Judges Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

Chapter 5: Deborah and Barak Sing to Yah 1 Then Deborah and Barak the Ben of Abinoam sang on that day saying: 2 “When leaders lead in Ysrayl, when the people willingly offer themselves, bless Yah! 3 Hear, O kings! Give ear, O princes! I, even I, will sing to Yah. I will sing praiseContinue reading “Judges Chapter 5 and Chapter 6”

Judges Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Sefer Shophtim (or spelled Shoftim) is called the Book of Judges in English. Shoftim is from the verb Shaphat which means decision or to govern. Judges is another way of saying rulers, deliverers or saviors. The Book of Judges stands in contrast to the Book of Yahoshua. In Yahoshua, an obedient people conquered the landContinue reading “Judges Chapter 1 and Chapter 2”

Joshua Chapter 23 and Chapter 24

Yahoshua Chapter 23: Yahoshua’s Farewell Speech 1 Now it came to pass, a long time after Yah had given rest to Ysrayl from all their enemies round about, that Yahoshua was old, advanced in age. 2 And Yahoshua called for all Ysrayl, for their elders, for their heads, for their judges and for their officersContinue reading “Joshua Chapter 23 and Chapter 24”

“Wisdom” Tooth

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching this vlog where a woman’s husband went to the dentist to get his wisdom tooth (or teeth) surgically removed. The dentist gave him a prescription for pain relief but he refused to fill it. He wanted to heal naturally with natural things. He’s into “organic” or naturalContinue reading ““Wisdom” Tooth”

Joshua Chapter 19 and Chapter 20

Yahoshua Chapter 19: Simeon’s Inheritance with Yahudah 1 The second lot came out for Simeon, for the tribe of the children of Simeon according to their families. And their inheritance was within the inheritance of the children of Yahudah. 2 They had in their inheritance Beersheba (Sheba), Moladah–3 Hazar, Shual, Balah, Ezem–4 Yltolad, Bethul, Hormah–5Continue reading “Joshua Chapter 19 and Chapter 20”

Joshua Chapter 17 and Chapter 18

Yahoshua Chapter 17: The Other Half-Tribe of Manasseh (West) 1 There was also a lot for a tribe of Manasseh, for he was the firstborn of Yoseph: namely Machir the firstborn of Manasseh, the father of Gilead because he was a man of war. Therefore he was given Gilead and Bashan. 2 And there wasContinue reading “Joshua Chapter 17 and Chapter 18”

Joshua Chapter 15 and Chapter 16

Yahoshua Chapter 15: The Land of Yahudah 1 So this was the lot of the tribe of the children of Yahudah according to their families: the border of Edom at the Wilderness of Zin southward was the extreme southern boundary. 2 And their southern border began at the shore of the Salt Sea, from theContinue reading “Joshua Chapter 15 and Chapter 16”