In the Garden: How Y’all Be?

Check out my new garden/rain boots. I have always wanted a pair so I bought a pair, tired of muddy wet sneakers.

Do y’all remember our people use to say, ‘How Y’all be’? when entering a room and the people in the room would respond, ‘We “be” fine’.  I asked a ‘brew at work, ‘How you be’? and he responded ‘I be fine’. LOL, our people love call and response.  Thought I would open this post with a jokey-joke. I know that I have been M.I.A lately. I was sick all of December until mid January, about six weeks with the flu/bronchitis. I’m now getting over a cold but I am still coughing. I was sick twice this winter.

I wanted to come here to tell y’all that there is this young man that recently started working on my job. I noticed his name when I was looking at some paperwork. His name is Esah Yaacob…… just know I had to ask. So I asked him where he is from. He responded, ‘I am from Guyana’ which is in South America about an hour from Trinidad. I made some other small talk, asking him if he knew the other people on the job from Guyana but he responded, ‘no’. All the while I was wondering if he knew that his last name was a Hebrew name. His first name also sounded Hebrew…Esah-Esau. However, the thing that puzzled me is that he does not look like the average Hebrew. As a matter of fact, I thought when I asked him his ethnicity, that he would respond (East) Indian but he did not answer as I expected. I do realize that he could have a Hebrew descendant somewhere down the family tree and there are plenty of Hebrews in Guyana. *From Wikipedia: Guyana is a diverse nation, 39.8% of the population is of East Indian origin (see Indo-Guyanese), 30% Black African (see Afro-Guyanese), 19.9% multiracial (almost all part African), 10.5% Amerindian and 0.5% other, mostly Chinese and whites (most notably Dutch people, Portuguese and English).

I usually buy all blue embroidery floss for law but this time I bought scarlet, blue, purple and gold, the colors of the curtains in Yah’s temple.

I bought a peach tree! It’s common name is called Florida Prince. The man I bought it from said that it will fruit this year and not to pluck away the fruit. We can eat them this year. It has many flowers on it already.

I bought an apple tree called ‘Anna’. It is already towering over me. It is about 6’2. It has some flowers on it already. I bought two low-chill apple trees, that grow in the south. They came from a nursery in South Carolina.


I bought a Dorsett Golden apple tree which will help pollinate the other apple tree. It is much smaller than the Anna apple tree.

I bought a tree rose called ‘Iceberg’. I have always wanted a white rose. It’s already bringing in the bees (pollinators). I also bought watermelon, cucumber, one tomato, strawberries, bell peppers…I could not find cayenne peppers…yet. I was planning on growing from seed but I changed my mind. I still will buy seeds and save them but I don’t have the time right to grow from seed. Which reminds me, guess what y’all? I have been accepted into university. This time the gentiles school (I graduated from an HBCU) right here in town. I’m going to be an elementary teacher.






Have you noticed something? The devil’s festivals or high feast days begin (approximately)  October THIRTY-ONE and end December THIRTY-ONE….thirty-one to thirty-one. Everyone was so happy today about the new year at work. I felt sick or it made me sick (not literally).