Do We need to Speak Hebrew in Order to Understand the Bible?

Speaking in tongues vs. Yah’s understanding: Do we need to speak Hebrew in order to understand the Bible? News: Homosexuality in United States: The 2010 census, what is the % of those who say they are homosexual? 5% and that number is up only 3 % from the 2000 census. Y’all it’s all propaganda inContinue reading “Do We need to Speak Hebrew in Order to Understand the Bible?”

Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles p. 3

…So this angel sent this man to who? Kepha, an Israelite. And the angel told him, ‘he has words for you’. ‘He’s going to teach you the truth’. Because it has been given to the hand of the Israelites to teach the strangers, to teach the Gentiles the ways and the truth of Yah. AndContinue reading “Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles p. 3”

Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles p. 2

Now understanding the Gentiles. Understanding the stranger. Let’s look at Ysrayl’s duty. So Ysrayl will know where they fit in, in this sect. Then we will see how the Gentile is to be brought in. Because he was a wild bunch, I’m telling you brothers and sisters. He was a wild bunch. Still is. I’m talking aboutContinue reading “Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles p. 2”

The Operations of Demons p. 2

This spiritual battle is real! Demons surround our camp daily. Rebuke the devil 1001 times y’all. Don’t let him overtake you. Don’t say you are tired. Don’t give up the fight and be overtaken by this demonic demon. They use to fellowship and were immersed and they fell off. You go ahead (leave) the teachersContinue reading “The Operations of Demons p. 2”

Esau/Esaw the Hebrew p. 2

Genesis 27:1-46, v. 1-10 Now remember she loved Jacob. So she and Jacob were tight. She knows that Jacob bought that birthright. I’m pretty sure that is something that he didn’t keep from his mother because he and his mother were tight, right. So she probably understood that her son had bought the birthright becauseContinue reading “Esau/Esaw the Hebrew p. 2”