The Man of Sin p. 6b

Even the Messiyah and prophets are one with one another because they all brought the same teaching. Let’s go to John 5. They all brought that same one teaching. One teaching. The same thing that Moses taught was the same thing Yahoshua taught. The same books that Yah revealed and gave the power over to Moses to take down His words were the same books that Yahoshua read from, The Torah. They were on one accord. All the prophets were on one accord. All of them spoke of Yahoshua coming. And when He came, He spoke the same words that they did.

John 5, once you see the oneness of Yah and you know when you fully comprehend that, then you might have the opportunity to survive the deception of the man of sin. Because he isn’t going to have the oneness of Yah. He’s going to lead everybody away from Yah. And everybody is going to come as they are. And that’s already the doctrine that’s being taught in the Christian Churches right now…come as you are. ‘God loves you’. ‘He loves everybody’. If you are a thief, you don’t have to stop being a thief. Come in but just don’t steal the tithes from pastor. You can steal everything you want in the church but just don’t touch those tithes.

You don’t have to straighten yourself up. Be what you are. Do as thou will. I’m telling you it’s so profound that we have that understanding of what Alister Crowley did and what he came on the scene saying because Alister Crowley called himself the man of sin. He called himself the beast. He is just the pre-cursor to the man of sin because it is Alister Crowley and those teachings that he brought forth those were not his teachings as if he made them up. He was only a student of them. He was one of the many, many students of satan. And so he promotes the doctrine of the devil.

Christianity, before Alister Crowley was into even born into this earth, Christianity’s doctrine was already do as thou will. Because the laws of Yah have been nailed to the cross by the Christian God Jesus. So he freed them from that. Jesus freed them from the laws. So now you have a lawless religion. Do as thou will. We tell the Christians to keep the law, well that’s their law, do as thou will. But they cover it up and say well God loves everybody…come as you are. There’s no discipline there.

Priests know they are not to touch the bottoms of little boys but they do. There’s no discipline there. Pastors know that they are not to be stealing this money from the people but they do. There’s no discipline there. Pastors know who the children of Ysrayl are but they do not teach the people because there’s no discipline there.

John 5, this is Yahoshua speaking.

John 5:46-47 Do you see that? Yahoshua was on one accord with Moses. He said Moses wrote about Me. Moses is known in history as the law-giver. Because through Moses, Yah brought the law to the children of Ysrayl. (Through) Yah’s servant. So Moses would not have written about a man who was coming to be lawless. He would not have spoken about Him in high esteem. But Yahoshua was not lawless. Yahoshua kept and taught the law. He said if yo do not believe His writings, How should you believe My words?

Christianity does not believe the writings of Moses. They say that those were for the children of Ysrayl and for the children of Ysrayl only. So how can they understand anything that Yahoshua says? Do you see? They are already set up in the one world religion. They are already there.

It’s not about them coming into it. They are already there. All the man of sin is going to do is show them what they have in common. And that’s what’s going to tie them together. That’s what’s going to bring them together. They already worship on Sunday and that’s going to be the national Sunday law. So when the man of sin comes and says everybody has to worship on Sunday. How will the Christians argue against that? The Nation of Islam worships on Sundays.

Here in Chicago Farrakhan teaches from a mosque called Mosque Maryam. Maryam is the Arabic name for Miriam or Mary. His mosque is named after the Virgin Mary. You can find this information on Wikipedia encyclopedia online. This ain’t no conspiracy theory or Obadiyah’s theory. These are two actual facts. The Nation of Islam’s head mosque here in Chicago is named after the Virgin Mary. Why is that? When the Virgin Mary is supposed to be one of the goddess’ of the Catholic religion. Yet you have Muslims venerating her more than the Catholic Church. She’s mentioned more in the Koran than she is in the Bible.

The only thing Yah gives us about Yahoshua’s earthly mother Miriam was that she was the most blessed among all women. Because through her womb, the Messiyah came. What else do we need to know after that? Right? That’s it. And she was a virgin when she gave birth to him. That’s what we need to know. But this other stuff that the Catholic Church is doing is venerating a goddess and that is part of this one world religion. All have got to be apart of it. Even though the man of sin through the arrogance of satan…he’s not going to regard all those other gods that’s going to be under him. But we will talk about that.

Yet Yahoshua is showing you that He is one with Moses. He’s one with the prophets. Let’s go to Luke chapter 24. And if you are a servant of Yah, you are on one accord with Moses and Yahoshua. Luke 24:25-27 then skip to verses 44-46. This is a conversation between Yahoshua and His brothers after he had risen from the grave.

Luke 24:25-27 Yahoshua showed them, see when Moses said this…that was talking about Me. When Moses said that, that was talking about Me. Do you see? Moses talked about Yahoshua the Messiyah because they were both on one accord. Because there’s only one way to Yah. And both of these men were on this path as servants of Yah. Yahoshua is just the greater servant. He’s greater than Moses. He’s greater than all of us. He’s the greatest of Yah’s servants. He’s the greatest of all of Yah’s servants. Yet He was still on one accord with Moses. Let’s go over to verse 44. This is Yahoshua speaking.

Luke 24:44-46, v. 44 ‘While I was still with you’. This is after He is resurrected. He’s saying when I was walking with yo and we were going out and spreading this truth, He said this was what I was talking to you about. v. 45-46 Read. So do you see that? It said it started at Moses and all the prophets and the Psalms concerning Himself.

So all the writings can be found where? In what the world calls the old testament. The law of Moses is called the Torah. They are the first five books of the Bible. Then we have all the prophets…Yeremiyah, Yesiyah, Daniyah all their writings are in what’s called the old testament. Then we have the Book of Psalms (Tellihim). Where is the Book of Psalms located at? In what’s called the old testament. He did not say anything about the Book of John or anything about the Book of Romans. None of that. He went to what’s called the old testament.

See He was on one accord with all the prophets. He was on accord with Moses and He was on accord with all the Psalms. Because they all wrote about Him coming. So He was on one accord and Yahoshua was on the one way to Yah. When He came to the earth just as all the prophets did, He spoke only the words of Yah. Let’s go to John chapter 7. I’m just laying foundation here for you family before we go and start looking at the man of sin and his one world religion and all these things. You have got to understand the oneness of Yah. You will see clearly that what the man of sin has to bring and what’s already on the earth right now is not of Yah.

Some of you are still struggling with Islam and whether Islam is of Yah or not. Some of you are still struggling with Christianity and whether Christianity is of Yah or not. Some of you are still struggling with Judaism and whether that’s of Yah or not. But if you understand that there’s only one way to Yah, one path to Yah and He has given us that full path. This Bible is our path on how to find that road. Once you get that understanding, you will see that all these other things that exist are not truth.

All these other things that exist are not righteousness. And all these other things that exist are falsehood. And that’s what satan is going to work with. The world is all ready…already led astray through religion. They are already worshipping the elohim. It’s not something that the man of sin is going to come and force them to do. They are already doing it. And they are doing it with joyness and gladness of heart. These people are getting ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. And they are doing that with joyness and gladness of heart. Then around January 1, here they come celebrating the god Janus. Right? Having a new year in the middle of the winter in the middle of the night. When there’s nothing new about that year. They are doing all these things and they are doing them with joy and gladness of heart. Nobody is going to have to force them to do this. ‘Oh the man of sin is going to come and he’s going to persecute Christians and ah he’s going to force his religion on us’. How is he going to force on you what you have been Baptised into? You have been immersed already into his religion, into his philosophy. He doesn’t have to force you to do anything.

Yahcanon 7:16-19, v. 16-17 Now I want to stop here before we go to v. 18 and 19. Yahoshua said listen, these teachings are not mine but they are My Father Yah’s. So you are going to tell Me that what Yahoshua spoke here in what’s called the new testament is different from what Moses said in the old testament. But Yahoshua just said Moses spoke of Him. So the same words that Yah gave to Moses and came to the children of Ysrayl with were the same words that yah gave to Yahoshua to come to the children of Ysrayl with. There was no difference. Yahoshua gave us a greater understanding. He gave us a spiritual understanding of a lot of the laws. But there was no difference, He still taught the laws just like Moses did.

He had to go into the Scriptures to show His brothers from the law of Moses, the prophets and from the Psalms. He went into the Scriptures to show all the matters concerning Himself. He explained them to them. Those are true teachings there. We teach just how the Messiyah taught. Because we are on one accord with Him. This ain’t no sermon. Yahoshua was a teacher. Didn’t you just read where He said these teachings is not My own (v. 16). It said nothing about sermons. Right? He didn’t give any sermons…Sermon on the Mount. You a liar. He gave teachings. He gave lessons. He gave the understanding.

v. 18-19 He’s giving you teachings of Yah. Why do you seek to kill Him? Because you’re not of Yah. That’s how you know where people stand because if you are of Yah and we are reading from the same book, we should be in agreement 100% on what the book is saying. But if you are only in 50% agreement and you can’t show me from the Book what it’s saying (then) you’re not of Yah. You are against Him.

Let’s go to John chapter 12. I’m just showing you that Yahoshua did not speak His own words. But the man of sin will speak his own words. He will speak the words of satan. So do you see what I’m saying here? So you will know who he is and he stands up in his time. Because he’s not going to speak the words of Yah. He’s not going to speak about the ways of Yah.

John 12:49-50 See Yahoshua as a servant of Yah gave us the example. Only speak the words of Yah.

Let’s go to the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18. I want you to remember what we just read here in John chapter 12. I didn’t have this Scripture in my notes, Yah just brought this in my mind. Remember, Yahoshua says He speaks everything that Yah commanded Him. Right?

Deuteronomy 18:18 This is Yah speaking to Moses. He said I shall put My words in His mouth. And He shall speak all that I command Him. Did not Yahoshua just say that? I only speak what Yah has commanded Me to speak, That’s what He just told us over in the Book of John 12:49-50. So this was a prophesy. Remember Yahoshua told us, Moses spoke about Me. Moses wrote of Me. When He was teaching His brothers as we read in Luke 24:44-46, it said that He went through all the Scriptures starting at the law of Moses, this is what He was showing them. Moses spoke of Him. He was the prophet. He gave it to them in a language that He could understand. Yah said I shall raise Him up from your brothers, like unto you Moses. There are so many similarities between Yahoshua and Moses, boy. Yes indeed. So this is what it’s talking about here.

Yahoshua didn’t speak His own words. Because a founder of a new religion, that’s what they do. They speak their own words. They make their own doctrine. This is what the man of sin through satan is going to do. He’s not going to speak the words of Yah. But he’s going to speak the words of satan. That’s what the man of sin is going to bring.

Let’s go to John chapter 3. This is what the man of sin will be made of…deception and lies. So when he speaks a lie, he speaks on His own. For he was a liar from the beginning, family. We are getting that foundation. Yah is one. Right? Hmmm-hum. One teaching. One path. One truth. One Messiyah. One immersing. But satan has his own immersing. Right? So when we get immersed into satan…that ain’t the immersing of Yah. Jews, Christians get immersed, all of them (do). But we know that Yah’s immersing…getting immersed through Yahoshua our Messiyah…that’s the one immersing. Do you see? I can’t go and get immersed in the name of Jesus and have that acceptable to Yah. I can’t go and live my life for Jesus and think that’s going to be acceptable to Yah. It’s not. Because there’s only one way to Yah and Yah gives us that way through His Word.

Yahcanon 3:34 He who Yah has sent speaks the words of Yah but Yah does not give the spirit by measure.

So when we know they are not speaking the word according to this truth, then we know they are of satan. So what is truth? Yah’s Word is truth according to John 17:17 which we are going to right now. Get that oneness and understand that. ‘But Obadiyah yeah, yeah whatever I just want to here about the man of sin’. Okay. Just fast forward this or put stoppers in your ears if  you are listening to it live right now in the chat room. Then come back when I talk about the man of sin and then maybe we will see how much understanding you get about that. If you don’t have the understanding of Yah, we will see how far you get to go. When you see that man pull fire out of heaven you will drop on your knees and say there goes god. ‘Obadiyah y’all was wrong, we can call him god because he said we can call him god’. ‘We don’t just have to say Yah’. You see, even His name is one. We can’t call Yah by all these different funny names when the Scripture tells us that His name is Yah. That’s what we have to go with. That’s a path to Him through His name. His name is one. But we have 29,000 names for the Father.

Christians will tell you in a minute, it doesn’t matter if you call Him Lord, God whatever…just believe in Him. If I’m believing in an entity called Lord and God how is that believing in Yah? When Yah is not a lord or a god. Yah is not Baal or the elohim. So how am I believing in Yah? If I call Him Allah…’well you know Allah is just the Arabic word for God’. ‘It’s actually not a personal name’. So what! Yah is not a god. I’m not running around here calling Allah, Akbar. (or saying) ‘God is great’. Yah is not a god. And there is not one god that is great because they rebelled against Yah and there’s nothing great about rebelling against Yah.

The children of Ysrayl will become a great people but we aren’t a great people right now. Just look at our condition, if you want to argue against that ‘well Obadiyah we are the chosen people’. You ain’t great right now. Right? You aren’t. Go over there and try to live in Israel. If you think you’re a great people right now, go to Israel and see how great you are. Tell those Jews you want to live home, you came back because you want to live at home. So let’s get it right children of Ysrayl. Let’s get it right.

So we read John 3:34, Yahoshua only spoke the words of Yah. And the only way to Yah, we were looking at John 17 where we are going to just to look at Yah’s Word is the truth.

Yahcanon 17:17 So this is what is going to set us apart, is Yah’s truth and Yah’s Word is the truth. So anything that comes opposite of Yah’s Word is a lie. And the truth ain’t in them. We know that Psalms 119:142, 151 says that Yah’s truth is His laws and commandments. So His words are His laws and His commandments. That He has given to us. And this is how we know if a man is of Yah or if he is of satan.

Psalms 119:172 States that Yah’s truth is righteousness and righteousness is truth. So Yah’s truth is based on His laws, commandments and righteousness. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. And you shall know the laws and commandments and Yah’s laws and commandments shall make you free. That’s what John 8:32 means.

So looking at satan being a liar and the father of them meaning that he’s not going to come bringing the truth. He’s going to come bringing the opposite of truth, which is a lie.

Let’s go to John 8. So everything that this man of sin is going to teach, that this false prophet is going to teach the nations is based on a lie. ALL of it. Because he’s coming against Yah’s Word and Yah’s Word is truth.

Yahcanon 8:44 When he speaks the lie, he speaks of his own for he is a liar and the father of it. Do I have to read that to you again? Yes I do. (Reads again). ‘He was a murderer from the beginning’. He killed us in the garden with Adam and Eve. This is what he actually did. He murdered us. Because once he got us to eat from the tree, Yah said you shall certainly die. So he murdered us.

‘And has not stood in the truth because there is not truth in him’. He has not stood in the laws, commandments and righteousness because there is no laws, commandments and righteousness in him. That’s why the man of sin who is going to be fully possessed by satan is going to rule over a lawless society. The man of lawlessness, the man of sin. Sin is the transgression of the law. There’s no truth in the devil.

It says when he speaks the lie he speaks of his own for he is a liar and the father of it. So this is what he’s going to promote in that one world religion. He’s going to promote lies, deception. The man of sin standing up during that time and we went over everything when we talked about  Mystery Babylon being destroyed and we gave a little time-line leading up to Mystery Babylon. So when the man of sin, when he rules over his lawless society, the one world religion will fit right into it. His lawless society will be against Yah therefore his religion will approve of the lawlessness that will cover the earth.


The Man of Sin p. 6a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? Welcome to another Shabbat lesson brought to you by Israelite Heritage. My name is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl. Alright family here we go, part 6 of the man of sin series. We are in part 6 today. And we have a very interesting one for you in part 6. Part 6 just may be the final lesson in our series here dealing with the man of sin. Now for the duration of this lesson series, I’ve tried to bring out as much information as possible dealing with the man of sin. His character, what we are to look for and just the world that he’s going to rule and try to bring out just as much Biblical information about this man as we can possibly get. Now here in part 6, it is entitled: the revealing of god, the false prophet and the one world religion. We are going to deal with all three of these topics as they deal with the man of sin.

Now as we get ready to go into our lesson dealing with the Book of Revelation, in the Revelation series, we are going to get more information about this man of sin even from there. We are going to go into some things that we may have left off in this six part series. We may pick it up in the Revelation series because we are going to go through these same Scriptures again dealing with the Book of Revelation.

So we will read some Scriptures here today from Revelation and then in the Revelation series we will go over them again to see if we can add some more information dealing with the man of sin. Yah willing because it is Yah who gives and it is Yah that increases. So we pray that He gives us the information and that He increases that information that He has given us.

Now dealing with today’s lesson but first I have to say Shabbat Shalom to everybody. I you are listening to this in the archives 5 years from now or whenever you may be listening to it, I say shalom to you all. Today is December 1 2012. I’m giving this lesson for the pal-talk Shabbat class for all of our classes that take place, the assemblies all around the world of Israelite Heritage that will be listening to this lesson today. May Yah be a blessing to wherever this lesson is being heard. Even if it’s being heard in the secret chambers of the Vatican and the basement of the White House. I don’t think Michelle allows Barack to listen to the Israylite Heritage lessons upstairs in the White House so he has to go downstairs to the basement to listen so he can know just what exactly what it is that he is supposed to do. Right? (laughs). So Shabbat Shalom to him too.

Alright family, let us get started here. Let us move forward here and Yah willing we will have a better understanding of the man of sin and a better understanding of the false prophet and a better understanding of the one world religion by the time that this lesson has ended.

Now before we look at the man of sin being a god and before we look at his one world religion. We must first establish that Yah’s way is the only way. Yah is one. There aren’t multiple ways to reach Him or to get to Yah. You can’t take multiple paths as the world is teaching right now. There’s only one path that will lead you directly to Yah. You either come to Him by His road or you will not get to Him at all. There’s only one way. One teaching. One Messiyah. One immersing and one chosen people. Yah is one, this is what Scripture tells us. Let’s prove this. Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 6.

We have to understand the oneness of Yah. Before you even comprehend and start to get an understanding of what the man of sin is going to do in his time and what this one world religion is going to be about, you have got to understand the oneness of Yah because Yah is righteous, Yah is true and everything that is of Yah is righteous and true. But those things that are not of Yah but just the opposite of that, they are sinful and they are deceitful. That’s what’s not of Yah.

So when you see when this one world religion comes on the scene, it’s going to be easy for you all that have the knowledge of Yah to see that what this man is promoting, what he is bringing is not of Yah. And so you have to be with Yah to even understand that. It’s not going to be that easy brothers and sisters. His deception is going to be so heavy that Yahoshua stated that if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. Now we have to understand this too, when we get into the part about understanding the false prophet. But remember, he is THE false prophet but he will have many, many false prophets serving under him. He’s just the chief of them all. So we will look at that and get an understanding of that too. So when Yahoshua talks about these many false prophets and many false messiahs come on the scene and they bring all these signs and lying wonders. These are going to be brought forth when the man of sin and the false prophet are doing their thing on the earth.

Remember our brother Eliyah, he went to Yah thinking that he was Yah’s only prophet left. They had killed many of the others. Yah said no you are not the only one left. I have 7,000 that have not bowed a knee to Baal. So don’t get caught up in this Gentile mind-set that when the prophets wrote, that there was only ONE prophet at a time. You get however many numbers that they dictate to you of the prophesies. There were many, many prophets that prophesied around the same time. Now these are the ones that Yah allowed us to have in this particular canonization of the Bible. These are the ones that Yah hand-picked and said I want these (Scriptures) there. But there were so many prophets of Yah. And some of their writings we have never ever read. But guess where they are hidden at? In the basement of the Vatican. Absolutely.

So looking at this and understanding this, that you will have one false prophet but there will be many that will be under him. So we are going to get into that in just a minute but right now, I want to talk about Yah. Let’s get the oneness of Yah understanding that there is only one way to Yah. You do not have multiple ways or times. Yah does not deal with that whole thing of reincarnation. If you figure you will be reincarnated okay, you can live this whole lifetime as a vile, wicked person and Yah says I’m going to give you a hundred years in this life. Then I’m going to give you twenty years in that life. Then I’m going to give you another hundred years….man that’s crazy! Just going over and over and you can become even…if Yah was to give you that many times, guess what you would do with it? You would just become that much more wicked every time that you existed. If Yah gave you 50 years and you could not use those 50 years to choose righteousness what makes you think that if you get another life in that mindset what makes you think you will choose righteousness in that mindset, in that life? Right?

Yah doesn’t play like that. Yah gives you one chance, one opportunity. And His way is fair. His way is justice. His way is righteousness that’s why it’s so important for us to strive as hard as we can. Yeah we are going to fall and do all those things but it’s important that we get back up and keep striving because you only get one life. Everything with Yah is one. There’s only one ha Maschiyach. The Messiyah. You can only have one ‘the Messiyah’. You can have many messiahs. But you only have one ‘the Messiyah’. You can have many different levels of power but you only have one ‘the Power’. That’s Yah (The Power). You only have one self-existing entity that exists off its own power. Yah is the only one. So everything that He does is on accord and is based on oneness.

So if you want to be with Yah, you have to become one with Yah. But this man of sin, satan doesn’t have it like that. Satan is so anxious or as we say on the west-side of Chicago he’s so starving for worship. Right? He’s so starving for worship that he doesn’t care what path you take to get to him. Because if yo deviate off of Yah’s path the only other path that exists will lead you to satan. Even though you can come from satan from a hundred different paths, if you’re not on that one road that leads to Yah, then your on the many roads that leads to satan. This is why Yahoshua talks about the way being wide to satan. That’s where everybody is at. But the way to Yah is the narrow road. (Luke 13:22-33 and Testament of Abraham chapters 11-14, a vision of the wide and narrow gates). Not many find it. Do you know why they don’t find it? It’s not like Yah is hiding it from them. He’s not hiding if from them, they are not looking for it. Yah came to us when we were looking for Yah, when we were seeking Yah. We were seeking understanding of life. We were seeking understanding of the religions, faiths that we were involved in and were not giving us the answers but should have been giving us the answers.

We know that the Book has the answers yet when the pastor told us from the Book the answer just didn’t fit. Yah says we shall not eat pork. Pastor says what you mean? ‘Jesus said we can eat pork’. But you can’t show me one Scripture where that’s written at in the so-called new testament. So these things weren’t adding up to us. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, all these are roads to satan. And if you find yourself on any of these roads entertaining any of those doctrines, you have walked off the road of Yah and now you are walking down the path to satan. That’s why you have to be careful of what you worship, I mean what you research…of course you have to be careful of what you worship, know what you worship. As Yahoshua said in John 4:22. We know what we worship but they don’t know. But when you are doing research be careful of what you are putting between your eyes and ears. It may sound deep. It may sound good but you have to be careful because satan is SLICK. He will put a little inkling of the truth in there and fill the rest of it up with a lie. And then that’s what you believe because it sounds good to you like our mother Hawah (Eve) said ‘It looks like it could make one wise’. Right? That particular tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It’s all about the perception of the eyes.

Deuteronomy 6, The oneness of Yah. Let’s understand the oneness of Yah. Then we will understand what this man of sin is going to do with his religion and what he’s going to do with the false prophet and him revealing himself as a god. We already know how he’s going to do it but the fact that he is going to do it.  That’s where we want to look more into.

Deuteronomy 6:4 Yah our Father is one that’s why everything He does is based on oneness. He’s not double-minded. He does everything in harmony. He does everything in peace. He does everything righteously. He does everything in justice. Because He is one. There’s not two Yah’s ruling the heaven. There’s not three Yah’s ruling the heaven, those who want to believe in a trinity. Two Yah’s, for those who want to believe that Yahoshua pre-existed. If He pre-existed He had to be another Yah. Because Scripture says that He was not an angel (Hebrews 1:1-14). What else is there other than Yah and the angels that were there? So if you think Yahoshua pre-existed you are making Him another Yah. Which that is a no-no and Scriptures does not even validate that.

So Yah is one. You have to understand that. So there is one path, one way, one road, one Messiyah, one immersing, one teaching. All of these lead to Yah. One chosen people. Let’s go to Ephesians chapter 4. I want to establish the point of Yah being one because if we don’t understand that Yah is one, how will we understand this other stuff. How will we understand that what the man of sin is bringing us, you know, unity through diversity and all that stuff that is going on now. How do we know that, that’s not right? We have to understand the oneness of Yah. Yah does things on accord with oneness. He gives us all the opportunity to get it right. Man, we are going to struggle with the walk from now until the time that the breath of life leaves our body. It’s going to be a struggle. Some days you will win the battle and some days you will not. Some days you will get knocked down and you’re not going to want to get back up. But Yah is going to pull you back up. You know, there’s all types of stumbles and struggles in this walk and then there are the good times too.

Hey, we get together, we gather, we fellowship. We embrace one another. We love one another. There are good times too. They may be a few of those, fewer than what we would like. Right? Yet we still get them.

Ephesians 4:5-6 One Master, one belief, one immersing, one Yah and Father of all who is above all and through all and in you all.

So Yah is one, Right? and there’s only one Master. Right? There’s only one Yah. There’s only one creator that created all the earth. There’s only one seventh day of the week. There’s only one 6th day of the week. There’s only one 5th day of the week. Do you see? That’s why it makes no sense when these people run around here talking about having lunar shabbats and all that stuff. When there is only one 7th day of the week. There’s only one way to keep Yah’s feasts days…His way. There aren’t multiple ways. If you have multiple ways of keeping the feast days then you are not serving Yah. That’s it. You are doing your own thing. So everything with Yah is based on oneness. He is the only savior. There’s only one savior that exists in all the earth and that is Yah.

Yah will send someone as a savior or as a deliverer. But they are coming in the name of Yah and that power that they have to save or deliver is from Yah. Moses was a deliverer to the children of Ysrayl. That delivering Power over Moses was Yah. Yahoshua or Joshua was the son of Nun who took over after Moses. Yah made him a savior, made him a deliverer to the people. When Yah brought the prophets, Yah made the prophets deliverers to the people. Because they brought an exclamation of Yah’s Word in telling the children of Ysrayl what you must do to get these curses off your neck.

Yahoshua of course is called the savior and that saving power that He even has comes from Yah. So Yah is the only savior. There’s only one savior. Satan does not have the power to grant salvation onto eternal life. He doesn’t have that power. So he is not a savior. He can only pretend to be one but he is not truly a savior because he can not save you from the penalty of death. He can not save you from the hand of Yah. So Yah is the one savior.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 43. We are establishing that there is only one way to Yah. That’s it. But when this man of sin starts his operation, oh unity through diversity, come as you are. Come as you are no need to change. God accepts homosexuals. God accepts unrepentant murderers. God accepts unrepentant fornicators. All of that, that’s what yo get with what the man of sin is going to bring. Because remember he’s going to be ruling over a lawless society. So his religion has got to fit a lawless world.

Now the only way that this world is lawless today is because of the religions that exist. If there were 3 billion Israylites practicing on this earth as there are 3 billion practicing Christians and Muslims.  And these 3 billion were worshiping were worshipping Yah and Yahoshua and bringing forth the truth to the world, the world would be a totally different place. But since the religions of the world say that death, murder and all these are okay. That’s what you get in this world. These religions have no discipline. There lawless religions. Don’t let the nation of Islam fool you because the brothers…because the fruit of Islam can march and stomp on one accord. Man listen, that ain’t nothing. These same people teach against the laws of Yah. These same people worship the Virgin Mary, a goddess. So don’t get caught up in all that craziness.

Understand what Yah is bringing you. Yah in one. Isaiah 43, this is what it says.

Yesiyah 43:10-11 Besides Yah there is no savior. He is the only savior. There’s only one savior and that’s Yah. He said before Him there was no power formed and after him there is none. He’s the only one. The self-existing one. The oneness of Yah.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 45. See that’s what we have to get as a foundation to understand that there is only one way to Yah. You can’t make up your own way how you want to get to Yah. Many of these religions and many of these philosophies that exist right now on the earth, they tell you that you can be…that you can make up your own thing. You can be your own god if you want to. You make up your own laws, rules, your own religion. That’s the way the world is going right now, do as thou will. Do as thou will is going to be the way of the world and do as thou will is going to be of the new world religion, the one world religion. Because there’s nothing new about these religions that are on the earth right now. These are the same sinful practices that satan has deceived man into practicing since he got us to eat from the tree in the garden. So we are not talking about a new world religion. We are talking about a one world religion where all the world will recognize that they all serve the same god. And that’s what the man of sin is going to do to bring the world into oneness. To bring the world in oneness.

Yesiyah 45:21 Yah is not judging or ruling with elohim sitting next to his side. Yahoshua sits next to His side. The elohim have been cast down. You know how you have a trinity in Christianity. You know how you have the ancient nations worshipping over 360 gods. You have one god that’s head over the other god. Two gods ruling together over here and all that madness. Yah says there’s none besides Me.

So like I said if you are trying to fit Yahoshua in as a pre-existing entity…what was He? If He was not an angel, what was He? See, you are making a second Yah. And Yah is clear right here. There’s none besides Me. I’m the only savior. He gives the saviors and He gives the deliverers the power to do so. If anybody has ever saved your life from a life or death situation, Yah has sent that person to save you. And many of us have the sense to even know that. When we were back in the world and maybe we served the gods of Christianity or maybe the gods of Islam but if something happened good to us the first thing we did was thank god, praise Jesus. Right? Because we understand that, you know, we were saved and many of us now have the greater understanding that we were saved by the hand of Yah. We just didn’t know His name at the time.

So Yah will send saviors. He will send deliverers. So when Yahoshua talks about being the savior and when the brothers talk about Yahoshua as the savior, it’s not a contradiction. Because only Yah has the power to save and He will send those with His power to save whom He wills, how He wills. But He’s the only one. And that oneness that Yah has is one with His Messiyah.

Let’s go to John chapter 10. Yah is even one with His Messiyah. Yah only delivered one teaching to mankind. He didn’t give the Hebrews of you know the old testament the law and then give Christianity to us in the new testament. I’m sorry, they say in the old testament He gave the law and then in the new testament He gave a new teaching…Christianity. Do you see?

But now we know that is a lie just by understanding that Yah is one. Yah never broke His Word apart and gave it here or there. You know giving one group of Israylites this book and then giving another group of Israylites another book. Naw, it’s the same Book. And we are the first generation of Hebrews…because we are still in that same Messianic generation. We are the first generation to have both of the books in its entirety and just one continuous work. Now when I say in its entirety, I mean that we have the knowledge of what’s called the old testament and we have the knowledge of the new testament. Yah has delivered that onto us until this day, the Messianic House of Ysrayl.

So we know that there is no separation of the work because we are going right now from what’s called the old testament right now over to the new testament and we are showing that they are saying the exact same thing. That’s the understanding that Yah has given us in this day and in this time. So we know that His Word is one Word.  It’s  not separated. It’s not fragmented. It’s one Word. So with His Messiyah, Yah is one. John 10, this is what Yahoshua says.

Yahcanon 10:30 I and My Father are one. That’s it. They are one. They are not two. They are not three. They are one. They are on the same accord.

Yah tells us men that when we get married and we have a wife that we are to become one with our wife and our wife is to become one with us. That’s one in purpose, character and goal. The same thoughts, the same mind-set, oneness. That’s what Yah deals in, oneness. One way to Yah. One way. Let’s go to John chapter 17. Our Father Yah is one, family. And I’m going to keep saying that because if you lose understanding of, if you lose that out of your sight you are going to get deceived by satan quick. Yah said what the man of sin is going to bring down upon the world is going to be a strong delusion. He said since they do not love the truth, He’s going to give them over to that great lie. They are going to believe this man is a god, (that he) is Yah. Because you love not the truth. This is the truth, the oneness of the Father Yah.

John 17, there is no reincarnation. There are no different roads and paths these brothers out in NY, well I’m not going to even call them brothers because these Israelites out in NY, they teach that one of their leaders was the reincarnation of King David. All of them, they have splinter groups and all of them held on to that teaching that this man was King David walking around up in NY and you know doing whatever He wants to do. That’s blasphemy.

Where the brothers Kepha (Peter) and all them said back in their day, they said David was in the grave. He has not ascended into heaven. (Acts 2:34). He’s still laying there in the grave. But these Israylites say that King David is walking around the earth. I find it curious, all the time that they talk about…because that group of Israelites talks about reincarnation. They always…you know, one of is King David. One of them is Jeremiah. One of them is Isaiah. You know if there was reincarnation why do you have to be the highest? Why can’t you be the cup-bearer for King David? Or why can’t you be the man who cleaned up behind the horses of Jeremiah? And cleaned up horse poop? Why do you have to be the biggest Israylite of all the Israylites? That’s who you have to be because that’s made-up crap. It’s made up horse poop. That’s all it is family. Because Yah deals in oneness, man. He gives you one chance here and that chance is fair.

If Yah takes the breath out of your body before you are able to even comprehend and to even know what to choose or whatever. That judgment, like when little babies die coming out of the womb, all that’s the judgment of Yah. However He deems to judge those children, that’s in His hands. And Yah is fair in everything He does. Everything He does He’s fair and He’s justice. But once those little babies are taken from here that’s it. They are not coming back as something else. They are not coming back as a horse or as a butterfly.

Yahcanon 17:11 Yah wants us a family, as a community of Israylites to be one like He and Yahoshua are one. He wants us to have the same mind-set. The same purpose, character.

We can’t be coming to Yah from 5 and 6 different routes because Yah is one. And the way to Him is one. We can’t be having feast days in February and having the same feast day in March. And then some other Israylites having the same one in April. We can’t do that. Those are multiple routes to Yah. That’s doing what’s on your own heart. There is only one way to Him. Yahoshua showed us the way. Moses had showed us before Yahoshua came. And it’s the same route. it has not deviated. It has not changed. It’s stationary. It stays the same. It doesn’t fall over to the right nor the left. It doesn’t tire. It stays the same. It’s still there. This Book shows us the way how to get there.


The Man of Sin p. 5d

Let’s go back to Revelation 18. Starting at v. 9.

Revelation 18:9-24, v. 9-10 One day and in one hour. Why does it call Babylon a city? Because ancient Babylon was a city-state. Just like the state of Israel is a state and a nation. This is the same thing. Nation-states, city-states, city-nations that’s what it is. So Yah is going to judge her and has come in one hour. How many nuclear bombs does it take to take down this nation in one hour? But we know that they have things even more powerful than nuclear bombs. Nuclear bombs are 60-year-old technology. Or 70-year-old technology that we know about. And they have been perfecting their weaponry since then. They have things heavier than a nuclear bomb. What do you think all those satellites are up there doing? Them boys are going to ray down laser beams that’s going to take this place out and put it under the water forever. Let’s continue

v. 11 The U.S. is the #1 import nation. Everybody imports stuff here. Made in China. Made in Taiwan. Made in Mexico. The Gentiles are getting upset because there’s nothing here that says made in America. Because everything is imported. v. 12-15 They became rich by her. The United States is no more. v. 16-18 Do you see that? This place makes the merchants of the earth rich. All these billionaires that are here. Apple Computer, Microsoft, all these billionaires. This place makes them rich. And the merchants of the earth has become rich. Samsung and Sony, whose going to buy their stuff now? Toshiba whose going to buy their stuff now?

Let’s go back to Isaiah 47. We will read v. 10-15. This matches up with Revelation 18 that we are reading now. This is the destruction of Babylon family. There’s so much blood on this land. The blood of Yah’s servants dwells here.

Yesiyah 47:10-15, v. 10-11 Look at that. ‘Ruin shall come upon you suddenly which you know not’. v. 12 Read. v. 13 Astrologers=land of the Chaldeans. v. 14-15 We just read this. Right? The merchants are going to stand far off and they will look at it and cry. Nobody can save her when the mighty, mighty nations come down from the north and plunder her and they destroy her. In one day.

Revelation 18. We are about to close out in just a  moment, family.

Revelation 18:19, v. 19-20 This goes back to Genesis 15:14, that nation who has kept His people for 400 years in that land. These people have dwelled in that land for 400 years. They have been mistreated by those who are the rulers of that land for 400 years. Yah is avenging you when He destroys her. This is His judgment. v. 21-22 So you will not hear anymore little Wayne and Jay-Z tones. That’s over with when Yah destroys Babylon. v. 23 ‘The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore’. So your whore out in the harbor (statue of liberty) whose shining her light to the rest of the sons of Adam and saying I’m leading you astray follow me. That light will not shine anymore. ‘For your merchants were the great ones of the earth’. Bill Gates, right? (Like) Steve Jobs, right? ‘For by your drug sorcery all the nations were led astray. You drugged them. You deceived them. We are going to talk about this heavily one day about this drug sorcery and what it is talking about. Because we do know that through her drug sorcery she has been able to fund some of her major wars. Through her drug sorcery she destroyed our nation in her midst. With her crack cocaine and all these different drugs. We will talk about this in detail one day.

v. 24 Look at that. The blood of prophets. How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand around and look? Humphf. It is just apart of it, we do have to fulfill the book. But I will help you to sing the song of freedom. HalleluYah.

Let’s go to Revelation 19. And we will close out here. Sorry family my energy is running low. I don’t have my coffee here next to me today. I did not make any coffee so I’m really, really exhausted. It’s about 2:30 am now on Shabbat. So we will read Revelation 19 and then I have to head on down to the house and cuddle up with my wife and get to sleep and be up in the morning so we can hear this lesson together. HalleluYah.

Revelation 19:1-21, v. 1-2 ‘And the nation I will judge’ ‘He has avenged on her the blood of His servants shed by her’. Four hundred years, 1619 to 2019. This is what it’s talking about. He’s judging her and her judgment is destruction because the blood of His servants is in her midst. Ysrayl are Yah’s servants. We are His witnesses, Isaiah 41:8-9. Our blood is in this land. The blood of His servants is shed by her. v. 3-5 Read. v. 6 ‘Then a voice came from the throne’ so this wasn’t Yah’s voice saying bow down and praise Yah. This was Yahoshua’s voice saying Praise Yah.

v. 6-8 This is the marriage supper of the lamb where Ysrayl is about to renew the covenant with Yah once again. v. 9-10 hmm-hum. Do you see what the spirit of prophesy is? It’s not only the spirit that comes to give you to prophesy but it is the spirit that gives you to UNDERSTAND the prophesies and that’s what the witness of Yahoshua is. Through Yahoshua’s walk and testimony, Yahoshua is delivering this message through the Book of Revelation and we understand the prophesies. So those who have the witness of Yahoshua and keep the commandments of Yah, Revelation 12:17 are the ones that the man of sin will make war with. This is who satan is coming for. Because we have the witness and spirit of prophesy upon us. This is why we are able to take this book apart page by page. Line upon line. Precept upon precept. Here a little, there a little and explain to you the whole story. Because Yah has given us that spirit of prophesy because we have the witness for our Messiyah, YAHOSHUA.

(talks about v. 10) So he fell down and this angel…and what did the ahk say? I am your fellow servant and I am your BROTHER. Yeah, y’all didn’t know that we are brothers with the malakim! Right? That accuse our brothers before Yah. Isn’t that what it says? Satan is the accuser of our brothers. We are brothers, one with them. Why do you think they are so upset at what satan has done to their brothers? Why do you think they are so upset when these demons and fallen ones attack their brothers and sisters? Why do you think they are standing by with swords drawn waiting for Yah to give the order and the moment that it’s given, look at what’s going to happen. Let’s go.

v. 11-14 Uh-oh now! What you gone do? BAD BOYS. v. 15-18 This is the Battle of Armageddon. The battle of Harmegiddo. Megiddo is a place located in northern Israel. This is when all the nations are going to gather up for this final war. At WWIII Babylon has gone down and now the nations are enraged. And now they are about to fight one another and uh-oh here comes Yahoshua. So before they turn the guns on each other, they are going to turn their guns on him.

v. 19 CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?! One hundred thousand (100,00) legions of warrior angels! Angry malakim! It said Yahoshua’s eyes were flames of fire. He’s filled with rage! He’s filled with the rage of what they have done to his people. He filled with rage that they have done to Him. He’s filled with the rage of the things they have done to His Father. And His eyes are as the flames of fire. And there ain’t no stopping Him!

v. 20 They are the first ones going into the lake of fire. So when Yahoshua comes, guess what? The lake of fire comes too. v. 21 The birds are going to have a feast forever eating the flesh of men. Vultures and buzzards and eagles and whatever. They love rotten meat too. Yah said call them all this is a great feast for you (birds). Do you see that? That’s when Babylon is going to be destroyed. That’s how it’s going to be destroyed. Yah’s going to destroy it in one day, in one hour. And He said it will not be inhabited ever again. HalleluYah. So that’s what’s going to happen. The man of sin is going to reign and rule but he will not rule from the United States. He’s going to be over in Ysrayl. The children of Ysrayl will be over in the wilderness.

Now let’s look at the wilderness location. I said that we would talk about that. We are in North America. Right? We can’t stay in the United States so where can we go? We will have to go somewhere down south. Not south as in southern United States. I’m not talking about Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Well, you need to get that way probably now. But I’m talking about South America. Maybe Yah will take us through Belize? But I do know right now in Honduras, the largest ship to ever have been built on this planet, it’s about to go into operation. It’s about to go into construction, I believe and it’s called the freedom ship. It’s down in Honduras. And this ship runs a three-year route that takes it throughout all the lands and all the Islands where we were spread at in captivity. It goes by Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, past Jamaica, all of them. And they are building it down in Honduras.

So is this the direction that Yah is taking the United States Israylites? That will have to be revealed. But when I saw the video of this ship that they are building and it was a video from the history channel, I believe. I think the video is up on YouTube. After they gave all the dimensions of the ship, they called it a floating city. After they gave all the dimensions of the ship, the narrator asked the question. He said why on earth would you want to build a ship that big? Could it be to transport the children of Ysrayl out of the west and back home to the east? Honduras is a Spanish-speaking nation. They were conquered by Spain. And the ships of Tarshish (where) Tarshish is Spain. So the ships of Spain first not only could you load the people up but you can load up silver and gold too. (This is) highly interesting. But we will have to stay in prayer about it. Because if that’s Yah’s plan or Yah’s will, satan can’t stop it. Right? But I do know that our wilderness won’t be here in one of the deserts in this land. HalleluYah.

So family that’s the end of the lesson. I hope that it was a blessing to you. I hope that you got the understanding. Remember the man of sin is going to come out of this system and then move out of this system. He is going to go to Jerusalem. He’s going to come up from this system as a politician but he will rule from Jerusalem as a god. So the man of sin really has 2 angles to him, the politician and the god. The politician represents the physical and the god represents the spiritual. Everything is done with duality…spiritual and physical. So when he comes up out this system he’s not going to stay, he’s going to leave. And he will be ruling from Jerusalem. And then we see that Babylon will be destroyed. In one hour. This will lead up to what we know as the battle of Armageddon. After she is destroyed, because her destruction comes in Revelation 18 and in Revelation 19 when Yahoshua comes with that great army then we see the fulfillment of Matthew, I think it’s 24:31 where it says that He’s going to send His malakim to gather His elect from the 4 winds of the heavens. So He’s bringing all those malakim with Him. He’s going to send some down for war and some to gather up Ysrayl from those wilderness locations where we are. So that’s how that goes.

We will not be sitting in no desert here to go down with this nation. Because even Yah tells us that those of us that are still here to ‘come out of her My people’. That’s for the brothers that are left behind and also remember that they are going to teach some. So those that they teach, that throw away the mark of the beast and accept Yah, they have to come out of here too. So when Yah says come out of her My people, that’s the ones that are left behind that didn’t make the wilderness and are teaching the people and the ones they have taught. They have got to come out of here. Yah said that several times when we were reading in Yeremiyah chapters 50 and 51. Right? He said that several times. Come out of her My people. Come out of her midst. Flee Babylon.

That’s Matthew 24:31 He shall send His messengers with a great sound of a trumpet and they shall gather together his chosen ones from the 4 winds from the one end of the heaven to the other. Do you see that? From the 4 winds because we are scattered all over the earth. We are scattered north, east, south and west. That’s what the 4 winds means…the 4 corners of the earth. So He’s going to send His malakim. He came for war. The malakim came for war. Time for war. Ready for war. They are going to try to fight with Him. Remember we read in Revelation 17:15 they are going to try to fight against the lamb. But they will not prevail. So satan is going to be angry down here. And then when he sees that Yahoshua has come, he’s really going to be angry. But remember the beast and the false prophet are the first two going into the lake of fire. And then satan is going to the lake a thousand years later.

So the man of sin is going to lead us up to WWIII and the destruction of Babylon. We will go over this more in the Revelation series about the 3 great wars. We have briefly seen the last great war when briefly went through Ezekiel 38. We briefly seen the second great war of the Battle of Armageddon of Revelation 19.

Alright family. So do you see when we keep going over these Scriptures and we keep getting something different from them every time? We went over these same Scriptures throughout all of these lessons but every time we go over them there’s something different to be brought out at that time. That’s how this works. HalleluYah so with that family, I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew words of peace, praise Yah through Yahoshua the Messiyah, Shalom.

*My sidenote: I will set a sign among them and those among them who escape I will send to the  nations: to Tarshish and Phut and Lud who draw the bow and Tubal and Javan to the coastlands afar off who have not heard My fame nor seen My esteem. And they shall declare My esteem among the Gentiles. Isaiah 66:19. Eighteen countries border the Mediterranean Sea.


The Man of Sin p. 5c

v. 41 Remember this because when we get into the Revelation series we will see something. Remember the Russians. Remember the Chinese and the Chinese represent will represent the Asians. And all of the European countries that will come against the United States with Russia. The Asians, the Arabs and the Africans. You’ll see. v. 42-46 When Babylon goes down the world is going to mourn. This ain’t going to be no small time thing. This is going to be major. This-is-going-to-be-major.

Let’s go to Jeremiah 51. Yah said that the king of Babylon has heard about what’s about to happen (from Yeremiyah 50:43) and he became weak. Now remember this, the man of sin is going to do his thing from Jerusalem. He’s going to come up out of the system of democracy but remember there are 10 kings. Right? Ten kings with ten crowns. There’s going to be a king that will be over here ruling over the North American region. There’s going to be a king coming out of the United States to rule this region. But the man of sin is going to be already over there doing his thing over in the land. That’s where his eyes are focused on. He’s going to be working these peace treaties, remember making this covenant with many. He’s going to be worried about getting his god status. But there will be a king. Right? You notice Yah said the king of Babylon. Remember there are ten kings. By the time that all of this is set up this world will be ruled under those ten kings. And Yah tells us that these ten kings…when this 10 king system is set up that they will be the ones to turn on Babylon.

So when they hear about Russia coming…because Babylon will not be around when it’s time to go to war in the battle of Armageddon. Jeremiah 51, we are looking at the destruction of Babylon.

Yeremiyah 51:14-25, v. 14 So when He says I shall fill you with men this is talking about soldiers invading the United States. v. 15-24 So He is going to use you as His battle-ax, as His weapons of war. You are going to bring down kingdoms! The kingdoms are going to fall before your feet, Ysrayl.

Look at this. v. 25 Remember that we read about that the pastors, that Ysrayl’s own shepherds have led them astray from mountain to mountain? The mountain is symbolism for nations and governments! So Yah calls Babylon mountain because this nation has gone throughout the earth and destroyed the earth by leading it in a rebellion against Yah by leading the world astray. We read Revelation 12. It said that satan leads all the world astray and satan is leading this nation where the president of this nation, once again is the leader of the free world. So a destroying mountain who destroys all the earth says Yah and I will stretch out My hand against you. Roll you down from the rocks and make you a BURNT mountain. Remember Yahoshua told us, if you have the belief of a mustard seed (then) you shall tell that mountain to move out of this place and it shall obey you.

Let’s go to Matthew 17. Let me show you this. So when it says that the shepherds of Ysrayl have led them astray from mountain to mountain…the shepherds have led them astray from nation to nation. Every nation that we are in, we have been led astray by these false shepherds, these false leaders. These false teachers, your Christian leaders, Muslim leaders, all of them from nation to nation. Why is it that the leaders of these people always have to be a politician or a religious figure? It just so happens that Jesse Jackson is both. You have your reverends who are your leaders, the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King. He was pretty much both. Barack Obama, he’s a politician. He’s the president. He’s the leader of black people. Reverend Al Sharpton, Right? Every nation, these false leaders lead us astray.

But Yahoshua says in Matthew 17 to give you some clarity because Yah just told you that He will use you to break down nations.

Matthew 17:20 You shall tell the government of Babylon to bow down! All you have to believe is to have your belief as small as a  mustard seed physically and spiritually. Physically I could tell Mount Everest to move to Chicago and it should do it. Spiritually, I should tell Babylon to move this government, to move it out of its place, to bow down before Yah and it should do it. That’s what He’s talking about here family. Because the mountains are symbolism for the nations and the governments. And Yah said I will use you to destroy all this because by this time Ysrayl, when that time comes and you see Yah’s hands as He destroys the world on your behalf. When you see Yahoshua coming you will stand before all the nations and bring righteous judgment against them all. These are the destroying mountains that have destroyed Yah’s people.

Let’s go back to Yeremiyah 51. So that was what Yahoshua was telling you. He’s giving you the spiritual and physical understanding. We are going to be the ones to break down these nations. They are going to come and serve us. Right? We read that in Isaiah 60. There kings are going to come and serve us. Revelation 3:9, they are going to come and bow down at our feet. They are going to come grab hold of your tassels and say that we are going to follow you for we have heard that Yah is with you. They are going to come from the ends of the earth saying our fathers have inherited vanities (lies) in things there is no profit.

Yeremiyah 51:26 This is Yah talking about Babylon. He said you will be a waste forever. Nobody is going to rebuild this place. Nobody is going to make a cornerstone and lay a foundation like they are out there doing in NY rebuilding the world trade center. When Yah destroys this place ain’t none of that happening (no rebuilding it).

v. 27 Ashkenaz are the Jews! Israel! The Jews! Yah said call them! And they are going to destroy you Babylon. Your so-called ally right? And she is doing all this stuff to you. You there is even evidence that they were the ones that pulled off the 911 attacks. They did so much wrong against the United States…the Jews already do. They want to destroy this place too. Secretly they are in cahoots with Russia. Yeah the 51st state wants to destroy this place. They get all this money from the United States and weapons all so they can join in the destruction. They get weapons from Iran and all that, Israel does. Go look at their soldiers weapons…made in Russia…made in China. Yah said call Ashkenaz.

v. 28 The kings of the Medes…Medo-Persia. Medo-Persia ruled from what’s called Iran today. So you think there is animosity between Iran and Israel, naw that’s only to create chaos because they are both in cahoots against the United States. v. 29 How many times does He have to say this? There won’t be any inhabitants in this place because it’s going to be a ruin. Nothing will be able to live here because it’s going to get destroyed with something that’s worse, with something that’s called a nuclear holocaust. You know how they say how they go and blast a nuclear bomb and it’s going to block out the sun…Yah said no life will be over here. It will be without inhabitants.

v. 30 She has no protection now. When the Russians, Chinese and whoever else comes over here and whoever else feels like coming because it will be a free-for-all. All of these riches, everybody is coming to get some. So how will your soldiers stand against that? Do you see that? Their morale is now down…their might has failed. That’s what it means. They have no morale. They have no more strength to fight for you because they have been overtaken now. The mighty men of Babylon have ceased to fight.

v. 31-33 Yah is saying He is going to break this place down. v. 34 Now it mentions Nebuchadnezzar here because Yah is always relating this Mystery Babylon back to ancient Babylon. You have to look at how powerful ancient Babylon was and then you get an understanding of Mystery Babylon. Remember she’s a secret. Her rule and her rule in the state of Babylon is…shhhhh (a secret). Remember she’s riding that beast, she’s guiding the beast. She’s a conglomerate of all these ancient nations.

v. 35-37 ‘A habitation of JACKALS’! You already have jackals over here, the human jackals. So Yah said that the animal jackals are going to be here. It says it will be a habitation of jackals. Who wants to be around all the jackals. Not me. ‘An astonishment and a hissing without an inhabitant’. Once again, there will be no human life here after He destroys it.

v. 38-41 Read. v. 42 You see Babylon stretches from ocean to ocean. One end of Babylon is at the Pacific Ocean and the other end is at the Atlantic Ocean. This is how big this place is. Yah said I’m going to cover it with water, with the sea. The sea has risen over Babylon. You thought superstorm Sandy did something…just wait.

v. 44 Read. v. 45 We are going to read this again in a moment. ‘Come out of her My people’. ‘Come out of Babylon’. This is what Yah says. Let’s skip over to v. 58.

v. 58 Read.

Let’s go over to Revelation 17. This is what Yah is going to do to this place family. He is going to burn it. The nations are going to come and attack it. Yah said there will be nothing left here.

Revelation 17: 12-16, v. 12 Now we are talking about the woman riding the beast. This is when the world is going to be split up into 10 regions. The American union, this or that union…10 of them. v. 13 So when they give their power and authority to the beast, this is th man of sin. This makes him rule over all the kingdoms of the world and those 10 kings will be in authority to him. They will be under his authority. So that’s how he can have the United States attacked and thrown into the sea and burned up.

v. 14 Read. v. 15 So we see the woman sitting on top of the water, that’s what it represents. This symbolically means she’s ruling over the world. v. 16 So they are going to plunder, rob this place. They will come and blow up Fort Knox and take all the gold, take everything. They will blow this place to the ground. Burn baby burn. This is what they will do. This is what Yah is going to call them to do. To come against Babylon.

Let’s go to Revelation 18. We are getting ready to close out. I just want you to see this.

Revelation 18:1-8, v. 1-3 Read. v. 4 Now remember there’s going to be some that are left behind to continue to teach. Remember Ysrayl is in the wilderness by this time. So those whom Yah says come out of her My people, these are the ones that are left behind. Get out of Babylon! You have no more work here. That’s it. She’s done. Yah’s about to bring this place down to the ground. Just like the angels told Lot, those 2 malakim told Lot during the time of Sodom’s destruction. They said Lot get out of here. We have confirmed what we came to see and now Yah has sent us to destroy this place. And they took Lot and his family by the hand and they led them out of the city. So this is the last call for Yah’s people to get out of the United States. This is it right here. The majority of Ysrayl is already in the wilderness but Yah is leaving some outside of the wilderness so they can stay back and teach.

v. 5 Read. v. 6 We just read this over in Yeremiyah. Right? It said do unto her as she has done to the nations. Bring vengeance on her. The same thing we are talking about the same nation…Mystery Babylon, the United States. v. 7 I don’t see any wars on my land (she says). I’m over in Babylon right now, this is her thought. She’s over in Iraq right now. She can break down the door of a young man’s home and take him half way across the world to Guantanamo Bay and torture and punish this man. And he hasn’t even got nothing to do with so-called terrorism. This is what she can do. But this is not happening to her. Right?

v. 8 I want to make two points here. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 47. Because Yah said her destruction shall come in one day. In one day Yah said He will bring this all on you because you are arrogant about all this. There is no people on this planet as arrogant as these people who live in the United States. The Gentiles from the United States are the most arrogant people on this planet. They don’t believe nothing that this country does or ever did is wrong. Everything has justification. You see how they just celebrated Thanksgiving or as we call it Thanks-taking, a few days ago. This ushered in the slave trade. This ushered in the slaughtering of an entire people and they celebrate that. That’s their arrogance. They do no wrong. Everything they do is right. Everything they do is gold. And that’s arrogance and Yah hates that.’ I sit as a queen’. There is none like me. Yah ain’t even like her (she thinks).

So let’s go to Isaiah 47. Yah said in one day, I’m going to bring all this on you.

Yesiyah 47:9 We are talking about the same Babylon here. Yah said it in Isaiah 47 and Revelation 18. He said in one day. This will not be a two-day event. This will not be a three-day event. Not even a week. One day. When has that ever happened other than when Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed in one day?

Let’s go back to Revelation 18. Revelation 18:8 said the same thing as Isaiah 47:9, one day. Right? Now there is something else I want to point out to you in Revelation 18:8. Let’s go back to Genesis 15:14. Well, you don’t have to go there. I’m just going to read it right now. But mark this in your notes.  Genesis 15 because Yah also said here and I’m going to read Revelation 18:8 first before I go to Genesis 15:14.

Revelation 18:8 Read. Yah is destroying her because He is judging her. And what did Yah tell us in Genesis 15:14? He said but the nation whom they serve I am going to judge. And afterward let them come out with great possessions. When the United States is looted, Yah is going to give us everything that we need out of this place. Right? The ships of Tarshish first, the ships of Spain first bringing our silver and gold. All of this belongs to us. The ships of Tarshish…while we are in the wilderness chillin’, the ships of Tarshish, Spain is coming over here to get what belongs to us. Oh we are going to get a greater understanding of that in the Revelation series but that is what I want to show you. It says in Revelation 18 that this destruction that Yah is bringing upon Babylon is because He is judging her and Yah said that nation in Genesis 15:14 whom they serve I’m going to judge. We are talking about the same nation here. The one that is holding and mistreating the children of Ysrayl in captivity for 400 years in her land. It didn’t say we were enslaved 400 years but we would be mistreated 400 years.

Okay so that is what we are looking at here. So we are seeing that the judgment of Babylon is the same judgment of Genesis 15:14. Yah said I will judge that nation, the United States.


The Man of Sin p. 5b

Now we go to the judgment of the great whore who sits on many waters. The judgment of the nation who held us for a period of 400 years and mistreated us. She rules the world as the single authority. So as we look at all these things adding up, now we see after all these things have happened that we see the destruction of her taking place. The judgment of the great whore who rules over the entire world. Yah has a target on her back. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 17. We read this in this lesson before. But we have to go back because we are talking about her destruction here.

Revelation 17:1-5, v. 1 Notice what word he used their ‘judgment’. Remember Genesis 15:14 where Yah says He shall judge that nation. Now we are seeing right here in Revelation 17 where it says I’m going to show you the judgment of the great whore sitting on many waters. I shall show you the judgment of the great ‘ho’ sitting on many waters. Right? v. 2 ‘With the wine of her ho-ing’! v. 3-4 That golden cup which is filled with her abominations and her whoring is democracy. And she takes this democracy and has the other nations to drink from her cup. v. 5 Babylon or Babel means confusion. So she is the mother of the whores or the mother of the hoes! And (she is) an ABOMINABLE entity that exists because she is leading the world astray and she is leading them against Yah.  

So that’s who she is. It said she has a name that’s a secret. Mystery Babylon is a secret that this is the United States. Like I told you at the beginning of this. All your other so-called Christian prophets can not see the United States fulfilling this role. ‘Oh the United States is the greatest place on earth blah, blah, blah’. ‘This is our country’. ‘Our fathers came and our fathers were Christians and god gave them this land’. All type of foolishness. That’s why she’s a secret. And they can’t see her. It is the United States.

Let’s go to Isaiah 47. Yah has a target on her back and He will destroy her for what she has one to you. Now she is adorned in precious metals, gold and all that. She’s rich. This is the richest nation on the earth. And how did she obtain her riches? On the back of you. By your hard work, blood sweat and tears. And you don’t even get to enjoy nothing that she has here. You have to beg for everything. You have to beg her to even treat you descent. She wrote in her laws that all men are created equal that’s why she doesn’t consider you a man. Just by her treatment of you, let’s you know that she doesn’t even consider you human. You have about the same rights as a dog. Maybe. Because Michael Vick killed two of them and he did two years in prison. George Zimmerman killed one of us and he’s still out. Right? hmmm-hum. So maybe the dog does have better rights than you. So you are lower than that animal. Maybe they equate us with birds. How about that? Right? Maybe

Isaiah 47:6-8, v. 6 So they have not shown compassion towards us. They have no mercy towards us as a people. v. 7-8 She says she’s the lone superpower family. Who else is more mightier than her? Who else has military bases in other countries? Who else has that? Who else can take her currency and pay for goods in other nations? She is the only one. She sits alone. She said she does not sit as a widow nor does she know the loss of children.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 50. We are looking at the destruction of Babylon now. We have gone through our time-frame. Now we are looking at her destruction. Yeremiyah 50. The destruction of Babylon is key to what the man of sin is going to do because he’s going to come up out of this system. We are going to see what her destruction is going to consist of.

Yeremiyah 50:4-10, v. 4-5 This is so beautiful because Yah is now forgiving us for our transgressions against Him. And now He’s beginning the process of returning us back to the people whom He created us to be and back to the land that He promised we would have. v. 6 I want you to remember this (verse)! What does it mean when Yah says that we have gone from mountain to hill? What does it mean when it says that we are ‘wandering’ and we have been led astray and we have led them away on the mountains? Remember this. I’m going to explain this as we get further into this. So you will be able to understand even what Yahoshua was saying about the mustard seed. Oh there’s great understanding to be had here, Ysrayl.

v. 7-8 Have you ever seen a flock of sheep or herd or something (when) a ram is coming. If you have a cow and a ram is running at them, those boys are running and will run over everything in sight. Yah said we have to get our of Babylon like that. When that time comes. He said flee. We are going to read that exact same thing in Revelation 18 We already read in Revelation 12 where satan is going to come chase us into the wilderness. Right? So we have to flee. We have to flee. Yahosua said flee. We have to run into the mountains. Don’t go back into the house for anything, Matthew 24.. So Yah is saying the same thing. You have to flee like there’s a ram in the midst of the flock.

Now this land of the Chaldeans, the Chaldeans were the people who lived in Babylon. Babylon is located in modern-day Iraq. Saddam Hussein had made that place as beautiful as it was during the days of Nebuchadnezzar. He fixed it up. So we are going to see that Yah is not talking about the destruction of old Babylon. He’s talking about the destruction of new Babylon

So when you are reading this you must understand. Because Yah did destroy the Babylon of old. But He didn’t destroy it like how we are talking about right here. He just removed the power. Right after the Babylonians ruled, the Medes and the Persians ruled. And when Alexander got into Babylon he was so taken back by how beautiful it was. He died in Babylon.

So it was still looking beautiful. Yah said that this place that He is going to destroy that is called Babylon which is the United States…not a stone will be left. So this word Chaldeans, the land of the Chaldeans…the Chaldeans lived in Iraq. They lived in Babylon. They are known as master astrologers. Remember that this is the same area that the ancient Sumerians lived in. And the Anunnaki came to the ancient Sumerians as it tells us in the book of Enoch chapter 8. The Anunnaki is just another name for the fallen angels. This is what the Sumerians called them who lived in that area of ancient Babylon.

So in the book of Enoch chapter 8, it says that these angels came down and taught men secrets of the heavens. So when it said the land of the Chaldeans, it is saying the land of the astrologers. They were master astrologers. Even Josephus, the Hebrew Historians write about them. They were masters at that. And if you look at the old images of Babylon and when their king are sitting around, they have pictures of the stars (around them).  And they have pictures of Pleiades which is a 7 star system which he scientists just found out when they got their big telescopes and all that. But the ancient Babylonians knew all this. Because the Anunnaki or fallen angels came an taught them. So where you see land of the Chaldeans (in the Scripture here), this is the land of the astrologers.

And who is into more of astrology than the United States? We talk about their secret oaths. We talk about their secret societies and their secret numbers and all that stuff…ritual stuff (like) 9-11. All that is based on astrology. You can even look at Tupac’s death. It was based on a whole spring of astrology that was adding up these numbers…numerology, astrology, all that stuff. It’s real heavy when they do these sacrifices. Everything has to be laid out on a dime. Michael Jackson was killed on June 25th. James Brown December 25th. Left-Eye Lopes was killed on either March 25th or April 25th. All of them were killed on the 25th of the month. Then you look at when Whitney Houston was killed, February 11 2012. Just add that up 2-11-12 what do you get? Twenty-five. So all of these things add up.

So this land…when we see this right here, the land of the Chaldeans, that is what He is talking about, the land of astrology. It’s the land of their witchcraft. Everything that Babylon did they did according to astrology. Everything they do here, when they send those space shuttles up all that is based on astrology.

v.9-10 This is Yah talking about Babylon being destroyed. Now notice He said ‘I am stirring up and bringing up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the land of the north’. He said I’m stirring them up (or raising and causing to come up against) and bringing them. So there being stirred up. They are having a hatred towards the United States. Who hates her the most and has power to destroy her? Who brought the greatest FEAR to the United States? Was it not Russia? She has the same nuclear might that she (the U.S.) has. And she has great hatred for the United States. You think those Arabs hate her Russia hates her even more! That’s why Russia (will be) with the Arabs. Because Yah said listen, I’m bringing up against Babylon an ASSEMBLY OF GREAT NATIONS from the land of the north. Russia is that land of the north.

Let me show you what I’m talking about here. Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 38. But keep your hand on Yeremiyah 50. Yah said I’m going to bring them from the land of the north, an assembly of great nations. Russia is in line right now with China. Russia is in line right now with Iran and other Arab and African nations. She’s going to be the leader of this. She has been wanting to go to war with the United States since the days of the Soviet Union being broken apart and even before then. After the second world war she was ready to attack the United States. Yah said, I’m stirring this up in her.

Now what we are about to read in Yahzeqyl 38 and also chapter 39 but we are not reading chapter 39. But in these two chapters, these are bringing about the last great war that we are going to talk about in a future lesson. But right now we just want to identify who this is coming from the north because Yah is using them from the north in this day that’s stirring up against Babylon and even when that last great war takes place, they are going to be stirred up again.

Yahzeqyl 38:1-6, v. 1-2 These are Europeans here. Go back and read Genesis 10:2-5. It identifies all of these as sons of Japhath. The Russians are sons of Japheth. v. 3-4 So right here we are seeing that this great nation Gog of the land of Magog, these are the Russians that Yah is talking about. You can research this. They are connected to Russia (Gog, Magog). v 5 Persia which is Iran. Cush which is Ethiopia or the Africans and Phut is Libya are with them. v.6 Now Yah just told us in Yeremiyah chapter 50 that an assembly of great nations are coming from the north. And what does this say? They are all coming from the far north. This will be led by Russia but this is talking about another war. Yet we are identifying this same group of people which that same power, strength right here. Now right here when Yah stirs them up against Babylon, they are going to serve Yah’s will. But right here in this next war that we read about in Yahzeqyl chapter 38 that’ when they are listening to satan. So this is why Yah is angry with them. He said I’m going to turn you around now. So they are coming from the land of the north. This is what Yah is talking about. They ae coming from the north and they are going to attack Babylon.

Let’s read verse 11.

Yeremiyah 50:11 Do you know how glad they were when they entered the slave trade?! And the slave trade made them rich. They got so much money…they STILL are spending money that they got from the slave trade. Entire industries were created (like) insurance agencies and universities. All of this came from slave money. So they were glad and rejoiced. You have plundered My inheritance. We are the inheritance of Yah, the nation of Ysrayl. So Yah is calling out all her transgressions against her. You were glad at this. You have become fat and rich off of Yah’s inheritance. Not to mention all the things that we have invented in the country which we got no credit for and we got no money for. They got all that. Right?

v. 12 Whew. v. 13-15 She has gone around the world and she has waged war on every nation. And so Yah is saying the things that she has done to other nations, raped their women and killed her babies and plundered them. Yah said do the same to her. That is what is going to happen. That’s what she has to look forward to. Like that movie ‘Red Dawn’. Go check that out. Even though I like the one from 1984 with Charlie Sheen but go check that out, the movie Red Dawn. When the Russians…I haven’t seen the new one but I know the old one…you can go check out the old one. The Russians attacked the United States and invaded the U.S. and there was war on this land. THAT’S WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Yah said take vengeance on her as she has done so do it to her. She has gone around the world and invaded all these other countries and brought war to their lands. She brought war to Korea. She brought war to Panama. She brought war to Vietnam. She brought war to Iraq. She brought war to Afghanistan. She brought war to Europe. She brought wars to Africa. Yah said do the same to her.

v.16 Look at this. The United States is known as the melting pot of the world because every nationality dwells here. But when this goes down…Yah said listen, let each one turn to his own people and each one flee to his own land. Everybody has a place to go EXCEPT for the children of Ysrayl. The only place we have to go is into the wilderness.  Let the Irish-Americans go back to Ireland. Let the British-Americans go back to Britain. Let the Mexican-Americans go back to Mexico. Let the Chinese-Americans go back to China. Everybody has a place to go except you. But that’s why Yah is going to have you in the wilderness until He cleans your place up.

v 17-20 ‘The sins of Judah but they shall not be found’. So we are going to be found guiltless. ‘For I will preserve those whom I preserve’ so that remnant is going to be a blessed group. Yah said ‘you have no sins with Me’. We are starting new. v. 21-23 How the HAMMER of all the earth…Babylon has been hammering the earth. v. 24 Do you see that? Because you have contended against Yah. v. 25-28 So Yah (inaudible) when old Babylon took down His temple. And now your daughter is here reigning so Yah is going to get your daughter. Just like He killed off the first-born in Egypt. If you don’t let my son go, I’m killing yours. Your father destroyed My temple, I’m destroying you.

v. 29 Her scientists say, we are Yah. We can create life. We can search the heavens and the stars and we know what they are made of. We can tell you how old he earth is. Humphf! v.30-33Now let me tell you this. It says the children of Ysrayl were oppressed along with the children of Yahudah. The northern tribes DID NOT get taken into ancient Babylon. Just the children of Yahudah did. So Yah is talking about this new Babylon where the children of Ysrayl and the children of Yahudah both are here. All 12 tribes are here. All 12 tribes are being oppressed. All 12 tribes are being held captive and they refuse to let them go. Because you are the money bag here.

v. 34-35 ‘A sword is upon Chaldea or the astrologers’. v. 36-38 ‘And they boost (are insane) about their idols’. They boost about Jesus and all this . Right? v. 39 Now we are not talking about ancient Babylon. Right? Because ancient Babylon they dwelled in it. Saddam fixed it back up. Alexander died there. Alexander was a king there. And the place looked just as beautiful as the days of Nebuchadnezzar. So it can’t be ancient Babylon that he is talking about. He’s talking about this new, this daughter of Babylon. This is Mystery Babylon. This is her destruction that we are reading about.

v. 40 This is what I told you in the beginning. That we have not seen a destruction like Yah’s going to bring on Babylon since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Where that destruction was so strong Moses spoke about grass not even growing there anymore (Deuteronomy 29:23). Lot’s daughters thought that the world had ended and  there were no men left on the earth. They thought they were the only people left on earth and they had to repopulate the earth. That’s how bad that destruction was. Yah said this is going to happen again. Like this.


Ysrayl Crosses the Jordan

We just read that Yah troubled the waters in Exodus 14, 2 Esdras 13:39-50 and in the future He will do it again as Isaiah 11:11-16 says. Yah also troubled the waters of the Jordan River in Joshua chapter 3:12-17. Yah does this as a sign in the sight of Ysrayl when He is exalting His set-apart leaders it says in verse 7.

I like this scripture that I read from Yahoshua Ben Nun: Not a single one of all the good promises Yah had given to the family of Ysrayl was left unfulfilled Everything He had spoken came true. Joshua 21:45 (NLT)

wicked holidays

The Tree of Nimrod

I read the following online:  Nimrod married his mother whose name Semiramis. After Nimrod was killed his mother-wife propagated the evil throne of the survival of Nimrod as a spirit-being. She claimed a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump which symbolized the springing forth unto new life of the dead Nimrod. On each anniversary of his birth she claimed Nimrod would visit the evergreen tree and leave gifts upon it and it’s said to be his birthday.

The winter solstice (December) was the time which all the sun gods from Osiris, Bacchus, Adonis, Jupiter, Mithra, Tammuz (and finally Jesus) celebrated their birthdays.

The pine tree represented Adonis. The holly represented Saturn. The mistletoe came from the Druids. The Druids used candles on the tree to represent the newborn sun-gods fire.

Holly was thought  to drive out evil spirits. Mistletoe was believed to heal.

Just a little bit of information I was reading online. I was curious about where the Christmas tree came from. There’s probably some phallic worship going on also with the Christmas tree.  I wonder if this is why people plant trees after someone dies too?


Is Yah Going to Trouble the Waters Again?

Remember how we learned that everything Yah does, He does again? We learned the ships of Tarshish will come get the left behind Israylites as the ships of Tarshish brought us here. We learned Yah is going to send 2 witnesses to the man of sin as Yah sent Moses and Aharon to pharaoh. We also learned that a flood or troops are going to chase us when ha shatan is thrown to the earth as pharaoh’s army chased us. (I wrote that in no particular chronological order).

I was looking at this YouTube video where some Israylites were saying that Yah is going to trouble the waters again too. Remember He troubled the waters so the Israylites could cross dry ground in Exodus chapter 14? They quoted Isaiah 11:11-16 where Yah gathers the remnant and v. 15-16 Yah moves these waters so they can cross on dry land like a highway. They also quoted 2 Esdras (of the Apocrypha) chapter 13:40-47 showing that during the Assyrian captivity some Israylites went to a region called Arsareth which they said means hidden land. And Yah troubled the waters in verses 43-44 and 47. Do you believe Yah is going to trouble the waters again for us? HalleluYah I wonder.


The News You Can Use

Tragedy yesterday in Connecticut: signs of the times. Lawlessness shall increase. The number 27=2 +7 or 9. Nine is the number of judgment. Like theater #9 at 12:09 AM in Colorado. He went to the school in full battle gear with a bullet proof vest on like the joker killer guy  in Colorado dressed for war so as not to get shot. himself? Text: to get the job done.

So why did he kill himself? He was wearing a vest. Why this school? class? No answer yet.

Now they want to ban assault rifles. Cocaine and Heroine are abundant why not ban that too? They want to take guns out of the citizens hands now. Illinois can now carry concealed guns y’all. I have bought my shoulder holster. I’m going to get a Glock 40. I’m going to carry mine like I wear my tassels because Chicago is dangerous y’all. Youngsters in gangs carry many guns. Text: He killed his brother and his girlfriend is missing.

Why isn’t someone stopping them from shooting up these malls, theaters, schools? Text: a man shot up a Milwaukee salon. Text: An Orlando salon too.

There’s no one there to stop them. Yet you kill children in Iraq and Afghanistan. What you reap, you sow. Yah said its the only beginning. Yah killed Canaanite babies and Israelite babies. Yah killed His own people. What do you think He will do to them? Our hearts go out to those parents who lost children yesterday.

Do y’all know ‘brew children get killed going to school? They make excuses for these killers. They are possessed by THE DEVIL. They make excuses like ‘he had a hard childhood’. Or ‘He was bullied’. He served SATAN that’s it!! There are young ‘brew boys that go out and kill too. They are under the curses. This guy calculated what He would do. He was not insane. Text: Killed his mother first.

We have to help our communities y’all. The police do not help our communities. (Talks about violence in our communities). Boys are angry, fearful and confused. Our young men reject Christianity. They see Farrakhan does nothing for them. They don’t know about Yah, Yahoshua came to save them first.

Yesterday’s murders were sacrificial. In 1988, Lori Dan shot up a school here in Chicago. This type of spirit dwells in this land. Listen, people will find a way to kill. It’s in their hearts. They will use their hands to kill if they don’t have a gun. Text: They will use a knife. Text: Bombs too.

The condition of this country is the real problem.,0,5206091.story

Repent to do away with what’s going on in your country. All you politicians are witches and warlocks–demons dwell here. This is satan’s seat, his throne…wa shatan, the devil’s capital.

Yahoshua said sell all you own…get a sword. Did y’all know it was against the law for ‘brews to own guns after the civil war? David had a sword. Abraham had a sword. The government gives ‘brews guns in the ‘hood. Don’t protest people who legally own them…Jesse Jackson.

A man in China stabbed 22 people.

Everyone has an appointed time to die. The 1st born of Egypt died. People of the world trade center died. Those children died yesterday. Death and life are apart of His creation, Isaiah 57:1. Revelation says the day will come when you will wish to die and can’t…IT WILL BE THAT BAD. See you at the resurrection. Hope to be in the grave resting. Yah is not mean. He’s merciful. Who wants to see giants eating men? And fallen angels and monsters again? A spirit has been released y’all. This happened in an up-scale Gentile neighborhood. They said there were 2 shooters and the police was out looking for 1 more. The same thing happened in the theater, they said there were 3 shooters. These are mind-control assassins. The assassin probably killed Adam Lanza.

Did y’all know they fed our children to alligators and chopped them up to feed to horses?

Demons get stronger and go get 7 more demons and come back to that person. This country kills its politicians, violence in movies video games, TV  and then they blame guns. Arnold Schwarzeneggar killed the entire police force in Terminator ‘I’ll be back’ but there was outrage when Ice T made that cop killing song.

Protect yourself with guns but legally. Gang-bangers have automatic weapons where do they get them? Who gives it to them? Yet you want to take guns from citizens. It’s not wrong for you to obtain them but follow the laws of your state.

They use to search people for guns before Malcolm X spoke but the night he was shot there was no search…if they had searched…

The eagle of America has war arrows in one talon and the olive branch in the other. There’s a spiritual and physical war going on. There are no sissy’s in Yah’s war. Yahoshua is coming back to kill. There will be a river of blood. Joshua, Caleb, Gideon, David, Abraham, Moses, Yahudah Maccabees were warriors not sissies. No turning the other cheek these are not our brothers. When towns found out Yahudah Maccabees was on the way…they fled! Alexander don’t have nothing on him.

Movie ’28 days later’ referenced: angry red eyes…Yahoshua eyes red on return. Angels upon angels will come with Yahoshua to fight.

1 Chronicles 12:32 Men understood the times that they were in and what to do.

You are the center of these prophesies. This book is about the children of Ysrayl and the return of Yahoshua. There is no Revelation without you, Ysrayl. Christians don’t go to Revelation. They don’t understand it. Yahoshua is talking to us. Knowledge of truth given to you, to give to them. ‘Come to me and I will complete your training’ Darth Vadar said this to Luke. Spiritual things belong to the children of Ysrayl. The Gentiles own everything else. An angel was sent to Cornelius, a Gentile and he had to go to Kepha to learn. I noticed the Gentiles that have understanding hang with ‘brews before they found out…association. (Talks about Elvis) Elvis hung out on the ‘brew side of town. James Brown liked Elvis. Elvis was not racist.  My sidenote: Big Mama Thorton wrote you ain’t nothing but a hound dog. Some Gentiles are just too arrogant to come to Hebrews.

The UPS guy yesterday said to me this is the end of the world. CNN said where is god?  How can god let children be murdered? The churches will fill up tomorrow. One week before December 21…

Where is god? The man of sin will answer that question saying ‘here I am’. Everything is adding up. The flag was lowered yesterday and Obama was crying. He is a deceiver. They don’t cry for our children getting shot down going to school everyday. Only Yah hears us. We cried in Egypt. Yah heard us. We cry for our people and for our transgressions against Yah. What about the babies in Iraq and Afghanistan that your soldiers kill for fun? Aren’t they the children of Adam too? Man rejects Yah. We could defeat satan and the fallen angels. Yah gives us over to them because man loves lies.

‘After earth’: new Will Smith movie with son Jayden. Scientology nonsense in the movie where a man is chased from this planet. Yeah Will is into scientology, witchcraft, Judaism, Christian-fundamentalist, all of that. We will make a movie one day. Peter was not the first pope madness.

It’s hard to counsel parents that are not serving Yah. It comes from not serving Yah. We know when we lose someone, we will meet them at the resurrection if they died in Yah, Yahoshua.

There was a brew killed too. Text: a mixed girl. Text: A Hebrew jazz player had just moved to that neighborhood. Text: I know I had seen a black man.

Feed my people website soon. Deuteronomy 15:11 This is a commandment to feed the needy. They see Yah through you. You are the sign to the world. This generation seeks a sign. Hebrews 5:12-14 feed them milk.

Worldwide nobody does nothing for our people and Yah made it this way.

Pastor why did God let children die? They will ask this tomorrow. What will he say? He doesn’t know because he does not know Yah. The churches will be PACKED tomorrow. He will not answer. We have the answers. We are not arrogant. We believe Yah. I don’t know what the sun is made of but I can tell you what the Book says. That’s all that matters. You have something people need to hear. Let your light shine.