Notes from Shabbat

They have found a particle that moves faster than the speed of light. Einstein said nothing moves faster than the speed of light. Nikola Tesla’s studies, he invented cell phones, harvesting the sun’s energy. No one should have power bills, they know how to harvest the sun’s energy from Tesla. Nicolas Cage picture on Ebay, manContinue reading “Notes from Shabbat”

Whatz up in the Garden

My mother bought this container at Joanne’s in the clearance section at the beginning of the summer and gave it to me. I just found something interesting to put in it last Thursday (?). The flower is called ‘blue daze’.  It matches the blue pot perfectly. Blue flowers are hard to keep in this zone. TheContinue reading “Whatz up in the Garden”

Word Games: Narcissist

According to a Narcissist is a person who is overly self-involved and often vain and selfish. Also, it said this type of person has an exceptional interest in or admiration for oneself, especially one’s physical appearance. In Greek mythology Nirkissos or Narcissus was a beautiful youth or god who fell in love with his ownContinue reading “Word Games: Narcissist”

From the Foundation of the World and the Book of Life

I did this lesson maybe 3 or 4 years ago, and it was based on questions about the book of life, our walks, and some things they were trying to comprehend. So, I will start this lesson off based on the questions I received from this person. This lesson will really open your mind andContinue reading “From the Foundation of the World and the Book of Life”

Guinness World’s Largest Natural Afro

This lady, Aevin Dugas has been on just about every blog and forum that I have been to this week! Her ‘fro is truly fierce!! Its bigger than a disco ball, LOL.