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The Persistent Woman: How to Pray to Yah (Continued)

Years ago, after I found out the true names, Yah and Yahoshua Ben Yah, one of the first lessons that I was all over (so to speak) was how to pray to Yah. I learned to pray the model (or Master’s) prayer in Mattithyah chapter 6, several times a day. I was taught about facing the east, toward Yahrushalom because Solomon made that intercession for us with the prayer of dedication (or redemption) in 1 Kings 8, when we pray. I learned to raise my palms to the heaven or lay prostate on my knees and palms on the ground with no shoes. I even learned that it is very necessary to fast and pray (especially here in Mystery Babylon) often.

Do you remember the “Is Anything Impossible for Yah”post?¬† Yahoshua said believe when you petition Yah and you will receive. He also said ask in My name and I will do it for you. (Read Mattithyah 21:22 and Yahcanon (John) 14:14.

Another thing that Yahoshua asked us to do when we pray is to pray…and not give up! (Luke 18:1). This woman went to this unjust judge and wore him down until he avenged her. Yahoshua said in verse 7, that Yah would avenge His elect that cry out to Him day and night. Since I have been reading the Psalms, I have noticed a pattern. David, Asaph and them would be crying to Yah, Psalm after Psalm…y’all, some days I would open my bible and ‘be like’ I know there is going to be more crying but then all of sudden…there would be an answer from Yah. All of a sudden in the middle of the Psalm I would see that it is Yah answering David or Aspah! They prayed and cried to Yah and He answered (their prayers). This is what Yahoshua is saying, keep praying about this situation until Yah answers you. The woman is called persistent. Persistent is a synonym of determined, single-minded, tireless, patient, untiring, constant, unceasing…never-ending. Constantly praying for something is an act of faith because you believe (hope) Yah is going to fulfill His part. A person that gives up (praying), has given up faith. When Yahoshua returns will He find any faith on earth?

I might be back to this post to make a correction(s) however, this is what I have been thinking about lately because of my dad.

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How to Worship the True Messiyah

Christians worship their messiah with a Christmas tree and dinner. Messianic Hebrew Israylites remember Yahoshua with bread and cup, anytime…HalleluYAH.

*Yes, that also, they took a gift to Yah three times a year in Yahrushalom, Deuteronomy 16:16 likewise they gave Yahoshua  gifts, Mattithyah 2:2,11. Keep the commandments, this is how to worship.

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Healing Mud


A photo of a parrot called Macaw eating clay.

The other day, I was thinking about Yahoshua healing a blind man. Yahoshua reached down grabbed some dirt, mixed some of His spit and made clay/mud. He then took the clay and rubbed it on the blind man’s eyes (or eye lids). The man was healed (after he rinsed in the pool). Then last night, I mixed some of my Bentonite clay (also called Aztec healing clay) to make a face mask. Yahoshua healing the blind man with clay came back to my remembrance as the mask did its thing on my face. I’ve been using Bentonite clay for a few years now and this is my second jar. There are a few different types of healing clay around the world but I think Bentonite is the most commonly used (or most popular right now). Wild Parrots called Macaws also eat clay from riverbeds of Peru, Mexico (South America and Caribbean in general). It’s thought that the clay draws out toxins from their bodies (because they eat toxic leaves). They eat clay every morning before they eat their regular meal. The reason I bought the clay a few years ago is because it said that it draws out impurities from the face. I also read that Yahoshua healed another blind man by spitting in his eyes then laying hands on him. He must have rubbed the spit in his eyes? This time He did not use clay. The other blind man must have needed a double dose of healing, spit and clay. #Yahoshuaourphysician #spit #rebukingdemons #mud #cleansing

Well, those are the scriptures that I was thinking about this week, John 9:6 and Mark 8:23.

*How Yahoshua rebuked the demon(s) of blindness: We also understand or it is inferred that He made the demon(s) leave.

*The animals have been knowing about mud for a long time. Yah gives mud to the animals for a purpose but modern or western man usually thinks of mud as bad, dirty. Animals that wallow in the mud include: elephants, elephant seals, rhinos, hippos, warthogs, bison and deer. Bison and deer surprised me being on this list. Some of the functions of mud for animals include: thermo-regulation, sunscreen, removal of ectoparasites, relieves moulting, relief from biting insects, skin maintenance (prevents dehydration), camouflage. There could be more animals that use mud and there could be more functions, I just used a few examples off-hand. You can also go research about Himba women of Namibiyah and the use of red clay all over their bodies.