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Coffee mug humor: It says drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert. 12 ounces of black gold. Refills: sure! Expires when mug is empty. Prescription mug.


The side of the mug says it may cause latte problems such as the jitters, sleeplessness, BAD BREATH (lol) and irritability. Coffee breath is no joke! #kickin’breath#hummin’breath ūüė•




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My Yah How Great Thou Art

tumblr_msbhsgA8SG1s2qwqgo1_1280 Psalm 104:1 Bless Yah, O my soul. O Yah, my Power thou art very great. Thou art clothed with honor and majesty.

Oh Yah, My Power—When I am awesome wonder—Consider all the worlds—Thy hands have made—I see the stars—I hear the rolling thunder—Thy Power throughout the universe display—Then sings my soul—My Savior Yah to thee—How great thou art—How great thou art

Then sings my soul—My Savior Yah to thee—How great thou art—How great thou art

And when I think of Yah His Son, not sparing—Sent Him to die—I scarce can take it in—That on the stake—My burden gladly buried—He bled and died—to take away my sin

Then sing my soul—My Savior Yah to thee-How great thou art—How great thou art

Then sings my soul—My Savior Yah to thee-How great thou art—How great thou art

When Messiyah shall come—Which out of acclimation—And lead me home—What joy shall fill my heart—Then I shall bow—With humble adoration—And then proclaim—My Yah, how great thou art

Then sings my soul—My Savior Yah to thee—How great thou art—How great thou art

Then sings my soul—My Savior Yah to thee—How great thou art—How great thou art

How great thou are—How GREEEEAAAT thou ARRRRT!! (holds note here).

*I removed the pagan titles in the lyrics.

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Music Box


The other day, I was dusting off my dresser and rediscovered this music box. It was sitting on the back of my dresser. It’s so old now that some of the water in the dome has evaporated but I still love it. I bought it back in the day, around 2000 or 2001 from a company now gone out of business due to the 2008 recession called Sarah’s Attic. It plays the song ‘How Great Thou Art’. It’s sitting on the front of my dresser now. *Ooops the camera date should read 2014.

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Yah Blew Jesus’ Thumb Off

I know I said the posting was going to slow down but this story was so juicy, I had to report it. Lighting struck Jesus’ thumb down in Rio de Janeiro. That was a message to someone. It reminded me of when Yah struck the Philistine god Dagon and made Dagon bow down to the ark with the head and palms of his hands broken off….1 Shemuyah chapter 5:1-5.

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Thank you


The blog is almost at 20,000 hits! When this blog started back in 2011, I could not imagine 20,000 hits.¬†¬†This blog¬†was just a way for the Man of Yah and I to communicate and study together. However, as of today the blog is going into semi-retirement. I will come back periodically to do book reviews or to update that post I love the most if Yah gives me something to add. You faithful readers know what post I’m talking about. Thank you for reading blessed woman of Yah. Keep studying and praying to Yah through Yahoshua. Yah bless.


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Beautiful Pictures


There¬†are no extra hair added here. It’s all the child’s hair grown from her roots! #gomom#teamnochemicals.


I laughed out loud at this picture. I remember in the summer time as a kid, I had to go to the library. I had to read all summer or that was my behind!!


Cutie pie.


We are never too old to learn.


I laughed out loud when I saw this picture. It’s all 80s from the Gazelle glasses, the Gumby hair style, the truck jewelry, the Adidas jacket to the bamboo earrings. My cousin use to wear his Malcolm X glasses with the Gumby (sometimes he had a high top fade).¬† I wonder if she is wearing shell-toe Adidas too?


Speaking of the 80s, this is a picture of bowlegged Lou from R&B group Full Force with the late Aaliyah.


The caption by this baby’s picture was ‘chocolate’. Her skin is very beautiful.


This is the drinking ceremony of an Igbo wedding. Beautiful.


Big hair don’t care.


Healthy hair don’t care.


Elegant Naiyah (Nigerian) lady in a fabric store.


Chaka Khan when she was 20 years old. That is all her natural hair. Beautiful.

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Who Can Know the Heart?


Yah said to Shemuyah, do not look at his appearance of at his physical stature because I have refused him. For Yah does not see as man sees for man looks at the outward appearance but Yah looks at the heart.  1 Shemuyah 16:7.


The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it? I Yah search the heart. I test the mind. Even to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings. Yeremiyah 17:9-10.


I use to have this family member who would call me out of my name on more than one occasion. I recently¬†heard this psychologist on CNN saying that murderers usually dehumanize the victim right before killing them. That made sense to me because I read this book on the genocide in Rwanda that occurred back in the 90s. The Hutu use to call the Tutsi (who are Israelites) cockroaches. First they called them names then they began to murder them. Yahoshua said murder begins in the heart, Mattithyah 5. In verse 22 of Mattithyah 5, Yahoshua says the murderer will call his brother “raca”. The word raca is a word of contempt in Hebrew that means something like worthless or fool. It is a word used to dehumanize.

*A Gentle Reminder: Please remember here in this script Matthew 5:22, Yahoshua says that this is hating someone without cause. This person has not sinned against you, you sinned against this person.

The Israylites use to call the Gentiles unclean dogs because they worshiped the fallen (and we know that later Yah tells Kepha ‘and them’ to stop calling them unclean when Yah was ready for them to minister to the Gentiles) and had forgotten how to clean themselves. Yahoshua in Matthew chapter 15 was trying to prove a point to the apostles. He had just healed two Gentiles in Matthew chapter 8. Have you ever heard of a ‘bait’ question? Well instead, Yahoshua ‘baited’ her to go on here with asking because of His answers. It seemed like He was rejecting her with His replies. He was giving the apostles a real live example of prayer with ceasing. He told the apostles in Luke 18:1 to pray without giving up and this is what this woman was doing. Yah may not answer our prayer right away. You may have to pray 3 weeks for an answer like Daniyah. Yahoshua was always going to help this woman’s daughter or He would not have gone to Tyre in the first place.

Yahoshua said don’t throw your pearls before the swine and “swine” are the people who will not listen to the word of Yah, who may kill you if you keeping speaking to them about Yah. These are people who love sin. Yah calls the disobedient…stiff-necks.

I’m still trying to understand, so I may come back to this post.