Yesterday afternoon, I was helping my niece study for her science mid-term that she will be taking next week. They have been studying earth science but really the whole planetary system or the milky way galaxy. So anyway, about half way through I remembered the planet Rahab that the Israelites were talking about. I showed her Psalms 89:10. She seemed really interested. So later on when she left I googled to see if there were anymore Scripts on Rahab…and there were a few more. I told my niece and nephew about the Scripts, that I would show them today. My nephew seemed very interested to know that Rahab became the asteroid belt. I am unsure if the fallen angels lived there or if ha shatan lived there…maybe all of the above.

Isaiah 30:7, Isaiah 51:9, Psalm 89:10 and Job 26:12*

*In some translations they have ‘the proud’ or ‘the storm’ or ‘rahab’ as the last word in the sentence. In verse 13, It talks about a fleeing serpent.

My niece did ask, why did Yah destroy Rahab? I do not know. I wonder if planet X or Nibiru is this new planet they call Kepler? Or is Rahab and Nibiru the same?

Last night I finished reading a book called ‘Incidents in the life of a slave girl’ by Harriet Jacobs. Now, I have read other slave narratives but this book really gave me a crystal clear picture of slavery. Not only did she give her account, she also gave brief accounts about how some of the other slaves were living and their feelings about slavery. My niece says she wants to read it next. I went to search out more autobiographical accounts of slavery and found a book called ‘Twelve years a slave’ by Solomon Northrup. I believe he was free and was kidnapped into slavery and taken to Louisiana. I also saw a book by Frederick Douglas where he gives an account of his days in slavery.

When I had finished reading the book last night I was thinking about a comment that I read in a book called ‘To be a Slave’ by Julius Lester. He said that the slaves in America were treated much more cruelly than any of the slaves in the Americas. I think I remember reading somewhere that only like five percent of the slaves were brought to the U.S. while the majority were taken to Brazil and the Caribbean and elsewhere. So this made me wonder…remember Matthew 27:25…Do you think those are our descendants, those of us in the U.S.? (I’m not saying this is so…this is just a question that came across my mind.)

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