Speaking in Tongues

Today’s lesson is entitled speaking in tongues. We are going to give information on this very important topic. I know many of you have come from the Christian understanding of speaking in tongues, in fact, if I’m not mistaken the Christians say that if you don’t speak in tongues or something to that effect that you will not get into heaven. Well, you can speak in all the tongues you want…heaven will not open up to you. Because heaven is not for man. But the kingdom of Yah is (for man). And the kingdom is coming to earth. So they say something to the effect that you have to be…when you are filled with the Spirit…one of the signs of being filled with the Spirit is speaking in tongues. What they do and what they say is that they speak unknown babel, unknown gibber-gabber, which is very very dangerous y’all. Now, sometimes you can say some things and have no idea of what you are saying but the spirit world can here you. You may be speaking a language to them. Yah understands everything that proceeds from your mouth because Yah reads the heart. So when you put vain bibble-babel out there…it is being caught. Some of them are calling on demons and they have no understanding. In fact…they are calling demons into their midst. That’s why when you see these people speaking in tongues, they start getting what they call the holy ghost. Which is another entity, another spirit, that’s not Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh, the Set Apart Spirit. The Christian holy ghost is a totally different entity.

So when we look at speaking in tongues, we just have to understand from the Scriptural perspective what it means versus what the world says that it means. Yah tells us speaking in tongues means one thing and he gives us a comprehension of it and then the world tells us something else. Speaking in tongues my brothers and sisters is a gift. Now what we will look at in this lesson is that…we will see why you never heard of speaking in tongues in the old testament times. There was a reason and purpose. There is a reason and purpose of why we have this Spiritual gift of speaking in tongues. There’s a reason of why that is and it came 2,000 years ago. And you will see the beautiful reason why Yah has put this in the midst of us…to speak in tongues…some of us. Not all of us will speak in tongues. I know many of you know that Christians have, like speaking in tongues schools. They say they can teach you to speak in tongues. They think speaking in tongues can happen when they feel like saying it. Then they go through all this gibber-gabber. So we will look at Scriptures to see the whole understanding of this…speaking in tongues.

So first I want to explain to you just what tongues is and we will see that when we hear about someone speaking in tongues in Scripture, we are talking about speaking in languages y’all. The tongue represents language. It represents speech. So when we talk about speaking in tongues, we are talking about speaking in a language. We are talking about speaking in a speech. That’s all it is.

First, I want to show you a Scripture that I know some Christians use to try to show the comprehension of them…what they call speaking in tongues. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 14. I’m a little choked up with the praise we did a few minutes ago. Yisrayl let’s not forget that Yah has blessed us with the knowledge, understanding but never let us get to far from praising. One of His greatest servants David, danced for Yah. He danced out of his clothes. David wrote the Psalms and look how those Psalms praised the Father. So that’s how we will start this room every week…praising Yah. We will praise His name before the lesson.

1 Corinthians 14:1-2 Before we start, we have to lay the Scriptural foundation and understanding that tongues means languages. Tongues is speech. So we will go into a few Scripts and we will see that tongues is synonymous with languages. Tongues is synonymous with speech. So if a man is speaking in a tongue…he is actually speaking in another language. Let’s go to Joshua chapter 10. Let’s go to Yahoshua chapter 10.

Joshua 10:21 So it says no one moved his tongue…it means no one spoke. No one gave speech against the sons of Yisrayl. Now speech brothers and sisters or language is just human thought verbalized. That’s all it is. Before man speaks it is first a thought. And then that thought is materialized through his language. So when a man speaks it means the tongue. You need your tongue, lips to talk. So whenever you see in Scripture…when it speaks about lips or tongue…we are talking about speech and language. This is why they call it ‘speaking’ in tongues or it is ‘speaking’ a language, that’s the proper term for it.

2 Samuel 23:2 So if you have a word on your tongue that means that when your tongue moves that you will verbalize what that word is. Now before you get a word on the tongue…once again it is in the mind and the process is in the mind. And then it is verbalized on the tongue so you are speaking a speech. When you are speaking a speech you are speaking a language. That’s the only way we communicate with one another if we are speaking a language. They even have what they call sign language for those who are deaf. They don’t hear physical speech but there is a language that they understand when they move their hands. Yet, it is still a language. It is still a tongue. So that’s what speech, language is…verbalised human thought. Yah’s word is on my tongue. So when you are speaking tongues and you have Yah’s word on your tongue, what will you speak? You are going to speak the word of Yah. But you will speak it in another language.

This lesson will not be long because I only have one sheet of notes here.

Isaiah 66:18 Yah says He is gathering all nations in all tongues (languages). So all tongues here stands for languages. Because remember Yah divided man according to His language when He separated man on the earth. Man was gathered into nations based on language.

See, the word ‘tongue’ is synonymous with language and speech because speech is language. So we are trying to lay this foundation that when we talk about speaking in tongues we are talking about speaking a language, a speech.

Psalm 35:28 ‘My tongue’, my speech, my language shall speak of your righteousness. Now, when we comprehend the reason that Yah uses speaking in tongues, it’s going to kill that misunderstanding that is promoted among the children of Yisrayl that you have to know Hebrew in order to understand the word of Yah. That’s not so. Not at all.

So those were a few Scriptures that show tongue is synonymous with speech. Speech is language. It’s the same thing. So when we look at the term speaking in tongues, this is where the Christians get lost. Because as I just said a moment ago, speaking in tongues means speaking in languages…speech. What is the purpose of speaking in these languages? Why is it a spiritual gift? Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 12. Because this is a gift given to us by Yah. And not all will receive the gift of speaking in tongues. Not everyone will receive it because not all need it. But Yah will bestow this on those who He deems worthy and deems His righteous servants so they can deliver a righteous word to His sheep.

You will see what Shaul talks about as clear as day when he’s explaining just what this is. But it is the corrupt mindset of the Christian and of those who can’t comprehend Yah’s word because their minds are too defiled. They can’t see what Yah speaks here when Shaul explains to us what this actually means.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 v. 7 He’s not talking about profiting like Creflo and Jakes. But profiting in saving souls. To bring souls in Yah’s kingdom that’s profiting. v. 8-9 Now what Spirit is he talking about? He’s talking about Yah’s Spirit…the Ruach ha Qodesh not the holy ghost but the Set Apart Spirit, the highest Spirit, that’s Yah’s Spirit. So he said hey, words of wisdom through the Spirit is given. So the same Spirit…Yah will give one brother wisdom, one brother knowledge, another brother belief, another brother healing. When I say brother, I mean sisters too…all of mankind. v. 10-11 So speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift delivered to us by Yah. So Yah says He gives one an operation of power, another prophesy and to another discerning of Spirits. So we don’t all have the gift of how to discern Spirits. That’s why when Yah includes us into His assembly, we may have one brother or sister that’s good at discerning spirits. And then if we have an unclean spirit in our midst then that brother or sister can see it when the others can’t. And the others can discern that spirit, ‘hey that’s unclean, it should not be here’.  It says ‘another kinds of tongues’ or another kinds of languages. And to ‘another interpretation of tongues’…interpretation of languages. You see so this is what the gifts are that are given. Because when you have a speaker of tongues and if that person is giving vain babble…if it’s not profiting the assembly then what us is it for that person speaking tongues? What use is it?

If is was to get up here and speak Hebrew to you all and I’m not sure anyone in this room is fluent in Hebrew, what would it profit? The lesson would be dynamic but if I’m speaking to you in an unknown language that is unfamiliar to you, how does that profit you? So when someone is gibba-gibba-gabba-gabbing…what is that? Who are you talking to? What is your purpose in speaking in that language? They don’t understand that you have to be filled with Yah’s Ruach in order to receive these gifts. Because what did the brother say? He said all these are given by the same Spirit. v. 11 read again. So let me just put this out here too, never get jealous of the righteous works of your brothers and sisters. If you have a brother that’s doing a magnificent job…never get jealous of that. Hold your brother up and say halleluYah. Because Yah is working with him and Yah is giving him that gift as He intends to. And you just do as Yah has you to do. Because your works is just as important because we are one body with many members. We all have different jobs or duties. We all have the same goal but to accomplish that goal, we have different duties within the body of Maschiach. (talks to someone) that’s right get in where you fit in! Yah called you to do one thing, He may have called you to do another thing…just whatever it is you are called to do. Yah called some of the prophets to run around naked and stuff. They didn’t question it. To lay on your side for this many years, they did not question it, they just did it. It was beyond their comprehension but they knew it was Yah giving it to them so they knew it was righteous. So, if we have a brother that’s speaking in tongues, we have another brother over here healing the sick, let’s say halleluYah. Those brothers should not be competing. You know saying ‘I’m the chief tongue-speaker’. ‘I’m the super-chief healer’. That’s the spirit of the scribes and pharisees. That lines up with them. Let’s continue.

1 Corinthians 12:28-30 v. 28 So speaking in tongues is last on this list but Christians have put it first. They say ‘if you are not filled with the Spirit, if you’re not speaking in tongues’…but Yah put that last on the list. And Shaul is going to break it down…it’s not even that important because it’s used for a certain situation. And it’s used to edify the body. v. 29 We don’t all have to have the same job. We don’t all have to do the same thing. See we have to break down that Christian wall (mindset) because they say everyone has to speak in tongues and they also have tongue schools. I mentioned that but many of you were probably part of that tongue school where they teach you to speak in tongues at their school…craziness. v. 30 No, there will be some that speak in tongues and some that interpret. I want you to under-stand speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift. It’s real. So let us not get to caught up with everything the Christians do…we just step on it…remember the Christian has taken from the book. They have stolen and corrupted what is in the book already. Just because they have messed it up that doesn’t mean that it is…you know…a whole false doctrine because The Book does talk about speaking in tongues as we have just read. So that is a Spiritual gift. And it will be bestowed upon many of you as Yah sees fit to do so. If He finds you worthy to receive that gift. Just like healing will be bestowed upon some of you if Yah finds you fit to receive that gift.

Now, let’s look at the whole thing of speaking in tongues. Let’s go to Acts chapter 1. Let’s look at the event of speaking in tongues. This will not be a long lesson. It doesn’t take a long lesson to explain something as simple as this. I could have just said tongue means language…lesson over…good-bye. But we will break it down so we can ge the proper understanding.

Acts 1:1-4  So Yahoshua told them not to leave Yahrusalem. This is after He had ascended into heaven. He said wait a minute, I’m going to give you something, I’m going to send something back. I’m going to give you the Ruach, the Spirit of Truth, It’s going to come upon you. So stay here. It’s funny last year when I was in New York myself and ahki (brother) Michayah, we were up in Harlem. And there was this Christian up there. And he was trying to debate with us saying that what we are about to read in Acts chapter 2…that on the day of Pentecost when all the apostles and everybody had come together that they were not there to keep the feast of Pentecost but they were there tarrying for the Holy Spirit because they knew that the Holy Spirit right here…because Yahoshua told them not to leave Yahrusalem, so they were tarrying for the Spirit…NONSENSE. Those brothers did not know what was about to come upon them! They knew what the promise was…the comforter would come down, The Ruach would come down but they did not know when. Yah chooses the perfect moment and we will see what the perfect moment is…when Yah choose to bestow this great beautiful gift. And in this chapter…we are about to go to Acts chapter 2…we will see why Yah has given the gifts of speaking in tongues to His people in this day and in this time…in this generation. Remember, we are in the same generation that was 2,000 years ago because 1,000 years of our time is one day to Yah. Yahoshua was executed 2 days ago in the eyesight of Yah. So those people who lived 2 days ago still are in the same generation as us…The Messianic generation. The generation that has seen the Messiah come. The generation that has grabbed hold of the shed blood of the Messiah and the generation that is awaiting the return of the Messiah. We are the same generation. So, we will see why Yah choose this generation to bring His Ruach down to cast us, to call us to speak into tongues. Because you did not hear Moses do it. You did not hear Noah do it. You did not hear Enoch do it. Kind David did not do it. But why now? Because there’s a reason. You are going to see the beautiful love of the Father when you understand why He has us speaking in tongues to this day.

Let’s go to Acts 2 y’all. Let’s see this event of them speaking in tongues…of that Ruach coming down upon them. This will give us understanding on everything else we read from here on out.

Acts 2:1-5 v. 1 The festival of weeks (Pentecost) is one of the festivals given to us in Deuteronomy 16:16 where Yah says 3 times a year you have to come to Jerusalem. This is one of those feasts. Pentecost means 50 in Greek. Because we had to count 50 days from us waving the sheaths. This is the first clue right here…they were on one accord, one mind, in one place. That’s what we are trying to build here…one mind and one place. v. 2 They say the heaven here. It’s not plural. They did not say the heavens. The heaven is where  Yah’s throne is. You know how on a windy day, especially us in Chicago, the windy city, you know on those windy days when that wind just hits you. Sometimes you can be in the house and it sounds like a freight train rolling over your roof. That wind blows so hard. So a mighty wind came in. Wind is breath and breath in Hebrew is Ruach. So a mighty Ruach…Ruach is Spirit. That’s what the wind was. A mighty Spirit. And it filled the house where they were sitting. v. 3-5 Whew! A lot was said here y’all. ‘There appeared to them divided tongues’…divided languages ‘as a fire’ and settled on each one of them. Yah’s word is fire brothers and sisters. And you know when we see a brother or sister moving in that Spirit we say that they are spittin’ that fire!!! You know because that’s what Yah’s word is…it will burn your soul! And so these divided tongues…let’s see what the divided tongues are. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 11. Keep your finger on Acts 2. We’re coming back to Acts 2 but let’s look at what this divided tongue is. Then we will really start to comprehend what speaking in Tongues is and why it’s needed in our day.

Genesis 11:1 Now the whole earth had one language and one speech. So the earth had one tongue, one lip…right. That’s when the world was young. We all spoke the same language. Many believe that this was Hebrew. More than likely it was. Let’s go down to verses 7 and 8.

Genesis 11:7-8 Yah brought these divided tongues because we will see that when we pick up in verse 6 in Acts chapter 2…these brothers came from every nation under heaven. So Yah had to confuse the languages of mankind because we all spoke the same language at one point in our history. But they wanted to build a device to go up into heaven and make war against Yah. Yah had to stop them and He stopped them by confusing the languages. Meaning He gave us divided languages. He gave us divided tongues. Spanish is different from English. English is different from Russian. Russian is different from Zulu and so forth. So when these tongues appeared to them as divided tongues as a fire in different languages, in different tongues. Because we had Hebrew men that needed to hear the word of Yah but they were from every nation under heaven. Meaning, they were speaking all these Gentile languages. Because Hebrew was our language but they were speaking all of the Gentile languages. Why? Because they had been scattered to the four corners of the world. This is why Yah has us speaking in tongues today because Yisrayl speaks every language under the planet. So therefore when His servants come, Yah will bestow His Spirit upon them so they can speak His word to His people who are lost. His people need to hear about Yahoshua the Maschiach. There was no need for Moses to speak in tongues. Moses spoke Hebrew and the audience that he spoke to, spoke Hebrew. When the prophets came, they came to the Israelites and the Israelites were right there before their face. But now we have Israelites all over the world speaking every language under heaven. So Yah is sending His divided tongue to fire among His prophets, among His servants, among His teachers to deliver this word to His people. This is why we have speaking in tongues today. Let’s continue. Let’s go back to Acts chapter 2.

Acts 2:6-11 v. 6 This sound=the wind=that Ruach. Because that’s what it was. That’s what came down on these brothers…Yah’s Rucach, Yah’s Spirit…The Spirit led them. And it told us that the Set Apart Spirit began to speak with other tongues, other languages as the Spirit gave them to speak. So when these brothers were speaking they were prophesying. They probably didn’t understand what they were speaking. See, if any of you all have been in that moment…being in the Spirit where Yah’s leading you…Yah is just opening up your mouth and words are just coming out. Sometimes when I give these lessons, sometimes when I give these words of the week and I go back and I listen to them…I’m like whoa…I don’t remember saying that or thinking wow that was an excellent point there. When you are in that moment Yah takes over. And sometimes you talk so fast, you know you have to calm yourself down and you get all excited and breathing heavy because Yah’s Spirit is just rolling with you. I know some of you have been there.

Back to verse 6. See all those Hebrews that had come from every nation on earth, speaking all of the languages of the Gentiles but they heard these Hebrew men that spoke Hebrew…speaking in their own language. v. 7-11 So they were speaking in the language of the Egyptians, the Elamites, the Arabs, the Libyans, these brothers were Hebrews who never spoke these languages before. That’s why these brothers are amazed. But look at what they are doing. Their not just speaking a language…their speaking the words of Yah. They are amazed they are teaching these brothers in the languages that they are familiar with. Now this is a form of speaking in tongues. But another form of speaking in tongues is Yah’s Ruach had come down upon us and we understand His word in the language which we have been accustomed to speak from our birth. How many of y’all came into Yah’s truth, by someone coming to speak to you in Hebrew? How many of y’all came to this truth if your native language is English and someone came speaking Spanish to you? We are English speakers and that’s how we came into the word…through the language in which we were born. And that’s what these brothers are saying here.

So Yah’s Ruach came down upon the apostles and they began to speak and teach Yah’s word in different languages…languages that they were not accustomed to speaking. But Yah’s Ruach led and guided them. Do you know why you need Yah’s Ruach to speak in tongues? Because Yah created all languages. As Scripture already told us, ‘as the Spirit gave them to speak’ so you know it was Yah’s Ruach guiding them to speak, utter one word to these people to these other brothers. It was Yah’s Ruach that led and guided them. That’s why we didn’t hear the prophets speaking (in tongues). Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 3. Yisrayl has been scattered to the 4 corners of the world. As we see right here. They named all these places from where these brothers…they said every nation under heaven. These brothers came back (to Jerusalem) speaking the Gentiles languages.

In Ezekiel chapter 3, see when Yah sent the prophets to Yisrayl they did not need to speak to them in tongues. Yah’s going to tell you why right here.

Ezekiel 3:4-6 So you see why our brother up in Spain can only get Gentiles to listen. Stiff-necked Hebrews do not want to hear. But He said I’m not sending you to a people with foreign speech. This is why there was no need for Ezekiel to go and speak in tongues. Because he spoke the same language as the Israelites. But now here we are after 70 CE, here we are after 722 BCE when the Assyrians came and took the 10 tribes. Here we are after 586 BCE when the Babylonians came and took the 2 tribes to the south. Now here we are worlwide…scattered. and Yisrayl speaks every language under the sun. So now there’s a time for speaking in tongues. And Yah’s going to deliver His word to those Israelites in the language that they have been born in. Do you know what? When He delivers that word, Yah will be the same, Yahoshua will be the same. Our brothers in Spain can communicate to us in Spanish and when they mention Yah’s name BAM! Y-A-H! You can’t change that. When they mention Yahoshua’s name…those names don’t change. I don’t care what language that you are speaking in. They are the names of salvation.  So this is why we have tongue speaking today. Let’s go back to Acts chapter 2.

Now you have the understanding. This is what speaking in tongues is y’all. That’s why it’s a Spiritual gift. So if Yah’s Ruach comes down on a brother,  a brother in Russia and there’s some Israelites that walk in the ways of Yah. And this brother has no other way of communicating with them…when all of a sudden…BAM! He just starts talking. Don’t even understand that he’s speaking their language. And they are there agreeing and they are there praising Yah. And they are listening to him and he’s looking like whoa but he’s in the Spirit so he keeps going. That’s what we are talking about…speaking in that language. For the benefit of bringing back the lost sheep of Yisrayl…that’s what it’s done for y’all. Because the brother said we hear them speaking in every language but we hear them speaking the great works of Yah. That’s what we hear. That’s the purpose of speaking in tongues. And Shaul is going to break this down to you. So what if you are speaking in tongues and no one understands you. What benefit is that? He’s going to break it down.

I remember when I was in church when I was a child…that’s terrifying y’all. That’s scary for a child to see…people flipping and falling and eyes rolling up in their heads and this gibber-gabber stuff. It’s like that’s scary to a child. I know it was for me when I was a child. Because it is demonic. It is demonic. They don’t even understand it. They could possibly be communication with the devil…telling the devil how they want him to possess them. And inviting the devil to come in and possess them. You are speaking an unknown tongue that’s why when I’m in the midst of brothers…I say listen man, I’m not as fluent in Hebrew but if your going to pray please pray in a language that I understand. I don’t follow after anyone’s praying if they’re praying in another language, in a language I don’t understand. And that’s just common sense. I want to know what you are talking about. I’m not saying how we pray at the end saying todah Yah which means thank you Yah. I’m talking about a full prayer in Hebrew. I don’t trust that….a full prayer in another language. I can’t trust that. I can’t have you praying over me because I don’t know what you are saying. How do I know if you are calling on el and elohim to come in the midst? I don’t want to be in the midst of el and elohim. I want to be in the midst of Yah and Yahoshua. And If want to hear those names pronounced clearly and correctly so I will know who you are talking about. That’s not arrogant brothers and sisters that’s just being cautious and real because I understand the Spiritual war we are in.

I understand how these demons move and operate. I don’t want to openly invite them into my midst and do it our of ignorance. So it’s only proper if you say a prayer that people understand what you are saying. That’s why we are under every language under the sun. That’s why The Bible, The Scriptures are translated into every language under the sun. When we were coming across on the slave ships, they had the whip in one hand and The Bible in the other. They we’re bringing that Bible over for us. That’s why I know there are some things in the King James Bible that is, you know…but I can not stop on that Bible because that Bible is what Yah used to awaken me as an Israelite. There’s much truth still there. And He did it in the language where I was born. Ain’t He merciful? Let’s go back to Acts ch. 2.

Acts 2:12-18 v. 12-14 So Kepha is about to break it down for them. So if they are listening…what language do you think Kepha is speaking in? Isn’t it possible that Kepha is still speaking in tongues here? So he can communicate with them. Peter and the eleven stood up. v. 15-18 Oh and Yah has female servants, for you women haters out there. Oh yes, He does. So this began 2,000 years ago. We are still in that same generation, the same time frame. So Yah’s Spirit is being poured out upon us. How do you think I’m able to come before you this day and give you this word? This is not me doing it. This is Yah using me to deliver it because Yah’s Spirit has been poured out upon us to this day. How are you able to go out and sit these preachers down and take them to school? And you have just been studying the word of Yah for a little time. We all have just been studying a little time. It’s because His Spirit has been poured out upon us. We are prophesying . We can go into this book, in the word of Yah with the understanding and with Yah’s Ruach leading and guiding us. We can break down prophesies not that we are breaking them down but Yah is giving us the understanding of what’s going to happen. And how it’s going to happen. Because His Ruach has been poured down upon us. Our females, ahkotees, His female servants can do likewise. They can break this word down just like we (the brothers) can because Yah’s Spirit is upon them. They understand what’s going on.

See we are in that same time frame.  Christianity always seeks after a sign. They are apart of that adulterous generation, that generation that does not believe unless they see a sign. They tell you that you can not get into heaven, which no man is (except the unique Son) but they say you can’t go to heaven unless you speak in tongues. And you have to do back flips and do them correctly to get in heaven. You know, if you ain’t speaking tongues the loudes…you are not getting into heaven. All this type of stuff they make up because they seek after a sign. But it’s not as elaborate as that. The evidence of Yah’s Ruach being upon us is that we’re now prophesying. We’re now bringing forth the truth from His Word. We can go read all the Books of men that we want…but it is Yah’s Word. That’s why when we give lessons no matter who’s teaching, myself, Michayah, Yahudite or Moshe…it don’t matter who’s teaching…when we give you this word…how many times have y’all heard us say to go read some book of man? Man, we go to this book. We go through other books that Yah has given us to give proper understanding. And that’s where comprehension of these lessons comes from…directly from the Word of Yah. We rarely use anything of the secular world. We might say hey go check out this site about giants. But we give you this word from front to back (Genesis to Revelation). Yah’s Ruach has been poured out upon us. It is still on us. It did in that day…this is still the same generation. The same generation y’all.

So Yah gives us the utterance of how to speak in tongues. He will do all that. The same thing we seen on those brothers is the same thing that will happen to us. All we have to do is keep going. Keep going on the straight path and watch the smile on the Father’s face. Watch the blessings that He bestows down upon us. Let’s move on.

These brothers were amazed. They wanted to know what is meant by this. So these brothers were able to prophesy  to these brothers, give them the truth…now look at what happens. This is why Yah would have us speaking in tongues because this is the end result of it halleluYah.

Acts 2:37-39 Those brothers spoke in tongues. The brothers saw what Yah did. They were teaching in the name of Yah and in their original languages and those brothers were blown away. Those brothers said now what shall we do. Kepha stood up and said you have to repent, turn from your wicked ways and each one of you be immersed in the name of Yahoshua the Messiah for remission of sins, the forgiveness of sins. So that’s what the end result of speaking in tongues would be. This is the purpose of speaking in tongues, to deliver the word of Yah in another language, a language that you are not accustomed to speaking. But when those divided tongues come on you…tongues of fire…you can’t hold that back. What will you do? How can you resist that? So that’s what it is brothers and sisters. They don’t understand and can’t give you that comprehension. Let’s go back to 1 Corinthians chapter 14.

Yah knows our hearts. He knows when we want to stretch out and meet Him. This is what makes the realness of your walk…actions show how real your walk is…what your willing to do for Yah in the work. (talks about a brother that drove from Kentucky to Chicago to get immersed) Because Yah’s work is truth. What are you willing to do for the truth? What are you willing to do for your reward? That the Father has bestowed upon you.

1 Corinthians 14:3-8 We opened up the lesson with verses 1 and 2. Now we will continue. v. 3-5 You see that? So if your speaking in a tongue and your just babbling, it doesn’t benefit anyone. Because no one knows what you are saying. This is why Shaul says prophesying is better than speaking in tongues. Because when you’re prophesying you’re giving the people encouragement. Your giving them the word of Yah. Your giving them the truth. So he said that’s better than speaking in tongues. But the Christians tell you that if you don’t speak in tongues then no heaven for you. Remember that Yisrayl.

So Shaul said ‘unless he is interpreted’ (in v.5). So if a man is speaking in tongues and that word is being interpreted then it can be a building up of those who hear it. But if he’s speaking gibber-gibber-gabber-gabber…nobody knows…there’s no building up of that. v. 6 You see that?! He said if I come speaking languages to you and if I’m not speaking to you the word of Yah…the word of Yah has been given to me by revelation, by knowledge, by prophesying or by teaching…if I don’t bring this to you when I’m speaking tongues…what good is it? What is it profiting you? You have people who say ‘man, we got to learn Hebrew’! ‘That’s why Obadiyah them don’t understand because they don’t speak Hebrew’. What does the Bible say? As you all are seeing, doesn’t Scripture say something totally different from that nonsense. So if you go out here and start giving all your time to trying to speak Hebrew…now I’m not speaking against learning any language. That’s on you. But I’m saying if you are trying to learn this language because you’re trying to get some deeper understanding of Scripture and you are only going to go as deep as Yah allows you….as He sees fit, as He intends. You are wasting your time. ‘Well this was the slave master’s religion and I just want the deeper meanings of Scripture’. Well, get on your knees, humble yourself and pray to the Father. It’s just that simple brothers and sisters. There’s a lot of Hebrews that speak a lot of Hebrew but they are not prophesying, they are not teaching…they are just speaking Hebrew. Just so you can say he’s a deep brother or sister.

v. 7 So let’s put this in our day. If someone is playing a guitar and someone’s playing a piano. If the guitar sounds like a piano…what use is it to have a guitar? Just put the guitar down and go play the piano. There has to be a distinction. So when a man is speaking in tongues that tongue has to be for the benefit (profiting) of those who hear the language that he’s speaking. Otherwise he’s just doing something [nothing (?)].

v. 8 So remember when the trumpet is blown or the shofars are blown either one…when they are blown for the congregation to come together, when they are blown for battle, if they don’t make a distinct sound…who will know the reason for it to be blown? For instance, there was a battle cry, there was an alarm and shofars had to blow a certain sound to announce the people for war…to get the men of war together. There was a distinct sound to call the men together for a meeting. There was another sound to call the people for a feast day. Just like we have different sounds today. We have a police siren, we have the ambulance siren and we have fire truck sirens. All have the same purpose but have a distinct sound. So if a trumpet is just blowing the same and it’s not giving out those sounds that distinguish it or if a police car sounds like the fire truck what distinction is made there? So if a man is speaking in tongues and he’s not speaking in a language that people can understand to build up (edify) the assembly…prophesying, teaching, revelations. If he’s not speaking in tongues for this purpose…then his speaking in tongues is just vain babble. It profits nothing. It is no good. Let’s go to verse 9.

1 Corinthians 14:9 If you don’t give a language of clear understanding, how shall it be known what was spoken? Who will know what you are speaking? We are going to go to Ephesians in a second. Look at this he said, you are speaking to the air. What’s in the air brothers and sisters? Let me show you what’s in the air. And let me show you who you can possibly be speaking to…since no man can comprehend what you are saying. Since you don’t have an interpreter there. Remember, the interpreter is the one that understands what you are speaking. And the interpreter is the one more than likely is the one that you are speaking to. Those brothers who were hearing the word of Yah spoken by the apostles in their original tongues…those brothers stood as interpreters because they understood the language. So if you don’t have anybody there to interpret what you are saying like we see in the church…left and right, up and down…you are speaking into the air.

Ephesians 2:2 In which you once walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience.

The spirit that works in the children of disobedience is the spirit of ha shatan (satan). And satan is the prince, the ruler of the air but it says right here according to the ruler of the authority (power) of the air. So when you are speaking this vain babble…Shaul said you are speaking it into the air and satan has the authority of the air so satan is catching your vain babble. You are probably having a conversion with the devil. You are probably inviting the devil into your house. You are inviting the devil into your life. Because wh knows what you are saying? Who understands that? There’s no interpreter there. Let’s go to Matthew 12. I pry you are getting comprehension of this because the adversary has kept me off focus all week-long. I could not even sit down to get this lesson going until yesterday. That’s what he (ha shatan) does…he doesn’t want the children of Yah to get understanding.

In the church they do things to be seen of men. But Yahoshua gives a caution here. We see Shaul said you are speaking into the air. And we see satan is called the authority (power) of the air. So satan is listening to what you are saying. he may understand it.

Matthew 12:36 So even when they are in the church speaking that language…it may be a language that demons can understand. They may be speaking directly to demons but you will be held accountable for it…every idle word that comes out of your mouth. Yah understands everything that proceeds from your mouth. We know that. An idle word is a word that lies idle…you know you are just saying something (to say it). That’s what they do in speaking in tongues…just say stuff. But Yahoshua said you will be held accountable for that. And the danger is that they don’t even know what they are saying. They have no clue of what they are saying. And there’s no interpreter there to interpret what they are saying because they are not speaking a language that is known to man. Let’s go back to 1 Corinthians 14.

1 Corinthians 14:13-15 So I don’t even understand he says in verse 14. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 13:1. So we can breakdown what Shaul is saying. I want to put this Script in so it can make all the sense in the world. Because Shaul says when his tongue is praying, his spirit is praying so let’s see what he means.

1 Corinthians 13:1 He says if I speak with the tongues of men and of angels. What is the tongue or language of angels? See this is the key right here to what Shaul is saying. If he’s praying and his spirit is praying…when we pray our prayer goes to the angels and the angels take it to Yahoshua and Yahoshua takes it to Yah. So our prayers go in that order because the angels are under Yah’s charge. Yah has placed Yahoshua over everything so the angels have to be under Yahoshua’s charge that’s why when we read in revelation, which we will go to in just a moment. (I think he forgets to go to Revelation) We will see that the Scripture says that Yah gave Yahoshua the testimony, Yahoshua gave it to the angels and the angels brought it down to the Israelites. So the angels are the messengers of Yah. When they come upon men, when they come face to face with men, they speak the words of Yah. Words are speech. Speech and tongue are language. So what do the angels speaK? The language of angels is the word of Yah. And Yah’s word is the truth. So the language of angels, brothers and sisters, the tongues of angels is the truth. Yah’s Ruach is upon them. So whenever there is a heavenly messenger sent by Yah, he’s going to speak the language of truth. Because remember Yah speaks every language. You can’t even confine His angels to a certain language. You can’t only say angels only speak Hebrew. They only spoke Hebrew to the prophets because the prophets spoke Hebrew. But they are speaking English to us. Because we speak English. Yah’s Ruach is down upon us. So it says if I speak with the tongue of men and of angels…if I speak with the language of men and if I speak with the language angels…because the language of men is rebellion, it’s disobedience. That’s what men speak. Their language is also war. That’s why Yah has to speak to them in their language. Yah has spoken to Yisrayl in every language on the planet but Yisrayl still will not listen. So Yah has to speak to Yisrayl in another language. That’s the language of whipping their behinds.

So many will take this and say the tongues of angels that’s what we speak in the church when we say gibber-gibber-gibber…we speaking the language of angels. Oh, no you’re not. Your speaking something that is not profiting anyone, that is not of Yah. You don’t even have an interpreter there. You, yourself don’t even know what you just said. So how is that any good to anybody? But to speak the language of angels is the language of truth because angels deliver this truth in Yah’s servants hands. Let’s go to Hebrews 1.

You see when these brothers started speaking in tongues they started speaking truth, prophesying, teaching. Shaul says I shall pray with the Ruach, I pray with understanding. So if I’m praying with Yah’s Ruach, Yah’s Ruach will lead me into all truth. And it will give me the understanding. So I understand what I’m praying in. I shall sing with the Spirit. I shall also sing with the understanding. I am going to sing praises to Yah but my praises to Yah will be based on understanding. Just like we did today. All those songs that were sung here were singing praises to Yah and that praise is based on you understanding who Yah is. So if you are going to sing with that beautiful Ruach you will sing with understanding. You will be giving true praises to Yah.

Hebrews 1:14 He says are they not all serving spirits? He’s talking about angels here. All the angels are ministering spirits or serving spirits sent out to attend those who are about to inherit deliverance or salvation. Those who inherit salvation are those who follow Yah’s truth, follow Yah’s Ruach. So when those angels are sent out and they attend you, they will speak the language of truth, to attend you. Only those who live the truth, know the truth, love the truth and obey the truth will make it into the kingdom or will be delivered by Yah, halleluYah. So we speak the language of angels, y’all. We talk to angels. As these words come out of my mouth and go into your ear, they go into your hearts, they go into your minds. There’s an angel right there speaking to you saying this is how it is. That’s how we get understanding. That angel is speaking to us. And it’s all about how much you give yourself over to that angel…the righteous one or you give yourself over to the wicked one. If you give yourself over to the righteous one, more understanding will be granted to you. You see it. That’s how it works. (talks to someone) Yeah, you feel it. You feel when that Ruach comes down upon you, boy. whatever you are doing. You can feel it when it comes down upon you. Let’s go back to 1 Corinthians 14. That ‘s what Shaul means by speaking with tongues of men and angels. He said but if you do not have love…that’s the key. Those angels can come down and speak truth to you but if you turn away from love and love is Yah…what do you have? So we speak in that language halleluYah.

Do y’all know what? We will be heading into those times where the angels will be allowed to manifest themselves before our face…the righteous ones. Just like they did the prophets. Just like they did all the servants of Yah. Yah will manifest His malakeem before you so you will know the real deal. and if they appear before you…you better make sure you try him first to make sure he is of Yah because it’s not hard for satan to transform himself into an angel of light. If Yah’s malakeem ever come before you…they will speak truth to you…they will speak the language of angels. They will give you what is already written. satan ain’t going to do that. satan twists and turns…just like Creflo coming to you saying now he’s a Hebrew Israelite but he’s still keeping his money ways. You would be able to see through that con artist real quick. Likewise, if an unrighteous angel…I don’t care how light-bright they appear…that light is not hard for them to do…they are an angel…they can do that. But if they come speaking to you something totally different from Yah’s word, you rebuke him and rebuke him sharply! Call Yah down to rebuke him. But the righteous angels will speak the righteous words of Yah. They will speak the words of angels. They will speak the truth.

1 Corinthians 14:16-40 v. 16 So if you are speaking in a tongue no one understands and you are blessing the Spirit, how will we know that you are blessing the Spirit? If you are saying good things about Yah and you are blessing Yah’s Ruach…but we don’t understand the tongue that you are saying it in…how can we say amein to that? How can we give thanks to that? Since we don’t know what you are saying. We have no clue or what you are talking about. So you could be saying some good words but we don’t know. And so those who call themselves speaking in tongues when you speak in tongues, Yah’s going to give an interpreter. Someone will understand what you are saying. Because it’s to build up. It is to bring back His lost sheep Him whom He scattered to the 4 corners of the world.

v. 17-19 So if he’s speaking 10,000 words and nobody there can interpret and he says if he speaks 5 words in a language that they know and speak 5 words of understanding…halleluYah. Isn’t that more better? Don’t some of these brothers and sisters speak this Hebrew…they just talk and talk and talk. And give you 2 hour-long prayers in Hebrew so that you can know, that they know the whole Hebrew alphabet. At the end of it you are scratching your head…bored, sleepy and tired. And you’re like man I wish I could praise Yah, I wish I knew what he was saying. This is what Shaul is talking about. You see the understanding that this brother is giving. You see how now since we saw how speaking in tongues is…now when we get to 1 Corinthians 14 we have a clearer understanding of that. Instead of going directly to 1 Corinthians and read and then start thinking we can babble-babble.

v. 20-21 Do you know what? A lot of people take this right here and they misunderstand it. There’s a great misunderstanding with this Scripture where it says…’with a stammering lip’ (or other lip) that I will speak to this people. This is what Shaul is quoting. Yah is saying that with men of other nations. Remember tongues represents nations with men of other languages and other lips I shall speak to this people with other…is he going to have the Gentiles come prophesying to us? No, He will have the Gentiles come and kick our behinds. That’s how Yah speaks to us now. Because He’s said everything He needs to say to Yisrayl. Now He just has to do. And He’s been doing it. So that’s what it means when it says ‘with men of other tongues’. With other nations, other lips I shall speak to this people. He speaks to us with those nations. The Greeks spoke to us, the Romans spoke to us, the Medes-Persians spoke to us, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Americans, the British, the Russians, everywhere we have been scattered! We have been spoken to by these people.

v. 22 Tongue, languages are for a sign. Why isn’t tongues a sign for those who believe? Because they say if you are a true believer, you should speak in tongues. No because it’s for the unbelievers so we can speak to the unbeliever in his native language and give him the word of Yah, teach him the word of Yah, prophesy to him the word of Yah. So speaking in tongues is for the unbeliever. There’s no need for us to speak in tongues in this assembly right here because we all understand the English dialect. We all believe according to the English Scriptures that Yah has given us understanding to comprehend. But to the unbelievers in another language, that’s what tongues are given for…for a sign to them. When we prophesy to one another, we encourage one another that’s for those who believe. But we can’t prophesy to the unbeliever because the unbeliever does not believe in prophesy. The unbeliever does not believe in Yah through Yahoshua the Messiah. So tongues is for him, prophesying is for us. So any Christian come to you and ask you ‘have you been filled with the Spirit’? ‘Have you spoken in tongues yet’? You tell them, speak in tongues for what? For what reason? I’m speaking to you in a tongue right now…I’m speaking English to you. Do you understand me?

v. 23 Doesn’t that make sense? What if all of us came to the mic today…just to speak in tongues. Everyone who brings a song, a praise or a testimony usually but if they started speaking in tongues…unknown tongues that no one understands and if others came and saw this they would say ‘man that is the crazy room over there man’. ‘Those folks get up on the mic and talk and I don’t know what they are talking about, I got up out of there man’. Utter confusion! See, the speaking of tongues is for the benefit of uplifting and building up the unbeliever who needs to hear Yah’s truth in the language in which he was born. So there comes a time when Yah doesn’t have a servant in a certain part of the world. And he has one servant that understands but this servant speaks a different language from the others over there. BAM, Yah may send, if it is His will, He may send those divided tongues of fire upon that one brother and let him prophesy.

v. 24 So we all get up here and start speaking the words of Yah. We all start prophesying, then we have a Muslim coming up in here or a Christian, a Hebrew Christian, he is reproved by all and he is discerned by all. We have Spiritual eyes and if we hear someone on the mic saying something totally different…oh, we have already discerned your spirit. We know who you are. We know what you are. v. 25 When you prophesy and everyone is prophesying the same…how can you deny this truth? We have a lot of people come into this room each and every week…brand new people and they come in and see us coming to the mic and they are amazed by the knowledge that we have according to what Yah has given to us. And many of them praise Yah because of it.

v. 26 Now did we just do this today? We came together for Shabbat class. We had Psalms read, we have a teaching going on, we had revelations and so forth. He said let this be for up building (edification). Now when we have tongues, if we had someone in here who didn’t understand English and Yah blessed someone with the understanding of tongues that tongue would be for the upbuilding of that person. Everything we do in here is to bring forth the word of Yah so that it can up-build the congregation. v. 27 So if there’s a speaker of tongues among us, we have to have an interpreter there also. Otherwise, we will have to rebuke that.

v. 28 So if you have an unknown tongue that none of us understands…you take that up with Yah. You speak that to Yah. But you be quiet because we don’t know what you are saying in here. v. 30 Hey, those who have revelations, those who have a word from Yah, let them come, let them be heads of the congregations. Let’s hear their voices in the congregation. But those who speak unknown tongues that they only know and there’s no interpreter…let them be quiet. Do you see how deep that is? Isn’t that the exact opposite of what’s going on in the Christian Church? In fact they say the one that speaks the tongues, that’s the one everybody wants to hear from. That’s the one that’s at the head of the church…in the pulpit. But that’s the one who should be silent because there’s no interpreter there. No one knows what they are saying. If you think you have a word and there’s no interpreter there…speak betwen yourself and Yah.

v. 31-33 So all the assemblies of the set apart ones will have shalom. Yah will be in the midst. But if you bring that speaking in tongues and no one understands…there’s no interpreter, that’s going to cause confusion. Like you see in the church’s. They are totally confused. v. 34 Here the Corinthians were out of order. This even goes back to 1 Corinthians chapter 11 because Shaul had to retell them the order of Yah. That the man is over the woman and the Messiah is over the man and Yah is over all because they were out of control…the Corinthians were. The women were taking over the assemblies and the men were sitting back. The men were growing their hair long and looking like women and the women were standing up with the authority of a man. Shaul said, let women be quiet. No need for them to get up in the assembly and speak with all that authority. This is what he’s saying here. v. 35 It’s ‘improper’ for women to try to speak with authority in the assemblies…to try to usurp the authority in the assembly A.K.A (as known as)…teaching in the midst of the congregation of men. This is what he’s talking about here.

v. 36-40 So we are not going to forbid speaking in tongues but if anybody speaking in tongues, there has to be an interpreter because remember speaking in tongues is a gift. And we know what the purpose of that gift is…it is to awaken Yah’s lost sheep and bring them back to Him. You have to do these things in the order of Yah (from verse 40). True tongues, remember there are the fakes and there’s the truth. Speaking in tongues is a true gift. And what they do in the church is unreal. It’s not true. We will not forbid a true speaking tongues…not at all. But, if you are trying to come in here being fake and phony and that whole Christianity stuff…that won’t go on in here.

We are about to close out. This lesson was short, you know we can go 4, 5 hours on lessons in here.

Acts 19:6 Do you see that? Speaking in tongues AND prophesying. When he laid hand on them, the Ruach  ha Qodesh came upon them, the Set Apart Spirit of Yah, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth that will lead you to all truth, so when Yah’s Ruach comes upon you it’s going to lead you into that truth. So they were speaking in tongues and prophesying so whenever there was speaking in tongues, prophesying, giving the word of Yah in that language…So once again, what is a tongue? Tongue is language. And Yah’s Ruach…like those brothers in Acts chapter 2 and the whole purpose of speaking in tongues is to uplift, teach the word of Yah to those who don’t even speak the same language as you. To speak it to them in their native language. So this word of Yah has been given  to us in English, the word that Yah has been given  to us in Spanish, the word that Yah has been given to us in Hebrew, the word that Yah has  been given to us in German is going out to His people world wide and it is awakening them giving them the truth and leading them back to Him. So halleluYah that’s the end of the lesson brothers and sisters. I hope that it was a blessing.