Book Review: Zombies

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to: Zombies by Nathan Robert Brown. This book has 15 chapters: the voodoo zombie, the rise of the living dead, the extended zombie family, psychology philosophy and the living dead, zombies in early literature, zombies in recent literature, zombies in comics, zombie comics on the web, early zombie films, George A.Continue reading “Book Review: Zombies”

The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2d

So being born again according to Scriptures as we will read right now in John chapter 3:1-8. It’s real simple y’all. It’s not that hard, what the Messiyah is talking about here. I’m going to tell¬† you there is not a saved Christian on this planet. Out of the 2 billion plus, there’s not aContinue reading “The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2d”

The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2c

Now remember when the Messiyah taught, He taught from what’s called the law and the prophets. There was no book called the new testament during His time. He did not go and teach the people from the book of Galatians. The Book of Galatians was not in existence. He did not go and teach fromContinue reading “The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2c”

Briefing of the Coming Man of Sin Lesson

All this righteous music we have now, we didn’t have this a few years ago. We have so much set-apart music of Yah now that we could run a radio program for several hours. This is the last movement y’all. We are to go to the Gentiles and tell them we are Ysrayl. This isContinue reading “Briefing of the Coming Man of Sin Lesson”

The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2a

Alright Shabbat Shalom everybody. We are talking about the Bible versus Christianity part 2 today. In last week’s lesson we dealt with the following six points of Christianity and the following six points of what the Bible taught about these doctrines or subjects that are taught in the Christian belief. Number one, we talked aboutContinue reading “The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2a”

Book Review: Black Indians

Do you remember not to long ago, I did a book review on a book called The legacy of Ibo landing by Marquetta L. Goodwine? Well in her book she referenced this book. It’s called Black Indians:A Hidden Heritage by William Loren Katz.¬† Remember she said that the Gullah (Israylites) ran into Florida, after theContinue reading “Book Review: Black Indians”