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Authority and Submission p.1

You know there are so much out of order things, it’s like sometimes we brothers are blinded. We can point out everyone elses miss deeds but when it comes to our own self we are blinded. We have the plank in our eye and we try to point out a splinter in our brother’s eye or our sister’s eye. This is why this message is so timely today.

Now ahkotees (sisters) you have got to remove that wicked Babylonian mindset that you have. And listen many of you have it. A whole lot of you have it. Some of you have gotten rid of part of it. Some of you have gotten rid of some of it. Some of you have gotten rid of all of it. But the ones of you that still have it, any part of that Babylonian attitude. Listen, when Yah set this authority (up) and you are supposed to fall (in line) in this order which we will look at in this lesson. Listen, you can’t come up against a man’s authority. You are not a man. You can’t pretend to be a man. I don’t care how much Scripture you know. You ae not a man. You will never be a man. And you will never have that authority of a man. Not in this lifetime. So once you understand that, that doesn’t lessen your role in Yah. That don’t make you anything less. That doesn’t mean you will not get salvation. It doesn’t mean you just are going to be a slave. Naw, that don’t mean nothing like that.

It means that there is proper order. Even in the angelic realm there are some angels that out-rank other angels. They have order and they are all happy in their order  because they are servants of Yah. And they are happy to serve The Father.  I’m pretty sure when satan led his rebellion in heaven, I’m pretty sure he went to Michayah. I’m pretty sure he went to Gabriyah and tried to get them to rebel with him. But they stayed loyal to Yah and they obeyed Yah and satan fell. So they were happy serving The Father.

So if you want to serve Yah then you will have no problems Ahkotees, getting this order. You have to remove that whole independent thing ‘oh I been like this my whole life’. Some of you use that as an excuse. You been saying that for 10 years now. ‘But this is the way you were brought up’. Each and every one of us, if we were not brought up 100% in the truth, we must change the way we were brought up. We have to remove what mama taught us, what papa taught us. What uncle and auntie taught us because they taught us rebellion. They taught us ways that were not of Yah. So many of you hold onto that as your excuse. You been saying it 10,20 years ‘I’m going to change’ but when?

What’s so hard about falling into submission to your husband and to an authority of a man? What’s so hard about that? Your husband has to fall into the order of Messiyah. And so you want to know how your relationship should be with your husband? Look at your husband’s relationship with Messiyah. Or look at a man’s righteous relationship with Messiyah. Now ahks (brothers) some of you, the women can’t fall in line because you are not in line. So they are rebelling against what they see. And you know what? Some of you brothers, Yah ain’t giving you no authority in your household. Because you don’t want it. Because you have brought shame to your head. Who is Machiach (Messiyah)?

So this lesson is for all of us y’all. There is nobody sitting on a high mountain saying that he’s greater than someone else. Man, we all are striving. And don’t use that as an excuse. ‘I’m striving, I’m striving.’ Yahoshua said ‘seek perfection’, man. At what point are you going to be perfect? If you’re striving toward perfection? When we were out in the world and we were striving for something, it didn’t take us long to get it. You were striving to get that new car. We saved up a few pay checks and we got it. Or you was striving to get that promotion. You know, you kissed up to the boss a few times and we got it. Or you were striving to get that girl over there. Man, you ran your game and you got her. So why are you striving for perfection so hard? Why do we constantly use that word when the Messiyah said ‘be you perfect’ that’s a commandment. Be you perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. Do you know why? Because you are a representation of Yah. So when people see you, they need to see Yah. But if all people see in you is disorder…(then) they see strife. They don’t see meekness. They see arrogance. If that is all they see in you, how are you a representation of Yah?

Some of us y’all, we have gotten to the point where we are masters of disguise. You know, we know how to disguise these things. We know how to put on a mask. We come before the assembly and we are great and perfect but then behind closed doors, we are tyrants. You know, we are not even running our own house properly. You know there is just chaos everywhere surrounding us. And then you wonder why? It’s simple. It’s simple, you ain’t serving Yah. You’re faking. And you are trying to keep it on the down low shhhh. It’s funny but Yah reveals all, man.

So let’s look at this. I want start this off…it’s funny because I left my Scriptures in the big ahks care and big ahk’s out of town so I have my emergency copy here. I don’t like brand new stuff y’all. I’m going to tell you that’s one thing about me. I like stuff broken in and beat up. And my Bible is broken in and beat up, man. And I love it! (laughs) I don’t like this new stiff Bible here. But it is just a backup I’m using. I’m going to give it away to one of the ahks behind bars.

I want to start off reading 2 Kepha (Peter). I want to read what Kepha has to say so we can get a foundation of just what we are talking about here. Like I said, we have talked about this very issue many times in this room. And I just want to give this warning: This lesson is not about anyone in particular. But my prayer is this: If this lesson convicts you, if you feel that brother Obadiyah is speaking straight to you, I say halleluYah. That’s my prayer to Yah, that it convicts your heart, whoever it falls on and whoever is supposed to get this message. It’s a beautiful thing when you say ‘this brother is talking directly to me’ because I know, in my early days when I was coming into this truth and when some of my teachers were teaching me, man they would give some powerful lessons that hit me right in the heart. I said this brother has to be talking directly to me. All those Scriptures relate directly to me. So I pray that you be convicted. And that if you have any of these ways…if you don’t know what your authority is ahks, it is important that you understand what it is.

It’s real simple man. Because the same authority that you have in this lifetime, in your household…the same authority that you have in this lifetime over the flock, it’s going to be the same authority you have in the kingdom. So you got to know it now. Yah ain’t allowing you if you can’t get your authority right now, to come into the kingdom with that madness. Get it right, here and now.

2 Kepha 1:1-16, v. 1 Ha Maschiach means Messiyah. v. 2-4 So what he’s telling you brothers and sisters is that you have been promised. If you fall into what Yah has planned. If you fall into Yah’s plan of salvation, if you fall into Yah’s order, if you fall into Yah’s righteousness, He has great and precious promises for you. v. 5-8 Be an upright person. Don’t be this duel person. You are one person in assembly, before the world but then behind closed doors you are another person. You know, you are Yah before the people but behind closed doors your satan. No. You must add uprightness y’all. Knowledge, self-control…control yourself. Some of you just get so out of control.

You know especially you sisters. Sometimes you just go off at the lip. You start saying things you should not say. And doing things you should not do. And then you come against the authority of a man which is a no-no. And ahks, you do the same thing, you lose control with your woman. You start putting your hands on her. You start cussing her out. You start bringing her self-esteem down. You talk ill about her. Control yourself. And then from self-control to endurance and from endurance to reverence. Then from reverence to brotherly affection. Have love for your brother. There’s noting wrong with loving your brother. Nothing at all.

v. 8 Do you see that? If you have all these attributes right here that we just read, you will increase, you will not be an inactive servant. Your going to always be active. Because your going to always be working for The Father. Your going to always be bringing forth good fruits. v. 9 They can’t see the truth. So he’s still in the old ways. There’s no change about him. Because he’s blind because he’s absent of all these things that’s going to change him and make him a better servant of Yah. So all those things are absent from his life…affection, brotherly love, uprightness, endurance, reverance…alll those things are absent. So he’s blinded. She’s blinded.

v. 10 Do you see that? You should never fall away from the truth if you are doing all this right here. You should never be confused about the truth if you’re doing all these things right here. So he said do all the more utmost to make firm your calling and choosing. Take it seriously. Don’t have it (be) a past time. You know, just something to do, just something to say. Man, make it firm, stand on it.

v. 11 So he’s giving you the keys to the kingdom right here. How do you get to the kingdom? Here you go, we just read it. If you do all these things and you be true about it. You be firm about it. v. 12 Do you see that? This is what I’m talking about right here. Kepha said I intend to remind you of these matters again and again. Yeah we talked about these very issues time and time again, we have words of the week for you to hear and so forth…time and time again…yet though you know them and have been established in the present truth.

v. 13 Reminding you as long as I live (my tent). v. 14-15 We have to remind you Ysrayl because sometimes we forget these things. We get lazy with these things. So you must be reminded over and over again. This is why we are having this lesson here. We have talked about this before as I stated but we must do it again.

v. 16 See that? We don’t follow cleverly devised stories. What we are bringing you is the truth. We are not making this stuff up. This is the real deal here. So if you felt that you heard this lesson before, if you feel that you don’t need to hear it, why don’t you leave then? Why are you wasting your time? This is for those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see and a heart to perceive what Yah has to say. And we are going to do this lesson again in here and again. As long as we have teachers here at Israelite Heritage we will have to talk about this over and over again because we seem to forget and we so quickly fall into sin, to fall in error because we so quickly forget.

This is Yah’s order. This is Yah’s way. This is not Obadiyah’s way. This is not Israelite Heritage’s way. This is of The Father. If you can’t get into the ways of The Father then hey. Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 19. I just want to lay some foundation as we always do. We will see what is the reward for what happens to those who don’t follow Yah’s way.

Proverbs 19:16 Do you see that? If you despise (are careless of) Yah’s ways…you die. And we are not just talking about the physical death. We are talking about eternal death. Because all those that are going to the lake of fire including satan and his crew, they are going in there because they have despised Yah’s way. They have devised for a better way (so they think). Which they believe in their hearts is a better way. So if you despise Yah’s order you are going to die. It’s just that simple.

So this lesson is a message of warning ahks and ahkotees to warn yo to get it right. Some of you are out of order and you know it. I’m talking about ahks and ahkotees. You know, Obadiyah can’t come into your household and tell you how to run your household. All I can say is ahk run your household the way that Yah has given you the authority to do so. Ahkotees fall into line as Yah has given you the way to do so. This is all I can tell you. Everything else is on you. So on your day of judgment you can’t go before Yah and say well, ‘this is Obdaiyah’s fault Yah, I have all these sins on me because it’s Obadiyah’s fault’. It’s your own fault. You are responsible for your own walk. You are responsible for your own soul, your own righteousness. All I can do is…giving me what Yah showed me to do which is what Scripture says. That’s it. That is what each and every teacher here can do. We can’t convince anyone to do anything. I don’t have that power. I’m just a man. I can’t make you listen to me. I’m just a man. All I can say is ‘this is what The Father says’. That is all every messenger of Yah, every prophet, every servant, every emissary of Yah…that is all they ever brought was thus saith Yah. That’s it.

The Messiyah just brought the words of Yah. The emissaries brought the words of Yah. The prophets brought the words of Yah. That’s it. We are not required to do anything else. And then from there, once the people hear the word, it’s upon them to do the word. If they don’t do the word, there’s nothing I can do about that. But I say as being a shepherd here at Israelite Heritage, we don’t have to tolerate that. We have rules and laws within the structure of this organization. If you break the rules, laws then hey we are done with. Oh course there is repentance, there’s forgiveness. But if you don’t want to repent and you don’t want to be forgiven you are out. Because you are of the adversary. You are not of Yah.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 11. Let’s look at the order. Then we will look at authority. Because we talk about this as I stated all the time in here. But somehow I don’t really believe it is coming across as hard as it should. This is the order y’all that Yah has set up. Alright, 1 Corinthians 11. This is Shaul speaking to the Corinthians.

1 Corinthians 11:1-4, v. 1 Now people try to say that Shaul is trying to get a following here saying that he is telling people to follow him. No, he’s not saying follow him. He is saying I am an example. Follow my lead, or follow my example. And do you know what? That is what Yah has called each and every servant to be. You see every servant is supposed to be an example. So if you see righteousness, you will imitate righteousness. If you see a righteous brother walking, you imitate that righteous brother’s walk because he is imitating Messiyah. Messiyah is our ultimate example. Every righteous brother that is walking now righteously according to the ways and words of Yah is because he saw the examples of the Messiyah. He read the Messiyah. So if you see that brother or you see that sister walking, that’s what righteousness is. That’s why we must be examples. Sisters have to be examples to sisters. Brothers can get in a sister’s face all day and tell her how she has to follow the law. You can yell the 10 commandments in her face all day. But if she ain’t seeing it…she ain’t comprehending it. You know, so it is good for her to look at another sister and say ‘that’s how I’m supposed to do this’. That is how I’m supposed to do that’. There is nothing wrong with that.

Same way for the ahks. See this is what I’m talking about, we don’t understand our authority. We think that we are some big ‘brew and we think we are high-ranking up there with Yah. As if we can go sit on Yah’s throne and start telling the angels what to do. Some of y’all think you have that much authority but you don’t. You better know where it begins. And you better know where it ends. And you better know how to execute it. Because if you don’t, you will be in a place with the one who you actually follow. You will be in that lake with satan. Because if you ain’t following Yah’s ways, your following satan’s way. No two ways about it. Satan breeds disobedience, satan breeds rebellion and sin. If you rebel against this order you are of the adversary and there is no doubt about it.

v. 2 So Shaul is just telling them hey man listen, I praise you all that you remember me in every way possible. Remember what I taught y’all. Remember how I was. This is what Shaul is saying. Remember my example that I left for y’all. And keep the traditions, everything that I told to you, you keep it the way that I gave it to you because this is the righteous way. Because after these brothers died off, all types of stuff came into the assembly. All the way up until the year 325 the birth of Christianity. See there has to be somebody to watch over the assembly always. Otherwise, you will see these fakes, cons, and chumps sneak in and they will corrupt the assembly. That is why Yah has watchmen all around the assembly. That is why Yah has malakim with flaming swords drawn all around the assembly to protect it.

There are certain people and certain elements that are not supposed to be in our midst when we come together to serve, honor and praise Yah. Those that cause strife, those that cause division, they are not even supposed to be in your midst. Those that believe in Maschiach, we are not even supposed to give them shalom. So this is what Shaul is telling you.

v. 3 So do you see that? I want to explain this and give you greater understanding of this verse. Real quick, some of you all in this room, you come in here on Shabbat. You feel comfortable on Shabbat and you get into the word of Yah but during the weekdays, you go and fellowship in other rooms. Now, that’s on you. We are not going to tell you where you can go or who you can go with…that’s on you. This is what I’m saying: We teach different from what they are teaching over there or over there. You are going to get yourself highly confused. You really are. Now you need to…it’s on you…go where you will be taught. If you are going to be taught over there, you stay over there because you learn over there. You know if you are going to be taught here, you stay here, you learn here. But if you are jumping all over the place to every wind of doctrine before you know it you will be hating Yah, you will be bowing down to Amen-Ra, you will go back to Jesus Christ, and then you will be throwing rocks at the cobble stones. That’s how deep your confusion will be. How do we Know?

We see it. It happens all the time. We see Hebrew going and becoming Egyptologists. We see them going back to Islam. We see them going back to Christianity…because they get confused. Because they allow the adversary to come in and confuse them. Do you know why? Because they rebel against Yah, that’s all it is. I just wanted to say that to you all. (talks to someone) There you go elder, doctrine hoppers. They are doctrine hoppers. Leafy. Flying like a leaf blowing in a tornado.  Now verse 3 in this chapter…we just say this as a warning brothers and sisters because like I say, we see it all the time. It happens all the time.

So Yah does not take pleasure in having to put His people in the lake of fire. That was for satan and them. But it will be for all of mankind that rebel against Yah and Yah’s order. And do you know what? I truly believe in my heart that a lot of ahks are confused with Yah’s order. All they think about is that a woman is supposed to submit to them. But they neglect to understand what their job is. Once that woman submits to you…now what? What do you do with a submitted woman? You know, that’s where the problem starts. Because they don’t know. And do you know what? Because may of you don’t know, Yah removes that woman out of your midst. Yah’s like I’m not having my daughter here. I’m going to give her to one of my princes, one of my sons over here that knows how to submit to Me and knows what My authority is. Because a woman who is stiff-necked and rebellious, that’s not her husband’s fault. Because a man who is stiff-necked and rebellious that’s not the woman’s fault. That is on that individual person. Man, you can’t make your woman submit. If she doesn’t want to submit, well hey what can you do about it? Take it to The Father. Woman you can’t make your man submit. You can’t.

(talks to someone) That’s right Yah will give your man away, if you are rebelling against the order. What do you need a righteous man for and you can’t even submit? What you need a righteous woman for and you can’t even submit? Oh you just want her because she’s pretty (laughs). You want him because he’s handsome. No, that doesn’t matter to Yah. Yah will remove that man from you. And then after He removes him, then you want to boo-hoo cry. Now you released what you had. ‘If I only’, hind-sight is 20:20. All you had to do is submit. It’s just that easy.

Let’s go back to verse 3. This is the order man has to fall under, the order of Messiyah. Woman has to fall under the order of man. And Messiyah falls under the order of Yah. And Yah has authority over all. He is the lone Power. He is the greatest Power. So sisters, if you see a righteous man, know that this man is going to submit himself to Maschiach because Maschiach has submitted Himself to Yah. Sisters when you get that finger waving, neck snapping (sister-girl attitude) when your husband done told you to do something, I’m talking about your righteous husband, I’m not talking about these stiff-neck chumps, these punks, these busters. I’m talking about a righteous man. If a righteous man tells you to do something, you don’t say nothing, you do it! You do it. Because when the Messiyah tells this man to do something…just imagine him snapping his fingers and waving his hand at Messiyah and giving the Maschiach back talk. Do you think that will happen? So likewise what gives you the authority to do so?

Ahks, listen to this before we really start breaking down this authority. Don’t you know that this woman is your helper. Look that word up if you don’t understand it. You can even look it up in a Hebrew dictionary or English or whatever. Look that word up if you don’t understand that. She’s not your slave. She’s your helper like you are Messiyah’s helper. Let me explain this to you ahks. You don’t put everything in the woman’s hands. Give me one Scripture that says the woman has to take care of the children by herself. Or the woman has to cook all the meals and clean the house. Where is that written? You can’t find it. This woman is only half of who you are. And you are the other half. Half and half make a whole. So you must help that woman in the house. You must raise those children with the woman. That’s not her job by herself. You got to cook and clean too. You are the head of the household, she is there to help you maintain. See that’s what I’m talking about here. That is that Gentile wickedness. See this is why that white woman made up that witchcraft called ‘a woman’s liberation movement’. So she could liberate herself from her male chauvinist pig husband who put his woman to slavery.

And now you have these Israelites looking at the Gentile…and now the Israelite is putting his woman into slavery. But now you have a problem. Because this is Yah’s order. So ahk, this thing is 50:50, man. You must raise your kids. You don’t just put them in a woman’s hands and you off and you go into the woods and you know. You are the head of the household. She is just there to help you. She’s helping you to maintain order.

Why do you think Messiyah went and choose 12 brothers? What did those 12 emissaries do with Maschiach? They helped Him. He was the sole authority figure but they helped Him. Did He ever send the brothers out to do things on their on? He gave them authority to do things. He was there with them, He just didn’t put everything in their hands. Everywhere they went, He went. Everywhere He went, they went. They were together. He said Father make them one like we are one. Just like it tells us in Genesis, we are to become one with our wife…ONE ahk, ONE ahkotee. See this is why a lot of households get out of order is because the ahk thinks that all he has to do is so one or two things and he has the authority. Man, you don’t deserve no authority if that’s what you think. Because that is not the way of Yah. That is not the authority that Yah gave you. That’s something you are making up. And I bet it is based on what the Gentiles say.

Let’s look at Messiyah’s authority. Because  you have to be like him. Let’s go to John chapter 17. (talks to someone) Yeah, make babies and leave them to the woman to raise. And ahks don’t you look out into the world…whose raising these drive-by killers? Look at this generation that just proceeded us. All these came from single parent households. Because the man was too weak to raise his own children. So he leaves them in the arms of the woman and look at what you have. How in the world is a young man going to know how to be a servant of Yah if he doesn’t see a servant of Yah in his house? How is a young woman going to know what to look for in a husband, if her father is not there to show her what a righteous man is. We have to be there to help. If we have a two parent household hey listen I know in many cases one parent is serving Yah and the other isn’t. I’m not talking about that situation. I’m talking about when you have both parents in the house. Man listen, raise those children, clean your house up and cook some dinner sometimes.

I’m just talking about things in a general way. These crazy ahks out here preaching on these street corners, do you know that they say ‘a woman can’t even plant a vineyard’? But in Proverbs 31 it says that, that woman plants her own vineyard.  She makes and sells her own things. See your whole understanding ahks of what authority is, is whorped. Many of your understanding of what authority is, is defiled. You think you can sit on a throne and just issue out orders all day and have your wife slaving and have the kids terrified of you. Some of you all…and you know this is true…I don’t know who you are, I’m just saying it because the Spirit is putting this on my heart but some of you all…your wife, your children hate when you come in the house. Everytime you leave the house…shalom is there. When you come in…all hell breaks out. But you portray yourself as this servant of Yah but your household is hell-bound. I’m talking about hell as in the grave or death. Not the way Christians mean it. But that is real. They don’t want to see you come around. Because you are not exhibiting Yah.

You are making up your authority, man. Because you don’t understand it and you haven’t gone to The Father and asked Him to give you the way like King Solomon. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to bring it to Obadiyah. You don’t have to bring it to another brother. You can just go to Yah and ask Him. Say ‘Yah what am I supposed to do’? Because see we never had authority before. Ahks living in this society, we’ve been beat down. We’ve been stepped on. Our self-esteem has been taken to the ground, to the mud. And then we come into this truth and we find out that in Yah we have authority, that Yah given authority. We don’t know what that is. We abuse it, man. We go screaming at our wives ‘YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT I SAY’! You know. And you haven’t taught her nothing about Yah. You haven’t taught her nothing about the order but you scream at her that she is supposed to do as you say. Why should she do as you say? What have you shown her? Because if the woman if she’s of Yah hey, it just may be but we are going to talk about the women. Y’all ain’t free from here. We will talk about y’all’s rebellion. Because sometimes that is what it is. The brother has to scream at you. Because you are not doing what he says. Do you know why? Because you have a demon on you.

Let’s look at Messiyah’s authority. Let’s go to John, Yahcanan chapter 17. (talks to someone) There you go Ima (mother) love your wives…and we will definitely go to that Scripture. Love your wives as the Messiyah loved the assembly. And do you know what’s so beautiful about that? Is that, that’s the example. How am I to treat my wife? Look at how Messiyah treated the assembly, He gave His life. Had He failed His mission, there would be no us right now. Do you understand? He gave His life. Many of you all…if it came between life and death…somebody was robbing you…you would run and hide behind your wife. And use her as a human shield if someone started shooting. That is how much you love her. Humpf.

John 17:2  This is speaking about Yahoshua. Now Messiyah has authority over all flesh. He has rulership overall flesh… the righteous and the wicked. So the Messiyah is going to be handing out everlasting life to al that Yah has given Him. That is His authority. He has the authority to rule. And we have to do likewise. If He is our head, we have submitted to Him and by submitting to Him we submit to Yah’s order. So likewise, we have to follow what He did. We have to follow what He does. He has authority over all flesh and He has given us a certain amount of authority too. We have authority over our household and we have authority over the flock of the assembly.

Let’s go to Ephesians chapter 1. (talks to someone) There you go ahk, Yahoshua set the standard. How many times did Yahoshua abuse His brothers? Name me one brother that Yahoshua abused. Even when He knew one of his brothers would betray him, what did He say to that brother? Go ahead, do what you got to do. Did He ever get mad at Yahudah, Judas? Did He ever get mad at the ones that were putting Him on the stake? Did He get mad at the chief priests that came to arrest Him that night? What did He tell  Kepha that night? Kepha don’t you know that if I was to pray to Yah, He would send more than 12 legions of angels down here. And they would rip Jerusalem apart. He did not abuse anybody. He didn’t abuse His authority. He had the right authority. And do you know what? Around His inner circle, there was always shalom. Wherever He and His brothers in His inner circle went there was shalom. Because Yahoshua ruled His house well. That’s our example, man. If you see a demon on your brother, you see satan himself come upon your brother, what do you do? Do you start fighting your brother? Do you cast your brother away? Or do you rebuke that demon that’s on him? Like Yahoshua did right. Get behind Me satan, you are an offense to Me, you are on My brother. ‘Kepha satan wishes to sift you like wheat’. Warn your brother. This is how Messiyah ruled evertyhing y’all. I’m just showing you. This is the authority that He has. He has authority over all flesh. This is how He held His authority. He taught as one having authority and that He commanded even the unclean spirits and they obeyed Him. Do you see that? That’s what Yah’s authority does.

Let’s continue. Ephesians chapter 1. and this is not a one-sided lesson. This is not all about ahks. This is not all about women. It’s about both of us. And what we are doing. And what we are Not doing. Because that’s more important, the things that we are not doing. Because if we did those things, the things that we are doing would be corrected. Ephesians 1. And let it be convicted in your heart, you must do better Ysrayl. Don’t be putting out one mask out here and behind closed doors your something else. Yeah we are all striving but don’t make that into an excuse, just do it. You know what you have to do.

Sisters, you know how to submit. Listen to your husband. These Scriptures that we are going to read are going to tell you how to do that. Ahks, you are going to see what your authority is all about. Just do it man. Fight those demons when they try to make you do something else. Fight them! You have the power. You can even defeat them. Do it!

Ephesians 1:20-23 The Messiyah has been given in all authority, power and mastery. v. 22 Messiyah is head of the assembly so He has power over all. The body of Maschiach is His authority. He’s the head. We have to answer to Messiyah, sisters. You have to answer to that man. Now what I’m talking about is the authority of a man, your husband, that’s that first authority. But you are in authority to men. Listen, you don’t have to listen to no stiff-neck. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about righteous men here. We are talking about righteous people here, we are not talking about stiff-necks, alright.

Now brothers, see with authority, we will read this…all authority comes from The Father Yah. Now it may be that sometimes that Yah hasn’t even given you authority. That’s why so many will rebel against you. Not even rebel but you know you just have to wait until the proper authority be given to you from Yah. Sometimes we speak out of turn. Sometimes we do things out of turn and Yah said it’s not your turn yet. I’m not ready for you to say that. I’m not ready for you to do that. And so when we go out and we react to a certain thing that is of our own reaction, that is Yah showing us that hey, ‘you wasn’t supposed to do that’. You weren’t supposed to say that. Because if you were supposed to say that, the proper reaction would have been had. Somebody would have heard it. But if nobody is hearing it, then maybe Yah is not giving you the authority to speak it. So we have to consider all of that. See sometimes we just forget Yah. We say Yah but how many of us sincerely before we move, we go to The Father in prayer? And pray to Him? And ask Him for direction? Yah you know this certain thing is on heart but is this of You? Where did this come from? Do You want me to do this Yah? You know, instead of going off and doing it, man. Because sometimes we go off and do things and BAM and like I say, it’s not of Yah.

Alright, the man’s authority before he can even come to the assembly with any type of authority, his authority starts in his household. It starts in his household. So if you can’t get your household in order, there’s no way you can have order over the assembly. NO WAY. Let’s go to 1 Timothy chapter 3. Because we have ahks that want to come and have authority over the assembly but yet their house is not together yet. You know, so Yah is rejecting that. And He’s not giving you authority over an assembly until you get your house in order. This is where it starts first. If you learn how to rule your house, it’s going to be easy to rule the assembly. It’s going to be easy to rule in the kingdom.

When chaos is your household, there will be chaos in the assembly. Because the same way you run the household is the same way you are going to run the assembly. So Yah is not going to allow that. Like I was saying a moment ago, there’s certain elements of the assembly that are not supposed to be there. No strife, no division, no foulness, no uncleanness, all that stuff, if can not dwell in the assembly of Yah. So if you have any of that and you have not shaked it off at home, Yah’s not going to allow you to have a place in His assembly. 1 Timothy chapter 3. See brothers we have to get this right. This thing starts with us. If Israelite Heritage is out of order, it’s because the ahks are out of order. And the ahkotees are following the leads of the ahks. That’s what causes it. We can’t blame nobody but ourselves on this matter. If we have demons in our midst, it’s because we as ahks let demons come into our midst. And we have not cast them out. That’s our authority. Ahkotees don’t rebel against the authority of a man. If a man is giving you Yah and teaching you right, listen to the man. But if he is giving you foolishness, rebuke him real quick. And the same way ahks. If you see a woman out of order, go and correct her. You have that authority to do so. If she’s a single woman, go and correct her on the side. If she’s married, talk to her husband. Notify him that his wife is out of order. You know, because she did some out of order things. And ahks, if an ahk has to come to you and tell you about your wife, don’t take it as an insult. Just listen to the consul and go and correct your wife. Because she may be under the spell of a demon and not even know it. and then once you bring it to her remembrance, BAM and then you both can repent and you both can pray together.

(talks to someone) There you go ahk, good looking out. You know this is how we have to be as a family, man. We must watch one another’s back y’all. See there is a reason Kepha drew his sword and cut that man’s ear off when he was trying to put his hands on Messiyah. Kepha was watching his brother’s back. Kepha was ready to go to war. Yahoshua said no Kepha this has to be done. He didn’t get mad because Kepha was watching His back and pulled out the sword. He just said hey Kepha this has to be done. They have to take Me away. This is Yah’s will. The Messiyah Himself said if you don’t have a sword hey sell your clothes and go get one. So He never rejected Kepha of carrying a sword. Understand that. Christianity is that sissy religion. You know, turn the other cheek which they don’t even understand what that means and just who that’s talking to. But Yah breeds warriors! Yah breeds brave men and women. James Brown did a song. You youngsters may not know it. What’s it called? Papa don’t allow no punks or take no mess or something like that. That’s real.

Like I said brothers and sisters, this is just a message.  This ain’t aimed to nobody in general but if it’s convicting you, I say praise be to Yah. Change that rebellious way, man. Get it out of your system. We don’t need to be a rebellious people. How can we teach the Gentiles how not to rebel against Yah when we are rebelling against Him? You know.

1 Timothy 3:1-4 Do you see that? This is a man who longs to be an overseer, to oversee the assembly which is a good position. But he should be blameless. The husband of one wife. This is not saying he would be in sin if he takes another wife. He should be blameless to this one wife. If I was sitting up here with 3 wives, half of y’all would not be in here listening to me. Especially y’all sisters. You know that’s all you would point out, ‘Obadiyah has 3 wives over there, I’m not listening to him’. So he said just be blameless. If you are going to oversee the assembly, you are the example to the assembly. So if you are smoking weed. If you are not sensible, if you are not orderly, if you are not kind to strangers, if you are not able to teach, then what are you doing over the assembly? And you are the example? So if we have man that’s sitting over the assembly that is not sober, that is not sensible, that is not in order, that is not kind to strangers and not able to teach then the assembly is going to be likewise. The assembly will not be sober, the assembly will not be sensible, the assembly will not be orderly. Because their example is not like that.

But when we submit ourselves to Messiyah as men and we fall into the order that Yah has laid and we bring forth the same authority as Maschiach brought the same love, the same meekness that He brought, that’s what the assembly is going to do. So the assembly is a reflection of the leader and the leader is the reflection of the assembly.

For me personally, what you see from me here, this is who I am. People who know me in private, this is just who I am. You don’t hear me cussing and screaming because I don’t cuss and scream. You don’t see me lusting…you know tongue hanging out…no woman in this assembly can say that Obadiyah came to me and tried to seduce me. Or Obadiyah came to me and he was talking all sex to me. Not one sister in this assembly can say that. That I’m not married to of course. Because this is how you have to be man, put it off and just be it. Just be it. Be sober, be sensible, be orderly, be kind to strangers and able to teach. Not given to wine. Don’t be a brawler but gentle. Don’t be arguing all the time. Don’t be a lover of money. I can’t be a lover of money because i have none (laughs). So hey, that’s how it has to be y’all.

Kayn Ima (I agree mother/elder) but that is why we have to breed more men like that. And see that’s a reflection of the assembly. If they look at me and say this is how Obadiyah is and this is how we (the assembly) must be, then that’s a blessing. Let’s say that we have 50 men that are apart of Israelites Heritage and if we are all looking at one another for examples and we are all walking that straight walk, then we will have 50 righteous men. Do you know how hard it is to find 50 righteous men in this day? But Yah has blessed us with such. Because we have examples. As long as we submit ourselves to Messiyah and watch and do as He did, then this is how we will be. So we can’t be double-minded men. We have to be one way in front and the same in the back.  We have to be men. Otherwise hey…

1 Timothy 3:12 See men, brothers your authority starts in your house. You have to rule your own house well. Now if your wife is stiff-necked and she rebels against your authority, brother that is not your fault. That is not your fault, that’s just a stiff-necked woman. But if you have a woman who is willing to fall into your authority and you are ABUSING your authority, that’s what I’m talking about. You are not ruling the children in your house well. You are abusing it. Because now you are an ogre. Now you are sitting on your throne. Man, that is not ruling your home. Like I said many of you know. Your own wives hate when you come into the house. And they love it when you are gone. Because when you go shalom returns. When you come in, hell comes in with you. and that’s a sad testimony for your own household. So how in the world do you expect Yah to have you to rule over His assembly, when your household is out of order? Because you have abused your authority.

Let’s go to 1 Peter chapter 3. I don’t have that many Scriptures here. We have talked about these issues before. I’m just going to read what the Word says with some commentary and we will be done.

1 Peter 3:7-9 Do you see that? Give respect. Many of you believe that you are not even supposed to respect your wife because you are a MAN. And that’s beneath you to respect your wife. Some of you believe that.  But he said give respect to the weaker vessel, understanding that satan is going to always be on her back. More so than you. Because satan is going to use her to come at you. So that is why she’s more emotional than you, brother. That is why she’s going to be crying a lot. That’s why she is going to be going through a lot of different emotional issues with you ahk. Because the adversary is attacking her. Ahkotees when you come under those attacks, if you have a husband, he’s your covering. Let him protect you. Don’t hold that stuff back. Because I know a lot of you women when you get into that emotional state, you go silent. You just roll around with your head down. You don’t speak to nobody. You don’t tell your protection, you don’t tell your covering so he can rebuke that devil. And that’s just what satan wants. He wants to isolate you. Just like when a man goes to rape a woman. He doesn’t rape her in the public where everyone can see. He isolates that woman and takes her into a dark corner and does as he wills with her.

That’s the same thing that satan does to you ahkotees. You have to let your husband know. Open your mouth. Let him know what satan is putting on your mind and heart. Because sometimes that brings a lot of strife to the household. Because you don’t talk to your husband, you don’t tell him what’s wrong, you don’t communicated with him. And he’s thinking that he did something wrong. He doesn’t know. Speak to him. Open your mouth. He has to protect you. He has to draw his sword.

But ahks you have to understand she’s the weaker vessel. She’s going to be going  through a lot of emotional things. Sometimes she don’t need you to say nothing. She just needs you to listen. That’s it. But more importantly, ahk she needs you to understand what she’s going through because more so than anybody else, you are the ONLY one, the ONLY one that can understand her. And if y’all have not grown that far together than man y’all need to practice on that. Because the two must become one. So when she’s going through these ills ahks, and it maybe because of something that you are doing. Listen to her. Don’t talk just listen. Let her pour her emotions out so you can fix that situation. Because remember she’s the weaker vessel. Satan is on her back ALL the time. Because he wants you. Satan ain’t going to come up to you. He’s going to come through your wife. He’s going to send all types of things your way ahks but he wants to do it through your wife because that is the one that is closet to you.

v. 8 Look at that. See this is how we have to be…

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Do We need to Speak Hebrew in Order to Understand the Bible?

Speaking in tongues vs. Yah’s understanding: Do we need to speak Hebrew in order to understand the Bible?

News: Homosexuality in United States: The 2010 census, what is the % of those who say they are homosexual? 5% and that number is up only 3 % from the 2000 census. Y’all it’s all propaganda in the news. Everyone is not gay. They manipulate, promote homosexuality. The media promotes mind control. It’s not everywhere. Television, the president promote homosexuality. But most people are not homosexual. The divorce rate is 50% now and 50% of the people are single but these people are fighting for gay marriage. Something is wrong here. This is population extermination not control. This is what they are trying to do. Gayness stops the population from growing. A Christian preacher said put them (homosexuals) on an island so they can die off. The media went after him. He stood up for the Bible. We are not going to knock him for all his beliefs but he stood for the Bible. Don’t be blind to persecution. The Jews did not stand up for each other when the Nazis went after them one by one (Polish Jews, German Jews etc). Persecution will start with Muslims and Christians. And they will end persecution with you. Because you have the full truth, Hebrew Israylite. They (Muslims and Christians) have partial truth.

How to research: This will be the topic of the blogtalk radio show tomorrow at 8 cst.

Backwards: NY grown men can have a relationship with children now but heterosexual marriage is said to be bad now. Babylon is wicked.

Ray J, Brandy’s brother is in the hospital. He was found disoriented in a hotel and did not know who he was. Ain’t that strange? It’s illuminati games y’all. Ray J knows what happened to Whitney. Whitney gave brandy a note before she died. Ray J is the one who found Whitney. He can’t tell what is really going on. Maybe he has started telling. They put him back in line. They will call his number if he doesn’t fall back in line. Just like Nick Cannon. They beat up the presidents. George Bush had a black eye and Bill Clinton had a broken leg.

Obama is a different type of president. He’s hip. He knows African-American culture. They treat him as a nigga. He is from Kenya. Kenya means kayn or yes Yah or I agree Yah.  He is a clone of Akhenaton. He may not be Hamite. There are Israelites in Kenya y’all. Obama may be a ‘brew.

Belize, Caribbean people are always on the move. Caribbean ‘brews tend to move to Europe (U.K) and Canada. The Gentiles believe the Caribbean is paradise but the ‘brews think the Caribbean is cursed. Wherever we go, we are cursed. The curses follow us. We are moving south again in the United States too. The curses still follow us. Return to Yah. This is the best time as it can get for us now. Yeah, Jay Z and Beyonce are not happy either, ask them. We are a cursed people. Have you seen the living conditions of our people living in Kingston, Belize, the world? We are a poverty-stricken people. All we have is Yah. When you fall, all we have is Yah. These jackals will stump you when you fall. Yah extends His hands to us. HalleluYah.

Michelle Obama said if she could be any person…it would be Beyonce.

Movie: Rosemary’s baby: This movie was directed by Roman Polanski who has since left the U.S. because of child molestation charges. Do y’all know his girlfriend Sharon Tate was pregnant when she was killed by Charles Mason and his crew?  Is this a coincidence? The song ‘Helter Skelter’ by the Beetles was about Manson.  The real Paul McCartney was killed in 1966. John Lennon was killed too. Look it up, the Gentiles have researched this. The Beetles had Allister Crowley on their album cover.

Lesson: Do we need to speak Hebrew to hear Yah? This lesson is similar to the lesson called ‘hearing Yah’. How do you know if your hearing Yah’s voice? They believe God and Jesus are one, the same voice…dispensation. They say the law is done away so Jesus does not speak to man. This is not of Yah. This is not Yah speaking. How do we know when Yah is speaking?

Dispensation is not true. Yah says He always sends His words to His prophets so they can go to His people. Dispensation is not the voice of Yah. Religion is not from Yah. Check e-sword’s dictionary. It is the 1828 Webster’s dictionary. It says religion means to re-bind or bind anew; to bind; and make an oath to the gods or elohim. The Romans, namely Constantine made the religion of Christianity.

Servants of satan are preparing for their messiah, the man of sin. They will re-bind man in this religion. In John 8:32 Yahoshua set us free from that. The sum of ALL religions says that everyone can be a god. This is the same ‘ol lie that satan tells them, that they can be gods, Genesis 3:5. Religion is not of Yah, no matter how much they read the Bible. In Jasher 7:45, Nimrod united man to be gods so they could go to heaven to fight Yah. They bowed to Nimrod. He was like a god-king.  This is just like American Idol, the football hall of fame and the Hollywood walk of fame. Satan promises them to be gods. Truth inspires religions but is elusive to them the article says. (He did not give the link to this article).

Before religion there was the mystery school system. Babylon, Egypt, Medieval Europe all had this system. They vowed to the gods just like the doctors today vow to the gods. Religion is a mystery school system. They know they worship satan!

Judaism is for those who don’t know what they worship. Those that know what is going on openly worship the Qabalah. Christianity is for those who don’t know what they worship. Gnosticism/Qabalah is the hidden knowledge they do. Islam is for those who don’t know what they worship. While those that know worship Bating (sp?). Buddhism is for those who don’t know what they worship and Baharyan are the hidden teachings of Buddha.

 John 4:24 Yah is a Spirit. Worship Him in Spirit and Truth. What kind of Spirit?

2 Corinthians 3:17 Yah is Spirit. Yah is freedom. Religion is binding. It is not of Yah.

1 John 4:8 Yah is love. Another attribute of Yah. So we see Yah is freedom and love. Yah is also the fruits of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23 Fruits of the Spirit, these are attributes of the Most High Yah. Psalm 119:142,151 all Yah’s Words are truth.

1 John 5:1-4 Love again. We show Yah love by doing His commandments. Liars, thieves do not love Yah. You either love Him or you don’t. When you are obedient with the fruits of the Spirit, you will hear Yah. Yah’s laws are not hard to do. Keep the Shabbat, dietary law and love your brother. v. 4 Our faith—we must have it to be obedient to Yah. Faith is defined in Hebrews 11:1. We believe Yah is His name, that is faith. We believe Yahoshua is His name, that is faith.

John 14:15-17 The Set-apart Spirit is the Spirit of the Truth the same Spirit Yahoshua had. The truth is Yah’s Word. You believe in the Words. Yahoshua said the comforter would be with us.

1 John 5:4-8 The Spirit is truth=Yah’s Words. It’s not dispensation. It’s not the trinity. Yah bears witness that He sent Yahoshua. Yahoshua was immersed and shed His blood for us. We believe this…faith. Yahoshua was perfect in thoughts, actions and deeds. Yahoshua laid the foundation for us. We to need to be immersed. v. 8 The three are agreeing on one accord. This is not the trinity. We in here all agree to… one accord.

See we don’t need oaths, vows with Yah. We are apart of Yah’s way via our actions.

Romans 10:1-17, v. 1-3 Matthew 6 says seek the kingdom of Yah first and not lean on our own understanding. Our own understanding=religion because gods etc, sin. v. 4 Messiyah is the goal—what does this mean? Strive for perfection. Christ teaches you that it’s ok to backslide. But Hebrews 10:25-29 Yah says there is no forgiveness for willful sinning. That’s rebellion. Christianity teaches back sliding but Yah said tomorrow is not promised. Get it right you are not promised tomorrow. Don’t look for a stumbling block to fall. Yes, Yah does have mercy if we do fall and He knows our hearts. Romans 6 says we are not to be a slave to sin. Romans 8 Shaul tells us to walk in the truth, put off that old person, be perfect. v. 5-9 If you talk it, walk it, if you really believe in Yahoshua. v. 10-14 So how can you know Yah if you have not been taught about Yah. They say the God of Israel. The pharisees held the scrolls but did not see Yahoshua in front of them. It doesn’t matter where you read from, it matters if you have Yah’s Spirit and Truth. They read it but didn’t give Yah’s Word. v. 15-17 Belief comes from hearing the Word of Yah. Christian preachers don’t give Yah’s Word. It doesn’t matter where he’s reading from.  In dispensation/religion, they add and take away from Yah’s Words. It’s dead (works) and not of the living Yah.

The above part of the lesson was given by Brother Moshe. The next part of the lesson is given by Brother Obidayah.

In the United States, the official language is English. 393 years ago we spoke another language. Yah brought this Bible over here because He knew we would speak English. You can’t limit Yah’s authority to one language.

Once upon a time everyone spoke the same language.

Genesis 11:1-9 Shinar=Iraq, v. 1-4 Mission Impossible 3 they were climbing down the Dubai Tower. This tower was once the highest tower in the world. Now the highest tower is in Japan. There is also a Sears tower. So this tower they are building here is no ordinary tower. v. 5-9 They wanted a tower to go to heaven to fight Yah. Babel means confusion. Babylon means the land of confusion. Yah confused the speech.

You understand that Poseidon of the Greeks is Neptune of the Romans. And that Zeus of the Greeks is Jupiter of the Romans. The knowledge of the gods goes across all languages. Language is understood.

Catholics killed people who translated the Bible. William Tinsdale (sp?) Englishmen who translated it—so they could keep people in confusion and tell them what they wanted to tell them. The Bible was translated from Hebrew to Greek not Aramaic. But you don’t say we have to know Greek. Yah speaks to us in multiple tongues. The Bible is translated in many languages. It’s just about the only book in the world that is translated into every language. Did y’all know Ebonics is a language? Yeah, the FBI has translators for that—for street language.

Ezekiel 3:5-6 This is paleo Hebrew that Yahzeqyl speaks. They will not understand you, your own people. But if I send you to this other people, they will understand. See Ysrayl makes things complicated. You don’t need to learn Hebrew by a deceived Jew. Keep it simple.

Acts 2:1-2, v. 1-2 Tomorrow you will see ‘brews trying 2 keep this feast here instead of Jerusalem as Yah says. v. 3-4 They spoke in many languages. v. 5 All these Hebrews are from different languages. v. 6 Yah spoke to them in the language they were familiar with. v. 7 They were from Yahudah but they understood. v. 8-11 They spoke Yah’s Words in their own tongue. They did not speak Hebrew. v. 12 What does this mean? No need for tongues in the old testament because there was not scattering  back then. Now we are scattered to the 4 corners. Yah’s Spirit will have you speaking another language. His Words will be interpreted by someone. In church they speak the words of demons—speaking in tongues in church=demonic talk.

Speaking in tongues is needed now because we are scattered to the 4 corners. Hebrew is deceptive now. There are 50,000 Hebrew words today. In Moses’ time there were only 8,000 to 10,000 Hebrew words. These concordance and Bible dictionaries can be deceptive. They are deceptive.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 Some  speak in tongues and some have the gift of interpreting language. We all have Spiritual gifts to esteem Him. You may need to speak in tongues or interpret one day.

There was a pastor that knocked people out with his ring. (laughs). They people claimed to have the holy ghost. Do y’all know Christians have  speaking in tongues schools?

1 Corinthians 14:1-40, v. 1-5 Prophets build up the assembly and it is better than speaking in tongues but you can prophesy in tongues too. v. 6-11 You have to understand the language spoken to you. v. 12-14 Interpreting benefits you. We came to the truth in English. v. 15-16 How can you say Amein or halleluYah if you don’t understand? This is what he is saying. v. 17-22 Speaking in tongues is for unbelievers. Prophesying is for believers. The assembly does not need speaking of tongues. v. 23 Jibber-Jabber does not profit us. v. 24-26 All this is for the upbuilding of the assembly. v. 27 One interpreter must be present. v. 28-34 Shaul said women be quiet…I did not say this. v. 35 No women should be teaching in assembly this is saying like in the churches. v. 36-40 Prophesy but don’t forbid speaking in tongues. Use it when it is needed—have order in assembly. It’s a gift. These church profit from speaking in tongues. They twist meanings to get those tithes.

Luke 24:44-46 Yahoshua’s brothers (12) did not understand that He was supposed to be killed. This is why they hid when he as being killed. He opened their understanding after He rose. He taught in Hebrew from the law, prophets and Psalms. Understand the Word through Yah’s Spirit not just Hebrew. Yah’s Ruach comes down and teaches understanding.

 Exodus 31:1-6 v. 3 Yah filled him with knowledge and understanding. v. 6 they had wisdom to build the ark. Language can deceive, you must have Yah’s Spirit with you. You just need understanding. Yah is going to restore our language in time. Yahweh, Yahcwah, Yahwahshi—confusion. Yah’s name is One. Just Yah. Some people fight over translations too. The good news books tell the same events y’all. Those 4 brothers told others what happened and they wrote it down. In the German translations Yah’s name is in the translation. Simple. English is the language of deception—words like ‘maybe’ are deceptive.

The holy ghost is a real spirit. They say something pushes them to the ground. TEXT: I know someone who went to the hospital every week catching the holy ghost.

It’s the same voodoo spirit. Satan knows what you like.

A Jesuit priest said Islam was created by Catholics. The warlock, Vatican Assassin  Charlie Sheen said he is not crazy. He acts crazy so they will not kill him. The Vatican tortured people in the middle ages y’all. They dress in black robes. Mother, son, holy father—this is the new trinity they say. It’s the sacred dark feminine or goddess worship. They are getting people ready for this.  John Paul II, the pope before him only lasted 30 days. They tried the longest to kill John Paul II. He was a wicked pope. He ended the cold war. The Berlin wall being brought down was his doing to unite them.

Move: The darkest war’ referenced.

Iran and Israel: Dimona and southern Iran: They both want to kill the ‘brew in the nuclear areas. It’s for sacrificing.

Movie: ‘Battleship’: This is a navy propaganda movie. It’s not as good as ‘the avengers’.

Now Batman (2008), Spiderman and the Avengers are the highest grossing movies. Why  do all these superheroes movies have no ‘brews? Because the fallen angels will be Gentiles when they return. We don’t worship brews but we love the Gentiles. And for the black power people…they will give them black angels.

Q: I had a DNA conversation and the person asked me why doesn’t our DNA have lineage in Iraq? A: DNA tests are deceptive. They were made by the Jews. They compare their DNA not ours. Remember we have all DNA. We have been in many captivities—Arabs, Greek, African. Yah said we would be known by the curses not DNA. Did y’all know mixed children of the slave masters were put in the fields too. The wife didn’t want the light-skinned ones in the house as a reminder. The darker ‘brews worked in the house like mammy from ‘Tom and Jerry or Butterfly in ‘gone with the wind’.

Q: Is it ok to join a sorority? A: They do pagan rituals, sexual rituals. They take secret oaths like mystery schools of Egypt and Babylon. They haze. They chant with candles. Its by invitation only. It is fully satanic. Did y’all see the hazing down in Florida? Sororities and fraternities opens doors to being a satanist.

Q: Is Hebrew a pure language. A: Hebrew became unpure as we became unpure. We started to worship like them.

Q: lunar Shabbat? A: Exodus 20:8-11, Moses tells them why they keep Shabbat. The 7th day. Keep it simple. Isaiah 1:13-14 Yah is tired of your new moons.

Q: Is wearing fur and pig skin leather against the law? Didn’t people where camel skin leather? A: Most leather is cowhide. Footballs are cowhide. and likely basketballs too since they are bought made by the Wilson company. Yahcanan the Immerser wore camel-hair. We don’t wear pig skin, we are not to even touch that. Dead animals used to make fur…that’s unclean. Gator shoes are unclean. (laughter in the room).

Q: Are tattoos wrong? Or only wrong if you get one for the dead? A: tattoos are a no-no. Don’t scar your body. Lev. 19:28.

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Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles p. 3

…So this angel sent this man to who? Kepha, an Israelite. And the angel told him, ‘he has words for you’. ‘He’s going to teach you the truth’. Because it has been given to the hand of the Israelites to teach the strangers, to teach the Gentiles the ways and the truth of Yah. And that’s what we are seeing right here a heart open to the children of Ysrayl and open to Yah. So this man is not going to have a problem hearing this truth from an Israelites. He’s not going to say, ‘well listen man, I already know all that man’. ‘You don’t have to tell me all that, I pray to Yah everyday’. He didn’t say all this as some of the Gentiles have said today. v. 24-25 Look at That! The humility! This man was so excited he went and got his relatives and went and got his friends. Because he knew a servant of Yah was coming in his midst. And he fell down in obedience to this man. Now look at what Kepha says. v. 26 Kepha said hey listen, I’m just a man. You don’t bow down to me. You don’t have to do that. But this is just showing the humility.

Remember when we did the lesson on prayer and we saw that bowing down at the foot was a way of doing obedience to a king, paying him honor and respect. So when Cornelius saw Kepha come through that door, that’s what he was giving him…the honor of a king. Kepha said stand up man, I’m just a man myself. This is Kepha still being humble. Some Israelites out there today man, I got that video on my PDA on my computer. But there is a video of these brothers in New York telling a Gentile that he has to bow down and kiss their feet. And the Gentile says ok, I’m going to bow down and do I kiss your feet now or what? Am I still going to hell? Because they told him that the Gentiles cannot get salvation. And they have this man on camera bowing down and kissing their feet.

But right here, Cornelius and Kepha…this is righteous. Cornelius is doing this out of honor and respect. And Kepha is correcting him. ‘Hey, I’m just a man, you don’t have to do that’. But many Israelites out there say no-no get down further, no-no a little further. You know, stay down there for five more minutes. Just wickedness. But you must keep that humility brothers and sisters. v. 27-28 Do you see that? Now Kepha is giving you the understanding. ‘Yah told me that I should not call any man common or unclean’. He’s not talking about food. Food was just used as an example or symbolism. But Kepha said hey, you know that it’s an unlawful thing for us Israelites to come to anybody of another nation. Because this was the mindset of Ysrayl. Because when Yah said I call you to be a separate people, this was a mystery to them that they didn’t know that they were going to be teaching the strangers and the Gentiles.

So when Yahoshua came and told them hey, don’t go into any city of the Gentiles. ‘I’m only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Ysrayl’. They didn’t comprehend that fully. So now Yah had to come to Kepha and give him understanding. Remember Kepha walked side by side with Yahoshua. This is the same Kepha. So Yah gave him understanding. So now the Israelites understand that the Gentiles can be brought into the truth. Now they are starting to comprehend that. v. 29 So now he understands not to call any man uncommon or unclean and this is why I have come here. Now, this is why.

v. 30-35 Let me read verse 35 to you again. Fears who? Fears Yah. This is about a righteous order. He sent the word to the children of Ysrayl, bringing the Good News, peace or shalom through Yahoshua the Messiyah. He is Master of all. v. 37-48 Do you see that? That Set-apart Spirit came down upon them, opened up their understanding, now they understood even greater. Now they are ready to be immersed. They were speaking in tongues or languages brothers and sisters. Do you see what happens? Do you see how that Gentile had a humbled heart? He was kind to the Israelites. He made a big things about Kepha coming to bring him that truth. That’s how it goes brothers and sisters.

But these other Gentiles that come in with agendas and want to proclaim themselves as being greater than Yah’s people and al this other madness…It ain’t for them. That’s time wasted, even if you are trying to bring them to the truth. But for those who have humbled themselves…of the Gentiles, they have humbled themselves. (talks to someone) That’s right. You must come in with humility. Notice Cornelius did not come in trying to teach Kepha. When Kepha came, he understood. And when Kepha started talking he shut up. And he received what he was going to receive. Cornelius received the gift of the Set-apart Spirit and salvation through Yahoshua Messiyah.

No Cornelius was not an Israelite. This man was an Italian. He was a Gentile. There is a difference between and Israelite and the Gentile and in part 2, this is what we will talk about. (So far there is no part 2)

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 8. See Gentiles have to have that humbleness brothers and sisters. Let’s read this since we are reading about humble Gentiles. Check this out.

Matthew 8:1-12, v. 1 This is speaking about Yahoshua. v. 2-3 Man, brothers and sisters this is powerful stuff right here. But do you know that when we are ready, this thing will be done to us. We will have that power. That’s beautiful. This man came to Yahoshua humbly and said ‘if you desire to heal me, I know it will be done’.  And Yahoshua said ‘I desire to do so because of your belief’. That is what it is all about… your belief. v. 4 Yahoshua told him to keep the law because after he was cleansed of his leprosy there were animals that we had to bring to the temple for the priests to slaughter. Yahoshua told him to still go according to the Torah, to the priests and show them that you have been cleansed of your leprosy. And bring the gift that is in the law. See Yahoshua was a Torah teacher.

v. 9-10 Naw, because it was because of Ysrayl’s lack of belief that they were going to have the Messiyah put to death. But He said not even in Ysrayl…(is there this great faith). v. 11-12 He says many Gentiles will come and sit with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom. The Gentile had great humility. He knows that all Yahoshua has to do is speak the Word and it shall be done. He said I am a man of authority. He’s telling Yahoshua he’s under authority. He’s under the authority of Yah. This captain understood that. Yahoshua said I have not seen great faith like this even in Ysrayl. The sons of the kingdom are the children of Ysrayl. They will be in outer darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth in the lake. He’s talking about these Israelites out here teaching falsely. This whole kill whitey-thing. They say ‘whitey can’t come into the kingdom’. And Gentiles this and that. He’s talking about them. They are going outside of the kingdom and there will be Gentiles inside the kingdom chillin’ with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You know, drinking new wine and talking with them. And these disobedient Israelites will be outside living in the Mad Max ‘beyond the thunderdome’ type of world. You know with all kind of chaos. A Will Smith ‘I am legend’ type of world with monsters and wild animals and all that craziness.  So He’s saying that hey those that have the great faith, belief will be brought into the kingdom. We are the sons and daughters of the kingdom (the Israelites). The kingdom was made for us. And He said some of those that the kingdom was made for, they will not even see the kingdom.

See, the Gentiles have to come to us brothers and sister and we have to bring them to Yah. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 16. (talks to someone) You got to leave those ninja turtles alone brothers, they will get you put out of the kingdom into utter darkness. You definitely don’t want to listen to them.

Yeremiyah 16:19 The Gentiles are going to humble themselves and they are going to come to us and say ‘our fathers have inherited falsehoods’. ‘Christianity is lie’. They will come saying that. Remember the steps of repentance. Humble yourself, admit that your sin is wrong and admit it first. Humble yourself. And then you have to turn away from that. So the Gentiles are going to repent of this madness that they are involved in. Some of them will. They will come and say that their fathers have inherited vanities, falsehood, futility and there’s no value in them.

Let’s go to Zechariyah 8:23. Once they say what they just said, this is what they will say (in Zechariyah 8). (talks to someone) Yeah a lot of them are not. They will stay with that Christ mess.

Zechariyah 8:23 So that when they come to you and say that our fathers have given us all this falsehood. Then the next thing that they will say to us is ‘hey, we are going to go with you, for we have heard that Yah is with you’. They will grab hold of the tassels the edge of the garments. They will grab hold of a TASSEL! There’s power in those tassels. You saw that the people grabbed Yahoshua’s tassels to be healed. So they will grab on the edge of our tassels saying we will go with you. For we have heard Yah is with you. Who? Yah is with the children of Ysrayl. So they are going to understand. Now they have to be taught by these children of Ysrayl.

So brothers and sisters there has to be a level of humility among the Gentiles. Let’s look at this, the behavior of the Gentiles when they are brought in. How should they behave? Should they come and kick against Ysrayl? Should they come and kick Ysrayl out of the way? Let’s go to Romans chapter 11. Let’s look at the behavior of the Gentiles. Because Shaul had to put this thing down in his day. Romans 11. So once the Gentiles have humbled themselves, came into the Israelites. Once they have come into the fold…now what? Let’s look at this.

Romans 11:14-27, v. 14 He is talking about Israelites here. v. 15-17 So right here he’s calling the Gentiles a wild olive tree. The tree represents Yah with many branches and so some of the branches became wicked. Some of Ysrayl fell off. So now he’s saying that you are a wild olive tree and you don’t fit into the branch. Now grafted in just means to come into unity, to be connected. Like a branch falls off and you put another branch next to it. Let’s say that you have an apple tree or something and one of the branches fall off. And you get another branch and put in there. And you let it grow roots so it can grow in with that tree. So to be grafted in just means to be united. It said you are a WILD olive tree…Gentiles. You were wild. So you have been grafted in among them and came to share the root, fatness of the olive tree. v. 18 Remember you are not part of the root so don’t come in here thinking that you are better than the children of Ysrayl. Don’t come in here Lou White thinking that now you can teach the children of Ysrayl. Yeah we can come and glean from your research but don’t come in here thinking now you can branch and brag against the children of Ysrayl. ‘Oh Yah did away with the children of Ysrayl’. ‘We’re the new Israelites now’. The Gentiles are the Israelites now, that’s what some of them teach.

So this is what Shaul is talking about. Don’t boast against, Gentile. You have to humbly come in here. Do you all think that Cornelius boasted when he came into it? Naw. Do you think those Gentiles that are going to come to us and say ‘we have heard Yah is with you and our fathers have inherited vanity’. Do you think they will come in here boasting? Naw. They are coming here looking for Yah. That is why the first step of repentance is humility. They first have to humble themselves because many of them look at us as the ‘N’ word. the N-I-G-G-A. Some will say ‘I’m not listening to them. Look at them. They look at us and say ‘there’s no way in the world y’all are the Israelites’. ‘There ain’t no black people in the Bible’. All kind of insults they throw at us. But yet they think they can come in here and be part of Yah’s people. (talks to someone) That’s right, no respect. They just constantly disrespect us.

So they just come in and do what they want to do. or think that. Shaul told them not to boast against it. Remember you do not bear the root. We are the root (the Israelites).  We are the part of the tree that bears the root. The root is stuck in the ground. So Ysrayl is there from the beginning. Continues reading. v. 19 So he is saying you better be glad some branches were broken off so you can be grafted in. v. 20-21 Natural branches=Israelites. So you coming in here bragging and boasting.. and if Yah kicked out some Israelites for their disobedience and not being humble…He will do the same thing to you Gentile. So you can’t come into this thing with that attitude. Because the same thing will happen to you. Don’t be haughty (arrogant) he said Gentile but fear. Don’t try to come against the children of Ysrayl. Don’t be arrogant.

v. 22-23 Look at this. There’s hope for those disobedient Israelites. They can be grafted back in and become once again part of the natural branch. Yah can do it again but first they must repent. They have to become humbled. Repent of that foolishness that they are involved in. Repent of those things that got them cast off the tree in the first place. Repent Ysrayl. Why won’t you repent? v. 24 See that?! He said the Gentiles are WILD by nature. It’s their nature to be wild. (continues to read). So he’s saying for them to come into this, it’s contrary, it goes against their nature to come into this olive tree. This is what Shaul is saying. Because those Gentiles brothers and sisters have always been known as a wild bunch. They always have been known as a wild bunch. Just about every man on earth has testified to that wildness. The Arabs, when the Arabs went up there in the 8th century. The Arabs were shocked at those Gentiles and just the wildness that they were doing…beastility, they would not clean themselves. So the Arabs reported about all of the plagues that were coming unto the Europeans Gentiles. This is just the truth. This is not racism. This is truth, they were a wild bunch. So it said you are going contrary to nature. And being grafted into a good olive tree. How much more will those who are natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree? So if Yah’s giving forgiveness to the Gentiles, He will give those who have rebelled against Him, of the natural tree of the children of Ysrayl.

So if you Gentiles can get salvation, don’t come in and think you can throw the rest of Ysrayl away. You must have humbleness. You must have kindness and pray to Yah that their understanding is opened and they be brought back to Yah again. (talks to someone) Yeah it testifies to these people. That’s why the children of Ysrayl, they found out about these wild Gentiles. Now this is not racist. This is just the Scriptures and bringing that understanding. This is history. History says that they were a wild group. v. 25 So the nation of Ysrayl in part will continue to be blind until the fullness of the Gentiles come in. So Yah has a set number of how many Gentiles will be brought into the truth. ‘Into the completeness of the Gentiles be brought in’. v. 26 He’s not talking about all Ysrayl will be saved as in the disobedient too. He’s talking about all of the righteous Israelites shall be saved. v. 27-28 So Shaul broke it down. When y’all come in here Gentiles, y’all can’t boast against the Israelites. You can’t think you are better than the Israelites. Just like Lou White is doing. Just like Just like Yisrayl Hawkins. they don’t pay us no mind. And we are trying to tell them what the real deal is….we are the children of Ysrayl but more importantly this is the full understanding of Scripture. So we are trying to bring this to them but they don’t want to understand.

 Turn with me to Ephesians chapter 2. The Ephesians were a group of European people.

Ephesians 2:11-14, v. 11 So he said you are Gentiles in the flesh, who are called the uncircumcised. Because that is the way that we (Hebrews) referred to the Gentiles. We called them the uncircumcised because we were circumcised. Circumcised meant that we were part of the covenant. And they were called uncircumcised because they were not apart of the covenant. They were just too wild, you know as we looked at them. v. 12-14 So now he is saying hey, y’all can come in now. The blood of the Messiyah is there. So he’s saying that y’all were without Yah…excluded from the citizenship (commonwealth) of Ysrayl. So now you can come in and partake in the citizenship of Ysrayl. Remember there’s one law for the stranger, one law for the Israelite. It’s just like if I were t go today and become a citizen of France. That means that I would have to do as the French do, in order to become a citizen of that country. I would have to learn the French language. I would have to learn the French customs. And learn the French laws for me to be declared a French citizen.

So likewise when the Gentiles come in, in order for them to be declared a citizen of Ysrayl, they have to learn the custom, learn the laws, learn the language, learn the mannerisms. And they too can become a citizen of this people, Ysrayl. They can become a commonwealth now because Messiyah has come and he’s brought us closer. We are all Ysrayl. Let’s go to Galatians chapter 3.

Galatians 3:28 (this is read from the translation of the Bible called the Scriptures). Yahudite nor Greek…do you see that? We are now one in Messiyah. Now understand this word is used right here for a reason. There is a great understanding why it is used. He said there is neither Yahudah nor Greek. Now remember once again he’s using the term Greek. Greek right here is just a reference for those Gentile nations. Now the reason that he said there is neither Yahudah nor Greek is because this represents the separation. Remember Yahudah (Judah) represented the separation of Ysrayl. After the death of King Solomon, when Yah took the kingdom from Solomon’s hand, He sent 10 tribes to the north (Ysrayl) and 2 t the south (Yahudah). and that separation, Yahudah was in the south, the 10 tribes to the north kept that name beta-Ysrayl or the house of Ysrayl. So Yahudah represents separation from the nation of Ysrayl. So he’s saying that Yahudah and Greek, Greek representing those Gentiles, they were separated from the nation of Ysrayl. Son now we are all one in the Messiyah. We are all ONE in the Messiyah. So that is what he is saying. So they can come in and partake. They can become citizens and enjoy the commonwealth of Ysrayl.

Now as we have seen, well let me just go here about the doctrine that Yah has cast away Ysrayl. Let’s look at that. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 31. Has Yah cast away His people, Ysrayl? Has this been done? Because we see today that for those Gentiles to be brought in they still have to come among Ysrayl. And when they come among Ysrayl, we don’t even consider them Gentiles anymore. We consider them ahks or ahki (brothers) or ahkotes or ahkotees (sisters). Once they have shown that humbleness in their hearts and come to Yah and come to Ysrayl to be taught. They are one of us, man.

(kayn) not immersing themselves, that is a wild one right there. You must get immersed brothers and sisters. Immersing is important for your walk. You must be immersed. We are trying to get around to immerse y’all. We are setting this thing up. Praises be to Yah in Yahoshua’s name. Stay prayed up.

Has Ysrayl been cast away as many in the deceived world says? You get the Gentiles, Christians, all these people saying that Ysrayl is cast away. Yeremiyah 31, this should humble all of Ysrayl reading this.

Yeremiyah 31:35-37 So isn’t that out of the mouth of Yah? Yah said these wild Gentiles with their big brains can search out the heavens as they think they are doing but Yah is only allowing them to see a little corner of the heavens. Let’s say you are looking at your computer screen right now. Let’s say that, that represents the heavens. Then you look over in the right hand corner and the smallest portion of your right hand corner is what the Gentiles are allowed to see. So now he is thinking he is a god because he can see that little spot in the heavens and thinks he knows something. He doesn’t know anything. So the Gentiles have not searched out the earth. They don’t know how deep the earth is. They don’t know what’s under the earth. They claim they know but they don’t know. So Yah said if all that happens, then He would cast away Ysrayl. So we see that the sun is still shining at day, the moon and stares shines at night. That whole ordinance is still going. The waves are roaring so Ysrayl is still a nation before Yah. Yah has not cast away His people.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 41. This is coming out the mouth of Yah. Isaiah 41. Some want to believe that deceived doctrine saying ‘well brother you are reading from the old testament’. The old testament is part of The Book and I’m going to read something from the new, to let you see.

Yesiyah 41:9  By the mouth of 2 or 3 witness (all matters are declared). We just read in Yeremiyah that Yah said H has not cast His people away. Yah went even deeper to say if you can search out the heavens and the foundations of the earth then Ysrayl would be cast away. But that’s not going to happen. He has not cast away (rejected) Ysrayl. It’s right here, out of His mouth. I have not rejected you. I have not cast you away.

Let’s go to Romans chapter 11. Let’s go back to Romans 11. (talks to someone) That’s right no one has taken our place. And do you know what? From the day that he chose us, from the day He made the covenant with us and promised our father Abraham, that blessing…we still are that people today. We still are that set-apart people who bring a blessing upon the earth, to bring the world into righteousness. Do you see how deep that is? Man, that is a big  job! There are 5 1/2 billion people on the earth. We have to teach them the ways of Yah or if you walk in your righteousness, you will be judging them. Man, what Yah has planned for you brothers and sisters, we will read that in just a moment…it is awesome!

Romans chapter 11. Has Yah cast away Ysrayl? The 2 witnesses we just seen (Yeremiyah and Yesiyah) said no. Let’s get a third witness from the new testament. For those of you who want to be a new testament Christian…whatever that is.

Romans 11:1-4, v. 1-2 Who are the people He foreknew? The Israelties. v. 3-4 So right here he (Shaul) is saying Yah has not cast away His people. Just because there is some unbelief in Ysrayl, just because there are some wicked Israelites that doesn’t mean that the whole nation is done away with. Because that’s the argument of these Gentiles and these deceived preachers today, is that Ysrayl failed. Ysrayl was so wicked that Yah had to cast them off and bring a new people. That’s not right. But you see Yah has NOT cast away His people. He has not rejected His people. Yah is going to bring us to the fullness of this walk brothers and sisters. And when we come into the fullness oh it’s going to be something awesome.

Turn with me to Zephaniyah. We have a few more verses to go after this. And what I get into after this…oh this is the good stuff. The good stuff is coming up after we read this in Zephaniyah. Well, all of it is good stuff but just understanding about where these wicked Gentiles stand. Because everything that I’m talking about now, this is pertaining to the righteous Gentiles. Those sojourners that have joined themselves, who have been grafted into the tree, this is pertaining to them and their righteous walk and our interaction with them. BUT, wicked Gentiles that refuse (reject). Oh, Yah has something for them.

(talks to someone) What are we to teach the Gentiles? One law for the stranger, one law for the Israelite.

Zephaniyah 3:19-20, v. 19 Yah said everywhere where we have been put to shame, He is going to give us a name and fame. v. 20 So He is going to give us a name and praise when I turn back your captivity. Just like we read those Gentiles will come and say, ‘we have heard Yah is with you’. You are going to be famous. Everybody will know who the children of Ysrayl are. Zephaniyah is saying this is when the kingdom is set up. The people of the earth will be praising you, Ysrayl. ‘Let’s grab hold of the Israelites’ they will say. ‘Let’s learn the ways of Yah’. Man, halleluYah!

Now let’s go to Isaiah, for those wicked Gentiles that don’t want to hear this truth. That don’t want to fall in line. That don’t want to humble themselves. Alright, Yah has something for you. They want to continually oppress the children of Ysrayl out of their own hearts. Going overboard. Going further than what Yah has called you to do. Yah called you to come down upon the children of Ysrayl but you have gone overboard. Because you have been influenced by the adversary. This is for those wicked Gentiles. Isaiah 14:1-7. This lines up with what we just read in Zephaniyah chapter 3:19-20.

Yesiyah 14:1-7, v. 1 read. v. 2 So this is speaking about those Gentiles, you will be servants…those wicked Gentiles. But the strangers are going to join themselves to Ysrayl, those who have opened their arms to Yah, that want to walk with Yah. They have opened their hearts so they are joined to us. But right here…these servants these are the wicked Gentiles. Those who took the children of Ysrayl captive, we will take them captive and they will be slaves. We will rule over our oppressors. This iw when we come back into the kingdom. v. 3-7 So halleluYah. Yah has something planned for those that don’t want to join onto Ysrayl, those that don’t want to come into this truth the way Yah has set it up. And those who want to continually oppress Ysrayl…humpf that is what is going to happen to you. You will be servants.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 60. And this is the last one. We are going to read this entire chapter. And this will be the end of the lesson.

We are talking about the same time period, when we read in Zephaniyah, we are talking about when the kingdom is set up. What we just read in Isaiah 14 is when the kingdom is set up. What we are reading here…the same time period.

Yesiyah 60:1-22, v. 1-5 So all this richness that is in the world is going to be given back to the children of Ysrayl. Yah took the riches of the world out of our hands because of our disobedience and He’s going to give it back to us through our righteousness. v. 6-9 So the ships of Tarshish first. Tarshish is Spain’s ancient name. So the ships of Spain are coming first to bring your sons and daughters from afar. Because it was the ships of Spain that brought us into this captivity first. The ships of Portugal and Spain brought us into the western hemisphere as captives. So Yah said that their ships are going to come first to bring us from afar, their silver and their gold. v. 10 You are going to be serviced by kings, presidents, they will come and bow at your feet because you will be ruling them. v. 11 Look at this! Your gates will be open all day, all night because the Gentiles will be constantly bringing you gold and silver…day and night. You will be like a god to these people. You will be like a god in their sight. Now this is after the kingdom (is set up), after you have come into the kingdom. This is after you have gotten your eternal life. After you have gotten your Spiritual body. Yahoshua said, ‘I’m going to make you rulers, kings and priests. You will be ruling over the people. And you will be a priest because you will be ministering to the people. A king rules and a priest ministers. So you will be kings and priests of Yahoshua and Yah. Meaning you will be a ruler and that you will be ministering to them to bring them this truth. v. 12 See this is what will happen to the wicked Gentiles that did not join themselves. Yah said if they DON”T serve you, they will be UTTERLy laid to waste. v. 13-14 Look at this. Yah said the SONS of those who afflicted you. So those Gentiles that want to stand up today and say ‘well slavery was a long time ago’. ‘That was my great, great, great, great grandfather’. ‘I didn’t have nothing to do with that’. Yah said their sons who afflicted you. So y’all ain’t getting away with this. We were punished for the sins our ancestors, what makes you think you will get away from the sins of yours? Once again, He said the sons of those who afflict you come bowing down to you. And all those who despise you shall bow themselves at the sole of your feet…the KKK, skinheads, the U.S. government who despises us…you will come bowing down to us. They will call you City of Yah, Zion of the Set-apart One of Ysrayl. This Scripture right here Isaiah 60:14 goes exactly with Zephaniyah 3:19-20 and they both go with Revelation 3:9. These Scriptures go together. They all speak of the same time period.

(My sidenote: The other day I was watching this show called ‘American Digger’. It comes on the Spike Channel. The host was in Aiken, South Carolina for this episode. There use to be 18 slave plantations in the area. One Gentile lady told them to get off her property and that slavery was in the past so leave it in the past. They went to another plantation where the Gentiles that lived there agreed to let them dig for one day. The most valuable thing they found was a slave Identification tag made of metal. The plantation owners use to rent slaves from the Charleston area because Charleston slaves were known to have skills like blacksmithing. Anyway, the American Digger host made a total of 5 thousand dollars on the dig. And guess what? The owners of the plantation got a thousand dollar cut of the money. So the sons and daughters are still profiting. I just saw this show last week and it was a brand new episode.)

v. 15-22 There you go. Ain’t that a beautiful chapter? Yah just broke it down. So when we come back to the land, we will be ruling the Gentiles. The Gentiles will not be ruling us. There will be Israelite kings in the land, not Israeli prime ministers. So this is real, Ysrayl. This is truth. This is what Yah has planned for you. And when Yah brings you back and when Yah shakes the foundation of the world to bring you back, EVERYBODY in the world will know what this deal is all about. The whole world will know, that you are the children of Ysrayl. He already told you, ‘I’m going to give you fame, make you famous among the people. I already showed you that the people will come and say ‘I have heard Yah is with you’! EVERYBODY will know who the children of Ysrayl are. Ain’t no sneaking around. Yah’s going to make this thing real. And He’s going to shake the bottom of the earth. Turn it upside down to bring each and every one of his people back. Ain’t no game. All we have to do is sit down here and wait and get in where we fit in…do what we have to do. Bring forth this truth. Teach one another. Uplift one another. Be each other’s brother’s keeper or sister’s keeper. Do what pleases Yah. Do what’s right in His sight. Don’t vex or bother the stranger. Bring him in and teach him about Yah. Man, this is powerful. Because Yah is going to make you a god to these people brothers and sisters.

Remember we were talking about the bowing down right. Bowing down is showing reverence for…well, I’m going to end it right here. I thought that was the last Scripture but I will end it right here. Revelation 3:9, you all know what this says. But let’s get a greater understanding.

Revelation 3:9 He said that they are coming to worship before our feet…bowing down. Because Yah is going to make you like a god to these people. And that’s why they will be constantly bringing gold and silver to you…day and night. The riches of the Gentiles shall ours. HalleluYah. Todah Yah (thank you Yah). Amein. And I’m not giving up my crown for foolishness. I am not going to allow Christianity to take my crown. I’m not going to allow Islam to take my crown. I’m not going to allow Egyptology to take my crown. Because the crown that Yah has for us is GREAT. You just read it. So there you have it brothers and sisters…Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles.

Y’all know how it goes now. This is just part 1. The Gentiles are Europeans, they can be brought in. But first, right now we are to bring Ysrayl and…wake Ysrayl up first. And Yah will soon wake up emissaries to go directly to the Gentiles and bring them in. So halleluYah for that brothers and sisters, halleluYah.

That’s right black Jews, too, I will not allow them to take my crown away. You can’t do it. You must stay where Yah wants us to go. How can we teach the world righteousness, if we have not become righteous? If we are still in unrighteous thoughts or religions…Yah did not give us a religion. Cut off, the end of the lesson.

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Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles p. 2

Now understanding the Gentiles. Understanding the stranger. Let’s look at Ysrayl’s duty. So Ysrayl will know where they fit in, in this sect. Then we will see how the Gentile is to be brought in. Because he was a wild bunch, I’m telling you brothers and sisters. He was a wild bunch. Still is. I’m talking about that wild Gentile. I’m not talking about that one who has humbled themselves and seek Yah. I’m talking about that mad man Gentile. The Charles Manson types. You know, the George Bush types. Those Gentiles. Yeah you can’t leave old Bushy out of there. He is just as evil. Or probably more evil. (I think this lesson is from 2006 or 2007)

So let’s see how you fit into this Ysrayl. What are you to Yah? What are you to Yah, Ysrayl? Ysrayl, we are the priests of Yah. Remember when Yah gave that covenant to Abraham. He said ‘Abraham this is the covenant that we will make’. That stranger, you know you must teach him this law. Circumcise him also. There’s one law for Ysrayl and one law for the stranger. The stranger includes the Gentiles. But through the eyes of the Israelites, the Gentiles refers to a particular people. So Ysrayl are the priests of Yah. Let’s go to Exodus chapter 19. Exodus in Hebrew is called Shemoth. Ysrayl are the priests of Yah. We are a priestly nation.

Exodus 19:5-6, v. 5 Yah said Ysrayl shall be His treasured possession above all the people for all the earth is mine. Listen, Yah is not a racists. But Yah is a separatist. Yah is a nationalist. And this is the same attitude we must have because Yah wants us to separate from the unrighteousness. (talks to someone) That’s right, He is a realist. When He called you to be a separate people, He said to separate from all unrighteousness. He doesn’t want you to be like they are. He wants you to separate yourself from that. v. 6 This is what He called us to be, a kingdom of priests. So if we are a kingdom of priests, that means that we have to go out and minister to the world. If you have a kingdom of priests, there’s no need for us to be constantly ministering to one another. But we have to go out and minister to the world, to bring the world the truth of Yah. That is what your job and duty is Ysrayl. You are Yah’s servants. You are His priests and you are to serve Him. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 41. YesiYah chapter 41. You are Yah’s servants. You are His priests. You are His servants.

Yesiyah 41:8 (talks to someone) That is funny brother because we are born with our purpose. Each and every Israelite that is physically born into this…you know…even the ones on the corner selling dope, doing dope…they are born with a purpose. The only thing is that we didn’t know our purpose until now. It’s not how the church says, ‘that you got to find your purpose’. Naw. Here’s our purpose right here. We are Yah’s servants. We are Yah’s priests. And so if you turn your back on that Ysrayl, that is between you and Yah. And if I were you, I wouldn’t do that.

Let’s go. We are Yah’s witnesses. Now I hear that there are a people out here called Jehovah’s Witnesses that say that they are The Father’s witnesses. Is that right? Well, let’s see what the Scriptures say. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 43.

Yesiyah 43:10 Do you know why there were no elohim or gods formed? Because the elohim are the fallen angels and Yah created the angels and before Yah there was none. So He said, ‘you are My servants, you are My witnesses’. We are to witness to the world, the truth of Yah. We are to witness to the world the greatness of Yah. We are Yah’s witness to the world about His goodness and His salvation. We are His witnesses. We are to serve the world, we take this to the world. We are their priests, we are the servants, we are the witnesses of The Most High, the Most High Yah. This is who you are Ysrayl. Yah has only dealt with the children of Ysrayl. So all that stuff that these Gentiles are talking about…saying ‘there are no more Israelites’ and ‘that is the old covenant’. No, No, No. Yah has only dealt with the children of Ysrayl. Let’s go to the Book of Amos…famous Amos lol.

Amos 3:2 Do you see that? You alone have I known of all the families of the earth. What Yah is saying here is that Ysrayl alone…He has only dealt with the children of Ysrayl. He has only dealt with the Israelite nation. You alone Ysrayl of all the families of the earth. Because He has chosen you Ysrayl to be His witnesses. He has chosen you Ysrayl to be His servants. He has chosen you Ysrayl to bring this truth to the stranger, to the nations.

Let’s go to Psalm 147. We are explaining the Gentiles, Ysrayl and the stranger. So since you know who the stranger and the Gentile are, now we are going to see how you fit into the midst of this, Ysrayl. You must know your job, duty.

Psalm 147:19-20 Our father, Jacob’s name was changed to Ysrayl. This is why we are known as the Israelites. From our father Jacob, Yahqob. Yahqob is how you say Jacob in Hebrew. Jacob is the English translation of Yahqob which is Hebrew. Where it says praise Him down here (at the end of Ps. 147), that is halleluYah in Hebrew. It said declaring His Word to Yahqob…laws to Ysrayl. Yah gives His words only to the children of Ysrayl. Now when we were all one and speaking the same language before the great flood, we all knew the laws of Yah but we were not nations yet. We didn’t become a nation until after the great flood. And then we were scattered all over the planet in Genesis chapter 11. And we came into new nations. And so Yah instilled His law through the nation of Ysrayl, so Ysrayl could take His law to the rest of the world and correct them on their sins. Yah has not done this with any other nation. This is what it means in Amos 3:2 that He has not dealt with any other people. Only Ysrayl has He known because He has not given His laws or His right rulings to any other nation, other than the children of Ysrayl. Because the children of Ysrayl has been called, has been chosen to bring forth this truth to the nations.

Now you must understand Ysrayl fell on the job of bringing the truth to the nations. So what happened is this: Yah called us for a job, duty and it still had to be done. So Yah told us that if we didn’t do what we are supposed to do…uh-oh… punishments…uh-oh…curses…uh-oh…a butt whippin’. So that is where we are right now. We are receiving our butt whippin’ from Yah. And so with this butt whippin’, Yah has scattered us to the 4 corners of the world. And so since Yah cannot lie. Since His Word cannot be vain. Since Yah has already said you are My witnesses. Since Yah has already said you are My servants. Since Yah has already said you are My priest. These things have got to be fulfilled.

So right now Yah is in the process of re-gathering Ysrayl. What you see happening right here. Us being in this room. Us talking about this truth of Yah. This is evidence that the re-gathering has begun. You are living evidence that Yah is re-gathering Ysrayl right now. So as the re-gathering is happening, since this covenant was made with Ysrayl, it is Ysrayl first that must be re-gathered. It is Ysrayl first that must be brought back into remembrance of the covenant that we made with Yah. This truth has to come to the children of Ysrayl first. Those drug dealers. Those homeless men. All the ones that you look down upon. They have to be made known, that they are priests and witnesses of Yah, first. First, because the covenant is with the children of Ysrayl and they have the first opportunity at the kingdom. Because Yah called them and made a covenant with the children of Ysrayl first. So what we are in right now, get an understanding of this. Ysrayl was a farming society. We were farmers, you know. That was our livelihood. Within our farming society, there were 2 harvest or 2 harvest seasons. There was a spring harvest and there was a fall harvest. Now the spring harvest is called the first fruits. The first fruits brought into the year. So Ysrayl is like the first fruits and Yah is bringing Ysrayl in first. It’s springtime for the nation of Ysrayl. I’m talking about the true nation. I’m not talking about the land being defiled by Gentiles. I’m talking about the people, Ysrayl. It’s springtime for us as we are being re-gathered onto The Father.

Now Yahoshua the Messiyah started this re-gathering 2,000 years ago with His earthly mission. That began the re-gathering of Ysrayl. So let’s look at this. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 10. When Yahoshua came on the scene, He did not go to any other people. But He taught the children of Ysrayl. He came to the children of Ysrayl so that the children of Ysrayl could go to those other people. But when He came (here) He didn’t have time to play. He only had 3 1/2 years to begin to turn a nation back to Yah. A disobedient stiff-necked nation that was disobedient and stiff-necked from the moment Yah freed them from Egypt. Yahoshua had 3 1/2 years to begin to turn this thing around. So He was on a mission. Do you want to know why He didn’t get married and everything?

Because He was on a mission. He didn’t have time for that. He just had to come and complete this mission to get this nation back on the wheels of truth and understanding. Let’s look at Matthew 10. Yahoshua came to the nation of Ysrayl to correct Ysrayl. (talks to someone) That is right. That is why He didn’t go to the Romans when He came. He didn’t go to the Romans and tell them to stop oppressing Ysrayl. He went to Ysrayl, saying ‘Ysrayl this is your job’. ‘I’m going to teach you what you must know, then you get out there and do it’. That is why when He left the scene, He told the brothers go and make apostles. Make them followers, the entire world. Go preach this Good News to every creature. Because I have taught you what you need to do, now you go out and do it, Ysrayl. That is what he had to do.

And I’m going to compare this to something I seen on the news, which was very profound. I’m going to use this example to breakdown what I’m talking about. Michael Jordan, right. We all know Michael Jordan, especially all those Chicago Bulls fans. Hey I live in Chicago, how can I not know Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player of all time. Some even consider him a basketball god. And it’s kind of funny because Michael Jordan’s name when it’s translated into Hebrew is Michayl or Michayah Yordan. It means on who is like Yah, who has descended down. This is what his name means. So that is very, very interesting. So MJ is part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats Basketball team. And this year I don’t think that they are doing to well. And so Michael had to come down from his high position, his high office as owner and he was working out with the team to try to give them pointers, encouragement and the knowledge of the proper way to win a basketball game.

So likewise, Yahoshua descended with the Spirit of Yah upon Him. He had to come among the children of Ysrayl to redirect us all on the path that Moses had us on. Because we had long left that path. So Yahoshua had to come to teach Ysrayl, so Ysrayl could go out and teach the nations.

Matthithyah 10:1, 5-7, v. 5 You know who the Gentiles are right. He said don’t go to the ways of the Gentiles. So He said don’t go to any cities of the Gentiles. The Gentiles are who? The Europeans. Don’t go there, He said. But go to the children of Ysrayl. Because it is the Israelites who this truth has to come to first. This is what Yahoshua said out of His own mouth! Go to the children of Ysrayl!

Now look, let’s see who He was sent to. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 15.

Matthew 15: 22-28, v. 22-23 See it said that Yahoshua did not answer after her. She said ‘hey my daughter is possessed by demons’. Yahoshua was like…and. v. 24 I was only sent to the lost sheep of Ysrayl. This is why He said this answer this woman. ‘I wan not sent but to the lost sheep to the house of Ysrayl’. v. 25-26 So He’s saying listen, I’m on a mission. I must take this Word, this bread…remember we talked about the bread of life, right. He is the bread of life. Take this bread, this is my body. He said it’s not good to take the children’s bread. It’s not good to take the children of Ysrayl’s bread…this truth, this Word…and give it to little dogs or give it to others, give it to others besides the children of Ysrayl. Because the children of Ysrayl has to know this first.

v. 27-28 Do you know why He stopped and He did that for her? It’s because she had great belief. She believed that her daughter could be healed because she believed in who He is. And He said, ‘your belief is great’. So if we have a stranger, if we have a Gentile that has great belief, we are to bring that Word to them. Now if she was coming to Yahoshua with some folly, foolishness…Yahoshua would have just kept going. ‘Oh Master help me,’ He would have just kept moving on. But then He turned and said, ‘I’m sent to the lost sheep of the house of Ysrayl’. But because you have great belief. Brothers and sisters, when we still go out, when we go out and try to take this Word tot he people, if there’s a Gentile in the midst that hears this truth and wants to open themselves up to Yah…come on in brother, come on in sister.

But we are not making it a purpose to go (to them). We are to go to the Israelites. That is why this room right here is filed under the African-American section (of Pal-talk). Because it is a must that the children of Ysrayl come here. Look we have 92 or 93 people in here right now. So you will have Israelites coming in and out of here all day and our prayer is that Yah blesses their understanding. That they will hear something and that it will strike a chord and they stay. And then they come back next week or the week after that and the week after that. Because this Word has to go out to the children of Ysrayl first. But if there is a believer, a stranger out there that wants to know this truth hey it’s for them too. Remember Yah has always had His plan of redemption, salvation for the stranger or the Gentile. But Yahoshua made it clear here, hey I’m only sent to the children of Ysrayl.

So how is it that Christians have the Hebrew Messiyah being the founder of their religion, when Yahoshua Himself said, ‘I was just sent to the Israelites’. ‘I was not sent to the Christians. I was not sent to the Muslims. I was not sent to the Jews. I was sent to the Israelites’. Because He had to redirect us on the path of righteousness brothers and sisters. He had to redirect us.

(talks to someone) Yeah, last year I think it was, we went over to the Judaism section, then the African-American, then christianity section (of Pal-talk). When we went to the Judaism section they kicked us out. They closed our room down over there. They kicked us-up-out-of there (laughs). So we said ok hey no problem we’ll go back where we belong. We’ll get in where we fit in. Hey we ain’t gon’ argue with you.

Alright, this Word has to go to Ysrayl first. This Word is to be spoken to Ysrayl first. That is the mandate. Let’s go to Romans chapter 1. As Yahoshua said, He came to the children of Ysrayl. He told His apostles not to go to any of the cities of the Gentiles. Don’t go there. But go to the children of Ysrayl because they must know this truth first. This is their bread. They are heirs to the kingdom.

Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the Good News of Messiyah for it is the Power of Yah to salvation for everyone who believes for the Israelite first and also for the Greek.

Notice it said to the Jew or Yahudim first. No that’s not correct. To the Israelite first. Because when Yahoshua came, He began the process of re-gathering of Ysrayl. That’s why He took Himself 12  apostles, emissaries to represent the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. He did not come just for Judah, Yahudah. He came for the entire nation. So this Word has to go to the Israelites first. Then to the Greek. But do you see how he used Greek there? Why not say to the Romans. Because He’s showing you that the Greeks as I told you became the poster boy to the Hebrew for the Gentile nations. So when he says Greek, He’s talking about the entire Gentile nations…the Romans, the Greeks, the Corinthians. He’s talking about all of them. Because to the Hebrew this Greek and Gentile is used interchangeably. So we see that to the Hebrew or Israelites first.

Acts 13:45-48 Now what’s going here is that Shaul is on one of his missions. Him and brother Barnaba, they are on this mission and they are teaching the Gentiles up in Europe, in Antioch, a Greek city. v. 45 The crowds or multitudes are the Gentiles. There is a distinction being made between the Gentiles and the Israelites right here. So they were jealous when they saw Shaul and them teaching the Gentiles. v. 46-48 Do you see that? Shaul and them are up there teaching and these Israelites get jealous, ‘man what y’all teaching these Gentiles for’. ‘Man, this ain’t for them’. But Shaul turned and said to them it was necessary that Yah’s Word be spoken to you FIRST, Ysrayl but if you find yourself unworthy, we are not going to waste our time with you. We don’t have to keep arguing with you about the Passover with you, Ysrayl. We don’t have to keep arguing about el and elohim with you, Ysrayl. Hey we are going to go to the Gentiles and those that want to hear Yah’s truth. That is what’s going on here. So he said so we turn to the Gentiles because the Word has to be brought to Ysraryl first. But if Ysrayl will not hear, how can you turn away that believing Gentile? You can’t do it. Yahoshua did not even turn away that believing Gentile. So if they believe, you can’t turn them away. These people came out…it said they came to the city and filled the city to come hear the truth of Yah. Man, we have gatherings and sometimes lectures and you know we have to pull teeth to get 50 people there, you know. But when the Gentiles have something going on, they fill up collueseums…just coming by the thousands. And do you see that they even come to some of your events Ysrayl when Ysrayl wants to go protest. Sometimes it’s more Gentiles there than Israelites, you know. (talks to someone) There you go ahk, let it be a football game. You know (laughs). Or something else that takes our minds away from Yah. Let it be something of that nature. Oh man then we comes in droves. It’s so many of us that we have to open up another stadium, you know to seat all those extra people (laughs). Kayn, basketball, football, a sale on pig ears (laughs). Kayn, kayn, kayn. *kayn means I agree in Hebrew.

So the Word has to come to Ysrayl first. We are a light to the Gentiles, look at that. He said I have set you for so the Master has commanded us. I have set you to be a light to the Gentiles. Do y’all understand what that is? The light that is upon us is the Word of Yah. The Gentiles are the people living in darkness. They are in darkness and Yah has sent us to be a light to them, so the truth of Yah may shine…the truth of Yah may shine upon them. He has sent us to be a light to the Gentiles.

Okay, the Ashkenazi Jews are Gentiles. Genesis 10:3, Ashkenaz is the Hebrew Word for German. Ashkenaz was a son of Gomer. Gomer is a son of Japheth. Now is there any coincidence tha the Hebrew word for German…Ashkenazi…has the word Nazi at the end.  Is there any coincidence that this is what the German Jews called themselves by? Oh, we are going to go into this one day. We are going to break this down because truth be told, there were Jews who were nazis. That whole nazi thing was set up so that the Jews could get the land of Israel. So everyone could talk about the suffering Jews. And they have done research that has shown that no more than 200,000 Jews were killed. So there is a lot going on. You just have to be aware of these things. That’s right the Zionist, there are Jews who say we are Jews but we are not Zionist and everything that they are propagating is a lie, saying that the Jews are not even supposed to be in the land of Ysrayl. This is Jews saying this. So we are going to go into that whole thing one day. But, the Jews are Gentiles. Let me prove this. We were talking about Ysrayl being the light to the nations right. So let me just throw this in here because The Spirit is leading me here.

(talks to someone) Brother one of y’all just posted this awhile ago…Luke 21:24. I’m going to show you that the Jews are Gentiles. The Jews that are in Israel are European Gentiles. They came from Europe. Now what I’m saying here brothers and sisters, don’t take this as being anti-Semitic. It has nothing to do with that. It’s just dealing with truth. We are Israelites. They are Jews. They believe a whole other philosophy then what we are reading here today. But they can repent of that and come in and be with Ysrayl. This can happen.

Luke 21:24 ‘They shall fall’, Yahoshua is speaking about the children of Ysrayl and they shall fall by the sword and be led captive into all nations, which has happened. Now we are living in the times of the Gentiles. What does that mean? Right now, who is in rulership of the world? The white European nations, right. The Gentiles. That’s who they are. And don’t take offence to this brothers and sisters because this is just the truth. Those European nations are in rulership. It’s their time. Everything they say goes. They rule the world right now. Because it’s their time. So Yahoshua said, your captivity, you will be returned to the land of Ysrayl after their time is over. And their time will be over when He returns. So we are living in the times of the Gentiles. He said Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles. Look at Jerusalem today, whose trodden down Jerusalem? Jews. They have taken control of Jerusalem since the 1967 six-day war. You have all types of paganism going on in Jerusalem right now…like gay pride parades, gang-banging, murder, prostitution. Jerusalem is being trodden down by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. So those Jews over there are part of the Gentiles that are trodding down Jerusalem. They are the Europeans.

(talks to someone) Right, pig farms and all that stuff. But they can repent. They can be brought to Yah through repentance. By humbling themselves. Hey sister, excellent question. No you did not throw me off track. But excellent that you threw that in there. Because we needed to understand that.

So brothers and sisters this is what the understanding is…the Gentiles, the stranger and Ysrayl. We talked about the stranger that sojourned with Ysrayl. That one that has turned his heart towards Yah. (talks to someone) That’s right, that we would be in the land of our captors. Everywhere we go, we are in the land of our captors. We were led over here in captivity. And so what Yahoshua is talking about is your rulership…all that which Yah promised to you, you will not get that until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. You ain’t getting that stuff yet. You ain’t getting rulership. You ain’t getting none of that until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

So let’s look at bringing in the Gentiles. Bringing in the stranger. Bringing in the nations. Remember that’s our calling. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 57. Ysrayl we can’t have no racism in our heart. We can’t be filled with kill whitey. We can’t look at them and say whitey this, whitey that. Listen that’s insane talk. We can’t look at the Gentiles like that because Yah has called you to be a healer to him. Now if he rejects it, I’m going to show you at the end of the lesson, if that Gentile rejects, I’m going to show you what Yah will do to him. Don’t think that he will get away with this. No slave master…his hand will not go unpunished. So here we go. Yesiyah 57.

Yesiyah 57:1-8, v. 1 So look at this. This is a very powerful Scripture. We always say why do the good die? There’s a saying that says that the good die young. Where Yah said, ‘I’m taking away the righteous, I’m taking away the good so they are taken away from the presence of evil.’ I think its the Book of Yasher that states that before Yah brought the flood upon mankind, that he killed off all the righteous men so they would not have to go through the flood. So they would not have to see it. So in these coming days when you start seeing your righteous brothers and sisters falling off, hey take heed that something evil is about to come. And Yah is protecting them. The grave will be protection. Because when you read in the book of Revelation, there’s going to be a time when man…things will be so horrible on the earth…man will seek death and can’t find it. He’s going to blow his brains out and those brains will pop right back in. You ain’t going nowhere. So Yah said perceive that. Don’t say that it’s something evil because you see the righteous start to pass away. But take it as Yah is getting ready to bring some evil and He is protecting them in the grave.

v. 2-8 I’m in the wrong Scripture y’all. But this is good to read so I will finish to verse 8. I wanted to read Isaiah 56. But here Yah is speaking of the transgression of Ysrayl, which we are continuing to do. This is why he is so upset with us. Because we are doing all these things that we were not supposed to do when we were supposed to be teaching these people. But here we are doing as they do. We can’t be like them. We can’t talk like them. We can’t act like them. All that is for them. Let them do that craziness.

Isaiah 56, We are talking about bringing in the Gentiles…other sheep, other people besides the children of Ysrayl. Bringing them into Yah’s truth.

Isaiah 56:1-8 ‘I gather others’…the nations, the Gentiles, the strangers. So He said don’t let them say ‘oh I’m separate from Yah’s people’. Yah said hey if you are coming in to take hold of this covenant, if you are coming in to keep My Shabbat. Then you are in with them. You are the same. You will get the same reward that they get. So you will be brothers with them. But He says still I have others that I must gather. Let’s go to the Book of John chapter 10 where our Messiyah says the same thing. There are others that will gather to Him. Ysrayl is already gathered to Yah. But there are others. There are still others that I have to gather, that’s what it said right in Isaiah. So when Yahoshua came bringing this, this was not a new concept brothers and sisters. But this was a mystery to the children of Ysrayl. This was a mystery to them…about the Gentiles coming in.

John 10:14-16, v. 16 ‘And other sheep’…Do y’all constantly see the requirement for the Gentiles to come in and be with Ysrayl? Is that they must be sojourners. They must be one. One law for Ysrayl, one law for the stranger. The stranger has to come in and the same way Ysrayl has to get salvation is the same thing the stranger has to do…obedience to Yah. So Yahoshua said that others that are not of this fold, others not of the physical seed, I have to bring them in also. We just read that in Isaiah 56. Others that are not of this seed have to come in also. So it has always been…Ysrayl has been a key figure in the plan of salvation to man through Yah. Yahoshua is a higher up key figure in that plan but Ysrayl is in that role too. Because the order of Yah is this: There’s Yah, there’s Yahoshua, there’s the angels, then there’s the children of Ysrayl, then there’s man. That is the order. Yah, Yahoshua, the angels, the children of Ysrayl and then man. Because Yah has given the Israelites to mankind. We have to bring that salvation to them.

Now let’s see once these strangers, once these Gentiles are brought in…turn with me to Yahzeqyl/Ezekiel chapter 47. Once the Gentiles are brought in and Yah says they can partake of the covenant…they keep Shabbat, because remember the Shabbat is a sign between us and Yah that we belong to Him because we are keeping the Shabbat. What we are doing now (keeping Shabbat).

Yahzeqyl 47:21-23 (talks to someone) Yeah Exodus 31:13-17 speaks about the sign between us and Yah. The Shabbat is the sign. But right here what we are reading about here, Ezekiel is giving us the time frame of when the kingdom is set up. And when Ysrayl is coming back into the land as a ruling nation. A world ruling nation. This is what Yahzeqyl is talking about here. v. 21-23 So do you see that? When the stranger is sojourning, when he has joined himself…when we go back into the land of Ysrayl, if that stranger has had children by an Israelite man or an Israelite woman, that is of the tribe of Judah, then that stranger is going into the land as being of the tribe of Judah.

Now right now brothers and sisters we don’t really know what tribes we are from. But yah is going to give us that when this thing is said and done we will know what tribe we are from. Yah’s going to restore that information back to us. Right now if we knew that information and was certain about it, we would be tribal gang-banging right now. Tribal gang-banging, that’s all it would be. So when our hearts are turned right and we are ready to know that information before we go into the kingdom time, Yah will give us what tribe we are from. Each and every Israelite is from a tribe. Each and every natural seed of Ysrayl belongs to one of the 12 tribes and those who have joined themselves onto the house of Ysrayl.

So we see that when that stranger is brought in as Yahoshua said ‘others’ that are not of this fold but yet I have to bring them in. And we see that they are going to be in the land. They are going to be getting an inheritance with you. I’m talking about the ones that love you like a brother, love you like a sister. We are talking about the righteous ones. The righteous ones. Let’s go to Revelation 21.

Revelation 21:24 So we are talking about the kingdom period right here. It says the Gentiles of those who are saved shall walk in His light. So we are talking about those who are saved. Those who have been granted salvation through that righteous walk with Yah. Those who listen to the Israelites, those who love the Israelites have been brought in.

So now let’s go to Acts chapter 10. Let’s look at the bringing in of the Italian Gentile named Cornelius. See the Gentiles have got to be like this brother here. They have  to have a heart like him if they are going to accept this. Because y’all know there are Gentiles out here right now…what’s his name? Lou White. What’s the names of some of those other Gentiles that are out here……these are Gentiles that know the truth. You all know some of those Gentiles out there, right. (talks to someone) Right, he doesn’t want to tell the truth. Some of them still believe that the Jews are the Israelites. Some of them believe that the European nations are the Israelites. So they have a level of truth but to have it complete… and fullness of the truth…they have to come to us. Because we have the truth right here. And if they want to know it, they have to come to Ysrayl. See that is the thing, they have to come to Ysrayl to be taught the truth. They have to come through the children of Ysrayl because the children of Ysrayl are the carriers of the truth.

Before I go to Acts 10, this Scripture just popped into my mind. It’s not even part of my lesson notes. But right here in John 4:22, Yahcanan 4:22.

John 4:22 Salvation is of the Israelites because Yah has put the keys of salvation into the hands of the children of Ysrayl. And said take the key throughout the world and unlock all ignorance that is strapped to the minds of the people. So we have the keys of salvation in our hands. So it is for us to go out and bring this truth to the nations as we will see here in Acts chapter 10.

Let’s read this. Lou White, Yisrayl Hawkins, all of them if they want true salvation, they have to come to the children of Ysrayl to be taught the full truth. As we see they have their hearts upon towards Yah but it’s not completely open. Because if it was completely open, they would know who the children of Ysrayl are. Just like Gentiles who accept who the children of Ysrayl are today…oh man…their understanding is GREATER than those who just know about the law and the feast day and things like that. The ones that accept and are humble and are sojourning, living among Ysrayl and accepting the truth…their understanding is much greater than the Gentiles that are not.

Let’s look at this. This is the bringing in of Cornelius, the Italian. The Italian. And no he was not a mob figure. He wasn’t part of the mob as we are made to believe all Italians are mobbed up, that they all have some association with the mob which they may…I don’t know. May be true, may not be true. They could say all Hebrews are gang-bangers so I know I’m not a gang-banger and I know y’all are not so all Italians are not mob figures. They are not John Gotti or Joe Pesi (sp?), a great actor.

*Centurion=commanding officer in the Roman army or the chief of a group of 100 soldiers.*

There are some Israelites that say that the Italians were Israelites and so if you believe that the Gentiles were the children of Ysrayl, you are very confused. But let’s read this about Cornelius, a Gentile, a European. Look this is  how it has to be. You must come into this truth with fullness by the hands of Israelites because Yah has deemed it so.

Acts 10, v. 1 Caesarea is the city named after Cleopatra’s son. And this is where the term C-section comes from (Caesarean section). It’s named after him. His name was Caesareus or something like that. But they had to cut Cleopatra’s womb open to remove hers son. So this is where the term C-section comes from. Caesarea was a city in Europe. v. 2 So this man had his heart open towards Yah. Him and his household. He had his whole household in subjection to Yah. v. 3-4 So when it said that he was doing many kind deeds to the people…the people this is talking about are the children of Ysrayl. He believed in the children of Ysrayl’s Almighty. He believed in Yah. So how can you believe in Yah and then turn around and mistreat Yah’s people? It can’t go like that. So Yah said that your kind deeds, the prayer that you continued to pray to Yah and your kind deeds have come up (to Yah) for a remembrance.

v. 5-15 Now this whole thing is not saying you can eat unclean foods. This is talking about men. Kepha now has the understanding as he’s going to meet Cornelius. Remember the angel came to Cornelius and told him to go to Shimon-Kepha. Now Peter is going to show you the understanding of this dream. He is not to call any man common or unclean. Remember Kepha as he’s going to say in the 28th verse, Kepha is going to tell you something real interesting here about his whole understanding of the Gentiles and things like that. v. 16-23 ‘The entire nation of Ysrayl’, now this angel came and told Cornelius yeah you’re doing kind deeds to Ysrayl and you’re praying and Yah hears it but yet still you need to hear more of the truth…

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The Operations of Demons p. 2

This spiritual battle is real! Demons surround our camp daily. Rebuke the devil 1001 times y’all. Don’t let him overtake you. Don’t say you are tired. Don’t give up the fight and be overtaken by this demonic demon. They use to fellowship and were immersed and they fell off. You go ahead (leave) the teachers and prophets of Yah. Obadiyah is a man. I don’t have all the answers. Yah communicates with man via man. Yahoshua said no man has heard Yah’s voice. Yah appoints teachers. You sit under teachers 4 or 5 years then you say you don’t need a teacher, you want to be on your on. This is not the first time it’s happened. Yah has order, structure. Isaiah, Daniyah were men…So why do you accuse others of following men? The Torah was written by Moses, a man. Yah has always spoke through men. Yah gave Moses the law, then Moses gave it to the children of Ysrayl. Shaul said be followers of me, as I imitate Messiyah. This is what the demons say…saying don’t follow man. This is a demon on him…Aharon Ben Ysrayl. I’m calling you out coming up in here disturbing the class. Y’all I.H.-12 at dailymotion is not our site.  We loved this brother. The brothers did not chase after Judas when he betrayed Yahoshua did they. David did not try to be a brother to Shaul. We don’t hate you. But we are not brothers. These people leave and go get on Facebook but say they are not a teacher and then attack us. People’s hearts are revealed saying we follow men but they have men following them.

Y’all all I have is this Word. I live in the hood in Chicago. We try to protect the sheep here. Aharon said we skip over Scriptures and lie to y’all. We let y’all ask questions all the time. We don’t duck and dodge questions. We let you ask all your questions. Shaul said to the assembly, listen to what I have taught you. Just like y’all know the names. You know there was no pre-existence. You know Yah is one. In Exodus 23 Yah sent angels. In the book of Enoch, the people went to Michayah because Yahoshua was not there. The New Testament says to ask in His name. This is when He was intercessing. Abraham interceded for Sodom. Moses interceded for the children of Ysrayl. Yahoshua was not there to intercede. Y’all demons have doctrines, they teach. The taught ones did not think he pre-existed. They thought he was a prophet and then Kepha said you are the Son of Yah that’s who You are.

The first covenant with Ysrayl was broken so the new covenant was needed. Yahoshua is the new covenant. Yah brought Yahoshua into existence when there was a need for Him to exist. In Ezekiel, Yah said ‘I was searching for a man to stand in the gap to intercede’ and Yah said He found none. Yahoshua is a man. Adam fell. So then we needed a Messiyah. What was the need of a Messiyah if man didn’t fall? If he did pre-exist, what was his job title? Yahoshua was birthed into the world, angels were not. The angels just appear and disappear. Yah’s word pre-existed not Yahoshua. Don’t let the demons over take you. This person was here 4 or 5 years! You can lead a horse to water but…pray for him. Do you know how many people will be in the lake y’all? I don’t love satan. TEXT: This happened in the wilderness with Moses…some fell away!  (My sidenote: Always pray for Yah to stay with you to lead and guide you, King David did this Ps. 16:7, Ps. 51:11, He prayed 3 times a day Ps. 55:17 and praised Yah 7 times a day Ps. 119:164. Yah loved David. We should fast and pray if we don’t understand. Yah will send the answer.)

News you can use: Facebook went public. It is worth 104 billion! It’s at 38 dollars a share. Facebook is worth more than these 10 companies…HP (Hewlett-Packard) which is worth 44 billion. Facebook i s worth more than Dell, Starbucks, Ebay, Amazon, McDonald’s, the NY Times. It is worth more than Target which is worth 37 billion. It is worth more than Disney which is worth 80 billion.–finance.html

What does Facebook sell? Those other companies sell things. FB only makes about 10 billion in ads. FB is selling you! Now FB is on your phone. It tracks you. This is what makes them rich! Google is worth 204 billion! They track you too and collect info on you. Microsoft is only worth 250 billion and Apple is worth 500 billion. Google and Facebook don’t sell things. You are the commodity. The same goes for Twitter, MySpace too. The government pays them too.  Mark Zuckerberg is worth 19 billion dollars! FB is selling you. The government doesn’t have to search for you anymore. They watch you androids now. We can’t turn off our computers. We need them. Windows 8 is in the works. It will be more powerful than Windows 7. We can’t worry about them tracking us. Stay focused on Yah. TEXT: Use the enemy’s tools to prosper in Yah! I’m not a fan of FB because Israelites gossip on there. It’s a shame.

The Nato Summit is here in Chicago this weekend! These boys have the city locked down! It’s a police-state. The hospitals are on alert for bio-terrorism!

Do y’all remember those John Travolta/Nicholas Cage images from the 1800s? Now Sylvester Stallone, there’s a Vatican painting from the 1500s that looks like him! Some believe they are clones from the fallen angels. Demons can take over your consciousness y’all. Check out the movie ‘ source code’.

Cage owns all these castles in Europe too.

TEXT: The dead sea scrolls are in Philly now. HalleluYah said the teacher.

Most pastors support Obama’s gay marriage. You know pastors say it’s not wrong. Did Obama pay them? What will they do to us? Us who keep the laws of Yah? The black churches are afraid. TEXT: The black church is nothing but a failure.

Did y’all hear about the 49 headless found in Mexico? They were beheaded. They have had drug cartels in Mexico since the 70s. But until 2 years ago, the Arabs behead like this. Al quida is a ghost organization y’all. The government started it. The government doesn’t have to send agents to the Arabs anymore. TEXT: The president of Mexico has Muslim roots.

These were ritual murders. Contractors in Iraq were killed like this. Arabs are taking over the drug cartel. They want to attack the U.S. through Mexico. And the U.S. government knows this.

Who has family in jail? The phone company charges them $17 for a 15 minute call. They are trying to cut them off from their family. Don’t throw stones at those people in jail for selling drugs. This is part of the curses. They want all Hebrew men in prison. Kepha and Shaul went to prison. The 13th amendment says that slavery is abolished except when a person commits a crime. So prisoners are slaves. When they get out, they are still slaves. They pick them up and take them back to prison if they don’t get a job or can’t find one…back to prison like master always came to find his slaves. Just because they are in prison doesn’t make them throw-aways or cast-offs. They are in the belly of the beast. There are rapes and murders in prison. Thy work as AT& T operators in prison. Yah’s going to bring us out of the Ghettos and prisons like Joseph asked them to take his bones out of Egypt when they left.

They accused Yahoshua of leading the people astray. Don’t hate people who fall off. But we can’t fellowship with them.

Ugly Apps: This is facial recognition. They have regular people doing it for the government. Beware y’all.

Lesson: Operation of Demons part 2

It’s important to know how they operate. Now we want to see how they operate in the midst. We want to see the way they attack the work and workers. Satan will try to stop you. These stiff-necks will try to kill  you. They will argue with you and maybe want to fight you. How to spread the truth: we will show you at the meeting this summer in Chicago. Demons hate the workers and Yah’s work. this work destroys those evil philophies…Islam, Catholicism etc. The church is filled with demons. Christians minds are being held captive. Demons are accusers of the work of Yah.

Numbers 12:6 referenced by someone in assembly. Yah makes a prophet.

Revelation 12:10 What is satan called? The accuser, he accuses day and night. Satan accused Job too. He accuses us before Yah too. Accusers bear false witness. They lie. Satan sill goes to heaven. He is not in hell. 

John 10:19-21 They accused Yahoshua of having a demon. Demons accuse so you will not listen to the words of Yah. They will tell you not to listen to truth or Yah’s teachers. They have unfounded accusations. Demons can not open the eyes of the blind. TD Jakes and Creflo Dollar are not opening the eyes of the blind. Demons don’t tell the truth. They want you to stay blind. 

John 10:31-39, v. 31-32 Yahoshua showed them good work. v. 33 They accused him of making himself Yah. They twisted His words. v. 34-35 He said I am the Son of Yah,  Not Yah. They tried to twist His words. v. 35 ‘them gods’=elohim. v. 37-38 Just believe the works. That goes a long way. Demons can’t heal the blind. Only Yah is good. v. 39-40 They wanted to kill Him for saying the truth, works.  They sawed Isaiah in half. Shaul was stoned, they thought they killed him. They said they would not sleep nor eat until He was dead. They will do you the same way. Demons accuse the workers to get you not to believe. Give you doubt like satan. A person possessed will say anything. They will lie. Just look at the Israelites on Facebook. They have no fear of Yah.

Deuteronomy 19:16-21, v. 19 Don’t falsely accuse, it could put you in trouble. v. 20 Accusations are evil, just like satan. v. 21 Yah don’t play! What you do to others, the same happens to you.

English is the master deception language. Civil unions is the same thing as gay marriage. Let your yes be yes and your no be no said Yahoshua. Must languages have no ‘maybe’. I’m going to stop telling people I’ll call if I remember. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Obama is homosexual. So is Jay-Z. There is no law in Babylon against homosexuality. Yah does not approve of homosexuality.

Accusers never show you Scripture or play back where they said you lied! Armor up or satan will get you. Make sure your Armor is tight, gun loaded on the battlefield!

Mark 3:1-6, v. 2 They watched Him so they could accuse Him. v. 6 They plotted to kill Him. They never understand Scripture. In Matthew 12 Yahoshua said I prefer obedience to sacrifice. Moses had to deal with over a million stiff-necks in the wilderness! He was needed at that time. Yahoshua was needed at a certain time. He did not pre-exist.

Luke 11:52-54 They hinder the people from learning the truth of Yah. They wanted to catch Him to accuse Him. They will lock onto your every word so they can accuse you even on the smallest thing. They watched Yahoshua’s every word. TEXT: like vultures waiting for prey.

1 Peter 3:16-17 They will defame you, evil doers. They will accuse you. Suffer for doing good. Where do you get the time for accusing us on Facebook and YouTube? You are speaking against Yah not us… 1 Samuel 7:8. Our people  are stiff-necks.

John 7:1-20 v. 1-2 They were seeking to kill Him so He went another way to Jerusalem. v. 3-4 Show your works to the world. v. 5-10 He had to sneak to Jerusalem. v. 11-12 They accused Him of leading the people astray. They will accuse you too. v. 13-15 He was not educated y’all. He was the son of a carpenter. v. 16-20 They accused Him of having a demon and deceiving the people. He said, people speak for their own glory or esteem. It’s thus saith them instead of thus saith Yah.

Luke 7:33-35 They accused John the Immerser of having a demon. This is what they say about the servants of Yah. They accused Yahoshua of being a demon because He hung out with tax collectors and sinners. He was teaching them. They will accuse you too because you bring truth. They accused Yahoshua of being a glutton/wino. They will accuse you of hanging with thugs because you minister to ex-convicts. This is what the demons do y’all.

Acts 6:7-14, v. 9 They rose up against Stephen. v. 11 They accused him of blasphemy, lied on him. They are under demonic possession. v. 13 They lied on him. Just like satan the accuser. v. 14 Yahoshua taught same as Moses not different. They lied on Stephen. Stephen did not lie. ‘The congregation of the freedman’ was this camps name. They were not part of ‘the way’. You do need to be apart of a camp. Watch demons because they will speak to you, whisper in your ear. Kepha, Yahoshua and them were part of ‘the way’. Their camp was called ‘the way’. There were many different pharisee camps at this time. We hear Yah’s voice through teachers and prophets. You can’t understand on your own. Yah set me before a teacher. This is how I learned through teachers, His servants. Don’t let satan pull you away (and be off by yourself).

Acts 13:44-51 They spoke evil against Shaul. The Israelites persecuted Shaul and Barnabas. The Hebrews will turn you into the police, your own family members. They will lie on you. They wanted these brothers kicked out of the country.

Acts 14:1-5 Israelites stirred up the Gentiles not to believe. They will lie on you too. They wanted to stone them. This is how demons operate. In the book of Acts, these brothers were heavily persecuted!

Acts 21:27-28 They stirred the crowd. They laid hands on him. They lied, saying they defiled the Set-apart place. Do you see how they continue to operated? You see it on Facebook and YouTube. TEXT:They never back their words with Scripture …just talk.  They never talk about their works…just accuse. What works are you doing for Yah?

Have you ever been blamed? They will say ‘It’s all  your fault’. Pastor will blame you if you need your rent money. If your hungry, his pockets are full. TEXT: My old pastor drove a Bentley and lived in a million dollar home.

They will blame you if they fall off. One ahk accused me of stealing 1.6 million dollars from Israelite Heritage. Y’all we have only been here since 2006. And we never had a million dollars!! (laughter in the room). He blamed me because He fell away.

Galatians 6:1-8, v. 4 Prove your works! v. 5 Bear your own burdens. Don’t blame others for your burdens. v. 7 Don’t be deceived. What you sow, you reap. Yah will not be mocked. They come and leave Israelite Heritage all the time. Don’t play. v. 8 What you sow, you reap. Yah will expose you.

2 Corinthians 5:10 We will be judged on our own works…good and evil. This goes for every man. So how can you blame someone for your fall? Study to show yourself approved. You can’t blame others for your falling away.

John 10:25-29 You don’t believe, you are not His sheep. No one can snatch them from Yah. Only those who leave(the faith)…they are satan’s. They are not of Yah. They don’t endure.

Numbers 16:1-42 This is Korah, Dathan and them acting up in the wilderness. v. 2 Two hundred-fifty camps rose up against Moses. v. 3 They accused Moses of exalting himself. Just like Aaron and Miriam did too. v. 4-11 They complained against Aaharon. v. 12 Dathan rebelled. v. 13 They accused Moses of being a ruling prince. v. 14 ‘I will not come up’ he said…rebellion. v. 15-21 Yah said step aside so I can consume them! v. 22-24 Get away from around them. v. 25-30 They provoked Yah. v. 31 The ground opened and swallowed them up and their wives and children. v. 32-35 Yah don’t play!! v. 36-40 read. v. 41 The next day, they complained against Moses and Aaron!! They blamed them for the others being swallowed up. This was Yah doing this not Moses. v. 42 Moses was blamed. Yah deemed them wicked. How is it my fault you don’t believe? Ain’t that something? They will do this in the wilderness again. Yah have mercy on whoever Yah chooses to lead these stiff-necks in the wilderness (again)!!

James 4:17 You know, so don’t blame nobody else for leaving Yah. You pretend to love Yah. The demons are slick! Don’t let your enemy out-smart you!

Q & A:

Q: What does cast out or down power arguments mean? A: To push out of your midst like satan was cast out of higher heaven to a lower level of heaven. Our planetary system is a lower heaven. I’m not sure what you are talking about. PM me. TEXT: The knowledge of Yah’s Word will cast down all arguments. TEXT: Truth crushes a lie every time.

Q:Why is the word elohim being a Hebrew idiom of a plural of magnitude or majesty being all together thrown out, not even being used in some of the las names of ‘brews replacing it with YL? We know Yah is above all. His word and the Hebrew language was here before all the deities wasn’t it? Do you accept ‘brews who use Israel? A: Elohim are the gods. yah is not an elohim. Ps. 82 referenced here. Yah did not want us worshipping like the Canaanites. Exodus 1:7 Moses was made a elohim by Yah and Aaharon a prophet to him. Yahoshua taught Yah’s name in John 17. He did not teach elohim. Satan is elohim. When you talk about someone, you call his name don’t you. It’s out of respect. Israel, Michael is calling on el. Yah is not there. Egyptologists say: Is-ra-el or Is for Isis, ra is the sun-god and el for the many elohim. Yah is not there. There is only one Yah, Yl. Don’t disrespect Yah. Yahoshua taught his name. Amen-ra the sun-god. We say Amien which means so be it in Hebrew.

Q: John 7:13, it says Jews? A: Those are the Hebrew-Israelites. Jews are the Israelis or Ashkenazi Jews. There were no Jews back then.

Q: Psalm 40:7 and Hebrews 10:7 A: Yahoshua is first mentioned in Genesis 3:15 all the way to Revelation. He was prophesied to come not that He pre-existed.

Q: If someone gives me a gift what do I do? A: Hey little ahkotee. Tell them why you will not accept birthday gifts or holiday gifts. Birthday gifts are to exalt yourself. No cakes either, the Israelites baked cakes to the queen of heaven. No wizard birthday caps either. Don’t say today is my day. All these days belong to Yah.

Q: Is Yah a Spirit? How can Yah be something He created? I hope I don’t sound dumb. A: Yah is a Spirit. He is the self-existing One. This is what Yah means. We worship Him in Spirit and truth. John 4:24 referenced here. No such thing as a dumb question. Yah exists from His own power.

Q: Jews have mazzossa (spelling) on their doorposts. On the mazzossa they have Deuteronomy 6:4-24. Does it apply to us? Are we to do this? A: They also have the commandments on them. They mock Yah. The commandments are not on their hearts. What does Yah want from us? OBEDIENCE. It is a Jewish tradition. They try to validate that they are the children of Ysrayl. They lie and say they are us so how are they keeping the commandments? These people raise pigs and have 9 stick menorahs instead of 7 stick menorahs. Kosher does not mean clean. It means a way they slaughter it. They have kosher pigs and pig farms. They do traditions of men. Don’t eat Halal (Muslim) meat either. They pray over that meat.  Grasshoppers are clean y’all. I would have to eat that fast, lol I’m not use to it. (the class talks about clean foods).  Quail. Not all pigeons are clean y’all.

Q: Where is the memorial to Messiyah mentioned in Script? A: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 also Luke 22:19-20 and 1 John 5:6 we can have water or wine/grape juice in the cup.

Q: Who was Shaul witnessing to? The Gentiles? A: Christians say Shaul did away with the law.  Read 2 Peter 3:15-16. Shaul was talking about the sacrificial law was done away with. christians don’t understand. Some Israelites will  not teach Gentiles. You must understand the Torah, prophets, Yahoshua…or you will not understand Shaul’s writing.

The end of the lesson

*My sidenote: Deuteronomy 11:6 references Korah, Dathan and them being swallowed up too.

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Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles

…will Solomon go to the lake of fire? I don’t know, it’s in Yah’s hand. That is why Yah is the judge. But I do know that Yah said that He would not rip the kingdom out of Solomon’s hands because of David. So Yah waited until Solomon died and that is when Yah split the kingdom. He waited until after the death of Solomon. So I don’t know because Solomon was a wise man and Yah said that this law is your wisdom. So Solomon’s wisdom was that he understood the law’s of Yah and He understood how to teach it. He knew Yah’s law in and out. So for a man to turn away from Yah after knowing Yah’s law in and out…in Hebrews chapter 10, I think verse 26, it tells us that once we have received the knowledge of the truth, and the truth is the law, Yah’s laws, statues and commandments. Once we have received the truth and the knowledge of the laws their remains no more sacrifice for our sins. So I don’t know how Yah is going to handle Solomon. That is very interesting. But more interesting is how Solomon allowed those women to turn his heart away from Yah after knowing what Yah requires, after seeing, you know. But you have to answer that same question about the children of Ysrayl when we came out of Egypt, after seeing the Red Sea, the Sea of Reeds split, after seeing what Yah did to pharaoh. How can you still turn your back (on Him) and go do all that craziness that they did? So, man there are a lot of questions.

But just let it be for us at our hour of temptation that we can stay with Yah. (talks to someone) That is right. The flesh is weak. Look at Kepha. Kepha walked side by side with Yahoshua. And after they came and arrested Yahoshua and someone pointed Kepha out. Kepha said no-no, I don’t know Him, I’m not with them. This is Kepha that walked side by side with Yahoshua and took his sword and chopped a man’s ear off. This is the same Kepha that said I will follow you anywhere, you know. So we just have to be on it brothers and sisters. Continue to be on it because when your time is called make sure you are strong enough to withstand all of that.

So we are going to get started with the lesson. The lesson today is called Ysrayl, the stranger and the Gentiles. This lesson is kind of timely because not too long ago, what was that last week or the week before that we had an issue in here dealing with Gentiles. And just dealing with an understanding of the Gentiles. Now I’m going to show you who the Gentiles are and who the strangers are because there is a difference between the two in the context that they are mentioned in the Scriptures. There is a difference in who the stranger is and who the Gentile is.

Now when we look into Scripture and we see them speaking about strangers. A stranger is a foreigner of another nation. It is any other people other than the children of Ysrayl. Now many people have applied the idea of a stranger…they have applied it to the Gentiles. But the Gentiles in the Hebrew perspective was a particular people. And we will get into who they were. But the strangers when we look into Scriptures and we see the title stranger that is speaking about another nation, a foreigner. That is all a stranger is…a foreigner. Any other nation other than the children of Ysrayl is the stranger.

But what separates that understanding of who the Gentiles are is the context in which the Hebrews understood the Gentiles. Remember the context which the Hebrews understood the Gentiles. So we are going to look at that. But first let’s deal with the stranger. Let’s understand the stranger from Scripture.

Now Yah makes a distinction. He always tells us the strangers that sojourn with you. Now that’s key to understanding because Yah is saying the stranger that joins himself with you, Ysrayl. So we must understand who this stranger is. We must understand who the Gentiles are. And in the process of understanding these two, we will see how Ysrayl fits in the midst of the stranger and the Gentile.

(talks to someone) Right, a stranger can be a Gentile but not all strangers are Gentiles. I hope I didn’t confuse you (laughs). You are right. So let’s look at this.

Every nation other than the children of Ysrayl, this includes the Europeans, the Africans, the Asians. This is what a stranger is. A stranger is just a person you do not know, a foreigner. But when I explain to you about the Gentiles, once again understand this. When I explain to you about the Gentiles and the context of the Hebrews…in the Hebrew eyesight who the Gentiles were. The Gentiles in the Hebrew understanding and the Hebrew eyesight were a particular people.

Stranger can refer to any other nation other than the children of Ysrayl. But Gentile refers to one particular people in the eyes of the Israelites. So we will check this out in just a moment.

So Yah’s plan for salvation has always included the strangers. Yah’s plan for salvation has always included the Gentiles. This is why you have been called Ysrayl. This is why you have been chosen. Because Yah has put in your hand to bring these people back to him. So they have always been in the plan, in Yah’s plan of salvation.

(talks to someone) What Yah has for the wicked Gentiles…oh-wee, I’m glad it ain’t us. And what He has for wicked Israelites, oh-man, I don’t want to be included in that. So let’s look at this brothers and sisters. Let’s talk about the stranger. Remember the stranger includes all the nations other than the children of Ysrayl, foreigners. This is who the stranger is. Yah has always included the stranger in His plan of salvation…all the other nations. This is the reason Ysrayl was chosen to bring these strangers back to Yah.

Now let me explain this to you. In the early days of Genesis, Genesis chapter 6, some things went down and the earth became very wicked. So Yah is upset at the wickedness that is going on, on the earth. Man is transgressing Yah’s law bigtime because Yah’s law did not begin with Moses as we went over in the previous lesson. But it came to mankind when mankind came to the earth. Yah’s laws are His instructions for man, how we are to live, how we are to interact with one another, how we are to live among one another. It’s His laws. So Yah’s laws are our instructions. And the laws came to earth with man. Man trampled, transgressed Yah’s laws so Yah had to destroy the world. Yah destroyed the world and saved a family of eight which is Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives.

And so as Yah looked out upon the earth, what happened after mankind…when Yah put His law back unto the earth, what happened? I mean when Yah brought Noah and his family back from the flood what happened? Transgression started up all over again. So now this time when Yah brought us back from the flood, He separated you into nations. Prior to that world, the world that existed before the flood, we were just one people. All humanity spoke the same language. But after the flood, Yah said I’m going to separate y’all into nations. So we were scattered into nations and everything and when we got into our nations we began to transgress Yah’s law again. So here we are transgressing the law again. So what happens? Yah re-instituted His law in the earth among men again. So how did he do it this time? Well, He chose a nation. He chose the children of Ysrayl to re-institute His law back into the earth among man. This is why we are chosen brothers and sisters. This is our duty, to bring the truth to mankind.

So from the moment He spoke to Abraham about what we were going to do, Yah included the stranger. This is your seed Abraham, they are going to be a blessing to the earth. They are going to be a blessing to all nations. And the blessing is that we have the truth and we are the teachers of the truth. That is who we are. So let’s look at this. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 17. Let’s look at when Yah is breaking down this covenant with our father Abraham and Yah said, ‘Abraham this covenant that I’m making with you, we are going to have a sign that this covenant. And this token of the covenant is going to be circumcision.’ So brothers out there, you know we ain’t living like the Greeks. We aren’t living like the Gentiles. You must be circumcised, physically. Because this is the bond of the covenant between us and Yah.

 (talks to someone) that’s right get it snipped. Not get it pricked you know or whatever, they do this when you convert to Judaism. Not that. I’m talking about a truthful circumcision…you must get that cut off. You must get that foreskin cut because this is the bond of the covenant that we have with Yah. But before you get it cut off physically, first take it off the heart. Because the heart has to be willing to obey Yah and then once you see the heart is ready, you know the rest will follow. So go ahead and get that snipped off, however old you are. Abraham was what, ninety-something when he was circumcised. And I think he did it himself! MAN! Talking about strong Hebrews boy! You know, just talking about circumcision and I’m up here cringing, you know.

(talks to someone) Oh, you were 23. Praises be that I was born back in the 70s, you know, when they did it automatically. When you first came out of the mother’s womb, if you were male, they pretty much automatically circumcised you. So we got it done. But properly, it’s supposed to be done on the 8th day. So if we got it at birth, it’s cool but it was supposed to be done on the 8th day.

Now brothers, before I go into this, I want you to understand that while we are here in Babylon there are things that we need to start doing. We need to start going to learn, find out how to circumcise so we can circumcise our own children. We will not have to take them to Jews or anyone else. Because Yah gave us commandment that male children are to be circumcised on the 8th day. And during the circumcision, this is when the male child receives his name. So it’s a whole beautiful ceremony that has been taken away from us because you know…the curses and all that.

But start learning how to circumcise. We must go to school, class or whatever it is so we can start circumcising our own Hebrew children. This would be most fitting because Yah told us to do this on the 8th day. And that’s something that we can do. Things that we can do, we ought to do. So here we go.

Remember the strangers, any nation, all nations other than the children of Ysrayl. This is who the strangers are. They were always included. You are supposed to go teach the strangers. Not do as the strangers do but teach them righteousness. So the stranger has always been apart of Yah’s plan of salvation. Genesis 17. (talks to someone) that is right we need to take care of our own selves (circumcision). And I hope the scissors are sharp. I hope you ain got no dull scissors over there, scissors that can’t even cut paper and you want to circumcise somebody…oh boy.

Genesis 17:10-14 This is Yah talking to Abraham. v. 10-12 Look at that. v. 13-14 So Yah said right here that he who is born in your house and a natural-born Israelite, as we are, a physically born Israelite as He says. And he who is bought with silver, that is talking about the stranger. Being bought, Abraham has them as his servants but they are to live as Abraham is living. Yah said that they too as a sign of the covenant have to be circumcised. So let’s continue in this understanding.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 12. Remember it’s a sign of the covenant between Yah and the children of Ysrayl. He said we have to be circumcised in the flesh. This is what Yah said. We never broke the covenant. Exodus chapter 12. I’m going to show you that even the stranger is still required…Yah said hey he who is bought of silver, he still has to be circumcised because now he is of your prosperity, Abraham. Because you bought him and now you own him. Now he is of you. So Exodus 12, this is when Yah was giving the law of the Passover and how we were to keep that feast.

Exodus 12:48-49 Sojourn=lives with you. v. 48-49 Do you see that? Yah said that if the stranger…Yah didn’t say that stranger could not keep the Passover. But He said if the stranger wants to keep the Passover with you, that He too must be circumcised because circumcision is a bond. And when the stranger is among us to celebrate our feast of freedom, the stranger is celebrating the greatness of Yah and the stranger is to be as a native-born Israelite. This has always been in Yah’s plan of salvation. But do you know that we have Israelites…now you’ll know that we make jokes about this whole kill whitey-doctrine. It’s just a joke to us because we understand what the Scriptures says about that matter as we see right here that the stranger…this includes the European. This includes the African. This includes the Indian, the strangers. He can be brought in. There’s one law for Ysrayl and there’s one law for the stranger. There are not two separate laws. So what we are required to do to get salvation, they are required to do the same.

But there is a whole understanding and we are going to get into this understanding, that when these strangers come in…they can’t come in here boasting. They can’t come in here thinking that they are better than Ysrayl, as the stranger is doing today. There’s a whole understanding of when the stranger comes in and how he is to come in. And there’s an order to it all. (talks to someone) That’s right one law fits us all. Them and us. Us and them. The same thing. What we do, they do. Right? Right.

So Exodus 12:48-49 speaks about one law for all. The Hebrew, the native-born and the stranger. It says when they come in and do this, they shall be as a native-born Israelite. (talks to someone) Right, we don’t mimic what they do, they are supposed to do what we do…keeping the law. They must keep the law with us. Yeah, one law for us, one law for them. We all are to keep the same law. There’s no separating. But see we have Gentiles out here today saying that Israel has been replaced, that they are the chosen people now. We are going to talk about all of this. I have some Scripture for you. I have some (good) stuff for you today.

But right here, it says one law for the stranger and one law for the native-born Israelite who sojourns (dwells) among you. Remember, that word ‘sojourn’ that means those who come among us, that live among us, that be with us, that make themselves our brothers and sisters. Those are the Gentiles that we are talking about, those who sojourn among you. (talks to someone) Yeah 7th day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses and all that, they think they are new Israel and they are not.

So those Gentiles of the flesh, those strangers other than the physical seed of Ysrayl, that when they come among us, they must live like us, if they want to be with us. Remember one law for Ysrayl and the strangers. Yah repeats things to make sure that you get this thing right. Let’s go to Numbers chapter 15.

See the lack of understanding of this subject right here has led many a Israelite astray. That is where you get that kill-whitey-doctrine from. And when we say that brothers and sisters, we are serious, you know. It’s a joke right but we are serious in the fact that there are Israelites that teach that. They blame everything on the white man. Everything. That shows their lack of understanding of what Yah has instore. And there are some Israelites that say that the Gentiles can’t even get salvation. But Yah says there is one law for the stranger and one law for the Israelite.

Numbers 15:30-31 So right here Yah says that whether he is a native or stranger because there’s one law for the native-born and there’s one law for the stranger. Remember, ‘stranger’ is any other people other than the children of Ysrayl. All of the nations are strangers, all the foreigners. So that’s why when you look at Deuteronomy 28:43 and Yah said that the stranger, foreigner shall rise above you very high and you shall come down very low. He’s talking about all the other nations and you see that in your neighborhoods today. The stranger is way above you. The Mexicans, the Arabs, the Indians, the Koreans, everybody is in our neighborhood so that prophesy is being fulfilled.

So Yah said even if the stranger sins, he reviles Yah and he shall be cut off from among his people. So Yah said there is one law, one for the stranger and one law for the Israelites.

Let’s look at some of those laws for the stranger and for the Israelite. Let’s go to Leviticus chapter 17. We are going to look at this one law for the stranger and one law for the Israelite. Leviticus chapter 17. Yah said there is one Torah, one instruction, one law. For us and for them. Let’s look at what this one law is.

Leviticus 17:10-16 v. 10 Remember sojourn (dwell) if they are among you, they are walking with you, they are living with you. So this law is for Ysrayl and the stranger. v. 11-12 So Yah is constantly saying the stranger that is among us, that sojourn with us, he shall not eat blood because he’s under the law. The ones that have joined themselves onto Ysrayl and want to walk with Ysrayl and want to walk with Yah, they must follow the same law that we do. So right here as Yah told us in Exodus 12:48-49 that one law for the stranger and one law for the Israelite, now we are looking at what those laws are. We can’t eat blood and those strangers that join themselves to us and become Israelites, they can’t eat blood. So pharisees, no more blood drinking. I’m sorry man. No more vampire cults and no more blood drinking alright. I’m just messing with you ahk.

v. 13-16 Do you see that? Yah is showing the same thing that Ysrayl has to do, the stranger that sojourns and joined themselves to the children of Ysrayl (has to do). Just like Yah said ‘Abraham when you buy the strangers, now they are joined to you. Now they are in your household, they too must be circumcised. To show that they are in the covenant. So Yah gave us this from the beginning, why the law is given. Do you know why? Because when the children of Ysrayl came up out of Egypt, we came up out of there a mixed multitude. There were Israelites and there were strangers that came up out of Egypt. How do we know this? Scripture tells us that. Let’s turn to Exodus chapter 12. So we are seeing that the strangers that are with the children of Ysrayl are those people who came up out of Egypt with the children of Ysrayl. So Yah…the blood descendants have made this strong covenant and we are to take this law to the strangers. Any stranger that is sojourning with us. That they are living with us or we are married to them…we must make sure that they are in the laws of Yah. We must teach them that. That is what it means to sojourn. Hey, if you have a stranger that are friends (to you) and they want to come into this truth, you must teach them the truth…whatever your interaction is with the stranger. This is what Yah’s talking about here.

Exodus 12:38 So a mixed multitude came up out of Egypt. Yah freed the children of Ysrayl but if others want to join themselves unto the children of Ysrayl and become apart of that, halleluYah.

(talks to someone) That’s right. You have to get this truth from the children of Ysrayl.Because the truth has been put in our hands. Let’s turn to Leviticus chapter 18. Let’s look at his one law for the stranger and one law for the Israelite. This is to let you know that Yah wants us all on one accord.

So if the stranger wants to come in among Ysrayl, he can’t come in with Christianity. He can’t come in with Islam. He has to leave that at the door. He must do what we do.

Leviticus 19:10 See the same law He has for the Israelite, He has for the stranger.

Leviticus 19:33-34 Listen, Yah said that when the stranger sojourns among you, let him be as a native among you. So when the stranger comes in and grabs hold of the covenant to keep Yah’s law, if I’m calling you native-born Israelite my brother, I’m going to call him brother also. Yah said treat him as one born in the land. But listen, these are the ones that turn their hearts towards Yah. I’m not talking about wild Gentiles because we will get into that too. So you must have an understanding. But those who have humbled themselves, to say ‘I love Yah and I love Yah’s people.’ They are our brothers and sisters. We have to treat them as a native-born. We should love him as ourselves. For we were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Now remember that word, a key word, sojourn. When they are among us living among us, being among us. I’m not talking about the agents. Even though you are among us. This is not referring to you. We got you at the end of the lesson…agents.

So, the ones that sojourned, real Israelites that come and open their heart to understanding the truth, these are the ones that Yah is concerned with. This is why He always says the stranger that sojourns with you, that comes with you, that joins themselves with you. This is the one Yah is concerned with. Let’s go to Leviticus chapter 20.

Leviticus 20:1-2 So even when those strangers come in among us, the stranger that sojourns with us, if he comes in and he is giving his children over to Molech, Molech was one of those ancient pagan gods. They built this big statue of him. I think it was with a man’s body and a owl’s head. And they had a big circle in his belly. And they had a fire in the circle and they would throw their children in there as a sacrifice to Molech, one of the elohims. They called him el. Do you know what the shortened form of his name is? Mo. Molech, Yah mentioned that he was worshipped as one of the stars. So his name was shortened to Mo and he was an el. So what do you get there? ELMO. You sacrifice your children to Elmo, godmo. Most of us are familiar with Elmo.

So Yah said when the stranger does that he would be punished, the ones that have sojourned that have joined themselves to the children of Ysrayl, they would get punished too. Remember Yah said one law for the children of Ysrayl and one law for the stranger. One law. The same thing we must do, the strangers must do. The same way we must get salvation is the same way they must get it. Let’s go to Leviticus chapter 22. This is called the Torah that we are reading. These are the laws. This is where you find the laws or instructions of Yah. Yah’s laws are found in the first 5 books of the Bible.

Leviticus 22:18 Once again this law applied to Ysrayl and it applied to the stranger. Yah said in Exodus 12:48-49, there is one law for Ysrayl and one law for the stranger. This is what we are reading right here.

See what we must do, they must do. See Yah has chosen you Ysrayl…you…you are to teach the stranger. You are to teach the stranger. You are to teach the nations the ways of Yah. This is your job. This is your calling. This is what you have been called to do…to teach the nations the ways of Yah. First you have to learn the law, so you can teach the law. First you have to learn the ways of Yah, so you can teach the ways of Yah.

(talks to someone) Right. It’s funny last night brother, I was up last night listening to this craziness, this Yisrayl Hawkins, absolutely ahk, that’s what Yah put on me last night. That guy, don’t pay him any attention. But the only thing…try to point out about him is that a lot of Israelites follow him. It was sad, I saw a video on YouTube last night, they had a lot of Israelite brothers up there saying September 12, 2006 nuclear war will begin. They are repeating what this Yisrayl Hawkins, a wild man is talking about. And it was just so sad. But he has a grip on our brothers especially the brothers in prison, you know. I send that article ‘false prophets, false prophesies’ to them all the time and then their eyes are opened. His Bible, if y’all have his Bible, what is it called? Oh, the book of Yahweh…throw that mess out man. Because he has translated that to his own understanding. Enough with him. If he wants salvation, Yah has not taken his life yet, Yah’s still giving that man a chance to repent. We went over repentance last week. He’s giving him a chance to repent, if that man doesn’t want his life taken and end up in the lake of fire, he needs to repent and come to a redeemed Messianic Hebrew-Israelite and learn what he needs to know. Because he’s way out there now. See this is the key brothers and sisters, Yah has put this in to our hands, the Messianic children of Ysrayl. One law for Ysrayl, one law for the strangers.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 5. We must go through the Torah to see all these laws with the stranger. Remember the stranger that sojourns himself with us. Not the wild man out there but the one that sojourns, the one that is seeking Yah. These are the strangers we are talking about.

We must understand this order because the children of Ysrayl must be brought back to consciousness first. But if in the process of awakening the children of Ysrayl, if there is a Gentile that opens up his heart and wants to know Yah and we are to teach that Gentile. But it is to the children of Ysrayl first.

Deuteronomy 5:14 So on the Shabbat we let everybody rest but it said even the stranger. This is the stranger that is within our gates. This is the one that is sojourning with us. The one that is sojourning with us, he is to keep the Shabbat also. He is to keep the same laws that we do. This is the law of the stranger, the nations. This is why Yah called you, children of Ysrayl to take this truth to the world.

Now, let’s look at the Gentiles. Now remember, the strangers referred to…I hope you are taking notes if not I will have to come to your house and smack you with that ruler, like they use to do us (laughs). Remember back in school the teacher could get busy with you? She or he could take their belt off and get on that behind. And it was all legal (laughs). Not anymore. The teacher would be lynched if they touched children today. But let’s look at the Gentiles. Right this down. ‘Stranger’ is all the other nations other than the children of Ysrayl. ALL the other foreign nations, foreigners, that is what stranger is.

Now Gentile, in the understanding and eyesight of the Hebrews, the Gentiles were a particular people. A particular nationality, a particular nation of people. Let me break this down about the Gentiles, they were the sons of Japheth. Noah had 3 sons: Ham, Shem and Japheth. Japheth can be traced to the European nations. Now Japheth went up into Europe and I guess a mutation happened, a recessive gent that whole thing. But the sons of Japheth who dwelled in the plains of Shinar during the time of Nimrod. The Book of Jasher states that Nimrod went to war with the sons of Japheth. So when Nimrod, the god-king went to war with them, they fled from what we call ‘the mid-east’ and they went into the northern area or Europe. The children of Ysrayl knew they were not familiar with these people’s nationality. The name Gentile comes from the Hebrew word Goy. This is how you say Gentile in Hebrew… Goy. And it means the nation. And when you want to make that plural it’s Goyim, nations. So Goyim is plural and it means nations. So Gentiles being the translation of Goy, Gentile means the nation. And Gentiles means nations.

So the Hebrews knew there were people living in those isles north of them in Europe. They knew that there were people there. They were not familiar with those people’s nationality. They didn’t know a Greek. They didn’t know a Ashkenaz. They were not to familiar with those people. So they called them by the generic title ‘the nations’ or Goyim, the Gentiles.

So when you see Gentiles in Scripture, it primarily refers to the sons of Japheth, the Europeans. That tile Gentile refers to the sons of Japheth. Japheth is Noah’s son. And the whole world was re-populated by Noah and his three sons and their wives.

Ham has been traced to the darker people of Africa (and some in Asia). Shem has been traced to us and other people of the so-called mid-east.

So the title Gentile, in the eyesight of the Hebrews referred to the European nations. Remember Gentile means nation so they looked up there in Europe and they saw those people living there but they were not familiar with who they were. They just knew that there were nations of men living to the north so they called them ‘the Gentiles’. Just like Gentiles today call us ‘the blacks’. They don’t care if we are Hebrew, Egyptian, Ethiopian, they don’t care. If you have black skin…’the blacks’. So that is how we applied that to the Gentiles or nations, the nations. So when you look at Scripture primarily that title is given to the sons of Japheth.

 Now you will notice that when you read in Scripture, you hear the name, you hear bout these people, about that people. You hear about the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Babylonians and the Hittites. Because these nations surrounded the children of Ysrayl. And they were familiar with these people’s nationalities. They knew who the Egyptians were. They knew who the Ethiopians were. They knew the Hittites, Amorites and Edomites. They knew all these people. So they called them by their national name. But these people who lived north, they didn’t know the Romans but they knew that there were nations of men (up there) and they just called them the nations or the Gentiles. So from a Scriptural standpoint, in the eyesight of the Hebrews the Gentiles refers to the European nations.

Now this title heathen. Heathen means Gentile. It means the nation. Now this title heathen was applied to the nations that were around the children of Ysrayl. Those nations that I just mentioned, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Ethiopians and the Egyptians. Whenever the children of Ysrayl wrote about those nations and just wanted to include them as one whole, they would say the heathens ’round about’ or the heathen round about us’. So heathen was a title given to the nations that surrounded the children of Ysrayl. And Gentiles was (the name) given to the nations that were north, the European nations. To prove that, let’s go to Genesis chapter 10, so you can understand who the Gentiles are. I want to read this from the King James. Go to e-sword (if you need to). Because I like the wording of this Scripture in the King James. The Gentiles are Europeans. the word ‘European’ is new. It didn’t exist in Biblical days. They called them Gentiles. They did not call them white folks. That was just created about 400 years ago and it was strictly for racism…calling people white and black. There is no such thing.

Genesis 10:1-5, v. 1-3 Now Ashkenaz is Hebrew for German. So we know that these are the European nations. Javan and all that can be traced to the Greeks. So we can trace these nations back to European nations. v. 4 Tarshish is Spain. v. 5 I like how the KJV (and NKJV) says these are the coastlands ‘isles’ of the Gentiles. And this is exactly right. These were the isles of the Gentiles. So the sons of Japheth are the Gentiles. Remember these are the European people. Let’s continue to prove this. Remember Shaul in Romans 11;13. This is something very interesting. We know from Scripture that Shaul was where? Europe. He went up to Corinth. He went up to Thessalonica. He went up to Galatia. He went up into these European nations. Why did Shaul go up to Europe to teach these people? Remember, we are dealing with who the Gentiles are now. We went over the stranger and the law of the stranger… one law for the stranger and one law for Ysrayl. The stranger is everyone including the Gentiles. But the children of Ysrayl looked at these people and applied this title Gentile directly to the European nations. Look at what Shaul said.

Romans 11:13 Shaul said he is the emissary or the apostle to Gentiles and when he taught, where did he go? To Europe. He didn’t go next door to the Egyptians or the Ethiopians. He did not go finding the Edomites. He went into Europe. He went to Macedonia, which is Greece. He went all through those areas, which are the Gentiles. Because the Gentiles are the Europeans.

I remember before I came into this truth, I remember this back in 1995, I was watching a program on television. It was on A& E (channel) or something. I remember, I saw Martin Luther King stand up and say in his speech ‘there’s neither Jew nor Gentile’. And I had been hearing this title Gentile for the longest but I never knew what it meant. And it wasn’t until Yah gave me this understanding of who the Gentiles are, they are a people. They are a particular people, the Europeans. The European nations are the Gentiles.

So for you as a native-born Israelite, for someone to call you a Gentile is blasphemy. Many in the Christian churches stand up each and every Sunday and say that we are Gentiles. And they are talking to Israelites. That is blasphemy. Because Yah chose you to be teachers to the Gentiles not to do as the Gentiles do. Yahoshua says this about those who say they are Israel and this truth goes vice versa.

Revelation 2:9 I know your works, pressure and poverty. Yet you are rich. And the blasphemy of those that say they are Israelites and are not but are of the congregation of satan.

So if it is blasphemy for those to say that they are Israelites and are not then it’s likewise blasphemy for you to say that you are not an Israelite. Because it’s like you are running from your heritage. So watch that Ysrayl. So that’s who the Gentiles are.

Now with the conquest of Alexander in the year, I think 323 BCE or before the common era. When Alexander came down and he came down and he was conquering the lands. He came down to those lands and he was conquering. He conquered the land of Israel. This is when the children of Ysrayl started to get familiar with those Gentile nations, under Alexander. Alexander was from Macedonia. He was a Greek. So when Alexander went on his conquests, he brought Greek culture, which is Hellenism. Hellenism is the spreading of Greek culture or as I like to say, bringing hell on earth. Because with Greek culture, it brings death. Because it’s in opposition to Yah. So Alexander brought Hellenism. And if you read in the Apocrypha books, you will see  how our people went crazy trying to be like Greeks. They went even as far as to un-circumcise themselves to be like the Greeks. A painful process but they tried it.

So when Alexander came down, that is when we go familiar with the Greeks. And so to us, now we have a poster boy. Now we have a face of the Gentile. ‘Oh, the European nations, oh they are Greeks’. ‘That’s who they are’. So with the spreading of Greek culture we…so that’s why when you look into the New Testament, the so-called New Testament, you see that Greek is interchangeable with the word Gentile. Shaul even interchanged the words Gentile and Greek.

Now during this time, during the time of Yahoshua and Shaul, you must ask yourself, why is Shaul still saying Greeks when the Romans were the ones in rulership during that time. Let’s go to Colossians chapter 3. So Shaul is still mentioning the Greeks but the Romans were ruling. Well, it’s because by this time, because of Alexander. Alexander put a face to those nations that were living north to the children of Ysrayl. Now we know them as Greeks. ‘Oh that’s who the Gentiles are’.

Colossians. We must understand the Gentiles, strangers and then you will know how you fit into this, Ysrayl. You’ll know your spot. So let’s look at the people called the Colossians.

Colossians 3:11 So he’s just saying here where there’s not Greek or Israelite (or Yahudite) but he’s mentioning the Greeks because to them Greeks and Gentiles (are the same people) but the words were interchangeable. Even though the Romans were ruling during this time. But Ysrayl got familiar with those Gentile nations under the conquest of Alexander the ‘great’. Or as I like to call him, Alexander the Greek. With his conquest, people got familiar with the people living north of them.

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Idolatry in the Garden

Isaiah 1:29 For they shall be ashamed of the terebinth trees which you have desired and you shall be embarrassed because of the gardens which you have chosen.

Isaiah 42:17 They shall be turned back. They shall be greatly ashamed, who trust in carved images, who say t the molded images, ‘You are our gods’.

Isaiah 65:3 A people who provoke Me to anger continually to My face, who sacrifice in gardens…

Isaiah 66:17 Those who sancify themselves and purify themselves to go to the gardens after an idol in the midst…

Hosea 4:13 They offer sacrifices on the mountaintops and burn incense on the hills, under oaks, populars and terebinths because their shad is good. Therefore your daughters commit harlotry and your brides commit adultery.

On Friday I was visiting this gardening blog and saw this buddha. Notice that it is holding up the ‘okay’ sign which is really the three 6s, one of satan’s symbols.

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Root Yourself in Yah

Floyd Mayweather (sp?), a boxing match can end early. Are you strong enough to get up? Some boxers don’t want to get back up, they are tired. So they stay down. We must endure. Satan knocks us down. Get back up! And sometimes we knock satan out. We can look in Scripture and see those that got back up. King Shaul did not get back up when knocked down by satan. We are fighters, fight to walk with Yah!

Fast today (every 12th & 24th): This is not mandatory (law). It’s something we do here.You can fast on any day you like.:  During our fast we are praying for protection, strength from Yah. Also that we may have loving, merciful hearts toward one another.  The world is loveless. This is a cold-blooded world. You see it in the new everyday. The world is a dangerous place to live in. It has waxed cold.

Next week we will have a new start time for Shabbat. We will start at 11:30 cst.  You can find all the books at

News you can use: Yahoo news will give 5 or 6 stories that are not true like stories of Kim K. or Brittney Spears and then there will be 1 story of truth. Do you notice that?

Yahoo news: Viewing child porn is not a crime in New York anymore as long as you don’t download videos and pictures.

This gives the green light to pedophiles especially priests…NY state will get an influx of pedophiles now. This will spread across the country. Namba is he North American man-boy association for pedophiles.

Romans had these types of things going on. TEXT: (same sex marriage is legal now too). According to the Jewish Talmud, it is legal for a grown man to rape children.  (Many people grossed out here).  Guess how many child porn sites will pop up in NY now? All the states will follow. They can watch it now legally as long as they don’t store it on their computer. Downloading it will be okay next….watch and see.

Article: Strange organisms have unique roots in the tree of Life by Jennifer Welch.

Where is the tree? In the kingdom of Yah. What are these jackals saying? The organism has been known about since 1865. 1865 adds up to 911. In 1865 what happened? Chattel slavery ended and the Suez Canal built. These jackals read the Bible y’all. They are searching for this tree. They want to live forever. This is why Yah kicked us out of the garden before we ate of the tree of life and lived forever. Satan is sending them out to find it…the garden of youth…Ponce de Leon. Cabalists call their theme the tree of life too.

Article: The U.S. urges circumcision to fight HIV in Africa. Do y’all know they want to outlaw circumcision in America?

Are they saying circumcision fights HIV? What are they saying? The risk reduction is 80% of HIV if a man is circumcised they claim. The article doesn’t explain how or why. Most Hebrew men in the U.S. are circumcised yet AIDS is high here. So what does this article mean? Some hospitals are not circumcising anymore y’all. Did y’all know a Jewish rabbi sucked the blood out of an infant penis in New York and gave the infant herpes. The child died. This article…it may be that they are inserting something into their penis. Because it’s not stopping AIDS in the USA. These are jackals y’all! The world we live in…

Yahoo news article: Earliest evidence of Biblical cult discovered by Wayne Perry: Why are they using Biblical and cult in the same sentence?! They are setting it up.

They are aligning the word cult to King David (in the article)…Do you see that? All who believe in the Bible…Yah, Yahoshua will be considered a cult. ‘The Way’ was called a cult too. They are trying to align the word cult with Israelites. ‘Pigs not found’ the article says. So now we are a Biblical cult with no human or animal figures that we bow to and that sets us apart from our neighbors it says. Yah told us to be set apart from the nations. The article was written by Garfinkel. TEXT: a Jewish name. Acts 24:14 ‘the way’ was called a cult. So if you believe in the laws= you are in a cult because Christians, Muslims and Jews don’t keep the laws.

May was named after a goddess, did y’all know that?

May is named after the goddess Maia.

Do y’all know people are getting sillier? People are suing for silly reasons. A boy was suspended for singing ‘I’m sexy and I know it’. A woman is suing because her son was not good enough for the basketball team. People are suing because they get hurt when stealing out of people’s homes. The American justice system is a joke. Yet if you kill a dog you get 2 years in prison and they never let you forget it. But a boy can be killed and the killer never is arrested for a long while.

Article: 4 high-tech ways government can spy on its citizens: Utah a data center is being built store all you emails etc.

Freedom of information…you can pay $25 to get the file they have on yourself.  They have a file on everyone.

Tupac: They tried to assassinate him in ’93. They tried to assassinate him for being associated with the black panthers due to his mother. They wanted him dead for the longest. He rapped about truth. Remember they shot him 5 times, twice in the head? He left the hospital because he said they were trying to kill him there. So what will they do to us and our children and we know the whole truth?

Research the 1972 Munich Germany Incident. There is a movie called ‘Munich’. Check it out. Israeli Mosod killed Palestinians. They will come after you and your children just like the Mob, gangsters. This is how satan does it. Tupac rejected them so they murdered him.

Jennifer Hudson family trial: He is going to prison. There is no DNA, prints linking him to the murders. All they had was hearsay from witnesses. They were paid to lie. So they can lock you up too. If they hear you speak against the holocaust in some states they will lock you up. Did you know that? J. Hudson can still repent y’all. She wants the fortune and fame though. She only thinks of herself. Vicious.

They are already tracking us on the internet. High tech tracking is already here.

Article: by Adam Goldman of Yahoo: CIA derails the plot of Alqiada of draws (underwear) bombs. Do y’all remember hair bombs, jacket bombs, suitcase bombs, shoe bombs… now draws bombs. Now bombs are in the elastic in underwear. All this talk=scare tactics. Did y’all know Saddam Hussein knew some yellow cake ingredients could make a bomb? They are afraid that Alqiada will use cow bombs and Playstation bombs too. It’s all fear tactics. Aliens, nuclear war…fear tactics. Yah has us…we don’t fear.  The government uses fear to take the rights of the people away. This is talking about the Gentiles. Because we have never had much rights. We are not fearful of losing rights. Gentiles fear police-states. We have always lived in police-states. Gentiles fear being broke. We never had much money. Don’t fear your oppressors. We have nothing to do with Christians vs. Muslims.

Article: Whitney Houston’s mom coming out with a new gospel album. Incredible timing right? After 10 years of her having no album, now she has a new album. There is a reality show for Houston’s relatives with Bobbi Christina and others out soon too.

The same thing happened when Michael Jackson died. They had all these tours etc. planned. Houston said she didn’t want to end up like MJ.

Starr Magazine: Rihanna on the cover. Rihanna is the next Whitney! She has been wild and drinking lately. This is a death threat they are giving her. She is the whore of rain-man. Remember Snoop Dog song that song murder was the case they gave me because he was ‘set-trippin’ so the demon revisited Snoop. Jay-Z even turned on her.

Article: Japan faces extinction in 1000 years. They are going to kill them off. This is another warning. Probably in the next 10 years they will kill Japan. Remember Hiroshima, the nuclear melt-down…Japan is doing what they want to do. They don’t want to listen. They have big guns too now. Japan is rebelling against the oath they took. This article is a warning to them. Japan is powerful, don’t sleep on that. The land of the rising sun…Japan. Japan and China may become allies.

Race wars of central Florida article mentioned.

There is a new Mayan calendar now and 2012 is not the date they say…laughs. These wild Gentiles (not all Gentiles) will start jumping off buildings. The world will not end in 2012. The 400 year prophesy is not up, the temple hasn’t been set up. But they will do something this year. Like a Y2K bug. Remember that? A test run like in the 1930s they told people Martians had invaded the earth. Just to see what the people would do.

 Lesson: Root Yourself in Yah

Root yourself in Yah so you don’t fly away with every wind of doctrine. Building up each other is a way to root yourself in Yah. In the 1920s, black wall street supported each other. Our people supported each other up until the early 1970s. After integration, we forgot our about our brothers and sisters causing division. Nothing new under the sun…just like the Willie Lynch letter caused division…it’s all from satan.

Tomorrow is Mother’s day or mother goddess day. It’s a pagan holiday. It celebrates the sacred dark feminine (Egyptology). It is the Jezebel spirit rooted in wickedness. Strong women know the authority of Yah. So many women have a problem with the authority of Yah but what is your fruit? 1 Corinthians 14:33-35 Women be quiet in assembly be in Law. Yah is not confusion. Satan is of confusion. Ask your husband at home if you have a question. Your husband can ask the questions for you or if you are a single woman PM your question to a moderator.

 1 Timothy 2:11-15 Adam was first then Eve. Adam was not deceived. Eve was. These are Yah’s Words not ours. This Jezebel spirit is rampant in Hebrew women and men. Men with this spirit act WEAK and will not rebuke this spirit on a woman.

Now that  you are a servant of Yah you complain your tired. You fear police. And Obama…will you speak about their errors? (the police and Obama) But you will speak against Yah’s servants. Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses. The pharisees put servants to death.

John 16:1-2 They will kill us in the name of The Most High. YouTube and Facebook people speak against the servants of Yah all the time. David would not kill Shaul because he knew Shaul was anointed by Yah, 1 Samuel 24:6.

Back to Mother’s day: reads the definition of Mother’s day from Maia the goddess in Rome, she is also called Diana in Greek, mother nature and the sacred feminine in afro-centric.  Maia was the mother to Bacchus or Jesus or Hermes. Bacchus, Hermes or Jesus is the same God.  Roman’s adopted Greek culture. This is satan’s world now. Don’t fall victim to mother goddess.

Galatians 3:9 Through His sacrifice, the Gentiles were also given salvation. Through Him all things are made new. Take this knowledge to the nations.

Satan doesn’t submit to Yah. We refuse to submit to Yah. This is why we die…the original sin. Crush that independent woman…depend, root yourself in Yah. Immerse yourself in this work, in Yah’s work. Kill the old man as Shaul learned from Yahoshua. From the mouth speaks the heart, it’s only a matter of time before you are exposed.

Genesis 3:15 Your husband rules over you. Now you are being obedient to Yah. This verse corresponds to 1 Timothy 2:11-15.

The above article is a story about air strikes on your residents. This is like mw3 (modern warfare 3) (video game?).  1 Maccabees:51 referenced here.

Is Obama the man of sin? I don’t know but he’s setting a lot of things up or paving the way.

Did y’all know GPS is on stop signs now? Google are inside businesses now too. I guess next there will be maps inside homes. Toasters, thermostats will send messages too (wireless).

Text: Dyson vacuums have GPS.

Obama did not get rid of Bush’s amendments, he put in a new gay rights precedent. June is the Gay-bisexual-trans-sexual month. This was put in place by Obama.  Romney is changing his stance now. They pander to your emotions. Don’t fall for it. Why is this an issue? Yah said it’s wrong. Text: They don’t love Yah.

Antiochus epiphanies slaughtered pork on Yah’s alter. Now they call not eating pork means you are in a cult. What do you believe in? Who do you believe in? Women are not to lay with women either.

Romans 1:26-27 Women went against nature. They were lesbians. It is indecent for women to lay with women. Obama has been anti-Yah since 2004. He does the will of his father (ha shatan). So why are you surprised at this legislation.–including-black-clad-figures-symbols-seen-before.html

It’s the men in black…like the movie. There is nothing new under the sun. The Bible does not say 2012 is doomsday. But on December 21, the fallen ones may re-appear in black uniforms.  The Mayans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Sumerians all spoke about these star people who would return…the fallen angels. TEXT: Made me think of the priests of the inquisition (black robes).

Mayans never said it was the end of the world. The Gentiles said that. It is the end of the age said the Mayans. This is all taught by the fallen (different ages). The fallen will tie religion in with them. Because religion has nothing to do with Yah. This is why they call us a cult. The Aquarius age now they say. The information age they say. They love philosophy. They believe the Bible has no meaning. It is just stories to them. They all worship the same gods. The fallen will tie them all in. TEXT: 5th dimension song ‘age of Aquarius’ in the 70s.

The men in black suits=fallen angels saying they are your gods. ‘Prometheus’ movie is coming out next month. ‘Avengers’=old gods vs. younger gods or the fallen ones vs. the watchers. Read the Bible before the other books. There is deception in the Pseudepigrapha. Enoch is not Metatron. If you are rooted in truth you understand what is false. It must line up with the Scriptures (the 66 books). Yes the 66 books have been altered such as to say Jesus, Lord and God but we are talking about understanding (on a Spiritual level).

Matthew 6:33-34 We seek the kingdom and Yah’s righteousness and all matters will be added to us. Psalm 119:142, 151 referenced here. Yah does not confuse. Seek the kingdom. The elect will not be fooled. We will be in the kingdom.

Don’t worry about the food. They mess with all the food. If you are a vegetarian be a vegetarian. I love meat, vegetables and sweets. It’s okay. Don’t condemn (each other).

Matthew 13:13-17, 24-43, v. 13-15 Paleo-Hebrew does not give understanding. Seeking Yah gives understanding. The pharisees did not know MessiYah and He spoke to them. Educated men do not understand Yah, they only see YHWH. Yah gives them a strong delusion. v. 16-17 The prophets longed to see. Abraham did not see his children in the land. Daniel longed to see this day, he wrote about it but did not see it. There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. You were not ready then. But now you know Yah and Yahoshua because of the Ruach. Understand Scripture is a solid foundation. You know the day of worship. You don’t do lunar Shabbats. All of y’all know His name is Yah. Keep your faith. Build on it. Upon this rock I will build My foundation. Be a rock like Kepha. v. 24-25 The man is Yahoshua. The kingdom is like a man.  Tares means weeds. Tares will imitate the wheat (or plant). v. 26-27 Where did the weeds come from? v. 28-29 Yahoshua said wait. Because satan will show himself. He always does. Genesis 3:15 referenced here, the seed of man and the seed of satan. v. 30 Weeds will be separated from the wheat. v. 31-32 You may not know all but you know Yah’s name, Shabbat. You know a little like this seed so just water it so you will grow in faith. It will grow like this tree. And not be uprooted. You will be the elect. v. 33-35 Psalm 78:2 referenced here. v. 36-37 Yahoshua is sowing the good seed. Yahoshua is salvation of Yah, son of Adam. v. 38 Field=the world. Good seeds=the kingdom. Tares=wicked ones, the weeds.

Matthew 13:38 corresponds to Genesis 3:15. The sons of satan vs. the sons of good. Who is truly your brother? Those who do the will of Yah are our brothers.

v.39-43 Prophesy of the end of this age here. This is the first resurrection. Revelation speaks on this too. You reap what you sow…the lake of fire or the kingdom. The age of the gathering seeks the kingdom of Yah first! We are in the world but not of this world.  We don’t cuss or listen to their music. We don’t watch certain shows because if you watch it you are agreeing with it.

Luke 14:16-35, v. 16-17 Yahoshua is inviting us to the great supper. v. 18 They made excuses like…’I’m tired’. Yah wants us to turn to Him continually. Read or witness daily (do it for Yah). v. 19 Some ask to be excused because of Job and/or family obligations. But we expect Yah to be like a genie, there to instantly grant our wishes on demand. Or they say, ‘nobodies is perfect’, that’s an excuse. It may be too late if you wait to long. Time is running out. Get it now. Excuses in your head=satan. Yah is truth. Lukewarm people will be spit out, said Yahoshua. v. 20-22 There is still room because only a remnant will make it into the kingdom. They will make excuses and will not make it. They think on the physical. There are 8 billion people living on the planet now. Only Joshua and Caleb made it into the kingdom out of the millions of Israelites who died. v. 23-24 Yah invited us. We are a nation of priests. Some have the Ahab spirit, this is the Jezebel spirit on a man who makes him weak. A man has to rule his household according to Yah. Yah does not teach inclusion, He teaches obedience. Yah does not want you to be a strong Hebrew woman. He wants you to be obedient.

The truth is in the names and teachings so you can’t learn this in church. They make excuses saying ‘well let me go ask pastor if this is His name’. You will not taste this supper (the kingdom) if you make excuses. Yah’s Word is simple but you still want to research if Yahoshua pre-existed or if Saturday is the Shabbat.

Did y’all know Camomile (sp?) tea relaxes just like marijuana? But you want to destroy your mind with marijuana. Pleurisy plant, some people smoke it but it does not get you high. It is good for the lungs and eczema. TEXT: Mullien, Peppermint for headaches. Drug sorcery=you have become a medium for demons. Ain’t NOTHING Set-apart about getting high. Vood00 shamans would get high to communicate with the demons. Cabalists invoke the spirits too.

v.25-26 You have to hate your brothers and sisters Yahoshua said? What? Let’s go to Matthew 12:47-50. He stretched His hands to His taught-ones. They agreed with Him in thought, action and deeds. Those who do Yah’s will are our brothers, sisters, mother and father. We are on one accord. Genesis 3:15, this makes us brothers and sisters. They killed Yahoshua. They killed the prophets thinking they were doing Yah’s will. We expect them to do the same to us. This is an old hatred between us and them…Genesis 3:15.

Back to Luke 14:26 This is the hate spoken of in Genesis 3:15. Hate the sin. Don’t be a brother to those that will not follow the truth. Hate you own life…meaning when you were in the world. Shaul spoke about killing the old man, the old self. It first starts in the heart and mind. v. 27 If you are a thief or liar, you can’t walk with Yahoshua. If you love to cuss, you can’t walk with Yahoshua. v. 28 If you’re contemplating following Yah, Yahoshua, you must understand the cost for doing so. Yahoshua was perfect. So we must be perfect. What does that cost? Not being a fornicator, being righteous, not being double-minded or partial, governing the house, not tolerating rebelliousness, not lying etc. This is why my daughters don’t want to visit me. They want to watch BET and they will not disrespect my wife!

What is the cost you must pay? v. 29 Some people were on fire for Yah but now you want to kill your brother. Now you are being mocked. You can’t go back to Egyptology, Christianity etc. Count the costs to be a servant so you can continue so you have no excuses. Yah can take your understanding away. Did you know that?  v. 30-33 Be willing to even give your life. Are you ready for that?  v. 34-35 Salt=good. Tasteless salt=no good. If you lose faith what good are you? You are not fit for the dunghill if you lose faith!

We know the basics. Stay rooted in Yah. The seed is the Word of Yah. You know the names. You know the Shabbat Day. Some Israelites know the names but are still wicked. Stay in the truth. Learn and grow in Yah and Yahoshua. Use this lesson to stay rooted in Yah. Once rooted in Yah, satan cannot uproot you. A wind may come by or someone may try to chop you down but you are still planted. You will have battle scars.

Acts 19:22-25 Artemis or Diana is the queen of heaven, the mother goddess. The prophet Jeremiah speaks on the Israelites making cakes to the queen of heaven. Black women being mother earth…this is all about mother’s day.

John 3:16 the fish symbol they use with this Scripture…that is Bacchus, Dagon on the pope’s fish hat. MessiYah did not draw a picture of a fish when He stooped to write on the ground. *I remember you said Ant, He was tallying up their sins.*

Tomorrow they will be in Church with big hats and most can’t stand their children. Don’t even cook for your children (but want to be honored). Yah provides for children. That whole day is a lie. Men don’t deserve a father’s day either. You are supposed to take care of your children. TEXT: Only Yah deserves our worship.

End of the lesson.

q & a:

Q: Hebrews 13:2, Are both evil and good angels among us? Is it similar to ‘V’ when the evil angel can be your boss, ‘friend’ or worse a spouse? A: You never know if Yah sends an angel to you yet remember satan can masquerade as an angel so test the spirit on the angel.

Mormons call their god…elohim. Mormons think when they die they become gods. There is a Hindu saying ‘no beginning, no end’ and satan says the same thing ‘as above so below’…satanism.

Q: John 8:58? A: Let’s start at verse 52. This is talking about the 2nd death, the lake of fire. They did not understand they were talking to The MessiYah. They had no understanding. v. 58 Yahoshua rose before Abraham. Yahoshua is at the right hand of the Father now. From the foundation of the world, Yahoshua was already spoken of Spiritually (remember that lesson y’all, the foundation). Acts 2:29-37 If Yahoshua pre-existed, why would he have to be resurrected? King David, Abraham are in the ground. Yahoshua is the 1st in the kingdom. This is what this means.

Ephesians 3 v. 1 Salvation is for all nations. v. 2-4 What is th mystery of MessiYah? The mission is the mystery not his pre-existence. v. 5 The secret through Yahoshua is that all nations have a right to salvation. v. 6 Gentiles are heirs to salvation too. There is no secret knowledge. All have a right to salvation. v. 7-8 Preach the Good News to the Gentiles, this is the secret of Yahoshua, for us to preach this Word to the nations. v. 9 Test the spirit of all these footnotes you see on the bottom of your Bibles y’all. There can be mistakes. We did not print these Bible. All things created in MessiYah what does this mean?

1 Corinthians 15:20-26, v. 20 Yahoshua is the first fruit=only one resurrection has happened, His. This is what He means by ‘before Abraham, I am’. v. 21 This is all things created through Yahoshua here. He is Yah’s salvation. Yahoshua is Yah’s salvation. He is bringing us back to Yah. v. 22-23 First fruits=Yahoshua risen. Abraham, David and the others will be made alive when He returns. v. 25 Acts 2:35-39 referenced here. His enemies will become His footstool. v. 26 The last enemy is death.

John chapter 1: v. 1 Word=laws, Yah’s words. Yah said let there be light and it was good He said because satan tried to create also. v. 2 This is not Ephesians 3:9. Yahoshua was not there at creation. Psalm 33:6 By the Word of Yah the heavens were created and all their host by the Speaking of His mouth. Why did the fallen angels go to Enoch for help if Yahoshua pre-existed? The fallen angels wanted to speak with Yah. But Yah would not speak with them. In Isaiah, Yah said there is none besides me. There is NO co-creator. *Isaiah 43:10-12, Isaiah 44:6, Isaiah 45:5, Isaiah 45:18, Isaiah 46:9-10, Hosea 13:4, Exodus 20:3* When Yah said let us make man…Yah was speaking to the righteous angels.  Yah said I will to be what I will to be when speaking to Moses. He is the image of righteousness, truth…all of us can look like this. Yah’s image is based on character…Ahyah Asher Ahyah or I will to be what I will to be. We are going to do a pre-existence part 2 lesson.

Q: What is a lunar Shabbat? Does if effect the Set-apart days? What is the difference between a concubine and a wife? A: Lunar Shabbat, some things have been taken from our memory. Things are perverted now. These things they teach are from Judaism. Don’t let the nations teach you. Yah gave us 7 days. The 7th is the day of rest and we are to focus on Him. I can count to 7. Do you believe Yah? Do you doubt? Don’t Doubt like Thomas. Hebrews chapter 11 defines faith. A: Counting of the months and the Holy days…Genesis 1:14 for observing the signs/times of the heavens…not to worship like the super moon. It is a sign to see when Yahoshua is coming. Like tornadoes on the sun etc. are signs.

Obadiyah speaks: He explained how a brother named Hemuel (sp?) explained Yah’s calendar. He said the calendar was fixed, meaning nothing moved. For example in Exodus 12:40-41 they came into Egypt and they left Egypt during Passover the same day of the week. So Passover would have been the same day of the week every year. They came into Egypt and left Egypt on the same day. Christmas changes it’s day of the week. This brother said Yah’s calendar stayed fixed. The same day each year the event would occur. So we don’t count moons to do a feast day. Yah makes things simple. Only the 7th day (is Shabbat). It has nothing to do with the Gregorian Calendar. The Gentiles could not add an 8th day (Yah will not allow them to). We are too disobedient to do the feast days (in captivity). Don’t follow the moon because the moon may be a hologram…watch and see.

A2: What is a marriage according to Scripture? Genesis 2:23-34. v. 25 Now Eve is refered to as wife. That vow makes you a wife. Like Yah is married to Ysrayl. Moses sprinkled blood on us to marry us to Yah. First Yah was engaged to Ysrayl when He gave Abraham the prophesy. Sex does not make you married to a person. Sex without a covenant equals fornication. A concubine belongs to the man like a husband. In Judges 19:2-3 The concubine calls him husband. The husband has authority over her. He takes care of her. But she is not a wife. You make a vow to this concubine to take care of her. If you break this vow you sin against Yah. The wife has the authority in household over the concubine. The concubine has no authority in the house. A man can have as many wives and concubines as he can take care of. Abraham, David and Solomon all had wives and concubines. She is to be a helper. Don’t be a weak Ahab. Be prepared to deal with multiple weaker vessels (if that is what you chose to do). Don’t let Jezebel run the house. Wives had a bride’s price and concubines did not. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines! A thousand women! Wives had a higher social status than concubines. The children of wives had higher social status also. Many men now have a wife and 3 or 4 girlfriends. He may love them differently or give one more than the other. He may deal with his baby mamas differently than a wife. Don’t do it if you can’t control these women. Hey, if you can…more power to you.

Q: Is a wife allowed to pray by herself? A: Yes, she can because what if the husband is in error? 1 Peter 3:1-2 Your prayers can win him favor with Yah.

Q: How do I explain pastors prophesying, people healing, casting out demons in church to my family members? A: Satan can masquerade to deceive. Give them this example in Jeremiah 23 of those who prophesied to baal.

Q: How do we mediate? A: Matthew 6:1-7 We mediate on Yah’s Word not like the heathens do. They babble or demon-speak or chant meaningless words. Hindu priests chant. Just close your eyes and focus on Yah.

Q: Scripture says women are not to wear pants. Originally pants were made for men though. A: What do you believe? It’s Jewish teaching. Women can where pants made for women. Simple. You are wearing pants pertaining to women. Men should not wear skinny jeans and blouses like Kanye West. If you need to work on Shabbat…work. Go buy food if you need it on Shabbat. Don’t listen to Jewish teachings. Women should not wear men’s boxers. Men should not wear manties. Yes they do make manties. Deuteronomy 22:5

Are you guys studying? Some of these questions are being repeated over and over again! The end of Shabbat.

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Esau/Esaw the Hebrew p. 2

Genesis 27:1-46, v. 1-10 Now remember she loved Jacob. So she and Jacob were tight. She knows that Jacob bought that birthright. I’m pretty sure that is something that he didn’t keep from his mother because he and his mother were tight, right. So she probably understood that her son had bought the birthright because the prophesy was given to her that the elder shall serve the younger so she already knows the deal. So this is why she is helping out her son here. But did you see what she said? Go get me two choice goats and I’ll make him a dish like he likes. Did our father eat two goats in one sitting? (laughs) You know um archeologists and anthropologists say that the ancient Israelites were a very robust people. They say that they were big-boned so to speak. They carried around muscular…and they carried around a lot of weight. They were not skinny people. They were robust. It said that their faces, their facial features and all that stuff were robust. So Isaac is eating 2 goats at one time. She did not say get me one goat. She said go get me two. (laughs) They did not have a refrigerator where he could put the stuff up after they killed. When you killed that animal you had to eat it there.  Hmmm, that is very interesting there. (talks to someone) kayn ahk, we were buff. (laughs).

v.11 So Esau was hairy yet when he was born he was compared to a hairy garment. v. 12-19 Look at this. There are people who want to say that Jacob was lying here and he deceived his father and he deceived his brother. No. Remember he had bought the 1st born birthright. Esau sold it and he bought it. So when he went in and said it’s me Esau, your 1st born, he went in because Esau was the 1st born so he went in as if he were the 1st born. Because his father probably would not have understood if he told him hey Esau sold me that birthright. Because his father loved Esau so he went as the first-born, as Esau. He went in to receive the blessings of the first-born.

v. 20-34 Now here it is, you see Esau started crying when he found out that his brother had cashed in on that first born’s birthright. So see this is the rivalry that existed between these two brothers and their descendants. Esau always wanted his birthright back. And so he was always fighting against Jacob for that birthright. His descendants were always fighting. Because the Edomites felt that their birthright had been stolen and that they should be the people of the land of Israel and that they should be the people of Yah.

v. 35-36 He didn’t take your birthright, Esau. You sold your birthright to him. And with that birthright comes the blessings of the first-born and the inheritance of the first-born, Esau. You should have thought about what you were doing. v. 37-40 Look at that. Isaac tells Esau he will serve his brother but you are going to break that yoke from your neck. v. 41 That was always in the heart of Esau  and his descendants killed the Israelites. Because they always felt they were tricked our of this blessing. Because they always felt they were tricked out of this blessing. v. 42-46 So do you see this is what happened. He went in and cashed in on the first-born birthright and Esau found out and cried. So now Esau wants to kill after he had sold the birthright and sold the blessings and everything that came with it. And this is what that relationship is based on brothers and sisters between us and them. And because he sold that birthright and because some of the things he did after selling that birthright and after his brother got the blessings, this is how Yah felt about Esau.

Let’s go to the book of Malachiyah or Malachi. We will read chapter 1. We will see what Yah has to say about His feelings towards Esau.

Malachi 1:2-3 Do you see that? ‘I have hated Esau’.

Let’s go to Romans chapter 9. This is repeated. Yah hated Esau because Esau sold his birthright. Not because Esau is something called the white man and you know the white man has done this great evil to you. Yah has called them to be an enemy to you.

Romans 9:13 And why did he hate Esau? I have already said why but let’s go to Scripture to verify it. Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 12.

Hebrews 12:16-17 So he sold his birthright and he sold his blessings. He was in line to inherit the blessings of the first-born. He was in line to be the chosen people of Yah.

What does that mean to you brothers and sisters? You are in line to inherit the kingdom. Are you going to sell out like Esau? Or are you going to take this blessing and buy it and protect it like Jacob did? Jacob went and bought this. He bought the right to be the people to take this Word to the 4 corners of the earth. And Yah loved him for that. He stepped up to the plate. When Esau despised the birthright he said, ‘I’ll take it’. ‘I’ll even pay you for it’. And Yah loved him. What are you willing to give for your birthright brothers and sisters. What are you willing to give to be that redeemed Israelite that is welcomed into the kingdom with open arms? Are you willing to pay for it? And if you are willing to pay for it, how much are you willing to offer? What do you have to offer for the birthright? Do you know what you must offer? All you must offer is your life. Give your life over to Yah. That’s it. All of you shall inherit an even greater and better life. This has been bought. We have been paid for. Remember, you shall go into Egypt again with ships, right. And you shall be sold unto your enemies as male and female slaves but you shall be bought with blood of Maschiach. You shall be bought out of the house of the enemy by the blood of Maschiach. Oh, you have been paid for. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah!

We are not taking the route of Esau. So what if we are about to die. We are going to hold on to this birthright. So what if Nimrod and his men are coming to seek us out… the man of sin and his men. We don’t care about that. We aren’t selling our birthright. But many of you will when that time comes…when Nimrod comes again. Oh many of you will say, ‘oh I ain’t no Israelite’. ‘My name is John Smith’. No disrespect to the John Smith’s out there. But you will revert back to that person you were because you will be terrified. But those who are going to stand for Yah are going to take whatever they have to give and take it with honors. Because they will not sell themselves out. HalleluYah.

You see one of the things about this walk and being an Israelite…Yah told us not to hate the Edomites. Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 23. All the things they have done to us…and we are about to see some of those things in just a moment. Just back and forth how we were fighting against them. They joined on to just about all our enemies and came against us. Do y’all know that they joined in with Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians? They came with Titus and the Romans. And they were always there saying lay them to wast, get them out of the land because the land has been given to us and it is our possession. But Yah told us not to hate these people.

Deuteronomy 23:7 We are not to hate them. Even though some of this stuff has gone on between us and them…the Israelites and the Edomites.

Like I said, today you have been stripped of your heritage so you don’t even remember all this stuff that has gone down. That is why you are making up stuff about who Edom is. That is why you can’t understand the prophesies. Most of these prophesies have already been fulfilled about Edom. And right now he’s a nigger in the land of Israel. If you know who Edom is today…they call him nigger over there. And if you have any type of association with Edom in the land today, they will call you nigger too. Well, they already call you nigger but they will  highly discriminate against you. Yet Yah has brought this thing upon Edom’s own head. The same thing he did to us, it has been done to him.  Let’s go to Numbers chapter 20.

(talks to someone) Yeah, the Sephardi…and that word Sephardi started out meaning Spanish Jew. But today, it means Eastern Jew. Those Jews that have been in the land since the first century. Hmmm, how did they get there? Alright Numbers chapter 20. Look at this. This is when we came out of the land of Egypt. We just wanted to simply pass through their land and look how they felt about us.

Numbers 20:14-22, v. 14 See Moses is pleading here, ‘y’all know we have been slaves in Egypt’. We were just getting our of Egypt right. And we are your brother. v. 15-19 Look at this. They were just pleading with them, just let us pass through over your land so we can get to where we are going. And they said naw, you come through here, we are coming out with the sword on you. v. 20-22 They didn’t even let us through. They came out with their swords drawn ready to go to war with their brother and all we did was say hey man, ‘we just came out of Egypt and y’all know the hardship that we have been through, just let us pass through. We will not drink any of your water. We will not stop. We will just go straight through. And if we do stop and drink any of your water, will pay you for it.’ ‘We aren’t asking you for nothing (free)’. ‘We are just asking you to let us pass through your land’. And the Edomites came out with swords against us. Do you see that? So this is why we had such an adversarial relationship with them…back and forth. This is why Yah is going to say all the things that He is going to say and we will read it in just a moment.

 So remember the prophesy. The elder shall serve the younger. Remember what father Yitzsaq said. He said that Esau would serve his brother. That he’s going to break that yoke. Let’s look and see when we finally brought those Edomites under our yoke. Let’s go to second Samuel chapter 8. Right now, I’m trying to give you a history of this relationship that Israel had with his brother Edom. So you would know when we start to see the prophesies and how Yah said He’s going to destroy, you are going to know why that happened. We already saw why hates him, right. So you can see this ain’t talking about no white man. Edom never wanted world rulership. Edom just want the land and the blessings. This is why Esau cried out bitterly, an exceedingly great cry to his father because he found out his brother had gotten those blessings. And he wanted the blessings of the first-born. This is what he said. He didn’t want the world rulership like the Gentile has today. Let’s go to 2 Samuel chapter 8.

2 Samuel 8:12-14 So the Edomites brothers and sisters became David’s servants. This is when Israel put them under the ban, under the time of Kind David. The Israelites had first started to put them under the ban under Kind Shaul. And then when David came on the scene about, I don’t know maybe 30 or 40 years later, David made them servants. So this is the prophesy being fulfilled. You shall serve your brother. The elder shall serve the younger.

 And then there was a time when the Edomites rebelled. A revolt happened. But do y’all know that Edom was a confederate with these other nations against the children of Ysrayl? So let’s go to Psalm 60.

We saw that David put them under right. Psalm 60 is that prophesy being spoken by Yah to Rebekah and this is the prophesy being fulfilled by Isaac telling Esau. So we put them under (the ban) and so they hated us for this. And Isaac told Esau that ‘then you will remove the yoke that your brother has on your neck’. So it reads.

Psalm 60:8 So Edom, we had them under subjection. They were under our shoe.

Whenever you had put the enemy under the ban, what they did in the ancient times is that they would write the names of those enemies in their sandals. And the king would where these shoes. It was a symbolic way of him crushing his enemy. And he has put them under the ban. So Edom was under our shoe. We had put them under the sword. They became our servants.

Let’s go to 2 Kings chapter 8. But they revolted just like the prophesy stated in Genesis 27:40, when Yitzsaq was talking to his son. He told him that he would remove that yoke from your neck. He said you shall break his yoke from your neck. So we will see when that happened. Let’s see when the Edomites had their revolt because David put them under. David made them servants. David was a bad boy, I’m telling you. This is one of my favorite persons in the Bible. This is one of my favorite personalities because David was a righteous man but David was no punk. David was no chump. No way. He was a warrior and at the same time righteous and the reason that I really like about David is because David had his faults and David would do a true repentance. David would find out that he did a particular sin and David would be hurt. And David would repent of that. But when you are in Christianity, you know we are told to turn the other cheek. But they never tell you the stories about David. So why is David doing all this stuff? Why isn’t David turning the other cheek? Why is he slaughtering folks here and there and slaughtering giants and all this? You know, what’s up with that? But David was still a righteous man, a man after Yah’s own heart! So turning the other cheek…they have no understanding of that. So be it.

2 Kings 8:20-23 So Edom revolted. Remember David made them a servant and then a few kings later they revolted and they broke that yoke just like Yitzsaq told Esau they would do. And so when they broke that yoke, there were skirmishes and fights going on back and forth between them and us. Just read the books of 1st and 2nd kings and you will see some of the fights that we had with the Edomites. Just that history of us going back and forth. Edom was one of those nations that had become a confederate against the children of Ysrayl. And that confederacy still stands to this day as nations have joined together to remove the name of Ysrayl. Let’s go to Psalm 83.

Psalm 83:1-6 These are a list of confederates, those who want to wipe us out as a nation. And lo and behold who do you see there? Edom is the first one mentioned. And the Ishmaelites, Ishmael was the son of Abraham. He was a relative of ours. And os they are all getting together to remove the children of Ysrayl. And remove us as a nation. So this is what they had conspired to do and Edom was with them. Edom had always been against us and tries to remove us off the face of the earth so he can take ownership of the land and he can pretend to the world that he is the children of Ysrayl. That’s what Edom has ALWAYs wanted…to be known as the Israelites, as the chosen people of Yah, as the covenant people. He wanted that covenant but he had sold his birthright being IGNORANT. So Yah is going to punish Edom for what he has done to us, Ysrayl.

Now this is where those brothers get all these Scriptures mixed up at. Because they don’t understand that history that we had. Edom had a conspiracy against us. ‘Let’s wipe them out as a nation (they said).

Let’s go to Lamentations chapter 4. Yah said He would punish Edom for his sins that he had done against us. No let’s go to Psalm chapter 137. Now we see that they joined into these other nations to conspire against us. Right? Check this out.

Psalm 137:7 ‘Raze it’ means lay it bare. This is when the Babylonians came in. We were taken into captivity by Babylon if you read Psalm 137 starting at verse 1, in fact, this is what we will do. I’m going to show you that this is the Babylonian captivity but those Edomites were with the Babylonians and they said lay it bare, lay it bare. Tear it down to the ground! This is what the Edomites were shouting against us. The roof, the roof is on fire, let it burn, let it burn down to the ground. That’s what they wanted to happen.

Psalm 137:1-7  So brothers and sisters when we were being taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians, those Edomites heard what was going on and they came up in there and they encouraged the Babylonians to lay it down. And Edom was one of the biggest, if you want to call it that, slave catchers of Israelites! When we escaped from the Babylonians they went out and started hunting us down to bring us back into captivity. When we escaped Titus and the Romans, they hunted us down to bring us back into captivity. They gave us to the Romans. That is what they did every time. They lived in the area south of Judah. South of Yahudah. And this place was called Idumea. And after 70 CE, the Romans took a census count and Idumea prior to 70 CE, Idumea was a nation that was south of Judah, Yahudah. In our land. But after 70 CE, Idumea disappeared off the map. Do you know why? Because the Edomites move from Idumea and when we were removed out of the land, they came there (Israel) and lived there to this very day. And the world considered them until 1948, the world had considered them the true Hebrews.

Let’s go to Lamentations chapter 4. Edom has been at our throat talking about we deceived him out  of his blessing.

Lamentations 4:22 So Yah is saying okay Zion, I’m bringing you back to the land but Edom for what you did…now you got to be punished. Now your punishment must come. I must uncover your sins. So Yah has had this controversy (with Edom). Remember He hated Esau but He loved Jacob. And if He had to repay Jacob for Jacob’s disobedience, Israel for their disobedience, Esau will receive the same thing.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 25. Yah will punish Edom for Edom joining with the enemy. I hope that you all are following along and getting understanding. It’s not really that hard. It’s quite simple. You know what is happening with the Edomites and that doctrine that has taken hold and is running rampant and is it’s just lose out there. And everyone is starting to believe it and their whole thing is that well they look like this and that. Man, we must be cautious brothers and sisters.

Alright, thus saith The Master Yah.

Ezekiel 25:12-14, v. 12 Look at that. They have taken vengeance on them. They were all for vengeance saying ‘hey man, y’all made us your servants’. ‘Y’all stole our birthright’. ‘Hey man, y’all stole our blessings’. So they want vengeance against us. v. 13-14 Look at that. Yah said they will know MY VENGEANCE on them. See Yah fights for Ysrayl. And Yah said ‘I’m going to do this by the hand of My people, My army (speaking to ) Edom’. Because of what you had done against the house of Yahudah by taking vengeance. Because they kept joining in, they loved when our enemies came against us. And they always joined in with that enemy against us. And we supposed to be brothers. Yah already told us not to hate y’all. Y’all have to let that stuff go, Edom. But they didn’t. They wanted to take over the land. Let’s go to Yoyl chapter 3.

Joel 3: 19 Do you see? They have shed innocent Israelite blood in their land. They have always done violence against us…ALWAYS…constantly. They live by the sword as Yitzsaq told Esau that, that was what they were going to do. They live by the sword. And they always came against us with the sword. Because they wanted to take us out. They conspired with other nations to remove us so the name Ysrayl would no more be in remembrance. And that spirit is still out there today. They are still doing that today. They still want to remove the name of Ysrayl so we will be no more in remembrance.

Let’s go to the book of Amos chapter 1. Yah said He was going to make you a ruin, a wilderness Edom. And do you know what? The land of Edom, Idumea, Mount Seir is a wilderness today. (talks to someone) Their you go Egypt too is a ruin. The land of the Pharaohs, that is gone. (laughs) Arabs have overtaken Egypt. You know, all that is left is dusty statues. Dusty statues with their noses broken off. That Egypt is long gone. HalleluYah. Yah’s Word is true. So this is what I’m talking about brothers and sisters we have to wait on the Father because He will fight for us. He will get vengeance for us. All the wrong that has been done to us will be repaid to those nations that have done us wrong. They haven’t gotten away with one thing. No Edomite, no stiff-necked Israelites, none of them (will get away from Yah). I know sometimes, y’all it’s hard. We look around and see the riches of the Gentiles thrown before our face and we are living in poverty…all of us are living in poverty. I don’t care if you are make 50, 60, 80 or $100,000 a year…you are still in poverty. Do you know why? Because the whole world is supposed to be yours. And here you are with crumbs and you are satisfied with crumbs. And you are supposed to be the ruler of this planet. As the Father has placed you to do so. So we are all living in poverty. And we look at the riches of the Gentiles and they throw their riches in our face and Yah is showing us, this could have been yours. This is yours, I’m just letting them borrow it. Just to show you how stupid you are for your rebellion against me.

So He’s going to fight. He’s going to pay back. Man, sometimes we get weary. We get so lonely and hearts get so heavy because we see  how the wicked are living. And it seems like they have no problems. And we are trying to do the simplest of the simplest thing and we always have strife.  Yah sees all that. And He will not let that go. Because when He repays…He repays and ain’t nothing they can do. They are not going to be able to escape his hand. That is why when Yah comes through and He repays the wicked for their wickedness, where there is evil…you better NOT shed one tear. You better not look at that and start saying well Yah didn’t have to do it like that. Yes He did. Yah has to do it like that. He said hey, you do violence to His people, He will do violence to you. You hold His son captive, He is coming to kill your son. That is how He does it. I say halleluYah that we are on His side. Let’s not get ourselves caught outside Yah’s protection brothers and sisters.

Amos 1:11-12 Do you see that brothers and sisters? Yah said for 3 transgression and for 4, I do not turn back. Because Edom pursued us with the sword. He did not have compassion on us. He did not look at us and see that’s my brother over there. He came in, he saw us being slaughtered by the enemy and he came in with his sword drawn and started doing the same. NO compassion. Once they broke that yoke, they never let up boy. They revolted and King Harrod was a king sitting on the throne of Ysrayl, he tried to have Yahoshua killed the true Kind of Ysrayl. He was an Edomite (Harrod). (talks to someone) Yeah ahk, that has been their motive. They wanted the land. They wanted the blessing of the first-born. They wanted that by all means. By any means necessary. And they thought that they could take it by force. Esau lived by his sword. They thought they could come in and take it by force. And see because we don’t know the history of the world, we look at the Gentile of today and we think that he is the only man who has ever been like that (had power). No during the times of Nimrod and Nimrod was ruling and the Hamites were ruling. They were the same way as we see the Gentiles today. Man has been this way since his inception just about. Since satan had taken him down through deception. That is all he has been about…lying, stealing, murder. Plundering and pillage because he (man) has been taught that by the fallen ones.

So just because you didn’t see the old world yesterday, you think this new world… how things are…that this is the first time that it’s happened. Naw, this is the way its been upon this planet…No peace, no shalom. Constant war. War, war war. And all men’s hands are guilty of shedding blood through war. EVERY nation on this earth has shed innocent blood. EVERY nation brothers and sisters, even the Israelite nation.

Let’s go to Malachi chapter 1. So Edom you will get your butt spanked. Your nation is gone, your name is gone but Yah knows who you are Edom.

Malachi 1:4 …’Yah will have indignation FOREVER’. See these Edomites as they had their lands tore down, they said hey we will rebuild it. Yah said okay, let them build and I tear down because I am enraged with them FOREVER. Why is Yah enraged with them? Because of the things that they have done against the Israelites.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 34. Isaiah knew the rivalry between Ysrayl and Edom and Yah’s controversy with Edom and how Yah felt about Edom and that whole nation and just what they had done. First Esau sold his birthright and Yah hated him for that. And then his descendants trying to get the birthright back through violence.

YesiYah, Isaiah 34:5-8 So Yah is coming against Edom and it shall be the day of recompense, the day of repayment. The day that Yah pays back for the cause of Zion. Edom and their Mount Seir. They never did inhabit the world. They never did conquer the world. They were never that strong. All they wanted was the land of Israel and the blessings, to be known as the chosen people, the covenant people… humpf.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 49. (talks to someone) Yeah brother, I’m trying to figure out how this is the so-called white man too. And I tell you, you can bust your brains trying to figure that doctrine out.

Yeremiyah 49:7-22, v. 7-16 Esau literally lived in the mountains brothers and sisters. So you have these brothers (who say)…you know Yah said they have made their nests high as the eagle. And the eagle is the symbol of America, that this is talking about the white man or that the eagle is the symbol of the United States they say and that this is talking about the white man. v. 17 This has happened to Edom. Edom is in ruins today. If you go down and look at Idumea, you know you would have to be an archeologist to find it. It’s not in existence today. It’s not a member of the Unites Nations. Edom, Yah has brought down ruins upon it. v. 18-22 So Yah is talking about what He declares against the Edomites. And all this wrong that they have done, Father Yah had to repay them back. And He has repaid them.

Let’s go to the book of Obadiyah. Yah promises more punishment on Edom and Esau’s descendants for what they have done against their brother Ysrayl. Yah said He kept the fatherless children alive. And their widows trusted in Him. Trust in Him. Let them trust in Yah.

Obadiyah 1:1-21, v. 1-3 Edom dwelled in the high clefts of the rocks. They dwelled in the mountains…Mount Seir was where they lived. Their pride has deceived them. They thought that they had the children of Ysrayl defeated. They thought that they had gotten the land. You have been deceived through your pride Edom. v. 4 You are high as the eagles, nest among the stars, this doesn’t mean that the space shuttle as these brothers teach…’oh you know the white man has gone out into space and that’s what this means’…hey. v. 5-6 Yah said, ‘I’m going to take everything from you Edom’. ‘Edom you will h ave nothing left’. v. 7-21 (the recording cuts off as he was reading verse 7. There was only one more Script after this one he said but he did not say what Script).

*I’m sorry the last part of the lesson was cut off. So we didn’t get to explain who the Gentiles are to you. But we do have other lessons (that explain who the Gentiles are). I pray this lesson has been a blessing to you. May He continue to bless you with His light of truth, understanding, righteousness and justice. Shalom.

*My sidenote: Read about Jacob and Esau in the Book of Jasher chapter 32 or XXXII. Yah sent the malakim  to protect Jacob.