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The Fallen Angels part 5c

This is the second part of the fallen angels lesson. The first part was the forbidden knowledge and origins of the gods. This lesson will go over the secret societies and the return of the fallen angels. They will make a physical return and announce themselves as our gods, as we will show from Scripture.

Now, I will go over some of the references or books that I will be using. Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated by Dr. Cathy Burns, The Book of Jasher as referenced in the Books of 2nd Samuel and Yahoshua (Joshua), the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha volume 1 and The Scriptures translation of the Bible. It’s published by the institute of Scriptural research. I like it because it has the name of the prophets, like Yeremiyah as opposed to Jeremiah. We will be using The Book of Enoch edited by Robert K. Brown and lastly we will use the dictionary of freemasonry by Robert McCoy.

Let’s start with the dictionary of free masonry. This is page 345. This is the definition of a secret society as defined by a secret society so what better place to start? This is a very interesting book. There are tons of terms that I wanted to share with you guys. There’s so much information on secret societies in here that it would have taken like 5, 6, 7 hours just to compile it because that satan. satan sends you around in loops. You know, one god led to the next god, which led to another and another god, then your back to the other god. We will read about this. We will try to decifer it the best we can.

Page 345, it reads: All great associations of antiquity that objects in which we were to civilize and improve the condition of mankind or secret societies. They were called mysteries. The mysteries of India, Egypt, Greece etc. were secret orders and great educational institutions.

So there you go right there. Their letting you know that you have to go to a college or a mystery school system as an initiative to learn. This information was not readily made known to everyone. You had to prove yourself. Again, going back to that having to make an oath, like we discussed in the first lesson. They had to be selected. And they had to prove themselves worthy to go to these mystery school systems. These schools were mostly reserved for the wealthy.

Continues to read: Institutes were established for the advancement of men in wisdom. The wide extension of the secret principle in present time and the immense number of secret philanthropic societies which over all lands prove that there must be some once universally felt to which political institutions do not respond.

So basically what they’re saying is…I don’t know if y’all ever watched x-men? They all said the truth is out there. That’s basically what their saying right here. There’s something out there that regular, unknowing society can’t be given. So that’s the basis behind these esoteric societies. Their saying that there’s something out here that regular government and regular society can’t get. You can only get it from them. This is a lie going back to the garden, Genies 3.

Continues to read: It says political institutions do not respond…some elements of human nature, not represented therein which are the cause and groundwork for these secret orders.

So do you see? You’re not getting anything from watching television or just going to the library or something like that from just reading regular books. There’s something deeper, this is what they are saying. See, that’s the mystery behind mystery schools. We as knowers of the truth, we know the only secret is that there is no secret. Because in Scripture it says there’s nothing new under the sun. They tell lies.

Continues to read: When society and government are oppressive or imperfect, all that are imperfect when they do not provide for all the moral, intellectual and physical needs of men, the earnest, the loving, the hoping who dissatisfied with the present invoke the future. And the weaker who are crushed to the earth by the oppressive laws which govern all industrial arrangements become disgusted with these conditions and fly to embrace some secret order where a higher ideal is revealed.

See, and really man, if you guys can remember back to when we read from the last lesson with Genesis chapter 3 where satan was trying to intrigue Eve. Think of this right here. Think of what we just read, that satan talking to Eve, it kind of makes more sense to you when you have that picture in your head. When I read this, that’s when I see or hear that serpent talking. ‘Come on man, Yah ain’t teaching you everything. There’s so much out here for you to know.’

Continues to read: And the prophesy of a better state is announced.

‘You can be gods’.

Continues to read: We conclude then that secret societies have their origin in the deepest and most pressing wants of humanity. Now hold on for a second right here. Put you thumb here because I want to go back and crush this lie. Check chapter 3. Let’s go back to the garden. Let’s read.

Genesis 3:4-6, v. 6 Do you see the word desirable? That word desire correlates with what we just read…we conclude then that the secret societies have their origin in the deepest and most pressing WANTS or DESIRES of humanity. Do you see that? This is going right back to Scripture. So the very essence of a secret society is…evil. You know, you always want to find something new. You want to live forever. You want to know the secrets of the heavens. Well the secrets of the heavens were revealed to Enoch. Was Enoch in a secret society? No, Enoch was a righteous man. He was righteous in the eyesight of Yah.

Continues to read: They grow out a social arrangement which is unjust and unequal to the point forward to a time when justice and love shall possess and govern the earth.

I just wanted to share that definition of secret societies right there. So that’s their foundation. That’s what they are built on. They are built on a lie, going back to the original lie that satan told. There’s nothing new under the sun. There’s the secret… ‘oh we can give you all the keys and all the secrets to heaven and all this stuff.  No you can’t. Because like we read before in Jubilees when Noah said that prayer to Yah asking Yah to bind up the demons for the sake of his grandchildren. How did satan address Yah? satan addressed Yah as Oh Master Creator. satan addressed Yah with reverence and respect. But satan will get you to disrespect Yah by joining secret societies.

Now since we are talking about secret societies, we will go to the very first secret society. What do you guys think that was? Well, we left off reading Nimrod. And Nimrod spoke directly to the annanuki, the fallen ones and because of his loyalty t the fallen ones, they made him a god-king. The very first, let me give you a quick overview of what we did last time, in the last lesson.

Reads: Nimrod’s figures in some very early versions of history of the history of free masonry. Where he was said to be one of the fraternities founders. According to the Encyclopedia of free masonry, the legend of the craft in an old constitution refers to Nimrod as one of the founders of masonry.

Whew, check that out! Nimrod was called one of the founders of free masonry. And remember when we read about Nimrod having those lamb skins? That he got from his grandfather Ham, who gave them to his son Kush, who is Nimrod’s father. Nimrod put them on and had great power. Do you think it’s a coincidence that masons wear aprons and lamb skins. We are going to read the definition of those in a minute.

Continues to read: Thus the york mason, #1 temple…it says york mason #1. We read and ye making of…I’m sorry y’all, this is in old English so forgive me if I butcher this. Continues: At ye making of ye tower of Babel, there was a masonry first much esteemed of the king of Babylon called Nimrod. He was a mason himself and loved weld masons however he does not figure in the current rituals.

Humpf, that is a lie. So why are they still wearing lamb skins if he doesn’t figure in there? Now, remember brothers and sisters he wore that lamb skin. So now we will go back to this masonic dictionary. I will read from this book heavily. And only once from the masonic and occult symbols Illustrated book. We will read a lot from The Scriptures of course to verify.

So let’s read about the apron as defined in the masonic dictionary. This is page 87.

It reads: Apron the pure white lamb skin apron is to the operative mason an ancient and spotless emblem. The investiture of this symbol of purity and the order being the first gift bestowed upon the candidate. It’s made in behalf of the whole fraternity while the recipient in turn is required to keep himself pure in all his actions so that he may prove to the world that it is more honorable than the star or gator or any other order that can be conferred upon him.

 Now, I’m going to define the term star too. So you can understand the Biblical aspect of it. You all ready know what the star is. But we are going to confirm it.

Reads: The apron is worn by the mason to protect their garments from injury, spot or stain. The investiture of the candidate with the apron among the primitive masons formed an essential part of the ceremony of initiation. And was attended with rites equally efficient and impressive. This badge received the characteristic distinction from its particular color and material, with an essenian mason. It was accomplished by a process bearing a similar tendency and accompanied by illustrious not less imposing and satisfactory to the neo-phyte (sp?). He was clothe in a long white robe which reached to the ground bordered with a fringe of blue ribbon to incite personal holiness. And it was fastly tied to the girdle to separate the upper and lower parts of the body. With feet bare and head uncovered. Now check out this part. The candidate was considered the personification of modesty and humility walking in the fear of God. It says God right here but walking in the fear of Yah. Check that out. Where does that sound familiar? I will come back to this in a minute.

It says the lamb skin is 15 inches wide and 13 inches long blah, blah, blah. But I’m going to read this last part again because this is where we want to focus, right here. He sais bare feet, head uncovered the candidate was considered the personification of modesty and humility walking in the fear of God. Where does this sound familiar? Where did we hear this before? Let’s go back to Scripture. Let’s go back to the Apocalypse of Adam in the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha volume 1. This is Adam giving his testament or revelation or apocalypse to his son Seth. This is page 712.

Apocalypse of Adam chapter 1:9-12 He was confessing about before he took of the tree of knowledge or the tree of good and evil and we weren’t strangers to Yah. He recognizes this and is sad about it. They served Yah in fear and subjection this is after Yah gave them the garments to wear. So it is saying they recognized that they already had all of the knowledge that satan promised them. The only thing they got from it was death. And death is the same punishment that we are still paying for to this day. But I wanted to read that because it says you are the personification of modesty and humility walking in FEAR and they say the fear of God when you put on this lamb skin and this apron, this symbolic thing of the garments that was given to Adam and Eve. Because right here it says we served him in FEAR and in subjection.

So now, I will read more definitions of lamb skin and apron out of the book of free masonry. Next, we will go to page 565 and read. See, all you have to do is let satan talk because these books…these people are bragging. satan will tell on himself every time. When you have all these people who want to go out and join these secret societies and not doing the research…not knowing why they want to join the secret society. They just want to join it for the prestige or I can get out of getting a car ticket and all of this stuff. But what you don’t know is that these people are servants of satan. As are all religions. We will find that out too. Because we will show you where, who people call God, Allah, Buddha…all of these gods tie in…there all the same. That’s why when the fallen ones make their re-appearance, it’s going to be so easy for the unknowing or the people who aren’t rooted in truth…it’s going to be so easy for them to be pulled up. That’s why they will be burning Bibles. And that’s why true believers, who know the names of creation, who know the name of Yah and who know the name of Yahoshua are going to be persecuted. Just like it says in Scripture. But we will get to that in a minute. Again this page 565. This is about lamb skins, we read about aprons and now we will read about lamb skins.

 It reads: The lamb skin has in all ages been considered as an emblem of innocence and peace. hmmmm, sort of trying to get back that innocence that was stolen from us when we learned that we were naked. When we learned that we were uncovered. When we learned that what we had done was wrong. When we found out the knowledge of good and evil. Do you see that? Continues reading: The lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world will grant to those who put their trust in Him, His peace. He who therefore wears the lamb skin has a badge of masonry and is reminded of that purity of life and conversation, which is absolutely necessary for them to observe, who expect to be admitted into the grant lodge above.

So do you see, what we are starting to see here is lamb skin represents purity. This lamb skin represents innocence. But innocence that was taken from us the moment that we took of that tree. That’s why Yah made those garments for us…or those coverings. This is why we wear clothes today. The garments hid our shame. And what they are doing is re-enacting it, when they have that lamb skin on.

Let’s go to the leather apron. This si page 568. This is the masonic dictionary.  And afterward, we will go into the many names that were associated with Nimrod. And now we are going to tie in all the gods to Nimrod. Please get your books of Jasher out if you have them. Right now we are going to go to Jasher chapter 7. We are going to read this again to establish our premise. We are laying down our foundation to see how these people get worshipped as gods in exchange for their service to satan. Like I said in the previous lesson, that’s why you have such things as American Idol, Icons and all that. I’m going to show you a quick audio clip of Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey and how they channel spirits and they allow these spirits to overtake them. But not to jump too far ahead.

Jasher 7:39-45, v. 39 This is when Nimrod drove out the sons of Japheth. And he is coming back with his victory. And he is going to build the tower of Babel. v. 40 Again, he’s getting his information from someone and we already established where he got it from. He got it from the fallen ones, who are servants of satan. And in exchange for him giving himself over to these fallen ones, he’s being placed as a king over the people. So he’s becoming a god like we will confirm here in just a few seconds. v. 41-45 Verse 45 is key. He became the people’s master, baal, lord and ruler. In a minute we will go over these definitions. We will cover lord, baal and god. We will see the origins of those terms.

Nimrod in the Sumerian text, Nimrod is associated with the following gods. Now he was the first god-king. He was the first human worshipped as a god. And he worshipped the fallen ones. This is very important because today, the ruling class people who society considers to be gods, they have a fallen one who they answer to. And those gods have someone who they answer to. The god of this world who is satan (is who they answer to). And we can read that in Matthew chapter 4 and Luke chapter 4. where satan attempts to persuade Yahoshua, he said all these kingdoms, I can give you because they were given to me. That’s the whole trick. That’s the ‘ol banana in the tail pipe trick. satan says I will offer you fame and fortune. I will give you all of this, all you have to do is bow and worship me. So that’s what these people do. All of these rulers, big time, hollywood actors (bow down to satan). This is the origin of that whole god worship here and this is the origin of secret societies here. It was born with Nimrod. As we confirmed out of their own mouths in the masonic dictionary.

Now Nimrod is associated with these different gods. Nimrod is associated with Mardoc. Mardoc is a Sumerian solar calf. Remember the story of Nimrod dressing himself as a bull one time? He sacrificed the bull. He put the horns on his head. He covered himself in the blood of the bull, so he had a reddish appearance. He put the hooves on his feet and hands. He tied the tail around his back. This is where the cow, bull, Taurus come from…Nimrod. All you have to do is research and you will find it. So Mardoc is the solar calf that god. and I don’t find it to be coincidentally that Nimrod’s son was called Mardon. Remember we read in the book of Jasher where it said his son was called Mardon. Mardon and Mardoc are strictly similar. Now Tammuz was the Sumerian shepherd god. Tammuz is Sumerian. And Zeus is another name for Tammuz. Zeus came later with the Greeks and the Romans. And Zeus is the god of thunder. This is very interesting because the Nuwabians (sp?)… that guy Malachi York…the guy is in jail now but the Nuwabians they teach that Jesus is Tammuz. Now check this out. Zeus and Tammuz are the same god. Tammuz is the shepherd god. It’s funny because they say Jesus is the shepherd of the flock. They attribute all these things to Jesus. Zeus is the god of thunder. Jesus is latin for Zeus, those are the same. And they say that Jesus is Tammuz. These gods are all the same. And they all go back to Nimrod. Nimrod was the first god-king. Nimrod was the first human called a god. But these are their deities: Mardoc a solar calf, Tammuz the Sumerian shepherd god who was later called Zeus the Greek god of thunder and then you have Jupiter. Jupiter is the chief of the Roman gods. So you have the Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, and the Babylonians. You have ammon, molech. We will show you some research on molech in a few moments.

Then you have Kronos. Kronos is the father of Zeus and also Poseidon and Hades. So we have all these different gods tied into this one. They are all associated with Nimrod. There’s something interesting about Kronos. Kronos the ancient Greek god was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans. Define descendants of Gaia, the earth goddess and Aronus (sp?) the sky god.  He overthrew his father and ruled in the mythological golden age until he (Kronos) was overthrown by his own sons Zeus, Hades and Poseidon and imprisoned in Tartus. Now where did we hear Tartus from? Let’s go to 2nd Peter chapter 2.

2 Kepha 2:4 This is from the Scriptures translation. This is talking about sinful angels…the watchers. So you see here is Tartus right here. There is some validity in these stories. But for the most part they are myths and made up. But this god Kronos was imprisoned in Tartus. Because, these are on of the fallen. This is the story of the fallen being charged to fit the different societies of the day. These are the Greeks at this time.

Now, let’s go to the book of Enoch to further verify this. Let’s go to Enoch chapter 10. We will see Tartus again. Remember the story about the watchers. They came down and lay with human women. They were imprisoned. And their offspring were to be killed. And after the giants were killed that’s when satan bartered with Yah to gain control over a tenth of those demons. So it’s all intertwined. These people (the Greeks) this is just  their account of it. This is their lie. They give glory and honor to these things, these abominations, these wretched things.

Enoch 10:4-6 See this validates what we just read in 2 Peter 2:4. See this is satan. With every lie he will give you a hint of truth, so you will believe it. But we now know that…we know the story.  We know the fate of the fallen ones. We read it from Scripture. This is how they preserve their names. First we start with Nimrod then Mardoc and all these different gods. There’s a whole myriad of gods. Fo to the internet, you can find all the Greek gods and all the Roman gods. I just went over a couple just to associate these particular gods with Nimrod. But the Egyptians had 365 gods that they worshipped. The Greeks and Romans had many, so did the Babylonians but it all goes back to Mr. Nimrod. That’s why he is associated with these different gods throughout these time periods. He is associated with the Babylonians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Nu’ut the goddess of the sky in Egyptian culture, Osiris, actually Osiris is Je…let’s just keep on going.

Now we will focus on certain gods that are still visible to this day. They started with Nimrod and still carried over to this day. Now we will read from the back of the Scriptures. And from the masonic dictionary we will cite other references. We will read about baal. We will read about lord. We will read about god and Jesus. Then we will show you a brief video about Buddha and the traditions of the east. Then we will tell you about that star of molech that the Jews hold so near and dear. And the reason I’m telling you all of this is because these are secret societies as well…religions are secret societies. Because they claim to have something that’s divine. Every religion claims to have the truth. ‘oh the Bible is our Bible’. But they can’t…their gods are the heathen gods. Their gods are the elohim. El is a god. Psalms 82 says Yah judges the elohim. I know the Mighty One that I worship is the Mighty One of mighty ones. Hey, I can prove it. I can show you from Scripture and I can show it to you from scientific fact. Yah created all. Like I said, all those Egyptian gods, their nothing but the Babylonian gods, the Sumerian gods, the Greco-Roman gods…their all the same. They are not powerful. When they stand in the face of Yah.. satan himself as we read in Scripture before…let me go back real quick just to refresh our memories. Let’s go to the book of Jubilees, the Pseudepigrapha volume 2. This is page 76. This is the binding of 9/10 of the demons. This is the angels giving their account. This is after Noah prayed to Yah and asked Yah to bind the demons to protect his grandchildren. I just wanted to read this again to show even satan shows reverence to Yah, The Mighty One of Ysrayl.

Jubilees 10:7-8 Do you see that? satan even said ‘oh Master Creator’. So even satan himself bears witness to Yah’s authority. So with that being said all of you Egyptologists, you Buddhists and all you different religions out there, how can you claim that this god that you worship…first of all by even calling him god, your lessening His authority. So that should let you know that the one you worship is not The Almighty. But the Jews call Him Ha Shem or ‘The Name’. It says in Scripture in Acts 4:12, it says there’s only one name under the heaven by which we can obtain salvation. Do you understand?

And with Islam, Muhammed…Islam was started by Catholicism. Catholics worship mother god, the virgin mary, the mother goddess. This goes back to the Sumerians. It’s all intertwined. I’m just giving you a brief overlook of it because this would take forever and a day to explain each and every religion and go into each and every religion. Brothers and sisters, I challenge you to go and do the research for yourself. I’m merely laying down the ground work so you can go out and do research. That’s the purpose of this lesson, to let you know that these people are withholding the truth from you. And this is what makes religions secret societies. Because they are withholding truth. When those preachers go off to major universities and institutions of higher learning…secret societies…remember that… we read about that in the masonic dictionary. When they go off to these institutions of higher learning, they know the true name of Yah. They learn it. But for some reason or another they rather not teach it to you. They are instructed not to teach it to you. I don’t know, they will have to take that up with Yah. Because all of these quote-unquote prophets, all of them have your blood on their hands. Just like I’m coming to you. I had better be coming to you in the name of truth because your blood is on my hands. If you choose to believe what it is I’m saying. So I am ordained and ordered by Yah to tell you in Spirit and in Truth.

But yeah, I just wanted to show you all these different things about gods. Real quick, I’m going to show you a film on baal. This film talks about masons. I want to read to you a Scripture and they will go over this Scripture again (in the film). This is Hosea chapter 2. And this is Yah talking about the children of Ysrayl . Yah is upset with the children of Ysrayl because they are worshipping who? baal. And we will also read about who Mr. baal is in a moment.

Hosea 2:8 This is very interesting because it said her grain, her new wine and her oil. Do you guys know when masons…when they dedicate a new temple or when they lay the corner-stone to any building they do this same ceremony. There’s a ceremony where they lay grain, they lay oil and they lay wine on the cornerstone of each building. And it’s a ceremony dedicated to baal.

So this video is about 10-15 minutes long. And after that we will read about who Mr. baal is.

Video: Narrator:  From societies foundations demonstrates a clear link with may be the oldest society of all, free masonry. The society is shown here in 1993, reenacting the laying of the corner-stone for the United States capital on the 200th anniversary of the event.

A man speaks: (a mason) Know all that hear me, we proclaim ourselves free and lawful masons. True to the laws of our country. Professing to revere God and to confer benefits upon mankind.

Narrator: This is the ceremony in which Senator Strom Thurman, himself a 33 degree mason took part.

The mason again: Senator Thurman, we would like you to join in this…

Narrator: Their influence in American government is undeniable.

Man speaks: This is the same Bible upon which Presidents Clinton, Bush, Carter and George Washington were inaugurated president.

Narrator: In addition to the capital, free masons have laid the corner-stone for every major building in Washington D.C. This bronze plaque located inside the U.S. capitol marks the spot where the original corner-stone was laid by George Washington, the first American president and a free mason.

Another voice speaks: George Washington was probably the most famous mason in the world.

Narrator: The George Washington masonic memorial is entirely dedicated to the idea as Washington as a free mason.

Voice speaks: Now we do know that Washington participated in the laying of the corner-stone in the United States Capitol as a masonic ceremony and he wore his regalia as a master mason. And he laid the corner-stone and performed the ceremony…

Another voice: The cornerstone laying ceremony pre-dates free masonry although its early symbol purposes as a sacrifice to appease the gods or demons or whatever in pre-historical times. But there’s no applications of why free masons do it. The corn, wine, and oil to be used for this are also ancient symbols.

Man speaks: Corn is the symbol of plenty. Wine is the symbol of refreshment. And oil the symbol of joy and gladness.

Narrator: Why masonry maintains these symbols as a representation of a blessing there are some who believe they hold more hidden meaning.

Man speaks: With symbols there are always multiple levels. There are several different levels of interpretation with every particular symbol.

Narrator: Corn is an important symbol in masonry and is found repeatedly in Washington D.C. but what sort of hidden meaning could apply to corn? In Hebrew the word for corn is dagan which became the name of the Babylonian god. Some believe the same god was adopted by the Phoenicians under the name Dagon. While Dagon was often worshipped as the fish god. He was also the god of corn. His son was known as baal. Who is often called the son of Dagon or the son of corn.

Man speaks: Now corn of course, if we are talking about pre-new world times would be any grain or wheat.

Narrator: To complicate matters further, in the Old Testament we find the children of Israel offering corn, wine and oil to Yahweh the God of the Bible. Yet at some point God’s anger was kindled against them for turning the sacrifice into idolatry. In the book of Hosea, God says of Israel, she did  not know that I gave her corn, wine and oil, which they prepared for baal. Baal was once slain by the god of death and taken to the underworld but at some point he was resurrected or as it is sometimes called awakened. At Haynes point in Washington D.C. is found this mysterious statue of a bearded giant rising up out of the ground or perhaps out from his grave. The statue is called ‘the awakening’. According to the masonic encyclopedia another symbol for resurrection is the Egyptian obelisk, which is the shape of the Washington monument. The word obelisk is sometimes translated ‘baal shaft’ or ‘the shaft of baal’. As a result, critics of masonry argue that baal not Yahweh is the god to whom masons perform their ceremony. At the higher levels, the masons secretly worship baal under a hidden and unusual name.

Man speaks: If you go higher up into masonry, you learn the secret name of god which is a secret and the lost word that the masons in the blue lodge speak. They already know it, Jahovalence, a combination of Jehovah, baal and Osiris. It’s a deity that is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Someone else speaks: In the encyclopedia of free masonry, it admits on page 516 that Jebulon is a composite of three different names of different gods. Jev is for Jehovah, then bel or baal as the Bible spells it is the Canaanite god. And the Egyptian god that many masons reference Osiris. That’s interesting because when you look at what he (the author) has said, he’s admitting that the masonic name for god includes baal or bel.

Another man speaks: It’s not intended to represent a god, it’s only use in the ritual is to be used as a password to gain entry to the lawn.

Another man speaks: As a demonic god, it’s baal worship, that’s what you are involved in.

Another voice: Free masonry makes it easier for men of all faiths to meet together. We use the expression great architect of the universe. Now that’s not a name that but a description of an attribute of god, grand-gia-magician (?)…

So that film was pretty freaky, eh? Did you see the statue of that thing coming out of the ground? Wasn’t that crazy? These people worship baal. Now this is baal as defined in the back of  The Scriptures translation of The Bible. This section is called the explanatory notes. It’s funny because these notes no longer appear on the electronic (online) version of The Scriptures that you can download to your computer. They took this out. They said it was for an updated or advanced study. But we have it in the book so we will read it. This is the definition of baal on page 1219.

It reads: The word baal was the Phoenician or Kena’anite (Canaanite) deity. This word, it seems, gradually became a proper name. A similar word derives from the Aryan root Bhal which means ‘to shine’, according to some. According to W.H. Rosher’s well-known lexicon of mythology, Baal (Bel, Belos) was the ancestral and national deity of the Semites and say that Baal was the founder of Babel (Babylon) according to secular history. He is identified with Zeus, Jupiter, Ammon, Asshur, Assur, Kronos and Bel-Marduk. Morris Jastrow, Max Muller and W.H. Rosher all three agree: Baal is the Babylonian sun-deity.

This goes back to Nimrod and the annanuki. Because baal is the sun-god. That’s why when you see Jesus you always see that sun disc around his head. Malakim (angels) don’t have halos brothers and sisters. Show me in Scripture where it say that any malakim has had a halo. They do not. That’s sun worship. Because they worship baal. Just like masons worship baal. So Christians who are you really worshipping? We will read about God in a minute. We will read the definition of God.

Did you see all those names? They all go back to who? Nimrod and he goes back to the fallen ones, the annanuki, these wicked angels. So you see baal is another name for lord. We will read this is a second.

The baal of the nations were sun deities and baal worship means sun worship  Why do you think at the council of Nicaea (sp?) both the first in 1325 after the common era and the second was in the mid to late 1700s, they changed the sabbath from Saturday (or day 7) to Sunday (day 1)…the sun’s day. That’s why you go to Sunday morning worship service or sun rise service. It’s that simple. Christians you are worshipping the sun.

This next passage I will read is from Smith’s Bible Dictionary. This is about baal again.

It reads: Baal a supreme male divinity of the Phoenicians and the Canaanite nations and Asherah the supreme female divinity. So supposed baal to correspond to the sun and Asherah to the moon. (There you go that’s the origin of the Islamic faith right there, Asherah, because allah is a moon-god. Continues to read: Others say that baal was Jupiter and Asherah was Venus. There can be no doubt of the very high antiquity of the worship of baal. It prevailed in the time of Moses among the Moabites and the Amidianites…

As confirmed in Numbers chapter 22. Let’s go there real quick. Because we always want to make sure that we go back to Scripture so we can verify things.

Numbers 22:41 And it came to be the next day that Balak took Balaam and brought him to the high places of baal that from there he might observe the extent of the camp.

So see what they are denoting right there is that there was a high place to baal there. And they list several more Scriptures that you can look at later at your own leisure to see baal was prevalent in those times.

Continues to read the dictionary: And through them spread to the Israelites.

That’s why when we came out of Egypt, when we made our Exodus out of Egypt, Yah told us when we went into the land of the Canaanites…kill all of them…men, women and children, so we don’t pick up the practices like we did being disobedient to Yah as it shows throughout Scripture. Also look at Numbers 25:3-18.

Continues to read: In the times of the kings it became the religion of the court and the peoples of the 10 tribes.

This is talking about the Northern Kingdom after King Solomon had died and the kingdom was split in two so this is what this is talking about right here. 1 Kings 16:31-33, this denotes the different wicked kings of Ysrayl who had turned to baal worship. Also look at 1 Kings 18:19, 1 Kings 18:22.

Continues to read: And appears to never have been permanently abolished among them.

Until this day the children of Ysrayl are still worshipping baal. Why? Because of these Christian Churches. That’s what it is. It’s as simple as that. Baal has always been there. And masons worship baal which we will read in a few moments.

Continues to read: 2 Kings 17:16, Temples were erected to baal and Judah 1 Kings 16:32. And he began to worship with much ceremony 1 Kings 18:26-28, 2 Kings 10:22.

Continues to read: The attractiveness of this worship to the…they say Jews here.. but it’s Yahudeem (Judah) grew out of its lencious (sp?) character. We find this worship also in the Phoenician colonies. The religion of ancient British Islands much resembled this ancient worship of baal.

So uh-oh, here now we have it coming into the modern world, in ancient Britain. And where do the Americans get most if not all of their culture? They got it from Britain. So if the practice of worshipping baal was still prevalent in that day, then you better believe it’s still in this society today. Just go look outside. You know if you have a cross up on your wall…that’s baal worship because it’s worshipping the sun. Because you see, the cross just means the 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. And the sun disc represents the 12 signs of the zodiac. It’s so simple that’s why Jesus’ birthday is on December 25th. That’s the changing of the season, that’s the shortest day of the year. It’s all there brothers and sisters, the proof is in the pudding. You know that is why it’s so easy to refute religion. Because religion can be disproved but you cannot disprove Scriptures. You can not disprove what thus saith Yah. His Word will be here to the end of time. Even when they start persecuting [us].

Continues to read: The religion of ancient British Islands much resembles this ancient worship of baal. And may have been derived from it. Nor do we hesitate to regard the Babylonian bel (Isaiah 46:1) or belos, beos is essentially identical to baal. Though perhaps under some modified form…plural baalim is found frequently showing he was probably worshipped under different compounds among which they appear.

So they ‘appear’ as Jesus, God and all that is the same thing…Allah, Buddha they’re all worshipping Baalim…their all worshipping the same gods. You’re worshipping gods instead of worshipping The Father Yah. You’re supposed to worship Yah. Like it says in Scripture we ae to be a light to the Gentiles. And Gentiles means nations. If you are not physically apart of the nation of Ysrayl, you’re a Gentile. You can be grafted into the nation of Ysrayl. We are to be a nation of priests. But right now we are at the bottom. Because of our disobedience to The Father Yah. So now we have to come back into the knowledge of who we are so we can give truth to everyone.

The Masonic dictionary: This is their definition of baal. A Hebrew or Canaanite-like name signifying lord.

Uh-Oh, so when you say lord, god you are calling on baal’s name. And we will read about God here in a few moments.

Continues reading: The Phoenicians or the Sidonians (sp?) who went into Judea to build Solomon’s temple carried with them mysteries of baal represented by the sun. And many of the decorations of the temple referred to this system of worship.

This is a lie! All you have to do is read the book of 1 Kings when Solomon was constructing the temple and you will see that there is nothing in there dedicated to baal. Because why would Yah dwell in an abominable place? Why would Yah dwell in a place where anything of satan is there? That is a lie. There’s a reason why they want to get in there.

reads: The sun is a significant symbol of Tyrian (Tyre) architects and also the Jesuits and now of the masonic brotherhood.

Do you see that? The sun is a significant symbol of masonry as it was a significant emblem in this culture right here…the ancient masonic, you know the Egyptians. All you have to do is look at some pictures of Egyptians. As a matter of fact I will show you pictures now. The sun disc…above all their gods they have the sun. Now check out this picture of Jesus, you see there is something behind Jesus, it is a sun disc. Do you see that? And here is a picture of a bull, a Babylonian bull with the horns and then you have the sun in the middle. Do you see it’s all the same thing? It’s all worshipping baal. It’s all worshipping the sun. Your worshipping the sun, the sun-god. They see the sun-god as omnipotent, the giver and taker of life. That’s the attributes that they give to the sun-god. It can be the magnificent  or the wrathful god, you see but it’s still a god.

And now to further refute what these people say, let’s go to the Testament of Solomon. And let’s see what Yah gave to Solomon to construct the temple. This is volume 1 in the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. This is after Solomon finds out that one of his artisan’s son is being attacked by a demon. And we will read in Scripture also to see what Solomon did and we will see what Yah bestowed on Solomon. This is the Testament of Solomon chapter 1.

Testament of Solomon chapter 1:5-7 It was NOT a ring.  It was Yah’s authority that was given to Solomon. That’s how he put the demons under the band. That’s how he was the wisest man on the earth. That’s how he became the richest man on the earth. Because he was a humble man and Yah gave him the authority to do this. That’s why we say through Yah all things are possible. Without Yah nothing is possible. So you see brothers and sisters this is why the masons want to get to Solomon’s temple so bad. Yah gave Solomon the authority over everything, over demons and all of this stuff to help in constructing this temple you see. And so because of that, after the destruction of the temple this knowledge and all of this stuff was still there. So when those people came in there and sacked the temple, they are holding it right now. They want to reconstruct Solomon’s temple. So when the man of sin steps back on the scene, he can stand in that temple and declare himself to be the god of gods as it say in Scripture. But Let’s go to 1 Kings now. (my sidenote: The Israelites now say no one knows what Solomon’s temple looked like anymore. The 3rd temple the man of sin most likely stands in will be a masonic temple)

1 Kings 3:5-12, verses 5-8 read. v. 9 This is deep. This is what Solomon prayed for, wisdom and understanding. v. 10 Solomon’s speech pleased Yah. v. 11 This is Yah’s reply. v. 12 Yah gave him a wise and understanding heart. See, one thing we must have when we read is the spirit of discernment. We must have wisdom as well when we read these things so we know what is true and what is false. We have to pray to Yah to give us that spirit of discernment. Because they have a lot of stuff in here that is out right false. But at the same time some things in here are true. We have to pray to Yah to get understanding. You know chew the meat and spit out the bones. We can show you documentaries from these other people. [But] we know what is true. But when they go off into left field talking about all this crazy stuff, we must have the understanding, discernment. That’s why we always go back to our basics, we always go back to Scriptures. It reads I shall give you a wise and understanding heart. Do you see that? That’s the authority that he gave him. I will give you a wise and understanding heart so you can hear My voice and you can understand what I’m trying to do for you. This is how he was able to put those demons under the ban. This is how he was able to construct such a grand temple.

The mason’s want to rebuild a temple so they can use it for wickedness. We may do a man of sin lesson. Because that is deep. When the man of sin comes, that will be the time of persecution. It will be real bad for Israelites. Both physically and spiritually, it will be real bad for us. Because that will be in the times of persecution, we will be persecuted heavily to the point where we will have to flee. That’s the wilderness time, for 3 1/2 years. The man of sin will be allowed to rule until Yahoshua [returns].

So I’m going to show you a video of these guys trying to rebuild the temple right now.

video: This is the entry way to the temple in Jerusalem. This is where they have stored all the articles. This is where they are training priest and everything like that. Here’s the first golden menorah constructed since the first Holy temple in 70 A.D.! We will get to the importance of that in just a second. Here’s the garments of the ordinary priests and the loom already done, completely hand-made. Let me direct you to the mosaic wall. Here’s the spinning wheel with colored thread arranged for the high priests garments. Here’s 2 of the 72 golden bells all arranged to be around the high priests robes…ready to go! Here’s some of the golden flasks needed for water livation [refreshment]. Here’s the silver shovel for removing ashes from the altar of sacrifice. Here’s the golden and silver-plated rams horn to be blown in the holy temple services. Here’s the silver trumpets to announce temple services and regular festivals. Here’s one of the harps to be in the temple services. Here’s one of the lyres to be used for music in the temple services. They have the instruments already done. Here’s some of the wooden and golden lots use to determine which goat will be used for the sacrifice and which one will be the scape goat. Here is a view in the middle and that is pure gold folks, of the golden altar of incense in the middle. Here’s the actual knives sitting here ready to go to be used for the sacrifices being offered at the temple. Here’s the reconstructed out of gold, the table of show bread. Here’s the laver. There’s one of the incense chalis’. Here’s the actual garments waiting for the high priest. Here is the coat of the breast-plate. No, that is not a fake one you get in a gumball machine. They are spending some serious cash folks. Those are actual jewels. Ok, things are getting so close folks that for the first time since it was removed by the Romans after the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D., the golden menorah is not just finished it is once again returned to the temple area. And right now, this just happened just a couple of weeks ago..wake up…the golden crown for the high priest to serve in the temple is now complete…

Another voice on the video: The Bible commands us, and you should make a menorah of pure gold of beaded work shall the menorah be made. To meet this daunting challenge the temple institute after many months of intensive research assembled a team of artisans, craftsmen, engineering experts and scientists to recreate the golden menorah fit for use in the holy temple. The menorah contains 95 pounds of pure gold, today valued at 2 million dollars. It’s total rate is one half ton. For 2,000 years the Jewish people have become accustomed to the scene depicted on the arch of Titus. The notorious symbol of Jewish exile. Our fore fathers, forced to carry the sacred vessels of the holy temple out of Jerusalem and into exile. Witnessing the menorah once again being carried through the streets of Jerusalem but this time towards the temple, filled the people with an overwhelming feeling that history was being reversed. (The video ends.)

See these are wicked Jews. They are pronounced as the synagogue of satan, by Yah in Revelations 2:9 and Revelations 3:9. Because how can they be the true children of Ysrayl and they are in the land already? When Scripture says Yahoshua would return us to the land. These people are some of the chief idolators walking around with that star of molech around their necks, that 6 pointed star. We will read about the hexagon too because it’s called the star of David. David would never have worn any engraven image because that goes against commandment #2. See, these religions walk around with engraven images all day. Christians use the cross, that was given to the Roman Emperor Constantine and he was told with this you shall conquer. Yahoshua was not even put on a cross. Yahoshua was put on a stake. We know what the cross symbolizes. It’s a division…winter, spring, summer and fall, the seasons. Then you can go so far as to say it divides the zodiac to…the different ages and all that. But it (the cross) is pagan. That’s what it is. But that’s it for baal. Those are all the characteristics of baal. That’s where baal is mentioned. We now know baal is synonymous with lord. So you guys calling on the name of lord, god, you are calling on baal’s name.

But now let’s talk about God. Let’s see where that God comes from. Let’s go to the explanatory notes in the Scriptures. On page 1223 under God it says to see Gad so go to page 1223 and see Gad because they are all derivatives.

Gad: Apart from Gad, the son of Yahqob (Jacob) there was nother ‘Gad’. The astrologers of Babel called Jupiter (Zeus) by the name ‘Gad’. He was also well-known among the Canaanites where his name was often coupled with Baal, Baal Gad, which according to the Massoretic vowel pointing in the Book of Yahoshua (Joshua) is pronounced: Ba’al Gahd. (Yahoshua 11:17, 12:7, 13:5). This same name is discovered in the ancient Germanic languages at Gott, Goda, Gode, God, Gud, Gade. Gad (where the ‘a’ rhymes with the letter ‘u’ in ‘mud’ is used as a proper name in Isaiah 65:11 as reference to the deity of fortune. And searching further back into its Indo-Germanic (Indo-European) roots, we find that it traces back to the word GHODH, which means ‘union’, even ‘sexual union’. No wonder this meaning is still evident in the Dutch and German gade.

See, this Gad is not about the children of Ysrayl, this is different. See astrology was taught by the fallen. Gad came from the Babylonians who came from the Sumerians who spoke directly to the fallen ones. It’s all the same thing. It all lines up with Scripture. And its all against Scripture. So you see when you call on lord, god you are calling on baal and another god. Your not calling on The One, True, Almighty…Yah. The name Yah is in all the names of the prophets, Yesiyah, Zephaniyah, even halleluYah, which is the highest praise you can give The Father. When we came over here on the trans-Atlantic slave trade we were singing KumbaYah…come by Yah. Just like we always do when we are stiff-necks, so Yah put us in captivity and we started praising Yah again. And praying for Yah to come get us out. Man, Yah has mercy on us man. Why can’t we have mercy on each other? We always have to ‘oh Imma kill you’. Just think if Yah had that attitude that you have. There wouldn’t be a soul walking this earth. It would just be that lonely ogre god, by himself…mean and mad. That’s why Yahoshua spoke in Matthew chapter 6 about the ways of a servant. We must be humble. You have to be meek. I can’t be coming up here yelling at you telling you, ‘oh you are going to hell’. But I can tell you that you are wrong and I tell you that out of love. The Father Yah doesn’t want us to go to the lake of fire. The lake of fire was reserved for rebellious angels and satan. It wasn’t made for us.

The ‘sexual union’ gad is where that whole androgynous aspect comes in. Let me show you just how androgynous or homosexual Ieosus or Jesus is in a few moments. See, brothers and sisters this is very scary. That’s why that homosexual spirit is so rampant in Christianity and in Islam and especially in Judaism, they just cover it up better. Look at Catholicism, you have these Catholic priests running around raping little boys. It’s because their patriarch, their god is gay. God…sexual union… androgyny that’s what it’s saying right there.

Now let’s read what the freemason’s think in the dictionary of free masonry about the letter ‘g’. This is why in secret societies they perform secret homosexual acts because the ones they worship are androgynous gods. These people don’t care. It’s all about energy and sometimes energy is sexual. That’s why these higher up people rape little boys and stuff like that. As a matter of fact, let’s go to a video here. This is the Bohemian groove…its’ a 15-20 minute clip. This video will tell you that these higher up people in secret societies sacrifice children to molech. We will talk about molech as well…

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The Brotherhood of the Serpent

Book: The Spook Who Sat by the Door by Sam Greenlee. Also Steve Cokely was mentioned but I don’t think he is an author but an activist maybe (?).       

These names were mentioned because Israelite Heritage is bringing back their blogtalk radio program and are interested in bringing different authors and personalities to talk. Information is everywhere y’all. Sofia Stewart, a interview maybe coming. Israelite Heritage did an article about her awhile back. She is the author of The Matrix. She talked to a brother in Jacksonville, Florida recently.  She said IH understood the article very well and no one else has understood it so well. The radio program will be back on Sundays at 8:30 CST. She also wrote The Terminator, where John Conners grows up and Neo becomes the terminator. Hollywood stole her ideas (books) and turned them into movies. She sued and won. She became bitter (saddened) after this fight. Do you blame her? Two brothers stole her work. She is writing The Matrix 4 now.


Just type in Israelite heritage to find past shows.

Wrath of the Titans, this is part 2 of Clash of the Titans. This movie will be out next week. It’s about the gods.

News: Trayvon Martin: This is the curses y’all. This man was not arrested. Yet Michael Vick did 2 years for killing dogs. Obama said that could have been my son. Doesn’t Trayvon look like Obama? (everyone agreed) That could have been me everyone was saying. We are all under the curses. Zimmerman is a Jewish name a Gentile woman in the assembly pointed out. His father is Jewish. Someone said that must be where he learned to hate. Geraldo Rivera was talking about us wearing hoodies. I guess we should walk with our hands in our pockets too.  We should paint our bodies white so our clothes won’t be offensive.  Zimmerman called the young man a coon. No, someone said he called him a nigger. You are less than a dog to these people. During Hurricane Katrina, they saved the dogs and left the people on the rooftops. Trees with strange fruit…lynching is not over y’all. Do y’all know the freedom rides turned into the civil rights movement? Ridiculous! We started fighting for rights. Werent we already citizens? We are less than a dog to them–a roach. They can come into our neighborhoods and kill our people. Any excuse to pull the trigger. Now you have to tell people why this is happening –The Curses Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Yah said our enemies would eat us up in this land.

Wisconsin sounds underground: They say it’s an earthquake. Seismic scales did not register it. The tornadoes a few weeks ago made seismic waves. It sounds like explosions underground. The Immortals theme: the guy in the movie wanted to free the Titans from their prison. satan wants them to do it now. Scripture says those angels will kill 1/3 of mankind. This town is Clintonville, Wisconsin. The fallen angel prison–they could be down their battling. It could be they are trying to release them. Remember the sounds of hell from Antarctica? They know physical sounds but they don’t know the spiritual. These people are jackals.

Jupiter is a villain. Jupiter is catching space debris in its gravitational pull and throwing it at earth. In 1996, the Shoemaker-Levi Comet hit Jupiter. Jupiter is the Roman equivalent to Zeus. Why? Jupiter is a villain disguised as a friend the article says. It does not keep the debris, it throws it at us. There are wars in the heavens. Yahoshua said we will see signs in the heavens.  Venus, Mars and Jupiter will align in the sky tonight (this was last night).

Some asked, when is the first day of the Hebrew new year? We don’t know. Some say February and some say April. Most ‘brews don’t have Yah in their hearts now. Because most don’t keep the Shabbat. Worry about getting in the kingdom for now. We don’t argue about new moons. We wonder about getting into Yah’s grace and staying there.

The Exodus Decoded documentary is CRAP. You want to watch The Exodus Revealed, that’s the good one. It’s by The Discovery Channel. They show the Red Sea crossing. It’s an AWESOME documentary, y’all. This was the 18th dynasty Egyptians. I’m not sure if it’s on youtube.

I spoke to a brother last night from the Carribean…him and his brother. He said Facebook calls y’all false prophets. I don’t see fault in y’all, he said. Yah revealed to him that they were the sneaks. They called Yahoshua a demon, y’all. We have good company. Yahoshua told us to beware of people highly spoken of. Stephenos, Kepha, Shaul and The Way were hated in their day. Keep going y’all. (Asayah texted) The devil don’t like us. And we don’t like him (said the brother).

Be fearless: John 14, satan worshippers have a little bit of power but ‘the 12’ had authority over all unclean spirits. We will stop death. The 2nd death has no power over us. Ask Yah, Yahoshua for whatever you want. Overcome sin by His Word! Our weapon is Yah’s Word! This Word is our sword. The Torah is our shield. No one can take the Word from you! Stay ground, rooted in the Word family. Strive for righteousness y’all. Our weapons are Spiritual. Yahoshua said the truth is Spiritual. We will be His battle axes! One will chase seven thousand, Yah said.  Also look at 2 Corinthians 10:4.

Did y’all know in the movie ‘Immortals’, that Zeus shape-shifted. Also he said that man can not see our form. (just like the devil).

Lesson: The Brotherhood of the Serpent: Why Yah has placed it on me is just…You get tired of half-truth documentaries.  I’m tired of Facebook prophets and alleged messiahs. Yet they don’t know the names. They don’t know who the children of Ysrayl are. They can decipher the heavens. But they don’t know His name is Yah. They claim to tell the truth but don’t give the whole truth. For example Food Inc, Zeitgeist and blood sacrifice videos…they have caused people to stumble. Some Hebrews still Him lord god and Jesus y’all. What is the truth? Psalm 119:142, 151.

The brotherhood is death…spiritual and physical. satan has no original thoughts except the thought that got him kicked out. Where did blood sacrifices come from? Why do people want to sacrifice their families? Yah said why do you run to Egypt (for help)? The Word is Spirit and Truth.

Isaiah 14:12-14 satan has some authority and rulership. The Titan wars in the heavens: he wants to be Yah. satan has angels under him that are worshipped as gods. satan can not give life he only takes it. Love of Yah is not in him. The man of sin will not be able to raise the dead. But we will do this. We rule over all unclean spirits. satan’s kingdom is in chaos. They fight each other. It’s a house divided. He has no righteousness so he uses lies.

James 1:13-16 satan is deceitful, he is the father of lies.

Did y’all know there is a parallel world? Yah, Yahoshua, angels, Ysrayl man woman child…is the natural order. satan is the ruler of this world, the man of sin, wicked angels, demons, and the brotherhood. There are subgroups of the brotherhood. There is a financial brotherhood where monetary fund and bankers are grouped. Yahoshua went after the money lenders. Charging Interest is wrong (this is in the old testament). Classism is another group of the brotherhood. Classism gives social status. Actors and musicians are grouped here. This group is part of the ascension to godship because people worship them. Classism is big in the U.S. and in India too. It’s called the caste system in India. satan gives the illusion of being rich. Why are some of these athletes still playing ball…Kobe Bryant…shouldn’t he be rich and retired. Talks about MC Hammer being broke.  Politics is a religion.

James 1:26 Talks about religion too. Religion means ligament or the binding of people together. Intelligence vs. counter intelligence…dumbing down of our schools. There are organizations kept in place to keep you out of the truth. We are not religious because religion binds you. It constrains you. We are free from that now (John 8:32) Yahoshua said. satan uses the lust for knowledge against the elite. Like the Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, etc. The Rothschild’s controlled all of Europe in the 1700s. They used war for population control. Did you know that?

We are Yah’s elect. So satan wants a people. The illuminati are his people. They are the socially/economically elite. A confused mind will not hear Yah. satan uses actors, athletes to create classism. Do you spend your last $2 on a CD, Purple Kush? It’s a religion…binding you.  Religion, classism and racism…all the -isms…it’s all from satan…it’s all chaos. Now they are trying to bring order…the new world order.

The last group of the brotherhood: The Gate-keepers: These are the police, boule, masons, fraternities and sororities. Institutions of higher learning seek out the loyal people for fraternities and sororities. They want to see how well you debate and persuade. This is politics and religion. That’s why most preachers are masons. satan uses one’s lust for power to get the people.

Romans 6:16-23 , v. 16 You are servants to who you obey. There is no confusion on that. v. 17-19 Shaul said we all were sinners but now let us walk in righteousness. Don’t judge each other. v. 20-23 The knowledge of that sets us free. Burdens and bogus feast days, we are set free from the religious man’s burdens. Religions bind with tensions. It binds them against us Hebrew Israelites. They all pay reverence to the pope. Catholic means universal. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all come from Catholicism. Did y’all know Islam talks about the big band theory?

creation myth: by the anunaki: Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft: This is where road games come from and also games like dungeons and dragons. He wrote about ‘the old ones’ keep this in mind. The ‘old ones’ is another name for the creator gods. They came in pre-human times. Darwinism is worshipped by atheist. ‘Prometheus’ the movie coming out soon has the same story line. It’s all the same story by the illuminati or the brotherhood of the servant. They were locked away the elder gods. There was a war between the older and younger gods. This is the Cthulhu mythos or the annunaki myth. All cultures have this story of gods coming and saying they created man. It’s preparing you for baal worship (all the movies etc).

satan politics  or lobbied for the demons.

The elder gods are Yah’s righteous malakim. They (unrighteous angels)  lie and say they created man.

The Kemetic Doctrine: This is the same lie but with a different name. Today is is lord god and Jesus.

satan created cave men but they had no breath of life.

Genesis 1:26 Yah gave man the breath of life.

Religions came to power as they talked of the old ones returning. It makes sense now. They are the ones that want to go to heaven and out of space. (as satan wants to go to heaven Isaiah 14:13-14)

The Necronomican: A book that lists the history of old gods and how to control gods by speaking their names. This is also in the secret teaching of all the ages by Manly P. Hall. This is why they have invocation in churches. Bel (baal), they invoke him by ringing the church bell.

The zodiac is apart of religion as well. All religions are apart of the brotherhood of the serpent because they all invoke. They all do Qabalah, even Christians, whether they know or not.

The Book of Jasher 2:2-5 satan kept bringing the gods to men. It did not stop with Adam and Eve.

The above link goes along with the Cthulhu mythos. This is used for scientific/atheist religion to condition you. This article was written in 2010. This is the theory of evolution here. (some) Christians pay homage to this god of theory of evolution so you may as well call yourself a Cabalists (Qabalah follower).

Avatar, pokemon, dungeon and dragons, warcraft: are all about the gods. These games should not be played.

 The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection for the Favored Race…this is the whole name of Charles Darwin’s book…this is classism. Racism is used by satan to divide man.

Alchemy: is one of the 7 sciences. It is a religion of masonry. So is geometry and all that stuff.

The brotherhood does not see satan pulling the strings. They want to find the garden to find the tree of life like the fountain of youth, Ponce de Leon.

‘god making, I’m on my third 6 now’ said by Jay-Z. ‘So what if I’m god, double me up, this was said by Nikki Minaj. See, they know what they are doing…masons, skull and bones, the boule. They do blood sacrifices. Did y’all know there is a gay boule? Yeah the feminization of Hebrew men. This world hates you Hebrew man! That’s why Zimmerman hates you! You are in this world whether you want to be or not! Salvation is of the Hebrew man then Hebrew women! The world depends on you Hebrew man! Yah gives the law and truth to you! Don’t follow what thus saith man!! Yah says He despises our feast days. We are caught up in religions and the paper chase!

During Antiochus Epiphany times, they re-circumsised themselves.

Some brothers don’t sleep to bring these lessons!

transhumanism, eugenics: pharaoh did eugenics for population control. Yah told Abram that his descendants would be as the sands of the sea. Whatever, they will never get rid of us!!

You will not believe the Bible, that His name is Yah but you believe in aspirin and the medical people. You have more faith in the condemned than The Giver of Life. What they say is not in the Bible.

This article talks about them wanting to be gods.

apotheosis=the spinx (from god to animal)=ascension to godship.

This is why America is called the New Egypt.

The Dome of the Rock: light was moving. Yeah right, they communicate (with the gods). Gray aliens are a creation like dinosaurs, angels are shape shifters. Reptilian DNA is easy for them to control.

They need blood this is why they do vampires, and blood sacrifice. Next week we will talk about blood sacrifices.

’13’ is the number of rebellion. Apotheosis=raising a person to a status of a god. This was George Washington’s hope.

satan took the promise and gave them the great hope (the people he has fooled). Hebrews 11, they had hope in Yahoshua (Yahoshua conquered death and they knew He was coming). They will be raised in the 1st resurrection. Righteous division is coming for Hebrew Israelites: on the subjects of feast days, the names and did Yahoshua pre-exist.

Martin Luther King was the boule. The Freedom Riders called him ‘lord’ because he would not ride— satan’s house divided. This was after his arrest. But after being paid they (the boule) all marched in Washington. The first group of freedom riders didn’t make it but the 2nd group of freedom riders went. The black panthers were divided by satan also…drug charges. Did y’all know the U.S. is going on trial for bringing drugs into the land? Read Revelation 18.

George Washington was called an icon…the father of this nation. (from apotheosis article) He is flanked by 6 gods in the picture…liberty, victory, war, freedom etc.

The liberty cap=the phallus. (someone texted) They sure do love the phallus!

Liberty=they want to fight all tyrants.

George Washington stands in the baphomet pose in the picture…as above, so below (pointing of the fingers).  The thunderbolt=Zeus in the picture

Minerva: mother god or Semiramis: This is the god of science. The Christian’s trinity.  Revelation 17:1-6 She had the world wanting democracy. Benjamin Franklin was a mason.

Neptune=satan=trident=god of the sea. The trident shows their power over the sea…the navy. The U.S. uses the eagle and trident.

The cadeus=brotherhood of the serpent=2 serpents intertwined upon a staff. The staff =kundalini=eternal life and knowledge. The wings of the cadeus=heavenly beings. Modern doctors swear by gods. Pray before you go to the doctor until the day comes when we can heal.

commerce=the god mercury

WHO=the world heath organization also uses serpents on a staff.

Revelation 18, mystery babylon will be destroyed. America leads in commerce. They will cry because babylon is gone.

Volcun=canonballs/war in the picture of G. Washington. Isaiah 47, babylon says she does not see war on her shores. The art of war came from the fallen ones. Read Enoch 6,7 and 9.

Ceres=the god of agriculture. This god is associated with the cornucopia. This is partly why thanksgiving is wicked.  The wreath of wheat and the reaper is associated with this god. The word cereal comes from this god. Everything is named after the gods y’all.

 Next week we will talk about the importance of the snake. We will also talk about finance…satan controls it.

Y’all the illuminati is just a fancy word…all those who don’t love Yah are in that brotherhood. This was the introduction to the lesson.

Enoch 80 read. Uriyah told him the lawless one will cause the sun and moon to be disobedient to Yah.

Wormwood or planet x in Revelation is coming back.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn aligns every 36,000 years. The Mayan calendar says this. They will line up in the Milky Way galaxy. This will end the age they say, causing chaos…an earth shift. Today we have a 23 degree tilt. But the Mayans only said a new age…aquarius…and nothing about chaos.

Yahoshua said don’t worry. Hey, we have the truth!

Enoch 80 said the days will be shortened in the last days because of lawlessness. Spring has come early y’all. We see this in prophesy now. (everyone began to talk about how time, the years are flying by). When the moon alters its order….time for the man of sin.

Isaiah 30:26=Enoch 80:5

Yoel 2:10 read and also Isaiah 13:10-11 read. The end of the lesson.

IH is now on twitter! We are IRFC12 on twitter. Did y’all know they are hacking into cell phones now y’all?

Q: Why is it called the memorial? Yahoshua is not dead. A: The memorial is done to never forget Him. The church does communion. The church is run by satan/demons. They communicated with demons. They say drink as blood of Jesus. We know it’s symbolic for eat, drink His body spiritually. Just like the lamb is to be eaten whole.  Remember in Corinthians 11 Shaul said if you are unworthy or have questions don’t do it. Yahoshua said do this to remember Him.

Q: Do I need to be re-baptised? A: Baptist is a name of a god. Yeah, you were immersed in the name of Jesus, you need to be immersed in the name of Yahoshua.

Q: What are the zodiac names? Rites of Bacchus, pagans did this. Jesus, Dagon are Bacchus…a composite god. Page 69 of the secret teachings of all the ages, all religions are composite. Talks about Titan war like clash of the Titans. Bacchus, Dionysus, Jesus is the Chief Titan. Bacchus is a composite of all these gods. Jesus=Bacchus, Tammuz all these gods. Jesus is god=they say you can be a god too. There is a Mary-Mary song called ‘the god in me’. Jesus with the flaming heart in picutes=The Titans destroyed all but His heart and the Catholics know this. This is part of sun worship. Bacchus went from god to a man like they say Jesus did. This is the trinity. This began with Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz. The gods became men. Then men became gods again they say. Mason, Mormons, esoteric religions have become a god doctrine.

A spirit living in you comes from Bacchus. The Titans were 12 in number. This is the zodiac. Titans murdered Bacchus. Bacchus represents the sun (Jesus). The zodiac devours him every year.  The cross divides the sun in 4 quadrants. Constantine conquered with this cross. This is why they keep Jesus on the cross. satan had 12 stones on his breast-plate, he was a messianic high priest. satan stole this idea. This is the 12 birthstones. We don’t do the zodiac. It’s satanic.

Ezekiel 28:13-14 satan had every precious stone. For us the stones lit up when we asked Yah a question through a Levite priest.

Q: Are babies to fast? A: Let the babies eat. If a child wants to fast…maybe a hour or two. If a child wants to be immersed and has accepted Yah and Yahoshua let them be immersed. But let the child get old enough to make that decision.

Q: Isaiah 14:12 explain? I see Jewish buildings often with the name Heliel. Is there a connection? A: I don’t know what it exactly means. But it is satan. I will look it up real quick and come back.

Heliel means the shining one or the morning star in Hebrew. Lucifer is a Greek word. The star of david=star of molech, that they use.

Q: The seals of Revelation, are they open yet? A: Read and see if any of that has happened yet.

Q: Can a believer be a loan officer? A: One of Yahoshua’s taught ones…(cut off here).

Q: Yahoshua Revelation 22:16? A: Yahoshua did not pre-exist. The bright morning star is a position. satan was the bright morning star. Prophets raised early to bring you the truth Yah said. satan didn’t bring truth. Yahoshua brought the truth. satan lost the position before he fell. Yahoshua was not there. Yahoshua is the bright morning star now. He rose up early and brought us truth. Jacob bought the right. Yahoshua paid with His life.

Q: Who are the angels covering the ark? A: satan was one . We don’t know who the other cherubim was.

That’s the end of Shabbat Q & A. Y’all come and join my twitter account. And Come listen to the radio show on Sunday.

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The Fallen Angeles p. 5b

Let’s go to The Book of Enoch chapters 6, 7 and 8. And then we will go to the 69th chapter.

Enoch 6:1-8, v. 1-2 I’m going to stop here because this is deep right here. Now can you imagine, I know you brothers especially…now what I’m about to say…this is not anything chauvinistic or manly or anything like that but as a man, women are VERY beautiful to me! And the reason I say that is because, think about it, these women were so beautiful that they caused heavenly malakim to sin.  Now, I said all that to say this brothers and sisters that why especially in these big cities you must have on the whole armor of Yah. Man, y’all know what I’m talkin’ about. When your walking around in these cities especially in the summer time, you see these young sisters walking around with next to nothing on…brothers and sisters if you don’t have your complete armor on…you will fall! And you will find yourself lusting. So I said that to make that point brothers and sisters.

You sisters too. When you go out and see the brothers, you know what I’m saying, they walk around with the muscle shirts and all that. Or you see your fine Hebrew brother or whatever with his locs going and his tassels going, you know what I’m saying…y’all know what I’m talking about. But the lust was so great y’all that it caused these heavenly angels to sin. So if lust can cause angels to sin, what does that do to you? What do you think that can do to you?

(talks to a sister) Yeah, you see the brother in the fireman’s suit on or whatever, he’s a hero going out there fighting fires and everything or you see the brothers in a police uniform…but yeah in all seriousness we have to have that full armor. That’s why it says in Scripture, ‘put on the complete armor of Yah’. You can’t go out here half stepping. You can’t go out here ready to battle unrighteous people then you see a sister with a booty dress on or something like that and your caught looking…your caught lusting. So we must have the complete armor.

v. 3-4 And this right here is a sin when you make oaths to do stuff like this. Because, Yahoshua spoke against that. Yahoshua said let your yes be yes and your no be no. You don’t have to make no oaths or nothing like that. That’s another reason why joining these secret societies are wrong because you must go through an initiation. You have to be torn down before you can build back up. So you see how deep this goes brothers and sisters? Even in the military you go through a salting process or an initiation process. You go through what they call basic training where they break you down and then build you up. That in itself is a sin…making that oath, them swearing. Your not supposed to swear. That’s why in that movie Amistad, I don’t know if you guys have ever seen this or not but remember when they had won the first trial? And they (those Hebrews) were celebrating…that movie is very deep by the way. They are talking about Hebrew Israelites in that movie. But the lawyer played by Matthew McConnell (sp?) comes in and says we have to go through a retrial and he’s like why. I thought we won. And he said, ‘I should have said’. And the translator was trying to translate it to him and he was like there is no such word in our language. You see there is no such word in our language either as Hebrew Israelites, saying I ‘shoulda’ ‘woulda’ ‘coulda’. Well why didn’t you! Let your yes be yes and your no be no! That’s how deep that scene was in the movie. Because there was not even a word to describe that.

(talks to someone) Yeah, English is a very defiled language. It is a language suited for satan. Because, you can say something in the court of law, you put your hand on your quote-unquote Bible and swear to your God and then turn around and say to the best of my knowledge…I didn’t see. And be set free. That’s how bogus this society is…don’t worry about it. Yah’s judgment is eternal and more importantly Yah’s judgment is righteous. HalleluYah!

v. 5-8 What was common about these angels names? Elohim and el means god(s). So you see right here we have another origin of the gods, when these things came down and announced themselves as gods. So you see the whole god thing is just self perpetual, it’s still going on. You have gods today, if your calling these movie actors, stars. If you call Michael Jordan an icon. That’s another name for idol. Idols are something people give reverence, praise and worship. So there you have it. Scripture says there is only one master, we are all brothers and sisters. That’s why you don’t see no el-chief Obadiyah or no master moray Moshe or no chief of the high priests Yahudite or nothing like that. We don’t have titles and names like that. Yeah, super moray and all that, got to sound the shofar when you come into the room and all that garbage, man. It’s bull. When you have Spiritual eyes to see it, you see it and you call it for exactly what it is. That’s when people get mad and call Israelite Heritage a cult. I just shake my head and shake the dust off my feet. I’m not worried about that garbage. Because you know, we know that we are doing Yah’s Word, even if you’re not a member of Israelite Heritage, if you’re doing Yah’s will, your still a brother of mine. That’s what Yahoshua meant when He said if they ain’t against us, they are for us. So for all those haters out there, continue to hate, continue to do what you have to do. We will continue to soldier on and do Yah’s will because it is commanded to us. I tell  you what, if you ingested half of that energy you put into hate and calling us a cult and that stuff, you might be able to get some work done. Todah (thank you) Yah.

Enoch 7:1-6, v. 1 Uh-Oh. Here is Cainan right here…charms and enchantments. And Enosh used charms and enchantments also. The cutting of roots is voodoo. They used this for devil worship or satanic practices. Do you know what brothers and sisters? Even when you say I wish you would die. Don’t you know that’s a curse? Or you tell someone who you hate them. Or you tell someone you can’t stand them…you are pronouncing a curse on that person. And that’s why you should not say that because it’s bad. Yahoshua said hey man, ain’t no such thing as an idle word. Every word out your mouth you will be judged on! That’s why you should always pray before you speak especially if you are coming in the name of Yah. So all those brothers out there who want a following, who want a gathering, you know what I’m saying, with your cheer leaders on the side protesting your cause. The children cheer leading for you and all of that stuff. Hey man, I just say HalleluYah. And I pray that Yah opens your eyes and understanding to see that you will be held accountable for those words. What did brother Yahudite say? There ain’t no get backs in the song called spiritual warfare. I love that song! He said ain’t no get backs…ain’t no getting back what you said. So let’s be careful of what we say. When we put it out there let’s be darn sure that we approve it. And be sure it’s ordained by Yah when you say it.

Back to verse 1, see they taught them this god ordained thing of root cutting. That’s why voodoo is wrong. But as we will read when we go into Noah’s story. Yah sent righteous angels but like I said before to give Noah the knowledge of how to heal with herbs. That’s done in a righteous manner. Do you see the difference? Do you see the contrast? The worship of gods as opposed to the worship of Yah.

v. 2-6 This is the birth of the nephilim here as in Genesis chapter 6. Now, I want to go back to verses 4-6. It’s funny y’all my little daughter just said something. She said that the fairly odd-parents is deep. You know those little fairies or those little demons? It comes on the Nickelodeon channel. Do you see what I’m saying? There is no age for which Yah will give you understanding. That child is 8 years old. Just like I said before when little Zuri was walking in front of those brothers, man they had to apologize. Because Yah’s Ruach is on them (the children).  Yahoshua was 12 years old and went in the temple and was breaking it down (Scripture).  Man, it was interesting that she just said that. Because they (fairies) are little demons and they grant wishes…their the fairly odd parents. See, we will get into this next week. Because we will talk about how the gods and satan have an influence on everything in society. But I’m glad you brought that up sweetheart, todah for that.

But verses 4-6, that’s gene splicing right there. That’s mixing genes (sinning against the animals said in Genesis 6) And Yah said you should not even mix the fabrics of your clothes (like wool with linen, not talking about synthetic fibers of today). So if we are not to mix the fabrics of our clothes, why are these fallen ones teaching gene splicing and how to make a jackass…that’s a horse mixed with a donkey. We will learn in next week’s lesson the origin o mythology and all that. You have Greek, Roman, Babylonian and Sumerian mythology. The annunaki, the gods, the Egyptians had a pantheon of gods. All that’s where all of this comes from right here. They are teaching them here (as we have read). But we are teaching you this foundation here right now so next week when we go into that, we will have our foundation firmly established and we’ll be able to bust these demons in the head (with the Scriptures).

So they began to mix species. And that’s why you have the birth of the menator. (sp?) 

(A fifteen minute break was taken here) We covered the fall in Genesis 2 and 3. We went into some of the non-canonical books…the Apocalyspe of Adam, the Apocalypse of Abraham and 3 Enoch. We established the origins of the gods and it came from forbidden knowledge. forbidden knowledge is forbidden knowledge. We weren’t supposed to have it but it started in the garden with Adam and Hawah. And their desire to become like Yah or their desire to become gods. What we are reading now is about the watchers. They came down and announced themselves as gods. And giving the information, more forbidden knowledge to the sons of men. We just have a few more Scriptures y’all.  

So back to Enoch chapter 8. The watchers taught men things that are still in existence to this day. I’m going to go back to Jasher chapter 2 to read v. 19-20. I skipped over that Before.

Jasher 2:20 So this sounds like planned parenthood. Here baby, take this pill or insert this thing into your vaginal area or whatever you have to do to retain that beautiful figure so you will not have children. ‘Cause all I want to do is have some casual sex baby’. ‘That’s all I want to do’. ‘All I want is a friend with benefits’. ‘I don’t want no commitment’. ‘I don’t want a covenant’. ‘I just want a friend with benefits’. ‘Can’t we be homey lover friends’? As that pervert R. Kelly put in his records. Ain’t that something? This is going against what Yah said about being fruitful and multiplying. But I just wanted to read that brothers and sisters because fornication is a sin as we know. There’s nothing cool or hip about it. There was a movie that came out back in the late 90s called casual sex and the entire movie was about just that…having casual sex in promiscuous relationships.  Just like some that are on today like desperate housewives, cougar town and sex in the city. It is not by accident that these shows are in existence today. Next week we will talk more about this. It is designed by secret societies to keep the masses ignorant to the fact of what’s going on…and blissfully ignorant.

Enoch 8:1-4 Now we see vanity and beauty being taught by the watchers. Or the pursuit of beauty being taught. These people getting face lifts and all of this…the fountain of youth…again eternal youth or eternal life…that’s the quest, that’s what they want…oil of olay of those products are designed to keep you younger looking longer, that’s all it is. It’s fallen angel knowledge. They committed fornication it says because they know about smiting the womb, birth control, so now they could go out and fornicate without fear of pregnancy. Much as these Hebrew today do.

I want to throw something out at you guys about this country America. It hollers about democracy and freedom for all. This country is funny. I was watching on the news about a week or two ago, I believe it was CNN. I think it was Anderson Cooper. He was on location in Afghanistan, I think. And they were so concerned with these 14 or 15-year-old Afghan girls who were getting pregnant by their husbands mind you. But they were having miscarriages. Now, I will agree with the fact that they are maybe too young to have children but their married. So in the eyesight of Yah, it’s not wrong. They have a covenant with this man and their giving this man children. Why are they so concerned about what is going on thousands of miles across the water when you have little 13, 14 and 15-year-old Hebrew girls having unprotected sex and have unmarried sex and having children? And like the brother said, ‘and they have you getting a government check’. They don’t care about you. They aren’t sounding the shofars about that. But they are going across the world spreading their whoredom under the disguise that we are America the beautiful and saying that they are the leader of the free world and saying they are the light to the world. Just as the Romans thought. Just as the Greeks thought.  Just as the Egyptians thought. Just as the Babylonians thought. And just as the Sumerians thought. So it’s that same arrogance, from one day to the next. Let’s continue.

v. 3-4 Knowledge of clouds=meteorlogy. Knowledge of earth=geology. The course of the sun and the moon=different equinox teachings…like with the farmer’s almanac. Let’s go to The Book of Enoch chapter 69.

We have to know about these things. We have to know about their arrogant attitude. We have doctors when they take their Hippocratic oath, they swear to the gods, apollo and acsalpus (sp? lol sorry) and the gods of medicine. They swear to these gods that they will do right by man. When ahkotee Amaziyah went to the doctor yesterday, she asked the doctor a simple question. He was like I’m a doctor, don’t ask me that. Can you believe the arrogance of that cat? Well, you are swearing to your gods to help these people. We needed help. Amaziyah just wanted a simple question answered and he was like oh no don’t ask me that, I’m a doctor…that’s beneath me. Ain’t that something? Just like when you are off duty, why are you announcing yourself as a doctor? I don’t care. The only reason I need to know you’re a doctor is if my arm is cut off or something like that and you can sew it back on. See that’s that same god-like attitude. ‘Oh don’t ask me that now, I’m a doctor, I’m too busy’.

Enoch 69:4-12, v. 6 Like martial arts or science=the blows of death. The fallen ones taught blows of death. v. 9 This confirms what Adam was speaking of in the Apocalypse of Adam because in verse 11, Adam said this same thing, men were not created like the angel in his revelation to his son Seth. It says, ‘death destroys everything. It would not have touched them had it not been through their knowledge by which they shall perish. Death is now eating us by means of this power’. So see brothers and sisters, if we did what we were supposed to do we would have still been in that same age (immortals) but because of our sins that ushered in a new age, the age of mortal man. This is what Adam was explaining to his son. Because of the pursuit of knowledge, because we want to be like gods and because of taking this information from the gods. Now, like Adam said we learn about futile things. We learn about futile things as it says in Ecclesiastes.

v. 12 See, they showed them how to perform abortions. ‘the smiting of the embryo in the womb so it may pass away’. So think about it, it’s no wonder in this day why you have people out here just whoring. Like it ain’t no tomorrow. (talks to someone) Yeah, like the pill. Like we read before the sons of man gave their wives a draft of drink to drink to cause them to be barren. Think about how much of a blessing it is for Yah to open your womb to be fertile. And think how much it is a slap in the face to Yah when you say ‘I don’t want a child. Or I don’t need a child’. ‘I have my career to think about.’ That career has then become your god brothers and sisters.

And that’s what the title of this lesson is…the origin of the gods and forbidden knowledge. Let’s go to Jasher chapter 4.

Jasher 4:1-21, v. 2 We know Enoch is not in heaven because Yahoshua is the only one that walked the earth as a man and has ascended into heaven. We know that Enoch is in the grave awaiting resurrection, either the 1st or the 2nd. There are no little people living inside of us. People don’t become ghosts. But demons do walk around here. But we do not have spirits inside of us. So we know this is not true, Enoch did not go to heaven (the highest heaven). v. 3 Remember in chapter 2 it was talking about how Cainan taught men wisdom and knowledge? But see, Methuselah taught men fear and knowledge in the fear of Yah. Cainan left that part out. Cainan taught them the wisdom and knowledge of the fallen ones. And that’s the difference between forbidden knowledge and the knowledge of Yah gives us.

v. 4-5 Again this is going back to Genesis 3:15-17 (around there) where Yah said cursed shall you be…thorns, thistles, this is what it’s talking about right here. Because of our wickedness we are punished by Yah. v. 6 See thorns, thistles because of the wicked works, wickedness comes to us. v. 7 This is dep right here brothers and sisters, Yah was sorry He had made us. v. 8 Now we are getting into the days of Noah and the flood. v.9 Here was the dying off of some of the righteous servants here. Yah waited until all his righteous servants died off then He pronounced that 120 year grace period upon the sons of men at that time. And if they didn’t get it right…the flood.

v. 10-12 Yah offered them a brief rest here when they sowed the ground at certain times Yah would offer them a little flood because Yah is compassionate. Now ain’t that something, how Yah is compassionate with us in all our wicked ways but you can’t forgive your brother. You can’t forgive your sister. We can learn a lot from Yah. We are Yah’s righteous servants, brothers and sisters. Even though these people were still doing wickedness, Yah allowed them to reap some food. Yah allowed them to reap what they sowed. Yah allowed them to benefit a little from the land. But they still turned their stiff-necks away from Yah. v. 13-17 read.

v. 18 Now pay attention to this. This is about the watchers. See they taught them to mix species of animals here. This validates what we have already read in the book of Enoch chapter 6 or chapter 7, when they talked about the mixing of the genes. Believe that these sinful angels…they are right here now pulling the strings of these illuminati. They are gene splicing. How do you think they came up with cloning? You know Dolly the sheep and all this genetic engineered food they have.  But see when they return on the physical and announce themselves as our gods as they did here in Scripture…How many people will be totally awe-striken by this stuff when it happens? They will give themselves over to these things and start worshipping them as gods. But those who have eyes to see brothers and sisters, we have to shout it to the highest hills, man. Shout it from the mountain top and call them out for what they are…abominations to Yah.

In verse 17, the fallen angels taught them warfare so the sons of men were filled with violence.

v. 19 Yah was sorry He made us and the animals. v. 20-21 Now this part is pretty deep. Yah will allow you safety in the grave brothers and sisters. So if it is Yah’s will that you have to die so you don’t see what’s to come (the flood in this case) count it as a blessing. Once we get out of that, I want to live for 80 years or he died to early and all that…that’s that god complex. That’s that rebellious nature. Who are you to say he died before his time? Who are you to say I want to live until I’m 80. How dare you. I want to live as long as I ensure the fact that I’m guaranteed that I’m going to the 1st resurrection. That’s as long as I want to live. If that takes 30 years, 40 years, hey so be it, halleluYah. As long as I know before I die that I was found worthy in the eyesight of Yah and I’m going to the first resurrection and I shall spend an eternity in paradise hey then I can die right now man. And I would be happy knowing so. That’s the type of attitude that we must have. We have to be storing our treasures up for the kingdom. Not for here. Think about those Egyptian pharaohs and the Greek and Romans and all of these emperors, rulers who died and had their riches buried with them. Where is pharaoh right now? In a British Museum somewhere. That’s if he was not eaten. Because the cannibals, the wicked Gentiles, the sons of satan, those that serve satan use to eat the mummified bodies! Ain’t that something? It was medicine to them. They thought they would live forever by eating those mummified bodies of the pharaohs. How wicked and sick is that!

Why do you think people drink blood? Vampires…because the blood is the life force. These are wicked fools. Yah strictly forbids that brothers and sisters. I seen that clown Bear Grisiles (sp? on the National Geographic channel?) drink blood. Talking about its rich in vitamins and protein and all that stuff. Yeah man, that’s so wicked man. Drinking blood@#!?! A lot of people in cults drink blood. Ancient pagans and heathens when they would kill their enemies, they would eat their enemies because they felt they would get the energy from their enemies. But that’s next week’s lesson. First we are laying down this foundation so we can bust these demons in the head when they come at us with these lies! Talking about we’re your gods…we created you. So you will be unwavering when other doctrines comes to you brothers and sisters. ‘Oh man, it all came out of Egypt’. Well if so the Egyptians got it from the Babylonians, the Babylonians got it from the Sumerians and the Sumerians got it from the watchers. So who do you really worship? And Jesus comes from that too. Let’s read about Jesus. If you go to the back of ‘the Scriptures’ translation of the Bible, there is a definition of Jesus. Let’s see since everybody wants to say that Jesus is just a name, if that’s Yahoshua’s name and it’s translated. That’s blasphemous garbage. Let’s go page 1223. It reads:

‘Consider Jesus, Iesous rendered as ‘Jesus’ in the English versions up to now. For example, the authoritative Greek-English language lexicon of Liddell & Scott, under Iaso: the Greek goddess of healing reveals that the name Iaso is Ieso in the Ionic dialect of the Greeks, Iesous being the contracted genitive form. In David Kravitz Dictionary of Greek and Roman Mythology, we found a similar form namely Iasus. There were four different Greek deities with the name Iasus, one of them being the son of Rhea. Further, it is well known that Ies is the abbreviated form of the name Iesous and Dr. Bullinger, in The Apocalypse page 396 says Ies was part of the name of Bacchus. Also see, Come out of her, My People by C.J. Koster. The original KJV translators consistently translated the Greek term Iesous as Jesus even when referring to Joshua (Yahoshua) son of Nun in Ib’rim 4:8 thereby recognising that the same term should be used throughout. Modern translators have opted in Ib’rim 4:8 to render Iesous as Joshua (Yahoshua) thus recognising that the Greek term was a place holder for the original Name but have inconsistently not rendered Iesous as Joshua (Yahoshua) throughout the rest of the Messianic Writings (NT).

So it says there Iaso was a greek goddess. So Jesus is a woman. Iaso was a Greek goddess of healing…that’a what I’m reading. Humpf, let’s continue. And Bacchus is the fish god brothers and sisters. So when you see those Jesus freaks with the picture of that fish on the back of their cars with the cross in it…that’s where it comes from. They are worshipping Bacchus the fish god. Don’t worry about it y’all, we are going in-depth next week. But let’s go to Jubilees.

Let’s go to Jubilees chapter 10. This is Noah. He is praying on behalf of his children and grandchildren because after the flood these stiff-necked individuals want to go back and worship gods. So let’s read and see what Noah did this will confirm what we said earlier, when we said there’s nothing wrong with having knowledge of how to heal holistically with herbs. It’s when you put the god worship aspect in there, that’s when it becomes wrong. When you start worshipping mother earth and the mother goddess and the goddess of healing who is apparently Jesus as we just read. That’s when it becomes wrong. But Yah gave these angels the information to pass to Noah so he could heal his grandchildren.

Jubilees 10:1-4, v. 1-5 Your watchers, the fathers of these spirits are the demons Noah’s talking about. And we will read about the origins of the demons in just a second. v. 6 Did y’all catch that? These demons are cruel and were created to destroy. This is deep. They were created to destroy this is the reason why satan in this next section will petition Yah to give  him control over a tenth of the demons. As Ahki Obadiyah  broke down in the previous lesson, part 3. So now you see how Scripture correlates with each other. You see how it goes hand in hand or line upon line, precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:9-13).

Now we will read the binding of 1/10 of the demons. This is also satan bartering Yah and begging or petitioning Yah to get control of 10% of the demons.

v. 7 Mastema is just another one of satan’s many names because we know he goes by many names. Look at how satan addresses Yah saying ‘Oh Master, Creator…see satan addresses Yah a Master Creator, so why is it that you have some of these fools out here blaspheming the name of Yah? satan knows Yah’s Power, satan knows Yah authority. Look how he addresses Yah. v. 8-9 Brothers and sisters that was deep right there! satan quoted Scripture to Yah!! Check this out! satan was like if some of them are not left for me, I will not be able to exercise the authority of my will over the children of men. Because they (demons) are intended to corrupt and lead astray before my judgment (before satan’s judgment). So satan already knows where his is going! But he has us foolish humans thinking we can live forever! That is deep!! So Yah said he could have a tenth and 9/10 went down into the place of judgment, this is verified in the book of Enoch, I believe in…Michayah and Uriyah went and bound the demons…in Enoch chapter 10. Enoch chapter 10 validates what we just read that righteous angels bound 9/10 of the demons. But they leave one tenth for satan, fulfilling prophesy that these demons were created to cause chaos. Do you see how deep this is? Do you see how this all falls into place? We are the only people who don’t understand Scripture. All the heavens know Scripture. satan knows Scripture. All the wicked demons know their place. But see, they get us to forget who we are. They get us to think that we can be gods. They get us to worship futile things. They get us to worship cars and rims. They get us to worship the desires of lust, envy and greed. Those are demons brothers and sisters.

That’s why whenever you have hostile feelings toward your brothers and sisters, you are to rebuke it immediately and sharply! Because that’s a demon on you. Some people say, ‘Oh man, it ain’t nothing like that, no such thing as demons or nothing like that’. Yes it is. We just read it. There are such things as demons. And every time you have a feeling that is not of Yah, you best believe you are under the spirit of something else. And you should rebuke it sharply. We all go through this brothers and sisters…the spirits of pride, arrogance, envy, jealously, lust and ambition. These are all the things Adam and Eve found out about…the other side of the coin that satan didn’t tell them about. satan said you will be like gods knowing good and evil but satan didn’t tell them this part. Just like to this day, satan tells you that you can live forever and yeah you can be like a god, knowledge is power and all this stuff. But he doesn’t tell you that he already knows where he is going. So if you follow him, where do you think you are going? Do you see that? Come on Ysrayl. We are the only ones that don’t know. satan even knows. And it was verified right there in Scripture.

Now we are near the end of the lesson. We will wrap this up with the story of Nimrod. The first to be worshipped as a god-king. Let’s go to the book of Jasher chapter 7.

I pray that this lesson has been a blessing for you. I know it has been a blessing for me. Yah has opened my eyes. I say halleluYah. Always bless be the name of Yah. We are going to end with the Sumerians. Next week, we will talk about the Babylonians and go all the way down to the modern-day secret societies.

Jasher 7: 23-48, v. 23-24 Check this out right her. This is what we were talking about before about those lamb skins. When Nimrod put on these lamb skins, he was given great power. So do you think it is a coincidence that these masons, when they do their masonic rituals, they have something called lamb skins or aprons on?  Do you see the correlation? Because out of wickedness goes forth wickedness, as we will read her in Scripture. v. 25 Enoch died, not taken up with Yah. v. 26-32 read. v. 33 So they made songs and saying about Nimrod. Nimrod was being worshipped almost. Interesting. v. 34-37 He put governors over the places he conquered to make sure his will was done. v. 38-39 Here we go. They placed a crown over his head. This is the first crowning of a king. v. 40 Let’s do a little critical thinking here. If Nimrod was the first to be crowned as a god-king, where did he get that information from? It says right there he appointed princes, rulers, judges as it was the custom among the kings…whose custom was he following? Let’s see. Let’s continue reading. He got this information from somebody. v. 41 Terah is the father of Abram whose name was changed to Abraham and that is the birth of the Israelite nation (this is the engagement). Terah exalted Nimrod. We have some big I’s and little U’s here. Do you see this? We have a hierarchy or a military structure being formed. Again, this is information passed down from who? v. 42-44 read. v. 45 WHOA! They bowed down to the earth. You bow down to a man, you kiss the pope’s ring, you wear Michael Jackson T-shirts saying R.I.P., he’s the king of pop. And they brought Nimrod offerings and he became their master and king. He is a god now in this verse. This is the origin of the gods, brothers and sisters, the origins of the forbidden knowledge. Remember when Noah prayed to Yah? Noah saw all of this. He was getting reports from his children and grandchildren. All of this was happening about the same time. The earth was under Nimrod’s power. And the time that Abram was born, Noah hid him. Well, Terah hid him because of a vision that Nimrod’s sorcerer saw. And Nimrod wanted to kill Abram. So Abram had to be hid in a cave. Abram studied the ways of Yah with Noah and Noah’s son Shem.

v. 46 So now there is an elevation in wickedness. Nimrod was more wicked than he rest. What distinguished him in wickedness from the others? What elevated Nimrod? Could it be he elevated himself to the level of a god? v. 47 Nimrod’s son Mardon was more wicked than Nimrod. Incidently, the Sumerians had a god named Mardoc. Now see, Nimrod, he’s got his gods, Nimrod’s gods are the annanuki as we will find out if we have time. I will play an audio clip for you to listen to. Nimrod had his gods that he answered to and he was a god-king on earth. This is the birth of the esoteric or secret society or the mystery school system. Because it’s the same thing. The illuminati, they are gods on earth. People worship them. People worship the masons. But they have their gods who they worship. And those gods are the fallen ones. When the man of sin returns, that’s going to be it right there. When those fallen ones return and they say hey we are your gods, it will be the same. But instead of Nimrod sitting in his seat, it’s going to be the man of sin’s seat or sitting in the seat of Nimrod. They are working on it as we speak. What happened then, is what is happening now. Like Scripture say, there’s nothing new under the sun…As was in the days of Noah so shall it be in these latter days. That’s the time that we are in now brothers and sisters. That’s why you have all these movies about aliens and all this stuff. They are just seasoning you or getting you ready for when they pop out on the scene.

v. 48 ‘From wickedness goes forth wickedness’ sounds to me like ‘the apple don’t fall to far from the tree’. If you want to relate it to nowadays. They still are doing wicked things. George W. Bush is the same as George H. Bush. They both sat in the seat of satan. From wicked goes forth more wickedness. Barack Obama has come from the wickedness of his fathers. The apples don’t fall to far from the tree. This is all from Scripture y’all. This is not something I brother Moshe is saying. This is not something Obadiyah dreamed last night. This is real. This is Scriptural. This is what thus saith Yah. This is not out of the mouth of a man. Our mouths open and the Words of Yah flow out. That’s all. This is why you pray before you speak brothers and sisters. It is VERY important that we pray. We don’t want no following. Enoch would distance himself, he would go away. And then when the brother went back, he had Yah’s Ruach on him so HEAVY they could not even stand to look at him! Again as we were talking about that sekinah as the secret societies call it. Or that light. We know it as Yah’s Holy Ruach. Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh.

OK, this is the last Scripture. This is Jasher chapter 9:1-39. We are going to read about Abram and how he used the spirit of discernment. This is when Abram became 10 years old, he had been hiding in the cave. Because like I said before, Nimrod’s sorcerer saw a vision in the heavens, he saw the stars and saw that Abram would destroy this kingdom. So Nimrod sought to kill Abram. So Terah, Abram’s father hid him in the cave with Noah and Shem. So Abram is learning the ways of Yah through Noah and Shem. (Abram does not become Abraham until after the covenant with Yah later in his life.)

Jasher 9:1-39, v. 1-2 This is Abram’s nephew Lot being born. v. 3-4 This is the cave they were hiding in from Nimrod’s anger and jealousy, he wanted to kill Abram. So now they have forgotten about Abram. v. 5-7 So you see right here, Nimrod and his kingdom got their information from the fallen ones about worshipping the gods, so they worshipped the gods first and they in turn made all their subjects worship the gods. So now everybody is worshipping the gods. v. 8 Sounds to me like the zodiac signs…the gods of the zodiac. v. 9-11 read.

 v. 12 Right here Yah gave Abram the Spirit of Discernment. Which will be key in these upcoming verses. Abram knew the gods were  vain because he had understanding or that Spirit of Discernment, knowing that these men and their gods that they were futile. Just like we as modern-day Hebrew Israelites, we know Yah, we know Yah’s truth, we have Yah’s Ruach upon us and so we know when some guy comes to us saying that elohim is the name of The Creator or some guy comes telling you that Yahcwah is the name of The Creator or some guy laying accusations on a brother or sister who we know to be a righteous brother or sister, when they are coming under the spirit of adversity. We know that they are a liar.  And we rebuke them as we should, as we are commanded by Yah. You don’t go around spreading falsehood or anything like that. Because that’s what you are doing when you go around saying that the name of The Father is God and Jesus. And then you go around back-biting and tale bearing against your brother or sister. Then you are the same as an idol worshipper. Because ain’t no sin greater than the next.

v. 13-15 Abram is trying (testing) the spirit here. The demons were trying to get him to worship these gods. Abram is seeing for himself, he is studying to show himself approved. Because Yah has already given him the knowledge of the Spirit of Discernment. So here Abram is putting it to the test. v. 16-17 Incidently, the moon-god is allah. They worshipped the moon just like people worship the moon this day. It’s the same thing, the only thing that has changed is the name.

v. 18-20 Now check that out. If Nimrod has control of all the world, and we know from reading in Matthew chapter 4 and Luke chapter 4, that dominion of this world was given to satan. Who do you all think Nimrod was worshipping? Who do y’all think Nimrod is getting his instructions from?

v. 21 ‘Famed’ see this is vanity. They want to be gods. They want to go to heaven and they want to be worshipped. They want to be reverenced. They want to be Yah. This is Genesis 3:4,6. This unity that they are speaking of is no different from the new world order that they are going to re-establish in the coming years. Right now we are just laying down a foundation…we are finding the origin of the gods. And the origin of this esoteric secret society knowledge. Or what they think is secret because it’s really no secret. We are reading this information right here. They hold all this information on sacred tablets and secret parchments and all that. And we have it right here. We get it from Yah’s Ruach. So you don’t have to pledge. You don’t have to ride the goat. You don’t have to get whipped with a paddle. Which is real gay because I’m not finna whip no grown man on his bare butt… that’s just gay, I’m sorry. But anyway.

v. 23-25 Humpf, to boldly go where no man has gone before, eh? We are going to connect the dots with this verse too. v. 26 They wanted to take their elohim up there and serve them. Remember when we were talking about Genesis 3:21-22? Remember Yah had to kick those people out of heaven? Yah had to kick Adam and Hawah out of heaven because now they had the knowledge of good and evil. Now in their own minds, they had become gods because that’s what satan told them. And they were finding out all types of new and interesting things. So Yah knew it already and was like no-no- no you have to go! This is the same thing in this verse 26. Yah fore-saw all of this. Just like Yah sees these fools right now trying to build the temple in Ysrayl for the man of sin. So he can sit in the seat of Nimrod and pronounce himself to The Most High of The Most High, which is a great blasphemy.

v. 27 So this is real tall. And they aren’t climbing any ladders. v. 28-29 read. The lesson cuts off here. I don’t know if they meant for that to happen.

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2012 Spring in the Garden

This was late spring 2011 in the front.Front early spring 21012. It will fill out in the summer and I will take another pic.This one’s common name is called  pin cushion flower. My camera, I noticed doesn’t pick up the vividness of the color purple. It looks better in person. This is another little garden area that has cucumber planted on both sides. On the far left and bottom of the picture are purple queen zinnia to help bring the pollinators. They are all seedlings now though.The bubbling brown sugar day lilies are coming back! We did have one cold spell and they died all the way down to the ground.This is a picture of sugar snap peas, you know their always in stir fry. And on the ground next to them if you look carefully are yellow onion seedlings growing.The Ponderosa lemon has so many blooms! This is just a pic of a few on one side.A white Amaryllis is about to bloom. All my Amaryllis, white, pink and red were given to me. The pink and white were given to me by my sister’s patient before she died. And the red was given to me by dad back in the 90s. Amaryllis make so many babies! After they bloom this year, I’m going to gift a friend of the family some. She was drooling over them last week, LOL.These are the two planters of gladioli I had to move last year because the wooden container broke open. As a result, they didn’t bloom so well. But this year, they look strong. They will bloom in May. The orange pot has more gladioli given to me by dad. The orange pot looks sparse because a few weeks ago an armadillo dug up some of the bulbs. 😦 Hopefully they will make some babies. 🙂 They usually do, lol.Red begonias growing in backyard. The three clay pots have zinnia seedlings planted.This is a peace lily. Several people from the neighborhood have commented on its beauty. It looks better in person.This is society garlic. Many people do not like it because of the smell. But its low maintenance which I like.Two holly and one pink azalea planted in the ground. The plant in the clay pot is a crown of thorns cactus. It is much bigger this year. You can see it in the first pic. I moved it over to another spot after the tea-cup it was in blew over and broke. And the spray of leaves on the right is African Iris.These are some of the azaleas pink and white, that I planted seen in the middle of the picture. The white flower on the right is begonia. The clay pot has pink zinnia seedlings.

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The Place where Yah Puts His Name

This was texted in the room by someone: shake off haters Acts 5:38-39. I wrote this down but didn’t understand at first.

Joseph Kony 2012: Have you seen this on YT? It’s 30 minutes long but I could only watch 3 minutes of it. This is a big propaganda mess! In Uganda he fights the government. Why does he fight them? Go to Wikipedia and it will tell  you. He believes in polygamy. He believes in fighting for the 10 commandments its says! Joseph Kony fights with West African governments because he wants the country to observe the 10 commandments but in this movie they focus on him abusing children, that’s what it mainly discusses. He fights with the lord’s resistance army and they look at him as a prophet. The government says there’s no strife with him though. The director of the documentary was caught yesterday (Friday) naked and masturbating and is in jail now. These are lying wild jackals under mind control making this propaganda. (Some of) The Gentiles think their way of life is better than people who have been living thousands of years this way. This video received 80 million hits on YouTube. Why don’t our videos receive this many hits? (Their videos were kicked off YouTube.) Puff Daddy, Rihanna, Oprah and all kinds of celebrities promoted this documentary. (Someone texted, wickedness in high places.)

See y’all Kony wants no homosexuality in Africa. These people are the masters of deception, never believe them. Be careful y’all. It probably was really made by Steven Spielberg, this documentary. The documentary says Kony is fighting for no reason or cause but go to Wikipedia. Kony has 30,000 children fighting for the Torah over there!! The children in America are in a worse condition! Our children need to fight for the 10 commandments. Children can’t pray in American schools anymore. I remember praying in school growing up. Children are sacrificed here. Y’all remember when children use to work? Like they did babysitting, paper routes and mowed lawns. All that is gone. Children stay out at night now, y’all.

The police are shouting down our children here in America. (someone asked if Kony is a Hebrew?) I don’t know if he is an Israelite. Did an angel tell him to do it? What made him do this? They have made him seem like Hitler? Kony wants Yah’s laws and he is fighting for them literally. What will these jackals do to us? Because we also love Yah’s laws. Will they say all people who believe in the 10 commandments are child abusers? These people are liars. Did y’all know Abraham Lincoln hated us and made it known? He did not free us. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin did not like us either and they owned slaves. But Yah put us in their hands to whip us. They teach our children that these men were our friends. They also teach that we are 3/5 of a person. These are not our heroes. Why is the truth not told about these people. Don’t look to these people for the truth.

They removed our videos from YouTube yet this man’s documentary was kept on YouTube. They say he was a murdering…David killed for the commandments too. I’m not saying that Kony is the greatest man though. Yahoshua said those who don’t fight for Me are not for Me.  King David also had multiple wives. Kony looks just like us Hebrews. These jackals don’t believe in the commandments. The next propaganda against the Israelites will be the Asher movie.

Did y’all see the little boy in the video named Jacob? Notice the Biblical names. The Gentiles promised to stop Kony in the movie. They were telling him that they are going to stop the commandments. Wake up y’all!! Yah has put that spirit on us to get ready…remember last week. The propaganda machine has started.

Freedom of speech…they are afraid of those speaking about the truth of Yah. They don’t care about those talking about the government. They know people talk about George Bush, see your words have power. They want to shut you up. They know we will shake the world.  So praise Yah to your last breath!!!! Let’s be like Messiah!! Keep going! This is not a one man war! Yah told Eliyah, I have 7,000 more prophets!

Kony is bad in the sight of satan. Christians say the commandments are bad that’s why he did away with them and the Israelites. (They said Christians don’t love the law.)

Book of Eli, in this movie Denzel risked his life for the Bible. Fight for the book just like Kony. Pay attention class. They know who this book belong’s too. They demonize The Book.  (talks about Danny Glover in the color purple) Why don’t they talk about dead-beat moms? Like how they demonize men?

The Maury show exploits our people. Jerry Springer too. (Everyone was asking why these shows are still on the air and since the 90s too.) Y’all this is propaganda. Talk shows, Asher and this Kony documentary are all propaganda.

How many positive shows do you see us in? The show Boondocks magnifies our problems but it is real. Did y’all see where the fried chicken flew (flu) episode? One of the characters was prepared. The nigger moment episode was off the chain. B.E.T sued the Boondocks show because of them talking about the B.E.T channel. The Boondocks show called Ronald Reagan the devil of the 80s. There is a lot of profanity in the Boondocks show but there is truth. Did y’all know Craig Huggins of the Chicago Bulls said Ronald Reagan was the devil  and they kicked him out. He was the best ? shooter. They kicked Iverson out too.

Movie: Avengers, a fallen ones movie will be out this year. Thor will be in this movie too.

 The Passover Lesson: Forgive your brothers and sisters that ask. Pray for them. If you don’t forgive, then Yah can’t forgive you.

We can’t do it our way. They started having Passover in February and continue March, April and May. Yah suspended Passover. Christians are not confused about December 25. Why does Yah’s feasts have so many dates? It doesn’t make sense.

Every spring a grand feast takes place. Do we still keep it? How do we keep it? This lesson will be commentary style. Yah gave this feast to us for freedom (from Egypt). So we are not free now. The jails are full of us now. So how are we free? The police use to harass me when I was 16. I was big for my age y’all.

Look at the condition of our people. Article: ‘Black students suspended the most’. This land does not love us. There is no peace for us here.

Passover is not a feast day. The feast is called unleavened bread. It’s called Passover now because of the death malakim that slaughtered the Egyptians in Egypt. He passed over the ones with the lamb’s blood on their doorposts. Osiris and Isis didn’t save the Egyptians. Yah judged all the gods. Yah is power. We must remember this story. So it’s 2012 and the Gentiles say the world will end. So he will get wilder and wilder saying ‘I have nothing to lose’.  Y’all remember that man who predicted the world would end last year? Yahoshua doesn’t even know the day…

Exodus 12 is the story of the pass over. Do y’all know the wheels of the chariots were found in the Red Sea? The sea bed is flat where about 2 million Israelites stood. There is a narrow path in and out of the sea where they walked. Yah rose the sea up. It is said to have risen 12 towers tall…1 tower for each tribe high. This story was for us. Zeus and Jesus could not do this.

We were servants in Egypt. Yah sent 2 men.  Moshe (Moses) was a stutterer. Go get Aharon, Yah said to Moses. Yah will give you a way to do it. Shofars blew down Jericho.

Yah knows we like to party. That’s why He gave us celebrations. We are a partying people.

Moses did not know Yah’s voice, when Yah first spoke to him. We know His name now. Abib the 14th day and the place I choose, said Yah. Have a lamb without spot. Some Israelites go to the Muslims and Jews to their lambs now y’all. Kosher just means how it was slaughtered. They have kosher pigs and lobster too. Did you know that? (They are still unclean for us).

The temple, who has ever seen Solomon’s temple? The ‘3rd temple’ will really be a masonic temple. See, they make up stuff.

Who knows a Levite Priest today? And no Haiti is not Levi. We don’t know where exactly each tribe is today.

Yl Shaddai, Power, Mighty One, Almighty, Abba, The Most High are all acceptable titles. The word ‘Yl’ means The Power. (they started talking about that song from the 80s by Public Enemy called ‘fight the power’. They said they were talking about Yah in that song because Yah is the only ‘The Power’.)

Deuteronomy 12:4-14 The children of Ysrayl kept the feast in the wilderness. v. 4-6 Notice tithes were to be taken there. v. 7-10, v. 8 Do not do as we do today as they did in the wilderness. So Israelites eat tuna and roast beef now for Passover. They do as they please. v. 10 They were in the wilderness. v. 11 Tithes mentioned again. v. 12-13 Don’t offer in every place that you see. v. 14 Yah says do the feast where He chooses. v. 26 Yah chooses the place. We will see where He chooses.

Deuteronomy 16:1-6, v. 1-3 Feast of unleavened bread is after the Passover slaughter of the lamb. For example, if 2 lambs were brought to Jerusalem, then the Levites would slaughter them. As the sun set, the new day would begin so then the feast would occur that night. v. 4 No meat could be taken away. Do you know they charge $100 a family to take a plate? v. 5 No slaughtering in your gates (your home). v. 6 Where Yah chooses , in the evening (to slaughter). v. 16 Three times a year, all males where Yah choose. Males are to give the commandments to the women. Adam gave the law to Eve. So this means all Israelites are to come to Jerusalem. We had to bring tithes (not be empty-handed). Pastors twist this saying bring money every Sunday. (someone texted) That’s the only time they touch the law. LOL in the room.

2 Chronicles 6:6 Yah chose Yahrusalem to place His name! And David over them. David’s not over here now y’all.

2 Chronicles 7:16 His name will be there forever. The temple was torn down in 70 C.E. and we were kicked out. That ended the feast days.

In 2005, an elder came to me with a list of Scriptures saying how the feasts were to be held in Zion. I didn’t know this. I had been celebrating the feasts all this time.

2 Chronicles 30:1-3, 13-27  Hezekiyah kept the feast in Yahrusalem. He wrote letters for them to come to the feast. v. 3 They said they could not come because the priests did not cleanse themselves. Who are our priests today? (If the Passover over is missed you must keep the feast the next month) v. 13-14 Removed pagan altars. We can’t have Passover in the midst of churches. v. 15-17 Priests cleansed them. Women today that are unclean cook the lamb. v. 18-19 They had not cleansed but Yah heard Hezekiyah’s prayer. They have Passover after drinking, and partying now. They niggerize it today. v. 20-21 They didn’t keep Passover the first month. They had to come and do it another month.

Even Yahoshua’s family kept Passover in Yahrusalem.

Luke 2:41-43 Every Year to Yahrusalem! Yahoshua went to Yahrusalem. But the Israelites do it in the United States now!

Where did Paul keep feasts?

Acts 18:20-21 By all means I must keep it in Yahrusalem!

(answers question) No Tobit did not keep feasts out of Yahrusalem (in Apocrypha). That is a lie. Tobit was righteous.

(talks to someone) Yeah, Israel is in East Africa.

Nobody kept feasts out of Yahrusalem. This is a time of mourning now though y’all. Look at our community today, in any city! Our brothers are in prisons. If you keep Passover…how can you teach the heavier subjects, if you can’t teach the simple subjects?

Ascension of Isaiah chapter 3 said false prophets will make all prophesy null and void. These false prophets say the man of sin already happened.

Acts 2:1-5, 7-11 v. 1 They were in one place at the Feast of Weeks. v. 5 In Yahrusalem all the nations came. v. 7-11 These were all Israelites from all nations that came to Yahrusalem. When we get into the land we will feast again.

Y’all Facebook is a den of thieves now…gossiping.

Amos 5:21-24 Yah hates our festivals! Yah is love remember? So you have a real problem when Yah hates what you do! He will not accept the offering. I will not hear you sing at your feasts. Yah calls it noise! Your feasts=you do it the way you want to do it. The Christian God doesn’t hate but Yah has enemies!  Y’all this is Yah’s Word not mine. I’m just reading what Yah says.

Isaiah 1:13-14 My soul hates them! 2,000 years of feasts they way you want to offer! Do y’all know the Jews use crackers not even unleavened bread?…’brews do it too. If Yah asked you why you didn’t keep Passover on judgment day what would you say? Tell Him, Your Word says in Yahrusalem and I was in the United States. (Yah knows that we are a poor people) Yah said Babylon is the place of every defiled spirit. Yet you want to feast here?

Psalms 137:1-4 The children of Ysrayl mourned in captivity, on foreign soil. They did not want to sing. Do you think they would feast in captivity?

Yah’s wrath has not come to Babylon yet because all the Israelites here don’t know the truth yet.

Bob Marley sung by the rivers of Babylon and the redemption song. See, Bob knew. He had a powerful spirit of Yah on him. Look at his lyrics. He said in the song they kill the prophets. Sam Cook sang a change is going to come. Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations sang my people hold on. Curtis Mayfield sang people get ready. Marvin Gaye sang what’s going on. The O’Jays sang ship ahoy. Donny Hathaway also sang of our condition. See, Yah’s Ruach is on His people even as we are cursed. The World looks at our culture. The best athletes are us. All nations will come to see us in Zion. We have heard Yah is with you they will say, Zechariyah 8:23. The next Passover guest list: Yahoshua, David, Abraham, Eliyah…all these.

Proverbs 14:2 They seem right but it ends in death because sin is death and transgression of the law. They use tuna and chicken with unleavened bread. They even do Shabbats by the moon. What if the moon is not visible?

Proverbs 16:25 and also Isaiah 5:20 are mentioned in the room. Someone texted about Yeroboam, remember he did his own feast day in 1 Kings 12:32.

How do Israelites in prison get themselves a lamb? (LOL in the room) This is pharisee burdens they put on the people. Most of us are too poor to go to Yahrusalem. And it is dangerous there. It’s not our time to go there.

They talked about graven images, Yahoshua is not black Jesus like the 70s T.V. show Good Times says. Y’all remember Ned the wino was painted as black Jesus? Huey from the Boondocks is like Michael. This black Jesus episode of Good Times is on YouTube.

The Book of Eli, Denzel played a blind man. He represented the children of Ysrayl because the children of Ysrayl are part blind (in seeing Yah). Denzel is the boule in real life but the movie was off the chain, a heavy movie.

Another brother, brother Moshe gets on the mic. Walk in the Spirit y’all.  Yahoshua knew He would be persecuted. Shaul knew he would persecuted. This word will cause divisions. Humble yourself and accept reproof. Yah fights our battles. He said vengeance is mine. Man up Ysrayl! satan is about feelings. Naw, it’s what the Word says and how you live according to it. We should care about souls  not Facebook. By their fruits you will know them. (someone I think… may have been talking about him on Facebook calling him a witch because he spoke about herbs last week. And this is why at the beginning some in the room were talking about haters and agents in our midst.)

Romans 8:1-3 Do you understand? v. 3 Yahoshua became the living law. Not going to FB gossiping. Don’t be surprised when people fall away. We are stiff-necks just like coming out of Egypt. v. 7 Those that don’t love Yah will not hear these words remember Genesis 3:15 there is enmity between us and them. v. 9 This is not his, no matter how much they say Yah, Yahoshua. (test the spirit on people even if they say Yah and Yahoshua) v. 10-15 Be fearless y’all. Even if they call you bad names. Luke warm people will be spit out by Yahoshua. v. 16-18 Suffer with Yahoshua. v. 19 The world ‘creation’ is waiting on us. Move past foolishness of the devil. v. 21 The world is waiting. v. 22 Now is the awakening. v. 23-25 This is faith. Build it up. v. 26-33 Stopped here. Self evaluation. Stop gossiping, back stabbing. Go to your brother if you have a problem with him.  Lesson ends.

 Q: What is speaking in tongues? A: The spirit of love, hatred, jealousy….language is a spirit given by Yah. And you speak someone’s language and they understand. For example spanish. gibberish is demonic.

Q: Gifts? A: We all have a gift. Have faith that you will find out what it is. Healers, Yahoshua told them that they were sick because they were going to be shown Yah Power and people would see Yah’s power as they are healed.

Q: Titles? A: Like Yl Shaddei, they didn’t know His name in Moses’ time. John 17, Yahoshua said He taught Yah’s name.

Q: Hebrews 5:6-7? A: This is Yahoshua. When Yahoshua was in the flesh He prayed in the garden before they came to get Him. He was afraid. He knew He was about to suffer. Yah was the one able to save Him from death. Yahoshua feared Yah (and He did His mission). At your lowest is when you pray too, like for that rent money.

Q: mother earth? A: We were created from the earth (dust/mud). No we are not tree huggers, lol.

Q: ? A: Sounds of hell, do a YouTube search and listen. It is creepy. It is the fallen angels y’all. Watch the movie Immortals, the titans were under the earth. NO, hell is not yet created.

There’s a video on YouTube called Exodus Revealed. Also search for Mount Sinai documentary on YouTube.

satan will be cast out of heaven…he is coming after us. Revelation 12, he will be furious against us Messianic Israelites. Yah will send us to the wilderness. Even the wild ‘brews will be sent to the wilderness and Yah says He will cast out those rebels…Ezekiel 20:38

Q: Tetragrammaton YHWH? A: This is what they use to try to figure out His name. For 50 years, the Jews had the Scriptures. And they changed some things about the Scriptures. They put Qabalah in there some Gentiles said.

Q: Deuteronomy 12:15 is the feast day wrong because of this? A: No. Their hearts are wrong. Yah’s Word is clear.

Q: ? A: It was not the  last Passover with Yahoshua. It was the last supper, the Gentiles got that right. He was killed with the slaughter of the lambs.  He was killed on a Wednesday (midst of the week) and raised on the Shabbat. Friday to Sunday isn’t 3 days and nights. The 1st day of feast is the Shabbat. Daniel made the prophesy of the middle of the week he would be murdered…Daniel 9:27.

Q: Passover is to be forever in all your generations Yah said? A: Forever is based on a condition, land, obedience and having a temple in your land. Deuteronomy 28:1-14 are the blessings and Deuteronomy 28:44-45 are the curses that Yah said would be forever. Yah said if we don’t listen…the curses. The blessings are still forever though. See, forever is a condition…if you do as I say.

Q: Drugs that Rastas use saying they are righteous? A: Give them Galatians chapter 5 to tell them about being of the flesh, v. 16-26.  (The room talks about daydreaming leading one into a trance like state and also chanting. I have also heard music can lead one into a trance. These are all ways to communicate with the demons.)

Q: 614 laws in the Bible? Do we do the 10 commandments only or all 614? A: According to the Gentiles there are 613. I never counted. But I’m thinking about looking into that. The sacrificial laws we don’t keep anymore. The rest are kept. Sometimes Yah gave the same law twice like keeping Shabbat is in Deuteronomy and Leviticus.  Yah repeats Himself because We are a stiff-necked rebellious people. This sounds like Jewish teaching.

Q: Can you explain Zephaniyah 3:9? A: More than likely it will be a pure Hebrew language. In Moses’ time there were 8,000 to 10,000 Hebrew words. Now, there are more than 50,000 words. So they have added words. The Jews hid the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Gentiles don’t even trust it. They asked why does it have so many holes?

The Qabalah rituals, they speak Hebrew in them. So Yah is going to give us a new language. Many people believe before the tower of Babel, they all spoke Hebrew.

Q: Is Genesis 15:13 the 3 1/2 years in the wilderness? A: NO, this is not apart of the 400 years prophesy. The 3 1/2 year wilderness time is separate from the 400 year prophesy. We will not go to the wilderness immediately after 2019.

The Michael Jordan Revealed DVD: his relationship to the occult. Some of this information can be found on YouTube but this is all put together. So contact me if you want it.

Q:At the end an unusual question about Shaul. It was so unusual I didn’t write it down A: The brothers called the ‘question’ an accusation. We don’t worship Shaul. Shaul taught Yah’s Word.  The prophets told the Word of Yah too and they were men. Yahoshua was a man. The questioner was eventually bounced from the room.

I forgot to say in that Good Times episode that Michael talks about the lost tribe(s) of Israel and he also mentions that the Messiah’s hair is like wool and His eyes like flaming fire. But he does not mention His skin is like brass burned in a fire (dark).

(someone texted in the room) Some say they are practicing the feasts days. When I use to go to the other Israelite camp, they said the same thing, that they were practicing. The brother said they are going to practice themselves into the lake of fire.

*The 12 tribes were never lost.

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The Fallen Angels Part 5a

The Fallen Angels part 5: Forbidden Knowledge and the Origin of the Gods.

(audio was already in progress, I guess someone forgot to start the reel-to-reel recording LOL)…exploring life extensions…Did you all catch that? What she said in the last 10 to 15 seconds? This woman said we want to stay vulnerable humans. You know they would want to call themselves immortals first and then she mentioned cyborgs and then she said after that post human entities. What does that sound like? It sounds like these people are trying to be gods. These people want to be gods…that is something.

 Now, wicked man seeking immortality is nothing new. In fact, it was confirmed in the previous audio clip that we just showed you. The question that remains is why would you want to live forever? And who would inspire you to want to live forever? On the physical of course. In this lesson we will go through Scripture and show you the origin of this doctrine…the origin of the gods and the origin of the forbidden knowledge. We will show you this immortality doctrine is the driving doctrine of most if not all secret societies. So again, I’d like to say Shabbat Shalom, welcome, welcome, welcome. This is the fifth installment of the fallen angels series. This one is called forbidden knowledge and the origin of the gods.

And like we heard this woman say that was narrating, these people they even call themselves immortals. Because they want to live forever. So  now let’s go into Scripture and see where this came from, this whole god thing. Or wanting to be gods or god worship or just the origins of the gods in general. And then we will go into the forbidden knowledge of it. This lesson will have a part 1 and a part 2. Next week, we will talk about how the gods have inspired man to do wicked things over the years all the way up to esoteric or secret societies to this day. In other words the masons, the illuminati, skull and bones, Rothschild’s, the ruling class families and all these. And on the lower you have the military which is a fraternity or secret society because you have to be initiated into the military. And the police force is called the fraternal order of police.

So our first Scripture will be in Genesis chapter 2. We are going to break this down as we always do at Israelite Heritage. We will lay our foundation then build it up with brick and mortar.

Genesis 2:16-17 This is Yah talking right here. So we know that Yah merely speaks and things are put into existence. So when Yah said do not eat of this tree of the knowledge of good and evil because in that day you shall certainly die, you can expect that it will be that you will die if you eat of that tree.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 3. Now, it gets interesting right here because a key decision is made due to a certain part of humanity or emotion so to speak or feeling.

Genesis 3:1-14, 21-22, v. 1-3 So she knows the law right here. She’s harkening to the voice of Yah…right now. She tried to rebuke satan by telling Yah’s laws. That’s how you rebuke demons or these negative spirits…you cast them out with the Word of Yah. Check this out. v. 4-5 This is very interesting because satan mixed the greater lie with the lesser truth. So he said you shall NOT certainly die which is a lie but then he came back and said the truth when he said Yah knows in the day in which you eat of it your eyes shall be open and you shall be like gods knowing good and evil. So you see right there satan said you will know everything. You will have hidden knowledge and all the secrets of the heavens shall be revealed to you. But what satan did not tell her is the opposite side or the flip side of all the negativity that would come with that.

Case in point, satan will give you the world, he will promise you the world like all these modern-day rock stars and all these singers and dancers…entertainers who are men or renown in the world now…your modern day gods…that’s why you have American Idol. That’s why you have these superstars or these movie stars. Where else is stars referenced? Stars are referenced in Scripture. I believe it’s Revelation 12:4, where Yah said that satan removed a third of the stars. So knowing that, why would you want to call yourself a superstar? Why do you have the Hollywood walk of fame with those stars? Why would you have these engraven images that you would work your whole life for, sell your soul to, to get i.e. grammy’s, Oscars, and all these different awards and accolades just to be seen of men. It’s all futile. But I’m not going to jump ahead of myself brothers and sisters. We are going to break this down FULLY today. HalleluYah, understanding will be had. It’s beautiful when you understand just how wicked satan is. So you can rebuke him sharply.

v. 5 This is that myth, that pipe dream that satan likes to sell people. (telling people they will be a god.) v. 6 Let’s break down this verse because there’s a lot of understanding to be had in this verse right here. It’s deep. Now when saw the tree was good. So now instead of listening to the voice (law) of Yah, she’s listening to satan. And now she’s looking at the tree in a different light (or way). She said, ‘well it is a pretty nice looking tree and I will be like Yah and I will know all the secrets of heaven’. ‘I will know all this forbidden knowledge’. ‘I will know all this, I can be a god’. ‘I don’t need Yah’. ‘I can be ag god myself’. And there you have it. So now she began to desire this tree. She began to covet what came with this tree. She coveted it. She thought of herself more than Yah. Do you see what I’m saying? She thought herself to be more than the malakim as we will validate in later Scriptures. We will read in a few moments. So you see brothers and sisters that verse right there is very deep. She went through a transformation. She went from obeying Yah to listening to the voice of satan. So now she’s looking at this tree in a different light and now she wants this tree.

Like some of us, we want that knowledge. We want to know all the secrets of heaven. We want to know why Yah said this or that. Instead of accepting Yah’s laws, commandments and statues, we want to find a greater understanding. Do you see that? It’s the same arrogance and that same pride right there that some of us have in our hearts this day. And really that’s why Yah’s not blessing us. That’s why when we go out to do Yah’s work only thorns and thistles come up. And we will read this too.

v. 7-8 Why would you want to hide yourself from Yah? Ask yourself that question. Why do we hide ourselves from someone…let me give you an example. A couple of days ago, me and ahkotee (sister) Amaziyah and her little son Zuriyah…we were coming from the store and he was 10-15 paces…yeah…brother…guilt. Your absolutely right…guilt. Check this out, me and little Zuri were coming from the store and he was 10-15 paces in front of me and he was going back to the house. I’m still on the sidewalk on the little pathway towards the house. And these 2 cats that were hanging outside, you know smoking and joking…they were smoking weed. And they were sitting out there amongst themselves just cool, know all the hip stuff going on in the city, you know what I’m saying. They got the fresh Sean John jeans on and all that stuff. But check this out. When that baby walked in front of them and he was trying to get into the door…don’t you know you saw the demon jump up from out of that man. Because when you do drugs and things like that you are under demonic possession. We know these men don’t harken to the voice of Yah and they are a playground for demons. But it was so beautiful how you just saw it. And you could see it in his eyes. He could not even look at the child. And then when I got up to the door for Zuri, he apologized. Yeah, ain’t that something? So he saw Yah’s Ruach on that child so much so that he became afraid and ashamed of what it was he was doing.

Now this, bare in mind while we are reading this Scripture right here. Adam and Eve were ashamed of what they had become. That’s why they hid themselves from Yah. Just like sometimes we hide ourselves from Yah when we know we are out there doing those secret sins. Like how you purposely leave your tassels but lie to yourself and make it seem like it was a mistake. Like how you purposely find a million and one things to do on the Shabbat day. You find a reason to go out here and clean. Then when Yah puts it on your heart or sometimes when you guys listen to a past word of the week…it could have been a word of the week done 2 years ago but you just so happen to listen to it and those words cut you to your soul! That’s the same thing these 2 were feeling right here. That’s the same way that brother felt when he apologized out there.  And that’s the same thing that we go through when we hear Yah’s words and we know we are in the wrong. HalleluYah, I’m a witness to brother. Ain’t no big I’s and little U’s. We are all brothers. And that’s the thing right there. Let’s read on.

v. 9-11 m m m. v. 12 Passing the blame…how many of you ‘brews do that? I know I do man. None of us are perfect yet. But that’s why we go through the lessons right here and it’s only through Yah giving us understanding that we will become perfect. v. 13 Again passing the blame. This is what we Hebrews do to this very day. v. 14 We will come back to this verse. I’m going to read something out of the Apocalypse of Abraham in a second. But first let’s jump down to verses 21-22. And we will see why Yah had to kick us out of the garden.

v. 21-22 See Yah knew our ambition. Just like Yah knew about Nimrod when Nimrod was trying to come up to the heavens to make war with Yah. Yah knew about that already. And that’s why Yah sent His righteous malakim down and confused the tongues of men. But we will talk about that later brothers and sisters. I’m excited because while I was doing this, so many things were coming into mind. It’s beautiful when Yah opens your eyes and gives you that understanding. Now check this out, as we read in verse 21 where Yah made coats of lamb skins for them to clothe themselves. Now keep this in mind. Nimrod had those lamb skins when he came into power. Do you guys think it’s a coincidence that masons where aprons or lambskin when they do their rituals? We are going to get into that brothers and sisters. We gon’ hit that one hard and heavy!

Let’s go to the Apocalypse of Adam in the Pseudepigrapha. (talks to a brother) Yeah brother we will read that. We are going to bust these demons up side the head with Yah’s Word! HalleluYah!!

Let’s go to the Apocalypse of Adam volume 1, Pseudepigrapha page 712. Then we will go to Abraham’s vision because there’s something very profound about Yah cursing the serpent saying you will crawl on your belly. That plays into our next week’s lesson.

Apocalypse of Adam chapter 1:1-12, v. 1-2 Now that word glory is profound because we are going to break down this word glory in a few moments. v. 3 Now this is when they had eaten the forbidden fruit. Now you see, he said we went about in a glory. Now I’m going to explain glory after we go to the Apocalypse of Abraham, just keep this in your memory banks for right now. But what he said was and we were great like the eternal angels for we were loftier than the Mighty One Yah who created us. And the powers that were with Him we did not know. So this was the knowledge that they had before eating the forbidden fruit. And they were great like the eternal angels. So before the start of this second great age, we already had all of the knowledge. We are going to verify this when we go into The Book of Enoch later on. So this is what Adam is explaining to his son Seth. He’s saying we were like great and eternal angels meaning that we had eternal life already. We had all the knowledge that Yah gave to us that’s why scientists now say we only use 10% of our brains. Because after we ate of the forbidden fruit which is the tree of good and evil, that’s when Yah stripped that glory or essence or that Ruach or sekinah. Remember this word sekinah. Yah stripped that from us. This is what Adam is explaining to his son. Verse 4 is talking about the fall.

v. 4-6 See so now he’s explaining that when they ate of that forbidden fruit that was the end of the age of eternal man and became the age of man who is born to die now. Because of the curse that Yah pronounced upon us in Genesis 2:17. So these are the 2 ages that we are reading about here. The great age that was that Yah created them in the image and likeness of Yah when they were meant to live forever. The age we were born in, this new age right here that Adam is describing to his son Seth is the age that came about after they ate of the forbidden fruit. The first knowledge that was breathe in us was taken. This is what he’s saying right here. And that glory fled from us entering into another great age and another great race. Now the glory and esteem left them and now it’s to come into another great race…the race or age that we are in now. Because Adam and Eve, they were born in that first great age when Yah created man to live eternally. But now since Adam and Eve had sinned and ate of that forbidden fruit, this is the cause of all the stuff you see today. It’s the cause of futile-ness. You know the chasing of the rims, the big booty on T.V. But let’s keep laying down this foundation right now. This is the reason of all the struggles and hardships that we go through now. This is why we go through everything right now…because of this second age that we were made in. That we were all born in. All of the sons of Adam were born in the second age that Adam is speaking of right here.

v. 7-8 Adam is explaining to his son about the different ages. This is why Adam named his son Seth. Because it says I myself have called you by the name of that man who is the seed of the great race or from whom it is to come. This is after Cain had killed Abel. And Cain had run off as you can read in the book of Jasher, in the 1st chapter. Cain was on the run but Yah blessed him with another child Seth. And they began to re-populate the earth. This is the 700th year of Adam’s life. And now he’s giving the Apocalypse or revelation to his son Seth. This is the timeline that we are in now.

v. 9-10 So since the time of his being cast out to his 700th year, they have been learning about hardship, pain and suffering. Hawah (Eve) has had to give birth to children in pain now. Adam has had to go out and toil the field. And because of the sin that they committed thorns and thistles were growing whereas in the garden he had total shalom. Now their being bothered by pestilence. Now they are being bothered by wicked spirits as we will read here shortly. Everything is bothering them now. This is what he’s talking about right here when he says he’s been learning about dead things…frivoulous, futile things. That’s why the brother Solomon in all his wisdom’s, he opens up in the book of Ecclesiastes with futility, futility, futility, all things of man are futile. That’s why if you are living for that job or something worldly…man you are worrying about dead things. Dead man’s bones or futile stuff, useless, senseless stuff. That’s what Adam is saying to Seth right here in this revelation.

v. 11-12 You see that was the double edge of the sword that satan negated to tell them. satan told them yeah you’ll be like gods, knowing good and evil but satan did not tell them that you will also die, suffer and that you have also forfeited the world to him. So now satan has rulership over this world. That’s why we struggle in our day-to-day things. That’s what the angel Uriyah was explaining to Ezra in the fourth book of Ezra in the pseudepigrapha. Let’s go there right now.

This is profound. This is how you know when you are on to it as far as Scripture goes because when you start reading Yah’s Word and you start to understand Yah’s Word, you see where the things are going. (thanks brother) I know it’s not an easy task, you know trying to format all of this stuff. Yeah I’m just going to read this real quick, the 4th book of Ezra. We read this in our Wednesday night Scripture reading classes but I just want to read this again because this is so profound . Sometimes when we get caught up in our day-to-day and we try to wrap our feeble minds around what Yah is trying to do, you know we get caught up in the moment. But what we need to do is just relax and let Yah handle things like it says in Scripture, seek ye first the kingdom of Yah and all His righteousness and everything else shall be added unto you. So this page 529 of volume 1 of the old testament pseudepigrapha. If you want to correlate this to the Biblical times or you want to correlate this to the 66 canonical books, this takes place in the 10th chapter of the book of Ezra. This is right after the Babylonian occupation, this story we are about to read right now. So this is Ezra and the children of Yisrayl getting ready to go back into their homeland. And Ezra is just wondering why…he’s fasted and he’s prayed to Yah and he’s pleaded to Yah for understanding on why the children of Yisrayl have been allowed to suffer and why the Babylonians are not being punished as the children of Yisrayl have been punished for their sins and transgressions. Because we know as we will read right here, we will see that the archangel Uriyah has to say about that. We are going to read Yah’s ways are inscrutable. We just have to accept the plans that Yah has for us.

4 Ezra 4:1-12 Now the reason I read that brothers and sisters is because sometimes… again that’s apart of that arrogance, that puffed up-ness that originated in the garden when satan said that we can be like gods henceforth the origin of that whole god concept along with the watchers coming down and giving us forbidden knowledge. That also was the beginning of the origin of the gods. That’s why you have the pantheon of gods who these heathen worship to this day. See, so it all correlates brothers and sisters. We need to listen to that Scripture that was just read and harken to it. Sometimes it’s just okay to say, ‘its not okay to eat pork because Yah said it is unclean’. Sometimes it’ just okay for us to understand that what Yah said is clean…is clean. And what Yah said is unclean…is unclean. And just go from there. Sometimes it’s just good for us to say, Yah despises our feast days and our holy days…we just need to  honor the Shabbat because that’s the only thing that Yah gave us. Instead of trying to figure out, you know by our own understanding… you know how to calculate the new moons and how to calculate all this so we can have a bogus feast day. When we don’t have our land or nothing like that.  Let’s just sit back and wait on Yah brothers and sisters. Ok, I have digressed long enough. I just wanted to throw that out there. And just share that with you. Because sometimes, you know, that’s that god spirit. I’m telling you brothers and sisters there’s a spirit out there that would have you to think that you are a god! That’s where all of this comes from as we read in Genesis chapter 3:4-6. When Eve saw the tree was pleasing to her eyesight. And she wanted to take that tree and she was that she could be a god and BAM! There you go, that’s that same spirit that’s coming through to this day. When you try to gain some greater understanding which Yah didn’t deem for you to understand in the first place. That’s it right there brothers and sisters. Let’s continue.

Let’s go to the Apocalypse of Abraham. This is still the old testament pseudepigrapha, volume 1 on page 700.

Apocalypse of Abraham ch. 23:4-12, v. 4-6 read. v. 7 Check this out, when we go back to the 3rd chapter of Genesis, when Yah pronounced that curse on satan, He said you will crawl around on your belly. But look here it says like a dragon with hands and feet like a man’s with 6 wings on the right and on the left. v. 8-12 So you see that was a vision. That was not grapes…it was a vision of them eating fruit. We don’t know what the forbidden fruit was but we know it was fruit. The analogy of them intertwined together means that they were on the same page or on one accord in what they were doing. Much like the watchers, now we will read about in later chapters, the watchers were on one accord. They were on the same wavelength when they made that pact or oath that they made. And this serpent, this humanoid figure, that figure if you can picture it in your mind, it’s like a lizard man. Now picture him with 6 wings, 3 on each side. That was the serpent that Yah cursed to crawl around on the belly. That’s deep.

Let’s continue on. Remember when I talked about that light or that glory when we were reading the apocalypse of Adam? We were talking about a certain esteem or certain glory that Adam walked about in.

You guys don’t have this book but I’m going to read from ‘a dictionary of freemasonry’ published by Robert McCoby or McCoy. And there’s a definition that I’d like to share with you guys. Let me give you guys a brief history of the free masons and masonry as a whole. Masonry is one of those esoteric societies that we are going to learn about next week, Yah willing. And in this book, they have a lot of what they call hidden knowledge. But the big secret about a secret society is that there is no secret brothers and sisters. Because we will show you today that everything that they claim to have and everything that they claim to know…we already have too because we have Yah.  And that’s what Adam was talking about when knowledge was already with them. We read this in the Apocalypse of Adam. That’s what Adam was talking about that knowledge was already there. So we already have Yah’s Ruach. We already have the wisdom, that knowledge, we already have that. All we have to do is put Yah in front of it and hey man anything is possible. Again, that’s why Scripture says seek ye first the kingdom of Yah. And His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you…alll other knowledge shall be added unto you. It is only when we put gods in front of it and we lessen the authority of Yah or we make ourselves out to be gods and we exalt ourselves above who we are, that’s when the problems occur.

But getting back to this term right here…sekinah. It was mentioned and we are going to go into the pseudepigrapha right after this and verify it, right here. Now this is page 664 of the book ‘a dictionary of freemasonry’. It says sekinah, a beam of glory. This beam shone upon Abel in his sacrifice. And it is thought by some to have been the moving cause of Cain’s envy. Yah testified His…Isaac I apologize for that. I had a quick brain cramp. That flame that passed between them two, that’s the flame sekinah or this light or glory, this is what they are talking about right here. The pillar of a cloud and the clouds that filled the tabernacle were of the same nature. You see, so whenever Yah came down into the tabernacle or temple into His Holy Set Apart place, this is that sekinah or Yah’s Ruach. See, they call it sekinah or a beam, a light of glory. But we know this is Yah’s Ruach. That was the definition of the term sekinah as what thus saith man. But we are going to go head and break it down to what thus saith Yah.

Have you ever heard someone say man, ‘that brother has a certain glow on him’. ‘Or man, that sister has a certain radiance or light…she’s very charismatic’. All of these adjectives are used to describe Yah’s Ruach. That’s what it is when they see Yah’s Ruach upon you, they can’t describe it, so they say man there’s a light or glow or something. Man brother, you are shining today. That’s when you have Yah’s Ruach on you. That’s what it is.

I’ll give you another example. When we were at the hospital earlier this week with ahki (brother) Obadiyah. Um, one of the nurses made a comment on the elder Amachaiyah’s um…on what he was wearing. Now check this out. I’m going to give you the physical but then  I’ll give you the spiritual definition of what this woman was saying.

She looked at Amachaiyah and he had on a disheki…he had on Hebrew garments. He had on his tassels and he had on a kofi. But this is what she said, she was like ‘wow, those clothes are beautiful’! ‘Everybody should dress like you’. And she was just thrown back by the Ruach that the elder had upon him. Brothers and sisters how deep is that. Now that’s the physical side. Let’s look at the spiritual side of it. She said what you are wearing is beautiful. She said everybody should dress like you. Everybody should put on the whole armor of Yah, like you brothers and sisters when you have Yah’s whole armor…it is a beautiful thing! Like when little Zuri walked in front of those people and those dudes were smoking weed…he had to put it down because he had to respect and honor that. He had to honor that glow, that Ruach that the child had upon him. Just like that woman had to give reverence to elder Amachaiyah when she saw him. Not only did she give reverence, she said everybody should. HalleluYah for that!

Let’s go and verify that. Let’s go back to Scripture. Let’s go t the book of Jubilees. What we will read about now is the removal of that sekinah or that light. This is Adam talking about how the light of Yah was removed from him. No, it’s in 3rd Enoch. What we are reading is Yah removing His sekinah or His Ruach. This is verified in the Apocalypse of Adam, when Adam speaks to his son Seth in his 700th year when he said the glory and esteem that I use to walk through or that they use to walk with or in…was removed. It was removed because of their ambition. Or because of them wanting to be gods. Because of them wanting to be like Yah. So now we are going to verify what we read out of 3rd Enoch page 259, pseudepigrapha volume 1.

Y’all it’s a beautiful thing to have understanding of Yah. You don’t need to be no mason to have understanding (knowledge). You don’t need to have a double doctorate and study physics and genetics and all that stuff. All you need to do is put Yah first brothers and sisters. Think about it. You know before the origin of the mystery school system, which we will cover in next week’s lesson before all of that crap, what did we have? We had Yah brothers and sisters. Before masons, before there was such a thing as the boule, before there was an illuminati, before there was a such thing as an annanuki…we had Yah brothers and sisters. It was after Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit that they had discovered that. Because see, satan didn’t tell them that like it said in Genesis chapter 3 verses 4 and 6. satan only gave them the good part of it like satan does with people now. he only gives you the good part about it…’just bow down and worship me man, I’ll give you the world’. ‘i’ll give you everything you want’. But what satan doesn’t tell you is that he will take your soul away from you. And your soul will be damned just like his soul is damned to the eternal lake of fire.

3 Enoch chapter 5:1-8 See this is where masons get sekinah from. The sekinah it says resided on a cherub beneath the tree of life. This goes back to Genesis 3:21-22 where Yah said we have to kick them out of the garden. Because see what would have stopped them from grabbing hold to this…that eternal life. Just think if people lived forever. Think of how messed up the world would be. First of all, just think of how wicked we are right now. Could you image those crazy Hebrews that like to shout death to the Gentiles? Could you image what they would be doing if they had eternal life. And like wise could you image those Hebrew-hating Gentiles? You know with the burning crosses, could you image what they would be doing if they had eternal life? So you see Yah knew what He was doing when He removed that sekinah or that esteem…that eternal life.

v. 2-4 Check this out. So after they were banished from the garden, they would still go to the gate because it was only when they came to the gate of the garden that they stood in front of that esteem and power, that sekinah, that light, that Set Apart Spirit, that Ruach that the pestilence could not bother them…that they weren’t bothered by sickness and things like that….and strife. Because those were all things that Yah pronounced on us as a curse because of our foolishness. Our foolish pride and our wanting to be like gods.

v. 5 See this is saying that they were not bothered by the sickness, strife, the pains of life (in the presence of the sekinah). Malicious demons who were the offspring of the watchers and the daughters of men who had come down and had offspring wich were the nephilim and the demons were a result of Yah killing those nephilim and the demons were the spirits that were resulted. So demons were there bothering people as we will read in later Scriptures. We will see the origin of demons. We will read what the purpose of the demons is. v. 5 (finished reading) that’s just like saying when you have Yah’s Ruach on you…ain’t no demon going to bother you. How do you think the brothers casted out demons in the name of Yahoshua ha Maschiach? Brothers and sisters that name carries power! That name and our belief in that name…that’s our sekinah this day. That’s our Ruach this day. That’s the Ruach ha Qodesh that we pray for when we say where 2 or more are gathered that His Holy Set Apart Spirit shall dwell. That’s what they are talking about right there…that sekinah. But it only works if you have faith in it brothers and sisters. You can’t just say it. This is what this chapter is  talking about, you have power over demons because of Yahoshua, when Yahoshua made the ultimate sacrifice, you can repel satan. You just have to have faith in what you believe in.

v. 6 Pay attention to this name Enosh brothers and sisters. Because we are going to read about him in a few moments when we go to the Book of Jasher. v. 7 So these last few verses deserve a break down! Check this out. Now, what did the man of Enosh’s generation do that was so wicked? We will read about it in a few moments but check this out. They went to the corners of the earth and they gathered up all the precious stones, gold and silver. So they obviously have acquired the knowledge of the monetary system. So now they know the value of precious stones/gems. So now you have the invention of bartering. And the invention of vanity also. Because as we will read the fallen ones taught them about beautifying the eye lids and things like that. But do you see this? It says they brought down the sun, the moon, the stars and the constellations. Did they literally bring down the sun, moon, and stars? Naw, they didn’t do that. They brought down images of the sun, moon, and stars and constellations again information that was taught by who? The gods!! And there we go…that’s the origin of the gods brothers and sisters. What started in the garden with Adam and Eve, Eve wanting to be like Yah has carried over to this very day to us worshipping people, man. That’s why you have reverend, that’s why you have popes, that’s why you have fathers in Catholicism. These people are worshipped as gods. Ain’t that something? But not to digress. Let’s go to The Book of Jasher, chapter 2.

Man y’all, this is deep man. Do y’all brothers and sisters see this? Do you see just how far that one sin has taken us? Man, it’s so deep. Once you understand that, that one sin, that one little secret desire has spawn all of this. That’s why it is paramount that we do not hide or harbour any wickedness in our hearts because you saw how Eve saw that tree and liked it.  Then she coveted or desired it. And ultimately, it led to us being ousted from the garden. And it ushered in the start of the new age…the age of man being born to die. Like in the Apocalypse of Adam it was talking about the 2 great ages. So do you see that brothers and sisters? Man that’s something.

Now we are going to read about Enosh and his generation and find out exactly what Enosh did that was so wicked. But we know that story…it ws the watchers.

Jasher 2:1-13, 19-20, v. 1 See this validates the ushering in of the new age. Because, now we are born in the image of Adam it says. Meaning, we were born mortals. When before, when Adam and Eve were created, they were created in the image and likeness of Yah. They were created as immortals. That goes back to those 2 different ages that Adam was describing in is apocalypse or revelation to his son Seth. v. 2 Get use to hearing that (sinning against Yah) because we will hear this a lot in this lesson. v. 3 See now it’s starting. You have the snow-ball effect.

v. 4 See this goes back to what we just read in 3 Enoch, when it talks about why Yah removed the sekinah from the earth. So you see, Yah saw how wicked man was. And Yah saw that man gave ear to the watchers and decided to give praise, worship and reverence to the watchers as opposed to worshipping Yah. So Yah said He was going to remove this. And eventually we saw He caused a great flood to come. And we will read about that in a few moments. And gold, precious stones and all that, they were taught the value of the monetary system along with other things.

v. 5-6 Look at this. You know how sometimes your out there, like I said before, you don’t wear your tassels, you know you forgot to wear your tassels and you didn’t go back home to get them. Yah will send someone to you to ask if you’re a Hebrew Israelite and then they will ask you, ‘why don’t you have on your tassels’? And then you feel dumb real quick but then you go out and do the same thing (again). That’s what this verse is saying. Yah gave them warnings. Yah will give you ample time to correct yourselves. Like if you were out doing something profane on the Shabbat, you will get a flat tire. Yah is telling you that you probably should not have been out there doing your own will in the first place. You know Yah has a way of warning us before He gives punishment to us. Keep that in mind. My daddy use to whip me and daddy’s whippings hurt. But now when I say daddy…I mean Abba Yah.

v. 7 See this is part of the curse Yah pronounced on the man and woman back in Genesis 3 when he said you will work and toil but all you will bring up is thorns and thistles. And it will say this in this next verse. v. 8 Do you see that? Their seeds became thorns, thistles and briars. Yah cursed the earth because of Adam. So do you see all the hardships your going through…count it as a blessing because you know that Yah is still punishing us for our transgression. Soldier on, suck it up, man handle it. Look at what Yahoshua went through. Yahoshua went through the ultimate sacrifice. So I think you can go without electricity if need be…until Yah turns the electricity back on. I think you can go without eating out every day.  We need to learn how to sacrifice and live as true servants of Yah. Who’s to say that you must have a car in the first place.  And if you do have a car count it as a blessing that you have a car. There are plenty of brothers and sisters who don’t have a car. Who is to say you were supposed to go out and work in the world anyway. It might be Yah’s will that you go out and (? audio was breaking here). What ever Yah’s blessing…don’t go around pouting all the time. Think about Job and what He went through. That’s a blessing because now you know Yah sees you fit enough spiritually to be tried (tested). Hey it is what it is y’all.

v. 9-10 Now pay attention to this Cainan because we are going back to the pesudepigrapha and see what he did. Because there’s something that he did that really upset Yah. v. 11 See, Cainan had knowledge of who? of Yah or of the gods? Sounds like to me he had the wisdom to cause a spell and reverse a spell (where it says he ruled over the spirits and demons). I wonder where he got that from? v. 12 So if Cainan had fore-knowledge of the flood coming, how did he know if he did not get this knowledge from Yah? Who did he get this knowledge from? v. 13 He was doing some soothsaying, some Miss Cleo type stuff. He was trying to predict the future.

Now let’s go back to the old testament pseudepigrapha volume 2. And let’s read about Mr. Cainan. Let’s go to Jubilees pg. 71. We will read chapter 8. This is Cainan’s discovery of astrological lore. We are going to figure out what Mr. Cainan did. Cainan is a descendant of Arphaxad (or spelled Arpachshad) and this is referenced in Genesis 10:22, Cainan was Arphaxad’s son.

Jubilees 8:1-4, v. 3 He transcribed it now he’s finding out  what this stone is. And he sinned because of what was in it. That’s the sin part. The teachings of the watchers were in it. By which they used to observe the sun, moon and stars and all the signs of heavens. So that’s that astrology stuff. That’s what it is…divination. Like saying your born in the astrological sign of cancer and cancer has these qualities, brothers and sisters that stuff is demonic! Don’t involve yourself in it. When people ask me what’s my sign…I say I’m a Hebrew Israelite. LOL, There’s no such thing as that other stuff, you know what I’m saying. Because you see right here that’s a sin. That was forbidden knowledge given by the watchers. There is a difference between forbidden knowledge and the knowledge Yah gives us as we will read in later Scriptures. We will even read that Yah allowed righteous angels to give Noah a prayer and to give Noah information on how to cure his children by the means of using herbs. See that’s the difference between forbidden knowledge and Yah’s Ruach and Yah’s knowledge, that eternal knowledge is what Yah gives to us. There’s a difference. And we will discuss it in a minute.

See, he (Cainan) did not tell Noah he did. Because he knew he was wrong. He kept it to himself. That was the sin part. (talks to someone) Yeah, I got ahead of myself. (He didn’t read v. 19-20 of Jasher) I will go into that when I talk about the watchers.

Now, we talked about the watchers a little bit you know about what it was that they did. Who they were. Now we will go in-depth and explain exactly what it is that these watchers are and what it was that they did and why it was a grave sin.

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Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 4b

…is drawing near. This is something that is flying. Let’s go to Acts chapter 1. And let’s read about Him coming back.

Acts 1:1-11 So what was that same way? It said that He was taken up in a cloud. Now He just told us what? ‘I’m coming back in a cloud.’ And the angels just explained to the brothers, the same way you saw Him go up, is the same way you will see Him coming down. He’s coming back down in a cloud. So what is this cloud once again? (talks to someone) Yeah, it is but that’s how He’s coming back. Let’s look at this Matthew 24.

See this is why they are scanning the heavens. The Vatican has its own observatory where they have telescopes. They have their own telescopes. And they are watching the heavens day and night. They know that He is coming back, that’s why they make all these super-duper weapons. You know like invisibility and laser rays and all that. They know that they have to fight against Him and where He’s coming at.

(talks to someone) Yeah, Yeah, they think they will turn that against Him. See, Steven Spielberg is one of those Jews that’s in the know. That movie close encounter of the third kind, that was just not a movie. ‘E.T.’ was not just a movie. Those were based on real stories. In the movie Roswell, if y’all ever seen that, it was a ShowTime movie and it’s on DVD. This guy was explaining to the guy who actually found the crash back in 1947, he explained it to them saying how over the years they had, had encounters with all these aliens. And they know that there are 50 something different races of them. And he was saying to him that the movie close encounters of the third kind was a true story. The movie was based on a true story. ‘E.T.’ was too.  And it’s no coincidence that Steven Spielberg was the author of these movies like raiders of the lost ark. So that’s what they are looking for brother.

(talks to someone) Right, that’s how they cover it up. They make these men seem crazy yet they will have the body of this thing, you know. They have been searching for big foot for a long time because you know what they want to do with big foot? They want to create a super solider. This is what they have been trying to do. Because they say hey if this thing is half man and half beast and he’s 7 foot 7 and 500 pounds…we can use him as a military man, you know.

(talks to someone) Humpf, like spiderman. That’s what they said these little gray aliens are. They said that those are suits that they have on. That they are bio-suits that fit to their bodies and they say that when they remove those suits that they are reptilian under there…small reptilians. So yeah, that’s very interesting brother.  Yeah, that’s what they are trying to do.

So you have to ask yourself ‘why do you need all this super stuff’? Man, you can drop a bomb on a city and kill everyone there and stop a war you know. So why do you need the super stuff? It’s because they know He’s coming back in a cloud and they understand what these clouds are and they have nothing to defend against those.  It’s deep y’all.

Okay, let’s go to Matthew 24 because Yahoshua…the angels said the same way He came up is the same way He’s coming down. Let’s see how He said He will come down.

Matthew 24:29-30 So He’s talking about the same time here…the day of Yah and/or the return of Yahoshua. v. 30 Do you see that? He’s coming with much esteem. He’s not talking about no regular clouds. He’s coming back on the clouds with much esteem. We already seen Him saying He’s coming back on a cloud. The angels verified this in Acts chapter 1. The same way you seen Him taken up in a cloud is the same way you will see Him come down. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 26.

Matthew 26:64 So right here you see that heaven? It’s not plural. That means it’s the highest. The heaven where Yah dwells. You will see Me coming on that cloud. That’s the cloud we seen coming from Yah, that led the children of Yisrayl into the promised land.

Let’s go to Revelations chapter 14. You know, you think you seen a mother ship. You have not seen nothing until you seen the Father ship. (talks to someone) No, that’s the nation of Islam. They actually say that the mother ship is circling the earth right now. See with the nation of Islam, they have some truth because they got it from this guy Farod Muhammad, who was a mason. He was also an elk. He was in these secret societies so he had that secret knowledge. If we read this Bible without the understanding of Yah then…a cloud is a cloud. That’s all it is…Yahoshua will be standing on a puffy white cloud. But with the understanding of Yah, He has unlocked this mystery to us. This is the same understanding that the masons already know because of their secret schools, the higher masons know about the clouds and all these things. They know about the secret understandings. But, this is the twist, they think that satan is the god and when satan sends his clouds before Yahoshua returns, that’s what they will worship. They will say hey it’s right there in your Bible remember the clouds, that’s what they were talking about. Before Yahoshua returns that whole fallen angel thing will happen. They are going to come in these ships before Yahoshua. So they are going to be pretending to man, to be gods. So the deception will be heavy y’all.

Revelation 14:14-16, v. 14 So once again He said who? One like the Son of Man, Yahoshua coming on a cloud. v. 15-16 So again we see He’s sitting on a cloud, riding on a cloud or coming down on a cloud. And we seen that same cloud guiding the children of Yisrayl through the wilderness and we seen what that was about.

Let’s go to Revelation 11. Look at this situation that’s going to happen with Yah’s two witnesses when they come. (talks to someone) That’s right the same message brother that’s in the entire book.

Revelation 11:1-12, v. 1 Now whenever you see the dwelling place in the Scriptures translation of the Bible that means the temple. The temple/altar is a vision being shown to him here. v. 2 This is 3 1/2 years. This is talking about the great tribulation when they rebuild the temple. Do you know there’s some brothers out here teaching that there will not be a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem? When this angel is telling you that there will be a temple built. v. 3 1,260 days equals 42 months or 3 1/2 years. This is the great tribulation. This is in Matthew 24:15-16 where Yahoshua talks about the abomination of desolation (the man of sin) standing in the temple. That’s when the great tribulation will start. So this is talking about the same time period here. Now these 2 witnesses are clad in sack cloth because sack cloth when the children of Yisrayl went into mourning when they were sad (wore this). So they put on sack cloth. So these guys are sad because this man of sin is ruling on the earth and that’s a great abomination. v. 4-5 So they have power over men.  When men try to harm them …fire. v. 6 Just like Moses and Aaron, this is going to be a carbon copy of that. Remember in Exodus chapter 7:1 Yah sent Moses, He made Moses a God and I’m making your brother Aaron your prophet. So it will be the same thing with these 2 witnesses. v. 7-8 This great city is Jerusalem. But by this time it will be called spiritually Sodom and Egypt. Why will it be called Sodom? Remember what took place in Sodom. Sex with fallen angels oh that’s going to be going on big time during this time because the fallen angels will be back on earth. And the man of sin, they will give you to worship the man of sin. We are your gods and we have a god over us….he’s the greatest god so they will still be doing that in Jerusalem. v. 9-10 So they will be glad that these righteous men are dead. v. 11-12 So Yah is going to deliver them up in what? A cloud. ‘Beam me up Scotty’.  (laughs) If that’s what you want to call it. So it says, the spirit of life went into them and BAM they will be taken up. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 10. So the evidence is overwhelming y’all that this is more than a regular cloud as we know a cloud.

1 Corinthians 10:1-2 So this cloud was part of their immersing but once again we are seeing a recounting of that time when there was a cloud and there was a…they were immersed so when the children of Yisrayl walked through the red sea, that’s when they were being immersed, all of them were immersed through that event. So immersings did not start with Yahcanon (John) the immerser. It started with the children of Yisrayl and the red sea.

Let’s go to 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. The Thessalonians were a Gentile people up in Europe. And Shaul went up and taught them. He taught them Yah’s truth.

1 Thessalonians 4:17 Now, I want to explain this. This is talking about the return of Yahoshua and it’s talking about those who will be risen in the resurrection. But look at what it says. The Master, when we meet the master in the air in a cloud what did He tell us? He said I’m going to be in the clouds and He’s coming back down to earth. Didn’t the angels say the same way you seen Him go up is the same way He’s coming down. So when we meet Him in the air, in the clouds, we are coming down with Him.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 1 and this is our last Scripture here. Then we will look at UFOs.

Revelation 1:7 So Yahoshua is coming with the clouds and every eye shall see Him. How many of y’all can see the sun on a cloudy day? I can’t see the sun on a cloudy day because the clouds are blocking it. So when he said I’m coming with the clouds and every eye shall see Me…these aren’t regular clouds. This will not be a cloudy day as we know a cloudy day. The sky is going to be filled with ships. Y’all will see.

So now we seen some very interesting things about these clouds. And I’m not trying to force anything down your throat. You can accept it or reject it. It’s on you. But Scripture says what Scripture says. If you can make sense of what these clouds are then we would love to hear what you have to say. But they are what they are. You know clouds hovering and not moving for a year…when have you ever seen anything like that? And Yahoshua is making a point to tell you throughout the book, ‘I’m coming back with a cloud’ over and over and over again He said. He made it a point to tell you that. So hey.

Now let’s look at unidentified flying objects. Let’s go to the book of Zechariyah. Now the Gentiles call him a minor prophet because he doesn’t have as long a book as say Isaiah and Yeremiyah. But there’s no such thing as a minor prophet. Any man who has ever heard the voice of Yah or was told by Yah to write this down to give to Yah’s people….ain’t nothing minor about that! That is the Gentiles understanding man and it is just ruining us, you know. Zechariyah chapter 5, we will read the entire chapter.

Zechariyah 5:1-11, v. 1 Notice what it first says…’and I lifted up my eyes’. So he’s looking in the air. He’s not saying this is a vision or anything. He said he saw a flying scroll. A scroll is what shape? It’s long right. Yeah a cigar shape right. That’s what we would call a cigar shape. Now look at this, he will give you the size and shape of this thing. v. 2 Now, I’m not sue how to measure a Biblical cubit but I do know it spoke about Goliath being a certain amount of cubits. So this thing was big. It said 20 cubits long and 10 cubits wide. So he’s able to see it. And from his eyes he’s able to measure it. Because people who see these UFOs say hey well it was about 20 feet long and 10 feet wide. they are able to see it. Especially y’all military people, you are trained you know to do those things. v. 3 This is an angel speaking to him. This is a curse he said a scroll, that he is describing.

v. 4 So you saw war of the worlds right? What did those things do? Did they come and utterly destroy people’s houses? Do you know what I love about that movie? Is that the wicked Gentiles had no power to stand against it. Did you see Tom Cruise and that little girl when lightning came down? They ran and hid under the table, you know. I love to see that boy because (some of ) the Gentiles think they have Yah in their hand and they are greater than Yah. But when Yah shows His power…they can’t do nothing but run and hide.

v. 5-6 So this angel is showing Zechariyah something throughout the earth that’s flying. He described it as a flying scroll. Now he’s seeing something else that’s in the sky flying. v. 7-11 So the land of Shinar…who knows where that land is today? LOL, she is pulling out a map! Yeah, that is Iraq. Shinar is Iraq. So it said this thing will be built in Iraq. In the movie ‘independence day’ those space ships showed themselves. They came out of the clouds and the first place they went to was Iraq and showed themselves. The United States is where today? They are  fighting a war to take over Iraq. So they took it over, hey they have some plans there. It is going to be built. That’s what this angel just said, this thing is going to be built in the land of Shinar and it shall be established and set on its own base. But did you see that he said that there’s a metal lid over this thing. And it said you can lift up this metal lid and see women in there. So he said that this was wrongness and this was going throughout the entire earth. So these people are seeing all these ships. So you know many of the Gentiles say they have been abducted and say they have met these women. That women have been commanding these things. Yeah, Whitley Streber (sp?) said that he met a woman on a ship named Shemyaza.

There was another one that said that there was a woman who was like a commander. I remember in the movie ‘the v’ the commander of that ship was a woman named Diana. And Diana was an ancient goddess. So if you have your eyes closed you can’t see these things. But if you have your eyes open…you are waiting on it, you know. So we say blessed be Yah for that. But you see Zechariyah was showing these things. He said first it was a flying scroll then an ephah measure with a metal lid over the top. Many of them described these ships and the entities in them as a metal type object.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 66. We are going to look at Yah’s chariots now. They are called chariots and they are also called clouds. Clouds are talking about the bigger of these and the smaller of these are called chariots. Because what else could they compare it to?

Isaiah 66:15 So you see, Isaiah said that Yah is coming with His chariots.

Now let’s go over to Psalms 68, I believe this will tell us how many chariots Yah has in His arsenal. Now clouds would be like mother ships and these chariots are the smaller ones.

Psalm 68:17 The KJV words this correctly. Sometimes the KJV has a better translation of certain verses. But ‘the Scriptures’ overall is a good translation. What took place in Sinai? That’s where Yah came down in a cloud. So he said as in Sinai, Yah has 20,000 even thousands of angels. So it’s letting you know there is a connection between these chariots and the angels. Like I said, he said Yah said I’m sending My angels before Yisrayl. These chariots are what they call smaller vehicles.

Let’s go to 2 Kings chapter 2. We are going to look at Eliyah. We just have a few more Scriptures y’all. That’s 2 Malakim chapter 2.

2 Kings 2:9-12 So the prophet Eliyah, many people say ‘hey man he was taken into heaven’. ‘He’s in heaven now’. Let me show you something. Now we see right here that he was taken by a chariot of fire. Let’s go to 2 Chronicles 21. That’s the last book of the old testament (in the Scriptures translation).

Now we just seen Eliyah was taken up in the chariot of fire but look at this.

2 Chronicles 21:12  See now Eliyah is writing a letter to the king of Israel. See Eliyah was not writing from heaven but he had been taken in the chariot of fire or vehicle from one end of Israel to another. And he was still alive. He was still on earth. Because Yahoshua tells us no man has ascended to the heaven where Yah dwells. So Eliyah was taken into a chariot of fire from one end of Israel to another.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 1. Let’s read about this wheel within a wheel. Then we are going to close out. Now we saw that Zechariyah saw flying vehicles. We see Yah has 20,000 and thousands of chariots and angels. We see that Eliyah was taken up and transported from one end of Israel to another by this chariot of fire. And also if you read Acts chapter 8, you see that the apostle Phillip, after he immersed the Ethiopian, that he was taken right from before the Ethiopians face and transferred to another part of Israel.

Yahzeqyl 1:1-28, v. 1-3 So Yahzeqyl was taken captive into Babylon. This is the Babylonian captivity. v. 4 So what did he see? A great cloud with fire. The same thing the children of Yisrayl saw in the wilderness. So he said out of the midst was glowing metal (amber), this is out of the midst of the fire. v. 5 So out of this metal that came out of the fire was 4 creatures. v. 6-10 So there was a man’s face, an ox’s face, a lion’s face and an eagle’s face. These are strange creatures, that would even look strange to us. But they are majestic in Yah’s sight. And Yahzeqyl cannot compare them to anything so what does he call them? Living creatures. And he knows their living. v. 11-16 So he’s describing another vehicle here…a wheel within a wheel. It is a circular object. So what else can he compare it to that is circular that he knows of.

v. 17-21 So whatever these living creatures were, they were controlling what they call the wheels. v. 22-25 So he’s describing something here that he doesn’t know what he’s seeing but he’s describing it according to the best that he can. If you were given this same vision and you saw these same things, how would you describe it? Many of us since we are not farmers, we don’t know what an ox looks like. So we would not be able to say they had the face of an ox. We would have to describe it as something else. He had a cow face we would probably say, you know. Whatever we could think of to describe it, in our own times and situations. Just like he’s doing here. v. 27 Once again this is glowing metal (amber) with the appearance of fire all around it. v. 28 Now when he said like the appearance of a rainbow, he’s talking about a regular rainbow in a regular cloud. But when he mentioned that other cloud just a moment ago he’s talking about something else.

But yeah, he talked about this glowing metal and this came from the midst of the fire and 4 creatures were beside these things. And they had full control over these vehicles. So brothers and sisters that’s the end of the lesson. I hope that it has given you some understanding of some things that are going on here. Because this thing that they call the UFO phenomena, it is something that is real. These people are all over the deepest parts of Africa and describing what the people in Manhattan are seeing, you know. So it ain’t no coincidence. These things are real. satan is going to try to use this to bring a false deception before Yah comes back and clean the earth up. But this is what it is. Please don’t ask me why does Yah need these things to fly around in. I ain’t made it that far yet. I’m being real with you. I don’t know. But there’s something to it. Because what we call spiritual…what do we really comprehend about that? Could it be what we call super technology? What if an angel has some device on him that makes him invisible? What if he has a device that lets him walk between dimensions? Hey we don’t know. But Yah says that the mystery of Him will be revealed to His servants and prophets at the ending of time.

Q: The question was not audible. A: Remember he’s describing it as he could. If you were to see a gray alien, you would describe it as looking like a locust or grasshopper. You know because that’s what it looks like. He’s going by what he could see. Because right now when he’s reading that, he has no idea of what he’s looking at. He just said these are living creatures with wings, hands and 4 faces. We even look at that…you look at the 4 sides with a front, back, and 2 sides.

Q: The person’s mic was low. A: I haven’t seen anything about that but the interesting thing about that is this: If you read Ezekiel chapter 10, Ezekiel finds out that those are cherubim angels. Now cherubim angels are very high in Yah’s esteem because it was a cherubim angel that He sent to guard the garden, satan was a cherubim angel and we keep reading about the cherubim. So Yah may not allow satan to carbon copy those. That’s why we don’t hear anything about those being aliens. Because they (cherubim) are under Yah’s protection…like we don’t hear anything about Hebrews being abducted by aliens you know. We see some farm boy way out on a farm…you know and him and his mama and everybody has been taken…you don’t hear about Hebrew…yep Betty and Bernie Hall, yep he was the only one.

Sister makes a comment: I was watching something on YouTube and this man said he had been to the future and he seen himself. He said there was a portal under his sink. He said he had a camera phone and he took a pic of himself and his future person. And they had the same exact tatoo. I just wanted to share that.

Q: What is the difference between the man of deceit and the day of Yah? Um, when the man of deceit comes will he be bringing the temple of altar? Is that correct? Is that our signal to flee? And also when Father Yah comes back…Yahoshua, He’s going to be on a cloud. Am I correct? A: Yes, that’s correct. The man of sin will appear according to Matthew 15 and 16 and we are to flee when he comes into the temple. There is going to be a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. When he comes and says he’s the greatest of all gods…that’s when it’s time to flee. That is when the great tribulation is going to start. It will be for 3 1/2 years…this man’s wicked rule on earth. He’s going to run the new world order and al that stuff. And Yahoshua will come immediately after the great tribulation. Yahoshua will come with the clouds as he says and we just read about the clouds.

Q: I have 2 questions. Does the earth have heavenly bodies revolving around it or does all the heavenly bodies revolve around the sun. That’s my first question. Can you explain the tower of babel and what that was? A1: Well this is a planetary system that we live in. Earth is the key cornerstone to our planetary system. We revolve around the sun. The sun is the morning star that arises in the morning to give life. Because if the sun was to go out then earth would be in trouble that’s why at the end of time, Yah says He is going to blacken out the sun and the sun will shine no more because Yah will be with the children of Yisrayl. Yah will be with the earth. And the earth will no longer need the sun. Yeah, Joshua told the sun to stand still but actually during that time we thought that the sun moved because everything in society during that time…they were sun worshippers. They patterned everything off the sun because they knew it rose in one place and set in another place. So to them it appeared as though the sun was moving. But it wasn’t the sun, it was the earth as it rotates around the sun. Each planet has its own rotation and its own relationship with the sun. It’s like the sun has multiple wives you know.  Each planet is a wife to the sun and each planet has its own special relationship to the sun. So the earth is in a great position where we are not to hot and not to cold. We are not to close and  not to far away from the sun. So the earth is the center of this planetary system because this is where life is. This is where human life is. The other planets have other life forms but not humans…fallen angels and all that are there.

A 2: The tower of babel, the tower of Babylon as we read in Genesis chapter 11, the people were trying to make a tower to reach into heaven. The book of Jasher tells us that the people wanted to go on this tower and make war with Yah. So we understand that…when we look at this situation, they have a tower right. We have a tower in Chicago called the Sears Tower. Yah said in Genesis chapter 11, I have to go down here and see what they are doing because now nothing has been restrained from them, everything that they imagined to do. This tower was made to come down to confound the languages of man and scatter man upon the face of the earth, so they could stop building the tower. They had evil imaginations. They wanted to go to heaven to make war. These people saw the fallen angels come in what we call ships. The tower of babel was a ship that they were trying to build to go to heaven to make war with Yah. That’s what it was and Yah said no He could not allow this. Humans had gotten to wicked…that’ why we have star trek y’all…to boldly go where no man has gone before. They wanted to go up there and remove Yah. I think it’s the book of Jasher chapter 12 or 16 that speaks about that. But that was their sole purpose …was to ride up into heaven. Oh its Jasher chapter 9. Yah came down to tear it down and scatter man. By confounding their languages.

Q: My question is can you explain what happened on the mountain of transfiguration? A: Well, the brothers were seeing a vision that Yahoshua was giving them. They saw Moses and they saw Eliyah. This was a vision of the kingdom. This was a vision but when Yahoshua left earth and after the 40 days of rising…when Yahoshua left earth and He was talking to the brothers in Acts chapter 1, He left the earth in a cloud on the Mount of Olives. The angel told the brothers, the same way you see Yahoshua going up is the same way you will see Him come down. So yeah, we were just showing the same way He went up is the same way He will come down. We were showing you all the Scripts that say He is coming with a cloud because He was taken up with a cloud.

Q: I have a question about 1 Corinthians, where it speaks about Messiah being the Spiritual Rock that followed them as being Messiah. I’m trying to understand because I once believed that Yahoshua is Yah…so I’m trying to understand the separation. A: Ok, excellent question. When it talks about that brother…Messiah is called what? He’s called the Word of Yah. What followed the children of Yisrayl through the wilderness? It was Yah’s constant Word. So we se that Yahoshua represents that Word of Yah. What is the Word of Yah? The Word of Yah is righteousness, justice and truth. That is everything that the Messiah came to do. So it’s not literally saying that the Messiah followed through the wilderness. But it’s speaking about Him as being the Word of Yah and that’s what He represents…the Word of Yah. The Word of Yah followed the children of Yisrayl. Before they left Egypt and through all the years in the wilderness because Moses continued to give the children of Yisrayl the Word of Yah. He continued to give them that righteousness. So Messiah being the Word of Yah, it was a symbolism of Him following the children of Yisrayl and like Him being there because He is Yah’s Word. So that’s what it is. So I hope that answers your question.

Q: How did the children of Yisrayl know to follow this cloud in particular? A: Moses was telling the children of Yisrayl everything Yah wanted to say. Moses gave the commandment on how to travel through the wilderness and how to do all that. Each tribe moved at a certain time. One moved first then another tribe second, third and so on until we get to the last tribe. So they understood by the mouth of Moshe. Yah told Moses what to do. So when this cloud moved…they moved. When it stayed…they stayed. The cloud was not only their guide but also our protection when we were going through the wilderness. Scripture says it was a commandment. And we know that through the mouth of Moses, Yah spoke. The commandments were given that way. But you know us Stiff-necks will not want to stay when the cloud says stay and all that stuff so Yah had to put it down on us.

Q: The speaker’s mic was low. A: Yes, there are angels that are over entire nations. When we read into the book of Daniel chapter 10, that angel was telling Daniel that he withstood the prince of Persia for 21 days and Michayah came to help him and then he says I have to go fight against the prince of Persia and then next the king of Greece. So there are angels over every nation. There were angels over Egypt. And there still are. You will see with the changing of that nation, you will see the changing of that angel. The angels that were over ancient Egypt, over the pharaohs are not the angels that are over Egypt now. It is a different angel because Egypt has been conquered. The pharaohs are long gone. So now we have a new angel over there that’s in charge. But with the children of Yisrayl our angel has never changed. It’s always been Michayah. And it will always be. But yeah, when nations go to war…the angels do too.

A 2: Listen, you can’t get high brother with weed. That’s a no-no. Marijuana alters your state of thinking. That’s what makes it different from the other herbs. There are herbs that we can season our food with, there are some herbs that give us better eyesight or for healing but weed…it makes you high and high gets you unsober-minded and it takes you into the realm of demons. So don’t ingest that. Don’t let satan take over. It opens your mind and the door to demons of demonic possession. Do you know witches use that stuff? A witches brew…they use that so their minds can be altered. How many of y’all have ever experienced that moment right before you go to sleep, your kinda awake. It’s like in between something. But right at that moment it’s like you can touch another level of something. I have heard voices and things speak to me in that in between state. It’s like your mind is altered then. So that’s what it does to you when you’re getting high. Your mind goes on a different level. Y’all know, y’all probably were weed heads back in the day, you know (laughs). Yeah so brother that’s not the herbs Yah was talking about. Who knows man probably made that one up in some lab or something. We don’t know.

Q: Was it a little cloud or was it actually the Word that followed Yisrayl? A: The cloud that was following the children of Yisrayl was not the Messiah. There’s never any linking of the Messiah to that cloud. But Messiah says He’s coming back on a cloud. Remember, we looked at this cloud. We read that Yah was in this cloud. We did the lesson last week where we showed you that Yah sent His angels before the children of Yisrayl so when we are looking at this cloud, this cloud was some type of what we would call a flying vehicle. The cloud hovered. The cloud moved. It went left and right. It went backward. It stayed in one place for days, months and a year. And so it was not the Messiah that was in the cloud. The cloud came from Yah so what we were showing today is the connection between that cloud and what we call an unidentified flying object which are the same things. It was some type of flying vehicle and it was artificially intelligent meaning that it was being controlled. It was not by chance or some cloud did not go wild and do what it wanted to do. No that did not happen. It was being controlled and Scripture says it was the cloud of Yah coming from Yah. Christianity will tell you that that’s Jesus’ cloud and Jesus was the cloud. Naw, Scripture says that was the cloud of Yah and it was like a vehicle.

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The Signs of the Times

Today’s lesson will be a combination of messages and news entitled the signs of the times: Are we getting prepared for what’s coming on the earth?

We will talk about the financial system and  preparing with silver and gold. We will talk about how we should prepare. The powers of the heavens shall be shaken and distress of nations. Did y’all know there are earthquakes on Mars and solar storms on the sun now? Did y’all know there are shofars being blown in the heavens making security systems in cars go off? Yeah it’s on YouTube. Do y’all know the nations are getting aligned for armeggdon? The moon was low, bright and big. It looked like it was hovering over buildings and so BRIGHT! Yah shows us, we would be foolish not to prepare. Yahoshua said pray you are found worthy to escape what’s about to occur.

Book: ‘the fall of Lucifer’ by Wendy Alec, y’all the first 18 pages is off the chain!! It’s on It’s a novel. The author calls Yah…Yehovah though. But this author has definitely read the Pseudepigrapha. The author talks about lucifer, Gabriyah and Michayah being a brotherhood at one time or like a regent. She says Michayah and Gabriyah are regents that oversee 100 million malakim (angels).  Like we use  the word regents or districts here at Israelite Heritage. She describes the 1st and 2nd heavens in the book. I can only image the new Jerusalem with all these angels and like Revelation says with all these beautiful stones. We will see if the ending is just as good as the beginning of the book. Also in the book, Gabriyah is lamenting lucifer’s fall. Although he became our adversary, we lament over our brothers and sisters that stop worshipping Yah and Yahoshua just as Gabriyah lamented over the loss. The angels go through this too like us. In the middle east they found a coffin with lucifer’s name y’all. We are going to have book reviews periodically. The book talks about the battle of armeggedon and that satan hates Gabriyah. We have been talking about this for years…about satan hating Gabriyah in all the movies. (someone texted in the room) That’s probably why Hollywood is always trying to make Gabriyah a bad angel, in movies like the prophesy. It’s satan’s deception. Check out the television show ‘supernatural’.

News: Daylight saving time: man has tampered with time. There are supposed to be 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Daylight saving time was created so Gentiles can manufacture, work and save energy. It was started by Benjamin Franklin. The story is on

These jackals have changed laws, time and everything. These new jackals are worse than their fathers. They think they are Yah. They have named the days, months and planets (after their gods).

The hurricanes, tornadoes last week cause seismic activity. This shocked scientists! That’s powerful to me! They destroyed towns. The same area tornadoes hit last year. (someone texted the room) They said shofars could be heard.

The same areas the slave route was from West Africa to the Caribbean to North America is the same route hurricanes take to North America. In Psalms 83:15, Yah punishes with tornadoes (tempest/whirlwinds) and hurricanes (storms). Yah sent angels to do it.

The earth bowed down in obedience to Yah when the tornadoes came. It’s been warm this winter y’all. (The room starts talking about how warm the north’s winter has been with not much snow.)

GH summit meeting was cancelled in Chicago this summer by Obama. Last Friday my cousin died, the Chicago morgue was overcrowded! In 1995, there was a heat wave here. There was over crowding in the morgue then too. So why is the morgue crowded again? There must be a plague going on.

Big brains say they have studied the DNA of gorillas and its very close to humans, even closer than chimps. They say there is a 1% separation yet the two are separate species. Who did that? NOT EVOLUTION!! It was YAH! He knows what He’s doing. Yeah, our DNA is close but we are 2 different species. This is not evolution. Gorillas can’t talk and do what we do. This kills evolution for me.

The wild Gentiles on the Joseph Koney Documentary: What’s in Uganda? The British offered the Jews Uganda as a homeland before Palestine. This is propaganda against this evil dictator, they say. They are the boogeyman like they went after Libya and Iraq. They are going after Uganda now….the CIA. They are going after Syria. They want to remove all these guys. They went after Bosnia. They bombed Bosnia and Chechnya. Vladimir Putin is in office again. The CIA is over there trying to make the people riot. Putin is in the illuminati too but he has one foot in and one foot out. Putin is no punk. They want him out of office. Obama did not congratulate him for being re-elected because Putin is against what they did in Iraq, Libya and now Iran. satan’s house is divided. The Jews want to attack Iran.

What is under the earth? Bunker bombs were exploded into the earth. Are they trying to release the angels under there? This is like the movie with Tom Cruise called ‘judgment day’. Only Yah will release them with the key (as read in Revelation).

We need to prepare for short and long-term disaster.  How long have you ever been without power? Could you survive without Power? (My response was 4 days without power during the hurricanes of 2004.) Y’all keep your land line (telephones). Get you a rotary phone…they still work (laughter in the room).  (My sidenote: I have a rotary phone too, a pink one lol that I bought over 10 years ago with an old pink typewriter just because they were pink. :]  They were talking about that old T.V. show McGyvor (sp?). McGyvor used whatever he had to, to get the job done (to survive).  Y’all remember in the Matrix, the EMP went down…all electricity goes out like in the ‘war of the worlds’. Tom Cruise went and got an old truck. New technology is good but keep the old stuff. There is a reason they are removing if from society. Learn to navigate the stars. These new cell phones you can’t even remove the batteries. Keep your old typewriters too.

Y’all remember ‘expendables’? This was a jackal of a movie. You will need to know how to survive realistically (and not like this movie).  The Israelites sandals did not wear out. They needed shoes in the desert. Joseph prepared 7 years before the famine. We will have to fight to get to the wilderness. The devil will be after us.

(texted in the room) go online and get survival backpacks. They range from $50-300. They can be purchased through the red cross too.

The above is a link about giants being found off the Georgia Coast.

Lesson: Are you getting prepared? Psalms 91 and 92 explains Yah’s protection but at the same time, we have to be prepared. They prepared in Egypt with blood on the door posts and they had their clothes on ready to run.

Matthew 24 Let’s see what Yahoshua said. February Israelites started Passover and they end in May. This is a time of mourning (our captivity). Redemption and celebrating comes when we get into the kingdom. (He changes his mind about reading this Script)

The moon was low, bright several nights ago. You could see craters. We talked about tornadoes on the sun. Mars had quakes too. Mars was the god of war. Mars was like the earth. Now red dust is on Mars. A war took place there…and on all the planets.

Luke 21:21-28 What time is this? 70 CE, when Titus surrounded Jerusalem. Yahoshua said this prophesy about 30 years before it happened. We were led away captive and this time is still here. There are sounds coming from the heavens and scientists don’t know what they are. v. 25-28 read. v. 26 Mars shaken quakes…tornadoes on the sun. There was an object that went through the sun. What can go through the sun? The object did it though. The sounds heard from the heavens…the video is on YouTube. Shofars all over the world were heard. Shofars blow for battle.

Revelation 12:1-7 Shofars will be blown to announce Yahoshua but let’s look at what might be happening. Woman=Yisrayl. Dragon=satan. Stars=fallen angels. Male child=Yahoshua. Herod (inspired by satan) wanted to kill Him. 1,260=3 1/2 years in the wilderness. satan is in a level of heaven. he goes to high heaven too it says in the book of Job. he is not in hell or the lake of fire yet. All angels report to Yah. We were to report to Yah in Jerusalem 3 times a year. v. 8 This is ‘the heaven’ he will not be allowed there anymore. satan and Michayah will fight. Shofars gather the army. It was coded to be long or short blows and the Israelites knew how to respond. So we hear these sounds of shofars all over the earth now. There is fighting going on in heaven. Venus and Jupiter were seen last weekend in the sky. What is going on in the heavens? In 1996, comets smashed into Jupiter right before Shabbat. We are starting to witness this battle….solar storms on the sun. All gps, satellites etc. were effected…all communications. The move ‘green lantern’ referenced here.

Let’s talk about Finance and the coming financial collapse. Greece got $130 billion euros. Greece is part of the E.U. Germans want their german mark back.

What is fiat? Fiat is a financial system backed without gold standard, like the U.S.A. Do we need to stock silver and gold? In 1933, the powers that be removed gold backing the dollar.

A nickel could buy a lot of stuff back then…a nickel won’t buy you anything today. It’s not backed by gold. This caused Inflation. They print as much paper money as they want to now. Cigarettes cost $10-12 dollars a pack now! Cigarettes are sold lose and on the underground now. Bread is almost $5 dollars a loaf now! The dollar is the world currency meaning it can be spent anywhere. But it has lost its buying power. Technology has dropped in price. The national budget is in trillions and the national debt is 5 trillion <—I hope I wrote that last sentence correctly Anthony.  The dollar is crippled now. 30 euros=40 dollars so it takes more dollars. Some places will not take dollars anymore like down in Mexico.

Y’all this is all leading up to the mark of the beast. A cashless society is coming y’all. Examples given…debit cards are a pre-cashless society. Food stamps use to be paper and now they have cards. Direct deposit is another way, have you noticed the huge ATM fees? It’s because they don’t want you to use cash. Online you must use a card. (text in the room: Some jobs pay with cash cards now, no more paychecks.) Another example is online bill paying. They also trace your spending habits someone texted. All of it is ‘virtual’ money. 

Washington Mutual was bought by JP Morgan then Chase took over, people did a ‘bank run’ on WaMu and resulted in them being bought for so cheap.  The governor of Illinois is in prison because IL. put money in the bank of America and this bank would not help certain people in Chicago. The next day he was accused of selling Obama’s seat. These big banks run this country.

Occupy movement: These Gentiles are angry they don’t have as much money as they use to. Imagine when they are broke? ‘run on the system’=looting of stores, homes just like Greece.

The 2008 housing crisis: another trick of the government. A lot of homes are owned by the government now. Their homes and land are owned by the government now.

Genesis 47:14-25 This situation in Egypt…the government..this famine will happen in our day. v. 15 The money failed and the people went hungry. v. 16 They had to sell their livestock. v. 17 They bartered their livestock with the government. Joseph worked for pharaoh. v. 18-19 They sold themselves as slaves to eat. If the government owns your land, house…you will sell your soul to them to eat. v. 20-25 This is where we are coming to with this government. This is the collapse of 2008 and what we are approaching. v. 26 They became sharecroppers really. We bought all this stuff…and the government still owns us. You will have to work for the government.

What are we to do? Should we buy silver and gold? It will always be money. There will be a run on stores. A barter system will be set up. YES, we need gold and silver!! Gold is like $1700 an ounce now! Joseph prepared 7 years. Spend your dollars on some coins (gold, silver) instead of that new video game. Prepare your family but have extra…like water and food to help your neighbor or brother. Do y’all remember Y2K? (The year 2000 they thought there would be a meltdown). We stocked up so much! I finished the water supply in 2002! It was stacked to the ceiling!  No man will know the hour Yahoshua said. satan did a test run in Y2K. Do you feel how light the quarter is? That’s not real silver. It’s tin. Get pure silver and gold. Stock up on food, water and hygiene products. Infections spread with poor hygiene! Do y’all know how June weddings came about? They took a bath once a year…in June in Europe back in the day. Romans had bath houses though. Yahoshua even said to oil yourself…don’t look like your fasting…ie bathe yourself.

A short-term disaster can include weather. So be prepared. You should have extra clothes if you live up north in the winter. Prepare according to where you live. Have yourself a supply kit with water (get it now while it’s cheap). Have a military bag or strong backpack but not too heavy. You should have matches, a magnifying glass or a 9-volt battery with some brillo or aluminum foil can start a fire. Y’all remember McGyvor. Keep your landline phone. Cell phones will go out. It’s based on the electrical grid. Be able to navigate. Keep your communication up. Smart phones only last what like half a day y’all…if that! Smart phones are amazing though. Cars have computers now. Get yourself an old car too. That 1979 Malibu. Remember cash for clunkers a few years ago? They took all those old cars out of society! The new cars can trace you. Y’all remember most of us 50 years ago use to live in rural areas. Now we have moved to the cities and don’t have gardens anymore. The south was much safer for our kids. We don’t know how to hunt anymore. The Gentiles teach their kids to hunt. Fishing, camping and hunting are things we need to learn. The financial collapse is going to happen! How does a man like Bill Gates have billions and a country go down in billions? Greece is not a third world country y’all.

Another brother gets on the Mic to talk about survival. Did y’all know you can use your food stamp card to buy plants? Yeah, like tomatoes…that’s food! The room talks about gardening (One of my favorite subjects :])

Archery or the bow and arrow should be your weapons when the bullets run out. You will need a good knife. Know the sun rises in the eastern sky and sets in the west…use it for navigation. Look for shadow tip methods on google. The moon can be used to navigate. Stars can be used to navigate…know where the big dipper and Orion are for example. The slaves used the stars. The wind direction can be used especially if you live in the gulf states or coast.

Learn to barter! I know how to work on equipment just like the movie ‘war of the worlds’ they used old cars when the power went out. Are you a mechanic? Do you know how to farm?

Romans 8 v. 1-2 Don’t give your soul up to the government. Give up the stake and follow Me, said Yahoshua. v. 3 The flesh is weak but through Yahoshua overcome the flesh. He beat sin. These are not scare tactics. Joseph did not use scare tactics and he warned them. They did not believe. v. 4 Deuteronomy 26,28…righteous are your actions. Like Yahoshua walk on the Spiritual, strive for perfection. We have to prepare now. Joseph walked on the Spiritual. Gold is not our saving grace. Yah is our saving grace. The Arab spring in Tunisia, the middle class were rioting not the poor. They walk on the flesh. We are to practice survival. There will be no grocery stores open. How many people know how to kill a goat or cow? And preserve the meat? Be ready for these giants coming to eat you. Fallen angels sense fear and attack you. They are READY!! We just did a lesson on death. Demons fear Yah, Yahoshua. Why don’t you believe in Yah and Yahoshua?

v. 6 Death=fleshly minded people. Babylon worships death with all these cemeteries and monuments. v. 7 Some people will not hear your witness to them. There is enmity between us and satan. Let’s go to Genesis.

Genesis 3:14-15 Enmity…this is the difference between the child of Yah and the child of satan. How can 2 walk together unless they agree?

back to Romans 8, v. 7 satan became ha shatan because he would not  subject himself to man…the enmity. he wants man to worship him. Read Ezekiel 28:11-19 and Isaiah 14. v. 8 They fall away because they have no faith. How can you go back to your vomit? (prov. 26:11) After hearing the truth? Yah rewards those who diligently seek Him. You either have faith or you don’t! Just like 1 Corinthians 15:1-20 says, you are a liar without faith. v. 9 You must have Yah’s salvation to get to Yah….Yahoshua. The Messiah is the first fruit. He is the only one that died and was resurrected. Everyone else is in the grave until the 1st or 2nd resurrection. v. 10 We are dead to sin if Messiah is in us. We still have to walk in spirit….faith. Thus saith Yah 100% of the time. Some people do have a little bit of truth (little bit of leven).

Article: cyops (sp?)…pyschological war…satan used pyschological warfare  or persuasive speech and lied to Eve. The army activated the cyops program in 1990 in Fort Bragg North Carolina. Movie: ‘act of valor’ was a recruitment film for the navy seals. They bragged on the U.S. army being the mightiest. satan bragged on how knowledgable he was to Eve just like Greek Fraternities, college movies ‘stop the yard’ and ‘drumline’. Romans 8 says we are not to walk on the flesh. These are all fleshly things. ‘the great hope’ means they want reincarnation. Egyptians mummified for this reason. satan lies and tells them there is an afterlife. Also Mormons believe in the afterlife. It’s the same lie. Christianity, it’s the same things, they believe they go to heaven when they die.

back to the cyops article: Arab spring is pyschological warfare by the U.S. and Israel. The CIA and Masod (sp?) agents were sent to scare the people. satan sends agents to betray…Judas was an agent. Revelation 17, Mystery Babylon has to be apart of this before she is destroyed. So many countries want democracy. The Willie Lynch Letter was used to divide. It was psychologicalwarfare of the Hebrew family.

The United Way, a zionist organization is used to watch over us…good will and the salvation army too. There are some good people in these organizations and the Chrisitan Church but they don’t have the full truth. They send agents in our communities via social workers and informants.

The man of sin will be like Antiochus Ephiphany.

World help organizaion, brotherhood of the serpent, doctor’s cadeus and all relgions…have the same logo. They all worship the serpent. Some know and some do not know.

persuasive speech or rhetoric as it is called by the masons is to make people fear. It is used by the devil.

James 4: 1-3 read.

James 1:14-15, v. This is sin and lack of wisdom. v. 15 conceived=inception, persuasion by satan. They use logic, fear, desire.  This is why you see Arab spring, Facebook was first used by Al Qida (sp?). It was a network just how like Facebook is.

cointelpro…is the fear of the black Messiah. They know He’s coming back. The national command authority is like N.A.T.O. Cyops troops have propanganda, posters, tapes, broadcasts, Illustrators, photographers, speakers. Do y’all know that 4-6 families own all the media? This is cyops…propaganda. Cyops were 1st in Iraq. They programmed the people first. Television is cyops in America…even the news.

The murder rate in America is the highest in the world. Baton Rouge is higher than Detroit.

Codex magica, a babylon god. The army position of attention is the 90 degree angle. It is called the square of truth by the masons. It is also called the B-boy stance someone texted in the room.

The awakening statue of baal in Baltimore Maryland. Movie ‘resident evil:the awakening’.

Demons feed off of fear. They slaughter in the forest because there’s more oxygen and energy points there. They want the person being sacrificed to fear. That’s why they sacrifice children.

Camera’s are starting to be in the country y’all. And in Illnois on interstate 57, on the lights there is a receptor benchmark that allows plane’s to chart where you are like GPS, to send you a speeding ticket.

Once these tanks come into these cities…tanks have GPS to find you!

Be prepared y’all. They are planning for armeggdon. They distracted us with T.V., facebook etc. When we should be learning gardening, mechanics, survival, hunting, fishing etc.

Obama–>cyber security act

How will you cook with no electricity? You better learn to BBQ! There are simple things you can do too. Dryer lint can start fires. Flint from the old lighters can start fires. A 9-volt and foil can start a fire. magnifying glasses can start fires.

How do you purify water? You can collect water by putting a sterile can in the ground. Then cover the hole 8-12 inches. Put a rock over the plastic and water will condensate on top. This is from the manuel of instruction. You can also boil your water to purify it. You can add peroxide to water to purify. (My side note: I think you can add 8 drops of clorox per gallon of water to purifiy it too. I thought I remember that from girl scouts or wherever.)

Food Inc. y’all remember this movie? The USDA was found to be poisoning the birds. AIDS was created by the USDA, the same people in Fort Dietrich Maryland. Y’all satan loves no one. The same people he uses to kill us…he will kill them too.

Exodus 15:26 Y’all I love sweets and junk food. My cholesterol was 140, my pressure fine too, my sugar normal. Death is punishment. Sure I have aches and pains in my knees but that’s normal from age. Adam had pains. Let’s not concern ourselves with what the Gentiles say is healthy. What does Yah say? I haven’t had a cold in a long time! In Jubilees, Yah gave Noah herbs to cure. Like do you know pine needles contains vitamin C? Although it’s bitter, it works.

Walk on the Spritual y’all…Romans chapter 8.

Bayer gave AIDS in a vaccine to people in Africa. They bought drugs into this country…Ricky Ross story. The U.S. controls the opium fields of Afghanistan. They stole native people’s lands then tell them they cannot enter this country.

In 1976 a plane crashed into one of the twin towers. And even building #7 fell this time. And it was down the street. How is it that they fell? Those Al Qida people were trained by the U.S. in the Afghan War back then and they had an Al Qida network just like facebook.

Obama moved the GH Summit to Camp David So they will not be interupted. (This is the same summit  that was to be in Chicago this summer, the other brother was talking about Anthony) They have blood sacrifices when they meet.

Larry King, a black man was busted in a child sex ring. He would fly them to D.C. to the white house and get the children high or drunk and practice rituals on them or sacrifice them. This is where all these children disappear. America is a dangerous place!

Learn sewing (the room talks about sewing) bow and arrows, crochet, knitting.

You have to go to a reputable dealer for gold. 10 oz. bars or 1 oz. coins…you can buy.

Do something to prepare yall. Don’t doubt like Kepha. He lacked faith when he tried to walk on the water.

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The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 4a

The Fallen Angels, Gods, Giants and UFOs part 4a: The Clouds and UFOs

So we are in part 4. And that was quick. It seems like we just started this lesson last week. Time is moving fast y’all. So these clouds, we are going to look at them and UFOs. UFO, for those that don’t know means unidentified flying object. Now for us in this modern time, to still have this term ‘unidentified flying obeject’…we have flying objects that are manmade that we know of that fly through the sky all the time like airplanes, jets, helicopters and the space shuttle. But then today we hae this unidentified flying object. That’s all we know…that it is an object and flying but we don’t know what it is.

When we look into Scripture, we will see many of the prophets were describing the same things…something that was in the sky. Or something that was flying. And they did not know what it was, the object that was there. So even in modern times when people identify some of these UFOs they identify them according to things we are familiar with in society. Some say they are cigar-shaped. Some say they are round like a disc or saucer. So we can determine a flying saucer…it’s just like a flying saucer bowl. You know we don’t know what these things are. We even in this modern time try to describe them based on things in our society. And that’s how it was in the ancient times…that they tried to describe it according to what they could comprehend. If there was a gigantic object in the sky and they didn’t know what it was…they would say hey this is a cloud. Because they knew that the only thing they had ever seen in the sky that large was a cloud.

So we are going to look into this very interesting topic about clouds. I forgot to make an image page like I did with the other lesson. I was going to show you some things about the clouds and UFOs. I may have time to do that at break because it should not take me that long. I wanted to show you some of these images like from that movie independence day. When the UFOs were going around, they were in clouds. And they made their appearance out of the clouds.

(talks to someone) Yeah, Jacobs ladder possibly, if we have time because what that was…with Jacob’s ladder…he said that he saw angels climbing up this ladder and they were ascending into heaven and descending and what Jacob saw is what we would call today…I don’t want to say a launch pad but…what’s the word…where planes land and descend…I don’t know…yeah some type of court. Yeah, if we have time we will definitely go through that.

Now, a lot of people, because we have this primitive understanding of Scripture and just spiritual matters…some people say well brother Obadiyah, y’all are crazy for believing that Yah has clouds or UFOs and so forth. I will tell you this. satan has them. And the reason we are bringing you this lesson is so that you will not be confused about what’s going to happen in these last days and times in satan’s deception. Because, he’s going to use these UFOs to bring about a great delusion or a great deception. So where did he get the idea for these things from? We will see that Scripture talks about these chariots and how many chariots Yah has. Yahoshua talks about coming back on the clouds of heaven.  W are going to go through all that y’all.

Let’s start off in Genesis chapter 9. Let’s just look at a regular cloud. Because we don’t want to get confused here. Sometimes in the Scriptures when it mentions clouds, it’s talking about just a regular cloud. We know that it is a white puffy gas or something (laughs). Whatever it is, you know. So Genesis chapter 9, we will see Yah talking about just a regular cloud here. You say a cloud is water vapor? Well, I guess that’s what it is.

We know that when a cloud comes down on the land we call it fog or a mist. But when they are up in the sky they are called clouds. We have quite a few Scriptures about these clouds. We are talking about the cloud that guided the children of Yisrayl through Egypt. So let’s go…Genesis chapter 9.

This is a regular cloud. So we can see the distinction between a regular cloud and this other cloud that was traveling through the wilderness and guided the children of Yisrayl as we came out of Egypt.

Genesis 9:11-16 Now, we have the mentioning of clouds here and this is speaking about a regular cloud. Because we see rainbows in the regular clouds. Yah mad this covenant and we are talking about a regular cloud here not ‘the cloud’ we will read about in just a moment. We see rainbows in the clouds after it rains. Yah said this is a covenant between Him and the earth and man, that He would never flood the earth again to kill all life on the earth. So this is what Yah says so this is what He does.

Now, let’s look at this other cloud. This cloud guided the children of Yisrayl through the wilderness. And like I say, in Israel according to many that have been there and many that live there…in Israel right now clouds are not seen in the sky from like March until September. No clouds are seen in the sky then. So when the children of Yisrayl came out of Egypt in the spring time to go to the wilderness of Egypt, in that area there is not a cloud to be seen until the fall. So what were they describing when they were in the wilderness? Let’s take a look. Let’s go to Exodus chapter 13.

The reason I want to give you the understanding of the clouds is because satan is going to come with a great end time deception and  we will look at what his deception will consist of. he will return the gods and they will make you think they are from distant planets and federation and their your gods and all these things you see in the movies.

Exodus 13:21-22 So this cloud stayed with the people all day. It did not cease. Then at night it turned into a pillar of fire. Now why do they call it a pillar of fire? Is this fire coming from this cloud at night? No, what it means is that hey during this time, they didn’t have what we call electricity. So any light that they had seen, they described it as a fire. That’s the only light they knew. They didn’t know about electrical lighting. So that when this thing is lit up by night and lights are coming from it, they call it a fire. I’m not saying that a fire was burning in it but the fire gave them light by night. That’s all they could describe it as. So keep that very important point in your mind that they are describing it in ways to things they knew of. Like today, we describe UFOs to things that we know of…cigars, saucers, triangles, and some say rectangles. So we only describe them like things we know. If we think it looks like something in society…because we know we have airplanes to fly and many people see them and say they are not airplanes, they don’t have wings. We don’t know what it is they say.

So you see this cloud, it did not cease from the children of Yisrayl. Now we are going to look at some of this strange behavior of this cloud and you make up your mind if this is a regular cloud that you see in the sky or was this a regular fire or was this something else.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 14. And I know the question will come up, ‘well obadiyah, if your saying this is a UFO, why does Yah need that? Like I said, I believe that much of our understanding of the spiritual world has been tampered with this Christianity as they have been giving it to us. I was watching this Roswell alien autopsy and they said the alien spoke to them and said that what we call technology, to them is their nature. It’s spiritual to them. So they just came out with the article that spoke about them having cloaking invisibility things going on now. Yeah, so this is knowledge that is coming.

(Obadiyah leaves the mic to greet Israelites coming into the room and a brother gets on the mic.) If you are going through something don’t stop praying never give up. I thought I was going to severe ties with a man I have known for 20 years, a man I call my brother but that’s the power of Yah.

(another brother gets on the mic) Do you all remember star trek and star wars? There was symbolism for angels or messengers right. But why is it…like in star trek for instance when their opening the intro…’to boldly go where no man has gone before to seek out new life and new civilizations’. Now notice everywhere they go, they all have this same technology. Any world they go to, has this same technology. Even in star wars, the same thing…the same technology. I just wanted to put that out there.

So as we were saying about these clouds and UFOs they have a very distinct characteristic. Now we just read Exodus 13 and we saw that this cloud stayed with them all day and turned into a pillar of fire by night. So they ae calling it a fire because once again they did not know what electrical light looked like. So if this cloud was emitting light that was guiding them in the desert at night, the only light that they knew of was fire. At night, that was their light. They would light torches and that was what guided them and gave them light. We are looking at the desert where it’s jet black at night and this light that emitted from this cloud…this pillar of light that they called it was just something that they were living at that time.

Exodus 14:19-24 v. 19 So do you see how this cloud is moving. This cloud came between the camp of the Egyptians. This is when the Egyptians were pursuing the children of Yisrayl. And this cloud came in between Yisrayl and the Egyptians. v. 20 So this thing became a light for the children of Yisrayl and at the same time it was darkness to the Egyptians. So this cloud moved and came between the Israelites and Egyptians. How many of you have ever seen a cloud do that? Go before you then move back? They were guided by this cloud. v. 21-24 So this army, the Egyptian army was led into confusion because Yah in this cloud it said looked down from the pillar of fire of the clouds. The pillar of fire and cloud were the same and Yah caused the Egyptians to be confused. Man, I wish I had made that image because on the temple of pharaoh Seti the first, there are images of helicopters, hoovercraft, and tanks. Now this Egyptian lived 3,000 years ago.  What did he know about a helicopter, a hoover craft and all these things? So the Egyptians knew about this sacred understanding but do you see how this cloud…what it did in the midst of the children of Yisrayl. It became the pillar of fire. It gave off that light. It emitted light. And it’s moving back and forth and guiding the children of Yisrayl. If you all have ever seen a cloud do that, let me know about it. Use your logic and your understanding…they call it a cloud, why? Because it was something that was in the sky and the only thing that size that was in the sky that they could think of was a cloud. They did not know about airplanes, jumbo jets and all that stuff. Like I say, if we look up in our day and see something triangular or cigar shaped…we don’t know what these things are. So in  our understanding this was possibly something close to a flying vehicle. And I’m just presenting these Scriptures and this is the way they are.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 19. We are going to look at the prophets and see how they described these things. Zechariyah talked about this flying scroll that he seen.  And it had a metal lid on top and inside of it was women and the angel told him that these things are going up and throughout the earth. We will read about that. So there are some very interesting things about this in Scripture. And like I said most of our understanding about the spiritual has come from Christianity. And it has just ruined our understanding.

Exodus 19:16-20, v. 16 So the children of Yisrayl saw this sight…Yah appeared before tham at Mount Sinai. This terrified them. v. 17-20 So this is when Yah made His appearance to the children of Yisrayl and it was a terrifying sight for them to behold. What they saw was this cloud and it burned the top of the mountain. Mount Sinai to this day still is blackened. Mount Sinai is located in what’s called Saudi Arabia today. There were some Gentiles that found this mountain back in the 1980s or 1990s I believe. They wrote a book about it called The Gold of Exodu. A very good book, you should check that out if you can find it. It’s hard to find. As we see that when Yah made his appearance upon the mount that the children of Yisrayl saw this and the shofars were blowing and these things terrified them. They heard the voice speaking from the midst of the cloud, from the midst of the fire and from the midst of the horns. This would be terrifying to you today too. Most of us…probably all of us…if we were to see a sight like this…laughs…we’d probably tremble like the children of Yisrayl did. And say hey Moses you go talk to Him. We will sit here and listen to you. You just get that Word from Him. This is showing that power and might.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 40. I’m just going to present these Scriptures as they talk about this very interesting thing called the cloud that has what we would call a artificial intelligence. Because, this cloud is leading and guiding the children of Yisrayl. This cloud knows where it wants to go. It wants to go left. It wants to go right. And the children of Yisrayl could not break camp until that cloud left. The cloud hoovered, came down and filled the tent of meeting and it filled the tabernacle and we constantly hear that Yah is in this cloud. Which means we know that when Yah…when the so called Old Testament speaks about Yah being here and there…it’s actually the angels doing this. 

This lesson is not that lon y’all.

Exodus 40:34-38, v. 34-35 Do you see that? It said Moses was not able to go into the tabernacle. The tabernacle was a make-shift temple site, that when we were going through the wilderness, that we made so we can house the ark, in this tabernacle. It was like this big other court and Scripture tells us right here that Moses could not even get into the tabernacle because the cloud was on it. Do you see that? The cloud was on the tabernacle and there was no room for Moses to get in there. v. 36 Do you see that? The cloud is hoovering above the tent of meeting. v. 37 If the cloud did not go up, they did not journey. v. 38 So do you see that? It was a cloud by day and fire by night. Once again they are comparing it to fire because they do not know of electrical light. They do not know of any other light other than fire. They could not go anywhere until that cloud moved. So when it hoovered over the tent of meeting, they did not journey. And when the cloud was taken up they journeyed. They moved when this cloud moved. How many of y’all know a cloud like that? Y’all ever seen a cloud like this? Being able to be fire, light or hoover and waiting on you and guiding you? You have never seen nothing like that. Because, we are looking at something that is different. They only can compare it to a cloud. And that was in the sky at that time…clouds.

Let’s continue. Let’s go to Numbers chapter 9. Once again y’all, you have to look at this thing with logic. As we were talking about the fallen angels and how they interacted with women and produced giants…and the gods and all these things…the gods came to man in what’s called UFOs or spaceships…these are facts. So when we see this cloud that was sent by Yah and this cloud hoovered. This cloud moved back and forth and guided the Israelites.

Numbers 9:15-22, v. 15 Do y’all se how this thing is getting more interesting by the moment? In the appearance of fire it hoovered over the tent of meeting. v. 16-17 So this cloud guided them through the wildernesss, wherever the cloud dwelled, that’s where we would camp at. It was our guide. It guided us. So it appeared as fire by night. Once again it emitted light by night. And was a cloud they called it by day. If you saw the movie independence day back in 1996, check it out because in that movie the UFOs appeared in what? The clouds. Do y’all remember the first UFO-cloud appeared over Iraq. But they were in clouds and in these clouds were fire. These men went inside these clouds and saw it was fiery and emitting light. Even from that movie ‘Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind’, the same thing. v. 18 So once again they could not move without this cloud moving. v. 19 So this cloud dwelt over the dwelling place for many days. Now, I’m not a scientist but clouds move because the earth rotates on its axis right. (talks to someone) Yeah, but with all that said clouds are not supposed to stand still. They are constantly moving right? But this cloud lingered many days. And they could not leave until this cloud left. So we are looking at something different from what you just gave us, the whole weather pattern and everything.

This is not an ordinary cloud. But they called it a cloud because what else would they call it? Would they call it an airplane? You know what else would they call it? v. 20-21 So they could not leave without this cloud. v. 22 Whether a month, couple days, or year they could not leave without this cloud. That was a order. When we were in the wilderness, we had to move according to tribes because it was so many of us. There were 12 tribes with over a million of us. We could not do what we wanted to do. I believe the tribe of Judah was the lead tribe, so each tribe had to take up camp and move out and another tribe came behind them. It said we stayed a month and sometimes a year, this is no ordinary cloud y’all.  As you can see just from reading this, using your logic, once again they had to call it a cloud because what else could it be compared to. Let’s go to Numbers chapter 10.

Numbers 10:11-13 So we keep seeing that this is the commandment of Yah. So we know that this cloud here is being commanded by Yah. Yah sent this cloud. We couldn’t go anywhere without the cloud or unless it was gone. So this is given to us from Yah. Very profound y’all. Let’s go verses 33-34. v. 33-34 So here we see the cloud is called the cloud of Yah. It has a name now.

Now the week before last when we did the other lesson. We understood that angels fight these battles. We saw that Yah said He sends His angels for you. This is still the same time here y’all. When Yah sent His angels before the children of Yisrayl. We saw that Yah’s angels went to go battle those angels that were over Egypt so that the path was cleared for the children of Yisrayl. They battled the angels over Canan. So Yah sent these angels to battle this and we are seeing that this cloud is from Yah. So what is that telling us? Doesn’t it make sense that whatever this cloud is, these angels were the one’s that were operating it? Let’s go to Numbers chapter 12.

Numbers 12:5-10 dark sayings means riddles. So we see that this cloud once again, as Yah was speaking to them, this cloud was above the tent of meeting and this is where Yah communicated with them, from the cloud that was above the tent of meeting. So brothers and sisters, I am just giving this to you and I hope you use your logic. This is not a cloud as we know a cloud today. Nobody has seen a cloud act like this. Just like Babel was not just the towere of Babel. Yah had to destroy that because that thing was something else. Let’s go to Numbers 14 y’all.

Numbers 4:14 Once again this is mentioned. Yah is going before the children of Yisrayl and Yah said I’m sending My angel befor you…His righteous angel. And so the cloud by day and the column of fire by night. Let’s go to Nehemiyah chapter 9.

Nehemiah 9:19 So once again we see that Nehimiyah is recounting what took place in the wilderness which Yah lead His people by that cloud and by night a pillar of fire which means this thing emitted light at night. So they could light their way through the desert. So this was sent by Yah to guide His people. Let’s go to Psalms 78.

Psalms 78:14 So once again Psalms 78 is recounting like Nehemiyah did what went on in the wilderness as we have read that they were led by this cloud. This cloud hoovered for days, months and even a year. The children of Yisrayl could not leave without the cloud. When this cloud came down upon the tent of meeting, it hoovered above it and their was no room. Scripture told us that Moses could not even come into the tent because the cloud had filled up the tabernacle so this was a large object and it hoovedred, it moved and it went left and went right. It went forward and backward.

Psalm 105, We are going to read about the chariot tht they had. The children of Yisrayl called it a cloud and they also called it a chariot. Remember how Eliyah was taken up by a chariot of fire? We are going to talk about that too. Because many people think he was taken to the highest heaven where Yah dwelled. We will see that approximately 10-11 years later, Eliyah wrote a letter to the king of Yisrayl prophesying against him. So this was after he was taken on this chariot of fire. It was a vehicle that drove him from one end of Israel through the sky. So we will look at this.

Psalm 105:39 Now we see a greater understanding because now it’s saying He gave them a fire to give them light in the night. Now, why did Yah need to guide them by night like this? Because, like I told you, the only way they had to get light was through fire or torches. Can you imagine a million Israelites walking around with torches at night? Especially stiff-necks! They would have burned everything up man. Yah could not have that. So Yah lighted the way for them and this whatever it was they called it a cloud of fire. Yah had to guide them through this by night.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 4. After we finish the clouds, we will go into Scripture and see these unidentified flying objects if that’s what you want to call them. We will look at these things. Some of the brothers love this Scripture, boy! Especially verse 1. Some of the brothers can’t wait on this day.

Isaiah 4:1-6, v. 1 So this is going to be a time brothers and sisters where there will not be that many men on earth. That will be because of war situation. So these sisters are real independent you know, ‘we go our own, we just need to be married to you’. ‘That’s it, we need a man’. And he said 7 of them to 1 man. (the fallen angels will be after the women they said) v. 2-5 So, did you see that? Every dwelling place means where people live. This is talking about after He has cleansed Israel and returned Yisrayl. Isaiah is describing the same thing that the children of Yisrayl described in the wilderness but he said this is going to be in Mount Zion above every dwelling place and this is after He has cleansed us. It shall be a covering on us. v 6 So Yah said there’s going to be a cloud over all dwelling places in the new Jerusalem. And we are going to make sense with that in just a moment. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 19.

Isaiah 19:1 Yah is riding on a swift cloud. Hey, do you think that’s a puffy, white, water vapor moving with the weather pattern and all that? Do you think that’s what they are talking about here? What’s one of the characteristics of these so called UFOs is that they are very fast. And this is why many people say this can’t be human invention because no human can go that fast and live. I don’t know what the fastest time of a jet is…it breaks the sound barrier or something like that. But these things are moving like no other vehicle…right 6,000 to 7,000 miles per hour. So it say, Yah’s moving on a swift cloud y’all.

Let’s go to Isaiah 60. (talks to someone) Yeah they do. It’s like some of them disappear right before your face.

Isaiah 60:7-8 So this is a question. Who are these that fly like a cloud? Have you ever seen a could fly? I see a cloud float. So we are talking about something else here. We just read that Yah flies on a swift cloud. And then it said who are these who flies on these clouds? Who are they? That’s a very good question because satan is going to give you an answer. And he’s going to bring back the gods upon you and that’s who many men will worship. And the sad thing is that even though we are in this room and we talk about these things…many of you are going to bow down to the gods. It’s because we have not readied our hearts yet. (talks to someone) That’s right the el, the elohim. Because that deception is going to be so heavy, it’s going to be something tremdous. It will not be small time, it will be big time!

So let’s go to Matthew chapter 17. Let’s look at Yahoshua talking about these clouds. We are going to go over these unidentified Scriptural objects that these prophets saw too.

Matthew 17:1-7 This is deep y’all, listen to this. v. 1-7 So we see this bright cloud overshadowed them on this mountain. And a voice spoke out of the cloud, from the midst of the cloud. Now, it’s funny, I remember watching stargate. Any stargate fans? Well this was the T.V. series and there was a situation where the ghoul (sp?) the head alien race or something like that, they were going over this primitive race and there was this gigantic spaceship and the head ghoul or whatever his name is was talking through this spaceship and the primitive race thought it was the voice of God speaking to them and they were terrified. And he was saying that if you didn’t do this or that then I’m going to rain down upon you. And he had a weapon. But from this cloud a voice came out and it spoke to them. Let’s go to Luke 21.

Luqas 21:24-28, v. 24 So right here y’all, this is how long our captivity will last until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. This is Yahoshua making this prophesy. We have been led captive into all nations. v. 25-26 He’s talking about the Great Tribulation or The Day of Yah or The Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:7), this is all the same time period.  v. 27 A cloud with much power and esteem. So is He saying He’s coming in the midst of a white puffy water vapor? (laughs) A fluffy cloud like um what’s that little bear called? Oh yeah…snuggles or something (from the tv commercials) Is He going to do that? Naw, this is much deeper because He said He’s coming with Power and Esteem y’all…on a cloud. v. 28 So He said He’s coming in a cloud and He said look up. ‘Look up if you want to see Me’. Because your redemption…

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Yahoshua Our Sacrifice As Told By The Prophets

The name of Yah is not doctrine or a religion…It is history. They can’t argue about that. Religion gives satan room to operate. Don’t argue about Yahoshua vs. Jesus…give them the history of the letter ‘J’.

The News you can use: The Vatican is about to open their secret vault. What’s really behind this? Why are they doing it at this time? How much will be opened? Will they open the books that tell where the Israelites are? That they are here in the United States and elsewhere scattered? When Titus and the Romans sacked Jerusalem they took all the books. They watch over you in the Vatican Library. They make sure no books are removed and only certain books can be opened. satan is the master of mixing the truth with a lie. So they (the Vatican) may say yeah y’all are the children of Yisrayl but….(then the lie comes). 2019 is coming soon y’all. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world but something significant is going to happen. All these things are connected. Remember these people are jackals. They are trying to connect all religions…Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and so on saying it’s the same God. We must remain set apart. We worship on Shabbat and we worship Yah and Yahoshua. 100 documents will be released by the Vatican including a letter from Abraham Lincoln. What are they doing with a letter from Abraham Lincoln? Pray and keep watch y’all!!

If the government officials leave D.C. (in a state of emergency) where will the government be run from? Cheyenne Mountain, Wyoming is where they will set up. There are also underground bases in Colorado. A dooms day bill is being set up for a post-America, America. There is economic instability right now. It’s much worse than they are saying. There is rioting going on in Greece right now. They are pushing this bill fast because it is 2012 and they know something signficant is going to happen this year according to the Mayan Calendar.

If they suspend the constitution, they can re-enslave you. We were never invited here. We have no rights if they declare marshal law. Read the constitution. We we were not free when it was written. We are viewed as less than the animals. The 13th amendment= prison. Prison is a form of slavery. Why do you think so many of us are in there? When we left Egypt Yah did it in a certain way, that same thing will happen. Wouldn’t it be like Yah to put us back in slavery and then send us to the wilderness again. Yah does everything again. There are more Israelites in prison today than in slavery (around the 1850s). When Yah put us in Egypt, we did not do anything wrong. He had to get our attention. Yah is going to get our attention again.

Sports=marketing=oil those slaves up=on the slave auction block massa could choose you just like on draft day. One (football player ?)from Dallas is homeless now. Those agents took his money. Have you ever seen a homeless agent? Scotty Pippin, Preewell (sp?), Terrell Owens, Allen Iverson…all broke. Sports is slavery too. It’s ok to look at sports but don’t let your children worship them. Sports came from the Greeks and most of them did it naked because they were homosexuals. Charles Barkley said he’s not a role model. But anyway, the government is prepping for post-America, America and we should be prepping too.

 Nick Cannon has lupus now. First he had a pulmonary blood clot, then kidney problems and now lupus. They are trying to kill him.

Jennifer Hudson, the trial is about to start for the dude who killed her family. Y’all remember American Idol voted her out. They gave her a taste of fame. She wanted it back. She won a Oscar for Dream Girls. She gave the trinity of family members killed. She is WICKED! She will be the next Whitney. She gave satan the oath. They are trying to get Nick Cannon (to take the oath). A ton of people died around Bill Clinton.

They were saying that a trinity of killings is a high form of ritual killings. The above link was illuminati killings they said. Don’t sell out to the devil. May Nick Cannon find out the truth of Yah, wait on Yah y’all.

Prince Harry in Belize at the Mayan Pyramid today someone texted in the room.

Did y’all hear about all those tornadoes yesterday? There were 129 of them!! This was not global warming. It was Yah. These states were heavily into slavery. Yah controls the wind. Scientists are shocked that this season started so early and so violent. Indiana has a strong KKK history. So does Klan-tucky (Kentucky). Understand how Yah operates. Yah still controls all…the earth, wind, space, time. Look at these once small nations becoming large with nuclear bombs.

The Lesson: Understand the Messiah. He came to save His people, He said. We look at who He is and did He accomplish what He came to do? This is an old lesson I never did y’all. Let me ask does everyone know that The Messiah is the anointed? Maschiach is anointed in Hebrew and Messiah is English.

When Adam and Eve fell, we had a death sentence. So Righteous-Man (Yahoshua) is to bring us back (to Yah). King David was a messiah or deliever. Hoshea (Yahoshua Ben Nun) was a deliever or messianic figure. Every culture has been looking for Messiah. But there is only one from Yah. There were many delievers bringing people to Yah. Yahoshua is THE MESSIAH.

Sin according to 1 John 3:4 is breaking law. The penalty for lawlessness is eternal death.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of transgressing the law is death.

Messiah is covering for our past sins. Back then they did sacrifice of animals. Every man will have his own judgment.

Leviticus 4:1-4, 27-31 Unintentional sin, a sacrifice done for that sin. Even if it was a priest that sinned, he had to sacrifice. Yahoshua was a greater priest that did not sin. Those ‘brews back then planned their sins for how many animals they had—>they looked for loopholes. Now we have a perfect sacrifice. v. 27-31 I can only imagine smelling all those sacrifices. Yah said it was a sweet smelling offering. A sin offering was required for sins (certain animals) before Messiah.

Psalm 40:6-8 Slaughter was not Yah’s desire but it was teaching us we needed a sacrifice to lead up to Yahoshua. Did y’all know Daniel prophesised his exact year of birth. We will go over that in a future lesson.

Hebrews 10:4-7, 10 We just read that in Psalms right. Psalms the prophesy book. He takes 1st=Levites, animal sacrifices to do the 2nd=Yahoshua. v. 10 Yahoshua is here constantly for our sin offering. We don’t have to slaughter anymore. To be forgiven there had to be sacrifices.

Isaiah 53:6-10 This whole chapter is prophesy of Messiah. A lamb to slaughter, many sacrifices of lambs for sin were done back then. The Messiah was an offering. v. 10 Yah bruised him for us. He was perfect, even back then the animals had to be perfect. He was a guilt offering for the people. Jesus and Yahoshua are different. They say Jesus made offering but is still dead on the cross. Yahoshua is in heaven on the right of the Father. 

Romans5:9-11 Yahoshua restored us with the perfect walk and His blood to Yah. Jesus is a God that the people can’t be like. They put him on a pedestal. If Yahoshua did it and He was a man then we can do it. 

Y’all remeber that movie ‘I am legend’ with Will Smith? This movie was about Yahoshua. He is in the world by himself. Viruses turn man into zombies. Smith has the cure in his blood. The disease is sin turning man into monsters. Yahoshua was immune to sin. Smith sacrificed himself. This is Yahoshua’s story. The Redemption song was played at the end of the movie. ‘The Book of Eli’ was a good movie too. There was a Hebrew character, Denzel Washington with the last Bible. He read it daily. He recited it from his mind. He fought to protect the Bible! You are the protectors of the Bible! These movies have hidden symbolism. Israel is blind said Yah. We grope at noon in darkness (from Deuteronomy chapter 28). Yeah, Denzel did eat a cat in the beginning of the movie! (ew)

The movie industry knows Yahoshua is our Messiah. They know He is dark-skinned. Yahoshua did not pre-exist as a god. That’s Christianity, Greek culture of gods coming to earth. Yahoshua’s birth, death is of a man.

Daniel 9:25-27 Non-messianics hate this Scripture right here and tear Daniel out of their Bibles. v. 25 Prophesy of Messiah’s birth here. v. 26 Titus is the prince that came. v. 27 Yahoshua killed in mid week and rose on the Shabbat. ‘Ripped in half’ means didn’t need it anymore. Now we have Yah and Yahoshua. ’62 weeks’, we will break this down, the wise men knew this prophesy of His birth, once He was born, He put an end to slaughter and meal offerings. There was a 500 year difference between Daniel (in Babylon) and Yahoshua’s birth. These wise men were more than likely Hebrews. They brought the King gifts. Sheba brought Solomon gifts. Gifts were always brought to kings. Magi means knowledge.

The star of Bethlehem was a vehicle. It was not a star. It hovered over Yahoshua at 2 years old, when Herod tried to kill him. Yahoshua was 2 years old, that is when the wise men found him. Clouds of heaven=ships (not a star). In Egypt, they followed this cloud out.

Ephesians 5:1-6 Yahoshua is a sacrifice, a sweet aroma. He is a gift offering to Yah. The same way Yah described the sacrifices back then as being sweet smelling. This is the only offering Yah is accepting today. Don’t talk about each other (coarse jesting). It’s better to accept Yahoshua then sacrifices of animals. Some people still do animal sacrifice, y’all.

Qualifications of Messiah: Lineage of Kind David; Messiah would be sacrificed. There are many false messiah’s y’all.

Romans 3:20, 23-25 You can do Torah but you have to have Yahoshua. We know what is sin by reading Torah. v. 23-25 Yahoshua redeemed us. Yah passed over the sins we did before we came into the truth. Yah does not bring up our past transgressions. With Messiah all that is washed away. There are some Torah only Israelites, they do not believe in Yahoshua. All those people of Abraham, David…fell short except Yahoshua.

Genesis 3:15-17 The coming Messiah is spoken of here. About bringing back from the penalty of death. satan brings false messiahs. This info is in the stars, that’s why Yah tells us not to look to the stars (as in horoscopes). satan gives false messiahs to throw the people off. Movie ‘Ziegist’ this movie is satan’s deception.

We will be doing more of the fallen angel lessons. Yahoshua was slayed before the foundation of the world(It was already done on the Spiritual, He just had to walk it on the physical). satan knows this. There will be many false messiahs. You have to know prophesy…the written testimony of the prophesy based on faith.

mountains=governments in Scritpture. v.30-31 Being in Yahoshua, we establish law because Yahoshua is the living Torah. Moses said Yah will raise up a prophet like me. They (the prophets) were waiting on Messiah too.

Deuterononmy 4:12-13 A lot of people say this was Yahoshua speaking. Hebrews chapter 1 tells us no. This is Yah speaking here. John chapter 1, He is the living Torah, Yahoshua did all the law…all Yah’s Word. He walked a perfect walk. He got eternal life and is the King among the chosen people. Yahoshua is the foundation of the renewing of the covenant…the marriage bewteen Yisrayl and Yah. See Exodus chapters 19 and 24.

Hebrews 8:7-11 The first covenant was broken by Israelites so the 2nd was needed= Yahoshua. He did not pre-exist. The laws will be on our minds, hearts in the new covanant. See Jeremiah chapter 31. No non-messianics will be in the kingdom. They will be taking a hot swim in the suana (lol in the room). The Jews messiah=the man of sin or Yeshua, Jesus all those names.

Exodus 24:6-8 The people took the covenant. All you say we shall do. Some men will stand up and NOT lead you to Yah. Be careful. The leaders of Yah are to lead the people back to Yah with Messiah and the laws. Be carful of non-messianics. Don’t confuse Yahoshua with Jesus. Don’t confuse Yah with Jehovah. Yah was engaged to Yisrayl with Abraham when He told him that his descandants will be as the sands of the sea.Yisrayl was a virgin meaning we had no gods. We became married to Yah when the blood was sprinkled on us. During those times they would put a white towel in the marriage bed for when the virgin bled. This is symbolism here, blood being sprinkled on the people. Now we are Yah’s wife. We are going to be re-married to Yah in the future in a ceremony called marriage super of the lamb. Deuteronomy chapter 24:1, Yah put away (not divorced) Yisrayl by splitting the kingdom up after Solomon. There was separation. Yah still loves Yisrayl even though Yisrayl is a whore after the gods. Yisrayl cheats on Yah every Sunday morning. And with buddha and allah too.

Yahoshua is coming like a thief in the night…real quick…be ready…this is a gift of eternal life that we want. We are responsible for our own walks…we have to work…reward for your works depends on what you did.

Cleanse your heart…of secret things…Yah reads our hearts. Don’t blame Yah for things that don’t go right in your life. (talks to someone) Virgins will be in the lake too. Maybe for things (sins) other than sex. The man of sin will not like women in a sexual way . Homosexuality is taking over, ruling. He may be a homosexual out of the closet. (the brothers in the room talk about how beautiful women are and can’t image this…not desiring a woman).

Put on your gym shoes and get your backpack…so we can run!!!!! The temple will be put on the old temple site court. It is already, ready. All they have to do is put it where it needs to go. It will be very defiled (Jerusalem). So Yah has to put down a new Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be spiritual Sodom and Egypt. Sodom=male temple prostitution. That will happen again…sodomites, sacrifices, masonic rituals in that temple. Orgies too in that temple…energy to the gods. Where people have been murdered, there is a lot of demonic activity…demons will be there too.

The day of Yah or the time of Jacob’s trouble are all the same time period. We will be protected in the wilderness. Revelation chapter 13 rich, poor and even slaves will get this mark.

Be careful of YouTube prophesy people. They don’t read The Book. Don’t be confused, the truth was given to YOU not the Gentiles. They don’t understand the eye of the all seeing eye is the watchers and pyramids is the highest peek. There’s no Yah there. They don’t know about fallen angels. Craig G. Lewis, this guy will confuse you. He doesn’t know Jesus is the elohim. He does not know the full truth. Get your information from Messianic Israelites!! Not YouTube!

Their motto is order out of chaos (the new world order). They have all the money because it comes from the god of this world, the god of the air…ha shatan. satan doesn’t want money. he wants the throne of Yah. YouTubers don’t know it’s a spiritual battle going on. They don’t need Iraq’s oil, they went over there for Nimrod’s crown. YouTube is owned by the illuminati. All that you see on there is progaganda. 666 is the mark of imperfection. They just think it’s the devil’s number. The good videos that were up years ago were taken down.

Facebook, was another powerful tool for delievering the world. We get on there and gossip and argue. I don’t go on Facebook anymore. It’s a CIA database. They laugh at Israelites on there now. We can’t blame anyone. We did that on Facebook. We are the laughing stocks now. We ruined that chance to spread Yah’s Word. Asher, is coming out soon y’all. Facebook and YouTube are lost causes to spread the Word. All we do is talk about each other. Y’all be set apart people. They don’t listen to us on Facebook anymore. Facebook has almost a billion people. We messed that up arguing on there.

Yahoshua is our sacrifice, He died and rose up like the prophets said. Hebrew 9:17-26 was referenced here Anthony but He said He was finished with the lesson. After talking about Facebook He didn’t want to go any futher with the lesson.

Book: ‘The Jesus Discovery’ is the #1 selling book on Amazon y’all! This is a Archaelogical book and I love Archaelogy. They think they have found the burial tomb. They found it in 1991. Why did they wait so long to say anything? I haven’t read it yet but I heard it has some good information in it.

Yahoshua is real, our Messiah, delievering us from death (the second death/the lake).

Q: Genesis 4:26 ‘and men began to call on the name of Yah’ what does this mean? A: Reads v. 25-26 out loud. Yah’s name was known and then lost. When Yah appeared to Moses the name was lost. They may have known Him as The Almighty or The Power. In the days of Noah, they knew His name. The righteous like Enoch, Methusalah, etc. began to die off before the flood and they knew the name. The people began to call on elohim after the flood.

Q:My husband wants to be circumsised. And I work everyday when can I study? A: Sorry I can’t help you with a circumsion (lol). But go to the hospital it’s like $200 and not covered by insurance because it’s considered cosmetic. At work I have my mp3 playing the lessons. We have a Bible at work too. Someone texted that the surgury is more like $3,000.

Q: Im a Gentile who believes in Yah through Yahoshua will I be a slave in the kingdom? A: No, you are grafted in Yisrayl. You are a Israelite now.

Q: Genesis 3:15 how does it relate to Yahoshua? A: This is the 1st prophesy of Messiah in the Book. People try to say this is satan’s seed and crazy YouTubers…No. Yahoshua promised The Comforter would come to help us. Yahoshua came by a woman. Spiritually, we are of our Father Yah. But if you are a willful sinner your father is the devil.

Q: I heard an Israelite brother teaching falsely. What do I do? A: He is a false prophet. Do as Matthew 18-15-20 says to do. I have no personal views.

Q: Is sex  and cooking prohibited on the Shabbat? A: If you do not have enough food prepared, prepare more. But do try to prepare enough food the day before. Yah has mercy. We need electricity to see. We need heat. They did not go hungry and were not cold on the Shabbat back then. This was in the wilderness, they had to have a fire. It was lit ahead of time. But what if it went out. They re lit it. In the wilderness, they could not journey. Deuteronomy 8, Yah let them keep a feast in the wilderness…for the wilderness only. The guy stoned picking up sticks, Yah wanted order in the wilderness (My sidenote: It sounds like he was saying it was not necessary for him to pick up sticks to cook). Movement was based on tribes. Priests sacrificed on Shabbat…like lighting incense. Yah does not want us to cold and hungry on the Shabbat. (My sidenote: I recently read this in the Book of Jubilees, toward the end of the book it said that Yah wants us to eat on Shabbat and He does not want us to fast on Shabbat.) David ate the showbread. Yahoshua ate.

Be clean on the Shabbat. sex=being unclean but there is no thou shall not have sex on the Shabbat written. Yah does say do not do your own pleasure. Watching the game, college ball on Shabbat is your own pleasure. Yah said to focus on Him. I do watch the news on Shabbat.Yah said to stay watchful. Listen to set apart music. I love games but do not play them on the Shabbat. Wash your clothes if you must do it. PLEASE, wash your behind on Shabbat! We don’t want to smell you.

Q: Was Lilith there with Adam? Did she rebel against Adam? A: False doctrine. This is a lie from the adversary. Lilith is not in Scripture.

Q: Are females to wear tassels? A: Numbers 15:37-38, It says ‘the children’. It is plural. All of us men, women and children must wear tassels. Deuteronomy 22:12 referenced.

*Yahoshua fasted 40 days. Yah has mercy.