The Birthright Part 2 The Mighty Men of Yah

You don’t know your might with Yah. Nothing can stop Yah’s people. They did extraordinary things with Yah. Did you know the movie 300 came from the Bible? That’s your history. When you are in Yah, the world trembles. As long as you are not in Yah the world feels safe. Satan trembles when youContinue reading “The Birthright Part 2 The Mighty Men of Yah”

How to Obtain Perfection

I had already typed this one up for you a few days ago so I’m going ahead and posting it. There was more than one lesson on perfection that’s why I was confused about it when I came to you asking about perfection. But He says what you said about perfection-mercy. ‘Nobody’s perfect’, comes fromContinue reading “How to Obtain Perfection”

Notes from Shabbat

Do we keep atonement? No just be obedient. Yahoshua was our atoning sacrifice. Leviticus 23:31, all these things will be re instituted when Yahoshua returns. All these feasts are suspended because most people aren’t doing the basics of even keeping Shabbat. You can’t eat tuna on feast days. Yah will re institute all feasts afterContinue reading “Notes from Shabbat”