Observations About Bread Around the World

In various parts of the bible Manna is described. It’s described as being like the coriander seed (coriander seed is the same as cilantro which is used around the world to remove toxins from the body). Manna according to the bible tasted like wafers made with honey. It was also said to be white likeContinue reading “Observations About Bread Around the World”

To Be Loved By Yah

I almost named this post, sibling rivalry. I read recently that children feel their relationship with the authority figure are unequal in amounts of attention, discipline and responsiveness. Favoritism. I talked about favorites in the family before, in “The So Fine” post. We first see jealousy between siblings in the bible between Cain and Abiyl.Continue reading “To Be Loved By Yah”

In the Garden: Lavender and Olive OYL

gre I bought an olive tree yesterday. It is a Spanish variety. I plan on putting it in a very large pot (that I have stored on the side of the house). I might put in the ground next spring. But for now, I’m going to baby it. I’m still thinking about getting a pearContinue reading “In the Garden: Lavender and Olive OYL”