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Praise Yah

No trial has overtaken you except such as is common to man but Yah is faithful who will not allow you to be tested beyond what you are able but with the trial will also make the way of escape that you be able to bear it. 1 Corinthians 10:13 HalleluYah for Yah’s mercy.

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Give Us a King

These are notes I took on a lesson I saw online.

Judges 8:22-23 The Children of Ysrayl wanted a king to rule over them. Gideon refused to be their king saying Yah shall rule over you.

1 Samuel 8:5-7

1 Samuel 12:11-12 and 18-20 The Children of Ysrayl didn’t see Yah fights our battles. They reject Yah still today.

Exodus chapter 32 read. The Children of Ysrayl worshipped the golden calf saying it brought them out of Egypt.

Numbers 16 Talks about the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and them.

1 Samuel 15:23 Rebellion is as witchcraft. Rebelling against Yah is the spirit of satan.

Deuteronomy 17:14-20 Yah knew that one day we would want a king who is a man (v. 14).

1 Kings chapter 11 Division effected the nation of Ysrayl. Division beginning with Solomon’s son. This is the end result of asking Yah for a king to rule over us. Northern 10 tribes and Southern 2 tribes.

Talks about captivities of Ysrayl.

Jeroboam set up 2 golden calves like in the wilderness. He didn’t want the northern kingdom to go back into the southern kingdom. He didn’t want to lose his rulership.

The northern kingdom worshipped those golden calves until they were taken out in 721 BC. It tells you this in 2 Kings 17 because of the sins of Jeroboam we were taken out by the Assyrian king.

Ysrayl wanted a king to be disobedient like the nations so it led to our captivity. To clean this mess up, Yah has to send Yahoshua to show us the true way back to the Father. We are to repent of the sins of our forefathers. Yahoshua is the king we should follow. Yahoshua had a perfect walk. David fell. Solomon fell. Yahoshua is the king we will follow in these last days.

Revelation 3:3 Heard what? The Word of Yah. ‘Hold fast and repent’ so remember how you learned this information. ‘Hold fast’ means don’t waver. Different doctrines come your way…don’t waver. Be prepared when Messiyah comes. How do you prepare? By holding fast. Keeping the information how you received it.

1 Timothy 1:3 Shaul told them to teach no other doctrine.

So you ask why do we go from teaching about the Israelites wanting a king to the wilderness to the new testament talking about no other doctrine? That same spirit for our people to go away from the old covenant can arise again in the assembly that we fell from in the past. People will draw people to do idolatry and using drugs. Those who did drugs were considered witches and sorcerers. The Bible says do not suffer a witch to live. So these spirits will creep up in the assembly with different doctrines and will cause people to fall the same way we fell back in the day. It’s important for us to stay in our same doctrine (truth). Being unified in the belief of Messiyah.  v. 4 Fables and endless genealogies bring forth question that can not be answered. How do you edify? By using the Bible (Yah’s words). Anything else is false.

2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show yourself approved to the Most High not to man. Notice that the Bible compares one who studies the bible to a worker. Why? Because this is work. Talks about tilling the soil in Ecclesiasticus. Example: A plumber knows all about plumbing. When he is called for a job, he will not be ashamed. Why? He has studied to show himself approved. But if a plumber doesn’t study or know his tools he will be ashamed when called to a job. Why? Because he didn’t study to show himself approved. Same with the Bible, if someone calls you to their town to teach a lesson and if you studied to show yourself approve it will show. If you didn’t study to show yourself approved…it’s going to show.  A workman is worthy of his hire. This is what Messiyah said to the apostles. (Luke 10:7 and 1 Timothy 5:18). Why did Yahoshua call the apostles workmen? Because going out and gathering fruit, teaching the word of Yah is a job.

‘Rightly dividing the word of truth’. Does anyone know how to divide the word of truth? Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little. (Yesiyah 28:9-10).

Psalm 119:104 To get understanding you must use the precepts. If you’re not dealing with the precepts then your dealing with a false way of getting understanding.

Now we go back to 2 Timothy to show you an example of a false way.

2 Timothy 2:16 Answer questions according to the word of Yah. Don’t answer a fool according to his folly. Don’t argue. You are only increasing unrighteousness by arguing. The person will not come to Yah and will stay in darkness. 1 Kepha 4:11 says speak in the oracles of Yah when you teach. v. 17 Their words will spread like cancer. What were Hymenaeus and Philetus teaching in the assembly? v. 18 Concerning the truth these brothers strayed (error) saying the resurrection is already past or that Messiyah had already preformed the resurrections. This is to show you that heresy came up in the assembly even in the times of the apostles.

You may ask if division, heresy, different doctrines are going on in your assembly or organization isn’t that a sign of something going wrong? The answer is no. Because it happened to the men who received direct teaching from the Messiyah. They had to deal with the same thing.

The Bible tells you the purpose of heresy. To show them or prove them which are worthy among you, 1 Corinthians 11:19. It said when people get taken away, we know that these things must happen.

2 John 1:9 So you have to believe both the Father and the Son. Some brothers and sisters believe Moses is the only way (Torah only doctrine). Messiyah is the High Priest of the new covenant. Our brothers and sisters reject Messiyah and try to cleave unto Moshe. You can’t  get into the kingdom with just Moshe. The Bible says you must have the Father and the Son. v. 10 We are to be hospitable but if they try to bring another doctrine then you must protect your spirit (or mind and heart). Don’t let them in your house. Don’t say Yah bless them either. Let them be ashamed when they leave. I will show you this in scripture. v. 11 If you say Yah bless them then you are a partaker in their evil deeds. Correct or reprove them. If he goes and shows that same false doctrine to someone else, you are responsible for partaking with that doctrine. Stop them at the door so souls are not taken.

These are the same people (spirits on people) that rebelled against the Most High in the wilderness. These people run lose in the assembly if you let them. Now they are spreading that doctrine around the congregation like telling them it’s okay to get high. They push a false doctrine.

2 Thessalonians 3:14 Take note, mark that man. Don’t hang out with him. That he be ashamed, he may repent because of shame. Don’t count him as an enemy. Correct him as a brother.

Romans 16:17-18 Note them. Avoid them with a contrary doctrine. They don’t serve Yahoshua. They seek to deceive the simple. The simple believes every word, read Proverbs 14:15. So when the heresy comes about instead of correcting according to the Bible, the simple sit there and say oh man that’s deep! Everything the person says, the simple will say oh man that’s deep. So now the person thinks they are spiritual and goes to another spiritual person. So the people who bring false doctrines know exactly who to bring it to. They go to the simple who believe every word. ‘But the prudent man considers his steps’ it says in Proverbs 14:15. So in other words, he will look into it. He will check to make sure it is correct.


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Freeing Yourself from the Babylon Mindset p. b

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms. Tellihim 119.

Psalm 119:97-102, v. 97 So you must mediate on Yah’s Word, Spirit and law all day. But notice that v. 97 first said that I love your law. So you must truly love Yah’s laws in our hearts in order to truly mediate on it night and day. We have to truly love it. If we don’t love the law first and His Word first then it feels like a burden to follow it. Which is something that Shaul was trying to show the brothers during his teachings. We have to love it first.

v. 98 This reinforces the constant ongoing focus on Yah’s law. Because it says that Yah’s commands make him wiser than his enemies. Then it says that they are ever with me meaning always. Because when you love Yah’s law it remains with you. And when it remains with you, you mediate on it all day long because you love it. But you can not attain focus on Yah with a Babylonian mind state not even partially. Even if there is just a trace of Babylon.

v. 99 Here we go again. It says for I mediate on your statues. The ahk David is pounding this point home for a reason. This next scripture tells you to mediate on Yah’s laws.

v. 100-101 David said he had more understanding than the elders because he obeyed Yah’s precepts. Precepts are rules, laws or orders. So far, we see five verses consecutively where Yah’s law is being mentioned. Loving, obeying and mediating on Yah’s Spirit, His Word. Because v. 101 said because I have kept my feet from EVERY evil path so I may obey Your word. So every evil path that ha shatan and Babylon put before him, he’s stayed away from at that time so that he could obey Yah’s word. He needed to avoid Babylon in order to truly obey Yah’s word is what he is saying.

So this verse proves that you must completely avoid the adversaries ways, that mind-set of Babylon in order to completely obey Yah. And when it comes to obeying and honoring the Father, He doesn’t accept anything half way. Those aren’t my words, y’all know all the scriptures about the new man and everything. So you can’t do it halfway.

v. 102 We must not depart from Yah’s laws. But in order to gain more understanding and wisdom we must completely depart from the lawlessness of Babylon. We must no longer drink of her wine. Lust of the flesh, gossip, back-stabbing, plotting, fornication, jealousy, wickedly scheming, that sinful nature.

So in order to break from the Babylon state of mind we must humble ourselves to the Word of Yah. We must have the attitude of a child when we heed Yah’s truth. Because if no, you are going to drag some of that old Babylonian way of thinking into your walk and it will hinder you. How many of you can remember your parents not allowing you to hang around certain people because they were worried about that person influencing your behavior? Humphf, many of us were influenced by the wrong people at some point in our lives. Many times that caused conflict in your household with who? Your parents.

I tell people all the time, if you want to understand Yah a lot more than just think about how good parents deal with their children. Well man is so arrogant he can not think of himself as a child, he thinks he has the most power. This is what Babylon, satan has taught man, that nothing is higher than he. Where do you think human beings learn to be parents? Do you think some human made it up one day? We were born with it. Instincts. This was instilled in us upon our creation. But it is sin that separated us from that complete image of our Father. This is why the deeper the person falls into sin the more you see the person’s life fall apart here on earth before your very eyes.

Remember everything is symbolic for Yah’s orders, spiritually. Man comes from dirt. We were the last thing created. Man comes from dirt. This is why some people say mother earth. Not that it is to be worshipped but man came from the earth. We are trying to work ourselves back to the complete image of Yah in which we were created in, pure righteousness and undying energy. We have to earn that eternal life.

Let’s go to the Book of Yahoshua or Joshua. Yahoshua is the correct Hebrew pronunciation when you hear Yah’s name in it.

Yahoshua 1:7-9, v. 7 This verse instructs us to be strong and very courageous. So if you are being told to be very courageous, we know we have to stay focused on Yah so that He gives us that courage that we will face. Just as He gave David the courage to face Goliath. Can you image the amount of courage it took for David to stand his ground against this giant charging at him? Or how about our great prophet Moshe? This man went back to Egypt to confront pharaoh. This was a place where he was wanted dead at one point. This was a place that he had fled from years before. Not only did he go back but he went back demanding the release of his people. The reason Moshe had that courage to return is because he returned in the name of Yah. This time he returned under Yah’s authority. Yah protected Moshe because he listened and obeyed.

People never feared Ysrayl’s numbers. When we were right with Yah, they feared because they knew Yah was with us. They saw the destruction that came upon those nations that dared to oppose Yah. So we must be very courageous. That courage can only be given to you by Yah’s Set-apart Spirit. And you can only be intoned with Yah’s Set-apart Spirit by focusing on Yah at all times. If you can’t focus on Yah at all times then you can’t focus on your walk back to the Father then a piece of your heart is still with Babylon. All it takes is just a little, just a piece.

(finishes reading v. 7) ‘Don’t turn left or right’. Don’t let this book depart from your mouth. Mediate on it night and day so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Be careful to do everything written in it. So here again are more verses stressing the importance of focusing on Yah at all times. It said do not turn right or left. You look straight ahead, you stay focused on Yah so that His Spirit will be with you everywhere you go. Yah is ever-present anyway but the question is are we humbling ourselves and listening for Yah?

v. 8 Mediate means to contemplate or consider, carefully at length considering. So in other words Yah is telling us to think. He gave us common sense, a lot of people try to ignore it trying to hold on to Babylon. But a lot of people see this truth. Even some people who are still out there in the Christian church that we witness to. They see it. They play dumb. There is always at least one brother or sister in the house that ACTS like he knows his mother was saved (?).  Many of us, when we were lost in these wicked religions of Babylon, we didn’t think for ourselves. We didn’t think about this word. We knew we were supposed to be obedient. But that’s what god gives you, he let’s you do what you want to do. So we go with that, we choose to. So we didn’t want to know the word. We choose to sit there and just flip those pages and take in the madness that we were being taught. I’m not saying all of us but many of us did do that.

So scripture is telling us to think. Take this truth, study history. Learn the facts. Look at what’s going on in the world. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Think and use common sense.

v. 9 In verse 8, it said you will be prosperous. You know these tap dancing, pimping preachers will tell you that this prosperity scripture is speaking of earthly things like financial gain. But we know better than that because Yah says that He judges your spirit. That’s what Yah said, I don’t care what a preacher said, Yah says ‘I judge your spirit (heart)’. As long as your spirit is with Yah, He will take care of His obedient servants. If He takes care of the animals, surely He will take care of His children. As long as we seek Yah first in all that we do. Yah will handle the rest. Neither does prosperous mean material which all these Israelite groups are out here pushing. Some Israelites out there think because he knows some truth and that he has learned a little more and can speak Hebrew that he is some type of almighty king ruler now. The true nation of Ysrayl rules nothing right now because of disobedience. We don’t rule anything. But if you sat here and listen to some of these other groups talk, you would swear that we did. Prosperous doesn’t mean sleeping with woman after woman talking about any woman you have sex with is your wife. Then turn around and talk about those same sisters like dogs in front of the world.

We are talking about spiritually prosperous because everything that happens physically manifests from the spiritual world. Meaning that it happens there first. So only when you humble yourself, be obedient and focus on Yah…only then will you truly be prosperous in the way that Yah means. What could be more prosperous than truly being under the protection of Yah? Truly being loved by the Most High. Truly being blessed with understanding from the Most High. What’s more prosperous than that?

Because that’s what will last not the stuff in the world. I don’t care about something that is going to pass away. In other words like it says don’t store your treasures in this world but in the kingdom. All understanding comes from Yah. You will never understand Yah in the least and you will never fully understand your duty as a servant of Yah if any part of you remains in Babylon. Let’s go to the Book of Mattithyah 18.

Mattithyah 18:3-5, v. 3 We have already been talking about approaching Yah from a child’s prospective, approaching Yah as though we are children because we are in His eyes. Because if not, you will only bicker, argue with what Yah has ordained. Because Babylon has taught us to feel like we know it all, when we truly know nothing.

See, the wicked men that are truly in control, their whole think is to place themselves over Yah. Anybody that is an illuminati or part of these secret societies will tell you this. This is their whole aim, to put man over Yah. Because this is what the spirit that leads them seeks. The spirit of ha shatan, he seeks to have control and have more power than Yah. So man wants to believe that he’s in control of all things. You know somebody snaps and goes off on a sporadic shooting spree somewhere and kills 13 people…you see these serial killers but man will tell you that they have some type of mental disorder and that they have a medication that can help them. If you are Hebrew then you will be put under the prison.

But they will tell you that these people, oh he just needs some help. He needs to be studied. See, man wants to be able to explain everything in his own words with his own reasoning. For these wicked men to admit that this is all spiritual and that all true understanding comes from a higher power than them, they would also be admitting that they are not in ultimate control. It’s impossible for a physically and spiritually arrogant man to accept that fact. Because the spirit that leads him will not accept that fact that Yah is in total control.

This is why we must humble ourselves. This is why Yah is telling us…if we don’t become like children, we will not enter the kingdom. Any true father and mother should understand that. Especially fathers since we are supposed to be the spiritual leaders. If you are taking care of your family, providing for them and being the spiritual leader that you are supposed to be then the last thing you need is for one of your children who can’t take care of themselves arguing with you everything you say and trying to call the shots about what you say to do. Yah will not tolerate that from us on any level. Which is why we must start fresh and clean and forgetting the ways of Babylon. Learn to respect what our Father says.

v. 4 So we have to humble ourselves and trust in our Father’s word because He’s the only one that knows all. Scripture tells us that Yahoshua our Messiyah doesn’t even know when the day of Yah will be. Which is just more proof that, that putrid Babylonian doctrine of the trinity is just more hot garbage. Only Yah knows all so we must trust in Yah. Yahoshua was granted power from the Father because He fulfilled His mission. He is the ultimate sacrifice. He is ruling with Yah, under Yah’s authority. It’s because He humbled Himself as a child.

You must trust in Yah just as kids trust in their parents. Faithful kids I mean. How many of you recall your mother or father trying to teach you how to do something or try to get you to do something that you felt unsure about in the beginning but they always ended up telling you exactly the right thing. Because they understood much more than you did. this is the approach you must have with Yah the Most High at all times.

v. 5 So just as we talked about prior to these verses about Moshe and Dawid having courage. This was because they humbled themselves as children in the sight of Yah. And whoever welcomes Yah’s child, welcomes Yah. Because a child of Yah comes in Yah’s name with Yah’s authority. So naturally those that reject Yah’s children also reject Yah.

Just like if I were to send my son to a neighbor’s house with a message and when he delivers the message to them they mock or ridicule him and through it back in his face. As a father, I will feel like they are doing that to me. Because even though my son delivered the message, the message was sent by me. My son went in my authority. We have to look at this as a father son relationship or parents and children. Do you think I would sit back and shoot the breeze with these people after they have done such a thing in rejecting my son?

Of course not. This is the same manner in which Yah deals with us as his children in this walk. We have to be focused on Yah to receive the messages that He is giving us, the understanding that we are being blessed with. But we have to completely come out of Babylon.

See, the reason we call it the Babylonian mindset is because Babylon is the model for all these wicked rulerships. These things you see today, pagan festivals or holidays, pagan religions, names of blasphemy, all these things can be traced back to pagan acts in Babylon. The worship of Nimrod. Every wicked rulership that came into existence after Babylon resembled Babylon. They just took the same meaningless customs that took place in Babylon and just applied them to a different go or deity. All of the wicked rulerships…Egypt, Rome, Medes-Persia and so on, they all took practices of Babylon and applied them to their gods. It’s the same thing. The same spirit.

It’s always a much deeper level of understanding when Yah shows us what’s going on spiritually. All these nations keeping the ways of Babylon alive through the ages is a result of a deeper spiritual matters. See, it’s the spirit behind Babylon that has to be understood in order to break free of that Babylonian mind state. So we must come out of Babylon spiritually and then the flesh will follow. If you try to do it the other way around and you will only deceive yourself. Meaning we can only come out of Babylon spiritually through the guidance of Yah’s Set-apart Spirit. The only way we will be truly guided by Yah’s Spirit is to come to Him as a child and doing exactly as we are told to do. It doesn’t matter how old you are when we deal with the Father. We must be obedient to Him like we would be here to our parents on earth.

We can’t come into this thing making up our own rules. We can’t do that with our parents here on earth so what makes you think you can do it with Yah who created our parents? You just can’t decide yourself what we will keep and throw out of Yah’s Word saying oh we will do this but not that. Or I’m not sure about that, I can’t get my mind around that one. Well you better if you are serious about this (walk). This is why we must focus on Yah daily, every single moment.

I know it may be hard sometimes for us all but it’s for our own good brothers and sisters. Our Father will tell us no wrong. Let’s go to the Book of Yeremiyah chapter 50.

Yeremiyah 50:23-27, v. 23-24 So Babylon will get hers because she opposes (contends against) Yah. So we can’t do this thing halfway. This is what Yah means by being lukewarm because even if there is a small trace of Babylon, it’s still there in you. Guess what? Then a small part of you still opposes Yah. No matter what you want to change it’s in your mind, to make yourself believe you are doing the right thing. But if a small part of you is still in Babylon then a small part of you opposes Yah. Because Babylon opposes Yah in ALL of her ways. If any of those are still inside you, you will still be in opposition to Yah in some way. There’s nothing in Babylon’s character that is seen as righteous in the sight of Yah. Not one thing.

v. 25 It said Yah has opened up his armory and has brought out the weapons of His wrath because He has work to do in Babylon. That’s a serious threat right there! It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s a serious warning. Now if someone tells you that they are bringing out weapons because they have work to do, what do you think that work is? We must drive this point home of Babylon’s fate because many of our brothers and sisters have not come out of her spiritually. I don’t mean just in this room, I mean across the world. Even some that know the truth still believe that they can incorporate old Babylonian ways in this walk. But as I stated earlier, if part of you still remains in Babylon then spiritually part of you is still opposed to Yah.

If not then why does Yah say that whoever is in Babylon spiritually will receive (her plagues) or whatever she receives? Which is why it’s important to understand that even having remnants of Babylon inside of you is dangerous when we come into this walk. Remember Yah sees us a children and the more a child learns the more responsibility that child receives. The more a child understands, the more that is expected of him or her from the parents. So it’s the exact same principle when we are dealing with the Father. Even a remnant of Babylon is dangerous.

v. 26 It says completely destroy her and leave her no remnant. So v. 26 confirms two things for us: One it confirms why Yah is bringing out His weapons of wrath against Babylon as we just read in the previous verse. It’s telling you why right here. (It’s to) destroy here completely. All He has to do is speak it. Remember this is the Most Powerful. This is the weapon…His words. He speaks it and it gets done.

It also says to leave her no remnant. So you know what that means. Anything or anyone that are of Babylon in any way will be destroyed. It says remnant. It did not say to leave a lot. There will be no remnant (of Babylon) not even a trace of her. Yah will completely destroy Babylon and leave no remnant.

Now if Yah says He will leave her no remnant, do you think He will spare people who are spiritually of Babylon?

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Freeing Yourself from the Babylon Mindset p. a

Before we start, I just want to say todah Yah for this weekly Shabbat gathering, it’s always a blessing to be here with family and I look forward to it each and every week. We have people here that are truly seeking Yah, we are growing and working together and getting better. It’s a beautiful thing.

…It’s all about Yah’s work and will. I see the work being done and the dedication. I say halleluYah for allowing me the pleasure of contributing and allowing me to be a partner with the most precious thing in our existence, spreading and living Yah’s truth.

So with that we will be talking about breaking the Babylonian mindset. Because once we come into this walk, we have to be 100% focused on Yah and Yah’s will. Abomination and blasphemous ways of thinking that we are conditioned with in Babylon will only hinder our walks. Even if they seem small. Remember satan only needs a small opening or break in your armor. You have people who say Yah and Yahoshua but it’s clear that through their actions that they are still caught up in certain ways of Babylon and in certain ways that Babylon has taught them to think. This is important because Babylon will feel the full wrath of Yah in her destruction. And anyone that is still in Babylon spiritually and mentally will suffer with Babylon.

Why do you think that our true family will be those that are serving Yah? See Babylon has influenced the entire world with her wine. This is why we are told not to love the world or the things in it because right now this world is under the control of the adversary. This is where the wicked prosper in all that they do. So we must not fall into that Babylon way of thinking.

As Obadiyah said once before, we have to kill that old person inside of us. So we will start the lesson in 1 Yahcanan or 1 John chapter 2. Many of you should be familiar with this.

1 John 2:15-17, v. 15 It says do not love the world or anything in it. It says if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him. I love to fellowship on the Shabbat with my brothers and sisters. I love when we hold lectures and we see Hebrews come into the truth and interact with one another as a family. So does Yah mean this when He says do not love the world or anything in it?

Of course not because anything that keeps your heart and walk set on honoring Yah is not of this world. Because Yah is not of this world. Because this is satan’s parallel. So when you are honoring Yah as an obedient servant, you are not of this world. This is the adversary’s parallel world right now because man give it to him in the garden of Eden. We were given dominion over the earth as long as we obey Yah’s voice. As long as we harken to our Father’s command. We will read a little later for conformation that this world is under the control of the adversary.

Remember, even though satan is in control of this world, it is Yah that is allowing it. Because Yah is allowing man to sleep in a bed that he has made for himself in order for man to see the error in his ways and turn back to the Father.

The next verse proves that this is talking about satan’s parallel world. v. 16 It says for everything in the world does not come from Yah. The cravings of flesh, the lust of the eyes and pride of life. We know that those types of things do not come from Yah. It comes from the world. People may be thinking, well didn’t Yah create the world? Isn’t He in control of all things? How can this be satan’s world? The answer is simple. Just as we spoke about in past lessons and just as elder AsaYah texted up there. Yah has always given us the freedom to make choices. He’s not going to control our free will because that wouldn’t be fair. So He gives you the freedom to make a choice.

Man choose to disobey the Father. He gave all of the dominion over to the adversary. This world is run by men with wicked hearts that serve the adversary. So the adversary has wicked spiritual desires as we talk about all the time. It manifests physically through these wicked men. So this is what it means by things of this world. Satan’s parallel world is a result of our disobedience. Yah has allowed us to be fed these strong delusions. But when you turn back to Yah and learn the true essence of His spirit, He blesses you with eyes to see and you see this world for what it truly is.

If y’all are familiar with the movie ‘The Matrix’, this is what Morpheus meant in the Matrix when he was explaining the Matrix to Neo. Remember he showed a picture of the world looking all nice and pretty and he told Neo this is the world as you know it. Then he showed him the other picture of the world being rotten, dirty and down-trodden. He said this is what it really looks like. The only ones that can see that world and system for what it is and what is truly is (about) are those that are unplugged from it. Those that have broken the mindset of Babylon.

Now I’m not saying that we can’t have things or anything like that. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t step off the path that Yah has laid for you as His servant. We all have a job to do. This is why most of these rappers, actors and sports stars and folks out here don’t impress me a bit. I could care less about how much time they spend on a movie set or in the studio or how much work they have done or how many show they have done or how many movies they have done. Because when it’s all said and done, if that work isn’t for the Most High or something that will lead people to Yah then that work profits nothing. Because it’s not for Yah. What does it mean after that?

Remember Yah says in the day of Yah everything and everybody high will be brought down very low. Do you think that means a humble servant of Yah that has a high level of righteousness? No it does not mean that because that doesn’t make any sense. Remember, Yah is talking about satan’s parallel world. Anything or anybody who is held in high esteem in satan’s parallel world within satan’s order and that is apart of satan’s world spiritually will be brought very low.

So when Yah begins to pour His judgment upon this world. These people will be looking for Israylites to find out what’s going on because they will not have a clue. When it comes to that point everything they accomplished in that parallel world will  mean nothing because they all still have the mindset of Babylon. Anyone who has the ways of Babylon in their hearts and minds will receive the same fate as Babylon. In fact, this is proven in v. 17 where we are reading.

v. 17 ‘It says the world and its desires pass away’. Once again, we know this is not talking about a world that is completely serving Yah because Yah is eternal. Yah doesn’t pass away. We know that the earth will be here because it was given to man. This is why Yah says He will dwell with us again. He will set the kingdom up and we will walk with our Father again as we did in Eden. He will re-establish His kingdom here on earth. So any man who does Yah’s will and loves Yah’s will, will share in that gift of eternal life. Yah can not allow wickedness to continue forever. This is why He said if he didn’t do something about it there would be no flesh left to be spared.

But at the same time Yah has given man time to repent and time to turn from his ways. He has given everyone time to turn from his sins. Yah has given His chosen people time to learn who they are and humble themselves and do the job that they were blessed with and chosen for. Because this entire world is drunk off of the wine of Babylon. Babylon will again be judged so anyone who is completely wanting to serve Yah must completely discard the ways of Babylon from their minds and hearts. Bloodline or not, it’s all about your heart. Yah judges the heart. Babylon can not lead you to Yah’s Spirit. Any remnant of Babylon in your walk is all satan needs to keep you in his clutches.

Which is why we must be humble. There are certain things that come along with this walk at least if you want Yah to take you seriously. There are things we have to give up. Giving up holidays. Giving up fellowship with worshippers of idols. Changing our eating habits. Parting ways with certain people.

We have to come to Yah as a child and allow Him to cleanse our minds of Babylon. We can’t use understanding or lack there of that Babylon has given us during our walk to learn the ways of Yah. It will only hinder you. I don’t care how small it may seem to you. Do you know why? Because this is a spiritual battle. Spirits are real and they only need one hole in your armor. Satan doesn’t need much to work with . So no matter how small something seems, you better pray to Yah and do battle with that spirit. Don’t give in to the way you use to think in Babylon. A lot of these things and Yah’s words seem crazy to many of us when we were lost.

We are no longer lost, that’s why Yah expects us to be all the way in or all the way out. Let’s go to the Book of Hosea chapter 9. Because it is important to break that Babylonian mind state completely. If there is a trace or remnant of it, it will hinder your walk, even if you know the truth. If you are holding on to any way of Babylon it can be dangerous, even for those of us in the truth.

Hosea 9:7-8, v. 7 They say prophets are fools and spiritual men are crazy. I don’t call or see myself as a prophet but I will say that I am inspired by Yah. As are many brothers and sisters in this room. It says those with sinful hearts call inspired men fools and think they are crazy. Sinful hearts and we know that sin is not of Yah. So this means that those who are inspired by Yah and His law…His Spirit, His Word this is what it is talking about. Because the Torah is the foundation of everything we read in the Word and everything we live. How many of you have been called crazy since coming into this truth? How many of you have been accused of being in some type of satanic cult? It’s because of this truth. How many of you get stared at like an alien by Jew and Arabs when they notice your tassels hanging?

But this can affect the assembly as well if people come into the walk holding on to that Babylon mindset. It can effect the assembly as well. This is proven in verse 8.

v. 8 The prophet faces hostility EVEN in the house of Yah. This is proof that there will be people with the Babylon mindset in Yah’s House.

There are misunderstanding between brothers and sisters at times. You may butt heads from time to time with your brothers and sisters. There may be times when a brother may have to correct his brother in a stern or firm manner because these types of things happen in a family. But as true servants of Yah facing hostility or ill-will in the House of Yah or within the congregation then something is wrong. Understand what I’m saying. I don’t mean people who just enter the assembly and say Yah and Yahoshua when I say true servant. When I say true servant, I mean those who walk showing they are a true servant of yah, their fruits (or works). Brothers and sisters whose works show that they are serving Yah. They shouldn’t be faced with ill-will in the House of Yah. They should not have to be weary of traps from their very own brothers and sisters.

Many times that happens because someone has not completely broken a Babylon mindset. If you have a problem with your brother, then you go to your brother. We can’t handle things the way the churches of Babylon do. Yah gave us the whole layout of how to deal with these things. All the gossiping and back-biting…just go to your brother or sister. See, there are some people who play the role like they are serving Yah but show ill-will or spiteful behavior towards someone who is supposed to be their brother or sister because they have some personal issue with that brother or sister. But they never go to that brother or sister personally and let them know what it is. Again, I do not mean getting on your brother or sister when they need to be checked because we have to set them straight sometimes. Sometimes we need to be chewed out by our brothers or sisters. I’m talking about straight up spiteful, deceitful, Babylon type behavior.

Let’s face it, this is family and sometimes family members need tough love sometimes. They need to be awakened from that sleep. You need some constructive criticism. So I’m not referring to the misunderstanding between brothers and sisters or a brother being firm with his brother out of love. I mean people who truly have hateful hearts towards their brother or sister or a true servant of Yah. It said (in v. 8) that traps are laid for prophets. Do you know that you can have a brother that has dedicated his life to Yah, given himself up for Yah and he will have people who smile in his face, fellowshipping with him on Shabbat and the whole time they are just trying to get close to him to set a trap for him to tear him down. Many of us will probably go through that.

This is people with familiar spirits that will be cut off from the people. Anyone who can’t completely let go of that Babylonian mindset are easy pray for the adversary and those familiar spirits. Again, even if it’s just a trace of the Babylonian mindset, remember satan doesn’t need much to work with. We have to come out of that mindset because it is dangerous. Let’s go to the Book of Revelation chapter 18.

Revelation 18:3-6, v. 3 ‘For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication’. We have to look closely at this. Sometimes we read a sentence and just go through the words but you must break it down because there is a lot of deep things there. Every nation has drunk the wine of Babylon in other words, the entire world is wicked right now. Because how does Yah separate groups of people physically? By their nationality and it says all nations have drunk of her wine. This includes Ysrayl. Because it refers to her wrath as wine. And what is Babylon’s wrath? What is this wine that she has poured unto the entire world? It’s what we just read earlier. Sinful nature, lust of the flesh, prideful (arrogant) things like that.

‘And the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, merchants of the earth become rich through the abundance of her luxury’. Here we are being told that our world leaders are also committing these wicked acts with Babylon. Because it says the kings of the earth. It did not say a particular region, it said the kings of the earth. The king or ruler is one in a high position, a position of authority. We still have rulers today. Remember it said the merchants become rich off of the abundance of her luxuries. We started this lesson off in 1 John where it talks about not loving the world or the things in it. We also saw in John what those things are.

So the whore offers wicked men everything they seek  here on earth. And she seeks to corrupt the righteous into wicked ways as well.

v. 4 Notice the order in which this plea was given. It said come out of her first, in other words we must avoid and come out of Babylon spiritually in order to avoid her mentally because if you go into Babylon spiritually you will become like Babylon. Those that are with Babylon will be punished with Babylon. Remember everything on the physical level is symbolic of the spiritual. It’s taking place spiritually first. So people who go around fornicating on the flesh, you see kids 11, 12 years old on TV already involved with numerous sexual partners. All types of STDs running rampant. The definition of plague is affliction, wide-spread destruction or some form of calamity. We see people dying all the time from diseases. Suffering from a STD is a result of physical fornication. Sharing in plagues or receiving plagues, it’s the same spiritually. If you fornicate with Babylon spiritually, you will receive her plagues.

Remember v. 3 told us that the kings of the earth are committing fornication with the great whore as well. Therefore in the day of Yah, they will receive her plagues, the kings of the earth. This is why the voice from heaven will say come out of her my people so you do not partake in her sins. Because the result of that is that you will receive her plagues. The great whore’s plagues will be covered in the verses we go over later in this lesson.

So we must come out of here spiritually. Look at all the curses upon Ysrayl today. Look at the numbers and percentages within the Hebrew community that die and suffer from these diseases. Even if AIDS is not sexually transmitted the principle still stands. The reason these things afflict us the most is because spiritually we fornicated with Babylon. The curses are in place because Ysrayl committed fornication with Babylon. This is a result of our spiritual fornication. Serving all the gods and lusting after the ways of the wicked. Being envious of the prosperity of the wicked. We have to completely break that Babylonian mindset. We can only do that by truly humbling ourselves to the word of Yah completely.

If you have a problem with something Yah says you better check yourself. You need to leave Babylon ways behind and come to Yah as a child and follow His set-apart Spirit because no matter how much that Babylonian mindset makes us feel like we have it all figured out, Yah still sees us as children. No matter how much we think we know. The only question is are we being obedient or disobedient children?

So if you have a problem with thus saith Yah…check yourself or be checked.

v. 5-6 So everything that Babylon has done, all the sin that Babylon has done, Yah is going to pour His wrath on Babylon double that. Think about the sin that goes on and has been going on in Babylon. Think about the amount of sin and wickedness that has turned this world into a spiritual cesspool. Think about it.

Yah’s wrath and judgment will be double that. Anyone that is part of Babylon spiritually in that day will receive that very same fate or plagues. Everything that Babylon gets…you get. Which is why we need the guidance of Yah’s set-apart Spirit at all times. Since this is a spiritual war we will battle demons and demons are spirits and only Yah’s set-apart Spirit can remove them from our midst. Therefore we need Yah’s spirit with us at all times. This is why we must pray diligently and mediate on Yah’s word nigh and day so that we can break free from those spiritual chains of Babylon and avoid her plagues. We have to mediate on this night and day. EVERYDAY. All day. I mean seriously not just to say that we pray. But we must truly clear our hearts and minds and listen to what Yah is instructing to us.

This is a spiritual war. That’s what it is. You have to look at it as a real war. We say all the time you will not (?) on a battlefield and throw your weapon down and walk around like you saw a (?). You would sleep light (in war). So this is a spiritual war.

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Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist? p. 2

Title: Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist part 2: The Fall of Lucifer the Messianic High Priest of Heaven

There are so many messiahs…Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Ben Ammi, Muhammad and a new one named Yahweh Ben Yahweh-Ben Yahweh. Christians believe in pre-existence and that even goes along with the life after death doctrine.

Yahoshua is the Messianic High Priest in heaven right now. Mormons teach that Jesus and satan were brothers in heaven. A very hellious  (sp?) doctrine! TEXT: Sounds like Horus and Set.

Hebrews 4:14 Yahoshua the son of Yah is our High Priest .

Hebrews 3:1 So Yahoshua is the Messiyah and Messianic High Priest of heaven. But prior to that where was Yahoshua when satan was still in the heavens. Yahoshua sits on the right of Yah today.

John 14:6 Yahoshua covers the throne of Yah today. Where was He prior? Who covered before Yahoshua’s earthy walk?

Let’s look at satan’s fall. When satan fell it sent heaven and earth into chaos that we still see today. He was second in command, a messianic high priest. Yahoshua showed us how to walk but He did not pre-exist. He always existed in the plan of salvation though. Yahoshua is not Jesus. Jesus helped Jehovah create, a Christian doctrine. Yahoshua was not there at creation.

Hebrews 4:15 Yahoshua’s walk is the example to follow. Our reward will be eternal life-like Yahoshua. Angels can’t sympathize with our weaknesses. We are tested like Yahoshua because He was a man like us. Humans don’t pre-exist. Yah sends our breath down to our body then we live. Satan tempted Yahoshua but He did not give in to the devil. Yahoshua had the perfect walk. TEXT: experience.

Yes, experience is what makes Him be able to sympathize with us. Yahoshua lived with (among) us. Yah said He could not stay with the Children of Ysrayl to Moses in our sinning state. So Yahoshua is not Yah. When we get our spiritual bodies, we will be able to relate to the malakim.

Yahoshua is the only Messianic High Priest. Yah has high esteem for this generation of Israylites because you live the kingdom life now. You prove to Yah you are capable. The next world will be 100% Yah, no choice. They can’t survive our world but we navigate their world. You read the Word and believe. They turned their backs on Yah back in the day. We read and believe in Yahoshua Ben Yah. Your faith is greater than your ancestors. Yahoshua knows what you go through. He went through the same thing. He knows who seeks Yah and who does not. You can’t get to Yah without going through Yahoshua.

Yahzeqyl 28:1-16, v. 1-2 Yah starts talking to the prince with an arrogant heart like satan. v. 3-4 This prince thinks he is wise with his bling-bling. This is how the young, rich and famous act. Preachers, rappers, actors all think themselves gods. v. 5 ‘Your trade’ means like being a recording artist or rapper these are ‘skills’ that you make yourself rich with. Like Jay Z calls himself Jehovah or hovah now. v. 6-11 Read. v. 12 Now He is  talking to the king. v. 13 You were in Eden…satan. This is the spirit behind the king, satan. Eden at this time was in heaven, the earthly paradise he had was fallen already. v. 14-15 Read. v. 16 Read. Christians say this was satan the chief of music in heaven from the KJV because of verse 13 saying ‘timbels and pipes’. Satan was not a musician. This means satan had music playing for him. Just like the shofars will blow for Yahoshua it says in Revelation. Music announced the priest and the angels bowed down to him. The president also has music that plays for them.

Daniyah 3:1-5 Do you see? Music is played then they bow down to the image. Satan was important in heaven. Lucifer=light bearer or truth bringer. He was supposed to give man the truth.

Flesh and blood can not enter the kingdom. Yahoshua has a spiritual form now. Let’ go back to Yahzeqyl 28.

Yahzeqyl 28:14 Anointed cherubim…set apart mountain is spiritual and physical. Satan was on the set-apart mountain in verse 14. In scripture mountains are synonymous with governments.  When Yahoshua says we shall move mountains, Yah says we will break mountains or governments. This is physical and spiritual. The set-apart mountain is where Yah’s throne is…the highest mountain. Pagan temples were put on high mountains to be close to the heavens. This knowledge was given to them by satan.

Satan covered Yah’s throne. Satan was messiyah. He was anointed by Yah. A cherubim angel like on the ark of the covenant.

Exodus 25:18-22 This is Yah telling what the ark was to look like. Noah’s boat was called an ark too. Noah’s ark was a wooden box like the ark of the covenant. It was not a ship. The ark of the covenant is a box made of wood too. Cube shaped. Cubic measure. Simple.

So the cherubim faced each other towards the lid of atonement. This is like Yah’s throne room. Yah descends down from the throne room upon this mercy-seat. TEXT: just like home.

Yahzeqyl 28:13 Satan was one of the cherubim angels. There is an cherubim angel guarding the tree of life that may be the other cherubim angel that was once in heaven. Satan was created to be perfect and beautiful. They worship him still because he is still beautiful. Satan knows we are physical so he shows himself to us. Satan is a show off. He will make the sun dance in the sky. These stones in this verse are his breast-plate. TEXT: same as Levi.

As above, so below (or as in heaven so earth from our Father prayer) TEXT: ha shatan uses this same saying in the esoteric.

Exodus 28:15-23 These are the same stones satan had. Yah would light the stone for yes and it would stay dim for no.

Satan was the messianic high priest before creation of man. You can’t explain where Yahoshua was. Today He is at the right hand of Yah as our intercessor, atoning offering and high priest after His walk. Yah said there were no gods with Me during creation. He spoke wisdom into existence first. Yahoshua is not an angel. He did not pre-exist.

Let’s understand satan’s fall. Let’s go to Isaiah 14. Yah is called Yah of hosts which means He is the head of the heavenly hosts. He is the Power above all.

Men were intercessors. Yah sent angels to men. If Yahoshua pre-existed you have to make Him Yah which is blasphemous. Have you ever tried to give the Word of Yah to a person not hearing? Yahoshua spoke on the Spiritual. He spoke on future matters. When Yahoshua speaks, He is speaking of Yah. Like we speak of the slaves as ‘us’.

John 3:13 What came down from heaven? The Word came down from heaven. ‘He’ is the word, it is masculine like Yah. He’s speaking future tense here. We tell you prophesy. Yah tells His servants. Yahoshua knew He was going to heaven. Yah revealed to their mother’s Ribqayah and Miriam. Miriam knew this was Messiyah. She taught Him. Ribqayah knew Jacob would rule the older brother. Women are the teachers. The first connection is with the mother. Yahoshua knew He would be executed and ascend. Many mothers did not raise us in the truth but raised us in righteousness…no lying, stealing etc. You will always be connected to your mother. Your DNA will always be in her womb. Miriam was righteous and knew scriptures. She was looking for Yahoshua one day. He said who is my mother? He was not being disrespectful. Yahoshua did not try to explain the spiritual to them. If their minds are on the spiritual they will understand. Nicodemus did not understand. TEXT: sow and bounce.

Yahoshua was talking about the resurrections…born again. TEXT: Be like the wind.

John 3:1-13, v. 1-2 They text and email us=by night they come to you on the sly. We know you are sent from Yah, Nicodemus said. Why didn’t he follow Yahoshua and leave the Pharisees?  TEXT: double-minded ‘brews. v. 3-4 Read. v. 5 Water=immersing, Spirit=Truth. v. 9-10 How are you teaching Ysrayl yet you teach a pre-existing messiyah? v. 11 We teach and witness the Power of Yah. You don’t receive it. We tell you Yahoshua did not pre-exist; you don’t receive it. v. 12 You don’t keep Shabbat. You eat pork so how will you believe spiritual matters like His return? v. 13 This is spiritual understanding. Yah’s Word came down.

Isaiah 14:12 Satan’s fall. Yah speaks to satan here through a man, this king. How could you fall satan?! An amazing event that happened here. Son of the morning…

Revelation 22:16 Yahoshua is now the bright morning star, the illuminated one. Satan use to be the bright morning star, the light bearer, like the sun.

Satan has a lot of names (like a criminal).

Isaiah 14:13 Satan still has a throne or rulership over the fallen angels. North=satan entered earth via the northern lights. Northwest is Kanye’s baby name.

Had satan not fallen we would be still in the garden. He took angels with him and put heaven in chaos. He caused man to fall, now earth is in chaos. Yahoshua has come to make it right. Like changing CEOs in a company. Yahoshua is the new CEO. Yahoshua had to clean up satan’s mess.

1 John 3:8 Yahoshua was made to destroy satan’s works. Satan used man to come against Yah. So Yah used man to destroy satan. Satan wouldn’t bow to man. Yah will bring your sin back to your face!! Yah replaced satan with a man. JUSTICE. That’s how Yah works. v. 8 ‘the one doing sin is of the devil’. Sin=transgression of the law. There are 2 billion Christians that teach transgressing Yah’s law. There are 1 billion Muslims that teach against Yah. Both religions are of the devil…satanic. Judaism too. The devil is a sinner (willful sinner) lies are a sin. By the time we were created where was Yahoshua to stop satan in the garden of Eden? Where was the light bearer? It was empty, the seat. Yah had to send righteous malakim until Yahoshua. He used Raphayah, Uriyah, Gabriyah, Michayah and others (Remiyah, Raguyah, Zerachiyah). TEXT: Some Israelites teach they both were in the garden.

Yahoshua knows how to talk to us. He was one of us. Just like in the ‘hood anywhere you go. You understand their speech in the ‘hood. Yahoshua is the only one that will break the seals. He endured. Yah trusts Yahoshua to make righteous judgment. Yah sealed it before creation. He knew satan would fall.

Hebrews 1-9, v. 1-2 Yahoshua is the representation of Yah. Yah made everything with His Word in the beginning. v. 3 He sat down or became. v. 4 Yahoshua is CEO or Messianic High Priest or has a better title or name than the angels. There is only one CEO of any given company. v. 5 Yahoshua is His protégé, a representative of Me, Yah. v. 6-7 Angels had to bow to Adam. Yahoshua is the new Adam with eternal life. Now they must bow to Him. The malakim said don’t bow to me, I’m your brother. v. 8-9 ‘More than your companions’ more than Abraham, David more than satan. Yahoshua had a greater walk. Satan an angel, Adam a man, Ysrayl a nation rebelled against Yah. Yah did different with Yahoshua. Yahoshua was born of a women without aid of a man.

Satan cannot come back to heaven. There is no forgiveness for him because he understood the laws. There is no room for satan in heaven because his job has been filled! Don’t try to re-apply for the job satan. You are fired.

Revelation 12:8 No place found in heaven for him. TEXT: willful sinners get no repentance.

All those angels that left with him have been replaced too. Yahoshua will not sin against Yah like you will not when you get into the kingdom. Yahoshua became the Messianic High Priest. He did not Pre-exist. Doesn’t it make sense? Christianity doesn’t make sense.

End of lesson.

Lee Thompson, the Jett Jackson Show…they sacrificed him. 29=2+9=11.

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The News You Can Use

News you can use: Yahoshua said these things will happen with speed. Did y’all see that beautiful moon last night? It was close to the earth and looked like a lamp. Watch the heavens. Don’t let Kim K. distract you with her baby. Servants of Yah are the smartest; Servants of satan are stupid. They have no understanding.

There is a video out there of a comet crashing into the sun. Powerful. It’s a NASA video. You see the explosion on the sun. The malakim are at war on the physical and spiritual. They had micro bursts in Denver.

Until 2019 many things will take place. The man of sin is about to send troops to Syria.

talks about fire-nadoes, a fire that acts like a tornado out west. A comet smashed into the moon last month. Debris is still in the atmosphere. TEXT: war in heaven.

There was a war when satan fell and it destroyed planetary systems then war with satan on our planetary system destroyed planets and that is where comets come from.

Sink holes are opening up everywhere.

Revelation 12:7 Michayah is a warrior, general angel. You only want to see him if he’s fighting for you. He is furious, terrifying to see. v. 8 Satan will lose his final attempt for the throne of Yah. Michayah and angels will kick satan’s behind. v. 9 Satan will be cast to the earth. TEXT: Woe to the earth.

Why not send him to Jupiter? Why send him to earth? v. 10-12  Read. TEXT: Yah kingdom is here

By the end of this war all the planets may be gone, y’all. The Children of Ysrayl are still on earth and Yah protects us. They are tearing the sun up. There is a black hole on the sun from an explosion right now. Mars’ atmosphere, they destroyed it. It looked like earth once. Jupiter is a gas ball. TEXT: like a riot in the streets tearing it up after the game!

There was a tornado on the sun last year.Tornadoes need air yet you say no air is out there.

Revelation 9:1-3 There are creatures under the earth. v. 11 They are ruled by Apollo. they have a society under the earth. Sink holes open up…angels are under the earth and in the planetary system. These are warrior angels that will come up out of the earth. There is an army of angels living under there. They are already tearing up stuff…gears of war fans. Creatures came up in the game from the earth with a queen over them. These real creatures have a king over them. Journey to the center of the earth…middle earth or lords of the rings, they are looking for them saying they are looking for oil. Yah said they would never be able to search it out. In the Matrix there was Zion City in the middle of the earth…Tartarus.

In Louisiana there was a 750 ft. deep sink hole  that opened up. They say natural gas is coming up out of the lake or hole. The sink hole is 24 acres. There is a war under the earth and on top of the earth and the planetary system. War first then satan will get kicked to the earth. The man of sin will stand up then there will be war on the Children of Ysrayl. We are not far from persecution. Article given to me: In 1985 the Chicago Hebrew Israelites were set up by the FBI. Informants were in the group. They were arrested and are probably still in prison today. They are watching us. We know persecution must come to pass.

Yahoshua is not Jesus. Yahoshua is not tan with a perm. Yahoshua did not pre-exist. We will not debate you. I saw your video ahk. You can’t answer our questions. Where was He if He pre-existed? Crickets.

Michael Scofield, a light-skinned ‘brew…….and GAY! He played in prison break. This was upsetting news.

Pope Benedict: God told him to resign he says. Their god is satan. Satan told him to step down or die. It’s no coincidence that he is the first pope to step down in 600 years and this is the first non-European pope in 1300 years. Check those numbers…600 and 1300.

Romans, Greeks, Vatican practice pedophilia. Satan told him to step down not because of pedophilia. Satan still appears to them in a beautiful form as a beautiful light. Satan appears in angelic form showing off to them. The new pope said Muslims are his brothers. The false prophet will lead the world to worship the man of sin. The false pro[het will unite the world religions to worship the man of sin the head god.

The man of sin in the white house calls gays…brothers and sisters. The pope calls Muslims…brothers. The same language they have. The gathering of the wicked is gathering right now.  ‘Peace keepers’ are being sent to Syria. Did y’all know Yahoshua healed in Syria? He walked there. Iraq is our land too. Egypt is our land. Syria is our land. Hitler went looking for pagan relics. Iraq is where Nimrod lived. Alexander died there. No one knows where Alexander’s tomb is unless they found it. They are looking for ‘the Power’ or anything of the Children of Ysrayl or Yahoshua.

They are looking for The Power that you were born with. We have power to tell a mountain to move. Yah said He will use us as His battle-axe to destroy satan’s kingdoms. Satan is sending them on a wild goose chase. They hate you because you have what they want. Israylites healed, rose people from the dead. No other nation has done this. We had the ark and the nations were terrified of it. They know Scripture. These are the same people who will admit in the future saying we will go with you for we have heard Yah is with you.

They are in Egypt and about to go into Syria. They are digging everywhere looking for the Power. Y’all remember that song (from the 80s) “I got the power”? The ark of the covenant….why are they going to all these ancient lands where the Children of Ysrayl lived? They are looking for the ark!! Iran, Egypt, Syria, Iraq…They want to use the ark as a weapon of war.

Revelation 11:19 It’s in heaven! We would have sold it as a weapon in an unrighteous state if we had it.

Deuteronomy 28:68 The Gentiles were motivated to come get us. They knew you are the Children of Ysrayl. They thought we knew the location of the ancient relics. They knew their land would be blessed as long as you are here. They looked for ‘The Power’. They hate Lincoln. Lincoln is turned to the right on his coin and the rest of the presidents are turned to the left. They turned their backs on Lincoln. Lincoln did not want to free you as Pharaoh did not want to free you. They did not want us to be free and recount back to ‘The Power Source’.

Yah says in 1 hour Babylon will be taken out. There are about 40 million of us Israylites here. Even if 3 million of us would still be a great number to escape. The righteous Children of Ysrayl are the nuclear bomb. Yah says no weapon shall prosper against us. Yah said He will break kingdoms with us. You are the power Yah will use. Yahoshua said greater things you will do like battling kingdoms, demons. They want your power. They want to steal the power. They stole our music, our heritage and our history. Now they want the power too. This power is given to the Gentiles too who give themselves to Yah. They try to create power in the labs.

The final days are coming. Don’t fear when they arrest us. Count if an honor to be persecuted for Yah. Don’t believe nothing the government says. They have technology to fool you. They will have us sitting next to each other talking in a video yet I’m in Chicago and Moshe is in Louisiana. They serve the father of lies.

A homeland security employee said get ready for a race war…AGENT. Their rhetoric comes to nothing. Stop listening to black nationalists. They don’t worship Yah through Yahoshua. They are all agents.

I may not get there with you but we as a people will get to the promised land….prophesy. MLK was changing before he was murdered. He said integration would not help us. It has been 50 years since that speech. I have a dream speech, what came from it? Did it bring us closer to Yah? Fifty years of a dream…

Yeremiyah 23:25-27 Read. TEXT: still marching for civil rights and jobs. TEXT: And negroes are still stuck til this day.

To dream, you sleep and are not aware of things going on around you. TEXT: ppl say it’s a daydream.

We need to see not dream. Be sober. WATCHMEN. The enemy sneaks in if you are asleep and dreaming. A state of unconsciousness. Shemuyah went to Yah saying they want a king like the nations. This is like integration…be like the nations. We never want to be set-apart. Yah wants us to be set-apart.

Yosemite Park is on fire. Do you see what Yah is doing? Fires, sinkholes etc. Don’t fear. Have faith in Yah. We are protected. Yah would not split the sea if He wanted you to die in the wilderness. He would not allow them to wipe us out and say we are going into the wilderness.

Psalm 91 Reads. The righteous will be protected by Yah through Yahoshua.

That tornado will hit every house but yours. Yah can tell a tree to grab you when a flood comes. Yah protects His servants. Yah has mercy upon us.

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Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist? The Image and Word of Yah p. 1e

Yahzeqyl 22:30-31 Ain’t Yahoshua as man? Right? He was born through the womb of a woman and lived in the flesh. Right? ‘Stand in the gap’ just like Abraham did; Just like Moses did. ‘Yah did not find one’, where was Yahoshua if He pre-existed? If He is the intercessor today, He should have been the intercessor that day, Yah said I can’t find one man who is capable of standing in the breach on behalf of the land. v. 31 Look He could not find a man to say Yah don’t destroy your land, Yah don’t destroy your people for they are struggling Father.

Everything that we see Abraham and Moses saying, Yahoshua is saying daily for us. But where was He back then if He pre-existed family? Yah said I can’t find one man to stand here and tell Me not to destroy this land. So what happened (to the land)? He destroyed it because no man stood in the breach (gap). There was not an intercessor to speak on behalf of the children of Ysrayl. Humphf. Do you see? Do you see how simple this is? Do you see logic family?

If Yahoshua is doing that job today, He would have done it yesterday because Yah does not change. But men, Yah was looking for one and could not find one. Yahoshua is a man so why wasn’t He there? This is heavy. So if He was there doing His job as the intercessor, how about atoning?

Let’s go to 1 John chapter 2. I want y’all to see this. This is the letter of Yahcanan not the good news book of Yahcanan. this is called first John or the first letter of Yahcanan. Let’s see what Yahcanan has to say here. It’s going to be quite profound.

1 John 2:2 And He Himself is an atoning offering for our sins and not for ours only but also for the whole world.

The ‘He’ is speaking about Yahoshua the Messiyah. The same one mentioned in 1 John 2:1. We already read 1 John 2:1 and we just read verse 2. (Reads v. 2 again). So He’s an intercessor today and He’s an atoning offering. But if He pre-existed shouldn’t He have been that atoning offering back then?

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 32. Why did Moses have to go and atone for the sins of the people? This is heavy family because what you are telling me is that…you are saying that the Messiyah was there but He did not work. All Yahoshua talked about when He was doing His mission was the work that He was doing. But we can’t find Him anywhere doing any work if He pre-existed in the old testament. We see men doing the job the Messiyah is doing today. But we know that the Messiyah is a man who has His spiritual body now, that can enter into the kingdom of Yah because He is not flesh and blood anymore. So He is our atoning offering. But look at what happened in Exodus 32.

Exodus 32:30 ‘Moses said so I may atone for your sin’. Scripture says Yahoshua is the atoning offering that is today but back then Moses had to go and atone for the people’s sins. He said that I might atone for your sins. Moses was an intercessor. He was atoning for the people’s sins. I told you that there was a great parallel between Yahoshua and Moses. But we see if Yahoshua pre-existed, that’s what He was supposed to be doing. Right? He’s doing it today. Yah does not change. If He’s doing it today then that would have been His job yesterday. Don’t you think that Michayah has the same job that He had from times ago? So why is Moses atoning, if Yahoshua pre-existed? That’s His job.

Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 3. Where was Yahoshua during this? If He’s doing all this stuff today, if He’s the intercessor today, if He’s the atoning offering, He should have been that in the old days if He existed as a pre-existing entity. Hebrews 3, I just want y’all to understand this family. Look at this with logic. This is just a foundation, basic lesson. We have some more things coming along.

Hebrews 3:1 He is the High Priest of our confession of our occupation, of our belief…Yahoshua is our High Priest. But if He is the High Priest today shouldn’t He have been the High Priest yesterday, if He existed during that time? So why did we have high priests back in ancient Ysrayl?

Let’s go to Leviticus chapter 21. Yahoshua became all these things after His walk. He was not these things before. But if He was some super power angel, some super power entity or some super power being, He should have been these things already. He should have been the Messianic High Priest, the intercessor and the one atoning for our sins back then if He existed. But He did not exist until He came through the womb of His mother as every man. We did not exist on this physical plain until we came through the wombs of our mothers. This is what makes Him our brother. Who is My mother? Who is My brother? Who is My family? Those who do the desire of My Father. That’s how we are brothers. Because He is flesh; We are flesh. He is a servant; We are a servant. He is the Greatest Servant; We are lesser servants. But we all are servants. He walked as a flesh and blood man; We walk as flesh and blood men. He has obtained eternal life; We are seeking to obtain eternal life just like Him.

Leviticus 21, it said that Yahoshua is our High Priest. So if He is our High Priest today, He should have been the same yesterday. We didn’t need an Israylite high priest if He was pre-existing.

Leviticus 21:10 So the high priest among his brothers. So there was a high priest that we had back in ancient Ysrayl. But get this: It said on whose head the anointing oil was poured…the high priest was anointed by Yah. To be anointed by Yah is Messianic. So we had a Messianic high priest in that day. If Yahoshua existed, why wasn’t He our Messianic High Priest that day and He is in this one? So we had men that were intercessors. We had men that were atoning offerings. We had men that fell into the Messianic figure and we had men that were high priests. All of this was before Yahoshua’s birth but after Yahoshua’s birth we don’t have anymore men that are intercessors like that. We don’t have any more men that are seen as Messianic figures. We don’t have anymore men that are high priests. Yah has scattered that priesthood and done away with it. Now the priesthood is after the order of Melchizedek. The new priesthood which Yahoshua is the High Priest of. The rest of us will be kings and priests to rule in the kingdom with Him.

Let’s end on that. Let’s go to Revelation. Because now we have a High Priest and King. Revelation 5. See, after Yahoshua came and did His walk now He is the High Priest. We don’t have any other high priest. He’s the eternal High Priest. We don’t need any more men to intercede. He is the eternal intercessor. He is the eternal Messiyah, Deliverer, Savior. He is the eternal atoning offering for our sins. We don’t need men to do that anymore. Yahoshua has filled all that. Just as the prophesy said He would. The prophets spoke of Him and that is what they said He would do and He has done all those things. He was a man born of a virgin.

Revelation 5:9-10 ‘Made us kings and priests’ that’s after the order of Melchizedek. Because the kings could never be priests and the priests were never kings. But now after the order of Melchizedek, Yahoshua is the High Priest. There is no need for us to have to change High Priests. He is the eternal High Priest and we are the little priests. He is the eternal perfect servant and we are the little servants. He’s the big brother, we are the little brothers. HalleluYah.

You were slain. Nowhere in scripture do we see an angel being slain. Nowhere in scripture do we see Yah being slain. We haven’t even seen the devil get slain. But Yahoshua because He was a man was slain because men die and are killed. Angels are spirits, they don’t die like men. But Yah will kill them in the lake of fire. But right now they are not in the lake of fire.

So where will you fit Yahoshua at? There’s only one place that you can try to put Him and it’s blasphemy. You try to put Him on Yah’s throne. He has His own throne sitting next to Yah. He got that throne through His walk, that’s His reward. He is now living eternal life. Now how can you grant a malakim eternal life when they are already made to be eternal? Yahoshua, His reward is that now He’s in the kingdom with eternal life. But prior to that He didn’t have it because He didn’t even exist until Yah brought Him forth through the womb of His mother. Satan has been here for a long time. He is going into the lake of fire but he is a malakim. He’s a spirit.

Wisdom has been here for a long time. She’s a spirit. Yah has been here forever. He is a Spirit. Yahoshua is the first man to make it into the kingdom and right now the only one of flesh and blood men to have made it home.

Make it simple, plain, logical. Jesus is a god and pre-existed. Jehovah is a god and pre-existed. Zeus is a god and pre-existed. Poseidon is a god and pre-existed. Osiris is a god and pre-existed. The Virgin Mary is a goddess and pre-existed. Yahoshua doesn’t fit in with them. Where do you put Him? I keep asking that question. It’s not that I’m losing words or anything. I’m trying to beat this into your head to get you to understand.

Because they never answer the question, what was He if He pre-existed? Where was He if He pre-existed? Why were men fulfilling His job as intercessors, as atoning offerings, as high priests and all those things? Why were men fulfilling those roles and not Him? Where was He? Why did He get a reward for His walk? Because if He was a pre-existing being, He should already have the reward, He should have already have eternal life, power and esteem. That should already be given to Him. Why did He have to suffer and go through all that man goes through? All the trials and tribulations that all Yah’s servants go through if He pre-existed as a powerful being.

Stop going into the old testament when you don’t understand the old. Don’t go into the second if you can’t understand the first. You don’t understand Shaul. You don’t understand Kepha. You don’t understand any of the brothers. Because none of them talked about Yahoshua as a pre-existing state before He was born.

So fam that’s it for this week’s lesson. Next week, we will look at satan and where he was in the heavens before he fell. So we will try to get that understanding and that will farther put a heavier question, where was Yahoshua during all that time? And what was He? Since He was not interceding. He was not making the atoning offering, none of that stuff. What was He? Yah said I looked for a man to stand in the gap and I found not one. So Yah had to destroy the land. He said I was waiting on one of them to stand up to tell me why I should not destroy the land. Like Moses did; Like Abraham did but I could not find one. Yahoshua was a man, if He pre-existed, where was He at that time? We can’t find Him doing any work. We saw the angels doing the work back then. We saw the angel speak to Moses. Yah said I’m sending My angel before you t clear your path. So angels were fighting that battle, to clear the path for the Children of Ysrayl.

I’m going to read Joshua chapter 5 and end here. Because like I said the angels were talking to the men, the prophets, servants back then. We saw that with Moses but let’s look at Joshua. The Book of Yahoshua.

Joshua 5:13-15 Isn’t this the same thing the angel told Moses? Take off your sandals because an angel was before His face, the captain’s hosts. Who is the captain of Yah’s hosts with his sword drawn, a warrior malak?

Let’s go to the Book of Daniyah chapter 12. I said that was the last scripture but hey. We must identify this. This is that angel that spoke to Joshua.

Daniyah 12:1 At that time, Michayah (Michael) shall stand up, the great head or prince, the captain of Yah’s hosts. Michayah is the angel over the Children of Ysrayl. He is the angel Yah said I’m going to send My angel in Exodus 23 and don’t you sin against Him because He will not forgive your transgression. That was Michayah. Michayah is the one that fights with us and he’s the one that’s over us. So Michayah is the chief prince and he is over the chief nation. He is the chief or head of the malakim so Yah has the great head to watch over the great nation.

So we see that was Michayah. Where was Yahoshua at that time? He didn’t exist family. Only in the mind and plan of Yah’s salvation. Yah knew the exact moment that He would come because He gave the prophesy to brother Daniyah of that time period when Messiyah would come. That is why the brothers came from the east saying we have seen this star, where is He who is born King of the Israylites? Because they knew the time frame from the prophesies that were given to the ahki Daniyah or Daniyl. They knew the prophesies. So they came looking for the King. Who is He BORNE King? Not He who has descended as King but He who is BORNE King. HalleluYah.

So fam, that’s it. That is the lesson for this week. I will see you next time. May the blessings of Yah be upon each and every one of you. I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, Shalom.

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Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist? The Image and Word of Yah p. 1d

Because every prophet starting with Enoch on through…all the way up to Yahcanan the immerser made the Messianic prophesies of Yahoshua’s coming. But then when Yahoshua came, the prophesies of the coming Messiyah ENDED. Because He fulfilled all the prophesies and there are no more prophesies to make of His appearance and coming. Do you understand? For He was born of the virgin. He came to His own and they received Him not. They killed and executed Him. They tortured Him. They made mockery of Him. ALL of those prophesies have been fulfilled.

So when He spoke to the fathers by the prophets but now He speaks to us by Yahoshua, so now Yahoshua is sitting on the throne and gives the malakim the message and the malakim gives it to us. But in the days of old, Yah gave the malakim the message and the malakim came down to the prophet to give the prophet the message and the prophet spoke it to the people but now Yahoshua is speaking to us.

This is why Yahcanan the Immerser is called the greatest of all the prophets. Let’s go to Luke chapter 7. Luqas.

Luke 7:28 He’s saying listen, there is no greater prophet than Yahcanan the Immerser. Why did He say that? Why is He saying that Yahcanan is better than Yesiyah, Yeremiyah and Daniyah? Because all those prophets prophesied of the coming of the Messiyah and Yahcanan is the one that made the way for all those prophesies to be fulfilled through Yahoshua the Messiyah.

So he is the prophet that seen the coming of the Messiyah and recognized Him as such. That’s why He is the greatest. Because all the Messianic prophesies stopped at the foot of Yahcanan when Yahoshua showed up to him that day and got immersed. So he is the prophet that immersed Yahoshua, that prepared the way for Yahoshua.

There are no more Messianic prophesies because Yahoshua has fulfilled them…of the coming Messiyah. Now we are looking for His return. To come back, to get His people and make all those things right. So there is no need for Yah to send a prophet to come and tell us a Messianic prophesy because all of them have been fulfilled. Let’s go to John 1.

So Yahcanan is the greatest of all them because Yahcanan saw all their prophesies fulfilled right in the face of Yahoshua as he watched Yahoshua’s walk. Yahcanan recognized Him as He came.

John chapter 1, this is why Yah said He talked to the fathers in the days of old by the prophets because Yahoshua was not there but now He speaks to us through the son because Yahoshua has come through a womb of a woman, walked the walk, lived, taught and was executed. (He) went into heaven and now He’s sitting up there as a ruler, as a King. A King over men, a King over the malakim, Yah has made Him such. Do you understand brothers and sisters? Yah has made Him such. So now He speaks to us in this day.

But in the days of old, it was Yah straight to the malakim and from the malakim to the prophets. Now it’s Yah to Yahoshua and Yahoshua to the malakim and from the malakim to the prophets and from the prophets to the people. We see that in the Book of Revelation 1:1.

John 1:29-30 Do you see? Messiyah was before Yahcanan. Yahcanan being the greatest prophet but the Messiyah (is before). He did not pre-exist, he’s not saying that. But what he is saying is that he existed in the plan of salvation for a man. For before Yah spoke of the prophets coming, He spoke of the coming Messiyah in the garden as He was issuing out the punishments for everybody that participated in that event. Yah spoke about the seed of the woman coming. That was the prophesy of the Messiyah.

So Yahoshua was before Yahcanan. Yahcanan is the greatest of the prophets but even Yahoshua was before him. Yahoshua was before Abraham. Yahoshua is before Moses. So before Yahcanan coming to the kingdom, Yahoshua will be there. Before Abraham comes into the kingdom, Yahoshua is there. Before Moses comes into the kingdom, before King David comes into the kingdom, Yahoshua is already there. That’s what it is talking about.

(Reads v. 29 again) Look at that. ‘Who is preferred before me for He was before me’. He has become the Messiyah for the Messiyah was before me. He has become the Messiyah because the Messiyah was before me, that’s what he is saying. ‘He has become before me’ (or He was preferred before me). He has become Messiyah because He was before me. The prophesy of Messiyah was before Yah sent the prophets.

Had man not gone astray even after he sinned, there would be no need for the prophets to come and tell the people to repent had man just followed Yah from the beginning. Even after he fell, Adam had the commandments if he had taught the children-children’s children…

Let’s go back to Hebrews chapter 1. The people looked at in such high esteem of Yahcanan the Immerser (that) they had to ask him if he is the Messiyah? Are you the prophet? He said no, I am not. But there goes the lamb of Yah who takes away the sins of the world. That’s the one that Yeremiyah talked about. That’s the one Yesiyah talked about. That’s the one Moses talked about. That’s Him. This is what Yahcanan is getting across. Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 1.

Hebrews 1:3-7, v. 3-4 Huh? Wait a minute, He’s become greater than the angels. So how can He be an angel and be greater than the angels? Just like the question we asked, how can Yah be a god and He is greater than the gods? So how can Yahoshua be an angel when He has a greater more excellent name than they do.

So if He is not an angel, what pre-existing entity was Him? We see that He was not wisdom because wisdom is female. Yah created her first. So who was He if He wasn’t an angel? He wasn’t wisdom. He’s not satan. Who was He?

The only thing that you can have if you say that He pre-existed because He wasn’t an angel, He wasn’t wisdom, He wasn’t satan is that you are saying that He was Yah. That’s what you are saying. How blasphemous is that? When we just read where Yah said there is none here besides Me. Yah said I do all this. I made the heavens. Yah spoke if from His mouth and all existed. Do you see this brothers and sisters? You can not fit Him anywhere in the heavenly hosts ranking as a pre-existing being. We don’t see Him doing anything until after He came through the womb of a woman, did His walk, was executed and ascended into heaven. Now we see where Yahoshua fits on the right hand of Yah as the Messianic high priest of heaven. Do you understand? Yeah I know you understand.

So Yahoshua right now…let’s go to 1 John 2. Let’s look at some of His job description, family. I’m sorry we didn’t finish reading to verse 7.

Hebrews 1:5-7, v. 5 So Yah is saying to which of the angels did Yah ever have this personal close relationship with ? Because the angels were known as the son of Yah. That was just a title all of them had. Even the fallen angels were called the sons of Yah. But He said which one have I brought forth saying this is My Son? Today I have brought you forth. This is My great servant here. Today I have brought you forth. This is My unique Son today I have brought you forth.

v. 6 Let all the angels of Yah do reverence to Him (worship Him). Let’s look at this. In the Book of the life of Adam and Eve, satan told Adam in a discussion that they had, that Adam you are the reason of my fall. Adam said how did I make you fall? Satan said when Michayah brought the plan for your creation and he brought it to the face of all the malakim that Yah said everybody had to fall down and worship to the image of Yah and the image of Yah was a man. That man is known as Adam. Satan said I am in creation…I’m greater than him so he should bow down and reverence me. So satan and the angels that were under his change did not bow down to the image of Yah and  the image of Adam. So now we see that one of the descendants of Adam is in heaven taking satan’s role, taking satan’s place as the Messianic high priest. Second in command in Yah’s charge. He has the angels under His command. Everybody is under His command except Yah.

(Reads v. 6 again). So now we have Yahoshua who is a descendant of Adam, who is in the heavens, who has taken satan’s place and now all the angels have to do reverence to Him. So that means He is not an angel if all the angels are doing reverence to Him. Just like Yah is not a god if Yah is judging the gods. Yah can not be a god. Yahoshua is not an angel, the angels are doing reverence to Him.

v. 7 Read. Let’s go to v. 8. So now you understand. We read in Exodus chapter 3 when the angel spoke and he spoke as though he was Yah. Scripture says that it was an angel speaking to Moses in the bush but that angel said I am Yah blah, blah, blah and spoke everything that Yah told him to say.

Now that’s why you see Yahoshua who has no beginning and has no end because He is speaking as Yah with the authority of Yah. He is one with Yah and one with Yah’s Word and one with Yah’s Spirit. Do you understand that? So this is why esteem me Father with the esteem I had before the world was…because before the world was, Yah’s word had esteem because Yah was esteemed and Yah and His word are one. Huh?

Let’s go to John chapter 17. I want you to understand this. We see that He’s not an angel. But we saw that Yah spoke to us by the angels. In the old testament He spoke to us through prophets. The angels made appearances to the prophets…go to the Book of Daniyah. Gabriyah and all them made appearances to Daniyah. They spoke to him and gave him a message and the understanding of the message. The angels told them what to do. The angels spoke but now Yahoshua speaks to us. Look at the Book of Revelation. Right? Yahoshua spoke to us. He came and spoke to us in the flesh and He is speaking to us in the spirit. He spoke to Shaul and got Shaul to change his ways. Because Son speaks to us now.

John 17:5 What existed before the world was? Yah and His word. Yah was esteemed through His word. If Yah has esteem, His word has esteem because His word is one with Him and Yahoshua is that exact representation of Yah’s word. Glorify (esteem) Me which is the esteem I had with You before the world was even created. And before the world was…we saw that wisdom was there. That’s the only thing that existed because she said I stood there and I watched and praised Him every day as He stood there and did all His work. That’s what wisdom said.

So before the world was, the word of Yah was esteemed with Him and Yahoshua has become that word. So that is the esteem that He wants. Do you know what the esteem of Yah’s word means? It means that everything in creation bows down to you because you are the representation of His word. These words are spirits. Don’t you know that every word that I’m speaking right here, it goes on and it never stops. That’s why Yahoshua said every idle word that man speaks he will be held accountable for it. These words are spirits family. We will have to go into a heavy lesson about the spirit stuff. Get that Christian doctrine out of your hearts.

So let’s go to 1 John chapter 2. I want to show you something as we get ready to wind down here. I want to show you something here. We see that Yahoshua is not an angel but after He did all of His job, service to Yah, the angels have to bow down to Him. Just like they did to Adam, the first Adam and Yahoshua is the second Adam because Yahoshua is now the first of the new creation. He is the first-born of the new creation of men that lived in the flesh and now lives in the spirit. Yahoshua is the first one. He’s the first man to obtain His spiritual body. Abraham doesn’t have his. Adam doesn’t have his. David, Moses none of them have their spiritual bodies. They are still in the grave waiting to be called out in the first resurrection. Yah will call them and they will come up out of the grave in new bodies. We all have to be resurrected in new bodies, everybody that dies, everybody must have those spiritual bodies. But Yahoshua is the first one.

1 John 2:1 I’m going to stop right here. He said that we have an intercessor with the Father, Yahoshua the Messiyah a righteous one. So Yahoshua is our intercessor, we have now. But where was Yahoshua in the old days when Yah was looking for an intercessor? Why was Moses doing Yahoshua’s job? If Yahoshua is the intercessor today, why was Moses doing Yahoshua’s job back in the old testament days? Why was Abraham doing His job back in the old testament days?

Let’s go. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 18. I want to show you Abraham interceding. The intercessor, the once that comes in between. The one that mediates the situation between one party and the other. We will see Abraham interceding on behalf of the city of Sodom. As Yah gave him the battle plan saying I’m about to go tear that place up and Abraham interceding here.

Genesis 18:20-33, v. 20-21 What they were doing is having sex with fallen angels. v. 22 Where it says Yah stood before Abraham…no man has seen Yah or heard His voice. This was a malak. That’s the pattern. Every time we see that it says that Yah stood before a man, we see that those were angels. That’s how Yah communicated to His prophets through angels or messengers or malak, or malakim.

So now the angel is standing before Abraham and look what Abraham says. v. 23 Read. v. 24-25 Look at Abraham. He’s interceding. He’s like wait a minute Yah, that’s not right. I know your righteous but if you are killing the righteous with the wrong Yah that’s not right. v. 26 I want y’all to understand this. Yah said if I find 50 righteous, I will spare the place for their sake. America, the United States has not been destroyed yet because you are still here Ysrayl. And it is for your sake that Yah has compassion and mercy upon you that He’s giving her an opportunity (to repent).

For the sake of however many righteous Messianic Hebrews there are in this land…that’s what’s holding the walls from tumbling down. And in many of your households, Yah has not come through to tear that place apart because you are there. And for your sake, He’s watching over that household. But the moment that you leave there, oh that place is in trouble. Because now the righteous has left the building.

v. 27-28 Do you see? All the way down to v. 33 Abraham is pleading with Yah and he gets all the way down to ten, if He finds ten. But they only found four, Lot and his household. Do you see? So this is what an intercessor does. He mediates between one party and the other. Abraham was mediating between Yah and between the city of Sodom, Gomorrah, Zobiim and Adamah. There were 4 cities that Yah destroyed that night because they are always having sex with the fallen angels and producing giants and all that craziness.

But Abraham is here interceding. Where is Yahoshua? Why isn’t Yahoshua speaking on behalf of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah? But Abraham is. If Yahoshua pre-existed and was in heaven at that time, why is a man doing his job? See, you have to find a place for the pre-existing Messiyah family. I’m just being real with you. this is no disrespect to our Messiyah. I would never do that. But I understand that when He came through the womb of Miriam and walked His walk and talked His talk…I keep saying that but it’s very powerful that you understand that. He ascended into heaven, that’s where we see Yahoshua fulfilling all these roles. We don’t see men interceding and all that anymore. Yahoshua is doing it. We have an intercessor that can forgive sins, that can plead our cause, that knows our pain sorrow and hurt. So Abraham was doing the job Yahoshua does because Yahoshua was not there but Abraham was. Yahoshua was there in the plan of salvation for man but He was not there pre-existing. Because if He was He would have stood before Yah and not Abraham.

Let’s go to the Book of Numbers chapter 14. We will see Moses here interceding. Scripture says that Yahoshua is the intercessor.

Numbers 14:11-23, v. 11-19 HalleluYah this is what Yahoshua is speaking into the ear of Yah everyday for the children of men. Particularly for His people the Children of Ysrayl and those who are following after righteousness. You see Moses is the intercessor here. Interceding meaning the mediator between Yah and the children of Ysrayl. Do you see?

v. 20-21 Read. v. 22 ‘Ten times they tested Yah’! My, my, my ain’t it enough to try Yah once?! (laughs) But they did it ten times, my my my. Yah said they will not make it into the wilderness. He listened to Moses’ voice because what Moses said made sense. That’s what the intercessor does. Yah just wants to see the righteousness of your heart. Yah already knew all these things but He will put it before your face to see what you say, to see what you understand. So Yah listened to Moses but where was Yahoshua if Yahoshua is the intercessor in this day, why wasn’t He the intercessor back then? Yah does not change. If He’s the intercessor this day He would have been the same if He pre-existed back then. If He was in the heavens then, He would have been there talking to Yah not Moses.

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In the Garden:Yah Gives Us Our Daily Bread

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Listen to the teaching of Yah: Give ear and hear my voice. Listen and hear my speech. Does the plowmen keep plowing all day to sow? Does he keep turning his soil and breaking the clods? When he has leveled its surface, does he not sow the black cumin and scatter the cumin, plant the wheat in rows, the barley in the appointed place and the spelt in its place? For He instructs him in right judgment, his Almighty teaches him (Yah gives us physical and spiritual bread).

For the black cumin is not threshed with a threshing sledge. Nor is a cartwheel rolled over the cumin but the black cumin is beaten out with a stick and the cumin with a rod. Bread flour must be ground, therefore he does not thresh it forever. Break it with his cartwheel or crush it with his horsemen. This also comes from Yah of hosts. Who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance? HalleluYah. Yesiyah 28:23-29