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Repentance p. 4

Okay we are back from break. We are going to continue with the lesson called repentance. And just look at the steps to repentance and how we must repent and all that good stuff. We are looking at the steps of repentance and what to do to have a true repentance. So we will pick up here. With a true repentance Yah’s wrath can turn away from you. I think many fail understand that Yah does punish the wicked because once again we have not fully repented of that Christian doctrine and Christians teach that God loves everybody. And so everybody will be in the kingdom and that everybody goes to heaven no matter how wicked they are. And with that understanding, with that type of doctrine, it just closes our mind and we miss the true Yah. Yah can bring wrath down upon whomever He feels. Yah has destroyed entire nations for their wickedness. As we read about Jonah, He was about to destroy another city. So Yah will bring wrath upon you, if you don’t properly repent, if you don’t properly turn away from your sins.

So let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 3. We have a few more Scriptures and then we will close out.

Yeremiyah 3:12-13, v. 12 Do you see that? Yah is kind (merciful) and He does not bear a grudge forever. Those of you that are ‘300’ fans out there, the movie ‘300’, remember how Zarcees (sp?) kept saying for I am kind? And they kept calling him the king of kings, the master of masters. What’s so profound about that is that Zarcees set on the throne of Nimrod. Nimrod was known as the king of kings, the lord of lords and all these things. So whoever conquered the kingdom and whatever king ruled in that kingdom, they carried on those blasphemous titles also. The man of sin will be known as the same thing, the king of kings, lord of lords and so on.

But Yah is kind. Yah is compassionate. Yah is merciful. He does not hold a grudge forever. HalleluYah for that. Now why can’t we understand that? Many of us hold grudges beyond forever. Many of us are going to go into the lake of fire holding a grudge against somebody. Because we don’t know how to be kind towards one another. We don’t know how to properly repent. We don’t know how to properly turn away from sinful ways and sinful thoughts. We stay locked in sin, in the prison of sin. Sin is a prison brothers and sisters and if you give yourself over you will be taken captive and you will be held in the prison of sin.

v. 13 ‘under every green tree’…He says only acknowledge that you have sinned, that you have transgressed against Yah. True acknowledgement, true humility is going to lead to true repentance. But if you are just like ‘ok Yah I sinned against Yah now what’? If you take that type of attitude without a true repentance, Yah’s grudge is still going to be against you. His hand is still going to be upon you. Yah has malakim (angels or kings) that are sitting right outside His door waiting on the command for them to come down and strike you upon your head for your transgressions. Now you don’t want that. So while He has mercy upon you, just turn away from it. Become a better person, that’s all He wants of you is (for you) to become a better person. Learn how to love your brothers and sisters.

What parent doesn’t want their children to love one another? What parent likes to sit back and watch their children fight and build strife? That’s a very wicked parent (if they like that). But Yah’s not wicked. He wants us to love one another and build true shalom, true brotherhood and sisterhood. And some of us will never be able to do that because we don’t know how to repent. We don’t know how to remove certain sins from our hearts. We don’t know how to remove demons from out of our lives. And those demons will sit there and feed on your filthy disgusting heart. And then when they grow strong in your presence, you wonder how they got there. You brought them there. You kept them there and you raised them. That’s why you will never be able to build nothing with a brother, sister with nobody not even Yah. And all you had to do is admit that you sinned and repent, turn away from, feel sorry, feel sad in your heart that you have transgressed against Yah. That’s all you had to do. But you did not want to do that.

Let’s go to Yoyl, Joel chapter 2.

Yoyl 2:12-13 See. Turn back. Repent. Turn away. Turn away from evil, turn back to Yah with all  your heart with fasting and weeping. Sometimes when your turning away from a certain sin, it requires you to fast for Yah to see that you are truly sorry for what you have done. Didn’t they do that in Nineveh? Didn’t David do that? Fasting. So fasting and prayer is required. Some ‘brews have never fasted in their lives. Because they still have that old Christian understanding…all you have to do is believe. There’s nothing required on your part other than you believe that He is God. It requires works worthy of repentance. Show Yah that you are serious about this transgression because He is serious about bringing a wrath upon you.

This is not a fear lesson. We don’t breed fear. Because we know that the fearful are the first to go into the lake of fire. Yah doesn’t deal with cowards. But we are bringing here is something in hopes that you will see your wrong and that you will turn away from it. Because it is a very scary thought if you didn’t understand what repentance was. It’s a very scary thought if you didn’t understand that you can become perfect and you must become perfect. That’s where the fear lies, when you are not being shown and taught these things from the Father’s Word.

So now you should be happy. Now you know what you have to do. Now you know what you have to wake up in the morning and do in order to make your walk better than it was the day before. Your not in the dark about it. You can truly be filled with the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Set-apart Spirit. You can fully remove the holy ghost from your existence. We don’t want anything to do with the holy ghost, that’s another entity. That’s not Yah’s Set-apart Spirit.

Let’s go to Ezekiel, Yahzeqyl chapter 18. (talks to someone) That’s right we are not trying to confuse you. We believe in the ‘old’ and ‘new’ testaments. (The whole book). What you know as the holy ghost is called the Ruach ha Qodesh which means the Set-apart Spirit. It is the Spirit that is separate from all spirits in existence. It is The Highest of all spirits. And it is the Spirit of Yah for Yah Himself is Spirit. The holy ghost is another entity. It is a demonic entity. That’s why when you see the holy ghost in the churches come upon the people, they start going into these convulsions just like Scripture says about when these men are demonically possessed. Just like you see in voodoo ceremonies, the same spirit that’s in those churches that has those people jumping around bumping their heads, women lifting their skirts up and taking their panties off. All types of MADNESS!! As the ahk says ‘flipping and spitting’ (laughs). That is another spirit. That’s an unclean wicked spirit.

 Because when you read in Scripture, whenever it said that these men were Spirit-filled or the Spirit came upon them, they started to speak the Word of Yah and they spoke it boldly. When Yah’s Spirit comes upon you, the evidence of that Spirit being upon you is that you have been led into all truth. Your understanding is greater and you have boldness with it. That’s a sign of being Spirit-filled.

You go into this church and these people say they are spirit-filled and they are speaking in tongues, okay. What is that person saying over there? Because Scripture tells us that we must have an interpreter. Who can interpret this? What you are speaking over here? Okay, tell me the Father’s name. Tell me what the Scriptures say sin is. It’s right in The Book. Tell me where Scripture says truth is. It’s right in The Book. (1 John 3:4, Ps. 119:142,151). You can’t tell me none of that yet you say you are filled with The Father’s Spirit? You are filled with the spirit of error. You are filled with the holy ghost.

Yahzeqyl 18:20-21, 30 He shall not die the second death (the lake). He shall certainly live forever. He shall obtain eternal life, if he turns from his sins, repent which he has done and guard all My laws and do righteousness. If he obtains a perfect walk, he shall get the kingdom brother and sisters.

You have to turn from those sins which he has done. This is how we should look at sin which we have done…willfully sinning. Now remember, we are talking about willful sins, unrepentant sins. Those are the sins that YOU KNOW you are doing wrong. You have no confusion. You know it’s a sin because you already read in The Book where Yah said ‘thou shall not’! But for the cause of your weak flesh, your heart has not loved Yah enough to turn away from this sin. So therefore, you are still in it. You shouldn’t be doing the same thing that you were doing before you came to this walk. You should not even be that person anymore. You shouldn’t be so quick to wrath. You shouldn’t be using that language that you used before. You shouldn’t be doing none of those things.

You should have great love for your brothers , great love for your sisters. You should put everybody before you put yourself. Because if Yah is your Father, you are already taken care of. You have nothing to worry about. But the others do. So you put others before you put yourself. Think about others. See, so many people are just so me, me, me or I, I, I. They get lost on everything else.

Do you know what ahk? We are going to have to start calling the devil ‘the devil’.  That’s what it is. The devil possesses the minds of men and when those men give themselves over to possessions of the devil, they are of the devil until they repent and come truly back to Yah. We know what Yah requires of us. We know what a Yah-fearing servant should be. We know what a Yah-fearing servant should look like and if people are coming up saying Yah but they have no signs of Yah in their life, then we have to start calling that person who he is or who she is…you are THE DEVIL. That’s it. That’s the boldness we must have. Because Satan is going up and down and he’s hiding behind weak-minded men and women! And he thinks nobody sees him. And if we don’t call him out and bring him to the table as who he is, then we don’t see him. Then we let him cause all this strife, all the division, all the stuff that he wants to cause. I’m tired of the devil, man. I know you all are too. We all are. So we have to take our war to the next level.

If we have brothers and sisters with unrepentant hearts in our midst, you are of the devil. That’s all it is. Because a servant of Yah is going to repent because they believe the wrath of Yah. Yah is down upon them because they believe Yah.

Like I say man, we can find fault in everybody except the fault in ourselves. And the fault in ourselves is greater than the fault of 20 men put together. But we can’t see that. Everybody is supposed to humble themselves to you but you humble yourself to nobody. Everybody is supposed to bow down to you but you bow down to nobody. Everybody is supposed to apologize to you but you apologize to nobody. This is madness brothers and sisters.

This is why we get stuck because we haven’t repented. We haven’t come in and done the basics of this walk. The basic of our faith is repentance. This ain’t Christianity…come as you are. Leave as you are. You come in as a sinner and you stay a sinner. And you become a greater sinner while you are in that thing. Ahks you know it. When you were out in the world, you know, you go to the church and you used the church as a club. If you wanted a wild woman, you go in the church. Can’t get any wilder than those. You all know it ahks. I’m not lying. You used the church as a pick-up bar because that’s the atmosphere. The pastor does it so why can’t you? You know. The front row is filled with the pastor’s girlfriends. So you look at that behavior man and you leave that behind when you come into this truth.

So we have to self examine ourselves to see where we are with Yah. It’s easy to do. You already know ‘thou shall not’. See, if you are doing it, you already know thou shall, see if you are doing it. And if you are not then you have a problem with Yah. We only have those sins that continue to stay around because we have them on our heart. We don’t want to give them up. Shaul was a persecutor of the brothers and if you read in the Book of Acts, he loved it when the brothers were getting stoned because they believed in Yahoshua. He loved to grab those brothers up and throw them into prison. But when Yahoshua came upon him, pointed out what he was doing wrong and said this is what I want you to do right. Shaul changed. It didn’t take him 3 years to do it. It didn’t take him 4 years to do it. He changed. Because his sin was pointed out before his face. And he humbly accepted. The same thing David did. We don’t hear of David doing such sins as that anymore with women. With looking out at a woman naked and getting her husband killed. We don’t hear nothing else about that happening. David repented.

We have every excuse in the book. The same Ruach that came upon David, that caused David to have understanding of his sin and gave David the strength for repentance is the same Ruach that does the same for you. The difference is David was crushed when he found out that he sinned. You ain’t. Because David believed in Yah. You don’t. And that’s what it’s going to come down to. Show me your cards. If you are saying that you are of Yah. Show your hand and let’s see Yah.

I was watching that video series ‘the industry exposed’. The part on Eminem was outstanding. Information that will just blow your mind. If you thought Eminem was an okay, a good rapper and he made it on his rap talent, Eminem will tell you that he sold out to the devil. And now it’s troubling him. He can’t even sleep at night so now he’s addicted to sleeping pills. Just like Michael Jackson. Just like Heath Ledger (sp?). These demons torment you. You can’t even get NO SLEEP when you sell out to them. And then because you don’t know how to fight this spiritual battle, they ain’t going to never let you get no sleep.

So I’m watching this and I see this devil worshipper called Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, as if they had a child and he was the child that they had. A man naming himself Marilyn. And he’s obviously for Satan. He hangs out with Anton Levie (sp?). And Anton Levie is the founder of the church of satan. He founded it June 6, 1966. He hangs out with him and he believes what this man teaches. He’s a follower. So he’s demonic. He’s a follower of Satan…OPENLY. So we know where his hand is. So if we say that we are servants of Yah, we should be able to show that. Just like the servants of Satan can show that they are for Satan. Throwing up their baphomet and doing all their hand gestures (hand signs) to show you their secret symbolism. To show you their allegiance. Well brothers and sister we should be able to show the same thing. We should be able to show kindness, compassion, forgiveness, a righteous heart, a righteous mind. All of those should be with us if we made the proper repentance. It is with us.

Let’s go to Numbers chapter 23. Yeah elder, I definitely understand that, even servants of Yah, we can be attacked even in our dreams. But we fight against it. We haven’t given ourselves over to it. That’s why they try to use things on the physical to fight against a spiritual war. They get addicted to sleep medications. Michael Jackson was so tired, so worn out and couldn’t get any rest. This man was getting shot with anesthesia that they put into people to put them to sleep for surgery. Michael did not know how to fight this battle. Eminem got addicted to Night-Quil and sleeping pills. The same with Heath Ledger after he played that demonic character Joker, after he sold out. It’s because they don’t know how to fight this battle. Satan has told them a lie. So when these demons come upon them, they can’t fight them. They give in to them. But we know how to fight it because Yah is showing us how. And we are listening. HalleluYah.

Numbers 23. Because Yah does not change His standard of righteousness. He does not have to repent from sin because He does not sin. Now we read that Yah said He repented of the evil that He was going to do on that place. Yah is saying, I turned away from bringing down destruction upon you because you have repented. Yah doesn’t have to repent from sin. He’s not a sinner.

Numbers 23:19 Yah is not a man that He should lie. Nor a son of man that He should repent…

So Yah is merciful. If He speaks an evil against you, He gives you an opportunity at repentance to turn your heart away from that evil that He’s going to bring down upon you. So like I said, when it says that ‘Yah repents of the evil’, it’s not saying that Yah sinned and He had to repent of that. No. Yah ‘repented’ or ‘turned away’ from bringing destruction upon your head because you turned away from the evil that was causing the destruction to come upon your head. HalleluYah.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 9. Who must repent? Who is repentance for? We will be out of here in a few minutes brothers and sisters.

Mattithyah 9:13 …for I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance said Yahoshua.

Now the righteous are the ones that are striving towards Yah…that are keeping his laws. That are doing the things that Yah requires of them. That’s what righteousness is. But it’s the sinners, once we have sinned those are the ones that must turn away from sin. So do we understand what it means when it says I desire mercy? Do we understand what it means that to obey is better than sacrifice? Do we understand that? I desire compassion (mercy). If we don’t have compassion towards one another, how in the world will Yah have compassion towards us? Yet we are so blinded.

We are so blinded to what we are doing we just can’t see the bigger picture. Some of us will never properly repent. That’s a shame. My heart goes out. I pray that we are not one of those. I pray that none of us would be one of those but that is just the fact of the matter. Some of us will repent and some will not. Some of us will carry to the grave that secret sin. And some of us will have that secret sin revealed and still will hold onto it. And it’s not so secret anymore. Yah does it all in hopes that you will repent, that you will be saddened, that you will turn away from it. Some of us never made the proper repentance upon first coming into this walk. We were never told of this. Some of us even after hearing what repentance is…we still won’t do it. Do you know why? Because we don’t believe in Yah. We don’t trust Him.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 17. If your brother repents of an evil of trespass against you, you must forgive them. You must FORGIVE HIM. If your brother trespasses and he apologizes, you must forgive him. See, this shows the character of man. This shows the character or women…just who is who and who’s not who. That’s all I say brothers and sisters, you just have to watch people. You just watch them, they will reveal who they are. Whether they are for Satan or they are for Yah.

Just like the terminator. Remember the terminator movies? How those robots would come in and would look just like men. Have flesh and blood yet they were the enemy and were robots underneath. And they were coming to kill. But they looked like humans. Who could tell the difference? Only the dogs could.

So this is what we have, men and women who have infiltrated The House of Yah. But yah knows who you are. And it’s Yah’s hand that’s going to be upon you. Yah doesn’t take it lightly when you play with His people. You come in the midst of His people as if you are one of His people and you come in to terminate His people. He doesn’t take that lightly. He doesn’t take that lightly, servants of Satan whomever you are.

Luke 17:3 See forgiveness is another part of repentance. How can you properly repent, if you don’t even know how to forgive? How can you properly turn away from sin if you can’t even forgive? If your brother comes to you and says ‘forgive me’ and if he sins against you 7 times in a day and 7 times he comes to you saying I repent…you shall forgive him. That’s what The Master says. If you have a problem with that then you have a problem with The Master.

But many of us don’t even have repentance in our heart. We don’t even have forgiveness in our heart. Yet we want Yah to forgive us. And then we kind of get mad when Yah’s wrath comes down upon us. ‘Why is all this happening to me’? Because you didn’t repent. Because you didn’t forgive. Because you are feeding a demon. Your demon-food. You are feeding that demon with all that negative energy that’s surrounding you. And you wonder why no one wants to be around you. Even Christians flee from your presence because they see the evil upon you. Take responsibility Ysrayl. Your responsible for your own soul. This is your walk. This is your relationship with The Father. This is yours. Don’t play around with it. You only get one. And you don’t know, Yah watches the certain sin that you are doing.

Yah may have it in His mind to kill you for that sin if you don’t repent.  Yah may have it in His heart to kill your whole family. And justifiably so. He is justified in doing it. He’s giving you and your family everything you need to repent. But you will not do it. So if He calls down one of His malakim to come to your house and set it on fire and none of y’all escape…He did it in the ancient times, nothing has changed. So He is merciful in giving you time but don’t you take His mercy for granted. ‘I been doing this for 5 years now’. ‘Yah’s cool with it, it ain’t no sin’. ‘Yeah, I know The Book says ‘I shall not to this’ but you know Yah is okay with it’. We try the hardest in our deceived minds to make Yah one of us. Shame on us, Ysrayl. Shame on us.

Alright, we are about to close out here. I just want to sum up what this lesson was all about. Repentance. It means to turn away from sin. It means to feel sorry for your transgressions against Yah. It means to forgive. If your brother asks you for repentance, if your brother asks for forgiveness. Repentance means to be humble, to accept that you are doing a particular sin and you know that’s what it is.

And the reason we have these particular sins in our lives is because we want them there. We have invited them in. It’s like a thief going into a store. If a thief wants to steal, what does he do? He goes and puts stuff in his pockets, right? That he doesn’t pay for. Let’s say that he goes to Wal-Mart and he steals. He puts the things where no one can see them. And tries to walk out the door with those things. Well, that’s what we do with sin. We put it in our heart and we think that nobody sees it.

But like I say, you don’t even know if that sin is on your heart and it’s being shown, magnified right before your face. Everybody else sees it. And definitely Yah knows it. Everybody knows there’s something there. There’s something just ain’t right about him or her. We say that all the time, ‘I don’t know what it is but something just ain’t right’. And Yah reveals it. ‘Whoa, that’s what that thing was’. ‘I was wondering why I was picking up that strange vibe from him or her’.

Man, just think, had we done this simple thing of repentance 2,000 years ago, just think where we would be right now 2,000 years later if our nation had repented and accepted Messiyah. We would be home. We could be teaching the world from our own land. We wouldn’t have to put up with the baphomet you know throwing up the devil’s signs and these artists selling out. We wouldn’t have to deal with all that. We still have a problem with it today.

Brothers and sisters this lesson is for all of us. All of us that are professing Yah and Yahoshua ha Maschiach. All of us. We all must repent to walk the perfect walk. You must have repentance in your heart. (Be) sorrowful for breaking Yah’s law. Humbleness. Humility.

Revelation chapter 3. And we have one more Scripture after this.

Revelation 3:3 Watch (hold fast) and repent. We have to watch for the signs of the coming Messiyah because we have to watch for the signs of our redemption. But if you are asleep, if you haven’t repented. If you are stuck in that secret sin, you aren’t going to see the signs of the Messiyah coming and He’s going to come upon you like a thief in the night. Only those who have not repented will not know the signs of the coming Messiyah. So when they get ready for their battle at Harmaggido, Armageddon, they aren’t going to know He’s coming until He comes. And then it will be too late.

Let’s close out. Repent. Remove it from your heart, Ysrayl.

Revelation 3:19 Bless be you children of Ysrayl for Yah’s discipline and reproof is upon you so that you will repent and that you will return to Him in true righteousness. HalleluYah.

I pray this lesson is a blessing to the understanding of all who have heard it. May the blessing of Yah be upon each and every one of you. Todah, thank you for your time. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to come to you and give you instructions directly from the Word of Yah. As Yah has blessed each and every one of us to hear His Word and let’s pray that He continues to bless each and every one of us to understand it.

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Repentance p. 3

The next thing is that once you become humble and admit that you have sinned then you must be sorry. That is where the sorrow comes in at. You must be sorry that you have sinned. Like David was sorry that he had sinned. David’s heart was tore up because—you saw how he got angry when the prophet came in and told him that story. Then when he found out it was him…WHEW! His heart broke. David humbled himself and said I have sinned against Yah. So he had no choice but to accept the punishment that Yah had brought upon him. Yah only brings punishment for correction. Not because He loves to see you punished but He only brings it for correction. So you won’t do that again. That’s how He works with us. That’s beautiful.

Because you use the same punishment on your children. And that’s what Yah says in Deuteronomy 8:5. Yah says as a man punishes his son, this is what I will do to you to Ysrayl. So you know you spank your children and put them on punishment to correct them of that behavior that they are involved in so that’s what He does to us. That’s beautiful. Meaning He’s still working with you, He’s still giving you a chance, He’s still merciful towards you. But if He sees that you are making no effort, man you are just playing around humpf get yourself prepared for wrath. What will you do now? Let me see you put your boxing gloves on because Yah is on His way.

And He told you what to do and see this is the point that I keep trying to make over and over is that many of us have the tools in our spiritual arsenal to remove whatever is blocking us from becoming perfect, to remove whatever it is from blocking us from making a true repentance. Yah has given it to us. And do you know what we do? We take His mercy and we throw it to the side. We close our eyes and put a cover over our heads. We don’t want to look at that because if we look at it then we have to admit that we are in sin. Because then we have to remove that sin. But we LOVE it so much!

It just feels so good. It brings us so much comfort in our times of pain. Why can’t I just hold on to this one little thing Yah? I’ll get rid of everything else, just let me have this one little thing here. And that one little thing right there can be your downfall. Because that one little thing may be greater (sin) than all the other stuff that yo threw away. Of all the other sin you threw away, that one little one, that you may think is little since your eyes are blinded and that may be the greatest (error, sin).

Let’s look at this. Let’s go to 2 Corinthians chapter 7. Todays lesson is called repentance. We are looking at what repentance is and how to repent. Don’t say you don’t know how to do it because it’s simple. If you love Yah and you don’t want to bring displeasure to His face, this is simple. But if you love Satan then this is calculus to you and you failed algebra. So if you don’t know how to do algebra, how in the world will you know how to do calculus? So this is a hard message to you. Who can understand that? ‘Who can understand repentance, Obadiyah can you make it much simpler’? Naw, you to ask Yah for that. It’s Yah that’s going to complicate or ether simplify it for you. And it all depends on where your heart is, whether He gives you understanding or not. Because if He gives you understanding…simple. If you don’t have understanding…complicated (for you). 1, 2, 3’s.

2 Corinthians 7:8-12, v. 8-9 So brothers and sisters sometimes when we give these lessons, when we give the instructions from Yah, Yah’s Word is going to make you sad yet Shaul is saying to let that sadness lead you into repenting. Some of you may be just understanding what to repent means. And you are a little sad because you had not repented before. But let it lead you now into truth. Now you know what repentance is. That is not a mystery to you, it is not some blanket word without definition. Like the world uses the word love. You ever ask someone to define love, they can’t give you a definition because it is a word that is blank (to them). Because people love to sin. So what does love mean to the world?

So now what does repentance mean to you? What does repentance mean to you? It means to correct your wicked ways. It means to throw away that old man. It means to come to Yah perfectly. It means to be blameless before the face of The Father.

v. 11-12 So he is saying, this ain’t to no one personally. This is not to the one that has done wrong nor for the sake for the one who has suffered wrong but for the sake of revealing our diligence. Whatever is going on, just repent of it. See, when we do these lessons, we don’t have to name no names. We don’t have to make it personal. We just put it out in general. It covers everything. Like I keep saying, you know what you are…what you are doing in your own life. You know what sins that you are struggling with in your own life. So therefore, you now know what repentance is…you must properly do it. Nobody else can do it for you. Your moms can not repent on your behalf for you. Your father can not repent on your behalf for you. Your children can not repent on your behalf for you. You have to do it. And you don’t know how long Yah has given you to do it so you better start doing it now while you have the chance. Father Yah is in your life to guide you, to instruct you, to love you. And He’s giving you every opportunity to love Him back with a perfect love.

But like I said, you are allowing the devil to come in between you and your Father. You are allowing the devil to remove your crown from your head. You are allowing the devil to have you a spot with him in the lake of fire. Don’t give him that much pleasure. He doesn’t deserve no pleasure, all the chaos he has caused. We have to fight against him. (talks to someone) Yeah, Shaul’s writings were letters. They call them epistles. They were not Scripture Books. Shaul did not write Scripture Books. That had already been written. He was writing letters to congregations he had taught. Like the ahk was saying earlier, when we were just getting started here today. That people want to attack Shaul because if they can find fault in his letters, then they can say ‘there’s something wrong with the new testament’. Or ‘hey there ain’t no Messiyah’. The attack on Shaul is the first step in becoming non-Messianic. It is, you watch. Those who attack Shaul, then they attack the new testament and then they go to attack Yahoshua. That’s the steps they take…one, two, three. So you just watch. You have to be very mindful, very cautious of those that start with those Shaul attacks. And then after they have attacked the Messiyah and have removed themselves from the new testament, do you know what? The next thing they do is that they end up an Egyptologist. Because then they start attacking the ‘old testament’. ‘You know all that law came from Egypt’ (they say). ‘So why don’t we go to the Egypt’. They start on that madness. There’s no solid foundation in them.

You are only rooted in the Word of Yah when you become rooted in Maschiach. ‘Well Obadiyah, David didn’t have to’…David was Messianic. And if David heard you talking about that he wasn’t Messianic, OFF with your head. Who do you think David is talking about in the Psalms? Yah said to my Master, sit on My right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Who was David talking to? You know. David was Messianic. All the writings, the whole old testament is a Messianic Book. They prophesied of The Redeemer to come. But that’s another lesson for another time.

So brothers and sisters we must be sorry that we have sinned. We must become saddened. And that sadness lead us to repentance. It’s like sometimes when you offend against your brother, you offend your sister and you don’t know it and then they bring that offense to your face. It makes you sad. You truly have love for that brother or sister and it makes you sad that you have offended them. And you know what to do, you repent unto them. You apologize to them. You don’t say to them, ‘well man this is what you said too’. Naw, you don’t say that to them. You don’t go through all that. If they say ‘you have offended me’ or ‘you have done this thing against me’, man you become sad. ‘Man, I’m sorry ahk, I didn’t know’. And that thing stays with you…that sadness stays with you but it will cause you to repent. It will cause you to apologize and it may even cause you to cry. Because that’s how sad you become. ‘Man, I didn’t know’. Because you love this brother or sister so, you don’t want to do anything to hurt them.

In fact, you would do just the opposite, You would give everything to save them if they were ever in danger in your presence. See, this is how brothers do. Yeah, we transgress against one another sometimes but we get saddened over it and we repent of it. And we forgive. See that’s another big step towards repentance. Forgiving.

If you can’t forgive, you forget about it…unforgiving hearts…see brothers and sisters what we will do real soon and probably around the 1st of the year. I’m going to do a lesson where we have to pull the skirt…you know with these lessons that we have done, all the teachers here at I.H. we are pulling the skirt off of satan. But we have to do one that identifies everything about him. So when we see these certain aspects in certain people, we are going to be ready and we will draw our sword and say satan, I see you. Because that’s what he does. He hides behind the character of men.

And so sometimes brothers and sisters, some of us become possessed by the devil and we have no clue that we are. That’s when you have to pull your sword. You no longer call that person by his name but you call out satan. Because that’s the influence behind that person. So we have to know what satan does and how he operates. (This lesson is from 2009. How satan operates lessons have been done or are continuing to be done) We have to pull his skirt off and reveal his shame. So that we are not deceived any longer. We all went through deception but we don’t want to be deceived any longer.

So once the order of repentance is in place, now you must do the work of repentance. Turning away from sin, once you repent to Yah turn away His wrath towards you brothers and sisters. Let’s look at that situation. Let’s go to the Book of Yonah chapter 3. Let’s look at once we repent and return Yah’s wrath away from us. Remember Yonah was a prophet of Yah that was sent to the city of Nineveh. Yonah hated the city of Nineveh. It was such a wicked city. So Yah sent him there to speak to the people so the people could have an opportunity at repentance. He had to go and speak to that nation and tell them Yah’s displeasure with them. And so that, that nation could have the opportunity to repent. So Yonah didn’t want to do it because he hated them. He wanted Yah’s wrath to come down and turn that city into ash. But Yah sent him there and Yah gave these people an opportunity to repent.

Yonah 3:1-10, v. 1-6 Do you see that?! Nineveh, this I believe is located in the area of Iraq today. And so these people repented. They repented because they believed in Yah. And they believed in the Word that Yah’s prophet came to bring them. So they put on sack cloth and ashes. That is a sign of mourning. That is the ancient practice of mourning. They found out that they had sinned and they humbled themselves. So what happened after they humbled themselves? They began to repent. Look at the mercy of Yah.

v. 7-8 Let everybody repent. v. 9 Brothers and sisters, this is wisdom here. You don’t know whether Yah is going to turn away His heat Because Yah could have been giving you the time for the longest time and He became upset with you because you would not do a proper repentance. So when you finally get around and you finally start to repent, you have to go to The Father and see where He’s at with this. Because even you know that when you are raising your children and they keep doing that same thing over and over again and you keep increasing their punishment, there’s a time when you just get fed up. And you may overlook, even when they start to do it right. You might think that they are playing or joking or something. So you don’t know. But he said ‘but still we are going to repent’. It’s not even in our power to know what Yah’s going to do. We are still going to repent. Because we have been wicked, evil and we need to get this evil out of our hand. We need to get that violence out of our hand. We need to get that stiff-necked-ness out of our heart.

v. 10 You see Father Yah sees you truly repenting. How many times did Yonah have to come to Nineveh to tell them of their transgressions so they could repent? He went one time. One time brothers and sisters and when they heard the mouth of Yah’s prophet, they repented. It wasnt’ said over and over again. And Yah said for that, I see that y’all are true about this so I will NOT overthrow you. Y’all cool now. Y’all are good. Because y’all have Me now. Do you see that? HalleluYah.

So that’s how important repentance is brothers and sisters. This is what I keep saying over and over. How long does it take for us? How many time does Yah have to come visit us and tell us that we are doing wrong, for us to start to repent? And so when we don’t repent, Yah brings down His wrath. Ain’t it justified? So we must repent.

Let’s go to Acts chapter 26. And if you truly love Yah, what’s so hard about repenting? If you truly love Him, what’s so hard about turning from your evil? We don’t want to have any association with evil. This is what we will talk about in tomorrow’s radio show, separating yourself from evil. Because many of us have evil family members. And we must separate ourselves from all signs of evil. But that separation must first start with us. We must be changed into a new creature.

This is Shaul speaking about his testimony of his encounter with Yahoshua. Now remember Shaul was not one of the original 12 emissaries that were hand-picked by Yahoshua and walked with Him as He did His earthly mission. Shaul came after the death of the Messiyah. Shaul was one of those brothers that worked for the pharisees and was going around persecuting the people because they believed in Yahoshua. So one day as he is on his persecution route, He is going to persecute some brothers and sisters in Damascus. He’s on his way up there and this is his testimony. This is what he said. Now remember, we are looking at repentance and Yah turning His wrath away once you repent.

Acts 26:15-20, v. 15 This is Yahoshua speaking to Shaul from the heaven.  v. 16 As Shaul is going to Damascus, a light struck him and knocked him off his horse. This light was so bright that it blinded him for 3 days, I believe. So this was Yahoshua’s voice coming to Shaul and speaking to him. Yahoshua told him to rise up after he is knocked from his high horse. v. 16-20 Works that are befitting (worthy) of repentance, do you see that? Works worthy of repentance, this is what Yah honors. But if He sees you trying to deceive yourself and deceive everybody around you and even deceive Him with your FAKE repentance, He doesn’t honor that. Sometimes it takes us awhile to get it right but the Father Yah is there and He knows what’s on our hearts. Sometimes we are saddened from the overwhelming burden of that particular sin that is on our hearts. And we repent and that sin keeps coming up and it keeps coming up. And we are fighting and we are struggling and sometimes you may slip and give in to it. But Yah is there. He wants you to work to find yourself worthy brothers and sisters of repentance.

Work towards repentance. But if you ar just sitting there talking of repentance and you ain’t doing no work. Who are you fooling? Everybody sees your shame. You are outside naked. And you are telling everybody that you have clothes on. You are telling everyone that you have the latest fashion on. And everyone sees your nakedness. Who are you fooling? Nobody.

So Shaul is one of those brothers that had he not given ear to the heavenly vision, Shaul would have been taken out by the hand of Yahoshua. Because he was a persecutor of the brothers. Shaul was going around having folks killed, having them arrested and thrown into prison because they believed in Yahoshua. So Yahoshua turned this around on his own head, upon Shaul’s head and said now this is what I will do.

Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 18.

Yeremiyah 18:8-10 Uh-oh, so do you see what Yah is saying? If we don’t repent of our evil, then all the good Yah has spoken, He will not bring that to us. If we don’t repent of our evil, everything that Yah said He would do to us, He will bring down upon our heads. He already told us what His plan is for the wicked. We must make sure we are not included in the ranks of the wicked. The wicked are those that do not obey Yah’s voice.

So if you are doing anything brothers and sisters like I keep saying…you know. You know. Your mother may not know what you are doing. Your father may not know what you are doing. Your children may not know what you are doing. Your husband or wife may not know what you are doing. BUT you know and Yah knows. So if you are doing something that He already told you, thou shall not and you are doing it anyway, then when His wrath comes down upon your head all you have to do is read The Book and see what His wrath is all about, then that’s on you. You can’t come crying ‘oh blah, blah oh everybody is against me’. No everybody is not against you. Yah is against you. Because you did not properly repent. And you are out here shaming His name by your wicked behavior. That’s where the problem is. It ain’t everybody else. IT’S YOU.

And if you have not humbled yourself to admit that. If you have not humbled yourself enough to even see that, then you are in trouble. Big, big trouble. So start at home first. The man in the mirror. You have to ask him to change his ways. And once you do that, then you can start everything anew. But that old you did not repent. That old you was arrogant. That old you was ego filled. That old you is still the new you. Well not even the old you, the new you is still you. (You are still the same). Because you have not properly repented.

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If a light goes out in your house, you will change that light bulb immediately. Because you don’t want to be in the dark. If a kitchen appliance goes out many of you are going to replace that appliance immediately. Because you don’t want to be without it. If you lose your Television or your cable goes out, you will have those things repaired immediately. So once again as I stated in the last lesson, what’s keeping you from repairing yourself? Why can’t you walk side-by-side, hand-in-hand with Yah? Why do you let sin separate you from your Father? Your Father that is going to shake the heavens and the earth to return you back to prominence. Why are you letting the adversary draw a wedge in your relationship with Yah? Why are you doing that? All you have to do is properly repent. And Father Yah will forgive you. That is what it takes.

Let’s look at humility, being humble. And look at just what is required and what we must have to go about doing this brothers and sisters.

If you are familiar with Christianity, you may have heard a lot about repentance. But they never really tell you what’s it’s about. And if they do tell you, it will be some made-up thing that they thought of in their own head. Instead of telling you that it’s turning from sin. Because they don’t even have a concept of what sin is…the transgression of Yah’s laws according to the Book of 1 John 3:4. So if you don’t know what sin is, it’s impossible to make the proper repentance. So you are just stuck in that whirl-wind of sin, going around and around and around. And do you know what a whirl-wind does? It is like a tornado. It destroys everything in its path. That’s why you can’t build if you haven’t made the proper repentance. This is why you can’t build anything, all you do is tear down. You are just a whirl-wind. All that sin is just circling around with you and everything in your path gets caught up in it. That’s why people run when they see you. This is why they don’t want to associate with you. Because they see the sin that you can’t see. They see it.

Let’s look at humility. Let’s go to 2 Kings chapter 22. This is one of the steps of repentance. You have to humble yourself. Humble your heart. So you can turn away from your sins, so you can see your sins. If you’re not humble and you have too much anger and all that stuff, you will never see your sins because you will never think that you are sinning.

2 Kings 22:16-20, v. 16-17 So when Yah’s anger is kindled against a place and it won’t be quenched…that’s like a fire that you can’t put out. You just have to let it burn out. So when Yah’s wrath is hot against the children of disobedience, against the children of Ysrayl and He tells us that He’s not going to let it be quenched. There’s nothing that can put His wrath out. You will just have to wait until it’s over. v. 18-19 Do you see that? Yah said because you humbled yourself when you heard that I was coming with an unquenched wrath against this place. You tore your garment and you wept before Me. Because you know that Yah’s Word is REAL.

So you have to humble yourself. See those who are without humility brothers and sisters…because they don’t believe Yah. They don’t believe in Him. That’s why they can never become humble. This is why they can never become meek. Those who believe in Yah are terrified of Yah’s wrath coming down upon them…a quenched wrath. And Yah has already told us what He is going to do to the wicked. And we do not want to be apart of that wickedness. But those who do not believe in Yah, those who do not trust in Yah, those who are not trying to walk perfect with Yah, they will do whatever their deceived hearts tell them to do. They will say anything that their deceived hearts tell them to say. They won’t repent of it. There’s no Yah in their sight. They don’t know what they are talking about yet they are always spewing stuff out of their mouths.

It’s like man, you need to slow down. For you to say that, let’s me know that you have no fear of Yah. (talks to someone) That’s right, they don’t care. But when you humble yourself before Yah because you heard of what Yah is going to do to the wicked and you don’t want to be counted among the wicked. See that’s true repentance…that you must be humble first. But then you are going to turn away. Many of us have killed the old person that we use to be. Because we had to humble ourselves before Yah. We had to fight certain sins. And we overcame those certain sins that we were fighting against. See you must have that fear of Yah in you first. And sometimes that’s what keeps us rolling in that ball of sin brothers and sisters. That’s what keeps us of repenting of that certain sin. It’s because we have not humbled ourselves because we don’t fear Yah and we don’t even believe what He says. The lightning bolt has not struck you down, you know, you were doing some particular sin and you are looking out the door to see if the lightening is striking. And it didn’t strike you so you continue on in that folly. Deceiving your own self. But Yah is watching all. Humble yourself before Yah.

v. 20 See, Yah will take the breath of life from you to hide you from what’s about to come upon the earth. (Yah says this also In Isaiah 57:1-2) But remember like Yahoshua was telling those ahks, just because you see someone dying, just because you see someone killed, do you think that they are the worst sinner? Naw. Yah will allow you to die so He can hide you from seeing the evil that He is about to bring.

That’s why when He brings the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness, their eyes are going to be closed from the catastrophe that’s going on around them in the rest of the world. Yah’s going to hide us. Do you see what Yah does for you when you humble yourself? When you repent. When you walk perfect. When you bring pleasure to His face. Do you see what He does? HalleluYah.

But see the fool says in his heart, there is no Yah…Yah does not see me. I can speak anything that I want to speak. Yah doesn’t hear (they think). I can disrespect whomever I want to disrespect, Yah doesn’t see it. And if He does see it, what will He do about it? I have been doing this for the longest time and He hasn’t done nothing yet. See this is the hearts of fools. This is how they speak. And this is what they do. So they will never repent because they fell they have nothing to repent of.

I remember talking to some brothers years ago, they were some Afro-centric nationalist and all that, which there is no such thing as a black nationalist. That’s an oxymoron. Because there is no black nation. In order to be a nationalist, you must have a nation. A nation is composed of a certain group of people who share the same culture, genetics and language. So where is the black nation? How can you be a nationalist? BLACK. Foolish, foolish, foolish. But I was talking to these brothers years ago and I was telling them about the curses. They got highly upset. ‘What you mean we cursed’! ‘What you mean I have to repent’! ‘I got nothing I have to repent of’! ‘Look at what the white man did to us’! ‘He should be repenting’! I’m like man, it ain’t even about that. But they weren’t hearing that. Because they felt they had no sins, no transgressions. Not understanding that it’s because of their sins and there many transgressions that this condition has come upon them. But that is the same attitude that Israelites have today. ‘I don’t have nothing I have to repent of’. Everybody is against me. (No) everybody is against the wickedness that’s on you.

So if you have everybody coming against you and they are not coming against you for the Word of Yah but they are coming against you because of your personality… you got demons on you. And that’s what they are reacting to. You need to repent of that so those demons can leave you alone. And (so) they can stop getting stronger off your dirty heart. This walk ain’t no walk of play. You got to be on 24-7. You have to be a WATCHMAN of your own self. Because I’m going to tell you now, if you have not properly repented unto Yah, if you are not striving for perfection, you are a danger to yourself because you better not trust yourself. Because if you are trusting on yourself, yourself is going to let you down. Because he’s standing in your way. You better remove him. That’s why Yahoshua says what? DENY SELF and follow me. You have to remove self because He doesn’t want ‘self’ following. Deny that self because self is flesh. And the flesh is weak. Get yourself on the spiritual and seek after The Father.

Let’s go to 2 Samuel chapter 12. Let’s look at Kind Dawid and his humbleness. Kind David was humble and this brother, if you want to know true repentance, read about the stories of Kind Dawid. He shows you what repentance consists of. This brother had to repent time and time again. And he did it when he found out that he had done a certain sin against Yah, this brother’s heart was broken and he accepted whatever punishment that Yah gave him for those sins. Yah took his son away from him because of his sin with Bathsheba. Did David gripe about that? He understood he was in the wrong. Yah’s hand is powerful. And Yah’s hand is righteous. He didn’t complain and grip about that.

Let’s go to 2 Samuel 12. Now this is after Dawid had sinned. What Dawid did was that he took another man’s wife. He had this man killed so he could take his wife. David committed adultery with this woman. And he had him killed. Now David was blinded in his own mind, in his own sight. David probably had the idea, hey I’m the King of Ysrayl…all is mine. So David did this particular sin and now Yah is bringing it to his remembrance that he has done wrong. It’s like you know that you are doing wrong, you know what you have done wrong, now it’s upon you to repent of that. You know, you don’t have to go sit in some 4 X 8 booth and speak to some priest and tell him your sins. First tell your sins to your Father, what you have committed. Do it in humility. And once you find out that it’s wrong. Humble yourself. You will never repent, if you are not (humble).

2 Shemyah 12:1-16, v. 1 Nathanyah was sent by Yah to Dawid. v. 2-5 Dawid is not even understanding that this parable, this example here is about him. v. 6-8 Yah said Dawid, I gave you everything. And Dawid if you were not happy with that, I would have given you much more. v. 9-12 So Yah is bringing this to Dawid’s face. And saying you have done wrong. Why did you sin against Me, this great sin? This is what Yah has brought back to his face. So brothers and sisters when we do evil, do we hear Yah’s voice? Or do we ignore it? ‘What I got to repent of’? ‘Everybody is coming against me’. We do that (speak this way). Or do we do like David, the minute we are a sinner and that we have transgressed His law, in the sight of Yah (we repent).

v. 13 So David acknowledged that he had sinned. See if we don’t acknowledge that we have sinned, then we would think that we don’t sin. If we think we don’t sin, then we say what do I have to repent of? I don’t have to ‘turn away from’ nothing. You must acknowledge it especially when Yah brings it before your eyes. And places it right there, before your face. v. 14 So David is having a child with this woman and Yah said that the child shall certainly die. v. 15-16 So David was in a state of mourning (inaudible here). So We see that he humbled himself and said I have sinned against Yah. Not that he had sinned against man but he had sinned against Yah. That is the greatest.

Brothers and sisters, we don’t want to sin against The Father. We want to walk perfectly. We want to walk humble before His face. But you have to humble yourself and admit that you are a sinner, if you have done great sin. If you have a little sin, whatever sin it is. Some of us have that sin on our heart and we don’t want to admit that it is sin because if we admit that it is sin, now we have a confrontation against us and Yah. So now Yah wants to know why you haven’t stopped sinning. Yah wants to know why you haven’t repented of that sin. You know it’s sin. You just admitted to me that it is sin. So that’s why we try not to speak on it. We try to keep it under wraps. We want to hide it. But you can’t hide it. Do you know why you can’t hide it? Because it’s on your heart. And what’s on your heart will be shown through your actions. So it’s there and everybody sees it.

Look at what Yah told David, He said you have done this thing secretly. This was on your heart. You looked out and saw that woman bathing and that lust was on your heart. You did that secretly. But, I’m going to do it (openly) all before Ysrayl. You don’t want Yah putting that secret sin out before everybody brothers and sisters! He will let everybody know. Remember back in the 80s when all those big Gentile preachers were stealing money and buying prostitutes and homosexuality and all that stuff that they were doing? All that stuff got brought out to everyone. They were doing it secretly in the back rooms and at night, creeping across town. And all that stuff got brought before everyone. The whole world seen it. The whole world saw that scene.

That’s what Yah will do to you brothers and sisters. So you better practice on repentance. Turning away from it (sin). Humbling yourself to know that you are sinning. Don’t blind yourself to it brothers and sisters. Recognize it for what it is so you can remove it. And the Father’s mercy can be placed back upon you. (talks to someone) Kayn ahk, Adam and Eve tried to hide it. ‘Adam, where are you’? ‘What have you done’? ‘Who told you that you were naked’? ‘Did you eat from the tree I commanded you NOT to eat from’? (Then Adam said) ‘Well the woman that you gave me…(told me to eat)’. ‘Naw, I don’t want to hear that’. ‘I commanded YOU NOT to eat from it’. ‘The woman wasn’t even created when I gave you this commandment, Adam’. ‘And because you have listened to the voice of your wife, this is the punishment you will receive’.

 The is the same Yah. And His mercy, grace is only upon you until you repent. He’s giving you time. We don’t know how much time we have. I’m talking about each and every individual. We don’t know how many hours The Father is giving us to overcome this particular sin. Because Yah sees things in us that we don’t know is even there. I’m talking about some good attributes.

So Yah said hey, it should take him no more than 2 days to get over that sin. He said I’m going to give him 2 days. It shouldn’t take him no more than 3 days…we don’t know what Yah is saying on how much time He is giving us. We don’t know how long our grace period is to get over that particular sin and truly repent from it. We don’t know so because we don’t know, that should be more motivation for us to get over it before The Father’s wrath comes down and He starts telling us that hey now I’m coming down upon you and My wrath will not be quenched. There’s nothing you can do once you are in the hand of Yah. Whose going to save you? Will you call upon Jesus? Will you call upon the Lord? Will you call upon Allah when Yah grabs you?

Naw, you can’t. Because Allah’s in hiding. He heard that Yah grabbed you and he thought Yah might come for him next. So he went into hiding. Same thing with Jesus. They aren’t trying to save you. Because they can’t save you. Not from the hand of Yah. Not from any man’s hands, Jesus can’t do nothing but deceive you.

Let’s go to 1 Kings chapter 8. This is The Prayer of Redemption, the prayer we did today. The prayer that we do every Shabbat. We do this prayer. The Prayer of Redemption where we turn towards Yahrusalem (towards the east for us in the States and pray).

1 Kings 8:46-48, v. 46-47 See brothers and sisters the prayer of redemption, in order for us to start that process of being redeemed by the hand of Yah after we have been taken into captivity and after we have been spread across the world, is that we have to admit that we and our father’s have sinned. We have committed wrong against Yah’s face. This we have to admit. We have to humble ourselves and admit it. Not as those brothers were saying to me years ago…’what do I have to repent of’? ‘The white man has done all this against me, he’s the one that has all the sins’. See we have to admit, we have to humble ourselves. Because if you don’t humble yourself you can NOT see your own sin. v. 48 Aren’t we in the land of our enemies? Whether we are in the United States, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, The U.K., Africa, we are in the lands of our enemies. Do you know why? Because our land stretches from Egypt to Iraq and if we ae there ruling with Messiyah and Kind David, we are not in our land. We have been taken captive and spread all over the world.

So in order to start this process of redemption, he have to admit that we are sinners. We have to accept this punishment that Yah has put us under. We have sinned against Him greatly. So now we are in the process of repenting of our sins. That is what you see right now, with these Israelites all over the world. We are admitting that we have sinned and acted crookedly and the curses are down upon our heads. We have done wrong against our Father Yah. So now we can have a proper repentance. Everything that we committed to get into this situation, we have to stop doing it. We have to stop murdering. We have to stop stealing. We have to stop eating pork. All those things. Stop breaking His laws. Stop transgressing His laws, statues and commandments that’s the only way true repentance can be done.  Stop putting the elohim before His face. Stop putting the gods, that’s what elohim is, before His face. This is what repentance is. And then when we start to repent, oh now we can begin to start to walk with Yah and walk perfectly. Walk side by side (with Him) once we remove all that defilement out of our hearts and out of our way.

Let’s go to Luke, Luqas chapter 18.

Luke 18:10-14 It’s all about humility. And you have NOT been exalted. The people are not listening to you because you have not humbled yourself. Brothers and sisters you have to humble yourself. You see how the one who was not tithing. The one who was not fasting. The one who was not keeping the commandments, the tax collector but he knew he was a sinner. He KNEW he was a sinner and he did not look to heaven. He could not even life his eyes up because he was too ashamed.

See, if you have not been humbled enough to admit your sins, your transgressions…you will never repent. And if you don’t repent, you will never become perfect and if you are not perfect, you will not see the kingdom. You have a ticket to the lake of fire. So your very salvation brothers and sisters is in danger, if you have not humbled yourself and admitted what you are doing in sin. Hatred, hating your brother is like murder without cause. That’s from the mouth of the Messiyah. So that’s something secret that you have on your heart, hatred, strife.  And if you don’t remove those things before your grace period runs out then it’s a confrontation between you and Yah. Humility. We must humble ourselves and say that, that’s a sin, ‘I ain’t doing that anymore’. Yah said not to do it and I’m not going to do it.

Some people know what Yah says NOT to do and they still go and do it. The Book tells us to separate from certain types of people, some people say, ‘I’m not separating from them, I’m still going to talk (to them) because I want unity’. ‘I want to be unified with them’. Scripture says don’t even give them your shalom. Don’t even greet them. Because you take on their wicked deeds. ‘Naw but I’m going to talk to them because you know I’m supposed to love everyone’! Not even understanding that you are becoming wicked. The wickedness that they are doing, that’s your wickedness too because you are given a hand over to it. Scripture tells you that. You know where the Scriptures are. But you say contrary to what the Scripture says. Because that is what is on your heart. You haven’t repented.

So many snakes and fakes and all that stuff that try to slide up into the Israelite movement. ‘Yeah I’m Israelite too, oh halleluYah, now where can I get some men at’? ‘Where the men at’? ‘Ain’t no men here’? ‘Alright, I have to go’. ‘I’ll see y’all later, shalom’. And we have ahks coming in ‘HallleluYah, HalleluYah now where the money at’? ‘Can y’all show me where the collection plate is at’? You know, all type of agendas. Those people are not repenting. They have not repented even on their hearts. Because they don’t believe in Yah. They don’t trust in Yah. They don’t have faith in Yah. So we must be humble brothers and sisters. We must admit…see that’s why many of you still have that sin on your heart because you have not even admitted that it is sin. You try to fool yourself, like I said because if you don’t admit that it is sin, you will have to come into confrontation with Yah. Yah’s just waiting. That’s a foundational step right there. You must admit that, that is sin. Because Yah said not to do it. Sin is the transgression of the law so whenever Yah said ‘thou shall not’, that’s what you should not be doing.

We have some Hebrews that are so fake and so phony, they want to shalom (you) then when Hebrews see them in person they go ‘wait a minute, ain’t you that super- shalom sister that always comes amongst us and no one can say shalom louder than you’? ‘Ain’t you that super-duper HalleluYah brother’? That when you come among us no one can say HalleluYah louder than you. And then when you see their lives in person, your like wait a minute, what is this? Wait, you can’t be the same person. I’m at the wrong house ain’t I? You do what on the Shabbat? You been doing what? And you see all the sins that they are involved in. Because over the internet anybody can be who they want to be. But it’s when you are behind closed doors. Who are you then?

Because Yah see’s you online. Yah sees you offline. Yah sees you wherever you are. Whatever line you are in, Yah sees you. And Yah knows. That’s why sometimes we go about, we are constantly trying to speak to Yah. And He ain’t hearing you. Because you have not repented. Just like this man here the tax collector could not even look up to heaven. But many of you think you can climb the stairway to heaven and go knock on Yah’s door and sit down and have coffee with Yah. You don’t have no sin, you’re so righteous that you can go directly to The Father without any other order or nothing…just go straight up there. Some of the angels can’t even go there but you can. Because hey you are the super-duper Hebrew (laughs). Don’t fool yourself. Please don’t fool yourself because do you know what? You can try to fool others but if you have your spiritual eyes open, you ain’t fooling nobody. Definitely Yah is not fooled. You may be fooling and deceiving your own self.

Let’s look at the next step okay. Repentance that’s what we have to do when we first come into this walk in order to obtain that perfect walk. And repentance is turning away from sin, turning away from transgressing Yah’s law. We must be humble to admit that we have sinned. That certain things in our life is sin, that we have a particular sin on our heart. We must admit that.

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Deuteronomy 12:30

Yah protects, heals and grants favor. HalleluYah for having Yah on our side. Talks about the 1st annual Israelite Conference: Thursday there will be skating and bowling. Friday there will a picnic, yes I know picnic means pic-a-nicca to lynch. We will have a meal. There will be a flag football game. So y’all go to the weight room and get ready, lol. Yeah we will play volleyball, softball, basketball and soccer too. There is a water park and we will have merchant’s selling. Friday night there will be workshops. Saturday, there will be a tour of black Chicago. Chicago was founded by a Haitian Israelite named Jean Baptiste Point du Sable during the great migration. Yah said our feet would not rest. There will be an I.H. school of learning presentation. There will be project Goshen key-note speeches. Also there will be a play called ‘how to spread the truth’. Sunday, there will be immersings at the 42 street beach and a meal.

Adidas has slave shoes out made with shackles that cost $350. A lot of slave history is in the news now. Why? They are getting ready to shackle us back up. Our people are already slaves to this materialistic society. 

Text: They are preparing the mind to be shackled first, then the ankles.

Yah is getting to wake us up. Movie ‘Abraham Lincoln’ the slave owners are vampires. In the movie ‘Djano’ is another recent slave movie. Rodney King just died. King knew how to swim and he swam daily. He was only 47 years old. He was found naked. Why? He represented the frustration of a generation. Which ushered in the L.A. (Los Angeles) riots. This did not stop the police brutality. You had Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin and others. In the past there was Emmit Till and Medgar Evers. The first L.A. Riot was in Watts in 1965. This is the 20th Anniversary of the L.A. riots so they killed Rodney King. Our people don’t understand the curses. So they are frustrated. Yah is making the Gentiles work against you to wake you up. So you can begin to think. Twenty million people are in slavery on the planet today. They plan to put 13 million more in too (you, Israelites).

Do y’all know in Liberia ‘brews drink babies blood for strength! Yah said you would eat the flesh of your children in Deuteronomy 28.

If someone asks you for change, don’t you tell them to get a job. That is something the Gentiles say. Don’t do people like that. He may be trying to feed his family. Through you, they will see Yah. Don’t turn your back on your family even if they don’t worship Yah. A young ‘brew that always comes here says that he is leaving the church because they never help him. The pastor sends him to the secretary and she sends him to some government agency. We always help him when he comes here. Don’t turn your back on your family members who are stiff-necked to the truth.

Text: plant the seed and let the Most High give the increase.

The brothers that knew Yahoshua hated Shaul for his past. We must have mercy. But separate from people who do not love Yah & Yahoshua, if they fully reject Yah. We use to reject Yah when we use to lie, steal, fornicate and so on. Yet Yah had mercy for you. We all have been rebellious. Only the mercy of Yah saved us.

Do you know when you come out of the womb you make a covenant with Yah? Yah gives breath and you agree to die. There is no such thing as ‘he died to young’. Yah does not make mistakes. Two hundred people can die in a plane crash and one person live. Yah did not want that one to die.

Can ahks become ahks again? Yes, through repentance. Those who talk about us on Facebook can come back here if they repent. Pray for them. Because of you, your prayer, Yah will have mercy on that person. Yah showed Solomon mercy because of David. Pray for them to wake up. Don’t pray for Yah to hurt them or take wrath on them. NO don’t pray for vengeance. You pray for them to repent. Pray for mercy. Yahoshua at the end of his life said, ‘forgive them Father, they know not what they do’. Stephenos said the same thing. Because Yah will hurt them without your intercession. Teach them how to be righteous. Just like you teach your children. There are times when I wanted to pray for a lightening bolt to come to people who have hurt me. But we can’t do this.

Text: Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.

My neighbors are some wild ‘brews y’all. Do y’all know there is a zombie mobile? A zombie proof car with a sun-roof so you can shot zombies. There are zombie condos too in Kansas. And they are sold-out y’all. They can’t come through the walls looking for brains there. They are not playing y’all.

Lesson: Deuteronomy 12:30

This lesson came about in doing the video for brotherhood of the serpent research, the worship of Tammuz in the trinity.

 We can’t paint Yahoshua as Jesus and God as Yah. We can’t bring in paganism.

Deuteronomy 12:29-32, v. 30 This verse is key to this lesson. Today, we came to the truth. We came out of bondage, sin and acknowledged that Yah is real. Guard ourselves so as not to follow those gods that we left. Yah sent a messenger to us to receive the truth. Don’t inquire about those gods. The summer solstice is connected to Kodesh-Tammuz. Once we leave Christianity…stay with Yah. Yah is all we need. Don’t care about Islam, Judaism, Buddhism etc. We are FREE now, we have been given life. v. 31-32 Read. Don’t worry, don’t inquire about why they burn their children. You know it’s wrong. People still eat children in Liberia and Asia. Some people were found with pills of human placenta in their luggage.

St. John the Baptist Day is associated with the summer solstice.

This is not about Yahcanan the Immerser.

The Christian cross in divided into 4 areas which represents the 4 seasons. Satan’s deception is heavy y’all! The elect will not be fooled!

The above link show a man praying to the sun. Stonehenge is a platform to watch the constellations. The guy is praying to the summer solstice and olympic things.

It is impossible to serve two masters. We can’t incorporate Christianity in our belief.  Deuteronomy 12:30 says don’t wonder about what they are doing!

Back to the article: Yahcanan the Immerser was born 6 months before Yahoshua. Luke 1:26, Satan knows Scripture and twists it to deceive them. Satan is confusion. John 3:30 Scripture is reference here.

Religion is opened up they say. But we are not a religion. The Bible is not a religion.

Look at

Religion twins: as above so below, yin-yang, John is sacrificial twin for Jesus, summer solstice then winter solstice, They say John died so Jesus could be born. This has nothing to do with the Bible…soltices. The winter soltice=birth of Jesus. This is why we do not do astrology (zodiac). It’s pagan. All religions observes the stars.

Yeremiyah 10:1-2 We do not awe when the man of sin moves the sun, moon. Yahoshua in Matthew 24 told us all this will happen before He returns. We don’t wonder why pagans do it (Duet. 12:30). We keep it moving.

Let’s talk about Tammuz.

Tammuz is associated with the solstices and the lunar Shabbats. Go to  type in Tammuz to get the definition.

Ashtar=Seminramis=Virgin Mary=Queen of Heaven.

June-July or the summer solstice was given this month. He (Tammuz) is the sun-god. This is who is being worship on the summer solstice. Let’s look at weeping for Tammuz.

Yahzeqyl 8:1-16, v. 1-6 Imagine, they did all this abomination and Yah said they will do worse. v. 7-10 People want to come to Yah’s people with wicked spirits and teachings of demons today. Why is it that you come to righteous teachers and question them yet you never question your boss or you never questioned your pastor back in the day? Look at what we do in Yah’s sight…willfully sinning. ‘Oh Yah knows my heart’, you say. v. 11-15 Greater abominations you will see. v. 16 They had their backs to Yah’s temple and were bowing to the sun!!!! Just as today they bow on Sunday. Just as Muslims bow to the sun. You still want to incorporate Yahoshua with Jesus.

Text: We bow toward the place Yah put His name. (Yahrusalem)

Text: Worshipping the created rather than the Creator.

Leviticus 20:23 I hate them. Yah hates when the apple of His eyes goes into the Sunday churches, high places.

The lunar Shabbat is called Kodesh-Tammuz.

We had people leave the knowledge of Yah and Yahoshua and they gave this link. They want to do lunar Shabbats. Yah took our calendar. The Jewish calendar is not ours. Yah took our history away. Jews do not know the Hebrew calendar. The article says cancer is the zodiac of Tammuz. The crab described in the article has nothing to do with the Bible. It’s all Jewish-Talmud teaching.

Significance of astrology in the Bible:

Jewish holidays and astrology are in the Talmud. In the article: Zodiacs are attributes of the god imposed on men so men can become gods. This is all from Satan. (what Satan told Eve).  Mohiel is the god that removes the blood or ritual circumcisions it says in the article.

Islam says men are for pleasure and women are for procreation like Christianity is full of homosexual men.

Tetragrammaton=72 names of god. This is not from Yah. The Most High gave us Yah. That’s it. Just seek Him, ask Him and if your heart is right the answer will be given to you.

Back to the article: Hero=god. Horus (Egypt), Hercules (Greek). They trust their god on their money. Destiny, hero (?). All religion worships the sun.

Ephesians 4:17-18 Don’t be like the nations, heathens after you come into the truth.

1 Kepha 4:3-4 Don’t do the things of the nations anymore. v. 4 They are surprised you don’t do it. They say you are ‘holier then thou’ now. They don’t want to be corrected by you. There is enmity (Genesis 3:15) that will always be between us and them. Don’t be discouraged by their frowning faces.

Let’s talk about the trinity.

Tammuz + summer solstice are both associated with the trinity. The trinity is defined as all pagan religions. All religions has a god-head. It goes back to sun worship, to satan. Nimrod+ Semiramis+Tammuz=Babylon. Osiris+Isis+Horus= Egypt. The 1st triangle of 3 triangles or Kether Hakhma and Bena (sp?)=Judaism. The Qabalah has 3 trinities.

 The word logos=pre-exist doctrine come from this.

summer solstice=death of Jesus and resurrection of the sun. It’s all death worship.

Yeah in the movie ‘Metropolis’ her name was hell. It’s a movie from the 1920s.

Look up the word logos at Logos=governes, builds universe like they say Jesus helped to build the universe. John 1:14 has nothing to do with pre-existence. Satan has mastered twisting of Scriptures.  type in logos. Logo=our lord=Jesus=Christ. This is where that pre-existence comes from.

After Yahoshua died He became the Messiyah. He endured until the end.

Revelation 5:1-5, v. 5 Yahoshua overcame (death) which gives Him the authority to throw death into the lake of fire.

Phylos logos says god is in spiritual and the world. This is confusion. Twisting Scripture. It’s saying man can be a god. They say I’m made in the image of god so I am god.

Text: It’s the 5% doctrine.

Text: Mary-Mary song the song ‘the god in me’.

Isaiah 46:5 Who are you to make a trinity out of Yah? There is none like Yah. Yl Shaddei, one of the attributes of Yah, this is not a name. Another attribute is that Yah is love.

Exodus 15:11 Yah is Set-apart. There is none like Him among the gods. Yah judges the gods they can’t compare to Him.

1 Corinthians 8:5-6 Only one Yah!!!!!! There are many gods, lords. Yahoshua gives eternal life because He died to bring us back to Yah is what this is saying. He defeated death. So Yah will let Him open up the scroll (Rev. 5) because He is worthy.

Yahcanan 7:28 I did not come from myself. No trinity. I came from Yah, Yahoshua said. Yah sends priests too…Hebrew Israelites. The trinity doctrine is not new. It was in Babylon. There is nothing new under the sun (Ecc. 1:9) (Inferred Yahoshua knew about the trinity doctrine).

Matthew 3:17 Yah said this to Yahoshua. So why would ‘god’ talk to himself if there was a trinity? It doesn’t make sense!   or

This is a ‘brew. He is confused. He calls Yah the adversary.

Text: Many false prophets shall arise.

Text: Might as well mark himself ‘dumb and ‘mule’ amongst the Jews guiding him.

He has waged a war against black Hebrew-Israelites. Google his name: Rabbi Kohan Shalomim Y. Halahawi. On his website he has Yah in his name there…confusing. He teaches that the Cherokees are Israelites…false doctrine. Also this guy those dudes that stand on the Harlem street corners work together. Don’t worry what they are doing…Deuteronomy 12:30!

The curses are an identifier to let us know who we are. The world is waiting because salvation is of the Israelites.

Yeah Anthony Bruce McCraw is this guys original name (of the edenic kingdom site). You have to be a paying member to see parts of his website!

Text: He may as well be a pimp pastor.

He is no different from a willful sinner or those that prayed with their backs to Yah (Ek. 8:16). We just hope he has not blasphemed Yah which is a unforgiveable act. He follows the Talmud. In Talmud, Jews can change their name to do evil. This is why he has two names. You can’t box with Yah. He has long arms. He’s trying to say he is from the tribe of Levi. Yah took all this info from us…our tribes etc.

Read his disclaimer on his website. He’s not talking about Jews he said just those black Hebrew Israelites.

Do y’all remember in North Carolina that Israelite that killed a woman and her son? He killed them because the son was gay. Now this Israelite fits who this Rabbi is talking about. The dudes on the corner and this guy are counter intelligence. People are watching, y’all.

Yeah Yah has organization. Moses had 70 elders. ‘The way’ was an organization. Don’t fall into pharisees doctrine y’all. That Jewish doctrine.

This was a lesson and a revealing. The end of the lesson.

Pray before you research y’all. This guy probably watch some YouTube videos (to form his opinions) Research before you open these doors. Be careful with these videos. Read the Bible first before you go to other books. So you will not be confused by Satan.

Text: If he looks like Katt Williams…I’m already laughing.

Q & A:   

Q: The masonic handshake? A: They have several handshakes. Dictionary of Freemasonry: definition of ‘give a hand’ read. In other words they will help their brother as long as it does not hurt them. Romans, medieval armies had hand salutes. The military has a salute. It’s to show you are unarmed.

Q: Chloe and Phoebe (1 Corn. 1:11 & Romans 16:1-2) were they female ministers? A: It just says house of Chloe. Not that she is a minister. Women were/are not to be a head of a congregation but they can witness.

Q: How do I fast? Can I work and fast? A: The most important thing is denying yourself. Pray 3 times at least. Pray in the morning, noon and before the sun sets. Don’t watch meaningless television. Focus on Yah. No water, food. Go without electronics…phones if you can. I know that’s hard for ‘brews, lol. Focus on Yah. You can still go to work.

Q: What are the name of the herbs you used for your skin about 2-3 weeks ago for rashes? A: Pleurisy plant. It breaks up mucus and is used for eczema. Drink it as a tea. They also call it butterfly root.

Q: The Ima show on the Willie Lynch letter, was that women teaching? A: No. That’s not like standing at the head of a congregation. A sister can answer questions on the street. No women evangelist or heads of assemblies. Women need protection because of the angels (fallen).

Q: If I go to Subway (restaurant) and they prepare my food with gloves that they just handled unclean meat, is my food unclean? A: Well, what if you sit where an unclean woman sat in Subway? What if the butcher that cut that meat wore unclean gloves (due to cutting different kinds of meat). See, Yah has mercy. You can ask them to change their gloves if you like. Some ‘brews don’t drink tap water because they say it has fluorine but in Haiti they bathe in cholera, human waste filled water. We think to much of ourselves here in America. Just ask Yah to bless your food in the name of Yahoshua. TEXT:  Yahzeqyl ate bread baked from human dung.  (Ezekiel 4:1-17 especially verse 12, also see 2 kings 18:27 and Isaiah 36:12)

Q: Are prophetess and evangelist the same? A: No, they are not the same. Baruch was the authority figure. He would not go without her (Deborah). She was obedient to him. She was a prophetess. She was not an evangelist. Female evangelist=Jezebel spirit. TEXT: ‘woman can do anything like a man’ Jezebel taught…to keep women OUT of the order of Yah. (My sidenote: Deborah was under the authority of her husband, Lapidoth too in order to sit under that tree and judge,  Judges 4:4).

Q: Mark 7:31-35, Yahoshua healed in a certain way. Do I do this too? Has this power been given to us by Yah yet? A: No, you don’t have to spit but know that you will heal in different ways. In Acts 3 Kepha and Yahcanan…Kepha said to him get up (walk). In Matthew, Yahoshua said fasting cast out demons. We will heal in different ways. (My sidenote this reminded me of Kepha’s shadow healing people in Acts 5:15-16 HalleluYah).





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Repentance p. 1

Alright today’s lesson is entitled repentance. We must repent. Repentance is the foundation of our faith. When we hear that we are the children of Ysrayl when we first come into this walk brothers and sisters, we have to turn away from our sins. That is what repentance means ‘to turn away’. But before you turn away, you must feel sorrow in your heart and you must do it humbly. You must have humility brothers and sisters. You must feel bad that you have sinned against The Father Yah. And that is the only way you can do a true repentance, is if you do feel sorrow in your heart. Once you found out that a particular thing you were doing is sin and you feel that sorrow and you turn away from it, then you won’t go back to that thing again.

But if you are justing turning away from it in the sight of men but behind closed doors you still have that particular sin on your head, then you have not done a true repentance. And that particular thing is going to nag you and nag you and will always be with you and you will not be able to have a perfect walk. Remember we talked about perfection last week. And just what we must do to obtain a perfect walk with Yah. Because we must obtain perfection. Perfection can be obtained. So repentance is the first step in becoming perfect. Or it is the foundational step in becoming perfect.

It’s one of the major steps in our walks, in our faith, in our belief. So that is what we will look at today. We will look at this repentance which means to turn away from sin. What is sin? Transgression of the law. So when we come to Yah, we have to turn away from transgressing His law and come into keeping His law, righteously brothers and sisters. See, we have so many Hebrews that are still at the foundation and can’t get past that foundation. They will not get past that foundation. Do you know why? Because they have not repented. They still harbor hate in their hearts. They still harbor that confusion in their hearts. It is because they have not properly repented onto Yah.

So we are going to look at the steps to repent and just what does it mean to repent and what Scripture says about this very important understanding. So we are going to get things started off in the Book of Hebrews chapter 6. Once again we are talking about repentance. Repentance, to feel sorry you have broken Yah’s laws.

Hebrews 6:1 Therefore, leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Messiyah, let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward Yah.

So brothers and sisters let us go on to perfection. Like I said, we talked about what perfection was last week. It says ‘not having to repent from dead works’. Brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t have to keep repenting from the same dead works over and over (again).

Now we must ask ourselves, if we are constantly going into the same sin over and over again, where does Yah honor our repentance at? Ok, if we repent today of a sin that we know is wrong in our lives and then later on tonight we do that sin again and then tomorrow morning we start to repent again. Then tomorrow night we do that sin again. Where does Yah honor the repentance at? Does He honor it the first time? How about the second time? How about the third time?

Yah is merciful brothers and sisters and it all depends on what’s on your heart. If you are struggling against that thing, whatever it is…because when you repent of it brothers and sisters that means that you don’t go back to it. So Yah will honor your first repentance. He’s still merciful brothers and sisters and so He knows if you are struggling against it. If you are making an effort but if you are not even making an effort, you are just giving in to that thing. How much longer do you think Yah will sit there and hear your lies about repentance?

Because see sometimes we think because we say we are going to repent of a certain thing and to the eyes of men, we don’t do that certain thing anymore but behind closed doors, Yah still sees. Yah knows what is on the heart. He knows what is still there. So if you say your going to repent of something, just do it. Just turn away from it. Be sorry that you have committed this wrong against Yah. Unrepentant murderers, unrepentant fornicators, unrepentant adulterers, they have no repentance in their hearts. Yet they will speak it with their mouth.

So once we feel sorry about what we have done, that should be it. You should not go back to that thing again. You should leave it alone forever. Because, you know that you have done wrong against The Father. And that alone, just knowing that you have upset Yah. That thing alone brothers and sisters should be what drives your way from that particular sin.

I grew up in the inner city of Chicago. The west side of Chicago. I’ve seen the murders. I knew about the drug dealing and all those things growing up around it. How could you escape it? It was right in my face everyday. But the only thing that kept me from becoming a drug dealer is that I did not want to bring displeasure and shame to my mother. All my friends were doing it and I would hang out with them while they did it. But I never did it. And that was the sole reason. So, if I can feel that way about my earthly mother, who is a flesh and blood woman, a flesh and blood creature as I am. What do you think about my Heavenly Father? There should be certain things if we know it brings displeasure to Yah, we should not even participate in it. Not at all. We should have no association with it, if we know it will bring displeasure to Yah.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 3 and look at the steps of repenting, at returning back to Yah. We have so much in our lives that we have to repent of. So much, especially when we came out of the world and we are coming into the walk of Yah. There is so much baggage that we came with. So many misunderstandings that we came with. So many lies that we have been brought up with. And many of us still believe those lies to this very day. But we must turn away from that and humbly come and seek The Father Yah. Many of us come to Yah as if we are Yah. And Yah is us. As if we have all the answers and Yah is seeking answers from us. That is the attitude many of us bring into this walk. The me, me, me and I, I, I. And that just shows the size of your ego. If you don’t come humbly into this walk, you can not seek The Father. You can’t even be taught by The Father. Yah is not going to exist where there is any type of defilement. So you must repent, truthfully for your transgressions.

Mattithyah 3:1-2 In those days Yahanan the Immerser came preaching in the wilderness of Yahudah and saying ‘repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’!

You see this was the beginning of what he taught. Repentance first, then the kingdom. The kingdom is almost here. So if you haven’t repented brothers and sisters, you won’t see that kingdom. So repentance is the first step as we are returning back to Yah to become His priests once again. We must repent of ALL our transgressions.

Like I said last week, we have to get past the excuse, ‘I’m trying’. And you are still doing the same thing over and over and over again. But you are ‘trying’ so you say. I’m not going to say that you are not trying but that is between you and Yah. When are we going to get to the stage of ‘I’m doing, I’m doing’? That is what will make us perfect…DOERS. Because if you are still trying and your still trying after one year and you’re trying after two years and still trying after three years. What’s wrong? Have you even taken the first step at repentance? And that may be the problem. Is that you have not properly repented of that sin.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 4. Because brothers and sisters we look at one another and we can say brother, I love you. Or sister, I love you. Right? Brother, I’m trying to love you. Sister, I’m trying to love you. Naw, we are doing love. We are becoming love for love is an action word. It’s a verb.

So when we look at Yah and we say we love Yah, then we must do the things of Yah. We have to turn away from those things that Yah doesn’t like. He doesn’t like murderers. He doesn’t like adulterers. He doesn’t like those that cause division among the brothers. He hates those things. And so, those things should not be in our midst, if we are trying to serve Yah and seeking to serve Yah. And I don’t know, I do believe that true trying, the word itself is one of those Gentile words like possibly, maybe, perhaps and could be. One of those words that just hovers right in the middle somewhere. Not yea nor nea. I’m trying, I will try to call you. How are you going to try to call someone? And I know we are all guilty of using that word because hey this is a bastard language that we are speaking, English. It has no father, it has no mother. It is created from a whole bunch of different languages.

And so we have to stop talking about trying and really just do some of this stuff that Yah requires of us to do. It is easy to do. And with practice we get better at it. But I think that trying is some type of an excuse that we use.

Mattithyah 4:17 From that time Yahoshua began to preach and to say ‘repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’.

Repent brothers and sisters, turn away from sin. Turn away from transgression. Turn away from all your murders and your fornication, from disrespecting your parents. Turn away from that. For the kingdom of heaven has drawn near. So if the kingdom of heaven is drawing near that means that the kingdom’s priests have to be ready for this itself. So if we want to get to this state of perfection brothers and sister, repent.

I’m telling you, if you turn away from a particular sin, that will eleviate that sin out of your life. Lust, repent. thievery, repent. Know that Yah hates those things. Satan loves them. So you find yourself stuck in this whirl-wind of sin. The same sin is just going around and around and you are just chasing those same sins over and over. Brothers and sisters, you must step out of that circle and look at it and say WOW, what is really going on here? Who am I really a child of? Who am I really serving? Because if you are so connected to particular sins in your life and you can’t leave them alone, you have the adversary somewhere near around you. Satan loves to see you do (bad) things. But Yah hates it. And if you know that Yah hates it, then you would do it for that sake alone. You would stop doing it just because you know that Yah hates it. But if you love to do it and Satan loves to see you do it, sounds like you have somebody in your midst that is not supposed to be there.

Let’s go to Mark chapter 6. This was Yahoshua’s message. When He came speaking to those ‘brews, He said, ‘repent for the kingdom of heaven is near’! He had to go speaking repentance to the people for He was going to be the one that saved us from our sins. Then that means the first step of doing that is that we had to repent. Ysrayl had to repent first before we could be saved from our sins. So this is why His message was repentance. This is what He taught. And see, you have to repent to Yah but you know that you have certain transgressions against your brother, you have to repent to your brother.

Let’s go. Mark 6. What is repentance? It’s turning away from transgression, sin. Making it opposite, to turn away 180 degrees, turning around. It’s going the other way.  If you see sin coming, by all means you will get out of the way of sin. You will turn around and walk away from sin. But like I say you must first have sorrow in your heart. You must be humble brothers and sisters. Meek. If you have none of those things, that is why you are not repentant. This is why the same sin exists in your life. The same demons are tormenting you because you have not repented yet.

Mark 6:12 So they (the twelve) went out and preached that people should repent.

They went out and proclaimed that men should repent. That men should turn away from transgressing Yah’s law. They went out proclaiming this. And this is what we have to do. But we can’t tell nobody to repent, if we have not done likewise. If we are still in a whirl-wind of sin, you better sit down and work on yourself. Sit down and keep your mouth shut and humble yourself. You are always trying to point out other folks fault and you have the biggest fault. You have the plank in your eye. Leave the man with the splinter in his eye alone. Work on yourself. See this Israelite walk, the Israelite nation would be a much smoother and better place if everybody focused in on their own walks first. FIRST. If everybody got up in the morning and looked in the mirror and said to themselves ‘how can I make today better than yesterday’? ‘How can I, myself, be a better servant for Yah’? ‘What do I have to do this day that I didn’t have to do yesterday to bring a smile upon The Father’s face so He is pleased at what I am doing’?

If we sit down and think about those things and strategize on them and pray to Yah for strength on being able to accomplish those things, this Israelite walk would be a stronger walk and this Israelite nation would be a stronger nation. But instead of us focusing on our true repentance, we always want to focus on others saying, ‘well he hasn’t repented’ or ‘she has not repented’. ‘They haven’t repented’. We always try to point out other people’s faults. And we are so blind to our own faults. We will throw stones at Christians for celebrating Christmas but we congratulate one another when we celebrate feast days in this insane defiled land. Not in the way that Yah said to celebrate it but in our own way. What’s the difference? You know. We throw stones at Christians for saying Lord and God but then we will give equivalent names like elohim and el. And we feel comfortable with it.

This is why Yah took stone throwing away from you right now, Ysrayl. This is why He just put that on hold and said wait a minute, I’m not going to have y’all disrespecting My rules, My laws like this. I’m not going to have murderers stoning adulterers. Adulterers stoning thieves. So y’all just wait until I come back. I’m going to pass judgment on that, on who gets stoned. And your stoning this time will be the lake of fire, the second death.

So brothers and sisters, while we have mercy, while we have grace, we need to focus on repenting ourselves and turning away from what we have done. That is what we need to do. See the people see you and they see the spirit that is on you. That is why sometimes people don’t pay you no mind. Because they see what’s upon you. Because you have not properly repented. They see the old you. You are still Johnny Smith. You are still Jerry Brown. And no disrespect to Johnny Smith and Jerry Brown, if your names happen to be that. I’m just making an example. You are sill that old person. And so you go to them talking about changing. Where’s the change in you? Why haven’t you changed? What’s up with that? And what do you tell them then, when they ask why you haven’t changed? ‘You are speaking this Yah to me, well where’s this Yah at in your life’?

Let’s go to Luke chapter 13. Before we can even turn to The Father, we must repent. We have to leave these sinful ways and sinful lives behind and seek Him out in all His righteousness for His law is truth and His law is good. What’s wrong with the laws of Yah? What’s wrong with His truth? Who can find fault in it? And if he does find fault in it, let him speak. Show us where there is fault in Yah’s law. So family, let us not be as the hypocrites. Let us not be as the pharisees. Let us be true to this thing and true all the way through. For Yah knows all. Yah sees all.

Luke 13:1-5, v. 1-2 Look at this. Now just because you see somebody going through a certain thing, does that mean that they are a worse sinner? Yahoshua said listen ‘I say to you NO! ‘But unless you repent, you shall perish in the same way’. This is what I am talking about, this blame. People always want to look at other people and say well, she’s going through this because she’s sinning. Or he’s going through that because he’s sinning. They were NOT worse sinners. v. 3 Yahoshua said no they are not. But unless you repent you will all perish. So repentance should be the first thing on your mind. Don’t worry about how they are dying or how they died or who was the worse sinner among them. Worry about you repenting or otherwise you will die the same as them. v. 4-5 Look at that. You shall all perish in the same way unless you repent. Unless you turn away from your transgressions, unless you turn away from your sins. Yah does kill the wicked. Get Christianity out of your mind and out of your heart. Yah will kill the wicked. But just because these men died in that way doesn’t mean that they were the worse men in Yahrusalem and that is why they died like that. Naw. How you leave this world doesn’t matter. Where you end up in the next, that’s what matters.

Whether you go down in a fiery plane crash or whether your head is blown off in a war, it doesn’t matter. Or whether you die on your death-bed in the middle of the night in your sleep. The same result is given. Your breath is taken away from you, now you are awaiting judgment. But if you have not repented your eternal judgment is going to be to eternal damnation. So that’s what matters.

So we always want to fault others, boy. And we always want to say everybody’s against us. But don’t want to look at what we are doing for everybody else. See if everybody is against you, there may be a reason or cause why everybody is against you. If you feel that way. It may be that you are doing things to them and they see spirits you don’t even know are there. That is what they are reacting to. If a brother or sister reaches their hand out in love and you reject it. And then you say that they are the fault. No, no, no. You are at fault. You rejected the hand of love. Because you have not properly repented. You have not turned away from that transgression. It’s still on your heart and mind. And those demons are feeding off you. Have y’all ever wondered why there are certain brothers and sisters that can not hold a descent relationship with nobody?

Yeah, there are brothers and sisters like that who can not hold a descent relationship with anybody. And there’s a reason, cause for that. Because who wants to be around a person who has hate filled in their heart? That (they) have not repented of. Nobody wants to be around that. There’s only so much of that, that they can take before they leave. So do you know what? Some of us brothers and sisters are going to be alone forever. Because we have not properly repented. Because we still have those demons feeding on us everyday and every night. And they get stronger in our midst and they are becoming who you are. Your whole character now is demonic. And people see it. And that’s why when they see you coming, they get to running.

Let’s go to Acts chapter 3. Y’all see you have to repent first. Because the kingdom is at hand. Before you even see the kingdom proper repentance must be done. Many of us have heard this Word spoken throughout Christianity but never knew what it meant, never knew what it means. Never knew nothing about it because it was never really explained. Do you know why? Because the pastor does not even know what repentance is. Do you know how I know? Because he has not repented. If he knew what repentance was…he would repent. And since in Christianity there’s no law, there will never be any repentance in Christianity. So this is why we constantly warn y’all against this religion. There’s no truth there. Because they reject Yah’s laws and commandments. They reject His Word. And they reject the true Messiyah. There’s no truth, there’s no salvation, there’s nothing there but a one way ticket to the lake of fire. So you better repent of that.

That’s why when we come to Yah, all that Christian craziness that we once believed, Christ insanity that’s what it is. You can get offended at that, who cares. But the truth is the truth. It is insane. We pray for you. We don’t throw stones at you. We pray for you. But you must understand what you are involved in because if you don’t repent of that, what comes after you leave this physical existence is going to be worse.

So what does it take to awake our family? What does it take to awaken these Christians to let them know that you are caught up in folly. Satan’s folly. Does it take us mocking them? Because we try to give them the Scriptures and that does not seem to be working. We try to sit down and have sensible conversations with them but that don’t seem to be working. So what are we to do? We throw them The Word and that’s it. That’s all we have been doing. That’s all we can do. Like I said, is it going to take something drastic for them to finally awaken and see what they are involved in? Somebody gave us The Word. Right? For some of us, it took a little more and for some of us it took even more. Yet, it got us to this point. And when we came here, we had to turn away from that sin. Many of us were in this stage of repenting, we didn’t even know we were repenting, when we found out that Christmas was wrong and we stopped celebrating Christmas…that’s repentance. When we found out that Easter was wrong and we stopped celebrating Easter, that was repentance. When we found out that fornication was wrong and we stopped fornicating, that was repentance. We didn’t even know what that was at the time. We did not know the proper name but we knew that we were doing it.

And then, not only did we have the sorrow in our heart, many of you cried when you found out that you have been lied to all these years. We had a heart of sorrow. We did not ever want to go back to that old way, to that old understanding. Because now our eyes have been opened. Now we have a whole new view on the entire world. It’s because we are making proper repentance. So we can do it right in Yah’s sight.

(talks to someone) Yeah parents contradict themselves. They tell you not to lie yet they lie to you. ‘Hey mom, what does an easter egg have to do with Christ’s resurrection’? ‘What do easter bunnies and all that have to do with it’? Moms couldn’t tell you nothing. She didn’t know. Pops couldn’t tell you nothing. He didn’t know. The pastor could not tell you nothing because he didn’t know. And they still don’t know. Their hearts aren’t aimed at Yah. The same thing with Islam. The same thing with Judaism. The same thing with Jehovah Witnesses, which they say they are a separate branch from Christianity, which you are not. It’s the same thing.

So brothers and sisters before we step to far, we must repent. And you must, like I was saying in the last lesson, you know what you are carrying around on your heart. And you already know what you have to do to get rid of it. But you know you love that thing so much, that you don’t want to get rid of it. You are a hoarder as they call it. A person that keeps holding things that makes no sense. On the physical a hoarder is a person that will keep every shoe box that they ever bought. They will keep every pair of shoes, no matter how torn up they are. They will just keep them. And that stuff stacks up in the house and becomes trash, garbage and it becomes unhealthy to live in that unsanitized condition. Many of us are doing the same thing with sin. We are hoarding unto sin. We know what Yah requires. We know what brings pleasure to His face but we love this sin so much. It just brings pleasure. Many of us found this certain sin when we were in the deepest darkest moments of our lives. And we held unto it. And when we were in those deep dark moments, this sin brought a smile to our face. For some of you all, that’s fornication. For some of you all that may be stealing. For others that may be lying. But you know it’s there. And Father Yah has already spoken to you on how to remove it. So you are just feeding a demon. You are just worm food. Or like they say the dead are food for the worms, well you are food for the demons. On the spiritual level, you have become demonic food. Because that is all they do is feed off of that negative energy. It’s on your heart because you have not gotten rid of it. Because you have not repented.

Acts 3:19 See turn back brothers and sisters. Turn away from that sin. Turn back from that transgression. See this is a walk of joy. This is a walk of gladness. A walk of happiness. To forsake all, to follow The Master. So sometimes brother and sisters if we are still are not joyful, if we are still not happy, there’s a reason and cause behind that. If we are still bringing forth anger and strife, hatred, there’s something wrong with that. We have not repented and we have not turned back and we have not had our sin blotted out. Because we are still doing these things.

How much mercy do you think Yah has? How much mercy should He have on you? Ask yourself that. After all that He has done for you. How much mercy should He continue to show towards you. And I know that is a question that is in the hands of Yah. You know. But ask yourself seriously. He’s done everything in the world for you, given you life. Nobody else can give you life. Yah gave you life. He gave you the breath of life. And what are you going to do for Him? What can you do for Him?

Alright repentance brothers and sisters as we see, it consists of turning away from that sin but it also consists of being humble and sorrowful for the wrong you have done. If you don’t become humble then you don’t realized that you have done wrong. If you don’t humble yourself, you will think that all the wrong that you are doing, that others are doing it to you and that you are always the victim, that you are never the predator. Because you will be so blinded that you can’t even see straight. Everybody is coming against you (you say). Not seeing that you are coming against everybody. You have no respect for nobody. You have no love for nobody and you expect them to give you love and respect in return for your no respect and love towards them.

See these things are shown brothers and sisters on what’s on the heart of a man will be revealed. If you give him enough time, he will show you. If you just let a man talk long enough, he will tell you what’s on his deceived heart. She will show you what’s on her deceived heart. It’s there.

So instead of walking around with this cancer eating away at your flesh, eating away at your spirit destroying you and destroying your relationship with Yah. Instead of embracing that, why don’t you work on removing it? There’s a certain level each and every one of us should be at as we progress with this walk with Yah. Just like in raising a child up, there’s a certain level where that child should be as that child ages. If it doesn’t, then you know that there is something wrong with that child. If a ten-year old is still behaving as a two or three-year old, something mentally is wrong with that child. Right? That’s the warning sign. So if you have been in this walk five or six years and you are still behaving as if you just came into this thing last night. You still have the same understanding. You have not advanced in your understanding. And your character is the same as it was before you even came into this walk. Something is wrong with you spiritually, physically and mentally.

So instead just take a moment, seek out his face, ‘Father what’s wrong with me’? ‘I shouldn’t be feeling this way Yah’. ‘I know I should be feeling greater than this’. ‘Why am I not Father’? And The Father may point it out to you…it’s because you have not repented. You are still a sinner in My sight. Yeah, we all have sinned and there are sins that we are sill committing but Yah has mercy. It is the willful unrepentant sinner that the mercy of Yah does NOT look upon favorably. The one that know to do better but doesn’t do better. The one that knows they are wrong and won’t do right. You know. That’s the one the mercy of Yah has nothing to do with you. Because you are playing around and then you are lying and then you are destroying His name, your behavior in itself brothers and sisters.

 Your behavior…if you want to know if a man serves Yah, look at his behavior. Nevermind his words. Now, man can say anything out of his mouth but what’s on his heart will be revealed in his actions. So if a man is a servant of Yah and serving Yah is on his heart, then his actions will show that he is a servant. And his words will back up his actions of what’s on his heart.

If a man only spews out hatred, if a man only spews out defiled things out of his mouth, then his heart is defiled. And his actions are going to show what’s on his heart. You still haven’t repented. How long does it take for you to repent?


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Law Review

*My righteous spiritual covering is still here. HalleluYah.

This Shabbat lesson is from June 16. Some in assembly were talking of spiritual battling all week long. The teacher’s response: Until Satan is in prison, you will always have stressful weeks. All servants do. Why do servants not fear death? Because fear is NOT of Yah and death means rest for us. Prepare for a fight until Yahoshua returns. Success in this battle=obeying Yah.

They disrespect Obama. I never seen a more disrespected president. They mock his wife and children. We don’t agree with his policies yet we don’t do as they do.

Talks about the Amish trip last Shabbat. The Amish live off the grid. They make their own electricity y’all. They own their own land. They have their own businesses. They help each other in the community.

News: Detroit and Flint Michigan are the most dangerous cities now. They are about to do something to Detroit. I was just there in February and did not see it was all that bad. I’m told there is an underground city under Detroit. A Satanic underground. They are going to be moving people out of that city like they did to New Orleans. It’s deeper than just move blacks (Israelites) out. Yah is trying to move us out of there. Many ‘brews are going back south. Atlanta has the 2nd most populated area now. Kizzy Texted: No rest for our feet, one of the curses.

Did y’all here about them driving a UFO down the street on a flatbed truck in Washington DC? They claim it was a drone. It was a UFO. This is a people who tell lies.

Yeah, I need to see Prometheus. Idris Elba (actor) is in it. He always plays in supernatural movies.  Jamie Foxx is in the movie called ‘Django’. Where a slave kills the plantation owners. Why not play Nat Turner? This is a Quintin Tarantino (sp?) movie. Yeah, Sam Jackson is in this movie too. There’s a movie out about Abraham Lincoln too.

Skin suits: Just like in ‘V’ reptilians wear these looking like humans.

Last time we looked at how Shaul taught the law. Now let’s look at how Yahoshua taught the law.

This man is a Hebrew (black) that teaches Jewish doctrine. He requires his members to tithe. He is founded by Zionist Jews. He calls Yah the adversary! We have to stop arguing about different camps and unite against these people.

The law part 2: When I came into truth, I was afraid I was not doing something correct. I read the Torah. And it turns out that I was doing most of the laws already.

Yahoshua was a law keeper. He did not ‘nail it’ to the cross. They say it is ‘done away with’. It does not make sense. Can you imagine not having laws? The world is lawless. The three biggest religions, none teach the law Christianity, Islam nor Judaism.

Does a man have to be separated when unclean like a woman? True. He may have a cut or he may have emitted semen. A scratch while playing sports makes you unclean until it heals. Just as women are unclean during their monthly. Touching human waste makes you unclean. What makes us unclean?

The law is what Yah will judge you on. Your good vs. evil deeds. We must know this law. Satan will use the Word against us. He tried it with Yahoshua. He fooled Eve.

1 John 3:4 sin=transgressing the laws.

1 John 2:1-8, v. 1 Yahoshua is our intercessor. v. 2-4 Christians say they know Him but don’t keep His laws. v. 5 You must walk as He did. Yahoshua brought the laws of Yah. He did NOT start a new religion. v. 6-7 Yahoshua said I wrote nothing new, all of this is from the old testament. v. 8 read.

Matthew 4:1-4 Man should live by Yah’s Word. This is in Torah. He did not make this up. He studied the Torah.

Deuteronomy 8:3 Man is to live by Yah’s Words, not by bread alone. Yahoshua battled Satan using the Word in Torah because the law is Torah and in Torah.

Matthew 4:5-7 Satan quoted Psalm 91 here saying Yah will send angels. Don’t try Yah family saying Yah will save me. Pray for guidance.

Deuteronomy 6:16 Don’t tempt Yah. This is where Yahoshua got this. Satan tells you there is no law. So now you have no weapon to fight him.

Matthew 4:8-10 You shall worship Yah and Him alone. Yahoshua is not a God.

Deuteronomy 6:13 This is where Yahoshua got this (in Matt. 4:8-10). He was a law teacher. He read Psalms, prophets and Torah. He gave lessons with understanding. He started at age 12.

So you see Yahoshua was a Torah teacher. Let’s take a look at circumcision.

Genesis 17:10-14 Abraham was about 99 and he had to do his own circumcision. Whew, I’m glad mine was done for me. Circumcision is an everlasting covenant. Now they are trying to stop circumcision over here. Yet they say it stops AIDS in Africa (double-talk). We must still do this law no matter how old you are. Anti-circumcision=anti Yah.

Captivity=shaved women. They plucked Yahoshua’s beard. They shaved our heads before coming to America.

Some people are getting uncircumcised now in America by putting a synthetic skin on. This is the same thing as coming against Yah. They did this in Greek times. Some Hamites circumcise women (in Africa). Yah said nothing about circumcising women!! The world is lawless.

Let’s look at sexual sins. ‘Uncovered nakedness’ means before the act of intercourse.

Leviticus 18:1-30 v. 3 Egyptians married their own family members. v. 6 Children, brothers and sisters, parents…do not uncover their nakedness. v. 7 Don’t look at your mom’s nakedness. Don’t get with your moms. Yah allowed interbreeding at first to build up genetics. Now your genetics will be messed up if you interbred (incest). v. 8 This is your step-mom, her nakedness belongs to your father. Ham had sex with Noah’s wife. v. 9 Don’t look at your stepsister’s nakedness either. v. 12 This is aunty. v. 16 This is your sister-in-law don’t uncover her nakedness. v. 18 Not twins either unless one dies and you marry the other. v. 19 No sex with women on their monthly. v. 22 Homosexuality=abomination. Michael Douglass (the actor) says he wears his wife’s panties. He said he’s doing ‘research’ for a movie. v. 23 Not beasts. Do not mate with a beast, woman. Yah said to kill the beast and the woman. They have bestiality websites y’all. A woman married a horse too. ‘Animal rights’ is for sleeping with animals. Yet they put Michael Vick in jail for 2 years! This whole society is anti Yah! v. 24 Don’t defile yourself like the nations. Yah never mentions cousins. You can marry your cousin. v. 27 They did these things in Canaan. Egyptians, too. They do this in Masonic temples.

Let’s look at laws of marriages.

Deuteronomy 22:13-22 The ‘proof’ was the white cloth. Blood on cloth meant she was a virgin. The father of the bride got a virgin price. But the groom says they lied. v. 19 He lied but the father had proof she was a virgin…the cloth with the blood on it. He could not divorce this woman. You can’t divorce for any ‘ol reason. Give marriage time and know one another before marriage. This man lied on her. v. 20-21 If she is not a virgin, she would be stoned. v. 22 Adultery=the man and woman shall die. Yahoshua had mercy on the adulterous woman.

Deuteronomy 24:1-3 You can get divorced. Put away=separation. She can not go back to the first husband if she remarries another man then divorces the 2nd husband. Yah divorced the 10 tribes and no man (nation) married her. Yah will take her back.

Deuteronomy 21:10-17 She shaves her head and trims her nails=sign of captivity. v. 15-17 When a man has two wives, if the unloved wife has the 1st son, he can not give the inheritance to the 2nd born of the one (wife) that he loves.

Leviticus 17:8-16 No vampires in our land. v. 10 Yah will cut you off. v. 11 Life is in the blood. v. 15 This is road kill they were eating=unclean. v. 16 read. This is not talking about bloody chicken at the grocery store. You can touch that to purchase it. Don’t be overly righteous. Cook your meat well. This is talking about drinking bull blood for example like the Maasi tribe of African. George Washing use to drink his enemies blood did y’all know that? Yep, on the battlefield. Read the history books for yourself.

Let’s look at the clothing laws.

Leviticus 19:19 Don’t mix a horse and a donkey (mules). Ligers=tiger+lion. Zebra + horse=no. Don’t mix a lemon and tomato seed. This is what they are doing now. They are also mixing apples + grapes=graples. Even tribes were not to intermix. Judah + Levi=did not mix together. Natural threads are to be worn. This is not talking about synthetics fibers like polyester, spandex, rayon. We are not to wear wool + linen or cotton + wool.

Deuteronomy 22:5, 11-12, v. 5 Women do not wear clothes from the men’s section of the store and vice versa. Society breaks all these laws. v. 11 Don’t mix fabrics. v. 12 Wear your tassels. Be modest in clothing. Don’t look like you are trying to seduce (talking to the women). Women at church look like they are going to the club. It’s ok to look nice and smell good if you want to, women. Un-modest= a $600 illuminati pair of jeans or $400 illuminati shoes. Keep it simple. They have high heels for men now, y’all like Prince. The 80s were fruity all the way! Jerry curls, high heels, man + panties=manties like prince.

Let’s look at disobedient children.

Deuteronomy 21:18-21 This is for HARD-HEADED children. He sits around and eats and drinks all day. He would be stoned back then. People don’t discipline their children anymore. These children are the drive-by killers and teenaged mothers today. Isaiah 3:12 children are your oppressors today because you don’t teach them.

Let’s look at clean and unclean people.

Leviticus 15:1-18 This is uncleanness in men. v. 16 emission of semen=unclean until evening. v. 17 Wash with water (and of course soap). It does not say how the semen came forward (infers masturbation). v. 18 Sex (between a man and woman)=unclean until evening. Friday night until Saturday night sundown you should NOT be unclean (or having sex).

Leviticus 15:19-33 This is women’s uncleanness. v. 24 If her monthly gets on him, he is unclean. They put blood in food to put a spell on men in Louisiana and South Carolina and Jamaica too (Voodoo). The class was grossed out or at least I was. Many men say they will not eat anything red. Question in the room: What if I sit in a seat after an unclean woman? We just have to do the best we can right now. We are not in our land. (I remember someone asked a similar question last year and the answer was don’t make you Isha sleep on the couch because her monthly is on.)

Leviticus 12:1-6 After child-birth if she has a male she is unclean 7 days. She is to be separated 33 days after her male child is born. 33+7=40 days separate from the congregation. If she has a female 14 days + 66 days=80 days separate. I don’t know why it is longer for girls. v. 6 This is sacrificial, Yahoshua did away with this.

Let’s look at property law.

Deuteronomy 22:1-4 Take back your brother’s things if you see he left it. Return his property. If you find a wallet of a Gentile full of money and his I.D. card is there… you must give it back to him with ALL his money. But if there is no I.D., then it’s yours. I found a cell phone once. The called the phone. He came and picked it up. He offered me a reward but I declined. A lady scammed the IRS out of $2 million. She lost the card they gave her and applied for another one. This is when they caught her. She claimed all these deductions. But if you find rubber-band money keep it. There is no I.D. here. But if you find it in the congregation, wait to see if your brother or sister asks for their money. A waitress found $7,000 in a bag and tried to give it to the people eating there at here table. They told her to keep it. She gave it to the police! The police would not give the money back to her saying it was drug money.

Exodus 22:1-15 Responsibility for property. v. 1 Stealing property=pay back 5X more than the original value. v. 2 You can handle a thief inside your house. Protect your family. But don’t go stalking him down the street or days later. v. 6 This is arson. Ray-Ray and Pokey will not be in the kingdom.

Leviticus 19:26 No witchcraft like Harry Potter, Chris Angel and David Blaine. Chris Angel is a fallen angel, I believe. He put his hand through a man. He jumped in a puddle and ended up on a building a second later. He pulled a woman apart. He was walking on water and people were swimming underneath him! They have demonic power, magicians.

Exodus 22:18 No witches to live in our land. We just do not associate with them today. Palm readers, mediums etc., Ouija (wee-jee) boards, psychics. Did y’all know the exorcist was based on a true story? (the room talks about horror movies) (My sidenote: I know I could not finish watching the exorcist or this movie called the boogey man back in the day. The boogey man would appear in women’s mirrors).

This is the end of the lesson.  Yeah, you are unclean 7 days after you return from a funeral or graveyard. Death=rest. In Isaiah 57:1-3 Yah put to rest the righteous men. Death will be on vacation in Revelation. Men will look to die but can’t for 5 months. Why do zombies love brains? Because they take over your consciousness, your personality.

Q: Are all mushrooms unclean? I ask because some are grown in soil and some are grown on manure patties. Also can a woman who is unclean touch and read her own personal Scriptures? A1: Mushrooms grown in manure are definitely unclean. Soil, I’m not sure. Many Israelites teach that they are clean. A2: We are in an unclean land. Don’t let your children starve because you are on your monthly. Feed your family. Just don’t have intercourse. I don’t care what Dr. Oz tells you. But yeah, Yah has mercy. Keep righteousness on your heart. Not touching Scriptures was after child-birth. We are in a defiled land now. So we have the mercy of Yah right now.

Q: Should a woman cover her head at all times? A: She does not have to (with a scarf). This is spiritual. Her husband is her authority, her protection.

Q: Can a woman pray on her cycle? A: Yahoshua healed the unclean woman. We are all unclean in this land. We need to pray. Yah has mercy. Yahoshua said pray often.

Q: What Scripture guidance is there on surgical procedures that prevent reproduction when continued reproduction is life threatening to the woman’s health? A: Scripture doesn’t say. Trust Ya. Doctors knowledge is limited. Put your trust in Yah’s hands. Seek His protection.

The end of Shabbat.



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Why Do Men Remain Silent?

Yesterday, I texted my dad to thank him for something that he did for me. Guess what y’all? No reply. When he got home, I told dad thanks again and hugged him. Still no reply. Just a smile. This reminded me of things I have heard women saying throughout the years.

When I was in eighth grade, three of us girls were sitting around talking before class begun. One girl was asking the other about her new boyfriend and how that relationship came to be. This guy was real good-looking, so she wanted to know how did the girl get him. And the girl replied, ‘girl, I don’t know what he sees in me’. ‘He comes over to my house everyday and he NEVER talks’. We were shocked to hear that! I always remembered that conversation.

A few years ago, maybe around 2006. I remember my mom was complaining heavily to me, saying that my dad did not talk to her much. I tried to give dad an excuse, saying maybe he was tired after work. She said that was not true because he talks to our friends and he even talks to you guys (referring to my sister and I). I could tell she was puzzled and frustrated with the whole silent thing too. But I did not have an answer for her.

Now, I understand what these women were saying about the whole silence thing. I’m a quiet woman but even I speak sometimes. I didn’t fully understand what they were talking about until I experienced it for myself. When I started talking to you Anthony. See, I have never experienced this reticence before, first-hand because I have never had a long-term relationship. I wonder what you are thinking about when you silent. Are you making plans when your silent? Are you thinking of how to fix something when your silent? What could it be that you are thinking about? (walks off frustrated and in love)

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Know Your Enemy:The Spirits of Satan:Anger Fear and Hatred p. 3

Let’s go to the Book of Yesiyah chapter 30. And let’s see what Yah has to say about this same people. This is why we are angry. This is why He is angry. And this is why the righteous servants have a little of this righteous anger as well.

Isaiah 30:9-11 Ain’t this so true. This is who we are fam. It’s right there. Not much has changed. We don’t want the truth. We want people to sit up and hee-haw and back-slap with us. We want people to sit and lie to us. Because the moment someone comes and tells us the truth, now we get mad. ‘Why are you telling me the truth for’? ‘I didn’t want to hear that’! Speak to us lies. Whew, that’s Ysrayl. They don’t care if Yah’s bringing that correction before their face. And I will tell you again. This is how Yah works. The people who you may NOT want to hear it from…those are the ones that Yah sends to your face saying ‘repent for the kingdom of Yah is here’. They didn’t want to here it from Yahoshua or any of His other servants. ‘Repent for the kingdom of Yah is coming’. But because they looked at this thing on a fleshly level, they may have missed out on being in the kingdom. The same people. We are always sitting there lying to them. We want people to lie to us. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 29.

Yesiyah 29:13-16, v. 13-14 Yah said He was going to take away all that wisdom. Everything y’all think y’all know, He is going to take it, put it on the ground and stump on it. (laughs) HalleluYah because who is a wise man if he’s not getting his wisdom from Yah? v. 15 You can’t hide your counsel far from Yah. If you aren’t getting your counsel from Yah, where are you getting it from? v.16 You can’t understand. You can’t understand if you sit there and think Yah doesn’t see your heart. He sees our hearts. He knows there is anger among us that we have to deal with but you better not be angry with Yah. You better not even try that. I’m sure there are some Hebrews out there that are puffed-up enough to where they want to be mad at The Father. The nerve, right? He gives us the breath of life, He gives us everything that we need. And we want to sit here and be mad. What ever He’s given us ain’t good enough (for you). Yah rebuke you satan!

So that is the thing about us fam. We are just an insatiable people. We don’t learn from our mistakes. Let’s go to the Book of Proverbs. I have a couple more Scriptures after this and then we will close out. Proverbs 15. We really should NOT be provoking ourselves to anger or our brothers and sisters. We have to push that anger away. We have to rebuke that before it overwhelms us. We can’t fight a spiritual battle on the physical. We can’t fight any battle whether it’s physical or spiritual without Yah.

Proverbs 15:1-4, v. 1 Ain’t that true? A soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger. This is so true. Sometimes it’s not what you say but it’s how you say it. This is what this Scripture is talking about here. Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. So if you are speaking it in righteousness even though it’s true, you just may give that person a chance to hear the truth. But if you are coming harshly with the truth, even though it’s truth, now you have tainted it. And now you make it hard for that person to listen to it. Because you have tainted it with your wicked tongue.

v. 2-3 Can I read this again? Because ‘brews act like Yah is NOT looking at them. He’s looking at everybody else EXCEPT them, right? The eyes of Yah are in every place, keeping watch on evil and the good it says. v. 4 A healing (wholesome) tongue, that’s what we must have. We must have this healing tongue. That tongue that heals, you know we have to build each other up. We have to strengthen one another. We can’t sit here and provoke one another to anger.

So here’s the question, Ysrayl. How do we heal ourselves? How do we start the process of elimination of this common foe, that we all share? How can we show ourselves worthy to overcome this stumbling block that we continue to stub our toes on? As a nation we have been through a lot and as individuals we have had our own share of struggles. I know this to be true as sure as my heart is beating in my chest right now. If we can get out of our own way, Ysrayl, and trust in Yah, we will be able to endure. If you think you have these issues, it’s time to admit it, so the process of healing can begin.

Focus on the goal and achieving it through service to Yah. And being able to use the tools that Yah gives us to fight against the adversary. Sometimes we need to suck it up, Ysrayl. We can’t be right 100% of the time. But I know Yah is.

Sometimes when things get hot and irritable, it may be a good idea to slow yourself down and separate yourself from that situation. Ask yourself, is it worth doing something you may regret in order to get the last word in. Swallow the pride and desire to inflict harm on the person who may have very well have harmed you. Isn’t that what The Word says? It says love those cursing you. It says to love your enemies. HalleluYah.

In this walk, we must remain Set-apart and handle our anger different from what the world does. When the urge to provoke one another come, rebuke it. For it is the spirit of the adversary working within. That provocation, Ysrayl. A lot of us are guilty of it. We want to get the last word in. We want to be right. We don’t want to do what thus saith Yah because it’s coming out of the mouth of a servant who we do not like. That’s wrong fam. That’s wrong. We can NOT do that. We have to be better than our ancestors. Are y’all with me on that? We have to be better than what our moms, dads and grandma’s taught us. We use to see things…growing up…you know anger just personified. Basically, uncontrollable rage. Sometimes you would see that with the aid of alcohol and with the aid of drugs.

It doesn’t take nothing now days for Hebrews to get off in the club and somebody step on their doggone shoe and here they go shouting. Here they go fighting. Think they have something to prove. Billy-Bad, you know. Billy-Bad and I’m not going to say the other part. Tough-Tony you know, got that anger.

What’s the Scripture where it talks about how our men have fainted and they are like a wild bull in a net? (Isaiah 51:20) That’s what it is, you know. That’s that anger. And it overcomes our young men. It overcomes our young women. It overcomes us all. But we can fight against it fam through the Word of Yah. And through Yahoshua’s walk. If we pay attention to what He did, because even as the pharisees were hitting him and trying to get him to be knocked off of his path. He just calmly gave them the Word. This was His sword. This was His shield. His shield of protection if Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh. We can have that as well.

So let’s go to the Book of Ephesians. We are about to close out. I want to thank everyone for your fellowship with us at Israelite Heritage in our online class of ‘Yah and Yahoshua are Real’. Because it is good to do the will of Yah. It is good to fellowship with Yah’s people.

Ephesians 4:28-32 (also look at verses 26 & 27) He forgave us in Messiyah. That is Yah’s Son. And He gave Him as an offering to us so that we can be saved. That’s forgiveness fam. That’s mercy. So shouldn’t we have mercy on our brothers and sisters? Shouldn’t we not judge so harshly? Shouldn’t we do that? Because the only way we can call ourselves servants of Yah truly or fully is if we are doing that. If we are having that same mercy that Yah had upon us and our wretched souls. HalleluYah. v. 29 HalleluYah, this is for building up. Let’s build fam. Let’s not destroy one another. We have so many enemies out here. Satan is trying to use our enemies against us. He tries to use finances. He tries to use secret societies. He tries to use all these weapons of war. All this temptation out here. The TV, the radio, all these different things, these spirits, everything. We have a whole world. A whole universe under satan’s control. There are many under satan’s control and we do NOT even know how many servants he has coming against us. They are NOT worried about the Christians fam. I just want you to know that. They are NOT worried about the Muslims or the Hindu or any of them folks. That is why when you were in Christianity you rarely went through a spiritual attack. I can’t say that you didn’t but I’m just saying that I didn’t. I didn’t go through no spiritual attack. If I was with satan hey that’s what it was. You know, I was out there getting drunk, hey you get what you give. And that’s just what it is fam.

We have to realize that this is a war. This is a WAR and we are fighting it. And we must continue to fight. We can’t get weary. We have to keep on swinging those arms. We have to keep on moving those feet. We have to keep our heads on a swivel, looking to our left and looking to our right and protecting the backs of our brothers and sisters. We must do that fam. And if not for yourselves, do it for your brother. If not for your brother, do it for Yah.

Let’s go to the Book of Colossians chapter 3. Then we have one more Scripture left. Then that will be the end of the lesson, HalleluYah.

Colossians 3:1-17, v. 1-5 Whew! I love that. It says put to death those members which are on earth. Praise Yah. v. 6 Let’s not be with this crowd. Let’s be with the sons and daughters of obedience. Because the sons of disobedience have something coming for them. Those people who want to transgress Yah’s law, you know those that want to add and take away from His Word. Those people have something coming to them. So we have to be on the safe side. If Yah has not told us what it is, if we can’t prove it by Scripture, stay away from it. That’s the bottom line.

v. 7 That’s right we lived in those things. We lived in greed. We lived in idolatry. We lived in passion, uncleanness and fornication. I know I did. v. 8 And I know I need to work on this as well. If someone cuts me off…something just may fly out of my mouth. And I need to stop that fam. And that is being honest. I know that is how satan comes to me. This is how he comes to me now. He thinks he has me figured out. But he will see that eventually through Yah’s mercy and the strength that He’s given us, that even that will be impossible to come at me. He can’t come at me with drugs (anymore). He can’t come to me with the fornication anymore. He can’t come to me with all the foolishness that I use to do. You know the smoking and drinking. So now I have to deal with the filthy talk and I have to deal with the anger. HalleluYah. So instead of 50 things that I had to deal with before I came into this walk, through the mercy of Yah now it’s 2 to 3 things I have to deal with. HalleluYah. So that is progress fam. And that is what we must look at. If we are progressing then we need to check our walks. Yah wants us to continue to progress, that’s growth fam.

v. 9 Last week we were blessed to have brothers and sisters come here to Killeen Texas and they were able to be immersed and put that old man, that old woman off in the water. And I praise Yah for all the immersings that are going through Israelite Heritage. We are able to immerse people in Yah’s name through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. And once that old man or old woman goes down in the water, let them stay there.

v. 10-11 So it does not matter if you are a Gentile or your from this or that nation. If you take hold of the covenant, you’re an Israelite. So whatever abominable practices you did within your nation, put them off. And take on the practices of the Messiyah and of Yah’s work. v. 12 He says we are the chosen ones of Yah. I love that. The Creator chose us, fam. Whew! v. 13 This is so true. v. 14 HalleluYah. v. 15-16 When we sing those songs and when we do our praise & worship, it is a blessing fam. When y’all are doing that Yah ordained music, it’s waking people up. It is a blessing fam. Sing to Yah. Sing praises to His name. Lift up a highway to Him. Who rides through the deserts by His name? Yah. NOT Yahcwah, NOT Yah-who-wah, NOT God, NOT Lord, NOT Jehovah. But Yah. This is what the Word says in Psalm 68:4.

v. 17 HalleluYah. I tell you, Yah is so good to us fam. And that is why He gives us His Word. So that we can work on the things that we need to improve in ourselves. I’m looking for an improvement. I need to improve. Because, I know that I can’t continue to do things the way that I use to. I haven’t reached the mountain top yet. I ain’t in the kingdom yet. I say ‘yet’ because I want to be there. HalleluYah.

So we are going to look at our last Scripture. This is in the Psalms of Solomon in the Pseudepigrapha volume 2. We will read chapter 10. These are very profound words our wise king Shlomo (Solomon) had before his fall. So let’s look at what he is saying to us. HalleluYah.

Psalm of Solomon 10:1-8, v. 1-2 Say what?!! Did y’all hear that? The one who prepares (his) back for the whip shall be purified for Yah is good to those who endure discipline. WHEW! MAN! So if you are making yourself ready for discipline, to be reproved (corrected)…you will be a better person. And you will be cleansed. v. 3 Yah’s NOT going to pervert (bend) your way with His discipline. Just because you are getting your tail whipped doesn’t mean that you will come out all disfigured. After your discipline, you are supposed to say, ‘oh now I know what to do and what NOT to do’. HalleluYah. Just like we do our own children. v. 4-8 HalleluYah.

Well that completes the lesson fam. That is all the Scriptures that I have here. Those are all the notes that I have. I pray that understanding has been had by everyone. I thank everyone for your support in coming out today, your fellowship and strength that is gained by our fellowship by listening to the Word of Yah. And it’s just a blessing and an honor fam to stand among you and share what The Father has put on my heart. This is one of the things that we must overcome is that anger. That fear. That hatred because they are all akin to one another. So we must recognize when satan is working on us and trying to provoke us into doing things that we should NOT do. Provocation means trying to get people to do things. It means trying to influence you to do things. So we should NOT be provoked to anger. We should NOT provoke anyone to anger.

As we were reading in those last couple of Scriptures, we should always try to build and NOT destroy. So I praise Yah for His Word. I praise Yah for His servants. I praise Yah for you brothers and sisters because y’all are essential, crucial to the walk. Honestly, if we didn’t have one another, this walk would be a whole lot different. Take heed to what Yah is showing us all. We must protect our hearts. We must put on that breast-plate of righteousness so that we can fight against the schemes of the devil. He is seeking to and fro seeking whom he can devour. Let him NOT devour us. We have to be better than that. We must be smarter than that. We must be stronger than that. We must have more faith than that.

Anger is a sign of weakness. Uncontrollable anger is a sign of weakness. Fear is a sign of weakness. It says fearful ones will be the first put in the lake. And hatred that is the spirit of the adversary. Because he hates everything. And he can’t love himself because love is of Yah. I say halleluYah, that Yah is giving us His Set-apart Spirit so we can fight against ha shatan. Praise Yah. I praise Yah for His Son, Yahoshua ha Maschiach and all the servants of Yah seeking righteousness. Shalom.

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Know Your Enemy:The Spirits of Satan:Anger Fear and Hatred p. 2

So how will we fix something if we don’t admit it to ourselves? ‘Oh it’s everybody else’s fault’. You know.  ‘You are the one that is making me angry’. But you are not looking at yourself, looking at why you are angry or why you are frustrated. The key is to admit to yourself that you have a problem to fix. Look at yourself in the mirror. Take the plank out of your eye and don’t worry about the splinter or the tooth pick in your brother’s eye or your sister’s eye.

So we are going to look at another story here fam  that is very profound. I was reading this the other day and this is in the Book of Jubilees. We are going to read chapter 37. It goes into greater detail about Yahqob and his brother Esau. This is another sibling rivalry. Now as explained in many lessons beforehand Esau was a Hebrew. Esau is not the white man. Not like those jokers teach on the YouTube with no understanding and no foundation to back it up. Just Jewish doctrine, false doctrine. So I pray that you repent if you are listening to that stuff.

Jubilees 37:1-24, v. 1 We know that by reading in the Book of Genesis how the inheritance is going. The inheritance always goes to the eldest son. The first-born is the one that is supposed to get the inheritance. But when you read the story of Jacob and Esau, Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob. And we will see that he explains this in greater detail. v. 2 So Esau’s sons are mad now. They are like wait a minute. You are the elder son, why are your blessings going to your brother who is younger that you? v. 3 He is re-counting this story to his sons here.

v. 4 So before Yitzshaq (Issac) the father of Yahqob and Esau died, he mad them both swear that they would not come against one another. And that they would always love one another and be in peace with one another. So they made a covenant because their father asked them to do so. v. 5 Do you see that?! Esau’s own sons are mad! ANGRY! FRUSTRATED! HATE! They hate who Jacob is because of the blessing and the inheritance went to him. Do you see that? They came against their own father. And they said if you don’t come and help us come against your brother, our uncle, we will come and hurt you to. Do you see that?! This is what anger does. It doesn’t make any sense. Sons, I have already made a covenant with my father that I will not bring any evil on my brother, your uncle, so just leave it alone.

v. 6 Do you see this? They are going to other nations now. This was a sibling rivalry and now they are bringing other people into it. You see what anger does right. This is what it does. They are bringing other nations to come against the sons of Yahqob. v. 7 Esau tries to warn them. v. 8 So they will not listen to their father. They said man you were like that until this day. Now if you were like us back in the day, you wouldn’t have tolerated all that. You would have taken what was yours. And that would have never happened. Do you see that attitude? That’s NOT the Spirit of Yah.

v. 9 Unbelievable, they hired all these men. v. 10 So they are getting everybody all riled up. They are ready to go fam. They are ready to fight because they are angry. ‘We are going to take what’s ours’. NOT knowing that nothing happens outside of Yah’s will. v. 11 Do you see that?!!! They threatened their father again. Hey pop, if you don’t go and lead all these men that we gathered into war against your brother… we will KILL you! So the fear of his sons coming against him is going to overcome him as we will read. And the anger in his sons wanted to come against Yahqob and his sons, their cousins. Yahqob’s sons are going to overcome them as well. v. 12 Esau was upset to go fight his brother. He said man I don’t feel like doing this. But see, he didn’t come against them. You will see he will go along with this plan. This is real deep y’all when we read further.

v. 13 Here we go! He remembered all the evil. It was hidden in his heart. He hated his brother. If you don’t deal with whatever anger problems that you have hidden in your heart…it may just come up again. That spirit is going to come and ignite it. And being that those spirits were on his sons…here we go. Game on now. Right? Now he does NOT remember the oath. And back in those days when an oath was broken that was unconscionable. You did not break a covenant, an oath. You would rather die than break an oath. But now the demons have so much control over him to where he does NOT even remember the oath. All he remembers is the evil that layed hidden in his heart against his brother.

v.14-5 See, people realize when you are doing evil because Yah reveals these things. See? So these men came and warned them. And I’m quite sure that was Yah telling them hey go ahead and warn Jacob and them about what Esau is doing. v. 16 Jacob didn’t believe them because he was like wait a minute what is going on here? I thought that we had an agreement. We swore before our father that we would NOT bring evil upon each other. This is why he didn’t believe it until he seen it. v. 17 Check this out. He’s condemned now. He did not have to make an oath. He could have kept it real by saying ‘pop I don’t know if I can make an oath’. But this is what is in his heart. Now the demons have overtaken him and just like the demons overtook his sons. He did not have the strength to fight against it. v. 18 So now he is his adversary and foe. Do you see how tough Esau is talking to him? v. 19 Oh Man! Look how this brother is talking to his brother! Wait a minute, we supposed to be cool. But there goes those demons. This is what those demons do. v. 21-23 No peace. Now as he continues to talk, he is getting more mad or more frustrated. It’s because these demons are taking more and more control of him fam. That is what it’s doing. Now he’s becoming more and more enraged. v. 24 So Yahqob killed his brother (in chapter 38). He had to and I promise you that was judgment from Yah. Making an oath and breaking it, letting that anger take control. That’s not a good thing fam. It isn’t

When you let that anger take control bad things happen. Bad things happen! It says in Malachiyah 1:2-3 that Yah loved Yahqob and He hated Esau. And he hated Esau not because of some fleshy thing (that Esau did). Yah hated Esau because Esau did NOT want the inheritance of the first-born. Thus selling it to Yahqob, whom Yah loves because he stepped up to the plate. The sad part about this story is that Esau brought this evil upon himself. It is so true that we are our own worse enemy and a man’s enemies are those of his own household. Humpf. The anger he had inside and didn’t deal with got the best of him. So when that familiar spirit of anger and fear manifested from his sons, he went along with the whole plan. It corrupted his thinking in a way that made him want to war with his own brother. Does that sound familiar? I know that sounds familiar to us all right? Negative spirits fam. flock together. Just like positive spirits do.

So let’s take a look at some characteristics of some anger issues. The first characteristic we will look at as the Gentiles have put it and its good information, sometimes they put out some good information. We know this thing is more spiritual than empty emotion. But these are some of the characteristics here. And I got this off the wicked-pedia (Wikipedia). They have some good info.

First, we will look at passive anger. It says: Passive anger can be expressed in the following ways: The first one they have here is secretive behavior. Such as stock piling resentments that are expressed behind people’s backs. Giving the silent treatment or under the breath mutterings. Avoiding eye contact, putting people down, gossiping, anonymous complaints, poison-pen letters, stealing and coning. WOW. Do you see that? That’s Ysrayl right there. Ain’t it? (laughs) That is Ysrayl right there.

Let’s look at another here: physiological manipulation: Such as provoking people to aggression and then patronizing them, provoking aggression but staying on the side lines, emotional blackmail, false tearfulness, faining illness, sabotaging relationships, using sexual provocation, using a third-party to convey negative feelings, withholding money or resources. Man that’s a mouth full ain’t it?

Let’s look at self blame: It says: apologizing to often. Being overly critical, inviting criticism.

Self sacrifice: Such as being overly helpful, making due with second best, quietly making long-suffering signs but refusing help or lacking of gratefulness. These are some of the signs here fam. And they make a lot of sense don’t they?

Ineffectualness: Such as setting your self and others up for failure, choosing unreliable people to depend on, being accident prone, under-acheiving, sexual impotence, expressing frustration at insignificant things but ignoring serious ones. hmmmmm

Dispassion: Such as giving the cold shoulder or fake smiles, looking unconcerned, sitting on the fence while others sort things out, dampening feelings with substance abuse, over eating, over sleeping, not responding to another’s anger, frigidity, indulging in sexual practices that depress spontaneity and make objects of participants, given an abundant time to machines—objects or intellectual pursuits, talking of frustrations but showing no feelings.

obsessive behavior: Such as needing to be clean and tidy, making a habit of constantly checking things, over dieting, over eating, demanding that all jobs be done perfectly. And there’s nothing wrong with that! See some of these things apply and some of them don’t. Just take it as a grain of salt. But I thought it was quite interesting. That is why I’m reading.

Evasiveness: Such as turning your back in a crisis, avoiding conflict, not arguing back, becoming phobic.

Now here’s the thing about passive anger, if you don’t deal with anything that is plaguing you, then you try to suppress it. At some point, just like a volcano, it’s going to rain on your head. Y’all remember that movie, the color purple where the little girl says ‘It’s going to rain on your head’. That’s what it is going to do. It’s going to rain right on your head. And it’s going to rain on other people’s heads as well. Because now you are going to blow up and it could be just the smallest thing. As they say ‘the straw that broke the bull’s back’. He has had all this stuff on his back and all it took was a little straw just to knock him down. You see this is why you must be mindful of that passive anger. You must. Because it’s a boiling point fam and we all  have a threshold. But we must make sure we stay in control. And we don’t lose control.

Let’s look at examples of aggressive anger. The symptoms of aggressive anger are: Threats: Such as frightening people by saying how you could harm them, their property or their prospects, finger-pointing, fist-shaking, wearing clothes associated with violent behavior, tail-gating— oh-uh, I guess many of us have to raise our hands on that. Right? Tail-gating (laughs). Excessively blowing a car horn. All of you New York and Los Angeles ‘brews (laughs). Slamming doors, yeah (laughs) that’s aggressive anger. (laughs) Some of the symptoms, right?

Hurtfulness: Such as physical violence, verbal abuse, bias or vulgar jokes, breaking of confidence using foul language, ignoring people’s feelings, willfully discriminating, blaming, punishing people for unwarranted deeds, and labeling others. I think we are all guilty of that at sometime, at least I am.

Destructiveness: Such as throwing objects, harming animals, destroying a relationship between two people, reckless driving, substance abuse. Yeah, I was big on that substance abuse. And the only thing that fills up that hole in your heart is Yah.

Bullying: Such as threatening people directly, persecuting, pushing or shoving, using power to oppress, shouting, using a car to force someone off the road, WOW. Playing on people’s weaknesses…there are a lot of predators out there fam. And many of us invited these predators within our own homes, within our own lives. And they are going to play on your weakness. Because ha shatan has got his spirit on them.

Unjust blaming: Such as accusing other people for your own mistakes, blaming people for your own feelings, making general accusations. That’s the spirit that we have been dealing with. I don’t know if you ahks and ahkotees are paying attention but that is an accusational spirit right there. It’s a spirit of anger. Of course satan is mad at us. He’s mad that we don’t do the things that we use to do.

Manic behavior: Such as speaking to fast, walking to fast, walking too much and expecting others to fit in, driving to fast, reckless spending. You know just doing too much, I guess, if it applies (to you) it applies. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

Grandious deeds: Such as showing off, expressing mistrust, not delegating, being a sore loser, wanting center stage all the time, not listening, talking over people’s heads, expecting kiss and make up sessions to solve problems. Yep, sometimes the kiss and make-up…it ain’t made-up. You need to deal with the issue. You know, you need to deal with it. Let it out.

Selfishness: Which MANY of us have. Such as: ignoring others needs, not responding to requests for help. Humpf that’s not good. Because we are supposed to help our brothers and sisters. If I have $2 and my brother asks for $1, I should be able to give him, that $1 that he needs in order to help him.

Vengeance: Such as being over punitive, refusing to forgive and forget, bringing up hurtful memories from the past. That is because you have not dealt with it. This is why you continue to bring it up. ‘Oh he did this to me’. ‘Oh she did that to me’. So on and so forth, ‘brews can’t get over nothing’. And many times we don’t look at ourselves. That’s the problem. We are always looking at everybody else except ourselves. It’s always their fault. So that it why you dwell in the past. Because you can’t deal with the future. How can you deal with the future if you haven’t dealt with the past?

Unpredictability: Such as explosive rages over minor frustrations, attacking indiscriminately, dispensing unjust punishment, inflicting harm on others for the sake of it. Using alcohol and drugs, illogical arguments. It should be stated that anyone displaying any of these behaviors does not always have an anger management problem.

And here’s the thing. See ‘brews get into this whole thing where they want to place blame. Some of us want to blame our past. Some of us want to blame our oppressors. Some of us even blame Yah. But many of us don’t blame ourselves. You know, just a bunch of excuses. A bunch of lies. Yah is not in the midst of all that. Don’t you know that when we point our finger at people and what they are doing, that 4 fingers are pointing right back at us. This is why we must be mindful of that. This is why we must hate doing wickedness. There’s a righteous hatred, fam. And that is to turn away from all that madness. It ain’t the white man’s fault. It ain’t your wife’s fault. It ain’t your brother’s fault. It ain’t Yah’s fault. It’s our fault. Do you see? We have to take responsibility for our own actions. And once we are able to do that, then we can heal ourselves.

Just looking at this list, I know I am guilty of some of these characteristics. I know I have a lot to work on in dealing with my own anger issues. But I know the first step is to acknowledge that I have an issue. Satan is so mad that I have defeated him in many areas within my life and my walk. He tries to continue this avenue of approach to get me to sin against Yah. He continues to come at me with the anger and he tries to get me frustrated day by day. I mean I will be driving along and then someone will cut me off. Or someone will be driving in front of me and they will be driving so slow and I’m already in a hurry. Why am I in a hurry? whose fault is it that I am in a hurry? I’m the one that left the house late. So I just need to accept it right. I have to work on my road rage. I have to work on rage itself. You know. It doesn’t make sense. And what we have to realize is that satan will use ANY little thing to get us to be in his spirit, you know. This is why we have to keep our minds focused on Yah. If you fill up your heart and mind with Scriptures, then your able to combat that. Even saying a silent prayer when you are confronted with those spirits can help you. Singing a song about Yah can help you.

And you are absolutely right elder, ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. If you listen, he will be screaming. Keep your mind on Yah’s goodness and serving Yah. I couldn’t have said it better elder. HalleluYah, your right.

We shouldn’t be bored anymore fam. You know. There should be no such thing as boredom. We should always be focusing our minds on The Most High Yah and how to get our walks right with the Almighty.

Let’s move on here family. I have a couple more Scriptures here. I praise Yah. I feel good. It’s good to learn about Yah and Yah’s truth.

So now we are going to look at the Testament of the 12 patriarchs. This is in the Pseudepigrapha volume one. And we will look at the Testament of Dan. We will read chapter 2-5. This has some good wisdom. You know all those things that we were talking about from the Wikipedia site describing passive and aggressive anger. He’s going to explain it and will explain it in a way that was given back in the days of old, HalleluYah.

Testament of Dan 2:1-5, v. 1-3 Do y’all see that? Unbelievable, right? It says he behaves towards them as enemies (in anger) even though it be his father and mother. v. 4 Let’s break this down fam. It’s saying that folks get so mad sometimes that it could be your mom, it could be your brother, it could be anybody that you care about and have great love for and they have great love for you. Once that spirit of anger comes on you, that now you are encompassed by the nets of deceit and it blinds your natural eyes. Now your unreasonable. And it says through lying it darkens the mind and gives him a sight of his own making. So now your living in your own world…your own head. This is where you are at. You are NOT listening to reason anymore. You can’t listen to Yah anymore. You can’t listen to your brother anymore. Now you’re in your own world. Now everything has to fit with your rage. Nothing can quench or satisfy the thirst that you have. Because those demons are going to get you up to a boiling point where you will do something that you regret. v. 5 Isn’t this what just happened with the story that we just read in the Book of Jubilees 37 when we were talking about Esau and Jacob? The same thing happened, right? The same thing that happened with Cain and Abel, right? Do you see? They lived in their own head. Once that anger came upon them, now all they can hear is the demon. They have shut-out all of the truth of Yah. And everything that Yah has shown them, love, justice, righteousness, everything, it doesn’t count for nothing anymore (to them).

Testament of Dan 3:1-6, v. 1 WHAT?! Did y’all hear that? It says my children evil is anger, for it becomes the motivating force of the soul itself! So it replaces all of the things that Yah has given you. And now anger is your soul. That is DEEP!! v. 2 It owns you. v. 3 So even when you are in a blind rage, you don’t see what you are doing. This is why people say (the phrase) blind-rage. There is blindness in anger. Do y’all see that? That is deep. It says it (anger) does NOT discern. v. 4 You see this a lot. When people get angry, they want other people to go along with them, in the world that the anger has created. But being that Yah is the one who gives us all truth, if you come at a servant of Yah with all of that madness, they will be able to see through that. ‘Oh your angry’. v. 5-6 WOW!!! It says the spirit always moves in lies at the right  hand of satan!! So now you are right with the deceiver, with the liar, with your enemy, who you say you are fighting against. But if you are not trying to rebuke that spirit of anger, you are sitting on his right hand. This is what it is saying.

Let’s go to chapter 4. This is getting deep here y’all. This is why I love reading these verses because our ancestors knew exactly what was going on. We are ignorant today. We are trying to catch up today to where they were thousands of years ago. But through the grace and mercy of Yah, we will get there fam. We will get there, halleluYah.

Testament of Dan 4:1-6, v. 1-2 That is so deep. It says understand the power of anger. It says that wrath has might. That it is vain (senseless). It’s feeding on nothing. v. 3 It stings him in word, in word (mind) first. Then by deeds it strengthens him. v. 4 Ain’t that true? (People who are angry think they are justified to be angry). These spirits feed off of one another. That is just how they get dow. You know we want people to always agree with us. We want people to say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah you are right’. You know that familiar spirit that is working on many of our brothers and sisters and they don’t even realize that. Some people just ain’t good for you. Some people who you have around you everyday are detrimental to your walk but you don’t see it. Those spirits are playing ping-pong or pitty-pat. But if you continue to co-sign and lie to yourself, you will have problems, bigger problems than you ever realized. v. 5-6 So lying and anger go hand in hand. v. 7 Can’t get plainer than that. (It says Yah withdraws from you and Beliar=satan rules over you in lying and anger). So when you use lying and wrath it disturbs your mind and Yah departs from it. Now you don’t have Yah’s Spirit any longer. You have the spirit of ha shatan. Be aware of that fam. Let’s go to chapter 5.

Testament of Dan 5:1-3, v. 1 Yeah, you are supposed to hate lying! There is nothing wrong with hating wickedness! Because if you hate wickedness, you won’t go to it. v. 2-3 Scriptures are deep, you know, halleluYah. Do you see how our ancestors hit the nail right on the head? They knew about these spirits that plague us to this day. That wisdom is straight from Yah and in order to gain wisdom, we have to be humble. Yah does not give wisdom to the puffed-up (arrogant). So to remain blameless, we must remove that ego and stick to what His Word says. Truth does not change and neither does Yah. Yah does NOT change fam. So we must make sure that we stay with Him.

I remember growing up, they use to talk about this thing called ‘the angry black man syndrome’. All that is, is the curses. That’s it. The angry black man syndrome is the curses. Which they are NOT dealing with, that they are unaware of. They know that there are a lot of things that are coming against them and that they just can’t seem to rise above all of the folly. But when Yah brings us in the truth we shouldn’t have anymore angry black men or angry black women syndromes. We shouldn’t have that anymore. We know that Yah sent us over here for our disobedience. Accept your punishment Ysrayl.

We are the same people that we were back in the days. We should NOT be blaming the white man for all of our problems. Or blaming any other nation for all of our problems. How about we take a hard look at ourselves. We are the only nation on earth that has made a covenant with The Most High and did NOT keep it! It’s our fault. And Yah is just in whipping our behinds. And that is why so many of our people are so angry now. Because they don’t know who they are. And they don’t know why they are in this condition. But praises be to Yah that we are waking up and now I’m no longer angry about that.

I may have to deal with some of the other anger issues like dealing with Hebrews sometimes, like our brother Moses when he was told to speak to the rock. He got mad and he struck the rock. You see, he struck it. And he was not supposed to do that. Sometimes dealing with Hebrews can really, REALLY enrage you. Because ‘brews I tell you, we have love for one another but sometimes we do things to one another to provoke each other to anger. And we shouldn’t do that. We should always come with the Fruits of the Spirit which are love, peace, righteousness. Those are some of the Fruits of the Spirit. We must make sure we come to one another to build and not destroy. And if we are angry already, there’s no reason for us to be sitting talking to one another. We should just shut our mouths. If you are already mad, ain’t no reason for words to come out of your mouth. Because even though there is such a thing as righteous anger, we know what the difference is. But many of us don’t even have control over the righteous anger, so there’s no need for us to even say anything. Just step back. Pray. And let it go. We are the same people, Ysrayl. The same people from back in the day. Not much has changed, huh? Not much has changed.

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Know Your Enemy: The Spirits of Satan:Anger Fear and Hatred p.1

Today we will be talking about a very touchy subject. And that is knowing your enemy. These are the Scripts of satan and today we are going to touch on anger, fear and hatred and just how they are all connected. As was said earlier, we are under attack. I feel it. And satan doesn’t want us to be where Yah has placed us at. Satan wants us to be leafy, he wants us to be unsure and he wants us to doubt the things that Yah has been giving us. So what we must understand is that, when Yah gives us something just like the ahk put it in a lesson a couple of weeks ago, is it good enough for you? Is it good enough for you about the Word of Yah? Do you want to focus more on being right than what the Word of Yah says? And what I see from a lot of Israelites today is that we are trying to fight this spiritual war on the physical. And it’s impossible to do so. The only way you can fight the spiritual war on the physical is you are going to suffer. Because you have not learned anything. You are going to suffer greatly in your body.

Today we will be discussing an important subject fam and that is knowing your enemy. We have had many lessons on dealing with spiritual warfare and just on how to deal with it. All the lessons are given to strengthen our walks with Yah. In any battle or war that we fight it is imperative that you develop a strategy or have the equipment or weapons needed to win. The most essential item is not how strong you are or how numerous your armies are but to know who your adversary is. Recognizing your enemy is vital to developing strategies and plans to be able to mount an effective counter attack.

One point that we must keep in mind is that we are at war at all times. This is a war between the forces or good and evil, right and wrong. Fam, we are right in the thick of it. The same war that our brother Moses and them were fighting back in the day, is the same war that we are fighting today. I know they have made many television shows, movies and you always see there is a fight between good and evil. And they try to glamorize it and try to ‘cartoonize’ it and that is a word that I just made up. (laughs) But you know what I am talking about. They try to take the significance off of this fight between good and evil. They make it seem as though it’s more of a fairytale. Naw, this fight is real. And we must realize that this is not something that we should sleep on. It isn’t. This is a struggle that we endure each and everyday within our minds. In order to defeat our enemy, it is CRUCIAL to never over or under estimate our enemy. This is what Christianity taught me family. And it’s probably taught y’all the same thing: Christianity taught me that the devil was down in hell, right? Tormenting the wrong-doers and he was a demon. The sad thing is that many people still believe these dogmas to this day.

In popular culture, satan is characterized as a funny, loveable, misunderstood misfit, who every now and then does some not so loveable things. Satan is known by many different names through various cultures and religions. And what I’ve learned from the entity or a man who has alias’, usually that person is a criminal. Like our president Barack Obama, he was born Barry Sotoro (laughs).

Satan is also a copycat who has been at this work of deceiving mankind for thousands of years. So he is not to be slept on like the known world does. They under estimate him. They over estimate him. They think he is some cartoon character. And that is why they continue to serve him even though they think they are serving the Most High. And that is a shame.

So today, Yah willing we will look at what weapons the adversary uses against us. What weapons does he have? We have weapons to family. And that weapon is our faith. That weapon is the Word. The Word is the sword that we use to slice and dice through all of satan’s dogma.

So let’s take a look at what Scripture has to say here. Let’s go to the Book of Ephesians chapter 5. Let’s get it y’all. I’m pumped up. The adversary has been at work all this week through finances, through our relationships, any way that satan can come at me…he’s been trying to come at me. So I’m ready. It’s like after you have been in a good tussle, you know if someone else wants to tussle with you, you are already ripe and ready. So that is what I am. I’m ripe, ready and anything that the adversary throws at me or at my brothers and sisters…I’m ready. HalleluYah. Ephesians chapter 5. This is what the Word says about satan.

Ephesians 5:11-17, v. 11 That’s deep to me! No fellowship with the fruitless works of darkness. It says that the works of darkness are fruitless. You will not get no good fruit out of darkness. So you can’t be sitting there whenever you are in the midst of these demons…he-hawing and back slapping. You have to reprove (expose) them. Correct them. And I know how ‘brews are. They don’t want to be corrected. Especially when it comes from the mouth of someone who they may not care for. So be it. But do you know what? Yah can use anybody. He used a donkey didn’t He. He used lions and animals, all kinds of things in Scripture didn’t He? Every time the prophets came to the Israelites…they did NOT want to LISTEN. They did not want to take heed to what the Word of Yah says. ‘Speak to me kind words’. ‘I can’t hear this stuff’. ‘I don’t want to change’. ‘And who are you to tell me to change’? ‘I don’t like you’. Yah rebuke you if you are thinking like that Ysrayl.

v. 12-13 So guess what? If you think you can speak ill of your brothers and sisters, if you think that you can be in satan’s corner, if you think you can come against Yah and Yah’s servants oh man it’s going to be manifested by the light. HalleluYah! That is what I want to see. And I praise Yah every time He comes to me with that rod of correction. Because do you know why? That means that He loves me. But you have to be humble to accept that correction. v. 14 Your supposed to walk as He walked. NOT as the way satan tries to get us to walk.

v. 15 And who are the wise ones? Not these folks out here like Farracoon, who is finally coming around talking about ‘oh we are the children of Israel’ now. Humpf. Come on sucker, we already knew that, you knew that. That is old news. What else do you have? Why are you still calling on Allah? Why are you still calling on God? Why are you still calling on Jesus? Why are you still calling on Muhammad? And why do you think you are bigger than any man who walks this planet. Yah rebuke you.

v. 16 There it is right there family. I think we can go ahead and stop the lesson right here. If you know what the desire of your Father is then you can just go ahead and just stop (the lesson). It’s finished. You have won already. But being that we are Israelites, it just ain’t good enough is it? Oh noooo. So we have to dig a little bit deeper and dig a little bit deeper. Scripture upon Scripture, line upon line, precept upon precept. And let’s dig into this thing so that we all have this understanding that is ordained by The Father. HalleluYah.

It’s obvious that light can NOT fellowship with darkness. You either have one or you either have the other. Since we are aware of this concept and I know many of us are but some aren’t. We have to be alert to when that darkness creeps in. The battle within ourselves is a constant struggle. Because satan knows how to use our emotions against us.

So let’s get some more foundation here fam. Let’s move over to Ephesians chapter 6. We always say this Scripture. But we always want to bring that foundation down. Because once you put the foundation down, you can build your house on there and it will be strong. I don’t care what kind of hurricane comes through. I don’t care what kind of tornado comes through. I don’t care what kind of doctrine comes through. It’s going to remain and it’s going to be strong, halleluYah. That’s why Yahoshua said if you build your house on rocks, it ain’t going nowhere, halleluYah. So the Book of Ephesians chapter 6. Let’s get it, halleluYah.

Ephesians 6:11-13, v. 11 Oh he has many schemes don’t he? He has plenty of schemes for us. And we will talk about some of them today…anger, fear and hatred. They are all from ha shatan. v. 12 ‘We do NOT wrestle against flesh and blood’. You can’t fight this thing on the physical, this is what it is saying. (finishes reading verse). Yes there is an illuminati, yes there are masons, yes there are secret societies. Yes the government does NOt give a care about you. That’s why this plan of the new world order and all this stuff about the one world government,  is basically bringing in this rulership of darkness. It has stood the test of time because it’s a spiritual matter. Man did NOT make this concept up. Man is just serving satan, carrying it through. v. 13 You must take on that armor fam. You must put that armor on. You must tighten it up. Because do you know what? If you don’t tighten up your armor, it will get in there. What will get in there? Oh we shall see. You will see exactly what will get in there. Satan throws many things at us fam. And we must be wise. We can’t do what we use to do.

Satan was given a tenth of the demons. And if y’all read in the Book of Jubilees chapter 10:8-10, it tells you how he was given a tenth of the demons in order to try the hearts of men. The adversary is a manipulator of men and women. So we must be aware of being PLAYED by the devil. And we definitely know that satan is a copycat. He does NOT have a original thought. He wants to be just like Yah. And how do we know this? Well, we get it from Scripture. We get it directly from the mouth of the adversary himself.

So let’s go to the Book of Yesiyah or Isaiah chapter 14. We read this Scriptures all the time fam but this is just to bring forth that foundation so that we build our house upon the rock. HalleluYah.

Yesiyah 14:12-14, v. 12 ‘You who layed low the Gentiles’ it reads and he layed us low too didn’t he? v. 13-14 That is what he wants to do. Satan wants his rulership to be like The Most High Yah. He wants his rulership to be just like it. But in order for satan to do that…see Yah uses all truth with us. Yah doesn’t hide nothing from us. Whatever we need to know, He gives it to us. And that’s it. Now some people try to be super ‘brews to where they feel like ‘well I think I know what Yah means by this and Yah has not told them nothing. For real. But that is the spirit of the scribes and pharisees. And that is something that we must fight against as well, trying to be too smart, super righteous. We don’t need to be like that. How ’bout we settle on being righteous? Being righteous is hard enough. How in the world are we going to be super righteous? But that is the spirit of the adversary as well. If you haven’t figured that out, man I don’t know what to tell you.

So let’s go and see where satan was at the time before his fall. And once again we always read these Scriptures but again fam this is just to build that house on the rock. Let’s go to Yahzeqyl (Ezekiel) chapter 28. We will see exactly where ha shatan, the adversary, our enemy, where he was at. This is why we need to tighten up our walks. Because we weren’t even near where he was at.

Yahzeqyl 28:13-17, v. 13 Do y’all know what these stones are? These stones were the breastplate that the high priest wore, the Urim. That’s what this was. Satan was a messianic high priest. That’s what he was. He was on the right hand of Yah, unbelievable right? How can you fall? That’s why Yesiyah 14:12-14 says how have you fallen? How do you fall from that state? My goodness. v. 14-15 We can say that about ourselves. We were PERFECT in the days that Yah created us, until unrighteousness was found in us. v. 16-17 Satan was up there y’all. He was the messianic high priest. And look at us, lowly man. Do you see? You see we can fall too. So we can’t sit here and act like these demons…we can see all the demons on our brothers and sisters but we can’t see none on ourselves. Funny how that always is. I’m not talking about anyone in here but myself. But I’m quite sure I’m not alone though because that’s how Ysrayl is.

As stated in a previous lesson, satan was the messianic high priest until he got puffed up. So now his aim, goal is to get us to sin against Yah. 1 Yahcanan 3:4 (John) says sin is the transgression of the law. So he uses our ignorance and our EGOs, yes to take over our minds. Let’s go into these so-called emotions that lead us away from serving Yah with a clean heart.

Let’s take a look at the spirit of anger. Now understand this. Anger in itself is not the problem. But it is the control and the spirit DRIVING the anger. There is such a thing as righteous anger and righteous hatred. So let’s prove this. Let’s go to the Book of Exodus. Let’s go to Exodus chapter 32. We are going to prove that there is such a thing as righteous anger.

Exodus 32:7-14, v. 7-8 How blasphemous! Now you know we can’t do this family. Let’s say we bought our kids something, you know something that they have been wanting for a long time. They have been asking, begging, crying for it. Right? Then after we give it to them, they are all happy and everything. Then all of a sudden they give credit to some other man or some other woman for getting them this item and making them happy. And giving them everything that they need. How would you feel about that? We are just fleshy men. How would you feel about that? (talks to someone) Kayn Santa Claus, that’s what it is. But we wouldn’t be to happy about that right. I think I would be a little annoyed. In fact, more than annoyed, I would be angry. Because you seen me do this thing. You seen me go to the store, grab this item for you, purchase it for you and say this is what I bought for you. Because you were obedient, because you are my child and now you will give credit to another man or women?!! Humpf.

v. 9 Yah calls us stiff-necks. Do you know why? Because that’s what we are. We are hard-headed. We don’t learn. We don’t listen. We don’t want what Yah is giving us. We want to do what we want to do. We think that we know more than Yah. v. 10 Ask yourself this question? Being that Yah brought us out of the land of Egypt, being that Yah gives the breath of life, being that He has created and blessed us, would He have been wrong if He would have consumed us that day? Would He have been wrong? Was He justified in His anger? Of course He’s justified. He’s the One that gave us the breath of life. He’s the One that gave us mercy. Our cry went up to Him. ‘Please save us’. He went in and saved us and look at what we are doing now. Moses ain’t even up there a little bit long and there they are making a golden calf. Telling the calf, ‘you are the one who brought us out of Egypt’. ‘You ae the one who gave us the breath of life.’ ‘You are the creator’. Yah REBUKE you, unbelievable. But that is how our people are to this day.

v. 11 This is what Moses did and y’all read in the Torah just how stiff-necked our people were. And they didn’t even want to listen to Moses. They came against him. And this is what he is doing on our behalf (intercessing). v. 12-14 HalleluYah for ahki Moses. He was the intercessor at that time. That seat of intercessor was vacant. Because at that time satan had fallen from being the messianic high priest. Now praises be to Yah our Messiyah Yahoshua ha Maschiach is up there. And now He’s intercessing on our behalf. Just like Moses did in those days. Praise Yah for the men of Yah. Praise Yah for servants. Because without them where would we be family? That’s why it’s foolish to say ‘I don’t follow men’. Of course you don’t follow man but you can follow a man of Yah anywhere. And see this is the thing: If a Moses like person was in our midst today, how many people would go ahead and recognize that and follow him? I don’t know. There are so many super righteous ‘brews and so many super ‘brews with their CAPE ON. I’ll tell you what they would probably say, ‘no you ain’t the one, I am’. I tell you. I tell you boy, we really need to get it together. We really do. But you see Yah had mercy on our people at that time. And Moses had to pay for 40 years out there with those stiff-necks. I’m shaking my head.

Anger, wrath and displeasure are the same thing. The Hebrews were worshipping an idol they made with their own hands. Yah got angry with them because of their disobedience. Not because of anything petty or fleshy. Who brought our people out of Egypt and gave us everything that we needed? It was Yah. Right? Yah says that we provoke Him to anger with our disobedient behaviour. Look at this from a parent to child relationship. When our children do things that they have been instructed not to do, we get upset. Even with righteous anger fam there has to be a level of control or it can be used against us. I can’t count how many times I got angry and flew off the handle.

Yah is not man. Therefore He has control at all times. If Yah had the mind of a man, the children of Ysrayl would cease to exist. Ain’t that true? HalleluYah that He has compassion and patience on a level beyond our comprehension. It’s beyond our comprehension that you know Yah has this much patience with us. HalleluYah for that.

So we are going to move on here and we will look at another one of Yah’s servants and just what he went through dealing with stiff-necks. And even though he got angry, it did NOT get the best of him. HalleluYah. So if you have a Book of Jasher family which is a valid book spoken of in 2 Shemyah (Samuel) and Yahoshua Ben Nun (Joshua). Let’s go to chapter 6. We are going to see this story about Noah. It goes a little bit deeper than what’s in Genesis. Genesis gives a little detail about what happened in the great flood. The Book of Jasher gives you greater detail of what was going on. We will see how our father Noah handled this situation here.

Yasher 6:14-25, v. 14-17 Seven hundred thousand men and women came to Noah to the ark! Imagine how our nation would be if there were that many Israelites assembling to hear the Word of Yah or to do Yah’s will. But these people were afraid. ‘Oh my goodness, it’s been raining for a loooong time’. ‘And now I remember Noah was saying something about a flood was coming’. ‘Is this the flood that’s coming’? ‘Boy, we must have done something wrong’. Humpf, of course you did, you were sleeping with those fallen angels! v. 18-19 This is what these stiff-necks were saying that Yah did not exist. v. 20 Now you want to hear. Oh time is up now…mercy period is over. Now you want to hear. It ain’t about oh I don’t want to hear this from sister such and such or brother such and such…now you want to hear because you now see these things that your ahk or ahkotee is talking about is coming to pass. Oh now it’s time to search your heart, to little to late ain’t it?

v. 21 (laughs) They are afraid. They are real afraid now. But they weren’t afraid when they were sinning with those fallen angels. Right? They weren’t afraid when they were out there doing all that wickedness. Right?  Yah gave them 120 years to repent and they did NOT want to listen. Time’s up now. v. 22-23 Yah would NOT listen to them anymore because they would NOT listen to Him. That’s why. v. 24 Now they are mad now! They wanted to break into the ark! They don’t see the hand of Yah is on Noah? But the fear and anger got them. Right? And this is what Yah did. I love this, halleluYah. Tell me that Yah don’t protect His people! v. 25 That’s what you get. You don’t want to listen. No problem, oh well. Time’s up. We don’t know when our time’s up. This is why we must get our hearts together. We must continue to listen for Yah’s voice and not give in to our anger and our frustration which leads to hatred.

Sometimes we want to get our people to wake up so bad that we feel like bopping them over the head. I know I do. It angers us when we see our people fall into folly and stray away from the truth. Anger when NOT controlled can also turn into hatred and fear. There is a quoted from the Star Wars movie that says ‘fear is the path to the dark side’. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. That is so true. Because Yah created us in the image of righteousness, love and peace. Why suffer here Ysrayl in this life any more than we have to? If we want to obtain perfection, we must let go of those old ways. That is what we must do. But as they say ‘old ways die hard’. And there is nothing new under the sun (Ess. 1:9). Isn’t that true. We are going to see these things (again). We will see sister against sister. We will see husband against wife. We will see brother against brother. And it’s because we haven’t checked our hearts.

So we are going to continue reading from the Book of Yasher. And we are going to go to the first chapter. This is very profound. This is the story of Cain and Abel. The Book of Yasher goes into more detail of exactly what was going on in Cain’s heart. So let’s go to Jasher chapter 1. (talks to someone) So do I.  I love Scripture. I use to love sin. I use to love unrighteousness. I use to love being angry. But (now) I love Scripture. I love Yah and I love this truth. and I love Yah’s people. I love the servants of Yah. I love striving to be righteous. Because now I don’t have nothing to hide. It feels good to be open. Doesn’t it? It feels good to wake up in the morning knowing that you are serving the Almighty Power. That you are serving the Creator. That if you continue on that the path you are going, that you have a GREAT reward waiting for you. So I praise Yah each and every day. And sometimes we all will slip up fam but that is why we can get on our knees and repent. We can repent for the evil that we have done. But we must make sure that we learn from our mistakes. HalleluYah. And we must also learn from the mistakes of our brothers and sisters. That’s why Scripture reading is so good and essential to our walks. There’s a lot of wisdom in there. You say man, I see what this ahk and ahkotee did. I’m not going to do that. HalleluYah. Jasher chapter 1. Let’s see what is going on in this story of Cain and Abel in greater detail. Let’s allow The Father to open up our understanding here today. HalleluYah.

Yasher 1:14-31, v. 14-16 Look at this. Now, we just read a couple of verses. Right? In how Yah was with the offering that Able was making. Right? Did it say anything Abel sabotaging Cain’s offering? Did it say anything about Abel hating on his brother? It did not say anything like that did it? But you see that since Yah accepted what Abel was doing. And did NOT accept what Cain was doing…now there is a problem. and he has a problem not with Yah, he has a problem with his brother. He’s jealous now. ‘Oh I see that you are gaining wisdom now’. ‘I see that people like you now’. ‘I see that Yah is accepting you now’. ‘Um, I don’t like you anymore’. That’s what happens fam. There are HATERS out there. And many of them want to be their own brothers and sisters.

(talks to someone) Yeah, you are growing. And now they are focused on you and NOT focused upon where they need to get their walks right. Now their walk is going to stumble. So the only re-course that they have is to look upon you and throw blame on you. You know, try to throw salt on your game. HalleluYah but Yah sees your heart. And people who do that…eventually the train stops. It stops and Yah exposes everything that is going on. HalleluYah.

So it said that he wanted to slay him on account of Yah accepting his brother’s offering. v. 17 Look at this here. Look at this mess. v. 18 Oh now, we can’t kick it together. Now we can’t be cool together. Now that you see Yah has exalted your brother. Now you have a problem with your brother. Now your brother can’t kick it with you anymore. Now his animals can’t feed on his land. Now it’s my land and it use to be our land. Now he doesn’t want to share anymore. How wicked is that? That’s how folks are sometimes. They get jealous, then angry and now it’s hatred.

v. 19 So don’t act like you aren’t getting anything from me. We are supposed to help one another. You are tilling the ground and I am tending the animals. You help me out and I help you out, that’s how brothers do it. But the moment you have a little issue and many times it’s just an issue within ourselves, the moment you have an issue within yourself, you are like oh my goodness now I don’t want to share anymore. Now I don’t even want to be around this person. I can’t stand to hear this person speak. And the thing is that they were helping one another. And you see Abel answered him and was like yo’ you are eating off of my flock and you are clothing yourself with my wool.

v. 20 He’s standing up to him, like come on brother I know you, stop playing. You have yourself a little attitude today because Yah didn’t accept you offering. Was it me? It wasn’t me it was you. So it is something you’re doing and not anything that I’m doing to you. So how about you take a look in the mirror at yourself and get yourself right. So being that you want to play tic for tac, no problem two can play that game. You can just take off the wool and everything that I have given you and then I will move off of your land. How about that?

v. 21 Whoa! Look at this threat. Do you see that threat? Why does it have to come to that? Why did it have to go to the violence level? Because now he’s hot under the collar. Now that rage has come in. This is the start of it. This is the start of it all. When that rage comes into you, now it’s blind. That’s why they call it blind-rage because you don’t even see what you are doing. I know because I use to do these things. Look at this threat. And Cain said to his brother, ‘surely if I kill your behind today, who will require it of me today? (Who is going to stop me from killing you this day?) Like Yah is not watching the whole thing.

v. 22 This is how he put him in his place. He said Yah is going to do this here. I don’t have to do anything. You go right ahead. v. 23 You already spoke it out of your mouth (Cain). You said Yah don’t hear you. Do you think Yah doesn’t see your heart? v. 24 The ANGER, WRATH of Cain was kindled when he heard these words of his brother Abel declaring this thing. So when you start speaking the truth, those demons get MAD! Those demons get angry y’all. Remember the story of Stephenos in Acts chapter 6-7 where he was telling those chief priests, you stiff-neck hard of hearts you ALWAYS resist the Set-apart Spirit. And they were cut to the heart (by the words) and they came with one mind and took him outside and they stoned him. Because the truth was spoken. Stephenos did nothing to any of those jokers. This is the same situation. When that anger overcomes you, now reason is gone. There is no more reason. Now you are a puppet (for the demons).

v. 25 This is sad. v. 26 (Cain repented) This is a good thing. He did repent. v. 27-29 Wow that’s real bold. I don’t know if I have enough gumption or stupidity to say that to Yah. (Am I my brother’s keeper?) v. 30 Do you see that? He thought well Yah doesn’t see me because He’s not standing here looking at us. Yah sees all. He sees your heart. This is why your words don’t even matter to Him. He’s like these people or they may believe your words but I don’t believe you. Because I see your heart. So you keep lying to yourself. You aren’t lying to Me. I see the anger in your heart.

v. 31 So there is a price to pay when we fly off the handle. There is a price to pay for when we do NOT use self-control. When we are NOT in Yah’s Spirit, there is a price to pay. Because we go to far. And then those demons will take whatever boldness was on you and then now you are looking silly. Now you are looking stupid. Now you are repenting. That is why he repented because right after he killed his brother I promise you that anger demon flew right off of him and he was like oh my goodness. What did I do? You can’t be like that fam. You have to use self-control. This is what happens in this story. When we don’t rebuke those demons that plague us, those thoughts of hatred, jealousy and anger overwhelmed Cain’s mind. And he lost control.

So we see the difference of when Yah gets angry, there is a just cause. And when Cain got angry it was very unjust. Then Cain started to hate his own brother and slayed him because of the corruption in his heart which was allowed to fester. He didn’t rebuke it. And that is the sad thing. When you entertain those familiar spirits and all a familiar spirit is, is a spirit that you basically are aware of. It’s like you know what this spirit is, you are used to that spirit. So since I was use to drug abuse, I was use to fornication, I was use to anger and still am, satan will try to use those familiar spirits to come into me and if I don’t rebuke it when it first starts….hey it has the ability to overwhelm me. Just like any of us. But we have to fight these demons with the Word of Yah. That’s why it’s important that we know what Yah says and what Yah requires.

Let’s go to the Book of Leviticus chapter 19. This is what the Word of Yah requires.

Leviticus 19:17-18 Demons build up strength through negative energy fam. And the more that you feed into these thoughts the less control you will have to overcome them. If you allow it to fester and boil to long, guess what? It becomes a part of who you are. Like an embedded program that is all to difficult to eradicate. Only through serving Yah family and calling upon Him will we be able to cast demons out. But here’s the key. The key is that we must recognize that we have an issue in the first place to fix…