The Brotherhood of the Serpent

Book: The Spook Who Sat by the Door by Sam Greenlee. Also Steve Cokely was mentioned but I don’t think he is an author but an activist maybe (?).        These names were mentioned because Israelite Heritage is bringing back their blogtalk radio program and are interested in bringing different authors and personalities to talk. Information is everywhereContinue reading “The Brotherhood of the Serpent”

2012 Spring in the Garden

This was late spring 2011 in the front.Front early spring 21012. It will fill out in the summer and I will take another pic.This one’s common name is called  pin cushion flower. My camera, I noticed doesn’t pick up the vividness of the color purple. It looks better in person. This is another little garden area that has cucumber plantedContinue reading “2012 Spring in the Garden”

The Place where Yah Puts His Name

This was texted in the room by someone: shake off haters Acts 5:38-39. I wrote this down but didn’t understand at first. Joseph Kony 2012: Have you seen this on YT? It’s 30 minutes long but I could only watch 3 minutes of it. This is a big propaganda mess! In Uganda he fights the government.Continue reading “The Place where Yah Puts His Name”

The Fallen Angels Part 5a

The Fallen Angels part 5: Forbidden Knowledge and the Origin of the Gods. (audio was already in progress, I guess someone forgot to start the reel-to-reel recording LOL)…exploring life extensions…Did you all catch that? What she said in the last 10 to 15 seconds? This woman said we want to stay vulnerable humans. You knowContinue reading “The Fallen Angels Part 5a”

Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 4b

…is drawing near. This is something that is flying. Let’s go to Acts chapter 1. And let’s read about Him coming back. Acts 1:1-11 So what was that same way? It said that He was taken up in a cloud. Now He just told us what? ‘I’m coming back in a cloud.’ And the angelsContinue reading “Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 4b”

The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 4a

The Fallen Angels, Gods, Giants and UFOs part 4a: The Clouds and UFOs So we are in part 4. And that was quick. It seems like we just started this lesson last week. Time is moving fast y’all. So these clouds, we are going to look at them and UFOs. UFO, for those that don’tContinue reading “The Fallen Angels Gods Giants and UFOs p. 4a”

Yahoshua Our Sacrifice As Told By The Prophets

The name of Yah is not doctrine or a religion…It is history. They can’t argue about that. Religion gives satan room to operate. Don’t argue about Yahoshua vs. Jesus…give them the history of the letter ‘J’. The News you can use: The Vatican is about to open their secret vault. What’s really behind this? WhyContinue reading “Yahoshua Our Sacrifice As Told By The Prophets”