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I Need Your Prayers

I usually don’t post on the Shabbat, other than a Praise post or a thank you/Shabbat Shalom post. Today is different. My sister told me some terrible news today. She said the doctor found a spot on my dad’s bone. He received chemo back in May and the spot disappeared. However, he has not been going to get the rest of his chemo and not telling her why (she is a nurse). She will be going Monday to find out what is going on with him because she thinks he is not telling all. I need your prayers. Please petition Yah with me for the health of my dad. Please I am begging, we all know that Yah hears the prayers of the righteous. Thank you and Shabbat Shalom. Love Ashantiyah.

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I was in the bookstore the other day. I did not see any interesting book(s) to buy but I thought these pins were interesting especially the last pin. It says, “I read banned books.” I smiled when I saw it. Click on image to read up close.

I put the ten commandments at my front door next to my peace lily. Love it.

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Did y’all see that the U.S. has plans to make an armed department called ‘Space Force’? It will be set up by the year 2020 said the Vice President today.  Something that I have been thinking about for awhile…if Russia could hack into the U.S. election system, if that is true…couldn’t Russia/other countries hack into U.S weapons systems? And shut the weapons system down, not being able to shoot down any incoming missiles? After all, there is a reason why Yah said Mystery Babylon will go down in one hour…

Something else I saw interesting today…not that I follow this person but Alex Jones was kicked off FB, YT and Apple for hate speech.

Just thought y’all would find these stories interesting. Yah bless.


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In the Garden: Our New Barn

….well not barn but a shed although, it looks like a barn I joked. I told my mother, “all we need now are some chickens.” She laughed.

I bought this dandelion weeder here leaning against the house from Ace Hardware. This is one of the best $15 I have ever spent. Not only does it weed all kinds of weeds but it gets in the cracks and crevices without me having to put my hand near. I even use it under shrubs and we all know that snakes like to lay up under shrubs. It’s lightweight and easier to handle than a regular garden hoe, in my opinion (click on the image to get a better view). My male kin-folk joked that he will use this to kill a snake. I put this weeder in one area to store and he moved it to where he keeps instruments to kill dangerous critters…