The Holy Ghost vs. The Set Apart Spirit p.1

(This is part 1 of 3) In today’s lesson we will talk about the Set Apart Spirit vs. The Holy Ghost. Now, this lesson and this subject brothers and sisters is one of those subjects that when we talk about the Bible vs. Christianity…what the Christians teach, what the Christians have been taught vs. what the Bible actually says. Because satan has set up a parallel to everything that is of truth. Everything that is of Yah…satan has set up a wicked parallel to mirror that. So when the people are trying to find the path of truth, they are always thrown the lie before their face and many people grab hold of the lie and believe that the lie is the truth. So satan has created a lot of counterfeits and that’s what we will see right here with this holy ghost. But we will go deeper, as the revelation of Yah has been given to us.

We will see the Scripture, that identifies who the holy ghost is. He has remained a mystery for years upon years. Once we know who the Set Apart Spirit is…we know that the holy ghost was a wicked, powerful, entity. But today, we will find out who he is. He has a name. And his name is mentioned in the Scriptures. And we will see this.

But first, before we go and look and see who the holy ghost is we have to establish so there will be no mistaking who the Set Apart Spirit is. We have to establish that first. Who is the Set Apart Spirit? What is the Set Apart Spirit? What is the sign of the Set Apart Spirit’s presence? How do we know if a man is under the Spirit? How do we know if a woman is Spirit filled? Because Christians speak a whole lot about being filled with the Spirit and I’m not going to argue against them because they are absolutely right. They are filled with the spirit. Now here’s the question and it’s critical. What spirit are they filled with? And if you can come up with that answer, then you’ll know. The spirit Christianity is filled with is the spirit that is ruling in the Christian-dom religion…it is not the Spirit of Yah. But we are going to see from Scripture. So pull your chairs up. Get ready to open up your Bibles. Grab your pen, your pad and your highlighter marker because we are about to go into the Scriptures and we are about to see what the Father has to say concerning His word and concerning His truth. So come along for the ride brothers and sisters.

The first thing I want to do is explain or define the Set Apart Spirit. What does this title mean? The Set Apart spirit in Hebrew is pronounced Ruach ha Qodesh. the Ruach ha Qodesh is the Set Apart Spirit in Hebrew.  And Ruach in Hebrew means Spirit, it means wind, it means breath or breathe and it also means to blow. It carries those four definitions…wind, spirit, breath, and to blow. So we are looking at Ruach, we are looking at the definition of the Spirit, this is what it means, Ruach means Spirit. Ha Qodesh means The Set Apart. It means The Separate. So when you have ‘The Set Apart Spirit’ you are talking about a Spirit that is set apart from all spirits in existence. You are talking about a Spirit that is higher than all spirits that are in existence. It is the highest Spirit, that’s why it’s separate from everything else.

So what is this Ruach ha Qodesh? Let’s kick this off with the book of John chapter 4. We are looking at the Set Apart Spirit. Let’s define who this is first and see all the characteristics of the Ruach ha Qodesh, The Set Apart Spirit, The Separate Spirit, The Spirit that rules all spirits.

John 4:24 Do you see that? Yah is Spirit. Wow that’s deep. Because if we are talking about The Set Apart Spirit, the Spirit that’s higher than all spirits, the Ruler of all the spirits, then Yah is Spirit. So this let’s us know that The S.A. Spirit is what? It is the Spirit of Yah. It is Yah. That’s who the Ruach ha Qodesh is. There can’t be a spirit that is higher than Yah. Because Yah is The Creator of all. His Spirit alone created everything. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 1. We are going to establish The S.A. Spirit, The Ruach ha Qodesh. The word Qodesh in Hebrew means Set Apart. ‘Ha’ means the. So just like we say ha shatan and ha shatan in Hebrew means adversary and when we say ha shatan we are saying the adversary. he goes by many different names and titles but he is the adversary. he is the hostility, he is the hatred, he is the anger. he is all those things…that’s what the adversary is. So right here in Genesis chapter 1. We establish the Ruach ha Qodesh is the Spirit of Yah. Yah is the highest of all spirits. The spirits can not get higher than Yah because Yah created all the spirits and His Spirit is the Spirit of creation. Look at this.

Genesis 1:1-2 So the Spirit of Yah, when the earth had sanked into darkness, notice that it says that the earth came to be formless and empty. It came to be. So if it came to be, it means that something was here that had form. And something was here to fill the earth before it became formless and empty. We will talk about that in another lesson. But right here it says that the Spirit of Yah was moving upon the face of the deep. It was Yah’s Spirit that caused all to be created. We will look at this and get a little deeper understanding because you have to know man, this S.A. Spirit is deep! It’s deep and if you don’t know who it is and how it operates you can find yourself blaspheming against it and you could be committing the unforgiveable sin. Everything else you can be forgiven for…except blaspheming The Ruach ha Qodesh, The S.A. Spirit. So you don’t want to blaspheme it by confusing it with the holy ghost. Or confusing it with the guy up in New York who says he is the Spirit of Yah…he calls himself the comforter.

So Yah’s Spirit is the Spirit of creation. This is what was at creation, Yah’s Spirit and Yah’s Word. His literal voice created everything in creation. He spoke it all into existence. When you understand that…that Yah and His Word are one. Let’s go to 1 John chapter 5. I want to read this from the King James Version (not the Scriptures translation) The KJV gives a clearer understanding. Now you see holy ghost in your KJV Bible…it’s a misprint just like Jesus, just live Jehovah all those are misprinted things that should not be there.

1 John 5:7-8 Now this is where Christians confuse everything and they get their trinity understanding from. But this is not speaking about a trinity. The Father is Yah, The Word is Yah and The Ruach ha Qodesh is Yah. And all these are One. These are not 3 aspects of a God…and The Father, then you have Yahoshua, then you have something else called the holy ghost. Because the Christians say that the holy ghost is a different entity from their God. But it shares in that God’s oneness. But right here we are talking about Yah. There are 3 that bear record in heaven because Yah’s witness is true. If Yah bears record to anything…if Yah witnesses to anything that witness is true. That’s the only sure witness that man will ever know. Yahoshua Himself validated that…that Yah is a witness of whom He is. So The Father, The Word and The Set Apart Spirit are One. So when we look and see that Yah’s Spirit was at creation…what else was there with Yah and His Spirit? His Word was there. Let’s go to John chapter 1.

We have to know who The Ruach is and how to identify The Ruach. It’s real easy. See, that’s why we can understand some of these things that are in Scripture that has been a mystery to men for centuries, for millenia. They just can not comprehend this simple thing that Yah is showing us. The only way we will see, that you are able to comprehend the word of Yah is if Yah’s Ruach is upon you. If His Ruach is not upon you, you will not comprehend Scripture. That’s why you have some Hebrews that come into this truth, they get Spirit filled , then they leave the truth and they are without The Spirit and now they can’t comprehend the simple things. And now they don’t believe in the Scriptures anymore. Because they left Yah’s Ruach. And The Ruach is the only thing that can lead you to salvation by giving you the understanding of the truth leading you to all truth.

John 1:1-2 We just read in 1 John 5 that The Word and The Father and The Set Apart Spirit are One. And we also read in Genesis that Yah’s Spirit, The Fathers Spirit was moving on the face of the waters at creation. And then if you go back to Genesis and read everything that Yah created…He spoke it into creation. ‘Let there be light’. And there was light. ‘Let there be grass’. ‘Let there be trees’. Everything that was created He spoke it out of His mouth. That was His literal word and that was the only thing there with Him at creation…just Him The Father, The Word, and His Set Apart Spirit. All of them are Yah. And that’s what was there at creation. That’s why The Word is One. Now Yahoshua, The Messiah became a representation of what Yah’s Word is. Yah’s Word is truth, Yah’s Word is righteousness, Yah’s Word is justice. Just like Yah is. Because He is One with His Word. So Yahoshua represented Yah’s Word to the fullest. Yahoshua became the living Torah. He became the living law of Yah. He became the living instructions. So that’s what we mean when we go farther down in the book of John and it says ‘and the Word became flesh and dwelled with us’. But right here where it says in the beginning was the word and the word was with Yah…we are talking about Yah’s literal word. And how do we know? All we have to do is go read Genesis chapter 1. And it says Yah spoke everything into creation. He spoke it into being that’s how powerful He is.

v.2 ‘He’ is The Word in a masculine form because Yah is spoken of in a masculine form. And His literal word is masculine. I’m a man, so my word is masculine. My name that describes who I am is masculine. So that’s why it says ‘He’ was in the beginning with Yah. This is speaking about Yah’s Word. Because Yah’s Word is Spirit also. Let’s go to John chapter 6.

It’s funny with this lesson, Yah’s leading me, I have my notes here, I have my Scriptures that I want to go to but I’m not going in the order (that they are written) because The Spirit of Yah is not taking me in that order. He’s taking me in a whole other order. And I love when The Spirit rolls like that. And we will talk about that. If you have ever stood up to teach someone or to evangelize as they call it…to teach them The Word of Yah. You know when Yah’s Spirit comes upon you. Because you start remembering things that you thought that you had forgotten. You start getting bold with it. You start flowing with Scripture and busting their heads open (with The Word of Yah) and there’s nothing they can do or say and they sit there mesmerized. And say ‘wow I have to go talk to my pastor about that’. That’s because you are filled with The Spirit and that’s what happens when The Spirit is upon us. The Spirit does not cause us to start going into convulsions and foaming at the mouth and you don’t do backward flips and hang off the lights. The Spirit doesn’t do that and we are going to see that from the Scriptures. Whenever a man stood up and Scriptures says he was filled with The Spirit, this man prophesied, this man spoke truth, this man spoke truth with a boldness…including Yahoshua Himself!

So once we get (know) who The Set Apart Spirit is…the question has to be answered… what is the holy ghost? Because when we see people in the church claiming to be Spirit filled under the inspiration of this holy ghost…these people don’t speak truth. These people don’t prophesy truth. They don’t know the simplest of simplest Scriptures. Ask them to show you the Biblical definition of sin. Ask them to show you from Scripture The Father’s name. It’s all in there (in The Bible). They can’t give you those answers but they swear up and down that they are filled with The Spirit. We will see that they are lying. Let’s go to John chapter 6. Remember, Yah is One with His Word and He’s One with His Ruach and He is Yah, The Father, The Word, The Ruach and The Set Apart Spirit, right? Right. If Yah is Spirit…then that means that His Word…because we know that His Set Apart Spirit…I mean He is the Ruach ha Qodesh which means The Set Apart Spirit. So we know His Word is One with Him so we know His Word has to be equally Spirit.

Let’s go to John 6 to show you how The Word, The Father and The Ruach ha Qodesh is One. Not 3 different aspects but just One. The Father that’s one right and then you have the Ruach and The Word that’s three but they are One. They are all of Yah. They all are Yah.

John 6:63 Now whenever you read in Scripture and you see ha Ruach, The Spirit, whenever you see that The Spirit…it is talking about The Set Apart Spirit, The Spirit of Yah, The Highest Spirit. ‘The Spirit’ that’s Yah’s Spirit. Not ‘a spirit’ but ‘The Spirit’, that’s Yah. So Yahoshua tells you that the words that He speaks are not His own words but the words of Yah. So He’s speaking the words of Yah and Yah’s words are Spirit. Yah’s words are Set Apart. Yah’s words are Him. You can not separate Yah from His words…you can not do it. You can not separate Yah from His Ruach…you can not do it. This is who The Set Apart Spirit is…it is Yah. And that Set Apart Spirit has been promised to us. And once we take hold of it, it will lead us into all truth. This is the first sign that you will have that The Ruach ha Qodesh is dwelling upon you. This is the first sign that you will have that The Ruach ha Qodesh is dwelling upon a man or woman. Because The Spirit will lead them into all truth. Let’s go to John chapter 14.

We say this often and repeat this over and over because it’s very important. You have to watch those satanically inspired people who are speaking things that they have no knowledge of. One of the things that Hebrews love to say is that no man has all the truth. ‘No man has all the truth’ this is what they say. That my brothers and sisters is a bold face lie straight from the mouth, straight from the thoughts of satan himself. Why is that a lie? Because right here we are promised that The Ruach will lead us into all truth. The truth my brothers and sisters is The Word of Yah. The truth is Yah’s laws and commandments…every Bible contains them (the laws). It’s called Torah, instructions or law. They are found in the first 5 books of your Bible. So every man who owns a Bible, every woman, every child that owns a Bible has all the truth right in their hands. It’s that simple. But satan will tell you, ‘you don’t have the truth’. ‘That ain’t truth’. ‘Has Yah told you that, that’s truth’? satan speaks that same snake talk. And we are still falling for it to this day.

John 14:16 So when Yahoshua came and dwelled among us, He was on a mission to save His people for their sins. What is sin? 1 John 3:4 sin is the transgression of the law. So Yahoshua came to keep His people from transgressing Yah’s law. So while He was here with us, He was teaching us but even while He was with us the brothers that He was teaching, they still did not understand what He was saying. It wasn’t until after, that these brothers became filled with The Ruach, that they were led into all understanding and their understanding was open. You must have The Ruach upon you to understand The Scriptures. Otherwise, you will read it from a Christian perspective. Otherwise, you will get it from a Muslim perspective. Otherwise, you will get it from a Judaism perspective. Otherwise, you will get it from an Egyptologist perspective. You will not ge the truth if you don’t have The Spirit of Truth upon you…The Ruach ha Qodesh. So right here, it said ‘I shall ask the Father and He shall give you another Helper to stay with you…forever’. Let’s go to verse 26.

The King James version calls The Helper…The Comforter. But it’s called a Helper. What will a Helper do? He will help us to understand the truth.

John 14:26 How many of us in this very room right now, understand the things that The Messiah is speaking because now we have the Ruach upon us? How many of us understand that the Psalms prophesied of Yahoshua? That the prophets prophesied of Him? We understand that now. Everything He told the brothers we understand it now. Even the brothers themselves were having problems understanding Yahoshua’s words. But now the truth has been given to us. We have been led into all truth by the Ruach ha Qodesh. We are Spirit filled. These lessons that you hear are Spirit filled lessons because we are giving you the truth of Yah. We did not have to go to a seminary school or cemetery school of the dead to learn Yah’s truth. That’s why those men that do go to seminary schools don’t learn the truth of Yah. Because Yah’s Ruach is not down upon them. And that’s the requirement of understanding His Word. Because He and His Word are One. There’s no separation of it. So when Yah’s Ruach which is Yah, comes down upon you and gives you understanding of Yah’s word…How can you argue against that? How can you debate against that?

The Helper that we are promised to receive is The Set Apart Spirit whom The Father sent in Yahoshua’s name. He shall teach you all. Look at that…He shall teach you all. Isn’t Father Yah teaching us right now? Aren’t we filled with Yah’s Ruach and are learning about the fallen angels? Aren’t we learning about very critical salvation issues? Aren’t we learning about the deception of the devil? Yah is giving us all of this because it was promised to us and Yah is not like man in that He should lie. So this is how you know that you are in the presence of The Ruach. These little children have The Ruach upon them because they are understanding. Yesterday was December 25, 2009. You better believe some of these little children set down grandma who is still trying to give them Christmas presents. (The children) set down grandpa who still wants to give them Christmas presents and told them to their face ‘no I don’t do that, that’s pagan’. ‘That’s of the devil’. These little children understand that. They don’t even have a problem doing away with that madness. Because they are Spirit filled. They are filled with Yah’s Ruach They are being led and guided into all truth.

Let’s go to John 15:26 See this is another way that you know when a person is under the Spirit, when they are believers in the true Messiah. When they are believers in the true Yahoshua not the fabricated Jesus Christ. Not the fabricated Osiris and all these other false messiahs. That’s how you know a man or woman is Spirit filled brothers and sisters. Because they will come bringing The Messianic message. They will come speaking that truth. They will give you deeper levels of understanding of Messiah. That’s how you know it. Not because a man is flip-flopping and gibber-gabbering you know speaking in tongues he just made up. Because Christians do say, that a sign that you have been saved is that when you get baptised, you need to start speaking in tongues and you need to be filled with The Spirit. So people need to be falling down and flip-flopping on the ground and all that after their baptism. Not even understanding that they are being immersed into the order of the holy ghost. They are actually selling their souls over to the holy ghost when they go to the Christian baptism. Many of you have sold your souls over to the holy ghost and many of you are still trying to break the bond that you had with that entity. It’s a strong powerful one, boy. And we will see why he’s so powerful…once you know his true identity.

Yah’s Spirit brothers and sisters called the Helper called the Comforter is the Spirit of Truth. That’s one aspect of it. It is also called The Spirit of Wisdom. Because in order to understand this word you have to be wise and Yah tells us that this word is our wisdom. So it’s not hard to tell. That’s why we are so attracted to a brother or to a sister who’s speaking The Truth whom we know The Spirit of Yah is upon them. And what I mean by ‘attracted’ is that we have high respect for them. Because we are truth seekers ourselves. I respect each and every one of you ‘brews that are truly seeking Father Yah. With all your heart and all your soul you respect me likewise. But others see the respect that we have for one another…and they try to say that you are worshipping me. You aren’t worshipping me, you see The Ruach that is there. And you are able to discern what Ruach is there. That’s all it is. And that’s why we all have this connection. Like when we meet for the first time, we could have known each other over these airways, over these paltalk rooms and all that, the internet for years. But when we meet, it’s like hey…long lost cousin! We already know each other. Because we have already connected on each others Ruach and we have the same Ruach upon us. That’s why it’s so easy for some of us to get along. But others we can not forge any type of relationship with. Because The Ruach that’s upon you is battling the spirit that’s upon them. And if you have Yah’s Ruach upon you and they have satan’s spirit upon them, there will always be a clash. And for the life of you, you could never figure it out. ‘What is it about this person’? ‘I just know’…it’s the battle of the spirits. That’s what it is.

So, Yah’s Spirit is known as The Spirit of Truth. That’s big there. Because The Spirit of Truth…what is truth? Let’s go to John 17. The Ruach ha Qodesh is The Spirit of Truth. John 17 tells us who it is. And you will see how this circle keeps completing itself. The Father, The Word, The Ruach ha Qodesh. They are One.

John 17:17 Set them apart (sanctify) because Yah is a separatist. He doesn’t want wickedness and righteousness to mix. He doesn’t want you hanging out brothers and sisters when He has called you to be a people unto Himself. He doesn’t want you hanging out with people who are doing wicked things. He wants you to separate. He wants to set you apart. (reads) So set them apart in Your truth, Your word is truth. Yahoshua said The Spirit of Truth whom comes from The Father, He shall bear witness of Me. So Yah’s Word is truth. And we have The Spirit of truth. It’s Yah. The Comforter is Yah. The Helper is The Set Apart Spirit is The Ruach ha Qodesh. That Helper is The Spirit of Truth. That Helper is Yah. Yah is The One that will lead us into His Word. That’s why we don’t get into debates or arguments with those Hebrews who say if you don’t know Hebrew, then you can’t understand the Scriptures. Is that right? I can’t find one Scripture that says that. I will tell you this, I can show you plenty of Scriptures on this. If you don’t have Yah’s Ruach upon you, you will not understand The Scriptures. Because the pharisees were men that spoke perfect Hebrew. They probably had some of the original writings of Isaiah himself. And they read from them each and every day in their synagogues. But when salvation…the salavation of Yah stood before them mightily and proclaimed who He was. They said ‘naw, let’s kill this nigger’. ‘He’s a liar’. ‘He had demons on Him’. ‘Execute Him’. So what did Hebrew…if they could not see who Yahoshua was…they saw Him with their eyes and heard His voice being spoken to their very ears. We have not heard His voice or seen His face or His shape (form) but we believe. And just like our brothers that are in Spain. They believe through the Spanish language. The one in South America through the Spanish language. The ones in the Netherlands through the language of Dutch. The ones in Germany through the language of German…whatever language you need Yah’s Ruach. Because Yah’s Ruach is The Creator of all languages. This is what we will see when we read Acts chapter 2.

So you can’t limit Yah to a language. Are you out of your mind?!! He’s beyond that. You have to figure out who Yah is brothers and sisters. The Spirit of Truth shall lead us into all truth. The Helper, The Comforter that is Yah’s Ruach. The Word, that is Yah’s Ruach, all of it is Yah, brothers and sisters. That’s who will give you understanding. Yahoshua was Spirit filled from the womb. Yahcanon the Immerser (John the Baptist) was filled from the womb. The first words these brothers probably spoke was Yah! While the rest of us were goo-goo-ga-ga-ing and ma-ma and pa-pa…they probably came out saying Yah! HalleluYah!

Let’s go to John 16. These words we speak are truth. Now let me just give this to you. We talk about Yah’s Spirit right? But if Yah is One with His Word…His Word is what? His Word is The Ruach ha Qodesh. Oh, yeah. This very word that you have in your hand…call it the Bible…call it The Scriptures…whatever you do to identify it. This is The Ruach. This too is The Ruach because this is Yah’s Word and Yah’s Word is One with Him. So we will read in just a moment that if you blaspheme The Set Apart Spirit hey you blaspheme this word…you’re blaspheming Yah. So this is why He tells us to keep and guard these commandments. That’s why this thing is serious. Your salvation depends on you doing that. That’s why we always say here, Hebrews, this ain’t no toy. You don’t play with this like you played in the church. This very Word is Ruach. It’s The Set Apart Ruach…Qodesh Ruach…Set Apart Spirit. You better not blaspheme this. That’s why…see…we don’t talk about contradictions in The Bible here at Israelite Heritage because we don’t see any. What we see is a lack of Ruach upon the people who do see contradictions. What we see is a lack of understanding from people who don’t understand Maschiach. That’s what we see. Because if there’s something in Scripture that we don’t understand we pray and fast about it. And wait for an understanding. Yah will provide it. He just needs to know that we are ready to receive the answer because some of the stuff in here, many of us are not ready to receive the answer. Like many of you all may not be ready to receive who the holy ghost is. But yet you are here. And if you stay long enough, you will hear.

John 16:7 When Yahoshua walked the earth, His brothers had a hard time understanding Him. That’s because they had not obtained the full Ruach. They had enough of the Ruach just like we give. Yah gives us enough of the Ruach where we can see truth. But to have a deeper level of understanding…that full Ruach has to come upon us. As we walk along with The Father, He will give The Spirit as He sees we need The Spirit. Only The Spirit can show you the truth of the fallen angels. Only the Spirit can show you the truth of the feast days. That’s it, you can’t understand it if you don’t have The Spirit. That’s why we look at some of this and say wow, man this is just so easy. Why can we comprehend this but they can’t? I get this question all the time and this is on my heart too. But now we know. It’s because they are to defiled and they reject it. Yisrayl has always rejected Yah’s Spirit…always. So Yahoshua said ‘I have to go away so this Spirit can come to y’all’. Do you know why? Because Yahoshua Himself was Spirit filled. He walked with those brothers and He was giving them the understanding but said hey ‘I have to go and then The Spirit will come down upon y’all on High’. This is the promise. and so when I leave and since you see Me as a physical man…now you will be able to understand the deeper Spiritual things when The Spirit comes down upon you from on High. So I must go. I have to leave this physical existence so you can get the full Ruach. Because if I stay here with you, you only get it partially but if I leave you will ge the full thing. And do you know what? They got the full thing (full understanding). Those brothers became dynamic! You know how dynamic they became? Here we are 2,000 years later reading what they did. Here we are continuing the work that they started 2,000 years ago. Here we are understanding Maschiach because of what they did. HalleluYah. Blessed be Yah for giving us His Ruach…for giving us His Spirit and leading, guiding us with His mercy halleluYah. I’m telling y’all it’s a blessing.

Let’s go to John 16. Now you understand why when certain people leave Yah’s Ruach…they become so confused. I mean it’s like taking the floor from beneath their feet and they fall down on their face. And they don’t ever get back up. They stay down. Because they leave The Ruach, they leave the understanding.

John 16:13 ‘He shall guide you in all truth’. Once again don’t let nobody come and tell you that no man has all the truth. Yahoshua is promising us that we will know all the truth. We will know all the laws and commandments. We will Know what Yah requires of us. That’s why we speak it all the time…Yah wants us to keep His laws…we are being cursed because we don’t keep His laws. That’s Spirit filled information right there. And it can only be communicated to others who have Yah’s Ruach upon them. That’s why we are speaking French to these people that we are trying to wake up in the name of Yah. They don’t comprehend it. Because they don’t have The Spirit. They don’t even have the smallest (bit) of The Spirit upon them. They are still stuck with the holy ghost. It was only until you searched or questioned whatever you were involved in…that’s when that little spark on your heart said ‘something just ain’t right…I don’t know what it is…you start looking at the condition of your people you start thinking we are a highly Spiritual people. Who are we? What are we? That’s when Yah’s Ruach says it’s time. And that Ruach came upon you and you looked and saw…your eyes were opened.

I’m going to show you something about that too. I will show you how that happened on the physical and it represents a Spiritual meaning. It happened to brother Shaul. It’s like that’s why they can’t understand Shaul. ‘Oh Shaul is a false prophet’. ‘Oh Yahoshua prophetised…no he didn’t…Shaul was a brother just like us. That’s why we can comprehend what he’s talking about and you can’t. Because the same Ruach that was upon him, that gave him understanding is the same Ruach that’s upon us, that’s giving us the exact same understanding. ‘But Paul said that, oh a woman has to cover her head’. Oh, you don’t even know what Paul was talking about. He started out in that chapter telling you what he is talking about. And everything proceeded from there. He’s talking about the order of Yah. That man is over woman, Messiah is over man and Yah is over all. But we can’t explain it to you if you don’t have The Ruach. (talks to someone) Yeah, Kepha said Shaul’s writing s are hard to understand. But what did he say, there you go brother, the ones that don’t know the Scriptures, that twist the Scriptures. That’s what he said, he said that Shaul’s writings are hard to understand by those who twist the Scriptures. They don’t have understanding. If you twist the Scriptures, Yah’s not going to give you His Ruach, His Spirit. It’s when you humble yourself and admit that what you are doing is wrong. And admit that what you are involved in is not the way of Yah. You may not know His name at the time but what you’re doing, you have to admit ‘hey man there’s something more to this’. That’s why so many Hebrews are forever reading books, are forever learning man’s knowledge but can never come to the knowledge of the truth. Because they are missing the critical ingredients. They think they can read 100,000 books, learn 100,000 languages. Learn everything that the Jews do and repeat it. And they think they can get salvation through that. Not even trying to seek after Yah’s Ruach. That was 2 Peter 3:16, where Kepha speaks about Shaul’s writings.

The Spirit of truth He shall guide you to all the truth. For He shall not speak from Himself but whatever He hears He shall announce to you things to come. So that’s why we have knowledge of what is to come…the mark of the beast…Genesis 15:13 the 400 year captivity. Yah has shown us these things. His Ruach has come down upon us. It’s not anything that we’ve gone out and studied and read and you know we’re just super smart and have understanding like that. No, we can’t get understanding on our own. We have to be guided by Yah. Yah will guide us and show us what to study. Yah will guide us and show us what to read. Yah will guide us and say hey that’s the information I want you to have. That’s what will happen. It’s His Ruach. It’s the same Ruach that came upon the prophets and gave them understanding of future events that were to come. That’s the same Ruach that’s giving us understanding of all these things. We can look now and see what the mark of the beast is. We can look now and see how everything is shaping up, to the return of Yahoshua. Because Yah’s Spirit is leading and guiding us and giving us truth. And we know that Hi Spirit is speaking Yah’s Word. He’s going to announce to us what is to come. Man this Spirit is upon us and even upon our sisters. Man, we have sisters that can break down this word and tell you this and that, that would put many of these Hebrew men to shame. That don’t have the Ruach upon them. Our children can sit some of these Hebrew men down that don’t have The Ruach upon them. Our children can sit some of these Hebrew men down that don’t have The Ruach upon them! That’s the sign, when you are speaking truth, when you’re prophesying of what’s to come. That’s the sign that The Spirit of Yah is upon you. Spirit filled is what you are.

Let’s go t Mark chapter 3. (talks to someone) That’s right He gives it to who He wills because do you know what? Some of these Gentiles have Yah’s Spirit, yes they do. And so we will see because those stiff-necked Hebrews were getting mad because the Gentiles were having The Ruach come down upon them. And Kepha had to tell those boys hey listen, how can we fight and stand against Yah? When the same Ruach that came down upon us…came down upon them (the Gentiles). And they started prophesying and praising Yah. You don’t even know how to praise Yah if you don’t have Yah’s Spirit upon you.

Mark 3:28-29 Don’t blaspheme The Set Apart Spirit. Those who do=eternal lake of fire. So those of you out there that are saying ‘hey the Bible is the white man’s book’. ‘The Bible ain’t the Word of Yah’. You are blaspheming Yah’s Spirit. Do you see how things are simple with Yah. It’s easy to reject Yah. It’s easy to blaspheme Yah and saying there is no Yah, saying there is no Messiah. Non-messianics you have blasphemed Yah. You have blasphemed The Set Apart Spirit. So you have to be careful out there brothers and sisters just repeating whatever you hear some foolish man telling you. ‘Oh, the Messiah He was a Greek’. Okay what Greek? ‘Oh-oh, the New Testament was written by’…Yeah, written by who? Tell me. Show me just like Yahoshua told the pharisees, He said ‘y’all are trying to kill Me’. ‘And I’m just speaking the truth, I’m just speaking the Word’. ‘Show Me where I am wrong’. Show me where He spoke wrong. Show me where He said that He’s Yah. Or that He was there at creation. Show me some of these things that y’all accuse us of saying. We only say what the Messiah says. He says that He is the son of Yah. (talks to someone) You know what brother, it’s getting to the point that satan don’t hardly even have to do tricks anymore. They just foll0w him…he says I’m satan hey you want to follow me? They say, yeah satan. That is how the world is going because they can only think on the flesh.

So you see if you blaspheme against The Set Apart Spirit that’s the Highest Spirit in existence, The Ruler of all spirits, there’s no forgiveness of that. So you better be careful. Didn’t Yah say I will not hold him guiltless who takes My name in vain. Because Yah’s name is Him. He said I’m not going to hold you guiltless for that. And Yahoshua’s saying you will not get any forgiveness if you blaspheme His Spirit. His Spirit, His name encompasses who He is. So you better watch what you are saying out there. I try to tell you Hebrews all the time just take a moment and think about what you are about to say. Choose your words carefully. Because some of you all speak blasphemy against Yah and don’t even recognize that you are doing it. Speaking against Yah’s servants and prophets and you don’t even recognize that you are doing it. Because you want to sound smart. You want people to Kayn (agree) you. You want people to shalom (greet) you and say that’s a deep sister there, that’s a deep brother there. That’s what you want. You want the praises of men. And at the same time making yourself an enemy to Yah. You must be mindful. Because only a servant of Yah will speak the words of Yah.

Servants of satan will speak the words of satan. It’s just that simple. You better know what words you are speaking and in what authority your bringing those words in. You will be held accountable for every idle word you speak. (talks to someone) that’s right brother, Moses’ sister, Miriam found out (about speaking against one of Yah’s servants). See, when you come under Yah’s Ruach and Yah removes the spirit of satan from your midst, you should build on that Ruach that Yah has blessed you to receive by serving Him. Becoming that righteous servant, listening to His laws, getting the understanding, becoming that kind-hearted person, you have to practice on that. Learning how to forgive, learning how to overcome stumbling blocks. That’s what we have to do. We have to be an example to the world when the world sees us coming they should already see ‘something about that person’. It’s The Ruach that will introduce whom you are before your mouth even opens. Just your very presence alone they are going to know there’s something about you. Just your very presence alone, they will open their hearts and open their doors to you.

See, I’ve always been treated differently in these neighborhoods here in the hood in Chicago. I go to whatever store that the stranger looks at the rest of the ‘brews because you know they are acting wild and this and that. I just come in and they know…hey it’s a totally different situation. We should always represent Yah’s Spirit like that. We should not be on the corner with thugs and people confuse us with a thug. If we are on the corner with a thug…we are trying to give him the Word of Yah. We are not hanging out with him and smoking and drinking with him. You should always show your set apartness. You should always shine your light before the faces of men. Sisters, the same thing with you. When men see you coming, when they hear your voice they should not think that you are just another fluzzy. They should respect you because they see The Ruach upon you. Even our children, they should not get mixed up for a little neighborhood knuckle-head. That Ruach will speak louder than any word that we can ever say.

People always wonder ‘why y’all don’t get mad?’ ‘Why don’t I hear y’all fussing and fighting?’  Why should we fuss and fight? Why should we get angry? You are the one not serving Yah. You are the one in trouble. You should be the scared, angry one not us. We see the road of salvation and we see it clearly. You are the one that’s troubled not us. Let’s go to John 6.

(talks to someone) That’s right brother, sometimes when I’m out running errands on the bus or train and people are staring at me. I’m like, do I have something hanging off my nose? Is my beard all wild? What are they looking at? And so people always try to figure out what you are. For many of the brothers, they see you coming and they see your appearance and they think you’re a Muslim. They think your this or that…but you have a Bible in your hand. You just blow there minds, right there. What is he? They are always trying to figure you out.

You have to ask yourself why would a man leave the Ruach? Wherever you see The Ruach…because now you know how to identify The Ruach ha Qodesh, The Set Apart Spirit and where it dwells. Whenever you see a man prophesying truth. Whenever you see a woman speaking truth. And truth is the Word of Yah…giving you the Word of Yah that’s where Yah is, that’s where Yah’s Spirit dwells. So why would you ever want to leave that?

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Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

10 thoughts on “The Holy Ghost vs. The Set Apart Spirit p.1

  1. Hello,

    I am not not sure, or unclear, when you mentioned that Yahushuah or Yahoshua ( I am seeking his real name), but I am unsure if you said that the Messiah was not at the creation with YAH? He was right? I am praying for UTAh’s wisdom and understanding. I also desire your prayers. HalleluYAH.

    1. The Messiah’s name is Yahoshua. The teachers of Israelite Heritage teach His name means Yah’s salvation or salvation from Yah because He shall save His people, Matthew 1:21. “Shua” means to save. The Israelites taught a lesson called “Did Yahoshua pre-exist?” and you can pull the lesson up in the search cue on this site. I think I typed up a part 1 and part 2. When I started coming into the truth, I was also confused on what were the correct names especially the name of the Messiah. I prayed to Yah for understanding of the true name. I will pray for you.

  2. Shalom Sister! I was wondering if you answer a question that I have been wrestling with. Do you believe in the pre tribulation rapture or is this a lie of Satan?

    1. The rapture doctrine is a lie from satan. Some Israylites (the 144,000) will be left behind to teach for awhile and some Israylites will flee to the wilderness. At no time will any humans leave earth to live in space or heaven. Israelite Heritage taught a lesson on the wilderness. Just put in the search que “Mark of the beast: Fleeing into the Wilderness the Place of Safety Part 3 of 3. They also taught the Revelation series. Shalom, Shalom.

  3. Thanks for the message on set apart spirit!am using the name Yahshua messiYah?! Is that okay how can we in kampala uganda ,East Africa. Do you have bibles?

    1. Shalom Shalom, John. Thanks for reading The Holy Ghost vs The Set-Apart Spirit. This was a lesson done by Israylite Heritage Organization. Yes, it is okay to say Yahshua MessiYah. Unfortunately, I do not have any bibles. I assume you are wanting a big box of bibles. However, I do know that websites like gives out free bibles for those in need all around the world. The only problem with HalleluYah Scriptures is that they still use pagan titles such as el and elohim but other than that it is a good bible. There are other free bible sites on the internet, also. Israylite Heritage uses a copy of the bible called “The Scriptures” which can be ordered on but it costs around forty American dollars. The bible I mostly use daily is the New King James bible which cost me $4.99 (cheap) at Walmart and it also has Yah’s name in Psalm 68:4. I hope this helps you John with finding a bible(s). Shalom.

  4. This is a great lesson. A better understanding. I use to attend church but I came out of it about 2 yrs ago. Things the Church was teaching, the traditions and pagan holidays didn’t sit right with me any longer. I then began praying for truth, researching history, researching the name of the most high because the name Jesus once I heard an Apostle preaching about the That name changed or translated by man. I know now the Ruach ha Qodesh was leading me into truth. I long for truth and to teach it. I read The Scriptures Bible. Do you have any teaching on the Sabbath? That’s been tugging at me too. I have researched and some say Saturday is the Sabbath and then I saw a teaching that following the Lunar the Sabbath is the Ist, 8th, 15th and 22nd of the month. That’s following the new Moon. Can you give me scriptures on the Sabbath? I’m a little confused. Thank you so much. Shalom

    1. Shalom ahkotee Vivian. This was a lesson from Israylite Heritage. I have transcribed this lesson along with other lessons from various Israylite groups on this blog. I am not a teacher and I don’t teach lessons on the Shabbat although I will occasionally do a praise post or answer a short comment on the Shabbat. I mostly just study the bible book by book and chapter by chapter with a brother that wanted this blog started or do book reviews.

      It is a blessing when Yah opens our eyes. You are one of the most blessed people in the world right now, to know the true names of the Father and Son and have understanding.

      As far as lunar Shabbats are concerned, Yah wants us to celebrate the Shabbat every seven days. Yah says He hates our lunar Shabbats and feasts days. Read Isaiah 1:14 and Amos 5:21. Yesterday was the 14th of October, a Shabbat, we will next celebrate the Shabbat seven days later on October 21st, then again October 28th so on and so forth. We don’t take days off, from the Shabbat. We either do the work of Yah on the Shabbat or rest. The new moon is a mark of time not that the Shabbat has changed. The Shabbat is a law forever…started on the 7th day and always on the 7th day. I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Shalom.

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