Flee From the Fear of Sin

This room is our refuge. This is the healing room from our battle scars all week. The tunnel represents the struggle. The light at the end represents Yah. Redemption is near. Fight. Acts chapter 10, Kepha’s vision to eat: don’t call Yah’s creation unclean. This is talking about men’s hearts. He’s saying with symbolism ofContinue reading “Flee From the Fear of Sin”

The Body of Messiyah vs. A Body of Lies

Yah is compassion, gentleness, kindness. He is merciful towards us. We still strive towards the kingdom. We struggle everyday. We are constantly tested. The adversary shoots fiery darts at us everyday. Stay with Yah. Fight satan. Satan is always telling you something. ‘You slipped up yesterday’ he says. Zeus get power from people who serveContinue reading “The Body of Messiyah vs. A Body of Lies”

Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 6

So now here we are as Yah has required us family, we have to put these things in motion. They have to be done. The repentance, the humbling of the heart. All of that has to be done because we know how much time we have left in this land. We know from Scripture, fromContinue reading “Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 6”

Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 5

Title: Genesis 15:13: 400 years in a foreign land: p. 2 judgement upon the land. (lesson already in progress)…so if you have another understanding of Genesis 15:13, that’s between you and Yah. Your salvation is on the line. So you better make sure that what you believe is righteous. Don’t just believe because hey…if youContinue reading “Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 5”

Pagan Eucharist vs. 1 Corinthians 11

Zombies are on their way according to recent news. The cops killed a guy being robbed in New York. The cops also shot 9 people in Times Square in order to get 1 guy. Why are they shooting innocent bystanders? Stay out of NY, y’all. The Obama speech: The Clinton speech: Nothing but lies. IfContinue reading “Pagan Eucharist vs. 1 Corinthians 11”

Genesis 15:13: The Four Hundred Year Prophesy p. 4

Now let’s go to Genesis chapter 39. We are looking at Yoseph’s time in Egypt because Yoseph’s time is very significant because it was Yoseph that brought the children of Ysrayl into Egypt. That is what began the 430 year time period. Genesis 39:1-20, v. 1-14 Do  you see how this mirrors your captivity in the United States?Continue reading “Genesis 15:13: The Four Hundred Year Prophesy p. 4”

Genesis 15:13: Four Hundred Years in a Foreign Land p. 3

This lesson is from 2010. We are going to go from the Bible to the Book of Yasher and the Book of Yasher back to the Bible. We will use the Book of Yashere a lot as we count down the time period of the children of Ysrayl in Egypt and see if they suffered for a periodContinue reading “Genesis 15:13: Four Hundred Years in a Foreign Land p. 3”