The eclipse leaves the USA at South Carolina, returning to the USA seven years later.

I was reading some interesting facts about this eclipse that is about to go across America on Monday and it’s interesting that it will be on moon-day, also. The way it will move across America almost looks like a line of division, right? Just like a north versus a south line. Like Yah drawing a line with His finger. The (full) eclipse begins around Newport, Oregon and ends around Charleston, South Carolina, my home. Did y’all know that the Civil War began in Fort Sumter, South Carolina? Fort Sumter is in the downtown area of Charleston and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I also read something interesting about the state of Oregon. Have you ever heard of sundown towns? A town where “blacks” (coughs, pardon me) had to be out by sundown or risk getting lynched. Well, it seems that the WHOLE state of Oregon banned any blacks from living there or risk being whipped to death. The ban was not lifted until around 1901 but blacks did not start migrating there until around 1926. However, even then blacks had to pay higher taxes, of about $5 to live there. Ain’t that something? Do you think more division is on the horizon?





I remember learning from the Israylites that satan created the dinosaurs and that Yah destroyed the dinosaurs. After reading Iyob 41:14, about the monster called Leviathan having “terrible teeth,” this reminded me so much of a dinosaur’s terrible teeth. We know that the devil copies everything that the Most High does but uses it for evil. I wondered if the the devil copied dinosaurs to be like Leviathan and Behemoth? Leviathan and Behemoth were made during Creation way before any dinosaur. And isn’t it something that Leviathan breathes fire…like a dragon.