A Journal of My Walk with Yah through Yahoshua


I was in the bookstore the other day. I did not see any interesting book(s) to buy but I thought these pins were interesting especially the last pin. It says, “I read banned books.” I smiled when I saw it. Click on image to read up close.

I put the ten commandments at my front door next to my peace lily. Love it.


Did y’all see that the U.S. has plans to make an armed department called ‘Space Force’? It will be set up by the year 2020 said the Vice President today.  Something that I have been thinking about for awhile…if Russia could hack into the U.S. election system, if that is true…couldn’t Russia/other countries hack into U.S weapons systems? And shut the weapons system down, not being able to shoot down any incoming missiles? After all, there is a reason why Yah said Mystery Babylon will go down in one hour…

Something else I saw interesting today…not that I follow this person but Alex Jones was kicked off FB, YT and Apple for hate speech.

Just thought y’all would find these stories interesting. Yah bless.


In the Garden: Our New Barn

….well not barn but a shed although, it looks like a barn I joked. I told my mother, “all we need now are some chickens.” She laughed.

I bought this dandelion weeder here leaning against the house from Ace Hardware. This is one of the best $15 I have ever spent. Not only does it weed all kinds of weeds but it gets in the cracks and crevices without me having to put my hand near. I even use it under shrubs and we all know that snakes like to lay up under shrubs. It’s lightweight and easier to handle than a regular garden hoe, in my opinion (click on the image to get a better view). My male kin-folk joked that he will use this to kill a snake. I put this weeder in one area to store and he moved it to where he keeps instruments to kill dangerous critters…

Interesting Article

Did y’all know that Beyonce bought a church last month in New Orleans? Some people think she wants to become a preacher. They have been joking on the internet wondering if she will still sing and dance (and twerk) or will she just twerk for cheese-zues? If you click on the URL at the bottom of the article you will see an instagram photo of people in a California church having Beyonce mass…



Praise Bey! Beyonce Buys Church in New Orleans—and Fans Are Ready for Worship

| May 22, 2018

Fresh off her dominating performance at Coachella, Beyoncé—according to reports or, at least, a trust associated with the megastar—has purchased a 100-year-old church in New Orleans. Located in the Garden District, it’s just a few blocks away from where her sister, Solange, lives.

The church was built in 1900 and was sitting empty after the deaths of many of its worshippers, according to the New Orleans Times–Picayune. The stone building with 7,500 square feet of interior space and 18-foot ceilings was listed for $850,000.

The property was purchased on May 11 by the Noble Jones Trust, which also owns a home on Saint Ann Street, where the sisters, their mother, Tina Knowles, and the rest of the family have been seen during Mardi Gras.

Another home in the Garden District, just five blocks away from the church, is a $2.5 million stunner that has been linked to Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment company.

There’s no telling what Queen Bey has in store for the space. It’s zoned to allow “limited non-residential uses such as places of worship, historic neighborhood commercial establishments, and recreational facilities that are compatible with surrounding residential neighborhoods,” according to the city. This means the church could remain a house of worship, be turned into an epic home, or become a spot for the BeyHive to get in formation.

The “Lemonade” singer is married to JAY Z, and they are parents to Blue Ivy, 6, and 1-year-old twins Rumi and Sir. Beyoncé certainly wouldn’t have any trouble drawing a crowd on Sundays.

Last month, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco held a Beyoncé Mass and packed the house. Perhaps the entertainment powerhouse smells a fresh business opportunity? Or perhaps that’s just the scent of incense burning near the altar.

In the Garden: This Post Is Not For the Fearful: Don’t Scroll Down

Apple trees are planted. I also planted the peach and lemon trees but I did not take a picture because I’m not done with the area yet.

Front garden.

a closer view of the blooms. Oh yeah, the tree leans because a hurricane bent my tree over but it’s still beautiful.

Watermelon jungle.

This water-moccasin was just under the tree in the front yard with the pink blooms that you see above. When I went to water because it has been very dry lately, it moved when the water from the sprinkler hit it. A Hebrew man (relative) killed the snake. In the picture above, the man rolled the snake over for the picture although it looks alive. The man crushed its head.

It seems this snake was terrorizing the neighborhood for a few days. My young neighbor said it was on his front door step the day before and he shewed it away with a broom. He said he had no shovel to kill it and he did not know how to kill the snake. He also said it was in his next door neighbor’s yard. From reading his face, he looked so glad that it was finally dead…Two days later, when I was going to work two buzzards were eating the snake and flew off when I was approaching my car.

I made a post awhile back called ‘interesting movie’. It was about this movie called ‘the conjuring’. A couple of weeks ago, I watched ‘the conjuring part 2’. The most memorable thing about that movie to me was that the mother chained the little girl’s room shut so that she would not sleep walk in there at night (because the portal was opened in her room with an Ouija board). However, the demon(s) would make her sleep walk downstairs then TELEPORT her into the room from the downstairs ceiling into the floor of the room and into the room itself!! At the end, they thought the portal was closed but 40 years later the mother died in the same chair that the previous owner had died in….they noted it at the end…because well…it seemed strange and there is no such thing as coincidence…