Free Your mind From Captivity

The news you can use: The new air Jordans came out yesterday (Dec. 23). Nike was the goddess of victory. The originally came out around 1995 or 1996. People were killed for them when they first came out.  They went wild yesterday…shooting and crying for the shoes. Only 100 pairs in some stores. MichaYah Yordan (Michael Jordan) means oneContinue reading “Free Your mind From Captivity”

Did Shaul Do Away with the Laws? Part 1a

One of the Christians favorite doctrines and one of their favorite people of the Bible is the emissary Shaul (Paul). They love to base everything of their belief on a few twisted verses that they have twisted from Shaul’s letters. They have put Shaul’s letters over the teachings of the Messiah. And because Christianity has done thisContinue reading “Did Shaul Do Away with the Laws? Part 1a”

What Are Your Intentions?

The Israelites at IsraeliteHeritage were talking about a movie that is coming out in 2012 in ‘the news you can use’ yesterday in Shabbat. The movie is called ‘Asher’.  The movie stars Danny Glover and Micah Phiffer (sp?). It is based on the New York Israelites. The NY Israelites will be portrayed as terrorists. SoContinue reading “What Are Your Intentions?”

Isaiah 53:Yahoshua Is Our Messiah

Non-Messianics love to say this chapter, Isaiah 53 is not about Yahoshua and is about Israel. Yahoshua was prophesied to come not that He was already there. It (Isaiah 53) is a major prophesy of Messiah. There are 12 verses. Don’t be deceived by non-Messianics. Isaiah 53:1 Arm of Yah=Yahoshua. Right hand=power, My right hand ManContinue reading “Isaiah 53:Yahoshua Is Our Messiah”

Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 4

There was even a situation where David had sinned and Yah brought plaues down upon the children of Israel because David had sinned. David numbered Israel, a sin. So Yah stopped it. Yah even had compassion on that situation. Yah stopped death angels. He told them…that is enough, don’t harm anymore. If you read throughoutContinue reading “Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 4”

Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 3

When the Babylon army came through, there were some Israelites that did not go into captivity into Babylon. But these Israelites (the disobedient ones) are going to take Yah’s mercy and stomp on it. Yah told them to stay in Yahudah. He sent Yermiyah to them saying y’all stay here. I will not allow y’all toContinue reading “Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 3”

Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 2

*The Shabbat lessonyesterday was a rebroadcast on the lesson I already posted to you about ha shatan being the high priest once. There was no news you can use given this week. But I did hear this morning that congress is thinking about censoring the internet again. Isaiah 49:13 Sing O heavens! Be joyful O earth!Continue reading “Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 2”