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The News You Can Use

Many don’t understand the times. You are not serious. You still have that old behavior like before you found out about Yah and Yahoshua. Back biters and gossipers, you know who you are. You still chose to do it. So wherever you end up, that’s on you. Why do we have to know each other’s business? There are fake people here and real people here.

Quote I heard: I’m not mad because you are fake; I’m mad because I thought you were real.

Facebook needs leaders, you have morays on there but no leaders. I may open my FB account again.

We are going over the law again this summer, Yah willing. It seems like y’all just don’t understand. We have people who will not even fellowship with each other.

Barak Hussein Obama: Don’t forget his name is Hussein. The Christian Science Monitor article: Why is Obama holding  Passover? When he was in Jerusalem last week, he connected ‘African-Americans’ to the Passover story. See he knows who you are. The man of sin will persecute the children of Ysrayl. Yah has hidden from the world who you are. Obama said he knows how you are connected. This is your history.

Reads from the article: As an African-American whose early years were not rooted in any one place. To African-Americans, the story of the Exodus was perhaps THE CENTRAL STORY, the most powerful image about emerging from the grip of bondage to reach for liberty and human dignity. A tale that was carried from slavery through the civil rights movement INTO TODAY.

This is the only president to keep Passover! Very profound.

If that article didn’t blow your mind, this will!

Barack mimicked pharaoh at the Passover seder, Pharaoh who would not let the children of Ysrayl go. This was a significant event. He got the seder mixed up with purim where they mimic pharaoh. Christians say Barak is not the man of sin. The man of sin will persecute Israelites who keep the laws of Yah. Obama is a Muslim, Jew and Christian. Christians don’t keep Passover. He goes to the wailing wall.

The pope washed the feet of Muslims and atheists. He acts like a lamb but speaks as a dragon. He speaks lies like satan. Do y’all remember the occupy movement? It was worldwide. Now you see economic downfall…Greece and Cyprus. 99% of people are poor. This pope appeals to the people…horns of a lamb. The pope will accept homosexuality, he already accepts atheists. There is no difference between them to Yah. Both are abominations. The supreme court is fighting now about gay marriage. They will approve it.

We are blessed to have Yah though we are wretched. He let’s us know what will happen.

Did y’all see that NY ‘brew that killed his mother?!! He dismembered her body and took pictures with her head in his hand! He spread her body out over the neighborhood. She wanted him to move out. He smiled in the picture. He asked the judge: What did I do wrong? TEXT: Probably some type of sacrifice.

Something is not right about that story

TEXT: They made GMO legal (genetic modified food).

We don’t worry about that. They will poison our food/drinks but nothing will happen to us. Pray over your food.  (Mark16:18).

Elder talks about those who will go to the whorehouse tomorrow some unknowingly and some knowingly worshipping the sun…satan. Friday to Sunday is not 3 days and nights. Easter is a pagan.

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The Book of Revelation p. 10c

Let’s go to Revelation 19. We will read verses 10-16. I hope that this is weighing on your minds and your hearts. It let’s you know how serious your walk has to be. This is what Yah is doing for you. Us as Ysrayl as a collective nation, we have been nothing but pain and trouble to Him. Then we try to justify the things that we do. That should bring shame to us that in the face of the nations and in the face of the gods or fallen angels and demons that they are making mockery. ‘Is this your chosen people’? ‘Yuck’. We should be ashamed of what we did to the face of the Father.

He is the only one that has ever loved us. And we treated Him like this. Yah loves you more than your parents do. Yah loves you more than your grandparents do. Their love for you can not equal the love of Yah. Because their love is the love of man. And the love of man is limited. The love of Yah is unlimited. Man can love you today and hate you tomorrow. Yah will love you today and tomorrow and the day after that all the way into the future, all the way into eternity. His love never ends. He could have easily…He even told Yahzeqyl that He could have easily chose another nation. ‘Go speak to those of another nation, they will listen but the children of Ysrayl are a rebellious house. (Yahzeqyl 3:5-6). We owe Him so much and He’s still here for us.

Still at the last 3.5 years as the president and pope go on a 3.5 year TERROR, He said do you know what? I’m going to bring you into the wilderness. I will protect you there. He is still protecting you up until the end. He said you are My servants. I have seen what you have gone through. I know your poverty yet you are rich. I also know the blasphemy who say they are you and are not but do lie. They are the synagogue of satan. I know all that. I’m going to make them bow before your feet to let them know that I have loved you. The nations shall come and grab hold of a tassel of him that is Hebrew and say ‘we are going to go with you for we have heard that Yah is with you’. And then the Gentiles shall come from the ends of the earth and say our fathers have taught us lies and vanity and taught us thing where there is no truth. And every nation where you have been put to shame, Yah shall give you fame among the people. Do you see how the kings and queens and the Hollywood starts and all them (have fame)? Your fame is going to be greater than anything they could ever think of, when you come to the fullness.

Revelation 19:10-16, v. 10 this is our brother Yahcanan. He fell at the feet of the malak and the malak told him no don’t do that. He said I am your fellow servant and of your brothers who possess the witness of Yahoshua and worship Yah. ‘Testimony of Yahoshua is the spirit of prophesy’. So Yahoshua promised He would give us the spirit of truth that would lead us into all truth. Prophesy is apart of truth. This is why we understand that the man of sin is coming out of the office of the presidency and that the false prophet is coming out of the office of the pope or Vatican. Because we have the spirit of Yahoshua, the spirit of truth upon us. The spirit of prophesy. Do you understand? The malak said, I’m your brother; I’m your ahk. Get up off your knees because at the end of this thing we will be equal. You will be in spiritual form like I am. You will be able to shoot through the sky like a fireball like I can. You will be able to disappear and reappear like I can. You will be able to draw your flaming sword and chop the heads of 20,000 demons in one swing like I can. Get up off your knees. We both worship Yah and we both are lesser in authority then Yah and Yahoshua. So why should you worship me? Do you see that? But when satan was told to bow in the face of man, satan said listen, I’m in greater authority than he. So have man to bow down to me. But this malak said no you don’t bow down to me. This malak said he was not about to fall into satan’s trap! You are my brother, get up!

That’s like when we brothers and sisters come together for our gatherings and meetings, we embrace one another. Nobody is falling down at the feet of Obadiyah. Nobody is falling down at the feet of Moshe. We embrace. ‘It’s good to see you ahki’ because it is. We only get to see each other sparingly. And when we do see each other it is such an honor. We embrace. We aren’t bowing down. So you don’t bow down to malakim. If a malak comes to you and tells you to bow down before him even if he says he’s Michayah…then you know the deal with him. (Say) Yah rebukes you! Let’s continue.

v. 11 He judges and fights (makes war)! So everybody that He comes to fight against has been judged and everybody that he comes to fight against has been judged to be wicked because when He comes to fight…He’s coming to fight the wicked. It says He is trustworthy and true. Do you see that? Yah trusts Him. And He is real about everything that He does. He’s trustworthy and He’s true. This is what Yah seeks out of His servants. He wants them to be trustworthy and He wants them to be true. If we can’t be trustworthy and real towards one another, how in the world are we going to be real and trustworthy towards Yah? You can’t; It’s impossible. Just like you can not say that you love Yah who you do not see but say you hate your brother whom you see everyday. Humphf.

v. 12 Now look at this. His eyes are flames of fire. Fire is red. Red is the color of rage. Fire is the color of rage. Just like ahki Dale says in the song ‘spiritual war’. ‘Now I’m hot, ready to fight’. ‘Man, I ain’t scared of no kryptonite’. Do you see? I’m hot. That’s what the fire represents. He’s fired up! We use that term too. ‘Man, I’m fired up’! Well ebonically speaking. ‘Man I’m fired up’. ‘Y’all niggas done made me mad, y’all done fired me up’! You know how we get. Right?

That’s what it’s talking about here. He’s fired up. He’s ready to come and bring war because of what they have done to His brothers and sisters and what they have done to His people. Because Yah is the only one that fights for us! Zeus has disrespected us. Jesus has disrespected us. Mithra has disrespected us. So He’s coming to fight. Those gods and all that worship those gods have got to go. So His eyes are as flames of fire; He’s filled with rage.

It says He judges and He fights, that’s all. He is not coming to preach or teach. He’s coming to judge and fight. ‘On His head were many crowns’. Do you know what those many crowns represent? Because He’s coming and  taking the authority from the many ruling authorities on the earth because Yah gives authority! Every leader that’s in office around the world, (whether) fallen angel or human whatever, it is the authority that Yah has given them to be in that position. So Yahoshua is coming to take that authority back. He is coming to take the crowns of ALL these false kings! Because He is the only one worthy enough to wear many crowns and wear many attributes of Yah! Yahoshua has authority over man and He has authority over the malakim. So He has many crowns signifying that He is a king like not other. He is king of kings because He’s coming to take their crowns from them. ‘What you need with this crown’? ‘This doesn’t belong to you’. ‘Give Me that’. ‘A name written that no one knew except Himself’. He is the only one knows about it.

v. 13 This is Yahoshua. ‘Obadiyah that means that He was the one that was in Genesis creating the world with Yah’. NO it doesn’t! He became the Word of Yah. He is the exact representation of what Yah’s righteousness is. He doesn’t break a commandment. So He is the living Torah; He is the living Law; He is the living Word. We can read the Word but He’s going to speak to us as the Word. So you can get a greater comprehension of it.

v. 14 Third World War, WWIII in verse 14 (?). So here comes the armies of heaven. What are you going to do against that? Two malakim destroyed four cities in one night. What will you do with ten trillion of them? huh? What will you do against that?!! Nothing.

v. 15 Smite or strike them all. He shall shepherd them with a rod of iron. You aren’t debating the Word anymore. ‘Y’all keep the Shabbat’. ‘Well why do we…BAM. You have turned to ash. The first moment the thought is perceived in your mind to question the Word of Yah…BAM. You are gone. He has not time for that. So He is going to smite the nations with this sharp two-edged sword that comes out of His mouth. He is the Word of Yah. The Word of Yah is going to destroy the world, just speaking it. Just as His word was spoken to create the world. His word is going to be spoken to bring it to utter ruin. That sword is the weapon. That weapon is the Word. That’s why it’s coming out of His mouth! It has two edges on it. How will you fight against that?!! Stab you with this end and cut your head of with the other end. ‘He shall shepherd them with a rod of iron’. ‘He threads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of the Almighty Yah’. That is Yah. Yah gave Him the hit list and He’s going to make sure everybody on that list is eradicated with the armies of heaven with Him.

v. 16 Who is greater than that? Yahoshua has got to come back to reward mankind for this war that they have been seeking since the days of Genesis. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 11. When they were down there being so foolish trying to create a ship to go into the heavens and fight against Yah. It says ‘tower’ but this tower is actually a flying device because they saw the fallen angels ascend and descend from heaven in these flying devices. The fallen angels who came down, these were the watchers who came and interacted with man and created giants. Yah had to destroy the world through the flood. So on the other side of the flood…here we go. The fallen angels came again bringing that false worship to get mankind to honor them or to follow them. So the watchers, after Yah locked up their leaders…they were only 200 in number and Yah locked up about 20 of their leaders. So now they are still 180 strong. So now they want to wage a war against the titans or the old gods. So they had to get the aid of mankind to fight with them. So they are taking their anger out. They want to fight Yah. If we can go to heaven, if we can remove Him, we can get His Power and we can defeat satan and the titans. Because we are small in number and we need that Power of Yah but Yah is not even speaking to us anymore. We have to go to a man (Enoch) and ask a man to go to Yah to ask for repentance to let us back in heaven. He does not talk to us anymore. So we will teach mankind how to boldly go where no  man has gone before. We are going to fix up these star trek enterprise ships and we are going to let them trek across the stars to find the throne of Yah and make war with Yah. That’s what was going on. Mankind has been after that since the days of Genesis. Let’s go to Genesis then we will go to Jasher and see the same story with greater detail. This is why Yahoshua has to come back and make war with His two-edged sword. This is why He has to kill off all that population that has been wicked down here. This is why. Man has been seeking this (war) for the longest time.

Genesis 11:1-9, v. 1-2 Shinar was the first name of Babylon. v. 3-4 So when they said come let us build ourselves a city, this is about what we hear them building with the bricks and mortar. They are building a city. These towers are actually flying devices. They wanted to build the cities and the structures that we have now! Yah did not allow it in that day. And we will read about this. The cities we have now, this is what they were trying to build. Because these cities that we live in today are architectural feats by the fallen angels. This is their technology. They were trying to do this three and four thousand years ago but Yah said no. Not yet. And they are trying to go make war with Yah as they are still trying to do it today. ‘If we could only attach a nuclear bomb…ah we can blow Yah up’. ‘Yeah Jim, we can do it like that, Jim’. ‘Strap it on tight, Jim’. ‘When it goes through the radiation belt Jim, then it will reach His throne and BOOM!!

v. 7-8 So Yah did something that was mild. Yah could have just sent a lightening bolt. Yah could have sent three malakim down and destroyed that entire part of the earth. but He said, I’m just going to confound their languages. I still need them to go out and multiply over the face of the earth because I just created man, I saved man from the great flood so I still need you on this earth. So He didn’t kill them all. He just confound the languages and spread them around the world. So this is why you get the worship of the same gods in different languages. It’s Zeus in Greece and in Latin he’s  Jupiter. In Greek it is Poseidon and he is Neptune in Latin, the language of the Romans. It is Aries in Greek and he is Mars in Latin. So this is where you get that from. These same gods of Egypt but they were named according to the language of Egypt.

So when Yah confused their languages, that’s what Babylon or Babel means confusion. Then they could not continue to build. So they were scattered all over the world. When you go back to Genesis 10, you see where everyone went.

So Yah confound their languages but he did not confound their thought. So they still had that same thought on that plain. And now in this day mankind has come back to one again. And now they are ready for the fight with Yah and Yah is ready to bring that fight to them. This is what we are reading about in Revelation 19.

v. 8-9 So Yah confound the languages of man and you have men out here that limit Yah to one language. ‘Oh you can’t understand the Bible if you don’t know Hebrew’. ‘Oh the Hebrew thought is different from the English thought.’ But isn’t Yah’s thought the same in whatever language that exists? Isn’t the thought of Yah the same? Yah does not change that’s what Scripture says right? Or in Hebrew does it say Yah does not change except every 10 days? Is that what it says in Hebrew? It says in Hebrew as well as in English that Yah changes not. Then I can learn about Yah in the language that I speak. I don’t have to go learn a foreign language because Hebrew is foreign to even the Hebrews today. Yah said I’m going to return a pure language (to you). I’m not speaking against it. Go learn it if you want to learn it. But don’t make that your requirement of learning the Bible. Because that’s a lie there. That’s deception of the adversary.

So we see that the people here wanted to make a tower. They wanted to go up into heaven. Let’s go to the Book of Jasher. Jasher 9. We are almost at the 2 hour mark. We will not be able to go to chapter 20 in this lesson. Revelation chapter 20 will be next week. We will probably do an entire lesson on the resurrection, Yah willing. Yasher chapter 9 talks about the same things as Genesis chapter 11 but it’s giving us a greater understanding. We are basing everything off Revelation 19 where Yahoshua is coming back to wage war with the sons of men.

Yasher 9:23-24, v. 23-24 Now when you imagine something, that is a thought. You verbalize it through language. That’s what human speech is that we are verbalizing our thoughts. As we are verbalizing those thoughts, we put them into writing. Blueprints…as the architects puts down a blueprint first. So when they imagined to do this thing, they verbalized it and they put it down how they are to build this city and this ship that was called a tower. v. 25 Why was the building of the tower a transgression and sin? Because I’m here in Chicago and right down the street is the Sears Tower that reaches into the heavens. Yah is not mad at that. Right? So this was a transgression and sin and while they were building against Yah of heaven, they imagined to war against Him and ascent into heaven.

v. 26 See the gods were putting man up to this. ‘Put our own gods up there’. Let’s go to heaven, remove Yah and obtain His Power then we can take over satan and the titans. v. 27 I’m going to stop here. It just shows how Yah was upset with them. There are towers going up all over the world and Yah is not speaking against them. But He was upset about this because they wanted to go into heaven and war against Him. There are so-called space shuttles with the Gentiles trying to go to the moon. But this right here offended Yah. Yah said this is a sin. Yah said in Genesis 11, let Us go down there and see what are they doing?!! He said whatever is in their hearts that they imagined to do, they will do it. So they had first-hand technology that we have today, that’s why the remnants of this stuff is still on the earth. How in the world were the pyramids built? The pyramids were not only in Egypt but all over the world. It’s because of that technology. It is coming from the same source. The Book of Enoch says that the fallen angels taught men the secrets of heaven and taught them things that they were not supposed to know.

Mankind saw them descending in these ships saying we have to build more ships. We can’t go up there with one ship. I think it was Enoch who said Yah has ten thousand of ten thousands of chariots. We can’t go up there with 10 ships. We have to build more. We have to build this city here. Have you seen NASA? NASA is a small city unto itself. They do all their work there. ‘Oh we have to build this ship here so y’all can live in the city’. ‘This is what we have to do’. If we are out in a desert how will we be able to accomplish this? Men can’t sleep in the desert. There is no food in the desert. So we have to build a city around this project. These gigantic airports like here in Chicago, the O’Hare Airport is a city unto itself. It has its own lake, subway and all that stuff.

So this is what they were doing, family. So now they are going to get this war. It said that they wanted to go make war with Yah. They wanted to ascend into heaven. How can you ascend into heaven with a tower? Will you stand on top and point your hand up there? They say to boldly go where no man has gone before. That’s the motto of the movie Star Trek. You Trekkies out there know. So if I’m going with boldness, I’m going to kick Yah’s door down. ‘I’m here’. ‘Jim we made it’. ‘Let’s kill Him’. That is what their mind-set is.

Okay Revelation 19…I know the haters are like ‘Man when is he going to get off the mic’?  (Sighs).

Revelation 19:17-21, v. 17-18 Now when we get to this Battle of Harmegiddo, He talks about the flesh of horses here. We really don’t see anything mentioned that took place in earlier chapters of Revelation like creatures coming out, battle armor…we don’t see all that mentioned. We only hear of horses mentioned. I think it was Einstein who said these profound words. He said I can’t tell you what weapons they are going to use to fight the third world war but he said if there is a fourth world war they will be fighting with sticks and stones. In other words, the third world war would have destroyed everything.

So we are looking at now, could it be that literally is this all they have are horses by this time? Because they are still at the ending of the third world war where they are going to meet down in Jerusalem because this is where the man of sin will be with that 200 million man army coming across the dried up Euphrates River which is drying up right now but I will go into that in one of these last lessons. But they will come across that and go to Harmegiddo or northern Israel to fight against the man of sin and his army. They will get ready to battle. Then the malakim are calling all the birds together. The vultures, buzzards and all those birds that eat flesh of men and animals.

v. 19-20 So the false prophet and the man of sin who is called the beast here, they’re going into the lake of fire first. Even before satan gets there, they will already be there. Upon Yahoshua’s return that’s where they are going. So they will be there thinking they are about to fight the eastern powers and they will look up in the sky and BAM here comes Yahoshua with the army of heaven in the clouds of heaven. What will you do against that? (sings) Bad boys, bad boys whatchu gon’ do, whatchu gon’ do when Yahoshua comes for you? Nothing.

So now we see that the man of sin and the false prophet are going to be the first guests in the lake of fire. Not guests but the first to make their home in the lake of fire.

v. 21 so the birds are down their eating. Remember we will see a 200 mile long river of blood that is 6 foot deep. So every animal that like blood, birds that like flesh will feast and feast until they can’t feast anymore on the flesh of all those that Yahoshua killed upon His second arrival.

This is going to be your time Ysrayl. This will be the time of your redemption. This is when you will look up…and you see the signs of the times that are happening now and you will look up and here comes Yahoshua. Your redemption is here. HalleluYah. Right? HalleluYah. HalleluYah. Ysrayl will be in the wilderness by this time and jumping and shouting for joy. Yahoshua is going to send the malakim to come and scoop everybody up and go dancing into the kingdom. Oh when the saints go marching in. I pray that we all can be in that number. HalleluYah. HalleluYah.

So that’s the end of part ten chapter 19 of Revelation. We also went over some articles about the false prophet and what Barack was doing over in Israel. Which is his first trip to Israel since he has been president. He went there when he was a candidate and he went there and prayed to the…did his idolatry thing on that wall. They call it the wailing wall. They stick prayers in the wall as though the bricks have the power to answer a prayer. Which is all some silly stuff. But he was involved in that when he was running for president candidate. Son now he has returned to Israel as a president. Probably the next time he returns there he is going to be a god. Or go there and make a peace plan and oversee the building of the temple then he will return a god. The manifestation of god on earth, the name Antiochus Epiphany. God is about to be manifested on earth in the form of the man of sin. We don’t serve god. We don’t worship god as they do.

Yah is about to come, the marriage supper of the Lamb. When the Lamb returns the bride must be prepared, ready for her union with her King. For the only one that has ever loved and cared for her is coming or returning to get you. The love of Yah for his people; the love of Yah for those who serve Him. This is a very great and powerful love.

I say HalleluYah for Yah. And I say HalleluYah for Yah giving us a chance and not rightfully destroying us. I say HalleluYah for mercy and compassion. Because Yah knows that if there was no mercy and compassion from His throne, none of us would exist. The moment that our father’s seed hit our mother’s egg He could have killed us then and there. Because you don’t deserve to exist. It’s because of all the things that us as a people have done. You know how we fell into sin. We didn’t come into this world sinning right? It was taught to us. So that parent and that grandparent  or that relative, that pastor gave us all this. But Yah had mercy that we would come away from it. And that we would seek Him.

Keep your eyes open Ysrayl. There is so  much to see. Keep your eyes open Ysrayl and your ears open for us to hear. So family, I’m going to end it like this. Guard your souls because satan is coming with heavy wrath and he is coming with great deception because he knows that he has but a short time remaining.

I’m going to leave you in peace because I can to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word for peace, shalom.

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The Book of Revelation p. 10b

You know it really frustrates me sometimes when I don’t have my stuff organized like I need it, right at my fingertips so I can just pull it right up. I get frustrated sometimes. I’m like man, I just seen this article. I want to pull it up but I can’t find it in my folder. I have this folder right here entitled pope news so it should be in here. Maybe it’s in the folder entitled articles. So I’m going to go over there because I want to read this about…he is reaching out to those. We just read something about it but I want to read this one because this article goes a little more in-depth. As we were reading and getting information from that…this one is just as powerful, with just as much information. It’s just really shaping up that this man could be that false prophet.

Now, I don’t know if you all knew about this. This article is from March 19th from the Associated Press by Joseph Leiderman (sp?). And guess what the title of this article is? It says Obama sends Private letter to new pope.

It says: The white house says Barack Obama has sent a letter to the new pope. Obama sent a letter with a U.S. delegation that traveled to Rome for Pope Francis installation Tuesday led by Vice President Joe Biden the first Roman Catholic to be elected vice president. As senior official with the U.S. embassy passed the letter on to an official of the Vatican. A white house spokesman said the letter is private and would not disclose any details about its contents.

Do you see that? So he’s sending secret items. He didn’t send an e-mail. Right? He didn’t send a text message. What is this dude doing sending letters? Like we are in 1845. Sending it by Pony Express to the pope. What’s going on there? And the white house is not going to disclose the contents of the letter. I can disclose it to you. The letter said are you ready, ahki. It is our time. Humphf. That’s heavy there. I’m telling you. ‘Obadiyah how did you know what the letter said’? I don’t know what the letter actually said. I’m just speculating. From all the information that we know about it, I’m just speculating. ‘Obadiyah must be in with them, he’s the only one read the letter’. Obadiyah’s not in with them. Obadiyah is against them. Alright.

So that’s our update for this week. We went 47 minutes into it. I’m going to try to get…because we have some good Scriptures to cover in Revelation 19. We may not get to Revelation 20 this week. Remember I want to keep this under 2 hours. So in Revelation 19, we have a lot of stuff to cover here. We have the war to cover that Yahoshua is going to wage at Harmegiddo or the Battle of Armageddon. We are going to be looking at the marriage super of the lamb and all of that good stuff. So we are going to start. I just wanted to say maybe for the 2 or 3 lessons that we have remaining for this series, I want to update you every week on what we can call pope watch and the man of sin watch and we can just see  how this thing is starting to tie together.

So this let’s you know children of Ysrayl where you ought to be in this time and where your mind-set needs to be right now. So you have got to be prepared for what is on the horizon and what’s coming. So you have to be prepared mentally. You have to be prepared physically. You have to overall be prepared for all of these things that are about to take place. They are going to take place with speed. We are looking at soon to come upon the children of Ysrayl’s freedom from the 400 year captivity. And it’s funny, I just finished the book.

Let me update you on that. Now I’m just on the last few pages where I’m putting the references together. I’m going to be sending the book out to the Israelite editors within the next week or so to let them go over it and edit it. Then I’m going to cut, copy and paste the book on the new website. Because I like the format in which I have for the book. So on the new website, we are going to update some of the stuff and try to give you as much information as possible. So we are going to have the new website more interactive. We have the weekly Shabbat lesson and its notes there. We will have a message board and things like that. So when new people come to the site, they can see what’s going on and they can see just how we are operating.

So many new people are coming to our site. We get thousands of unique hits every month. And I get so many phone calls saying ‘man brother, I just came from the site, I was a Christian now I know that I am an Israelite’. ‘What shall I do now’? I’m going to put a special page up there for new Israelites that say what shall I do now. Telling them step by step when you first come into this truth…because first as you take the red pill, you know you have to digest this first before you can just really set your feet down. Because you know this makes your head swirl. You’re like wait a minute, wow, you mean I’m not an African-American? You mean I’m not a Gentile? That the Bible does say this or that. You mean it’s not about prosperity and all the things we have been taught so as you start to regurgitate or throw up or vomit it out of your system, you have to digest that good food.

So as it goes down it’s like MAN WHOA, this is making my head…let me just sit down for a moment. So I just want to give them the  1-2-3 of what to do. You can go slow. If you were a minister and you think you can just download all this information into your mind, then you can go out and start teaching tomorrow. It doesn’t work like that. It takes time for you to understand who Yah is. Because if you don’t get yourself rooted, satan will come quickly and blow you away. Just brrrrrrr (makes wind noise). Then there you go a leaf in the wind. So you must get yourself rooted first. So we will be putting all that good stuff on the website, Yah willing. These are things that we would like to do but it’s all according to the will of Yah. If He wills that to be done, then we can do it. If He doesn’t then it won’t be done. It’s just that simple. So Yah willing we will be able to get that done. HalleluYah.

Alright, so let’s go ahead. As we open up the book. We are going to Revelation 19. This is part 10 of the Revelation Series. This is a very powerful chapter. Remember two weeks ago, when we did Revelation part 9, we read the destruction of Babylon in chapters 17 and 18. As we pick up here in Revelation 19, we are going to see the continuation of that destruction. Now remember, we are waiting on…there’s three last wars that have to take place before satan is going into the lake of fire. Satan is going to be taken away from the earth forever and not cause anymore trouble. We are looking at the third world war. We are looking at the Battle of Harmegiddo. Then we will look at the Battle that happens a thousand years after Yahoshua comes back when satan is released from prison. He is put on parole and he comes and tries to attack the kingdom. Then once that war happens, that’s it for all wars. Satan is going to the lake of fire. We will see the resurrection; we will read about that in chapter 20.

So everything is going to come together as we read about here in chapter 19. Remember Babylon is destroyed so Babylon or the U.S. wont’ be at the Battle of Armageddon. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 19.

Revelation 19:1 Our Father, our Power that’s who He is. v. 2 Now this is powerful. Let’s go over to Genesis chapter 15. For those of you all that want to say that this happened a long time ago. As I was stating about the book, I was putting that information together. Last week, I was writing the part about Genesis 15:13 that will be in the book also 400 years in a foreign land. So right here remember, we just read Revelation 19:1-2. In verse 2, its says Yah judges this great whore who has shed the blood of His servants. Let’s go to Genesis 15. Let’s connect this point right here so you can have a greater understanding of why He’s coming to destroy Babylon and why He has to shed her blood and the blood of all men.

Genesis 15:13-14 Seed=descendants. Four hundred years is 1619 to 2019. v. 14 The nation whom they serve is the United States of America. I am going to judge. (This is) Mystery Babylon. Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 19. We are going to come out with great possessions. We are going to come out with knowing that we are the children of Ysrayl. How great of a possession is that? Because you can’t take that from us. Once Yah give that back to us, NO man can rip that out of our hands. That’s great possessions. But if you go over to Isaiah chapter 60:1-10, we are getting our silver back. We are getting our gold back. We are getting back all the stuff that they took from us. We are getting it back.

(Reads Revelation 19:2 again). We are talking about Babylon here. Right? So Yah has judged her just like He said ‘that nation’. He didn’t call it out by Babylon. Abraham would not have understood that. He said that nation whom they serve. We have served this nation for 393 years. He said the nation whom they serve, I’m going to judge and afterward let them come out with great possessions. So right here in Revelation 19:2 it says because true and righteous are his great judgments because He has judged the great whore. Put it together, family.

v. 3-5 Read. v. 6 Can you imagine with that voice sounds like . Huh? Can you imagine? That’s powerful there, listening to that voice. Sounding like a voice that would just shake your insides. Have you ever had that big ball of thunder that just came through and just shook you? Well this is greater than that. Mighty thunder he said. The sound of many waters, the waters and waves are rushing. Humphf.  Wow.

v. 7-9 They are the true Words of Yah. What is the marriage supper of the Lamb? The Lamb is Yahoshua, the MessiYah. The marriage supper of the Lamb is the renewing of the covenant between Yah and Ysrayl. It is the new covenant or the renewed covenant. As Yah is once again going to take His bride, the children of Ysrayl.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 3 to let you see this. Because Yah let Ysrayl go out and Yah let her play the whore because Ysrayl was so staunch in wanting to separate and break away from Yah. Yah said I gave you My love. I gave you everything that you ever needed. I give you everything that you ever wanted and I love you more than any other nation out there. But you want to go away from Me. You want to play the whore. You want to play the harlot. So I’m going to let you go do your thing. So Ysrayl has gone away from Yah and He said listen, ‘I put you away’. But you went out and you committed adultery and these other things. These other nations are just using and abusing you. They don’t love you like I do. So He even divorced part of Ysrayl. So that part of Ysrayl, the northern tribes, they went out and they played the harlot. They played the whore but no nation would ever marry them. According to Deuteronomy 24:1-4 that a woman can divorce her husband and if she goes out and gets married to another man she can not come back to that first husband. So because nobody would marry the northern tribes…no other god…because Jesus plays the whore with the children of Ysrayl. Buddha plays the children of Ysrayl as a whore. So nobody would ever marry the children of Ysrayl. So now they can be remarried back to Yah.

Even after He divorced the northern tribes. He just put away the southern tribes, Judah and Benjamin. Because remember Judah is the tribe that the MessiYah came through. So Yah has scattered us. He has allowed us to go. You know how a man gets or vice versa. You know when a woman has just played it and cheated on him and did all these things. He’s like get out of here. I don’t want to be around you anymore. Go out and do your thing. I don’t want to be bothered with you anymore. That’s what Yah did with the children of Ysrayl. So the marriage supper of the Lamb is the renewing of that covenant because now the children of Ysrayl who are known in the Scriptures as the remnant. They are the ones who are fighting, struggling to walk with Yah everyday. Yah is going to renew the covenant with you. With us, the children of Ysrayl in these latter days.

Jeremiah chapter 3, I want you to understand the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Yeremiyah 3:1-14, v. 1 So HE said you go out and play the whore and then you are going to return to Me, huh? v. 2-3 So Ysrayl kept doing all this stuff. Going out and whoring herself with the nations and refused to be ashamed. So Yah said, I’m going to keep the latter rain. We were a farming society. If we did not get rain on our crops, if there was a drought and our crops did not grow, we starved. And we had no food to sell. So Yah said I’m punishing you. v. 4-5 So now you want to come to Yah and say ‘well Yah are you going to hold this grudge against me forever’? And Yah says, you did al this to Me. You went out and played the whore to Me and then you come back to Me and say ‘why are you still mad’? or ‘You are still mad about that’? YEAH HE’S STILL MAD ABOUT THAT because He gave you everything. He gave you all that any entity could give you and you went and played yourself for a whore or something lesser. No nation has ever fought for you. No nation has ever claimed you. Many of these Christian groups didn’t want you in their religions! Because they didn’t even consider you to be human! So how can they put a non-human in their religion and make you their brother?

See, you played yourself! Martin Luther King, at the end of his life, understood the wrong that he had done but it was too late! The assassin’s bullet was on the way. He said he felt that all he had done…that the only thing he has done is led his people to a burning building. That’s what he understood. So he found out that all he was doing, all this civil rights craziness, all this Christianity, all that was for naught. And you had prophet after prophet come and lead you astray. All  your leaders are false except the leaders that Yah put before your face. Your false leaders  like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Farrakhan and all the others.

Yah said you did this to Me and your response is ‘why are you holding a grudge’? ‘You can’t hold a grudge forever’. Man! That is satan talking. Satan says the same thing. There are many people when they were possessed…they even put this in movies. They always have satan saying that it was a misunderstanding between him and Yah. ‘He misunderstood me’. ‘He didn’t give me a chance’. ‘He kicked me out of high heaven’. This is the same thing that the children of Ysrayl are saying. ‘Why are you still holding a grudge’? Because you went out and played the harlot to the only thing that love you. There’s nothing greater in   the universe that loves more than Yah. You can’t point to one thing. Let’s continue.

v. 6 Do you know what that means by going up on every high mountain and every green tree? She was going up to the high places. She was going up to the altars to worship Zeus. She was going up there to worship Poseidon, the Queen of heaven and all these gods. She committed spiritual whoring with the nations and with the gods.

Do you know street code? Growing up on the streets and watching the drug dealers and gangsters, do you know the greatest disrespect when these men got into it, if he couldn’t stand up and fight that man one on one. Let’s say that the gangster got into it with a drug dealer and the gangster couldn’t fight the drug dealer or whatever it was, they didn’t handle it out on the street. So the greatest disrespect they would do is that they would go and come up against one another’s woman. So if the gangster can come and have sex with the drug dealer’s woman…the same thing happened with the rappers Tupac and Biggie. That’s showing your disrespect, so when the gods come they don’t love you. They just want to disrespect you because you are of Yah. You are Yah’s chosen people. So the only reason that they are even putting up with you is because it’s a form of disrespect to Yah because Yah said He who touches you, touches the apple of His eye. So Jesus is only tolerating you children of Ysrayl because of that reason. No other reason other than so they can disrespect Yah.

So here are Yah’s people and they are whoring themselves with other…so now that’s embarrassment to Yah. That’s disrespect to Yah. Yah tells the nations and He fights for you. When you went down to Egypt, He fought for you. He told the nations His love for you. And He showed it because love is a verb; It’s an action word. Yah shows His love for the children of Ysrayl always. He is always rescuing us. He is always correcting us. So they looked at Him and said, Man listen. Except they don’t call Him, ‘Man’ because they have more respect for Him than you do. They say ‘Oh Eternal King’ or ‘Oh Great Royal Majesty’. These are the people whom You put Your love in? These are the people whom you put Your trust in? And we are doing what we want to do with them and how we want to do and when we want to do it…upside down, inside out. They belong to us. This is what the gods say.

v. 7 After she went whoring, Yah said return to Me. But she did not return. So Yahudah saw what Ysrayl was doing and Yahudah saw how they were to Yah and guess what Yahudah did?

v. 8 So if you have two wives and one of them has gone whoring and then your other wife sees that, that wife has gone whoring so you take your love away and you divorce her and then His second wife goes out and does the same thing. That didn’t put fear in her. Man, He loved her so much. We can’t find no greater love than this. He might divorce me…she didn’t fear that. Yah is telling a story, like a Master Poet here. He is talking about you, backsliding Ysrayl. When He says backsliding, He’s not talking about the crazy church doctrine, not that type of backsliding. Naw. You know where you can go out Saturday night and be the biggest harlot or biggest pimp and then come in on Sunday and Jesus…whatever. But Yah is talking about something totally different.

Now remember, Yah divorced the northern tribes. That’s why by the time of Yahoshua, we see who? We see Judah and Benyamin and some Levites in the land. Because the northern tribes, Yah scattered them out. Yah said I divorced them. They are gone. But Yah is going to remarry them so all 12 tribes are here right now. All 12 tribes are scattered all over the world. They will be re-gathered because Yah knows who you are, Ysrayl.

v. 9 So Judah went after stone and wood gods. She committed adultery with that. See you must understand what Yah is talking about because there is a physical adultery and there is a spiritual adultery. If you are having sex with these gods, so to speak or symbolically by being apart of their religions; If you fall under the false prophet and the man of sin, you are committing adultery against Yah.

v. 10 ‘Oh I do love You’. ‘I’m sorry for all that I did’. She says that, she makes apologizes then she goes out and does the same thing again. So Yah said you are dealing with Me falsely. This is powerful family. v. 11-12 Do you see how merciful Yah is towards us? All of this cheating and all of these things done against Yah and Yah is still pleading for Ysrayl to come back to Him. Do you see? Who loves you that great Ysrayl? Jesus does not love you. Ha Shem does not love you. Allah does not love you. Who loves you that great?

v. 13-14 Do you see that? Yah said I’m still going to bring you…I’m still going to rule over you. I still have authority over you because I’m the husband and you’re the wife. So now as He stated this prophesy in Jeremiah 3:14 is what we just read in Revelation 19:9 about the marriage supper of the Lamb. Verses 1-9 that is what we just read. Yah said I’m going to bring you; I’m going to rule over you. I’m going to take you one from a city and two from a clan (or family)…that’s the remnant. Because there may be some small towns where there is only one righteous Israelite that Yah is going to take from that group. You have a big family of thousands of relatives but only two of them will be part of the remnant. That’s what Yah is saying right here. That remnant will be the ones to come and marry Yah again through the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 31. We are going to look at the renewing of the covenant. We just read the marriage supper of the Lamb. We saw that Yah divorced the northern tribes and He put away Judah. And He says ‘still come back to Me’. That’s love there, family. Yah really loves us. I have not seen a greater love. But you still want to go out and do what the world does. You still want to worship the gods and you still want to go out and worship this and that. All these things are against Yah. And all this love that He has for you. That hurts, family. Do you know how much that hurts the Father every time His people do these thing to Him.

How many of y’all have been cheated on? You know that pain right? Don’t you? If you have ever been cheated on, that’s what’s happening with Yah. It’s painful for Him. It’s happening to Him. So in order for you to sometimes get things right, you have to be put into a similar understanding of that. See, if you have never been cheated on then you don’t know what the pain that Yah is going through. But if you have been cheated on, then you know the pain that Yah is going through. You know what it is. It’s like if you go out and your friend gets shot and he’s crying out in pain and you have never been shot. How will you tell your friend, man listen just suck it up and stop all that hollering. You don’t know the pain of what that person is going through because you never experienced that. So you just shut up about it. Shut your mouth.

So this is what Yah is trying to visually give to you, the understanding of what’s happening to Him. and how He has this great love and how He is constantly pleading with the children of Ysrayl to come back and He would give you the world. Yah wants to spoil the children of Ysrayl so bad. He wants to give us the world three times over. He wants to give us the universe but we won’t allow it. We won’t give Him the opportunity. We did all that wandering through the wilderness for forty years and al that fighting to get to the land and we didn’t even stay there long enough. We didn’t even stay there long enough to fully prosper as Yah promised that we would because we started acting up. We started going crazy. We started doing what we wanted to do. One and a half kings, well two and a half, no one and half…David…Saul went crazy then David came and David had his reign. And Yah blessed his son and Solomon did his reign for about a half. Then at the end of his reign he got crazy too. So we were prospering during the time of Shlomo (Solomon). Then we had a few kings here and there to stand up and were righteous but we didn’t even give Yah a chance to bring us out to the nations so the nations could say those are the people of Yah. Let us go to them and see what they have to say. How can they instruct us? How can they lead us? This is the nation of priests. We did not give them time because once we got in there and started acting up, He had to constantly whip our behinds. Saying stop doing this or that. Here comes this and that prophet. And what did we do? We killed the prophets. We don’t want to hear about that. Why are you always prophesying to us bad things? Why don’t you tell us something good? So we killed off the prophets. How can you get something good when you’re not good in Yah’s sight?

It’s only when you are good in Yah’s sight that Yah give you good. Now we look at what does to the children of Ysrayl when He disciplines us. That’s good. When He corrects us. That’s good. But when He let’s us go astray, that’s bad. Because that means that He has taken His love away. That means that He doesn’t care anymore. See, you were so persistent with we want a king like the nations. (Like you said) integration over and over. So when you constantly keep hearing that from Yah’s perspective…Yah said I’m tired of this. I’m doing al this for you and this is all you return back to Me is that what you don’t have. But I’m giving you everything but you don’t recognize that. You are too caught up in your own vices. You are too caught up in what you want to do and how you want to be perceived to the nations. That’s all the children of Ysrayl ever gave the Father but He said I’m still going to take you back and rule over you. He is still going to give you the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Yeremiyah 31:31-37, v. 31 Do you see that? I’m going to make a NEW covenant with Yahudah and with Ysrayl. We just read in Yeremiyah 3 where Yah put one wife away, Judah and He divorced the other one. He said ‘I will make a new covenant’ with the children of Ysrayl. This is the marriage supper of the Lamb. This is actually what will take place. v. 32 Do you see that? They broke the marriage covenant. He said thou I was a husband to you. He’s saying a husband in a way that we say real man. He’s saying I was a real husband to you. Because a real husband loves his wife. A real husband takes care of his wife. Yah said I was a real husband to you.

v. 33-34 After all that (He will forgive). He said you went out and played the harlot and cheated on Me. But I’m not going to remember that no more. I’m not even going to bring that up. I’m going to forgive you because I’m so happy that you are back to Me. I’m not even going to bring that up anymore. I’m going to forgive you for all of that. Do you see that. He said not like the covenant that He made with our fathers. This is a different covenant. This is the renewing of the covenant with the Lamb. You see they broke that covenant but this is going to be the everlasting covenant because the laws are going to be on our hearts. We will not have Shabbat Class where Obadiyah or Moshe, you know one of the teachers have to sit before you and teach you about Yah. He says, you all are going to know Him from the least to the greatest. We all are going to have the same understanding of Yah because we are going to be that nation of priests. We are going to go out to the nations that remain after Armageddon and we are going to bring them to the truth of Yah.

v. 35 Yah of Hosts is His name. v. 36 Do you see that? Our nation is scattered but we are still a nation in the sight of Yah. He said listen, if the sun doesn’t come by day the moon doesn’t do the law and the stars don’t give light by night and the waves don’t roar, then the children of Ysrayl won’t be before Me as a nation. But all of that still happens everyday. It is night here now. It is day as you are listening to this lesson but it is night as I am recording it. The sun has risen, right? HalleluYah. I hope we have the breath of life to see another sunrise and sunset. HalleluYah. So Yah said if these things disappear then the children of Ysrayl are gone. So how have we been replaced by Christians or Muslims? That’s crazy.

v. 37 Humphf. All they have done…He said if you can search out the heavens…they can not search out the heavens. I don’t care how many Galileo telescopes they send out there. They are not searching out the heavens. Yah only gave them a little corner to look upon. ‘Oh we can tell you how the universe was formed’. No you can’t. ‘We can tell you how old the earth is’. No you can’t. ‘We can calculate the distance from the sun to the earth’. No you can’t. Your deceived by the god of this world. He’s taught you so-called science. His science is nothing but a lie and that’s what you follow. You have not searched out the heavens. You don’t even know what’s in the earth. ‘The center of the earth is like a volcano and there’s nothing in it’. But Yah says that there is a fallen angel prison down there! We understand that you try to give little clues. We are hip to you with your lord of the rings and your middle earth…journey to the center of the earth. hmm huh. The lake of fire is going to be in the earth. Right? Alright.

So you must understand this family so Yah said that if they can search out the heavens or even search out the foundations of the earth then we would not be forgiven for our sins against Him. So guess what? Yah is telling us that He is going to forgive us. But do you see the love. He does all this, tries to correct us, He tries to bring us to a better understanding. He had to let us separate. He had to let that happen so that we could get a greater understanding of what it’s like to live without Him. And now here we are in the year 2013, Israelites around the world are crying ‘oh I want to go home’. ‘Oh I want to be with my Husband again’. ‘I want to be with my Father again’. ‘Oh I want to keep the feast days’. ‘Oh I want the Levite priests back’. ‘Oh I want to see Yahoshua’. Here we are crying for that. He gave us opportunity after opportunity to come back home. And the times when He did allow us to come back home, we didn’t straighten up.

You know the secret messages that they put in movies, guess what movies this was put in? Guess what move this relationship between Yah and Ysrayl was put in? This was put in the movie Forrest Gump. If you paid attention to Forrest Gump and his relationship with Jenny. That man loved her more than he loved anything in the world but she would never come to Forrest Gump until the end. She got A.I.D.S. and he still loved her. He still brought her home and he still loved her. (Forrest Gump voice) ‘But I know what love is’. And every time she got in trouble, he was there to protect her. Every time he saw another man put his hand on her, he was there to protect her…Jenny. Because that is the love that he had for her. See family, you have to be hip on this stuff. See there is always a visual representation and they still  put these things in there so that it can be there as a visual representation. Most of the Hollywood movies are telling some sort of Biblical story. Even the horror movies, they are telling about the demonic world. When you read in some of the missing Biblical books, when you read about the demonic world…it matches up to what you see in these horror movies. They are always trying to put something Biblical in there but you must have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I’m not saying that we go watch movies to learn about the Bible. We learn about the Bible from the Bible but because we do know the Bible because Yah’s Ruach has revealed it to us, we can see what they are saying. So if you see Forrest Gump again, you watch that relationship between Him and Jenny. Jenny went out and she did whatever. She stripped. She was a harlot and all that. Just everything and Forrest still loved her.

This is what is going on, no greater love. This is the greatest love story ever told (between Yah and Ysrayl). Then Yah allowed His Greatest Servant…because  He loved you so much that He allowed His Greatest Servant to go through excruciating horrors and pain so you could be redeemed back to Him. You know some men and women love a person so much and they tell that person ‘I would give my life for yours’. ‘I would give my arm or leg for you’. They put it in a symbolic way but they are just letting you know the extent of the love. Yah said I will give My Son for you. My Greatest Servant, I will give to you. I would give for you. Just like Abraham was about to sacrifice his son for the obedience of Yah. Just like Lot was about to give up his daughters for those malakim. Yah said He would give His Son, My Greatest Servant to you. I sent you My great servants, the prophets and what did you do to them? You killed them all. I sent My emissaries, you killed them. I sent My MessiYah, you kill Him. This is what you did but He said, I will still forgive you for all that you have done if you come back to Me. So we are going to come back to Him in the marriage supper of the Lamb.

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Yahoshua was born in ______ but raised in ______. He was immersed in the River______ by Yahcanan the Immerser. Yahoshua was immersed with _____ and ______!

Answer: Yahoshua was born in Bethlehem but raised in Nazareth. He was immersed in the River Jordan by Yahcanan the Immerser. Yahoshua was immersed with the Set-apart Spirit and fire! HalleluYah.

Matthew 2:1,23; Matthew 3:11, 13.

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The Book of Revelation p. 10a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? This is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you again with another Israelite Heritage pre-recorded Shabbat lesson. Today is March the 23, 2013. Time is just really moving. We are continuing here in the Revelation series. We are in the Book of Revelation chapter 19 and 20. This is part 10. Then we will go to part 11 with chapter 21 and 22 and then we will sum everything up. Then that will be the complete Revelation series and what a blessing it has been. As I keep telling you about the things that are revealed to us in this series then we turn around and turn on CNN and other news services and BAM there is just something in the news that we were just talking about that is going to happen in terms of these prophesies being fulfilled. One of the things we are on right now as we did part 9.5 last week is the election of the new pope, Pope Francis I. Since his election on March 13, 2013, tremendous information has been coming forth that is really identifying this man’s character.

Now we looked into a few things last week and we tried to line his character up to whom the Bible calls the false prophet. So as we were looking at certain things since then, so much other information has come out concerning this  man and how he is really starting to align to the characteristics of the false prophet.

Let me go ahead and give my Shabbat Shaloms to everybody who is listening to this broadcast. Whether you are listening today on March 23, 2013 or five years from now. Whenever you are listening, I give you my shalom.

As we look at Pope Francis I and some of the things that are going on with his papacy, his election as pope is really mind-blowing to me and it’s like wow. I’m here in my video editing studio office and my mind just is blown. I’m just like wow, look at this or that. You brothers and sisters have been sending me such good information because you know I can’t surf the internet and get EVERYTHING off of the internet. You know I can’t get all the articles, so you brothers and sisters have been sending me a lot of stuff, helping me out. You have been texting me stuff and emailing me stuff and I say today and continue because that’s what we have to do. We have to, together research this because it’s such a large task. There is so much information and it’s coming out so fast. And what I have been noticing, what I have always noticed with news is that you have to literally catch that news when it first comes out. If you are watching CNN and they are talking about a particular thing in the news, you have to catch that when it first comes out because if you try to catch it 30 minutes later, an hour later, two hours later…that story is gone.

So I was looking over the internet and I noticed that there is so much information coming out concerning this pope that things are just literally changing…like that. I’m like wait a minute, I just saw this article. I just got up for a moment to go to the kitchen to get me some water and I came back and I’m looking for that article and I can’t find it. I clicked on the link that was right there and now it’s a whole other article. It’s a whole other picture. It’s a whole other format, a whole other writer. So you really have got to be on this when you are starting to research because like I say there’s so much information concerning this man and even concerning Barak Obama.

Before we get into the reading of chapter 19 which is going to talk about the return of Yahoshua and the marriage supper of the lamb. Then we will get into chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation which talks about the resurrections and satan being locked up.

So as we look at this, I just want to put some information out that we have been researching this past week concerning the pope and Barak Obama. Barak Obama just finished up a 3-day trip to the land of Israel. That number three again. Right? It represents that trinity. The number three, he stayed three days in Israel. They mocked the whole thing of Yahoshua being 3 days in the grave and then there will be the 3.5 years as the man of sin, so he was in Israel for 3 days in the land of Israel. And it was TREMENDOUS. So much stuff took place over there. They are prepping right now for Barak or whoever the man of sin is, they are prepping for the man of sin to come into the gates of Jerusalem and proclaim himself the greatest of all gods, over anything that is worshipped as it tells us in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2.

Now Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu who is the prime minister of Israel, they have been having their little spats. And so Benjamin Netanyahu got a little arrogant when he thought that it was possible that Mitt Romney would win the election. All this is just for surface. It’s just for show. But he’s now changed his whole tune and he’s literally bowing down at Obama’s feet. Benjamin knows who Barak is.

I remember…because Benjamin Netanyahu has been in politics for a long time. When I first came into this truth back in 1996 when Clinton was the president of the United States, I remember Benjamin Netanyahu back then. Because of my ignorance and the ignorance of some of my first teachers, we thought that Benjamin Netanyahu was the man of sin. Because we were listening to…I’m not going to call him out of his name. I’m going to be careful of that. Because we are servants of Yah and we have to show better behavior. Even though these people make us angry and we hate the lies that they tell. And we hate the misinformation that they put out concerning the Scriptures yet and still we have to stay composed.

John Hagee, we use to listen to him and all of his craziness. We use to listen to Howl Lindsey and all of his craziness. You stay away from that stuff. Those are not the prophets of Yah. Those are false prophets and all of them will fall under the authority of this false prophet that will arise in this last day. He’s going to be the king of all false prophets. So listening to them and John Hagee is a big Israel fan. Israel can do no wrong in his sight. So he use to talk about this and that what the man of sin is going to be.

Right now, Yah has put on my heart to put together a video lesson about that man of sin. I’m working on that right now, in fact He wants me to do it and He won’t let me get any sleep over it. I go to bed and it’s like Obadiyah get up…there’s something you have to go to the internet…there’s an article here, there. Take this, download that. It’s like oh wow! I can’t get any rest. I’m at the computer trying to work on other things, I’m working on the book and I’m working on other video lessons and documentaries. But Yah said no. Stop. This is the one that I need you to work on right now. Put this in video lesson format. The man of sin and the false prophet is what it will be called and I am working on it right now. This is not something that will be a side project after I finish other projects. No, I’m working on that boy right now.

So Yah willing maybe in 2 or 3 months, we will have that completed It’s going to contain the information in these lessons here, in the man of sin and Revelation lessons. But it will be put together in a video format so you can visually see these things take place. It’s better when we visually see. There is so much information but for the sake of time, I don’t want these lessons to be that long. There are so many images that it’s mind-blowing. There are so many articles that it’s just mind-blowing.

I have a video that I was able to download the other day and in this video, John Hagee was on the…what’s that Fox News host who was a super conservative…Glen Beck. He was on the Glen Beck Show and Glen Beck asked him, is Barak Obama the anti-Christ? You know this is what the Christians call him. And John Hagee said, ABSOLUTELY NOT! He said, he can not be the anti-Christ. Now they hold in themselves such a staunch racism and they believe that the Bible is their book like that garbage that they are putting out on the History Channel, which by the way you all have seen. They have Barak Obama as the devil. That was not a coincidence. That was not an accident. They purposely did that because they are conveying a message. Even in that garbage that they are putting out…listen. They are going to tell the Bible stories according to a Christian, European supremacists fault. Where did all these European characters come from in the Scriptures? They wasn’t there. If you are going to tell the Bible, you have to tell the full truth. You must tell the full truth of the people, the full truth of the history, the truth of the message of Scriptures. You can not deviate from any of it because if you do, you’re not giving the message of Yah. You are giving the message of satan because he is the father of lies. And wherever there’s false doctrine concerning anything to do with the Bible, then that is of satan.

So that’s why I’m calling this program garbage because that’s what it is. They are telling the stories wrong and they are even going to the point where it’s filled with racism. Even the story of Samson going after this…you know you have the big, black man going after this white girl, right? This Gentile girl. That didn’t happen like that. See you have to understand the relationship that Samson had with Delilah. She was not a Gentile. She was a Hamite. The Philistines descended from Ham. So when you look at that…they are just doing all this…I hate when they say this lie ‘oh this is the most accurate’ or ‘this is how the people actually looked’. Cecil B. Demille did the same thing with ‘The 10 Commandments’. Before that came on he said that ‘this is accurate and we did research and found out that this is how the people looked’. Come on man! Get that out of here!

So they are just playing on the minds of the people and this is a ratings hit for the white suprematist History Channel. Hitler would have been proud of the History Channel. Because when you look at all it’s really good for…just for watching those reality shows like the pawn shop show, the swamp people and all that stuff that those wild red-neck Gentiles wrestling alligators and all that. That’s all it’s really good for. Then they will give you a show here or there but primarily its to support white supremacy. But what TV station doesn’t promote and support white supremacists? White supremacy is an enemy against Yah because it is against the truth. Any type of this supremacy attitude is against Yah.

So Glen Beck tweeted on his Twitter account about how the devil portrayed in this TV show ‘The Bible’ mini series looked like Barak Obama and it absolutely does. The guy who actually plays the devil looks nothing like the character he plays in that movie. They made him up to look like that because they are trying to convey a message to you. Barack Obama is the man of sin. When you look at his character. When I saw him step off air force one in the land of Israel. This man has such a quote-unquote ‘swag’ to him. He’ hip. His walk is even hip. He walks cool. He’s calm. He’s collective. He was hugging all them, he was hugging Netanyahu and the Israeli officials as we do. You know how you shake one hand and you embrace and put your other hand around your brother’s back? They were doing that and Barak even said, ‘hey how are you doing, brother’? ‘Good to see you brother’. That’s what he said. I want you to understand that satan is a copy-cat. Satan’s servants are going to mimic Yah’s servants. Satan’s servants are going to transform themselves into ministers of righteousness to mimic you. So everything that you do, his servants are going to mimic that. Right? But they are going to be doing it un-righteously.

So when Barak got off and they had them at the airport and the whole ritual and so-called ceremony that they were doing and the way that they were bowing down welcoming this man. He even got the Israeli presidential medal which is the highest medal that a civilian can receive. So he will already be decorated when he comes back over there. So he goes over there when the Jews are getting ready for Passover, their Passover. And Barak Obama has Passover at the white house.

Now he went over there and his whole thing and he was staunch about this, about getting peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He went to the Palestinians and promised them, I’m going to get you your own land and saying I’m going to get you your peace. This is going to be part of the broker deal of the man of sin. Like I said, Barak has not announced himself as the man of sin, so we are still watching him. We are still looking. But if he’s not then he’s making that doorway to the man of sin that the next president that comes up behind him more than likely will be him, if Barak is not.

Now he went over there and he’s making this peace treaty and the report coming out of there is that this is the STRONGEST that they have ever seen of a U.S. president dedicate himself to the peace deal. In Daniel 9:27 it talks about that he shall  make a covenant with many. so in order to bring peace to that land, first there has to be a state of declared war. They have been fighting one another since 1948. There is a state of declared war between the Jews and the Palestinians but it has to get even deeper than that. And so his brokering of the peace deal is that hey, y’all are Abraham’s children. He went over there quoting Scripture. He went over there saying shalom and todah rabah. Todah-rabah means thank you very much. We just use todah but the whole word is todah rabah. He went over there saying that.

When he got in the face of the Arabs, he was speaking a little bit Arabic to them. A word here and there in Islam. Man, he was just a man for all the people. He even went over there and brokered a peace deal between the Israelis and the country of Turkey. They even had some type of skirmish going on but he went over thee and brokered a deal between them. This man has such an arrogance to him now. He’s starting to fall into that role. ‘I’m Barak Obama’! ‘Who in the world are you’? That’s the attitude that he has.

So he went over there and those Jews look like boys in his sight. I remember when Clinton went over there and Clinton tried to broker a peace deal back in 1993. The Oslo-Accords. Clinton didn’t look as strong as Barak did when he went over there. Barak went over there with the attitude, I’m going to tell y’all what to do. He even told them not to listen to Benjamin Netanyahu. He called him BB. How are you going to go over there and call the prime minister…you don’t call him Mister Netanyahu. You call him BB. Don’t listen to BB. And he went over there and he got heckled when he was speaking to some Jews at a university, some college students and he played that so smooth. He put his hand up to his ear ‘what are you trying to say’? It was just so smooth because it didn’t ruffle his feathers at all. He just went with the flow.

See you have to pay attention to that type of behavior and just the way that this man is portrayed around the world. You see that was the media, he has to play this down. They can’t let you see him in his full form in the world and how full that the love of the world that they have for this man. So they have to make it as if he is disrespected and that he is hated. NO HE’S NOT. He’s loved. And so if they show you the amount of love that this man is seeking, then those who have their eyes open may be ready and be like okay that is curious to us. So they have to play it down. Oh heckle him, oh they don’t like him. But the college students were still cheering. They gave him a standing ovation when he finished. He told them, y’all have got to start this peace process, y’all have got to want peace with the Palestinians. So that is what he is speaking peace, peace, peace. We went over that in the man of sin lesson.

Then when he left, Benjamin Netanyahu gave him this 2,000 year old stone. That’s heavy there. And it’s inscribed with the declaration of independence of the United States and the declaration of independence of Israel. They are declaring their independence from Yah. They have both ended their dependence. And the United States is the LEADER in this declaration and Israel is closely following behind. All of the European, all of the Gentile nations are leading the world in this declaration because we are in the times of the Gentiles.

Yah willing when we get this lesson together, man we are going to put all this stuff in there so you can see it. We have video of when Barack was over there. I had to hunt that video down because if you miss it then you will miss it. It’s going to be hard to find it if you miss it. So we had to hunt the video down. So we will put all that in this upcoming video lesson and just go with the flow from there. But when you look at it and you see what he was doing, he was going down there to lay down the red carpet so to speak.

So now everything is in motion. Moving towards him stepping in there or the man of sin or whoever he is stepping in there proclaiming himself to be the god. The temple mount, Barak met with several Jewish rabbi organizations over there. He did a lot of stuff in secret over there because remember, the masons and all that, they mock the Bible big time.

So here he is in the land of the Bible and if he is the man of sin then he’s coming to set everything up that’s what the Jews want. Shimon Peres who is the President of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu who is the Prime Minister, they were bowing down in this man’s sight. Yes they were. And he went there talking tough! ‘Y’all have got to  make peace with the Palestinians’. ‘The Palestinians need their own state’. Unlike the presidents before him, you have to look at Barak’s uniqueness. Unlike the presidents before him.

And because he didn’t visit Israel in his first term which is very curious and they asked him about that. They said what took you so long to get here? He said, well we had a lot of domestic issues going on in the U.S. that I had to attend to. So now most of those issues are over so now I can travel abroad. Now I’m here. And all the reporters, ‘oh it’s so good to have you here’.

Beta-Ysrayl which produced the first black-skinned Miss Israel. So Miss Israel is a black-skinned Ethiopian. She is from Israel. They were astatic about Barak coming there. Because they look at us over here as their brethren and they even imitate us in everything we do. You know, the way we dress. The way we talk. The way we look. They try to look like us. They were  happy that Barak was in Israel, the whole Israel was. The Palestinians and the Jews were happy and so you have to look at the way the media portrays things. This is what I’m saying, you must closely watch this stuff in the media because the media on one hour will say oh he’s so loved in Israel and then the next hour they will say well he was disrespected and heckled and the people threw eggs at him. They are going to give you two sides to the coin. They will always try to have you guessing about him because they don’t want it to be obvious. Even if he’s not the man of sin, they don’t want it to be obvious that he’s in the office of the man of sin. So they have to cover all of these things up.

Now, let’s move to the pope, Pope Francis I or Pope Francis the Humble as they have begun to call him. The ‘new world’ pope is on the cover of Time Magazine. That is so profound because you have these people talking about the new world order and the only true new world order is the one that Yah is going to bring when He brings a new heaven and a new earth which we will read about as we close out the Revelation Series. That’s the only new world order. But this order of this world is going to be total out-right rebellion against Yah meaning that people are going to say ‘I don’t love Yah, I love that god right there’. And so this man is going to lead them there. That’s why he is the new world pope. Do you think that it has everything to do…because they call this over here the new world, naw they are talking about that he is the one that is going to bring an order to the last day of what they call the new world. So the term new world order is not evil. It is a righteous term because only Yah is going to bring a true new world order. But as I told you, satan mimics everything that Yah does so satan is going to try to make that seem evil.

You have Alex Jones and all these people, Alex Jones is such a character. I saw a video of him this week with Tex Morris and Tex Morris was eating up the Jews saying the Jews aren’t the Israelites and that there has been genetic studies blah, blah, blah. And Alex Jones was trying to throw thing in there, you know to get him to stop talking about that. ‘Don’t talk about that no, no, no, those are my people’. Alex Jones is a big fraud. One of things that really get me about  him is that this man is younger than I am. I’m 40 and Alex Jones is about 38 or 39 years old but he looks 50 plus. When I first heard that he was that age, I was like man naw, how is he younger than me? He looks about 50 plus and he’s not even 40 years old yet! Something is wrong with that picture. huh? (Laughs) Something is definitely wrong with that picture. Maybe he has been in that skin suit for 39 years. Maybe that’s what it is.

But Pope Francis, one of the thing that really stood out about, as we call it the pope watch or pope in the news. One of the articles that really stood out is that it says the pope promises…this is from the Associated Press, I believe. But it was on Yahoo News from the UK in Ireland. This article is courtesy of ahki Yoyl over there in the United Kingdom. This is a powerful article ahki. Todah for the link. It says: Pope promises respect for all world religions.

Haven’t we been talking about that?!! And here this man is standing up saying I’m going to have respect for all world religions. Let’s read this article. It says: Pope Francis on Wednesday promised friendship and respect for all faiths at a meeting with representatives of major world religions. In the Vatican in which he said he felt close to non-believers. (stops)

How do you feel close to non-believers? When the Scriptures tells us that we don’t even greet them with shalom, let alone let them in our house! He said he feels close to non-believers. So if he feels close to the non-believers then he feels closer to the ones that do believe. Right? What do they believe? They believe in god. The major world religions all believe in a god. He has Jews there, Muslims were there, all of them were there in the Vatican.

It says: The Roman Catholic Church will promote friendship and respect between men and women of different religions the pope said a day after his formal inauguration in St. Peter’s Square. (stops).

Do you see what he is doing? I told you all according to the Scriptures he is going to tie up all of these religions and the one thing that ties them all is that they all serve god. Muslims serve god. Muslims say god is great. Jews serve god. Jews say god is great. The Christians serve god. The Christians say god is great. So all of these religions have this single thing in common is that they all worship god. Then when you get down to the doctrine aspect of it, it all relates. It’s going to all tie in together and that’s what he’s doing and that’s what Scripture says as we did with part 9.5 about the false prophet, the pope. That’s one of the things he’s going to do, he’s going to call all to worship the god, who is the man of sin. He is going to lead all astray with the miracles and the signs that he is going to be able to perform. This man just may be him. I’m looking at this article right here and they have him with a big smile on his face. He is looking so humble. You hardly ever see the pope smiling and when they do smile, it looks evil, even John Paul II. And especially Benedict XVI. You can’t tell if he’s smiling or frowning. Because they both look the same. But this man is always smiling. He’s reaching out to the people and already doing things different from his predecessors.

It says: We can do a lot for the good of people who are poor, who are weak, who suffer and to promote reconciliation and peace. The pope told other Christian leaders and representatives of Buddhism, Islam and Judaism in an ornate Vatican hall. (stops)

Loo at that. All of them are there. The Buddhists are there. The Muslims are there. The Jews are there. The Christians are there. Do you see? But this whole thing about ‘we can help the poor’. ‘We can help the weak, those who suffer’. That’s the same thing that is written on the statue or whore of liberty…the whore of liberation…the whore of Independence that is sitting out in the New York harbor, that’s the same thing written on there. Bring me your poor and your weak and all this and this is the same thing that he is saying.

So if you pay attention, he’s connecting himself to Babylon. This is why many who don’t have the full understanding believe that in Revelation 17 that Mystery Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church. Just like they believe in the Book of Obadiyah chapter 1 that Edom is ‘the white man’. And many believe that Edom is the Ashkenazi Jews. But there is a spirit that is connecting them. The Edomites who came into the land and portrayed themselves to be us, the children of Ysrayl. And then these Ashkenazi Khazars came into the land and did the same thing. So there is a spirit there that connects those two.

We already know that the man of sin and the false prophet are connected through a spirit, through a ruach and it is the ruach of satan. So that’s why you look at it and if you don’t have the full understanding of Yah; If you don’t have the full understanding of who the children of Ysrayl are then you are going to miss who Revelation 17 is actually talking about. It’s talking about the United States. Just like Isaiah chapter 47, Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51, Genesis 15:13-14 and Deuteronomy 28:49-50 all are talking about the same place. The same whore. And that is Mystery Babylon. He’s saying the same thing here so he is aligning himself. This is what we must look for as we start to look at the character of the false prophet and the character of this pope.

It says: Latin America’s first pontiff said all religions should be united against one of the most dangerous pit-falls of our time reducing human beings to what they produce and what they consume. Latin America’s firs pontiff said all religions should be united.

Let’s stop right here. That’s all we need right there. We know that this man, the false prophet is going to be the leader of the one world religion. Didn’t Yah reveal that to us in the man of sin and the Revelation Series, family? And now he’s saying it out of his own mouth! We are not making this up!

He says: I very much appreciate your presence and I see it as a sign of mutual respect and cooperation for the common good of humanity. This is particularly important in a world of divisions, confrontations, rivalries, he said. (stops).

Wow! See he’s trying to bring unity between the religions…not trying, he is bringing unity between the religions. What his predecessors had already done, John Paul and Pope Benedict. They were leading the road up to this man. If he isn’t the false prophet then the one after him has to be! But some people miss it because they don’t want to put this on Gentile nations. So I say bless be you Gentiles that serve Yah! Blessed by you Gentiles that are brothers and sisters to the family of Ysrayl! Blessed be you Gentiles that are now of the commonwealth and citizen of the true Israelite nation! Do you know why I say that? Because you have been taught white supremacy and you have been taught a lie just as we have. Your lie has made you supreme and the lie told to us has made us lesser. So now here we are coming to the equal ground and the equal ground represents the truth. We are both coming out of the lies that have damaged us for all these years. You hate Babylon like we hate Babylon. You hate satan like we hate satan.

But these other Gentiles, they have not been freed from the matrix. They refuse to believe that their land that their fathers stole and that they have corrupted for the last 500 years, they refuse to believe that this land is wicked and evil. Because you hear many of them talking about the founding fathers and they speak highly of these satanic, devil-worshipping men. They were some of the most evil men this planet has ever produced. Yes, I’m talking about George Washington. Yes, I’m talking about Benjamin Franklin. Yes, I’m talking about Thomas Jefferson. Yes, I’m talking about Abraham Lincoln and the whole crew. They refused to believe that. So if they refused to believe that, then they can’t see the prophesy. They can’t see the children of Ysrayl. They can’t see Mystery Babylon. They can’t see Yahoshua returning.

This is why John Hagee can say without a doubt in his mind that Barak is not the man of sin because he’s waiting on the man of sin to be some white European. He’s waiting on the man of sin to be some Arab that’s going to persecute Christians. When Barak is embracing Christians. Barak is embracing Jews. Barack is embracing Catholics. So how can he be? Because they don’t understand what the prophesies say. The persecution is against the children of Ysrayl, the ones who have the testimony of Yahoshua and keep the commandments of Yah. Because this man is already a lawless man and he is going to rule over the lawless society. As I told you all before when it says that he shall seek to change times and laws…you CANNOT change Yah’s laws! You only can break them. You have no authority to change them. No man, no angel whether fallen or righteous has no authority to change the laws of Yah.

So when it says he shall seek to change times and laws, no he is not trying to change Yah’s laws. He can only break those. He’s seeking to change the times and laws of man. That’s what this pope is doing, he is about to shake the Vatican upside down. He’s going to embrace gays because Barak embraces gays and the false prophet has to get the people to worship the god. The god can’t be wrong. He will embrace gays, do you see his talk now? ‘Divisions, confrontations and rivalries’. And when he starts to embrace gays as Barak has done, oh that’s going to open up the world. He’s going to embrace all of this lawlessness because Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, all of them are lawless religions. That’ another factor that they have in common. They all worship the god and that god is a lawless god. So this is what’s going on here family. Let’s read more.

It says: Francis also told Jewish leaders that he wanted to continue a fraternal dialogue that began with the reformers second Vatican Counsel in the 1960s which removed the notion of any Jewish blame for  Jesus Christ’s death in Catholic doctrine. (stops)

So the Jews killed Jesus. Right.

Reads: The 76-year-old pope also said he felt close to those people who do not recognize themselves in any faith but are in search for truth for goodness and for beauty which is god. (stops).

Do you see that? He feels a closeness to those who are not in any faith…the atheists, the gays. A lot of homosexuals don’t try to come to a faith of the Bible because they know what the Bible says about homosexuality. So he’s talking to them. He’s talking to the atheists.

Reads again from ‘the 76 year old…which is god’ (stops).

You don’t have to be in a faith to worship god. This is what he will say. But we know that Yah laid a path and there’s only one path to Yah. Yah gave this path to the children of Ysrayl and the children of Ysrayl have to show mankind where that path is and how to walk it. That path will lead you to the Messiyah and the Messiyah will lead you to Yah. But he is saying just come as you are. Do as thou will for that’s the whole of the law. That’s what he is saying. Read between the lines, Ysrayl.

Reads: The reference echoed a silent blessing as Francis made on Saturday to non-believers at a meeting with journalist from around the world. He says, you are all children of god. (stops).

The journalist, the people who don’t believe all of them…they don’t believe in Jesus nor Jehovah…all of that. You are all the children of god. That’s what they have been saying for years. Farrakhan said that at the 1993 Parliament of World Religions that was here in Chicago. Farrakhan is in this group here. Farrakhan’s job is to grab hold of the children of Ysrayl and bring them to the table. Bring them to the table of deception. Because as we will see, even in this lesson as we get started in just a moment reading in the Scriptures in Revelation chapter 19 even in this lesson we are going to talk about Nimrod and what Nimrod did at the tower of Babel. When you read the Scriptures, the children of Ysrayl, the children of Shem were not represented there with that rebellion against Yah. So they have to bring the children of Ysrayl to the table. This is why everybody was included in leading this rebellion against Yah. All the nations, bring me all your weak, your poor, your tired, bring them all here. The children of Ysrayl never got that invite. NEVER. That invite was sent to the whole world and the whole world came here. But the children of Ysrayl were brought here in chains and shackles. We were not invited here. So we are not included in that invitation. You are the servants to serve them at the table.

So Farrakhan is going to bring you to the table. The Reverend Jesse Jackson is going to bring you to the table. The Reverend Al Sharpton…remember that these men are reverends, ministers. They are ministers of a false religion which makes them false prophets so they are going to bring you to the table of the false prophet. If you follow then you are going to condemn your own soul.

So you have to serve the people, the boule or gatekeepers, that’s all you are. You have to go serve everybody else. But the children of Ysrayl says how can we focus on the Word of Yah and serve tables? Acts chapter 6.

It says: Vatican expect Sandro Magristar (spelling?) who writes for the Italian weekly El Presso said the reference shows an attraction to people without religion. That was particularly significant as the church struggles with rises in secularism in many countries. (stops).

Do you see that? You don’t have to be a Catholic. You can come to us. Come as you are. Humphf. Do you see how this is adding up? Francis also met with the President of Argentina who is a woman, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. He went out all over the place and he’s reaching out to people without religions. They don’t prescribe to organized religion because when they tie this thing up, they will not be called Catholics. They will not be called Christians. They will not be called Muslims. They will have no name because they are the children of god.

So now he is breaking down the walls of religion. Saying you don’t have to serve god, you don’t have to be a Christian to serve god. This all has to play into the role of the one world religion. Remember that’s all we have been calling it. We didn’t call it the 0ne world Christian religion or the one world Catholic religion or the one world Islam…we called it the one world religion because that is what they call it.

It is a religion for all of mankind because god now lives with man and we will see that Yah says He’s coming to earth. So they are going to try to mimic everything from Genesis 1:1 all the way to Revelation 22:21. They are going to try to mimic everything in the Book. So that 3.5 year period they will mimic Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. They are going to have you thinking that Yah is on earth now. Humphf.

So that’s going to be his big thing. I have this article here, I have so many articles here as I’m going into pre-production for upcoming video lessons. I have everything on an external hard drive. I don’t work with important stuff on my hard drive. I have so many extra hard drives in my drawer because the computers failed. So I put them on external so now I’m trying to get the folders with the video clips. I have it somewhere in here. I haven’t fully organized everything yet. I have it half organized. I had an article here about the pope and it went more in-depth about him reaching out to people who have no church as it stated. I have that article courtesy of ahki Yoyl also. Those are some tremendous articles. The one we just read too. Do you see everything in there that says ‘false prophet’? Coming out of the office of the pope, why wouldn’t the false prophet come out of that office when that is the highest religious office on the planet? This man is going to all the world’s religions to say ‘we are together’. Who else can do that? Can the chief rabbi in Jerusalem do that? Can the head of the Baptist do that? Can the head of the Methodist do that? Can the head of the Muslims do that? He’s the only one that has that power to unite all world religions. So why wouldn’t the false prophet come out of that office? You don’t have to go build a new one, there’s one already there.

So there is so much going on. That is just a little bit of what is taking place and what this man is actually saying. He even went to the cardinals and told them that this is not a church about him but this is a church about Jesus. Now remember that’s going to be the main thing is that this man is going to be the god to all people. So remember this false prophet is going to be heavy on what’s called religion. He’s going to be heavy on that because that will be the signs he will use because he’s a prophet and he will say hey Moses did signs for god and I’m a prophet and I do signs for god. Just like Muslims talk about how Muhammad was a prophet that was in line with the Israelite’s prophets. They say he was no different from Isaiah. They say he was no different from Jeremiah and so forth but we know that is a lie.

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News You Can Use

There was a ‘fireball’ really an angel that lit up the east coast yesterday…13 states saw! There was also a sonic boom heard everywhere. NASA saw a comet between the sun and ? and it gave off a solar flare. They picked it up on camera. There will be a great war in heaven. We are starting to see the build up.

If Barak and Francis are them, they are already in place. Pope Francis is reaching out to people who are not in religion like gays. He will bring them in. Obama is for homosexuality already. TEXT: They are on accord. TEXT: Article about pope having a place on King David’s tomb.

What makes a man? By the way he provides, treats, protects and loves his woman! This shows your manhood. You are not a player-player. You can have multiple wives that is of Yah but you are not a player-player.

Ahkotees: Many men are going to Brazil now to find a woman. They can’t handle your Babylon mind-set. It takes a special man and woman to be in Yah.

Boys go from woman to woman without a covenant. Boys play. But if he has wives that’s different. Yah never stopped loving Ysrayl. Ysrayl played the whore. I know women lie, cheat too. I know brothers who have been hurt by woman. Don’t make promises if you can’t fulfill that promise. TEXT: Babylon hearted. TEXT: So sad how u set apart n still acting like Babylon SMH.

Only a righteous man can provide for a righteous woman. A boy can only fall under her authority. Yah says you can divorce a woman if uncleanness is found in her. Don’t lead these sisters on though.

Homosexuals are not men, if you are acting unrighteous you are the same as them. There are sisters that would BOW DOWN AT HIS FEET but he likes the woman who will throw an egg in his face!

Daniyah prayed 3 weeks with no answer because the angles were up there fighting. Don’t give up hope on understanding.

If you don’t love that person don’t tell them you do. Men do cry especially when you do treacherous things to him. I’m going to tell you this secret: Men are more loving than women. Did you know that? Men love hardcore!! Because men were created in the image of love first. His first love was Yah! Love was taught to women. We men will tear the world up for you women. Women don’t shoot up places because a man left you. You only hear men doing that. He will kill a cheating woman and that man. When a man loves you, never let that go, sisters. Yah has put him here to love you.

What does sleeping with 4 women prove? Can you protect her from satan and the demons? Weak jackals, weak jokers don’t take care of their seed. They put forth no effort to take care of their children. I’m not talking about dealing with baby-mamas right now. Don’t forget your children, ahks. TEXT: slave mentality, children are still taken away and given away we totally lost family in our hearts and actions.

Why leave your child with a known gang-banger sisters? Stupid. This sister left her 6 month baby girl with the baby’s father and the baby was shot 5 or 6 times. Her name was JonlYah Watkins.


Listen to the voice of your husband. You have been taught to rebel in Babylon. Don’t over talk your husband. You don’t always have to have an opinion. You don’t know it ALL. Brothers can’t go and talk back to Yahoshua.  So why do you do it? Don’t get a good man caught up in your bad habits!!

When I said a man should provide, I did not mean money. Provide means being Yah-fearing in the household. The man needs to hear, see, fight the devil. He needs to protect the house! That man may work at Burger King. Don’t lose your prince, ahkotee. TEXT: sistas gotta get the other foot out of the world.

Years ago a sista broke my heart. But I didn’t give up on women. My fiancé cheated on me and got pregnant from another man. That child ended up dying. Another sista that broke my heart because she got caught up with this crazy Israelite and he ended up tearing her down.

How can you love something so much and it hurts you so bad? Only Yah can answer that. Ysrayl has hurt Him. On his death-bed, David told Solomon to show yourself to be a man.

Tomorrow on the Biography Channel 9 p.m EST they will show Israelite cults. They get the worst and market it. The same they do in Africa, they show the most primitive tribes so people believe all of Africa is like that. Did y’all see ‘The Bible’ on the history channel? I don’t watch that stuff anymore. The persecution is coming y’all! They show us poorly on Biography channel and the false Hebrews on the History channel. The only truth was when they showed Obama as satan.  That was the only truth they showed, they told the truth on that part. They made Samson a BIG BLACK Samson chasing a Gentile Delilah…white supremacy. Delilah was a Hamite, from the Philistines, she was black-skinned! Men don’t let no sista cut your locs.

We are to speak by example. We don’t teach here that Gentiles are of the fallen angels like they do. We teach they are the children of Adam.

The History Channel is run by white supremacists. The Vikings were a black skinned people but they show them as blond hair, blue eyes. Did y’all know that? I’m not talking about the Minnesota Vikings…we know that they were black, lol.  The Bible is 100% truth. They tell 99% truth and 1% lies and that is of satan.  I can’t watch their programs. We can’t go back to lies we know the truth now. They make things up. TEXT: inspired by satan.

They did have Hannibal as black. That one show……

Elder speaks: David said he never saw the righteous go without bread…(from Psalm 37:25).

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The Book of Revelation p. 9.5c

But as we look at this as he came into his office and he’s going to have authority, the same that the man of sin has. The man of sin has authority over the whole world that’s why the man of sin is the beast that comes out of the water. The water represents the people. Then this beast came up out of the earth. He’s coming from the earth which signifies the spiritual. It signifies carnal. That’s why he’s speaking as a dragon because satan only thinks like a man. So this one is a man and he’s coming up out of the earth but he will have authority over all the people as the man of sin has.

I want to go to a few articles here. It says…because when he stepped into office, Israel welcomed him. The Jews welcomed him. This article is from ABC news. It says ‘Israel Welcomes New Pope as Friend of the Jews’. Listen to this: Israeli leaders are welcoming the selection of Pope Francis and calling him a friend of the Jewish people. (stops)

He’s the friend of the Jew. Right? See Abraham our father was a friend to Yah. So that makes Abraham’s children also Yah’s friends. Right? But the new pope is a friend to Israel. Why is he a friend of Israel? Because it’s going to be in Israel that the man of sin and the false prophet will operate from. Barak Obama is going to visit Israel at the end of this month. So the Jews are already reaching out to his counterpart.

Listen to this: President Shimon Peres invited the new pope to follow the lead of his two predecessors and visit Israel in a meeting with Roman Catholic Church leaders in Poland Thursday. Peres called Francis a man of inspiration that can add to the attempt to bring peace in a stormy area.

…’that can attempt to bring peace’. Right? The man of sin is going to be a man of peace so if he’s of peace and the false prophet is his prophet then the prophet has to be of peace too. Right? hmmm. Now the thing about this is that Shimon Peres is the president of Israel and it said that he was in a meeting with Roman Catholic Church leaders in Poland. Why did the president of Israel go all the way over to Poland to meet with Roman Catholic Church leaders? Then he commented on the new pope. They are getting this together, family. They know that this man, this false prophet coming out of the office of the pope and the man of sin coming out of the office of the United States…they have to get this thing together. I bet you that they were over there discussing that temple.

(Reads) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is sure the excellent relationship between Jews and Christians as well as between Israel and the Vatican will continue. Israel’s chief rabbi also welcomed the appointments saying pope Francis, good relations with the Jewish people are well-known.

So he is going to go to Israel, of course he is but the Jews are already reaching out to him. And so as they reach out to him, guess what? He reaches out to them.

Here’s another news article from ABC News: ‘Pope Francis Reaches Out to Jews’. Like his predecessors Pope Francis reached out to Rome’s Jewish community at the very start of his pontiff planning to continue to strengthen the continuing close ties between Catholics and Jews. Just hours after he was elected the first Latin-American pope in history. Francis sent a letter to Rome’s chief rabbi saying that he hoped to contribute to the progress that relations between Jews and Catholics have been since the 1962-1965 second Vatican Council.

It goes on to say: In an interview Friday with the Associated Press, Dee Segni (sp?) said the dialogue between Catholicism and Judaism was complicated but added that the new pope’s background gives me trust and hope that relations will continue to improve. (stops)

Look at this. The new pope is going to tie that string together. See they are looking at it from the surface…Catholicism and Judaism, two separate religions coming out of the same book! But you have hope now that this man who may be the false prophet is going to string them together. (saying) Y’all are both Abraham’s children. Jesus was our founder and Moses was yours. They were brothers. Moses spoke of Jesus. They will use ALL of that DECEPTION to bring this thing together and tie it in a tight kn0t. See, the Jews are already meeting with the Catholics. As soon as the pope is elected the president of Israel is over in Poland meeting with the Catholics. They have to MOVE this thing and they have to move it fast.

So when we look at this guy, this pope and he’s going to reach out to the poor. Remember the false prophet and the god are going to have similar authority. We just read that. So we see that this man does not care for money. He does not care about that stuff. He wants to help the poor. He wants to be like St. Francis. So the man of sin is going to be the same way. Daniel 11:24 talks about the man of sin distributing the spoils and the riches that he got. It said that he is going to do what his forefathers had not done. His forefathers had never distributed the wealth. They kept it to themselves but he’s going to distribute that. He’s going to distribute the money out. He’s not going to be selfish as his fathers were. Barack Obama said that he is for distributing the wealth of the United States. So this man who doesn’t care for money, he fits right in with the attributes of the man of sin and the false prophet. Right? He doesn’t care for money.

So Barack Obama wrote a statement from the white house to congratulate the choosing of the new pope. Now, he was in a meeting I think with either the congress or senate and when the white smoke came out of the chimney they said Barak Obama interrupted the meeting and said we have white smoke coming out of the chimney in the Vatican. He was supposed to be talking about these budget cuts and fixing that but when he heard that, he announced it to those he was speaking with. Because he knows the time.

But listen to what he says family, this is so profound. He gave this on Wednesday the 13th when the pope was chosen. So he sent this out to the new pope of Rome. this is what he says: On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I offer warm wishes to his  holiness Pope Francis as he ascends to the chair of St. Peter and begins his papacy. Obama says in his statement from the white house…it goes on to say: As a champion of the poor and the most vulnerable among us he carries forth the message of love and compassion that has inspired the world for more than 2,000 years that in each other we see the face of god.

HMMMMM. Then Obama continues: As the first pope from the Americas, his selection speaks to the strength and vitality of a region that is increasingly shaping our world. And alongside millions of Hispanic Americans those of us in the United States share the joy of this historic day. Just as I appreciate our work with Pope Benedict xvi, I look forward to working with his holiness to advance peace, security and dignity for our fellow human beings. Regardless of their faith. (stops)

Is he making a statement identifying himself as the man of sin? And identifying Pope Francis as the false prophet? Let’s read that again. (Reads again stating at ‘Just as I appreciate…regardless of their faith’).

Reads: We are joining our hands around the world and praying for the holy father as he begins the sacred work of leading the Catholic Church in our modern time and our modern world.

Do you see that?! Ain’t that profound? He’s like we appreciate the work but he calls him, his holiness, the holy father. Do you see? He’s already promoting that so that he can lead us and our fellow human beings regardless of their faith. Look at that because this man is the leader of ALL religions. You look forward to working with him. How deep is that statement? If Barak Obama is the man of sin and if this Pope Francis is the false prophet, how deep is that? You look forward to working with him! Because he’s going to call all to worship you! Humphf. That’s some heavy stuff there, family. This article was from the Huffington Post, dated March 16, 2013, online edition.

‘The holy father, his holiness’, what makes him holy? Holy means set-apart. What separates this man? Nothing. Right? Look at him. He looks humble. Look in his face, he doesn’t have that scariness that Pope Benedict had. Then you have Barak that great orator. Right? He woes the minds of the people.

So now let’s look at something very curious here. We already looked at the curious date of his choosing. We looked at the curious thing of them calling him humble, Pope Francis the Humble. And now let’s look at this very curious thing of why they chose a pope from Argentina. Many will say that maybe they wanted to choose a Latin-American pope. I’m pretty sure there are other cardinals in other Latin-American countries. What is it about Argentina? This is very curious here.

Argentina, brothers and sisters if you did not know, this is actual fact that I am about to explain to you. This ain’t no conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact. Conspiracy just means when two people get together to plot evil. The Nazi after the second world war and after they were defeated, they fled to Argentina. Adolf Hitler himself because they never found Adolf Hitler’s body. Adolf Hitler was smuggled out of Germany and he was taken to Argentina. Adolf Eichmann I think he was called the angel of death, he was the one who put together the death camps in Germany. He was a stone (cold) killer without mercy!! He fled. He was one of the top lieutenants of Hitler. He fled to Argentina and in 1960, Israeli commandos went down there to Argentina, kidnapped him. Took him to Israel. Put him on trial and in 1962 they hung him.

So you had one of Hitler’s top lieutenants down there and in 1945 in July and August of that year, two German U-boats surrendered down in Argentina. So when  the Americans and Russians rushed into Germany, they were not concerned with Adolf Hitler. They were concerned with the things they had seen once they came into Germany. (For example) men being able to teleport. UFO shaped crafts and all this. They went after the technology. The only way to get the technology was to get the scientists. They made a deal with Hitler saying we will get you out of Germany if you give us your scientists.

So that’s the United States and the Soviet Union split the Nazi scientists and took that fallen angel technology to where? The United States and to Russia. And what happened after the second world war? The Soviet Union and the United States became super powers. Both countries were super powers because of their technology that they got out of Germany. So Hitler was down in Argentina. There is TREMENDOUS amounts of evidence that supports this! Read a book…get this book called Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams. These two Gentiles put all the documentation together and showing that Adolf Hitler was smuggled out of Germany and taken to Argentina.

Now during the second world war, you had what they called the axis of evil; The Germans, with the Italians and the Japanese. Now Pope Francis is Italian. His family were Italian immigrants who migrated to Argentina. So he’s an Italian. And those Germans down there still had relationship in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and so on with Italians. That’s why Argentina has so many human rights violations. This is why they had so many dictators after dictators because the Nazi were down there! And the head Nazi, Adolf Hitler was down there. That’s why they have all those  human rights violations. The same stuff that was going on in Nazi Germany was going on in Argentina.

Let’s get deeper. Pope Benedict xvi is German and during the time of the second world war, he was a member of Hitler’s Nazi youths. Meaning that they were taking the children and training them to grow up to be Nazi soldiers. Pope Benedict was a Nazi youth, trained. So here you are having two popes that have an association with Adolf Hitler!! Because down in Argentina, do you think that Pope Francis was separate from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi and what they were doing down there? No. Not at all. Hitler was down there because Hitler was a precursor to the man of sin. Hitler was doing their training and raising up the false prophet in the ways that he should go. That’s what was going on in Argentina and that’s why they grabbed him out of Argentina. Because he is skilled and trained under Adolf Hitler and all them down there.

They say Hitler died at 100 years old about 20 years ago. Hitler would be 121 years old coming up on April 20th. So they say he died at age 100. Some say 73 years old but the consensus age is 100. And he was down in Argentina. The Nazi are still down there. They have human violations left and right. Dictatorships and all that also. All because the Nazi fled there. Then you bring a pope out of it who could be with the man of sin. What were you doing down there with Hitler? Hitler was just a precursor or false man of sin who persecuted the false children of Israel. So now the real man of sin will persecute the real children of Ysrayl with the real false prophet. That sounds like an oxymoron huh, ‘the real false prophet’. How can you be real and false at the same time? Well understand how. Because he is going to be the head false prophet. He is going to be the prophet over all of the false prophets. So every religion that has a prophet, that prophet is false. The prophets of Islam are false prophets. The prophets of Christianity are false prophets. The prophets of the Jews are false prophets. And he is going to be the prophet over all of them, the king false prophet. Do you understand?

So this is why Argentina. He was being trained down there. He joined the Catholic Church as a priest I think when he was 30 years old. That’s 46 years ago. And they know who he is. If he is that man, they didn’t wake up one day and say man you are going to be the false prophet. They already knew that. So they had to wait until he turned 76 years old. Seven plus six, thirteen. They had to wait until March 13, 2013 for him to take his place. The Nazi and Hitler…

Remember Hitler was a heavy occultist. Hitler went looking for certain things that the fallen angels had taught him. He was in cahoots with the fallen angels. So the knowledge of the fallen angels was given over to this man. Right? Because he is going to be the power of the chief fallen angel that’s going to be behind the false prophet. So Hitler was in cahoots with the fallen angels and Hitler was his teacher. Because remember ‘he speaks as a dragon’. And the man of sin is going to make war with the children of Ysrayl. He taught him torture techniques. Hitler knew all about persecuting the false Hebrews. Right? This is how you do it, this is what you do. So when you come into your time, you tell the man of sin to do it like this. My, my, my! Ain’t that heavy? Ain’t that profound? What times we live in.

Now the other thing is that they call this man the first pope from the new world. Right? From the Americas. Let me give you this title about the new world. That’s even satanic in its own self. You all know the true new world is when Yah is going to make a new heaven and a new earth. That’s the true new world order. But right here on this surface they are going to bring you a false new world order because everything that satan does is false so  they are going to bring a FALSE new world order. So this man is going to bring order to the new world and that order is total rebellion against Yah. So he’s going to lead the world astray. Right? That’s what it said. He will lead them astray because satan has already deceived the world. So he’s going to be of satan so he will lead the world astray.

So now the pope from the new world has to bring order to the new world. Humphf, it’s heavy. So that term ‘new world’ doesn’t apply to everybody else. That’s a Gentile term because this world is new to them. But everybody else around the world knew about this. The Hebrews were over here teaching the Native Americans *( See the Apocrypha, 2 Esdras chapter 12:45, some of the Israelites went to this hidden land called Arsareth). The Olmec had already arrived over here. The Egyptians and all that. They found cocaine in some of the mummies of Egypt. Cocaine is grown over here. I didn’t say that for a joke. Seriously people traveled over here before the Europeans did. So this is the new world to them not to everybody else. *Book: They came before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima.

So now they fashion that and the term ‘new world’ is very profound. Because you have been hearing about the new world order and Yah is the only one that is going to bring a true new order because this is the same order from the days of Adam. You know, we are disobeying Yah. But it’s going to be a new way. As the reformer is going to step into office and lead the world astray with the signs that he will be able to do. Yep. So he’s from the new world now he has to set up the false new world order. The parliament of world religions…the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims and all of them, they are about to get it together. Keep your eyes open, Ysrayl. There is so much to pay attention to. Some of us just have our eyes closed saying ‘well, I’ll hear about it on Shabbat’. ‘I don’t feel like looking at that right now’.

Well if that’ what your attitude is, I say so be it. Listen, we all are adults here. Yah gives us how He wants us to serve Him. He gives us what we need to know and if you refuse to know that then that’s on you. If you refuse to serve Him in the capacity that He needs you to serve Him then that’s on you. But on your day of judgment you can’t hold nobody else accountable for what you did but you.

As we look at this Revelation series part 9.5, do you see how profound the choosing of this next man to fulfill that office of the false prophet and everything that led up to him? Getting him there, the retirement and all that, 3-13-13, all of that. Do you see it? Do you see the numerology behind him? Like I said maybe he is, maybe he ain’t. We will see. We will see how it goes down but we have our eyes open and we will keep them open. Yah willing, we will be able to keep them open. They were saying when he told the people out in St. Peter’s Square to pray for him…to pray for him. They were saying that this is a new thing here. Instead of the pope praying for everybody, he asked them to pray for him. He has ‘the look of a lamb’.

Once again the name of that book is Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler. They show how he was taken out of Germany and taken to Argentina. Human rights violations and a lot of madness going on down there because the Nazi were there. The same things they carried from Germany to Argentina. And this pope was there during the time all this was going on. And there are some people who are standing against him because they are saying when this stuff was going on in Argentina that he was silent about it. When these dictators stood up and these priests even go kidnapped and all that, they say he was silent about it.

I guess him and Hitler can remind you of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar from the star wars movies. I  mean Obi Wan Kenobi not Luke because Obi Wan Kenobi was the teacher of Darth Vadar. And when they finally met up, when they were in their old age, Darth Vadar told him he said I let a student and now I have returned the master. So Hitler training up this man and now this man is the master.

You see satan planned for these things a long time ago. This is not something new. He did not get up and say Pope Francis you are going to be my man. Pope Francis know this. If Barak Obama is that man, Barak been knew this. He has to get his life in order so that he could reach that point. Do you think Yahoshua knew He was MessiYah when He turned 30? Or did His mother Miriam who had gotten the prophesy before He was born knew who He was and taught Him who He was. Right? He understood who He was from His mother’s womb. Satan is a copy-cat. So when satan’s messiah was born into this world, it was the same thing, he knew who he was. His parents knew who he was. Everybody surrounding that circle knows who he is.

So I hope that you are paying attention to these lessons, family. Because they are that…not only profound but they are that important. That you do pay attention to them and that you do understand them. Because Yah has given you the understanding. He’s given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the heart to perceive. And if you throw that away, you get caught up in this world then you will find yourself worshipping this man  as the world does. Can you imagine that? Here you are talking about Yah and Yahoshua and then when the man of sin stands up, you say I’m not running with y’all, I’m staying with god. That would be a shame. But let it be what it will be. Let it do what it will do. But all praise and honor are given to Yah, The Most High who rules in the kingdom of men. Yah of Hosts is His name.

So Yah willing, we will be back next week with part 10. That is in Yah’s hands. The next chapters we will be reading are chapters 19 and 20. We will see the return of Yahoshua and we will see about the resurrection. Then we will see the ending of time and the set up of the kingdom in chapters 21 and 22. It’s really been a very beautiful series, family. I have really enjoyed it and I really thank Yah for allowing us to do this and bring this to you all at a time that we all get the understanding of it and that we can have our spiritual eyes open to what’s really going on out there. And that we are keeping our eyes on it. And that we don’t get caught up in the deception of the adversary who is seeking to destroy. We don’t want to be devoured by him nor destroyed by him.

So family, I’m going to leave you with this, we looked at some major things today. We are trying to identify whether this  man might be or might not be. It is not for us to go out and proclaim that yes he is that man. He can have all these attributes and still be  missing one or two and then he gets kicked out of office and then the next one comes up and it’s him. So we are just keeping our eyes open. Just like we are keeping our eyes open on the office of the presidency; We are keeping our eyes open on the office of the Vatican.

This man here like Barak Obama…is just really profound. So keep an eye on him. They will be saying a lot of things about him just how he is ruling over the human family and all this stuff. Just pay attention even if you have CNN, if you have a DVR, start to record those things. You never know what is going to pop up. You never know what they will say. I need to start doing it myself too so we can have this. So when we start to explain these things to our family that don’t quite understand the truth at this time but when we start to break these things down…and when you say the Bible says this, that he will have authority as the first beast now look what they said about him on CNN. See, you must bring that Scripture but then you have to bring the secular or worldly stuff because that secular and worldly stuff is what they really understand. ‘Wow the Bible says that’? ‘And they say that on CNN’? (They will say).

Just like we do with ‘The Curses’ we can go down the line and say this is what the Bible says happened to the children of Ysrayl. Here is documented evidence to show you that this is happening to us. This is what the Bible says will  happen to the children of Ysrayl and here is the documented evidence. So logic only tells you that if Yah said that these things are going to happen to the children of Ysrayl and they are happening to us. We must be the children of Ysrayl. Do you see?

So with that being said I’m going to leave you with this right here, family. I want you to understand this. To-guard-your-souls! Satan is coming with GREAT wrath and HEAVY deception because he knows his time is short.

I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom.


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beautiful pics

kentepurseI have been thinking about getting some Kente cloth lately. I love this purse and scarf. Kente is starting to look more elegant these days. Back in the day Kente looked very casual but we still rocked it. Oh yeah, that is not me in the pic. She is modeling for the lady that sells the purse.

il_570xN_421935147_37n8 While looking at Kente cloth I saw these man shoes and they made me laugh. I don’t know why. I like them though.

_44 can kente cloth blkSC new 8 VaViHP (24) More Kente cloth shoes for men. I didn’t even know they made Kente shoes but I like them.

kentebowtie I love the Kente bow tie for men. Kente looks good with a black outfit. Don’t you think so too?

563300_532686943421181_800366737_n This baby had almost 700 comments on a children’s hair care page and all the comments mentioned her being pretty and fat! LOL This was the first thing came into my mind when I saw her. Look at those rolls on her arms and those cheeks. Her name is Jiyah. 🙂

580514_538108966212312_1763595657_n Gurl, moisturize your situation and then seal the moisture in with an oil before you put it into the afro puff! Just kidding but she is intensely listening to big sis. I love this pic.

550037_514933688557333_168807481_n This picture touched my heart. Grandmommy getting her scalp scratched and hair combed by little one.

313444_511680588882643_1008861612_n Sleeping beauty.

394749_505725816135629_1744226541_n Beautiful ‘fro.

295558_540058042684071_412369138_n Beautiful pic on a hair care site.

2767_517634918287210_1377214314_n Beautiful smile! She is happy.

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I was watching part of the history channel’s ‘The Bible’ last night. I saw where Daniel was praying standing up. But in Scripture when Daniyah was praying  in that upper room with the windows open toward Jerusalem he was kneeling on the floor not standing up, Daniel 6:10. They showed the part where he was in the Lions den but they did not show Habakkuk along with the angel coming to feed him. After that I turned the channel. zzzzzz