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A few nights ago, I watched this movie called ‘The Conjuring‘ based on a true story of a family of 7 in Rhode Island. Funny, when the movie started ‘Lassie’ would not go into the house on the day of their arrival to the new home. The dog was still outside that night, barking the whole time but they did not understand what ‘Lassie’ was trying to tell them. The next day ‘Lassie’ was dead.

The day they arrived at the new house, the youngest daughter found (by a tree) a musical jack in the box with a mirror but the box was shaped like a circus tent or hexagon shape and a clown popped out when the music stopped (I just did a post about clowns and children). She took the box into the house, it was one of the portals. This house had several portals. The little girl said when the music stopped and after the clown popped up, a man named Rory appeared in the mirror, a demon. The cellar was also a portal, they took the boards off it. They didn’t even know they had a cellar until after they moved in.

The father bought the house from a bank. At the end when they researched about the house they found out that many people had died on or near the house/land. It’s important to research the goings-on of a house before you buy it. Read about who died in the house/land and how they died.  Also anoint the house and land. I have been noticing that the Gentiles on these shows/movies don’t research a house until after demon(s) are bothering them. Some state laws don’t require the owner to disclose history of the house, it’s up to the buyer to find out.

The mother started having bruises all over her body from demonic attacks in her sleep but the doctor told her that it was an iron deficiency.

When a demon entered a room, there would be a stench. I’ve seen several shows where the Gentiles said this same thing. Sometimes a rotten or death smell and sometimes a smoky smell.

There were black birds always dying on the property.

The second to youngest child would sleep walk in the movie. I just found out that sleep walking is a type of demonic possession. I use to think it was caused by stress and/or family chaos but now I know better. When a child sleep walks, the evil spirit wants to kill the child. I saw one show recently where the little boy was sleep walking and would wake up next to the pond in the rear of his house. I knew a girl who use to sleep walk. Her dad said that her eyes were open as she walked through the living room. Her dad would tell her to go back to bed (before she reached the side door which led to the car port and outside). He could tell by how she was walking that she was sleep-walking, it’s a slow walk and the person does not speak, like a zombie almost. Her dad would be sitting in the living room watching TV when this happened and it happened more than once. This behavior lasted about a year, she out grew it, she said or thought. Her dad would ask her the next day if she remembered walking into the living room, she never remembered. That’s how you know the demon had taken over the mind. The sleep walking child in the movie would sleep walk into an older sister’s room and bang her head on the wall. Later she was one of the two children (she and the baby) that her mother tried to kill while possessed by Satan. Satan wanted this little girl to die.

Closet doors opened and demons came out in the movie.

Sheets were pulled off one of the daughters, often, waking her up.

The mother was thrown down the cellar stairs. I noticed this is common. I especially noticed in many of these shows it will throw a pregnant woman down the stairs. Sometimes when a woman is vacuuming and cleaning the stairway, it will thrown her down the stairs and she is usually home alone. *Anoint the staircase in your home. Anoint the stairs that lead to your apartment.

A night hag, we use to call them, a demon, attacked one of the daughters.

Their clocks would stop at exactly 3:07 am, later they found out the first home owner hung herself at this time. She was a witch, a Satanist that sacrificed her baby to him and her husband walked in on her after she did it. Then she killed herself. This was the original portal.

This family lived in the house from 1968 to 1981. Thirteen years. This movie was released in 2013.

I took notes of the main points of the movie that caught my attention.




Praise Yah

Praise Yah

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. HalleluYah, Mattithyah 5:11-12.

A family member called me “a Scrooge” y’all. I was trying to explain to him that the three ghosts that appeared to Scrooge were actually demons trying to get him to celebrate Christmas. But he cut me off calling me a scrooge…

interesting websites and facts


Lately, I’ve been watching several shows about the demons. I have been learning all about portals. So far, I have learned that the following can be portals: basements, attics, closets, doorways, windows, mirrors, ouija boards, wells, fireplaces, graveyards, woods, computers and property lines. I even saw an episode where the Gentiles thought the stove was a portal but when they moved the stove there was a hole, opening in the wood floor, that was the portal they explained, where the demon(s) were coming from (there was a lot of paranormal activity in the kitchen). I have not seen every episode so far, so there could be more portals than I mentioned above.

I was watching one episode where a Gentile man explained that he is from the province of Alberta, Canada. He further explained that he is from “the gateway city”. That peeked my interest because it sounds like a portal. I hopped on the computer to see what city is called the gateway city in Canada. Edmonton a province of Alberta Canada is called the gateway city or gateway to the north or portal to the universe. The whole city sounded like a portal to me! The curious thing was that Edmonton wasn’t the only city I read was a portal. The city of Prince George in the province of British Colombia Canada is also known as “the Gateway city”. Prince George is strangely also called “the northern capital” of British Columbia despite being located in the geographical southern half of the province. I wondered why these two cities are gateways to the north? We have learned that ha shatan sits in the congregation of the north from scripture.


A map showing the cities of Prince George and Edmonton. Click to enlarge.

Did you know that Yah enters Yahrushalom, scripture says through the east gate? Sounds like a portal, right? Scripture says that Yahoshua will use the east gate too. The north pole aurora is called the aurora borealis and we have learned that the lights we see there are because ha shatan uses it as a portal (I hope I explained that correctly). I read that the aurora borealis  can be seen in Alaska along the northern Siberia coast, northern Scandinavia (which includes Svalbard, Norway, Kakslauttanen, Finland, Jukkasjaru, Sweden, Reykjavik, Iceland) Scandinavia Island and the southern tip of Greenland continuing over northern Canada. The aurora borealis can also be seen in Scotland. The aurora at the south pole is called the aurora australis. The aurora australis can be seen in Amundsen-Scott south pole station in Antarctica, New Zealand and the southern tip of Australia. Who enters the south pole gateway? The fallen ones?

This is an article that I read recently:

Tuesday February 04, 2014

City of Edmonton to change slogan from ‘Gateway to the North’ to ‘Portal to the Universe’

Edmonton, Alberta is often referred to as “The Gateway to the North” because it functions as a link to Canada’s northern communities through rail, road and air. However, Lorne Sheppard a city councilor in Edmonton suggests that it is time to start thinking of the city as something more than just a gateway. He believes that the city should change its slogan to “Edmonton: The Portal To The Universe.”

“The Universe is still a mystery and so is Edmonton,” said Mr. Sheppard “If the universe is made up of all things, then theoretically our city could be a portal to everything.”

Peter Oldring spoke with counselor Sheppard to learn why he thinks this is an absolutely necessary change and why “Edmontonians need this.

Special thanks to Tom on the blog for drawing our attention to this story.

This is another article that I was reading about the Arctic energy gateway or Arctic gateway pipeline. I don’t fully understand if or how it all goes together yet.

Arctic Gateway Pipeline: Alberta Looks Far, Far North to Potential Oilsands Export Route

By Carol Linnitt • Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – 13:58

While the Keystone XL, Northern Gateway, Trans Mountain and Energy East pipelines remain stalled in political upheaval, environmental opposition and regulatory processing, the government of Alberta could start moving landlocked oil to tidal waters via the Arctic as early as 2015, according to a technical report recently released by the Alberta government.

The report, authored by Canatec Associates International Ltd., an Arctic petroleum consultation firm, considers three scenarios for exporting oilsands product, all of which were deemed technically feasible. An early, exploratory shipment of oil to the Arctic could be on the move as early as next year, the report states.

The Arctic Gateway Pipeline, previously considered logistically unfeasible, has been eyed with increasing interest recently, as a warming climate begins to open up the north to new development and previously inaccessible shipment routes.

The report notes the new export route stands to benefit from a combination of a changing northern climate, hunger for resource development in Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories, and the growing desperation to move Alberta oil to Asian markets.

The Financial Post reports “an aggressive push from the federal government to reduce environmental oversight in the territory” is part of the “combination of winning conditions” adding to the proposal’s viability.

The report states Alberta “could take a leadership role within Canadian confederation, on the future of the Arctic.”

“Alberta will automatically be a major player in this industry if it has already established an Arctic Energy Gateway.”

The Canatec report notes the Arctic “lacks the equipment, personnel and logistical capacity to effectively respond to oil spills,” adding, “no oil spill response organizations are certified to work in the Arctic.”


The pipeline is projected to transport up to 100,000 barrels of diluted bitumen a day. The Keystone XL pipeline would carry up to 700,000 barrles of oil per day from Canada to the Gulf Coast and the federally-approved Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline would have a daily capacity of 525,000 barrels of oil.

Alberta Energy spokesperson Ryan Cromb told Fort McMurray Today the report was commissioned to survey oil-export options, and not to identify an alternative to existing pipelines.

“This report was commissioned as part of our larger look at market access in all directions – east, west, north and south,” he said. “Alberta Energy is continuing to review the report and will use it to help better inform us and more fully understand market options.”

Mike Hudema from Greenpeace Canada told Fort McMurray Today it is “absolutely ridiculous” Alberta is considering an Arctic route for oil export.

“Not only should we not be expanding the oilsands at a point where we are blowing past so many environmental thresholds, but now we want to endanger one of the last remaining untouched ecosystems?” he said.

Keith Stewart, energy and climate campaigner for Greenpeace, echoed these concerns: “The melting of the arctic should be setting off alarms saying we should start moving away from fossil fuels,” he said. “Instead, we are using it as an opportunity to make things worse.”

New economic attention has been paid to Arctic shipping routes since ice levels dropped to record lows in the summer of 2012. Unprecedented ice retreat in August 2012 opened up Parry Channel in the Northwest Passage, signaling a new life to the historic shipping route that, until then, was thought too dangerous to be economic.

*what I read on the internet and watched on TV lately

12-24-2015, Dolls and old objects brought into the house can also be portals. I seen an episode last night where this old collectors’ doll bought for a girl, was demonic. It reminded me of Chucky because the doll moved. The mother burned the doll at the end because she realized that the doll was evil or whatever was in the doll was evil. I have known many people afraid of clown dolls, the evil mask etc. Did you know that John Wayne Gacy the serial killer use to dress up as a clown? Children put their guard down around clowns and dolls. Anoint your child’s toys too. Anoint your children, don’t forget them.

I saw this other episode not too long ago, where the little girl buried her dolls in her toy box because she felt the dolls were watching her. Like those old movies where there was a portrait on the wall and the eyes would follow you around the room…

Do you remember the Stephen King movie “Christine”? It was about a possessed car. I saw an episode where a man bought a possessed car down in southwest Florida. He sent the car to the junkyard to be crushed. He cut his losses…

Objects can be portals. Well, I think this is all Yah has me to say today about this.







interesting websites and facts

Israylites in Mexico

This article is from (that I copied and pasted below). I knew there were Israylites in Mexico but I did not know there are over a million, according to Mexico’s recent census. Mexico use to ignore its Israylite population like many Spanish speaking countries.

Mexico Finally Recognizes Afro Mexicans in National Census

Mexico was previously one of the only Latin American countries to not officially count its African-descended population.


The caption above says “the Afromexicans, a third class racial culture in Mexico”.

Sameer Rao Dec 14, 2015 12:18PM EST

Afro Mexicans fighting for constitutional recognition now have a reason to celebrate. For the first time, Mexico’s national census included an “Afro” category.

The country’s 2015 population survey was released on Tuesday (December 8) and officially counted about 1.38 million people of African descent (about 1.2% of the country’s population).

The decision to include an “Afro” category is a major step toward recognizing the country’s Black population, many of whom are descendents of slaves forcibly removed from Africa during the height of the Atlantic slave trade. Mexico was one of only two Latin American countries (the other being Chile) that did not recognize its Black citizens on the national census. This stemmed in part from the ideological leaders of post-independence Mexico who created the concept of “mestizaje,” a national identity that did not incorporate Afro Mexicans. The result was the long-term marginalization and neglect of the nation’s Black population.

This new inclusion comes after much work from Afro-Mexican community activists who petitioned national leaders and organized for recognition. In addition, the country’s Human Rights Commission organized a forum earlier this year to address anti-Black discrimination and policies to fight it.

*I wonder why after all this time does Mexico want to count the Hebrews? We maybe witnessing unification here?