Did Shaul Do Away with Yah’s laws? Part 2b

…Torah teaches us to love. Not just to say that your some smart man or smart woman. Or not just hear people give you good accolades ‘oh that’s a righteous brother or oh that’s a righteous sister. That’s not what we are aiming for because the Messiah said you have to beware when all men speak well of you because so did their fathers do to the false prophets. So even false prophets are spoken well of and if that’s all you’re aiming for then you can consider yourself that. v. 6 Right, Abraham believed in Yah and Abraham’s beliefs were reflected in his actions. How do we know Abraham believed in Yah? We will read that in just a moment. v. 7 Those who have faith in Yah are sons of Abraham. You have to show faith, your belief. v. 8-9 Abraham the believer, he believed in Father Yah. So what does His belief encompass? Let’s go to Genesis 25. Let’s see what Abraham’s belief was based on because if you believe in Yah then you believe that Yah is true. You believe in what Yah’s word says. And Yah tells you throughout His word to keep His law, to keep His commandments. Not to just do it, but to do it with the understanding of doing it. Because do you know why? Yah’s laws are our instructions. They are our instructions on how to live properly upon the earth. That’s what they are meant for. So when you do away with His instructions, you don’t know how to live upon the earth. This is why man doesn’t know how to interact with man. That’s why wars and rumors of wars are all over the place. That’s why man kills man and do all the terrible things that we do to one another.

You try to get a new appliance and throw away the instruction book and try to get that think working. You got the super-duper washing machine. You never had a super-duper washing machine before but now you have one. You think you can work it like your old washing machine saying, ‘I already know how to do this’. So you throw away the instructions. So you try to hook it up and…break it. Now you have a broken super-duper washing machine. You know, you must have the instructions. If man knows to include some instructions on what he builds with his hands, don’t you think the Father knows the same? To do that also what He built with His Hands? So this is our instruction. We have to believe that the Father sent these instructions for our guidance and to keep us out of harm’s way. Let’s look at what Abraham did to show his belief.

Genesis 26:1-5 v. 1-4 We just read what Shaul was talking about. This was the Good News that was first delivered to Abraham and now it’s being delivered to Abraham’s son Isaac. Abraham believed in Yah. Yah promised all this to Abraham then Isaac Abraham’s son because the thing Abraham did and Abraham’s belief. v. 5 See Abraham obeyed Yah’s law, statues and commandments. Abraham guarded Yah’s teachings. He had Spiritual understandings that’s why Yah choose him out of all the men on earth. Yah told Abraham, ‘I’m going to bring a righteous seed through your descendants’. ‘And I’m going to re-institute My law back onto the earth and all nations will be blessed through your descendants’. Abraham obeyed Yah. Now what did Shaul tell those Galatians? You are counted with Abraham the believer if you have that same belief. Abraham believed Yah and he listened to Yah’s voice. He guarded Yah’s law, statues, commandments and teachings. Do you know what? If Shaul is teaching against Torah, why would he mention Abraham the believer? Abraham’s belief in Yah was based on him listening to Yah’s voice. Yah never said you don’t have to keep a commandment. If any voice ever spoke to you saying that, that ain’t Yah’s voice…that’s another voice…that’s a voice you should not listen to. Let’s go back to Galatians.

Galatians 3 v. 10 uh-oh, what is he saying here? See, your comprehension level should be opening up by now because you have an understanding of what he is talking about when he says works of Torah. He’s talking regular works…he’s talking about false works of Torah because if you’re doing the false works of Torah…your breaking Torah. And what happens when we break Torah? We become what? A cursed people. So if you are just doing those false works of Torah…then you are breaking Torah, you’re a sinner and now your under the curses. You have to do the righteous ways of Torah by putting Torah on your heart, mind and having that Spiritual understanding. Staying with Yah’s teachings, keeping Yah’s laws, statues and commandments is listening to Yah’s voice just like Abraham the believer did. And those who believe are counted with Abraham. Abraham will be in the kingdom according to Luke chapter 16 and according to all his righteous ways. So if we want to be in the kingdom with Abraham…Abraham kept the laws…likewise we have to. This is what Shaul is saying here. We just did a documentary called the curses and we said throughout the documentary the children of Yisrayl are cursed because they are not keeping Yah’s laws. Now when you read on, as we will continue to read, you will see that this is what Shaul is talking about every time he talks about the works of Torah. He’s not talking about the righteous works we are commanded to do. He’s talking about the false works…I’m going to continue repeating this…I know I’m sounding like a broke record right now. But this must be told to you over and over again because we have to get this ‘Paul’ teaching out of us. We have to replace Paul with Shaul…like we had to replace Jesus with Yahoshua. Because what the Christians teach about the Book is not true because they don’t have understanding but understanding has not been given to them. It has been given to the children of Yisrayl and the children of Yisrayl must take that understanding to the nations.

v. 11 You can’t just wear a tassel and still are sinning (willfully). That’s not right before Yah. It says the righteous shall live by faith. We should live in belief…our belief in Yah. We believe in Yah therefore we listen to Yah’s voice. We believe what our Father’s voice says to us. Guard My commandments, keep My law…our belief in Yah. We believe what the Father says. But when you have these other doctrines…they don’t believe in the Father and you can not believe in Yah if you don’t believe in Yahoshua the Messiah…noway can you. Yahoshua believed in Yah…He had the strongest belief in the Father than any man in the entire book…even Abraham…Yahoshua’s belief was greater even than Abraham. Do you know why? Because before Abraham is…Yahoshua will be. Before Abraham get his reward…Yahoshua already got His because of His belief. (Yahoshua defeated death and now sits on the right hand of Yah, He is the first) The righteous shall get their just reward …if you have no belief in Yah, you can not come to Him. If you doubt that Yah even exists don’t even pronounce His name out of your mouth. The righteous shall live by belief. The fake ones will live with no belief.

v. 12 Talking about those who do it to do it…it’s not their belief…because you have no understanding of what you are doing. You do it to be seen by men. Because that’s what’s on your heart. Only through the Spirit of Yah can the Torah be perfected and be manifested. If Yah’s Ruach does not come down upon you and lead you into all truth, you will not get truth. Yah’s Spirit has to be on you to understand the living Torah. Yahoshua Himself said if My Father does not bring you to Me, then you will not get understanding. I’m just paraphrasing what He said. In order to get salvation Yah has to bring you to Yahoshua…Yah’s Ruach has to lead you to Messiyah and Messiyah will open the door and show you Yah fully.

v. 13 This is talking about the penalty of law brothers and sisters…we have been redeemed from. Because now Yah has mercy. He give us grace. v. 14 We have been redeemed. Those Hebrews out there serving baals, serving many gods of Egypt…they are still under the curse. But we are being redeemed from the curses because now we have knowledge of the Father through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. Let’s go to John 14 real quick. I want to break something down for you.

John 14:16-18 This Helper (in the KJV) is called the Comforter. We have been led by the Spirit of truth because Messiah has redeemed us. Obedience to Torah is righteousness. Disobedience to Torah is curses. We have been redeemed because the Spirit of Truth now dwells upon us and He stays with us forever. So our understanding as long as we stay true to Yah’s voice, word and continue to have belief in Yah…that Spirit will dwell with us forever. It is the Spirit of Truth and the world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth because the world has rejected all truth. What is truth? Yah’s laws and commandments. So the Spirit of the laws and commandments whom the world is unable to receive because it does not see or know Him. But you shall know Him and it stays in you, this is why you are able to comprehend the Spiritual understanding of this Book. This is why you understand what is being said here.

Let’s go down to verse 26 of John 14. Remember in order to get to Yah we first go through Messiyah…the understanding of the teachings of Messiyah…so Yah’s Spirit is coming down and dwelling upon us and opening our hearts and minds to Machiach. It says He shall teach you all and remind you of all I have said to you. Everytime we do a lesson, that’s what these lessons are…to direct us and lead us into the righteousness of Yah and to bring to us all the teachings of Messiyah. Yah’s Ruach or the Comforter or Helper is the same Set Apart Spirit, the highest Spirit, Yah’s Spirit. It is the Spirit of Truth that guides you into all truth. But those with the pharisee doctrine, they can’t see that, they don’t understand that. When that guy in NY says he’s the comforter, he’s saying he’s Yah’s Spirit. That is blaspheming Yah’s Spirit. There’s no repentance of that.

Galatians 3 v. 15-16 The redemption, the blessings and all that was given to Abraham for his blessed seed because through the descendants of Abraham the Messiyah was birthed into the world. And the Messiyah came to redeem us back to Yah so halleluYah. v. 17-19 Whenever the Torah was delivered it was delivered by angels and sent by the Father Yah. v. 20 Yah is one, Shaul is not saying anything questionable. v. 21 He is saying…this is what all the apostles were teaching…that righteousness doesn’t just come by doing the works of Torah alone, you must have belief in Messiyah to go along with it. If you don’t believe in Messiyah then all your works in Torah are for nothing…non-messianic (I’m talking to you).

v. 22-23 What he’s talking about here is that our understanding came when Messiyah came. When Messiyah did His walk and completed His mission, the greater understanding of The Book opened up for us…that belief. Those that have the belief now have the Spiritual understanding of Torah because Messiyah has come and has given us that…by the will of Yah, Yahoshua has done this. v. 24 ‘Justified or right by faith’ what is your belief based on? You can’t have an empty belief. Whenever Shaul is talking about  belief here he’s talking about the same belief Abraham had. Abraham believed in Yah’s voice, keeping Yah’s laws, statues and commandments and teachings. So when he’s talking about belief here he’s saying you are counted worthy like Abraham the believer if you have the same belief he had. Not empty beliefs…your beliefs have to be based on something and you have to show actions to back up what you believe in. Yah says this people honor me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. So if you want to say that you love Yah, you have to show your love for Yah. You have to show your belief in Yah. What are you going to do? Are you going to be opposite of His laws and commandments? If you are opposite you don’t believe in Yah, you believe in Jesus. (The speaker says this because Christians say the laws are no more because of Jesus.) There’s a distinction. You say you believe…show me what you believe. Can a Christian show you what they believe? All they can show you is that they believe in sin. If you believe in righteousness, you keep the laws of righteousness. This is what Shaul is talking about. He’s not going against Torah.

v. 25 So now your belief has come. Now your Spiritual understanding has come. Now the Comforter is upon you. Now Yah’s Helper is upon you. Now Yah’s Ruach is upon you. Now your minds and hearts are open, now you can live righteously… without doing those insane works that the pharisees put on everybody. The pharisees have special ways to circumcise when Yah just says circumcise. They did not even teach the correct meaning of circumcision. They just said Moses said to be circumcised. Not even teaching that this is the bond of the covenant between Yah and us and it was given to father Abraham first. See the pharisees don’t have the Spiritual understanding…Yahoshua told them, ‘y’all can discern the heavens when a storm is coming. ‘You can tell when it’s hot and cold but you can not discern the sign of the times.’ Because the signs of the times are on the Spiritual. And if you don’t understand the Word, you will not understand the signs of the times. Many Hebrew do not even know what’s about to come. They have no understanding of things like the fallen angels. They have no understanding of the man of sin. To us, we are like that’s not that hard. But that is the difference.

v. 27 So when you got immersed brothers and sisters, you are putting on Messiah, you are walking as He walked. That’s why after you are immersed, it’s so important that you stay on that path and walk as Messiah walked. Messiah did not sin so you try not to sin. I mean don’t willfully sin. v. 28 He is saying don’t be separating yourselves from one another. We all are one in Messiah. We have different jobs and duties but we are one in Messiah. *The Scriptures translation of the Bible says Yahudite instead of Israelite as in the KJV and NKJV.* Notice that he mentions Yahudites and He mentions Greeks. The Greek represents the separation from Yah because the Greeks to the Hebrew was the poster child of the Gentile nations. So when he says Greek here he’s saying Gentiles. When he says Yahudah, it represents the separation from the nation of Yisrayl. After the death of King Solomon the nation of Yisrayl was split up. Ten tribes dwelled in the north and two in the south. The ones in the south were called the tribe of Yahudah. So Yahudah was separate from the nation of Yisrayl. Notice, he did not say there is not an Israelite because once we come into Yah, we are all part of the nation of Yisrayl…all of us that come and grab hold to Yah. So he’s talking about the separation that once existed between us and them and now if you come into Messiah, you are immersed into Messiah, you have put on Messiah and now your part of the nation of Yisrayl. Remember the pharisees are coming up there telling them they had to lick their boots. Like the pharisees do today in NY. The pharisees told the Gentiles all types of madness and Shaul had to correct them. So he’s giving them the greater understanding brothers and sisters.

v. 29 All the promises that were made to Abraham, the Gentiles, if they come in and if they are of Messiah. So the Gentiles are not without Yah if they come to the truth. The Gentiles have the same promises as we do…if you come to Maschiach. halleluYah.

Also I want you to be aware in a lot of Shaul’s writings say about the law being nailed to the cross. Shaul also talks about the sacrificial end of the law that we don’t have to do that because Messiah has made a sacrifice for us. So we do not need to sacrifice animals for our sins. So Shaul is talking about that also. So be mindful of that when he’s talking certain parts of the law, that he says is nailed to the cross. He ‘s talking about the sacrificial law. When Messiah was executed that left with Him so we no longer have to sacrifice animals anymore.

Galatians 4:1-9 v. 1-2 Do y’all understand what he just said? Like a trust fund, you know how rich kids, their parents put up a trust fund for them and they can not get the trust fund until they reach a certain age, this is what he’s saying right here. So you are already master of all brothers and sisters. You are going to inherit what your Father has. You are heirs to your Father’s wealth. All your Father’s wealth will be yours. You will not get it until the time is right. This is your trust fund and the Father is not going to release it into your hands until you get yourself together. He knows if He puts it into your hands and you are not ready for it, you will not appreciate it and you will not use it in its correct purpose.

v.3 When we were in the world we were like children that didn’t know any better. We didn’t know not to eat pork. We didn’t know not to eat shrimp. We did not know not to fornicate. We didn’t know any better. If you put a child in a room with a loaded gun, a child doesn’t know any better, he will go shoot that gun. And maybe kill himself or anyone near. So when we were in the world we were enslaved to that attitude…because we did not know. We were enslaved to sin. I know that most of us in here…if there was a sin contest…we would come in the top 3. That’s how big our sins were. It’s elementary to not know we are not to eat pork. v.4 When the completion of the time came, yah saw that their was a time period when His people needed the truth. They needed the Spiritual understanding at this particular time period because Messiah’s birth was calculated on a time period. Daniel 9 gives us the exact time when the Messiah would be born. Yah had already pre-determined when the time would come for us as a nation to regain that great Spiritual understanding.

v.5 Those who keep Torah will obtain the first resurrection and they will be counted as sons of Yah. Those who keep law, the Messiah came to redeem us in order to receive the adoption as sons. Remember, we went over that lesson speaking of Yisrayl being the adopted sons of Yah. Like Yah says in Exodus 4:22. Yah told pharaoh hey let go of My son Yisrayl. That’s My first-born son. If you don’t let go of My first-born, I will kill your first-born. So Yisrayl is the first-born. We have an entire lesson about the adoption. So this is what Shaul is talking about ‘adoption of His sons’. Does this sound like a man telling you not to keep Torah? No, he’s talking about those under the righteous works of Torah…those who have it on their hearts because Messiah has been sent into your heart. v. 6 And now you cry ‘Abba’ ‘Father’ we have sinned. How are we to know that we transgressed the law if we don’t know the law? How can you know that you transgressed the law if you don’t know what the law is? How do you know if you are breaking the Shabbat if you don’t know what the Shabbat is? Can I go to a Christian and tell him he’s breaking the Shabbat? Yeah, I can tell him. But do I expect him to comprehend it? Not at all because they are Christians…they don’t understand what the Shabbat is…they break it every week. So you must have the understanding. When we go to them we just can’t start arguing with them ‘oh you breaking the Shabbat.’ ‘Oh you sinner you are going to the lake of fire’. You can’t do that. You have to explain to the children as you were a child and everything was explained to you. As Yah had patience with you, you have it with other people too. Yah’s sons are righteous. Yahoshua was unique and righteous, different from all other sons of Yah.

v.7 You are a son now because you are keeping the righteous order of Torah and you have Maschiach in your heart. v. 8 If you don’t serve Yah, you will serve the elohim. There is only one…Yah, one Power. That’s who Yah is The Power. We have been praying about the name Yisrayl. Yah said His people are called by His name. So we were trying to know where Yah’s name is located at in ‘Yisrayl’. And all along it’s been right before our face. The ‘yl’ at the end of Yisrayl denotes Power and that’s Yah. Abraham knew Him as The Power…The Almighty. Yah said that was My name to them. They knew Me by The Power. All power that exists comes from one source and that source is Yah. The power of the brightest stars that shines in the heavens and lights up the heavens that Power comes from Yah. So we are wearing His name in the name Yisrayl. That Power, that’s Him. He is the only One with it…He has the Power to give and the Power to take. To strive with man and strive with The Power on earth, that’s us, that’s Yisrayl. That’s who the Father is.

v. 9 He says why since you know Yah…how can you go back to Christianity? Since you know Yah. How can you go back to Islam? Remember these Galatians were being deceived. He said I have taught y’all about Yah and Yahoshua so now you have known the elementary level. How can you be a master of calculus and then go back to third grade math? It’s elementary brothers and sisters. Since you know about the feast days, why are you even contemplating going back. See this is how many of you all get confused. This is why Shaul’s wisdom here is even for our day right now. Because so many of us turn to the weak, poor, elementary levels and we even contemplate…we have known Yah and have known of Yah and Yah’s Ruach dwells upon us and we get that Spiritual understanding and then we turn around and turn our backs on The Father. How can we do that to The Father Yah brothers and sisters?

Let’s go to John 10 because it’s very important that we understand this. Galatians 4:9 asked us, how do you go back to these elementary matters after you having been knowing about Yah? And then he goes on to say to which you wish to be enslaved again. So you go back to the nature and ways of sin, transgressing the law so you can be caught up in sin again and become a servant to sin. How do you do that? You can only do that when you don’t know the voice of Yah. Remember all this that Shaul is talking about…talking about being a believer…Abraham knew the Father’s voice…if you don’t know Yah’s voice you are going to accept any voice. Let’s look at that.

John 10:1-16 v. 1-3 See when you are known by Yah, you have heard His voice and you know who He is. This is what Shaul is talking about, those of you that have heard and Yah knows who you are…why do you not listen to His voice and fall into the weak elementary levels? There is no debating on whether the Messiah existed or not. We know He did. Because the Word tells us and we believe in Yah’s Word. Wo we are not going to debate with those who do not believe in this Messianic understanding. That’s for children. I remember a few years ago, when I was in my early twenties and one of my nephews about 8 years old…do you know I found myself in an argument with my little nephew?…this was in the 90s (laughs) about whether Michael Jackson was black or not. See, the only MJ he knew was the lighter-skinned MJ. And of course, I remember MJ from the 70s when he was with the Jackson 5. But I found myself you know…that’s madness! Likewise, with the word…if you know the word, there’s no need to argue with the word because you can’t convince nobody to do nothing. That’s not even your position. All you can do is tell them. And pray that their hearts are open to Yah. so we don’t get into those types of arguments.

Abraham the believer heard Yah’s voice and believed. Once you hear Yah’s voice you have to be obedient to it…you have to. v.4 When we hear Yah’s voice that’s when we follow. Those Galatians up there heard the voice of Yah through the teachings of one of Yah’s servants. One of Yah’s emissaries brought them the truth yet they heard another voice and they choose to follow that other voice. How do you go back into the weak elementary matters? That stuff is A,B,Cs and you are in algebra right now. And you are headed toward geometry and calculus and those things. So don’t go back to third grade math. Don’t go back and try to learn how to do subtraction and division when Yah has already showed you greater. See, that’s on you. No man can take blame for your fault. You can’t say, ‘well, obadiyah them did try to teach me and they saw me going to another doctrine.’ That’s not my job, you already know what is being taught. You have already heard. All I can say to you is brother don’t do it. why are you doing it? Remember this is where you are. But if you choose to go  because you are not listening to Yah’s word…how will you listen to mine? I’m just a man. And Yah’s Creator of all. There’s nothing one man can do to convince you of anything. You can only give advice. And they choose. Or they can reject it.

v. 5 I’m not trying to hear the voice of the stranger. Y’all know how we teach the children, never talk to strangers. Never give a stranger conversation. Why should children never give strangers conversation? Because they are a stranger and can EASILY deceive that child into believing that he is a good guy. We don’t know if he is good or bad. We don’t know if he is for Yah or for satan. So we are likewise as little children in the eyesight of Yah. We should not talk to strangers either, because a stranger can convince us that he is good, when he is bad. A stranger wants us to leave Yah and follow another way. So we don’t give ear to strangers because we hear Yah’s voice and we flee from the stranger. We holler ‘STRANGER DANGER’ lol, y’all remember that? (from the 80s) And we flee we don’t give them ear. A stranger brothers and sisters is someone who is bringing you something other than the word of Yah. Since you know Yah’s voice, you know what Yah requires, a stranger will be someone who brings you something different.

v. 6-7 Now all of us understood what Yahoshua was saying because Yah has granted us that Spiritual understanding. But people who heard His physical voice in that day didn’t understand what he had just said. It’s clear to us because Yah’s Ruach is dwelling upon us. He’s leading and guiding us to a greater understanding. His Spirit is with us y’all. That’s how you know where the Spirit of Yah dwells because you see it on the person not only in their speech but in their actions halleluYah. Just stick with what is given…Yah. Don’t be seduced by the pimp game…Yahcwah, Yahuah, Yahwishi-washi (and all those false names). That’s real(talk). Just because you see someone speaking Hebrew doesn’t mean they are a righteous man. The pharisees had ancient Scripts. They probably had the exact Scripts that Isaiah himself wrote down in their possession. Yet when salvation stood before their face and told them what thus saith Yah, they could not even comprehend that. And they came against that. They didn’t even know that they were fighting against Yah. Yet they holler about Yah and the laws of Yah and yet they themselves are not of Yah.

v.8 So who came before Him? Oh, before Yahoshua came on the scene there were a ton of guys saying ‘I am Messiah’. They said, ‘I am the re-incarnated David’. ‘I am this and that’. He said all who came before Me are thieves and robbers. But the sheep didn’t hear them (the false messiahs) halleluYah. v. 9 What door is He talking about? The door to the kingdom. the door to salvation. He is the way and the door to salvation. He is the way, the truth and the life. Those who want to come to Yah must come through Him. v. 10 A thief comes to steal, kill and destroy! That’s what these pharisees who came into the midst of the Galatians came to do…to steal, kill and destroy. To steal the crown of those people who were walking with Yah, those Gentiles and Hebrews that were up there. Those pharisees sent their false doctrines just like they are doing today…trying to send their false doctrines into the midst of the congregation to steal, kill and destroy.

v. 11-12 Some of these that are over congregations they are nothing but hirelings (a mercenary, motivated for money or gain) a false prophet comes in the midst of them…that’s why it’s so many congregations are filled with deception. That’s why so many congregations are just filled with sin. Because it started with the leadership at the top…they did NOT protect the flock. They did not giver over to the flock because they did not look at the flock as their own. They do not look to protect the flock and they do not put down their life for the flock. They give the flock over to false prophets. And false prophets com and devour the sheep and scatter them! How do I know this? Well, many of you in this room right now came from these congregations. Many of you in this room now were part of some of those camps. And many of you in this room right now are a witness that the leadership was taken down at those congregations by false prophets and the sheep were scattered all over the place. So we have to protect this with our lives…that’s why we throw passion on it. Sometimes we come up here and we have to get bold with it. We have to speak a little extra loud but it’s all done in love. Because Yah has placed this congregation, this assembly under our charge and we have to protect it with our life. So when we see our brothers and sisters falling away…falling after false teachings, doctrines…we will try to grab you back but that’s all we can do. We can say hey ‘this is what Yah requires’. That’s it. Like I say, we can’t convince you of anything…if that’s on your heart then that’s on your heart. You have to take that up with the Father to remove it. So we say halleluYah to Yah. So, we don’t want to deal with hirelings. Let me just give this quick example about a hireling. I remember when I was growing up. My mom use to buy me gym shoes, that’s what we called them in Chicago. They call them sneakers in other places but in Chicago we call them gym shoes when I was like 5 to 16. When I first got my first job at 16…then I started buying my own shoes. Now when my mom use to buy my clothing and shoes, I did not care. I would go outside in the mud and get them all muddy. I would rip them up within a week. I would rip up my pants. But when I started buying that stuff myself with my own hard-earned paycheck…you know flipping all those McDonald’s burgers myself…oh when I bought some shoes you better believe they were sparkling and shining. If mud was on the sidewalk…I would cross the street. I carried a toothbrush in my back pocket! I would scrape the mud off with my toothbrush, you know (laughs). I learned to protect what was mine because I understood how hard it was to get those things. But when someone else was giving it to you, its like you take if for granted. So this is what Yahoshua is saying right here. Those who love the sheep and have the sheep under their protection, they will give their life for the sheep. But those that are just hirelings they will take all for granted saying ‘oh man nobody’s paying me for this man.’ ‘I ain’t wasting my time with this’. This is their attitude. We are not hirelings her…we are shepherds. And Yahoshua is our shepherd. He is the Good Shepherd that shepherds us all.

v.14 I love this Scripture…I am the Good Shepherd. I know mine and mine know Me. That’s deep. This is what Shaul was talking about…when you have been known by Yah. v. 15-16 The other sheep that He’s talking about is the Gentiles brothers and sisters. This is who He’s talking about. Let’s go back to Galatians 4. This is what Shaul is saying here if you don’t have the Spiritual understanding of the law, you are still a sinner because you are doing it according to the flesh. The understanding of Torah has been delivered to us by Yahoshua ha Maschiach. So this is what Shaul is saying, telling the Galatians that they were going backwards and not forward.

Galatians 4 v. 10 Shaul is talking about the practices of the Gentiles brothers and sisters. Like calling out their calendar, remember they kept a winter solstice. They kept spring fertility rights which is now called easter. The winter solstice is now called christmas. They kept the new year…how can you have a brand new year in the middle of the winter? That takes place in the middle of the night? That doesn’t sound right. But this is what he’s talking about, you observe days, months, seasons and years…all the Gentile holidays. v. 11 Man! All that time and labor that brother spent up there teaching them, he said I fear it could be all in vain. I taught y’all about Messiah, I taught y’all about belief in the Messiah. I taught y’all the truth of Yah and it may be in vain (for nothing) because y’all are persuaded by false prophets.

v. 12 He begged them to follow his example. Because we all need an example brothers and sisters. We need to look at one of our physical brothers or sisters and pattern our walk after theirs. We know how the Messiah walked and ultimately that’s what we want to do. But if we see a brother that’s closer to the Messiah’s walk than ours is then that’s something we can physically see. It’s always good to look at your brother and sisters as examples for your own self. ‘Man, that brother over there, he does not say those things I heard the other brothers saying…I’m going to start doing like him.’ That was a pattern I did even when I was not in this truth and was growing up. There were certain friends that I patterned my life after because I saw how they were respected by the community because they were not out there doing the crazy thuggish things. I patterned my behavior after there’s. They were great examples for me. Next time I see that brother, I will tell him this. We are the same age but he was a role model to me and so there’s nothing wrong with that. I look at some of you brothers and sister’s walks here and I say wow I can add that to what I’m doing. I like how he’s doing that. We should not be ashamed to say this because we have to strengthen and encourage one another. Shaul is not trying to gain a following , he just wants to be an example. Shaul said ‘I’m not following all that stuff that the Gentiles are doing’. ‘I’m not following that false good news’. ‘Y’all seen me…I’m up here before y’all face to face and I’ve taught y’all these things, y’all know who I am’. This is what Shaul is telling them. ‘Y’all didn’t wrong me by what you are doing’. <–from verse 12.

v. 13-14 They received him as a messenger from Yah through Yahoshua. When we go speak to people they have to see Yah through us. They have to see Messiah through us. If we are trying to live and walk as Messiah walked, they have to see that. Shaul said y’all didn’t reject me, I have my trials and weakness in the flesh (too). We all have our trials of the flesh. They saw this and did not reject him. They still said he is  a servant of Yah. They still understood what he was teaching because it came from Yah. They still understood the Spirit upon Shaul was Yah’s Ruach. They did not reject him because they saw his trial in flesh, whatever it was that Shaul was going through.

v. 15-16 Here it says have I become your enemy speaking truth to you? (The Scriptures) but in the KJV it says, how have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth? Have I become your enemy speaking the laws and commandments to you? v. 17 He’s talking about the false prophets. v. 18 He’s saying don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t just be good when the teacher is in front of you. But always be good. Don’t just be good because Shabbat class is going on. Don’t just wear your tassels because Shabbat class is going on. Don’t give your shalom because Shabbat class is going on…but when it’s not going on…be true. v. 19-20 ‘birth pains’ meaning he will be with them until Messiah is formed in them…or until they get it right. He said I am going to be striving with you. These things we are going through as a congregation are birth pains. We have to stick to it until Messiah is formed fully in each and every one of us.

v. 21-22 Watch the wisdom here. Shaul is about to breakdown something here and it’s very profound. He’s about to talk about Abraham’s two sons. Abraham’s sons…Yitzshaq (Isaac) and Ishmayah (Ishmael) were born by two different women.  Ishmayah was born first by Hagar the Egyptian woman. The Egyptian woman represents the physical, slavery and Sarah and Yitzshaq represent the Spiritual understanding and freedom. That’s what Shaul is about to break down to you. A very good comparison here. He says this in verse 23. Remember Yah promised Abraham and Sarah, that they would have a son and Sarah laughed because she said even in my old age? So Yitzshaq represents the promise directly from Yah. Now, Sarah wanted a child so bad that she could not wait on Yah. She went and go her female servant and had her husband to take the female servant and go into her and have a child. So that’s why Hagar represents that fleshly…doing things without Yah’s guidance, not waiting on Yah and doing what you want to do. And that was not a good thing. So Hagar a slave, servant to Sarah, she (Hagar) represents slavery and the physical.

v.24 This is an allegory (symbolism) or an example. Remember when we got the covenant from Mount Sinai as Moses delivered the children of Yisrayl and gave them the laws. Yah gave them to us and we went on the physical leaving the Spiritual. So remember if you are not doing Torah correctly…you are still in a sinful state (the flesh). Before we got the laws, before Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, we were having orgies, parties and getting our groove on. And serving the elohim. So that represents slavery because when we break the law that came down from Mt. Sinai we were sinning to the curses. And part of the curses was what? Slavery. So this is what he’s saying. If you break that covenant (law) you are going into slavery in ships. By a way I have said to you and you will see it no more and there you shall serve your enemy as bondsmen and bondswomen. And no man shall buy you out (of this situation) Deuteronomy 28:68.

v. 25 Look at that. Yahrusalem is in slavery with her children. The children of Yahrusalem are the children of Yisrayl. The children of Yisrayl are suffering from slavery right now and look at our city…the Jews have it under their control. They have split it up with the Palestinians. They have split it up with the Catholics and other Christians. Our city is in slavery and so are we. We are both enslaved. Old Yahrusalem.

v. 26 Yahrusalem above is free…that’s where Yah dwells coming down from heaven will be the new Yahrusalem, right! v. 27-28 He is explaining to them Isaiah 54:1, the 2 covenants the physical and Spiritual…the 2 children of Abraham the physical one and the Spiritual one. All the promises were made to Yitzshaq and Yitzshaq’s seed. So he is the child of promise. v. 29-30 He’s making an allegory. The Scripture says cast out the female servant and her son. The son of the slave woman will not be an heir with the son of the free woman. v. 31 We are free brothers and sisters. We have been freed. We have been sent into slavery under curses and now we are being freed under obedience. That’s why we read the blessings in here every week, every Shabbat…we read Deuteronomy 28:1-14…the blessings.

Let’s go to Galatians 5. We are almost done y’all.

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