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Free Your mind From Captivity

The news you can use: The new air Jordans came out yesterday (Dec. 23). Nike was the goddess of victory. The originally came out around 1995 or 1996. People were killed for them when they first came out.  They went wild yesterday…shooting and crying for the shoes. Only 100 pairs in some stores. MichaYah Yordan (Michael Jordan) means one who is like Yah who has descended down in Hebrew. He is called the basketball god. Larry Bird gave them this name (?). The killings were sacrifices to the god Nike. The highest sacrifice is the death of a Hebrew. The ancient gods were black-skinned but the next time they may be white (upon their return). M.J. never makes a statement on the killings. satan is the ruler of the air=air jordans. This occurred after the winter solstice and before Christmas. These shoes are $180 dollars. I have on $40 dollar shoes.

The shoes were an old model put out again. So why put them out again? They know why. Nike shoes have wings. This was one of the most popular models air Jordan’s made.

Shroud of Torah: image of a Gentile man said to Jesus. Tests on it say it is real in an article. It is not real. Yahoshua was not a Gentile. And Yah would not leave something like that behind because people would worship it. People are already worshipping it.

A mason named Da Vinci had fallen angel knowledge. He drew helicopters 500 years ago. They may say fallen angels, aliens are real soon. All of this is prep for the man of sin.

Start looking for them to validate Islam and say all religions are the same. Many will worship the man of sin of all religions.

Now they say the earth has more than 1 moon. Yah only talks about 1 moon. We can’t listen to all these people say y’all!

Those ‘extra moons’ are ships. The fallen want help from mankind to fight against Yah. They want the earth destroyed.

Cops say they are ready for war…they have tanks. Who are they going to war with? The urban community. This is why the troops are coming home.

From the article: There are 2 murders a year in Fargo North Dakota. Who are they warning against? They have no terrorist there she said in the article. They are widening highways everywhere for tanks. Military to come into the inner cities–they came to get Stephenos and Yahoshua and others so don’t be afraid family when they come to get us. Be prepared.

The lesson: free your mind from captivity. I am just a messenger. Yah’s thoughts and ways are above ours. satan thinks on the flesh. This is a wicked oppressive world. We will fall the key is to endure. In John 8 Yahoshua had mercy on her because Yah had mercy on Him. Burdens stop you from growing. You have freedom with Yah. Burdens=captivity.

Morpheus told Neo about the prison of the mind. You have to live according…You know Yah, Yahoshua and you are the chosen people. Do you think Isaiah would be mopping around? Don’t make your walk a burden. Do the law, commandments don’t add traditions. Miseducation of the negro book: quote the negro has been going to the back door so long that if you tell him he doesn’t anymore he will still go to the back door unquote. Demons attack the mind.

John 8:32 Lincoln, the Gentiles did not free us. The truth freed us. Captivity=we are not free.

Some people tell me I can’t wear blue jeans. See that is an extra burden. Yah doesn’t care which egg I eat or which peanut butter I ate. Yah wants to know if you keep law.

Matthew 15:1-20 Some of you still do traditions. v. 1-2 traditions of elders are not Yah’s laws. v. 3-5 They put burdens on the people. v. 6-9 They teach traditions of men. v. 10-11 Why do we emphasize organic eggs vs. regular eggs? We put burdens on each other. ‘Organic’ is a title that is owned by the government and you need clearance to use it. A regular farmer can not use the word ‘organic’ on his or her products. Organic costs much more. Yah protects us…we don’t need organic. v.12 How dare you they said. v. 13-14 Yahoshua said don’t worry about them and their traditions. v. 15-17, v.17 impurities are taken out of our bodies but we try to buy ‘mastercleanse’ anyway. We don’t need to buy mastercleanse. v. 18-20 Sin defiles He said…not dirt or germs on hands.

Colossians 2:8 The world traditions are not of Messiah. Don’t let childish ‘elementary’ things burden you. If Yah says this meal is clean…eat. Some Gentiles say not to eat meat. Isaac asked for meat on his death-bed. Chickens are a clean bird. Some say chickens eat their own wastes? Y’all don’t  believe it. We love chicken. Chicken is cheap. Lamb is very expensive. We have to eat chicken to feed our families. All the poison is really in the air…one day they will be charging for air. (lol in the room). Telling women not to wear pants…that’s a burden. Will you wear a dress in a blizzard?

Matthew 23:4, 13-14 They put burdens on the people. Now she will go out and buy extra with no money to keep warm (because she is told she can’t wear pants). If you are a liar why do you need to burden yourself with extra. Concentrate on not sinning…not burdens. Healthy food=bread of Yah. v. 13-15, v. 13 You stop yourself and people from entering the kingdom by stopping them from focusing on Yah and Yahoshua.

Food Inc. was a book and movie about not eating meat. Don’t believe everything y’all. Yah’s book says there are clean meats. No one was ever stricken in the Bible for eating clean meats. They believe meats cause cancer. Sickness is Spiritual. The body rejuvenates when we sleep…they want to live forever.

Thomas Jefferson said if there is a God we should tremble because of what we did to them (the Israelite slaves).

Perfect your walk, don’t worry about burdens. v. 14 Why are you praying for 30 minutes?! Some Israelites teach to pray for a certain amount of time. Long prayers are to show off. We are to do it 3 times a day but not long prayers. v. 15 They are dedicated aren’t they? Jehovah Witnesses come to every door and the GMS on every block in NY.

A burden: tassels tied a certain way. The Book says even the righteous will barely make it in so why worry about burdens?

Steve Jobs was a naturalist and died of cancer.

Shabbat was created for man. It is not a burden. Some teach not to drive, turn on a light, roll the toilet paper…BURDENS. It is lawful to do good on Shabbat. If you need to eat buy some food to eat on the Shabbat. Jews will not use the elevator on Shabbat…no understanding of Scripture.

1 Peter 4:18 Scarcely making it in.

Yahoshua said eat of Him=live. The Gentiles write many books telling us how to eat. If a man is born with an illness…who sinned more their father or mother? This is from Scripture, the Israelites knew illness is Spiritual. Job said hide me in the grave…when persecution comes…man will wish to die (from Revelation).

John 17:13-16 The world hates us. We are not of the world. But we interact with them to deliver the truth.

Locusts or grasshoppers are clean food, you say ewwww but you use to eat pork chops!

Isaiah 65:2-5 They think they are holier than us and they eat swine. Don’t look down on people.

1 Corinthians 8:8-13 See that? Extra burdens causes weak people to stumble. Don’t eat McDonald’s in front of your brother if you know it will cause your brother to stumble.

Colossians 2:16-18 Don’t judge each other about eating meat…keep the laws. Don’t put ‘extra’ non Scripture on people. Genesis 7:22 clean/unclean animals were put on the ark. The Gentiles fight against Yah saying the original diet…there was no meat-eating. v. 18 They bring you in to worship fallen angels, fleshly mind=your own traditions. Tell people who the fallen will return. Warn them. Fallen angels fell with satan before creation. After creation the watchers slept with women. Giants…Yah killed them. Giants are the demons, their spirits live on. Fallen angels are different from demons.

Sidenote in the room: CNN had a documentary on the virgin mary saying she is more popular than the Messiah. They don’t know who they are praying to.

They are digging up nephilium bones trying to get the DNA to recreate them. (google the images).

A burden: they say you can’t eat cheese with your meat. No Yah does not want us to boil a goat with its mother’s milk.

Seedless fruit? The seeds are just very small. We can eat it. But don’t eat genetically modified fruit.

Proverbs 3:31 Do not envy an oppressor and choose none of his ways.

Follow Yah’s ways.

makeup? In Enoch, 200 of the watchers taught painting faces for war. Not talking about women wearing makeup here. They taught weapons to fight Yah too. Jasher 16 they wanted to fight Yah. The titans fell with satan. Yah locked up 20 watchers. 180 watchers are left. The watchers were the young gods and they fought the old gods (Titans).

Psalm 91:10-16 Trust Yah. He will deliver us. No plague will come near our tents. Bless your food before you eat.

Matthew 11:29-30 Yahoshua’s burden is light…no extra burdens…bring it to Him.

Galatians 5:1 Yahoshua made us free from captivity. Live a free life in Yah. halleluYah.

Q and A: Can we eat vinegar? Because Yahoshua refused vinegar on the stake. Answer: They teach that. Can you imagine a hot dog with the mustard? We can have vinegar.

The cord of blue? sky blue? Just blue. No shade is mentioned.

Rayhab? Was this a planet? who lived there? Where did Cain get a wife? Rayhab was inhabited by the fallen angels between Jupiter and Mars. It was destroyed by Yah in Psalms 89:10. Jasher 1:33-34 Cain wandered east of Eden…son named Enoch. Cain married his sister. Adam and Eve  had daughters. Jubilees 2 chapter 4 Cain’s wife was his sister.

My sister’s friend is a Hebrew Israelite and is one fire for the truth. He studies at other camps. He talks about chakras. Breakdown this and why we should not do this? Kumdalini is a serpent. They are energy points. Seven points from the butt to the head. It’s fallen angel teaching given by satan. They think they will live forever with this. Yet doctors know sleep=regeneration, the body regenerates itself.

video games? ok? which ones ok? Distinguish—pacman is ok if you like old school Mario brothers.. WarGames, sports we play. Word of warcraft, el shaddai are not good. Don’t be a witch in a game. Discernment is necessary.

John 3:6-13 v. 13 He is the only to die, rise, go to heaven. Yahoshua gave him prophesy.

blood transfusions against the law? Yah does give assistance. Yah will guide your doctor. That is a Jehovah witness doctrine. They don’t do transfusions. Seek medical attention if you need it. We will be healing one day…free.

I wasn’t feeling well earlier today. But I felt better this evening baby. I will finish listening to the law lesson tomorrow. Love you.

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Did Shaul Do Away with the Laws? Part 1a

One of the Christians favorite doctrines and one of their favorite people of the Bible is the emissary Shaul (Paul). They love to base everything of their belief on a few twisted verses that they have twisted from Shaul’s letters. They have put Shaul’s letters over the teachings of the Messiah. And because Christianity has done this a lot of people especially Hebrew Israelites that know they are Hebrews, they look at this and say well Shaul can’t be a true apostle because his words are being put over the Messiah. Shaul did not do that…people have done this to him. He will be shown to be our brother because he would teach and believe the same thing that we do. He believed in Yahoshua ha Machiach and keeping the commandments of Yah, just as we teach. Shaul is our brother. Yahoshua said who is My mother, brother, sister are those who do the will of My Father. Shaul was an apostle that did such.

Now in part 1 we will deal with just showing you what Shaul says about himself. We will show you some of the teachings that he gave. In part 2 we are going to come back and go through the books of Galatians. We will go through several chapters of Galatians and show you that Shaul was not saying you don’t have to keep the law anymore. Because if you understand the foundation…if the man said hey…you have to keep the law…you can’t be a sinner…you have to know what end of the law that Shaul was saying was done away with. There is a part of the law…not done away with…as if it were never going to be again, because even the feasts days will come back when we get back into the land. So we have to know what Shaul is saying here and he will tell you what he’s saying so that’s what this lesson is going to be about. Did Shaul do away with Yah’s laws?

So first we will look at something Kepha said. Kepha gives you a great warning. So we will look at what Kepha  said then…Shimon Kepha  is his name. The Messiah gave him the name the rock (Kepha).  So, let’s go to 2 Peter. People always want to say ‘Shaul is the anti-Christ’, ‘Shaul is the false prophet’, ‘Shaul’s writing…’he’s teaching against the law’. No he’s not. You have to understand what this brother is saying and who he is teaching. We will see this warning that Kepha gave concerning Shaul’s writings. This is critical. This is why Christians don’t understand anything Shaul has written.

2 Peter 3:15-16 And consider the patience of our Master as salvation, as also our brother Shaul according to the wisdom given to him has written to you. v. 16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters in which are some things hard to understand, which untaught and unstable people twist to their own destruction, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures.

You see that? He said that Shaul writes in all his letters all these matters which some are hard to understand. Of course there hard to understand…if you don’t have understanding (from Yah). Because he said those who are untaught and unstable twist to their own destruction as they do the other Scriptures. Do you see what he is saying here? He said they are twisting Shaul’s letters like they twist the other Scriptures. That’s why there are people running around talking about Shaul was teaching against the law because they don’t understand. It’s hard for someone to understand what Shaul is saying if they don’t understand the Scriptures themselves. So this is an excellent warning from our brother Kepha about our brother Shaul.

Now, let’s look at this. Who was Shaul? Let’s look at some very interesting things about this emissary by the name of Shaul. Because he was not one of the original 12 apostles or emissaries that were hand-picked by The Messiah. He was not one of the original twelve. Shaul came along much later but if you were in Christianity you would have thought that Shaul was one of the twelve…not only one of the twelve but you would have thought that he was Yahoshua…the way they twist his writings. Do you see how Kepha said they twist Shaul’s letters the same way they twist the other Scriptures? You have Israelites that twist the Scriptures and twist Shaul’s writings. I’m talking about Israelites that know their Israelites but especially those Israelites that are serving the (pagan) gods of Christianity. You try to tell them, hey, we have to keep the law…you know…the prophets said this…The Torah says this, The Messiah said it but then they will take you to something Shaul said and say see, ‘this proves’…you don’t even understand what this man is talking about. Their was not one emissary or apostle that ever made a claim that we don’t have to keep the law. I’m talking about the law unto salvation…the ten commandments, the dietary law and all these things. The sacrificial law…that is on hold. The feast days are on hold until we are brought back into a greater presence with Yah (Yahrusalem). But the other laws we still have to keep…the dietary law…the laws of clean and unclean, the ten commandments and so forth.

So when Shaul was speaking to the Gentiles or the Hebrew mixed congregations up in Europe, he had already taught them what they are supposed to be doing. And when you get into the book of Galatians and Shaul tells you in Galatians…who brought you this false good news? Who has brought you another good news? So Shaul goes throughout the book of Galatians to explain to the Galatians over again just what the true Good News is. That’s what he’s talking about…things he had already taught them. Because the Galatians and the Europeans still had one foot in and one foot out. They loved hearing the word of Yah but they were still surrounded by paganism that was part of their culture. They were still having a problem leaving that paganism and coming fully to Yah just as we Israelites have a problem doing today. The writings of Shaul are letters, like we write e-mails to each other. They are not Scripture really like Torah is Scripture. They are just letters. But I know Yah has allowed Shaul’s letters to be in here for a purpose. So, we can see how the apostles carried out the we can do likewise. Let’s look at who was Shaul before we go into what he taught. Let’s look at who was Shaul?

Let’s go to Acts 7. In this chapter the emissary Stephenos was being stoned here. Because you had these false Hebrew bringing charges against Stephenos as they bring charges against us in this day saying Stephenos was teaching against the law. Saying Stephenos was teaching against Moshe, saying Stephenos was teaching against Yahoshua and thing like that. While emissary Stephenos was being stoned we will see who was right there at the stoning. We will see who Shaul was from the beginning.

Acts 7:58 and they cast him out of the city and stoned him. And the witnesses laid down their clothes at the feet of a young man named Shaul.

So those who were there at the stoning of Stephenos, they took off their coats for a longer arm stretch I guess so they could throw bricks a little harder. So they took off their garments and laid them at Shaul’s feet. Shaul was there watching this emissary, Stephenos get stoned to death because he was teaching this Messianic belief.

Acts 8:1-3 Now Shaul was consenting (approving) to his death. On that day there was a great persecution against the assembly which was at Yahrusalem and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Yahudah and Samaria except the apostles.

So Shaul was giving approval to his (Stephenos) death. v. 2 And dedicated men buried Stephenos and made great lamentation over him. v. 3 But Shaul was ravaging the assembly, entering every house and dragging off men and women committing them to prison.

So Shaul was going to arrest Messianic believers…why? Because they believed in Messiah. They believed in Yahoshua and Shaul was persecuting the brothers and sisters. This is who this man was. He was a persecutor first. Before he became a Messianic believer…he persecuted the believers. He approved of those who killed Stephenos and he was revenging it says…the assembly. DEEP. Let’s go to Acts 9. We had to know who he was to get a greater understanding of who he became. I know when we were in Christianity and Islam and when we were not knowing who Yah was…we were the same type of person. I mean we didn’t go to extremes of dragging people off and putting them into prison…well some of us may have but we were that type of person. Meaning that when people tried to bring truth to us hey, truth probably was brought to us several times and you probably just flat our rejected it. Because you were under the same spirit that Shaul was under. You didn’t want to hear.

Acts 9:1-2 Then Shaul, still breathing threats and murder against the taught ones of The Master went to the high priest and asked letters from him to the congregations of Damascus so that if he found any who were of ‘The Way’ whether men or women, he might bring them bound to Yahrusalem.

So he said let me go to Damascus. Let me go in and kick down their doors. Let me drag them off. Let me bring them before you, whether men or women. He did not care. If you said you served Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach and Shaul heard you…he would persecute you. That’s deep y’all. We have to understand where this brother came from and where he came to be. Notice, it says if he found any that were of ‘The Way’. ‘The Way’ was the name of the movement of that day. That was the organization. That was the organization Yah had placed in their hands, that was the name of the organized work that the brothers were doing they called it ‘The Way’ which is short for Yah’s way or the ways of Yah. This is where the name Yahweh comes from…Yah’s way.

Let’s look at another very interesting thing about Shaul. Shaul was an Israelite. He will tell us that. But Shaul belonged to one of the organizations that existed in that time that was against Yah. But they thought they were not against Yah. But, they had put so much garbage into the truth and understanding of Yah. Let’s go to Philippians. Let’s see something else about Shaul. We have to lay the foundation of who this ahk (brother) was, wear he came from, and what he became, and what he did in between. So this is Shaul speaking to the Philippians. This is after his conversion. Now he is the servant whereas he was Shaul the persecutor before.

Philippians 3:5 circumcised the eighth da of the nation of Yisrayl of the tribe of Benyamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews concerning the Torah, a pharisee.

See, Shaul was apart of the pharisee. Let’s go to Acts 23. Yes he was a member of the pharisees. Remember the pharisees were not a nation or people…it was an Israelite organization that existed during the time of Yahoshua. We know the many battles that occurred between Yahoshua and the pharisees. Yahoshua defeated them every time. He demolished them every time. So Shaul said He was circumcised the eighth day which is part of the law. Shaul was an Israelite from the tribe of Benyamin. During Yahoshua’s time…during Shaul’s time…the known tribes that existed in Ysrayl was the tribe of Yahudah/Judah, Benyamin and Levi. So those were the tribes that remained intact during the time of Yahoshua. So he said I’m a Hebrew of Hebrews according to Torah, a pharisee. So Shaul was an Israelite from the tribe of Benyamin and a pharisee.

Acts 23:6 Now Shaul perceived that one part were Sadducees and the other Pharisees he cried out in the council men and brothers, I am a pharisee, the son of a pharisee, concerning the hope and resurrection of the dead I am being judged!

The reason Shaul had to say this to them is because they were accusing him of not keeping the law and we are still being accused as of this day. Who were the pharisee Ahks and Ahkotees? Shaul said ‘I am a pharisee’. ‘I am a member of this organization they call the pharisees’. Who were the pharisees? Let’s go to Matthew 23. We have to break down Shaul’s origins before we break down what he taught. When he came into the truth, he was no longer a pharisees, no longer a part of that organization or the doctrine that organization taught.

Matthew 23:1-2 Then Yahoshua spoke to the multitudes and to His taught ones saying the scribes and the pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.

The pharisees were a group of religious leaders of that day and the scribes were responsible for translating Scripture and writing things down that’s what scribes do…write. So Yahoshua said they sit on the seat of Moshe. What does it mean to sit on the seat of Moshe? Moshe was a servant of Yah who by the inspiration of Yah gave the children of Yisrayl the Torah…gave the children of Yisrayl the law. Moshe was a Torah teacher. He was a law teacher. So when Yahoshua said the pharisee sit on the seat of Moses, He was saying the pharisees are the teachers of the law. The pharisees taught the law but they did something else…they were hypocrites. They would tell you what you were not supposed to do but they themselves did not do it. Yahoshua says in the next verse, verse 3 not to do as they do. But, the pharisees were teachers of the law. So when Shaul said he was a pharisee…he’s telling you that he teaches the law. Nowhere does Shaul say that he stopped teaching the law. Now he has a greater understanding of the law through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. Shaul was teaching the law as the pharisees taught it. Without the Spiritual understanding that Yahoshua came to fulfill…the Spiritual understanding because Yahoshua is the living Torah. So the pharisees could not comprehend…they were stuck on the physical. Shaul could not comprehend, that’s why he persecuted the brothers and sisters when he was in that pharisee doctrine. But when he came out of it and he saw Maschiach (Messiah), then he became a greater servant. He became a servant for the Most High Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiach.

Let’s look at what Shaul taught. Let’s go to Acts 24. Shaul kept the law. Even after he had his awakening. Shaul was not a Christian. That’s a lie. Anybody that ever tell you he’s a Christian or he’s the founder of Christianity…that’s a bold face lie and it’s coming straight from the adversary. Rebuke it early and you better rebuke it sharply. Correct them on that. No, Shaul was not a Christian. If he was alive today, if he was in this room…some of you talk about you don’t like how Ahki (brother) Tobias talks to you…oh, none of y’all would come up in here if Shaul started talking to you. You would say ‘no I’m not going over there…they got that screaming brother over there’. (My sidenote: I don’t think this person Tobias comes to this Shabbat anymore and I haven’t heard any brothers screaming on the mic.) Shaul put it down. He had to be bold because of the things he experienced. He was a man who was on both sides of the fence. He knew what it was like to persecute others because he was a leader of it. So he knew he had to get bold with these Hebrews. He knew when he was under that spirit, he was not hearing nothing else. He knew he had a strong hatred for those serving Yahoshua ha Maschiach. He knew the boldness he had to exhibit yet he would just bring the truth. That’s all he brought just like any other servant of Yah…bringing you that truth.

(talks to someone) kayn (or yes) you have to bring that fire because if you don’t get to the point…if you don’t bring that Yah fearing fire, you will mess around and get into a fist fight with these folks. That’s what Israel does to you. You see how angry they made the meekest man in the world…Scripture says Moshe was the meekest. They got him so angry that he disobeyed Yah. He struck the rock out of his anger because of these stiff-necks. These are the same stiff-necks that Yah said I am slow to anger but he said Israel makes me angry continually…the same people. So you have to understand how to come to Israel. You have to understand the boldness you must have. But at the same time you have to be meek. But you have to be bold too…meaning you don’t back down. As Yah told the prophet Yahzequel (Ezekiel), don’t be afraid of their looks. Their looks can cut you up but don’t you back down from them…deliever My word to them. That’s how we have to do it. Now, look at what Shaul is saying here in Acts 24.

Acts 24:14 But this I confess to you, that according to the way which they call a sect so I worship Yah of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the Torah and in the prophets.

See, he said he worshipped Yah of his fathers. In Shaul’s day there was no such thing as a new testament. He said I believe all that has been written in the Torah. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible. It’s the Hebrew word for Instruction or law. Shaul said he believed in it all (Torah and prophets). He said he worshipped  the same Yah of his fathers. Who is his fathers? The Israelites. Moses is his father, King David is his father…understand? Of his people, he worshipped that same Yah. Christians don’t worship Yah. So Shaul is letting you know, that he believes in the ‘old testament’. Christians don’t believe in the old testament (Torah and prophets). They will tell you that has been done away with, you don’t have to read that. So Shaul is not a Christian, he’s not on accord with that. We know that Christians are the biggest law-less religion in the world. They are the greatest of the law-less religions…it is the leader. So Shaul said I worship Yah and I believe all written in the Torah and the prophets. That’s the same thing we say…don’t we? We say we worship Yah and we believe in the old testament. We believe in the Torah and the prophets. We promote the Torah and the prophets. We teach Torah and the prophets. That’s the same understanding we have.

Let’s continue. Let’s go to Acts 25. This doesn’t sound like a man trying to do away with the law. He could have said he does not worship Yah.

Acts 25:7-8 When he had come the Israelites who had come down from Yahrusalem stood about and laid many serious charges against Shaul which they could not prove.

See, that’s how Israelites do. Crooked Israelites have a whole list of charges they try to throw at you but they can’t prove one thing. They always make accusations against you but can never prove it. v. 8 While he answered in his own defense neither against the law of the Israelites nor against the temple nor against Caesar have I offended in anything (in sin) at all.

He said he did not speak against the Torah. He said he did not sin against the Torah. Remember sin is the transgression of the law. So Shaul is telling them he did not come against the Torah. Why would he come against Torah because he believes in Torah. It would not make sense if a man who believes in Torah to come against Torah. So he’s saying I believe in the law. I didn’t sin. I didn’t come against the Set Apart place (temple). I didn’t come against Caesar. That is how servants of Yah have to be…blameless. So those stiff-necks can’t throw blame at us. And neither can the wild Gentiles throw blame at us. So we don’t break the laws of the land and we don’t break Yah’s laws.

Let’s go to Acts 18. Shaul, even when he kept the feast days, he kept them according to the law. All this we are reading here is when Shaul is righteous. He came into righteousness. Yahoshua came to him. After Yahoshua had ascended to heaven. And Yahoshua spoke to Shaul from heaven and made him his emissary.

Acts 18:21 but took leave of them saying I must by all means keep this coming feast in Yahrusalem but I will return again to you, Yah willing. And he sailed from Ephesus.

Shaul was keeping law here. That’s where the feast were to be kept in Yahrusalem…by all means! I have to go! Because he was a law keeper. He told us in Acts 24, I believe in the Torah. In Acts 25, I have not sinned against Torah. So for a man to have the charge of not keeping law, man, I don’t see it. But let’s continue. Just like in his day…Acts 25:7 said that they were making charges against him which they were unable to prove…the same in this day. Those who spoke against Shaul were unable to prove that he was a false prophet. They were unable to prove that he spoke against the law. So you have this foundation, right here. So everything that proceeds from this point on out…yeah Shaul said I believe in Torah…Shaul said I did not sin against Torah…we see Shaul went back to Yahrusalem to keep a feast day…that’s keeping law. So you have to look at the foundation because by the time you get through with this  and when you get to the book of Galatians and when you read some of the other letters, you will know what he is saying here. He’s not saying you don’t need to keep law anymore. You have to understand which laws is he talking about. How many of y’all out there are sacrificing chickens? Or cows, bulls goats or sheep for your sins? Who’s out there doing that?  But that was part of the law right? Why aren’t you doing that today? Because you have Yahoshua…that’s what Shaul was teaching. See, the Galatians, the Philippians, the Corinthians, they were still surrounded by people sacrificing. They still have animal sacrifice today in some areas. Shaul saw the European people who he had taught…and there was a mixture of the European and Hebrew assembly in some areas…so Shaul was seeing these things and that’s what he told them…that law is no more (sacrificing). But does that mean you can go out and freely sin because you don’t have to slaughter bulls and goats anymore?…Yah forbid! Or certainly not. (talks to someone) Yes brother, that’s exactly what abortion is…sacrificing to their gods…to molech.

Deuteronomy 16:16 Three times a year all your males shall appear before Yah your Abba in the place which He chooses: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, at the Feast of Weeks, and at the Feast of Tabernacles (Booths) and they shall not appear before Yah empty-handed.

Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy are the 5 books of Torah.

Yah choose Yahrusalem as the place to put His name. If you go to 2 Chronicles 7:16 and 2 Chronicles 6:6 Yah says He chose the temple and He chose Yahrusalem for His name.

So Shaul taught to keep Torah. Let’s go to Romans chapter 2. We only have a few more Scripts, we will go into more detail in part 2.  Now, a person that is anti-Torah, anti-Yah…y’all heard those people speak before. When we read these writings of Shaul right here right now I want you to search down in your heart of hearts and you ask yourself, does this sound like a person that is trying to do away with the law? Does this sound like this is a person trying to get me not to keep law? You know what that sounds like, many of you was that person. Like I said earlier you have been in Christianity. You know what its like to teach against the law. You know what it’s like not to serve Yah. You know what it’s like not to serve Yah. You know what it’s like not to keep the laws. So we are going to listen and see if this is what Shaul is saying. You know what a sermon sounds like. And you know what an Israelite teaching sounds like. You know the difference between the two because an Israelite teaching is going to teach you. A sermon is going to rob you (of the truth). So you listen to what the brother (Shaul) is saying here and you make your mind up.

Romans 2:12-29 v. 12 Now remember what sin is brothers and sisters. Sin is the transgression of the law according to 1 John 3:4. Sin equals lawlessness or without the law. So whether you are a sinner or whether you are a righteous person…Torah will still be your judge. Yah’s going to judge you on everything according to Torah that’s why Kepha tells you that the righteous are going to barely make it in! You will barely make it in by the skin of your teeth because Yah will have mercy…Yah will see that you were striving. But there’s so much of the law that we have to keep in our minds, you know because that’s where it starts the mind. The mind represents the Spiritual. v. 13 Now wait a minute. For a man to get the marker of anti-law or anti-Yah…this man is telling you that the doers of the law shall be declared right. Now he was a pharisee. The pharisees spoke the law but they didn’t do the law. Shaul was one of them. Doesn’t the law say thou shall not murder? Thou shall not bear false-witness against your neighbor? Shaul was doing all of that (keeping law) but he was a pharisee and the pharisee were deemed the righteous men of that day. He is telling you because he has been there and knows what he is talking about. But the doers of the law shall be declared right. So if you hear thou shall not fornicate, thou shall not steal yet you go out and steal and fornicate, how can you be declared right when you are sinning? When you are breaking the law? That’s what this man is talking about here. The same thing we teach in here. v. 14 He is saying you have righteous Gentiles out there, that have righteous hearts and don’t even comprehend that they are doing the righteousness of Yah. Do you know why? Because they have not been taught what the righteousness of Yah is. So they become a law to themselves. They don’t become a law to Yah’s law but a law to themselves. In order for you to do right by Yah…you have to know the Father. But the Father will have mercy upon people like that! (that do righteous acts) Do you know what? Many of us were in that same category. We were doing right things, we did righteousness, we treated people well because we have good hearts. But we did not know we were doing it according to the law. But Yah saw it and Yah knew it and then introduced Himself saying ‘hey this is Me’. ‘You are doing what I need you to do’. ‘Now this is what I need you to continue doing’. And you know what? We said Father I’m with you. And He gave us understanding. And so now we are doing the laws of Yah. We no longer do a law to ourselves…according to how we feel about certain things. Because there is still much room for error when we are doing our own way. Even if you are doing it quote unquote ‘righteously’. So if it’s your own way there’s room for error but if you do righteously and you do it by Yah according to Yah’s Torah and you know it’s coming from Yah’s Torah then it’s a different story. Then you have a better chance of being right all the time.

v. 15 Shaul mentions Torah a lot right here but I have not seen him say one time that you don’t have to keep Torah. v. 16-18, v. 18…being instructed out of the Torah! You see that, know the desires (will) of Yah and know what He requires of you. I have been in the midst of people who hate the Torah. I know what that’s like. I don’t see it here. v. 19 If your living without Yah’s truth then you are in darkness. Yah’s truth is the light. The blind are those in the darkness, those that live without Torah, those that live without the knowledge of Yah’s laws and Yah’s righteousness. That’s what darkness is. v. 20-23 Do you see that? He’s speaking of that pharisee understanding. When you teach this truth, your also teaching yourself. When I give you this lesson, words of the week or whatever, myself is included in that. When we learn these things, we are learning together…we teach ourselves. He said do you steal…remember Yahoshua said in Matthew 23:3 that the pharisees…listen to what they say but don’t do as they do. Because they say one thing and do another. They are hypocrites. So this is what Shaul is speaking about here. And he’s speaking of the commandments. The commandments tell us not to steal, commit adultery, and not to bow down to idols. Do you boast in the Torah? Do you disrespect Yah? Yes, when you are out here false flagging. This is what Shaul is talking about. Shaul said to be real in the law…be real in Torah.

v.24 The name of Yah is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you (Israelite) as it has been written. So you are the people of Yah and when you go out here and have Yah’s name on you…you represent Him in every waking moment. Who will tell someone about Yah when you are not living for Yah? How are you going to tell someone not to steal when you are the biggest thief? How are you going to tell someone not to bow down to idols when you are the biggest idol worshipper? v. 25 Whew!!! That’s what I’m saying ahks and ahkotees. He’s talking about those false flaggers right here. Torah tells us to be circumcised in Genesis 17, Yah said this is a sign of the covenant that He made with us, starting with our Father Abraham. So Shaul said if you get circumcised…then break Torah…you are just like a uncircumcised person from breaking the law. See, he’s speaking against transgressing Torah. He’s speaking against sin. He’s speaking against breaking Yah’s laws. Do y’all see that? Or am I just making up something here? Or are we reading the same book? Do you have the super-duper Bible that only you can read? In that super-duper smart Hebrew? Because for you to get a doctrine that says Shaul is teaching against the law you must have some other type Bible. Because this man is saying don’t break the law!

v. 26-27 Speaking to you stiff-necked Hebrews, if a uncircumcised one watches over the righteousness of Torah…he’s doing Torah. When Shaul speaks of the uncircumcised he’s talking about the Gentiles because they were uncircumcised. We were not the only nation to circumise…the Egyptians did it and others did too. The Gentiles loved to be naked and show their uncircumcised. That’s why they call them the uncircumcised. We knew that wildness that they had in them. The same spirit that existed in that day when the righteous servants of Yah had to fight against is the same one that exists today…Yah still fights this same spirit. You know what the spirit says…’oh the Gentiles can’t get salvation blah blah blah’. v. 27 Again, we have these wicked Hebrews out here that are uncircumcised by nature because  it was not the nature of the Gentiles to be circumcised but if he comes into the truth and perfects (fulfills) the law, meaning he will get circumcised in the flesh. He who does the Torah shall judge you…Shaul does not say do away with the Torah…she said perfects the Torah.

v. 28 He’s not saying that you don’t have to be circumcised. He is giving you the Spiritual understanding here. For fleshly Israelites who are out here cussing out folks on the streets do not represent Yah. But they are Israelites according to the flesh. They can be circumcised in the flesh but if their hearts are uncircumcised they will not be counted worthy for the kingdom. The kingdom is made for the children of Yisrayl but if you are not circumcised in your heart…you are not worthy of the kingdom. This is what Shaul is talking about. So those Gentiles who watch over Torah, who are serving Yah will be in the kingdom and you who the kingdom was made for will be outside the kingdom…with gnashing teeth..terrified in the lake of fire. v. 29 So when you have a circumcision Spiritually meaning your mind can comprehend Yah’s truth. Your heart and soul has ben cleansed. And you know how to praise the Father. We know who the physical children of Yisrayl are, it is still important to know who the Israelites are because Shaul told you that he is an Israelite…from the tribe of Benyamin. Yah made a covenant with us. We still will be cursed if we don’t do our end of the covenant. Yet to be one that makes the kingdom…to be that Israelite deemed righteous by Yah…to be that Israelite that will make it to be the remnant…you have to have your heart circumcised. You have to have your mind clear so it can receive the understanding of Yah. So Shaul is talking about these anti, wicked Hebrews…anti-Torah, anti-Yah…wicked Hebrews. He was not counted among them, he’s saying you have to keep Torah. The law is righteous.

Let’s go to Romans 7. The book of Romans is heavy y’all, we have to hit this up. We will read the entire chapter.

Romans 7:1-25 v. 1 Do you see that? He said I speak to those knowing the Torah. So he is not speaking to you anti-Torah people as Kepha told us in 2 Kepha 3:15-16…Shaul’s writings are hard to understand by those who twist the Scripture to their own destruction. Shaul said I’m speaking to those that know the Torah. He’s not speaking to you Chrisitan. v. 2-3 let me explain this real quick. So if the married woman is still married to the husband but if a certificate of divorce has been given she is no longer married to him. A certificate of divorce must be given. This is what Shaul is speaking about when he says if a certificate of divorce is not given then she is still connected to him and he to her. This is what he means when he says ‘by the law’.  v. 4-6 So he is talking about the Spiritual understanding even when those who were keeping the law but did not have the Spiritual understanding, they were doing it just to say they are doing it. But when we came to the body of Messiah, we became anothers (married). ‘The One raised from the dead’ so Yahoshua came to bring the complete understanding of the law. Now we know how to do the law and how to do it righteously. When we were in the flesh…sinful passions…bear fruit to death, Shaul kept Torah, persecuted other Israelites…he would have died the second death. But since Maschiach has come to give us greater understanding on what the law means and how to better perfect our walks. We are released from that old way. Now we have a new way, new understanding. v. 7 Shall we say the Torah is sin, certainly not…he’s not speaking against the Torah. He said I did not even know sin except through the law. He is saying the Torah taught him here. It is his instruction.

v. 8 So sin=transgression of the law. So if you have no law…you have no transgression. This is what the brother is saying here. ‘So apart from Torah sin is dead’ so if you have no Torah…you have no sin. If you have no sin…you have no judgement. How can Yah judge you? What will His judgement be based on if you have no law? What deems a man righteous? What deems a man wicked? Oh, we are going to see what the Scriptural definition of righteous is. (talks to someone) that’s right brother you can’t get around it.

v. 9-11, v.11 Shaul was serving the commandments without serving the Father. He did what the other pharisees told him to do. He was brought up under the pharisee Gamaliel/Gamaliyah. Who is mentioned in Acts 5 I think. The one who told them not to come against the emissaries because if the work they are doing is of Yah that they would find themselves fighting against Yah. That was Shaul’s teacher. So Shaul is telling you…because he was a pharisee…he knew the commandments but he did not understand them (Spiritually). It was still sin. Some Israelites walk around here and say well…I don’t eat pork because I have high blood pressure and pork just raises my blood pressure…I’m talking about Israelites that know their Israelites. They don’t say I don’t eat pork because this is the law and Yah tells us not to. They have an alternate reason, this is what Shaul is saying here. That they were just doing the law, commandments without even serving Yah through the commandments. But when you come through Yahoshua…that’s why we need Maschiach because He’s the example of how to do it…how to become a living Torah. So this is what Shaul is breaking down. v. 12 Therefore the law is Set Apart and the commandments Set Apart and just and good. We could stop the lesson right here! What else can you say about this man after this? He said the laws and commandments are good. That don’t sound like a law breaker to me y’all, you know but we have to go on. Because people say but…but he said…can’t you read here what he just said? Let’s continue. Shaul is going to go on.

v.13 Look at this he said that sin was working in him through the Torah because he was keeping law but he was doing it according to the ways of the scribes and pharisees. Who once again to bring back your memory in Matthew 23, Yahoshua told us…He said listen to what the pharisee say…just don’t od as they do. For they say one thing and do another. They are hypocrties. Shaul is breaking down that whole understanding. Torah is good but it was bringing death in me because I was not serving the Father through His law. I was just doing it to say I’m doing it…I was following after the pharisees…that was the only understanding Shaul had at that time, this is what he is saying. But Yahoshua came and only through Maschiach are we able to comprhend a Spiritual walk. A spiritual understanding meaning we still have to keep the Torah but the Torah we have to keep in the heart and the mind. And what I mean by this is this…as Yahoshua tells you in Matthew 5:27-30…He says you have been told thou shall not commit adultery but I’m hear to tell you that if a man thinks on a woman, a married woman, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart. This is an example of the understanding Yahoshua brought. That’s what Shaul was starting to understand here…that we still have to keep Torah, we are still under the law, we will still be judged righteous or judged wicked by the Torah.

Let’s continue. ‘sin through commandment becomes an exceedingly great sin’,  do you know satan can use the commandments against you? Did you not read? Oh yeah, you have read it. Luke 4, Matthew 4…where satan tried to use Scripture against Yahoshua! ‘Oh throw yourself off this high mountain’. ‘Did not Yah say He would send His angels down to get you?’ Yeah that’s what the book says. But you have to come back with the Spiritual understanding of what it means. That is what Shaul is speaking about here. You have to have that higher understanding. Otherwise, you will be a great sinner and running around here talking about you keeping Torah. This man did not do away with the law. This is our brother here. The same understanding we have is the same understanding he had. If Shaul were alive today he could, sit in this class and we could have a conversation with him. He’ll understand us and we’ll understand him. We can talk about the same things. We could tell him how close we are getting to the times of the man of sin. We could remember him…hey brother, remember when you said this in 2 Thessalonians that this is coming? Hey brother, check this out…we are getting close to the times of that happening. He would understand us. But if he was in a Christian congregation, he would stand up and rebuke that madness. So we can understand what the brother is talking about here. 

v. 14 But we know the Torah is Spiritual but I am fleshy sold under sin. What does the Torah is Spiritual mean? That understanding. To understand it is Spiritual. The higher understanding brothers and sisters.

Let’s look at something real quick…I’m just going to throw this out here. Three times a year you must come to Yahrusalem to keep these feasts…all your males. We understand that…we have the Spiritual understanding that…that’s why we don’t attempt to do a feast day if we can’t do it the way Yah said to do it. We have a Spiritual understanding of what the Father is saying. But what those that will go out here and get there lamb and have their Passover feasts but its not according to Yah. So they are actually breaking Torah when they are thinking that they are keeping that commandment…this is what Shaul is talking about right here. That Spiritual understanding…that will lead to salvation. Not understanding according to the Christians. That other understanding will lead to eternal death. Let’s continue. 

v. 15-16 If I do what I will/wish…in other words if I do not my own thing, I’m in agreement with Torah and that is good. That’s what he’s saying here. Don’t do your own thing. v. 17-18 How many of y’all know that? That nothing good dwells in the flesh. Because the flesh is always battling against the Spiritual. The flesh will have you going on the left road when Yah tells you to go on the right road. If you are on the Spiritually higher understanding you will understand what the Father Yah is giving you. v. 19 He’s talking about the flesh vs. the Spirit here. The flesh is weak. The flesh wants to do its own thing. The flesh does not want to submit to Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh. You know how it is. Some of you may not feel like getting your flesh up in the morning and come to the Shabbat class to listen to the truth of Yah. Because it’s always a battle between the two. Shaul said the evil I practice…you all have experienced that. It’s a constant struggle. ‘Man I don’t want to do that but the flesh pulls you’.

v. 20 How do you release the release of sin dwelling on your heart? Through Torah brothers and sisters. If you do not know what sin is, you can only know what it is through Torah. And that is the only thing that can remove sin from your life…is your Spiritual understanding of the law? v. 21 This man is speaking real talk here. I guarantee y’all understand what he is talking about because you have the same understanding and you go through the same battle. v. 22 He said ‘ I delight in the Torah of Yah’. That’s not an anti-Torah man speaking. That’s not a man promoting Christianity. That’s not a man promoting John-Paul or Pope Benedict and there doctrines, not at all. v.23 That other law is the law of sin…transgression of the law. This man is giving you his faults as we all do. And he’s giving you his struggles and we all have them. Does this sound like a man different from what we go through? Do you comprehend what he is saying ? Like I said, you comprehend it because you go through it. He understands it just like we understand it. He battled the Torah of his mind. He said that’s Spiritual…Yah’s Torah is in our minds. It is represented in our hearts. v. 24 Lauryn Hill put this Scripture in her ‘O Jerusalem’ song, y’all remember? v. 25 Do  you know what? If your serving the Torah of Yah in your mind, then your battling with the flesh which is the law of sin…the Torah that is on your mind will overcome the flesh…if your living it. He said he serves the Torah. Listen to to that. He serves the law of Yah. That’s the understanding we have to have. He once upon a time did the law but now he serves the law. You serve Yah through His word. You serve Yah through His law. So now he’s getting the understanding…I did the Torah….I was raised in Torah but now I’m serving Torah. There’s a great difference! This is not an anti-Torah man, I don’t see it.

(talks to someone) Let me just explain that. I forgot the name of the book. I read a book years ago when I first came into this walk. It’s a giant book about 500 to 600 pages and it’s called……thinking……It’s either the history of Christianity or the workings of Christianity, something like that where they gave a whole history. Of course they dwelled a lot on Shaul. And they said that there was a description written by the Romans of how Shaul looked. They said he was short, bald-headed and he had a wide nose and he was very dark. They said swathy (sp?). From my understanding the name Paul means short or shorty or something like that. That’s what Italians…you know everytime you see a mob movie there’s 2 or 3 Pauly’s, you know. So that’s why they gave him that name, Paul. But we know he is Shaul. Yeah it’s funny because when I read that I was like wow they described him as a black man. (talks to someone) They mistake him as an Egyptian (in Scripture). So of course he was dark-skinned like the Egyptians. We know he was a dark-skinned Hebrew Israelite. Let’s continue…

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In the Name of Yah’s Salvation

The news you can use from two Shabbats ago and this past Shabbat: Scientists found a new planet and have named it Kepler. They say it is the twin to earth. It has mountains, water, an atmosphere, an average temperature of 72 degrees and is the same distance to the sun. They are preparing us for Neburu (sp?). In 2012 they will probably say there is life out there.

Scientists found an object trailing Mercury. It was invisible. It was picked up on a navy satellite after a sun burst. It looks like a spaceship.

The planets are named after the gods…saturn…demons live on all planets and earth too. Saturn has 27 moons. No, they are not moons they are objects patrolling those planets. Yah only speaks of one moon.

The sun will be black when we leave Babylon.

Do y’all know the Vatican has a satellite? They have a telescope named lucifer. Yahoshua said the heavens will shake.

Coke formula was moved to a vault. Why is it a formula? Why not recipe? Talks about Coke and Pepsi not being good for the body. It is used to clean corroded machine parts.

Iran captured a spy drone from the United States. They say it crashed but no marks on it. More spies caught. They are about to go to war with Iran.

Speaker says they no longer go to but get their news from and

The following links given:       and

Mark 13:33 texted in the room. Take heed, watch and pray for you do not know when the time is.

Fema camps: for natural disasters, they have authority to run the government of every city.

This is the other part of the news you can use from this past Shabbat: Scientists saw a comet go into the sun. They said comets are ice balls, so how did it come out of the other end of the sun?

Comets went to Jupiter in 1996 and the comets stopped going to Jupiter on the Shabbat.

Luke 21:25-26 The heavens shall shake.

We just had a blood lunar eclipse.

I don’t believe it was a comet; parts of Rayhab, in Psalm 83 (?)…Yah crushed this planet called Rayhab.

The fallen angels told Samarians about Neburu. Russians sent probe to Mars and it came back down. ‘Independence day’ aliens used satellites against us. Why did Russians stop? Why did U.S. stop and align with Russia space program?

Many things to happen before Yahoshua returns.

What are black holes? We don’t really know what it is…white holes? In 2012 they will say there is life out there.

wikileak—>check out NASA’s site; object flying across the earth.    This article is about another earth.

There are bases underground; They have had aliens down there. Someone texted in the room that their uncle was a naval officer and saw a u.f.o come out of the water.

The Walton’s (Wal-Mart)—> 6 of the family members have more wealth than the bottom 30% of people in America. The cotton trade made Americans rich (old money) or old slave money.

Trickle-down economics set up in the 1980s where they said 1% would own all the wealth in America and 99% would get crumbs.

Article: There was a Saudi beheading of a witch. Yah says suffer not a witch to live. Television can put a spell on you… Disney, Harry Potter, the Christmas spirit. The Gentiles of Salem, Massachusetts understood witchcraft. They got rid of the witches. Shaul put witches out of the land then went to a witch (medium). Astrology, birthstones are witchcraft. Witches are the masters of inception. They speak and make you believe it…like the movie inception.

The lesson: In the name of Yah’s Salvation. There is one name of salvation. Yah will protect His people. (talks to someone) dissention, the whispering serpent, inception, cointelpro are all the same thing. This is why it is so important for us to be on one accord. Guard our minds and hearts. Counter intelligence is very real y’all. Let’s start the lesson.

Acts 4:1-14 v. 1-4 Before we can heal they must hear the word of Yah. We have to come in the true name. v. 5-7 By what name do you do this? We have to know His name. v. 8-12 No other name under the heavens given to men by which we must be saved.  Kepha knew there was one name and proclaimed it. v. 13-14 They could not contradict it. When we do righteous works no matter how much they talk against us, they, the people will know.

Who or what is that name?

Matthew 12:36-37 Our words will be judged…idle and righteous.

Let’s look at the word ‘God’ when talking about the Most High Yah.

The origin of the English word god 

They call God ‘the invoked one’. We don’t invoke The Most High.

God means to invoke, they say this is the name of the one they worship.

How can God go by so many names? It makes no sense. Let’s read about lord from the notes in the back of the translation called ‘The Scriptures’.  Again whose name are you coming in? There is nothing innocent about substituting Yah’s name for another name like Lord, God, Yahweh etc.

Yeremiyah 23:36 They will not mention Yah’s oracle.

lord was a Roman deity; Etruscans lord deity (?).

Nimrod was called lord or master. He was the first king-god.

Exodus 23:13 Do not mention gods, let it not come from your mouth.

…lord, adonai, jehovah…used to replace Yah’s name in Scripture.

The lords of the Philistines; baal gad=prosperity god.

Tetragrammaton–> They try to pronounce Yah’s full name…Yahuah, Yahweh, Yahwushi, Yahwashiwahsi so forth and so on.  He will give us His name. He said He would gie us a pure language one day.

baal–> means to shine–> revences the sun. baal was the founder of Babylon, baal is Nimrod. Jasher 7:45 He became their lord, master, baal. Nimrod is also associated with zeus, jupiter, baal, bacheus and many other gods…god worship.

el, elohim, eloha are all sun worship names too. Demons can be androgynous or male-female.

72 names of god–> They want to control the gods, invoke them like a gen or genii.

Book: the secret teachings of all the ages by Manly P. Hall Chapter 1, 1st paragraph, the 1st word is Yah. They use the name of Yah thinking to control Him. They also call Him the Master of Host and The Living One. On page 276 Ceremonial magic: The want to control elemental spirits or supernatural powers. Magicians invoke creatures and the creatures kill them. This is why magicians wear the 5 or 6 pointed stars to protect them from the evil spirits. They understand this. All they do is a testament against them when Yahoshua comes. They know because they have all these satellites etc. They think they will beat Yahoshua. (talks to someone) Yeah they know the name Yah but get us to argue about the name. See, that is counter intelligence from satan.

Qabalah—> Enoch ch 6 (?) watchers gave this book before it was called the Qabalah.

pg. 335 of the secret teachings of all the ages…the tree of life, 10 names associated with it they say are the names of god. The tree of life looks like a Christmas tree.

We don’t teach the trinity doctrine. It is not in the Bible. The article above states the trinity is an androgynous coming together; 3 triangles; one side male; one side female and the middle a mixture. They believe now that Adam was androgynous! satan’s time is short! he is pushing androgynous homosexuality. el=male; eloha=female; elohim= androgynous mix of male-female god…addonai was the lowest god.

Psalm 82 Yah says He judges the elohim.

Leonard Horowitz used Yah’s name…a sound bite was played in the room…Leonard Horowitz said he will not use the word god.

pg. 282 The use of the names (72 names) is to try to invoke the gods. Invocations in the beginnings of church services are to invoke. They speak against Yah in boldness. They end their invocation in the sun god’s name amen ra…amen.

Acts 4 Kepha stood boldly.

Documentary: Secrets in plain sight; It talks about the tetragrammaton;the gold triangle, Enoch, name of god; arch; agate; this is metatron’s cube (6 pointed stars); YHWH is from the Qabalah or mysticism. The NY Israelites wear  6-pointed stars.

The 72 names (Yahweh, Yahawashi, Yahuah etc) have nothing to do with Yah. Go to type in Yahweh…nothing comes up but when you type in Yah…many names come up…720 names appear. Type in Yahu…nothing comes up…type in Jesus…over 400 ships had Jesus in it.

Psalms 68:4 We came here with Yah’s name

This website has Yah. Yahu does not mean He is Yah…don’t add to Scripture. We don’t say halleluYahu or kumbayahu. Hebrews 11:1 have faith in the name Yah and Yahoshua. We today have not seen Yahoshua. 1 Corinthians chapter 15 If you don’t believe in His name…go away.

Salvation is Yahoshua ha Maschiach, John 1:14 He is the physical law that walked on earth. 1 Corinthians 13…whole chapter read. v. 2 We can have all the teachings, and power to heal through witchcraft, angel of light (transforming), the tetragrammaton but if you have no love of Yah…you have nothing! Without love of the commandment’s…it’s vain. Keeping law perfects you. v.11 When we first came to this walk, we were babes but now we are men and women.

Galatians 2:16-21 v. 16 Faith in Yahoshua: we are to walk in the spiritual, sons of Yah and Yahoshua this is what Shaul is saying. Flesh will not inherit the kingdom. v. 20 We walk as MessiYah not that we have been immersed. We have a flesh body but walk in the Spiritual as MessiYah. v. 21 You know not to murder but then don’t murder verbally–Spiritual understanding.

Galatians 3:1-15 Walk in the Spirit you were immersed in. Wear faith as a breastplate…the persecution is coming. v. 1 Who cast a spell on us? Who tricks you in not believing the name of salvation? v. 2 Do you go back to fleshly matters? Such as confusion on the name? You began on the Spiritual. We need to be giving the nations the pure word of Yah! v. 6 Abraham had faith. Hebrews 11:1 faith defined. Abraham walked on the Spiritual. v. 8 Yah said all nations would be blessed in you Abraham. v. 10 Do these laws, do as MessiYah. Ain’t no new and old, it’s all one (The Scriptures). v. 13 Him hanging from the stake redeemed us because we did not walk in the law.

John 4:21-24 Salvation is of the Israelites, the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth. You walk as Yahoshua walked. We die to the flesh and live in Spirit and truth. Abraham and them in Hebrews ch. 11 worshipped in Spirit and truth too (faith).

Genesis 32:28 We strive with this word and we will overcome with Yah…the powere of His name.

The slave owners knew Yah’s name was on us. They moved His name from the Bible. They are still trying to remove His name from us…Yah’s remnat is forming right now! A small amount! Yah works with small numbers sometimes…tithing was 10%.

Questions and answers: Is there an order to introducing a second wife? A man does not have to tell a first wife he is getting a second wife. But I would tell my wife first though. Dating in Babylon? Yah will put that woman in your midst. I would not bring a jezebel in…NOWAY! Don’t go to the club looking for a woman. Get out of that Babylon thinking. Don’t marry to have sex wives. Be a righteous man. Let’s get the laws, the Shabbat right first.

Galatians 3 explain? She said law is cursed and she lives under grace. Answer: Tell her grace is a set time or if you die. Shaul is talking about walking Spiritually not by the flesh. He is not saying the law is cursed. v. 20 Walking in the Spirit. v. 16 No flesh will inherit the kingdom is what Shaul is talking about. Galatians 3 is speaking about Spiritual matters. If she doesn’t get it still…well you have done your job…she did not want to hear…no faith she has.

1 Corinthians. 15:21-23 Yahoshua did not pre-exist. Death=Adam; Resurrection=Yahoshua. All die in Adam and made alive in Yahoshua; both through a man. v. 56-58, v. 57 life through Yahoshua. From the foundation Yahoshua existed on the Spiritual but had to be born to manifest the physical. He did not pre-exist.

Colossians 1:16 Yahoshua’s walk: v. 15 the first born=1 Corithians 15:20=the 1st to be resurrected. Yahoshua was not present in the old testament. They twist Scriptures.

Colossians 1:17 He is before all things…this is why…He was resurrected first. He did not pre-exist.

2 Thessalonians chapter 2 They don’t love the truth this is why they don’t understand that Yahoshua did not pre-exist or confused about the name.

‘This cup’ Yahoshua was speaking of? What is the cup?

Matthew 26:37-41 Yahoshua knew His time was coming. v. 37 the cup is the trial that was coming…if it’s not your will…let it pass…the cup is trial or an event to come.

Genesis 9:25-28 Noah cursed because Ham saw him naked and cursed Canaan? v. 23 This is talking about Noah’s wife not Noah naked. v. 26 Yisrayl put Canaanites out of the land. v. 27 There are people living in our land (tents) now pretending to be us.

Ask Yah to bless your water in Yahoshua’s name. Watch movie called ‘tapped’ on Netflix…it’s all about water.

Are Shem and  Melchizedek the same? No they are not the same.

Genesis 14:18-21 Melchizedek was a priest for the Most High before Yisrayl was a nation. Melchizedek gave Abraham a blessing. Jasher 16 Melchizedek blessed Abraham.

Blessings said from Numbers chapter 6. The end of Shabbat.

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Questions and Answers

These questions were asked after the return to Yah before your grace runs out lesson.  I think the lesson was given around 2007 or 2008.

I was talking to a person the other day who is a Christian and they said that Yah blesses the wicked and the righteous. I just wanted to know if that is true? What Yah will bless the wicked with is…the opportunity to hear the truth…the opportunity to gain salvation. That is the only blessing…because to get understanding from Yah in this day is a blessing. That is all He will give to them. If you’re going to be wicked and you have made yourself an enemy against The Most High then you will get the reward of an enemy…which is wrath… The Most High’s wrath. So if He gives them an understanding or opportunity to hear His truth and then they don’t cling to it then they have made themselves an enemy to Yah. One thing we have to understand sister, is that satan is the father of deception. he will deceive the people into believing. They will pray to a false name to help them win the lottery. Then that night they win the lottery. They will pray for a healing. They pray to the false name and they get a healing. Do you know why? Because they are actually praying to satan and satan uses this as a device of deception. They are not getting a true blessing because true blessings come from Yah. What is the greatest blessing Yah can give us today? Is it a million dollar mansion? Is it two Rose Royce’s and a Hummer? No, It’s understanding. It’s the truth and understanding of His name and His Son’s name, of the mission He has called Yisrayl to do, knowing who the true Israel is, that’s the blessing right there. And if you don’t have that…your not blessed. You can have all the money in the world but that will not buy you a spot into the kingdom. So you must have that blessing of understanding from The Most High and the wicked turn their ears away from hearing the truth of Yah, so the wicked cannot be blessed by Yah. They only have ‘pretend’ blessing given to them by the adversary.

(A question was texted into the room by a sister.) Answer: That was really a good question sister. Like I said there should be no idle Israelite. Women have a role in the fight…listen, there are only a few of us (remnant) that will come to Yah. This war that we are fighting…that is what we are in a war…the righteous versus the wicked…a war for the minds of the people. This is a war. So when we look at that Yah has His army here on earth…which are the children of Yisrayl…to go out and teach the nations…we have like 6 plus billion people on this planet…plus you got satan and his crew. So your fighting up against a large amount of entities and a large amount of people. So there can be no idle Israelite. No Israelite should be sitting around. So we go to The Book, we go to the beginning sister because Yah never changes right? Yah never changes so we go to The Book and we see what was the purpose, reason for Yah creating a woman in the first place. What was His reason for bringing woman to the man? So once we understand what that was, then we will understand what the woman’s role is going to be…what her role was yesterday, what her role is today and what her role will be forever. (talks to someone) That’s right, she is a help mate. She is his (man’s) assistant. So let’s look at the creation of woman.

Genesis 2:18 And Yah said, it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him a helper comparable to him.

There you go sister, a helper to the man. You are his second half. You are the womb-man. You are man with a womb. Now, Yah said it is not good for man to be alone. You brothers know…man…that, that is the truth! That’s the truth, it’s not good for a man to be alone!

Genesis 2:19-20 So man was doing all this stuff alone, naming the animals…’but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him’.

So you sisters are to be helpers in this war. You help the teachers, you help the prophets. You all are in this big time, as we are. Do you know why the Hebrew-Christian Church is so strong today? If you sisters were to leave, there would be no ‘black Christian Church’! It is the sisters holding that thing up. They are helping. This is how you Israelite sisters will be to the brothers, our helpers.

My question is…I have been knowing that I’m a Hebrew Israelite for a couple of years now. And I have been talking to other lost Israelites and one time or another a Muslim would get involved into the conversion and there are two things that come up. I just want to know if you heard of this before and what is your rebuttal so I know how to answer if it comes up again.  One claimed there were black people in America long before slavery and how do we know if we are a descendant of them or a descendant of the slaves that came from Africa? The second question, they claim that allah is just an Arabic translation for elohim, which is the Hebrew translation for what they claim is God. They said when we say elohim, allah is like the Arabic translation for elohim or Yah. How would you go about attacking those two lies? Yes, absolutely there were a group down in South America called the Olmec. Look that up…Olmec.  (My sidenoteto Anthony: I saw a book at Amazon called they came before Columbus.) These men left big stone statues of their faces and they are clearly black people. And I do believe that the Olmec are Israelites that came over here. Because there is a cross continent contact between east and the west before Columbus. See some Gentiles want to take credit for finding this part of the world. So that is why he tries to throw out any evidence that there was cross contact with the east and the west way before he even became a nation in Europe. (talks to someone) Right, they have found cocaine which is grown down in South America in Egyptian mummies! So there was trading going back and forth between the two. There may have even been some Hebrews over here before slavery. But to say Native Americans are black people…no there were black people here. In fact there was an article that came through the BBC maybe 5 years ago that stated that the first people of North American were a black people…that they say there was a black people over here like 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. That part is right.

Now, I don’t deal with el and elohim. I don’t give them opportunity to even bring that stuff up…allah is the Arabic translation of elohim and I think the two maybe related. I think that maybe so because allah is the Arabic word for god and so is elohim. So when we look at…Arabic and Hebrew…they are called Semitic languages. But, I don’t go by that craziness but they are called the two Semitic languages. And they say they are similar. Some people even get Aramaic which is a language akin to Hebrew like the English spoken in North American versus the English spoken in England. They are the same languages but have some differences. So that is how Aramaic and Hebrew are also. See, I don’t call Yah an elohim and el or lord or god. He is Yah and Yah alone He is. The name allah is no translation for His name. He is Yah. Understand, before the Hebrews applied this title, that term elohim was given to the fallen angels…that is what they were called. Because when the fallen angels fell…it was a group of them not one. They presented themselves to be gods and they were called ‘the gods’ or the ‘elohim’. That is who they were and that term applied to the fallen angels. But like I say, you can do what you want with it. If you want to call Him, el or whatever but that’s why you will not hear it from me. (talks to someone) Yeah, el was the Canaanite deity, that chief deity. And Yah said don’t worship Me like they worship them (the gods). Yah wants us to call upon His name. He said My people who are called upon by My name…not a people called by a title or anything like that…He said My name. Yahoshua said I have made Your name known to them. That is deep there! So when we see Yahoshua speaking, Yahoshua is not speaking elohim or el, no He’s speaking Yah’s name because He said I kept them in Your name. I continually teach them Your name. These were the men that were Yours and You gave them to Me and I kept them in Your name and I have manifested Your name to them and will continue to manifest (Yah’s name). So Shaul and all them, they weren’t talking elohim and el. They were talking Yah. The people understood. The Gentiles, Shaul and them were speaking too…they knew elohim because they were worshipping the elohim. So if Shaul went speaking elohim to them…he’s not distinguishing between the gods they were already worshipping. So to distinguish Yah, you have to bring His name forth. That will cover everything. His character…everything. This is what we have to teach. We have to teach people Yah…not titles. So brother Shawn, I hope that answered your question. I tried to hit it as best I could. Any more questions?

(talks to someone) Yeah Islam, there was a Catholic priest…he was a Jesuit. And he said he saw documents…he was shown documents that the Catholic Church has that says that they created Islam. So when you look into Islam, you see that there is a similarity. But Muslims and Catholics venerate the virgin mary…they worship her.

The name Jah? Well, Yah is better because that is the original…halleluYah, HezekiYah, MalachiYah, MessiYah…Psalm 68:4 tells us Yah is His name. Right, the letter J didn’t exist until about 400 years ago (late 1500s).

In the old testament when it says lord god what were they calling Him? Why do you have to call Him anything? Why do we have to call Him Yah, Your Mighty One? Why not just say Yah? So we know the titles lord and god were added to the Scriptures. We know He is not a lord and He’s not a god. Lord is actually baal the Canaanite god who was actually el. It’s the same. What I am saying Israelites is that we have to get back to pureness, that is pure…what Yah requires of us. We don’t have to call Him by titles. I know you say that well you know elohim is not pagan. But my whole thing is still this. Whether its pagan or not…let’s call The Father by His name. If I’m going to respect any of you brothers in here…if I meet you and you tell me your name. I’m going to give you the respect and call you by your name. I’m not going to disrespect you and call you anything but your name. So why not give The Father the same honor and respect. Call Him by His name, what’s wrong with that? The more we call upon His name, the more we let the people know that we are of Yah. That is His name. We don’t have to include Him with titles or with groupings of gods. His name separates Him from any other. His name is Yah. He is way bigger than a title brother. Any more questions?

(a question asked) Answer: The Gentiles and the sons of Japheth: When we look at  who were the Gentiles, Shaul/Paul says ‘I am the apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my office. So when he said he is the apostle to the Gentiles who did he speak to? What people did he go to? He went to Europe. That is where Thessalonica is. He went to Greece (Macedonia). He went to Philippa, Corinth…all those places that were in Europe. Now let me quickly explain to you this whole thing with the Gentiles. ‘Gentile’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘goy’ and when you say it plural it’s  ‘Gentiles’ or ‘Goyim’. This word means nation…that’s all it means. This word was primarily applied to the sons of Japheth. They lived north of the people of Yisrayl. We didn’t know their national home like we knew the Egyptians, like we knew Ethiopians, Babylonians…we didn’t know there national names…so we grouped them into one and called them…the Gentiles…or the nations. Just like they called us the blacks. We did not make a distinction so primarily in Scripture that title ‘Gentiles’ were given to the sons of Japheth. Japheth’s sons lived in Europe. They probably went to Europe during the times of Nimrod. Because the book of Jasher tells you that Nimrod had made war against the sons of Japheth. And the sons of Japheth fled that area…that is why we don’t hear about them again until much later.  So when Alexander came down in the year 323 BCE to conquer that land around Yisrayl and he conquered all of the known world. Then the Hebrews put a face to the people who lived north, saying ‘oh their Greek, Grecian and Alexander was the face of the Gentiles. That is why you read Shaul saying there’s neither Greek nor Hebrew…things like that because even though the Romans were ruling during that time…the Greeks were the face of the Gentiles to the Hebrew. (talks to someone) Yeah, Alexander the barbarian. In that movie ‘Alex’ they tried to clean him up to make him look…you know…they didn’t present the real Alexander. All you have to do is read the writings through history. That man was a barbarian…to the fullest. Any more questions?

What laws are we to follow? Let me show you. This will answer your question right here. I’m not going to say my own understanding…I will show you from the MessiYah’s mouth.

Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I came to destroy the Torah or the prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.

The Torah today is called the old testament. Because that is where the laws of Yah or the instructions of Yah can be found in the first five books. And that is where the prophets can be found in the old testament. He came to complete (fulfill) or give you a greater understanding of the laws and the prophets…that’s what He came to do. That is why He says down here in v. 27 of Matthew 5, you have heard that it was said to those of old ‘you shall not commit adultery’. Then in v. 28 He says but I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. So Yahoshua came to complete on the greater understanding of the law. Because by this time Yisrayl did not have this Spiritual understanding that they needed to understand the law. This is why He says He came to complete the law…to bring us to a greater understanding of the law.

Matthew 5:18 For truly I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.

He is saying none of the law is done away with. v. 19 whoever breaks the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. So I can’t tell you not to keep a particular law. All the laws are still good for us this day. But sacrificial things and all that…we don’t have the temple, the altar…we don’t have those things to do that part of the law right now. When we don’t have the requirements the full requirements according to the law…that particular law we can’t do. But you can do the Shabbat, dietary law and of those things that you don’t need ordinance of the temple to fulfill them. So when we go into The Book, the first 5 books and you read about the laws of being clean and unclean for man and beast. You read about sexual laws, what you can and cannot do. All of those we have to do. The ten commandments, all of that has to be done. The Passover, we can’t fulfill right now. Because we don’t have everything that it takes to fulfill that. That’s the word of Yah, He said to do it one particular way and that’s it. There’s no two ways. There’s not one for this congregation and another way for that congregation. Naw man…it ain’t none of that. It’s Yah’s way or no way. All those laws that pertain to sacrifice, altar, temple…those things we can’t do because we don’t even have Yahrusalem in control right now. So we can do those things that don’t have that requirement such as the dietary law, 10 commandments, laws of clean and unclean and many more in The Book. There were laws to bring the priests certain things. The laws were made to make you righteous, to teach you certain things. To teach you how to interact with your brothers and sisters on a higher level. The laws are not given to be a burden because the law is not a burden. The law is what you are to become. It is a way of life that you have. It is a way of life that you are to seek, that is what it is.

Can Israelites where jewelry? You can wear it…but don’t bling-bling. Don’t wear a 50,000 medallion on your neck…what’s the use of that? But its ok if you want to wear a little menorah or something like that or nose ring. The children of Israel, sisters wore nose rings. They wore those things. Like I said Yah is not an ogre you have to understand what He’s telling you. But don’t wear jewelry to make yourself appear better than your brother who maybe can’t afford it. So if you want to wear it…decoration or just want to wear it as a way to show off…you know like the rappers do…bling-blinging. But if you want to wear Yah’s name around your neck or a shofar medallion charm…something simple, nose ring, bracelets…just keep it simple. Nothing wrong with that. (talks to someone) Yeah, no Mr. T starter kits. Yeah be modest. You even are to dress in modesty. Name brands don’t make you better than everyone else. (talks to someone) No, you don’t need a piece of jewelry around your neck to say you’re a servant of Yah yet these were symbols approved by Yah. There was a menorah in the temple. And we know the Israelites used shofars. As long as you are not worshipping these things. People in religions wear images of gods and gods are worshipped. I don’t know any Israelites that worship the menorah but it was something that was approved by Yah. They had menorahs. Solomon even had lions on his throne. If you wanted to wear it as long as you were not worshipping it, as long as you were not trying to put spells on people with it and stuff like that. Keep it small if that is what you want to do. The men of the children of Israel even wore earrings. That was part of our culture to wear the earrings.

I was told wearing earrings was a symbol of slavery for the Israelites. Is this true? There is a lot of debate in the Israelite community, whether we should eat meat period. Many people have gone vegan because blood is still in the meat or something. And they say back then they did not eat meat so I’m confused. Answer: About the earring, yeah the earrings were worn to symbolize that you (in our culture) were a servant. My thing is…wearing earrings today is to symbolize that you are a servant of Yah, that’s who we serve. Eating meat, you have to be careful with that. Yah said that this meat is good for you so don’t let no man come to you and tell you that it’s bad. Don’t let them philosophy to you…’well this was the original diet’, blah, blah, blah. Yah said it is good (clean meats)…that’s it. There’s no more conversation after that. Yah said this is good for you…I have sanctified this for you. Don’t let no one come to you and call what Yah says is good…evil. Beware of people who talk that talk to you. Yah sanctifies meat that He says is clean for you. Read Leviticus 11. This is what you can eat. It’s lawful for you to eat that meat. Anyone who says you can’t eat meat is coming against Yah. We don’t eat pork because pork is not food. Catfish is not food. But you get yourself some nice roasted lamb or goat, some perch and all that good stuff…there is no Scripture that says you can’t eat these. If someone is a vegetarian, he must say this is what he does not make it a commandment to you. If he makes it a commandment to you then he’s coming against the word of Yah. But if it is his personal choice…and he gives you info…then it’s up to you. But it’s not a commandment that you can’t eat meat.

(talks to someone) Yes, all fish with scales and fins are clean to eat. No catfish…they are scavengers. Yah doesn’t want us to eat scavengers…they eat anything. People like to promote traditions as the word of Yah…their own understanding when Yah says no such thing. The spirit of the pharisee is alive and well today big time. I can go to Leviticus 11 and read. See, this is what I have said this whole lesson. We can hear Yah through His word so if we read…and if someone comes along and tells us something different see that’s how when Yeremiyah told the children of Yisrayl what Yah said and they turned their heads…saying he was lying. So if I look at Leviticus 11 and Yah says I can eat clean meats…I will eat lamb, goat…whatever. Now, we can debate whether or not they put chemicals in the meat…pray to Yah that He makes you meat nutritious. They do the same things to the meat that they do to the plants…probably even worse. This whole place is defiled…the ground on up. So will you starve now? And just drink water? No pray over your plate, that Yah said is good for you.

What about stud earrings? See in ancient times they wore hoop earrings. Some gold, some silver. They were simple hoop earrings. They were humble…no bling…your whole appearance had to have that sign of humility to it or humble appearance with everything…clothes, jewelry.

No, the Messiah was not Michael/MicaYah. That is a Jehovah Witness doctrine. They teach that MicaYah is the Messiah because people look at certain attributes of MichaYah the archangel, the warrior angel and think he is the MessiYah. But, it tells us this in Hebrews 1:1-7. v.4 The Messiah is better than the angels, MichaYah is an angel. Yahoshua’s name is greater than MichaYah’s name. It’s greater than all angels because of His walk. v. 5 To which has Yah said you are my son, today I have begotten You? I Father and You Son. Now, the angels are called the sons of Yah but He is saying in this way…that Yahoshua is Yah’s unique different Son. He’s different from all the other sons of Yah. He is uniquely different from the angels. v.6 Let all the angels (including MichaYah) worship Him. So you see Yahoshua is higher than the angels. Remember in the Scripture when Yahoshua asked the brothers ‘who do men think I am’? None of them said MichaYah. So Yahoshua is not an angel. He is greater than an angel. All of the angels will bow down to Him including MichaYah. When you read the Good News Books, when they were trying to figure Him out…they said, isn’t He the prophet? Isn’t He EliYah? They never compared Him to MichaYah. They called a prophet, the one Yah said would come. And Kepha said I know you are the MessiYah, the Son of Yah. Yahoshua said flesh and blood did not reveal that to you. That was given to you by My Father. Yahoshua said if you come to Him…Yah has to draw you to Him . But yeah, that is a Jehovah Witness doctrine brother. MichaYah is not the MessiYah.

Twists? Locs? Lining your beard? Muslims believe that there is no Son. What can I say to that? We were not to cut beards to honor the dead. This is in Leviticus 19. Beards were given to men to represent strength and authority. Beards separate a boy from a man. And a man from a woman. Like a lion has this big beautiful mane. If a lion decided to one day cut his mane…there is no way to tell the male lion from the female lion. They would look the same. The same with beards. That is why you see men who dress as women make sure to take all their hair from their face. Beards distinguish us from them. Now that’s just on a personal note if you want to wear your beard for that reason. But in Scripture, the requirement is not to cut beards in order to worship the dead. David sent some of his men to a king and there was a death. The king’s son became the new king. David sent some men with condolences. They came full beard. They thought David’s men were spies. They said are you mourning? And y’all have not cut your beards? That was a practice of worshipping the dead..cutting the beards.

Do you know you worship the dead through funerals? Because the person is in a $6,000 casket, a $2,000 suit and he is dead. You come to the funeral to do what? To pay your last respects. Oh, and I forgot the limo fee. All they need is a sheet over them and put them in the ground. Even today they worship the dead. Yah gives us laws so we will do different from the nations. But yeah, they use to cut beards to worship the dead. The breath has gone back to Yah. This person can’t hear or see you. It’s not like when you go to the hospital and see someone still living…they are conscious. They can see and hear you. But a dead body…that is it. How do you respect a dead man? How do you celebrate a dead man’s birthday? Isn’t that a contradiction in itself? Celebrating a dead man’s birth…day? Celebrating his birth and now He’s dead? We have to be careful. satan is very deceptive. The Scripture says satan has deceived the entire world. He was not talking about little deceptions. The entire world…6 1/2 billion people…have been deceived by him. So his deception is not small time…he has a little bit for everyone. What did Yah say, ‘I’m not the Mighty One of the dead’. Did He not say that? But of the living…Yah is the Mighty One of the living. The dead don’t follow Yah. And He is talking the dead of the second death…the lake of fire. See, there is a difference between mourning and worship. Hebrews did not build coffins and many of the ancient societies did not build coffins. Because when you put the body into a coffin that retains the smell and many Hebrews did not embomb. The body was placed in the ground to rot. they put spices over the body to cover the smell. It’s okay to mourn but when you go to a funeral you bow to the coffin and the person. You are actually worshipping that person. They say it is to pay your last respect…that person can not see or hear you there. Going to the gravesite is the same thing. They can’t see you. It’s okay to mourn but to worship and mourn are two different things. satan has made this thing so slick on you. That is why Scripture tells us that Moshe’s body…Yah had to bury him and no man knows where his body is buried to this day. Because the children of Israel would have went back and worshipped Moshe at his gravesite. We can read in Jude/Yahudah, He says that satan and MichaYah the archangel were disputing over the body of Moshe. The reason they had a dispute is because Yah sent MichaYah to bury the body of Moshe and satan wanted Moshe’s body fo he could put it in the midst of the children of Yisrayl and have them to stumble by worshipping Moshe. So that is why Yah had to take Moshe’s body and put it where no man knows where it is today.

The purpose of a funeral today is the same as it was yesterday…worshipping the dead. Do you know Arabs and Jews over there bury those people immediately…in the clothes they died in. But not us…we have to get the body embombed, dress it up as if it were alive, buying a $2,000 outfit as though that man is walking around, $6,000 casket for the person to rot in? What is all that about? It’s a form of worshipping the dead. Many of you have been fooled by satan to believe that these people live after death. I will tell you about that later. Yeah, embombing, coffins…that started in Egypt.

The scary thing is not knowing the truth and walking contrary to the Most High but when you know the truth and we know to do better…like the book of revelation it’s only scary if you don’t know what’s going to happen…that is the scary part. But when we know and have an opportunity to escape…that is beautiful.

Tithing? Always to the priests of Yah. The Levites did not have any inheritance with the children of Yirayl. Their whole duty was in the temple. Yes, Abraham did tithe to Melchizedek, he gave him a tenth of the plunder he took. Tithing like feast days were to be down in Yahrusalem. Tithes were to brought to the Levites. But tithing and donations are two different things. You can give donations to help the ministry work. But when someone say you have to tithe putting a burden on you…saying you have to tithe 1/10 of your annual income or tithe every paycheck 1/10. Some even take food stamps from the people! Some even say 1/10 of your savings account! Yes! There are Israelites taking 1/10 of food stamps from sisters!! They take 1/10 of their stamps every month. So there are so many errous teachings concerning what tithing is. Tithing was food and things like that. Yah said to bring your tithes to Yahrusalem. (talks to a brother) Yes, food stamps! They have no shame! Yeah, some churches you have to show your W-2 tax form. So when it’s time to tithe you have to pay what the big boss is due. Tha is just like the mafia, you have the boss, the underboss and the foot soldiers. And the foot soldiers are responsible for paying a weekly due to the boss. So whatever they made that week…let’s say they have a gambling thing going on…they made 10,000 dollars…they are responsible for giving a portion of that to the big boss. That is how these churches operate. They put a strain on the people…most poor people. And these people can barely eat yet they somehow find a way to get $500 to tithe to this big minister. But see, what you are doing brothers and sisters…donations are different. If you want to donate to the cause, the ministry, that is needed. That is needed brothers and sisters and appreciated. That is what fueled the brothers ministry when the apostle did…that thing fueled what they were doing (donations). I will say hey donate to wherever you feel you are being fed. If you feel like Israelite Heritage is feeding you the Spiritual truth of Yah…donate to Israelite Heritage to keep the movement going. Wherever you feel like your being fed…donate to it to keep that movement going…if it is of Yah. See, you have to be careful because if you are putting money, time, energy into something that is not of Yah, then you are partaking of that. If we are of Yah that is who we take care of Israelites. We can’t expect outside organizations to give to us. Do you know why? We are coming against them. So how can we expect them to give us anything to come against them? When you give money to religions you make them stronger and they will come against you. Give your time, money to an Israelite. You support Israelites brothers and sisters. This movement needs your support not only financially but it needs your time.

(talks to someone) to begin a prayer you clear your heart first. Clear everything out of your heart and get focused because you are going to the throne of Yah. And when you come to the throne of Yah you don’t want to come out of order. You take a few minutes to prep yourself…quiet down your mind. And from there, the position which you choose to pray…that is up to you because when we look in Scripture we see Israelites prayed standing up with the hands facing up to heaven, some got down face to the ground. So how you choose to position yourself to pray, hands up or either on the ground, on your knees. However you choose…as long as you pray that is the most important thing. When you pray come to the Father in all sincerity and all your heart. Remove everything out of there. Don’t come to Him in any type of deceit because He knows it’s there already. When you go to Him…this is our communication to the Father when we go to Him in prayer…we are communication to Him this is how we talk to Yah…through prayer. So whenever you end your prayer you end it in Yahoshua’s name because He’s going to take your prayer up to Yah. Yah will see or answer or whatever He’s going to do. So hey you can close your eyes or you can keep them open…however you want it’s up to you. The position is up to you but when you do say the words…when the words come out of your mouth make sure you have your heart and mind clear, ready to go before Yah’s throne. (talks to someone) Yes, the prayer of redemption was pretty much done 3 times a day. It’s found in 1 Kings 8:44-48.

Let’s go back to Deuteronomy 12:3-14. This is about tithing. Make sure you are supporting the righteous works of Yah. Don’t support a man just because he says Yah and Yahoshua. Make sure he has works of Yah because a man of Yah will speak Yah’s word. He will not take you out of Yah’s word. He will not give you falsehood. He will give you thus saith Yah. Make sure that man is worthy of your support. v. 6 Right here all these offerings…we are talking about is food here. You take that to Yahrusalem where Yah put His name. In verse 5 Yah said He put His name In Yahrusalem. v.7 He said you shall eat there…we are talking about food here. v. 8 Look, He said don’t do how we are doing out there today. Today, you can sacrifice over here, you can keep Passover over there. But don’t do that when we get over into the land. We have to do all these things where Yah chooses to place His name. This is what He’s telling them. v. 11 This is still talking about food…bring to Yah, in Yarusalem. v. 12 Give a portion of your food to the Levite, servants, children. v. 13 Make sure not to offer in any ol’ place. v. 14 The place Yah chooses.

Then in chapter 14:22-29 it says the same thing. Tithing was a tenth of our food. We were a farming society and the Levites had no inheritance so we take that to them and it was given to them. And it was stored in the storehouses for when a widow and the fatherless didn’t have food to eat. They could go up to Yahrusalem and get what they needed. Government assistance…where do you think they got that from? Did you think they got that out their own minds? Naw, they are trying to pattern themselves after Yah. But that is what all that was for. v. 24 This is talking about tithing not the feast days here. (if it’s too far to take the food.) v. 26 Exchange the food into money and take the money to where Yah chooses (Yahrusalem). v.27 Give to the Levite. v.28 Give to Levites, widows., fatherless, stranger…tithing=giving food. When Abraham tithed he gave a tenth. A donation is different it comes from your heart whatever you feel you want to put forth. Malachi, how does a man rob Yah? Through tithes and offerings…yes that is how they are robbing Him today. By setting up an institution of tithes and offerings. They take what should go to the Levite or the homeless, widows, fatherless and they keep it!!! Tithing was food meant for them. Like today, listen, we always had poor Israelites but those poor Israelites did not go hungry…unless Yah brought starvation on them. When we were in the land Mr. Yisrayl had a 20 acre farm filled with vineyards and all types of beautiful fruit that he could sell and make a lot of money. Even when he sells it Yah said listen, you don’t take all the fruit off your land. You leave some fruit so if there is a hungry person or family that can’t get food this week, all they have to do is go down to Mr. Yisrayl’s farm and pick what they need to eat. Yah had this thing covered brothers and sisters. See, we had to share. We have gotten so stingy with our brothers and sisters today. We don’t want to share anything…I got to get mine…you got to get yours…that is the attitude we have. We see our brothers and sisters in need and we turn our backs on them. We make up a hundred thousand excuses why that family does not have food…instead of going to help our brother or sister. And some of us have extra. Some of us have things that we are not even going to use…and we hold on to it. There are people out here that can use it. Yeah, 5 cars but you can only drive one. Or 5 cars and don’t even drive because he is chauffeured in one. Two homes and he hardly lives in either. And you have whole families homeless. See, that is what Yah does not like. (talks to someone) Yeah 500 carat diamond chain, see this is what He does not like. We have to bring back how Yah wants us to do it…we have to be those people. When you read into Acts chapter 4, it tells us that those brothers, they had everything in common. They shared everything. They said no one was without because they shared. But with some Israelites that is like pulling teeth. ‘You mean I have to share’? ‘I don’t even like him’. Any more questions?

They say the Essenes of Qumran found the dead sea scrolls. They are saying that the Essenes brothers and sisters, the Essenes were a group, a Hebrew group that lived during the time of Yahoshua. They lived in Yahrusalem. They did ritualistic things like ice-cold showers for 3 hours…a whole bunch of stuff that really did not add up. Many people say that Yahcanon the Immerser (John the Immerser) and Yahoshua were members of the Essenes. They say that, that is where they learned their truth. But there is no Scriptural indication of that. In fact, if the Essenes were these righteous men and if they were the ones who wrote the dead sea scrolls…which is possible. When Titus rode through Yahrusalem he came through Qumran too where the Essenes were. So if they were so righteous why were they suffering the punishments like the rest of Yisrayl. They were men that were doing their own thing…just like the scribes and pharisees. Yahoshua could not have been from that group. Yahoshua’s understanding came from Yah. This is the message he continued to give the pharisees…this is from Yah, I am not speaking my own words. So He did not have to go to the Essenes to get the word of Yah. This is why He is from above and they are from below. I don’t see any Scripts that say Yahoshua was an Essen or had any relationship with them. And if you really look at what they write in the dead sea scrolls, they are on point with some things but there are some things (different from what Yahoshua said(?) The speaker’s voice began low here.)  When the dead sea scrolls were found I think in the 1940s that Jews got hold of them for like 50 years or something. They did what they wanted to do with them for 50 years or so. They tried to translate it by glueing the pieces together. But see, they have been trying to hide this truth for the longest…not only them but the world at large has been trying to hide this truth. Do y’all know there are books under the Vatican right now that directly tell that you are the children of Israel? That directly identify that you are the children of Yisrayl. They will never let those books go. The book of Yasher/Jasher use to be hidden for many years. (talks to someone) Yeah crafty counsel (Psalm 83:2-4) well you know the Essenes were a little older than Yahoshua…when Yahoshua came on the scene. Josephus tried to stay with the Essenes for a number of years but then he let go but he gives us an understanding of them.  That is why Josephus’ writings are ‘I witness’. His history is way off on a lot of things but his I witness accounts of the siege on Jerusalem and his I witness of the Essenes…all that stuff is good. But when he tries to explain Scripture…he gets off on that. Any more questions?

…if you’re not worshipping it…it’s just a picture. The difference between a picture and an idol…is this. An idol is a picture, statue that is being worshipped. An idol has come in the place of Yah. But a picture is a picture (statue). If you transform it to idolatry then you turn it into a god. It does not turn itself into a god because it has no power. It can’t see, hear, speak, move. That is right, American Idol is to get you to worship men…look how wicked…we call it Babylon Idol in my house. Because that is what it is.

What is meant by sundown to sundown? See, Yah has given us a pure way to understand sunset. Man will calculate sunset and say that the sun will set at five. But Yah has given us a greater way. Because when the sky becomes black and turns back to its original color…the skies original color is black. Blue in the day time because the sun is reflecting off the blue ocean’s that cover the majority of the earth. And its light reflects on the skies…so the sky looks blue. But when the sun sets the sky return’s back to its original color…its true color. Right, black like space. When the sky is fully black we know that a new day has begun. So that is how we know when the Shabbat comes in and when it leaves.

Let me tell you, for all you new Hebrews whenever you decide to get a name, pray to the Father but He will show you. It will be according to your character. We get names according to our character. My name obadiyah means servant of Yah. When I came into this truth and I saw the route the Father wanted me to go…that is what I wanted to be…a servant of Yah. So I said…this is my name right here. So when you choose a name or if a name is chosen for you, make sure it goes with your character…not to how it sounds. That name can be given to you by the Father, if you seek His face. Some Hebrews get their names when they are immersed. After they go under, come up, they want a new name.

The book of secrets? Ain’t that a witch book? Right, the name says it all, yeah. That is witchcraft. It is Celtic stuff…Druits.

When you vote in the Babylon system, see Babylon oppresses us…your making the system stronger by participation in the process. It is deomocracy…demonic rule. It is the cup in the woman’s hand in the book of Revelation. The more you give in to this system…the stronger she becomes. We have to buy food, go to school in the system and work in the system but the things that we don’t have to do voluntary participation in the system…don’t do it. You don’t have to vote…voting will not get you anything…by you putting your trust in a man…to put us out of a condition that Yah has put us in. No, we are to rely on Yah. Yah has given us understanding, a plan, this is what we want. Babylon is wicked. When I get into the lesson about Mystery Babylon, I will show you her wickedness. Her wickedness extends throughout the world. She has a strong hand built on Hellenism.

Yeah, there’s homosexuality in Israel. There is homosexuality all over the world.

What should sisters do who can’t find jobs, babysitters, and are alone? Since government assistance has been set up the thing is…it is to assist you in your time of need. Don’t make it a career. You will be stuck in the system and when the time comes to leave the system…you will not want to go. As long as you don’t have to sign documents saying you don’t believe in Yah, Yahoshua MessiYah…its just government assistance…for a short time.

Government loans? Stay away if you can from being in debt to this government. If you do get a government loan, pay it back as soon as possible to keep the beast off your back. The IRS is no joke! She will come for you! Yeah, how do bill collectors find your cell phone number…lol. They make money by charging all that interest.

Their were times the priest had to shave all the hair off their bodies…beards, eyebrows everything…to enter the Set Apart places in the temple.

Iraq? I think they are searching for something there. This is where Nimrod, Babylon…all his kingdom began. The U.S. on behalf of the people of the world will crown the man of sin. I believe since the man of sin will sit in the seat of Nimrod’s crown or Alexander’s crown. Because Alexander died in Babylon. Truly, they are searching for something. And while they are over there, they can spread democracy. Five years from now Bagdad will be like times square. They are also going into the same lands Alexander conquered. Alexander went into Afghanistan, Iraq, and  Iran. They will go into Iran next. No doubt about that.

Skin painting? You should not get any tattoos. Don’t destroy your temple with tattoos. Air brushing the skin? I don’t know, it depends on what is being used. Don’t destroy your skin.

The ark? They believe it is in Ethiopia. They will bring that false ark out to fool the people. Let me show you where the ark is. Revelation 11:19, in heaven with Yah. Indiana Jones does not have it. Yah did not leave it so man can do wicked things with it. Yah dwelled on the mercy seat and the 10 commandments were in it. The temple was built to house the ark. Since the temple is gone…there is no reason for the ark to be around. The Jews will bring out a false ark  probably from Ethiopia so they can build their temple.

Most of our people don’t know their Israelites and they don’t know they are being punished. If someone puts you in jail but does not tell you why…I use that analogy for the state of our people…many don’t know they are Israelites, they are being punished. So how can they accepted their punishment if they don’t know these things? I’m not talking about the Israelites that know and have accepted the punishment. I’m talking about our unconscious people. Answer: Yah will give each and every Israelite an opportunity to come to His truth. Yah said He lets us choose life or death. That is in the book of Deuteronomy. When you accept your punishment you will not blame the Gentiles…you understand the wrong that you have done and know what you need to do to make it work…that is what accepting punishment is…return from your wicked ways.

Conscious Israelites, I came into the knowledge of being an Israelite when I was 33 , I’m 35 now. So for 33 years I was an African-American, nigga, etc. and Script. says come out of her My people and I get up and go to the promised land…have I accepted my punishment? Answer: What does it mean to accept your punishment? That to me is sitting back and knowing you a promised land that you can’t attain (now). Knowing we are the chosen people of Yah but because of our own disobedience to this day and the disobedience of our fathers we have to be in a land where the people (not all) hate us…outright. They murder us still today. They jail us still today. So If I said at 33 years old, well I’m an Israelite, I’m going home to my forefathers…that is not accepting my punishment…that would be me saying I’m going to free myself. So think about that.

Ezekiel 33:1-20 read by another brother. We are to warn the people even when they say no get out of here. If they don’t want to hear…their blood is on their own heads. When Yah brings the sword…if we don’t warn Yah will hold us responsible v.8. In v.9 Save them and save your own lives. v. 11 There is no pleasure in the death of the wicked. v. 13 This is scary. The minute you decide to sin after being righteous…that’s it. v. 15 This says the same thing Solomon says, as long as a man is connected to the land of the living, he has hope. As long as a man has breath he has a chance to repent. So this is why I  (in my right mind) will not point a finger at anyone, accusing because they have a chance to repent. And sometimes Yah gives people reprobate minds…so they can’t repent. But I still leave it alone. v. 16 His sins will not be remembered (when you repent) the mercy of Yah. HalleluYah. The end of question and answer.

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What Are Your Intentions?

The Israelites at IsraeliteHeritage were talking about a movie that is coming out in 2012 in ‘the news you can use’ yesterday in Shabbat. The movie is called ‘Asher’.  The movie stars Danny Glover and Micah Phiffer (sp?). It is based on the New York Israelites. The NY Israelites will be portrayed as terrorists. So the Israelites asked yesterday, why base this movie on the NY Israelites? Answer: to cloud everyones minds, to taint what is happening. There are many peaceful, non-militant groups of Israelites right here on paltalk. Why is there no movie being made about them?

Did y’all know there is a secret indictment on Farakhan going on now? The FBI is looking at him and Islam. They say he was in touch with Khadafy and was harboring a terrorist. They can go after him under the Patriot Act. This means the nation of Islam will be indicted too and called a terrorist organization. Farakhan was in Atlanta last year and told everyone we (descendants of the slaves) are the children of Israel. Farakhan aligned himself with the Israelite movement. Israelites will be called terrorists too.

This is to prepare you not to scare you brothers and sisters. Yah will protect us. Pharaoh couldn’t do nothing to us in Egypt.

The Patriot Act is broad. They don’t define a ‘terrorist’ so they can accuse anyone.

Check out the movie ‘the siege’ with B. Willis and D. Washington. Danny Glover is a member of the boule, a door keeper, they stop their own people from knowing the truth.

The ‘Asher’ movie will use militant Israelites to plant a seed in Americans, to scare people into thinking all Israelites are terrorists.

Why NY Israelites? They are ready for war against the Israelites. All Israelites. If the NY Israelites blow something up…that is it…we better run for the hills. They will be after us all! They went after the black panthers and those groups…J. Edgar Hoover too…this was practice. They knew they were coming for you one day.

I’m not sure if the first two links will work but they can be googled.

NY Israelites are the most vocal group. Most Israelites groups are quiet.

The Gentiles say Asher was a made up tribe. They say Asher worshipped Ashur a deity, god. We are going to look at this and break it down in the future.

‘Genesis’ and ‘the color of the cross’ are movies with Hebrew characters (portray us). Ben Hur was a Hebrew living in the time of Yahoshua.

Another brother speaks. He talks about the Jerry Springer show in 1996. The kkk vs. The Israelite who now calls himself the comforter. He was a member of the ISUPK and he discredited all Hebrew Israelites. They like to say God will kill the white man. They are taught this but don’t say why God will do this. It’s not Scripture.

This Scripture was texted in the room: YeremiYah 9:3-9.

The director of the film Asher wrote in the director’s notes section that he thought the Hebrew Israelites are a bunch of ‘wackos’ and he hopes to win an award exploiting them. I wondered…are you writing about the Hebrew Israelites of IsraeliteHeritage  in your thesis like this man did with the NY Israelites? Is that why your girlfriend said she can’t wait for you to finish your book? When you finish defending your paper…will you say goodbye? What are your intentions sir?



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Isaiah 53:Yahoshua Is Our Messiah

Non-Messianics love to say this chapter, Isaiah 53 is not about Yahoshua and is about Israel. Yahoshua was prophesied to come not that He was already there. It (Isaiah 53) is a major prophesy of Messiah. There are 12 verses. Don’t be deceived by non-Messianics.

Isaiah 53:1 Arm of Yah=Yahoshua. Right hand=power, My right hand Man this is where this phrase comes from. Report=that MessiYah has come.

John 12:37-38 The Israelites did not believe in Him. They still don’t believe today. They twist Scriptures. The old testament aligns with the new testament.

Isaiah 53:2 He did not look like an earthly king. He was not ugly like some try to say. ‘No comeliness means He was plain. He had no bling-bling. He will have great esteem (or look like a king) when He returns. Yah looks at the heart.

Luke 2:7 Messiah was born in a cave not manager. There was no splendor for the King of Yisrayl. He was born humbly.

Mark 6:3 He was a carpenter. He had a job. He lived as an ordinary man. He had no splendor like Solomon.

Philippians 2:7-8 He was murdered on the stake. He was a man, He humbled Himself. He had no appearance of a king so not many ‘desired’ Him.

Isaiah 53:3 He was despised, rejected. He had sorrows, grief. The pains of the people made Him grieved. People hid their face from Him, they thought He was cursed. He suffered.

Luke 4:28-30 Hebrews drove Him out.They rejected Him.

Matthew 27:21-25 They wanted Him dead. Let His blood be on us and our children, is what they said. This is the dumbest statement in the history of the world! Pilate did not want to execute Him. The Israelites wanted Him murdered. They rejected Him.

Luke 19:41-42 What the Master through, we go through also. Yahoshua wept because of the things that must occur before there is peace in the city again. He cried for the Israelites.

Mark 14:50-53 The brothers fled. They forsook Him. The high priests came to get Him. Kepha followed drawing his sword, then denied 3x.

Isaiah 53:4 He was afflicted, cursed like we are cursed today. He carried our pain. Our sickness (energy) went to Him. This is why you should cleanse yourself after you heal people. ‘Bore our sickness’, that energy is demonic. His energy over took the negative (demonic) energy. When the lady touched His garment He knew she had touched it because of the energy.

Luke 6:17-19 Power went out from Him and healed them all of unclean spirits.

1 Peter 2:24 He bore our sins in His body on a tree…by His stripes we are healed. He was afflicted.

Matthew 27:41-43 The moment you start believing this Word, you start getting afflicted. They will call you cursed. As they called Him cursed. He was mocked. They asked, why cannot He save Himself? satan said that too, ‘if you are the son of Yah, let me see you do this—  Non-messianics say he was cursed for saying He was the son of Yah. The new testament is a witness that Yahoshua is MessiYah. It shows us how to do Torah. The new testament says what the old testament says. Yahoshua did not pre-exist. He came out of a womb of a woman.

Isaiah 53:5 By His stripes…we just read this. The movie ‘the passion’…the whipping was real. The Romans did that scene realistically. The movie ‘glory’ when Denzil Washington showed his whip marks for slavery. We were whipped in slavery like He was whipped. He hung from a tree like the lynching of the Israelites after slavery. He suffered so Yah would not destroy us. The scattering of His garments=the scattering of the Israelites throughout the world. In the movie ‘the day the earth stood still’, the little boy ‘Jacob’ said he wanted to go home like Yaqob’s children want to go home.

Matthew 27:26 Scorged=He was whipped. Yahoshua said, ‘Yah if this is Your will’.

1 Kepha 2:24 Stripes=whipped. By His stripes we are healed.

Isaiah 53:6 We have gone astray. Our crookedness was put on Him by Yah.

Galatians 1:3-4 It was the will of Yah…Messiah gave Himself.

1 John 4:10 Yah sent His Son to us so we may live. Because of our crookedness Yah could have destroyed us. We have to repent before (in front of) the nations.

Isaiah 53:7 He was oppressed, afflicted. He did not open His mouth. Isaiah spoke as if it had already happened, Yah had already had this knowledge before the foundation of the world. Yah gave this vision to Isaiah. Yah had already watched this happen.

Matthew 27:27-31 They put a scarlet robe on Him. (My sidenote: I think red/scarlet  was given to people not well liked. I remember reading a book called ‘the scarlet letter’ in the 11th grade. In the book the woman was accused of sinning and given the scarlet letter to wear in public.) They put a crown of thorns on His head. They mocked Him saying ‘hail king of the Israelites’. They struck His head. He did not speak.

Matthew 27:12-14 He answered not. He said no words. Isaiah said He would be silent.

John 1:29 When lambs go to the slaughter, they know nothing or in other words they don’t speak. The lamb of Yah takes away the sins of the world. His first visit He was the lamb. His second visit He will be the lion. Lion=mad lion. Lambs can be petted so repent now! Lions=going to war!

Isaiah 53:8-9 No violence, no deceit was in His mouth. He was buried with the rich, wicked.

Matthew 27:57-60 A rich man named Yoseph of Arimathea asked for the body of Yahoshua. He was appointed a grave with the wicked (wrong) and the rich.

John 18:38 Pilate found no fault in Him. No deceit in His mouth, no violence.

John 19:4 Pilate finds no fault.

Do you know what YesiYah (Isaiah) means? It means Yah saves. The Apostles studied Isaiah 53. In Acts 8 The Ethiopian read from Isaiah 53. Phillip taught him Isaiah 53. The Apostles knew it was Yahoshua. Yahoshua means Yah’s salvation.

1 Kepha 2:21-22 Yahoshua suffered for us. He was an example for us. He committed no sin. No deceit found in Him.

Isaiah 53:10 Yah pleased to bruise Him. His trial pleased Yah. Seed=us today.

John 18:11 Yahoshua said Yah is doing this, put away the sword Kepha. Yahoshua could have called 12 legions of angels…but Yah said it was time. He had to go through this to rule.

Matthew 20:28 Yahoshua served and gave His life. He made Himself an offering for the many (us).

Isaiah 53:11 Yahoshua, a righteous servant! Beared our crookedness.

Romans 5:18-19 Many made righteous. Disobedience of one man=Adam. The righteous man=Yahoshua.

Isaiah 53:12 Yahoshua was counted with the sinners (He was between the two sinners on the stake). He made intercession for the sinners…He died.

Matthew 28:18 Yahoshua had all authority in heaven and earth (above and below). If you look at baphomet pictures you see it points up and down. satan copies everything Yah does.

Acts 2:33 He is at the right hand of Yah now.

Luke 23:32,34 There were 2 criminals with Him on the stake…counted with the sinners. v. 34 He made intercession for one on the stake. He interceded for the sinners…they did n0t know what they were doing.

Back to Isaiah 53:12 ‘portion of great’=those going to the kingdom. Portions of land will be given to those who get into the kingdom. This can be found in Ezekiel. I think Ezekiel 47:13 (?).

Questions and Answers: What was on them that Yahoshua took from the sick people? Should we pray on them? If you anoint a sick person, anoint yourself before and after to keep the Set Apart Spirit. Their energy drains you when you speak to them. Anoint yourself and pray on yourself. Fasting and praying helps to heal. From the Apo. of EliYah in the Pseudepigrapha says to fast for purity of heart and hands…grieve your soul. Pure prayer is an ointment that goes to heaven. Do it right because evil spirits can whip you, Acts 19!

There are some Hebrew Israelites on YouTube that don’t believe in the virgin birth. How can Yahoshua be from the House of David if Yoseph was from house of David but Yoseph did not father Yahoshua?

Isaiah 7:14 Yah gives a sign=a virgin shall conceive. This is the sign. No one else has done this. Why is this unbelievable? Yah created man from dirt,mud.

Matthew 1:20-23 An angel came to Yoseph, the son of David (descendant) v. 23 prophesy of Isaiah 7:14. v. 25 Yoseph did not have sex with Miriam until after Yahoshua was born. Yah touched her womb just like He does for every womb. Yah did not have sex with her. Yah speaks everything into existence. 

In the Bible lineage of a man is for inheritance only. Miriam was an Israelite woman. It mattered that she was Israelite. Miriam could have been from the house of David too!

What was Miriam Magdalene’s relationship with Yahoshua? Divinci code madness! Yahoshua was on a mission. He had no time for a wife. We are His seed today.

Was satan created to test mankind? Why did Yah allow satan to go to the garden? satan was created perfect Ezekiel 28:15. satan made the choice to be evil. This is when he became ha shatan. We were created perfect. We made the choice to eat  of the tree. Read the life of Adam and Eve in the Pseudepigrapha. satan did not want to worship man. Isaiah 14, satan wants to be The Most High.

The end of Shabbat

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Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 4

There was even a situation where David had sinned and Yah brought plaues down upon the children of Israel because David had sinned. David numbered Israel, a sin. So Yah stopped it. Yah even had compassion on that situation.

Yah stopped death angels. He told them…that is enough, don’t harm anymore. If you read throughout the Scriptures there were times when the entire nation of Yisrayl could have been cut off forever. But Yah said no, that He would always keep a remnant  here. he would always save this group. He would always have compassion and mercy on these right here. So that they can be Yah’s examples. So the name of Yisrayl can continue to live on. You see brothers and sisters that is what we have to do…humble ourselves so we can get in the grace and mercy of Yah. When you let that grace period run out…because grace runs out…it’s not as Christians say that you have grace forever and you don’t have to keep the laws…no, you have a grace period. (All of us are supposed to be keeping these laws.)

It’s just like when you stop paying your bills or credit cards…sometimes they give you a grace period. A period to get your money right and give them their money…to get it right. So that is what we are looking at. Before your grace runs out heed the warnings of the Father. If things in your life are not going right and once upon a time they were…heed the warnings of the Father.

Like I said, many of you are intoned with the Father and you know when Yah is tapping you on the shoulder. So heed the warnings. Seek His face…ask Him what it is you are doing wron. Remember Ribqah (Rebecca) had Esau and Yaqob in her womb. And Scripture says her husband Yitzshaq  (Isaac) prayed to yah that she get pregnant and that she could have children. Then when she got pregnant the children were struggling in her womb. They were fighting in her womb. She said if this is a blessing, why am I like this? Why are my children struggling in my womb if all of this is good? Yah broke it down for her. He told her the prophesy of the older shall serve the younger and so forth.

But see, We Israelites just have to stay where the Father is guiding us and leading us. We all will not come to Yah…all of us are not going to make the kingdom because we all don’t want to make the kingdom. Those who make the kingdom…are going to choose (to be there). They are goint to barely make it in but they will choose. They will choose to humble themselves and walk with the Father. They will choose His way versus the way of satan. They will choose to get it right before grace runs out, before mercy runs out and before the wrath of Yah comes. It’s going to be your choice…to do these things. If you choose not to do them then that is your choice also.

This is why satan shows a version of himself to make you think he is Yah. Yah is not going to deceive you. Yah is not going to confuse you. If you have confusion going on in your life right now pertaining to the word of Yah and you can’t understand the word but once upon a time you had understanding and now all you can do is scratch you head (in confusion). But once upon a time you had truth and understanding. What has happened is you have choose to walk away from the understanding of Yah. You have choose to serve other gods. You hav choose to listen to false prophets and false Messiah’s. You choose that. So Israel we are coming to a close. That is the lesson for this week…the mercy, grace and wrath of Yah:return to Him before your grace runs out.

Don’t get lazy and say, ‘I’m under grace now, I don’t have to keep the laws’. When did grace begin? It did not begin when Jesus died on the cross. OKay, well I’m going to take you back to Genesis where it says that Yah found grace upon Noah. What does that mean? So brothers and sisters we are to open the room for questions and answers. The lesson ends.

*I’m almost finished listening to the question and answer session. It was quite long and really could be a lesson unto itself. So I will try to post it on Sunday. I must say baby that certain answers were a little shocking to me. Especially when he was talking about funerals. I was a little puzzled because I know I have heard an Israelite say they went to a burial (but not the wake). And I thought  I read where the 12 sons of Yahqob asked for their bodies to be taken out of Egypt with the children of Yisrayl(?).  I dunno, I’m not sure if I read that correctly though…I will post it on Sunday, Yah willing.  Love you Anthony.

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Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 3

When the Babylon army came through, there were some Israelites that did not go into captivity into Babylon. But these Israelites (the disobedient ones) are going to take Yah’s mercy and stomp on it. Yah told them to stay in Yahudah. He sent Yermiyah to them saying y’all stay here. I will not allow y’all to be taken captive. So Yeremiyah went to them with this message. They said it was too dangerous and wanted to leave. Yeremiyah told them not to go to Egypt. They don’t listen and go to Egypt. So Yah brought the Babylonians to Egypt…just to get to those Israelites. The Babylonians tore up Egypt and got those Israelites. Yah had mercy and compassion upon them when the Babylonians came to Yahudah, He did not allow them to be taken. Yah’s grace ran out, they didn’t get it right. They ran to Egypt, as our people always did. They always looked at Egypt before they would look to Yah. They looked to the strength of Pharaoh. Yah wasn’t going to allow Nebuchadnezzar to take the Israelites. But the Israelites got up and left for Egypt with their crooked hearts.

Yeremiayah 23:9-22 The people had already come to Yeremiyah and asked him to go to Yah and ask for help. v. 19 Yah gives mercy here…He is not going to let them be taken by Nebuchadnezzar into captivity. v. 11 Yah told them not to be afraid of the king of Babylon. See, when Yah tells you not to be afraid of something or someone…you don’t be afraid of it because He’s telling you that He is going to protect you. It reads, for I am with you to save you and deliver you from his hand. See, if Yah tells you He will protect you, He’s going to save you, I’m going to deliver you, don’t you be afraid of them! That is all we need to hear. We don’t need to hear no more explanations past that. ‘Oh, it’s a done deal’? Let me go back in the house’. ‘Let me go back in and fry me some lamb’. ‘The rest of the Israelites have gone into captivity but Yah said He will protect me, I have nothing to worry about’. ‘Let me continue, you know…business as usual’. But no, they didn’t do that. And I shall show mercy, compassion, grace, favor…on you and let you stay in your own land. But if you say you will not stay in the land and disobey the voice of Yah your Mighty One…the Israelites said no, we are going to the land of Egypt. v. 14 They said they do not want to see war, sound of the trumpet nor be hungry for bread. v. 16 So once again, Yah had already had a mercy period over them from 701 BCE to 586 BCE but they didn’t get it right. So, their grace ran out. Babylon came in and took some of Yahudah. Yah told them that the sword would come and get them in the land of Egypt. You will not escape this. All you have to do is embrace His grace and mercy and obey His voice. Obey His voice…that is the nation as a whole, the remnant and even in your own personal life.

Take heed when Yah is telling you something isn’t right. Take heed when Yah is telling you something is absolutely wrong here. Take heed…repent…for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  No sinner will enter into the kingdom. That is why Yahoshua first tells you to repent because when the kingdom comes…the kingdom will only be for the righteous. See, now we are blessed because we are living in a world controlled by the wicked…controlled by the adversary. But Yah has given us means to navigate this world. We can survive in the world of the adversary. Oh yeah, it’s going to be a struggle, tough, a battle but we can do it. Yet the wicked will not be able to survive in the world of the righteous because no wicked man will be in the kingdom. So let us come together…let us praise Yah for His mercy.

So it says in verse 18 of Yeremiyah chapter 42. Yah said to them, if y’all don’t do what I’m saying you will not see happy times in Egypt. You will not escape because I’m sending the sword after you, even in Egypt because you are being disobedient to me. v. 19 Yah admonished (warned). Isn’t this His pattern? Yah warns first. He gives a grace period, this is what He is saying to them, I have warned you, I’m giving you compassion, a grace period…don’t go to Egypt. If you disobey Yah, your grace is gone. We have to take heed of the Father’s warnings. Some of His warnings are just so obvious. His warnings are not esoteric, no they are obvious. This was an obvious warning…don’t go to Egypt. Yah speaks to many of you in that exact same way. But just like them, many of us are not hearing. Just like them, many of us are fearful of hearing what Yah has to say. Just like them, many of us want to do our own thing and come to our own understanding. There is no difference, these were our ancestors.

 v. 20 They told Yeremiyah to go pray to Yah on their behalf…thinking Yah is going to come back and say y’all flee to Egypt. So that is why they are saying whatever Yah says we shall do because they think Yah is going to be thinking like them…thinking as they think, as a man thinks. So when the word of Yah came back and it’s totally against what they want it to be…then they became disobedient. Sound familiar? I know it does to me…when Israelites just do what they want to do because they can’t accept the word of Yah. The word of Yah says this is the way it should go but they say hey, ‘I don’t want to hear that because they want to do their own thing. v. 21-22 They left a good situation to go to a worse situation. Yah promised them the sword if they went to Egypt. Stay where you are until Yah tells you to go. Isn’t that the message right here. Yah told them that He would protect them there. They saw Egypt had bread, Egypt had no fighting, everything is peaceful, we can have a good time, we can be rich…Yah told them what they think they are escaping will follow them. Listen to Yah’s voice, Yisrayl. He’s speaking to you. Hear what He says…thus saith the Master Yah. Anything that comes contrary to that…leave it alone.

So, we see Yeremiyah told them the word of Yah. But these people already had in their hearts and minds that they were going to Egypt. They thought they were running to safety but they weren’t going to get protection in Egypt. Yah is about to send the sword to them.

Yeremiyah 43:1-13 v. 1 Yeremiyah spoke all the words that Yah told him to give to the people. They can’t get mad at him because Yah told him what to say. They asked Yeremiyah to ask Yah on what to do. v. 2 Look at this, they call Yeremiayah a liar! This man has told them the words of Yah…and they say he’s lying. Do you know why they are saying he’s lying? Because, it’s going against their pre-conceived notion…what they had already put in their minds that they are thinking that Yah wants them to do. Yah is saying something contrary so they tell Yeremiyah, that he has to be lying. ‘You are a liar because Yah’s not going to protect us’. They don’t really believe in Yah. ‘Yah doesn’t have compassion, He’s not going to protect us’. ‘We have to go to Egypt’. ‘We have to save ourselves!’ ‘We can’t wait on Yah to save us, let’s save ourselves’. v. 3-7 They went to Egypt disobeying the voice of Yah. v. 8-11 You see! Yah had already appointed who would be killed, who would go into captivity and who would be taken be the sword. It was already done. Yah sent Nebuchadnezzar because they would not listen. Yah told them to stay in Yahudah but they were fearful. Yah sent the sword behind them because they thought Egypt was safety. The only safety you have is with Yah! That is what He told them ‘I’m going to have compassion upon you’. ‘I’m going to protect you’. ‘I’m going to save you, that is the only way, protection you have’! ‘There is no land you can run to for safety’. This is what Yah is explaining to them. You can’t run from this. Because they were disobedient and would not hear Yah’s voice…their grace period was up! Nebuchadnezzar was on the way. v. 12 Nebuchadnezzar was coming to take over Egypt just because Yahudah was there. Listen to the voice of Yah brothers and sisters. Their grace ran out on them. So now wrath came and rightfully so. v. 13 read also.

Yeremiyah 44:2-30 We will start reading at verse 2 but do y’all see this? The compassion and mercy of Yah? Do you see this great example He gave us right here? This is His word…it came from Yah! You have to be intoned with Him brothers and sisters to hear what He has to say to you. He has something to say to each and every one of us, if we are His servants. He has things to say to us…listen. These people  were led into Egypt by these group of men (Yeremiyah 43:2). They told the people  Yeremiyah was lying. Trust and patience are important. Let us wait on Yah. Remember the Scripture says He has compassion on the remnant. He’s going to protect the remnant brothers and sisters.

v. 2-5 Yah says He sent servants to warn. I killed 185,000 Assyrians that were coming to take you. I have compassion but you continue to be disobedient. Here you are burning incense to the queen of heaven. Here you are following the 10 tribes who are already gone for their disobedience. Yahudah’s grace ran out and the wrath is coming. He was protecting . v. 6 See Yah’s wrath and displeasure (here is reads fury and anger). (Someone asks a question during the lesson.) No, He’s not talking about incense you burn to make your house smell better. They use to burn incense to the queen of heaven…to worship her. Yah has compassion for us. Some of us just think Yah is an ogre, evil and mean. There is nothing wrong with you burning incense in your house. As long as you don’t have incense burning to gods. Don’t put up images and burn incense to them…this is a shrine to them… a no-no. But if you just want your house to smell good from incense and burning oil, there’s nothing wrong with that. They were burning it in the temples and altars. Yah said His wrath was poured out. It will be poured out again. You don’t want that Yisryl. This is why we have to humble ourselves and turn back to Yah. He is in control of all things.

v.7 He asked them why they were doing this? Men, women, chilren…and infants were going to be killed. Oh, y’all didn’t think Yah brought wrath down on babies? Yah killed Canaanite babies. Yah killed Israelite babies. When you read the writings of Flavius Josephus, you read about how the Hebrews were eating their children!! The Romans had sieged the city and they had blocked off the city. Yah will bring punishment to your children…because you are bringing it to them. You bring the sin into the household. You bring sin upon their lives. You teach them do the same sins that you do. Your parent will teach you sins and you do it not knowing any better…then you teach your children. You have to break that cycle before Yah brings wrath on them too (your children)!

v.8 These people escaped and Yah allowed them not to be taken out of Yahudah…they went to Egypt. What do they do in Egypt? Burn incense to the Egyptian gods! They  turned their noses up to Yah and went to Egypt and worshipped their gods! Isn’t that just like an Israelite brothers and sisters? Yah said they were provoking Him. v. 9 Yah said have you forgotten all these signs when you were in Yahudah? Have you forgotten why Nebuchadnezzar is after you? They forgot because they continued to sin against Yah. Just like today, Israelites have forgotten about all the things we have done to displease Yah…we are doing the same things today. Israelites today are still provoking Yah to anger…all of Israel…those who know they are Israel and those who don’t know. Wrath came when their grace ran out so what do you think about you? Do you think your anymore special? You do as your fathers did…we have to do different as our fathers did especially the wicked of our fathers.

v. 10 This verse read twice. Yah is speaking to us in this day ain’t He. To this day, they have not been humbled says Yah. Israel has not been humbled because if they were humbled, they would come themselves out of the way…and come and worship the Father in Spirit and truth. But they have not humbled themselves because they think that they are Yah!!! They think they have to come up with a plan, not trusting Yah’s plan!  They have not humbled themselves. v. 11-12 The Egyptians said, ‘get those Hebrews out of here=reproach’! Get those slaves out of here! It’s vice versa now, these Egyptians don’t want Israelites there. Because you are a reproach. They said, ‘Yah come get your people out of here…please‘! Remember, Nebuchadnezzar was not going into Egypt at first. This is historical, read about Nebuchadnezzar when the Babylonians took over Egypt. The Babylonians took off after the Assyrians.

v.13 See, ‘I shall punish those who live in Egypt’. So the Egyptians are going to be punished too because of these Hebrews. v. 14-15 This is when Yeremiyah was speaking to them saying y’all did all this saying you would not survive here, y’all will be taken out, Nebuchadnezzar says he’s coming to burn everything…so this is Yeremiyah telling them what the word of Yah is saying. Now, they are getting together in a great assembly…look at what they will say to Yeremiyah. v. 16-17 They said they will continue to do as they want. They did not want to hear the word of Yah. They said they will do as they have always been doing. ‘We will do it our way’. ‘We don’t care what the word of Yah says’. v. 18-19 They are saying that when they stopped doing these things (incense, cakes)…here comes Nebuchadnezzar, famine, and the sword. So they think they need to continue the incense and cakes to the queen of heaven goddess, so they can be saved by her. Ain’t this something? They tell Yeremiyah they will continue to worship her.

v. 20-23 Yeremiyah said because y’all were doing all that stuff..that is why this evil is upon you. Because you walk contrary. Because you are doing what you want to do! This evil has come upon you. This is what he’s telling these Israelites but they are not trying to hear. They say because we broke with the old ways. This is why this is happening. But they will comprehend that wrath. That is all they will know is that wrath. v. 24 For all you new people (in the assembly) Mizraim is Egypt or slavery. v.25 Do you all understand who the queen of heaven is today? The queen of heaven today is being worshipped as the virgin mary…ashtar and all those ancient goddesses but today that is who the virgin mary is…she is the queen of heaven. They call her mary the mother of god. This is her form today. So be careful Israelites. v. 26 If Yah swears by His great name…that means this thing is going to happen! v. 28 Some Israelites would escape the sword and return back to Judah…they would be an example to know whose word was established. Because Yah said they would be taken. v. 29 Yah is punishing them for not listening. Israelites, were just as sinful in Egypt as they were in Judah. Yah made them examples to establish His word. v.30 Yah says here, pharaoh will be given over  to Nebuchadnezzar. All because the Israelites are there.

They did not embrace the compassion, mercy and grace of Yah. They did things according to their own understanding. When a prophet of Yah came to them to bring them Yah’s word they said that this man is a liar. They wanted to run to safety. They would not believe Yah would protect them in Judah.

Now we can travel and chat on the internet about Yah and Yahoshua. But there will come a time when we can no longer do this openly. We will have to go underground and do this. We will not be able to come on the internet and chat.  It will be hard to travel from city to city. They are going to shut this down and persecute us heavily for bringing this word of Yah. Right now Yah has mercy upon us…especially the remnant (those who keep the laws).

He listens brothers and sisters. What did He say when He came to Moshe? I have heard the cry of My people, Yisrayl down in Egypt. He heard the cry. Yah has compassion. He is merciful.

Let’s go look at another situation. We seen these Israelites. They didn’t escape, Yah sent Nebuchadnezzar. But even after they went to Babylon, Yah allowed our people to come back to rebuild the temple. Then He had compassion on them from the time they returned from Babylon to the time of the Romans. Which was what about 200-400 years maybe? Somewhere in there. When He did that with the Romans, Titus and Vespasian…that was it! ‘Y’all ain’t bringing that mess back in here’. ‘I’m tired of you Yisrayl’. ‘I keep bringing y’all back’. ‘I keep asking y’all to do simple things for Me, which you said you would do when you made this covenant’. ‘But this time I’m going to show you something’. ‘You will not come back into this land for a long time.’ ‘You will not have kings on the throne in this land for a long time’. Yah said He was going to scatter us among the Gentiles…the wild Gentiles…these boys don’t play. They have a fierce look on their faces. You will not understand their language. They will not show favor to your young or old. They will be fierce. They will string up a child as they would an old man (the curses Deuteronomy 28). And after this (the curses) y’all will start to comprehend what I have been saying all this time. In the end, Yisrayl you will finally comprehend My mercy and grace.

Let’s run over to Numbers 22. I want to show y’all a situation here. I want y’all to apply this to your personal lives. Everything you can apply…but I just want to show you this. Let’s read about Balaam. Y’all remember Balaam? Balaam was about to curse Yisrayl. He was sent by Balak to put a curse on Yisrayl. And Yah got in Balaam’s way. As Balaam was riding on his donkey, Yah sent an angel to turn him around. Balaam wasn’t paying attention to the signs given. Let’s read this. Because this is what y’all need to comprehend…is that Yah gives signs and you have to comprehend the signs He gives you. We will be closing out in just a moment. I have just a few more Scriptures. I like to give shorter lessons sometimes because an 8 hour lesson with many Scriptures…you foget what the lesson was about. But I just had to show you those examples because it’s important that we understand this for our day and time…how the Father Yah operates. Because remember Yah changes not. Once He sets it into motion it’s done. What He did to Israel in the ancient times, He will do again. The way He delivered Yisrayl in the ancient times…what makes you think He will change that…He does not change. He said He would bring us back into Egypt (slavery) with ships this time, Deuteronomy 28:68.

Numbers 22:11-36 v. 1 Balaam is telling this to Yah because Yah came to him and said, who are these men with? (in verse 9)  Balaam said to Yah, Balak son of Zippor, King of Moab. Balak wants the people of Yah cursed so they could be weakened. Curses are real brothers and sisters…they are real. How do you put a curse on someone? You pronounce it. Just like Yah pronounced curses on Yisrayl. He pronounced it.  So this man was going to curse Yisrayl and Yah stood in his way. v. 12-22 read. Balaam heard the voice of Yah telling him not to go curse Yisrayl. Balak sent his boys over there to intimidate him. Then he tried to flatter him saying ‘I highly esteem you’. ‘I have great respect for you brother’. ‘Everything you say I do so go ahead and do this thing for me’. He gave him that smooth talk. So Yah told him not to go. v. 23-25 So twice Balaam saw signs. He’s already heard Yah telling him not to go. Yah is giving him warnings but he continues to do as he wants. What he is doing is wrong, Yah wants him to turn around. Yah warns us today.

v. 26-27 You have things going on in your lives brothers and sisters and instead of seeking the Father and He has given you warnings time after time…we get mad at the person who is causing the problem or the situation in our lives. This is what Balaam is doing. He’s getting mad at the donkey but it’s not the donkeys fault. The donkey is being obedient. Balaam should take heed. Sometimes Yah gives you signs…don’t go there…don’t go where they are. He gives you signs and then you are hard-headed, and go and have the worst time you ever had because He told you not to go. But you didn’t listen. This is the same thing going on with this donkey. Yah already told him not to go. v. 28 Does it take something this drastic for Yah to get your attention? Does Yah have to bring your dog into the house to tell you that this particular sin you’re doing is wrong? Or how about your goldfish? Does He have to wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you what thus saith Yah by way of your goldfish? Does it have to be that drastic Yisrayl? For many of us…yeah. Now this donkey is speaking to Balaam.

v. 29 And Balaam said to the donkey…this is strange, this donkey turned around and spoke…now if an animal spoke to me…I’m running. This man has a conversation with the donkey! So, I was like woah. Normally you would run, right. v. 29 This is how y’all get when Yah is giving you a warning in your life…you get mad at the people or things He is using to warn you. You take your judgment out on that (the messenger) instead of heeding the warning that the Father is giving you for your salvation because He’s trying to turn you back on the right track. But instead you get mad at the wrong person like many of you today. The Gentiles are used as a belt, as a whip in Yah’s hands to whip you back into shape. But many of you are still angry at the Gentiles not taking heed that this is a punishment given to you by Yah. He told you, that He was going to use your enemies against you. He said you were going to be in a strangers land and they would afflict you 400 years Genesis 15:13. He warned you about this. But you still sinned against Him  and now you are mad at the Gentiles because he has an upper hand over you. All your anger and protests against the Gentiles will do nothing if your heart is not turned back towards the Father. If you have not made peace with Yah, if you have not humbled yourself to the Father…All of that does not matter. You can get angry at them, you can pray for their destruction, it doesn’t matter because you will be destroyed just the same, if you have not come back to the Father. You can kill all the Edomites you can…you can get a jawbone of a donkey and go crazy on the Edomites just like Samson did…it will change nothing! Humble yourself to Yah (and stop blaming other people). If you kill a thousand, two thousand more will come and they will be more powerful and bring more oppression on you. If you kill three thousand, ten thousand more will come to bring more oppression on you. Because you can’t run from it. You told Yah, ‘all that you say, we shall do it’ (the covenant from Exodus, we are married to Yah forever).

So instead of getting mad at that…humble yourself. See, that is where humbleness comes from. Say, ‘what is this’? ‘Is this a situation where the Father is trying to reach me?’ ‘Do I need to listen more?’ ‘What is Yah trying to show me?’ Listen to what Yah is trying to tell you. You may be under some kind of false doctrine that He does not want you to listen to. He may be trying to bring you from that. He constantly shows you His truth. He constantly warns you, constantly sending servants and prophets to you…but you will not heed. So when He brings the hammer down…you deserve it.

So Balaam wants to kill the donkey because she stopped. v. 30 So the donkey is saying to him, have I ever acted in this manner? Have I ever been out of control with you? You should know something is wrong here, Balaam. Situations in our lives have been going perfect and now there’s trouble. That is a warning right there. So that is what this donkey is saying, ‘I have been yours, now there is trouble and you are not taking heed that this is a warning’. ‘I’m not going that way because it’s not permitted for me to go that way! ‘Yah has already told you Balaam’. v. 31 This angel was ready for business!! He had His sword out of its sheath! He’s ready to do damage  so Yah opened Balaam’s eyes and Balaam saw. This took place on the invisible, on the Spiritual…the angel appearing before the donkey…the donkey was able to see the angel at first but Balaam did not. So this took place on the Spiritual then Yah manifested it on the physical. Now Balaam sees why the donkey would not go forward. Balaam falls on his face…humbled.

v. 32-33 See, three times…Yah gives warning after warning. Yah said if she didn’t turn He would have killed Balaam and let her (the donkey) live. It wasn’t her fault he would not listen. You have personal  issues like this too. Yah warns you and warns you and if you keep going in the direction He tells you not to go…wrath upon you and your head. Yah’s mercy is that He turned the donkey away 3 times after He already had warned Balaam.

 v. 34-36 Balaam went on to speak the words of Yah. HalleluYah! So this is what I wanted y’all to see…Yah warns us. Yah tries to turn us down the right path…not to lead us to destruction. Balaam was going down the road to destruction. He would have been killed had not that donkey turned around. So why get mad at the donkey? The donkey is saving your life. He’s saving your life Balaam…Israelites. Why get mad at the wrong thing? Humble yourself. Correct yourself. Do what you have to do. Wicked people who have done evil to the Israelites will not get away with one thing. Yah has already called that from the beginning…He has already called the end. They will pay. Make sure your not counted part of that. When Yah says come out of her My people…do not take part in her plagues, her sins, you can only free yourself from her when you return back to the Father. You can only return back to the Father when you get out of satan’s bondage. There’s no other way around it. Return back to Yah in truth and righteousness. He has given you what He wants you to hear, what He wants you to know.

The final part of the lesson…coming soon.

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Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 2

*The Shabbat lessonyesterday was a rebroadcast on the lesson I already posted to you about ha shatan being the high priest once. There was no news you can use given this week. But I did hear this morning that congress is thinking about censoring the internet again.

Isaiah 49:13 Sing O heavens! Be joyful O earth! And break out in singing O mountains! For Yah has comforted His people. and will have mercy on His afflicted.

See that is the thing, we don’t teach about this compassion. And we don’t teach the order of this compassion. Is Yah going to have compassion on those that are the children of Israel but have turned their backs on Him? That are coming against Him? That have made themselves enemies to Yah? Yah says He has compassion for them. He would give them a grace period but if they don’t come to the understanding by the end of that grace period, should He have compassion ? Or should He have compassion on those that have given their hearts to Him? Those that are walking in His ways, that are doing things that are pleasing to Him. That He is finding them blameless (perfect). Because according to His standard their walk is good. Those are the ones He will have compassion on. Those are the ones who deserve His compassion. The ones who have given themselves over to wickedness…deserve whatever Yah gives them. Whatever reward He brings upon them, they deserve it.

See, Israel does not listen. We constantly walk contrary to the Father. We don’t want to accept this punishment we have right now. We want to work our way around the punishment. We want to do this our way. Just like I was saying about the feast days. If you come to me and ask me, how do I celebrate the Passover? I can’t give you anything, no answer…except what the book says. It says to get a lamb of the first year without spot or blemish. You take the lamb to Jerusalem, you roast it at the temple and you give the blood to the priests. If you don’t have the lamb, Jerusalem, the temple, if you don’t have the place where Yah has put His name…I can’t give you anything other than that. If I give you anything contrary to that…I’m making up my own feast. Then I’m giving you my own understanding. So that is why when you come to me, I say this is what it says (in the book). If you can’t hang with that, so be it. But this is what it says.

That is what we have to do, come to Yah and do what He says to do. Do what Yah says to do…how He says to do it. That is it brothers and sisters. See, if we continue on that path, we can stay clear of the wrath. For example, like a little child, a two-year old you will hold guiltless of some things he does. But when that 2-year-old turns 5, he shouldn’t’ still be doing those things when he was 2. So at 5, if he is doing those things you use to hold him guiltless for…on this time you not hold him guiltless. You know he knows better than that now because he can understand. And when that child grows into an older child 8 or 9, he can’t get away with things that he did when he was 5. Because at 5 you didn’t know any better, right. At 2 he didn’t know any better. So it’s a constant growth.

This is why Yah has that period where He’s walking with you. If your messing up right now, He’s going to give you warnings, Hes’s going to show you some thing because your just a child. Yah’s holding you by the arms going step by step with you. But then if you try to shake away from Him saying I can walk on my own and then you fall on your face…whose fault is that? All of y’all who had 2 strong parents  out there who gave you strict discipline, y’all know how that thing works. Mom and pop tell you to do something, and they have that strict on you and you don’t do it…you know what’s next. And some of you had parents that if you didn’t do it the way they said to do it…you know what’s next. That is how it is with the Father. The Father is walking with you in truth bringing you to understanding but many of us reject the Father. We try to do things on our own. We try to create own laws, our own understanding, our own ways. And that is not the way. that is not what He wants us to do. He gives us simple things…love your neighbor as yourself, keep My Shabbats, don’t eat swine, don’t eat catfish because that stuff is not good for you. He gives you simple things and walks with you in the simple times. He has grace and mercy upon you right now.

I know many of you don’t want to hear about Yah’s grace and mercy…you want to hear about wrath right…wrath upon our enemies for what they have done to us, huh? Be careful. Because if you’re wishing for wrath upon your enemies like I said, when Yah comes through here and if you’re not found worthy, then you will be with the enemy. And then there will be wrath upon you and the enemy. Make sure your walking the walk Yah requires you to walk. This is not a game, some of you are doing things you know you should not be doing. But you figure hey, the lightning bold has not come down upon you. You haven’t waken up in the morning with your eyes gone. So you say, ‘Yah isn’t going to do anything to me’. ‘It’s all good’. When all this time Yah is giving you a warning. He gives you a grace period but when that grace period runs out…your in trouble now. Then the wrath comes and you are confused asking, ‘why is this happening to me’? Oh, Yah was trying to show you all the time but you were not listening. Yes (talks to someone) rebellion is the sin of witchcraft, stubbornness, brothers and sisters…it’s not good to be stubborn! You’re just like  idolators when your stubborn.

So, Yah has compassion on His afflicted ones. Those who have turned their hearts to Yah, He has compassion upon you. Remember our kingdom was united. A united monarchy, united kings, all 12 tribes living as one. We had King David and his son king Solomon. Solomon as we know with his million plus wives (exaggerates) allowed him to turn his heart away from Yah. And sometimes you have to think on that…this is the wisest king right. Yah told him this law will be your wisdom. So Solomon’s wisdom was based on him understanding and comprehending Yah’s law. This is what made him a wise man. Solomon allowed these women to turn his heart away from Yah when he knew Yah. Wow, there is a great lesson here, you know for all you brothers that want a thousand women. You better be careful on that.  After Solomon did what he did, Yah was angry and said He was going to split the nation. Yah sent 10 tribes north and 2 tribes south. We know how that worked out, the divided kingdom. Understand that Yah split the nation.

The regathering of Israel is in the hand of Yah. No man on this planet will ever take credit for gathering Israel as a nation. No man can ever take credit for that…no man or his elaborate plan. It is the hand of Yah and Yah’s hand alone that is going to regather the nation. Israel is one stick in His hand. Understand this, Yah separated the nation, Yah will gather the nation. That is in His hand. So after the nation was split…here we go into all types of sins. The northern part of Israel kept the name beta(sp?) Israel, which means the house of Israel and the southern part kept the name Judah/Yahudah, named after the largest tribe, the 4th tribe, Yahudah. Sometimes Yahudah was more wicked than Israel and other times Israel was more wicked than Yahudah. It depended what on what king was ruling who. So, as we were in our 2 separate lands, north and south. The northern kingdom became so wicked that Yah had to deal with them first. King after king continued in the wickedness of his father. They built altars and high places to gods and so forth. So Yah had to send the Assyraians, as the Assyrian Empire was rising, Yah sent them into Israel to take the northern 10 tribes captive.

Let’s go to 2 Kings chapter 17. These northern tribes, Yah warned them that this thing would happen. So, Israel and Judah…Judah to the south and they were wicked too but Yah…but north, oh man they were just out of control! See, up in the north this is where Jeroboam/Yeroboam made his own feast days. Yeroboam told the people, ‘oh you don’t have to go to Jerusalem to keep this feast’. ‘Oh, y’all can keep it up here’. Yeroboam made his own Levites out of men who were not blood Levites. So he really went crazy and the kings after him continued in that. There were times when a king would rise and do differently, that were pleasing to Yah. But then soon as he would die and his son would come up and start the wickedness all over again. (speaks to someone) Yeah, that is right, they were sacrificing to gods, el, and elohim. That is what they were doing. You have to understand what Yeroboam did brothers and sisters. That was a great abomination, him making up his own feast day and telling the people they don’t have to go to Yahrusalem/Jerusalem. Read that in 1 Kings 12 then read in chapter 13 what took place after that. It’s very profound.

So the Assyrians conquered Israel (the north) and they were on their way down to Yahudah to conquer Yahudah. So we will read about all this. And Yah had mercy upon Yahudah. 722 B.C.E. the Assyrians came against northern Israel…well it actually started around the year 740 and was completed in the year 722. By 722 B.C.E they had taken the 10 tribes into the Assyrian Empire. Now, the Assyrian Empire rose up before the Babylonians came into power. Yah called the Assyrians against Israel. He warned Israel through the prophets, saying turn from your wicked ways. He sent prophets early in the morning to the people. ‘Hey y’all, y’all not supposed to be doing this’. ‘Get this thing right’. ‘Yah is angry with you’. The Israelites looked at them and said yeah, blah, blah, blah. Just like Israelites do today. You get all this great information, you get warnings, Yah is sending you servants, He is sending you prophets and you are not hearing what they are saying. You are not hearing what Yah’s servants are telling you. It’s going to be to your own destruction.

So, around 740 the first tribes that were taken away were Reuben, Gad and half of Manassah. They were taken away around 740 and the Assyrians continued to come back. So when those tribes were taken away in 740, Yah had mercy, that was a grace period. Israel continued to walk in folly so the Assyrians came back around 721 or 722, those 10 tribes were gone. Yah took them out of there.

So we are talking about the mercy and grace of Yah. And getting this thing right before the wrath comes…before your grace runs out. We still have to do the law but Yah is giving us a grace period. Like right now, there are things in the law we don’t even know we should be doing. But Yah has a grace period for us. He has mercy…the Messiah…that is why He came, so we can have that covering until everything is restored right. When we are in the kingdom there will no longer be a need for grace periods because we will be 100% righteous with Yah. So look at this next Scripture.

2 Kings 17:1-11 v.3 In the Assyrian archives there is a carved image-picture that can be found online (google it) of Hosea bowing down to the king of Assyria. This actually happened brothers and sisters. This is real what is being read. v. 4 Hosea was bound and put in prison. Can you imagine? So the Israelites had made a pact with the Egyptians because the Assyrian Empire was on the rise during this time. The Assyrians were a mighty power. So the Israelites were making alliances with these other nations. So here Israel made an alliance with So, the king of Egypt. v. 5 Samaria is northern Israel. v. 6 Right here, the Medes were going to grow in power and merge with the Persians. v. 7-8 Now look at this. Verse 7 read again. What came to be? The children of Israel went into captivity. Because what? Because they had sinned against Yah. Now, as soon as they sinned Yah did not bring the Assyrians on them. He gave them a grace period. He gave them mercy. Yet they did not get this thing right before that grace period or mercy/favor ran out. v. 9-10 They ‘secretly’  (yes, speaks to someone) just like today! ‘Secretly’ doing things. See, many of us, we secretly set up groves in our hearts. And worshipping other gods in our hearts. They did this in secret and thought Yah would not see.

Many Israelites today do not teach about the power of Yah. They think the power of Yah is spooky, false, not real. Are you kidding me? You don’t believe in the power of Yah? I pray He keeps breath in your body for ‘the day of Yah’. Then let’s see how your heart changes. Let’s see where your heart stands after that. See, Yah is returning the pure understanding of what He requires of us. Many will say, our people used elohim, our people used el so what’s wrong with us using it? We have to understand that our people worshipped Canaanite gods. This is the reason Yah said go into Canaan and put those people out of there. Because, I don’t want them to influence you, to have your worshipping Me in the way they worship their gods. That is why Yah wanted them to be killed and all their altars thrown out of the land. Look at us, we didn’t do it. And what happened? We got influenced by the Canaanites and many of us are still worshipping lord baal and Canaanite gods.

v. 11-12 Yah told them not to do this. Yah had warned the Israelites not to serve the gods. Don’t do that Israel. Look at verse 13 and Yah warned (testified) Israel and Yahudah…He warned all 12 tribes through all of His prophets and every seer saying, ‘turn back from your evil ways and keep My commandments and My statutes according to the Torah which I commanded your fathers and which I sent to you by My servants the prophets. See, Yah warned them just like He warns us today. He gives a warning when these things are not right and you are doing something that you are not supposed to do. He gives you warnings. The key to this is… heed to the warning! Get it right, return to Him before your grace runs out! Before your favor runs out, before your mercy runs out. We see what happened to these Israelites here. That is why He allowed the Assyrians to come in and take them down. Because He warned them by sending prophets, servants, the same thing He is doing to you today to warn you of these transgressions but you are not heeding the warning.

And if you don’t get it right before your grace runs out, then His wrath will be upon your head. Then what will you do when he comes for you? Bad boys…and girls. v. 14 See, they don’t listen. v. 15 They became worthless (idolaters). We are supposed to be the teachers of the world and here we are sitting on the bottom being stepped on by the world. That was not in the plan of Yah. Yah told us not to be like the nations. v. 16. You know what? What is the hosts of the heavens? The sun, the moon, the stars, the angelsthe fallen angels who are being worshipped as gods. osiris, isis, allah, buddah…the gods. Those are no-nos. v. 17 They practiced witchcraft (voodoo) and soothsaying or fortune-telling/physics, numerology and all that wickedness. v. 18 Yah was very angry with the Israelites and all were taken but Yahudah. Do you see this? Yah removed them from His presence. He gave them an opportunity to repent. He sent warnings. He sent His prophets but He said they rejected the warnings, the prophets and the covenant. So now wrath came upon them because Yah had already told them that this would happen if they turned their backs on Him. So you see, mercy, grace and the wrath of Yah…return to Him before your grace runs out. These Israelites did not get it right so the Assyrians came through and took them.

v.19  Yahudah started following after the northern tribes, Israel and not following after the laws of Yah. v. 20-21 Yeroboam, he is the one who made his own feast day. And told the people not to go to Jerusalem to keep the feast. He appointed men, made his own priests out of men that were not Levites. If you are trying to train evangelists for active duty you should not do that because you are appointing men not even called by Yah. You can’t train prophets, evangelists, teachers in a school…that comes from Yah. How can you put a job and duty on a man who Yah may not have called to do this job?So, you are going to teach him to be a prophet when Yah has not called him to be a prophet. This is the same thing Yeroboam did. He made men Levite Priests when they were not Levite Priests. Yeroboam started Israel into this great sin. After him, you read about in the book of kings, how all these wicked kings came up. Then their sons came up and did more wickedness than his father had done. It was continual brothers and sisters…continual disobedience.

So Yahudah, Yah did not allow the Assyrians to go to Yahudah. Yahudah should have seen what happened and came and repented to Yah in all truth and righteousness. But we will see. v. 22 See, Yeroboam started them into sin and they did not walk away from it. What did he teach them? Not to go to Jerusalem, he made his own feast day, he appointed his own Levites and all that. And they continued in that way. Yah said it was a great sin. v. 23 Yisrayl was exiled from their land to Assyria as it is to this day. v. 24 They were transporting people from one part of the Assyrian empire to the other part. Remember Yah said Israel shall be taken away in captivity. This is part of the curses right. People ask me all the time, saying there were Africans that were brought over here in slavery or there were some more people who suffered slavery, saying Israel was not the only people who suffered slavery. Of course not. But see, when Yah brought these nations upon Israel, other people were effected by the wrath of these people. When Greece came on the scene, when Alexander brought wrath upon Israel, Israel was not the only nation effected by the Greek rule. But Israel was the nation that was effected according to the curses. So when the American man came and did what he did to the Native Americans and other people…that doesn’t make them Israel. They were in the path of this great enemy. But the enemy was called upon (by Yah) Israel. That is what Yah does. So this man (Assyria) is taking people from other lands, does this mean those other people are going into captivity? Does that make them Israelites? No it does not. But, this was done…Israel taken into captivity. The great understanding about this is that it says Yahudah was left alone in verse 18.

Now, when the Assyrians came, I told you in 740 B.C.E. and B.C.E. means before the common era or they sometimes just say B.C. and Christians like to say before Christ. So  740 B.C.E. Assyria came for Israelites taking Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh (half). this is during the time of the Assyrian King Pul. So in 1 Chronicles you can read that in chapter 5. Let’s go there. I want to lay this time period out for you so you can see how Yah had mercy upon these Israelites and they didn’t take heed. He sent prophets to Israel for a warning and they did not heed the warning. The Assyrians take the 10 tribes. That whole thing was complete by 722 B.C.E.

1 Chronicles 5:26 So Yah of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul, king of Assyria that is Tiglath-Pileser king of Assyria. He carried the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh into captivity. He took them to Halah, Habor, Hara and the river of Gozan to this day.

This is when they first went into Israel and were taking the tribes. Then they came back and this whole thing was completed by 722 BCE. They had taken the 10 tribes by 722. And they replaced the 10 tribes with other people around the Assyrian Empire. Now it tells us that Yahudah was left alone. But the thing is…when the Assyrians came back because Yahudah still did not repent, they saw what Yah did to the 10 tribes and they still was not repenting. They had a grace period from the year 722 BCE to the year 701 BCE. So in 701, the Assyrians came back for Judah. They tried to take Judah out of the land and scatter them. Yah had mercy on them for about 20 years and they still did not get it.

So the Assyrians go back on the war path, coming for Yahudah/Judah. So it’s 701, during the time of Isaiah or YesiYah, the prophet of Yah. The Assyrians are coming, King HezikiYah is the king of Yahudah/Judah. HezikiYah is trying to do right, trying to please Yah, trying to do right in Yah’s sight. And through HezikiYah and Isaiah…Isaiah went and said a very powerful prayer to Yah. As the Assyrians were getting ready to come down and take over Yahudah, guess what Yah did? Let’s go to Isaiah 37 and we will see what Yah did to those Assyrians that were about to come into Yahudah. This is showing the mercy that Yah has. He gave them the chance to get this right. This is the year 701 BCE when the Assyrians tried to come and take Yahudah. From 701 BCE to the year 586 BCE…586 was the year the Babylonian Empire came into Yahudah and actually took them captive. So we are looking at 701 BCE to the year 586 BCE which is about 115 years.

When you count B.C. you count down not up. You don’t count 722 to 723. You count 722 to 721 to 720. So we are counting down. We are looking at 701 BCE to 586 BCE, about 115 years that Yah had mercy upon Yahudah before He brought Babylon down there. But as the Assyrians were coming to try to take over Yahudah…look at what happens.

(the speaker stops talking about the history momentarily) Remember as individuals and as a nation, Yah has grace on us. The remnant has grace from Yah right now. Grace does not mean that you don’t have to do the law. It means that Yah is covering…He has mercy upon you. It doesn’t give you the right to sin…Yah forbid (as Shaul says). My sidenote: I’m going to do the series on Shaul and the laws next for you, Anthony.

The Assyrians sent their officers over to tell Israel, hey y’all just surrender. Don’t listen to King HezekiYah. He’s telling y’all that Yah will protect y’all…and we are the mighty Assyrian Empire. We have taken down many nations. And those nations also called upon their gods but their gods were not there to help them. And we are going to do the same to you Israel so don’t believe King HezekiYah. This is what the Assyrians were saying to the Israelites. They sent officers to put fear into the children of Israel. HezekiYah ‘and them’ did not budge.

Isaiah 37:34-36 By the way that he came, by the same shall he return. Yah is giving the prophesy to them, telling them to not worry about the Assyrians. They will not come into the city. I’m not allowing them to come in. v. 35 For I will defend this city to save it for My own sake for My servant David’s sake (Judah). v. 36 Then the messenger of Yah went out and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand and when people arose early in the morning there were the corpses—all dead. v. 37 So Sennacherib King of Assyria departed (broke camp) and went away, returned home and remained at Nineveh.

I remember when I was younger, I don’t know if this is just a phrase in Chicago, but when we use to always talk about breaking camp. ‘Oh-uh the police are coming…got to break camp’. Or ‘man I broke camp’…I never really understood what that means but now I know. Just like when you are in a crowd of friends, brothers, and you break camp…it means to run away. I grew up in the eighties. But do you see that brothers and sisters, Yah already told them that the Assyrians were not coming down here, so Yah sent a death angel. That angel went through there and slew 185,000 Assyrians. When they saw this, the Assyrians turned back. The might of Yah’s hand turned back the Assyrian army from coming to conquer Yahudah. Mercy…grace…read Isaiah 34 to chapter 37 and you will get the complete story.

But Yah did not stop them from taking the 10 tribes because they had been warned. Only Yahudah was left. Assyrians then tried to come for Yahudah and scatter them as they did the northern tribes. But Yah had compassion and mercy and turned away the wrath…185,000 Assyrians killed! Disbelievers say, ‘well that wasn’t the hand of Yah it was some kind of plague’! Well, if it was a plague…Yah sent a plague. They can never come to the understanding of who Yah is because they never put it in their hearts.

So, from that time of the Assyrians turning back after the 185,000 were dead from the year 701 BCE is when this happened to the year 586 BCE, Yahudah had an opportunity to repent. Yah showed the northern tribes being taken for their disobedience. Then the Babylonians came against Judah…

Let’s go to YeremiYah/Jeremiah. Once again, if you know you are doing a certain sin and know this sin is wrong yet you do not feel the wrath of Yah yet…don’t ge caught up in thinking that Yah is pleased with what you are doing. No, He’s giving you warnings and know the warnings that He is giving us so we can repent. So we can return from that before He strikes us down. Look in your lives, brothers and sisters. You see things that are there that should not be there. You even see people in your lives that should not be there. Yah has shown you time and time again to get rid of that situation but you don’t take heed. These people do you wrong constantly and continue to do wrong to you and Yah is showing you to remove them from your lives, remove yourself from them because they are hampering your walk and you don’t heed His voice. So now, He has to do something drastic to you because you are not listening to Him. Yah is merciful and compassionate that is why He gives you a warning first. Yah has every right, according to His own word to take each and every Israelite off this planet and put us so far under the earth that men would forget about us. They would know about Israel today but tomorrow men would forget about us because He has every right to do that for our disobedience. But do you know what? His mercy, His compassion especially His mercy upon our father Abraham and King David, that is why you are here. He said I have made a covenant with your ancestors and He said He will fulfill this covenant that He made with them, My mercy is upon them as it is upon you. This is why the nations have not taken you off the planet. All the wicked and evil things they have done to you…you are still here. Not because you have fought against them, not because you have marched, protested and spoke out against them but because of the mercy of Yah that is the only reason you are still here Israel…the…only…reason you are still here.

Yah even sent you the MessiYah/Messiah. That is part of His mercy. You have to take advantage of this time and get this thing right. (speaks to someone) That’s right He said He will utterly destroy us…utterly means there would be no Israelites around. He said I have not utterly destroyed you Israel. We take Yah’s mercy, we take His grace and we play with it. We throw it back in His face. Why are we in the same behavior today as our wicked ancestors? Why are we still walking in the same shoes as the prophet killers? Why are we still walking in the shoes as the apostle and MessiYah killers? Why do we walk in the same shoes, sand, area as they do? We have to come out from that mindset. Yah is merciful. 

I remember in the movie ‘300’ king Zerces (sp?) who is in the book of Esther, he is called King Ahasuerus. King Zerces in the movie, he was saying as he was getting the Greek trader to come inside, he would continuously say ‘I am merciful’. ‘I am kind’. If you saw the language of that movie, I want you all to understand that they were calling this man, lord of lords and the lord of hosts, god of gods because that was a title that each and every king that ruled over that ancient empire wore because they sat in the seat of Nimrod. Nimrod was called these same titles.

So, the 10 tribes are gone. That should be enough for them to bow down and repent to Yah but they didn’t. Yah had a grace period for them and they let the grace run out. So, here comes King Nebucannazer  (sp?) rolling through with the Babylonian army. Let’s go to Jeremiah 43.

Don’t take His mercy for granted. He give you mercy to get this thing right. Do the things pleasing to His sight. Yahoshua said I came to do the desires of Him who sent Me. I came to please Him. I didn’t come to please the pharisees and the scribes. This is the same mindset we must have. See, walking as Yahoshua walked doesn’t just mean go out and teach but to walk as He walked. Live as He lived. Do you understand? He taught and lived it. This is why I tell you brothers and sisters, when any teacher comes to you…their words must match their actions. If you have a teacher coming to you speaking good words but their actions don’t match up…then you have false teacher. They are hypocrites, Yahoshua said the pharisees were hypocrites. They talked and did not do. You have to talk, walk and be about it! You can’t come with no fakeness with Yah! You have to be real about this thing. You have to come dedicated. Don’t play around because Yah has a job and purpose for you. There are no idle Israelites…can’t be. There is too much work to be done for Israelites to be sitting by doing nothing. Israelites can’t sit back saying we are the chosen people and sit back as though they have nothing to do. All this foolishness that has been in Israel for such a long time…it’s time for that to end. It’s time to walk as the Messiah walked, live as He lived.

Yeah, there’s going to be persecution because we live in a world controlled by the adversary. There should be no peace for a servant of Yah, as long as the adversary is in control of this world. We should always cause conflict wherever we go. We should always bring a spark. That is why they executed Him. There should be no peace between us and satan’s servants. How can light fellowship with darkness? How can the two co-exist? You either have a room of darkness or a room of light. It’s either or. Yahoshua did not come to make peace. He said, ‘I came to make division’. Father against son, mother against daughter, father against son-in-law, division based on Yah’s truth. If there is a division in your household…count it as a blessing. If you are serving Yah and your household isn’t, hey that is what Yahoshua said would happen. Don’t get discouraged and try to make a false peace with them. Don’t have that pork chop dinner to make mom happy. You can’t do that, Yahoshua said he who loves mother and father more than Me is not worthy of Me. He who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. If you don’t love Yah enough to accept His truth, accept His Messiah because you are afraid of what family will say…you are not worthy of Him. Move out the way so a servant who is worthy can take that love and can be found worthy.

Persecution for the word of Yah is real. We do not try to cover this up. We want you to be aware of it. So when it does happen you will not be confused and say, ‘Yah hates me’. You have to understand, that when someone persecutes you for a word that you are bringing…the truth to people and they don’t accept it and they start to hate you for it…that is a blessing. If you have people in religions hating you for this word…that is a blessing. If I believe in Yah and you believe in satan, there should be no fellowship here. We should not be tight homeboys. No shalom. Yah called Israel to be a set apart servant, a separate people unto Himself. He says this over and over again in Scripture, don’t be like the nations. Integration did not start in the 1960s. If you read in the book of 1 Samuel 8, the Israelites begged for a king so they could be like the nations. We have always wanted to be like the nations. Why would you fight for equal rights…to be equally wicked? We don’t want to follow Yah, we want to be wicked like the nations…equally wicked. Give you the right to be equally wicked is what they wanted. We want to rob, steal, kill and plunder like you do is what they say. This is what we did. Do you think Yah is pleased with this behavior? You see where it is getting you today. You are about to go back to the future baby!! You are about to go back Israel. Everyday there is something racial in the news concerning us…someone is killing us, beating us down, niggerizing us. Lynching will come back and people will get way with it and all types of laws to put you almost back in slavery. This captivity if for punishment. (i think the speaker is saying that we should focus on what Yah says not what other nations say. this is what he means by integration. We know that their will be many nations in the kingdom. But they have to learn from the Israelites.)

Punishment is so you can be corrected. We have not corrected our sins against the Father. We can’t even get together in one room and discuss issues on Scripture. We don’t have to argue, debate…but we can reason as the brothers did together. Let’s come to an understanding. And if we don’t come to an agreement…well that is it. But no not Israel, we have to fight, fuss. But Yah will clear this up. Don’t get discouraged by the behavior you see of some Israelites. In the end Yah will make all things right. All 12 tribes will be returned back to Yah. If there are 500 million Israelites on earth now and only 1 million return to Yah…well, the prophesy has been fulfilled, Israel has returned back to Yah.

Let’s continue with the lesson…

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A few Shabbats ago, a few hours before I went to Shabbat, I was looking for something in first Chronicles. My eyes stopped when I got to Chapter 7 and verse 28.

1 Chronicles 7:28 Now their possessions and dwelling places were Bethel and its towns: to the east Naaran, to the west Gezer and its towns and Shechem and its towns as far as Ayyah and its towns.

This I was reading from the NKJV but in the KJV they have Gaza instead of this town called Ayyah. So once again Yah’s name can be seen in the NKJV. His name is in the NKJV 5 times: Isaiah 12:2, Isaiah 26:4, Isaiah 38:11, Psalm 68:4 and 1 Chronicles 7:28. Praise You Yah

Shabbat Shalom  may Yah bless and guard you and your children in the name of Yahoshua. Amein. I love you.