Black History Month: My Boo

Why does his woman look demonic in the background? hmmmm. On the Destination America Channel, they are having a ‘be my boo’ week. ‘Be my boo’ is a pun for Valentine’s Day and also the demons/ghosts. This made me think about the word ‘boo’. Y’all know our people call each other boo or my boo/myContinue reading “Black History Month: My Boo”

Black History Month: Nigger Toes

When I was a teenager, my grandma, who was born in 1912, told me that ‘white’ people use to call Brazil nuts… nigger toes. I never forgot what she told me. The other day I was doing some research about nigger toes. I read about the nigger toe nursery rhyme. I remember this nursery rhymeContinue reading “Black History Month: Nigger Toes”