Staying Pure in an Evil World

Excerpt from a book that I am reading: (David), the psalm writer posed a question that all believers should ask: How can we remain pure when we live in a filthy environment? The answer is found in Psalm 119:9: “How can a young person stay pure? By obeying Your word and following (Your law).” YahoshuaContinue reading “Staying Pure in an Evil World”

The Mercy and Love of Yah

Excerpt from a book that I am reading: Yeremiyah 31:3 is a statement of love and restoration that comes after dark prophetic predictions of Yah punishing (our) people. Even when Yah allows us to suffer the consequences of our sin, He does not withhold His mercy. Long ago the Most High said to Ysrayl: “IContinue reading “The Mercy and Love of Yah”