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The Man of Sin p. 1b

Do you understand what that means? THE MASTER OF DECEPTION. HE HAS DECEIVED THE ENTIRE WORLD. And if you can not comprehend that (then) you can not understand what this man of sin is going to do. You will not see who he is even though he will be standing right before your face. You will be just as blind as the scribes and pharisees were when they saw Yahoshua standing before their faces and could not recognize Him. (They) called Him a demon.

So the punishment…do you think He will deserve who has trampled the Son of Yah under foot (by) you going around saying there is no Messiyah. And Messiyah said I was sent to you. You go around saying Messiyah will come and He said I’m already here. I already received My reward and am on the right hand of Yah but you don’t believe that. You are trampling Him under foot. You already have the spirit of the anti-messiah already in you. If you already have his spirit then when he comes you will connect. All spirits will come together. It’s going to become one. Then you will come to us and say ‘Obadiyah y’all been lying to us’. ‘Y’all told us that Yahoshua was the Messiyah but He ain’t no Messiyah because look at that there is the messiah and he is in Jerusalem’. Do you see? If you’re not prepared mentally, if you don’t have these lessons to go over this stuff and to understand what Yah has given us, we can be caught up too. Howl Lindsey wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. John Hagee wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. Jack Van Impe wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. Pat Robertson wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. Yet you go to them and ask what does this mean? What does this verse in this chapter mean? And they give you something that is a great misunderstanding you accept it as the gospel truth. Or as the Good News truth, we don’t use gospel, god’s spell. We don’t put god’s spell on nobody. It’s because of god’s spell that our people now are in the worst crisis that we have ever been in. Because god has put a spell on us. We have to break god’s spell and everything else that goes along with it.

Let’s look at this term the anti-messiah or as John Hagee likes to reference, the anti-christ. Let’s go to 1 John. Because in order to understand the anti-christ the anti-messiah let’s look at where it is written here, let’s look at what the brothers are saying about this term here. Once again we are going to see it referencing the same individual here. We saw in one verse Shaul called him by 2 names. Shaul called him the man of lawlessness or the man of sin and he goes on to call him the son of perdition or the son of destruction. In one verse 2 names. So this guy has a lot of names just like his father does. Do you think satan is going to settle on just one name? Satan is not even his name. We call him that as if it is. It is a title. It means the adversary, ha shatan (in Hebrew). He goes by Lucifer, Hilliel, Azazel, Metatron. He goes by a whole bunch of names. Do you think he cares? Right? That’s why when the malakim descend down as we hear the brothers saying ‘what’s your name’? What does that mean? You know, the malakim are so hesitant to tell their name. I don’t have to tell you my name because what does that mean? I tell you my character and who I am. I am the captain of Yah’s host. I don’t have to tell you my name.

Because satan has angels with those same names. Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. But if a malakim appears before me right now…I’m sorry malakim is plural. If a malak (angel) appear before me right now or malakim, let’s say 2 or 3 or them appear before me right now. And they said my name is Gabriyah, my name is Michayah and my name is Raphayah and they appear before me right. If I haven’t tested their spirit to see what their character is then satan can send three more malakim to me the same night and say ‘hey we have returned to you’. ‘I’m Gabriyah, Michayah, and Raphayah’. And they can be from satan. So to understand the names or trying to get us to tell us their names no-no we need to know their character. That’s why we must try the spirit. (Ask the angel) Does Yah want us to keep the law? Satan isn’t going to tell you that. Satan is going to tell you some craziness, something that has to do with lawlessness. Because he’s the father of it. Right?

So do you see, sometimes the malakim are like don’t even worry about my name. I’m telling you character is what you need to be concerned with. Yah sent me and this is what Yah told me to tell you. Do you see? So prepare yourself. Yah sent malakim to the face of men in the days of old. Do you think He has stopped? Do you think He stopped doing that? Naw, because when He needs to get an urgent message to you BAM that malakim will appear. Now whether you want to see them or not, that’s another story. I know the one who came to Daniyah as we will see, he didn’t want to see him. But he had to see him. So that is all in Yah’s doing and I say Yah if you send one before me, just give me the strength. That’s all I need is just the strength. That’s it. I need the strength to be able to stand on my feet once he speaks. And once I see him. Yah may just send him in the form of something you are familiar with. He may send him in the form of a homeless man so it would be easier for you to see. That homeless man opens up his mouth and nothing but Ruach comes out. You know what you are dealing with then.

1 John 2:18 Now he said that the anti-messiah is coming. You have heard that. We told y’all that the man of sin is coming, the one that is going to stand in place of and against. Because that is what the word ‘anti’ means. The word anti means to stand against and in place of. So the anti-messiah will be against Yah and will make himself in the place of Yah. We read that in 2 Thessalonians. Right? He’s sitting in the temple of Yah to show himself that he is Yah. So the anti-messiah carries this title too. Like (the titles) the man of sin, the son of perdition, the son of destruction. He carries anti-messiah because he’s going to sit in place of and against. He is going to be opposing both through his lawlessness and he’s going to be opposing it through his exalting himself. He’s going to stand in place of. ‘So y’all don’t have to do this (law) because I’m god and I’m going to tell you this and you are my children’.

So he’s going to stand up and be the king or the father of this lawless anti-Yah world. He’s going to be the king of it. He’s going to sit on the throne of it. Do you know Yah will hold the head of state accountable for the condition of that people? When David sinned and counted Ysrayl, David being the king, the nation was also punished. David even questioned Yah. I think this is 1 Chronicles chapter 21. David questioned and said ‘I have sinned but why are you punishing your sheep’? So when we look at this man of sin and he’s going to be the king held responsible for these people. For these people that he deceives and for him standing up and making himself appear to be Yah. And saying that Yah…because right now everybody believes well not everybody.

Let me say, the Christians believe and Christianity is the largest religion on earth. Don’t they teach that the old testament is done away with. So when you have…they say that the God of wrath was Yah in the old testament and that His laws, instructions and all of that is over with. Jesus is more kind. He is more peaceful and loving. Right? So now you have two different books. They say Jesus is God but they really aren’t associating him with their god they call Jehovah. They are making Jesus a whole other god. So that concept is now in the minds of men. That your god can not make his mind up. In one part of the book he’s a god of wrath but then in the last part of the book he’s switched everything and now he’s another type of god. A god of friends and you can do whatever you want to do because that is what the mindset of the Christian is. You can do whatever you want to do and god still loves you. That’s what the man of sin is going to come teaching. Do as thou will that’s the whole of my law. I still love you because you are my children. That’s what is being taught in every Christian church, every Sunday…give me your money and god love you. I can sell you god’s love. I can make you the most loved person in this entire congregation. Just give me 20% of everything you have. I can do that. Right, that’s what they say. So that mindset. That is lawlessness. That whole society, not looking at it just from the secular standpoint. That’s already what 2 billion Christians teach. So he is going step in and say that. ‘Remember in the old testament when I told y’all this’? ‘Well, you are free to do that now’. Do whatever you want to do.

So 1 Chronicles chapter 21 when David stood up to number Ysrayl, it starts off by saying that satan STOOD up against Ysrayl and moved Dawid to number Ysrayl. Dawid is King David. And so why was Yah upset at this? Because Yah told Abraham that your seed would be so numerous that no man would ever be able to count it. So we see that when Yah brought the punishment down on David in v. 8 of 1 Chronicles 21, it says then David said to Yah, I have sinned greatly because I have done this matter. But now I pray, take away the crookedness of your servant for I have done very foolishly. So do you see?

So Yah gave David the opportunity to choose his punishment because He loved David. But this man of sin who is going to be the king of this world like Nimrod was the king of the world and this is going to be the only man other than Nimrod to sit on the seat and rule over all the sons of men. And so he’s going to be held accountable for this. Yes, he will. Let’s go back to 1 John 2. We are going to see. Because the spirit of anti-messiah is already here. We know that the king is to come. But before the king comes or before their god comes, his children are already preparing the way.

We look at every major thing in society beginning with the formation of modern Babylon, 400 years ago. And her government of democracy, a government that is for the people, by the people. The people make their own laws and rules. If they want homosexuality to be in the law, then they go to their house of representatives. They go to a person that represents them. You have these wild ‘brews running around here ‘well I have to vote so my voice can be heard’. What voice do you have in a society that you want to be heard? Do you mean that I’m going to go vote and then they are going to say hey everybody has to keep the Shabbat tomorrow? (Is my) representative going to go to the house of representatives and to the senate and introduce this as a bill that everybody has to keep Yah’s Shabbat? So how’s my voice being heard? That’s what my voice is saying. My voice is speaking the Words of Yah. And if I want my voice to be heard all I have to do is speak it. And Yah’s Word reigns true. Yah’s Word reigns forever.

Those men don’t represent us. Those women don’t represent us. They are against us. So we see in every aspect of this world, everything is being set up to make it a full lawless existence with no signs of law or rule nowhere. Do what you want to do, how you want to do it and as much as you want to do it. And we better not lust after that. We know, even when we read Psalm 73, it’s like man we see that these people seem not to be in trouble. We see that everything seems to be going well for them. That’s only an illusion because when Yah comes to pay them for their crimes, there’s nothing they can do. They can’t escape His wrath. Whose going to help them? There will be none to help.  Satan can’t help you when Yah has you and when Yah’s punishing you, when Yah is whipping your behind. Nobody can come and help you.

You know how your father is the authority figure in the house? I remember as a child when my father use to give me one of those memorable whippings. You know, the ones I still remember to this day and I’m 39 years old and it happened when I was 5. I can tell you what I did. I can tell you the exact moment that he grabbed me. I can tell you when the first sound of the belt, whip or extension cord hit my backside. I can tell you all that. Do you remember one of those whippings? And when I was getting one of those whippings, my mother could do nothing. Because she was in the authority under my father. My father was the sole authority figure in the household. Moms could not do anything against that. Only thing for me (was) to not do it again. That’s it, don’t do it again.

So when Yah grabs you and Yah comes to whip you, satan is under Yah’s authority so what is he going to do? ‘Yah that’s one of my servants why do you have to pick on him’? He would smack satan in the mouth so fast, knock all his teeth out. And would not even let them grow anymore. Shut his mouth up and tell him you can’t even speak anymore. Do you understand?

So that is what we have to look forward to. It’s like when you look at a Gentile and they are some type of super spy. And they have their little 6 shooter and they shoot 8 people with 6 bullets in the gun. and they can do all types of martial arts and beat everybody up. One man beat a whole country just to save his wife. Right? Always making him look like a hero and all that stuff. Right? But every time that hero gets bound up in a bind and the enemy catches him or the one who he perceives to be the enemy catches him and locks him in some type of dungeon. Guess what? The Gentile has to try to figure out how to get out by himself. If he wants to continue to be the hero and save his wife, save the damsel in distress (then) he has to figure out how to do that. But a servant of Yah calls upon Yah. And just like he did with Kepha, Yah opened up that prison door. Yah will unloose those chains that are shackled to you. Because you are His servant and you have called Him. He will deliver you. So that is the difference between us and them. Is that when we fall down or when we get smacked by the devil or when we sin, we can repent unto Yah. We can come back to the Father. We can make this thing we have done right because Yah hears our voice. He hears our prayers.

But those who are unrepentant sinners and just continue doing whatever they are doing, they can’t call upon Yah on the day of destruction. They can’t call upon Yahoshua on the day of destruction. So when you look at that they are not getting away with anything so don’t you go lusting after their society. Let them keep it. Envy not the oppressor and take none of his ways (Proverbs 3:31) because if you start to take the oppressors ways then you will do all the things of the oppressor…even worship the oppressors gods. Can’t y’all see how we want to be so much like them. We want to sound like them. We want to work the same places that they work. And I’m talking about the wild Gentiles (not the righteous Gentiles). Right? We think if they can go out and start a billion dollar corporation because they went to college and got a college degree and we are so foolish we think we can go out and do the same thing. The only way you are going to get that type of money is that if you are serving them and serving their god which is satan. Understand and accept that. Yah takes care and provides for His people. Yes He does. But He does not want you to get caught up in satan’s world and get yourself addicted to satan’s world.

Have any of you all ever had an addiction to anything? Whether it’s an addiction to food, drugs, cigarettes, sex, stealing, lying whatever it was if you have ever had an addition you know how hard it is to break that addiction. Every time you have that addiction (crave), what? One more day; one more hit. Just one more time then I will stop. Just one more big mac then I’ll go on my diet tomorrow. Right? One more cigarette then I will stop cold turkey tomorrow. So Yah doesn’t want you to become addicted to their world because if you become addicted to their world then that addiction is going to come to the fullness of you falling down and you bowing down and worshipping the man of sin. That’s what it’s going to come to. So He tries to keep that out of our way.

Y’all know how hard it was when we first came into the truth to break the ways of the Gentiles. Y’all remember. Some of y’all were PARTY ANIMALS boy. And still when you hear that car bumping down the street and you hear that beat and you remember that song that you use to get your game on to. Oh yeah, you still feel it. Right? Oh man, you have to fight yourself…shoulders and hips start moving and swinging and it’s almost nothing you can do. Right? That beat is on. Then you have to smack yourself, catch yourself. ‘Wait a minute that isn’t me anymore’. ‘Let me come out of that’. ‘Let me shake this off’. Right? It’s a fight to break the addiction of this world because we are a part of this world but we are not of this world. We live in this world. We see all the things of this world. And satan is always marketing those things as if they are the only thing and the best thing. He will never show you an alternate. He will never show you the ways of Yah. And Yah only deals with the best. Yah only offers the best.

1 John 2, we are looking at the term ‘anti-messiah’.

1 John 2:22 So do you see when this man of sin comes and sets up his kingdom, well when he comes to rule his kingdom because the kingdom is already going to be set up. When he comes and rules his kingdom, he’s going to be against Yah. He’s going to be against Yahoshua. But ain’t Christianity already against Yah and Yahoshua? Absolutely. So it will not be that hard. Right? (Reads v. 22 again). He didn’t say the one just denying Messiyah but YAHOSHUA being the Messiyah because there have been many counterfeit messiahs that have been orchestrated by the hand of satan.

So the ones saying naw I serve Jesus. The ones saying there is no Messiyah or Mockdi (sp?). The ones saying that we are waiting on the messiah to come. You are anti-Messiyah. Do you see? And that’s the majority of this world. So the majority of this world are already making things ripe for the anti-messiah. That’s why we have so much murder going on. There’s a spirit that has been released out here family. A spirit of destruction. The ways of destruction are already being made. Chicago is a war zone. One of the ahks last week told me that they call Chicago ‘Chi-raq’ (Chicago + Iraq). You now Chicago use to be called Chi town or the Chi. Now they call it Chi-raq because there’s more murder going on here than there is in Iraq.

And I have been here my entire life and never seen nothing like this. Normally its media hyping up stuff but it isn’t that way anymore. There’s a spirit that has been let loose. Not only on this city, everywhere you read the news, 7 members of one family was found slaughtered! And you just calmly turn to the next story. Ten people were shot to death at a concert last night! You just lick your finger and calmly turn to the next story. What am I talking about? Who actually physically reads the newspaper? Right? I mean you click to the next story, I’m sorry. When you are on your mobile device you use your finger to turn to the next story. Who uses a newspaper anymore? I’m old school but even I don’t use newspapers anymore.

But I am just showing you the lawlessness of this society because it is already an anti-Messiyah society. If Yahoshua was to come up into a church right now looking like He did 2,000 years ago, they would be so quick to lift him up out of there on His head. ‘That dirty nigger is up in here’. ‘Wearing those long gowns’. ‘With that big ol’ beard’. ‘He needs to go shave’. They would throw Him out of the church. Yet this is the one who you say you built this church for. And you would not even welcome Him in there. And He wouldn’t even want to be there. He would come in there and condemn you all. And tell you that He will be back to judge you if you don’t repent. So the spirit of the anti-messiah is already here.

1 John 4, we know what is to come. When he comes to rule the world he is going to set up like a king but the king’s subjects or the king’s people are already here, being lawless.

1 John 4:1-3, v. 1 Read. v. 2 Every spirit that confesses that Yahoshua the Messiyah has come in the flesh is of Yah.

There are only a few of us that are confessing this. On Shabbat, you may have 13 paltalk rooms open. There’s only a handful of us that are Messianic, that believe Yahoshua is Messiyah and has come in the flesh. There is a great non-messianic movement that is on the road right now. And that as we will see is equal to the great falling away. We will see that.

v. 3 Yeah we heard about the man of sin coming but we know that, that spirit that is going to usher him in is already here. Yes we know he’s coming but let’s not close our eyes to what’s already here. Christians can not see that spirit that’s  already here because they are OF that spirit. You are going to sit here and tell me that it doesn’t matter what Messiyah looks like. And then you will put me off from Messiyah. You will put one in front of my face and say this is Messiyah. And then if I accept that, I’m rejecting Yahoshua as Messiyah. If I accept even your image of what you call Jesus Christ, I’m rejecting Yahoshua. Do you see? Grandma has that picture (up) that’s older than me. Your auntie has that picture in there that’s older than you. White Jesus all over the house and then you will tell us it doesn’t matter what color he was yet you have one that is breaking the commandments because we are not supposed to put an image up of anything that is worshipped. That’s called idolatry. You will risk breaking a commandment so this image can be drained in the minds of your children and their children and their children’s children.

When I first came into this truth, one of the hardest things for me to accept was that Charlton Heston  did not look like Moses and vice versa. It took me YEARS for me to remove that out of my mind. I have been watching (that) since (I was) a boy. Every year, the ten commandments for Easter. We would go to Easter Sunday church, come home and watch the ten commandments. We would sit in front of the TV from about 7 pm to 11 pm watching that. And then when I came into this truth, ‘what do you mean Moses don’t look like Charlton Heston’? How could he not? Right? And women talking about how handsome Charlton Heston was and Moses had to look like that with his curly afro and all that stuff.

See that what these images do. These images play a role in breeding the anti-messiah. They are doorways also. If you accept anything about Jesus Christ including his name, his image, his doctrine, you are not accepting Yahoshua as Messiyah. You are the spirit of anti-messiah. Oh wee, we are talking war words now. ‘But Obadiyah you know ah my wife calls on Jesus’. Listen ahk, Yahoshua said He came to bring war…division. He said He will put a father against a daughter, mother against son against son and rip the whole household. Scripture is clear here. That’s why it is mentioning Yahoshua’s name. ‘And every spirit (person) that does not confess that Yahoshua Messiyah has come…Yahoshua ha Maschiach. Right?

And this goes right in…let’s go over to real quick, John. Now we are in the Good News book of John chapter 3. We just left 1 John, the letter of John. Let’s go over to the Good News writings, the eyewitness account of Yahoshua’s walk. Let’s go over to that book. See you have to believe everything about Yahoshua. So if you believe everything about Him that means that the spirit of truth has revealed everything about Him (to you). Meaning that you are walking with Yah. You are not against Yah; you are not anti-Yah. You are not anti- Messiyah. You don’t have that spirit on you if you believe and understand. You can’t go around here teaching that Messiyah pre-existed. That’s going against Yahoshua. That He has come in the flesh, you have to believe that He was a man. He wasn’t a god or angel. That’s what Scripture just said. Right? It said that every spirit tht does not confess that Yahoshua Messiyah has come in the flesh is not of Yah.

Yah does patterns family. Remember when we talked about the lesson with Yahoshua paralleling Ysrayl? We talked about patterns. Yah sent us into the land of Canaan as a conquering army by a General named Yahoshua. He is going to send us back into the land as a conquering army with a General named Yahoshua. He does these things in pattern. When has Yah ever sent a malakim through the womb of a woman in order to save mankind? You have to understand how profound it was for Yah to take a man as Yahoshua was and put Him in the seat that satan use to sit in. Because according to the life of Adam and Eve in the pseudepigrapha, satan himself told Adam ‘you are the cause of my fall’. ‘Because when Yah gave us the pattern of you being created Michayah brought you before all of us and he was the first one to bow down and he told all of us that we had to bow down. Satan said he refused because ‘I was created before you, I’m more esteemed than you, you should bow down to me’.

So satan got kicked out of heaven because of his arrogance. And here Yah is replacing him with a son. Yahoshua calls himself the son of who? The son of Adam, the son of man. Yah replaced satan’s seat with a HUMAN MAN. Take that satan!

You know how Hebrews always complain how they worked on their job 30 years and that they trained all the managers that are above them. Here you are training the one and He rises up above you. so here is satan falling from that great esteem, falling from grace, falling out of Yah’s favor. Because he refused to bow down in humble obedience to the image of Yah in the form of a man. And so Yah brings a man up there and sits Him where satan use to sit. This is My Messiyah now. This is the one that covers My throne. See you must understand that. It would have been easy from the time that man fell for Yah to send Michayah down here to live as a man. It would have been easy for Yah to send him through the womb of Eve. But He never did such a thing. There’s no pattern of it in the entire book. So if you are not believing the truth about Yahoshua, you are already anti-Messiyah.

John 3:18 Him=Yahoshua. See you have to believe in His name. That’s why Scripture says you have to believe that Yahoshua ha Maschiach, Yahoshua Messiyah has come in the flesh. If not then you are part of this anti-Messiyah spirit, this man of sin spirit. So when he comes that’s going to be your god. Because he is going to speak to your heart. Because your heart has already been deceived. Your heart is already open to accept him because you don’t accept Yahoshua and you don’t accept Yah. Yahoshua said ‘I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to Yah except through Me’. So you can’t even get to Yah except through Yahoshua. And you don’t even believe in Yahoshua because you are anti-Messiyah because you don’t believe in the truth of the Messiyah. Do you see? Yah makes this thing known about who His Messiyah is. He manifests it to His servants. Yah can not and will not…that’s why He says study to show yourself approved. He is not going to take the chance of His servants being  deceived because Yahoshua Himself said if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. If that were possible. But He’s letting you know one thing, It’s not possible. Do you see? So you must understand Messiyah. This is why we do all these lessons about Messiyah.

You want to know about the man of sin, of course you need to know about him. But you need to know about Yahshua first. That’s why it took us so long to get here. Because we had so much other stuff to teach on first. This is just as important. But the foundation of understanding our Messiyah…do you understand? HalleluYah.

Let’s go to 2 John. There was another Scripture that I was looking for, it’s not in my notes but it came to my mind and I didn’t go there immediately and now I’ve forgotten what it was. That’s why you have to move, when the spirit, I’m telling you, the spirit is quick when it moves with you and it ells you to go somewhere, you go there immediately. Drop everything and get to that place. And it was a Scripture that backed up something I just said and just that quick, it went away because I didn’t go immediately like I was told. So now I’m going back to my notes here. Let’s go to 2 John.

2 John 1:7 So when the anti-messiah rules, he’s going to be the king but there are going to be smaller anti-messhiahs. Like Yahoshua as we talked about the parallel with Ysrayl, Yahoshua is the King of Ysrayl. He’s the King of the Israylites. He’s the King of the servants. So there are other servants under Him. There are other Israylites under Him. So the man of sin is going to be the king of this lawless world and there are other lawless ones under him. If he’s going to take the title of the anti-messiah then there are other anti-messiahs under him. And that’s going to be the majority of the world. See this spirit is already here. So when he comes into the world, it’s going to accept him. The world accepts its own. Right? It’s going to identify its own and welcome its own. The spirit of anti-messiah dwells in all who say Yahoshua is not Messiyah and has not come in the flesh. So this is the majority of the world, family. They talk about Jesus all day. But if you talk about Yahoshua, you have a fight on your hands. How many times have you gone to try to give them Yahoshua and they told you ‘I am keeping my Jesus’. So if the man of sin comes walking down out of the sky on the light beam and he’s beaming down out of heaven and you have angels ‘ahhh’. You know how that goes. Right? And he’s coming down and he looks like the image of Jesus. Two billion Christians are going to instantly fall before his feet then he will transform his face into the face of Mohammed. Another billion Muslims are going to fall at his feet. Then he will transform himself to look like the Jewish messiah. The 15 or 16 million, whoever follows Judaism will fall at his feet. It’s going to happen like that. We are going to see it from Scripture.

So this other title, the abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste, let’s look at that. Because we looked at son of perdition. We looked at the man of sin and we looked at anti-messiah. So we look at all these terms applied to this man and it lets us know what his character is by these names that he’s called. These names define who he is, the king of the lawless society. But Yahoshua referenced him as the abomination of desolation. Daniyah referenced him as the abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste. Gentiles and even Israylites are running around here teaching that the abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste was Titus and the Romans. ISRAYLITES are teaching this.  Then you have Gentiles saying that the abomination of desolation is just the Romans coming and putting their banner in the area of the temple. But what does that have to do with anything? Because right now if we look at Jerusalem, it is a spiritual mess. Every religion is over there. The Catholics are over there with Catholic Churches. Muslims have a Muslim Mosque standing almost where Yah’s temple stood. And the Jews live over there. So what are you talking about; how is this Roman banner going to be the abomination that lays waste. No we are talking about when that temple is built, that man standing in their showing himself that he is Yah. Standing in the dwelling place of Yah showing himself that he is Yah. That’s what the abomination is.

So the man of sin is called by this title the abomination that lays waste. This means that he will go into utter destruction. Right? He is the son of destruction. If he’s going to lay something waste, he’s going to utterly destroy it. He’s going to destroy everything that is set-apart unto YAH. Including the children of Ysrayl. The prophet Daniyah speaks about him and Yahoshua (also). Now as we go to Daniyah. I’m going to give you a moment to get your calculators out. If you don’t have a calculator near, many of you are on the computer today, just pull it up on your screen. Or some of you math genius’ out there just grab your pen and paper and calculate all this. I never was a math genius and so probably never will be until we hit the kingdom time. Until Yah fixes that problem that’s wrong with me. I just never liked math. You know after you learn how to add subtract multiply and divide, it’s like what do you need anything else for. I took geometry and struggled through geometry and I haven’t seen geometry in my life since that day. Since the last day that I cut class and didn’t show up to geometry class because I just could now take it anymore. I have never seen geometry (again) in my life. Calculus, I’m not trying to build a rocket. What do I need calculus for? You know (laughs). After they teach you how to add subtract multiply and divide that’s ALL you ever do. So what is all this other stuff? But anyway.

We are going to go to Daniyah chapter 9. Let’s break down the abomination of desolation because each and every title that is applied to this man shows what he is going to do. It is obvious for those who have understanding versus those who do not. Because those who do not have understanding think he is going to be against Christianity. That he is going to be in favor of Islam and Judaism. But he’s going to be so against Christianity (they believe). (They believe) that he’s going to line Christians up and force them to take the mark of the beast and all this madness. That’s what they teach. But no such thing.

He’s going to be a smooth sailing, as smooth as Barack Obama. You know, the guy that has Passover at the white house. You know, the guy who went to Jerusalem and prayed to the wailing wall. You know the guy that is a Christian member of Jeremiah Wright’s church. Right? You know, the guy that has a Muslim name and his father was a Muslim, so they say. Right? mmm-hum. He’s everything to everybody. Right? All 3 religions. He has Passover celebrations at the white house. Wearing a Yamaka  going to pray at the wailing wall in Jerusalem. He says he’s a Christian but he has a Muslim name. He appeals to everybody. Watch him.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 9. That’s all I’m saying about Barack Obama, just watch him. I don’t know if he is the man of sin or not. I don’t know that. And I’m not even promoting that in this lesson. Not at all. But like I say he does fit some characteristics and we have to do that as we are teaching about this man of sin. So we have to put that out there. I’m sorry if you are non-messianic and you are listening to this right now. I’m sorry because I do understand that you ripped the book of Daniyah out of your Bibles. And (that) you consider it a false book because Daniyah’s prophesy matches up with Revelation. It matches up with Matthew 24. Daniyah is talking about the man of sin. Daniyah calls Yahoshua the Messiyah. And you say that it has to be a false book. It was written by some crazy Christians and that there was never a prophet named Daniyah so you have ripped it out of your book so you can just listen along. I know you can’t go to Daniyah chapter 9 because there is no Daniyah chapter 9 in your book. I’m sorry.

But we who believe and do trust in Yah and trust in His Word, we are going to Daniel chapter 9.

Daniyah 9:21-27, v. 21 ‘Swift flight’, we will talk about this in another lesson. I’m not going to even go into that. He came swiftly right. Just like you see those vehicles moving swiftly, all right. v. 22-24 Look at this. Gabriyah is telling Daniyah 70 weeks are decreed for your people and for your set-apart city to make everything right again. So from the time that Daniyah got this vision until the time that the malak came and swiftly came to bring him this answer, he said listen, 70 weeks.

Now we are going t stop right here. We have to define what he is talking about because seventy weeks from this time period that Daniyah lived in and we understand a week is 7 days is long ago past and we know that the end of sin has not come. We know that sin has not been sealed up. We know that to cover crookedness and to bring about everlasting righteousness. And everlasting righteousness has not come because Yahoshua has not returned yet. So when He returns that signals the rule of everlasting righteousness. This has not happened.

‘And seal up visions and prophets’: we know that we are still having visions and prophets right, that’s not sealed up. Yah is still talking to us through prophets and through visions. ‘And to anoint the Most Set-apart’: so we know none of these things has happened but he said 70 weeks. These things are supposed to happen in 70 weeks. ‘This is decreed for your people’. Aha, let’s break this down. He’s not talking about 70 weeks as in a 7 day week. He’s talking about a week in terms of a week being a period of 7 years. And some of the Gentiles like to say a prophetic week. That is what he is talking about.

Let me show you what I’m talking about here. Let’s go to the book of Genesis chapter 29. Because in Scripture one week sometimes equals to a period of 7 years. We are not talking about a regular 7 day week. We are talking about in terms of prophesy here. Daniyah is going to give us a time period of Yahoshua’s execution. He’s going to give us a time period also of the man of sin and what he is going to come on the scene to do.

Genesis 29, we are looking at ‘weeks’, 70 weeks he gave. We will see that these weeks are equal to 7  years. 1 week=7 years. So if you have 70 weeks, you have 70 periods of 7 years. So 1 week=7 years, so you have 70, seven-year periods.

Let’s go to Genesis 29. Whew, I got nervous because I see a page of Genesis hanging out here and I thought it is the page that we are going to but that’s just Genesis 6.

Genesis 29:27-28 This is Jacob our father when he was trying to get his wife. He was working for Laban. Laban had him working all those years to get his wife that he loved. Right? v. 27 Do you see that?( Reads v. 27 again). So that week that Laban is talking about is a period of 7 years. v. 28 Do you see? So he completed that period of 7 years.

So when we look at this 70 weeks, we are talking about 70, seven-year periods. So this is why I was telling you to get your calculators out here. Let’s go back to Daniyah 9:24. (Reads it again). so to calculate this we calculate it 70 x 7. This is where we start at first. Because we are looking at that one week is 7 years. And so Gabriyah said there are 70. So let’s look at this. So 70 x 7=490 year period. So everything that he is telling him is a 490 year period. So from the time that Gabriyah brought this to Daniyah, we are looking at 490 years till everything is made right. We are looking at 490 years for the return of Yahoshua to rule Yahrushalom forever.

But Gabriyah breaks it down to Daniyah so that he can understand even clearer. Let’s look at this because even during this time, 490 years consecutively have passed since Daniyah received this prophesy and understanding of it. So let’s go to v. 25 of Daniyah chapter 9.

Daniyah 9:25 ‘Shall be 7 weeks’. Let’s stop right here. He said from the time that Yahrushalom shall be built. Shall be rebuilt. He said until that time we are looking at a 7 week period. So we are looking at 7 x 7. We are looking at a 49 year period right here. So the key to understanding this is when was the commandment given to restore and to rebuild Yahrushalom. Let’s go to the Scriptures. Let’s look at some history real quick. The children of Judah were taken into Babylonian captivity in the year 586 before the common era. Now ehen you are counting in BCE, the years go down. They don’t go up. Like say I wanted to add 10  onto the year 586 BCE, well that number would go down to 576 BCE. Instead of going to 596. Because you count down from BCE, you count all the way down to the common era. This is how the Gentiles have calculated this. And it is sorta on a correct time fame as we look at history and even as we understand the things that have happened during those time periods that they have assigned those numbers too.

So when we look at this, he said (reads v. 25 again). ‘Is seven weeks’ now he’s breaking down a 490 year period so he’s taking 49 years off that 490 year period and saying listen for the commandment given to restore Yahrushalom. Now we were taken into captivity to the Babylonians in the year 586 BCE Now Yah gave the prophesy to Yeremiyah and Daniyah was reading the writing s of Yeremiyah to understand that we were only to stay in Babylon for a period of 70 years. The numbers 70 and 7 are just being thrown all around. Right? So 586 BCE, we stayed there 70 years. Let’s go to verse 2 of Daniyah 9.

Daniyah 9:2 So here we are in Babylon, taken in 586 BCE. So let’s take off 70 from that, the 70 years we spent in Babylon. The going forth and rebuilding of Yahrushalom this actually happened in history. So we were taken to Babylon in 586 BCE. When we left Babylon the Medo-Persian Empire had just taken over. They had defeated the Babylonians and they had just taken command of the Babylonian Empire. Now the Medes and Persians were the world ruling empire.

So take away 70 from 586. (586-70=516) and we are at the year 516. So around the year 516 the children of Ysrayl were freed from Babylonian captivity. So this is when he said ‘from the commandment of going forth’.

Now let’s go to 2 Chronicles chapter 36. When King Koreish or Cyrus the Great his is also called who was the king of the Medes and Persian Empire at that time. When they came and defeated Babylon and it was the year 516, it was time for the children of Ysrayl to go because Yah said that you are only going to be there 70 years. So He gave the commandment, and Cyrus gave the commandment to the children of Ysrayl to go back to Yahrushalom and to restore it and to rebuild it. So from that point, it was 49 years until the Messiyah. We are going to stop there and then we will finish reading v. 25.

2 chronicles 36, this is when the commandment was given by Cyrus the great for the Israylites to go back and to build Yahrushalom and to build the temple and everything. So wild Gentiles try to say that this did not happen, that there is no record of it in the Medo-Persian Empire. Blah, blah, blah.

2 Chronicles 36:22-23 Now remember when Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians came through. They tore down the temple. So the temple was not standing for those 70 years when we were in captivity. They burned it down. So during the days of Nehemiyah and Ezra we were allowed by the king of Medo-Persia to go back home and build up the temple.

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Book Review: Zombies


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to: Zombies by Nathan Robert Brown. This book has 15 chapters: the voodoo zombie, the rise of the living dead, the extended zombie family, psychology philosophy and the living dead, zombies in early literature, zombies in recent literature, zombies in comics, zombie comics on the web, early zombie films, George A. Romero’s ‘dead’, the modern zombie cinema canon, when zombie movies go rotten, the rise of the video game zombie, zombie survivalist groups and bringing down the dead.

The author says the most frightening things about zombies are that they are very patient. They will patiently wait to eat you. And the second most frightening thing is that they will bring their zombie friends to eat you. The numbers of them grow with each passing hour. The author recommends the following weapons: crowbar or tire iron, hammer, hatchet baseball bat, axe handles, .22 caliber rifle, 9mm pistol, .38 caliber revolver, 10 or 12 gauge shotgun. The weapon depends on legality, functionality, portability and noise level because he said a gun (noise) may attract the attention of more zombies.


This is a picture of the Hindu goddess Kali or Kalika. She is associated with empowerment. The name Kali comes from kala which means black, time, death, lord of death. She loves to get drunk on the blood of her victims. Notice in the picture she has a bowl ready to drink it. She is always shown with her tongue sticking out and sometimes with fangs and her tongue sticking out. She has her foot on her husband the god Shiva who makes up one of the gods of the Hindu trinity along with Brahma and Vishnu. He lays there so she will stop killing and drinking human blood, supposedly.


Notice this zombie has its tongue sticking out. While searching through images of zombies with their tongues sticking out this was one of the least gross of them. There were many pictures of zombies with their tongues out. Zombies seem like they are under the control of this goddess Kali in my opinion. I know it’s all satan.


This is a picture of Gene Simmons of the rock group Kiss. Notice the hanging tongue. He is famous for this tongue. Looks like the goddess Kali, doesn’t he?

I knew from the Israylites that there are Scriptures on Cannibalism in the Bible but a few days ago I did a more intensive search for all the Scriptures I could find on the topic. They include: Leviticus 3:17, Leviticus 26:29, Deuteronomy 28:53-57, 2 Kings 6:26-29, Yesiyah 9:19-20, Yesiyah 49:26, Yeremiyah 19:9, Lamentations 4:10, Yahzeqyl 5:10, Yahzeqyl 24:1-10, Micah 3:2-3 and Zechariyah 11:9. Some of these Scriptures, the Israylites were literally eating flesh, the law of Yah on not eating blood and fat and other Scriptures it was symbolism. Like Yahzeqyl 24 Yah seems to be comparing Ysrayl’s disobedience to the flesh in this filthy cooking pot, if I understand correctly. Also the giants use to eat the flesh of men, I think that is in the book of Enoch if I’m not mistaken. Whenever the Israylites were in disobedience it seems like they were eating in disobedience too. Like when we came to America, what did we eat? Pork. The righteous blood and body we are to eat is that of Yahoshua, symbolism because He laid down His life for us John 6:48-58. The devil really does parallel everything Yah does and make it go for bad.

*The living history of Zombies: ancient zombie tales will be on the History 2 channel tonight at 10 pm.

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The man of Sin p. 1a

The man of sin part 1a: Identifying his character and world.

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters how are you doing? This is your brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you with a recorded lesson that I’m giving to you today. I’m here today to bring forth this lesson for you today. You all have been asking me about this for years now. And I have been promising to bring forth this lesson for years now. And it’s just now that Yah is giving me the opportunity and just the time to sit down and put this lesson together and to even bring it to you in this format because we are looking at a very, very powerful topic here dealing with the man of sin. And this is going to lead us into our Book of Revelation series. So I found that it was just fitting that we first go into the prophesies and look at the man of sin and try to identify him. We are going to identify him by his character. We are not going to pinpoint and say well I’m 100% sure that this is Barack Obama or Prince Charles or whoever else is the man of sin for the month.

So we are going to be able to identify him just by his character and the things that he is going to do when he comes into his time and when he is revealed to us. Before we go into this lesson, I just want to give a Shabbat Shalom to everyone out there who is listening whether you are listening on October 20, 2012 in our Paltalk Shabbat Class or whether you are listening to it, I don’t know in the year 2015, 2019 whenever you hear this even in the archives years from now. I greet you with Shabbat Shalom. For those of you not familiar with that term, Shabbat is the 7th day of the week. You may know it as the Sabbath where we are commanded by the Most High Yah to commemorate His resting after creation. He created the world in 6 days. He rested on the 7th day. So we are commemorating Him resting from His work and we do this each and every week. This is called the Shabbat. So when we say Shabbat Shalom, shalom is the Hebrew word peace. So we are saying peace on the Sabbath or Sabbath peace. HalleluYah.

It’s all good that we have this venue (way) to come together and study the Word of Yah because we are in those days, we are in those times. The prophets saw what was coming. The brothers saw what was coming. The Messiyah taught what was coming. And we are fastly approaching those prophesies and those times which they stated would be the worst time of trouble that we as a nation of people of mankind as ever experienced. It is coming to the climatic end of all sin. And so Yah is going to let it run its course and it’s going to run at full throttle until it hits its pressure point. And then once it hits that pressure point, it’s going to explode and that’s going to be it. It’s going to be removed from the earth forever. So Yah is going to let it take. Yah said hey if you want to sin okay I’m going to let you go ahead and do your fullness of sin because you sin and you get all your sin done. Because when it’s over, it’s over. Everyone that was participating in it will pay for their crimes.

As we look out into the world today and we look at all this craziness that’s going on, the Gentiles seem to be able to do whatever they want to do. And these wild Hebrews have followed suit just doing whatever they want to do. But there are consequences for every action you make. Every decision, every choice there are consequences. And these consequences can even go down generations. I’m not saying the son is going to be punished for the sins of the father but the son can take on the sins of the father. And just like the father was punished for those sins, the son likewise can be punished for those sins. If your father is a sinner and he teaches you sin and you abide by sin then you are going to be punished just like your father was. So many of our great, great grandparents taught us sin. They taught us to eat the pork. They taught us to eat chitlins. They taught us to eat hog maws. And here we are two and three generations later doing what great, great grandmama taught us and doing what great, great-grandfather taught us. And let’s not make excuses family. ‘Well that was back in that time, they didn’t know any better’. Yes they did. Yah has never left the children of Ysrayl without a way back to Him. Not 400 years ago, not 4,000 years ago. There has always been prophets and servants in the face of Yah’s people telling them to repent for the kingdom of Yah is at hand.

This is a lesson that, the understanding comes from Yah of course. Without Yah’s understanding of this you will not understand it. I have pages of notes here. We have pages of Scriptures that we are going to go through and we are going to break down this and that. But if Yah does not give you the Ruach of understanding then guess what? You will not understand this. And that’s why we have today so many misnomers, so many misunderstandings concerning who the man of sin is.

Everybody especially the Gentile Christians has his own take on it. It’s this person, that person not even understanding that the god that the Christians worship is one of the closest entities we know to the man of sin. Because as we define this term man of sin, we define this term anti-messiah as we define this term abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste. As we define this term the beast and we look at all these names that he is called and just his full character you will see that the spirit of the anti-messiah is already here. Not only is it here but it is already in full operation and has been in full operation for a very long time and because we are looking at these things from the Christian prophets instead of getting the understanding from Yah’s Set-apart Israylite prophets. I’ve seen books over the years, I have heard many of these Christian prophets speak about them. Because every faith, every belief has prophets. The man of sin is even going to have his own prophet. But Yah has real prophets and everything else is a false prophet. Islam has prophets. Christians have prophets. Jews have prophets. But the only true prophets are the Israylite prophets.

So these Christian prophets, Howl Lindsey, and this guys name keeps escaping me, its right on the tip of my tongue. He’s an older Gentile guy. He’s kind of short, heavy-set. And he’s in love with Israel. Some of you all may be posting his name on the screen right now but too bad I can’t see it. Because this is pre-recorded. It’s right on the tip of my tongue. Why can’t I speak this man’s name? Maybe I’m not supposed to speak it right? Well this other guy, I have been listening to them over the years giving their understanding of what the man of sin , they call him the anti-christ would be. Many said that he is going to be an international super star. (That) he is going to be this guy that will come on the scene and he’s going to be so charismatic and then he’s going to stand up in 100% full opposition against Christianity. That’s what the Christians are looking for.

See this is why when the man of sin comes on the scene that he’s going to have full control over the minds who do not understand. And have full control over the minds that are not with Yah because they are looking for the wrong characteristics and they are looking for the wrong person. Many of the Christians just because of their hatred of Islam say that he’s going to be a Muslim and that he’s going to stand against Christianity. And that he’s going to force Christians to stand in line to get what’s called the mark of the beast. That’s utter nonsense and that shows you their level of misunderstanding. He’s not going to be that type. He’s going to be so smooth with it. He’s going to be so deceptive with it that you ain’t going to know it’s him. But what you will know is that you have given him authority over your salvation. That’s going to be the end result.

I’m sorry family, I’m kind of distracted because I’m trying to remember that guys name. (laughs) I really am. I see his face. He wears glasses. He’s short and heavy-set and he’s older now. I remember when I first came into the truth back in the 90s. I use to watch his programs. He is in love with Israel. He thinks the Jews are the chosen people. And he is so in love with Israel. But I remember because his understanding or misunderstanding of the man of sin stood out the most to me over the years. For the life of me, I just can not remember that man’s name. But I’m pretty sure some of you have posted his name on the screen. And that is probably him, probably the guy that I am talking about.

But like I was saying because a lot of people listen to him and…John Hagee that’s his name. That’s it. I’m pretty sure John Hagee has gone up on the screen about 20 times! But like I say, this is pre-recorded for the pal-talk class and if you are listening to it 10 years from now or whatever time period from now. Hey, John Hagee that’s his name. A lot of people listen to him. He has one of those mega churches and a lot of even Hebrew Christians go to him because they consider him, what they call, a prophesy teacher.

Now in the Christian faith, they do have what they call prophesy teachers meaning people teach or teach their understanding or I like to call it misunderstanding of what the prophesies of the Bible are saying. But if you don’t know the main prophesy, you know if you don’t know who the children of Ysrayl are, you can’t understand nothing else that’s in the Bible. So if you are thinking the children of Ysrayl are the people called the Jews living in the land of Israel (then) how can you understand the prophesies related to this people? Because the man of sin prophesy is related to the children of Ysrayl. Because it’s going to signal to us that the time of satan’s rule on earth is about to come to a complete and utter end. And the rule of the righteousness of Yah and His people in peace, shalom forever is about to begin.

So these are major signs that we look at. We don’t look at in terms of prophesy or in terms of years as the Gentile has made it in terms of years. We look at it in terms of signs of the times. That’s how we tell what’s about to go on because we know how it relates to prophesy. So that’s why it’s so important that we do this man of sin lesson. (And also) it is important that we do the Revelation lesson.

So here I am recording this on October the 19th Shabbat night, Friday night. I’m going old school today. Normally when I do lessons, I go ahead and I have the computer sitting right in front of me and I’m looking at e-sword. and e-sword is a very top-notch Bible program. And it’s free. You can go to to download your free software. You can get every Bible, man you get a ton of Bible where you can easily compare. Because I jump back and forth normally when I am doing lessons or on a study. I jump back and forth. I see what this translation has to say about this particular verse but let me just see what the other translation has to say concerning this too. And then maybe you will get a little bit more clarity. So I usually use e-sword but now I have my old, old Bible here. And if I handle it too wrong, it will just disintegrate into dust. That’s how it is. It’s torn up from the floor (up). But I’m pretty sure there are pages missing out of here so I may have to go to e-sword because as I go through here, I see pages torn out and I have glues stuff back in here. I have taped it back in here and all of that. So I have to be cautious. I have to put my gloves on with this boy here.

So I’m going to go back to my Bible. So if you here the pages rattling, you know that’s how I use to do the old lessons back before I got e-sword. But I love to get my hands on the Bible, you know going through it and reading it directly as opposed to reading it on the computer screen. But as long as you read your Bible right whether it’s on a computer screen or a smart phone or a tablet…whatever. As long as you read your Scriptures. HalleluYah.

So the title of today’s lesson and this is part 1, this is entitled the man of sin:Identifying his character and world. Now in part 2 of this, we are going to go in a little bit more. We are going to go into his wars and his persecution upon the children of Ysrayl. But in this lesson part 1, we want to identify his character and just go from there because that’s the foundational understanding. We have to have his character identified. And then we will get into some of the things that he is going to do. We will look at the world that he is going to rule what would that world look like that he is going to rule. That’s in part 2. We are going to look at his wars and persecution of the Messianic House of Ysrayl. We are going to cover the mark of the beast and the war against the saints and the Maccabean wars. So we are going to look at all these things in part 2. But right here in part 1, we are going to identify his character and world.

So I have my coffee here. I just brewed up some coffee here at the center. And it is very delicious. It’s that Jamaican blend, I forgot the name of it but it’s the Jamaican coffee. This is what the queen of England drinks. You know the ‘brews down in Jamaica, so I have myself some Jamaican coffee here and I am ready for the long haul. We will be going, I don’t know maybe for the next 3 hours or so. However long it takes us to get this lesson done. We will do it. So I decided to come to you once again in a pre-recorded format that way I can focus more because during the Shabbat class as we run the center here, we have to make sure everything is running smoothly and focused so that by time the lesson starts that we are 100% concentrating. We have eaten and did all those things. So sometimes doing all those things takes me off focus. But right here, right now, I’m focused 100% on the lesson. I don’t have to worry about getting finished fast to go do this or that. I have the time to sit here and deliver the message to you in its fullness. So todah Yah for that. HalleluYah. So however long it takes us to get the message done today that’s what we are going to do family.

So we are going to start off real slow here. Well not real slow, I don’t want to make it where ‘oh I’ll turn Obadiyah off and come back when it’s real fast’. So don’t turn me off yet, stay right there. We are going to start off just with the basics. We are going to define a few words here and ten we will go into looking at his character and all that stuff.

So we are going to start off with defining the term man of sin. I like this term because man of sin, anti-messiah, the abomination that lays waste all of these are applied to this same one person. Now the first mention of the title man of sin can be found in the Book of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and we are going to go there. We are going to kick off our Scripture reading directly from that chapter. This man of sin is a very powerful title. And it applies to one man who will rise up in these latter times and make himself appear to be the Most High or even greater. Now when we look at the term man of sin, what’s very powerful about it is that we live in a sinful society. Everything in our world today is based on sin. Sin is freely done everywhere.

I just read an article that stated that there was so much pedophilia going on in the boy scouts and that the boy scouts knew about it. The higher up, the higher (officials) of the boy scouts knew that these little boys were being preyed upon and that there was pedophilia going on. You know, they were molesting these little boys. So as we look at that term the man of sin, that’s sin that they are doing. And we can look at every doorstep, every house and we can find tons of sin being done behind those closed doors. We can even look out in mainstream society today how now, it is right for homosexuals to marry one another. And if you speak out against homosexuality then you are looked at as the bad guy and in some cases you can be persecuted. These homosexuals now rule the society that if you are an actor or someone who has a mainstream face, a non-religious person, because they expect pastors and all this to say things about homosexuality but if you are an actor or something, your whole career can be destroyed by you coming out against this unlawful act.

So when we look at the title man of sin, it’s as if this one man is the creator of sin and we know that satan is the first to sin. But not the only. so this man to be called the son of lawlessness also the man of sin and he’s also called the son of destruction. We are going to define all these names that are applied to him because we are looking at a person that really hasn’t existed fully to this full effect since the days of the god-king Nimrod. This man will sit fully on the throne of Nimrod to its fullest. Everything that Nimrod did, this man is going to do.

So as we go into part 2, we will see looking at his wars and things, we will look into Nimrod’s life so we can get a greater understanding of things that Nimrod did. So we can see how it compares with what this man is going to do. And we will look at some things about Nimrod in this lesson.

So the man of sin, he is called the man of sin because he’s going to be the ruler, the sole ruler over a full lawless society. He will rule a world that will not regard the laws of Yah. Like I was saying, we can look out into the world and we can see all types of sin. Alister Crowley, we all know about Alister Crowley he called himself the beast. He called himself the man of sin. Because Alister Crowley was trying to teach and his teachings were straight up (from) satan. (It) is a doorway that has opened to this lawless society that we have today.

Many of the people in the entertainment industry worship this man, Alister Crowley. He had a law (which) stated do as you want or do as thou wilt for that is the whole of the law. Whatever you want to do, do it. And that’s what these celebrities are doing and everybody looks to the celebrities as role models right. If they see Michael Jackson molest children, they will go molest children. If they see Beyonce being a harlot, then they will go be a harlot. They see lil’ Wayne shooting people so they will go shoot people, do you see? That’s why you have these entertainers being the head of this. This is why they are called stars and superstars. Just like in Scripture, stars are symbolism for angels.

So these are people who are in cahoots with the fallen angels and some of them are fallen angels themselves.

So the man of sin will rule in this society that is coming. And I know we look around, what do you mean Obadiyah its coming? I see lawlessness. I see sinful nature everywhere. Well right now he’s still being a little restrained. We talked about in news you can use a few months ago about how out in NY state it is now lawful for people to look at child pornography on their computers as long as they don’t download the images or the videos. But if they want to sit there ALL day and look at little children have sex and look at little children have sex with each other and little children have sex with adults, they can do it all-day-long. And see, once you understand where this man of sin comes from, his origin, you are going to understand the lawlessness of the society that he’s going to rule over because it’s the same lawlessness from his ancestors. But he will be more wicked than they.

So the man of sin as we are looking at…we are going to define this term first as we just did. It just means a man of lawlessness. It means that he is going to be the king, the ruler over a lawless society. When we look at presidents now, they even have a pretend persona of some type of sense. You now, Barack Obama is not out there saying its good for y’all to go have sex with you know three-year olds and all that. He’s not saying that he’s going to be the man of sin or anything. But I have always said he does have some characteristics (of the man of sin) and we will look at some of those characteristics. But I’m just saying him as a head of state, him as what they call the leader of the free world. Right? We don’t see him on TV saying that.

So they have some restraint right now. But when the man of sin rules, he’s going to say ‘have an orgy out in the middle of the street’. It’s going to be where you see people walking down the street naked. And see these things are already starting to take place. You have once a year, I forgot what month it actually happens but they have this protest going on once a year where women walk around with their bras and some walk around without their bras. They walk around shirtless. I think they are supposed to be protesting the right of a  woman to walk around without a shirt like a man can walk around without a shirt.

So these are little things that are going to add and then pretty soon it will be lawful to do all those things. When they will walk around the street naked. If you want to have sex with somebody you know right in the middle of the street at the bus stop naked, you can do all those things and you will not be charged for indecent exposure. You know.

When we look at the ancient Greco-Roman Empire everything was based on immoral sexual practices, homosexuality, you are going to be walking down the street and there’s two homosexual males doing sexual acts right in front of your children. The society is going to be so lawless you will be holding your children by the hand and let them watch. That’s nothing. Just look at the stuff you allow them to watch now on television. For instance, you would allow your child to watch a program that is so violent that in the first 5 minutes 10 people have been brutally murdered. They can watch that. In the first 5 minutes they can watch the police recover a decomposed body. And you don’t have a problem with them watching that. But the moment there’s a kiss between a man and a woman on the screen then we are telling our children to turn their heads and close their eyes. When a kiss between a man and woman is natural. See, if yo don’t teach your child what is natural between men and women then they will get their understanding from the society from TV, from friends.

There’s nothing wrong with seeing a man and woman kiss especially right before your children. They need to see love. Yeah, woman to man and man to woman. But when you see when Yah said thou shall not murder yet you will let them watch murder. I’m not saying for you to let them watch sex, naw. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying they need to see the interaction between a man and a woman that’s how we learn. We learn from seeing parents.

Many of us are our parents. Meaning that what they taught us, that’s what we are teaching our children. Or the way they raised us, that’s the way that we raise our children. So if your children see that you are affectionate to have love as husband and wife towards one another, don’t you know that’s going to be healthy in their mind. Or even if they were to see it, you know we just cut that off. But now I understand that TV has gotten to the point where they are having…it’s almost like what they call soft-core pornography. And you do have to be mindful of what the child watches on television. Absolutely.

But what I’m saying is that when we have what Yah has given us versus what satan gives us…we can let them watch murder. But if a man and a woman embrace on TV which Yah has given woman to man then we tell them to close their eyes on that. But you don’t say that on the murder. You see this is how satan’s society is going. This is how we are leading up to that lawlessness and that lawless point. Because it’s everywhere, the lawlessness. But it hasn’t even come to the climatic point yet.

So let’s go to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. The man of sin will rule over a full lawless society. We will read v. 1-4.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, v. 1 Read. v. 2 ‘As though the Day of Yah had come’. I’m reading from the translation called the Scriptures here. And this is profound here. Because he’s warning the brothers up in Thessalonica. He’s like listen man, y’all take it easy. Don’t be so easily unsettled in mind or spirit by word or by letter as if we told y’all that the man of sin is coming. So we have people right now running around because they are listening to the Christian prophets and they are getting misunderstanding and they are telling you that the man of sin can appear any day now. They are telling you that Barack Obama is the man of sin. And you are believing that. So now you become unsettled. Now you become troubled. ‘Oh I have to sell all my belongings’. ‘I have to go to the land of Israel to hide because the man of sin is about to come any day now’. No, he’s giving a warning AS IF the Day of Yah is coming. We will talk about the Day of Yah in the Revelation series. Because the Day of Yah is the final trumpet. That’s when all wrong will be paid for as wrong doing and righteousness is beginning to reign. When we talk about Revelation and talk about that blowing of the 7th trumpet and all that we will talk about in the Day of Yah.

v. 3-4 Now get this. Now when he said all that is called elohim remember elohim is the Hebrew word for gods. So he is saying that he is going to exalt himself above ALL the gods or anything that is worshipped. So when you say anything that is worshipped not only will he exalt himself above the gods, he’s going to exalt himself above Yah. We Israylites worship Yah through Yahoshua the Messiyah.

So this man is going to raise himself everything. He’s going to be above Zeus. He’s going to be Osiris. He’s going to be above Jupiter. He’s going to be above satan. He’s going to above YAH. That’s what he is going to exalt himself to. So you have the gods or elohim or the little gods, we will get into that. About the fallen angels coming down to present themselves before mankind as gods. That he’s going to be a group that’s even higher than that. When the gods come back because they are coming back, the ancient gods, the ancient fallen angels and once again they are going to pretend to be gods before the face of men. But they are going to say hey we are your gods but there is a god that created us (even). He’s the head god. So let’s go back up to v. 3. Let no one deceive you in any way because the falling away is to come first. We are going to talk about this a little later on. We will see this, what this means (by) the falling away is to come first.

And then it says ‘and then the man of lawlessness or sin is to be revealed, the son of destruction. Now before he is revealed there is a great falling away that has to happen first which is one of the signs of his coming. And when we get into that section about the signs of his coming then we are going to look at that falling away and what that actually is.

But he is called the man of lawlessness or sin and he is also called the son of destruction. This is a very profound title, son of destruction or as the king James says the son of perdition which means destruction. Meaning that if there’s a son of destruction, there has to be a father of destruction. Right? A mother of destruction that gave birth tot he son of destruction. So if your parents are of destruction and you are born to those parents, you are going to destroy. What is he going to destroy? He’s going to destroy from the minds of men the ways of Yah.

He’s going to utterly destroy. How? Because he’s going to be the king of lawlessness, the man of lawlessness. So you will not have one regard in your mind for what right and what wrong is. You will remove from your mind the knowledge of all good and you will only be stuck with the knowledge of EVIL.

So satan in the garden had this thing set up long ago. (He) got us to eat from the tree of knowledge of evil when Scripture says we were created from wisdom. We were born with intellect. We were born already thinking beings. (We were born) capable of learning, speaking, teaching. But then satan deceived us to go get the knowledge of good and evil which Yah kept from us because He didn’t want us to get confused. You were already wise, why do you need the knowledge of good and evil? With your wisdom you knew everything.

So now satan came and now we have paid that sin with our very lives. Because now we have eaten from that tree of knowledge of good and evil, we now die. So it said that he is going to be the man of sin that he is going to be the man of lawlessness and is to be revealed the son of destruction…he’s going to come to destroy ALL that is good. And what did Yahoshua tell us about the word good? Only Yah is good.

So when he exalts himself to make his throne rise up as satan says he’s going to do in Isaiah chapter 14. Which we are going to got to right now. Isaiah 14:12. Because this man of lawlessness, the son of destruction, he’s going to go out and destroy. We are going to look at that title in just a moment. We are going to see that it was used for another person in Scripture. So this other person in Scripture that we can see what his character was and we will see that he relates with the man of sin. Meaning of these two characters in the entire book, both of them carried the title the son of destruction. And we can see from one of the men that carried the name, son of destruction, we are going to see what his character was like. And so we will know what to expect of him. But real quick let’s go to Isaiah chapter 14. Because when this man exalts himself he’s going to be after the order of satan. Like Yahoshua is after the order of Yah. This man is here already. And I truly believe that the movie Rosemary’s baby that I have been telling y’all (about) and if you haven’t seen, you need to see it. I truly believe that, that was a bio-pic of the man of sins birth because that’s what it was about. This woman was impregnated by a fallen angel and she gave birth to the anti-messiah. That’s who Rosemary’s baby was.

Yesiyah 14, just so you can see because we are going to come back to that son of destruction. But what I want to deal with right here is him exalting his throne above everything that is worshipped. (Now) look at what satan said, so you can understand the same character here. That this man is coming after the order of satan. He that sins is the servant of sin. They are after the order of the devil. You are after the order of the devil. You are after your father the devil. And his will, you will do. So this man is going to do what his father deems him to do. Yahoshua did what his father deemed him to do. Satan is a copy-cat. He parallels everything Yah does as we are about to read right here.

Isaiah 14:12-14 ‘Let me be like Yah’. Yah is greater than anything on this earth that is worshipped! So satan is going to come and pretend that he is that Yah. We know that everything is below Yah. That includes Yahoshua on down to us. And everything else out there. But we see that this man of sin will exalt himself above that which is called god or gods or that is worshipped. So he sits as Yah because Yah is the Most High. In the dwelling place of Yah showing himself that he is Yah. Let’s break this down again. Let’s go back to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. I’m sorry, I’m getting really excited here. Let’s go back to verse 4.

2 Thessalonians 2:4 Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called the Self-Existing One or that is worshipped so that he sits as the Self-Existing One in the temple of the Self-Existing One showing himself that he is the Self-Existing One.

OH WEE!! Blasphemy! So if he’s here and he’s telling men that he is Yah, that he is the greatest. And he is going to do all these signs and wonders. He’s going to have his prophet right before him pulling fire out of heaven, healing the sick and all these things. Then he is going, by that, he is going to destroy the minds of men. To where their minds are going to be blocked from hearing Yah’s truth. Can you image little ol’ us going out and all we have are our tore up Bibles in our hands. And he’s going to do away with all Bibles. He’s going to have major Bible and Koran burnings like you never seen a book burning before. And he’s going to burn all these religious books. The Bible is not a religious book but I’m just saying all these books that even deal with religion. All of them, the Buddhist books, all of them. He’s going to burn the Bible along with them. And he’s going to say y’all don’t need these anymore because I’m god and I’m here on earth. I can talk to you now face to face. That was the old way I communicated with y’all through books. But now I’m right here living with y’all. You don’t need those books anymore. So if you do away with the Bible, how can we say well all you have to do is go read for yourself if they have no Bible? Because that’s how we teach right now. Right? That’s why I’m telling you that I’m in 2 Thessalonians 2:4. I’m telling you we are in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 because you have the same Bible too. But that day is coming when we will not have these books. So how will we tell them to open up with me to this chapter? Naw, you have to show them. Because that’s all you will have. We are going to talk about that. Probably not in this lesson but probably in lesson 2.

So the son of destruction, let’s look at that. Let’s go to John chapter 17. The son of destruction is a powerful title, just as powerful as the man of sin. Like I said sin is abiding in the world today. Why wasn’t Jeffrey Daumer called the man of sin? Why wasn’t John Wayne Gasey called the man of sin? And they did terrible sins. Killing people and eating people, just everything. But they are not the man of sin. There is one man more sinful than what they did. He’s going to be the ruler of the sinful nation or the sinful world.

John 17, this is Yahoshua giving a prayer up to Yah.

Yahcanan 17:12 ‘except the son of perdition’. WHOA wait a minute, Yahoshua said I was guarding over them. Reads v. 12 again. Who was He guarding? He was guarding over the brothers, over the emissaries . (He was guarding) those who served Yah through Yahoshua the Messiyah. Right? This is who He was watching over. He says in your name which you have given Me and I watched over them and not one of them perished except the son of destruction. Who is the son of destruction that He is talking about? He’s talking about Judas or Yahudah. Yahudah is called in this passage here the son of destruction. He said not one of them perished except him. Because we know the story of Yahudah, Judas, he sold out Yahoshua for 30 pieces of silver. He set out to destroy the Messiyah. So he came from the father of destruction (satan). We know that Judas’ heart was never in this truth because if it was Judas would not have betrayed Yahoshua for 30 pieces of silver. Not for 100 pieces not for no amount of money would he have betrayed his brother. Because Scripture tells us that if you hate your brother without cause you have committed murder. So he was not trying to love his brother as he ought to. He was destroying his brother the whole time he’s there eating, sleeping with our Messiyah. They are walking side by side seeing each other everyday and he was a devil in Yahoshua’s midst. And set out to destroy Him.

Let’s go to John chapter 6. Let’s just flip over here to chapter 6. So Judas and the man of sin both are called the son of destruction. Judas is a unique man. He’s the only man in the history of the world to have sold Yahoshua out face to face. We know Kepha denied Him but Kepha didn’t sell Him out. Judas is the only man who done that. We know that people turn their backs on Him right now that didn’t see or hear His voice. And even during that time  (the people) who did hear His voice and saw Him turned their backs (on Him). Judas is the only one that set out to destroy Him. The only one.

John 17, I hope you are paying attention brothers and sisters. I forgot to tell you at the beginning of this…make sure you have your Bibles, your pens, your pads all that stuff you need to take notes. Right down every Scripture that we go through here. This is the man of sin lesson. You must understand this. Don’t get deceived. We already saw what Shaul said ‘LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU’. Because there will be many that will say ‘there goes the man of sin’. ‘there goes the anti-christ’. If you are not going by what the Scriptures says then you are just going by something (wrong).

John 17, I forgot to tell you get your calculators out too. Because we will have to do some calculating on some time periods here. Yeah, we have to do all that so get your calculators out.

John 17:70-71 Do you see? Judas was a DEVIL. So if he was a devil and he was called a son of destruction, then the man of sin is a devil who is also called the son of destruction.

But get this, let’s go deeper. Judas, Yahudah knew the truth of Yah. (He) knew Yahoshua was Messiyah. Although he was set out to destroy that because the devil is always set out to destroy righteousness. So the man of sin knows Yahoshua is Messiyah. The man of sin knows this truth. Because his father knows this truth, satan. The name Lucifer is Latin and it means the light bearer. Those fallen angels that are down here on the earth causing all this havoc are called the illuminati or the illuminated ones. It means to bring light forth. It is said that satan brought the knowledge of good and evil to man so he is the good guy. And this is what this man of sin is going to bring ‘I gave you knowledge’. Do you see that?

So Judas walked with Yahoshua and knew the truth. So this man of sin knows the truth too. Don’t you know in all of these secret societies, the mystery schools and all that when they go down into their deep dark dungeons and do their ritualistic stuff, they know that you are the children of Ysrayl. They know all these things. They teach the higher initiates, the higher you go in the order, the more information or knowledge you receive. Until you get to the highest order. So this man of sin will know the truth. But he is set out on a path of destruction because his father sent him to destroy. The son of destruction.  He will be like Judas, a devil. One who knows the truth but ignores it and goes into full destruction. This is who the man of sin is.

Let’s go to Hebrew chapter 6. We are about to get his identity family. We have to harken on that character. If you came here to listen to this thinking Obadiyah is going to identify Barack Obama, I can’t do that yet. I have to wait until these things are fully revealed. Although I do say Barack does share some things in common with the man of sin. He absolutely does. But until he stands up in the temple in Jerusalem and says I am greater than Yah, I am Yah. Then we will know who Barack Obama really is.

Hebrews 6:4-8 So the man of sin in his lawless society will bring forth thorns and thistles. He’s not going to bring forth fruit to repentance to Yah. Because he’s going to tell the people to do as thou will for that is the whole of the law. They will ask him what is the law and that will be his reply. Everything is good in my sight. Why deny yourself? He’s going to teach all manners of breaking the law and in every way possible. Murder is going to be okay. If you are mad with somebody and they stole from you, go out and get your revenge. He’s going to bring back ‘an eye for an eye’ ‘tooth for a tooth’. There will be no law against murder. There will be no law against stealing. Nothing. Just do whatever you want to do as we already see society going in that way.

You know parents now saying that even though their child was born a male, they are going to let him decide what he wants to be: male or female. You have parents saying how can I restrict my son, my daughter just let them make their own decisions. Let them do what they want to do. So how do you have a child that is 7, 8, 9 years old doing what they want to do? Making their own decisions. And you are not guiding their hand. That is the society that we are coming to. Your 7-year-old daughter coming to you telling you that she wants to have a relationship with a 30-year-old man. And you are telling her it’s okay. ‘If you love him baby, it’s okay’. ‘And he loves you’? This is where we are leading too.

So it says that once we know this truth and we have tasted the good words of Yah and the powers of the age to come and fall away. It’s impossible to renew them again to repentance having impaled for themselves the Son of Yah again and put Him to open shame.

Do you know how many Israylites are going to be caught up in this worshipping of the man of sin? Because you have so many strange doctrines out there right now and all these doctrines are doorways. If it ain’t coming from the Book, coming from the truth, all of these doctrines are doorways to get you to open up to the man of sin when he arrives. Especially when they say there is no Messiyah, that Yahoshua has not come. That is the number one doorway to anti-messiah. As we are going to see. Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 10.

Hebrews 10:27-29, v. 27 Read. v. 28 Do you see that? Anyone who has disregarded (rejected) the Torah of Moshe dies. The Torah of Moses. The Torah, the law, He says that you die. Christianity is a lawless religion. Islam is a lawless religion. Judaism is a lawless religion. They are without the laws of Yah. And so when the man of sin comes creeping on the scene it’s not going to be nothing for him to connect all the points. He’s going to be for Christians. He’s going to be for Muslims. He’s going to be for Jews. So since the Christians are going to see that he is for them, how can he be the anti-christ and the anti-christ is against Christ? But if he’s for the Messiyah and you will not know this unless you understand the truth of Yah, unless you understand the laws of Yah. Reads v. 28 again. There will be 2 or 3 witnesses there to judge against you to say yes he or she was a sinner. And see when we break this down when we get into the mark of the beast this is really going to open up your understanding. You can not buy or sell without that mark. This man is the  beast and this mark is the mark of his system. You will have to openly denounce Yah and Yahoshua in order to be able to function in this society that he is about to rule. Like Antiochus Epiphany had them to try to sacrifice pigs on  the altar. ‘If you are for me let me see you do this’. Yeah we are going to talk about this in the next half of this.

v. 29 Look at that. (How can) you say that this covenant that we have taken with Yah is common? It’s just a regular old covenant? It’s just a regular old covenant? No, Ysrayl this is what I have been trying to tell you for years. You are that covenant people. That’s nothing common about this covenant that you made with Yah because no other people in all of existence has ever done such a thing but the children of Ysrayl. So when Yah sent one of our brothers to come and redeem us, the Messiyah Yahoshua and you are going to say that, that was just common,that was other messiahs. You are going to sit here and tell me because you done read some book about other false messiahs that satan put forth…because remember everything satan does is false. Everything Yah does is real. (What will) always exist in the world: is the real and the false. As long as satan is able, willing and capable and given permission to operate through this world, through this universe, he will always have something false that will parallel and that will mirror what Yah has for real. Anti-messiah, he’s trying to parallel Yahoshua. He’s trying to parallel Yah. What do you think Christianity is? What do you think Judaism is? What do you think Islam is? Islam parallels the culture of the Hebrew. Christianity parallels what they call the new testament. Judaism is a parallel to what is called the old testament. All of them are deception and satan will use all of them to the FULLEST when he makes his appearance in the form of this man of sin who he is going to possess. This is a man who lives on the earth like Yahoshua was a man. This man was born through the womb of a woman, this anti-messiah. You better believe that one of those fallen angels came down and got busy with Rosemary just like he did in the movie. They are letting you know all this just pay attention, Ysrayl.

From v. 29 ‘and insulted the spirit of favor’ this means that you have insulted the Spirit of Yah. I didn’t have this Scripture in my notes and I don’t have my Pseudepigrapha right here with me. It’s over there on the bookcase (laughs) and I don’t want to go way over to the bookcase because I don’t want to break my flow here. But in the Pseudepigrapha in the ascension of Isaiah, Yesiyah he states in there that in the latter days that these people will make the prophesies to non-effect. He said that they will even make his prophesies of non-effect. Meaning that they are going to say that those prophesies happened a long time ago; they are already fulfilled. ‘And y’all are looking for them in this day and they are never going to happen in this day because they happened so long ago’. (They say) things like that to give you utter confusion.

So if you aren’t looking for he man of sin, then you can’t be prepared for when he arrives. Have you ever had a guest show up to your house unannounced? That’s like an inconvenience, right? You could be in the middle of something. You could be in the middle of spending time with your wife or wife could be in the middle of spending time with her husband or whatever. You had plans for that day and that guest just shows up un-announced. It’s like wait a minute now my whole game plan has changed. Now I have to re-organize everything. Well when this man shows up and he’s coming to bring destruction and you don’t know that he’s coming to bring destruction, you think that he’s a savior. Because you don’t know the signs of his coming because you don’t even know his character. Because you are looking for a-a-a international superstar as John Hagee said back in the 90s. Who is just going to go around speaking peace, peace, peace. Then everybody is going to fall in love with him. Blah, blah, blah. And then he’s going to stand up and oppose Christianity ‘Jesus is a lie’. Islam is…you know. ‘Islam is true’. It ain’t going to happen like that. Satan is called the father of lies. He is the master of deception.

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question and answer

Q: (I could not hear the question). A1: The prayer that you are talking about that is called the prayer of redemption. You can find it in Matthithyah 6:9. That will answer your questions as far as the prayer goes. The spirit or the breath that comes from Yah. I guess what you are talking about spirits, like ahki O said those are probably evil spirits. There are spirits of influence, like when people say that they saw their grandmother etc. That’s not your grandmother because in the Scriptures as we just discussed once you die, your breath goes back to Yah. Right, demons are from the nephelium. Someone else may be able to better answer your question. (ahk Moshe). A2: (Obadiyah) Quickly what the sister was asking, spirits are created beings. Spirits did not create themselves. They are another branch of creation. They come from the Father Yah, directly from Him. And about the prayer, I think the ahki answered that yeah you can do that prayer, Yah’s prayer or prayer to Yah, the Father’s prayer, you can do that. If you want to start that off first with your prayer. Or if you just want to put your personal prayer in there. You can put a personal prayer in because one of the things you want to pray for is strength, guidance you know don’t go pray that you win the lottery. Or that you can get an extra boyfriend or you know something that the Christians pray for. Don’t do it like that. You pray for strength, for guidance, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Something that will benefit you and bring you to salvation. So it’s ok to put a personal prayer in there for yourself because we all need prayer, we all need strength.

Q: Ahkotee says: Tyren has a question for Obadiyah and he is a Christian. Then Abdul has a question about something else. (Tyren speaks) My question is actually it’s a two-part question with the coming of the Messiah are we taken away from His death which Scripture as far as I understand states that by Him dying, there’s no longer bondsmen or freedmen nor Greek nor Gentile no Jew no Gentile. So what I’m asking is, if that’s the case you know, where do Hebrews fall into that because He’s saying I’m calling you to be one body. We are now one body now that the Messiyah as given His life.

A1: I think Obadiyah is busy. So I will answer that question for Him. To answer your question, is this: We all work under the same spirit that’s what that means. There’s no favoritism. There’s no idle Israylite. The same thing about a month and a half ago, order. We are all on the same accord. We are all working on that same spirit. Ysrayl, Gentile so on and so forth are on one accord, one agreement so on and so forth. We all work under the same one spirit that is what that is talking about. A2: (Obadiyah on mic) um was his question finished? Okay.

Q: Galatians 3:21-25 read. My question is by the coming of the Messiah where do Hebrews fall into that meaning that okay I’m trying to understand this truth that you are presenting to me and I’m trying to comprehend it but everything that I’m getting says it’s by faith that we walk.

A: Okay, you know my brother, see the thing is, I think and the problem lies with Christianity is that this: Most Christians try to get an understanding of the Book by dealing with half of the Book. If you deal with half of the Book first then you will only understand that. Now in order to understand anything the apostle Shaul or the apostle Paul had to say, in order to understand any of that first you must understand what the Messiyah taught. And before you understand what the Messiyah taught you have to understand what the prophets taught. And before you understand what the prophets taught you have to go back to the beginning to the Torah, to the law those first five books and understand what Moses taught to the children of Ysrayl. So we see what Shaul is talking about here. He’s speaking about the sacrificial laws. The sacrificial laws, when Messiyah came, those laws were put aside. We no longer have to bring in animals to be sacrificed because not we have the shed blood of the Messiyah. So when he talks about when the law was a school master (tutor) to the time of the Messiyah, the law was a trainer. The sacrificial law was a trainer to train us until the time the Messiyah came. Now those in the days of the temple, when they sinned they had to take what? A lamb to be slaughtered. Some had to take turtle-doves. Whatever it was you had to take it out of your own personal (livestock). And you have to take it to the priests to be sacrificed because you committed a sin. Now that practice, those who did that in that day, were faithful and showed Yah that they were faithful. But it is only now that we have a true repentance through the shed blood of the Messiyah that now we don’t have to do those things. Yet we have a much greater sacrifice made on our behave. So when you see Paul talk anything about the law, he’s mainly talking about the sacrificial law.

Now when he said there is neither Jew neither Gentile and things like that, if you notice what he said. He said there’s neither Yahudah and in the King James it says Jew. Some people think it’s a nickname for the tribe of Yahudah (Jew, Judah) but it’s not. So he said neither Jew, Greek neither male or female. Now understand what he is saying here. When he says that notice that he never said there’s neither Israylite. He said Yahudah. Because Yahudah is the tribe or is the part of the kingdom that represents separation. The Greeks represent the Gentiles and the Gentiles represent separation. They represent separation from Yah’s people, the children of Ysrayl. He did not say that there is not an Israylite but there is neither Yahudah neither Greek neither male or female. All of these represent the separation. The separation that was given from Yah. Or separated from Yah’s Word.

So when he says that, that is all he is speaking about. But now we are all one. When the kingdom is restored everyone coming into the kingdom, they will come under the banner the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. The Book of Revelation tells us that there’s going to be 12 gates and within each gate their will be the name of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl written over that gate. Everyone that gets in the kingdom will be under one of those gates with the names of the 12 tribes. So Yah said that I will re-gather My people and I will re-institute them, put them back unto the earth. The Messiyah said He was not sent to nobody but to the lost sheep of the House of Ysrayl. So His mission was to the Israylites. To re-gather them. To re-teach them.

So when you have that basic understanding from what’s written in the front of the Book by time we get to the back of the Book then we will understand what all these brothers are talking about. When they are saying that the law is no more. Because Shaul, Paul tells you in Acts chapter 24 that he worshipped Yah and (that) he kept the laws and commandments. So he is not talking about the whole law. He is talking about the sacrificial law right there (being no more). I relinquish.

Ahkotee: Okay, Tyren said thank you and Abdul is coming up next.

Q: Peace brother, I just want to clarify some situations when you mentioned the Muslims saying Islam didn’t follow the laws of Yah. I’m pretty sure if you read the Koran or the ways of the prophet, you will see that every law that Islam follows, will be the laws of Yah. Every last prophet brought the same law. As far as worshipping one God and following the ways of God, that’s why the prophets came and then the life after death situation is that you know life after death is more of a…I agree with a lot of things you say with what you said about life after death. And as far as you are still alive after you die, a spirit is what you say the breath of life or whatever was breathed into you, that’s the spirit. I’m talking through my spirit right now. I’m not talking in my flesh or something like that. A spirit is what Yah has breathed into us. Then once our fleshly body has left then that spirit like you say returns to Yah.

And so we know as in Islam, when you are in the grave either you will have a pleasant grave from doing righteousness or you will have an evil grave for doing corruption on the earth. And if you were doing corruption on the earth that the grave will come to you and tell you that you are the least, that you are the least that we liked on the earth. There will be serpents that will bite a corrupted person off in the grave and keep biting them until the day of resurrection. and if you did good the fragrance of paradise of heaven will shine upon you until the day of resurrection. and then on the day of resurrection, every man shall be judged. Every female. Everything will be judged on that day. So life after death coincides, it goes a little bit with what you are talking about. So we are not totally separated from your perceptions of life after death. We don’t say that we are still alive because once your body is gone…it’s gone.

And then the laws of Yah, yes we believe in all the laws of Yah and dealing with the Holy Spirit when you said the Holy Spirit is Yah, that goes back to last week when you and I spoke about the Deuteronomy 18:18 where Yah told Moses that He would raise up a prophet among the brothers and whatever He shall hear, He shall speak. Then in John 16:7 where Jesus says I was sent to another to come after me in the spirit of truth. And whatever He shall hear, He shall speak. So if the Holy Spirit is all Yah then I don’t see where anything is going to speak to Yah tell Him how to speak. And it kept saying and Jesus said He shall teach you thing to Comforter. So what has this Holy Spirit that has been brought to teach to come knowing that Jesus has been gone for over 2,000 years now. These are just some of the things that I’m trying to clarify, that I’m trying to get straight with me and whoever else that I can speak with because I am always searching and looking. So the life after death, the laws of Yah and the Holy Spirit, I believe that’s all with Islam.

In Islam, in the Koran, if you have read it you will see that there is nowhere in the Koran that if someone gets martyred they get to go to heaven and sleep with women. If you get martyred for what you believe in you go to paradise and that’s it. If you commit suicide you go to hell fire and you continue to commit suicide until the day of resurrection. While you are in hell you continue to commit suicide the way you committed suicide on the earth. There’s no where in the Hadis (sp?) or Koran where you find that. It’s okay…okay brother I’d like to hear from you.

A: I do understand what you are saying from the Islamic perspective. When we talk about the life after death and that whole understanding, Muslims have a belief in that life after death, now you mentioned snakes biting you and all that. See the reason we don’t believe that in the Hebrew understanding because the Scriptures teaches that when you enter the grave, you go into the grave, you go into the grave unconscious. There’s no conscience of you when you go into the grave. So a snake biting you would mean nothing because you can’t feel it. Islam does have an understanding of life after death. They do say that there’s life after death just like the Egyptians and all other religions on the earth.

And you said that your spirit is speaking. The spirit that we talk about in this Book, the Scriptures, this is the breath of life. There’s no spirit that continues to live separate from the body. So if the breath of life leaves the body it can not take human form and present itself to somebody as a human being. When the breath of life leaves the body this is the electricity that keeps the body going, that returns back to the Father Yah. There’s no need for that to continue, to walk around here. That goes back to Him and directly to Him. So the breath of life is not separate from the body just like electricity is not separate from an electronic device. You must have the two in order to operate.

So now this is me speaking to you, not a spirit. This is me with the breath of life, the consciousness everything about me is speaking to you right now as my consciousness is speaking to you. If I did not have a voice, if my body was without voice, if my vocal cords were damaged then I could not speak to you vocally. I would have to write to you. Yet it would still be my conscious that is giving my thoughts to you so that consciousness that we have is called the breath of life. It’s not separated from man. I heard Christians teach this. I don’t know if Islam does. That the body is separate from your spirit. This body is not you (they say).

Now Muslims are not teaching Torah as Moses gave it to the children of Ysrayl. Muslims have a cultural similarity to what’s written in Torah based on culture. Not based on the law because the law is our way of life and many of these laws made up and dictated our culture. So when we look at Islam, praying to the east, you know they pray to Mecca 5 times whereas we pray 3 times a day. Other similarities, not eating pork. We don’t eat pork, cat-fish. We don’t eat anything without scales and fins. I don’t know if that is Islamic law but that is Torah. Certain things like when a woman is on her menstrual period that’s Torah that we separate from her.

So there are different things throughout Torah that are not taught in Islam. Although there is a cultural connection, like wearing of the beard. You wear beards and all us brothers we wear beards. That’s a cultural connection, whereas the Scriptures do not say that you must but it tells us not to cut it in a practice for worshipping the dead. But wearing beards is part of our culture. That’s what we do. This is why we love to wear our beards. Like when I go out, I have my koffi on. I have a full beard and people think I’m a Muslim. They always confuse me. I even have Arabs saying that I’m a Muslim, asking me if I’m a Muslim. So they understand that there is a cultural there. That is really the only connection that it has. A slight cultural, not much, a slight cultural connection to Hebrewism.

What I’m saying here is that Islam, Mohammed was not the Comforter. The Comforter is the Spirit of Yah. That’s what the Scriptures tell us. (The Comforter) is directly the Spirit of Yah. That is the only Spirit that is powerful enough and has all the knowledge and that can take you to the past or bring you to the present and show you the future. That is the spirit of Yah. The Spirit of Yah has come to us and opened our understanding. His Ruach which is the Comforter, we are comforted now because we understand this Book. And we understand what’s going to happen. We understand the ending of time from the beginning. We have an understanding of the because the Spirit of the Most High has dwelled down upon us and led us through these pages. Once upon a time this Book was not comprehensible for us. It was just a bunch of black words on white pages. But then the Ruach, the Most High’s Spirit dwelled down upon us. (He) saw something in us that we didn’t know was in ourselves. (He) found us worthy to bring us an understanding. And WHAM here it is. The Holy Spirit leads you into all truth. That’s what it is. Not Mohammed, Mohammed is still lacking in a lot of truth. Mohammed was just a man but we are talking about something that is greater than a man that’s going to bring the Word to you. That’s going to bring the Word to me. That’s going to bring the Word to the whole human family. That is what we are talking about. So it’s always a good discussion. I relinquish the mic. You can come back up.

Comment from Abdul: Okay brother, I would just like to re-iterate the laws of Moses and the laws of Mohammed has not changed. It’s still the same laws that Moses brought…worshipping one God. Mohammed he’s brought a lot as far as he came to make all things clear about Jesus, about Moses, about Abraham, about all things that came clear and God also says in the Bible to Ishmael that He would raise him up a great nation. And one of the reasons I became Muslim is because of the Bible situation has been tampered with. The same people who has enslaved us with the Bible, now we want to go take the Bible and tell them that this is part of the truth with the Bible knowing that they have enslaved us with this and denied us our truth. So if these same people are denying us the history of ourselves, they will deny us the history of what to believe in. And Mohammed, he came with the truth about the Koran is a conformation of the books that came before it.

Things that happened in 325 AD dealing with Constantine. And those types of situations where the Bible has been tampered with to get us to believe and follow their way. Mohammed came with the word of following one God. That should be what you do everyday. There was no difference between what one prophet said to the last of the prophets. And after Mohammed came, there is no other prophets. So there is nothing that Mohammed has brought that any other prophet have brought. All I’m saying is we have so many similarities is because of the prophets. All the prophets have brought the same thing. And Mohammed is the last of the prophets because it was foretold to the Jews about Mohammed. They told Mohammed to his face we know you are the last of the messengers. But we are still not going to follow you. So on the day of resurrection, all of these things will be made clear. But the Koran has come down to basically be a conformation of what came before him. Before Mohammed (there) was the Books of Yah had sent down.

(Elder Asayah comments: I just want to say a few things. One thing, I don’t know how long you have been with us in the class today. But we are bringing the Hebrew Israylite Heritage out front that has been hidden from us. Because we are the Hebrew Israylites. Our forefathers have a covenant with the Most High. That covenant comes with conditions. Obedience, if we are not obedient then you get curses. Now we are recognized by those curses. Our curses came because our forefathers wanted kings like the rest of the nations. Why did they want a king when they had the Most High Yah? And He gives them a king, (and then) they get into sexual immorality, idolatry and they get with the Gentiles and they get with the Canaanites and Ham’s kids. They started worshipping all the pagan gods. They put down all the commandments and started worshipping all these gods. And you are letting Gentile definitions rule you. We have to come out of the Gentile ways because their ways…there’s no Jesus. If you say Jesus in Spanish it’s Hey-Zeus. If you say it in Latin and Greek, it’s Ieosus. The names of the fallen angels that left with ha shatan when they left heaven. Hey-Zeus who was the father of Hercules, a nephelium that slept with a woman and made a child, a giant Hercules the mighty man.

So there’s no Jesus, there’s no Jews. Those are all fake things that we have been deceived in. We need to come out of all these Gentile ways. Their holidays, everything. We need to go back to the root. Because we have a covenant with the Most High and we have to turn back to Him right now before it’s too late. If we stay in all these religions because we are not in a religion (here). This is our heritage and our culture as Hebrew Israylites. Our covenant with the Most High is to obey His commandment, statues and judgments. Now we are jumping into all these religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and all this. The word Islam comes from Ishmael. The brother of Isaac. Ishmael got put out with his mama but Yah gave favor to him and said he would bless him to be many nations. But the covenant came to Ysrayl. Then you have 2 more brothers Esau who are the Edomites who sold his birthright to his brother Yahqob, Jacob. Now Jacob has the covenant. This is Ysrayl. That is our forefathers. We are the remnant of them. We shouldn’t even be in one of these religions.

The Gentiles wrote all this according to no understanding. Just writing down words. Now in this day, Yah is pouring out His understanding on His people so we can take it to heal the nations to bring them in. Because He does not want any flesh to perish. We are the people of the Book, THAT ISLAM SAYS YOU CAN KILL THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, THE INFIDELS. That is who we are. That’s who you are. But you are into something that is teaching against you. Now, I know Islam. I was a Muslim from 1981 to 1997. So I know what I’m talking about. You check it out for yourself. I want you to come and join up with your heritage and your culture. Because we have to leave all these Gentile things alone that has been hindering us and keeping us in slavery and keeping us divided from Yah. Keeping us in DISOBEDIENCE. So that’s the bottom line.

I don’t want to talk about Muslims because I love my peoples. But Ysrayl likes to get into all these different religions and worship all these gods. When there is only ONE that has made a covenant with us. And we have to turn back to Him. Read Deuteronomy 30:1 where He says in that day if we will turn back to Him with our hearts and minds and teach our children and bring to remembrance to the nations. He would come and stop our captivity and take us to the land He promised our forefathers and put the curses on our enemies and take them off of us. So open up your mind to this truth because we need to become a nation. Psalm 83:1-4, Yah says My enemies are consulting against you Ysrayl. They want to hide you. They don’t want the name Ysrayl to be mentioned. They don’t want you to be a nation. See this is our nation. This is who we are. We need you to open up your mind and study and ask Yah for the understanding and come back to your nation. That’s what we need. This is what we are here for. Because we have work to do before this beast does his new world order. And before satan is thrown back to earth coming after the people who obey the commandments of Yah. I have to get ready to go to the plantation (work) so I will relinquish the mic. I hope you will go deeper into the truth brother. Shalom


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The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2d

So being born again according to Scriptures as we will read right now in John chapter 3:1-8. It’s real simple y’all. It’s not that hard, what the Messiyah is talking about here. I’m going to tell  you there is not a saved Christian on this planet. Out of the 2 billion plus, there’s not a Christian that has gotten salvation. Because we saw he who endures until the end, the same shall be saved. I’m going to bring another point to you: There’s not one born again Christian on this planet. According to the words of the Messiyah right here what we are about to read. John 3, there is not one born again Christian on this planet. Not one.  (Talks to someone) That’s right Yahoshua was not a Christian. Paul wasn’t either (nor) any of the apostles. John 3, we are going to close out with being born again. Messiyah was talking about this. Remember the two resurrections we just went over right. (There are) two resurrections. The first is for the righteous and 1,000 years after the first resurrection then the resurrection for the wicked will take place.

Resurrection means to come alive again. That’s right there is not one born again Christian on this planet. There is not one saved Christian and there is not one born again Christian according to what Yahoshua is going to tell us right here. According to the teachings of the Messiyah there’s no one born again, Christian. John 3, I’m saying according to what Yahoshua is explaining here. Because if you want to say born again means when you go and convert and now you are born into your new life, well that is what you can use it for but don’t say that, that is what the Messiyah is talking about here. According to what Yahoshua said right here, there’s not a born again Christian on this planet.

John 3:1-8, v. 1-2 Look at this coward coming by night. By night, why don’t you represent Him in the day? Because in the day Nicodemus was among those people who were in the crowd saying execute Him. So brothers and sisters we have to bring Yahoshua to the forefront that’s why our brothers and sisters in Christianity are not familiar with Him. Because He’s been hidden. Don’t come to Him by night, come to Him by day. Bring Him out. v. 3 ‘Unless one is born of Yah’ it says in the Scriptures. And in the KJV it says ‘unless one is born again he is unable to see the kingdom of Yah’. v. 4 So Nicodemus is WAY out there. He doesn’t have NO understanding of what Yahoshua is talking about here. He’s like ‘hey do I have to enter back into my mother’s womb to be born again? No it’s not that. v. 5 Unless one is born again he is unable to enter into the kingdom of Yah. Unless one is born of water and spirit he is unable to enter the kingdom of Yah.

v. 6-8 OH MAN, He broke it down right here y’all!! He broke it down! He said to Nicodemus and I like what He say in v. 9. (Reads v. 9-10) My goodness, what you teaching these folks (Nicodemus)? Here you are a teacher and an elder in Ysrayl and you don’t even know what you are teaching? We still have that today. But I love that verse, verse 10. But let’s break down what Yahoshua is saying here. He said that unless one is born again or born of the water and the spirit, he is unable to enter into the kingdom of Yah. What Yahoshua is talking about here, what born again means brothers and sisters is this: He’s talking about the resurrections. Because when the resurrections happen as I told you, you’re going to be changed into spiritual form. So when He says ‘unless you are born again’ He is talking about when you are born into the spiritual form in the FIRST RESURRECTION. In v. 6 He said that which has been born of the flesh is flesh. That which has born of the spirit is spirit. Do you see that? That which is born of flesh, we are flesh, we are the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve (Hawah). We are fleshly men. He said ‘dust you are, dust you shall return’. But He said that which has been born of the spirit is spirit. When is that born of spirit going to happen? When you get changed into spiritual bodies. Let me prove that is what He’s talking about. Look at verse 8, He said the spirit breathes where it wishes and you here the sound but do not know where it comes from. So He is saying the wind is invisible. Like a spirit is invisible to you, unless it manifests itself to you.

So He is saying like the wind blows, you hear the wind blow but you don’t know where it comes from because the wind is invisible. In v. 8, He says and you don’t know where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone that has been born of the spirit. Everyone that has been born of the spirit will be actual spiritual beings, they will be invisible. This is talking about the kingdom time. So what He is giving you is born again means to actually be in the first resurrection, to be born of the spirit. Well actually both resurrections will be changed into spirits. That’s why when this body goes into the grave, it turns into dust (so) there’s no need for it anymore. The flesh rots off the bone. You don’t need this anymore once you go into the grave, that’s it for this world. Because you are not coming back to this world. So the next world you are going to be changed into the form where you can only survive that world. And that’s a spiritual form.

So Yahoshua is giving him the information of being changed into a spirit, which will happen during the resurrections. This is not talking about converting (to a religion). But born again, it means actually being born when those resurrections happen. When those resurrections happen, you will have a new life. Everything will be new. There will be a new world all around you. You will be in the kingdom. You will see Yah. You will see Yahoshua. Whereas now you can not see Yah because you can know Him through His Word. So born again means to be born of a spiritual being in the first resurrection.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 15:50-58 to show you that this is what Yahoshua is talking about. Now Yahoshua said here in v. 3 in John chapter 3, Yahoshua answered and said to him truly unless one is born again, born above, he is unable to see the kingdom of Yah. So why is he unable to see the kingdom of Yah? Let’s read why. Look at this.

1 Corinthians 15:50-58, v. 50 Do you see that? That flesh and blood is unable to inherit the kingdom of Yah. This is why Yahoshua said in John 3:3 that unless you are ‘born again’. Born from above, unless you will not see the kingdom because flesh and blood will not see the kingdom of Yah. Because it can not last forever because everyone that comes into the kingdom of Yah, when Yah’s heavenly kingdom comes to earth, everyone that enters that kingdom will live forever. So if you are in a flesh body, you can not inherit the kingdom of Yah. Because flesh can not live forever.

v. 51 Look at that. He said we shall not all be sleep. We shall change. Not everybody is going to die. But we all shall be changed. He said this is a secret that I’m telling y’all. Everybody does not know about it. v. 52 Trumpet=shofar. Look at that. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, when that last trumpet is sound. We shall be changed. Changed to what? When he says ‘incorruptible’ (that is) spiritual forms. Corruption, the flesh is corrupt. It is weak. When it goes into the grave it decomposes. That’s corruption. Incorruption is those beautiful glorious spiritual bodies which will not see death (the second death).

v. 53 The mortal has to put on immortality to live forever, to be born of the spirit, to be born again. You will literally have a new life when you are born of the Spirit and come into the kingdom. v. 54-58 So Shaul broke it down for you. When that last trumpet, shofar is blown to signify the ending of the wicked age of man, then the return of the Messiyah, the re-gathering of Ysrayl, re-instituing us back into the land of promise. And the kingdom of Yah is on the earth. You are going to be raised.

Now we saw the 1st and 2nd resurrections in the part that we just read about, life after death. Do you see how all this goes hand in hand? Being born again brothers and sisters is being born of that first resurrection, that’s why according to the words of the Messiyah as He taught born again. There’s not one born again Christian on this earth. There is not one saved or born again Christian on this earth according to the words of the Maschiach. Kayn, maybe something is going on, on Mars or something. Maybe that is what they are doing with their little Mars rover but I know down here on earth no, not yet. Because in order…mic drop.

Okay sorry about that. I accidentally unplug the plug here. Sorry about that y’all. But yeah, let’s go to 1 Peter 1 and we are going to close it out right here. There is no born again Christian on the planet. Not one. (This is) according to what the Messiyah said. Born again, that 1st resurrection as you enter through this existence and you are birthed into a new existence because what you see now…listen when you are into those spiritual bodies, you will not see the world the same. I’m talking about physically. Remember in the Matrix after Neo had his resurrection? And he was able to see the world now for what it was, all those symbols and everything. Man, that movie broke everything down y’all. And I often mention it because it does have a lot of Scriptural concepts. And sense we are a visual people, I always bring it to your remembrance so you can see these things visually.

But that’s what happened. That’s right he saw the code. So when you are resurrected, do you know that your whole vision is going to change. You will not see these colors looking the same. You know, we probably have not seen a true color yet. Even though we have been called colored folks but we haven’t even  seen a true color yet. When you come into that spiritual understanding you will see everything. I mean, it’s just going to be a wonderful outlook. So you will be like a little child that’s born into the earth for the first time. You know when that child was in his mother’s womb all he saw was his mother’s womb. But when he exists her womb, he sees the world in a new light as he is born into the world. So when you are (?), Yahoshua compared the gathering of Ysrayl and the resurrection of Ysrayl, He compared it to a woman in labor pain. And she is about to give birth because tha is what it will be. It will be labor pains. We have to endure this thing to the end y’all. Then we shall see the coming of the Messiyah and see the kingdom of Yah. But you won’t be in flesh and blood bodies, you will be in those new spiritual bodies signifying that you will never see death again. Never, ever, ever, ever.

Let’s go 1 Peter 1, then we will close out. Ain’t the truth, (talks to someone) A line that blinds you from the truth. Ain’t that powerful?

1 Peter 1:23 Do you see that? Now do you see how we have brought a whole bunch of things to a close? How we have made a complete circle? Because he said the living Word of Yah. Remember we started this off talking about the trinity and how Yahoshua is the Word of Yah. Yah’s Word lasts forever through the living Word of Yah which remains forever. So what Yah said in which you call the old testament is still valid today. Always has been valid never thrown (cast) away.

So as we see this, as we know this, that what being born again is y’all. Being born of the spirit, that which is born of the flesh. That which is flesh tonight, we are all born of seed. We are all born of Hawah our mother who is known as Eve. We are all flesh. But He said that which is born of the spirit is spirit. Yah is Spirit. Yah’s Word is Spirit. Having been born again not of corruptible see but incorruptible. Because the spiritual body is not going to rot away like the flesh. The flesh after a certain amount of time on earth gets old and weak. We get old and weak after the age of 30. So how do you think you will live 30 trillion years in fleshly bodies? It can’t be done. So that is why John 3:3 and 1 Corinthians 15 both say that we can not inherit the kingdom of Yah with flesh bodies. You have to be born again. Born again is being born of the spirit literally born of a spiritual being. Literally being changed because we are not going to stay in these bodies. We will be changed over.

So there is no life after death as it is being taught my Christian brothers and sisters. You don’t continue to live after you die. You die and you go into the grave and you await to hear Yah’s voice. You await to hear Yah’s truth. You await to hear Him say come forth my child, you have been found worthy to come into the kingdom. But we saw those who come into the kingdom will barely make it in there. So you have to endure until the end. You get this truth, you have to live it forever. This becomes your new life. This is not a religion. This is a nation. And this nation is governed by a way of life. We don’t have a religion. We are the only nation on the earth that doesn’t have a religion, the Israylite nation. The true Israylite nation. So Father Yah has brought us to this great understanding. I say HalleluYah. I say todah (thank you) Yah. I say Amein (so be it).

That is the end of this week’s part 2. That’s right get those immersings done so you can be brought into the family of Yah.

So we will open up for Q & A now. I hope that this has been a blessing to you all. Part 3 is next week y’all. The Bible vs. Christianity part 3. HalleluYah. All understanding is given by Yah. I’m just a man and so I pray that understanding was given today.

Q: First I want to say todah for the lesson. HalleluYah for that. I have THREE questions. Can you please break down Matthew 17 when Yahoshua was with the apostles Peter and James, v. 2 and was transfigured before them. His face shone as the sun and His clothes became as white as light. v. 3 and behold there stood Moses and Eliyah talking to them. Can you break this down?  (the ahkotee sees the computer screen) Oh, that was just a vision? So they just saw Moshe, yeah I did see that so I’m wondering is this a vision. (She is told to read verses 4-9). v. 9 A vision. (The ahkotee asks) do you want me to stop reading?

A. Kayn, yeah. That was a vision of the kingdom. He was showing you that Moses will be in the kingdom and Eliyah. Ain’t that beautiful? And just knowing that we are having the opportunity, given from Yah to be in the kingdom with those men. If only those three would have been there it would be a blessing but you will see others. They saw a vision. When the prophets were prophesying many of them were prophesying based on visions that they had seen. Remember in the Book of Revelation, John wrote down everything that he was seeing. He was given visions of the future. He saw these creatures coming up out of the earth. He saw tanks and Helicopters and planes and bombs and all that but it was just a vision. So they did not see spirits hanging out with Yahoshua. No that was just a vision. That’s right Daniyah too absolutely. Daniyah said I saw in a ‘night vision’. You know, 4 beasts strolling upon the sea. So those were not spirits. Moses is dead. No man knows where Moses is (buried) right now. Moses is resting. And in the 1st resurrection our brother Moses will be erected to everlasting life. So that is what that was showing you is that, that is a vision of the kingdom. Those were not spirits hanging around.

Q: Revelation 20:6 on the first resurrection that you went over, it says that the priests will be reigning with Yahoshua for a thousand years. It says ‘priests’, we know that the priests are men. What about the women in the first resurrection? This is what I’m wondering about. Are women going to make it to the first resurrection or just the priests? I know men are supposed to be ruling with Yahoshua. But are we the righteous (women) going to make it in?

A: That’s all of us. We are the priests, the nation of Ysrayl are the priests. When Yah said I have made you a nation of priests, He is talking about the whole nation. Now, when we get into the kingdom there may not be anything such as a male or female. Male and female are for the physical. Remember the woman was taken from the man. Yah created the woman just for the man, while the man is here in flesh form. So when we get into the kingdom, male and female that may be out the door. Yahoshua said there won’t marriages in the kingdom, we shall be like the angels of Yah. So we may be one gender and that’s it. But ‘priests’ that includes all of us. All of us will have jobs. All of us will be rulers in the kingdom of Yah. All of us that make it. I’m praying that I make it. I don’t want to be one of those that’s outside the kingdom with gnashing of teeth and that stuff. And all that craziness that will be going on outside of the kingdom.

Q: When you were talking about John, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yah and the Word was Yah, a lot of Christians because it says that in ‘Him’, it keeps saying ‘Him’. That’s why they say that was Yahoshua so ‘Him’ is referring to who? Is it the Word? Is ‘Him’ the Word? Is that a mis-translation? That’s my last question. Todah.

A: Oh no, do you know what that is? It’s spoken of in the masculine because Yah is spoken of in the masculine. His voice, remember His Word is His literal voice as I am speaking to you now. Obadiyah’s voice is a man’s voice. It’s mine. So everything that I speak is spoken of in the masculine. If you are going to write something about Obadiyah, you will say he, him. Whereas you are feminine so your voice is of the feminine so everything that I write about you, I will say she, her. That is why the Word is called Him. It is explained in the masculine because Yah is spoken of as masculine. He is the Father. So that is why it says and ‘His’. Because had it said that Yah had a feminine voice, then uh-oh we have a struggle going on here. So it is just speaking of the masculine voice. His Word is masculine because Yah is masculine.

(Comment by sister Hannahyah): I don’t really want to ask a question. I just want to say todah for the lesson. And I want to make a comment to the Christians that are in the room. If you listened to the lesson very carefully it tells you a lot about some of the false doctrines that you have been taught as far as what priests have been telling you what it is to be saved. I just wanted to make a note to Christians, the doctrines as far as you have been taught. As far as what it is to be saved and born again. And also why is it that we are burying, why are we burying our dead. If you are not to be awakened in the after life whatever they say, in the heaven, that makes you think about it, why are we burying them. Ok, we are not coming back but in the spiritual form. Why are we burying them. We are not coming back in a fleshly form. That is something you have to think about. And also to be born again what does it mean to be born again? When you have been born again, you have been born again in more understandings. That’s all you have been born in. As Obadiyah explained to be born again, the walk you are going to have to do here. It’s the walk you are going to have to do in your fleshly form. In order to be born in the spiritual form you have to walk that walk in the fleshly form. Walk in Torah, in the Word of Yah. So if you can understand that, you can see just how much false doctrine you have been taught. I relinquish the mic.

(Obadiyah comments on sister Hannahyah’s comment): I just want to jump up here and say that what she is saying is absolutely right. That point that she made about the dead. That’s a very good point. That’s why we do bury the dead because once the dead do die there is no more use for them among the living. Because what sense would it make to have a dead body in your house? It’s just sitting there. You can’t feed it. It can’t pay no rent so what is it doing there in the first place? You know. So there is nothing that a dead body can do. That’s why it has to go into the ground after death. After it dies it has to be cast away into the ground. There’s no more use for it among the living. So it doesn’t come back to life. It doesn’t animate. It doesn’t let off a spirit that will come back and hang out with you late at night. I’m saying, wouldn’t that be easy y’all? Truthfully wouldn’t that be easy? If Yah put spirits in all of us wouldn’t that be easier for us to get out these flesh bodies and go in the spirit? Why do you mourn when you lose a loved one? Because you know that you will never see them again. You know that you will never talk to them again. That is why we are so saddened by death.

Q:  (The question was too low to hear). A: The people outside the kingdom: you know as I look at these movies. There was a visual representation of this in the movie Mad Mas Beyond the Thunderdome. In all the Mad Max movies you saw a world after a great nuclear catastrophe. And now man was striving to survive. The world that had previously existed, the world that we know today had been crushed, tumbled, had been no more. So from that, man had to build a new civilization the best he could. He had to go through the eras as the Gentiles call the stone age and the iron age and all these ages. So Yahoshua spoke about the time after the kingdom has been set up. Remember when the first resurrection happens those who make the kingdom will be there for 1,000 years. There’s going to be some outside the kingdom that survive the great war. And those who survive the great war will be living outside of the kingdom. He said outside the kingdom there will be dogs and gnashing of teeth. It’s going to be a scary time outside. I’m going to read Revelation chapter 22.

Revelation 22:14-15, v. 14 So this is the first resurrection we are talking about here. v. 15 So we read here that this is speaking of the 1st resurrection. Reads v. 14 again. You only can take part of the tree of life during the 1st resurrection. In verse 15, it says but outside the kingdom…v. 15 read again. So I guess it will still be B.E. T (black entertainment television station) with their whores outside of the kingdom then. So you will still have B.E.T out there. But inside of the kingdom there will be righteousness. It’s going to be a frightening time outside. Yeah, that’s after the kingdom of Yah, Yeah it’s somewhere in Matthew (being outside the kingdom), I think chapter 24.  But yeah, when He says gnashing of teeth, yeah that’s it Matthew 8:12.

Now this is another point that I want to touch on. Do you understand that? Because remember when Yahoshua returns on the Day of Yah Scripture says the sun will be blackened out. Scripture says that there will be no need for the sun because Yah will be the light to those that are in the kingdom. There will be a bright light shining in the kingdom. Literally.

For those outside the kingdom, they will be in outer darkness. Gnashing of teeth signifies fear. Remember back in the day you would watch curly on the 3 stooges and how his teeth use to nash real fast whenever he got scared. He would do his whoot, whoot, whoot and smack his face. Man listen, that’s what is going to happen outside of the kingdom. This time period is after Yahoshua returns, after the day of Yah has happened, after the saints go marching in, remember that song? After the saints go marching in, those who have survived the great war. Remember when Yahoshua returns there will be a great war. Those who survive the great war will be the ones outside of the kingdom. Remember the Gentiles (nations) have military bases underground. So they will survive it. Then they will come up from their hiding places and now there will be a new world. *Luke 13:28, Matthew 13:42* This speaks of the gnashing of teeth, those outside of the kingdom. The dogs, drug dealers, whores, wicked folks (will be there).

We are going to do a lesson soon about the kingdom and that time period. When we do Revelation, the 7 trumpets lesson we will talk about this information. Yeah this takes place in that 1,000 year period, the gnashing of teeth and the scary stuff going on outside of the kingdom. If you are one of the blessed ones that makes the kingdom, you will be like a god to those outside of the kingdom. You will present yourself before them and tell them what they have to do and they will have to do it. If not, you will be the one to punish them. You will be a servant of Yah and if they are not serving Yah…psst. You will have to go report back to Yah as we read in the Book of Job. It said one day the sons of Yah came before Yah to make this report…satan had to come too. You will have to go up to Yah and say ‘well Yah this city over here, I had to destroy because they refused to here Your voice’. And Yah will give you the thumbs up, nod His head. You know that is the way you are supposed to do it.

I’m going to do a lesson on the 1,000 year period and a lesson on these last wars. There will be 3 great wars. There will be 3 great wars that will end it. There are 3 great wars coming and after that…that’s it. World War III, the Battle of Armageddon and the last battle after the thousand years are up. After satan is paroled there will be one last war. This will be the war to end all wars.

Q: I wondered about when you are going through and you find out that you are a Hebrew and you find out the truth about Yah and you start to be more ‘peaceful’ for a lack of a better word. You don’t act the way you usually do so when people see you they think you have lost your mind because you have become humble, meek. And they start taking advantage of you. They know you speak of Yah, everything is Yah and Yahoshua. And then when you go through something after you become a truth seeker for the Word of Yah, can anyone share with me how do we still fight a fight of faith knowing that everyone around you and everyone is living in darkness, how to fight and still remain in the Word of Yah and fight these adversaries that come up against us in our lives? Does anyone have any Scriptures that I can focus on? I have another question about prayer. How do we pray to Yah? We are not to ask for selfish things, in our hearts we get tested. I know when I first learned of Yah the Most High, it seemed like every devil in the land tried to put hands on me trying to take me down, trying to bring me back to the lie of calling on JC. I see your text pray with a sincere heart and be humble. But when you are humble does that mean I am to lie down and be attacked? To them being humble is like being a weakling.

A: (Elder AsaYah answers) Sorry for the mic jump…All I can say ahkotee is get strong in the Word. Come in here more often and study. Learn the wisdom of Yah so you can be wise as a serpent among them because satan is in them. He uses them to shift you and bring you down, make you doubt and put fear in you that your walk is fake. But you know it’s the truth and you have to keep studying and keep learning so that when they come at you, and you always pray to Yah that He always keep the Word on the tip of your tongue so that whatever they come at you with, you are reassured in the words that you have from Yah and then you find your refuge which is in Yah. Personally, my home is my sanctuary and it has peace in it. None is welcome to bring anything negative or destruct the peace I have with Yah. Don’t throw your pearls before swine. Leave them alone. If they make you feel bad and bring you down and attack you, that’s telling you something. You need to leave these folks alone. Because they are the adversary. You need to get among those that agree with you. And even if you are by yourself, come in the room and talk to us, learn and don’t let them get you down. Don’t let them affect you. I hope that helps. I just wanted to share that with you.

Q: (The question was too low to hear). A: I was listening to your question ahkotee. You know in the kingdom we will have an incorruptible form, body. Yah will give us a spirit at resurrection. Because spirits live forever unless Yah destroys it. Because Yah has all power. But when we get our spirit after the resurrection we will be able to live forever. There will be no sickness, all the things that are in the flesh. No we will not be flesh and blood. We will be like the malakim, angels. No more crying, sick and all that of the flesh. (That) will be no more.

*I will be back with more q & a from the lesson.

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The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2c

Now remember when the Messiyah taught, He taught from what’s called the law and the prophets. There was no book called the new testament during His time. He did not go and teach the people from the book of Galatians. The Book of Galatians was not in existence. He did not go and teach from the book of Romans. He did not do any of that. He taught from the laws and the prophets. He taught from the Book of Genesis. He taught from the Book of Exodus. He taught from the Book of Leviticus. He taught from the Book of Numbers. He taught from the Book of Deuteronomy. He taught from Tellihim. He taught from Yeremiyah. He taught from Daniyah. This is where He did all His teachings from. Those books. Because there was no new testament at that time. So you can not be a new testament Christian and say that you are of this Book. Not at all. That’s something non-existent. That’s non-existent creature. Something that hasn’t even been made up in a laboratory yet. Something that’s of the minds of men. You know, something that just doesn’t exist.

Alright, let’s go into number 4. Is there life after death? From the Scriptures we will see the answer to that is nope. Not life after death as it is taught in the Christian religion. And in fact, what we are going to see is that when you die…you are dead. That’s it, when you die you are dead. And when you are dead there is no conscious in you. And when there is no conscious, you can’t see. You can’t hear. You can’t eat. That’s why we mourn over our dead. When a loved one dies, we cry for them because we miss them. That’s called mourning. Because we know that we will not see them again. We know that we will not hear them again. We know that they will not see us and laugh and joke with us and do all the things that they use to do with us because they are dead now, there’s no conscious in the body. There’s no breath. So is there life after death? In the Christian religion, its taught that once a man dies, his spirit continues to live on but that old body goes into the grave. Is that truth? I’m going to tell you now that, that is not truth. And we are going to prove this.

Let’s get this understanding. Whenever we read in Scripture where it talks about the Spirit of man…(talks to someone) we will go over how to keep the Shabbat in the question and answer after the lesson. (laughs) Thank you ahkotee just make sure the apple doesn’t have a worm in it. I will accept the apple.

Let’s start this off in Ecclesiastes 12. Post from the King James. We are going to show that when the Scriptures talk about a spirit in man. It’s talking about what is called the breath of life. We are going to explain what the breath of life is in just a moment. Then we will go over some Scriptures that support what the breath of life is then you will see that there’s no living after death. Because if there was life after death wouldn’t we have left this life long ago to go live another one? I know I would. All the things I have been through and all the things I have seen, I would have said long ago forget this, if there’s another life let me go get it now. Let me do away with one. Whatever means possible, I guess suicide would be the ultimate form of entertainment so to speak… if there was a life better than this one. And that you get this life after you leave this one. That’s why Sam Cook in his song, that great song ‘a change is gonna come’. He says a phrase in the song. He says ‘It’s too hard living but I’m afraid to die because I don’t know what’s up there in the sky’. So what he was saying is just the sentiment that we all have. Is that we actually don’t know what’s after this. But Christians teach a lie to give you…I don’t know if the purpose…well the whole purpose of it is this: Life after death is an ancient doctrine. Just like the trinity, it’s ancient. It comes from way back. We are going to examine and see in the Scripture where this doctrine came from. We will see whose mouth it came from that says you continue to live after you die. That’s straight from his mouth. So look at this.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 Then the dust shall return to the earth as it was. Dust meaning the body because your body was created from the dust. And it says that the spirit shall return to Yah who gave it. This word spirit brothers and sisters is translated from the Hebrew word ‘Ruach’. As we told you that Yah is the Ruach ha Qodesh meaning the set apart Spirit. So this word is translated from the word Ruach. The Ruach means to blow. It means wind. And it means life. It means breath. That’s what Ruach means, it means breath or life. And the actual word that should be there is breath. If y’all can post (it) from the Scriptures, give me the posting from the Scriptures. Ecclesiastes 12:7 from the translation called the Scriptures.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 Where it says ‘and the spirit shall return to Yah’, it should say and the breath, the life breath or the breath of life shall return unto Yah who gave it.

And we are going to see that this is what Yah put into the mans body when he created Adam, he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And Adam became alive. He did not put into Adam’s body a spirit. Because spirits don’t die. Spirits live forever. They live forever.

So let’s look at this. We are going to break this down for you. Post Ecclesiastes 12:7, from the Scriptures. I’m going to show you where it says ‘and the spirit shall return to Yah’. It should be ‘and the breath shall return to Yah’.

Absolutely, that’s what it is because when we see this word spirit, we start to think it’s talking about like a ghost. And preachers preach this all the time within the Christian belief that you have a little man living in you. They say that this is not you. But that you have a little man living in you and when you die the little man comes out and starts partying. So what they are telling you is this: All these wicked men that have ever lived. Adolf Hitler and these other crazy Gentiles, Hebrew and Hamites that have just done some awful things. (Talks to someone) Yeah, a mini me (laughs) right that’s what they say, that a mini me is inside of you. But that’s not true. Now we are going to see brothers and sisters that Yah kicked us out of the garden because of our wickedness. And Yah kept us from what is called the tree of life.

Let’s kick this off with Genesis 2. I’m going to show that spirit mentioned here in Ecclesiastes 12:7 is breath. Genesis 2, let’s look at the creation of the man. Remember wherever you see that word elohim, we are inserting Yah’s true name. Yah’s name.

Genesis 2:7 In the King James it says that man became a living soul. Do you see that? Man became a living soul. So Yah breathed into the body. Now let’s get this. When Yah created him out of the dust of the ground, He formed him from the dust of the ground. Adam was just a human man laying in the dirt. A full human, he was not a (inaudible) and so Yah breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and Adam became a living soul. Do you see that? He became a living soul after Yah breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life. That’s when he became alive. It did not say that Yah put a soul inside of Adam but he became a living soul. A living breathing soul, a human, a being with what is called the breath of life.

The breath of life brothers and sisters, it is your life source. It is your life’s function. Without the breath of life you will not live. Without the breath in your body you can not live. The breath of life contains everything about you. (It contains) your conscience. Everything is stored in what is called the breath of life. So within this breath of life, contains you. It contains you.

It’s just like a computer without electricity. You know if you have a desk top computer, you have to plug that bad fellow in the wall, into the socket to get that electricity and the electricity will turn your computer on. But if you unplug it from the wall socket and you try to turn it on you will not get any power. Because it needs that power, the electricity to make it work. When Adam was just laying in the dirt, he was just a man there. He was dead. But Yah put that breath of life in him, the life breath in him and Adam became living. That’s the electricity that sparks our beings.

Let’s go to Genesis 2:16-17. We are still talking about question 4, is there life after death? The ‘spirit’ in man is the breath of life. So is there life after death? What we are showing you is that after Yah created man, He did not created man with a spirit inside of him. We were just created with the breath of life. That’s what it is. And then that returns back to Yah. We opened this up with Ecclesiastes 12:7 it said that the body goes back to the dust and the breath of life returns to Yah. Your life breath. And Yah stores that up. Wherever He puts it until the end of time, until judgment.

Genesis 2:16-17, this is very critical Ysrayl. Because now you will see the origin of life after death doctrine.

Genesis 2:16-17 Wait a minute. Yah said ‘you shall certainly’. So when Yah says certainly (surely) to anything you better rest ashore that, that is going to happen. (Verse 17 read again). So He is giving Adam a commandment right here. Adam when you do this, you are going to die.

So let’s look. Let’s go over to Genesis 3. This is the origin of life after death, what we are about to read. Because Yah already told you, you are going into the ground, you are going to die. But no, somebody else said no you continue to live after you die. (He lied and said) you know, you have a spirit dancing in you, you go to the dust and that spirit continues on. Let’s look at the origin in the life after death doctrine.

Genesis 3:1-4 v. 1 Read. v. 2 Satan is called a reptile here. Reptilians, we will talk about soon in the lesson about the fallen angels. v. 3 So Eve understood this commandment. She is quoted it back to the adversary. But this is the key right here. v. 4 He said ‘you shall not die’. Wait, didn’t we just read in Genesis chapter 2:17 that Yah said you shall surely, certainly die? But the serpent that is influenced under satan came back and told her ‘you ain’t gonna die’.

So now we have the ground work, the foundation of the beginning of the life after death doctrine. This is where it came from. It came from satan. That’s right he is a liar, he is the father of lies. He was a murderer from the beginning because what he just told Eve right here or Hawah in Hebrew and got her to partake and eat of that fruit that she was not supposed to do. This is when death came in and the adversary literally murdered us (John 8:44). (Talks to someone) That’s right he is a murderer, a murderer from the beginning. He murdered us at the beginning of our history by telling us this lie that we shall not die. That is the same doctrine that is being taught in the churches today because it’s an ancient doctrine. The Egyptians believed in life after death. The Greeks believed in life after death. The Romans, the Babylonians also. The Muslims do. That’s why you see these brothers today, these Muslim brothers say this life is to much of a wreck, I’m promised in my faith in Islam that if I become a martyr (one who is killed because of their beliefs) then I get my 70 naked virgins in heaven. So Muslims believe in the life after death.

But that’s not so. This comes directly from the mouth of the adversary ha shatan or satan. Lucifer in Latin. Hiliel or Azazel in Hebrew. Satan, the adversary this is where he told her that you will not die. But Yah had already said you will die if you do that.

Let’s go to Genesis 3. We are already in chapter 3. Let’s go to verse 19. Look at what Yah says. He is clear on this y’all.

Genesis 3:19 You were taken from the earth. You are not a spiritual being, Adam. Because if you have a spirit living in you, this means that once you die, you continue to live. This is what the Christians teach. That you continue to live, this is big-time in our culture. Hebrew Israylite culture or quote-unquote African-American culture especially in the south, to believe in ghosts or haints. All that stuff is big in our culture. Because we believe that there is life after death and that once the body goes into the ground that there’s a spirit that lives on.

Many of you have been taught Christians and you believe to this very hour that your dead loved one is in heaven looking down upon you. Many of you have fallen into an idolatrous state by praying to the dead loved one. Instead of praying to the Master Yah, you pray to grandma Ethel. That’s who you are praying to. You should have all your worship aimed toward the Father. But you have been taught this in that religion. There is no life after death.

Look at this Yah said to dust you shall return. That’s clear. He said you will surely die if you eat from here, Adam. That’s a positive there, that man will die. Where is Adam today? Has anybody seen Adam lately? Has anybody been hanging out with Adam and (inaudible) like the old days? No, Adam is in the grave. And everybody who has proceeded from him and that lived during his time is in the grave. Enoch is in the grave. Methuselah is in the grave. Seth is in the grave. Moses is in the grave. Aaron is in the grave. King David is in the grave. Their all dead because we die now. But that was not the  original plan of Yah. Let’s go to verses 22-24.

Do you understand Christians that the reason Yah the Most High kicked us out of the garden was so that we don’t take hold of the tree of life and eat from that tree and live forever. We had to be kicked out of the garden for that reason.

Genesis 3:22-24, v. 22-23 So Yah sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. v. 24 Do you see that? Yah kicked us out so that we don’t live forever. So that we don’t have a life after death. We had already sinned and been disobedient to Him. Now had we gone in there and ate from the tree of life, then you would have lived forever. But since He put you out before you had the chance and notice He is guarding the tree of life. He is guarding it with cherubim angels with flaming swords. So the garden of Eden is a physical location on earth. It’s not spiritual. But it’s being hidden and guarded. So no man can go in there and try to get the tree of life.

If you all have ever heard of the fountain of youth, this story that the Gentiles tell. Well that is talking about the tree of life. They have all types of symbolism that they use for the tree of life which they are still looking for till this very day. They are still looking for the tree of life.

So we see that when we die that’s it. What’s in us is called the breath of life. Let’s go to Genesis 6:17. The next two parts being-born again and heaven and hell are short. We  will not go into real deep because then we would be here all day.

Genesis 6:17 Do you see that? Yah said that He was going to destroy all on the earth which has the breath of life. All that is on the earth is going to die. So when Yah brought the flood everything with the breath of life, every thing that breathed man and animal, everything that had the breath of life, Yah killed. ‘From all that is under the heavens all flesh with the breath of life shall die’. Do you see that? The breath of life was taken out of them and they died. Yah did not remove spirits from them but the breath of life. This is what’s inside of man. This contains everything about you. Your whole life. Everything.

Let’s go to Genesis 7:22.

Genesis 7:22 So once again everybody who was on dry land and that had the breath of life, they died. The breath of life is what keeps you going. This is what returns to Yah upon your death, not a spirit.

Let’s go to the Book of Joshua 11:11. Just to show you that it’s the breath of life contained in your body. There’s no life after death. Once you die…that’s it. There’s no continuing to live. There’s no conscious. There’s none of that .

Joshua 11:11 That’s right no man can breathe under water because man was not created to live under water. No man can live outside of earth’s atmosphere because man was not made to live outside the earth’s atmosphere. He was made to live on earth. Man was created from the earth. (Dust you are); Dust you shall return. That’s why even when you fly in an airplane, they must have the cabin pressure right. If that cabin pressure is not right, you can suffocate even on an airplane because you are too high up in the air. We are made for this earth. We are earthly creatures.

Let’s go to Ecclesiastes chapter 3. When you go into the ground brothers and sisters, that’s it. There’s nothing else left for you. So this is why you have to walk correct now. You must get your walk correct, right now. You must be on it, now. Because if you don’t get it correct, now there is no other chance for you. You must get it going now. If you fail right here, if you don’t get right with Yah by keeping His commandments, loving Him and doing what’s right in His sight…you aren’t getting a second chance. You aren’t dying, been dead 5 years and then coming back. Unless you die 5 years before the great tribulation. Where you will be in the first or second resurrection, who knows? There’s going to be two resurrections: one for the righteous and one for the wicked. Let’s go to Ecclesiastes 3.

Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 Do you see that? There you go. There’s one even y’all. (The one event) that befalls the sons of men and beasts. What is that one even? Death. Just like we die, the animals die. One event. As one dies, so dies the other. They have one breath. We have breath, the animals have breath. That’s why we just read that Yah destroyed everything upon the earth that had the breath of life in it.

So the angels which are a different being, does not have the breath of life like we have. That is why they were not destroyed in the flood. But that is for another lesson. So all are going to one place.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 146:4. This is to let y’all know so you understand this y’all. So you won’t be around here thinking it’s okay for you to die now, now that you have your walk straight with The Father because you know there’s going to be life after death, pie in the sky and that stuff. Psst, no-no. Look at this Psalm 146.

Psalm 146:4 It should say His breath goes out. (finishes reading). So when the breath leaves your body and you return to the earth, it says your plans perish. Why? Because when you are in the grave, you have no conscious. You can’t see. You can’t eat. You can’t think. You can’t do nothing. That’s why when you die they can embalm your body and do all that stuff that they do to you. open you up and take all  your insides out. You don’t feel that stuff. Because you are dead. That’s why they take it out of you because you don’t need it anymore. It all stops working. Throw it away, in the garbage, you know.

Truthfully that’s what it is. That is what the embalming process is. And so they can do all those things to you because you don’t feel anything. There’s no conscious. Everything about you has ended. Your days have ended. When you die that is the end of your days. You will not see another day after that. Not in this physical world. Because if you die now, your days will begin either in the kingdom or your days will begin in the lake of fire. You will end up in (one) of two places after this death. See this death (inaudible) sleep. That’s what it is. It’s sleep because your all going to awaken from this death. Let’s go to Ecclesiastes chapter 9. Let me show you what I’m talking about here.

Ecclesiastes chapter 9, I hope that you all are following along and getting some understanding. I’m kind of speeding through these Scriptures because I want to be done within the next 45 minutes or so. Because I don’t want to put too much on you.

Ecclesiastes 9:3-10, v. 3 Now we just read what that one event back in Ecclesiastes chapter 3. That is death. It is one event to all (continues to read v. 3) v. 4 Read. v. 5 Do you see that? A living dog is better than a dead lion. Now we know a lion is the fiercest bravest animal in the animal kingdom. Now if a lion is alive, it will slaughter a dog. But if a lion is dead there is nothing it can do to a dog. So what would you rather have guarding your house? A dead lion or a live guard dog. Do you understand? So He said for the living know that they shall die. We all know that there will be death coming our way one day. Nothing. Whoever had a conversation with a dead man? You know, dead men don’t tell tales right? So if a dead man has a secret, you know in all these mob movies, when they see that a man is going to go out and do something against them. They try to kill that man to quiet him. (Talks to someone) laughs, well she is the exception. Because she is not speaking to dead men, she’s speaking to demons. (Reads verse 5 again). When you are in the grave you have no more memory y’all.

v. 6-7 Everything about that person is gone. Their love, their envy, the things that they liked, the things they disliked, all of that is gone when that person is dead. They do not continue a life after that. v. 8-9 So He’s saying hey go ahead, have fun, have a good time. You know love your wife, wives. Love your husband. Go ahead and do all those good things. But continue to do the good work of Yah. v. 10 Ain’t that something? How in the world is there life after that? Yah told you that you are going to go into the grave and look this is what it’s saying here in Ecclesiastes. Look at that. (There is no work, device, knowledge or wisdom in the grave). That’s why I say whatever you believe Hebrews, you believe it with all your might. And you make sure your belief is of the truth of Yah because your belief  is the ONLY thing that you take to the grave with you. (Talks to someone) No purgatory ahk, not at all. You go into that grave and you go to sleep. You are resting.

So when a man who died 5,000 years ago, when he’s awakened from his sleep. He is going to think it’s that same day that he died. He’s not going to know he’s been asleep that long. Just like when you go to sleep. You go to sleep at 10 at night and you have been sleeping hard. From 10 pm to 10 am. When you awaken you do not know what has gone on from 10 o’ clock pm to 10 o clock am, you were unconscious. You will have no knowledge of that.

So it says whatever you do, you better do it with all your might y’all. There is no work, no plan, no knowledge, no wisdom in the grave where you go. Do you see that? There is nothing coming out of you to continue to live after you die. There is no life after death. Yah told you that you are going into the grave. Satan said you aren’t going to die. Satan is the author of life after death. He said you shall not die but Yah said you will die. You are going to be gone.

And there’s going to come a time for 2 resurrections. Let’s go to John chapter 5. Everyone that is in the grave, is in the grave. They are still there. Go ask pharaoh Rameses. They buried him what three, four thousand years ago. They put all these gold trinkets and all this in his grave as if he was going to take it with him. You go look at the British Museum and see Pharaoh Rameses today. He’s still there. All the gold trinkets they put in his grave with him, they are still there. None of it went anywhere. Rameses is awaiting either the first or second resurrection. And from the looks of things and reading about him, oh man, he’s going to be awakened in that second one. That’s going to happen a thousand years after the first one. So I’m not saying but just from the looks of things, I don’t know where he’s going to be because that’s Yah’s judgment. But just knowing the history of pharaoh Ramases…doesn’t seem like he was trying to serve Yah.

John 5, let’s look at these resurrections. Everyone who has died is in the grave. Adam is in the grave. Moses is in the grave. David is in the grave. They are all in the grave. (Talks to someone) Yep, we are going to get into that. Yoseph when he spoke to his mother (in the book of Yasher after she died), he used divination. I’m not going to talk about that right here. But I’m going to talk about King Saul and Shemuyah (Samuel) the prophet. Many people believe that, that was Shemuyah the prophet being awakened. So they say that, that proves that we have souls and all that stuff. But not at all.

But look at this. Yahoshua speaking in John 5:28-29.

John 5:28-29 So Yahoshua is saying here that there’s going to be what’s called a resurrection. There’s going to be two resurrections when Yahoshua the Messiyah returns. All those who have died in Him, believing in Him, those who have endured to the end will be resurrected in that first resurrection. They will rule 1,000 years on the earth with the Messiyah in the kingdom of Yah. After that 1,000 years is up because during that thousand years, satan will be in prison. After that thousand years is up satan will be let loose from prison. Paroled as we know it today. And satan is going to come upon the earth and he’s still going to go out and make folly on the earth. Then Yah is going to destroy him for good and throw him into the lake of fire forever.

So there are going to be two resurrections. After satan is thrown into the lake of fire then the ones who did not make the first resurrection, they will rise in the second resurrection and they will go into the lake of fire. This is what Yahoshua is talking about right here.

Let’s go to the Book of Daniyah chapter 12. Daniyah spoke about these resurrections. What we just read in John chapter 5, it’s also in the Book of Daniyah. Daniyah talked about these resurrections. There will be two resurrections brothers and sisters. So if a man is in heaven or hell tonight, that means that he has already been judged so what is the need for a resurrection? That’s why now, doesn’t it make sense when we go into the grave now that we stay there and just await Yah’s (call?). He’s going to awaken you in the first resurrection or the second one. Hey you will be in either one. All men will be awaken from this first sleep which is death.

Daniyah 12: 1-2 Do you see that? Distress=trouble, so we are talking about the great tribulation here. So right here he said what? Those that sleep in the dust, remember from dust you came and dust you shall return. Those who sleep because they are going to be awakened. He said they will be woke up, that’s resurrection. To be brought back to life again. So he said that those who sleep in the dust. The first death is just sleep. Because you will be resurrected from it either in the first resurrection or the second resurrection. Then Daniyah said some will wake up to everlasting life those in the first resurrection will be awaken to everlasting life in the kingdom. Those in the second (resurrection), you are going to the lake of fire.

Let’s go to the Book of Revelations chapter 20. See, I just wanted to show you that you are not living after you die here. There’s no reason for you to continue to live on. There’s no life after death. You go into the dust and that is where you stay until the times of the resurrection. There’s no need for a spirit to come out of you and to continue living. That breath returns back to Yah and Yah stores it wherever He stores it. And on the day of judgment and every man is going to be judged, on the day of judgment either in the first resurrection or the second, it will be returned (to you). That is your conscience. So if Yah is judging you, the only way that you can be properly judged is that if you remember what you are being judged for. So He has to return conscience which is the breath of life. He has to return that but you won’t be in these flesh bodies anymore you are going to be changed over to a spiritual body. You are going to be changed to a spirit. Because that is the only way a spirit can live in the kingdom of Yah. A spirit can only live forever. These flesh bodies were never built to live forever. So once these go into the grave, they turn into dust and when you are resurrected you will have a new spiritual form. Whether you are going into the lake of fire or whether you are going into the kingdom with everlasting life. You ae going to be changed into a spiritual form.

Revelation chapter 20. Whatever translation you are reading, it’s all saying the same thing that there is not a spirit living in man. There is not a spirit that comes out of us when we die. We go into the dust and the breath of life returns to Yah. And we wait upon the resurrections from Yah after that breath of life. The 1st or 2nd resurrection, you will be in one of them. Revelation chapter 20.

Revelation 20:4-6, v. 4 Read. v. 5 This is the first resurrection. So two resurrections we have here. The first resurrection is those who are righteous in Messiyah they are going to be raised first. They are going to rule with Him, 1,000 years. The second resurrection will take place a thousand years after the first one. For that 1,000 year time that, that first one is taking place, satan will be in chains locked away in (prison). Let me just give y’all something here. Where do you think man got the idea of a justice system from? The same way how you see he does his criminals, this is something that is not new. This has been with man from a long time ago. It was taught to man by the fallen angels. Because this is the way Yah runs the heavens. The Egyptians had this saying: ‘so above, as below’. Those things that are done in heaven, they are patterned on earth. So satan will be sentenced to a thousand years in prison for what he has done. He’s going to ultimately be sentenced to death. And he will receive ultimately the second death, the lake of fire. He is going to be chained and put away for 1,000 years.

v. 6 Look at that. (It says) blessed and set-apart are those who take part in the 1st resurrection. (Continues to read). So those who are in the 1st resurrection , you are going into the kingdom, you will live forever. The second death are those in the 2nd resurrection, the second death is for eternity. The first death is just sleep. The second death is forever. The second death is the lake of fire. Let’s go to verses 11-15.

Revelation 20:11-15, v. 11 Read. v. 12 Do you see that? He said I saw the dead. These people were still dead. This is when the 2nd resurrection is happening. This is letting you know that when they died they stayed in the grave. They didn’t go nowhere. They stayed in the grave and now they are being resurrected a thousand years after Messiyah had returned. Now they will be resurrected and now they will be judged (condemned).

v. 13-15 Now in the King James Bible. Instead of grave it says in v. 14 that ‘death and hell’ were thrown into the lake of fire. We are going to get into that in just a moment. Hell brothers and sisters is the grave. In this translation called The Scriptures it has the correct translation there as ‘grave’. Hell is the grave. Hell is NOT a place of hot burning torment. THE LAKE OF FIRE is that.

But yeah, there are going to be two resurrections. I am showing you that man will be judged at a select time. Man does not get judged immediately after death. He goes into the grave and that’s where he stays. There’s no remembrance. There’s no conscious (in the grave). This lake of fire was created for satan and satan’s boys, satan’s angels.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 12. I will save number 6 for next week. I’m going to close out with being born again. But right here we are still dealing with life after death.

Who was in the lake of fire? All that we just read in Revelation about satan being cast in the lake are coming. I’m going to do heaven and hell next week, we will close out with being born again. We read that when man dies, he dies right…that’s it. Hey after that, no need for him to live after that. Death is permanent until the resurrections. Yah said you shall certainly die and when Yah gives you that commandment that you shall certainly do this…there’s no debating that. But then we saw that satan came along and said ‘hey Listen go ahead and eat it so you can be like Yah’. So that was the deception of the devil.

So do you see how this ancient doctrine, the trinity this ancient doctrine, life after death is being taught everyday? There’s going to be millions, billions that will hear this false doctrine tomorrow morning in their Sunday worshipping services as they gather on the first day of the week to go into worship when the Most High gave us the 7th day. (inaudible) but then they get up early Sunday morning to go worship the sun on the day of the sun…on the day S-u-n-d-a-y. Do you understand?

Mattithyah 12:27 Read. This is the wrong (Scripture). I put the wrong Scripture down here. Anyway, the lake of fire was created for satan and satan’s angels. (Talks to someone) Yeah you know that happens sometimes, you know how that be ahk, those wrong Scriptures.

But there is not life continuing after death y’all. How hard is that to understand? We could have just went to what Yah said in Genesis and cut if off there. But there is even more on this subject but this is an abbreviated version. But there is no life after death. You don’t continue to go hop-scotching and playing having the power of a spirit. Do you know how powerful spirits are? That’s why when you see situations of ghosts, do you know what that is? Let me explain this. A ghost is a spirit who has the power by sucking energy from you. Especially when a person has died and you release all that energy and that breath of life returns to Yah and all that energy that is released from the body. A spirit can grab hold of the energy. Everything that is in you is encompassed in that breath of life because it’s going up to Yah. And they can just get a little smell of that and get your whole history and present themselves to be you.

That’s why you hear about these people, you know ‘oh grandma is walking through the house late at night’. ‘Oh grandpa has come back and now he is giving you a message’. That is of SATAN. That is demonic, deception. That’s the exact same thing you see with the situation with the prophet Shemuyah (Samuel) and Saul. Let’s go to 1 Samuel chapter 28. We have to go here because we have to understand the power of spirits. Yah did not give you that power of a spirit. You were not born with that. Remember Yah had to kick you out of the garden. He said least you grab hold of the tree of life and live forever. So Yah had to kick out man so you will not grab hold of the tree of life.

So therefore you don’t have spirits in you. You die like Yah said. Yahoshua said ‘everybody that is in the grave’. The book of Daniyah said ‘all those who are asleep in the dust’. They are going to be raised to everlasting life and some to everlasting contempt, damnation.

1 Samuel 28, this is when our first King of Ysrayl, King Saul reigned. King Saul always went to the prophet Shemuyah or Samuel as you know him. Saul was about to go to battle so he needed Samuel’s approval of this but Samuel is dead now. So Saul went to find another prophet but could not find another prophet. Yah cut off communication with King Saul because he became wicked. So Saul goes to a witch (medium) and  tries to conjure up Samuel. Remember, we read in Ecclesiastes 12:7 that the breath returns back to Yah and the body returns to dust. The breath of life returns back to Yah. That’s in Yah’s hands. No man can take that from Yah’s hands. You can’t go get a witch to go grab that out of Yah’ hands. Satan can not take what is in Yah’s hands. Yah stores it away for the days of judgment. So He can restore that breath of life to your conscience and everything about you is (or will be) restored to you. So when He calls you on your particular sins you can’t say ‘oh I forgot about that’. Or ‘oh I don’t remember doing that’. All your remembrance will be given to you in what’s called the breath of life.

1 Samuel 28:6-14, v. 6 Put this verse into your conscious. This verse let’s us know what is about to proceed. What’s about to happen is not of Yah. Why? Because it say right here in v. 6 that Yah did NOT answer Saul. He did not send Saul a prophet. Where it says Urim, that’s talking about the priest’s breastplate. Back in the day, our high priest and priests would wear this breastplate around their neck with 12 stones in it representing the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. And whenever we needed to inquire of Yah about a particular situation, we went to pray to Yah and He would light up those breastplates for yes or no. So Yah did not answer Saul by the prophets. He did not answer Saul by the priests and He did not even give him a dream. So Saul is trying to find out what he will do.

v. 7 Medium=witch. En Dor sounds like some place in Lord of the Rings. I don’t know if there is someplace in there called En Dor but it sounds like Lord of the Rings or needs to be there or something…The Witch of En Dor.

v. 8-9 He cut off all mediums, physics, witches, spiritualists from the land. Now that is what he was supposed to do as the King of Ysrayl. He was supposed to make sure there were no witches in the land. Because witches require death. There was a death sentence (Exodus 22:18) Yah did not want us to consult with demons through witchcraft.

v. 10 Look at that, swearing to a witch!! When Yah already said you get rid of witches and he’s swearing on Yah’s name. WICKED! v. 11-14 Do you see that? She said I see a spirit coming up and the form of the spirit is the spirit of an old man. Now the King James says that Saul perceived that this was Shemuyah. But did we not read in v. 6 that Yah did not answer him so Yah is not going to let Samuel’s breath return through a WITCH! Wouldn’t Yah be going against His Word (if He did that)? (The recording cut’s off here and then comes back stayed tuned for part d).

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The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2b

Let’s go to Genesis 1:26. Yah is taking me here. I don’t have this in my notes but I have to explain this too so yo can understand it.

Genesis 1:26 It says ‘Let us make man in our image.

So now, people like to say that this proves that the Messiyah was existing during this time. And that the Messiyah created everything. This is what people say but when it said ‘let us’, that us that the Most High Yah is talking to is those who are in existence during that time which are the angels, the heavenly host.

By this time we are reading in Genesis, satan had already rebelled against Yah and already stayed in heaven. So when satan took a third of the angels with him which are lots and lots of angels, now we have a separation between the angels that fell with satan and angels that are still on accord with Yah. So the angels that are on accord with Yah have the title the Set-apart angels, the Holy angels, the Qodesh angels. So these angels were separated and they stayed with Yah and satan and His angels fell.

So when Yah is speaking here, He said ‘let us make man in our image’. He is speaking to the righteous angels. And He said ‘let us make man in our image’. He’s not talking about an image of a man. You can not limit the Most High Yah to an image of a man. Because He has no image that you can compare Him too.

So He said, ‘let us make man in our image’. The only image that existed that Yah was talking to was to His righteous angels. Let us make man in the image of love, which Yah is love. Let us make man in the image of righteousness because Yah is righteous. Let us make man in the image of truth because Yah is truth. This is what He is talking about (when He says) let us make man in our image. Let us make man in the image of righteousness, truth and love. Not in a physical image. If Yah wants to appear to you as a man, He can. If He wants to appear before you as something you never seen before, He can. He has no image for you to compare Him to. (Talks to someone) That’s right, the attributes=the attributes of Yah. Yah is…

So let us make man in our image is not saying that the Messiyah was there to help in creation. As I stated Yah didn’t need any help like a man needs help building a house. You know, hey can you pass me those nails over there? Hey can you help me lift this board over here? Yah didn’t need none of that. Yah spoke it and His Word went out and did as Yah commanded it to do. That’s why my Christian brothers and sisters, you have to understand. What you call the old testament, this represents the Word of Yah. When Yah pronounced each and every Word here, this Word still stands. It still stands, it hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s going to be here for eternity because His Word does not melt away. His Word does not change. The hearts, minds and words of men change. You know like we have the English language and I have said this quite a few times. In the English you can use a word like maybe, perhaps or can’t and things like that. That opens the door for all types of deception within this language but Yah doesn’t do that. What Yah says shall be done. And it’s just that simple. If He says I’m going to send you into slavery in ships because of your disobedience to Me then you are going to be sent into slavery in ships which He has said and which has happened.

So there is no trinity brothers and sisters as you have been taught. The Word of Yah is Yah. The Ruach ha Qodesh, the High Spirit, the Most High Spirit is His Spirit.

So let us go to part 2. What is salvation? Are you saved yet? I remember when I was growing up with that Christian belief and I was taught that when a person joins a church, this means that, that person has been saved, as they say. When they have become a member…well when they have become a tithe paying member that they are now saved. When they say that you are saved, my Christian brothers and sisters, you say you have to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit or as you call it the Holy Ghost. And your understanding of the Holy Ghost is that you will be given over to a type of possession where this spirit will have you to dance hoop, holler, flip, jump and utter things that nobody in the church can understand. So now you say that you are filled with the spirit and now you are saved. Because now you are a church member. (Talks to someone) Yeah, shaking and all that stuff.

So the understanding of this, we are going to see in the Bible because salvation is equal to saving. Salvation means to deliver or to save. That is the actual meaning of it. To deliver or to save. So when you say that you are saved, my question to you is this: What are you saved from? Are you saved from the wages of sin? Are you saved from sin itself? What are you saved from because when I look at the condition of the Christian Church today, the so-called black people who are truly the Hebrews, as I look at your condition in the church today, I see everything that goes on in the world, goes on in the Christian Church. There is no separation of the two. I see thievery. I see sickness and disease. I see homosexuality. All of these things exist in the Christian Church. So when you say you are saved, what are you saved from? Are you saying that you have salvation already?

Let’s look at this. Yah is the only one with the power to save. And when you are saved, when you have salvation, this means that you will not see the second death. Many of you have not been told what the second death is. The second death is a place called the lake of fire. And we will get into that when we go into the part about heaven and hell. The lake of fire is going to be the place where the Most High is going to torment all the unrighteous forever. That’s right, it’s not hell. So look at this. Let’s go.

Salvation, do you even understand where salvation comes from? See, because you now call the Messiyah by the name of Jesus and you have taken away the understanding of His true name, Yahoshua which means Yah’s salvation or salvation of Yah because you have taken the understanding of His true name away, now you don’t recognize who salvation is. How could you? When Yah has sent His salvation right before you and you threw Him away.

So we are going to look at salvation. Let’s go to John chapter 4. I may need it posted from the King James on this one. John 4:22. Remember salvation means deliverance. Before you understand if you are saved or not, we are going to look into Scripture then we get the understanding of salvation. How to get that salvation? And then you ask yourself this question, am I really saved? Because I know that their are churches where they are committing fornication on a weekly basis, on a nightly basis. They are committing adultery. You have pastors in the church that are sleeping with the young girls and impregnating them. And then they are going to say that they are saved. And what always perplexes me is that…saved from what? Are you telling me that your sons don’t go to jail here? Are you saved from that? Are you saved from all the murder and death that surrounds these ghetto churches? Even the ones that are big temples that are downtown and all these different places. Are you saved from the conditions of the world? (Talks to someone) Yeah, that’s right, they are getting high and everything. Yeah, that’s right girls and boys, the pastor is, that’s right. And then he will say that he is saved.

John 4:22 You don’t even know what you worship. For salvation is of the Israylites. Now you see the word Jews there. Let me explain that. I don’t remember if I explained that last week. Remember I told you last week there’s no ‘J’ or ‘J equivalent’ or ‘J’ sound in the Hebrew language. Not even up to this day. So 2,000 years ago there could not have been a people called the Jews. There could not have been a place called Jerusalem. There could not have been a person called Jesus, let alone one named Jehovah. So that is not correct. The name that should be there is: for salvation is of the Israylites. Not Jews.

Now look at this. I just want to point this out quickly. Do you see how our Messiyah Yahoshua said ‘we know what WE worship’ meaning that He worshipped something. Where as Yah who is the Most High who is the Set-apart Spirit, the Highest of all Spirits doesn’t worship nothing. He is to be worshipped. So Yahoshua is letting you know that there is One higher than Him. So Yahoshua the Messiyah could not be Yah the Father. When he said,  we know what we worship.

So this is what we are saying to you Christians, know what you worship. Because the truth has been extended back to the children of Ysrayl and they are taking this truth to the nations. We know what we are worshipping now. For salvation is of the Israylites. What does that mean? How many Christians have been taught that? That salvation is of the Israylites? Because the Israylites have been chosen by the hand of Yah to deliver this Word to the nations. It is the job and duty of the Israylite nation to bring forth the Word of Yah. We have been called to do that. In Exodus 19:6 Yah said that He will make Ysrayl a nation of priests, to be a Set-apart nation. So a job of a priest, once again as we read last week is to minister. So if you are a nation of priests that means that all your nation, all your countrymen or all your citizens of that nation are going to have the job of ministering. So since they all are priests, they are not going to minister to one another. Yah made a nation of priests so these priests can go out and carry His Word to the nations.

How is salvation of the Israylites? Because we have the keys of salvation in our hand. It was delivered to us. We are going to teach you and show you the Messiyah. Remember we just read in John 14:6 the Messiyah Himself said ‘I am the truth, way, life’. ‘No man comes to the Father except through Me, the Son’. So we as Israylites have to guide men back, open the doors so they can see the Father. So that is how salvation is of Ysrayl. We are to bring the Word, salvation, to bring you Yah’s salvation. And that’s how you shall get it.

Let’s go to Matthew 10:22. Let’s see if you are already saved Christians. And what you have to do to be saved from this way, world. (Talks to someone) That’s right. Salvation is open to all! But there is a protocol of how Yah has this set up. Because He has given Ysrayl as a gift to the people. Ysrayl is to take the Word to the people and see the Messiyah, see the Word of Yah. We are to introduce the Word of Yah to the nations and the Word of Yah is Yahoshua the Messiyah who is Yah’s salvation. He is Yah’s salvation. So we are taking this Messianic Word just like Shaul did, who you know as Paul. Just like Peter did whose true name is Kepha. Just like all the apostles did. They took the message of salvation to the world by bringing the truth of Yahoshua to them. So salvation is of the Israylites.

Now in order for you to get salvation you have to endure in this walk until the end.

Mattithyah 10:22 Do you see that? You have to endure until the end in order to get salvation, in order to be saved. Now the end, what does that encompass? The end means this: the end means to the end of your life or to the end of the great tribulation which ever comes first. You have to walk this walk and live it like the Messiyah did until the end of your life. He who endures with righteousness to the end shall be saved. Shall be saved. You have to endure this walk until the end. This walk of truth, what we are giving to you today, Christians, we open this room to welcome you in. This information that we are giving to you today, you have to live it. Endure it until the end, until the end of time in order to be granted salvation.

Because you become a tithe paying member of the first-second-third-fourth-fifth Missionary Baptist Holy Trinity church which means your saved (not). You have to endure a righteous walk until the end of time. Until the end of your life. And the same shall be saved. This is what He said. Those who endure until the end, the same shall be saved. That’s how you get salvation.

There’s not a saved Christian in this world. According to Yah’s election of salvation, there’s not one saved Christian according to the definition of Yah’s salvation. NOT ONE on this entire planet. And there are over 2 billion of you professing Christians in the world but not one of you is saved. (inaudible here) Salvation comes at the end. After you have completed your walk, after the breath has been taken from your body and now you are in the grave and awaiting to be judged, then salvation will be granted to you. If you are one of those who makes it to the first resurrection.

Let’s go to the Book of First Peter, First Kepha, Shimon Kepha or Simon Peter. Salvation, see this is the real deal, see Christians you have been taught that you are going to die, they taught you that if you walk this walk you will go to heaven and all that. We are going to see in just a moment that man doesn’t even go to heaven. You were never promised heaven. When Yah made the promises to Abraham, He never promised Abraham that he would go to heaven. He never promised that. That was never one of the promises. But He told Abraham that He would give him a land. Abraham has a spot in the kingdom, remember Yah’s kingdom is coming to earth right, ‘thine kingdom come’ (Matthew 6:10).

So in first Kepha chapter 4, Christians please look at this. Because we read ‘he who endures until the end the same shall be saved’.

1 Kepha 4:18 So the righteous will BARELY be saved. The righteous are those who keep His law, that do His commandments. A sinner as we will see are those who transgress the laws of Yah. So he said if the righteous one is barely saved. Now remember salvation is coming to those who endure to the end. So those who go into the kingdom are going to be the ones that have gotten salvation. You will be saved when the kingdom has come to earth and you have entered the kingdom. That’s when you are saved.

And Kepha is telling you right here that those who make the kingdom whom Yah has deemed to be righteous, they are going to BARELY make it. They are going to be barely be given salvation. So if those who are following the laws of Yah to the best of their ability and will barely be saved what do you think will happen to the sinner? The one who is NOT trying to follow the laws of Yah. Because the laws of Yah are not preached in religion because you teach that the laws have been nailed on the cross. So what do you think will happen to you? And this is what Kepha is saying. If the righteous are barely going to make it, what do you think these that are breaking Yah’s law and not even trying to follow the Father, what do you think will  happen to them?

And so Christians will be read this and then they will blame it on the Muslim. ‘Well the Muslim is wicked’. Not seeing their own misunderstanding. And not comprehending their own miss-walk yet they have not got the plank out of their own eye and are trying to lay blame on someone else. Yet in the eyes of Yah…Christian and Muslim are in the same boat. If you don’t repent, you won’t be saved. It’s just a saying. So that is what we have to understand.

(Talks to someone) That’s a shame if they think that because reading this Book there is no way you can close a blind eye to the laws of the Most High that’s why Christians you have been taught and when I was in that, I was taught this too, that we don’t even deal with the old testament. The old testament is that old book, we are new testament Christians. Because in the new testament we can go and pick out these letters written by Paul or Shaul and we can make them to say what we want them to say. ‘Oh Shaul is talking against the law’. ‘Oh we don’t have to keep that old law, all we have to do is pray over food now and we can eat it’. OH YEAH? I would love to see you barbecue and serve rats to your guests. And tell them hey all we have to do is pray over it. It’s all good. Let’s eat. Yeah, see how many stones they throw at you! Literally.

So don’t end it there. Just keep going. Because your comprehension has been crushed. It has been crushed because Christianity is a religion of slavery. It brings you into bondage. It is sin. It promotes and teaches sin. It really does. There’s no freedom within the Christian religion. None at all. It’s a religion of captivity. I’m not saying this to offend you but I’m bringing truth to you. Because see the adversary who is the father of sin, the first to sin, the father of all lies, the adversary will teach you not to keep the laws of Yah because he understands that breaking the laws of Yah is what sin is. That’s what sin is, the transgression or the breaking of Yah’s law.

(Talks to someone) Post 1 John 3:4 from the King James. This is going to take us to our next section. Number three, the laws of the Most High, are they nailed to the cross? But we will end out of this section in just a second.

1 John 3, going to the next question. Put this on your mind so you can have understanding.

1 John 3:4 So if you have lawlessness that means that you are without law. And that is the exact Scriptural definition of what sin is, the transgression or the breaking of Yah’s law. It is lawlessness, you have no more law. So if you are sinful that means that you are a lawless person. You are not following the Father’s law. You are not following His 10 commandments. You are not following the dietary law. You are not following His law of clean and unclean animals. Do you understand? So you have to follow the Most High’s laws otherwise you are a sinner.

(1 Kepha 4:18 read again) Where shall those who do not even try to keep the laws of Yah, where shall they appear? Do you see? This thing is real. I’m going to close this segment out right here with Revelation chapter 22. This is about being saved. Right? Remember your salvation is coming when the Messiyah returns, Yah’s salvation, that is who He is.

Revelation 22:12 Now the reward that Yahoshua is talking about is those who are going to make it into the kingdom, He’s going to bring salvation to you. He is Yah’s salvation and salvation will be your reward when He returns.

You have to endure to the end, you are not saved yet. So this gives Christians just that whole comfortable feeling. Now they can lay back. They can chill out, you know put their chin on their hand and point fingers. ‘Oh he’s a sinner’. ‘I’m in the church’. ‘Oh he is a sinner over there’. ‘I’m in a church’. Do you understand? They think because they go to church you know two Sundays out of every month or some of them are there every time the church doors are open, they think they have salvation. That’s not so my brothers and sisters. That is the farthest from the truth. You have to walk this walk everyday. When you open your eyes in the morning, you have to walk this walk. When you close them at night, you have finished your walk for the day. But you will wake up in the morning and begin it again. And do you know what? This walk is a struggle. It really is. To try to walk the straight and narrow rope versus a wide filled road, it’s a struggle. Yet you must endure the struggle until the end. Until the end of your life. That is how you have to walk.

(Talks to someone) That’s right. Revelation 22:14 blessed are those doing His commandments so that they may have a right to the tree of life and may enter through the gates into the city. The city is the new Yahrushalom. So blessed are those doing His commandments. If you don’t do His commandments then you CAN NOT get salvation. You will not be saved. You will be counted with the lawless. You will be counted with the sinners. That is what a sinner is. If you go ask most pastor’s what is sin according to the Bible, man some of them will tell you sin is smoking, sin is dancing, sin is women dying their hair, sin is women wearing pants. They will give you ALL types of unbelievable answers when the Scripture 1 John 3:4 says sin is the transgression of the law. If Yah says thou shall not and you go against that, you are transgressing the law. It’s just that simple.

Now let’s look at this. Let’s go to part 3. Within Christianity man, we have been told y’all…(talks to someone) yeah fake fingernails and all that, that’s sin to them. You know we’ve been told that the laws of the Most High have been nailed to the cross. How many of y’all have ever heard that? I know I have. That His laws have been nailed to the cross. Meaning that they are no more. Meaning that when the Messiyah was nailed up there His laws were nailed up there with Him. So when He died, the laws died. That is what they say. That the laws are dead. Wow that’s a big statement there. That’s a big statement because…I always use this example y’all what if the laws of this land…we live in the United States. Well, we have people from all over the place in this room. Well let’s say that the laws were taken away. Man, I’m on the west side of Chicago, if Bush was to come on the TV tonight and say that laws are no more of this land oh there would be utter UTTER chaos…deadly chaos. People would go out and start murdering people just because they could because they know they will not go to jail for it.

So when we look at that and we see that man needs a law to keep harmony, order. If man needs laws to keep harmony, order what do you think Yah needs? Doesn’t Yah need a law to keep harmony, order in His creation? Yes He does. And do you know the world is in the situation that it is in today because the laws of Yah are not taught? They are spoken against. The Muslims are not teaching the laws of Yah. And the Christians especially are not. I’m talking about the Catholics, the Protestants, they are not teaching the law because the law is given for discipline. Remember that word Torah, it means instructions and law. It’s a Hebrew word. The first five books of the Bible are considered the Torah. Because that is where the laws or instructions of Yah are. If you look at the Torah as the instruction book then you can start to appreciate it more. But if you look at it as law like Yah is some type of ogre trying to hold you back, NAW. The law is given for discipline. Just how you raise your children and you give your children certain laws and if they break those laws you will get man at them. And there is punishment for them breaking your laws. Right?

If you have a small child three or four years old and you tell them not to run out into the street. And there is a reason you tell them not to run out into the street. Right? Because cars run in the street and they don’t know how to look for the cars and things like that. So when you are bringing your child up and you are giving them laws that they should follow, you are giving it to them to make them better. It is to teach them how to live (among) the ways of the world. (laughs) Hey, I don’t know anywhere they can sell Torah’s at ahk. But I can tell them where they can get a Bible from. So if you get you a Bible, you’ll be straight.

So the laws of the Most High…this is like one of the greatest deceptions within Christianity today. This is something that is directly from satan’s mouth! This is from satan’s mouth, no other mouth but his. Because he knows that if he can get you to stop reading the laws of Yah and stop doing the laws of Yah then he knows, he knows and comprehends that now you are a sinner. So if you are a sinner now, you are with him. He’s your daddy now. So that is why he tries to get you to sin.

So let’s look at this because if the laws were nailed to the cross with the Messiyah that means that we should be able to read that somewhere in here. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 5:17. Let’s set the tone for his by the mouth of the Messiyah Himself. Let’s see if He said something like that. Did He say some type of abomination like that?

Y’all ‘brews are funny!

Remember we didn’t go write this into the book, Matthew 5, last night Christians. This is something that was always here. The scary thing about is that if you did not know (inaudible)…I ask you how did you not know this? What did your pastor say to you to make you not understand what this truth is right here?

Yeah, funny as in comical, not as in gay-funny, not at all. In fact, gay is not a word for funny anymore or happy. (Back in the 80s homosexual people were called ‘funny’ down south by the Hebrews and gay or happy by the Gentiles).

Matthew 5:17-19 So do you see that? This is what the Messiyah said. This is from His mouth. Before we go any further Christian we are going to bring forth the law and tell you what He said. If you have a King James Bible, all the Christians that are listening today and if you have red-letter Bibles and you open it up to Matthew 5:17-19, those words should be in red. The red words highlight all the words the Messiyah is speaking. So this will be red in your Bible to let you know these are the words of the Messiyah. He starts off (saying) DON’T even think that I came to destroy the law or the Prophets. Remember the word Torah, it means instructions or law. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible. So he said don’t believe that I came to destroy the first five books of the Bible. He said or the Prophets. Now, the writings of the prophets are located where in the Bible? What you know as the old testament (is where). So He said don’t believe I have come to destroy the old testament. I did not come to destroy it but I came to fulfill it. Where He says I came to fulfill or complete, He came to bring a DEEPER understanding of the law. He came to bring us a deeper knowledge of the commandments and the laws of Yah. This is what it means when it says that He did not come to destroy but to complete.

But look at this in verse 18. To show you that, that’s what He is talking about. He said for truly or in other words THIS IS THE TRUTH, I say to you till heaven and earth pass away one jot or one tittle shall by no means pass from the law till all is done. Now is heaven and earth gone? Heaven and earth are still here right? Still here. We are on earth tonight right. Or am I just mistaken and we are on Mars. Right? Yeah that’s right we are on the interior of Mars right now. So the Christian was right y’all. I’m going to stop this lesson right here. Heaven and earth have passed away and we are on Mars. That is what you would have to think in order to believe that doctrine. Because these are the words of the Messiyah. He said one jot,  one tittle or one yod because yod is the smallest letter in the Hebrew characters. And yod is the first letter in Yah’s name. The Hebrew character yod corresponds to the English letter of  ‘Y’.

So He said not one yod or one tittle shall by no means pass from the law till all be done. Man, we have so much that still needs to be done. Satan has not been cast into the lake of fire yet. Satan has not been given his 3 1/2 years yet. They have not built the temple. Ysrayl has not been returned home. All of these must happen. He said not one tittle, not one yod shall go until all things be done. But look at this. He said that none of this shall pass from the law. Now this is what I want my Hebrews to understand. All the law is still good to this day. Some of it is suspended because of where we are. But the law has not been done away with. All those commandments that we were reading and they are sacrificial, they are still good but it’s going to be good for another time. It’s suspended right now but in its place Yah has granted Yahoshua the Messiyah. Where we fall, Yah has granted Yahoshua the Messiyah to guide us. (And He) brings us to the fullness of understanding. That is why His sacrifice is so important to our salvation, y’all. So important.

So then the Messiyah goes on to say, look at what He says, man He just breaks this thing down. v. 19 Read again. Listen this is why when we tell our Israylite brothers and sister about this Passover and these feast days, we say that you can’t do it one iota different from what Yah has said. So He  said you break the LEAST of these commandments, you may think that it’s small but He said no-no. If you are breaking the least of these and teaching men so…oh man, you shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. Meaning you will not be there. Because Yahoshua gave the analogy, He said that John the Immerser, Yahcanan the Immerser or the Christians call him John the Baptist, He said that Yahcanan the Immerser who was the greatest of all the prophets born on earth to men through the womb of a woman and Yahoshua said that Yahcanan is the greatest but He said the LEAST in the kingdom is greater than Yahcanan. So to be in the kingdom is a great thing.

So Yahoshua the Messiyah, Christian has said this out of His mouth. So the law can not be hung on a cross. Unless you have done this. Because He didn’t do it. Unless you were there. And as Pilate was giving them orders to nail Him to the stake, unless you snuck up there Christian and put a sign over His head and said ‘oh and by the way the laws are no more’. Because other than that, Yah’s laws still stand. We are required to keep the one that we can…the Shabbat. Coming in on the Shabbat to make that your day of worship whereas you worship on Sunday Christian. We will go over that next week.

Let’s go to John 14:15. Did you know my Christian brothers and sisters that there is only one way to love the Most High? There’s only one way to love Him. There are not multiple ways for the Most High’s love. There’s only one way to love Him. And we are going to see what that is.

John 14:15 Now where it’s posted on the screen, If you love Me you shall guard My commands. Guard, keep and commands and commandments (are synonymous) If you love Me you shall keep My commandments.

So you must keep His commandments, His commandments are part of the law. The word law encompasses everything. The commandments, the statues, the judgments…everything.

So if you love Him, you are going to keep it. You can not have the law without the commandments and the commandments without law. You can’t have it. As some teach that there is a separation between the two.

So if you love Me keep My commandments. That’s what He said. There’s only one way to love Him y’all…by keeping His commandments. If you don’t love the Most High ten you are not going to keep His commandments. So do you see why in the Christian religion, over two billion of them on the earth teach against Yah’s laws? Because they don’t love Him. That’s the truth y’all. Let’s go to verse 21 of John 14.

John 14:21 Do you see that? The reason Yahoshua hasn’t been manifested to the understanding of the Christians is because they are not keeping or professing His (commandments). They are not guarding, not keeping them. He said it is He that loves Me. Who is the one that love Him? The ones that Keep His commandments. That’s the only way you can love Yah. He says and He who loves Me shall be loved by My Father and I shall love him and manifest Myself to him. This is Yahoshua speaking not Jesus a Christian Christ but Yahoshua the Hebrew Messiyah. The Hebrew Maschiach is speaking here.

So He said if you love Him then keep His commandments. But that manifestation, that is why you can not see the true Messiyah Christian because you are not keeping His commandments. Therefore you don’t love Him. You are going opposite of Him. So do you see why it is so important for us to bring you lessons like this? To pull you out of that madness to bring you forward so you can start loving the Most High so He can love you.

Now you are taught in your belief, that belief of Christianity that God loves everybody. That’s not the key here. He said He who possess My commandments and guards them, it is He that loves Me. And He who loves Me shall be loved by My Father. So the Father only love those that keep His commandments, those that serve Him. Those are the ones that He loves. That’s out of the Bible. He doesn’t love everybody. Because He is going to send His enemies because He does have enemies, He is going to send His enemies into the lake of fire and save His children. Let’s go to verse 23 of John 14.

John 14:23 Yahoshua said this. Even though you may see the name Jesus in your King James. But all the attributes here are given to Yahoshua the Messiyah. This is who is speaking this. Jesus is a misprint as we went over last week with the names. So you have to love the Most High by keeping His commandments. Let’s go to verse 24.

John 14:24 So He is saying, hey these are not even My words. Yah has sent Me and these are His words. And those who do not love Me, you won’t keep His words. And we just went over, what is the Word of Yah? TRUTH. Right? Yah’s Word is truth. What is truth? Yah’s laws and commandments. So He said you do not guard My Word, you do not keep My laws and My commandments and the Word which you hear is not Mine but of the Father who sent Me. Do you see that? So you do not love him Christian. In fact, you hate Yahoshua the true Messiyah but you love Jesus and Jesus is not the Messiyah.

(Talks to someone) that’s right Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated. Yah has enemies. He does not love everybody. As we see with that Scripture, Esau I have hated. Esau was the twin brother of Jacob.

Let’s go to verse 31. So how can you throw away His law and His law is based on love? If you do not have His law then you do not love Him. So if you are going to throw away His law then you will throw away His Messiyah because remember the Messiyah is the Word of Yah. He has become the Word of Yah. He has become the laws and commandments. That is what it means. He has become the laws and commandments of Yah. He is the living Torah. So if you throw Him away, well if you throw the laws and commandments away, you have thrown away the Messiyah. If you throw away the Messiyah, Yah’s salvation, you have no salvation. You will be counted among those who do not love Yah. This thing is deep y’all. It’s very deep.

John 14:31 So He said in order for the world to know that I love the Father and that the Father commanded Him. So everything that Yahoshua is bringing is a commandment of Yah. Now ain’t that something?

Let’s go back up to verse 24. Verses 24 and 31. So you see that He said these Words are the Father’s which sent Him. So why do you make the Father contradict His own Word? Because you say that the old testament is for the Jews and the new testament is for the Christians. So you say that old law Ysrayl could not keep that old law…so that old law had to be done away with. But Yahoshua is telling you, I am of the Father. The Father sent Me. The Father who tells you the beginning of time from the end of time will not have to come back and tell you something else. He gave one way and that one way will stand for all time. He will give you that one way and it will stand for all time. He will not come back and back-bite and say oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to give it to you like that. He doesn’t make mistakes like that. That is what the children of men, the sons of men do. We make mistakes. And that is why He’s giving us the opportunity to make our mistakes better by repentance. But Yah does not need to repent. Once He gives it to you…that’s it. So He gave it to you in the old testament… that’s it. It still stands. So when the Messiyah came, He came teaching the same things that Moses had already taught. He taught the commandments. He did not throw them away. He did not do away with them. Because He loves the Father and the Father loves Him.

Remember we went and we saw that Yah’s Word is truth. Right? And so then we went into the Book of Psalms chapter 119 and we saw what truth is. Right? It’s Yah’s laws and commandments. Psalm 119:42 tells us that Yah’s law is the truth. Psalm 119:151, tells us that Yah’s commandments are truth. Right? So since we know what truth is, Yah’s Word or Yah’s laws and commandments, let’s go to the Book of John chapter 8. We are going to read this famous verse here. (Talks to someone) That’s right. Jesus was not in King James 1611. We tackled that last week.

John 8, we are going to read this since we know what truth is. Right? We know what truth is according to the Book of Psalms 119:142,151, the truth is Yah’s laws and commandments.

John 8:32 So we know what truth is. So let’s insert the definition of truth right here. We have truth mentioned in this verse right here twice. So let’s put the definition of truth right here. So you can understand how you are to be set free. And (see) how you are still a slave because you don’t have truth.

And so you shall know the truth, in which we know that the truth are laws and the truth, we also know that the commandments are the truth, shall make you free. So this verse should read like this: And you shall know the laws and commandments shall make you free. Do you see that? You shall know the laws and commandments shall make you free, that’s what truth is.

So if you are in a religion, which Christianity is, that teaches against the laws, you have no freedom. That’s why you are still in bondage. That’s why you are still held down. Because you are held down to sin. Sin is the transgression of the law. You have not been freed.

Let’s go to Galatians 4:9. So Christianity is a slave-making religion. This is why it was one of the tools of the slave master to put upon us. It is a slave making religion. It does not give you freedom. Whenever you are not free, you are in bondage. And once you do not recognize the bondage you are in, you are in bondage to sin, you are in a prison. You have a prison for your mind. As Morpheus told Neo (in the Matrix). (Laughs) ‘It’s a prison you can’t see, it’s a prison for your mind’. And that is so true.

Galatians 4:9 Do you see that? So this is Shaul or Paul as you know him talking to the Galatians. And these Galatians knew the Word of Yah but then they went back to what they were doing before…this stuff that is brought to you in Christianity. Because what they were doing in Galatia is the same thing that is being taught in Christianity today. So Shaul is asking them if they are going back to that? And you are going to be enslaved again after you have been freed because the Word of Yah is your freedom. Because you shall know that the laws and commandments shall set you free.

So once you know the laws and commandments, you know the truth of Yah, you do not go back to that old way. Like I-I-I’m not going back to my old Christian belief. What they taught me those 12 years ago, I can not go back to that because I have been set free. I would be a stone nut to go back to that belief that they had me in because that was bondage. (Them) making up doctrine and when you here this doctrine you can’t get it straight. That Christian doctrine can not be straightened out because there is just too much folly in it.

Let’s go to 1 John 5:2-3. This is elementary right here y’all. Christians, this is elementary info that we are giving here. See, most of us in our assembly, we already know this. Yet we are giving it to you in this manner and I hope those of our assembly can take this and present this information in just in this simple way and even give it to their Christian family and friends that could not make it in here today. So it’s the elementary of the truth of the Bible. But do you see that everything that we present here is directly from the Bible? Directly from the Bible.

For those who came today, we invite you back to fellowship with us. Continue to come so we can continue to give this truth to you. This is how we do it each and every week in this class. We bring forth the Word of Yah, the true Word of Yah.

1 John 5:2-3 His commandments are not grievous, not heavy. His commandments are not a burden. They are not a burden y’all.

So Christian when you say that, that old law was for the Jews, that is a lie. It’s straight from the mouth of the adversary. He’s the one that is going to make you think that the laws of Yah are bad, that they are heavy. (He makes you) think now you have freedom and you can go out and do whatever you want to do. No, you must have discipline, you have instructions, Yah’s law. Let’s read verse 3 again. For this is the love for Yah that we keep His commandments…didn’t we just read that? That is the way you love Yah is by what? By keeping His law. That’s our freedom. You know keeping the Shabbat as we go through Exodus chapter 20, if you read that, those are apart of the laws. Learning about the dietary law in Leviticus chapter 11 that is part of the law. yah has made food on this planet that you can eat, He has made animals on the planet which you can not eat. Do you understand? Not every animal on this earth is food…Bear Grylls (woodsmen). Understand that. And so Yah has given you discipline so you know what is good and what is not good.

You, humans, man, you have paid to know the knowledge of good and evil and you paid with this with your very souls. Your souls have paid the price for you to know the price of good and evil. Now it has been given to you. Why do you not want to know? Why do you slumber on that? Why do you not want to know what’s good and what’s evil? Why have you allowed satan to trick you to believe what is good is evil and what is evil is good? Satan has gotten you to believe that being disobedient to the laws of Yah is a good thing. Satan has gotten you to believe that keeping Yah’s commandments are a burden. He has made you believe this. That’s the truth of it. The Messiyah Himself spoke to you and said don’t think that I came to destroy the law. He said hey don’t put this on Me. Because I am not coming to tell you that. It’s not Me. So you can not get away from this y’all. You can not get away. The laws of the Most High have not been nailed to the cross, that’s the foundation, so when you go through the Book and when you read anything that the apostle Shaul is saying, let me tell you what Paul said about the law. Let’s go to the Book of Acts chapter 24. Look at what Paul said about the law. This will let you know that Paul was not a chump. Paul was not out here teaching the doctrines of pope’s or the doctrine of Martin Luther. No-no Shaul was not teaching that. Shaul was adhering to the law. Paul was a law-keeper.

Acts 24:14 Does this sound like a law-breaker? This is Shaul speaking. He said I worship Yah of my fathers and I believe all that has been written in the Torah (law) and in the Prophets.

The Torah (law) is what we call the old testament today. He is saying, I believe all that is written in the quote-unquote old testament and I worship Yah. The only way you can love and worship Yah is how? If you keep His commandments. This is Paul.

So whenever you read in the Book of Galatians and so forth and so on, Paul is not saying that the law is no more. He is either talking about the sacrificial law and that is primarily what he is speaking about, the sacrificial law (we don’t sacrifice animals for our sins anymore). Ahki Michayah did a lesson on that a few weeks ago, Romans 6:14. So Shaul was not doing away with the law. The law has not been done away with. The Messiyah lived and taught the law. So you can’t get around that.

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Briefing of the Coming Man of Sin Lesson

All this righteous music we have now, we didn’t have this a few years ago. We have so much set-apart music of Yah now that we could run a radio program for several hours. This is the last movement y’all. We are to go to the Gentiles and tell them we are Ysrayl. This is your story. They twist the truth. They have always twisted your history.

The man of sin will bring doctrines and wage wars. Solomon said no man is without sin, right? The man of sin’s sins most be HEAVY y’all! I mean in order to be called THE MAN OF SIN. So several people fit the man of sin (characteristics wise). We don’t know who he right now. Obama, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, we don’t know. We will look at the sins of his revealing.

Have you heard of Herbert Armstrong? He is a Gentile. He is involved in the British-American movement. He states that they are the children of Israel along with the Jews. He tells European history as it relates to the book of revelation.

The 12 trumpets: Yahoshua coming fast. Things will roll fast like in the days of the plagues of Egypt rolled fast.The first 9 plagues rolled out fast. By the 10th plague pharaoh was like y’all leave and bless me on the way out! Trumpets 1-6 will blow one after another. The 7th trumpet announces Yahoshua. The Gentiles say the trumpets are blown like every 500 years. No, it doesn’t happen like that. The day of Yah, no man will be able to stand it, when trumpets 1-6 are blown by the 7th trumpet they will be through.

Text: He (Herbert Armstrong) put some serious spins on Scripture.

Revelation is the revealing of the end time. It is the revealing of the true children of Ysrayl. It is the end of the Gentile rule. It is the time of Yahoshua’s return. Do y’all know Yah’s servants will sealed on the forehead? We must be prepared for what is going to happen. I believe the man of sin is on the earth now. I believe the man of sin is a Nephelium. We are going to do a lesson called the final three wars which plays a role with the man of sin. Iran, Libya, Syria and Egypt are all mentioned in Scripture. Understand how they will play a role.

We come from Shem, one of Noah’s sons. The children of Ysrayl have not ruled the world yet. The children of Ham, one of Noah’s sons have ruled the earth, the Egyptians. Japheth’s sons, the Gentiles are ruling now. We were always getting kicked out of the land. Our time is coming though. And our rule will never end.

News you can use: Let’s talk about the animal kingdom. In Kenya, which means yes Yah, a lioness hunted an antelope, ate the mother then adopted the baby. Text: strange.

What family are antelope in? The lamb, sheep family. Yah said when true peace hits the earth the lion will lay with the lamb. I’m going to read Isaiah 11:6-8 to show you what this trickster (satan) is trying to do. Text: The devil will make it look like this is a good thing.

Satan is creating a parallel y’all (he does things similar to what Yah does). Satan is doing deception. The Man of sin will speak union to get the kingdom like Nimrod. Satan will deceive the people to think everything is peaceful and okay. There is about to be a financial collapse. The Gentiles are getting ready for the holidays. The Gentiles think there is peace on the earth right now when there are 2 wars going over there. Do y’all know there are U.S. troops going to Jordan now? Israel and the U.S. are getting ready to attack Iran.
Syria plays a major role too. Daniyah chapters 8 and 11, the king of the south and the king of the north will be identified in the lesson. Daniyah said he still did not understand. So Yah told him to just seal up the book by Daniyah chapter 12. This is because this knowledge is for us to understand in this day.

Movie: Argos: This movie is about the 1980s Iran hostage crisis. I remember hearing about this when I was a little boy. This movie coming out now is now coincidence. They are getting ready. Iran-Iraq were in a 8 year war in the 80s. The U.S.A funded both sides. The Iran-Contra Affair happened during this time. It was to fund weapons via drugs and they did it in our neighborhoods. Reagan, Bush and them are BIG GANGSTERS. See, Khadafi, Mobaric of Egypt (sp?), Syria will not side with them. This is why they got rid of them. Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, the last of the great wars, we will talk about this later.

Back to talking about the lioness: Satan is trying to make us think that peace is on the earth now. In Florida, a giant eyeball washed up onto shore. They know it’s not a squid or whale eye (infers they are lying). Mexico: a creature washed ashore there too. Mars life: everyday there is something new. They will say life is there, watch. Talks about time going fast. This year is almost over. Mayans said there would be a new calendar starting in December 2012. The presidential election is next month. The illuminati will pick who will usher in the ending of this age…2016 referenced here.

Obama is the most disrespected president even more than George Bush the second. He is a laughing-stock now. This is the criteria for the man of sin. Daniyah said he will be the least likely man to get the kingdom. Obama could be him with his slick tongue. I believe Obama secretly worships Allah. He won the Nobel Peace Prize when we were fighting 2 wars. Romney was aggressive in the debate while Obama was peaceful. They are trying to make him look peaceful. They may bring him back into office 5 or 6 years later. The world does respect him even though America doesn’t. Keep your eyes open. Stay watchful and prayed up.

Satan’s code or their language is VERY deceptive y’all. Satan’s code-language is heavier than just them throwing up the baphomet hand signal and all those hand signs. If you don’t have Ruach of Yah, you will not understand what is going on. If you are calling on Jesus, you will not understand deeper meanings of Scripture. You have to be obedient to Yah to understand. Don’t go to YouTube for understanding. YouTube is saturated with mis-information. They go to church on Sunday, call on Jesus and call themselves Christians yet you think they understand deeper matters like what satan is doing. I know you are hungry for knowledge. Don’t get uprooted by satan. Satan will take your knowledge of Yah away if you are not rooted. Be careful of what you eat. Lambchop or porkchop, know which to consume. Catfish or tilapia, you know. Stop trying to want to sound deep like one of the teachers…you watch YouTube videos (trying to sound deep). Stop coming and telling me about Forerunner’s videos. I’m concerned with this Book. Stay on course with what Yah is giving you. Know about the fallen angels and righteous angels. We need to know this. Text: no esoteric non-sense.

Movie: Legion: Michayah and Gabriyah are never described as having wings although some angels are described as having wings. The movie is based on Psuedepigrapha Scriptures. All angle movies deal with the fallen angels. Movies like Legion, the prophesy etc. In the movie Legion, Michael loved humans. God was going to destroy mankind. Michael loved mankind. Michael said he was the first to bow to man in the movie. This come from the book of Adam and Eve. These angels even rebel in satan’s house…a house divided. Satan left in unrighteousness so how can his house be righteous? Those angels rebel against him too. The fallen angels fight each other y’all. Text: Power struggle.

The god of this world is satan. Do you know that? Scripture says that. There are many angels named Gabriel and Michael. Don’t worry about what my name is the angel said in the movie. Worry about the character of that angel, not its name. Satan has angels named Michael and Gabriel too. Text: I got a dictionary of demons and the dictionary of angels and the same names are in both.

Movie: Constantine: Gabriel was a woman in this movie and sided with satan. Satan likes to pick on Gabriel for some reason. Movie: Michael: With John Travolta. We are going to do a lesson on the righteous angels. The fallen angels are masters of deception, rebels just like satan. Text: in the movie The Prophesy 3 an angel layed with a human woman.

Angels don’t look like women or fat babies…lol that is deception.

Sex abuse ring: Joe Paterno was killed. He died 2 months after it was found out. He was still coaching up until then. Sandusky is taking the fall for all of them. Joe Paterno’s family will receive 13-15 million dollars in a pension plan. This is hush money. They took away all his victories. Paterno was involved in it. Sandusky was raping boys in the shower and this guy walked in, saw and walked out. He reported it to Paterno he said but not to the police. No, this is not true. ALL of them joined in to rape these boys…FILTHY ROMANS. Joe was killed. He was talking. Sports, they have to do…Ocho-Cinco, T. Owens, Iverson…why are they out now? They went against the grain and got locked out of the leagues. Text: claim they are cry babies.

It’s more than that. They want to make money, they don’t care about no cry babies. Yeah there is a homo- sexual ring in sports. I believe T. Owens is that way. Just look in his eyes. Deion Sanders too. Text: Cruz the boxer is gay now. Text: He doesn’t like Israelite women.

No women PERIOD.

Vince Young…NO way he spent all his money! The Jews spent all his money, the agents. Why do the agents have their debit cards giving them an allowance? Michael Vick owns dogs now…SO WHAT. They will not leave this brother alone. He pays child support, house payments yet they say he blew 30 million dollars. He paid 10 million just in lawyer fees!

OJ Simpson, those two were involved in something. He was in Chicago when it happened. They were nearly decapitated. These were not everyday killings. See we are not citizens here. OJ was a hero to them so guess what they will do to us who talk about them. We aren’t safe here, family. Those killings were sacrificial like. There was blood everywhere yet no blood was found on OJ. She was sleeping with all OJ’s friends. She was not innocent. Don’t forget where we live…Babylon. How many of you are happy here? This place is meant to be a prison you us. Text: Now even the Gentiles are starting to catch hell like we always have.

Hollywood is the hub of white supremacy do you know that? Movie: 10,000 B.C.: ‘brews said we were waiting on the white man to come save us.

Comics: The super hero called the black panther: He is an avenger. Yet he was not in the movie. Why? The black panther is the husband to storm played by Halle Berry. Wesley Snipes wanted to make a black panther moivie and then they put him in prison. The black panther is your story. Do you know that? The black panther is from a country with technology and the world does not have it. Yeah, in this cartoon, the black panther beat up Captain America. I will send it to you ahk. Hollywood puts our men in dresses to be a clown, to look stupid…Tyler Perry, Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence. Do y’all notice the SAME romantic comedies have been coming out since ’96. LOL in the room. They just change the cast. Malcolm X won no awards yet they gave Washington an Oscar for training day. An award for a crooked police officer. Halle Berry, I don’t see how she won an Oscar. Text: She did a good job playing Dorothy Dandridge.

Movie:Color of the cross: They went to TD Jakes to consult the movie. Why didn’t they go to a Messianic Hebrew Israelite? I wish they had. In the movie they said they hate him because he is black. NO. It was a nation issue not a racial issue back then. They got His name right though, they said Yahshua in the movie.

Jesse Jackson Jr., they are about to get him! They are looking into his finances now.

The United Kingdom=the United Kingdom of Israel they say. They say all 12 tribes are over there. The throne of David is there and that Queen Elizabeth is a descendant of King David. Book: Ancient and Modern Britons by David Mac Ritchie. The word Briton means covenant man. The first people of Britian were Israelites. Text: ALL of Europe was black. Text: When the Moors ruled Europe. Text: They have ‘Jacob’s Stone’ under the throne. Text: Don’t they have the stone from the temple under the throne supposedly? Text: Nature knows no color is a good book too.

We are going to talk about this little horn and big horn in the book of Daniyah.

Lesson: Briefing or Overview of the coming man of sin lesson.

In John chapter 1, Yah spoke the Word. Let’s go to the Apocrypha. The ahk here just brought something to my attention, this Scripture. Apocrypha: The Wisdom of Yahshua the Ben of Sirach or Ecclesiasticus chapter 24:1-9. This is talking about Wisdom. Wisdom came out of the Most High’s mouth. Wisdom was the first thing created. It covered the earth as a cloud. We were born wise. We don’t need the tree of knowledge. This is why Yah said do not eat of the tree. What is wisdom? Let’s go to Deuteronomy 4:6. The laws are our wisdom. We didn’t need the knowledge of good and evil. Wisdom was created before Yahoshua. It was created first. Wisdom is spoken of as a woman in this chapter. (Me: Solomon also calls wisdom ‘she’ in proverbs chapter 1:20-21) (My sidenote: It’s funny that this Scripture was brought up because earlier that morning I was reading about spiritual wisdom coming from Yah in 1 Corinthians chapter 1:18-31 and chapter 2:1-16. These Scriptures are meant for you to see. I was going to email you these Scripts Ant before Shabbat but decided to wait. HalleluYah).

What is the anti-Christ?Anything against Yah. A spirit on people who are against Yah. What is the man of sin or man of lawlessness? Same as the anti-Christ. The world is filled with sin. Serial killers, zombie killers and child abusers. He (the man of sin) will do something that is even more sinful than these people are doing. He will be damnable, lawless and will carry the title the man of sin.

Rosemary’s baby: movie: June 18, 1966 is when the baby was born. The movie was a biography of the man of sin. He is already here.

The new world order comes from the time of Nimrod. It is total rebellion against Yah. It’s really the same old rebellion in the world. The new world order really is the new heaven and earth Yah said will happen. See they try to confuse you with terms.

Man is trying to destroy this earth. They can do it now with all the weapons they have.

Do y’all know who was called the lawless one? (waits for answers) Alister Crowley. He said do as you will. Entertainers worship him. The man of sin will say do as you want also. Snoop dog smokes weed with his 18 year son! He tells his son do what you want to do.

We need to look at the pre-cursors to the man of sin. Antiochus epiphany which means god on earth was a pre-cursor. What kingdom will the man of sin rule? Nimrod was the first man of sin. Nimrod worshipped Yah at first. There will be one kingdom the man of sin will rule. He will be king of a lawless nation. Yahoshua is the King of a priestly nation. One thing restraining some people from killing is law. But if there was no law…they would kill. Some people today let choose the gender of the child (after it is born?) that is lawlessness. Nimrod ruled the earth. No one else has done that. The man of sin will rule the earth.

What are the signs of his coming? Wars, economic collapse, murders…lawlessness. The more lawlessness you see means the closer we are getting to the revealing of the man of sin.

Obama has some attributes of the man of sin. Daniyah said he will be slick tongued, speak peaceable. In Jasher Nimrod spoke of union, unity, peace. E pluribus unum means out of many one. See Yah wanted nations after the flood. Nimrod brought unity. We are already one today, English is used around the world and the internet is use around the world. Text: rise of the machines.

Yeah, phones guns boats computers all that has been invented in the last 100 years. Text: especially after WWII.

The Mark will be similar to debit cards you use today.

Daniyah 12, Yah told Daniyah to shut the book. Daniyah did not understand the mark, the internet etc. This is for us in this day to understand.

The Pseudepigrapha describes the man of sins appearance in the Apocalypse of Eliyah chapter 3. He will be skinny-legged young lad with a patch of gray hair at the front of his bald head. His eyebrows will reach to his ears. He will have a leprous spot on the front of his hands. He will be a shape shifter: becoming a young child then becoming old. He will transform himself in every sign but the signs of his head will not be able to change. This is how you know it is him.

The man of sin will pattern himself like a Hebrew. Obama they say is linked to the first Hebrew that came here. They are trying to link him to us. Obama is the most disrespected president even more than George Bush II. Obama may be a one term president but will come back. He acted peaceful…Nobel Peace Prize even in 2 wars, the debate in acted peaceful. Romney was a bulldog. They made Obama look peaceful during the 2004 Democratic Convention when they wanted him to run. In 2008 they called him a savior of black people, patterning himself like Yahoshua, like a Hebrew.

What are the signs of his coming? How long will he rule? Three and a half years. Matthew 24, they will try to wipe out the earth if Yah does not stop them. What is the man of sin’s nature or character? He will blaspheme Yah. He will speak like a dragon. Satan is the dragon. He will speak deception. In that day, they will say Yah is the devil and satan is their god.

Prometheus movie: This movie relates to the man of sin. Prometheus was a titan, a fallen angel. Prometheus brought knowledge to man. The Olympic gods did not like that. Prometheus was used by satan to deceive Adam and Eve in the garden. In Exodus 23 Yah sent angels to speak on behalf of Him. Prometheus was sent by satan to deceive Eve. Satan has a throne he wants to be like Yah. (talks to someone) Yeah the reptilians use to walk upright like us. They can not walk or talk anymore. They could have been sitting at the table like us but Yah put them on their bellies to crawl in the dust. The year in the movie Prometheus is 2089. In the movie they say they created us…the same old fallen angel doctrine! The man of sin will say he created us. He will say he is the greatest god. He will blaspheme Yah saying he is the greatest. Yah spoke everything into existence. Yah created us. The man of sin will say that he created us to mine gold. Just like the annanuki, fallen angels said that to the Samarians. He will use the Bible to fool people (those that don’t have spiritual wisdom of Yah). He will say humans were created to mine the gold of South Africa. He will fool them with God. We know Yah and Yahoshua. If you are rooted in this Word, you will NOT be fooled.

Religion: Islam was created by Catholics. Buddhism and Islam use prayer beads, did y’all know that? The Koran has the Virgin Mary mentioned in it many times, do y’all know that? Miriam, Yahoshua’s mother did not stay a virgin. She had more children after Yahoshua. Do y’all know if a page is missing from the Koran or it is old and tattered, they will not use it anymore. They bury it in the ground. They will not keep using their book like we keep our old raggedy Bibles with the pages missing.

Satan planned thousands of years to rule 3 1/2 years…ain’t that dedication? LOL in the room! Talks about how satan went to Constantine. This will be the longest 3 1/2 years ever y’all. EVERYDAY of lawlessness.

What will the man of sin do during his rule? Persecuting us. Do you know that death will be rest for us? This will be the most horrible time of all of us. Text: Christians say beam me up Scotty (rapture).

Isaiah 57:1 read. Yah says He puts the righteous in the grave so they will not see the evil that is about to go down. In the book of Yasher, the righteous were put in the grave by Yah before the flood. The teacher explains how he is glad his mother is at rest and will not see fulfillment of Revelation. (My sidenote: A true story. I was telling my mother about Revelation maybe about 6 months ago and she said ‘Oh I hope I am dead when all that happens’!) Job said hide me in the grave. Revelation will make you tremble. Revelation says men will have heart attacks. Monsters in Revelation. Don’t think they are sinning when they start dying. Yah will put them in the grave when time comes close. Yahoshua’s eyes will be RED it says. Anger. Text: coming with that double-edged sword. Text: some heads rolling. (Hebrews 4:12; Revelation 19:15  thus saith Yah: the Word of Yah will be sharper than a double-edged sword coming out of the mouth of Yahoshua, HalleluYah)

Kayn, the man of sin has probably has already made his appearance but has not made his revealing yet. Yeah don’t go back into your house for anything.

Daniyah chapter 8 the goat with the big horn is Alexander. Text: Esau is the end of the world, 2 Esdras 6:9. (and Jacob is the beginning).

Hellenism=Hell or death, Alexander spread death, that homo-thug. Most movies are about Hellenism. There are no movies about Egypt. Prometheus is a Hellenistic movie. The man of sin will have a Hellenistic philosophy. The false prophet will announce the man of sin. Satan copies Yah. Yah made Aaron a prophet to Moses and Moses like a god and Revelation 11 the two witnesses.

Talks about animals here. We use to have dominion over the rain and the animals.

Mythology: They make you think it’s not true but it is true. They control you by confusing you.

(from the Apo. of Eliyah) the man of sin will pull the sun out at midnight and make the moon dance. This will be done with technology. Mars Rover: The rover has a laser that cuts through rocks. Wait a minute! Lasers can cut through rock, then they can cut through humans too. They have this technology. They know that the zombies are coming.

Watch the Vatican, Germany and France. The false prophet may be the pope. The Roman Catholic church is NOT innocent. Do y’all know that priests are immune from prosecution ( in sex cases)? Kinsley Report. Why do these men wait until they are 30 and 40 years old to tell? It’s ritualistic.

Yeah Caligula was 24 years old when he took the throne. That boy was brutal. Yeah child molesters get the least time in prison. Yet Michael Vick got 2 years. Kinsley Report. The man of sin will have sex with newborns. There was a man on the internet, Philippines, that had sex with a newborn. Someone left their baby with him. Text: Caligula had sex with his sister. Text: there was a ‘brew that gave his son HIV.

The inquisition: Catholics are the masters of assassinations and torture! Charley Sheen said he is a Vatican assassin. They use to cut them open and put rats in them. They use to pull off their genitals. The man of sin will pull off fingernails (and put irons in our eyes, Pseudepigrapha). They wanted the  Maccabean family to eat pork. We have to get tough y’all.

Selmon Rushdie (sp?) said Allah was a moon-god and they put a death bounty on him. Yeah he is still alive but the bounty is still on him. Bill Maher says he hates the Bible because he is homosexual. Text: he dates 2 black women. Yah said Ishmael, the Arabs will be a wild man. Arabs, china, (others mentioned) are the kings of the south and the U.S. is the king of the north, Yeremiyah 23 referenced here.

Religious ideology: Parliament of world religion meeting: Farrakhan said we all worship the same god. See Farrakhan knows.

The pope is the head of all religion. Catholic means universal or one. John Paul II kissed the Koran. The Vatican are keepers of the mystery teachings NOT the masons. The false prophet will come from here. Text: That’s why all new political leaders have to go to the Vatican to meet the pope.

The number 666: It is NOT the number of satan. It is the number of a man. The first six is the 6th day when man was created. The second six is the number of imperfection. The third six is the sixth kingdom in Revelation 17, it is the Roman empire.

The United States of Europe will be European Union’s name in the future. There will be a full economic crisis. Greece says it will be over for them by next month if they are not bailed out. They have to join the E.U.

The Bible has numerology in it y’all. Do you know that? Psalm 119 referenced. The Hebrew alphabet had numerical value. Yah said calculate his name. All numerology is not bad. Do you know there are numbers assigned to your name and birth year?…well let’s move on.

How will the man of sin unify the world? They will be made to give their border, religion etc. John Lennon wrote the song ‘imagine’ to promote unity. Text: Beatles music was evil too. Text: That one (album) cover with all those symbols on it. Text: There’s a documentary on Netflix about it.

They didn’t split up because of Yoko. The other guys knew what was going on. Paul was sacrificed. Text: They had a Jewish manager.

Michael Jackson owned the catalog to the Beatles songs. Paul did not like Michael after that. They did not want Paul to own it, whoever sold it to Mike.

This world is prime for the man of sin’s takeover now.

Rappers: Everyone imitates rappers. The rageddy jeans we use to wear, they wear now. Sagging jeans use to hand-me-down clothes. Now sagging jeans is a homo thing. They make money off of us. They take the athletes money. Text: Satan using Israelites to teach nations wickedness through music, sports etc.

Who is the man of sin? I’m watching Prince Harry. The one with the Nazi patch. The WILD naked one in Vegas. He was shooting at the Taliban yesterday.

Their masonic temple will sit in the outer court for them to trample. Not on Yah’s Set-apart temple grounds. A Jewish-Islam war will occur or I should say gang fight and then the man of sin will come in with peace. Let the temple be built he will say. 2 Thessalonians, he will stand in the temple Shaul said. Shaul did not know that the temple would be destroyed and a masonic temple placed there. So he just said temple. The temple is already built in South Africa. The Jews run South Africa.

Holocaust: The Jews killed Jews. Hitler was a Jew. Jews ran the camps. Jews created apartheid. Yahoshua said they are the synagogue of satan. They wear all black and have curls hanging down like locs.

The man of sin will set up an economic system with a mark. Revelation 17, the 10 kings are set up and the man of sin will rule them. The North American Union is already formulated. The borders of Canada, U.S. and Mexico will be dropped. The Mexican military was assisting after the Hurricane Katrina. They were killing our people. In California there is a race war going on between ‘brews and Mexican. This has been going on for a long while. Talks about the gang called MS-13 briefly. Yeah, ‘brews are surrounded by people who do not like us. The Native Americans did not help us. Oh I got Indian in my family. I have one curl.

Yah is going to reunite the tribes before we leave here.

The beast with 7 heads and 10 horns; the little horn.

Yahoshua said the abomination of desolation that Daniyah (chapter 11) talks about in, when he stands up (time to run). This lesson will be 2 weeks long. This guy will be a terrifying person. We don’t fear but I’m saying. He has no conscious. Nimrod slammed a baby’s head who he thought was Abraham. They use to say we are not human and take their families to see a lynching, a picnic.

Yeah, Hitler, Napoleon are also said to be pre-cursors to the man of sin.

Game: Nazi Zombies: Nazi scientists experimented with making super soldiers. The first Captain America was black. Keep your eye on Germany. Germany was in both WWI and WWII. Technology came out of Germany like smart phones. N. Tesla was smarter than Edison. Tesla had a wireless phone, high-tech laser, (mentions other inventions of Tesla here).

Movie: Prestige: Tesla tried to harvest energy of humans. Tesla inventions were taken by the U.S. government when he died.

Ice melting, oceans rising, what is causing it to melt? Ice melting from the bottom of the earth. The fallen angels are under there. Why is the planet getter hotter? Yah said they will not find them. Yah will send an angel with a key to open the prison in the earth. Text: Enoch 80 speaks on this as well.

Talks about the male lion and how the females do the killing. The male lion just came up and all the animals eating this hippo scattered. Yahoshua is the lion of Judah.

The next major war will be over water. Do y’all know there is a water shortage going on? Text: Like the ‘V’, they came to earth to get our water. Text: Khadafi had a project that he called the great man-made river. Text: It’s not hard to make portable water. (My sidenote: I saw this show a few years ago  about people lost at sea, where there is this machine that can turn salt water into fresh water and it was almost a thousand dollars back then but only makes a few cups at a time and not many people knew about it and still don’t. They recommended that every boat have this machine.)

The end of the overview.

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The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2a

Alright Shabbat Shalom everybody. We are talking about the Bible versus Christianity part 2 today. In last week’s lesson we dealt with the following six points of Christianity and the following six points of what the Bible taught about these doctrines or subjects that are taught in the Christian belief. Number one, we talked about the origins of Christianity, the origins of the Christian faith. We talked about Christianity not being of the Bible this was number two. Number three was Messiyah or Christ? Number four, Was Messiyah a Christian? Number five, the names of salvation. And we closed out last week with, Is the Messiyah and the Father one in the same being? So we answered those questions.

Now this week we are going to pick up and we will talk about these six points: The trinity, we are going to bring the truth about the trinity. We are going to go into what is salvation? We are going to talk about the laws of the Most High. Are they nailed to the cross? So the first one will be the trinity. Question 2 will be what is salvation? Question 3, are the laws of Yah nailed to the cross? Question 4, Is there life after death? Question 5, being born-again, what does that mean? Question 6, does man go to heaven or hell after death? And next week we will talk about 6 more. These are the 6 that we will deal with this week.

Let’s go. Let’s talk about the trinity. In the Christian religion its taught that the Most High Yah is part of what they call a trinity. A trinity meaning three. They say that Yah is part of three gods. Now when we went over the names of salvation, we let you know that the name of Yah is the name of  The Creator. So if you are new to this room this week, whenever you hear us say Yah and Yahoshua, we are talking about the Father and the Son. Yah is the name of the Father according to Psalm 68:4. Yahoshua is the name of the Son and Yah is the name of the Father. So when you hear me say, Yah and Yahoshua, I am talking about the Father and the Son. In the Christian religion they are called God and Jesus or Jehovah and Jesus which we went over last week are not the names of the Most High (and Messiyah).

Now as we get into this I want to briefly say this. As I started off last week, we in our assembly here at Yah and Yahoshua, this is part of our online assembly and within our organization and the Israylite movement that is taking place world-wide. We understand that according to the Scriptures, according to what is written, (that) we are the children of Ysrayl. The children of Ysrayl are the people mentioned from Genesis to Revelation. They are the people who made a special covenant with the Most High Yah. They are called the chosen people of the Most High. And we are their descendants. We being the direct descendants understand that the purpose and the reason of the Most High (picking ?) the children of Ysrayl is that He called them to do a special job and duty.

The children of Ysrayl, Yah has placed in their hands to be the deliverer of the Word of Yah. We have to deliver the Word to the nations. So this is the job and calling of the children of Ysrayl. Next week that will be part of the 6 points we go over. Who are the children of Ysrayl? And who are the Gentiles? That will be next week.

So as I was explaining about the children of Ysrayl, we are going to go over that extensively next week. We will show you who the children of Ysrayl are and who the Gentiles are. For those of you who can see me on the cam (web-cam) and say ‘well you look black to me’. ‘You don’t look like an Israylite to me’. See that is the whole point. The whole understanding of just who the children of Ysrayl are. We will go over that next week but I just had to put that information out there.

Alright y’all, let’s break this trinity thing off right here. Let’s look at this trinity because trinity as I was explaining means three. Within the Christian religion it is taught that the Most High Yah is broken down into three gods. They say that He is Yah the Father or they say God the Father. Then they say that He is God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. So they say He is three entities that make up one. They call Him a triad and/or trinity. So we are going to look at this and see if the Bible speaks on anything about a trinity. As we got into the information last week we spoke of Yah and Yahoshua being one in the same (they say). They are not one in the same. They are two separate beings but one in purpose, character and goal. They have the same mind-set and that mind-set makes them one. As we went over last week, this is the same oneness that the Most High gave us when He told us to go out and get you a wife and you become one with her. That’s what true marriage is. True marriage is the two people becoming one in the same mind-set.

Not that they go to some mad scientist and he glues their bodies together and make them one being. No such thing. When the Scripture speaks of that oneness, it’s talking about in same purpose, character and goal. So understanding that and understanding what Yahoshua Himself the Messiyah said when He said, Me and My Father are One. He was saying that they are on one accord, the same accord, the same page. The same oneness that we are commanded and the same oneness that Yahoshua prayed that His brothers become. So that is why we are trying to build a oneness here, to become one in purpose, character and goal.

S0 within the Christian religion the trinity is taught, three gods. And that these three gods are one. Let’s begin this week in the book of 1 John chapter 5. And last week we read from the King James. That was a little difficult for me because I have not read from the King James in a while. I read from the translation we have in our online assembly. We have pretty much endorsed this translation called the Scriptures. This is the one that we do our lessons from. This is the one that we present in this room. Yet the understanding is this: That it doesn’t really matter what translation really that you read from because you have to still have understanding from the Most High. If the Most High Yah doesn’t bless your mind with understanding then it’s this simple right here: You won’t understand. You won’t understand.

(Laughs) yeah need to practice that old English. So what I’m going to do here today, is I’m going to read from the translation called the Scriptures because it’s going to give you a better understanding. Yet it is still the same as you read it in your King James. Except the Scriptures are a much clearer English version and it has certain words that are supposed to be here as it relates to the Hebrew text. For instance it does not have lord and god in this translation. It has the names of Yah and Yahoshua restored. And so we are going to read from this translation this week. As we move along, we are going to upgrade it. It will be simple so you can learn as you go along.

So we have the trinity here. Let’s go to the book of 1 John. Because a lot of Christians love to use this right here. A message to you brothers and sisters that are in the religion of Christianity: The room is for you today, to bring you to a better understanding of the truth of the Most High Yah. So as these things are taught to you and have been taught to you, many of us come from underneath Christian teachings. We have been involved in it for years. I know I grew up with the tradition of Christian belief. I never belonged to a church as a church member yet I held on to those beliefs. Everything they believed, I believed. Hey, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is God. Lord and personal Savior. That He is part of a trinity. We go to heaven, I want to be a good boy so I can go to heaven and all that stuff. I held on to those traditional Christian beliefs.

Yet after I was brought into this understanding of the Most High Yah (and He)  just requires something more perfect than what we have been taught within the Christian religions. So you know, I just had to go with the truth versus tradition. For a lot of Christians, it’s hard for you to give (it) up. And I understand that but you have to let those traditions go. Many of us are stuck in the traditions and we get all nostalgic when we think about how when we were little and grandma dressed us up on Sunday morning to go to church and we get stuck on that stuff. And because we are stuck there, it’s like we can’t leave it so we don’t want to come to the truth because hey you know I’m not going to go against what grandma taught me. I’m not going to go against what my mama taught me. Yet you have to. You have to sacrifice and give up a lot to come to Yah because all of these things we have been taught in this previous world, in this world that we live in now, this physical that we can see the eyes, all these things that we have been taught, you know we have to give that stuff up.

Just about 90% of it you will have to give up when yo come into this walk with Yah. So when you come into the walk with Yah, you are coming empty-handed. You are moving into a new house with new furniture and new appliances. You leave that old stuff behind because it’s contaminated. So you don’t want to bring that over to the new walk.

1 John 5:7-8 Post this from the King James. Because I want to give them a better understanding. This is where a lot of Christians get caught up at. It says: For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit or the Ruach ha Qodesh and these three are one. The Holy Spirit in Hebrew is Ruach ha Qodesh.

As we went over last week. The word Holy means to separate or to set apart. So when you say Holy Spirit you are saying the Set-apart Spirit or the Separate Spirit. Now the Separate Spirit is the Spirit of the Most High. The Spirit is above all spirits on the earth (and heavens). So where it says the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, this is where a lot of Christians get lost. This is where you lose it my brothers and sisters. I’ll tell you what this means right here, the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit. This is where they get the trinity understanding from, that there’s the Father, then there is the Word and that the Word represents the Son and then there’s a separate entity in which they believe is called the Holy Spirit. They believe that the Holy Spirit is a separate entity from the Father in fact that the Holy Spirit as it is taught in Christianity is that it is apart of the Father yet it is not the Father. So what does it mean when it says the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit (or Ruach ha Qodesh) and these three are one?

Turn with me to the book of John chapter one. I’m going to show you what this means. The Father, the Word and the Ruach ha Qodesh. The Father is the Word and the Ruach ha Qodesh. The Word is part of the Father’s being. It is a part of who He is that is why the speech in which you give is so important. Your words are you. Your word is your bond. Do you know why? Because your words are going to lead you into judgment. These words, man will be held accountable for every idle word that he speaks (Matthithyah 12:36). He will be held accountable for it. So the Word here and the Father and the Holy Spirit, the Ruach ha Qodesh is all the same. It’s one. There’s no three separations here. There’s no trinity here. This is just one. Because the Word is apart of the Father, the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Holy Spirit the Set-apart Spirit is also apart of the Father. So these three are one. Understand that. Christians lose that understanding right there. These three are one meaning these three are all of Yah.

John chapter one. Let’s break this down and get understanding. I’m going to show you, I’m going to show you something in the Scriptures. Because the only trinity…remember trinity means three. The only trinity that is mentioned in here is satan, the beast and the false prophet. That’s the only thing that’s mentioned in Scripture.

Now understand, before we go to John chapter one. Understanding the origins of this trinity teaching, this is not a new understanding. This is not a new teaching. The trinity teaching is ancient. It goes back to Babylon, ancient Babylon. And in ancient Babylon even before the times of Nimrod, there was a trinity of gods that was worshipped on the earth during the days of Enoch. These were your head three gods. It was represented by the Father, the Holy Mother and the Holy Son. So the ancient trinity was made up of the Father, the Mother and the Son. And then when we get over to the days of Nimrod after the great flood and after the death of the god-king Nimrod who made Himself a god and king, after his death and he had a son and he married his mother. Nimrod married his mother and his mother was his wife. So you had Nimrod, you had his wife and you had his son. This is where the trinity teaching re-gathered strength after the great flood. (Talks to someone) That’s right Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz.

So this teaching…when man was on the plains of Shinar as we read in Genesis chapter 11, this is during the time of the god-king Nimrod. And when Yah Himself scattered man after He confounded our language and scattered us over the planet. We took with us that same religious mind-set into our new lands and our new nations. And now a new thing happened, Nimrod is no longer pronounced Nimrod because now we have new languages. Now he became Isis when we get over to Egypt. Now the ancient trinity of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz comes over to Egypt and now it’s Isis Horus and Set. Do you see? It’s the same thing. And so when you get over in Europe, when it finally reaches Europe, it came to Europe by Greece. That trinity was Zeus, if I’m not mistaken Apollonia (Apollo) and then there was another goddess (Athena ?). (sidenote: the triad of India is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). But that trinity was carried from Egypt to Greece and from Greece to Rome and from Rome it spread out from the European world.

So when you look into history and you look in the old days, back in the day, let’s say about a thousand years ago, do you know…and this is what some of our people get so lost at. Do you know that a thousand years ago that in Europe they were worshipping what’s called a Black Virgin Mary? Did you all know that? And the reason they were worshipping a Black Virgin Mary was simple. Because of this: Because those images of the so-called Virgin Mary was nothing but the image of Isis. You can see some of those old images…they have a black woman with a little black child in her hands as she is rocking him to sleep or something like that. Right, they are still doing it today. They still have those black images up there. That is the image of the goddess Isis. Because Isis worship was carried into Europe. Remember when I told you the history last week that when Constantine in the year 325 decided to make Christianity the state religion of Rome, he incorporated what the pagans were already believing into this new philosophy called Christianity.

So that was a new religion that was incorporated. He incorporated old stuff in what He called his new religion. So that worship of Isis was also incorporated into Christianity and now they have the worship of the mother. It was even changed over when Martin Luther split from the Catholic Church, the same trinity teaching yet now its the Father Mother and Son, its Father Mother and Holy Ghost.

Yet that worship of the woman will come back. It will come back into the new trinity. So I just wanted to put that there so you can all understand exactly what we are talking about here.

So the trinity is an old teaching. The children of Ysrayl NEVER looked at Yah as being part of a three triad god or as Yah being one God and then you have the other two gods. Do you all know that the olympics…who all is familiar with the olympics? I’m pretty sure we all are. Have y’all ever noticed that when the nation or the individual wins a medal for the olympics do y’all see how they have the one in the  middle who has won the gold medal? Then they have the two on the sides who have won the silver and the bronze. Do y’all understand that they have that right there to represent that ancient trinity? That’s right ahk that is the trinity. Where you have the one in the middle representing the Father God and then you have the two on the side representing as in the ancient times the Mother and the Son. But even now with what they have now with the Holy Ghost and the Son.

So that trinity understanding is represented even in the olympics because the olympics was a celebration or is a celebration of the god Zeus. You can look this up anywhere online. The olympics is a celebration of Zeus. That is what it began as and that is what it still is to this very day. So understanding that, that this is where that trinity teaching comes from, where this Bible does not promote a teaching of a trinity, three gods and all this stuff.  It does not. So let’s go to John chapter one. We see that the Word, the Set-apart Spirit and the Father, these three are one. I will show you what that means. John chapter one. Let’s bust this doctrine over the head and bury it and do all those things. Get it away, it needs to be far away. John is Yahcanan or Yahcocanan in Hebrew.

John 1:1-3, v. 1 Now in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yah and the Word was Yah. This is where Christians you have been taught that this represents a trinity. Because we just read in first John that the Father, the Word and the Set-apart Spirit are all one. And so here we come to the book of John and it said in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yah. So a lot of people take this to believe that this is saying that the Messiyah, Yahoshua was in the beginning with Yah. This is not what this Scripture is saying. In fact what it is saying is pretty simple.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yah. This Word that with Yah is His literal speech. That’s what was with Yah, His literal speech. That’s the only thing that existed with Him is His literal breath, His voice. That’s His Word. Because we are going to run over to Genesis right quick. In genesis chapter one we will see that when Yah created everything, He spoke everything into being. When we read this we don’t see anything else with Yah other than His Word. His Word is Him. It encompasses everything about Him because His Word is real. His Word is truth. Yah’s Word is truth. And all that existed with Him during creation was His Word.

Let’s go. Let’s go to the book of Genesis y’all. John chapter 1:1 told us that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yah. Okay, let’s check this out. Let’s go to the beginning because if he said in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yah then let’s go to the beginning and let’s identify what this Word was.

Genesis 1:1-3, v. 1-2 Read. v. 3 Here’s the key. We just read verse one right? It said in the beginning. Genesis in Hebrew is called Bereshith. Genesis is English. Bereshith means ‘in the beginning’ in Hebrew because that is what this opens up with. ‘Yah said let light come to be and light came to be’. Do you see that? Yah spoke light into being because the only thing we see existing with Yah is His literal Word. His literal Word is the only thing that exists with Him. And He said let there be light. And what happened? There was light. Let’s go to verse 6 of Genesis chapter 1. This is the Word that is spoken of in 1 John chapter 1 and the Word was with Yah. This is speaking about His literal Word because Yah the ALMIGHTY POWER speaks everything into creation.

Genesis 1:6 Do you see that? ‘And Yah said’, He’s speaking all this.

Alright now, let me just quickly point something out to you all as it was just brought to my attention. As ahki Michayah is posting these Scriptures and you see the Word right here…elohim. That is a Hebrew word and its plural for gods. As we went over last week and we said why we call Yah by His name and we don’t call Him by titles. We don’t call Him, elohim. This is just to cut copy and paste as the ahk is doing. But we don’t call Yah by el or elohim. Elohim means gods. And Yah is not associated with the gods. This title elohim was a reference to the fallen angels. Because when the fallen angels left heaven and came down among men they made themselves appear to men to be gods. Because they came down with what we call ‘supernatural powers’ and high technology. And so when they came before man and all man knew was sticks and stones and straw hats and straw houses, you know. And so when they came down and they made themselves appear…because they can do these supernatural things. They all appear before man as the gods. So that is what the elohim refers to.

So we don’t call Him elohim (The Scriptures says el and elohim). Just like in the King James where it says lord and god. We don’t call Yah lord or god but we insert His name wherever it says lord and god. So I just wanted to put that out there to you all so you can understand that as the Scriptures are being written on the screen, so you will understand just what we are talking about here. So where you see elohim (in the Scriptures), it says in the King James Bible lord or god. But what should be there is the name of Yah or Most High or Almighty or something like that.

So back to the lesson. As we read, Yah spoke everything into creation. Let’s go to verse 9 of Genesis 1.

Genesis 1:9 ‘And Yah said’. Do you see that? So as you go throughout this chapter of Genesis, you will see that everything that the Most High created He SPOKE it into creation. Because this was the only thing that existed in the beginning as He was creating. He spoke the earth into creation. He spoke everything into creation because that is how powerful His Word is. This is why you can not stump and step on the Word of the Father because the Word of the Father never changes. It represents truth. What He said in the days of old is still true for us to this day because His Word is everlasting.

So we saw right here ‘in the beginning’ as in the book of John. Let’s go back to John chapter 1. I’m going to read this again. We just validated what is being said here. We didn’t make it up. We didn’t pull it out of thin air. We validated Scripture with Scripture. So in John, Yahcanan, It says:

John 1:1-3 Because Yah is His Words. Yah is truth. Yah is justice. The Word of Yah is truth. I will show you that in just a moment. But do you see that? The Word was with Yah. So when we went over to Genesis and we read that the Father spoke all these things into creation, that’s all that existed with Him (His Words). Did we not see that? v. 2 So Yah’s Word was there in the beginning with Him. We just went to Genesis and we read ‘in the beginning’. Right? We saw that Yah spoke all into creation. He spoke it all into being.

v. 3 Do you see that? All came to be (made) through Him. Why? Because Yah spoke everything into creation. So everything came to be through Yah’s Word. ‘Let there be light’. ‘Let there be water’. ‘Let there be trees’. Do you understand? So nothing existed ‘let us make man in our image and in our likeness’. Man was spoken into being, into existence. And when Yah said let us make man in our image, we will talk about this understanding.

So He said all came to be made through Him and without Him not even one came to be made, came to be made. So if Yah never spoke it into creation, it doesn’t exist. He SPOKE everything into creation. This is not talking about a trinity here. This is not talking about Yah needed a helper. This is not talking about a small god. This is not talking about a god junior. This is talking about Yah’s literal Word. ‘Let there be light’. ‘Let there this or that’.

Now let’s go to John 14. We just read John 1, let’s go to chapter 14. Remember what it said. It said that the Father, the Word and the Ruach or Set-apart Spirit were one. Right? So we are seeing how the Father and His Word are one. The Father and His Word are one because all that existed during His time of creation was His literal words.

Let us continue to get this understanding that there’s not three gods we are talking about here. A god family that is the elohim. That is the fallen angels. You have multiple in the fallen angels. So what we are talking about here, we are not talking about different gods. We are talking about Yah. Yah is the alone Power. He stands up here. He stands head and shoulder above anything that is out there. So Yah is here and everything else is beneath Him. He didn’t need help with creation. There was not anybody there to help Him with creation. He did all on His own.

He did not have to go ask anybody how to do this and how to do that. He did it on His own. Because He is all-powerful. John chapter 14. (Talks to someone) That’s right 200 elohim. Do you know what? Absolutely. That was the number of the watchers. There were 200 watchers but even with the ones that fell with satan…satan took a whole HOST with him. A THIRD of the malakim he brought down with Him. So pssst there are a lot of them out there, fallen angels. Kayn ahk, probably BILLIONS, yep Absolutely right. PROBABLY BILLIONS. Whew that is a lot.

John 14, what I want to read to you now…the understanding that I want to give to you now…is how did…be  cause Yahoshua is the Word of Yah. Right? Scripture calls Him the Word of Yah. But we saw that in the beginning Yah’s literal Word existed with Him. So how did Yahoshua the Messiyah become the Word of Yah? In fact, I want to do something real quick. You know to make this a little more understandable. I want to go back to John 1. Before we read John 14, let’s go back to John 1 to understand because people want to say Yahoshua the Messiyah is the Word of Yah so that means that what we just read in 1 John, that’s  talking about Yahoshua that was there during creation. And that Yahoshua helped Yah to create.

John 1:14 So it says the Word became flesh and pitched its tent (dwelt) among us. This is talking about Yahoshua. Yahoshua the Messiyah became flesh, in the flesh body and pitched His tent (dwelt) among us or He lived among us. Pitched a tent is synonymous with a house. He built His house among us. So Yahoshua became the Word of Yah. Let’s see how He became the Word of Yah. John 14. What we just read in Genesis, that is speaking about the literal Word of Yah because Yah’s Word is truth.

John 14:6 So Yahoshua the Messiyah says that He is the way. He says that He is the truth and He is the life.

So when He says I am the truth. What is He talking about? Turn with me to John chapter 17. Didn’t He say He is the truth? Right? What is the truth?

John 17:17 Your Word is truth.

So when Yahoshua said I am the truth, He is telling you ‘I am the Word of Yah’. So what is the Word of Yah? Let’s break that down. What is the Word of Yah? What is Yah’s truth? Yah’s Word is truth. Right? What encompasses Yah’s Word? Let’s go to Psalm 119.

Yahoshua said the Word of Yah is truth. And Yahoshua said He is the truth. But what does Yah’s truth encompass?

(Talks to someone) that’s right speaking, teaching and living the truth of Yah but still we have to come back to what is that Word? What is that truth? Let’s see what the Book of Yah has to say about this. Tehillim in Hebrew, Psalms (in English). Psalm chapter 119.

Psalm 119:142 Torah, remember we went over this last week. Torah are the first five books of the Bible and it means instructions and it means law. So it says here that your law is truth. Let’s go over to verse 151. We are in Psalm 119.

Psalm 119:151 Do you see that? Your commandments are truth. So Yah’s law and commandments encompasses His Word. And that is the truth. That’s what truth is. So when the Messiyah says I am the truth, He is saying ‘I am the law’. ‘I am the commandments’. this is how He became the Word of Yah.This is how the Word became flesh and dwelled among us. But in the beginning, Yah’s Word is His law, Yah’s Word is His commandments. Yah’s Word is the truth. In the beginning all that dwelt with Yah was His truth. And His truth is His Word. There’s a law that runs and governs everything within society. There’s a law that gives the sun the right time to rise and gives it the right time to set. There’s a law that dictates how the moon is going to shine. How much of it is going to shine at this time and at that time. Yah spoke all that into being during creation. That is His Word. That is the truth. The Messiyah, by living the Word of Yah, each and every one of you can become the Word of Yah. By following and being Yah’s Word. Yahoshua did not just speak it but He LIVED it. He lived the Word of Yah. He became the Word of Yah. Understand, He became the Word, became flesh and dwelt with us.

So that is what that is talking about. Once again 1 John, the Father, the Word, the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Holy Spirit, the Set-apart Spirit are one. They are all aspects of Yah. They are all Yah. Yah is the Father. Yah is the Word and Yah is the Set-apart Spirit.

Now when we look at this term Set-apart Spirit brothers and sisters this is a term that denotes that this Spirit is Set-apart from all spirits. Yah the Most High is a Spirit. The angels are spirits. But when we say the Holy Spirit, the Set-apart Spirit, we are talking about the greatest of all spirits that exists. So there CAN NOT be a spirit that is higher than Yah the Most High. That’s why He is called the Most High. He is the Highest of the high. So when you say Set-apart Spirit, Holy Spirit, you are talking about the Spirit of the Father Yah. That’s His Spirit. So when we go back to 1 John, the Father, the Word and the Spirit are ALL Yah. Their all Yah. All of it relates to being the Father Yah. There is no trinity. There is no Yah here, Yah there and Yah this. Yahoshua is Yahoshua the Messiyah. The Set-apart Spirit is Yah’s Spirit and it is on accord with Yah just like Yahoshua representing the Word of Yah is on accord with Yah.

Do you know that today, we speak to our Christian brothers and sisters…Christians do you know when we come to you, we are representing what? We come to you and we speak to you out of this Book, we are not representing ourselves. We are representing the Word of Yah. And so when you look into our personal lives and you see how we are trying to keep the commandments according to how the Father has given them to us. We are representing and we are becoming the Word of Yah. Yahoshua gave us the example on how to do this. So now we know how to be obedient. Now we know what true humbleness is. Because the Word of Yah has exemplified this. He has become the laws and commandments in the flesh. In the flesh. So that’s what that means by brothers and sisters when it says that the Word and the Spirit, they are all one.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 33. To let you understand what this is speaking about when we say the Word of Yah, in the beginning was the Word once again this is speaking about Hi literal Word.

Psalm 33:6 Do you see that? By the Word of Yah the heavens were made. Because He spoke it into being. ‘Let there be this or that’. Yah spoke this into being. Then it says and all their hosts by the Spirit of His mouth. Because Yah’s Word is His Spirit. Yah’s Word is Spirit. And when these words came out of the mouth of Yah and went out and they did as their Master bid them to do. They created. The heavens and the earth was made by the Word of Yah. This is not saying that Yahoshua was there during creation because Yahoshua through His earthly walk became the Word of Yah. He became the Word of Yah by keeping Yah’s laws and commandments and being obedient to Yah’s Words to the fullest. TO THE FULLEST. Better than any man has EVER done. And better than any man will ever do. Yahoshua has already accomplished that.

So this is what it is speaking about, the Word of Yah. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 3. I hope you are staying with me. I hope I’m not moving too fast. But we have to understand this trinity teaching y’all. That is an ancient pagan practice. An ancient pagan philosophy. That is not of the Father Yah. That is from the pagans long ago and they brought that into their new belief. But it is not one that was pre-existing, as it dealt with Yah. Matthew 3, to let you know that there was Yahoshua on earth and as we talked about last week when Yahoshua was on earth, heaven was not empty of its ruler. Yah’s throne was not vacant when Yahoshua was on the earth. To prove that look at this.

Matthew 3:16-17 Immersed, you know it as baptism. But we call it the proper term, immersing because when you are immersed the whole body is immersed into the water. This is why it is called a water immersion. So after He had been immersed, Yahoshua went up it says immediately from the water. (Continues to read v. 16). v. 17 Read. So we see that when Yahoshua was on earth, that heaven was NOT empty. Yah was still in heaven. It said that the Ruach, the Spirit of Yah descended down on Yahoshua and then there was a voice heard from heaven. So Yahoshua is the Son and that Son is represented as becoming the Word of Yah. And He and Yah are on one accord but they are not apart of a trinity. There is not another god to speak of because Yah is one. (Talks to someone) kayn, we are looking for a testimony like that. See Yahoshua is…if you have a trinity…if you have these 3 gods you know they should have some equality somewhere. But Yahoshua is beneath Yah. And the power to become a savior, that was the power given to Him by Yah.

Let’s go to the book of Isaiah. Yah is the only savior y’all. When Yah created He needed no help. You know the last of Yah’s creation was man. That is such a beautiful thing because had Yah created man on the first day, man would have twisted these Scriptures to have you believe that Yah created him on the first day because he helped Yah during creation. That’s what satan would put into the minds of these deceived men and then that would be a doctrine. That man and Yah created everything. But we see that Yah spoke everything into being and THEN He brought man into existence AFTER everything on earth was made for man. Yah made everything you needed first and then He created you from the earth. He created you from the earth.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 43. This is to let you know some things here. Yah is the Almighty Powerful. Yah is the Savior. Yah is everything y’all. Yah is everything.

Isaiah 43, to show you that Yah is the Savior. And show you that Yah gave the saving power to Yahoshua but Yahoshua did not become the Savior on His own. The power was granted to Him for His great walk because He walked and He became the Word of Yah.

Yesiyah 43:3, 11, v. 3 Do you see that? Yah is your Savior. He is the Savior. Let’s go to verse 11. We will see this repeated. v. 11 Do you see that? Because Yah is the Savior but He granted the power to save to the Messiyah, Yahoshua. That was His reward for not sinning, for not being disobedient to Yah’s Word. This is how He became the Word. But His reward is that Yah granted Him the power to be the Savior. Yah sent Him as the Savior back to mankind. This is why I always end it with Yah…when I speak about Yahoshua’s name, I always say Yah the one You have sent to us to be a Savior, to be a redeemer, to be our Messiyah. Yah sent Him and gave Him the saving power yet that power was in the hand of Yah because Yah is the ALL Powerful One. He is One. There are not two of Yah. There is One.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 6. Yahoshua has saving power in His hand because Yah gave it to Him. But Yah is the Savior because do you know why? When you see Yahoshua, you see Yah. Because Yahoshua is doing the work and the will of Yah. He represents Yah to the fullest. Deuteronomy 6:4, this is called the Shemoth in Hebrew it means listen or hear because this verse starts off with the Shemoth. It says hear O Ysrayl, Yah is One. Hear O Ysrayl…remember remove that title elohim, god or lord…remove that. And we are going straight with Yah. Hear O Ysrayl, Yah is One. Do you see that? So how can you make Yah three (beings)? You can’t do it. Yah is One. Yah is the Word. Because His Word is righteousness. His Word is truth. Yah is the Highest Spirit so He is the Set-apart Spirit and He is the Holy Spirit. There’s no trinity. There’s no three gods. Because if you have three aspects then you are looking at three angels. If you have three different angels then that means that these three different angels can be on different accords, on different pages. Because when Yahoshua prayed to the Father Yah on our behalf, He said Father Yah make them one like we are one.

And when Father Yah tells us we are to become one with our wives…that is oneness in the same purpose, character and goal. One. That’s it. There’s no three aspects to it. It’s just one. Yah is One. When it says Yah is One, Yah is Unique. He has the Highest Power. So this is what we are talking about. There is no trinity brothers and sisters.

The only trinity we see that is spoken of is satan, the beast, and the false prophet. The beast represents what we call the man of sin. And these two are one with satan. So there is your trinity right there. That’s why the only trinity in Scripture and it says that they are going to be thrown into the lake of fire.

But there is never an aspect of Yah, then you have Yahoshua…(never this) you have Yah on High, you have Yahoshua on High, then you have the Holy Spirit on High (never this). Christians teach that each one of these are a separate entity. You can pray to the Holy Spirit. You can pray to Yahoshua. You can pray to the Father. Because they are three aspects of a god. That is dangerous teaching there. It’s dangerous because it goes against Scripture. It goes against the truth. And Yah is only One.

Now I had a few more Scriptures dealing with this but I think it has been explained that Yah is One and there is no trinity. Yah’s Word is His literal Word. Yahoshua, we don’t see…people ask me all the time…and Christians have a doctrine that teaches that the Messiyah pre-existed. But when we go into Genesis…

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Book Review: Black Indians


Do you remember not to long ago, I did a book review on a book called The legacy of Ibo landing by Marquetta L. Goodwine? Well in her book she referenced this book. It’s called Black Indians:A Hidden Heritage by William Loren Katz.  Remember she said that the Gullah (Israylites) ran into Florida, after the 2nd Gullah (Seminole) War, they were marched on the trail of tears with the Native Americas to the Oklahoma and North New Mexico areas. She said today people in this region still speak Gullah. The Native Americans that lived in Florida were called Creek and later their name was changed to Seminole which means ‘runaway’ as in runaway slaves. The original book (above) was published circa 1986 by Ethrac Publications. This copy is the updated version, I believe January 2012 edition. This book will tell you what happened to the Gullah out west. I have not read it yet, I’m not going to spoil it for you. I do have this other book (I’m not ready to talk about it yet) that states that the word cowboy is thought to possibly originated as a term for a slave herder. They use to call our men ‘boy’. This book, not mentioned, also states that the slaves taken from Gambia were known to be expert herdsmen and served as cowhands in the southern slaves. The words buckaroo and corral it states entered American ranching vocabulary by way of Gullah buckra and Angolan-Portuguese Kraal (crawl). Bill Picket, a black cowboy was of South Carolina ancestry, Gullah.