Did Shaul Do Away with Yah’s Laws? Part 2a

Part 2 will be centered around the book of Galatians. We will read all six chapters of the book of Galatians verse by verse. We will see what our brother Shaul is saying. Remember the first part, if you didn’t get to hear it go back and here it. We laid the foundation. Shaul never talked against the law. Shaul was not anti-Torah. Shaul was anti-pharisee doctrine. The doctrine of the pharisees was a very wicked doctrine that still exists to this day…you know adding to Yah’s laws or Word…you know telling women that they can’t wear pants. Women can’t wear men’s pants but women can where pants. Women can women’s pants. You know they make up all types of craziness. They say they can’t turn on the lights on Shabbat. They say you can’t turn on your computer on the Shabbat because they say it is work…you know blah, blah, blah. So that’s what the pharisees teaches. Shaul who was a pharisee but when he came into the truth of Yah…Shaul spoke against their teachings. Why? Because that teaching was that prevalent teaching of that day. That’s why when you see many of Yahoshua’s encounters with Israelites…it was with the pharisees and those who clung to the pharisees understanding of Scripture.

So when Shaul…when he is talking to the Galatians…the pharisees were going up there too…into Europe…and they were spreading that insane doctrine that they had created which were just traditions of men. But they had created all that stuff up there and Shaul was speaking against that. So we are going to go in here…Shaul is not talking about the Torah’s done away with. He’s talking about those foolish pharisees that just do things just to be doing it…not doing it with understanding..not doing it with love of Yah on their heart but for instance, we are in this room today keeping Yah’s Shabbat because we are commanded to do so and we have understanding of that commandment, so here we are coming together focusing in on the Father. See there’s a difference between keeping the law and doing the law. Now when you are doing the law…some just do the law but to keep, guard the law, there’s a great difference…you are guarding, protecting the commandments. When you keep them you are guarding them but when you are doing them, you are like okay…just doing it because Yah said so, just going through the motions you’re not even righteous when you do it.

So we will see what Shaul is laying down here. This is the major point that is missed about the book of Galatians and Shaul tells you in the beginning we will read here. Shaul tells you in Galatians chapter 1 that the Galatians were receiving a different good news. There were pharisees going up there teaching a whole other understanding from what the apostles were teaching. And Shaul called them foolish Galatians, who is coming up here teaching you these things? Shaul was like, may the judgment of Yah be upon him…Shaul said I don’t know who he is but whomever he is coming up here teaching y’all these doctrines…may the wrath of Yah be upon him…is what pretty much Shaul was saying. So that is what we will look at in Galatians just so you can have some more ammo, brothers and sisters in your armor when these crazy doctrines come your way especially from Christians when they say Shaul did away with the law. And even from Hebrew Israelites that know that they are Israelites, saying Shaul did away with the law. Shaul had no authority, Shaul taught the same things that Yahoshua taught and the same things that the brothers were teaching, the same things the prophets taught. That’s the same thing this man was teaching. He was not anti-Torah. Their was no contradiction in him either. The only contradiction lies in the minds of those who have no understanding.

Let’s start off like we started in part 1…let’s go to the book of Kepha, chapter 3 to see what Kepha has to say about Shaul’s writings. Let’s go to second Kepha. Kepha is apostle Peter. His name was really Shimon Kepha or Simon Peter in the KJV. Remember Shaul’s letters are letters…they are not Scripture. They are letters he wrote to congregations he had previously taught. So he had already taught them the basic understanding, the basic foundations of the law. So when he wrote a letter back to them, he did not have to go over what he had taught them again. He just had to write down bits and pieces here and there to try to correct them in their understanding. It’s just like if I were to write an e-mail to y’all about this lesson we are doing today. I don’t have to write in the email the entire lesson, I can just go over bits and pieces and correct some parts here and there and answer the questions that you have. You know a e-mail between you and me. So these were letters between Shaul and these congregations.

2 Peter 3:15-16 Kepha gives a warning about those who don’t understand Shaul’s letters and they will twist his letters as well as the Scriptures and this has happened.

So when the Christians try to go into Kepha’s writings…they say hey Paul said the law is no more. Paul said we  are under grace. Paul said this, Paul said that. They give more accolades to Paul than they do to the Messiah. What they don’t understand is that Paul was not anti-Torah. Paul was not a founder or preacher of Christianity…no way. He was a teacher of the Messianic faith. The same faith we believe in right now. The same faith you are hearing right now is the same faith Shaul went up into Europe and taught on Shabbat. Let’s go…Galatians chapter one.

The Galatians were a people who lived in Europe…all these…the Corinthians, the Philippians, Ephesians…all of these were European people. But they were not just Gentiles. They were a mixed congregation of Hebrews and Gentiles. But it was primarily a Gentile congregation. Galatia was in Asia minor, I think but in Europe. So Shaul went up to the Galatians…you can read all about Shaul’s travels if you read the book of Acts. So word had got back to Shaul that what he was teaching the Galatians…that now they had stopped going by what he taught and someone else was bringing a different doctrine. Let me just explain this. This is why we are so protective of this assembly. This is why we don’t allow anybody to come in this room and we especially don’t just allow anyone to come in and get on the mic and answer questions. We protect the assembly and this is what Shaul and them were trying to do. And because he had left the assembly…someone came in…false Hebrews came in bringing a totally different doctrine tan the salvation teaching that was already given to these people up in Galatia. So when we give you brothers and sisters a warning to look out for these people…look out for this or that…it’s not to tell you that you have to come here (to IH). No, no one’s saying that. We are saying that there are some wolves on the prowl and they are devouring the sheep. So we are saying be aware of these people. So we don’t have to keep coming back to you and teach you the same things over and over again. Things you were taught and already had an understanding of but because you left that understanding and went to another opinion…now you are confused. So you have to be really cautious. This is what is going on in the entire six chapters of Galatians.

Like I said in part 1 we got the foundation…Shaul did not teach against Torah. He was teaching them not to sin. Sin is the transgression of the law. They say Shaul changed this and that. They make Shaul the greatest sinner since satan. We will look and see if our brother did all of these things that they say he did. I guarantee you that he did not. (talks to someone) Yeah, we need to know how to respond to these crazy doctrines out there.

Galatians 1:1-24 v. 1 Let me just stop right here. This is the basic foundation of the Messianic belief right here. He’s letting you know he believes in the Messianic faith because he said that Yah raised Yahoshua from the grave. He’s not teaching that Yah and Yahoshua are the same person…that was not given to him. He said he got his teaching and understanding from Yahoshua, who got it from Yah. This is how each and every one of us gets our understanding. Yahoshua delivered it to us and He got it from Yah. He promised us the comforter or helper would come and the Spirit of truth would lead us into all truth. So when Yah’s Ruach dwells upon us it’s going to lead us into truth. So Shaul says here I’m an emissary not from men nor by man but by Yahoshua the Messiah and Yah the Father who raised Him from the grave. That’s what we ask even before we immerse you. We ask you, do you believe that Yah raised Yahoshua from the dead? Christianity teaches that Jesus is their God and they say Shaul said…but Shaul said no such thing.

v. 2-4 …according to the will of our Yah and Father…so Shaul knows who Yah is…he knows Yah is the Father…he’s not confusing Yahoshua and Yah. Because he’s a Messianic believer just like we ae. v. 5-6 Look at this…I marvel he said. Shaul is so shocked. We feel this same shock sometimes. How do y’all just leave (the faith)? How in the world do y’all just believe that non-sense? Look at what Shaul is saying to the Galatians. I’m shocked that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Messiah to a different good news. ‘I’m shocked that y’all are taken away by these false doctrines…by these false prophets’! You have been taught the full truth and as soon as one of them comes skipping along and tell you one thing…there you go following behind it. Let’s continue.

v. 7 So what we will find out brothers and sisters is that these pharisees were going up into Galatia. They went where Shaul had taught these congregations and laid this path…the pharisees and other false Hebrews followed that same path and as Shaul taught truth and left…they would come behind him and teach falsehood. Man, I’m telling y’all this is deep and Shaul had to constantly write these letters…saying who is this doing this to you all? Who taught you these things? (talks to someone) That’s right brother leafy Hebrews. Let’s look at how Shaul had to get bold.

v.8 He said even if an angel comes telling you different about Maschiach, from what we already delivered, let it be a curse to him. Don’t listen to him. You better try (test) every spirit and see if that spirit is of Yah or if it is of the adversary! See, Shaul had to write the Galatians and correct them because they went off the path from what he had already taught them. Now they have gone into another good news (or doctrine). Not the true Good News that Yahoshua brought which says repent because the kingdom of Yah is at hand. That is the Good News that the Messiyah brought. Salvation is at hand, the Messiyah has come. He had shed His blood and the blood has been spilled now we have a way back to Yah…that’s the Good News. So when you have someone telling you something different like, ‘oh, Messiah has not come’. ‘Oh, we don’t have to keep the law’. This is what Shaul is explaining to these people…who brought you this false good news?

v.10 Whew. This is wisdom! That is another thing y’all. You will get wisdom from Shaul in these writings. He breaks down certain Scriptures. So if you’re trying to please man…you cannot please the Father. Because the Father is not flesh. He’s Spirit. And those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Worship Him in His Word. v. 11 See, this Good News we are bringing, these lessons that we are bringing is not according to man. That’s why you can’t find this information everywhere you find a Bible. Christianity uses the Bible but go in there and expect them to break something down from the Bible. It’s not from them. This understanding comes from on high. It is delivered from Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach, given to malakim (angels) and brought down and put on our hearts and minds. Yah opens up our hearing to hear new things. We are hearing new things we never new nothing about before. So this is not according to man. Man has his own way…a way not good…a way that leads to the second death. Man has his own understanding and it is not good…his understanding will only lead to the second death=the lake of fire.

v. 12-13 We read about his conduct in Hebrewism right? In part 1 Shaul was a persecutor of the brethren. He ravished the assembly. We know about this. So he is explaining this to the Galatians. v. 14-20 He is explaining how his whole walk…the progress of his whole walk…what happened. He was a persecutor of the brothers and sisters. Yahoshua came and showed Himself to him and gave him understanding. Yahoshua opened up his understanding as He is doing with us even in this day. Shaul was understanding great and marvelous things about Scripture and he was able to go out and become part of that assembly that he was once persecuting.

v. 21-24 The Hebrews that were formerly persecuted by Shaul knew this was the word of Yah. ‘Did y’all hear about that brother that use to come over here and use to persecute us and arrest us’? ‘Oh, now that brother is teaching Messiah’. ‘He’s accepted Messiah’. So Shaul said they did not know him by sight but they knew of his reputation. Shaul probably was walking down the street and heard people gossiping about him and they didn’t even know that, that was him. So when we see things like…that’s marvelous in the sight of the believer. That Yah can turn the heart of the wicked back to Him. That’s beautiful to see and to understand.

Galatians 2:1-21 v. 1-2 So Shaul is talking about this event…this event can be found in Acts chapter 15. In fact we are going to go to Acts 15 but not right now. But as we proceed in this lesson we will read some things from Acts 15. The Gentiles like to say that this chapter says that they don’t have to keep the law or they don’t have to keep all the laws…blah blah blah just twisting up the words. So Galatians chapter 2 is talking about the events that took place in Acts 15.

v. 3-4 See, you had false brothers sneaking into these congregations that the brothers were up there teaching the true Messianic belief…teaching the law of Yah and with the testimony of Yahoshua ha Maschaich. So he said these false brothers sneaked in pretending to be one of them. They pretend to talk as we talk and walk as we walk. But they came to spy out our freedom so they could take us back into slavery. What does he mean by enslaving us? We are free through Messiah. We are free from sin. And what I mean by that is this brothers and sisters. We did not comprehend sin because we have mixed so many other misunderstandings, philosophies, we have mixed in with the word of Yah and then did not comprehend what sin was. But when Messiah came as He says in Matthew 5, think not that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets, I have not come to destroy but to complete or to fulfill. He came to give us a deeper understanding or comprehension of Torah. So here we are today with a greater understanding of Torah so now we are free…we are not willfully sinning…we know what Shabbat means…we know why we keep Shabbat. We know we are not to commit adultery, even if we think about sleeping with a married woman we understand that this is adultery too. Yahoshua came to give that greater understanding so once we have that freedom and all of Yisrayl has not gotten that freedom because the Messiah has not been revealed to all of Yisrayl because they have rejected Messiah. So we have these false brothers Shaul is saying coming in They sneak in to spy out our freedoms, to spy out what we have in Messiah…how we are not taken captive to sin. You know when sin takes you captive you just can’t stop sinning because you don’t comprehend what sin is. Because they tell you all you have to do is believe in Jesus…and that’s it. Come to church on Sunday morning and pay your tithes and you are the most wickedest person the other days of the week. And that’s it. They are enslaved to sin.

v. 5 You see we do not give in to them. We found them out and we put them out of the midst (put the false out of the congregation). This is what Shaul is saying. He’s saying we did not even do it for an hour. He’s letting you know that’s a short period of time. Because we have not given in to false doctrine like ‘oh y’all have to drop everything and run over to the land of Israel’. You are free Yisrayl meaning you can comprehend and hear the Father’s voice. v. 6-8 Whenever you read Scriptures and it talks about the circumcised, that is the children of Yisrayl, the covenants, we will read that Yah made this covenant with us. It is also called the bond of circumcision. So we called ourselves circumcised. We called the Gentiles uncircumcised. When you see uncircumcised it means the Gentiles. Because they did not literally circumcise themselves as we did. v. 9 See they are getting order here. This was an organization brothers and sisters…’the way’ is what it was called. ‘The Way’ was short for Yah’s way or Yah’s Set Apart Way. They said y’all go to Europe to the Gentiles. And we will go to the Israelites. Shaul is recounting his walk here.

v. 10-11 He will tell you why he stood up to Kepha but he said hey I had to come to my brother and I had to correct him. This is what Shaul is saying. He said he had to correct Kepha. v. 12 So before Israelites came up there to Antioch, he was eating (fellowship) with the Gentiles…this is ahki (brother) Kepha. Then he (Kepha) withdrew himself. Because the Israelites thought in their heart and minds that the Gentiles were not to come into the truth. Yah had to show Kepha in Acts chapter 10 by the dream He had given him not to call any man common or unclean. So Kepha had no problem understanding this…he knew that the Gentiles were to be given salvation as the Hebrews are. So he went up to Antioch, into Greece and he’s up there, now he’s eating with the Gentiles. But soon as the Israelites came up there he (Kepha) started ‘switching’ up. He separated himself saying I don’t eat with those uncircumcised Gentiles. So Shaul saw this and Shaul had to call his brother out on this fault. ‘Man you should not do that Kepha!’

v. 13 So the rest of the Israelites saw Kepha not eating with the Gentiles and so they did the same. So brothers and sisters we have to be mindful that we are examples! We are examples to one another. So they see Kepha doing this and they join in with Kepha to do as they see Kepha do. v. 14 Man!!! That’s deep! He’s saying hey Kepha you are up here and you are telling them the law, you are telling them the truth, you are telling them the ways of Messiyah but here you are doing something totally different. So remember that example brothers and sisters. He said that they are not walking straight according to the truth of the Good News, I said to Kepha before them all. So he did not talk privately to Kepha. He said this in front of everyone and he emphasized Kepha. If you being an Israelite, live as a Gentile and not as an Israelite, why do you compel Gentiles to live as an Israelite? Brothers and sisters how can you teach somebody righteousness if you are not living righteously? You will tell him day and night, oh this is what you have to do, oh you have to be like this…but then you do hypocrisy.

v. 15 We are Israelites by nature, we come out of the womb with a job already handed to us. We come out of the womb already with a commission on our heads. So we are Israelites by nature and not as the Gentiles, the sinners…meaning the Gentiles did not have Yah. We are supposed to give them Yah, not go and live as they are living. This is why we have to reject this entire Gentile understanding [of Scripture(?)], this entire Gentile way of life has to be rejected. Because how are we to show them the truth if we are living as they live? If we are doing the things that the Gentiles do how can we say that we are different? Remember we are a set apart people.

v. 16 This verse is where Christians get caught up. And a lot of you may say ‘oh-uh Shaul is speaking against Torah’. No, let’s break this down. Remember he said no man is declared right by works of Torah. What is he saying? If a man went out here last night and fornicates with his neighbor’s wife but today he does not work because it’s Shabbat is that man declared right by Torah? See, this is what Shaul is speaking about…people just doing the works and not guarding Torah as law commissioned us to. Yah said guard My law. Guard and keep are the same thing. But when you are doing the works of Torah just to say you have done them, just to appear to be righteous but there’s no righteousness in your heart. That’s what he’s talking about. No man is declared right, do you know why? We have non-messianics right now that talk about Yahoshua like He’s the neighborhood corner bum. Yet, they keep Shabbat. They don’t eat pork because it tells us in Torah not to eat pork. Yet they try to keep the law but they have no understanding of the law because they have rejected the living Torah. So no man is declared right by the works of Torah…you have to have belief in Messiyah because He is the living Torah. He has come to give us greater understanding of what the law is. This is what Shaul is talking about right here. (talks to someone) that’s right brother they have the physical understanding not the Spiritual understanding. You can not get salvation without the Spiritual understanding. When we look in Scripture all the righteous men of Yah had the Spiritual understanding. ALL of them. That’s why they all were Messianic. All the prophets prophesied of Yahoshua coming. David wrote in the Psalms of the coming of the Messiyah. As Yahoshua tells you in Luke 24:44-46 He said I was written about in the Psalms, in the prophets, and in the law (Torah). That’s where the prophesies of the Messiyah are…it is through Messiyah that now we have the understanding of Torah…the Spiritual understanding. So no man is declared right by just working the Torah. He has to understand the works that his hands are performing. He has to have the Spiritual understanding of Torah. Spiritual represents higher understanding. It’s not a ghost or spook, we are talking about higher understanding. This is what Shaul is telling them, knowing that a man is not  declared right by works of Torah because that’s what the pharisees teach. Pharisees teach oh you have to circumcise…you have to have your knife only 7 inches long and you have to cut this way, that way…this is the type madness Shaul is speaking against. Instead of just teaching circumcision and why a man must be circumcised they mix all of their rituals (traditions) in there. Keep your finger on Galatians. Let’s run over to…let’s read vs. 17 in Galatians 2 then we will run to Matthew 23. He’s not talking about no man does not have to keep the law. He said listen, no man is declared right by just works. Because a non-believer in Messiyah does works of Torah…but he’s not righteous. Because he does not believe in Messiyah.

 Look at what Shaul says in v. 17. He says while seeking to be declared right by Messiyah we ourselves are found sinners. Is Messiyah then a servant to sin? Certainly not! Messiyah is not a servant of sin because he did not sin. But we building ourselves up in Messiyah, we ae finding out our sins. Yahoshua has revealed our sins. He is the living Torah. So we watch as the living Torah walked. We watch as the living Torah drinks. His example was not how we were living our lives so therefore we know we are sinners because of His perfect walk. For example, how do I know what sparkling white is, if I have something that is dingy white? Well, if I have dingy white and have nothing to compare it to hey that’s white to me. But if I put it up next to something that’s sparkling white then I can see that my white is dingy. So when we put our lives next to Maschiach and see how He comprehend and walked for Yah, we are going to find out our sins because the Torah has revealed our sins to us. Without Torah there is no sin because sin is transgression of Torah. So this is what Shaul is talking about.

Do you know what the truth of Torah will cause you to do? If you have two dollars and your brother needed one, you will have no problem giving your brother a dollar. But when you are doing works of Torah as the pharisees did, if you have two dollars, you will tell your brother to go to the bank and borrow himself two dollars. ‘Hey man I will walk down to the bank with you man to see if they give you the two dollars but you will not offer a dollar to your brother. See, when we love Yah and know what Yah expects of us, we know what we are to do. We are to share with our brother. That’s what comes from those who know Torah. Thos who do Torah, from those who just work Torah…just to say that they did it. ‘Oh man I have my tassels on…my tassels hand from my waist to my ankles’. Yet you are out here stealing and lying and you don’t even use the tassels for what Yah gave them to you for…to look upon and remember the commandments.  Our Messiah gave us the living example as how to be Torah. We have to be a Torah. What I’m saying by that is this, we have to live Torah by such an extent as Messiah did. We have to show people what the Torah is…we can speak the Torah but we need to see it in you. They need to see your kind ways. They need to see the fruits of the Spirit in you.  That’s what Torah is.

Shaul is saying the things we say. We know that we have to keep Torah. That foundation was already laid in part 1. But you have to keep Torah truthfully with understanding. If someone comes to you and asks why do y’all keep Shabbat? We keep Shabbat to commemorate Yah stopping His work on the 7th day as it tells us in Genesis 2 and Exodus 20:8-11. We can explain to you why we keep Shabbat. We can show you the necessity of keeping Shabbat. When Shabbat comes around, we are not debating on should we keep it or not…when Shabbat rolls around…we go into Shabbat mode. We’re already there, you don’t have to tell us twice. Friday sunset to Saturday sunset…we know the deal. This is what I’m talking about. Those that know and comprehend Torah versus those you know hands all folded, lips pucked out saying ‘man when is that sun going down, man can’t do nothing’. They just do it. There is a difference.

Matthew 23:1-8 v. 1-3 Now we read this in part 1 but we have to go over it again because you have to understand when Shaul who was a member of this organization called the pharisees, why he says certain things he says. Because Shaul is speaking against the pharisee doctrine which just says to do the law. They don’t give you comprehension of the law. That’s why when Yahoshua came on the scene and started teaching, the people noticed that His teaching was different from the pharisees. They said that this man teaches with authority. He’s teaching like we have never heard before because Yahoshua’s teachings were filled with understanding the Torah…understanding the ways of Yah. The same way we teach in the Messianic belief today that’s how Maschiach taught. But the pharisees just read the book and said ‘do it’. ‘But how do I do it, Mr. Pharisees?’ ‘Do it’. No understanding, that’s why they made up their own ways of doing things. Like you can’t pull tissue on the Shabbat off the tissue roll because that’s work. You press a button on the elevator that’s work. Turn on a light or the computer, that’s work. See, that’s what the pharisees give you. This is what Shaul is speaking against because that pharisees teaching had sneaked into the congregation in Galatia. Therefore Yahoshua said whatever they say to do…you guard and do it. Whatever they read out of the book, Yahoshua said do it but do not do according to their works for they say and do not. Now, they read out of the Torah what thus saith Yah but they do totally different from thus saith Yah. They make up their own ways. Just like Israelites today, it is so simple to those Yah has given the understanding of His word. Three times a year you come up to Yahrusalem, these 3 feasts you can only cook it in Yahrusalem. You can only eat it in Yahrusalem, only in the place I choose My name…easy. ‘Naw man we can stay here and no we don’t need a lamb of the first year we can eat chicken and hamburgers for the Passover’. See that is doing what you want to do this is what Shaul is speaking against. That pharisee doctrine is still alive today.

v.4 The pharisees sneaked their teachings up into Galatia…burdens…strange teachings. We are free…we have obtained freedom through Messiyah, you should not be burdened by the word of Yah because the word of Yah is not a burden to you. It is your freedom. But if you listen to the pharisees, they will give you a burden on your shoulders and back that is hard to bare. v. 5 They make long tassels just to be seen wearing tassels. These are the same false flaggers Shaul was speaking about…the false brethren had come in…these are the same ones. And they do their works to been by men. What are their works? The works of Torah. ‘Man, he got that long rob on down to his ankles, look at him, he go that big beautiful staff that brother is righteous!’ They do this to be seen. ‘That brother keeps the Shabbat, boy’. And that’s one of the worse brothers that you can ever encounter. You know those false flaggers, we all have encountered them. Many of you are in this room today because you have encountered the false flaggers.

v. 6 They have to be up front. This is super elder moray, he has to be announced when he makes his entrance into the room. You stand aside so he can come pimpin’ down the aisle. v.7 They like to be called moray-moray or teacher-teacher. This is who Shaul is talking about when he said man is declared right by works of Torah. He did not say you don’t have to do Torah. He is talking about these wicked pharisees and things that they do. v. 8 Now what is He saying here? Right now I’m sitting in a seat of a teacher so is He saying I should not be called a teacher? No, He’s talking about the arrogance. No one calls me moray Obadiyah or teacher Obadiyah. I’m a teacher when I’m teaching before the congregation. I don’t wear that as my name. And I don’t wear it as some type of lofty title to separate me from you. We are brothers and sisters. We are family here. We are in the office of a teacher but we don’t walk around wearing teacher as our first names…and saying you must address me as teacher. This is what the pharisees did. They had a set of high teachers separated from the rest of the group. Yahoshua spoke against that.

Let’s go back to Galatians chapter 2. Let’s pick up at verse 18.

Galatians 2:18-19 He said I establish myself a sinner if I go back to the old Shaul, the one that persecuted the congregation…the one that did not have Spiritual understanding of Torah…the one that just did the works of Torah because he was a pharisee…he said if I go back to that…I would establish myself as a sinner. That’s what I’ll be. So he overthrew that man…he killed that old pharisee man and now this new man with Spiritual understanding exists. So if we go back to our old ways brothers and sisters we would establish ourselves in those old ways, man is a sinner, a unrepenting sinner. That old man did not want to repent. That’s why you have to fight him everyday. You have to fight that old man-every-single-day because he is a sinner. If you establish yourself in him…if you free yourself from him…that prison on your mind…Yah’s truth-Spiritual understanding has unlocked you from that prison. If you choose to go back because you like the way that prison was…you didn’t have that much responsibility…then go back and do and you will be a sinner and all sinners will see the lake of fire. Especially those who knew Yah and left Yah. He said if you leave Me, I’m not even going to count all the righteous works you did. I’m going to count it against you, I will not remember your righteous acts. I will remember that you are a sinner from here on out.

v. 19 For through Torah we would out the law and it’s through the law that we die to the law. What does that mean? It’s through Torah that we found out that the living Torah…that we found out the Spiritual understanding so we are dying to the physical Torah which men just do to be seen of men…that whole pharisee understanding. Now we can live with Yah because now we have a Spiritual understanding and Yah only dwells on the Spiritual. So through the Spiritual understanding of Torah, I die to doing just the works of Torah…or vain works. Because do you know what? If you are vainly working the Torah, you are still sinning because you are still breaking Torah. That is profound. Let’s go to John 14 because Messiyah who is living Torah…and what does that mean? Let’s go to John 14. You have to die to the physical Torah in order to live to Yah. What does that mean? Does it mean like when the Christians say ‘Spiritual’ all I have to do is believe? No you still have to do works but you have to understand the works that you do so you can perfect it…right? So you can perfect it.

Galatians 2:20 Messiyah died because of what? He died so His shed blood can be the redeeming factor to redeem us back to Yah. So Messiyah was executed on the physical because of His beliefs because of what He taught. And He came against who? Messiyah came against the pharisees.

OOPS! We forgot to read John 14:6. (We will come back to it.)

So Messiah came against the pharisees and was impaled, executed. When we come against the pharisees, we too will be impaled with Messiyah…like Messiyah. ‘I no longer live but Messiyah lives in me’. We impale that old man, that old way, that sinful way that’s dead, gone. So now we live in Messiyah and Messiyah lives in us. We live with Messiyah. He is the living Torah, the living Torah lives inside of us. You have to have that faith in Yah’s Son and Yah’s Messiyah. What is belief in Yahoshua? You believe that He came to deliver His people from their sins. What is sin? Transgression of the law. You believe that He was sent by Yah, the Most High. You believe Yah raised Him from the grave. That’s what having belief in the Messiyah is…you believe that He is Yah’s salvation. You have to believe these things in order to have belief in Maschiach. He loves us and He gave His life for us.

Let’s explain, Messiyah is the living Torah. Does it just mean all you have to do is believe on Messiyah and everything is all good? No, you still have to do Torah. But you have to understand what you are doing. Otherwise, you will find yourself still a sinner. Sin is the transgression of Torah. Do you see how that works? It comes back around full circle, so from the time Yah gave us the law in the garden and until Moses re-established it with the nation of Yisrayl, he gave us the understanding. We turned away from the understanding of Yah’s truth. We did that purposely.

John 14:6 Yahoshua said He is the truth. What is truth? According to the book of Psalm 119:142, 151…the truth is laws and commandments. So when He says here in John:6 that He is the way and truth, He’s saying He is the laws and commandments. I am the Torah. So when we believe in Messiyah we know that we have to keep the law. And He gave us a greater understanding of just how to keep it. We are learning that brothers and sisters…the way that we are learning to keep the law right now is the way Yah always intended Yisrayl learning but we let it go. He has given us comprehension of the dietary law. He’s given us laws of clean vs. unclean. He’s given us and we are learning these things because now we are on the Spiritual understanding as Messiyah says in Matthew chapter 5 about looking on the woman and lusting after her…you have already committed adultery. That’s the type of understanding that He came to give. But the pharisees feel if you are not caught in the act of adultery that you have not committed adultery…that’s how their doctrine was. Yahoshua gave us a greater understanding.  Let’s go back to Galatians.

Galatians 2:21 See this is where they really get mixed up at. They don’t comprehend as Kepha told us in the beginning that they don’t comprehend the regular Scripture so how will they comprehend these deep sayings? That’s why Shaul’s writing are hard to be understood by those who don’t know Torah. If righteousness is through the works of the law, just putting on your long garments, just putting on your tassels, just saying shalom…just pretending to be righteous then Messiyah died for nothing. Putting on tassels and having a dirty mean heart, putting on a long garment but have a dirty mean heart…you know you’re a thief, a fornicator, a liar yet you keep a Shabbat. You say shalom to everyone…that does not count for righteousness for Yah knows the hearts of men…Yah reads your heart. This is what Shaul is speaking about here. He is going anti-pharisee because it’s that same doctrine that had sneaked into Galatia. He’s speaking against false-flagging. Y’all know what that’s like. I hate to say it but many of you in this room may fit this very description. You only come around the ‘brews when it’s time to say shalom. You only wear your tassels when your around Hebrews. You are a false-flagger. This is the type of people who Shaul is talking about. You’re not righteous. Yeah you may keep your Shabbat but why are you keeping Shabbat? Do you understand? What is your comprehension of the law? (talks to someone) Yeah they think this is a game, a hang-out spot. These are the one’s he’s talking about. We know a man will be judged on whether he kept Torah or whether he didn’t keep Torah. Yet that man must have Torah on his heart…to do it…to fulfill it through Yahoshua the Messiyah. There are many that do not believe in Yahoshua out there keeping ends [parts (?)] of the law. But how can they be counted righteous? When they talk about Messiyah like a dog? Yah forbid (certainly not). So if righteousness is through Torah, then Messiyah died for nothing that’s what our brother is talking about here. If righteousness is just threw the works then Messiyah died for nothing. Because Messiyah came to give us a greater understanding. The greater understanding was for nothing if all we have to do is pretend to keep Torah…just work the works. We still have to keep the law but doing it just to say you are doing it that is a no-no. That law has to become who you are like second nature. You get up in the morning you clean yourself up…keeping the law has to be like that. ‘Man wear are my tassels’? ‘I will be late for work but I have to find my tassels first’. Yah told us to wear them so we can look upon them and remember that we are different. We have to keep the laws of Yah. Everyone who sees you looks at you strange, they may not say anything but they do look at you strange and they say, ‘wow what is that’? ‘Is that a new gang thing?’ ‘Is that new fashion?’ They try to figure you out. We look at them to remember we are Israelites. I can’t be doing this. I’m an Israelite I can’t be saying that.

Let’s go to Galatians chapter 3. When someone comes to you and says but Paul said…ask that person if they understand Shaul’s writing. Take them back to Acts 24:14 where Shaul says I keep the law and the prophets. I believe in it. Then tell them to present this verse to you Galatians 2:21, tell them to explain it to you when Shaul just said he kept the law. Ask them to explain it. What is Shaul talking about? See they don’t comprehend between the Spiritual and the physical. If you can’t comprehend that, how can you understand anything in Scripture when the Scriptures are Spiritual? The Scriptures are Yah’s words and Yah’s words are Spirit…John 6:63. The entire book is on a higher understanding. From the time Moses pronounced these laws to the children of Yisrayl they were on a higher understanding. David was a righteous man. Abraham was a righteous man. We understood the laws of Yah. It’s only when we turned our back from Him and we left the source of understanding that now we didn’t understand what was given to us, what was natural to us. We did not understand it anymore.

Galatians 3:1-29 v. 1 O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you? That you should not obey the truth before whose  eyes Yahoshua Messiyah was clearly portrayed among you as impaled? He called them foolish. Y’all have no sense believing what you believe. This is what he’s telling them. Who has bewitched you or who has put a spell on you not to obey the truth? We just talked about what the truth is in Psalms chapter 119:142,151 says the truth is Yah’s laws or the truth is the Torah. So he said O foolish Galatians who has bewitched you that you should not obey the laws and commandments. See you must have that Spiritual understanding…not dead works. He said before whose eye, Yahoshua’s eyes were clearly portrayed among you as being impaled. So y’all have the truth of Messiyah. Not one time did Messiyah ever say that the law was no more. Messiyah never said anything like that. So when Shaul said I’m bringing y’all Messiyah…we have to believe in Messiyah. We have to believe in everything Messiyah said. What did He said in Matthew 5:17-19? Don’t think I came to destroy the law. What did He said in Luke 24:44-46? I am written about in the law of Moses, the prophets and in the Psalms. So Yahoshua did not do away with the old testament. In fact, when He taught there was nothing called a new testament. When Shaul taught there was nothing called a new testament…there was not a book of Galatians. There was not a book of Romans. They came much later. They taught directly from the law and the prophets.

So Shaul said, I just taught y’all all this stuff, all this truth I have brought to y’all and y’all have allowed some witch to come in and put y’all under a spell, knock you senseless and now you’re not obeying the truth…and I brought you Maschiach. This is what Galatians is all about. Shaul is getting them to understand that they still have to keep the law but they must have the Spiritual understanding. That they don’t do something just to do it as the pharisees is teaching them. This is what Galatians is about. There is no anti-Torah here. We are getting as we read in part 1…you better be righteous. You better not be a sinner, a transgressor of the law. If I establish that old man…that old man was a sinner.

v. 2 Did Yah’s Spirit, did the Spirit of truth come down upon you because you wore long tassels? Because you call yourself a moray? Because you have a big turban on? Did Yah’s Ruach of understanding come down upon you? No, it came because you heard about the belief…you heard the truth. This is how Yah’s Ruach worked on us. We heard the truth. The Spirit of truth came in among us…the Ruach (Hebrew meaning Spirit). So Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh means the Set Apart (Holy) Spirit, the Set Apart Spirit came down on us and led us. And when we got that immersing that S.A. Spirit dwelled upon us and led us into all truth, the truth that we now understand.

So Shaul said are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit do you now end in the flesh? So now you have a Spiritual understanding brothers and sisters you have the higher understanding, are you going to go back to the fleshy physical understanding? Are you going to go back to the ways of the Christians? This is what he is saying are you that foolish? The Spirit and the flesh are always at war. And it’s upon you, who will you let win that battle? We know as our walks progress, sometimes the Spirit wins sometimes it loses. Because we allow it to lose. The flesh can never defeat the Spirit but we allow it to. Do you know how we do that? When we put all the Spiritual understanding to the side and we live in the flesh. What does that mean? When we think like the world thinks and do as the world does. Instead of letting Yah’s Ruach guide us, we guide ourselves. And you know you always guide yourself into the hand of destruction. Because you can’t see what’s before you, you can only see the flesh, you can’t see the Spiritual because you give over to the flesh. So that’s why when your living in the higher understanding you are gaining the higher understanding brothers and sisters…you should not leave it. Understanding the feast days that’s Spiritual, that’s a higher understanding. When you try to keep a feast day, that’s flesh (outside Yahrusalem). Do you see the battle between the two? If you have understanding of that why leave it to go back to things that will get you in great trouble? This is what our brother Shaul is talking about here. He’s talking about how we were led and guided (to the truth, to our belief in Messiyah). Let’s continue.

v. 4-5 Miracles are being worked among you brothers and sisters. Are you even seeing them? Things that the flesh can not do is being done before our very eyes are you not seeing this? That’s a miracle. We are hearing the truth ‘hearing the belief’. And we open our heart to let Yah’s Ruach dwell among us and He’s guiding us. Once you hear the truth…you know you have to keep the laws, statues and commandments. But you have to do it with the law on your heart…righteously. Some of y’all hear it and just want to be seen. Maybe that ahkotee is kind of cute to you. Maybe you like the way she walks. You know she will not go for any ‘ol kind of man so you pretend to be a man of Yah. So you can get with her, huh? Some of you do it for that reason. Some of you come in her cuz you want a man (talking to the ladies).  So you pretend to be righteous for that reason. Some of you want a woman, some a following, some this, some that. But only the one’s that want salvation will be the one’s Yah grants salvation. Because when they come in and hear the belief, the truth, they will change their life. They will live in the Spirit. The Spiritual, the higher understanding, the truth. If all you do is just to be seen of men…you ain’t doing nothing at all but getting yourself in a deeper pit. When you do Torah it’s because you love Torah. You give to your brother because you love your brother and Torah teaches us to love…

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