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The Helper

A few months ago, I was reading about being a good helper (paraphrased). I was going to post about it but did not do it at the time. This morning those two scriptures were back on my mind, so I have decided to “go ‘head” and post about it because it seems Yah is not going to let me forget.  We know that Yah created Hawah (Eve) to be Adam’s (Adom’s) helper. However, did you know that someone else calls Himself helper in the bible? You guessed it, Yah calls Himself the helper (although some translations write ‘the comforter’ His Set-apart Spirit). Read Genesis 2:18 and John 14:26. So we women also have (at least one) characteristic of the Most High. Sending you a helper….


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Have You Been Crushed and Humiliated Yet?

Have you ever been crushed or devastated by something that happened to you in your life? Job said in 6:9 and 9:17 that it is Yah that crushes him…Just like Isaiah said in chapter 53 that Yah would crush Yahoshua. Yahoshua would go through grief, Isaiah said…Just like Job. If you have never been crushed, you will be before it’s over, humpf if Yah loves you….He will humble you. David said Yah is near to those crushed, those with a broken heart. Yah chastens those He loves, we have read. Just something to think about, if you have ever wondered…”Why me”?

Another thing that I read about Job is that he said that Yah walks on the sea. Isn’t that interesting? Who else walked on the sea? Yahoshua. Read Job 9:8 and Mattithyah 14.

Another interesting thing that I read Job say  in chapter 7 is that he was terrified of his dreams and visions…ha shatan stalked Job day and night, y’all. I have heard people who are stalked by the demonic say this same thing, that they can not rest at night. Satan was after Job, Satan was after Yahoshua…remember when ha shatan stalked Yahoshua during His fast?

That is all I have to say for now.