little nephew?…this was in the 90s (laughs) about whether Michael Jackson was black or not. See, the only MJ he knew was the lighter-skinned MJ. And of course, I remember MJ from the 70s when he was with the Jackson 5. But I found myself you know…that’s madness! Likewise, with the word…if you know the word, there’s no need to argue with the word because you can’t convince nobody to do nothing. That’s not even your position. All you can do is tell them. And pray that their hearts are open to Yah. so we don’t get into those types of arguments.

Abraham the believer heard Yah’s voice and believed. Once you hear Yah’s voice you have to be obedient to it…you have to. v.4 When we hear Yah’s voice that’s when we follow. Those Galatians up there heard the voice of Yah through the teachings of one of Yah’s servants. One of Yah’s emissaries brought them the truth yet they heard another voice and they choose to follow that other voice. How do you go back into the weak elementary matters? That stuff is A,B,Cs and you are in algebra right now. And you are headed toward geometry and calculus and those things. So don’t go back to third grade math. Don’t go back and try to learn how to do subtraction and division when Yah has already showed you greater. See, that’s on you. No man can take blame for your fault. You can’t say, ‘well, obadiyah them did try to teach me and they saw me going to another doctrine.’ That’s not my job, you already know what is being taught. You have already heard. All I can say to you is brother don’t do it. why are you doing it? Remember this is where you are. But if you choose to go  because you are not listening to Yah’s word…how will you listen to mine? I’m just a man. And Yah’s Creator of all. There’s nothing one man can do to convince you of anything. You can only give advice. And they choose. Or they can reject it.

v. 5 I’m not trying to hear the voice of the stranger. Y’all know how we teach the children, never talk to strangers. Never give a stranger conversation. Why should children never give strangers conversation? Because they are a stranger and can EASILY deceive that child into believing that he is a good guy. We don’t know if he is good or bad. We don’t know if he is for Yah or for satan. So we are likewise as little children in the eyesight of Yah. We should not talk to strangers either, because a stranger can convince us that he is good, when he is bad. A stranger wants us to leave Yah and follow another way. So we don’t give ear to strangers because we hear Yah’s voice and we flee from the stranger. We holler ‘STRANGER DANGER’ lol, y’all remember that? (from the 80s) And we flee we don’t give them ear. A stranger brothers and sisters is someone who is bringing you something other than the word of Yah. Since you know Yah’s voice, you know what Yah requires, a stranger will be someone who brings you something different.

v. 6-7 Now all of us understood what Yahoshua was saying because Yah has granted us that Spiritual understanding. But people who heard His physical voice in that day didn’t understand what he had just said. It’s clear to us because Yah’s Ruach is dwelling upon us. He’s leading and guiding us to a greater understanding. His Spirit is with us y’all. That’s how you know where the Spirit of Yah dwells because you see it on the person not only in their speech but in their actions halleluYah. Just stick with what is given…Yah. Don’t be seduced by the pimp game…Yahcwah, Yahuah, Yahwishi-washi (and all those false names). That’s real(talk). Just because you see someone speaking Hebrew doesn’t mean they are a righteous man. The pharisees had ancient Scripts. They probably had the exact Scripts that Isaiah himself wrote down in their possession. Yet when salvation stood before their face and told them what thus saith Yah, they could not even comprehend that. And they came against that. They didn’t even know that they were fighting against Yah. Yet they holler about Yah and the laws of Yah and yet they themselves are not of Yah.

v.8 So who came before Him? Oh, before Yahoshua came on the scene there were a ton of guys saying ‘I am Messiah’. They said, ‘I am the re-incarnated David’. ‘I am this and that’. He said all who came before Me are thieves and robbers. But the sheep didn’t hear them (the false messiahs) halleluYah. v. 9 What door is He talking about? The door to the kingdom. the door to salvation. He is the way and the door to salvation. He is the way, the truth and the life. Those who want to come to Yah must come through Him. v. 10 A thief comes to steal, kill and destroy! That’s what these pharisees who came into the midst of the Galatians came to do…to steal, kill and destroy. To steal the crown of those people who were walking with Yah, those Gentiles and Hebrews that were up there. Those pharisees sent their false doctrines just like they are doing today…trying to send their false doctrines into the midst of the congregation to steal, kill and destroy.

v. 11-12 Some of these that are over congregations they are nothing but hirelings (a mercenary, motivated for money or gain) a false prophet comes in the midst of them…that’s why it’s so many congregations are filled with deception. That’s why so many congregations are just filled with sin. Because it started with the leadership at the top…they did NOT protect the flock. They did not giver over to the flock because they did not look at the flock as their own. They do not look to protect the flock and they do not put down their life for the flock. They give the flock over to false prophets. And false prophets com and devour the sheep and scatter them! How do I know this? Well, many of you in this room right now came from these congregations. Many of you in this room now were part of some of those camps. And many of you in this room right now are a witness that the leadership was taken down at those congregations by false prophets and the sheep were scattered all over the place. So we have to protect this with our lives…that’s why we throw passion on it. Sometimes we come up here and we have to get bold with it. We have to speak a little extra loud but it’s all done in love. Because Yah has placed this congregation, this assembly under our charge and we have to protect it with our life. So when we see our brothers and sisters falling away…falling after false teachings, doctrines…we will try to grab you back but that’s all we can do. We can say hey ‘this is what Yah requires’. That’s it. Like I say, we can’t convince you of anything…if that’s on your heart then that’s on your heart. You have to take that up with the Father to remove it. So we say halleluYah to Yah. So, we don’t want to deal with hirelings. Let me just give this quick example about a hireling. I remember when I was growing up. My mom use to buy me gym shoes, that’s what we called them in Chicago. They call them sneakers in other places but in Chicago we call them gym shoes when I was like 5 to 16. When I first got my first job at 16…then I started buying my own shoes. Now when my mom use to buy my clothing and shoes, I did not care. I would go outside in the mud and get them all muddy. I would rip them up within a week. I would rip up my pants. But when I started buying that stuff myself with my own hard-earned paycheck…you know flipping all those McDonald’s burgers myself…oh when I bought some shoes you better believe they were sparkling and shining. If mud was on the sidewalk…I would cross the street. I carried a toothbrush in my back pocket! I would scrape the mud off with my toothbrush, you know (laughs). I learned to protect what was mine because I understood how hard it was to get those things. But when someone else was giving it to you, its like you take if for granted. So this is what Yahoshua is saying right here. Those who love the sheep and have the sheep under their protection, they will give their life for the sheep. But those that are just hirelings they will take all for granted saying ‘oh man nobody’s paying me for this man.’ ‘I ain’t wasting my time with this’. This is their attitude. We are not hirelings her…we are shepherds. And Yahoshua is our shepherd. He is the Good Shepherd that shepherds us all.

v.14 I love this Scripture…I am the Good Shepherd. I know mine and mine know Me. That’s deep. This is what Shaul was talking about…when you have been known by Yah. v. 15-16 The other sheep that He’s talking about is the Gentiles brothers and sisters. This is who He’s talking about. Let’s go back to Galatians 4. This is what Shaul is saying here if you don’t have the Spiritual understanding of the law, you are still a sinner because you are doing it according to the flesh. The understanding of Torah has been delivered to us by Yahoshua ha Maschiach. So this is what Shaul is saying, telling the Galatians that they were going backwards and not forward.

Galatians 4 v. 10 Shaul is talking about the practices of the Gentiles brothers and sisters. Like calling out their calendar, remember they kept a winter solstice. They kept spring fertility rights which is now called easter. The winter solstice is now called christmas. They kept the new year…how can you have a brand new year in the middle of the winter? That takes place in the middle of the night? That doesn’t sound right. But this is what he’s talking about, you observe days, months, seasons and years…all the Gentile holidays. v. 11 Man! All that time and labor that brother spent up there teaching them, he said I fear it could be all in vain. I taught y’all about Messiah, I taught y’all about belief in the Messiah. I taught y’all the truth of Yah and it may be in vain (for nothing) because y’all are persuaded by false prophets.

v. 12 He begged them to follow his example. Because we all need an example brothers and sisters. We need to look at one of our physical brothers or sisters and pattern our walk after theirs. We know how the Messiah walked and ultimately that’s what we want to do. But if we see a brother that’s closer to the Messiah’s walk than ours is then that’s something we can physically see. It’s always good to look at your brother and sisters as examples for your own self. ‘Man, that brother over there, he does not say those things I heard the other brothers saying…I’m going to start doing like him.’ That was a pattern I did even when I was not in this truth and was growing up. There were certain friends that I patterned my life after because I saw how they were respected by the community because they were not out there doing the crazy thuggish things. I patterned my behavior after there’s. They were great examples for me. Next time I see that brother, I will tell him this. We are the same age but he was a role model to me and so there’s nothing wrong with that. I look at some of you brothers and sister’s walks here and I say wow I can add that to what I’m doing. I like how he’s doing that. We should not be ashamed to say this because we have to strengthen and encourage one another. Shaul is not trying to gain a following , he just wants to be an example. Shaul said ‘I’m not following all that stuff that the Gentiles are doing’. ‘I’m not following that false good news’. ‘Y’all seen me…I’m up here before y’all face to face and I’ve taught y’all these things, y’all know who I am’. This is what Shaul is telling them. ‘Y’all didn’t wrong me by what you are doing’. <–from verse 12.

v. 13-14 They received him as a messenger from Yah through Yahoshua. When we go speak to people they have to see Yah through us. They have to see Messiah through us. If we are trying to live and walk as Messiah walked, they have to see that. Shaul said y’all didn’t reject me, I have my trials and weakness in the flesh (too). We all have our trials of the flesh. They saw this and did not reject him. They still said he is  a servant of Yah. They still understood what he was teaching because it came from Yah. They still understood the Spirit upon Shaul was Yah’s Ruach. They did not reject him because they saw his trial in flesh, whatever it was that Shaul was going through.

v. 15-16 Here it says have I become your enemy speaking truth to you? (The Scriptures) but in the KJV it says, how have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth? Have I become your enemy speaking the laws and commandments to you? v. 17 He’s talking about the false prophets. v. 18 He’s saying don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t just be good when the teacher is in front of you. But always be good. Don’t just be good because Shabbat class is going on. Don’t just wear your tassels because Shabbat class is going on. Don’t give your shalom because Shabbat class is going on…but when it’s not going on…be true. v. 19-20 ‘birth pains’ meaning he will be with them until Messiah is formed in them…or until they get it right. He said I am going to be striving with you. These things we are going through as a congregation are birth pains. We have to stick to it until Messiah is formed fully in each and every one of us.

v. 21-22 Watch the wisdom here. Shaul is about to breakdown something here and it’s very profound. He’s about to talk about Abraham’s two sons. Abraham’s sons…Yitzshaq (Isaac) and Ishmayah (Ishmael) were born by two different women.  Ishmayah was born first by Hagar the Egyptian woman. The Egyptian woman represents the physical, slavery and Sarah and Yitzshaq represent the Spiritual understanding and freedom. That’s what Shaul is about to break down to you. A very good comparison here. He says this in verse 23. Remember Yah promised Abraham and Sarah, that they would have a son and Sarah laughed because she said even in my old age? So Yitzshaq represents the promise directly from Yah. Now, Sarah wanted a child so bad that she could not wait on Yah. She went and go her female servant and had her husband to take the female servant and go into her and have a child. So that’s why Hagar represents that fleshly…doing things without Yah’s guidance, not waiting on Yah and doing what you want to do. And that was not a good thing. So Hagar a slave, servant to Sarah, she (Hagar) represents slavery and the physical.

v.24 This is an allegory (symbolism) or an example. Remember when we got the covenant from Mount Sinai as Moses delivered the children of Yisrayl and gave them the laws. Yah gave them to us and we went on the physical leaving the Spiritual. So remember if you are not doing Torah correctly…you are still in a sinful state (the flesh). Before we got the laws, before Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, we were having orgies, parties and getting our groove on. And serving the elohim. So that represents slavery because when we break the law that came down from Mt. Sinai we were sinning to the curses. And part of the curses was what? Slavery. So this is what he’s saying. If you break that covenant (law) you are going into slavery in ships. By a way I have said to you and you will see it no more and there you shall serve your enemy as bondsmen and bondswomen. And no man shall buy you out (of this situation) Deuteronomy 28:68.

v. 25 Look at that. Yahrusalem is in slavery with her children. The children of Yahrusalem are the children of Yisrayl. The children of Yisrayl are suffering from slavery right now and look at our city…the Jews have it under their control. They have split it up with the Palestinians. They have split it up with the Catholics and other Christians. Our city is in slavery and so are we. We are both enslaved. Old Yahrusalem.

v. 26 Yahrusalem above is free…that’s where Yah dwells coming down from heaven will be the new Yahrusalem, right! v. 27-28 He is explaining to them Isaiah 54:1, the 2 covenants the physical and Spiritual…the 2 children of Abraham the physical one and the Spiritual one. All the promises were made to Yitzshaq and Yitzshaq’s seed. So he is the child of promise. v. 29-30 He’s making an allegory. The Scripture says cast out the female servant and her son. The son of the slave woman will not be an heir with the son of the free woman. v. 31 We are free brothers and sisters. We have been freed. We have been sent into slavery under curses and now we are being freed under obedience. That’s why we read the blessings in here every week, every Shabbat…we read Deuteronomy 28:1-14…the blessings.

Let’s go to Galatians 5. We are almost done y’all.

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The Coming Persecutions

Shabbat January 7: The News You Can Use: cointelpro (counter intelligence program) is used to break up any movement of our people. The final movement of our people will be the Messianic Israelite movement. DVD called ‘the FBI’s war on black America’ is profound. The FBI used tactics to break up these groups. They have 50 years of practice. They have perfected it. They broke up the black panthers, civil rights, and caused dissension in the nation of Islam.

They think they will stop Yah (by stopping the Messianic movement).


1. They want to give a negative public image of the target group. 2. Breakdown the group by having agents create racist opinions or send letters lying on members. 3. Create dissension between groups claiming other groups are stealing money. 4. Restrict access to public resources or cut off the money. 5. Restrict protest; surveillance;false arrests.

There are agents in every camp! All of us are effected by it. This movie Asher…they will show it. Yahoshua said these things (division) will happen…the falling away will happen.

Did y’all notice birds fell from the sky on New Years eve in Arkansas? And Norway fish washed ashore on New Years eve. This happened last year too but they don’t know what killed them. The world will not end in 2012 to many things have not happened yet.

Israeli Orthodox Jews want sex separation on the streets. They spit on couples, male and female walking together. They want men to walk on one side of the street and women the other. Do you see how they treat their own? How will they treat us? We are to cling to our spouse, Yah said.

A skeleton was found on the Queen of England’s estate. The body of a young woman. Did they sacrifice her? Y’all look up this story.

There is a Steve Jobs action figure now. They worship him. He is an idol they will pray to him too. The first apple computer cost $666. The bitten apple is masonic and represents man obtaining knowledge of good and evil. They think satan is good and gave them knowledge. Steve Jobs was heavily into the occult. Paul Allen, Steve Boomer (spelling?) and Bill Gates are masons. Windows where you look in and out is a gateway or portal. We have to use this technology to navigate in this wicked world. Fallen angel technology was given to Nicolai Tesla, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. ‘Mac heads’ is a term given to people who buy all things by apple.

Truth is stranger than fiction remember that when you hear this next article.  Article: White House Denies CIA Teleport of Obama to Mars. The article was read but sorry baby they did not give a link. (the speaker continues to talk) Obama looks like pharaoh Akhenaton. Akhenaton was the husband to Nefertiti. His son was King Tut. They never found Akhenaton’s body. Akhenaton worshipped the sun…’aton’ on the back of his name means the sun. He changed his name to Akenaton…his born name was Amenhotep . Cloning is thousands of years old. Check Genesis 6, they sinned against the animals.  Michelle Obama looks like Queen Ti. Their daughters look like Akhenaton’s daughters. Everyone who appears to be human is not. This is what the Bible talks about when saying ‘entertaining angels unaware’.

Have y’all ever watched Dr. Who? Time travel…everything is imprinted like a DVD that has been recorded. They can’t change it but they do go back and watch. Yah said Yahoshua was slain before the foundation of the world. Yah  has seen he movie already like ‘deja vu’ or imprints, moments in time. We walked this walk already in the Spiritual. We are walking it now on the physical. Yah already knows who will make the kingdom.

astroplane—>where demons, witches go   dimensions—>different, another area for demonic activity. We are to stay here, on earth. physics read energy from demons. They (the physic, soothsayer, fortune-teller) abuse their gift from Yah. Do y’all know spouses share energy when they have intercourse? Demons can read energy that’s why they can tell the physic all about your loved one who died or parts of your future and past.

The Pentagon stops clock: The Gentiles are obsessed with time and aging. It’s satan wanting to stop time because he knows his time is short. In the movie ‘hell boy’ Hitler wanted to stop time.

Persecution will lead many people away from the faith like during the time of the Maccabees. Mel Gibson movie coming out soon called ‘Judas Maccabees’.

Michael and Janet Jackson use to rant and rave about those who control Hollywood. Michael Jackson knew the game. Did y’all know he joined the nation of Islam? (some people in the room said no he did not but he was interested in them) Michael knew who the synagogue of satan was. Michael was an Illuminati member too since he was a little boy. He saw it all in Hollywood. ‘Control’ by Janet Jackson was not about her family.

Don’t overlook the small matters nor the big. We have to depend on Yah.

The lesson: The Coming Persecutions: We are seeing it start now…the falling away.. the man of sin…persecution.

Ephesians 6:11-18 v. 11-13 interesting, in verses 12-13 it shows us that we are in a Spiritual battle. Some of the Gentiles are obsessed with the paranormal, the spiritual. They want to cross over to it like the movie ‘white noise’. Static was used to communicate with demons…like windows are a gateway or portal to communicate. v. 14 Have the foundation of truth, righteousness to withstand the schemes of the devil. They will accuse the (Israelite) leaders of taking money. They accused Messiah of having a demon. Righteousness should precede us. We have the truth. The truth equals freedom from sin (satan). Some will run away from the truth when persecutions start. Don’t let a non-messianic take the truth from you. Study this word so when the falling away comes, you will not fall too. Become this living Word! v. 16 While persecutions, verbal and physical are occurring, know or believe in truth. Do not worry about what others say. Keep your faith in Yah and Yahoshua. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. You will suffer for the kingdom as Yahoshua did. v. 17 Helmet of deliverance=the truth. Sword=the Word. Breastplate=righteousness. Demons should tremble and flee in your presence!

There are a lot of Spiritual things happening in 2012. There has already been birds, fish dying and a small earthquake in Japan.  YouTube (?) video ‘virgin mary in africa’, they say she appeared in the sky. This is no coincidence. Then in Russia they also showed the cross with Jesus on it in the sky, in another video.


 How do these things appear in the sky? It’s project blue beam, a hologram to make people think in a certain way. It’s a delusion from the wicked one.

2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 They don’t want the truth. In Ephesians 6:12 says have the truth on your waist.  2 Thess. 2 verse 11 Yah sends them strong delusions. Fallen angels, demons, they (people) will worship and they will send their gods after us.


This website above, they believe all humans came from one race of aliens. They say the aliens started all religions. It’s important to know Scriptures because satan knows Scripture and he twists them. The aliens say they are the scientific creators who create us and they also use the Bible falsely. When they land they want all people on the earth to see them. The people will be under a delusion thinking they are serving the Most High…so they will persecute you (the Messianic believer in Yahoshua) thinking they are serving the Most High. *They said the person talking or lying in the video is Maitreya (sp?), I don’t know what that is baby*

2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 read again

Death is a punishment for the original sin. They try to live forever. Yahoshua is the Good News…He defeated death. Many people will believe this video They will believe in eloha, elohim. The one name is Yahoshua. Know who you serve!

Matthew 24 When does the falling away happen? When does the whispering serpent come to make you fall away? The serpent creates doubt.

Matthew 24:9-13 Lawlessness is rampant now. The world has grown cold. We are hated for Yahoshua’s name. His name gives life. Yah will win this fight. What will you do when the beatings start?

John 15:1-25 v. 2 Don’t be surprised to see people coming and going in the faith. v. 7 Faith here. Stay in this truth when you are persecuted. v. 16 We know the teachings of Yahoshua. We don’t go to Matriaya ( or the annanuki (sp?). v. 18 The world hates us we are not supposed to be loved by the world. My sheep hear My voice Yahoshua said. They are not of the world. Focus on giving the Word to them. They question you about the names…it’s verbal persecution now but it will come to blows in that day. v. 20 They persecuted Yahoshua and will to us too…because of His name! Yahoshua! v. 24 They hate Yah and Yahoshua. v. 26 The helper is the truth. We have to endure unto the end. satan hates us for the names.

Matthew 5:1-16 v.11 You are blessed when you are persecuted. They persecuted the prophets too. v. 16 Let your light shine so they see it is from Yah. But we have to go through it like Yahoshua did. Don’t be ashamed to speak about Yah and Yahoshua in a room full of Christians. Praise Yah when they persecute you. Have faith like Yahoshua. He knew He was the Messiah. He did not let satan take it! We are the Israelites, don’t let satan take it away! This is the last movement…the Messianic movement…be proud that you have been given your heritage back!

1 Peter 4:12-17 Fiery trial is coming! v. 13 At the revealing of Yahoshua, we will rejoice. Rejoice in persecutions. Let’s look at examples of Persecutions.

Acts 16:14-31 She is a fortune-teller and Yah spoke through her. They used her. Paul cast the demon out of her. Now these guys are mad. v. 21 They were Romans saying they are not supposed to do these things. They want charges against Kepha and Silas. Our persecutions will come like this. v. 22 They were beaten, put in prison (Kepha and Silas). v. 25 They sung to Yah. They were not afraid. v. 26 Yah sent an earthquake, remain faithful . v. 29 The guard trembled before Kepha and Silas. v. 30 The guard asked to be saved saying what must I do? v. 31 Believe in Yahoshua. v. 33 They ( the guard’s family) were immersed. We can overcome death too…the second death.

Acts 5:40-42 They did not want the name Yahoshua spoken. They were glad to be persecuted and still called on Yahoshua’s name. Will you keep on using Yahoshua’s name when the persecutions come? Will you hide? What will you do when captivity (the curses) ends in 2019? Will you choose Yah or the world? The curses will soon be gone. Will you rejoice in your beating? Or will you go to the other side? The time is approaching.

Acts 7:52-58 Stephen was stoned to death for the truth. Will we see the esteem of Yah? Or will you try to deny Yahoshua to protect your kids? Stephen saw the esteem of Yahoshua standing at the right of Yah. Don’t try to save your physical life and lose your Spiritual life. Stephen did not worry about his physical life.

Pseudepigrapha vol. 2 The Ascension of Isaiah page 163 chapter 5:1-10 This is speaking of he murder of Isaiah. He was sawed in two with a wood saw. satan was angry with Isaiah. They laughed at Isaiah getting murdered. They will laugh at us. Isaiah had a vision from the Most High. satan tried to get Isaiah to denounce Yah. Isaiah cursed satan. Will you be able to withstand this? Will you turn in your brothers and sisters?

Book of Enoch ch. 8:1-10 The heavenly tablets read by Enoch. Enoch esteemed Yah. Blessed is the man who dies in righteousness. No flesh (fleshly) is righteous to Yah…we must die to flesh and walk in the Spiritual. Those who practice righteousness will die by the hands of man.

Enoch ch. 99 Whoa to those who persecute the children of Yah! Nations will be stirred up. In Matthew 24:7 says households will raise up against each other…they will abandon children because of the faith. Those who worship unclean spirits, idols of gold and silver, the love of Yah is not in them as it says in 2 Thessalonians 2. They will kill you because the love of Yah is not in them. They will starve people because the love of Yah is not in them. v. 8 Folly in their hearts will cause them to be without Yah. They will persecute us. v. 9 All their works will be a lie like 2 Thessalonians 2 says. v. 10 Blessed are those who accept wisdom and walk with Yah they will be saved. v. 11 Don’t lie on your neighbor whoa to you who build your house on grief of others.

Apocrypha 2 Maccabees chapter 7. The whole chapter read. This is what persecution will be like. They esteemed Yah. Antiochus tried to bribe the youngest son (sounds just like satan). He also tried to get mom to take the bribe. But mom didn’t fall for it. They all died in faith.

Q & A: I’m invited to a pagan wedding, should I go? Don’t go. Explain to them why…explain pagan customs to them.

Explain John 6:38? Explain down from heaven in verses 33 and 38. v. 30-40 read out loud. v. 33 Yahoshua told them He is the bread Spiritually or the Word. They are talking about physical bread. They don’t understand the Spiritual. v. 34 I am the bread said Yahoshua. v. 38 He was sent by Yah is what this is saying. Not that He came down literally. From the foundation He was going to come here to give us Spiritual understanding from Yah. He did not pre-exist. He was born from a woman. He brought this Spiritual understanding to us.

Genesis 1:1-2 Was the world without form? Did a catastrophic event occur between these two verses? In the life of Adam and Eve, satan was here trying to create life. They will try to say they created us, evolution etc. *I’m not sure I got the whole answer to this question, so sorry baby*

A question was asked about having to work on the Shabbat. Answer: Some people do have to work on Shabbat so don’t let people give you grief over it. It’s not your will to work…Yah has mercy.

What is the purpose of concubines? Concubines were taken on to be agreeable (politically) with other nations. It is a political covenant.  The man of Yah has agreed to take care of her.

What Script is ‘come out of her’ Scripture? Revelation 18 is the come out of her babylon Scripture. Wait on Yahoshua. Coming out of babylon is Spiritual first meaning get out of the babylon mindset first. We know to flee when the man of sin stands up and says he is god of gods (Matthew 24). It is then that we physically leave.

Zombie=demon with human flesh. Zombies are also called the undead. The wicked gods will cure diseases…they have the complete human genome etc.

Genesis 1:17,31 and Genesis 2:1-3 and Genesis 2:6-7 concerning resting and resting again, explain this. Answer: This is telling of the story again. There were not 2 creations. satan tried to create life with dinosaurs, pro-mangate man (sp?)…they were humanoids not of Yah. Yah’s creations in Genesis 1, He said they are good. satan’s creations were bad.

Has Micah 5:5 been fulfilled? This is prophesy of Messiah returning and the kingdom. These events lead up to Messiah coming back.

Is there Scripture to show Yah speaks to us? The whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation speaks to us. The curses, Yah said to us if you don’t obey His voice this will happen. Romans 10:2 They have a zeal for the Most High but not according to knowledge.

gods of kemit? Yes, they are fallen angels…osris, isis, horus etc.

The end of Shabbat.







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Did Shaul Do Away with Yah’s Laws? Part 2a

Part 2 will be centered around the book of Galatians. We will read all six chapters of the book of Galatians verse by verse. We will see what our brother Shaul is saying. Remember the first part, if you didn’t get to hear it go back and here it. We laid the foundation. Shaul never talked against the law. Shaul was not anti-Torah. Shaul was anti-pharisee doctrine. The doctrine of the pharisees was a very wicked doctrine that still exists to this day…you know adding to Yah’s laws or Word…you know telling women that they can’t wear pants. Women can’t wear men’s pants but women can where pants. Women can women’s pants. You know they make up all types of craziness. They say they can’t turn on the lights on Shabbat. They say you can’t turn on your computer on the Shabbat because they say it is work…you know blah, blah, blah. So that’s what the pharisees teaches. Shaul who was a pharisee but when he came into the truth of Yah…Shaul spoke against their teachings. Why? Because that teaching was that prevalent teaching of that day. That’s why when you see many of Yahoshua’s encounters with Israelites…it was with the pharisees and those who clung to the pharisees understanding of Scripture.

So when Shaul…when he is talking to the Galatians…the pharisees were going up there too…into Europe…and they were spreading that insane doctrine that they had created which were just traditions of men. But they had created all that stuff up there and Shaul was speaking against that. So we are going to go in here…Shaul is not talking about the Torah’s done away with. He’s talking about those foolish pharisees that just do things just to be doing it…not doing it with understanding..not doing it with love of Yah on their heart but for instance, we are in this room today keeping Yah’s Shabbat because we are commanded to do so and we have understanding of that commandment, so here we are coming together focusing in on the Father. See there’s a difference between keeping the law and doing the law. Now when you are doing the law…some just do the law but to keep, guard the law, there’s a great difference…you are guarding, protecting the commandments. When you keep them you are guarding them but when you are doing them, you are like okay…just doing it because Yah said so, just going through the motions you’re not even righteous when you do it.

So we will see what Shaul is laying down here. This is the major point that is missed about the book of Galatians and Shaul tells you in the beginning we will read here. Shaul tells you in Galatians chapter 1 that the Galatians were receiving a different good news. There were pharisees going up there teaching a whole other understanding from what the apostles were teaching. And Shaul called them foolish Galatians, who is coming up here teaching you these things? Shaul was like, may the judgment of Yah be upon him…Shaul said I don’t know who he is but whomever he is coming up here teaching y’all these doctrines…may the wrath of Yah be upon him…is what pretty much Shaul was saying. So that is what we will look at in Galatians just so you can have some more ammo, brothers and sisters in your armor when these crazy doctrines come your way especially from Christians when they say Shaul did away with the law. And even from Hebrew Israelites that know that they are Israelites, saying Shaul did away with the law. Shaul had no authority, Shaul taught the same things that Yahoshua taught and the same things that the brothers were teaching, the same things the prophets taught. That’s the same thing this man was teaching. He was not anti-Torah. Their was no contradiction in him either. The only contradiction lies in the minds of those who have no understanding.

Let’s start off like we started in part 1…let’s go to the book of Kepha, chapter 3 to see what Kepha has to say about Shaul’s writings. Let’s go to second Kepha. Kepha is apostle Peter. His name was really Shimon Kepha or Simon Peter in the KJV. Remember Shaul’s letters are letters…they are not Scripture. They are letters he wrote to congregations he had previously taught. So he had already taught them the basic understanding, the basic foundations of the law. So when he wrote a letter back to them, he did not have to go over what he had taught them again. He just had to write down bits and pieces here and there to try to correct them in their understanding. It’s just like if I were to write an e-mail to y’all about this lesson we are doing today. I don’t have to write in the email the entire lesson, I can just go over bits and pieces and correct some parts here and there and answer the questions that you have. You know a e-mail between you and me. So these were letters between Shaul and these congregations.

2 Peter 3:15-16 Kepha gives a warning about those who don’t understand Shaul’s letters and they will twist his letters as well as the Scriptures and this has happened.

So when the Christians try to go into Kepha’s writings…they say hey Paul said the law is no more. Paul said we  are under grace. Paul said this, Paul said that. They give more accolades to Paul than they do to the Messiah. What they don’t understand is that Paul was not anti-Torah. Paul was not a founder or preacher of Christianity…no way. He was a teacher of the Messianic faith. The same faith we believe in right now. The same faith you are hearing right now is the same faith Shaul went up into Europe and taught on Shabbat. Let’s go…Galatians chapter one.

The Galatians were a people who lived in Europe…all these…the Corinthians, the Philippians, Ephesians…all of these were European people. But they were not just Gentiles. They were a mixed congregation of Hebrews and Gentiles. But it was primarily a Gentile congregation. Galatia was in Asia minor, I think but in Europe. So Shaul went up to the Galatians…you can read all about Shaul’s travels if you read the book of Acts. So word had got back to Shaul that what he was teaching the Galatians…that now they had stopped going by what he taught and someone else was bringing a different doctrine. Let me just explain this. This is why we are so protective of this assembly. This is why we don’t allow anybody to come in this room and we especially don’t just allow anyone to come in and get on the mic and answer questions. We protect the assembly and this is what Shaul and them were trying to do. And because he had left the assembly…someone came in…false Hebrews came in bringing a totally different doctrine tan the salvation teaching that was already given to these people up in Galatia. So when we give you brothers and sisters a warning to look out for these people…look out for this or that…it’s not to tell you that you have to come here (to IH). No, no one’s saying that. We are saying that there are some wolves on the prowl and they are devouring the sheep. So we are saying be aware of these people. So we don’t have to keep coming back to you and teach you the same things over and over again. Things you were taught and already had an understanding of but because you left that understanding and went to another opinion…now you are confused. So you have to be really cautious. This is what is going on in the entire six chapters of Galatians.

Like I said in part 1 we got the foundation…Shaul did not teach against Torah. He was teaching them not to sin. Sin is the transgression of the law. They say Shaul changed this and that. They make Shaul the greatest sinner since satan. We will look and see if our brother did all of these things that they say he did. I guarantee you that he did not. (talks to someone) Yeah, we need to know how to respond to these crazy doctrines out there.

Galatians 1:1-24 v. 1 Let me just stop right here. This is the basic foundation of the Messianic belief right here. He’s letting you know he believes in the Messianic faith because he said that Yah raised Yahoshua from the grave. He’s not teaching that Yah and Yahoshua are the same person…that was not given to him. He said he got his teaching and understanding from Yahoshua, who got it from Yah. This is how each and every one of us gets our understanding. Yahoshua delivered it to us and He got it from Yah. He promised us the comforter or helper would come and the Spirit of truth would lead us into all truth. So when Yah’s Ruach dwells upon us it’s going to lead us into truth. So Shaul says here I’m an emissary not from men nor by man but by Yahoshua the Messiah and Yah the Father who raised Him from the grave. That’s what we ask even before we immerse you. We ask you, do you believe that Yah raised Yahoshua from the dead? Christianity teaches that Jesus is their God and they say Shaul said…but Shaul said no such thing.

v. 2-4 …according to the will of our Yah and Father…so Shaul knows who Yah is…he knows Yah is the Father…he’s not confusing Yahoshua and Yah. Because he’s a Messianic believer just like we ae. v. 5-6 Look at this…I marvel he said. Shaul is so shocked. We feel this same shock sometimes. How do y’all just leave (the faith)? How in the world do y’all just believe that non-sense? Look at what Shaul is saying to the Galatians. I’m shocked that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Messiah to a different good news. ‘I’m shocked that y’all are taken away by these false doctrines…by these false prophets’! You have been taught the full truth and as soon as one of them comes skipping along and tell you one thing…there you go following behind it. Let’s continue.

v. 7 So what we will find out brothers and sisters is that these pharisees were going up into Galatia. They went where Shaul had taught these congregations and laid this path…the pharisees and other false Hebrews followed that same path and as Shaul taught truth and left…they would come behind him and teach falsehood. Man, I’m telling y’all this is deep and Shaul had to constantly write these letters…saying who is this doing this to you all? Who taught you these things? (talks to someone) That’s right brother leafy Hebrews. Let’s look at how Shaul had to get bold.

v.8 He said even if an angel comes telling you different about Maschiach, from what we already delivered, let it be a curse to him. Don’t listen to him. You better try (test) every spirit and see if that spirit is of Yah or if it is of the adversary! See, Shaul had to write the Galatians and correct them because they went off the path from what he had already taught them. Now they have gone into another good news (or doctrine). Not the true Good News that Yahoshua brought which says repent because the kingdom of Yah is at hand. That is the Good News that the Messiyah brought. Salvation is at hand, the Messiyah has come. He had shed His blood and the blood has been spilled now we have a way back to Yah…that’s the Good News. So when you have someone telling you something different like, ‘oh, Messiah has not come’. ‘Oh, we don’t have to keep the law’. This is what Shaul is explaining to these people…who brought you this false good news?

v.10 Whew. This is wisdom! That is another thing y’all. You will get wisdom from Shaul in these writings. He breaks down certain Scriptures. So if you’re trying to please man…you cannot please the Father. Because the Father is not flesh. He’s Spirit. And those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Worship Him in His Word. v. 11 See, this Good News we are bringing, these lessons that we are bringing is not according to man. That’s why you can’t find this information everywhere you find a Bible. Christianity uses the Bible but go in there and expect them to break something down from the Bible. It’s not from them. This understanding comes from on high. It is delivered from Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach, given to malakim (angels) and brought down and put on our hearts and minds. Yah opens up our hearing to hear new things. We are hearing new things we never new nothing about before. So this is not according to man. Man has his own way…a way not good…a way that leads to the second death. Man has his own understanding and it is not good…his understanding will only lead to the second death=the lake of fire.

v. 12-13 We read about his conduct in Hebrewism right? In part 1 Shaul was a persecutor of the brethren. He ravished the assembly. We know about this. So he is explaining this to the Galatians. v. 14-20 He is explaining how his whole walk…the progress of his whole walk…what happened. He was a persecutor of the brothers and sisters. Yahoshua came and showed Himself to him and gave him understanding. Yahoshua opened up his understanding as He is doing with us even in this day. Shaul was understanding great and marvelous things about Scripture and he was able to go out and become part of that assembly that he was once persecuting.

v. 21-24 The Hebrews that were formerly persecuted by Shaul knew this was the word of Yah. ‘Did y’all hear about that brother that use to come over here and use to persecute us and arrest us’? ‘Oh, now that brother is teaching Messiah’. ‘He’s accepted Messiah’. So Shaul said they did not know him by sight but they knew of his reputation. Shaul probably was walking down the street and heard people gossiping about him and they didn’t even know that, that was him. So when we see things like…that’s marvelous in the sight of the believer. That Yah can turn the heart of the wicked back to Him. That’s beautiful to see and to understand.

Galatians 2:1-21 v. 1-2 So Shaul is talking about this event…this event can be found in Acts chapter 15. In fact we are going to go to Acts 15 but not right now. But as we proceed in this lesson we will read some things from Acts 15. The Gentiles like to say that this chapter says that they don’t have to keep the law or they don’t have to keep all the laws…blah blah blah just twisting up the words. So Galatians chapter 2 is talking about the events that took place in Acts 15.

v. 3-4 See, you had false brothers sneaking into these congregations that the brothers were up there teaching the true Messianic belief…teaching the law of Yah and with the testimony of Yahoshua ha Maschaich. So he said these false brothers sneaked in pretending to be one of them. They pretend to talk as we talk and walk as we walk. But they came to spy out our freedom so they could take us back into slavery. What does he mean by enslaving us? We are free through Messiah. We are free from sin. And what I mean by that is this brothers and sisters. We did not comprehend sin because we have mixed so many other misunderstandings, philosophies, we have mixed in with the word of Yah and then did not comprehend what sin was. But when Messiah came as He says in Matthew 5, think not that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets, I have not come to destroy but to complete or to fulfill. He came to give us a deeper understanding or comprehension of Torah. So here we are today with a greater understanding of Torah so now we are free…we are not willfully sinning…we know what Shabbat means…we know why we keep Shabbat. We know we are not to commit adultery, even if we think about sleeping with a married woman we understand that this is adultery too. Yahoshua came to give that greater understanding so once we have that freedom and all of Yisrayl has not gotten that freedom because the Messiah has not been revealed to all of Yisrayl because they have rejected Messiah. So we have these false brothers Shaul is saying coming in They sneak in to spy out our freedoms, to spy out what we have in Messiah…how we are not taken captive to sin. You know when sin takes you captive you just can’t stop sinning because you don’t comprehend what sin is. Because they tell you all you have to do is believe in Jesus…and that’s it. Come to church on Sunday morning and pay your tithes and you are the most wickedest person the other days of the week. And that’s it. They are enslaved to sin.

v. 5 You see we do not give in to them. We found them out and we put them out of the midst (put the false out of the congregation). This is what Shaul is saying. He’s saying we did not even do it for an hour. He’s letting you know that’s a short period of time. Because we have not given in to false doctrine like ‘oh y’all have to drop everything and run over to the land of Israel’. You are free Yisrayl meaning you can comprehend and hear the Father’s voice. v. 6-8 Whenever you read Scriptures and it talks about the circumcised, that is the children of Yisrayl, the covenants, we will read that Yah made this covenant with us. It is also called the bond of circumcision. So we called ourselves circumcised. We called the Gentiles uncircumcised. When you see uncircumcised it means the Gentiles. Because they did not literally circumcise themselves as we did. v. 9 See they are getting order here. This was an organization brothers and sisters…’the way’ is what it was called. ‘The Way’ was short for Yah’s way or Yah’s Set Apart Way. They said y’all go to Europe to the Gentiles. And we will go to the Israelites. Shaul is recounting his walk here.

v. 10-11 He will tell you why he stood up to Kepha but he said hey I had to come to my brother and I had to correct him. This is what Shaul is saying. He said he had to correct Kepha. v. 12 So before Israelites came up there to Antioch, he was eating (fellowship) with the Gentiles…this is ahki (brother) Kepha. Then he (Kepha) withdrew himself. Because the Israelites thought in their heart and minds that the Gentiles were not to come into the truth. Yah had to show Kepha in Acts chapter 10 by the dream He had given him not to call any man common or unclean. So Kepha had no problem understanding this…he knew that the Gentiles were to be given salvation as the Hebrews are. So he went up to Antioch, into Greece and he’s up there, now he’s eating with the Gentiles. But soon as the Israelites came up there he (Kepha) started ‘switching’ up. He separated himself saying I don’t eat with those uncircumcised Gentiles. So Shaul saw this and Shaul had to call his brother out on this fault. ‘Man you should not do that Kepha!’

v. 13 So the rest of the Israelites saw Kepha not eating with the Gentiles and so they did the same. So brothers and sisters we have to be mindful that we are examples! We are examples to one another. So they see Kepha doing this and they join in with Kepha to do as they see Kepha do. v. 14 Man!!! That’s deep! He’s saying hey Kepha you are up here and you are telling them the law, you are telling them the truth, you are telling them the ways of Messiyah but here you are doing something totally different. So remember that example brothers and sisters. He said that they are not walking straight according to the truth of the Good News, I said to Kepha before them all. So he did not talk privately to Kepha. He said this in front of everyone and he emphasized Kepha. If you being an Israelite, live as a Gentile and not as an Israelite, why do you compel Gentiles to live as an Israelite? Brothers and sisters how can you teach somebody righteousness if you are not living righteously? You will tell him day and night, oh this is what you have to do, oh you have to be like this…but then you do hypocrisy.

v. 15 We are Israelites by nature, we come out of the womb with a job already handed to us. We come out of the womb already with a commission on our heads. So we are Israelites by nature and not as the Gentiles, the sinners…meaning the Gentiles did not have Yah. We are supposed to give them Yah, not go and live as they are living. This is why we have to reject this entire Gentile understanding [of Scripture(?)], this entire Gentile way of life has to be rejected. Because how are we to show them the truth if we are living as they live? If we are doing the things that the Gentiles do how can we say that we are different? Remember we are a set apart people.

v. 16 This verse is where Christians get caught up. And a lot of you may say ‘oh-uh Shaul is speaking against Torah’. No, let’s break this down. Remember he said no man is declared right by works of Torah. What is he saying? If a man went out here last night and fornicates with his neighbor’s wife but today he does not work because it’s Shabbat is that man declared right by Torah? See, this is what Shaul is speaking about…people just doing the works and not guarding Torah as law commissioned us to. Yah said guard My law. Guard and keep are the same thing. But when you are doing the works of Torah just to say you have done them, just to appear to be righteous but there’s no righteousness in your heart. That’s what he’s talking about. No man is declared right, do you know why? We have non-messianics right now that talk about Yahoshua like He’s the neighborhood corner bum. Yet, they keep Shabbat. They don’t eat pork because it tells us in Torah not to eat pork. Yet they try to keep the law but they have no understanding of the law because they have rejected the living Torah. So no man is declared right by the works of Torah…you have to have belief in Messiyah because He is the living Torah. He has come to give us greater understanding of what the law is. This is what Shaul is talking about right here. (talks to someone) that’s right brother they have the physical understanding not the Spiritual understanding. You can not get salvation without the Spiritual understanding. When we look in Scripture all the righteous men of Yah had the Spiritual understanding. ALL of them. That’s why they all were Messianic. All the prophets prophesied of Yahoshua coming. David wrote in the Psalms of the coming of the Messiyah. As Yahoshua tells you in Luke 24:44-46 He said I was written about in the Psalms, in the prophets, and in the law (Torah). That’s where the prophesies of the Messiyah are…it is through Messiyah that now we have the understanding of Torah…the Spiritual understanding. So no man is declared right by just working the Torah. He has to understand the works that his hands are performing. He has to have the Spiritual understanding of Torah. Spiritual represents higher understanding. It’s not a ghost or spook, we are talking about higher understanding. This is what Shaul is telling them, knowing that a man is not  declared right by works of Torah because that’s what the pharisees teach. Pharisees teach oh you have to circumcise…you have to have your knife only 7 inches long and you have to cut this way, that way…this is the type madness Shaul is speaking against. Instead of just teaching circumcision and why a man must be circumcised they mix all of their rituals (traditions) in there. Keep your finger on Galatians. Let’s run over to…let’s read vs. 17 in Galatians 2 then we will run to Matthew 23. He’s not talking about no man does not have to keep the law. He said listen, no man is declared right by just works. Because a non-believer in Messiyah does works of Torah…but he’s not righteous. Because he does not believe in Messiyah.

 Look at what Shaul says in v. 17. He says while seeking to be declared right by Messiyah we ourselves are found sinners. Is Messiyah then a servant to sin? Certainly not! Messiyah is not a servant of sin because he did not sin. But we building ourselves up in Messiyah, we ae finding out our sins. Yahoshua has revealed our sins. He is the living Torah. So we watch as the living Torah walked. We watch as the living Torah drinks. His example was not how we were living our lives so therefore we know we are sinners because of His perfect walk. For example, how do I know what sparkling white is, if I have something that is dingy white? Well, if I have dingy white and have nothing to compare it to hey that’s white to me. But if I put it up next to something that’s sparkling white then I can see that my white is dingy. So when we put our lives next to Maschiach and see how He comprehend and walked for Yah, we are going to find out our sins because the Torah has revealed our sins to us. Without Torah there is no sin because sin is transgression of Torah. So this is what Shaul is talking about.

Do you know what the truth of Torah will cause you to do? If you have two dollars and your brother needed one, you will have no problem giving your brother a dollar. But when you are doing works of Torah as the pharisees did, if you have two dollars, you will tell your brother to go to the bank and borrow himself two dollars. ‘Hey man I will walk down to the bank with you man to see if they give you the two dollars but you will not offer a dollar to your brother. See, when we love Yah and know what Yah expects of us, we know what we are to do. We are to share with our brother. That’s what comes from those who know Torah. Thos who do Torah, from those who just work Torah…just to say that they did it. ‘Oh man I have my tassels on…my tassels hand from my waist to my ankles’. Yet you are out here stealing and lying and you don’t even use the tassels for what Yah gave them to you for…to look upon and remember the commandments.  Our Messiah gave us the living example as how to be Torah. We have to be a Torah. What I’m saying by that is this, we have to live Torah by such an extent as Messiah did. We have to show people what the Torah is…we can speak the Torah but we need to see it in you. They need to see your kind ways. They need to see the fruits of the Spirit in you.  That’s what Torah is.

Shaul is saying the things we say. We know that we have to keep Torah. That foundation was already laid in part 1. But you have to keep Torah truthfully with understanding. If someone comes to you and asks why do y’all keep Shabbat? We keep Shabbat to commemorate Yah stopping His work on the 7th day as it tells us in Genesis 2 and Exodus 20:8-11. We can explain to you why we keep Shabbat. We can show you the necessity of keeping Shabbat. When Shabbat comes around, we are not debating on should we keep it or not…when Shabbat rolls around…we go into Shabbat mode. We’re already there, you don’t have to tell us twice. Friday sunset to Saturday sunset…we know the deal. This is what I’m talking about. Those that know and comprehend Torah versus those you know hands all folded, lips pucked out saying ‘man when is that sun going down, man can’t do nothing’. They just do it. There is a difference.

Matthew 23:1-8 v. 1-3 Now we read this in part 1 but we have to go over it again because you have to understand when Shaul who was a member of this organization called the pharisees, why he says certain things he says. Because Shaul is speaking against the pharisee doctrine which just says to do the law. They don’t give you comprehension of the law. That’s why when Yahoshua came on the scene and started teaching, the people noticed that His teaching was different from the pharisees. They said that this man teaches with authority. He’s teaching like we have never heard before because Yahoshua’s teachings were filled with understanding the Torah…understanding the ways of Yah. The same way we teach in the Messianic belief today that’s how Maschiach taught. But the pharisees just read the book and said ‘do it’. ‘But how do I do it, Mr. Pharisees?’ ‘Do it’. No understanding, that’s why they made up their own ways of doing things. Like you can’t pull tissue on the Shabbat off the tissue roll because that’s work. You press a button on the elevator that’s work. Turn on a light or the computer, that’s work. See, that’s what the pharisees give you. This is what Shaul is speaking against because that pharisees teaching had sneaked into the congregation in Galatia. Therefore Yahoshua said whatever they say to do…you guard and do it. Whatever they read out of the book, Yahoshua said do it but do not do according to their works for they say and do not. Now, they read out of the Torah what thus saith Yah but they do totally different from thus saith Yah. They make up their own ways. Just like Israelites today, it is so simple to those Yah has given the understanding of His word. Three times a year you come up to Yahrusalem, these 3 feasts you can only cook it in Yahrusalem. You can only eat it in Yahrusalem, only in the place I choose My name…easy. ‘Naw man we can stay here and no we don’t need a lamb of the first year we can eat chicken and hamburgers for the Passover’. See that is doing what you want to do this is what Shaul is speaking against. That pharisee doctrine is still alive today.

v.4 The pharisees sneaked their teachings up into Galatia…burdens…strange teachings. We are free…we have obtained freedom through Messiyah, you should not be burdened by the word of Yah because the word of Yah is not a burden to you. It is your freedom. But if you listen to the pharisees, they will give you a burden on your shoulders and back that is hard to bare. v. 5 They make long tassels just to be seen wearing tassels. These are the same false flaggers Shaul was speaking about…the false brethren had come in…these are the same ones. And they do their works to been by men. What are their works? The works of Torah. ‘Man, he got that long rob on down to his ankles, look at him, he go that big beautiful staff that brother is righteous!’ They do this to be seen. ‘That brother keeps the Shabbat, boy’. And that’s one of the worse brothers that you can ever encounter. You know those false flaggers, we all have encountered them. Many of you are in this room today because you have encountered the false flaggers.

v. 6 They have to be up front. This is super elder moray, he has to be announced when he makes his entrance into the room. You stand aside so he can come pimpin’ down the aisle. v.7 They like to be called moray-moray or teacher-teacher. This is who Shaul is talking about when he said man is declared right by works of Torah. He did not say you don’t have to do Torah. He is talking about these wicked pharisees and things that they do. v. 8 Now what is He saying here? Right now I’m sitting in a seat of a teacher so is He saying I should not be called a teacher? No, He’s talking about the arrogance. No one calls me moray Obadiyah or teacher Obadiyah. I’m a teacher when I’m teaching before the congregation. I don’t wear that as my name. And I don’t wear it as some type of lofty title to separate me from you. We are brothers and sisters. We are family here. We are in the office of a teacher but we don’t walk around wearing teacher as our first names…and saying you must address me as teacher. This is what the pharisees did. They had a set of high teachers separated from the rest of the group. Yahoshua spoke against that.

Let’s go back to Galatians chapter 2. Let’s pick up at verse 18.

Galatians 2:18-19 He said I establish myself a sinner if I go back to the old Shaul, the one that persecuted the congregation…the one that did not have Spiritual understanding of Torah…the one that just did the works of Torah because he was a pharisee…he said if I go back to that…I would establish myself as a sinner. That’s what I’ll be. So he overthrew that man…he killed that old pharisee man and now this new man with Spiritual understanding exists. So if we go back to our old ways brothers and sisters we would establish ourselves in those old ways, man is a sinner, a unrepenting sinner. That old man did not want to repent. That’s why you have to fight him everyday. You have to fight that old man-every-single-day because he is a sinner. If you establish yourself in him…if you free yourself from him…that prison on your mind…Yah’s truth-Spiritual understanding has unlocked you from that prison. If you choose to go back because you like the way that prison was…you didn’t have that much responsibility…then go back and do and you will be a sinner and all sinners will see the lake of fire. Especially those who knew Yah and left Yah. He said if you leave Me, I’m not even going to count all the righteous works you did. I’m going to count it against you, I will not remember your righteous acts. I will remember that you are a sinner from here on out.

v. 19 For through Torah we would out the law and it’s through the law that we die to the law. What does that mean? It’s through Torah that we found out that the living Torah…that we found out the Spiritual understanding so we are dying to the physical Torah which men just do to be seen of men…that whole pharisee understanding. Now we can live with Yah because now we have a Spiritual understanding and Yah only dwells on the Spiritual. So through the Spiritual understanding of Torah, I die to doing just the works of Torah…or vain works. Because do you know what? If you are vainly working the Torah, you are still sinning because you are still breaking Torah. That is profound. Let’s go to John 14 because Messiyah who is living Torah…and what does that mean? Let’s go to John 14. You have to die to the physical Torah in order to live to Yah. What does that mean? Does it mean like when the Christians say ‘Spiritual’ all I have to do is believe? No you still have to do works but you have to understand the works that you do so you can perfect it…right? So you can perfect it.

Galatians 2:20 Messiyah died because of what? He died so His shed blood can be the redeeming factor to redeem us back to Yah. So Messiyah was executed on the physical because of His beliefs because of what He taught. And He came against who? Messiyah came against the pharisees.

OOPS! We forgot to read John 14:6. (We will come back to it.)

So Messiah came against the pharisees and was impaled, executed. When we come against the pharisees, we too will be impaled with Messiyah…like Messiyah. ‘I no longer live but Messiyah lives in me’. We impale that old man, that old way, that sinful way that’s dead, gone. So now we live in Messiyah and Messiyah lives in us. We live with Messiyah. He is the living Torah, the living Torah lives inside of us. You have to have that faith in Yah’s Son and Yah’s Messiyah. What is belief in Yahoshua? You believe that He came to deliver His people from their sins. What is sin? Transgression of the law. You believe that He was sent by Yah, the Most High. You believe Yah raised Him from the grave. That’s what having belief in the Messiyah is…you believe that He is Yah’s salvation. You have to believe these things in order to have belief in Maschiach. He loves us and He gave His life for us.

Let’s explain, Messiyah is the living Torah. Does it just mean all you have to do is believe on Messiyah and everything is all good? No, you still have to do Torah. But you have to understand what you are doing. Otherwise, you will find yourself still a sinner. Sin is the transgression of Torah. Do you see how that works? It comes back around full circle, so from the time Yah gave us the law in the garden and until Moses re-established it with the nation of Yisrayl, he gave us the understanding. We turned away from the understanding of Yah’s truth. We did that purposely.

John 14:6 Yahoshua said He is the truth. What is truth? According to the book of Psalm 119:142, 151…the truth is laws and commandments. So when He says here in John:6 that He is the way and truth, He’s saying He is the laws and commandments. I am the Torah. So when we believe in Messiyah we know that we have to keep the law. And He gave us a greater understanding of just how to keep it. We are learning that brothers and sisters…the way that we are learning to keep the law right now is the way Yah always intended Yisrayl learning but we let it go. He has given us comprehension of the dietary law. He’s given us laws of clean vs. unclean. He’s given us and we are learning these things because now we are on the Spiritual understanding as Messiyah says in Matthew chapter 5 about looking on the woman and lusting after her…you have already committed adultery. That’s the type of understanding that He came to give. But the pharisees feel if you are not caught in the act of adultery that you have not committed adultery…that’s how their doctrine was. Yahoshua gave us a greater understanding.  Let’s go back to Galatians.

Galatians 2:21 See this is where they really get mixed up at. They don’t comprehend as Kepha told us in the beginning that they don’t comprehend the regular Scripture so how will they comprehend these deep sayings? That’s why Shaul’s writing are hard to be understood by those who don’t know Torah. If righteousness is through the works of the law, just putting on your long garments, just putting on your tassels, just saying shalom…just pretending to be righteous then Messiyah died for nothing. Putting on tassels and having a dirty mean heart, putting on a long garment but have a dirty mean heart…you know you’re a thief, a fornicator, a liar yet you keep a Shabbat. You say shalom to everyone…that does not count for righteousness for Yah knows the hearts of men…Yah reads your heart. This is what Shaul is speaking about here. He is going anti-pharisee because it’s that same doctrine that had sneaked into Galatia. He’s speaking against false-flagging. Y’all know what that’s like. I hate to say it but many of you in this room may fit this very description. You only come around the ‘brews when it’s time to say shalom. You only wear your tassels when your around Hebrews. You are a false-flagger. This is the type of people who Shaul is talking about. You’re not righteous. Yeah you may keep your Shabbat but why are you keeping Shabbat? Do you understand? What is your comprehension of the law? (talks to someone) Yeah they think this is a game, a hang-out spot. These are the one’s he’s talking about. We know a man will be judged on whether he kept Torah or whether he didn’t keep Torah. Yet that man must have Torah on his heart…to do it…to fulfill it through Yahoshua the Messiyah. There are many that do not believe in Yahoshua out there keeping ends [parts (?)] of the law. But how can they be counted righteous? When they talk about Messiyah like a dog? Yah forbid (certainly not). So if righteousness is through Torah, then Messiyah died for nothing that’s what our brother is talking about here. If righteousness is just threw the works then Messiyah died for nothing. Because Messiyah came to give us a greater understanding. The greater understanding was for nothing if all we have to do is pretend to keep Torah…just work the works. We still have to keep the law but doing it just to say you are doing it that is a no-no. That law has to become who you are like second nature. You get up in the morning you clean yourself up…keeping the law has to be like that. ‘Man wear are my tassels’? ‘I will be late for work but I have to find my tassels first’. Yah told us to wear them so we can look upon them and remember that we are different. We have to keep the laws of Yah. Everyone who sees you looks at you strange, they may not say anything but they do look at you strange and they say, ‘wow what is that’? ‘Is that a new gang thing?’ ‘Is that new fashion?’ They try to figure you out. We look at them to remember we are Israelites. I can’t be doing this. I’m an Israelite I can’t be saying that.

Let’s go to Galatians chapter 3. When someone comes to you and says but Paul said…ask that person if they understand Shaul’s writing. Take them back to Acts 24:14 where Shaul says I keep the law and the prophets. I believe in it. Then tell them to present this verse to you Galatians 2:21, tell them to explain it to you when Shaul just said he kept the law. Ask them to explain it. What is Shaul talking about? See they don’t comprehend between the Spiritual and the physical. If you can’t comprehend that, how can you understand anything in Scripture when the Scriptures are Spiritual? The Scriptures are Yah’s words and Yah’s words are Spirit…John 6:63. The entire book is on a higher understanding. From the time Moses pronounced these laws to the children of Yisrayl they were on a higher understanding. David was a righteous man. Abraham was a righteous man. We understood the laws of Yah. It’s only when we turned our back from Him and we left the source of understanding that now we didn’t understand what was given to us, what was natural to us. We did not understand it anymore.

Galatians 3:1-29 v. 1 O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you? That you should not obey the truth before whose  eyes Yahoshua Messiyah was clearly portrayed among you as impaled? He called them foolish. Y’all have no sense believing what you believe. This is what he’s telling them. Who has bewitched you or who has put a spell on you not to obey the truth? We just talked about what the truth is in Psalms chapter 119:142,151 says the truth is Yah’s laws or the truth is the Torah. So he said O foolish Galatians who has bewitched you that you should not obey the laws and commandments. See you must have that Spiritual understanding…not dead works. He said before whose eye, Yahoshua’s eyes were clearly portrayed among you as being impaled. So y’all have the truth of Messiyah. Not one time did Messiyah ever say that the law was no more. Messiyah never said anything like that. So when Shaul said I’m bringing y’all Messiyah…we have to believe in Messiyah. We have to believe in everything Messiyah said. What did He said in Matthew 5:17-19? Don’t think I came to destroy the law. What did He said in Luke 24:44-46? I am written about in the law of Moses, the prophets and in the Psalms. So Yahoshua did not do away with the old testament. In fact, when He taught there was nothing called a new testament. When Shaul taught there was nothing called a new testament…there was not a book of Galatians. There was not a book of Romans. They came much later. They taught directly from the law and the prophets.

So Shaul said, I just taught y’all all this stuff, all this truth I have brought to y’all and y’all have allowed some witch to come in and put y’all under a spell, knock you senseless and now you’re not obeying the truth…and I brought you Maschiach. This is what Galatians is all about. Shaul is getting them to understand that they still have to keep the law but they must have the Spiritual understanding. That they don’t do something just to do it as the pharisees is teaching them. This is what Galatians is about. There is no anti-Torah here. We are getting as we read in part 1…you better be righteous. You better not be a sinner, a transgressor of the law. If I establish that old man…that old man was a sinner.

v. 2 Did Yah’s Spirit, did the Spirit of truth come down upon you because you wore long tassels? Because you call yourself a moray? Because you have a big turban on? Did Yah’s Ruach of understanding come down upon you? No, it came because you heard about the belief…you heard the truth. This is how Yah’s Ruach worked on us. We heard the truth. The Spirit of truth came in among us…the Ruach (Hebrew meaning Spirit). So Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh means the Set Apart (Holy) Spirit, the Set Apart Spirit came down on us and led us. And when we got that immersing that S.A. Spirit dwelled upon us and led us into all truth, the truth that we now understand.

So Shaul said are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit do you now end in the flesh? So now you have a Spiritual understanding brothers and sisters you have the higher understanding, are you going to go back to the fleshy physical understanding? Are you going to go back to the ways of the Christians? This is what he is saying are you that foolish? The Spirit and the flesh are always at war. And it’s upon you, who will you let win that battle? We know as our walks progress, sometimes the Spirit wins sometimes it loses. Because we allow it to lose. The flesh can never defeat the Spirit but we allow it to. Do you know how we do that? When we put all the Spiritual understanding to the side and we live in the flesh. What does that mean? When we think like the world thinks and do as the world does. Instead of letting Yah’s Ruach guide us, we guide ourselves. And you know you always guide yourself into the hand of destruction. Because you can’t see what’s before you, you can only see the flesh, you can’t see the Spiritual because you give over to the flesh. So that’s why when your living in the higher understanding you are gaining the higher understanding brothers and sisters…you should not leave it. Understanding the feast days that’s Spiritual, that’s a higher understanding. When you try to keep a feast day, that’s flesh (outside Yahrusalem). Do you see the battle between the two? If you have understanding of that why leave it to go back to things that will get you in great trouble? This is what our brother Shaul is talking about here. He’s talking about how we were led and guided (to the truth, to our belief in Messiyah). Let’s continue.

v. 4-5 Miracles are being worked among you brothers and sisters. Are you even seeing them? Things that the flesh can not do is being done before our very eyes are you not seeing this? That’s a miracle. We are hearing the truth ‘hearing the belief’. And we open our heart to let Yah’s Ruach dwell among us and He’s guiding us. Once you hear the truth…you know you have to keep the laws, statues and commandments. But you have to do it with the law on your heart…righteously. Some of y’all hear it and just want to be seen. Maybe that ahkotee is kind of cute to you. Maybe you like the way she walks. You know she will not go for any ‘ol kind of man so you pretend to be a man of Yah. So you can get with her, huh? Some of you do it for that reason. Some of you come in her cuz you want a man (talking to the ladies).  So you pretend to be righteous for that reason. Some of you want a woman, some a following, some this, some that. But only the one’s that want salvation will be the one’s Yah grants salvation. Because when they come in and hear the belief, the truth, they will change their life. They will live in the Spirit. The Spiritual, the higher understanding, the truth. If all you do is just to be seen of men…you ain’t doing nothing at all but getting yourself in a deeper pit. When you do Torah it’s because you love Torah. You give to your brother because you love your brother and Torah teaches us to love…

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Yesterday afternoon, I was helping my niece study for her science mid-term that she will be taking next week. They have been studying earth science but really the whole planetary system or the milky way galaxy. So anyway, about half way through I remembered the planet Rahab that the Israelites were talking about. I showed her Psalms 89:10. She seemed really interested. So later on when she left I googled to see if there were anymore Scripts on Rahab…and there were a few more. I told my niece and nephew about the Scripts, that I would show them today. My nephew seemed very interested to know that Rahab became the asteroid belt. I am unsure if the fallen angels lived there or if ha shatan lived there…maybe all of the above.

Isaiah 30:7, Isaiah 51:9, Psalm 89:10 and Job 26:12*

*In some translations they have ‘the proud’ or ‘the storm’ or ‘rahab’ as the last word in the sentence. In verse 13, It talks about a fleeing serpent.

My niece did ask, why did Yah destroy Rahab? I do not know. I wonder if planet X or Nibiru is this new planet they call Kepler? Or is Rahab and Nibiru the same?

Last night I finished reading a book called ‘Incidents in the life of a slave girl’ by Harriet Jacobs. Now, I have read other slave narratives but this book really gave me a crystal clear picture of slavery. Not only did she give her account, she also gave brief accounts about how some of the other slaves were living and their feelings about slavery. My niece says she wants to read it next. I went to search out more autobiographical accounts of slavery and found a book called ‘Twelve years a slave’ by Solomon Northrup. I believe he was free and was kidnapped into slavery and taken to Louisiana. I also saw a book by Frederick Douglas where he gives an account of his days in slavery.

When I had finished reading the book last night I was thinking about a comment that I read in a book called ‘To be a Slave’ by Julius Lester. He said that the slaves in America were treated much more cruelly than any of the slaves in the Americas. I think I remember reading somewhere that only like five percent of the slaves were brought to the U.S. while the majority were taken to Brazil and the Caribbean and elsewhere. So this made me wonder…remember Matthew 27:25…Do you think those are our descendants, those of us in the U.S.? (I’m not saying this is so…this is just a question that came across my mind.)