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Q & A For Genesis 15:13

Q: What is the difference between a stranger and a slave? ‘In the land’ does that mean the United States only? A: Well that’s what it’s saying sister. It’s saying that…when He said Abram know for sure that your seed shall be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. So we are looking at…in my translation it says sojourner but a stranger…when it says stranger that means you are outside that governmental system or body. For instance, we are strangers to this land because we are outsiders to the governmental system. In fact, when you read the slave narratives, the narratives that the slaves wrote of themselves, they actually said this. They said that we are strangers in this slave land. And that was one of the reasons that they couldn’t get away when they ran from the plantations. Because this land was so strange to them. The slaves themselves called this a strange land and considered themselves strangers. Meaning you are not familiar with it. So when the children of Ysrayl, when they were down in Egypt, they had not stepped down into the land of Canaan yet. They had not set up shop. They had not put up roots and set up seed in that land. They had not spilled blood in that land yet. Now we are on the other side of our coming into the land of Canaan. Now we are here. Now we have taken up root. We have lived in the land of promise. But we were kicked out of there. So now we are in a strange land that is not ours. We know that the land of Canaan is ours because it’s not just a promise but we have lived there. Our people have lived there.

So the difference between a stranger and a slave is that a slave is in servitude. There is a great difference. A stranger means you don’t know or its foreign. If a stranger comes up to you, that’s a foreign person, a person you are not familiar with. But a slave is actually in servitude.

Now the 1607 vs 1619: I have been looking but all I have found so far brothers and sisters about the 1607 is that Jamestown Virginia was founded in 1607. And all the records seem to point that the slaves first came into her ports in 1619. So I have looked and looked and looked and the only thing I could find is that she was founded with a government in 1607. So right now she’s celebrating her government founding of 1607. Well you must understand that during this time in 1607 the Dutch and the Portuguese, now Portugal and Spain was one nation during this time. And the Dutch and Portugal at this time were fighting over the slave trade. They were actually at a full-scale war. Because the slave ship that brought the slaves into Jamestown Virginia in 1619 was a slave ship, I believe called ‘The Dutchmen man of War’. And they said that the Dutch man of war actually took these slaves from Portuguese ships.

(Talks to someone) Well, what did Yah say? He said you shall serve them right? But you shall be afflicted for 400 years. Now the affliction has been on us for 400 years and we have been serving. Whether they came in as indentured servants or slaves, it’s the same thing. Because the prophesy is still being fulfilled because first we shall serve and then we shall be afflicted for 400 years. So we have to look at the whole institution of slavery and how that whole thing was set up. But see the thing is that Jamestown Virginia is that they were the first Anglo…now Anglo-Saxons, white folks or the Gentiles today to run this land and Jamestown VA was their first set-up. That was when they were really getting things going.

(Talks to someone) That’s right, the slaves headed toward North America by the Portuguese. Because the Portuguese and Dutch were actually at war during that time. And do you know what? They actually hi-jacked the ship when it was here in the western hemisphere. The Portuguese had brought those slaves from the west coast of Africa. They brought them from the Congo. And so as they were coming the ships was hi-jacked. So Yah says…let’s turn to Isaiah 60.

(Talks to someone) (laughs). How does it relate to the rapture? It doesn’t relate to the rapture because nothing in this Book relates to the rapture. There is no rapture. The rapture was created by misunderstanding Christians. (laughs). That’s all I know about the rapture. Yeah, it was a good song too ahk, (laughs).

Let’s turn to Yesiyah 60:9. Ahk I’m glad you brought that info up. Because that is a little known fact that a lot of people don’t know is that, that ship was hi-jacked. Because Yah said it would be the ships of Tarshish that will come and get us first. (Talks to someone) No we aren’t going to be mean to you. See, the thing is that there’s never going to be a rapture. We are going to be taken care of on the earth. We are not going to be lifted up and taken into the heavens. *My sidenote: I have heard Israylites saying the same way we came in, is the same way we are leaving and that Yah repeats Himself.*

So the historical info, 1619 that’s when the first slaves were brought here. But do you all know that Tavis Smiley and all these negroes are going to have a commemoration next month in Jamestown Virginia? To commemorate our 400 years they say in this country, in this land (laughs). Ain’t that something? But the 400 years could not have taken place in Egypt.

(Talks to someone) Yes, they are going to be commemorating in Jamestown VA next month. I think February 20th. It’s going to be Tavis Smiley and you know all the other famous negroes…Cornell West blah, blah, blah. So they are going to go do that and I just find that deep. Real deep.

(Talks to someone) Man will go to heaven…humpf. We understand and no one is throwing stones at you. If we can help you out, we will do that.

Now what I have is 1619 and 400 years means 2019. And there is so much the Gentiles have planned. Now, I’m going to do…a (lesson) real soon brothers and sisters but they have so much planned for these next few years. It’s unbelievable and they are going to bring it all to a head around that year 2019. Twenty-nineteen, I’m telling you things are about to go down. The thing now is starting this year, 1607 Jamestown VA, now look at this. Remember 1607 to 1619 is how many years? Twelve years. That number 12. The 12 tribes of Ysrayl. The 12 hours of the day. The 12 hours of the night. That # 12 that comes up in Scripture time and time again. So you get 1607, then 12 years later you have members of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl coming to her ports to fulfill this prophesy. So think about it all. Yah has this thing together. It’s going to happen when He deems it to happen.

(Talks to someone) You know passports are for now. Passports are going to be part of the mark of the beast. That little micro-chip that they will stick into your sin, that’s going to be your everything. Your passport, your money, your bank account. It’s going to be all of that. So if you are planning on traveling now, you go get a passport now. And they have already started to change the passport rules. That’s right, you must have  a passport if you are going anywhere now.

Now see, the nation ID card is a pre-cursor to what they have coming. I’m not saying all that. We just have to keep our eyes open. Keep your eyes open these next few years. Because a lot will take place with Ysrayl.

(Talks to someone) Hey sister, they are never going to listen. They don’t want to hear that. See this is why Yah is going to bring this thing together through tragedy. See we want to be stiff-necked. Everybody wants to do their own thing. This is why Yah is going to bring a tragic situation down on our butts and we will have to stick together just like when we were in slavery. We stuck together. We had a few Sambo’s and negroes all around but we had unity then and we spoke about freedom during that time. We don’t even speak about freedom anymore. We do not speak about freedom.

(Talks to someone) Don’t be surprised. Barack Obama looks like a good pharaoh to me, what do you think?

Just keep your eyes open brothers and sisters because this thing is going to play out like it did before.

Yeah, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are apart of the U.S. territories.

(Talks to someone) I don’t know. You have to remember Barack is not of our genealogy. I’m talking all of us in the western hemisphere. His father is from Kenya, so he may be an Israylite from that end but his mother is a Gentile. His bloodline they trace on his Gentile side. Because we know that these presidents are selected and they are going according to a bloodline. So it maybe his mother’s bloodline that will allow him to get into office. So he is not one of us because he does not profess Yah.

When the children of Ysrayl left Egypt what did they take…they plundered the Egyptians but they got up out of their freely. It’s going to be exactly like that. Exodus 12:31-42.

No ahki there’s no record. You can search the Scriptures through and through. There’s no record.

With the United States being such a defiled land, this place is WICKED. You all turn on your TVs and you see the flaming homosexuals. You know all this stuff that they are doing.

Yeah, they have concentration camps all over this country. And what you see going on in Iraq today is only a dry run. Many of those men that they are snatching up are not terrorists. And they are putting them in Guantanamo Bay. They are going into their homes in Afghanistan and Iraq late at night, breaking down their doors. Putting blind folds on them and sending them across the seas and putting them in concentration camps. It’s going to happen. We will talk about the concentration camps in a more organized way in the end time series.

So you all got understanding from the lesson brothers and sisters? This was the goal, to bring you in understanding of this prophesy, 400 years in a foreign land.

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Genesis 15:13: Four Hundred Years in a Foreign Land p. 2

Now Yoseph, he was so happy to see his family again. Yahqob thought that Yoseph was dead. He thought that a lion or some beast had eaten Yoseph because this was the story that the brothers brought back to him. They didn’t tell him that they had caused Yoseph to be sold into slavery and that they had put Yoseph into a pit. And some Midianites, some Arabs came by and he was sold into Egypt as a slave. They did not go tell him that. They told him that a lion or beast had eaten Yoseph. So Yahqob thought that his favorite son was dead. So when he saw his favorite son was alive, Scripture tells us he was joyful of that.

So let’s go to Genesis 45. Remember 30 years after they entered that land the affliction should have started. Now let’s look at what happened when they came down into Egypt. Let’s see what happened. The number 7, 7 years of plenty, 7 years of famine, you know 7 is the number of completion. That is important to understand too because when you understand all of these 7’s and how they are presented in Scripture and how they are presented in our sojourn here in North America, it’s very profound.

But let’s go to Genesis 45 brothers and sisters. As Yoseph found out that his brothers are still alive, you know that his whole family are still over there. When Yoseph was bringing the children of Ysrayl into Egypt as we just saw, it was 70 of them. But when they came into Egypt remember Yoseph still had power and authority. We just read about all that power and authority that pharaoh gave him. Now before we go to Genesis 45, I want to throw this out there. Yoseph was 30 years old when he interpreted pharaoh’s dream. This is in Genesies 41:46. We saw that there was 7 years of plenty and there was 7 years of famine. So the famine started in the 8th year of Yoseph’s reign. So Yoseph got all that authority at the age of 30 and 7 years passed with the good harvest. So we are going into the first year of that seven year famine that was coming.

So now Yoseph was about 38 years old when he brings his family down into Egypt. Give or take a few years. Let’s say 38 or 39 years old when he brings his family down into Egypt. So Yoseph is still ruling Egypt . He’s still on the throne. So look at what happens when he brings his family down into Egypt.

Genesis 45, Now to bring us up to date, we are talking about the prophesy in Geneis 15:13. Right? We have identified that the see that Yah is talking about was the seed of the children of Ysrayl, the chosen seed of Abraham. And now we are showing that when the children of Ysrayl were in Egypt they were only there for 430 years. And so 30 years after they arrived the afflictions should have started. And we have already shown that Egypt is also our land  brothers and sisters. Yah said from the river of Egypt, the Nile River runs through the entire land of Egypt. Yah said from the great of Egypt to the River Euphrates and the Euprhrates runs through Iraq. So from Egypt to Iraq are the borders of our land. So we could not have been captives because Yah said you are going to be in a land that is not yours. But even if people want to overlook that, we are showing that if we were in Egypt 430 years we should have been afflicted evil. Now when we first came into Egypt as a nation in Genesis 45…

Genesis 45:18-28, v. 18 This is pharaoh talking to Yoseph after Yoseph told him that his father, brothers and family are still alive. And pharaoh was like bring them all down here into Egypt. v. 19-23 Read. v. 24 Yoseph told them not to quarrel along the way. Stop arguing Israylites. Don’t quarrel Israylites. You have everything you need. What are you arguing about? v. 25-28 So we see that the children of Ysrayl were brought in. They walked in. They did not sneak in. Pharaoh commanded Yoseph to send the wagons. They sent food.  They sent all those things, the best of the land of Egypt, he gave to these Israylites.

They had the best lands. We see that when they arrived in Egypt, Pharaoh gave them the best of the land of Egypt. He gave them the land of Goshen. Which was considered the best in the land of Egypt. So when they came down into Egypt brothers and sisters it doesn’t sound like they were being afflicted. Do you know why they were not being afflicted during that time? Because Yoseph was still in rulership and Yoseph was still running Egypt.

Now as I told you, when they came into Egypt, 30 years after the arrival, the affliction should have started for this prophesy to be fulfilled in Egypt. Thirty years after their arrival. Now, we put Yoseph’s age at 38 or 39. But do you know that Yoseph lived to be 110 years old? So from the time he brought his family into Egypt, he was 30 years old when he was given the full authority of Egypt. He was 39 when he brought his family into Egypt and Yoseph lived to be 110 years old.

So let’s say he was 39 years old. Let’s add another 30 years to that. Because remember the children of Ysrayl when they came into Egypt, we read in Genesis 46, when pharaoh sent his wagons and they brought all the children of Ysrayl. And Yahqob’s whole house which were 70 in number, that began the 430 year count. So thirty years after that actual event, after that time period which would make Yoseph about 69 years old. In order for that prophesy to be fulfilled, 400 years of affliction, then around the age of 69 Yoseph should have been afflicted with his people, the children of Ysrayl.

But we read nothing about Yoseph being afflicted, nothing about Yoseph in slavery (with the children of Ysrayl). Yoseph had full authority. Pharaoh told him that my people are bowing down to you. I’m the only, just in the throne am I greater than you. But when it comes to matters of Yah, I can’t touch it, Yoseph you are the man.

So we are looking at a 30 year time period brothers and sisters. So let’s go to Genesis 50. This will show how long Yoseph lived. He lived to be 110 years old. So we are looking at about 81 years right, that Yoseph lived after he brought his entire family to the land of Egypt.

Genesis 50:22-23, v. 22 Read. v. 23 So Yoseph saw his great, great-grandchildren. And there is nothing in Scripture that says that Yoseph saw the affliction of the children of Ysrayl. That didn’t happen as Scripture will tell us until much later.

So we see Yoseph lived (well into when) the children of Ysrayl were in Egypt. The 81st year of the 430 years they spent there. This is when Yoseph died (30+81=110). But we don’t hear anything about the affliction starting. So Yoseph was in Egypt until his great grandchildren came up.

So we are looking at a time period. Up until the 81st year, they still were living well because of Yoseph’s good works. Yoseph was still respected in Egypt. So do you see, do you see what I see? Because by the time of Yoseph’s death which was the 81st year that the children of Ysrayl had sojourned in the land of Ysrayl. Let’s say 80 or 81 around that (time). So we are at about approximately 349 years of their sojourning to Egypt. So there is not even 400 years left after the death of Yoseph. He was 110 years old when he died. Let’s move on.

Was Yoseph afflicted? No he wasn’t afflicted because we don’t read anything about (him being afflicted with the children of Ysrayl). Let’s prove this. Let’s go to v. 26 of Genesis 50. Let’s look at when Yoseph died and what actually happened to his body. This right here will let us know if he was in good favor with the Egyptians or did they back-bite on Yoseph and say ‘well listen man we gave you all that authority now we are taking it back. Now you get out there and we are going to start mistreating you’. Did that happen? That’s not Scripture. If I was  to tell you that, that happened, that is coming from brother Obadiyah’s own mind. His own deceived mind, if I ever told you something like that happened. But I am not saying that happened and the Scriptures is not saying that is happening. Let’s look at Yoseph’s death.

Genesis 50:26 To embalm and to even place in a coffin, that was not for everybody in Egyptian culture. In their society, that was only for the rich, for government officials, for royalty and not everyone was embalmed and put into coffins. For him to be embalmed and put into a coffin lets us know that he was still in good favor with the Egyptians at the time of his death. Because what they did to normal Egyptians when they died, they just dug a whole in the sand and threw the body in. That’s it. The embalming and mummification that happened to the pharaohs, to the rich, you know the ones who could afford it. Not everyone was embalmed and put into a coffin. So this lets us know that when he died he was still in good favor with the Egyptians. This is 80 to 81 years after he had brought his family into Egypt. So we don’t see an affliction started. Remember, they were only there 430 years, Exodus 12:40, not one day passed 430 years. What did Yah say? They shall be afflicted for 400 years. They shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. Afflict them. Afflict means to mistreat. It means to be mistreated.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 1. This is going to let us know that a long time had passed after Yoseph’s death. We will give and take a year. I will say 348 or 349 years left for them in their sojourning in the land of Egypt. So right here some time had passed as we will read in Exodus chapter 1. The affliction is for a 400 year period that’s what Yah said. Let’s look at the 430 years the children of Ysrayl are in Egypt and we see 30 years after their arrival they were not being afflicted.

Exodus 1:1-10, v. 1-7 So it says after the death of Yoseph. After the death of Yahqob. After the deaths of the entire generation, those 70 in number. After that whole generation had died out then the children of Ysrayl had a population growth. They bore fruit and multiplied and became very strong. The land was filled with Israylites. This did not happen in the 30 year period. v. 8 Uh-oh so a new king came up. So a whole bunch of time had passed. Maybe a couple of hundred years had passed. But there was a long time between the rulership of Yoseph and this new king that had arisen in Egypt who did not know Yoseph. When it says he did not know Yoseph, he did not know the good works of Yoseph. What all Yoseph did had long been forgotten about in the land of Egypt. So a new king…and this was a time period because in verse 7, it said that the children of Ysrayl had a population growth. The land was filled with the children of Ysrayl. And so, so much time had passed that Yoseph was forgotten about. All this new king knew is hey this land is filled with Israylites.

v. 9-10 So we see that this pharaoh is afraid of that population growth of the Hebrews because now the land is filled with Hebrews. So Scripture tells us after the death of Yoseph and that whole generation, a population growth came about and then this pharaoh who did not know Yoseph arose. Now he is the king of Egypt. He did not know about when Yoseph saved Egypt and the world from famine. He did not know about all the good things or the kind of authority that Yoseph had. All that was forgotten because it had been so long ago. Just like today, if you ask me who was the vice president when George Washington was president, I can’t tell you nothing about that. If you ask me what good works did he do? I can’t tell you nothing about that. That was a long, long time ago. Do you understand? So, so much time had passed. Now this pharaoh doesn’t know any thing about Yoseph.

So in my research of this over the years, I have come across certain information from certain scholars that states that the reason that this pharaoh didn’t know Yoseph was because this pharaoh was a native Egyptian and the native Egyptians had just overthrew a people called the Hyksos. Now that’s what these scholars actually say. They say this is the reason this pharaoh didn’t know who Yoseph was.

Let’s examine that for just a moment. The Hyksos in Egyptian records were known as the shepherd kings or kings of the shepherds. An Egyptian historian named Manthio wrote about the time period that the Hyksos ruled Egypt. It’s called in Egyptian history the great humiliation. Because, the ancient Egyptians were ruled by shepherds, by lowly shepherds , the shepherd kings. This time period lasted for 200 years. So for us to understand that this is not the situation that the Hyksos were not the people who were ruling Egypt during the time of Yoseph and in fact what actually happened was that so much time had passed between Yoseph’s rule and this new pharaoh that rose up, that Yoseph’s good works had been forgotten that actually happened. So it was not a situation of the Hyksos being over thrown and then this new pharaoh coming up. Because let me show you something. Let’s go back to Scripture. Let’s go to uh Genesis 46. We are still looking at a time passing because once again the children of Ysrayl had a population growth.

From the time that the generation died out that came into Egypt, they had a population growth. So that population growth did not grow in 2 or 3 years or 10 or 20 years. As pharaoh said, the land was filled with them. We read the children of Ysrayl had a large population, that the land was filled with them and we know that because by the time of what’s called the Exodus, that they had probably a million plus people with them. Because they had something like 600,000 warriors. Not counting the women and children. And in any population you know the women out number the men like 2:1. So we are looking at probably a million plus people coming out (of Egypt). So they go in 70 and 430 years later there is over a million. So this is a population growth over time.

Genesis 46, now when Yoseph brought his brothers into the land of Egypt, he instructed them on what to say to pharaoh. He said that if pharaoh asks you about your occupation, this is what you must tell him. This is key to letting us know that the Hyksos were not ruling Egypt during that time. Remember the name Hyksos means shepherd king.

Genesis 46:31-34 Did you get that? Every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians. So if the Hyksos were the ones in rulership during this time, why would every shepherd be an abomination to the shepherd kings? Why would that be? It doesn’t make sence does it? But listen, if you had shepherd kings Hyksos coming to rule your country for a period of 200 years and then when you extinguish these people…because the was the great humiliation to the Egyptians and you extinguish these shepherd kings, of course every shepherd is going to be an abomination to you. Do you understand? That’s why he told him ‘every shepherd’ because they had gotten rid of the shepherd kings by this time. The shepherd kings were not in rulership. It was native Egyptians. So that pharaoh did not know Yoseph or his good works. The Hyksos were not in rulership. So do you see brothers and sisters that the affliction did not happen in Egypt.

The 400 year affliction…now the children of Ysrayl were afflicted. If we continue to read Exodus chapter one, they went through a very severe slavery. But see, we can only account for 80 years of that slavery. Because Moses was born into slavery and when he left Egypt and came back and freed the children of Ysrayl he was 80 years old. So we can only account for 80 years of affliction from the Scriptures.

So 400 years in a foreign land, where did this happen? And he said to Abram know for certain that your seed are to be sojourners in a land that is not theirs. And shall serve them and shall afflict them 400 years. Not in Egypt. Where? Now remember, I’m identifying the United States of America. Now get this, as we have already read, Yah Himself has excluded others from this prophesy, right? Did Yah say the 12 tribes shall be afflicted for 400 years? Did He say 2 tribes shall be afflicted? Did He say how many tribes? NO, He didn’t. The requirement is that these people had to be of the seed of Abraham, which the children of Ysrayl are. If the tribe of Gad is somewhere being afflicted for 400 years in a land that is not theirs, then the tribe of Gad has fulfilled this prophesy. Do you understand what I sam saying? Yah did not give a number. He did not say a quarter of Abraham’s see. He made the blanket (general) comment ‘your seed’. So the only requirement for the fulfillment of this prophesy is that the seed of Abraham.

Now, we have been in captivity since the Assyrians came and took us in 722 BCE. We suffered a captivity in 587 BCE going into Babylon and we suffered under the Romans being exiled. But does this affliction say you have to be in captivity? Naw, it just says you will be afflicted. Right? Now captivity could be part of that affliction along with other things (such as) discrimination, Jim Crowism, lynchings, out-right hatred…for a 400 year period. Four hundred years brothers and sisters. That’s what the requirement for the fulfillment of this prophesy is.

So if Israylites in Europe are in Britain and they have been there for 500 years will that branch of Israylites have been excluded from this prophesy. Now I don’t want to say excluded because if this happened to one tribe in Ysrayl then it has happened to the entire nation. Because we are 12 tribes but one nation. So what’s happening to our brothers in North America is happening to our brothers in Africa. What happens to me brothers happens to you. What happens to you, happens to me. Do you understand? So actually no Israylite tribe is excluded from this prophesy. It’s just affecting a certain segment right now of Abraham’s seed which means it’s effecting the entire nation.

So Yah Himself actually excluded the 7 sons of Keturah, Abraham’s concubines and He excluded Ishmael and his descendants. So to say that all 12 tribes have to be in one land to fulfill this prophesy…you are making up something. You are speaking into something that is not there. He did not say that. He said just ‘the seed’ are to be strangers in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. We shall be in servitude to them but more importantly they shall afflict us for 400 years. And as a sojourner in Egypt, it didn’t have that. It didn’t happen in Egypt. It did not happen.

So look around the world brothers and sisters, where did it happen? We have Israylites down in Mexico, they have been down there 600-700 years. Well brothers, we are looking for someone who has been 400 years or coming up on their 400 years. This is who we are looking for. Yah is exact and the prophesy is simple. You can believe what you want to believe but you can get lost in space and time, that will be upon you.

Let’s look at v. 14 now. Genesis 15:14. Yah is going to judge this nation where the children of Ysrayl are for this 400 year period. And I just want to say in North America in the United States whose to say that all 12 tribes are not all here right now? I could be from the tribe of Levi. Brother Michayl could be from the tribe of Gad. Each and every one of us could be from a different tribe. We don’t know. This could be the case, that all tribes could (possibly) be here. Could be right?

So let’s look at v. 14 but the nation whom they serve, I am going to judge. Let’s look at this. We have to understand how prophesy works. Because when we read Deuteronomy 28:68 not all our brothers came into slavery by ships more importantly not all of them came into Egypt by slavery into ships. So are they not Israylites because they didn’t come into slavery by ships? Not at all. Because if it affected us, it affected them. They are part of the nation. That’s why it’s so beautiful, when Yah gives a prophesy He just says it’s going to happen to Ysrayl. It’s going to happen to you Ysrayl.

There are brothers and sisters right now in Haiti that are cannibals because they are starving. Whereas, you have Israylites on the south side of Chicago eating a thick juicy steak. Yet if his people are effected by it, he’s effected by it. Do you understand? Because we always say this, especially when we teach about Deuteronomy 28:68 we say when we were in slavery. We say ‘man they brought us over here in slavery in ships’. How many of y’all came over here in slavery in ships? Slavery was over 142 years ago. And I don’t think any of you in here are 142 years old. So what do you mean it happened to you? OH, it happened to us. We are them and they are us. What’s happening to us, affects them. See that’s the circle brothers and sisters. We are in this thing together. This is why we can make statements like that. ‘We came over here in slavery’. ‘When we were enslaved’. Because it did happen to us because it happened to our ancestors. *2007-1865=142.

So just like this prophesy, if it happened to us in North America, it’s happening to all 12 tribes the world over. Understand that. This is the case, it happened to Israylites in the United States . 400 years.

Let’s look at v. 14. Verse 14 read again, Genesis 15:14. Let me show you that this nation is Mystery Babylon. She is the Mystery Babylon that is spoken in prophesy and Yah is going to judge her for what she has done to us. Just like He told Abraham right here. Because when Yah judges this nation, she is going to be no more. When Yah judged Egypt, Egypt did continue to be a nation hundreds of years after the children of Ysrayl left Egypt. Right? But when Yah throws this whore down, there’s no tomorrow for her. She is gone. Yah has judged her. We are going to see. She is called in Scriptures, Mystery Babylon. Let’s go to the Book of Isaiah chapter 47. I’m going to let you see that we are talking about this same nation right here. The one that Yah has His target on. Yah has a bull’s-eye on her back.

Yesiyah 47:1-6 So you see right here brothers and sisters, Yah in v. 1 she is called the daughter of Babylon. And maiden (virgin) just means young. She is the young daughter of Babylon. she’s called Babylon. And Yah is saying that she is sitting here and she is no longer going to be called the queen (lady) of the kingdom. In verse 6, Yah says I was angry with My people. I profaned My inheritance. I gave them into your hand and you showed them no compassion. You made your yoke very heavy on the elderly.

Now let’s look at this. This place called Babylon, this is what she is called right here…Babylon. Yah said I have sent My people into your hands. And she has made your yoke very heavy on the elderly. The old.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy 28. And this same nation called Babylon is the SAME nation that is mentioned in the curses, in Deuteronomy 28 and Yah’s going to bring upon the children of Ysrayl. And Yah tells you right here in Yesiyah 47, I have given them into your hand, you showed them NO mercy…Babylon. That’s this place the United States. This is where Abraham’s seed is. And you are going to see this brothers and sisters. Remember we are dealing with Genesis 15:14, we are dealing with the judgement right. Yah said that, that nation that they shall serve, I’m going to JUDGE THAT NATION. Let’s see this brothers and sisters. First I have to show you that the United States is Mystery Babylon spoken of in Scripture. Yah said in Yesiyah 47:6 that she did not show no mercy to the children of Ysrayl. She made her yoke very heavy EVEN ON THE ELDERLY.

Deuteronomy 28:48-50 So in Yesiyah 47 this nation that didn’t show no compassion and laid their yoke very heavily on the elderly, this is the same nation that Yah sent against us as part of the curses. And this is the Babylon that Yah is speaking about. Mystery Babylon. The harlot, the whore.

Let’s go to Revelation. Remember we are still dealing with this judgment that Yah said that He is going to judge that nation. First let’s read Genesis 15:14 again. The nation whom they serve I am going to judge. Now remember we just read about Babylon right, in Isaiah 47 where Yah said she has shown no favor not even to the elderly. So we see in Revelation that this Mystery Babylon is the United States. And it is the exact same nation that Yah spoke about in Genesis 15:13.

Now this is not excluding you other Israylites from around the planet. This is just showing that Yah is dealing with the special whore. She’s a special whore. There’s nothing like her in the earth. There has not been nothing on the earth like her before.

Revelation 18, We see that she is a special beast. That’s why Yah is targeting here. That is why He has a bull’s-eye on her back. She is like all the ancient nations before her…Rome, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Medo-Persia and Greece. She’s like all of those nations and here she is existing today.

Revelation 18:8,10, v. 8 It says that Yah who judges her is Mighty. v. 10 Read. Judgment in one hour.

Let’s go to Revelation 19. Yah is going to judge her. Mystery Babylon.

Revelation 19:2 So this verse tells us that Yah is judging this great whore. The book of Genesis 15:14 says that Yah is going to judge her. Right? And we are reading about her judgment right here in Revelation 19:2. But Yah said He is going to avenge her because of the blood of His servants. Who are Yah’s servants? I can tell you who they are but it will be better if  Yah tells you.

Let’s go to Yesiyah 41. Yah said He is going to avenge on her the blood of His servants, shed by her. She has shed the blood of Yah’s servants. Who are Yah’s servants?

Yesiyah 41:8 So right her Yah is showing you Ysrayl is His servant and they are whom He has chosen, the descendants or seed of Abraham His friend. What did the prophesy say? Know for certain Abraham that your seed shall be in a land that is not theirs and they shall be afflicted for four hundred years. This is the judgment that Yah is going to put on that great nation brothers and sisters. This is it. That’s Babylon. The 400 years is taking place right before your eyes right now and will soon be fulfilled. It’s taking place right now.

It didn’t take place in Egypt. Egypt was only a pre-cursor to the greatness that Yah is going to perform in our day and time. It is for now not then. Yah is going to avenge her because she shed the blood of the children of Ysrayl. Has she not done that? Remember Yah promised us Egypt but He said you are going to be in a land that is not yours. This land is not ours. He never promised us the United States. But He promised to send us over here to be punished. As He said, I was angry with My people. I gave them into your hands. And you showed them no compassion or mercy. That’s the only reason you are here. Not to come here to have a vacation. And she’s showing you no mercy brothers and sisters. She has laid her yoke heavily on the elderly.

Did you all see what they did to a 65-year-old brother down in New Orleans?  Just beat him like a dog. Did you see what they did to that 92-year-old sister? Shot her up like she was nothing. They don’t care about the old, the young. Did you see what they did to the 13-year-old boy out in L.A.? Killed him. No charges ever came. They don’t care, old, young. They don’t care. This beast has no mercy upon us. But this is where Yah has sent Abraham’s seed, the children of Ysrayl, into the United States. The place we came into, Jamestown Virginia. When we entered into her ports as some call it, indentured servants…whatever it was, that began the slavery in North America. So now Jamestown VA is celebrating her 400 years (1607-2007). Do you know that she has a monument in her harbor with the names of 400 Hebrew slaves on this monument to commemorate her 400 years of existence? Jamestown VA, this is where we were (first) brought into.

So if you got something else out of this. If you believe that this happened in Egypt, so be it. That’s on you. But this thing did not happen in Egypt. It could not have happened in Egypt. It could not. This is connected with Mystery Babylon. Yah has ll the reason, when He brings her destruction upon her, she can not plead a cause. Because what she has done to Yah’s servants oh man, she is going to pay for every bit of that. The United States is where this prophesy is being fulfilled. Other prophesies concerning Ysrayl are being fulfilled all over the world. But right here, this is the 400 years in a strange, foreign land. This is it.

Once again the requirement. What qualifies this prophesy to be fulfilled? Abraham’s see has to be a stranger sojourning in a strange land that is not theirs, to serve them. Are we not serving them? Have we not served them for almost 400 years? And they shall afflict them 400 years. But the nation whom they serve I am going to judge and afterward let them come out with great possessions.

And when we come up out of here brothers and sisters, our greatest possession is that we are going to come out of here with our history and with our heritage. We are going out of here returning to the covenant and returning back to Yah and returning back to Yahoshua. This is going to be your possessions. But also when we go out of here, Yah is going to have the Gentiles to bring all their riches along with them. So we are going out here with not only money but we are coming out her with the knowledge of who we are. What else is greater than that? What else great possession could that be? That’s (worth more) than rubies, that’s worth more than gold, to know that you are Ysrayl and to return back to the covenant. To know that there is a Yah, that this Yah does have a plan for you. That Yah does love you. what is greater than that? *See Exodus 12:35-36, the children of Ysrayl took gold silver and clothes with them that the Egyptians gave them and Yesiyah 60:5-9, the Gentiles wealth shall come to you,  silver and gold.*

What happened in Egypt is only a pre-cursor to what is going to happen in our day. Because Yah told you in Deuteronomy 28:68 that I’m sending you back into Egypt. But He wasn’t talking about that physical land located in northeast Africa. You sho’ fulfilled that prophesy in Deuteronomy 28:68 when He brought you into this New Egypt. Did you not?

So there you have it. Like I said, I’m not downing no brother or sister. Hey you believe what you want to believe. It’s not upon me to even convince you. It’s upon me to bring you the information. You have to choose, do  research or whatever you have to do after that. Yet you have heard. You have heard another view. It’s not just a view. We have gone through the Scriptures right?

We have identified which branch that seed is talking about. We even did a little time-table about the children of Ysrayl and how they stayed in Egypt. So there you have it.

Now what we are going to do…I do believe that’s all I have. Praises be to Yah, Obadiyah didn’t do anything. Now I was going to go into the book of Acts and show…because I have heard others say that in the book of Acts the brother Stephen was saying that the 400 years was fulfilled in Egypt. But all Stephen was doing right her was just reciting the Torah, the covenant from Abraham to when the covenant was signed with Moses. Now when Yah gave the covenant with Abraham it was a promise. The covenant was signed with blood when the children of Ysrayl came out of Egypt and we rectified the covenant. We told Yah, ‘everything You say we shall do’. And this is when the covenant was signed. You agreed in Exodus 24 when Moses took the blood from the slaughtered lamb and sprinkled the blood all over the people. That was the signing of the covenant. So when we read in Acts 7, all Stephenos is doing is reciting this to those stiff-necks. He never said that this was fulfilled in Egypt. He never said that.

*Come back tomorrow for the Q and A.

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Learn Not the Ways of the Heathen

This is a preview to part 2 of the brotherhood of the serpent lesson.  We will talk about different ways of control they use. Such as facebook, the world health organization and how they started the council of foreign relations. Did y’all know that Mark Zuckerberg is related to the CIA. We will talk about the start of the police system. The lesson will have news you can use. In part 3 of the brotherhood of the serpent lesson we will talk about the entertainment and sports industries.

(Obadiyah speaks) It’s been one of those weeks. Sometimes it’s hard to focus. Fight. You start focusing on the craziness satan is talking about. Don’t ever tire of fighting because then you are overtaken and BAM then it’s over.

News: The poverty rate in the United States…there will soon be a famine. Do you all understand that? The United States is in a drought worse in 60 years. Farmers are selling off property. Food prices are going to sky-rocket next year. This famine is part of the financial collapse. It’s all planned. Three years ago people were making $200,000-150,000 a year now their on food stamps. There will be riots. Cloned food will only be available to you. Watch and see.

I read that organic food still has some pesticides and is still cross contaminated. Organic food is a BIG misconception by the government. It costs more for the same grape if an organic label is slapped on it. The government owns the term ‘organic’.

Yeah, chicken, beef prices are going to sky-rocket next year. In times of famine, Yah’s people were always fed. We will be protected. Seventy percent of crops in America are burned up. The same thing is happening in Europe right now. All of this is prophesied in Revelation and we will talk about the when we get to the Revelation series.

They are about to start collecting guns. Did y’all hear about the judge down in Texas? He said if Obama wins in November that there will be a civil war. The civil war started over the economy of slavery y’all. The north saw the south getting rich. The judge statement was a threat by the judge. He said Obama will give the country over. No matter who the president is the U.S. will break down its borders. It’s all to establish the new world order. The judge is telling you the plan if the illuminati puts Obama back in. Or they may assassinate him.

The U.S. is trying to stop Israel from attacking Iran. The U. S. wants to go into Iran so it is telling Israel’s plan. Iran said they will strike Dimona, Israel where there is a nuclear facility and also ‘brews live  Israel wants to strike southern Iran where ‘brews live. Either way ‘brews will be killed. They don’t care about ‘brews.

Did y’all hear that Rodney Kin’s death was ruled an accident? He was murdered.

Hurricane Isaac: Do y’all notice that no one ever dies in Cuba during these storms? Sixty percent of the people in Cuba are ‘brews. The government of Cuba protects them there. They are trying to make Puerto Rico a state, the 52 state. Because Israel is the 51 state. It is always referred to as the State of Israel. Look at all the money the U.S. gives them! (My sidenote: The United States recently gave them $17 million).

Sports: A ‘brew was charged with molesting 2 women at a party. Another ‘brew 18 years old was given 3 years for an altercation with his girlfriend. He passed out at the sentencing.

Talks about Ocho Cinco. Just like Joseph in the Bible–accused of rape.

Testimony in congregation: An Ima said her son was given 18 years–accused of raping a Gentile woman with no evidence. 

They (men going to prison?) don’t know Yah so they have no help. They don’t know Yah’s mercy. He will hear. These people showed no mercy when he passed out…400 years of affliction…the curses. He made a mistake. They showed him no mercy. This may be Yah’s plan though. Yoseph went to jail 12 years. Yah always has a greater plan. Yoseph ruled after he came out.

Yeah they want to pull away from the union (Texas) just like Greece (rioting).

Lesson: Learn not the ways fo the heathen

Let us not have our minds on distractions that the world…

In brotherhood of the serpent part 1, we showed religion as a whole, the apotheosis. Satan used this to trick Adam and Eve. Religion is vain teachings of men. All religion is god worship by satan. Genesis 3:4-6, we fall for the same lie…be like a god. Satan has many ways to control man…great deception. Do not be like the nations, death is from satan. We have the living waters from our history book…the Bible. Yah’s Word is truth, the laws. He gave it to us in Exodus 19. We are the Habaroos (Hebrews), the wanderers. We strive with Yl, The Power, Yah.

We know religion is wrong. Yah placed enmity between satan and mankind. Satan lost authority because he hated, was jealous of mankind. Satan caused us to lose authority on earth. Genesis 3:15 enmity. Yahoshua will bring us back to Yah. He was perfect. He was killed. Like we were killed by satan. The first murderer was satan. Yahoshua defeated death. He will judge death.

Revelation 5:1-10, v. 1-5 This is what made Yahoshua’s walk so beautiful. The first fruit was found worthy. v. 6-10 It is there for us. When reading from our history book, Yahoshua has shown us the way by doing Yah’s laws. It is the only way.

Yeremiyah 10:1-2 I want you to understand your enemy. Satan will trap you…this is why we don’t do the ways of the world. Mankind is fleshly, wicked. Satan thinks as a man. (Mark 8:33). We are not tools. We are filled with the Set-apart Spirit as vessels to the nations. The sword is the Word. We are sharpening our swords. v. 2 Do not learn the ways of the nations or signs of heavens. All of this will happen before Yahoshua returns.

Enoch 8:1-4 Many people say they don’t believe in the Bible. I have faith. Defines faith, Hebrews 11:1. So I don’t need scientists to explain dark matter, evolution, Einstein. I don’t need Christians to explain the mythos. I already know about the angel rebellions. I don’t need to study Zacariah Senchun, Tom Horn, etc. The nations, they are liars, false prophets. They are just now catching on to what the servants of Yah have known for years. The fallen ones taught forbidden knowledge and we see this today. How can we relate this in modern-day times? Government is a system of control. Let me show you this. Angels taught swords, sheilds…the art of war was taught to man. They taught the masking of the eyelids. Stones=monetary system or payment was taught by the fallen. They taught not helping the needy. They taught tinctures or colors, vanity.

Jasher 7:39-48 Demonic rule=democracy in modern times. Later I will show you this. v. 39 Satan wanted a reign as in Isaiah 14, I will raise my throne he said. He wants to be over Yah. Yah took his authority. This is why satan says as above, so below as do the masons. It’s from satan. Satan’s throne is on earth. v. 40 This is democracy…congress, governors, kings, representatives. What do they represent? Nimrod established one rule government with minions under him. We see it right here. So why do people say Yah does not need an organization. Test the spirit by the spirit. v. 41 Read. Let’s go to Matthew. Yahoshua said don’t get caught up in titles. That is the spirit of satan. It is the spirit of the scribes and pharisees. Ha shatan corrupts mankind by many tools (ways).

Matthew 23:8-12 Don’t announce yourself as ‘leader’. Be humble. There are leaders but don’t toot your own horn. It’s the spirit behind it. Do you see that? Yahoshua said live in truth. The spirit of truth. This is the spirit of the adversary, they love titles. When the economy collapses, they will commit suicide because all they have are their titles.  TEXT: A title can’t fight.

Did y’all know that the Department of Internal Revenue (IRS), Department of Agriculture are purchasing ammunition? Even the Social Security Department and Department of Education are doing it too! What does the Department of Education need with guns? TEXT: Soldiers are getting new headgear for possible homeland security missions.

Reads article: Reads about the origin of patrol men. Patty wagons or patty rollers where slaves were put. Patty rollers were put in place to keep slave revolts from happening.

Police, legislators, are security to protect the rich or protect the property of the landlords. Or as they say today, to protect the 1%.

Community constables formed from English origins around 900 after the common era. Kin Police were police that were responsible for their family.

The constable was appointed the nobleman. Just like sheriffs are put in by peers. Your vote DOES NOT put them in office. 1066 AD began the modern-day police system. Shires of England are similar to counties today in  the U.S. The supervisor of the shire was like a modern-day sheriff. Judges were established by Nimrod. The heathens ways are not the way of Yah. Modern day kings are judges. Watchmen use to guard the gates of towns at night in England…like the department of homeland security. Don’t they watch the borders? Militia=they were to come together to defend the town.

Texas has the authority to leave the union with a majority rule. Did you know that? Soldiers are training for a mock civil war in the United States, a congressmen recently said. The ways of the heathen y’all. Colonial America followed the police system of England such as sheriff, constable, watchmen who were all appointed by the governor. The sheriffs duties included collecting taxes originally and also serving papers. Don’t learn their ways. Focus on Yah. Give Caesar what is Caesar’s. They really wanted money not capturing criminals. (This is why the sheriff collected taxes).

Neighborhood watch, beat walking police or watchmen walked rounds. Constables regulated health in communities and brought people to court. These will be the people on the front lines when the economy crashes. They know there is a war coming. Satan will throw the race card in the mix. Satan loves to hurt the apple of Yah’s eyes…His people.

Origin of uniform cops=from constables and watchmen. The department of homeland security it’s all the same. Who taught the governors? Nimrod, Satan and the fallen ones did. Know your enemy!!

Child support checks…welfare checks…sisters you submit to it because you don’t want a righteous man of Yah in the home. Don’t be a victim to this government of ha shatan.

Modern day slave catchers: let’s read about the origin of slave catchers. It came from Barbados slave codes. And was instituted among the police in the colonies, in the south. Reads about the Stono Rebellion.  Slave code was established by South Carolina. They established slave patrols and patty rollers to stop revolts from happening. This is where patty wagons comes from.

There are 2 laws: one for the rich and one for the poor. Reads from wikipedia: white-collar crimes: Pay attention to how they word things. They use persuasive language in the article. White collar crimes are committed by the rich the article says. This is not a black and white thing. This is a wicked vs. righteous thing. There are only 2 spirits, those of Yah and those of ha shatan.

Social stratification or social caste system has nothing to do with Yah. This is satan’s system. White collar crimes are different from ‘street criminals’ it says. This is a code phrase. The majority of those in jail are blue-collar criminals.

Batman analogy: They ruffed him up in the movie. He wanted to be a watchmen. They told him he had someone on the payroll. Watchmen…batman, superman, men of renown. Bruce Wayne robbed certain industries and ended up in prison. They are telling you the story of the watchmen and the watchers. ‘We watch mankind over years’. Gotham was going to be destroyed by its own greed.

Not paying your taxes is a blue-collar crime. Don’t listen to the nations, when they say you don’t have to pay taxes. You are to submit to the government as long as you are not breaking Yah’s laws.

‘Inner city areas’ is a code word in the article…this is social stratification or a caste system.

Who owns TV, radio, record companies? You are a product of your environment. This is why they say this. They control your environment. This is godship on earth. Satan gives great promises to Jay Z, Bill Gates and Lebron James (godship). Yahoshua gives us eternal salvation.

Article: blue-collar crimes are obvious. They robe the only bank in our community. Satan is a puppeteer. He uses you.  Satan causes division: rich v. poor, middle class v. poor. It’s all an illusion. Only 2 spirits…Yah and the adversary.

Continues to read: Vandalism, shop lifting at the only family dollar store in the hood is an example of a blue-collar crime. The sheriff, patrol men stay in our neighborhoods. ‘Urban risk’ ‘high crime’ are code words for us. Satan will use class, money, race (a little) but mostly he uses money to bring in new-world-order. The entertainment industry loves money, vain things. He uses it more than racism.

‘Brute force,’ slaves were called brutes, unlearned, feeble-minded.

White collar crimes are not reported as much as blue-collar crimes.

Some of the vices that satan uses: Examples of white-collar crimes: #1 Girls can get sterilized now.

This sterilization program was done in secret. The Catholic church had to provide birth control. Did y’all know sterilization was tested on us. They made a ‘brew girl get sterilized who was raped. Her mom was illiterate. (*see Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington)

#2 CIA, drug trade: reads about them with the Israeli Mossad. In 1947-1951 the CIA  and France got involved in the labor union, heroin. A lot of Jazz musicians in the 40s were strong out on heroin. 1950s…SE Asia, Burma Thailand Lagos Opium wars. In the 1800s Great Britain and the United States got Chinese people strung out. TEXT: That’s part of why we had Vietnam.

They want veterans strung out because they know the system. They kill the veterans so they don’t tell.

Exodus 15:25-26 We obey Yah who heals us in modern-day Egypt. Did y’all know that there’s a new AIDS out in China? TEXT: with AIDS like symptoms.

They control the porn industry too. They gave this porn star syphilis. He spread to the other porn stars. Just like Tuskegee. In Puerto Rico they gave people cancer. TEXT: They sterilized them and killed them too.

Is that not of the synagogue of SATAN!!! They kill children too. Book of Enoch 69:12-14. The fallen angels taught how to smite the child in the womb. The Book of Jasher chapter 2 The fallen angels taught birth control by a drink. IS THAT NOT EVIL!!! DRUG SORCERY! WITCHCRAFT!! THEY SEND PEOPLE TO THE GRAVE!!

Hillary Clinton admitted it. Training of al-quida on a sound clip in a FOX tv interview. Back then it was called maja-hadim spelling? It was not by chance that she said that. They collected data. Sound clip played.

Mark Zuckerberg is CIA, darpa, council of foreign relations. He is also related to the Rockefeller.

In-Q-tel, 1999 funds companies that develops companies to gather information. Antiochus epiphany had information gatherers. This is nothing new. Know what they do. The ways of the nations. Al quida trained on this social network. Just like they will get all your information on facebook. It’s all by design. This is why I showed you about Hillary Clinton.  first Syria—>Iran—>WWIII—>collapse of the economy. It is coming. Prepare. It is happening now.

TEXT: I seen that the majority of all the righteous Israelite channels on youtube were deleted. They certainly monitoring all those who are distributions Yah’s truth.

They watch you on youtube and google too. They will come after ‘black messiah worshippers’ as they say. It comes from high government. TEXT: satan got his puppets.

Bush family—paid Hinkley just like Conrad Murray was paid to kill MJ. You will not hear about it anymore more. See they distract you.

IRA Contra affair was a white-collar crime by those of satan. TEXT: Ollie North.

They sent Iran weapons during the Iran-Iraq war. The U.S. funded both sides. They gave Saddam mustard gas. This is how they knew he had weapons of mass destruction. Reads article about Iran Contra, Oliver North tried as a white-collar criminal. Blue collar crimes are tried before a judge but white-collar crimes go before their peers, congress. He is rich today. He has a show called war stories and books.

Article Rick Ross, Freeway Ricky. He got dope via the Iran-Contra affair. He was put in jail. A blue-collar criminal. He made millions. Yet Oliver North is not in jail. It’s the same crime. It’s social or class stratification. Satan uses this now mostly.

Reads list of the 10 most richest congressmen. There are 261 millionaire congress members.Whoever has the most contributions wins the election—agendas. The Rothschild’s chose Obama. They push the fallen’s agenda. The sheriffs etc. keep society in check.

They are elected by their peers. We are tried by a jury of our peers in blue-collar crimes. Ollie North was tried by his peers, congress. Your vote does not count. They put them office.

Reads congressmen list: #9 Rockefeller WV…36 million; #6 Cole 89 million; Warner VA 283 million; John Kerry MA 294 million.  Why did I read that? There was a tent city in 2007 in Ontario with 2 dozen people. Then the sub prime crimes (against home owners) happened, those bogus sub prime loans. White, Black, Hispanic, old, young live there now. It was #3 highest foreclosure. Have you ever heard of Hooverville? This happened in the 1930s. TEXT: Did you see the swat team beat in a family’s door and dragged him out on student loan debt?

Millionaire groups has risen recently. The median wealth is 769,000 and these are not the top. The average senator makes 2.3 million. Nimrod established democratic rule…sheriffs, senators, overseers,  with the police at the bottom which is a fraternity, slave catchers. Have y’all seen the episode of the Boondocks called ‘catcher freeman’ with the Hebrew slave catchers? There are black policemen.

Talks about Alex Haley ‘roots’. He was boule.

Council of foreign relations (CFR) is an American for profit organizations. A think-tank for foreign affairs. Established in 1921.

Royal institution of International Affairs 1922 England, similar to the CFR. Why is it keeping American beliefs? American is the new Egypt. Atlantean utopia…satan deceives. Atlantis is really a concept. A one new government like Nimrod. America is known as Mystery Babylon bringing death like previous kingdoms.

The CFR has ties to Chevron, Texaco, Time-Warner, Morgan Stanley, Boeing, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mae, Staples, Disney, Delta, Harvard…Zuckerberg, this is how he is connected. The Rockefeller’s are part of it too. This is how Zuckerberg is related. The Ford Motor company is related to CFR also. There are more companies.

Louis Drifis #1 French grain export, #4 in the U.S. grain export, #5 in Argentina, #1 grain exporter to Russia. This company has a bank that is #5 world largest private bank.  Private loans set the tone for the world. TEXT: all owned by the Rothschild.

Bulg and Borum (sp?) #1 dry corn miller, #2 soybeans

Monsanto, Whole Foods, headed by Robert Shapiro is a Rothschild funded business. West Nile Virus; they are spraying the air. Will you breath? But you tell me only eat whole foods. What about what they don’t tell you about?

Bayer Institute: gave people in Africa AIDS yet you tell me to eat at Whole Foods.

Dupont, Nestle #1 World Food Company, #1 Similar milk #1 seller of mineral water, distilled water #3 in coffee. It has over 400 facilities on 5 continents.

Yahoshua said we will drink poison water but we will not die. Who do you believe? Faith.

Helmut Mancor—head Nestle–Israeli based.

UNICEF, The United Way all funded by…

No weapon formed against you will prosper. Let’s not do as the heathen. Eat clean food, bless your food and eat.

Unilever Brothers #1 ice cream, dry power milk, #1 European tea, #1 soap, detergents, palm oil, olive oil

Phillip Morris Company, first a London tobacco company; Owns Kraft Foods #2 world food supply #1 U.S. food supply #1 Cheese #1 tobacco

TEXT: Satan makes them filthy rich. TEXT: The Matrix

They sacrifice their salvation for the trivial. This is why they will have their reward says Yahoshua. TEXT: They have their comfort here and now.

Steven Wolf Senior…

Philip Morris was a smuggler of cigs and marijuana.

There are more than 13 families in the bloodline. They tell you only 13.

De Beers family own 80% of diamonds. And they are controlled by the Oppenheimer family. #2 largest diamond deposit in Arkansas…many Jews live there. Jews founded the confederates with diamonds, businesses yet you want to argue about lunar shabbats and feast days.  Blood diamonds.

Shell, Exxon, Mobile—Rothchild Bilderberg society.

They use the love of money. TEXT: They have the diamonds locked away…there is a documentary on it and they show these huge safes. TEXT: Blood diamonds have the blood of Hebrews on them also. I don’t want none.

Don’t learn the ways of the heathen. Seek the kingdom. Parable of the Sower of the seed. Bear fruit. Endure. Don’t worry about the world. The seed fell away, died. Don’t worry about what wicked ‘brew and wicked Gentiles say about certain foods.

One Yah, one belief, one immersing…we are on one accord here. Before you want to bust the head of non-believers (with this Word)…start with yourself.

1 Corinthians 28:9 Yah searches all hearts and intent of your thoughts. Serve Yah with a perfect heart. Regardless of what I say, I can’t lie to Yah. He knows the beginning from the end. Don’t forsake Yah. Yah will reveal Himself to you. People will see it in you . They (the sheep) will come to you.

Movie: The Matrix: ‘why are my eyes hurting’? Because you have never used them before…using the spiritual eyes now.

Yah is love. How can you know love without knowing Yah? Your eyes open up when you find out about Yah. Yahoshua tells you to hate a bribe. Great Millstone, IUSPK and that ‘brew rabbi in Jacksonville all work for the CIA. Bribed so they put out false doctrine on purpose. TEXT: I have lost friends to these wild Hebrew camps.

Satan uses lust, greed all he can. That whole doctrine about food, lunar shabbat is straight up wicked, from satan’s servants. They tamper with the books. We are to worship in Spirit and Truth. Do we know what this means?


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Genesis 15:13 Four Hundred Years in a Foreign Land p. 1

*This lesson is from 2006 or 2007.

The title of this lesson is Genesis 15:13, 400 years in a foreign land. Was it Egypt or is it the United States? Where did the children of Ysrayl spend 400 years? And for those of you who may not be familiar with this, you may be brand new, we are going to go read, we are going to start from the beginning and we are going to take it all the way through and we will see just where this actually happened at. Where was this prophesy fulfilled at? Or has it been fulfilled? Was it in Egypt or is it actually here in the Americas?

I will be in detroit next week. This is not about one  man or two men. This is about restoring a nation. The Gentiles need to be restored also not just Ysrayl. Tell your people to come out. It’s going to be on Shabbat.

So brothers and sisters here we are…Genesis 15:13, 400 years in a foreign land. Now what I’m going to do when I bring this information out, I’m not going to bash anybody for their understanding of it. Everybody, Ysrayl is just a stiff-neck, hard-headed people. But what I’m going to try to do is bring all the information out directly from the Scriptures and let Yah be the judge and let Yah show you from His own Word. A lot of Hebrews today have moved Yah from the equation. They have removed Yah and depend on themselves and the vices of men to understand Yah’s Word. I rarely hear Hebrews today talk about the understanding coming directly from Yah. I have heard Hebrews say that if you don’t know Hebrew, if you don’t know this (or that). But I hardly ever hear anything about the understanding coming directly from The Father. It doesn’t matter if you are reading the KJV, this or that translation. Yah’s understanding is beyond translations. It is above translations. He is the source. This is His Word. So if Yah has something in here that you don’t understand, you go to Him. And pray to Him for that understanding and you will understand. So we must be humble brothers and sisters.

(Talks to someone) Yeah, we are seeking understanding and I just hope that we can gain that understanding.

If you have a pen and pad take it out. If you have your Bible before you bring that forth. So we are going to start this off in Genesis 15:13. I believe and I’m going to show you that is prophesy is being taken place right before our very eyes, right now in the United States of America. The United States, as you will see, that Yah is telling Abraham that his seed would be taken into. Not only will we talk about this but we will have to talk about another aspect that is directly connected with this prophesy. And that is the mystery of who Mystery Babylon is. If you understand this nation, then you will understand that Mystery Babylon that is spoken of in the Book of Yesiyah (Isaiah) 47 and Revelation 17, 18, 19…She is connected to this right here. She is connected to this direct prophesy and I’m going to show you that.

So let’s get started. Let’s open this up. Let’s go to Genesis 15 verse 13. Because brothers and sisters you must realize where you are in this day and time as it relates to prophesy. You must have a grip on this to understand this. So Genesis 15:13, I’m reading from the Scripture. Hey it’s just a translation. If you are reading from the KJV Bible that’s fine or RSV that’s fine whatever translation you have. Yah is going to give us the understanding of what’s being said here.

From verses 13 through 16, I’m going to show you where a lot of brothers get caught up at in understanding this prophesy. I’m going to show you where they kind of ver off to the left and it just tears up their whole understanding from that point on about this prophesy.

Genesis 15:13-16, v. 13-16 Read. Now right here brothers and sisters, the understanding that a lot of brothers get lost at is that they believe that this is one continual prophesy. They believe that from verse 13 through verse 16 that Yah is speaking one prophesy. Let me tell you brothers and sisters from verse 13-16 of Genesis 15…you actually have 3 separate prophesies that Yah’s speaking to Abraham. Three separate prophesies.

So verse 13-16, let me explain to you how this is 3 separate prophesies. I’m going to break these prophesies down for you. Prophesy #1 can be found in verses 13 and 14. Prophesy #1 states that Abraham’s seed, one thing you have to notice about this prophesy is that first Yah has not identified which branch of Abraham’s seed He is speaking about. But we will get into that in just a moment. Let’s break down these 3 prophesies. We have 3 prophesies from verses 13 through 16. Prophesy #1 is found in verses 13 and 14. It’s speaking about this nation that the seed of Abraham shall be sojourners (strangers) in. And this land that is not theirs and they shall serve them and be afflicted 400 years. Verses 13 and 14 are speaking about the same prophesies. Yah continues, He said in verse 14 but the nation whom they serve…so Yah is letting you know that He is talking about this nation in verse 13 that He told Abraham. So verses 13, 14 brothers and sisters is one prophesy. It’s one prophesy because both verses are speaking about this nation that Yah said Abraham’s seed shall go into and they shall serve and they shall afflict them 400 years.

The next prophesy, verse 15, Yah mentions nothing about the nation anymore. What does He say to Abraham? He said now as for you, you are to go onto your fathers in peace. You are to be buried at a good old age. So that’s the 2nd prophesy that Abraham would die a peaceful death. When Abraham dies, he’s not going to die in war. He’s not going to die being murdered but he’s just going to die of what we call natural causes. So he is probably going to die in his sleep and he’s going to sleep with his fathers. This is the 2nd prophesy.

The 3rd prophesy is found in verse 16. Now, what Yah is telling Abraham in verse 16 is that these people who inhabit this land right here Abraham, they must be kicked out because they are so wicked. And so Yah tells him that the Amorites, when it is time for the Amorites, the last of these Canaanite tribes, when the Amorites time comes for to be kicked out, then that’s when your seed will come here.

But notice Yah did not put this in chronological order. He did not say now Abraham you are to go to your fathers in peace, you are to be buried at a good old age. If this was in order, then the that prophesy should be first. It should be verse 13 instead of verse 15. And then Yah would tell him that hey your seed will be strangers in a land for 400 years, they will be afflicted for 400 years. And then we would see that verse 16 would come after that, that after they leave that land Abraham then in the 4th generation they shall return here. But Yah did not say that. He’s giving Abraham 3 separate prophesies and 2 of the 3 prophesies have been fulfilled. And we are going to look at the 2nd and 3rd prophesy. Because we are not going to look at have they been fulfilled, we are not going to dwell too much on that because this is about prophesy #1, in verses 13 and 14. So we will look briefly that Abraham did die at a good old age. As it states in verse 15.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 25. We are going to see that Abraham died at 175 years old. We just are going to touch this to verse Genesis 15-16 for a moment to show you that this is 3 prophesies brothers and sisters. Two of the three have been fulfilled. A lot of brothers squish this together and say that this is one prophesy that in the 4th generation that’s when the children of Ysrayl was going to return to the land and all that stuff. But Yah is giving him 3 separate prophesies brothers and sisters. And you will see, you will understand that this could not have been one continuous prophesy.

Genesis 25:7-8 So we see Abraham died at a good old age just as it states in Genesis 15:15 when Yah spoke to Abraham he prophesied to him and told him that you are going to die at a good old age. And this is what Abraham did, so that prophesy was fulfilled.

Now let’s look at the 3rd prophesy in Genesis 15:16. Yah is telling them that they are going to return there. Now when He said ‘there,’ He’s talking about the land of Canaan because that’s where Abraham actually stood at when Yah gave this prophesy to him. So the Amorites, they were taken out when the children of Ysrayl came into the land of Canaan, they conquered Canaan and they got rid of the Amorites. We are going to look at that right now.

Let’s go to Numbers chapter 32. This is to show that this prophesy was already fulfilled. This is 3 prophesies brothers and sisters from Genesis 15:13-16. And 2 of the 3 have been fulfilled. Two of these prophesies have been fulfilled and one is being fulfilled right before our very eyes, the first one (verses 13-14).

Numbers 32:33 So we see that the Amorites, the king of the Amorites and we see that when the children of Ysrayl came in here, they took over all these lands.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 1. This is the same thing. I’m just showing you that when the children of Ysrayl came into the land, they took the land from the Amorites. And Yah told Abraham the fourth generation because as it stated it was going to take 4 generations for these Amorites to fill out their whole wickedness. See that’s the thing about Yah brothers and sisters is that Yah gives mercy. Yah gives you an opportunity to repent. Unless it’s some great sin where there is no hope for you like what went down in Sodom. When Yah sent those angels. And those angels confirmed what those people were doing down there…Yah sent instant destruction. And we saw that . But in other instances throughout Scripture, we see that yah gave entire nations His mercy. Look at Nineveh. He gave them the opportunity to repent. So we see here where He says in the 4th generation, He’s giving these Amorites a chance to turn from their ways. They are the last of the Canaanite tribes that are in the land. They are the last that have some wickedness to go before Yah was just fed up with them. So He said in the 4th generation, they will come and take those Amorites out.

Deuteronomy 1:20 He was giving us the land of the Amorites. When the children of Ysrayl came into the land of Canaan, it was time for the Amorites to go. Their sin and all their wickedness that they had done, it was time for that to go. So we see that 2 of these 3 prophesies has been fulfilled.

Now, let’s go to the first prophesy. This is what this lesson is based on, the 400 years in a foreign land. And we will dwell on verses 13 and 14 from here on out. Now you have to understand this, we will even look at the issue of the Egyptians and our time in Egypt, how it was impossible for us to fulfill this because we must understand what this prophesy is saying. I’m going to read Genesis 15:13-14 again. v. 13 Know for certain, without a doubt. Abraham that this thing is going to happen. There is no doubt that this will happen Abraham. This is what Yah is saying, know for certain. And we know that Yah’s Word is true through and through. He can never change (Malachiyah 3:6). Once He sends it out…that’s it. Yah doesn’t change His mind because He doesn’t need to. Continues  to read v. 13-14. (Let me) teach understanding here. Yah says know for certain that your seed Abraham, seed in this verse means descendants or offspring. This si the key to understanding right here. Father Abraham had not one child when this prophesy was given to him. But we know later on that Abraham had children. And when he had children, Abraham had many children. He had many offspring, many descendants. But Yah never tells us which branch of Abraham’s seed will fulfill this prophesy. So right here, once we go through Scripture, we will see that Yah Himself has excluded others from this prophesy. Because Yah did not identify which branch of Abraham’s seed shall fulfill this prophesy. He did not say. He did not say Abraham, uh your seed through Sarah will fulfill this prophesy. I’m talking about when He gave this prophesy to Abraham. He just made a blanket (general) statement, ‘your seed’. So the requirement for the fulfillment of this prophesy see is the seed of Abraham, his descendants, his children. They have to be sojourners, strangers to a land that is not theirs and they shall serve them and be afflicted 400 years. Afflicted for four hundred years.

Now, let’s look at Abraham’s children. Abraham’s first-born son was by his wife’s handmaid, she was his wife’s servant and her name was Hagar. She was an Egyptian. Abraham’s first-born son’s name was Ishmael. Let’s go over to Genesis 16. We are going to read about the birth of Ishmael, Abraham’s son. Ishmael is of Abraham’s seed. He is a descendant, offspring of Abraham. So is it possible that Ishmael could fulfill this prophesy? Well, we have to see. We will have to look and see which ones of Abraham’s seed will be the ones to fulfill this prophesy. Abraham had numerous seed. He was called the father of many nations. But let’s look at his first-born son Ishmael.

Genesis 16:4 This is talking about Sarah, how Sarah despised Hagar. But the important thing here is that Abraham went into Hagar and she conceived. Abraham did not have children with Sarah until after his son by Hagar. Hagar was his wife’s servant. Let’s go down to verse 15.

Genesis 16:15-16 So we see father Abraham is 86 years old when he had his first child. So we see that his first-born was Ishmael. But when Yah gave this prophesy over in Genesis 15:13, Abraham had not one child. But Yah told him, his seed, your seed Abraham.

So let’s look at this. Later on Abraham had a child by his wife Sarah. And this son’s name was Yitzshaq (Isaac). This is Abraham’s second born son. Yah is going to tell Abraham where the descent of his children will follow. But first, I want you to look at more of Abraham’s seed. He had a son with Sarah, his wife. But after Sarah died, he had another wife named Keturah. And Abraham had children with her. Let’s go to Genesis 25. So we see that Abraham has 2 sons by this time. So when Sarah dies…let’s go to Genesis 25. Because this is key brothers and sisters because Yah did not identify or specify how much of Abraham’s seed shall this prophesy be uh related to, He didn’t state which branch of his seed. He just made a blanket statement ‘your seed’. This could include the children of Ysrayl. This could include Isaac and these other children that he has with his wife Keturah. We will see, Yah will tell us where this, where the covenant He made with Abraham, where His covenant was going to descend. We will see in just a moment.

Let’s go to Genesis 25. We are reading here about Abraham’s other children that he had with his other wife Keturah.

Genesis 25:1-7, v. 1-2 So we see right here Abraham had 7 children. 7 other children by his other wife. So they are also the seed of Abraham. And when Yah said the seed of Abraham is He talking about these children also? We are going to see. v. 3 Right here this is the descent of Abraham’s grandchildren and so forth. Let’s go to verse 5. Remember he had 2 sons by this time, when he had these 7 other children. So Abraham had a total of 9 children. v. 6 He even had sons by his concubines. v. 7 Oh we already read this. But I’m just showing you that Abraham had many seed. He had children by Keturah. He had a child by his wife Sarah. He had a child by Hagar. And it says he had sons by his concubines. So Yah said Abraham know for sure that this prophesy is going to happen to your seed but Yah never gives a description of which seed He is speaking to. Not directly to Abraham in that prophesy. So we have to search the Scriptures to see where this seed is going to come from Abraham and passed on to his seed.

Let’s go to Genesis 17. This is critical right here to understand because we must understand that Yah made a covenant with Abraham and part of this covenant was that Yah was going to give Abraham’s seed a land. And Yah was going to be their mighty one. Yah was going to be their all. This is important because that covenant that Yah made with Abram whose name was later changed to Abraham. This covenant would pass to Abraham’s descendants on down to his grandchildren. So as we just seen brothers and sisters it’s critical for you to understand that Abraham which we will read right here is called the father of many nations and Abraham as we seen had many children, many offspring, many descendants. When Yah gave the prophesy, He did not identify right there in Genesis 15:14. He didnt not identify which branch of Abraham’s seed this prophesy was going to effect.

We are going to search the Scriptures and Scriptures will show us the branch of Abraham’s seed this prophesy is going to effect. And then you may have a better clarity on comprehending this prophesy. Yah did not state anything about all of Abraham’s seed. He did not even say half of Abraham’s seed. So the fact is brothers and sisters, the requirement for the fulfillment of this prophesy is that one, Abraham’s seed has to be a sojourner or stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them. But more importantly they have to be afflicted for 400 years. So do you know what that means? If two people that can be identified as the children of Abraham and they are in a strange land that is not theirs and being afflicted for 400 years then those two people have fulfilled this prophesy. That is all the requirement is. If you have something else to add to that then that’s between you and Yah. The only requirement is that they have to be of Abraham’s lineage. But as I stated Yah does not state in this prophesy right here which branch or lineage of Abraham’s seed. We are going to search the Scripture which we are doing now for that information.

Genesis 17. It’s critical that you understand that Yah made this covenant. And this covenant was to pass from Abraham to Abraham’s seed.

Genesis 17:1-8, v. 1-5 Yah repeats in v. 4 and v. 5 that Abraham will be the father of many nations which Abraham is. There are many nations on the earth which are descended from the seed of Abraham. They are the seed of Abraham. v. 6-7 Now Yah is going to establish His covenant with Abraham’s seed that is to come up after Abraham. So once again which branch of Abraham’s seed could that be? v. 8 So once again, Yah did not identify which branch of Abraham’s seed is right here in these verses. But we will read that He is going to identify who this covenant is passed to.

He made a covenant with Abraham. He promised Abraham this land. So we will see in just a moment which branch of Abraham’s see this covenant passed to.

Let’s go to verse 19, we are still in Genesis 17.

Genesis 17:19, 21 So Yah is making another prophesy to father Abraham that your wife Sarah is going to give birth to a son next year at this time, his name is going to be Isaac, Yitzshaq and with him, I’m going to make this covenant. So that excludes his first-born son Ishmael from being the one fulfills this prophesy spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14. That excludes his 7 sons that he had with Keturah. That excludes his sons that he had with his concubines. Because Yah said I’m going to establish My covenant with your son, Isaac.

Now let’s go to Genesis 21. This is very critical to understand right here. So the covenant passed from Abraham and now it’s going to be in the hands of Isaac, his son Isaac. Not in Ishmael’s hands, not in the 7 sons by Keturah, not in the concubines sons but in Isaac. That’s why when we read in Genesis 25 where it says that Abraham gave gifts to his other sons and sent them away from Isaac because Yah had told him in Isaac, your seed shall be called.

Genesis 21, so now we are putting a face to Abraham’s seed that Yah told him in Genesis 15:13 know for sure that this is going to happen to you and your seed. And Yah is showing us that He is talking about the seed Isaac. So we have to follow that covenant through the seed of Isaac.

Genesis 21:12 Oh, so now the seed has a name. The seed we read about in Genesis 15:13, He’s talking about the seed through his son Isaac.

Now let’s comprehend something because this is very unusual. And what’s so unusual about it is that normally even in the east today the inheritance of the father goes tot he first-born son with the bigger or larger inheritance. The father leaves an inheritance for all the children but the bulk of the inheritance goes to the first-born son. So we have here that the first-born son was excluded by Yah and Yah’s the one telling Abraham, your second born son shall get the inheritance. So the covenant shall go to him not the first-born. So this is unusual. So we are going to see that this decision rises again.

Isaac has 2 sons, 2 twin boys. His first-born son is in line to inherit that covenant that Yah made with Abraham. The covenant passed from Abraham to Abraham’s son Isaac and now the covenant is in Isaac’s hand. Now Isaac has 2 sons. So Isaac has 2 pass the covenant down to one of his 2 sons and then that covenant has to continue all the way up to that prophesy being fulfilled that the seed of Abraham being in a strange land.

So let’s look now at where did this covenant go once it reached the hand of Isaac. I know many of you already know this but we have to put down the foundation. So you can understand what this prophesy is actually saying. So the foundation has to be laid. The foundation, so you can follow the covenant so you can put the name of Abraham’s seed…we can see how this covenant is blossoming in our day for us to look at with our very eyes right now.

So the covenant now is in the hand of Isaac and in Isaac your seed shall be called. Yah had to make this point clear in Isaac. So let’s go to Genesis 26. Now the covenant is in the hands of Isaac. Here Yah is going to confirm because Yah had already told Abraham, in Isaac your seed shall be called. Now Yah’s making this thing known to Isaac himself, that this covenant in now in his hands.

Genesis 26:1-4 So the covenant being in the hands of Isaac is confirmed by Yah right here. Yah is telling Isaac, the same covenant that I gave to Abraham, it passed from Abraham’s hand, now it’s in your hand too Isaac. So your seed be called.

Now as I stated our father Isaac had 2 boys. Let’s read about this. He had 2 sons as we know, Yahqob and Esau or Jacob and Esau as many of you may know him. We are going to read about the birth of Jacob and Esau because once again, we have the dilemma but an unusual case of the blessings on to the second born son. As I stated the bulk of the father’s blessing usually goes to the first-born.

So let’s go to Genesis 25. We will start reading at verse 20. We are talking about the birth of Esau and Yahqob. These are Isaac’s 2 sons. So the covenant has to pass from Isaac to one of his sons.

Genesis 25: 20-28 Hey, so Yahqob was closer to moms and he dwelled in tents. So HalleluYah. v. 29-30 So now we have this interesting thing right here. We see that Esau, I’m just going to briefly go into this. The story of this, what actually happened is that Esau had killed the god-king Nimrod. You can find this in the Book of Yasher. Nimrod’s men were after him and he was running from them for his life. So after he killed Nimrod, this is when he came to his brother and he was so tired and was about to faint because he had been running for his life. So this is when he sold his birthright. Let’s read this so he came from the field weary and Jacob was cooking some red stew. Edom in Hebrew means read or Adom. And because Jacob was cooking this red stew, he actually sold his birthright for this red stew. This is why he is called Edom. Not because of his skin color.

v. 31-34 See Esau was in line, Esau was the first-born as we read. He was in line for that covenant to pass from Isaac into his hands. Esau was in line for that covenant but he sold that covenant promises to be the chosen people, to be Yah’s chosen…he sold that for read soup. The Scripture says he despised his birthright. So this is why in Scripture where you read where Yah said He loved Jacob and hated Esau, this is why. Esau despised his birthright and he sold it for red stew. So that covenant was going to pass from Isaac into Esau’s hands but Esau gave it up. He sold it to his brother Yahqob.

Now a situation arises as we will see that the covenant went from Isaac into Jacob’s hands. Isaac is on his death-bed and he wants to give his son the blessings. He wants to lay his hands on him and pass this covenant on from him unto his first-born son. Now since Esau has sold his birthright to Jacob, Jacob has all the rights to the inheritance of the first-born. Now let me tell you brothers and sisters to swear an oath in that day…many of us have been Americanized. We have been westernized, in this western hemisphere you can do whatever you want to do. You can lie. You can take it back. You can change your mind. NOT in that day. If you swore an oath to somebody, that thing was binding. Broken oaths caused deaths. So when he sold his birthright that was an oath. They took this oath and his birthright went from his hand to the hands of Jacob.

Now. I’m not going to read it. I’m just going to explain it to you. So we can save a little time. This story is from Genesis 27. That when Isaac got ready to bless the first-born saying hey this covenant is passing on to you, that Isaac went and told his son Esau to go get him a kid, a goat, kill it and bring it back to him and after he ate he’s going to give him the blessings. So Rebekah (Ribqayah) heard what was going on. So she went to her son Jacob. Now, Yahqob was close with his mother as we read right. She loved him. Yahqob was his mother’s favorite. So she probably knew that Esau had sold his birthright to Yahqob. Remember also that when she was having trouble in labor pains, those birth pains when these children were struggling inside her womb, she went to Yah. And Yah told her that the elder shall serve the younger. So she’s all for this. So she knows the prophesy. She knows what’s going on. So this si why she goes and dresses her son Jacob as though he is Esau. She put goat hair and the smell of the field and so forth (on him). So Jacob goes into the tent. Ribqayah actually cooked that food for Yitzshaq and so Yahqob took it in there and he pretended to be Esau. He only did that because he was entitled to the birthright brothers and sisters. That was his birthright. Now had he gone in there and tried to explain to his father Isaac, Isaac probably wasn’t hearing that. But it was an oath. It was still an oath. And so that birthright passed from Isaac to his second born son Yahqob. Like I said this story can be found in Genesis 27.

So now, the covenant is in the hand of Jacob. Now the promised seed, Jacob has 12 sons and do you know what brothers and sisters? That covenant passed from Jacob to all 12 of his sons. Because his sons made up the name of Ysrayl of Ysrayl. So that seed that Yah is speaking about in Genesis 15:13-14, that is speaking about Abraham’s seed through Isaac and through Isaac’s son Jacob. The nation of Ysrayl.

So I just had to lay that foundation because as I stated Yah did not identify right there in particular when He gave that prophesy to Abraham. But it is identified throughout Scripture. So it is the children of Ysrayl, the nation of Ysrayl is where this promise is going to pass.

Now let’s get down to it. We know that in Genesis 15:13-14 that this is talking about the children of Ysrayl. Now as this lesson is entitled, 400 years in a foreign land was it Egypt or is it the United States?

Now let’s go to the Book of Exodus. Exodus 12 will tell us actually how long the children of Ysrayl stayed in Egypt. We have to understand this in order for this whole prophesy to be understood. Because you can’t take half of it, you must deal with all of it. And we are going to deal with it. As I told you the prophesy in Genesis 15:13-16 is actually 3 separate prophesies that Yah had given to Abraham. So right now we are dealing with the first prophesy that is found in verses 13 and 14. So let’s go to Exodus chapter 12. We will see. Because the children of Ysrayl were taken into Egypt. They stayed there for a while. Let’s see how long they stayed in Egypt. Because this throws a lot of brothers and sisters off right here. They read this Scripture and they make a connection some how to Genesis 15:13. But we will see that no-no, that could not have happened.

Exodus 12:40-41 So the children of Ysrayl only stayed in Egypt 430 years. They did not stay in Mizraim one day over 430 years. So let’s read the prophesy again, Genesis 15:13-14. In v. 13 Yah said that your seed, which is the children of Ysrayl shall be in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. Yah said they shall be afflicted 400 years so that’s telling us since the children of Ysrayl were in Egypt for 430 years, that’s telling us that 30 years after their arrival brothers and sisters, 30 years after their arrival the affliction should have started. So I’m going to show you that could not have happened. But before we jump into that. I just want to bring out to primary reasons why this did not happen in Egypt. The first reason is…let’s go back to Genesis 15. I’m going to read that prophesy one more time. I’m going to read verse 13 one more time. Then I will tell you the first reason why this could not have taken place in Egypt. v. 13 Read. ‘In a land that is not theirs’.

Let’s go down to verse 18.

Genesis 15:18 On the same day Yah made a covenant with Abram saying I have made a covenant with your seed, I have given this land…what land? From the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates. From Egypt to Iraq is our land. And Scripture says on the same day Yah made a covenant with Abraham, He gave him not only the land of Canaan but He gave them also from Egypt to Iraq. So Egypt is our land. But Yah said you shall be sojourners in a land that is not yours.

So if you believe that this prophesy took place in Eypt…your making Yah a liar. Because Yah said when they are in this land for 400 years, this land is not their land. But then He goes down in verse 18 and tells Abram, I’m giving you the land in Egypt. The land of Egypt is just as much your land as the land of Canaan and as Jerusalem is. So how can it be that this prophesy took place in Egypt if Egypt is our land? And Yah said it out of His own mouth…Abram, this is your land. So we could stop right here is we wanted to. But naw we have to go farther. This is the primary reason why this prophesy could not have taken place in Egypt. Egypt is your land but Yah said this land that you are going into is not going to by yours.

So the second reason that this could not have been fulfilled in Egypt is because Yah said the affliction is to last for a 400 year period as we saw in Exodus 12:40, Ysrayl was only in Egypt for 430 years. So as I was stating 30 years after their arrival as a nation in Egypt, the affliction should have started. Get this brothers and sisters, this is why I have been reading Genesis 15:13 over and over to you. I’m going to read it again. Because you have to comprehend this. Genesis 15:13 Read. Now He did NOT say they shall serve them for 400 years. They shall be in servitude to these people but the affliction is for a 400 year period. The affliction is what He says. And they shall afflict them 400 years.

So if the children of Ysrayl were not in Egypt one day past 430 years, as I stated 30 years after coming into the land of Egypt as a nation the affliction should have started. We are going to look at that.

Now this next segment is called: Ysrayl’s time in Egypt. We are going to see that after they entered Egypt as a nation, did the affliction start? Now the Israylites were afflicted in Egypt, they went through hard times in Egypt but was it for a 400 year period? Was it for 400 years? Let’s look at this.

Ysrayl entered Egypt 66 in number. It was a total of 70 including Joseph, his wife and his 2 children. So there were 70 Israylites, 70 people of the House of Yahqob that were in the land of Egypt. This is when the count of the 430 years began.

Let’s go to Genesis 46. Let’s look at when the children of Ysrayl entered into Egypt. Because they have to be afflicted. Right? Thirty years after…now before I even go there, let me lay the foundation work here. Especially for you new Israylites. If you are not to familiar with this story here…Yahqob had 12 sons as I mentioned. These 12 sons made up the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. Jacobs 11th son was his favorite son, Yoseph. And Yoseph’s brothers, Yahqob showed so much favor to his youngest or next to youngest son. Since he was Jacob’s favorite, the other brothers got jealous and they started hating on their brother Yoseph. They started disliking their own brother. So from that jealousy a situation arose where they caused their brother to be sold as a slave into Egypt. From their jealousy came about Joseph being sold as a slave into Egypt. So while Yoseph was in Egypt a situation happened. Pharaoh was having this dream that he just could not comprehend. None of his wise men, magicians, sorcerers, none of those men could interpret this dream. Joseph had gone to prison because his slave master who he was sold to in Egypt, his master’s wife cam to Joseph and tried to lay with him. And he would not do it. He wasn’t having it so she called rape, rape and Yoseph was thrown into prison. That’s a familiar story huh brothers.

And so as Yoseph was in prison, there were 2 men down there that had dreams and Yoseph interpreted both of their dreams. So these men were let loose and Yoseph was still in prison. So when pharaoh had this dream and no one could interpret it, I think it was his cupbearer that came and told him that there’s a man down in prison that interpreted our dreams when we were in prison and what he told us came true.

So pharaoh sent for Yoseph and brought Yoseph to him. Pharaoh gave Yoseph his dream. The dream was for 7 years of famine that would take place in the entire so-called known world. There would be 7 years of plenty harvest and 7 years of famine. So Yoseph interpreted this dream to pharaoh who did not understand it. I’m going to read that in Genesis 41. Let’s read about how he came to be the man he was in Egypt because Yoseph was actually a ruler in Egypt. Yoseph was an Israylite. The 11th son of Yahqob. He was one of the covenant bearers. He was one of the 12 tribes of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl.

Genesis 41:1-8; 39-44, v. 1-8 So this is when this cupbearer tells him about Yoseph. So pharaoh calls to Yoseph and tells him this same dream that he just had. Let’s go to verse 39. v. 39-40 This is when he had interpreted pharaoh’s dream and told him that this meant 7 years of plenty harvest and immediately following the 7 years of plenty harvest you will have 7 years of famine. So this is when Yoseph interpreted pharaoh’s dream. Pharaoh was so happy with that he said ‘the spirit of the elohim has to be upon you’. So he is telling Yoseph now I’m going to put you over everything. I’m going to put you over everything in Egypt. Now look at this, he said only in my throne am I greater than you. Now his throne represents rulership. So he’s saying to Yoseph ‘only in my rulership in the land of Egypt am I greater than you’. That’s it. Otherwise, Yoseph is over the entire land of Egypt. Yoseph is ruling the land of Egypt. v. 41-42 He made Yoseph bling-bling’ed brothers and sisters. v. 43 So Yoseph was like pharaoh in Egypt. This is an Israylite. He was a ruler telling his own people to bow down to Yoseph. v. 44 So pharaoh is saying hey if you don’t tell them to go, they don’t go. If you tell them to stay, they stay here. Yoseph was a ruler, like a king of Egypt.

Now a situation arises Yoseph remember he got into Egypt because his brothers sold him into slavery, they were so jealous of him. His 10 brothers did. His youngest brother Benyamin had nothing to do with that. Yoseph is sold into Egypt as a slave. Yah rose him up from the pits of prison, rose him up to be the king of Egypt with real power Yoseph is ruling over these people. So as the famine that Yoseph interpreted for pharaoh came about, remember there were 7 good years of plentiful harvest and right after that would be 7 years of famine where nothing was going to grow. So Yoseph told pharaoh when those 7 years of plenty start, we are going to store grain during that time. We will store food. Then we will have food ready for when the 7 years are bad. No need to waste food just because we have it. So Yoseph is telling him how to preserve it so they can survive the upcoming famine.

Now this is where we get into the children of Ysrayl coming into Egypt. As the famine started, it started right after the 7th year so we are in the 8th year of Yoseph’s rule, reign in Egypt. So in the 8th year of him ruling in Egypt we see this is the beginning of the famine that’s going to last for 7 years. This famine not only covered Egypt but it covered the entire known world. So lo and behold his family, his brothers are still in the land of Canaan with their father. Since there is no food growing in the land of Canaan and Yahqob hears that Egypt has plenty food stored up so he sends his sons over to Egypt to buy food so they can have food to eat during this famine. So what happened was that ultimately Yoseph found out his brothers (came to Egypt) he revealed himself to them. And he brought them down into Egypt and Yoseph and the entire family was in Egypt. Yoseph was the ruler at that time. Now this began there 430 years in Egypt.

Now, let’s go to Genesis 46 to show you that the children of Ysrayl came as a nation to Egypt. This began the 430 years of their sojourning in the land of Egypt. Remember if they were there 430 years, not one day over 430 years, thirty years after they entered Egypt, the affliction should have started. When the entire nation came into Egypt as we just read, we will read Yoseph was still ruling. We saw all the authority that pharaoh just gave Yoseph. Right? Yoseph still had that same authority when his family came into Egypt.

Genesis 46 I hope you all are still following. Remember this still relates to Genesis 15:13-14. Abraham’s seed, the chosen seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and they shall be afflicted 400 years. We were in Egypt 430 years. Only 30 years after the affliction, that would mean brothers and sisters that we will see…I’ll wait until we get to that part.

Genesis 46:26-27 Seventy Israylites of the House of Yahqob were in Egypt. This began our count of the 430 years that we spent in Egypt.

So we see that we came in and were seventy in number. Seventy all together, all the Hebrew, all 12 tribes, all 12 sons and the son’s descendants. The whole family of Yahqob was 70. This is when we set up shop. There was no Israylite outside of the land of Egypt during this time, all the Israylites, because Israylite just means a descendant of Ysrayl. Ysrayl is the name of our father Yahqob. Yah changed his name of Ysrayl and so all of his descendants were called Ysrayl, Israylites. So all of the descendants of Yahqob were in the land of Egypt. This is when our nation, we were a nation when we came into Egypt, this began our 430 year stay in Egypt. So on this day, this day that we came in there from that day 430 years later, we were to walk out of Egypt as a nation,  a greater nation as a larger nation in numbers. So 70 was our humble beginning.

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A Disciplined Servant is a Servant of Yah p. 3

And this is the last Scripture right here. The Book of Hebrews chapter 6. This pretty much sums it up right here in all that we do, have done and aspire to do. HalleluYah. Get wisdom.

Hebrews 6: 1-2, v. 1 ‘Let us go on to perfection’ uh-oh that’s #7. That’s 7 times we have seen be ye perfect in the Scriptures. Go to perfection, is a direct reference to Matthew 5:48. ‘Not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works’ so let’s not go out with intention on sinning. Let’s go out to perfection. This is what it’s saying. Don’t go out in your day-to-day activities and think ‘oh, I’m going to sin anyway’. No. It says go to perfection. Let us go to perfection not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of the belief towards Yah. v. 2 Read. v. 3 So Yah willing, we will  have the authority to do all we just said if Yah indeed sees us fit. v. 4-5 Read. v. 6 So you see, it’s impossible for those who were once of the way and once professed the name of Yah, it was impossible for them to even be there in the first place because they are talking about repenting. You can’t do it that way. It says they were once of us, they left but it had to be made manifest for them to leave us because they were never of us in the first place. This is what this Scripture is saying. Verse 4-6 Read again. This is a direct reference to Hebrews 10:27-31. Because once you sin willfully, there is no repentance for that. So there is no such thing as back-sliding.

It’s impossible for us to have tasted this Good Word, truly and then go back into sin. It’s impossible. So again, that’s just one more shove in the right direction towards perfection. Let me read it again. Because this is the understanding of this whole lesson right here. It says for it is impossible for those…I’ll put it like this, it is impossible for Moshe who was once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly (Spiritual) gift and have become a partaker of the Set-apart Spirit. Right? And have tasted what was good or have tasted the Good Word of Yah and the powers of the age to come and fall away to only go to repent for the one sin that you knew was wrong in the first place. So it is impossible for me to know that cussing is wrong and then stand up here as a teacher and tell you not to cuss. This is what that is saying. I was the biggest hypocrite. And until I made that covenant with Yah this morning, I was the biggest hypocrite. HalleluYah. So again it is impossible for us to become true partakers of this Set-apart Spirit AND to sin willfully. This is the meaning. It’s impossible because you don’t have faith. You don’t have faith because you’re not disciplined. Your not disciplined because you don’t fear Yah. And we know the fear of Yah is the beginning of wisdom. And it’s that simple.

So again, for me to sit up here and tell you one thing and do the exact opposite, that means I’m counting the blood that the Messiyah spilled on the stake as common place and I spit at all He did. So again that’s what compelled me to make the covenant that I made with the Most High Yah on this day. So brothers and sisters whatever weakness that we are struggling with, make it your business before you lay your head down tonight to try to stop it. There is no other way of getting around it. You must be perfect. I will read this Scripture one more time. It is IMPOSSIBLE, for we who were once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift to have come into knowledge of Yah and Yahoshua, to have been immersed into the body of Maschiach, it is impossible and have become partakers in the Set-apart Spirit that is what that means for us to be immersed. Having come up and tasted the Good Word of Yah…enjoying these lessons. It is impossible for you to truly say that you have done that when you knowingly go out and sin. You are not a true partaker in the Word. I was not a true partaker in the Word. I AM NOT a true partaker of the Word until I become perfect in thought action and deed. Discipline=perfection=the kingdom. HalleluYah.

v. 5-6 Repentance because you were back-sliding. v. 7 So what this is saying is that if you are working, if you are working towards perfection…Yah is going to work towards you. Yah knows that we wrestle against flesh and blood everyday. But anything worth fighting for family is truly worth dying for. and if we can’t die for what we believe in, we might as well go to the church next door. And go give tithes again thinking that we are going to buy our way into heaven.

v. 8 Remember the parable of the sower of the seed. Those who get choked up in the ways of the world with thorns and thistles. That seed once fell on fertile ground. But because you weren’t diligent in your gardening, you weren’t working to keep your garden fresh. Thorns and thistles have grown up in your garden. And now what was once beautiful has been choked out by the worries of the world. This is what this Scripture is saying right there. Seek ye first the kingdom of Yah and everything else shall be added unto us. HalleluYah.

v. 9-10 Yah will never forget the day that we swore before all of heaven, earth and creation when we went down in that water. Yah ain’t going to forget that. And we will ultimately be held accountable for our actions. So at what point do you start being disciplined enough to hold yourself accountable for you actions? That’s where discipline comes in.

v. 11-12 So what this is saying here, that’s why we make it our business to say that as soon as you come out of the water of immersing, your walk has now started. That feeling, I want everyone to go back to that feeling that you first got when you came up out of the water. That happy feeling. Picture that in your minds right now, that happy feeling that you got when you came out of the water. You said halleluYah I did it. And those who have been immersed, you have heard us say this, that feeling that you have, let that feeling carry you through your trials and tribulations, that feeling that you got when you first came out of the water. You felt like you could take on the world because you took that step. Keep that same feeling in your darkest hour, in your time of trial and tribulation. Because it is only that same Ruach, the Set-apart Spirit of Yah that’s going to carry you through until the end. Let’s read those last two Scriptures again. Verses 11-12 read again.

Yah is telling yo to have that same zest, have that same eagerness, have that same zeal. Endure to the end. Keep that same love that got you immersed in the first place in your heart. Don’t let satan, his doubt, his lies, his back-biting, all of his wickedness, the same lies he used to get Adam and Hawah (Eve) to sin is the same lies he uses against us. That will take us to the lake of fire, if we don’t exercise discipline. Discipline=perfection=the kingdom.

Hey fam, that’s pretty much it. That’s the lesson. We pray that this lesson has been a blessing for you. At some point in time we are going to have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Satan blamed Adam and Eve for his expulsion or the loss of his authority out of the heavens. How many times do we blame people for our transgressions? That same spirit that you indulge in is the very same spirit that got the adversary out of the heavens. That same spirit. Blaming somebody else for our problems, blaming someone else for something that happened to us. Do you know what I will read it. Let’s read it. Let Yah be the truth and everybody else be a liar. HalleluYah.

I’m going to read this right quick. This is the life of Adam and Eve. And this is Satan’s account on his expulsion from the heaven. And how many times have we said these words? I will read this then we will be done. This is satan’s loss of authority from going into heaven. Because he can still go into heaven. But he has no authority there. He’s not the covering cherubim that he once was.

Life of Adam and Eve chapter 12: He blames Adam for this. Chapter 13: The image of truth, love, justice and discipline. That’s why when we come into the Spirit of love and truth, we see that we come in the image of Yah. That gives credence to the term we worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. Chapter 14:  Michayah worshipped first…leading by example HalleluYah. Satan said ‘he ought to worship me’. It’s interesting, that same attitude will cause many a Gentile and many a Hebrew into the lake of fire. ‘How can the Creator of all come for some nappy headed nigger?’ ‘I ain’t worshipping no Yah’. That same attitude, that is straight from the mouth of satan. Because satan was the first to say it. ‘I came into Israelite Heritage before him, why is he a teacher’? ‘I ought to be the teacher’. It’s the same thing. The same undisciplined tongue. It’s gone on for so long. And do you know what brothers and sisters? That is going to be the next covenant that I take with Yah. Again, putting my tongue in complete and total subjection, not speaking out of context, not saying just what I feel because feelings are of the adversary… feelings and emotions. Satan thinks like a man. And when we act irrational, when we act out of character that is a sign of demonic possession because you are not acting which is normal or accustomed to you. You act out-of-body. You can even call it that. That’s demonic possession.

Chapter 15: Satan said ‘I will be like the Most High’. ‘I’m going to go start my own organization’. ‘I don’t care’. Chapter 16: Have you ever been under such demonic possession so much that it hurt you to hear someone talk? Not saying that it is someone coming in the image of wickedness, no. But when you ar wrong and you know you are wrong…they (fallen angels) said they were pained to see Adam in such bliss and delight. This is why they say you kill them with kindness that heaps hot coals of ash on their heads. Kill them with kindness. Satan said, ‘with deceit I assailed your wife and made you to be expelled through her from the joys of your bliss as I have been expelled from my glory’. Brothers and sisters let this fall where it may. Do not let the spirit of satan take you from where Yah has placed you. In the name of Yahoshua ha Maschiach. May Yah continue to bless the name of Ysrayl. May Yah continue to allow us to study. May Yah continue to allow us to be disciplined not swaying to the right or to the left not giving ear to twisted doctrine by twisted men. Again in the name of Yahoshua ha Maschiach HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. Amein.

After I got off the mic, I gave a little testimony. Prior to this morning, I was a hypocrite because I was a liar. Because I would come up and say how righteous of a servant I am but then go back and start cussing. Hey man, Yah really convicted me to the point where I had to seriously consider this. That was the purpose of today’s lesson. This was more so for myself. How can i as a so-called man of Yah stand before the nation of Ysrayl and say what thus saith Yah, if I’m not even doing it myself? Just like I was telling the fam before man, you know I will start everyday. Making a covenant with Yah everyday and when I feel strong enough, I will go with 2 days. Then 3 days. Then 4 days. And HalleluYah, if it’s Yah’s will before the breath of life leaves my lungs, I will be a perfect servant. Because I would have disciplined myself enough to keep my tongue in subjection, not to be quick to anger. Not to talk unrighteously. This is real. No candy coating or anything. This is Yah’s Word. This is what Yah compels us to do. So reach down in your hearts family. Before you lay your heads down tonight seriously consider what is hindering you from serving Yah in all seriousness and in all Spirit and in all Truth. And you come to grips with that and stop that. This is what Yahoshua meant when He said be ye perfect. We have to discipline ourselves enough to know that ain’t no such thing as ‘I’m sorry I just got angry’. Anger is a spirit brought forth by the adversary. That’s an emotion. We have to keep ourselves under control. We have to keep our tongues in subjection. You can’t be looking, lusting after a young woman and thinking that’s okay. That’s  not okay. That’s wrong. Because Yahoshua gave us a greater understanding saying that if you even LOOK at a married woman, you have committed adultery in the eyesight of Yah. The same goes if you speak ill of your brother, you can kill people spiritually with your words. You know, by our words you can have someone leave Yah’s way. And that will not go unpunished. We will be punished for that. We will be held accountable for every person that we have led astray in our lives. This is why Scripture says in the Book of James that not everyone should now want to become a teacher. Because believe me, it is a tremendous responsibility and we never take it lightly.

So that’s it, I’m off the mic.

(Obadiyah gets on the mic). Excellent lesson ahki. This is beneficial because not only can they apply it to their lives right now but they must apply it to their lives. Because if you don’t discipline yourself now, you are going to find yourself too late. It’s going to be too late for you. When Yah takes your breath away then you have no opportunity after that. So it was beautiful because as you ahk, as you have been fighting these demons here, it’s like we always get blamed for things that happen to other people. That’s why the lesson next week is going to be a perfect complimentary lesson to this one. It’s going to be right on the heels of what you said here…is that understanding what spirit, understanding where the brotherhood begins and how to operate that. How to be disciplined. How not to go to much to the left or right but staying on the path. So let the lesson be not something we say is a cool lesson and then we go out the door and do the same thing we did last week. The same troubles we were in last week, here we go again. It’s like when do you take accountability?  When is it accountable for you to say okay I was in trouble for this last week, why am I in trouble with this again? I got out of this thing, as old folks in Mississippi use to say by the skin of my teeth and then this week you have the same problem. That’s your fault. Can’t nobody be held accountable for that but you. You are the one that keeps getting in this trouble. People help you but you are still troubled. That was an excellent lesson. HalleluYah.

(Elder AsaYah on the mic) Beautiful lesson. All the lessons are preparing us to be Yah’s people. Like Yahoshua said we don’t live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of Yah, HalleluYah. These are the rules for question and answer. Ahkotees, if you don’t have a ish (husband) please PM a moderator with your question. If you have a ish, your ish can come up and ask your question. If you don’t have a mic and your hand is up and it’s your turn you can text your question if you don’t have a mic. We try to keep down the text so there is no confusion. So people will not text in answers and they have no truth or wisdom of the answer and will lead someone astray. So let’s be humble and don’t do that. Because there are people learning that are new and there are people still learning like me. We need to focus on the answers that are given. HalleluYah that we are humble and learning how to love one another like Yah has shown us and showing us everyday through His Word. It is a blessing.

Q: Where in the Scriptures when you were mentioning the ugly malakim, when Abraham asked about seeing the angels true form, where is this mentioned? A: Those were 2 references. The first was the testament of Abraham. Both references were in the Psuedepigrapha. So they are not in the canonized books, the 66 books. The ugly angel reference was in the apocalypse of Zephaniyah. Some people don’t agree with using the Psuedepigrapha books but the way I do, as with anything or any extra book that are apart of the canonized one what I do is see if it lines up with Scripture.

Page 511 Pseudepigrapha vol. 1, Apocalypse of Zephaniyah is the reference about the ugly angel. Chapter 4, so what this angel is doing is showing this ahk, in this case Zephaniyah the angels in charge of taking unrighteous men to the lake of fire (a vision). He describes the angel as ugly or unpleasant in appearance. I think in the Book of Yahzeqyl where it says that there’s an angel that had 4 faces. One face of a man, one of a ram, one of an oxen so that’s why I read that Scripture because there are other Scriptures that describe angels.

The part where death came to visit Abraham and showed himself, that’s in the testament of Abraham vol. 1 of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha page 893 in chapters 17-18. Abraham begs the death angel to put on that lovely appearance again and he did.

Q: We understand the dietary laws of clean and unclean and clean should be separated from unclean and the ahks question was how then should we treat dining out? A: Like say we go to Long John Silvers or Red Lobster or something like that: We are not to eat Lobster but we can eat the salmon that they have there. The ahks question is about the various animals being cooked on the same skillet and all that. Ahk it’s just like anything else in the issue of clean and unclean. Sometimes women, they fall in their monthly cycles, their unclean cycle and let’s just say that ahki Moshe goes out and rides the bus. You know I like to ride the bus when I go back to Chicago. There could be a woman on her monthly cycle and she sat on that particular seat and she sat got off the stop as I was getting on. When she got up and I went and sat down on the seat, according to the law, I would be unclean. In that respect, Yah has mercy on us because Yah understands that this entire world is defiled. Because satan has the rulership over this world. Because it was given to him by us when we forfeited our rights, when we ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So we understand that there are some things that we just can’t control. And I like going out as well ahki but the most important thing about it is that when you get that meal you ordered, a clean meal, you say Father Yah thank you for this meal which I am receiving Father Yah may this meal be for the nourishment of my body in the name of Messiyah Yahoshua Amein. That’s it. You pronounce the blessings of Yah on that food and you say may it be blessed for nourishment and good eating hey halleluYah.

I see someone texted don’t dine out. But we can’t really get away from it because the same can be said about genetically altered food. That’s unclean because it’s mixing of DNA or seeds. But unless you get an heirloom seed and its even hard to tell if that’s pure. So the point is everything is unpure…Yah reads and understands the heart. Yah knows I’m not going to lay and go into my wife if she’s on her monthly. It’s laborious for me to…I don’t have a place to put my wife like they did back then. Plus we have sanitary napkins and things like that our women didn’t have back in the day. So it’s more of an issue of where your heart is. Above all, we are still in captivity. We are still being punished. We are still being reproved. So the most important thing is for us to seek Yah in all matters. As long as we continue to put the Most High Yah first and have that love in our heart like we read in Scripture. For love is a covering for an abundant of sins. And that’s one of them right there. So if you have the love of Yah in your heart and you have the love of your brothers and sisters in your heart that covers you going to eat at that unclean place. Because hey man, there’s probably people who don’t even wash their hands cooking your food. (my sidenote: even if you go to the supermarket the butcher may be unclean or the produce stocker may be unclean, who knows) And it could be a vegan place (you eat at), digging in their nose and all types of abominable things…you know. We pray that it’s not like that but these people are wicked because satan himself is wicked. That’s why we say Yah bless this meal regardless of who may have done what to it. You said in Your laws that it is okay for me to eat chicken man, HalleluYah. Bon appetite, I’m finna eat!! When I say my blessings like I’m finna go over here and eat this chicken that I smell right now (laughs) But hey halleluYah y’all.

Q: There was an ahk that asked a question before the lesson started. A: The commemoration, they call it the communion. For that understanding we go to the Book of first Corninthians chapter 11. Shaul our brother lays it down, line upon line, precept upon precept. (Talks to someone) Kayn, I try to cook as much as possible but hey. But every now and again I want to treat my wife nice. I want to take her out, go out and see a movie or something or have well…I’m not going to tell y’all our pet names for each other but hey we go out and enjoy ourselves. HalleluYah.

1 Corinthians 11, you can start at the beginning of the chapter but the understanding to your particular question we can pick up on the 23rd verse. v. 1 Read. We read this before in some of the supporting Scriptures in this lesson. We are to imitate the Messiyah in thought action and deed. And one of the deeds that was done by the brothers whenever they got together was to commemorate what Yahoshua did, Yahoshua’s life. This is why we do it. And then I will explain why the Christians do it. But first let’s explain the truth and then we will talk about the falsehood. Let’s jump down to verse 23. v. 23 Read. v. 24 He blessed His food (gave thanks) to Yah. A correlating Scripture to this verse would be Deuteronomy 8:3 where it says we do not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of Yah. So when we take the physical bread, we take it understanding that it is symbolic of the Spiritual bread. The Spiritual bread is the Word and if we are to live by every Word that comes out of the mouth of Yah, we are re-confirming every time that we meet that we are walking in the image of Yah. We are becoming the Word in the flesh. You see, by eating of this bread.

So it’s a very deep understanding and we will read a little bit more after this in a minute. We will understand why we shouldn’t take this lightly. So again, we see that we are not to live just by physical bread but we take the Spiritual as well. Yahoshua being the Spiritual bread, it’s symbolic of the Word. He being the living Word, He being the living bread.

v. 25 In the same manner, He blessed the cup. So again, we take that wine or the grape juice (or water), symbolic of the life that Yahoshua lived. We take in that Spiritual life. Because we want Yahoshua the Living Word to be flowing within us. It’s not about drinking blood or no cannibal stuff like that. No. It’s all on the Spiritual aspect of it. Yahoshua being the Spiritual Word. The word in the flesh, right. So we take that wine as a symbol of His life.

Now here is the warning of this. Because this is not to be taken lightly. v. 26 So each time we do this we are proclaiming that Yahoshua beat even death. Again, one of the questions we ask you before you become immersed is ‘do you belive that Yahoshua lived and was perfect in thought action and deed, was executed, stayed in the ground for 3 days, raised on the 3rd day and is sitting at the right hand of the Father right now in all power and esteem’?

You see this is a lot more serious than drinking wine and eating bread. We are re-confirming that oath that we took. Not oath that we took…for lack of a better word (than oath). But when we stood before all of creation and The Creator professing our love. So that’s what it is.

Now here’s the warning part. v. 27 Do you see that? Let’s just say we have a Christian in here and they know that they will go to church tomorrow yet they still eat and drink of the wine just because they are here. You know that whole do as the Romans do whole attitude, Listen to the warning. v. 28-29 You see you are judging yourself because you take it but you do it unworthily. You do it as something happen chance. Now verse 30 us the key to the whole reading. v. 30 So again, playing around with this truth and playing around with Yah’s Way…calling on Yahweh and all of that, calling on strange gods, calling on Jesus and all this stuff. Then talking about you are going to do the commemoration that you will eat of this bread and drink of the cup. This is what happens. Because of this many are weak. Many are sick among you. And many sleep meaning many have died because they have trampled on the blood of the Messiyah and counted it as common place. So we have to be careful of that family. We definitely must be careful of that.

And also, Yahoshua did not eat and drink. Because He said He will do it when the covenant is re-established, when the re-institution of the feast days come back. Read the book of Yahzeqyl chapter 20 going to the end of the book. The feast days will be reinstituted. That shows you exactly the lay our of how everything is going to happen. The feast days will return in that 1,000 years of shalom when lion lays down with lamb. Then Yahoshua will take part in the commemoration because then it will be the feast. But until then we as men and women we proclaim and profess our love for this walk that we have embraced. Again going back to Hebrews 6:1-12. We do this because we mean this. *Luke 22:14-23, 1 John 5:6

I stress this, if we have anything on our hearts that is profaning us, if you were to die right now and you were to stand before Yah. If you were to go into the lake of fire…whatever is in your life you will have to change. Whatever is in your life that would cause you to go into the lake of fire, if you were called to judgment right now…you need to get rid of that. That’s pretty much it fam. I’m going to go ahead and relinquish the mic.

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Continue to Bear Fruit

Talks about feed My people program.

Don’t give up the fight. Fighting leads to eternal salvation.

I’m feeling very tired today family. I don’t remember the last time that I rested on the Shabbat. It’s been years. Yah told David to get off the battlefield because he was tired. Sometimes we need rest, the leaders. Shabbat is a day of rest.

Yah’s Table: They use to be associates with Israelite Heritage. In Toronto Canada, they have broken away from us. They have their own teaching now, the doctrine of devils. They teach that Hebrew is needed to understand Scriptures. They teach that Shabbat is sunrise Saturday until sunset Saturday instead of Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. There is wicked doctrine being taught up there. They teach women can’t wear women’s pants. Yahoshua said the pharisees will put a burdens on you but will not help you. Canada is cold those women need to wear pants. They will not help those women. Women they say, must hold their heads down and not look a man in the eyes. Listen family, we are going to lose casualties of war, those you broke bread with. This is how it is in war. Pray but we don’t have time to mourn. The devil is trying to take our lives. Keep fighting. We must protect the assembly. Athletes never give up…as long as there is time on the clock.

I believe they are setting Jesse Jackson Jr. up for a sacrifice. They are making him seem crazy. Jackson Jr. said, Jesus was depressed in an article that I read about him. Jesus, I don’t know but Yahoshua may have been depressed. He wept. Sweat rolled down him like blood. He said take this cup. He seen many terrible things. He was a man. He was tempted by ha shatan. He cried for about the condition of Ysrayl. He was in the midst of a cursed people. We all go through depression. Is Jesse Jackson Jr’s view outlandish? We see the condition of our people today. This affects us. Yahoshua seen what we could have been and cried. Yahoshua was a man with feelings…with love, pain and all that. He was a nationalist too. He said to the Hebrew first then the nations. Jesse Jackson Jr. knows Jesus not Yahoshua. We experience all the things Yahoshua did. Jesus is a god not a man. Yahoshua is a man. They hated Him first. They hate us (the world). Yahoshua claimed Ysrayl. Jesus says it doesn’t matter what nation. Yahoshua said He is an Israylite. Listen, if you are a Gentile in this walk, they hate you too. They will persecute you too. We are in this thing together.

The law of return: In 1950 the Jews in Israel said that certain people cannot return. Those who are a ‘threat’ to them are not allowed to be a citizen, they say. They are kicking all Africans out of Israel, those from Sudan. There are Israylites in Sudan too. They are going through the curses too literally living in caves.

The Jews call them infiltrators. ‘Their presence is an external threat to the state of Israel’ yet the Sudanese say they just want work. Why do they want them out? The law of return…see they are Hebrew (Sudan). These are apart of the true children of Ysrayl. It’s Yah kicking them out. It’s not time yet (to be over there).

They know who you are. They are not kicking out the Palestinians or Ben Ami’s group. Why? The Sudanese people live by the Scriptures (They keep the laws statues and commandments of Yah).

Our time is coming. Get your boots ready! Ysrayl is waking up! They sound just like pharaoh saying ‘they have become mighty, let us deal wisely with them’. If the Sudanese don’t leave, they will be killed. Remember this is the synagogue of satan that we are talking about here. They hunt down Israylites who sneak in the land. They beat up a pregnant Israylite sister over there last year. They were the primary merchants of the slave trade. They spoke Hebrew to us because we spoke it. They are not us. They funded the civil rights movement. They watch you. They have the greatest to lose. Yahoshua Ben Yah will kick them out the land as Yahoshua Ben Nun kicked out the Canaanites.  

Lesson: Continue to Bear Fruit

We need to have a revolution of self. What is a revolution? Definition read. A sudden complete marked change. A procedure or course as a series, circuit or circle back to a starting point.

We were created in love truth justice, right? …in the image of Yah.

1 John 4:1-21, v. 1-3 So we see here there are only two Spirits: truth which is Yah and the anti-messiah spirit. v. 4 We are of Yah. Love, peace, truth…this Spirit is greater than the spirit of the world. It is greater than the old man. Yahoshua freed us from sin. Yah is greater than the devil, the devil was created. Why do you question Yah’s name? Doubt is of the world. v. 5-6 Only two spirits are at work: Truth=Yah and delusion=satan, anti-messiah. v. 7-8 HalleluYah. v. 9-13 The Spirit of love=Spirit of Yah. There are only two spirits. If you are lukewarm=it’s still the spirit of the adversary. No lukewarm Israylites, they belong to the world. v. 14-18 Let fear go. Let isolation, fear of being made fun of…let fear go. Don’t be afraid to spread the Good News at work. Don’t worry about what you will say. The Comforter will tell you what to say. v. 19-21 We must have compassion on our brothers and sisters. Those who do the will of Yah not speaking about those who cast pearls to swine. Those with the spirit of delusion are not our brothers and sisters.

Let us have the revolution of self. Definition read again. Procedure as a circle, circuit or series to bring you back to the starting point. TEXT: 360 degrees.We are going back to the image of love. Yah is bringing us back…the image of love. (talks to someone) Infinity and all that is satan. We were enslaved to sin when we were in the world.

witchcraft is speaking against your brother or sister. Speak blessings to them. Every time you speak, you gossip. We are tired of your back-biting, niggertry. Let’s be righteous. How we told Yah we would be. Yah will expose you witch, DEMON!

Let’s have a revolution of self. There are things about myself I want to change. We all have faults yet you are quick to pick other people’s faults out. See, the Spirit of Truth draws people to us. Some people have the spirit of delusion. This is why you do not bear good fruit. There are only 2 spirits at work, the Spirit of Yah and the spirit of delusion the anti-messiah.

If we are going to live with each other we have to leave lust, jealousy, witchcraft, gossip and back-biting. Yet we know in the wilderness we will have rebels. I don’t want to have lust, profanity and anger in the wilderness. If we get there. Tomorrow is not promised. Make a list of your faults. Yahoshua commanded us to be perfect. Write down what bothers you, work at them. Yah’s commands are not hard. There is a difference between striving and back-sliding. Shed that Babylon mind-set, it’s life or death. Yah reveals.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13, v. 1-3 Give but if you don’t have the Spirit of Yah on you, you’re a tool and not a vessel. Are you a tool or vessel? A tool can be used by Yah. It does not matter how much you give, spread the Word. Tools are put away but if you have love like a vessel and is filled with water…there are people who do not keep Yah’s Word on them. Are you filled with the living waters of Yah? A tool only has one purpose. Hammers drive a nail. Nails go to the wall. Yah uses you for that purpose. Vessels carry many things, multipurpose. We strive to be vessels, constantly filled with the Set-apart Spirit of Yah. Tools can be set down idle. TEXT: Vessels carries blood=life=salvation.

Let’s look at what parts of us need to die. v. 4-7 Love endures. Don’t fear persecutions coming. Pray for knowledge, understanding. Because it is coming. The final test is coming…study! We know how the story ends. v. 8 Are you a tool or vessel? Yah will send you delusion if you do not have love. You will fall for demonic doctrines. You will cease to be used by Yah. TEXT: ‘Mene, mene, tekel upharsin is what Abba wrote on the wall—we do not want to be caught out of balance in Yah.

v. 9-13 I use to do Christian and Egyptology concepts that I thought I could incorporate with Yah. Some of us try to hide our sins ‘that’s speaking as a child’. We say ‘let me put it off a little longer’. Men and women don’t use excuses. We are accountable for sins we commit. Repent and don’t do them anymore. Only 2 spirits exist…righteousness and wickedness.

We can’t jump to Revelation without understanding Genesis 15:13 first. If you question the names,  how can you understand Yah’s plan of salvation? How can you understand the fallen ones when you still do as they do? How can you fight satan if you are still in the world? You don’t have love of Yah in you, you fall for delusion.

Ysrayl means those who strive and overcome with Yah. Christians only know of Ysrayl. They don’t strive with Yah. Christians say John 3:16 all the time yet never mention John 3:18. Shed that Babylon mind-set. So what if you prophesy, if you don’t love Yah, you are not of us.

Galatians 1:6-12, v. 6 ‘different gospel or Good News’, how many go away from this truth? The preacher tells you its god because His name is too Holy to say. You won’t even tell your family about Yah and are quite around them. You cut your beard and stop wearing your tassels making excuses. See, Yah is not on your heart. v. 7 If I talk physco-babble on the mic, rebuke me…out of love. Don’t hate me…’I was waiting for this nigger to mess up’. We must have love, mercy for our brothers. v. 9-10 We don’t please men here. We follow Yah. We are to have love of Yah. The pharisees had no compassion of Yah. v. 11-12 So many of us leave this organization. ‘They say I don’t follow no man’. ‘The Way’ was an organization. This is not the only organization teaching Yah’s Word. You use to love Israelite Heritage. Now you call it a cult. Two spirits operate, the Spirit of Yah and the Spirit of delusion. Don’t let no one take you from where Yah has placed you. Don’t let nobody take the truth from you.

Let us have a revolution of self. Are you a tool or vessel? I want to be a vessel, multipurpose. The tool of the devil is used by him.

Ephesians 3:1-5 There’s a satan’s doctrine that says this Scripture is pre-existence of Messiyah. What is the mystery? Read v. 6-7. This is the understanding. The Gentiles will be united. Salvation is for everyone. John 4:22 Yahoshua came to us first. We are to go to the Gentiles. He had to bring back the remembrance to us. We are to be a light to the nations. 1 Corinthians 15 death and life came through a man. Revelation of Yahoshua was revealed to us. So be like Him. Imitate Him. This is the revelation, bring us back to our original place. We were not born to be sinners. We were created to be perfect. We are not Christians. Stop trying to be a Muslim, Christian, black nationalist.

The revelation was given to John (Yahcanan) from Yahoshua. You must have the revelation in order to understand this Word. Keep this fire! After you are immersed, satan will attack you. It’s a war. Keep the zeal for Yah. Remember, the joy of coming out of the water. keep this fire! I pray you guys understand the seriousness of this. We are about to go into the Revelation series. Pray for understanding. There is so much false doctrine out there about the book of Revelation.

Colossians 3:25, v. 1-4 Read. v. 5 Covetness=greed of gain. v. 6-7 We once walked in these. Continue to allow Messiyah to be revealed in you. Walk on the Spiritual. v. 8-10 We have been renewed in Yah, we must be as Yahoshua. v. 11-13 Read. v. 14 Put on the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Yah.  Yah is perfect. Yah is Love. v. 15-17 Read. v. 18-25 Read. There is no partiality with Yah.

This revealing is beautiful. The end time series will be read together. The Spirit of Yah will be here. I have questions, two questions also about the book of Revelation. The revealing will come. I pray Yah will give understanding of simple matters first. Like how to deliver the Word, how to treat my brother etc. TEXT: How to please Yah.

Appreciate small blessings first before you want to heal and raise the dead. Knowing the name of Yah is a blessing. Knowledge is not Jesus. The Book of Revelation will reveal Yahoshua. Do you know Yah? Is He on your heart? Yet you know all the Scriptures. Don’t forsake the assembly. We don’t know everything. You will end up putting your foot in your mouth. Some of us don’t know there will be righteous Gentiles in the kingdom and wicked ‘brews in the lake. How can I witness, if I don’t keep Shabbat? If I don’t have love on my heart? Sin is complex. Scriptures are simple.

Ephesians 4:1-16, v. 1-3 Some of you are quick to turn and say ‘I heard Israylite Heritage is ___’. ‘Man I KNEW it’. Guard yourself, the unity. Guard against gossip and strife. v. 4 One teaching, 1 love, 1 truth. There are only 2 spirits…Yah and the adversary. v. 5 We are immersed in the name of Yahoshua. One immersing. There is a righteous separation. v. 6-14 Read. v. 15 Maintain truth. Truth is love, Yah. v. 16. HalleluYah.  Love is the underlying message to this lesson. Revealing is with love. Yah is love. You must have love of Yah to understand Scriptures.

Let’s talk about the scribes and pharisees. We are the body of Messiyah. We must love. We must protect. Or it will be taken. We must be a vessel or we become tools.

Matthew 23: 1-32, v. 1-8 We are brothers so don’t be called teacher, preacher etc. Don’t be like Christians. Be like Yahoshua. Let your brother or sister exalt you. Don’t exalt yourself. Yah is esteem. Be a servant of Yah. Do as Yah says to do. v. 9 Yah is Father. v. 10-12 People come and go from the organization, who wanted authority. Yah has removed them. They were tools. They were used by Yah then put away. They are taken away with false doctrine. Test the spirit by the spirit. Yah will give you what He wants you to have. Don’t pray to be the greatest teacher. Pray for understanding. Don’t pray to bust the Christians over the head. Pray Yah is lifted and seen by them. Be a righteous humble servant. You want a title. Be happy you have understanding. You want to be wicked with Yah’s Word. Yah sees your heart. TEXT: Motives.

Obadiyah and myself never call ourselves leaders. Yah places shepherds over us. HalleluYah. Yah gave this Word through Obadiyah and I followed. It’s Yah’s Word. I don’t have all the answers. v. 13-16 Read. TEXT: Yah blockers. v. 17-19 More concerned about how you appear before men, instead of Yah. v. 20-28 Read. v. 29 You are the niggers that killed the prophets. You speak against them. You kill your brother today. You speak against your brother today. If Yahoshua was living today, you would be the main one pulling out his beard and saying His blood be on our children. You would be one of the 490 something prophets of baal in the days of Eliyah. v. 30-31 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…their father is the devil. Just like in the book of Yesiyah says, you speak with your mouth Yah and Yahoshua but your heart is far from Yah.

My walk started in 2008 when I got immersed. I knew about Him since 1992. I expect to get more faith. Hebrew 11:1.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-28, v. 1-7 Read. v. 8 Put on faith, love and hope. v. 9 Deliverance through Messiyah. v. 10-28 Read.

Continue to fight. Yahoshua has been revealed to us. Keep that revelation . Yah does not give you things you can’t handle. It is easy for people with no understanding on their hearts to be taken away. Have revelation, revolution of self. Work on that old man. I write my things down. This is how Yah speaks to me. Messiyah is coming, be sober. Have your feet prepared. Put on that breastplate of righteousness. Because people will come with accusations that we steal, sell drugs…rebuke that. They will come with lying wonders. I carry 2 swords!! I will fight to stay with Yah!

In the book of James: Never say that you are tempted by Yah. Satan uses things that are on your heart to tempt you. Remove the old man or woman. TEXT: Remember when you gave your heart to Yah you gladly took up your shield and your sword as time marched on some trials came along that’s when you should have trusted even more. TEXT: Like in the Matrix…I didn’t tell you it would be easy, I said it’s the truth…HalleluYah.

Q: Aaron Russo? A: ‘wag the dog’ movie: Jessica Lynch remember her from the Iraq war? Did y’all know that whole thing was made up? The ‘wag the dog’ story is similar. They needed a hero after the fake war (reason for the war) and fake 911 (who really did it)…Aaron Russo called ‘freedom fascist’ in the movie. They killed him so he does not talk. Aaron Russo was killed because he told about the Rockefeller’s banking industry. Yeah that song ‘proud to be an American’ by Toby Keith or Lee Greenwood whoever, made a lot of money after 911. All this was done by design. The police in the south started as slave catchers. Did y’all know that? Patrol men.

Q: What does Exodus 4:24-26 mean? Who was Yah seeking to kill and what did Zipporah mean when she told Moses ‘thou art a bloody husband to me’. Is this because of circumcision? A: Let’s read verses 19 through 31. This is Moses going back to Egypt. v. 23 Yah’s Spirit told Moses what to tell pharaoh. We are Yah’s first-born, Ysrayl. He smote pharaoh’s first-born. v. 24 Yah was about to kill Moses. Zipporah did the circumcision. Moses was a stiff-neck. Yah was about to kill Moses. The book of Jasher gives more to the story. Yasher LXXVIII or 78:9-10 and LXXIX or 79:8-12 Zipporah saved Moses from the angel of Yah.

Q: I just came into the truth. My husband and I left the church. We study online but I go through mental battles. How do I combat this? A: Ahkotee, you are going through your fiery trial. Don’t lose faith. 1 Peter 4:12-13 read. Don’t be dismayed. Don’t give in to depression. It’s from the devil. We all go through it. This is the only place of shalom to worship Yah in Spirit and truth. Keep fighting.

Q: Romans 13:1-6? Submission to government? They are corrupt. Paying taxes? A: They say we don’t have to pay taxes. We are to obey laws. The man of sin will try to make us eat pork and profane the Shabbat. Don’t disobey Yah’s laws. Yahoshua said pay Caesar what is Caesar’s. (My side note: Matthew 17:24-27 Yahoshua paid the temple tax).

Q: Boils, pimples are a discharge? And unclean? A: Discharges are on-going. A continued flow. Zips are not a continued discharge (laughs).

Q: Exodus 33:11, did Moses see Him? A: No man has seen the image of Yah…and lived. Yah spoke face to face means a relationship like a friend.  This was not a formal relationship. Yah speaks through us in dreams and visions. But He spoke in a special way to Moses. Moses’ face shone with light of Yah. He had to wear a veil on face. Enoch in the book of Yasher, the people would fight and could not look him in the eyes because the presence of Yah was on him. TEXT: Yah spoke to Moses clearly and not in dark sayings. TEXT: The glory of Yah was unbearable to look upon.

Q: Are some sex positions forbidden? A: The bed, marriage is undefiled. But do not reverse roles in the bedroom. No man should play like a woman and vice versa. Authority is still the same in the bedroom.

Q: How do we get married according to the Bible? A: Genesis 2: 22-25 read. This is the first marriage. You two make a covenant before Yah. It was just me and my wife at first. Then we renewed before the assembly the second time. We did have state papers done just so niggers don’t try to claim the little money I do have.

A: 1 Corinthians 14: 33-35 and 1 Timothy 2:11-15 This is why women don’t ask questions here. She is to ask her husband. v. 14 Eve was deceived not Adam. But women can read Scriptures in assembly but you can not teach in assembly.

Q: Do we need to do circumcision? A: They are starting to charge 250 to 400 dollars now saying it is cosmetic and not needed. We need to learn how to do circumcision.

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A Disciplined Servant is a Servant of Yah p. 2

Do you see that? Undisciplined is making excuses. Saying ‘oh man, we haven’t got enough money for all these centers, why do we need centers’? Or ‘oh man I have no gas money, I can’t go up to the center today’. Or ‘oh man, how am I going to pay bills man, naw, I’m not going to Shabbat today man, I’m going to go ahead and go to work’. That’s being undisciplined. When the Bible expressly tells us to seek ye first the kingdom of Yah in all of its righteousness and it will be given.

Before we left the house yesterday, myself and my wife we prayed for a specific thing. And this is the beauty behind it. Don’t you know the guy next door that owns a tire store came here yesterday and gave us exactly what we needed. Because we asked Yah and the exact manner that we asked it, Yah gave it, family. See in order to perform or witness grand miracles, we have to be able to see the small miracles. We have to be able to see the forest and the trees. We must have that discipline to know that if we stop one thing, if we take one step close to Yah, Yah will take five steps to us. Again, discipline=perfection=eteranal salvation. And it’s that simple. Really we could stop the lesson right now fam but hey let’s keep going just to drive home this point.

Deuteronomy chapter 8, again this is dealing with stiff-neck Ysrayl, our people, us. They are no different from we and we are no different from they. We still gripe, moan and complain and they did gripe, moan and complain. We are our father’s and mother’s children.

Deuteronomy 8:5 Son=all your children. Look at that and since we are talking about the punishment and we begun the lesson by reading in the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha about Ezra asking the question of Yah. Yah brought a righteous malakim and gave him exactly what he wanted. So when we ask these question and we wonder why, Yah will give us the answer that we need. But first we have to understand the manner in which Yah is speaking. You see, Yah is chastening us. Yah is giving us this punishment as a preparation. Right? If you think you are being persecuted now, what will you do when you watch your whole family get murdered because you will not profess the name of Jesus? Or because you won’t call the man of sin your god. I mean if we can’t handle this little petty stuff that’s going on now, how in the world can you even begin to understand watching your child be viciously killed in your face? That’s the same thing that Uriyah was saying to Ezra. ‘You can’t even deal with what you are seeing here, how in the world can you understand the vastness of Yah’? Do you see? It’s the same thing. If we can’t deal with the trial and tribulations, you know, these trivial matters now… man we have a lot of work to do. Again discipline, preparation, practicing, honing your skills so to speak=perfection. Right?

Y’all, I would watch Michael Jordan sometimes, how he use to do that fake to the right, then go to the left, turn around and do that spin shot. Do you think he was born knowing how to do that? No he practiced to the point of where he perfected that art. He perfected that move. As we should. Continue to practice. Continue to hone our skills with this Bible, this sword that we have, this Spiritual Word. Right? So that we don’t fall victim to the arrows of the adversary. It’s the same thing. And it’s really that simple. HalleluYah. Resist the devil and he shall flee. There is no matter impossible unto Yah. You must have faith because without faith it is impossible to please Yah. And we say it all the time because he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Seek his face. HalleluYah.

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 13. See we are almost done. I wanted to make this a short lesson so the attention span is there. So we can take this Word and digest it.

Proverbs 13:24 Look at that. We ought to give praises to Yah everyday that we are under these curses because do you know what? That’s a refinement or trial by fire. What we are going through now is preparing us. This is our trial by fire. Job was a man of patience that went through a trial by fire. And he figured out that he needed to be more disciplined in some aspects of his life. Moses, a friend to Yah was tried by fire. And at the end he was unable to go with the children of Ysrayl to the promised land. Again because of being undisciplined. He was instructed to speak to the rock. He let anger get the best of him and he struck the rock. And because of that one moment of undisciplined action he was unable to see the land promised to him and his fathers. Don’t let that happen to us brothers and sisters where we let one fouler, one short coming of our walk hinder us from reaching the kingdom.

David a man after Yah’s own heart, sinned, fell short of Yah’s glory but repented of that sin and was more disciplined in his life and all of his matters. And he, Yah willing, will wake up in that first resurrection. He was called a man after Yah’s own heart, halleluYah. We should aspire to be like they. Like David, like Moses, like Abraham, Isaac and Yahqob, you know I don’t want to be like Mike. I want to be like Yahoshua. Because if Mike don’t get it right, Mike is going to the lake of fire. Him and that spin t the right, turn to the left, turn around jump. (Talks to someone) kayn, I betcha he will not be able to fake out of that. (laughs) HalleluYah. Kobe…(laughs).

Let’s go to the book of Mark chapter 10. The lesson is almost done family. It’s a short word, man. But the understanding, we all need to be perfect. No more saying I’m getting there. Let’s be there. And let’s start today. Start with something small, if there is something small that is hindering you from being perfect, make a covenant with Yah saying ‘Yah, I will go X amount of time without doing this halleluYah. And when you do it, increase it more and more. To relate it in the terms of sports, practice your back pedal. Safety, quarterback and football, you know about this…pedaling backwards and they teach you like this: Follow the football, the motion of the football. You turn your hips to the right then you swivel your hips to the left. It’s the same thing. You didn’t learn how to do that first off right? You had to practice it. Some of us probably tripped and fell. But practicing, practicing again fitting your feet with the preparation of the Good News, that’s what the Scripture means. You know fitting your feet with the preparation of the Good News. Preparing.

If you know that you are weak in an area…STUDY. It’s not that hard. We make it hard because we make excuses. We give every reason why we should not do something. Like those stiff-necks gave every excuse as to why  they did not want to come out of Egypt. Like when we go to the wilderness, if Yah so sees us fit, stiff-necks will make up every reason why we need to stay in America. Or like how stiff-necks right now makeup every reason under the heavens why we need to call Yahoshua, Jesus. Or why we need to go over to the land now and convert to Judaism. It’s the same undisciplined mind-set. It’s later for that, man. We are in the last days and times of history. You know, we are in the last days and times. We are waiting on the return of the Messiyah. That’s the end of the grace period. We don’t know when he’s coming. We know what has to happen before he comes and that is where the grace lies. You have a time because you know, because you observe Scripture and you have an understanding of Scripture…what has to take place. That’s your time. It ain’t grace, he’s going to forgive you just because you keep back-sliding. Naw. That’s undisciplined.

Yahoshua was very disciplined. He became the living embodiment of the Word. Yah ain’t undisciplined. Yah is perfect. And if we are to become the Word and the Word is Yah. Right? Like it says in the book of John (Yahcanan) 1:1. In the beginning was the Word and the Word is Yah. So if Yahoshua became the living embodiment of that and we are to follow Yahoshua…we have a lot of work to do. ALL of us.

Mark 10:17-27, v. 17-19 You know the commandments. We read the 10 commandments every time we come together in Shabbat. We know how to deal with our brothers and sisters, we read that in the book of Matthew 18. So the same thing is being said, we can put ourselves in the feet of this young man who runs up to the Messiyah and asks him this question. v. 20-21 Again, as Yah chastens out of love, we chasten and correct each other out of love. Yahoshua LOVED him, right? Yahoshua corrected him. v. 22-24 Look at that, they trust in worldly matters. They trust in the things that moths destroy. We put all our hope, trust and faith in the government. Let’s put it in modern-day times. We put our faith, hope and trust in man through the preachers, reverends, bishops, pastors, moray whatever you want to call it. We put our faith in money. Because we think with money comes riches, comes happiness. Right? And we find out all money ain’t good money. This is what Yahoshua is speaking about…the coveting, the wanting to have or putting your trust hope and faith into the material, only going by the seen as opposed to having faith in the unseen. In Hebrews 11:1-3 gives you the correct definition of what is faith. It is the belief in the unknown, knowing that it’s going to happen because it has been promised to you. So we know that the Messiyah Yahoshua will return. We know that Yah is real. We know that what we say is true as long as what we say is coming from what thus saith Yah. HalleluYah.

So again going back to what we were reading here in verse 24 (reads v. 24 again). v. 25 Read. v. 26 This is something Christians say ‘well who is perfect’? ‘Who you know is perfect’? We are going to give you some examples here in a couple of seconds from the Bible of who was perfect. v. 27 So you see with flesh and blood nothing is possible, man. So with the rainbow-push coalition and and Tavis Smiley and all these other quote unquote leaders in the ‘black’ community, flesh and blood can’t get you there. So SNICK, CORE, NAACP all these different government-funded organizations have been placed before us as stumbling blocks by satan himself to continue to give us that illusion of freedom. So if you trust in that, you ain’t going nowhere. It’s impossible to get to the kingdom with that. This is the understanding of this Scripture. But with YAH all is possible.

Abraham was a rich man. Again, Abraham was a friend to Yah (James 2:23). Right? Abraham was rich. So the understanding is that it’s not that your rich, that’s not the point. We have some brothers and sisters in the walk right now who are rich by today’s standards. But that’s not what this Scripture is talking about. Because as we read int he 24th verse of this chapter, it said how hard is it for those who TRUST in riches, who trust in the material, that’s the understanding. How hard is it for Martin Luther King and them to give us this freedom? Which Yah can give us freely. How hard is it for a preacher to understand this and give you this same truth? How hard if it for some of these scholars out here to give you this truth? That’s what it is saying. So it’s not the fact that someone is rich because there are plenty of brothers and sisters in the way, who are in the way, who will come into the way, who have possessions. That’s not the understanding but the understanding is those who put TRUST in the material, those who put TRUST in money. Because Scripture says for the love of money is the root of all evil. So that’s the understanding. HalleluYah.

Now we pretty much talked about the punishment aspect of it. We talked about the curses also. Let’s now go to the training aspect of it. Again, trials and tribulations. That’s the training that we go through. Punishment is apart of the training but then us learning from the punishment and going over the Word, that’s more so. Right? So let’s go to the book of 1 Kepha chapter 4. We will read the entire chapter. We just have a couple more Scriptures left, then we are done. Because we don’t want it to be too long. We want the understanding to be had. HalleluYah.

1 Kepha 4:1-19, v. 1 Again focus on your discipline (arm yourself) if you want to put it in martial arts terms. Right? Yahoshua was very disciplined. He was perfect in thoughts, actions and deeds. So we need to guard ourselves. We need to have that same mind-set. I know some of you have heard this. ‘If you take yourself out of the game mentally, you’ve already defeated yourself’. So if you have defeatist type attitude, you’ve already lost the game. Half the battle is already lost with just that negative attitude. This is why we rebuke those spirits of negativity. The spirit of doubt is just as bad if not worse than murder. You know it’s just as bad as murder, when you start to doubt yourself then you start to doubt that Yah is working in you. And then pretty soon you say that you can’t hear Yah’s voice anymore. And before you know it, you are not even calling on the name of Yah. So again, guard yourself or practice in your discipline. Become disciplined as the Messiyah is disciplined. Guard yourselves in the same mind. That’s the mind-set that the Messiyah had. He was bold in thought action and deed because He was perfect in thought action and deed.

Continues reading verse 1. Look at that. He who has suffered in the flesh, has ceased from sin. We wrestle against these spiritual matters everyday. So when we stop lying, when we stop cussing, when we stop fornicating, we die to sin. This is the whole breakdown of Romans chapter 6. Being that we are not under Torah but we are under favor. This is what Shaul was saying. We don’t have to go to the altar with that pre-conceived notion saying ‘hey, if I’m going to sin, I may as well ge the goats (ready)’. No , we strive for perfection. We walk perfect because we have the perfect example. Yahoshua being the perfect example. Yahoshua being the number one example of perfection, of boldness, of discipline. HalleluYah.

v. 2-3 Abominable idolatries (in v. 3) would be what they call selling your soul to the devil. The devil ain’t got enough money in all of his banks to buy my soul. Because as long as I have the breath of life in me, I still have a chance to repent as long as I don’t blaspheme against the Set-apart Spirit. So your fire arms are too short satan, that lie doesn’t work with me. HalleluYah.

v. 4 Do you ever notice that when you start walking a little more correctly, you start to lose certain friends? You start to disassociate inadvertently or on purpose. Because certain people you know them to be idolators. You know them to be gossipers. You know they have lose lips and they like to talk a little bit. So in our disciplinary mind-set, in us perfecting our discipline, in us practicing what it is we believe in, the Word right, sharpening our spiritual sword, right? With the discipline, we start to see less those who do not walk in the same manner that we walk. This is what this verse is saying right here. ‘Same flood of dissipation=same flood of lose behavior’ (this is the meaning).

v. 5-6 See this Good News is brought for niggers. Or negroes or necro, the dead, spiritually and physically. So you see we don’t get so caught up in the whims about what people are saying about us, we keep it  moving. We care less about what the world says because at the end of the day the only opinion that matters of the only say-so that matters is Yah. Like we said, Yah is The Creator not the created. So I could care less if Jesus doesn’t like me. I could care less if God…if someone is going to send some voodoo demon against me. I have The Word. I have the power and authority over ALL unclean spirits, so says Yahoshua per Matthew chapter 10. HalleluYah it is what it is. We fight the good fight as Scripture says. ‘Judged by men in flesh=the persecutions’.

v. 7-8 ‘The end has drawn near’ this is speaking directly to us. We are living in the very last days of this age. v. 8 If you don’t have anything else, have love for your brothers and sisters. Have love for the knowing and unknowing Hebrew Israelites. Have love for those who are oppressing you. Have love for those who are persecuting you because as it says here love covers a great number of sins.

v. 9 Don’t be mad to see someone. Be happy that you are seen. Because the fact that you are seen means you still have the breath of life in you. Because if you can’t see that means your dead or blind. One of the two. So by happy.

v. 10 Read. v. 11 ‘If anyone speaks let it be the  words of Yah’. See, as I was reading this Scripture and putting these notes together in the lesson, that spoke directly to me. If anyone speaks let it be the words of Yah. Moshe, you can’t stand before the nation of Ysrayl and tell someone to stop cussing if you are cussing. Hypocrite. And I felt like the biggest hypocrite. And that compelled me to make that covenant with Yah on this day, starting today as we start to take charge of our own lives. Let us not be victims of sin. Let us not fall victim to undisciplined behaviors. Let us be disciplined. Let us take charge. Let us get our leafy loins under control. Let us get our wondering eyes under control. Let us get our blaspheming blabber mouths under control. Because we see the end all has drawn near.

v. 12 this is the key to the whole chapter right here. Don’t be surprised at the fiery trial that is coming upon you…to try you. So we should not wonder or marvel when we say that we are a servant of Yah, if our level of servitude comes into question. You know, someone may question you. ‘Are you really a servant of Yah’? Don’t marvel at that. If we say that we are men and women of Yah…don’t marvel when the trial comes. And definitely don’t succumb to the trial. Because Yah does try us and satan is going to test (tempt) you. And sometimes he comes with the same old garbage day-to-day. And that’s another thing, in reading this chapter, it spoke to my very being. It said how can you sit up here and talk to these people and your silly self can’t even go one day without cussing? So really family, this whole lesson (laughs) was just a…I’m laughing man but like man, I was almost brought tears last night because it spoke to me. It says Moshe Ben Ysrayl, you are a hypocrite. How can you stand in front of the nation of Ysrayl and say thus saith Yah when you are not even doing it? Yah compelled me to take one more step towards perfection. HalleluYah.

You know because I would always give myself the excuse, ‘well I stopped drinking’. ‘Well I don’t fornicate, I don’t do that’. But what more can you do for Yah? Okay, you done that HalleluYah. You get the congressional pat on the back. But what more will you give? Like the ahk said in the song ‘what will you give’? What are we willing to give right now? Think about that. Each and every person within hearing distance of this messege right now, what more will you give to obtain eternal salvation? Let’s ask ourselves that. We don’t have to say it (out loud). We don’t have to tell everyone. The only reason I’m only bringing it up is because it’s a part of the lesson. And it’s just a tool for teaching. But each and every one of us, before we lay our heads down tonight, let’s ask ourselves what more are we willing to give for eternal salvation? Kingdom time is coming family. We can sit here and pretend that all is well in our own lives but we know that’s not the case. We know that as Yah lives we are struggling right now. But it’s a beautiful struggle because again it’s the fiery trial spoken about right here in first Kepha 4:12.

v. 13 Do you know what this means? It says here rejoice exaltingly…lift up HIS NAME. So that you may give HIM to esteem on the 1st resurrection. Let’s read it again. When is going to be the revelation of Yahoshua’s esteem? Read the book of Enoch chapter 62 and you will see when the revelation of His esteem comes to be. When those ugly angels comes to get those who are wicked. I mean we are laughing man but I read about those ugly angels…I do NOT want to see those ugly angels or malakim. They are supposed to be beautiful. Right? They come in the image that’s pleasing to you. Even death visited Abraham in the manner of a pleasing view or whatever. And Abraham asked to see death’s real face. The angel was like I don’t know if you want to see it. Abraham insisted. Death showed Abraham and Abraham almost dropped dead right there. He was like ‘oh Master, Master please’. You know, I say it jokingly fam but hey man look…I don’t want to see that so hey giving up cussing and giving up back-biting, arguing, strife and all of that hey I will gladly work at it. Continually. Because again discipline=perfection= kingdom. That’s it. That’s all.

v. 17 Uh-oh so if Yah is going ’round whipping tail, He’s coming to us first (Israelites). So we must especially if we have been immersed, we have to get ourselves right. Ain’t no more mulligans. We can’t get a do-over anymore. You know we start walking…that’s why I only acknowledge the fact that my walk officially started when I came up from out of the water. So what when you first heard about Yah and Yahoshua, so what when you first heard about Hebrew Israelites. You weren’t walking the way Yah said walk so it don’t count. What counts is when you went in the water and when you came up. And like it says right here man, kingdom time is at hand family. It say that because of this, because it is time for judgment to begin from the House of Yah and firstly from us. What is the end of those that do not obey the Good News of Yah? So what is the end of those who do not practice discipline right now? What’s our end? I think we know it. 

v. 18 What does pastor say, Shlomo? It’s not saved, it’s s-a-v-e (laughs). So if the righteous ones will be barely saved, how much or where shall the wicked one or where shall the wicked sinner appear? So where shall all the niggers who say they are s-a-v-e-d, where will they end up? Because the Bible says only the ones who have endured to the end will be saved. And that’s going to be scarcely. That’s why it’s only family members in the assembly right now. Because we understand the severity of the times. Real quick, look outside, anytown USA, wherever you are. If you are around some ‘brews, you will see the curses. If you are around the Gentiles, you will see the curses because you are the cursed one. So we need not look any further than our own households. We know what time of day that we are in. We know that the Messiyah is coming. So this is why it’s pertinent, important… I mean it is the most important thing in the history of knowing anything that’s going on right now…Restoration and reaching out to the remnant.

v. 19 Look at that. We should be disciplined. Again, because Yah is trustworthy. Because His love is everlasting. HalleluYah.

So I kind of lumped the last 2 together, the last 2 entries of the definition of discipline because they are similar, kind of the same thing. Drill and military discipline. It is the activity or regiment that develops that improves a skill, right? I put these 2 together because you know, you guys ever heard the saying practice makes perfect? Practice makes perfect. So we practice at this walk. Let me try to give you a good example. You are a baby. Right? Mama told you not to put your hand on that stove. But you being stiff-necked, Moshe being stiff-necked…myself…my name sake because even Moses was a bit of a stiff-neck. So I say halleluYah. Moshe is going to touch that oven because Moshe heard what she said but I want to see for myself. That’s me. For REAL. That’s me, I want to see. I touch it and now I have third degree burns on my hand. I know now from learning from that bad thing that happened, I know that I should not touch the fire anymore. This is it. Practice makes perfect. When I cook, I practice staying away from tha fire. Right? And I’m 33 years old now and I try my hardest not to get burned by that same fire that I touched when I was a child. So again practice make perfect. The more we do it the better at it we become. Again, the Michael Jordan analogy(practice).

So now the ultimate goal as we have stated throughout this lesson is perfection. Discipline=perfection=the kingdom. So now I’m going to run through some examples of perfection. Because Christians love to say, well people in general, I’m going to stop beating up on just the Christians. Everybody needs a little bit of this belt. All these people say ‘well we can’t be perfect’. ‘Ain’t nobody perfect’. Bull. I’m finna (about to) name 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…six Scriptures that show perfection in the Bible. And there’s (really) more (perfection Scriptures). But for the sake of time we will name these six. The first one is Matthew 5. This is Yahoshua speaking.

Matthew 5:48 This sounds like a thou shalt to me. This doesn’t sound like a ‘if’ you feel like it or preach intolerance. It sounds like thou shalt be perfect, if thou wants to run-th in the kingdom of thine Creator. (laughs) That old English. So if thine expects to wake up in the first resurrection of perfection thou must be ye perfect. HalleluYah. Seems real cut and dry. But thou knowest that there are those that are stiff-est of face who still try to circumvent Yah’s laws. We say halleluYah. But thine divine congregation of Ysrayl knows that in order to obtain-th yet again perfection thous must be perfect. (laughs) I’m sorry fam but I mean, hey, we joke a little bit but we understand the ultimate seriousness of what it is that we are doing here. HalleluYah.

Genesis chapter 17. This is Yah again, speaking to Abraham who was a friend to Yah.

Genesis 17:1 …’walk before Me and be perfect’.  This is the same as Yahoshua said. So I don’t get how you can take what you call the quote unquote new testament and say that anything has been dispensated. That doesn’t make any sense, dispensation believers. That’s an ideology. That’s a falsehood. That’s a lie. Because if Yah told Abraham to be perfect then Yahoshua who is a representative of Yah, who is the living Word said be perfect, I think we should probably be perfect. Hey, it is what it is. HalleluYah.

The book of Job or the book or Iyob or Yob. Yob chapter 1. HalleluYah see family it was not a long lesson today.

Yob 1:1 So he was disciplined because it takes a certain level of discipline to obey Yah’s laws rules and commandments. That’s why everybody ain’t-gon-get-this. That’s why we only go to those who are earnestly seeking the face of Yah. Because we know that the set-apart ones, the ones that make it to the kingdom like we just read in 1 Peter, they will (make it) barely. So we are not trying to go out and save everybody. We are doing everything that Yah commanded Yahzeqyl in the book of Yahzeqyl chapter 2, you know, go out there and speak My words whether they turn to the right or left, that’s it. Speak My words. Be perfect. That’s pretty much it.

Let’s now go to the book of Genesis chapter 6. This is another man who obtained perfection in the eyesight of Yah. Because you best believe they wouldn’t say it in the Bible if it weren’t true.

Genesis 6:9 HalleluYah, hey a perfect man. So we are (batting) 3 for 3 now. Getting a little baseball analogy out there. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m probably the only ‘brew here today that played baseball and who likes soccer but hey man, it’s all good. You know I just like exercises. (laughs) ahki Dale has my back. That’s what’s up. YEAH. (laughs).

Alright, the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18.

Deuteronomy 18:13-14 Be perfect. Be disciplined. Be sound in thought action and deed.

Let’s go to 1 Kings 8. So far, we have 5 thou shalts and no thou shalt nots.

1 Kings 8:61 Loyal=perfect. Guard, defend, safe guard, protect His commands at this day. Again, when we practice or defend ourselves in a physical fight, we have a discipline or martial art or any form of discipline that we use to defend ourselves. It’s the same thing on the Spiritual we use our discipline that we learned, in this case the discipline that we learned to fight the adversary is TRUTH. The knowledge of truth, which are Yah’s laws rules and commandments. Again discipline=perfection=eternal salvation.

So now we just have 5 short verses left and we are done with the lesson brothers and sisters. As we seen throughout this lesson and as we will continue to see throughout the Scriptures, discipline is the key to perfection. Because by simply exercising some discipline we are improving our skills as servants. Just as it says in the Bible. And we have given examples of all. Practicing a discipline can help you become a better athlete. And help you to become a better martial artist. It can help you to become a better cook. Any of these things on the physical can be achieved by practicing so you become perfect in your discipline or your study. Much is the same on the Spiritual, by practicing this discipline which is obedience, submission and humility to Yah’s laws rules and commandments. That’s the beginning of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. HalleluYah.

Proverbs chapter 1. I pray that this lesson has been a blessing to you. I pray that this lesson has been done in a manner that is pleasing and acceptable in the eyesight to our Father Yah. May it fall on the ears (or your case eyes) that it may. May it rest on the hearts of whom it may. We pray that whom its hearts it rested on, have circumcision of the heart and will become more obedient to ALL of Yah’s laws rules and commandments.

Proverbs 1:1-8, v. 1-2 Read. v. 3 Because wisdom is a discipline. Instruction =discipline. Some worship the goddess philosophia but we love the wisdom  of Yah’s Word. That’s our discipline. This Word is our discipline or our study. And we are charged with administering this study, discipline to first the lost sheep of Ysrayl then to the nations. That is our discipline which is the Word of Yah. HalleluYah.

v. 4 Read. v. 5 Right, the wise one hears that it’s a sin to eat a certain animal and increases learning. Because now you have learned that it is wrong to eat that. So we are increasing learning. Right? This is what this verse is saying. ‘The understanding one gets right counsel’. So you understand when your wrong and your brother or sister reproves (corrects) you out of love as Yahoshua reproved the rich man because it said He ‘loved’ him and he gave him correction. We understand that. An understanding one gets wise counsel.

v. 6 See Yah’s Words are no longer a riddle. Shaul’s writings are no longer hard for us to understand. Because we know that Shaul said the same thing that Kepha said, was the same thing that Stephenos said, was the same thing that Moses said, is the same thing that Yah is saying to us this very day.

v. 7-8 That’s interesting that it says a fool despises wisdom and knowledge. We have heard Hebrews say that they hate to read. We have heard Hebrews say get that away from me, all I need is Jesus. We have heard Hebrews cuss us out for this truth. (talks to someone) Kayn, ‘I don’t read’ (they say). And then when we come with pictorials…they don’t want that! (laughs) Kayn, we have even heard Hebrews say, ‘I still have time’. Oh that may be the case. There is still time, while you have the breath of life but what if immediately after saying that Yah calls your breath of life?

Hey on a serious not fam, three of my cousins got murdered in the same night. And I talked to the eldest one of them, Jeremiah and myself and my wife, we gave him a copy of the curses (DVD). Seven days before Yah took his, his younger brother who was 18 and the youngest brother who was 13 lives. All taken. And we had spoken on occasions before about the masons, the esoteric, illuminati, boule and all that stuff. But again, when we just made the reference when somebody said they still have time, I pray that in that week span that something happened. That something clicked. Because the breath is gone and he no longer has a chance. He will hereby be judged on his 19, on his 18 and on his 13 years of life. Man family, it’s that close. We read in the book of  Peter, Kepha that judgment is at hand. We can not stress the seriousness and severity of the times that we live in. Yes, we do have time. We are breathing right now. But how much more shall Yah suffer us. How much more shall Yah tolerate the wickedness and the undisciplined actions thoughts and deeds of the nation of Ysrayl before Yah calls you home?

Because you see everybody is not going to make it to the wilderness. Some are going to die now. And even in the wilderness, the rebels or the undisciplined will still be purged. So how much time do we really have? We can try to calculate the moon, stars and philosophy by Aristotle, Socrates, the Egyptian gods of wisdom or whatever. We can try to prognosticate what’s going to happen by all of these but again…(talks to someone) Kayn, the Mayan Calendar which says it will be the start of a new age and all that we know is going to end next year, really? Come on man, that’s weak. How much time do we really have brothers and sisters?

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 4. Let’s stay in Proverbs.

Proverbs 4:1-14, v. 1-2 Yah has given us everything that we need. Yah wakes His prophets up everyday, early in the morning. We go out day-to-day. We are emissaries of Yahoshua the Messiyah, representatives of Yah’s way. So it is paramount to not only our salvation but the salvation of the world that we get disciplined right now. Because like we said before, salvation is of the Israelites. So it is very important that we get ourselves disciplined now. v. 3 read. v. 4 There’s that word again, guard (keep), use your discipline to protect. Right? Use this Word to protect the Word. Use the Word against those who are trying to pervert the Word. Use that law. Guard IT. Guard My commandments and live. Get wisdom. Get understanding. v. 5 Read. v. 6 Her=wisdom. v. 7 Read.

v. 8 When you embrace her and you know that there is a time to speak and a time to be silent. There’s a time for war and a time for shalom. There’s a time to live and a time to die. See, she exalts you in your discipline. Get wisdom that is what this is saying. She uplifts you, you don’t uplift yourself. But the wisdom brought forth by your discipline in being, disciplined and obedient that’s what’s going to uplift you. You don’t have to go around toting the shofar saying what you did and what you are going to do. Yah will do that by His wisdom that He gives us. HalleluYah. v. 9-12 Read. v. 13 ‘Hold fast to discipline or instruction’. v. 14 Read.

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms. We have 3 more Scriptures left. Psalm 18.

Psalm 18:21-32, v. 21 This is David speaking here. v. 22 Read. v. 23 I am perfect before Him. Uh-oh there’s number 6 for thou shalt (be perfect). v. 24 HalleluYah, we lift up our hands in Psalms and prayer and to  quote one of the ahks because He’s always there. v. 25 HalleluYah, this is how we understand that we are to be perfect because when we come into that state of perfection, Yah’s Word is perfect. It’s everything that we need. So when people say, ‘man that’s all you talk about’. Yeah, that is all I talk about. Because this is all I have to live for, the perfection that comes from being a servant of Yah.

v. 26 With the preachers that twist Scriptures, Yah’s Word is twisted. They give you twisted. They give you Jesus instead of Yahoshua. They give you God instead of Yah. So do you see? ‘With the crooked (shrewd) you show yourself crooked (shrewd)’. So you see, since they do not have a love for the truth. Since they are undisciplined. Yah gives them homosexual gods that they worship. Yah gives them baal gad or lord god or the prosperity god. Yah gives them prosperity preaching. Yah gives them over to the strong delusion because the love of Yah was never there in their hearts in the first place. v. 27 Pride comes before the fall. v. 28-30 Yah’s Way is perfect! Not Yahweh is perfect. YAH’S WAY is perfect. v. 31-32 See, when we follow Yah’s Way, Yah’s Way makes us perfect. Not Yahweh but Yah’s ways.

Let’s go to Proverbs 15. A disciplined servant is a perfect servant. HalleluYah.

Proverbs 15:1-10, v. 1-3 So when we think that Yah is not there. Yah is watching and He’s there. He’s always there. The eyes of Yah are in all places because heaven and earth will be a witness against you. v. 4 Read. v. 5 ‘A fool despises his father’s discipline’. So we see again, we take joy in the fact that we have come under the curses because we know that, that’s our Father again working with us, training us, giving us a trial by fire so that we may come out shining and new on the other end. We are not like the black panthers who are trying to kill the pigs. Naw. Vengeance is Mine, thus saith Yah. We ain’t like all these other negro groups, these dead groups out here. You know the Israel of God or the ISUPk or whatever. We aren’t apart of Comfy’s crew, you know those crazy dudes walking around like ninja turtles. Yah doesn’t call us to do that. Yah calls us to follow His laws rules and commandments. Now if Yah places it on your heart to embrace fully your Hebraic customs, hey halleluYah. We do it with our hair. Some of us choose to embrace the cultural garments that we wear. But it does not say in The Book that we have to dress like that. Nor act  a fool.

As a matter of fact, the Word speaks to the exact opposite of that buffoonery as we just read (in verse 2) ‘the mouth of the fool pours out foolishness’. This is why they stand on tree stumps yelling, hollering, cussing. That’s what the foolish do. Again, because since they are twisted in thought, Yah twists the Scripture because they don’t have the love of Yah so the love and understanding of the truth is no where in them. That’s why it’s impossible for them to please Yah. Because they are not disciplining themselves. They are not humbling themselves. They are not submitting to the full authority of Yah. They just know the names. And some of them don’t even use the names because some of them still use Lord God and Jesus. So to what end does that bring you? But to the lake. HalleluYah.

And like it says here, a fool despises his father’s discipline. A rebel with no clue or cause.

v. 6 What would it profit for a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul? v. 7 Read. v. 8 But the ISUPk say they are going to kill those niggers who say that Esau ain’t the white man. This is what this Scripture is talking about right here. So them teaching all that hate, that’s an abomination to Yah. v. 9-10 HalleluYah.

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A Disciplined Servant is a Servant of Yah p. 1

June 25, 2011

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another online Paltalk lesson. This lesson is called a disciplined servant is a servant of Yah. Because above all things fam, one thing that you guys will leave this lesson knowing is that the key to perfection is discipline. DISCIPLINE, DISCIPLINE, DISCIPLINE.

So as we get started, I want to read from the Pseudepigrapha. I want to read from the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. This is volume one, I believe. I’m going to read the 4th book of Ezra. We will read chapter 3. then we will read chapter 4. The story that we are picking up on is…this is ahki Ezra just…this is the 4th book of Ezra where the Hebrew Israelites are preparing to go back into their land after the Babylonian conquest and Ezra receives a vision from a malakim of Yah. And during this vision or this conversation with the malakim, he talks about some things. And the malakim explain some things to him. And so this is where we pick up right here. This is just after the Babylonian conquest. The children of Ysrayl are getting ready to go back into our land.

Ezra 3:28-36, v. 28 Of course he is talking about the Babylonians. He’s talking about…he’s comparing the deeds of the children of Ysrayl, the things that we have done, that made us go into captivity. He’s comparing our level of wickedness to the level of wickedness by the Babylonians. And sometimes, you know, we say things like that. You know, sometimes I find myself saying, ‘man these Gentiles are real wicked, why aren’t they cursed’? Especially before I came into the knowledge of who I was. So this is why this Scripture is fitting for the start of this particular lesson. v. 29 As a matter of fact, this is still going on. This is still during the Babylonian conquest. So he’s saying here…put yourself in Ezra’s shoes. We have been here in these United States some 390 odd years. We see the wickedness of the Gentiles. We see the quote unquote Jews that call themselves the Hebrew Israelites but are not but are the synagogue of satan. We had in our last lesson series, the synagogue of satan where we found out all the wicked things that these people do.

So sometimes we ask ourselves these questions. Are their deeds any less wicked than the deeds we did to get ourselves cursed? You see, we ask these questions. Why is it that quote unquote black people suffer from all the curses? Why is it that we only make up 14% of the population but we make up the overwhelming majority of the AIDS cases? We make up over half of the AIDS cases in the United States but we only make up 14% of the population. We only make up 14% of the population but make up 2/3 of the prison population as men. And half as women. Are our deeds so wicked that the Gentiles can come in our land? That these community action police can come in our land and rape our women, kill our young men? Are the actions that we have done so wicked that they can be allowed to do this? Their actions are just as wicked, if not more so wicked.

So why O Yah, why are we suffering these curses? This is what is going on right here. This is the mind-set of our brother Ezra while he’s in captivity. Some of us have asked these very questions. why are the Gentles allowed to do this to our people? Is our wickedness so great? Keep that in the back of your mind. Because again, a disciplined servant is a perfect servant. Remember that. v. 30-32 read. v. 33 We have all seen rich Gentiles. The stranger sojourns in our land and he is placed above high and we are so low. So we have asked these same questions while in captivity as this brother is asking right here. v. 34-36 So again we see the passion in this brother. We see the anger and anxiety in this brother.  He’s asking questions. He’s saying Yah, why has this been allowed to happen? As he is being visited by this righteous malakim. Why O Yah, why are we placed so low on the totem pole? Why are we going through all of these curses Father Yah? What’s going on? Check this out. The angel who came to visit this brother is Uriyah. Chapter 4 is Uriyah’s reply. Yah’s ways are inscrutable (title of chapter 4).

Ezra 4:1-12, v. 1-2 HalleluYah, look at that. That angel checked him. As we are to check those who are under demonic possession. Right off the top the angel said to him, your understanding has utterly failed regarding this world. And do you think that you can comprehend the ways of the Most High? Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. That we can’t understand Yah’s way all the time. All we need to do is obey Yah. We don’t need to understand why pork is bad. We just need to understand that pork is bad. We don’t need to know every ingredient that has been placed in a food. All we need to know is that when we bless that food in the name of the Messiyah…it is clean. So long as it is ordained to eat by Yah (a clean food). We don’t need to know why people come in the organization only to cause strife and division. All we need to know is that if we put Yah first, at the end of our days we shall be granted the tree of eternal salvation. HalleluYah.

This is the manner in which Uriyah came to Ezra. v. 3-7 So basically the angel says ‘if I had asked you about something that you have never seen before perhaps you would have been justified in giving me this half-baked answer. But check this out. v. 8 read. Now this is the key to the understanding from verses 9 to verses 12. Then we will start the lesson. v. 9 read. v. 10 How can your mind understand the Mastery of Yah? It can’t. v. 11-12 So how can you as a living being understand the Spiritual? So Yah was speaking through Uriyah to Ezra. If you can’t understand the basic things in which you interact with everyday, how can you then begin to understand the workings of Yah? So again fam, like today’s lesson says a disciplined servant is a perfect servant.

We don’t need to know everything all the time. All we need to know is that Yah is real and through our belief in the Messiyah Yahoshua we might have a right to the tree of eternal salvation if we are deemed worthy by the Most High Yah. That’s what it is. So with that being said y’all, halleluYah. Welcome to this online assembly of Israelite Heritage. My name is Moshe Ben Ysrayl for those of you who are not familiar with our ways. Every Shabbat at this time, we bring for the truth of Yah.

If the word of Yah was a sword, then discipline would be the sharpener stone of it. We read in Ephesians chapter 6 where it says the Word is a Spiritual sword. Right? So that being said, our spiritual sword sharpener is discipline. Think about it. Think about military officials and think about the military in general. They execute moves precisely. They set a time and that time is reached. You know, an operations order is put out. That operation order is relative to the order of Yah or to the Word of Yah and the soldiers in this army follow the order of Yah to the tee. We don’t add to and we don’t take away. It’s that simple. Perfection is that simple. And we are going to see that perfection and discipline go hand in hand.

So Yahoshua commands us to be perfect. He is telling us a way to be more disciplined. Be ye perfect. And we are going to read more about this word discipline in a few moments.

Discipline can be looked at in several ways. The first is training, to act in according to the rules. The military trains, dancers train, baseball players train, martial artists train. As a matter of fact, different styles of the martial arts are called disciplines.

You see, in learning and training, that learning and training henceforth becomes you discipline. So discipline is interchangeable here. Discipline means guarding or safe guarding. Again relating it to the terms of martial arts, when you fight, you are defending yourself. Your guarding yourself against attack, using your discipline. So let’s put that on a spiritual level, when you are attacked by a demon, your discipline or your acting, you are using the training in which you practiced on. You have studied to show yourself proven…standing in the Word, diligently obeying all Yah’s laws, rules and commandments. Again, that discipline enables you to fight the adversary and clench all of his arrows that come. Henceforth, by being disciplined by practicing and by acting in accordance with the rules, you are honing your skills. Your discipline now becomes sound.

The second entry we have is activity, exercise or a regimen that develops or improves a skill. So again martial artists or a baseball player (for example). If you have a problem hitting curve balls, right, you practice that activity. You practice until you are blue in the face. If you are a defensive linemen on the football field, if they teach you to stay at home so as to protect against a counter or sweep in your direction, that discipline means you stay at home. Stay in that spot. and now relating it to the Spiritual right here, this activity, this exercise or this regimen that develops or improves the skill. If Moshe is weak in Spiritual understanding therefore the activities and exercise that Moshe needs to implement in his daily regimen is Spiritual reading.

As a matter of fact for a little more…let’s put it in perspective. Let’s go to the book of Ephesians. Let’s read about putting on the complete armor of Yah. Because again this is all interchangeable, family. This is all the same thing. We will go to the book of Ephesians chapter 6. You guys have heard us read this before. Ephesians 6, put it in perspective.

Ephesians 6:15 Let’s put this in today’s perspective. Having prepared yourself with the activity or the exercise or the regimen that develops or improves a skill. Right? Having fitted your feet with that preparation of the Good News of peace, you now improve that skill. Do you see that? So whatever you are weak in, if lust is your weakness, then work on it, improve it. Move on to perfection. If answering questions is a weakness, that should be the discipline that you instill in yourself. That should be the activity or exercise that you implement in your every day-to-day regimen.

The third entry, punishment. punishment is discipline. Right? Because Yah chastens us out of love as we will read later. Punishment inflicted by way of correction and training. So this is the third entry right here. Punishment. We as a nation are being punished. We are going through our training right now. This is how we relate it to our day and time. We are going through our punishment, our training, our disciplinary time right now. Again (it’s to) improve or develop our skills so that we may walk unto perfection. We will be going through this discipline or training all the way until the wilderness. And even in the wilderness. Because as it say in the book of Yahzeqyl 20, Yah will contend with us face to face. Again, disciplining us more and more. Another interchangeable word is going through various activity, trials, tribulations and tests. This is all disciplining us so that we may become perfect servants.

Discipline equals perfection equals the kingdom. Those entries were examples to further edify or give you understanding, to give you more understanding of this vast topic that is discipline.

So with that being said fam, anyway you look at it, we as the children of Ysrayl are some of the most undisciplined people to walk the face of the planet. We walk around with this ‘I’m more set-apart than you’ (attitude). We walk around here like, we might as well be uh Hebrew-Christians. We walk around here thinking that we are better than our brother. We don’t say it but we feel it. So we might as well say it. Right? That’s undisciplined actions…back-biting, jealousy, rivalries, talking out of context and rebellion. That’s all an undisciplined…those are all activities or regimens that will take away from our skill. It will diminish our skill. It will dull our sword and again the sword is the Word. Conversely, if we continue to discipline ourselves and continue to work at our deficiencies, we improve our deficiencies i.e. sharpen that spiritual sword. So we are perfect.  Our swords which is the Word is perfect when we speak the Word because we become the living embodiment of the Word. As Yahoshua became the living Word. Or Yahoshua is the living Word. Ultimately, are we or are we not imitating Yahoshua? Are we or are we not imitators of Yahoshua? We spoke about that the week before last.

Are you an imitator of Yahoshua? Or getting back to these various excuses on why we can’t be perfect. How many times have you heard Christians say ‘oh can’t nobody be perfect’? ‘Ain’t nobody perfect’. That’s a lie. Again, because being perfect only means that you are disciplined, only means that you are perfecting yourself. Your steadily working at your discipline. Some people call it a craft but we will not call it a craft. We call it our discipline. This is our discipline. Yah’s laws, statues and commandments are our righteousness. Right? It says that in the book of Deuteronomy 6, I believe. So again, our discipline, our righteousness is Yah’s laws, rules, commandments  because when we follow them that’s what makes us perfect. There all interchangeable, as we see as the lesson goes on.

First, we will look at the punishment aspect of it. I want to read from out of the book of Mark chapter 14. I’m going to give you another example of being undisciplined. This is Yahoshua at Gethsemane. Yahoshua took Kepha, Yahqob (James) and Yahcanan (John) with Him. When He went to pray to Yah. This is on the night that He was delivered. So this is the story in which we pick up on, in our reading.

Mark 14:33-41, v. 33-34 Yahoshua gave them a command. He said stay here and watch. (That is) something simple. Just like Yah says, if you love Me obey My commandments. Something similar, something real easy. v. 35 Yahoshua is pleading ,interceding and praying that this cup may pass from Him. But He knows ultimately that Yah’s will,will be done. v. 36 read. v.37 Now this is the understanding  right here in this verse.  Look at this. Now let’s put it into our terms. Yah says if you love Me, guard My commandments. Why are we out there getting high? Why are we out there blaspheming? Why are we out here fornicating? Why are we out here using profane language? Why are we not honoring the Shabbat? Why are we lying and sinning against our brothers and sisters? Kayn, why are WE NOT STUDYING TO SHOW OURSELVES proven worthy of this gift that Yah has given us. Why? Can’t we be disciplined for just one day?

In this brief existence in this life that we have, in the eyesight of Yah it’s but a flicker of a candle. But we think that our walks are so great. We think, ‘oh man I have climbed the mountain’. ‘My day was so hard’. ‘Oh Yah have mercy on me’. ‘They talking about me’. ‘I can’t deal with it’. Yahoshua was murdered! He was executed for our measly (small) selves. And we can’t even tarry for one day. We can’t sit in a classroom for a couple of hours and hear Yah’s Word without our minds being distracted, without us having to go somewhere or do something. How many of us are even honoring the Shabbat right now? How many of us chose to got to work to make a couple of extra dollars, than to come and listen to Yah’s Word? We make so many excuses, ‘oh man, I had to work a double last night’. ‘Man, I don’t want to listen to that’. ‘Man, Obadiyah be talking (and talking), Moshe be hollering, it’s nighttime, I don’t want to hear that’. (laughs) Again Yahoshua says, you are not able to watch one hour? You were not able to give one hour to Yah. When Yah has given all of this to you.

Yah has given us centers. HalleluYah we are now getting ready to open up our second center internationally. Ahki Shemuyah over in Germany, they are opening up another Israelite Heritage research and fellowship center. So now Yah has now given us 4 houses of worship and there will be more to come. But what do we do? Instead of rejoicing and exalting our brothers and sisters, we talk bad about them ‘oh those niggers over there, they are not following Yah’s Word’! ‘They calling themselves G1 and G2’. (G=Goshen). ‘Who do they think they are?’ Who are you?! If you can’t understand the basics…Yah’s laws, rules and commandments, who are you to even think that you can grasp for a second the vastness of what Yah is doing , what Yah has done and what Yah will continue to do. Again, Yahoshua said to His taught ones, you were not able to stay awake one hour?

He give them a second chance. v. 38 We are commanded to die to the flesh daily because of this wretched flesh. These bones, blood all of it is wretched. (It’s) but a filthy rag in the eyesight of Yah. But the soul, essence, spirit the Ruach is eternal. Yah gave us a second chance. We are now coming out of the curses. We repented to Yah. We came back to our Father Yah and said Yah all that you say we shall do. So let’s relate this to us. Yah says again watch and pray least you enter into trial, oh stiff-neck nation. The spirit is indeed eager but the flesh is weak. Yah is speaking to us. Yah is saying this to us. We have got a second chance. Stay awake! Or will we fall asleep again? Will we be those undisciplined niggers and negresses or whatever you call them, negras. Will we be those niggers of long ago? Or will we finally be disciplined enough to strive for perfection. It’s one thing to sin unknowingly and then to repent of that sin and confess and to come back to the Father Yah in Spirit and Truth. And it’s another thing to knowingly sin, expecting Yah’s forgiveness. Because the book of Hebrews chapter 10 verses 26 through 31 says once you sin after having the knowledge of good and evil, you will have to be held accountable for that sin. So again for our undisciplined ways, when we knowingly go out and sin, we are going to be held accountable for it. This is why Yah instructs us to pray unceasingly. Pray daily without ceasing. (Pray that) we may find forgiveness in the eye sight of Yah and that we may find mercy with Yah. HalleluYah.

v. 39-40 You ever been in school and the teacher asks a question and you just so happened to wake up when the teacher asks that question and you wake up and see everyone looking at you? And you don’t know what to say. This is exactly what is going on right here. They were asleep and Yahoshua walked up on them and knew they were asleep. Their eyes were heavy waking up out of sleep. That’s what it is fam. How undisciplined is that? We do the same thing, when we know we should stay up and study the Word, when we know we are weak in a subject and we then still continue not to practice our discipline. We are doing the same thing, you are no better than they. So again brothers and sisters, beloved, this is speaking to us right now.

How many times are we going to fall asleep? How many times will you fall victim to that three-two curve ball when it just drops off the plate? How long will we continue to rush up the field as a defensive end and then we get caught on the counter? Because we did not stay disciplined and we did not stay home as your high school football coach tells you. Stay at home. Safety, we will put in another way. In football, you are the safety. You are the safety, you are there to protect, you are the last resort. If you bite on a play action fake and you run up to tackle the tail-back and you look and lo and behold you see a bullet going over your head i.e., the football to the receiver that’s wide open in the end zone. You blew your coverage because you were undisciplined because you did not stay at home. The Word of Yah is no different. We are to be disciplined. We are to study this discipline. We are to remain disciplined, if we are to be perfect. Again discipline equals perfection. And it will be shown, HalleluYah, in this lesson.

v. 41 Look at that. We understand that prophesy has to be fulfilled but man do you want to be on that end of prophesy? Do you want to be the ones weeping and gnashing of the teeth on the day of judgment? Do you want to be the ones that are undisciplined and who will rise in the second resurrection? Or would you rather be the ones who are disciplined and study the Word, you know improved your weaknesses until you are perfect. Because perfect only means doing it right. Do you want to be that servant who rises on the first resurrection? Or that FOOL who rises on the second resurrection? Who thought he was okay, thought he was doing good, who thought just because he knew the names Yah and Yahoshua that, that was all he needed to be disciplined. No, no, no, this is an ongoing job…24/7. This is why Yahoshua says that we are to endure to the end. Either the end of your life or the end of the ages. HalleluYah.

The punishment…this is an aspect that we will cover first in this lesson. We as Hebrew Israelites know full and well that we are being punished in this land. It is no mystery that we are the Biblical Hebrew Israelites who are talked about in the book of Deuteronomy 28 from the 15th to 68th verses. We are they and they are we that are cursed now. We know and understand this. There is no denying it. That we are still under the curses. But because of the illusion of freedom brought forth by these modern-day magicians, i.e., politicians and these self-proclaimed men of renown, reverends, preachers, pastors, deacons, elders, you know those niggas that tell you all you have to do is believe in the name of Jesus and you are saved. Or like they was telling ahki Shlomo and ahki Aharon it’s not s-a-v-e=d but s-a-v-e. That was the best he could do. Do you see that?

Because of this illusion of freedom, because of this illusion of the emancipation proclamation, because of this illusion of this election of a Hamile-Gentile, Barry Sotoro, Barack Obama, we somehow think man, this is the year to Jubilee, that our kingdom has come. Obama has fixed it. Right? RIGHT? We don’t have to be disciplined anymore? Remember when he first go elected some FOOL slapped the police. And he found out real quick that we ain’t free. (Laughter in the room). He found out real quick that, that ain’t the way to go. He probably is still reaping the benefits of that. But you see fam, we are still under these curses. But we as Hebrew Israelites have grown comfortable in our punishment. We are okay with it. We have forgotten that our people were viciously raped and killed. We forgot about that. We forgot that our fathers and mothers were bull whipped.  The states of Louisiana and Mississippi were two of the worse states that a slave could have come. They called these states the slaughter. Ain’t that another word for holocaust? Isn’t that what holocaust means? To slaughter. Ain’t that something?

So we had our little holocaust, didn’t we. But oh no, that was the Jews. That was them. When maybe only 200,000 of them died. We are still dying to this day. We haven’t stopped dying over here. The very word negro means necro in Latin which means dead. If you walking ’round here calling yourself a negro, nigga you dead. Nigga is just a modern-day amendment to it, whatever you call it. So when you ‘lovingly’ call each other nigga, you are ‘lovingly’ embracing the curses. You like to be dead. There was a sister that stopped by here. She was waiting on a bus. It was read sad man because even though she took our DVDs, she took the information, she took a business card. She said she did not want to watch it right now because she knows once she watches it, that she’s going to have to change her life. How undisciplined is that! How many of us would rather remain in darkness than come into the knowledge of this truth?

Moses was the same way. He gave every excuse to Yah. ‘Yah I have a speech problem’. ‘Yah I can’t do it’. I myself tried that same route. But as you see Yah has put me in a situation, Yah has put me in a place where I have to do what Yah has called me to do. We can’t continue to hide behind ignorance anymore family. We have the internet, we have MP3, we have all of these many ways of communication. You have the lessons. What excuse do you have now not to be disciplined? What more excuses do you have to wallow in your imperfection, to be imperfect? Do you still want to share that Christian mind-set? Or will you stand up and proclaim your heritage? Yah is telling you, be perfect. Oh and the grace period, that’s only a set amount of time. That’s only until the Messiyah comes then grace will be up. Like it says in the book of Mattithyah 24:40, it says two will be grinding at the mill and one will be taken (and the other left). Those one of two are being selected right now. So it does not trouble me that it’s family here right now and we don’t have a house full of stranger in here. I take comfort in knowing all who are here WANT TO BE HERE. All who are here are striving for perfection. Leave the phony-ness at the door. This is real in here. This is Yah’s way in here. So I say halleluYah.

I embrace the fact that only a couple of people come into the center every day. but those couple of people leave knowing Yah and Yahoshua and they are compelled to ask that question…what must I do to obtain eternal salvation? And  we have the living waters. We have that living Mayimyah or the waters of Yah. We have that beautiful water here for them to drink and drink until they are full. HalleluYah.

But again we are the same bunch of complaining, back-biting, gossiping stiff-necks that left Egypt. You don’t believe me? Let’s let Yah be the truth and everyone else be the liar. Let’s go to the book of Exodus chapter 14.

Shabbat Shalom those entering the room. We ask that the blessings of Yah continue to be poured out of those who are truth, knowledge and wisdom seekers. You have come to the right place. We can say that with a certainty. Because we know who we worship because deliverance is of the Israelites. HalleluYah.

Exodus 14, in this chapter, we pick up on the children of Ysrayl…we pick up on us, those complaining niggas and nigras or those bunch of stiff-necks complaining like we do today. ‘Who Moshe think he is’? ‘He is always hollering’. ‘He ain’t that righteous’. The same thing that’s going on in this day. Exodus 14. All we can say is let Yah be the truth and everybody else will be the liars. HalleluYah.

Exodus 14:11-13 Look at what they are saying. ‘Ain’t no graves in Mizraim (Egypt)’. ‘Ain’t no graves in America’. ‘Why we out here in the wilderness’? ‘Why are we out her in the desert’? ‘Who do they think they are bringing us out here’? ‘They are always trying to talk about some Bible stuff’. This is the same exact thing that will be going on when Yah takes us to the wilderness. It is the same thing that our wicked stiff-necked ancestors did before. They said ‘why have you brought us out of Egypt’? ‘Why we can’t stay in America’? ‘Why can’t we stay here’? ‘I like it here’. ‘It ain’t that bad’. ‘Why can’t we just go and talk to the politicians’? ‘Why can’t we join Jesse Jackson and operation push’? ‘Why can’t we join the rainbow coalition’? ‘I like rainbows’. ‘why can’t I be a member of SNICK, CORE and the NAACP’? ‘Why can’t I do that’? ‘Why can’t we be together’? ‘Why can’t we be with the lunar sabbath keepers’? ‘Why can’t we be with those non-messiancs’? ‘We all Israelites, ain’t we’? ‘You said we are all Israelites’. ‘Why do we have to leave’? ‘Why do we always have to be so hard to get along with’?

The same stiff-neck mentality that was then is the same stiff-neck undisciplined mentality that is going on today. This is why that entire generation was wiped out. And that is why entire generations in our day have been wiped out. This is why all the way up until the return of the Messiyah, wicked stiff-necked undisciplined Israelites WILL GET WIPED OUT. Because you are not disciplined. You are not perfect. HalleluYah.

v. 12 ‘Leave us alone’. ‘We want to serve the Egyptians’. ‘I don’t want to be no dog-gone Hebrew Israelite’. ‘I’m black’. Let’s break that down. Your black right. Black is called negro. Right? Necro, dead, you dead? Yeah, be dead nigger. Yahoshua said let the dead bury the dead. So do you know what? Leave if you don’t like it. Continue to be called a negro, an African-American, a byword, a proverb and a mockery (Deuteronomy 28:37). Continue to be stupid. Continue to be undisciplined. Continue to embrace your slave master’s name. Continue to embrace that wickedness. Continue to be an Egyptian. You know America is called New Egypt. The masons, devil worshippers and illuminatists, they call America the New Egypt. They also call it the New Atlantis. You know that right? So you want to be apart of this? By all means go ahead. Have fun. Enjoy and roll around in that undisciplined puddle of mud that you have grown comfortable in. Stay in that big house that you like. Keep that job that you are drowning in right now so you can pay your bills and live this lavish lifestyle. You see, that’s the difference between the meek and  servant of Yah opposed to the weak spiritually and the servant of satan. See, we know that you don’t have to be poor to be a poor righteous teacher. But it’s for the LOVE of money, that’s the root of all evil. But we will talk about this in a little bit, not to get to far ahead of ourselves. This lesson is real short. It’s short sweet and to the point. It makes its own point. HalleluYah.

(finishes reading verse 12) ‘It would have been better to stay in Egypt than die in the wilderness’. ‘It would have been better if we stayed in America’. ‘They didn’t destroy all of it’. ‘There’s still a hole in the ground over there’. ‘We could have rebuilt it’. ‘You heard about black wall street, they were in America’. See that’s the nigger mentality. That’s, that dead mentality. That’s that UNDISCIPLINED MENTALITY! That’s that worldly mentality. UNDISCIPLINED, worldly, it’s all interchangeable. They are all the same. They are all synonymous.

v. 13 Look at that. The modern-day Egyptians will pursue us all the way to the wilderness. Those ones will never be seen again. They are going to be destroyed. Yah repeats Himself. This is why the Bible is so easy to follow. We seen what happened to the undisciplined back in the day. Hey, we see what happens to the undisciplined right here in America. Right? We see what happens to the undisciplined in this organization, to put it in a way that we can understand. We see what happens. And we will continue to see what happens to the undisciplined all the way up until the return of the Messiyah.

Let’ go tot he book of Exodus chapter 17. Because some don’t believe that we are the children of Ysrayl. Some don’t believe that we are those same bothersome, crying stiff-necks that you can’t never please an Israelite. Some of these Israelites think that Jesus is interchangeable with Yahoshua. I’m here to tell you, you are in the wrong place. Ain’t no love for Jesus here. Just like there ain’t no love for Bacchus. There ain’t no love for Dionysus. There ain’t no love for God, Jehovah, Molech whatever you want to call them. THEY are all interchangeable. Their all synonymous. So Jesus gets crushed like a grape here. Because we don’t allow demons to speak in our presence. Because we come in the authority of our Father that was given to us through the Messiyah YAHOSHUA. That name is the only name under the heavens or in the heavens by which you can obtain salvation. So you see Jesus is Iosus who is Iesus which one of its attributes is a Greek goddess. You are who you worship. So if you have homosexuals running around in your camp, you are who you worship. Egyptologist, Jesus believing Hebrew, wherever whoever you are, yes, this is speaking to you. This is not the words coming from flesh and blood but it’s the words coming from The Most High Yah. Because Yah even calls us foolish and stupid as we will read shortly. As a  matter of fact, after we read this (next Scripture).

Exodus 17:1-3, v. 1-2 Again ‘why can’t we call His name Jesus’? ‘It’s the same one’. ‘They have pictures of black Jesus’. ‘Why can’t we call His name that’? ‘We are serving the same God’. No, no, no, no. I beg to differ. We serve the Most High Yah and He is not a god. According to Scripture, the book of Psalms chapter 82 verses 1-6, He judges your gods. We worship the CREATOr instead of the created. And homosexuality is an abomination to Yah so we are not going to worship a homosexual god in the form of Jesus. Or whatever you want to call him. Whatever name you choose, we choose not to worship that. We choose to bring the name of our Father Yah the almighty not to naught. Read Exodus 20:1-20. HalleluYah.

v. 3 Now verse 3 is the key to the understanding. Let’s put it in our terms. ‘Why you always have to bring up that Moshe about division’? ‘Why you always got to talk about Jesus, Moshe’? ‘Can’t we just all love each other’? Now we can’t. Yahoshua says in the book Mattithyah, ‘Don’t think I came to bring shalom or peace, no I came to bring division and the sword’. Again, the sword is our words and what sharpens our words is discipline. So know that we stand firmly against sin. We stand firmly against any and all wickedness, even within our own gates. We purge out the rebels. We rebuke the wicked. And we reprove (correct) the unknowing. HalleluYah.

Since we were talking about stupid and foolish, let’s now go to the book of Yeremiyah chapter 4. This is the difference between Yahoshua and Jesus. Yahoshua spoke with boldness not arrogance. He spoke with boldness because He knew He possessed the truth. So there was no reason for Him to give ear to stupid doctrine. That’s why He told the demons to sit down and SHUT UP. I don’t care what you have to say, it’s not truth. Keep it moving. If you don’t like it kick rocks. The door swings on both hinges. You can come in and stay or you can go out and leave. Do what you have to do. But this is the truth, men will be liars. And if you think I’m lying hey test the spirit by the spirit.

Yeremiyah 4:17-27, v. 17 Because she rebelled. Because she was undisciplined. Because she did not follow My laws rules and commandments declares Yah. Your ways and deeds has brought this upon you. We have no one to blame but ourselves. v. 18 ‘Because it reaches to your heart’, wicked heart of an Israelite. v. 19-21 read. v. 22 Here’s the key to the understanding right here. ‘My people are FOOLISH’. ‘They have not known Me’. You would rather know Jesus than know Yahoshua. With Jesus you can back-slide. With Jesus you can speak ill of your brother as long as you come and repent in front of the congregation. (Talks to someone), kayn you can be a homo with Jesus. Because Christians preach acceptance. We teach THE LAWS. It’s that simple.

We read Moses wasn’t liked. But Moses was a friend to Yah. David wasn’t liked. David was a man after Yah’s own heart. The Messiyah was killed by His own people. We will be delivered up by our own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and our own so-called friends. They will speak ill about us when they are possessed by demons. Because they are possessed by demons. That no longer is our brother or sister. That soul has fallen victim. It is only up to that lost soul to come back. Because how long will you sit here and BEG for forgiveness and say ‘I’m trying’. At WHAT POINT DO YOU STAND UP and be held accountable for your actions?!! Yahoshua rebuked Kepha and Kepha also repented to Yahoshua 3 times. Kepha had to repent of that sin. We have to repent of the sins we do and we have to know that we can’t do those anymore. We have to walk unto perfection. We  have to become disciplined. You see, if you are undisciplined as a Hebrew Israelite, you might as well call on Jesus. You might as well call on Lord. You might as well call on God. Because your actions reflect that. So again, this is why we don’t call on those strange names. This is why we teach Yah’s truth. And the truth shall set you free from out of the house of bondage. HalleluYah.

Back to verse 22. ‘They are stupid children and they have no understanding’. They have no discipline. We don’t know how to be a true servant of Yah. Because if we did, we would already be perfect. It’s not hard t be perfect. Being perfect is only following Yah’s laws rules and commandments and doing it right and getting it right, every time you do it.  If you set a small goal for yourself day by day to stop doing whatever it is that is hindering you from being perfect…you will be perfect. That’s discipline. Again, discipline=perfection=the kingdom. That’s the main idea of this lesson. That is the foundation of this lesson as we continue to build on this lesson. Discipline=perfection=kingdom. HalleluYah.

v. 23-27 Look at that family, He says I will not make a complete end. So the world is not going to end December 21, 2012 or according to Harold Camping’s calculation. Just like Charles Tayes Russell who said the world was going to end way back when. And then his successor Jame Rutherford who had a house deeded (in the names) Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he had 2 Cadillacs during the great depression. And he was pimping all of his Jehovah Witness crowneys out there with those little phonograph things, you know that old school record player that you crank up. During the Great Depression, he had them going door to door spreading what they called the quote unquote truth. Just like these Bible thumping handkerchief heads out here today. This is why we have no fear of those who are in falsehood. Because as our Master, our Yahoshua Messiyah had truth, He spoke with boldness because He knew He possessed the truth. We speak with boldness. We speak with assurance. Because we know what we have beyond a shadow of a doubt is pure TRUTH! So as long as we remain putting Yah before all, putting Yah above all…  you CAN’T go wrong. HalleluYah.

We are speaking about punishment in this portion of the lesson. It be fitting if we carried on without reading these two Scriptures right here. Let’s go to the book of Deuteronomy chapter 8. And it’s real simple fam. Again, to be perfect all you have to do is be disciplined. If you know it’s a sin to do something stop doing it. Like we read in the book of Ephesians 6:15, fit your feet with preparation…PRACTICE. Practice makes perfect. Right? Practice not cussing. That’s what I’m dealing with. As a matter of fact, I know this is off the cuff. But I’m going to go ahead and say this man. Today, this day, I made a covenant with Yah that I would not say one swear word all day. And HalleluYah, I have not said a swear word all day nor have I had an inclination to say a swear word all day. I’m not trying to blow a shofar or anything like that family but this CAN be done. But we have to be disciplined enough. I know it’s wrong to use profane language. Now, I’m taking accountability for  my actions. Right? And I will do this everyday. Everyday at the start of the day, I will make a covenant to Yah of one weak aspect of my life and halleluYah if I have the breath of life in my lungs by the time the sun sets, I would have completed the task.

See this is what it’s talking about when we go back to those entrances that we used for discipline. Again, training—to act in accordance with the rules right. Activity, exercise, preparation or practice, a regimen that develops or improves a skill. So by doing this, practicing not using profanity, it si improving a skill. Right? It is bringing myself in this situation that is one step closer to perfection. Yeah, I know satan will come with something real stupid to try to get me upset. I’m preparing for that. Again, preparation, practice, exercise and  activity. (In) lifting weights how do you expect to make a muscle strong and big if you don’t work it out? If I want to bench press, you know, eight hundred pounds. How will I ever get to eight hundred pounds if I don’t first start with two hundred pounds? How will I get to my ultimate goal, in this case being perfection, if I don’t start at it (the goals), if I continue to use excuses and if I continue to remain undisciplined.

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Being Accountable For Your Life

From news you can use August 4, 2012: The wild Gentiles say Obama through his mother is an Israelite y’all. That is satan taking a swipe at Yah. They know Israelites will never sit on the throne of the United States. They lie. They traced his lineage to 1640 they say to one of the first slaves. TEXT: Hamite. TEXT: African.

So why are they saying this now? It’s a ploy to connect him with the sons of Abraham. Yahoshua said he who tries to sneak in is a thief and a robber. They are trying to sneak him in. Israelites are always 2nd in commandment like Yoseph was 2nd in command in Egypt and Daniyah was 2nd in command. We don’t  need to be #1 or the highest to effect the people. Look at Denzel and Jay Z. Satan is reaching his hand out to you, the natural Israelite. Did y’all see Barack had a Passover at the white house? Deception. Bush and Cheney are in Obama’s lineage, cousins. So I guess they are Israelites too now? No. Did y’all see that Obama went to the wailing wall? Idolatry. TEXT: Contradicts himself.

I saw the Batman movie y’all. I liked it. Robin was in it. TEXT: It was a warning. Yep, it was a warning. It was more like a blueprint. It was the most real super hero movie. Terrorists were in the movie. The villain was a beast, unrepenting merciless beast…they are prepping our minds for this. This movie opening was a sacrifice. Over 300 billion dollars worldwide, it made. The character took over a city and almost ignited a nuclear bomb. These movies are messages. They are about to do this. The CIA was in the movie torturing people. They never use to be in superhero movies. Batman will not save you when they do this…prepare. Go see it y’all.  The 1997 Batman was terrible. But this villain was almost real. His voice was heavy like the angels. Bane is the next boogeyman, terrorist. They are going to bring a terrorist to terrify the American people.

The olympics celebrates olympic gods mostly Zeus. It started as a religious ceremony. They kiss their medals. Did y’all see that? The medals are given in 3’s: gold, silver and bronze. This is the trinity. It’s masonic. The opening ceremony is a ritual. Each nation is required  to have a burnt sacrifice to the gods…everyday. They (each nation) had this sacrifice. They give energy to the gods. This is why they sacrifice, so the gods remain powerful.  TEXT: Wrath of the Titans. Where Zeus said in the movie that man has forgotten us, our power is diminishing.

Yah said don’t even mention their names. TEXT: Yep remember when that girl prayed to Aries and he showed up and killed her.

Arguments give energy over to the demons. Don’t give them energy. It’s negative energy. Protect yourself. Don’t go to bed mad. Your man should rush home to a  house of shalom. Men, protect your households. Be careful, satan is a master of disguise. He loves to deceive us in relationships. I have been deceived too. Don’t let satan steal your blessing…that righteous relationship.

Yeah, Snoop Dog is now Snoop Lion. Oprah is natural now. The awakening is happening now. This may be his door to Hebrewism. Some of us came through Islam or Christianity (to Yah).

This week’s news you can use: Be accountable for your faults and blessings. You will face Yah’s judgment not mom and dad. The American justice system has clauses where killers can say their insane. So that he is not held responsible. After repentance Yah will relieve you. The movie theater was #9=the nine rings of Thor, 9 is judgment in Hebrew. They drug him up for court the news says. He is a trained government assassin probably. He covered his face so who’s to say he really did it? (someone else may have done it like a trained assassin). The people in the theater said he seemed like a trained person. TEXT: They picked a scapegoat then doped him up and put him on display as the perpetrator.

Movie: ‘Wag the war’ in 1996. Osama Bin Laden never claimed he did 911. This guy was living in caves. He could not have put it all together. The fallen angels and illuminati did 911. Bush did not do it. Bush said twice that he was in a room and saw the first plane crash. But the news said no one could have seen the 1st crash. They did it themselves…Zionist Jews. Do your research. Did y’all know Holmes the theater 9 killer is Jewish? The son of Sam killer is also Jewish. Most mass murderers are Jewish. The kkk started off mostly Jewish. Jews were primarily the merchants of the slave trade. The north was funded by the American government. Who funded the south? Zionist Jews. They had the most to lose if slavery was put to rest. The American flag brought you over here yet you hate the confederate flag. It’s a game y’all to play on your emotions. They killed Medgar Evers, Emmit Till and blew Martin’s face off. The kkk is a masonic secret organization started by Jews. The Jews were the land owners (during share cropping). The Gentiles worked for the Jews. Every nation had a hand in it. Movie: ‘birth of a nation’. TEXT: But yet they make us think the Jews were for us and were being persecuted by the Gentiles just like us. TEXT: President Wilson called it a must see (movie).

Zionist Jews put gun control in effect so that we could not own a gun. The same happened in Nazi Germany. And they have Jesse Jackson promoting gun control. Why do they want to take our guns but the criminals still have theirs? If you take away guns, people will just use knives, stones…it is the heart of a man that matters. He will find a way to murder if it’s on his heart. TEXT: Look at Cain, he found a way to murder Abel. TEXT: Men in prison still find a way to murder.

Stay within the law if you own a gun. Yahoshua said if you have no sword…sell your garments to get yourself one.

Yeah bleached, holey jeans started in the ghetto. They use to laugh at us. Now they are making millions off our style. Jordans are big in Japan now. They want the ghetto shoes, the dirty pairs to have the hood appearance. Africans are braiding your hair now. When you use to sit on the porch and do each others hair. But you don’t see chinese going to Mexican neighborhoods and selling goods. Nobody else does this but to us. Their stores stay packed with ‘brews in our hoods too. TEXT: They make a fortune on us.

Yah said we would be a cursed people, this is why.  (Talks about the condition of our neighborhoods) TEXT: Our neighborhoods look war-torn.

Do y’all notice Churches Chicken is only in our neighborhoods? (LOL in the room). They know we love churches. TEXT: Big buzzard chickens.

Movie: Drop Squad. Movie: bamboozled. Drop Squad, the brothers took sell outs to the underground to break them of their Uncle Tom habits. Movie: Undercover brother. Movie: Three the hard way. These movies have truth in them. In undercover brothers, they wanted to poison black people via chicken restaurants. So much truth in it…Church’s Chicken. In three the hard way they poisoned black people’s water.

Yah said through Yahoshua, that we could drink poison and nothing will happen to us. The devil lessens your belief so you will not believe Yahoshua. Drink if you are thirsty. Know how the devil works. They have been poisoning our food since slavery…the hog maw and the chicken too. All we have is Yah. They will not utterly destroy us. We have to be here (to bring the nations salvation).

How many of y’all have been paying attention to the Zeus games? Track has a ‘brew for each country. lol laughs. Cuba, Canada, U.S., Jamaica…running like jets!! LoL. We dominate every sport, y’all. We invented air conditioners and brooms. We had already invented these things in Ysrayl. We invented refrigerators the iron and ironing board too. Brews have always been a very creative people. The word is that the internet was created by a ‘brew. In the terminator movies, a brew created the terminator knowledge. You are a special people! Wait ’til we come into our fullness. You think they are following you now…just wait and see. The young Arabs bump Jay Z now too because ‘brews bump Jay Z in their cars. Do y’all notice in Arab stores, that young Arab women never work there. But Arab men sleep with many ‘brew women. Yet they keep their women out of sight. Do y’all know most terrorist operate in our neighborhoods. They fund their terror with drugs. All in our neighborhoods.

Michael Jackson was into Baphomet worship but he was starting to ask questions. Song: They don’t really care about us. They killed him before he go the full truth. Michael was a vicious sexual predator. He also was preyed upon as a child. When he backed away from the illuminati, they slapped him with molesting charges. Jesse Jackson tried to back out too and they told about him having an outside baby. Do you see Jesse Jackson Junior? He was a FBI informant, has a child on the side and tried to buy Obama’s seat from IL governor. They are setting him up to be sacrificed. Don’t sell your soul to satan. Yah has already promised you everything. Chicago has some wicked people, R. Kelly, Jennifer Hudson the witch, Oprah Winfrey, Ben Ami, Kanye West, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan.

They are fighting over MJ’s money now. Michael’s kids are Gentiles. Paris means the temple of Isis. Paris use to have a big Isis temple there. Michael Jackson was weird, he did not go against them (illuminati). ‘This is it tour’ was the final sacrifice (for him). He was the king of pop. Julius Caesar was sacrificed. Whitney was sacrificed, the queen. That energy opens portals. They are movies out about him (Michael) and her (Whitney) coming out. She will be in the movie ‘Sparkle’.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the richest couple in Hollywood, for last year. Why? Did y’all see Rosemary’s baby? Guy told his wife they will get so much. This is her payment for bringing this child. Jay Z hasnt’ had an album in so long, who is paying him? Do y’all know presidents are billionaires? The illuminati pays them. They (when running for office) pay millions to get the job. The American government pays them 400,000 and the illuminati pays them billions. Luke chapter 4, satan pays them. This is why Jay Z, Beyoncé are billionaires. It’s temporary money. Yahoshua said store your treasures in heaven. He will reward you. They have sold their souls for pleasure.

I’m going to name this next part of the news, ‘I can’t believe what these jackals are doing’! LOL. Did y’all know there is spray-on skin now? You spray it on to heal. Where did this come from? TV show: ‘V’. The reptilians sprayed on their human skin. ‘V’ the baby was born a lizard and they sprayed onto it human skin. TEXT: That’s why they stopped showing ‘V’ too much.

Arsenal Hall had Farrakhan on his show and a week later his show was GONE. Maybe Oprah will go out like that. Maybe she will call me on there, lol. Yeah her name is Hebrew. (They were talking about her network going under and that she has natural hair now). Bill Cosby sacrificed his son, Ennis. He is a billionaire, boule, high priest. He had a child out-of-wedlock too yet tells ‘brew men to take care of their kids.  (The room talks about the old Cosby when he did Fat Albert). Leviticus 26 referenced here…you shall be on the run. On the run like water, Sam Cook sung I was born by the river and been on the run ever since. (The teacher was talking about black men running away from their families. It’s part of the curses).

Dick Gregory has a wealth of information! He’s the one that pointed out that Michael Jordan was throwing games due to gambling. Gregory is the one that told us that Magic Johnson did not have AIDS. Jordan owed drug dealers millions! They did not want basketball to become like Pete Rose and baseball. In 1991, the Bulls swept Isaiah’s Pistons. Jordan’s father was murdered. They made Jordan go away. They gave him a team. Magic owns a lot too. They wanted him to go away too. Where does Dick Gregory’s information come from? He is the same as Alex Jones. (They are apart of those organizations). Who allows him to put info out? Did y’all know Dick is a millionaire? Dick Gregory is friends with Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby, all are boule. Yeah, he marched with MLK. TEXT: Wolf in sheep clothing. (My sidenote: I remember hearing Gregory talk about how they put chemicals in the black hair care products years ago.)

TEXT: We tried to give Steve the truth but he refused.

He had a lot of info too. May Yah have mercy on Steve’s soul. TEXT: Steve was talking ’bout who really shot Martin.

TEXT: 50 million Americans are in poverty.

Poverty is at an all time high y’all. Millionaires will be considered broke y’all. The middle class will be no more. Greece is in a major depression, worse than the 30s in America. TEXT: unemployment in Spain is now 54%.

There are more Gentiles on food stamps then ‘brews. Mitt Romney said he will have people working for food stamps—bread lines are coming. The government already owns 50% of the land through foreclosures. They own those homes y’all. And China owns the other 50% of foreclosed homes.

No work, no eat in the Scriptures means work in the garden of Yah for to eat from the tree of life. They twist Scripture.

TEXT: They are making prisons private too.

Clinton put into effect working for a welfare check. The government gives nothing free. Be careful fam. I know some are on food stamps. They will require something of you. Government phones are being given away now…be careful. They have never done nothing righteous for us. They do it for their benefit. Lincoln said if I can help the union without freeing one slave, I would do it. Nothing in this society is good for Ysrayl. Only Yah is good (Yahoshua said). Yah sees we are for Him. He sees our troubles. They have not tried to help us. They only hurt us. As citizens we should not have to beg them. But Yah put us here. Yah will righteously punish them for going overboard. Give to Yah what belongs to Yah, give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar (Yahoshua said).

Listen we are not anti-Semitic. We need to know when wrong is wrong and right is right. We are to forgive, if Yah did not want them to own Israel, Hollywood and the slave trade, then they would not be there. We accept Yah’s will. We don’t hate Jewish people but we are not going to shade our eyes. It is our fault what we did to Yah. Your fault is with you.

Lesson: Being Accountable for your Life (walk)

The Gentiles say being a sheep, they say sheepeople (sheep + people) is bad. While Yah says to blindly follow Him…(faith). We are setting up the community (to live off the grid like the Amish or like the African village in South Carolina). Goshen was protected in Egypt from the plagues. Are you preparing?

Responsibility and accountability are both the same things. We are to help each other but don’t blame others. To notice wrong things, notice YOUR imperfections first. Satan causes you to blame others. This is from Scripture. Let’s say you notice this certain cycle. And you think this is done by others. The cycle returns over and over with different friends. It is because you don’t correct your own faults. TEXT: self-examination.

Satan blinds you about your faults. Satan blamed Adam for his fall. How can a man make a malakim fall? Fix your faults before you can perfect yourself. People will reject you due to your faults. All your friends were NOT at fault. It was YOUR fault. If you don’t fix it, you will continue to blame others. You can’t blame mom and dad for how your life turns out.

Sisters say they can’t get along with other women…arrogance…this is how satan thinks. Have you ever had a negative friend that blames you? ‘Well all the men look at her’. Things don’t go well when this friend is around. People reject what they see on you. Ask Yah for guidance. You may have caused pain in their lives. If you have love in your heart, you will exhibit love.

Galatians 6:1-5, v. 1 I have to look at myself first before I correct (someone else). Correct yourself first. v. 2 Bear each others burdens together. Don’t let satan separate you. Because he will attack you. Thinking you above, like because you are handsome will remove you from Yah. Ugly is on your heart, Yah sees through your heart. Another fault: in the world you were a great sex man. See this is a pedestal. That’s like me saying I’m little messiyah because I been in this walk longer than y’all. We are held accountable.

We did not lose one person at the gathering here in Chicago. Shepherds have a very special job in front of Yah. We are held responsible for what is brought before the assembly. Moses was responsible for the children of Ysrayl. He was the leader of the assembly. Ysrayl has always had leaders.

v. 3 That’s deception on your heart that causes you to fault…from satan. Your special, handsome, pretty, good hair, well-endowed…satan tells you. We bring these faults in Yah’s face. Yah looks at the Spiritual not physical. ‘Man, I made $100,000 last year’. This is a fault. Next, you will think you are better than Yah just as satan did. He wanted to be worshipped. The exact same arrogant mind-set (as satan). He blamed Garbriyah, Michayah and Adam (for his fall). Why is it that your friends, cousins who don’t know each other all have the same testimony about you? (infers a bad report)

v. 4 What works are you doing for Yah? Examine your own work for Yah. Do you deliver the Word of Yah? v. 5 You are accountable, your own fault. It’s your own fault if everybody rejects you as a teacher. You say what’s on your own heart (and not the Word of Yah). Friendships are two-sided. They are 50/50. If you bring 35% and I bring 50%, but you can’t see that…that’s your fault. TEXT: We can teach people how to treat us based on our behavior.

Don’t think everyone is lower than you. Satan has deceived your heart. Everyone has the same testimony about you. You are (the one) blinded. It’s you.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10, v. 1-10 read. We all have to be responsible for what we do. Without responsiblity, there is no perfection. Some people think they are already perfect. So there is no room for improvement. You think everyone else has to improve. All will stand in front of Messiyah to be judged y’all. ‘I’m perfect’. ‘They need to change’. When you are the snotty one. If you run out here and teach false doctrine…you are responsible for that as the leader of the assembly. You tell them they can eat chicken during Passover. You do videos but say you are not a teacher. When that is teaching. You are leading them astray. Be accountable for all you say and do. It starts at home, in your own hearts first. Admit you have flaws.

Relationships fail because of both, each has faults this includes friendships, marriages, parents/children.  We blame spouses…divorces. We break up with parents. We never see our own flaws. Can you list your own faults on a sheet of paper? this is when you become mature and start to take responsibility. Yeah, a lot of parents are not responsible. They blame others when their child is shot. Yet you don’t know who your child is running with. Know if he has $300 dollars, where did that money come from? He comes in at midnight!!!! But when he is shot down, you blame others. You party yourself parent and don’t pay attention to your children. Be accountable. TEXT: Allowing the streets to raise their kids.

You deny your faults, your friends see. You drink and are wild but you don’t have any faults you say.

Proverbs 6:20 We are to train children. Teach them the Bible not beat them with the Bible. Don’t blame Yah for your life. You had cars, a house, money when you served Jesus. Now Yah has forsaken you, you say. Your children will blame Yah too if you do. Mom and Dad take responsibility for your own faults. Some of you think you are responsible for your neighbor blaspheming Yah. That’s their fault. We love complicated in Ysrayl with extra-ness. ‘Oh His name is not just Yah’. ‘What about the Tetragrammaton’?

Accountability—>Repenting—>Healing from Yah.

But if you think it’s everyone else, how can you heal? It was the plank in your own eye not the splinter in your brothers. Your burden. Your demons on your heart. You will stay in that cycle until Yah takes your breath. The same things keep happening to you because it’s you. You think your perfect already with no more work to be done.

Some men have 20, 30, 40 children because this man runs from responsibility. These children will intermarry because they don’t know who daddy is. Men go to jail and become homosexual then come home and sleep with his girlfriend, wife. We have to be responsible. Adam did not take responsibility in the garden. Eve was deceived. He was not. We like to blame satan for our faults. ‘I tripped when I was texting…it’s satan’s fault’. Satan comes up against us but take your responsibility. Satan caused you to be in bed with 2 naked women? No, that was your own lustful heart. You stole your friends DVD’s. You have thievery on your heart, satan didn’t do that. You did it. It was on your heart. (Then satan plays on it). Don’t blame it on the alcohol. You go murder 5 people on the road, that was you. I have a friend that had to be cut out of a car and taken to the morgue. He always told everyone he could hold his liquor.

Genesis 3:1-6, 12, 17, v. 1-6 Adam ate the fruit that Eve gave him. v. 12 Adam blames Eve. v. 17 He listened to Eve, Yah said. Adam taught this command to Eve. He knew the law not to eat of this tree. He ate because it was already on his heart. Then he blamed Eve, his scapegoat. He didn’t say I was curious about the tree. The serpent was deceived by satan. The serpent was not satan. Satan was speaking through the serpent. Eve blamed the serpent. TEXT: Nobody took responsibility for their own actions. TEXT: Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, lol.

Talks to someone, Charlie sheen ain’t crazy. He has a new talk show coming out. LOL.

Yahoshua said the same judgment that you put out is the same judgment that will be put on you…You better repent. Satan will keep you there.

Yahzeqyl 18:1-31, v. 1-9 You are responsible for your walk. v. 10-13 Urusury=interest. If father is righteous and son is wicked=the son will die for his own sins. We are held accountable for our walks. Admit you are a thief. v. 14-17 If son is righteous yet father is wicked=son will not die. v. 18-20 You are not responsible if your mother, sister, brother are not walking with Yah. Don’t put mom, dad before Yah. Make sure you walk with Yah. If you give them the truth and they reject it, let it go. You don’t want them to blaspheme Yah. v. 21 All of us turned from our old ways. Don’t turn back to church, Islam. We are held accountable. It’s our children’s responsibility to choose Yah. But we are to teach them. Don’t force your children to love Yah. He wants us to freely love Him. Some of our faults keep us from loving Yah because you are not over what the Gentiles have done to you. Yah is the one you are really mad with. But you take it out on His servants. Own up to it. You don’t even believe He sent the Messiyah. Satan will keep this on your heart. Your faults can cause you not to accept blessings of Yah because you don’t recognize the blessing (before your face).

If you buy your child a $300 video game and he tears it up that same day..Yah likewise will not bless you again with a gift because you don’t want it. Satan tells you, you are too good. Satan can make thunder, a rod to snake, he does not need Yah he thinks. This is how you think as well, you don’t need Yah, you say. ‘I don’t need to pray to Yah for this job’. I’m already handsome, I’ll get it’. This is like how (some) the Gentiles think. They are arrogant in their hearts. ‘We go into space, clone, have test tube babies…why do we need Yah’? Satan gives arrogant attitudes. If Yah twists your face up in a car accident, you will look for Yah. Right? Yah will humble you to bring you to Him.

Skips down to verse 26. So when ‘brews start leaving Yah and Yahoshua (the belief), then we hear they died in a car accident…is there unrighteousness? v. 27-28 Accountability…who is to blame? Nobody liked you in high school? It’s you. Nobody likes you in Assembly? It’s you. Go to Yah to ask Him to see your faults, heart and mind. Things that you can’t see. Pray to be changed. Start with self before you can see others faults. Get out of the cycle of blame. The first step is admitting it. You been trying to jump over the stumbling block when you needed to walk over it. Take responsiblity for your life. Don’t blame others for your faults. When things go wrong in your life, who is always there?  You. TEXT: Our own hearts sometimes can be our downfall. TEXT: ‘The person of interest’…is you every time something goes wrong. You are there. TEXT: Yah, we ask that You show us all the things that we don’t see that cripples our walk so we can become better servants to You Yah!

Whether you receive or turn away from Yah’s blessing…it’s all on you.

You go do something in the streets…then you say it’s your momma’s, wife’s, husband’s fault. ‘Believe in yourself’ the Gentiles say. Where Scripture says believe Yah. We can’t do it ourselves. We can’t fight satan by ourselves. We need Yah through Yahoshua. Yahoshua said satan thinks like a man! That man who burned those people’s feet on coals…yeah, Tony Robbins. Why? Those people had burns. Be careful of what they teach family. The Bible is the only book that teaches the mind of Yah…not science.

2 Thessalonians 3:11-16, v. 11 They do not work but are busybodies!! Talking about other people! v. 12 Calm down. v. 13 Continue to work. Who cares what they say. v. 14 We don’t keep company with non-messiancs. v. 15-16 Those not working…what are you doing? Are you speaking to people, a small thing. Or are you doing greater things like immersing people, feeding, clothing people? What are you doing? EVERYDAY!!  TEXT: By their fruits you know them.

If you want to be a busybody, own up to it. You do  as your father satan does. Get those demons out of your heart. So you can properly repent. You know you should be studying more. But you don’t do it. You think your perfect, you don’t think you need to do more. Own up to it so you can improve. Are you in order? Yah is in order. Confess what is on your heart, this is how you get rid of this demon. Endure.

James 5:16 (KJV version) confess your sins. Husbands confess to wives and vice versa. Children confess to parents. But you think you have none. Right? Don’t take offense when people point out your faults. It’s human nature to take offense. Make a list of your faults. Remember what people told you about yourself. That’s real there. Like flies to feces, the demons will stay on your defilement. Examine self, then Yah can bring His Ruach down on you. Demons love extra-ness, a weak point for us. Kepha said those who get into the kingdom will barely get in. We will fight until Yahoshua comes! TEXT: Ain’t nobody skipping into the kingdom.

Take responsibility for your faults of HURTING PEOPLE! You hurt them. They may have hurt you too. Apologize and be mature.

1 Peter 4:18 The righteous scarcely will be saved. Endure until Yahoshua returns. Arrogance tells you that you are already saved!! Many of us will barely make it in. Don’t blame other people.

Luke 16:10 Let’s close out. Be righteous in least, Yah will bless you with much. Some of you still carry demons from childhood, from your mother’s womb even. Remove that to become greater. If Yah was to show you your heart, it would probably TERRIFY you. Ask Him to cleanse you. TEXT:  Help us Yah.

Akeem (brothers), if you are constantly going outside your marriage…get her cooking lessons, take her to the beauty parlor. It’s your fault, your lust, your demon. Take responsibility. Same thing sisters.

May Yah bless you. May Yah give you strength to fight the enemy. May He give you eyes to see. May He give you understanding of the heart and may He give you the heart to change.

Q: Acts 4:12, are Christians saved through Jesus Christ? A: No other name. Yahoshua is the name. Jesus was created by men. It is not Hebrew. It’s not the name of salvation. Yahoshua is the highest of Yah’s servants. Higher than David and Abraham. They are not saved by Jesus, Buddha or Allah either. Text: Isaiah 7:14 A virgin shall give birth. TEXT: Trying to get in the kingdom any other way is like being a thief or robber. (Yahoshua is the way truth life, HalleluYah).

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The Final Deliverance p.4

Yahzeqyl 20:32-38, v. 32-34 Now listen, He said ‘I’m going to gather you out of all the lands where you have been scattered with a Mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with wrath poured out’. Do you think it’s going to be a simple task for us to get out of here? Let me just stop right here and put your finger here on Yahzeqyl 20:34 and let us just run over real quick to Revelations chapter 12. Because for those of you that believe that you are going to skip on out of here…’oh it’s time for the wilderness, yeah’. You know what before we go to Revelation 12, let’s go to Matthew chapter 24. Let’s go to Mattithyah 24, Revelation 12 then back to Yahzeqyl 20. We will see how this thing is going to add up.

Now Yah said with wrath poured out. Right? He said with an outstretched arm. It’s going to be a violent situation when we have to get up out of here.

Mattithyah 24:14-21 Look at that. I want you to understand this. We just read in Yahzeqyl 20, that Yah said there’s going to be wrath poured out when He gathers you out of the nations. When He pulls you out of the nations where you have been scattered, there’s going to be wrath poured out. Yahoshua said that when the man of sin…because we are looking at all the same time here when the final deliverance of Ysrayl will take place. Yahoshua said when you see the man of sin stand in the set-apart place and you are in Yahudah (Judah) the land at that time, wherever you are you must flee. Don’t go back into your house for NOTHING. Flee. Get out of there!

Now this couldn’t be talking about Titus could it? Because when Titus came into the land, the Israelites could not flee nowhere. Titus had the land surrounded. He was taking Hebrews and putting them into captivity and killing them. So this could not be talking about Titus. It says ‘that when you see him stand in the place’. And by the time Titus came…he TORE DOWN THE TEMPLE. So by the time he came into the land, Titus, the land was already under siege. There was nowhere to run. There was no escape. So this couldn’t be Titus. This is for a future event. Because He said that this shall be the worse time of trouble ever that the world has seen.

So family, when we have to flee, when the man of sin stands up in the temple and says that he is the greatest of all gods, family when he does this, WE HAVE GOT TO GO!! Yahoshua said it’s so important that we leave then, that you are not to go into the house to get anything. It’s hard for a pregnant woman to travel in the winter. It’s hard for a pregnant woman to travel in the summer. Just travelling (period). This woman has got to flee. It’s going to be hard fleeing with the Imas (older women, mothers) and the elders and the young but we must do it. We MUST flee! Yah said that I’m bringing you out with wrath poured out. This is that wrath. We aren’t waltzing into the wilderness. We have to flee, we have to escape. (talks to someone) Kayn (yes), leave the big screen TV inside.

Let’s continue. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 12. This is your deliverance, Ysrayl. You AIN’T  being raptured up out of here.  AIN’T NO space ships coming down to rapture the people of Yah and take you up on a blue beam…scotty.

Revelation 12:13-17, v. 13 The woman represents Ysrayl. The male child is Yahoshua. The nation of Ysrayl gave birth to the Messiyah. v. 14 Time=1 year, times=2 years and 1/2 a time=6 months, which totals 3 1/2 years. v. 15-17 Do you see that family? So we are looking at this same time period, Ysrayl going into the wilderness. Yah said, I’m going to bring you out from all the places where I have scattered you. We are scattered all over the world so there’s going to be multiple wilderness locations all over the world. It’s not going to be a pleasurable experience. We have got to escape. And it’s going to happen right around the time the man of sin makes himself known. Do you see how Yah’s plans work? Ain’t it real simple? Now we know what to watch for. We have to watch for the formation of the new world order. We have to watch for the formation of the man of sin. He’s going to bring a false peace, a false humility. As we get closer to the 400 year time frame, all these things are so beautiful because it all goes in a chronological order. It is set by Yah not by no man. And Yah’s order is perfect. Let’s go back to Yahzeqyl chapter 20.

Yahzeqyl 20:35 Look at this. We just read in Revelation 12:14 where Yah said He is going to bring us out into the wilderness. And in Yahzeqyl 20:35 it says the wilderness of the PEOPLES. There’s a wilderness location all over the world where Yah is going to take His people into. Because His people are scattered all over the world. He said I shall bring you into the wilderness of the peoples and shall go into judgment with you face to face there. Uh-oh! We have to go through judgment face to face there. You know how you do your children when you get in their face. They have done something really bad, when a parent has to get in the face of a child. You have to wave that finger and point out right in their face. Yah said that’s what He will do to us. He is going to enter into judgement face to face. No longer will you think that you are doing wrong and hiding it. He will see you.

v. 36-38 So all of you all that are going to get out there and think you are going to keep a Passover in the wilderness and think you are going to call on all these different deities in the wilderness, think that you will come with all that back biting and gossip and slander in the wilderness, Yah is going to strike you where you stand. He has blessed you to be able to come into the wilderness and this is what you are going to repay Him with?…more wickedness. But family, we see that Yah is going to bring us out into the wilderness. Do you see that? And we will have to flee to get out there and Yah is going to help us to flee. Listen family, don’t ask me Obadiyah, when will we know the time? That’s between us and Yah or you and Yah. Yah will let you know when that time comes. He’s already given you the signs to look for. Just like He sent a malakim to Lot to get Lot out of Sodom before He destroyed that place. He is going to do the same for you. The same merciful Yah. But are you going to listen to your malakim? Are you going to tell them you have to wait another 2 weeks until your last paycheck comes through? You already gave them your 2 weeks notice because you heard that the man of sin was about to make his announcement. ‘I just need one more check, ah, ah, ah malakim’. What do you need that for? You better get out of there.

So He’s letting us know the time frame. He is letting us know how it’s going to happen. He’s going to bring us out into the wilderness. And we can not delay our going to safety by genetic stiff-necks (our families). ‘Well, my momma says she does not want to go to the wilderness’. ‘So I’m going to stay back with my momma’. ‘Yah knows my heart’. You go ‘head with that madness! You go ahead and make that your testimony and see what happens to you. Remember, when this man stands up, it says that he’s going to make WAR with the remnant. What is the remnant of the woman’s seed? The remnant of the woman’s seed are THE ISRAELITES that know Yah. It said the remnant of her seed that keeps the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua as Messiyah. So Messianic (inaudible). So if you have the opportunity to make it to the wilderness, you better go. If you don’t do what Yah tells you to do because some have to be left behind so they can be purified (Daniyah 11:35) as the book of Daniyah tells us. This will be their trial period (those left behind). Many of you go through trials right now and Yah is going to allow you to go into the wilderness for your rest. But there are some right now that are going to come into this (truth) and they have to be proven. This is what the book of Daniyah tells us.

So we look at the time frame family for all these things. The man of sin is going to rule it says for time, times and half of time. Ysrayl will be in the wilderness time, times and half of time. For a 3 1/2 year period.

So what else is happening during this 3 1/2 time period when Ysrayl is in the wilderness? Let’s go to the book of Revelation chapter 11. This is the same time period here family.

Revelation 11:1-2 Forty-two months is three and a half years. And this is when they have the temple. Their going to rebuild this next temple. They are going to build this next masonic, defiled temple in the COURTYARD of where Yah’s temple stood. It’s not going to sit on the direct place. It’s going to sit on that gigantic courtyard where Yah’s temple once stood. That’s where this defiled temple of the man of sin, where his headquarters will be set up. But it says for 42 months…3 1/2 years. What else happens in this 3 1/2 year time period? The same 3 1/2 year period. Let’s look at this. Let’s go to verse 3.

v. 3 One thousand two hundred sixty days (1, 260), what does that equal? 3 1/2 years of 42 months. Ysrayl in the wilderness, 3 1/2 years. All this is going to take place in a 3 1/2 year time period. The man of sin is going to stand up in the temple and proclaim himself to be the greatest god. Ysrayl has to flee into the wilderness. It’s going to be a struggle to get there. But Ysrayl has to flee to the wilderness. Once they make it into the wilderness, they will be there NOURISHED for 3 1/2 years.

Outside of the wilderness, Yah’s 2 witnesses that are going to be a pattern of Moses and Aharon. Yah’s 2 witnesses are going to go to the man of sin and they will make havoc for him. Just like Moses and Aharon went to pharaoh, these 2 witnesses of Yah are going to go to the man of sin. Check this out. Yah said in Revelation chapter 12 that He shall bring us into the wilderness on the wings of an eagle. I want to go back and read that. Let’s run over to Revelation 12 real quick. Then I will come back and finish reading Revelation 11. Let’s go to Revelation 12, you can mark it down and put it in your notes.

Revelation 12:14…and the woman was given the two wings of a great eagle to fly into the wilderness to her place where she is nourished for time, times and half of time from the presence of the serpent. It said 2 wings of a great eagle. But do you know that this 2 wings of a great eagle, Yah said that this is what led the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness when we came out of Egypt? Right? Let’s get understanding of this. What two servants led the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness? That led the children of Ysrayl out of Egypt and led them into the wilderness? It was Moses and Aharon. Right? Moses and Aharon led the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness. Yah said that the children of Ysrayl were led by the two wings of an eagle. And we see that these 2 men…could Moses and Aharon be these eagles wings that Yah was speaking about? Likewise, could these 2 witnesses, likewise lead the children of Ysrayl out into the wilderness just like Moses and Aharon did? Could this be them in Revelation 11? More than likely family. If that’s what the 2 wings of an eagle is…leading them out to the wilderness. An eagle is swift, an eagle is powerful and an eagle has that keen sight.

So we see that all of these things family is happening around the same time period. So Ysrayl will not be delivered until after that 3 1/2 years is up. We don’t know what day that’s going to end on, family. That’s not for us to know. Yahoshua said it’s not for you to know what day and hour. Just know that deliverance is coming. Just know that in the days of those kings, right in the midst of satan’s kingdom on earth… BAM…it’s going to be destroyed! It’s going to be crushed. Right when he has plans to keep ruling. He may have set up for the next day to execute some servants and that’s the day Yahoshua is coming back. So your plans ARE OVER! Yahoshua is coming like a thief in the night. They are not expecting (Him). He does not even know the day He’s coming. But He does know that His hour is near. He does not know the exact day. Only Yah knows that. Satan knows his time is short but satan doesn’t know the exact day when his time is up. So HalleluYah family, just look at how Yah’s plan is and how it operates. Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 2.

Zechariyah 2:6-11 This is what we have to do family. The land of the north, North America (we must flee). The daughter of Babylon, in verse 7 is the United States, family. Let’s continue. v. 8-11 Do you see this family? We must flee. We must flee into the wilderness. See when we come out of here, we are going to the wilderness. We don’t go into the land of Israel. We must be cleansed (first). Let’s go back to Yahzeqyl chapter 20.

Yahzeqyl 20:39-42 Family He said we will know that this is Yah that turns us (back) into the land. Right now, you know, we are thinking that Hime Goldberg is bringing us back into the land because he stamped our approval to converting to Judaism. How is that going to show the hand of Yah? Yah is going to show The Power. He’s going to do things family, that they have never seen before. He will throw the sun at them like a man throws a snowball and say let my people go. You read what He did in Egypt. He’s going to deliver us (too). It’s in His hand. The plan, He’s already stamped His approval on His plan. Ysrayl plays a role in that plan. Yahoshua plays a greater role. He shall return you to the land and then you shall know that He is Yah.

Let’s go to Acts chapter 1. We have this same time frame. The last 3 1/2 years, Ysrayl will be in the wilderness. The man of sin will set up. The temple will be built and Yah’s two witnesses are going to the man of sin to cause him havoc. The last 3 1/2 years.

Acts 1:9-12 He’s coming down in that cloud family. You know what that cloud is (see the fallen angel lesson). Yahoshua is coming back the same way He went up. And when He comes back, He’s coming back ready for war. Time for war…Spiritual war…physical war. Yah is going to make the earth shake! Kayn ahk, now we hot and now we will be ready to fight. We ain’t scared of no kryptonite. HalleluYah! So when He comes back family, He’s in full war mode, along with the malakim, they will let those locs hang. This is no time to pin your locs up. You have to go in war mode and let those locs hang. Put on that helmet. That’s what He’s coming back for. He ain’t coming back to talk to you anymore. That’s over. You listen (to Him) now.

Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 14. Let’s read about when the Master Yahoshua returns. Listen fam, let me just give you this vision real quick. We as brothers and sisters profess a love for Yah through Yahoshua our Messiyah and we say that we profess a love for one another. If we were walking down the street and we happened to see someone attacking one of our brothers, sisters, elders or imas, we are going to jump in that mix and we will help our brother, sister, elder or ima because we love them. Even if we lose the battle, we still will stand and help defend our brother. Right? Okay (then), Yahoshua is our brother. Yahoshua is watching as the nations of the earth is beating up his brothers. Now we know Yah called them to do a job on us but they did and went overboard. They did not do according to what Yah had told them to do. They have gone overboard. So they need to be punished for that. Because now they are being disobedient. They were being obedient when Yah called them to take us into slavery in ships and do all those things. But they were being disobedient when they did extra stuff. Okay, so they need to be punished for their disobedience.

So when He comes back and He has the fury of Yah upon Him and He has been watching His brothers get beat down. He said the least you do to these you do to Me. So what do you think that’s gone be like? Why do you think He’s called  The Lion (of Yahudah in Revelation 5:5)? Have you ever seen a fierce lion fight? Have you ever seen a fierce lion attack his pray? Ain’t gon’ be no end. Imagine the sky is filled with ships with never-ending streams of malakim coming and going from them. And every time they come down, they are coming down to spill blood. And you can’t do nothing about it. There’s not one weapon formed on this earth that will be able to stand on that day. Where will you hide? Who will you call? Do you see? That’s the vision. That’s what we must understand. That’s what we are trying to get to. Let that motivate us to keep going because we don’t want to be one of those who is on His hit list. He’s coming for us family. He’s coming to deliver us. Right now we have no help. Yah gives us mercy, that’s all we have is His mercy. But physically down here on this earth, there’s no nation standing up to protect us. There’s no nation saying y’all are doing those people wrong. All we have is us and Yah. That’s all we have.

That’s right elder, we are taking down fallen angels. We are taking down demons. If you are so blessed to be in battle mode that day and you are in that first resurrection. And you have a sword in your hand…OH WEEEEE! But that’s real. All the things that the wicked are doing to the earth right now, giving the earth no mercy, all…I’m talking about the wicked of mankind and the wicked demons. They are in cahoots together. This is why Yah is going to punish them all together.

Man ahk, I been ready (laughs). Because I’m so tired of being tired. I’m so tired of being oppressed. I’m so tired of the wicked having their way and just ignoring Yah’s way. And if I was not ready ahk, that wouldn’t even matter. When Yah throws a sword in your hand and says go to work…you bettr be ready. ‘But Yah I never killed anybody before in my life’. ‘This is all new to me Yah’. ‘How should I do it’? You can play around like that if you want. It’s time for war. They have war against us. We are going to take the kingdom back with force. It has to be. If Yahoshua was to come down right now and speak with them, they would try to negotiate the kingdom with Him. You know how these wild Gentiles are. (Not speaking about the righteous Gentiles here). They are going to offer a piece treaty. ‘Well, Yahoshua this is your kingdom but you know we will let you live side by side with us you know but just don’t do to much of that Yah stuff’. ‘Everybody doesn’t want to hear that Yah stuff’. ‘And you have to respect people’s rights’. That’s what they will try to do. Do you think Yahoshua is going to sit back and wait on that? (laughs)

Let me tell you fam, upon that resurrection, you already have those righteous malakim, those warrior angels…now you don’t want to see them but they are there, right?  You already have these fierce warrior malakim. Then you will have David. You are going to have Joshua (Yahoshua Ben Nun), Gideon, all these brave soldiers of Yah that fought in battle on behalf of Yah. And what intrigues me about king David is that’s what he fought for. He fought for Yah. He fought for his people. He killed for his people. He was a solider for Yah. And that’s how Yah’s army is made up, they all are soldiers for Yah. David was a shepherd and turned into a warrior for Yah. There you go ahk, one shall make 1,000 flee.

If one can make a thousand flee, just imagine a ten man army. Ten man arm…that’s ten thousand gone. ‘Hey ahk this is my thousand over here, don’t you mess with my thousand over here, don’t you mess with my thousand ahk’. (laughs) Ahks will get into an argument. ‘No man, I need this thousand, right here, you just had a thousand’. ‘This is mine’. ‘Well ahk, I just want one more, can I just get one more’? ‘Naw man, go find another thousand’. Understand? Ready. For. War.  (laughs) HalleluYah.

Yeah absolutely ahki, that’s how they tried to make (the movie) ‘300’. You are absolutely right. As if those wild Gentiles were that powerful and that strong. You know. But we will see the real deal when Yahoshua returns.

Zechariyah 14:1-16, v. 1-2 read. v. 3 Yes, Yah fights and Yah battles for Ysrayl! v. 4 This is just what we read in the book of Acts. Yahoshua went up, He’s coming down to the Mount of Olives, His feet shall stand upon the Mount of Olives which faces Yahrushalom on the east. And the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from east to west making a valley. Half the mountain shall move north and half south…just His feet touching the ground!! WHEW! What else does He have to do after that? Who is going to stand against that? Let’s continue. v. 5 All the Set-apart ones (saints) family. That’s the Set-apart ones of the malakim and the Set-apart ones of redeemed mankind in the first resurrection.

v. 6-7 It’s just going to be one day lit up by Yah. ‘Oh I think it’s going to be over in night, when it turns night’. It AIN”T going to turn night. v. 8 read. v. 9 His name is one right now and all it takes is for His people to call upon His name, family. His name  shall be ONE. There’s only ONE Yah. v. 9-11 read. v. 12 How do you stand against that?!! At His presence, you will melt away! You will turn into ash instantly. Like they do on the cartoons. Where do you think they got that from? v. 13 So Yah is going to make them fight one another. Just as He made the giants, nephelium destroy one another. v. 14 What? We are going to get in on this? (Yahudah will be fighting).  v. 15 So Yahudah, Israelites family are going to be fighting! Get your sword READY! Put some fire on it. Put on your armor. Get you some of this. Let’s continue.

v. 16 Family, do you see that? This si when the feast are going to be reinstituted when Yahoshua returns. When Yahoshua comes back this is going to be the deliverance of Ysrayl. Do you know what? Listen, whose going to stand against us? When our Kind just split the Mount of Olives, just from His presence! Whose going to tell us that we can’t return to OUR land? Whose going to stand up against us and we are fighting and we are splitting wild Gentiles, wild ‘brews, wild Hamites and wild Asians in two just from looking at Him? And Yah is melting them where they stand. Whose going to stand against that? What wild Jew will bring it upon himself to do that. So wild nations, you can’t stand against it. And that’s what I’m trying to bring to you, Ysrayl. That when we return to the land, all the world shall know. (There will be no) sneaking in here and there. No, we are coming back to rule. We are coming to take the kingdom with force.

Hey ahk, when we get back and those feast days are reinstituted ahk…let us find someone trying to keep a Passover with a chicken. One of those wild servants, done snuck up in there! ‘Oh Great Master, I couldn’t find a lamb for you’. ‘There wasn’t a lamb without spot Great Master but I did find this chicken’. Okay. Do that if you want. The Great Master has been given the go ahead. That if His servant doesn’t serve Him right…do you understand? (the lake). And I’m being real with this family. Yah is going to give everything that you deserve in abundance. He’s already promised you the world. And you will do everything in righteousness.

These things are real. We talk about the curses. But let’s talk about the blessings. We talk about being down. But let’s talk about ruling. Satan always makes us feel guilty when we talk about the blessings. Satan always makes us feel guilty when we talk about ruling. Why do we allow him to do that? We are not just all about curses. Once the curses are passed on, it’s time to look at the blessings. It’s time to be blessed.

Let’s go to Matthew 24. Then we will close out with looking at the cleansing of the land and what must take place. See family, we must know and accept who our family is and what our family does. See we are not big-headed Israelites that go around saying foolish talk (like) the Gentiles can’t be saved. If the Gentile is serving Yah in the same way that we are…that Gentile is our brother. That Gentile also deserves a right to the tree of life. That Gentile deserves the right to take part in this battle against wickedness. See we have forsaken all, family, See the righteous Gentile has forsaken all just like we have forsaken all. They have forsaken family and friends, like we have forsaken family and friends. They have forsaken have forsaken false history, like we have forsaken false history. They have accepted the truth of Yah, like we have accepted the truth of Yah. So why should there be a separation between them and us? Do you understand?

See we are talking about that wild Gentile that’s going to serve us. That’s what Scripture says. Absolutely ahk, do you know what ahk? He’s going to be sinking in the lake. Might not even any arms, Yah might take his arms off ahk. So he can’t swim nowhere. He’s going to be sinking. With malakim taking his head off and putting it back on, all day, everyday. There’s going to be some heavy stuff going on in that lake of fire, family. And see, this is why (wild) Gentiles don’t want to accept that. Because they know that they have destroyed the world. They have joined in with these fallen ones and have helped to destroy the world. Not only Gentiles…Hamites, Israelites…mankind has joined in the destruction of the planet. So Yah has to punish them all. If you follow satan, you set the same punishment as satan. If you follow Yah through Yahoshua then you get a righteous reward. It’s just that simple.

We are family. OH, you know what? We already read Matthew chapter 24. Let’s go to Matthew 25, I’m sorry.

Matthithyah 25:13 We don’t know family. We just know the signs which lead up to his coming. We know that the temple has to be rebuilt. We know that the man of sin has to stand in the temple. We know that Ysrayl has to e in the wilderness for 3 1/2 years. After that we don’t know when. We know that Babylon is going to be destroyed after the 400 year captivity. After all that, we don’t know when family. We can’t predict the day or hour. So we have to prepare at all times. Like I said, satan could have a plan to execute some servants one day and that’s the day that Yahoshua’s coming so he’s not executing nothing.

We don’t know. We must be on guard at all times. Meaning we have to be living as if Yahoshua is coming to get us right now. When He comes, He has to find us faithful. He has to find us enduring. So that’s how we have to live everyday family. Like I said, get that kingdom mind-set. Get your mind-set for the kingdom. The kingdom is shalom. The kingdom is justice. The kingdom is righteousness. The kingdom is love. Get your mind in that mind-set right there.

So let’s look at this, then we are out. Before Ysrayl comes back into the land as a righteous ruling nation, the land has got to be cleansed. That land may have had more blood shed in it than any other land on this planet. So many wars have been fought in that land. So many men, women and children have died in that land, on that soil. And they are still dying to this day. So before Ysrayl is brought back, there has to be a cleansing. There is too much blood that has been spilled over there. Way too much. Let’s go to Numbers chapter 35. I just keep hearing ahki Dale’s song in my ear, man time for war…Spiritual war…physical war. Because these entities, the wicked understand no language but war. The wicked are constantly at war. That’s all they understand so Yah has to come and speak to them in the language they understand. The wicked fallen angels and the wicked of mankind, Yah has to speak to them. He has to come speak to them family. All they know is conquest. You go around the world conquering everything. So now you have to be conquered. Satan conquered the world. Satan sent his minions out to conquer the world.

Numbers 35:33-34 So Yah said, do not profane the land for blood profanes the land. The land is not pardoned for blood is shed on it except by the blood of him who shed it.

So if there is some wicked Hebrew over there shedding blood in the land, spilling blood on the land, that Hebrew that is spilling blood, his blood has got to be spilled in order to cleanse the land. v. 34 So Yah can’t dwell in the midst of a defiled land. So before we come back, the land has got to be cleansed. And it can only be cleansed by the blood of those who have spilled blood in the land. Every nation on the earth has shed blood in that land, family. The Canaanites, all of these old nations that you think don’t exist anymore, all these -ites…Canaanites, Edomites, Hittites and Amorites. In order for the land to be cleansed their blood has to be shed. They are still here. The Israelites are still here. What makes you think that they are gone? Canaan is still here. They may go by a new name but he is still here. Canaan will be over there. Yah is going to bring him there. So his blood can be spilled. So we can have a clean land.

Let me show you the cleansing process that Yah’s going to bring. Let’s go to Yoyl (Joel) chapter 3. That land has to be cleansed and the only way it can be cleansed is to have the blood shed of those who shed it, every nation on the earth has shed blood in Yahrushalom. So every nation has to have their blood shed. This is why we will have the battle of Harmigeddo (Armageddon). This will be the cleansing process where all the nations are going to line up and they will be in the valley of Yahoshaphat, that’s ground zero.

Yoyl 3:1-3 ‘In those days, at that time=words of prophesy. v. 2 Ain’t they over there (now)? ‘Oh Palestine you get east Jerusalem’. ‘Oh Jews you get west Jerusalem’. ‘Oh Catholic you get this square’. Ain’t they over there dividing up His land? When He has not given them the authority to divide His land. Haven’t they scattered His people? And they continue to scatter His people. v. 3 They did this during the slave trade. They would sell us for a whore and sold a girl for wine. He said He is going to bring them to the valley of Yahoshaphat, the valley of decision. This is called the battle of Armageddon family. He said He is going to bring ALL the nations down there.

Let’s go to Revelations chapter 16. We are looking at your final deliverance Ysrayl. Listen, you are going out like a LION. It’s not going to be a small thing. The world has got to know who you are. Once you are set up in the kingdom, Scripture tells us that they are going to come to you and they will say we are coming to you and they will say we are coming with you for we have heard that Yah is with you (Zechariyah 8:23). Do you see? It’s going to be made know who you are. Yah says that He is going to give us fame in every land that we have been put to shame. This will not be a small time thing. The whole world will witness this because the whole world will be involved in this. The people who the world says has no Creator, the people who the world says ‘god’ has made them lesser than all mankind is going to be the very people who Yah is going to show His strength through. These will be the very people who Yah fights for as He fought in the day of battle. As He fought in the very time when He brought us out of Egypt. And what will you say then? What’s going to be your excuse then? You will not have one because you will not have a mouth to open. And those that do survive will be in such shock, they will not be able to speak. And He’s going to do that in front of everybody.

Man, that’s so powerful family. It brings a tear to the heart. He loves us so much after all we have done to Him, that He’s going to shake the world on our behalf…us. Who are we? They say we are niggers. They say we can’t even speak English correctly. They say we are dumb. They say we are over sexed. They say we are not even a man. When Yah says they are wrong. Somebody like that for us. Nobody has ever stood up for us family. What nation has ever stood up for us? What collective group of people has ever stood up on our behalf? Yeah the Jews marched with us during the civil rights but what is the Jews view on us as a people? We had some Quakers help us during slavery but what was their view on us as a people?  (inaudible) count the wrongs that was done to us. We only have Yah. When we talk about the wrongs that has been done to us people think we are crazy. ‘Y’all are just making that up’. But not this time. We have a Mighty, Powerful Yah that fights for His people. Y’all know who will be leading that charge? Yahoshua, our brother. Y’all know who will be in the mix of that right? MichaYah (chief warrior angel for Ysrayl) who stands for us. There will not be any restraint. He’s looked down and He’s seen how his brothers have been treated. Do you think he ain’t angry? When He comes, when Yahoshua comes in that mighty army from heaven, there will be no restraints on them. It is called the Day of Yah. And Scripture says what man can stand against that day? It’s going to be a terrible day family…for them.

Revelation 16. So let us strengthen our loins. Let us get strong. Let Yah work. Let us not try to intervene. ‘Yah please, save the children Yah’. That got us in trouble in Canaan. We already got in trouble for not going out and executing Yah’s judgment upon a people who Yah said no longer needs to exist. We have been down that road already. We don’t need to go back. We need to go forward. What you say, we shall do (Yah). If you say they are wicked Yah and they don’t deserve to live, then they are gone. That’s just the real-ness of the matter. I’m not trying to scare you, you know, ‘why y’all so violent’? We aren’t violent. (inaudible) is righteousness. Because it’s in Yah’s righteous order.

Revelation 16:13-17, v. 13-14 So they will be dragged there by these demons. These demons are going to confuse them and give them some type of false confidence that they can beat Yah. Ain’t that something? v. 15-17 It is done. The nations have aligned themselves. The nations have chosen sides. The nations are ready to battle. It is done.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 19. The battle of Armageddon. The final deliverance of Ysrayl.

Revelation 19:13-21, v. 13 …His name is called the Word of Yah! v. 14 Ride or die! v. 15-17 So Yah is about to provide those birds of the heavens, the flesh of men. v. 18 They are coming to wreck shop!! v. 19-21 This is the battle of Armageddon family. Yahoshua is coming back and standing on the Mount of Olives. Yahudah, the Israelites are taking part in this battle. And once that happens Yahoshua comes into the kingdom, (inaudible) a second time. The first time has been gathered in the first resurrection. Then those will be gathered in the wilderness. They will be gathered up a second time and brought to the kingdom, HalleluYah.

That’s just like one of the ahkeem (brothers) seen in a dream. That’s what you dreamed about. That wilderness location, yes ahk (brother) that’s what that was. The ship, yep and brought you to the land of Ysrayl and the malakim were rejoicing at your presence. That’s the second gathering. The first gathering are those who died believing. The second gathering are those who are left in the wilderness. Gathered up and taken home

Now that’s the lesson family. Is Yah’s plan perfect or imperfect? Do you need to build on this plan? Or do you need to do your part to help to manifest His plan? Yah has called all of us family to be part of this, to manifest this. And we are all doing this. When we go out here and talk to the nations, we talk to family, we talk to people, that is part of the gathering of the nation family. We are going out to seek out the remnant. We are remnant-seekers! HalleluYah.

So He has the plan for you. Your deliverance is coming. It’s on the way. Messiyah is coming for you with the angels in the clouds of the heavens. And they are coming for war. No more talking. You do that now. Yah said, ‘I send My servants out to you early in the morning’ (Yeremiyah 6:25; 44:4). Time for war…Spiritual war. HalleluYah.

That’s it family. The final deliverance of Ysrayl. Your deliverance is on the way. So stand still and see the salvation of Yah. When we go down to the prison and we get to speak to these ahks face to face, this is the message we have to give to them…hold on redemption is coming. Your redemption is coming. HalleluYah. I relinquish the mic.