Yahoshua the Good Shepherd the Example to the Nations p. f

So Yahoshua taught the law. Yahoshua kept the law. Yahoshua was a perfect servant of Yah. He is the example to all the nations and how we all are supposed to serve Yah. We are supposed to keep the law. We are supposed to live the law. He became the living Torah. The people see the example of keeping the law through you. He is the good shepherd. He’s going to lead, guide and put His life on the line for the flock and this is what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to be dedicated. So dedicated that we would put our lives on the line for the flock. That’s the level of dedication He is looking for…anything less you are a hireling. Your level of dedication is supposed to be #1, numero uno in your life.

I’m not saying…you know there are side things in your life, like your 9 to 5 yeah of course, you do that. But this is supposed to be #1. YAH. You need to do a service for Yah and then your wife comes upon you telling you that she needs you to spend time with her. Then she gets mad at you ahk if you’re not spending time with her. But you have service to do to Yah.

The same thing with you sisters. Your husband starts talking about you are not spending enough time with him and that you are reading your Bible too much. You aren’t cooking. You aren’t cleaning. But he isn’t doing nothing but sitting there all day but you aren’t cooking and cleaning, you are studying. You go to the website and get the words of the week and get all the information and he’s doing nothing. S9 he gets mad with you. Your service is to Yah first. After you finish all that then…but to Yah first. That’s how dedicated you have to be as Yahoshua was dedicated. That’s how dedicated He was.

He knew He was an innocent man. He said I can pray to Yah right now and He’ll bring down 12 legions of angels to defend Me. But He never once put up that prayer. Because He knew what He had to go through. He knew He had to put His life on the line for the sake of the flock. We are that flock. That has extended down all the way to our day. So the same dedication that He put out, He deserves the same from us. That’s one thing that I can’t stand is that we are putting our lives on the line and we are slaving for this work and there are others that are standing in our midst and are not slaving for this work but are playing around.

Oh man! If y’all ever want to see Obadiyah turn into the Hulk, that would be one of the moments. It’s like man wait a minute, We are doing all this work and you are over here on the sideline doing something totally different. You are not even trying to serve Yah. You just holler Yah and Yahoshua but you are not trying to serve Him. You aren’t trying to dedicate yourself to this. You aren’t trying to make the proper sacrifices to this. There are things that you must give up for this. You aren’t willing to give that up. So don’t even act like you are because the moment you say you are, Yah is going to test you and see. Yah is going to test and see where you are.

‘Man I’ll give up anything for Yah, man’. ‘Oh wee, I’m telling you, I love Yah so much’. Okay the moment you say that, Yah is going to let satan come knock at your door. The moment it looks like that car is about to be taken oh we will see how much you love Yah then. The moment we see that bank account start to shrink oh you will see how much you love Yah then…hireling. This is only for the dedicated.

Yah is going to make that separation. Yahoshua already told you ‘I’m going to separate the sheep from the goat’. So all we have to do is worry that we remain sheep. Yah’s sheep. That’s what we have to worry about. Because if we become anything other than that then we have a problem now. You will become a goat or wolf. Yahoshua said the ones on my right are going into the kingdom and the ones on my left are going into everlasting fire. I remember my mama use to tell me that all the time when I was a kid. She use to tell me about the separation of the sheep and goats and the goats going into the fire. Oh yes she use to tell me that all the time. She use to tell me about the lake of fire. She didn’t call it hell, she said lake of fire. And she was not a church going woman.

From a child I never forgot that and now I have greater understand of it. I won’t forget it now. That is what Yahoshua said will happen. The wheat from the tare (weeds); the true from the fake. And it’s like, see you don’t proclaim anyone to be fake if they fall or mess up in their walks, whatever that mess up is but if they are getting back up…but if they are constantly doing that same mess up, that’s not a mess up anymore that’s what they do. ‘Oh I’m so sorry that I was gossiping about you’. Okay I forgive you. Two weeks later, here the word comes that they are still gossiping about you. After you forgave them the first time, see this is who they are now. They are revealing who they are. This is who they are. You have to separate yourself from them before you become like them. Before you become selfish like them. You have to get out of their midst. You have to stay who you are.

Never be afraid of who you are in Yah. I don’t care what they say ‘oh man, you soft’. ‘Oh man, you a chump’. Never-mind what they say. Because if you stay with Yah, you will have the last say about everything as you go marching into the kingdom and they go being tossed into the lake. So don’t worry about that. Stay who you are. See a man…and I’m going to have a lesson real soon about the men of Yah. See, a man’s nature is to be first, loving. A man’s nature is to first seek peace, to always seek shalom. That’s what Yah created us to be: To be protectors, to be loving, kind and gentle. If Yah would not have created us to be this way, He would not have created us to be this way. The fruits of the spirit as we know it.

Because if He tells us to be this way and we are created in His image that means He is that way. So do we say that Yah is soft because He is kind and gentle. And Yah destroyed entire nations. Is that what it will take for you to understand who He is? Do you have to be destroyed with Babylon? And then wake and be in the second resurrection? Is that what it will take? Maybe for some.

But a man’s nature is loving, peace, kind and gentle. It’s to lead, it’s to shepherd. It’s to protect. It’s to keep the law. That’s why Yah gave man the authority to administer the law. He gave that into the hands of men. Because you can’t administer if you’re not keeping it so you are to keep it. The law makes you all these things. (inaudible) Yet that doesn’t mean you are soft because only a man of Yah can keep the laws of Yah. Only a man of Yah.

So with that being said family, this was the third lesson of the Messiyah series. Yahoshua the good shepherd the example to the nations. We are to walk as He walked. He kept the law and He taught the law. He was righteous and kind. He was gentle, loving compassionate, merciful, all of that because remember when they wanted to kill the woman in John chapter 8 because they caught her in the act of adultery. She was having sex with another man behind her husband’s back and they caught her when they were supposed to bring her and the man. Yahoshua forgave her for her sins. He was compassionate. He said where are those that accuse you woman? They were gone. So He didn’t accuse her. He forgave her. He was not ready to throw stones at her. He forgave her. He was compassionate.

So you have to be compassionate. You have to be loving, gentle all those things as Yah is, as Yahoshua is. Because we put everything in Yah’s hands first. There may be times when Yah would give the enemy over into your hand and say now you do. Just like He did with Goliath. He gave him over into the hand of David. He gave the Canaanites over into the hand of Joshua and the Israelites as we conquered Canaan. The conquest of Canaan. So we seek to have Yah to resolve these issues first. Lead and guide us in the way that we need to go. Because if we lead and guide our own selves, we are going to end up in the ditch. Late at night where nobody is around to come save us. That’s a terrible situation there.

But if we allow Yah, Yah will show us where the ditch is and He will help us to get around the ditch so we don’t fall into it. Do you understand what I’m saying family? I pray that you do. Listen these lessons are not just for you to sit around and socialize. These (lessons) are to get you ready for what’s about to come. This is to get you ready to know Yah. To get ready to know Yahoshua.

So that’s if for this week. Next week we may talk about the prophets prophesying about Yahoshua. Moses spoke of Yahoshua. In that lesson we will start with Moses and compare Moses with Yahoshua then we will go and look at some of the other prophesies of the coming Messiyah. That may be next week’s lesson. But we must get this understanding of ha Maschiyach, the Messiyah. We must get that understanding, man. We can’t leave this place without understanding ha Maschiyach. Because He plays such an intricate role in the plan of salvation (and) the plan of redemption of Ysrayl. We need redeeming, family.

So everything I say here is generalized. I’m not pointing the finger at anybody but when Yah gives me something to speak, I have to speak it. I have to speak it in the manner that He tells me to speak it. So maybe there is someone out there that heard something that is going to help them save their lives. Because that’s the point of where you are at now.

Because when you come to Yah and got your immersing and all that and you are calling upon Yahoshua, you are supposed to have a changed life. But if your life has not changed the way Yah wants it to change then you better hurry up so you can save your life. Because now you are in danger. He will come down and strike you and that will be it. He said if a righteous man turns away from His righteousness, then that righteousness that he stored up will not be remembered (Yahzeqyl 3:20-21).

Hebrews 10:26 says once we have the knowledge of the truth then there remains no more sacrifice for our sins. He said if we willfully sin once we have received the knowledge of the truth then there remains no more sacrifice for our sins. So y’all have to be careful out there, man, thinking that you are getting away with something. You aren’t getting away with nothing. And Yah is tapping your life right now to let you know. Stop, STop, He’s tapping you on the shoulder STOp, STOP and you are just ignoring Him.

Whatever is going on in your life, you will find 20,000 things except (saying) Yah may be upset with me about something. Maybe a wild Gentile on the job doesn’t like you. Maybe your wild boss doesn’t like you. Whatever it is you will find an answer on the physical. You ignore the spiritual. And all the while Yah is there showing you mercy, giving you compassion, speaking to you. Stop what you are doing. Listen to My servants. He is showing you a little bit, the worse is yet to come.

So with that brothers and sisters, alright. So be it. So I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word for peace, shalom.

Kente Cloth p. 2

I blogged back on June 7, 2013 about this kente cloth that I have. Well my HalleluYah kente cloth bag is finished!!! I am so happy. It turned out just as I described it to my family member who is a talented seamstress on how I wanted it to look. It’s not kente cloth from Ghana but it is 100% cotton and the blue jean fabric of course is 100% cotton. I chose jean fabric to make the bag more durable and last for years to come.

001 Outside the bag with a kente pocket.

002 The inside of the bag. She surprised me with pockets inside too.

Do you know that artisans are called by Yah? Moses said to the children of Ysrayl, see Yah has called by name Bezalyl the son of Uriyah the son of Hur of the tribe of Yahudah. And He has filled him with the Spirit of Yah in wisdom and understanding in knowledge and all manner of workmanship to design artistic works to work in gold and silver and bronze, in cutting jewels and setting in carving wood and to work in all manner of artistic workmanship. And He has put in his heart the ability to teach in him and Aholiab the son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan. He has filled them with skill to do all manner of work of the engraver and the designer and the tapestry maker in blue, purple and scarlet thread and fine linen and of the weaver—those who do every work and those who design artistic works. Exodus 35:30-35.

All the women who were gifted artisans spun yarn with their hands and brought what they had spun of blue, purple and scarlet and fine linen. And all the women whose hearts stirred with wisdom spun yarn of goat’s hair.  Exodus 35:25-26.

Yahoshua the Good Shepherd the Example to the Nations p. e

I’ve had brothers tell me ‘Obadiyah the only way I can understand the scriptures is if I’m smoking weed, if I’m high’. Okay  that explains a lot! That explains why you are telling me that in the year 2015 we are going to grow wings and we will be able to fly off buildings and you read it in the scriptures you say. But somehow that verse appeared when you were high. You can’t find it nowhere else. The book of Kush chapter 25 verse 67 or how about the book of Kush chapter 4:20. That’s where you found it at right? Then in the book of Kush when you come down off your high and the book of Kush just disappears. Y’all better stop that foolishness before it’s too late! You better show yourself approved unto Yah before He shows one of His warrior malakim’s sword approved for your neck. Because Yah will whip your behind because you are His. Because you have taken the immersing. Because you have called upon Yah and Yahoshua…He will whip your behind. He will whip you back into shape. So go ahead and call Him down upon you if that’s what you want to do. But you’ve been warned. The good shepherd, Yahoshua told you these things. Are you listening to Him?

He said His sheep here His voice are you listening to the good shepherd’s voice? Because if not you’re a thief and a robber and you are only coming to steal, kill and destroy. Then that is when the shepherds will see what you are doing. Then the shepherds will draw their staffs and knock you over the head with it. And praying that knocking you over the head with the staff that your since returns back to you because right now you are senseless if these are the things that you are doing and Yah said not to do it. I’m not talking about you making a mistake where you fall, no these are things that you are constantly doing.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 20. We are looking at Yahoshua. It said walk as He walked. So how did He walk? He taught the law.

Exodus 20:8-11 So the Sabbath day is the day that we are to keep, it is in the commandments.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 2. Let’s see when the Sabbath was instituted. Because many say ‘well Moses brought the Sabbath to the Children of Ysrayl. He didn’t create it. He only taught it. Genesis 2, Yah blessed the 7th day and set it apart. Because on it He rested from all His work which Yah in creating had made. Yah blessed the 7th day and set it apart. That’s the only day that is set apart. That day has a name. The rest of the days were called by numbers…day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6. Day 7 is called the Shabbat. That’s the separate day.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 12. So this is a law. Moses gave it to the Children of Ysrayl. It was instituted from the beginning. It came in with Adam. So when Yah set the Shabbat apart in Genesis chapter 2, Adam and Hawah kept Shabbat. Yes they did. Matthew chapter 12, we are looking at Yahoshua’s walk. You have to walk like Him. He’s our example. He is the example to the nations. All nations should be following Him. And the only way they can follow Him is if we teach them of Him. Then we show Him because He’s the door and He’s the way to Yah but they can not find the door without first being put on the path to where the door is and you are the one that Yah is sending to the nations to put them on the path so they can see where the door is.

How can they just come to Yahoshua and they don’t know Him? They have to know Him. How do you know Him? You know Him through His people. So if you are going to deny His people, how are you going to accept Him? PAULA DEEN! If you are calling us niggers are you going to call Him one too? PAULA DEEN! On the Today Show crying her eyes out. ‘I’s only know what I’s know and I’s can’t change from that’. ‘All I’s wanted to do is just teach niggers how to cook’. ‘What’s wrong with that, niggers need to know how to cook’.

Yeah she got on there and now Jesse Jackson is defending her. I’m not surprised. Oh course, I know you called us niggers. That’s your job. Jackal. But it’s our job to teach you to repent and come to Yah. But if you want to remain a jackal, do so.

She actually got on TV and said ‘I’s don’t know’. ‘I’s only know what I’s know’. She said that! Now she’s speaking like a slave. It’s bad enough that she wanted to have a slave party now she is speaking like one. These folks are just unbelievable.

Mattithyah 12:1-12, v. 1-8 Read. What? Okay. v. 9 He said He is Master of the Shabbat, family. We just read about that Shabbat. Moses gave it as part of the 10 commandments. We even seen that it goes back to Genesis chapter 2 and was instituted with man. Yahoshua said he is the Master of it. He taught keeping the Shabbat and He taught the mercy and compassion of Yah.

Man is greater than the animals but these jackals will break their necks trying to get their sheep out of a ditch but they will tell Him He can’t heal on the Shabbat. But get this. One of the greatest acts that was done on the Shabbat was when Yah raised Yahoshua from the grave. It happened on the Shabbat. That’s why He says I’m Master of the Shabbat. I’m the Master of keeping the Shabbat because He kept it perfectly. He’s trying to tell them how to do it but they are not listening. Do you see?

So Yahoshua kept the law. He was a law keeper. Yahoshua wore His fringes. He wore His tassels. So He kept the law. He kept the Shabbat and kept the commandments. Let’s go to Numbers chapter 15. Let’s look at this. Because Christians and even some Israelites want to say…the group that brought me in had me not wearing my tassels for years. They said that we didn’t have to wear tassels because the law is on our hearts now. So we don’t need any tassels to look on to try to remember the law. This is what they taught me and this is all I knew until Yah started revealing greater and better things to me.

Numbers 15, let’s read about the law and let’s read about Yahoshua keeping the law. This is what I want to show you all. Yahoshua kept the law. We have to walk like He walked. He was not a law-breaker. Because a law-breaker is a sinner and He came to save His people from their sins. So how is He going to save His people from their sins, if He’s sinning? The only way to save somebody from their sins is if you’re not sinning.

Numbers 15:37-39 So Yah said put the tassels on so you can remember the commandments. We wear them on the four corners of our garments. That’s the commandment that He gave.

Let’s look at Yahoshua who wore His tassels. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 9. That commandment was given and Yahoshua was obedient. We are to walk as He walked. So how is a Christian going to say that Jesus did away with the law or your messiah did away with the law? It does not make sense. It does not add up.

Mattithyah 9:20 This is the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years. She touched His tassels and was healed instantly.

But He had His tassels on. The tassel was worn at the four corners of His garment. So whether He had a garment on that came right above the knees or whether He had a garment on that flowed down to the ground. She touched His tassel. He had tassels on His garment. She grabbed hold of Yahoshua’s tassels. This is Yahoshua we are talking about here. So He kept that commandment of even keeping the tassels on. He kept the Shabbat Day. This is what we are to do and this is what we are doing. This is why we are being shepherded by the good shepherd. That’s why we hear His voice and we are following after Him. We are to follow after Him, behind Him. Everything He did we are to do.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 14. I want y’all to see this is talking about Yahoshua so let’s start at v. 31. So when these non-messianic find fault in Him just like He told the Pharisees, what do you find fault in? He wore His tassels and many of these Israelites that are non-messianic don’t even wear theirs. Ask them where their tassels are, ‘oh man’. It’s a joke to them. They can’t tell you. I had a brother one time, a brother that was in the word, this was years ago and by this time the brother was in the word 20 years! We had a fellowship going on. Me and my ex-wife were there at the fellowship and we had our tassels on. This ahk was in the truth for 20 years. His wife came up to me and asked me and my wife, she said ‘um what are those strings on your garments’? ‘What are those strings on your shirts’? Now this was an ahk that was in the truth for 20 years and he had not taught his wife about tassels. We looked at each other first and mouths dropped open and I’m thinking to myself  ‘what in the world did you just ask me’?! I said ‘in the Book of Numbers chapter 15 Yah tells us to wear tassels. ‘Ohhh’. ‘wooow’. Humphf. That’s crazy.

Yet you have Israelites out there, if we are to follow Yahoshua’s example, as Hebrews, as shepherds, He wore His tassels. He kept the 7th day, the Shabbat, He is the Master of it. The same Shabbat that Moses said for in 6 days Yah made the heavens and the earth. Yah only took 6 days. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, each day had a number and the 7th day was the Shabbat. There’s only 7 days in the week and the 7th day is called the Shabbat the same Shabbat Yahoshua kept because He was the Master of Shabbat. This is the same Shabbat that Yah raised Him from the grave.

If Yahoshua wore His tassels, why can’t they wear theirs? You want to find fault in Him but we have already found fault in you because Yah said to wear it but you say you are Torah only, that’s in the Torah…Israelite.

Mattithyah 14:31-36 It says tzit-tzit but we know them as tassels (or fringes) if you are reading along in The Scriptures translation. They touched the tassels of His garment.

He wore tassels. So we see that He not only kept the law but taught the law. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 19. He taught the law, family. We are to walk as He walked to be perfect servants of Yah. He’s our example and He’s the example to the nations. He’s the good shepherd.

So this is why a lot of brothers and sisters don’t know how to walk because they deny Yahoshua. This is why a lot of brothers and sisters don’t call on Yahoshua…if you don’t know how to do the perfect walk because they are not looking at Yahoshua’s walk. They are denying His walk. Some who call upon Yahoshua just think of Him as a mistranslated name of Jesus. They think He’s part of a trinity. They think He pre-existed. They think He’s a god in the way the Jesus is a god. In the way that the fallen angels are gods. They think that about Yahoshua.

Mattithyah 19:16-19 Look at that. He said what shall I do to have eternal life, Yahoshua said keep the commandments. Then he asked ‘which ones’? Yahoshua said ‘the ten commandments’.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 20. Remember when Yahoshua was teaching, when the brothers were teaching there was nothing on this earth called the new testament. NOTHING. So they were teaching everything from the Torah, the prophets and the Psalms. Everything in what you call the old testament or what is called the old testament today. That’s where He taught from. So how can you be a new testament Christian when Yahoshua was a quote-unquote old testament Hebrew? So you can’t blame this on our brother Yahoshua and you can’t blame this on our brother Shaul. You can not blame this on our brother Kepha. You can not put the Catholic Church on him saying he was the first pope. That’s a lie. You can not put Christianity on Paul, Shaul that’s a lie. You can not put Christianity on Yahoshua. That’s a lie.

Yahoshua taught from here.

Exodus 20:12-16 That’s what He just taught him. He taught him from the ten commandments from Exodus chapter 20. He said if you want to enter into life keep these commandments.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 22. This is exactly what He just told the brother because He was a law teacher. He taught him the law.

Revelation 22:14 When you eat from the tree of life, you will have eternal life. The brother asked what shall I do to have eternal life? And Yahoshua said keep the commandments. Keep the law. Let’s go to John 14.

John 14:15 Keep, guard My commandments. If you love Me that’s what you shall do. If you love Yah and Yahoshua you have to keep the commandments. So Yahoshua kept the commandments and He taught the commandments.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 20. where did Yahoshua get that from? Did He get it from the Book of Galatians? Or did the Book of Galatians whenever it speaks about loving Yah and keeping the commandments whatever books speak about that, they got it from here. This is what Yah says.

Exodus 20:6 So Yahoshua was quoting from Torah in John 14:15 because He was a Torah teacher. There was no new testament during the time of the Messiyah. There was no new testament during the time of Shaul, Kepha, Yahcanan and all these brothers.

He only taught from what’s called the old testament. Let’s prove this. Let’s go to Luke chapter 4. So we are to walk as He walked, right? So now what’s called the new testament the witness of Yahoshua’s walk so we can know yes He was Messiyah when He walked the earth and He still is Messiyah. He fulfilled the prophesies. Then we get the letters from the brothers that are showing us how we are to walk under this Messianic belief. How we are to make that as Yahoshua’s example was perfect to the face of Yah, our examples have to be perfect to Him. So when the brothers are writing letters back and forth, that’s what they are talking about. All that is discussing, how to teach, how to walk, how to do all this in the name of Yahoshua. That’s what the so-called new testament is made of. It’s the eye-witness account of Yahoshua’s walk and then we see how we are to administer this word in this day and  time because we are doing the work of the emissaries.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 4. We give lessons from Genesis to Revelation absolutely HalleluYah. We see how everything comes together. What the brothers were doing and teaching is the same thing that the Messiyah brought and the same thing the prophets brought. They brought the word the same. So now we have an even greater understanding in this day. We see how to do this thing through the perfect example of Yahoshua. He left a perfect example behind for His brothers. And His brothers walked the perfect walk. That’s why they will be rulers over the 12 tribes of Ysrayl.

Luke 4, this is where Yahoshua is being tempted by the adversary, satan.

Luke 4:1-4 Where did Yahoshua get this from? Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 8. Man shall  not live by bread alone but by every word of Yah. So when He was combatting the devil, He gave the devil scripture from what’s called the old testament. This is where He taught from…new testament Christian. So this is why y’all can not do anything against the devil because you don’t know how to bring scripture against the devil because you did away with the old testament you say. You’re a new testament Christian, you’re a new creature now so you say. But I can only find you 3 times in there and never once did Yah say you were His people. Never once did Yahoshua say I have come to start a religion called Christianity and that Christians are His people. Never once.

Deuteronomy 8:3 So this is where Yahoshua was quoting from, directly from the old testament or scriptures.

So Yahoshua did not do away with the old testament. Remember He said think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets. The law of the prophets in Matthew 5:17-19, the law and prophets is what we call the old testament today. He said I did not come to destroy that, I came to complete. I came to complete your understanding of it.

So now here He is in a battle with the devil and He goes to the old testament to bring scripture on the devil. He quoted directly for the book as you do, as we all do. Remember back in His day, they didn’t have chapter and verse. He didn’t say ‘Deuteronomy chapter 8 verse 3’. Yah has made that mercy for you in this day. He’s made it that much easier for you today.

Let’s continue.

Luke 4:5-8 You shall worship Yah and Him only shall you serve. Where did He get that from? Was this some deep saying? Was this some new teaching? Because if He’s making up a new religion then surely this is a new teaching. But we know that Yahoshua came under the authority and order of Yah so He’s going to only do what? Speak the Words of Yah because those who are from Yah will only speak the Words of Yah. So you shall only worship Yah.

Let’s to the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 6.

Deuteronomy 6:13 Yah is the only one who we fear. Yah is the only one who we serve. Fear Yah, this is what He had to tell the adversary.

The Twelve Gates of Yahrushalom

When we were reading John chapter 10 about Yahoshua being the door in which the sheep enter. I remembered reading about this sheep’s gate in  John 5:2. I remembered reading somewhere else about a sheep’s gate in scripture but I forgot where I read it so I had to go search. In Nehemiyah chapter 3, he talks about rebuilding these gates that surrounded the city. Below is a picture  I found on a bible website.


#1 The sheep gate: Nehemiyah 3:1: Lamb were brought here for offering. Yahoshua is our high priest who is the lamb who was offered. Yahoshua is the door of the sheep. Will we enter the kingdom through the sheep gate?

#2 The fish gate: Nehemiyah 3:3: Fisherman used this gate. Yahoshua was a fisher of men. Take the word of Yah to the nations.

#3 The old gate: Nehemiyah 3:6: This represents the death of the old man. Keep our old or ancient path it says in Yeremiyah 6:16.

#4 The valley gate: Nehemiyah 3:13: This describes the wanderings of Yahoshua’s apostles. Read Psalm 23:4, Deuteronomy 8:7, Genesis 26:19 and Yahzeqyl 3:22.

#5 The refuse or dung gate: Nehemiyah 3:13: This represents rotten flesh. Things we must put away from our hearts, read Matthew 15:19.

#6 The fountain gate: Nehemiyah 3:15: It is located near the pool of Siloah where water flows. The pool of Siloam is the same place where Yahoshua told the blind man to wash up in John 9:7.

#7 The water gate: Nehemiyah 3: 26 Read John 4:13-15 Yahoshua is the living water.

#8 The horse gate: Nehemiyah 3:28: Yahoshua will be on a white horse, Revelation 19:11-16.

#9 The east gate: Nehemiyah 3:29: Yahoshua will enter the city via the east gate as Yah enters the city via the east gate. Read Zechariyah 14:4 and Yahzeqyl 44:1-3 Mount Olive is on the east side of the city.

#10 The Miphkad gate: Nehemiyah 3:31: Miphkad means inspection, recruiting or census. Yahoshua will judge the nations. Mattithyah 25:31-36. Yahoshua talks about the narrow gate in Matthew 7: 13-14.

#11 The Gate of Ephraim: Nehemiyah 8:16, Nehemiyah 12:39, 2 Chronicles 25:23. A North gate looking out to the fruitful land of Ephraim. Ephraim means doubly fruitful. This double fruitfulness can be symbolism for Israylite and Greek and Heaven and earth.

#12 The Prison Gate: Nehemiyah 12:39, 2 Kings 11:16,19. Kepha is seen in Acts 12 being led by an angel through the gate.

Q: What is the significance of a city gate in the Bible? *website placed in the footnote. Answer: Besides being part of a city’s protection against invaders, city gates were places of central activity in Biblical times. It was at the city gates that important business transactions were made, court was convened and public announcements were heralded. Accordingly, it is natural that the Bible frequently speaks of ‘sitting in the gate’ or of the activities that took place at the gate. In Proverbs 1, wisdom is personified: ‘At the head of the noisy streets she cries out in the GATEWAYS of the city she makes her speech’ (v. 21). To spread her words to the maximum number of people, wisdom took to the gates.

The first mention of a city gate is found in Genesis 19:1. Lot sat at the city gate of Sodom. Lot was probably there discussing with the men of the city the day’s issues or engaging in civic business.

In the law of Moses, parents of a rebellious son were told to bring him to the city gate, where the elders would examine the evidence and pass judgment, Deuteronomy 21:18-21. This affirms that the city gate was central to community action.

In Ruth 4:1-11 Boaz officially claimed the position of kinsman-redeemer by meeting with the city elders at the gate of Bethlehem. There, the legal matters related to his marriage to Ruth were settled.

As Ysrayl fought the Philistines, the priest Eli waited at the city gate for news regarding the ark and to hear how his sons fared in battle 1 Sam. 4:18.

When King David ruled Ysrayl, he stood before the troops to give instructions from the city gates (2 Sam. 18:15). After his son Absalom died David mourned but eventually returned to the city gate along with his people 2 Sam. 19:1-18. The king’s appearance at the gate signaled that the mourning was over and the king was once again attending to the business of governing.

The city gate was important in other ancient cultures. Esther 2:5-8 records that some of the king’s servants plotted at the king’s gate to murder him. Mordekaiyah heard the plot and reported it to Esther who gave the news to the king, Esther 2:19-23. Persian court officials were identified as being ‘at the king’s gate’, Esther 3:3.

To control the gates of one’s enemies was to conquer their city. Part of Abraham’s blessing from Yah was the promise that your offspring shall possess the gate of his enemies, Genesis 22:17.

When Yahoshua promised to build His assembly, He said ‘the gates of Hades will not overcome it’ Matttithyah 16:18. All the evil plans of satan will never defeat the assembly.

* from http://www.gotquestions.org/city-gate. html

**Revelation 22:14, we will be entering the kingdom through the gates HalleluYah for answering my question. In the new kingdom there will be 12 gates for each tribe, Yahzeqyl 48:30-35. The name of the city shall be Yah is there v. 35.

*Most maps of the gates in Yahrushalom are in error only showing 10 gates, like the map above.

Yahoshua the Good Shepherd the Example to the Nations p. d

v. 36-40 Do you see that? I want y’all to understand that the least that you do to His brothers, you do it to Him. So you wolves that have come into the midst of the flock, we see you. But I want you to know that the good shepherd sees you too. And the least that you are out here doing to His brothers, you have done it to Him. Do you want to fight Yah? Well stop fighting His people with your slander, lies, gossip, rumors and your hatred. STOP. You’ve been warned. STOP.

v. 41 Read. v. 42-43 ‘I ain’t giving them no food.’ ‘I have not time to be giving you a drink’. ‘Who is that, I don’t know that nigga’. ‘I don’t have time to go to that hospital’. ‘I’m not going to any prison to see him’.

v. 44-46 Do you understand that Ysrayl? The good shepherd is speaking here. Hear what He has to say because He’s speaking truth. Because He is truth. So Yahoshua is serving as the good shepherd to lead and guide us. He’s the example. We must follow His example.

Let’s go to 1 John chapter 2. These are war words that He is saying right here. Like Yah told pharaoh, if you don’t let My first-born son go and Ysrayl is My first-born. If you don’t let him go. I’m killing your first-born. That’s how Yah does it.

Yahoshua said if you mess with my brothers, I’m coming against you. So you thought that you went underhanded. You thought you would be able to gossip. You thought you would be able to bring strife and division and Yah wasn’t seeing that. He sees everything you do. He sees you on the backend last at night calling up this one and that one and all y’all do is gossip about EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING. You thought that Yah didn’t see that. So as He comes down giving you time to repent and you don’t repent, He will come and smash your households! Do you hear what I’m saying? You will have so much pain and trouble in your house and you will have no way to relieve that pain because He gave you time to stop!

You refused to hear the voice of the good shepherd when He warned you. You refuse to hear His voice and follow after Him. When you had all the opportunity in the world to do it. He sees your hatred for those around you. He sees the strife. He sees the lack of love. He sees everything. He sees what you are doing to the least of His brothers. He sees how you mistreat everybody. Ysrayl, this ain’t no joke man. This is the real deal here.

So you can’t come calling Obadiyah in the middle of the night, ‘please pray for me’. And you have been doing all this travesty. You were one of these ‘oh Obadiyah is a false prophet’. ‘Oh Obadiyah is stealing money’. You have been one of the main ones saying that. Then when Yah comes against you, you call me ‘Obadiyah can you PLEASE pray for my household’. ‘Oh this and that is happening’. Hey you didn’t ask for me to pray to help to get that spirit off you when you were doing all of those things. Now you have to deal with what Yah is giving you. You caused all this. He was merciful towards you.

Even when we found out you were talking, we were merciful towards you because Yah said to be so. But you did not stop. You refused to hear what the good shepherd had to say to you. And He spoke softly to you. He warned you. He pleaded with you and you turned your back on Him. But you pretended to be one of His so you could come in and destroy as the thief.

1 John 2, we seen what the good shepherd does. Now we have to see the example of how to do this. Right? We have to se the example. What did Yahoshua do? What did He come to do when He was here? That’s what we must look at. So let’s go to 1 John 2. Yahoshua the good shepherd, the example to the nations. You see, if y’all ain’t following the example of Yahoshua (then) you are not a servant of Yah. It’s just that simple. If you are following the example of Jesus, oh man. You  have to follow the example of Yahoshua because He is the Master Servant. He’s Yah’s Head Servant and He’s doing everything according to how Yah wants it done. So if we want to know how Yah wants it done, look at Yahoshua.

1 John 2:1-6, v. 1 Do you see that? If anybody sins Yahoshua is going to intercede on your behalf. ‘Well Father, he or she is messing up now’. ‘Give them time’. But if you are not listening to the voice of the good shepherd when we comes to tell you to stop what you are doing, thinking that nobody sees. You thing the shepherds can’t see. If you don’t stop that then how will he intercede on your behalf to Yah? You are going to make Yah that much more angrier at you. Then when He brings His wrath down there will be nothing that you can do.

I know many of you just look…because you don’t believe in Yah. So you don’t believe His wrath is coming. Because you are a deceiver like your father satan. So you don’t believe none of this will happen UNTIL it happens. Then what will you do? See this is a serious walk here. This ain’t no toy. You had all the time to play when you were in Christianity, when you were in Islam and Judaism or whatever philosophy you came from. That was your playtime. Now it’s time to be serious with Yah. You have got to understand what He requires of you.

v. 2 Family as we go into some of these latter lessons about the Messiyah, we are going to break this stuff down about the atoning offering, the sacrifice for sin. I’m going to explain all that, what it means to you. But right now if we don’t get this basic foundation of who He is and what He is and what He came to do, all that won’t matter. (It won’t matter) if you can’t understand these basics here.

But I know you understand it because many of you are rooted in Yah. Listen, I’m not pointing the finger at anybody, it’s just what Yah is telling me to say because whomever it’s meant for, it’s on their heart right now. They know who they are! Yah knows who they are! Obadiyah may not know but Yah knows and they know. They know that they have to repent of these things because Yah is calling you to do so.

v. 3-5 Look at that the ones who guard His word truly the love of Yah has been perfected in Him. Look at that. That’s why with these hireling and wolves that have sneaked in there is no love in them and that’s why they are only out to devour because they are not guarding the Father’s Word. If you’re not guarding His Word, it’s impossible to guard the sheep. ‘The one that says he knows Him but does not guard Him is a liar and the truth is not in him’. Look at that, the one that says that he knows him. ‘Oh I know Yah, Yahoshua’. But you are not guarding His commandments. You are a liar. That’s what the book says.

Real quick, let’s go to Revelation 21. This is where the spirit is sending me. I’m going to read from the KJV. Because it said that the one that knows Him but does not keep His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. So what’s going to happen to ALL liars?

Revelation 21:8 …and ALL liars! All liars are going into the lake of fire. So if you say you know Yahoshua but you are not living as Yahoshua taught us to live…you are a liar and you go to the lake of fire. That’s what it says.

Let’s read 1 John 2;4 again. v. 5 Do you see that? Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. ‘Oh there’s nobody that’s perfect on this earth’. NO, you are not perfect…you many not be but there are perfect people because they are doing it right according to the ways of Yah. Matthew 5;48 tells you to be perfect. So it says right here in 1 John 2:5 that whoever guards His word truly the Word of Yah has been perfected in Him. What greater love is there than the perfect love of Yah and if you are keeping His commandments. If you are loving a brother as you love yourself and not putting any elohim before the face of Yah, your finding yourself perfect in His love. You know, Yahoshua is ha Maschiyach, the Messiyah. You are not out here doing all that crazy stuff like lying, gossiping and back-biting. You have perfected the love of Yah in you. By this we know that we are in Him.

v. 6 Look at that. We are to walk as Yahoshua walked. We are to live His example that He gave to us. He is the example to the nations. So if we are called to teach the nations, He’s been sent to save us from our sins as His people so He teachers us and we teach the nations. So He is the example to all the nations through us. Like the son is the glory of the father. If the father is raising the son properly then that son is going to grow up and be that shining example of how his father raised him. So that is how it is here. We are to walk as He walked. We are to look at Him as the example. Yahoshua didn’t do none of the things that many of you are going around doing. Lying one people, bearing false witness against your neighbor. You have hatred in your heart against your neighbor. He didn’t do that. He did it with the love of Yah, to His brothers.

So it says here, ‘if we guard His Word. We know His Word is the truth and we know that the truth is the laws and commandments. So if we guard His laws and commandments as Yahoshua did, so when it said we are to walk as we walk, how was His walk then? Was He like Jesus nailing laws to the cross? ‘Excuse me mister Roman can you  nail the Sabbath up here too’? ‘I think you forgot to nail thou shall not murder’? Was He talking that crazy talk? But that’s what Jesus was saying. Right?

Yahoshua was a law-keeper. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 5. We are to walk as He walked. He kept the law. This is why we distinguish Him from Jesus Christ. Once again, stop going around here repeating all this satanic doctrine! Talking about why there is no unity! Why are you even asking that question?! What does it concern you about the nation Yah Himself split apart!! Because your unity is with those that are doing the desires of Yahoshua’s Father, which is your Father. That’s where unity (is)…stop going out here thinking that the entire nation is going to be unified and we all will be on one accord calling upon Yah in this lifetime. That ain’t going to happen. That won’t happen until Yah deems it and that will happen when Yahoshua comes back to separate the sheep from the goats. Only the sheep are going into the kingdom and only the sheep will be unified with one another. For the goat are unified with satan.

So you keep going around here talking about unity, unity, unity not even realizing that you are unified and the other ones that are calling upon Yah and Yahoshua. You are unified with the ones that know that the 7th day of the week which the world calls Saturday is the Shabbat. You are unifying with the other ones that Yah said we can’t do a feast day outside of Jerusalem. You are unified already so what other unity are you looking for? You’re going to find yourself in unison with the devil. Your going to unify until you find yourself in satan’s lap and you will be one with the devil. So you have all the unity you ever need. All of this is in the hand of Yah. You just get in where you fit in. You just do what Yah needs you to do. Do you understand? It’s a false unity. ‘Oh man the Israylites have to be united’. I’M NOT BEING UNITED WITH SOME OF THESE DEVILS!! Are you kidding me?!

How are we going to fight on the battlefield and they don’t even believe as you believe? When Yahoshua said there are others that are part of this sheep but He has to bring them in too. Yet they say that the Gentiles can’t get salvation. Do you want to unify with that?! When in the Book of Yahzeqyl 47:21-22 Yah says the stranger who begets children with you those children shall be as native-born Israylites and they shall have an inheritance in the land.

These wild ‘brew jackals are running around her talking about Gentiles can’t get salvation and that Esau is the white man. Do you want to unify with that? You see, we get out here and regurgitate everything satan says. Satanic doctrine we just throw it back up. And that will cause deception. You will see others listening to what you are saying and you will lead them into the trap that your falling into. It will be a situation of the blind leading the blind. Slow down Ysrayl. Yah is here. Yah has all this under His control.

He’s leading and guiding us. Yah is my shepherd. I do not lack. So why are you acting like you are lacking things? Why are you acting like time is going to run out? If you do what you need to do and store up good works and have good favor with Yah, there is no time for you because when you leave this earth or if you are still here, if you are in good favor with Yah, HalleluYah nothing else matters. This is real talk here family. You have to understand this before it’s too late. Understand about the good shepherd. Understand about the good example that He left for us. Understand that only Yah is good.

If we are to walk as Messiyah walked, how did He walk?

Mattithyah 5:17-19, v. 17 Do you see that? He came to complete our understanding of the law and the prophets. v. 18 All isn’t done. Ysrayl has not fully awakened. The man of sin has not made his appearance. The false prophet hasn’t…all this has to happen. The temple hasn’t been rebuilt. All this has to happen. Yahoshua said nothing shall pass from the law until all be done.

v.19 So do you see that? If you are keeping the law and you are teaching men to keep the law you shall be called great. But if you are breaking the commandments and you are teaching others to break it because you are nailing the law to the cross, you will be least. So what does it mean to be least in the kingdom of the heaven? Many of you say I would rather be least as long as I’m there.

No you won’t be there. We already know where all lawbreakers will be right? But do you know that the lake of fire is apart of the kingdom? ‘Obadiyah that’s crazy there, that’s new teaching what are you talking about’? No it’s not crazy and it’s not new teaching. The kingdom will encompass the whole earth and the lake of fire will be on the earth. Just like prisons are apart of the United States. You send your bad people to prison and that’s part of the kingdom of the United states.

That’s what the lake of fire is, it is the second death. It will be their prison. They will never get out of it. And it’s going to be on earth as the kingdom is. So that’s where all the bad, death and all that goes. The grave and all that is there. So you will be least in the kingdom because you will be in the lake of fire with the rich man (Luke 16:19-31) and satan and his angels.

So he’s saying Yahoshua was a law-keeper. He taught the law. He said if you are teaching against the law then you will be least. We know that law breakers and those who teach against the law will be going to the lake of fire.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 7. Let’s prove this. So Yahoshua taught the law. He said if you are teaching against it…so how do Christians get away with saying that Jesus nailed the laws to the cross? You have your red lettered Bible. These are supposed to be the words of JESUS, right? We know better but I’m just saying from their perspective. How can they get around that? You see, that’s how lawless that religion is. It takes away all your logic and understanding.

Mattithyah 7:21-23 ‘Depart fro Me you who work lawlessness’. Lawlessness is sin. Because sin is the transgression of the law. And when you transgress the law you are lawless, without law. Without Yah’s law. So Yahoshua will say get away from Me. But this is deep because He’s talking about the ones that know His name. He’s talking about the ones that did mighty works in His name. He’s talking about the ones that cast out demons in His name. So He’s talking to stiff-necks that will still be here calling on Yah and Yahoshua. Like I told you everybody who says Yah and Yahoshua are not for Yah and Yahoshua. Because you are still doing lawlessness. What are you doing? You are still back-biting. You are still gossiping. You are still slandering. You are still stealing. You are still lying. You are still being a coward. You are still doing your witchcraft. Your still doing your drug sorcery. Huh?

How many times does Yah have to tell you about drug sorcery. Y’all don’t want to listen. You aren’t going to stop until Yah allows a demon to grab and take you somewhere. You think you must get high. Right? You get high to commune with the gods. You get drunk to be non-sober minded. You can’t stop. You don’t love Yah enough to want to stop that stuff. Yeah, smoking weed is drug sorcery. Doing crack and cocaine is drug sorcery because it alters your state of consciousness. You go get high, the next thing you know a demon is going to have you in chains and shackles and in captivity (Mark 5:3-4). We will be asking what happened to him? What happened to her?

Nobody will know where you are because you have allowed yourself to be taken. You didn’t listen to the good shepherd as He tried to warn you. You didn’t walk as Yahoshua walked. All this talk about herbs, where do you see Yahoshua smoking herbs? Huh? If you walk as He walked where do you see Him smoking herbs at? How many times did you see Him drunk? Yeah He drank wine but how many times did you see Him drunk? Huh?

You have to walk as He walked. Let’s read Revelation 21:8 again to bring this to your remembrance. Let’s read it from the translation called The Scriptures.

Revelation 21:8 ‘Untrustworthy’ because if you are lying and back-biting who can trust you? I don’t want you around me. I can’t even talk to you so how can I trust you…gossiper. ‘Abominable’ ‘homosexuality’, men dressing as women. that’ abomination. ‘Murderers’ you want to be all thugged out and murder folks. (Finishes reading verse) Hey you do not have to listen to Obadiyah. Hey I’m trying to make sure that I’m not in that group right there. Do you understand? I’m trying to make sure I’m not the cowardly and the untrustworthy, the abominable, murderer, whore, drug sorcerer, idolators and false. I’m trying to make sure that I’m not in that group right there. So you don’t have to listen to me but know what it says. So it’s upon you to change your life and walk as Yahoshua walked.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 20. We are going to look at the Shabbat here. Because Yahoshua was a law teacher and He taught the Shabbat. I want you all to understand that because many of you try to go under the radar, you talk about herbs. You say that Yah said we can have strong drink, stop fooling yourself. No, stop letting satan fool you. Stop letting the devil fool you. Those things are drug sorcery because the smoking of the herbs all started when man wanted to communicate with the gods. A witch’s brew, when witches wanted to commune with the gods. It’s sorcery. It’s witchcraft. That’s why it’s called getting HIGH. Just like the high places where the pagan temples and high places were built on high hills and mountains because the people thought that the higher the mountain or hill, the closer they would be to the gods who dwell in heaven. So when you get high you know off your ‘angel dust’ and you are flying up in this cloud…you are going to commune with the gods. The gods take over your mind when it’s unsober. That’s why scripture tells us to be sober-minded.

Yahoshua the Good Shepherd the Example to the Nations p. c

‘Obadiyah just said that all of us are shepherds’. Absolutely because we are one under Yah. The same shepherding that Yahoshua has to do, all of the other shepherds have to do the same thing so it’s one. As Yahoshua prayed in John chapter 17 which we read in the first lesson. Yah makes them one as we are one. So that’s what it means. He’s the head shepherd. Just like Yah is the head savior. So we are not separate from Yahoshua and Yahoshua is not separate from us. ‘The other sheep’, they will be one fold. You will not have Ysrayl here and the righteous Gentiles there. No. You will have Ysrayl here and the righteous Gentiles here. One flock. One Master Shepherd. HalleluYah.

Let’s go to Matthew 18. We are looking at Yahoshua the shepherd but then we want to look at Yahoshua’s example that He left for us to follow. So we may have to bring forth Yahoshua’s example next week because I want to keep this two hours. If we have to bring Yahoshua’s example next week, then we will come back next week and do that. But right now we are going to look at Him being the shepherd. Matthew 18, this is what the shepherd does.

Mattithyah 18:12 This is beautiful family because I kid you not, do you know how many times we gone after that one? How many times we had these meetings with a brother? How many times we have held these meetings with the elders and the brothers and we go after one? We go after sisters giving them chance after chance and you still mess up. We give an ahk chance after chance and you still mess up. That’s what he is talking about here, putting that dedication in family.

I tell you right now I have a list of phone calls that I must make so you brothers and sisters that have been trying to get in contact with me, I have to take your name down and put you on the list and I will get in contact with you Yah-willing as Yah gives me the time to do so. As Yah gives ahki Moshe the time to do so. As Yah gives the elders time to do so. As Yah give the regents time to do so. Do you understand? This is a collective work. I’m not a promoter of a promoter of Obadiyah because I have nothing to promote. Everything has been about the Father.

Many of you who have not met me in person…but many of you have never seen what I look like because there are not a ton of pictures of Obadiyah all over the place. Many of you have seen me in the documentaries but other than that there’s not a thousand pictures of Obadiyah or a Obadiyah website dot com or Moshe’s doctrine dot org. I’m just trying to put you into mind because Yahoshua is the master shepherd over us. I just want to put you into mind as we go throught this, the jobs that shepherds do and let you be a witness to that. It’s not about self promotion no let truth be truth. Let you be a witness to that. So that you can understand how Yahoshua is operating in our midst. Let you be a witness to that. This is what shepherds are supposed to do with the flock we will constantly battle wolves and demons, goblins and ghouls…and gays. That’s another fight that’s on the horizon. Gays are taking over. So ahks take out your sword because that will be the next battle. Watch we have that trying to infiltrate us, you watch.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 15. Hey ahki Warriyah, check this out ahk. We are going to make you the official man patrol at the conference. So you gather up some more ahks and as these ahks start coming into the hotel, check their suitcases. If a ahk rolls up in there and he has a pink suitcase with purple tweety birds on there ask that ahk, ‘oh you have your wife’s bag…where’s your bag’? (funny voice) ‘I have no wife’. ‘Oh this is your little daughter’s bag with pink and tweety birds on it’? ‘I ain’t got a daughter’. ‘Ahk open up this bag’. ‘Y’all playing’. ‘Stop playing’. That ahk is going to get right back on the airplane and go somewhere else. So you are on man patrol, ahk. Check all their luggage. Make sure ain’t no pink in there. You have no wife so why are panties in your bag? We ain’t playin’ that.

But that will be the next thing that tries to infiltrate this movement…homosexuality. Watch you see a lot of ahks and ahkotees start to give into it. Because they will come into this whole guise of this false unity and false love. You watch. Satan is slick like that. If I see satan moving on the world with this homosexuality. What will keep these stiff-necks from joining in? They are already undisciplined. They are not listening to Yah already. So what will stop them from going that next step and bringing that in here. You watch. Keep your eyes open satan is slick. Scripture says he has deceived the whole world.

He even convinced David to do something that he was not supposed to do, several times. Satan convinced Kepha and Judas. So the world is in his hands. So you just keep your eyes open for that. They will try to infiltrate. They will try to secretly sneak in. Humphf. So my eyes are open. Yeah, I’m watching you ahk. I’m watching your steps, 1234.  (Funny voice) ‘Obadiyah stop watching me’.

Luke 15:4 The same thing He is saying here. By the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, right? So He is saying the same thing, that the shepherd will go after the one sheep. The shepherd is dedicated to the sheep. That’s the message here.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 37. I say these things in a jokingly manner sometimes because this is the only time we get to express ourselves in a jokingly manner. I just feel the Ruach whenever I’m around the family. I’m serious family, I’m dead serious we have to watch these things that are going to be sneaking into the Israylite movement. If it’s part of the world whereas Yahoshua told us not to be apart of the world, only those who hear His voice, only his sheep will be protected from this. And every Israylite that calls upon the name of Yahoshua is not part of His sheep. Every Israylite that calls upon the name of Yah is not part of His sheep, family. And we have not allowed ourselves to be deceived into thinking so.

Just like many of you told me man these people on Facebook have the name Ysrayl and how we spell it, Y-s-r-a-y-l but they are not of us. They are non-messianic. They believe in that whole 12 tribe breakdown. They believe Esau is the white man. I like you have been tricked into believing. So what tricked you is that they had the same last name. Satan also will come speaking the same language that you speak and looking how you look. but he will bring something in that’s slightly different. If you don’t pay attention then you will fall into his trap. I know some of you brothers out there may be having trouble with that homosexual spirit. Some of you sisters out there may have a problem with that homosexual spirit but I’m saying you must fight that. Because the moment you come in here talking to us about it’s okay…we ain’t going for that!!!!

We are going to protect the sheep from that. Just like when that insane doctrine of chicken is unclean tried to come into the midst. We fought that off. Just like when they tried to bring lunar shabbats. We fought that off. When they tried to bring Esau the white man. We fought that off. Do you understand? We have to fight here, to protect. We are not hirelings. We are shepherds. We have to fight to protect what Yah has given us.

So if a brother comes to me and asks me ‘Obadiayah what do you think about this whole thing of homosexuals and homosexuals learning the truth and all that’? I’m going to have to check you right there first. Because what do you mean, what is my view on that? Or what I think about that. You already know, if we are brothers of the scriptures, we already know what the scriptures say about that so you don’t have to ask me. I’m in unison with the scriptures and you ought to be too. So this is not even a question that brothers need to bring to other brothers. Because we already know what the book says. We heard the voice of the shepherd and now we are following after the shepherd and the shepherd has taught us well. He has guarded and protected us well. So don’t you become insane and bring heresy into the midst of here.

Yahzeqyl 37:24 Do you see that? This is Yahzeqyl chapter 37 the valley of the dry bones. So Yah is saying after the valley of the dry bones have risen, He said there will be one shepherd. David will be king, he will have risen up by this time but He said they all shall have one shepherd. We just saw that Yahoshua said He is the one shepherd. He is the good shepherd. Yahoshua will be over all of us even King David. Yah is the ultimate, grand shepherd…Yah is my shepherd (remember). Yahoshua is the good shepherd. Then we serve as shepherds under Him to help to shepherd the flock, to shepherd in the nations.

Let’s go to 1 Peter chapter 5. When we see ‘brews start to get really wild then we will have to get man patrol in here. The brother, Antoine Dodson said he’s working on getting rid of homosexuality out of his life. Now when he came out, he didn’t try to throw any separate doctrines in there saying will Yah loves everybody and since I’m serving Yah, Yah loves me. He said listen, I don’t need to be a homosexual. He said this is a process that I have to work on. He said that he still has attraction to men. He said this will not be something that happens overnight. It’s going to be a process. That’s absolutely right.

But if you have ahks coming in here talking about…they will come in and bring a whole lot of heresy. Whatever you see going on in the world, they will try to bring it in here. Because the man of sin will try to rule over a lawless society and world that is void of all of Yah’s laws. If Israylites are not even serving Yah now, what makes you think they will serve Him when the man of sin comes? Constantly debating trying to make yourself seem smarter than the next man. Your group is better than the next group, all of that is insane. There’s no fruit to bear from it. None. It’s all crazy.

1 Kepha 5:1-5, v. 1-2 Look at this. Elders you are not here just to shepherd as a shepherd of Yah for greedy gain. So you can get tithing, which we don’t even do tithing here. So you have to shepherd the flock of Yah as overseers. v. 3 Be an example of what a shepherd is. Be an example of what a righteous man is.

v. 4 The chief shepherd is Yahoshua. He is the head shepherd and we are little shepherds. (Reads v. 3 again) We don’t have chains and whips. That’s why when we do things at I.H. everything we do is voluntary. Nobody is making you do anything. If you don’t want to do something then don’t do it. But we know that there are other capable hands out there especially when we talk about serving Yah and doing the work of Yah. We know there are many capable hands in our midst that can perform these tasks. Nobody is a master over you. We are your brothers, sisters and family of Yah.

v. 5 You have to continue to be humble. In all this shepherding that we are doing, we have to continue to be humble. Understand that it’s about Yah. Not puffed-up. Not proud.

So that’s why I was saying earlier is that we are not bragging on anything here but let what we do be a witness of the goodness of Yah. If you are being taught the truth of Yah here and we are hitting the book for you and we are opening up the book and showing you this and that and it’s making sense because Yah’s spirit is upon you. Let that be a witness that Yah has allowed us to do. Because you know that, there’s nothing Obadiyah, Moshe or any of the elders can do to you to make you receive the truth. Just like there’s nothing you can do to the stiff-necked family members. There’s nothing you can do to your stiff-necked friends you had in the world, to make them understand the truth. All of this is Yah and let this all magnify the good works that Yah is doing. That the work of Yah through Yahoshua the Messiyah is different from everything else. It’s different from Islam. It’s different from Christianity. It’s different from Buddhism. It’s different from Judaism. And whatever religion, -ism that is out there. The work of Yah is different from all of that. So let that be a witness. Let that light shine.

I’m not going to cover up this light that Yah has given to us. We are going to let it shine because the world is in darkness right now and it needs to see the light. I’m not saying that as Israylites we are not going to see struggle or that Israylites we are not going to have faults. But it kills me when I see Israylites with the plank in his eyes go against the Israylite that has a half-a-splinter in theirs.

You can point out everything wrong in someone else’s life and your life is a tragedy but you can’t see it. There’s nothing in your life going right because you aren’t even trying to serve Yah. You pretend so you can sneak in and destroy the sheep. Yet you will try to point out a thousand faults of other people and you have ten thousand faults that you don’t even want to even acknowledge one of them. But you are the master fault-pointer-outer for everybody else. You are always trying to tell everybody else what they ought to be doing in their lives and you are not doing any of those things in yours.

How in the world can you have good advice for someone else and you need that same advice and you don’t turn around and use it to better your life. Stay out of people’s business!! Stay our of their lives! It’s no concern to you. Get your life together before it’s too late. If a brother or sister needs help, they will seek it. If they ask you for it, so be it. But you can’t give anybody help until you help yourself. You can’t get nobody to serve Yah until you serve Yah yourself.

So Hebrews that’s what you need to be working on. You can not be anyone’s shepherd if you can’t even shepherd yourself. How will you lead the sheep to good pasture, water and food? And you are eating out of the garbage can. And you are living in a cardboard box. Get yourself together first. Because many of you are spiritually homeless. Many of you are spiritually starving.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 25. Yahoshua is the good shepherd and we are looking at what it is to shepherd the flock. To be dedicated to the flock. You put your life on the line for the flock. Yeah you have to receive the death threats. You have to receive the hatred. You have to receive the mockery. Because you are dedicated to the flock.

Sometimes when the spirit moves with me as I am doing these lessons like I was saying I see the ahk tip-toeing around. The spirit identifies. You don’t have to worry about it. If you aren’t doing those things that you are not supposed to do. If you are not out here causing strife. If you are not out here causing division. If you are not out here gossiping and back-biting then don’t even worry about it. It’s not about you. Many of you say ‘Obadiyah who are you talking about’? ‘Is it me’? Don’t worry about it. If you are not doing those things, it’s not you. But if you are let the spirit convict you to do better.

I don’t need to know what you are doing. I’m just saying what Yah is showing me what you are doing I don’t even need to know but Yah is showing me. When Yah tells me to speak on it, I speak on it. ‘Well who is the you’? YOU! I don’t have to call you by name. You know where that spirit is. If you are the one that has your household out of order don’t be trying to fix nobody else’s household. If you are the one who is not serving Yah and you know what Yah wants of you then don’t try to get nobody else to serve Him. You worry about you first. I don’t have to say no names. Spirits run thick. Spirits run deep. Spirits run many. Y’all know where that spirit is. I don’t need to say any names. What will that do?

Once the spirit…he’ll jump off that person and go to another person. We are calling out spirits here. Get yourself together Ysrayl. Time is running out man. We are still doing the same stuff over and over again. Many of you still have not changed your old ways. You still have those old attitudes. You still  have your nose turned up at people when you are supposed to be loving them. You are still petty. Still foolish. And all that is supposed to be gone. But it isn’t so you are wasting time. You don’t know how much time you have before Yah calls your breath back to Him. You need to be working on fixing those things!

Yahoshua has been given already. He’s here. He’s made the one time sacrifice and that’s it. So stop being foolish and stop playing. Stop being so worldly. Have y’all seen  those wolves in sheep clothing who try to come into the midst of the flock and pretend to be? Man, you ain’t dedicated to this. You are just playing around. Yah doesn’t like that. Yahoshua said I would rather you be hot or cold. I rather you be for the truth or against it then to try to be lukewarm somewhere in the middle. He said He will spew you out, vomit you out of His mouth because you are foul.

How will you understand and be led by the good shepherd when you are a bad shepherd? You can’t even hear His voice. He speaks to you all day and all night and you ignore Him. You would rather be doing something else. Right here and now you are waiting for this lesson to end so you can go out and do something else.

Yah sees that. He hears that. He knows that. He knows your heart. But guess what? He’s going to deal with you accordingly. You aren’t here to learn. Your just here to be here, to say you were here. You know you are supposed  to be doing better. You know what you are supposed to be doing. So this is somehow your vindication because you still have that Christianity mindset. You know, the I can go and sin Saturday night and go to church and Jesus forgives me on Sunday.

I remember a sister I was working with on a job when I was a butcher, she told me that exact thing. She told me, it’s Saturday night and she was going out to get all her sin in and then go to church on Sunday and be forgiven. That’s what you still think too, Israylite.

So you come to Shabbat Class and so that vindicates all the crimes you have done the other 6 days. All the anti-Yah behavior you exhibited that whole time but you come to Shabbat Class okay BAM, I’m cool now…I’m saved. I guarantee you as these words are speaking those demons are jumping on you right now. Oh they are so upset they want to scream. Because they have been called out. You better fight against that. You better serve Yah before He serves you. And the way He serves you, oh you don’t want that. He will serve you up on a hot platter and roast you in the lake of fire.

Mattithyah 25:32-46, v. 32-35 This is what the shepherd does. He separates the sheep from the goats. So when you are shepherding and you have your herd of sheep and then you have your heard of goats…goats you have to keep separate. But you have to watch over both flocks.

Yahoshua the Good Shepherd the Example to the Nations p. b

(Reads v. 5 again) You sit at a tale with your enemies and they just can’t wait for you to turn your back so they can stick that knife in it. But when you are one of Yah’s shepherds this is what comes to you. He says only goodness and kindness follow me all the days of my life. And when you are dealing with the Children of Ysrayl Oh man, you are going to feel pain! You are going to feel hurt. You are going to feel betrayal. There’s going to be back-biting and all that stuff. But when you look at and you look through all the fault, you see nothing but sunshine.

Wait a minute, since I have been shepherding Yah’s flock only goodness has come to me…and kindness. Even though the Children of Ysrayl are a MESS, so to speak. But at the same time, Yah wants you to give the flock water when they thirst. Yah wants you to give the flock food when they hunger. Yah wants you to help them to have strength so they can endure until the end.

Let’s go to the Book of John chapter 10. The Book of Yahcanan. Yahoshua is  the head shepherd and we are the little shepherds under Him. What’s wrong with being a shepherd? Right? ‘Oh y’all are shepherds, eww-yuck’. You see, the good shepherd…see this is where we will get the understanding of (why) Yahoshua is called the good shepherd because only Yah is good and so if only Yah is good as the Messiyah spoke out of His mouth and He only spoke the truth so as Yah is good and Yahoshua is the good shepherd, every shepherd that is under Yahoshua is of Yah.

Because the Christian pastor will call himself a shepherd but he is shepherding the people away from Yah. So he’s a shepherd of satan. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The thing is that if you are a Christian and you are listening to this…because I know some Christians are listening to this and are like ‘Obadiyah I listen to the lessons but why do you always have to talk about Jesus and Christianity’? Listen, because this man, this entity has a strangle-hold on your soul and if you do not escape his grip, you will for certain see the lake of fire. Not just see it but be in it. And as servants of Yah, as shepherds that Yah has placed on this earth for a reason and purpose, we are only trying to lead you away from danger and lead you down the path of salvation, truth, righteousness…that’s where you need to be.

So never mind what I’m saying throw all that out of your mind. Christianity is your enemy. Not us. Christianity is. So never look at the one who brings the truth to you as an enemy because if you look at the messenger of truth who is bringing truth to you…then you have made yourself not only an enemy of that message but an enemy of truth. So if you are an enemy of truth, you are an enemy of Yah. And that is something that you don’t want to be involved in…being an enemy of Yah.

John 10, Yahoshua is the good shepherd. Understand that.

John 10:1-16, v. 1-3 Look at this. Look at how profound this is. He said but he who enters in through the door is the shepherd of the sheep and the doorkeeper. We are going to see who the door is and who the doorkeeper is. It said the sheep hears His voice and He calls His own sheep by name. How powerful is that? Yah knows your name! You know wild-crazy Gentiles say ‘well God doesn’t have any interference in the affairs of men. He doesn’t care what we are doing here. He doesn’t care about us’. No, He doesn’t care about you because you are not one of His sheep, wild Gentile. But if you were one of His sheep, He knows you by name and you know His voice. How do we recognize the voice of Yah? Through Yah’s word.

So you see, you have all these people out here not understanding Yah’s word because they are not being shepherded by Yah, they are not being shepherded by the good shepherd and they are not being shepherded by one of Yah’s true shepherds. Do you see how that goes? That’s why they can’t understand that you can’t do a feast outside of Jerusalem. That’s why they can’t understand that His name is Yah. That’s why they can’t understand that 1234567 is the Shabbat Day. Because they are not hearing Yah’s voice. Because He’s calling out to them, they are the sheep but they are not hearing Him. Because they are not under the good shepherd and they are not under any other of Yah’s shepherds.

v. 4 Look at that. When the shepherd comes out and the sheep heard Him talking, they know His voice and they follow after Him. You go out into the field, hey sheep let’s go. Just like your dog knows your voice. And let me just say this family please, Yah makes this understanding so simple for us and I told you that we were a farming society, we are shepherds and all that. So He uses the language that we can understand. Stop repeating the satanic wild Gentile sayings that they are speaking against Yah whether they know it or not. Whether you know it or not but when you repeat after them, you are speaking against Yah.

It’s just like when you tell a little child that is 2 years old profanity and the child starts speaking profanity. It doesn’t know that it’s not supposed to speak those words. It doesn’t have a clue that those words are what we call bad words. They only know what you taught them. So they are only repeating what you said because you are the adult. So stop repeating what you said because you are the adult. So stop repeating this phrase called ‘sheep-eople’. Wild Gentiles constantly say this meaning half sheep and half people. Meaning that you will follow blindly after the shepherd. That’s coming up against the Word of Yah. I see y’all saying that. Stop saying it. Because we are sheep. We are Yah’s sheep. Yahoshua is called the lamb. He’s also called the lion. So if Yah is calling us sheep and we are people wouldn’t that make us ‘sheep-eople’ for Yah? ‘Oh the illuminati are trying to control you like sheep’. Absolutely they are because where do you think they got that from? They know that this is how Yah controls His people. He guides, leads and nourishes them like a shepherd nourishes his flock.

But the illuminati is not going to nourish you like Yah does. They are going to lead you to the slaughter. Whereas, Yah’s sheep are being led to the promised land. So come on family, one day I will do a word of the week talking about all this satanic stuff that we constantly repeat after wild Gentiles. Y’all have to stop listening to Alex Jones all the time. You just regurgitate everything he says. He’s against Yah. He has not come out and stood for Yah. So everything he says will be against Him.

(He said) he snuck into the Bohemian Grove and he is still alive selling $59.99 DVDs. He did not sneak in, he was let in because he’s a member. So many people are just too insane to see that. Had he really snuck in and really got some video, Alex would have been dead before he left that place. Alex Jones would be a folk tale by now. A ghost story. (Reporter voice) ‘Ah to this day people still here the voice of Alex Jones in the woods at Bohemian Grove’. ‘Nobody has seen him since he tried to sneak in’. The legend of Alex Jones that’s what he would be.

That goofy didn’t sneak in nowhere. Oh, I’m just going to go sneak in with my camera…right. He put a camera in a bag and had us believing that he snuck into Bohemian Grove. Come on man, that’s garbage. So what I’m saying family is that you have to watch what these people say and you must watch what you glean from them Yeah it’s okay to get some of that secular information. It’s okay to get some of that research information but watch what they say.

David Icke and all these cats. These cats are straight-up satanists! Yeah they know about the reptilians and all that stuff. Yeah we do too because the scriptures taught us. But just be careful when you go into their realm because they will have you saying there is no Yah. Like many of you repeat what Jordan Maxwell and them say and he has some crazy far-out theories on the Bible. Just be careful Ysrayl.

So we are talking about being sheep and shepherds. Leading the sheep and Yahoshua is the good shepherd. When the sheep hear the voice of the shepherd then the sheep follow after the shepherd because the shepherd is going to lead them to good things, to good pastures. Only goodness and kindness come to you, the sheep. The Word of Yah is delivered to you. So when you do see these things start to happen, you have understanding of them. When you see the Book of Revelation start to unfold, you have understanding of that. They don’t. And they won’t. I don’t care how much you try to pull them in and teach them, they won’t understand because they don’t have Yah’s Spirit upon them because they have chased away the Ruach.

Just like the Children of Ysrayl chased away the Ruach in the wilderness. Where Yah told Moses ‘I have to go’. ‘I can’t stay here with these people’. ‘I’ll kill them all if I stay here’. So Yah left. We chased away Yah’s Ruach. So that’s why we were out there building golden calves and all this stuff because we had no knowledge. The Ruach of Yah can only come in limited time…where He was going to be with us for the entire time that we walked through the wilderness. But He had to leave because we chased away the Ruach.

So these people are doing the same thing. They are chasing away Yah’s Ruach. They are chasing away His spirit. So they will not understand this truth. Yahoshua said that the world can not receive the truth. The world will not accept this. That’s why Yah said because they do not love the truth, that I shall give them over to a strong delusion that they should believe the lie. Because they don’t love the truth. So when we hear the good shepherd and the good shepherd is bringing us truth we are going to follow after that.

So many of you right now are so strong in your walk with Yah and Yahoshua. You can’t be deceived by Creflo Dollar. You can’t be deceived by TD Jakes. That’s a lost cause if they are trying to come and get you. But satan knows that. Satan knows he can’t get you with TD Jakes and Creflo Dollar but I can get them with ahk #1. I can get them with ahkotee #2. Ahk #1, ‘hey ahk let me talk to you man…ah what do you believe about the Messiyah’? ‘Oh man, Yahoshua is the Messiyah, He’s the truth, He’s the life, He’s the way, He’s the good shepherd’. ‘Well you know what ahk, let me take you to this scripture right here’. ‘Do you see what this scripture says’? ‘It says Yah is the Savior, man’. Now your mind is blown…’what’?! Now you come back to us ‘Obadiyah but you know Yah’s the Savior so whey do y’all believe in Yahoshua’? Man, get away from me! I’m not even entertaining that! So yeah, you are strong enough to withstand Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes but are you strong enough to withstand ahk #1 and ahkoteee #2?

v. 5 Look at that. We don’t know nothing about the voice of strangers. Who is a stranger? That’s Creflo Dollar. That’s TD Jakes. That’s ahk #1 and ahkotee #2. They try to take you away and get you to do things Yah said you are not to be doing. ‘Why y’all not keeping no feast days’? ‘Obadiyah is going to take your blessing away from you man because y’all ain’t keeping feast days’. That’s what ahki #1 says to you. That’s the voice of a stranger. ‘Man, y’all know that as soon as the moon sets man and then the Shabbat starts you know 15 days later man’. That’s the voice of strangers. You aren’t going to follow that.

v. 6 Look at that, they still don’t know. ‘What are you talking about man, this nigga is talking crazy talk man’. v. 7 Now He’s the door, He says here and we just read that in verse 2. v. 8 He is the door. So when we come through the door then we become shepherds too. He said others that come before Him are thieves and robbers. So you want to talk about the ’16 saviors…Zeitgeist’! They were all thieves and robbers! All of them! We aren’t listening to that Zeitgeist garbage! ‘Obadiyah I just saw this video called Zeitgeist…there ain’t no Messiyah now’. That’s you but you are not one of the sheep. We laughed at that movie. The wild Gentiles. I wish I had Moshe here right now to do the wild Gentile voice of Zeitgeist. So you see how funny it is.

v. 9 We have to come in through the door, the door is the Messiyah. He is the way to Yah. v. 10 The thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy. I know and I’m watching…I know many of you that are here right now are these thieves. You are only coming in to steal sheep. You are only coming in here to slaughter sheep and you are only coming in to destroy. But we have our eyes on you. Every move you make and every breath you take…we are watching you. I know. That destroying spirit. You always go out with your gossip, your slander and your back-biting. You try to separate friends. You try to separate families. You try to separate entire assemblies. We see you! You ain’t slick! Don’t you know that Yah gives His shepherds everything they need to combat the wolf. But at the same time, some of you all t hat are in here that are half-sheep and half-wolf, Yah is going to let that wolf in to devour you!

So here comes that sheep and you are looking like a sheep because you are half sheep and a wolf sees you. He sees you from the back but he doesn’t see you from the front. You have your wolf face out in the front but your back looks like a sheep. So that wolf sneaks in and eats you up. We say HalleluYah because we didn’t need you around anyway. Your attitude stinks! You don’t even know the truth. You aren’t here for the truth. You are only here to cause confusion. And you try to take those away, telling them not to listen to the truth. You try to put them in a category with you. And that’s sad.

But that’s what we are talking about here. The thief does not come except to steal, kill and destroy. Yahoshua has come so that they have life and have it abundantly. Remember we did in the first lesson, Yahoshua has conquered death. So through Him, we can all have right to the tree of life.

v. 11-12 Do you see that? A hireling isn’t putting in the 24/7 work that it takes to be a shepherd of Yah. The hireling is the temporary worker. He’s only there to get his paycheck. He’s not there like the permanent worker that will love the company and build the company and to make sure that the company prospers. No, the hireling is only there for a moment. ‘Where my check at?’ ‘I was here for 10 hours already’. Wild ‘brews. I use to work with wild ‘brews, the first day they went complaining to the boss ‘where is my check’? You have been here 3 1/2 hours and you are already asking for a check. These hirelings you see…that is what will be the difference between the shepherds and the hirelings because shepherds lay down their lives. This is their life!!

To shepherd the flock is the life of a shepherd of Yah. The hireling is only there part-time. The wolf comes and he scatters the sheep. How do you think so  many Israylites camps or congregations fall? Huh? Because the hireling leaves. The wolf comes and the hireling leaves. I have even seen some of the hirelings leave with the wolf. Then other wolves came into the midst of the assembly and tore it apart! And there’s not a remnant of it (the assembly) today! Do you understand that? Because they didn’t have the good shepherd there to watch over the flock.

v. 13 Look at that. That’s what I’m saying, I see the rising of these false messiahs and false teachers on the way! They don’t care about the sheep. They don’t care about feeding and watering the flock. They don’t care about that. The moment persecution comes, some of them flee. They are gone. And the sheep are just there. He doesn’t care about them. You see family, this is why for some of you all it’s very hard for you to get in contact with me and I kid you not it’s because my schedule is that busy! To shepherd Yah’s flock is a full-time job! And it’s going to come with so much trouble at times. So much pain at times.

People are going to make accusations against you. ‘Obadiyah this and that’. ‘Oh Moshe this, that’. Even the elders, imas, everybody that is here and as we serve Yah in this capacity. It’s like it’s not enough hours in the day. Time for me flies like that! I’m sitting here working on a project. I say okay I only have 2 hours to work on this project. When I look 4 hours have passed. Then my phone is ringing off the hook, I kid y’all not. I tell y’all this I’m glad they have made the new cell phones where you can put a song on there instead of the ring, ring, ring. I’m traumatized by that ringing of that phone. I kid y’all not. I do not like to hear a ringing of a phone. The regular ring…my phone rings all night! If I don’t turn it down, I will not sleep.

But that comes with the territory. That comes with being a servant of Yah. These are things we must do. Hirelings don’t care about this stuff. They aren’t going to sit up 2, 3, 4 in the morning putting lessons together. They are not going to shepherd the flock. They just want to be seen by men. It’s all a game to them. They don’t know how to fight the devil. They don’t know how to rebuke the devil. They just want to get in front of the face of the people and sound smart. See this is how you know about a shepherd and this is how you know about a hireling.

Let’s look at these internet hirelings. Who can vouch for them? Huh? Is there anybody who can say that in this man’s personal life, I have witnessed him being a shepherd of Yah? When the internet is closed and the doors of his house are locked, I have witnessed him being a shepherd of Yah. You see, these hirelings once the internet is closed, once pal-talk is closed, that hireling is gone. He is not thinking about the sheep. He is not trying to feed them. He is not trying to give them water. He is not trying to protect them. He’s gone. Do you understand that?

Yahoshua is always here. He has never left us. He’s always been here shepherding us and the good shepherding. v. 14 Ain’t that powerful? I know mine and mine know me. v. 15 Read. v. 16 This is talking about the Gentiles and the nations ‘other sheep’ will come into the fold. Look at that. One shepherd, one flock. What does that mean?

The Birth of the Messiyah vs. the Immaculate Conception

News and Commentary: So much is going on. ‘Brews are losing their minds over whether there is a Messiyah or not. They get possessed by this non-messianic spirit. You are blessed to be a believer! They go according to the Christian doctrine saying Yahoshua is god and that the Bible is written by a wild Greeks. They don’t look at the Scriptures and read them for themselves.

The verdict last week: ‘Brews ran into the center and locked the door last week! When the not guilty verdict came in my phone blew up! I was not shocked by the verdict. I was sad. I was sad for the mother, Trayvon and our people here in Babylon. Our condition is BAD, the curses are hurting us. If not for the protection of Yah, it could be us or our sons. I’m glad Obama said it could be him. He tried to explain it to the wild Gentiles. He put it in their face heavily.

It was a set-up for him to go free because there were 5 Gentile women on the jury. They viewed Trayvon like Zimmerman and feared him. They saw Trayvon as a thug, a young Hebrew male. They fear Hebrew males worse than monsters. I have never been to prison. I am 6’2 and 230 lbs. and I walk the streets and they lock their car doors. They grip their purses. They say I don’t have change get away from me but I was only going to ask for directions.

We fought with the United States in every war yet they mistreat us worse than animals. We know how to love they don’t. Animals have more rights in this land. If I kill a dog, I will go to jail instantly yet Zimmerman went to jail months later. If those 5 women would accuse Trayvon of raping them like Yoseph in Egypt, they would be believed. They felt that Zimmerman feared for his life. He did not fear…he carried a gun! George had that gun pointed on Trayvon! That was Trayvon we heard crying for help.

Why wasn’t Tameka and Shaqweta not on the jury? Their husbands, fathers, sons, cousins, brothers have been profiled. They would not have given over to a not guilty verdict. This is how they feel about you.

They are protesting today. What will come from it? NOTHING. We have been protesting for 50 years!!!! NOTHING! How many have come to Yah via protesting? But if some are out there handing our flyers about the truth…fine. Obama will most likely not press federal charges. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton saying there may be a boycott of products (like Florida orange juice and Georgia peaches etc.,  24 states with stand your ground laws). They want the boycott so these big companies will pay them money.

We are going to Florida on a major mission. I’m preparing a speech. The world’s eyes will be there. The final movement is taking place y’all. The movement back to Yah. TEXT: You hear that ‘brews are questioning ‘god’ because of the verdict.

The media was disappointed that there was no major riots. No ratings for them. They tried to incite it. Oscar Grant Story: he was shot in the back while handcuffed by a subway cop. The movie came out yesterday and that is no coincidence. These people have all the money in the world, they care not about your boycotts!! Our people’s hearts are hurting, confused, sick and tired, fed up! Five thousand years ago, Yah sent a servant to deliver us after the Israylites were crying to Him. Yah hears our cry family. He is sending servants to deliver us. Boycotts, marching is OVER!! Jackson, Farrakhan, Sharpton have failed the people! We are showing the people something different. Yeah the black panthers failed us too! Our young men are dying…it’s open season on our young men!!

The Children of Ysrayl are awakening even some Gentiles see and are joining in on our protests. Yah is opening their eyes too, family. The Children of Ysrayl are the leaders of this movement but the Gentiles can come along with us.

We built this country. We know how to heal. We know how to love. Exodus chapter 20 is our constitution. Yah said we will be above all people on the earth, not equals.

Gentiles wore nigger shirts in the midst of a protest…agents sent to incite a riot.

A change is coming sung by Sam Cooke. He was prophesying in that song! ‘I was born by a river in a tent and just like the tent I been running ever since’. We built this country yet we have no house. We have been running for our lives since we were born. The Redemption Song is also prophetic…’old pirates, yes, they rob I. Sold I to the merchant ships. Minutes after they took I to the bottomless pit. But my hand was made strong by the hand of the Most High’. He’s not talking about the hand of Jesus, Allah. He said the Most High’s hand.

Do y’all know the City of Sanford Florida denied Angela Davis and Farrakhan permits to come there and speak? Yet they are working with us to come there. We are supposed to be there. Yah’s hand (is working). We have a radio show playing in Sanford on a Christian station…Yah’s hand.

Dred Scott vs. Sanford

Yah is about to unleash them on you. They are walking down the street with nigger t-shirt on. Some Gentiles will be for us, some against us.

It’s okay be sad, hurt, angry these are the curses that motivate us to do right by Yah. Christian pastors had no answers for them just like when Emmitt Till died they had no answers. Why isn’t Jesus saving you from these wild animals? Why isn’t the court system finding them guilty? So you tell the people to wear hoodies to church…IT MEANS NOTHING! They still have no understanding on why it happened! Why do you have to protest for obvious things others have?

A great awakening is about to be had. The Willie Lynch curse is dead…1712-2012 (300 years he said it would work).

Reads about Dred Scott from a pamphlet. A man named Sanford of NY…can negroes be a citizen with rights? No it say. The constitution says we are not citizens.

Lesson: The birth of the Messiyah and the Immaculate conception are not the same. Immaculate conception is also called Mariology (Mary-ology). It’s the worship of Mary. There are 4 parts to this doctrine. Yeah the sacred dark feminine is apart of it too.

Isaiah, Let’s see what the scriptures say about Miriam. Is she the mother of god? Does she have perpetual virginity?

Yesiyah 7:14 Yah gave this sign, a virgin shall conceive. Not a young lady but a virgin. See nothing is impossible to Yah. He is the self-existing one, He exists on His own power. He could make Miriam conceive. Mankind is created in the image of perfection. If an angel impregnated Miriam then that would have been a demon born.

Mattithyah 1:23 This validates the other part of the book, Isaiah 7:14. This whole book is the truth!

Let’s break down the immaculate conception doctrine. This doctrine comes from the Council of Epheus in 431. (Remember Epheus you will see this again in the lesson). Mary was to be worshipped as the mother of god and mother of the church. She is the counterpart of the pope who is the vicar of Christ.

Define the term: Dogma. A dogma is something made up. The world believes in dogma and not in scripture.

Mary is above the saints of the Catholic Church. Mariology…the study of the blessed virgin Mary and her place in salvation. They say you must pray to her for salvation and not Yahoshua who is the door, the truth way and life.

Mary in the Catholic faith has a place in tradition and devotion. She is higher than their saints. All religions kiss the pope’s ring and follow their doctrine in some form or another. Catholic means universal thought.

The 4 dogmas or doctrines of Mariology: 1) perpetual virginity. They say she remained a virgin. 2) mother of god. Jesus is a conglomerate god. Jesus is god the father, god the son and god the holy ghost….this is not in the Bible. 3) immaculate conception. 4) assumption. Don’t fall for every wind of doctrine y’all. As a matter of fact let’s go read that.

Colossians 2:1-8, v. 2 So we see Yah is father and Messiyah is son. v. 4 Don’t be deceived. v. 8 Don’t be deceived by traditions or dogmas that are not according to Messiyah. Rebuke them!

Mary the perpetual virgin, they say her whole life she had no other children. Let’s see what the Bible says. These doctrines are anti-Messiyah.

Matthew 13:55-56 Yahoshua had brothers. So someone is lying. She had more children. Mary had Yahqob, Yahudah, Simeon, Yoseph and she had daughters too.

Mark 6:3 This repeats what Matthew 13:55-56 said that she had more children.

Immaculate conception. This is the birth of the sacred dark feminine doctrine. It says that sisters are queens to be worshipped as mother earth. We have Proverbs 31 women not mother goddesses. They worship the feminine. It is a dogma saying Mary was conceived without original sin. Saying she is like a god born with sanctifying grace. The sacred dark feminine tries to make itself like wisdom because wisdom the Bible says was feminine.

Manly P. Hall Book: The secret teachings of all ages. This doctrine goes back to Babylon…Nimrod. Page 105 This Egyptian deity, Isis is the virgin of the world or the Virgin Mary or the black Madonna. The mother goddess is an old concept just like satan promised Eve knowledge. He may have promised her (Eve) to be a mother goddess. They worship the womb and the phallus, the hexagon which contains masculine and feminine triangles to do witchcraft. TEXT: mother earth, mother Africa, mother nature, queen of heaven.

Jesus is the sun-god; Horus is the sun-god….others named as the sun god but I could not write fast enough here.

She (Mary) gave birth to the sun. She is mother of all the saints. She is queen of the dead. She is called mother of gods. Minerva is a medal of the U.S and Minerva is also another name for Semiramis the queen head. Many goddesses are  named here from page 105 but my pencil could not write fast enough. Her true name is Queen Isis.

Paganism=living in darkness. Church steeples, Washington Monument=phallus worship. Now we shine in truth light. We hear our Master.

1 John 1:8:10 The truth is not in them if you say you have not sinned. The original sin: Mary has never sinned they say. This is the immaculate conception lie.

Assumption. This is similar to apotheosis. Apotheosis is a Luciferian teaching saying it is their great hope. The Capitol building dome is where the apotheosis is. They try to become gods through apotheosis or assumption for Mary.

Yahoshua had to be a man. Yet everybody wants to be a god. They believe Mary’s body was taken to heaven after her death. David is not even in heaven!! Abraham is not even in heaven!! So who is this woman in heaven?!!!! She ascended before Jesus?! It’s foolishness!!!! Don’t be a prey to them with their Mariology, philosophy.

Theotokos or the  mother god: theotokos is the Greek title for Mary. She has over 1,000 attributes (or names?). In kundalini the 1,000 leaf lotus is Mary. Theotokos is used in eastern Catholic Churches. The god-bearer…the downward triangle of the challis cup of the Davinci code…Theotokos or god-bearer or cup-bearer or mother of god is worshipped in the form of a cup, fish or womb. These are all attributes of Jesus.

Talks about Zeitgiest movie…be careful.

Yeremiyah 44:25-28 The Israylites burned incense to the queen of heaven, poured out drink offering to her and baked cakes for her. Yah was NOT pleased by this. But Yah was pleased with Miriam though. TEXT: There is a group of people in Mali called Doggon ppl who practice this and claim they are from Egypt.

Acts 19:34-27 Diana (or Aremetis) is another name for Isis in the Manly P. Hall book. He made silver things of Diana. Satan and his servants have many names. Yah only has one name. Epheus…this is the eastern Europe place as we read before, the same area. TEXT: she’s big in Russia.

They know who they worship Diana, Aremetis, Mary are all the same. Messiyah is set-apart from this.

Who was Yahoshua? Was He half man, half angel? Was He god in the flesh? Was He godhead? Or was He a man? Yes He was a man which leads next week  into the pre-existence lesson.

Was Yahoshua god the father, god the son, and god the holy ghost? Yet the holy ghost supposedly got Mary pregnant so the son got the mother pregnant….do you see this WICKEDNESS!!!! 3x the wickedness!

Luke 3:22-28, v. 22 Unlike when the Children of Ysrayl baked cakes to the queen of heaven, Yah was mad but Yah is pleased here. v. 23 Thirty years old, Yahoshua. The Levites were 30 years old when they starting performing in the tents of meeting. I’ll have to check for that scripture. Yahoshua is being reckoned by Yah’s law. Yahoshua is the son of Yoseph not the son of an angel. v. 23-38 No angels mentioned. Yahoshua was a man.

Galatians 4:4 Yah sent Yahoshua His son born of a woman under Torah.

Romans 9:5 Messiyah came in the flesh as an Israylite man.

1 Timothy 3:16 Messiyah manifested in the flesh and is at the right hand of Yah now. He was seen by angels, preached to the Gentiles, believed on in the world and justified in the Spirit.

Incarnation saying god became flesh as the world says. The word of logos became flesh. Jesus has sex with her (Mary) because they are the same god, son, and holy ghost. Then he came through a woman. TEXT: sounds like Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz

That’s where the word mother f**ker comes from. Nimrod had sex with his mother.

Let’s see what happens when gods impregnate women .

Genesis 6:4 Nehilium here. Yahoshua was not born of the gods. Yahoshua was born of the law of Yah. These angels are disobedient. Some people say Gabriyah or Michayah impregnated Mary.

Enoch 15:8-12 Nephilium are called wicked spirits (demons). Yahoshua is not a demon…never. They stay on the earth these demons. This is why Jesus is still on the cross. According to law if an angel impregnated Mary this is what Yahoshua would be. Jesus is the demon impregnated by an angel. Jesus is a demi-god. Demons cause trouble on the earth. Yahoshua was the good shepherd. Demons don’t eat, drink, their only mission is to cause strife. Yahoshua ate bread with His brothers. Demons are a reprobate creation. Yahoshua came from Yah. HalleluYah.

Matttithyah 22:30 Angels don’t marry.

2 Kepha 2:4 Yah sent evil angels to prison for sinning with women. Our Messiyah was born according to the law not via an angel.

Luke 1:26-38, v. 26 Gabriyah sent by Yah. Gabriyah is one of the 7 angels that surround Yah’s throne. Enoch chapter 20 read. Verse 7 about Gabriyah.

A righteous angel did not impregnate Miriam. v. 27-30 Read. v. 31-33 No end to His reign. Yahoshua is in heaven now. Demons are bound to earth. v. 34 She said she is a virgin. v. 35 The qodesh spirit shall come to you the angel said. Yah sent the qodesh spirit. No angel did it. Yl Shaddei the Power Almighty, Eyah Asher Eyah, I will to be what I will to be. Nothing is impossible to Yah. He impregnated this maiden. He rose Messiyah after 3 days. He brought us out of Egypt. He needed no help in creation. He doesn’t need to physically come down to impregnate a woman. He uses words to create.

v. 35-36 Read. The virgin was a sign for you. This is written in the stars before the foundation of the world. v. 37 Nothing is impossible to Yah! v. 38 Gabriyah brought her that Good News. Yahoshua is a flesh and blood man at the right hand of Yah now. Now He is Yahoshua THE MESSIYAH.

This is why He  had to be born a man in this next scripture.

1 Corinthians 15:1-23, v. 2 You will be saved if you hold fast. endure. v. 3 This man had to die. Angels don’t die. v. 4-8 Read. Yahoshua was manifested to Shaul from heaven. v. 9-10 Shaul labored hard because he used to kill Hebrews so people thought he was a spy. v. 11 Read. v. 12 Jesus is a god so how can he die? If you believe Messiyah, you believe He is resurrected. v. 13-14 Read. v. 15-17 Immaculate conception people don’t believe. They believe in this god that is now a demon. v. 18-20 Read. v. 21 This is why a man had to do this! v. 22 Messiyah is the first fruit. He will judge all creation.

Life of Adam and Eve, Pseudepigrapha vol. 2 page 262, chapters 13-16 Read. This is why Yah had a man to do this. Yahoshua is not a pre-existing deity. SATAN WOULD NOT BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP THE IMAGE OF YAH…OR YAH’S CREATION, MAN (ADAM). *(Me, TEXT: All tongues shall confess and all knees shall bend to Yahoshua, a man to the esteem of Yah the Father). (See Philippians 2:10, Romans 14:10-11 and Isaiah 45:23 Yah and Yahoshua on one accord HalleluYah).

Luke 10:18-23 Flesh man, Yahoshua knew He had to endure. Death will return to Him; Vengeance belongs to Yah. Yahoshua overcame first. He overcame death. He is sitting on right of Yah. He said I saw satan fall because it was revealed to Him in a vision. Satan fell quickly He is saying. Death came through a man (Adam), life comes through a man (Yahoshua). v. 20 Your names are written in the heavens Remember satan wants to ascend above the stars and be like the Most High. v. 21 Yah’s word is revealed to babes, us. The meek shall inherit the earth. Yahoshua did the opposite of satan. Yahoshua is the high Messianic priest now. Yahoshua praised Yah. v. 22 All delivered to Yahoshua via Yah. Satan only has the great hope. We are blessed to see Yah that revealed Yahoshua to us! He was a flesh and blood man, through the womb of a woman. Luke 2:21 tells us He was circumcised on the 8th day.

Emmitt Till, Oscar Grant, Rosewood, Jena 6, Trayvon….Yah sees. He sees us.

Remember the Virgin Mary is not our sister Miriam.