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I saw this technology show today. Remember we were told that the micro-chip or the RFID chip (or whatever it’s called) is already in our phones? The people interviewed on this show said that smartphones will be used to make payments and to lock the phone (to stop theft) the smartphone will do iris scans. They said each person on earth has unique blood vessel patterns in the eyes like a fingerprint. So man will be using the phone as money (with the hand) and unlocking it with the eyes (forehead). Interesting. This could be it…

They said they are working on this technology. But I believe they already have it ready. I also read the article below.

*Revelation 13:16, a physical and spiritual mark.


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Israylite ‘Black’ History: Our Names Before Slavery



From page 1: Nyahmoley–Enyah–Inyah–Yaho-Ahkeyah–Hanyah–Beneyah–Honyah–Enyah–Tayaho–Cooyah–Hygayah–Bunyah–Kardayah–Yaryah–Barbanyah–Yahfee–Dahyah–Bandayah–Bayah–Byeyah–Dayeyah–Bayah–Jinyah (or pronounced Ginyah)–Ahkiddeyah–Fahkayyah–Iyahwoo–Bowyah–Ahkeyahkah–Sahyah–Bowyah–ahkeyahkah–Sahyah–Bowyah–Bayahsay–Yahkobah–Yahtai–Ewanyah–Embayyah–Ingyah



From page 2: Ahmanyah–Yahnoo–Yahko–Eyahye–Seeyah–Yaho–Yahw–Queyah–Sowayah–Yahwoah–Oluyah– Dayahvee–Dayah–Hendayah–Yahbah–Yahbah (child)–Koyah–Koyah (child 18 months)–Mallayah–Yahbarray–Yahwoh–Foddayah–Boyah–Eyahbah–Ogooreyah–Azoyah–Azoyah (child 3 months)–Yahmeahhah–Yahyah–Iyah–Inyahdubah–Oneyah–Mahtonyah–Onlahyah–Indepayah–Gunyah–Iyah–Akobahyah–Yahboo–Ahyahwo–Lahbayah–Ahbesoyah–Ahdayah–Ahwodulayah



From page 3: Ahyahhae–Yahcheworroh–Yahyah–Boyah–Ahdahyah–Tayyah–Eyahmay-Indayah–Okanyah-Manyah–Okabeyah–Okahsanyah–Manyah–Addeyahkah–Yahlah–Ayah–Koyahloo–Cheyahmah–Ahdayah–Mondeeyah–Yahboh–Modayah–Ayah–Eyahyee–Mosayahmay–Myah–Myah (repeated)–Sombyeyah–Dyeyah–Yahkoo–Dyeyah–Dyeyah (repeated)–Yahmahwho–Yahwow–Okahyah–Eyah–Adeyahkah–Yahboloo–Ayahgoboo–Kopahsiyah–Oyahcowaday–Oyahcowaday (child)–Solahyah–Olookyeyah–Moyah–Sowyah–Yanoyah–Yahjemmee (or Yahgemmee)–Yahdeepay–Yahmah–Yahmoh



from page 4: Yahkoo–Lahiayah–Amotayah–Ayahgalee–Mahfekoyah–Keyah–Keyah–Keyah (repeating)–Indeyah–Bahdayah–Ayah–Ahpallayah–Oyahlogoh–Bangyah–Yahkolobah–Oyaneyah–Kakaneyah–Oneyah–Totayah–Aforeyah–Aforeyah’s child–Melyah–Oyahkechay–Yahlay–Wahyahchay–Yahmah–Ayah–Oyahkah–Yahcomba–Yahmanjano (or Yahmangano)–Meyemeyah–Imbayah–Peyahkah–Byah–Yahmah–Mangayah–Keyah–Adayah



From page 5: Dayah–Seahboyah–Iyahway–Yahya–Yahmay–Yahobang–Acahboyah–Yahway–Ayahlay–Fanneyah–Eyahwoh–Yahminday–Adonyahgo–Yahlah–Yahfolay–Semyahmah–Alwoyah–Oyahday–Taddayah–Iyah–Mahseyah–Yahnoday–Oyahbay–Fahtayah–Yahfronah–Yahvee–Okoyahday


A photo above, of the website where the slaves names was copied. I tried to take as clear as an image as I could of all five pages of names. My camera is cheap y’all. Click on the images to see the names enlarged. The hard copies of the five pages of names were collected on 07-24-2012. I am not sure if the names are still on the African Names Database.

Anyway, This group Israylite slaves (from all 5 pages) were taken from Freetown, Sierra Leone but they were on different ships (the ships left from Freetown but the Israylites were taken from different areas, not one village). When reading the names, you will notice that some of the names repeat, some have the letter “j” in the names which is more than likely because of the English scribe who recorded the names. The letter “g” can sound like the letter “j”.  I noticed on page four, that Aforeyah’s child had no name. This baby was probably under eight days old and we know Israylite boys (or children?) had no names until the eighth day. There were several very young children on the list.


I read that there were several slave ports in Sierra Leone but Bunce Island was the principle port. Bunce Island was a British slave trading post off Freetown Harbor. Most of the Israylite slaves taken from Bunce Island where taken to the British Colonies of South Carolina and Georgia (the Sea Islands) where they developed extensive rice plantations. Sierra Leone is part of what is called ‘the rice coast’ of Africa which includes Senegal and Gambiyah.

Bunce Island was the largest British slave castle on the Rice Coast. Several thousand Israylites were taken to Charleston South Carolina and Savannah Georgia because of their rice cultivating skills. Bunce Island is linked to the Gullah people of South Carolina and Georgia.

In 2013, historians reported learning that two United States presidents, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush are descended directly from a slave ship captain who operated out of Bunce Island and other slave trade bases in Sierra Leone region in the late 1700s. Their ancestor, Thomas “Beau” Walker came from Bristol (SW England), one of Britian’s principle slaving ports. He was found to have been involved in eleven expeditions in the slave trade. He immigrated with his fortune to the United States where he became naturalized in 1792. Walker settled for a time in New Jersey. One of his descendants, Dorothy (Walker) Bush, was the mother of George H. W. Bush.

In 2010, the Bunce Island Coalition (US) and its partner organization, the Bunce Island Coalition (SL) announced the start of the Bunce Island Preservation Project, a five-year, five million dollar effort. Its goals are to preserve the ruins of the castle as a historic landmark and to build a museum in Freetown, the capital city, devoted to the history of Bunce Island and the influence of the Atlantic slave trade in Sierra Leone.

*Our names (tend to) have the Most High Yah’s name included in them. We are married to Yah.




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This is a medium sized pizza I made a few moments ago. I cooked it in a cast iron pan.


I made the pizza dough from scratch and let it sit to rise, last night until this afternoon.


The only mistake I made was that I forgot to spray the top with olive oil, like Pizza Hut does. I made this cheese pizza for my niece and nephew.

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Israylite ‘Black’ History: Patricia Bath


Among many firsts, Patricia Bath is the first African American to complete a residency in ophthalmology and the first African-American female doctor to receive a medical patent. She invented the Laserphaco Probe for cataract treatment in 1986.

Born in Harlem, New York, on November 4, 1942, Patricia Bath became the first African American to complete a residency in ophthalmology in 1973. Two years later, she became the first female faculty member in the Department of Ophthalmology at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute. In 1976, Bath co-founded the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness, which established that “eyesight is a basic human right.” In 1986, Bath invented the Laserphaco Probe, improving treatment for cataract patients. She patented the device in 1988, becoming the first African-American female doctor to receive a medical patent.

…Through her studies there, she discovered that African Americans were twice as likely to suffer from blindness than other patients to which she attended, and eight times more likely to develop glaucoma. Her research led to her development of a community ophthalmology system, which increased the amount of eye care given to those who were unable to afford treatment.

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The Foot and Hand Symbolism of the Breech Birth of Esau and Jacob

26 Afterward, his brother came out and his hand took of Esau’s heel, so his name was called Yahcob. Yitzshaq was sixty years old when she bore them. Genesis chapter 25.

Yah explained to Ezra in 2 Esdras 6:8-9 why  Esau and Yahqob were born breech. Yah said Esau represents the end (foot) of one world and Yahqob represents the beginning (hand) of the next (world).