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A Woman in Distress

My hoopty (meaning jalopy, beater, old car) has been doing this shaky movement lately. I also noticed that my front tires needed some air, especially my left front tire. Maybe needing air was causing my car to shake? So I took it to a gas station where the air is free of charge, this morning. When I got to the pump, I had difficulty working the machine. There was an older Spanish man waiting on me to finish so he could put air in his own tires. I guess from the distress on my face, he got out of his car and took over putting air in my tires while showing me how to do it. He even asked me did I want air in the back tires. After he finished putting air in my tires, I thanked him and I thought my goodness, men from the Gentiles are very helpful. You may think he only did that to move me out of his way. Maybe. However, on several occasions while at Home Depot, Gentile (European) men have just walked up to me and asked me did I want them to move those 40 to 50 pound bags of soil that I was moving into the trunk. When a Gentile man sees a woman in distress, he will usually go over and help her. Or maybe it was Yah moving them to help me…

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In the Garden: Cabbages and Roses


Carrots, cabbage and potatoes today.


A close view of the cabbages. Last week I put Epsom salt in a watering can and fed the whole garden. The cabbages and all the vegetation responded immediately. I did this after reading an old garden book where the gardener said all old folks did was put Epsom salt, compost and manure in the garden to fertilize. That’s it! They did not use fancy, science-y fertilizers back in the day. Hopefully this year I will finally start my own compost bin.


A close view of the potatoes on the other side of the cabbages. We use to eat cabbage and cornbread with our fingers back in the day! Finger-licking good.


New roses. The rose on top is called American Beauty, or something like that. I bought it because it’s hot pink. The other rose is another lavender Angel Face rose, so now I have two purple roses.


Marigold pot.


New lemon tree. It’s similar to Meyer lemons but its not a Meyer lemon. I will place this lemon tree near the Ponderosa lemon tree.


The Hamlin orange tree has gotten a little bigger and greener because of the Epsom salt.


Brown sugar daylilies. I hope they put on a good show this year.


The old Ponderosa lemon tree. I gave it a good,hard pruning back in January. It’s looking good so far.


From left to right, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper and jalapeno pepper. I was going to plant pepper seeds again but I changed my mind. Maybe next year I will plant from seeds using my little greenhouse. It’s too late to plant them from seed here where I live. I planted some back December (?) but some animal dug up my pepper seedlings. Every year like clock work, I plant peppers in the ground and something comes and eats them up. I got a trick this year! I put them in pots! We’ll see what happens.

I also planted a pineapple in the ground but I forgot to take a picture of it. I’m going to plant several pineapples in the same area. I’m thinking about planting corn, okra and onions from seeds.

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When Yah Visits You

Did you know that when Yah visits you, He goes first to your heart? Recently, I was reading 2 Esdras chapter 16 and began to think about the heart. I read why Yah goes to the heart first, in 2 Esdras 16:61-63. Yah says that He put the heart in the middle of the body where He stores your breath, life (blood) and understanding. If you read any biology book you will see that the heart sits in the middle of the body between the right and left lungs but slightly tilted more on the left side so this is why doctors listen to your heart on the left side…to hear it better. Your heart is as Yah said, in the middle of your body.

We know that we also have understanding between our eyes (or frontal lobe). However, in the above scripture, He is talking about our consciousness. Remember we were taught that everything about us is stored in our consciousness and that this is what goes back to Yah when we pass away. Yah will judge us based on what was on our consciousness or hearts. It’s not as some of the Gentiles teach, believing that the breath of life is in the brain. I remember when my cousin died, my aunt said that his heart was the last organ to shut down.

The prophets: Shemuyah, Yeremiyah, David, Solomon also knew that Yah visits the heart first. Read 1 Shemuyah 16:7, 1 Kings 8:39, Psalm 44:21, Proverbs 21:2, Proverbs 16:2, Yeremiyah 12:3. Yeremiyah even broke it down further saying, Yah goes to our hearts first then tests our minds in Yeremiyah 17:10. See Deuteronomy 8:2.

Genesis 6:5 (NKJV) Yah said He knew the evil thoughts on their hearts. Matthew 5:28, Yahoshua said that sin, in this case adultery, begins in the heart…(then it stays on your mind). Yahoshua in Luke 6:45, said a person with a good heart produces good but a person with a evil heart produces evil. From the heart the mouth speaks. Matthew 15:19 and Mark 7:21 Yahoshua said from the heart proceeds evil thoughts such as murder, adultery, fornication, thefts, lying and blasphemies, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, pride, foolishness, an evil eye. In verse 18 of Matthew 15 He says that which was in your heart came out of your mouth. So now I am starting to understand why Yah comes to our hearts first when He visits.

Proverbs 4:23  Solomon said, “Above all guard your heart because everything (life) flows (or proceeds) from it”. Your breath (consciousness, everything about you), life and understanding of Yah and Yahoshua is on your heart. Solomon is telling you to guard it from the adversary.

*This may not be every scripture about the heart but these are the scriptures that were on my mind this week.

03-26-2016: Yah caused me to think about something this morning, when Abel (or Abiyl, meaning My Father is (the) Power) was murdered. In Genesis 4:9, Yah said that Abel’s blood cried out to Him from the ground. Our consciousness (life) is in our blood which is stored in our hearts. Also, It seems as though there could be a correlation between the way that Abyl was slain by his brother and his blood poured to the ground and the way Yahoshua was slain by his brother(s) or the Israylites and His blood (and water) poured to the ground…and Yah heard their blood.

The answer is yes they are related. Read Hebrews 12:24. But Yahoshua’s blood was the greater spilling because He brought us back to Yah.

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Praise Yah

Blessedwomanofyah blog has been operating for 5 years today. HalleluYah.

I just heard Trump speaking about General Pershing in 1919 putting pig blood on bullets and killing “extreme” Muslims (in the Philippines?). Yah has put on my heart to quote the following scriptures today:

Yahoshua said, “By your endurance, you gain your lives” in Luke 21:19. Romans 5:4 (NLT)…And Endurance develops strength of character and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. HalleluYah.