Joshua Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

Yahoshua Chapter 3: Ysrayl Crosses the Yordan River 1 Then Yahoshua rose early in the morning and they set out from Acacia Grove (Hebrew Shittim) and came to the Yordan, he and all the children of Ysrayl and lodged there before they crossed over. 2 So it was, after three days that the officers wentContinue reading “Joshua Chapter 3 and Chapter 4”

Until Shiloh Comes

Recently, I was reading about Shiloh. I have always wondered why Yahoshua is called Shiloh. Yahqob prophesied that Shiloh or Yahoshua would come in Genesis 49:10. The word Shiloh is a prophetic name for the Messiyah. Shiloh is thought to mean ‘peaceful one’ in Hebrew. It is thought to stem from similar words such asContinue reading “Until Shiloh Comes”

Joshua Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

The Book of Joshua is like an epilogue to the Torah. An epilogue is a closing section added to a novel or play providing further comment on what happened at the end or gives a conclusion to what has happened. Hoshea son of Nun, the assistant of Moshe was renamed Yahoshua Ben Nun in NumbersContinue reading “Joshua Chapter 1 and Chapter 2”

Deuteronomy Chapter 33 and Chapter 34

Chapter 33: Moshe Blesses the Tribes of¬† Ysrayl For the Final Time 1 Now this is the blessing with which Moshe the man of Yah blessed the children of Ysrayl before his death. 2 And he said: “Yah came from Sinai and dawned on them from Seir. He shone forth from Mount Paran and HeContinue reading “Deuteronomy Chapter 33 and Chapter 34”

Deuteronomy Chapter 31 and Chapter 32

¬†Chapter 31: Yah will Not Leave nor Forsake the Children of Ysrayl 1 Then Moshe went and spoke these words to all Ysrayl. 2 And he said to them: “I am one hundred and twenty years old today. I can no longer go out and come in. Also Yah has said to me, ‘You shallContinue reading “Deuteronomy Chapter 31 and Chapter 32”