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With Great Authority Comes Great Responsibility

It’s almost May y’all. Time is going by fast. It’s hard to keep up with dates. Things are moving fast. Keep up, don’t get lost. Yah’s Spirit is moving fast.

A fire ball shot in California to Nevada last Sunday. The people said the sonic boom moved their bodies. The article says it was a meteor crash. Did y’all see in the movie Immortals where the angels were slamming down to earth like fireballs? A light show was going on, on Uranus. Lights were flickering equivalent to the northern lights. Things were also crashing into Saturn. This is no coincidence. Remember, last year a light descended on the temple mount then shot back into the air? We don’t know if it’s fallen or righteous angels. The wicked angels will make themselves known. Don’t be fooled. That ‘meteor crash’ was half the power of an atomic bomb!

There is a newly built aircraft that can fly from New York to California in 12 minutes. This is fallen angel technology.

Be mindful of things going on in the earth. You will inherit the earth, Yah says.

Archeology: They are digging up giants in what they call the mid-east. Every other month there is a new gods movie. They are preparing our minds (for what is about to come).

The NBA: Derrick Rose is the new king of the NBA. There is a GQ magazine article about him out. Michael Jordan is getting slammed in the media, calling him a sell out. The Charlotte Bobcats has the worse record in the NBA. Jordan owns the Charlotte Bobcats. The old king has to die (MJ) so the new king (Derrick Rose) can be crowned. La Bron, Bryant, Jordan all do the baphomet-masonic rituals. La Bron throws up the 6s all the time. Dwayne Wade tried to sacrifice his nephew here in Chicago. MJ is known as the basketball god. Who is MJ’s god? Derrick Rose has the highest selling jersey now. #1 is his number. He is ready to be #1 and take his throne. MJ won 6 championships. MJ’s number was # 23=6 a masonic number (2 x 3). Many Israelites are in masonic orders, sororities, fraternities etc.

How many of you have students loans?(many 7s go up for hands raised) Did you know they have re-instituted debtors prisons? TEXT: (Ohio is one of the states.) The government can lock you up for not paying. I’m one of those that have student loan debt y’all. Medical bills, auto loans and credit cards to included. An article read about a woman taken to jail for a $280 medical bill.

Yah says are debts are cancelled after 7 years. They do this to mock Yah. They remove it off your credit report after 7 years but they don’t relieve your debt…this is wicked. Zimmerman is still walking free but they can pick you up for $280 medical bill that she didn’t even owe.

They arrest people for not paying student loans, did y’all know that? The government is going to own all the property of the U. S. So you will work for the government. This happened in Egypt during the famine. The people sold their land in Egypt to the government to eat. Capitalism is the worst of all -isms. Michael Moore has a documentary about capitalism called ‘capitalism a love story’. I think it is on YouTube. The worst beast is capitalism.

The ‘burbs are nothing more than the working poor. Don’t think you are middle class because you live in the suburbs. Because if you get laid off…you become homeless within 1 or 2 lost paychecks. There is only rich, poor and super poor. The middle class doesn’t exist anymore. Did y’all know many ‘brews have no running water anymore? (I seen this in East Mississippi/West Alabama area of Meridian MS as a teen). TEXT: Job means just about broke.

All we have is Yah. Yah will send you a bird with food for you. He will send a cow for you to eat.

So if they send someone to get you saying where’s my money…just like the mob…the real gangsters are in the white house, the United Nations. You would do better taking out a loan from a loan shark.  Pay-day loans are all in our communities. They allow it. It used to be a crime in our neighborhoods when our people did it. Who owns the property in our communities? Jews. But we live there.

Zimmerman paid 15,000 and got out of jail. He raised 204,000 on his website. We been here since ’99 and we never raised 200,000! He has only been online a few minutes. He is not Hispanic. He is an Ashkenazi Jew. They know if they tell where the money came from, there will be riots.

Jews in NY (or Baltimore ?) just beat up a ‘brew walking through their neighborhood.  Zimmerman’s mom is descended from Afro-Peruvians. She is not Hispanic. Hispanics are Mexican, Puerto Ricans and (?). Peru is not considered Hispanic but Latin. Trayvon was hunted down and he tried to defend himself. Do y’all remember the riots in Los Angeles (back in 92), nothing changed. After those riots it was Mallis Green, Shawn Bell and on and on.

MJ tried to tell you: ‘they dont really care about us’. Steven Spielberg stopped talking to Mike after that song. Look it up (if you don’t believe me). Not all Jews are bad, only the ones that follow the synagogue of satan. They need to know the truth of who they are too. How did they steal our identity? It was Yah’s doing. You disobeyed. Yah allowed this people to do this to make you jealous (like we made Him jealous with our gods).

Why don’t plane engines have a shield on them? It doesn’t sound right. (birds flying into engines).

Lesson: With Great Authority, Comes Great Responsibility: Us as a nation of people, it’s not enough to be an Israelite on Shabbat, knowing the names, or argue about doctrines. John 4:22 reference here. Exodus 19:1-8 Ysrayl is a nation of priests. Ysrayl means to strive, overcome and rule with the Power of Yah. We have great responsibility but it costs. Yahoshua paid the ultimate cost. We too must sacrifice things to stop being of the flesh, to stop sinning.

What is the importance of water immersion? Let’s go to Acts chapter 2.

Acts 2:22-40, v. 22-29 Many people say David is still alive, a false doctrine. He is not in heaven. He is in the grave. v. 30-32 Witnesses (the good news). v. 33-36 Yahoshua was created a man to show us we can do it. Now He is Yahoshua MessiYah who sits at the right hand of the Father. v. 37 People will ask what shall we do to get salvation? v. 38 Answer: Be immersed in the name of Yahoshua MessiYah. Yahoshua was immersed. We come up new men and women with the S.A. Spirit. v. 39 Salvation is for ALL, it says. Show the haters that hate the white man this Scripture. v. 40 Tell people this good news. God, lord, Jesus are not the names. Yahoshua means Yah’s salvation. The brothers taught this back then too.

Acts 3:19-26, v. 19-20 read.  v. 21 See non-messianics, all Yah’s servants spoke of this. v. 22 Moses believed. He knew Yahoshua was coming. Faith according to Hebrews 11:1 is defined. All the prophets did not see Yahoshua but they believed. Expect that your prayers will come to pass. Why do you pray if you don’t expect to be healed or answered by Yah? v. 23 See prophets spoke of Yahoshua. v. 24-25 See this is a great responsibility because all nations will get salvation from us. People follow these wicked rappers, they do follow our people. So it’s important for us to be of the one teaching. This is why they say we are a cult. Because we all believe the same. They accused Shaul of being in a cult. They called Yahoshua a demon.

Jeremiah 23:23-25 Yah called MLK out here. We must speak the truth of Yah. v. 26 Yahoshua was sent for the lost sheep of Ysrayl. He was our example and now we must be an example to the nations. Let’s read about Yahoshua’s immersing.

Matthew 3:16-17 This doesn’t support a trinity doctrine. Yahoshua was on earth. They were not one being. We are one in belief or on one accord. Trinity is Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz. Or Osiris, Isis and Horus; God, Virgin Mary and Jesus. After your water immersing, now you are in the family or body of MessiYah.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Yah put His Set-apart Spirit on Yahoshua after He was immersed. In Acts 2, Kepha said the Set-apart Spirit is a gift. We belong to Yah, we were bought by the blood of MessiYah. Immersing is very important. When we are immersed we become one body, one mind led by the Spirit. Psalm 119:142,151 referenced here. What is truth? John 6:63 referenced here. After immersion, you should be walking in the Spirit of truth.

Ephesians 4:1-7, v. 1 This is important, walk worthy. Be that righteous nation in words and actions. Be the living Torah like MessiYah. v. 2-3 read. v. 4 We are one body, one Spirit, one hope . Spirit is Yah’s Word or Truth. Body means of the body of MessiYah. One faith or be of one law. v. 5 One immersing  in the name of Yahoshua MessiYah. v. 6 One Yah, there are not elohim. We don’t say elohim, gods. Yah has one name not many. He self-existed. The Creator of all, Father of all is Yah. v. 7 The gift of MessiYah is given to us.

Romans 12:1-5, v. 1 present your body as a living offering, spiritually like Yahoshua. Like some days you feel lazy but the Set-apart Spirit moves you to go witness or read or listen to a lesson. v. 2 Be not conformed to this world…renew your mind…immersing transform you…a new being now you walk and talk like MessiYah. We become like a new person but we struggle day to day (because of the demons). Demons talk to you in your own voice. 1 John 4:6-8, this is how we are to be, in the image of Yah, love truth righteousness etc. Be sober-minded. Yahoshua did not run from a fight. He gave them the Word of Yah. v. 2 This word is given to you as a brother or sister not the world (conform not to the world). We will not be cool with everybody. Everybody will not be with you when you are judged. This can be a lonely walk but it’s a walk of endurance. Ysrayl will endure, strive, overcome, rule with Yah. v. 3 I’m just a servant of Yah. Be sober-minded, don’t talk down to people who don’t know this Word. Don’t look down on people sinning. You ar no different from a thug. You sinned too. This is how the world thinks. Be transformed in your thinking. v. 4-5 Some sing, some prophesy, some teach, some dream, some will heal, so don’t be jealous of each other. Yah uses us through our gifts.

Ephesians 3: 1-6 Shaul’s writings are beautiful because he relates to our day, our times. His writings to the congregations is on point. Shaul helped build up ministries. v. 1 A prisoner to MessiYah. v. 5 The Set-apart Spirit; The nations, the Gentiles, the Hamites, ALL. Salvation is for ALL. Some lie saying only Hebrew Israelites will be in the kingdom. This is why they don’t like the New Testament. This Word is for ALL. They didn’t break the covenant. W did. Even Jews must be given this Word. All people must accept or reject this Word. We give this Word to those Yah inspires us to. We are to take the Word to All peoples. But first we go to the house of Ysrayl. HalleluYah.

So after you are immersed, you must kill the old man or woman. Yah gives us mercy. Breathe of life is your grace. Favor is your immersing, being bought with the blood.

Romans 8:1-21, v. 1 Be not of this world (the flesh) but according to the Spirit after immersing. We do the fruits of the Spirit now, the newness of Spirit of truth after being immersed in the body of Yahoshua. v. 2 Now we know the truth. The truth sets us free from religious lies. v. 3 Yahoshua became the law in the flesh thereby condemning sin. He was not worried about sinning because He was the law. Yah can’t sin. Yah is perfect. Religion=binding of a ligament. Torah, Yahoshua set me free, Shaul said in verse 2. So you be the law, like Yahoshua. So if they poison your food, Yah will reveal it to you. Don’t worry about things. v. 4 The Set-apart Spirit (truth) we complete the physical law. It’s covered. Yah tells you food is clean and/or unclean. Yah tells would tell you (if it’s unclean to eat). We don’t go to the nations for understanding. We go to Yah. Faith, without it you are doomed! Scripture says we will heal and raise the dead for those who believe. v. 5 The worries of this world, Yah puts (Matthew 6) food on the table. Just send up that righteous prayer and don’t worry anymore. Don’t worry about getting fired. Don’t worry about how many people Facebook like you. Worry about Yah. Do you exhibit the fruits of the Spirit? Do you imitate Yahoshua? v. 6-7 Flesh cannot submit to Yah. Flesh cannot inherit the kingdom. 1 Corinthians 15 we will be changed over in a twinkling of an eye. The first resurrection is the kingdom or what people call heaven. The second resurrection is hell. Where will you be for all eternity? Prepare now. We are striving for perfection and perfection means doing it right. v. 8 Without faith you can’t please Yah. Flesh is religion. They worship images like crosses, wailing wall, Buddha, Jesus paintings, Muslims worship an image too but I did not catch what he said. sorry. v. 9 If the Spirit of Yah dwells in you really, then you are not worried. v.10 If MessiYah dwells in you, you are dead to sin. If He’s not in you…get there. v. 11-14 The gift of the Set-apart Spirit spoken of here. We are not debtors to the flesh. Choice life. v. 15- 16 read. v.17 Suffer with MessiYah. v. 18-21 We walk by faith (Spirit) because of Abba Yah. If we walk as Yahoshua, we hope to have salvation. Endure to the end to have eternal life. Our general in this army is Yahoshua.

Philippians 2:13-15 Don’t complain or dispute with people. We are to be lights to the world physically and spiritually. This means physically you wear your tassels and you keep law. Spiritually Yah is in your heart. We are striving to become the elect. Don’t let nobody take the truth from you. This is precious. Don’t cast your pearls before swine.

Ephesians 5:1-16, v. 1 Imitate Yah. That’s beautiful. Our children imitate us too. v. 2 We are an offering like Yahoshua offered us. Does Yah reside in you? It’s not a burden to do Yah’s will. v. 3-4 Some things we should not be doing like back-biting, gossip, coarse jesting. v. 4 These things should not be around us. Light and darkness cannot be together. That demon in that person should make them flee when you are in the room. v. 5 Flesh will not inherit. These are fleshly minds here in this verse. v. 6 Let no one deceive you with empty words. For example ‘it’s going to be okay’. Cast that demon off that person ‘no you are wrong’. Empty words are rhetoric, soothing words and persuasive language. v. 7-8 We all were in darkness. Stay in the truth now. We walk in newness now. We don’t have time to be shuckin’ and jivin’. It’s the 4th quarter baby! v. 9-12 Expose darkness that they do in secret. Lying, whoring (physical and spiritual) etc. v. 13-14 Wake up the Spiritually dead, the dry bones. We have not overcome in 393 years. There have been many Trayvon Martin’s. Tell them about the curses in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26. They need to be told the truth. Continue to go forth. v. 15-16 The days are wicked and they will be even more wicked. Y’all remember when Television first came out? There was no sex on television. Now, television is filled with soft porn.

According to a Christian radio show: Katy Perry video called E.T., she is talking about having sex with an angel, the fallen angels. Matthew 24:36 the days of Noah are upon us. Christianity tells people to do away with the laws. The man of sin will follow no laws. Judaism, they have sex with children. The fallen angels will do this. They do sex magic. Alister Crowley did sex magic.

TEXT: Lil’ Wayne says he is a Martian now.

They are getting us prepared for the fallen one’s return. TEXT: Chris Brown had a fallen angel song out. Jennifer Hudson song: Send an angel.

Romans 6:1-12 v. 1-2 So after immersion how can you go back to sin, lies, your vomit? v. 3-4 Again walking in Spiritual truth, newness of life. v. 5-6 Our old man/woman is impaled. v.7-8 The expectation is to live in Him. v. 9-11 We are dead to sin. v. 12-13 Be dead to the flesh!

Ephesians 4:7-24 v. 7 Favor is a gift from MessiYah. v. 22  Put away the old man. v. 23 Put on a renewed Spirit of your mind. v. 24 Created according to Yah, we were created in love truth righteousness etc. If we live as MessiYah, we live forever.

The end of the lesson.

Talks about the slave rebellions. Nat Turner rebellion, Sept 1663 Gloucester County, VA, 1712 NY, 1725 NY, Stono rebellion S. Carolina, 1800 Gabriel Pressner, Richmond VA, St. John’s Baptist Perish, Louisiana 1811, Denmark Vessey S. Carolina. Why did I read this? We are the final movement…the Messianic movement. There were many rebellions. It wasn’t their time. We fight this fight everyday.

Marcus Garvey wanted to go back to Africa. But the boule sabotaged him. Text: M. Garvey was boule as well.

The black panther movement failed with Yah. Eldridge Cleaver is a mormon republican now. Bobby Seal is a congressman. Huey Newton became a drug dealer. Gang organizations they bring drugs into our community. Look up the Rick Ross story not that fat guy that use to be a parole officer and is now a rapper.

How many friends have you lost? We will die for this. TEXT: Nothing new under the sun. They are coming for us as well family.

Q & A:

Q: What does the church of Philadelphia stand for that is mentioned in Revelation? A: It’s just one of the assemblies that Yahcanan is writing to. That’s all.

Q: I have a reoccurring dream about someone dying. Is this a warning? A: Yes. It could be spiritual or literal. Pray to Yah for understanding. Get in contact with someone who interprets dreams here to try to comprehend what Yah is showing you.

Q: What are men in Yah to do? I have heard what women are to do but what are men to do? A: Listen to the lesson Men of Yah and authority and submission series. Also look at 1 Corinthians 11:3 and Colossians 3. Men are headed by Yahoshua. Men should be like MessiYah. Ephesians (?) carry yourself like a servant. Man needs to protect his household and be a covering (spiritually) for his wife.

Q: Does judgment of the nations in the valley of Yehoshaphat happen before or after Yahoshua returns? A: When Yahoshua returns the nations will be gathered in Megiddo.

Q: what happened to the prophet Eliyah? Did he ascend into heaven or is it a metaphor? Also what is the star of David? Like Enoch, Eliyah was brought into a craft into a part of the heavens to see a vision. The only man in the highest heaven is Yahoshua. The star of  Molech is what it is. It is the worship of an ancient god. It has nothing to do with David or Solomon. It is wicked. It has nothing to do with Scriptures. Read Acts 7:43.

Q: ? A: We are to go to Ysrayl first. Because salvation is of the Israelites. Yahoshua said go to the lost sheep of Ysrayl first. Shaul went to the Gentiles. We are to go to the world. But Ysrayl first, then keep it moving.

Q: 1 Corinthians 5:6? A: A woman praying and prophesying needs a spiritual covering, a righteous man over her. A symbol of authority over her.

Q: women preaching? A: She can bring the Word. But she should not be in Assembly teaching. She can teach outside the assembly like children’s Shabbat or other women.

Q: Explain Genesis 3:14-15? A: Serpents crawl around. Seed of satan, sons of disobedience. This is spiritual. Satan does not have physical seed.

Q: What will happen to angels after we resurrect? A: We will be brothers. We will rule with MessiYah.

Q: Does a man have to show that he is in a covenant? A: No. Just women were to wear the nose ring, bracelets to show she was in a covenant. So that another man will not pursue her.

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Interesting facts about the Tutsi and Ashan

I remember hearing the Israelites say that any time you see one group of ‘Africans’ fighting against another group of ‘Africans’ that the one group of Africans (the descendants of Ham) is really fighting against the Israelites (the descendants of Shem). I remember reading this book back in 2008 about Liberia. It is called The House at Sugar Beach by Helene Cooper. Liberia was once ruled by the descendants of the slaves from America. And the government was overthrown by the people who wanted them out. This genocide started in 1980 according to Cooper and continued through the 90s. The Israelites said when you see genocide in places like Darfur, Sudan, that those are the Israelites they are killing.  A few weeks ago I ordered two books on the genocide of Rwanda back in the 1990s.  The first book is called Left to Tell  by Immaculee Ilibagiza and the other is called We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families by Philip Gourevitch. In Rwanda the Hutu majority wanted kill all the Tutsis. I read that the Tutsi say they are the descendants of the Israelites on Wikipedia. You can read it under history of the Tutsi.  It’s very important for us to understand what they have gone through because we also will be persecuted also.

Just about everyone knows that Ashan was a city of Judah (Yahudah) according Joshua 15:42. But did you know it is listed again but under the tribe of Simeon? Ashan is listed as a city of Simeon in 1 Chronicles 4:32. So how can that be? I read on a Israelite site, I can’t remember where, a few days ago that they believe that both cities (of Ashan) belonged to the Levities. That seems to make sense. The Levites owned no territory of their own. They had communities within the other tribes.

Ashanti priest wearing the breast-plate.

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The Spiritual Death of Ysrayl p. 3

Alright, Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 30. What all is required? Yah said, ‘I’m going to bring you under the rod to the bond of the covenant and you will know that I am Yah when I do this thing’. Right now, let me see…if I go over…if I go to the land of Israel and I go take classes from a Jew. This Jew teaches me how to bounce my head off a wall, going back and forth and teaches me to pray to Ha Shem and all this madness. And listen we are not anti-semitic anything but we are anti-wickedness. Judaism is wickedness. And those who convert to Judaism are just as wicked as the religion. Especially those of you that know the truth and then you leave the house of Abraham and you’re being bought by the stranger. When we are brought into the house of Abraham, we should no longer be slaves anymore. But you have sold your soul. Abraham brought you back through his descendant the MessiYah Yahoshua, who paid for you with His blood.  And you will go sell yourself to the stranger. And sell yourself back into servitude. You allow yourself and your family to be taken hostage by the adversary. And you sit around and think this is something we all are supposed to do. And you promote this madness. You are a liar and the truth has never been in you. You lying false prophet leading these people astray. But Yah has you on His target, on His radar. Yah has the fish-hook in your nose and you will not escape. He is going to make an example of you so the rest of us can look and see and say ‘oh my goodness, let me make sure that every word I hear that comes from this Bible is of Yah and it is of truth’. Because, what Yah does to these false prophets in the sight of Ysrayl to let you know that He is still King, He is still Ruler, that He has not lost His ruling and reign over you. So it’s going to be done. You just watch and see. You keep your eyes on all these false prophets. They will be piling up on boats and planes, all of a sudden we have 20 Israelites on one plane going over there trying to get to Israel and the plane crashes and everyone is alive except those 20 Israelites. You watch the type of stuff that Yah is going to do. Am I making this up?

Before we go to Deuteronomy chapter 30, I don’t even have it but Yah is telling me to go to there right now. Let me go get my book of Jasher. Let’s go to the book of Jasher. We are going to read this very thing that the stiff-necks did in their day when they were in Egypt. This is to show you that Yah is real and Yah is true. Yah is going to return Ysrayl, when the time comes, after that third day when He revives you, right now He has to still let these winds blow upon you. So don’t you take it upon yourself thinking that you are doing something great, thinking that men are going to praise you. ‘Oh we are over in the land of Israel’ So what. What does that mean? That doesn’t make you no more righteous than someone who is sitting in Detroit right now. Your heart is what counts. And Yah reads the hearts. And many of these false prophets do NOT have the heart of Yah. Of course they don’t, not many of them…NONE of them have the heart of Yah. Because this is what makes them false. Nobody’s afraid of these false prophets. Okay, we will read Jasher chapter 75. Look at what these stiff-necks did. The same rebellion is happening now before your very eyes Ysrayl. Because these stiff-necks cannot wait on Yah. They want to do their own thing.

Jasher 75 (LXXV) v. 1-2 So they are saying what? They said, hey our 400 years is up. Let’s get out of here. Let’s leave Egypt and return to the land. v. 3 Look at this. They trusted in their own strength. They trusted in their own self. They trusted in their own ways. They said we must get to the land of Ysrayl. We must do it, WE WE WE. (skips verse 4). v. 5-6 Now Gath is in Israel and this is where the giants were.  (skips verses). v. 11-13 Now the Ephraimites are going over there to go into the land of Israel when Yah had not deemed it time for them to go there. (skips). v. 15 These are the Philistines fighting the children of Ephraim. v. 16-17 See they left before the appointed time trying to go over into the land. Yah deemed for them to be in Egypt. They wanted to go on their own accord and their own will. They went over there and BAM, they were slaughtered. Only 10 men lived. And Yah allowed those 10 men to go back to the children of Ysrayl to let them know this is what happened.

See these brothers and sisters are telling you (to go to the land) and going against the Word of Yah. And provoking the people saying, ‘oh we must get out of here’. ‘Oh y’all stupid’. ‘Oh y’all are crazy’. ‘Oh you must sell everything you own’.  ‘Oh we must get back to the land of Ysrayl’. Ok, continue that and you will be like your ancestors.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 30 and understand this. Remember Yah said He is going to bring us to the land. There is a criteria that we must follow before we get returned back to the land brothers and sisters. You can’t go over there spiritually dead people. Are you out of your mind? Yah doesn’t want anything spiritually dead and saying that we represent Him. He has a process. That’s why He has you in the valley remember when Yahzeqyl saw the valley, He just saw it filled with dry bones. there was nothing else around the valley. Yah has moved you over to the side, that’s why the Gentiles don’t know who you are just yet…on a mass scale. Yah has to get you together. And then He will put His Power and Spirit back into you. Then you can present yourselves as His representatives on earth. Right now, you are an embarrassment, Ysrayl. Right now, Yah has you looking alive but now the wind is blowing upon you so His Spirit can dwell upon you. Do you understand? So first you must go through this order and process that Yah has deemed then He is going to bring you back.

Deuteronomy 30:1-5 Yah shall do all this. When the time comes He will tell you how to go, How to get there and what to do. You just listen to His voice. You just listen to Him. He will tell you everything. If He says hey I need for you to run at 3 pm central time to this location because the man of sin is about to reveal himself. Whatever He tells you to do, that’s how you do it. But don’t you listen to any of these false prophets out here that are putting fear into the people. Yah has a PROCESS, how this thing must happen. Ysrayl has to be resurrected before we go back into the land. We will come back with our hearts, minds and eyes focused fully on Yah.

Let’s go back to the book of Yahzeqyl chapter 37. We are almost done. We have just a few more Scriptures.

Ezekiel 37:15-27, v. 15-16 So Yah is about to speak some unity, true unity for the children of Ysrayl. v. 17-20 read. v. 21 Yah continues to say I will bring them into their land over and over again, ‘ I shall bring them into their land’. v. 22 See no more division, when we get into the land. v. 23 Do you see that? Yah said He has to cleanse us first. He has to bring us through the wilderness. Remember He said He’s going to bring us through the wilderness in Yahzeqyl chapter 20. Right? He’s going to bring you into the bond of the covenant. I will plead with you face to face, as I pleaded with your fathers (from Yahzeqyl chapter 20). This is what must happen first before you can go back into the land. Anybody tells you that it’s time to go back to the land and now we can kick up our feet and have the Gentiles serving us is lying to you. And if you believe in that you believe in a lie. And if you partake in that you are partaking in a lie. v. 24 Yahoshua is going to be this One Shepherd. He tells you that in John chapter 10. Yahoshua says He is that Shepherd in John 10.      v. 25 David’s going to be a prince. Because he’s going to have the King over him, Yahoshua. v. 26. Remember Yah said He would do this in Zechariyah 8:3,7-8. Right?  Yah’s going to dwell in the midst of Ysrayl. This is the whole set up. Is Yah dwelling in that land over there (now)? Remember before He can dwell, what? The land has got to be cleansed. And it can only be cleansed by what? By those who have shed blood to defile the land. They must have their blood shed. That is what has to take place brothers and sisters. v. 27 read.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 31. Do you see how beautiful that is? Yah gave you the layout. David is going to be resurrected. David will not raise from the grave until the first resurrection. According to Acts 2:29, 34 King David is still dead and He has not ascended into heaven. But we see here that Yah said David is going to be His King. David is going to be a prince. David will be a ruler of the children of Ysrayl. So that means that David has been resurrected when this happens, when the children of Ysrayl is returned back to the land. David will be resurrected. When will David be resurrected? In the first resurrection. When is the first resurrection? When Yahoshua returns. When Yahoshua returns, what will He do according to Matthew chapter 24? He is going to gather the children of Ysrayl and return them back to the land. Do you see the process? A, B, C, D, E, F, G, right? That is Yah’s Word. It is for His humble simple servants. Why do you think He calls us sheep? You know sheep are not the smartest animals but they don’t have to be. But they are humble. The humility that a sheep has and it follows its shepherd because Yah is the Shepherd. He is not going to give you something that is super complicated that you have to go to theological school and learn to do brain surgery to figure out the Word of Yah. It’s not that hard. It’s right here before your eyes. And He’s giving you the understanding to comprehend it. The prophet Yeremiyah chapter 31. That’s right the sheep know the voice of their Shepherd. See that’s why many of these false prophets get so angry at you all because you will not follow them. Because you call their false prophesies out on the carpet, on the mat. And you are exposing them. And so now they are angry at you. They want to take it out on you. They want to call you names. They talk about your mama. This is what they have resorted to. That is all they have. Their WEAK. Where the Word of Yah is truth and the Word of Yah is STRENGTH. HalleluYah. And those who have the strength of Yah…man these false prophets are nothing but babies. Yahoshua said if it was possible the very elect would be deceived but it’s not possible to deceive the very elect. It’s impossible because once Yah grabs them…that’s it. But this heavy deception by these false prophets is going to be HEAVY. You know, we are in the beginning phase, we are at the baby stage. These are just baby false prophets. But the heavy ones are coming. The heavy ones will be here soon.

Jeremiah chapter 31:31-37, v. 31-34 Do you see that? Won’t BE NO MORE Shabbat classes for us that know Yah. He said from the least to the greatest, they ALL shall know Me. No need to go to your neighbor. No need to go to a class to hear about Yah.  We will all know Him in that day when the covenant is renewed. Yah said He wil no longer remember our sins. So if He’s not going to remember our sins, sins brought about by the curses, this means the curses will be lifted. Yah is talking about when He has brought us back with the sword and Yahoshua has returned to set up the kingdom, halleluYah. Yah’s not going to hold it against us anymore. He’s going to be so delightful to see His children have strived, have suffered for the kingdom to get to where they are. He will be so delighted so happy and so proud of His children that He will not remember none of that foolishness that we did. HalleluYah that Yah is merciful. NEVER forget that. v. 35-36 Listen, if there’s no more sunshine in the daytime and no more moon at night then Ysrayl will not be a nation. We are still a nation before His eyes. We have been scattered but we are still a nation. v. 37 Look at that. So Ysrayl is not going to be cast off because Yah is merciful.

Let’s go through these last few Scriptures. Yah’s going to return us. We are going to return back to the land as a righteous nation. We are going to be a righteous people brothers and sisters when we return back. Ain’t going to be no more of this foolishness. No more of that. Yah’s going to kill that in the wilderness. He said He’s going to purge out those Israelites that want to be rebellious. You know the super smart ones that can pronounce the Hebrew words properly. They speak that proper Hebrew. And they are better than you. (laughs) Yah is going to kick their behinds UP and DOWN in the wilderness. And ain’t nothing they will be able to do.

Let’s go back to Yahzeqyl 37 to read the last verse. We have 2 more Scripts after this verse. Then we will close out.

Ezekiel 37:28 And the Gentiles (the nations) shall know that I, Yah am setting Ysrayl apart when My Set-apart place is in their midst forever.

So this is  how the Gentiles will know! They are not going to know that you are the children of Yah by you going to convert to Judaism and sneaking back into the land living as a Jew. NAW, they will know when Yah returns you back to that land and brings you back from captivity. He will put you in the midst, in His Set-apart place and you will be right there sitting beside Them. That’s when the Gentiles will say, ‘Oh those are the people of Yah’. That’s when they will come and grab hold of your tassels and say hey listen, ‘we are going to go with you because we have heard that Yah is with you’! (Zechariyah 8:23) ‘Let us follow behind the people of Yah’ ‘Let us get salvation’. ‘Teach us the way and the road to Zion’!

Let’s get ready to close out. Let’s go to Zephaniyah chapter 3.

Zephaniyah 3:19-20 Yah is going to make you famous y’all! EVERYBODY will know who the children of Ysrayl are. Those that survive the great war, oh they will be looking for you. Please send me an Israelite, they will say. Where are the children of Ysrayl? Yah said everywhere that you have been put to shame, He’s going to make you a name. He is going to make you famous. HalleluYah. Ain’t gon’ be no more of this…because it’s going to be our time to rule y’all. Us that are striving towards Yah, when this happens…oh it’s our time now. Move back false prophets. Move back Christianity. You won’t even exist anymore. Satan will be locked away and cast out. Whew, HalleluYah.

Let’s go to the last Scripture. Revelation chapter 21.

Revelation 21:4-5 No more tears! No more pain! No more sorrow! No more persecution! Whew, I can’t even image that. But I know it’s coming because Yah said it will. Whew HalleluYah! That is your reward for going through all that you are going through. v. 10-12 Your names are going to be written on the gates Ysrayl. This thing started with you and it’s going to end with you. There’s no in-between. Yah has not thrown you away and cast someone else to take your place. He has still put His heart and trust in you. Because He is going to resurrect you. He is going to redeem you. And He will bring you back to fulfill. You told Him in Exodus chapter 19, Father all that you say we shall do and you are going to do it. v. 13 So these gates will have the names of the children of Ysrayl written upon them. It will not have the name of a Baptist or a Catholic or a Muslim or a Shiite or a Suni…12 gates with the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. Yah has redeemed His people and brought them back home, halleluYah. This has been done by His hand and when it happens the Gentiles will know that this is only from the Father Yah. No man has done this. HalleluYah! This is the end of the lesson my brothers and sisters. I pray that it was a blessing to you.

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The Spiritual Death of Ysrayl p. 2

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 32.

Deuteronomy 32:26 I would have said, I shall dash them in pieces, I will make the memory of them to cease from among men.

Do you see that? Yah said I shall make the memory of them to cease among men. So when we are looking at this thing…Yah is bringing this thing down by the hand of the enemy. Right now man does not know that the so called black man are the true Israelites. The so called African-American, Haitian, Jamaican, Cuban, Black-Mexicans, Brazilians, so called…throughout Africa (Lemba, Igbo, Fulani, Hutu, Ashanti, Falasha etc). They don’t remember that. Man doesn’t remember that King Solomon looked like us. Man doesn’t remember that Yahoshua looked like us. Let’s go back to Deuteronomy 28.

Deuteronomy 28:49-52, v. 49-50 This is a prophesy of us in the United States being swiped up by Babylon. v. 51 Now understand what it means to be destroyed. If we are not recognized as the children of Ysrayl, we have been destroyed. They have taken away everything from us…our history, our heritage, our culture. That is all on the spiritual but on the physical they have taken everything away from us. That has destroyed us. The difference between us and the so called Native-American is this: The Native-American was conquered and the so called black people were DESTROYED. And It’s only Yah’s Ruach that can resurrect us. It is through these winds that Yah has blown upon us. But once that wind is finished blowing Yah’s Spirit will enter into us because it takes Yah’s Ruach for us to live. (talks to someone) That’s right He took away our consciousness. That’s right brother. v. 52 So when the Romans came upon us in 70 CE, they did exactly this, they came against us and besieged us and took over our land.

Let’s go to Hosea chapter 13. We are looking at the spiritual death and we are seeing that the winds are being blown upon us and they are coming by the execution of our enemies. Yah called 4 world ruling nations to come down upon us and they are still on us. They have not let up. From the times of Nebuchadnezzar until now, they have not let up. Ysrayl has been in a constant state of punishment. EVEN when the MessiYah was on the earth, Ysrayl was still under the Romans. We were under the Roman rule. Yah will revive us and bring us back.

Hosea 13:7-8 Do you see that? He said what? I have to come to them like a lion. Who was the lion represented in Daniel chapter 7? The Babylonians. He said I attack them and rip open the enclosure of their heart like a bear. The bear represented who? The Medo-Persians. And He says I devour them like a lion and tear them apart like a wild beast. So Yah is saying all over again…he’s talking about these nations that He has sent upon us who are our enemies and these enemies have brought the curses and have executed the curses down upon the children of Ysrayl to the fullest. (talks to someone) That’s right He said like a leopard (Greeks), I watched them by the way. So He talks about the Babylonians, He talks about the Greeks, He talks about the Medo-Persians and the Romans. Yah called those winds upon us to blow upon us so that we can live. We have been beaten down so bad, now we are our knees begging Yah, please have mercy, please, please, please. And now we are at the state of being humble. You starting to witness the resurrection of our nation happening right before your face. Let’s go to Hosea chapter 5.

Hosea chapter 5: 14-15-Hosea 6:1, Do you see that? This is what we are going to say in verse 1. Yah has called the nations upon us, these world ruling empires, every time these nations have come upon us, they have been world rulers. The United States… you know her state in the world. All these empires that have come against us because Yah has brought powerful enemies against us. He said I Myself tear them and I say they go. I take them away and there is no one to rescue them. What man has delivered us out of this condition? Can Barack Obama deliver the children of Ysrayl? Has he been called to do such a thing?

Yah said I shall go until they acknowledge their offense, then they will seek My face in affliction they will earnestly seek Me. What are we doing here? When we open up in prayer, when we meet? When we come together to hear Yah’s voice? Ain’t we doing that? Confessing guilt? Father we know we are sinners. We have sinned against you. We broke your covenant, Yah. You kept Your end of the covenant and we did not. So we are GUILTY for what we have done. We are stiff-necks and disobedient in Your sight. Our righteousness is as filthy rags to You, O Yah. We humbly seek His face brothers and sisters. That is what you are seeing right now. He said diligently search for Me and say come and let us turn back to Yah for He has torn us but He does heal. He has stricken but He binds up. Do you see that? The white man has nothing to do with this. This is between us and our Father. The white man is only an instrument that Yah has used in His hand to beat you down, to bring you to a better understanding. In other words, Yah used them to beast sense into your behinds! Into your stiff-necked stubborn behinds! Yah has used them for this purpose.

One more thing, there is no such thing as a white man. Let me just get that out of the vocabulary. That is something that was created by him, himself t try to make himself seem more righteous than anybody else. There is no white man. There is no black man. There is no yellow man. There is no red man. There is no blue man. That is created madness.

Search for Yah while He is still yet to be found. Let’s go back to Ezekiel chapter 37 to read verses 10 and 11. Now we seen how Ysrayl died. We seen that Ysrayl are spiritually dead persons. You see how Yah compares them to a valley of dry bones. That valley represents wherever we have been scattered to in our disobedience because we sin more and more and sin has brought about the curses. We just seen how Yah has brought these winds upon us to blow upon us in the form of the curses to taken out by our enemies.

Ezekiel 37:10-11, v. 10 What was he told to prophesy to? Yah said prophesy to the 4 winds. So these winds can blow upon these dead that they may live. We see that the 4 winds as it tells us in Daniel chapter 7 represents the 4 beasts. The 4 beasts represent 4 kings. Those 4 kings represent 4 kingdoms, which represent the enemies of Yrsrayl who have brought down the curses upon us which is waking us up. It is allowing us now to be broken down and brought down so low that we are begging for Yah and now Yah’s Spirit is about to enter into us, HalleluYah! He said in the Spirit, Yah’s Ruach came into them and they lived and stood upon their feet, a very great army. Once the children of Ysrayl have been brought back to the truth of who they are, there will be nothing that can stand in our way. We will be a GREAT army. The entire world will tremble before our name, ‘uh-oh here comes the children of Ysrayl, whatever we been doing wrong we better start doing it right because they represent Yah and they are coming with strength and power’. ‘We better get this right y’all’. This is what entire nations will be saying when Ysrayl is brought back to be this very great army. Because Yah said, You are My weapons of war, you are My soliders, My army. That is why you see, before the children of Ysrayl were created right…let’s look at the time of Genesis when Yah needed a nation to be destroyed, He sent His malakim (messengers or angels). Case in point, Sodom, Gomorrah, Adamah and Zobiim, those 4 cities that were destroyed by the hand of Yah…Yah sent angels. But we see after the children of Ysrayl were birthed and signed that (covenant?). Yah needed the Canaanites to be thrown out of that land for their sin. Who did He send to destroy the Canaanites? He sent His army on earth, the children of Ysrayl. And we were going to be doing more and more of that. We were to go around the world as we will do when this thing is finished or when this thing is coming to its fullness and it’s wrapped up and truth is back in the world.  Ysrayl, Yah is going to be sending you to rule over those left after the great war.

v.11 I like how the King James Version better here because it says our hope has been lost. So these bones…now what we just read about…the valley of the dry bones, Yah said these are the house of Ysrayl, our bones are dry. Our hope is lost and we have been cut off. What have we been cut off from? We have been cut off from our history. We’ve been cut off from our language. We’ve been cut off from our land. We’ve been cut off from Yah. And this has caused a spiritual death among our people. This spiritual death, remember thsese curses, one of the curses that Yah put upon us…we were exiled because we have died spiritually. We have had the curses by the enemy but Yah kicked our behinds out of our land because we are spiritually dead. Let’s go back to Hosea chapter 13. Because Yah is going to redeem us, Ysrayl.

Hosea 13:14 See, Yah is going to redeem us from our graves brothers and sisters. He is the one that is going to bring us out and turn us upon our feet and make us live again. He will take us from the power of the grave. Right now the power of the grave has a strong hold over the children of Ysrayl.

(hold on) It’s funny sometimes when I put these lessons together and I remember there are supposed to be a certain Scripture here and a certain Scripture there. I can remember writing it down but somehow it disappears. But anyway, the exile with Yah kicking us out of the land and scattering you as He said in Deuteronomy 28:64 from one end of the earth to the other. That represents the exile that the children of Ysrayl has suffered. We’ve been kicked out of the land because Yah doesn’t want any spiritually dead people…especailly His people. So this exile meaning to be expelled from your land that has happened because of our transgression because of our sin. Yah kicked us out because what? We died. How did we die? It said we offended in baal. Right? We started serving baal. We started serving false gods. So answer me this. Will Yah return the children of Ysrayl into the land as a sovereign nation serving false gods? In other words, does Yah require the children of Ysrayl to convert to Judaism? Does He require you to convert to Christianity? Does He require you to convert to the new world religion in order to enter into the land? Not at all. Because you did those things and that got you kicked out of the land. So all that is in the land today, you better believe that at least 90% of that is going on in the land today is wickedness. It’s wickedness. You better believe that.

 Let’s read Hosea chapter 6. We have read a lot from the book of Hosea today because there’s a lot written here. Pay attention to this. (talks to someone) Yeah, that land has to receive a cleansing and we will go to that Scripture in just a moment. You are right ahk. Hosea chapter 6, pay attention. I want you to really hear this Scripture here. Yah is going to redeem us right. He said I ransom them from death, I redeem them. What death is He talking about? He is talking about the spiritual death that we are in as the children of Ysrayl. Okay Hosea chapter 6, we already read it but I want to read it again.

Hosea 6:1-2 After 2 days, He revives us ! On the third day brothers and sisters. This is speaking about the great tribulation. The 3 1/2 year reign of the man of sin. After the third day represented after the 3 1/2 years when Yahoshua returns, we shall rise up so that we live before Yah. This will be the fullness of the resurrection of the children of Ysrayl. He’s going to spiritually and physically raise us when the MessiYah returns. All those who died believing in Yahoshua tot he death will be raised first upon His return. An those who are believing and still alive, you will be changed over instantly into the spiritual form, halleluYah. After 2 days He will revive us and on the third day shall raise us up so that we live before Him. That 3rd day represents the 3 1/2 years of the great tribulation.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 11. Yah not only tells you that Ysrayl is in a spiritual death, He not only tells you how this spiritual death happened but how He’s going to revive you and He gives you the time when your resurrection will happen. And it will happen when the MessiYah returns, your full resurrection…your spiritual and your physical resurrection. Because right now after 2 days, He shall revive us. You are in the process of having the winds blow upon you right now. To revive you, to put life back into you so Yah’s Ruach can come down upon you. Let’s go to Revelation 11. So 3 1/2 years, let’s look at this. This is what this represents in Hosea chapter 6 v. 2.

Revelation 11:1-3, v. 1-2 They are going to rule. This is talking about the courtyard where Yah’s temple stood in Jerusalem, there was a gigantic courtyard right outside. Yah said give that to the Gentiles. The Jews over there will build…well let me say the Jews will have a hand in physically building it but it will ultimately be the illuminati that is going to build the next temple. So they will build this temple in Jerusalem and the man of sin will operate in that temple for 42 months which comes out to 3 1/2 years. v. 3 All of this will be centered around the great tribulation which starts a 3 1/2 year time scale. The man of sin will rule 3 1/2 years in the temple in Jerusalem and Yah said after that on the 3rd day, He shall raise us. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 12.

Revelation 12:13-14 The dragon represents satan. The woman represents the children of Ysrayl. The male child represents Yahoshua. v. 14 Time is one year. Times are 2 years. So that is 3 years. And 1/2 of time. So that is 3 1/2 year period from the presence of the serpent. So all of this, the great tribulation deals with only 3 1/2 years. In Matthew 24:15, Yahoshua tells you when you see the abomination that lays waste or the abomination of desolation stand up in the Set-apart place or stand up in the temple. Then 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 tells you that the man of sin is going to (?) mor than anything that is worshipped. He’s going to sit in the temple of Yah sitting as he is Yah. So we are looking at the 3 1/2 year period. After 3 1/2 years, Yah said what? On the 3rd day He shall raise us up and revive us. So we must have these winds blow upon us so this spirit can come in upon us and so that we can receive Yah’s Ruach. And that is what we are going through now as a nation around the world.

Let’s continue. Ysrayl returns when the reviving happens. Let’s see what that is all about. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 24.

Matthew 24:29-31, v. 29 This is talking about the ‘day of Yah’. *See Amos 5:16-27, Joel 2:1-11, Isaiah 2:5-22, Zephaniyah 1:2-18, Zechariyah 14:1-15, Malachi 4:1-6 and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11* So He said immediately after the tribulation. What tribulation is He talking about? The great tribulation which He mentions in verse 21. Remember the great tribulation will only last 3 1/2 years, 1260 days, time-times and 1/2 of time or 42 months. And Yahoshua said after the great tribulation has ended…because we read in the book of Hosea this is when the children of Ysrayl on the 3rd day, they shall be revived. v. 30-31 Now, Do you see that? Now the 4 winds in this verse represents north, south, east and west. He said that the children of Ysrayl, they are the chosen ones (the elect) and also those Gentiles that have joined themselves unto the children of Ysrayl to love Yah and take hold of the covenant. After the great tribulation, Yahoshua said this is when He shall gather us. This is when we shall be revived for Yah to stand us on our feet and live. And stand before Yah as an exceedingly great army. HalleluYah. This is when it’s going to happen. This is when we will be returned back to our home land. We are in exile right now because we have died because we have worshipped false gods and we ae a spiritually dead people. Now the wind is blowing upon us. Yeah we look like Israelites but now we must have that wind so Yah’s Spirit can come into us and the Spirit of Yah is entering into us. HalleluYah.

(snack break for the class) Let’s go back to Ezekiel 37. So far we have been seeing this spiritual death, where and how it will happen and all that so we have been breaking that down. So let’s see what else Ezekiel 37 says about the resurrection of the Israelite nation and our return home. This is our hope and prayer y’all is that we can return back to Yah. We can return home.

Ezekiel 37:12-14 The dry bones is the whole house of Ysrayl. v. 12 Do you see that? When Yah opens our graves we will be brought home and we know that will happen at the return of Yahoshua the MessiYah as Yah has revived us on the 3rd day after the 3 1/2 year tribulation. But we must have these winds to blow upon us so the Set-apart Spirit can enter us. Yah said He is going to open our graves and He is going to bring us into the land of Ysrayl. v. 13 He said you are going to know He is Yah when He brings you up from your graves, Ysrayl. So when Yah opens the graves, when Yah puts His Ruach upon you then He will open your graves and bring you into the land of Ysrayl. v. 14 Look at that! I shall put My Spirit in you! I shall put My Ruach, I shall put the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Set-apart Spirit in you. And you shall live. He shall settle us in our own land meaning He’s going to plant you down. You will be comfortable, settled. You will not have to worry about any more captivities. You will not have to worry about any more enemies coming in to invade your land. He’s going to settle (place) you. That will be yours. ‘You shall know I have done it’ says Yah. It is in the plans of The Father how this resurrection is going to happen and how you are going to be returned back to your land. It’s in his hands. It’s already in His hands. You don’t have to go sit down and think up some elaborate plan or plot or hoax,  you know. Because you are only pretending that you have a plan if you are not going by Yah’s plan. This is already in His hand. And if you don’t follow through on His plan then there will be consequences for it. Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 8.

Zechariyah 8:3, 7-8, v. 3 Do you see that? Jerusalem will be called the City of Truth. Yah will be there. v. 7 So He says I’m saving My people from east and west. I shall be their strength, power, their Yah in truth and in righteousness. Do you see that? The City of Truth, what is truth? The Word of Yah. What are Yah’s laws, statues and commandments? This is what His Word represents. So in truth and righteousness… righteousness is keeping the laws of Yah and loving Yah. That’s what righteousness is so we are going to be returned back (to the land) as we just seen that Yah said that He shall return the graves of Ysrayl. He is going to do what? Bring us out of the graves and He is going to do what? Put His Spirit in us so that we will live in mighty, righteous nation. Listen, there won’t be one sinner when the land is returned back to the children of Ysrayl. There is not going to be a sinner in the land. You ain’t going to find not one. Because the land when it is brought back from the sword is going to be made fit for the children of Ysrayl. Did y’all see that? Yah said, I shall dwell in the midst of them? Let’s go to Numbers chapter 35. Yah is going to dwell in the midst of Ysrayl, in the midst of Yahrushalom everybody. That is what it says. Right? But He can not dwell in the midst of a defiled land. So what has to happen to cleanse the land?

Numbers 35:33-34 Do you see that? (Once again the verse is read). So Yah’s land can only be cleansed of the blood shed, is by those who have shed blood must have their blood shed in the land. This is why Yah is going to bring Yahoshua back during what’s called ‘the day of Yah’. Scripture says no man will be able to stand it where Yah will repay all wickedness. This will be in the form of what’s called the battle of Armageddon or the battle of Harmigiddo that will take place in Megiddo which is in Israel. v. 34 So He’s not going to dwell in the land that is defiled. Do you understand that? So listen, when these brothers and sisters start talking about Yah’s calling them to the land because the curses are over, saying Yah’s calling them to the land…this and that and they are still being disobedient to Yah. What? Yah just may be calling you to the land. Do you know why? Because the blood of Israelites must also be shed for the redemption, cleansing of th land because Israelites have shed blood in the land. Did they not execute the MessiYah? Did they not kill the prophets in the land? Did they not kill the apostles in the land? So the blood of Israelites is also required just like the blood of Christians. Just like the blood of Muslims. Just like the blood of Jews. Just like the blood of every nation on earth. Every nation on earth has shed blood in that land. That is why Yah says in the battle of Armageddon ‘I’m going to bring ALL nations down’. Let’s go to Yoyl chapter 3. (talks someone) Yeah ahk, still being disobedient. But hey, I’m not going to argue, if you say Yah’s pulling you over there then your disobedience to The Father is obvious. I say go. Yes, He is pulling you over there. Because you may be one of those that He has chosen to shed your blood in the land for the redemption of the righteous. So that His righteous ones that are being obedient to His ways can come in and walk into a clean land and Yah said He will be in the midst.

Joel 3:1-3, v.1 ‘Those days and at that time’, this is future prophesy.  ‘When I turn back the captivity of Yahudah and Yahrusalem’, we are still in this captivity. We are still in this exile. We are still out of our land. v. 2 I shall gather all nations (or Gentiles). The valley of Jehoshaphat is ground ZERO! Anything in and round that place will be utterly destroyed by the hand of Yah. (finishes reading the verse) Did you see that? Yah said that, I’m going to bring them down. When He brings all these nations down, this will be the battle of Armageddon. It will be the nations vs. Yah. Who will you put your money on to win that battle? It’s not even going to be a contest (or a fair fight). But this is when Yah will cleanse the land. He’s going to bring all nations. Why is He bringing all nations? Because all nations have spilled blood in that land. Whose blood have all the nations primarily spilled? The children of Ysrayl. Whenever we were conquered by the enemies, those 4 winds blowing upon us, they came into our land and they took us hostage. They took us captive…spilled our blood. So Yah said hey, all of this has got to be cleansed. Israelite blood has been spilled in the land, Christian blood has been spilled, Muslims, Arabs, everybody. So Yah said I have to bring all y’all down here, we have to cleanse this place because I’m coming to dwell among My people. It’s time to let My people go. And Yah still does fight for Ysrayl. But did you notice this? What did He say? That y’all have scattered Ysrayl. Right? Then He says they have divided up My land. Do you see that? Ain’t that the primary fight in the land of Israel today? ‘Oh I’m going to get a third of the Gaza Strip’. ‘Oh I’m going to get 2/3 of Jerusalem? ‘Oh no Jerusalem is going to be the international city for all mankind’. Do you see how they are dividing up His land? And Yah is ANGRY about this. And He said I’m going to get all y’all for this. Because My land was divided up according to My ways, to My people. I had to kick them out of My land, then you came in and divided my land right in front of My face. You did not come to Me and ask Me, Father can we have this because Your people have been disobedient, so can we have this. You did not ask Him that. You came in and took it. ESPECIALLY you Edomites! You true sons of Esau. You have been after the land since your father sold it over to us. After your father sold his birthright with his SILLY SELF, you have been after the land. Esau is not after world rulership, he is not the white man. The white man is the Gentiles. Esau is a man over in the land today calling himself a Jew. Not the Ashkenazi Jew or European Jew. But the other one, the safardi Jew (sp?). You can trace his history back to the sons of Esau. And they are contempt where they are. That is what they wanted. They wanted to be known as the children of Ysrayl and they wanted to live in the land. Lo and behold they are doing it. So these brothers don’t understand the understanding of Esau but we are not focusing on that today.

We are seeing that Yah is going to return the children of Ysrayl. Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 20. Let’s see how Yah will return the children of Ysrayl. Because He said hey, I’m going t bring y’all up from these graves. I’m going to put My Spirit in you. I’m going to settle you in your own land. I will settle you, not some false prophet. Not some magician. Voila, I can pull a rabbit out of a hat, now let’s go to the land of Ysrayl. ‘I’m your prophet now’. ‘Well, what’s your criteria?’ ‘Well I can pull a rabbit out of a hat that is all I need’. ‘Oh man this is the greatest prophet that ever lived he can pull a rabbit out of a hat, we have to follow him’. (laughs) Okay, go ahead. Because that is all Yah needs to get you over there, just send you a false prophet that can pull a rabbit out of a had and that is all you need. And voila, you are over there just how Yah wants you to be. Because you must spill some blood brother. You have to spill some blood sister wicked Israelite. Now mind you, there is work that needs to done in the land, oh yeah, Yah is going to send some of His righteous servants over there to clean up the land, to work over there. Those Jews need to hear the truth. Those Arabs need to hear the truth. Those disobedient Israelites over there need to hear the truth. All of them need to hear the truth. And who is Yah going to use (to tell them the truth)? The children of Ysrayl. But if you have to convert to anything that is not of Yah…

(talks to someone) Yeah, saying Israel is heaven and the rest of us are living down here in hell. So if you want to go up to heaven…go ahead.

Ezekiel 20:34-38, v. 34 Wait a minute! I think I may have skipped something here. Because from what I’m hearing, we have to return our own selves to the land. Oh y’all stupid. This is what was told to me, that we are stupid for waiting on Yah to return us to the land, that we should do this on our own.  So we must be reading in another Bible, right? Naw, this can’t be Ezekiel chapter 20? Let’s read this Script again. And I, not me, not we, not you but I  and this I is speaking about Yah, shall bring you out from the people and gather you out of the lands where you are scattered with a mighty hand and out stretched arm coming with wrath poured out. He will gather you out of the land. when you read in Revelation chapter 12 when Ysrayl has to escape and run into the wilderness, Yah’s going to bring you out of all these lands, Ysrayl. v. 35 Uh-OH!! Now you are in face to face judgment with Yah. You don’t want that but it must happen, Ysrayl. Yah tried to be hands off with you but naw, no no no. He has to bring it down to you face to face.

v. 36-38 So do you see that? He said yeah listen, I’m going to bring all these false prophets out here. I’m going to bring all these Passover keepers and I’m going to bring all them to the wilderness and this is going to be My time to plead with them. I’m going to give them the opportunity He says. I’m going to give them the opportunity to hear Yah. He said He’s going to plead. Brothers and sisters PLEASE hear this Word, Ysrayl. But they will not want to hear it. ‘Listen Yah, we are going to keep a Passover’. ‘Remember Yah when you told Joshua and ‘nem that they could keep it, remember that’? ‘Well I’m going to do the same thing Yah’. There will be stiff-necks out there doing that type of madness! You will be out there in the wilderness, you will see that group over there sparking up a BBQ and a few hours later you will look over there and ain’t nothing over there and everyone will say wow what happened to them? And you will look at a little crack in the ground and say ‘oh Yah opened up the ground and swallowed them up. *Like Korah, Dathan, Abiram, On and them in Numbers 16. The ground opened up and swallowed them for being rebellious.*Because He will be purging out the rebels! Those that want to rebel, you ain’t going into the land. Listen, you can go buy you $25,000 plane tickets. You can fly over to the land of Israel 25,000 times from now until March. And when the Hammer hits the nail that means nothing if Yah has not chosen you to make the kingdom, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT. You ain’t going over there ‘oh  I’m going to the mountains of Ysrayl. I’m going to dig a whole and hide there so when Yah comes, He won’t see me’. ‘And then the kingdom will be set up and I will be already there, yeah man that’s what we will do’. *This reminds me of what Yahoshua said about Yah’s sheep knock at the door, they don’t climb up another way like a thief, robber in John 10:1.* Silly Israelites. Too bad you can’t hear the Word of Yah. Because you have put self in front of the Word of Yah. Flesh cannot mix with the Spirit. So now you have no spiritual understanding. Now you have nothing that is of Yah. This is why you will continue among the  graves. You will sit among the graves and you will not be one of the ones that will see the resurrection. You will not be one of those that witness the return of the MessiYah because you have given your heart over.

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Yah’s will vs. Our Wishes

Yah’s people must have the fruit of the spirit…faith, gentleness, self-control, peace, joy etc. We did a radio show (while down in Florida) on a Christian radio show and she is here now in our Shabbat class. (talks about the lecture given in Longwood, Florida). An elderly lady came up to us after the radio show outside. She had heard about the show and wanted to know all about Yah and Yahoshua. We visited where Trayvon was murdered. We saw the shrine (which we know is idolatry) they do that in Chicago too. He was killed for the same reason as Emmit Till. We saw a reporter from France at the apartments and we did an interview with him. Shawn Bell, Emmit Till, Rodney King, Martin Luther King…the list goes on and on.

Understand Yah’s will for your life vs. your wishes. If your wishes go against His will, the result will be different in your life. His will is best for us. For some, this (Shabbat)is the only place you can smile all week long because you battle satan. Some family and/or friends we have to separate from. Pray for those that fall away from Yah and Yahoshua. Because you may be their life-line because Yah hears your prayer. But you don’t have to hang out with them.  Yah’s mercy should always be taught no matter what Israelite congregation you are apart of.

Kepha said the righteous are barely going to make the kingdom, so what do you think about the wicked? Fight those demons. Endure. We look at the world through material eyes, satan’s eyes. Yah never said material things=blessings. Yah has a will for our lives. We know Yah, Yahoshua so who are the blessed ones? Us. We don’t understand the power we will be blessed with…we will be above all people on the earth Yah said. Just like those superheroes, we will have power.

Today’s lesson will be short. Did y’all see the Tupac hologram? It was off the chain! All that technology is here! They resurrected Tupac. He has been dead like 15 years. It’s on youtube, the performance. The hologram was not a previous performance. They made  him move on stage. They mimicked his voice too. He said the name of the concert event. Who remembers the night Obama was elected on CNN with will-i-am? Will-i-am (of the black-eye-peas group) was a hologram in the CNN studio. How many ‘brews are in holograms so far? Two. Two Israelites. No Gentiles are in holograms so far. Remember when silent movies were given sound? Only  black men’s voices would record at first. Ain’t that something? So can only ‘brews be holograms? It cost $100,000 to make this hologram of Tupac. They are going on tour with Tupac. Just think how much money they will spend to deceive us later with holograms! How about if they mimic my voice or Moshe’s to lie to you. (to turn you away from Yah, Yahoshua) Suppose they give you illusions? Suppose they bring you an illusion of me saying that I am MessiYah?

Did y’all here about the story about the sex robots on Yahoo news? Men have been buying them to have sex with.

I-phone 4 is here y’all. Do y’all see all this technology? It is fallen angel technology.

Machiavelli, kill-illuminati, is Tupac really dead? They can use blue screen technology to make images in the sky. Just like the movie ‘300’. They will use technology to show the false messiah. There is a real good UFO DVD over at the nation of Islam site. Don’t read their information just get the DVD,  LOL. They have been seeing UFOs in Israel and also orbiting the earth. Yeah Ancient aliens is interesting (comes on the history channel).

I-phones/Androids have all types of technology on them. We slept on these smart phones. You can listen to pal-talk chat rooms on your phones, watch videos, scan bar codes on phones at the store, use as a TV remote control, deposit your check into the bank, open garages, start your car and on and on. They are pocket computers really.

The bionic man (the 6 million dollar man) the bionic woman, transformers, specter man, Robo-cop, astro boy, inspector gadget, terminator, iron man…machines + human DNA=satan wants to create his human. Athletes will start getting these mechanical parts…watch it will happen.

Did y’all know they are letting children pick their own gender now? This is a very wicked time we are living in…Tupac rapping after 15 years. Speaking of resurrection, they are talking about doing thriller Michael and Elvis too. Why the thriller Mike though? Because he was darker. Don’t get caught up y’all, this technology is here.  Protect your mind!!! Inception! Satan is coming with great wrath! Protect your heart! Let Yah guide you. Get fed here. We are going to let Yah handle it. We will let Him do. We don’t listen to Bill O’Reilly and them.

Did y’all know what April 19th was? It was Hitler’s birthday, and when the Columbine massacre and the Waco siege occurred. (Columbine and Waco) was about mind control. Mind control is here We don’t need to argue with the police. Let the police search you if they want to. My backpack only has books, and a computer in it. Don’t puff up at the police y’all. We need you in this spiritual battle. We don’t want you to go to prison. The prisoners are waking up too y’all. They know that they are Ysrayl, ask ahki Yahcanal (sp?). So what if the police want to search me… search me. I don’t do drugs or carry a gun. Even righteous Gentiles with the truth go through this.

Don’t get comfortable here. This is not our land. What will you do with Yah’s mercy? We don’t protest in this land. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28. We did not protest in Sanford Florida. We went down there to teach. Zimmerman is out of jail. We know he will not be convicted.

Messianic Israelites, Yah has mercy on this place because of you. He can take this place out in 1 hour (Scripture says He will take this place out in 1 hour). It’s because we are here that Yah doesn’t destroy this place.

Doesn’t seem like we have unity in tragedy but when it is over we go back to sinning?

Y’all donate a dollar or two to e-sword. They are a non-profit group. We download our Scriptures and other books from them. Many Israelites use e-sword. Let’s keep them going.

The HalleluYah Scriptures will be out on the 24th of this month. This is a new copy of the Scriptures translation.

Nato Summit in Chicago coming up. They have already told people protesting will not be permitted.

Marissa Alexander: They are trying to give her 20 years. She gave the same law as Zimmerman. She is from Jacksonville Florida. They want to charge her because they said she went back in the house. She could not get out of the garage. They twist the laws depending on the person. TEXT in the room: stand your ground is for them to kill us.

Lesson: Yah’s Will vs. Our Wishes: When we don’t get what we want we pout. Yah has something better for you. Sometimes when you think things are going wrong, they are going right, according to Yah’s will. That thing you have been praying for 3 years may not come until 5 years. Some of you are praying for spouses. Yah may know you are not ready to receive it, you may destroy it if you get the covenant of marriage now. Yahoshua didn’t want to die that night but it was Yah’s will. People use to ask me why I did not have a congregation in Chicago. It was always Yah’s will (for me to be online).  Do y’all know it’s Yah’s will that makes the sun rise and moon rise? ‘I will to be’ Yah said and he sent Moses to the children of Ysrayl. He didn’t need no help creating, It was Him alone. In the movie Green Lantern, they willed and the thing they willed manifested itself. Yah willed and it manifested. He spoke everything into creation. The will of Yah will manifest in your life. Will power= control. Just like you used will power to stop eating pork when you got this truth, to overcome sin.

Genesis 2:15-25 It was Yah’s will for you to have dominion over the earth, to be perfect. Yah gave us the kingdom, dominion even the tree of life (eternal life). But now we have to work to get all that back. Our wishes clashed against Yah’s will. Humble yourself to Yah’s will. Now we have to go the long route to get back to Yah. v. 15 Adam was created in Eden not the garden. He was placed in the garden (later). v. 17 One tree we were not to eat from. v. 18 Yah willed man and woman to be together. Homosexuality is the wishes of man. It clashes with Yah’s will. v. 19 Man named things he owned. His job was to rule the earth. Sisters were created to help man. Evolution is from satan. Polar bears did not evolve from brown bears. Yah created different types of bears. v. 20 Man by himself. v. 21 Yah did surgery, used the genetics of man to create woman. This is why we are compatible. v. 22-25 It is Yah’s will that man takes a woman for his wife. Yah’s will for a man is to have a helper. And it’s your wish to have 10 girlfriends. Being single is not wrong but being a homosexual is wrong.

Many of us don’t know what we want t be still (in this walk)…just let Yah. He wants you to be a fisherman of men not an executive in a company…that’s your desire.

Let’s look at some examples. Set-apart servants put their wishes above Yah’s will. TEXT: We fail when we put our wishes above Yah—only to be saved by Yah again.

This is what hampers our walks. Battle of the flesh…remove your wishes. Be patient, wait on Yah. Let Him work in your life. Remember the Israelites complained at the Red Sea saying ‘you brought us out here to kill us’. Moses raised his staff and the water moved. Yah’s will was that the sea moved. The water was obedient to Yah’s will! But you have a problem (with Yah’s will).

Exodus 3:9-14, v. 10 Yah is going to send us to the rulers, governors in this day. v. 11 Moses questioned Yah’s will. v. 12 I am with you said Yah. v. 14 It’s not ‘I Am who I am’. This is not a correct translation. It should be ‘I will to be, who I will to be’. I will to be justice. I will to be righteousness. I will to be deliverance. In other words, don’t limit Yah. He has authority over all. The sun god is only the sun god. The moon god is only the moon god. Yah is what Yah wants to be. He willed Himself to self-exist. If He is with you, who can be against you?

Numbers 20:1-11 When Yah says something, He wants it done. Three times a year all your males had to go to Jerusalem. We don’t wish…Yah gives us what He wants us to have. If I ask Yah for bread, then my neighbor brings it that’s better than a man who stole a steak. Be happy with what Yah gives you. Don’t wish for something else. Wishing for more is from satan. You have food, home, car so be happy. Satan convinces you that you need a BETTER home, car, etc. You are at the place now where Yah needs you to be! You are blessed because you are where Yah wants you to be but satan will say you are not blessed because you have no money.

We use to complain about our neighborhoods. But back then everyone knew each other. Now we miss those old ways. I don’t really many of my neighbors now.

Tomorrow Yah may uproot you for His Will!! Abraham and Sarah went how many years for a child? They had to wait on Yah. Jacob had to wait on Rachel. It was Yah’s will for him to have 4 wives not just the one. Yah wanted the 12 tribes. Wait on Yah. Wait for His will to manifest in your life. Every step manifest’s Yah’s will. So He will be what He wills to be. Yah’s will for Ysrayl is to serve Him but it was our will to serve the nations and their gods. We constantly put our wishes before Yah’s will.

1 Samuel 8:1-10 v. 3 They did their own will…money not justice (Yah’s will). v. 5 They wanted a king to be like the nations. They didn’t want Yah. v. 7 They rejected Yah ruling over us. But at the end of the day, Yah is still our King. This is why we are scattered today. Now we have to take the long route (back home, to Him) It will happen that Ysrayl rules the earth. We think we removed Yah as our King but Yah still rules over us.

We tell people we are separatist. They wanted to integrate. No we separate from wickedness no matter the color. We are in a traffic jam now because we go the wrong route. Yah gave you a home in the ‘hood but you want to live in the ‘burbs instead of going where you are sent by Yah. MJ came back to us before he died. Remember that song ‘they don’t care about us’. Mike found out the truth.

TEXT: We want Yah to be patient when dealing with us but we are not patient while waiting on Him. <—Yeah, because we are stiff-necks.

I use to pout for a wife, y’all. If you run out and get a wife you may end up getting godzilla-satan. I was lonely once y’all, you know. Yah will give you your spouse. Let His will do it. You go out and get anything to marry. You go get a woman who will not keep a Shabbat. You grab anything. She will make pure grave in your house because you couldn’t wait on Yah to send your princess. She at the club on Friday night. But you say she’s FINE. She’s disobedient. But you say she’s real fine. But you don’t know about her spiritual walk. There will be many fine women in the lake too.

v. 8-10 So Yah told them the kings would be unrighteous. There was a long line of unrighteous kings that ruled over Israel. But there will be a righteous Ruler again (Yahoshua).

Joshua 10:11-14 Yah will harken to you when your wishes align with His will.

See, you have to be shown what’s out there so you can see (for yourself). Taking the long route back to Yah…He lets satan deceive you. The civil rights movement happened when it was supposed to happen. 50 years later, we see most has not changed. Yah is our King. We seen our ancestors mistakes 5,00o; 2,000 years ago, 400 years ago and 50 years ago. We are in the last days of the curses y’all (1619-2019).

We die and fail without Yah. We should not be in ghettos, prison, government assistance, we have done wrong to Yah, we wanted our will. This is why we are not in our land tonight. We are in our enemy’s land. They are eating us up. What you wish for may just kill you. Yah gives all you need, yet you complain.

Joshua 10:11-14 Joshua needed the daylight to win the battle. Make sure your wish aligns with Yah’s will. The sun, moon were obedient to Yah. Joshua was obedient. All was on one accord. Perfection.

We want Yah to be over us not a president.

You may be praying for something. Yah may have something special for you. Be patient.

Genesis 18:2, 22-33, v. 2 read. v. 22 These are angels of Yah who stayed with Abraham. v. 25 Abraham wishes align with Yah’s will. v. 26 Yah will have mercy on 50 righteous. v. 28-29 Abraham wishes. v. 33 Yah went away.

If there were 10, He would not destroy the place. Yah listened to a man. Yah’s will. Yah only found 4 righteous. Yah has not destroyed Babylon in 1 hour yet because we are here today.

Sometimes life changes happen to us.

John 9:1-3 Yahoshua healed him so Yah’s will can be seen. Yah’s power could be seen in Yahoshua. Yah already knows who will be healed. Healers, when Yah gives you that power, don’t charge people $19.99 to be healed. He wants you to heal where He tells you. Yahoshua did the will of Yah and healed him. People are waiting on you. People are searching for The Father. So don’t put your will over The Father’s. TEXT: They thought Iyob (Job) sinned when he was struck with illness.

Suppose I didn’t build the website? And didn’t put what I knew about Yah and Yahoshua out there? That was not Yah’s will for me. I was supposed to bring the truth to you. We are supposed to bring truth to people. You may wake up 2,000 people. You may think no, I’m not going to this person but Yah may have been getting that person ready 10 months before you talked with them for this walk. In Ezekiel chapter 3 the prophet was bitter to go (to the house of Ysrayl who are rebellious). You may only have 3 people show up to hear you speak. Shaul got in line with Yah’s will and he used to persecute the brothers. He did Yah’s will.

Luke 22:39-44, v. 38 2 swords was enough said Yahoshua. Yahoshua told them to sell their garments. v. 42 If it’s Your will Father, let your will be done. He did not want to die but He said let it be Yah’s will! He was in agony. Sweat like blood was dripping. He wished not to die. See, remove your will. So you can do His will. Imagine if Yahoshua ran away? What would have become of us? We would be doomed! Moses, Abraham, David could not do it. Only Yahoshua could do it.

Kepha put his will before Yah’s will. He denied 3 times. So when they see your name on the Israelite Heritage list and they accuse Moshe and I of being terrorists, will you deny knowing us?

Yah told Yeremiyah, I knew you in the womb. Yah knew His job. He is not concerned about what you are to do. satan tells you ‘maybe’ I should do this or that. (Yah knows His plans for us). Why are you never satisfied? That is flesh. What stands in your way? YOU. You stand in your way, in what you are supposed to do. Don’t blame others. Adam blamed Eve saying the woman You gave me brought this fruit to me. What convinced him to follow Eve but he knew the law? He always wanted to eat the fruit. It was already on his heart…his wishes got in the way.

Let’s close out. How many of you are addicted to wishes? Meaning you fantasize about it until you get it. Let Yah’s wishes overtake your wishes. Yah’s will is for you to serve Him. If anything gets in that way, that’s your wish. Yah may have you multi-tasking. The demons will try to stand in your way when doing for Yah.

1 kings 8:44-51 This is the Redemption prayer. A prayer for Ysrayl when we go into captivity asked by King Solomon. Him asking aligned with Yah’s will for us.

1 Kings 9:1-3 This is Yah’s answer to Solomon. v. 1 All prayers of Solomon He desired to do, it says. Solomon’s will aligned with Yah’s will.

Know what Yah wants you to do. Some are in so many ministries (multi-tasking). Some are artists, all have talents, one body with many parts. Yah said in Deut. 28:65 there is no rest for our feet in the enemy’s land.

If someone asks you to speak at their church…go…Yah will speak through you. Don’t think you don’t know enough. You know the names, so you know more than them. Don’t worry if you speak ebonics. Most of our people speak ebonics too. Yah may send you to a prison to talk because you use to be in prison. Yah may send you to speak with prostitutes because you use to be a prostitute. Yah may send you to talk to corporate America because you speak English the way they understand. Yah sends you where you are needed. Let Him put you where He needs you to be. Stop complaining.

How do you know Yah’s will? The urge, you have that urge. That feeling. Like if you hear someone talking about the Bible. Just go over and tell them what is in the Book.

If a homeless person asks you for change, give it to him, if you have it. Don’t do your will. Yah will give you back your dollar. If the homeless person is lying about the need for money for food, Yah’s wrath will go to him. You be in line with Yah’s will.

Don’t miss a blessing because of your will. The end of the lesson. No Q & A this week.

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The Spiritual Death of Ysrayl

This lesson is called ‘The Spiritual Death, Exile, Return and Resurrection of the children of Ysrayl’ and it’s weird ahki Tobiyah because that text that you just sent me ahk, you know this lesson is going to speak out against that particular doctrine. Because everything that we are doing here and everything that is being done in the nation of Ysrayl, right now, I’m talking about the true nation gathered here, this is the nation of Ysrayl, those true Israelites. I’m not talking about the people who dwell over there in the land now. Everything that we are doing right now is according to prophesy. There is a lot of prophesy being fulfilled right before our eyes.

So when we look at this topic of Ysrayl being a spiritually dead people, what does that mean? What is the whole understanding of a spiritually dead people? Well, this is what we want to look at right here. A spiritual death brothers and sisters is similar to a physical death. Remember, there is duality in everything. There is the physical and then there is the spiritual. The spiritual just represents that higher understanding, more higher than the physical. So when we look at the duality of death, there is physical death and there is a spiritual death. When you die physically that means the body is no longer functioning if the mind has stopped working and now you are unconscious. It is similar to a sleep. And so, likewise a spiritual death, when you are dead spiritually you are spiritually unconscious. You can’t understand the matters of the higher levels.

So when we look at Ysrayl being a spiritually dead people, what we are saying is that Ysrayl is a spiritually unconscious, dead, entity. It has no spiritual life. All of her spiritual life has been taken away. She has been murdered on the spiritual. So we will look at this from the Scriptures because this spiritual death also led to our exile. We are in an exile right now brothers and sisters. It started off as a captivity but now it’s an exile. We are exiled out of our land meaning we can not go over to the land of Ysrayl tonight and re-establish ourselves as a sovereign nation and start ruling from that nation tonight. We can’t do that. There is a process that must happen and understanding that it is Yah Himself that has led and caused us to go into this spiritual death.

So with that Yah is going to resurrect this spiritually dead people. Now the spiritual resurrection has to happen before the physical actual resurrection happens. Ysrayl has got to be brought back into the knowledge of who they are and who Yah is before they are found deemed worthy to be resurrected into eternal life.

So we must look through the Scriptures and we must connect the spiritual death to exile and then our return into the land by the hand of Yah. Yah will return us to the land. We will be resurrected and we will be returned. But first we will talk about this spiritual death so you can understand the condition of your people. You must understand this Ysrayl, this spiritual death. Because, when you look out into the world and you see all these Obama addicts that our people have become, those are spiritually dead people. They are spiritually skeletons. They have no life in them. All signs of spiritual life has been taken.

Now remember, when I talk about spiritual brothers and sisters, I’m not talking about Casper the friendly ghost. I’m talking about spiritual that is just as real as the physical. It is a higher understanding. That is what the spiritual is, higher understanding of Yah’s truth. So when we talk about spiritual death, we are talking about a death that has taken place on the spiritual plane. A people void of any type of spiritual life.

Now Ysrayl has been spiritually dead for a long time brothers and sisters. It did not just happen. It did not happen 400 years ago. That was not the first spiritual death. We have been dead thousands of years on the spiritual. And this has caused us to be killed on the physical. Let me show you, case in point. Let me break something down that the Great One, His Royal Majesty Yahoshua the Son of Yah…let me show you something that He said. Let’s go to the book of Matthew. We are going to kick this off in the book of Matthew today. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 8.  Mattithyah for those advanced students and Matthew for those of you just coming into this walk. His Hebrew name is Mattithyah. So look what Yahoshua is breaking down here.

Matthew 8:21-22, v. 21 Now this taught one’s father has physically died and he wants to go bury his fater before they leave. v. 22 Yahoshua said let the dead bury their own dead. What does He mean by this? How can a dead person bury a dead person? Yahoshua’s breaking it down, let the spiritually dead bury the physical dead. This is what He means by let the dead bury the dead. He is talking about those spiritually dead Israelites. Let them bury that physically dead person. Because remember, the physical death signifies being void of life and consciousness. There is no life in that physical body likewise the spiritual death represents the same thing. There is no spiritual life in that person’s mind. So Yahoshua said let the dead bury the dead. This is what he is talking about. Let the spiritually dead bury the physical dead. He said don’t worry about them, you just come with Me. This is why He continued to say, I am the life. He continuously talked about eternal life. Because, Ysrayl is a spiritually dead people and we need life in us.

Let’s go to the book of Yesiyah. We will read chapter 65.  (talks to someone) That’s right, He’s the living water that brings life back to the body.  Let’s look at Ysrayl’s spiritual death, when and how we died. Look at this, How did we die? How did we become a spiritual dead people? This is why it’s so hard to get across to our people… because it’s like hey…we are trying to revive you. You know, Yah has sent you to perform CPR on these people. You know you have to push on their chest 3 times and you have to blow into the mouth. This is what Yah has called you to do Ysrayl.

Isaiah 65:2-4 Do you see that? Yah said Ysrayl sits among the graves. What’s in the graves? Dead people. Ysrayl is in the graves because they are a spiritually dead people. And Yah goes on to say that I have held out My hands to a stubborn people. His hand has never retracted. Salvation has always been for you Ysrayl but you refused it. And you say no Yah, we don’t want to do what you say. We want to do our own things, therefore Ysrayl you are among the grave. Now what keeps you in this spiritual death, what keeps you in the grave?

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 21. What keeps Ysrayl in this spiritual death? Why can’t we overcome? Why haven’t we overcame this ? Because, what put us in here is the same thing that is prolonging us in this grave.

Proverbs 21:16 A man who wanders from the way of understanding will rest in the assembly of the dead.

Did you see that? What is the assembly of the dead? Hey, it’s the congregation of the dead. It’s where dead people dwell. Yah said you sit among the graves, the dead people. Yahoshua said let the dead bury their dead. So Ysrayl because you have wandered out of the way of understanding, you are now among the assembly of the dead. You are a spiritually dead people because you have left Yah’s understanding. Yah granted you understanding but you turned your back. You didn’t want to hear His truth, His way. (talks to someone) That’s right ahk, they are dry bones. That is what we are going to look at. We are going to look at the condition of being the dry bones in the valley. But this is where you are Ysrayl. You rest in the assembly of the dead. It is because you have strayed from understanding. This caused your death. This is what caused your death, you strayed away from understanding.

Let’s go to the book of Hosea. We will read chapter 13. Let’s understand this spiritual death that you are in Ysrayl. You are not able to comprehend or perceive because you are dead. You are spiritually (dead). There’s no life in you. No sign of life in you. But Yah is going to work this thing and He’s going to bring life back into you. And we are going to see just how He’s going to do that. The greater plan of Yah is always the best plan.

Hosea 13:1-3 Ephraim was the head tribe. Ephraim and Manasses, the 2 sons of Yoseph . When Yoseph was in Egypt he had 2 sons that were born to him by his Egyptian wife. His sons were named Ephraim and Manasses, the half tribes of Yoseph. They made up the tribes of Yoseph. So Ephraim was the lead tribe of the Northern (ten) tribes of Ysrayl when our kingdom was split into two halves after the death of King Solomon. Just like Yahudah (Judah) was the head tribe of the (two in the) southern kingdom. (reads verse 1) Do you see that? Baal represents those false deities. Baal represents lord, god, and all the ancient deities today, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Ha Shem, all of these false deities. Through Baal, he became guilty and he died. This is how Ysrayl died…by worshipping false gods and wandering out of the way of Yah’s true understanding, this brought spiritual death to our people.

v. 2 Do you see that? They sin now. What is sin? According to 1 John 3:4, sin is th transgression of the law. So now they break the law more and more. (Continues to read verse 2). So before you go slaughter, you had to give your obedience and kiss the calves. But Yah said we are sinning more and more, we are transgressing His law more and more. Do yo see those rappers with those crosses around their necks just sparkling with diamonds?…The Christian cross? You see our people, they will pay a month’s salary to get what they call a crucifix, to wear around their necks. Those are idolatrous images. That is idolatry. So He said that we sin more and more.

v. 3 This is how Yah says you are going to be. Like a morning cloud. You will be in so such confusion Ysrayl. Have you ever tried to drive early in the morning when there is what’s called fog today? A morning cloud, a cloud that has descended down, that is what fog is. If you have ever tried to navigate through that, you can’t. Sometimes the fog is so thick you can’t see your hand before your face. So this is what you are like Ysrayl. You are in a state of confusion because you are dead. You are spiritually dead because you have offended in baal. Going and worshipping these false gods, these pagan deities and now you have offended The Father. And now you have died spiritually. You have wandered out of the way of understanding. This is your spiritual death. Sin brothers and sisters has killed our nation. That is the death of Ysrayl. The number one cause of death for all Israelites ages one hour old to one hundred (is sin). Sin is the number one cause of death among the children of Ysrayl. It causes our spiritual death and it causes our physical death.

Let’s go to Hosea, well we are already there. Let’s go to chapter 4. Everyone knows this verse!! This is liked seared to the mind of the Hebrew. We all know this verse. Right?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me. Because you have forgotten the Torah of Yah, I also forget your children.

My people have perished for the LACK of knowledge. Why? Because we have run out of the way of understanding. We have worshipped baal. We have kissed the calf. And we have died spiritually. So Yah said you are perishing because you don’t have the truth of who He is. You don’t have the truth of the covenant He made with you because you have rejected knowledge, Ysrayl. ‘I rejected you from being priests for Me’ He said since you forget the Torah of Yah, ‘I will forget your children’. Look at our children today. Look at them as a whole around the world. Look at how forgotten little Israelite children are today. Even here in the United States, Israelite children are the number one children just about in every category that is of something that is bad. They are the #1 children locked away in prisons. They are #1 in juvenile homes. They fail on all the tests across the board. They are the #1 victims of gun violence. They are the # 1 victim children, you know. So we are looking at how Yah has rejected our children because we have rejected that knowledge and now we are just a dead people. He said I’m going to reject you from being priests for Me. How can Creflo Dollar stand up and say he’s a priest of Yah? Look at this, children can’t even go to school, you know, unbelievable y’all.

So this is why Yah has rejected but do you know what we are going to talk about the return and we will talk about the  redemption because Yah has called His servants back to Him. So now we are looking at Ysrayl being a spiritually dead people and you must look at this Ysrayl to understand how important your job of having your hand in the resurrection is.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 37. Let’s break this down. We see that we are a spiritually dead people. Ezekiel’s name is Yahzeqyl in Hebrew. Not Yehzeqyl, it’s YAHzeqyl, Yah’s name is in there. (talks to someone) That’s right ahk, this is a very important job! This is the most important thing…this should be at the top of your life. If you have anything else before this work, before this duty, before Yah…you are already lost. You are still dead. You haven’t even awaken yet. You look alive as Ezekiel is going to explain to us right here. You look alive but you are not alive yet. You are still dead. So this has to be numero uno…number one. There is nothing else that can come before Yah. There’s no excuse for you to put anything before Yah in your life. There’s no excuse. None at all. The only way that Yah’s no longer in your life is that if your body no longer produces breath. If you can’t breathe anymore signifying that you are spiritually dead and that should stop it. But other than that Yah should be #1 night and day. NOTHING else comes before Him.

Ezekiel 37:1-3 , v. 1-2 Wow, so we know Ezekiel is seeing bones and bones signifies death. So these bones that the prophet is describing is a lot of them. And this valley was filled with them. And he said there were very many open to see and they were very dry. So these dry bones have been in this valley for a long time. They are dried up. There is no sign of life in these people, who these bones once belonged to. v. 3 ‘Oh Master Yah, You know’. Ezekiel gave a smart answer, right there. He’s looking at the situation physically, as a man he’s looking at this thinking, no way these bones can live. In fact, these people are long gone. But on the spiritual, he said Yah You know. Because, he is not going to sit there and doubt Yah. He knows that Yah has all power. So he said Yah You know or in other words, Yah it is in Your hands. I’m not even going to give an answer on that. Because, if I give an answer it may come from the physical, saying, ‘oh no, those bones will never live’. This is what the physical man would say but on the spiritual, hey ‘Yah, You know’. ‘You know already’.

See, these people had died. These people were in this valley. We are going to break this down. The valley represents wherever the children of Ysrayl have been scattered by the hand of Yah. the bones are symbolism for death because the children of Ysrayl are spiritually dead and rest in these valleys of death. The United States is a valley of death. Jamaica is a valley of death. Puerto Rico is a valley of death. Wherever we have been scattered at, that is where the children of Ysrayl are spiritually dead and it is a valley of death…nothing but dry bones. Right here in Chicago when they had (announced) Barack Obama (had won) that night and our people were out here acting a fool on the streets. All over this country (they were acting a fool). All over Babylon. those were nothing but skeletons dancing around…dancing skeletons. Do you understand? Whooping and hollering skeletons, the living dead. Call them vampires if you want to, zombies. That is who they are.

And so Yah brought down these curses, upon us y’all. Yah had a calculated way to bring this death  down upon us, well we brought the death (upon ourselves) but Yah had a way of bringing the punishment or the murder. We were spiritually dead but Yah brought a physical death also because He’s going to bring these curses upon you by the hand of he enemy.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 28. We will come back to Ezekiel chapter 37. Understanding your death Ysrayl, you are spiritually dead. Now, you are witnessing a spiritual resurrection, which will take the fullness when MessiYah returns.

Deuteronomy 28:64 Yah will scatter you and there you shall serve…not other (god). The word ‘other’ should not be there. Because if you are saying you shall not serve other gods, then you are saying Yah is a god and there are other gods besides Yah. Yah didn’t say other. He said there you shall serve the mighty ones (elohim, gods) which you nor your fathers have know…wood and stone. *Yah tells us over and over again that He is the ONLY  One (so He’s not a god, the gods are many) in Exodus 20:3, Isaiah 43:1o-12, Isaiah 44:6, Isaiah 45:5 and Hosea 13:4 and He says He will judge the gods in Psalm 82:1. He is The Power, The Almighty, The Father, Yl Shaddei, The Only One of Ysrayl. HalleluYah.*

But what I want to point out here is that Ysrayl has been scattered from one end of the earth to the other. That is what these valleys represent. That the children of Ysrayl have been scattered all over the planet and wherever we are. That is where the valley of dry bones are. Wherever we are located on this planet, the children of Ysrayl.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 21. So we want to get the understanding of Yahzeqyl’s prophesy here. The children of Ysrayl have been scattered into all these valleys and valleys represent wherever we have been scattered to or whatever land we have been scattered to. This is what has happened to us.

Luke 21:24 So Yahrusalem shall be trampled. This is telling how long your captivity will last, how long you will be in the valley of dry bones. You have been led captive into all nations, the children of Ysrayl. You were brought into all the western hemisphere nations. A thousand years prior to that, the Arabs were taking you into all of their lands. About 800 years before that, you had the Gentiles under the Romans taking you and spreading you inside what is called the Roman known world. About a thousand years before that you were taken into captivity by the Assyrians. You have suffered many captivities, the Babylonians…you have been spread. But Yahoshua said that you shall fall by the edge of the sword and be led away captive into all nations. This began in the …the Romans started your captivity or this modern captivity. We have been led away into all nations. And all these nations where we are in captivity, this is the valley. And where we are in these nations, we are dry bones because we are spiritually dead because we have served gods. We have wandered out of the way of understanding and we are no longer seeking Yah.

 But your captivity will last until the Gentiles rulership is up. The Gentiles according to Scripture, this name Gentile come from the Hebrew word Goy and it means nations. And the children of Ysrayl primarily applied this title to Goy or Gentiles to the people who lived north of them in the land that we call Europe or Europa. That title was applied to the sons of Japheth. And so they are what we call today, Europeans, white people, or the Gentiles (Goyim) from Scripture. And they are in full rulership. And you think their rulership is over because Barack Obama is going to be president of the United States? Are you silly, foolish or stupid? Because, if you have that on your mindset, why do you have that thought there? Do you know it’s obvious my brothers and sisters?  I know many of you who come in contact and study the Word of Yah, you know that the times of the Gentiles has not been fulfilled yet. So this is how long your captivity shall be. This is out of the mouth of the MessiYah. Are you going to call Him a liar?

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 28. Looking at the children of Ysrayl, understanding what this valley is, these dry bones, your spiritual death…wherever you are on this planet…you are dead Ysrayl. It’s only now that you are starting to see that resurrection starting to take hold. This right here, what we are looking at today, coming together on Yah’s Shabbat to hear Yah’s truth and Word, representative of the spiritual awakening that is starting to take place.

Deuteronomy 28:68 So Yah said I’m going to take you into ships this time back into Egypt. Brothers and sisters this is apart of our scattering. This is what we are looking at right now. Yah said He would scatter us. He said He would do this to us. That’s right Egypt in this verse Mizraim which is Egypt, it represents slavery in Exodus 20:2, Yah calls Egypt the house of bondage or the house of slavery. So Yah said I shall bring you back into the house of slavery in ships. So Yah is saying you shall come back into Egypt in ships brothers and sisters. So in this verse Deuteronomy 28:68 Yah shall bring you back  into the house of slavery in ships. This exact thing has happened to us. We were brought to the western hemisphere (via ships). Yahoshua said you shall be led away captive into all nations. He didn’t say, you shall migrate but you shall be led away captive. And this has happened to the children of Ysryal. This is part of our scattering. That is why these bones are very dry. Because we have sinned. Yah said that we sin more and more. And Yah said if you sin against Me, if you are disobedient, I’m going to bring these curses down upon you. These curses can be found in the book of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28:15-68.

So Yah has sent us into this captivity. Yah has done this. And Yah will revive us and bring us back. Yah is the healer of Ysrayl. Let’s go back to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. We will pick up with verses 4-8. That valley represents wherever we ae. (talks to someone) There you go! The Dutch migrated but the children of Ysrayl were led away captive, as captive slaves.

Ezekiel 37:4-8, v. 4 Now pay attention my brothers and sisters, ‘old dry bones’, Yah is about to do something here. He is about to awaken the dry bones. But how is He going to do it? Let’s see. How will He bring the children of Ysrayl out of these curses? v. 5 I am bringing into you a breath, spirit or ruach. Ruach in Hebrew is spirit, breath or wind. So Yah said I’m bringing into you a spirit. He said the children of Ysrayl need this breath. You need this breath to live. v. 6 So Yah said I’m going to resurrect you. You are spiritually dead but I’m going to resurrect you. I’m going to make you look alive. I’m going to put muscle on these bones. I’m going to put skin and flesh and blood where there was only dry bones. This is Yah speaking to you telling you that He has not forgotten about you children of Ysrayl.

v. 7 So Yahzeqyl went out and prophesied as he was told. He told those dry bones, ‘you are the children of Ysrayl’. Yah is your King. Yahoshua is Yah’s greatest servant. He shall rule over the nations. Yeah Ysrayl heard this Good News and this made bone come to bone. They started getting ready. Now they are starting to look alive. After the prophets have prophesied this great truth to you, children of Ysrayl. v. 8 Wait a minute, He said okay, I prophesied. Right? I seen dry bones appear before my face as  living human beings with flesh on them. Now, I can recognize them as humans instead of looking at them as dry skeletons yet there was no breath. They were not breathing they were still dead. Yeah, they looked alive, they were better than they were before because they were just dry bones in the valley. Now they have this flesh upon them, now they are looking good. But they are still not breathing. They still don’t have Yah’s Ruach upon them. That’s right they are zombies, dead just laying there. You know how we do it right? We have to go fix up a dead body. Someone dies in our family and we must go get them a $2,000 suit, a $5,000 coffin, $200 shoes, $50 pair of underwear…we have to fix them up. Right? Fix up a dead body that will rot away. So now we have the children of Ysrayl, their looking alive.

We are in this state right now, the children of Ysrayl look alive…’oh we are the Hebrews’. ‘We are going to wear the garments’. ‘We are going to learn the language’. ‘Oh we are going to break down this Bible, this Book’! Yet Yah’s Spirit is still not in these people. They are still lacking the Ruach ha Qodesh, Yah’s great Set-apart Spirit because that Set-apart Spirit brings life because that Set-apart Spirit will lead you into all truth and UNDERSTANDING. And the children of Ysrayl died because they wandered out of the way of understanding. So Yah’s Spirit has to be in us for us to live so when the prophet prophesied to these bones they came together yet there was still no breath, Yah’s Ruach was not in them. This is what we are looking at today. They are still in the valley. They do look like the children of Ysrayl, now. They have flesh upon them but there’s no spirit in them. Let’s continue.

Ezekiel 37:9 Now Yah said that these bones have been slain meaning that they have been killed, murdered. We have been murdered because we have wandered out of the way of Yah’s understanding. Jesus has killed us. Allah has killed us. The Jewish Ha Shem has killed us. All of these pagan ancient gods…baal, Ammon-Ra, all of these gods that we worship as a collective people has killed us. We are the slain bones int he valley. But look at this. I will read verse 9 again. How is Yah waking up the children of Ysrayl? He is waking us up by the hand of our enemy through the curses. Let’s take a look at what these 4 winds are because Yah said prophesy to these 4 winds oh Spirit and breathe on these slain ones that they may live. So these 4 winds are going to wake up the children of Ysrayl. Let’s look and see what these 4 winds are that Yah has called to bring breath upon us to resurrect us from this spiritual death.

Let’s go to Daniel, Daniyah chapter 7. Blow upon these bones that they may live.  The 4 winds of heaven are coming down upon the children of Ysrayl. Yah has called them upon you. Now we will get the full understanding of what these 4 winds are but Yah has called them on you Ysrayl. Their whole reason for existing, these 4 winds, we are about to look at is to come and resurrect you. Whew! Yah is…I’m telling you brothers and sisters…Yah is powerful! Ysrayl please pay attention and understand this. Understand your spiritual death, your exile and your return, resurrection. You have to comprehend this. Okay, Daniel chapter 7, we will understand what these 4 winds are. In Yahzeqyl 37:9, Yah told him to prophesy to the 4 winds. What are these 4 winds? And what about these 4 winds is going to make this spiritually dead people resurrect?

Daniel 7:1-7, 17  v. 1-2 Now he said that he saw 4 winds of heaven stirring upon the great sea. v. 3 From the 4 winds came 4 beasts. Right Okay. v. 4-7 read. Okay let’s break this down. What is Daniel talking about? Well let’s go to verse 17. Verse 17 will give Daniel the understanding of this vision he had. v. 17 So we see that it started off in verse 2 of Daniel chapter 7, the 4 winds. These 4 winds represent these 4 beasts. These 4 beasts represent 4 kings. These 4 kings represent 4 kingdoms. The 4 kingdoms are: number one represented by the lion, the Babylonians. The Babylonians represent the lion. Then we saw the second beast represented by a bear. The second beast represents the Medo-Persian Empire. The third beast represents the Greeks and the fourth beast represents the Romans. The fourth beast was to terrible to even describe but it is the Roman Empire. Now, the 4 kings are representative of these 4 nations. ..Yah called the Babylonians, Yah called the Medo-Persians, Yah called the Greeks and Romans to come upon the children of Ysrayl and breathe upon us and execute the fullness of the curses. Remember in Yahzeqyl chapter 37:9, Yah said to prophesy to the 4 winds, call upon these winds to come upon My people, beat them down and bring them back to Me. What is waking us up today as a nation more so than anything? Yeah we can identify the physical appearance of Ysrayl. But that is only the physical appearance. What is waking us up today like nothing else? Those curses. When we read those curses and how they are executed upon us by our enemies. This is what is spiritually awakening us. We know we are the children of Ysrayl because we are being beaten down by the enemy.

So those 4 kings…let’s just look at those four kings that ruled over the 4 empires that brought tragic situations down upon the children of Ysrayl. Babylon, represented by the lion, the king that came against the children of Ysrayl was none other than Nebuchadnezzar. Remember these 4 beasts which are the 4 winds represent 4 kings and these 4 kings represent 4 nations. Kings rule over nations. They rule over empires. They rule over kingdoms. So it was Nebuchadnezzar. The second king of the Medo-Persian Empire, the Persian King Ahasuerus  also known as Xerxes who was also featured in the movie ‘300’. Because remember, during the time of Queen Ester (Hadassa) he wanted to eliminate the children of Ysrayl. We are looking at that Persian King during that time. The children of Ysrayl were looking at total genocidal-homicide, you know. They were talking about killing all of the children of Ysrayl. Read the Book of Ester. The next king represented by the Greek Empire that came upon the children of Ysrayl was none other than Antiochus epiphanes. We read about him in the lesson called first Maccabees. *Antiochus epiphanes, son of King Antiochus the third of Syria was a descendant of one of Alexander’s generals. Alexander divided his kingdom among his generals before he died. Antiochus persecuted the Israelites.*

And the fourth king, a Roman king that came up against the children of Ysrayl started with…in 66 CE, King Nero. Nero brought great pain down upon the children of Ysrayl. Actually Nero began…in 66 CE, he began the siege against Jerusalem. Vespasian would become the king that would complete the siege on Jerusalem in 70 CE. Nero started it in 66 and he brought great persecution upon our people. And so Vespasian is picking up where Nero left off, him and Titus. So those are the 4 kings. The four winds that Yah told Yahzeqyl to prophesy to represent the 4 world ruling nations. The Babylonians, the Medo-Persians, the Greeks and the Romans…and we are still feeling that Roman effect. Babylon today she is a descendant of Rome. Rome was the most brutal of all the nations that stood before it. It was known for its brutality that is why the Roman army struck fear everywhere it went. They were ruthless! One thing you can watch in that movie ‘the passion of the Christ’ is this: Look how they beat…we know they beat Yahoshua.. but in this movie you know, how bad they beat him, that was real life Roman brutality. Look at ‘Gladiator’ that is real life Roman brutality. Look at the HBO series called ‘Rome’. These Romans were like no other. That is why there was not a beast to compare the Roman empire to. Because they were rough. They were ruthless. (talks to someone) The Italians, the mob, you are absolutely right because the modern Italians are descendants of the ancient Romans. But we see that the American whole structure is based on Rome Her whole…Rome had a senate, America has a senate. Where do you think they got the senate from? Rome had a place called Capital Hill, so where do you think they got this Capitol Hill from? *Rome is also called the city of Hills or on the Hill, I heard an elder say* This modern Babylon is made up of Rome, Greece, Persia and Egyptian (cultures). It’s made up of all the ancient (empires). But this is the one that came after the Rome Empire and the Roman Empire is still blowing upon us. We are still in the phase of the Roman wind. Rome is still blowing upon the children of Ysrayl. Yah is executing our curses brothers and sisters. Let’s go to Leviticus chapter 26.

By the hand of our enemies, these winds are blowing upon us to resurrect us. And ain’t they doing what Yah called them to do? Hey, they have gone overboard, of course, Yah’s going to handle them for that. But look at this. We are a result of the winds blowing upon the bones right here, right now. And the ones that…you know the people who are going to come into this truth by the thousands, by the millions in the days, months and years to come are a result of Yah calling those 4 winds which represent the 4 nations to come and blow that wind upon us.

Leviticus chapter 26, Yah is executing this thing in the hands of our enemies that is all you understand. You don’t understand thus saith Yah, Ysrayl. Yah has to come down upon you. You don’t understand thou shall not. Or you must do. You don’t understand that, so Yah has to take off His belt and BAM BAM BAM…break it down on you!

Leviticus 26:17 I will set My face against you and you shall be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you shall reign over you and you shall flee when no one pursues you.

See that? Those that hate you…you shall be defeated by your enemies. Those that hate you shall rule over you. Hasn’t that happened to us right here, right now? Do the Americans love us? Or do they hate us? How can we tell if they hate us? By the way they treat us. So those that hate you, shall rule over you. See this is what Yah is bringing down upon you Ysrayl. This is what He’s doing to you. He’s bringing this upon your head. These are the winds. Let’s go to v. 33.

Leviticus 26:33 I will scatter you among the Gentiles and draw out a sword after you. Your land shall be desert and your cities waste (ruins).

So Yah said I’m going to scatter you among the Gentiles. You are among the Gentiles now. You are all over the place, this is what scattered you among the nations (Gentiles) means. Now I’m going to send out a sword after you. A sword is a weapon of war. When has the children of Ysrayl ever had peace? Let’s look at our (almost) 400 years in North America, when have we ever had peace? From the moment we stepped off those ships in 1619 to this very hour, when has the children of Ysrayl had peace? Because, Yah said I’m sending out a sword after you. That sword are the winds. The winds are your enemies. And the enemies are bringing the curses down upon you, to resurrect you. Yah is using your enemy to do CPR on you, Ysrayl. Now you have been resurrected, now you have to go out and do CPR on other ahks and ahkotees (brothers and sisters). You have to let them know why this thing is happening. And that this is by the hand of Yah and Yah alone so you can get mad at the white man all you want, all day, that will do no good. Because at the end of the day your butt is still going to be still getting spanked. And that white man is going to be still doing what thus saith Yah, coming down on the children of Ysrayl and blowing upon these dead, that they may live. Let’s go to verse 36.

Leviticus 26:36-39, v. 36 Yah’s saying you’re going to be a bunch of COWARDS!! You will be so terrified, so fearful that you will hear a leaf shaking and there you go running, ‘oh what’s that noise’? He is saying in a symbolic way that this is how fearful you will be Ysrayl. Because, when you are in the lands of your enemies they are going to have such power over you. They will rule over you and they will put fear in you. So you will not be the strong people anymore that Yah called you to be. You will be fearful cowards. v. 37 You will hear that leaf and you will think that someone is coming after you and there you go running. In other words, the police pulls up behind you brothers and there you go sweating, sweat dripping off you like blood. The police ain’t even thinking about you this time but there you go… heart beating fast. Because of the oppression that we have faced y’all, we have become fearful. But the Spirit of Yah, remember Yah’s Spirit has to be upon these bones and Yah said that these winds are going to blow upon these bones and they shall live.

v. 38 You shall perish among the Gentiles and the land of your enemies shall eat you up. Is the land of our enemies eating us up? Or are we doing well in the land of our enemies? Are we prospering in the land now that we have a black president? La da di, La da da. They said racism is over now. You have a black president so you have no cry for racism anymore. You have negroes out here smacking the police, telling the police, ‘what you gon’ do about it’? ‘We got a black president now’. Whew, la da di, la da da. That is ignorance beyond belief. The land of your enemy is swallowing you up. It’s just like a man eating a piece of steak…devouring that piece of steak, boy. Don’t leave no gristle, no bone. Just eat it all up until it’s no more. That’s what the land of your enemy is doing. Why are we so depressed? Because the land of your enemy is depressing us. Why are we so sad and down? Because the hands of our enemies is doing this because Yah called it. These are the effects of Yah prophesying through the mouth of His prophet Yahzeqyl to the bones. And he prophesied to the 4 winds to come upon them.

v. 39 Do you see how many times Yah says you will be in your enemy’s land? Not in your friend’s land but your enemy’s land. Did you notice that? Because why? He has scattered us into the valleys. Our enemies land represents the valley. What is in the valley? Dry bones. That’s what it represents. Yah said you will be in there. That is why we are homeless. We have been exiled out of our land. And we will look at that in just a moment. But we have been kicked out of our land. Exile…we have no home right now. We are  wanderers, Hebrew, we are Habaroo. Habaroo means a wanderer. Hebrew means a wanderer to cross-over. That is who we are right now. And we are trying to come back to being Israelites. But first that Ruach of Yah has to blow upon us and enter us in order for us to live again. Right now, we are just a mindless people. We are just a dead body. But we are coming back with Yah’s Ruach so we can breathe again.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy 28. We see that Yah is bringing these curses down upon us by the hand of our enemy. And it represents the wind blowing upon the children of Ysrayl. Do y’all see how Yah has caused all this? There’s nothing that a man can do to  return the children of Ysrayl. Look at this.

Deuteronomy 28:48-52, v. 48 Haven’t the children of Ysrayl been destroyed? Where is the nation on earth Hebrew Israelites? Where are we ruling from? Yeah, we are coming back to our land but we are not ruling under our own government. We are in the stat of having the winds still blowing upon us. So they have destroyed us, have taken away the knowledge of who we are. Do you know what? I just want to insert something in here. We will come back to Deuteronomy 28 at verse 49. But before we go to verse 49, I want to insert Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 26. To let you see something here. Because Yah said we will serve our enemies. Aren’t we serving them? We came over here in servitude. We have been serving them since we stepped off the slave ships in 1619. Yah said we shall serve them whom Yah sends against us. Who did He sen against us? He sent the enemy, represented by the wind. That is what He called prophesy to the wind. It represents the enemy. Yah said you shall do it in hunger, thirst and in nakedness. So you AIN’T GOT NOTHING, Ysrayl. You got nothing…you ain’t manufacturing nothing. If these people say hey grocery stores…there’s a new law…if Barack says there’s a new law (saying) you can’t sell food to anyone who identifies themselves as a African-American hey, we will starve. Because we don’t know how to grow our own food (anymore). We don’t know how to hunt. In thirst, if Barack was to say hey we are not serving African-Americans water anymore….so it just represents….hey we ar not going to sell them clothing anymore. So we will be hungry, thirsty naked and out in the street. This is what Yah is saying, you will not own nothing. You ain’t got nothing yet you WILL serve that enemy. It says ‘in need of all’. We need everything. Just for simple survival the so-called African-American needs everything. He said, ‘and he shall put a yoke of iron upon your neck until he has destroyed you’……

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Whatz up in the Garden

This is the last picture (scroll down for the beginning picture). A few weeks ago, I planted some potatoes. I will probably plant more later. I’m just experimenting with them now to see how they do.I bought a petunia plant when I went to Home Depot on Sunday. You didn’t think I was just going to buy garden soil did you? Plant lovers can’t leave HD and/or Lowes without a plant, LOL. I can’t leave the book store without a book either.  🙂The bubbling brown sugar day-lilies are more beautiful this year than last year! This is a pic I took this morning.Pic of finished work and about to head for the ponderosa. I was sore for 3 days after lifting all those bricks on Thursday when I started!!Another finished angle.All mulched in and cozy.A close-up shot. The garden soil and plants (roma, homestead tomatoes and hot banana peppers) were added in the shot.The same finish with the bricks shot but at a different angle.All done adding bricks. These bricks were recycled from the front yard. We are going to redo the front edging. I will post pics when we do.This is still a halfway shot but at a different angle.This is when I was about halfway done. This is the first row of bricks that I removed. I used a hoe to move the grass.I decided to make the veggie garden bigger. This is the beginning shot. Some of the plants are still in their containers here.

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The One the Prophets Said Would Come p.2

(The class took a snack break) Okay, we looked at Yahoshua being the prophet in Deuteronomy 18:18. We saw that He spoke the words of Yah. We looked at His birth and lineage, that He would be born of a virgin. He was a descendant of Abraham. He was of the tribe of Judah. He was a descendant of King David. He was born in Bethlehem. He was taken into Egypt and we mentioned Herod killing of the infants during the time of His birth.

So now we are looking at His walk. We are going to look at how the prophets said the MessiYah would walk. Did His walk actually match up with that? So that is where we are now. We are looking at the walk. We left off before the break, talking about Yahoshua being anointed by The Ruach ha Qodesh, The Set-apart Spirit or the Holy Spirit of Yah. We seen that Yah’s Spirit was upon Him when He was immersed. It said that the Spirit of Yah descended down upon Him like a dove. We read Isaiah 11:2, which said that the Spirit of Yah would be upon Him.

So now we will look and see that there would be a messenger that was to pave the way for the coming MessiYah. So we will see that there was the voice of one crying out in the wilderness. And this person’s whose voice is crying out in the wilderness would be the one who would open the gates and pave the way for the coming MessiYah. So let’s look at that.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 40. Remember, we are looking at all the prophesies concerning who Yahoshua was. The entire, what is called the old testament prophesied of the MessiYah’s coming and what is called the new testament gave an eyewitness to those accounts. The so-called old testament is the prophesy of the coming MessiYah and the so-called new testament, the MessiYah has arrived and fulfilled all those prophesies. So let’s go to Isaiah chapter 40. Let’s look at the one who paved the way for the Maschiach for Him to come. Then we will look and see who that one was.

Isaiah 40:3-5 So in verse 5, he says the esteem (glory) of Yah, the deliverance, the glory of Yah shall be seen. This is talking about Yahoshua brothers and sisters.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 3. The voice of one crying in the wilderness. Who was that, that paved the way for the MessiYah?

Matthew 3:1-3 Yahcanan (John) the Immerser, not Baptist. In Hebrew, it was an immersing. Verses 1 through 3 read. So do you see that? The prophesy that is in Isaiah chapter 40 was speaking about Yahcanan the Immerser. John the Immerser, he paved the way for the coming MessiYah, who was Yahoshua. That prophesy was speaking about Yahcanan. But do you know that the guy for calls himself the comforter (comfy) says that  is him or something. The bed-spread, he is not a comforter. For those new members that want to know who the comforter is, there’s a guy in New York that says that he is the Set-apart Spirit…a man says this. Speaking of false messiahs, so we know who the true MessiYah is but yeah there’s a guy that says that he is the comforter. The Comforter (or The Helper) is spoken of in the book of John. (John 14:16;15:26;16:7, The Comforter is the Set-apart Spirit of Yah).

But do you see that Yahoshua was Harold by a messenger of Yah? One preparing the way for the coming MessiYah, that was Yahcanan the Immerser. He prepared the way. He was the one prophesied in Isaiah 40, the one that was crying out in the wilderness. He literally was crying out in the wilderness. Do you know what that statement means? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a wall? That’s the same thing. Your crying out in the wilderness and no one is there to hear you. Now sometimes talking to these stiff-necks, boy…it’s like I’d rather talk to the wall. It’s less stressful, you know. But that is what it means the voice of one crying in the wilderness. And no one heard him. Bringing all this truth, crying about the truth night and day and nobody there to hear him. So Yahcanan brought this forward. Remember, when Yahoshua stood before him to be immersed, Yahcanan said no-n0, You should be immersing me. I’m not even worthy to do this. Yahoshua said hey we have to do this so we can keep the role of righteousness so my brothers 2,000 years from now will have no excuse for not getting immersed. So that is why we have to keep this righteousness going.

It said that Yahoshua would be a teacher of the Good News. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 61. Yahoshua is the One the prophets said would come. Ge that into your heart Ysrayl. Now remember, when we read from what is called the old testament, we read, then we back it up with what is called the so-called new testament to show you that Yahoshua did fulfill these things.

Isaiah 61:1-4 Do you see? The Master Yah is upon Me because He has anointed Me to bring the Good News to the meek. He has sent Me to heal the broken-hearted. That is what it says in verse 1 right? Who is Isaiah talking about?

Let’s go to Luke chapter 4. Who is this One that has the Spirit of Yah upon Him? Who is the One that Yah has anointed to bring that Good News? We already know it is Yahoshua. He already said the Spirit of Yah is upon Him. Remember, the word anointed means Maschiach. MessiYah anointed of Yah because Yah has anointed Me. This is why He is the anointed of Yah to bring Good News to the meek. It is not Yahweh Ben Yahweh, the comfy, Ben Ami and all these cats.

(talks to someone) Yeah, he probably is Jesus’ brother, just call him Jesus junior, you know (laughs). Let him be Jesus. But he ain’t Yahoshua, you know. Kayn (I agree) call him J.J. (laughs) or little Jesus.

I’m just going to say about that Bill Mauer (sp?) movie, religion or whatever it is called…it was WEAK. When I looked at it, I thought he was going to have something that was really of substance but the reason he made those people look foolish is because they didn’t understand what they…had he came to one of us…man…we would have ripped him up (with Scripture) you know, yeah. Yeah, that is what he was doing and it was a fleshy doubt that he was giving to the people. But I would say that everybody should see this movie for this reason: You should know just when people bring you these types of things, how you should be able to respond. Like right now, if you don’t know how to explain who the MessiYah is, you have no business believing in Him. I’m just going to be real like that because when we accept Maschiach into our life, it is because Yah has manifested Maschiach to us. It is like you know hey, you are not going to go out and grab a stranger and bring a stranger into your house and say, hey man, stay in my house. You will find out about this person, who he is and what they are about. So you have to find out…if you are putting your life in the Maschiach’s hands…you must know who He is. Because otherwise, satan is going to give you another Maschiach, he’s going to give you another Maschiach. So lessons like this (one)…STUDY THEM! There’s a lot of Scriptures here for you to study on, mediate on. Study this information. Don’t let this information escape (you). Don’t say hey, I already heard that on Shabbat and that is it. You need to study this information.

Okay, as we saw Isaiah said that the Spirit of Yah is upon Him. He has come to proclaim the Good News. Let us see who this is.

Luke 4:14-21 Do you see? So when Isaiah spoke this in Isaiah 61:1-4, he was speaking about Yahoshua. He was speaking about the coming of the MessiYah. And Yahoshua Himself and I have just fulfilled this, in your ear (in your hearing) on this day. They still didn’t believe. (talk to a brother) Naw, they still didn’t believe, brother. What else will it take, you know.

So He would preach the Good News. That was one of the things of the coming MessiYah. So Yahoshua already fulfilled that. So I don’t care how many congregations, synagogues Ben Ami goes into, to read the exact same Scripture…It’s already done. He’s too late.

Let’s look at how Yahoshua would minister or preach The Word in Galilee. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 9.

You know some of this stuff the Gentiles even see, you know they can understand this. But for some REASON, the children of Ysrayl don’t want to understand it, you know. So I will ask you. How much twisting of Scripture of how weak does your walk have to be for a Jew to come along and make you a non-believer in MessiYah? How weak?….Naw you could not. Because, they come along and they can teach you and show you saying, ‘oh there is no MessiYah’. And give you whole Judaism…and you believe that garbage! And there are people who also say, ‘well, the new testament was written by Greeks’. I always ask this…What Greek had this much understanding? What His name? Who taught Him? Because Yahoshua…it had to be somebody Ahk because what Yahoshua’s saying matches up with what we are reading out of the old testament. He taught that. So tell me what Greek had knowledge of our Word? I would like to meet him or his descendants. So if you say that the new testament is a Greek Book, that’s just one big lie! And let me tell you the new testament was not written in Greek. It was just translated into Greek. Just like the writings that we have right now…the information written on our website is being translated into 4 languages. In 5 years from now, say the English version of the site no longer exists. Just the Spanish and Portuguese versions only exist. And say you only read the Spanish version. Will you say this site was always written in Spanish only? Naw, this Book right here was written for who? Hebrews (that’s who). Why would you write in another language for Hebrews when they didn’t even speak…you know, we had a few Hebrews here and there that spoke Greek and Latin but they mainly spoke Hebrew. So if you are going to write a book to them, you would write it in a language that they understand. See, that is just another lie that they put out there that the Book was written in Greek. That is not true. It was a Hebrew Book, through and through. It was just translated into Greek. And that was the one that we have remaining.

So let’s go to Isaiah chapter 9 and look where Yahoshua’s ministry would be. And we are just looking at the walk of the MessiYah right here to see how He fulfilled the prophesies of His walk.

Isaiah 9:1-2 Did you hear that? Alright let’s go to Matthew chapter 4. He’s talking about that there was darkness among the people. Let’s let Yahoshua give you an understanding of what the Scripture is talking about. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 4.

Matthew chapter 4: 12-17 So what we read in YesiYah (Isaiah), that was speaking about Yahoshua. That was speaking about the MessiYah.

And as you can see that the book of Isaiah was filled with Messianic prophesies, through and through. and so that is what he was talking about. And verse 17 goes on to say, from that time Yahoshua began to preach and to say, ‘repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (near).

So what Isaiah was speaking about? He was speaking about Yahoshua. He was the One that would preach throughout Galilee. That would preach throughout the land of Zebulon and Naphtali, the way of the sea. It was a prophesy that the MessiYah would be bringing the Word in Galilee.

Let’s look at that He would enter Yahrushalom or Jerusalem as a King riding on a donkey. That was another prophesy. Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 9. Then we will begin to look at the MessiYah’s death and see how he fulfilled all that and His resurrection. But in His walk He would enter Jerusalem as a King riding lowly (meek) on a donkey.

Zechariyah 9:9 So who is this King coming with salvation, deliverance, coming to save? Well, let’s go to Matthew 21. You see how Yahoshua is constantly fulfilling what the prophets said when He told His brothers, that Scriptures said that He showed them from the law of Moses and also from the prophets (and Psalms). This is what He was showing them. These prophesies same prophesies right here. To give them understanding. So let’s go to Matthew chapter 21.

Matthew 21: 1-9 So Yahoshua fulfilled that prophesy too. And that was speaking about Him in the book of Zechariyah. The King comes humbly riding on a colt, riding on a donkey. That was speaking about Yahoshua.

So let’s look at that He would be rejected by His people. He would be rejected by us the Hebrews. Let’s go to Psalm 118. So do you see brothers and sisters how simple this is? Once again, abc’s of Scripture. This is what the prophets said, this is what Yahoshua did. That is it. You know, it doesn’t take rocket science but we Hebrews love to make the simple…complicated. And the complicated, we just can’t deal with that. (talks to someone) Kayn, you have to speak the 50th language of Hebrew to the 10th power, you know to understand this. But man, this is Maschiach here man. This is the One that they said would come. This is the One that showed up on the scene and said I am He. This is the One that the brothers proclaimed His walk. Man. Psalm 118.

Psalm 118:22 So this stone, who are the builders? Let’s say that the builders were building up a great kingdom and they said hey we don’t want that stone, that stone is no good to us. So they throw it away saying, ‘we don’t need that one’. ‘We will get a new stone’, they said. They rejected Yahoshua. He is the builder of the kingdom and they rejected the builder of the kingdom. So how will you build a kingdom? You can’t build Yah’s kingdom without the center cornerstone. Let’s see. Who is that center cornerstone? Of course you know it is Yahoshua. But let’s confirm it. Let’s go to 1 Kepha or 1 Peter chapter 2. Who is the builder?

(talks to someone) Man, there are so many prophesies in here Ahks and Ahkotees, brothers and sisters, you are only getting the abbreviated version right now. If we were to take all the prophesies in the entire Book that speak of the MessiYah and we were to take the ones in the other books speaking of the MessiYah (Jasher, the Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha) oh my goodness. You would have pages and pages of prophesy here.

1 Kepha 2:7 The men were building their own kingdom and they rejected Yahoshua but Yahoshua is going to build Yah’s kingdom. So He is the Chief Cornerstone. Everything is built on Him. Everything that we have is based on Yahoshua and His walk. How do we even know about truth if we didn’t have Yahoshua? We probably would be still slaughtering animals, you know, still pouring out cakes to the queen of heaven.

(talks to someone) Yeah worshipping the fallen ones, brother and kissing their feet and hands, man, I’m telling y’all get it in your heart just what a great walk He did and the example (He gave us). If Yahoshua would have fallen in His walk, would Yah even give mankind a chance? ‘Hey, I sent Him and this is what He did’. ‘If He had bowed down to satan…there would have been no hope for mankind.’ ‘That’s it, I don’t have to worry about any of them coming up’. But Because He did it, now there is hope. And we have hope today. Because now anything is possible.

Now let’s look at His death y’all. We looked at His walk. But now let’s look at the death of the MessiYah. Let’s go to Isaiah 53. We have a lesson on the site called Isaiah 53 and we go through all 12 verses and show you how Yahoshua fulfilled every verse in there. (I posted this lesson in the blog already).

Isaiah 53:3 What did we not consider about Him? We did not consider that this was Maschiach. That the One we have been reading about…remember Hebrews went into their synagogues every Shabbat, opened up those scrolls and read from them. Read the prophesies that Isaiah said, when that prophesy that MessiYah stood before their face a big question mark was over their heads. All that Scripture reading (and they still didn’t see who stood before them) (talks to a brother) Kayn, they wanted to kill Him. They didn’t consider that this is The Man. Wow, that is deep brother.

Let’s go to John chapter 1. They did not consider that Yahoshua is Machiach. Because remember when we first opened this lesson, I told you what they considered a MessiYah to be…like King David. You must have your sword in hand, you must have the head of a giant in your left hand and sword in your right, writing Psalms and all this stuff. That is what they thought a MessiYah (was). This is the only way they thought of a Maschiach. You know because David was anointed by Yah. So they said hey if you are anointed by Yah and you are going to be of the seed of David….then you have to be like David. So they said He’s coming and telling us that we are the ones in the wrong because Hebrews say that today, they say…I’m talking about these black nationalists, they say y’all are crazy. (We are a sinful people?) and I’m like whoa. And they say what about what the white man did to us? I’m like do you know why he did that to you? There is a reason (cause) why he’s doing this to you. So they don’t comprehend that. Just like in the days of the MessiYah. This is why they said give us Barabas. Barabas is what you would call a revolutionary. He had killed some Romans and stuff. He was ‘sparking up’ saying hey we have to go kill some Romans. They (the Israelites) said give us him, this is who we want. That other one… execute Him. The One that says we aer ethe cause of all this…execute Him, get rid of Him. That is the way Ysrayl does it.

John 1:10-11 So when it said He was going to be despised and rejected…to be despised means to be hated. He was hated. How do we know the MessiYah was hated? They killed Him. So they had to hate Him, you know. So He was despised, He was hated and He was rejected. When He came to us we rejected and we did not consider Him to be Maschiach. And do you know what? We are paying for that to this very hour. I am going to read something to you in here, what these stiff-necks said when He was being executed. Give us Barnabas, let that Man’s blood be on us and our children (Matthew 27:25). So here you are, to this day Ysrayl…in other words you were saying let that blame of MessiYah be on Ysrayl. And that is what it is. This is why we are here today in Chicago, in Los Angeles, in New York and we are not in Jerusalem. They are over there fighting in our land, blowing up rockets and buildings and here we are in a far away land being oppressed. In the midst of snow storms, losing jobs, and all this stuff man, you know. Because we said let His murder be upon us. Let us be responsible for killing the MessiYah. Let’s go to John chapter 7.  Yahoshua was rejected y’all despised by men.

John 7:5 So how much rejection can you get in that? Do you know He hand-picked these 12 men? This was His inner circle. They went everywhere He went. Slept where He slept. Ate from the same dish He ate. But they did not believe Him. What did they not believe? I don’t believe you are the MessiYah, man? This is why He tells us in Luke chapter 24, what? That He had to come and open their minds to understand the Scriptures so that they might understand. That is why Peter that night, you saw  hos weak his belief was. ‘Who Him, I don’t know Him’. Three times in a row this brother said that. Because they did not believe in Him….His own brothers. It was only until afterward that they said okay Yahoshua said I have to be killed and rise the 3rd day and Peter said naw man, what are you talking about? Yahoshua was trying to tell Peter this prophesy, it must happen. So they didn’t even comprehend this. So I just want y’all to understand how deep your walk has to be. These brothers saw Him face to face. They knew Torah. They knew the Scriptures. But they walked with Him and didn’t even believe Him. You haven’t seen Him, like they seen Him but you have seen Him. When you read this Word and you have Yah on your heart, you see the miracles that He has done. You don’t question them. Because you know that it is real. So you must be steeped Ysrayl in your belief in Maschiach. Don’t say it just to be saying it. Don’t try to transfer Jesus into Yahoshua. Because you will fall apart like that.

Yahoshua was despised and rejected of men. (talks to someone) There you go. Because Isaiah 53 also says that. It spoke about His appearance, it was nothing that we looked at as being the appearance of a King. He was just a lowly humble brother. He was not caught up in all this. He was a King yet He was not dressed as a King. He did not wear purple robes and bling-bling (laughs). Yeah, you saw the comforter’s tour bus to right? Looks like a home. Kayn, Yahoshua would have been on public transportation. He would not have cared about any of that. But that is because of His heart, He came with a mission. Just like today, because of His walk, now we understand how we are not to be caught up in that material thing. We either have it or we do not. Yah’s going to give us everything we need. And we are satisfied with that. But you go into these churches today, they must have more, more, more. They just can’t be, what you call comfortable. No, because they preach against that. ‘You must sow your seed, they say. Why do you want to live like that, I heard this idiot because that is what he is…Mase…Mason Bethel (sp?) in one of his sermons saying that the people of God should not be living in apartments for $450 a month. (talks to someone) Yeah, he said that you should not be living like that…in a $450 dollar apartment. (laughs) It’s wild how they think and just the things they do. (talks to someone) Probably right after the offering you know. Because they have constant offerings. But that is how they think but the MessiYah was nothing like that and if you want to live like Him. You must do as He did.

Let’s go to Psalm 41. We are going to see that Yahoshua would be betrayed by one of His friends. Betrayed by His brother.

Psalm 41:9 Now we know the story of Yahudah (Judas) which we are about to read. But we know that this was a prophesy of MessiYah and we know that it happened to the MessiYah.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 22. Man, where are these people coming from (coming into the Shabbat Room) with these names. And on the Shabbat day too. Behave yourself Ysrayl. (They come into the Shabbat Room with dirty names). This is that same type of behavior that got us over here today Ysrayl. You know stiff-necks having orgies and stuff and Moses was just gone for 40 days. I mean, wait, what is the problem? Yeah they probably made up al types of things…Yah has killed him (Moses) so we got to do what we got to do. They were dancing naked and… (The children of Ysrayl rose up to play Exodus 32:1, 6)

So we just read Psalm 41:8 right. Is said even my own friend whom I trusted, who ate My bread has lifted up his heel against Me. (to kick)

Luke 22:3-4  Judas (Yahudah) was called man from Qerioth (Iscariot). So we know it was Judas that turned his hand against Yahoshua. He was Yahoshua’s friend. He was hand-picked, one of the 12 original apostles. Hand-picked by the MessiYah. Yahoshua said in whom I trusted, prophesy said who ate My bread has up His heel against Me. So he was one of the boys. They broke bread together. They ate together. They camped out together. They ministered together. They battled against satan together. He was in the inner circle and he turned on Yahoshua. That is frightening. That is frightening brothers and sisters. See, those Hebrews that can’t stay grounded…I don’t trust you. I’m just going to put it out there. I can’t trust an ungrounded Hebrew…unstable in all their understanding. Hebrews that one day say, ‘is it possible that Yahoshua can be MessiYah’? Then the next day, ‘oh yeah He is MessiYah’. Then 2 hours later, ‘I don’t know if He is MessiYah’. Get away from me, man. Just go on with that man. Because I don’t trust you. Those are the ones that the FBI, CIA, those are the ones they come for. Those are the ones tha they can get to turn on you. Those are the ones that they can get to wear a wire or that new thing me and Moshe was talking about on the way over here. I don’t know if y’all seen it but they have a new device advertising on the news. It looks like a blue tooth head set but this bad fellow can pick up conversations from across the street. They advertise it as such. ‘Oh you can hear your neighbor talking’. And you can be at a party and can hear people talk. What in the world! (talks to someone) Kayn ahk, that is what they want to do. People will be like ‘I heard them’. ‘I was in my house and I heard them talking’. That stuff is wild…now it’s okay to spy they say. This is what they are doing. Why would they sell…it’s only $19.99 y’all. Go get you one, you know. (laughs) $19.99. And you can spy on your neighbors. Kayn and you know brother, they will soon make a device where you can record. They will record…hey listen this is what they said. (recording conversations without wires). So now they don’t have to send an agent in. Kayn, it’s only a manner of time. So here we are…these Judas are being made. They are getting ready to anoint some Judas’. But why did Judas do it? Let’s see what the prophesy had to say about that y’all. Let’s see about these unstable Judas’. Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 11. This tells us why Judas did what he did. The prophets spoke about the MessiYah. Do y’all see that? I mean, we are not making this up. The prophets are not saying one thing and us another, no man this is real y’all. (talks to someone) Yeah, the devil possessed him but the devil used his heart. What was on this man’s heart? It has always been about choice.

Zechariyah 11:12 This man sold out the King of the universe for 30 pieces of silver. Do you know tha we have Hebrews today that are so caught up with money, that they will sell you out literally for 30 pieces of silver? We are coming into some very hard economic times y’all. We are going to have some very dangerous Hebrews out here. I am serious… the government is starting to recruit their Judas’. This man sold Him out for money. And he was a thief too. I forgot the Scripture where it says Judas was the treasurer. He kept hold of the money. And so that Scripture where it speaks about when Judas wanted to go and sell the oil that the woman anointed Yahoshua with . He said man, we can go sell that and give the money to the poor. Scripture says he was concerned about that, he wanted to get the money because he was a holder of the money. He was the treasurer. And he was stealing. So he was motivated by money. This is why you see the selling out of the  comforter, comfy. There you go. That man sold out, you better believe someone is paying him. Someone is paying him a salary. Kayn, comfy was on Jerry Springer back in 1996. Him and the ku klux klan were on the show. They were talking about hate groups. (talks to someone) man, I saw that show live when it came on. I was just coming into this walk in ’96. I happen to turn on Jerry Springer that day and I was blown away. I was happy because he had Hebrews on there, because I was new to this walk but the ku klux klan was up there and I was like oh wow. Then these brothers getting up there fussing and cussing. I’m like man, who are t hey? I didn’t know who they were and all that. But yeah that was comfy and his crew (on the show).

So 30 pieces of silver, that the prophet spoke about right. Now let’s go to Matthew 26. This is the One the prophets said would come. (talks to someone) Yeah, it was a circus brother (Jerry Springer show) It was shameful. Now let me just tell you Hebrews, because Yah is going to move this Hebrew movement into the mainstream. The new crews may come and stick a microphone in some of your faces. And when they do that, you better whatever you say…you better remember that you represent Yah. Don’t you get up there and not represent The Father. It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe what you say. Just say what you know you have to say. This is what we believe. This is who Yah is. Don’t get up there and make a fool of yourself and embarrass the movement, embarrass the people and embarrass The Father. So remember that Hebrews, when this thing goes mainstream because it will go mainstream. Yah is going to move it into the mainstream, so that His people worldwide can know. And when we have classes like this, we have 142 people in here right now, oh that number will be 1,042 or 2.042, you know. It’s going to happen. So you just be prepared Ysrayl when that day comes. You know hey just remember that you represent Yah. You are not representing yourself.

Matthew 26:14-15 Isn’t this the exact thing we just read in Zechariyah? The prophets said that this would happen and that is what happened. Yahoshua’s friend turned Him in for 30 pieces of silver. That is cheap, man. So do you see how dangerous this is? How He had one in His inner circle and knew the in’s and out’s of the movement. And he betrayed Him. Do you know why? This man’s heart was not fully on the MessiYah. Because we already read that His brothers did not believe right? We read that. So they didn’t believe and they could have easily been gone. The night Kepha denied Him, what if they had come and arrested Kepha and said tell us everything about this man or we will kill you. Do you think Kepha would have kept his mouth shut? So do you know what? Yah forgave him for that. Because we see that Kepha was great after that. But this is the key y’all. You have got to strengthen yourself in Yah through Yahoshua the MessiYah. This is what you must do. Ain’t no question about it. You must strengthen yourself. Hebrews ask me, what should I be doing everyday? Seeking Yah. How do you see Yah? You seek Him through His Word. Believe in Him. The more you know about Him the more  you trust in Him. The more you see Him constantly come through in your life when you call upon Him, the more you will start to trust Him. And it will get to the point, like it did for Kepha, Scripture says that Kepha was so bad (as in awesome) after his belief grew, that when Kepha and them came to town the people were trying to get to the shadow of Kepha to pass over them so they could be healed. (Acts 5:15). Do you see that? But prior to that, this brother denied the MessiYah. (Matthew 26:33-35, Matthew 26:69-75) But then he came up and Yah forgave Him, and he came up, grew in his belief. This brother had power just like the MessiYah had. He healed a brother, a brother was asking him for some change. Kepha said listen, I have no change but this is what I can give you…and healed him. Kepha brought a woman back to life. And ahkotee died, Kepha went and prayed and brought her back to life. So we have to strengthen our walks. We have to strengthen our hearts in Yah. Knowing that Yah is Yah and He is real. There is nothing else like Him you can’t compare Him…what can you compare Him to? There never was or will be and don’t even contemplate that there are two Yah’s . There is only One. Yah can give His power to whom He wills But there is only One Yah. Always remember that. Everything else that tries to come against Yah is counterfeit…is of the devil.

*I remember hearing one Shabbat, that the Israelites said Yahudah (Judas) repented and gave back the 30 pieces of silver. (Matthew 27:3)

So when we look at these prophesies my brothers and sisters, knowing that this has happened to our Maschiach, that he is the one to fulfill these things. Let’s look at Him being mocked. Let’s go to Psalm 22. Isn’t this beautiful to know? Now, I know for many years many of us had heard that the prophets spoke of the MessiYah but not really understanding where they were. And they threw out the entire book. (laughs) man, you read Psalms and just about everything in Psalms is talking about Yahoshua. You read about these prophesies in duality, they talk about Ysrayl and they talk about MessiYah, Spiritual and physical. You stiff-neck Israelites Yahoshua represents the Spiritual. He represents all that is right, He represents all that Ysrayl is supposed to be, an obedient servant.

*Speaking of duality, I remember reading Hannah’s prayer last year and thought she was speaking of Yah and Yahoshua here in 1 Samuel 2:10. She said He will give strength to His King and exalt the horn of His anointed. I just thought she was speaking about Yahoshua here.

Psalm 22:7-8 So it says that you trust in Yah. Do you know what this is saying right here? All this is coming upon you because you trusted in Yah. This is how they mocked Him. But how many have heard this in this modern time, this spoken to you personally? To this day…that is right. (talks to someone) Kayn, you are out of work because you started worshipping Yah. You better come back to Jesus, when you were with Jesus you had a job, you know. (laughter in the room) That is what they say, brother. They are mocking Yah. When they mock you and say go ahead and trust in your Yah. But this particular prophesy is speaking about Maschiach. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 27.

Matthew 27:31 So they mocked the MessiYah. He said all those who see Me mock Me. All those, a large crowd was around Him and mocked Him that day. They executed Him. This is talking about Yahoshua. They mocked our MessiYah.

We are going to look at them casting lots for His garments. Let’s go to Psalm 22. Then we will be closing out.

Psalm 22:18 See this? Let’s go to John chapter 19. Now that is an interesting thing right there. Why did they divide His garments? Because there is a legend called the spear of destiny. The spear of destiny is said to be the actual spear that they pierced the MessiYah’s side with as He hung on the stake. Now with this spear they said that everyone that has owed this spear has ruled the world. So I don’t know. They cast lots for His garments, I would believe that maybe their would be something to that. That they are keeping artifacts of His, you know. That is interesting.

John 19:23-24 So this is what happened. They cast lots for His clothes. *also in Matthew 27:35.

We see from the old testament that it could not be no one other than Yahoshua. Now let’s briefly look at Him rising from the dead. Let’s look at His resurrection. Let’s go to Psalm 16.

Psalm 16:10 Sheol (the grave); What is this corruption he is talking about? This is talking about death and decomposition of the body. So Yahoshua did not see decomposition of the body.

Let’s go to Mark 16. Who is this in Psalm 16:10? Who is not left in the grave to see corruption (decomposition)?

Mark 16:6 This is the angel speaking about Yahoshua. So you did not leave My soul in the grave. This is David’s bones? David has been dead for thousands of years. David was not talking about himself when he said this. He said for you do not leave My being in the grave neither let your kind One see corruption. David is speaking about Yahoshua. Yahoshua was in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights. He did not see decomposition of the body. He was risen before all that stuff could take place.

Let’s close out. Let’s go to Psalm 110. We are going to see who is sitting on the right hand of Yah. Then we are closing out here.

Psalm 110:1 Yah said to my Master, sit at My right hand till I make your enemies Your footstool.

Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 1. Who is this talking about? Yah said to my Master? Who is David talking about in Psalm 110:1? And this Master is sitting at the right hand of Yah. And Yah is going to make His enemies His footstool for His feet. Who is sitting at the right hand of Yah?

Hebrews 1:3 This is speaking about Yahoshua. See vs. 13 too.

Let’s prove it. Let’s go to Acts chapter 2. Yahoshua sits at the right hand of The Father and we will prove this.

Acts 2:33-39 Yah made Yahoshua Master and MessiYah. So do you see that? The brother said this isn’t talking about David. David is dead. He is in the grave. Shaul said that Shaul said that David said that Yah said to my Master, sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool. And this was Yahoshua. This is who the MessiYah is.

Did the brothers have problems understanding that? You know. Now we read in Scriptures where brothers didn’t believe Him yet if they did not solely believe they would not have followed. They had lacking faith. You know sometimes you kind of question some things, that shows how much faith you have. Sometimes you say ‘well I don’t know if Yah will do that’. That is lessening the Power of Yah. I just want to leave you with this last Scripture.

Kepha denied the MessiYah but came up in strength and he verified that Yahoshua is Maschiach right here. But this is the first time Kepha verified Yahoshua as MessiYah. Let’s check this out.

Matthew 16:13-17 So once again as we close this out, we go back to when we opened up understanding that with Yah you can understand (The Spiritual, The Scriptures). Kepha understood who He was…The MessiYah.

The end of the lesson. 


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The One the Prophets Said Would Come

Yahoshua MessiYah: The One the Prophets Said Would Come: (The reel-to-reel was already rolling)…on His very existence. So I’m going to explain to you…you know we are going to go through the abc’s. We are going to explain His name…Yahoshua and even what MessiYah means. And then we will go into the lesson and show that all the prophets spoke that He would come as Savior, to redeem Ysrayl back to Yah and mankind as a whole. Mankind as a whole needs redemption. You know, we are out here doing all types of sins and The Father is constantly being merciful towards us. Yet we still turn our backs on His mercy and do more and more sins. So we need a redeemer. So that’s who this MessiYah is.

Now, as we get going here, brothers and sisters. (talks to someone) Yeah, it’s a whole lot of them out there that are starting to attack the MessiYah. And you know how these attacks begin first? Is that they start with Shaul (to attack). Then they go to Yahoshua. So we will talk about that and we will talk about who is Shaul. I’m going to take baby steps (on this lesson) because I have a new baby here (in this walk).

Why is this so important? Well, we are going to read a few Scriptures. We will open up in 1 Timothy in just a moment. We are going to see why it’s important for you to know that Yahoshua is the One that was prophesied to come.

Now, let me just give you some foundational information. Who is Yahoshua? The world calls Yahoshua who is the MessiYah…they call Him Jesus. They call Him by this pagan title Jesus. Jesus is not the name of the MessiYah. Why? Well, there’s no letter J in the Hebrew language. There’s no letter J in the latin language. There’s no letter J in the Greek language. The letter J is what? 400 years old? Or something like that, about 400 years old and it’s one of the newest letters to the English alphabet. So, 2,000 years ago there was no person on the earth, not on the entire earth, not even deep in a cave named Jesus. So, 2,000 years ago Jesus did  not exist, you could not even pronounce that name (if you saw it back then).

And the MessiYah’s name had to do with saving. As we read in Matthew 1:21, when the angel came and spoke, he said that Yahoshua shall save His people from their sins. Yahoshua is a Hebrew name that means Yah’s salvation. Yah is the name of The Creator. Yah sent Yahoshua His son to be the redeeming factor for mankind. N0w, this word MessiYah, it means anointed of Yah. This is what it means.

Now, the Greek title Christ means anointed and the Greeks try to make it equivalent to this word MessiYah. So they came up with anointed instead of just saying MessiYah…or in Hebrew, Maschiach.

So the MessiYah means the anointed of Yah. This is who Yahoshua is. He is Yah’s salvation and anointed by Yah. This is why satan is called the anointed in Ezekiel chapter 28 because once upon a time he was a MessiYah figure. He was the anointed of Yah, he was a messianic or MessiYah in heaven before he fell. Ha shatan means adversary in Hebrew so he became a great enemy. So the word MessiYah, Yahoshua the MessiYah means He is the One that Yah has anointed to bring salvation to mankind. Yah has hand anointed Him to bring forth His truth and to bring forth deliverance. How did He give deliverance? He came to teach us the PROPER way to worship Yah. By His example, He was one Man that did not sin. What is a sin? Sin is the transgression of the law. So whenever you hear that someone is a sinner, that means that they are breaking The Father’s law. Those 10 commandments, that means whoever breaks those 10 commandments are a sinner. So whenever you break this law, you are sinning.

So, The MessiYah has been sent as a redeeming factor to return us back to Yah. Now, there were many men in ancient Israel that stood up and said, ‘I’m a messiah’. Just like there are many men that stand up today saying they are a messiah, or I’m y’all’s messiah, I’m him. And so this is the key. Yah told all the prophets and this is part one of this lesson because there are so many Scriptures here. I said wait a minute, this lesson would be for hours and hours…this could be a day long lesson. But I said okay, I’m just going to deal with part 1 but part 2 we will deal with The Scriptures that are in the other books, the Pseudepigrapha and the Book of Enoch because those are Messianic books (also). When Yah told all the prophets that He was going to bring this Redeemer along, all of them spoke about this Redeemer. And that this Redeemer would come to bring forth salvation. So Yahoshua is the only Man that has ever fit all those prophesies concerning this MessiYah. And this what we will look at in this lesson. We will look at many of the prophesies, not all, He fit the bill, hey Yah said this is what My MessiYah will do…abc and Yahoshua came on the scene and did ab and c.

But do you know what is even deeper? Is that Yah gave us an exact time when the MessiYah would appear. Now, I’m going to leave that for the next lesson, part 2 because that can be a lesson in itself, according to Daniel chapter 9, the MessiYah was to appear on the scene after a 490 year period, and this was when the Persian king gave our people the command to rebuild Jerusalem after we came out of Babylon. So that will be for the nest lesson.

But this is why the wise men knew that it was time for the birth of the MessiYah because they knew that prophesy that was written in Daniel chapter 9. So Yah even gave us the exact time that the MessiYah was to appear on the scene.

So we are going to look at this here. We will look at the MessiYah’s birth and lineage as it was prophesied by the prophets. We will look at His walk, His death then we will look at His resurrection. That’s how we will break this lesson down. Birth, lineage, walk, death and His resurrection. So this is how we will do it this today, y’all. This lesson is called Yahoshua The MessiYah, the One that the Prophets Said Would Come.

So I see all these brothers now that are following Judaism, that are doing their own thing and not following what thus saidth Yah. They are making up messiahs. Then you have other men coming on the scene saying that they are messiah. You know, Yahweh Ben Yahweh who is dead now. What’s the other messiah…Ben Ami (sp?) who is in Israel. So this guy is making himself a messiah…these are self-proclaimed messiahs. But here’s the key y’all, before we get started with this. (talks to someone) What’s that…Acts chapter 4 or 5 where Gamaliel or Gamaliyah stood up and said todah (thank you). (talks to someone) Ok yeah, do you know that some of those men stood up and said that they were messiahs. And He was talking about how they led men away from them. During the time of Yahoshua, well there were many men before and after His death standing up saying, ‘I’m the messiah, come follow me’.

Now, when Ysrayl looked at MessiYah, this is where they looked at the MessiYah at: King David. That was the prototype. If you were coming as anything lesser than King David, you were a false-messiah in their eyes. You know, let’s look at King David…King David was a righteous warrior. King David was BAD (as in awesome). So when they looked and knew the MessiYah would be King over Ysrayl, they said hey this Man has to be like David. He has to kill giants. You know David killed giants not only Goliath but David and his boys killed off the remaining giants. So David was a righteous warrior. And they said the MessiYah has to be like Him. Yahoshua came and He didn’t try to take arms against the Romans…you know David fought against the Philistines, against Israel’s enemy. So they said man what’s up with you? You come speaking this peace and you’re blaming us saying we have to correct ourselves and these Romans are beating us…you ain’t no MessiYah!  This is why they rejected Him. Because they did not comprehend the prophesies concerning the MessiYah. Only the righteous ones did (comprehend) because it was for the righteous.

This lesson, I was actually out all week. I just got this lesson done last night. I said Yah, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to teach the people? He kept telling me…teach them about the MessiYah. And I was battling with it saying what do I want to teach them…

So Ahki (brother) Yahsurah wrote me a question last night. He said Ahk, I need to know this right here. And what he asked me is what I’m going to present in this lesson. As I was making up the lesson, I said I was going to go ahead and do this lesson. And as I read his question, that was confirmation that this is what Yah wants me to do. So we are going to look at why it’s so important, why He wants us to know about His MessiYah. Why is it so important right now? Let’s go to 1 Timothy chapter 4. We are going through a situation right now with this right here in first Timothy.

1 Timothy 4:1-2 Now whenever you read in the Scriptures and it says ‘The Spirit’ this is talking about the main Spirit which is the Spirit of Yah called the Set-apart Spirit and some call it The Holy Spirit. In Hebrew it’s called The Ruach ha Qodesh, The Set-apart Spirit…The Spirit. When we read The Spirit in Scriptures this is what it is talking about. Continues to read. We are in the latter times now. Now, this says what The Spirit says. Yah’s Spirit says this. Yah’ Spirit knows all. It says that some shall fall away from the belief. What is the belief that is being spoken of here? We are talking about the belief in the MessiYah. We are talking about belief in Yahoshua as MessiYah. Some shall fall away from that belief. Let’s back this up. Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians.

So He said when they fall away from this belief that they will be paying attention to misleading spirits and teachings of demons. This is what sister Hadariyah for all that heard her on the mic today, this is what she was telling y’all. Because we are in that time where some are being SEDUCED and being led away by misleading spirits and teachings of demons.

The demons are teaching against Yahoshua. The demons are teaching that there is no MessiYah because the demons don’t want you to have salvation. And there’s only One way to get salvation, through Yah’s salvation, through Yahoshua the Maschiach.

So it says they are speaking lies and hypocrisy. Do you know what a hypocrite is? A person who says one thing and does another. A person that tells you to keep the law but they themselves don’t keep the law. That’s a hypocrite. That’s hypocrisy. So they are speaking lies, in hypocrisy having been branded in their own conscious.

Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. So, some shall depart from the faith right…. because when you start seeing some leaving the Messianic faith.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 The first thing he says is don’t let anyone deceive you. Don’t let them tell you that there is no MessiYah. Don’t let them tell you that the fallen angels are not going to return. Don’t let them tell  you any of this stuff. Don’t let them tell you that the man of sin has already coma dn he ain’t coming in a manner of time. Don’t let them tell you that. Let NO man deceive you in any way. Because of the falling away. Do you see that? The falling away. What is the falling away? It’s what we just read that some shall depart from the faith. There’s going to be a great falling away from this Messianic belief and then the man of sin is going to be revealed! It’s like he’s going to be recruiting them. You know, that’s when you will see…because it’s a wicked thing for people to start denying the MessiYah. So when we see this, we know that great wickedness is about to come upon the earth. When we see everyone falling away from the Messianic belief. Saying ‘Oh Yahoshua ain’t the MessiYah’. ‘Oh, there is no MessiYah’. Do you know how you can be led away? If you have no roots. Believe what you want to believe. You still want to call Him Jesus. And you still want to believe He is Yah. And all these things…that’s no root in the MessiYah. So that is why we will see a great falling away. (talks to someone) Those people are false. Those people that call Him Yahawashi and what’s those other names?…and talking about Esau is a white man and all this…that’s false doctrine.

When the MessiYah came on the scene, see His brothers didn’t understand that He was MessiYah. They didn’t understand this after He had risen  from the grave. He came back 40 days to spend with them. Then they understood. How did they understand? Because, He had to go through Scripture and show them the same things we are about to show you right now. He went through Scriptures and said I fulfilled this. Remember when King David said this? Hey, My walk was just like that. Remember when I said this over there, that’s over here (in the Scriptures). That’s what He had to do. He had to bring their understanding to understand that He is Maschiach. So let’s go to Luke chapter 24. Luqas in the Greek. MessiYah had to show them who He was. And the only way He could show them He is MessiYah is from where? The Book.

Now let me just throw this out here to you brothers and sisters, when we say the Messianic Scriptures…The Messianic Scriptures we are about to read is called the Old Testament. The New Testament only bears witness to the walk fo the MessiYah.. the eyewitness walk. But the actual true Messianic Scriptures are the Scriptures that talked of the MessiYah that talked of His coming which is what we call the Old Testament. And we have proof right here. Look at this. Luke 24, this is what the MessiYah said. 

Luke 24:44-46 So He is telling them everything that I’m telling you now, I have already told you. I have already spoken these words to you when I was with you, when I was still alive. Where is the MessiYah written at? The Torah (law), He’s written of by the prophets and He’s written in the Psalms. He said I had to tell y’all this. What do we call this today? The Old Testament. So He said hey, I was written about over here. I’m going to show you this, He said.

v. 45-46 He said He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. This is key. Do you know everything I am going to present in this lesson, if Yah has not given you understanding, then guess what? You’re not going to get it. That’s right, so your mind has to be opened by The Father Yah to first understand His truth. And that’s what Yahoshua did when He brought this truth to His brothers. Scripture says that He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. This is the first key. Then He took them to the Books of Torah (law). Then He took them to the prophets. Then He took them to the Psalms and read about Himself and showed them everything He did concerning the fulfilling of these prophesies. Then these brothers understood. But prior to that they did not comprehend it. Let me show you. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 16. 

Matthew 16:21-23 So these brothers did not understand that He had to be killed and resurrected the 3rd day. We just read in Luke chapter 24 that they understood after He opened their minds to understanding the Scriptures. But when they walked with Him, they didn’t understand this. This is why Peter (Shimon Kepha) said what he said. He was inspired by satan when he said this should not be done to you. It had to be done because this is how we get salvation, through the shed blood of MessiYah. If it didn’t get done we’d be in trouble. We would be still lingering around here full of sin and no delieverance…my goodness, so HalleluYah for that !

Now, let’s look at some of these prophesies. Well, let’s go to John chapter 5 first. Then we will break down some of these prophesies. Since Yahoshua said He’s written about in the Torah of Moses, the law of Moses. So let’s go see where shall we go to start reading about the MessiYah at. Because, He told His brothers that He opened their minds to understanding Scriptures and He took them into the Book so we have to see where shall we start because remember during the time that the MessiYah walked the earth, there was no Book of Galatians. There was no Book of Romans. There was no Book of Revelations. So when He taught, He taught from the Old Testament. I don’t know why they call it the Old Testament. That sounds wicked to call it that because it is one continuous work. There’s nothing ‘new,’ it’s the SAME thing.

So in John chapter 5, look what the MessiYah had to say. Let’s see where He says to start reading about Him at. Who wrote about Him? John chapter 5. In part 2 we will look at Abraham being shown visions of the MessiYah. We will look at Enoch. We will look at the other Messianic books in the Pseudepigrapha. It is filled with talk of the MessiYah…saying Oh, He’s coming. This is Him. This is what He’s going to do. The Books are filled and I see why they removed those Books from the 66 books that we have and hid that stuff away from us. Because it is profound how they were waiting on the MessiYah to come, that’s why Yahoshua said many righteous men, prophets longed to see what you see right here (today). Because they all were waiting for the coming of the MessiYah.

Let’s go to John chapter 5. Because once satan took us out in deception…we have been waiting on that Redeemer ever since. I’m calling him John and not his Hebrew name (Yahcanon) because we have some babies here. So I will use their English names. So we all comprehend.

John 5:46-47 So He said if you believe Moses. If you believe the Torah, the Books of Moses, that is the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible are called the Torah or the books of Moses. He said if you believe this writing, you would have believed Me. But since you don’t believe My words, then you don’t really believe Moses.

So let’s look at what He’s talking about here. Moses wrote about Him. When did Moses write about Him? Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 18. The Book of Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Bible. This is the MessiYah speaking saying Moses wrote about Him. But do you know that Christians separate the writings of Moses from the MessiYah? They say the Old Testament and New Testament.  Saying there is no relationship between the two. This is what they say. But He said Moses wrote about Me. And Moses is written in what they call the Old Testament, The Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible.

Deuteronomy 18:18-19 Do you see this? Yah says through the mouth of Moses, I shall raise up for them a prophet like you, Moses. What was Moses? Moses was a law teacher. He taught the law to the children of Ysrayl. What was Moses? Moses was an intercessor. What does an intercessor do? One that speaks on behalf of another. When Yah was getting ready to kill the children of Ysrayl, Moses went to Him and said no Yah, you can’t do this, not in front of the sight of the nations. Because, the nations will see this and say Yah has brought His people out to kill them. So Moses spoke on behalf of the people to get Yah’s ear and this is what the MessiYah Yahoshua is doing right now, He’s an intercessor just like Moses was. So Yah said, ‘I’m going to bring up a prophet just like you’. Then, check this out. Yah says to Moses in Numbers chapter 12, I believe, where He says there is not another prophet like Moses…I speak with him face to face. I don’t do that to the rest, Moses knows Me. So Moses was unlike any other prophet and so Yah said, ‘I’m going to raise up somebody like you Moses’. And this is speaking about The MessiYah Yahoshua. He said I’m going to put My words in His mouth. Who’s words did Yahoshua speak? Let’s go to John chapter 8.

John 8:28 As The Father taught Me, these words I speak. Yah said I’m going to put My words in this prophets mouth. And this is what He did here with Yahoshua The MessiYah. He spoke the words of Yah.

Let’s go to John chapter 12. The MessiYah spoke the words of Yah. And this is not a real long lesson today.

John 12:49-50 See, Yah said that He will put Hi words into this prophet like Moses’ mouth. And He shall tell Him what to say. And that’s what Yahoshua did when He came on the scene, He did not speak any words of His own. v. 50 So when Moses wrote about the MessiYah and Moses said in Deuteronomy 18:18, that Yah’s going to raise up a prophet like Me, he was speaking about Yahoshua. Yahoshua fulfilled that prophesy in Deuteronomy 18:18. He is the One that Yah put His words into His mouth and Yahoshua spoke everything that Yah told Him to say. So when you read Scripture and you read Yahoshua saying My commandments….who’s commandments is He talking about? He’s speaking the Words of Yah, so He is talking about Yah’s commandments. If you love Me, keep My commandments. In John 14:15, that’s Yah speaking through the MessiYah. The MessiYah doesn’t have any commandments. He only has what Yah give Him. So He fulfilled that prophesy.

Let’s look real quick a the birth and lineage of the MessiYah because this is key to understanding who He is. Because we have all these false prophets coming up… listen man, you can’t trace your roots all the way back to King David, you know. You can’t say you are from the tribe of Judah and be certain about that. So the MessiYah had to come from a certain lineage and have a special birth. Let’s break this down. How can we not talk about this and not talk about the virgin birth?

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 7 and we will read verse 14. Now let me explain this real quick y’all about the virgin birth. I know y’all have heard of immaculate conception…that’s not speaking about the MessiYah. They say that the goddess Mary was born without being fathered also. Yeah, this is what the immaculate conception is all about, virgin birth. (talks to someone) Yeah that’s straight up Catholic doctrine. So she’s a goddess and she is from heaven and this is where they get that from. So don’t get that confused brothers and sisters with what is called the virgin birth. The virgin birth is based on Yahoshua being birthed without the seed of a man. How did this happen? Well, we know this much. We know that in creation it takes a seed of a man and an egg of a woman to fertilize and bring forth life. We know that Yahoshua walked around as a Human man without any disfigurements to separate Him from the human population, meaning He was not 30 foot tall. He was not super built and all these things. He looked like a regular man. But He came through the womb of a woman. So what ever mechanism,  you know I’m not going to sit here and try to explain this great work of Yah. All I can tell  you is that Yah did it. We know, how ever Yah caused this to happen…it happened. We look and say how in the world was her egg fertilized? We know that Yah did not come down and physically lay with this woman…NO WAY. He did not do that.

So whatever Yah did, would you say that this is too powerful for the Almighty Yah to do? If He can tell priests to blow a shofar and bring down a mighty wall of a city…you know…if He can split an entire sea and make it raise up…if He can create the sun, moon and stars you are going to tell me that He can’t command a womb to open up and bring forth a child without the aid of a man. So things like this…it’s all about what’s in here, what’s in the heart. Do you believe or not believe? Do you need scientific proof before you believe? (laughs) So when we look at that, we know Yahoshua came through when Miriam’s egg was fertilized. It was not fertilized by her husband. Because he was about to put her away because he thought she cheated on him. I mean hey, ain’t that logical brothers. If you haven’t slept with your woman and she comes up pregnant? You better explain this to me. But she could not explain this to him so Yah had to send a messenger to explain this to Yoseph. The angel told him not to put her away. That which she has conceived is of Yah. Yah did this to her. Do you think Yoseph argued with that? He said okay. Yah did this. But sisters, that only worked one time (laughs). That’s it. It’s already been used so you can’t use that one anymore. So if you come up pregnant and you haven’t laid with your husband, something else is going on there. So don’t be looking for no angel to come explaining to your husband.

Yah has the genetic makeup that makes up men so Yah just touched Miriam’s womb and BAM and it opened up and brought forth a child. But that is the sign that Yah will give. Isaiah chapter 7, Remember Yah did this for a sign.

Isaiah 7:14 The proper translation is virgin not maiden because Yah said I’m giving you a sign. Now, this name ImmanuYah means Yah is with us in Hebrew. So this is an attribute that the MessiYah would have. Whenever the MessiYah is with you…Yah is with you. So what we are seeing right here is therefore Yah Himself gives you a sign. Now this is the key right here to understanding this. When Yah gives you a sign, He said this is the sign. When Yah is going to shake the earth and give you a sign that’s what that sign is. He doesn’t play around with signs so when you see a sign like this, a virgin conceived, how in the world can that happen? Because once she has sex she’s not a virgin anymore. When she conceives one time she’s not a virgin anymore but Yah said wait…a virgin is going to conceive. This is something that is perplexing to the mind. So this prophesy…Isaiah probably didn’t understand this. But he believed in Yah. He said this is the sign, a virgin shall conceive and give birth to a son. Now we know this word ‘maiden’ could not mean young woman because of what? What’s the sign about a young woman giving birth? They give birth all the time! Let’s say the population of Israel at that time was a million people. Let’s say of that population you had, I don’t know, 20,000 women between the ages of 14 and 19…young women. They gave birth everyday, how in the world is that a sign. If you have 500 women between the ages of 14 and 19 and go around looking, you would be looking for a while. No, Yah doesn’t do that. Yah said a virgin shall conceive, a woman who had not had intercourse with a man. And it takes a man and woman to bring forth children. So Yah’s giving you a sign here. And Yah did not say ‘a child’, He said ‘a Son’. He gave the sex of the child. So this is the sign. A virgin shall give birth and His name shall be ImmanuYah which means Yah is with us.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 1. So this is the fulfillment of prophesy as we see Yahoshua. Did Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s mother conceive or did he have a father? What about Ben Ami? Where did he come from, you know? In order to be the MessiYah, you must have the lineage. The birth and lineage are what we are looking at.

Matthew 1:21-23…you shall call His name Yahoshua. So we see that Yahoshua’s birth was based on this…conceived from a virgin. Let me go up and read verses 18-20. v. 18 before they came together (or before they had sex). v. 19-20 read. So Yah’s Set-apart Spirit rules all. Yah just speaks everything into existence. He spoke and Adam was made. He spoke and the sun was made. So Yah spoke this into her womb and this was the sign that we were to look for. This was fulfilled through Yahoshua ha Maschiach, Yahoshua the MessiYah. As we look at these prophesies from one end of the book to the other and you will see that there is only one person that has fulfilled the prophesy.

Let’s look at the blessing that Yahoshua would bring upon mankind being a son of Abraham. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 12. Yahoshua is the One the prophets said would come. No other man fits this bill. You can’t find another, Jesus, NO WAY. Yahoshua raised from the dead. I just seen a picture of Jesus this morning…he’s still dead, he still has not rose, he’s still on the cross. So there is no way he can fit this. (laughs) Yeah, JeZeus ain’t gone nowhere, Jesus could not be the MessiYah y’all.

Okay, we are looking at Yahoshua being a son of Abraham remember we are looking at the birth and lineage and through Yahoshua, he’s going to bless the rest of the families of the earth through His walk y’all.

Genesis 12:1-3, v. 1 This is deep. This is pretty much what we have been talking about. You know, getting away from the relatives, the genetic relatives. Yah said Abram these people are too wicked over here, I’m taking you from them and bringing you over here. That’s real. Sometimes your relatives are so wicked that you have to literally physically separate yourself from them. Otherwise, you will become them. v. 2-3 So He’s telling Abram, all the families are going to be blessed through you Abram, how is this going to happen? Through the Seed of Abraham..the children who are us…the children of Ysrayl who brought forth who? The MessiYah. So it’s through the coming of the MessiYah that all the families would be blessed. What will they be blessed with? Salvation…Yah’s salvation. What else blessing are you looking for? Are you looking for money like Bill Gate’s has? You have to sell out to satan for that. So right here we see that Yahoshua is going to be a blessing to all the earth and He’s going to be a Son of Abraham. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 22.

Genesis 22:18 So we are seeing that all the nations of the earth through Abraham’s Seed shall be blessed. Now notice that it had right here ‘that in your Seed’…that’s singular. That is not plural. There is no ‘s’ on there. He said in your Seed. Who is The Seed of Abraham? Yahoshua MessiYah. And how is the earth going to be blessed? Because Yahoshua the MessiYah is bringing salvation to all the earth. So Yah said in your Seed Abraham…Seed is singular…all the nations…nations is plural…of the earth shall be blessed because you have obeyed My voice. Yah said Abram, I have chosen you because you are being obedient to Me.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 1 to see that Yahoshua was of the seed of Abraham. So Yah is making this prophesy to Abram saying Abram in your Seed all the nations of the earth will be blessed so we have to see that this MessiYah has to come from the seed of Abraham. He has to be of the chosen seed…He has to be an Israelite.

Matthew 1:1 Do you see that? Yahoshua in the Book of genealogy was the son of David, who was the son of Abraham. So Yahoshua was of the lineage of Abraham.

Let’s go to Galatians chapter 3. Just as the prophesy states, He has to be of Abraham’s Seed. So in Galatians chapter 3 let’s read. This is written by Shaul to the people of Galatia in Europe. He taught them and this is one of His letters.

Galatians 3:16 Now to Abraham and his Seed where the promises made. He does not say, ‘and to seeds’ as of many but as of one, ‘and to your Seed who is MessiYah.

MessiYah fulfilled that prophesy as being the Seed of Abraham. Let’s go to verse 29.

Galatians 3:29 And if you are MessiYah’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

So if you are of the MessiYah, you are of the seed also. Now, we know tha Abraham had physical seed, yes, but you must have the Spirit of Abraham upon you. What is that Spirit? Obedience. Faith. Faith & Obedience, that is what Yahoshua had. I mean look at the things that they did to the MessiYah. They beat Him, spit on Him, mocked Him and we will see that. Yet He stayed until the end. (talks to someone) Yeah, they did all that and this is the King, the Ruler of the earth. Can you imagine? (talks to someone) That is a good point. When we see the pain and suffering of the MessiYah…it mirrors the nation of Ysrayl. We will read about them casting lots for His clothing, separating and scattering His clothing. Didn’t Yah say they will cast lots for us? So what happened to the MessiYah in His walk B-A-M is a mirror to what happened to His people. It’s really profound. Real deep.

So we see that the MessiYah had to be born of a virgin. He was a Son of Abraham and He was from the tribe of Yahudah or Judah. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 49. Now, whenever we look at these prophesies we will go to what’s called the Old Testament first to read them, then back them up by the New Testament or the walk of the MessiYah or an eyewitness to His walk.

Genesis 49:10 This is speaking about Yahoshua. The scepter, rulership shall not turn aside from Judah the ruling tribe nor the lawgiver. Yahoshua was a lawgiver just like Moses was a lawgiver. Yahoshua is going to be a lawgiver here. He is going to give Yah’s laws in fullness to the people. And it says to Him is the obedience of the people. MessiYah is going to come from the tribe of Yahudah/Judah. It says rulership will not depart from Yahudah. And since Yahoshua is the Son of David, David was from the tribe of Yahudah.

So let’s go to Hebrews chapter 7. Let’s see Yahoshua’s lineage. Because you have to fulfill all this if you are going to say that you are MessiYah. So if we look at men and they are not fulfilling this y’all…I heard a radio interview last night and this Jew was on there. And he was talking about how they are waiting on their messiah to return. And he was saying that Yahoshua could not have been the MessiYah because He did not fulfill the prophesies. And I’m like what prophesies are you looking at? But see, he’s waiting on the man of sin or satan who will come and say, ‘I’m your god’. So there is a lot of madness going on with that. But we know that from the prophesies that are given, we know who Maschiach is, once again, this MessiYah has to be born of a virgin. He has to be a descendant of Abraham, the chosen seed, an Israelite. He has to be of the tribe of Judah, Yahudah.

Hebrews 7:14 Moses spoke of the priesthood being from Levi, a tribe of Ysrayl. And Yahudah was going to be a ruling tribe but it was never a priest tribe. See this is what it means by Yahoshua’s after the order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek, when you read in Genesis 14, he was a priest and he was a king of Jerusalem. So our priests were never kings and our kings were never priests because priest were the tribe of Levi (Levite) but this will be a new order when Yahoshua returns where now the kinds will be priest and the priests will be kings. There will be a whole new order. So here, He is from the tribe of Yahudah. He is a high priest now. So you see this is why the rulership scepter will never leave His hand because when Yahoshua returns He will rule forever. He will be King ruling forever. There will never be an end to His rule.

So the MessiYah came from the tribe of Judah, a Son of David or from the house of David. Let’s go to 2 Samuel chapter 7. Right now we are looking at the birth, lineage of the MessiYah. If you are going to claim to be Maschiach you have to fit these prophesies. Samuel in Hebrew is ShemuYah.

2 Samuel 7:12-16, v. 12 Now this word seed means descendant. Now remember there is duality of everything in life. What is duality? It means double. There’s the Spiritual and there’s the physical. The physical is the world with the seed you can touch, you can smell. The Spiritual is the higher world. The world in you mind. The world where you can comprehend things greater than what you can see on the physical. In other words, we have a Spiritual understanding of this Word right here. We can physically read the Word yet there is a greater understanding of the Words that we are even reading. That is called being on the Spiritual. So when Yah gave this prophesy right here, this is a duality prophesy. It’s talking about the physical and the Spiritual. On the physical Yah is talking to Kind David right here. On the physical he’s talking about Solomon but on the Spiritual he’s talking about Yahoshua. v. 12 read again. This will be Solomon. Solomon’s kingdom was established but this is where it gets Spiritual. v. 13 This is the Spiritual understanding here. He’s talking about Yahoshua. Do you see how quick He went from Solomon…Solomon built the house but then when He said ‘I’m going to build your kingdom forever,’ now we are talking about Yahoshua, David’s greatest Son. v. 14 ‘I am to be His Father,’ Yah was Solomon’s Father and of course He is Yahoshua’s Father. ‘And he is My Son,’ Solomon was Yah’s son and Yahoshua is Yah’s Son. ‘But if he commits iniquity,’ this is talking about Solomon. v. 15-16 Solomon never lived forever. Yet David never lived forever. David is dead, Solomon is dead. So this forever and this throne, He is talking about Yahoshua, who is the Son of David, who is going to sit on David’s throne and rule the world forever. Man, halleluYah.

So let’s go to Matthew chapter 1, we are going to read this again. Yah gave David this prophesy and David understood. David understood there would be One to come from his lineage. That is a special chosen right there. Just like when Yah made this covenant with Abram. Abram, there is wickedness all over the earth, I chose you to bring forth new Seed. That was a great choice, Abram said I’m just a man but if you are choosing me halleluYah. This is what He did with David. David you are a man after My own heart, from your seeds, from your descendants, I’m going to bring forth a MessiYah. That’s powerful!

Matthew 1:1 Dawid is David in Hebrew. The MessiYah was the Son of David. And the prophesy we saw in 2 Samuel was made about Yahoshua.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 15. Yahoshua was the Son of David or Dawid. He was the seed that is what descendant means. Whether that descendant is a direct child of yours or your great, great, great, great, grandchildren on down the line, that’s what a seed is…a descendant.

Matthew 15:22 So Yahoshua was the Son of David and He is the One that is going to establish the throne or established the rule of David, His father forever. There will be no end to the rulership that Yahoshua’s going to bring on the earth. David’s throne will be established forever. Why is it called David’s throne? Because it’s through David’s righteousness…when we look at King David, that is the strongest Israel’s throne had ever been prior to that time, as far as earthly men. You know Yah is the king ultimately but I’m saying with earthly men…Shaul didn’t do it. David’s own son Solomon didn’t keep the throne. But David did. See, David established…this is what…when David established the throne in Israel, this is what Yah said, ‘this is how I want Israel to be ruled’. ‘This is what I have been telling y’all. ‘This is how I want this thing done’! We had other men that raised up kings and did okay but none like David. So this is why it’s through David’s rulership that the throne of Ysrayl to this day is established because Yahoshua will sit on the throne of David. HalleluYah!

So we looked at how He had to be of the Seed of David, Son of David. Next, He had to be born in Bethlacim or Bethlehem. Let’s go to Micah chapter 5. And this is real key right here because as I was telling you, this is how the wise men….that story is deep because we have been calling them the wise men for all this time not really understanding who they are. Who do you think they were? They knew of prophesy. They had been reading the prophesies and knew the MessiYah was coming. Who do you think they were? They were Hebrews! They were Hebrew-Israelites who had been scattered east. They knew about the prophesies. Yah gave us the understanding of this. We read that you must have understanding to even understand this truth of Yah. Yahoshua’s brothers didn’t even understand until after He gave them understanding. So let’s go to Micah, Micahyah. This is what Micah says:

Micah 5:2 Now, a lot of people understand that this is a Messianic prophesy. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 2 and read the fulfillment of this prophesy. The MessiYah had to come from Bethlehem, the house of bread, this is what Bethlehem means the house of bread.

Matthew 2:1-8, v. 1-2 They looked for Him born King of the Israelites not just Yahudah (Judah). Didn’t we just read that in Micah? It said He was going to be ruler in Ysrayl. He is going to rule all 12 tribes. v. 3-6 So do you see that? That the prophesy that was spoken in Micah 5:2, Yahoshua fulfilled this because He was born in Bethlehem, of Judah. But did you notice these wise men? it didn’t say three. It just says wise men or magi but do you see how they came and were looking for the MessiYah?  These were Hebrews. They had understanding of Scripture when the MessiYah would be born. And that is based on the prophesy that is written in Daniel chapter 9. Daniel chapter 9 gives you the time period when the MessiYah would be born. And we are going to go into that prophesy in part 2 of this lesson. But they knew. They saw His star. Once again, what do you think this star was? This bad-fellow was in the sky for 2 years. What do you think that was? Right, it guided those brothers just like Yah said I’m going to be a pillar of fire at night and guide the children of Ysrayl. That is what the star was brothers and sisters. So we will talk about that in the fallen angels lessons.

But the MessiYah was born in Bethlehem as the prophesy stated He would. So He fulfilled that. Once again we are looking at the birth and lineage of The MessiYah, born of a virgin, descendant of Abraham, descendant of the tribe of Yahudah, Son of David and born in Bethlehem.

Let’s look at Him taken into Egypt now. I just wanted you to see that those brothers were looking for the MessiYah and they knew it was time for Him to be born. And they knew where to come and find Him. They went to Bethlehem, saying where is He who was born King of Ysrayl? It’s time for Him to be born, we see a star. That is the sign. So they knew. Didn’t nobody go to the hospital looking for Yahweh Ben Yahweh the night he was born. Or Ben Ami either, you know. No WAY. So these guys cannot be MessiYah. Let’s go to Hosea chapter 11. Now we will see duality here once again brothers and sisters…the Spiritual and the physical.

Hosea 11:1 Yah called His son out of Egypt. We know that in Exodus 4: 22, Yah called Ysrayl His first son, His first-born. But He also called Yahoshua His Son. So we have the physical and we have the Spiritual. Yahoshua represents the Spiritual which is higher than the physical. Because Yahoshua is higher than any of us. Ysrayl is Yah’s son on the physical of men. Yahoshua is on the Spiritual.  So right here this prophesy is not only talking about the children of Ysrayl but Yahoshua too. Just like I told you, Yahoshua’s life mirrored that of everything that happened to the children of Ysrayl.

Let’s go back to Matthew chapter 2. This is talking about duality…Ysrayl and Yahoshua, His Sons.

Matthew 2:14-15 So Hosea chapter 11 verse 1, that was speaking about Yahoshua. Yah called Ysrayl out of Egypt, Ysrayl is His son. But also on the Spiritual Yahoshua is His Son. And this prophesy was fulfilled because He let Yahoshua stay there… Yahoshua had to live in Egypt until King Herod died because Herod wanted to take His life. So when those wise men came and said where is He that is born King of Ysrayl…Herod went crazy! Because Herod did not want to give up kingship. He killed His brothers, sons, any male relative because he did not want them to inherit the throne. This is why he went to the priests and said tell me about this prophesy. And they told him that He would be born in Bethlehem, The MessiYah. So these are Messianic prophesies that had been written. They knew it , in their time. How did we lose this knowledge that these are the Messianic prophesies? And they compare Yahoshua’s life to these things. That is why when we read in Scripture where it says that…He did this to be fulfilled in prophesy. Do you know why that is? Because we read in Luke chapter 24 where Yahoshua said He had opened up His brothers understanding and gave them all that truth. This is what He was telling them. Hey when I was born, I had to go into Egypt because that fulfilled this prophesy right there. Yahoshua gave them this understanding. This is just an eyewitness account of everything that Yahoshua told them and everything they saw with their eyes, this is what they were writing down.

So they said hey, this was fulfilled because this is how Yahoshua’s life was. Yahoshua opened their understanding and poured out the Scriptures (onto them). Hey remember when this happened to Me? See, this prophet said that this is supposed to happen to the MessiYah. Back and forth, that’s how they understood this. Then B-A-M, now it made since to them. But while they were seeing it, they could not comprehend it. Afterwards He made it known to them.

Let’s look at Herod’s killing of the infants. That’s in here too. That is a prophesy. Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 31. Herod killing off all the little baby boys, that was fulfilled during the time of Yahoshua.

Next, we will look at His walk, death and resurrection. But let’s go to Jeremiah, we are still looking at the birth and lineage of the MessiYah.

So far we have looked at how He was born of a virgin, He was a descendant of Abraham, He was from the tribe of Yahudah, from the house of David, who would be born in Bethlehem, who would be taken into Egypt and now we will look at the killing of the infants.

Jeremiah 31:15 This is speaking about when Herod killed the first born. Let’s confirm that. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 2.

Matthew 2:16-18 This is the fulfillment of that prophesy when Herod killed all those little boys. Do you know what is also significant about this? Let’s go back to Deuteronomy 18:18. What did Moses say? Yah’s going to raise up a prophet like me. What happened to Moses when he was a baby? All the baby boys were killed, right. the same thing happened to Yahoshua. The baby boys were killed so Yahoshua is that prophet, is the MessiYah and He fulfilled all the prophesies, the birth and lineage of the MessiYah. So this had to happen when the MessiYah came on the scene. This is getting us ready for this joker that’s about to make his appearance. And he’s so close, it’s like Barack is this man’s next door neighbor. Let me put it like this. They have a shared lineage because what Barack is doing, this man will do to a greater extent. We are so close to him, it’s like we can smell him. He’s right at the door, this man of sin, the anti-messiah, or anti-christ if you want to call him that. But he’s going to be a joker that will not fulfill one prophesy. But do you know what? The majority of the world will bow down to him as if he had (fulfilled prophesy).

So if you don’t understand this, if you don’t take root in this Ysrayl…this is why it is so important for you to listen to and understand and STUDY!! STUDY THIS! So you can get it into your hearts, and into your stiff-necks who Yahoshua really is. Because that great falling away comes first. Oh, it’s going to happen. But we want to make sure that we pray that we stay strong and it doesn’t happen to us. It is a must that it happens. It’s going to happen. Otherwise, the man of sin will not be revealed.

Now we will look at the MessiYah’s walk…what would happen while He walked the earth. So let’s go to Isaiah chapter 11. We will see He was anointed by The Ruach which is The Spirit. He was anointed by Yah’s Spirit. What the Christians call The Holy Spirit but the proper term is Set-apart Spirit or even a more proper term is Ruach ha Qodesh. In Hebrew it is The Ruach ha Qodesh. So we will look at that. And we will see that He was anointed. The MessiYah would be anointed by The Spirit of Yah. So let’s go to Isaiah chapter 11.

Isaiah 11:2 So we see that Yahoshua, The Spirit of Yah shall rest upon Him. right? This is what the MessiYah has to have. He could not come in His own Spirit meaning He could not come teaching His own thing, His own way. He had to come in the Spirit of Yah. What is the Spirit of Yah? Truth, love, justice, meekness, compassion, mercy…that is the Spirit of The Father.

So let’s go to Matthew chapter 3. Did Yahoshua come in the Spirit of Yah? Because this is what would happen to the MessiYah. The Spirit of Yah shall rest upon Him and the Spirit of Wisdom.

Matthew 3:16-17 Do you see that? The Spirit of Yah, after He had been immersed, it said the heavens were opened and He saw the Spirit of Yah descending like a dove and coming upon Him.

So when Isaiah talked about the Spirit of Yah to be upon Him, the Spirit of Yah was upon Yahoshua, that is the only way He could bring you truth and the way that he brought it to you. This is the only way He can do miracles and the way that He did them is that He had the Spirit of Yah upon Him. The MessiYah must be endowed fully with the Spirit of Yah. But we know that the man of sin will be fully inspired by satan.

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Speaking on Easter and Other Current Events

Count your blessings. We are highly favored. Many wise men sought this truth and never found it. Satan puts burdens on us. He only has the lake to look forward to. The lake of fire is his burden. We have Yahoshua. Believe in Yah. Just have a mustard seed of faith.

Good Friday according to Christianity was yesterday. Jesus was crucified yesterday and was said to have risen on Sunday. He was said to have risen early with the sun. See they worship the sun-god. All these educated Christians and they can’t count to three. Friday to Sunday morning is not 3 days and  3 nights.

Y’all remember Easter, the one time a year you went to church and gave an Easter speech, did the egg hunt, and then everyone went to dinner. They could never tell why eggs were given during easter. Eggs represent rebirth like fertility because in the spring everything regrows.

Yahoshua was resurrected. Jesus is a dead God they give energy to. He can not give salvation. It is worthless to Yah because it is of man. Fertility holidays start with Valentine’s day and last through Easter. Easter was named after Ishtar or Asherah the fertility goddess.

Passover was around this time of year. Passover celebrated our freedom. Yah’s strong hand helped us out of captivity. Jesus didn’t do that.

We are blessed because that madness of Easter is over for us. We know the truth of Yahoshua now.

My book will be out in June, Yah willing. It will be a self published book.

Koney 2012 part 2 is out now. The director is in an institution now. He was found  naked and masturbating in public. They claim he had a nervous breakdown because people came against him for the documentary. He was in the invisible children movement. We don’t go crazy and people come against us about Yah and Yahoshua all time.

When Trayvon Martin was killed, 3 days later his parents found out. He was killed 70 feet from his doorstep. His father filed a missing report. How did that happen? His son was in the morgue all that time. Zimmerman is an Ashkenazi Jew and his father was a judge. Do y’all know that their was a harvesting of body organs scandal that involved Jews? Jews from New York to Israel had rings of stealing organs. See, satan copies all things that Yah does. satan copies sacrifices on humans like Yah had us sacrifice animals back then. The highest sacrifice is of a Hebrew Israelite. Y’all remember those Atlanta child murders back in the early 80s? I was afraid of that when I was a little boy. Those children were sacrificed. They continued to kill black children in Atlanta and all over this country. The Atlanta child murders continued after the guy went to prison…Wayne Williams. I will talk more about this subject on blogtalk radio tomorrow (Sunday) at 8 EST, 7 CST.

Whitney was left in the hotel room for 11 hours. Whitney was the queen of pop. Michael was the king of pop. Aretha is the queen of soul. And Mary J. Blidge is the queen of hip-hop soul. (My sidenote: makes me wonder if Mary J. Blidge and Aretha could be in danger).

Text from the room: A lot of ‘brews have been going missing.

Cocaine was found in Whitney’s room on a spoon yet no one was arrested. She was found face down in the water. She was found the same day Beyoncé’s baby pictures came out. Whitney’s daughter almost drowned 24 hours before she was found. Whitney didn’t want Bobbi Christina sacrificed. Whitney told Monica (the R&B singer) that she almost drowned again in the pool. Y’all don’t give satan NOTHING. All of this in the world belongs to you already. Maybe she didn’t know that. Satan lied to her, telling her she could not go back to Yah. We can go back to Yah. Tupac (names many celebrities here) Aaliyah, James Brown…Tupac wanted to get out of that lifestyle. Do you see how satanic Hebrew music is? See, satan like to go to Yah and say see I told you so Yah. Read 2 Chronicles 21, satan inspired David to sin. (So he could accuse David before Yah. Satan accuse us before Yah according to Revelation 12:10) We have to know all satan’s tactics. The same thing he tells Beyoncé is the same thing he tells you. If you go make a song for Beyonce…satan’s got you too. When you use to make Set-apart music for Yah.  Satan has a line of people waiting to take Whitney’s place…Jennifer Hudson. (And so people were talking about Brandy). Jennifer sacrificed her own mother and family members. She is very wicked.

Did y’all see Kanye West, the homo says he loves Kim Kardashian now. LOL, he says he loves Jay Z too. Kim’s image is in transformation now. She went from sweet and nice looking young lady to looking like a satanic whore. The youngest Kardashian sister is said to be OJ Simpson’s daughter. Kardashian was OJ’s lawyer back in the 90s. Khloe’s mother has been addressing this rumor.

Yeah a man has got to be homosexual wearing skinny jeans and all those wild colors…Kanye West.

I’m telling you all this because this world is wicked and will get more wicked.

Yah has called you from the beginning to set you apart. We work, go to school in this world but we keep Shabbat, we don’t celebrate Easter and Good Friday. This is what being set apart means. We don’t do as the world is doing. Kissing is said to be pagan but don’t go to far with pagan things. You kiss your wife.

I heard an Israelite teacher (from a different camp) say on blog talk radio that David is in hell and Moses is in hell. (everyone was surprised to hear this) But Yah said there was none like His prophet Moses. That comment was frightening to hear y’all. David was a man after Yah’s own heart. Read y’all please. Be careful of who you follow!!

Text: Some even said David is Messiah. Yeah, David was anointed but Yahoshua was The Messiah. Yahoshua was The Promised One to lead us from death. David was a messiah type meaning he was anointed. Please research y’all! Apostles and Prophets were all anointed. Yahoshua was anointed to relieve us from death.

April fool’s day is pagan. All holidays are pagan. It’s like tell a lie day. Abib was the first Hebrew month. Jews have months called Tammuz and Saturn…after gods. See, April is a new word. It is English. I may do a lesson on pagan holidays.

 Yahoshua gave them fish on Shabbat. We grillin’ today y’all. (for guests coming into the center). Yah is merciful. Yah does not want us hungry on Shabbat.  Jews teach not to put toilet paper on the roll on Shabbat. They say that’s work. They also teach not to push the elevator buttons or drive on Shabbat. They say that’s sparking a fire. That’s all physical, they don’t know the Spiritual. Yah raised Yahoshua on the Shabbat! David at the show bread on Shabbat. He was hungry.

The blog talk radio show will be called ‘civil rights and civil wrongs.’ Why do we need civil rights when they say all men are created equal? come listen to the show tomorrow.

John 4:14 referenced.  Book referenced by a brother: You are not sick, you are thirsty. Drink water y’all.

Lesson: Wal-Mart was jammed packed Friday. I didn’t know what was going on at first. They were getting their stuff for Easter. I did not even realize it was even that time for them.

Resurrection of Yahoshua was so powerful that time is judged for before and after He rose.

Good Friday is the highest Catholic day. Ash Wednesday is when they put ashes on their foreheads. The whole week is holy for them. Palm Sunday this is the day when He rode into Jerusalem on the donkey one week before His death to fulfill Scripture. Yahoshua was not well-known when He lived. But they knew stories of Him. Yahoshua is more known today because of the Apostles.  What does Yahoshua say about His own resurrection? They celebrate Jesus’ death. We celebrate Yahoshua’s resurrection.

Matthew 12:40 Yahoshua was in the grave 3 days and 3 nights. From Friday to Sunday is only 2 days. Where does this concept come from? All these Doctors of Christianity can’t even count.

They will have sunrise service tomorrow, worshipping the sun. Pastor will be rich tomorrow! He already knows what he will buy come Monday. People will be all dressed up tomorrow. Christianity is a dead religion. The teach Jesus’ death.

Text: The church will be filled with pimps and prostitutes, the players club, tithe is your door fee…they will stamp hands soon  (referring to the mark).

Deuteronomy 16:16 Yahoshua was going to unleavened bread feast, a week before in Jerusalem. But He was having a last dinner. The apostles didn’t understand. He was telling them He was going to be killed. After His death they understood. They hid in fear of being next.

There are High Shabbats that number 7. Unleavened bread feast has 2, the first and the last day are Shabbats. The Pentecost is on the Shabbat. The feast of trumpets is on the Shabbat. The feast of tabernacles is on the Shabbat. I didn’t get the last one. It may be the atonement Shabbat.

Daniel 9:24-26,27 A prophesy of Yahoshua’s birth here. v. 27 In the middle of the week, Yahoshua put an end to sacrifice and offering.

They say: Friday day 1…Friday night 1. Saturday day 2….Saturday night 2. Sunday morning  is day 3 but no Sunday night.

Yahoshua: Wednesday day 1…Wednesday night 1. Thursday is day 2…Thursday night is 2. Friday morning is day 3…Friday night is night 3. He rose on Shabbat. His body had to be removed. Israelites were worried about His body remaining up there on Shabbat. His body was taken down.

Matthew 28:1 This is after Shabbat. The Angels told the two Mary’s He was gone. v. 6 He was raised and gone by Sunday which is day 1. Yah raised Yahoshua on Shabbat.

Matthew 12:1-8 David ate on Shabbat, Yahoshua ate on Shabbat. Yah allowed it. Yahoshua is the Master of Shabbat because Yah raised Him on Shabbat. This is the greatest healing ever done on the Shabbat! v. 9-14 It is good to do good on Shabbat. Yahoshua healed on Shabbat. They did not understand, the pharisees.We do only what is of necessity on Shabbat.

Ishtar or Ashtar is a fertility goddess. Bunnies, eggs, fertility, rebirth of spring is when it’s done. Yah’s feast days started in the spring when everything is anew. How can the new year be in January in the middle of winter? That is satan’s teaching.

Yahoshua was not crucified. He was put to death. We don’t celebrate resurrection. We remember it. He said have bread and cup (of wine, grape juice, or water) and remember Him. 1 John 5:6 and Luke 22:19-20. The holy grail is not in the Bible y’all. It was probably a plain wooden cup with not diamonds and all that, that He would have drunk from. But we do remember and we pray through Yahoshua.

Catholics are the biggest dead worship cult in history. They worship the prophets and call them saints just like in Egypt. Egyptians had a god for everything. The Catacombs are filled with dead bones. Friday to Sunday is for their dead saints and gods….It’s the Matrix y’all. I know I say that a lot but this is deep!

Satan is a liar. You may slip up today but you can repent. So be happy. You are blessed. You have life. Our time will be eternal so endure. The children of Ysrayl will be redeemed. So don’t be sad.

January 1 2012, they said the world was going to end. Now they say it will be December 21, 2012. Jehovah Witnesses said the world was going to end in 2011. Yahoshua doesn’t even know the day or hour.

Shaul, Kepha, Matthew and the apostles did not keep Easter.

Juneteenth is a cultural day. Hanukkah was a cultural day. Juneteenth and Black History month are the only times we think about slavery. Now they are taking slavery out of the history books. Don’t forget y’all. Nothing is wrong with Juneteenth or black history month. Remember this place is not a place of shalom for us. Remember Emmit Till and Trayvon Martin.

Yahoshua did not resurrect Himself. Yah did it! Yah raised Him on the 3rd day. Yahoshua was not a god that could resurrect Himself.

Check out the wrath of the Titans. The gods died like men. Just like Yah said in Psalm 82. They returned to dust. The had no power. People give them power through prayer…energy. They have no power against us…we pray to Yah through Yahoshua. They showed truth in the movie. The lake of fire is where these guys will die.

Tomorrow they are celebrating resurrection of a god, satan and his crew(the gods) are going to the lake of fire. Understand that Yah chose you Ysrayl of al men of the earth. Wherever you are…in America, Belize, Africa, Europe. Esau sold his birthright because of a moment of pain. They want to kill us but we still want to be His servant. They saw the Sea of Reeds split yet still did not believe. We don’t need to see and we believe. We will see greater things in faith. So why are you sad mighty man and women of Yah? Satan is a liar. We were born into this struggle. Yah chose you. Go do His work.

The Green Latern Movie: The ring saw into the people. Yah chose us. Some of us were pimps and prostitutes and Yah cleaned us up. We are servants and warriors for the Most High Yah. He is going to give us a sword, whatever He says to do, we do.

Sunday=the sun’s day; Monday=the moon’s day; Wednesday=woden or oden’s day, this is Thor’s father; Thursday=Thor’s day etc.

Passover: In Egypt we got comfy. Yah wanted us to come out of her and serve Him. Egyptians began to fear us. They put us in slavery. Yah said He heard His people’s cry. He sent Moses. Israelites worshipped Egypt’s gods for over 430 years. Yah brought us out in Power with the 12 plagues. They let us go with the 12th plague. It ruined Egypt economically because their 1st born cattle died too. They also had no water. Angels fought, MichaYah and the gods over Egypt fought. Yah said He judged the gods of Egypt. Today most Israelites don’t know His name is Yah in America. They didn’t know Yah’s name in Egypt. They forgot Him. So Yah has to bring us out of Mystery Babylon with a strong hand just like Egypt. 4,000 years later, we are in captivity again.

Zeus and ‘nem, the watchers were the young gods. The Titans were the older gods.

Why do you celebrate? There’s nothing to celebrate. Look at our communities. Our people are not living well. Don’t look down on people. You use to go to church too. Be careful, we are not in the kingdom yet. You use to go to Easter sunrise service too. Don’t judge the splinter in their eye and you have a plank in yours. Be patient. You use to do the same thing. Don’t debate the Word of Yah. Yah sees what you do. They reject the Word because you don’t know how to present it right. Don’t sentence the people to the lake. Show them the names. Explain little by little. You don’t want them to reject the Word. It’s easy for them to reject it. It’s as simple as them rejected a flyer. That’s rejecting Yah. 1 Samuel 8:7. They made their choice. Judas became tired and that’s when satan whispered in his ear…he knew the truth. Galatians 6:9 referenced here in a text.

The Messianic movement is the last movement y’all. This is our last captivity. Emmit Till sparked the Civil Rights movement. Trayvon Martin may lead to the Messianic movement.

Brother Moshe speaks:

This is the Jewish Passover. A different passover is given each spring due to a lunar calendar.

Yahoo news had a story from that explains astrology, spring and why the moon is used for April fool’s day. The link was too long but it can be googled.

Christian Easter also aligns with the moon. Allah was a moon-god but who else? Diana or Armetis was the moon goddess. This is not new. They worship all these gods…Ashterah, Diana, Allah…

Acts 19:24-36 This is Shaul bringing  The Good News to the people of Ephesia. Armetis or Diana, Semiramis, Sheba, the queen of heaven are all the same. v. 27 Diana=the goddess of the hunt and her symbol is the moon. They hunt easter eggs. She is shown with many breasts.

Jeremiah 1:4-10 Yah knew we would be here now serving Him now. Wherever you are…serve Him. There will come a time when we may not be able to fellowship online.

Yahoshua will recompense us. Israelites will be at the Armageddon battle. Yah repeats Himself.

Exodus 3:9-10 Yah heard our cry. Out of the land of bondage, Yahoshua will take us into the land. Yah repeats Himself.

 Whatever you are going through…you are blessed. We have the truth. The stiff-necks do bad things to us. They did it to Yahoshua. Stephenos did not avenge. He interceded for those stoning him. Are you ready to bless people who curse you? Are you ready for this trial by fire? Rejoice in our trials. Perfect yourself.

We have to be the living embodiment of this Word. As fleshly humans, we sin. But we go back to Yah this why satan hates you.

Preview of the brotherhood of the serpent lesson part 3: Did y’all know there was a world economic forum in January of this year?

These are the last days. Like Bilder-Burg (sp?) they decide who will suffer at these meetings.

The new global currency will be called the phoenix. Go to google and up in the search engine ‘get ready for the phoenix’. The American eagle is a form of the phoenix. It is the sign of rebirth or order out of chaos. In 1988, an article was written called ‘get ready for the phoenix’. It said in 30 years, this currency is coming. This will be in 2018 just before the curses are up in 2019 y’all. The end of our 400 year captivity. Everyone will have the same currency. Many spiritual things will happen up until then. The government will surrender economic sovereignty. Do you remember victory in the apotheosis? She was crushing sovereigns. We see it now with the Arab spring. The stock market crashes, market changes, gas prices, fluctuations–Chaos being created to establish order. The Obama stimulus plan was called a patch up. The talks of patch ups are in the article from 1988. Currency instability will mount. They will ease the chip on people…49 million Americans use food stamps y’all. The dollar is not what it used to be, especially overseas.

Changing the law, names of salvation is a transgression. Yah says don’t add or take away from His word and don’t bring His name to naught. We don’t wear crosses. We have menorah but we don’t worship them.

*1 Corinthians 11:24-26