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Praise Yah

…Say to Yah, how awesome are Your works! Through Your greatness of Your power Your enemies shall submit themselves to You. All the earth shall worship You and sing praises to You. They shall sing praises to Your name…Psalm 66: 3-4. Yesterday, when I was in Chik-Fil-a, they were selling t-shirts saying “you’re awesome-sauce which made me think about how awesome Yah is. HalleluYah.

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In the Garden

I have not taken pictures of my garden in a long time. I sorta fell off from gardening. I grew only bell peppers this year. The above picture is a picture of the purple and pink flowers in the front yard. I did have many flowers this year, so much so that people were stopping by the house and telling me how beautiful they were (from spring to early summer). They would even stop my family members and tell them how beautiful the flowers are in the yard. I’m probably going to start vegetable gardening again in the spring. I miss it. Someone from a family member’s job sent me some backyard-farm eggs yesterday but I have not tried them yet.  I told the family member that she is starting some stuff now because if I love the taste of the eggs… guess what…I will want some chickens next. She laughed.

I was also watching this homestead youtube video that inspired me. Have y’all ever heard of wormwood? This homesteader on the video used it with other herbs to de-worm her goats and the one cow that she had. She rolled the herbs in balls with molasses and fed it to her animals. She said some people use honey instead of molasses. I thought that was interesting. She also used cedarwood essential oil (in a watered down spray) to spray her animals against fleas and flies. I have never heard of that but did hear neem oil is good for that and mosquitoes.

White and yellow flowers near the lemon tree.

Lots of lemons on the tree. They will be ripe in the winter for some backyard lemonade. There’s nothing like in the store!

A picture of the bell peppers.

I’m loving this candle right now. It smells like pancakes are cooking. The name says Sunday pancakes but they should have named it weekend pancakes. When I was a little girl my mom only made pancakes on the weekend (so to speak).

I’m working on a new post, a book review however it will be awhile before I am done reviewing. I’m still taking notes. Yah bless.

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The eclipse leaves the USA at South Carolina, returning to the USA seven years later.

I was reading some interesting facts about this eclipse that is about to go across America on Monday and it’s interesting that it will be on moon-day, also. The way it will move across America almost looks like a line of division, right? Just like a north versus a south line. Like Yah drawing a line with His finger. The (full) eclipse begins around Newport, Oregon and ends around Charleston, South Carolina, my home. Did y’all know that the Civil War began in Fort Sumter, South Carolina? Fort Sumter is in the downtown area of Charleston and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I also read something interesting about the state of Oregon. Have you ever heard of sundown towns? A town where “blacks” (coughs, pardon me) had to be out by sundown or risk getting lynched. Well, it seems that the WHOLE state of Oregon banned any blacks from living there or risk being whipped to death. The ban was not lifted until around 1901 but blacks did not start migrating there until around 1926. However, even then blacks had to pay higher taxes, of about $5 to live there. Ain’t that something? Do you think more division is on the horizon?

*I saw on the Science Chanel that the eclipse will take 93 minutes to cross America. 9+3=the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. Also, there has not been an eclipse like this in America in 99 years. Nine is the number of judgment as we have learned from the Israylites.  There will also be fighter jets following the eclipse across America…to “study” it they said.

08/23/2017: I saw on the news, that the next full eclipse will be in 2024 or 7 years. That is no coincidence. Seven is one of Yah’s numbers. However, the next time, the eclipse will move east to west, from Maine to Texas. When finished, these two eclipses will have made an “X” pattern across the United States. Yah is using His finger…