How to Pray to Yah (Continued): A Summary of What I Learned From Solomon and Others

The Model (or Master) Prayer is to be prayed to Yah. This was taught to us by Yahoshua. The Hebrews prayed 3 times a day and certain times a day. Mattithyah 6. Face the east toward Yahrushalom because Solomon made intercession for us with the Prayer of Dedication (or Redemption) in 1 Kings 8, forContinue reading “How to Pray to Yah (Continued): A Summary of What I Learned From Solomon and Others”

Paranormal Activity: The Ninth Plague: Darkness

According to Moshe, in the Book of Exodus Chapter 10:21-29, the Egyptians underwent darkness for 3 days where they did not move. Solomon in the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon gives us more detail of what was going on in that darkness. He said that the Egyptians could not sleep (or intolerable sleep) duringContinue reading “Paranormal Activity: The Ninth Plague: Darkness”

The Reason Why Yah Calls Himself Alpha and Omega

We have read that Yah calls Himself the Alpha and Omega or the beginning and the end in Revelation 1:8, Revelation 21:6 and Revelation 22:13. The Israylites explained that this is Yah speaking through Yahoshua. Christians take these verses as the Messiah was there with the Almighty from the beginning which is not correct. YahContinue reading “The Reason Why Yah Calls Himself Alpha and Omega”

The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Yah Had no Mercy on the Unrighteous Because He knew that They Would Not Repent 1 As for the unrighteous, wrath came upon them without mercy unto the end, for he knew before what they would do. 2 How that having given them leave to depart and sent them hastily away, they wouldContinue reading “The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapter 19”

The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 17-18

Chapter 17: The Plague of Darkness 1 For great are Your judgments and cannot be expressed, therefore unnurtured souls have erred. 2 When unrighteous men thought to oppress the set-apart nation, they being shut up, in their houses, the prisoners of darkness and fettered with the bonds of a long night, lay (there) exiled fromContinue reading “The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 17-18”

The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 15-16

Chapter 15: The Mercy of Yah 1 You O Yah, art gracious and true, longsuffering and in mercy ordering all things. 2 For if we sin, we are Yours, knowing Your power but we will not sin, knowing that we are counted Yours. 3 For to know You is perfect righteousness. Yes, to know YourContinue reading “The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 15-16”

The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 13-14

Chapter 13: The Unrighteous Worship Things Created by Yah 1 Surely men are vain by nature, who are ignorant of Yah and could not out of the good things that are seen know that is neither by considering the works did they acknowledge the Work-Master. 2 But deemed either fire or wind or the swiftContinue reading “The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 13-14”

The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 11-12

Chapter 11: The Wisdom of Yah Prospered the Works Moshe 1 She prospered their works in the hand of the Set-apart prophet. 2 They went through the wilderness that was not inhabited and pitched tents in places where there lay no way. 3 They stood against their enemies and were avenged of their adversaries. 4Continue reading “The Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon) Chapters 11-12”