The News You Can Use: Did y’all hear about the object on the bottom of the sea? It was reported by the associated press-CNN. The object was found on the Baltic Sea floor. They thought it is an U.F.O.

The movie ‘Tuskegee Airmen’ is awesome by George Lucas. We have a unique history with our enemy. Black men begged to fight in their wars. The Tuskegee airmen’s mission was to escort the bomber pilots. The Gentiles were losing so many. O’Hare (the same O’Hare named for Chicago’s airport) shot down many Germans. The Red Barron was the best German bomber. The Tuskegee airmen never lost a bomber. They guarded the bombers well. Back then they could not just shoot a missile from a long distance like they do now. The Tuskegee airmen were brave Hebrews…mighty men of Yah. George Lucas spent 100 million dollars out of his own pocket to make this movie. Hollywood would not fund it because it has an all black cast. Someone texted in the room that George Lucas has a new Hebrew girlfriend too. He took a lot of mouth for few blacks being in the Star Wars movies. He has been trying to make this movie since 1988. People are tired of the white hero only…you have to mix it up. Where are the ancient Hebrew movies? Not ‘Roots’…lol. Alexander fought with Ethiopians. Why don’t they show this? Hollywood is white supremacy. Will George Lucas become a black sheep in Hollywood? George Lucas stated ‘these were brave men, why can’t we show their history too?’

Mel Gibson…Jews wrote him a letter and told him that he is anti-semitic…so pay our mortgage to prove us wrong. Mel Gibson said Jews own Hollywood when everyone else was afraid to say it.

Look at the Tuskegee experiments too.

Battleship—>U.F.O came out of the water. ‘Battleship’ with Rihanna. It is freightening…all the things they do.

The dollar is almost over with. This May, they are going to kick something off in Chicago. Chicago is a hot spot…Obama, Farrakhan, Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Ben Anmi (sp?), the Israelite movement…there is something special about Chicago. Did y’all know Chicago was settled by free blacks?

Some countries have pulled their money out of the U.S. dollar.

The lesson: Blessings. The original lesson was going to be ‘blasphemy of Yah’s Spirit’ but there was technical difficulty. The teacher gave a preview of this lesson called ‘Blessings’.

Genesis 49:25-26 We are blessed to know Yahoshua’s name. We are blessed to know we are the people of the book. We know Yah’s name. Can satan bless you? he only leads you to deception. his blessings are temporary. The chip=the lake of fire. We call on Yah for help. satan hides. Joseph was enslaved and spent 12 years in prison. Joseph was blessed! He was a dream interpreter which gave him favor with pharaoh.

Deuteronomy 28:1-14 The blessings: Obey the commandments to get the blessings. To not know Yah is a curse. The only way satan can get to Yah is to go after the Israelites. he knows we are the apple of Yah’s eye. satan loves to get us to sin. Material things are temporary…these are blessings from satan. Only Yah gives eternal blessings.

Joshua 8:34 Moses read the blessings and curses. Yah will bless or curse depending on if you obey or disobey. The Israelites will not be stopped…the truth will not be stopped. This is the last movement y’all. There was the freedom from slavery, black panthers, civil rights but this is the last movement…the Messianic movement.

Proverbs 10:6 The brothers in NY are always in violence. Did y’all know ISUPK and GMS fight each other now? This is why Yah doesn’t tell us our tribes yet…gangbangers…throwing up hand signs and colors…foolishness. Gangs have a masonic influence now. They started as protecting the neighborhoods. The boy and girl scouts are masonic organizations for children. We know the truth…we are blessed.

Proverbs 28:20 Faithful=blessings. Going after riches=punishment.

Revelation 2:9 Yahoshua said He knows we are poor yet we are rich. Our blessings are coming! Money doesn’t make you a better person.

(talks about something else) someone texts: Russia said if the U.S.A touches Iran…it is on!

Malachi 2:2 Y’all bless each other. satan doesn’t bless. If you don’t esteem Yah’s name your blessings will be cursed.

Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be Yah  and Father of our Messiah, Yahoshua who has blessed us with every Spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Messiah. See, we have Spiritual blessings…we have Yah.

(starts talking about something else) Johnny Depp is a big witch, warlock. Talks about actors love to play the devil…it is an honor for them.  The guy who played Harry potter is an alcoholic now…demons are plaguing him.

The room closes out by everyone saying Yah bless and blessing each other. Praise Yah.


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