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The Bible vs. Christianity p.1c

He’s going to give you His name. Just like right now, you are being given His name. He says go research it. Find out the name of the Most High because this is a first step in entering into a relationship with anybody is that you have to understand their name.

How many of y’all are married to a spouse tonight and you don’t even know your spouse’s name? How many of y’all are in a relationship like that right now? How many of y’all work on a job and your boss doesn’t know your name? See you can not call the Most High by any name (that) you feel. You have to call Him by what is His name because before there was an earth, before there was a moon, before there were stars His name existed. Yah’s name means the self-existing One. To self exist, that’s who He is. You can not take that and turn that and twist that into something else. You can not give Him the name of Jehovah wich has no meaning in Hebrew. Who can tell what the name of Jehovah (means)? Does it mean the self-existing One? It does not mean that. So you are lessening Him. This is why we were Hebrew names. This is why we put that Yah at the end of our names or in the front of our names proudly. (This is) to let you know who we belong to.

So the Most High Yah, this is His name. Let’s go to Exodus 20. Look at what the Most High said to us, as we speak about His name. Exodus chapter 20. He tells you that this is a commandment. This is commanded to us brothers and sisters not to take His name in vain. To take His name in vain means to make His name nothing. It means to make His name not have power (when you speak in vain). Do you know demons shake when they hear you pronouncing the name of Yah not just pronouncing it but knowing the Power behind the name and understanding who you are calling on. Do you know that DEMONS tremble because of that? You are calling upon the name of Yah with authority. Because you understand what that name means and who that name belongs to. So in Exodus chapter 20 you are commanded here.

Exodus 20:7 Do you see that? You shall not take the name of Yah in vain for Yah will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain. If you take His name in vain, you bring His name down to nothing.

And If you feel that you can call Him any name and He knows your hear…okay. You introduce yourself to me as Joe, I’m going to call you John Lee. Or how about John Henry? Or any other name that I can come up with. I can call you frogman or frogface. You know, that will be your name. I’m just showing you the seriousness of this. If you feel that you can do that to the Most High, well how about you knowing my heart? Even though I know your name but yeah, you know. You know my heart… frogface.

Or how about I go to your job. If I’m your boss and since you feel that you can call the Most High by any name because He knows your heart…okay. How about if I’m your boss on your job and I put frogface Johnson on your check? Let me see how you will cash that check. Do you understand?

So names are important because there are many gods out there. Every religion has a god. How do you know the one that you are worshipping? How do you know that you are worshipping Him? Because when you call upon Him by His name. You call upon Him by His name…Father Yah. The Messiyah called upon Him by His name. Let’s go to the book of John chapter 17. And if you are of this book, if you are faithfully, if you are in the faith and you are of the Most High…you would know His name. You would know what the properly call Him. Look at this. John 17. The Good News of John 17.

John 17:6,12, v. 6 Do you see that? The Messiyah said I have manifested, I have revealed, I have given Your name to the men who you gave Me out of the world. So those who are seeking Yah, He said I gave them, I revealed Your name to them. So when He was teaching and when He was speaking about Yah, He called Him Yah. He did not call Him Jehovah. He couldn’t because He was speaking Hebrew and Jehovah couldn’t be pronounced and still can’t be pronounced in Hebrew. He was not giving them an equivalent (name). He said ‘I revealed your name’. Not a translation of your name.

v. 12 The son of perdition is the son of destruction, it is satan. So He said while I was with them in the world, I kept them in Your name. How do you keep them in the name of Yah? You constantly mention Yah’s name in their presence. Whenever you mention Scripture, you mention Yah’s name. That’s how you keep it in there. That is how we do it in this room. We don’t mention NO other name. We mention Yah, Yah, Yah. That is why the title of this room is Yah and Yahoshua are real. Because you have to keep (His name) by pronouncing this truth. You have to keep them in this name. *See Exodus 23:13.* So He kept them in this name and those you have given Me and none of them are lost. So HalleluYah brothers and sisters HalleluYah. That is His name, the Father’s name is Yah.

Now I’m going to read a little bit right here, if you look, if you have a concordance in your Bible. If you have a King James in your presence right now and you have a concordance there. Right? And if you look in the back of the concordance and you look under the name Yahweh. If you have that concordance, (NKJV does) it will tell you that whenever the words lord and god appear in large and small print the original Hebrew reads YHWH or Yah. So they have removed His name and replaced it with pagan titles,. the words lord and god. Do you all know that lord means Baal? The word lord is the English equivalent to the ancient Canaanite god Baal. Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 23. The Messiyah kept them in the name. He revealed the name so at least for that much…(mic drops).

Sorry, the plug came loose. So we are going over to Jeremiah 23. Baal is the name lord. Look what the Most High tells the Prophet Jeremiah. Yeremiyah in Hebrew. This is how you pronounce His name in Hebrew, Yeremiyah.

Jeremiah 23:25-27, v. 25 Hey this is real here. Because we had a Christian prophet. Right? Martin Luther King stood up and talked about this dream but he came tot he people in the name of Jesus which is not the name of the Messiyah. So he prophesied lies. Let’s continue. v. 26-27 As their fathers have forgotten His name for Baal…As there fathers have forgotten His name for the name of Lord. The Lord means Baal. So He said they have forgotten His name. We don’t call Him Yah anymore. We call Him Lord and God. Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy or Lord have mercy. That is not His name. Lord is equal to the Canaanite god Baal. When you call on Lord, that is who you are calling on. (Talks to someone) You said what about verse 13? Yeah, we will go to this. This one is a good one too. This is of the same nature here.

Jeremiah 23:13 They prophesied in the name of the lord. They come to you in the name of the lord. They caused His people to err. This is exactly what is going on today.

Christianity is an extension of that ancient pagan practice, as I was telling you earlier. Christianity is not new. It is an extension of ancient pagan practices. They prophesy to you in the name of the lord. They don’t come to you in the name of Yah which Yahoshua said I have kept them in your name. See the name Yah…Ysrayl is coming back to Yah. And we are coming back to Him…let’s go to Isaiah chapter 44.

Because the reason we have taken on the Hebrew name, if I say a name to you like um Sue Lee. If I say Sue Lee what nationality would you think this person was? That’s right Asian. If I said Donald McNulty, what nationality would you think this person was? That’s right Irish. So we see that everybody is identified, that their name’s identify their culture. A culture identifies yourself in the human family. So Chinese are from China. Mexicans are from Mexico.The Irish are from Ireland. The Germans are from Germany. The Russians are from Russia. And each of those cultures have a name that identifies them to their land a culture. They have a language. They have a culture. They have a religion. They have all those things that identify them as to who they belong.

Yet if I say Brandy Johnson. If I say Dwight Smith or Ray Brown. Do you understand? What am I talking about? I’m talking about a people who have been removed from their heritage. I’m talking about a people who have been removed from their strength, their Father, their Heavenly Father. And now they are wearing the names of their oppressors.

So when we come into this truth of Yah, we want to give massa back his name. (Laughs) that’s right Jason White, we want to give him back his name. Because why do you think he beat us? Your name is not Kunta Kinte, your name is TOBY. Why do you think he beat us? To put his name upon us. (and make us forget Yah). Because when we wore his name, it meant that we were owned by him. This is why a wife takes the last name of her husband. It signifies that she belongs to that man. So when the slave master gave us his name, it signified that we belonged to him.

So as we are going away from him, we are leaving him alone. We are letting pharaoh go. We have to return to our original names. We have to return to our original culture and we wear the name of the Most High Yah in our names. Isaiah chapter 44. Man, I want to pull the Scripture out and read from that. I’m tired of reading from this big Bible and looking at all these thee’s and thou’s and all that. And the King James’ Books are in a different order from the Scriptures translation. So now I have to search through here. Isaiah 44, as we return back to the Father Yah and we must return back to His name.

Isaiah 44:1-5 ‘And name of surname himself by the name of Ysrayl’. To surname yourself means to have the same last name. That’s why all of our names in here are… most of our names is Ysrayl (For example Nehemiyah Ben Ysrayl or Ribqahyah Bhat Ysrayl). That’s right, that’s our name because we are returning back to the Father and we are returning these names back to the slave masters. We are returning to the Father’s name.

Let’s to 2 Chronicles 7:14. You are called by the name of the Most High Yah. Christians use this (verse) all the time. But let’s understand it. Look at this, this is what it says.

2 Chronicles 7:14 ‘If My people which are called by My name’.

(Talks to someone) Yeah, Farrakhan uses this verse but he doesn’t even understand it. ‘If My people’ you are called by the name of Yah. ‘Which are called by My name’. You are not called by a Christian or Muslim. those are religions. You are a nation, My people. Come back to the Father. If you are not a natural-born Israylite, if you are a Gentile you still can come and seek the Father’s face and be a citizen and be as if you are a natural-born Israylite. This is for us all but we have to come in and get this truth. That’s right be grafted in.

So ‘if My people who are called by My name’. Did He say ‘if My people are called by My title’? Kayn ahkotee, you are an Israylite now. So hey, whenever we mention Gentiles we are talking about them. We are not talking about you.

But we are called by the name of Yah. We are not called by a title y’all. We are not called Lord are we? I’m not going to call myself Obadiah-lord or Lord-Obadiah. (Talks to someone) laughs that sounds a little too homosexual for me anyway. I, I, I… listen I’m not getting with that.

Yet to be called by Yah’s name, do you understand? So I am just trying to make this point so you Christians can understand (that) the name of the Father is important. It’s important to know His name. He gave you His name to (spread?) unto the earth. Let me give you a little something here my Christian brothers and sisters. The Israylites are descended from Noah’s son Shem. Noah had three sons that survived the great flood. Shem, Ham, and Japheth were his sons. His son Shem in Hebrew, S-h-e-m in Hebrew means ‘name’. And so it is through the descendants of Shem who are the Israylites that the restoration of the Father’s name is going to be restored back to into the earth.

Do a little word search. One thing that shocked me back in 2003 as the American’s were doing their ‘shock and awe (?)’ over in Iraq. One of the things that I noticed is that there are a lot of cities in Iraq with Yah’s name in the name of the city. So you know why? Because our people stayed there after we were taken to Babylon wich is modern-day Iraq. This is where Daniel was. So our people were  over there and only a few of us came back. When you read the writings of Nehemiah and Ezra, a few of us came back from the Babylonian captivity.  But the majority stayed in Babylon.

That’s why you see all those names in Iraq today which was ancient Babylon with Yah’s name in it…Y-A-H. The Egyptians had a god named Yah. The Babylonians had a god named Yah. Not that the children of Ysrayl swiped the name Yah from them but after Moses came to pharaoh and Yah’s Power was shown to pharaoh, then they began to worship a god named Yah. So it has always been His name. You know HalleluYah and all of the prophets…that name. That name is a powerful name. That’s the name of salvation. It is one of the names of salvation.

Now let’s look at the Messiyah’s name. Yah is His name and Psalm 68:4 validates that. So let’s look at the Messiyah’s name. Let’s go to Matthew 1:21. Because in all the ancient manuscripts, this si the name that has been given for the Messiyah. Yahoshua, Yahshua that is the name that has been given. Matthew 1. Remember our names in Hebrew mean something. It has a meaning so when we get English names, you know our people have got ridiculous with this. They were even talking about trying to stop us from naming our children. You know, we have given them all types of names (like) Ricadi-quan and Shoe-quan, fly-by-quan. It’s just ridiculous! We make up that stuff just because. Do you understand. We make the names up. They have no meaning. They don’t attach us to any culture. It’s just something made up. Because when your original culture is taken away from you, what you have is what you have. You (then) have to create something out of nothing. So that is what our people have been doing for all these years…creating something out of nothing.

Yet we have names. We have a culture. We have a heritage, that has been waiting on us. Matthew chapter 1. This is when the angel is coming to our mother, Miriam. Her name was not Mary. Listen, another thing that the Christians have taught us that is erroneous are these names. There was no one 2,000 years ago called Mary, Peter, Paul, John and Luke. Those are names that came about over the ages. These people names were Kepha, Yahcanon, Miriam, Luqas, Shaul, Timotheus, Marqos so forth and so on. Som of them had Greek names. So their names mean something. That’s one of the things, as we come out of Christianity we have to get back to the rightful names of our brothers and sisters.

Let’s go to Matthew 1 to show you that the Messiyah’s name had to do with salvation and saving. It says this.

Matthew 1:21 ‘You shall call Him Yahoshua’. Yahoshua’s whole mission was in His name. Yahoshua’s name means Yah’s salvation or salvation of Yah. So when it said that His salvation means to save, so when the angel came bringing His name it gave you what His mission is in His name. ‘For His name shall be called Yahoshua’. Why shall it be called Yahoshua? Why shall His name be called Yah’s salvation or salvation from Yah? Because He shall save His people from their sins. Who is His people? He came as an Israylite. He had to save the Israylites first and put them back on track so the Israylites could go to the nations. So His name means Yah’s salvation. He is the salvation in which the Father had extended to us. Let’s go to Acts chapter 4. You can’t call Him by any name. When this angel came to pronounce His name, He could not have said (Jesus). When He came speaking to sister Miriam, He spoke to her in Hebrew. He did not speak to her in any other language. Because this is the language that she knew.

Acts 4:12 Only the Messiyah’s name can bring you salvation. There’s no other name. John Brown, John Henry, you know all those names can’t save you. There’s no saving power my brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus. How do we know? When Acts 4:12 was written, let’s say that this was 2,000 years ago and this was written in Hebrew. Could the name of Jesus be pronounced? No it could not. So when He said there’s no salvation in any other name, what name was He talking about? The same name that the angel that pronounced to our mother Miriam. The name of Yahoshua, the Messiyah. So you can’t get across this. You can’t run from the righteousness of His name.

Let’s go to John chapter 3. A lot of Christians love to use John 3:16. In fact, you use John 3:16 a whole lot. But let’s break it down to a greater understanding. Because many of you will say well ‘I don’t need to know His name because all I have to do is believe on the Messiyah and that’s it’. ‘All I have to do is believe on Him and I’m saved’. Yeah right.

John 3:16 For Yah so loved the world that He gave His unique Son (is should say), that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Do you see that? So Christians will run with that and say well brother Obadiyah what you Hebrews are talking about, we don’t have to know the names because all we have to do is believe as John 3:16 told us. All right, let’s go down two verses. Let’s see what your belief has to be based on.

Let’s go down to John 3:18. Yah will tell you here what your belief has to be based on. It says that He who believes shall not perish but have everlasting life. That’s right. But what does your belief have to be based on?

John 3:18 Whoa, why is he condemned already? Because he has not believed in THE NAME of the only begotten son of Yah. He has not believed in THE NAME. v. 19 Read. So your belief has to be based on His name. Because His name encompasses His mission. Yah’s salvation, you have to believe He is the  salvation who Yah has brought to save you. You have to believe that. Everything about the Messiyah is contained in His name. When that angel broke the news to sister Miriam, he said name Him Yahoshua for He shall save His people from their sins. He shall bring salvation to His people. He shall bring salvation to the world.

That’s why if you don’t believe on His name, you are condemned already. You have no belief in the Messiyah if you do not believe in His name. How can you believe on Him without believing in His name? How can you believe in Him without even KNOWING His name? You know, it is impossible.

Now let’s go to a situation here. What name did the brothers teach in? Paul (Shaul), what name did Shaul use? Let’s go to Acts chapter 26. What name did the apostle Shaul use? Because when Shaul was teaching. Right? We see that Shaul mentions the name of the Messiyah throughout. But the Messiyah had a Hebrew name. Right? Did He have a Christian name? Because the name Jesus is a translation of a Greek goddess. In the 1611 King James Bible, how many of y’all have a copy of the original 1611, I’m not talking about the regular King James that you have right now but the one that says 1611. Oh, you must get a copy. In the original 1611, the name Jesus is NOT in there. Can someone post what name was in there? There you go…Ieosus. Ieosus is the name that is rendered in the 1611 because the letter ‘J’ had not come into widespread usage in the English language until about 1630. So we are looking at what nineteen or twenty years after the King James that we see that the letter ‘J’ comes into the English language. You can look in the Guinness books, the letter’J’ is listed there as one of the newest letters to the English alphabet. So in 1611 when King James had the Word translated…Jesus was not there. So how can Jesus be the name of salvation when it was not even in the first translation of the Scriptures 400 years ago?

When the angel came and pronounced this name to Miriam, He said the name of Yahoshua. Acts 26. For those of you that say you can call the Messiyah by any name. Or you can say that Paul translated the Messiyah’s name into Greek and all that. When you meet somebody and they give you their name, that is what you know them as. Right? When you meet someone, ‘Hi I’m such-and-such and that person says ‘Im such-and such’. That is what you know them as. Right?

Let’s look at this, Acts 26. This is when Shaul had his first encounter. Remember Paul was not one of the original twelve hand-picked apostles. He was not. He came after the death of the Messiyah. So we are reading right here in Acts 26, a time when the Messiyah had risen into heaven already. And now He is communicating with Shaul because Shaul was a persecutor. Paul was a persecutor of the brothers. He was having them killed. So the Messiyah here is going to confront Paul on this. He is talking to him from heaven. And He is saying to him, ‘I want you to be My servant’. Acts 26, this is the recount from Shaul’s own mouth.

Acts 26:13-16, v. 13-15 Look at this. Shaul who spoke Greek, he was bilingual. He spoke the Greek language but he testified and said this voice spoke to me in HEBREW…in the HEBREW tongue. And this voice said I AM YAHOSHUA! In the King James it says, I am Jesus. Remember you can not pronounce this name in Hebrew. So two thousand years ago when Shaul, Paul wrote this…he could not have said Jesus. He could not have spoken that. He is letting you know that this voice said His name to him in the Hebrew language.

So whenever you say Yahshua, whenever you say Yahoshua you are speaking the Hebrew tongue. So shaul was brought the name of the Messiyah. The Messiyah introduced Himself to Shaul as Yahoshua. Just like when you introduce yourself. What name did Shaul know? What name did he go teaching in? Was there ever any (problem?) with him and the other brothers about the name of the Messiyah? Peter and them walked with the Messiyah and called Him by the same name that the angel told His mother to name Him. So is there anywhere in Scripture where Peter and Paul are arguing over the name of the Messiyah? You will never find that because they both were on one accord because they knew His name. And they both called Him Yahoshua. They never called Him Jesus. Because Jesus is not His name.

So the name is all too important. It is based on salvation. There’s no other name given under heaven, we read that. There’s no name given under heaven whereby we must be saved. You can not get salvation in any other name. Jesus is another name because Jesus is not the name that the angel brought to Miriam. When the angel came down who is a messenger of the Most High Yah, that name came straight from Yah. So are you going to change what Yah put into motion? How are you going to change that? Many of us already have a hard time (inaudible) so how are you going to sit here and change the name of the Messiyah? It can’t be done. That’s impossible. Not when Yah has sent it forth from His throne saying this is My Son in whom I am well pleased. Y’all can’t turn Him into y’all. See that’s the thing Christians is that, the Christian religion is based on this. Instead of coming to Yah the Most High, Christianity tries to make Yah the Most High come down to them. So you have to come up to where He is because He’s not coming down to where you are. He will reach down to save you to bring you up but He is not coming down there. You can’t make Him you.

You can not carve an image of Him that is why He told you in Exodus chapter 20 in the ten commandments don’t you dare do that. Don’t you make an image of Me. Because you don’t even know what I am. You have no idea of what I look like. I could make Myself look like you if I wanted to. I could make myself look like the sun, stars, moon. Whatever I feel like making myself look like, that is what I can be. You better not ever limit the image of Yah to that as an image of a man.

Shaul or Paul’s name was changed by the English-speaking Christians. Miriam’s name was changed by the English-speaking Christians. He was never Paul or Paulie. He was always Shaul. You get that whole name change directly  from them. You get Peter for Kepha. You get John for Yahcanon. You get Mary for Miriam. They translated it into their own language.

Let’s go to 1 John 3:23. Let me show you how important the Messiyah’s name is then we will move on to number 6. Now we have been going for a couple of hours and I’m praying that I will be able to get to all twelve but if I do not get through all twelve then we will make this a series. We will come back next week with six more. Then we will come back with part 2 the week after that. However long it takes. You know.

(Talks to someone) Yeah we are definitely going to go some more . But I do not want it to be too much information for them today. So we will give them just as much as they need and hopefully they can swallow that. Because if we put too much steak on a babe’s stomach oh my goodness you will bust it.

So here we go 1 John 3:23. We are going to read how important the Messiyah’s (name is). The importance of the name of the Messiyah.

1 John 3:23 Look at that. He gave us a commandment that we should believe on the name. Why is believing on the name important? Because the name encompasses everything about Him. His mission and everything. That’s right, that’s YAH’S COMMANDMENT that we should believe on the name of His Son, Yahoshua the Messiyah.

So do you see how you lesson this, Christian? When you try to change the righteous name of the Messiyah? Do you see what you take away? Do you see what you are doing? That’s a great error.

Let’s go to John chapter 1. (Talks to someone) LOL, I’m going to try to make this first one where I don’t talk about the Matrix. I will try. I will try hard not to.

John 1:12 ‘To those who believe on His name’. Do you see that? So those who believed on His name He gave them authority to become the children of Yah. He gave them AUTHORITY because they believed on His name.

That’s right, no plural. Not names. Not a whole lot of names. Now Jehovah junior or Jesus junior, none of that. We believe on the name of the Messiyah. That same name that was pronounced to Miriam by the angel. The same is the name we are to believe on. That’s the only name that was given to man from the AUTHORITY ON HIGH for salvation. That’s the only name. So you can’t go creating a name and saying this is the name of salvation. That’s going against the Word of Truth. That’s going against the Word of Yah.

I’m going to end this right here with Luke 3:6. Remember what Yahoshua’s name means. Right?

Luke 3:6 Let’s translate that y’all. What does it say? If we translate the salvation of Yah, it says what? Reads: And all flesh shall see Yahoshua ‘salvation of Yah’. Because He is the salvation that Father Yah has sent down to us. So that’s what it means.

So when you know what the name of the Son is, so when you see salvation in Scripture, it’s mentioning the Messiyah. Jesus doesn’t mean anything. So when we read all flesh shall see the salvation of Yah, all flesh shall see Yahoshua. Who can tell me when that event will happen? When will all flesh see Yahoshua? To let you know that , that’s what He is talking about when he says salvation. They will see Him when He returns. All eyes will be on Him when He  returns. That’s right the 2nd coming, the second appearance of the Messiyah. All flesh shall see Him. He said as lightning shines from the east to the west so shall it be when the Son of Man makes His second appearance. So that is what it is talking about in the book of Luke. All flesh shall see the salvation of Yah, the salvation of Yah is Yahoshua the Messiyah. His name is important. You have to believe on His name.

Hold on a second. I want to look at one more Scripture. I need to look in the Scriptures because the King James is driving me crazy trying to find the verses. But lets’ go to number 6 real quick. I’m thinking I may end it this week in number six and come back next week with six more. We will probably get an earlier start next week. I was supposed to be a ahki Moshe’s house today but we could not get that going so that is why I put the time back to 2:30 pm.

So hold on one second. (Pause) Alright, let’s go to, we are going to close out at Ephesians chapter 3. This is Shaul’s letter to the Ephesians.

Ephesians 13:14-15 So when it says that in whom the whole family in heaven and earth are named, it is saying that they are named after Him or He has the authority. All authority has been placed in the hands of the Messiyah Yahoshua. So He has the authority in Heaven and earth, Yah has given Him all that authority only Yah is above the Messiyah. Everyone else, the angels, the nation of Ysrayl, man are under the Messiyah. All knees for this cause I bow my knees to the Father of our Master Yahoshua. He said I bow my knees to the Father. I bow my knees to YAH for Yahoshua of whom the whole family of heaven and earth to His name.

So can you take that great name away? How can you (disregard?) His name? When your belief, your salvation is based on you believing in that name. So you can’t make the Messiyah into your image. You can’t make Him what you want Him to be. You have to go with what thus saith Yah.

Let’s go to number 6. Are the Messiyah and the Father one in the same being? Christians teach that Jesus and Yah are one in the same. They teach that they are the same being in fact, Christians say the Jesus is God. And they worship  Him as such.

So we are going to look in Scripture and see is the Messiyah the same as the Father. Are they the same being? So when the Messiyah was down on earth, when Yahoshua was down on earth being beaten, being mocked, being executed was heaven empty of its ruler? When Yahoshua was on earth was heaven empty of its ruler? Because that is what you have to be saying if you are saying that God came down in the flesh or God dwelled as flesh. And you are saying that Yah would allow these filthy (inaudible) Romans to put their hands on Him the way that they did. Are you telling me that the Almighty Powerful YAH allowed that to happen?!

Let’s look to Scripture. Because once you understand who the Messiyah is, once you understand who Yah is, you will understand that, that is a great blasphemy teaching. That’s great blasphemy behind that teaching and if you don’t repent of that and if you continue in that teaching you will find yourself in some place you don’t want to be (the lake of fire). Now repent means to return from your sins. Return from your wickedness. Return from your iniquity or crookedness. This is what repent means and to do it with a repenting (humble) heart. To be sorry that you have sinned.

So let’s go to the Book of John chapter 5. And in fact, John chapter 5 we will read verse 37. Let me get a cup of water. John 5, we are going to see if the Messiyah and the Father are one in the same being. Was heaven empty of its ruler when the Messiyah was here on earth? John 5, let’s break this down and see what the Messiyah is talking about here.

John 5:37 So the Messiyah is telling you straight forward because the Messiyah was standing in front of these people when He was saying this. He is telling you straight forward that NO man heard Yah’s voice at any time nor seen His shape (Deuteronomy 4:12). So what is He saying? He is saying that no man has even seen the form of Yah, let alone heard His voice. Because our human minds as I continue to tell you this, our peony human minds are just too small to comprehend the greatness of Yah because we are still in the flesh. When we come into the Spirit, when we come into that actual transforming from these flesh bodies to Spiritual bodies, then we will come into the fullness of understanding who Yah the Father is.

And He said right here that no man has seen His shape yet He is standing before those people. And He is speaking to them so He is letting them know that He is NOT Yah the Father. Let’s continue. Let’s go to John chapter 10.  (mic drop)

I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened there. I lost sound. Did y’all hear me say John 10?

John 10:30 This is Yahoshua speaking. This is the Messiyah saying that He and the Father are One. Does that mean that Yahoshua and Yah are the same being? He said that they are One. So it has to mean that right? There’s no other meaning to that right? Let’s continue. Let’s go to John 14. We will let the Book tell us what is meant here.

Yeah whisper, I’m snacking. But I’m not eating pork, squirrels, lizards and snakes as Bear Grizzly tells you to do.

John 14:8-11, v.8-9 Do you see that? Yahoshua said if you seen Me, you have seen the Father. Let’s continue. v. 10-11 Do you see that? He’s saying, I am in the Father meaning I am intoned with Yah (on accord). Meaning I am being obedient to Yah. And the Father Yah is blessing Me. Yahoshua goes on to tell you that greater works than these you are going to do. So if we are intoned with Yah and we are doing what thus saith Yah then the Spirit of Yah, His Spirit will dwell upon us and have us doing great things, great works.

So what Yahoshua is telling Philip, you see this work that I’m doing? Know that this work is not of My own hand. Know that this work is from the Father Yah. So if you see the great works that I’m doing, it is the Father that is working through Me. The Father dwells in Me. He does all the work. So when He says I and My Father are One, He is telling you that He and Father Yah are One in purpose, character and goal. Let’s prove that. He’s not saying that we are One as in we are the same being. Let’s prove that. Let’s go to John 17. We were in John 17 once today but let’s go back.

John 17:11, 22 So the brothers had that oneness.

Matthew 19, as Yahoshua tells us what a marriage is once again the two becoming one flesh. It’s the same oneness that He and Yah have.

Matthew 19:4-6 So He is saying right here, He is showing right here what that oneness is. So when He said Father let them become one as we are one. The same oneness that Yah and Yahoshua had because they were on the same purpose character and goal. That is what oneness means.

It doesn’t mean that Yah is Yahoshua. It doesn’t mean that when He came down that heaven was empty of its ruler. Naw, it doesn’t mean that. It means that the Word of Yah, the Spirit of Yah dwelled upon Yahoshua and Yahoshua lived to the death by Yah’s Word. It was Yah’s Word that brought salvation to the people. And it was Yah’s Word that even brought Yahoshua His death. But it is Yah’s Word that even brought salvation to (us?). So with Yah’s Word, He came and that is how He delivered the people. That is how He was on one accord with the Father. Because He delivered the Father’s Word just as the Father told Him to do.

Remember Moses did not get to see the land of Ysrayl and why was that? Because Moses deviated from the Word of Yah when Yah told him to do one thing in one particular way. Moses got mad and did it his own way. And Yah held him accountable for that. But Yahoshua came to fulfill and did everything that Yah told Him to do. To the death. And so this is why they are One.

So when the day of judgment comes, Yahoshua knows what righteous judgment to give. He’s not going to have to go ask Yah ‘oh well Yah um listen um his sins are kind of equal to his righteousness, what shall I do’? He will NOT have to go ask Yah that! He will already know what to do. Because He’s already filled with the mindset and Ruach of Yah, the Spirit of Yah.

So Christianity you have that wrong that saying the Messiyah Himself is the Father. He is not. He is of the same mindset or Spirit of the Father. Therefore, He can represent the Father to the fullest. This is what He told Philip, ‘Philip you are one of the 12 original apostles, I chose you from the beginning. You have been with Me this long time and I have done all these great works in your face then you still say show me the Father’? ‘When you have seen all these things I do’. Because when you see this great work know that it can only come from the hand of the Father. When you see these great works being spoken, know that it can only come from the Father. So everything that is of Yah, you are seeing right before your face. You DON’T have to see an image just look at the work. For the sake of the work you believe that Yahoshua came from Yah. So that is the Oneness that He is talking about. Because Yah is the only One that is good. Yahoshua would never put Himself above Yah. Never. He never put Himself above Yah.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 18. Yahoshua never put Himself above the Father.

Luke 18:18-19 Do you see that? He said that Yah is the only One good. He said why do you call Me good? Only One is good and that is Yah. So if Yahoshua was Yah in the flesh, then who is He talking about? When He says don’t call Me good. Because Yahoshua came and He said I am the Son of Yah. He never said I am Yah. But I am the Son of Yah. He is the Servant of Yah. He said Yah is the only One good don’t call Me good. Ain’t that something? So look at this.

Let’s go to John 14. Yahoshua never put Himself over Yah. He always directed the worship back tot he Father Yah. He never put it to Himself. Never. Because He was not Yah. He was the Son of Yah.

John 14:28 Do you see that? He said I’m going away and coming to you again. So He is telling them hey I’m coming back. If you love Me you would rejoice because I said I’m going to the Father. For My Father is greater than I. Look at that. He said that Yah is greater than Him. He already told you, don’t even call Me good. There’s only One that’s good. So how can they be one in the same being when they are not. They are the same in purpose character and goals. My Father is greater than I. That’s enough said right there.

So just to show you that the brothers knew that Yah is One being and Yahoshua is another. Let’s go through these Scriptures real quick. Let’s go to 1 Peter 1:3. First Kepha. The brothers knew that Yah and Yahoshua are two separate beings. They didn’t never teach that they were one in the same being. They always recognized Yah and they always recognized Yahoshua. 1 Peter 1. What I’m going to do y’all is end it right here at number 6. Then I will come back next week with another six. Then we will come back with a third part and a fourth week. So this is going to be a four-week series. So part 2 is next week and those six that I said that we would get to in this one, we are going to do that next week. Then the week after we will come back with 6 more. So hey, if your friends didn’t come today. Invite them back next week. Invite them for the next round. So we are going to close out after this Scripture. Yah and Yahoshua are not the same being. Next we will open with the trinity doctrine.

1 Peter 1:3 So do you see that? They recognized Yah and Yahoshua. v. 4-6 Read. So do you see that y’all? In verse 3 it said blessed be Yah and Father of our Master Yahoshua the Messiyah. So they are saying Yah and they are saying Yahoshua, two separate beings here. Yahoshua was raised by the dead by Yah. He didn’t raise Himself from the dead. But somebody raised Him. And that’s one of the tenants of your faith is that you must believe that Yah raised Yahoshua from the grave.

Let’s go to 2 Tim 1:2. Second Timotheus.

2 Timothy 1:2 Do y’all see that? ‘From Yah the Father and Yahoshua ha Maschiach our Master’. So they are showing you that there is Yah and there is Yahoshua. The brothers did not call them one in the same being. They are showing you that they are two separate beings. Yah the Father and Yahoshua the Messiyah who is the Son of Yah. That is what they are showing you.

Let’s go to 1 Tim 1:2. Wow we had large numbers in this room all day, praises be to Yah for that y’all. I’m praying that understanding is being had in this day, in this room.

1 Timothy 1:2 ‘From Yahoshua the Messiyah our Master’. So they see that the two are separate, that they are not one in the same being brothers and sisters. Do you see that?

So this is what the brothers taught and this is how it is. This is the truth of the matter. They did not see them as one in the same. They knew that there is Yah the Father and Yahoshua the Maschiach. They knew there are two. Yahoshua never elevated Himself to go above Yah. He never elevated Himself to go against Yah. All that you have said I will do. He kept that to the FULLEST.

Alright, so Ysrayl that is part 1. The Bible vs. Christianity. We will come back next week with six more. I thought I could squeeze 12 in here but that would take all  night, LOL. And it’s already 5:00 pm and we have been going for a while now. We will be back next week, Yah willing. Yeah, we will start earlier next week.

Footnote: Yah’s name can be found in the New King James Bible (NKJV) in Psalm 68:4, Isaiah 12:2, Isaiah 26:4 and Isaiah 38:11. HalleluYah.

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The Bible vs. Christianity p. 1b

Let us go to number 2. As we were just explaining. The Bible is not a Christian Book. How do I know that? How does anybody who has ever read the Book from cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation, how does any of us ever know that? Because we never found that verse in here. We never found anything about the Word of the Most High Yah being associated with Christians or being given to Christians.

If we look at this in the Book starting in Genesis we read about a man named Abraham. This man Abraham was called the first Hebrew in Genesis 14:13. And this title Hebrew means a wanderer or one who crosses over. Abraham’s descendants which are the children of Ysrayl were known by this title Hebrew. And they were also known as another title, Israylite because we are descended from a man named Jacob whose name was changed to Ysrayl. That’s in Genesis 32:28.

But from Genesis to Revelation the children of Ysrayl are mentioned. And we only hear about other people, other nations when the children of Ysrayl have interaction with those other nations. The Bible is The History Book of the children of Ysrayl. It contains their history from their beginning to their present to their end.

If you are a so-called African-American, Jamaican, Haitian, Puerto-Rican, Cuban (S. America) so forth and so on and you are living in the western hemisphere, you are here because the prophesy said that you would be here. You are being down trodden right now because the prophesies said that you would be down trodden right now. Everything about your history and heritage is contained in the Bible.

That is why satan has gone into the minds of men and he has deceived men into believing and trying to make the Bible into something else. I was listening to this female preacher yesterday on cable access. I was just turning through the channels and I happened to come across it. And she made this statement: The Bible is for Christians (and) it is for Christians only. She said the Bible is a Christian Book. And since I was unable to correspond with this lady because you know this was a taped program. I only could take so much of that. I had to turn the program off. I was like wow, this is a straight up lie. That’s right, it is false.

Now if I were able to call into her show and say mam you just made a statement saying the Bible is for Christians. Can you show me the chapter and verse where that is mentioned. Can you show me where Christianity is mentioned anywhere in the Bible more than three times? Because it’s only in there three times. So can you show me a fourth time that Christianity is mentioned in the Bible. That’s right, she would not be able to do that. So how can it be your Book if you’re not even mentioned in here? How can it be your Book when your doctrine isn’t even validated in here. So the Bible talks about the children of Ysrayl from the beginning to the end.

Let’s go to the Book of Isaiah chapter 41. The prophet Isaiah. From the KJV, it says this.

Isaiah 41:8-9 Thou means you. Do you see that? ‘I have not cast you away’. This is The Most High Yah speaking and He said out of His own mouth. Now what He says is ‘it’. It is truth. He does not go back on His Word. Man goes back on his word. Yah never goes back on His Word. Once He says something…that’s it. It is law. It is what it is. So the Most High said Ysrayl, you are My servant, the seed of Abraham, My friend. So you have to understand that. Did He ever change that? Let’s see because some of us want to believe in Christianity. We are taught that when Jesus came that the Messiah changed everything. Once again Jesus is the name that you know, the Messiyah but His name is not Jesus and we are going to get into that in just a moment. We are going to break that down about the names.

But let’s go tot he Book of Romans right now. The Most High said He has not cast away His people. Right? He has not set them aside. ‘You are My servants, I have not cast you away’. This is the Most High talking. Right? This is what He said. ‘I have not cast you away’. So let’s go to the Book of Romans. So when the Messiyah came, did that nullify the children of Ysrayl? Did that throw them to the side? We are going to read Romans chapter 11 brothers and sisters. Romans 11, remember wherever you see ‘God’ at we are going to remove that title and put the Most High’s name Yah. Yah according to Psalm 68:4 and we are going to go over that in just a moment. But wherever you see God, we are going to remove that and put Yah because that’s His proper name that is supposed to go there…Yah, Y-A-H.

Romans 11:1-3 This is Shaul or you know him as the apostle Paul. He said Yah has not cast away His people which He foreknew. So where did Paul get this understanding from? He got it from the Book of Isaiah chapter 41:9. Paul is saying the same thing that the prophet is saying. That’s right, he was from the tribe of Benyamin and Benyamin is one of he 12 tribes of Ysrayl. So he (Paul) was an Israylite.

You say that this is a Christian Book yet you see that the children of Ysrayl are the only ones that are highly spoken of in this Book from Genesis to Revelation. So we ae not saying that only the children of Ysrayl will get salvation. Not at all. All men are welcomed yet you must come to that understanding of what the Most High has put into the hands of the children of Ysrayl.

Now to validate what I am saying, how many of the prophets were any other nationality? How many of the apostles…did the Messiyah go out and chose 12 Israylites? Or did He go out and chose 12 anything? Because this Word, truth has been brought into the hand of the children of Ysrayl.

So we see right here that Paul or Shaul is speaking the same thing that Isaiah said. That Yah has not cast away His people which He foreknew. He has not done that. Let’s go back to the Book of Isaiah this time let’s go to chapter 42. (Talks to someone) Yeah the Word of Yah is such a beacon, such a light, it is such hope. This is the hope of the nations. What we are reading right here, this Word, this is the hope of the nations. Christianity, there are a billion protestants, 2 billion of the 6 1/2 billion people on the planet profess to Christian belief. Yet we see that the world is in a state of chaos. It is chaotic. Why is that? Christianity is what The Father has left for us to teach, to proclaim to the world and the world worships this Christian belief. These ministers come on your television every Sunday, broadcasting to the world. The Messiyah said when this Good News goes out to all the world, then the end shall come. But we have this Gospel of Christianity preached to all the world yet the end is not here. So from the mouth of the Messiyah that’s telling us that the Gospel that is being preached in this religion called Christianity is not the Good News that the Messiyah brought for us to teach.

Isaiah 42:6-7, v. 6 This is what you have been called for, Ysrayl. To be a light to the Gentiles. Now notice. Once again, we don’t see anything being mentioned about the Christians being a light tot he Gentiles. We don’t see that. v. 7 Do you see that? This is what the true nation of Ysrayl has been called to do yet we see this is in the hands of Ysrayl, it is not in the hands of Christians. Because if that wer ethe case why haven’t the eyes of the blind been opened? Because brothers and sisters as we look into this belief in this faith called Christianity, we get something totally different. That’s why the pastors of that belief never take you from Genesis to Revelations to teach you the uncut Word of the Most High. They dibble-dabble here then there. Then come back to ‘where are your tithes’? I’m not saying this to be funny. I’m saying this to be real with you. and those of you that are in Christianity, you know this is real.

I have seen preachers start off in the Book of Revelations talking about the end of time but you better believe that when they were finished preaching, it was ‘we have to tithe’. It was prosperity teaching. And NOT ALL Christianity teaches that yet what I’m saying is that the doctrine that they do teach is invalidated in the Scriptures. If you are teaching, which they are that the laws of the Most High are no more…you are in great error. You are the cause of all the chaos and destruction that is going on, on the planet because you have removed the laws from the people. And if you don’t have any laws, you don’t have any discipline. If you don’t have any discipline you don’t have any order. If you don’t have any order, you are in chaos. That’s why the world is in chaos because the 2 billion people who profess and believe in this faith are teaching them that there is no more law, that they don’t have to be disciplined. The breaking of the Father’s law is sin. We are going to get into that.

So we see that the children of Ysrayl are highly spoken of here. Let’s go over to chapter 43 of Isaiah. Now when I get into conversations with these Jehovah Witnesses as they come to my house, I remember when I was a child when these people came on our block. We would hide from them as if we were hiding from the police. As if we had just shot the president and the police was on our tail. You know we are ducking under tables. But as I have come to an understanding of the Most High’s truth, I welcome that door bell ringing. You know sometimes they wake me up, I’m still asleep that eary.But I welcome that now. Because now I know how to defend the truth. It’s up to them to accept or reject it. For instance, what I’m about to read to you right here. Look at what Isaiah 43 starts off saying.

Isaiah 43:10 So in this verse, He starts off talking to the nation of Ysrayl. The true nation. I’m not talking about the land of Israel where the people are over there now fighting over the land. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the true Israylite nation that has been scattered to the 4 corners for our disobedience to the Most High. So this is who He is talking to. He said that you are My servants whom I have chosen. We just read that same thing in Isaiah chapter 41. It said Ysrayl you are My servants. You are Jacob in whom I have chosen. So right here in chapter 43, He said you are My witnesses. So the children of Ysrayl are the witnesses of the Most High Yah. Not the Jehovah Witnesses. Not the JW’s. This is what Scripture says versus what man teaches. Ysrayl are Yah’s Witnesses. What are we to witness to the people, Ysrayl? We are to witness the greatness of the Father. He has only interacted with the nation of Ysrayl.

Let’s go to the Book of Amos chapter 3. The prophet Amos in the old testament. Put a ‘7’ up on the screen when you get there. A prophet is a prophet to me and according to the Word of Yah. That’s exactly right, a prophet is a prophet (no minor prophets). They all spoke the Words of the Most High, the uncut Word. Look at this. Amos chapter 3.

Amos 3:1-2 Do you see? Yah said that you only have I known, children of Ysrayl of all the families of the earth. Now ain’t that something? Because the Most High Yah created all men on the planet but He said you are the only one that I have known. Why does He say that? Because the nation of Ysrayl is the only nation He has dealt with. The only nation that He has given His laws to first hand. The only nation that He has made a covenant with are the children of Ysrayl. And we are supposed to take this out to the rest of the nations and teach them the goodness of the Most High Yah. So all men are welcomed into the family of Yah. But you must come into Yah in the order that Yah has given.

Once again, He said you only have I known. Now understand this. The nation of Ysrayl is a nation. Christianity is a religion. Yah never chose a religion. He chose a nation to put His true Word into and to deliver. Do you know why He did not choose a religion? Because religions are man-made. You can add (or take) whatever you want to a religion. If you want to worship Allah one way then you can break away and start to worship Allah one way. If you want to worship Jesus in this fashion, you can break away and worship him because there’s no discipline. NO DISCIPLINE. That’s right, religion is of a pagan nature. They are man-made. The Most High never mentions a name here. That’s why those pagans had to call those brothers Christianos. They didn’t know what to call them. You know, ‘what is that y’all are teaching’? Hey, we are teaching a way of life here. This is what the brothers had to do because that’s what the Most High gave us. He gave us a way of life. These laws and commandments are not religions. It is a way of life. (It is) how we are to interact with one another. How we are to love one another. All of that is encompassed in the laws of the Most High.

So once again, we see that of all the families of the earth, Ysrayl is the only one that Yah has known. Yah has not known the Christians. He has not known the Muslims. He just said the children of Ysrayl. This is coming from the Bible. This has never changed. Let me prove this to you. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 10. Who was the Messiyah sent to? What group of people? Let’s see. Matthew 10, when the Messiyah sent His men out on the mission to go and teach this Word to the people, look at what He said to them as He is sending them out.

Matthew 10:5-6, v. 5 The Gentiles are the Europeans we will get into that next week and we will break that down…the difference between the Gentiles and the Israylites. But the Gentiles are the sons of Noah’s son Japheth. and these are the white European nations. So this is what the Most High says. This is what the Messiyah says. He is speaking the Words of Yah. v. 7 Read. So the Messiyah is saying go to the lost sheep of the House of Ysrayl. This is where you are to go. Don’t go to the Gentiles. Don’t go to all those nations. But go to the children of Ysrayl. And you have to teach them first because the children of Ysrayl are the only nation that Yah has known because Yah has made a special covenant with them and they are to be His people and He is to be their Mighty One. They are the ones that are to take this truth out to the rest of the nations.

When Paul and Barnabas or Shaul and Barnaba, when they were up in Europe doing all those teachings, they were only among Israylites. They were teaching the Gentiles but they were only Israylite teachers. And in just a moment I will show you that the Gentiles are the Europeans. Paul (Shaul) said he is the apostle to the Gentiles. That’s in the book of Romans ll:13. and if you look at Paul’s trips, his journeys…he only went into Europe. He only taught white Europeans. Because he was their apostle. (Talks to someone) that’s right Jew is a made up name. We will come back to that point.

But we are still showing that the Bible is not a Christian Book. That Yah talks about the children of Ysrayl from the beginning to the end. Now If you say that this Bible is a Christian Book and that only Christians can get salvation. (They say) you have to be a Christian to get salvation. We are going to go into what is salvation. So that means that our father Abraham will not be getting salvation. Was Abraham a Christian? How about the great prophet Moses? Was Moses a Christian? How about King David who was a man after Yah’s own heart? Was he a Christian? And I see a lot of no’s going up on the screen so how do we know that? Because we never read that (that’s how we know).

We never read anytime, anywhere about Moses professing the Christian belief. You never read anytime, anywhere about Abraham professing the Christian belief. You never read anytime, anywhere about King David professing the Christian belief. So if these men were great in the eye-sight of Yah, the Most High… let’s go back to Isaiah 41:8. Let’s use this same Scripture and bring out the ending of it which has more information as it relates to our lesson. Let’s look at how great Abraham was to the Most High. Let’s go back to Isaiah 41:8 and read it again.

Isaiah 41:8 So Abraham being the friend of the Most High. Now if Christianity is all that important that our salvation is based on us accepting it. Why was not Christianity given unto the friend of the Most High Yah, Abraham? Do you see that? Why wasn’t Abraham a Christian if Christianity if all that important. If it is the belief that is going to get us into salvation, if it is the belief that is going to get us into the kingdom. Surely Yah would help His friend to get salvation. Right? But Abraham never confessed Christianity. Because if you would have brought Abraham Christianity, what we have today, Abraham would have reckoned it as a pagan belief that was brought on by Nimrod and he would have stoned you for bringing that to his face. Do you understand? Because Abraham knew Yah, he was Yah’s friend.

So you see my Christian brothers and sisters what we are talking about here? Once again, it’s not a slam against you. It’s just the truth. Now Christianity was not given to Abraham. What about Moses? Moses was a great servant of Yah. Right? Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 34. The book of Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Torah. Remember the Torah are the first five books of the Bible and it means instructions or law. Deuteronomy 34, let’s see how Moses was in the eyesight of Yah. Because hey if Christianity was all that good (then) Moses should have been a Christian. Right? Abraham should have been a Christian. This should have been a faith that they professed.

Deuteronomy 34:10 So what I’m showing you here is that Moses, he was a great prophet. He was a great man. It said that Yah knew him face to face. Yet Moses never professed Christianity. So if Christianity, once again is all too important, why didn’t Yah give it to those men that were great in His eye-sight? That’s a cruel, cruel hoax to have those men that great and have them as His friend and have them as His prophets yet He never gave them salvation or the opportunity if Christianity is based on salvation today.

So something ain’t right brothers and sisters. SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT.  What about King David? A man after the Most High’s own heart. Let’s go to Acts chapter 13. Did David profess Christianity? Was David a Christian? Was David going into temples on Sunday? Did David have a cross around His neck? Did David read from the Book of Romans? From the Book of Galatians? Did David do that? As it is heavily done in the Christian belief because this is why Christianity has separated your understanding. Because they have taken away half of The Book and gave you a partial story. The Christians say ‘I am a new testament Christian and we don’t deal with the old testament’. ‘That’s done away with’. Yet you can not read that. In fact, the Messiyah Himself out of His OWN mouth speaks something totally different. So Acts 13, we are looking at David. Was David a Christian because surely if Yah thought highly of David then David should have had Christianity (inaudible)… (Is) Christianity  of Yah and related to our salvation?

Acts 13:22 Do you see that? So David is a man after Yah’s own heart. So surely if Christianity is salvation, David should have been professing Jesus and Christianity all day. Now, David was a believer in the coming Messiyah Yahoshua. But the Christian Christ He did not believe in. Because he had no understanding of that. So we look at these three great men, they should have been given Christianity if Christianity is of the Most High Yah.

What made Abraham Yah’s friend? What made Abraham a righteous man? Why did Yah chose Abraham to bring a righteous seed through this man? Let’s go to the Book of Genesis chapter 26. This is why Abraham was chosen by Yah.

Genesis 26:4-6 So Abraham was a law keeper of the Most High that’s why He became the friend of Yah. Whereas in Christianity it is taught that the laws of the Most High are no longer in existence. They have been nailed to the cross (they say). So how could Abraham be a Christian and still keep the laws of the Most High? It’s straight up lies.

So Abraham was not a Christian. David was not a Christian. The Messiyah Himself was not a Christian. That term Christianity as we see came about when the brothers were teaching up in Antioch, the Greek city. Then these pagans decided to call these brothers Christianos which means the smeared ones. Derogatory.

So let’s go to number 3. So we dealt with number 1 the origins of the Christian faith. We dealt with number 2 Christianity is not of the Bible, the Bible is not a Christian Book. Now we are going to deal with number 3, Messiyah or Christ? Which one is it?

The word Messiyah (talks to someone).   There you go.    It’s actually spelled with a Y-A-H…MessiYAH. and it means the anointed of Yah. That’s the actual meaning of it, MessiYAH. It comes from the Hebrew word Maschiach. And it means the anointed of Yah. The word Christ, that’s Greek. And it means anointed. It just means anointed. So in Greek you would have to say Christ-Yah to get the proper translation, the anointed of Yah. Yet Yah’s name does not need a translation. It does not translate into other languages because you say His name and that’s it. YAH, that’s it. It’s Hebrew. That’s His name and that’s it. You don’t need a translation. Every language on the earth can pronounce that name…YAH. Every language on earth.

Just like you have HalleluYah but we are going to go into that in just a moment. But because they have removed His name and we are going to talk about that. How there is a conspiracy to remove The Father’s name. So we see that the Messiyah, that should be the title not the Greek Christ or Christos. The Greek Christ is the name of..that’s where you get Christ from. Christ is English and the Greek is Christos. And how you would say Jesus christ in Greek is Iesus Christos (pronounced) Hey-sus Christos. So the title Christ is not the title of the Messiyah. When I was growing up, I thought Jesus was his first name and Christ was his last name. I didn’t know that Christ had a meaning until Yah brought me to a greater understanding.

But the word Christ is once again derived from the Greek word Christos and it just means anointed. Messiyah let’s you know that this person has been anointed of Yah. He has been chosen, anointed means to be chosen, to be called for a particular purpose or duty. The Messiyah, the Maschiach has been called from the beginning of time when man fell from before the foundation of the world. BEFORE man fell, the Messiyah has been called for a particular time and for a particular duty to restore the nation of Ysrayl first thus restoring the rest of mankind to the Father Yah. So He had a great job. And you can not limit His job to just a Christ, just an anointed. Satan anointed men. Satan has anointed women. But when you are anointed of Yah…that anointed is different.

So when we look at this, it is the Messiyah or the Maschiach. This is the proper title. Yahoshua ha Maschiach which means Yahoshua the Messiyah because Father Yah is in His name. The MessiYAH. So we stay away from that Christos, Christ and it is YAH. Yah, HalleluYAH. So the anointed of Yah.

Now this title ha Maschiach was applied to Yahoshua. He is Ha Maschiach, the Messiyah. Now you had many anointed of Yah. David was an anointed man of Yah. David had the anointed oil placed on His head by Samuel or Shemuyah the prophet. David was a type of Maschiach, a type of anointed. Yahoshua is THE ONE that has been proclaimed from the beginning of time to release man from this death sentence that we are in. So Yahoshua is the Messiyah. He is above all Maschiachs. All that is called anointed, He is over all of that. So we go with Messiyah not Christ or Christos.

So let’s go to number 4. Was the Messiyah a Christian? Assembly, was He a Christian? Yes or No? Surely the answer should be there. Right? (laughs) Once again, I see a lot of notes going up on the screen. So how do we know that He was not a Christian? (inaudible) Only 3 times was Christos ever mentioned in Scripture. Never once did the Messiyah utter this out of His mouth. Out of all the words that He spoke, if you have a King James, red-letter Bible, if you go through the four Good News Books or the four Gospel Books, if you go through there and you read that. Right? You will never see any red-letter writing in the King James, you will never see anything in red with Christian, Christianos, or I am a Christian or I am the founder of Christianity all Christians should follow Me. You have never seen that. (Talks to someone) kayn, His neck. And He was not a red-neck either. That’s something we will talk about next week.

So the Messiyah did not say that He was a Christian. He never uttered this. Let’s go to Romans chapter 9. I hope that you are following along with me, with us. (Talks to someone) Yeah, it is very disrespectful. And I am going to do this. I’m going to go one step farther. Not only is it disrespectful…it is a sin. It is sinful to wear a cross. Do you know why? Because a cross is a symbol of idolatry. Wearing a cross with an image of a god on it, wearing a cross with Jesus on it is idolatry. The making of your god with hands and wood and stone by the hands of men. That god can not speak, he can not hear, he can not talk and as we see Jesus has been on that cross what two thousand years now. Right? So he has not come off the cross yet whereas it only took Yahoshua 3 days to rise up from the grave. So I am telling you this and we will get into it in number 5 next about this name that is all too important.

So here we go, number 4. Was the Messiyah a Christian? No He was not. Romans chapter 9. Look at what it says here brothers and sisters.

Romans 9:1-5, v. 1 Set-apart is the holy ghost. The Set-apart Spirit which we will talk about is not called a holy ghost. That’s blasphemy. Yah is not a ghost. (Yah is) Spirit, Set-apart Spirit. But I will explain that. v. 2-3 Who are His brothers according to the flesh? v. 4-5 Did y’all see that in verse 5? He said ‘and of whom is the Messiyah according to the flesh’? He said that the Messiyah according to the flesh came in the form of an Israylite. He was Israylite of the tribe of Judah. He was going to save His people from their sins. He came to His people and His people believed Him not. HE WAS AN ISRAYLITE. He was not a Jew. He was not a Christian. He was not a Buddhist. He was not a Muslim. He was the Hebrew Messiyah. The birth of the Hebrew Messiyah, He was not a Christian.

Let’s go to John chapter 5. The Good News of Gospel of John. What they call the Gospel but we are going to go over the Good News. The Good News of John. And it reads like this pertaining to is the Messiyah a Christian?

John 5:46:47 Oh, so Moses who was not a Christian wrote of the coming Hebrew Messiyah? So in the words of Moses, in anywhere in the first five books did Moses ever write of a Messiyah coming in a new religion called Christianity? And being the founder of this new religion with a Greek title Christianos. He said Moses wrote of Me had you believed him, you would have believed My words. So do you see that? He’s saying that this is what the Messiyah is saying. The same thing that Moses said in the Torah is the same thing I’m telling you today. ‘Moses and I are on one accord’. ‘Moses wrote about Me’.

Let’s see, where did Moses write about the Messiyah? But before we do that let’s go to Luke 24. Had yo believed Moses, you would have believed My words. Because Moses wrote about Me. Now Moses, brothers and sisters, who all knows the name that Moses has been given? I’ll just tell you. Moses is called the law-giver. Do y’all know why He is called the law-giver? Because Moses is the one that gave the children of Ysrayl by inspiration of Yah, the laws of Yah. So do you understand that Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26 and other places throughout the Torah. Moses said what would happen to law-breakers. Didn’t Moses say that there was a curse to be put upon you for breaking the laws Ysrayl? So would Moses write about one who was going to nail the laws to the cross? That’s going to do away with the Father’s righteousness, would Moses write about one doing such a thing?

Moses would have said, if y’all ever see anybody doing this, you pick up the BIGGEST stones you can and you MAKE SURE his brains are laying on the ground, in the name of Yah. Because Moses did not write about law-breakers. Moses wrote about law-keepers and teachers. Because that keeping of the law is the righteousness of Yah. So we are going to talk about that. But let’s go to Luke 24. It says this.

Luke 24:25-27 Do you see that? Beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. Let’s go one step farther. Let’s go to verses 44-46. We are still in Luke chapter 24. Was the Messiyah a Christian? This is what we are looking for. So He said that Moses and all the prophets wrote about Him. And Moses would not have written about a person that is coming to change Yah’s law and coming to change Yah’s whole philosophy and everything.

Luke 24:44-46 Now remember this is taken place after the Messiyah had risen from the grave. This is when all of this is going on here. After He had risen and He came back to His brothers for 40 days. And now this is what we are reading here in Luke 24. v. 44-46 So do you see? He broke it down. It said that He started in Moses. He went into the Books of the Prophets and in the Book of the Psalms. This is where the Messiyah is written about in the Torah, in the prophets and in the Psalms. That He had risen from the grave and that He had to suffer all these things. So He said I’m going to take you to Moses. Let’s go to Moses and see what did Moses say about the coming Messiyah. Let’s go to the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18. Was the Messiyah a Christian? We are in question number 4 and that’s what we are dealing with. Because it’s taught in Christianity that He is the founder of the Christian belief and the Messiyah or who they know as the Christ and we just went over that. They said that He is a Christian. But we are seeing no-no. Because He was from the children of Ysrayl. He was the tribe of Yahudah, Judah.

So in Deuteronomy 18, this is Moses making a prophesy about the Messiyah.

Deuteronomy 18:18-19 So Moses is making a prophesy about Yahoshua right here. He said that Yah is going to raise up a prophet from among their brothers. Who are their brothers? The children of Ysrayl. He said I’m going to raise you up a prophet from among the children of Ysrayl, one like you Moses. Now we just read that Moses was a great man in the sight of Yah. Yah said I spoke to him face to face. Scripture said a prophet like unto Moses has not risen in Ysrayl. That’s in Deuteronomy 34:10. So that Prophet did not come until the time of Yahoshua. He said one like you. I will put My words in His mouth and He shall speak all that I have commanded Him. I want you to hold that thought right there. Because as we go through this we are going to see that, that’s exactly what happened. Yahoshua spoke the words of the Most High Yah. He did not speak His own words.

But the people were asking in His time, they were like ‘Is that the prophet’? And when they said that, whenever you read that in one of the Gospels or Good News books, whenever you read that phrase, they asked about Yahoshua and they asked is He the prophet? They were referring to the prophesy in Deuteronomy 18:18. They knew that this prophesy was applied to the Messiyah. ‘I will raise Him up from among His brothers’. So when Yahoshua in Luke chapter 24, when He said that He went into the Scriptures starting at Moses, He gave them this. He showed them this. I am that prophet that Moses said would come. And the Most High Yah put His words in My mouth and I have spoken them to you. He started right here. He told them these things. He showed them where Moses was talking about Him. So HalleluYah.

(So was He) a Christian? Let’s go to Matthew chapter 1. (Talks to someone) let’s just pray that half of the 130 (persons) in here get understanding today. HalleluYah. Matthew 1. This is another aspect about Yahoshua.

Matthew 1:1 So do you see that? Yahoshua was a son of David and He was a son of Abraham. And as we went over David and Abraham were not Christians. He was the seed, offspring, descendant of Kind David. David was an Israylite that followed Yah. David    was a man after the Most High’s own heart. So HalleluYah that this is who Yahoshua was. He was not a Christian. You will never see that phrase uttered out of His mouth.

 Alright, number 5. The names of salvation y’all. (Talks to someone) son=descendant, absolutely ahk. That’s what it is. He was a son. He was a descendant of David. David was not a Christian. Abraham was not a Christian. So why would all of a sudden Yah just throw this new belief in there? All these righteous men that had followed Yah, that have given their hearts to Yah. All the prophets were killed because of the word that they were bringing to the children of Ysrayl. And so Yah seen all that and He’s going to wait and drop this new thing called Christianity in there. Which really is not that old. It is one of the newest religions on the earth. So why didn’t He give it to His righteous mighty men of long ago? Why wasn’t Abraham coming out of the womb speaking Christianity? Because it is man-made my brothers and sisters. It is not of the Father.

So the names of salvation: Let’s start off in Proverbs 30. There’s a very good question right here. Proverbs 30. Look at what it asks us here y’all. Look at this! This is powerful here!

Proverbs 30:4 What is His name and what is His Son’s name, if yu can tell? This is VERY PROFOUND! Because within the Christian religion, we hear people talking about that they have the holy ghost or the Holy Spirit, the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Set-apart Spirit of the Most High upon them. They say that the Most High has blessed them with a new car. They got a new job, the Most High has blessed them. Yet when a simple question is brought about brothers and sisters, the simple question is this: What is His name? What is His Son’s name? Do you know?

Names are very important. Names identify a person. Names identify your character. In the Hebrew culture we give our names according to the character of that person. My name is Obadiyah, it means servant of Yah. And a few other brothers and sisters can tell you what their Hebrew names mean. Because we all have a name that means something. And so when the Most High has a name, His name is very powerful because it means something. He has the Highest of all names. So what is His name? What is His Son’s name?

When you first encounter a person, one of the first things that you do is that you introduce yourself. ‘Hi I’m such and such’. And then that person will say ‘my name is blah, blah’. Do you understand? But if you are in a religion and you don’t know you are in a religion and you don’t know the name of the one you say you serve, the one you say you love and you don’t know His proper name, then how can you really love Him? How can you really serve Him?

Listen, I remember a game that the sister’s use to run. And I know you sisters use to do this back in the day. When you were women of the world and when you had that buster come up on you and want to talk to you. And you knew he was a buster. And you just needed to do anything to get his buster self out of your face. What did you do? You gave him a fake name, fake phone number and told him to run on. You did not give him your real name because you did not want to enter into a personal relationship with him. So you gave him a false name.

So when we look at Christianity and you say that you are of the Bible yet the Mighty One of the Bible is not named Jesus and is not named Jehovah. But you say that you are blessed by Him yet you don’t know His name. So He has given you a false name. And just like these sisters use to do in the club when they were women of the world, they gave a false name because they don’t really want to be bothered with you.

So it’s a false name in a false belief. The name of the Father is key to salvation. How can I serve Him, if I don’t even know the basics and I don’t even know His name. How can I understand His character (if) I don’t even know His name?

So let’s go to Psalm 68:4. The Father has a name in the Hebrew language. And I have been saying throughout this lesson that His name is Y-A-H, Yah. His name is Yah.

So see if your original name has been taken away from you, then you can be called any name. For instance, we are what? They call us what? Negroes. They call us what? Colored. They call us African-American. They call us blacks. They call us Afro-Americans. Why can they call us all these things? Because your original name has been stripped from you. So therefore if your real name has been taken, now you can be called anything. Now get this…they can never name you because Yah has already named you Ysrayl, the children of Ysrayl. But they can call you whatever and you answer to whatever they call you. They have no respect for you. Africa-America, Africa is a continent, America is a continent. America is NOT a country. It is a continent. So now we are being called by two continents because they have removed our original name. Therefore they can call us what they feel.

Psalm 68. We are going to read it from two translations. Yah’s name is inserted in the second translation.

Psalm 68:4 Now if you have some of the older King James, it says Jah. But let me explain this for you. There is no letter ‘J’, you may read this but there is no letter ‘J’ or J equivalent in the Hebrew language. The letter ‘J’ is one of the newest letters to the English alphabet. It came into widespread usage sometime after the year 1630. (You can) look this up. So ‘J’ is not even 500 years old. So when this Psalm was written about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago, there was no letter ‘J’ to pronounce. And there was no letter ‘J’ to write. The ‘J’ sound was not in Hebrew language and still isn’t. So write here we have that when it says Jah in your King James, it should say Yah.

So that’s what that is. There is no letter ‘J’ so when it says call upon His name by Jah, that you see, naw that’s incorrect. It is Yah. That’s why there could not be name for the Most High called Jehovah. That’s why there could not be a name for the Most High or His Son called Jesus. Because Yahoshua the Messiyah was a Hebrew who spoke to Hebrews over 2,000 years ago and He spoke the Hebrew language.

Now if you want to say well I speak English and Jesus is a translation of His Hebrew name. That is a lie. If you want to translate the Messiyah’s Hebrew name into English you would call Him Joshua. But His name needs no translation, Acts 4:12. But we are going to get there in just a moment.

So the name of Yah, this is what we are going to talk about that first the name of Yah, this name can be found in the names of the prophets. Once again (in this) phrase, HalleluYah. Which means praise Yah or praise You Yah. that’s what HalleluYah means. Remember the song KumbaYah? It means come by (here) Yah. Let’s look at my name. My name has Yah in it. Obadiyah means servant of Yah.  Zechariyah means Yah remembers. Yesiyah (Isaiah) means Yah is salvation. Zephaniyah means Yah hides. Shemuyah, Yeremiyah, Messiyah…all of those names that have Yah in it. They have certain meanings to it. (Talks to someone) Right, (it means) who is like Yah (Michayah). So we wear Yah’s name in our names. Some of the phrases in Hebrew carry the Father’s name. Malachiyah means messenger of Yah. Michayah means who is like Yah. That’s what they mean.

So what has happened is that there has been a great conspiracy to remove Yah’s name from the Scriptures. Do you all see how Isaiah is spelled in the Scriptures? Do y’all see how Obadiah is spelled in the Scriptures? Do you see that? They have removed Y-A-H at that end. There has been a conspiracy led by the adversary to do that but the Most High Yah has allowed this to happen because He wants to see if you really love Him. Are you going to put in the little time that it takes to research to find out His name?

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Flee From the Fear of Sin

This room is our refuge. This is the healing room from our battle scars all week. The tunnel represents the struggle. The light at the end represents Yah. Redemption is near. Fight.

Acts chapter 10, Kepha’s vision to eat: don’t call Yah’s creation unclean. This is talking about men’s hearts. He’s saying with symbolism of an unclean animal. Don’t put a clean animal with an unclean animal. In other words don’t put tilapia with a cat-fish. Yah cleansed the hearts of the Gentiles. Don’t say they can’t be saved. Don’t say righteous Gentiles are the same as wild Gentiles like tilapia is different from a cat-fish. When Yah has cleansed our hearts we have nothing to do with people with unclean hearts. Text: Don’t give what is Set-apart to the dogs.

Right, you are Set-apart. Dogs can eat pigs and all that. You can’t eat pigs. Do you know what it means to be Set-apart? It’s more than not being in the world. Set-apart people want to repent, they ask for forgiveness. Non Set-apart don’t care. Be mindful of your walk. We will fall sometimes. Who in here has NOT sinned? But in Set-apartness we ask to be forgiven. Set-apart people struggle to fight the temptations of the adversary. He will always be against you to battle against you.

(Talks about the upcoming Revelation series) Well first we will do the man of sin lesson and then we will do a lesson that parallels Ysrayl to Yahoshua’s life. Then the Revelation series.

(Talks about technology) Talks about smart phones: Technology is coming out more quickly now. This is fulfilling prophesy, Revelation. TEXT: My cousin has a phone with facial recognition scan.

From 2007 when the I-phone came out until now 2012 with I-phone 5. That is a very short time. Apple stock is worth $701 a share! They are worth $six hundred billion! Apple will be the first trillion-dollar company! They have I-pod, I-pad, I-phones. TEXT: Apple that forbidden fruit.

Yes, the bitten apple. Eve bit to get the knowledge of good and evil. We need this technology to navigate the world. Yeah, I need a Macbook. I’m still saving up for that boy. They make quality products. They build their products on-site. They sacrificed Steve Jobs with cancer, a slow death. Then they became the #1 company after his death. The fallen angels give them knowledge of space, time travel etc. UFOs fly inter-dimensionally. Technology is ruling this world.

Microsoft is another tech company. See, nerds rule the world now. Bill Gates is worth $66 billion now. Satan said if you bow down to me, I will give you kingdoms. Gates is worth 66 billion, not his company. He is very wicked. Gates is approved of by satan. What do you have to do to be approved of by satan?

‘Windows’=2 way devices. One can look in and out of it. You can’t operate a company today without windows. Do y’all know that they can control your mind with a computer?

Yahoshua said store your treasures in heaven where moths and robbers can not take it. Satan can only give earthly blessings.

Rich and poor: There is no more middle class. We are the super poor. We know how to survive. (We have always been resourceful). But what will happen to the millionaires who lose all their money? How will they survive? They don’t know how to. All they have are big bank accounts. They will commit suicide. It will create riots and financial wars. Liberia: Our people went there to set up a colony (the descendants of the slaves of America) and there was a war between those Israylites and the Hamites that lived there. When the rich start losing money and will invade our area where we live in the city, we will have to fight with them to survive. There will be financial wars…the newly poor against the old poor. The rich don’t trickle down. There are only crumbs down here and there will be a battle for those crumbs. They are setting this up, family. Do y’all remember back in the 90s the dot-com millionaires? Over night they lost everything. Remember that? The 1% will want to come to take the 99% crumbs. The Indians shared. But the colonists wanted it all. The same people are coming on a new invasion. They are coming to take it. The new poor vs. the old poor. Do y’all know that welfare is being taken over by the new poor now?

Romney is a MAD MAN! He is a lizard caught up in being rich. He said the middle class are those that make $200,000. He is out of touch. He talked about the 47%, you are that 47% he is talking about. He will not try to do anything for you as Obama is not. We are stuck in the middle. TEXT: Between a rock and a hard place.

Can’t get over, can’t get under (MJ song, ‘you want to be staring something’) It’s pol-tricks not politics!

Jesse Jackson Jr is going to be sacrificed y’all. They will make it look like a suicide. They diagnosed him as bi-polar already. Oh-uh. That’s all they need. He could bring his father and others down who are boule. Junior knows too much. Pay attention y’all. Yah brought us out of the world. Jesse Jackson Jr. may want to get out of that world. The guy on the stake next to Yahoshua believed and he will be in the kingdom. It’s too late.

Zombies: The Government is preparing! EVERY BRANCH! I’m not kidding. The social security bought 176,000 hollow tip bullets! The IRS and Department of Education are buying shot guns. In all the zombie movies, what is the gun of choice? The shot-gun! Even the national weather service bought 400,00 bullets! What the weather man need with bullets? LoL in the room. The military is preparing too. Movie: The Walking Dead 3 premiere will be out next month. There are 7 billion people on the planet for the zombies to work with. What is the most famous monster of the fallen angels right now? Right, Vampires. But there are no vampire invasions. They are saying get ready for a ZOMBIE invasion. TEXT: Flesh eating invasion. (not blood sucking).

Psalm 27:2 Read. Zombies are evil, mindless and will eat flesh which we are not to do. They come from ha shatan (the devil) the adversary. It says ‘My enemies, adversaries’ in the verse. This is ha shatan. They are preparing for this family. The zombie apocalypse is coming. They mocked Noah too until that water started rising. You can’t rely on guns alone though. You may have to cut its head off!

Text: Psalm 91 says Yah will protect us.

Yeah Ps. 91 does say that but you still have to prepare. Yah will lead you out.

Television show: called Revolution on NBC. They constantly show Chicago. Something happened to the power for like 15 years on the show. All the artificial energy was removed from the earth. Yeah it’s no too. The Hebrew woman at the end started up a computer. In terminator 2 a Hebrew made the sky-net technology. In the Jericho movie, a Hebrew had a laptop when all the power was gone. Why do Hebrews in all these movies have this technology? There is a correlation y’all. TEXT: ‘Zion’ in the matrix (had the technology) TEXT: The matrix was a computer system. TEXT: like book of Eli.

Technology without it our system would break in half. We depend on it even to pump water and grow food. The guy said if you stay in the cities you will die. Get out of these cities. Get yourself a sword and know how to use it. TEXT: Solar explosions that can take down the electrical grid.

Yeah on, I was amazed to see all the UFO videos. They are about to say life exists out there, y’all. TEXT: They said they found new ‘super earths’ TEXT: watched a video about 13 ships leaving the moon.

Revelation 12: 6 Read. A great battle will be in heaven y’all.

Don’t allow the Gentiles to tell you who your heroes should be. The Abraham Lincoln movie is coming out soon. He was a white supremest. He wanted to break the Jews hands off of slavery and keep us in slavery. He was a jackal. If you say Castro, Gaddafi are good…they will call you a terrorist. Did y’all know that Castro sent help to the Africans fighting in Africa? Do y’all know that when hurricanes pass through no one ever is killed in Cuba? It’s Yah’s hand! Yah said I will bless those who bless you. Gaddafi had ‘brew women from Cuba as his personal body guards. These women were trained killers, his personal body guards. What do you think they will do to you? George Washington was a slave owner. Yet we name our children and our schools after him. This is why our children are messed up. Do y’all know that Castro fought apartheid? The Jews set up apartheid. The synagogue of satan did this. Jews own the diamond mines in South Africa. They send ‘brews down in there to get those diamonds. Do y’all know the temple is already built in South Africa? It is ready to be sent to Jerusalem.

Cecil Rhodes…Rhodes Scholars…the illuminati. TEXT: Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. TEXT: Hillary is a Jew.

Revelation will prepare us MENTALLY first. Don’t be afraid and start crying when you hear the prophesies of Revelation. How do you prepare your mind to see a zombie, an angel? They will not look feminine with long flowing night gowns on as the Gentiles try to portray them. LOL in the room. They will be 12 foot tall with fiery eyes and locs.  The Gentiles have deceived you. Angels are not naked fat babies. LOL in the room. They have voices of thunder. TEXT: They gon’ look more like predators (movie).

They will look like warriors! You will run if they come before your face. How do you prepare? Get in tune with Yah! That ‘s how you prepare. Daniyah trembled when he saw an angel. The messenger had to hold him up. The only time you see angels: When Yah wants to give you a message or kill you. Be careful of what you pray for! You ask Yah to send you an angel?!! Abraham was frightened to see the death angel. Joshua saw an angel, it was for a purpose. David saw the death angel over Yahrushalom. what if the death angel looks like the predator? Oh-weee! Yah had to hold the death angel back after a while over Canaan. You don’t want that angel.  That angel that appeared before Balaam was ready to kill him. TEXT: His donkey was smarter than him. TEXT: Remember Yahcob wrestling with the angel. (My side note: An angel appeared to Esau when he was going to fight Jacob. Seemed like He was glad to turn around. An angel’s hand appeared to Belshazzar in the book of Daniyah. His knees shaked. Shimshon’s parents (Samson) saw the angel jump in the fire.

news on super earth; there is a war coming to this planet y’all. Mars=the war planet (a dream was interpreted).

Lesson:Flee from the Fear of Sin

The reason for this lesson: Questions about what should we be doing now? You should be fleeing from fear of sin right now. Fear=doubt. When we were babes we dealt with elementary matters. Don’t continue to struggle with the same things. Be perfect. Don’t be fearful of fallen angel technology. We are near the year 2019. The prophesy will end. The curses will not end though. As long as there is disobedience there will be the curses. We must still keep the covenant. Spiritually first, we must leave Babylon. We must think of Yahoshua. We are fearful of being perfect and being disciplined. One of the curses is that we would be fearful, shaking like a leaf with no wind blowing. (Deuteronomy 28). The commandments are not hard to keep. Be disciplined. Yah repeats Himself. We His words because our people are stiff-necks.

Genesis 12:1-5 Yah told Abram to leave. He left Babylon and went to Canaan. Yah promised Abram this land from Egypt to Iraq.

We must first leave Babylon spiritually. Don’t get caught up in politics. The 47% Romney was talking about is us. Obama is backed by the Rothschild.

I don’t want to be a rebel in the wilderness. Get it right now. What holds us back? FEAR. We don’t pray to Yah for understanding. We still have Babylon on our hearts.

Yeremiyah 51:6-7, v. 6 The 400 year prophesy, captivity is almost up. The persecutions are coming fast. The fallen angels are about to appear. Super earth, life exists on Mars they will say. What is stopping us from committing to Yah? FEAR. We can’t defeat the Nephelium, satan if we have fear. If you can’t give The Word to your peers because you are afraid, how can you battle fallen angels, satan?

v.7 what do you see in the world now? The spread of democracy. This nation leads the world into rebellion. The statue of liberty is Semiramis. This is the only country you can kill a dog and go to jail yet we are killed, lynched and they get off. Do y’all know they are removing slavery from the  history books? The persecutions are coming. Be prepared. The world has gone crazy. This is why the U.S. instigates riots in those nations. Isaiah Washing an actor had to apologize for calling someone a fag. Tracy Morgan, a comedian had to apologize because he didn’t want his son to be gay. Then they dressed Morgan up in a dress. What about them disrespecting our men? Why aren’t we portrayed as righteous? No one speaks about this.

Flee from fear. Don’t be afraid to speak out against this stuff. Tyler Perry is not funny…nigger shows…boufons. And you sit silent. Educate your people about this. Tell them about Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj and the music industry. Tell them why they are not to eat pigs. Explain it to them as Philip did to the eunuch.

Acts 3:1-7 Give them (homeless) the Word if you have no money. Kepha healed the man, he had no money to give him.

If you don’t believe you can heal, raise the dead go  back to Christianity. Belief is paramount.

Revelation 18:1-4 ‘a dwelling place for demons’. Democracy=the rule of demons. This place is a modern-day necropolis (city of the dead). Washington DC, the streets are named after their heroes. It is a dwelling place for the dead. Sunday high places are for the dead. They sacrifice Jesus weekly for their sins. This place (Babylon) is for demons. Separate yourself spiritually first. We can not bring paganism into the ways of Yah. No fertility worship, steeples, sacred dark feminine. No Gaia, no Bacchus. We worship Yah in Spirit and Truth.

We must leave this Babylon mindset. Francis Bacon was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I before the pilgrims. They knew what this place. A place to be ruled by demons. This is a land of same-sex marriage, trans sexual monks, man-boy relationships here. Michael Vick going to prison here but you can’t kill a police dog. They kill us here saying it is justifiable manslaughter!! They attacked Yahoshua too. Genesis 3:15 there is enmity between us and them.

Revelation 18:3 Merchants of the earth are rich because of America. See, Americans paper chase…the American dream. The Bible says to store your treasures in heaven wear moths and thieves can get to it. What does it profit you to work for vain things and die and wake up in the 2nd resurrection?

You will be hated because you have this truth. Yah gives people over to delusion because they don’t love the truth. Don’t fear rejection. Freedom=the Word. Seek matters of Yah, lean not to your own understanding.

The article says that Israel will strike Iran before November. ‘The other countries’ in the article=syria and their allies.

The return of Yahoshua is getting closer. But first let’s start spiritually. We will be in multiple wildernesses.

We are the proof that Yahoshua existed. Don’t ask how He existed? FAITH. We are proof. We live by His example. I will be in the first resurrection…FAITH. If you are afraid to say that ….you doubt. We all sin, fall…I will get back up and NOT fall for the same stumbling block again. Don’t be afraid to be perfect. Don’t be afraid to fall…Yahoshua will carry you, our intercessor. TEXT: Matthew 1:21 is enough for me.

Revelation 18:4 This is the battle cry!! ‘Come out of her My people’!! Come out of this presidential debate. WHO CARES. My co-worker can’t wait for this debate between Obama and Romney. But this same co-worker doesn’t want to hear The Word. Profanity out of his mouth every 5 minutes, looking at women’s back-sides. We are not NIGGERs any more. We have come back to Yah’s covenant. We take the bread and cup to remember Yahoshua. Yahoshua existed, we remember Him.

Flee from fear of sin. Spiritually heal ourselves, then heal your brothers and sisters. We will command the dead to rise again. Yahoshua said greater things we shall do. Become the Word. It is a daily fight. We are not niggers anymore. Strive for perfection. Put on the incorruptible mindset. This is empowering…power. this gave Shimshon power. This will give us power over zombies. You better NOT run from no zombies! Fight! Don’t run from those Jesus zombies. Explain to them who the Messiyah is, let them see Messiyah in you.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10, v. 1-4 Read. v. 5 Yah has given us the Spirit of Truth just a small part of what is to come. We have to look forward to this in the first resurrection. No more pain. No more curses. This is why we must fight. This is why satan tries to stop you…with doubt. Then you go back to that old man as soon as things don’t go your way. Your lights go out, no food, then you say you didn’t struggle with Jesus or on the corner selling drugs. That is double-mindedness. Reminds me of the parable of the sower of the seed. Keep this Word, bear fruit with endurance!

v.7 We are led by Yah. We don’t need to know why pork is unclean. Yah says don’t eat it. Faith…we will eat poison and not get sick. Abraham passed the test to sacrifice Isaac. I can’t worry about my parent’s house. I have to protect my house. v. 8-10 I can intercede for my parent’s but they will be accountable for their own walks. I can’t blame anybody if I walk away from Yah. Don’t let no one take Yah’s Word from you. My walk started in 2008 after immersing. Although, I heard about Yah in 1992. I will not let satan take this from me. I will be Ysrayl, I’m speaking for me. Fight. I can’t be fearful. My daughters ask me why I don’t go to church? Daddy why di you and mom break up? Daddy why did you leave Chicago? I have to tell the truth. Yah wanted my to leave Chicago. I don’t hang with a friend I use to run with anymore. He does not call on Yah. My family members don’t visit me. And I live right down the street. SO WHO ARE YOU? MY MOM, DAD, CHILDREN, FRIENDS…I have laid it on the line for Yah and Yahoshua!!

1 John 4:18 Fear holds punishment. Fear=imperfection. There is no fear in love. Fear=bound by sin. Yah is love. v. 17 Go to the death with is Word! Yah is love. We should be love. They should see love on you. You don’t even have to speak it. They see it. Have a revolution of self. Have a Revelation of self.

Revelation 21:8 The fearful, cowards will be the first to go into the lake. FEAR= double mindedness.

James 1:5-8 Don’t be afraid to say Yah’s name. You are afraid of what others will say. Be fearless. Hesitation will get you killed on the battlefield in war. Hesitation on the Spiritual battlefield will get you killed. The more you get into Scriptures the more your understanding opens up but at first all you know are the names…Yah and Yahoshua. v. 5 Have faith when you ask or you may as well have a genie bottle or wailing wall. v. 6 Don’t doubt. Don’t be leafy, lukewarm. Don’t be if-y. Die with honor like the Maccabean. Don’t commit suicide. Father Yah, I proclaimed your Word! Stand boldly!

v. 7-8 Don’t be if-y, double-minded. You can ask for understanding. But have faith that He will answer. Don’t ask Yah to send you a sign, that’s doubt. Don’t ask to see an angel. I’m not ready, I don’t want to see an angel. It will come later. I will be ready one day. I have to get myself right, be clean spiritually. Spiritual maturity. I’m preparing now.  Prepare yourself.

You pray for strength. Then Yah sends a test. Then you cry. FOOL, know what you are asking for! If you ask for courage, patience…expect to be tested. We think arrogant and act like fools. Nobody owes you. We owe Yah. Yah loves us so much. He gave us Yahoshua. Some are so arrogant, foolish not to believe Yahoshua. Yah sends servants to us. Yah loves us so much.

Check yourself Ysrayl. Women you gossip. Men you talk about sports and big booties. Flee from sin. There is no love in sin. Walk in newness. Perfection.

It’s not time to leave Babylon until Yah says to go. Especially if you are still of the world with no love of Yah in you. TEXT: Without Yah you can’t hear Yah anyway.

Yah sent Yahoshua. Yahoshua gave Spiritual understanding of the Word.

Deuteronomy 6:1-25, v. 1 The children of Ysrayl prepared to go into the land. He gave these laws first. Yah will give us the Set-apart Spirit before we go into the land. Yahoshua is our example. Dual understanding here. v. 2-5 We show love to Yah by doing His law. v. 6 Yahoshua showed us to be the law. The law in the flesh to be a spiritual being, to eternal life. v. 7 We should have the Good News on our lips everywhere we go. The testimony of Yahoshua gives us power. It protects us, this Word against the giants. It will let us heal, raise the dead, gives us authority over the spiritually death and the physically dead. We raise the spiritually dead when we talk about Yah and Yahoshua. v.8 As you think, you do. You become the Word. We don’t have cubes on our heads, hands like the Jews. TEXT: Church/Circe a greek goddess; Qahal=assembly, congregation.

v. 9-11 Read. v. 12 Read. v. 13 Fear Yah above all! Don’t fear the government…lol… student loans, child support, get in line!! Get in line government. What you gon’ do to me? v. 14-22 Read. When children ask you about Yah tell them about Yah and how He has changed you.

TEXT: When you are blessed by the truth of Yah satan wants to steal that from us. TEXT: Isaiah 35:8 the wicked will not pass over the highway.

Obama can’t save us. Yah will judge Babylon. I don’t vote. TEXT: Don’t celebrate Hellidays.

v. 23-24 Read. v. 25 This is righteousness=guarding the laws. Be a vessel not a tool. Righteousness will save us. Cointel-pro, they will lock us up on false charges. Persecutions are coming. TEXT: like Joseph when accused of wrong you still will prosper.

Yahoshua endured to the end. If He quit. Where would we be? People are watching you, your walk. Salvation is of the Israylite.

1 Peter 2:1-2, v. 1-2 Read. v. 3 We have tasted. This is why we are here in this room. You have tasted this Word. We are being built up. We are being healed by Yahoshua. v. 7-8 Cornerstone=rock, foundation. Yahoshua said He will build on this Word. The Word is a stumbling block for those who don’t love this Word. v. 9 Out of darkness of sin. Yeremiyah was known in the womb. Yah knew we would be in this room today. He knew you. v. 10-12 Deuteronomy 6: Righteousness protects us from false accusations.

The famine is coming. Prepare. Wars and rumors of wars, creature out of the ground, Don’t be fearful. Tackle it head on. Put on the armor of Yah.

Psalm 46:1-11, v. 1 Yah is our refuge not the Democratic party. v. 2 There are earthquakes all over now. Famine all over. We don’t fear. Don’t worry Yahoshua said. Seek the kingdom first in all righteousness. Righteousness=Deuteronomy 6:25 the laws.

We don’t fear zombies. We don’t fear biologic weapons. I fear YAH! Woe to you if you take the life of the anointed!! v. 3-5 Read. TEXT: I will stay in this Word even if it means my death.

WWIII will happen. Chaos to bring one world order of Nimrod, they will bring. Goshen was prepared, the children of Ysrayl were prepared. We will be protected. The Day of Yah prepare for this not dooms day prep. Prepare Spiritually.

v. 6-11 Yah is going to bring judgment on Mystery Babylon. I don’t need to save up no weapons. Vengeance is Yah’s. He will bring it down. Yah is with me. He will fight our battles.

The Book of Jasher, let’s look at Joseph and his brother.

Yasher 54:34-61 The time of the famine had begun. Before Yoseph revealed himself they thought this man was Egyptian. They didn’t know he understood Hebrew that they were speaking. v. 42 Why are you afraid? Yah is with us. They will use AIDS, HPV, diseases, poison the food to kill the children of Ysrayl in the U.S. v. 43-45 The shriek of the voice of Judah made them afraid! All these military Egyptians afraid of Judah’s voice!! You have authority in you too! The same blood is in us. Yahoshua said greater things we will do. Don’t be afraid. The synagogue of satan, the U.S. military are against us. Don’t be afraid. v. 46 Just His voice! See we have the Words of life. They said we have never heard teaching like this before, they said to Yahoshua. v. 47 All this happened at the shriek. He was fearless. We are in modern Egypt. They have police, militia, zombies, government for us. Stand up like Judah. His voice carried power! Pregnant women miscarried at the sound of the voice. This is why they want to break you and make you fear. They know one of the curses is fear. Willie Lynch letter referenced here. Stand against fear. Don’t hate each other. Don’t hate people still in the cursed mindset.

v. 48-50 The U.S. government fears the rise of the ‘black’ Messiyah. Do you know that? We are Yah’s battle axes. Yah repeats. We are Judah. We are the Maccabees. They worry about that. This is why they want to keep you high, drunk and sinning. This is why they have the King Alfred plan, zombies etc.  The Greek army was terrified of the Maccabean family.

The black panthers, Marcus Garvey, they didn’t have Yah. Not Christians, not Muslims…Yah will lead us.

v. 51-58 Read. v. 59 Faith. Yah will deliver us against whoever. v. 60 Who can stand before them? Yah will use us to smote kingdoms.

Yeremiyah 51:20-24 All we need is Yah’s righteousness to protect us. We don’t need super-duper X-ray machines to fight.

Ephesians 6:11=24 Put on the armor of Yah. We are fighting against the children of satan. Our armor does not hold fear. v. 14 Righteousness=keeping law, calling on Yah’s name. v. 15 No doubt, no fear, feet prepared. You study daily. Feet rooted in truth not doctrines of demons. v. 16 We have the shield of faith. Satan will get you to question your belief. Yahoshua was tried by the devil. This is coming…the devil will tempt us. Prepare. The shield of faith is important! How can you have salvation if you are questioning Yah? Don’t go back to elementary matters. Perfect yourself daily. v. 17 Fight the demons with the Word. The  Word=the sword. The Word=truth. Like Deuteronomy 6 said, the Word is to be on the frontlets of our heads. Be the Word as Yahoshua. v. 18-24 read.

Non-Messianic: Satan did not want to pay reverence to man. They (non messianic) don’t want to pay reverence to Yahoshua. It’s the same arrogant spirit of satan. They claim we worship Yahoshua. Yahoshua intercedes for us to Yah. He is the first fruit.

*Commemoration with bread and cup (wine, grape juice or water) done. It was the last dinner. Yahoshua died for our sins. He gave us an example. We celebrate His life. We remember the significance of His life. Don’t drink, eat unworthily. Examine yourself…there is one Yah, faith, immersing, Messiyah.

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The Bible vs. Christianity p. 1a

In this room today we have our arms open towards all Christians and we want to have this room dedicated to you to show and bring you the truth of the Most High. Our prayer and hope is that it leads you into a better direction and that it opens up your minds, opens up your heart to the Father’s truth. So this is how this room will be oriented today. This is where it’s aimed at. This is what the goal of the room is. And in this lesson that we will start briefly, we are just going to go over some points about Christianity versus what the Bible says.

We are not here to offend. We are just here to bring you the truth. That has always been the aim and goal of this room, to bring the truth. This is part 1 and next week we are going to come back and do the same thing. This week we will deal with 12 points of Christianity. Next week we are going to come back with part 2 where we are going to deal with 12 more points of Christianity and show you exactly what the Bible says versus what the Christian doctrine teaches.

Now today, we are going to do something a little different for our assembly here. You all pretty much know we have used the translation called ‘The Sciptures’ as the official Bible translation of all our lessons. The Scriptures, there is a Bible translation called The Scriptures. And this is a very good Book. But what we are going to do today is that we are going to switch things up. So I’m going to ask if you all will blow the dust off our King James Bible and bring the KJV out. We are going to use the King James Version today. This is going to be the official Bible that we read from because we are trying to reach Christians and this is the Book that they are familiar with.

So we are going to bring it to them out of their Book. The one that they are more familiar with because we don’t want anybody saying that we have trick Bibles here. Which we don’t (laughs). The translation that we use is just a more advanced….it’s a different language. You know the King James is old English. This is much clearer English called The Scriptures. But today we are going to use the King James. So I’m going to go grab my KJV in just a moment. We are going to read all Scriptures out of there. All Scripture posting will be from the KJV.

Welcome to the assembly. Everybody that is apart of Yah and Yahoshua are real Shabbat class, hey welcome everybody. Everybody that is new hey welcome you too. Let me get a 2 (on the screen) if you have someone listening with you today. You don’t necessarily have to be Christian. It could be you and your family or whoever. Give me a 2 if you have people here with you today. Hey excellent. I’m glad you could make it. HalleluYah.

Now what we do in this room before we go into the lesson. We have two things that go on before the lesson starts. We have one called…what we do is called blowing the shofar. And the others is Scripture reading. We do a Scripture reading before (the lesson) and we open up this room with prayer. Before the lesson begins we open up with a prayer to the Most High Yah. *Prayer and Scripture readings: Matthew 6 The Master Prayer, Exodus 20: 1-17 The Ten Commandments, Deuteronomy 28:1-14 The Blessings, Matthew 18:15-17,21-22 How to Treat Your Brother and Numbers 6:22-27 How to Bless the Children of Ysrayl*

So I’m so excited about this today because I really want you to know, for those Christians who may be among us today. If you have Christian family members, brothers and sisters this information that I’m going to give you today is going to give you a way to (?) onto them. You know, to give them the truth. To let them know what the Bible says versus what the Christian doctrine teaches. And there is a great difference and we are going to go over that today.

So before we get started I want ahki Michayah to open up with the shofar blowing. Then we will go into prayer and then we will go into Scripture reading. Then the lesson. So ahki if you are ready. And for you new people who may not be familiar with our room, you may see a few words around here. Words like ahki, ahkotee, those words…ahk means brother, ahki means my brother. Ahkot means sister and ahkotee means my sister. The word kayn, k-a-y-n that means yes. So you may see a few words (Hebrew words).

So when you post, post what those words mean so all the new people will not get lost in translation, so to speak. So like If you are saying ‘hey todah ahk’. You know put the translation of what that means. Today means thanks. Just keep everything simple.

Okay, so I’m going to release the mic so ahki Michayah can blow the shofar. And for all you new people, the shofar is an instrument. It is a horn. It is traditionally made of a ram’s horn but not always made of a ram’s horn. And the shofar was blown in the nation of Ysrayl to symbolize certain things, the gathering of the people for certain events. Such as a feast day, such as battle, such as a meeting. Whatever it was, we blew the shofar to signify the gathering of the people to come together. So as the shofar is blowing we are saying hey we want your attention, come on in.

Once again the shofar blowing is a tradition. It is a custom of the ancient Israylite nation. As we blew the shofars to signify the gathering of the people for certain events and for certain gatherings.

(Shofar blown by the ahk).

HalleluYah, todah fo that my brother, Michayah. Excellent shofar blowing. For you new people, when you read in the Book, in the Bible and you read about the seven horns, the seven trumpets that are in the book of Revelations, those are going to be seven shofars blowing to signify the ending of time, the ending of man’s wicked age and the beginning of the kingdom of Yah here on earth. HalleluYah.

So what we are going to do here now y’all is that we are going to open up in prayer. So for all the new people this is how we do (it). This is how we pray. We turn towards Jerusalem when we pray. We are the children of Ysrayl, I’m going to explain that in just a moment. The so-called African-Americans, the so-called Jamaicans, the so-called Haitians, the so-called Puerto-Ricans, the so-called Cubans, so forth and so on. We al are the children of Ysrayl that have been brought to the western hemisphere as captive slaves. And so we were given instruction that when we are taken captive and we are out of our land that we are to turn toward Jerusalem and pray. Let me go grab my King James real quick. It’s in the other room. We will read from 1 Kings 8: 46-48 on why we turn towards Jerusalem when we pray. Give me one second, I’ll be right back.

Alright, I’m back. I have it, the King James. For our new people, we are going to stick to what you know. And take you to where you don’t know. And show you the greatness of The Father. So I have my Bible here. The King James because I can’t deal with the little small print and thee and thou and all that.

So here we go y’all. 1 Kings 8:46-48. This is why we turn towards the east when we pray. We do not turn east in some form of pagan worship. But this is the commandment is given to us.

1 Kings 8:46-48 So this is why we turn towards east because we are in the western hemisphere. So we turn east. Those that are in the south may have to turn north. Those in the southern hemisphere will  have to turn north. Wherever you are located you know you turn towards Jerusalem, wherever Jerusalem is located from you. So I’m going to ask everyone to do that now. So If you all will stand. When we pray we stand and place (spread) our hands towards the heavens and we turn towards east if we ae in the western hemisphere. So if you all will stand with me please. As we seek Father Yah on His Shabbat day. Find east and turn there to seek out Yah and His truth and His understanding. Alright, have your palms facing up (facing the heavens). I’m going to ask you all to stop texting in the (online) room for just a moment. Clear your heart and mind for a second as we beseech Father Yah on this very special day, on this day that He has called for us to rest and focus in on Him. Alright, here we go Hebrews. Here we go truth-seekers.

Prayer: Father Yah, we come to you on your blessed beautiful Shabbat on your Sabbath day Father. And we come and ask you for your protection Father. We come and ask You for Your healing O Yah. Father, those whom you have sent into this room this day Yah as they have heeded the calling Father. As you have sent them here among us Father for them to hear your truth. We ask that you O Yah open their minds, You open their hearts and open their understanding Father. And please bless them Father as your hand has blessed us to see your truth Father. To read from Your Word and have understanding, comprehension. Yah, we ask that the same be bestowed upon them Father, those that are truly seeking Your name, that are truly seeking Your salvation. Be a blessing down upon them on this day O Yah. Father please keep us out of the snares and traps of the adversary, Father because he is seeking to devour our very soul. O Yah please Father forgive us for our sins. Father, we have sinned against you Father, our hearts are humbled and we are sorry. We are in a repenting mode O Yah. Please Yah continue to have mercy upon our souls and please forgive us for our sins. Yah please be that blessing. Please be that shalom. Please be that peace Father. Wherever we are Father, if we are surrounded on this day around any unclean or harmful spirits Father we ask that Your shalom be upon us and give us sanctuary where we are. Please Father open those minds and open those hearts Father that they may hear your truth. O Yah just use me as a vessel. Father let my mouth open and Your words come out. HalleluYah, Father Yah we ask you all these great things in the name of Your son whom You have sent to us as our savior. Whom You have sent to us as our Messiyah. In His name, in the name of Yahoshua we ask You these things. We say HalleluYah, we say todah Yah, thank you Yah. And we say Amein (so be it).

HalleluYah brothers and sisters welcome, welcome, welcome. Whew. May Yah be with us on this day. So now I’m going to release the mic to sister Kimiyah. She has a beautiful song she wants to sing. Then we will come back with the Scripture readings. Then we will open up with the lesson.

(Sister sings song). We have some very talented brothers and sisters. Now we have to start putting it all together to make that righteous set-apart music in the name of Yah. So we definitely must work on things like that. (talks to someone) Oh bass player, see we have some talented people here y’all.

I’m looking for a Scripture here today. I’m going to let Yah lead me here today where I’m going to read from. (Talks to someone) laughs, you to bashful to sing? No need you are among family here.

Do you know what? I’m just going to get started with the lesson because I’m starting to see something that Father Yah is showing me. Because some of the things that I want to read to you is going to be presented to you in the lesson (anyway). Alright, so we have over a hundred people in here before we even begin the lesson. HalleluYah. Ah, the fallen angel lesson is coming ahk. I’m going to even be working on a DVD about the fallen angels. I’m still waiting on ahki Yahqob but it will be on the way soon.

Alright y’all here we go. Today’s lesson is entitled: Message to Christians: The Bible vs. Christianity. This is part 1 and part 2 will be next week. And in part  what we will deal with today is twelve doctrines that is taught by Christianity. We are going to see just what the Bible has to say about these things. The doctrines that we are going to deal with today. The first one is the origins of the Christian faith. Number two is that Christianity is not in the Bible. Is the Bible a Christian Book? Number three, Is it Messiyah or Christ? Number four, we will deal with (the question) Is the Messiyah a Christian? Five, the names of salvation. Number six, Are the Mesiyah and Father one and the same being? Number seven, we will talk about the trinity. Is the Father part of a trinity? Number eight, we will talk about the what is salvation. Number nine, the laws of Yah: Are they nailed to the cross? Did Yah throw away His laws that He gave in what’s called the old testament? Number ten…I will try to not make it all long and drawn out when I go through these. Number ten, Is there life after death? We will talk about what the Bible has to say about life after death. Death vs. what the Christians teach. Number eleven… my notes are like a little booklet here…um…number eleven we will talk about being born again. What does born again mean? We will talk about this, being born again. What does that mean? Number twelve, we will talk about do men go to heaven or hell after death?

So these are just a few of the things that I feel are just the basics that we need to cover today. Next week we are going to go into deeper things. We will have twelve  next week. We will go a little deeper with 12 more aspects of Christianity.

So we will get into that next week but this week those are the 12 topics that we will deal with. And I want to start off by saying this. As will be explained in number 5, the names of salvation, the name of the Father…we are going to read out of the King James Bible. But you will not here us saying th words lord, god, Jesus or Jehovah. And let me explain that briefly. And then I will extensively go over it in part 5, the names of salvation.

The reason we will not say lord, god, Jesus or Jehovah is because we are going to use the Father’s true name which is Yah. We are going to use the Messiyah’s true name which is Yahshua (Yahoshua). Lord and God are just titles. They are pagan titles that were associated with pagan deities. So we are not going to apply these titles to the Most High. We are going to put righteous titles on His name. Righteous titles such as the Most High. Righteous titles such as the Heavenly Father or Father, the Almighty, the Power, the Strength. Those are righteous titles that the Most High was known as. And His name Y-A-H, we are going to explain that in just a minute. But His name means the self-existing One. And the name of Messiyah Yahoshua means Yah’s salvation.

So brothers and sisters, I’m going to ask that we don’t put too much text on the screen because we post directly from the Bible. So those who don’t have a Bible in front of them, they can look on the screen and see the same Scriptures that we are reading. It’s okay for you all to text in here but let’s not heavily text the room. Let’s keep everything focused on the lesson so those that are here can get an understanding (of the lesson).

Now newcomers what we do in this room because this room in the Hebrew faith and I’m going to explain the difference between the Hebrew, Jew and all that in just a moment. But here in the Hebrew knowledge, in the Hebrew understanding, it’s like this: We don’t call those that come before the assembly…we don’t call them preachers but we call them teachers. Because the whole aim, goal is to instruct the people into the ways and knowledge of Yah. So what we have right here, this is not called church. This is called class. This is Shabbat class. Shabbat is the Hebrew way of saying Sabbath. This is our Sabbath day class. Shabbat is the Hebrew way of saying Sabbath. Sabbath is the seventh day of the week which we are commanded to rest. We are going to go over that next week. But the Sabbath day is the day we are called here by the Most High to come and commemorate His great thing of creation. Six days then He rested, ceased from work on the Sabbath. So Hebrews…we call this class, Shabbat class, seventh day class. And I am known as a teacher. Not a preacher but a teacher and we are going to instruct you on the ways of the Most High.

So this is class and we ask that you take out your pens, pads and your Bible. Because when we go through this stuff, you know you have to write these Scriptures down so you can go back at your own convenience and read them and see that we are not making up what we are teaching you. (inaudible) And immediately after this lesson is over there will be a question and answer session. So you are open to questions AFTER the lesson. I ask that you all hold your questions until after the lesson and they will get answered. Hopefully the Most High gives us the knowledge to bring you an answer to your question. So  hold those. So if you have a question about anything that is going on in the lesson, write it down. So you can come back when the room is open for Q and A. You can come up to the mic (if you are an ahk) or you can text your question in the room (if you have not mic ahks). But there is a procedure that we go through that you must raise your hand. Please do not put any question in the room when the question and answers start. Do not put any questions in the room without raising your hand. (click the raise your hand button first ahks). The raise your hand button is there on side.

So one final thing that I forgot to do is to grab me a cup of water. So I will go grab a cup of water and I will be right back. We are going to get started with today’s lesson. (Talks to someone) Yeah, I was thinking about that ahk. But I think that these are the ones that we are really trying to reach. Maybe we can do that next week.

So I ask that Israelite Heritage, that you be an example for the room. That we keep the shalom. Shalom means peace. It is the Hebrew word for peace. And so as we open up today, and seeking the Most High’s understanding of this and just His understanding of His truth because this is His truth. No man can lay claim to the truth of the Most High. (Talks to someone) not yet but I will be jetting out of here in just a second to grab my big gallon jug of water. So as we come into this understanding and as we see the Father’s truth, many of us…let me get a 1 (on the screen) press a 1 if you are in here, apart of our assembly and you came out of the Christian belief, the Christian church. Let me see how many of us were involved in that. (Pause) okay. Most of us, huh. So we have a comprehension that when we come into this truth of what the Bible actually teaches versus what they taught us in Christianity, we see that there is a very distinct difference.

There is a very distinct difference between what Father Yah teaches through His Word in what’s, they call the Bible, the Scriptures versus what when we go into the Sunday Churches and the pastor stands in the pulpit and he tells us.

One of the first things I noticed when I came out of Christianity, when I finally read the Bible for myself. I couldn’t find Christian doctrine in the Bible. This was a big shocker to me. I was like whoa, wait a minute. I have been taught Sunday worship. I have been taught a trinity. I have been taught that Jesus is God. And when I finally seen these things for myself I was like, did I read the right Bible? Is this the same Bible the preacher use to preach out of? Did I miss a spot? Did I miss a verse here? Did I miss an entire chapter? Is someone hiding something from me?

But that’s what it was. I immediately noticed the big difference between the two. So as I began to grow and just learn and other brothers and sisters, as we began to grow and learn about what the Most High requires of us, just what He is telling us. I mean it is a great difference. We have been trying to spread this to our Christian families, to our Christian friends and some of it has been falling on deaf ears. And some of it, you know they may listen here or there but the majority of it falls on deaf ears.

So we are not trying to offend you. We are not trying to put you down. What we are trying to do is get you to understand that truth of Yah. It’s like if you were stuck on a railroad track. Right? You are tied up to a railroad track and we come along and try to untie you and save you because the train is coming to run you over. And you tell us ‘naw I’m aiight’. You know ‘I’m okay right here,’ you say. And you can’t see the train, you can’t hear the train but we can. We see it coming and say ‘naw you have to get up’. ‘Let me untie you so I can save your life’. That’s how it is when we try to bring this Word to you. The Word is life saving material. This is truly salvation. This is what the Messiyah came and died for, to bring you this understanding. So that’s how you may have a way back to the Father so the Father may instruct you in His truth. So He may raise you in His truth as a father instructs and raises his child. That’s what the Most High wants to do for you.

Now the so-called African-American, Haitian, Jamaican and so forth, all of the people who got here by what’s called the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, we are descendants of the ancient Isryralites. And there is an understanding that you must have with this. Now because we say that the Bible teaches us this and we are going to go over this next week, we are going to show you the Israylites and we are going to show you who the Gentiles are.

But understanding who the Israylites are is very important in your understanding of salvation. As we will see when we get into the part about what is salvation, we are going to see that the Bible tells us that salvation is of the Israylites. It is of the Israylites. And so you must comprehend just what that actually means. The Messiyah Himself, whom you know as Jesus but His true name is Yahoshua. The true Messiyah is Yahoshua. And He said Himself in the Book of Matthew chapter 10:25, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the tribe of Ysrayl. So what we have to understand is that the so-called African-American, the so-called Haitian, Jamaican, you have been called and made a covenant with the Most High. He has called you to bring this truth to the nations. (Inaudible) sit you on a throne and put a crown on your head just because. No you have to work for this calling because you made a contract with the Most High. This contract is everlasting and you told Him all that you say Most High we will do. So you are bound to Him by this contract. And He has not cast you away. He has not thrown you away. He still is worthy of that promise that you made to Him.

So the Israylites have been called to take this truth to the people known as Gentiles or the other nations. Nobody is excluded. The only people who would be excluded from getting salvation are the people who turn their hearts away from hearing this truth. So that’s why it’s so important that when we bring you this, my Christian brothers and sisters, when we bring you this understanding, it’s so important that you come back. (It’s important) that you come to  the truth. And that you leave that falsehood behind that you have been deceived into believing. Now I’m not trying to offend you by saying these things but I was of that Christian belief as may of us in this room were, the whole room was. But we knew that when the Bible said something different from what the pastor’s saying that we have to go with the Bible because the Bible is the validated Word of the Most High.

So we are just saying open up your hearts in this room today. You are welcomed with open arms in this room. We are not going to bite you. We are not going to beat you. We are not going to scorn you. Whatever the truth places on your heart, if it places pain on your heart, if the truth offends you, we can not apologize for it. Because we have nothing…you know the only thing we have been called to do is deliver it to you.

And so we ask that once this truth hits you. It is like a train wreck. It’s going to go against what you have already known. There is going to be a struggle. ‘Oh  I know this over here, you know Christianity is in the left hand and I have been with that my entire life. But now I have something new here that’s telling me directly from the Bible what it actually says. So there is going to be a conflict. There’s going to be a constant conflict. A constant struggle.

Brothers and sisters in here that are apart of our assembly will tell you that it’s a struggle everyday because the flesh is fighting the spirit. The spirit is represented by the Word of the Most High. The flesh is you. It’s your thoughts. It’s what you want to do. So there is always conflict so we understand that so we just ask you to come in here today with an open heart, with an open mind. We put up a prayer to The Father that He blesses your understanding so we say please allow Him to do that. Open your self up for a new understanding, a new beginning.

Alright, so what we are going to deal with…number 1. Right? What we will deal with first is the origins of Christianity. Now one of the things that really got me as I was leaving the Christian belief and coming to this truth is that when I found out the origin, I thought that the origin of Christianity was Jesus. That the origin of Christianity was Moses because I was told that the Bible was a Christian Book. Do you understand? I was a new testament Christian. I had a new testament belief. I didn’t have to worry about that old Book anymore, the old testament. This is what I was taught and I’m pretty sure that we all were brought up in this Christian understanding. But the origins of this religion, is it from the Bible or is it the creation of men?

Now the origins of Christianity can be traced back to its founding to its creation. Christianity, my brothers and sisters is mentioned in the Bible only three times. Only 3 times. (Talks to someone) Yes, it’s (the lesson) being recorded. I got the 8-track rolling right now. So Christianity is only mentioned in the Bible 3 times. Now for this to be a Christian Book, you know when you read a book and you read the title of the book, when you are reading through a novel and you will at least see the title of the book mentioned in the novel you know quite a few times. And it’s going to explain to you what the title of the book is. So if we have applied…if Christianity has applied to the Bible, you know saying that this is a Christian Book (then) surely we should be able to find that throughout the Bible. If that is true. But that is not so. The Bible is not a Christian Book. There’s never one verse or one chapter in this Book that says that . But in fact, what we do read from Genesis to Revelations, we read about a people called the Israylites.

And we read about their interaction with the Most High. We read about their interaction with other nations. Yet we don’t see the term Christians. (It is) not mentioned in such a high fashion. For instance, The Most High has never said in this Book that Christians are His people. The Messiyah has never said in this Book that He was a Christian.

Let’s look at when the word Christian was first mentioned in this Book, in the Bible. Let’s go to the Book of Acts. Follow me if you will. We are reading from the King James Bible. Acts chapter 11. We are looking at number 1, the origins of the Christian faith. Now in this Book, Christianity is only mentioned 3 times. Now let me explain this. The word Christianity: The word Christianity or Christian is English. It comes from the Greek word Christiano. Christiano is the Greek word that give birth to the English Christian. Christiano means smeared ones. Now I’m going to explain to you by reading Acts 11:26 why this title was applied to the apostles.

Acts 11:26 Now Antioch was in Greece. ‘Not the apostles were first called Christians or Christianos in Antioch’. Now Antioch which was a Greek city, these pagans who did not worship the true and living Most High Yah, these pagans called those brothers Christianos which means the smeared ones because the brothers were teaching ‘hey we have salvation through the wearing of the smeared blood of the Messiyah’. So this is what they were teaching the people that we have salvation through the shed blood of the Messiyah. The people of Antioch called them Christianos. Which is where we get the title Christian from.

Now to be called something is very different from being named. The Most High never put the name Christian on His people. The prophesies that were prophesied by all the prophets of the coming Messiyah, they never said that He would come to start a new religion, a new philosophy, a new faith and give it a Greek title Christiano. In fact Christiano was a derogatory term. Just like negro was derogatory at one pint in time in our history. Yet in the 1960’s you had very esteemed leaders among the African-American people stand up and call themselves negroes. So over a period of time, that word which was derogatory got acceptance. The same with this right here. Is that it started off as a derogatory word but attained acceptance over how many (ever) years. From the first century of the common era, the first century CE until about the year 325. This is a period of about what, three hundred to four hundred years after the death of the Messiyah.

The Roman Emperor name Constantine decided to make the Christian belief the state religion of Rome. Now, during this time that he decided to make Rome a Christian nation, a quote-unquote christian nation. Because remember this was a derogatory term. And when it was first applied to the apostles, they had none of the modern-day Christian beliefs that you have today. When the apostles were teaching as you will see they did not teach about a trinity. They did not teach about an easter. They did not teach about a December 25th birthday of the Messiyah. All these things were added in. This is history. And we are going to talk about that in just a second. So when the brothers were teaching this when the people called them Christians, they were believing what the Messiyah had taught and they were believing in what’s called the old testament. So, the title Christian in the year 325 CE, Constantine said ‘how can I do this’? There were so many pagans. There were so many pagan practices going on in Rome in this time frame (that) Constantine was like ‘wow, how can this be done’? ‘How can I have this truth for this long and it goes directly against what the pagans of Rome have been doing’? So he came up with this idea to incorporate what the pagans were worshipping into the new belief called Christianity or Christians.

So in the year 325 of the common era, I hope y’all are putting this in your notes. 325 of the common era, Constantine had what’s called the Counsel of Nicaea. It took place in a place called Nicaea (Iznik, Turkey). And so he gathered up all the so-called Christian Bishops from around the world and they gathered. And they plotted and planned what we have now as the modern doctrine of Christianity. This si the birth of Christianity right here with the Counsel of Nicaea. They decided to make the Messiyah also God. They decided to bring in the trinity teaching. They decided to put December 25th and so forth, your modern Christian doctrine came from this Counsel of Nicaea. There was a second Counsel of Nicaea. The second one where they solidified it and put it down (on paper?).

Now what Constantine did when he created this new doctrine was that he brought in what the pagans were already celebrating. Pagans were heavy sun worshippers. Now Christians do you understand why you worship on the first day of the week? Which is called S-u-n-d-a-y. Instead of the seventh day. And we are going to talk about this next week in more detail. But Christians going to church on the Sun’s day not the son but the sun’s day. And this was a practice that the pagans did in ancient Rome during the time of Constantine where they would go into their temples, they would go before their altars early in the morning. You know like you have the early morning sunrise service. They would go to their altars, their places of worship early in the morning on the first day fo the week, the day of the sun. so they could bow down and worship the sun as the sun was rising in a new day.

Constantine himself was a sun worshipper. In fact, the image of the cross came from him. Because he said that he looked up into the sun as he was worshipping the sun and then he saw a cross in the sky. And he saw Jesus saying conquer by this. So this is why Christians wear the cross. Whereas, the Most High in Exodus chapter 20, the ten commandments tells us not to worship anything of that nature. That is idolatry, the Christian cross. But we will talk about that next week in more detail.

(Talks to someone) Yes, this is history what I am giving you. Look up the Counsel of Nicaea. Look up Constantine. This is history. So this is the true origin of Christianity. Christianity did not come from the pages of the Bible because the brothers as we will see, the apostles and the Messiyah did not teach a religion called Christianity. They did not. That did not come until much, much later after all of their deaths. About 300-400 years later. As we see with the Counsel of Nicaea, that’s where that information came from. That’s where Christianity, that’s where all that birthed from. That’s the origins of it. So there is no such thing as a new testament Christian. If there was such a thing as a new testament Christian, then it should be written in the new testament. Right? But it’s not. You can not find that nowhere throughout the Bible. Nowhere. No such phrase as a new testament Christian.

Like I said Christian is only mentioned…I have a Bible here and my Bible is what?… some of you have a Bible that is a thousand pages or over a thousand pages and you know, you never read ‘Christians are My people’. Or ‘I have come to set Christians free’ or ‘I have come to be a Christian leader’. Because Christians say that Jesus is the founder of Christianity.

So my brothers and sisters like I say this is not meant to offend you but let’s deal with the facts. Let’s deal with what is the truth here because that religion was around way before you were born. Way before your mother was born. Way before your father was born. Way before your grand-parents and your great, great-grand parents were born. This religion has been around because when Constantine brought all that paganism into the new religion called Christianity did this: That paganism had been around for thousands (of years) it can be traced back to the ancient times in a place called Babylon. Where after the great flood, Noah’s flood where mankind was led to congregate in the plains of a place called Shinar and was led astray by a man named Nimrod who made himself a god and king over the people. But we will get into that maybe a little later. All of that comes from that ancient time. The trinity is a very ancient doctrine. It is not new. The sun being a god born of a god that is ancient pagan culture.

So that is what Constantine did. He brought all that paganism and made this new religion called Christianity. And this is what has been handed to you.

When we came over here on those raggedy slave ships, barely making it across and when we were set on those plantations do you understand that those slave masters knew that we were the children of Ysrayl? Do you understand why they took the Bible out of our midst? They did not want us to read our history, our story. When the slave master taught us his new religion, Christianity, he only taught us one verse. What was that? Answer: Slave be obedient to your master. That’s all he would teach us from The Book. Because he didn’t figure us to be men. He counted us as three-fifths of a human. So therefore if we were not human then how could we be his ‘Chrisitan’ brother? So he did not teach you.

See we came over here on the slave ships singing songs of the old testament. ‘My home is over Jordan’ ‘swing low sweet chariot coming to take me home’ ‘KumbaYah’ and this song KumbaYah means come by here, Yah. So our people were calling upon Yah, The Most High, The Creator of the heavens and the earth as we were being led astray, led captive into the (inaudible). So Christianity was forced on us. But listen, I know Farrakhan says that a lot and you here the brothers of Islam talking about that but my brothers in Islam listen…your founder of your religion, I’m not trying to offend you but the truth is this. Your founder of your religion was our fist slave master. He was the one that taught the Christian to come and get us off the west coast of Africa and east Africa. So the Arab, Muslim was taking us a thousand years into captivity before the European slave trade started. So we are going to have a room opened soon to Islam. We have to deal with that also.

So right here, that is the origins of Christianity. It actually began in 325, so we have Christianity really beginning with the Counsel of Nicaea. So from the year 325 of the common era of A.D. as you know it. We go up to the year 1500 and a man named Martin Luther, we all are familiar with his name. Right? How many of y’all know that Martin Luther King named himself after this guy, Martin Luther who lived in the 1500’s? This guy Martin Luther, he is the one that is responsible for what is called the Protestant movement. Where you have the Catholics, then you have the Protestants. Martin Luther in the 1500s separated this branch from the Catholic Church over disagreements over doctrines. The Catholic Church says that you can bow down to the Virgin Mary, this and that. And so this man, Martin Luther had problems with that and I think he was a Catholic monk. So BAM, he left that and started the Protestant movement. Yet Protestant, Baptist, Jehovah Witnesses, Catholics, they are all of the Christian nature.

They are all of the Christian belief. They are all of the Christian household. So we have him separating and since that time, then he formed the Protestant movement and numerous movements of Christianity, numerous movements of sects separated themselves such as Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Anglicans whatever that is. There was just a whole lot of them that continue to separate, separate, separate. Yet they are still part of Christianity. (Talks to someone) Oh yeah, Jehovah Witnesses are big Christians. Yes they are. They still call upon the Christian God Jehovah and they still call upon the Christian God Jesus. So how are you not a Christian if you are still calling upon the Christian Gods. If you are not a Muslim then don’t call upon the God of the Muslims.

So that is the only thing that will separate you not doctrine because all the doctrine is the same. It is the same when you really break it down. It’s still connected and they are still doing the same thing. So when we look at that…Jehovah witnesses and Mormons…because Mormons would like to in Christianity but they are not. It’s all the same thing.

So today we have Baptist and all of this, all of that you are still dealing with the Christian belief. Now, the thing is this. When the first translation of the English Bible came out, the first one came out about in the 1500s, I believe or even maybe between 1300 and 1500, there were two English Bibles that came out. Prior to that the Bible was in Latin. And the Catholics did not want anybody to understand what the Bible was actually saying. Because what the Catholic priests were teaching the people was not in the Bible. It was not validated. So they had it where the Bible was locked where the people could not read the Book in their own language to get an understanding if the Most High blesses them with such, with an understanding. Because all understanding comes from Him.

So what did they do? They kept the Book locked. And created their own doctrine. That’s how it’s done today within the Christian belief. They lock the Book to the people and you believe what the pastor, what the preacher, what the deacon is telling you.

So this is why the Most High has blessed us to understand this Word where we can put it into formats of lessons where we can go to Genesis to Revelation and show you that the Bible is on one accord. It doesn’t deviate. What the Messiyah said is the same thing tha Moses was talking about. What Moses said was the same thing King David and Solomon were talking about. What King David and Solomon were talking about is the same thing the apostle Paul and Peter whose Hebrew names where Shaul and Shimon Kepha. Paul was talking about the same thing. It’s one continuous work. The whole Book is one. That’s why I don’t like the term old and new testament. But I’m just going to use it for your clarity today. But that term old and new testament does not apply to this Book we call The Scriptures or The Bible. Because there’s nothing old about it and there’s nothing new about it. It’s one continuous work that has been everlasting.

The Bible did not begin with Moses. The Bible did not begin with Yahoshua. The Word was already here. During the time of the Messiyah when He was going around teaching and He was proclaiming the truth to the people, what Books did He teach from? Did He go into the Book of Corinthians to teach from? Did He go into the Book of Romans? Did He go into the Book of Matthew? No. He did not because those books were not in existence when the Messiyah walked the earth. He taught from today what is known as the old testament. In the Book of Luke chapter 4 and in Matthew chapter 4 when the devil had come to tempt the Messiyah as He is coming off a 40 day fast. Everything that the devil threw at the Messiyah, the Messiyah said to him ‘but it is written’.  ‘But it is written’, He said that each and every time that He responded to satan’s temptation. And when He said it si written, you have to ask yourself where was this written? It was written in what we call the old testament. There was no new testament Book during that time. It was written in the Torah. It was written in the prophets. It was written in the Book of Psalms. Everything that He said.

For you new people, new to our room, the Torah is this: Torah is the first five books fo the Bible. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The first five books of the Bible is the Torah. Torah is a Hebrew word that means instructions or law. The first five books carry this name Torah because that’s where the laws and the instructions of the Most High are. The Most High gave us instructions on how w are to live upon this earth but let us not get ahead of ourselves. So that’s the origin of Christianity. We see that they were first called Christians or Christianos, this Greek title Christianos in the city of Antioch, in the Greek city of Antioch.

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The Body of Messiyah vs. A Body of Lies

Yah is compassion, gentleness, kindness. He is merciful towards us. We still strive towards the kingdom. We struggle everyday. We are constantly tested. The adversary shoots fiery darts at us everyday. Stay with Yah. Fight satan. Satan is always telling you something. ‘You slipped up yesterday’ he says.

Zeus get power from people who serve him. Yah will give us back power. Moses, David sinned but fought. We are to fight. Get better after each mistake. Some people hate Yah. Some love and strive for Yah. Do you think Yah will put you in the lake and you are striving? Some of your children hate you. Some of your children love you. It’s the same with Yah. He says if you love Me, keep My commandments. Yah knows our weaknesses. He sent Yahoshua to us. Champions get back up. Losers stay down.

News: Mutasfa Hedlam (spelling?) was told that he is white. Hebrews are the largest ethnic group in America. Did you know that? There are Italians, Germans, Mexicans that they put all together so they will be a larger group. White and black are only in America. It’s a deception. Black is a byword and a proverb. People from the Ukraine don’t like to be called Russian. Puerto Ricans do not like to be called Cuban. Yah called us by nations. They say as pharaoh said, the children of Ysrayl are mightier than we. Come let us deal wisely with them.

Africa is not the Middle East. Egypt is not in the Middle east. It’s in Africa. The movie that they are said to be mad about has Muhammad as homosexual and racist. It was said to be created by an Israeli Jew. It is a set up. Libyans killed the American Diplomat and others. Didn’t they say that the bad Libyans were taken out with Gaddafi? When Gaddafi was head, how many diplomats were killed? None. It was a hit. The diplomat, those people knew something. Who has seen the movie? TEXT: It’s on YouTube.

This movie was used as a catalyst to start riots but the riots have nothing to do with this movie. Did y’all know Muslims have remnants of Hebrew culture? Why are they coming up against this culture? Because they are anti-Yah. See, Muslims do some Hebrew customs. They will do more to you. Prepare your running shoes. Satan is going to chase us into the wilderness with a flood like pharaoh chased us out of Egypt. Fight. TEXT: What will happen when the Asher movie comes out. TEXT: Maummar Gaddafi apologized for the Arab’s role in the slave trade.

Shepherds have to protect the sheep.

TEXT: Documentary: Is there pork in your chicken.

Did y’all know that when the devil went to Yahoshua, he did not disguise himself? Scripture says he disguises himself as an angel of light. But the days are coming when he will not disguise himself.

(Talks about Facebook) Whose more foolish on Facebook? Hebrews or so-called African-Americans. TEXT: Nobody but us…so sad.

This is why Zuckerberg is paid so much, family. TEXT: People are being killed over Twitter beef.

Yahoshua’s garments were split: Yah’s people were split up. Our own people cursed us saying let His blood be on us and our children. Repent of that sin. Pilate wiped his hands of it. Ysrayl is the one who did this to Yahoshua.

There was another zombie attack y’all (Pennsylvania ?). Talks about animal zombies: cats and dogs.

‘The Green Mile’ Michael Duncan Clark died at 54. He was engaged to Omarosa. This was a sacrifice. He knew something like Benny Mack and Isaac Hayes. Michael was threatening to talk like those guys in Libya. Michael is from Chicago. I don’t trust Omarosa. Yeah, Steve Cokely was from Chicago and they finally got him. Lil’ Jojo was sacrificed by other rappers. They nearly knocked over his coffin.

Space: The angels are acting up, y’all. Jupiter had an explosion. An amateur with a telescope picked it up from his backyard! Get your battle gear on.

Lesson: The Body of Messiyah vs. A Body of Lies.

Trials, tribulations, we all have them. Testimony: Being a part of the body, we go through things. When one suffers, we all suffer. Pray for each other. My computer went out. They replaced it with a cheap system and it will not work correctly. Expect attacks to come. Last time my computer crashed, I lost a lot of research. Now this happens again. We lost some info on the computer. TEXT: You got hack’d.

I was up all last night and now my wife’s computer is running fine now. Satan comes in as the adversary to attack us. TEXT: Well, time to put on my boxing gloves.

There is a difference in traveling to do Yah’s work and fleeing to another country… when we see the man of sin, then we go.

Zombies are under possession of strong demons. Revelation says men will seek death and will not find it. Remember the man in graveyard with chains on in Scripture? (Mark chapter 5) Don’t fear this information. Cowards will be the in the lake first. Fear=disbelief. Not wearing your tassels=fear. You fear of what others think. Calling on Yahweh, Yahuwah=calling on the fallen angels. The pre-existence doctrine=the trinity=it’s from the fallen angels.

Every religion has a trinity. Did you know that? It’s all the pre-existence doctrine. Religion is a non-messianic belief. Man made the apotheosis to the gods. Eucharist, communion in religion is the gods. Yahoshua’s life has nothing to do with eating flesh and drinking blood.

Man is to live by every word of Yah not bread alone. Drink of the cup, Yahoshua laid down His life for us.

The fourth amendment was taken away, it’s nothing new. Satan wants to take the tree of life from you. So you will go to the lake, the 2nd death. Let’s go to the Life of Adam and Eve in the Psuedepigrapha. This is the first story of counter intelligence. Satan admitted that he lied to us. This is counter intelligence…co intel pro is from satan. The Pseudepigrapha volume 2 pg. 262 chapters 12-16. There are wars going on in heaven, the Jupiter explosion. This is because satan is jealous of us. When satan is cast out of heaven for the final time, he will bring that war to us. This has been going on since we were created. The gods, religion, satan uses this to keep us in bondage. Religion means to bind. Yahoshua was sent to save us. Yahoshua did not pre-exist. Enoch and Moses were intercessor. In the book of Yahzeqyl, Yah said He could not find no man to intercede (Yahzeqyl 22:30).

We are not to do feast days, we are being punished now. Feasts=freedom times. TEXT: We ain’t free. The pagans dined with the gods, like in religions. It’s all the same.

Did y’all know ‘godhead’ is mentioned 3 times in the KJV. I’m going to explain this.

We are immersed in Maschiach. This heals. Words can heal you. Yahoshua gave us authority to say ‘get out demon’! Beelzebub get your demons, Yahoshua said! He commanded the demon to get his demons. Believing in the anointing oil makes it work.

Stephen saw (vision) of Yahoshua. He knew Yahoshua suffered. Yesiyah knew Yahoshua would come and believed. Yah said we would go into captivity 400 years, be afflicted for 400 years. All presidents are governed by the fallen angels. Obama is a very disrespected president. Judgment of Babylon is coming but wars and rumors of wars, false Messiah’s, a lot has to happen first.

The image of Yah=love, kindness, mercy, righteousness etc. All these sects pay homage to the Catholic Church=pagans=body of lies. There are even some Hebrew Israelites that call on God and Jesus. The body of lies=you can be a god.

Back to the Pseudepigrapha: Why were they made to grieve? They knew they were going to the lake of fire (satan and his boys). Satan tries to get us to reject life. Satan says here that he will asend above the stars and be like Yah just as it says in Yesiyah 14 and Yahzeqyl 28.

Genesis 3:3-6 This is the very first lie or twisting of Scripture by satan. Let’s lay this foundation down first. Eve knew the commandment because Adam told her which Yah told him. v. 3 You shall surely die if you eat of the tree.

2 Peter 3:8 One day is as a thousand years to Yah. So how long did Adam live?

Genesis 5:5 Methuselah died at 960 years old. The oldest living person. Adam lived to be 930 years. We only live about 80 years now. Satan only brings death. He brings you transhumanism…lies. When our breath leaves it goes back to Yah. Demonic spirits inhabit zombies. A zombie is dead physically and spiritually. It is going to the lake, the zombie. Neanderthals were created by satan. Satan created DNA splicing, the mixing of animal DNA.

Yahoshua brings eternal life. Yah is like NO other. He is the Creator. There is no power in Jesus. Yahoshua did not help create. Yah is THE CREATOR.

See false prophets like certain Scriptures. Let me show you.

John 1:1-3 Yah spoke everything into existence. The angels did NOT help make anything. Yah’s Word is ALL authority. Psalm 119:142,151 referenced. The Word= truth. John 17 says Yah’s Word is truth. Yah is spirit in John 4:24. Yah is spirit of the truth=it is Yah. The Word is Yah. It’s His Words. v. 14 Yahoshua became the physical representation of the Word. As we are to be like Yahoshua, the physical Word. Shaul said be the law=Yah’s Word.

False prophets like to use Colossians 1:15-16. They have no understanding. Because Yah is the Spirit of Truth and the Truth is not in them.

Colossians 1:15-16 ‘first born of creation’: Who is this? Let’s go back up and read verses 1 through 15. v. 10-12 This is the understand here. What is that light? Living as Yahoshua, we may get to the first resurrection. v. 13 Read twice. We have been transformed into the kingdom by example. Yahoshua gave us life after He died becoming the Messiyah. Revelation 5:1-5 says He conquered death after He died. (This is what makes Him the first-born of creation. He is the first resurrected). He had to be shown fit to open the scroll. He did not pre-exist. That doesn’t make sense. TEXT: Religions don’t make no sense.

They like to use Ephesians chapter 3 also for the pre-existence doctrine.

Ephesians 3:8-9 They use this one: ‘all things created through Messiyah’. Let’s go back up and read verses 1-7 to read to get the true understanding. v. 2 no dispensation, this should read administration. It is a mis-translation. v. 4 The secret of Messiyah. What does this mean? v. 6 It means that the Gentiles will be co-heirs. This is the secret. Salvation is for all. See the Hebrews during Yahoshua’s time kept to themselves. They had no interactions with the Gentiles. Yahoshua sent the emissaries to the Gentiles later. Like we are to go to them today. There is no pre-existence doctrine here. ‘The revealing of Yahoshua’=salvation is for the world not just Ysrayl. Yahoshua said I come through the volume of the book. Starting in Genesis 3:15 to Revelation. This is not pre-existence. They knew He was coming.

Godhead=trinity=pre-existence. They use many Scriptures to try to say He pre-existed.

Hebrews 1:1-14, v. 2 Yahoshua is the heir to all things.  v. 3 See, He did not pre-exist. Image of Yah=truth, Yah’s Word, righteousness, love. He sent the example, Yahoshua for us because we fell away. John 1:14 The Word gave authority to Him. We have authority…Yah’s Word. Christians call this the trinity. Yahoshua became the Messiyah after His mission. Then the Living Word sat down next to Yah on the right. He conquered death. We must endure until the first resurrection. He endured physical death then became the Messiyah. v. 4 Because He lived as a man, makes Him better than the angels. He did not pre-exist. He lived as we do, as a MAN. Satan does not want us to be perfect. He didn’t want to pay reverence to man (in the life of Adam and Eve Psuedipigrapaha) so he brought us death. v. 5-11 Satan sees on the physical, as a man. Yah sees on the Spiritual. ‘Work of Your hands’=Yah. v. 12-14 Read. Yahoshua was created because of the first sin which brought death. Yahoshua was sent to save man. So He did not pre-exist.

1 Corinthians 15:1-23 Yahoshua is the first fruit it said in another Scripture, all things created through Him. v. 2 We are saved if…you keep the Word. We are not saved yet. We must live as Yahoshua to be saved. Endure. v. 3-4 Yahoshua was spoken of by all the prophets. Read Hebrews the faith chapter. They all knew He was coming. v. 5-8 He was seen by them in visions. He has been revealed to all of us in this room too. v. 9 Read. v. 10 Labored=endured. v. 11 Read. v. 12 Why do you not believe through your actions? If you believe He died and rose on the 3rd day. v. 13 If you don’t believe, well He should not have risen for you. v. 14-17 Most still willfully sin. Most of us still have the old man and woman in us. v. 18 Read. v. 19 Faith without works is dead. v. 20 Messiyah has risen, now He is the first fruit! Sin, death came through a man, Adam because he ate of the fruit. Yah said you will die. Life came through a man, Yahoshua. If Yahoshua already existed why didn’t He just intercede (when Adam sinned)? v. 22 We are made alive through Messiyah. This is why Yah made Yahoshua. He became the living Word, in the flesh. v. 23 Read. Yahoshua will rule for a thousand years. Then satan will be released for a little while. Then comes the end.

Hebrews 1:3 ‘Cleansed our sins’ then set down next to Yah. ‘Exact representation’, the pharisees did not have the Spirit of the Truth. John 4:24, We must worship in Spirit and Truth. John 1:14 He was the exact representation of the Word in the flesh. He was not a pre-existence god. His walk was very special. He was a flesh man not a god. He was not a god-man-god. That’s the trinity. People worship the angels as gods. Revelation 5:1-5 The Lamb conquered death. A man. He was not a pre-existing god. Yahoshua brought us Spiritual life.  In the Book of Hanoch (Enoch) The angels went to Enoch to ask him to intercede. Why didn’t they go to Yahoshua if He existed? Moses interceded yet Moses did not pray to Yahoshua. Yahoshua was not there. Yahoshua became Messiyah after death!

Logos=nostic=hidden things. Scripture says all things will be revealed.

Logos, The Secret Teachings of all the Ages (Book by Manly P. Hall), Christians, Muslims, Yahuwah, Yahweh, Yahowashi these are all the 72 names of satan. There is only one name under heaven (Acts 4:12).

Yah said: I will to be what I will to be ‘Hayah Asher Hayah’….NOT I am what I am. That is a mis-translation. Yah is the only YL Shaddei that can exist from nothing that doesn’t need a co-creator god! All pagan religions have a trinity doctrine. There was a trinity in Babylon, Nimrod Semiramis Tammuz. There was a trinity in Egypt, Osiris, Isis, Horus. There is a trinity in Qabalah.

Logos=the new age god. Reads the definition of logos from This is Jesus, the pre-existing one. God=man=god is the trinity. They use John 1:14 as well to defend pre-existence. Logos definition read from John 1:18, they twist this Scripture to say the trinity doctrine also.

Yahoshua was a man not a god. He became the Messiyah after death. ‘Life given through Him’=we are brought back to Yah because He died for us. Revelation 19:13, they like to use this for pre-existence too.

They say trinity=god or word, son, holy ghost; Osiris, Isis, Horus; Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz. Do you know Hinduism  and the Qabalah both have a trinity?

Yesiyah 51 talks about the ‘arm of Yah’. Christians say this is Jesus. Yah does not need help. They don’t understand.

Secret Teaching of All the ages read: microcosm and macro-cosim=as above, so below…masons

Acts 17:29 (from the KJV) says ‘godhead’ or (NKJV) ‘divine nature’. Why do they substitute this word? It reads ‘elohim’ in the translation called the Scriptures. We are children of Yah. We should not think body is like silver or gold like a man. It’s not godhead but the Spirit of Yah. Don’t compare Yah to something physical like gold and silver is what this is saying.

Let’s read Acts 17:24-29, v. 24 Yah is heavenly. He is not regulated by the created (man). Read Romans chapter 8. v. 25-28 Read. Let us be divine as Yah is divine. v. 29 Read again. Yah’s power is not like gold, like images of a man. We are not to think as a man but on the Spiritual. Don’t put physical attributes on Yah. Yah is not a god. Yahoshua is not a god.

Romans 1:20 ‘godhead’ mentioned here. Godhead= mighty-ness here. (When you read this verse insert mighty-ness in the place of godhead). They use ‘godhead’ to confuse you. It’s paganism. Godhead=trinity=pre-existence. v. 15-20 Read. Since the foundation, His Yl, His Power has been seen. Not Yahoshua’s power. Yah’s Power alone. Yah made it. I am what I am=another mis-translation. It is supposed to be I will to be whom I will to be.

Colossians 2:9 Another ‘godhead’ mis-translation. Reads the same Scripture from the Scriptures. v.1-14 Read. v. 4 Don’t let no one deceive you. v. 5 The Spirit of the Truth. v. 6 Be the Word: John 1:14, Hebrews chapter 1 and Ephesians 3:8-9 follow Yahoshua’s example. v. 7-8 Logos=philosophy. Yahoshua was created to become Messiyah. He was created as a man to bring us life since death came through a man. v. 9-10 Godhead=mightyness of Yah, or fullness, completeness of Yah, one accord in thoughts actions and deeds. Matthew 5:17-19 Yahoshua came to complete, fulfill the law, the example. This goes with Colossians 2:9-10. v. 10 All things were created through Him we read in another Scripture, this is saying the same thing. John 1:14 life=came back to us through Yahoshua. He brought us back to Yah. He endured and was rewarded by Yah. If we endure we will be rewarded. Moses said choose life or death. The Word has always been here (Yah). He (Yahoshua) is the Word in the flesh.

Colossians 2:11 Not made by hands, the Spiritual circumcision: The Spiritual resurrection first, then the physical resurrection. Yahoshua died physically then He was Spiritually resurrected. v. 12-13 He has ‘created’ or given us life! Death was from man; life is through man. Adam; Yahoshua. Yahoshua did not create with Yah. Yah said I am alone in creation. v. 14-17 Read.

*Remembrance of Yahoshua with bread and cup done at the end. The Word symbolizes the bread. ‘Give us our daily bread (Spiritual and physical); ‘man shall not live by bread alone’. Wine=blood of Yahoshua for us=Word.

Q and A:

Q: John 1:10, 3:13, 8:58, 16:27-28, 17:5-8, Colossians 1:16-19, Hebrews 10:5, Matthew 22:41-45? A: The Messiyah did not pre-exist. If you have the Spirit of Truth, you would understand. John 1:10 This is the Word of Yah. v. 11 Talks about Yahoshua. Scriptures don’t contradict each other. Your understanding is wrong. Pray to Yah for understanding.

Q: Lustful dreams; Does that mean you are sinning against Yah? A: If I lust, everything I do on the Spiritual will manifest on the physical. Lust is on my heart then. If I don’t stop it, it will continue to build. If you hide it, satan will play on your desires. Satan can come to you in your dreams and attack you. Remove it from your heart. Rebuke satan in your dreams. Rebuke evil thoughts. James 1:13-15 referenced. We have to interact with the world. You see women with next to nothing on. You look and say oh she is nice looking…then you desire to lay with her. Next satan plays on those emotions. Now sin comes in and you lay with her. Be on guard, pray without ceasing. This is a walk of endurance. Satan will play on what he knows about you.

Q: Leviticus 23:23? A: Verses 23-25 read. Rosh Hasand (sp?)=the day of atonement=a Jewish Holiday. We don’t have a Levite Priest to take our offerings to Yah. There is no temple. Yeremiyah 17:4, Yah removed our heritage and we let go of it too. We know American History more than we know about Yah’s laws. So, NO we don’t celebrate this. We are not in the place that bears Yah’s name to do the feast, sacrifice.

(Talks to someone) The harvest is plenty, the workers few. There is a lot of work to do. We can do Yah’s work on the Sabbath.

Hosea 2:1-10 read. This is why we are here. Yahoshua didn’t eat, drink of the bread and wine. It wasn’t time. 1 Kings 8:44-50 turn to our homeland physically and spiritually. 1 Kings chapter 12, this king wanted to celebrate his own feast day.

Q: Why aren’t we supposed to cut our beards? A: You can cut your beards to crop it up. Don’t cut your beard to mourn. David would not cut his beard for a funeral. Don’t shave for the dead. It’s the spirit of what’s behind it. Spending three to four hours in the bathroom is something different. That’s the homosexual spirit.

Q: Can women be prophets? I don’t like being called a prophetess. A: Ima Mayimyah, Yah speaks to her with understanding. She does not stand at the head of a congregation. They try to say Deborah stood as the head of a congregation so they can be an evangelist but she did not. She was under the authority of her husband and Baruch. She had spiritual coverings. Women will heal and teach but not in the assembly though. Don’t be afraid to be a prophetess. You also have spiritual coverings in the teachers and elders here at IH.

Q: With enduring to the end, if I have to kill a zombie will that effect my salvation? A: Canaan, Yah said leave no one alive that included men, women and children. A zombie will kill you. Protect yourself just like you would if a man attacked you. That’s a weak mind-set saying that you are going to wait on the police to come. Defend your family. There’s a difference between killing and murder. There’s a time to kill and a time for peace (Ecclesiastes chapter 3).

Q: What is afro-centric? A: This was created by conscious community. It is counter-intelligence. It speaks against Yah. There is no such thing as Africa divided by nations. It separates us from Yah. They worship ancestors and the sacred dark feminine (in afro-centric). They do voodoo. TEXT: Continent named after Gentio Scipio Africanus after 2nd Punic War, a Roman General.

Q: What does it mean, dreaming about people passing away before it happens? A: A vision of a future event, is no different from the prophets of old…prophesy. Don’t be afraid of these things. If Yah has given you prophesy, healing, whatever gift…let it shine.

Closed out Shabbat.

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Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 6

So now here we are as Yah has required us family, we have to put these things in motion. They have to be done. The repentance, the humbling of the heart. All of that has to be done because we know how much time we have left in this land. We know from Scripture, from reading the prophets that we only have a 400 year time period that began in 1619. We have been afflicted evil for a 400 year time period. Do you think they are going to let up in this next 9 years and let us start to rule the country? Do you think that’s what they are going to do family? Or are they going to continue in what they have been doing?

Just look at what they do to us everyday, even our celebrities can’t escape. Our rich and famous even are being locked up left and right. Millionaires among our people, NFL stars killing themselves. Millionaires among our people being thrown in jail just like the regular Hebrew is. This mistreatment does not escape even the wealthy. You would think because you have a little money that you could escape it. But it’s not about money. Yah said no man shall buy you out of this condition. No man can buy your freedom. Because your freedom is up in a time period that Yah Himself has set. So how can money buy you out of this? It’s only in Yah’s time period, when He’s going to say this thing is over.

So wild Gentile you still have an opportunity at repentance. You better listen to the words that are coming out of the mouths of the children of Ysrayl, those that are redeemed by Yah.

So I want to touch on several more things real quick. But I just wanted to show you that the time of captivity…that Yah is going to gather His people. The gathering of His people is in His hand family. His mercy is upon us. He’s given us time to operate, saying ‘hey I’m giving you 120 years’ That’s what He said to the people before the flood. Before the flood, He told them He was giving them 120 years for you to repent. Ysrayl you will only have 70 years in Babylon for your repentance to start. I’m giving y’all another 400 years because after this…that’s it. That’s what is so important right now. Is that Yah is giving us a time period because after this… it’s over. It’s over family. Ain’t no more pleading…that’s over after this captivity. You ain’t going into no more (captivities) after this.

So He said, I’m giving you this time period, Ysrayl…GET. IT. RIGHT. This is the last and final movement. We had so many movements of freedom in this land. This is it. Think back in the days of Frederick Douglass. Think back to the days of Nat Turner. Denmark Vesey and all them. John Brown, think back to those days. They were fighting for freedom. Well freedom has arrived family. Freedom is here. This is what they needed. Think about the days of Huey Newton, Bobby Seal, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Think about the days of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. This family is what they were searching for. This is the point that we were trying to get to. This was the point. And do you know what? Praises be to Yah that we have eyes to see this day. We have eyes to see, hearts to comprehend (and ears to hear)…ending of the 400 years.

Our people as they were bringing them across the middle passage were jumping off the ships trying to get back. But it wasn’t time for them to go back. They had to endure all the mistreatment that we have suffered. Almost 400 years is coming up on the mistreatment as a people that we have suffered. It’s almost over family. It’s almost done. Whew, HalleluYah. Because I’m telling you, I’m telling you this. That Yah in His infinite mercy towards us. Th is ain’t no debate about whose knowledge is greater…you have to understand His plan of salvation. That time period, the clock is ticking. This ain’t no guess-work here. 1619 to 2019, are you ready? If not stay here. You ain’t got to go. You can stay right here. And you can fall with Babylon. It matters not to us.

But those that are seeking Yah, those that are hearing His voice are packing their bags. And sitting patiently at the door. Saying Father when you tell me to leave, I’m going. The stiff-necks always want to party. They want to build their golden calf. They want to say that this is your god. They want to do everything that Yah says not to do. (So) continue doing that stiff-neck. That’s between you and Him. But for the rest of us that are trying to hear His voice, we are listening.

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. Every verse we will read here is related to Genesis 15:14, Yah’s judgment coming down upon that nation. And we will read directly those words, that Yah judges this nation for what she has done to you. We are going to get to that in just a moment. But you must understand, that last week we had to show that the 400 year (captivity) did not happen in Egypt. Affliction for 400 years did not happen there. So where in the world did it (happen)? Right here, right now.

Yahzeqyl 37:12-28, v. 12 Who’s going to do this? Are we going to do this? Should we plot and plan. ‘Oh I think it’s time to go now’. Naw man, it may be time to go in 2 years from now. We don’t have to think about that. The time period has already been given. Just humble your heart and accept it. v. 13 Your gates family is right here in this spiritual darkness…(sorry mic drops on the teacher here).

We will read v. 12-13 again. Then we will look at Yah’s judgment on Mystery Babylon. Because Mystery Babylon is that nation spoken of in Genesis 15:14 and verse 13. Yah said Abraham’s people shall be strangers or sojourners there for a 400 year period. This is Yah’s plan of redemption, the destruction of Babylon. We are going to read that in just a moment.

v. 13 So this is Yah speaking. He said you shall know that I am Yah when I open your graves. The graves that we are in family is in the midst of this spiritual darkness. We are dead spiritually as a people. v. 14-19 The oneness family of the nation of Ysrayl (one stick) will be one in Yah’s hand. This is after our captivity. This is after Yah has opened our graves. This is after YAH has brought us back. I want you all to see that. That YAH is going to be the one to release us from this captivity.

v. 20-21 Family when is this going to happen? We look now at the situation of the world. The world is in dire straits, in dire needs. When is this going to happen? Is this going to happen tomorrow? Is it going to happen next year? How about the year after that? But you see when Yah puts everything on a time period, a time scale to let you know He called the end from the beginning and the beginning to the end (Yesiyah 46:10). For He is Yah. He is Power. He is Yl. So this prophesy is very significant. That’s why we see that it’s mentioned several times throughout the Scriptures.

v. 22 Look at that oneness family. This is when the nation of Ysrayl is re-gathered. v. 23 He is cleansing us right now. We have time to go,  just a few more years before the final cleansing, family. that’s why He sent us into this captivity for 400 years. This is why we are in a land that is not ours. And we are being mistreated by these people. v. 24 They shall all have one shepherd. Even David will have one shepherd. John (Yahcanan) chapter 10 tells us that Yahoshua is the Good Shepherd. Yahoshua is going to be over us all. v. 25 See David is going to be a prince over us. Yahoshua is going to be king. Family, He said forever. He said them and their children’s children. There’s no more captivities after this. Once we are re-gathered and re-established in the land, that’s it! And those borders, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates, the same borders as the garden of Eden, where the tree of life is family. This is Yah’s plan. It is His plan, therefore He can bring forth Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 48-50, Deuteronomy 28:68 with a 400 year mistreatment of His people in a land that is not theirs. Do you see all the birds that Yah is killing with one mighty stone?

Look at what is being fulfilled right before our face. Are you to ignorant to see that? (Do you) see the magnitude of these prophesies? Can you image right now, in our present state, when the Gentiles realize that we are the Israylites. When it’s brought before George Bush’s face, Steven Spielberg…what are they going to do about that? And then when Yah starts troubling the land…shaking, rattling this land and saying these are My people whom I have loved. Can you imagine that? That is what He is going to do.

And do you know what? Wouldn’t that make a believer then? Because does not Scripture say that the Gentiles shall come from afar saying, our fathers have told us lies. Family, think about how powerful that will be when Yah does this, right here, right now to the most powerful nation on earth. Letting us know when He’s going to strike. We are not saying the world is going to end in 2019. You are foolish if you are saying that. And if you say that we have said that you are a liar and the truth is nowhere near your raggedy mouth. With your raggedy lies that you are spewing. Nobody ever said no such thing like that. We are saying that 2019 marks 400 years in the United States. That’s what we are saying. That’s what prophesy is saying. So let’s continue to look at this.

Yah has already laid…this is the plan right here. Family, this is His plan. All of this is going to happen at a set time. Do you think Yah is in the heavens right now looking down saying ‘well hmmm, well Yahoshua what do you think about this’? ‘Do you think they are about ready yet’? ‘Do you think we should give them another year or two’? Because ready or not Yah (inaudible here). He is giving you a set time to. get. your. self. together. If He told them 70 years in ancient Babylon, why do you think He will not tell you, your time period in modern Babylon? He said ‘a land that is not yours’. This land is far from being ours. We couldn’t overtake this government right now (even) if we wanted to. If the government played ‘which hand is it in’…hey if you tell me which hand the government is in…it’s yours. We wouldn’t even pick the correct hand. We can’t do nothing with this, as a nation on our own. What can we do? We are just servants. Have you not heard? That you are still a slave here. You are still serving these people. When did your servitude end? When has the affliction of you  ended? Police brutality (inaudible here) don’t get charged with crimes. Have you read the Dred Scott ruling? This Dred Scott Decision, do you even know who he is? They say that you don’t have any rights (inaudible here). So when hateful Gentile police officers shoot us up, 50, 60, 70 times however many times they can load their clip. And it’s justifiable homicide (for them). How in the world? Do you know that there are people in jail right now for killing dogs? Look at Michael Vick. They locked this ahk up. He’s a Hebrew that plays football. Many of you may have heard his story. He had a dog fighting ring and they locked him up for 2 years.

But these police that shoot us 50 and 60 times, they get off. Justifiable homicide. They get leave, paid vacation time. You understand where you are. Right? A land of fierce, a nation of fierce countenance (Deuteronomy 28:49-50). You shall not understand their language. And to this day, we still don’t understand this language. That’s why we don’t even speak English correctly. We speak a form of English that is rightfully called Ebonics. Ebony language; Black language. We still don’t understand their language as Yah told us in Deuteronomy chapter 28. Because it is a language of deception. The children of Ysrayl don’t understand deception. We have been deceived. We don’t understand deception. That’s why we have been deceived because we didn’t understand what deception was. We have been overtaken by it.

So let’s go to Psalm chapter 105. I just want to show  you a few instances here family. How Yah mentions this. How this is mentioned in Scripture. Because this was a significant event when Abraham was told. He didn’t have any seed in Genesis 15:13. That began everything. Yah promised him not just one son but seed. And mighty descendants Father Yah promised Abraham. Let’s look at Psalm 105. Because once again, understand this prophesy once again family. Yah just said Abraham ‘your descendants’. Right? ‘Your descendants Abraham’ and we saw a Scripture that said in Isaac his seed shall be called. So we know that this was a prophesy pertaining to the children of Ysrayl. Yah did not say one tribe of the children of Ysrayl had to be in land. He did not say two. He just said Abraham ‘your descendants’.

So if there are Israylites (then) that is what we must look for. Who are the seed of Abraham which all Israylites are…the seed of Abraham wo are in a land bein mistreated for 400 years. A land that is not theirs. From the river in Egypt to the great river Euphrates, Egypt to Iraq. If you can’t deal with those borders then so be it. Because you don’t need to be there then. So it’s not even your concern for you to understand those borders or understand the time period in which Abraham’s seed is going to dwell in it.

Let’s go. Psalm 105. I just want to look at something real quick.

Psalm 105:1-20, v. 1-11 Read. The land of Canaan, that’s where the children of Ysrayl dwelled. We dwelled in that land. v. 12-14 Now listen, we sojourned in the land of Canaan. We were sojourners there too. We stayed there before that became our land. Before we put our roots down. Before we shed blood. Before we raised families in that land. We were sojourners there. And so they went from one nation to another. From one nation to another people, family. So we went all over. That is what the name Hebrew (Habaroo) means, a wanderer, to wander. v. 15-17 Look at that. He sent Yoseph ahead of them. v. 18-20 Now, the reason you will see that Yah speaks about our sojourning in Egypt is because this is where we grew as a nation. Because the Egyptians were so good to us when we first got there. Because Yah allowed them or had them to treat us well. And we were able to grow comfortably as a people. And we became a nation there. Seventy in number we came in and we left with probably 2 million people. A nation now. We grew from one clan to an entire nation. So Yah promised us the land of Canaan. Right? He promised us that. But He also promised us those borders from Egypt to Iraq.

Now let me show you something here. Why do you think we went over this last week? Why do you think we have never dwelled in those borders because Genesis 15:18, I gave you from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates River. From Egypt to Iraq. Why haven’t we dwelled there as a sovereign nation? Because it is for a future time, family when the garden of Eden is once again revealed to the eyes of men and the tree of life is given to those who have done Yah’s righteousness and kept His commandments. It’s for that time. It’s for a special time. It is NOT to be defiled. So do you know what? Yah just let you play because He knew what you were going to do because He called the end from the beginning. So Yah let you play in the land of Canaan. That’s what you did, Ysrayl. And you let others come in and play in the land of Canaan after that was your inheritance. So yeah, we dwelled in that little (part of the) land, a portion of our inheritance. Do you know what that means? A portion? That’s just a small piece of our inheritance. That’s it. It was just a small piece.

Yah just let us dwell in a small piece because do you know what? We did not give Him enough time to BLESS US with the fullness of the land. As soon as we got out of Egypt, we started acting up. We didn’t even have time to enjoy the land. We get in there, stake down roots and the next thing you know we are being uprooted for our disobedience. So Canaan is just a portion of the land. That’s it. It’s not the fullness of the land. It’s just a portion. The fullness of those borders will be filled when Yahoshua returns because there won’t be NO ACTING UP in the kingdom. NONE AT ALL. No acting up in the kingdom because Yah is going to get rid of the sinners in the wilderness…WILD HEBREWS!

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 18. That’s just a portion family of your inheritance. So the Jews over there fighting, ‘oh this is our land’. The Arabs over there fighting ‘oh we need blah, blah, blah’. What are you fighting over? That’s just a little bit of the land. Now you have Babylon over there fighting over our land, fighting in our land. The world has gone wild. Why do you think that, that is the hot spot? That’s where everything is going to kick off at, right over there in our land. That’s only a small portion, family. Just a piece. that little sliver. We didn’t even give Him enough time to expand it. As soon as we went in, we were just about coming out.

Let’s go to Revelation 18. Now let’s look at this. Yah said in verse 14 of Genesis chapter 15 that this nation will judged. Let’s look at the judgment of Babylon family. Babylon is that nation where Yah said I have sent y’all into. It is that nation of fierce countenance. It is that nation that the children of Ysrayl have been for nearly 400 years and have been afflicted. Now if you don’t believe that this is the fulfillment of Genesis 15:13-14 just say this much: That we have been afflicted nearly 400 years in this land. So you would be right if this affliction doesn’t last for a full 400  years if it stops tomorrow then the prophesy has to be somehow been fulfilled in Egypt. But if this continues until 2019 and then we see the workings of Yah as Yah comes through, you still have breath in your body. So you have to come to that conclusion. You can not deny the fact that it has been nearly 400 years that we have been afflicted here, in the United States. That is what I am speaking about, under the English rule.

Revelation 18, this is Yah destroying Babylon. And look at why He does it. It’s going to be the same reason that we just read about in Genesis 15:14. It’s the same nation, family. The same nation. It is Mystery Babylon which we know is the United States. It is the nation that Yah sent His people into and they have not shown compassion (mercy) (on the children of Ysrayl). It’s the United States, they have not shown mercy and this is why Yah is going to destroy Babylon. Check this out.

Revelation 18:1-9, v. 1-6 So everything that she has done is going to be paid to her doubly. DOUBLE. We read that in Yeremiyah 51. Remember? Yah said ‘I’m going to repay her’. v. 7 There’s no wars on her borders. There’s no wars here in the United States being fought in the streets like there are in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world. She said, ‘listen, I’m not a widow’. ‘I don’t see no mourning (sorrow) at all’. v. 8 Yah who judges her is Mighty (Strong). Didn’t Yah say that nation whom they serve and stay in her borders for 400 years. Right? Be afflicted by her for 400 years, that nation I’m going to judge. What did Yah just say about Babylon? I’m going to judge her because Yah who judges her is Mighty. This is Mystery Babylon, family, the United States. Let’s continue. Let’s go to verse 24.

Revelation 18:24 This is why Yah is judging her. In her are the Set-apart ones (the saints) family, the children of Ysrayl. Who are the prophets family? The prophets are Yah’s servants. Who were the prophets? All the prophets were what? Israylites. So in her were found the blood of Israylites. This whore has spilled MUCH blood of the children of Ysrayl in her 400 years of affliction. Is Yah going to destroy her tonight? Is Yah going to destroy her next year? How about the year after that? See, Yah has a time period for this whore and when He is going to take her down. And Yah has already given us the time period. Go back to Genesis 15:13-14. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 19, the judgment of this whore.

Revelation 19:2-3 Do you see that? This is Yah judging the great whore because the blood of the children of Ysrayl…His servants have been found in her.

Now listen we know that she has spilled our blood here. Her many hangings and burnings and lynchings. (She use to feed the slave children to the alligators down in Louisiana). But wait until she starts killing us…those that are professing Yah and Yahoshua. Much of our blood is going to be spilled in this land, family. A whole lot of it. And so Yah is going to judge her. This is the nation that is spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14. Yah has her on a time scale of when He’s going to judge her. He said for her sins have reached into heaven. See her sins are still climbing the ladders to heaven. And Yah’s still giving her time (to repent). I think it’s Yeremiyah chapter 50 or 51 where Yah says ‘I would have healed her’ (Yeremiyah 51:9). ‘We would have given her a healing’. But she’s not going to be healed family. She’s not. (She does  not want to repent).

So Yah is working. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 23. I want to show you something here. Yah says this:

Yeremiyah 23:7-8 Wait a minute family let me stop right there. He said I’m not going to be known for bringing y’all out of Egypt. I’m going to be known for bringing y’all out of the land of the North, the North country, North America, the United States. He said I’m going to be KNOWN for bringing y’all up out of there. Can you imagine? Family yes you can imagine. Here we are being dogged in this land…called niggers. And Yah is going to dress us in kingly robes and garments and bring us up out of here. He said ‘I’m going to be known for doing this’.

That 400 year prophesy family. It’s going to fulfill a lot of different prophesies. Then He goes on to say as we close this verse ‘and from all the lands where I have driven them’. Do you see how Yah puts it on target? That North country, the land of the North and then He said all the lands. Do you see? It doesn’t exclude you Israylites down in Haiti. It doesn’t exclude you Israylites in Puerto Rico. It doesn’t exclude you Israylites in Brazil. It is just showing you, this is where you watch. Just look up here in the United States. Listen to what we are telling you. Listen to the reports that we are giving. Because you know that when she goes down, HalleluYah let us rejoice. It’s time for the return of Yahoshua, it is near.

But see a false prophet that has his false prophesies (saying) time to go now Ysrayl, they are not going to accept this. Because for them 9 years from now (2010-2019) is just to long to wait. They want to build their Ben Ami kingdom’s over there in Israel. Let Yah build the kingdom. You just get in where you fit in.

Let’s close out. v. 8 (finished reading). ‘They shall dwell on their own soil (land)’. We seen that by the hand of Yah, return to the land. By the hand of Yah, Yah will return us. Do you see that? What do we have to do? Do we have to go plot and plan and say well we have to convert to Judaism so we can fool the Jews to sneak back into the land? You don’t have to do that Ysrayl. yah has already given you the time period when this thing is going to be up. We just have to endure. What did Yahoshua say? Endure until the end (Mattithyah 24:13). ENDURE UNTIL THE 400TH YEAR FAMILY. UNTIL IT’S OVER. Endure. What does that mean? That means family whatever they put upon us, we are in these stages of being afflicted. Just endure it. Don’t fall for these FALSE DECEIVERS LEADING YOU ASTRAY, telling you that everything is okay. (Saying) there is no more trouble in the land. Family, THAT’S A LIAR. And the truth ain’t in them. If you havent’ been to your latest ghetto lately, please do. Look at how your brothers and sisters are suffering. Go to your so-called middle class Hebrew community. Look at how they are suffering and how they are being mistreated. Why don’t you write T.I. a letter and ask him how he’s doing? Ask little Wayne how he’s doing? Or O.J. Simpson. Do you understand? When do they let up on us? When have they let up on us? Four hundred years of affliction.

I want to put one more Scripture in here because Yah speaks about this substance that we are going to have. Family, let’s look at what our substance is going to be because the children of Ysrayl came out with the gold of Egypt. Right? They had a lot of gold when they came out. But what’s greater than gold? YAH. What’s greater than gold family? Yah. We are coming out of here with Yah.

Listen, the children of Ysrayl heard His name…they heard His name down in Egypt but they wasn’t serving Yah. Proof being, Yah had to kill them off. Yah killed off that entire generation that came out. Right? So when we come out this time, WE ARE FIGHTING TO SERVE HIM. He’s going to return everything they took from us. Yeah they took our silver and gold (from Africa). *My side note: I was just reading about the Gold Coast of Africa this week. It said: The Portuguese who came to Ghana (where the Ashanti live) in the 15th century found so much gold between the rivers Ankobra and the Volta that they named the place Mina…meaning mine. The gold Coast was later adopted by the English colonizers. *

We are going to get that back. But they took our names. They took our heritage. They took our shalom. They tried to take Yah. We are coming out of here with Yah. We are coming out of here with Yah’s shalom. We are coming out of here with Yah’s Power, Yah’s Yl. Our heritage and all, when we leave her borders after her destruction. Everything that they have taken from us will be returned and mightily so family. As you see, it’s starting to be returned right now.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 2. We are rich family. What’s the highest number these ‘big brains’ can count too? Ka-zillionaires, I’m just making that up. Maybe, I don’t know. But we are Ka-zillionaires family with this truth of Yah. Let’s see Revelation chapter 2.

Revelation 2:9 Look at that. He said I know you are physically in poverty. Yet you are rich. Why are you rich? Because you have Yah, family. You have Yahoshua. This is your substance that you are coming out with. ‘Blasphemy who say they are Ysrayl and are not but are the congregation of satan’. We know who they are. We have a lesson coming up called the synagogue of satan. Y’all definitely will want to tune in for that series. HalleluYah.

So family, we are coming out of here, we are rich. They are going to return our silver and our gold. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 60. They are going to give us that back. But the greatest substance that we will have is that we are going to come out here with Yah. We had called upon  Him (prior?) to this land. We said KumbaYah (come by Yah). We made a petition to Him. And do you know what He’s coming. And when He comes, Babylon can do nothing but fall to her knees and sit in the dust and accept her punishment. He is COMING for you Ysrayl. Endure. We have a little longer to go. Endure, endure, endure. Don’t you give up! Your time is coming family! It’s almost here. It’s almost here.

All that rebellion and all that we had to go through on the hot Mississippi plantations, Emmett Till, Medgar Evers all these people family. They are significant in our history because prophesy is being fulfilled. They are significant in our history because prophesy is being fulfilled. All these men and women have stood up on behalf of their people, the children of Ysrayl and tried to free them, Harriet Tubman. Let’s not forget them. As Yoseph said to our people ‘when y’all leave here, take my bones with you’. Let’s not forget the struggles that we have fought in this captivity. We have put forth an effort family. But it’s only now that our fight has been strengthened with Yah. There have been many deceivers, many false prophets. Many wrong doers have stood up and led the children of Ysrayl astray. And they are still doing it.

But in this time family, the strength of Yah has returned to His people. And it’s in this hour as we close in on this last-ness of this captivity, this exile. It is time for us to get it, that is why it’s so important, it’s not a coincidence that He brought us out to Jamestown Virginia. And He said He heard y’all petition (in 2010 in Jamestown), now show Me. Put it in action. And yes we have been under attack but we have been blessed too. Ima Mayimyah, I heard that beautiful testimony. That’s only the beginning of many Ima. You already know. That’s how Yah is about to work in our midst. Ima Mariyah we heard your testimony, that’s only the beginning of many. They can’t hold us.

We have gone to Yah and said we are sorry for this. (We said sorry) in the place You brought us in at. Now if you didn’t believe in the 400 year captivity family…all of us that went out there then you should not have gone. Because you were just playing around. This is too serious. To go before His face (and play?). It’s over for you. That’s what Scripture says. After you have received the knowledge of the truth and you continue to willfully sin, there remains no more sacrifice for your sins… that’s it.

So now we are at a new level family. We are in a new time. We are Yah’s people. Yah is going to turn this captivity in our face ( or around). So satan is coming at us with his attacks…so be it. He’s always attacked the children of Ysrayl. But Yah is coming at us with His Mighty blessings. And yes are blessed family. Yes we are.

I just want to go to two more Scriptures. Isaiah 60. You want some substance. If you don’t believe that the 400 years is happening…this is not my prophesy. I say you stay here, you stay right here alright. You stay here, that’s all I have to say about that. If you don’t believe in it, you stay here. Or you leave before your time. You will see how Yah works with you. That’s why this is not an issue of debate. I’m not going into no (pal-talk) rooms or getting on mics to debate Yah’s truth. What is there to debate? Present Yah’s truth and if it is truth, it’s going to overcome everything else. The truth will defeat a lie. Just present what Yah has shown you, if He has shown you anything. Let Yah be the giver of truth. Let Yah be the judge.

Like I said, this ain’t no rebuttal, family. This is a lesson given to show the Word of Yah. We don’t have to rebut the Word of Yah. What are you talking about? This is so the children of Ysrayl won’t be deceived. So they will know what time they are living in and how Yah is going to operate this last final captivity. Do you think He is going to just put it out there for stiff-necks? So stiff-necks can come up with their own time frame of when they are ready to go. ‘Well we are just going tomorrow man’. Then the other group , ‘naw man we are going next week man’. Where are you going Ysrayl? There’s not one country on this earth that will accept you. And what I mean by that is that we all try to leave and go to a country tonight, man it would be war tomorrow. They wouldn’t let all of us in there. So where are we going?

Jews own the land of Israel, is that prophesy? I mean is that part of our redemption? Going to live under Jews. Naw man, I’m ready for Israylite kings. Not Israeli prime ministers, that already hate you. That are your enemy.

Isaiah 60, Ben Ami and all your foolishness that you are doing over there. Calling that the kingdom of Yah and havent’ even got citizenship. You have to go beg a Jew for citizenship. And they got you on a temporary status. And your sons have to serve in their military to fight unrighteous wars. As they are doing elsewhere. So where is your deliverance, Ben Ami, Messiah. Calling yourself Maschiach and you haven’t delivered nobody. You haven’t even been delivered. Yahweh Ben Yahweh…

Isaiah 60. You want some substance. Check this out.

Yesiyah 60:9-10 Tarshish=Spain. He’s going to have compassion on us family. We went before His face and repented (in Jamestown). That started Yah’s compassion to return before us. Because now Yah sees. Just as He saw with Yahoshua. Yes man can submit to Me. Now He’s seeing with you, Ysrayl. Yes Ysrayl can submit to Me. Because they came before My face and repented. Whew. Do you see how beautiful this is?

I pray, now if you have any questions please come and ask your questions. Don’t let the author of confusion (satan) come your way. But do you see how this operates? Mystery Babylon is that nation spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14. Mystery Babylon is the United States. We have a lesson on that. I didn’t want to go into the fullness to show you know, how Mystery Babylon is the U.S. in the lesson. Because we have a lesson on this already. It’s broken down for you. Mystery Babylon is that nation that Yah is going to judge after the 400 years of affliction is over. After the sojourning in her land that is not ours. Barack Obama is not one of us. Barack Obama more than likely is a clone of the pharaoh Akhenaton. If you don’t believe that,  Barack Obama is a Kenyan. He’s not a descendant of a slave here.

The night that Thomas Jefferson and his boys put together the Declaration of Independence, we were not…when they founded Jamestown VA, we were not included in that bunch. Everybody has been invited here except us. Do you see how unique your history is? You have been here almost 400 years and it’s matching up with prophesy. Are we that ignorant? That we overlook that?

See now I see why Yah had to destroy those Israylites when they came out of Egypt. He said I can’t stand this. These children are just to hard-headed. How many of y’all have ever dealt with a hard-headed child? How many of y’all was a hard-headed child? My mother use to complain about my hard-headed-ness. And now that I am a grown man, I see what she was talking about. Just looking back on my life and how disobedient I use to be as a child. I understand that (now) family. I see that now, as I see the children of Ysrayl.

Yah has to give it to us simple. If He gives it to us any other type of way family, we would not get it. If we can’t accept His truth His Ruach…listen for those who say prophesy is too complicated to understand, they don’t have the Ruach. How can you say that if Yah’s Ruach is upon you, how can you say His Word is to hard for you to know? When He is the author of the Word. He and His Word are one. So whatever His Word is saying, He’s going to tell you and explain it to you fully. So how is that hard? It’s only hard when you don’t have the Ruach and you REFUSE the Ruach and you can not understand His truth. Because He is not leading (you). That is why you have a problem with prophesy. That’s why you have a problem with understanding the simple things. That’s why you can’t understand how to keep a feast day. That’s why you can’t understand where the 400 year prophesy was. It’s just that simple. Because Yah ain’t telling you. Because His Ruach ain’t on you.

So that’s it family. I wanted this to be included last week but I said I’ll stop there and let you marinate on that last week. Then come back this week and here you go. If you have any questions come to the mic and let’s discuss it. But let’s talk real questions. Let’s not talk about confusion. Let’s talk real questions that you have. Because that’s what this room is aimed for. So It’s always a blessing to stand before Yah’s people for we can not take this light-hearted because  if I have come up here and said anything against Yah’s Word, He is going to hold it against me. But if I have not, then the Word of Yah has been spoken and I pray that His people have heard. HalleluYah. I relinquish the mic.

*The Israylites went out to Jamestown Virgina is 2010. They repented before Yah by praying the prayer of redemption. They turned east towards Zion and said the prayer. The prayer of redemption can be found in 1 Kings 8:44-53, especially verse 47. Yah tells Solomon that He will hear the prayers and forgive them in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

*Yah chose Yahrusalem as the place to put His name 2 Chronicles 6:6. Yah says His eyes and heart are always there 2 Chron. 7:16.

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Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 5

Title: Genesis 15:13: 400 years in a foreign land: p. 2 judgement upon the land.

(lesson already in progress)…so if you have another understanding of Genesis 15:13, that’s between you and Yah. Your salvation is on the line. So you better make sure that what you believe is righteous. Don’t just believe because hey…if you are under the operation of certain demons then you will believe whatever those demons tell you. So you better fight. This is your life on the line. This is your family’s life on the line, you better fight. You just don’t give in just because of one swing. One swing and that’s it, you don’t want to fight anymore. ‘Oh devil you got me’ (you say). And he didn’t even hit you. He swung at you. And you have given your whole life up to him. That is cowardly. Those are the type of men that Yah doesn’t need. Those are they type of men that Yah doesn’t want. Yah wants…When the devil swings at you, you swing back. That’s what King David did. That is what Abraham did. That is what Moses did. That is what Gideon did. That is what Samson (Shimshon) did. That is what Shaul, Kepha and all the righteous servants of Yah did. This is why Yah said, ‘I’m going to send cowards into the lake first’. Yah is upset with cowards. Here it is that I gave you my battle armor to fight and you let the devil swing at you and then you took off all the battle armor and start running? Who wants that sissy soldier? This ain’t don’t ask, don’t tell. Yah don’t want no fags in His army. Yah kills them. Yah kills cowards. Because a coward can’t fight. Alright family let us stand for something and sometimes let our name be known.

Once upon a time our army was so great that we marched and we shook the earth. The people knew we were coming and the people were terrified because they knew that Yah was coming before us. And they knew that the name of Yah was upon us. What could they do to stand against that? Now here we are. And it’s like, the fear of Yah within His people has left. His people don’t even fear Him anymore. They don’t believe that it’s Him. Naw, this can’t be the same Yah (they think). This can’t be the One that slaughtered entire nations and killed first-borns for their wickedness. This ain’t Him. That Yah is gone now. Jesus is here. Humpf.

Now today, today’s lesson Genesis 15:13, once again four hundred years in a foreign land part 2: judgment upon the land. Now we looked at Genesis 15 last week. We read the entire chapter. And what we got family was that Yah said the affliction was to be for a 400 year period. Now we saw that in that verse Genesis 15:13, we were to be sojourners. We were to serve them and then it said we shall be afflicted by them for this 400 year period. And that did not happen in Egypt.

Now we have got to understand Yah’s plan of salvation for man. Yah has a plan in order family in which He is going to execute. So that He can bring mankind back to salvation. Because when the adversary fell from heaven and he came to earth because he created chaos in the heavens by taking those who wanted to hear his voice over Yah’s voice. and they followed him. Then he got down here to earth and Yah’s new creation, mankind, the adversary came against man strongly, overtook man and caused man to rebel against Yah. So all this rebellion going on in the face of Yah. So now Yah has to redeem man back to Himself because man has fallen like some of His malakim have fallen. You have fallen angels and fallen men.

So now we are looking at Yah’s plan of salvation for the entire family of Abraham. Not just the family of Abraham but the family of Adam. But it is the family of Abraham that will be the ones that execute and operate as major players in Yah’s plan. Yahoshua is the greatest and then underneath Him is the nation of Ysrayl. Both of then play a key role in Yah’s plan of salvation.

So Yah has deemed a time period, family. On which the captivity of the children of Ysrayl is to take place and when it is to end. Let me re-phrase that. The FINAL captivity, Yah has a time period on the final captivity of the children of Ysrayl: when it is to begin, how it is to begin and when it is to end. And when that final captivity…there will be something to signal to the world that their time is up, that the rule of the Gentiles has ended.

So here we are right now in the midst of the rule of the Gentiles, which has not ended yet but is coming to a head. And so when we look at Genesis 15:13, Abraham know for certain meaning Abraham what I am telling you is going to happen. Your seed shall be strangers or sojourners in a land that is not theirs.

Now we saw last week, reading from the Book of Yasher that our brother Yoseph was in Egypt as a ruling body in Egypt. Only pharaoh had more power ruling in Egypt than Yoseph. It said the government was in his hands. So if Yoseph sat around with the priests of Egypt and wanted to make laws and if Yoseph did not like the laws that they made, Yoseph threw it out and said this is what we are to do.

Yah said a land that is not yours. Yoseph had full authority over the land of Egypt…this Hebrew. And so did his family. As pharaoh praised and paraded them through Egypt. And if you go and read the Book of Yasher, it tells you that when Yoseph was made second in command, the people of Egypt worshipped him. We read that last week, that they built a high place for him. High places are temples and altars built for gods. Yoseph was a god in the sight of the Egyptians. And only pharaoh had more power than he. The Book of Yasher went on to call Yoseph the king of Egypt.

So in a place, a land that is not yours. Now we are going to look at this thing. We have had no hand in the building of this government. This governmental system here in the United States. Now let me explain this to you family. Let this be known. That what I’m saying here, this is not excluding other Israylites. See there is a lie being told. Let me tell you two lies that I have heard that we are supposedly saying. One, we supposedly say that Yoseph was a prophet. We said Yoseph was a ruler in Egypt. We have the lesson from last week and that is what we said. Two, we are not excluding others because they don’t fit this prophesy saying that they are not Israylites, THAT’S A LIE.

Like I said, tonight in the United States in the Netherlands where we have Israylites at, in Germany, how many of you ‘brews tonight are going to go hungry? Because part of the curses calls for famine. But which of you will be starving tonight? How many of you have been starving for the past week and didn’t eat anything because you didn’t have anything to eat? So our brothers in the Sudan are starving. We have brothers and sisters in Haiti that are starving. So because that end of the curses is following them, does that exclude us? Does that mean that we are not Israylites because we are not in famine right now? Not at all, family. So understand that when these prophesies happen, that they may happen to one end of the branch but it happens to the entire nation. If we have members in our nation that are starving, then that prophesy is on us. Then we have starvation in the midst of our nation. So when we look at this particular prophesy, the only fitting criteria is this: The seed of Abraham shall be strangers in a land that is not theirs. So if only the tribe of Judah was in a land for 400 years being afflicted then the tribe of Judah has fulfilled this prophesy.

So the seed of Abraham…it didn’t say Abraham ALL your seed because we looked at the Scripture last week, Abraham had multiple seeds. It didn’t say ‘Abraham ALL 12 tribes’. It didn’t say that, it said the seed of Abraham. Seed means descendants, family. That is all it means. It means Abraham’s descendants. Abraham know for sure that your descendants and we found out that, that’s the righteous descendants, the chosen descendants, the children of Ysrayl. Abraham, the children of Ysrayl shall be in a land that is not theirs.

Now, let’s look at that family. What does it mean, a land that is not yours? It means that you have no ownership of that land. But we read last week that we took possession of Goshen. We owned Goshen. When Yoseph was ruling Egypt who was going to come to Egypt and tell us that we couldn’t do what we wanted to do? Nobody in Egypt could do that. They couldn’t do that because we owned that land. So even if you look down to verse 18 as we did last week (Genesis 15:18) and Yah said from the River of Egypt to the River Euphrates. Which is the exact physical location of the garden of Eden was said to have been.

So we look at all these things, I’m going to show you even more of how these things shape up family. So we are going to look at Genesis 15:14 today. I just wanted to go over a small portion of last week’s lesson so that we can tie it all in together. Now the children of Ysrayl stayed in Egypt 430 years. That’s what Scripture says in Exodus 12:40. We read that last week. We looked at that pharaoh, when Yoseph came in (to power) and Yoseph was 71 years old and he was still ruling as a king with all the government of Egypt in his hand. Powerful, family.

Now here’s where we are really going to see this thing kick off. We are going to show that Mystery Babylon is that nation that is mentioned in Genesis 15:14, which we are going to read right now. We are going to look at judgment upon that nation. I’m reading from the translation called the Scriptures.

Genesis 15:14 They are going to serve this nation spoken of in Genesis 15:13. Now Father Yah in all His infinite wisdom, Abraham knew the Egyptians. Right? Abraham knew of the land of Egypt and so did Yah. It would have been a perfect time for Yah to tell Abraham the name of the land where his descendants are going to dwell for their 400 year period and He is going to judge the Egyptians. It would have been the perfect time for Yah to mention it right there.

Or how about this, Genesis 15:13: Know for certain that your descendants shall be sojourners in EGYPT and they shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. But EGYPT whom they serve, I am going to judge and afterward let them come out with great possessions. Yah could have said that. Abraham would NOT have said ‘who is Egypt’? No, Abraham knew the Egyptians. He was living next door to them practically, in Canaan. But Yah did not mention this nation by name.

Now had Yah said listen Abraham, know for certain that your seed shall live in the United States. And then in v. 14 say but the United States whom they serve… Abraham knew nothing about a United States. What in the world is that? So Yah did not even bother to tell him the name of the nation. He just said the nation. Abraham don’t even worry about it,  just ‘the nation’. Because what we are going to do now in Genesis 15:14, we are going to identify that nation. Just like we had to identify who that seed was. Yah just put a blanket (general statement) ‘your seed’. And this is before our father even had children. So your seed Abraham, He didn’t even take time to say your seed, the children of Ysrayl, Abraham. What? Who are the children of Ysrayl? (Abraham would have said). So Yah just put it out there (as a general statement). Because those things, these prophesies are to be known in our time. We know who the children of Ysrayl are now. Because that’s us. And we can identify from Scripture that place, a 400 year captivity.

Alright, let’s look at this. The nation who they serve, I am going to judge. And afterward let them come out with great possessions. Now the key points that we must look for in Scripture to find it, is tha is the same nation spoken of in Genesis 15:13. This is the same nation to whom the children of Ysrayl will be mistreated evil for a 400 year period. And be in the midst of this nation that is not theirs. So this nation does not belong to the children of Ysrayl. They have no hand in the governmental system of this nation. The founding of it, none of it. The creation of it, any of it. Our people have laid blanket in this land. They had us as slaves. We did slave labor. We have some politicians now but at the formation of this country, we had nothing to do with it.

They didn’t invite us to the table. We were not invited to this land. We were brought here against our will. We served them. This land has been the paradise for every nation on this planet except us. Everybody has been invited to the dinner table except us. They said we are going to have a grand dinner tonight and children of Ysrayl, you will serve everybody here. Just like the storyline in Coming to America (movie). Did y’all know they were telling you the story of Ysrayl in Coming to America? Many of you have loved that movie for so long and didn’t understand why. That’s what they were telling you, in a symbolic gesture. You are leaving royalty…because Yah said you have left your fame. You have left your glory, esteem. You left it. You gave it up. And so this is where you came. Yah sent you here for punishment. But you are royalty. You are rulers. But you can’t tell that now by looking at us.

So we are going to connect this family. Genesis 15:14 one more time. Genesis 15:14 (read). This nation family that Yah is speaking about is identified in the Bible as Mystery Babylon. One of the key points in v. 14, Yah said I’m going to judge this nation. So the judgment of Yah is going to be upon this nation. Now we know that when he children of Ysrayl came up out of Egypt, it said that Yah executed judgment on the gods of Egypt. Yes, He did so He could free His people. He brought down that judgment on Egypt so He could free His people but after the children of Ysrayl left Egypt, Egypt still functioned as a society for hundreds of years after the Exodus.

But when Yah brings His judgment down upon Mystery Babylon…she’s through. There will never, ever be anything left of here. We will see why Yah is going to bring His judgment upon her and the reason. And it’s going to go right back to what we read in Genesis chapter 15:14.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 47. We are still under the curses. We have been sent here as part of the curses. We are going to see how all this is lining up. We are identifying now that nation whom Yah is going to judge.

Yesiyah 47:1-6 Now I want to break down some of this. First, ‘come and sit down in the dust oh maiden daughter of Babylon’. ‘Come sit at My feet’. ‘Now you say that you are a queen (lady) of kingdoms but you come sit at the dust at My feet because I have authority of you’. So Yah says sit on the ground without a throne. When you approach Me, you will not sit high and lofty on your throne as if you have authority over Yah. Yah is going to meet you and treat you like you are NOTHING. So He says ‘no more do they call you tender and delicate’. Take the millstone and grind flour (meal), remove your veil,  lift up the skirt, uncover the leg (thigh), pass through the rivers let your nakedness be uncovered’. Let them all see what you have under there. Let them all see your foulness. (Let them see) what you have been seducing them with. This is what Yah is saying to her. But look at this in verse 6, Yah said I was angry with My people. Who are His people? The children of Ysrayl. I have profaned My inheritance and given them into your hands. He gave us into the hands of Babylon, family. That’s why He told Abraham, know for sure, see Abraham I know for certain that your seed is going to be in her land because I”M GOING TO SEND THEM THERE. That’s how you can be certain of this thing Abraham.

Then He goes on to say ‘I gave them into your hand and you showed them no compassion’. ‘You made your yoke very heavily even on the elderly’. Family, we are talking about one nation here. Yeah, the children of Ysrayl have suffered many captivities and are scattered the world-wide but we are talking about one nation here. Who fixed this prophesy? Just like we say that we are the children of Ysrayl because we fit the prophesies and the Jews don’t, well the same thing still applies. That’s how prophesy works. Who fits this? Who in the world could Yah be talking about? Could He be talking about the children of Ysrayl that has been under Spanish rule for 600 years? That segment of Abraham’s seed? Naw. Could He be talking about the children of Ysrayl that has been under French rule for 500  years that is a land that’s not theirs? Naw. He couldn’t be talking about them because they are passed the time frame. So we have to look for Abraham’s descendants, the children of Ysrayl to be in a place for a 400 year time period and be afflicted for that 400 years in that land for that time period. That’s what we are looking for.

So Yah said He was angry with the children of Ysrayl. You profaned Hi inheritance. He gave them into your hand and you showed them no compassion. You made your yoke very heavy on the elderly. Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 28. We are going to see family. We will see this nation whom they serve, I am going to judge. Who else is in line to receive the judgment of Yah face to face, other than the United States for all she has done? Who has mistreated us more right now? She has not let up. We have not had a chance to breathe in her land.

Now this is not a debate about which segment of Abraham’s seed of the children of Ysrayl are suffering the most because we ALL are suffering. But we look at the way she has treated us from the moment we came here up until this very hour. There has been no rest. And we are closing in on a 400 year time period. We are going to look at the whole thing. The founding of Jamestown and all that.

Deuteronomy 28:48-50, 68 Family, could this be the exact same nation that we just read (about) in Isaiah chapter 47, whom Yah calls the daughter of Babylon? Yah said this nation in Isaiah 47, He calls her Babylon. And then He says I have sent My inheritance into your hands and you showed them no mercy and you had a heavy yoke upon the elderly. We just read the same thing here family. It’s the same nation. And we know that Deuteronomy 28 verses 48-50, in fact verses 15-68 are the verses to the curses. So Yah said this nation is fierce-looking. Which shows no regard for the elderly nor shows favor to the young. When have they been kind to the elderly? They will beat an old Hebrew man over the head as quick as they would a young Hebrew teenager. Whenever in our history have you found any relief for our people in this land from 1619 up until now? It says Yah brings this nation from afar as swift as the eagle flies. It’s not a coincidence that this land’s national symbol is the eagle. But we must also look at that ‘as quickly as the eagle flies’…is that the eagle is a powerful predator bird. It swoops down upon its prey. And its prey doesn’t even know and the next thing its prey knows is that it’s in the grips of the eagle. That’s how the swiftness of an eagle operates.

These people came down upon us so fast and snatched us up. One day we are over in the west coast of Africa and they just swooped down and snatched us up. Predators. They had no regard for the old or young. They stacked us ALL in the bottom of those slave ships. On top of one another. They put us in there with rotten corpses and everything. It was horrific.

But we are talking about the same nation here family. The same one that Yah calls Babylon, is the same one we are talking about here. And it’s the same one that is going to bring Yah’s judgment down upon her head. It’s the same one in Genesis 15:13. A 400 year period for Abraham’s seed.

So let’s go now and look at something real quick. Let’s go down to verse 68. We all know the Scripture but we are going to read it here again just in case you may have forgotten.

Deuteronomy 28:68 He’s going to bring you back it says. This is after we have been freed from Egyptian captivity and had gone through the wilderness. Yah said I’m going to bring you back. I’m going to bring you back to Egypt in ships. By way on which I say to you. You are never to see it again. There you shall be sold to your enemies as male and female slaves but no one will buy you.

Now when it says no one to buy you, it means no one will redeem you. Leviticus chapter 25 speaks about the law of redemption, that we were sold into slavery. That we can be bought back by the next of kin. But Yah says no one to buy you. No one will buy you out of your condition. No amount of money has ever been put forth by anybody to try to buy you out of your condition. Its can not happen. You shall be redeemed without money, family. Because it was not the lack of money that put you here. Or the over abundance of money that put you here. It was by the hand of Yah for your disobedience.

So what we are looking at here with Genesis 15:13 prophesy, is that Yah is going to kill as they say…when Yah brought us here to the U.S., He’s going to fulfill Genesis 15:13. And (He will) fulfill a host of other prophesies.

This was fulfilled in Deuteronomy 28:68 with the whole western hemisphere captivity. When all those ‘brews were brought on ships over here to the west. So because the ones in the Sudan have not gone into slavery in ships, does that exclude them from being Israylites? Because some Israylites do teach that. But we don’t teach that here. We say that all the prophesies…because you are reading Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and not all of these (curses) are happening to Hebrews in the west. What is not happening to the ones in the western hemisphere is happening to the ones in the east. Because we are one nation. What happens to one end of the nation, happens to the whole.

So we see now that Yah says He is going to take us back into Egypt (v. 68). This is where this thing goes back because many Hebrews teach and believe that the 400 year captivity happened in Egypt. But Yah said I’m going to lead you back to Egypt. That’s why you see their time in Egypt…our time here mirrors that. And it’s so closely aligned that Hebrews think that, that’s the fulfillment of the 400 year prophesy. Because Yah said I’m bringing you back, if you are disobedient, you are going back (into captivity).

So let’s look at some of the parallels between the Egyptian sojourn and the sojourn here in the United States. Let’s look at this. Remember last week, we read that our brother Yoseph was sold into bondage into Egypt? He came down there as a slave in bondage sold by the Ishmaelites. Right? Now Yosheph’s bondage in Egypt did not begin the 430 year sojourn of the children of Ysrayl. That began after Yoseph had been made viceroy. But Yoseph was sold into bondage by Arabs. This is who Arabs trace their descent to…Ishmael…Ishmaelites. Now, not all Arabs are Ishmaelites but there is a great majority of them that are. And it was these Arab merchant men that sold Yoseph. Just like the Arabs were the first ones to sell us into slavery. They sold us to the the Europeans. (Arabs) are the ones that informed Europeans about the slave trade. (The slave trade) was taking place a thousand years before the European slave trade started. I just wanted to show you the parallels and how Yah works this.

Then when we were brought out of Egypt, we went into the wilderness. That’s what Yah said. Right? He brought us out of Egypt and we went into the wilderness. We were taken out of this (inaudible) (captivity?). Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 20. Because He said you are going back into Egypt. So we are going to look at the parallels that existed when we were in Egypt and where we are today. Because I want you to see this family so we can identify who that nation is that Yah is going to bring His judgment down upon. And for having us in servitude and mistreating us for the 400 year period. Now remember that’s His whole reason that He’s going to bring that judgment down upon the nation. Ezekiel chapter 20. I want you to see that when the children of Ysrayl left Egypt, they went out to the wilderness. When we get up out of here, where are we going? (to the wilderness).

Yahzeqyl 20:32-38, v. 32-36 See Yah’s saying just as He did with them, when they were in the wilderness is the same thing I’m going to do with you when I bring you out into the wilderness. So there is a parallel family going between the two. Let’s continue. v. 37-38 Family, when Yah takes down Babylon, when Yah brings His people into the wilderness, this is the signal to the rest of the family of Ysrayl that redemption is very nigh. It is very close when Yah takes out Babylon, family. Yah has a target on this whore’s back. Yah has a grand controversy against her. when we were down in Egypt, Egypt was the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. And Yah’s going to bring her shame for the nations and say you ain’t so tough after all are you? Let’s go down to verse 40.

Yahzeqyl 20: 40-44, v. 40 See this is when Yah is going to free us and bring us back into the land. Yah gives time periods and we are going to look at tha in just a moment. Yah gives time periods for the captivities. v. 41 So what I want you to check   out is this, ahkeem, ahkotees, elders, Imas and children, is that understanding Genesis 15:13 is understanding Yah’s plan of salvation. He has us in this land because now He has a controversy just like in Egypt. He can step before pharaoh’s face and say My people speak on behalf of the nation to bring down this mighty wicked nation. Who in the world can defeat the United States military?

She says ‘I am a queen of kingdoms’. Who can defeat her military? Nobody. She has all the weapons that she will ever need. And even getting more. With the push of a button she can take a country off the map. At any time Iraq is at her disposal. She can remove that country from the map and it will never be seen again. The same with Afghanistan. This is her might among the nations. This is her might among the faces of men. But in Yah, Yah is going to have her to sit in the dust like a child. Sit down, don’t rise up until I tell you. Don’t even open your mouth until  I tell you to open your mouth. So with these unrighteous powerful nations, Yah has always destroyed these mighty nations because they have laid hands on His children.

Why was ancient Babylon destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why was Assyria destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why was ancient Egypt destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why was Greece and Rome destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why is the United States going to be destroyed? Because she laid hands on Yah’s children. That has been Yah’s M.O., that has been His motive, family. That has been His way of operation.

Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 51. Because Yah said He is going to judge this nation. Right? In Genesis 15:14, this nation. What nation? The nation where His people have been afflicted for a 400 year period. Mistreated by these people for a 400 year period.

Yeremiyah 51:55-58, v. 55-56 Yah says He is going to judge this nation. I want you to keep that in your heart and mind. Yah said this nation where they are going into, I’m going to judge. Right here we are reading that Babylon shall be repaid. v. 57 Family, I want you to understand when Yah’s destruction is coming down upon this place. And what it’s going to be. Yah has given us a time period to watch for. He has given us a time period to understand. Do you know why He gives us time periods? Because there would be stiff-necks that think that they have a hundred years more here. There would be stiff-necks that think that they have two or three hundred more years. This is why a lot of those Israylites don’t want to get into shape. Because deep in their hearts they don’t believe that Yah is coming. ‘We been here almost 400 years and Yah haven’t came yet’. That’s what many of them believe in their hearts. So they believe tht they can go on with this foolishness and continue, continue and continue.

But Yah has put a time period on this. A time period for your correction, Ysrayl. And that’s why you must understand how much time you have in order to get this right. Does Yah give out time periods about our captivities? Let’s look at that.

Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 25. This is to let you know that this is how Yah operates because it is Power. If He makes a prophesy to you, exact…like I said early on I was taught wrong that the prophesy could be for 499 years…NAW. Yah said 400 years, He means 400 years. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 25. Let me show you what I am talking about here when He calls a time period upon a captivity.

Yeremiyah 25:11-12 So this is Yah speaking. He said 70 years. Let’s go down to Yeremiyah chapter 29. (inaudible)…to rule and so when he brought His people into Babylon we were under that same 70 year time period. Let me show you.

Yeremiyah 29:10 Let me explain (this) so there will not be any confusion. Yah is talking about ancient Babylon here. Our people went into captivity in ancient Babylon in the year 587 BCE under King Nebuchadnezzar. So we were in Babylon for a period of 70 years. Not 69.5, not 70.5 but 70 years we were in ancient Babylon. Now we have a new Babylon that Yah speaks about. (He calls it) the daughter of Babylon, that’s this modern-day Babylon that we are in right now. Yah gave a time period for that captivity. Do you see how Yah works? He gave a time period for ancient Babylon’s captivity. He gave a time period for modern Babylon’s captivity. He said 70 years for ancient Babylon, 400 years for modern Babylon. Because you need that much time to get your behinds spanked.

Do y’all think we are ready to go back into the land of Ysrayl as a righteous marching army? Not yet. Look at how many false prophets and just everything that has gone wrong in the midst of the children of Ysrayl because we have not learned our lesson yet. We are just waking up to find out that we are the children of Ysrayl on a mass scale. It’s just starting to happen. Now you see Israylites everywhere. So Yah gave them 70 years but check this out. Let’s go to the Book of Daniyah chapter 9. How did Daniel know how long they were going to be in Babylon? How did Daniel know this? We just read Yeremiyah 29:10 where Yah gave this prophesy to that prophet. Check this out.

Daniyah 9:2 So this is how Daniyah knew because he read the prophesies in the Book of Yeremiyah. Yeah, the prophets read the other prophets. Daniyah read Yeremiyah and said, ‘oh we are going to be here for 70 years’. That’s how he knew how long the captivity was going to last. Do you think that he disputed that? ‘Oh 70 years was for the Assyrian captivity’. ‘Naw the 70 years was when we were fighting the Edomites’. No, he knew. Because the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Spirit of Yah came upon this prophet and that’s how he knew. So Yah gives us time periods when these captivities will last. And this one is the final captivity. There is no more after this one. Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 30. I’m just about done with this lesson family. I told you that it will be a short one.

I just want you to see that we are identifying that nation in Genesis 15:14. The one whom Yah is going to judge. We are identifying that nation ‘Babylon’ that is spoken of in the Bible. ‘Mystery Babylon’ I’m sorry because you had ancient Babylon who ruled, which Nimrod founded and you have heard of Nebuchadnezzar and his dynasty rule. And then this modern Babylon which Yah calls Mystery Babylon because many people don’t know who she is. It’s a secret, She’s hidden. She’s ‘hidden Babylon’. Babylon is Hebrew, Babel means confusion. This is the land of much confusion.

So when you look at this family and understanding this. In 1607 listen, hear family. In 1607 Jamestown Virginia was founded. Jamestown is the first English permanent settlement in the United States. It was the seat of the English government. This is where it began. So she was founded in 1607. And then 12 years later…Right? Twelve years, that magic number 12. Twelve years later in 1619 she had members of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl coming into her ports as servants to fulfill Genesis 15:13.

Now when I was out at Jamestown earlier this year, myself and elder Abiyah and we were speaking to the woman who was at the front desk of the exhibit. We went to the museum and we looked at the ports and ships and all that. This is before we had the premier there. And so we were having a conversation with this woman. And she said listen, there is no evidence, none nowhere, that any slave was brought into Jamestown Virginia in the year 1607. She said ALL the records show, every record that we have ALL show that the slaves were brought here in 1619. Now when we talked to this other woman, we went to Jamestown for the premier a Gentile woman, she was telling us…she was like listen: They were slaves when they got here. Because we had heard that they were indentured servants. But she said no. They were slaves. She said they came here in slavery in 1619. So family, 1607 to 2007 marks 400 years of the founding of Jamestown Virginia. That’s what that represents, 1607 to 2007. And as we told y’all before (about) the revelation that the ahk had and brought to us about Jamestown being called Ysrayl-town. Because James in Hebrew means Yahqob. Yahqob’s name, our father Yahqob’s name in Genesis 32:28, his name was changed to Ysrayl. So Jamestown is Ysrayl-town. That’s where Yah brought us into her ports in the year 1619.

Let me go over that again. In 1607 Jamestown VA was founded. Twelve years later in the year 1619 you had members of the twelve tribes of Ysrayl being brought into her ports. We came here under the banner of slavery, servants, we were serving these people from the moment we got here. And that’s the first thing Yah said. Y’all shall serve them and they shall afflict you 400 years.

Show us anywhere…now when you look into the western hemisphere’s captivities, can you show us anywhere a group of Israylites that has been in these surrounding lands for almost 400 years and have been mistreated evil? Do you see? So looking and understanding this family, Jamestown VA represents America’s history. When they celebrated it in 2007, the Queen of England came over here. It was a grand celebration out there. And if you go out there, we were in the museum and it talks about America’s 400 years.So they have already celebrated their 400 years. Our didn’t begin until 12 years later, the count down. From the 2007 celebration that they had but even earlier from their 1607 celebration and we were brought here once again 12 years later.

So let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 30. I want to touch on a few things here. Because Yah is going to release us from this present captivity. HIS hand is going to do it. But there is a set time just like when we were in ancient Babylon. There was a set time given on how long we are to be in the present exile, in this present captivity. That’s why when you have false prophets coming into your face and (saying) it’s time to go…THAT’S A LIE. It’s not time to go yet. It’s not time until Yah says time is up and we have accepted our punishment. Deuteronomy 30, Do you know what? Our captivity and we will touch on this in just a moment. But our captivity family even gives the time frame on how long the Gentiles have to rule. How much longer do they have to rule? Because when the children of Ysrayl are freed. Their destruction is imminent. Yes we are going to look at this.

Deuteronomy 30:1-3, v. 1 Yah has driven us among the Gentiles. So He says ‘hey when you accept the blessing and the curse’…We talk about the blessings and the curses all the time. We know that, that is talking to us. We know that, that is related to us. So look out. v. 2 This is what we went out to Jamestown to do family. To the place where He brought us in at, we went there to repent before His face. v. 3 Family, that is in operation. We see everyday, Israylites waking up to whom they are. And waking up to the understanding of this covenant. Waking up to the covenant of the Messiyah. But their still so (inaudible) (much work to do for?) our people. To bring back to their remembrance the blessings and the curses. Yah has given us 400 years family to do this in this land. And when that 400 year time period is up, it’s going to signal everything is nigh (near) now. Messiyah’s return is so very near. Yah’s judgment upon that land, uh-oh, she better look out.

So do you know what that means? Until our 400 years is up, she still has time to repent. Yah is still compassionate upon her. Even though she has not been compassionate upon His people. Do you see how all this works with the understanding of the time frame? The understanding of the time scale? How we have the time to get it right. Family, it’s about to start falling into place. The persecutions, the Gentiles rule, their new-world-order, the revealing of the man of sin. Man, it’s on the way.

Let’s go to Leviticus chapter 26. I want you to understand some things here Ysrayl.

Leviticus 26:39-42 So He is going to remember the land family. See everything has to be put into motion first. Before His judgment comes down upon the Gentiles before His judgment comes down everything has to be put into motion. We have to do this first right. We did that. We went to confess our sins and the sins of our fathers and we humbled our uncircumcised hearts and we confessed and accepted our punishment before His face. We did that family (in the Jamestown 2010 gathering). So everything is being put into motion that’s why satan hates what we did because he knows his time is very short now. The children of Ysrayl have repented back to Yah.


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Pagan Eucharist vs. 1 Corinthians 11

Zombies are on their way according to recent news.

The cops killed a guy being robbed in New York. The cops also shot 9 people in Times Square in order to get 1 guy. Why are they shooting innocent bystanders? Stay out of NY, y’all.

The Obama speech: The Clinton speech: Nothing but lies. If he gets back into office, there will be no holds bar. He’s gone to the gays, Jews, Hispanics but never come to us. He did not go to the NAACP meeting. Oh he knows who you are. He’s married to an Israylite.

Homeland Security Article about the zombies: The movie 28 days later was about a zombie virus. Last year the Center for Disease Control (CDC) said there will be a zombie apocalypse in an article. The man from Miami ate that guys face off in 18 minutes and then growled at the police. The CDC houses all diseases ever known to man. Even the ones we don’t know about. They even have the 1918 Spanish flu that killed millions of people. A.I.D.S came from there. It’s germ-warfare.

They can create a disease according to your DNA Did y’all know that the Jews put germs in T-shirt’s for the Palestinians? What will they do to you? They have been studying us for years.

Do you have zombie training? Store up food. Have plenty of ammunition.  Who will prepare? Humpf, not many. They will laugh it off. The Book of Revelation says creatures will come out of the earth. They will battle these creatures. Be ready. What will you do? They mocked Noah when he was preparing the ark.

The brothers put together this website to help us prepare. How many of you can load a gun? Do you know how to kill a zombie?

They are talking about a second civil war. George Bush Jr. had more respect than Obama. The KKK is on the rise according to this Kentucky newspaper that I am reading now. TEXT:Return of the living dead was recorder in Louisville Kentucky.

‘Night of the living dead’: They killed a ‘brew at the end of the movie that they thought was a zombie. Homeland Security and the CDC say zombies are coming y’all. TEXT: Satan puts his info out there.

Yah didn’t send ships to get us out of Egypt, we had to run. David fought Goliath. We will have to fight. The government is telling us to prepare for the zombies. Apocalpse=chaos, destruction. Zombies eat the whole body, your intestines, brains everything. Those that endure, the same shall be saved. Don’t fear. This is a warning from Yah. Prepare. The government said it twice…homeland security and the CDC.  Movies: ‘I am legend’ ‘walking dead’…they went to the CDC but the CDC had no cure. Movies: ’12 monkey’s’ ’28 days later’ ‘contagion’ they are all telling you the same thing. Pray for each other in Yahoshua’s name. Don’t laugh and think we are crazy. Prepare.

The article above says they are spraying like crazy for the West Nile virus. In the zombie movies, the pathogens are air-bourne. The West Nile virus is the worst outbreak they have seen since H1N1 of 1999.,0,7741386.story

Eucharist or communion this has nothing to do with the Bible.

We are going to be using home schooling, Israylite schools as a way to bring this good news to the world through Yahoshua.

Yahoshua is the living law. There is no mystery. It makes sense. Line upon line, precept upon precept.

 The Lesson: Pagan Eucharist vs. 1 Corinthians 11

Communion, sacrament, transubstantiation or eucharist all mean the same thing. Eucharist definition given from Communion means to commune with spirits. Christian science…commune with god or the invoked one. One who is invoked=communion. Eucharist is a spiritual communion with god. It is done to Jesus’ instructions they say. From a pagan understanding they justify this.

In the Encyclopedia Britannica: They don’t understand 1 Corinthians 11, so they gave a pagan ritual called Eucharist. They have a different understanding about it. They say there are many different understandings but what does the Bible say? The Bible says there is one body, one belief, one immersing, one teaching. They are different because they are pagan. They claim to will and command Jesus to assume the form of the bread. Kayn ahk, they do Jesus that way. (They aren’t going to do that to Yahoshua). Let’s go over the pagan aspects and see that they don’t line up (with the Bible).

The word Eucharist may refer to bread (leavened or unleavened) water, wine (fermented or unfermented). They receive a host they say. Where Scripture says we do this to remember Yahoshua. The origins of Eucharist=symbolizes eating flesh.

Yasher 7:40-41 Nimrod was the first god-king. He became the sun-god or baal. Semiramis said Tammuz was the reincarnation of Nimrod. She said Tammuz was born without the aid of a man. She had the Jezebel spirit. It’s all the trinity, black madonna, divine son mother, father. It’s masonic right triangles, the 3 godheads. All of that is pagan.  Diana, Semiramis, Mary are all the queen of heaven.

transubstantiation: Ra the sun-god of Egypt put a wafer in the people’s mouths. Jesus, sun-god, Mitra all the same god. They eat the gods flesh. They do the rites of Dionysus, the masons do this. Dionysus is Bacchus is Jesus. They are all the same. The Egyptians would eat of the god for spiritual strength. The Roman Catholics pray to Semiramis or Mary the queen of heaven. Jesus is the sun-god or Tammuz or lord god Nimrod of the Canaanites.

They believe the bread and wine changes into flesh and blood. They do the cross when the person takes the wafer…the cross, trinity a curse. Wafter=worshipping Jesus. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Nimrod all did the same. This is why Yah confounded languages. They wanted to put their gods up there…satan.

Romans called it Lectisterna (sp?) a sacred means where a god was brought to the table with Jupiter, Minerva and Juno in the chairs. TEXT: The Vatican calls Jupiter St. Peter. TEXT: Jupiter is Jesus.

Documentary: A trip into the supernatural: Speaking of eating and dining with the gods, the Rothschild’s leave a seat at the table for satan.

The Romans had Lectisterna which they got from the Greeks called Theoxenia. By the third century they had this banquet for the 3 gods, Jupiter, Minerva and Juno celebrated on November 13 then moved the date to September 13.  Theoxenia was celebrated in Delphi Greece and the gods attended. Book referenced: The Odyssey Book 7 line 198 they call down the gods. (My sidenote: The whole book mostly is about the gods and they sacrificed a lot to them and drank blood.)

Liber or Liberty is Dionysus or Bacchus. Book: The Error of Pagan Religions: chapter 6, they ate a bull with their teeth and this ceremony was done every 2 years. The god was eaten by doing this. They want to take on the spirit of the animal or drink their enemies blood. This has nothing to do with Scriptures. Movie ‘Alexander’, they sacrificed a bull. They didn’t show drinking its blood but you know they did.

The holy ghost in church: They call on those spirits. You are who you worship.

Book:the secret teachings of all the ages: Talks about the rites of Bacchus or Dionysus. Christians do this rite. Pages 68-69 read.

They ate flesh of their enemies or animals to take on their spirits. The Titans ate Bacchus. Pallas, a god or Phallus which they worshipped, Semiramis put a gold phallus on Nimrod. Osiris: Isis made a gold phallus for him because an alligator ate his up when he was cut up. Obelisks symbolize the phallus. It represents a man’s ascension as a god. Church steeples are phallic worship. It’s all the same god worship y’all.

Reads about Jupiter slewing the Titans. Out of the ashes, Bacchus the human race was created. This is what the fallen will say ‘we created you’. Zechariah Senchun the annunaki…the same lie told by many. The Washington monument with George Washington becoming a god. The Rockefeller building or the NBC building has a statue of Prometheus the god of bringing fire down. The heart of Bacchus=Jesus with flaming heart. The eternal soul of Bacchus or mankind=heart of Bacchus. Communion=they drink, eat to their own descruction. We can’t worship Yah in the name of god. We have one teaching which symbolizes eating bread and drinking wine.

Sex magic=phallic worship. Talmud…’Judaism discovery’ Book where they have a communion they say. We can’t have Jesus in our drinking and eating of the bread and wine. That’s where drinking to our own destruction means. Around 687 BCE the Israylites wrote the Talmud. In Yahzeqyl chapter 8, they had their backs turned on Yah. They wrote the Talmud in Babylon then Yah sent Yahzeqyl, Obadiyah to them. The Talmud was adopted by the Gentiles around the 12th to 15th century. The Renaissance was really just pagan customs and traditions (wide-spread).

We don’t follow Jewish customs. ‘Judaiasm Discovered” page 238-239 by Michael Hoffman. Zedict (sp?)=a high priest. They used ‘this fluid’ for sex magic. You know what fluid I’m talking about. The Zedict is like a channel it says drawing liquids downward. The kundalini is the opposite. The fluid goes up to the head chakra they say. They do tantrum sex in kundalini. All of this is from the same source…satan. The zedict is a classical magician, a cosmic magician that brings down divine power to perform miracles, it says. They use oral techniques, this is the invocation. They use the 72 names of god or the Tetragrammaton. whereas Yah gave us Yah. That’s it. The self existing One, Yah. Moving on…

The Catholic church teaches eucharist which becomes blood and body. The bread is called the host after a spell is put on it. Wine=blood of Calvary. The chalis= Judaism mysticism like pimp cups you see people drinking out of. The bread=Jesus body they say. The pope calls himself the vicar of Christ to summon Jesus whenever he wants.

‘Faith of Millions’ book by St. Thomas, a Catholic book: pages 268-269 The power of consecration, power of priest is over the pope, arch bishop, cardinal. The priest has power of christ it says. They molest a lot of children y’all. The priest has the authority of god it says. The priest brings Christ down from heaven it says. This is the supreme priest. See Jesus and god are the same in Christianity. Islam was created in the 700’s by Catholics. TEXT: Jews justify sex with little children in the Sanhedrin.

They place Jesus on the altar to be a victim again and again. Then eat him. Yahoshua only died for us once and we do NOT eat him. They want to be a god, dine with the gods. Satan gives the same tricks telling Eve she would be a god. They claim they have authority over the angels. Shaul said Yah has ALL authority in 1 Corinthians 11:3. TEXT: 5 percenters call themselves ‘god body’.

Satan wants to be greater than Yah read Isaiah 14. They says the same thing that ‘their altar is greater than Yah’. You are just as wicked if you say lord, god…they say that too. Their god they say is a victim, a punk. Like on the Southpark (TV show) Jesus was whipped by the devil in one episode. This is why they don’t fear Yah. The priest brings Christ from heaven as a victim for sins of men dying 1000 times. Yahoshua died ONCE!! Where do they get this from!!!!? Jesus bows his head to this priest, this Vicar of Christ, a man. How arrogant!!? Yahoshua is NOT communion. Yahoshua is NO PUNK!! Dionysus, Bacchus, Jesus are feminine. Yahoshua came from DAVID! David THE WARRIOR! Yahoshua is no punk!

Isaiah 29…you say you love Yah but your hearts are far from Him.

John O’Brien book: Christian priest, pope with dignity comes this title it says. Yahoshua said don’t have titles. We are brothers and sisters. TEXT: Vicar of something means replacement. TEXT: Vicar-witch.

It says they die again and again or sacrifice. Yahoshua died once. The back-sliding attitude comes from Christians since they think they will be forgiven (every time). (Yah says willful sinning will not be forgiven).

Jesus bows to the priest it reads.

The secret teachings of all ages: pages 276-77. Ceremonial magic and sorcery=invocations at church. Controlling the spirits. Magician=priest carries a wand or chalis (cup). He kisses a towel, then blesses the crackers, then calls Jesus down. Greeks, Romans, Babylonians all did this. Christian robes=same robes the pope wears. They also have cloths on the altar. TEXT: Those ‘Adam family’ churches in Europe, scary and ice-cold even in the summertime. TEXT: shhhoooo. The churches right here in the U.S. are scary! Riverside & St. John’s are super wicked! Riverside’s building was sponsored by John D. Rockefeller himself! Need I say more?

The tetragrammaton=trying to invoke these spirits. All we need is Yah, the self-existing one. Worry about following the commandments.

These garments (robes they wear) and the invocations=summoning the gods. They still worship Nimrod. They worship their preacher. TEXT: The pope has a picture of Nimrod on his shield. TEXT: Yeah, faces on the robes but people stay blind. TEXT: That’s why Christian bishops and pope wear the ‘dagon hat’. TEXT: The pope had a picture of a huge snake of the back of his robe during the wedding ceremony of prince William and Kate.

Don’t do as the nations. They drink to their own destruction. They celebrate independence from Yah every year(July 4). Satan promises them they will live forever as gods…fools. TEXT: Magicians thinking they would be gods. Moving on…

Lutherans–>believe Jesus comes into the bread, wine as the Catholics.

Methodists–> eucharist, every Sunday and some 1st Sunday’s they commune with the god of their church.

Jehovah Witnesses–> ‘commemorate’ they say but they don’t have the whole truth. Jehovah has nothing to do with Yah. Once a year they commemorate at Passover. Yahoshua says whenever you think of me, you can do this. Can you tell me when is Passover? We are in captivity. This is really a masonic ritual they do. They do it once a year. Just like Manly P. Hall a 33 degree mason said, they all do this rite. Did y’all know ‘brews couldn’t be in Jehovah Witness back in the day? Don’t listen to these demons when they knock on your door. Yahoshua told the demons to shut up. Shake the dust off your feet and keep it moving. They say one lord, one god but have different denominations. Do you see how double-minded that is?

The Church of Latter Day Saints–> Every Sunday they do communion. They wear sacred underwear. LOL in the room. Their communion is with the dead. They immerse dead with the living. TEXT: They wear that underwear after marriage too. TEXT: Mormos is the god of the dead.

Bread, wine used in Acts 20:7 as a set apart day the 1st day they say. We come together everyday. It makes no sense. Yah said the Shabbat is the set apart day. They way each others feet and open communion is done. baptisms in Jesus first they say before you can do communion. The Bible does not say that. You can remember Yahoshua without being immersed first.

Evergreen tree=Nimrod. Did y’all know that? Let’s cut down this unholy tree! Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 10:1-22 with the righteous sword which is the Almighty Yah. Christians call Paul a saint who did away with the law. We are going to read about Shaul, the Hebrew who kept law not Paul. HalleluYah.

1 Corinthians 10:1-22, v. 1-3 One teaching=same food. v. 1-2=water=immersing in same belief (sea). The one teaching symbolically has nothing to do with crackers, crosses or sacred underwear. Faith is the key. v. 4 Read. Let’s go to Luke to verify. The rock of salvation, spiritually they drank. Luke 4:1-4. The Exodus…the children of Ysrayl were led to the wilderness just like Yahoshua was led to the wilderness. Both by way of water. The children of Ysrayl the sea of Reeds, Yahoshua the Jordan in Luke 4. When we are immersed we are covered by blood of Messiyah. We will go through trials by fire. The children of Ysrayl went through their trial 40 years in the wilderness. Yahoshua’s trial was 40 days. He was hungry in Luke 4, the children of Ysrayl were hungry in the wilderness. v. 4 Yahoshua did not give in to the devil. Deuteronomy 8:1-3 referenced here. This is better than crackers, chalis’, underwear. This is the Bible!! We are free from that stuff. We don’t sacrifice to the altar of demons.

Deuteronomy 8:1-3 Yah led us 40 years to test you. Stop blaming the devil every time. Yahoshua was tried. Only Yahoshua Ben Nun and Caleb succeeded. Don’t drink to your own death. v. 3 They were hungry. Trials, we will have. Live by the spiritual Word of Yah. Prove yourself. The world hate Yahoshua, they will hate you.

1 Corinthians 10:5 Read. Let’s go to Numbers.

Numbers 14:29 This verse validates verse 1 Corinthians 10:5. Shaul did not do away with the law. He read Torah. The children of Ysrayl doubted Yah, they talked about Moses and they wanted to go back to Egypt. You can’t bring spiritual Egypt to Yah. Shaul taught law. One Book.

1 Corinthian 10:6 Seek the kingdom. v. 7 Exodus 32:6 referenced here. The golden calf like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans=came from the Canaanites. v. 8-9 In the wilderness. Pagan sacrifice to altars they do now. The ways of the heathen. Don’t eat flesh, drink blood. v. 10-11 Don’t do as they did in the wilderness. Read Psalm 78. Don’t bring back the  old ways. v. 12-13 Yahoshua endured trials 40 days. They did NOT endure in the wilderness. Let us endure. Matthew 10:23 referenced.

Romans 5:1-5 Shaul was a law teacher. Moses sprinkled blood on the children of Ysrayl. Now we have spiritual immersion. We commemorate that every time we come together to remember Yahoshua and atonement of sin. v. 3 We rejoice, expect to be saved. This is shown every time we take bread, wine. v. 4 We will have tests. Yahoshua was tried in the wilderness, Luke 4, the children of Ysrayl were tried in the wilderness, Exodus. Endurance gives us character. v. 5 Read. We are righteous vessels. Have faith when we go down in the water. The Ruach is upon us when we come up.

1 Corinthians 10:14 Don’t worship images, gods. v. 15 Read. v. 16-17 Think as Yahoshua thinks. This is what this is saying. One bread=one teaching on the spiritual. Body of Messiyah=spiritually and physically bread=Word=Words of Yah= Yahoshua is the Word in the flesh. See John 1:14. Not that we are eating Him as they say. We are the law the walking Torah. Pray for those going into the idolatrous houses on Sunday. Pray they come back to Yah. v. 18 We know Christian ceremonies came from paganism. But if you still fellowship with them…do you share the same wickedness? TEXT: 2 can not walk together unless they agree.

We love Yah by keeping His laws…no back-sliding….putting their Christ on the altar 1000 times. Yah says He will not accept willful sinning. Don’t let sin reign over you. You die once to the flesh. Be ye perfect Yahoshua said. Don’t do that sin anymore He told the adulterous woman. v. 19 Idols have no value. The bread=their idols. Eucharist bread=a god that came down. Shaul is talking about eucharist Romans here. He knew about it. v. 20 Pagans offer to demons because they worship demons. v. 21 You can’t drink of Yahoshua and the chalis cup of the pope, Muslims Mormons. You can’t have two masters. v. 22 Roman Catholics bring Christ down for a victim for sins of man 1000 X, Christ bows his head to the priest. Are you stronger than Yahoshua? Do you think your walk is better than Yahoshua? Do you think you are better than your brothers and sisters? Judge yourself to see if you are worthy.

1 Corinthians 11:1-30, v. 3 Doesn’t this make sense? Catholics say the priest is the head, god is eaten in a cracker. Yah has FULL authority. Yahoshua does not have full authority. Women can not be evangelists. The United States=lady liberty, Minerva, Semiramis, Diana.

Sojourner Truth said that women were created without a man. She had the Jezebel spirit. She said women were created without a head in the ‘aren’t I a woman’ speech. TEXT: She even looked like a man.

v.13 Shaul told them about the gods. The Greeks were doing Theoxenia back then, putting the gods in the crackers. He told them about Yah’s order. Constantine took the Dionysus rite too. v. 14 Shimshon (Samson) and Yahzeqyl had locks, Yahzeqyl chapter 8 (?). Shaul is saying here that men are not to be feminine. Don’t try to take the authority of Yah as being a priest or preacher. Be a servant of Yah. v. 15 Women are to be feminine, not BUTCH=manly spirit. v. 16 No contentious women in the assembly of Yah. No homosexual men in the assembly of Yah. v. 17-20 Read. Not the Master’s Supper but the Passover. This is to remember Yahoshua. We will break bread with Messiyah in the kingdom. v. 21 We are Not to eat to get full and drunk. This is remembrance of Yahoshua’s life. He conquered death. We eat and believe. v. 22 Correct them it says here. Assemble to hear Yah’s Word. Then do remembrance. Remembrance is separate from eating dinner. v. 23-26 Proclaim as you did during immersing. Yahoshua sits on the right hand of the Father. Proclaim the Good News every time you drink this wine. v. 27-30 Because people don’t examine themselves, they struggle with sin…physical sickness comes. They don’t repent—>lake of fire.

John 1:1-14, Psalm 119:142,151 The word is truth referenced here. Wisdom in Proverbs is referred to as a she. But it is not a goddess like philosophia. v. 6 Yahcanan the Immerser here. v. 7 This is Yahoshua the light, the truth. v. 13 Not flesh. He lived for Yah’s Word. v. 14 Yahoshua was born a man and became the Messiyah after death. Moses was an intercessor in the wilderness. Yahoshua was not there. Pre-existence is the trinity doctrine. It does not add up. Wafter crackers don’t add up. The same wicked Nimrod Christmas tree doctrine.

Ephesians 4:1-7, v. 1 Walk worthy as a servant of Yah. One body, one spirit, one Master, one belief, One YAH, Father of all. There is no trinity…ONE YAH. He Created all. Yah is alone in authority.

The bread=symbol of the Word of Yah; the physical bread is the lesson. Wine=blood is life in Leviticus. Life of Yahoshua is a symbol. This is not god worship in a cracker.

*Yahzeqyl 8:3, Yahzeqyl had locs

*2 Peter 3:3-7 scoffers or mockers in last days as in the days of Noah.

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Genesis 15:13: The Four Hundred Year Prophesy p. 4

Now let’s go to Genesis chapter 39. We are looking at Yoseph’s time in Egypt because Yoseph’s time is very significant because it was Yoseph that brought the children of Ysrayl into Egypt. That is what began the 430 year time period.

Genesis 39:1-20, v. 1-14 Do  you see how this mirrors your captivity in the United States? How many young Hebrew men have been locked up because the Gentiles have lied and said a young man tried to rape her. How many Hebrew man have been killed for that same lie? Do you see how it patterns your time here? This man’s house was blessed because he had this Hebrew working for him. Do you think the fields of Mississippi was not blessed when they had the Hebrews plowing and picking cotton? This nation became rich and became a SUPER POWER because of her Hebrew slaves. Do you see how that works? It’s almost like the same group of people who brought him into slavery. The same situation. v. 15-20 Now brothers and sisters, let’s go to the Book of Yasher.

Yasher is going to give us a time period of what we just read here. Remember Yoseph came into Egypt as a slave at seventeen. How old was he when he went into prison? Let’s go to the Book of Yasher chapter 44 (XLIV). Yasher is mentioned in the Bible twice. We have information in Yasher that lines everything up. So we are going to look and see how old was Yoseph when he went to prison. It’s important that we know these things. We must know how old he was when everything took place, you know how old he was when the children of Ysrayl came there and everything.

Yasher 44:73 So what is the key here? A year had passed (since Yoseph went to Potiphar’s house). So Yoseph is how old now? He’s 18 years old. When he was sent to prison, he was 18 years old. Man, don’t that sound so familiar? My goodness, so he was 18 years old, a young man and sent into prison for a lie against him. Trumped up charges against him. Trumped up evidence against him. (All) because he was trying to be righteous. Wow.

Alright, so we have Yoseph 18 years old when he was sentenced to prison, 18 years old the young man is. So let’s read verse 76.

Yasher 44:76 Twelve years. He was sentenced at 18 years old. And he stayed in prison for 12 years. Eighteen plus twelve, get those calculators out. Of course thirty years old right. He is thirty years old now but we are going to look at what happened between those times that he was in prison. We must understand this.

We have to look at the time period he was confined. Because what the Book of Yasher says is backed up with Scripture and we are going to go to that in just a moment.

So right here we were reading that he was in prison twelve years. He went in there at eighteen. He was in twelve years and released at age thirty. What got him out of prison at age thirty? Let’s go to Genesis chapter 40. We are looking at Yoseph’s time in Egypt. We have to calculate Yoseph’s time so we can get the understanding. They were only in Egypt 430 years. We will read this.

Genesis 40: 1-14, v. 1-4 So they were confined (the baker and cup-bearer) for some time. v. 5-14 Read.

Now let’s go to the Book of Yasher chapter 46. Because Yasher backs up this story. So we read that he interpreted these dreams. So now they know that Yoseph is an interpreter of dreams. So he told the cup-bearer (butler) and lo and behold after those three days, that’s what happened.

Yasher 46:20 ‘After this’ means he remained in prison after he interpreted their dreams. So Yoseph had been in prison TEN years by the time the cup-bearer and baker were brought down there to where he was. When he interpreted those dreams, it was his tenth year in prison. Ten years. So he had to stay two years after, until his time was completed.

Let’s go to Genesis 41. We will be going back to Yasher, back and forth to get this story of Yoseph. I hope y’all are following along and getting the story of Yoseph’s time in Egypt. You will see why this is so significant to that prophesy and our history. Genesis 41.

Genesis 41:1-15, v. 1-8 Read. Now in the Book of Yasher, when you read this story, it says pharaoh got so upset that he called for the death of ALL his magicians and sorcerers who could not interpret his dream because he was so moved and so upset by the dream and nobody (could interpret it). Yasher XLVIII 48:26-29,39. This is why he put out the call to find me someone who can interpret this dream. v. 9-15 So we read right here that Yoseph is about to interpret pharaoh’s dream.

Let’s go to Yasher 48. We are going to get more understanding of this right here, when Yoseph interpreted pharaoh’s dream. Because it was a lot that went behind it. Some very profound things happened. Now remember, we are talking about a two-year time period. Remember Yoseph interpreted their dream in his tenth year in prison. Two years passed then pharaoh had this dream and then the cup-bearer remembered Yoseph, 2 years later. So now we are at the twelve-year mark. This is what is going to get him out of the prison. After his 12 years, this is what will bring him out of the prison. Because pharaoh called him out to interpret his dream.

Yasher 48:44-64, v. 44 You have all this ritual stuff going on here. There were seventy steps that you had to go up to the king. And only certain men could come up those seventy steps. v. 45-64 This is what brought Yoseph out of prison. He interpreted pharaoh’s dream when nobody in the land of Egypt could do it.

Let’s go to Genesis 41:39-44, So we can set up this time period. Remember Yoseph was brought into Egypt. His brothers done away with him, you know got him sold into Egypt at seventeen. Yoseph stayed 12 years in prison. He was released from prison at age 30 and he interpreted pharaoh’s dream at age 30.

Genesis 41:39-44 Bling-blinging BOY! That’s what it was. Wow, so our brother Yoseph is a ruler in Egypt now. Thirty years old, keep that in mind, when he became a ruler in Egypt. Second in command. No more suffering for him. Pharaoh is so happy that he gave him rule over all of Egypt.

Let’s go to the Book of Yasher chapter 49 XLVIX. Do you know why I want to go to the Book of Yasher to read this? Because it gives us more detail. I want you to notice how they view Yoseph, the Egyptians. I want you to view that because they looked at him in high esteem. Yoseph saved the Egyptians by the interpretation that Yah gave him. Egypt was saved from the famine and the people of Egypt appreciated that, tht this Hebrew brother did that for them.

Yasher 49, we are picking up on this story when pharaoh made Yoseph the second in command in Egypt. This is the same story but the Book of Yasher is going to give us a little more detail. This is Yoseph at 30 years old.

Yasher 49:20-34, v. 20-22 Do you know what? Yoseph was made a god before the face of the people. People were bowing down to Yoseph. v. 23-26 Look at this. He is like a dignitary. You know like we were talking about in the lesson about satan. About when the music, the trumpets and harps are played to announce the presence…you know the president has his own song, the presidential song. Dun, dun, dun, dun, da, dun, dun, dun dun…you know. this is the same thing happening to Yoseph. v. 27 Do you see that? They are perfuming the road like in that movie, Coming to America, you know when the king walked they were putting the rose petals out. This is how they looked at Yoseph. Yoseph was a ruler in Egypt. v. 28 Look at this. They were worshipping Yoseph. v. 29 Read. v. 30 Now remember Yah told us in the Book of Exodus that Abraham, Isaac, and Yahqob didn’t know His name. They didn’t know His name, Yah. So they called Him, The Power Almighty. This is what He was known as. And so as His name was re-instituted back into the earth through the children of Ysrayl, we referred to Him as that, the Almighty Power.

v. 31-32 Read. v. 33 Do you know what a high place is family? It’s those pagan offering and temples. They made a high place for him. v. 34 They were worshipping Yoseph. That is how much power he had in Egypt. This is Yoseph at 30 years old. He was 30 years old when he stood before pharaoh and interpreted his dream. Eighteen years old when he was thrown into prison plus twelve years that he stayed in prison. He got out at thirty. Let’s go to Genesis 41.

Genesis 41:46 Ain’t that the same number we (calculated)? So we have validated that Yoseph was thirty years old. Right? When he stood before pharaoh. The Book of Yasher told us that. It said he went to prison at eighteen years old. He came into Egypt at 17 and went to prison at 18. He stayed in there 12 years. Came out at 30. It’s been validated. He was 30 years old.

Let’s go to Yasher chapter 50 (L). Now Yoseph is second in command in Egypt. Yoseph has 2 sons in Egypt. How old was he when he had those two sons? Ephraim and Manasses.

Yasher 50:15-17, v. 15 He was 34 years old. So this is four years after he interpreted pharaoh’s dream. So Yoseph was in power 2 years when he had 2 sons. v. 16-17 Look at that. Yoseph’s children were brought up with the king’s children. They were like two princes. Yoseph’s children grew up with the kings. Yoseph is 34 years old now.

Remember Yoseph interpreted pharaoh’s dream. We have 14 years here that we are talking about, 7 good years and 7 bad years. The 7 good years, we will read had passed from the time that Yoseph interpreted pharaoh’s dream at 30 years old. We see that the 7 good years had passed. So Yoseph is now 37 years old, when the 7 good years are gone. When the bad years start, in the first year of the famine, Yoseph was now 38 years old. Once again the 7 good years had passed. Yoseph is 30 years old. So by 30 and for 7 years, Egypt flourished…prosperous. So he is 37 years old at the end of the prosperous years. So he is 38 at the first year of the famine.

Let’s go to Genesis 41. Now Yoseph was 39 by the time that he revealed himself to his brothers. And we are going to talk about that story because what happened was that the famine covered all the land of Egypt and all the way over to Canaan, where Yoseph’s brothers, father, his family dwelled. Where the Hebrews dwelled. So over in the land of Canaan there was famine. But in Egypt because Yoseph had interpreted properly, Yah gave him the proper interpretation, Egypt was able to prepare. During the famine, Egyptians were still eating because they had prepared. This is a lesson within itself. If you know trouble is coming…prepare for it.

So by the time he revealed himself to his brothers, they didn’t know that Yoseph was their brother. When their father sent them down to Egypt to buy grain from the Egyptians, they didn’t know that the man standing before them was their brother Yoseph. Because he was only 17 years old when they did away with him. Now he’s a man of 38. and he is standing before them as a powerful Egyptian king. So they had no clue that this was their brother Yoseph. No way. Yoseph knew it was them. He knew them. When Yoseph revealed himself it was in the second year of the famine. Yoseph was 39 by this time, when he revealed to his family who he was.

Genesis 41:53-57, v. 53-54 Read. Alright let’s go over to the Book of Yasher chapter 50.

Yasher 50:18 So Yoseph was 37 in the good years. Now he is going into the bad years at 38 years old.

So the children of Ysrayl came down and they would buy bread. So Yoseph made himself known to them. I want you to see these time periods. Let’s go to Genesis 45.

Genesis 45:1-11, v. 1 So Yoseph got everybody out of the room. This is when he’s going to make his appearance to his brothers ‘hey this is me’. v. 2-3 They were like ‘what’? They are in shock. v. 4-5 Do you see that? It looked like a tragic situation but Yah sent them there to preserve their lives. v. 6 Do you see that? Here is the time period, Genesis 45:6. So we are now 2 years into the famine. Yoseph is 39 years old. He said there is 5 years remaining (of the famine). So when he revealed himself to his brothers, that it is him Yoseph that they sold, he was 39 years old.  Thirty-nine years old. There’s 5 years remaining in the famine now. This si the 9th year of pharaoh’s dream. There was 7 years of plenty. Now we are in 2 years of bad. Yoseph is 39 years old. He interpreted that dream at 30. Let’s continue. Let’s go to Genesis 46.

Genesis 46:1-5 So when pharaoh found out that Yoseph had found his brothers, pharaoh was happy. And so pharaoh sent down wagons on behalf of Yoseph to pick up Yoseph’s family. Do you see this? Yoseph is 39 years old.

Now let’s look at this. Let’s go to the Book of Yasher chapter 55. We are going to see the children of Ysrayl coming down into Egypt 70 in number. There were only 70 of the house of Yahqob and all 70 came down to Egypt during the time of Yoseph’s rule. Remember Yoseph came in and was a great man. They were bowing down to his presence. They built a high place to this man. And pharaoh was so happy, that pharaoh sent his own wagons to go down to pick up Yahqob and his household. So when that happened that began our 430 year count. We are going to see.

Yasher 55:7-26, v. 7-9 This is the same thing that happened with Yoseph in Egypt. Now it’s happening to the household of Yahqob. They ae going out to meet a god. As though they are going out to meet very important people. This is how they looked at the house of Yoseph. v. 10 Pharaoh said no don’t put your crown on, put mine on. Your father needs to see you like this. v. 11-13 So I’m going to stop right here because I just want you to see the magnitude that they looked at Yoseph, the magnitude of how they looked at Yahqob our father. And how they brought us into the land of Egypt.  

Did we sneak into the land of Egypt? Were we brought into Egypt in bondage? We were brought into Egypt as kings. Something to behold, something to worship.

Now remember Yoseph is 39 years old at this time. They only stayed 430 years in Egypt family. Let’s continue. Let’s go to Genesis 46:27. All of the family numbering 70 is in Egypt now.

Genesis 46:27 So now we have the whole house of Yahqob in Egypt. This begins the 430 count down of their stay in Egypt. We have all the Hebrews there now.

Yoseph is 39 years old when all his family is there with him. I know that had to be a marvelous time for our people. Here we are dwelling as one family together, ruling in another land, ruling under another government. We were in their governmental system as rulers. So we can do what we want to do. Right? That’s what happened. So we just read in Genesis 47:26-27 that 70 Hebrews came there.

Let’s go to the Book of Yasher chapter 55. Yoseph is 39 years old as all this is going on. Yoseph is 39 when he reveals himself to his brothers and brings his family into Egypt.

Yasher 55:34-36, v. 34 See pharaoh, when he brought us down, he said, I’m going to give you the best land. This is why he gave us the land of Goshen. It was the best land in Egypt. So pharaoh did not even reserve the best land for his own people. He gave it to us. So we took possession of it. Doesn’t it say that? what is possession? Isn’t that ownership? We dwelled in the land of Goshen and we took ownership of Goshen. v. 35 So Ephraim and Manasseh dwelled with their family. They were part Egyptian. But they said ‘hey we are hanging here to learn about Yah’. v. 36 They were fruitful and multiplied in the land of Goshen. Yoseph was 39 years old. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 47.

Genesis 47:28 Yahqob lived in Egypt 17 years. He lived to be 147 years old. Let’s go to Yasher 56. Get your calculators out.

Yasher 56:1 (17+39=56 years old). Yoseph was 56 at the time of his father’s death. Seventeen of the 430 years had passed by the time Yahqob had passed away. Now remember for this prophesy to be fulfilled they had to be afflicted 400 years in Egypt. They were there 430 passed. So how many years now?(430-17=413). 413 remaining of their sojourn in Egypt. Seventeen years had passed when Yahqob died. Yahqob was the first (to die). So 413 years are remaining for the sojourn. So do you know what that means? Thirteen years after the death of Yahqob, the affliction of the children of Ysrayl should have begun in Egypt in order to fulfill this prophesy.

Now let’s look at this. When Yahqob died what was the standing of the children of Ysrayl with the Egyptians? In that 17 year time period, Yoseph was still second in command. But were the children of Ysrayl still in good favor at the death of Yahqob? Let’s see.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 50. Seventeen years after arriving in Egypt, what was our relationship with the Egyptians at the death of our father Yahqob? Did we get put to oppression (at Yahqob’s death)?

Genesis 50:1-3, v. 1 Remember Yoseph is 56 years old at this time. He came into Egypt at 17. Now he’s 56. v. 2-3 Embalming was a practice done in Egypt but it was done for the rich and royalty. The common man could not afford to be embalmed. So they just threw him into the ground. He couldn’t afford the mummy wraps and all that stuff. So they just threw him (the common man) into the ground.

So by Yahqob our father being embalmed and the Egyptians mourning for him, 17 years after we entered into Egypt we were still in good favor. Let’s prove this. Let’s go to Yasher 56. All I’m trying to do here is just show what it is saying here because we have to calculate that time period. Yah doesn’t work in halves. He works in (completion?). If he say this thing is going to happen, it’s going to happen. Because he told Abraham know for certain. So if he is telling Abraham to know for certain, that his seed shall be a sojourner in a land that is not theirs and they shall serve them and they shall afflict them, 400 years. You better believe that, that 400 years has to be complete. So now Yoseph is 56 years old at the death of his father.

Yasher 56:22-30 Do you see that? Does that sound like after the first 17 years that they were there, the death of Yahqob, did it sound like they were under oppression yet? The whole land was mourning for the passing of our Hebrew father, our Israylite father. Our Hebrew (I say) because we are the children of Ysrayl.

We are the Israylites. We are the descendants of Ysrayl. So he was a Hebrew and they mourned over him. And if you go on to read in the Book of Yasher, it tells you of the great mourning that the people had. So 17 years into our 430 year stay, we are still in charge of Egypt. Let’s go to Genesis 50. this is Yoseph at 56 years old.

Genesis 50:10-11 The Canaanites thought this was a mourning for the Egyptians. But they were all mourning over a Hebrew. The father of the second in command. A very grievous mourning. So we see the first 17 years he’s still in good favor.

So there are 13 years left fo the affliction to begin for this prophesy to be fulfilled in Egypt. Let’s go to Yasher 58. Remember that means that this great man Yoseph, this great man in Egypt who they built a high place and was worshipping him, that means that 13 years after his father died he should have been a slave. He should have been afflicted evil by the Egyptians…Yoseph himself the great Yoseph. For this prophesy to be fulfilled in Egypt that’s what we are reading here.

Yasher 58:1-13,30, v. 1 So the pharaoh died. It was the 32nd year of the Israylites going down into Egypt with Yahqob bringing all his family there. It was the 71st year of the life of Yoseph. Yoseph is 71 years old. It is 32 years that the Israylites were down in Egypt. this is when the pharaoh that Yoseph served under died. So they were there 430 years total. This is the 32nd year before we read any farther. So 32 years have passed since the children of Ysrayl were in Egypt and they were only there 430 years. So how much time do they have left in Egypt now for their sojourn? (430-32=398 years).

We are going to read and see if Yoseh was being mistreated. Yep, 398 years. So we could stop right here. Because they only have 398 years of the 430 years that they stayed in Egypt and what’s so important about that is we will see that Scripture says that from the same day that Yah brought them into Egypt, 430 years later they left out on that exact same day. So they knew the exact day that they came into Egypt. That’s when this big parade took place, when all of Egypt went down to get Yahqob and bring him up into Egypt. So they knew the day that they went in there. That’s why they were able to say hey…the same day we came in is the same day we went out, 430 years later so they didn’t stay a minute over 430 years.

Let’s continue. Verse 1 read again. v. 2-3 They loved Yoseph. And Yoseph was still alive. Yoseph was just 71 years old here. They still loved him saying Yoseph keep your same position. You keep your same position you had with us. Only Margon will be over you. v. 4-6 Yoseph is still 71 years old here. v. 7 Yoseph was ruling Egypt family, at 71 years old. Thirty-two years into the say of the children of Ysrayl in Egypt, Yoseph was ruling the land. v. 8 This don’t sound like an afflicted man to me. v. 9-13 All his days, that’s right Yoseph was NOT a slave. He ruled Egypt. And it said that all his brothers dwelled securely in the land all the days of Yoseph. How long did Yoseph live? Right here Yoseph is 71 years old. How long did he reign? Let’s see. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 50. So 71 years old Yoseph is still ruling the land. This is the 32nd year of the children of Ysrayl being down there.

Genesis 50:22-24 Look at that. Do you see that? He was 110 years old. And we just read that his breathen dwelled securely in the land all the days of Yoseph. Yoseph was a great grand daddy when he died,to the third generation. And he lived in peace. He lived in esteem (glory).

Let’s go to the Book of Yasher chapter 59. There was no oppression of the children of Ysrayl in the days of Yoseph. In order for that prophesy to be fulfilled, 30 years after entering Egypt they should have begun the oppression…the affliction Yoseph was ruling the land. He even ruled more lands than pharaoh was ruling. They brought gifts to Yoseph.

Yasher 59:19-20, 25-28, v. 19-20 Do you see that? He lived in Egypt 93 years. (110-17=93). He came in when he was 17 years old and he died at 110. v. 25-28 So when Yoseph died the pharaoh got the laws back because Yoseph was the administrator of the laws of the land.

So this gives you understanding of why we came up out of Egypt a mixed multitude. Because if we were ruling Egypt and we are prospering what do you think that we are teaching the Egyptians? They had already been told to listen to us. What do you think we were teaching them? So when it was time to go why do you think a mixed multitude came up out of there? HalleluYah, halleluYah.

So we read that Yoseph died at the 71st year. We had been in Egypt 71 years by the death of Yoseph. (430-71=359). Calculate it because this is what we have to do mathematicians. This is what it takes family. We just can’t throw blanket stuff (general statements) out there. This is what the Scriptures are providing for us. This is what it said. We know that 30 years after they entered as a nation of people, as that clan because we grew into a nation in Egypt. We came in as a clan, just a family 70 deep. Which is not that big of a family, you know. I have seen families where 70 live in one building. And that’s one or two of grandma’s ten kids. So they came in as a small clan. And they grew in Egypt. Yah provided for them in our first stay there. He provided room for us to prosper so we could grow into a nation. He gave that opportunity and he blessed our hand down there. To where we were the head and this is what made the Egyptians come against us when they noticed that. ‘Hey this land is filled with them’. ‘Let us deal wisely with these people’. (Exodus chapter 1)

So 71 of 430 years of sojourning in Egypt had passed without any signs of affliction or oppression. Yoseph was still in high, extreme favor with Egypt when he died. So now we are looking at 359 years (until Exodus) at the death of Yoseph. How can you get 400 years of affliction out of that? And the oppression did not begin soon as Yoseph hit the ground. Yoseph was embalmed. They mourned for him. They put him in a coffin. They did all that stuff. Scripture says in Exodus chapter 1 that the oppression started after the entire generation that came down into Egypt, after that entire generation had died (the 70). Scripture says that, that’s when the oppression started. Exodus chapter 1.

Family what I will have to do is break this down into two parts. And we will come back next week and we will look at the connection that this prophesy has with Mystery Babylon. We will look at the connection that it has with Yah’s last deliverance of the children of Ysrayl. So you can understand. Like I said, there has to be a process of elimination. Who is fitting this prophesy? What has Yah said? Abraham your seed shall be a sojourner in a land that is not theirs and they shall be afflicted 400 years. That’s the criteria for the fulfillment of this prophesy. That’s it. He didn’t say Abraham listen, two of the twelve tribes have to fulfill…no He didn’t give a number like that. We are the children of Abraham, here we are. Look around the world, who else? The process of elimination, who else could be fulfilling this?

In 1619, Yah said this…let me go back, before I go to Exodus chapter 1 and before I close out. I want to go back to Genesis 15. Because there is something very interesting that Yah says here. v. 13 Look at that. Know for sure that your descendants will be a stranger in a land that is not theirs. The first thing before he even mentioned anything else is that He said they shall serve them. Look up the record. When we came here in 1619, we came here as they call it ‘servants’ and that we were made into slaves. But slavery is not all that takes place with this affliction. Look at us, when have we ever had times of peace in this country as a nation? Slavery, discrimination, lynchings…these people made entire laws against us. We came here under oppression. Who else could fit (this prophesy)? If there…by the time of Yoseph’s death at 110 years old and that 400 year had not happened, the 400 years of affliction had not happened. Then where in the world can it happen? The Scriptures did not say and we will look at next week. We will look at Psalms chapter 105. We will look at Acts chapter 7. and let me just read Acts 7:6 real quick. This is ahki (brother) Stephenos just reciting Scripture here. Look at what he says.

Acts 7:6 Now he mentions hee, the 400 years too. We went to other translations, it’s all saying the same thing. We have been enslaved here. We have been mistreated here. Yes the children of Ysrayl were afflicted in their later stay in Egypt. We are not denying that. But in order for the fullness of that prophesy to be…there had to be that 400 years of affliction. Dred Scott…see we are going to go next week…we are going to Yah willing to be able to take an in debt look at our mistreatment in this land. And we are going to connect it to Yah destroying Babylon because we have to cover verse 14. We dealt with verse 13 of Genesis 15 today. We showed verses 15 and 16 but in terms of this 400 year prophesy, next week we will talk about Genesis 15:14, the judgment of this nation. So that’s all we are saying here. This is Yah’s work. This is what the Father has to say. He said 400 years. Everywhere you see that prophesy mentioned, it all says the same …affliction…mistreated for 400 years… affliction mistreated for 400 years. This is what it all says everywhere.

So like I said, if you say that we were brought but what about the Dominicans? Well what about them? If they are not serving for the 400 years, if they have been there 500 years…that’s the process of elimination,  like Esau was eliminated from being that seed. Ishmaelites were eliminated from being that seed. It’s a process of elimination. Because Yah’s prophesy is exact. All it takes…see there’s some that believe that the North American Israylites are just the tribe of Judah (Yahudah) which there is no Scriptural reference for that. There’s no historical documentation for that. What makes you think that all 12 tribes of this 30-40 million Israylites that are in North America in the United States , what makes you think that all 12 tribes are not represented here? Whose to say that only Judah is here? And if you say that where is you evidence? So the children of Ysrayl are here. The seed of Abraham is here.

So family, Israylites, that’s what it is. We took out our calculators. We calculated the time of Egypt. We looked at Yoseph’s stay because that’s when everything began. What I wanted to do is make that comparison by the Bible, to show you the Bible and the Book of Yasher. Because we are going with the 66 (books of the Bible) here. This is what the 66 says but both books say the same thing about Yoseph dying at 110 years old. He still was in favor with the Egyptians when he died.

Next week will be part 2 of Genesis 15. We will talk about Mystery Babylon. We will show Yah’s plan of salvation is going to wrap up with Babylon and the children of Ysrayl being released. Because this is a signal to the world. Yet we are going to go into Scripture, let me not even get ahead of myself. Because if I get ahead of myself some of you may not even understand what I am saying. You may twist my words. So I am going to let the Scriptures speak. So come back next week and we will continue with part 2 of Genesis 15, 400 years in a foreign land.

We are going to connect Mystery Babylon. We are going to connect Deuteronomy 28:68. Why did Yah say I’m sending you back into Egypt and then in Isaiah 19 say we are going to be in Egypt and the borders of your land will be in Egypt? All that means something. You were BORN as a nation in Egypt. Prior to that you were a clan, a family. The fulfillment of the prophesy that Yah spoke that you shall have this numerous seed. When we were in Egypt, we set up shop in our land.

Now look at this and I am going to end with this: We are on the other side of the land. What I mean by that is this: I’m not saying physically because physically we are all on the other side of the world from the land. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about prior, in Egypt, we had not taken up shop in the land. We had not as a NATION spilled our blood there. We had not as a nation raised our children there. That was only after we came out of Egypt. Now hee we are on the other side in captivity because of our disobedience and now we have to go back into the land family. When we are returned back, that is OUR land now. Our blood is there. Our Messiyah’s blood is there. The blood of all our righteous prophets are there. So now that’s home. And we are in a land that is not ours. We had nothing to do with the formation of this land. Yoseph ruled in Egypt. We have never ruled here. Yoseph made laws for the government of Egypt. We have never done that. Barack Obama is not one of us. So we are in a land truly not ours. What Yoseph said to those people… they went to follow. We have never done that here. This land truly has nothing to do with us except being a prison for us. HalleluYah. I relinquish the mic family.

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Genesis 15:13: Four Hundred Years in a Foreign Land p. 3

This lesson is from 2010.

We are going to go from the Bible to the Book of Yasher and the Book of Yasher back to the Bible. We will use the Book of Yashere a lot as we count down the time period of the children of Ysrayl in Egypt and see if they suffered for a period of 400 years. That’s the key to understanding this prophesy, is that this prophesy had to be fulfilled with a 400 year time period. That’s the exact Word that Yah gave. There’s no working around that. None at all. So we are going to look at some issues here. We will begin (by) looking at that prophesy mentioned in Genesis chapter 15. We will start reading from verse 1 down to verse 21. We will look at the significance of Yah giving this prophesy to Abraham. And we will look at the significance at even the border lines of the land where Yah promised Abraham and Abraham’s seed. And then we have to go into Scripture to see what branch of Abraham’s seed is Yah even speaking about because when Yah gave this prophesy, Abraham had no children. So we are going to look and see from Scripture just who Yah is speaking about. Yah did a process of elimination to let you know the seed. Because Abraham…the Edomites are Abraham’s seed. The Ishmaelites are Abraham’s seed and many of the Arab’s claim descent from the Ishmaelites.

So let’s go to the Book of Genesis. Bereshith chapter 15 and we are going to start reading at verse 1 through 21. I hope someone has the reel-to-reel going. I hope that broke-man (studio) engineers are rolling the reel-to-reel. Alright, Genesis 15, we use the translation called The Scriptures here but if you use The King James Version of the Bible translation that will do too. We may be going back and forth from the Scriptures translation to the King James. You know that’s all they are, are Scripture translations. That’s it. Don’t make a big to-do about all this and that. You still need Yah’s Ruach to understand Yah’s Word. That is a must. Alright here we go. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 15.

Genesis 15:1-21, v. 1 Now this is our father Abraham before his name was actually changed to Abraham, his name was Abram. So we are right here with our father Abraham and his name change is very significant also because the name Abraham means father of a multitude. That is what he became once Yah blessed him and blessed his seed. But we will get into that. v. 2-3 So right here we are seeing father Abraham has no children. He’s like hey the one that is going to be my heir is not even my seed. He’s not even my physical son. He’s not my blood descendant. v. 4 From your loin, blood, genetics, body will by your heir. v. 5 So He’s promising him that his seed is going to be exceedingly great, as the stars of the heavens. Now Abraham went out there and you know wherever Abraham was, it was pitch black and you could see the stars clearly at night.

Like you can in some parts of the United States and other places around the world where the light is not being drowned out with the street lights and all that extra lighting. You have just the pure light of the moon and you can see the stars. So Yah showed him this. Yah said if you can count these stars, so are your seed. Now this is significant to a man who has no children. And he is being promised by the Creator of All that, I’m going to give you seed as numerous as the stars of heaven. This is a very powerful, a very powerful prophesy that is being spoken here. v. 6-13 Read. I’m going to read that again. We are going to read v. 13 again and again so we can see the fulfillment of this prophesy, where is it happening or has it happened. v. 13-21 So we see here in Genesis chapter 15 and from verses 13-16, Father Yah is giving us three separate prophesies. 

But really quick, I just want to run over to Genesis 16 so we can just see real quick that Abram was still childless.

Genesis 16:1 So we are looking at this, Abram had no children yet Yah is giving him the future of his children. Not only is Yah saying this one particular child that you will have Abraham or even two but an entire generation…seed. That will be multiplied and be as numerous as the stars of the heavens. So when Father Yah gave Abram (this prophesy), He broke it down that his seed will be a sojourner and the King James (translation) talks about being a stranger.

So from Genesis chapter 15:13-16, we are looking at three separate prophesies. These prophesies are mentioned and they are not in any chronological order and so when we look at this, Yah has once again, you must harken on His point. Yah promised a numerous seed, descendants. That’s what seed is…descendants. So in Genesis 15:13-16, let’s read this and  let’s count out these prophesies. Because what we will see is that in verses 13 and 14, we have one prophesy there. Verse 15 is another prophesy. And verse 16 is a third prophesy given. Let’s read Genesis 15:13 again.

Genesis 15:13-14 So these two verses deal with this nation who Abraham’s seed is going to serve and shall be afflicted for a 400 year period. That’s dealing with Genesis 15:13-14. Yah’s dealing with that nation.

In vers 15, Yah tells Abraham, you are going to die at a good old age in peace. Meaning Abraham would not be killed in a war. Abraham would not be murdered. He died in shalom. So that is the second prophesy. Then the third prophesy is that after the sins of the Amorites had reached up to Yah because Yah gives every nation time to repent. There’s a grace period. Man, woman and child is given a grace period in nations. And we see this here with the Amorites and we saw the same thing with Nineveh. That Yah gave them time to repent.

So Yah tells Abraham, it’s not time yet. So He’s giving Abraham a time frame of when his descendants will return to the land. When the sins of the Amorites is complete, when it’s full and there’s no more evil that these people can do. They are going to be displaced. Now when Yah brought us into the land, He gave us the same understanding. That if you start ‘acting up’, that if you start acting wild, if you start acting crazy, you too will be displaced by another nation. That’s what Yah does. This is how He operates. If one nation is wicked, Yah will throw them out and put another nation in their place.

So that is what He is telling Abraham in verse 16. He is giving Abraham that time frame of when his descendants are to come into the land.

Now let’s look at the fulfillment of these prophesies. Let’s look at the first one. Let’s look at Abraham dying at a good old age, Abraham dying in shalom. That is one of the prophesies that was given. Now I want to point this out. This is not in a chronological order. Because if they were, Abraham probably would have been told that after his death, his people would spend 400 years in a foreign land and be mistreated for 400 years. Then after they leave that land, they would come back into the land of Canaan in the 4th generation of the Amorites. That would be chronological order. Abraham died first. Then his seed multiplied and they became a nation during that 400 year period—430 years because we will look at that too. That they spent 430 years in Egypt. And so this would have been the order of that prophesy. Abraham you shall die then your seed shall be in a land for 400 years and they shall be mistreated for 400 years. Then they shall come out of that land and go into the land of Canaan and that would be the chronological order BUT that’s NOT given. Yah gives him one prophesy, Genesis 15:13-14. Then a second in Genesis 15:15. And then the third prophesy in Genesis 15:16. Yah spoke three prophesies.

Let’s look at 2 of the 3 prophesies being fulfilled. Then let’s look at the third one. So we will look at first that Abraham died a peaceful death at a good old age. We are going to look at that. That’s been fulfilled. Let’s go to Genesis 25. We have to touch on all three of these (prophesies) and see how they all have happened. And then we will talk about the main one, about that nation being 400 years in a foreign land and being mistreated. That’s the key. You can not overlook that. Yah is exact on this prophesy. Just like He said the children of Ysrayl would spend 70 years in Babylon. They spent 70 years there.

Now I was taught early on, in my understanding that the prophesy meant that the children of Ysrayl would not stay no less than 399 years and they would not stay no more than 499 years. That’s NOT what the prophesy is saying. The prophesy is exact about what it is (saying). Four hundred years in a land that is NOT theirs and they shall be afflicted evil. They shall be mistreated for a 400 year period.

Genesis 25, we are looking at Abraham dying at that good old age. Which Scripture says that he did. Like I said take your calculators out. We are going to do a little simple math, a little adding and subtraction. Real simple. Some of y’all are such heavy math geniu’ that you don’t even need your calculator.

Genesis 25:7-8 So good old age, 175 years old. Voila, Genesis 15:15 is fulfilled. We see it here Genesis 25:7-8. Yah promised him that he would die in shalom and he did at a good old age.

Next, let’s look at the Amorites. The Amorites were one of the tribes that lived in the land of Canaan. The Amorites were one of the more powerful ones there too. The Amorites seemed to continue that abominable practice with the fallen ones. Because there king Og was a giant. And so the Amorites as we will read…let’s go to Numbers chapter 21, we will see the fulfillment of that prophesy when the children of Ysrayl came into the land of Canaan and over took it and they displaced the Amorites and the children of Ysrayl were set up in their cities. That was for them.

Numbers 21, we are looking at the Amorite prophesy being fulfilled.

Numbers 21:25-26,31 So this is what Yah said. Right? Abraham in the fourth generation your children will come here because the sins of the Amorites had not yet been complete. So this is what Yah is saying. And these are those prophesies being fulfilled. So Abraham died at a good old age. The Amorites were displaced and replaced by the children of Ysrayl. And this was fulfilling 2 of the 3 prophesies.

Now let’s look at the 3rd prophesy that’s in Genesis 15:13-14. Now verse 13 speaks about the 400 years in a foreign land. We are going to read that and then we will look at some key points. That in order to find out how this prophesy has been fulfilled or is it being fulfilled. We must understand these key points that are concerning this prophesy. Genesis 15:13-14, it says and He said to Abram know for certain that your seed are to be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. v. 14 But the nation whom they serve, I am going to judge and afterward let them come out with great possessions.

Now, the children of Ysrayl…but real quick before we go to that. The points that we will look at right here is that Abram’s seed shall be sojourners or strangers in a land that’s not theirs. They shall be in servitude. They shall be afflicted for a period of 400 years. That nation will face direct judgment of Yah. Once we understand these points, it is easy…I can’t find another word for it. See, the greater understanding, is Yah’s plan of salvation and how that plan is going to go into operation and how Yah is going to destroy Mystery Babylon and how Yah sent his people directly into Mystery Babylon and how Mystery Babylon relates directly to this prophesy. That’s what we want to show in this lesson today.

So we are going to look at these points here. The first point to consider, Yah said ‘Abram know for certain’. Whenever Yah say know for certain, you know that whatever He is talking about is going to certainly happen. ‘That your seed are going to be sojourners in a land’. Let’s stop right there. Because Abraham had many children. Now we know that Yah in this chapter was speaking to Abraham when he had no children. But Abram and his name was changed to Abraham because he became a father to a multitude of many nations upon the earth.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 16. We are going to see the birth of Abraham’s first child. His first child was not born through his wife Sarah but his first child was born through his wife’s servant Hagar, the Egyptian. So let’s look at this because Yah said ‘your seed’. He didn’t identify. Now Yah knew all the seed that Abraham would ever have. He knows each and every Israylite before the Israylite is even born. So Yah did not give any specific name to Abraham’s seed…just ‘your seed’ Abram. So do you know what? In order for this prophesy to be fulfilled, all it takes is Abraham’s seed, those true descendants of Abraham. We are going to break it down and we are going to see what branch of Abraham’s seed Yah is speaking about because as I stated and what I will show is that Abraham had many seeds. So there had to be a process of elimination to get clearer understanding to know who Yah is talking about in Abraham ‘your seed’.

Genesis 16, we are going to see this seed that Yah is speaking about because Abraham had a lot of seed, important. But when Yah spoke the prophesy in Genesis 15, he had no children.

Genesis 16:2-12 So this is the birth of Abraham’s first-born son Ishmael. Now many of the Arabs today trace their descent to Ishmael. But we know that many of the Arabs are a conglomerate of people But there are some true Arabs that are the descendants of Ishmael and the malakim said that he shall be a wild man. Wild Arabs but that is a lesson for another day. But this is the birth of Abraham’s first son. Now remember in Genesis 15, Abraham had no children. Now we are in Genesis 16 and Abraham has a son. The birth of Ishmael.

So does the seed that Yah speaks about in Genesis 15, is this Ishmael? Because this is Abraham’s son and seed just means descendant. So this is a descendant of Abraham. So is this whom Yah is speaking of? Let’s look at Scripture and see.

Let’s go to Genesis 25. This is going to be part 1 because I don’t think I’m going to be able to get in everything this week that I want to. So we may come back next week and put up a part 2. So we can get a deeper understanding of that final deliverance of the nation of Ysrayl. Because this is the final captivity. There are no more exiles. There are no more captivities after this one. There are no more movements. This is the final movement.

Genesis 25:1-6, v. 1-4 Read. v. 5 Now we will talk about Yitzshaq (Isaac) in just a minute. But you see that Abraham had these other children. v. 6 Now, Abraham had a lot of seed here. We know that he had Ishmael, his first-born son. and in our culture the first-born son is the one who gets the bulk of the inheritance because the first-born son is supposed to be the one to leave his father’s house and when he goes from his father’s house he needs possessions to take into his house so he can provide for his family. So this is why the first-born son gets the bulk of the inheritance. So Ishmael was supposed to get the inheritance of the first-born son.

But Yah speaks about this, is it speaking about these children? Because Yah just said ‘your seed Abraham’. That’s all the requirement is Abraham, is your seed. But let’s see what Yah has to say about this thing. Because we are going to see now the birth of Abraham’s son Isaac whom he had with his wife Sarah. Now these children we just read, he had with Keturah. He had Ishmael with Hagar.

But now we are going to see the child that Yah promised him by his wife Sarah. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 17. Because we have to understand the seed of Abraham. We must understand. That has to be the foundation for us to understand this prophesy, is understanding the seed of Abraham.

Genesis 17:19,21, v. 19 So Yah is going to establish the covenant with Isaac the son Abraham had with Sarah. So Yah made a covenant with Abraham and that covenant is going to pass from Abraham not to Ishmael, not to Abraham’s other children but it’s going to Isaac. v. 21 So now we are getting a name for the seed of Abraham. We see where that covenant is being traced. It is being traced from the hand of Abraham to his son Isaac. Then we will see what hand it goes from Isaac because Isaac himself had 2 sons. Let’s go to Genesis 21.

Genesis 21:12 There we go. Isaac is the bearer of the seed of Abraham. Out of all of Abraham’s children, Yah chose Isaac to bear the covenant, to bear the seed.

So let’s look at this because Isaac as I stated had 2 sons, Esau and Yahqob. Remember the bulk of the inheritance is supposed to go to the first-born son. He is supposed to inherit the greater inheritance of the father. Because we are going to see a situation happening where that did not happen. Let’s go to Genesis 25.

I hope that you all are following along and you are not getting lost or anything. This is foundational information that we must have to establish the understanding that we are trying to bring forth here.

Genesis 25, we are just going to let the Word of Yah speak for the Word of Yah. We are going to let the Word of Yah interpret the Word of Yah.

Genesis 25:19-26, v. 19-21 Read. v. 22 So she went to ask Yah. v. 23-24 These are Isaac’s sons. Right? He has twin boys about to be born. Yah has already placed the covenant in Isaac’s hands. In Isaac your seed shall be called said Yah. Now Isaac has two sons. So what is he going to do? Where is that covenant going to travel then? v. 25-26 So he has 2 sons here Jacob and Esau.

So we know the story. No need to go through the whole story. His descendants are descendants of Abraham too. Abraham was his grandfather, so he is a descendant and so are his children. But we know that in Isaac that seed shall be called. We know the story of what happened between Jacob and Esau. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for red stew. He became Edom. Jacob took over the birthright and so now Jacob is seen as the first-born. Yahqob went in and got the blessings of the first-born and now he is the chosen seed.

Now the covenant has gone from Abraham to Yitzshaq to Yahqob. Yahqob put the covenant in the hands of his 12 sons, which are the progenitors of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl which make up our nation.

So Genesis 15:13 know for certain Abram that your seed, the children of Ysrayl shall be strangers in a land that is not theirs. That’s what the prophesy has unveiled to us by Yah giving us the process of elimination. Yah gave us a process to figure out who this seed is referring to. And other seed of Abraham had to be eliminated from this process. The seed of Esau had to be taken out. The seed from Keturah had to be taken out. Ishmael had to be taken out. So Yah showed us in Isaac, your seed shall be called. So he is talking about the children of Ysrayl. He is talking about the chosen seed as the ones to fulfill this prophesy.

Now what’s the point in this? Because we must understand, Yah said Abram know for certain that your seed. He did not say Abram know for certain that all 12 tribes of your seed. He didn’t say know for certain that only 2 tribes, He didn’t say this. He only said the qualifications of the prophesy to be fulfilled is that ‘the seed of Abraham’…who are the children of Ysrayl, that will be in a land that is not theirs and be afflicted for four hundred years and be in service to the people of that land. This is what the prophesy says. So if you add anything on to that, that’s your own doing. That’s not the Word of Yah. So we see right now that we have 30-40 million of the seed of Abraham in exile, came into this land in servitude. (Have) been here nearly four hundred years. So we are going to break all that down. So we can get a greater clarity. Because it could not have happened in Egypt. Because the time frame that the Scriptures themselves give us does not calculate to 400 years of affliction.

Let’s look at another point here. Let’s go to Genesis 15. This verse is very important to understand.

Genesis 15:18 Now Yah said I gave you the land of Egypt. I’m giving you the borders of your land from Egypt to Iraq, from the river of Egypt. What river is in Egypt? The longest river in the world. The Nile River. It starts in northern Egypt and goes down into modern Ethiopia. So from the border of the Nile River to the River Euphrates. That’s the borders of your land. When has the chosen seed of Abraham ever dwelled in those borders? We can’t validate that from Scripture. We did not even give Yah enough time to bless us to be in those borders because as soon as we got in the land, we started acting up. And here we are to this day. So that’s for a FUTURE time. And what future time is that? Because the future time that we are looking at is related to this prophesy here.

Why did Yah chose the river of the border of Egypt and the river Euphrates? These are our borders. This is our land. Now let me just explain something. When we lived in Egypt and we will look at this, our stay in Egypt, for 430 years, we will look at all that. But when we were in Egypt, do you know we lived in a land called Goshen? We are Israylites, we know this. This is like teaching your child 1, 2, 3’s in kindergarten. Right? We know we lived in Goshen. Goshen was situated close to the Nile River. Where do you think Moses’ mother put him when she tried to get him away from pharaoh? She put him in the Nile River. Because Goshen was located next to the Nile River. So if you want to say that the borders are only at the border, at the Nile River (or say) it’s no further than the Nile River…well Goshen was next to the Nile River. So is that much going to be apart of our land? Let me  just show you something here.

Let’s go to…see that’s not even the point to this prophesy but it is one of the points that we need to understand to have a better clarity. Just the border that Yah gave us of our land and Yah does not lie. If He said from the River of Egypt and the Nile River runs through the whole land of Egypt. So are you going to say ‘oh Yah is talking about here at the middle of the Nile and He’s not talking about in the Upper Nile’. That’s adding on (to His Word). Yah said from the River of Egypt. Right? And the river covers the whole land of Egypt.

But let’s go to Genesis chapter 2. I am going to show you something very interesting about these borders here. Genesis chapter 2. We are going to look at Ysrayl’s time in Egypt because once we get the count down, once we get the understanding, how can you make this prophesy fit Egypt? (This is) a very significant prophesy. Somebody is lying. It’s either man or Yah. Who’s the liar? Because Yah gave us an exact time period of 400 years of affliction. He didn’t just say, you will be in a land for 400 years, a land not yours. That is not a prophesy. That is not a strong prophesy. Do you know why? Because the children of Ysrayl have been scattered for many years. But Yah is exact about this prophesy…they shall be afflicted. There we go. Now that separates all the other captivities jus like we had to separate all the seed of Abraham to find out who Yah is speaking about. We have to separate all the captivities of the children of Ysrayl to pinpoint that one captivity where the children of Ysrayl are in a 400 year time span where they shall be afflicted evil. Treated EVIL.

So if the Israylites came over here and they are in Brazil and they have been there 500 years…process of elimination. If they have been in Puerto Rico for 600 years… process of elimination. If they have been in Jamaica for 200 years and have not been afflicted evil…process of elimination. That’s all it is. Because Yah is clear on how this prophesy is. Abraham know for certain, right? Know for certain that this is going to be done, Abraham. Your seed shall be a stranger and the children of Ysrayl did sojourn in Egypt. Yes they did. They lived there but they sojourned in Canaan too. Scripture says that we are sojourners on this earth. So just because they sojourned in Egypt and Scripture says they sojourned there does not make that prophesy fulfilled in Egypt.

What is the key here is that the 400 years of affliction. You must have that. If you can’t find 400 years of affliction in Egypt then that prophesy was not fulfilled in Egypt and we are going to look and we are going to break it down and calculate it. We are going to do abc’s.

Genesis 2, let’s look at these borders from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates. From Egypt to Iraq.

Genesis 2:10-15, v. 10 Now Yah built this place for man, a garden in the place called Eden. Some people think that Eden is the garden. But Scripture tells us that He built this garden and He placed man in the garden. So there were four rivers that went out and divided and became the 4 river heads to water the garden. v. 11-12 Read. v. 13 Now let me stop right here. Cush, brothers and sisters is what we know today as Ethiopia. Ancient Cush was South Egypt in the area we call the Sudan today. This modern land of Ethiopia is not where the Biblical Cushites dwelled. The Biblical Cushites were also known as the Nubians. And they dwelled south of Egypt. We know this because of the records of the Egyptians themselves. They wrote about the people who lived south of them and that is what they referred to them as. So this river covered the entire land of Cush. Just like the Nile River covers from Egypt all the way through. The entire eastern Africa is surrounded by the Nile River. The Nile River runs through it all. It runs down through the Sudan all the way down to the Modern-day Ethiopia.

v. 14 The Euphrates is the last river. (Hiddekel=Tigris) So you see the rivers that bordered the garden of Eden is it coincidence? Doesn’t it sound like it’s the same borders in which Yah gave to Abraham’s descendants who have never dwelled in that area as a nation? Because that is for a set time. When the children of Ysrayl have returned to Yah and Yah’s kingdom has been set up on earth, that will be the borders…at the garden of Eden. How do we know that? Revelation chapter 22. Let’s read that. Revelation 22 tells us about the return of man to the garden because that is something special in the garden for man…for the redeemed of mankind.

Revelation 22:14 The tree of life is in the garden.

(Let’s go to) Genesis chapter 3. When Yah kicked us out of the garden.

Genesis 3:22-24, v. 22 So Yah sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. v. 23-24 Do you see that? The tree of life is being guarded. But Yahoshua told us you have the right (to it) if you keep His commandments. The tree of life is the garden of Eden. And the garden of Eden is in those same borders that Yah promised his seed, that Yah promised Abraham.

And we are going to get a little deeper too. We will show you why did Yah say Egypt. Let’s look at that real quick. Let’s see why Yah said Egypt…from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates. Why didn’t He say from the Jordan River to the Euphrates? Why do we say that?

Let’s go to Yesiyah chapter 19. We are still dealing with the 400 year prophesy here. Isaiah 19, see Yah has a special dealing with this prophesy. Yah is knocking out…or as they say killing two birds with one stone. Yah is knocking out a lot of birds with this one stone. A lot of prophesies are being fulfilled right here, right now. Right before our eyes.

Yesiyah 19:20-25, v. 20-22 Read. v. 23 Now remember whenever you read ‘in that day,’ we are talking prophesy here. v. 24-25 Do you see that? In that day when we are returned to the kingdom, each of us will be Yah’s people because we will be inhabiting that land. That’s why He gave it to us. He has a plan. This is His plan of salvation for man. No other people in this Book other than the children of Ysrayl (and those grafted in) and we just read that the Egyptians are called Yah’s people. This is why He gave us the land of Egypt. From the Nile River to the River Euphrates. We never dwelled as a powerful nation, we never dwelled as Abraham’s seed in that land because that’s for a future time, after this 400 year captivity is up and we have accepted our punishment. And we shall be returned back to our land. HalleluYah.

So let’s go to Exodus 12. We served in Egypt. Right? Yes we did. We served them with rigor. They treated us wrong. Yes they did. But how long did that wrong last? That’s the key. How long did it last?

Exodus 12:40 Only 430 years. So now that’s going to bring us into the meat. That means from the time that all the descendants of our father Yahqob, Ysrayl…from the time all of his descendants came into Egypt, that began the 430 year count. So that means 30 years after they entered Egypt in order for this prophesy to be fulfilled in Egypt, affliction should have started. That’s what this is telling us.

So as I said family, get your calculators out. Let’s look at Ysrayl’s time in Egypt. We can not do this (lesson) without looking at our brother Yoseph’s time in Mizraim. So we are going to look at the story of Yoseph. Because we only spent 430 years there. Only 430 years. So we have to count down, we have to break down how much time we were there from the Scriptures. It gives us that time. It calculates it. And all we have to do is be obedient and humble our hearts to it.

They shall be afflicted 400 years. From the KJV, the King James it says: Genesis 15:13 And He said unto Abram know for surety that your seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. This is what the King James says. The American Standard Version: And He said unto Abram know of a surety that your seed shall be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. The Literal Translation of the Bible: And He said to Abram knowing that you must know that your seed shall be an alien in a land not theirs and they shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. The Scriptures Translation: And He said to Abram know for certain that your seed are to be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years.

So we have all these Scripture translations saying the same thing, that the children of Ysrayl has to be afflicted for 400 years. Wait a minute! Yah knew Egypt. Right? Or was Egypt some type of hidden nation? Did Abraham know Egypt? Was Abraham familiar with the Egyptians? Or is it like these wild ‘brews say that Abraham founded Egypt? That Abraham was the king of Egypt and all this madness that they teach. Why didn’t Yah just come out and say Abraham know for certain that your seed shall be strangers in Egypt for 400 years? Not theirs we have nothing to do with this land here…nothing. We are strangers of the stranger of this land. Not only did our culture make us strangers but everything about us makes us a stranger here. We are the only people in this land and that is a fact, that didn’t come here of our own free will. Can we agree to that? Right? We were not invited to the plate to have dinner with these people. We were invited to be the servants. That’s a fact.

So let’s look at this. Let’s look at Yoseph in Egypt. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 37. Let’s read this and like I said get your calculators out. Or get a pen and paper so you can scribble-scrabble on that. Let’s look at our brother Yoseph’s time in Egypt. Because in order for this prophesy to be fulfilled in Egypt, once again 400 years of affliction.

 Genesis 37:1-2, v. 1 So they were strangers in the land of Canaan? ABSOLUTELY. Just like they were strangers in Egypt. Yah promised them Canaan right. So if you want to say ‘well Obadiyah listen, they were strangers in Egypt and Egypt was their land, why were they strangers’? Canaan was our land too but we sojourned there. We are sojourners on this earth. That’s what Yah says. This earth is not made for Israylites, righteous Israylites. Israylites seeking righteousness. It’s not. Those that want to serve Yahoshua, it’s not. We are not of this world. v. 2 I just wanted to read that and I’m just going to sum up the rest of this but you can go back and read Genesis 37 to get this story (if you want).

What happened was that Yoseph’s brothers, I just wanted to point out that he was 17 years old, everything that I’m about to tell you happened when he was seventeen years old. So Yoseph, his brothers became jealous of him. You know his father made him the coat of many colors and he had the dream of his brothers bowing down to him and all this so they are like ‘hey do you think you are better than us’? He was his father’s favorite, so they were jealous. So they came up with a plot against their brother, they put him in a hole. I guess they wanted him to stay there and die. They took his coat of many colors and put goat’s blood on it and took it to their father Yahqob and said Yoseph has been eaten. He was eaten by a wild animal, he’s gone, he’s dead. So Ysrayl, our father believed that his son Yoseph was dead because this is what (his sons told him). But they actually put him inside of a hole. Now in this hole, some Midianite merchants came and sold him to  Ishmaelites.

These Ishmaelites sold him into slavery in Egypt. Like the descendants of the Ishmaelites sold you, humpf. So that is what happened with Yoseph. Yoseph went into Egypt at 17 years old. He was sold to a man named Potiphar who was the captain of pharaoh’s guard.

Genesis 37:36 So Yoseph was sold into Egyptian slavery at 17 years old. Yoseph worked for Potiphar.