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The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 3b

continued, the giants, demons and gods

1 Samuel 17:1-4, 23,  v. 4 Goliath was from Gath. Remember Joshua chased a group of giants away to Gath, Gaza and Ashdod. So Goliath was from that group. Now, was Goliath on of the giants that Joshua chased over there? The time of Joshua and the time of David here is like a 300 to 400 year time difference. Was Goliath part of that? Could have been. Because the longevity of the giants, we don’t see anything where they were dying off like at 70 or 80 years old. So they could have had longevity. So we see Goliath was from Gath, the place where Joshua chased those giants. v. 23 Now Scripture tells us that he was 6 cubits. Goliath was somewhere between 12 and 13 feet tall. Now during the time of David, we will see the destruction of giants and then we don’t hear any more from them after David.

Let’s go to 2 Samuel chapter 21. Remember the Philistines conquered that area, those cities where Joshua had put the giants. Joshua had put them under ban in that city. So they were under tribute to the children of Yisrayl. So we see when the Philistines took control over these cities, they had the giants on their side to fight with them. Let’s see what David did with these giants.

2 Samuel 21:15-22, v. 15-16 So we see David was fighting in this battle and David became tired. And so this giant saw that David was tired and he spoke of killing him. He had the very big sword and bronze spear. v. 17-18 Saph was another giant. v. 19-20 So we see all these giants and all these sons of the giants. Now this one had 6 fingers and 6 toes. v. 21-22 So these were giants of Gath and they fell by the hand of David and his servants. So David and his boys killed 4 giants in the land as these battles broke out.

 Now once again, I want you to pull up the images again. Look at images 3, 4 and 5 right here. Do you see the 2 men with the bones in their hands. They unearth these bones and this is a femur bone right here where you see the guy is standing right next to it. And you see the size and the height of it. So they are saying that according to the height and size of this femur bone that whoever it belonged to, that this person was between 15 to 20 feet tall. So it’s showing you that this is one of the bones of the giants. Now, this image over here, the 4th image we see, this giant in like a coffin. This was supposed to be in some museum. I believe it’s the British Museum, it could be (?). But it’s supposed to be a body of a giant, they found a mummified body of a giant and this is that image you see there. Now, I want you to look at the next image, the 5th image. You see, these are 2 separate images here. In image box #5 there are 2 images. The first image that you see, you can’t see it (clearly) but this image has 6 fingers on its hand. This guy you see is like holding an animal in his hand…he has 6 fingers on his hand. And the image you see next to it is the image of the Sumerians, Annunaki. The Annunaki from Sumerians, in this image. And the next image is Hercules supposedly holding up the world. So we will talk about the images of skulls you see in just a moment.

So we just read this giant had 6 fingers and 6 toes. And it’s also interesting to note that when these people encountered so called aliens, these aliens are said, many of them, to have 6 fingers and 6 toes. We will talk about that next week.

So David and his boys killed 4 giants. They killed the giants from Gath. So that pretty much ended us hearing anymore about the giants during that time. Now, these giants once where in Canaan. They made the brothers bring back an evil report because they were so terrified of what they saw with these giants, the sons of Anak in the land.

(talks to someone) Yeah, he is holding up a lion. He has 6 fingers on his hand and he’s showing you…if he’s grabbing a lion-like you grab a dog…he’s a very big person, you know. A powerful person. There’s a big Bagdad ax found in a museum, I forgot to post that image…those are real. Now you have to ask yourself, who in the world of modern man, even if we have men that stand 7 feet tall…who in the world could be carrying an ax like that? Those are gigantic battle axes! Because they belonged to gigantic people. So those axes belonged to real people.

There have been some reports coming out of Iraq before the war started…I always thought this war was because they were looking for something over there. They went over there because Iraq use to be ancient Babylon. Ancient Babylon is located in the city of Iraq. So I felt from the time that this so called war started that it was not a war over oil. It was one to bring democracy over there but there was a greater reason. I believe they have been searching for some ancient relic. I keeping getting in my mind that they were searching for the crown of Nimrod. Nimrod was the first man to wear a crown on earth and to be called a god-king…half god and half man or king. Nimrod ruled over the people of the earth. When the man of sin steps up and he is revealed, he’s going to be sitting in the seat of Nimrod…he will do the same things Nimrod did in leading man astray and hunting for the souls of men. So it said in The Book of Jasher that the people crowned Nimrod king. So when we look at the man of sin, he too will be crowned king by the people. And since Nimrod was the first to wear a crown, I’m thinking that maybe Nimrod’s crown is still over there and they know where it is. I believe that’s the real reason that they are over there searching through Babylon. They probably have already found it years ago, who knows.

Let’s look at the demons y’all. Let’s go back to The Book of Jubilees because the demons we will see are the disembodied spirits of the giants. When the giants were killed, their spirits, remember the giants were half angel spirit and half man’s flesh. And they had spirits within their flesh. So when they were killed their spirits went on and their flesh is what died. Let’s get some understanding of what the demons are. So for those of you who have an ear to hear, I pray you hear what you need to hear. Because satan the adversary is going to use this to his advantage and use it to the fullest. The knowledge of the fallen angels etc (satan will use). The fallen angels and demons are under his control. he has a tenth of the demons under his control.

Let’s go to Jubilees chapter 10. Please read these books. You just can’t take what we say and say that’s the gospel truth. No, you have to read for yourself and pray for understanding.

Jubilees 10:1-9, 11   v. 1-3 So, we have the word demon here and it is interchangeable with evil spirit. Whenever you see ‘evil spirit’, it is the same thing as demon. Demon being a Latin-Greek word. v. 4-5 Do you see that? The watchers were the fathers of the spirits. In Genesis chapter 6 they left their estate and took human women for wives. They are the fathers of the evil spirits. The fathers of the demons. These evil spirits are the giants. v. 6-9, 11 Some were bound for judgment and 1/10 given to satan.

(technical difficulties in the room so an overview of Jubilees 10 was given) 1/10 of the demons were given over to satan. Because satan went to Yah and asked him for a tenth of the demons. So the demons are not the fallen angels but they are the disembodied spirits of the giants. That’s who the demons are. When Yah killed up all of those giants, the 409,000…their spirits continued to roam and so those became the demons. Now the demons, we don’t see anywhere in Scripture or out of Scripture where they could take on flesh as an angel could. But they can inhabit flesh bodies that are already there. They have to take over that person by possessing them.

(talks to someone) The Book of Jubilees is online if you don’t have a copy. So during the time of Noah they were being tormented by those demons. Because Noah existed after the flood, so after those giants were killed their spirits began to roam on and they were tormenting Noah and his sons. So Noah went to Yah and prayed to Yah in Jubilees chapter 10:1-9 to bind up those demons. And satan went to Yah and asked for 1/10 of the demons and/or the fallen angels and their sons, the demons or the evil spirits.

The demons are not the fallen angels, see that’s what Christians teach you…is that the demons are fallen angels but that’s not true…not at all. The demons are the disembodied spirits of the giants. So let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 32.

Deuteronomy 32:16-17 This is talking about the children of Yisrayl. v. 17 They sacrificed to demons. I just want to point this out…that these demons can also be worshipped. There are many people who worship demons. And they don’t understand that. Yah said they slaughter to demons. Let’s go to Psalm 106.

Psalm 106:35-37 See, they were making sacrifices to demons. They slaughtered their sons and daughters to demons and they can be worshipped y’all. Just like the fallen angels can be worshipped. And the fallen angels were worshipped in the form of the ancient gods. See, when you understand the workings of the ancient gods and how these gods were given their worship…when you look at the elaborate stories of the gods, such as isis, horus and set. You know how isis went and looked for the chopped up body of her husband and things like that. When you go into it, these were actually stories that had taken place on earth. Some of them were before the time of man and some of them were after man. But these were their stories…the stories of the annunaki, the story of the anakim, the nephilim, all of these stories existed. Man today, because he doesn’t understand this and he can’t see this with his physical eyes because we have gotten so far from the spiritual understanding. Once again spiritual means on the higher level. We have gotten so far away from the spiritual level that we are stuck on this dimension of physical. That’s all we can do. If we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. That’s why it’s so hard to convince these people in this day that Yah exists. They don’t see him so they think there’s no Yah. So we have to elevate our thought to where Yah is because Yah dwells on the Spiritual.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 12. We are looking at the actions of the demons. Yeah demons can be worshipped, they can be slaughtered to, they can inhabit bodies. Now, when you look at someone under demonic possession, one of the things to notice about that person is their character. When a person is possessed by a demon their entire character changes. And it sometimes alters their physical appearance. And especially when they are under the influence of a very powerful demon. It’s like they are giving their whole self over to this demon and the demon just controls them. They are a puppet for it. So you must look at the person’s speech. You must look at their mannerisms. You have to look at all this. Because a man of Yah is going to represent Yah. He will represent Yah to the fullest. But a man of satan will put on a disguise as he’s representing Yah but he won’t be. You know he will fully represent the adversary.

Matthew 12:22-28, v. 22-24 Now, I want to stop right here. beelzebub, the ruler of the demons…so these demons have a king that’s over them. Remember we read about Og being a king and he was a giant. Right? So these demons have a king over them. The interesting thing is this. So we are reading about how the pharisees are saying that Yahoshua was casting out demons by the ruler or king of demons. But this is interesting let’s continue. v. 25-26 Now, I want to stop right here. Now, when it said Yahoshua was casting out demons by the ruler of demons, beelzebub, what is it saying? This is what it is saying: That even in satan’s rulership, satan has order and authority with his demons. Yahoshua being under Yah’s authority exerts higher authority even over satan and satan’s crew. So when Yahoshua coming in righteousness of Yah with the higher authority, He can command even satan’s demons to do what He says to do. So Yahoshua as He’s casting this demon out, went to beelzebub and commanded beelzebub to remove that demon. So this is what He means by ‘if a kingdom divided against itself’.

Let’s say that satan ordered beelzebub to send a lower ranking demon into this person to possess him. Okay, this is satan’s order. But Yahoshua coming with Yah’s order and orders beelzebub to do something totally different from what his boss told him to do, exerting Yah’s authority over all. So therefore, satan’s kingdom has been divided. satan tries to say one thing but Yah has the final authority. Yahoshua has the authority to tell beelzebub, ‘go in there and tell your boy to leave’. That’s the authority He has. Because Yahoshua comes in the name of Yah, the authority of Yah. They said hey man you casting out demons by demons not understanding, the pharisees did not understand. They were stuck on the physical. They could not understand that Spiritual understanding that Yahoshua brought to them.  Spiritual once again means higher than the physical. They did not comprehend when Yahoshua broke Scripture down to them. He broke it down to the simplest form but they still did not get it. So, He removed that demon.

Scripture also tells us that Yahoshua told the demons not to even speak as He was casting them out. He told them to shut their mouths…you don’t have nothing to say to Me. Because that’s a lesson brothers and sisters, you are not…you should not give these demons a word of mouth. Because then they will start trying to convince you that you are wrong. ‘Oh you casting us out’? ‘You should not’. They will make you think that you are the wrong one. The demons said ‘we know you are Yahoshua’. ‘We know you are the son of Yah’. Yahoshua said ‘be silent, shut up. I don’t need to hear that. Who cares what you know. Get out of this person’.

Do you understand? So that’s what it is. These demons have rulers over t hem. They have this authority set up. Remember satan went to Yah and got a tenth of the demons. And so Yahoshua said if satan’s kingdom is divided how can it stand? That’s how you divide the kingdom. And y’all know that’s how it works. Right? When you have the spirit of division in your midst, that spirit comes in your midst and tries to divide one brother against another. Trying to make one brother put authority over another. And try to get things all twisted that’s what the spirit of division does. Yahoshua said hey, satan’s kingdom has been divided. So how can it stand? Letting you know that satan’s kingdom will not stand and cannot stand because it is a divided kingdom. Yah’s kingdom is united. There will not be any difference of thoughts among the children of Yah in the kingdom. Can’t be. You will not have one servant thinking this and another servant thinking that. They will be on one accord.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 17. I want you brothers and sisters to pay attention to this right here. This is deep y’all.

 Matthew 17:15-20, v. 15 Now I want to stop here. Do y’all know that back in the day, during this time, when they see someone out on the corner talking to themselves, when they see someone running wild…the doctors today will say he has a chemical imbalance. He’s schizophrenic. He’s talking to himself. Listen, back in the day we knew that, that was demonic possession. We knew that. We understood that. (talks to someone) Yeah they give medicine that will not cure him and will only make him worse. Today, we have all types of excuses. When you see people out here running wild, you see these young brothers toting guns, man you see these spirits that are upon them. These brothers are under demonic possession. It’s not a chemical imbalance. That is how the (some) wild Gentiles talk. Because the Gentiles now think he is greater than Yah. So he can describe these things in his own language. That’s a lie y’all. These people are under demonic posssession and they need to have those demons cast off.

Now here’s the thing right here. v. 16 Whoa! She brought him to Yahoshua’s taught ones but the very ones that followed him night and day at first hand at all His teachings could not heal this man. Why is that? v. 17 From reading here, Yahoshua is fed up with this. He’s like oh come on y’all! v. 18-20 Belief, belief, belief! He said y’all were unable to do it because of your disbelief. So when you go up against these demons and you are trying to cast them out…you don’t have to go through a 2 and 3 hour ritual like the Catholic Church does. You are just strengthening that demon when you do that. Yahoshua cast them out like that (snaps fingers). That’s how a demon has to go like that (snaps fingers). There’s not all that stuff you see in movies. If you have the belief of Yah…you can throw those demons out. That’s right brother…head first! If you have the belief. So when you see these people on the corner and they showyou the demons on them sometimes…you should be able to go up [against the demons] if you have the belief. And say demon be gone! Come out of that person! I command you! Because if your under the authority of Yah, you have command over those unclean demons. You have a  higher ranking than they do. Like Yahoshua can tell beelzebub to get his demon out of there and beelzebub has to obey. Likewise, those demons should not be talking to you, talking back. Get out of here! Go!

Let me show you another situation. Go to The Book of Acts chapter 19. You have to be careful! If you don’t have belief, these demons will overcome you! Remember that scene in the exorcist where the priest started beating the little girl? And then the demon left the little girl and came on him? Because he was trying to fight a spiritual battle physically. And that priest had no authority because he’s under the control of demons. You have to walking with Yah otherwise you are in big trouble. You’re trying to cast out demons. You know some of y’all would like to do it for a magic trick. You see somebody acting wild down the street and say ‘hey y’all, check this out’. ‘Look what I can do’. And run up on a person and touch them and tell that demon…some of y’all have that in your heart. Yeah, you pay me $59.99 and I will get rid of all the demons you have. I know some of these Christians, boy…you know if they had that power…my goodness. I don’t know if y’all saw that video of Benny Hinn. As all these people are running up on the stage and Benny Hinn’s knocking them out with his coat (laughs). Benny Hinn has a brick in there…you know sewed into the lining are some bricks (laughs). But see, all of that stuff is GAME y’all. It’s game. Now let me tell you this. Do you know that those demons can pull a great deception, even on you? Let’s say that a Christian man goes and casts off a demon in the name of Jesus. We know Jesus isn’t the true name of the Messiah. We know that Jesus is the name of a demon. Jesus is the name of an idol, a false god. Yet people will swear up and down ‘I have seen and heard people casting out demons in the name of Jesus’. People say that. Do you know what that is? All of it is trickery. You can have 2 demons in that person, hey one may leave and say ‘hey man you go ahead and hang out here. I’ll go and make them think that I left’. And that demon will be gone. Jesus worked with demons. (talks to someone) Yeah, it’s a smoke screen. It’s a disquise. It’s trickery.

But when you come in truthfully to the belief of Yah through the name of Yahoshua the Messiah those demons can not stand.

Let’s go to Acts 19. Look at this situation here y’all. You better be cautious. You better go in, even when you are comfronting a demon, you better go in with the FAITH that you have the authority over this demon and that you’re walking with Yah. You better have that belief in your heart…truthfully. Because if you don’t, look what can happen to you.

Acts 19:13-17, v. 13 So listen,  he’s saying whom Shaul proclaims…he doesn’t even know Yahoshua. You know, because that’s not the proper way to say it. He said the one Shaul’s talking about…that’s the one we’re talking about, yeah, yeah, yeah that’s who we are trying to cast you out by. But look at this. v. 14-15 Do you see that? The demon said we know Yahoshua and we know Shaul. We know these servants of Yah. But who are you? v. 16 Naked and wounded…did you see that? Those demons…because they were trying to cast them out…they were not servants of Yah…trying to cast them out when Yah had not gave them the authority or power to cast out demons. And those demons jumped on them. That person who the demons were on leaped on them and beat their behinds literally! Sent them out the house NAKED and WOUNDED. The demons said I know Shaul and I know Yahoshua. But who are you? ‘You trying to cast me up out of here…I don’t have to listen to you’. ‘I know the authority that they have but who are you?’ So brothers and sisters you will be fighting demons literally if your not coming in the authority of Yah. You have to be with Yah to do this thing. Not just to do it to say you ‘done it’. Or not to do it to be seen of men because Yah will read that heart. Yah will let those demons loose on you, if that’s what you are trying to do. So if you are casting out demons make sure you are bringing it under the authority of Yah…truthfully. Because you have the authority over them. If you are trying to play around…sad for you.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 9. So we see all the attributes of these demons. People slaughter to them. They worship them. These demons  have authority…because these people give themselves over to demons and demonic possession. You can give yourself over to demons y’all. Their are people that have literally made pacts with demons. ‘If you let me do this, then you can have me to do whatever you want to do’. Do you think a murderer just wakes up in the morning and just starts murdering? That was something on his heart and he’s influenced by demons. Some of these people are…when you listen…and you hear about their stories. For instance, did y’all hear about the story of the man that was beheaded on the grey hound bus? Did y’all hear about that? A man was stabbed to death and then beheaded on a grey hound bus. So are you going to tell me that the man who did that is human? Because when you lose the ability to love…Yah is love…and you are made in the image of Yah which is the image of love, righteousness, justice, peace. When a man loses that ability to love and that man starts to murder others that are made in Yah’s image…that man is no longer human. It’s just that simple. He’s under the inspiration of demons.

(talks to someone) Yeah but you know the thing was…he stabbed the man to death, they locked down the bus. He came to the front and tried to start the bus. Then they disabled the bus so he could not go anywhere. Then he went to the back of the bus where the body was and cut the man’s head off. Then walked back up to the front with the head in his hand. THAT’S DEMONIC activity brothers and sisters! These spirits of the giants, the sons of the fallen angels…

Matthew 12:43-45, v. 43-44 So when this unclean spirit goes out of a man whether he’s cast out or thrown out…whatever, it says that he goes to dry places seeking rest and he finds none. Now remember, these demons cannot take on flesh like an angel can. They have to inhabit already living, breathing beings. So it says he leaves and cannot find any rest. Then it says I shall return to my house from which I came when he comes he finds it empty. Empty means there’s no more demonic activity going on there. It’s swept, it’s clean. So this person, once that demon leaves….this person has cleaned themselves up. This demon could be the demon of the addiction of…let’s say alcohol or of drugs or fornication. Whatever it is, you know. You see that the person has cleaned themselves up because that demon has been removed from their midst.

v. 45 So it goes and gets 7 other higher ranking demons and then it comes back with them. So you see? Once demons are cast out they find the place swept clean, empty and go get 7 more powerful demons and they come in and have a party. But you…the only thing that will prevent you from going through that brothers and sisters is that when these demons are cast out of you…that you turn to Yah. You have to turn to Yah, you cannot win this battle without coming to Yah. Just like you know I see these Christians out here talking about ‘well, you know we are taking people off drugs, we’re doing this. We are giving them the word of the lord’. And so I’m saying to them…hey no difference. You know because your giving them the word of the lord, it’s no different as when they were on drugs. Their still in a very damnable place. And that’s what it is y’all. When these demons leave and their seeking rest, they can’t find none so they go back to where they came and bring 7 more powerful spirits. And that man becomes worse than he was at first. Because now he has more powerful spirits with him. That’s how these demons operate, they can inhabit the body.

Let’s go to The Book of Psalms. We are going to look at the gods real quickly. Psalm chapter 82. Now once again, we are going to go back to this title elohim. Elohim denotes the higher and lower tier of the gods. That’s what it was. And so Yah is greater than any of the elohim. Look at this. We looked at the giants and demons. Now we are looking at the gods.

Psalm 82:1-8, v. 6 Yah is speaking to the angels here. Yah said they are gods and they are children of The Most High. So with this title elohim once again, it was a title that came about after the fall of the fallen angels. It was a title given to them and it was the gods, the angels. The angels came down to earth and pretended or made themselves known to men as gods…the sun god, the moon god, the god of air, the god of water, the god of this, the god of that.

My sidenote: I remember I use to think The Most High’s name was GOD and there was no other. I didn’t know that the fallen angels were called gods and I didn’t know that Yah doesn’t want to be called a god because He is One, the only One…The Highest, The Most High Yah. He is not like them. Praise Yah for His patience, mercy and understanding that He is giving us.

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Overcoming Sin

The full name of this lesson is ‘no weapon formed part 2: overcoming sin’. Part 1 was called ‘weapons of mass destruction’. But you Anthony have not heard that lesson yet. I think it was first done back in late 2010 (?).

Psalm 26:2 Yah proves our minds, hearts. Make sure you are not pretending with Yah. You will see the word ‘prove’ in this lesson many times.

James 4:1-7 This Scripture is to set the tone. Subject yourself to Yah. Resist the devil. We have to resist sin. Because willful sin=no sacrifice left. We will be held accountable for every action and word. Yahoshua said be perfect.

In part 1 we talked about trans-humanism, new age thoughts and weapons of war they are making to use against us.

(from the above link) Most scientist say there is little difference between science and magic. There’s nothing wrong with knowing how things work. But don’t worship the created. They worship the god of wisdom called philosophia.  The article states that they want to confuse people’s sensory systems or his actions. This program is called battlefield delusion. It is to give people hallucinations. They want to use deceptions to confuse their enemies…like satan. Magicians are like generals…Hoodini spied on the Germans. (He named other magicians that were spies in wars too.)

We will discuss satan’s greatest deception…that is sin. Death was brought to us by satan getting us to sin. Sin takes us away from Yah. We are a nation of priests, mighty men, super heroes and sin is our kryptonite. Sin causes double-mindedness and will make you lose the Set Apart Spirit and be vulnerable to satanic attacks.

Ephesians 6:12 This is the final battle y’all. Prepare now. Don’t try. Do it. The kingdom is at hand. This is what we wrestle against and the battle starts WITHIN. That’s why we read James first. Overcome your sins. Eli was the living embodiment of the Torah. Be dead to flesh, be dead to the Torah said Shaul. In other words be dead to willfully sinning is what Shaul is saying. Become the living word! Sin is a weapon, so don’t let sin overcome you…put on your Armor of Yah.

To defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy. So what is sin?

1 John 3:1-4, v. 1 It’s beautiful to be a child of Yah! The world does not know Yah and the world does not know us. v. 2 After immersion, now we are the children of Yah. We change to overcome. Not sinning=we will become Spiritual beings in 1st resurrection. That old man or woman is gone, left in the water. We are Spiritual but in the 1st resurrection. We will receive our Spiritual bodies. As 1st Corinthians says we will change in a twinkling of an eye (those still alive) when Yahoshua returns. v. 3 Everyone that hopes in the 1st resurrection or changed over if alive when Yahoshua returns…must have faith…declare yourself to be a child of The Most High Yah. We should be striving to be perfect as Yahoshua said be ye perfect. Faith without works is dead. We are not saved now. He that endures shall be saved Scripture says. v. 4 Definition of sin here.

James 1:14-15 We wrestle with sin because of our own wicked hearts. v. 15 Sin=you think on your mind or heart that you will do this sin. Sin is conceived on the spiritual first then comes to the physical…when you do it. Willful sin=the 2nd death or the 2nd resurrection=you will be in the lake of fire. It’s very serious! Democracy=hellenism=death. Monuments=cemeteries=death. Oblisks=sun pillar= re-creation or reincarnation.

They emphasize rebirth, this is why they like eagles, the phoenix etc. (my sidenote: read masonic and occult symbols illustrated by Dr. Cathy Burns) They don’t understand spiritual death. satan fools them. They think death is a whole new beginning. The infinity sign means going on forever…reincarnation. They emphasize the after life instead of focusing on this life, this walk. satan deceives them. Check out the movie ‘In time’.

To be dead in sin is to be alive in Yah. Sin is false hope and false unity. Sin is the biggest deception of satan. In the last days, there will be a great falling away (of Israelites from the faith). The very elect will not be fooled! We are putting on the Armor of Yah! It hurts to see our brothers and sisters fall away from The Word. But we must go forward. Hesitation on the battlefield will get you killed! Yahoshua said He will spit us out if we are lukewarm. Be on fire!!!

1 John 5:17 All sin=unrighteousness=death. 1st Corinthians 13 says don’t do all this for nothing. Be perfect in Yah’s sight not man. We wrestle against spiritual matters. We fight the flesh to the death! It starts with the heart then comes through the mouth.

Overcome your flesh…daily. You must resist the devil daily. It must be on your heart to want to do it for Yah to remove if from you.

Movie ‘red tails’, they chanted ‘we fight…we fight…we fight’. We see our strength. We endure to our last breath or until Yahoshua returns. Fight the flesh. Fight sin. Fight the devil.

When you start questioning Yah’s Word…there’s a problem. Don’t question the elementary matters like Shaul said. Yahoshua did not question elementary matters nor did He entertain them!

Fear leads to doubt. And doubt=death…the 2nd death. Don’t fear using Yah’s name even in adversity! Don’t have any doubts…no fears…cowards will be the 1st in the lake of fire (from Revelation). Overcome your sins…like prejudging, gossip, slander, etc.

James 2:9-11 You can’t do part of the law! If you keep law, keep it all! A liar is sinning just like a murderer. You can’t love Yahoshua then say the law is dead, Christians…then you say there are no laws. Non-messianics, Yah sent salvation to us with Yahoshua. That’s what His name means… Yah’s salvation=Yahoshua. v. 11 This is willful sin. We are not to willfully sin. Doing your own desires is willfully sinning. Yah has mercy if you must work on Shabbat but not for if you just want to get overtime just for extra money…that would be your own desire.

1 Corinthians 15:56 the sting of death=sin and the strength of sin is the law. Sin brings death. Physical death=Adam and Eve sinning. Willful sin=spiritual death= the lake.

Romans 6:23 Wages of sin=death. Eternal life=Yahoshua. Make a choice. Even in the garden we had a choice. Don’t willfully sin, you will be accountable and judged on that.

Genesis 3:1-7 Hawah or Eve did not resist (reject) the devil here. satan will question what Yah says, giving you doubt. It is ‘inception’ or he plants that seed of doubt to make it come into the physical. She made the choice to listen to the whispering serpent. v. 3 She knew the laws. The Word of Yah has always been here. We know the commandments but to be like Yahoshua and be the children of Yah we must resist the flesh. True grace is a period of time. Grace is the breath of life. It is sad because many are going to the lake because they don’t understand. They believe the lies of those who twist Scriptures. We don’t want spiritual death which is the lake. v. 4 This is the lie that satan gives to everyone. v. 5-7 Hawah thought about what the devil said. She DESIRED in her heart. To desire is always associated with sin. She wanted this knowledge. She did not rebuke the devil. Doubt–>desire–>sin.

Children of Yah=our foundation based on The Rock and death will not overcome us (the spiritual death will not overcome us). Kepha was called the rock, sin will not overcome him, this is what Yahoshua was saying.

It’s a repeat performance. There is nothing new under the sun. satan tells them these things over and over again.

HAARP made by scientists is a device that has allah speaking to them…a deception.

Salvation is of the Israelite: natural-born and those grafted in. Israelites are important.

James 1:13-15 Temptation does not come from Yah. Temptation comes from the devil. v. 14 desires=drawn away like Hawah. v. 15 This bring death.

We are children of Yah will do it to our last breath or Yahoshua returns…we fight! v. 15 read again. Enough said. Yah requires obedience. How do you show Yah you love Him? Obey.

1 Samuel 15:22 To obey is better than an offering. To heed Yah’s Word is better than sacrifice.

We have sinned long enough. The world is waiting on us. Even the animals are waiting on us. Salvation of the world depends on us. Put off all that wickedness.

Hebrews 10:1-26  (animal) sacrifices were never able to make you perfect from your sinning. We were willfully sinning. Willful sin=no salvation. v. 2 It’s impossible, once you know you sin you are to stop. Don’t return to your vomit (proverbs 26:11). Yahoshua would tell them sin no more. v. 3-4 The sin is still there every year. You think Yah will always forgive you. We will be judged. v. 5 This is Yahoshua and Colossians 2:14 is saying this. v. 6-7 Yahoshua does works of His Father. The Bible speaks about Yahoshua from cover to cover. In Genesis 3:15, it says that Yahoshua would come and crush the head of the snake. John 10 I am the way…we live as He lived. v. 10 In Hebrews chapter 11, the faith chapter, they did not see Yahoshua. They only knew He was coming. v. 11 Read Genesis 6:5, we are continuously evil=the same sacrifices were being done over and over again. v. 12 The one slaughter for sin is Yahoshua. Then He sat at the right of Yah and became our intercessor. v. 13-14 We are immersed in Yahoshua’s name to get salvation. v. 15-16 Read Jeremiah 31:33, They manipulate The Word. First we must have laws on our hearts on the Spiritual. Then we will have it on the physical. v. 17-18 There are no more slaughter offerings (animals) for sin. He died in flesh, so we may live Spiritually forever haleluYah! v. 19-20 New/living=we are dead to sin and walking new. The old man is gone. v. 22 Draw near faith. Do it. Obey laws. Be perfect. Overcome sin. v. 23 Hold fast to the confession before you were immersed. You said Yah and Yahoshua you believe in and then you were immersed. When you are immersed you leave the old man and woman there in the water.

Endure to  the end. Hold fast to the immersion. Refuse the devil. Don’t do like Hawah. We  expect to make the 1st resurrection or change over at the twinkling of an eye.

1 Corinthians 15:55 Oh death where is your sting?!! Sin =death=the 2nd death.

Yah gave overcoming through Yahoshua! He is Yah’s salvation! We fight and overcome! May Father Yah bless and guard you through Yahoshua. We are the children of Yah because we strive to do what He wants us to do…His laws.

Moses, Yahoshua and Stephenos had to deal with stiff-necks that would not listen.

No weapon formed against us…not even sin!!!

Q: Why did Yahoshua call James and John the sons of thunder? A: Mark 3:14-17 These are nick names. v. 16 He called Shimon (Peter) the rock. Kepha was a strong brother. Kepha means rock. Their words were like thunder probably. Look at Jeremiah 23:29, it says Yah’s Word is like a hammer. Yahoshua is the physical Word of Yah.

Q: What happens if we are to flee or have to flee and are not immersed? A: There will be servants immersed in the wilderness. Philip and the Ethiopian came to a body of water. You will be immersed if you believe.

Q: Genesis 1:25-26 Who is this? A: There was a rebellion. They tried to create. Yah is speaking to righteous angels here. Our image means righteousness, truth, justice, love, peace…1 John 4:6-8 Yah is love. We are the image of Yah when we love.

Q: Lot had 2 daughters that he offered to the people. They were virgins but they had husbands…explain? A: They had not known their husbands yet. Adam and Hawah were married for a while before having sex. Miriam and Joseph were married and she was a virgin. So you can be married without having sex.

Q: 1 John 3:5 Christians say the law is done away with, with this Scripture. Explain? A: Take them to Colossians 2:8-14, they use this too especially v. 14. Verse 11 Circumcision through Yahoshua and Hebrews 10:1-10 explains why Yahoshua had to come. ‘Not made by hand’…Yahoshua is not a sin offering. Hebrews 10:26 sinning willfully=no offering. James 4:1-7 read again. Sin is in you. Yahoshua came to show us to be perfect. Colossians v. 12-14 raised in belief after immersing. v. 13 You being dead in sin=the flesh is dead=the willful sinning. How can you love Yah and declare the law is dead? So is sin dead? Read 1 John 3:4 Yah would not be telling you the definition of sin if the law was dead. They love Paul but hate Shaul. Shaul is a law keeper. Our old sins are impaled the knowing and unknowing when we are immersed and we are not to keep sinning. Yah’ mercy for unknown sins we still have.

Q: Which Script. talks about not offering shalom to someone who does not believe in Yahoshua? A: 2 John 1:7-11 v. 7 The death spirit=anti-messiah. Anyone sinning and not in the teachings of Yahoshua [is not a brother (?)]  Matthew 18 tells how we treat our brothers. Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Yah gave laws and a choice. They chose not to follow Yahoshua. If they don’t follow Yahoshua, they are not our brothers and sisters. They are Yah’s enemy and therefore an enemy to us. v. 9  They are willfully sinning because they have heard the law. v. 10 They try to teach you, their laws like the Christians, they twist the Scriptures.

Q: Speaking of twisting doctrine, someone said genetic modification of birds like chicken and turkeys with buzzards is going on. Is this true? A: It is not true. Turkey comes from Yah. Be careful. Colossians 2:8 They put faith in doctors, dietitians etc. rather than Yah. No we cannot eat farmed catfish…it’s not okay. Exodus 15:25-26 Yah said He will heal if we are obedient. Birds eat bug not feces. Don’t put unnecessary burdens on ourselves. Eat the clean foods that Yah says are okay.

Q: If you sin against your friend and they claim to forgive you but banish you from their life…is this forgiveness? A: If I say I forgive but really dont?…that is sinning on their part. They really hate you now. James 2:9-11 Hating someone is double mindedness. Abraham and Lot had a disagreement and separated (cordially). Abraham was a friend to Yah. He obeyed Yah. Your friend must love Yah too. 1 Johan 1:9 transgressing, sinning willfully is not being a friend to Yah.

Q: Was Eli the last Levi Priest in 1 Samuel chapter 2? A: No, there are still children of Yisrayl around. But we don’t know who they (Levites) are today.

Q: What if you can’t stop sinning (because of hanging with someone)? A: Talk to that person they are causing you to stumble. Show them the Scriptures. If not separate from that person.

Q: Is it ok to smoke marijuana as a prescription? A: I would not smoke! It’s a gateway to demonic possession. For pain use natural things like teas etc. Herbs are not for smoking. Drinking excessively open a doorway too.  A drink is ok. Illnesses are demonic attacks. Yah gave Noah herbal knowledge. Pray to Yah to remove your pain.

Q: I heard men should grow locs 1 Corinthians 11:14, is long hair a disrespect to me? A: Shaul was talking about role reversal in the congregation. Women were taking over the congregation and the men sitting back. Men are not to style their hair like a woman though. Like Al Sharpton, Snoop Dog, Prince, Kat Williams, etc. It’s effeminate behavior. Perms are not wrong for women. It’s the spirit behind it. Like if she says she hates her nappy hair that Yah gave her.

Q: Tassels, can I make them on Shabbat? A:As long as you are not taking money for them and they are for edification, you are blameless. You are doing Yah’s work. We can witness and immerse on Shabbat. If we need more food we can cook. Yah knows our heart. Read Exodus 20:20, Deuteronomy 8:2 and Jeremiah 17:7-10

Q: Kemet, Egyptologists say the 1st bible was from Kemet…is this true? A: A lie. Pharaoh didn’t know who Yah was until Exodus. Read Jasher chapter 79 and Genesis 5:2. Pharaoh didn’t know who Yah was. Later the Egyptians gave one of their moon gods the name Yah.

Q: ? A: Fallen angels had 2 rebellions. satan’s rebellion and he took 1/3 of the angels. The 200 watchers were angels that produced the giants. Titans, they were worshipped…demigods…demons…1 Corinthians 10:20-22. Genesis 1:26-27 These are righteous angels not fallen.

Q: Reptilians? A: satan tried to create…dinosaurs and pro-magnate man. Wicked angels come in the image of reptiles. They want a certain bloodline in mankind. They try to control mankind. This will be a future lesson.

Q: Abraham’s servant, the Canaanite, was he the only one to get leprosy in the Bible? A: No, Miriam, Moses and Aharon’s sister had leprosy. Read 2 Kings 5:1.

Q: 1 Corinthians 10:25? A: 1 Corinthians 10:15-25 read. v. 20-22 We don’t do the doctrine of demons. We separate ourselves from those who don’t love Yah. Christians love to say this is talking about food. NO, it talks about not accepting demonic doctrines. So spiritually we don’t accept their doctrines. We believe the one teaching. That’s why he says flee from idolatry. v. 25-29 Shaul is saying eat the chicken, turkey. It is understood that they are clean foods…the one doctrine. This is not talking about pork here. If someone gives you tomatoes…eat. No matter how they grew it…you don’t know. Unless they point it out to you. They bless their food in the other messiah’s name. v. 32 Don’t feed people things that will cause them to stumble…like Valentine candy, Easter candy etc.

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The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 3a

The fallen angels, gods, giants, and UFOs part 3a: giants, gods and demons.

Now let me briefly explain, as I told you each week we will go over the previous lesson so we can connect everything. So last week we looked at the presence of Yah’s angels: The spiritual and physical battle. And we saw that there are angels that are over nations and there are angels responsible for all elements of society. These angels do things of the spiritual that are manifested on the physical, that we can see. For instance, when nations go to war, that’s the angel over that nation. Right now there’s an angel that’s over Russia and there’s an angel over Georgia. And they are going to war right now. Also we went into The Book of Revelation for a little bit and we looked at some things that’s going to happen with these angels. Well, one particular angel that is going to be released. We will talk about who that angel may be. We have from history and just from understanding that, that angel may be Shemyaza. So we will go over this information . But we are connecting that with this lesson here. The giants, demons and gods.

Now in part 1, what brother Michayah showed you was that in Genesis chapter 6, that the angels had sex with human women and they produced what is called the nephilim or giants. There is evidence that there were giants on the earth. There are multiple Biblical sources that speak about that time period and say yes, the angels did co-habitate with women and they did produce an offspring called giants. Now, when we talk about giants, we are talking about people 12, 13, 14, 20 and 30 feet tall. That’s what a giant is. There are a lot of stories with legends of giants. For example Jack and the bean stalk, Paul Bunyan and so on. These are stories about these giants. These multiple stories are not made up myths as modern man wants to tell you. These things are real.

So we will look at this today. We will look at these giants. We will look at who the demons are and we will look at who the gods are. Scripture speaks about the gods. Yah said He judges in the midst of the elohim. So this is why brothers and sisters once again we at Israelite Heritage, our assembly, when we do our teachings, we don’t use the title elohim. We don’t use the title el. For the simple fact that, that was a title that referred to the fallen angels, to the higher and lower orders of the fallen angels. In fact, I’m going to read something from a book called the dictionary of gods about el and elohim as we go through this lesson.

So we will look at the giants first. Then we will look at the demons and gods last. This lesson will reveal ancient gods and how they relate to demons and how all of this relates to the fallen angels. So as we go into next week’s lesson which will be called the clouds and UFOs. And I’m thinking that we have to go a couple more weeks after that. Because this is just a very profound and heavy lesson. And there’s a lot of information pertaining to this: both Biblical and secular.

So next week is going to be about the clouds and the UFOs. We are going to connect that. When we read in Scripture about these clouds, you have to ask yourself what are those clouds? Are they just regular clouds that we see in the sky everyday? These clouds have been described as hovering, to go forward and move backward and  to stop. You know, so we will look at all this interesting stuff, next week Yah willing.

(talks to someone) Yes we admonish you here, not to just listen to what the teacher says but to go and read for yourself. That’s why we post these Scriptures for you to read. We put them up on the screen. We give you the chapter and verse to write them down. So you can go back later at your own convenience when you have time to sit down and read it. You must read it for yourself to really start to see and comprehend. And always pray to Yah, that He gives you understanding to understand.

Here we go. Let’s look at the giants. I know that many of you knew that the giants were called the nephilim. The nephilim is a Hebrew word that means from heaven to earth those came or from heaven to earth they fell. Nephilim, it is a title that is just referring to the offspring of the fallen angels with human women. This is a title given to them. Now, different cultures call them different names. The nephilim was the name the Hebrews knew the giants as. And we will see in Scripture that different people called them by different names. They were called the sons of Anak or the Anakim. The Anakim are also related to who the Samarians called the Annunaki.

So let’s go to Genesis. What I want to do is start off with Genesis chapter 6. and then we will go to 2 other sources. Now, it’s always good to have ‘by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses’ so we can establish all matters. So we will go to 3 Biblical sources. We will read The Book of Genesis, The Book of Enoch and The Book of Jubilees to show that this event of the angels having sex with women was not just something that was misconstrued in the Bible. A lot of people will say ‘well that’s the sons of Seth’. These books…Enoch, Jubliees…these books should have been in your Bible. Yeah, The Book of Enoch, this copy was translated by Richard Laurence. They found this book in Ethiopia back in the 1800s. And it was written in the Ethiopian language and it was translated into English.

Let’s go to Genesis 6. We did this in part 1 but we will go over it again. We will show that those angels and women had offspring. They had sex and had offspring and these offspring were called the giants. We can’t do a lesson about the giants if we don’t go to the sources that made the giants come about. What you will see in this lesson also is that Goliath and those giants…see Goliath was not a Philistine. He joined with the Philistines as they warred against Yisrayl. Because Goliath was part of those giants that were chased away by Joshua. Joshua chased away a group of giants to a place called Gath. And we will go into all this in just a moment.

Genesis 6:1-4 Do you see that? It says when men began to increase and daughter were born to them. So we are talking about human women born to these men. Daughters were born to them. Right? v. 2 Now listen, listen sisters, I’m not saying anything bad against you. But, I’m going to tell you…y’all are one powerful creature! Because you look at this, it was to cause AN ANGEL to sin! A woman was the cause of angels to sin! A woman was the cause of Adam to sin! Women were the cause of David and Solomon to sin! And beautiful at that! So when you see when these angels looked out and they saw the daughters of men. They saw these beautiful sisters…they saw these beautiful women. They said ‘oh-weee’!!! ‘I got to get with that’! You know, so now you know where that great spirit of lust comes from with the brothers today. Because the brothers are under the influence of these fallen ones. So they looked at that and they saw these women and took them as wives for themselves all from whom they choose. So they choose whichever wife they chose. You know whatever women they chose, they made them their wives. That’s not a knock against you sisters. I’m just saying that sisters are very powerful. Yet Yah made you to be powerful with your king…with your man. That’s where your power is supposed to be because the 2 become one. And you are supposed to be powerful creatures like that. So not going off and doing your own thing and things like that sisters. But we will talk about that later.

v. 3 So The Book of Jasher tells us that, that 120 year period is the 120 years before the flood comes. v. 4 So the giants were on the earth in those days and also afterward. In these days, this is the first encounter with angels and women. But AFTER the flood this thing continued. As brother Michayah showed y’all with Sodom and Gomorrah, Zoboriim and Adamah, there were 4 cities that continued this practice after the flood. This is where we get the giants Goliath. This is where we get the giant Og and the other giants that are mentioned after the flood. David and his boys killed about 4 of them. So the giants were on the earth even after the flood. It says ‘when the sons of Yah came into the daughters of men…now, this title sons of gods…the proper title in Hebrew is benai ha elohim…the sons of the gods. It was plural. The sons of Yah are angels. But there were another group…once the elohim formed and they came and presented themselves before men and we got the elohim. We have the lower and higher order of the gods. So the sons of the gods came into the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men of renown or fame.

Now let me just explain this again. The sons of the elohim…now all the angels at that time were referred to as the sons of Yah…the sons of the gods. When the fallen angels fell…when the watchers fell…when satan’s angels fell, they presented themselves to men as gods. That’s when they formed the elohim. But prior to the angelic…prior to the rebellion of the watchers the elohim had not formed yet. It was after the watchers had come down and did their deed with women. And then they got with satan and all that, that’s when the forming of the elohim came. Because then they came to men as gods.  (talks to someone) That’s right, Hercules and that picture that we have…but we will go over those images in just a moment. There’s an image that we have of Hercules on there. Hercules was a nephilim. He’s one of those false gods. We will talk about that.

v. 5 Yah saw man was continually evil. So the nephilim on the earth in those days and afterward when the sons of Yah came into the daughters of men…that title daughters of men, that means human women. Just like the title son of man means a human man. This is not talking about the sons of Seth as many like to believe or make-believe taking on the daughters of Cain. Scripture doesn’t say anything about that. It says the sons of Yah came into the daughters of men. And it says the title daughter of men to let you know that these are human women.

Alright let’s go to The Book of Enoch chapter 7. We are reading 3 sources here. We are talking about that these angels had sex human women and had offspring that are known as giants or the nephilim. Remember today’s lesson is called the giants, demons and gods.

Both Kepha and Yahudah or Peter and Jude quoted from The Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch was in Scripture during the time of Yahoshua’s walk. They removed The Book of Enoch only in recent times. They removed it because they could not understand the truth that’s in this book.

Enoch 7:1-7 (Laurence) or 1 Enoch 6:1-6 (Pseudepigrapha) v. 1 Also I want you to understand that in the Hebrew, it has that they were beautiful, the daughters of men but it also has that they were compatible. So Enoch chapter 7:1-7 or Enoch 6:1-6 goes hand in hand with Genesis chapter 6. You can call it an extension. Now when we look at these giants, we will find that these giants are some of the most unusual creatures to ever grace the earth. And I’m going to explain to you why. v. 2-6 Now, look at one of the leaders, Shemyaza. These angels sound well-educated don’t they. So there were 200 watchers, remember that. There were 200 watchers that came and took the daughters of men and came and laid with these women. Yet this was the second angel rebellion. The first one was satan and his crew. he took down 1/3 of them. The second was the watchers. Why do they have the name ‘the watchers’? They were responsible for watching over mankind. That’s what they were supposed to do…watch over mankind and make sure mankind follows Yah’s instructions. That’s what the watchers would do. But they came down watching men. They saw those beautiful daughters, saw that they were compatible BAM left heaven for that. They produced an offspring called giants or nephilim.

Now, why their offspring was such a genetic mis-match…a genetic mess…is because Yah told us in Torah everything is to stay separate of his own. We are not to mix seed with anything. Meaning, a cat cannot go mix seed with a dog. A man cannot go mix seed with an animal. Man is to mix seed with the daughters of men. Man and woman, that’s how we produce and so then these angels came and they did what Yah told us not to do. They were not to do that. They were not to get married. They were not to do any of those things. There is a restriction on that for the angels but they came down being hard-headed and disobedient and did what they wanted to do. And came down and sinned.

Now, let’s look at this same thing in The Book of Jubilees. The Book of Jubilees is found in the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha volume 2. Get your hands on the Pseudepigrapha if you can. This one is edited by James H. Charlesworth. A very good translation. James H. Charlesworth is one of the better translations of these extra Biblical books. So we are going to read from The Book of Jubilees to confirm angels were having sex with human women and producing offspring called the giants.

We will read Jubilees chapter 5. Now we saw in The Book of Enoch that these angels had sex with the women and produced offspring and the Bible says it in Genesis chapter 6.  Now we will get the same thing from the book of Jubilees chapter 5.

Jubilees 5:1-10, v. 1-8 Once AGAIN this is the 3rd source that said the same thing…that the angels came when the population of men began to grow. v. 2 Once again The Book of Jubliees 5, Enoch chapter 7:17 (Laurence) or 1 Enoch ch. 6:1-6 (Psuedepigrapha) and Genesis chapter 6 are all on one accord. v. 9 It says 110 years here but that is a little disreferency. v. 9-10 This is the punishment of the giants. But all 3 books say the same thing. The angels came down from heaven. They took human women for wives and produced offspring called the nephilim or giants. When we saw giants we are talking giant human beings, 12 foot tall, 20 foot tall, or 36 foot tall. We are talking about some extraordinary humans here. Can you imagine a man standing the same size as a 5 story building? I don’t want to imagine that. And then he has a wicked heart. Because what we will see is that these giants, they were killed when Yah wiped them off the face of the planet when He brought the flood but they became what’s know as the demons.

Now we’re about to read 3 Baruch in the Pseudepigrapha volume 1 as we will see that giants existed before the flood.  We will see that they took all the women that they wanted. Right? And the angels produced offspring with the women. The offspring being giants. Now Baruch means blessed in Hebrew. Baruch also is the same as Barak. Baruch and Barak mean the same. Barak means blessed. And why is Barak so blessed? He’s a very interesting character but we will talk about him later. I want to read to you how many giants existed before the flood. (talks to someone) Yeah, he is blessed by his god to be…you know whatever satan has for him to be.

This is the apocalypse of Baruch.We will read from chapter 4. This is why we want you all to get these extra books…The Psuedepigrapha volumes 1 & 2, The book of Enoch, The book of Jasher and The Apocrypha. Get those books so you can have them, so you can understand. These books were removed by the so-called Catholic authorities. Now many of these books you have to test them with the 66 books we have (from the Bible). Like if they start talking about the virgin mary…you know some things that are way out there, then you know that they are forgies. Because Yah didn’t speak about a virgin mary as being a goddess and all those things….so.

3 Baruch 4:9-10 (page 667, The Greek version on the right side of the book) He said there were 409,000 giants! Yeah, that’s a whole lot! When we look at when they came to the daughters of men…there were 409,000 offspring. This is why Yah had to destroy the world because these giants were getting so wicked. They were starting to eat everything. They were staring to eat men, cattle and all that. (talks to someone) Yeah, there were way to many. So when we look at this y’all. At the birth of the giants it was on a level that was probably not the same as a human birth. These women probably carried these children no more than a month or a few weeks. Whereas a fully human child must take 9 months to develop in the mother’s womb. So they probably were producing these children like WOW…just like that. (talks to someone) And they were also doing genetic altering of the animals. But we will get into that.

Now these were the giants before the flood…409,000. But we see after the flood, Yah killed everything that existed on the earth. When Yah killed…we will go into that with the demons, that’s the next segment. Right now, we are dealing with the giants. 409,000 giants were destroyed with the great flood.

Now, let’s look at after the flood as Yah scattered man into nations. And as the nation of Yisrayl is born…Yah’s army on earth. Let’s go to The Book of Numbers chapter 13. We will see that giants existed after the great flood. So how did that happen if Yah destroyed 409,000 giants? Remember this number because it will play a key role when we talk about the demons. So Yah destroyed 409,000 giants and after the flood giants still existed. We will read about one named Og.

As you know with the first lesson of this series, part 1 the people of Sodom…remember when those 2 angels came to Sodom and they wanted to have sex with those angels? Those were angels. So the practice of having sex with the angels continued even after the great flood by the descendants of Noah. Particularly the sons of Ham and the sons of Japheth that were continuing this practice of having sex with the fallen angels. We don’t see too much about the sons of Shem. But we see the sons of Ham…the Canaanites. Also there were giants in Canaan when the children of Yisrayl came to conquer Canaan. The Canaanites…that’s why Yah said their sin has reached its bound. That’s it!  And Yah sent His army in to kill all the Canaanites. Remember there was a time He had to send His angels down because the nation of Yisrayl was not born yet. So He sent His 2 angels to destroy those 4 cities that were continuing to have sex with those angels. But when He had His army on earth, the children of Yisrayl, He sent them into Canaan to destroy all that mess. The giants got to Canaan the same way they got here before the flood.

Numbers 13:27-29, 32-33,  v. 27 Now these are spies that Moses sent to spy out the land of Canaan. Moses sent 12 spies to spy out the land. Now when they got into the land, look at what they said. Look at the report that they brought back. v. 28 They saw the sons of Anak there. v. 29 So he’s giving the whole lay out of the land . v. 32 So when they went to spy out the land, the land of Canaan, there were giants already in the land of Canaan when we got there. The sons of Anak, the Anakim, were a group of giants. The Anakim were related to the fallen angels that are called the Annanuki by the Sumerians. The Sumerians gave a report of the people who they called the Annanuki. And the Annanuki according to the Sumerians writings came from this planet called Nibiru. And this planet is apart of our solar system. The Sumerians wrote about great ancient technology that modern man is just catching up with. And they say that the Annanuki taught them about that. So our people went into the land and said we are like grasshoppers to them, or in their sight. (The class pulled up a link to see the height of giants but the link was not given out or audible for me to hear) They said they saw the sons of Anak, so the nephilim must be related to the sons of Anak. Anak was the son of Araba. And Araba was a very powerful man.

So you see in this image here, this 6 foot tall man. Let’s say the average Israelite was 5’11 to 6 foot as we are today. Right? And you look at the height, you have a man 15 feet right there. You look at another one 23 feet. You look at this other skeleton 25.5 feet. Then you look at this skeleton right here 36 feet.

If a man was 30 feet taller than you and you are 6 feet and he’s 36 feet, you would look like a grasshopper to them. This is not just talking about 7 foot tall men like Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal). This was not talking about that kind of height. This is talking about some extraordinary humans that stood at extraordinary heights. Because the story of the giants has been taught in every society. Not only the Bible. This is a story taught with the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Egyptians and so forth. They talk about these extraordinarily tall people that they called the giants.

So the giants were already in the land of Canaan when we got there to spy out the land. How did they get there? The same practice brothers and sisters…having sex with the fallen angels. So the sons of Anak…remember that name.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 2. The sons of Anak were some very powerful giants. I’m telling you David was a giant killer y’all. (talks to someone) there has never been any talking about female giants but get this…there are female demons. The demons are the disembodied spirits of the giants.

But they were all called sons and spoken of as male. Now there had to be…when these angels mixed their seed with human women…that it only produced male offspring. And these were the giants. So the giants, what would happen was that there was a lot of stuff going on y’all. When Yah said they sinned against the birds and the animals and stuff, we will talk about that in detail next week. But these fallen angels they would bring their sons to be raised by the giants. Meaning, when we read after the flood in Scripture that their were 4 giants born to this giant. It’s not saying that, that giant had literal offspring but that he was raising the offspring of the angel and giants they would bring to them to be brought up. So we will get into this in a moment y’all.

The giants are still on the earth after the great flood. After Yah killed 409,000 of them with the flood. They are still on earth after the flood and the only way that happened was that these women continued to be taken by these fallen angels and producing this offspring.

Deuterononmy 2:8-12, 20-21 v. 10 Do you see that? They said that the Emmites (Emim). v. 11 These are another group of giants that they say that are just as big as the Anakim. And they are also called Raphites (Rephaim). And these are called by the Moabites…Emmites. The Moabites gave them this name. So the children of Yisrayl called them the nephilim…the sons of Anak, the Anakim and then the Moabites gave them another name but we are talking about the same group of giants. We see that the giants were in the land. v. 12 So in order for us to conquer the land, we had to get rid of these giants. That’s why those brothers said ‘no…no way man those people are strong. They have these big wall villages. They have great height’.

v. 20 the Ammorites called the giants Zamzumim. The Moabites had a name for the giants and the Israelites had a name for them. v. 21 So when Yah sent His angel…remember last week y’all we read in Exodus chapter 23 where Yah said I have to send my angel before you because the angel had to go slay those giants and their fathers. Remember angels are over nations. So Yah had to send His angels first before us (Yisrayl) to clear the way. Because those giants were in the land and they were powerful. So there was an angelic battle going on when we were conquering the land of Canaan.

Deuteronomy 9:1-5, v. 1-2 So this is how powerful those giants were known to be. The sons of Anak were giants. The Anakim were giants. The Israelites called them the nephilim. The Ammorites called them Rephaim (Raphites) and Moabites called them Emim (Emmites) v. 3 Yah said He was going to the battle with you. You have noting to fear. You will go in and take these giants out. This is what Yah is saying. (talks to someone) That’s right we should never fear brother. v. 4 Yah’s saying it’s not you, your righteousness…it’s them. It’s because of their wickedness that Yah is driving them out. What is their wickedness? You see that the sons of Anak are giants right. Giants got here by the practice of the fallen angels continuing after the flood. v. 5 Yah is making the giants get out because they are wicked y’all. They were doing wicked things, the same wicked things that brought about the great flood.

Let’s go to Joshua. I’m telling y’all this is not myth or legends, this is real. These giants existed on the earth. They were the progeny of angels. Now what made them the most unique creatures to ever grace the earth is that they were part flesh as their mothers were and they were part spirits like their fathers were. So they were born with spirits in flesh. A different kind of flesh being…they were.  And when they were killed those spirits can not die unless it’s going into the lake of fire and the lake of fire has not been created yet. So those spirits left the giants and roamed the earth. And are known today as demons…evil spirits. They can no longer get their flesh bodies that’s why demons have to possess you! To take control of your body! Where the fallen angels, their fathers, can present themselves in flesh.

Joshua 15:13-14, v. 13 Arba was the father of Anak. Now we just read about the sons of Anak. Arba was his father. He too…if the sons of Anak are giants, then his father Arba was a giant also. v. 14 So Caleb drove out these 3 sons who were ruling in the land of Canaan and they were giants. When they went into the land Caleb and Joshua of the 12 spies, these were the only 2 brothers that came and said hey we can do this because Yah’s with us. Where the other 10 brothers were saying the sons of Anak are there and they are too big. They will crush us. And Caleb and Joshua were the only 2 men out of all the children of Yisrayl that came out of Egypt including Moses…these were the only 2 men to go into the land of Yisrayl. Those other Israelites that came out of Eypt were killed in the wilderness. These 2 men showed great faith. These other brothers were trembling and biting their nails and talking about the giants are there. So these giants were drove out.

Now remember, It didn’t say that Caleb killed them but he drove them out. This is very important. Because Joshua and Caleb did not kill off all the giants. Because giants existed until the time of David. Let’s go to Judges chapter 1.

Judges 1:20 So we just read about the sons of Anak. He drove out the 3 sons of Anak. Now he drove them out, remember that. He did not kill them off. Yah told us to go in there and kill (?) them but we did not do it. So we will see…(talks to someone) Yeah brother that’s what he said, ‘we can take these chumps’.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 3. Let’s look at Og. There was a giant named Og. He was also in the land of Canaan. So do you see why all these giants are mentioned in the land of Canaan? Because the Canaanites were wicked? They had Sodomites in Canaan. A sodomite is not a homosexual. Get that out of your vocabulary right now. A sodomite means a temple prostitute. A male temple prostitute is what a sodomite is. These sodomites remember in Sodom they were having sex with the fallen angels. So what they would do is that they would build their temples and they would have a male prostitute in there. And this male prostitute would simulate sex with the gods. That was his job. He was in there night and day. And also they had women prostitutes in the temple to simulate sex with the gods but I’m going to talk about that at another time because they were…their offspring today is the Catholic nuns. Mysidenote: I not sure what that meant, maybe like the priests  are being caught in sexual scandals. They simulate as if they were having sex to the gods with a ritual sexual practice. But with the male temple prostitutes it was not about homosexuality. Because they mainly had sex with the women. They were mainly simulating sex with women in those temples. So brothers and sisters we have to get out of the Christian understanding of what the Christians are talking about because they will have you lost.

Deuteronomy 3:11, 13 Now this man had a bed that was 14 to 15 feet long. So you know he was a big person. Og was the King of Bashan. He was a giant. There have been reports that modern giants have been killed in Afghanistan. There was a report back in 2005, I first heard this on the George Nori Show that the United States special forces had killed a giant in Afghanistan. They said this giant was attacking the soldiers. He was defending this village because his mother lived in that village and he was attacking soldiers, killing them, biting there heads off. So they sent the special forces to capture it. They were supposed to capture it alive but they got into a gun battle with it. They saw it was throwing bolders at them. And it is said they killed this giant and the body was recovered by the U.S. military. So if the practice of the giants continued even after the great flood…what makes you think it has stopped today? You know…sex with fallen angels. And it’s going to happen again. In a much wider and greater way. v. 13 So these different levels of giants that existed in the land of Canaan when we conquered that land. When we came in there y’all there were giants still in the land.

Let’s go to Joshua chapter 13. Remember we read in Genesis chapter 6, the nephilim were in the land in those days and after that. So as we read in 3 Baruch that 409,000 giants existed before the flood. And then we see that giants existed after the flood. Now if Yah killed 409,000…how did those come into existence after the flood? If the union of the fallen angels and women brought about the giants…409,000…how are they here after the flood? Because the same thing happened.

(talks to someone) It would seem that they had expanded life spans. Because we will look at some situations in the next segment about that. So the reason we are bringing this fallen angel lesson to you is because it’s still important. Because satan is going to use this thing in his great end time deception to deceive those who don’t have understanding or knowledge of the truth. So we have to be on guard about these things that are going on…that have gone on. If you don’t understand the past, it’s impossible to understand the future. And so Yah has given us this understanding and brought it forth for us for this particular reason.

Joshua 13:12 The giants had ruler (kings) over them. But as the children of Yisrayl were coming in to dispossess them of the land, the giants too were scattered during that time. So when they were scattered, so was their might.

Now let’s look at these giants of a place called Gath. Let’s go to Joshua chapter 11.

Now if you have that link, look at image 2. Do you see that pendant? What it’s showing is a meeting of a giant and what looks like a human or humanoid creature. And this was to commenerate this meeting between these two. This was found (I believe) in Babylon or Iraq. I forgot the time frame it’s from. But you see the giant and tiny man…this is a very old amulet that has been in existence for thousands of years. So even in the ancient times they wrote about these stories of the giants. They knew about the giants. This is not something that we just makeup on our own but this was in Scripture as we have already given you 3 Scriptural sources: Genesis chapter 6, Enoch 7 or 6 depending on the book and Jubilees chapter 5 will show you that these were fallen angels that took human women.

Joshua 11:21-23, v. 21 So Joshua put them under the authority of Yisrayl. The anakim sounds strangely like a space movie or star wars. Do you think that’s a coincidence? The sons of Anak and in star wars the character darth vader his name was Anakin. Verse 21 read again. v. 22 Now look at this. Only in Gaza (aza), Gath and Ashdod some remained. Do you see that? He made the other lands of the children of Yisrayl but their were some in aza, Gath and Ashdod. Remeber those place. This is the time of Joshua as we are conquering the land of Canaan and he drove the giants to these place. Remember Gath. Let’s go to 1 Samuel chapter 5.

1 Samuel 5:1-8, v. 1-2 Dagon was one of the gods of the Philistines. v. 3-4 Do you see what Yah did? Yah knocked that idol god down before the ark of the covenant and made it bown down to it to show His power over the power of the gods. (talks to someone) Yeah, it is a fish god. So the Philistines took over these lands, this Gath and Ashdod. Now Gaza, Gath and Ashdod is where Joshua chased these giants to. And the Philistines came and took over that area.

Let’s go to 1 Samuel 7. To show you that the Philistines had taken over these areas where the giants were. Gath is one of the places they took over.

1 Samuel 7:13-14 So what I’m showing here is that the Philistines had taken these places where the giants were. And the Philistines got the giants to fight with them. That’s where Goliath came from. Goliath came from this area called Gath, which Joshua had put the giants into the city and put them under the ban (or under his authority).

Let’s go to 1 Samuel chapter 17. So when the Philistines overtook those areas, they got the giants to fight with them.


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The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 2b

The presence of Yah’s angels: The physical and spiritual battle.

Let’s go to Isaiah 14. We are still looking at angels being over nations. And how there is an angel over each and every nation that rules that nation. And when you see these nations go to war, you are seeing the angels that are over those nations go to battle.  As you read when we were being freed from Egypt you saw that our angel that lead us out battled the angels that were over Egypt. Also we read in The Book of Daniel that there was an angel that was speaking to Daniel and said ‘hey I was withheld 21 days by the prince of Persia, the prince of Persia withheld me’. So when it say that, it’s saying that he was held back by the prince of Persia. And that prince of Persia is speaking about an angel that was over that nation.

He said MichaYah came to help me. And then he said I’m going back to this battle and then the king of Greece is coming up next. He’s talking about the order in which he had to battle these angels. Now, these angels…once that nation or angel is defeated over that nation…defeated by the righteous angels…then the nation falls. BAM. It’s over for that country or empire. Their rulership or empire or whatever is over. And that angel, once it falls because we know that angels are spirits and spirits can’t die…so that angel is taken and taken captive and held until whenever Yah needs him for whatever.

So we as a people, as a nation especially us as Israelites, we must understand this angelic world. You more so more than anybody else. Do you know why? Because you will have to explain it to them. When these angels start making their appearance, when they come up from the interior of the earth. When Yah starts guiding, leading and showing them…you know these people will want to know what’s going on. It’s going to be terrifying. So Yah is giving you this understanding. So you have to give it to them.

Isaiah 14:4-17 v. 4 Who is this proverb against? The king of Babylon. Right? A physical man. v. 5-11 Now he was talking to the king of Babylon here. Right? We just read verses 4-11. Now look at verse 12. It just switches up right then and there. v. 12 Look at this. We started off with the king of Babylon and we are talking about this Babylon. He now is calling out satan, lucifer, heliel or azeziel. These are just some of the names he’s given. And so it says you have been cut down to the ground, you who lay (weaken) the nations low. v. 13 Now get this. As I told you before, washington….’wa’ is the Hebrew alphabet which is equivalent to the letter ‘w’ in English. It makes the sound ‘wa’. Right? You say the adversary in Hebrew, it’s ‘ha’ and ha means the. Shatan means adversary. So you put that ‘wa’ in front of that shatan and what do you get? Wa-shatan…Washington D.C. is where the seat or throne of the president of the United States is.

On his throne he is known as the leader of the free world. Babylon is the seat of satan. This is where satan’s throne is. This is why Yah has to come in this place and destroy this place in the manner that He has to. Do you see these verses start off talking about the king of Babylon and do you see how Yah called satan out? Because satan is the god of Babylon. That’s right he is the head of the daughter of Babylon. v. 14 This is satan speaking. So first it was talking about a physical man, the king of Babylon…every president is satan. satan has been ruling every president from George Washington to Barak Obama, president-elect. satan is behind all of them. The United States of America is the leader in the rebellion against Yah. They call it liberty or liberation. To liberate or free themselves from Yah…the statue of liberation or liberty…freedom…the people are free with democracy or demonic rule. The people are free to make up their own rules. A government for the people, by the people. Do you understand? So the fallen angels that are over the United States, Babylon is satan. This is his seat. Wa-shatan D.C. is where satan’s throne is. It’s deep! v. 15-18 satan is going to be revealed  (from v. 16) and we think that he is some big bad something, we will see him and say ‘is this it’? ‘Is this the one’? You know, so he is over the United States right now. This is satan’s throne y’all, Washington D.C. That’s why we Israelites do not take part in the political process in America. Who are you voting for? You are not voting for Yah. Yah is not about democracy. Yah gives you a commandment and you do it. This ain’t that wickedness that satan has brought about.

(talks to someone) Yeah, they even brag about it because when they say ‘we are the land of the free and the home of the brave…the bravery that they are speaking about brothers and sisters…isn’t the bravery of going man against man but they are saying that they are brave because they are going against Yah. ‘Yeah Yah, you say that You are The Mightiest Power but look at what we can do’. That’s why they say they are the brave. Because they are the leader in this rebellion. They are the ones that satan has hand-picked to lead in this rebellion. And this is their arrogance. They say that they are brave for doing this.

There was a Scripture showing satan’s seat being in Babylon but I can’t remember the Scrip right now. But let us continue. We are looking at the angels over these nations. Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 28. Now, what we will read here again…is…we will see starting off talking about a fleshly man, then it will switch BAM then we are talking about satan. It will be a real quick switch. When we see things like that Yah is letting us know that Yah is speaking to the angel that is behind that nation.

Ezekiel 28:1-19, v. 1-5 Now, Yah is talking to a man here. v. 6-11 Yah pronounced all this against the prince of Tyrus. Now look how it switches up real quickly at verse 12. v. 12 Now we are talking about the king of Tyrus. This is the king who is really ruling behind the scenes. v. 13 You were in Eden, the garden of Yah. Who was in Eden? We know that this king of Tyrus or the prince of Tyrus were not in Eden. Right? Or were they? The only ones that were in the garden were who? Yah, satan, Adam and Hawah (Eve) and the trees. So when Yah said you were in the garden, He’s not talking about a physical man here. Yah started off talking about the physical man at the beginning. His heart lifted, now he has the heart of satan because satan wants to be like Yah as it says in Isaiah 14 which we just read. satan wants to be like Yah. So He said when He was breaking this down remember your riches, satan told Yahoshua in Luke 4, ‘I have all the kingdoms of the earth you bow to me, I can give you these riches’. So what we are reading here brothers and sisters is that Yah is making the accusation against this king who is being ruled by satan. satan is the angel over this nation! And Yah ‘s calling him out.

Let’s continue. verse 13 read again. These are the same jewels that were in the Israelite breastplate of the high priest. So this is showing us that satan was Yah’s high priest. That’s why he was covered in these jewels. v.14 Cherub=angel. satan is a cherubim angel. There are different classes of angels. There are seraphim, cherubim, arch angels, ChaiYah is an arch angel and satan was a cherubim angel. Then there was seraphim angels that had 6 wings. He said that you were the anointed cherubim. Anointed in Hebrew means Messiah or Machiach. satan was Yah’s messianic high priest in heaven before his fall. he covered the throne of Yah. As Yah gave us the pattern to build on top of the arc of the covenant, with the 2 angels…the 2 cherubim angels with their wing span and in the midst of their wing span was called the mercy-seat which represents the throne of Yah. Yah came down and dwelled upon the mercy-seat whenever he came in the midst of the children of Yisrayl. So what we are seeing here is that satan was Yah’s messianic high priest in heaven. That was his high-ranking.

Let’s continue. v. 15 So brothers and sisters once again, we are getting the understanding. Yah started off talking to this man then BAM Yah went to that angel over that nation. satan was over that nation. And what you will find is that satan will send his unrighteous angels to go over all these nations. That’s why Yisrayl was supposed to the oasis in the midst of the desert. Yisrayl would have never been conquered by an unrighteous angel. MichaYah would have always stood for us and battles those angels and took them down with no problem. Yet we failed. Now look at us. Any and every angel that wants to come into our midst…they are here. There’s nothing set apart about us today. Because we have lost the battle y’all. We didn’t understand the spiritual warfare. We don’t understand spiritual warfare. We don’t understand how the angels operate. We don’t understand their fallen. We don’t understand their calling. We don’t understand that they are surrounding us right now. You think you’re in the room alone? There are spirits surrounding you. You are covered by them…north, south, east and west. And not one of them is a spirit of a human. You don’t have spirits in you. Yah didn’t create you to be like that. Do you know why? Because you would be super WICKED. And more so than these angels are, you know.

So, what I want to do right quick is I want to play this clip from the movie the prophesy. This is clip #2. The first clip, they asked if she would ever want to see an angel? Then he broke it down about that. Now, I wants you to hear the guy who played the devil in this movie. The prophesy was about fallen angels, that’s what this lesson is about. I want you to hear the deception because if you don’t know the truth of Yah you will be taken by it (deception). Listen to how cold he is. He’s straight forward with it. Now, I’m going to give a slight little warning…he calls the woman the ‘B’ word but you can hardly hear it but I don’t want any of you to be offended by it. He calls her out of her name just that one time. But just listen to it. I want you to understand this is how those angels operate. Now in this movie the prophesy man was given the sight to see this. They were seeing these angelic battles that were taking place on earth for earth. Because Gabriel wanted to take over heaven and destroy man. This clip is towards the end of the movie.

-What is love? (the angel)

-God, God is love. (Katherine)

-I don’t love you. (the angel) I can lay you out and fill your mouth with ___ (bleep, it’s too disgusting to type). Or would you talk? Do you want that?

-Are you an angel? (Katherine)

-I’m the first angel. Loved once above all others. A perfect love. (the angel begins to sing) But like a true love, one day it went on the __ um, the horny party boy is about.

-Are you apart of it? (Katherine)

-No Katherine, the angels have made this war. You and all humans, God has put you in His grace. He pushed them (angels) aside. Their desperate. They will never be able to conquer those loyal angels. And so this war remains for thousands of years. No soul can ___. Their parents and their parents and so on from the beginning.  __ their children do come to me eventually. ___ I am always open even on Christmas. Gabriel has a plan, humans now I know___ been waiting for this, know more about war and treachery of the spirit than an angel. Gabriel is well aware of this. And is ___ the last soul on earth to fight for him. I know this new heaven will be another hell. You see I’m not here to help you because I love you or because I care. Two hells is one hell to man and I can’t have that. What I’m offering you is a chance not to __. What do you say?

-I saw the devil tonight. (Katherine talks to someone else)

(My sidenote: Sorry for all the blanks. I could not hear the clip so well, Anthony.)

All right brothers and sisters I just want you all to understand that. Check out the whole movie. Just like he told her, he said listen, he was giving her truth mixed with a lie that’s what satan does. he told her that from her mother on down, to the beginning of time, Adam was still dead in the earth…and that’s truth. But then he said I can open up heaven to your kind…that’s a lie. Mankind was never meant to go to heaven. But do you see how he worded that? Or how he worked that? But that quote that he said, ‘Although heaven is closed to your kind, I’m always open even on Christmas’. (laughs) So he’s saying, ‘hey that’s true y’all’…the devil never sleeps. he never sleeps understand that. That’s real.

So this battle that’s always taking place on the spiritual is a constant one. It never dies down. These angels are not taking rest. They are going at it night and day. Scripture says satan is accusing the brothers before Yah night and day. So understand that angelic battle, the war, and the angels being locked away. Let’s go to 2 Kepha chapter 2.

So that movie the prophesy is an interesting movie. It has some good stuff and some thumbs down stuff. But it shows you as you never seen…in angelic movies they show you something different. These angels were able to trace each other down by smell and taste. They can smell into the air and smell another angel and know exactly who that angel is. Wherever this angel is, they can taste that. Let’s say that an angel had put his hand on top of a desktop, they can taste that just lick it and they know who that angel is. So that was very interesting just to see all those things. Another thing was that when they came into these flesh bodies, that they had to have the heart removed in order for that body to die. We will talk about that in the other lessons.

2 Peter 2:4 Yah sent those to Tartarus. He said if Yah did not spare the angels who did sin. What angels is Peter talking about? Now we know that satan’s angels sin right? Yeah we know that. But satan’s angels are not in chains of darkness because when we read in Revelation 12 which we will read later in this lesson, that satan and his angels are going to fight against MichaYah and his angels. So satan’s angels are not chained in darkness. These are the other angels, the watchers and the ones that have been taken down when they have been defeated. These are those angels that Kepha is speaking about.

Let’s go to The Book of Enoch chapter 10:6-10 (Laurence). Enoch is one of Yah’s first prophets. He is an eyewitness to what went down during the time of the angels. We just read that Peter said that these angels were chained and they were chained in darkness until judgment. Where did Peter get this information? From The Book of Enoch. (talks to someone) Romans were the most brutal of the kingdoms. And Yah gave Daniel the vision…there was NO beast that they could be compared to. That’s how ruthless they were.

Enoch 10:4-7 (Pseudepigrapha) Remember Kepha said they were down in Tartarus in chains of darkness to kept for judgment. So we cannot read from Genesis to Revelation where angels are locked up. Peter got this information from Enoch. We just read here what Peter quoted. Those angels are now in that prison under the earth. A prison for angels that have sinned and also the ones that have been taken down after they were defeated in battle.

So what happens on the spiritual radiates on the physical. Angels operate on the spiritual and we see their work on the physical. Let me show you another example of this. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 37.

Those angels, the watchers….now listen…not all of them were cast away and locked away y’all. Not all of them. Just a few of them, the leaders. Yah punished the leaders. The others are still out there. So tis is why they are going to get with satan and form this lying…this lying coalition and say that they are space gods.

So in Isaiah we will read, when Yah sent the Assyrian empire to conquer the 10 northern tribes. The Assyrians wanted to come down into Judah and take over Judah. But Yah did not allow that. Because on behalf of King Hezekiyah who was the king at that time. King Hezekiyah gave a very powerful prayer to Yah on behalf of the nation of Judah. Yah said hey Hezekiyah…He sent Isaiah to speak to Hezekiyah to say hey your prayer has been heard. ‘I’m not going to allow those Assyrians who are camped out to come down here’. Yah sent a death angel into the camp of the Assyrians. The Assyrians thought that they were taken out by plague. But a death angel of Yah killed 185,000 Assyrians!

Isaiah 37:33-36 See Yah sent out a death angel and all they saw were dead bodies as they woke up. But Yah had sent an angel, what they thought was plague, that’s the only way all those men could drop dead overnight. But it was an angel on the spiritual going through there executing Yah’s judgment. So when you see that calamity brothers and sisters, you are seeing the hand of Yah. Do y’all think the Gentiles are escaping the calamity of Yah? I’m talking about now. Go read up on the city of Pompeii. Go look at all these forest fires. Who are these forest fires burning up? Who is it going to effect the most? Whose been flooded out? And building their houses on sand next to the beach? Do you understand? Do you think that is something that is just happening because we have el Nino this year? So we have funny weather patterns. Yah is doing this. So we see one thing on the physical but on the spiritual something else is happening. These Assyrians got up and saw the dead bodies but Yah had sent a death angel through there. That angel did not play!! 185,000!

Now let’s go to first Chronicles, I want to show you something here. Because by the mercy of Yah…y’all remember the first clip right? The very first clip that I played from the movie the prophesy. When the guy asked the woman would you ever want to see an angel? That’s a good question. Would you ever want to see an angel brothers and sisters? Because Yah will afford you the luxury at time to open the eyes and see an angel. And see what that angel is doing. That will be some of you an awesome sight and others it would be something more terrifying than anything. But David saw that sight. Let’s check it out. Yah opened David’s eyes so David could see an angle operating on the spiritual. We just have a few more Scripts then we will close out.

1 Chronicles 21:1-16, v. 1-2 Do you see that? satan stood up, moved King David to number Yisrayl. Now do you know why Yah is going to count this as a sin? v. 3-5 So the army was one million strong. So do you know why Yah did not want this? Because Yah had promised Abram before Abraham had seed, He said that I’m going to make your descendants so numerous that no man will be able to count them. So here is the king of Yisrayl going through and numbering the children of Yisrayl, when Yah said we will be so numerous you can’t count us. Do you see that it says satan stood up against Yisrayl and moved David to number us. So this was something inspired by satan to be done. satan knew what Yah had told Abraham. v. 6-7 Yah was mad because we were not to be numbered. Like I say, of the 6 billion people on the earth…5 billion may be the children of Yisrayl. Who knows? We don’t know. Yah said there will be too many of us to count. And Yah is not a liar. v. 8-14 Do you see that? 70,000 Israelites fell. Yah sent a plague. But look at this. v. 15-16 Do you see that? So 70,000 men fell but it was an angel y’all. A death angel, another angel came through. See that’s what I’m saying. All this plague you see going through Africa, there’s an angel over there doing or executing that. On the physical all we can see is people dropping dead. On the physical all we see are plagues. But I just wanted you to understand that David was given the opportunity…David lifted up his eyes and he saw. He saw it with his own 2 eyes…he saw that angel with his sword drawn over Yahrushalom!

So that’s the bulk of the lesson that I want to give to you all. I have a few more Scripts here. I just want to point some things out here. I wanted to go really in depth but I will see how many Scripts I can get in, in the next 20-30 minutes.

So let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 34. I want to show you another situation here. I’m just showing you how these angels operate: the presence of Yah’s angels, the spiritual and physical battle. A very interesting thing happens here.

Deuteronomy 34:5-6 So Yah had to bury Moses where no one knows. Do you know why? Moses was such a great man in the sight of the children of Yisrayl that if they knew where Moses was buried, they would have went to Moses’ grave and made his grave…start praying to Moses’ grave when they needed help instead of praying to Yah. That’s what they would have done. But it says no man knows where his grave is. It says He buried him in the valley of Moab. It says Yah buried  him. Right?

Let’s go to Jude chapter 1. This is the apostle Yahudah. This is really a letter. It said Yah buried Moses right in the valley of Moab opposite of Beth Peor. And no one knows his burial place to this day. I will show you why no one knows his burial place but Yah.

Jude 1:9 Do you see that? He disputed with satan about the body of Moses. So when Deuteronomy 34:6 tells us that Yah buried him. Yah sent MichaYah down there with His authority once again. And so there was a dispute. satan wanted to come and take the body of Moses. Why did he want the body of Moses? So he could make it into a stumbling block for the children of Yisrayl. Like I said, if the children of Yisrayl knew where Moses’ grave was they would have started praying to Moses…going to his grave and taking him food and all that craziness. Just like the Catholics do their saints and all that. So Yah said ‘no, I have to do this’. satan probably would have put Moses’ body in the middle of Yisrayl, in the middle of our land and made it a great stumbling block but Yah had to send His righteous angel MichaYah down to retrieve the body and bury it. That’s why no man knows where it’s at. MichaYah did not make an accusation against satan…he just rebuked him in the name of Yah! ‘I rebuke you satan in the name of Yah’! See sometimes brothers and sisters when satan comes upon you and you feel that wicked entity upon you, you don’t have to make no accusation against him. You already know he’s wicked. he knows he’s wicked. You just rebuke him in the name of Yah. Tell him to get behind you, you are an offense, satan!

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 8. I just want to point something out to you right here. Then we will go to Yahzeqyl chapter 9. I want to get into this little heavier stuff right here to open up the gate for next week’s lesson about giants and the clouds.

Revelation 8:2 There are 7 angels that stand in the presence of Yah. The Book of Enoch mentions them. They are mentioned in the book ‘a dictionary of angels including the fallen angels’. (My side note: page 340 GabriYah, MichaYah, UriYah, RaphaYah, Yisrayah, UzziYah and FanuYah (or PenuYah, PhanuYah or FeniYah) I think they are mentioned in the Pseudepigrapha and also possibly the Apocrypha. These are 7 powerful angels. You know that MichaYah and GabriYah (Gabriel) and part are part of that seven. I think another one is Raphael. Everything Yah needs, He gives to these angels and they spread it down to the other angelic hosts. If there’s a war that needs to be fought hey He gives it to these angels and they go down and give it to the other heavenly hosts. So I just wanted you to see these 7 angels.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 9. If you read Ezekiel chapter 8 you see that wickedness of the children of Yisrayl was great. The priest were worshipping Tammuz and doing all types of abomination. So Yah said in Ezekiel chapter 9, Yah said I have to do something about this. So look at what happens here.

Yahzeqyl 9:1-6, v. 1 Now these are the punishers of the city. Yah is about to bring destruction upon Jerusalem because we had been so wicked. Read Ezekiel 8 and you will see how wicked we had been. v. 2 So it said 6 men came from the direction of the upper gate. Right? Which faces north. Each with his battle-ax in his hand. These are the 7 angels that stand before Yah. Yah is about to send them to destroy Jerusalem. v. 3-4 The angel with the inkhorn is to mark everyone with the mark of Yah who don’t do the abominations. v. 5-6 See? Yah called his angels to come through. And it started in Yahrushalom in front of his temple and with the elders. Yah said slay the old, young men, young women and children, if they don’t have this mark. If Yah is going to slay His people, and their children…Gentiles, what do you think He will do to your children? To your disobedient child? Do you think they will be spared? But I just wanted you to see that. That was brought about by angels brothers and sisters.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 12. I hope you are getting an understanding of this important subject about fallen angels and  Yah’s angels. Yah’s angels are around us. If you are of the rigteous nature, Yah’s righteous angels are forever around you, so todah (thank you ) Yah for that!

Revelation 12:7-12, v. 7-8 There’s a heavenly war going on here y’all between MichaYah and his angels and satan and his angels. v. 9-10 Do you see that it says there is going to be a great war in heaven? It says there came to be a war in heaven. MichaYah and his angels will fight satan and his angels. Do y’all think that we will se any of this? Because you see that when satan is cast down as you continue to read revelation chapter 12. And this begins the great tribulation. The great tribulation begins when he is cast down and he comes in the form of  the man of sin which begins everything…the last 3 1/2 years. (talks to someone) That’s right he’s still in heaven. Because they don’t even understand what heaven is. There are different multitudes or levels of heaven. So we see that there’s going to be a war in heaven. Do y’all think we will see this? Let me show you something here.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 21. You better believe you will see it. But to us it will be great signs in the sun and the stars. The astrologers are going to say there’s a great something going on, on Mars and Jupiter is doing this and it has never done before. That’s what they are going to report to us but at the same time there’s going to be comet’s colliding into the planets and all that stuff. And they will not be able to comprehend it but this is what’s going to be happening. Remember there’s going to be a war in heaven and the things that happen on the spiritual manifests on the physical. Right? It’s just like when you build a website or webpage. I just can’t go into the webpage and say make the right half blue and make the other half yellow. You must go in and code it. And the computer can read it. So once the computer reads the special coding which is called html or hyper text markup language. Once you put that in there, then the computer can read that then you can get your beautiful webpage. That is what you see on the outside but behind the scenes…It’s something totally different. So Yah does this with the angels on the spiritual. There’s something going on…battling, fighting. But on the physical this is what we see…something that our eyes can comprehend.

Luke 21, Remember there’s going to be a war in heaven. MichaYah vs. satan. Look what Yahoshua say.

Luke 21:25-27 We are going into the cloud of v.27 next week.  But do you see that? He said there will be signs in the sun, moon and the stars. When we see these signs and on earth great anxiety…this is when that battle in heaven is going to be taking place. That will be the sign…the sun, moon, stars. What’s the sign for us Yisrayl? That satan is about to be cast down…kicked out….he’s about to come to earth and it’s about to be on! (talks to someone) Yeah brother, they know about the people living in the interior of Mars. They know about the angels living there. They plan. But do you see how they are doing this? Each day they bring out something new going on in the stars. Each day they say there is some new discovery. But they are letting this stuff out little by little because we are almost into this time…this great war when they fight in heaven and this is what Yahoshua’s talking about y’all. When we see the signs, the sun, moon and stars and the anxiety of nations. These things will be terrifying. That’s why they will be confused about the roaring of the seas. But do you know what? It will be the time of Niburu the planet of the crossing (?).[voice went low here]

Now what I read earlier about the planet Rahab…I’m going to bring some information out next week about Rahab or either the week proceeding that. Rahab was the name of the planet that stood between Mars and Jupiter. That planet was crushed and that’s in Scripture. That’s not something that I’m making up. Rahab was crushed. That’s what the astroid belt is that exists between Mars and Jupiter right now. But we will get into that later.

So do you see that when they fight in heaven, we will be able to see that. That’s when we will see the stars, moon, and say what’s happening? You know it will look like stuff exploding in space very near us, you know. We will be wondering what these things are.

Revelation 9:13-18 (overview) Speaks about 4 angels being released from the Euphrates River. These angels are prepared for battle. They are prepared for a day and for an hour. Their going to gather an army of 200 million men. And they are going to kill 1/3 of the people on earth. These 4 angels, when they are released from the Euphrates River, now you can read through The Book of Enoch and you can see that there are angels under the Euphrates River. The Euphrates River runs through Iraq. They are fighting right now on the Euphrates River. (one of the brothers said he bathed in the Euphrates when over there in the army) These 4 angels will represent these 4 powers: The Russians, the Chinese or Asians, the Africans and the Arabs. (talks to someone) No they are not the 4 horsemen. That’s something else. Let’s go to Revelation 9. I want to read something about Shemyaza. Y’all heard about Shemyaza in The Book of Enoch. I want to read something in ‘a dictionary of angels’ in just a moment.

Revelation 9:13-18, v. 13-15 These angels are under the Euphrates River right now. It’s not their time to be released yet. v. 16 So there will be a 200 million army with 4 angels. Remember angels stand over nations. Right? This will be angel that will stand over the Chinese, the Russians, the Arabs and the Africans. I’m not going to say Chinese anymore. I will say Asian because the Koreans are going to come with the Chinese. And I don’t know who else China will bring with her. She may convince Japan to come with her. So we are looking at those 4 angels and they are prepared to battle and kill 1/3 of mankind. Oh, they are ready! I have a picture that my nephew sent me when hew was in Iraq. He was there in 2003. This is where they are fighting. It is no conincidence y’all. All of these things must happen.

I want to close out with this. Let’s go to Matthew 26. I want to show you something here that our great Messiah said. We are going to close out here y’all. I’m going save  the Shemyaza discussion  for next week. It will be more appropriate for next week.

Matthew 26:56-57 This is as the Romans were coming to get him. The chief guards were coming to get him after Judas betrayed him. This is after Kepha cut off the man’s ear. Yahoshua told him to put his sword away because this thing has to be fulfilled. v. 53 He said more than 12 legions of angels, Yah can provide! A full legion represented a Roman division of their militry. A full legion was the fullness of the military and it consisted of 6 thousand soldiers. So Yahoshua is saying all I have to do is pray and Yah will send over 72,000 warrior death angels right here, right now to protect Me. And I’m trying to remember where did I read that at where it talks abut there’s a certain amount of angels that are outside of the earth…guarding it. Man, I forgot where I read that!! But do you see that? When he comes to protect us… at the end of tribulation when Yahoshua returns, He’s coming with the armies of heaven with Him!!!

He said more than 12 legions, over 72,000! Do y’all know if Yahoshua would have called for them that night, they would have torn Jerusalem to the ground! But do you know what you would have seen? All you would have seen is Yah raising up some nation, coming from out of nowhere and smashed the Romans to smitherins (sp?).  Or you may have seen a contingency of Hebrews that Yah may have raised up (to fight the Romans).

That’s the end of part 2. I hope y’all have gotten understanding of the presence of Yah’s angels: the spiritual and physical battle.

*Israelite Heritage Shabbat lesson

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The Good News of the Kingdom of Yah

Etta James, Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston —> masonic sacrifice rituals. James Brown , Heavy D, many are dying —> our people are a musically inclined people. Michael Jackson was talented. All of them were talented but they all had contracts with the devil.

Did y’all know Whitney Houston was immersed by an Israelite? She was immersed by Ben Ami (sp?) in the River Jordan in Zion…then her problems began. Final judgment is up to Yah. May Yah have mercy on Whitney Houston. Someone in the room said she was they only immersed her face and neck. Not her whole body, she may not have wanted her hair destroyed. Bobby Brown did not get immersed…he just stood in the water and watched.

Feb. 5th was the Superbowl and at half-time Madonna, a masonic high priestess did a performance to celebrate the gods and goddesses. On Feb. 11th, 6 days later Whitney Houston died. Whitney was called the queen of pop and Michael Jackson was called the king of pop. She was sacrificed on the Shabbat. The number 11 is masonic or sacrificial, like 9-1-1, a high sacrifice day…the 11th.

The next day Nicki Minaj at the Grammy’s on the 6th did a performance with an exorcism with the pope and a sacrifice was made. She played the character of roman.

They may say she was murdered. Her face was under the water. A Hebrew (black) will probably be blamed.  The media destroyed her but now the media has nothing but good to say about her. Those celebrities do hear the comments made about them. Be kind to each other, like the woman who anointed Yahoshua before His death. Don’t wait to be kind to people after they die…they will not know. She was buried on the Shabbat which is symbolic probably too.

Numerology is heavy in all they do. Numerology is not wicked. Because the Scriptures uses numbers heavily. For example 7, 40, 70, 12. It’s the spirit behind it

The 25th is also a high sacrifice day. The following celebrities died in association with the number 25. Michael Jackson June 25th, AaliYah August 25th, James Brown, Left Eye Lopes.

Mary J. Blidge said she thought she was next to die after AaliYah. satan promises them a certain amount of years then he has them killed. Yah owns all souls. But satan inspires us to sin.

Child actors—> go through sexual abuse to get roles. There are all types of pedophiles around them in Hollywood. These child stars also worship the devil. Look at the Olsen Twins they are witches and always look high. Roseanne Barr is a witch now. Tia and Tamara played witches in a movie called twitches (twin witches).

Whitney told Oprah she did not want to end up like Michael Jackson. After she was dead, Clive Davis still had his party…wicked Clive Davis, Tony Mottola.

Jennifer Hudson will take Whitney’s spot now. Hudson sand I will always love you saying I’m sorry to Houston and Hudson’s own mom who she had sacrificed.

The music industry is part of satan’s kingdom…temporary…let leads to death…the 2nd death.

Do y’all understand how amazing technology is now? Android, iPhones, applications, phones run like computers today, like pocket PCs. Technology will be used to rule the world…Hitler had all types of technology like war machines. They are leading us to a cashless society too. Where you pay for everything with your phone. We will be a society with phones. Everything is on phones now. Some phones can watch T.V. It’s a clock, digital camera, and video camera. Kodak went bankrupt. No one buys digital cameras anymore. Phones have GPS.

Back in the 50s or 60s a scientist made a quarter sized microchip and put it in humans and animals and controlled them. He made them cry and made them say their name at the push of a button…mind control. He made a bull stop charging with a button. What do you think they can do now? They are jackals. ‘I Robot’… transhumanism. The Mayans only said change is coming in 2012…nothing else. They add more on to what Mayans said…they lie.

The sun had a tornado/hurricane at 300,000 mi/hr winds! Remember that object went through the sun a few months ago? A war is going on up there. Angels are fighting and it manifests itself as storms…when they fight spiritually.

‘The knowing’ a movie that talks about solar spots coming to the earth. The sun obeys Yah but satan tries to take it over. They have been seeing lots of auroras in Europe the last few months. Yahoshua did not have blue eyes and blond hair. The fallen ones will appear as how you love to have them.

Lesson: The Kingdom of Yah Will Be on Earth:The Good News

We live in their society now but we live be living in the kingdom with Yahoshua.

Ezekiel 16:23 Yah says we have a church on very street corner or high places on every street corner. And some were saying we also have liquor stores on every corner too.

Many people believe we go to heaven y’all. Yah created this beautiful earth for us.

John 3:13 none of us are in heaven…except Yahoshua

Genesis 1:26-31 Yah gave man dominion over all. Yah’s image is justice, righteousness and truth etc. Yah was talking to the angels during creation. Yahoshua was not there. v. 27 Yah created man and woman in His image, His image is righteousness. We learn wickedness. Children can see more of the spiritual because they have not been corrupted. v. 28 Be fruitful and multiply said Yah. Yah wiped out dinosaurs that were created by satan. MichaYah was the first to bow to man…satan would not do it he likes to try to bother our DNA. In 2006, not one wild animal died in that Tsunami. But sin killed man in that Tsunami. v. 29-31 So this is creation of man on earth. There was a garden in Eden. They say it was in NorthEast Africa…could be. We don’t have dominion over the animals anymore. They can kill us. We use to command them to do this and that. Every green plant is for food (Leviticus 11). Plants, fruits that yield seed…seedless fruit are still good because they are produced from seed. Poisoness plants are not to eaten though. And don’t smoke the plants. Getting high=communicating with the gods. Smoking plants was used in rituals like the North American Native Shaman…all cultures did this.

Red Tails and Tuskegee Airmen, football, basketball, slavery uprisings, slavery was stopped because too many of us were over here…this is why the Gentiles are afraid of you. Just like pharaoh was afraid of the Israelite population growth and he saw that we are a mighty people Exodus 1:8-22. Did y’all know they watch over us? It’s because they know Revelation 2:9.

We should be telling the trees to move…and they get up and move…we don’t have dominion anymore. Yahoshua walked on water. The water obeyed Him.

Isaiah 61:1-2 Who is this? Yahoshua. Let’s prove this. Yahoshua=The Good News. Yah has always dealt with Yisrayl as a congregation.

Luke 4:16-21, 43 This is Isaiah 61, Yahoshua brought The Good News and He fulfilled it. Repent for the kingdom of Yah is at hand Yahoshua said. v. 43 Yahoshua sent to tell about the kingdom. satan’s world is maddening. Who is going to cry for Babylon? Only satan. Our purpose: to complete Yah’s work and not be concerned with material things. satan’s society: secret societies is about to be over. The guest list for the kingdom includes:Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Shem, Daniel, Sarah, the 12 apostles, Enoch, Barnabas, Shaul, Miriam and so on…

Mark 1:14-15 The kingdom of Yah is at hand said Yahoshua. The time has been fulfilled. satan has a limited time to rule the world. satan’s kingdoms were Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Koreish, Alexander, Romans. Egypt was only a partial kingdom it was not an empire. Yah is going to take back the kingdom by force. The 1st step is for you to repent.

Luke 9:1-2 There will be no sickness in the kingdom. Our minds are more sick than our bodies. Some of their minds are too sick to hear The Word of Yah so we are to heal them.

Acts 19:6-8 Paul laid hands first. Spoke about the kingdom coming here. He spoke in tongues at Ephesus so they understood The Word of Yah. Paradise=wherever Yah is. It is not really the land but Yah in our hearts and minds. Isaiah felt no pain when he was murdered. He saw Yahoshua in his mind (a vision).

‘the devil within’ a movie, Catholics ask if the person is speaking in another language before they do an exorcism. Movies: ‘fallen’ and ‘4th kind’, demons love to curse people in Aramaic.

Acts 28:30-31 Shaul taught about the kingdom of Yah and Yahoshua. This is the message. Tell them they are the children of Yisrayl that’s part of the Good News too.

Daniel 2:31-45 bronze, clay, silver, iron=Rome. It will go into this in a future lesson. Yah will set up a kingdom that will not be destroyed…forever. We will have a man of sin lesson soon. Trust that the kingdom is coming. v. 43 ‘mixed seed’=angels mixing with women producing giants.

Daniel 12:1 Michael over Yisrayl now. It use to be that the watchers looked over all man but now each nation has an angel. When ‘the day of Yah’ comes righteous angels, Yahoshua and the children of Yisrayl will be fighting satan, the fallen angels and wicked people. Who can stand up against the mighty men of Yah?

Isaiah 9:6-7 ‘over His kingdom’ this is Yahoshua. He will rule forever. The kingdom will be forever where we read back in Daniel 2. There will be no democracy in the kingdom. There will be no voting in the kingdom…you must obey Yahoshua or go to the lake of fire. This is why we tell you to clear your minds of Babylon.

Luke 1:31-33=Isaiah 9 Yahoshua on the throne of David. Get your mind ready so your heart is ready. Perfect people will get the kingdom.

Matthew 25:31-35 Those on the right are blessed with the kingdom. Separation will be made. Those on the left=the lake. The kingdom will have gold streets, healing fruit trees beautiful. Did y’all know dogs and cats can see spirits? There will be children in the kingdom playing with animals. (My sidenote: I remember someone saying the children will be playing with once deadly animals like somewhere in the book of Isaiah…found it in Isaiah 11:8-9 this is how the kingdom will be and the gathering will be when we are there with Yahoshua in Isaiah chapter 11 and it says the Gentiles will come to Zion to see Him v. 10 and the animals will not kill each other anymore v. 6-7)

Yah kicked us out of Eden before we took hold of the tree of life in our disobedience and be disobedient forever. And try to come up and try to fight Yah.

Revelation 11:15-18 The kingdom will be Yah and His Messiyahs. Yah will destroy those that destroy the earth! They want to go live on the moon and mars now y’all. They are planning their escape. Yah last forever…the Israelites sandals didn’t wear out  the 40 years in the wilderness. satan is temporary. satan stole the kingdom from us and now wants to sell it back…he’s a thief. That’s just what thieves do. Tell Jay Z and them they already own the kingdom…don’t let the devil fool you.

Luke 19:11-20, 26 v. 12 They thought the kingdom was coming on them at that moment. v. 26 Reward in the kingdom according to the deeds we did in our life now. Are you telling people about this Word of Yah? Do the work of Yah! The kingdom is here.

2 Thessalonians 1:7-10 Yahoshua and the righteous angels will take vengeance on those that don’t know Yah and don’t obey Messiah. He will separate the sheep from the goats. Repent Yisrayl. This is the kingdom that Yah prepared for us since the foundation of the world. I’m going to do a part 2 to this lesson at a later date.

2 Corinthians 4:14 Those who are perishing, veil the good news. v. 4 because satan has blinded them. They do not see the light…the good news.

They can’t give us anything y’all. The kingdom is coming: as it is in heaven, it will be ON EARTH! The kingdom will be on earth.

Q: I heard Islam came and started converting by the sword in the 7th century and Luke 21:24 says we will fall by the sword and be held captive. Explain this please? A: This is prophesy to the fullest. Also with Christianity, they took us captive too. Titus (Romans) went into Egypt after us. Israelites went far west as they could and even went to South Africa (the Lemba). We were conquered by Arabs and Christians…to this day.

Q: If someone cusses do they have a demon? A: Yes, they have a demon. A profane spirit=profane language. Unclean spirits=unclean words…the spirit of satan.

Q: The 144,000, explain who is this? Q: Will only Hebrews be persecuted or will some Gentiles be persecuted too? A: Yes, all who profess Yahoshua’s name will be persecuted.  The 144,000 have something strong to do: a special task force. They may have something to do with Daniel chapter 11. They may be persecuted and teaching the Word of Yah even in persecution.

Q: Are the Jews the Edomites? How do we Know? A: Edomites came to the land after 70 CE AD after we were kicked out. Edomites are darker than Akenaz Jews. They follow the Bible more than Akenaz Jews. They also were called Spanish Jews. They call themselves Yisrayl but are not.

About the marathon this summer: Y’all we have to get in shape…we will have to run from the devil Yahoshua said!!!

Q: When witnessing, how do you know when The Ruach wants us to witness to that person? A: we must be led by the Set Apart Spirit. Acts 8? The Ethiopian was reading when Philip being led by the Ruach to speak with him. Pray before you speak. So Yah’s words will come out.

Q: John 3:13 I know Yahoshua the only man there. But in Jasher 3:36 says Enoch ascended into heaven. And in Jasher 5:1 Did Enoch die on earth? A: Some people try to say Enoch still lives Hebrews 11:5 but this is saying Enoch will not see the 2nd death or the lake of fire. In Jasher chapter 7 Enoch was taken into a level of the heaven by the malakim. Enoch is not in heaven.

Q:Will Christians be persecuted for calling on Jesus? A: There is no salvation in the name Jesus.

Q: If you hate your life can you love Yah? And if you don’t see your brother can you love him? A: Yah is love…obey laws to show you love Him. So no you’re not loving Yah. You can be not pleased with some things but obedience means loving Yah. Yeah, you cna love your brother that you don’t see everyday…if you both love Yah.

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The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 2a

The Fallen Angels, Gods, Giants, and UFOs Part 2a: The Presence of Yah’s Angels: The Physical and Spiritual Battle

So as you saw in lesson 1 how those sons of Yah mentioned in Genesis 6 were angels and how they took wives and how that whole thing went down. And how it’s going to happen again in our time, in our day. And when we get into the gods and UFOs we are going to break down that end time deception that satan has lined up…that’s going to happen. satan has this thing already lined up y’all. And it’s going to happen just as it did in the ancient times. These angels will come back and say we are your gods. They will come back in spaceships but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That’s a couple of lessons away. So let’s deal with today’s lesson…the presence of Yah’s angels…the spiritual and physical battle. What we will do in this lesson right here is show how Yah’s angels are ever-present around us. They control the happenings on the Spiritual which are manifested on the physical. So when you see a catastrophe happening on the physical, it has already happened on the Spiritual level. And the Spiritual is where the angels dwell. It is the higher.

Now let me explain what Spiritual means here? We are not talking about Spiritual as the Christians talk about Spiritual like some type of myth or something. That’s not what we are talking about here. When we say Spiritual brothers and sisters we are talking about a level that’s higher than physical. The level where Yah dwells. If you want to know who Yah is you cannot come to Yah looking at Yah through your physical eyes. Flesh and blood cannot see Yah and live. You gotta get the Spiritual. You gotta get to the higher level to see Yah. And you see that through your mind.

(talks to someone) You said where can you get that book? I’m assuming it may be available on Amazon. I’m not sure ‘cuz when I bought mine…I bought mine from a book club, I think I was apart of back in the 90s. And that’s where I got mine from but I’m pretty sure it’s on Amazon. And it’s called ‘a dictionary of angels including the fallen angels’ by Gustav Davidson. A very interesting read. It has some good research information. So we will go through this book in this lesson. We will utilize the information from here to bring an understanding to this lesson we are bringing here today.

Now when we look at the angelic realm, the angelic realm is so important y’all. And we have to have an understanding especially Yah’s servants. There was not one of Yah’s servants that did not have a understanding of the angelic realm. Now even for you to understand the lesson that was given last week about the fallen angels you have to understand the angels in general…the angelic realm. You must understand that in general. And so that’s what we will look at today and show you how the angels interacted and just who they are. Because lo and behold Yahoshua made a prophesy that we shall become one with them. We shall be like the angels of Yah that are in heaven. So if we are going to be like them…we must know who they are. And what they stand for. Understanding the angels is a very fascinating subject.

I have an article here that I saw last week over the internet. I got it from the coast to coast a.m. website, the George Nori Show. And it was saying this woman said she can see angels. This Gentile woman was describing how these certain angels she would…she was happy because she said she saw this one angel and he let her see his expanded wings. She was like, that’s not a common thing with the angels…that they can show their wings. Well, it might not be common because not all of them have wings. But she saw this angel. Now, I’m not going to doubt what this woman saw. She knows what she’s seeing. Whether it’s make-believe or real, she knows what she’s seeing. So I’m not going to debate her on that. This is what I’m going to debate her on…which of the angels are you seeing? Are you seeing the righteous ones or are you seeing the fallen ones? Because there is a distinction that has been made now.

When you hear the term Qodesh which in Hebrew means Set Apart. And when translated into English means Holy or Separate. So when you hear Qodesh angel, when you hear Set Apart angel, when you hear Set Apart angel, when you hear Holy angels, this is a title that has been applied to righteous angels that have kept their estate with Yah and have not left.

Now Yah just brought something to my mind. I wanted to open this lesson up with a little audio clip here. I’m going to go ahead and play it right now. It’s just about a minute long and it’s from this movie called ‘the prophesy’. I don’t know if you all have ever seen this movie. It’s a very interesting movie. I’m just going to explain this quickly for you. Because this guy says there is something we need to understand. When you understand the nature of an angel…you have to ask yourself do you really want to see an angel? Because if an angel came to you and showed you what it is in its true form…We will look at briefly when the angels appeared to man…these men were trembling. They said they fell to their face, I think it was brother Daniyah who said that he was sick after he saw this angel. He described it as light and berol (sp?) and he said I fell to my face and I got up and I was trembling. This is a horrifying thing for you to see…if they come to you in their true form. Now Yah sends them before you so they don’t scare you. He will send them in the body of men, in the flesh of men…so they can look like men. But I wanted to throw all this out there before we start hittin’ these Scriptures.

I want to play this real quick from the movie ‘the prophesy’ if you haven’t seen the prophesy…it’s a movie to check out. Now, I’m not going to say it’s the best movie on angels because I saw a lot of Catholic doctrine in there. But overall the movie is very interesting. The movie ‘the prophesy’ is about fallen angels and it has the angel Gabriel who is a righteous angel but in this movie he is rebelling against Yah because he’s upset because Yah is showing favor to man now. And so Gabriel has led a rebellion against Yah and against Yah’s righteous angels. So that’s what the movie is about. They have the concept of the adversary . Now the guy who played the adversary in this movie was one of the…I have never seen a performance of satan played like this. Usually they have satan as this loveable guy…he’s slick. But this guy was just hardcore…you know he mixed the truth with a lie BIGTIME. And that’s how satan operates. And I’m going to play a 3 minute clip later on in the lesson, probably after the break. This 3 minute clip will show you just how the devil really operates. Yeah, Christopher Wallkin (sp?) was in the movie. He was playing Gabriel.

But just listen to this clip y’all. I want y’all to listen to this. And this guy makes a very good point as he is trying to explain to this woman about the angels. Then we will hit these Scriptures. Listen to this.

 -‘Did you ever read the Bible Katherine’?

-A long time ago.

-Did you ever notice in the Bible how whenever God punished someone, to make an example or whenever God needed a killing, He sent an angel. Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? A whole existence spent to praise God but always with one wing dipped in blood. Would you ever really see an angel?

So that was kind of profound there. This angel spends his entire existence praising The Most High and he has one wing dipped in blood. And he said now would you ever want to see an angel? See this is a question that you have to ask yourself…what you have been given especially coming from the Christian faith about angels has been just the opposite of what Scripture tells us about who they are. That in its self…do you think you can stand before MichaYah the angel with his sword drawn? Do you think you can sit there and see that and not tremble and fall to your face? These warrior angels, these righteous angels…they are not playing harps and halos and all that craziness. That’s Christian craziness. That’s what that is. Let’s jump into this y’all.

I want to start off in Ephesians 6:12. We need to understand just how we are fighting this war and this battle that we are in. (talks to someone) Yeah he plays an excellent role as the devil, man. Yeah he’s something else. He shows you the true nature of the evil and the devil will always bring a lie with the truth. That’s what he does.

Ephesians 6:12 (From the KJV is better on this verse than ‘The Scriptures’ version) I like how it’s worded in the KJV. Because, it’s really simple just what Shaul is saying here and how it relates to this Spiritual battle we are in and even the Spiritual battle being fought on our behalf against those evil spirits that are in darkness. Now understanding that the fight that we are going against is not against flesh and blood but it’s against the spirit that has influence that flesh and blood being. Now remember, We are fighting against spiritual wickedness in high places. These men that we can identify as the illuminati, these men are run by angels who are spirits that are over them.  So this is what we are fighting against.

Remember, this is not a flesh and blood fight. But it’s against that spiritual wickedness, these angels or spirits they have the opportunity to hop person to person. So you cannot get lost on the flesh. So I just wanted to open up with that Scripture to let you know that when we come to the understanding of this…this is what we are looking at right here…spiritual wickedness in high place. We are looking at against authorities, against the world rulers of the darkness of this age. The world rulers…brothers and sisters…as you see these politicians…as Barak Obama is about to become a world ruler…he is about to sit on satan’s throne. Let me rephrase that. He’s about to sit in satan’s lap on satan’s throne. And he’s about to do satan’s bidding in the name of satan. See these Muslims who are more spiritual than these Westerners…I’m talking about these real Muslims over there brothers and sisters. Do you understand why they call this place ‘the great satan’? Do you have any idea? The same reason we call it the great satan. The same reason that we say that satan is here. The same reason we say this is Babylon. Because when you have that spiritual openness it’s easy to see wickedness.

 Once you have heard and seen what is righteous, oh it’s easy to spot what is wicked. So they (Muslims)  have a concept of that. Their more closer to the truth than these stiff-necked Christians are. Let me rephrase that. Those are more closer to the truth of Scripture of the Bible than these stiff-necked Christians are. Because they have a concept of righteousness. That’s why these Westerners cannot fathom in their heart of hearts…how can a man blow himself up over religion? They don’t understand being dedicated to the death. Because they have never been dedicated to anything other than…becaue everything has come easy for them. They still kill, rob and all that stuff. So they don’t understand being dedicated to serve your Mighty One until the breath is gone from your body. That’s why they can’t comprehend Yahoshua. That’s why they had to go make up a counterfeit called Jesus. It’s because they can’t understand Yahoshua. They can’t see Him. How can you see Him with a corrupt mind?

So let’s go to The Book of Exodus y’all. I want to start by showing these angels on the physical. What we have to understand is that Yah freed us from Egypt. Do y’all know that there was a great angelic battle that took place? Do y’all know that all of the plagues were brought down by evil angels? Yah sent evil angels to each and every plague. Do you know that when the children of Yisrayl left out of Egypt there were 4 angels that pursued them…that came after them. And this is why Yah said I have to send My angels before y’all. And I will identify from Scripture who that angel was that Yah had to send to battle these 4 angels. Because these 4 angels that left Egypt, they were guardians over Egypt these angels came (to battle?). And that’s why we see that pharaoh…remember pharaoh was in Egypt. He had given up right. He said Moses you get  the children of Yisrayl out of here and y’all go serve Yah and bless me (pharaoh) and my people when you leave because we are wicked. And pharaoh let them go right. But then pharaoh was influenced. He was influenced by those angels. So they convinced him. So what we see on the physical is pharaoh running after the children of Yisryl. But on the spiritual…the angels are after the children of Yisrayl…those angels that were guarding over Egypt. So Yah sent his righteous angels to battle those angels. We are going to get into that.

Exodus chapter 11, what I will show you is this…thing happen on the physical…we see the result of that but on the spiritual something greater is taking place. Oh yeah, we can see pharaoh going after the children of Yisrayl. But on the spiritual there are angels after them. We can see on the physical the Red Sea splitting but on the spiritual there is an angel there watching those waters. On the physical we can say that Yah spoke to Moses. But on the spiritual an angel brought Yah’s Word to Moses…the 10 commandments and everything. So that’s how it operates.

(talks to someone) Yeah, Obama will show who he is. I’m not saying he’s the antichrist, man of sin. He has a part in this thing, in setting up this new world order. He has a part in it. He will play his role. I don’t know if you all knew but Robert Kennedy back in 1968 said in 40 years we will have a negro president. That was almost a prophesy. He said I guarantee you in 40 years we will have a negro president. So from 1968 to 2008 is 40 years. Robert Kennedy…I’m not saying he was inspired by Yah to make a prophesy naw because he knew something. Because they are setting everything up on a time frame. Everything is set up on a time frame so they knew 40 years later that it was time for the negro to come in. Because do you know what? He has got to come for you. He’s being set up in there for you, Yisrayl. Because satan wants to take you down more so than he does anybody else. So Barak is coming to make you sleep. Because once you sleep you know…like I don’t know if any of you all have ever watched that wild show on showtime called Dexter. (laughs) That show is off the chain but there is something that you need to understand in just how the Gentile are. They are a frightening bunch. These Gentiles without Yah they are the scariest thing on this planet. So I’m telling you when you can bring a Gentile to Yah…you say halleluYah for that. Shaul told the Gentiles that they were a wild olive tree…WILD. And they are.

 So, when I watched that show Dexter, I just looked at it…you see how that guy can live 2 lives? He can be a serial killer by night and be a forensic scientist by day. That’s scary, you know. There’s no sign of it in his life. He’s just plain old Dexter. That’s some deep stuff y’all.

Exodus 11:1-7, v. 1 This one more plague we will see is the death of the first born. v. 2-4 Check this out in verse 4. Now, whenever you read in Scripture where Yah says I’m going to do this. Or I’m going to do that. Rest assure that Yah is sending a Qodesh, Set Apart, Separate angel, malakim, malak, messenger. Okay, angel is English and malakim (malakeem) is the Hebrew and it means messenger. Their Yah’s commune with man.  Man cannot hear Yah’s voice. Man cannot see Yah with the eyes. So Yah has to have a go between. They are the messengers. They come down with a message from Yah and give it to us.

So Yah said He’s going to go out into the midst of Egypt. Keep this in mind.

v. 5-7 So what we will see right here…now we see Yah pronouncing this. Yah saying hey the first born of all will die. The first born of man, the first born of pharaoh and the first born of beast. Yah is giving you the break down here that this is what is going to happen. The death of the first born brothers and sisters…Yah is pronouncing this on the physical. We just here it pronounced. But how was this thing carried out? Let’s go to Exodus chapter 12 to let you see that what we see on the physical, it is first done on the spiritual.

Now what we saw in Egypt and what the Egyptians saw with their own eyes was that their 1st borns were dying. They saw in every household in Egypt the 1st born was dying, in fact, in every household where the blood of the lamb was not present.. there was death in that house. So on the physical no one knows what is going on…is it a plague? That’s what they thought, that it was a plague. That’s what Yah presented on the physical but on the spiritual there was an angel going through and slaying every 1st born that did not have the blood of the lamb upon their homes.

Now remember, Yah has control over all angels even the ones that rebelled with satan. Now there were 2 rebellions. The 1st was satan and his crew. satan took down 1/3 of the angelic hosts. The 2nd angelic rebellion was the watchers. These were the ones that saw the women, saw that they were compatible, beautiful and came down from heaven to take them for wives. So we had the watchers rebellion against Yah and we had satan and his hosts rebelling against Yah. There were 2 angelic rebellions.

Now since satan is the highest of all rebelling angels, he has total command over all them. Over the ones he took with him and the watchers. They are all under satan’s jurisdiction. Now when we start talking about the demons, we will read from The Book of Jubilees where satan was given a tenth of the demons to rule over. satan does not have all the demons. Some of them were put away. So satan had the tenth that he rules over. So satan is the highest angel to ever rebel against Yah. So he has control over all the fallen angels. Yah has control over all righteous and unrighteous angels and demons.

So Yah can bring a destroying angel. Now Yah does not have to send His righteous angels to destroy a certain place. For instance, right here in Exodus 12 that this angel that destroyed Egypt with these plagues and so forth were destroying angels.

Exodus 12:12-13,23  v. 12 Elohim (gods) is a word that denotes the higher and lower order of the fallen angels. This is why we at Israelite Heritage do not use the title el nor elohim. Because it’s talking about the fallen angels. You don’t apply that to Yah. Yah is greater than the elohim. He sits in the counsel and judges against them (Psalm 82). So Yah said I’m going to execute judgment against the elohim of Egypt. Now remember, Egypt had guardian angels. Remember Egypt was a culture once again and I’ve said this time and time again that’s why I’m saying remember, that’s why I’m saying don’t forget this…that Egypt had over 360 gods. They had a god for every aspect of element of life…sun gods, moon gods, star gods, water gods…dirt gods, air gods, food gods, day of the week gods, monthly gods, planet gods…they had a god for everything. Do you know why that was? Because the gods that the Egyptians served were the fallen angels. So in The Book of Enoch, it tells us this, that there are angels that are responsible for all aspects of society. (talks to someone) Yeah, gods for fetility…gods and goddesses.

There are angels responsible for all aspects of society meaning when you look at the nights sky and you see…let’s say you look out at 8 o’clock in the summertime in Chicago and the sun starts to set. At 9 o’ clock the sun is set and the moon is visible. Do you know that you just witnessed angelic law or angelic order? There is an angel that is responsible for taking the sun down. There’s another one responsible for the moon, and all the things of the earth. We see these things on the physical but on the spiritual something else is happening. So when we look at the rebellious angels, satan took some high ranking angels with him because he himself was high ranking. You better believe he didn’t take no scrubs and duds with him. he took some angels that were up there. This is the master of deception. he said ‘hey y’all, I’m just like Yah come with me’. ‘I’ll make it greater for y’all’. ‘I’ll make each and every one of y’all gods’.

So the Egyptians were not the only culture with those many gods. Babylonians had over 360 gods. The Greek and Romans had over 360 gods…Ethiopians…all of them had multiple gods. And the reason was once again is because the gods were the fallen angels.

Now when those angels rebelled against Yah and left their estate to follow satan…let’s say the angel who was responsible for the sun rebelled and came to earth telling people hey I’m the sun god. Then you look at the angel that was responsible for working the moon.  Hey, he rebelled comes to earth, hey I’m the moon god…so forth and so on. That’s why they had a different god for every element. The fallen angels are their gods. And that’s why the fallen angels had those titles…god of air, god of this and that.

Let’s continue with Exodus 12, Yah said He is coming through and He’s going to kill the 1st born. That’s what we are hearing on the physical but something else took place on the spiritual.

v. 13 The blood on the houses, the blood of a lamb, this is the first Passover here. That took place in the land of Egypt. Yah said when I see the blood I shall pass over you. Now once again Yah is speaking in the first person here, ‘I will pass over you. Because when the angels come, they come with the authority of Yah. It is as though Yah is standing before you when they come to you.

v. 23 So brothers and sisters, there was an angel, this was a destroying angel. He’s called the destroyer. Now remember Yah can even talk to angels that are under satan’s jurisdiction and get them to do what He wants them to do. He just tells them, I want you to go and do this. This was a destroying angel and we are about to read that this was an evil angel.

Let’s go to The Book of Psalms chapter 78. Yah said I’m going to smite all the first born, man and beast. But when the time came there was an angel going through there. So all everybody saw on the physical was a plague, they saw the death, the crying, people dropping dead, not knowing what was going on but on the spiritual, BAM there was an angel executing all this. Do you understand when you see this plague going on in Africa that there’s an angel through there wiping them out? Because when you se all this A.I.D.S. going on in Africa, did y’all know those are Israelites mostly affected by that? Didn’t Yah tell  us in Deuteronomy 28:58-61 that you shall be a disease stricken people. Didn’t Yah say that every disease not written in here, I will put on you? Do you only think that, that only applies to us in North America? Naw, that’s in Africa too. So when you see all that disease going on in Africa…those are Israelites. And there is an angel over there whipping butt. All we can see on the physical is A.I.D.S. But on the spiritual something else is happening.

Psalm 78, Yah sent that destroyer angel to bring forth that which He deemed to bring forth.

Psalm 78:43-49 Do you see this? He sent angels of destruction or evil angels (it says in The Scriptures translation). Yah sent put on them the burning of his displeasure, His wrath, His rage and His distress. He sent evil angels to execute all of the 10 plagues that came down upon Egypt including the killing of the first born. He sent an angel called the destroyer. He sent evil angels down upon Egypt to execute His will. All the Egyptians saw was hail. All they saw was locust. All they saw were flies. All they saw was 3 days of darkness. All they saw was a river turned to blood. All those things was done by angels that Yah had sent to plague Egypt. Do you see how that goes, Hebrews? Do you understand that, Israelites?

Let’s continue. Let’s look at when Yah sent His angel before the children of Yisrayl. Let’s go to Exodus 23. Yah cannot send the children out there alone. NO WAY. Do you know why? Because we are physical. When they swoop down upon us how will we stop them? So Yah did not send us into the battle alone and He never will send you into the spiritual battle alone. But when you try to fight a spiritual battle with the flesh then Yah is going to leave you and you know let you mess your own self up. But you have to be with Yah…you have to be under His protection that’s why I constantly tell you brothers and sisters to always stay under Yah’s protection.

That’s why Shaul said sisters that you have to under that symbol of authority, that righteous authority sisters. You  be in that righteous order so these angels can have no authority over you. They can’t touch you. You can go around and dance like hammer…sing his song…you know…you can’t touch this. Sing it to their face, go up to Shemyaza and Azaziel and whoever else they bring. Let them know the real deal. You can’t fall out of protection, that’s why I tell you sisters…don’t fall out of protection of your husbands! Don’t start going against your husbands. Because you go against your husband you are going against Yah. And that man is a righteous man. When you raise your voice against him, you are raising your voice against Yah. Because Yah has placed His order. Brothers, don’t get out of order with your Isha (wife). Do you understand? Because then you can be out of order. And now you are open to satan’s attack. Do you know how you can be out of order brothers? When you don’t allow your woman to be the helper Yah created her to be. When you try to make her something other than your companion, your helper, your other half the two becoming one. Then you are out of order. Because now you are trying to do something that is not natural. Whenever you try to go against what is natural, you are going against Yah. That’s because it’s un-natural.

That’s why we better think about how we even try to go against our appearances you know. Like getting nose jobs and getting our lips slimmed down and all that. You better stop messing with that. This is what Yah put on you and Yah said when He created you…this is good. Yah made you like this, you better keep it Yisrayl. Protect it, honor it. Otherwise, Yah can put you in a place that you don’t want to be. So we must stay protected y’all. And his is why. Let’s go Exodus 23.

Yah could not have sent us out of Egypt by ourselves. He had to do this right here. Look at this.

Exodus 23:20-21, v. 20 I don’t really like to use the word messenger because there is  so much more than that. Yah has every aspect of creation covered by these angels. So malakim or angels is what I prefer to say. Messenger, I get an image of someone riding their bike with a bag and…I prefer malakim or angel. I don’t know why they chooseto give the defition of what the name means instead of angel or malakim there in this translation (The Scriptures). v. 21 Do y’all understand why Yah had to put His name in this angel? When He said I put My name on him just like Yahoshua says I come in My Father’s name, Yah is saying I’m putting My authority in him. Because He’s about to go to war with some angels that are powerful. There were some powerful angels over Egypt during this time. That’s why Egypt was one of the most powerful nations on earth at this time. So Yah had to send powerful angels with His authority because Yah’s authority supercedes satan’s authority. So that’s why Yah said I’m putting My name on this angel. So be unguard for him and obey him because if you obey him, your obeying Me. But did you see that? Yah said I’m sending a malakim before you to guard you in the way and to bring you to the place where I have prepared. What is the place He prepared? It was the land of Canaan. But Yah had to dend an angel before the children of Yisrayl.

Let’s go to Exodus 33. Yah is going to repeat this. And this is very important Yisrayl because had Yah sent us out there without any protection, we would have been ripped up.

Exodus 33:2 So do you see? Yah said I’m sending My angel before you then Yah said I shall drive out…remember when Yah says He shall do…He’s sending an angel with His authority to do that. So it was angels that was battling the angels that were over the Canaanites.  Yah said I shall drive out the Canaanites. Now we know that physically Joshua and the Israelites fought against the Canaanites physically. But on the spiritual, the angels were going at it. The angels that were over Canaan, the angels over the Amorites, the angels over the Hittites and so forth. So Yah had to send His angels.

Now let’s go to this book, ‘a dictionary of angels including the fallen angels’ by Gustav Davidson. Let’s read what he has to say about this right here as the children of Yisrayl were fleeing Egypt. Now on page XXIV in the introduction, this is what it says: It appears that Egypt had mor than one guardian angel…four in fact, and that they all showed up armed to the teeth. Various sources identify them as Uzza, Rahab, Mastema and Duma. He’s saying that there were various sources talking about this…that these angels and the children of Yisrayl left, as Yah was freeing them, Yah said once again I’m sending My angel before you. And that there were 4 other angels that left Egypt in the prusuit of the children of Yisrayl when pharaoh pursued them. And so it was saying here that those angels as they were pursuing the chilren of Yisrayl, they were not strengthed. Even though they came armed to the teeth. Yet Yah’s angels were more powerful. Why? Because Yah put His name in that angel. and His name represents His authority. So that angel that parted the Red Sea and came for the children of Yisrayl to come across and then BAM dropped the sea on the Egyptians…so this was Yah’s righteousness or Yah’s authority overseeing satan’s authority. Those angels were under satan’s authority. And they came to the battle. This is why Yah sent an angel out before the children of Yisrayl. Now when we get into next week’s lesson about the clouds (humpf) those angels were in those clouds and um we will talk about that.

But that’s why Yah had to send an angel before the children of Yisrayl. Because there were angels there over the nation of Egypt that came to the battle. And they were trying to overcome the children of Yisrayl. And Yah didn’t allow it to happen. HalleluYah for that. That’s how we were freed. But there was an angelic war going on, on the spiritual level. And what we saw manifested on the physical…the children of Yisrayl leaving, pharaoh pursuing them, the children of Yisrayl complaining ‘oh we must get out of here’. They were frightened, terrified and so that’s what we saw on the physical and the spiritual there was an actual battle going on.

And do you want to know who that angel was that led the children of Yisrayl out? Remember Moses did not get to see the fullness of the land. So we know after the death of Moses, Yahoshua Ben Nun became the new general or leader of the children of Yisrayl. So now Yah worked through him because Moses was dead. So as Joshua now, this warrior, this general went through conquering the lands of Canaan, the tribes of Canaan records something interesting in his book. Because he saw the angel, the angel that we read about that Yah put His name into, the angel that Yah sent before the children of Yisrayl that battled those angels that were over Egypt. Joshua go to see him.

Let’s go to Joshua, Yahoshua. The Book of Yahoshua chapter 5. Now Joshua had the same name as our MessiYah Yahoshua. The difference between 2 is that, Yahoshua’s salvation…because the name means Yah’s salvation…Joshua through his obedience to Yah helped bring the children of Yisrayl to salvation, helped bring us to the land. Yahoshua the MessiYah is going to help bring us to eternal life. So even though they had the same name, there were different aspects of the same name. Because for the Joshua the general it meant one thing but for Yahoshua the general and Messiah it’s something else. So Joshua and remember that name will be translated as Joshua in English but it does not need a translation. Let’s go.

Joshua chapter 5, Joshua saw this angel. Now this angel is not going to give his identity. We will go farther into Scripture to see the identity of who this angel was that Yah put His name into, that was at this battle and that was leading and guiding the children of Yisrayl.

Joshua 5:13-15, v. 13 Joshua saw him and immediately said hey are you against us or are you with us? Look at this. It said this man because angels when they come as the flesh as Yah sends them in the flesh so they will not scare us when they come but sometimes He does send them in the full form (the scary form). So he said he saw a man standing opposite him with his sword drawn in his hand. Check this out brothers and sisters, with a sword drawn, a warrior and some of our military men in here, y’all know this…a military man, he only takes the safety off and has his finger on the trigger when he’s ready to pull the trigger. Otherwise, his finger is off the trigger and his safety is on, right? So if we are reading this man right here with his sword drawn already…this man is about to go to war or he’s at war. And so when Joshua saw him, that’s why he went to him and said are you for us or are you for our adversaries?

v. 14-15 See he’s the captain of the hosts of Yah. He’s the high ranking general in Yah’s army. The hosts of Yah represents the heavenly hosts y’all. And this man is the captain. So he’s an angel because a man is not the captain of Yah’s host, not the heavenly host. So this is an angel. v. 15 So if you read over in chapter 6, it tells you that this message is from Yah and it was if Yah was talking.

But let’s identify this captain of Yah’s host who had been battling in this battle he has his sword drawn, so he’s battling right. So we see that Yah sent His angel before the children of Yisrayl. Yah put His name, His authority on that angel. We are looking at the same angel here, that lead the children of Yisrayl out and is still with them as they are conquering. He’s still battling those other angels. Who is this? Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 12.

Daniel 12:1 Do you see that? That’s who that angel was. It was Michayah. That’s the one that Yah put His name on. Because, Michael stands over the children of Yisrayl. He’s the angel that protects us. He’s our guardian. He protects and stands over us. Every nation has an angel over them. So when you see 2 nations go to war…there are 2 angels battling. Not just 2 angels but there could be a ton of angels. Because we see here that MichaYah is a chief-prince, a captain. So he has authority. Then when we read in Revelation chapter 12, it says when he goes to war with satan for the final time that he’s going to fight with his angels so he has angels under his authority. So this was MichaYah out there at the battle freeing us from Egypt in the name of Yah through Yah’s authority. It was MichaYah the righteous angel. So we see he’s over our nation, so let’s look at this y’all. Let’s break this down.

As I stated, when you see these nations go to war and listen let me just point this out also. It says here in Daniel 12:1 that at that time MichaYah shall stand up. Now he’s going to stand up right now. Yah’s not allowing him to be that protection that we fully need. Because Yah’s whipping our behinds (with the curses). So he can’t fight Yah. (laughs) So Yah’s telling him ‘at that time’. When is that time? He said the great prince who is standing before the heads of your people. This time frame…we will have a lesson about this soon…this time frame is the same time frame that Yahoshua spoke about in Matthew chapter 24. That this is the time called ‘the day of Yah’. This is when he’s going to stand up. This is when we will go into the wilderness and everything. We will be lead. We will be protected. Rememeber, it says in Revelation 12 that satan is going to send a great flood after the children of Yisrayl. he’s going to try to swallow us up. he’s going to come after us. This is when MichaYah and his angels will stand up. He and satan have already been battling it out. And we will read about that too because remember that’s going to happen on the spiritual. But you will see remnants of this. You will see this in the stars and heavens and that’s why it will make so much sense when we tell y’all to connect this with the UFO stuff. It’s deep y’all.

Let’s go to DaniYah chapter 10. Let’s look at the angels over these nations. MichaYah is ours. We are in good hands with an angel that Yah has authority in, that has already shown his worth and he’s able to protect and guide. So halleluYah. So let’s look at the angel behind nations.

We need to humble ourselves before Yah because if not Yah will give us over to the destroyer. Haven’t we been destroyed already? You think because your an Israelite that Yah will not give you over to that destroying angel? You better understand Yisrayl.

Daniel 10:12-13, v. 12 This is an angel speaking to Daniel. v. 13 Do you see that? He said that he had been withstood …he said the head of the ruler of Persia withstood me. And in the KJV it says the prince withstood me. Now, we know that he’s talking about an angel. This is an angel talking to Daniel. Because we know that no physical man can with-hold an angel for 21 days. And that angel has to get help from another angel. So what is he saying here? He’s saying that he was battling against the angel that was over the nation of Medo-Persia. And MichaYah that righteous angel had to come and give this angel help in this spiritual battle. Now what was going on at this time? This is talking about the decline of the Medo-Persian empire as it is falling and the next (empire) is about to rise up, Alexander and the Greeks. So these angels are battling these angels over Persia. But do you know what? As soon as he slay those then the angels that’s over Greece, he’s going to have to battle with them. Let’s prove that. Let’s go to verse 20. This is this angel talking to Daniel.

Daniel 10:20 Do you see that? He’s saying now I have to go back and fight with the head of Persia. But when I take him down, Greece is coming up. Greece is coming up…where do we get that from? In Daniel chapter 7. Daniel makes a prophesy. He sees in a night vision. He sees 4 kingdoms. This is the whole interpretation of that in Daniel chapter 7. These 4 kingdoms represent Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. These 4 nations ruled in that order. The Babylonians ruled first then the Medes-Persians took over from Babylon. Then Greeks came under Alexander and took over from Medo-Persia and then Rome came and took over from Greece.

So he said now I have to return to fight the head of Persia in verse 20. There was an angel over the nation of Persia. And he said, ‘when I have left see the head of Greece shall come’. So that other angel…so he’s saying ‘hey man I have to battle these 2 nations’. Greece is no longer in existence, that Greece that was an empire under Alexander. That’s why ancient Babylon is no longer in existence. That’s why none of that is no longer in existence. Because those angels have been slayed. They have been put into captivity. When these angels go down over these nations, they must be locked up. That’s why this place Tartarus is the prison for the fallen angels. And remember when we played that sound track from that (Art Real Show ?) that was on YouTube. Where they said that they dug this whole into the earth and they heard sounds that they thought were hell. But it was not hell. It is the sound of that prison that’s in the middle of the earth. There is a prison for the fallen angels. So as these nations go down, first that angel goes down. Then BAM the collapse of that nation. So the United States is about to get a spanking. They are about to go down hard, big time. So that’s what you read, there are angels over nations. Let’s continue to show this.

*Israelite Heritage

**sorry for the typos, I seem to run out proofread time.

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The Treasure Hunt

Deuteronomy 4:27-31 And Yah will scatter you among the peoples (nations) and you will be left few in number among the nations where Yah will drive you. And there you will serve gods, the work of men’s hands, wood and stone which neither see nor hear nor eat nor smell. But from there you will seek Yah your Almighty and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul. When you are in distress and all these things come upon you in the latter days when you turn to Yah your Power and obey His voice (for Yah your Mighty One is a merciful Power). He will not forsake you nor destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which He swore to them.

Yahoshua said, So I say to you and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be opened. If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish? Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Set Apart Spirit to those who ask Him! Luke 11:9-13

*These are the Scriptures that I was reading about. It struck me because Yah knew we were going to be looking for Him in the latter times.

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The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFO’s p. 1b

The Fallen Angels: Gods, Giants and UFO’s Part 1b: Genesis 6 and The destruction of Sodom

So Let us continue. Let’s go to Enoch chapter 14. These angels are underground right. Remember that.

Enoch 14:4-5 (Laurence) or Enoch 14:5-7 (pseudepigrapha) From this time forward never shall you ascend into heaven. He has said that on earth He will bind you as long as the world endures but before these things you shall behold the destruction of your beloved sons. You shall not possess them but they shall fall before you by the sword.

So Yah said these angels shall not obtain heaven. They shall be bound on the earth. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 9.

Remember these angels are underneath the ground right. Yah said I’m going to bound you on earth, that’s what The Book of Enoch said. Now to validate The Book of Enoch we see that both Peter and Jude quoted from it. Now we see that what is written in The Book of Enoch is written in The Book of Revelation. So when Enoch said that those are angels that went and had those women and these angels are being punished for what they did…the leaders of that rebellion…remember it was like 200 angels Enoch said and there was like 10 leaders who had 10 angels under them and the leaders are the ones that were punished. Now check this out.

Revelation 9:1 v. 1 So we see this angel right here…I’m going to show you who this angel is. The Book of Revelation shows us who this angel is. He’s a very powerful angel. He has a powerful job to do to. But this angel came down and went to the bottomless pit, to Tartarus to the prison of the fallen angels and he had the key in his hand to unlock the bars of the prison brothers and sisters. Because he has to let the angel out. This angel went down and was like a warden, I guess. And look what happens once he opens up the prison. v. 2-4 So you better make sure your protected by Yah during this time (It’s important to have Yah’s seal). v. 5-7 These ain’t no ordinary locusts brothers and sisters…these are angels coming from the middle of the earth. They are ready for battle! v. 8-11 So they have over them a king. So these are intelligent creatures that we are reading about here. They have faces of men and the teeth of lions. so they have over them a king…Abaddon (Apollyon) and he is going to be released. And he’s going to lead these beings into war. Let’s go down to verse 13. Do you see, that’s where the angel is going. He has the key to the bottomless pit and he goes down into the earth and he goes down to the prison and he releases these creatures from the prison where Yah had them stored. The bottomless pit is where the fallen angels are brothers and sisters. It is where satan will  taken for 1,000 years. he will be taken down to the bottomless pit…Tatarus. That’s where satan will go once he is under chains. We will see that in just a moment. These are the same watchers that were put in chains of darkness, until the time of judgment some of them or until Yah does what He needs to do with the others.

Revelation 9:13-18, v. 13-14 There are 4 angels under the Euphrates. Remember, Yah told us in The Book of Enoch that He’s going to keep these angels bound on earth. He said cover their eyes up with stones so they shall not see the light. Those angels are under the Euphrates where they are going to war right now. v. 15 See they are there for a special purpose. They are waiting to be released so they can kill a third of mankind. v. 16 A 200 hundred million man army is the biggest army that the world has ever seen. The largest army man has ever produced. v. 17-18 See, these are those angels brothers and sisters.

Let’s run over to Revelation chapter 20 real quick. These are the angels that were bound up for their transgressions. Som of them are held until the day of judgment and some of them Yah is going to use for His purpose and will. They are bound all over the earth. That’s why you go to some spots on the earth and it’s a vortex of energy. The Bermuda triangle and all these places. These vortexes of energy…angels are all over this place. Yah has bound them. Tartarus is underground. That bad fellow is a heap of energy. Angels are spiritual beings. They’re energy, strong powerful energy. Everything is energy because Yah is energy. Yah is the source of all power. Everything in the universe works off energy. (talks to someone) Yeah, the laylines…that’s why we have the pyramids and how they are aligned to touch on all the energy points…to touch on where this prison crosses at. Where all these fallen ones are.

Revelation 20:1-3, v. 1 Now we just read about this same angel in Revelation 9. this is the angel that is going to bind satan up. This is satan going to the prison here. v. 2 This same angel of Revelation 9 will bind satan up and put him in the bottomless pit which is Tartarus, which is the prison for the fallen angels. v.3 They are going to put a seal on him…seal him up…you can’t do nothing satan. You will be bound on the earth just like those other angels. So satan is going into the same prison where they are now when that times comes.

So we are going to take a look now at why the city of Sodom was destroyed. And we will see that it has something to do with the fallen angels. I hope that you are understanding this. I hope it is clear to you what took place in Genesis chapter 6. Because do you know what? What happened in Genesis 6 will happen again. So we have to go over it. And I have to explain it to you sisters so you don’t get terrified and say ‘Obadiyah are the angels going to come and get me when I’m sleeping’? ‘Or when I get out the shower’? Naw. They are not going to do it like that. We are going to see how they are going to do it. So calm down sisters, don’t get terrified. But we will look to see how that will be done. We will talk about the return. I have about a half of a page of notes left. So we will not be much longer (The class took a 15 minute break here).

We will talk about Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim. Many of you may not know but there were actually like 4 cities that were destroyed with Sodom. So we are going to look at the destruction of Sodom and see how it relates to Genesis 6. Remember in Genesis 6, what destroyed that world? Those angels, women and the giants. Those giants went wild upon the earth tearing up stuff and eating up men. And Yah had to destroy the world. But why did Yah have to destroy Sodom? Now let me tell you about the destruction of Sodom. It was so powerful. Like I said we haven’t seen a destruction like that in all of Scripture. We hear one mentioned when Mystery Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. We haven’t seen…I mean entire nations…wipied off the map…An entire nation…4 nations wiped off the map and turned to ash. What angered Yah? Why did He have to bring a destruction? I mean Yah is merciful. Yah is kind and compassionate. But Yah is also justice. So there was something that these people did. And Yah brought down great destruction. So let’s check it out.

So we look at what happened in Genesis 6. Now we will look at Sodom and how Sodom relates to Genesis chapter 6. Let’s go…Genesis chapter 18 in the KJV.

Genesis 18:20-21 Yah said their crys had come up and reached Him in heaven. He said their sin is very grievous (grave). Their doing something down there in Sodom that they have no business doing. And Yah is hearing it all. Yah said He has to go down and see what they have done. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 19. Let’s see Yah coming to Sodom and Yah confirming what those people were down there doing. And we will see why Yah had to destroy Sodom in the manner that He did. The destruction of Sodom is equated to a nuclear blast. He…ripped…that…place…apart! Leveled it. It was so strong that Lot’s own daughters thought that the entire world had been destroyed. Lot’s wife turned back to look. And Scripture says that she turned into salt. But if you understand and break that down actually what happened is that she was vaporized. She was turned to ash. That’s how powerful that explosion was that was going on in Sodom. Yah was angry. He said that their sin is very grievous. Now sin is sin. For Yah to call a sin very grievous…this is something that the people are outrageously doing.

Genesis 19:1-8, v. 1 Check this out, it says 2 angels right. v. 2-3 how many of y’all have that much hospitality that you will bring a stranger in? You see a stranger and no he’s not familiar with your city or town and you bring him into your house and cook for him and you say hey spend the night here. That’s Hebrew hospitality. v. 4 Now notice this. It didn’t just say just the men. It said the men old and young but it said ALL the people from every part surrounded the house. All of the people includes the women also. And the little ones. Everybody came to surround Lot’s house to try to get a these angels. Now, it said before the men…notice how they called angels in Genesis 19:1 but now they are being referred to as men. Because these angels like the watchers…they look like mankind. They look like men. They didn’t have 8 wings and 5 faces and all of that. They looked like men. The people knew who the watchers were. Because what we will see is that Sodom was having sex with the fallen angels.

Remember in Genesis it said that the giants were in the earth during that time when men multiplied but also after that. Yah killed all the giants up with the flood right. So how do we get Goliath after the flood? How do we get Bashan after the flood? Because these giants existed because the people continued to have sex with the fallen angels and produce these offspring called nephilim or the giants. And that’s what we will see. This is why Sodom was destroyed. Let’s check it out. v. 5 See they want to know these men remember in Genesis 19:1…and 2 angels came. These are angels and all the people of the city want to know them. They want to Biblically know them which means to have intercourse with them. So they wanted to have sex with these angels. v. 6-8 Now if this whole thing was about homosexuality, you don’t offer homosexual men…women. Lot was offering up his daughters. Homosexual men don’t want any women. They wanted those angels. Because they (the people) knew what they were. Remember the watchers look like mankind. The watchers were compatible with the daughters of men. Because they looked like us. They were responsible for watching over us. And so do these 2 angels right here. And the people wanted them for sexual reasons and sexual purposes.

Remember y’all they said once you had sex with the angels…you cannot go back to having sex with humans. The word Sodomite does not mean homosexual. The word Sodomite means a temple prostitute. Because in the ancient days those people would come into the temples to have sex with the temple prostitute. They would leave their offering at the church, money or whatever. And when they had sex with these temple prostitutes that was their way of getting into contact with the gods or simulating the sex that they use to have with the gods. That’s what a Sodomite is. Why do you think there are so many fertility holidays? Or hellidays? So much fertility rites? Because they are mimicking the time when man connected with the gods. And gods produced offspring on the earth through human women. That’s what the whole fertility thing is all about. Easter…asterah…the easter bunny, rabbits are very fertile. That’s what all this is about. Valentine’s day…fertility rites, because they are still simulating that.

Genesis 19:12-29, v. 12 Now look at this. These angels came and when they first met Lot they said ‘hey man don’t worry about it we will sleep out in the square’. Lot insisted they stay at his house. Lot fed them. They were about to lay down and then all these people came knocking at the door. Now notice that when the men came to Lot, they did not tell Lot that they came to destroy that place. Remember in Genesis 18 when Yah said, ‘I have to go down there and see what these people are doing all together because the cry of them have come up to Me’. So Yah sent His 2 angels down to confirm what the people of Sodom are doing. And the confirmation will come when these people said ‘bring those 2 men out’. ‘Bring those angels out so we may know them’. And so from that, these 2 righteous angels have made the confirmation. Yes, the people of Sodom are still having sex with the fallen ones. So now we have to destroy this place. v. 13 Yah had to destroy the old world with the flood because of this…fallen angels and women. And now He has to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of it…and the other cities. Yah sent the 2 angels to destroy those cities.

v. 14 They didn’t believe Lot. v. 15-16 See, Lot did not want to leave because he lingered. Sodom was known as a beautiful city so the angels had to force him out. Yah had to show Lot compassion. v. 17-21 So Yah is having compassion on him and he’s saying hey, okay I’m going to let you go over here then. Because Yah is about to burn that city to the ground! Burn-baby-burn. This was no small matter here brothers and sisters. Because these people had done the same thing that brought about the great flood and this angered Yah. Remember in Genesis 18. v. 20 Yah said their sin is very grievous. Not small grievous but very grievous. He said I have to go down here (to see). So when those righteous angels saw that the people wanted to have sex with them and they are angels. Not just one person came or not just 2 people came but the whole city came to Lot’s door. Bring them out so we may know them. This was confirmation. This is all the angels needed to see and right after that what happened? The angels said, ‘Lot get out of here. We are about to destroy this place’. For the cry of it has come up to the face of Yah.

The same thing happening in Genesis 6 is the same thing happening in Sodom. And you get these insane Christian ministers…because you have to be insane to come to The Word of Yah and try to twist The Word of Yah. That’s crazy. So they come and say Sodom was destroyed because of homosexuality and God hates fags. Yes, Yah hates homosexuality without doubt. But why didn’t Yah destroy Greece like that? Greece was the home of homosexuals. Why didn’t He destroy Rome like that? Or any other place? New York is still standing. It was far deeper than homosexual acts. It was far deeper than murder. It was far deeper than just stealing. He took those people off the face of the earth because their sin was grievous and that grievous sin was that these people were having sex with the fallen angels.

How do you think giants after the flood roamed the earth? Joshua, Yahoshua Ben Nun, the general came into the land of Canaan and fought with giants. When they went into the land they said those men, the sons of Anak…we are like grasshoppers in their sight. These men were giants. The Canaanites too were having sex with the fallen angels. Why do you think Yah said go in there My army…once Yah choose His army on earth, the children of Yisrayl He no longer needed to bring that destruction on earth by the hands of angels. Because His army on earth. He sent us into Canaan and He said ‘destroy it all’! Why do you think He told us to destroy all that? They too…there were giants in the land. Those giants came about because of the union between fallen angels and women in the land of Canaan. David and his boys killed off the last of them. They killed about 4 giants. That’s where giants come from brothers and sisters. That’s why Yah had to destroy Sodom and the other cities.

The United States better be glad we are in her borders tonight and that we are in her borders tomorrow night. And that’s the only thing that is keeping her going…is that we are here. When Yah finds us fit to seal our heads and says that’s all My servants that I need…she is done. She is through. So look how merciful Yah is. He said I am not able to do anything Lot until you get into the place of safety. So you get over there because I have to destroy this place. Yah don’t play y’all. I’m telling you.

v. 23-25 Look at that. Yah destroyed everything on the ground. Everything was turned to ash. Fire and sulfur rained from the heavens. Man, this sounds like a nuclear explosion brothers and sisters and we know that Yah has the power to do that. v. 26 She became ash. She was vaporized. From looking back at the powerful destruction. v. 27 So Abraham looked and he witnessed this. v. 28 Father Abraham saw this from where he stood. And it was an amazing sight. I know it had to be. (talks to someone) Yeah brother, they found ash. They found everything. But they still refuse to admit that it was Yah. So they say ‘something great  has happened here’. ‘Maybe it was hit by a meteorite’. Yeah right. But yeah brother, piles of ash, everything in that place was leveled. Those wicked people, they didn’t see light again. Now what’s deep about this y’all…what’s so deep about this? We know that Yah has mercy right. Yah has compassion. Yah did not give those people an opportunity to repent. Yah said what those angels confirmed what was going on. They said Lot get out, we have to destroy this place. There was no repentance for them.

Do you remember the story of Jonah and Nineveh? Yah had to fight with one of His prophets to go to Nineveh so He could give those people an opportunity to repent, an entire nation. But Sodom was not given such a thing. Yah said this is it. The only thing that held back His instant destruction was that His servant had to get out of there. Lot had to get out of there, that’s the only thing. (talks to someone) Yeah, Jonah didn’t want to go. Jonah wanted to see Sodom happen to Nineveh. Let’s read that. Let’s go to Jonah chapter 1. Yah does give entire nations the opportunity to repent. But no such thing for Sodom. This is letting you know that, that grievous sin was not homosexuality as these ministers say. Yeah, there was homosexuality going on in Sodom and it was going on in Israel. It was going on among the Greeks and all the ancient nations but they didn’t get destroyed like that.

Jonah 1:2-3 Look at this! Yah is saying about Nineveh, what He said about Sodom. He said Sodom’s cry had come up before His face right, I see their grievous sin. v.3 Jonah didn’t want to deal with it. Let’s go to Jonah chapter 3 just to show you that Yah does give repentance to entire nations once their sin has reached up to His face.

Jonah 3:1-8, v. 1-4  They got 40 days to repent! Sodom was not given that time. v. 5-8 So look at this, Nineveh was given a chance to repent and lo and behold they repented to Yah. So no destruction came upon them. But they were wicked. Sodom no way. Even the grass was destroyed in Sodom.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 29. Because those people brothers and sisters were giving themselves over to the angels. This is Moses speaking here.

Deuteronomy 29:23 See there were 4 cities because Scripture speaks of all the plaines…all the nearby cities…all of that got taken out. There were 4 cities and no grass grows there. Like the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah, there’s no grass no nothing growing there. Everything has been contaminated like with radiation. That’s how mighty that overthrow was. Yah was not playing, He was angry.

Let’s go to Jude chapter 1. We will see why He was angry. We will see what was happening there y’all. So check it out, we already know right but we will confirm it by reading Jude. Jude will confirm what went down in Sodom.

Jude 1:7 Look at that. He said that they were giving themselves over to strange flesh and whoring themselves. What is strange flesh? Now we know flesh is different…there is flesh of men, there’s flesh of birds, there is flesh of fish, flesh of animals…but strange flesh. That’s a whole other flesh. Why does he call it strange flesh? Mystery flesh? Hidden flesh? Because this is the strange flesh of the angels. Remember the angels can manifest themselves into flesh. The watchers looked like us, flesh and blood creatures, flesh and blood humans. But their flesh is strange. Do you know why? If you read I think it’s Judges chapter 13 there was an angel that stood before the parents of Samson and this angel jumped into a fire and disappeared. See, we can’t do that with our flesh. Angels can walk through walls when they look like flesh and blood men. We can’t do that. They can disappear and reappear in their fleshy body. We can’t do that. So that’s a different flesh. And the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were giving themselves…going after strange flesh. Yah did not give them an opportunity to repent. Yah said this thing has to be handled right here, right now. They have to go. They are infected. They have to go. Lot did not take part in that. So once again what did Yah do? As He did with Noah. He saved one man and his family. That one man and his family did not partake in that. Their genetics were not messed up. So Yah saved him just like he saved Noah. And He destroyed everything else that was surrounding them.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 19 again. Just to let you see how powerful that destruction was that Yah brought down upon Sodom. This is what I want you to understand. You don’t see this anywhere else. Yah didn’t destroy Egypt like that, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome…He did not destroy no other place…we hear that, that’s going to happen to Mystery Babylon. And that’s why Yahoshua says when you wipe the dust off your foot and those people who refuse to hear the truth, Yahoshua said it will easier for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah to get into the kingdom….this is letting you know that no one of Sodom and Gomorrah is getting into the kingdom but He’s making that example. Those folks were super wicked and they had no chance at repentance but if you reject this Word of Yah, you are likewise as they.

Genesis 19:30-31 They thought there were no men left on the earth. They thought they were the only people alive. That’s how heavy that destruction was. They didn’t think no one else survived.

Let’s go to 2 Kepha chapter 2. So don’t any of you get any bright ideas out there and start giving yourself over to fallen angels. And praying to fallen angels. Because many of you and be real about it sisters and brothers, when we were serving Jesus and if one night we looked up and in our doorway was Jesus and he came to us and he said he wanted to lay with us…men would have got on all fours and women’s legs would have been to the roof. And we would be waiting on Jesus. And that’s just the truth of the matter. Because we were deceived. We were wicked in our own hearts and we would have done anything for Jesus. So we have to be mindful of this brothers and sisters…that wicked angels do come and try to have sexual intercourse with you. They will come and seduce you and try to bring you over to them. So don’t be foolish. You better rebuke that and rebuke it sharply. These angels have been known to be very lustful. Where do you think that term horny comes from? It comes from them. Orgies, it comes from them. They do all that wickedness.

Now, I’m going to explain something to you all in just a moment…them coming back…the return of the fallen ones and how they will do things. But right now, they would, if they see that your heart is open to that, they would. Do you know that, that’s why they have these séance and these ritual sex. What do you think that is? You are having sex to the gods. Remember when we watched that movie, I forgot the name, where the guy was giving his testimony…to the older Gentile guy about these spirits. I forgot the name (of the movie) but he was saying he conversed with spirits. He was saying he is apart of the illuminati. ‘A trip to the Supernatural’ is the name and he gave a profound testimony of how he saw these fallen angels and how they presented themselves to them. They were all gathered together and these angels would come walking through walls. And he said they were so beautiful. He said they were just as beautiful as the day that they left heaven. And they taught them that Yah had a misunderstanding with them. And Yah cast them out wrongly, blah, blah, blah. But the ritual sex aspect of it is that they called these entities in and they have these entities to come in and have sex with these women.

Who seen Rosemary’s baby? Remember that? This woman had sex with the devil and gave birth to the devil’s child. They called the devil into the midst during a séance. Ritualistic sex all of that originates with these fallen angels. That’s why you have to CONTROL even your own sexual appetite! Because you can open a door. And when you open that door that fallen one or demon will be there wickedly trying to seduce you. When were into the world, man, we didn’t know why we just could not stop having sex. You know sex when your happy, sex when your depressed. You were under their influence. Remember they were so lustful that when they saw women they left heaven to come down and sleep with women. That’s how strong their lust was. It’s heavy y’all. All of society has been affected by the fall of these angels. And they are here to lead us astray, boy. So we just have to get ourselves together and just knock off their influence y’all.

2 Kepha 2:5-6 He reduced those cities to ashes. But do you see how Peter connects those 2 events…the great flood and the destruction of Sodom? We are talking about destruction that happened for the same reason. The great flood because the people were having sex with the fallen angels producing giants. The destruction of Sodom, the people were having sex with the fallen angels producing giants. It’s the same thing and Peter put them both together. (talks to someone) Yeah brother, the same activity Yah brought down equal amounts of destruction.

Now Jerusalem, Yahrushalom Scripture says that Yahrushalom is going to be called spiritually Sodom and Egypt. This is when the man of sin sets up in Yahrushalom. And os you know why? Because Yahrushalom will be the man of sin’s headquarters. And the fallen will have returned to earth by that time. And in that temple what do you think their going to be doing with those angels?!! With their god! What do you think will be happening in there brothers and sisters? Why do you think it will be called spiritually Sodom? Because they will be doing the same thing that Sodom did. They will have the same spirit as the people of Sodom. (talks to someone) Yep, the great deception. But do you know what? The thing is that if you don’t have yourself grounded (in the Word of Yah), you will be overtaken by that.

So let me just give some advice to you married brothers and sisters out there. If you are having any type of sexual problems in your marriages, you have a lifetime to work that out. Don’t allow satan to come in the midst of your marriage brothers and tell you that you need to get rid of your wife because you don’t like the type of sex you have with her. Sisters, don’t let satan come into the midst of your marriage and tell you that you need to get rid of your husband because you don’t like the type of sex your having with him. because he’s going to open your heart…he’s going to open the door to tell you ok I got something better for you right over here. Just come around the corner let me show you this. And you will mess around and become seduced by a fallen one. You will find yourself giving yourself over because satan has deceived you or find yourself giving yourself over to the fallen angels. So you must be careful. Don’t give ear to the adversary. You must be careful of what he’s saying to you. Because this thing is about to go down. And it’s going to go down with a great deception. Yah says it’s going to be so strong that He’s going to give them over to a strong delusion  that they should believe a lie. That’s what Father says. He said I’m going to give you over.

And the watchers were known to be freaky-deeky. Everything that people are doing now, that is not sex…that came from the watchers. When they get sexual pleasure out of some strange things…very abominable things…that stuff came from the watchers. That is satanic! Some of the things that folks are doing is straight up  satanic. (talks to someone) Yeah beastiality, bondage, cutting each other and I ain’t going to mention all the other stuff because it’s Shabbat. But y’all know what they are doing. A ton of other stuff that they should not be doing. We were all apart of the world one time. Many of us may have participated in it. Many of us may have seen it. But we all know that it’s there. We are not blind to it. We know what the people are doing. But that’s influenced by those watchers. I’m telling you they were known as straight up horn dogs, man. Straight horny all the time. Yep, horny comes from them.

Let’s close this lesson out with their return. In fact, we will have an entire lesson that’s going to break down how they are going to return.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 17. Now this stuff has happened before and it’s going to happen again. Remember these angels are shape shifters. They can change into any flesh. If you like your women to be 6 foot and long-legged and big breast and big…man that’s what they can turn into. That’s why Father Yah tells us not to look at this world on the physical but look at it from the Spiritual. Because these angels cannot give you truth. They cannot give you Yah. They can only give you what the eyes can see. That’s it. The desires of your own wicked heart is what they will provide for you. And we have to be careful man. If you like your man to be 6 foot 6 and he’s strappin’ with an 8 pack, he’s ripped and muscular. He has a pretty smile, pretty teeth, pretty hair that’s what you want sister, then that’s what they will give you. And they will give you much more than that, if you fall for that deception.

Luke 17, this is Yahoshua speaking here. He’s making a prophesy here.

Luke 17:26-30, v. 26 Whew, As it was in the days of Noah. What took place in the days of Noah? Genesis 6 was in the days of Noah. Yah mentions Noah by name in Genesis 6:11. So the days of Noah was the days of the fallen ones. These were the days when the fallen ones came and took women for their wives. This is Yahoshua making this prophesy. Look at this. It said as in the days of Noah so shall it be when He comes back. v. 27 They were eating and drinking, they were having celebrations…a wedding reception. They were having celebrations of the union of angels and the daughters of men. They were celebrating that. Yahoshua said they were given in marriage and they were marrying. What’s wrong with marriage? Yah said get a wife. He who finds a wife has found favor with Yah. Marriage is honorable in all. A man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife. So what’s wrong with marriage?! Nothing is wrong with marriage between human man and human woman.  But everything wrong with the fallen angels and human women.

v. 28 Okay and likewise Yahoshua said in the days of Lot. In the days of Lot what happened? That’s when Sodom was destroyed. Once again we are seeing that Sodom and the flood is being spoken of in the same chapter here but just as Peter put both together, Yahoshua is putting them both together. First He started talking about Noah because we know that world was destroyed by the flood. Now He’s talking about the destruction of Sodom. In the days of Lot they were eating, selling, planting and building. v. 29-30 Look at that, He said its going to be the same thing (when He returns). They will be celebrating these unions of the fallen angels and daughters of man. They will be building and doing all these things until He comes back. So this is going to happen again brothers and sisters…as it was in the days of Noah. It’s going to happen again.

But do you know what? Yeah brother they are doing it now but it’s going to be on a grand scale. This is what Yah is talking about…that grand delusion. Because when they come back this time on a grand scale…because they are doing it now but kind of undercover…where they are going around because they can’t wait for that whole day to come back because their too horny. Their lyons are so leafy. They must have their 2-3 women every night right now. But they are going to do it on a grander scale. Check it out. This is how they will do it.

They are going to return just like in the ancient times. They will come in these giant beautiful ships. We call them spaceships or UFOs (unidentified flying objects). They will arrive in those ships. They will look strappin’ and beautiful, strong voiced and just everything you ever thought of in a beautiful person because…do you understand? And do you see why this society is based on physical, everything is on the physical. You see young women out here killing themselves so they can look beautiful. People are putting their lives on the line so they can go get plastic surgery. Starving themselves so they can look skinny and beautiful. All of that is just to get the people’s minds prepped for the return of the fallen ones. So when they come in these big ships, they are going to come and say we are your gods. They will cure all diseases by our genetics. They will give us our genetic code and all this. Do you know what? Men, will be giving their daughters over. Brothers will give their sisters over. Sons will be giving their mother’s over to these angels to marry them. So they can say ‘my sister has married a god’! “My daughter is married to a god’! My mother is married to a god’! This is what they will be doing. So it’s going to be a grander scale.

These occult people who are summoning up these demons and all that, that stuff is going on and on the low-end. I’m talking the grand scale. and look what Shaul says when they do this on the grand scale. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 11. (talks to someone) That’s right brother, it will be like being married to a football star or an actor. You see how women act now around stars…man, a god. Man, that’s on another level. And that makes them a goddess…I guess.

1 Corinthians 11:10 Do you see that sisters? You shall have a symbol of authority on your head because of the angels. What is the symbol of authority? Shaul tells you in this chapter right here that the man is over the woman, Yahoshua is over the man and Yah is over Yahoshua and Yah is over us all. So sisters you have to be in that righteous ordained either marriage…marriage is preferable…that is the ultimate symbol of authority over your head or either under a righteous male family member or under the authority of a righteous brother. Like you sisters that are apart of Israelite Heritage, you are under our covering, that’s only until you get a husband. And then your husband is your full covering. So if you can get married…don’t do that independent woman…’I ain’t getting married’. ‘I don’t need no man’. ‘I can do bad all by myself’. Okay, you are going to end up in the arms of an angel. Waiting on your angel, anticipate your heart. So don’t be like that sisters.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 4. Let me show you something here. This has remained a kind of mystery among us for a little while but let’s go to Isaiah. You have to have that symbol of authority because you know what that independent woman she don’t want no authority over her head. So she will be the first one that they swipe up, the Beyoncé types (My sidenote: Beyoncé had a song out called ‘independent women’ while with her group Destiny’s child)

Isaiah 4:1 ‘In that day’ is a particular The Son of Man returns. For this cause a woman should have a symbol of authority over her head because of the angels. When the fallen ones return, these women are going to want to be fully covered by a husband. and it’s going to be 7 women to 1 man. The women will say we have our own, don’t worry about giving us nothing. We have our own food, clothes just let us be married to you! That’s what it means when it says let us be called by your name…let us be married to you to take away our reproach. Because those angels are going to be here and you know how they do it. They take up everything and they want all the women. ‘Why not take all of you’ as Bootsy Collins use to say. So that’s the deal y’all. (talks to someone) That’s right they will want that covering (marriage) for protection. ‘You don’t have to love me’. ‘You don’t have to have sex with me’. ‘Just let me be called by your name’. That’s it…7 women to 1 man.

I know some of you brothers out there that have the fallen angels on your heart are like ‘man when is that day going to get here’! Some of you brothers already making plans ‘you know what I will pretend to be me and then I will get 7 women, then I will pretend to be my brother then I will get 7 more women’. Man you better remove that lust out of your heart brother. You gon’ find yourself in the arms of a fallen one. They don’t care. They will take men too. Where do you think the spirit of homosexuality comes from?

So that’s if fam. That’s the deal. It’s going to happen again. It happened before. We have to be prepared. We have to know the past in order to understand the future. Yah will protect. Sisters, stay where you are. Sisters, stay under that authority. Don’t leave that Yah authority. Because if you do, you are messing yourself up. Because women…what’s up with these independent women…these loose women…they have no man in their lives because they are anti-men and these women go out and what? They go out and do anything they want to do. They go out and have no control and have no discipline. They go out and do all they want to do. See, that’s what happens when you’re not under that symbol of authority. But women that are under that authority, they will fall in line with that authority.

Men also did have sex with the fallen angels. And also men gave their female counterparts over to the angels. Like a shotgun wedding where the father goes and gets his shotgun and make you marry his daughter. Make you marry Ernestine. So it was a little bit of everything.

That’s it, the lesson is over. halleluYah, I pray that you have gotten a blessing from this lesson and I pray you have gotten understanding. It’s very profound and deep. Listen to part 2, 3 and 4. Part 2 we will deal with the angelic wars. Part 3 I believe we deal with the clouds. I forgot what part 4 is about…UFO phenomena. 

All of it is the same thing y’all. The aliens…fallen angels, UFOs…it’s all the same thing. Part 5 and 6 will be coming too. And we may go ahead and drop a part 7. There is so much to cover on this subject. Masonry is related to this. Sororities is related to this. Fraternities the whole secret society element. Just about all of society has been effected. The holidays all of that has been effected by these rebellious angels including and especially satan.

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Valley of the Dry Bones

This is a powerful prophesy. It is not about the doctrines of the Christians and Jews in land of Israel. What is the valley of dry bones? How does it pertain to Yisrayl? Christianity didn’t transform us. It didn’t renew our mind, spirit, body and it didn’t bring us to Yah. The curses will be over in 7 years (2019). We were brought to mystery Babylon in 1619. When Ezekiel saw this prophesy it was probably 2,500 years in the making. Prophesies in the Bible concern the condition of Yisrayl. Why don’t they talk about the Hebrews in school? What other nation has prophesy’s of their nation? None.

Ezekiel 37:1-2 ‘very dry, very many’ bones: skeletons=death. Yah brought Yahzeqyl to a valley with dry bones. Dry bones=a long time. Yah gave Yahzeqyl this vision. v. 3-4 Powerful! Yah said can these bones live? Yah you know, Yahzeqyl did not know the answer. Prophesy to these bones Yah said, yeah they can live again. These bones are the house of Yiarayl. This was a Spiritual death. We are a Spiritual dead people right now. Go out on the Avenue (the ave.) and see.

Hosea 13:1-3 v.1 Eprhaim=the northern 10 tribes, the largest tribe of Yoseph. Like Judah (Yahudah) was the largest of the southern 2 tribes. Baal=lord. v. 2-3 What killed us? Idolotry, we died in the valley and no one buried us. Our enemy did not bury us. And we were serving their gods. When Yah’s Ruach leaves us we become zombies…mindless. This is what we are now…the dead=unclean.

Proverbs 21:16 Assembly of the dead=no understanding, no law. They will not keep Shabbat or feast day in Yahrushalom (when it’s time). When you break law you are in the assembly of the dead. Sunday is the assembly of the dead. Putting a dead body at the altar in church is the assembly of the dead.

No man comes to Yah but through Yahoshua. Those that don’t know Yahoshua are spiritually dead. Only a remnant will accept salvation as Scripture says. Moses said heaven and earth is a witness against you. They like being in the congregation of the dead, they are lazy.

Alexander spread death to the world. Hellenism means death. Yah stopped him after 12 years. Philosophy means knowledge by man. The Israelites followed the Greeks. the Israelites uncircumsised themselves. I don’t know how you do that. (the room starts talking about wrestling after saying Alexander was homosexual) Wrestling is homosexual. Wrestling is a secret society. The whole world is gay now. Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife said he is gay. The Roc said he met his wife on the way to an orgy. Some wrestlers wear pink tights. But mixed martial arts is different. Von Erick brothers (sp?) a curse on the wrestling family. One was believed to be murdered but it is said he committed suicide. Bruce Lee, a curse put on him too.

Israelites were the biggest sportsmen in the Greek days. Hebrews were the best gladiators after Titus sacked Zion in 70 CE. We still do Greek life…black Greeks ie sororities and fraternities.

Matthew 8:18-22 Let the spiritually dead bury the physically dead because they are both dead. Just like these churches…the blind leading the blind. But you follow Me said Yahoshua. Spiritual resurrection is occurring right now, then the physical will take place. First Spiritual then physical that’s how Yah always does it.

Isaiah 65:2-4 We remain among the graves v. 4. Pork=sin. Sin=#1 killer of mankind. What has allah, amen-ra done for us? Muslims came to get us in the Arabic slave trade. The nations have slaughtered us and left our bodies to rot, like Yahzeqyl saw all the bones. Yah is the only one that loves us!

Ezekiel 37:5-7 We see the breath of Yah is put into us and then bone to bone start coming together. We are waking up. ‘Oh we are the Israelites’? The nations will know we are the children of Yisrayl, this has to be done so they can have salvation too. Malcolm X was killed because they didn’t want the nations to know who we are. Arabs, Russians, Africans and Chinese will accept we are the Israelites. Many of these countries don’t like the United States. This will happen on Yah’s time. On September 10, 2001 conference in South Africa it was declared that the United States owes African-Americans reprorations. Jesse Jackson asked where is the money? Y’all know Jesse loves money. (Laughter) The big wigs…Condelezza Rice etc. walked out the meeting. And the next day was the attacks on the towers. Yah said He is going to declare who we are just like Moses went to pharaoh. v. 5-8 But Yah’s Spirit is still not on us here. v. 9-10 Yah’s Spirit put into us. A great army we will be. What are the 4 winds that will wake us up? We are the dry bones waking up. We are waking up from spiritual death.

Daniel 7:1-7 v. 1 write down your dreams. v. 2 The 4 winds, Yah gives the same understanding to 2 prophets here…Yahzeqyl and Daniyah. v. 3 Winds=4 beasts. Over the water…water=people. v. 4 lion-men statues were found I read this in an archelogical magazine that I subsribe to. v. 5-7 10 horns=Revelation 17, 18. The 4th beast has no image and it is the most devasting beast.

Daniel 7:17 The 4 kings are beasts, nations to come upon Yisrayl to put the curses on us. old Babylon=Nimrod. New Babylon=lion, Nebuchadnezzar. Medo-Persia=bear, Koresh. Greeks=leopard, Alexander. The 4 wings represent his fast conquering. (My sidenote: I have also heard the 4 wings represent the 4 generals that split up the conquered lands) Alexander was the first homo-thug (laughter in the room). 4th beast=Rome to this day. Beasts can be kingdoms, satan, the man of sin.

The move ‘300’ shows the Greeks rising over the Persians. The movie Alexander shows how he wanted to conquer the persians.

Yah gave these kingdoms to the world. The 7 rulers of the world: Egypt, Assyria, The 4 winds (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greeks, Rome) The United States. The United States has bases all over. They have bases surrounding Iran now.

Jeremiah 4:6-7 The lion came out of the thicket and to destroy. In the book of Lamentations…Babylon is the lion.

Hosea 13:7-8 Lion, leopard, bear, wild beast (all from Daniel 7). Yah said He will attack us with them…these nations. The wild beast=Romans. Romans sacked Yahrushalom in 70 CE. and scattered us. The Roman Catholic Church sanctioned slavery. Rome created Islam, a burden to our people.

Hosea 5:14-15 Yah said He will be a lion to us and tear us up. Now we are coming out of the dead or starting to come out of being Spiritually dead.

Ezekiel 37:10-11 Read again. Our hope is lost we say. That’s what our people say today. We thought we were niggers. Yah has something good for us.

Hosea 6:1-2 Yah tore us up but will heal us on the 3rd day. He will raise us up (from being Spiritually dead). Isaiah chapter 35 says there will be no sinners in kingdom. We will be 3 1/2 years in the wilderness. 3rd day=we are ready for the kingdom. Also 3 days=Yahoshua. Not that there will be another 1,000 years for us to wait since Yahoshua was executed 2,000 years ago. 3 days is symbolism here. (my sidenote: they said things are moving now, many of us are starting to wake up so it will not be 1,000 more years to wait for Yahoshua). Those who were perfected in the curses will be in the kingdom.

Isaiah said the earth will move out of it’s place. Yah said no sun, moon anymore  in the kingdom…when He comes to the kingdom (in Revelation). Yah is going to move us out of this planetary system. It’s too defiled…with planets named after gods etc. The new earth=no wickedness, no death, no crying, no pain…everyone said halleluYah!

Revelation 7:1-3 The angels are holding the 4 winds so they don’t blow on the sea (the people). These are the same 4 winds, nations. Daniel 12:1…MichaYah came to help him. 1/3 of mankind will be killed by the malakeem. Arabs, chinese, Russians, Africans will help (the Israelites?) Under the Euphrates river, Saddam Hussein built a system to dry it up at any time (in order to march across?). Every nation has an angel. Did you know this? When you see nation fighting nation…those are angels fighting.

The Book of Enoch 18:1-5 speaks of the 4 winds too.  The winds (nations) are used by Yah to wake us up like with a belt. Yisrayl will be an exceeding great army…the mighty men of Yah.

Ezekiel 37:12-28 v. 12 Open our graves then we go into the land. Did y’all know in Jerusalem there is gang banging and sex slavery and prostitution going on now? There is nothing good about Jerusalem now. Jerusalem is called Sodom and Egypt spiritually said Yahoshua. The Holyland is not holy right now. Babylon, Assyria and the Romans took us out in a vicious way. What will Yahoshua do to them on His return? v. 14-17, v. 17 one=unity here for us. v. 18-19 One stick in Yah’s hand. v. 20-23, v. 23 The idols are what killed us. v. 24 Yahoshua is our shepherd. v. 25 David will be prince and Yahoshua will be King over us. v. 26-28 The nations will know He is setting us apart. The army of Yah will march back into Yisrayl (the land with Yahoshua)!!

We have been dead (Spiritually), the prophets have prophesied, bones are coming together, the 4 winds came upon us, now we are waking up today! We will be an exceeding great army. This is the living Word of Yah.

*Israel is talking about striking Iran. Yisrayl is not home for us now. It’s not time to go back to the land now. When we see Yahoshua…it’s time. We are to wait on Yah. We know the temple has to be built in Israel and the man of sin will stand up in it. So Israel will not be blown off the map by Iran. This will be more like a neighborhood gang fight.  Iran said they will strike Demona, Israel first. There is a nuclear site in Demona. There are also some Hebrew Israelites living in Demona from the United States.

**notes from Israelite Heritage

***Isaiah 13:13 the earth will move out of it’s place

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The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFO’s p. 1a

The Fallen Angels, Gods, Giants, and UFO’s Part 1a:Genesis 6 and The Destruction of Sodom is the full title of the lesson.

Okay, brothers and sisters just the importance of this lesson because as I stated earlier the fallen angels will be used in satan’s grand deception here in the end times. satan is going to come and he’s going to deceive the entire world. Well, he has already deceived the entire world but he’s going to come with a grander set of deception. he’s going to have the world to believe that he is Yah when he possesses who is called the man of sin…he is going to possess this person. So we have to understand the angelic, malakeem, messengers. They are called malakim (malakeem) in Hebrew and it means messenger. They are Yah’s messengers. Mankind cannot see Yah face to face or hear His voice and live. We would melt right before Yah like a hot candle. So Yah has to have messengers to deliver His word to mankind. These messengers are called angels. So the malakim come from Yah and He gives them messenges and they bring it down to mankind. So that’s how we get the word. That’s how we got the Scriptures. So there were two angelic rebellions. Angels have free will like mankind has free will. What is free will? Free will is that you have the choice to serve Yah or you have the choice to be disobedient or come against Yah. Every malakim and every man has that choice. There were 2 groups of angelic rebellions. These angels made the choice to rebel against The Father Yah. The 1st rebellion of course is speaking about the adversary satan, lucifer, heliel, aze’el, or whatever you want to call him. he rebelled first and he took 1/3 of the malakim with him. Now, let me tell you when satan rebelled, satan took some powerful angels with him. Those that were under his charge…satan was Yah’s Messianic high priest in heaven. he covered the throne of Yah. he was a covering cherebim angel. And so he rebelled and he took 1/3 of the heavenly host with him. That was a powerful rebellion.

And then after the creation of man, there were another group of angels called the watchers whose responsibilities it was to watch over mankind. Like satan’s responsibility was being the light bearer and to bring mankind the truth of Yah. That’s what he was supposed to do as Yah’s Messianic high priest. But instead of doing that instead of saying hey, I’m going to do this…to bring Yah’s new creation to Yah…satan wanted to be Yah. he wanted to be in the place of Yah. So he rebelled.

Now when the watchers came down, their rebellion was just a little different. Where satan wanted to be a god to be worshipped. The watchers came down and they were filled with lusts. It is lust that caused the downfall of angels…the lust of human women, the lust of human flesh caused the downfall of these angels. That’s deep. And so these watchers, malakim, these are the ones mentioned in Genesis chapter 6. So that’s where we will begin this lesson. We will look at the sons of Yah. So the entire name of this lesson is Genesis 6 and the destruction of Sodom. We will look at these angels and what they did and how they did it and this story brothers and sisters that’s not only in The Bible but it is in every culture on the planet. They have stories about these gods that came from the heavens, came down to earth, mated with human women and produced offspring that are known as giants or nephilim. The Hebrew word for giant is nephilim and it means from heaven to earth those who came. Because the giants were the sons of the fallen angels.

Yes, there were giants on this earth that were vicious creatures that ate men and just went to war and brought all kinds of chaos and corruption upon the earth. This is not mythology, when you hear about the Egyptian gods all 360 of them…over 360 of them…the Babylonians served over 360 gods, when you hear about all these gods, these are the stories of the fallen angels. Do any of you know the story about Isis, Horus and Set? How when married her brother…her brother chopped up into 12 pieces and she went all around the world to salvage his body. She (Isis) found everything except his penis. And so she had to create him a penis so that he could give her a child. And what you see in Washington, what they call the Washington monument…that’s a giant phallus symbol. It’s the Egyptian obelisk. And this Egyptian obelisk was a representation of Isis mending together a penis for her husband slash brother…I believe it was Osiris. So that’s what it is…it is penis worship. That in Washington, D.C. is a statue of an erect penis. They have another on in central park in New York City. They have an actual one in Egypt. They have another on in…I think it’s called St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. It’s sitting right there in the middle. And so when you look out into society…what you see in modern society…what you see in modern society is a remnant of the fallen angel worship. All the religions worship the fallen angels. Everything that’s in society…in secret societies…the masons…sororities and fraternities and all these things are worshipping the fallen angels.

Now the fallen angels and demons are two different groups. The watchers are the angels that left, the fallen angels left with satan and the demons are the disembodied spirits of the giants. See, the giants were half spirits like their fathers were and they were half flesh like their mothers were. So when Yah killed all the giants with the great flood and having them kill each other with war, when their flesh died, when their physical hearts stopped beating they had spirits in them like their fathers. See, we don’t have spirits in us but they had spirits in them and once those spirits came out those spirits became what we know as the demons today. They are earthbound spirits. Demons cannot go to other planets like their fathers can. You know track the stars…no. The demons are stuck here on earth.

Let’s look at Genesis chapter 6 y’all. Let’s get the basic information and let’s ge the understanding of this. Let’s break this down. Man, these angels are all around us…righteous angels that are fighting on behalf of the righteous and then we have wicked angels that are fighting against the righteous. So we have to understand this brothers and sisters.

Now notice the wording in Genesis chapter 6. It’s giving you a time frame when all these things occurred. It’s giving you a time frame. Check it out.

Genesis 6:1-4 v. 1-2 The angels are called the sons of Yah and this was just a title that was applied to these angelic beings. We call them angels today but some of us call them malakim and messengers. But in that day, they called them the sons of the gods or the sons of Yah or the sons of The Almighty. Whatever they referred to Yah by, that’s what they referred to the angels as. The sons of Yah saw the sons of men, that they were beautiful and took them as wives. Now here’s the key brothers and sisters, what does daughters of men mean? Many say this means the wicked daughters of men were Adam’s son Cain and they say the sons of Yah were the righteous sons of Adam’s son Seth. We will see. We will look at all this and bring out the truth. The daughters of men just means the daughters of mankind. It just means human women. Just like the title sons of man means the sons of mankind…a human man. So this is saying that the sons of Yah which is a different breed and the daughters of men are human women. So we have angelic beings here, the sons of Yah and then we have the daughters of mankind…and human women…that they were good. Now this word good. It means beautiful and it means compatible. So these angels saw that these human women they looked beautiful. They lusted after them and they were compatible with them.

So this group of angels, the watchers, they look like us. They look like mankind. Remember, there are different branches of angels. Some angels have 4 faces, some have 6 wings, some have 8 wings, some have no wings and some look exactly like men. And so that’s what these watchers were…they mean they were compatible with us. They looked like us. And we looked like them. So they saw this and came after these human women. So Yah was upset at this.

v. 3 Yah said I’m not going to sit here and watch as man goes astray. According to The Book of Jasher what this means that Yah gave mankind 120 years to repent of this sin…of ‘messing with’ these angels…he gave them 120 years before He brought the great flood. That’s what it means. It does not mean that man will live 120 years and that he will live no longer than 120 years. That’s not what it’s saying. It’s saying that they only had 120 years to repent. Once again this was Yah showing His mercy.

v. 4 ‘The nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward’. So when this took place, when the population of men began to grow, this is the time period that this took place. And it says the nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterwards. These are the Hercules…men of renown (fame) and all these people…Jason and the argonauts and all that stuff. All of that comes from that time period…the nephilim ….the hulk…the X-men…Spiderman…all of these things are speaking about the story of the nephilim. (talks to someone) There you go Thor. All of these comic book characters are based on real events. They are based on ‘myths’ which are based on real events. So that’s where all that stuff comes from. If any of you have seen that movie the incredible hulk, do you see how powerful this creature was? And do you see how he was a blend…this creature and half man? Remember when Bruce Banner turned into this creature? That’s telling you the story of the nephilim. I was watching this and a helicopter crashed on this creature and he didn’t have a scratch. I mean he was banged and bruised and slammed into the ground and burned all nothing happened to him. They were shooting him with scratch him. That is the story of the nephilim. That’s how powerful those beings were. Because, they were a mixture that Yah had forbade. That’s why Yah doesn’t like us to mix things. He wants them to stay pure and here are the angels who are not supposed to marry coming down and mixing with fleshly men. Yah hated that. And that union brought about the great flood.

Now these sons of Yah, some people say that these are Adams sons from Seth. But we can’t find that nowhere in Scripture. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 4. (talks to someone) Good thanks brother for posting that Scrip from Jasher. It says thus saith Yah: behold Igive you a period of 120 years. If you return to me and forsake your evils waysthen will I also turn away from the evil which I told you and it shall not exist says Yah. So Yah gave them 120 years to repent…leave those angels alone…and angels leave man alone.

We will read in The Book of Enoch, these angels were crying to Enoch and it was funny. Because Yah didn’t speak to them anymore once they did this great transgression. Yah did not speak to those angels face to face anymore. He spoke to them through Enoch…through a man. Because Enoch’s righteousness had exceeded those angels righteousness. And so they spoke to Enoch since they could not communicate with Yah anymore…these disobedient watcher angels…they had to go to Enoch. And Enoch, ‘go to Yah and tell Him we’re sorry’. Yah said ‘I’m not going to hear that, I’m going to lock y’all up’. Yah put them into prison, a prison that still exists to this day and is in the middle of the earth. We will read that. When that angel, that powerful malakim went to the bottomless pit as spoken of in Revelation chapter 9 and He releases those angels, He’s going to release abigon, apollian. Oh, we are going to talk about all this brothers and sisters. This thing is heavy.

Now we will see Adam’s son Seth in Genesis chapter 4 and from Genesis 4:25 until Genesis chapter 6 you see nothing about the sons of Yah, the sons of the gods being equated with Seth. Nothing at all. So this is the birth of Seth.

Genesis 4:25 So from this point, the birth of Seth, all of Seth’s sons…we don’t see anything about them being called the sons of Yah. That’s a false doctrine that was created by Catholics and Protestants. It’s a Christian fable. And Hebrews buy into it ‘oh angels can’t have sex blah, blah, blah’. Wicked angels can do what wicked angels want to do.  Like wicked man does what wicked man wants to do. Man is not supposed to murder but wicked man murders. The righteous angels are not having sex. They know the restrictions that Yah has given them. Just like a righteous man is not going to have sex with an angel. But these wicked ones are uncontrollable. They do what they want to do.

So from that point from the birth of Seth until Genesis chapter 6 nowhere brothers and sisters does it call…well we hear about one of the sons of Seth who is Enoch. And Enoch began to walk with Yah when he was 65 years old. And he walked with Yah for 300 years. Enoch lived 365 years. And he was descended from Adam’s son Seth. So when we look at Enoch we see that for 65 years, Enoch did not even walk with Yah meaning He was walking contrary to Yah. So these people want to say that the sons of Seth were automatically righteous men just because they were of Seth, Adam’s son Seth. That’s not true. And then they said the daughters of men are disobedient, wicked daughters of Adam’s son Cain. That’s not true. (talks to someone) Yeah, Enoch is not in heaven. Enoch is in the ground where every man’s whose breath returns to Yah goes. Enoch is dead. He only lived 365 years. That’s what Scripture says. (talks to someone) That’s right he’s still in the grave waiting on the resurrection because it’s important to know that. Because, some people say Enoch is an angel. They say Enoch lives with the angels now. Yahoshua said no man has ascended up into the highest heaven. So how did Enoch do it? That’s false doctrine brothers and sisters.

Let’s continue to look at this title ‘sons of Yah’. Let’s prove that these sons of Yah are angelic beings. Let’s go to Daniel 3:22-25. The sons of Yah, the sons of the gods, beni elohim (sp?), the sons of the elohim because there was an order. That’s what the word elohim means. That’s why we don’t use it here. Elohim refers to the order of the fallen angels the hierarchy and the lower. Remember, satan has dominion over all of the fallen angels…he was the highest fallen angel to ever rebel. So he still has that dominant authority over all of them. he has the ones that did not ever rebel with him…the watchers…he still has authority over them. Because he’s the highest ranking one (fallen angel) out there.

So satan also has some of the demons under his charge. Because when he took command over the watchers on their rebellion he went to Yah as the giants were dying …he went to Yah and asked Yah for a 1/10 of the giants…I mean a tenth of the demons to be under his charge. And Yah gave it to him. So we will see right here in The Book of Daniyah…(talks to someone) Yeah, that’s right…in The Book of Jubilees chapter 10 and we just may need to read it tonight brother. So have that on hand. We may read this tonight. Good because we want to have everything covered here. Yeah we will hit that Book of Enoch just to break it down.

This title sons of the gods, sons of Yah, these are angelic beings.

Daniel 3:23-25 v, 23 Now what’s happening here is that Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, he had already gave a decree, he put into law that everyone had to worship his god. Whenever they blew the trumpets or got their prayer time together, whoever did not worship his god or did not come to bow down before his statues and stones, they would be thrown into a furnace of fire. So these 3 Hebrew boys refused to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s god because they served Yah. So he threw them into a hot burning furnace and that’s what we are reading right here. v. 24-25 So the 4th one he says is like the sons of Yah…is like an angelic being. Many people like to say that this was Yahoshua he was talking about. Not at all because verse 28 will tell us (who it is). Now as I was stating about this word elohim, real quick…is that the elohim were higher order and the lower order of the fallen angels. Those high-ranking ones, the ones that had authority in heaven with satan, those were the higher ranking gods. They were known, I believe, by the Greeks as the Titans. They were either the Titans or the Olympians…the higher tier of the gods. And then you had the lower order of the gods. And so that’s what elohim means. It’s plural and means gods in reference to the fallen ones. The ones that have fallen, all those angels that have fallen. Verse 28 will tell us who this son of Yah is or who this beni, the sons of elohim are.

Daniel 3:28 Do you see that? He said ‘who sent His angel’, His messenger, His malakim. So that was an angel that was in the furnace of fire with the Hebrew boys. And that angel was sent to protect them so no flame or flicker would harm them. ‘The fourth is like the son of Yah’, like the sons of the elohim. and then in v. 28 he said that Yah sent His angel. That’s who…that’s what this title (sons of Yah) means. And that’s what they called them in that day…the sons of the gods…the sons of Yah. When we knew the name Yah of course we said the sons of Yah. Wen we didn’t know Yah’s name, it was the sons of The Almighty, the sons of The Power, the sons of The Strengh…when we knew Yah by those titles. And the other nations called Him the son of the gods or the sons of the elohim…beni elohim. So that’s what that title means. Like today if we say angel, we all know we are talking about a majestic being and one that is different from us. One that lives in the heavens. And in that day when you said sons of the gods they knew what you were talking about. And we are not talking about men.

But we will see in the New Testament time we will see that becoming that sons of Yah, the children of Yah, the children of Yah when we obtain the resurrection, we shall be like the angels of Yah. Yeah, we will read this too.

Let’s go to Job chapter 6. We are still looking at this title the sons of the gods so you don’t get it mixed up. These were angels that came and took human women. And that union, I’m telling you brothers and sisters brought world-wide destruction in the form of a flood. So much corruption had taken place, we had giants, human standing 36 feet tall…humanoids you can call them. They were doing all types of wickedness that was not supposed to be. But it was because wicked angels mixed with wicked men…or wicked women. And that’s what you get. It only can produce wickedness. Like when righteous angels get with righteous men…you only can produce righteousness. So Yah was highly upset when those angels did that. And He destroyed the entire planet. He only saved one man and His family which numbered 8. Because Noah’s genetics were not corrupted by the angelic mixture into mankind. And Noah continued to follow Yah.

Job 1:6 beni elohim in Hebrew. We know that they are talking about Yah’s sons here. So we will call them sons of Yah because Yob is saying that the angels had to come and present themselves and he said satan also came with them. See, remember when Yah told us to come up to Yahrushalom to keep the feast and we shall not come empty handed. We had to come always and report to The Father as the angels have to do. What are the angels reporting? There are angels over each and every nation. There are angels watching over each and every individual. So they have to go to Yah to make constant reports on how that nation is doing or how that individual is doing. This is how Yah is watching all of us. He has us watched! And so these angels are coming before Yah to make their report and satan came along with them. Yah asked satan what he had been doing. ‘Oh, I’m just going up and down, to and fro on the earth seeking whom I may devour (v. 7). ‘That’s my report to you Yah’.  (talks to someone) Like a guardian, a watcher to watch over us…the watchers they were supposed to watch over all of mankind. That was their job. But yeah, we have watching angels over us. Now guardian angels, I’m not sure if they are there to guard us but they are there to watch over us to see what we are doing. When we are in prayer, how do you think our prayers make it up to Yahoshua? Yeah, they take it up there. They get the prayer, they take it to Yahoshua and Yahoshua delievers it to Yah. So yeah, they are watching over us. They know what we are doing and how we are doing it halleluYah.

Let’s go to Job chapter 2. That’s why we have to earn Yah’s love today because Yah gave His love freely to the adversary and the adversary rebelled against him. Yah gave His love freely to those angels and those angels rebelled against Him. He gave His love freely to man and man rebelled against Him. He gave His love freely to the nation of Yisrayl and Yisrayl rebelled against Him. Now when you say you love Yah, it has to be more than a word that comes out of your mouth. It has to be more than an empty human emotion. There has to be action. You must show that action. How do you show that you love Yah? You keep His commandments. You love your neighbors as you love yourself. And if you can’t do that, then it’s impossible for you to love Yah. Just like we were talking about forgiveness in this room today. That’s key to loving Yah. That’s key to your walk…being able to forgive.

Job 2:1 When has any human man did this and satan along with them? He’s talking about angels here brothers and sisters. This is what Yob is talking about. Let’s break it down even farther. Let’s go to Job chapter 38. Job is talking about angels here.

Job 38:5-7 v. 5 This is Yob talking about creation. v. 6-7 So Job is talking about creation here and during creation he said all the sons of Yah shouted with joy. When the morning stars sang together. ‘The morning stars’ that’s more of an office or a title. satan was called sun of the morning and Yahoshua said He is the bright and morning star. Because Yahoshua took over the office that was vacant by lucifer when lucifer fell. satan was Yah’s Messianic high priest and when he fell and Yahoshua did His walk…now Yahoshua is The Messianic High Priest in heaven that covers Yah’s throne. So Yahoshua is known as the morning star. So the morning stars are some high-ranking angels. High ranking malakim with a high-ranking office. It says that the morning stars sang together and all the sons of Yah shouted for joy. They shouted for joy when creation was being made halleluYah.

Let’s look at a point right now because a lot of people like to go to the New Testament and they say well Obadiyah, oh the New Testament tells us we can be sons of God if we follow God and all this so let’s go look at this and let’s get understanding of it. Let’s go to The Book of John chapter 1. We have to show that these beni of Yah were angels that came and mixed with human women. That was an abominable act. It was something that should never have occurred. We are not supposed to mix with them. Not on this state. Now when we become like them, when we become one with them…see marriage is only for the physical as Yahoshua will tell you, the angels in heaven don’t marry. That’s not needed in heaven because you are already one. That is how the physical become one…through marriage. But, when your on the Spiritual hey your already one. So there is no need to get married in the heavens.

John 1:12-13 v. 12 Now this children of Yah, I think is the sons of Yah in the KJV. v. 13 They were born of Yah. So right here in v. 12-13 he speaks about becoming the children of Yah…to become the sons of Yah. So we can become like the sons of Yah. We can become like the angels through obedience because that obedience will lead us into the first resurrection. And the first resurrection will give us eternal life like the righteous angels have. Eternal life in the kingdom where we will be transformed into these Spiritual forms, just like the angels. So, we have to become but for the angels that are already there, they already are considered the sons of Yah. Because that’s their nature. Let’s go to Romans chapter 8.

You can become a son of Yah. But those angels in Genesis 6, their already called the sons of Yah. So we have the opportunity to become one with the righteous angels but that title the sons of the gods, the sons of Yah was a universal title for angelic beings.

Romans 8:14 So when we are led by The Spirit of Yah, we become the sons of Yah. Let me break it down even farther. Let’s go to Luke chapter 20.

Luke 20:34-36  Did you see that? We shall be like the who?And then we become the sons of Yah. We shall be like the angels when we obtain the resurrection. How do we obtain the resurrection? By being led by The Spirit of Yah, by taking on The Word of The Messiah and believing in His name. And if we are in that 1st resurrection brothers and sisters you are going to be like angels. And then you will obtain that title sons of Yah, just like the angels are called. You will be one with them. And you can’t die anymore. They are equal unto the angels and are the children of Yah being the children of the resurrection or the sons of Yah being the sons of the resurrection. You see? That title is a universal title for the angels. But we can become like them if we follow Yah and we obtain that 1st resurrection. So in Genesis chapter 6 we are talking about angels. Let’s go back to Genesis chapter 6 and read verses 5-10. Yah was highly upset at mankind and He was highly upset at His angels. They produced an offspring that was destroying the world.

Genesis 6:5-10 v. 5 Man did not have a righteous thought in his heart anymore. It was evil continually because he had been influenced by these fallen angels. The ancient Samarians a people who lived 6,000 years ago called these people the annunaki. They said that the annunaki came down from this planet called Neburu and they taught them great things. As we will read in the book of Enoch I think chapter 8. Enoch speaks about what these angels taught mankind and it corrupted our thoughts and our minds. That’s like teacing a ten-year old child how to shoot a gun and teaching him how to murder, steal and kill. That’s what they did to us. v. 6-8 Where it say here that Yah was sorry, that He had made man, Yah was upset with man remember when He got upset with the children of Yisrayl. He was going to kill off all the children of Yisrayl and said Moses, I’ll make a new nation from you. Well, Yah saw hope, He saw Noah and Noah found favor in His eyes because Noah was not corrupted by this tainted genetic mess that had been going on and Noah had still been worshipping Yah. Just like Yah found Abraham when all of man had gone astray. Yah found Yahoshua when all of man had gone astray. Just like Yah’s finding you out of all of your households. Your whole household has gone astray and Yah has found you. There’s hope for your household because of you.

v. 8-9 Noah still had pure human genetics. He was still perfect from Adam. He did not have any mixture of the fallen ones in his genetics because Noah was righteous and he knew that was unrighteous to go mix with those angels. To listen to those angels, Noah did not do any of that. And he walked upright and He was perfection in Yah’s sight. Noah walked with Yah so Noah was obedient to Yah’s Word. Noah’s sons were perfect (Shem, Ham, Japheth)…were perfect in their genetics. There were only 8. There is a reason why Yah only saved 8 from the flood. and he had to kill everything else. Because these 8 still had their genetics intact. They had not been sliced and diced, had not gotten vaccinations from the fallen ones and all that other craziness that they were doing on earth at that time. So Yah saved Noah and his family totalling 8 and do you know what? Each and every one of us in this world right now are descended from those 8 people. and that’s why man…mankind…why can’t we just get together…there is an element in the midst of us that are not even human. But they are the ones causing all the strife among man…these fallen angels that are coming in the midst and pretending to be human. But they are not. And we buy into their foolishness. Many of your high-ranking sports stars are fallen angels. Many of your high-ranking news casters are fallen angels. Many of your high-ranking politicians are fallen angels. I’m not talking about possessed by demons…I’m saying what I’m saying…they are fallen angels. Scripture tells us to be careful when we are entertaining a stranger because many of us have entertained angels unaware. So it is not hard for angels to appear as men as we will read in just a moment. They did it all the time. They’re among us…reptilians and all of them. (talks to someone) There you go brother superman acting like Clark Kent. Like this nerd Clark Kent and here he is a fallen one. Humpf. It’s deep. And it get’s deeper.

Understand this, when the sons of Yah, the beni elohim came to these daughters of men…ask yourself, search yourself, say why was Yah so angry with marriage? It said that these sons of Yah took these women as wives. They did not take them as whores. They did not take them as harlots. They took them as wives. Marriage is ordained by Yah. He tells us to get a wife. It’s lawful. In fact, if you are having any other type of sex without that bond of a covenant, it’s unlawful. You’re sinning now. So we must get wives if Yah so blesses us to do that. That’s what He promotes. Check this out. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 2.

But when Yah saw this union that upset Him. And He destroyed the world. Wow, this ain’t no ordinary man-woman type union brothers and sisters. I’m repeating this over and over because I know that doctrine out there says ‘oh that was just the sons of Seth’. When has Yah ever been mad at man marrying woman? You know, because that’s ordained by Him.

Genesis 2:22-24 So she is of the genetics of man. She’s called womb-man because she’s man with a womb. That’s what separated us…her reproductive system. So she is a womb-man. And she is flesh of our flesh and blood of our blood. She is taken from our same genetics. That’s why we can lay down with a woman and produce children. Because we are the same. And Yah put us like that. v.24 A man shall leave the authority of his father and authority of his mother and cling to his wife because his wife is now apart of his household. And they shall become one flesh. One flesh means to be on one accord…to be of the same purpose, character and goal. That’s what one flesh means. The same oneness that Yah and Yahoshua has. That’s the oneness that we must have when we get married. So marriage is ordained by Yah.

Let’s go to Proverbs 18. What went on in Genesis chapter 6 was something totally different. Let’s see how Father Yah feels about marriage.

Proverbs 18:22 Brothers you found your wife…you found good. See, that’s marriage. That’s what Yah wants us to do.

Let’s go to Hebrew chapter 13. You found your wife, you found a good thing. A man shall leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife. That’s what Yah says.

Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be respected by all and the bed undefiled. Marriage is honorable brothers and sisters but this and that took place in Genesis chapter 6 was not honored by Yah. Yah hated it because it was angels coming to mix with human women. Let’s farther prove this. Let’s go to our brother Enoch.

Enoch wrote a book or testament in fact the writing of Enoch is quoted and we will read some of that. It is quoted by both apostles…Jude whose Hebrew name is Yahudah and brother Peter whose name is Kepha. So, both Kepha and Jude, they quote from the book of Enoch. Enoch is a book that was existing during the time of the Messiah’s walk. Enoch is mentioned in the book of Genesis. I think Genesis chapter 5. And it tells us that he lived 365 years. Enoch was one of the first prophets. Enoch left a testimony of the time of the fallen angels because Enoch lived during that time. His testament is profound! Just what Enoch saw with his own eyes. So what we will do right here is to back up Scripture right. Because the book of Enoch was once part of Scripture and they removed it. Now, it’s not a lost book because if it was lost I wouldn’t be holding this book in my left hand right now. It’s just a missing book. It’s missing from the canon that we do have.

This version of the book of Enoch is translated by Richard Laurence. This is like one of the best translations. This version was found in Ethiopia, I believe around 1821 and the book of Jasher around 1844. (talks to someone) Yeah J.H. Charlesworth (in the pseudepigrapha) is a good translation too. Richard Laurence and J.H. Charlesworth are good translations but there’s another one called the secrets of Enoch…that’s the one you might want to be weary of.

So this is Enoch the prophet who lived during the time of Genesis chapter 6. He’s going to give us the same thing that Genesis chapter 6 is saying but it’s going to give us more detail. Check this out.

Enoch 7:1-8 (Laurence) or Enoch 6:1-8 (Pseudepigrapha) v. 3 We will go into more later on about Semyaza. So he was their leader and because he was the leader of them if they did this, he’s going to be held in greater judgment. That’s how Yah does it. Just like Scripture tells us that any man who stands up and wants to be a teacher, he’s going to be held in greater judgment. So you have to be careful of what you are doing. They wanted to do this deed and made an oath. Their lust overtook everything. As they say they were thinking with the wrong head. That’s deep even for angels. v. 7 Do you see all those el’s in their names? That’s who that el refers to. v. 8 So these are the leaders. Each of these leaders had 10 angels under their charge. These are the angels that came down. These are the watchers that took human women for their wives. A thing that was not supposed to be done. They were rebellious angels and they lusted after these women. It was their lust that caused them to leave heaven, come down to earth and do this deed that they did.

Enoch chapter 8 v. 1-2 So after they agreed, on one accord to do this thing. Then they came together and said this is what we will do. And Semyaza knew that he would be punished but he said this is what I will do. We will do it. So they knew that they were committing a transgression but their lust was too strong. v. 3 The world became corrupt. They look at the world differently now because of what these angels had brought to them. It’s like the innocence of mankind was gone, when we came into contact with these fallen angels. They brought that same corruption that they had to us. I want to point out something real quick. It said the fabrication of mirrors, this means they taught them how to do witchcraft through mirrors…summoning demons through mirrors. Have you all seen that movie ‘Constantine”? And there was a scene in Constantine where the Keno Reeves character put this mirror over this demon and the demon looked into the mirror and I think he was sucked into the mirror or something…yeah the 1st scene. That’s the type of stuff he is talking about…the fabrication of mirrors. People used mirrors to contact demons. ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all’? Remember that? Talking to the magic mirror. But that’s what he’s talking about. Mirrors can be doorways to demons. That’s why and you never knew why…that’s why when you go into your bathroom late at night you are afraid to look into the mirror. Especially if the light is out. (talks to someone) There you go candyman, bloody mary…looking into the mirror and saying those things because that is a doorway. And so this was taught to mankind by the fallen angels.  (My sidenote: I remember there was this movie called the boogeyman back in the day and they would see him in a mirror…I never did finish watching that movie. It was scary to me as a child.)

Let’s continue. Enoch 8 v. 3-4 You see this is the exact same thing that the ancient Samarians said happened to them when the annunaki came. Those who from heaven to earth came and they taught them these things that mankind was not supposed to know about. This was not going to lead us to salvation, it led us away from Yah until here we are this very day. That’s why Yah tells you not to get into these things. Because this was taught to man by rebellious angels. They taught enchantments, root cuttings, beautifying the eyes through makeup…seduction. And as you see fornication multiplied. Why do you think that whores beautify their faces…for seduction. What does it tell us about Jezebel? Did she not beautify her face? Seduction and this was taught to man by the angels. And then fornication multiplied. See there’s a lot of stuff we look at with magic and reading your hands, all of this stuff came to us from angels. This is shere we got that stuff from. This is what the book of Enoch says. Get yourself a copy and read it cover to cover. Enoch was an eyewitness to those angels rebelling. and he said the same thing Genesis chapter 6 said, they came down to choose them wives all of whom they choose. And they were compatible with these women and the women were beautiful to them. Now, if women can do that to angels…whew a human man doesn’t stand a chance! Look at King Solomon, King David, you know. Man this is heavy brothers and sisters.

Now Yahoshua tells us that the angels that stayed with Yah, the righteous angels that are in heaven oh they can’t marry. But the ones that descended down they left their first estate, oh they marry. (talks to someone) Yeah samson, Adam (fell for beautiful women) It’s heavy, It’s powerful. It’s not putting blame on anyone. It’s just powerful. Just think about this. That’s why sisters you have to always be mindful that you are in Yah. Whenever you open your mouth make sure that you’re in Yah. Because you hold power that you don’t even know about. And man just has a weakness towards you. Not only man but angels. So we say ahkotees just be mindful that when your speaking your speaking the words of Yah.

Let’s continue y’all. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 22. We will see that the angels that are in heaven with Yah, they don’t marry. But rebellious angels…they do what they want to do.

Matthew 22:30 We read a Scripture that was similar to this but I just wanted to go back over it to show that the angels that are with Yah in heaven, those angels don’t marry because they know the restriction that Yah has given, that we are not to mix. We are 2 different species…man is one species and angels are another. So we are not to mix. Mankind can mix with mankind all day, all night but we can’t go finding no angels. But you know what? People are still mixing with these angels today. It is said through mythology through the writings of the ancients that once you have sex with an angel, with a god because that’s what they were called. Once you had sex with the gods that you cannot go back to having sex with human men. That’s what the women said. Because it was such as experience to them and it could only be provided by the gods. So that in itself is corruption where a woman says I cannot go to man and Yah made me for man. I can only go to the one that Yah told me I cannot touch…that I should not mix with. That’s confusion. But that’s what they have done, these angels.

Let’s go to the book of Jude. The book of Yahudah chapter 1.

Jude 1:6 Who is Jude talking about? Let’s read this again from The Scriptures and the KJV. Who and what is Jude talking about? Because we see that the angels that are with satan according to Revelation chapter 12, satan is going to go to w ar with MichaYah and it say that satan’s angels are going to fight against MichaYah and MichaYah’s angels. So satan’s angels are not under darkness. The ones that rebelled in the 1st rebellion, the 1/3 that he took, their not under chains in darkness until judgment. So who are these angels that Jude is speaking about? Jude said there are angels being kept in shackles in everlasting darkness in the earth.

Let’s go to 2 Kepha 2:4

2 Kepha 2:4 Wow Peter is saying the same thing that Jude is saying. Where are they getting this information? What angels are they talking about that are under chains of darkness to be kept for judgment? What angels are these apostles that walked with The Messiah…Kepha was Yahoshua’s right hand man and he’s talking about angels that are in chains in Tartaros, which is the prison for the fallen angels which is a place that literally, physically exists in the middle of the earth. Scientists have stuck a microphone in the South Pole or somewhere in the ground and lo and behold they heard the fallen angels. They heard all the racket and all that in that prison. Yep, it’s on YouTube. Because those angels are kept down there until judgment. Let’s ge this information from the same source that Kepha and Jude got it from. Let’s go back to the book of Enoch. It’s chapter 10. We will see these angels that are under darkness in Enoch. You can read the 66 books forward and backward and backward to forward and you will not find any of this information about angels being put into chains of everlasting darkness and put into prison. Because what Kepha talks about here ‘but sent them to Tartaros’, that’s the prison for the fallen angels.

Enoch 10:6-18 (Laurence) and Enoch 10:4-16 (Pseudepigrapha) On the day of judgment they will be tossed into the lake of fire which was created for satan and his angels. They will be put deep in the lake of fire from v. 13-14. Remember, the lake of fire is going to be a deep lake. Yah said take them down there, Mannnn!

Peter and Jude got this information from reading the book of Enoch in their day. They both spoke about that Yah…if Yah did not have mercy upon these angels who are greater beings than us humans…if He did not have mercy upon them to lock them up when they knew better than when you know better do you think Yah will  have mercy upon you when you willfully do what you are not supposed to do? That’s why Peter and Jude were making this point. But they both quoted from the book of Enoch. Those angels are underneath the ground. They are waiting for judgment. Yah didn’t cast them off from the earth. He kept them on the earth. Their earthbound. They are locked underneath the earth.

Let’s go to Enoch chapter 12.

 Enoch 12:5-7 (Laurence) and Enoch 12:4-6 (Pseudepigrapha) v. 4 remember Jude said that the watchers abandoned their first estate (dwelling, dominion) in heaven. And that’s what the book of Enoch is saying here. Jude go that information about the angels from reading the book of Enoch. That’s how Jude knows they abadoned heaven. And they came down and took these human women for wives. v. 5 See, they could not repent. They could not get forgiveness because they knew better. v. 6 There’s no mercy or peace for these angels. Yah said no mercy for them. They shall petition forever but it’s not going to be granted to them. These angels knew better brothers and sisters. They knew not to come down there and mix seed with women. But it did not matter to them. They did not care.