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In the Garden: How Y’all Be?

Check out my new garden/rain boots. I have always wanted a pair so I bought a pair, tired of muddy wet sneakers.

Do y’all remember our people use to say, ‘How Y’all be’? when entering a room and the people in the room would respond, ‘We “be” fine’.  I asked a ‘brew at work, ‘How you be’? and he responded ‘I be fine’. LOL, our people love call and response.  Thought I would open this post with a jokey-joke. I know that I have been M.I.A lately. I was sick all of December until mid January, about six weeks with the flu/bronchitis. I’m now getting over a cold but I am still coughing. I was sick twice this winter.

I wanted to come here to tell y’all that there is this young man that recently started working on my job. I noticed his name when I was looking at some paperwork. His name is Esah Yaacob…… just know I had to ask. So I asked him where he is from. He responded, ‘I am from Guyana’ which is in South America about an hour from Trinidad. I made some other small talk, asking him if he knew the other people on the job from Guyana but he responded, ‘no’. All the while I was wondering if he knew that his last name was a Hebrew name. His first name also sounded Hebrew…Esah-Esau. However, the thing that puzzled me is that he does not look like the average Hebrew. As a matter of fact, I thought when I asked him his ethnicity, that he would respond (East) Indian but he did not answer as I expected. I do realize that he could have a Hebrew descendant somewhere down the family tree and there are plenty of Hebrews in Guyana. *From Wikipedia: Guyana is a diverse nation, 39.8% of the population is of East Indian origin (see Indo-Guyanese), 30% Black African (see Afro-Guyanese), 19.9% multiracial (almost all part African), 10.5% Amerindian and 0.5% other, mostly Chinese and whites (most notably Dutch people, Portuguese and English).

I usually buy all blue embroidery floss for law but this time I bought scarlet, blue, purple and gold, the colors of the curtains in Yah’s temple.

I bought a peach tree! It’s common name is called Florida Prince. The man I bought it from said that it will fruit this year and not to pluck away the fruit. We can eat them this year. It has many flowers on it already.

I bought an apple tree called ‘Anna’. It is already towering over me. It is about 6’2. It has some flowers on it already. I bought two low-chill apple trees, that grow in the south. They came from a nursery in South Carolina.


I bought a Dorsett Golden apple tree which will help pollinate the other apple tree. It is much smaller than the Anna apple tree.

I bought a tree rose called ‘Iceberg’. I have always wanted a white rose. It’s already bringing in the bees (pollinators). I also bought watermelon, cucumber, one tomato, strawberries, bell peppers…I could not find cayenne peppers…yet. I was planning on growing from seed but I changed my mind. I still will buy seeds and save them but I don’t have the time right to grow from seed. Which reminds me, guess what y’all? I have been accepted into university. This time the gentiles school (I graduated from an HBCU) right here in town. I’m going to be an elementary teacher.