The Coming Persecutions

Shabbat January 7: The News You Can Use: cointelpro (counter intelligence program) is used to break up any movement of our people. The final movement of our people will be the Messianic Israelite movement. DVD called ‘the FBI’s war on black America’ is profound. The FBI used tactics to break up these groups. They have 50 years of practice. They have perfected it. They broke up the black panthers, civil rights, and caused dissension in the nation of Islam.

They think they will stop Yah (by stopping the Messianic movement).


1. They want to give a negative public image of the target group. 2. Breakdown the group by having agents create racist opinions or send letters lying on members. 3. Create dissension between groups claiming other groups are stealing money. 4. Restrict access to public resources or cut off the money. 5. Restrict protest; surveillance;false arrests.

There are agents in every camp! All of us are effected by it. This movie Asher…they will show it. Yahoshua said these things (division) will happen…the falling away will happen.

Did y’all notice birds fell from the sky on New Years eve in Arkansas? And Norway fish washed ashore on New Years eve. This happened last year too but they don’t know what killed them. The world will not end in 2012 to many things have not happened yet.

Israeli Orthodox Jews want sex separation on the streets. They spit on couples, male and female walking together. They want men to walk on one side of the street and women the other. Do you see how they treat their own? How will they treat us? We are to cling to our spouse, Yah said.

A skeleton was found on the Queen of England’s estate. The body of a young woman. Did they sacrifice her? Y’all look up this story.

There is a Steve Jobs action figure now. They worship him. He is an idol they will pray to him too. The first apple computer cost $666. The bitten apple is masonic and represents man obtaining knowledge of good and evil. They think satan is good and gave them knowledge. Steve Jobs was heavily into the occult. Paul Allen, Steve Boomer (spelling?) and Bill Gates are masons. Windows where you look in and out is a gateway or portal. We have to use this technology to navigate in this wicked world. Fallen angel technology was given to Nicolai Tesla, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. ‘Mac heads’ is a term given to people who buy all things by apple.

Truth is stranger than fiction remember that when you hear this next article.  Article: White House Denies CIA Teleport of Obama to Mars. The article was read but sorry baby they did not give a link. (the speaker continues to talk) Obama looks like pharaoh Akhenaton. Akhenaton was the husband to Nefertiti. His son was King Tut. They never found Akhenaton’s body. Akhenaton worshipped the sun…’aton’ on the back of his name means the sun. He changed his name to Akenaton…his born name was Amenhotep . Cloning is thousands of years old. Check Genesis 6, they sinned against the animals.  Michelle Obama looks like Queen Ti. Their daughters look like Akhenaton’s daughters. Everyone who appears to be human is not. This is what the Bible talks about when saying ‘entertaining angels unaware’.

Have y’all ever watched Dr. Who? Time travel…everything is imprinted like a DVD that has been recorded. They can’t change it but they do go back and watch. Yah said Yahoshua was slain before the foundation of the world. Yah  has seen he movie already like ‘deja vu’ or imprints, moments in time. We walked this walk already in the Spiritual. We are walking it now on the physical. Yah already knows who will make the kingdom.

astroplane—>where demons, witches go   dimensions—>different, another area for demonic activity. We are to stay here, on earth. physics read energy from demons. They (the physic, soothsayer, fortune-teller) abuse their gift from Yah. Do y’all know spouses share energy when they have intercourse? Demons can read energy that’s why they can tell the physic all about your loved one who died or parts of your future and past.

The Pentagon stops clock: The Gentiles are obsessed with time and aging. It’s satan wanting to stop time because he knows his time is short. In the movie ‘hell boy’ Hitler wanted to stop time.

Persecution will lead many people away from the faith like during the time of the Maccabees. Mel Gibson movie coming out soon called ‘Judas Maccabees’.

Michael and Janet Jackson use to rant and rave about those who control Hollywood. Michael Jackson knew the game. Did y’all know he joined the nation of Islam? (some people in the room said no he did not but he was interested in them) Michael knew who the synagogue of satan was. Michael was an Illuminati member too since he was a little boy. He saw it all in Hollywood. ‘Control’ by Janet Jackson was not about her family.

Don’t overlook the small matters nor the big. We have to depend on Yah.

The lesson: The Coming Persecutions: We are seeing it start now…the falling away.. the man of sin…persecution.

Ephesians 6:11-18 v. 11-13 interesting, in verses 12-13 it shows us that we are in a Spiritual battle. Some of the Gentiles are obsessed with the paranormal, the spiritual. They want to cross over to it like the movie ‘white noise’. Static was used to communicate with demons…like windows are a gateway or portal to communicate. v. 14 Have the foundation of truth, righteousness to withstand the schemes of the devil. They will accuse the (Israelite) leaders of taking money. They accused Messiah of having a demon. Righteousness should precede us. We have the truth. The truth equals freedom from sin (satan). Some will run away from the truth when persecutions start. Don’t let a non-messianic take the truth from you. Study this word so when the falling away comes, you will not fall too. Become this living Word! v. 16 While persecutions, verbal and physical are occurring, know or believe in truth. Do not worry about what others say. Keep your faith in Yah and Yahoshua. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. You will suffer for the kingdom as Yahoshua did. v. 17 Helmet of deliverance=the truth. Sword=the Word. Breastplate=righteousness. Demons should tremble and flee in your presence!

There are a lot of Spiritual things happening in 2012. There has already been birds, fish dying and a small earthquake in Japan.  YouTube (?) video ‘virgin mary in africa’, they say she appeared in the sky. This is no coincidence. Then in Russia they also showed the cross with Jesus on it in the sky, in another video.


 How do these things appear in the sky? It’s project blue beam, a hologram to make people think in a certain way. It’s a delusion from the wicked one.

2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 They don’t want the truth. In Ephesians 6:12 says have the truth on your waist.  2 Thess. 2 verse 11 Yah sends them strong delusions. Fallen angels, demons, they (people) will worship and they will send their gods after us.


This website above, they believe all humans came from one race of aliens. They say the aliens started all religions. It’s important to know Scriptures because satan knows Scripture and he twists them. The aliens say they are the scientific creators who create us and they also use the Bible falsely. When they land they want all people on the earth to see them. The people will be under a delusion thinking they are serving the Most High…so they will persecute you (the Messianic believer in Yahoshua) thinking they are serving the Most High. *They said the person talking or lying in the video is Maitreya (sp?), I don’t know what that is baby*

2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 read again

Death is a punishment for the original sin. They try to live forever. Yahoshua is the Good News…He defeated death. Many people will believe this video They will believe in eloha, elohim. The one name is Yahoshua. Know who you serve!

Matthew 24 When does the falling away happen? When does the whispering serpent come to make you fall away? The serpent creates doubt.

Matthew 24:9-13 Lawlessness is rampant now. The world has grown cold. We are hated for Yahoshua’s name. His name gives life. Yah will win this fight. What will you do when the beatings start?

John 15:1-25 v. 2 Don’t be surprised to see people coming and going in the faith. v. 7 Faith here. Stay in this truth when you are persecuted. v. 16 We know the teachings of Yahoshua. We don’t go to Matriaya ( or the annanuki (sp?). v. 18 The world hates us we are not supposed to be loved by the world. My sheep hear My voice Yahoshua said. They are not of the world. Focus on giving the Word to them. They question you about the names…it’s verbal persecution now but it will come to blows in that day. v. 20 They persecuted Yahoshua and will to us too…because of His name! Yahoshua! v. 24 They hate Yah and Yahoshua. v. 26 The helper is the truth. We have to endure unto the end. satan hates us for the names.

Matthew 5:1-16 v.11 You are blessed when you are persecuted. They persecuted the prophets too. v. 16 Let your light shine so they see it is from Yah. But we have to go through it like Yahoshua did. Don’t be ashamed to speak about Yah and Yahoshua in a room full of Christians. Praise Yah when they persecute you. Have faith like Yahoshua. He knew He was the Messiah. He did not let satan take it! We are the Israelites, don’t let satan take it away! This is the last movement…the Messianic movement…be proud that you have been given your heritage back!

1 Peter 4:12-17 Fiery trial is coming! v. 13 At the revealing of Yahoshua, we will rejoice. Rejoice in persecutions. Let’s look at examples of Persecutions.

Acts 16:14-31 She is a fortune-teller and Yah spoke through her. They used her. Paul cast the demon out of her. Now these guys are mad. v. 21 They were Romans saying they are not supposed to do these things. They want charges against Kepha and Silas. Our persecutions will come like this. v. 22 They were beaten, put in prison (Kepha and Silas). v. 25 They sung to Yah. They were not afraid. v. 26 Yah sent an earthquake, remain faithful . v. 29 The guard trembled before Kepha and Silas. v. 30 The guard asked to be saved saying what must I do? v. 31 Believe in Yahoshua. v. 33 They ( the guard’s family) were immersed. We can overcome death too…the second death.

Acts 5:40-42 They did not want the name Yahoshua spoken. They were glad to be persecuted and still called on Yahoshua’s name. Will you keep on using Yahoshua’s name when the persecutions come? Will you hide? What will you do when captivity (the curses) ends in 2019? Will you choose Yah or the world? The curses will soon be gone. Will you rejoice in your beating? Or will you go to the other side? The time is approaching.

Acts 7:52-58 Stephen was stoned to death for the truth. Will we see the esteem of Yah? Or will you try to deny Yahoshua to protect your kids? Stephen saw the esteem of Yahoshua standing at the right of Yah. Don’t try to save your physical life and lose your Spiritual life. Stephen did not worry about his physical life.

Pseudepigrapha vol. 2 The Ascension of Isaiah page 163 chapter 5:1-10 This is speaking of he murder of Isaiah. He was sawed in two with a wood saw. satan was angry with Isaiah. They laughed at Isaiah getting murdered. They will laugh at us. Isaiah had a vision from the Most High. satan tried to get Isaiah to denounce Yah. Isaiah cursed satan. Will you be able to withstand this? Will you turn in your brothers and sisters?

Book of Enoch ch. 8:1-10 The heavenly tablets read by Enoch. Enoch esteemed Yah. Blessed is the man who dies in righteousness. No flesh (fleshly) is righteous to Yah…we must die to flesh and walk in the Spiritual. Those who practice righteousness will die by the hands of man.

Enoch ch. 99 Whoa to those who persecute the children of Yah! Nations will be stirred up. In Matthew 24:7 says households will raise up against each other…they will abandon children because of the faith. Those who worship unclean spirits, idols of gold and silver, the love of Yah is not in them as it says in 2 Thessalonians 2. They will kill you because the love of Yah is not in them. They will starve people because the love of Yah is not in them. v. 8 Folly in their hearts will cause them to be without Yah. They will persecute us. v. 9 All their works will be a lie like 2 Thessalonians 2 says. v. 10 Blessed are those who accept wisdom and walk with Yah they will be saved. v. 11 Don’t lie on your neighbor whoa to you who build your house on grief of others.

Apocrypha 2 Maccabees chapter 7. The whole chapter read. This is what persecution will be like. They esteemed Yah. Antiochus tried to bribe the youngest son (sounds just like satan). He also tried to get mom to take the bribe. But mom didn’t fall for it. They all died in faith.

Q & A: I’m invited to a pagan wedding, should I go? Don’t go. Explain to them why…explain pagan customs to them.

Explain John 6:38? Explain down from heaven in verses 33 and 38. v. 30-40 read out loud. v. 33 Yahoshua told them He is the bread Spiritually or the Word. They are talking about physical bread. They don’t understand the Spiritual. v. 34 I am the bread said Yahoshua. v. 38 He was sent by Yah is what this is saying. Not that He came down literally. From the foundation He was going to come here to give us Spiritual understanding from Yah. He did not pre-exist. He was born from a woman. He brought this Spiritual understanding to us.

Genesis 1:1-2 Was the world without form? Did a catastrophic event occur between these two verses? In the life of Adam and Eve, satan was here trying to create life. They will try to say they created us, evolution etc. *I’m not sure I got the whole answer to this question, so sorry baby*

A question was asked about having to work on the Shabbat. Answer: Some people do have to work on Shabbat so don’t let people give you grief over it. It’s not your will to work…Yah has mercy.

What is the purpose of concubines? Concubines were taken on to be agreeable (politically) with other nations. It is a political covenant.  The man of Yah has agreed to take care of her.

What Script is ‘come out of her’ Scripture? Revelation 18 is the come out of her babylon Scripture. Wait on Yahoshua. Coming out of babylon is Spiritual first meaning get out of the babylon mindset first. We know to flee when the man of sin stands up and says he is god of gods (Matthew 24). It is then that we physically leave.

Zombie=demon with human flesh. Zombies are also called the undead. The wicked gods will cure diseases…they have the complete human genome etc.

Genesis 1:17,31 and Genesis 2:1-3 and Genesis 2:6-7 concerning resting and resting again, explain this. Answer: This is telling of the story again. There were not 2 creations. satan tried to create life with dinosaurs, pro-mangate man (sp?)…they were humanoids not of Yah. Yah’s creations in Genesis 1, He said they are good. satan’s creations were bad.

Has Micah 5:5 been fulfilled? This is prophesy of Messiah returning and the kingdom. These events lead up to Messiah coming back.

Is there Scripture to show Yah speaks to us? The whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation speaks to us. The curses, Yah said to us if you don’t obey His voice this will happen. Romans 10:2 They have a zeal for the Most High but not according to knowledge.

gods of kemit? Yes, they are fallen angels…osris, isis, horus etc.

The end of Shabbat.