The Book of Revelation p. 7b

Right? Mr. Rodgers. A beautiful day in your neighborhood. Would you be mine? A grown man asking little kids to please be his neighbor. (sings) ‘oh won’t you please be’. ‘Please won’t you be my neighbor’. Nobody ever saw nothing wrong with that. Did we? That pedophile! He was one of the biggest pedophiles, himContinue reading “The Book of Revelation p. 7b”

The Book of Revelation p. 7a

Hey Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters welcome to another Israelite Heritage Shabbat lesson. This is indeed the Revelation series as we continue on in the Book of Revelation and I welcome you all. Let me give a grand Shabbat Shalom to everybody who is listening to this recording whether you are listening today which isContinue reading “The Book of Revelation p. 7a”

Intermission (Review) of Revelation Series

This is from Shabbat January 26, 2013. Bullet points. Revelation chapter 1:1 The order of Yah. Seven assemblies in Turkey. Seven=perfection. These are the churches that stood out. Seven stars, angels over assemblies. Seven lampstands=assemblies. The angels brought messages to the assembly from Yah. Persecution—>exist here. These are the assemblies of the way so Yah hadContinue reading “Intermission (Review) of Revelation Series”