How to Worship the True Messiyah

Christians worship their messiah with a Christmas tree and dinner. Messianic Hebrew Israylites remember Yahoshua with bread and cup, anytime…HalleluYAH. *Yes, that also, they took a gift to Yah three times a year in Yahrushalom, Deuteronomy 16:16 likewise they gave Yahoshua¬† gifts, Mattithyah 2:2,11. Keep the commandments, this is how to worship.


Lately, I’ve been watching several shows about the demons. I have been learning all about portals. So far, I have learned that the following can be portals: basements, attics, closets, doorways, windows, mirrors, ouija boards, wells, fireplaces, graveyards, woods, computers and property lines. I even saw an episode where the Gentiles thought the stove wasContinue reading “Gateways”

Israylites in Mexico

This article is from (that I copied and pasted below). I knew there were Israylites in Mexico but I did not know there are over a million, according to Mexico’s recent census. Mexico use to ignore its Israylite population like many Spanish speaking countries. Mexico Finally Recognizes Afro Mexicans in National Census Mexico wasContinue reading “Israylites in Mexico”