With Great Authority Comes Great Responsibility

It’s almost May y’all. Time is going by fast. It’s hard to keep up with dates. Things are moving fast. Keep up, don’t get lost. Yah’s Spirit is moving fast. A fire ball shot in California to Nevada last Sunday. The people said the sonic boom moved their bodies. The article says it was a meteor crash.Continue reading “With Great Authority Comes Great Responsibility”

Interesting facts about the Tutsi and Ashan

I remember hearing the Israelites say that any time you see one group of ‘Africans’ fighting against another group of ‘Africans’ that the one group of Africans (the descendants of Ham) is really fighting against the Israelites (the descendants of Shem). I remember reading this book back in 2008 about Liberia. It is called TheContinue reading “Interesting facts about the Tutsi and Ashan”

Yah’s will vs. Our Wishes

Yah’s people must have the fruit of the spirit…faith, gentleness, self-control, peace, joy etc. We did a radio show (while down in Florida) on a Christian radio show and she is here now in our Shabbat class. (talks about the lecture given in Longwood, Florida). An elderly lady came up to us after the radioContinue reading “Yah’s will vs. Our Wishes”

The Spiritual Death of Ysrayl

This lesson is called ‘The Spiritual Death, Exile, Return and Resurrection of the children of Ysrayl’ and it’s weird ahki Tobiyah because that text that you just sent me ahk, you know this lesson is going to speak out against that particular doctrine. Because everything that we are doing here and everything that is being done in theContinue reading “The Spiritual Death of Ysrayl”

The One the Prophets Said Would Come p.2

(The class took a snack break) Okay, we looked at Yahoshua being the prophet in Deuteronomy 18:18. We saw that He spoke the words of Yah. We looked at His birth and lineage, that He would be born of a virgin. He was a descendant of Abraham. He was of the tribe of Judah. HeContinue reading “The One the Prophets Said Would Come p.2”

The One the Prophets Said Would Come

Yahoshua MessiYah: The One the Prophets Said Would Come: (The reel-to-reel was already rolling)…on His very existence. So I’m going to explain to you…you know we are going to go through the abc’s. We are going to explain His name…Yahoshua and even what MessiYah means. And then we will go into the lesson and show that allContinue reading “The One the Prophets Said Would Come”

Speaking on Easter and Other Current Events

Count your blessings. We are highly favored. Many wise men sought this truth and never found it. Satan puts burdens on us. He only has the lake to look forward to. The lake of fire is his burden. We have Yahoshua. Believe in Yah. Just have a mustard seed of faith. Good Friday according toContinue reading “Speaking on Easter and Other Current Events”