Many Shall Depart From the Faith

News you can use from December 31: There is a video of a Gentile child with a heart condition (on YT?)…very touching…get yourselves together.  This child almost died 3 times and then died on December 25th. The child said he had a dream he was in a white room and his favorite MC (rapper) was there.

We will be doing prophesy series soon.

Young ‘brew, that was a policeman was killed in Chicago…life is fragile. It’s not how you leave…it’s how you live. Yah gives us time…no such thing as dyeing before your time. satan can lead you to death but he can’t take your breath.

Article: The Gentiles have made a hotel out of ice, in Romania. They made an ice church too. Also an underwater hotel and they want to make a hotel on the moon.

Ron Paul? He’s Alex Jones’ boy…Alex Jones from…Jones wants to arrest New World Order people. Ron Paul made racist comments against black people. Alex Jones wants the ‘good ole days’ to come back…good ole days=slavery. The racist comment Ron Paul made, paraphrased, ‘we need to lock up blacks so they will not rob us’. An Israelite called the Alex Jones show and told him the truth about who the slaves were and Jones did not believe him. The speaker of the news you can use said ‘I don’t follow this man (Alex Jones) anymore. He is cointelpro. He is an agent for the government.

Agents are here y’all. Cointelpro is here now in the Israelite community. It is division and arguing etc. Ron Paul threw up the baphomet sign. He is a mason. All of them are including Alex Jones.

This lesson today is important. We will see how and when they will depart the belief.

William Cooper did not like Alex Jones. Cooper wrote a book back in the 90s called ‘behold the pale horse’. Cooper said Jones is a lying agent. Cooper was killed in 2001 by police (suspicious).

Bohemian Grove, San Fransisco CA, politicians and actors…the illumanati go there to the woods for rituals. Alex Jones told about this going on. Jones is a member himself of this club. He made a video. The video shows an owl image (?). Alex Jones has a nationwide show. It’s staged. Don’t be deceived. They all work in a dual…ying yang or democratic, republican…all of it is deception.

‘nigger head’, Rick Perry family runs a farm called this but they have changed the name now.

Back alley abortions: 2 ‘brews killed an 18-year-old girl during an abortion procedure. Police found full-term fetuses in fridge. More abortions kill us than aids and murder combined. It is genocide. Abortion is murder. We are our worst enemy. It’s the truth. We are a product of the curses. We are disobedient. We turned our backs on Yah. We are wild ‘brews. We need to get out of this condition.

I think this YT video is the little boy who was sick. I just had the video written down in my notes without marking what it was about.

Lesson: Many shall depart from the faith. This is a prophesy spoken about in Scripture. What does the title mean? How will this happen? False doctrines by priests? I’m not saying if you leave Israelite Heritage that you are going to the lake of fire. I’m talking about all camps of Messianic belief will be effected. This is not talking about Christians because they don’t keep the Torah. This is talking about the Hebrew Israelites…many will depart from the faith.

Romans 3—>false prophets—>the falling away leads up to the man of sin appearing.

When you start cussing out Yahoshua, this is the time it will happen. Non-Scriptual beliefs about Yahoshua=departing from the faith. Kepha and Shaul all said this same thing.

1 Timothy 4:1-3 The Set Apart Spirit of Yah, in latter times the Spirit will depart to the teachings of demons! Giving heed=they will pay attention to the teachings of demons. v. 2 They are liars, these demons. v. 3 They will tell people to stop eating clean foods (meat), forbidding people to marry…they hate women and love children.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 Don’t be shaken. Don’t be troubled or fear what they say. v. 3 falling away comes first before the man of sin comes to destroy. We will have a lesson just on the man of sin soon. Protect your family from this entity. satan is coming for Messianics. They are against Yahoshua. They claim to honor Yahoshua but don’t. What is faith (belief)?

Hebrews 11:1-40 read out loud. v. 6 Without belief it’s impossible to please Yah. When they live the faith they are pleasing Him. They run around saying Yahoshua was not born to a virgin…that’s disbelief, no faith. v. 36 Trumped up charges will be put on Yah’s servants. v. 37 Isaiah was sawed with a wood saw upside down. We will be persecuted too. satan will do this to us. We have raggy clothes, no Mercedes, satan will point his finger at us saying see they are not blessed. v. 38 We are in deserts, caves dens of the earth. v. 39 Whew. They did not get the promised land,we will get our pie in the sky in the next kingdom.

Live by faith. satan will come to get us no doubt! satan tried to get Yahoshua to doubt saying throw yourself from this mountain. satan is coming for your belief! Never say you will not doubt! Never say what you will not do. Kepha denied. Keep your mouth shut and believe in Yahoshua! Separate from those who don’t believe in Yahoshua.

Saying why this or that=creates doubt; this is how satan works by creating doubt.

There are thousands celebrating Shabbat now but that number will go down. It can happen to anyone (departing from the faith). Stay prayed up. It happened to Kepha.

Israelites on Facebook are wild. Christians don’t even act like that. Yah is allowing it to happen. Israelites have fist fights at their congregations! Yes they do! There are a lot of Hebrew agents on face book…cointelpro. When the Asher movie comes out this will lead people astray too. They are agents. The guy who calls himself the comforter leads people astray too. Have y’all seen his tour bus? They wear the 6 pointed star. The 6 pointed star is the star of molech.

John 14:6 Way Truth Life, no one comes to Yah except through Yahoshua the living Torah. They claim the new testament is false to create doubt. They tried to find fault in Yahoshua then and still now. They accused Yahoshua of having a demon then. They will claim we are in a cult and crazy too. Don’t let them lead you astray.

Habakkuk 2:4 Isaiah, Hosea and Habakkuk all lived during the same time. They prophesied together. They ran from the children of Yisrayl…to the caves. You take faith to the grave not money or anything else. Do you see why satan wants you to give up your faith? satan wants you to doubt Yahoshua. satan gets people to turn into Egyptologist, black nationalists, then they don’t believe in the old testament. False prophets are coming for your soul…it is going to happen!!!

Matthew 7:1-12 Yahoshua is not black Jesus! Like on ‘good times’ the t.v. show. Pray to Yah you will not leave Yahoshua. There were 4 major rebellions…1) satan’s rebellion 2) the watchers rebelled 3) mankind [Adam] rebelled and 4) the children of Yisrayl rebelled. The 5th rebellion will be when the many depart from the faith.

John 7:1-12 v. 1 talking about nose in the air judgment. v. 3 They see everyone else’s faults. v.4 focus on your own walk. v. 6 The word of Yah=pearls. Don’t give them to those who don’t want to hear it. Stop telling them if they don’t want to hear Yah’s word. v. 11 Just ask Yah! The wicked give their children a lot (monetarily). v. 12 Do good to others (other people).

Matthew 8:5-13 This Gentile man had faith in Yahoshua. v. 10 Even Yahoshua was amazed at his faith. v. 12 Sons of kingdom=Yisrayl will be cast out for wickedness. v. 13 Have faith.

Matthew 8:23-26 The taught ones had little faith. Yahoshua calmed the wind. No faith=not being able to do it, we need faith in Yahoshua.

Matthew 9:20-22 Woman believed in Yahoshua (just touching His tassels). She knew she would be healed. Many will give up faith. Children of Yisrayl lost faith and built a golden calf. satan attacks our faith! They say Yah doesn’t need a Messiah and they also say Messiah is a Greek myth…this is what Jews say. They hate Yahoshua. My sidenote: It gets interesting here–> The speaker said when they find out He was black they will call this the nigger book. Then a Gentile in the assembly who keeps Torah texted this–>That’s when they will start burning Scriptures.

Matthew 21:17-22 If you have faith…the mountain will move…don’t doubt. Fig tree withering=no fruit=withers away because it is not needed.

Acts 11:20-24 He was filled in faith, stephenos. Barnabas, Shaul and Stephenos had great faith.

Romans 1:16 Everyone who believes…Israelites and Gentiles will have salvation. Belief is important! Demons can turn you away from the faith.

Romans 3:22 Righteousness through faith, we must have through Yahoshua.

John 8:51-56 Abraham believed in Yahoshua! satan has many ways to get you to doubt. Rebuke satan! Fight for Yah! Will you fight for Yah? There will be a war. satan is coming for you. v. 52 second death=lake of fire. They called Him a demon. v. 56 Abraham saw it and was glad. Yah gave Abraham a vision of Yahoshua.

Psalm 110:1 David believed in Yahoshua. Believing is the key to salvation. Yah is speaking to Yahoshua here. Yahoshua was David’s Master. Let’s prove it.

Acts 2:34 David did not ascend to heaven. David believed in Yahoshua.

We looked at belief…now let’s look at the doorways. Don’t be afraid to rebuke, call them liars, hypocrites…fight satan’s madness. You are his (satan’s) targets…not Christianity or Islam. But you who are Messianic Hebrew Israelites that keep Torah.

Matthew 24:4-12 Don’t let no one lead you astray. Many will come in His name and lead many astray. For example Ben amni (sp?) and Yahweh Ben Yahweh.v. 6 Their will be wars. They will have to happen. v.7 All this is occurring now. Just the beginning. v.9 We will be hated for the name Yahoshua by ALL NATIONS! Governments will hate you. v. 10 Many will stumble…they will  give you up. v. 11 Many false prophets will lead the people astray. This is the falling away! These agents come to lead people astray. They work for the government. v. 12 lawlessness means no Torah. They have no feelings toward others…they are cold-blooded.

Matthew 24:24-26, 42-51 v. 24 False prophets will do great signs to deceive but the chosen will not fall for it. We will call it out. satan brings deception with a smile and peace. v. 26 In the desert, room…Ben amni (sp?) is in the desert saying Messiah is over there now. They (false prophets) will be lit up, angels singing in the sky is what they may be doing. v. 42-43 We have to stay watchful for the falling away because then the man of sin comes. v. 46 blessed is a servant who feeds the sheep because you did not fall away. v. 48 They don’t believe Yahoshua is coming. It’s been 2,000 years. v. 49 This man is not paying attention being drunk. v. 50 He is not aware. Stay on guard! For the thief! This ain’t no joke family. Stay prayed up. Yahoshua asked taught ones to stay up and pray with Him before they came to get Him. Rebuke something that doesn’t sound right, satan will put you in a spell.

Jude 1:4 Wicked men sneak in. They deny Yahoshua. All these black nationalists, Egyptologists, non-messianic maniacs.

Jude 1:14-22 Don’t leave Yah and Yahoshua. (not talking about Israelite Heritage) v. 16 Complainers, those who do their own lusts, swelled words to gain advantage. v. 19 markers in the last days…they cause division, they don’t have the Ruach. v. 22 Give compassion to doubters, teach them correct ways of Yah.

Things false Messiahs may do: flying in the sky…all types of lying wonders.

All camps, groups will be effected by the falling away.

Acts 20:29-30 Salvage wolves will come in among you with distorted teachings from among you to bring people among themselves. You see this already on Facebook. Read the Scriptures for yourself!!! Don’t trust their word!

Matthew 7:13-29 Let’s look at more doors. v. 13 wide gate=worldly. In the Apocalypse of Abraham, an angel showed him the gates. Abraham was afraid no man could cross the narrow gate. Narrow gate=life, few will find it.  😥

v. 15 Beware of false prophets coming in sheep’s clothing they are salvage wolves. v. 16 You know them by their fruits. v. 17 No peace with them. They are corrupt and wicked. Their disguise does not change their character. v. 23 I never knew you. They keep no law. He’s talking about those wolves. v. 26 Do these teachings as MessiYah says. v. 29 He taught in authority.

2 Timothy 4:1-5 v. 2 Prove them wrong! v. 3 A time will come they will not endure sound teaching. They look for teachers that will tell them what they want to hear= lies or ‘itching ears’. v. 4 They turn to lies ‘myths’. v. 5 Endure afflictions, you do your ministry! Evangelist=a Greek word that means to bring the Good News. Women can do this, you women can pass out flyers and tell people about the Good News…but you can not teach in assembly.

satan’s minions, salvage wolves are coming 4 you…run. Keep going and don’t look back. You brothers know you don’t look back at the police when your running…lol in the room! Lot’s wife looked back.

2 Peter 3:1-4 Mockers will come in the last days. They will say, ‘where is Yahoshua?’ They are just like their fathers. They will say, ‘where is Yahoshua to save you from jail?’ ‘Why don’t you have a car?’ ‘Why don’t Yahoshua give you a job?’ They say all this right now.

2 Peter 3: 16-18 They twist Shaul’s and all the Scriptures. You are warned so WATCH for the wicked. Or they will take you away with their doctrine (teaching).

2 Timothy 3:1-17 v. 1 In the last days hard times will come. v. 2-4 This is what they will be like in the last days. v. 5 Turn away…run from them. v. 6 Women take them away. v. 7 All these books they have and still they don’t believe in Yahoshua. v.9 Their folly will be seen by everyone. v.10-11 endure. v. 12 We will be persecuted for living in Yahoshua. v. 13 Great deception in last days. v. 14-15 Scripts make us wise. Stay with what you have learned in Scripture. v. 16. All Scripture comes from Yah!

1 Corinthians 11:16-19 Division must happen so the approved ones can be revealed. Some will go back to Islam and Christianity. It’s supposed to happen.

Isaiah 30:8-11 For the days to come (latter days) this is a rebellious  people. They like smooth words, they like to hear prophesy of deceit (lies). Israelites have always been a rebellious people.

1 John 2:18-29 Deception at the last hour: Be careful of any teacher you sit under!! The anti-christ is coming even now they come. They were not of us. v. 22 liars=deny Yahoshua. v. 27 Stay in Yahoshua.

If you got the truth, then leave Yahoshua…they leave because they fall for every wind of doctrine. Let’s close out. If it is of Yah it will stand to the end of time.

Psalm 127:1 If Yah does not build it up the house will fall. If you’re a watchman keep watch (for the wolves with false doctrine). Believe in Yahoshua, the prophets said would come. Not the other messiah, Shaul talked about. When a teacher gives a lesson…your book should be opened…read for yourself! satan can convince you to be a wicked liar because he is…guard your soul because he’s coming with wrath, he knows his time is short.

There was a Q and A. I will come back and post it here on Tuesday. Then I will Continue with part 2 of did Shaul do away with Yah’s laws? Love you baby.

Q: An ahkotee said she knows a lady that doesn’t watch movies because Scripture says do not put evil things before your eyes. Is this true? A: Worshipping gods in your face, this is what He’s talking about. This is symbolism like He also said to put the law in the frontlets of our eyes. This world is filled with evil! Will you keep your eyes closed? Don’t participate in evil things is what that Script is saying. We need to watch these movies, news, etc. to know what they are doing and plan to do. If you don’t watch…these people will sneak in.

Q: My Isha’s parents are Jehovah Witnesses. We tell them we don’t eat pork etc. and her dad tried to say we are not under Mosiac law. He said in Matthew 9, the lady with the blood issue was supposed to be outside the camp according to law. Is this true? A: Yahoshua told them also about the mercy of Yah. If a man was hungry would you stone him instead of giving him bread? She suffered many years and Yah approved of her because of faith…mercy.

Q: John 1:1 The word of Yah and Yah is the word? A: Look at the image of Yah lesson. Yah spoke everthing into existence…His word. v. 2 ‘He” becomes Yah…or Yah is He, not Yahoshua here…Yahoshua became the word of Yah (in the physical). Yahoshua did not pre-exist. Remember the saying your word is your bond, it tells who you are…this book is called the word of Yah…literally.

Q: Exodus 23:13, does this mean we can never say elohim, etc.? A: No you can say elohim but don’t reverence the false names with your lips. Don’t say thank you baal or lord. Don’t pray to them in those false names.

Q: Leviathan? In Psalms, David speaks about Leviathan and so does Job, is it literal? A: Job 41:1-34 read out loud. These Scriptures describe Levithan, a sea creature. Isaiah 27:1 a monster in the sea, this is real, a sea monster. The Greeks also described it. There is a symbolism and literal meaning in Scripture about Levithan. The loc ness monster is a baby compared to Levithan. (My sidenote:baby I remember reading in the Psuedpigrapha vol 1 that there are two monsters one in the sea and one in the desert .)

Q:When someone says happy new year to you? What do I do? Tell them why you don’t celebrate it.

Q: Is there a Script. to deal with anger? A: Matthew 22:35-40 Yah still loves us even though we are stiff-necks, so you should love others in return. There is a difference between passionate and angry. Yahoshua cried out in a loud voice. Shaul was bold. Yahoshua rebuked Kepha. Don’t curse people out. Just reprove them in love. Yah chastens us in love. Matthew 18:15-20 tells us how to deal with our brothers and sisters.

Q: Trinity? A: Nimrod, Semmiramus and Tammuz are the original trinity which came from Babylon. Triangles represent the trinity. It is male, female, and an androgenous mixture of both in part of the triangle.

(talks to someone) How can the new year be in the middle of winter in the dead of night? Rhetorical. The end of Shabbat Dec. 31.


Did Shaul Do Away with Yah’s Laws? Part 1b

Romans 8:1-9 v. 1-2 Now he just told you what the law of sin and death was…that’s the law of the flesh. That’s the law we want to get rid of. But he said for the Torah of the Spirit of life in MessiYah has set me free. Yahoshua is the living Maschiach, He is the living Torah. v. 3-4 The righteousness of Torah brothers and sisters could be completed…we have the complete Spiritual understanding. Yahoshua came to complete it. He came to fulfill it. Now we have that understanding…the Spiritual understanding. The righteousness of Torah should be completed in us. v. 5 Christianity loves to talk about this verse but they don’t understand what the Spirit is. The Spirit is Yah’s Ruach which will lead you into what? ALL TRUTH! Right? I will send you the comforter (Yahoshua said) which is the Set Apart Spirit, which is Yah’s Spirit. And He will lead you into all truth. That has been completed y’all, that’s why we are getting understanding about this what we are talking about today. But those who live according to the flesh they keep their minds on matters of the flesh. They can’t understand these things. That’s why Christianity is so wordly…tell me…what’s the difference between that Christian singing group Mary-Mary and Mary J. Blidge? Who can tell me the difference between the two? Go look up Mary-Mary on You Tube and look at their latest video. Then look at something from Mary J. Blidge. What’s the difference? It is a worldly religion. They only have their minds on worldly matters. That’s why all the preacher can talk about is money, money, money. He can not give them the understanding of Truth. So this is what Shaul is talking about.

v. 6 The Spirit we are talking about here is Yah’s Ruach…Yah’s Set Apart Spirit which will lead you into all truth, which will lead you to the road of salvation. That’s eternal life and that’s shalom in the kingdom. So in order to get there you have to be a Torah keeper. I’m talking about keeping the Torah in your heart and in your mind. This is what our brother is talking about. v. 7 You see that? How many of y’all have ever had that struggle? Where you try to battle against what Yah was telling you with your fleshly understanding. This is what I meant in that word of the week I did, the flesh vs. the Spirit that you are to choose Yah all the time. If you know that a matter is wrong…you don’t even have to contemplate going with the flesh…go with the Spirit. Because now your making yourself an enemy of Yah if your going with the flesh. For the flesh does not subject itself to the Torah of Yah. It cannot subject itself to Yah’s Torah. It’s going to battle because the flesh is stiff-necked and hard-headed. So does this sound like an anti-Torah man? We can just cut the lesson off right here. We don’t have to go no further, that’s it. What else can you say? But let’s continue.

v.8 Those in the flesh cannot please Yah. Does this mean we have a little spirit living in us? No. What does it mean to be in the flesh? To have fleshly thoughts? Worldly thoughts? To think like the adversary? To think all unrighteousness? To be anti-Torah?…that’s the flesh. But to live with Yah…to be obedient to Yah that’s living in the Spirit. v.9 Look at that. So do you know what he just did? He just tore down the whole Christian religion. They are always quoting him trying to make him their founder…he just tore their whole thing down. He said if you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit…if indeed the Spirit of Yah dwells in you and if anyone does not have Spirit of Machiach this one is not His. They don’t have the Spirit of Maschiach in them. They are disobedient to everything that Messiah taught. Everything He stood for they stand against. All you have to do is read The Book brothers and sisters and you can get rid of those lies that they are constantly telling on our brother (Shaul).  Let’s go to verses 10-19

v.10-11 You all understand these verses right? That’s simple. If Messiah is in you then the fleshly is truly dead on account of sin. If you have Maschiach in you then you will live according to the Spirit in you. You will not live according to the flesh. v. 11 Look at this. This is a man who has the same Maschiach understanding that we have. v. 12-13 Remember when he talks about the Spirit he’s talking about Yah’s Spirit, His Ruach which is the higher understanding…if you live according to that then you shall get according life. v. 14-17 This ain’t Christian doctrine. He said you have to be with Yah. Yah already told you what He requires of you…if you love Me keep My commandments. Shaul has not once given you anything that is anti-Torah. v. 18-19 Whew look at that! He says that creation is waiting on you to be revealed as Yah’s sons. For those who do the will and desires of Father Yah will be called the sons of Yah, the true children of Yah. Creation is longing for you Yisrayl to get yourselves back together. Because when you come back to the Father Yah ALL things will be made right. It will signal that it’s time for satan to be destroyed. It’s going to signal that it’s time for all his wicked servants and minions and angels to be destroyed…creation waits on that. The stars, the moon and the sun…they are waiting on you…why are you delaying Yisrayl? Shaul is putting down understanding. He got the same understanding we have. The same Ruach over him is the same Ruach over us. That’s the only way we can understand this brother’s writing. His words are hard to understand by those who twist his letters as they do the other Scriptures to their own destruction. (stopped at verse 19)

(talks to someone) Yes brother, Spiritual equals higher understanding through obedience. No boogie man and holy ghost over here…higher understanding. That’s why we ask ourselves sometimes man this is so simple why can’t they get it? We are not saying we are some high and mighty people, naw we are just saying…man this is just so simple to us. I remember when I was in school and just going through algebra and geometry and all that…it took me some time to catch up. I wondered how in the world did they understand this and I can’t get it. I was a little slow in catching up. But when I got it, I remember others looking at me, you know the others who came up after me and they said how do y’all know so much? Let me tell you, I came from Chicago from the public school system. It was broke down. I’m barely…I’m surprised I know my A,B,C’s, you know dealing with that. It’s a horrible school system. But hey not to digress. That’s what it is…Yah gives us the higher understanding of what the word is saying. And He’s always giving us this. Moses had the higher understanding of this. This is not the first time He has revealed it. King David, when he wrote those beautiful Psalms, he had the higher understanding of this. The prophets did too.

Romans 3:20 Therefore by the deeds of the Torah no flesh will be justified in His sight for by the Torah is the knowledge of sin.

Now we know that just by the works of Torah…what does the works of Torah mean? Just doing it…but not comprehending it…just doing it. And you will end up doing it your own way. If you don’t have the Spiritual understanding of Torah you will end up doing Torah your own way. So you say well I don’t eat pork or well I keep the Shabbat. Why do you keep Shabbat? You say ‘because that’s the only day I get off from work’. OK, that’s the only reason you keep Shabbat, huh? That’s what Shaul is talking about here. ‘knowledge of sin’ because sin is the knowledge of Torah. Torah once again is law. Sin is the transgression of the law. So by the Torah or law we know what sin is. So we do Torah because we love Torah and we understand it. It would be really ridiculous if there was a lawyer out there who passed the bar exam, came into court to defend his client or to prosecute the client and didn’t know what the laws of the land were. That would be real stupid. So us in knowing what the law is…this is the only way we can teach law. This is the only way we can raise our children in law. Because if your just telling them to do it just to be doing it your children are going to turn around and hate the Torah. Because you made it a burden to them but if you teach them the righteousness of Torah and the righteousness of what it means they are going to love it and when they grow old they’re not going to depart from it. They will always stick to Torah because they will know the Torah is apart of them and this is what they do to serve the Master Yah. So if you want to know what Biblical sin is…1 John 3:4. Let’s continue we only have a few more Scripts.

Romans 3:21-31, v. 21 We will understand what righteousness is. Shaul mentions righteousness a lot. We will see from Scripture what righteousness is. v. 22-24 So the righteousness of Yah is through belief in Yahoshua ha Maschiach…what do you believe about Messiah? We believe that He is Yah’s salvation. We believe that He was the One sent to save Yisrayl first and to redeem the rest of mankind through His people Yisrayl. We believe He is sitting on the right hand of Yah with all power and esteem. We believe Yah raised Him from the grave on the 3rd day. We believe He is the MessiYah, the son of Yah. So you must have that belief in Maschiach. We believe He is the living Torah who came to give us a complete understanding of Torah. So that’s what it means to believe in MessiYah. Not to believe on Jesus and that’s it. Yeah, but what do you believe about Jesus? That’s all they say…I believe on Jesus…like a robot. What about Jesus do you believe and can you back it up with Scripture? Do you believe that Jesus done away with the laws of Yah? Where does it say that in Scripture? Ok, if you can’t find that in Scripture then what is your belief based on? And who taught you this belief? See, we have to know what we understand. For we know what we worship for salvation is in the hands of Yisrayl. (This is what Yahoshua said in John 4:22) halleluYah. Let’s go.

v.24-28 So if you believe you cannot…Shaul is speaking from experience as being a pharisee. And the pharisee said a lot of things but did not do it. So what he said…man…is justified by works of belief (faith)…if you believe in MessiYah…if you believe in the law. You have to believe in the law. That’s what he’s talking about. v. 29 Yes, He is Yah of the Israelites and of the Gentiles, that’s right. v. 30 What do you believe (ahk) brother? What do you belive ahkotee (sister)? What do you believe Gentile? That’s whats going to get you judgment. That’s what will get you into the kingdom or that’s going to get you into the lake of fire…what you believe. v. 31 Do we then make void the Torah through faith? See he’s not telling you to throw away the Torah. Certainly not he said. On the contrary, we establish the Torah. halleluYah! Show me some anti-Shaul somebody! My goodness are these brothers and sisters not reading their Book? What book are they reading from? This man…he talks about the belief and says that does not void…on the contrary it establishes because if you believe in Yahoshua as the living Torah as the Maschiach you belive in the law. Because He came to save His people from their sins. What is sin? The transgression of the law. Yahoshua came to save us from transgressing the law. How? By giving us the Spiritual, the complete to fulfill our understanding of Torah. So if we believe in Maschiach we believe in Torah. How in the world can they say Shaul founded Christianity and that he told them not to keep Torah? You have to start at the basics first and see who Shaul was. Read through the Book of Acts. And of course, the entire Book of Romans. And then by the time you get to Galatians you will have a better understanding of what this man is saying. Not one time has he preached against Torah but every time he taught to keep the Torah. He gave you even the benefits of keeping Torah…telling you how to follow the Spirit of Yah…Yah’s Ruach so it can dwell upon you. Because he had the experience of a pharisee. He knew what anti-Torah life was. And that’s what he’s giving you…you have to understand where he came from. People just throw out there…Paul this…Paul that…Paul said. But have no clue of what this man once knew and now what he understands with the understanding of Yah.

Romans 4:7 Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven and whose sins are covered.

Our sins are covered through the shed blood…the accepting of Yahoshua ha Maschiach. That’s the only way you can have your sins forgiven. Because lawlessness is sin. The only way it can be forgiven.

Shaul was teaching these brothers and sisters all over Europe…teaching these congregations…giving them the truth of Yah. And people want to say this brother was doing all this other stuff…man come on now. Let’s continue.

Colossians 2:16 Let no one judge you in food or in drink or regarding a feast or a new moon or Shabbat.

Do you know what he is saying here brothers and sisters? Let no one judge you in the dietary law (food and drink or strong drink) or in respect of a feast day (festival) or a new moon or Shabbat…all these things are apart of the law. So he said don’t let nobody judge you in these things. So he’s not speaking against the law…he’s still for the law. We have that all the time…people laying judgment saying ‘we don’t have to keep the dietary law’. You have Israelites that drink strong drink and get drunk. You have Israelites that do all type of madness…taking hard drugs and so forth…teaching it’s ok to smoke weed to get high. So this is what he is talking about here, in respect of a feast day. You know how we do it about the feast day. Then he says or new moon or Shabbats. There are Israelites that say they have to keep the new moon and you have Israelites saying well the Shabbats are this day, that day. Listen, he said don’t let nobody judge you in keeping the law. We know that we have to keep Shabbat. We know we have to do these things…the dietary law. Don’t let nobody judge you…making you think that you are stupid for doing such. This is what Shaul is saying. This is our brother…if you are a Messianic believer, a Messianic believer of the Father…this is your brother. But like satan always does, he creates a division. There are some Israelites that have ripped all of Shaul’s writings out of their Bibles. And then they go and blaspheme this man. But you better be careful. If you find fault in this man, if you say he is a false prophet you better be 1000% sure because if you’re coming against a servant of Yah…your coming against Yah! So if it’s found that Shaul is a servant and we have seen and read with our own eyes the things that he has been saying…the understanding that he had…if you find yourself fighting against him, your easily fighting against the Father. It’s just that simple. So those of you that want to go around talking about this is what Shaul…make your one (?) point with that. These things we read he said about the Torah and about the Spiritual matters…you better make sure he’s not talking something else. Otherwise you’re in trouble. See because you don’t have that Spiritual understanding…you don’t use wisdom. The law is our wisdom. If you don’t understand the simple things of Torah how can you understand the deeper Spiritual things. That’s why you will find fault in Yahoshua, fault in Shaul, fault in DaniYah, fault in YeremiYah, fault in YesiYah (Isaiah), fault in Moses, fault in Abraham. You don’t understand them. And what I’m saying is this brothers and sisters is that we have to be strong with what we say and stronger about what we believe. This is what I’m saying here. If you want understanding you have to get it from Yah. Am I saying that we are the only ones with understanding? No way, understanding is all throughout the earth. Understanding never left the earth. Yah’s truth has always been here. So make sure that what you believe and what you understand is of the Scriptures.

Psalm 119:172 My tongue shall speak of Your word for all Your commandments are righteous.

So the commandments and law of Yah…that’s what righteousness is. Righteousness and truth are the same thing because it’s Yah’s laws and commandments. All Your commandments are righteousness. So when Shaul talks about the righteousness…he’s talking about the commandments. So you can’t talk about being righteous without talking about Yah’s commandments. So if you are speaking against the commandments of Yah…you are anti-righteousness…you are anti-Torah… you are wicked. So that is why the religion of Christianity is a very wicked religion. Islam is a very wicked religion. Because they are anti the commandments of Yah, anti-righteous…they are the religions of satan.

Let’s go to Romans 6. I just have a few more Scripts. We will read the entire chapter.

Romans 6:1-23 v. 1 Look, he says shall we continue to transgress the law? To let grace or favor increase? v. 2 How is it that we that have died to transgressing the law now living in transgressing the law? Whew. Or do you not know that as many of us that were immersed into his death. v. 4-6 So if you kill that old man with your immersing, when you get immersed, you die…you die as Maschiach died. And when your raised your being raised as Maschiach was raised…into a new life, a new beginning. So when you put that old man into the water he’s dead and he should never come back. It says so the body of sin might be rendered powerless! That old man has no effect over us anymore. v. 7 Your sins have been forgiven and you have a new start. v. 8 Whew! v. 9 So Yahoshua will never see death again. v. 10 So when we die in sin, when we stop transgressing the law…we live to Yah. Many of you have come into this walk with all types of past sins that you were holding on to. Some of you came in here and you still like to fornicate. Some of you came in here and you still like to steal. Some of you came in here and you still like to lie. But if you die to that…you get your immersing and you just stop doing those things, you win the battle between the flesh and the Spirit. Let the Spirit takeover. You have the understanding of what Yah requires of you. So that’s how you die to sin…you overcome sin through the Torah. The Spiritual understanding of Torah is the only way your going to overcome that sinful nature. v. 11-12 I want to point out something here. Do y’all see how Shaul constantly makes reference to Yah? Do y’all see how he constantly makes reference to Yah and Yahoshua? He never taught that Yah and Yahoshua was the same being. Not Shaul! He knew the difference because he has the understanding. He knows that Yah is the one who raised MessiYah. He said you die to sin but you are alive to Yah THROUGH Yahoshua ha Maschiach. He had to understand…brothers and sisters. I hope you are seeing a different Paul if that’s what you still call him. This is a different Shaul here. Because the one that has been given to you in the Christian faith…that’s Paul. Let’s call him Paul, the Christian Paul who started Christianity. And they made all the Gentile statues of him. But Shaul is a different being. See that Christian Paul hung out with Jesus. Jesus and Paul were best buddies. But see Yahoshua and Shaul are on a different level…their servants of Yah and bring forth Yah’s truth to Yah’s people…those who hear Yah’s voice…halleluYah!

All right, v. 13-14 There they go right there, ‘Obadiyah, I told you he was going to do away with the law’. Let me explain…for sin shall not rule over you…now he starts with this right…for sin shall not rule over you. What is sin? Transgresssion of the law. For the transgression of the law shall not rule over you for you are not under the penalty (that’s right) not the penalty but you have grace or favor. The very first lesson we did when we reopened this room was called ‘repent before your grace runs out’. It was a lesson that showed that Yah will give you a certain time, He will give you favor to get yourself together before He brings His wrath upon you. That’s a grace period He gives you. You are not under immediate penalty of the law…remember when Yahoshua in John chapter 8, when they brought the woman before Yahoshua…she was caught in the act of adultery. Yahoshua told them he who is without sin cast your stone. And when all those men left and the woman was there, Yahoshua asked her, He said where are those who condemned you? She said gone. And He said neither do I condemn you, go your way and sin no more. You see, forgiving of sin. Yah is being merciful. That’s what he (Shaul) is talking about. There is not one person in here that can go grab a bag of stones and start stoning people for particular sin in their life. Do you know why? Because he who is without sin please cast the first stone. So this is why the all merciful Yah is giving us the opportunity. Do you know why the penalty has been put on hold? Because we don’t have righteous Malakim (Hebrew word meaning angel or king) over us. So we don’t have a king watching over us. We don’t have righteous priests (Levites) to watch over us…to make sure everything is administered properly…to make sure you don’t have a group of murderers out here stoning thieves. Because they have hatred in their heart for one man, they make up a lie to get everyone to stone that man. Yisrayl is out of order. So until we come back we have Yahoshua sitting over us…you better believe the penalty will instituted again. So this is what he is saying, for sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under the penalty of law but under favor. So don’t do the sin (don’t let sin have dominion over you) brothers and sisters. You have this grace period to get yourself right.

v. 15 You see that? That’s what he’s talking about. Should we go out and start sinning because we are not under the penalty? Should we go out and start sinning because we don’t have to bring animals to the altar to sacrifice? He said no, let if not be. Don’t take advantage of Yah’s mercy towards you because He gives you a grace period and when your grace period is up and your still found to be doing those particular sins……..BAM! It’s on…it’s off with your head. When the Fathers starts whipping your behind because He gave you the opportunity to stop what you were doing and you refused…now He’s taking care of business. It’s just like you do with your children. You may tell your child not to do a particular thing. They did it one time and you may not give them a spanking or punish them…you gave them mercy. And you explain to them why you don’t want them to do that one thing again. But then their little stiff-necks, hard heads, they go and do it over and over again. They try to hide it from you. Then they start lying to you about it. Then the next thing you know…hey that’s it. I gave you the chance…now you are getting punishment. This is what Shaul is talking about here. Because you don’t get a lightening bolt in your eye as soon as you sin. Should you go next door and steal from your neighbor? Yah forbid (certainly not).

v. 16 Because you are not under the penalty, don’t you know you will be still serving satan and now you have put your service into satan’s hands. That’s who you belong to (when you sin). So don’t sit up here and say Yah is not going to…get you…that you are getting away with something…stop mocking Yah saying ‘well Yah hasn’t thrown a lightening bolt down here on me, He must be happy with it then. That’s foolishness. And some of you have that on your heart Yisrayl. You truly believe that because you haven’t gotten a lightening bolt up your backside that the Father doesn’t see your transgressions. He sees it. This is the wisdom that is given to our brother to give to us in this day. So if you are still doing sin you are a servant of satan (verse 16) Because a servant of Yah knows he’s not getting away with nothing…he’s going to repent…if he found out he did a particular sin…he will repent of that and he will be trustful in his repentance. And Yah loves a repenting heart when we found out we have done wrong towards Him but those deceivers, they don’t care about what Yah thinks. They will continue to do wrong.

 v. 17-18 Now show me where he has talked against Torah. He is still talking about sin. And sin is the transgression of the law. He said having been set free from that, you became servants of righteousness. What is righteousness? Yah’s commandments are righteousness. So you are a servant of Yah’s commandments. Remember Shaul talked about serving the Torah. He did Torah but now he serves the Torah. We are servants of the commandments, servants of righteousness. We are free from those sins because we are not willfully doing it. Do you know why? Because Torah has made known to us what sin is. Without Torah we had no clue we were sinning. Without Torah we had no clue we were breaking Shabbat going to Friday night parties. We had no clue we were fornicating. We had no clue we were stealers. We thought all those things were good until Torah smacked us in the face…until Yah showed us what we were doing against him. So now that we know and understand and we have Spiritual understanding…we are free from that. Now we’re servants of the commandments. That’s why when we go against these Christians they always say, ‘all y’all talk about is that law’. Of course, what else is there to talk about? Because It’s this law that has made you a cursed people, Yisrayl…because of your breaking of it. So we are trying to teach you what righteousness is. How can you have righteousness without law? How can you have an outstanding citizen without a law? What makes a man an outstanding citizen? What makes a man a criminal? A man is deemed a criminal when he breaks the laws of the land. A man is deemed an outstanding citizen when he keeps the laws of the land. A man is deemed a sinner when he breaks the laws of Torah. A man is deemed righteous if he does, keeps, loves the laws of Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach of course.

v. 19 I heard one of you brothers repeat this Scripture in this room. You said when I was in the world…I served satan with rigor! But now that I am for Yah, I’m going to serve Yah likewise! And this is what Shaul is saying here. Shaul said now I’m speaking to you as a man because of the weakness of your flesh…you were a servant to all uncleanness and all lawlessness. You were a servant to that. He said so now be servants of righteousness and be set apart (Holy). That same zeal you had doing all that wicked stuff…do it for righteousness now…set yourself apart. You can do it. It’s easy. Oh, it was easy to steal. It was easy to covet your neighbor’s stuff. So it should be easy not to now that you know Yah. v. 20-21 This is powerfulwhat Shaul is saying here. It’s the same things we talk about. It’s the same Spiritual understanding that we constantly talk about. v. 22 Look at that, we have to be set apart Yisrayl. We can’t be apart of all the foolishness going on out there. We have to set ourselves apart from that. Set Apartness (Holiness) will give us everlasting life in the kingdom. v. 23 You see that?…in Yahoshua our Master…’favorable gifts of Yah’ Shaul is talking about Yah like we talk about Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. And he doesn’t limit the Messiah’s walk. This man is speaking the same words we speak y’all. I want you to understand this. First these people have an attack on Shaul, then they come after Yahoshua, then they attack the prophets, then they go to Moses, then you know what? Then they don’t believe in The Book anymore. So the wages of sin is death. We are talking about the second death right there. Because Yahoshua even seen the first death and we know He did not sin. So the wages of sin is the second death in the lake of fire.

I remember one of my childhood friends…I was about 19 and he 17 or 18. He was killed after stealing a car and racing down the street and he had an accident and the car exploded. I remember the day I found out he had been killed. All I could think was this Scripture right here…for the wages of sin is death. I thought about that because he kept on doing that sin. He kept on stealing cars and would not listen to anyone. So we have to understand that your sins brothers and sisters…the wages of transgressing the law is death. So if you do away with the law, you have no sin…you have no sin you have no judgment…you have no judgment you have no death. But we know that, that is not so. We know that Shaul never had the authority to do away with the law. If anyone would have had that authority wouldn’t it have been Yahoshua? But He did not have the authority. Because Yah’s laws are eternal…they stand forever. They are instructions.

Romans 10:1-21 v. 1 Do you see who he is praying to? Why is Shaul praying to Yah when the Christians have him founding Christianity and that he talked Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. He’s praying to Yah because when Yahoshua left the message behind…what did He say? When you pray say our Father who are in heaven. So Shaul said my prayer is to Yah and Yisrayl is for deliverance in verse 1. v. 2-3 What is righteousness? Yah’s commandments, Psalm 119:172. In v. 3 Does this sound like a man speaking against Yah’s laws? Is he saying you don’t have to keep the law? No way, we are to keep the law. v. 4 Grab hold to Messiah’s tassels. Grab on to the example He left. That’s the goal (end goal) to walk as Yahoshua walked. v. 5 So we live by Torah. Torah dictates everything we do. We go out shopping ‘oh that looks like a nice shirt’ but is it mixed fabric? ‘Oh man that smells good over there, what kind of pizza is that’? ‘Let me go see’. ‘Do you have any pork in your pizza?’ This is how we live now…according to Torah…everything we do. v. 6-8 Yah’s word is here. You don’t have to go to Mars to get Yah’s word. You don’t have to go to the moon to get Yah’s word. It’s here already in your heart. This is what Shaul is talking about. Not doing away but establishing Yah’s truth.

v. 9 You have to believe that Yah raised up Yahoshua from the dead. That’s why before we immerse, we put down the 3 staples of your belief in Maschiach. Because if you don’t believe in Maschiach we can’t immerse you. And we ask you, do you believe Yah raised Yahoshua from the grave on the 3rd day? That’s part of your faith, you have to establish that. v. 10-11 So when it says you shall be saved Yisrayl, it’s saying that because Yahoshua already told us that those who endure to the end the same shall be saved. So if you endure in this righteous walk until the end, if you confess with your mouth and begin your righteous walk with Maschiach and endure to the end you will be saved. That’s what it means. Not as Christians say…they say their saved already. Saved from what? You can’t even save yourself from having your lights turned off. So how have you obtained some salvation already? v. 10-12 Now what he is saying is that there is no distinction. He’s saying that the Greeks (Gentiles) have the same opportunity to Grab hold of Yah like the Israelites do.  If the Gentiles are righteous they will get a righteous reward just like you will. There is no distinction he says because both can call on the Master Yah and serve Him through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. Remember Yisrayl you were chosen for the sole reason of going out to the nations and bringing them to Yah.

v. 13 For everyone who calls on the name of Yah will be saved. So you must have Yah on your heart. Shaul mentions several times about having the law in your heart and having that Spiritual understanding…that’s the only way you are going to call upon the name of Yah because you must have Yah on your heart. v. 14 See you just can’t call on Yah, you have to know Yah. See those who know Yah are going to be the one’s that call upon His name because they are going to put their trust in Yah. They know that Yah delivers. But if they have not been taught Yah then how should they believe? If there is no teacher, how will you know about Yah? This is what Shaul is saying.  v. 15 So he’s saying if they are not sent from Yah how can they come bringing a message from Yah? v. 16-17 You gain belief in Yah by hearing about Yah. That’s why we dedicate Shabbat class to what? To teach the ways of Yah…what Yah requires of us…the truth of Yah. That’s the only way you can make a decision to follow Him…is by hearing about Him. v. 18-20 Wow!

v.21’Back talking (contrary) people’, He said I was found by those not seeking Me. I was made manifest to those not asking for Me. Yah has been manifested to wild Gentiles…but they are not seeking Him. But they are going to accept Him. But you have these stiff-necked Hebrews who Yah hands are outstretched to them all day long and they back talk to Yah. Yah tells you what He wants and you tell Him you don’t want it. ‘I ain’t doing that Yah, I’m going to have my feast day’. So do you see what Shaul is talking about here? How he is talking about the righteousness, the Torah and then he broke it down about these stiff-necks. This is the man they say is responsible for doing away with Yah’s law but we see no such thing. Let’s go.

2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what fellowship has light with darkness?

Don’t get yourself yoked. Let’s say you had an iron yoke around your neck and you have another end. Don’t put that iron yoke around someone’s neck who is an unbeliever. He says what partnership has righteousness or Yah’s laws with lawlessness (breaking Yah’s laws)? So those who are keeping the law, what partnership do you have with those who are breaking the law? This is what Shaul said. That’s why Shaul would not be a member of the Great Ebenezer New Revival Tree of Zion Missionary Baptist Church. In fact, Shaul would be in there every week screaming and hollering at those wicked people and all they are doing but he would do it in love. And you know Yah had given the power, Shaul was going around making these wicked folks blind. Shaul was doing such great things up in Europe, they thought he was apollo! And we know who apollo is…apollian. They thought he was that god. They thought he was a fallen angel god. And they were trying to worship as such. But what partnership does righteousness have with lawlessness? And what partnership does the light have with darkness? This is not a man that is talking about not doing the law. So what is righteousness? It’s Yah’s commandments. So those who are keeping the commandments, you have no fellowship with those who are not keeping the commandments. So do you see why Shaul was led into the fellowship of the brethren? You know I may do a part 3 of this lesson to go into the history of Shaul, and some of his travels, you know because that would be a good lesson too. Let’s go to 2 Timothy.

2 Timothy 1:1-2 You see it mentions Shaul. This is Shaul speaking in the book of Timothy. Do you see once again how Shaul keeps mentioning Yah and Yahoshua? I just wanted to point this out, that Shaul is the one speaking in the book of Timothy. This is a letter he wrote to Timotheus (Timothy).

2 Timothy 2:22 Flee also youthful lusts. But pursue righteousness, belief, love, peace with those who call on Yah out of a pure heart.

Look at the instruction that he’s teaching here. Look at what he is telling Timotheus. Flee from the lusts of youth. But pursue righteousness…persue the commandments. Persue the belief in Yahoshua ha Maschiach who is the living Torah. Persue love…Yah is love. Yah is His word and His word is one with Yah. We are talking about what he is talking about here pursue the law…shalom calling on those calling on the Master out of a clean heart. You can only have shalom when you are in the midst of those who are calling on Yah. You can only have shalom when you’re in the midst of those that are keeping Yah’s commandments. (talks to someone) that’s right brother we have to be on one accord. You serve Yah through His commandments and through His word, through Yahoshua ha Maschiach.

2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of Yah and is profitable for teaching (doctrine) for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

See, he says all Scriptures…the Christians teach that part of The Book is no more and they deal with half of The Book. But Shaul says ALL Scripture is inspired by Yah. Now remember when he wrote this there was nothing called a new testament. So all the Scripture that he’s talking about is everything in Genesis all the way to the book of Malachi in the KJV or 2 Chronicles in the translation called the Scriptures. So he’s talking about everything you call the old testament. This includes the book of Enoch and some of the pseudepigrapha books were in existence during his time…you know the Apocrypha and things like that…all Scriptures are inspired by Yah and profitable (good) for teaching for reproof, correction for instructions in righteousness. Yes, the book of Jasher too was around in Shaul’s time. He wasn’t talking about the book of Romans and his letters because they didn’t exist. He said all Scriptures because that is where he taught from. Acts 24:14 he said I believe in the Torah and the prophets. All Scriptures are inspired by Yah and profitable for teaching. That’s why we have teachers here for Shabbat right. We don’t have ministers and preachers and priests like theirs. We teach. Let’s go.

Ephesians 6:14 Stand therefore having girded your waist with truth having put on the breastplate of righteousness.

According to John 17:17 Yah’s word is truth. According to Psalm 119:142 truth is Yah’s laws. And we saw that righteousness is equal to Yah’s commandments. Yah’s commandments are righteousness. So Shaul says stand with your waist girded with the Torah and having put on the breastplate of the commandments. This is your protection. If your walking with Yah…gird yourself with Yah’s Torah. This will protect you from the adversary. Live in the Torah. Let the Torah rule your every being. That’s the only way you can be protected. That’s the full armor of Yah…walk-ing in His righteousness (laws). Walking in His Torah. Not just thumbing through the pages of the Torah as the pharisees did but walking through it, living it, putting it on you, making it apart of who you are. Let’s go.

Philippians 1:9 And this I pray that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment.

So, I want to say is that as we continue to grow in the Father and things like this many of us have never heard before because we have been taught that Shaul did away with the law. But we see that this is just the foundation. This is just the foundation that we laid today. And when we go into the second lesson we are going to get a greater understanding in the book of Galatians. We will see what Shaul was saying. Like Kepha said some fo his words are hard to understand by those who are Scripture twisters. So in v.9 you have to be able to discern righteousness from wickedness. That’s beautiful. What fault can you find  with what this man has said here? These are his writings. He was in line with Maschiach. Maschiach was in line with the prophets. The prophets were in line with Yah. So what is the problem? So look at this as the foundation so when he says certain things in the book of Galatians just like he said in Romans 6 that we are not under law but favor, Christians have no understanding of what that means….we are not under the penalty of law so when you go into the book of Galatians he saying likewise. We are not under sacrificial law. But does that mean you can go out and continue sinning? No way! Do you think Yah has forgotten about your sins? No way. He hasn’t. You will be called on them. None of the apostles brothers and sisters ever taught about doing away with the law. Because if you do away with the law then you’re a sinner. Your lawless. Let’s close out by looking at what will happen to the lawless ones.

Matthew 7:21-23 This is what happens to the lawless ones. The brothers taught that you better come away from lawlessness. Or this will happen to you. So if Maschiach never knew you and He says depart from Me you lawless one…hey you know where you are going? If you are not with Messiah in the kingdom, you will be with satan in the lake of fire. This is what will happen to the lawless ones. Do you know what is profound about this? He said they said we have prophesied in your name , in the name of Yahoshua and we cast out demons in the name of Yahoshua but they still was doing lawlessness. That’s what we tell y’all, just because you hear someone saying Yah and Yahoshua…you better try their spirit to see if it is of Yah. To see what their teaching you is of Yah because there will be many men that will do great things in the name of Yahoshua. That’s DEEP. Just like the pharisees, Yahoshua said y’all sitting in the seat of Moses, y’all are the law teachers…that’s how deep this goes. He said if they are the law teachers, the pharisees, but He said don’t do what they do because they are hypocrites. Wow that is deep. So this is what Shaul was talking about. Those who do Torah but they don’t live Torah. Those that talk Torah but they don’t live Torah. Oh, they are out there…plenty.

Part 1 is foundation, part 2 will deal with heavier stuff Shaul wrote. And we will see the greater understanding this brother has brought to you. Just like Yahoshua had a great understanding and they said Yahoshua was a Greek, blah blah blah. Now you have people saying Shaul was a false prophet, come on Hebrews please. False prophets would not promote the MessiYah or Yah. The end of the lesson. I love you baby.