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The Final Deliverance p. 2

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 11. The prophet Yesiyah chapter 11. We are still looking at that re-gathering. Do you know what? Let’s not go there. Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. Let’s read about the re-gathering of the nation. Ysrayl’s final deliverance. Do y’all know what? Since this is the final deliverance, do y’all know what? That means that y’all have to be on your best behavior now. This is your opportune time Ysrayl. If you don’t make it through this now…you won’t be delivered. This is it, Ysrayl. You are either going to close your eyes and be awakened during the first resurrection and see Yahoshua return or you will close your eyes and be awakened to the second resurrection and go into the lake of fire. This is it. Hey brother MOI, ain’t that an old eighties song? This is it, make no mistake or something like that (laughs). This is it Ysryal. So you must do this thing right. Right now. You must get it right now. Be blameless before the eyes of Yah. We know that all men have sinned, all men are sinners. Right? Yet Yah will hold you blameless, if your heart is right.

Let’s look at the final deliverance of Ysrayl.

Yahzeqyl 37:12-24, v. 12-13 See Ysrayl is in the grave, we are in the valley of dry bones. We are dead. we are spiritually, mentally, dead people. (inaudible) So this chapter, Yahzeqyl 37 is speaking of the valley of dry bones as Yah gave Yahzeqyl this vision of a valley filled with all these bones that are dead and they are very dry, signifying that they have been there for a very long time. And Yah told Yahzeqyl to prophesy to these bones. And Yah told him that these bones are the whole house of the children of Ysrayl. They are saying our bones are dry and our hope is lost. See Yah is talking about their resurrection of Ysrayl right here. ‘I’m going to open your graves’. ‘I’m going to bring you out from among the dead’. Because when Ysrayl goes whoring, spiritually whoring, Ysrayl died. When we leave Yah, we die.

v. 14 Wait a minute. Did I read that correctly? Let me read verse 14 again. I shall put My Spirit in you and you shall live. I shall settle you in your own land and you shall know I, Yah have spoken and have done it, declares Yah. So when we get back into our land it’s going to be such an event! It’s going to be such a spectacular and awesome thing that the world is not going to have any doubts that it is Yah that has returned the children of Ysrayl. Their not going to have ANY doubts that we are in fact the children of Ysrayl. Because Yah’s hand alone shall do this. v. 15-19 So Ysrayl represents the staff in Yah’s hand. We shall be one in the hand of Yah.

v. 20-21 (inaudible) Are we reading something wrong here? v. 22-23 Ysrayl was separated into two kingdoms after the death of King Solomon. The north tribe and the southern tribe. The brothers asked Yahoshua when would the kingdom be restored back to Ysrayl? The one kingdom? So Yah’s telling you right here. That Ysrayl is going to be one. No more division. No more being divided. And He’s going to put us back into the land. Yah, Himself is going to set this thing up and return us back home. You ain’t got to convert to nothing. You don’t have to be a Jew. You don’t have to be a Christian. Because Jew and Christians will not be in the kingdom. Buddhist, Muslims none of that. Just natural Yah-fearing Israelites (and grafted in Gentiles/nations) will be at home in the kingdom.

v. 23-24 So right here He says David shall be His servant. David is going to be king but look at this. He said I shall have one shepherd over them. Keep your finger right here. We will come back to Yahzeqyl. But let’s turn to John chapter 10. Because one shepherd shall be over them all when He returns us back to the land. Right? Let’s see who that one shepherd is. David is going to be king, remember Yahoshua promised the brothers (saying) y’all are going to have crowns on your heads. We will have 12 crowns judging over the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. So those who make the kingdom brothers and sisters, will be rulers in the land.

John 10:11 This is Yahoshua speaking. So Yahoshua is going to be the one shepherd over all. Because all the prophesies spoke about the Messiyah coming that would be a descendant of King David yet He would be greater than King David. Yah is telling us right here that David is going to be a king over them and they shall all have one shepherd. Yahoshua is going to be the one that is over all of the servants of Yah.

Let’s go back to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. So do y’all see how the deliverance of Ysrayl is going to happen? Do y’all see that it’s by the hand of Yah? Yah is going to re-gather and plant His people back into the land. Do you see that when we look even further…during the battle of Armageddon when Yahoshua returns and gathers His elect from the 4 winds of the heaven. I mean it’s A, B, C. It’s not complicated.

Yahzeqyl 37:25-28, v. 25 Wow. Did you see that? (It says) they shall dwell in the land I have given My servant Yahqob, where your fathers dwelt. They shall dwell in it, they and their children and their children’s children FOREVER. So when y’all go back home, when the gates are opened and Yah says come on in. We aren’t never leaving that place. But as we read about the battle of Armageddon, as we read in Zechariyah 14, you can go over there now but if you are still wicked over here and you go over there with that same wickedness, there’s nothing for you. You will be spewed out of that land. Because when the kingdom is set up there will not be one person that is not on one accord with Yah.

There will not be different thoughts of Passover…’should we or should we not keep Passover’? Naw. No more of that. Everybody will be on one accord when the kingdom is set up. There won’t be one unrighteous thought in the kingdom. So if you think you can go to the land now and find yourself a cave and hide out…you know so when Yahoshua comes you would have already snuck into the kingdom. You can think that if you want. All Yahoshua is going to say is ‘get  him’. That’s all, He has to do is point ‘get him’. And watch how many swords, those flaming swords be at your neck, back and head if you think that you are going to sneak into the kingdom.

v. 26-28 Do you see that? Yah said that the Gentiles are going to know that, ‘I have set y’all apart’. Do you understand? So this thing is going to be so awesome. This thing is going to be so great, so grand that even the Gentiles will understand that this is done by the hand of Yah. They will understand that the hands of men could not have done this things. (They will understand) that He brought the children of Ysrayl back and gave us great prominence.

Let’s go back to Zechariyah chapter 8. The final deliverance of Ysrayl is going to take place in the days of those kings when the kingdom is restored back to Ysrayl . And the days of those kings is speaking about those kings that shall rule. They have not been given a kingdom yet. Yet they will rule in the last 3 1/2 years of mankind. And in that time frame, that is when the kingdom of Yah will be set up on the earth. And that’s when Ysrayl will be finally delivered and brought back to prominence, brought back to rulership in the land that Yah has promised our fathers.

Let’s go to Zechariyah 8. Yah’s dwelling place shall be upon men again. He shall be among the children of Ysrayl. He shall dwell in our midst on the earth. The re-gathering of Ysrayl, we just read that Yah is going to re-gather His people and set them in their land.

Zechariyah 8:3-8, v. 3 read. v. 4 Those staffs are important. It said that old men and women will have these staffs. v. 5-6 read. v. 7 He said I’m saving My people from the east and the west (sunrise to sunset). v. 8 So we see how the re-gathering, the final deliverance…there’s going to be peace. There will be a party in Zion. Yah said the children will be able to play in the streets. They will not be worried about getting shot or getting murdered as the little children here in Chicago can’t even go to school. Do you understand? They will be out there playing. It will be peaceful. Because the city of Yahrushalom will be a city of righteousness. A city of Yah. Let’s turn back to Zechariyah chapter 2.

Zechariyah 2:6-11 v. 6 (inaudible) So you see? Flee from that land. There’s going to be a time when we have to flee but it’s going to have to be by the hand of Yah. Not fleeing because you think it’s time to flee. But when Yah gives you the day, hour and minute to flee. That’s when you flee from the land of the north. v. 7-11 So Yah is going to gather us. There’s going to be a time and we will look at that in just a moment…what is called the cleansing process. Before we are brought back to the land, before we can dwell in that land righteously that land has to be cleansed. Yah tells us and we will read that in just a moment that the land is defiled because of blood shed that has been shed in the land. So that land has to be cleansed before Ysrayl returns. The land has to be cleansed before Yah returns. Let’s look at this, in a moment, the payback time.

So let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 20. So far, all the books of the prophets that we have read, haven’t they all said the same thing? That the deliverance of Ysrayl is in the hand of Yah and Yah will do this thing. Yah will return and set up His people. He will return and provide for His people. Now we already know about the wilderness, that we will go through that wilderness period when the man of sin is kicking up dust. And after that 3 1/2 years then that is when Yahoshua will return and gather up His people.

Yahzeqyl 20:40-44 Do you see that? Kayn, does Yah mention anything about a Passover? Does He mention anything about being immersed into Judaism? No. He said I’m going to return you. But look at this, He said in verse 44 and you shall know that I am Yah when I have dealt with you for My name’s sake. Then in verse 42 and you shall know that I am Yah when I bring you into the land of Ysrayl. So He’s going to bring us into the land. This is how we will know He is Yah, when He has brought us home. This is how we will know.

So it’s going to be a great event that frees the children of Ysrayl. It’s going to be a repeat of the Exodus!! As we went through (with you in) the lesson about the wilderness and the mark of the beast. When He frees us, all will know that this is done by the hand of Yah. Because right now, we can’t free nothing. We can’t free ourselves from ANYTHING. You know, many of you can’t even free yourself from disrespectful relatives. Understand? Let alone free yourself from captivity. But it’s going to be by the hand of Yah that this thing is done. It is going to be by the hand of Yah that this thing gets done.

And when He delivers you this time, there’s no going back. This is it! Get that in your head, Ysrayl. No more captivities. No more pleading with you, please children of Ysrayl…no more (of that). This is a special time brothers and sisters. We have the opportunity to learn the ways of Yah, while it is still day. But when the night comes, no man is (inaudible). It is still daylight. The light of Yah is still shining bright among the children of Ysrayl. This is our opportunity to come (to Yah). And I tell you, do not forsake the chance to gather. Do not forsake the chance to come into Shabbat class. Don’t put if off to the next day. Because you don’t know what you will miss on this day. You are not promised the next day. You must get this thing and you must practice it and get it right so you can be found worthy in the sight of Yah to escape what is about to come upon the earth. Get it right Ysrayl. If you aren’t living after this, after this body goes into the grave, there’s no spirit coming out of you to live again. No. You must do it now.

Now let’s look at the payback time. (This is) when Yah repays these people back for all that they have done to us. All this wickedness they have done to us. Yah’s going to repay them. And let’s look at the cleansing of the land. So we have a few more Scriptures here then we will be closing out. We have 6 more Scriptures, then we will close out.

Let’s go to Numbers chapter 35. We see that the kingdom will be restored back to Ysrayl in the days of those kings. And we know the days of those kings, the last 10 kings, those kings that will rule for the last 3 1/2 years. And then Yahoshua will return and gather His elect. We will look at this in-depth. Let’s look at this.

Numbers 35:33 This is speaking about the land of Ysrayl. So in order for that land to be cleansed of all the blood shed that has happened, every nation of man has shed blood in that land. Every religion has shed blood in that land. Jerusalem has been the most contested city that has been fought over in the history of mankind. So a lot of blood shed has taken place there. So we saw that Yah is going to dwell there right. And Yah can not come into a defiled place. Yah will not dwell any place where there is any type of defilement has taken place. He will not. So as Scripture tells us, Yah will dwell in the midst of Yahrushalom. In order for Yah to dwell in the midst, that land has got to be cleansed, that has got to happen. The blood of all those who have shed blood in the land, their blood has to be shed. So let’s look at that.

Let’s go to the book of Yoyl chapter 3. Let’s look at this cleansing process that is going to be set up. (Talks to someone) Kayn ahk, because the blood of Israelites, Israelites have shed blood in that land. So the blood of Israelites is also required for the cleansing of that land. There has to be Israelite bloodshed going on in that land, natural Israelites, there has to be Israelite blood shed in that land for that land to be cleansed of all the blood shed. Yah said that the only way that it can be cleansed is by the shedding of the blood of those who shed it.

Yoyl 3:1-3, v. 1 When it says in those days at that time, we are talking about a future time here. v. 2-3 Do you all see (what He said in verse 2)? Yah says when He turns back the captivity, that He shall gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Yahoshaphat. And He shall enter into judgment with them there for His people Ysrayl whom they have scattered. And they have divided up His land. Isn’t that the major fight today in Israel? Who get this much of the land and who gets that much. Yah said, I’m going to plead with you. So this is when the cleansing process will take place. This is known as the battle of Armageddon, Harmegiddo. This is when Yah is going to fight as He fought in the day of battle. This is when that takes place because Yah’s going to bring them there. Megiddo is in northern Israel. The reason Yah is going to bring them there for that purpose is so they can shed their blood in the land. So the land can be cleansed.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 16. We are looking at the same time period here. So the final deliverance of Ysrayl will happen after the 3 1/2 year great tribulation. (inaudible) and He destroys all wickedness when He makes that great war against all wickedness. This is when Ysrayl will be re-gathered, this is when they will be delivered from this condition and delivered from the curses and this is when they will be returned to the land. And we have read that word for word throughout this book.

Revelation 16:14-16 So Yah is going to gather all the nations down in the valley of Yahoshaphat. This will be the battle of Harmegiddo or Armageddon. It will be the eastern vs. the western powers. Once again, the eastern powers will be led by Russia and China and they will have the Arabs and Africans along with them. The western powers will be led by the E.U. and all her allies. So there will be a great battle that will take place there. But Yah is bringing them down there so He can shed their blood. Because they are not going to fight each other because when they see Yahoshua return, they are going to turn their guns on Him.

(Talks to someone) The western powers will be represented by the European Union, which will be called the United States of Europe. The E.U. which is called the European Union right now, they are going to lead the western powers. Because by this time Babylon would have been destroyed. Babylon will not be there to fight in the battle of Armageddon. It will be destroyed. The 10 kings over the 10 regions will destroy her. So the E.U. and her allies will take on the United States of Europe. They are the 8th beast spoken of in Revelation chapter 17. The 8th beast that came out of the 7th beast. So the United States of Europe will be that next beast that will come up, that next power.

So let’s go to Revelation 19. We are still looking at when Yahoshua returns. This is when the gathering of Ysrayl will take place. Yah’s going to put us into the land. We know that Ysrayl will be in the wilderness. This is where Yahoshua is going to gather us up from.

So let’s look at this. The battle of Armageddon. (Talks to someone) No Russia is not going to be part of that. Russia has made pacts with China and Iran. And Iran is going to be the leader of the Arabs to pull the other Arabs in with them. All the Arab nations will follow Iran. Because Iran has already made a pact with China and with Russia. And Russia has already stated that if the United States attacks Iran, that they will start attacking the United State’s interest and allies. They have already put that on the table. That’s why the United States is hesitant. They have been talking all this ‘bad talk’ about Iran. But they are hesitant to go in there because they know Russia is behind Iran and China is behind Russia. So that is what they are doing now. So Russia will not be part of the E.U. Russia will not be apart of the western powers. Russia is with China. Russia hates the western powers. Russia hates the west. They hate it. (Talks to someone) Yeah, eastern will be China, Russia, the Arabs and Africans. Especially Ethiopia, Somalia because they have all that quote, unquote ‘terrorist activity’ going on in east Africa. You know because they are Muslims, many of those Africans. So they are going to part of that.

(Talks to someone) Well, I’m talking about the great Russia. The Russia that Vladimir Putin was running. How many of y’all have ever seen photos of Vladimir Putin? He was the president of Russia. Of you all that have ever seen him, how many of y’all have ever seen him smile in a photograph? I mean this man has a staunch look on his face. And do you see the way he handled (inaudible) not to long ago? Where he was sitting down, then he just bust her head? And she just sat there with a stupid smile on her face. You know (laughs). That man, see he is a military man. So I knew back in the 90s, when he came to power that it had to be a military man who was going to come and rule over (them). Because remember Russia still has her military might. She only dismantled the soldiers. She can get her soldiers up and running within six months. She still has her military might and she still has her weapons of war. So Russia is going to represent those eastern powers that will make up that 200 million man army. 200 million soldiers, something that has never been seen on this planet. But they are going to go at it. But they will not fight each other when they get ready to go to battle, Yahoshua is going to return.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 19. Then we will close out. (Talks to someone) Well, he will side with anything that’s not in the United States. This is why I always admonish you all to pay attention to the news stories on how these nations are aligning themselves. Just the other day China and Russia just signed a political pact. Iran and this country has just sealed this deal. Hey the news doesn’t give you the whole thing (story) but they give you enough where you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Yeah, definitely. Yeah absolutely ahk, they have been practicing war games together. That’s right China and Russia have. Yeah, the internet is good too. But with the internet you have to be careful because you must have a foundation already. Before you start that research, you must have a little foundation already because you can get swallowed up. The internet has so much information out there. Some of it is good but most of it is bad. So you have to know what to filter. But the internet is still a good research tool. An excellent research tool. One of the best ever!

Revelations 19:14-21 This is the Battle of Armageddon brothers and sisters, pay attention. This is when Yahoshua returns. This is the final deliverance of Ysrayl. This is after the 3 1/2 years of the rule of the man of sin. Watch what happens right here. v. 14-15 Now remember, we read in the book of Yahzeqyl chapter 37 that Yah shall have one shepherd over them. Yahoshua is that one shepherd.

v. 16-19 Do you see that? The kings, the beast and the false prophet, they have to gather together in Harmagiddo as Yah has brought them down to the valley of Yahoshaphat. And Yah is bringing them down there so he can do the cleansing process so Ysrayl can be returned back to the land righteously and Yahoshua can rule in the land. So the land has to be cleansed. The kings of the earth, remember in the days of those kings.

So Yahoshua is going to come and fight against those 10 kings spoken of in Revelation 17, who is ruling the entire world when He will set up the kingdom of Yah. v. 20-21 Do you see that? And the rest were killed by Yahoshua when He returns as He tells you in Matthew 24, which we read. Immediately after the tribulation of those days and then He goes on to tell you that the sign of the Son of Yah, the Son of Adam, the Son of Man shall be seen. And He shall come down to gather His chosen which are the children of Ysrayl. This is the final deliverance of Ysrayl. It will happen after the Battle of Armageddon when Yahoshua comes to set up the kingdom and Ysrayl will be planted back down in the land and no man will ever bring fear to them again. The final deliverance. And Ysrayl you must get this thing tight. You must sow it up now. This is your opportunity time to learn Yah’s way, learn His truth so you can be found worthy to escape those things THAT are coming upon the earth.

So that’s it brothers and sisters. Hey, I told you it was a short lesson. Todah Yah. All praises to Yah because it is Him that gives us these understandings. It is Him that gives us these blessings to get His Word. So HalleluYah to Yah. But I just want you to understand, don’t be deceived, Ysrayl. Yah will deliver His people in His time. Everything is set up and we see when that time frame is. Yah is going to have to flee from the midst of here. There will be a wilderness period. There’s going to be wars and great wars and things like that. And Yah Himself will set up the time frame (of) when His people will return to the land. Yah will do it.

I pray that you have understanding in this final deliverance. Once again this lesson goes in hand with the wilderness and mark of the beast (lessons). All these things will happen around the same time. Your deliverance, redemption is near. Remember that parable of the fig tree. Go back and read that again. Remember that. The signs are telling us that summer is near. He can’t come tonight or tomorrow but He’s near.

Q: Someone mentioned that they had heard that when the Messiyah comes down, He will come down riding on a white horse and so in Acts chapter 1, when we read verses 9-12, It says that the Messiyah will come down as He went up. Then as we read Revelation 19 verses 14 and 21 where it gave reference to the white horse. So can you clarify this for me? A: Very good question, ahkotee. Very good question. When we look at the white horse. The white horse is symbolism. A rider of a horse symbolizes a warrior. In the ancient times when they went to war, what did they do? They rode on the backs of horses. And so the horse is symbolizing that He is coming for war. He is coming for war. He is not coming back the humble lamb. He’s coming back with great power.

Now here is the key. And we will go into this a little more with the lesson on the fallen angels. Well the horse is literal and symbolism. Yeah purity, that’s why it’s white. The angels were stating that in like manner how you see Him leave, is how He will return from heaven. Meaning you see Him leaving the earth, levitating. You saw Him leaving and going up into heaven and going through the midst of the clouds saying likewise this is how He will come back. He will come back down from the clouds. He will come back down from heaven. So the angels in Acts chapter 1 were letting them know likewise. He will not come back in the womb of a woman. He’s not going to do that anymore. He’s already done that.

So when He comes back, it will be down from heaven. Just as He went up into heaven, that’s how He will come back. He was just explaining likewise this is how He shall return. He’s not going to pop up in front of your face, anymore. Because remember Matthew 24 that all man shall see Him like lightning shining from the east and west, all men shall see Him as He returns. So this is what He is speaking about to the angel. This is what the angels are telling them. He will come down as He went up to heaven. But yes that horse is symbolism and it’s literal. He’s going to be the rider of the horse. You know ride or die. Those who are not riding with Yahoshua will die. Well see He’s going to be a Spiritual being, Yahoshua is. Just like the angels can put on flesh within an instant and they can change into Spirit in an instant. This is how all who make the kingdom will be, the same way.

Q: Is it safe to say that through prophesy that more people whether Israelites or Gentiles will come back to Yah during the time of the 3 1/2 year great tribulation? A: Excellent question. But let me tell you this. Obadiyah can tell you yes to that. But wouldn’t it be greater if we looked through Scripture and let Scripture tell us yes? Turn with me to Revelation chapter 7. Look what Revelation 7 has to say. It gives you your answer.

Revelation 7:12-17 He said all those in white robes are those who came through the great tribulation. Now let’s go to Revelation 7:9 and see who are those. v. 9 ALL NATIONS, tongues, people. So we looked at verses 12-17 and that told us those are the ones that came out of the great tribulation. So during the great tribulation there’s going to be a multitude of people who will come out and worship Yah. Because there will be brothers that will be left behind during the great tribulation to teach the Word of Yah. Their not going to make the wilderness. As Daniyah chapter 11 verses 32-34 speaks about these brothers left behind to instruct many. (Talks to someone) Yeah they definitely got to go through it. They will have a great reward. It’s a cleansing for them. Remember when ahki Michayl did that lesson ‘trial by fire’. Scripture says Daniyah 11 that they will be cleansed. That’s why Yah is allowing them to be overtaken by the man of sin because that will be their trial and tribulation, Yah says so He can make them white. As in cleansing their sou not meaning white as in European. It’s to put them through something. We must go through that fire y’all.

So to answer your question. Yes there will be people from all nations that will come out of the great tribulation. Because those brothers are going to teach them and bring them out of the matrix.

 Q: Do you know about how far along the Jews are in getting the temple built? And do you have an estimated time when it will take them to finish the temple? How long will it take them to finish the temple? A: That’s a very good question. Well right now they are still in the planning stages. They are getting things that are needed. Now the final straw, will be this ahkotee, Solomon had the first temple built to house the ark of the covenant. So the first temple was built for a purpose. Now this last temple for likewise purpose. So they will not build it until they get the ark of the covenant which we know that the ark of the covenant according to Revelation chapter 11:7, the ark is in heaven with Yah. So they are going to fabricate an ark which they have in Ethiopia. One that is very old. That comes from the BCE time that has been in Ethiopia for a very long time. This is why they are bringing those Ethiopian Hebrews over to Israel. So they can learn what it takes (to get it). So they are setting that up. They are going to get that.

Now, they have made a replica of the temple that they want to build down in South Africa. There’s one built down in S. Africa, a replica of the temple. This temple that they build will be a masonic temple. So it won’t take them much time sister because they have modern technology. Remember we didn’t have cranes and everything back in the days when we built the temple with Solomon. They have modern technology (now). It’s not going to take them long to build that temple.

But all the pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place. The ark of the covenant, they will need that because (inaudible), the priestly garments, the red heifer. They have the priestly crown and all those things. They are putting all that stuff back together. They have the old Sanhedrin, that they copied from us. They are putting all this stuff back together. So within a moment of time, they can do this. But what must happen first? The man of sin is going to broker a peace deal between the Arabs and the Jews. There’s going to be a full-scale war over there. Because remember the man of sin is going to come speaking peacefully (at first). He’s going to come speaking words of union, peace. ‘Oh both of y’all are Abraham’s sons, why are y’all fighting’? He is going to broker a deal that will allow the Jews to build the next temple. To build that Jewish-masonic temple right next to the dome of the rock.

Now in Revelation chapter 11, we are told that the Gentiles are given the outer court of where Yah’s temple stood and they shall trample it under foot for 3 1/2 years of 42 months. So the man of sin will broker a peace deal. He will say hey y’all are brothers, y’all are both serving the same god. Y’all have your temple over here, you know, they are going to broker this deal for the Jews to build their temple. Then once that temple goes up, he will go in and say ‘I’m the greatest’.  So when the temple is built, that is when their messiah will come.

Obama is a very interesting character, yet we don’t know who the man of sin is. Everything now is speculation until he (the man of sin) reveals himself.

Q: If you’re not immersed what are your chances of getting into the kingdom? A: Immersing is important to our walk yet Yah knows the heart. So if you were to leave this life without that immersing, if your heart is right with Yah that’s great. But if you have the opportunity to be immersed do not forsake that opportunity. Do it because it is important to your walk. So I can’t say that you will not get into the kingdom if you don’t get immersed that’s not my call. But I’m saying if Yah reads your heart and your heart is right then that’s all good. But if you can get immersed definitely do it. (talks to someone) kayn, kayn it does say that we have to be immersed. But if you don’t have the opportunity and we leave this place…I’m not sure how that would work with Yah but yes we have to be immersed. If you have that opportunity, DO NOT forsake that. Get it done.

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The Gullah War

The descendants of the slaves have fought or taken part in many American wars from the Revolution to the wars in the Middle East. But did you know the Israelites fought a war right here on American soil? It’s called the Gullah War. The Gentiles named it the Seminole Wars. It is the same war. I remember reading about the Seminole Wars in American History in high school. They always made it seem like a Native American war against the colonists or vice versa. During this time, Florida was owned by Spain. Geechee-Gullah slaves from South Carolina and Georgia would run to Florida for freedom and Spain and the Native Americans helped them. This is the reason for the war. The rich plantation owners wanted their slaves back. It makes sense doesn’t it y’all because after all, plantation owners did secede from the union and go to war over slavery (even though they claim that was not the only reason, states rights or something or other). I beg to differ, slavery made the plantation owners filthy rich.

The Gullah War lasted approximately from 1739-1858. Some historians believe it started even sooner than 1739 but they credit the Stono Rebellion of 1739 as the start of the war. I acquired the information about the Gullah War from this book I’m reading called The legacy of Ibo Landing: Gullah Roots of African-American Culture by Marquetta L. Goodwine circa 1998. I haven’t finished reading the Gullah War chapter and I don’t want to spoil the book for you.  But I will tell you the subtitles to the Gullah War chapter. They include: The Stono Rebellion 1739, Battles with the state militia 1736-1812, The Battle at Horseshoe Bend 1814, The Battle of Negro Fort 1816, The Battle of Suwanee 1818, The Denmark Vesey Conspiracy 1822, The second period of the Gullah war, Victory over the Fort King Relief (the Dade Massacre) 1835, The Battles of the Withlacoochee River 1835, and  The Battle of Lake Okeechobee. The author wonders why they suppressed that this was a war chiefly based on the Gullah people of the low-country. I’m a history nut buff, I can’t wait to read this book. The other chapters in her book deal with the culture of the Gullah people.

Update 11-18-2015: The word Seminole, Seminolie, Simalooni or Simanooli is a Spanish word (or Spanish slang) that means runaway or maroon this was in reference to the (Geechie-Gullah) Israylites. Like the Cherokee nation, the Creek Native Americans of Georgia owned slaves, about 86 slaves. But, I have not read so far where the Creek Muscogee Indians of Florida owned any slaves. I have only read so far that the Creek Muscogee of Florida were allies of the runaway slaves. Although, I did read that they did not live among each other. The runaway slaves (or Seminoles) and the Creek Indians of Florida lived in separate communities.

I read that when the slaves came into Spanish Florida, in order for them to be given freedom, the Spanish made them become Catholic! So these Israylites were in a catch 22, switching the witch for the devil…the same thing. What’s interesting is that you don’t read about having to become apart of some religion from the Israylites who fled to British and French Canada, well at least so far I haven’t read that. Isn’t it also interesting that the Gentiles caused a war to get the slaves back from Florida yet they did not go to war against Canada for the slaves. But they did send slave catchers as far as New York to retrieve slaves (as we read in 12 years a slave and incidents of a slave girl) but I have not heard of any stories of them going into Canada to retrieve slaves. What stopped them? Did Yah stop them? Did the Israylites that fled north keep the laws of Yah?


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The Final Deliverance p. 1

All right y’all. Here we go, the final deliverance of Ysrayl. We understand that we have been put under the curses. We understand that we have been battered and bruised and kicked and all those things but there is a deliverance coming. There is deliverance, salvation coming to the nation of Ysrayl. The righteous people of Ysrayl…so this deliverance that we have…is something of Ysrayl. this is one of those simple doctrines, teachings that is very easy to understand, how and when Yah will deliver Ysrayl.

And so we have some Israelites today that can not wait on the deliverance of Yah. So they say hey we have to deliver ourselves. Meaning that we have to sit down and plot and plan and scheme. And we have to think of ways to deliver us out of this condition. When Yah has already laid the foundation of what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen. So this is what this lesson will focus on. This is a short lesson. And I may start doing shorter lessons instead of running lessons 3 and 4 hours. I’m going to try to keep it around an hour and a half or something like that. So you can comprehend what Scripture is saying. So this will be a short lesson. This lesson could have been hours and hours. There are so many Scriptures. But this will be part 1, the final deliverance. And I’m thinking that part 2 will be called the Day of Yah. And part 3 (of this series) will be called The Three Great Last Wars.

So we are going to look at all this, all this Scripture around the deliverance of Ysrayl. This also goes with the mark of the beast and into the wilderness lessons because that also deals with the deliverance of Ysrayl. When we are delivered this last time, there will not be anymore exiles. There will not be anymore captivities. There won’t be anymore of these. We are going to stay in the land when Yah puts us back there this time, this final deliverance time.

(Talks to someone) Yeah ahk, the fallen ones, that would be forever. I know everyone is waiting on that (lesson) and we will get to it.

But let’s start this off y’all in the Book of Acts. Because a very good question was asked by the apostles to Yahoshua. They asked Him a very profound question. And they wanted an answer to it. And Yahoshua gave them an answer to it. This is right before He ascended up into heaven. this is after He was resurrected and came and talked to the brothers for 40 days after. So right before He ascended into heaven, the brothers had a very critical question for Him. Acts chapter 1. This chapter will begin our lesson today.

(Talks to someone) Kayn ahk, that’s going to be a giant lesson. We may go even longer than 4 weeks because it’s going to deal with the fallen ones. But there’s so much to that. We will deal with the whole angelic wars. We will deal with angels in general, connection. We will deal with the whole Satan ruling throughout the solar system. We will deal with UFO’s in the Bible. Man, we are going to hit that thing off, y’all. So there will be a lot, dealing with that lesson. So that will be coming soon. We are waiting on the ahki Yahqob to get back so we can all do our part. When he gets back from off the road.

So let’s look at Acts 1. The name of this lesson is the final deliverance of Ysrayl. This is Yahoshua speaking to the brothers after He had risen. He came back to speak with the brothers. He stayed 40 days with them. Look at what they say.

Acts 1:6-7 ‘Master, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Ysrayl’? Now that’s a very good question. Because they knew He had risen from the grave. So they know that after the resurrection when the Messiyah returns that the kingdom would be returned to Ysrayl. So they asked Him. They said, would you do that now’? v. 7 Now what Yahoshua is telling them is what we will read in just a moment. That no man knows the date or hour when the kingdom is going to be restored to Ysrayl.

No man knows the exact date. And you have men out here saying September the 12, 2006, nuclear wars are going to begin…October 17th…you know men are making (up) dates. But Yahoshua said you don’t know. It’s not for you to know. Yah has that in His own authority.

(Talks to someone) Yeah ahk, we all are supposed to be long, gone and dead by now. If you believe in life after death and spirits, we all supposed to be spirits floating around here playing harps. According to this false prophet, Yisrael Hawkins of the House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. So according to him, we all should be dead by now but hey, so no man knows the hour or the date. This is what Yahoshua is relaying to the brothers in verse 7.

Notice what our brothers asked Yahoshua. They said Master, would you at this time restore the kingdom? They didn’t say Master would you restore the land. They are talking about the restoration of the kingdom. What kingdom are they talking about? The kingdom of Yah. Because Yah has given His kingdom into the hand of His people, Ysrayl. Now in order to understand when Ysrayl will be delivered, when that final deliverance will come, we have to see what these brothers are talking about. We have to look at this kingdom that they are talking about.

Let’s go to Daniel chapter 2. They asked when will the kingdom be restored to Ysrayl? So if it’s being restored, where restored means to again give. So once upon a time it meant the kingdom was in the hand of Ysrayl. And it was. The kingdom has been promised to the Israelites by Yah. Because it is Yah who rules in the kingdom of men.

Now this kingdom that they are talking about, now remember the ancient kingdom, the one that Nimrod started, that whole land mass. When it was in Nimrod’s hands, Nimrod had part of the kingdom. And the kingdom was expanded when it got into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar. He owned the kingdom for a minute. The Egyptians owned the kingdom for a minute. These same lands that Nimrod ruled was the same lands that Egypt was over at one time. The Assyrians were over it at one time. And then the Babylonians got it and expanded that kingdom. And so the kingdom which the Babylonians had is the same kingdom that the Medes and Persians ruled. Because they took it over from Babylon. The same kingdom that the Medes and Persians had, was the same kingdom that Alexander came and took. Then the Greeks ruled the kingdom. The same kingdom the Greeks ruled is the same kingdom that the Romans ruled. So the kingdom has passed through the hands of these 4 mighty powerful nations.

But the kingdom was in the hand of Ysrayl because Yah has always promised us this kingdom. So the deliverance of Ysrayl is going to take place when the kingdom is restored to Ysrayl. So let’s look at this. Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 2 because they asked when will the kingdom be restored not when will the land be restored to Ysrayl. Let’s look at the time period when the kingdom will be restored. Then you will know when Ysrayl will be delivered. Because when the kingdom is given back into the hands of Ysrayl, that means Ysrayl is no longer a cursed people. (This means) Ysrayl is in the land ruling. Because we will be kings and priests of Yah. So let’s look at Daniyah chapter 2 to see this time period. Because see, that is what you must understand, the time period of the final deliverance of Ysrayl. This is what a lot of Hebrews do not comprehend, is that time period. There is a time period when these things will take place. So that’s what we will look at now. Because these brothers asked Yahoshua when will the kingdom be restored. Let’s lay down this foundation and get this time when the kingdom will be restored to Ysrayl. Daniyah 2, this is what it says:

Daniyah 2:44 Alright, Daniyah is giving us a time period when the kingdom is going to be set up. Because when Yah sets up the kingdom, He’s going to put Ysrayl in the kingdom. And Ysrayl will be ruling from the kingdom. So Daniyah tells us, he tells us ‘in the days of these kings, Yah of the heavens shall set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed. This kingdom is eternal’. This is the kingdom that Yahoshua is going to set up when He returns as we are going to see.

Daniyah said ‘in the days of these kings’. What kings is Daniyah referring to? Who is the prophet speaking of?

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 17 so we can get this time frame. Yah’s kingdom will be set up in the days of these kings and Yah’s kingdom will be forever. Let’s go to Revelation 17 and see what kings Daniyah was talking about. Revelation 17, in the days of these kings Yah shall set up a kingdom that shall last forever. And when Yah sets up His kingdom that’s when His kingdom is going to be restored to Ysrayl. But no man knows the date or  hour when that event will happen. But we do know that there will be a time period as we have been given the time to watch. So that Yahoshua don’t sneak up on us like a thief in the night. So He’s giving us all the signs in what to look for to know that His return is near. But we don’t know what hour and what day in which the Master will return. So we read Daniyah 2:44, in the days of these kings.

Revelation 17:12-13,16, v. 12-13 Verse 12 said what? The ten horns. Now we know about that beast. That woman riding on the beast. She has ten horns and seven heads. And the angel is giving the understanding that the ten hours represents ten kings that shall rule the ten kingdoms or the ten regions of the world. When the new world order is set up, when the man of sin is ruling there will be ten regions set up on the earth and there will be ten kings to rule over these ten regions. The first region has already began to take form. It’s called the North American union. Where in North America, there will be one currency. Mexico, Canada and the United States will be one land mass. The borders will be taken away. It’s going to be one country. That will be region one. Yeah the E.U. will be its own region, over there in Russia. The E.U. will be its own region. So these ten kings, these are the kings that Daniyah is talking about. And these kings will come during the last 3 1/2 years of mankind. So Daniyah said in the days of these kings. These are the kings right here. I’m going to skip verse 14 and 15. I will come back to them. v. 16 So the ten kings are going to destroy Babylon.

So these are the kings that Daniyah is talking about. And these kings will rule in the last 3 1/2 years of mankind. The kingdom will come and be set up in the days when these kings are ruling. And it said that Yah’s kingdom will overthrow all the kingdoms that are on the earth and His kingdom will last forever. This is when the deliverance of Ysrayl will take place because the kingdom was prepared for you, Ysrayl. From the foundation of the world, Yah prepared a place for His special people to rule from.

So we are looking at the end of time. We are looking at the last 3 1/2 years. We are looking at the return of Yahoshua and the time when the kingdom will be restored to Ysrayl. And Ysrayl will be restored back to promise.

Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 14, when Yahoshua returns. Because Daniyah said in the days of these kings and we looked in Revelation chapter 17 and saw it’s going to be these last kings that rule. Those ten horns on the beast, those are the kings that Daniyah is talking about. So Daniyah said that, that’s when Yah’s kingdom will be set up. Not before. Do y’all understand that there are people in Ysrayl right now saying that the kingdom of Yah is there (now)? Do y’all understand that? They call themselves the kingdom of Yah or K.O.Y…Ben Ami and his group. If you go to his website, that is what it’s called, the kingdom of Yah. Because they say Yah’s kingdom is on the earth right now. They say that Yah’s kingdom has been set up. And Ysrayl has been delivered, they say.

So I’m looking out my window on the westside of Chicago. And y’all can look out wherever you are and you tell me. Has Ysrayl been delivered y’all? Didn’t we just read that when Yah’s kingdom is set up that the other kingdom’s will not stand? So the nations will not be ruling when Yah’s kingdom is on earth.

So we are not in the days of those kings. Yah’s kingdom is not here on earth (now). Yet the kingdom order is being manifested. That’s what we are doing right now. The kingdom order is being manifested today. This is what we are doing. We are getting ready for the kingdom.

Zechariyah 14. It is utterly ridiculous you know, saying that Yah’s kingdom is on the earth right now. When Daniyah just told us the time period and we see that those ten kings have not started ruling yet. We see Ysrayl has not been delivered yet. The kingdom has not been restored to our hand yet. We are not ruling, we are not kings yet. In fact, we are still slaves to some of these people, in their eyes.

Zechariyah 14. We will see when the final deliverance (occurs). Remember when this final deliverance takes place, you ain’t going into any more captivities, Ysrayl. Ain’t no more of that for you. Because this final deliverance, Yah’s going to deliver the remnant of Ysrayl. And this remnant will be righteous in Yah’s eye sight. There will be no more cause for sinning, rebellion and all these crazy things Israelites are doing today.

Zechariyah 14:1-4, v. 1-2 Now I want to point this out here. Because we are going to look at this point right here. This is called the battle of Armageddon or Harmegido. Yah is going to gather all the nations to Yahrushalom. We are going to explain that in this lesson. This is a key point for you to understand, when the deliverance will take place. Verse 2 finished reading from ‘the city shall be taken’. This is talking about the battle of Armageddon which is going to happen before Ysrayl is delivered back into the land. But do you see this? Because you have Israelites telling you today that you will be safe if you come back to the land. But we are reading right here in Zechariyah (verse 2) at what is going to happen when the nations come gather together against Jerusalem. We talked about this on Wednesday night, how this army is gong to be composed. There will be 4 angels that will be released from the bottomless pit and they will go out and they will get this army to kill a third of mankind. These 4 angels are going to go and stir up the nations of Russia, China, the Arabs, and the Africans. And they will comprise an army that will be 200 hundred million men strong. An army that the world has never, ever seen. So you will have the eastern powers coming towards (fighting against) the western powers.

So it says that the city will be plundered, the house rifled and the women raped. This is going to happen in our time when they come against Jerusalem. It says that half of the people shall go into exile but the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city. v. 3 That sounds good t me y’all! Yah shall go forth and fight as He fought in the day of battle. Do you know what the day of battle was? The day of battle was when He freed the children of Ysrayl from Egypt. And we will go over this when we get to the fallen angel lesson. There was an angelic war going on when the children of Ysrayl were fleeing Egypt. This is why Yah said I must send My angel before you. To prepare the way for you. Because there were other angels that they were fighting. There was a war going on. Whenever you see a physical war…this war took place first in the spiritual realm. So it’s just manifesting on the physical.

But right here it says that Yah fought like in the day of battle. v. 4 So what we are reading here is at the battle of Armageddon when man is going to line up to go against man. And in the midst of this…let’s put our finger right here at Zechariyah 14:4 and let’s go over to the Book of Acts. Because what Zechariyah is talking about is the Battle of Armageddon and Yahoshua returning.

So we are looking for the return of Yahoshua and that will be the final deliverance of Ysrayl There’s a time period here brothers and sisters. It’s to let you know, if you get a plane ticket tonight and go and get yourself a hotel room in the land of Jerusalem, Israel. That’s not deliverance. You haven’t been delivered because you are living over there. Deliverance is when you are free to serve Yah. When you are back ruling the kingdom. When the kingdom has been restored. (inaudible) Kings rule kingdoms right? If you ain’t over there…if you have Israeli prime ministers ruling over you, you haven’t been delivered. You haven’t been delivered until you see Israelite kings ruling.

Remember it said His feet shall touch on the mount of olives. Whose feet is this talking about? It didn’t give us a name in Zechariyah 14. It didn’t give us a name. It just said ‘He’. Let’s go over to Acts 1. Let’s see who that ‘He’ is that’s going to touch on the Mount of Olives. Because we see that the nations are going to be gathered for the Battle of Armageddon. The nations are coming against Yahrushalom. The eastern powers vs. the western powers. The eastern powers are represented by Russia, china, the Arabs and the Africans. The western powers will be represented by the E.U. and her allies. Because by this time Babylon is going to be destroyed. Babylon will not see the Battle of Armageddon. She’s going to be gone down already. Because the Battle of Armageddon happens in Revelation 19 as we will read. And Babylon gets destroyed in Revelation 18. So she will not be there to represent.

So let’s go back to Acts chapter 1. Remember Zechariyah just told us that during this time when Jerusalem is ravished. When that war is going on over there. Zechariyah said He shall come and His feet shall land on the Mount of Olives. So we have to identify who this is, in the deliverance of Ysrayl. When is that going to take place? As we see in the days of those kings. And those kings are going to rule in the last 3 1/2 years when they set up the ten regions. Acts chapter 1. Let’s identify who this is that will stand on that Mount of Olives and split it in half.

Acts 1:9-12, v. 9-11 Now it said that the same way that y’all saw Him go up is the same way He’s coming down. Now where were they when they saw Yahoshua ascend into heaven? v. 12 Do you see that? These brothers were on the Mount of Olives and the angel told them hey, you see Yahoshua going up into heaven this way…the same way you see Him going up is the same way He’s going to come down. He is going to come down on the Mount of Olives. This is who Zechariyah 14:4 is talking about. Because Zechariyah is explaining to you when the Battle of Armageddon happens, then this is when Yahoshua is going to return. because Yahoshua tells you in Matthew 24 that unless those days be shortened no life would live on earth. Because man is going to go at it in an all out war and that’s why Yahoshua has to come back before that war takes place. And when He comes back they are going to turn their guns, not on each other but they will turn them on Him. This is what the Battle of Armageddon is.

(Talks to someone) Yeah, nuclear war. They have all the bombs and everything they need to destroy everything.

Let’s go back to Zechariyah 14. We are setting up when Yahoshua returns. You will see that, that will be the final deliverance of Ysrayl. I have heard with my own ears, Israelites saying that we are stupid. ‘Y’all are waiting for Yahoshua to return’. You know just blaspheming the Word of Yah. So that is why I want to give you this lesson, so you can see from the Scriptures, the time period of your final deliverance. Yah’s going to give you the instructions on how to go and where to go. Now remember the lesson about the wilderness, there will be a wilderness of safety to be protected.

So we left off at Zechariyah 14:4. We see now that Yahoshua is the one Zechariyah is speaking of hee.

Zechariyah 14:5-9 So we are looking at the time period that Zechariyah is giving us. We are talking about the kingdom being set up (when) Yahoshua returns. Yah shall be king over all the earth when the kingdom is set up because He will be ruling from Yahrushalom. So this is when Ysrayl will be delivered, during this time period. During these end of days, during the last 3 1/2 years when Yahoshua returns.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 24. You are going to see this. In the days of those kings, that’s when Yah’s kingdom shall be set up. I want to lay this down so y’all won’t be led astray into doing something that Yah does not want you to do. And going places Yah doesn’t want you to go. Yah has all this in His hand. There’s no plans of man that are involved in this. All man has to do is find out what Yah wants you to do, Ysrayl. And get in where you fit in. That’s your job. That’s why as we read this, you will never see anything about converting back to a religion to get into the land. You will never see anything about us going through the back door, fooling people, tricking people to get back into the land. That’s not mentioned here. What we will read is that Yah says, ‘I’m going to do this for you.’ ‘I’m going to bring you back’. ‘I’m going to set you up’. ‘I’m going to have the Good Shepherd over you’. Everything is in His hand y’all. We just have to understand the signs of the times. So when the hour comes and when Yah calls your name and says flee…you have to know when to go.  If Yah says flee left, you must know to flee left. If He tells you to flee right, you must go right. So that is what is going to happen to the children that are intoned with Yah. But the children of disobedience, the ones that don’t want to hear His voice, oh they will be stuck. Just watch and see.

Matthew 24, let’s still get this time frame. As we saw Zechariyah talked about the end of time, when Yahoshua returns, that (time) of Armageddon.

Matthew 24:29-36 Do you see that? Immediately, that means soon, right then and there. ‘Immediately after tribulation, distress of those days’. Yahoshua is breaking this down because He’s talking about this same end time also when He will make His second appearance. Because He told you when the man of sin, remember the mark of the beast lesson and the into the wilderness lesson? Remember He said that when the man of sin, when the abomination of desolation stands in that place and proclaims himself to be the greatest of all gods, this will begin the great tribulation.

So He’s saying AFTER TRIBULATION and tribulation will be 1,260 days (42 months) or 3 1/2 years. So Yahoshua is saying right here in verse 29, immediately after the tribulation of those days, after the distress of those days, He said the sun shall be darkened. Now right here, when Yahoshua returns in Scripture that’s called the Day of Yah. That’s going to be part 2 of this lesson. The final deliverance of Ysrayl and part 2 will be the Day of Yah.

And so, that Day of Yah is described by all the prophets and it’s given the same time frame when the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall be darkened and the moon shall not give its light, it shall turn to blood. This is going to happen only one time.

v. 30-31 Now do you see that? Yahoshua said that He shall return right. That after the tribulation, then the sign of His coming will be seen in the heavens, After the tribulation. Not before. Not during the tribulation but after the tribulation He told us in verse 29. Immediately after. And then in verse 31, He said He shall send His angels to do what? With a great sound of a trumpet and they shall gather His chosen ones, His elect, who are the children of Ysrayl. This is when you shall be gathered, His chosen ones, from where? The 4 winds. From one end of the heaven to the other. Because Ysrayl will be still scattered at this time. This is when He will gather us from the wilderness.

So He is going to come and gather you. This is when the kingdom is going to be restored back into the hand of Ysrayl, after the tribulation. As the battle of Armageddon is about to happen, Yahoshua is making His second appearance. As the brothers asked, ‘are you going to restore the kingdom now’? Because they thought that after His resurrection, they thought, hey, right now the kingdom was going to be restored to Ysrayl. But naw. It’s for a set time. All prophesies, these prophesies have to be fulfilled before Yahoshua returns. These prophesies have to be fulfilled before Ysrayl is returned to the land.

v. 32-33 So do you see that? He said learn this parable, y’all. Understand what He is saying. So He is saying when you see all these things…when you see Ysrayl starting to come back and reclaim the covenant. When you see all these things that He said would take place in prophesy. When you see all of these things, you know His return is near. So that’s what I’m saying. He told the brothers, it’s not for you to know the hour or the season. What He was saying (is) that no man knows the exact date and hour. But you do know from the signs that, that time is near. No man can give you a prophesy and say this prophesy is of Yah and this is an accurate prophesy. No man can say well December 31, 2012 Yahoshua will return. If a man comes bringing you some crap like that…he’s giving you a false prophesy. The Scriptures are clear, no man knows the exact day and hour.

So right here, these signs as you see these things being fulfilled in prophesy, that’s the sign to let you know that He is about to come. When we see the re-gathering of Ysrayl, when we see the temple start to be rebuilt again. And they are putting all of this on the table right now. The Jews say ‘we are going to build our temple and our messiah will arrive’. They are waiting on the man of sin.

So when you see all these things start to take shape, you know He’s on the way. v. 34 What is He talking about right here? Because I know that the brothers that don’t believe in Yahoshua as Messiyah, they try to say, ‘well He’s lying right here’. Because that generation passed away long ago. NO. What He’s saying is this: He’s talking about the Messianic generation. The generation that has salvation through the shed blood of the Messiyah. That generation which we are presently in. It shall not pass away until all these things take place. Until all these prophesies are fulfilled, this generation will not pass away without seeing all these things. Everything that He tells you in Matthew 24, this generation will witness. So He’s talking about the Messianic generation, the generation that is going to get salvation by wearing the shed blood of the Messiyah. If you have breath in your body and you live long enough, you will see it. You will see all these things because Ysrayl you don’t have that much time. We are in that generation, how do we know? Because we are taking what He just said, when you see the fig trees tender, you know summer is near. Likewise, we are seeing how these things are starting to shape up. We are seeing the words of union starting to be spoken. We are seeing how man is starting to come together as one, in the global village as they call it.

Do you all se how we are in this room right now? We are from all around the world right now but we are in one room as if we are all sitting in one place. The world is coming together as one again. It is reconnecting. And we know that, that is one of the signs. It’s going back into the days of Nimrod. So we know from the signs that this generation is going to see these things happen. (inaudible) Israelites get relaxed, they get comfortable because they think that they have another 10,000 years. But we know that from what Yahoshua is saying that the signs are showing that His coming is near. I’m not saying He’s coming tonight or tomorrow, naw. There’s a process to it, to His return. Because He’s not coming until when? After the tribulation of those days. And when do those tribulations start? When the Abomination of desolation stands in the Set-apart place and proclaims himself to be the greatest of all gods. This is when the great tribulation will begin. That hasn’t started yet so we are still a few years away from His return.

Let’s go to Matthew 25. (Talks to someone) Yeah, actually the E.U. is going to be the eighth beast spoken about in Revelation 17. This is who the E.U. will represent. That 8th beast that is of the seven.

Matthew 25:13 Do you see that? So we have to always stay WATCHFUL! Keep your eyes on the news. Keep your eyes on what’s going on. He said watch, as you start to see these things start to come together because the fig tree is starting to blossom, we know summer is near. So we know that He is coming. So when He comes brothers and sisters, this is going to be your deliverance. You have one more deliverance. This is it. You know, Yah delivered us time and time again. He delivered us from Egypt. He delivered us from the Babylonians, from the Greeks, from the Romans. He made all those deliverances. But this is the final one. Nobody will conquer the children of Ysrayl, when Yah plants us back home. There will not be anymore conquests of the children of Ysrayl. Never, ever again. Never.

Let’s go to Micah to see that Yah will gather His people. So we are looking at the time frame here. The Battle of Armageddon. And we are looking at Yahoshua’s return as when Ysrayl will be restored.

So let’s go to the prophet Micah. Let’s go to Micah chapter 4. Because Yah is going to re-gather His people y’all. We see that the re-gathering, the final deliverance is going to take place around the time that Yahoshua returns. And we are going to see that by the hand of Yah, Ysrayl will be re-gathered and planted in our land.

Now see, it’s one thing to be put into the land, to be put into the kingdom but to be planted there…you know like you plant a tree. It’s like, if I go take a tree today and sit it outside on the concrete…so what. It’s not going to be planted. It will die because it can not stick its roots down and plant it’s roots. But if I’m planted, if I plant a tree, then if I can nourish that tree, then that tree has the opportunity to grow, to look beautiful and to grow large. All that good stuff. So when Yah plants us, Yah is going to plant us in the land this time. So that we will never be uprooted by anybody. No man will come and uproot us. We are going to stick our roots down into that soil and that’s going to be it. It’s going to be there forever.

Micah chapter 4. And so for all this madness that you are going through, Ysrayl, there is a reward for you. The brothers wanted to know, when will that kingdom be restored back to Ysrayl?

Micah 4:1-4, v. 1 It says in the latter days, Yah is going to re-gather His people. We just looked at the time frame right, in the days of those kings. And then we looked at Revelation 17 and saw who those kings were. Those kings who are going to rule haven’t been given a kingdom yet but they will rule during the last 3 1/2 years of mankind. They are the 10 horns that are on the beast. So Daniyah said in the days of these kings, this is when Yah’s kingdom will be set up. So we started this lesson off in Acts 1:6-7 when the brothers asked Yahoshua, ‘are you going to restore the kingdom back to Ysrayl right now’? And so we are looking at when that kingdom will be restored because when (Ysrayl is restored) this will be the final deliverance of Ysrayl. This will be Yah’s planting us back in the land. That was just an update for the people who just entered the room.

 Reads verse 1, do y’all know that that false prophet down in Abilene Texas says that this is talking about his group, the House of Yahweh? This verse right here. v. 2 So this is speaking about when the kingdom is set up. Listen to what it’s saying. It’s saying that in the latter days, it shall be that the mountain of the House of Yah is established. Yah’s House shall be established again in Yahrushalom. Yah’s House, His dwelling and then it says on the top of the mountains it shall be exalted above the hills and people shall flow to it. Remember when we are returned back to the kingdom, when the kingdom is given to Ysrayl, Ysrayl will be rulers of the world. And people are going to come to Ysrayl to hear the laws of Yah. Because it’s Ysrayl’s job to teach the people right. I think it’s Zechariyah where it says that the people will come and grab the tassels of all the men who are Hebrews and say we will go with you for we have heard that Yah is with you. (Zechariyah 8:23). See the people will come to us to hear about Yah, as Yah had originally planned everything.

v. 3 So this is talking about the re-gathering and return. This is a peaceful time. Right? We haven’t seen this yet. v. 4 See? Yah said we will sit under our own vine, under our own fig tree, our own vineyard. And no man is going to make us afraid. Ysrayl, when you are delivered from this final captivity, from this final exile, you won’t fear no man because you will have power and authority over ALL flesh and blood men. Because Yah is going to give you that to rule with Him in the kingdom.

Let’s skip down to verses 7 and 8 because Yah is going to re-gather His people. It’s going to be in His hand.

v. 7-8 So the kingdom brothers and sisters will be returned back into the hands of Ysrayl. And Ysrayl will rule the earth and this is speaking about the final deliverance. But I want you to understand the point I’m giving to you now, is that Yah who has caused the scattering of His people. It will be Yah that will re-gather His people.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 30. Let’s look at what it takes for our re-gathering. And look (and see) by whose hand will it be? Because I believe, that some Hebrews today believe that Yah’s hand is too short to gather His people. You know, that if His people sit and wait on Him that they will never be re-gathered. That’s pretty much what I hear from some Israelites. Which is blasphemy.

The next few Scriptures are going to show you that by the hand of Yah this thing shall be done. Not us. But by the hand of Yah.

(Talks to someone) Oh you heard about that to ahk? Yeah, it makes you cringe. Kayn, it’s very depressing to se our lack of faith in the One that has brought us forward. Do you know that when we came out of Egypt this same behavior was among our people? How in the world? After seeing Yah split the sea open for you, Yah bringing plagues that affected a whole nation of people but did not touch you. How can you see all that and then come out (of Egypt saying) ‘it would be better for us to stay slaves in Egypt then to be out here in this desert worshipping Yah? You know. That’s what we did. Kayn, no Hollywood tricks. That’s right. And by the way, we did mention this. But Charlton Heston, I see that He has bit his final bullet and I see that he has gotten his one way ticket, I see. I’m not sure where He’s going to end up at but hey yeah, Charlton Heston is out of there. That racist. He was a big racist. And then have the nerve to play our great prophet, Moses. Do you understand? (laughs) That’s right. What did he say? Out of his cold dead hands, huh? Yeah you can definitely get it out of there now.

Deuteronomy 30. Look at this. This is what Yah says.

Deuteronomy 30:1-5, v. 1 Now this is speaking to us to this day y’all. Yah said when we recall the blessing and the curse (when we) are among the Gentiles. Aren’t we doing that right now? Don’t we know that we are the children of Ysrayl because we know that we are those cursed people who are spoken of in prophesy. So aren’t we fulfilling this right now? Us, that know we are Ysrayl. v. 2 So he said that when we remember the blessings and the curses and turn back to Him. v. 3-5 Did I leave out something? Let me read that again. Verse 3 says then Yah will allow you to convert to Judaism and then bring you back to the land. Is that what we read? So if we didn’t read that, why is that being promoted? So that is what I want to show you is that Yah is going to return us however He sees fit. He will return us back to the land. He delivered the children of Ysrayl out of Egypt. Yet the Israelites had to get on their own two feet and flee out of that. And they had to cross with their own feet the sea which Yah made a path for them to go over. They had to do that. We are not saying Yah is going to come down and scoop us up and ‘beam us up scotty’…naw. We are saying that the deliverance…when we have to flee, it’s going to be by the hand of Yah. Not a moment to soon and not a moment to late. Because He already knows what’s going to happen. He already knows the plot and plan and how to get us out of here.

(Talks to someone) That’s right, He will lead and guide us. ‘I will gather you’ (v. 3). He said wherever you are, I will gather you. So Ahki Torah is over there in the United Kingdom, Yah will get you from out of there. We have brothers and sisters who come into this room from the Netherlands. Yah will get you out of there. We have brothers and sisters that come into this room from the west coast of Africa. Yah will get you out of there. He will gather you. We have brothers and sisters in North America, South America. Wherever we are, the re-gathering of Ysrayl is Yah.

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Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl p. 3

Let’s go to Deuteronomy 30 because before we can be gathered to Yah, we have to accept that renewing of that covenant through shed blood of Yahoshua Messiyah. We have to be united in our belief and understanding of the Messiyah as we read. Remember this is two chapters after Deuteronomy 28 and if you don’t know that chapter tells about the curses and blessings that came upon the children of Ysrayl for our disobedience. And when you read verses 15 through 68, you see that Ysrayl is still in that phase of being cursed because we are still disobedient and we are still sinful to Yah.

Deuteronomy 30, for us to be re-gathered this is what Yah requires of us.  That oneness. That unity. Coming together to believe His truth. This is what He says.

Deuteronomy 30:1-9, v. 1-3 Do you see that? Wait a minute. Did Yah say that we are going to re-gather our own selves? Or did He say that He shall do it? I’m just making sure that this is what I’m reading. Let’s read verse 3 again to make sure it’s what WE are reading, I hope that you are reading this with me. So we can see together. Verse 3 read again. v. 4-5 Wait a minute. Did I just read again that Yah shall bring us into the land? We read this in Yahzeqyl chapter 37. Right? We are going to go back to it in just a moment. After we read this (Scripture) to once again peak in on those dry bones who are not dry bones anymore. The last we read they were an exceedingly great army who had breath in them and was becoming one in Yah’s hand. So we are going to look at those dry bones again and see what’s happening to them. But I’m seeing that Yah is going to plant us in our own land. So you mean if I go buy a ticket to the land of Ysrayl today, that’s not what this is speaking about. That’s not Yah returning me if I go over there and try to live in the land and just do what I want to do thinking that the captivity is over. Is that Yah returning me to the land or is tha me doing what’s right in my own eyes? Or what I perceive to be truth? Humpf, I think Yah’s going to take care of that. (He will) answer that for us.

v. 6-9 So all of this is in the hands of Yah. All we have to do is unify, get on one front and understand Yah’s truth. (We have to) understand Yah’s voice and when it’s time He’s going to tell us to go left or right. If He tells us to go forward, we go forward. If He tells us to go back, we go back. And do you know what? We are going to do it in unison. We will do it in unity. We will do it as oneness. We will do it as a united nation. The true united nation. Now that stuff that they have created the United Nations, that’s false. These nations are not united. They are divided to the core. Even though they are sons and servants of Satan yet there is no true unity because true unity can only be done when you unite in truth. Everything else is just for show.

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. So you see we have to come back to Yah in that oneness, in that unity for the re-gathering to happen. Yah says ‘I’m going to re-gather you’. ‘I’m going to put you in the land.’ But first you have to come back to this Word that you said you was going to keep. You have to turn back to Yah, Ysrayl as a nation, a unified nation. That’s what He’s looking for. Let’s peek back in on these dry bones.

Yahzeqyl 37:21-28, v. 21 Now we just read this very thing in Deuteronomy chapter 30. The same thing. So this is only going to happen one time brothers and sisters. So we are talking about the same time period here, the re-gathering of Ysrayl. It’s going to be done by the hand of Yah once we have come together, once we have been brought out of our graves and once we are together in unity of truth, once we have united in one as Yah and Yahoshua are one. Many members of Messiyah yet one body. We have to do that then the re-gathering will begin.

v. 22 Wait a minute. How many nations? Look at that. (One nation) Do you see that? Yah, for our disobedience, the disobedience of our great King (Solomon) caused Yah to separate the nation. He cut the nation in half. With ten tribes north and two tribes south. Yah did that. But now He’s saying that He is going to return us to the land and when He returns us, we will be one nation. So I’m asking you brothers and sisters look around you today. Is Ysrayl ready to go to the land as one nation? Are we ready? Have we made it to that point where we can look out and say ‘well we have full unity, let’s go back y’all’. And if you can’t see that, then it’s not time for us to go. Because when we come back into the land, there won’t be any Israeli prime ministers sitting and ruling over our people. There will be Israelite kings, Yahoshua, King David. And you will have rulership if you make the kingdom.

So just listen to what the Father is saying. I advice you to read this entire chapter of Yahzeqyl 37. Read it at your own convenience right after you listen to this lesson. Open Ezekiel 37 and finish reading it and see if we are ready to get back into the land. See if these things are in existence. Because Yah says when he puts us back into the land, David will be resurrected. David will be resurrected in the 1st resurrection. The first resurrection will happen when Yahoshua the Messiyah returns. So brothers and sisters, I’m just trying to show you the truth in Yah’s Word. We can bring forth unity in truth.

v. 23-25 So David is going to be king and Yahoshua is the good shepherd as it tells you in John chapter 10. Yah says that there will be one shepherd over them and that shepherd will be Yahoshua the Messiyah. David is going to be under Him. And so Yah is giving us that whole order. He says we will be in the land. We will have peace. It’s going to be an everlasting covenant. David is going to be our prince. He said us and our children are going to dwell there forever and ever.

v. 26 He’s going to place His temple, His Set-apart place in our midst forever. He’s going to be in the midst. He’s going to be in the midst of us. So you look over in Jerusalem now, has that happened? So if that has not happened then tell me, is it time for Ysrayl to go back into the land as a unified sovereign nation? Man, brothers and sisters keep your eyes open.

v. 27-28 Look at this. The Gentiles, the European nations, do you see that? Yah said the Gentiles are going to know this. Now if I go over to the land today, if I convert to Judaism, I go and get a plane ticket and I go over there and I try to live in that land, is that what Yah is talking about here? Does this fulfill what we just read here? Is that the re-gathering of Ysrayl? Let’s say that a 100 of us go over there, is that the re-gathering of Yrayl. Because Yah said that the Gentiles shall know that Yah is setting Ysrayl apart. If I’m going over there and I’m converting to the religion of the Gentile, Judaism…how’s he going to know that I’m Set-apart from him when I’m just like him?

(If) I’m doing the same thing he does, the same practices he’s doing. The same disobedience that he is exhibiting, I’m doing the same thing (if I convert). So how will the Gentiles know I’m set-apart? When I’m going out proclaiming Judaism saying, I’m a Jew? What’s set-apart about Judaism and being a Jew? Nothing. But Yah said the children of Ysrayl, these Gentiles are going to know because I’m going to have David over there. And My Set-apart place (temple) is going to be in your midst. Is His Set-apart place, His temple over there (now)?  Is Yah over there? Is His throne over there? Is David a prince in Ysrayl? Has David been resurrected? Understand brothers and sisters, we have to get on the same page even about this understanding.

There’s no unity when one brother is saying it’s time to go back to the land. And another brother saying no, Yah is going to return us to the land. And Yah is going to do this thing, in His time. Now when I say that Yah is going to return us, I’m not saying that Yah’s going to come and send angels down to soup us up, you know. I’m saying that there’s going to be moves that we have to make and Yah’s going to be the guide. He’s going to guide us. Just like when He saved Lot from Sodom. He sent angels there. Those angels had to get Lot out of the city. They told him ‘hey it’s time to go’. Hey He may do the same thing with us. He may send angels to tell us that it’s time to go. Not that we are going to do some hocus-pocus and tap our heels three times and say there’s no place like home. Yah’s going to work with us and we are going to know. Those who are unified in His truth will hear His voice and they will know the time to go. We will know the time to be there. We will know when The Father has given the sign for us to leave, for us to go.

But like I said, there are some that are going to tell you that It’s time to go. Hey, let’s look into The Book. Show me in The Book. Let’s get on one page Ysrayl. Let’s come to one understanding because there’s only one truth. And Yah’s telling us, everything we read about the re-gathering. Yah said I will do this. I will guide you there and by this you will know that I AM YAH. This is what He has said.

So that should be what we are to follow, if we are unified. We can’t be debating this because it’s right there in The Word. If that brother thinks that it’s time to go to Ysrayl now, let him go. Maybe it is time for him to go. Maybe Yah is calling him and her over there for whatever reason Yah has for them to go over there. Hey if He’s calling you go. But He’s not calling you and you are hearing the voices of men, you better be careful of that.

Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 8. Once again this lesson is called unity and the re-gathering of Ysrayl. So before Ysrayl is re-gathered, we have to come together, unify, in unity, in truth. We have to come to Yah in one accord, in oneness, the one body of Messiyah. And that’s when the re-gathering of Ysrayl will start. Like I said we don’t all have to be in the same place to be of the one body. No. As long as our beliefs and understanding of Yah’s truth is in the same place. That’s what makes us one. Because when the re-gathering happens, Yah is going to re-gather us from the north, south, east and west, all the places where we have been scattered. Because there’s on Spirit that’s going to guide us all. The Ruach that’s going to guide us all, Yah’s Spirit.

Zechariyah 8:3, 7-8, v. 3 Did you see that? Yah said I shall return to Zion and dwell in the midst of Yahrushalom. This is what we just read right in Yahzeqyl 37. Yah’s Set-apart place will be in the midst of us it said. Yah said I shall dwell in the midst of Yahrushalom. I shall be in the midst of y’all, when we are re-gathered. v. 7-8 There you go. I didn’t mean to read verse 9 but the Spirit just lead me to read that. So we see that Yah is going to bring us back. He said I shall bring you back and they shall dwell in the midst of Yahrushalom. We are going to be re-gathered by the hand of Yah under His truth, under His righteousness. We are not going to go out there doing or saying our own thing. We are going to be out there 100% where Yah wants us to do because we will be unified in His truth. We will be one as He and Yahoshua are one.

We will be one. Yah is going to re-gather us but before He does that, He has to cleanse that land brothers and sisters. If you believe that you are going over to the land now and just sit there and chill out and that your captivity is over then you are wrong. Your very wrong. Because the land has not been cleansed. If Yah is calling you over tot he land mor than likely, He’s calling you over there to do some work. Because that lan, our land is defiled and it needs cleansing. It needs healing. Just like you are here in the United States, this place needs a cleansing. And that cleansing is spreading the Word of Truth, the Word of Yah. And we must be on the same page to do that. So Yah may be calling you to work over in Jerusalem. to bring forth His truth to the people over there. So if He’s calling you over there for that reason, you better get up and go. But if you are listening to the voice of men saying that your captivity is over, now you have to hom and you can go over there and sit down and drink you some Tequila and eat grapes the size of your head. And just relax and let the Gentiles serve you because the kingdom has now come. You know you better watch that talk there. That’s that dangerous talk, thinking there. But if Yah’s calling you to go over there to help set up shop, to spread the truth, to spread the Good News of Yahoshua, hey then that’s what He’s calling you for.

We know that the re-gathering of the nation is in the process of happening. Right now we are still building that unity. Like I said there is unity being built in Ysrayl. Yes there is. And so while that unity is being built brothers and sisters, the re-gathering process will happen once we have shown Yah that we have unified, that we are on His truth and we are calling out to Him.

And so when the re-gathering happens, we see throughout (The Scriptures) that Yah says that ‘I am going to gather you’. ‘I’m going to bring you to your land’. ‘I’m going to place you in your land’. Not no bel-fo declaration (spelling?). Not no Jews or anybody else. But I’m going to do this. He said the Gentiles will know that I have set you apart , My Set-apart place is in your midst. I’m in your midst, Ysrayl.

Let’s go to the Book of Yoyl, Joel chapter 3. This is speaking of when we are re-gathered. We talked about unity and before that we talked about the separation. Now we are showing the re-gathering of Ysrayl. I read many times that Yah is going to bring us there. So let’s look at what He tells us in Yoyl.

Yoyl 3:1-2 Do you see that? This is what is called the battle of Armageddon. This corresponds to Revelation chapter 19 when Yahoshua returns and that great battle that ensues with men turning their guns on Yahoshua and trying to fight against Him. The battle of Armageddon is going to be a battle with man against Yah. So Yah said I shall gather all nations and bring them down into the valley of Yahoshaphat and I shall enter into Judgment with them there on account of My people, Ysrayl. This is when Yah is going to cleanse the land.

Before Yah can come and dwell in the land, before Yahoshua comes and dwells in the land, there has to be a cleansing process of the land. Let’s go to the Book of Numbers chapter 35. this tells us that the land is defiled by blood shed. and the only way that the land can be cleansed is by the blood of those who have shed blood in the land.

Numbers 35:33 So all nations of men have shed blood in Yahrushalom. Yah’s great city of peace. His Set-apart city. All nation on the earth (have shed blood there). That’s what we read right in Yoyl 3:1-2 that Yah said that I shall gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Yahoshaphat. He going to bring them down there and He says He’s going to plead with them. So you know what His pleading is going to be. Read about it in Revelation 19. So when Yah goes to war with these nations, He’s going to bring them down to the valley of Yahoshaphat which is in Ysrayl and that’s where ethe cleansing process is going to take place because those men’s blood are required for the cleansing. Even Israelite blood is required because Ysrayl has shed blood in that land also, true Ysrayl (Israelites). So all men will come down there. Yah’s going to shed that blood and that blood will cleanse the land of the blood shed that has taken place over the years.

So that cleansing will set up for Yahoshua to set up the kingdom in Ysrayl and the re-gathering of the true nation of Ysrayl back to Yah. See Yah has got this thing written out in the Book and I’m going to do a lesson about it real soon. This thing is on point. Yah has it written out in the Book and it all makes sense. It makes so much sense. Because Ysrayl, we have not learned to unite as a nation yet within the nation there is unity. But as a nation as a whole, man, we are far from any type of true unity. We are far, far from it. This is why Yah has to work with that remnant. Those that want to save their souls.

Let’s close out. Matthew chapter 25. There has to be a separation before there can be unity. Those who want to unify in truth have to be separated from those who are unified in a lie.

Matthew 25:31-34 See this, Yahoshua is showing you that separation. That all nations are going to be separated and the sheep are going into the kingdom. And you know where the goats are going. (The goats on the left are going here, to the lake, according to verse 41).

So before there is any type of unity. There has to be a separation. Those who are for Yah come and stand over here, remember that? From when we opened up the lesson. (Moses said this in Exodus 32:26) See  those who are for Yah have got to come stand over here and once they do that then they have got to be unified. If you are for Yah that will give you unity. You will be on the same page, many members of the body of Messiyah yet one body. And that one body is unified in purpose character and goal just as Yah and Yahoshua are.

So there you have it. The lesson is called unity and re-gathering. I pray that it was a blessing to you and a blessing to each and everyone whose ears (or eyes in your case) it falls on.

Like I said, I’m not trying to stir up strife or anything. I’m just trying to bring the Word of Yah, bring His truth. I’m just telling you how it is brothers and sisters. We must keep our eyes on the re-gathering. Because if you do anything too soon, you will miss the boat. If you do it too late, you will miss the boat. There’s a story in the Book of Yasher chapter 75 which states that there were these Ephraimites of the tribe of Ephraim, when the children of Ysrayl where in Egypt in captivity. And while we were there these children of Ephraim got up and started saying ‘hey it’s time for us to go home’. Saying ‘it’s time for us to go to the land of Ysrayl’. ‘Our captivity is over’. ‘Our time is up in Egypt’, they said. These Israelites as they tried to leave Egypt before it was time to leave, that they left Egypt and they tried to go into Ysrayl, that was called the land of Canaan (at that time). And Yah allowed the Philistines to come out and slaughter them (only 10 of 3,000 survived). The Book of Yasher states that Yah did this because these men had stirred up and they left before it was time for them to leave. And so the Philistines came out and slaughtered them. So I just want you to know that you have to be on time with Yah.

Yah will tell you when it’s time to go when you have come to that unity, you have unified yourself with each other. But listen more importantly when you have unified with Yah. Because all of those that have unified with Yah will be unified with each other automatically. So we build up that unity with The Father and that’s going to connect us with one another. This is what will make up brothers and sisters in this truth.

So you have to be intoned with The Father and listen to Him. Because even when we look into the Book of Acts chapter 2 and we see that those Hebrews came from all over the world at the exact same time to keep the feast of Pentecost because they were all unified and they all understood when that day was to come. Because they were all unified in Yah’s truth. Let me show you. And when they became unified, that’s when the Ruach ha Qodesh, Yah’s Set-apart Spirit rushed down upon them.

So I will close out with this. I know I said I would close at Matthew 25 but the Spirit is leading me right here. This is not even on my Scripture list um notes but the Spirit is leading me right here,right now to Acts 2 to show you that unity that we talked about.

All these brothers came from around the world yet they were unified. They were on one accord.

 Acts 2:1 When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one mind (or with one accord) in one place.

Do you see? One mind and in one place. They are on that same understanding. They were on one accord. They had unified through the Word of Yah. And these men were there to keep the feast of Pentecost, the feast of Weeks. Because that’s one of the required feasts that Yah tells us in Deuteronomy 16 that we must come to Jerusalem three times a year to keep these feasts as He states that we must do. But do you see that? These brothers were on one accord, one mind, in one place. They had unity. They were unified in Yah’s truth. This is where we need to be. That’s our main goal… to be one mind, one place, on the same page, to believe the same, to speak the same, to hear the same, to see the same. One body, many members. Understanding Yah’s Word, His truth.

So with that brothers and sisters, I’m going to leave you in peace because I came to you in peace. In the ancient Hebrew Word for peace (I say) shalom.





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Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl p. 2

…and through his mother’s bloodline, this man is a tenth cousin of George Bush who is the president now. And he’s an eighth cousin of Vice President Dick Cheney. Their his cousins, through his mother’s bloodline. So we know that presidents are selected. So this man has an opportunity to be president. Yes he does even though his skin is dark. That doesn’t mean anything. These people are going by the bloodline. So if he gets into office, he is going to start that ‘we are one people, the world’s people’. The same thing they talked about during the time of Nimrod. We are going to go into that in a future lesson.

But I’m just showing you this unity. Unity means to come together in oneness. Not doing our own thing. But coming to seek Yah in oneness. This is what unity is.

Let’s go to Amos chapter 3, the Book of Amos, the prophet Amos. I like how this verse is translated in the King James Version because it’s really hitting the point.

Amos 3:3 How can two walk together unless they are agreed?

So this is what we are trying to say here. How can two be unified unless they agree, unless they are on the same page, unless they are both trying to seek Yah. See, if you have 2 men that are trying to seek Yah, these brothers will have something in common. They will unite. But if you have one brother seeking Yah and one brother seeking his own way, then those brothers can’t come together in no type of unity. Why? Because how can two walk together unless they agree? So how can you walk with Yah and say you agree with Yah and walk with Satan at the same time. Because who you walk with will show who your heart is for. If you are for Yah, you will walk with Yah. And if you are for satan, hey, the same applies.

Let’s go to Psalm 133 because unity brothers and sisters, this is what we are striving for. Before we can come back to the Father, we have to unify with each other. What did you all think when He said hey how can you say you love Me whom you have never seen and hate your brother who you see everyday. So Yah is saying before y’all can come striving towards Me, you have got to understand how to love your brother. You have got to understand how to unify with your brother. This is what Yah’s telling us. This is what we have to come to first. Because in that is the love of Yah. In that is the Torah. Because Yah’s whole Torah adds up all the laws to one thing, loving your brother as we love ourselves. That’s the primary focus of Torah to guide you to that point.

Psalm 133:1 See how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!

Have any of you all ever experienced this? When you and the brothers are on the same page. And it said how good and how pleasant because when brothers are in unity there won’t be any strife. Because these brothers that are in unity have love for one another. So there won’t be any strife, there won’t be any arguments, there won’t be any falsehood. There won’t be any deception. There won’t be any jealousy. There won’t be any envy. Because all of these things lead up to brothers not being into unity and brothers having great displeasure toward one another. So when you have that unity of brothers on the same page, oh how good and pleasant that is for brothers to dwell together in unity, in oneness. These brothers are believing the same, their thinking the same. You know, that oneness. That’s what we are striving for. But do you know what? We just have to do what we have to do. And Yah’s going to do what Yah has to do. Because we have to strive for that oneness. We have to strive, come together constantly seeing if we are on the same page about our understanding of Yah’s Word. Strive for that unity.

Let’s go back to the valley of dry bones. Let’s check in on these bones and see what has happened to them since we last heard from them or since we last looked in on them. Let’s go back to Yahzeqyl chapter 37.

Yahzeqyl 37:10-19, v. 10-11 The King James Version says ‘our hope is lost’. I love the way they phrase it because our people feel hopeless. We have given up hope because we don’t see. Because we don’t understand Yah. We don’t understand Yah’s truth therefore we can not see the vision that Yah has given to us. And so we can not see any hope. We just look out and see what’s before our face (and that’s it).

v. 12 Do you see that? Yah said He’s going to open our graves. Yah is going to bring us into the land of Ysrayl. Not me going out and get a plane ticket and flying over there as if I had done something great to deserve that great war. See some of these Israelites we think like…getting to the land of Ysrayl… getting to the kingdom of Yah is our ultimate reward. Everything that we are doing now is to lead and guide us up to that point. So it’s like, many Israelites are coming in and saying well ‘I got this truth’. ‘Hey, I’m an Israelite now’. ‘Now I have to go home’. As if you have done what it takes to deserve to get that  reward of going home. You haven’t done nothing yet. You haven’t seen nothing yet. So what makes you think that all of this is over and now you can go back into the land of Ysrayl and be a king? Naw, that’s not yet. That’s not now. Yah still has a lot to do. You still have a lot of proving to do. You still have to prove yourself worthy to make it to that point. You come into a job. You are a new employee and you have worked for 20 minutes, now you want to go and get your paycheck. Now you are begging the boss, hey man I’ve been working for 20 minutes, give me my check, NOW. No, you aren’t getting a check yet, you must earn this. Because Yah’s going to choose each and every Israelite that is going to make it into that land. Ain’t nobody sneaking in through the back door. Ain’t nobody sneaking in by scaling the walls. Naw, everybody that coming in there is coming standing on two feet with their backs raised and their heads to the heavens. Ain’t nobody coming in there mooping (sp?). We will go in there singing, rejoicing and praising Yah, when we go into the kingdom.

v. 13 Look at that. When He opens the graves and releases us from this death sentence, the spiritual death, He said you will know that it’s Me that has done this. Ain’t no Jew going to take credit for this. This is Me. This is what Yah is saying. Ain’t no Christian taking credit for this. This is Yah!

v. 14 Look He says, I’m going to put My Spirit, My Ruach in you. See each verse it seems Yah says ‘I am going to put you in that land’. ‘In your own land’, it’s not anything you are going to do. See when we go into that land, we are going in unity. We will be a unified nation under one accord. One nation under Yah. (Remember he said General Yahoshua Ben Yah will be escorting us into the land like Yahoshua Ben Nunn did). There won’t be any sinners waltzing up in there. Naw, a sinner will not even be able to go near the gates.

Reads, ‘then you shall know I Yah have spoken it and done it, says Yah. from v. 14. See, when Yah releases us from this death sentence, when He releases us from this captivity the world will know, ‘oh that’s the children of Ysrayl’. The world is going to know because Yah is going to shake and rattle the universe to re-gather His people and bring us back to Him. I don’t want to get to ahead of myself because we will talk about the re-gathering in just a moment.

But right now we are looking at the unity. These Israelites that are going to come up out of their graves are going to be a unified front. They are going to be a very great army. Because we will be unified and we will be for Yah and Yah will be for us. Yah has already promised us that if we come to Him, He said like one (person) will be able to chase away ten. Or something like that. He said you will be a very great army.

So when we come out of our graves and we come unified, a unified Ysrayl, oh It’s going to be a new day in the universe. Because a unified Ysrayl…there’s nothing in the universe that can stand against it. Because a unified Ysrayl has the power of Yah. A unified Ysrayl, that’s unified in Yah’s truth. Not unified into doing disobedience but unified in Yah’s truth. A unified Ysrayl. United we stand, unified we fall. United we stand, united we rise.

v. 15-16 See here, Joseph one of the 12 sons of Jacob. I told you about his sons Ephraim and Manasses. This is who Yah is talking about. v. 17 So Yah said, ‘I’m going to unify Ysrayl and Yahudah and I’m going to unify Ephraim in Ysrayl and I’m going to make them one nation again. Because remember Yah separated the nation because of our disobedience. So if disobedience separated the nation or caused Yah to separate the nation…unity through truth, obedience and righteousness is what is going to bring the nation together as one in Yah’s hand. Ysrayl is a stick, a staff in the hand of Yah. We are Yah’s staff. That’s who we are.

v. 18-19 So Yah is saying that I’m going to re-gather My nation. I’m going to bring them out and they will be a unified front. Yah is going to bring us out of that valley. He’s going to put His Spirit in us. We are going to awaken. We will no longer be dry bones. We will have hope. We will be rulers and kings but we will be that staff, that one staff in Yah’s hand. One staff in the hand of Yah. HalleluYah. HalleluYah. That oneness. it says that ‘they shall be one in My hand.’

One in His hand. So does that mean that half of us are going to worship Yah and half of us will worship Satan? Don’t even think such blasphemous things brothers and sisters. Because when Yah says we will be one in His hand, He’s talking about one nation under Him. He said that He’s going to open up our graves and put us in our own land. What got us kicked out of our own land? Disobedience and sin. So obedience and righteousness through unifying through His truth will get us back into the land which will make us one in His hand. That oneness, unity is what we are searching for. We will be united under Yah’s truth.

We will have that same oneness that Yahoshua prayed to Yah that we have. Let’s go to the Book of John chapter 17. We are striving for that unity. Not unity through diversity but unity through truth. There’s only one truth. All those that are with the truth are unified in the truth.

John 17, Yahoshua is giving this prayer for the body of Messiyah because that’s what we are today. We are the body of Messiyah. There are many members of this body yet there is one body. Just like there are many members in each and every one of our bodies. There is a heart, there are lungs, blood, vessels to carry the blood, muscle, the human body is such a beautiful piece of work. Yah perfected us brothers and sisters. It’s beautiful when you read a science book and they tell you how the heart is pumping the blood and how that whole thing works. And it works in unison. And just how all the different body parts function with each having its own individual function. Yet they make up one body. And if one part of that member of the body stops functioning as it should then the whole body breaks down. If your heart stops pumping blood, then BAM your whole body breaks down. If your lungs stop pumping air, breath or whatever they do. If they stop working, then the body breaks down. But you understand the point. This is how it is with the body of Messiyah. There are different positions. There are different jobs or services within the body yet the body is still one. You have one brother over here teaching. One brother over here prophesying. One brother is healing, all these different works. These brothers will be unified in truth. Brothers and sisters will be unified in truth and all of that work will be one work. Different functions but one work.

John 17:11 So Yahoshua is praying for the body of Maschiach, that these different, many members of the body be one like you and I Father are one. So Yahoshua is letting you know that the oneness that He has with Yah is oneness in the same purpose, goals, and character. The same thing that Yah wants is the same thing that Yahoshua wants. That’s the oneness that He has with Yah. It’s not saying that He is Yah the Father. No, but He has a oneness with the Father. This is what Yahoshua is teaching. This is what He is talking about. So He is saying that we have that same oneness. That oneness is what? Unity. So He is saying Father let them be united as we are united. Let them have unity Father as we have unity. Unity and re-gathering brothers and sisters, we must first have unity.

Turn with Me to Romans chapter 12. The many members of the body.

Romans 12:5 So we are many members of this body of Messiyah, Maschiach, the body of Yahoshua yet we have many members that makes up the one body. There are many different services that the one body does but it’s still one. Just because a brother is over here teaching and another brother is over here prophesying, it’s not necessarily that they are doing different things. They are doing the same thing if both are united in Yah’s truth. So the brother that are over here teaching, he’s teaching Yah’s truth. And the brother that is over here prophesying is prophesying of Yah’s truth. So they are on one accord. One has a job as a teacher and one has a job as a prophet. The same thing. The same job, different services because they are of the same body and they are bringing forth the Word of Yah.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 12. I hope that you are understanding this. We only have a few more Scriptures then we will be out. You know everything happens for a reason. I wanted to record this in Pal-talk but Yah had me bring it to you now in this private recording sitting right here in the office with my lap top. I have the Bible before me and I’m recording this for you. Listen to all these lessons, save them because hey brothers and sisters one day you may wake up and you go to listen to the lessons and there is a blank screen or you may get a FBI page saying this site has been closed down for whatever reason they feel fit to close it down. So while this information is here…print it out. Have your own personal stack (flyers). Hand it out too. But have your own personal stack in case you wake up one day and the site is not there. So you will still have this information. Put these lessons and words of the week on your hard drive. Or put them on CD’s so you can share this information with brothers and sisters.

Because everyone does not use the internet. It’s only a small percentage of our people who have been blessed to have internet access and to have computers and to have that understanding. A large majority of our people have not been on the internet and some will not be on the internet. We just can’t close our eyes and think just because we are on the internet, that everybody else is there. That’s not so. We have to get these lessons out. We need to start breaking these lessons down because when we are on Pal-talk they are like 4 hours long. Maybe we will break them down to 80 minutes so they will fit on a CD and then we can hand this information out.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 12 and talk about this unity. We are talking about the many members of Messiyah. They are many yet they are unified. They are one as Yah and Yahoshua are one. They are unified as Yah and Yahoshua are unified. They are united as Yah and Yahoshua are united.

1 Corinthians 12:4-31, v. 4-12 Do you see that? You have all these different kinds of services. All these different kinds of gifts. All these different kinds of workings but they are coming from the same Yah. That’s the unity that I’m talking about. We are all unified in Yah’s truth. You may have prophets. You may have teachers. You may have healers. And they come from the same Spirit, the same Source. So that’s why you have this misunderstanding within Christianity and within Judaism. They say that the old testament is for the Jews and the new testament is for the Christians. Which is not so. Because the same One that guided and instructed Moses in putting the Torah together and giving the Torah to the children of Ysrayl is the same One that guided and instructed Yahoshua to come and teach the Torah and guided and instructed Him to be the Living Torah. It’s the same Source. The same Yah. There’s no separation of His work. It’s one continuous work. That’s why I tell you in these lessons, if you have heard some of the lessons, I say that I don’t like to use the term old and new testament. I don’t but I do use the term for new people, so they understand. But there’s nothing old about it and there’s nothing new about it. It’s one continuous work, that has been here forever.

v. 13 That’s right! We were all immersed. Do you see that? We were all immersed into one body. All those who have been immersed in the name of Yahoshua, we were immersed into one body, the body of Messiyah. It doesn’t matter if you are a Hebrew or Gentile, if you have been immersed into the body of Messiyah then we all have been immersed into that one body, one Spirit.

v. 14-15 Do you see this great understanding that brother Shaul is breaking down here? This is what I was telling you a moment ago, that we have different members within our body. So the hand cannot look at the eye and say well, ‘the eye has a greater job than me so I’m not needed on this body let me go cut myself off’. No. The explanation that he is giving is that you can’t look at this brother and say well that brother is a teacher so there’s no need for me in the body. Do you see? We all, there’s no idle Israelites and I have been telling you all this for the longest. We all have a job and services to perform. And our job and service will equal up to us bringing forth the Word of Yah. Unifying through His truth and bringing His truth. Because Yah’s only going to allow His truth to be brought in a unified front.

v. 16-19 So if we all are teachers, then where are the prophets? If we are all prophets, where are the healers? Do you understand? There are many members but the unity brothers and sisters, remember we are looking at the unity now. These brothers and sisters in the body of Messiyah are unified because they are one body. Many members one body. Many members, one belief. Many members, believing in One Yah, one nation under Yah.

v. 20 See? Yah has placed a teacher here. He has placed a prophet there. He’s placed an overseer here. He’s placed an elder here. Yah has put this here. v. 21 See that? So me being a teacher in Ysrayl, I can not look down on someone else’s position and say man we don’t need you, go ahead. We don’t need that position, get it away from here. No, I can’t say that. Because Yah has placed this person, has given them the way of understanding what they are supposed to do.

v. 22 Do you see that? You may think well this person is just the secretary in the body, ‘we don’t need that secretary’. Are you kidding me? These positions, like even what we do at Israelite Heritage with positions and building up the structure of our organization…I mean everybody is needed. Everyone that has lended a hand and has agreed to do the job that Yah has led them to do. Everybody is needed brothers and sisters. You can’t look at someone and say that they are weaker and un-necessary. Are you kidding me? There are no idle Israelites.

v. 23 So you say well ‘he’s just an elder’. ‘Just put him in a corner because he’s just an elder’. Are you kidding me? He deserves greater respect. Do you think that, that is less respected? No. He or she deserves greater respect. Ima’s (mothers, grandmothers) too you know. So this is what he’s saying here as we unify, unite.This is how we must be. We must understand that there are different members in the body but we are all on one page, one body. There’s not 10 bodies. Not each teacher will make up his own body. No. One body. Hey, I’m teaching in Chicago and you are teaching in South Carolina, New York or Ohio. Does that mean we are all different because we are in different places? No. If we are all teaching the same thing, it’s just like we are teaching in the same place. We are bringing forth the same Word of Yah. Oneness. Unity.

v. 24-25 There should be no division (schism) in the body of Messiyah. So those who are saying there is no Messiyah, how can they be part of this body? See there is no division which means there is unity. One body many members. Unity. So when Yah releases us from the grave and plants us in our own land, is He going to bring those Israelites that don’t believe in Him? That don’t believe in His Messiyah? That teach another Messiyah? That are out there doing their own thing? Will Yah bring them into the land so they can come into the land doing their own thing like Yah had to keep punishing Ysrayl? No. After this captivity there is no more punishments. Because Ysrayl is going to be on point. We will be one with The Father. One with the Messiyah. There is no division. There should be no division in the body. Every member should have the same concern. We should have the same concern for each other. Remember, the Torah leads to us. The greatest of the commandments, loving each other as we love ourselves.

So if we do that and we come together in unity…if there’s no truth there can be no unity. If there’s no love there can be no unity. There has to be truth. There has to be love for there to be unity. So we must have the same concern for each other. We don’t want to see our brother come into the body harmed. We don’t want to see him dragged through the mud. We want the same for our brother that we want for ourself. We don’t want to see him sick. We don’t want to see her sick. The body of Maschiach has different members and it’s made up of men and women. Women are apart of the body also.

v. 26-27 You see, you are a body, the body of Messiyah. There’s one body with individual members. We have different members yet we are one body meaning we are united in Yah. True unity can happen and it is happening right before our eyes. You just have to know where to look. You have to look where the truth is and you will see the unity happening among Ysrayl.

v. 28 So do you see that? Yah has appointed all of these things. v. 29-31 So we are not all teachers. We are not all healers. Yet whatever you are…you get in where you fit in and you do the job that Yah has given you to do. Listen to His voice. Get intoned with Him so you will know what you have to do. And when you have to do it. So you see that, that’s what we are to do. We are the body of Messiyah. One body.

Now let’s look at this re-gathering because Yah already told us that He is going to plant us in our land, right? When we have His Spirit within us. He already told us that He is going to make us one in His hand. We are going to be His staff in His hand. He’s going to bring us back home. So let’s look at this re-gathering. The unity has to take place before the re-gathering. You can not go out and re-gather Ysrayl if you’re not unified as brothers are trying to do with a false unity. Saying ‘hey man, we have to all come together so we can all go back to the land of Ysrayl. Yet they don’t even believe the same…yet they don’t even see the same. Some believe this, some believe that. Some believe another doctrine yet they are trying to unify and come together on one accord to do one thing. No you can’t, you must fully be unified. You can’t have all these different doctrines and different winds of doctrines, different beliefs and then believe you can come to the Father in unity.

You know what before we go to Psalms, I want to close…look at the unity. I want to go to Ephesians chapter 4. See there has to be a true unity, those that want to hear the Father’s voice. And when the Father says it’s time to go, then it’s time to go. But if He hasn’t said it’s time to go and you are just going, just because. You better be careful. Ephesians chapter 4, this is just summing up what we just read in Corinthians about the different members of the body.

Ephesians 4:11-14, v. 11-12 So Yah gave these different positions so we can work as servants to build up the body to make the body strong. v. 13 He said these things are given until we come to the unity of the BELIEF and of the knowledge of the Son of Yah. This is what we have to unify on, our belief in Yah through His Messiyah. So if one brother believes in the Messiyah but the other doesn’t, there can be no unity. If one brother believes that Yahoshua is the Son of Yah as Scripture just told us then if one brother says that He (Yahoshua) is Yah, then there can be no unity between the two. You must have total unity and total oneness in the belief and of the knowledge of the Son of Yah to a perfect man in the measure and stature of completeness of Messiyah. That’s what we must have, Ysrayl…unity.

v. 14 Look at that. So when we come into the completeness of our understanding of the Messiyah as we are growing together. As we are building this unity. And we are trying to do that so we don’t get blown away by every wind of doctrine. Every teaching that comes your way, there you go giving ear to it and there you go being confused by that false teaching. So this is what he’s saying. Let’s concentrate on being one in our belief and understanding of the knowledge of the Son of Yah. We don’t have to be blown away right here by this man telling us there is no Messiyah. Or this man over here telling us that there is another Messiyah. This man over here telling us that Yahweh Ben Yahweh is the Messiyah. This man telling us that Ben Ami is the Messiyah. This man telling us that the Messiyah is still yet to come. We go by what’s here. What’s been taught to you, let’s get on the same page in the Book and let’s come together in oneness of our understanding of Messiyah.

Because it says by the trickery of men in cleverness until the craftiness of leading astray (plotting). So what he is saying is that they are not going to come to you and lead you astray by just out-right false doctrine. They will come to you as Satan came to Eve. ‘Oh did Yah say that you should not eat from any of these trees’? ‘Oh did Yah say that you should not die’? ‘Did Yah say you shall certainly die’? ‘Oh no, you will certainly NOT die’. ‘Yah knows when you eat of this tree you will become like Him to know the knowledge of good and evil’. That’s the craftiness of the serpent. So he will come and dress things up for you. ‘Oh it’s time for y’all to go back to the land’. ‘Oh y’all are sitting over here in the wilderness after the time that the 400 years is up’. ‘It’s time for y’all to go back to the land’. You will get   crafty things like that. When Yah said I’m going to return you to the land.

You have men saying y’all are fools because y’all don’t buy a plane ticket and go tot the land of Israel and live under the Jews who rule. Or telling you that you have to convert to Judaism. and that’s not true. That’s not so. What did we read in Yahzeqyl chapter 37? There isn’t anywhere where Yah said you have to convert to come back to the land. He said I’M going to put you in the land. And if you can’t wait on Yah then you can’t wait on Yah. So watch it. It says it’s by the trickery of men and cleverness of craftiness of leading astray…led astray through clever trickery. Yeah, it may sound good (their words) and if you are not searching these Scriptures, searching that truth, seeking Yah’s face then whatever they present before you, you will eat it. Because it’s a fruit, a tree that looks wise and looks desirable to your eyes. Ain’t that what Eve said? I’m paraphrasing but that’s pretty much what she was saying right?

So you must be cautious. This is a warning. I’m not speaking out against anyone or anything. I don’t get into those fruitless debates. I’m not going back and forth with people arguing. You know getting into arguments with people on whether it’s time to go back to Ysrayl or not. No, I’m just warning you of what Scriptures say. I’m going to follow what the Scriptures says. I’m going to only speak what the Scriptures says. So this is nothing personal against anybody. But it’s just me following what Scripture says. Scriptures didn’t say anything about us converting to a religion to come back into the land, to sneak back into the land. Yah said, I’m going to bring you and set you into your own land when I bring you out of your graves. I’m going to do what the Father says because I believe Him over any man.

So Psalm chapter 50. Now let’s look at the re-gathering. And as we close out in Ephesians chapter 4 with the unity. We must be unified. There are many members but we must come to one. Oneness. That same oneness that Yah and Yahoshua have which shows you that Yah and Yahoshua are NOT the same as in being the same being. Yahoshua is an entity and Yah is an entity but they are on one accord. They are on the same page. They have unity. The same unity that we are striving for that’s the same unity that Yahoshua prayed for us to have. Strive to possess it.

Let’s not fall into this whole deception and just get lazy and say ‘well you know nobody is perfect, man’. ‘Nobody can be unifies man’. Let’s strive for it, at least. Make an effort to become unified. Make an effort to be on the same page. Make an effort to see Yah’s Word through Yah’s eyes. We can at least make the effort to do that. We can. Because it’s happening. Yes it is, you just have to know where to look. wherever the truth is…if unity is being…if brothers and sisters are united in truth, then the truth is where you need to be and you will see the unity of Ysrayl.

Psalm 50:5 Gather My saints together to Me. Those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice (slaughtering).

So Yah is saying gather my kind ones to Me together. Those who have made a covenant, He’s talking about the renewed covenant. Those who have renewed the covenant through Yahoshua’s sacrifice. Yahoshua’s slaughter, through spilled blood of the Messiyah, the renewing of the covenant has been opened to us. So Yah says gather them to Me, the re-gathering of Ysrayl. This is what we are looking at now. We are going to be gathered to Yah. Gather My saints together unto Me. Gather My kind ones, My Set-apart ones together unto Me. Those who have made a covenant with Me by My sacrifice. We made a covenant, we have renewed the covenant through the sacrifice of Yahoshua, the covenant has been renewed.



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Luke 21:36

We are a blessed people of the Most High Yah. Where do we start today!! So much is going on. Let me lock the doors to keep the demons out. Let me peek to see if the angels are guarding the center with their flaming swords.

This lesson is more of a message. This came out of the mouth of Yahoshua, pray that you are found worthy to escape what’s coming upon the earth. Pray each morning for protection. We are in dangerous times. It’s not getting better. It’s about to snowball.

The Shabbat is a pleasure for man. A blessing. We can laugh, be happy to be here. TEXT: It is called shalom. (The teacher was saying we were too quite in the room).

Satan strikes AGAIN!! Deep! What took place the other night! Movie called Dark Knight rises, it was showed at 12:00 midnight. The beginning of the witching hour! Sacrifices took place! Y’all remember Jean-Benet Ramsey and Columbine also took place in Colorado? They were all sacrifices. Twelve to fourteen people were killed. The final number will probably be thirteen. There were twelve people killed in Columbine. Several news reports say thirteen were killed. The shootings took place in theater #9. Why not #7 or # 3? The number 9 is the Hebrew number of judgment. He was a mind-control assassin. He came in with FULL body armor. He did not come to die y’all. They caught him outside the theater after he accomplished what he went there to do. His apartment was booby-trapped. It is taking them days to get in the apartment. He told them it was booby-trapped. He told them because his number of people that he was to sacrifice was complete. Notice, he did not shoot at the police. TEXT: Aurora is the goddess of the dawn.

Dark Knight, where is he rising from? Holmes said he was the joker, which is the enemy to Batman. In the movie, there were smoke bombs and Holmes released smoke bombs. How did he know that information? He hadn’t seen the movie right? The people in the movie theater thought it was part of the movie when he threw the smoke bombs. Who told him about the smoke bombs? TEXT: He has been trained to do this. TEXT: These jackals are no joke.

Aurora is a goddess, like the elder said. My heart goes out to the people sacrificed. May Yah have mercy on them in judgment. They said he looked like an assassin prepared for war! The days of Noah are upon us. The Nephelium made it unsafe for men to live on earth. The demons are earth-bound spirits. It is getting more dangerous y’all. You can’t even go to the movies. People were there with their babies. TEXT: Deep times. TEXT: Getting like the book of Eli.

The #13=1/3 of fallen that fell with Satan…the goddess of the dawn, it was a sacrifice at midnight, the witches hour.

Columbine changed how school operated. Now schools have armed guards. We didn’t have that when I was in school 2o years ago. We are in a different time now, the days of Noah. Now the police will be at movie theaters with metal detectors and patting people down.

There were no known associated groups with Holmes. It was just himself. Do y’all notice that mass murderers usually have just two names? James Holmes, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris. While assassins and serial killers usually have 3 names like John Wilkes Boothe and John Wayne Gasy.

I just watched season one of ’24’ again. The first season they assassinated the black president. Obama better watch himself. Hillary Clinton compared Obama once to Robert Kennedy.

In August we will do the Revelation series from chapters 1-14. We will be doing the lesson multiple weeks with Scriptures and secular information. We need to know where we are in terms of prophesy. There is a lot of information to cover.

Yeah, this movie theater killer…this was a sacrifice, a ritual. These people were murdered. We plan to go see the movie after class today. I heard it’s 3 hours long. I heard it’s not that good. This is going to lead to gun rights. They have banned automatic weapons. Now they are going to go after semi-automatic guns. How can you kill zombies now? I need a gun. TEXT: crossbow TEXT: flame-throwers TEXT: sword. Answers: I’m NOt running up on no zombie with a knife. TEXT: bow and arrow TEXT: sticks and stones can break bones LOL.

Please don’t wonder out of His protection. David had faith in Yah, he was a warrior. Yah is all we have. Thirty thousand guns will not protect you without Yah. No zombie, no bullet will hurt you with Yah.

Other news: Mermaid body found. It was on the discovery channel I think and it’s on YouTube. This was a mock-u-mentary. They had too much details for it not to be true. Whales and a strange creature washed up on beach. They disected it. Y’all they do exist, mermaids. Remember the fallen angels sinned against man and animals. They mixed their DNA together. Yes just like cyclops, minator, centaur, Pegasus, unicorns, Neptune, Sagittarius and reptilians.

There was a Jesuit comic book that stated that Catholics started Islam. See they put these things in comic form to cover it up, to keep it hidden (in plain view). Until Yah reveals it. Yeah, big foot does exist. Strange creatures will come up from the ground according to Revelation. The mermaids are the daughters of Poseidon. TEXT: Ariel. Answers: Yeah, Ariel means the lion of el. AriYah means lion of Yah. TEXT: Just like Jack and the beanstalk. They said was a fairytale but we found out that giants really do exist. TEXT: el, a god, fallen angel. TEXT: When the brothers Grim made their stories, they are real. They wasn’t meant for children. TEXT: Washin’ the kids minds.

These things will make man fear…we will be ready.

That is the link to watch mermaids on YouTube.  I hope the link works.

Elder was saying that they were requiring him to get a flu shot in order to fly. TEXT: These people don’t fear Yah. TEXT: Our pediatrician was really upset that we are choosing not to immunize the new baby. We had to switch. TEXT: We are not going to be able to go to the hospitals without taking a flu shot. TEXT: Yah always provides a way of escape fam. TEXT: Just like the movie Contagion. TEXT: They been trying to set that up for years…some kinda of state check point (to check for citizenship).

Lesson: Pray that you are found worthy to escape what’s coming upon the earth. Luke 21:36

It is a blessing to have this Word in Spirit and truth. Many people do not have both. Let’s go back to John 4:23-24 from last week. Understand it’s a tremendous gift Yah has given us. Moses, David and Daniyah would have loved to be in these times (to see prophesy fulfilled).

John 4:23-24 Yahoshua said people will say to the people ‘I never knew you’ (from Matthew 7:21-23). Plenty of people know the truth but not everyone has the Spirit of the truth. You are blessed to have the Spirit and the truth! Praise Yah!

This final movement: Is to rebuild this nation. We went to Jamestown VA in 2010 to repent as a nation, remember?

Luke 8: 15 Those who receive truth plant their seed in fertile ground…with a noble, pure heart to bear fruit in endurance, in trials and tribulations. Pray to be found worthy to escape what is coming to earth. What is coming to earth?

Did y’all know brothers and sisters wrote letters back then. They wrote to the Corinthians, to the Ephesians etc. When you write today, you are doing the same thing they did. They wrote notes in detail. There will be notes written in the persecution. They will be written and saved. It may be that Yah speaks to you and  you take account what happens and take this message to the masses. Think about it, can Yah use you as a vessel? Pour living waters to people. Give them this living water. They are thirsty, hungry. Will you feed them? We give out bottled water, clothes, food to children…we are fishermen. Their parents hear about this and come to find out about us.

The revolution of self must come. Self-examine yourself to become perfect in order to be the light to the nations. We can’t be like the brothers and sisters of old. We can’t be like that. We can’t do like our fathers. They had their backs to Yah worshipping the sun!! (Yahzeqyl 8:15). Kill that old man, before we can move forward. Be Yahoshua, the Word in the flesh!

Psalm 78 v. 1-7 read. v. 8 Don’t be like our fathers–stubborn, rebellious. They did not prepare their hearts. Luke 8:15 Yahoshua said have a noble, pure heart. Take heed of how you receive the Word so that it’s not taken from you. v. 9-19 Don’t question Yah with your own desires. Don’t be like our fathers. Trust Yah. Just like some of us don’t trust Yah in our hearts today. v. 20-25 Yah gave them angel food yet they still did not trust Yah. Don’t complain if Yah sends chicken but you want steak. We have food in the U.S., people in some countries have little food. You may not have a new car but ‘old reliable’ Betsy got you there. v. 26-29 read. Be thankful for what you have. Yah was justified if he would have destroyed us. This Psalm as the whole Bible tells our history.

2 Thessalonians 1:-17, The falling away is going to come because some don’t love Yah. v. 1-2 Don’t flee right now y’all. Have faith. Don’t worry. We will be led by the Spirit of the truth. Yah will tell us when to flee. v. 3-4 The man of sin will blaspheme the Set-apart Spirit of Yah. David would not transgress Shaul. Shaul was still anointed by Yah. Pray for people and K.I.M=keep it moving. v. 5-8 When family speak ill of you, don’t worry you have Yah. It will seem like it’s in vain. But it’s not, Yah is giving them a spirit of delusion. Don’t let Satan make you think your crazy for walking in truth. ‘consume with the Spirit of His mouth’ it reads in verse 8. v. 9-10 Some people fake it. They don’t receive the Spirit of truth even though they know the truth. v. 11-12 Yah sends them delusion. Walk with Yah in the Spirit of truth so you don’t fall away. Pray.

v. 13 In the Spirit of the truth, Yah choose us. He saw this from the foundation of the world He chose us!! Do you know how powerful this is? Why do you walk away from Yah? Believe the truth. Satan will come to you in strong delusion! Don’t fall for it. v. 14-17 read. This strong delusion is coming. Wickedness is already here, been here.

This link above talks about a new religion. It’s the ‘you are a god or can become a god’ all over again. The same as the Mary-Mary song ‘the god in me’ or 5% from the nation of Islam. They say that Mohammad is god in the flesh. The god of Judaism is the man of sin. They are waiting on him (the man of sin). Satanists call it the great hope or godship. Godship=all religions offer this. Death is a problem to be overcome, they say. But we know death is a punishment from Yah. Adam the first man was punished with death. And death was overcome by a man named Yahoshua. (The teacher reads the article). They want god-like powers to resurrect the dead it says. They want to put human DNA on CD’s to preserve it. TEXT: Total recall. TEXT: virtual reality. TEXT: Bionics. TEXT Robots.

The man of sin will not be able to raise the dead. But they will do like Frankenstein or golem (sp?) giving life to dead flesh. Vampires drink blood: Life is in the blood from Scriptures. This is why they do blood sacrifices. They especially love to sacrifice Hebrews, its to provoke Yah. (They know we are the apple of Yah’s eye). They mutilate DNA in blood to give to these golem, Frankensteins and it allows the demons to inhabit the flesh. TEXT: Zombies.

They are showing us what they will do with all these recent zombies. In Revelation all these monsters will come out of the earth.

This article says that you can email your DNA to create a monster! TEXT: Al Gore got caught with 4 quarts of blood in luggage at airport. TEXT: I heard he was a blood drinker. TEXT: Blood is very available on the internet.

Digital Messiah they had, why do they want this ‘god particle’? Why do they want to shut it down by 2020 (this collider)? TEXT: So they can ascend to that level and even live forever.

The fourth book of Ezra: Ezra was confused about why Babylon was not punished. Yah sent Uriyah to him. We don’t know Yah’s mind.

Do y’all know what EVP means? It means electronic voice phenomena. Put it in the search engine at Wikipedia. TEXT: Is that what they used to hear the voices from the center of the earth? Movies: white noise, sixth sense, the fourth kind, stargates are examples for this signal. EVP are shown in these movies. The purpose of the Hadron Collider is to open doorways.

Have y’all heard of Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard? What do they have in common? Parsons and Hubbard tried to open a doorway or portal, a Babylon working ritual. Both were students of Aleister Crowley. TEXT: Dianetics= scientology. That’s right. L. Ron Hubbard is the father of scientology.

This is a picture of Obama wearing an Aleister Crowley shirt. I also googled and found it at

(talks to someone) Yeah, the picture may not be true (photo-chopped) but the spirit of the man of sin is here. TEXT: The Beatles were into Aleister Crowley’s teachings and he was on the cover of the white album.

Space travel, these private companies are taking over now. Even Virgin Airlines takes people into space. It costs a lot of money. December 21, 2012 they say ends  36,000 of the constellations. We don’t do zodiacs or horoscopes. The milky way will line up on this date and you will be able to see the center of the milky way. They want to open a stargate so entities can come to this side. Movies: Hancock, transformers the war of the fallen, clash of the Titans. We will see them come. Who does salvation depend on? Ysrayl. We are in a spiritual war. Prepare ourselves. Receive Yah with a pure, noble heart. These things are coming.

A man in the above link in Phoenix was arrested for having hom bible study. Article read. TEXT: A famine of the Word is coming!

The article says they used Habeas Corpus on him. According to the Patriot Act 1, 2 they can not do this. 911 was a sacrifice, they took your rights away just like the Batman movie shootings was a sacrifice. They can seize you for speaking about the United States too now.

Genesis 15:13-14 We are in captivity for 400 years but even after that time we will be persecuted with their legal system. According to the Patriot Act 1 and 2. TEXT: prison camps. TEXT: King Alfred plan.  (google it)

This article is read aloud. TEXT: Gates pushing vaccines as a means of population control. TEXT: By their fruits you will know them.

Family planning=Eugenics. So billionaires can live in safety from poor people or not worry about uprisings. Do y’all know the rich donate to politicians to get their policies pushed? Gates ‘contributes’ ‘pimps’ their agendas to the world Heal Organization. TEXT: As always…money and who has the most toys wins…NOT!

Follow Yah’s laws so He will not take your understanding away!!

The above part of the lesson was given by brother Moshe. This next part of the lesson is given by brother Obadiyah.

This generation is seeing prophesy fulfilled. You can walk out, could be your last time walking. What are you doing for Yah? Will you be condemned? What is coming on earth? sacrifices in movie theaters, faces being eaten off.

Most people don’t know who Aleister Crowley is…so I believe this picture is real. They are getter bolder! (Again, hidden in plain view) Movie: Invasion of the body snatchers…the old movie in black and white. The aliens took their bodies. They surrounded one man. They let him go. They said no one would believe him anyway. Where do you stand? Who do you serve?

Luke 21:36 All of what is about to take place? How are you able to stand before Yahoshua in judgment? If you are wicked…you are gone…the lake! Matthew 24 is what He is talking about. Escape=to the wilderness.

*after we do the Revelation lessons, we will do the man of sin lesson and then the Day of Yah lesson…coming soon.

They are provoking Yah right now. They want to shoot Yah with the collider. Yah will send us to the wilderness then deal with them. Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. Do y’all know how large Babylon is from coast to coast? And it will be destroyed in 1 hour!!

Matthew 21:1-15, v. 1-2 Prophesy here. The temple built by Solomon is gone. Yahoshua says no stone from the temple was left behind. The wailing wall the Jews go to is not it. No man knows the exact location of Solomon’s temple. v.3 They came to Him privately. It’s not going to be the end of the world as the Gentiles say y’all. It’s going to be the end of an age. The age of Satan’s rule will be ending. v. 4 Don’t let people lead you astray…Ben Ami said these things already happened. v. 5 Some ‘brews teach that Yahoshua as Messiyah is deceptive. Flesh and blood did not tell Kepha that Yahoshua is Messiyah. The Ruach of Yah told Kepha that Yahoshua is Messiyah. Ben Ami has 3,000 ‘brews living with him (in Demona). There’s even a Puerto Rican guy that says he’s the Messiyah. v. 6 Wars, rumors of wars…occuring right now. Did y’all know Russia and the U.S. are in a stand-off in the Mediterranean right now? Russia is still mad at the U.S. for breaking down the Soviet Union. They want the Syrian prime minister gone because he is not down with their order like Libya. v. 7 We already see this…earthquakes daily. v. 8-9 The beginning of sorrow. Then persecutions begin. A Gentile was arrested for having a Bible study in his house. v. 10 Israelites will betray one another. TEXT: Droppin’ dimes. v. 11 Many false prophets will arise. v. 12 lawlessness=sin. Just like the movie killer. He was smiling while talking about it they said…waxed cold. v. 13 Endure to the end to make it. v. 14 The Good news will be preached to all the nations then the end will come. Christians have been preaching all over yet no end has come. And they have been doing it for a long time. When this Good News goes all over the world by Ysrayl then the end will come. v. 15 This is the man of sin in the temple. Let’s go to Revelation. This is when we must escape. He will have wrath…the time of Jacob’s trouble (Yeremiyah 30:7).

Revelation 11:1-3, v. 1-2 The temple will be built in the courtyard. Forty-two months he will reign. When we go to the wilderness=when he stands up in the temple. v. 3 read.

Yeah, according to the 3rd temple is ready to be built.

TEXT: Just watched a show last week about them making models of rebuilding the temple.

They are waiting on the ark of the covenant. Revelation 11:19, Ethiopia has a replica. This is why they want it. This is why they are so friendly to those negroes. The real ark is in heaven. Yah said only the sons of Aaron could touch it. No need for the ark now because we are in captivity.

Matthew 24:15-20 A clue y’all…flight will be in winter and on the Shabbat!! Do y’all know some ‘brews don’t travel on the Shabbat? That’s Jewish doctrine…they are got! (They will be left behind). Winters up north…some ‘brews will not travel. Don’t go back in the house for anything! Every one on earth will hear the man of sin say he is the greatest. v. 21-22 He will reign only 42 months, any longer and there would probably be nobody left on earth. Yah has to stop them from destroying the earth. They have enough weapons to do it now. v. 23-24 Many false prophets will arise. The elect will not be fooled. v. 25-26 Ben Ami=is in the desert of Dimona. Yahweh Ben Yahweh=is in an inner room called prison. v. 27-28 Did y’all know a rabbi tore up the new testament? He said the Messiyah has not come. Yahoshua will not be in the desert or an inner room. He will be in the sky. All will see Him. v. 29 Stars=fallen angels will fall down. Hollywood stars=equate themselves with fallen ones or gods. v. 30-31 We will read about this in Revelation series, gathering us. v. 32-33 Yahoshua is near, pray you are worthy to stand before Yahoshua. Will He say come in My faithful and loyal servant to you? I hope He says that to me and not GET HIM MICHAYAH! <—the chief warrior angel. TEXT: have u read the whole book so as not to b deceived?

1 Timothy 4:1 They will fall away in the latter times paying attention to teachings of demons.

Many teach that 70 CE, Titus is when this all happened. See pastor doesn’t teach the Christians about the fallen one’s return.

Matthew 24:34-51, v. 34 This generation=Messianic generation. We are the same generation now as them 2,000 years ago. To Yah 1 day=1,000 years. v. 35 Yah’s Word is forever. v. 36 Only Yah knows the times. Even Yahoshua doesn’t know. v. 37-38 The Nephilium were here in Genesis 6. These are dangerous times for man to live on earth. v. 39-41 This is at Yahoshua’s return. Some Israelites will be here teaching. They will be left behind. The dead will raise up first at Yahoshua’s return. Then the wilderness people will be brought out. v. 42-44 Yahoshua will come when least expected. It will be a looong 3 1/2 years, so much havoc will occur. You will be on the run, running from the man of sin (those left behind). v. 45-50 Wait and be patient. Don’t do as the world does. Endure until the end. v. 51 Weeping and gnashing of teeth=those outside the kingdom=terror for these people. Matt. 8:12

Did y’all know there are herbs on the earth right now that will cure the human body of every disease? The fallen angels will say they can cure cancer etc. with our DNA. They hide this herbal medicine y’all. The kingdom will have healing fruits and water. Adam used healing waters. Adam and Eve lamented at the gate after being kicked out by Yah.

They are making guns for Armeggedon to fight Yahoshua.  Ronald Reagan…star wars. They had missiles pointed toward the heavens. They made alien contact in 1948. They thought more aliens were coming or that Yahoshua was coming. Star wars=angel wars. Sodom Hassein (sp?) even expected the fallen to return. He fixed up Babylon in the 80s to look like old Babylon.

TEXT: Always know that Yah hears the prayers of the righteous and Yahoshua intercedes on our behalf.

question in the room: Who are the Edomites today? Answered by an elder: Sarphardic Jews and they also call themselves Hebrews to deceive folks to thinking we a hateful people.

The end of Shabbat, no q & a this week.




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Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl

Shalom, Shalom brothers and sisters. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another lesson in the Israelite Heritage lesson series. This lesson is entitled unity and the re-gathering of Ysrayl. This lesson is from January 12, 2008.

Now this is not a very long lesson like our other lessons can run for hours (laughs). But um this lesson is not that long. We have a few Scriptures to go over. What I pray…the understanding you receive by the end of this lesson…is that you understand unity and what a true unity is versus what the world considers what unity should be.

Now when the world looks at unity, it’s not the same way that Yah presents unity. Because unity is a pull togetherness. The world today is speaking about a unity through diversity saying that you can be as diverse as you want so we can have unity if we just ignore those diverse things about one another. In order words, they will give you unity between a Christian and a Muslim, this is what the world is teaching. There can be unity between a murderer and a non-murderer.

So they are saying we come from these diverse backgrounds, black, white, chinese or Asian and we can be unified through our diversities which is really an oxymoron. It just doesn’t make sense. It does not go together because you can not have unity through diversity. You can not, it’s impossible. Because in order to have unity there can’t be any diversity. But when you have diversity, you have dis-unity. That’s the truth of the matter. When you have diversity , you have dis-unity.

Unity means that we have to come together. That’s what unity is a togetherness. Something that is really one. That’s what unity is oneness. And so in order to obtain that oneness we have to come together to the same understanding. Us Israelites, in order for us to get to that oneness, we have to come to the same page, the same understanding.

So the goal for us Israelites is to get back to Yah, to unify with The Father. But before we can unify with Him, we have to unify with one another. That magnet that’s going to join us together is Yah’s Word. So when we go into Yah’s Word, we have to see the exact same thing in Yah’s Word because there’s only one Yah. There’s only one Messiyah. There’s only one Word, one Immersing, one law (Torah). And so when we look into this Book, we are to see those things. We are to see the oneness. We are to see the same things.

So if we don’t see the same thing, if you are seeing something different from what I’m seeing, than something is wrong there. If I’m seeing something different from what you are seeing then something is wrong there. So we have to come together and talk about these things. We have to see where the problem may be.

So what you will find out is that there is so much dis-unity in Ysrayl because everybody is doing righteousness in their own eyes. You have this man over here doing what he thinks is right and you have that man over there doing what he thinks if right. So you have one man coming and looking at the Scriptures and he is looking at it through his own eyes instead of looking at it through Yah’s eyes, coming to his own understanding.

Then you have another man doing the exact same thing. So now their understandings don’t match up because they are both looking at the one Word with their two eyes. And so you are going to get dis-unity. You are going to get dis-harmony there. But if you look at the Word of Yah through Yah’s eyes and you receive the oneness that Yah has brought forth, then we can come to the same understanding.

So that’s what’s going on right now…is that Yah is awakening those to come back to Him and they are coming back to Him in unity. They are unifying because they are seeing the Word of Yah. They are seeing the oneness in this Word. They can see the oneness between Yah and Yahoshua. They can see that they are not the same being. Yet they are one in Spirit, character, goal and purpose. It’s that same oneness that Yah tells us when we get a wife, you become one with her.

So we are going to look into this and we will see the unity. We are going to deal with unity first then we will look at the re-gathering. But before we can deal with unity which means to come together in that oneness, we have to look at the separation that exists. And how did that separation come about because once we understand how the separation came then we will understand how to properly unite.

First let’s look at that separation because you can stick your head in the sand if you want, Ysrayl is NOT a unified nation. I’m talking about the people, I’m not talking about the Jews over there in the Northeastern African country who run it, who run Jerusalem and all that. I’m not talking about that Israel. I’m talking about the people Ysrayl, the true Hebrew Israelites. We are not unified right now. We are in dis-unity. As a group, as a nation, we are not unified. So we must look and see how did this happen. What brought about this dis-unity in our people and how can we get back on the same page that we are supposed to be (on).

Let’s look at what cause the separation. Let’s go to Exodus chapter 32. We will look at this first and we will see that before we got our foot clean out of Egypt, you know before we got a foot planted in the wilderness outside of Egypt, here we go being disobedient and here we go with that separation. There had to be a separation made here because what has happened is that Ysrayl has always been separated from Yah and each other based on disobedience versus obedience.

That is the separating cause in the dis-unity of our nation based on disobedience and obedience. Because we have disobedient Israelites. They are separated from the obedient Israelites and thus since we can not come together to the same understand-ing, we are separated from one another. So you have the disobedient separated from the obedient and then that separates us from Yah.

So our nation has been separated from The Father for a very, very long time. So I’m going to tell you don’t look at Ysrayl and say ‘that’s a bad thing that they are not unified’ and do forth. Don’t look at it as being a bad thing because before there can ever be a true unity, there has to be a separation. There has to be a separation first. Do you know why? Because like I was saying, unity means to come together in oneness. So those who are going to come together in oneness have to be separated from those who don’t want to be together in oneness. There has to be a separation.

So when you look out among the nation of Ysrayl now, what you are seeing is that separation, that is based on the disobedient versus the obedient Israelite. This is what the separation has always been about in our nation. So it has been SIN through disobedience that has caused the separation. Like I said, this separation is nothing new. It’s nothing new.

If you look at one room on Pal-talk, at Israelites who say that they believe in Yah and Yahoshua and they say one thing. Then you look at another group and they say another thing and another group over here is saying something totally different. So what you are looking at is not something that’s a bad thing. What you are looking at is a separation that has to be done. Because if you sit down and listen to the truth, if you listen to what Yah’s Word says, you are going to see the oneness that Yah is bringing among His people. You are going to see those who are united in truth. There’s no unity in diversity but there is unity in truth. Through the truth.

Exodus 32:15-29, v. 15-18 So Moses coming down off the mountain and he has the 10 commandments and everything and here he comes and they hear this noise in camp. And they say, ‘is that a battle cry’? Has the enemy attacked the camp? Or is it the sound cried out in weakness (defeat)? But that is the sound of singing. I hear a party going on! v. 19 So Moses came and he saw that they were dancing around this golden calf that they had made. They said that this calf is the one who brought them out of Egypt and that this calf is the one that they should give their obedience to. So they are worshipping this golden calf and Moses saw this and was angry. And that’s a lesson for you brothers and sisters, those of you that are seeking righteousness, you should have great displeasure for those wicked things that you see. Because if you don’t start to hate that wickedness in your heart, there’s always a chance for that wickedness to enter your mind, enter your heart and grow as a cancer. It starts little by little and if you don’t denounce, if you don’t find displeasure in it than before you know it, it has grown and taken over you.

And now here you are, instead of you having displeasure about that wicked thing or wicked thought and the wicked acts, here you are participating in them. And you justify it, just like the wicked (persons) do. Whatever they use to justify what they do and are going to do the same thing. Moses saw this. And Moses saw them worshipping this false calf and Moses knew that this is not Yah. Yah is not a golden calf made by hands.

v.20-21 So Moses said what did you do to them for you to bring this great sin onto them? and how did Aaron bring great sin upon them? Let’s read on. v. 22 So Aaron, Moses’ brother is a priest. Yah made him a priest. So Yah made him a leader over the people. v. 23 So Moses is up on the mountain, I think for 40 days and they said, ‘where is he’? ‘He brought us out here, so where is he’? ‘Why don’t you make us a golden calf’? v.24 Look at Aaron! Talkin’ about he threw the gold in the fire and this golden calf came out…come on MAN. You threw that gold in there, y’all melted it and y’all mad that golden calf. So don’t even go there Aaron.

v. 25 Do you see that? See Yah made Aaron (Aharon) a leader of the people. And so if you have weak leadership, then the followers are also going to be weak. So had Aaron set his foot down and told these people that, that’s a no-no, that Moses is up on the mountain right now getting the 10 commandments and y’all sit down and be quiet. Had he told them this, even if the people didn’t like what he said, even if they wanted to kill him, SO WHAT. Don’t let the people lose, when you are in positions of leadership. Let them stay with Yah. Aaron let them loose and led them into the hands of Satan. That’s what he did. This is what ‘let them loose’ means (in verse 25) that he let them loose into the hands of Satan. Because Yah will put a shepherd over the people and Yah expects that shepherd to bring the sheep to Him and keep the sheep with Him. So Aaron you have done this thing.

v. 26 ‘Who is for Yah come to me’. See this is when the separation is being made. This is our first separation. And it’s based on those who are disobedient versus those who are obedient versus those who are for Yah and those who are not for Yah. That’s the cause of separation in Ysrayl. The first cause is based on sin, it’s  based on disobedience. I’m going to read. v. 26 again. v. 27 Do you see that? See the Levites are representative of the priests of Yah because it was the Levites that were responsible for doing the temple duties. Ysrayl is a priest nation but the Levites are the priests of the priestly nation. So these Levites came over and said hey we are for Yah. So Moses told them to grab their swords and pass over the camp and they had to slaughter their relatives, friends because their friends were not for Yah.

So I want to bring this to your understanding today and for a future time because what you are seeing right here with the Levites, the priests of Yah, you will see it in the future when Yahoshua returns. But right now, se you can’t let family, friends and all that bring you down. And there’s a separation that needs to be made from that point from family and friends…you have to do it. There’s no unity in diversity. If they are diverse from you, man you have to separate yourself from that madness. Why are you still associating with friends when they have cussed Yah out? They have told you that you are a fool for what you are doing. Every time you try to bring them the truth, they laugh and mock you. Back away from that. Yet you can still find comfort in being around those people? You can still find unity? You can still find time to talk to them about sports, weather and laugh with them as though they said nothing? No, no, no Ysrayl you must be for Yah. Those who are for Yah have to be for Yah. Those who are for Satan on the other side, they are going to be for Satan. A person who is for Satan, listen, there is no Yah near that person. And they let you know that but it seems like we get these wishy-washy people who say ‘yeah I’m for Yah but um I like to hang out with the people of Satan’. The people of Yah have to put their foot down like these Levites (did).

Now when Yahoshua returns, this very event is going to take place. When the 1st resurrection happens, we will meet Yahoshua up in the sky and come back down hey you may be called to take out your relatives, in that time. I’m NOT saying for you to go out and slash up your relatives now. That’s not what I’m saying. Not at all. What I’m saying is that by separation, if they are not for Yah then you have to get stronger with those people who are for Yah. You have to seek them out. You have to build strength by unifying with them on one page. Don’t wast your time, you must separate yourself…those for Yah over here, those for Satan and the others over there.

v. 28-29 Look at that. You be against them. Because if they are against Yah and you stand for Yah, then you are automatically against them. You should not try to unify. If there are brothers and sisters out there…let’s look at this…from the Israelite level from the sight of Israelites, if there are brothers and sisters out there saying Yah and Yahoshua but they are not coming at Yah and Yahoshua from The Book, they are giving you another whole Yah and Yahoshua telling you that Yah said to do things that Yah never said to do, that you will not find nowhere in this book, front to back, side to side, wherever you look through it. You will not find it. So you must be suspect if those things that they are bringing to you brothers and sisters. Unify in truth. If there’s no truth, then there’s no unity. We must be on one accord. We have to see the same things because there’s only one truth.

There’s not everybody has their own version of the truth. That’s what the world teaches. That’s a lie. All those who promote that doctrine, that everybody has their own truth, I tell you what, those people will have their own place in the lake of fire. Go ‘head and make your own truth. Whatever is truth to you, then we can accept it because now we’re unified. See, this is why the world is coming into this false unity brothers and sisters, they are going to come into this false unity. But those who are seeking Yah, those who are loving Yah are going to be unified in truth and are going to do great things in the name of Yah.

Let’s go to 1 Kings. Let’s look at our great wise King Solomon. The wisest king ever. and Yah tells us that this Word is our wisdom (Deu. 4:6) right. And so when it tells us that Solomon was the wisest king, it’s telling us that Solomon had a great understanding of Yah’s Word. And that’s what the people came around the world to hear. Solomon gave the wisdom of Yah which is Yah’s truth. So people came from all over to hear Solomon give Yah’s truth. So Solomon knew all the laws and commands of Yah through and through but when he got old and he married all these different foreign women and he allowed those women to turn his heart away from Yah and turn his heart to their gods. How did that happen? Whew. That’s power with women. Women have power to persuade or manipulate men. Hey this is not a put down but it is the truth. This is why sisters you have to be in control at all times. Because the adversary can be working right through you and you have no idea. Just like he did with Eve. See these women turned Solomon’s heart and he KNEW Yah’s commandments and laws. But this man went and worshipped the gods. Can you imagine that? So let’s look at this story.

Let’s go to 1 Kings chapter 11. We will read about Solomon after he had his heart turned away. We will see just what Yah did because Solomon’s disobedience caused a physical split of the nation. And I just want to reference Deuteronomy 4:6 is where Yah says that these laws are our wisdom and our understanding in the sight of the nations. Once again, when it says that Solomon was the wisest man, that’s what it’s saying that Solomon knew the laws and commandments of Yah through and through. So he allowed these women to turn his heart away from Yah. So people have asked me several times, what will happen to Solomon since he turned away from Yah? I can’t answer that. Because judgment is in the hand of Yah. And Yah forgave Solomon because of his father David. Yah did not take the kingdom out of Solomon’s hands because of David. So I say that’s in the will of Yah. You know whatever Yah says goes. So in that day and time if you are blessed to see the kingdom, then one day you can pass by the lake of fire and you can look in there and see if Solomon is there. Or if you don’t make the kingdom and you are in the lake of fire, then maybe you can search around the lake and see if Solomon is there and maybe that will be your answer.

I’m not saying that with any harshness but I’m being real about that. I can’t answer that question. Because Yah knows. Yah knows. Yah may have forgiven him because of David his father and mercy is upon him. You see that Yah had mercy upon Kepha. Right? Kepha denied Yahoshua. And Yahoshua told us any man who denies Me before men, I’m going to deny him before The Father. Kepha did that very thing yet we see that Kepha was still filled with the Set-apart Spirit of Yah. Kepha was doing healings and all those things because it was obvious that Yah forgave him of what he did. So I can’t answer that question, what’s going to happen to Solomon?

1 Kings 11:1-11, v. 1-2 So Solomon loved these women. Yah had already gave up the warning, don’t go to these women because they will turn your heart away from serving Me. And this very thing happened to Solomon. Solomon did not heed the warning. Even though he knew he should have because he was the wisest king. So he clung to them. His love for women was greater than his love for Yah which is a no-no. Yah comes before everything. Before family, before your children, before your wife, before mother, before father. Your love for Yah comes before everyone because Yah’s going to always guide you right. And we see Solomon right here because of the love of these women, he was guided wrong. He was mis-guided. He loved these women more than he loved The Almighty Yah.

v.3 Now notice there is a separation between wives and concubines. Because a wife is not a concubine and a concubine is not a wife. Solomon was taking the daughters of those nations or those round about and when the king said marry his daughter, the king’s daughter, it was just for political reasons. ‘We are going to make this covenant’, these nations are friends, ‘hey I’m your son-in-law now’. ‘So we can’t go to war with one another’. This is why he took these princesses as his wives, 700 hundred of them. From some nations he probably took a little more. He probably took some of the princesses because in the ancient times a prince or princess was not always the daughter of a king. It could have been a nephew or any of the kings relatives. Any of his family he could appoint as princess or prince.

So Solomon here he took these 700 wives. These were more so for political reasons not saying that Solomon was sleeping with 700 women. (LAUGHS) I would hope not, that would be a VERY TIRED brother! But this was more so for political reasons to make pacts with the kings of these nations. So these women were his princesses. Now these concubines, man I don’t know why he needed 300 of those after having 700 wives. I don’t know. He probably took that for the same purpose of political reasons because marriage is a vow and covenant made between a man and a woman. A concubine is not a wife but she’s your woman. She is your kept woman, you have to take care of this woman. So these 300 concubines, they were in a contract. They were his women. He was the only one that could sleep with them. He was in a relationship with them. He had a covenant with these women. But it was his wives that turned away his heart. Because he really loved his wives.

v. 4-11 So right here (in v. 11) because Solomon did this, he turned his back on Yah in his old age with all his women. So now Yah is upset with him. Yah said I’m going to take the kingdom out of your hands. v. 12 So Yah said I’m going to take the kingdom out of your hand Solomon because of your sin, your disobedience. I’m going to take the kingdom from you but not in your day. I’m going to take it our of your son’s hands because of David your father, for the sake of David. Because Yah told David that his son would reign so Yah is going to keep that promise to David. So Yah said Solomon, I’m going to take it away from your son. So we see Yah physically Himself separated the nation of Ysrayl.

(Talks to someone) Yes Yah did it. Ten tribes to the north and Judah to the south wich composed of Yahudah and Benyamin and some Levites. But the primary tribe of the south was Judah. Then you had the 10 tribes up north. So Yah separated the kingdom after the death of our wise king, king Solomon. Yah separated it because of our sin, because of our disobedience. That great sin that Solomon committed. Yah separated the nation. Once again we see that dis-unity come from what? Sin and disobedience. So when there is sin and disobedience, there is dis-unity. Our nation has been separated from that time after the death of King Solomon to this very day now. We are still feeling the effect of that separation.

Disobedience to Yah brought us separation. Dis-separation or dis-unity is compared to a DEATH…a Spiritual death. Yah represents life, truth and unity in Yah is life… that’s eternal life. And disobedience and sin is death. So Ysrayl right now is a dead nation, spiritually a dead nation in the sight of Yah.

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl. Let’s go to the famous Yahzeqyl chapter 37 which is code-named the valley of dry bones. Yahzeqyl is giving a very profound prophesy here as it relates to the status of the nation of Ysrayl, as it relates to our resurrection and our spiritual death. Because right now we are before the face of The Father as a dead nation, Ysrayl is because we have sinned and we have been disobedient to Yah. And that has separated us from The Father and that has separated us from each other and now we are compared to dead bones in a valley.

Yahzeqyl 37:1-9, v. 1-2 So he said that the hand of Yah was upon him in the Spirit and took him in the Spirit and took him into the midst of the valley and the valley was filled with dry bones. These are human bones…SKELETONS. The valley was filled with these skeletons. And it says that he made me pass among them all around to see that there were very many on the surface of the valley and they were very dry. So Yah made him pass through these bones, just looking he saw these skeletons because skeletons represent DEATH. Because when a person dies their skeleton returns to dust and that’s all that is remaining is the skeleton. So this skeleton represents death, all these bones and they are very dry and they represent a death. So when a person is dead, if they are out in the elements. Let’s say that they are not buried and they are above the ground, it does not take that long for the flesh to rot off the bones.

But right here Yahzeqyl is talking about something very deep. He said that these bones were very dry. And so when we look at the nation of Ysrayl right now, we are looking at a very dry dead nation. Because not only do we not know who Yah is but we don’t know who we are. We don’t know nothing about the covenant. We don’t know nothing about the true Messiyah who was sent to us to redeem us first. We don’t know nothing about our calling. We don’t know nothing about that so we are dead so long that we are very dry. We are in this valley, a bunch of dead dry bones. No sign of life is in us. Yah has compared the nation of Ysrayl to (this).

v. 3-5 See I am bringing into you My Spirit, My Breath, My Ruach and you shall live. Now notice that he told Yahzeqyl to do what to these bones? Prophesy…teach them The Word. Bring the Word to these people, bring them thus saith Yah. This is what he told Yahzeqyl to do. And He said I’m going to bring Spirit in you. I’m going to bring Breath in you and you shall live.

v.6 Sinews=muscle. So Yah is saying that I’m going to bring you up out of this grave, Ysrayl. I’m going to be The One that brings you together in unity. Now these dry bones there out in the valley, it represents the separation because you have this bone over here, that bone over there. This skull belongs to this man and that skull belongs to that man. And this hip bone is over his, thigh bone is over there. So these dry bones in the valley represents our death but it’s also showing our dis-unity. Even in our death, we are still not together as a people. We are just a whole bunch of bones just laying there.

v. 7 ‘I prophesied’ he delivered The Word. He told the bones what Yah said. Do you see that? He prophesied then there was a rattling ‘uh-oh’ the old dry bones are starting to shake. These bones are starting to come alive because yah said I’m going to make you live. I’m going to put My Spirit in you. I’m going to put muscle and flesh upon you and you will look alive because I will put My Spirit in you. Now we see the bones are starting to come together which represents a unity, a oneness. Instead of just a whole bunch of scattered bones now the bones are forming one human here, one human there. And these humans we will read represent the children of Ysrayl.

v. 8 He said he saw the bones coming together. He saw them starting to look human. He saw them looking alive. Yet they are still dead. They are still dead bodies. They are not as dray as they use to be but they are still dead bodies because there was no Spirit, there was no Ruach, there was no Breath in them.

v. 9 So Yah is calling the 4 winds of heaven which represent the 4 ruling nations and right now we are still in the last phase of the Roman Empire. So Yah caused these enemies to come upon these slain ones to bring them back to life. But I don’t want to go into that whole understanding of valley of dry bones because we have that information in another lesson called the valley of dry bones. But right here we are just talking about unity. But before we get to unity, we have to see the separation.

Dealing with the separation that has occurred in Ysrayl and we see that, that separation has occurred because of our disobedience because of SIN. SIN, that we have always brought against The Father, that sin that we have brought, disobedience that we have brought. We see that, that disobedience has led to us being physically separated because Yah separated the nation of Ysrayl, split the kingdom into 10 tribes to the north and 2 tribes to the south. So we see that Yah did this by His hand.

So we looked at what caused our separation and that was sin. We are compared to a dead nation now. We are dead. We are dry bones. Yah said that once Yahzeqyl prophesied to the dead bones the bones came together. They started to look alive yet there was still no Breath in them. They went from being dead skeletons to now they are dead bodies. Because it is this disobedience that has caused the death in Ysrayl, that has cause Ysrayl to be a Spiritually dead nation.

Let’s go to Hosea, the prophet Hosea chapter 13. Remember we are looking at the Spiritual death. Because right now we are not unified because we are still dead. We are still trying to come together. So those who are alive and remember Yah’s Word represents that life. Those who are alive and coming to Yah and have Yah’s Spirit in them, they are going to come together on the opposite side of the valley. And those who are dead are going to stay in that valley. They are never going to raise out of their graves. But Yah is going to bring those from Ysrayl whom He’s going to call, together for a true unity. He’s going to bring them together and bring them out of the grave, bring them out of the valley and He’s going to bring them to Himself. But the others will stay in that valley and that valley is going to catch on fire and they will be the foundation for the lake of fire. Hosea 13. This is real brothers and sisters. The lake of fire is real. I’m no saying that to try to scare you or anything but that’s real. You either will join Yah and go into the kingdom or you will be going to the lake of fire. There’s no in-between. It’s going to be one or the other. So we have to be real about this.

Hosea 13. Remember Ysrayl is a spiritually dead nation. How did we die? Let’s look at this.

Hosea 13:1-3, v. 1 Do you see that? Ephraim represents the 10 tribes, the ten northern tribes. The tribe of Ephraim was the lead tribe of the 10 tribes that was to the north. Ephraim as the son of Yoseph. When Joseph was down in Egypt and when he was a slave and he rose up to become governor over all of Egypt and was second in command to pharaoh. Joseph had an Egyptian wife and he had 2 sons by her. One son was named Ephraim and the other was named Manasses. So when Yah was giving out the blessings according to the 12 tribes of Ysrayl, Joseph was told that his 2 sons would represent his tribe. So we have the 1/2 tribe of Ephraim and the 1/2 tribe of Manasses that makes up the tribe of Joseph. That makes up the Israelite tribe of Joseph. But you really never see it being called the tribe of Yoseph. It was always called the tribe of Ephraim and/or the tribe of Manasses.

So Ephraim was the lead tribe in Ysrayl (the northern 10). So this is why Yah said, ‘when Ephraim spoke their was trembling’. The tribe of Ephraim was lifted up in Ysrayl. He was the lead tribe, at the top, the head tribe. And then it says ‘through Baal he became guilty and he died’. Baal was the god of the Canaanites. So when Ephraim being the lead tribe in Ysrayl, when he went…now this is representative for all the tribes of Ysrayl…when we go and start worshipping the gods, this is when we die. So this is when you see Yahzeqyl seeing these dry bones in the valley. This is what killed those dry bones. Disobedience, sin, which brought about dis-unity which brought about a spiritual death among Ysrayl.

v. 2-3 So He’s saying now they are sinning more and more. So if sin brought about this death, sin brought about this dis-unity and we are sinning more and more. So what does that mean? We have more death now in Ysrayl. So you see that’s why you have all these different things going on in Ysrayl. ‘Oh is there a Messiyah’? ‘Is there not a Messiyah’? ‘Is Yahoshua the Messiyah or is Ben Ami the Messiyah’? ‘Is Yahweh Ben Yahweh the Messiyah’? ‘Is the Messiyah, Yah’? We have all these different philosophies all of this di-unity because of sin and disobedience. ‘Hey do we keep the Passover in February’? ‘Naw we keep it in March’? ‘Naw we keep it in April’. ‘Naw we keep it in May’. ‘No the new moon is a sliver of moon. ‘Naw it’s the full moon.’ ‘Naw it’s half a moon’. ‘Naw it’s 30% of the moon’. You know, we are so diverse on all of these different understandings, all of these different subjects. This is why there is no unity among the children of Ysrayl.

This is why there is no true unity because there is no truth, no unity. But get this. The children of disobedience are unified in their disobedience. You better believe that. Whether they talk about keeping Passover here or talking about a new moon there …whatever the disobedience is the children of disobedience, they are unified in it because they are all being disobedient to Yah. They are doing the same thing.

But we are talking about a true unity here. There is no true unity, a unity in truth because Ysrayl is doing what they want to do. We have too much sin, too much disobedience, too many leaders, too many people who want to do their own thing. To many leaders are letting the people lose over to Satan. And not giving them what they need to survive, not bringing them to Yah. But because they are trying to bring them to themselves…oh we have all types of madness among our people. This is why we are still in this spiritual death yet we are awakening. Oh we are starting to awaken. The Breath is starting to breathe into those bodies now. Not all of them. Some of them. And those who the Breath is breathing into, Yah’s going to bring them together in a true unity.

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 21. Unity and re-gathering is the name of this lesson. We are dealing with the unity first. But before we can deal with unity we must deal with this separation. Because you must understand the separation in order to understand unity. You must understand what separated us, what brought us apart before you can understand what can bring us back together. And then we will look at the re-gathering. Because once the unity starts and Yah’s going to re-gather those who have life in the valley. He’s going to re-gather them and bring them out of the valley and bring them into their own land. So when Yah re-gathers the children of Ysrayl, He’s going to set us in our own land. We have a full lesson coming up on that. The full re-gathering of Ysrayl. So here we go, Proverbs chapter 21. We are looking at this spiritual death.

Proverbs 21:16 A man who wanders from the way of understanding rests in the assembly of the dead.

Do you see that?!! A man who strays from understanding, he stays in the assembly of the dead. The assembly of the dead brothers and sisters is the valley of the dry bones that we just read about. That’s the assembly of the dead, the congregation of the dead. Meaning that they are never going to get life, they are never going to get Breath. They are going to lay there forever in that dead state. Now remember we are talking about a spiritual death here. So we are talking about Ysrayl that will never come to the understanding of the truth. Why? Because they strayed from the ways fo understanding so therefore they will rest in the assembly of the dead. So there will never be unity. How can a living breathing man unify with a dead man? How? When a dead man is dead he doesn’t know anything. He has no conscious. He can’t speak. He can’t hear. And that’s how they, Israelites are that are full of sin, full of disobedience, full of this dis-unity. That is the state that they are in. They are in a dead state. A crippling state. There’s no sign of life in them. They continue to do what’s right in their own eyes, making their own decisions. Not inquiring of Yah. They don’t do that. They do what they want to do. They will remain in the congregation of the dead.

Let’s go to Isaiah, Yesiyah chapter 65. We are looking at this separation. The ones that are alive and the one’s that are being brought out of the valley. They can not unify with those that are still in the valley, those that don’t want to come to understanding. Once again, before we can understand the unity, we have to understand the separation. Listen, with these lessons, if I’m repeating myself it’s not because I forgot something, well 95% of the time. It’s not because I forgot but I’m just saying this to bring this to your understanding so you can have a clear understanding and just bring it to you from the Word of Yah. Or what the Word of Yah is bringing to us not that I’m bringing anything. What the Word of Yah is bringing to us so we can have an understanding with that. So that’s why you hear me repeating these things, so you really understand. So Isaiah 65. We are looking at the separation.

Isaiah 65:1-4, v. 1-2 Do you see that? Yah said…He’s talking about Ysrayl here. He’s using Poetic language but He is talking about Ysrayl here. He said that I have had My hand out all day long to a stubborn people who walk in a way that is not good, after their own thoughts. You see, this is why we have so much dis-unity because everybody is walking after their own thought, what they THINK it should be. ‘I THINK that we can keep a Passover in Chicago’. ‘I think we can use a lamb that’s five years old’. ‘I think we don’t have to wear our tassels’. You know just doing what’s after their own vain thoughts. This is the truth, this is real. This is what Yah is saying. This is why there is no unity. Well let me say, this is why you don’t see the unity. There is unity. Like I said, the ones that Yah has put His Ruach in, His Spirit in, His Breath in, they are unifying. These are the ones that are going to make up the body of Messiyah. But they are unifying but you don’t see the unity. This is why you don’t see the unity because the ones that are disobedient seem to be the majority of Ysrayl. This is why Yah says, I’m only going to deal with a portion of Ysrayl. And this portion is referred to as the remnant.

A small remnant of Ysrayl shall return back to Yah. The vast majority although Yah says that you have become like the sands of the sea and stars of the heavens yet I’m only going to deal with a remnant. Because the vast majority of Ysrayl don’t want to come back to Yah and the fullness of His truth. They want to remain in the congregation of the dead. Because they want to stray out of the way of understanding. So this is real.

v. 3-4 Look at that. Yah said we sit among the graves. What’s in the graves? Dead people. Yah said we are constantly sitting among them which means that you are still in the grave also. You sit among the graves because you are still in the valley. So if the valley is full of bones and all those disobedient Israelites are in the valley, then they will sit among the dead, sit among the graves of those in the valley. That’s all that will be out there is dead people. They are surrounded by death.

So that’s why those who are of life, come into Yah can not and will not unify with those who are dead. And it also means something greater because the lake of fire is called the second death. That’s going to be in Yah’s hand, who goes where and who does what…I’m not saying hey you are going here, and you are going there. That’s not my judgment. Just like I told  you, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen to Solomon. I can’t tell you who is going where but I can just tell you what the Word of Yah says. That you have to come to Him in order to even be given a thought of whether you will be spared the death sentence.

So we looked at the separation, we saw the dis-unity is sin and brings about separation. Now let’s look at the unity because that’s what our lesson is entitled, unity and re-gathering. So if it was sin and disobedience that brought about the separation then just the opposite should bring the unity. Obedience and righteousness which will unify the nation. Like I said, not all of Ysrayl is going to come back to Yah. Sorry but their not. So let’s look at the unity. Because Yah is only dealing with the unity in Ysrayl as I mentioned. And the remnant will make up those who are obedient to Yah through His righteousness, through His truth. So obedience to Yah is what will unify the nation. This is the only way the nation can be unified, that is through obedience to Yah.

Let’s look at this. Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 3. We will see what it takes for us to unify. Because I know some Israelites they say ‘man you know Ysrayl we ain’t unified, all I see is arguing and cussing and fussing, fighting’. Well the truth of the matter is, like I stated, we are unifying. Ysrayl is coming together in unity. So in order for you to see that unity, you have to be on that same page with those who are coming together in unity. That’s the only way you will see it. Which means if they are coming together in unity through truth, then you have to be of that truth and you will see that unity that is happening. But for us to look out into the valley and see a grand coming together, a grand awakening…you know, I wish. but it is our choice. We have made this choice Ysrayl. We have made this choice to be separate from one another. We have done this. Yet those who are unified are going to be on the same page and it’s going to be a beautiful sight. They will be the new nation of Ysrayl. Because Yah is going to purge out the rebels, those who are going to rebel against Him (will be purged). Because rebellion is of the sin of witchcraft 1 Samuel 15:23.  So if you are rebellious against Yah, it’s just as though you are Miss Cleo, Silvia Brown or Hillary Clinton. Just three of the greatest witches I can call off-hand. There’s the wicked witch of the west or east or whatever she was too. You are just as evil as  them if you have rebellion against Yah.

Proverbs 3:6-7 Fear Yah and turn away from evil. This will begin the process of unity. Those who fear Yah turn away from wicked and evil things. They are going to be united together. They are not going to do what’s right in their own eyes. They will seek Father Yah on these matters. This is what will separate brothers and sisters. This will separate those who are unified from those who are not. Because you have to understand that Satan is going to send his ministers in. They are going to talk you into it. They are going to try to bring about a unity but it will  not be a unity in truth. It will be a unity in a lie, a unity in diversity. So Satan will even bring those among Ysrayl. And brothers think they are unified because hey man ‘I had dinner at my brother’s house last night so we got to be on the same page man’. ‘We talk on the phone’. ‘Yeah I believe in the Messiyah, he does not believe in the Messiyah’. ‘So when we talk, we never bring that up man’. ‘We just talk and have a good time’. ‘Our wives talk’. That’s not what unity is.

Unity means if I believe in Messiyah, then you must believe in the Messiyah. How can there be fellowship? What kind of fellowship is there if you believe that the Messiyah that I say is responsible for me getting salvation, if I’m blessed to get salvation, the one who has come and I’m giving Him honor because He has come and He has shed His blood. And we are giving Him recognition as being the Son of Yah but you gon’ tell me He’s a Greek myth. And we are supposed to be united on that? We are supposed to be friends? ‘Yeah as long as you don’t call Him a Greek myth in my face man, yeah we can go ahead and watch the super bowl and eat pizza man’. Yeah right. What reason do you have to try to unify with a person like that? You CAN’T. It’s like mixing water and oil, peanut butter without the jelly. It just doesn’t add up. So in order to have a true unity…I don’t know if you all understand this but we are going to do a lesson real soon about Mystery Babylon.

But understanding that in the days of Nimrod the Book of Jasher states that during those times the people spoke words of union. Union is unity. If you listen to Barack Obama, he is running for the office of President of the United States. He’s a black-skinned man. His mother is a Gentile and his father is from Kenya. His father is possibly a Hamite. So I am not to sure just if his father came from the Israelite tribe in Kenya or if his father is strictly a Hamite. I don’t know that. But I do know that his father is from Kenya and his mother is a Gentile. Barack Obama is running for president. Now I don’t know if you all paid attention to any of his speeches, I would highly admonish you to do so.

But this man speaks words of union. Words of unity through diversity. He’s the poster-boy of diversity. He has a black father and white mother. They love that. So who better to bring the world together through unity, through diversity? Than this character. This is what he speaks about saying ‘we are one people, we are one America’. Keep listening to what he is talking about. Now if he comes into the office of president and don’t say ‘well he’s a black man, ain’t nobody going to let…’ Barack Obama is different. He is not a descendant from the Hebrew slaves who were brought here…

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How to deliver Yah’s Word

We are among the land of the living this morning…praise His name. You are doing well…hey you know the names. The adversary causes you to worry. That’s all he can do is make you worry. Only Yah can bless you daily, don’t forget that.

News: Let’s talk about science and space. Do y’all remember the movie called ‘deep impact’ done in 1998? I’m more spiritually mature now. I was only 2 years in the walk when the movie came out. Morgan Freeman played the president. A ‘brew president like ‘the event’ on NBC with Blair Underwood and ’24’ a young black president is in office when a nuclear bomb hits Los Angeles. Back in 1998, we never thought there would be a black-skinned president. They tell you when they are about to attack. A comet strikes the earth in the move ‘deep impact’. ELE means extinction level event. Comets are Yah’s weapons, do you know that? Yah killed the dinosaurs with comets. Jupiter in 1996…a comet storm. Yah formed comets by breaking Rayhab apart. They are planning to fight Yah. The Gentiles say wormwood is a comet…no…it’s a angel that will make the waters of the earth bitter.

They are talking about Saturn’s moons now too. Let me ask y’all something. According to the Bible, how many moons are there? That’s right. ONE. So why do they say Saturn, Jupiter have many moons? They are not moons. They are operational bases for satan’s use. The ‘Titan moon’ around Saturn was hit with a dust storm that came out of nowhere. The sun just emitted the biggest solar flare y’all. Saturn’s north pole had a solar flare recently also. These are deep times coming…war in the heavens. Let’s go to Revelation.

Revelation 12:7-9 The opening stages have begun. Satan has not been cast out yet. They (the angles) are up there THROWING DOWN (fighting). Mars is the god of war. Mars is also called Ares. There is a god of war video game. Mars was destroyed by war like the planet Rayhab. Rayhab was bigger than Jupiter y’all. Scripture says Earth will be moved. This planetary system is defiled. All the planets are named after the gods. (talks to elder) Yeah once the 1000 years are finished of Revelation chapter 21 and 22, this will occur…the new heaven and earth will begin. They say Pluto has a moon yet they say it’s not a planet. It’s a satellite. Do y’all know the Vatican has a satellite/telescope up there? They know a righteous invasion is coming…Yahoshua with the clouds.

The Willie Lynch Letter: He said 300 years would be the time period that his system would affect us (the slaves). The letter was written in 1712 so in 2020 the time period will be up. (This made me think of  the 400 year prophesy Yah gave Abraham, 1619-2019). The awakening is happening right now y’all. We (Israelite camps) dominate YouTube right now. It’s on the TV, the news and radio. We get calls all over South Africa, Central and South America, Asia and Europe. We are waking up. Yeah the Aboriginals  of Australia are also on the bottom. They are suffering from the curses too y’all.  (He says they are part of Ysrayl). Did y’all know the first ‘Americans’ were black? Google it. It’s a BBC article. The ‘Native-Americans’ killed these black-skinned people off. The Olmecs were here before so-called natives too.

TEXT: Each time of our captivity in Yahrusalem when Yah let our people come back home, they did not all return.

We are still under Greco-Roman culture not rule. It’s still here today. Who sanctioned the Trans-Atlantic slave trade? The Catholic Church and Jewish trades men. Every nation had a hand in the slavery of Israelites. The Arabs and Africans (Hamites) were slave hunters. Christians were slave brokers. To this day Arabs hunt our people in Sudan. Our people live in Sudan’s caves, hiding. But Muslims never talk about that.

But Israelites are awakening now. You use to be boogee but now you have love for your brothers and sisters. This is the awakening. The guy that was hateful, that girl who was mean… awakening. Now we have a chance at eternal life. Dead men are raising every hour (and returning to Yah Spiritually). Philip said, show me The Father. Yahoshua said you are being shown through My work. Have belief/faith.

Willie Lynch is dead, Ysrayl is living HalleluYah! The adversary attacks you because you are not with him. If you are with him, he already has you, so why would he attack you. (Satan attacks those he does not have). We are looking at the last days of the niggers, African-Americans, Colored. We are becoming the Israelites that we were meant to be…death to the niggers.

Tom Cruise: The divorce…was so fast. They say she caught him in bed with another man. She knew back then he is gay. He is a member of scientology, the illuminati and a high-ranking priest. He has been married 3 times, divorced 3 times. The number 3=the trinity for Satan, the false prophet and the man of sin or Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz. All Tom’s wives divorced him a 33 years old. They do numerology. This whole thing is occultism. She is satanic too. She took the same oath like him. She is apart of scientology too. Mimi Rodgers and Nicole Kidman were 33 years old also. To be mainstream in Hollywood=they must make the oath (to satan) to be popular in movies.

I watched Rosemary’s baby again. This movie came out in 1968. It’s based on real life things. Real life witchcraft. A fallen angel came to impregnate the man’s wife. Roman Polanski based this movie partly on a book. The lead character in the movie is named Roman. Just like Nicki Minaj’s alter ego is named Roman. Polanski’s wife was killed by Charles Manson in real life. It was a ritualistic killing, cutting up her body and baby. The Beetles sung a song called Helter-Skelter about Manson. Polanski’s wife was a sacrifice for him. The Dakota Apartment Building in New York (is key in the movie and real life). John Lennon was killed near that building. That area of New York is heavily Satanic. They ran Polanski out of the country to this day he can not come back. They said he is a child molester too, he had sex with a 16-year-old girl. In the movie, he told the story of what they do to become rich and famous. What is the significance of June 28, 1966? The child in the movie was to be born the same day. The church of satan was founded on this day. Anton Levie (sp?) played the fallen angel in the movie. See, this is why we watch these movies, to know what is going on! Tom Cruise is apart of that order.

The Olympics: This is the celebration of Zeus, the head of 12 gods of Olympus. Zeus, leader of the watchers battled against the Titans (the fallen angels that fell with Satan). Olympians=this is what athletes are called. This is a celebration of the watchers because they won this battle against the Titans. But ultimately, they lost the war against Satan and came under his authority. The olympics represents world order or peace…for them.

TEXT: All these countries fight all year then they come together to “play”.

The real new world order=Yahoshua’s return. They are still under their old ways… Satan’s way or Satan’s order. The new world order=Yah’s renewed covenant. Yah makes things new NOT Satan. Satan is still deception. I am going to REPENT of saying the N.W.O is bad. Because Yah says He is going to make things new. Satan twists things.

TEXT: Hebrew New Order.

Pay attention to your friends: Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen are part of it too. Charlie Sheen is still getting paid, part of the order. He plays crazy to give out information. He’s very intelligent. His father is Martin Sheen, who is in it too. He said he’s a warlock, Vatican assassin and a grand master. Charlie Sheen’s real name is Carolos Estevez. Emilio changed his name back to Estevez. They are Spanish or Cryto Jews. TEXT: From Venezuela. TEXT: They took the Sheen name form the American Catholic Bishop named Fulton Sheen.

Molech is not an owl. Alex Jones said this. He did not talk about the human sacrifices they do in that YouTube video. Red=the color of sacrifice. TEXT: Santa.

This is why they sacrifice goats, kids…like they do children. There are so many missing children y’all. They sacrifice children and eat them in  some parts of Africa. Anoint your children and pray over them daily!! Hebrew children are the highest sacrifice for Satanists. This is why Yah was so angry with us for sacrificing children to Molech. Abortion=sacrifice. They pull apart their brains in abortions. Hebrew women get the most abortions of all nations. It is estimated that 13 million children have been murdered since 1972 when abortions were legalized! Obama supports planned parenthood. Obama would not speak to the NAACP recently. Why? He talked to Jews and gays but not our people. And 90% of black people supported him in the 2008 election. Obama is disrespectful to us.

Obama never spoke out against racial profiling. Even when a Harvard professor named Henry Louis Gates was arrested for ‘breaking into’ his own house. He got locked out of his home and was arrested while trying to get back in. Obama never spoke out about Rodney King’s death. What will he do in the next 4 years?!! Our people don’t see that he disrespects them and that’s deadly! TEXT: Kayn all they see is a dark-skinned man in office. TEXT: Satan is slick and calculated.

Don’t cry for them, Yah told Aaron when his sons defiled the alter with strange sacrifices. These people are infected with a virus called sin. Don’t hate them, love them…but from afar. TEXT: Who better to use against us than someone who looks like us…father of lies, deceiver, soooo cunning.

(an elder speaks) Mit Romney showed up at the NAACP meeting and was booed. No matter who is in office…all deception.

Lesson: We are talking about how to deliver the Good News, Yah’s Word. What makes you the most happy? What makes Yah happy? TEXT: Our obedience. TEXT: Keeping His laws.

Matthew 4:19 This is Yahoshua. This is the lesson today, how do we deliver this word to men? We should be able to reach anyone from children to elders. We are all fisherman using different lures. Some use history. Obadiyah uses history to witness. I (Moshe) talk about the illuminati or current events usually. Some use parables or stories to witness to people. We all bought our fishing equipment from the same store…The Most High Yah’s Store.

Testimony: A Gentile carpet, I asked for an estimate for carpet cleaning. Last week, the pictures were hanging up and he saw the banner we have hanging up saying ‘the Bible is black history’ ‘restoring the forgotten people to the forgotten heritage’. He asked me about it then I witnessed to him. I did not tell him about the curses on us but who we are and our mission in the community. I gave him the Word this way. And he didn’t charge us to clean the carpets. We talked about the community, the things we do in it. We didn’t attack him. We gave him the truth in love. He is a Gentile. TEXT: Planting seeds.

One of his children asked if we do baptisms and am I a preacher? I said no I am a servant. Yah gives us the words to say at the set-apart time. We don’t always have to shout that we are the Israelites. Yahzeqyl chapter 2, whether they turn left or right they will know that a servant of Yah has been in their midst.

What is our mission as a nation? Let’s go to Yesiyah (Isaiah) chapter 61. They should see Yah in us everyday. We are to be a light to the Gentiles, Yah says. You must be able to deliver this Word to children or elders that are stuck in religion.

Isaiah 61:1-11, v. 1 ‘Good News’ is here in the old testament. Do you see? It says Good Tidings. Liberty of bondage=The Good News sets them free. They have to see Yah in you when you deliver this Word. TEXT: Teach by example. v. 2 People are going through curses. You have to seek the kingdom before the curses are lifted. Physical slavery ends when spiritual slavery of the mind ends. Yahoshua was the living law. The pharisees did not do law, the people did not see Yah in them. Christianity just doesn’t work anymore. Slavery was apart of the curses. We will not forget least we forget who we are. They don’t forget their history so why should we forget ours. Salvation is of the Israelites.

Jesse Owens: was stripped down of everything. The U.S. made him a goodwill ambassador. They are using Michael Johnson much in the same way. Johnson said ‘the fastest survives’. Slavery was not to make us athletes. Slavery was to correct us. TEXT: had Owens racing horses, the same thing they did with Joe Louis, they used them.

We have to be able to go to anyone and give them this truth. This is the importance of Ysrayl. v. 3 By giving the Good New of Yahoshua if we obey the law. The blessings are in Deuteronomy 28:1-15. We bring the whole book. Show them Yahoshua did the law. Deuteronomy 30:1-5, 15-20 referenced. Deuteronomy 6, righteousness are the laws. Show them line upon line not just half the book. v. 4 Yahzeqyl ch. 37, dry bones, this is what it’s saying here ‘rebuilding’ the nation. Wherever you are spread in this world, we are the goodwill ambassadors of Yah. Explain to them how you are the Israelites. Explain to them what a Gentile is. They might not know what a Gentile is. Don’t force the Word on people. Don’t just say they are cursed. Explain the blessings too. Explain obedience to them so they are not cursed.

v. 5-6 Stranger=grafted in Gentiles will proclaim this Good News of Yah. Like Cornelius. Righteous Gentiles will be helping us. v. 7-8 Yah loves obedience over sacrifice, justice over a burnt offering. Truth=law. Luke 8 says take heed on how you receive. v. 9 The children are learning Yah’s Word, like today in Shabbat. We must be able to teach these babies. Children learn with visuals, movies, video games during the week then they come back on Shabbat to worship with us. v. 10-11 That’s the blessings right here. People see it and grab on to that. This is wy we proclaim the Good New of Yahoshua=Life.

TEXT:Suddenly slavery didn’t sting as bad. (There was a purpose for it). Answers: Yah punished us for correction not to be athletes as Michael Johnson says.

Exodus 3:10-15, v. 14 ‘I will to be what I will to be’…tell them ‘I will to be’ sent you, Yah said. When people question the names give them Ps. 68:4 and this Scripture right here. God is a title. Michael Jordan is the basketball god. Yah self-exists. He judges the gods, Ps. 82. Lord god (gad)=Canaanite prosperity god…the money god. Did y’all know Satan took Yah’s name out of the Bible? We give them the Spiritual understanding. Yeah massa (in place of master) is a Hebrew word for oppressor.

1 John 4:8 Yah has to be shown in you through love. Don’t speak against ‘brews who are poor…you are a hypocrite. You can recite Scripture, prophesy and all that all day but without love it means nothing, 1 Corinthians 13.

John 4:23-24 TEXT: How do you worship in Spirit? Answer: I will get to this. We are to worship in Spirit and truth.

Psalm 119:142,151, v. 142 law=truth. v. 151 laws=truth.

Psalm 145:18 To all who call upon Him in truth, this answers your question. This is how to worship in Spirit. Yah=Spirit=Truth. Before you deliver the Word, you have to receive the Word.

John 16:12-13 , v. 13 This verse also answers your question. The Spirit of the truth=Yah=The Helper or Comforter. Many know the truth but don’t have the SPIRIT of the Truth. Like Isaiah 29:10-13 says they don’t love Yah with their hearts.

TEXT: John 17:17 Word=Truth.

Deuteronomy 32:46-47 ALL the words of this law=life. We do this law daily. This increases our life, blessings. We live the Word. We imitate Yahoshua. Which brings us eternal life. We worship in Spirit and Truth. This is why Shaul’s writings were hard, they didn’t have the Spirit of the truth. So they can’t worship Yah in Spirit and Truth. Love of Yah is not in them. This Word is NOT worthless. It is eternal life.

TEXT: So we can witness to other nations? Yes, Isaiah 61, Matthew 24:15 Everyone will have a chance to accept or reject the Word.

Luke 8:18 This seed must be planted on fertile ground. Let’s go up to verse 15. What is a good and noble plant? The Spirit of Yah must be on us. The love of Yah must be in us. Love this Word. Those sown on rocks, cast Yah away in worries. Be able to retain it (keep this Word)!

2 Corinthians 13:5-8, v. 5 This is what Luke 8:15,18 is saying, we read a moment ago. This verse says examine ourselves. Yahoshua is in us. Disqualified=not showing love to Yah=disobedience=not doing commandments. 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show the Word of Truth! This is why we are to worship in truth.  v. 6 We are not disapproved. We study Yah’ Word…the Spirit of the truth. v. 7 ‘Not to be seen or appear approved’. We are to be perfect. Do good so you are not seen as disapproved. v. 8 We have power with the truth…

TEXT: The truth and nothing but the truth of Yah.

John 14:6-17, v. 6-7 They seen Yah through Yahoshua. They know Yah through us. It all makes sense. v. 8 Philip said show us…little faith. Without faith and actions…it’s dead. Philip still can’t see it and he is walking with Messiyah! Some of us still doubt in this room. We speak Yah but our hearts are far away (Isaiah 29). v. 9 Don’t you see Yah? Woe to you with little belief. They don’t see Yah in you when you witness. This is why…because you have doubt. v. 10. This is not the trinity. The trinity=Satan, false prophet, man of sin or Tammuz, Nimrod, Semiramis or Isis, Horus and Osiris. He’s talking about the Set-apart Spirit=Spirit of Truth=Yah.

v. 11 Believe the works not the man. v. 12-15 Keep My law. It’s all ONE book. Deuteronomy 30:16 referenced here. Yahoshua was not here before. Yah repeats himself. v. 16 Yah will give another helper said Yahoshua. See they are not the same thing. v. 17 The Spirit of Truth=The Set-apart Spirit. Christians don’t have the Spirit of Truth, although they have the Bible because they don’t ask in the name of Yah’s salvation…Yahoshua. A famine of the Word is coming y’all! John 16:1-2, they will kill us thinking they are doing good. They will be Bible burning. Eat this Word!!!!!!! I hope you understand.

The Spirit of Truth separated us from Christians and others. We call on Yah through Yahoshua. Yahoshua said He is the way to Yah, v. 6.

Ephesians 3:14-18, v. 14 We bow to Yah and end prayer in the name of Yahoshua. v. 15-16 Strength through Spirit=Yah’s Spirit in truth. Many Israelites use the Christian title,  God or Lord. They don’t have the Spirit of the Truth. They know the truth though…they are modern pharisees. v. 17 Messiyah is to be in our hearts…the living Word. We are to be the living Word. John 1:14 this is not a pre-existence Scripture. He was is the living Word. You are not dead to Torah…you are the living Torah. We are in love. 1 John 4:8 or in Yah because Yah is love. Shaul’s whole ministry was about walking in love, dying to the old man. He said the same things as Moses, as Yahoshua. v. 18-19 To know Yahoshua is to know Yah. To know Yah surpasses all=eternal salvation. Eternal damnation=lake or the 2nd death, being tormented forever.

Yahoshua gave completeness of law…the living Word. (He said He came to complete or fulfill the law in Scripture) Through action, deeds and the Spirit of Truth, this is how to deliver the Word of Yah. This separated Yahoshua from the pharisees. This separates us from modern-day pharisees.

What is the Good News? Every day you wake up you should be ON FIRE to learn about Yah…remember thought, actions and deeds…zeal. He has mercy for you another day that you live.

Matthew 10:1-20, v. 1 Yah has called us through Yahoshua. TEXT: BIG JOB! v. 2-4 Yahoshua called everyone in this room right now with authority to have the Word and have it with the Spirit of Truth. v. 5-6 We are to go to the Gentiles. But Yahoshua was sent to  Ysrayl because salvation is of the Israelites John 4:22. We have the Spirit of Truth now, we are to go to the world now to proclaim this Good News. v. 7 Repent, be immersed in the name of salvation…Yahoshua. Come back to Yah in Spirit and in Truth. Endure, for eternal salvation. This is what we are to tell the world.

v. 8-9 People without the Spirit of Truth…charge money. We are to give without being paid,  The Spirit of discernment or Truth.  v. 10-11 We bless the Word wherever we go. The people see Yah not only on the physical, they see the deeds and His words. v. 12 Bless their households. TD Jakes has 20,000 followers yet we have the living Word and they call us a cult. They want Jesus. And they send $20 to Olsteen for a prayer. How is that delivering the Word? They don’t have the Spirit of the Truth. Yah is not there. Even though they have a Bible, which is truth.

v. 13 Who is worthy of salvation? The Spirit of the Truth, Yah commands us to speak. Test the spirit when you go to places…see how the people react. The Set-apart Spirit will tell you what to do. v. 14 Matthew chapter 7 tells us not to cast our pearls. Keep going if they don’t receive. Yah gives them the Spirit of Truth or desire to listen to you. v. 15 Don’t worry if you are liked by them. ( Or If they refuse the word). v. 16. The Gentiles, I was not bashing him (the carpet cleaner), be wise. There are some Gentiles that will be punished but we (the Israelites) were disobedient in the first place, so who’s more wicked? The Gentile man saw my Bible, the pictures and I explained it to him. If he is truly seeking he will come back. Just like my sister will come back if see is truly seeking Yah. I pray they will. But you must be led by the Spirit of Truth to know when and what to speak.

v. 17 Wicked men will deliver you up if you speak about wicked Gentiles so know when, what to say. Approach a Christian in love. Ask them if they know about the letter J or His name in Psalm 68:4. v. 18 We will be persecuted as a testament against the wicked. Yah still love you. v. 19 Pray for the Spirit of Yah to be on you. Yah’s Words will come out. v. 20 Pray without ceasing. Yah will give us the Spirit of Truth as in John 14. This is why we worship Yah in Spirit and in Truth. Faith is important to loving Yah. Because Yah is love.

Mark 16:15-18, v. 15 Should we go to the Gentiles? Go to ALL the world! They do have salvation. v. 16-18 In Yahoshua’s name! No deadly water will hurt them. We can drink tap water y’all. Don’t worry about GM food (genetically modified). Yah blesses clean foods this is saying (Leviticus 11).

TEXT: Who you gonna believe? TEXT: We believe Yah. TEXT: Monsanto can’t touch us. (Wholefoods). TEXT: Not what goes in but what comes out that defiles a man. TEXT:Pray on that food to Yah through Yahoshua.

Beef is clean. I eat at McDonald’s y’all. Matthew 16:18 read again. McDonald’s will not hurt me. Nigga, organic means from the earth. TEXT: While they are saying this they are going against Yah’s dietary laws.

Let’s get the laws down first before we jump to Revelation (so to speak). TEXT: The Organic name is owned by the U.S. gov.

1 Peter 4:1-8, v. 1 You are perfect! He who suffered in flesh ceased from sin. v. 2 We die to sin. We live for Yah. v. 3 No more of this for us. The doctrine of men…no more. We have the Spirit of Truth now. Truth=sets you free from sin. v. 4-5 Kepha said enough partying. v. 5 Who will proclaim the Good News?!!! That Yahoshua is the Son of Yah in thought actions and deeds! v. 6 Who are dead, you proclaim it by immersing, standing boldly. Yahzeqyl 37, the dry bones will awaken. We will graft in the Gentiles. We are judged by those without the Spirit of Yah because they have no truth. v. 7 The kingdom of heaven is coming…at hand, near pray serious. Don’t pray for others to fall, you may be the one to fall. Be sober-minded…dont be drunk, partying, entertaining strange doctrines. v. 8 Love covers many sins! The same love of Yah when you love each other.

Eat this Word!!!!!!! Proclaim this Word to everyone! Play the Word to even a child in the womb (audio). Yeremiyah knew Yah in the womb! TEXT: Yahcanan the Immerser leapt in his mother’s womb at the sound of Miryahm’s (Miriam’s) greeting. (Yahoshua’s mommy).

The end of the lesson. No q & a this Shabbat.

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The Unrepentant Heart p. 2

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 36. We have to turn away from Babylon. We must humble ourselves.

Yahzeqyl 36:16-38, v. 16-19 Now remember that we talked earlier about Ysrayl going in and out of captivity throughout our history with the nations of the earth. And Yah is telling us the reason for that…Ysrayl’s own transgressions. Yah said that Ysrayl was dispersed through the countries and that He judged us according to our doing. In other words, He gave us what we deserved. If Israelites want Barry Sotoro so bad, guess what? We got him. And Yah will make sure that Ysrayl will remember how much they wanted this dude, when Mr. Sotoro serves Ysrayl up on a silver platter to the adversary. Because Ysrayl will not repent.

v. 20-21 Let’s stop here to highlight the degree of Ysrayl’s rebellion. First, we got put out of our land because we messed up after seeing Yah’s Power first hand. Keep that in mind, during the Exodus. You know it’s a dog-gone shame that Yah had to repeat captivity to keep reminding them about Egypt. Why would He have to keep reminding us about what happened in Egypt and during the Exodus? As powerful as that event was, you know that’s just amazing in itself.

So we lost all we were promised and went into exile throughout the nations. But check out what Yah says in verse 21. He said that Ysrayl CONTINUED to profane His name even after He spread them among the heathen. Ysrayl is still profaning their Father’s name til this very day. Hearts refused to repent. No matter how much information and truth is presented to many of them, they just will not show any reverence, any respect for Yah. But that’s going to change. v. 22 See we are supposed to be teaching this to them, y’all. But we were helping them to profane it.

v. 23 Man, Yah is dropping it on them right now…heavy. He said when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes. Yah is once again speaking in such a Set-apart manner that you have no doubts right now. Notice what Yah is saying here. He’s explaining to Ysrayl, what the result of their unrepentant heart would be. Since getting kicked out of the land is not enough for these stiff-necks. You know it’s true because we still have Israelites out here who have been shown this truth and still fix their mouths to say that anyone could be Ysrayl. He is telling Ysrayl that all these nations, He has scattered us to will know Him. They will know Yah. They will know His Set-apart name. (My sidenote: I remember the elder at another camp I use to visit back in 2010 use to quote Malachi 1:11, 14 to show us that the Gentiles will have salvation. Yah says His name will be great and feared among the Gentiles-nations.) How does He say they are going to do that? Yah said He is going to do this by sanctifying His name. Sanctifying, to Set-apart, cleanse or purify, Yah said His name will be sanctified or Set-apart to the nations WHEN HE SANCTIFIES IT IN US. When He sanctifies Ysrayl. Because remember Yah is all about order. And He never did away with His order.

Ysrayl broke the covenant but Yah’s order still stands. So when He does things, it’s going to still be in that order. So for Yah’s name to be truly Set-apart to this rebellious nation that means that this rebellious nation has to be Set-apart for Yah’s name to be truly cleansed within this rebellious nation. This rebellious nation must be cleansed. We have to humble ourselves in every way or BE humbled. Remember Yah says the meek shall inherit the earth. Yah made a promise to our forefathers. And all we have to do is hold up our end of the deal and Ysrayl will be the Set-apart rulership it was meant to be. That Set-apart nation of priests that we were meant to be. Let’s take a look at what He has promised us on His end. Because the covenant is still on the table for those who choose to humble themselves to the will of The Father.

v. 24-36 Do you see that? He said that it’s going to happen. ‘I will do it’. v. 37 Do you see what He is saying? This is Ysrayl on one accord with Yah as a nation. It speaks for itself. Pretty much Ysrayl on accord with Yah as a nation is the most powerful thing this world could ever see. Because we are a representation of Yah. Because when Yah is able to find the nation of Ysrayl blameless, He then will be able to look upon Ysrayl as His blameless children. And being able to see Ysrayl as a blameless or a nation of blameless children, He’s able to look upon the nation as a WHOLE as His bride, the apple of His eye. So HalleluYah for those children that are able to humble themselves. Because many stiff-necks are going to have Yah set them straight…face to face. Which is an entirely different ball game. Because you don’t know how Yah will decide to manifest His power and esteem to you. This world is going to go through some things…deep things, spiritual things. Days of Noah type things. This arrogant, ignorant, vain world will be cleansed.

Let’s go to the Book of Yahqob, James chapter 4.

James 4:1-12, v. 1-5 So Yah is a jealous Spirit. You can’t sit at both tables (as in verse 4). You can’t be lukewarm. v. 6-7 So Yah gives grace to the humble. Just like He showed grace to Moses during the situation with Miriam and Aaron. Because Moses submitted to Yah as we are advised to hear in verse seven. But notice right after we are told to submit ourselves to Yah the verse then says to resist the adversary and he will flee from you. Remember Yah is all about order. And His Words are spoken in perfect order. So we must submit ourselves to Yah before we can resist the adversary in his temptation. We must submit ourselves to Yah first before we can resist the adversary and his temptations. See, you have Israelites out here that think because they are now in the truth, that they are above deception. You have Israelites that think because they know the names Yah and Yahoshua that there’s no way that they can be used by a wicked spirit. We can’t feel like we are above deception. Yah is going to reveal all things.

v. 8-12 So here Yah is giving us more examples of being humble. We don’t need to be speaking evil of one another not if we are truly brothers and sisters in Yah. Let’s not judge one another. Don’t be spreading stories and making accusations you know, without witness. Yah told us how to handle situations and conduct ourselves as a nation and as His children. So we shouldn’t be gossiping and spreading rumors about one another. There’s no reason for that. We have to be very careful and mindful about what we are feeding our energy into. We must be aware of that at all times. Like we talk about all the time, Yah will have people CUT OFF from the rest of the people if they refuse to humble themselves and continued to whore after wicked spirits.

So I will be real with you. Many Israelites today probably wouldn’t be able to handle how our fore-fathers got down. The way they manuevered, the way they did things. Like how Moses saw how the nation just lost their minds after he came down from Mount Sinai. Moses didn’t come down there acting all passive. ‘Oh no y’all, what are y’all doing’? Nooo. Because this was the ULTIMATE disrespect to Yah. And remember Yah said Himself that He spoke and dealt with Moses face to face. Do you remember what happened next? Yeah. The Levites began to smite people in the Israelite nation. Israelites. Yah is not playing. We are not Christians, Ysrayl. We have to shake that mentality. Yah said Himself that He will use Ysrayl to smash and smite rulers and governors. He said that you will be My battle-axe, Ysrayl.

Ysrayl we have to be ready. When those days and times come, it’s going to be a different world then. Do you understand that? ‘The day of Yah’ (will come). We have to remain focused. And by remaining humble as a child at heart, we remain on accord with Yah which is what keeps us from losing that focus. When Yah really gets this thing moving, you don’t know what you may have to do. And if you think that war will not take place at some point during all this…you are fooling yourself. You don’t know the history of Ysrayl. Remember this is all going to repeat. What do you think all these stories are for? Why do you think Yah wants us to know and understand our history? What do they say?

You don’t know where you are going until you know…what? Where you have been.  See, that’s why Yah is going to have to show this world a thing or two. This arrogant world. This is why we have to pay attention to our history and learn all we can. We have to observe the way that Yah interacted with our fore-fathers. We must work diligently to gain more and more understanding. One day they will not allow Scriptures to be read. The more that this truth grows and spreads, it’s going to become more of a threat to the powers that be. Why do you think that they didn’t allow the slaves to read and learn? Israelite slaves, our fore-fathers, when they came to this country, why do you think they were not allowed to learn? To make sure that we did not have any true knowledge of ourselves and who we are.  To have it erased from our minds. Which is what Yah said would happen, that we would lose our entire identity. But now people are beginning to wake up. Israelites are becoming aware. And they are learning how to discern or understand these Scriptures. We all should know. When Yah begins to give you that understanding… it rips through any doctrine that Babylon wants to throw us. It decimates it!

So the only alternative for them after a while will be just to get rid of the Scriptures when they are no longer able to twist it and use it for wickedness. Ysrayl waking up is a very big thing. A very big thing! Let’s head on back to Matthew where we started. Matthew 18.

Matthew 18:3-9, v. 3-5 So here again, remember this is all (meekness ?), the service of Yah. Yah gives us examples, the love that He has for His children that obey Him. Yah said anyone that accepts Yahoshua, accepts yah. So anyone that accepts a child of Yah, accepts Yah. And Yah will remember all these people who reject the truth when He sends His servants to them to witness. These people are not rejecting us, they are rejecting Yah. And WE are rejecting Yah when we are lovers of this world. Come on we know, in a state of rebellion Ysrayl loves this world very much. That’s what has been getting us in trouble throughout the years. Hey, what is Ysrayl’s love for this world and its idols and its spiritual fornication with the great whore. Israelites are the ONLY ones that are completely lost about our own identity. You know, you talk to other people in other parts of the world, they have a little bit more knowledge than we do. We are the only ones so lost about our identity. But we will gladly accept Roman culture, Roman history. And Hamites or so-called African history.

But we have an immense hatred for our own, our own culture. But whatever the Gentiles give Ysrayl, they receive it like jewels. They don’t argue and debate (with them) like they do with us. But they fight the truth, tooth and nail. That’s okay because they are chosing a side in the spiritual war. But the only true deliverance comes from Yah, to His humble servants. When I say humble, I don’t mean some weak sissy either. Like when Yah choose David, Moses, and Abraham, they were humble but they were also on that battle field. Now am I saying let’s go out and start a fight? Of course not. But I’m saying we have to shake that Christian image of our fore-fathers that Babylon has imprinted in our minds. Some of you may feel like I’m being too aggressive right now. But am I?

Yah said that if we are humble servants, His Spirit will guide us in judgment. Guide us in judgment, decision making…judgment. When you are on accord with Yah, everything is going to happen the way it’s supposed to happen. Let’s face it Ysrayl, we are a stiff-necked nation of people. Some times we will have to use tough love to some people. Let’s face it Ysrayl, this world is a wicked world. We can’t be all fragile and soft out here. Again, I’m not saying go act crazy. But I’m saying humble does not mean weak. Look at the stands that our for-fathers took. You didn’t see Moses, David and Abraham walking the line, getting beat up-side the head singing we shall overcome. ‘Let’s be apart of the system’ (they wouldn’t have said this). That’s just real. They didn’t. I’m not saying that we need to be out here looking for fights, I’m just saying we have to be prepared mentally to what we may see. David slew Goliath with his sling shot and then CUT HIS HEAD OFF. Yahoshua Ben Nun, what they did when they went into Canaan.

Israelites fought many battles. And Yah says history will repeat. The story about the Maccabees, I mean all these different things. Even Yahoshua Himself kicked over tables. And went down there and went off on everybody. He tore up the whole scene. Yahoshua did that. Yes, Yahoshua the Messiyah was sacrificed but that was apart of His mission. That’s why He was saying no just let it be because that was apart of His mission anyway. But you can see situations throughout His walk when it was time to be real firm with these stiff-necks, He was ready to do that also. Just like when He comes back this second time, it’s going to be war. Whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen.

David, he was humble. So Yah guided him in judgment. David went out to meet Goliath in battle because that was what Yah lead him to do. Remember the spiritual realm is just a representation of the physical realm. So when the adversary really brings the war to Ysrayl, real heavy after he is no longer able to ascend into the heavens, how do you think that will manifest physically? Remember Scripture tells us to study our for-fathers. And to learn about the former ways because those things shall come to pass once again. This stuff isn’t new. Yah says there’s nothing new under the sun. If you think there will not be wars at some point, I feel sorry for you. That’s why we must pray as Yahoshua said that we are found worthy to escape all that. Like Moshe said this is our life. Yah’s Ruach is our salvation. Yah’s laws are for our own good. Because when the time comes for things like a fallen angel and the days of Noah, Yah’s Spirit will guide His humble servants. Some of you may be one of those that have to slay those giants, you just never know. We have to understand what Ysrayl is really about.

v. 6-7 So basically what this verse is telling us is woe unto the world because of the sinful nature. That’s what it’s saying. It says that these things must take place but when it says woe through the man through which these things take place. Did you catch that? Woe to the man THROUGH which these things take place. Or woe to the man who these spirits use as a doorway, the wicked spirits. These wicked people who won’t repent of this world. Whoa to the arrogant man taking part in wicked energy with demons. Because he causes others to stumble. That’s what this verse is saying. Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, TD Jakes but ol’ stiff-necked Ysrayl they love these types of people, lovers of this world. Ysrayl it’s amazing as ahki Yahcanan says, you know that we are ‘touched’ (crazy). You know the things you see, you don’t see anybody else doing it.

I have literally seen, physically grown Hebrew men riding around here, that have cars with big huge pictures of Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob on them. You know trying to look all tough driving this big, long pink car with Dora the Explorer on it. Men carrying purses. They think because rappers do that, that means something. Man please. And it seems like every Hebrew man you see is gay. Especially the so-called stars. Then you have Hebrews out here joining fraternities and sororities. Once again more culture other than our own. All that fraternity garbage is just free-masonry. I know a person that is involved in all that foolishness. You should see their office. Paganism covers it. A bunch of Greek pagan symbols hanging up. And pictures hanging up of guys like W.E. B Dubois, you know all that boule crap…just a spiritual trash dump, pretty much.

And the thing about those type of stiff-necks is that they really think they are doing something. They are proud of this Egyptian paganism hanging up. They are proud to be apart of all that. But you come to them with the truth from one of their own brothers, you know that’s looked down upon. But they are proud of that foolishness. That’s why we have to say todah (thank you) Yah for showing us this truth, showing us the way, guiding us Spiritually, teaching us how to humble ourselves. Because many people out here just put on a show. But those who turn away from Babylon which share in Babylon’s play. Remember this is our life. Let’s read on.

v. 8-9 We see here the importance of completely breaking away. That’s a beautiful thing. If you go back and listen to all the Shabbat lessons, you know the brothers, we never get together and work on these things but it’s amazing because every time and I’m sure ahki Michayah, Obadiyah and Moshe agree with this, you know whenever we are working on a lesson when we are in a room throughout the week leading up to the Shabbat, yah places the same verses on that congregations heart that He does you for the lesson that He is giving. See some people may over look stuff like that. But for those with Spiritual understanding, that’s big. That means Yah is working. So we have to humble ourselves. We have to. Especially those who are trying to live this truth. Satan will really be after us so we have to handle things the way Yah has told us to.

We can not do anything the way we use to do it in the world. Anything. We can not use anything we learned in Babylon to try to gain understanding on what thus saith Yah. Because let me ask you a question. Yah says Himself that Babylon is a whore and everything she stands for is against Yah. So what makes you think that we can take anything that Babylon has taught us to use for a gauge to gain understanding on something that Yah said? Do you see what I’m saying? You can’t, that’s hanging on to Babylon, you can’t use Babylon as a gauge to gain understanding on Yah’s Word. IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK. Because Babylon is and always has been not positioned with Yah.

If we have things that bother us or certain things we are not sure of or we have a hard time accepting then we have to be honest and say that ‘You know right now, I’m not agreeing with it and I hate to say it but I’m not’. Because that means that you are facing that demon and then Yah will give you discernment and understanding on what’s what. But as long as we lie to ourselves and try to make up excuses for our rebellion, then we get a trap laid on us by that pharisee spirit. ‘Okay I’m not with this so I’m just going to twist up the words a little bit’. ‘I’m just going to add this in and take this out’. In other words, I’m going to start dealing with God again. Naw. Like I said there are many things that we will have to learn to accept again. I’m not saying we have to walk around with a chip on our shoulder. We are to be humble, respectful, peaceful. We understand that.

But like I said, you have to use common sense. If you think for one minute and ahki Tobiyah tells the congregation this all the time, if you think for one minute that you don’t have to get out there and get your hands dirty, you neet to go back and look at the history of Ysrayl. When I say ‘get your hands dirty’, I mean get in the trenches. You never know what you will have to do. Remember, Yah will guide us in judgment. So let’s just pray that we are found worthy and that we can humble ourselves to escape that. Because I’m not going to lie, I would much rather, especially for those of you really seeking truth, I would love to see us in the wilderness and being in Yah’s protection in love.

We must be ready, mentally prepared or we will not hear Yah’s voice. And with that this will be the end of the lesson. It was a little short. This is what He has given me. I pray that everything was clear and that it was all understood. And if any of you other ahks have anything else to add, halleluYah.

That will conclude the lesson for today. I thank everybody as always for contributing to this walk. It’s for our own good, our salvation. I say halleluYah and Shabbat Shalom.



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The Unrepentant Heart p. 1

The full title of this lesson is ‘Children Humble Yourselves: The Wages of a Unrepenting Heart’.

Shabbat Shalom family. This is brother Eliyah. In today’s lesson we are going to be talking about the importance of truly humbling ourselves in the sight of Yah. And the lesson is entitled children humble yourselves: the wages of a unrepenting heart. And since today’s lesson will be on humbling ourselves, I would like to explain a few things in case there are any people hearing these lessons for the first time. This is not church. This is not something to get together and do for a past time. This is the truth, the essence of the Scriptures. We praise Yah here. As in HalleluYah which means praise you Yah. We obey the Father’s law. We keep His name Set-apart from any other name at all times as we are commanded to do. So you will not hear God in here. Because there is nothing set-apart about the title God. If they were set-apart there would not be so many gods. You will not (here us say) Jesus. Not being praised. This name derives from Greek paganism. In the book of Acts we are told that there is only one name given under the heavens that can give us salvation. So we don’t call the Messiyah by the name of a pagan god. Because this is not keeping the name set-apart. We call upon Him by His true, set-apart Hebrew name, Yahoshua which means Yah is salvation. And all honor, power and esteem belongs to Yah.

So in today’s lesson, the lesson was inspired by Matthew 18:3. That’s the verse that inspired this whole lesson as Yah gave me this. Let’s go there so we are able to grain a deeper understanding of the focal point of this lesson. Let’s go to Matthew 18 real quick.

Matthew 18:3 Truly I say to you, if you do not change your heart and become as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Now this verse goes much deeper than many people recognize. See many of us say Yah and Yahoshua but some of us fail to deal with Yah from the perspective of a child. I mean in our hearts. And we know that the outside world does not deal (with Him) like the perspective of a child. Matthew 18 even goes on to say that if you don’t become like children in your heart, we will not even enter Yah’s Set-apart kingdom. Why? Because Yah has absolutely no need for some stiff-neck child who refuses to believe that they are a child trying to rebel and twist His Word and His law. I say rebel and twist His Word because you will find that rebellion tends to spawn unsound doctrine in the hearts of rebellious children who refuse to believe that they are children.

See many of us forget what’s it’s like to be a child. Or what it’s like to humble ourselves as children. Because we start paying bills and having our own children. Some of us get these jobs and you know we let whatever little authority that we may have in our household, we let that cloud our vision spiritually.

Then you get people who claim to believe in Yah and Yahoshua but behave just like the rest of the world. So we are going to try to show through scripture how and why we must humble ourselves as children. Because failing to do so leads to a heart that will not repent. How do we know that? Because this verse here in Matthew just said if you can not humble ourselves as children we will not enter Yah’s kingdom.

So since Yah is our Father and He has an order to be followed, this means that He has rules which are for the well-being of His children physically and spiritually. So let’s go to the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 6. This lesson may not be as long as previous lessons but we will just go with what Yah gives us okay.

Deuteronomy 6:24-25, v. 24 So here in Deuteronomy, Yah gives His purpose for having laws. He wants us to love, obey and live by them because this was given by Yah for what? Our own good. Not just for our own good but for our own good ALWAYS, that we may be kept alive to this present day. See we didn’t begin to face the curses as a nation until we disobeyed Yah. The curses are upon us because we disobeyed Yah. See some feel if they follow some of the law, that they are on accord with Yah. Some people feel like if they follow half or most of the law that they are on accord with Yah. But those of us that are real with ourselves, we understand that Yah does NOT do half-way. We have to remember what it’s like to be a child at heart.

v. 25 So living, loving and doing this law is for our righteousness. It says if we observe ALL commandments before Yah our Father this will be our righteousness. Because Yah has given us these laws for our own good. So the only true righteousness is the Ruach of Yah, Yah’s Word. ALL of it not part not half not most, not some. But ALL of Yah’s laws.

Now let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 32. I’m giving you some foundation here to help us understand the latter part of the lesson.

Deuteronomy 32:45-47, v. 45 I want to point out a few things. One, we see in verse 45 that Moses spoke these words to ALL of Ysrayl. Secondly (v.46), he told us to set our hearts to all the words that he testified that day, on our hearts. And he also told us to pass this on to our children.  So the point is, if you take a deeper look to what is taking place here spiritually, see Yah is further establishing His reign here on earth. He is setting up the nation that He chose to be a representation of His Set-apart rulership on earth. This is why Moses was so serious as he was speaking. You know that he was serious by his words. He wasn’t up their playing around. But you know there were probably stiff-necks out there, probably talking the whole time while Moses was giving them all this. Well while Yah was giving it to them through Moses. You know, rebellious children who refuse to humble themselves and therefore don’t even understand what is being given to them. When you see that power and rulership that Yah promised to our forefathers, it’s like, it’s amazing. There’s nothing like it. But as we read on, we will see further evidence of how important all this is.

v. 47 So here it is. Do you remember what we were just talking about? About what we were being promised? What was taking place spiritually? That Yah choose His nation to establish His reign. This is why Moses said it is not a vain (futile) thing. It is not meaningless. This is all for a purpose. Yah’s purpose. Moses said this is your life, our lives. That means a lot. It’s our life because we live it. It’s our life because we love it. It’s our breath of life. It is the reason we are alive. It’s Yah’s Ruach. It’s everything that Ysrayl is supposed to be. This is what Ysrayl was being blessed with. I’m just trying to lay a foundation here.

Since we are talking about Moses, let’s go back to the Book of Numbers chapter 12.

Numbers 12:1-15, v. 1-3 Now understand what is being said here. There was no man upon the face of the EARTH that was equally as meek or humble as Moses. NOT ONE. But you see here Miriam and Aharon are taking their eye off the ball, so to speak. They are losing track of the main focus here. Which is that YAH is using and working through Moses to establish Ysrayl as a nation of priests that they are meant to be. Which is a blessing for the entire nation. But Miriam and Aaron are trippin’ about something so small even though they have seen Yah’s Power. But remember that the verse said that Yah heard them. He heard them hating and speaking a bunch of foolishness.

v. 4-5 read. v. 6 ‘Here now My Words’. Let’s stop here. Notice how the picture of the words are painted for us here. As we were just talking about that Yah heard the words that Miriam and Aaron spoke. Now remember we are like children in Yah’s eyes which is why we must humble our hearts as children to gain understanding of Yah and Yah’s character. So Yah the Father is now calling out to 3 or His children to defuse this situation. So Yah calls them out, Miriam, Aaron, Moses…front and center. And those of you who have children, you should understand this. Yah has 3 right there. So Yah is going to tell their stiff-neck selves something right now.  This is where Yah is going here. So Ya is about to check them. Let’s read on.

V. 6 Continued. Yah is explaining to His children how He operates. How He usually operates with a prophet that He has chosen. So here Yah is slowly breaking down this for Miriam and Aaron since they seem to have lost sight of the big picture. So Yah is speaking like a parent right now. He said normally when I send a prophet to you all, I introduce myself to them in visions and we communicate and speak with one another through dreams. This is what Yah is laying down for them right now.

v. 7-8 So now Yah is telling them just how set-apart Moses is. We read earlier why Yah chose Moses because Moses had the most humble heart of any man on the face of the earth. Moses was a cool brother. He was humble. So Yah is basically telling Miriam and Aaron that they are ignorant, rebellious fools. You seen the way I work with other servants. I talked to them in dreams and visions but MOSES…I appear to this brother. I show him My esteem. I show him My POWER. Moses knows Me on a personal level. Like no one you have known. But you are so focused on these matters that the adversary is throwing at you, that you are ignoring the work that this brother is doing. You are ignoring the main purpose at hand. You are digressing from the principle of the matter…your own salvation. Because Yah chose Moshe (Moses) to give these words of salvation to the nation of Ysrayl. But Miriam and Aaron lost sight of that because they were not humbling themselves. You don’t question Yah’s order. We all have jobs to do and positions. But Yah is the ultimate authority. And His will is the ultimate purpose. Because Yah’s ultimate purpose includes Ysrayl’s salvation and therefore the world. Ysrayl was meant to teach. So now Yah has scolded Aaron and Miriam. Now that He has explained this to them, how stupid their actions was, He’s now about to put a belt to their behinds.

v. 9-13 So now Yah is spanking Miriam spiritually by striking her with leprosy right before Moses and Aaron’s eyes. Can you imagine the shock and fear that must have caused? Picture in your heads right now, you step into the bathroom and look into the mirror and all of your skin has been turned completely white. I mean just like that (snaps fingers). Yah is spanking Miriam in front of them both. Now for those of you who had parents that didn’t play, y’all know that it’s frightening when you have done something wrong and you see your brother or sister getting spanked first and you know you are next. So Aaron is begging Yah please stop. Even Moses was begging Yah to stop and he wasn’t even in trouble. So Yah is restoring order here.

v. 14 Keep in mind this is after Moses begged Yah to let up on Miriam. v. 15 So pretty much, Yah spanked Miriam and sent her to her room. And even when Moshe asked Yah to let up on her, Yah said no, she has to learn. So Yah gave her some ‘act right’ as people say. And I bet she returned with a new spirit (Yah humbled her). See we have to humble ourselves as children or be humbled.

Let’s go to the Book of First Kings chapter 8.

1 Kings 8:44-54, v. 44-47 Now we see throughout Ysrayl’s  history that Ysrayl has been in and out of captivity. We see in the scriptures that this cycle of captivity is ALWAYS a result of Ysrayl’s sin and rebelliousness. But notice in the prayer it’s asking Yah to hear us once we have repented first. REPENT. Repent and make supplication unto Yah into the land in which we have been carried away into as captives. The definition of supplication is to ask for humbly or earnestly. So there is the word humble again.

v. 48-54 So Shlomo (Solomon), a very wise man is showing us the key to all that was promised to us by Yah. Now remember earlier we talked about Moses and how important this was, that he spoke the words of Yah to all the nation of Ysrayl. Remember? Yah’s Ruach, this is life. This is what Yah was telling us through Moses. That Yah’s Ruach is our inheritance, Yah’s Word, Yah’s law. But as we see in verse 48, it says that when the nation of Ysrayl returns to Yah with all their hearts first. So here again we see the importance of truly humbling your heart. A lot of times many people think they know what it means to humble their hearts but they don’t. Some people feel well, ‘I’m wearing my tassels’. ‘I’m passing out information’. ‘I say the names Yah and Yahoshua’. So I’m humble. Remember, Moses said this is our life and our inheritance. Solomon is showing us a key to that inheritance, which is truly repenting in our hearts. And then what? Turning to Yah with all of our hearts. This is why Yah can not stand a fearful heart because Yah said hey, I don’t give you a spirit of fear. Yah does not like fear because it shows a lack of faith and belief (on our parts). But a humble child, that’s truly humble and trusts their father, who trusts He is present and right there with them (that child) doesn’t fear anything.

Do any of you all remember as a child what it was like to be at a mall or store and lose track of your parent? You know you are not paying attention and the next thing you know, you don’t see Ima (or mother), you don’t see Abba, your father anymore. Many kids will cry and become afraid. The thought of being alone in this big place with all these people you don’t know and it will frighten many children. But what happened many of the times? Your parents saw where you were the whole time. A good parent always, they don’t lose focus.

See if we are truly like a child at heart and place all faith in Yah, all matters in Yah’s hands and trust that He will guide us through. Whatever it is that we face. So trusting in Yah and having a humble heart leads us to who Yah is trying to help us become spiritually.

So let’s go to the Book of Proverbs. We are going to read a short Scripture here. Proverbs chapter 22.

Proverbs 22:15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, the rod of correction will drive it far from him.

See this foolishness being spoken of here is the same foolishness that got Miriam and Aaron in trouble with Yah. It says that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child. Now we know that this particular verse can not be referring to an obedient child. And why is that? Because the verse goes on to say that the rod of correction drives that foolishness far from that child. So why would an obedient child need correction? So the foolishness this is speaking of is referring to is the foolishness in the heart of a disobedient child that fails to humble themselves.

But you have many stiff-necked Israelites out here that refuse to accept their punishment. They refuse to acknowledge the curse upon Ysrayl for what they truly are. I don’t know how many stiff-necks I have heard say ‘oh man, Ysrayl can be anybody’. I had a family member tell me that ‘many nations can fit the mold of Ysrayl’. This is what they told me. You know, they speak this type of garbage with SO much confidence!  Because they are not humble. How can you study the history of our people and still speak that way? Yeah we know we were slaves, yeah but the condition upon us you know they were horrifying. And these stiff-necks out here saying that Ysrayl can be any nation should be given a crash course in the slavery of our ancestors. The torture devices that they used on our people.

Man, they had an instrument to what you would call a ‘vice grip’ but they would put their heads inside of it. They would drive a screw into the top of their heads and slowly crush their skulls while they were alive. They had another instrument that they would use that would slowly pull out a person’s intestines while they were still alive. And you have stiff-necks out here saying anybody could by Ysrayl?!

If any of you have seen that movie ‘drop squad’, it came out in 1994. It’s called drop squad. The concept of this movie I like a lot. It was a group of these brothers that would snatch these guys up who forgot about who we are. They drove around in this van and snatched these guys up and make them view the history of our people to give them that reminder, hey. This is the nation that is ruling over everybody. But Yah will give these stiff-necks a heavy reminder. He’s going to do that.

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms. Psalms chapter 25.

Psalm 25:8-10 See once we have truly humbled our hearts as children, the guidance that Yah gives us…there’s nothing like it. There’s no equal. Once we turn away from that sin, Yah will begin to show us things and how to maintain in this sinful world. He will show you to immediately, IMMEDIATELY feel the spirit a person has on them. This is why verse 9 says the meek or humble will have Yah’s guidance in judgment. Guidance in judgment, see this spiritually awareness is so powerful. Yah just won’t give it to anyone. Because the wicked will use it for the wrong reason. You see them doing it today. There are many men that would use it for worldly gain. This is why a humble heart is required. And verse 10 tells us that ll paths to Yah are mercy and truth…not lies. And it’s ONLY truth unto those that keep Yah’s covenant. See this is why we didn’t understand the power of this scripture until we opened our hearts to Yah. When you keep that covenant, when you have on the Spiritual armor of Yah, this world can’t fool you. But most people reject the truth don’t they. Especially Ysrayl, because they don’t want to humble themselves and listen. We always reject the truth. ALWAYS. We get caught-up in so many ridiculous situations because of that rejection of knowledge.

(This lesson, I believe is from around 2008 or 2009. I have recently heard the Israelites say that Obama could be a Hebrew because there are Israelites in Kenya so keep that in mind as you read. Yah knows his true background and will reveal it). And since we always reject truth, what you have now are Israelites all over the place placing every once of their faith into a Muslim from Indonesia by the name of Barry Sotoro (sp?) (Obama). You know he hasn’t even been in office that long and it’s already becoming ridiculous, the info that is coming out on this man. Where did they find this man? Barry Sotoro, Yah has warned us on several occasions that this will be the greatest stumbling block to Ysrayl since Jesus. Brother Obadiyah has mentioned this many times as well. It’s very clear that this man is not who or what this world wants us to believe he is. His name is false. His entire background is shady. But Ysrayl they don’t care. They believe that Barry Sotoro is here to save them. When this man was elected Hebrews went CRAZY. Shooting in the streets, making rap songs to this dude, wearing multi-million dollar medallions with President Sotoro’s face on it, cooking chitlins and selling t-shirts…ridiculous. And tell them the truth about this guy and the ignorant comments in defense of this man rolls right off of their tongues. One ignorant word after another. ‘Oh naw man, I think Barack is going to do it’. Do What?!!

I was listening to the radio the other morning on my way into work. And they were talking about Barry Sotoro appearing on television the night before. I wish y’all could have heard these people. ‘Oh man Barack, he’s the man’. ‘He did good, he did real good’. Did what? The same thing any other politician or pimp does. Promise you a whole bunch of things that they don’t really intend on giving you just to string you along, keep you blind while they keep everything they want from you. Barry Sotoro is just another man in office with the title president. Placed in that position to do the exact same thing that all presidents before him did…lead the world astray and plot against Yah.

But Ysrayl, they want their ears tickled. Therefore, we cling to nonsense and unsound doctrines. You even find Israelites in the truth who want their ears tickled at times also because they can’t completely rid their minds and hearts of the teachings of Babylon and they fall into that trap also. A trap laid by the adversary. It’s amazing t hear some Israelites speak to justify their rebellion. I’m talking about Israelites in the truth. Since they can’t get their minds around accepting something that Yah says, they sit there and twist Scripture and think that no one can see what they are doing. But do you know what? We are better off being honest with ourselves and just admitting that we have a problem just accepting certain things. Because then at least you are facing that demon that is causing you to rebel. And don’t tell me it’s not a demon that causes us to rebel against Yah. Because Scripture says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Because of the SPIRIT that drives rebellion. The spirit. So we must humble ourselves. All of us, me…everybody. Because turning away from sin means completely. The way Yah says to. Remember Yah does things across the board not half-way.

So let’s go to the Book of Yahezqyl chapter 18.

Yahezqyl 18:24-32, v. 24 This is what we were just talking about remember? When Yah says turn away from sin, He means completely. So while we are in sin any righteousness we do or have done means nothing as long as we continue in that sin or iniquity. This is not what T.D. Jakes is telling Ysrayl. This is not what Creflo Dollar is telling Ysrayl. Those negroes are devils. And there are millions of them running around this world. They tell you that it’s okay to continue in sin as long as you believe in Jesus.

So it’s up to the true servants of Yah to tell people the truth. But we can’t do that if we are still caught-up in that same madness, that same iniquity that same sin. Sitting there trying to weigh sins. ‘Oh a little of this won’t hurt’. ‘I can celebrate a little of this’. ‘I know it’s a pagan day but I can still celebrate a little bit’. ‘Yah won’t hold that against me’. WRONG. We must flee ALL sins. Get far away from it as we can. We all have to humble ourselves or be humbled. Because if a man does not turn away from his sin, then this means he has a heart that will not repent. You can not truly repent without turning your heart away from iniquities. And the wages of a heart that will not repent is death according to the verses that we are reading. Let’s read on.

v. 25-27 read. v. 28 ‘From ALL his sins he turns away’. Here’s further proof from the scriptures of what we were just talking about. Because it says that the law of Yah keeps us alive. This means in every way. And verse 28 says that he considers… considers what? The law, Yah’s Word. Remember that’s what Yah says our problem is. He said His people they don’t consider. Then it says that, that man turns away from ALL his transgressions , then he shall surely live.

v. 29-30 So Yah is driving the point home. It says that sin is our ruin. Now again, this means any sin. We have to break away from the ways of Babylon completely. We can not think that what we are doing is only a little amount of dirt or secret sin, that we are still on accord with Yah. Remember that brings us out of His protection. Remember Moses was chosen because of how humble he was. Which is why Yah chose Moses to lead the children of Ysrayl.

v. 31-32 So Yah says you need a new heart, if you plan on riding this train. You need a new spirit. It says why will you die Ysrayl? Why will you choose death through sin, Ysrayl? After what Yah has chosen. Then Yah says I have no pleasure in the death of him that dies. It’s all simple. So as we learn this truth, let’s use the common sense that Yah has given us. It’s hard enough in this daily spiritual battle already. We don’t need to add any unnecessary road blocks. See even we Israelites that are in the truth need to beware of the adversary. More than ever. He doesn’t stop trying his tricks just because we know a little something now, just because we know more than we did before. Naw. He wouldn’t be who he was if it were that easy.

So if something does not make any sense, leave it alone. I’m not saying that I know everything or that we know everything. Or that we have all the answers. But we all have common sense. If someone can talk to me for 20 minutes trying to debate whether the name is Yah, Yahawah or Yahcwah but then turn around and still call Him ‘God’ then obviously something is wrong, something ain’t right. If someone wants to debate on whether the Messiyah’s name is pronounced Yahoshua, Yah-how-wa-shy, Yeshua and all that but then turn around and teach lessons in the name of Jesus Christ, all for an organization who carries the name of the Christian God in its title. We have to get a clue. Don’t be seduced by these doctrines out here. Am I saying we can not learn from other sources? Of course not. But those sources of truth, they will be on accord with Yah anyway.

But when it’s something that clearly makes no sense, stay away from it. You have Israelites out here that can speak all the Hebrew in the world, shouting out Jesus is the devil yet they give all praises to Jesus at the same time. How can you hold up a sign saying that this man is the devil but yet you give praise to him? They have organizations calling themselves Israelites named after the Greco-Roman Christian God. We have to stay away from that madness. Because madness is of the adversary. Because the adversary feeds Ysrayl so many delusions.

Just like what we were talking about earlier with the president of the United States, Barry Sotoro. Ysrayl is waiting for this man to bring them what Yah has already promised, if we would just turn away from Babylon. They are waiting on this man to save them. And Yah has already promised what we think this man is going to bring.