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The Book of Revelation p. 7c

Matthew 7:15 This is what we are reading here in Revelation 13. That he has the horns of a lamb. So he has the appearance of righteousness but he is a savage wolf. It said that he will speak like a dragon. A dragon will DEVOUR you and so would a savage wolf.

I got a chance to watch that movie ‘Grey’. Man, I loved that. Do you know why? Because it ate those wild Gentiles up. It ripped them to pieces. A plane crashed up in Alaska and those wolves ripped them apart. Good for them. ‘Obadiyah you just sound so MEAN now’. It’s not mean. It’s just getting back into the mind-set of justice. That’s what we have to get back into the mind-set of. All of these things these people have done to us and they think nothing is going to be done to them. That’s what I’m talking about. Why every time I turn on the television or I  go to the movie theater, there he goes as the hero of the world. Wild Gentile, the most disrespectful, most destructive entity on the planet right now working side by side with fallen angels and demons. This wild Gentile, it is his time to rule and he is destroying the world yet he is the ‘hero’ of the world. That’s his mind-set. “Oh I will lead you to freedom, follow me’. ‘Though there is a dragon, I have a sword, let me kill them’. ‘I can save the world’. That’s his mind-set. Save the world from what?! The world is in chaos and destruction because of you. In your time-frame to rule, what are you saving the world from, wild Gentile? So that is what I’m talking about family get your mind into justice against the wild Gentile, against the wild Hebrew, against all wildness of the earth. It’s time for it to end. Yah has stated family that’s why He’s given us the prophesies and the signs of when these things are to take place and how they will take place and we are starting to see how they will unfold.

Just like when those malakim appeared over Russia. You thought what they told you….there were no meteorites. Those boys came and descended just like you see in the movies. You know ‘immortals’ when the gods descended to earth they looked just like these fireballs. Those things lit up the sky. And they still can’t find the so-called meteor. That boy destroyed…it was over the air and it didn’t even hit the ground and it brought destruction with it. Didn’t we read in the Revelation series that a malakim came and looked like a torch? Right? Yes. It said it looked like a flaming torch just like you saw over Russia. Now I’m not saying that these are any of the malakim that we are reading about here. Do you remember our father Jacob had the vision or dream about the malakim descending and ascending back into heaven? Who do you think he was seeing? But we are going to go more into that because we have more fallen angel…well we have more angel stuff to talk about in future lessons. We are going to do some lessons on the righteous angels so you can understand them. We know about the fallen ones and the demons and all that. Let’s talk about the righteous ones.

So let’s go back to Revelation 13. We are looking at the false prophet.

v. 12 Look at that. He exercised all the authority. Remember the first beast’s authority came from satan. So he has all the authority of the first beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast in it to worship the first beast whose deadly would was healed. Remember this is the false prophet. And now he’s going to be the prophet for the man of sin. So he is going to run right alongside the man of sin to bring all to worship him. He will be second in command of the one world system. But he will be the head of the religious end of it. Well actually he’s going to be the prophet of it and the man of sin is going to be the head of it. So he will be second in command. So these two will mock Yah and Yahoshua. They will mock Yahoshua and Yahcanan the Immerser. They will mock Moses and Aharon. They will mock the two witnesses. They are going to make mockery of all this because remember satan is a copy-cat. Satan copies how Yah does things and he’s going to try to do the same thing. He’s going to tell the people ‘hey we are Moses and Aharon’. ‘We are the 2 witnesses’. ‘We are this and that’. ‘We are the God and the prophet’. Every God has a prophet. Since the gods are false, that makes their prophets, false prophets.

So Yahoshua said be aware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep clothing but inwardly they are savage wolves. Be careful of that. This man is going to be the head of all false prophets. He’s going to have authority and have the whole world to worship the man of sin. He’s going to be the leader of all the prophets on the planet.

v. 13 Read. v. 14 Now get this. It said that he’s going to do great signs so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on earth before men. Now looking at this, we identified the pope as being this false prophet because the Catholic Church is a grand false religion. The Catholic Church gave birth to what’s called Christianity. The Catholic Church gave birth to what’s called Islam. They have their had in Judaism and all these other religions because Catholic means universal. So just like we identified the man of sin as coming out of the system of democracy of the United States. The president already wears the title, the leader of the free world. The Catholic pope already wears the title, the leader of the religious world. So it only makes sense that this false prophet is going to be a major religious figure coming out of the highest religious office on earth which is the office of the pope.

So he’s going to have authority. And the pope already has authority as I was telling you at the beginning, the pope made up his own sins. Whenever the president comes before the pope he bows down and kisses the pope’s ring and that’s showing his allegiance to this figure. so the pope already has authority but he’s going to have even greater authority when this whole system, when the man of sin is revealed. It said that he does great sins so that he even make fire come down to earth before men.

Now the House of Yahweh that false prophet who is going to be under the order…Yisrayl Hawkins is going to be under the order of this false prophet because all false prophets will be under this order. So Yisrayl Hawkins says that this is talking about that when he pulls fire down out of heaven that’s going to be a nuclear bomb. That’s stupid!! What does a nuclear bomb have to do with this?! Yahoshua talks about signs and lying wonders. Can you imagine what this would do to the minds of men? To see a man pull fire out of heaven! You have not seen that. Because with a nuclear bomb the fire does not come down from heaven, it goes up into heaven..Yisrael Hawkins. You drop a  little bomb and then it makes a mushroom cloud that rises up. Scripture says fire is coming out. This ain’t going to be no trickery. This won’t be satellite technology. This will be none of that. This is going to be satan who is a powerful malakim who was second in command in heaven whom Yah has not taken away his power. Yah has not taken away his throne. He rules over demons and fallen angels. You will see the power of a malakim when he’s here ruling on the earth as the man of sin. Oh yeah, Scripture says in the Pseudepigrapha that he is going to make the sun dance in the sky. He will  make the sun come out at midnight and he’s going to do all these things that are going to just blow the minds of men. Because only God can do those things. Because we read about them in the Bible. It said that he is going to do every sign and wonder that we read about in the Scriptures EXCEPT raise the dead. Because he has no authority over the breath of life. This is in the Pseudepigrapha Book called the Apocalypse of Eliyah.

So this man, he’s going to be the pope. Now what’s so significant about this? Since we did this lesson and talked about this in the man of sin lesson, Pope Benedict stepping down. He’s 85 years old and he’s stepping down at the end of February 2013 as being the leader of the whole religious world. This is significant. Popes do not step of that office. One has not stepped down in 600 years. There goes that number 6 as we look at 666 and get the full understanding. Six hundred years, no coincidence. They are just showing you that this man’s sign is here. The sign of the false prophet and the man of sin is here. This pope is stepping down.

Now there were several Catholic prophesies. There was one back in the 1500s and we will go over that in just a moment. But there were several other Catholic prophesies even a prophesy that was given in Fatima. Now what’s interesting about this is that Fatima is a city in Portugal. But Fatima was also the name of the false prophet Muhammad of Islam…the name of his daughter, Fatima. And Fatima is also the name of this Catholic town in Portugal where the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared in the early 1900s. I think in 1914 to two girls and a boy, 3 children. She gave three prophesies to them.

Now the 3rd prophesy was sealed up and they fabricated what the 3rd prophesy is. But the 3rd prophesy relates to that after John Paul and all this is in the so called prophesy given by this demon called the Virgin Mary. Given by this goddess. That after the death of John Paul there would only be two more popes remaining. And this 2nd pope is going to be identified…they call him a heretic. They call him a renegade. The next one that is coming up. Now we understand that the false prophet will be by the side of the man of sin. When we went through the man of sin lesson we identified how the United States, its system of democracy and the office of the presidency is prime. We even looked at Barack Obama as possibly being that man. So if Barack Obama is possibly that man…the man of sin is already in office. He’s already there.

So now if the false prophet is about to step on the scene…this is so unusual for a pope…600 years. This event of a pope stepping down has not happened in 600 years. John Paul actually died 10 years before they announced it to the world. When they finally said that he was dead…he was dead 10 years earlier. He was just a corpse walking around. They were stringing his corpse up like a puppet or something. John Paul did not want to leave that office. I remember him back in the 70s and 80s when he got off an airplane he use to get down on his knees and kiss the ground. That jackal had gotten so old and so broken down that he had to put dirt to his mouth when he got off an airplane. He was just a puppet with strings attached. He probably was a cardboard cut out. So that pope did not want to leave office. The cardinals and everybody were angry saying this jackal needs to go. This jackal is still hanging around. He can’t do anything. He can’t even wipe his own tail. He needs to get out of here. But John Paul stayed there to the very last of his breath.

So then they go choose a pope that is not a young pope but an older pope. Now here it is that he’s only been in office a few years and he’s 85 years old and he says that he is stepping down because of health. John Paul didn’t step down and like I said, he died 10 years earlier. He was still moping around, hanging on by strings. Right?

So with this pope, this story is so unusual. They are making him remove himself because they have said ‘it is time’. Do you think that this is coincidence that Yah told us this and gave us this great information and showed us that this false prophet is going to be a pope? Because the office of the pope is prime and ready. Just like the office of the presidency is prime and ready. So now many of the so-called experts, Catholic experts, they are saying that it’s going to be without a doubt that the next pope is going to be a Ghanaian. He’s a ‘black’ man. His name is Peter Turkinson or something like that.

Now going back to this prophesy that was written by this Catholic back in the 1500s. Now he stated that there would be a pope called Peter the Roman. And that he will pastor his sheep in many tribulations. Now remember Yahoshua said that 3.5 years will be that great tribulation a time of worse trouble ever. And we know that the man of sin and the false prophet will be on the scene in their full office when that tribulation period happens. In fact, they are going to usher in the great tribulation. This is what the prophesy says. It was written around 1597. It says: Peter the Roman, who will pastor his sheep in may tribulations and when these things are finished the city of 7 hills, Rome will be destroyed and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.

Look at that. What he’s saying here, doesn’t it match up with what we are reading in Revelation? Yah is going to destroy not only Rome, He is going to destroy all those in wickedness. Then He’s going to judge His people and then the end. This was written in the 1500s. By this guy…I think his name was St. Malachi or something like that.

Now they believe…this pope’s name is Peter. And this prophesy said Peter the Roman. This man is from Ghana. Let’s look at the history of Ghana. Ghana supplied a TREMENDOUS amount of Israelites during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. There are a tremendous amount of our people still there. Now what is it about this? If this man is going to be the false prophet…there is over a 50 to 70% chance that this man is an Israelite!

Now y’all remember the story that they put out about Barack Obama. Saying that through his mother, he is related to the first enslaved Israelite in the United States. So they are trying to put Israelite blood in him and what if he is the man of sin? So we have these two Israelites that satan will use to throw in the face of Yah! Right, because he who touches you touches the apple of My eye. So this is what you have Yah? These are Your chosen people? I’m making them work for me.

I’m not saying Barack is an Israelite but they are trying to throw him in the lineage of Ysrayl by saying that he is related to the first enslaved Hebrew in the United States. Do you see? So satan goes and grabs this man…because this is who all the experts are saying…thy say that he would be the pope when Benedict was chosen. They were really shocked when he wasn’t (chosen). But they are saying that this man will be the next pope. They even talked to him about it and asked him how would it be to be a black pope since Barack Obama is the first black president.

I was on this website and they have a side-by-side picture of them and it’s so profound. They have Barack on the right side and they have this next cardinal who many believe will be the next pope on his right side. So we may have an image of the man of sin and the false prophet. Can you image that?

The world looks up at us. I posted a video from YouTube about how the Japanese are trying to be us. The whole hip-hop style. Whatever we do the world looks at us and admires it. They want to be us. They want to be like us but they don’t want to be us. So what I am saying is that Barack is influencing the world right now. Can you imagine if they finally get a black-skinned man in the office of the pope? Do you know what that would do to the minds of Israelites? They would switch religions! Farrakhan would probably become a Catholic!

But what’s even deeper about this. All the experts say that this man is going to be the next pope, this Peter Turkinson. He’s on the board of the cardinals. He’s head of several Catholic organizations and he even choose Benedict. He is one of the cardinals that has a vote in choosing the next pope.

So there was an article out today, in the New York Times. I’m recording this on February 22nd. But you hear this live on February 23, 2013. But there was an article in the NY Times, February 22nd. I know that this isn’t an accident. Because remember how we talked about how we understand…because the Catholics worship a goddess. We understand that the Virgin Mary is based on a goddess named Isis. This is why many of the earlier pictures of the Virgin Mary were black. There was an article in the NY Times stating that a black woman nun may be the next pope. This is what this article stated. It was in the NY Times. But like I said a lot of the experts say this guy Peter Turkinson will be the next pope. But this article that was written in the NY Times talked about how a black nun…now we talked about this. That this would be something totally out of left field but not really because right now this whole world is based on the feminine. They are worshipping the sacred feminine. This is what they are doing right now. So this is based on goddess worship.. This is why homosexuality is so big in the world right now. Men that want to be like women. Women’s rights and all this. Women just as equal as men and women getting the right to fight in war. All of this stuff is based on that. And since the Catholic Church which we know that the false prophet will come out of…that will blow the world’s mind if the next pope were a woman. A black woman.

So you covered the black and then you have the woman…that would cover a lot. But this was in the NY Times. The article states: The Vatican is an old boys club with traditions going all the way back to Peter says ‘its a  man’s job’.

I don’t know what Peter they are talking about.

It says: But wouldn’t a woman one who isn’t the least bit timid be interesting in the role? Like a cool black nun who comes to the throne after 30 years of doing God’s work with little recognition. She’d be the first pope in heels. Maybe from the Franciscan Handmaidens of the Most Pure Heart of Mary in Harlem. The real sister act. Get a swinging, singing sister to jazz up St. Peter’s Basilica. I guarantee people will tune in.

Because remember he’s going to have authority over all the people. Can you imagine? A black woman coming up there being the next pope? And then she says she’s a goddess. Then we have the trinity playing out. The holy father represented by the man of sin, the holy mother represented by the false prophet and then we have the son, Jesus. Or Muhammad or whoever you want it to be. That’s your trinity.

I’m just saying, just throwing this out here because this is not too far-fetched. Now either the next pope is going to be this guy Peter or maybe they will come out of the blue and put a woman in there. That would be powerful and that would lead a lot of people to the Catholic Church. But I just found that interesting that the NY Times wrote about this. We have been saying this, that it could be a possibility. A Hebrew woman as the next pope. That would be something. But we will see. Because they will elect the pope in March.

We talked about last time, about how the pope has what is called supreme authority. It’s called papal supremacy. It refers to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church that the pope by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ and as pastor of the entire Christian Church has full, supreme and universal power over the whole church. A power which he can always exercise unhindered that in belief the pope enjoys by divine institution, supreme, immediate and universal power in the care of souls. This is from Wikipedia Online encyclopedia about the pope. He has full authority. And we read here in Revelation that he shall be given authority as the first beast. And the first beast has authority over all the world, all nations and tongues. The false prophet will have ethe same authority. It said he has universal power in the care of souls. And they say that this was instituted by Christ.

So if the man of sin says yes I am your messiah, I am Christ, I am this god. Yes he does have full authority. He’s my prophet. Do you see? Man, I’m telling you family this is so powerful. Revelation 13:13 says he does great signs. Revelation 13:14 said he leads astray those dwelling on the earth because of those signs. So people are going to follow after the signs. This is what they want to see. They want to see signs, miracles. This will make them believe.

Just not to long ago, the pope signed a contract with the state of Israel to have a seat at King David’s tomb. Now the agreement is going to be ratified in June of 2013. this gives the pope a special authority over the 2nd floor of the building that is by King David’s tomb. The Catholics are also seeking control over Mount Zion and also the Mount of Olives. You know why? Because they want to fabricate the return of Yahoshua. Where did Scripture say that He’s going to return? So now they are trying to get this authority over these places in Israel and the Jews are giving in to them. The Jews are signing these pacts with them. So now they are going to have this place where they believe that David and Solomon are buried. The Catholic Church will have control over that. Pretty soon the Catholic Church will have full authority over what’s called the Temple Mount of the courtyard of the temple. Remember we read in Revelation chapter 11 that the courtyard of the temple where Yah’s temple once stood is given to the Gentiles and they shall trample it 42 months, 3.5 years. So we are looking at the same time period here.

So now the pope has this authority that has been given to the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul went around the world and for his entire duration in office he was going around collecting the Catholics lost children. He was collecting or bringing everybody into the fold. To get them prepared for the rulership of the false prophet and the man of sin. In fact, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, daddy Bush talked about how John Paul was the key figure and very instrumental in the collapse of the Soviet Union and how that ended the cold war. They said that he was the key figure that did that. So he has that authority. He went around breaking down walls. Remember he has the appearance of a lamb. So he has the appearance of peace. He’s going around making ‘peace’. He made peace with the Muslims. There are pictures of John Paul kissing a Koran. that was his job, to go around and make peace. Now this other pope did what he was supposed to do. Now everything is ripe for that false prophet to stand up. As soon as Barak got into his second term, now we are ready for this next pope to come up. As soon as  he got in his second term He got in there January 20th and then a few days later here comes the pope saying that he is stepping down. That ain’t no coincidence. That’s setting it up. They are getting it ready.

Revelation 13:15 Do you see that? So they are going to actually put Ruach into an image! Right now over in Japan and many of the Asian countries who in big time cahoots with the fallen ones, they have technology…they have made robots…androids…cyborgs whatever you want to call them. They look human with actual human skin covering their circuits. You can’t tell it from a human. So when these things are built it said that they will make an image of the beast, the image of the man of sin. It shall speak and kill those that will not worship the image of the beast. Just like we read in Daniel chapter 3. When Daniyah and the brothers did not fall down and worship the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up. Then they threw them into the furnace of the fire. This is the same thing. So if you don’t fall down and worship the image, if you don’t give your allegiance to the false prophet and to the man of sin and to satan…because that’s your true trinity. Satan, the false prophet and the man of sin, that’s the only trinity that the Bible talks about. This is the one the world already and will continue to worship

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The Book of Revelation p. 7b

Right? Mr. Rodgers. A beautiful day in your neighborhood. Would you be mine? A grown man asking little kids to please be his neighbor. (sings) ‘oh won’t you please be’. ‘Please won’t you be my neighbor’. Nobody ever saw nothing wrong with that. Did we? That pedophile! He was one of the biggest pedophiles, him and Michael Jackson. They were some of the biggest pedophiles on the earth. And we set before this man and listened to please be my neighbor…begging kids. Taking you to the land of make-believe. ‘Do you want to ride on my choo-choo train’? ‘I’ll take you to the land of make-believe’. Yeah, I bet you would.

But that’s where satan wants to take you, to the land of make-believe. and you give your mind over to him, guess what? That’s what is going to happen. And you will be singing us a beautiful day in your neighborhood while satan is reigning on earth. There ain’t going to be nothing beautiful about that. But if you get lost and trapped then you will think it’s beautiful.

v. 7 See who is like the beast? Who can make war with him? Because he has authority over all people of the earth. So if he is going to make war against the set-apart ones remember Ysrayl is in the wilderness. Ysrayl is going to be in the wilderness so who are these set-apart ones that he is going to make war with? The ones outside of the wilderness.

v. 8 If your name is not in the Book of Life then you are going to worship him! Your name is only in there if you do righteousness and if you serve Yah. That’s it. but those whose names are not in there, guess what? They are going to serve this man. They are going to serve satan because we already read that right? They are going to worship the dragon and v. 4 said that they are going to worship the dragon who gives authority to the beast. They are going to worship the beast. So they are going to worship satan through the man of sin. So if your name is not written in the Book of Life then you will fall for this. Remember Yahoshua told us that if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. But it’s not possible.

So if you know Yah and you know His truth then you know that everything that will be going on will be false. You will know that this is satan taking you to the land of make-believe. Speaking great matters. He’s going to make himself Yah and make Yah the devil. He’s going to put a big show on. The whole world is going to be his stage. He is going to put on a grande theater production. One that man has never seen.

v. 9-10 This is our endurance. This is our belief. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 14. I’m going to read this again so it will be fresh in your mind when you get to Isaiah. (Reads v. 10 again). See the thing that they did to us, it shall be done to them. Revenge and vengeance is of Yah. That’s our hope. That’s our motivation. That’s our cry to the Father. Father look at what they have done to us. When are the malakim going to come down and fight on our behalf and do the same to them? And it’s going to be done. I want you to see what we are reading in Revelation 13, here it is in Isaiah 14. Because you know anything spoken in Scripture is spoken in the entire book. See this is how we know that the Book is one. This is how we know that the Book is not playing around. You get a little here and there. They say the old testament is for the Jews and the new testament is for the Christians…that’s crazy. I’m not even going to repeat that madness.

But this is how we know that the Book is on one accord. See this is what is going to separate us in the end times. Is that we know the truth of the Book. We know the truth of the matter. We know Yahoshua. We know Yah. And they don’t. So those who do not, those are going to be the ones that are deceived by satan. Those are the ones that will be taken to the land of make-believe by satan. Those are the ones that will be taken to the lake of fire by satan. Those are the ones that believe that the devil is in hell right now tormenting people. But you know that hell is only the grave. You know that the devil himself is going into the lake of fire to be tormented by angels that Yah created for that purpose, to torment him and his malakim. So see, you know this. So satan can’t come with that deception towards you but he’s going to come with another level of deception towards you who do know the truth.

This is why Yahoshua said if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. But it’s not possible. Because you must know the truth through-n-through. Even when he comes and says, ‘well you know in the Book of Genesis, when I created man, this is what I did’. ‘Don’t you know where it says in Genesis, this is what it means’. If you don’t know Yah and you are border line with one foot in and one foot out right now…oh man, you are going to be taken by that nonsense. ‘But Obadiyah, Moshe can I talk to you’? ‘Ah, check this out you know God said, you know God told me this and I was listening to God so don’t you say that God didn’t say this! Now this is what God said’. Now you are getting all hyper and now you are coming at us and we are supposed to be your ahks. But now you are coming at us in a whole other way. We know that you are possessed now. You know. ‘God said that Genesis was written by me’! You have gone off now because you are giving ear to satan. Satan will do that. He will drive you crazy! Where once upon a time, you had clear understanding but you gave ear to him and now he has done nothing but confuse you for he is the author of it. He is the author of it.

So the only way you are going to survive what’s about to come upon the earth is to stay strictly with Yah. Once upon a time you had so much clarity on what the Shabbat is. When satan comes, if you don’t know what the Shabbat is…he is going to give you a Shabbat. If you believe that the lunar Shabbat is real, satan will say okay that’s real for you. If you believe that another Shabbat is real, then he’s going to say that, that is real for you. If you believe Sunday is the Shabbat, whatever you believe, he’s going to give you that. But what does Yah say? That’s what it comes back to. So if you are arguing and debating and if you call yourself doing research and you are doing nothing but confusing yourself about what a Shabbat is. You are already lost. These are simple matters that if we are going to go teach the Gentiles, if we are going to teach the wild Hebrews and if we are going to go teach the other nations, we have to be firm on what the Book says.

This is why Yah refused to build with so many different camps because they refuse to acknowledge what the Book says. Everyone has a moray (teacher) and that moray has an ideal on what the Book says. But what does the Book actually say? That’s the key. What does Yah say? I don’t care about what a moray says. I don’t care how much Hebrew you speak. I don’t care how much Greek you speak. I don’t care  how much Latin you speak. I don’t care about how many seminary schools you have been to. That means nothing compared to the Word of Yah. Some men want to put that up as badges of honor and this is how they are able to deceive. And this is how they are able to win souls for the devil.

Yah’s Word is simple because Ysrayl is a stiff-necked, hard-headed people and you do not give a stiff-necked, hard-headed child nothing complicated. If you need a stiff-necked hard-headed child to go into their bedroom and clean up that room, well you be firm with them. ‘Go into your bedroom and clean up your room’. Because any other way is going to be a doorway for them not to do it because they are already hard-headed and they already don’t want to do it. Yah is not going to give you any confused law.

He’s going to give you straight up what it is. I said do a feast day like this, in this place at this hour and on this date. This is what I say. But you say naw, I can do it my way. I say 7 days and on the 7th day you rest. ‘Naw I’m going to do it my way’. I said not to put elohim, el and gods before My face and you still do it. And you are wondering why the Father is not showing you favor in this hour. You wonder why you still get your head beat in all the time. You wonder why these wild Gentiles are being released on you and will constantly be released on you, Ysrayl. It’s because you are refusing to hear the voice of your Father. You would rather listen to Jesus. You would rather listen to Allah. You would rather look at Ha Shem. You would rather listen to Buddha. You would rather listen to the other 99,000 names that you have for Yah. You would rather listen to all those gods than to listen to your Father. When not one of those gods ever freed you from nothing. They only put you into captivity.

None of the gods ever professed their love for you to the nations. They never said you are my people. They said you are my ho and I’m going to treat you like a ho. That’s all they ever said to you. Jesus is your pimp and you are just a ho in his sight. Yah sai you are His wife. He said you are His bride. He said you are His treasured possession. The nations say you are nothing. Yah said I will give you everything you want and need. The nations say I ain’t giving you nothing because you don’t deserve nothing. Yah said I’ll love you with the greatest love. The nations said I will hate you with the greatest hate. And you still choose the nations over Yah. Yah said I’m going to let you go. I’m going to let you go out into the world. It’s going to hurt me but I’m going to let you go out in the world and let you see what it’s like without Me. Let you see what the world has to offer. Because I know in time you are going to come back begging for Me. Because nobody cares about us. And that’s all I really want to say is that, that they don’t really care about us.

Isaiah 14:1-7, v. 1 Do you see? It started off ‘Yah has compassion on Yahqob’. Nations don’t have compassion on us. The United States has no compassion on us. Isaiah 47 says that. Britain has no compassion on us. Germany has no compassion on us. The Netherlands has no compassion on us. Jamaica has no compassion on us. Puerto Rico has no compassion on us. Cuba has no compassion on us. Canada has no compassion on us. But Yah does. (Reads v. 1) HalleluYah! v. 2 Yes indeed. v. 3-7 See all the world is going to be at rest and at peace family when we are back ruling the world again.

We go back to Revelation 13 and we read v. 10 and it matches up with Isaiah 14:1-7. See we are going to have servants in the land. And as I read this when we did this the first time, I told you I already called dibs on Mr. George Bush. Personal-servant-there. Yeah I have some dealings, I need to deal with him. So I’m already making my list of demands. I’ll carry that to the grave with me. So when I get up and if I am in that first resurrection and I go into the kingdom. I will make sure that Mr. George W. Bush will have me some fresh wine every morning I wake up. That my golden floors are shining like new. And if I see one speck that’s 30 lashes. Get it right. I want you to scrub my golden floors with a golden toothbrush. Right, I want them clean. I want my chariot fresh. Every morning I want it ready so I can ride to wherever I need to go to get these other wild folks straight. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s our hope. ‘Obadiyah you are being arrogant  now’. No, I’m not being arrogant. I’m being fair because Yah is fair. This is justice. You think that it is fair for us to have to sit back and have to suffer these curses, time and time, century after century? We suffered as a people! And you have gone from the top of the earth to the bottom. From the right side to the left side bringing nothing but utter destruction and you think that you are getting away with it. We get punished for our sins, do you think that you are not going to get punished for your crimes? So what are you talking about fair?

As I go into your prison system and I see nothing but my people there and many of them have not even done a crime to even be there. But just because they are an Israelite and just because they are cursed you throw them in there. We know our punishment. We know what we did. But I want you to know yours and I want you to know what you did. Yeah, that’s fair. That’s what it is called f-a-i-r. It’s called justice. Don’t worry we are not going to treat you as bad as you treat us because we have laws and we have discipline. But at the same time, we will treat you. We will  have the power, not you. So George Bush go to a wine making class. Because you are going to do it right, partner. Or else. Let it be an inch off or one grape short. You have put us through all this trouble then when it’s our turn you know, now it’s wrong.

Nobody stands up and says it’s wrong what’s being done to us. Nobody speaks on our behalf. Because nobody knows the trouble we see. Nobody knows our sorrow but Yah. Because it is His hand and our disobedience that has cause this problem. Yes it is a problem. Because we are supposed to be the rulers of the earth. We are supposed to be the defeaters of satan and all his madness. But here we are being punished. Here we are being cursed. Here we are being the lowest of the low. So when we do come back to righteousness, yeah we are going to show you what justice is. You haven’t seen justice because everything about your justice system is not just. It’s unjust. But we are going to show you how to do it.

Scripture says Yahoshua is going to rule with an Iron fist. What do you think that means? Have you ever been punched in the face with an iron anything? Okay. Well go get punched in the face. If you don’t know what an iron fist is, go get punched in the face with some brass knuckles. Come back and tell me how that feels. So it’s giving the symbolism of how Yahoshua will rule. He’s not going to let you slack up. If He tells you to do something, you do it or else you will turn to ash where you stand. How about that? Is that fair? When we didn’t do anything and you turned us into ash. You burned us alive. Babies, women, men.

Yah said…I’m going to read that again in v. 10. (Reads Revelation 12:10 again). Do you see? What you do has to be done to you. It’s still eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. You thought that went away? ‘Ah, Jesus did away’…Jesus did nothing because we are going to pull all his teeth out! And his eyes! Then we are going to throw you into the lake of fire. So it’s still eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Life for a life. Yah has not changed. But it always had to be done under justice. It had to be done righteously. There’s no  need for a  man who is a murderer to go out and stone an adulterer. That’s not righteous. But when Yah comes back to set everything up it’s going to be righteous. And proper justice will be handed out. There will be some new sheriff’s in town.

Revelation 13:11 So now we have the beast coming up out of the earth. This is the land beast and we have the one coming up out of the sea representing all the people. This one is coming out of the earth. He has 2 horns like a lamb but he spoke like a dragon. So he’s going to have the look or appearance of being righteous or a look of being peaceful. We are  looking at the false prophet here. This is who we are looking at now, the false prophet. That’s who he is. So he’s coming up and he’s going to have the appearance of righteousness but his mouth is going to confess who he is. Like that slicked tongue devil, Farrakhan. He’s always in a pulpit. Right that’s where he always…everytime I see him now he’s in a church. He’s always standing in a pulpit with that snake smile on his face. ‘Oh brothers, oh sisters’. But nothing but DRAGON…DRAGON WORDS come out of that man’s mouth! That’s how this man of sin, this false prophet will be. He will have a smile and comely look but nothing but the words of dragons, blasphemy, hateful coming out of his mouth.

See family this is what I want you to understand. As I watched this show supernatural, one of the things that always gets me is how everybody, the demons, the devils, the angels, everybody is disobedient. The humans are talking to the angels ‘well you know, you don’t have free will and all you have is obedience, that’s all you have. Don’t you want to be free’? It’s like they make it seem as if coming under the authority of Yah is a bad thing. This is what satan is putting out into the world. That’s why the president, the man of sin is the leader of the free world. He is leading everybody in this rebellion against Yah and satan is deceiving the people in trying to make them think that Yah has them in some type of captivity. He is making them think that the grass is greener on the other side and it’s not.

Yah has provided for everything, all of our needs and wants. He’s given it to us. But satan is trying to make us thing that what Yah has given us is wrong. What Yah has given us is nothing and what he has to offer is better. He’s always trying to offer you something that’s better. Just like when we were in the wilderness and we complained about eating manna all day and all evening. So Yah said okay I’m going to give you quail. It’s going to be coming out of your nostrils. And then soon as the quail came we couldn’t get to the point where we got down to start cooking it…w starting eating it raw. And tha angered Yah. Do you know why? Because Yah had been taking care of our rusty behinds ever since we came out of Egypt. He led us through the wilderness, protected us, fought for us and fed us and that wasn’t good enough. We wanted more. Yah’s blessing was not good enough and that angered Him. He told us here I am feeding you this manna. You are not going hungry. Your shoes are not wearing out. But wanted more. You wanted meat. It would be better that we go back into Egypt. Yah freed us from Egypt but it would be better if we go back into that captivity, at least we have meat there. Do you see? This is the same mind-set that we are still under today. These blessings of Yah are not good enough for us as a people. We still want more. He had us separated from these wild jackals. Then we said let’s integrate. We fought to integrate with a wicked people. We went to the extremes to get integrated with these people and Yah said you are My set-apart people and I have set you separate from them. Be ye separate. We said naw we don’t want that.

Yah said I got you. You are the best athletes. I got you your own baseball league. But no we want to go and integrate with theirs. You owned all your own hotels. You owed all your own buildings. You have your own neighborhoods just stay separate from these people. But naw, we want to be like them. And that angered Him and then when we got into with these people, we have become the worst that we have EVER been in our entire  history. Show me a point in the history of the children of Ysrayl, go into the Scriptures and show me a worse time then what we are facing right now. Yeah we were conquered by mighty kings but we are conquered by one that is even mightier than they. We are at the apex now of a conglomerate beast. We don’t even know that we are the children of Ysrayl.

When we had the opportunity to do feast days, we didn’t do them. Now we are out in captivity and not supposed to do them now we are messing up trying to do them. Do you see? We turned our backs on His blessings. So why should He bless us with anything else? Once you give up your blessing of Yah, whatever that blessing is, whether that blessing is a job. Whether that blessing is an apartment. Whether that blessing is the truth of Yah. If you give that up, He ain’t giving you nothing else. You don’t deserve nothing else. Do you know that Ysrayl?

Manna is not good enough for you. Right? You need meat. You are already complaining. You aren’t even in the wilderness and some of you are already starting to complain about the wilderness. Ain’t that a shame. ‘Well when I get out in the wilderness man, we better have this and that’. As is you have authority to tell Yah what you better have. He said He will nourish you if your rusty behind makes it there. And then you are already putting up a list of demands. ‘Well how are we going to do this or that’. Why are you worried about that!  Worry about finding yourself to be righteous so Yah can find you worthy enough to escape what’s about to come upon the earth. You are already with the heart of your ancestors. And the man of sin has not even revealed himself yet. ‘That wilderness is too long to walk in to why can’t Yah send a malakim to come get us’? The moment you say that you are staying where you are. And then you are going to feel the full wrath of the man of sin. You don’t appreciate nothing. Your always complaining. Never asking Yah what you can do for Yah but always asking Yah to do something for you. Never asking Yah how you can be a better servant but always asking how can He better serve you. Humphf and you wonder.

Let’s go to Matthithyah 7. Yahoshua told us about these false prophets. Now we are going to have a major false prophet that is going to come on the scene. So if we have a major false prophet, there are smaller false prophets. So he is going to be the king of all false prophets. That’s what he’s going to be. This is what his office will be.

Family, I hope you understand what I am saying. It’s that serious. Just obedience, there’s nothing wrong with following the ways of Yah. Be appreciative of everything that the Father has given you. Man, if you have food, bread on your table…some of your brothers and sisters don’t have that tonight. Do you understand what I’m saying? They don’t have that tonight! Ask yourself what is great about you that you have food on your table and they don’t. Huh? What’s greater about you then they? Your brothers and sisters in the Sudan. Your brothers and sisters in Haiti. Some of your brothers and sisters down in Mississippi. What is greater about you that you have that on your table and you don’t even appreciate what you have? And if they had only a third…yeah, you may be living in poverty according to the United States but if they only had a third of what you have. They would be a greater servant than you could ever probably be. They probably would be perfect when you are still talking about being perfect. If they only have a third of what you have. Then you still open your mouth and complain about what you don’t have. You selfish servant. Think about others. Forget about self. Because self is the one that is going to get you in trouble the most.

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The Book of Revelation p. 7a

Hey Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters welcome to another Israelite Heritage Shabbat lesson. This is indeed the Revelation series as we continue on in the Book of Revelation and I welcome you all. Let me give a grand Shabbat Shalom to everybody who is listening to this recording whether you are listening today which is February 23, 2013. It’s already February of 2013. Time is really moving. It is really powerful how Yah is allowing us to understand the Book of Revelation and to understand the man of sin in this time period. This is not by happen chance that we are able and capable of doing the Revelation series and also the  man of sin series because it is critical right now in this hour that we do understand what is actually happening. And I’m like…my mind is just blown because it’s like every week that we go through this and we goo through this chapter by chapter and every week that we go through this and then if you are paying attention to the news in the week that there is something that we talked about in this Revelation series that is shown in the news stories. You know this and that happening. So this is why I want to re-do…this is the Revelation series part 7. I’m going to re-do this.

Now I did this live about a couple of weeks ago and then I became under the weather and have been battling the adversary. So for about 2-3 weeks I haven’t done a Revelation series but now I am back. So when I did part 7 this was before that grand announcement. One of the biggest announcements that has come out in years. And that announcement is that Pope Benedict is stepping down as the pope. He is resigning his position. Normally a pope leaves the office when he dies. But this man is stepping down at the end of this month February of 2013. So he is going to step down at the end of this month and then in March the cardinals and all that, they will go through the whole process of choosing another pope.

Now, the reason that I want to do part 7 again is because we dealt with Revelation chapter 13 in part 7. Revelation chapter 13 brings forth one in Scripture that is known as the false prophet who is a counterpart to the man of sin. So since we have identified, even in the man of sin lesson and even in Revelation part 7, chapter 13 identifying that man of sin and that false prophet as coming out of the office of the pope. And we are going to go over that again so you can have a greater understanding of this.

Now when we first did part 7, we didn’t have it recorded and we only dealt with chapter 13. But in this part 7, I’m going to talk about chapter 13 and chapter 14. Because normally we do two chapters in the Revelation series. But when we did this previously, I was only able to go through chapter 13. But now we have this brand new breaking story and more information. Let’s bring it together. We are going to get more understanding. Because not only is the pope stepping down, there was other news concerning the office of the Vatican which the pope is the religious leader of the world. We are going to see other news that fits in with that, that shows that. Brothers and sisters we are so close. It’s 2013. I’m not saying that it’s going to happen in 2014, 2015, 2016 but sometime in our lifetime. We are close to this revealing of this man of sin. And when he is revealed then that false prophet is going to be revealed with him. And it’s so powerful what’s going on right now in this hour.

So let’s not delay. Let’s go ahead and jump into this. We are going to the Book of Revelation chapter 13. Because there is so much that I want to talk about and I want to make sure that I have time. Now remember, I always stated that I would like to keep these lessons 2 hours and under. So if it goes 2.5 hours that’s okay but I don’t want it to go three, four, five hours because when we stay within the 2 hour range and then you can soak it in and it will not be too much information for you.

So let’s go to Revelation 13 and we are going to try to deal with this chapter because as I stated when we did this the first time, this one chapter took up the entire lesson because there’s so many different things going on in this one chapter. We have the mark of the beast. We have the 666. We have the war against the set-apart ones. We have the rising of the false prophet. So we have all these different subjects that are going on in Revelation 13 and we at Israelite Heritage, we do have lessons based on different aspects of this chapter. We have a  lesson about the mark of the beast. We have a lesson about the war against the saints. We have different lessons to cover those different aspects. So I’m not going to go to heavy into those different things. I’m just going to give you enough information where you can have the understanding of what just is happening here in Revelation 13.

We are going to put all this information about the pope and all that in here. We knew that the Vatican has a role in this. But to properly understand where their hand lies because a lot of people believe that the Vatican is Mystery Babylon that is spoken of in Revelation 17. So when we get over to Revelation 17, we will see who Mystery Babylon is and if you have been following the lessons here at Israelite Heritage, you know that the United States of America is this Mystery Babylon. So a lot of people want to throw…because you know you have your protestants against the Catholic, so-called. But that’s not really what’s happening because the pope actually rules over the protestants. He rules over the Catholics and he rules over the Muslims and he rules over the Jews. He rules over all of them. He is the international leader of all religions. What the pope says, they make it law.

I remember a few years ago, this is before I came into the truth, I use to watch a lot of religious programs because I’m just a night owl. That’s just my nature and I’m up all night. So I remember I use to stay up all night watching TV and I use to watch a lot of these religious programs. Here in Chicago they had a religious channel, channel 38. And you could see all the Christian programs on there. The 700 club, a whole bunch of this and that. I remember on the 700 club, this is years ago. This had to be about 18 or 19 years ago. They had this announcement on stating that the pope had made 10 new sins. the pope added 10 new sins. And they were talking about how the whole Christian world was listening to the pope and were going by what the pope said was now sin.

So this man, the pope has that power in his hand to define what sin is to the people. Now we know that we have no power to define what sin is. The Book defines sin. The Book gives us the definition of sin which is the transgression of Yah’s law, the breaking of Yah’s law, 1 John 3:4. So we can’t go into the Book and start pointing out, well that’s sin, this is sin if it’s not sin and Yah didn’t say thou shall not. Because if you are going to transgress the law, Yah must say thou shall or thou shall not. If He says thou shall not do this, then if you do that then you are breaking His law and that’s sin.

So we can’t go defining sin but this man, the pope did it to the entire Christian world and they all obeyed what this man said. This was so long ago and I forgot what the particular sins were but he made them up and that’s what they follow after. Now the whole disguise or mystery about the pope is that people believe that he is only the leader of the Catholics. That’s part of satan’s deception. But the protestants, Jews and Muslims, all of them listen to what the pope has to say. All of them bow down in his presence and kiss his ring. Billy Graham, TD Jakes, all these men whenever  they come into the presence of the pope they bow down and kiss his ring. Just like presidents and prime ministers, whenever they come into the presence of the pope, they bow down and kiss his ring to show their allegiance to him.

Now let’s look at this. There is just so much here and I’m really pumped up today to bring this information because it’s so exciting. Just like Tank said in the Matrix ‘these are some EXCITING times! You know, it’s like if Morpheus is right about that prophesy and you are who you are then these are some EXCITING times! Yes they are. So don’t be fearful of them. Fear Yah! Fear the one that can destroy the mind, body, soul…everything. Don’t fear these times because these times are leading up to your redemption. All that evil bad stuff that they have done to you, your redemption, payback is on its way back to you. And when we get over to Revelation 14, you are going to see what that payback is. HalleluYah, you are going to see what your motivation is to walk that righteous path is. If you fall down and get back up you will see what your motivation is.

Revelation 13:1 Now remember blasphemy. Blasphemy means to speak against Yah. So these names of blasphemy are names that speak against Yah. Now remember names identify a person, a place, a thing. So these are names that come against the throne of Yah that speaks ill against Yah. Do you know what a name of blasphemy is? Satan calling himself the Most High. Do you know what a name of blasphemy is? Satan calling himself Yah. Those are names of blasphemy.

v. 2 Now remember this beast came up out of the sand of the sea. Coming up out of the sea. The sea represents the people. So what we are seeing here is that he is a conglomerate beast. He is made up of different beasts. Very powerful land moving beasts. A leopard, bear and lion, these are some of the most powerful land animals known to man. These animals will rip you to shreds. You can’t out run them. You can’t get away from them. If you are in their grips, they will tear you to pieces. And then he said ‘the dragon’. The dragon represents satan. So the dragon gave this beast his power. Now, when we look at this conglomerate beast, over in the Book of Daniel chapter 7, Daniel gives us the same beasts that are listed here, four. And Daniel lists them as 4 world-ruling nations. Those nations were the Babylonians, the Medes and Persian Empire, the Greek and the Romans. So this beast is made up of all those world ruling super powers. See these nations we see today, we look at the United States a super power and she’s a conglomerate of all these beasts. We see all that. Right? But these nations…when you read the history of Greece, the Medes and Persians and you read the history of Babylon, these were some powerful, ruthless people. And Yah called them to come pounce on the head of Ysrayl. But while they pounce on the head of Ysrayl, Yah gave them the whole world to rule over.

v. 3 Now as we look at this again and we have gone over this in the man of sin the first time we did this. But now we are going over it again because it is very important information, this deadly wound that one of these heads received. This is physical and spiritual. The spiritual understanding is the greater understanding. But it could be physical too. It could be that the man of sin because he is the beast here, the man of sin gets a wound to the head and it looks like he is dead then comes back. That is the physical and it is less than the spiritual. The spiritual understanding is what we are looking at here.

Now when we look at 7 heads, the 7 heads represent the 7 levels or the 7 branches of civilization. Every civilization, Babylon, Medes and the Persians, the Greeks and Romans, all of them had to have these as their foundation. Egypt, Assyria all the ancient nations, Israel all of them. And when you look at the 7 levels of a society, the 7 levels of a civilization they are composed of a government, a political system, a financial system, a religious system, an educational system, a justice system and a cultural system. These are the 7 branches of civilization and these are the 7 heads of this beast that represent a world ruling civilization. Because remember the beast is a composite of all these ancient nations. Right? So we have the government, the political. The government and political system are two different levels. The political system is what runs the government. The government is the set of laws and the rules and how that civilization is run or how that nation is run. The political system runs the government. Right now the U.S. is run by the political system of Democracy. And right now the political system even within Democracy, the political system that is in rulership right now are the democrats. Because Barack Obama is a democrat. So you have your democrats and your republicans and your whole political system that runs the government.

So then your financial system which is the greatest of all 7 heads here is your financial system because everything of your civilization is run by finances. You can not run the government. You can not run the political system. You can not run your religious system. You can not run your educational system, justice or your culture without finances. So finances is the strongest one here. You can’t run your military or anything without finances. You can’t fight wars or defend yourself, you can’t go conquering without finances. So whenever a nation’s finances are in trouble, that nation is in trouble. That is why the big bankers that took over the finances of the United States knew that, that was the only way that could break this country down and take control of it was through the finances. You can look all this up. There are excellent books like the creature from Jekyll Island. There are tons of information, YouTube videos that have good information that will show you how the financial system of the United States was taken over. And how that financial system was spread the world over.

Right now as we state all the time about the dollar, the dollar is the only currency that you can take around the world and spend it in other countries. You can go to places in Mexico. You can go over to Germany. You can go up to Canada. You can go over to China and you can spend an American dollar. But yu can’t spend foreign currency in this land. You would have to go get it exchanged for American money if you want to spend it in this land. Because the dollar is the staple of the world’s finances. If t he dollar collapses, if the dollar takes a wound to the head as it is right now because a dollar can no longer buy the same amount of things it bought ten years ago.

So if it can not buy the same amount of things as 10 years ago, then you know it can’t buy the same things it bought 20, 30, 40 even 100 years ago. The dollar is 4 quarters. The dollar is 100 pennies. The dollar is 10 dimes. That’s what it’s always been. Yet you are buying less and less. It hasn’t changed. The dollar is not 5 dimes. It was 10 dimes a hundred years ago and it is 10 dimes today. Yet what you can buy with those 10 dimes in the form of a dollar, you can not do that as you did before because inflation has taken place.

We are in a fiat money system which means there is no gold and silver to back the dollar now. That paper dollar, there’s no gold and silver to back it up. So now you have the fiat system. Now they have taken away all the gold and silver so  now you can print as many dollars as you want because there’s nothing to back it. If you only had 2 billion dollars of gold in your reserve then you could only print up 2 billion paper dollars. But when you take the gold away, now you have monopoly money going on here. Just printing up as much as you want. It’s not real.

So right here when we read in v. 3 about that head that received that deadly blow, this is the financial system. And right now the financial system is on its knees and it is about to fall down on its face. These are the things that they are not telling you. They are telling you that we had a recession in 2008 but now it’s over. That’s a lie! There are more people losing their jobs. There are more families becoming homeless in this land than ever before. And if the United States is crippled financially, the world is crippled financially. Do you see? So all of this talk, that we are recovering…no, no, no. It’s not recovering. It is getting worse and worse and worse. Because the financial system is about to collapse. It is going to look as though it is dead. Meaning that it’s going to fully collapse and there will be this in-between time that we will read about. In-between the coming of the mark of the beast and the collapsing of the system and the little systems that they are going to bring up in-between. It’s going to create chaos. Can you imagine, you all know that when the Gentiles lose their money in the stock market, they go jumping out of windows and blowing their brains out. Now just imagine even them, even you get up one day and you turn on your news and you are having your morning coffee and whatever you do in the morning time and then there’s a news flash that comes on telling you that the banks are closed. That nobody can do any transactions in any bank because the dollar has collapsed and it’s no longer good. And then the president coming on later that night telling you that we are going to keep the banks closed for a week.

And when they re-open, the dollar is no longer going to be spendable in the United States or anywhere around the world. and for every dollar that you have in the bank, we’ll give you 2 cents on the dollar. Because when it collapsed, that’s all it was worth 2 cents. So if you have 5,000 in the bank and you thought you were secure with that 5,000 dollars now for every dollar that you have you only get 2 cents instead of a hundred. You don’t even get one dime for your dollar. Now how are you going to do that? How are you going to deal with that? So when that happens and then Scripture has already told us as we read in the Revelation series how the price of bread is going to go up.

So you will not be able to afford food. So these things are on the horizon, so when that financial system collapses this is why we talk about being prepared. But it’s deeper than just having water. It’s deeper than just having can goods. It’s deeper than that and it always has been deeper than that. And we out of all the people on the planet need to understand that. Whenever the children of Ysrayl were walking with Yah there was never a day that we starved. Even when we walked through the desert eating manna everyday and every evening we never starved. Even when there was a famine over all the earth and our brother Joseph was in Egypt ruling, we didn’t starve. Only when we started turning our backs on Yah. Only when we started going against what Yah says, that’s when calamity comes on us. That’s when the curses come.

Yah has always prepared His people but mentally you must be prepared for this. You will not survive, you can have all the physical things that you need but if you are not ready mentally for this. We are in a land that is the most richest land in the world. We have not gone hungry. We can go in our refrigerators and eat as many steaks as our bellies can take. We can go drink as much clean water as we want. Now you take that away from us, how are we going to deal with that mentally? That’s what we have to prepare our minds for these things.

We live in this land. Yah protects His. Absolutely He does. But at the same time as we are a compassionate people and we see what’s going to be going on around us even when Yah protects us in Goshen. We have to be mentally ready for this. This financial collapse ain’t no joke! This wound to the head ain’t no joke!

As I state before when you look at the financial system, when you look at your money, you have the heads of the leaders of this land on them. The president’s head are on them only, signifying that these heads represent the different aspects of this society so one of them is financial that’s why you have the head of the president. You don’t even have his whole body, just his head up there on the money. On all money you have the heads, the leaders of their country, your country, on their money. So that head is going to look like it’s unto death.

And then when that bartering system comes up…hey man I have these 2 silver coins, what do you want for this? Hey man I have a gallon of water over here what do you have for that? This barter system. But I’m saying we have to get prepared mentally, physically but if we are not ready mentally then physically we will not be ready either. We talk about this all the time…preparing. Some people say well we shouldn’t get silver and gold. Yes you should. Some people say well we shouldn’t get water. Yes you should. You should do all of it. Prep your mind, all of it. Prep all of it. You  just can’t have one aspect of it. Because what if you want to barter with somebody and they say hey man I have extra steak over here but I want 2 silver coins for this. And you try to barter everything else, saying you have water. Yeah, I have water too. I have water already. All I need are 2 silver coins and you can have this extra steak. You said you didn’t need any silver coins so you didn’t prepare for that. Yah prepares His people at every angle. He does not leave us unprepared family. And He’s giving us this information and this stuff is happening. This ain’t something that we are going to be waiting 2,000 years for. That was 2,000 years ago when this prophesy was given. Now we are on the tail end and we are about to see some of these things go down! Are you ready?

v. 4 The dragon is satan. So they are going to be worshipping satan through the beast. Who’s able to make war with him? He’s all-powerful. We can’t make war with him. He’s fixed the financial system. Who is like him?

v. 5 This is 3.5 years. This is the reign of the man of sin and this is who we are talking about here. He is going to speak great matters and blasphemy and is given authority to do so for 42 months. Brothers and sisters listen to my voice! Do you know that these great matters and blasphemy that he’s going to speak is already in existence on the earth right now?!

I have been watching this program whenever I get the opportunity. I try to fit it into my schedule because it’s very profound. You all have been telling me about this TV show for years but I never got around to watching it because you know I didn’t have the time. But I have managed to incorporate it and it’s called ‘supernatural’. This is such blasphemy! Unbelievable blasphemy but at the same time you must understand what is going on and the things that will be spoken by this anti-christ, the man of sin is in this TV show!

These 2 brothers that go out and hunt ghosts, goblins and demons and all these things. They make deals with demons and selling their souls to the devil and trying to fight against the devil and all this…YOU CAN’T FIGHT SATAN! NOT IN THE FLESH! He will UTTERLY destroy you! You have to fight him with Yah. But they are fighting satan and locking him up in hell and all this craziness. But the stuff that they are talking about in there are going to be these great matters. What is this man of sin going to do? He’s going to go into Scripture and TWIST everything until it’s going to be unrecognizable but at the same time, it’s going to make those who were atheist believe that the word is true coming out of this man’s mouth.

What do you mean by that Obadiyah? This is what I mean brothers and sisters. Is that he is going to twist it and he’s going to make it such a fantasy. Because he will be able to do these miracles, signs and lying wonders and all these things that people will believe it.

Like in supernaturals, ‘oh you can go fight satan now’. Then he has a fallen angel come down to play like he’s satan. Right? And this is satan having someone to come play him. Where do you think acting and (theater) comes from? Why do you think all the actors have to go to the spirits? Satan is the master actor! He can be whatever he want to be. Scripture says that he can transform himself into an angel of light. Don’t marvel at that. So if he has to transform himself into an angel of light and he’s not an angel of light meaning that he’s pretending to be an angel of light. That’s what actors do. They pretend to be somebody else. So he will have a fallen angel come down and say ‘that’s satan’. And have some human man come out with a sword and go slash up ‘satan’. Do you see? ‘Great matters’ is that he is going to be lying on the Scriptures and twisting them. He will speak blasphemy at the same time for 42 months, this is 3.5 years that Ysrayl will be in the wilderness.

v. 6 He’s going to blaspheme MichaYah, RaphaYah. In the supernatural show they have RaphaYah in there and he’s played by a ‘brew. He’s an archangel and very powerful but at the same time they have him almost as a fallen angel. They have him trying to take over heaven. Somehow ‘God’ has disappeared and there is this one angel called Castiel. All of this is dealing with fallen angel stuff. If you watch supernatural, everybody in there is a fallen angel. Every angel that appears in there is a fallen angel. Castiel…all of them, Raphael, Micahel…all of them are fallen angels. That’s all it’s about. It’s not about the righteous angels. Because the way that these young men talk to these angels, calling them names and just blasphemous…you don’t talk to no…listen here.

How in the world as a defiled man…a dust mite. How is a man going to stand up to something that is 3,000 feet tall, that if he was to show you his true form your eye sockets would burn out of your head and your face would melt. If you looked upon  his true form it’s probably brighter than 10 suns. And yet you will sit here as just a dust creature and you will talk ill against that. And these are lesser than Yah. The malakim are greater than us but they are lesser than Yah. Then you will blaspheme Yah? Do you understand what I am saying brothers and sisters? But that is what you are seeing. Have any of you ever seen supernaturals? They talk to these angels anyway that they want to talk to them. Do you think MichaYah would just sit there? Man he would shrivel your tongue in your mouth like a prune! The moment he heard your thoughts. Because Yah would give him the authority to do so. Then he may just show you his true form so you can die where you stand!

Do you see? They are going to make you believe in fantasy. Because satan is a liar. You don’t want to see no archangel. Trust me. He ain’t going to be no fat naked baby with wings. Okay. You keep playing around with Yah if you want to. And if you get lost in all that fantasy…you are going to be taken into the land of fantasy.

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The News You Can Use

2/23/2013 Shabbat.

Chris Dorner: He put fear in the entire California! Do y’all remember the mighty men of Yah lesson? If I were him, I wouldn’t have cut my hair and beard. This is our strength. This man had hand guns. He did not have assault rifles. He was against them. He said that in his manifesto. This one man put fear in the LAPD. Watch the fear they will have of us. Samson with jawbone…they feared him. Yah gave Samson strength. This is powerful, the fear they had of him. He was a ‘brew but he didn’t not believe in the Bible. TEXT: They sent drones to locate him. TEXT: We pray for those who lost their lives in that situation into the kingdom and hope that they had Yah on their minds and we pray for the ahk, over his situation and truth behind it! They burned him in that house. Ron Atess (?) basketball player…the whole LAPD came to his house. He was shooting a movie with guns. They are afraid of us. Yeah, the video of the Dorner shoot out is online. Hundreds of rounds were shot in the house yet they said he killed  himself. They said his I.D. survived the fire…really? What kind of I.D. survives a fire? Is this real? The LAPD has been rotten since Rodney King days. There are many holes in the story. This opened the door for others to say they want revenge on the police. TEXT: They will ramp up the conceal and carry controversy. TEXT: LAPD is a terrorist gang KKK, take your pick. TEXT: gun control.

The pope stepped down. We talk about that in the lesson. Not in 600 years has this happened. 666 is real heavy. If the man of sin is in office now, the false prophet has to come now. The NY times yesterday, said the next pope could be a black woman nun!! The catholic church worships a goddess. This will spearhead goddess worship. TEXT: Who’s more ‘spiritual’ than a black woman? Think about it.

Ghanian Peter Turkson, this is an Israelite that may be the next pope. TEXT: Peter of Rome.

‘Meteor’ over Russia: That was an angel! They still haven’t found the ‘meteor’. Flaming torch in Scripture. Jacob’s vision: looked like fireballs. Immortals movie: a fireball. Did you see the destruction it caused? Why Russia? We will talk about it soon. They offered $40,000 to anyone who finds this meteor. Not one pebble found yet, y’all. They say they didn’t see it coming. It looked like a shooting star. This had to do with the pope. Obama may get a 3rd term. The signs of the times, remember what Yahoshua said about them. Can you read the signs of the times? Tank told Neo: These are some very exciting times! TEXT: Funny how Russia told Obama to tell the world about UFOs or they will…then this happens. (Room talks about the TV show supernatural). They normally track meteors but they did not see this. They are planning for this angel war…star wars of the 80s…Reagan. The pope is stepping down after 600 years this is no coincidence with this angel over Russia. Anoint yourself before you watch supernaturals, family. End of Shabbat notes.

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Our Yah

thCAE14YFEPsalm 95:7 For He is our Yah, And we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand. Today if you will hear His voice: John 10:27 Yahoshua said, My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me. v. 29 My Father who has given them to Me is greater than all and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. HalleluYah.

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Luke 19:41

Yahoshua cried for Ysrayl in Luke 19:41-44. But do you know that there was a prophet that is nick-named the weeping prophet because he cried for Ysrayl? Search your Scriptures to see who I’m talking about. I’ll be back later with the answer. 🙂

Well, did you find the answer? I hope so. The answer is Jeremiah. In Yeremiyah 9:1, Yeremiyah cried and if you read further up in Yeremiyah 8:18-22 you will see he was mourning for Ysrayl.  Yah bless.

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Intermission (Review) of Revelation Series

This is from Shabbat January 26, 2013. Bullet points.

Revelation chapter 1:1 The order of Yah. Seven assemblies in Turkey. Seven=perfection. These are the churches that stood out. Seven stars, angels over assemblies. Seven lampstands=assemblies. The angels brought messages to the assembly from Yah. Persecution—>exist here. These are the assemblies of the way so Yah had to correct them. Four living creatures like in the Book of Yahzeqyl chapter one=of same class of malakim.

Revelation 5: Yah’s seal=authority of Yah…top secret document. Yahoshua found worthy to open seal. v. 12 Four living creatures announced breaking of the seal.

Revelation 6: The man of sin. v. 2 No arrow in the bow appearing to be peaceful but he will make war.

Revelation 7: Great war=winds. Angels are holding them back because servants of Yah have to be sealed first. Like blood on the doorpost in Egypt, that had to be done first. Seal=blood of the lamb. v. 3 They are going to try to destroy the world. Ysrayl needs to be sealed. Those in the wilderness will be sealed. 144,000 sealed except Dan, they will join satan. 144,000 brothers that will go forth and bring forth fruit. Daniel chapter 11: These brothers will teach. Yah never leaves man without a way to Him. Yah will leave this light on even though the earth will be in darkness. v. 9 These are the ones taught by these brothers that had the mark.

Revelation 8: Last seal broken. Silence when seal broken. No earthquake, lightening, thunder, creatures. At the 7th seal broken: 7 trumpets by 7 angels then 3 woes. v. 3 Now lightening and earthquakes.

Revelation 9: Pit=prison of fallen angels. Revelation 20:1-3 The pit is for fallen angels. Satan is going to prison. Revelation 20:6-7 Satan 1,000 years in Tartarus. Imagine the angels that will torture him. v. 11 Apollyon is the destroyer. Greek Apollo. Abaddon in Hebrew, the same god. Yah confounded languages at Babel. These are the same gods in new languages. v. 13 Four more angels released to kill third of mankind. Christianity=33% of the world. I’m not saying that Yah is hating this religion more than Islam. Christianity is a great stumbling block to Israelites. Jesus is going to send many of our people to the lake. I’m not saying Yah is going to war with Christians. Christians are not the only wicked people.

Four angels will go to: Asians, Russians, Arabs (Iran) and Africans. These nations all hate Christians. THIS IS DEEP FAMILY!

Revelation 10: Symbolism: Eat the book. It’s sweet yet bitter. It’s sweet to hear but bitter because you start to see the realness…satan starts to attack you.

Revelation 11: Rebuilding of the temple. v. 19 Ark in heaven. This is why Dan (Ethiopia) will join with them, the synagogue of satan. They have a false ark.

Revelation 12: The woman, the child and the dragon.

Questions and Answers:

Q: In Revelation chapter 4, the trumpets, woes, famine, sea, Will the left behind teachers go through famine? A: Daniel chapter 11:32-33 Read. A little help will be given to them. They have to be cleansed, refined, prove you love Yah. They will endure to prove they love Yah. As we are proving to Yah now that we love Him. They may die.

Q: Will we have Goshens in the wilderness? A:Goshen represents the wilderness. But they had to run from Goshen. To a place of safety. No calamity fell on the Israelites in Goshen. Yah will set up areas for Israelites to live in safety of these calamities. We will talk more about the Goshens.

Q: Will the 7 trumpet begin to blow when it’s time for…when the man of sin’s reign is coming to an end? When Antiochus Epiphany was struck with worm and the smell of his sickness was unbearable was he rotting away alive and was he rejected because his grace period was up? A: 7 trumpets=7 seals, the same. Chronological order is given in Revelation, when the trumpets blow, yes the last trumpet=his reign is over and Yahoshua is coming. The order is in Matthew 24 too. A2: Yeah, pretty much. He went up against Yah. Yah struck him. He rotted away like he was already dead. Powerful! Death carries a horrible smell. Everyone witnessed this happening to him.

Q: Do the 7 signs=the shofars as I learned in my church days? Wilderness question: will we be led by a cloud to the wilderness like before? A: I’m not sure about that church doctrine but trumpets are the announcement. This is what Yah is going to do. That probably is a false doctrine that they say. A2: UFOs, clouds, He will do it again.

Q: The Abaddon angel, is this a disease he will torture men with? A: Yes, probably a biological weapon. Poison=scorpian=biological chemical.

Q: What is our protection against satan now? How will we be caught up in the sky to meet Yahoshua in the sky, in UFOs? A: Yah protects us. The only thing that protects us is Him. The Word of Yah. Yah speaks to us daily. A2: Yahoshua’s return: Ysrayl in the wilderness. Yahoshua will come with starships beaming to those in the wilderness. The dead will raise up first who died believing in MessiYah. Armageddon battle next. You will fight in this war. You will be dressed in white. There is no rapture. You coming back down to fight after you meet Yahoshua in the clouds. You will not be in heaven. Yah will get us to the wilderness. Don’t worry about it.

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The Book of Revelation p. 6d

v. 7 Look at this. This is high heaven. Satan is going to make his final attempt at the throne of Yah. That’s why he is in the heaven, ha shamayim. MichaYah or Michael as the world calls him Michael, we don’t want to confuse anybody. I know there are a lot of new people listening to these lessons. I try to give you the names in Hebrew and I try to give you the names in English.

So MichaYah, Michael and his angels fight so that there will be fighting, a war in heaven. So satan will come up to make his final attempt at Yah’s throne. MichaYah is there to protect the throne of Yah. And he has angels under his charge and they are going to battle satan and they are going to whip-their-behinds! They are going to throw down and they are going to move the adversary out of heaven. Satan is still in heaven. Satan is not in a place called hell where’s he is tormenting people. NO no. You are getting that confused with the lake of fire. The lake of fire will be the place where satan himself will be tormented. Satan is not doing any tormenting in a place called hell. Hell only references the grave. That’s what it means. Satan will be in the lake of fire to be tormented because the lake of fire was created for satan and his angels. So after they lose this war in heaven, let’s see what happens next.

v. 8 Look at that. They weren’t strong enough anymore. They didn’t have no power to overcome MichaYah and the righteous malakim. So there was not a place for them in the heaven any longer. Do you see? So satan is still up there. He’s down on the lower levels with us but he is still up there. Now it says here there was not a place for them in the heaven any longer because satan went up to that high heaven and remember in the Book of Job, satan was coming with the other angels to give a report. Yah said where have you been? Satan replied up and down to and fro on the earth seeking whom I may devour.

So satan has tried to bring the battle to Yah’s throne. ‘Star Trek’, do you remember that? Trekkies out there. Right? That’s what they are called those fans of Star Trek. ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’. That is the motto of that show. John 3:13 says no man has gone into heaven (except Yahoshua). This is talking about the high heaven where Yah dwells. But satan is going to try to bring the fight there. The Book of Jasher speaks about that, when man was trying to make the quote-unquote ‘tower’ that we read about in Genesis chapter 11. It said that they wanted to go into heaven to make war against Yah, to replace Yah, to remove Him. Man has been seeking war with Yah forever. So on this Star Trek movie and TV show, you saw them trekking across the stars and everywhere they went they  ran into these fallen angels. The Klingons and all these creatures, those were fallen angels. And so they ran into all these different fallen angels while trying to search for the throne of Yah. Satan has deceived them saying we can go there and we can fight together to remove Him.

So their place is not found anymore. They will have to be cast down. He’s taking the fight up there and now it’s coming to earth. They will be cast out of heaven. This is when satan is cast out. Not way back in the Book of Genesis and now he’s in hell. No. That’s not it. That is a lie.

v. 9 Remember that serpent of old deceiving Eve? ‘The serpent of old’, let me just explain this. Just like the great dragon, satan carries all these names because he influences all these. He was the one that possessed the serpent in the garden. And he’s called the devil and he’s called ha shatan, he’s called the adversary. He leads all the world astray. All of the world has come under satan’s deception. He deceives us about everything. And for those that don’t know, he will deceive you about who Yah is. Because you think Yah is Jesus. You think it’s just a name difference but it’s not. It’s a full character difference. Jesus is a god. Yah is the Most High!

So satan and his boys will be thrown down to the earth and now they are coming down here, uh-oh. When they come down here what’s going to happen?

v. 10 Look at that. He’s up there accusing us to Yah. ‘Yah that ain’t your servant, why did he do this’? ‘Yah watch her, why did she do that’? Man, he is up there trying to put it before Yah’s face and making accusations against you. v. 11 Read. v. 12 He only has 3.5 years when he’s cast down. He’s going to be mad! He’s going to be filled with wrath! And we have already shown through the man of sin lesson that all that the man of sin wishes to do shall be done in that 3.5 year period that’s why it’s going t be the worst time of trouble ever. The trumpets are blowing and all these things are happening, satan’s hand is right in the midst of all of that through the man of sin. He’s going to be mad because he didn’t defeat MichaYah. You know MichaYah is one of those high-ranking malakim that stands before Yah, one of the 7 malakim that stand before Yah. Remember when satan was up there, satan was COVERING the throne of Yah. So both of them were high-ranking powerful malakim. And you KNOW that satan tried to get MichaYah to rebel with him! You know that happened. Because we can just see how satan’s spirit operates among our brothers and sisters when they get deceived and tricked by satan and we know the lies they say to get us to come and follow them. You know the blasphemous things that he said against Yah to try to get MichaYah and GabriYah and the others to come with him. But those brothers stood strong. They did not go so you know satan has a controversy with them.

See I’m saying family because we know this. Those of you all that have been fighting with us in these spiritual wars…been fighting with us and satan has been bringing our brothers and sisters against us…you know that’s how it goes. Let me give you an example. Of all of you that are listening to this lesson right now int he paltalk room on January 19, 2013, I guarantee you that some of you have been…on the back-end somebody has been texting you. Telling you to come out of this room and to come over to their room. ‘Don’t be listening to Obadiyah and them’. I’m pretty sure that y’all have read the things on Facebook. Israelite Heritage this and that. They always try to get people to come against. All we are trying to do is deliver the Word of Yah. If you are trying to deliver the Word of Yah, then you should not have a problem with us and we shouldn’t have a problem with you. We should be brothers and sisters in the faith.

But if you are not trying to deliver the Word of Yah, you’re going to always have a problem with those who do. So satan is angry. He will be thrown down by MichaYah. The one he tried to probably get to rebel with him. But now this one has defeated him. And so Yah has allowed that to happen just like Yah allowed Yahoshua to sit on the throne. Satan would not bow down to the image of man when Yah said He was about to create man on the earth and satan refused to bow down to that image. Right? So satan showed his arrogance but now it is a man who has taken your place in heaven. So now you have to bow down to Him before He casts you into the lake of fire.

v. 13. The woman is Ysrayl. So now he’s going to persecute Ysrayl. v. 14 She will be nourished for 3.5 years or 1,260 days. We already read that. So it’s being repeated here. So when the dragon is cast down to the earth, he’s going to come straight for Ysrayl. And so Yah is going to take Ysrayl into the wilderness to protect us because remember when satan is cast down that’s going to start the 3.5 year period that will start the man of sin standing in the temple…all that is going to take place at the same time.

But there’s a very curious thing in here in Revelation 12:14. It says that the woman was given 2 wings of a great eagle to fly into the wilderness. I don’t know how many of y’all are ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans or seen ‘The Hobbits’ but you do remember those eagles in there. Right? Those great eagles that came flying and Gandoff summoned the eagles and they came to save the day and the hobbits would fly on the back. You know how that goes. Right? What is Yah talking about? Is Yah talking about something like that is going to happen to us to fly us into the wilderness? So when the man of sin stands up are you going to be outside your door waiting on an eagle to come scoop you up? So when he’s on TV saying he is god and pulling down fire from heaven and all that. All this stuff that is going on and you are still there waiting on an eagle? ‘Oh it’s coming, I’m just going to wait a little longer’. If that’s what you are waiting on, you are going to be waiting more than a little longer. And if that is what you think, I think you need to stop watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbits. You need to watch something else. Something that’s not going to influence your mind to the point where you are going to be missing the wilderness.

Let’s look at ‘the 2 wings of a great eagle’. This is in the back of the book. We know that things that are taking place int he back of the book are going to take place in our modern times with modern technology. ‘Obadiyah I know what you are saying, that’s going to be an airplane, right’? Calm down ahk. Let me get to this and then you can make your decision on what it is after I present this information. I don’t want you to get ahead of yourself saying that it is an airplane when this very thing was spoken about when Yah brought the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness of Egypt.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 19. Because if you are thinking that it is an airplane then what was this? When this same thing was spoken of when Yah brought the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness of Egypt. And hey what do you know, I thought this would be a short lesson but he Spirit moved. I was just planning…since we went over a lot of things in Revelation chapter 11 and Revelation chapter 12 and the man of sin and other lessons. I thought I was just going to read through it. But no the Ruach told me to stop here and talk about this or explain that. So hey, it is what it is.

Exodus 19:3-4, v. 3 HalleluYah. v. 4 Yah said you have seen what I did to the Egyptians and I bore you on eagles wings. We don’t read nothing in the Exodus story about the children of Ysrayl flying anywhere on airplanes. We don’t read nothing about grand eagles coming and lifting them up. So what symbolism is this that Yah’s talking about?

Now Yah said here in Revelation 12:14 that I’m going to bring you on 2 wings of a great eagle. Two wings of a great eagle to fly into the wilderness to her place. So we know that this wilderness experience is going to be like the one of old. The children of Ysrayl had to leave Egypt and flee for their lies as pharaoh pursued them. And then they walked across the Red Sea, the Sea of Reeds and then Yah killed the pharaoh’s army. We don’t see nothing about them being taken up on an eagle. So what is Yah talking about here? The only thing we have in similarity to compare it by since Yah said here in Revelation, 2 wings of a great eagle. We just read here in Revelation chapter 11 that Yah is sending two witnesses. We just read in Exodus chapter 7 that Yah also had 2 witnesses back there. All we know is that these 2 witnesses are the ones that led the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness. So the only thing we have in similarity…because we know as it happened before, it’s going to happen again. It’s the two witnesses like Moses and Aharon.

But Ysrayl is scattered the world over right now. So how are they going to get to the wilderness by these two men? Moses had us in one place and lead us out of one country. But we are scattered in every country on the face of the earth. It’s all in Yah’s plan. But He said we are going to fly into the wilderness, we will be led by two witnesses as Moses and Aharon led us into the wilderness in that day. I tell you, I believe that, that is what it is. This is my personal opinion right here. I believe that, that is what it is because I know nothing is too small for Yah. Just like…let me show you something here.

Let’s go to the Book of Acts chapter 8. This is the only thing we have that is similar between these two times. Yah said I bore you on eagle’s wings. He said that. Right? And He said the same thing here. He’s going to bore us on eagle’s wings and lead us into the wilderness here (Revelation). The only thing we have to compare it to are these two men that lead the children of Ysrayl. Because without the leadership of Moses and without the leadership of Aharon leading them through the wilderness, we wouldn’t have made it. Yah’s hand was there. Yah was the leader but He spoke to these brothers and they spoke to the people.

So when we go into Acts chapter 8, remember the brother Philip? Philip was one fo the emissaries of Yahoshua in Acts chapter 8 starting at the 28th verse. The Spirit told him to go join himself to this Ethiopian who was reading Scripture. Philip heard the Ethiopian reading Scripture and he was reading a verse in Isaiah 53. Philip taught Yahoshua to him and then the Ethiopian Hebrew, Beta-Ysrayl, he wanted to get immersed so Philip immersed him. But after Philip immersed him…

Acts 8:39-40 ‘Philip however was found in Ashdod (Azotus). The Ethiopian didn’t see him. It said the Spirit of Yah caught Philip away. As soon as they came up, this is what they are describing…Philip disappeared in front of the brother’s face. The Eunuch saw him no more. And then Philip was found in Ashdod. Why would it tell us that he was found at Ashdod? It didn’t say he traveled or he walked but he was found after the Spirit had caught him away. The Spirit dropped him off there. So do you think it would be hard for Yah to come and teleport these brothers where they needed to go to lead the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness as He did in the days of old? Do you think that is too hard for Yah? Do you think that? I don’t. Because I know Yah can do anything. He caught this brother Philip away and dropped him off at Ashdod.

‘Two wings of a great eagle’. They are flying on eagle’s wings. They are going to swiftly get there, to the wilderness, to her place. She has to get there in a hurry. In the story of Lot, two angels grabbed Lot by the hand and took him out of the city because Lot didn’t want to leave. He did not want to leave Sodom. Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 12.

Revelation 12:15-17, v. 15 Now this is the symbolism that he is seeing but the actual water is going to be his army. Because he’s going to make war. Remember that. He’s going to use all his war devices to come after the children of Ysrayl. Just like pharaoh did. Remember pharaoh’s chariots came chasing us into the wilderness. And the man of sin is going to do the same thing. v. 16 Now the earth opened up, now remember when we came through the Red Sea, the sea opened up and let us through to get to where we needed to get to in the wilderness. But this time the earth is going to open up to swallow the water. The water opened up to let us walk across the earth. But this time the earth is going to open up to swallow up the water.

v. 17 ‘And the dragon was enraged with the woman’. So since he could not get to the children of Ysrayl because they are now in the wilderness with the malakim standing on guard…you can’t do NOTHING satan. Back on back Jack!

‘He went to go fight the remnant of her seed who keep the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua MessiYah’. This is the Messianic House of Ysrayl. There’s no need for us to be fighting Messianics. Cut that out. Satan is coming for all of us. If you are professing Yahoshua as MessiYah, I’m talking about true Messianics. I’m not talking about those with Ben Ami and those still worshipping Yahweh Ben Yahweh. I’m not talking about y’all. I’m talking about the real Messianics that believe in Yahoshua as MessiYah. Cut all the fighting out. Because Yah is going to take care of that in the wilderness because you do know that once we get into the wilderness, Yah is going to purge out the rebels.

So whatever you believe about the MessiYah and if Yah considers it a rebellious thought…you will be purged out of the wilderness. But first you have to get there because He’s coming to those who are keeping the commandments of Yah and possessing the witness of Yahoshua, that’s the Messianic House of Ysrayl. That is who he is coming for. This is what I’m saying, you have some Messianics out here that are plain crazy. But you have some out there that are just misguided. You have some out there that have a misunderstanding. But you have some out there that are just evil and wicked! So you have to know where they stand and who is who. We just may have to escape to the wilderness side-by-side with some of those crazy Messianics. That just may happen. And they may just try to trip you so you can fall while the army is chasing behind you. Because that’s how wild they are. Some of them just might be agents that you think are running with you but are actually chasing you. You just have to know who is who and what is what.

I can’t share a bunker with these ‘brews that really don’t love Yah. They can holler Yah and Yahoshua out of their mouths all they want. But at the time of escape, the hour of trial, the day of battle…you can’t be trusted. And that’s just that. Listen, I don’t have to talk bad about you now or do this or that. But I still don’t have to trust you either. Because Yah is going to sort this thing out. Yah is going to bring this too, there’s no need to be fighting out here. If you say you believe in Yah through Yahoshua, HallleluYah. Let the rest be sorted out by Yah.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 20. Because we are headed into some very wild times. It’s going to very hard to tell friend from foe and foe from friend. Yahoshua said brothers are going to deliver us up. Just hope that you haven’t been deceived to be one of those brothers that do the delivering of a brother that is a servant of Yah. Because you will have to pay. You will have to answer to Yah. Ezekiel 20, we are looking at this wilderness and then we will close out here. We are at 1 hour and 52 minutes. I thought it would be under an hour. I’m not apologizing the Spirit said go. Now my flesh thought, man this is going to be the shortest lesson that we have ever had. Y’all heard me at the beginning. That was flesh talking. The Spirit said Obadiyah I’m going to show you something here. Since you are talking about the shortest, this isn’t going to be the shortest lesson you ever had. Naw, I’m not going to let it be, I need you to explain some more things here. Do you understand Me? I understand. And I’m explaining some more things here too. If You need some more after that, I will do that. I have no argument with that. I humbly accept.

Yahzeqyl 20:33-38, v. 33 He’s talking about you Ysrayl. v. 34-37 Read. v. 38 So He is saying I’m going to bring those wild ‘brews out. I’m going to bring them out from all the countries, lands where y’all are scattered. I’m going to bring them into the wilderness but I’m going to purge them. I will kill them in the wilderness, purge the rebels in the wilderness. Those that still want to rebel. Those that still want to bicker, fuss and fight and make up their own doctrines, teach and seek their own followings. He’s going to purge you in the wilderness. He’s going to kill you! Kill you in the wilderness! He will purge-out-the-rebels! He said I will enter into judgment with you like I did your fathers. He’s going to come face to face with you now. You know what that is right? ‘Face to face,’ He’s going to shake you. Didn’t-I-tell-you-not-to-be-acting-like-that? You now how that goes. You get one of those whippings where you can’t even catch your breath. You will not even be able to speak. That is the type of whipping that He is going to give you in that wilderness. Rebels.

It’s best that you try to get this thing right as best you can now with the information that is given to you. You don’t want to get out there acting up. Remember how you would get those extra whippings, those extra hard whippings when you went out into public and acted up? Yeah you got a whipping for acting up in the house but when mom and pop took you outside because you were acting up in public and embarrassing them. See back in the day you got a whipping out in public and parents go applauded for that. Oh but today you can go to jail. So today parents have to wait til they go home. Or they go to the public restroom and handle business. But back in the day when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s, mom would get in your face right there. Squeeze your face. ‘Didn’t I tell you not to do that out here’? Gritting her teeth. Right? You might even get a little smack across the face. ‘Stop that boy’. This is what Yah is going to do. This is what He’s planning to do. He has to get with you face to face. He’s been telling you from afar not to do this or that.

One of the worst whippings I can remember was given to me by my father. He was sitting on the couch one day watching TV and I’m across the room. I forgot what I was doing. I was playing with some toys and making noise. He told me calmly to stop. Then I would start making that noise again. Then he turned the TV up a little bit, he had already told me one time. So I guess he didn’t want to say it again so he turned the TV up a little bit. I’m still in the corner and started again. He has not said anything. So I get louder. He turns the TV up louder so now I have to get louder. I’m in competition with the TV now on who can be the loudest. So pops said it again and he raised his voice this time ‘BOY STOP’. ‘DON’T LET ME TELL YOU AGAIN’. And when he said that (laughs) I knew what that meant but still it didn’t never mind me. So I’m still whatever. Right? That was my mindset. I must have been 6 to 8 years old. So I’m continuing to play with my toys.

So I just happened to look over, now this is way back in the day. We didn’t have remote controls so pops had to get up to turn the TV up. So I know he was already mad. He was in his comfortable zone. Moms had fixed dinner. He had his plate and in a comfort zone. He had to get up to turn the TV up. So here I am making all this loud noise in the corner and I peep out the corner of my eye. This after the second time pops told me to stop. I peeked out the corner of my eye and all that I saw was him jump off of the couch. He pushed himself up with one hand and jumped up off the couch and I don’t know what he did with the other hand but I saw him reach for his belt and it was like his belt magically unhooked and magically came to his hand. That’s how it looked to me. The next thing I know is that I was upside down and that belt was on my butt. Stinging. I got the whole speech. I told you to be quiet. I had to gather my toys up and go to the back room. I couldn’t even breath because of the crying. I wanted to say a word but I couldn’t. I wanted to say I will not do it any more but I could not. I couldn’t play with my toys anymore. I couldn’t even sit down for a little while, until the whelps went away. (laughs)

But that’s what Yah is planning with Ysrayl. I don’t want that type of whipping. I don’t want it. I still remember that boy. It happened to me over 30 years ago. I still remember and I don’t want that. If you want it, if you are one of those that like pleasure in pain…you go ahead and let Yah put all the pain on you. That’s not for me. I don’t want it. I don’t want that for our nation but that is what Yah is doing because He has been telling us not to do this and that. He’s been from afar. He’s been watching us. Now He’s getting up off that couch with the belt in his hand. And He’s out in the wilderness and He’s about to purge out the rebels.

So family that’s it. That’s the end of the lesson. Todah for tuning in and I hope that the lesson is a blessing to you. May Yah continue to grant you understanding. May He continue to give you peace. We will be back next week if that’s Yah’s will to bring forth part 7 chapters 13 and 14. So now we are about to get into the mark of the beast.

So I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom, shalom.

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The Book of Revelation p. 6c

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 2. The kingdom of this world this is at the blowing of the 7 trumpets. Write this in your notes and it announces that all the kingdoms of the world belong to Yah. Tellihim chapter 2.

Psalm 2:8 See all of this is given in the hand of Yah’s MessiYah.

Let’s go to Daniel chapter 2. We will come back to Daniel 2:44 when we get to Revelation chapter 17 because we have to bring some information out here. So for right now we are going to use it for one point and then we will be back to Daniyah 2:44 to bring out another point as we move along in the Revelation series.

Daniyah 2:44 So Daniel is talking about the same time period that we are reading about in Revelation right here, Revelation 11:15.

Let’s go to Daniel chapter 7. We are talking about the same time period when Yah comes to take all the kingdoms of the earth. They are going to be in His hands. This is why He is going to issue out those who make the kingdom. He’s going to give you cities to rule over. Because all will belong to Yah. There are so many established cities in this world. Every country has cities upon cities upon cities. So Yahoshua may say hey you see that city over there in South Africa, you are going to rule over 5 of them. That is your reward for the fruit that you have produced in My name. So those people have to listen to you and everything that you say to them. They must be obedient to the commandments of Yah and you must teach them. And if they don’t do what thus saith Yah then you bring down just punishment on them. That’s your domain over there. Go rule it My servant.

Daniyah 7:13-14 ‘the clouds of the heaven’, these are vehicles, chariots or ships. The brothers looked up into the sky and the only thing that they could think that should be in the sky that is rounded out like that is a cloud when they were seeing these visions. v. 14 This is Yahoshua (the ancient of days). It’s talking about the same time period over here after the blowing of the 7th trumpet. This right here in Daniel shall take place. That’s what we are reading. Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 11.

Revelation 11:16-19, v. 16-18 Read. v. 19 Look at that. It said ‘the dwelling place of Yah was opened in heaven’. Yah’s temple in HEAVEN was opened and the ark of the covenant was seen up there. The ark of the covenant is said to have the actual stones that Yah is said to have the fingerprint of Yah written on them. Do you know that, that device is to set-apart to be still here on earth without protection. When Yah put it down here, He had His people, His army to protect it. The Levites were on that 24/7. There’s no way some wild man named Menelik who was to be the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba came and sneaked the ark out and carried it to Ethiopia. YOU LIAR. Everybody who promotes that false tale is a liar. And Yah’s truth is no where in you.  When Yah killed His own people for touching that ark! A brother was just trying to get the ark to make sure it does not fall off the edge and he touched it when he was not supposed to and that brother DIED!

So He is going to let some Ethiopian come in and sneak in and get the ark and take it back to Ethiopia? What kind of Yah do you think we serve? You can do that stuff with Jesus but you can’t do it with Yah. You can do that with Allah but you can’t do it with Yah. Steven Spielberg, Indiana Jones, raiders of your own lost ark. The wild Gentiles are looking for Yah’s ark and want to turn it into a weapon! You aren’t the Israelites. That ain’t your weapon. That ain’t your Power. Yah is our Power. Go paint a picture of Jesus and use that as a weapon. How about that? Harrison Ford. Who do you think you are playing with? Wild Gentile. Yah’s ark is in heaven. It ain’t over in some church over in Ethiopia. And if it were, the moment that, that ark came into there, the whole Ethiopia would have set on fire. There wouldn’t even be an Ethiopia today if the ark was over there. The ark is in heaven with Yah! If anybody EVER tries to debate you about that madness…these afro-centric crazies, you just go to Revelation 11:19 on them.

‘And the dwelling place of Yah was opened in the heaven’ Remember when you hear ‘the heaven’…ha shamayim. Heaven means shamayim in Hebrew. Ha shamayim, that’s the heaven where Yah is. And the ark of the covenant was seen in His temple. ‘And there came to be lightning, noises, thundering, an earthquake and great hail’. You go up there and try to get that!!

Because you do know that before the Jews build this temple, they need an ark of the covenant. Because when Solomon built the temple, he built it to house the ark. So the ark would no longer be a burden to the shoulders of the Levites who were carrying it everywhere the children of Ysrayl went.

So they must have an ark. Now what they have in Ethiopia is a replica. Do y’all know that they found a replica of the ark in the tomb of King Tut? Yes, they did. I’ll tell you about that one day. One day we will do a lesson on that or we will mention it in a lesson and go in greater detail. But its nothing. They have been making these replicas for a long time and what’s over in Ethiopia is just a replica. And the Jews are going to get that, that’s why they have the tribe of Dan over there to try to validate their claim to the ark of the covenant. So Dan is joining in on this great catastrophe against Yah, against Yahoshua and against the children of Ysrayl. This is why Dan is not chosen as part of the 144,000. We already went over that.

So it was seen in Yah’s dwelling place. That’s where the ark of the covenant rests, family. It’s not on earth. It’s to set-apart to be on earth because Yah’s Spirit dwelled on it. Do you understand that the temple is not over there? Because Yah’s Spirit dwelled in that temple. So Yah had to remove it. Because we were there to guard it. Yah’s temple would still be here, Yah’s ark of the covenant would still be here on earth if the children of Ysrayl were still being righteous in our land because se would be there to guard it. You had Levites guarding that boy 24/7 with swords drawn! And remember the Levites were warriors!

They are the ones in Exodus chapter 32 where Moses said who is for Yah get over here. The Levites drew their swords and killed all those wild ones over there that were worshipping the golden calf. And you think that somebody sneaked the ark of the covenant past them?!! Yah took it and He brought it to Him because listen His army is no longer there to protect it. His army is no long there to protect the temple where His Spirit dwells. Those things…that’s just to  set-apart to still be here. People would start worshipping and abusing it. Can you imagine if the Gentiles had actually captured the ark of the covenant and have it in some museum right now?

When I was over in the United Kingdom, we went to the British Museum and those wild Gentiles have dead bodies in there! They have dead bodies on display! I don’t care if you call it a mummy. That doesn’t make it no less than what it is. It’s a dead body. And people pass by and look at it as though its a golden apple or something. That was once a living, breathing human being who either on the day of either the first or second resurrection will stand before Yah and be judged. That’s not a toy. How are you taking up dead bodies out of tombs and then you are making that normal to put that in a museum and come look at it. Okay you have the statures. You have the pieces of the temple…okay put that in your museum. But what are you doing with bodies in there? Have you ever thought about that? These are dead bodies. Decomposed dead bodies. The breath is no longer in them. You have never thought about that because it’s normal now. But this is what they do and if they had ever laid their hands on the true ark of the covenant, it would be in one of their museums or be a secret in one of their military bases.

Like those stargates that they found…Operation Exodus. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and we are blasting off. We found another earth. We are going to seed the other earth. We are going to take the stargate that we found in Egypt. The stargate we found in Babylon. The stargate we found in Greece and the stargate we found in Rome. The fallen angels have taught us how to open the gates up and how to utilize them. So operation Exodus is in full effect. But you weren’t planning for MichaYah to be right ther on that other end of that stargate waiting on you to come through with his sword drawn. You weren’t expecting that, were you? And you aren’t expecting RaphaYah to be at the otehr end of that stargate waiting on you. Nor are you expecting GabriYah to be at the other one waiting on you. Nor are you expecting those chrubims, an army, a legion of chrubims right there with flaming swords drawn waiting on you to come through to chase you back to where you came from because you can’t escape this punishment. Exodus was Yah’s people not for you. The wilderness is for Yah’s people not for you. You have to endure. So you try to run underground and guess what? Creatures are down there waiting for you. You think you have safety on the moon but there are  malakim up there waiting for you. Cancel Operation Exodus. Cancel it. I’m pleading with you. Cancel it. You hear me Barack? I know you hear me. Think about what I am saying. Cancel it. Oh you can’t do what, huh? Well so be it.

And when Yah gives us our swords to be at the other ends of those stargates waiting on you. Naw, He wouldn’t let…we’ll be at the front of the stargates because you aren’t getting past us. You ain’t going nowhere, endure it. If we can’t go nowhere to escape the punishment that we are facing and we are His people ane you are His enemy. How do you think you are going to get away from Him? His own people can’t even get away from Him but you think you are. Cancel Operation Exodus while you have a chance. And I know y’all listen to these lessons, alphabet boys. But all I have to fear is Yah. All we have to fear is Yah. So I know your not going to…satan is going to tell you not to (believe me ?) and that’s who you serve.

Revelation chapter 12. ‘Obadiyah what is operation Exodus man you keep talking about that’. I just gave you what it is. They are planning on leaving the planet. The higher-ups and even the fallen angels. What do you think happened when the flood happened? Where do you think those malakim went? Do you think they stayed here and got covered with the flood? Naw. They Operation Exodus. They exited off the planet and when the flood succeeded they came back. But now this plan is different. Because they have deceived mankind into believing ‘we are going to take y’all with us’. We are going to Mars and create a new colony there. We are going to the moon and create a new colony there. We don’t need this earth anymore, it’s torn up. We tore it up, now we have to go.

Yah just sits there and laughs at you. Yah said I create everything that exists. I know where everything is and where it’s going to go and you think that you are hiding from Me. That’s like being in a small space, a 5 x 8 room with nothing in it but you and another person and you think that yo can hide from that person. And here y’all are elbow to elbow. That’s crazy. Where do they think they are going to go? But that’s what operation Exodus is. They are trying to escape the planet before the destruction comes, before Yahoshua comes they want to get off the planet. Scripture talks about the clouds of the heavens filling the sky. See, these clouds are not only coming from Yah, they are coming from every place in the heavens and they are coming right here to earth. The earth ain’t even going to be big enough to hold them all. They are going to surround the earth and DARE some fallen angel to try to escape. Where are you going Zeus? Eeny-meny-miney-moe catch a fallen angel by his toe. If he hollers let him go…into the lake of fire. That is what’s going to happen.

Revelation 12:1 Remember the heaven or ha shamayim. This is the highest heaven. I’m sorry family. Sometimes I just really go off like that because they really anger me, man. They created all this problem for us on this planet and think that they have an escape route. They think they can do all this and then can go. If we can’t go anywhere, we have to stay here and face these curses head on. And you have done worse than us. Well, to the earth you have. We haven’t done everything to the earth that you have but we have done worse by disobeying Yah after making a covenant with Him. But nonetheless, you have torn up the world more than us. The world is screaming because of you. The pain you have caused her. And you think you got away with it. You think you are going to have a party on Mars. I’m just glad Yah is righteous because He’s going to bring righteous judgment.

(Reads verse 1 again). This is a powerful woman here. She’s clad with the sun so she is illuminated. She is the morning star. She is brightness. She is illuminated by the Word of Yah The morning star, that’s what Yahoshua is. Yahoshua came from the nation of Ysrayl. He’s ours. You can come and be part of this. You can come to the nation of Ysrayl and be apart of Yahoshua but if you are going to stand over there and call on Jesus and all these other gods, you have to stand over there. You are not bringing that over here.

So this woman is clothed with the sun so she is bright. ‘Oh Obadiyah, you called here illuminated’. Let’s move on. She is clothed with the sun or the Word of Yah. She is bright. That is what it means. So with the moon under her foot, so she is so high above, the moon above is under her.  So if you have ever dreamed about kissing the sky, Ysrayl you better learn how to kneel because Yah is going to bring you so high that, that’s how high you will be, above the clouds. The place where satan wants to go…no, no that’s where Yah is going to take you. So she has the moon as her foot-stool…under her foot. She’s  high above the moon and on her head a crown (garland) of 12 stars. Crowns are for rulers so she is ruling and she has 12 stars. Each star represents a tribe of Ysrayl.

v. 2 ‘She cried out in pain to give birth’. Let’s go to Isaiah 66. Who did she give birth to? She gave birth to Yahoshua the MessiYah. But it also represents something else. Because we know that there is a parallel between Yahoshua and Ysrayl. Right? Remember we did that lesson? I hope you do remember. There is a great parallel between Yahoshua and His people, Ysrayl. So let’s go to Isaiah chapter 66. So this child that is over here in Revelation chapter 12 where the woman is giving birth to, that’s Yahoshua. But the woman is also going to give birth to something else. Let’s look at this. Because how can the Messiyah be born without His nation? The woman represents Ysrayl and Ysrayl gave birth to the MessiYah but the nation of Ysrayl too is going to be birthed. Do you see what I’m saying? The male child is Yahoshua whom Ysrayl gave birth to. Yahoshua came through the children of Ysrayl, He was an Israylite. But now we are in the labor pains of our nation being born. The nation of Ysrayl is going out to the nations to show them their fault,  to show them their folly and many of the nations are listening. Many of those other nations are listening and many of the children of Ysrayl are listening to what Yah has to say in these latter days. And so now the nation is being formed and now the nation is on the verge of being re-born.

Yesiyah 66:7-10, v. 7 We are going to read this in Revelation 12:2 when we go back. She gave birth to a male child. v. 8 Zion is in labor now and you are the birth of the nation. You are the birth of the birth of the nation. She gave birth to the male child and many children are about to follow. Yah said Ysrayl is My first-born son. Yahoshua is His second-born son. The first is physical. The second is spiritual.

v. 9-10 Do you see? So we are reading in Revelation chapter 12 that this woman, she is a queen. She is a ruler. And she gave birth to the male child. The male child represents Yahoshua the MessiYah. And through the birth of the MessiYah the rest of the nation is about to be born too. Yahoshua is the first begotten of the dead. Now we have a new creature in Yahoshua and that new creature is about to give birth. We have a new righteousness that is existing in the earth and that new righteousness is about to give birth. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Wait a minute. Who has ever heard of the second-born getting the bulk of the father’s inheritance? When that is supposed to go to the first-born. Who has ever heard of the second-born coming out and he’s going to live like the first-born. And then the one who is the first-born is going to come out and follow after the second born.

So now Yahoshua being the second-born where Yah said Ysrayl is My first-born son in the Book of Exodus 4:22. And Yahoshua is called the first of all creation, the new Adam. And so Ysrayl is about to be born again to be that nation that Yah chose us to be.

Revelation 11:3 We read about this beast all through the man of sin lesson. This is that same beast. ‘Great red fiery dragon’, this is operated by satan. We know that the man of sin is called the beast. But the man of sin gets his power from satan. So it is ultimately satan that is behind even the dragon. Just like satan is called the serpent. Satan was not a serpent in the garden deceiving Eve. I believed that when I was in Christianity, when I had that traditional Christian belief. But when I got into studies, no there was a literal serpent creature that satan deceived him to go to Eve and deceive her. Satan possessed the serpent. So satan is called the great serpent. He’s called the red dragon here because he’s going to possess the red great dragon which is the man of sin. That same beast we see identified in Revelation 13 and 17 and right here is being called the great red fiery dragon having 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns on  his head. We already know what this beast is.

And v. 4 identifies that beast as being satan. v. 4 Remember this great red dragon, the man of sin and the system that he is going to set up, the 7 headed beast that’s who he is. But satan is the one who inspires or possess the man of sin so satan is also that beast. I don’t want to get you confused. ‘Well Obadiyah you said the man of sin was that beast and now you are saying that satan is that beast’. Satan is the one behind the man of sin. Just like Yah’s Ruach is on Yahoshua. Yah is the Power behind Yahoshua. Yahoshua couldn’t go and raise anybody from the dead by Himself. Yah did that through Him. So do you see? Satan is that beast because satan is going to possess that beast. He will be the spirit over that beast.

‘He drew a third of the stars’ it says. Once again stars are references to angels. Satan took 33% of angels with him or a third (1/3). I told you, Yah only give a third. Thirty-three percent of the world’s population are Christians or one-third. That’s why you have 33 as the highest in the masonic order because they are just mocking Yah. They are copying Yah. So satan took 1/3 of the angels, the fallen angels. This is why 13 is a high number to them, it’s one-third (1/3).  You take out the back-slash between the one and the three, you have 13. Right? 13, 33, 1/3 all represent the same thing. That’s the number of angels that fell that is why they honor that. They make mockery and copy Yah and all that. This is why those numbers are high in that masonic set…in that masonic, satanic order. Try to say that real fast a few times.

So this is what it said satan drew his tail and threw a third of the stars from heaven to earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who is about to give birth to devour her child as soon as it was born. Remember Herod tried to kill all the little baby boys and all that stuff.

v. 5 This is talking about Yahoshua. Yahoshua is that male child that the nation of Ysrayl gave birth to. But Ysrayl is about to be born as a nation too. This is coming directly from Yah. HalleluYah. It’s time for our nation to get it right! After all this time, all these years, it’s time for us to get it right.

v. 6  1, 260=3.5 years. The two witnesses are going to be prophesying at this time. The temple is going to stand and the man of sin is going to rule for that same 3.5 year period. The time of Jacob’s trouble. We have been reading through the first, second and third woes, the 7 trumpets and all of this is going to happen at the same time. The 3.5 year period. So Ysrayl will be in the wilderness 3.5 years. All of that stuff is going to be taking place while Ysrayl is in the wilderness, 3.5 years. The man of sin 3.5 years. The time of Jacob’s trouble 3.5 years. The two witnesses 3.5 years. So we go into the wilderness and we have lessons on the wilderness, I’m not going to go to heavy into it. But it talks about the woman fleeing into the wilderness. This is where she is going to be protected. She has a place prepared by Yah to be nourished there 1,2 60 days. So if you want to know what that nourishment is go over to Isaiah chapter 35 where YesiYah breaks it down. He said that there’s going to be vegetation in the wilderness and all of that good stuff. It’s going to be just like the wilderness when we came out of Egypt.