Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 1

Brothers and sisters, we are in a very critical time. I don’t know if you all are aware of how critical the times are…the times we are in…right before our eyes. It’s shaping up the next 5 years in terms of prophesies. Nations, alliances are forming. We can read in Revelations, Yah saying these nationsContinue reading “Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 1”

Marriage Divorce and Remarriage

The name of the full lesson is marriage, divorce and remarriage: A righteous covenant of Yah. They decided to do this lesson because there are people forming new covenants and a few newlyweds there. You have to make marriage work. The speaker defined the following terms: adultery means sex with a married woman or man. Whore is a woman whoContinue reading “Marriage Divorce and Remarriage”

How Thanksgiving Began

I have been checking out the children’s Shabbat class the last few weeks. Those children are very knowledgable. This was the lesson given to the children this past Shabbat. It was a short 30 minute lesson. Yes, I took notes too, lol. Every 3rd Thursday in November marks thanksgiving. The Gentiles use this day toContinue reading “How Thanksgiving Began”