The Final Deliverance p. 2

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 11. The prophet Yesiyah chapter 11. We are still looking at that re-gathering. Do you know what? Let’s not go there. Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. Let’s read about the re-gathering of the nation. Ysrayl’s final deliverance. Do y’all know what? Since this is the final deliverance, do y’all know what? ThatContinue reading “The Final Deliverance p. 2”

The Final Deliverance p. 1

All right y’all. Here we go, the final deliverance of Ysrayl. We understand that we have been put under the curses. We understand that we have been battered and bruised and kicked and all those things but there is a deliverance coming. There is deliverance, salvation coming to the nation of Ysrayl. The righteous peopleContinue reading “The Final Deliverance p. 1”

Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl p. 3

Let’s go to Deuteronomy 30 because before we can be gathered to Yah, we have to accept that renewing of that covenant through shed blood of Yahoshua Messiyah. We have to be united in our belief and understanding of the Messiyah as we read. Remember this is two chapters after Deuteronomy 28 and if you don’tContinue reading “Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl p. 3”

Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl p. 2

…and through his mother’s bloodline, this man is a tenth cousin of George Bush who is the president now. And he’s an eighth cousin of Vice President Dick Cheney. Their his cousins, through his mother’s bloodline. So we know that presidents are selected. So this man has an opportunity to be president. Yes he doesContinue reading “Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl p. 2”

Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl

Shalom, Shalom brothers and sisters. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another lesson in the Israelite Heritage lesson series. This lesson is entitled unity and the re-gathering of Ysrayl. This lesson is from January 12, 2008. Now this is not a very long lesson like our other lessons can run for hours (laughs). But um this lessonContinue reading “Unity and The Regathering of Ysrayl”

How to deliver Yah’s Word

We are among the land of the living this morning…praise His name. You are doing well…hey you know the names. The adversary causes you to worry. That’s all he can do is make you worry. Only Yah can bless you daily, don’t forget that. News: Let’s talk about science and space. Do y’all remember theContinue reading “How to deliver Yah’s Word”

The Unrepentant Heart p. 2

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 36. We have to turn away from Babylon. We must humble ourselves. Yahzeqyl 36:16-38, v. 16-19 Now remember that we talked earlier about Ysrayl going in and out of captivity throughout our history with the nations of the earth. And Yah is telling us the reason for that…Ysrayl’s own transgressions. Yah saidContinue reading “The Unrepentant Heart p. 2”

The Unrepentant Heart p. 1

The full title of this lesson is ‘Children Humble Yourselves: The Wages of a Unrepenting Heart’. Shabbat Shalom family. This is brother Eliyah. In today’s lesson we are going to be talking about the importance of truly humbling ourselves in the sight of Yah. And the lesson is entitled children humble yourselves: the wages ofContinue reading “The Unrepentant Heart p. 1”