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The Man of Sin p. 3a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? This is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl. We are continuing this week with the man of sin lesson. This is the third part here. This part is entitled facts and myths about the man of sin.

In fact, I would like to call this like a little intermission period or sorta like an overview to go over what we learned in the previous two lessons. And what I decided to do with this lesson, called fact and myths is that as I was stating we are going to go over some of the things that we went over in the previous two lessons but I want to address some issues and some points about things that people or primarily Christians, what Christians say concerning who the man of sin…not too much is but just what they try to get about him from the Bible about his character.

So I want to touch on some of the points that they teach and I want to show from Scripture what Scripture teaches. In fact, in doing that we will be able to go over some things that we have already gone over. Just what the Bible shows us. Because it’s very important that we have the understanding of what Yah has given us concerning who this character is versus what some misguided Christian preacher teaches that he is. So that’s what we are going to do here and in fact in this lesson, I’m going to be playing some sound bites from a documentary that I saw the other morning on the history channel because earlier this week, I was trying to beseech the Father and just see what he wanted me to teach on concerning the man of sin. And as I look at this, I told you that there may be 5 parts because I want to give us a clear view of the man of sin before we go into the revelation series. I want us to have that understanding of who he is. And by time we get to revelation, we will have a clearer understanding of all the things that are happening and why they are happening in that time period.

So in this lesson here we are going to go and we will be playing some sound bites from a documentary that I saw the other morning. The documentary was on the history channel. I just happened to turn on the television the other morning ’cause normally I get up, take my shower then I’m out the door. You know. But this morning I just turned on the TV and it just happened to be on the history channel. I only watch a few channels on TV. I watch the history channel, animal planet, the discovery channel and things like that. So I had the TV on the previous night, on the history channel.

And as I turned it on that morning, there was a program on there called the anti-Christ: zero-hour. So I watched this program and I was just so amazed at that things that they were saying about what’s going to happen leading up to the man of sin and just what he’s going to do and all this. I’m like wow these people have great misinformation. And I was thinking about the lessons that Yah had allowed us to do and the information that was revealed in those previous two lessons, I’m like wow we are so blessed to have an understanding granted to us by the hand of Yah Almighty. So I went and I dug up that documentary on YouTube because I didn’t get a chance to record it that morning.

So I dug it up and chopped it up and I’m going to be playing some excerpts from it so you can hear what these people are actually thinking or what they actually have to say versus what the Scriptures teaches us about the man of sin. And so this is one of those subjects where the Ruach has to be on you for you to comprehend this. It has to be on each and every one of us that has an understanding about the man of sin.

Also in this lesson, I would like to address just a few questions and concerns that I know some of these Israelites may have about the previous two lessons that’s talking about the man of sin. So that is what we will be talking about here today, the man of sin part 3: facts and myths about the man of sin. So grab your Bibles, grab your highlighters, your pen, your paper, all of that good stuff. Let’s sit down and sit tight and let’s hear what Yah has to say.

Now Yah willing this lesson will be shorter than the previous two. Part one was like 4 1/2 hours. The second was like 3 1/2 hours. Maybe this one will be 2 hours Yah willing. As I always state, as long as it takes. Right? As long as it takes for us to get an understanding of this man and going through the book. Hey we will sit here and we will listen and we will learn. HalleluYah.

So we are going to look at several myths that are being taught in the mainstream community or the Christian community concerning the man of sin. The first one I would like to touch on out of the two. Well thee is more compound. There’s two separate ones but the two come together to form one complete topic. We are talking about a seven-year great tribulation and the rapture.

Now for many of you being that this is the third part of this lesson, you have never heard anything come out of my mouth in the previous two lessons saying (anything) about a seven-year great tribulation. So this might be something new that you are hearing. And those of you that are familiar with Christian doctrine, you have heard this term before…the 7 year great tribulation.

We established in the first two lessons dealing with the man of sin that he would rule for a period of 3 1/2 years. But these Christians and the Gentiles, they teach that there will be a seven-year period of a great tribulation. Seven years, not 3 1/2 but 7 years. They take Daniel 9:27 which we will start off reading in just a moment and they misunderstand that as they do with all the other Scriptures.

Sound bite from anti-Christ zero hour: They say that though the tribulation, the 7 year reign of the anti-Christ will be the worse period in human history, they will not be on earth to suffer through it. Speaker: Well the rapture of the church is that moment in an instant. Those who are true followers of Jesus Christ what the Bible says are born again will disappear, will be caught away into the heavens to meet Jesus in the air and will be taken to heaven. Speaker 2: Certainly the seeds of the rapture are in Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians when it talks about those who are alive being caught up with the dead in the resurrection. But Paul certainly doesn’t delineate a kind of Armageddon which I think is very much part of the popular notion of this kind of moment. Speaker 3: Once the church is out of the way, the anti-Christ will be revealed.

Do you see, misunderstanding is what they do. And they are so prideful and so arrogant that they will not seek the truth from one of Yah’s servants because they refuse to believe who the servants of Yah are and that’s one of their things too dealing with the man of sin because they say he is going to persecute the Jews and all this.

So let’s go to Daniyah 9 to kick this off. We are going to read about this 7-year period. We dissected that in the first lesson and showed that 490 year period that was given upon the children of Ysrayl or 70 weeks and we know that 69 of those 70 weeks have already passed. We are waiting on the final week or the final 7 year period to be revealed. You know for the 7 year period to work itself out. Remember when we read that Scripture, 70 weeks are determined upon your people, til all is made right again. And that 70 weeks as we know was a period of 490 years or 70-7 year periods. So that is 70 x 7. So 70-7 year periods is that time frame that would be determined upon the children of Ysrayl and you know just upon the world to make all things right again.

Daniyah 9:27 So it says ‘he shall confirm’ this is talking about the man of sin. He shall confirm a covenant with many for one week. Now, Gentiles teach that he shall confirm a covenant with Israel. Israel being the Jews. They say he shall confirm a covenant with the Jews. It does not say anything about that. It says he shall confirm a covenant with many. He did not identify who the many are. But when we go over to certain books like revelation 17 and 13, it tells us that this man of sin is going to rule over the entire world. The beast that rises out of the sea. The beast that sits on many waters ruling over all the people. So the people of the earth represents the many. It didn’t just say Gentiles. It didn’t just say Arabs. It said many. And we know that this man is going to have power over the world.

‘And in the middle of the week’, in the middle of the 7-year period, that’s what this one week is talking about, a 7-year period. In the middle of the 7 year period…and please if you have not listened to part one of the man of sin lesson please go back and do so. It says in the middle of the week he shall put an end to slaughtering and offering. Once the Jews rebuild the temple over there in Jerusalem as 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 tells us that this man of sin is going to stand in the temple and proclaim himself to be the greatest of all gods and Mathew 24 says the same thing.

So when we see this happen, we know that he is the man of sin. He has been revealed and then that’s going to start the countdown of his 3 1/2 year rule on the earth. So it says in the middle of the week in the middle of the 7 year period he puts an end to slaughtering because he will tell the Jews that they don’t have to slaughter and do all that stuff anymore. Because once they build the temple, they are going t start back sacrificing animals and all that.

It says: ‘And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate even until the consummation which is determined is poured out on the desolate’. So this is what the Gentiles or the Christians, well the same thing because this is where modern Christianity comes from. It comes from the Gentiles. So the seven-year tribulation, they say the tribulation will be a period of seven years. Well we just read right here where the man of sin shall confirm in the middle of the week. In the middle of the week is a 3 1/2 year period.

Let’s go to Matthew 24. Because they say even what they say about the rapture but first let’s just establish this point that the tribulation period or as Yahoshua says the great distress, great tribulation or great trouble. This period is only going to last 3 1/2 years. Matthew 24, so you can get an understanding of this time period that we are about to read about right here which is the greatest time of trouble ever. They say it’s going to be lasting for seven whole years! This is what they teach.

Matthew 24:15,21 The abomination of desolation, abomination that lays waste, this man of sin standing up in the set-apart place will begin what is called the great tribulation. v. 21 Great stress, trouble or tribulation it says in the KJV. So it’s going to be the worse time of trouble ever. And this is going to kick off as when Yahoshua says when the abomination of desolation stands up in the set-apart place.

Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians again. This is like an overview. We have gone over all this stuff. But we need to make sure that we have the understanding because satan is the master of deception. He is the master of lies. And if we are not rooted in this Word he will deceive us and he will lie to us.

2 Thessalonians chapter 2, we are looking at the time period when Yahoshua said that would be the greatest time of trouble ever. He said that when you see the abomination of desolation stand in the set-apart place. Now what is he talking about? Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians and Shaul is going to help us out in that understanding. As we have already gone over these Scriptures. Let’s go over them again to get a greater understanding. Because as I stated the Gentiles are teaching something totally different from what’s even written right here in the Word. So it’s like man where are you getting your information from?

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, v. 3 We went over all this in the first lesson. v. 4 This is what Yahoshua was talking about, the abomination of desolation. And then when it happens, Yahoshua says it’s going to be the worse time of trouble that has ever existed. Daniyah 9:27 says that he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week and in the middle of that week which is a 3 1/2 year time period. A week represents seven years. And in the middle of that seven year period, 3 1/2 years period that’s when he’s going to do his thing. Yahoshua said when you see him stand in the place. We just read here in Shaul’s letter to the Thessalonians of what will happen when he does stand in the set-apart place. He’s going to be saying I am Yah. I’m greater, I’m this and that. He’s going to make himself a god. So when that happens and then Yahoshua stated in verse 21 of Matthew 24 that, that would be the worse time of trouble ever to exist on this planet.

Let’s go to Revelation 13. How long will that worse time of trouble last? He’s only going to have power for 42 months or 1,2 60 days which is 3 1/2 years.

Revelation 13:5 Forty-two months is a 3 1/2 year period.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 12. There’s nothing in here about him ruling for 7 years of great tribulation. Yahoshua said when this happens there shall be great distress, great tribulation. Right? Put it all into focus because the wild Gentiles, man listen, because they have position of rulership right now. People are listening to what they have to say. When I watched this program as I have watched a lot of these Bible programs over the years. The same thing stays constant in all of them. That their so-called experts are Gentiles. There’s never any Israelites in these programs. Especially Israelites with truth. They are always Gentiles, it does not matter what denomination of Christianity whatever… it’s always their view and their opinion on things.

I remember right before I came into the truth as I was searching for some type of understanding, I use to watch the Gentiles, his name is Pastor Arnold Murphy or whatever his name is. He use to come on late at night. And I use to listen to all of the things that they said because it’s like man, he’s white so he knows. He knows the Bible. So he’s right about everything that he is saying. But there was always something that struck me like man I don’t understand that. Can he be right? But the first mind is that just because he’s a Gentile that he is right. You know we all have been through that.

And since these people have the ear of the people especially the ear of our people and they are always feeding our people and all of these things. We need to expose it as a lie. Our people need to hear the truth so that they won’t be deceived. These are major heavy deceivers. These so-called Christian prophets. That’s what I call them Christian prophets because that’s what they promote themselves as. Yeah every faith has a prophet or prophets. We know what Yah’s prophets are the true prophets. Everything else is a false prophet.

So you know, you have your guys like Jimmy Swaggard, Jack Van Impe, Grant Jeffries, David Reagan, David Jeremiah, Howl Lindsey, Chuck Massinger, John Hagee…you know you have all of these guys and they always have something to say about prophesy. And they think that they are dead on point about what they are teaching and what they are saying. And they are way off. And they are so far off that it’s not funny. It’s dangerous and for you to put that misunderstanding in your mind and to put it in your heart is dangerous especially this late in the day.

Daniyah 12, this is why the man of sin is going to…all this information we have in the Bible concerning this and I use to always say because the Christians say he’s going to force them to get the mark of the beast. Blah, blah, blah. I’m like if y’all know that and everybody knows that and y’all are telling this on TV and its in the Bible, then how is he going to pull that off? I use to always think that. How’s he going to be successful if everybody is going to know that this is going to be him when he does these things? Well, he’s not going to do those things that’s why nobody is going to know it except the children of belief. Except those Messianic children of Ysrayl (and those grafted on) who have been redeemed by Yah and returned to the covenant of their fathers. They will know. Everybody else is looking out into the world and they are looking for the wrong man and they are looking for the wrong signs.

He’s going to waltz in so SMOOTH. And they will not know up until the time that Yahoshua returns. And start issuing out every man’s reward according to what you have done in this life. And when he starts coming through and slaughtering all the wicked then they will know. There will be some that will pull away from the man of sin’s grip during the time of the great tribulation period. Because they will that this man is false. There will be some of those that come out of it. Praises be to Yah for leaving servants behind to teach those people. But the majority of these people brothers and sisters, they aren’t going to get it. Especially when this man first starts to operate. They aren’t going to get it. Because they are looking for the wrong man. And like I said they are looking for the wrong signs and they are absolutely looking for the wrong times. They are looking for some man to stand up for 7 years in great tribulation but Scripture only gives him 3 1/2 years, 42 months.

Daniyah 12:7 Time means one year. Times means two years. And half a year or 3 1/2 years. Forty-two months. So during the time he’s given to reign on earth, to rule as the king of the earth as his father Nimrod did according to his father satan. Because you know satan was the power behind Nimrod, of course. So during this same time period that this man is given to rule the children of Ysrayl will be in the wilderness for this same exact time period.

Let’s go to Revelation 12. All of this is talking about the same time period not no 7 year great tribulation. Only 3 1/2 years. Do you know why only 3 1/2 years? Because we couldn’t stand seven. We would not survive seven. Yahoshua said if I did not come back in the time that I’m coming back unless those days be shortened that no flesh would be saved. The wild Gentiles because they always want to extend their time. See these guys know that this is the time of the Gentiles. These guys know that they are deceiving the people. They know all this. These so-called big wig preachers, they know all this stuff. They understand that this is their time because it is taught to them in their masonic secret society circles. So they want to extend their rulership on the earth. ‘Oh we just need 7 more years that’s all we need’.

You have already destroyed the world in just these 500 years. It didn’t take you long. You have brought great destruction on the world quicker than any of the other sons of Noah. Ham’s descendants were ruling for thousands of years. These people, 500 years and have brought great trouble to the planet. And you want to extend that. You want it to continue. So you are always trying to throw yourself in there.

Like I said they are looking for the wrong man. We are going to hear a little sound bit in just a moment where one of these Christians, he’s a member of Jimmy Swaggerd’s Church, I think. They had him on this program and he was saying how the man of sin is going to be of European descent and he’s going to come out of Europe. I don’t know if you all have heard this term ‘the revitalized Roman Empire’? They say that, that what the United States of Europe or the EU, the European Union is a revitalized Roman Empire. That’s another hogwash too. Do you know why? Because why does the Roman Empire need to be revitalized when the Roman Empire is still standing strong right before our face today. The winds of the Romans are still blowing in our midst. So what are you talking about revitalized? Ever since the Romans took over the Greek Empire the Gentiles have been ruling the world strong. So what do you mean a revitalized Roman Empire? The US is a revitalized Roman Empire. You are already ruling.

So they are waiting on that to happen. Because what you will learn too is that one of the great mistakes that they make because once again like I said they are trying to extend their time, trying to extend their rule as Gentiles. But one of the greatest mistakes they make about prophesy is MIS-IDENTIFYING the children of Ysrayl!! And mis-identifying Mystery Babylon!! They REFUSE to except that this land, the United States is a filthy whore! They refuse to accept that and because of their refusal their WHOLE understanding of prophesy is gone! This is why you will be so quick to believe that a Jew is the children of Ysrayl. This is why you are so quick to believe that maybe an Arab or a European coming out of Europe is the man of sin.

But the woman who is riding the beast is your land. Not my land. NAW this ain’t my land. This land is your land. Don’t put this whore on me! Don’t try to give us this whore. This is yo’ ho! Not ours. So the woman riding on the back of the beast is the United States. She’s going to lead the beast. When you are riding on the back of the beast, you are controlling the beast. The beast is the man of sin. Democracy is already in operation. So it’s more than likely that he’s going to come out of your system of Democracy. And the United States is the leader of this system. Barack Hussein Obama, the president of these United States who just may be in office longer than what he is actually supposed to be. We’ll keep our eye on you. Because I know that you have your eyes on us, Hussein Obama.

Revelation 12, verses 1-5 is giving us this vision in the heavens of a woman clad with the sun and the moon. We already went over this. The woman represents Ysrayl.

Revelation 12:6 The serpent came after her because she bore the male-child who was Yahoshua. It’s beautiful how Yah puts this. He puts Ysrayl in the feminine sense. Do you know why? Because wisdom is in the feminine sense and Yah said these laws and commandments are your wisdom in the sight of the nations, Deuteronomy 4:6. So if these laws are your wisdom, this is why he’s putting Ysrayl in that symbolism. Because this woman gave birth and you are the wisest people on the earth, you come and you take hold of this covenant. Yah has not given no other nation wisdom as he has given to you Ysrayl.

So this woman who is adorned and she is clad with the sun and with the moon under her feet. She’s so high above  in the sky that the moon is her footstool and she has a crown on her head. Just like when Yah spoke wisdom into existence, the first of ALL creation. And everything proceeded from wisdom. So in verse 6 this woman is told to flee into the wilderness so she can be protected. Where she has a place prepared by Yah to be nourished there 1, 260 days. This woman represents the children of Ysrayl and Ysrayl will be in the wilderness for 1, 260 days which is 3 1/2 years.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 12 verses 13-14. We are trying to bust this myth in the head that the man of sin is going to be bringing 7 years of great tribulation so if you see this man and you see him start to operate in a manner that you have no understanding of and that you are waiting on a 7 year great tribulation and it’s (at) the 3 1/2 point so if you are looking for 7 years when that 3 1/2 years drop on your head…because you just enjoyed the first 3 1/2 years. Right? So this can’t be him (you say). This man just brought me great prosperity in the first 3 1/2 years in whatever he gave you, whatever it was. Because he is going to be so smooth coming into that office. So you’re looking (and saying) ‘naw this can’t be him’. ‘He isn’t making me take the mark of the beast’. This ain’t the mark of the beast, this is just correcting the financial system.

Revelation 12:13-14, v. 13 Ysrayl gave birth to the man-child. The man-child is Yahoshua. v. 14 Time=1, times=2 and half of time=6 months. 3 1/2 years from the presence of the serpent. The serpent is satan. The man of sin operating under satan, fully possessed by satan. Satan is not going to send a demon to possess the man of sin. Satan is going to possess him fully himself.

So for a 3 1/2 year period, Ysrayl will be in the wilderness. When Yah sends his 2 witnesses to the man of sin to witness to the man of sin to witness AGAINST him that he is doing wrong and that he is wicked. So when Yah sends his two witnesses and we will talk about them a little bit later. Not in this lesson but sometime later. Maybe when we go through the Revelation series maybe we will get a little more insight on the two witnesses. But right here we just want to understand. I just want you to see that when they stand up it’s only going to be for 42 months also, that 3 1/2 year period. So everything relates. The man of sin standing up in the temple making himself a god. Right? The children of Ysrayl have to flee into the wilderness. Then Yah is going to send his two witnesses to the man of sin to let him know that hey we are a witness against you.

Yah has always had His witnesses on earth which are the children of Ysrayl but when the kingdom was split, Yah had 2 witnesses on earth. He had the children of Judah and He had the children of Ysrayl. So we have always remained His witnesses on the earth because He has not dealt with any other people the way that He has dealt with us. We know His blessings and we know His curses. It’s just sad for us in this day that all we know are the curses. I’m talking about us as a people world-wide. So Yah is going to send two witnesses just like He sent two witnesses to the face of pharaoh who were Moses and Aharon, his brother. Yah told them in Exodus 7:1 Moses, I’m making you a god, a elohim and I’m making Aharon your prophet. The man of sin is going to have a counter-part. He’s called the false prophet. So Yah is going to send two witnesses to his face of the man of sin and the false prophet. And just like the day of old, when Yah made Moses and Aharon prophets and gods before the face of pharaoh, He’s going to make the same thing in front of the face of this man of sin.

Let’s go to Revelation 11 real quick. Some want to say that these are Eliyah and Moses resurrected. Because Yahoshua gave a vision about the kingdom to his ahks and they saw Moses and Eliyah in this vision. Now you have to ask yourself, this was indeed a vision because Moses and Eliyah both are dead and neither will be resurrected until the first resurrection. Neither will rise from the grave until they are judged righteously and go into the kingdom.

So they are still dead. What Yahoshua was showing his brothers is a vision of the kingdom. Moses had it hard dealing with you stiff-necks for 40 years. Dealing with our ancestors for 40 years in the wilderness, he had nowhere to run or turn to. They mumbled, grumbled against him and he was a humble meek man. He had a headache dealing with our stiff-necks out there in the wilderness. So Moses needs rest. Yah has so many servants that are capable of serving Him in the capacity that He needs them to serve (so) why would He recycle a servant? Moses did what he was supposed to do in the time frame that Yah gave him to do it. Let Moses rest. Eliyah did the same thing in a time frame that Yah gave him to do it. Let that ahk rest. Yah has servants right here, right now that are capable of being one of these two witnesses right here. He has servants right in our midst right now that are capable of fulfilling this role. So that is another made up doctrine because it doesn’t identify neither one of these men as Moses or Eliyah. These men are going to be from Ysrayl and Judah.

Revelation 11, will show as Yah was getting ready to reunite the tribes. He got His 2 witnesses, these brothers are going to be from the tribe of Judah possibly or the domain because remember there were some Levites down in Judah. And there was the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benyamin. Then you had the northern family up there. So Ysrayl and Yahudah have always been the witnesses of Yah on earth. These men are Israelites not Jews but Israelites. Not Christians but Israelites.

Revelation 11:3  1,260=42 months. Right? 3 1/2 years. So they will be going up against the man of sin every step of the way. Yah is going to have them in his face telling him how wicked he is and how wrong he is. Yah has never left the earth empty of His servants. So the man of sin will have a 3 1/2 year period to rule. Not a 7 year great tribulation only 3 1/2 years because we couldn’t last 7 years of this man’s mess. The earth couldn’t take it. The lawless one ruling over a full lawless society without Yah’s law ruling…can you imagine? Everybody doing as they will, that’s the whole of the law. Right now the people are being restrained but you take that restrain away and you bring a full lawless society…you don’t punish them for murder anymore. You don’t punish them for child molestation anymore. You don’t punish them for rape anymore. That’s the only thing that restrains them right now. Their wickedness is up there but the only thing that is keeping them from being that wicked is that you have a law against it and they don’t want to get caught and they don’t want to go to prison.

But you are going to tear all your prisons down and just keep the prisons for the righteous children of Ysrayl. Right? That’s who you are going to fill your prisons up with. You are going to let all the wicked ones out. Right? Give us Barabas and execute Yahoshua. Right? Ain’t that how we did it? Well that’s how its going to be again. Executing the righteous ones, remember that parallel between Yahoshua and Ysrayl. Executing the righteous ones and letting go the wicked ones. Because your wicked ones are for your wicked society.

Everybody already follows use in everything we do. And everybody already patterns themselves after everything we do (so) just imagine in that day. Jay-Z already says do what you will that’s the whole of the law. Just wait until he’s not going to be so supple with it. Just wait until he’s out in the open with it. We already know that he’s homosexual just being in this homosexual secret society and all that. Just wait until him and Kanye West are on the stage doing their thang to one another in front of everybody. Do as thou will, that’s the whole of the law.

So the Gentiles…I have hot cocoa today. And it is de-li-cious. Just like the Blue Mountain but I don’t drink coffee everyday. So I had to take a break from the coffee before I become a coffee head. So I just grabbed me some hot cocoa today. I like to get a little jazzy with it. I put some French vanilla creme in it and it is marvelous.

So the Gentiles family, they also teach about this rapture. Right? We looked at the 7 year tribulation. We know that there will not be a 7 year tribulation. So you see how easy they can get these things mixed up if they don’t have Yah’s Ruach. It said he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week and that one week is a seven-year period. And in the midst of that week or 3 1/2 years is when he is going to do his thing. He will stand in the temple and persecute the children of Ysrayl. Ysrayl will go into the wilderness. Two witnesses will come and step into his face. All of that.

So we are looking at 3 1/2 years of great tribulation, 3 1/2 years of the worse time of trouble ever. Three and a half years for the time of Jacob’s trouble. 3 1/2 years, 42 months, 1, 260 days all of it is the time period. It’s not a seven-year great tribulation. Now they also speak about going along with the 7 year tribulation . They have another doctrine that follows along with that called the rapture. I know you all have heard of the rapture. I’m not talking about the beautiful song by…what’s that sister’s name? Anita Baker. Not that song rapture. I’m asking you if you have heard the doctrine called rapture? There was a movie made I think called rapture. I think Mimi Rodgers, Tom Cruise’s first wife. And it was about this woman, I think she converted to Christianity. I think she was a harlot or something like that. She converted to Christianity and was waiting on the rapture and was going crazy.

But let me explain to you what the rapture is because we are going to look at this now. The rapture because this is another one of their false doctrines as it relates to the man of sin and as I was listening to this program called the anti-Christ zero hour on the history channel. In that documentary, they were pretty much saying the same thing in there about the rapture and how that relates to the man of sin. (They said) the rapture has to happen first before the man of sin is even revealed.

The rapture states this: Some of them say before the great tribulation begins, some of them say in the middle of the great tribulation and some of them say after the great tribulation. So with these Christian doctrines you have what’s called the pre-tribulation. You have mid-tribulation and you have post-tribulation raptures. Their rapture doctrine states that Jesus Christ is going to come down from heaven. He has not come down off the cross yet but somehow he’s going to come down from heaven. And he’s going to scoop up all these wild Gentiles that are lawless and just as lawless as the man of sin is lawless and he’s going to scoop up all these wild folks, take them back to heaven and I guess in this level of heaven is where satan is. And they are going to have a grand par-tay (party). They are going to rock the heavens with the par-tay that they are going to have up there with Jesus Christ. This is what the rapture doctrine teaches. That he’s going to come back and scoop them up. Now, some say that this is going to happen before the great tribulation. So before the man of sin of sin stands up and says he is the greatest of all gods, we know that is what it will take for the tribulation to begin. But they say before the 7 year covenant is made with many that Jesus is going to come get them and take them with him so they don’t have to go through the great tribulation.

And then you have the other ones that say that the 7 year great tribulation is going to start and then the mid-point of the 7 year great tribulation in the 3 1/2 years, Jesus is coming to get them. And then you have some that say that after the 7 year great tribulation, this is their doctrine because we know that the great tribulation does not last for 7 years. It’s only 3 1/2 years. So they say that after the 7 year great tribulation has happened that Jesus is coming to get them to scoop them up.

So this is what the rapture doctrine says is that the Christians are going to be delivered. They have gone over this earth spreading DEATH. They have sent to many people to the lake of fire into the grave. But all of a sudden all is made right and all the trouble that they have brought upon this world making this world fit for the man of sin to come walk in and rule it as a lawless king. They have done all this damage and then all of a sudden they are going to escape it. And they are going to go live in heaven. I’m not going to go in to heavy about the rapture right now but rest assure we will talk more about this. Because we are going to see even what they have planned. I don’t know if you all have seen the left behind series but we have it here.

It’s a 3 movie series. But you can only check out 2 movies at a time. Because if I allowed you to check out more than just that, we would have no movies. (laughs) You would have all the movies at your house and we would have to come over to your house to watch them. So I give y’all a limit of 2 movies at a time. One week 2 movies, bring them back. So if you ever want to check out the left behind series we have that and they are about to do some new ones with what’s that jackals name? Nicholas Cage. Nicholas Cage is about to star in a new set of these left behind movies. And the left behind movies are supposed to show you what will happen when the rapture happens. That all these people will be taken away. They somehow left their clothes behind to I don’t know what kind of heaven Jesus is up there running with naked folks everywhere. Right? Cover those folks up Jesus. Right? Showing their nakedness to everybody. Cover those people up.

So in this movie, they all have been zapped up. Beam me up Scotty. Right? Up the blue beam. Right? There clothes and everything is left behind and they have been beamed up to hang out with Jesus. I guess Jesus has made a deal with Allah. I guess so Jesus gets 70 virgins too. Because he has blown himself up. Right? He has blown himself up with that false doctrine which has just about killed EVERYBODY.

So that’s what the rapture is based on. That’s what it is. Now they go into Scripture and they try to twist Scripture and I’m going to use a few Scriptures to show you a few Scriptures here that they use. And we are going to bust their heads wide open with what they try to use against the truth. But we are going to hit them over the head with the truth and let them know that what you think is truth is nothing but a lie.

Let’s go to 1 Thessalonians because this is just crazy and it’s like Yah has given us all of this understanding and it’s freely given. It’s here. It’s not that they can’t understand if they are seeking the Ruach ha Qodesh. That can be given to them and understanding can be granted to them if they were truly seeking understanding. But if yo are seeking your own following and you have your own agenda, you don’t want this understanding. Satan has his ministers operating for him throughout the world. These men are not just…you know we just think that they are blind and deceived naw they know purposely what they are doing. They know that you are the children of Ysrayl. They know that His name is Yahoshua. They know His name is Yah. And if you asked them, they will tell you this. ‘Yeah I know but if I told the people that then they will stop coming to church’. That’s what they say. What does ‘they coming to church’ have t do with anything? You are supposed to be there granting the people a door way to salvation, putting them on the path. Yet you choose to deceive them.

1 Thessalonians 4:17-18 So you know what? I’m going to go up and read v. 14 down to v. 18 because what they are saying is that when the resurrection happens and the dead are raised first, this is what we are reading here. v. 14-15 So he said that those who sleep are going to be raised up first! If you are still living and you are in one of the wilderness locations being protected you ain’t going up to meet Yahoshua when He comes back first. The dead will rise in Yahoshua (first). The dead who believed in Yahoshua they will go first. This is what Shaul is showing you.

v. 16 This is at the last trumpet and we will read about this when we go through the revelation series. All 7 of those trumpets blowing is signifying the return of the King! And you thought that was just the title of the Lord of the Rings movie. You have to pay attention Ysrayl. v. 17 ‘Left over or remain’ in those wilderness places and all those that are in the grave that sleep that believed in Maschiyach shall be raised first. Those that were righteously obedient shall rise first. Then they, the living who are left over, those in the wilderness shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Master in the air. And so we shall always be with the Master. v. 18 Read.

So when Yahoshua returns and the graves open up and those who died believing in Messiyah shall be raised up to meet Yahoshua in the clouds! We know what those clouds are. Right? You have listened to the fallen angel lessons. Right? Meet Him in the clouds with the righteous malakim. And then those that are left over from all the wilderness locations will be raised up to join them.

Let me take you to 1 Corinthians chapter 15. This is the same time period that we just read in 2 Thessalonians 4 but they try to say that this is a rapture. You know that Jesus is coming to rapture them away and take them up to heaven with him. But Yahoshua is only going to raise them up. They are going to meet Him in the sky. Everybody in the wilderness places will meet Him in the sky and they are coming back down to earth. They are not going to stay up in heaven. No they are coming back down to earth. And as you will see Yahoshua gives us the time period of when this is going to happen. He tells us this.

You know what something keeps telling me and I think I better be obedient…Let’s go to Matthew chapter 24. Because I know that I had this Scripture written down. But Yah says go to Matthew 24 now. So this is where we are going to go. Matthew 24 then we will go back to 1 Corinthians 15 because we have to get this time period that all this stuff is happening. We just read meeting the Messiyah in the air and coming back down with Him.

Matthew 24:29-35, v. 29 There’s that Word distress (tribulation) right. There shall be great distress right or great tribulation. If you have a KJV Bible it says immediately after the tribulation of those days. I’m going to explain to you all what’s going on right here in a future lesson. Maybe  when we go through the Revelation series. But what’s happening right here is an event that has not happened since the formation of the heavens. This has not happened to the earth since Yah created the earth. You will see what it means ‘the powers of the heavens shall be shaken and the stars shall fall’! Because Yah has got to tow the earth out of this location. It has got to leave this planetary system because everything in it has been defiled by satan including the sun! And the man of sin is going to tell the sun to do whatever he says. Tell it to do it in the face of men to deceive men on the earth. The sun will be disobedient to Yah. When the man of sin tells the moon to do whatever he tells it to do, to break the law that has established with the moon. Then the moon has been disobedient to Yah. So this whole planetary system, every planet is named after a god. Because this is where the gods dwell. So Yah is going to move us up out of here.

v. 29-31 This is the last trumpet! That last shofar! Ysrayl is scattered to the 4 winds and when Yahoshua returns those that are still living will be in the wilderness. Shaul said those who are still living shall be caught up. So Shaul who is deceased, he’s going to be in the first resurrection to meet the Messiyah in the sky. The dead shall rise first. This is the same time period we are talking about here. Ain’t no rapture happening. Yahoshua said I shall send my malakim, the others that are in the wilderness, malakim will come and get you and shaul said we shall rise up too, to meet them. v. 32 Those wild jackals try to say in that documentary the anti-Christ zero hour that this is talking about the Jews.

v. 33 Yahoshua said I’m going to give you a sign. You know that when the figs start to change and grow leaves, you know that summer is near. We know that when the trees start to grow its leaves back right. And the grass starts to come up and grow, we know summer is near. This is what He’s saying. Watch the signs. And if you are listening to these Christian prophets you will miss all of the signs and you will not know where you are in terms of prophesy. You will not know who is who and what is what. Pay attention to the signs of the times. v. 34 This generation is the Messianic generation. It shall not pass away. v. 35 Do you see that we are talking about the same time period here?

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Yeremiyah’s Scroll

Do you remember when we read about Antiochus epiphany tearing to pieces and burning Yah’s words written in the book? This king of Yahudah (Judah) named Jehoiakim cut up the scroll with Yah’s words on it that were spoken by Yeremiyah and written down by Baruch and cast them into the fire. He did evil in the sight of Yah.

1 Maccabees 1:56, 2 Chronicles 36:5-10 and Yeremiyah 36:1-32

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News you can use

There is a cease-fire over there yet rockets are still being launched. Yah says when they say peace destruction comes suddenly and they don’t know where it comes from. 1 Thessalonians 5:3. There is a false peace over there. Jews are not going to back down. Did y’all know the Jews and Iran are working together against the U.S.? Yah says He calls Medes who is Iran and Ashkenazi who are the Jews against Babylon. Jews give Iranians technology for nuclear weapons. They are going to take this whore down in one hour, Babylon. Israelis sell weapons to Iran! Yeah, all the world is a stage. Obama is trying to go to Egypt now. Egypt is using Obama so they can get bailed out economically. The U.S. is using Egypt to get into the Mid-east.

They don’t use the dollar. They want it to fall. The dollar is like monopoly money now. No one wants it. China has the #2 economy in the world now. China is investing in its own army. Yeah the 1st Chinese people were black. China has troops in Africa. They are communist so the government owns everything. They have a massive army. China is becoming a super-power. They are friends with Russia. (Talks about Gog/Magog) being Russia. Yah is sending Russia to destroy Babylon. Russia said they been wanting to destroy Babylon since the cold war,  no since WW II. Russia, China, Africa and Arabs, angels will stir these countries/people up to fight Mystery Babylon.  Yeah the Jews have the 4th largest army.

Yah gave Nineveh a chance to repent but Babylon will not repent. She’s too arrogant.

PLO, Hamas…Yeah, they are about to resume Arafat. They will say Hamas killed him.

A man was arrested for saying Santa does not exist. What will they say/do when we say Jesus doesn’t exist?

Did y’all see black Friday? I mean black Thursday? People will kill you over those things! (The Holidays), it’s all to create debt, to break the economy. All for Jesus’ birthday. TEXT: The birth of the sun.

I use to go crazy for Christmas shopping. You can give someone a gift at any time.

(Talk to an ahk) Arabs teach satan was a gen (genie). They say there are no fallen angels. Satan did create neanderthals. There are entities that look like us but don’t have the same genetics as us out there. Text: like reptilians.

Islam has some of  the Hebrew culture but the religion is from the pope.

(An elder was asking Hebrews to please come to the mic and praise Yah) Elder Asayah: Don’t let the stones out praise you. We should be praising Yah. Luke 19:40 Yahoshua said even the stones will praise Yah if we don’t.

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The Man of Sin p. 2d

Let’s go to 2 Maccabees. We are going to 2 Maccabees chapter 7. We will read the entire chapter. This is a VERY powerful chapter here. 2 Maccabees chapter 7 is so, so powerful. It is just showing you what Antiochus did in that day is what the man of sin is going to do in this one. And we are going to back it up with some Scriptures from the Pseudepigrapha. So we are about to close out. This should not be a 4 hour lesson tonight. Your brother is tongue-tied and exhausted but at the same time we still have to bring forth the word of Yah. So you put all that aside and you do what you have to do.

I found it. It was just bothering me that I could not find this Scripture in the Apocalypse of Eliyah which we will come back to in just a moment. But in the Apocalypse of Eliyah in the Pseudepigrapha volume 1 chapter 5 start reading at v. 10 and this goes into what I was telling you in Revelation chapter 7:9-15 and Amos 8. They are going to search for the Word of Yah because the man of sin is going to tear up all of the books and he will burn them. So the people are going to start to see through this man of sin, the lawless one and this is what they are going to say.

Reads Apocalypse of Eliyah 5:10-18. So do you see that? This is what the people are going to say towards the end of his (time) and man this even goes into…let’s go to Yermemiyah chapter 16. All of this goes together family. This is all around the same time period here. So the people are going to see through this man, he has burned up all the Bibles to make sure that they don’t get the truth like the Catholics tried to seal up the Bible to the face of the people. By having the Bibles only in Latin and only their cardinals and priests could read Latin. Everybody else knew English. So when the Bible started getting translated into English, they fought against that. Because they can tell you what it says. So he man of sin says ‘I’m your god now, I’m telling you what it says’.

But the people are going to want to find righteousness. They will say yeah you did all these signs and wonders but that’s nothing. There’s still famine on the earth. There’s still this and that (disasters). They are going to wake up out of their slumber. And in untold number it say (in Revelation 7) is going to come out of the great tribulation , out of the 3 1/2 year period righteously. Because there will be those that are left behind as Daniyah chapter 11 says and they are going to teach the people the truth. They will be freed from the Matrix.

Yeremiyah 16:19 Doesn’t that sound like the same thing that we just read in the Pseudepigrapha? Apocalypse of Eliyah 5:10-18. Doesn’t it sound like the same thing we read in Amos 8:11-13? We are talking about the same time period here. Then it also goes and talks about how the Gentiles are going to come and take hold of all that are of the children of Ysrayl and said we are going to go with you. They are going to grab hold of our tassels and say we will go with you for we have heard that Yah is with you! (Zechariyah 8:23) They will know who Yah is by this time and they are going to be seeking his face.

Because that (other man) that’s the son of lawlessness, in this lawless society. All this time he tricked us. He showed us signs and wonders and said that he was god and that we are to worship him. But he was a murderer. He was a stealer. He was a thief, a liar (a destroyer). Because he said that we can do whatever we want because he said he was god. We were tricked into that. But people are going to wake up because there will be righteous ones teaching as there are righteous ones teaching them today.

But let’s look at what this man of sin has planned for you Ysrayl. 2 Maccabees 7, this is what Antiochus epiphany did back in his day. And we know that the same thing is going to repeat itself. This is not hard to read but it’s powerful to read. Those of you that have read it understand. If this is your first time hearing this…

2 Maccabees 7: 1-42, v. 1-2 Look at that. They were ready to die! Are you there yet? Or are you ready to make a deal with this man? (Saying) okay I can go ahead and eat pork one time then repent. But you already know that pork is bad for you. You already know that Yah said thou shall not. v. 3-4 So they had to watch their brother being mutilated right before their face because he refused to take pork. v. 5 they cut him up right before his mother and brothers. v. 6-7 So they cut off all his members, mutilated him. He was still alive. They cut off his arms, legs and then they fried him in a pan. They burned him alive in a pan. Just like you see in all those pictures of what they did to us in the south. They hanged us, burned us alive, put horses on us and pulled us apart. But this will be even worse than that.

v. 8 So they pulled off his scalp. He was still alive. They ripped off his scalp and then they chopped off all his limbs just like his brother. The way you say no in Hebrew is ‘lo’. v. 9 Look at that. The brother said okay you are killing us but we will be raised up. And it’s just like Yah for those who have been killed that Yah raise you up to bring judgment against them. That their act in life against you was wicked. v. 10-11 HalleluYah!

v. 12 Look at that He ain’t thinking about no pain. Do you know that they said that over there in Jamaica when they use to burn us that some of the brothers and sisters would sit there in silence and not squeal one time and were being burned alive? This is what Yah does to you when you are in service to him. He will strengthen you. Scriptures talk about in the ascension of Isaiah in the Pseudepigrapha talks about when he was sawed in half with a wooden saw. H did not feel no pain. But he saw Yah, HalleluYah! Stephanos in the Book of Acts chapter 7, when they were stoning him. He looked out and said Yah forgive them. Yahoshua as He was dying said the same thing.

v. 13 So this woman is watching her 7 sons be killed before her eyes. Mangled, not just shot in the head or shot with an arrow but they are being torn limb for limb…chopped up right before her face. v. 14 OH-WEE! He is so right! So family get courage, get strong! Knowing that your tormentors and your persecutors will NOT be raised (in the 1st resurrection) but you will. And you will be raised to everlasting esteem. v. 15-16 Do you see? This is going t happen with the man of sin. He’s going to do these very things. v. 17-18 He’s saying listen, this is the curses right here. We are being cursed so these things are happening to us.

v. 19 If Yah is punishing us for our sins, he’s going to punish you for yours. v. 20 Remember this woman. v. 21 So she was very feminine when she said it but it was strong like an ahk. v. 22-23 Read. v. 24 Many of you are already doing this. Your already trampling the Words of Yah for the affairs of men. Many of you can’t stand on the simple things right now so how are you going to stand in this day? When this happens, and 7 of you ahks get taken captive by the man of sin and he pulls you in the square and has a pork chop before your face. He has it done how you use to like it…smothered pork chops. Fried all nice up for you. So all you have to do is take a bite. And I’ll let you live. And if you can’t stand for the small things of Yah now. How will you stand against that? You are going to go racing over to that pork chop. ‘Come on ahk, let me get a bite man’. ‘Come on ahk you are taking it all.’ ‘Give me a bite man.’

v. 25-32 Read. v. 33 HalleluYah! He’s correcting us and chastening us now but He will be one with His servants. And there will not be one thing that nobody can do against us! This is what we have hope for Ysrayl. Everybody is down trodding us now and its only going to get worse. v. 34-38 Pray for peace of Ysrayl. v. 39-42 HalleluYah. Do you see that? The courage that these brothers had. Yes the same things shall happen to you. He shall tear your skull off, scalp you. He shall skin you alive. Pluck out your finger nails one by one. But at the end of the day what do you say? Will you be courageous and say I will stand for the laws of Yah? You can’t be if you are not standing for the laws of Yah now. Do you see how easy it will be for the Christians, Muslims and Jews to bow down to this man? Because they are already doing what he said to do.

Let’s go to the Apocalypse of Eliyah. We are going to read chapter 4 pages 748-49. I’m just thinking about those ahks. It really does bring tears to my eyes family because these brothers were murdered in that manner. And they knew and said this is just because our nation has transgressed against Yah. And here we are in this day and Yah’s mercy has extended on us before that time comes and we still transgressed. We are still arguing over when a Shabbat is. We still are arguing over when a feast day is. When these things are so obvious that Yah has given to us to know. And how are we going to stand. Here we are, when people are suffering more in this world. There’s no rest for us. We suffer from all the diseases. We suffer from all the mockery. (Some) of the Gentiles live a defiled life but everything seems to go right for them. There’s no peace for us. There’s no justice for us. And it’s only going to get worse. We haven’t seen the worst of it Ysrayl. And all of it is done by the hand of Yah and it’s been done because we have been disobedient. Yah have mercy on us. And you see why He is going to bring us into the wilderness. You see why He even said He’s going to bring those called rebels into the wilderness too. It’s because of His mercy towards us. He doesn’t want to see us go through this.

That’s why He’s saying that we have to be tried and we have to endure Ysrayl. That woman had to watch seven of her sons be executed without mercy, be executed. And she encouraged them to do it. Be executed. Do not give in to this uncircumcised Gentile. Hold your ground (she said). And many of us don’t have this courage. Imas (mothers) many of us don’t have this courage. Elders many of us don’t have this courage. (Read 2 Maccabees 6:18-31, the elder was 4 score and 10, 90 years old and refused to eat the swine too! They beat him to death). Brothers and sisters, many of us don’t have this courage. So what are we to do?

If you have to debate on when the Shabbat is, what are you going to do? He’s going to come and tell you the Shabbat is any day you want it to be. If you believe in lunar Shabbats, he will say okay that’s the Shabbat. But if you believe in the 7th day Shabbat, the way Yah prescribed it then you can do no wrong by that. It’s not the man of sin’s Shabbat. It’s Yah’s Shabbat. But if you are celebrating anything that’s other than Yah’s weekly celebration on His day, the 7th day of the week then you are doing the man of sin’s will.

And since you all are now keeping lunar Shabbats, some of you all are not even keeping the Shabbat or half-day Shabbats. Whatever you are doing and it’s not of Yah then you are already a doorstep, you are already a knee to the ground in the face of the man of sin. Isaiah said we are going to be shaking, you are going to be terrified. Yah said that they will have a little help in Daniyah chapter 11, those that are left behind.

Let’s go to the Book of Eliyah. We have a few more Scriptures then we are out of here. That story was so powerful. I’m trying to hold back the tears because it really saddens me that our people have to go through this. But what mostly saddens me is that we brought this on ourselves. We go through all this now and if we don’t endure until the end…we won’t make it.

Apocalypse of Eliyah 4:20-29 The title is the persecution of the saints. v. 20-23 He will remove the skin from their heads. Antiochus did this very same thing. Putting vinegar and lime up your nose like water boarding. But this will burn your nose up! v. 24 Look at that. Those that will NOT endure to the end they are going to take (the money). Just like Antiochus said all you have to do is eat pork just like we read in 1 Macc. 1:41-64 there were many of the children of Ysrayl that gladly accepted his religion. There will be many out of fear and not being rooted in the ways and Word of Yah (that will not endure). It says that they will get gold and they will flee over the fords to the desert places.

v. 25-27 Look at that. They will get a place of rest but you will not be in the kingdom (because they did not endure). If you are not in the kingdom, then you are outside of the kingdom where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth if you give into this man. If you take his gold, if you take his offer when the shofars blow everyone will have to bow down to the image. If you don’t bow down to the image, you shall be killed Revelation 13, the Book of Daniyah chapter 3. Right? It said that they will have rest until the last day of judgment. They will not be in the kingdom of Yah. They will not be in the kingdom of Yahoshua as those who have endured.

v. 28-29 You only are going to get this (glory, crowns) if you endure until the end Ysrayl. But if you will not endure until the end then you will not make the kingdom. This is what’s coming upon us. This is going to be the world and the persecution that the man of sin is going to bring. Having your eyes blinded, poked out with iron spikes. Do you think this man is going to be unpunished? The (seven) brothers were saying naw, you are doing this to us but do you think that you will escape Yah? He’s going into everlasting judgment.

Let’s go to Zephaniyah chapter 3. It said that those that endure until the end will have the righteous crown of glory set upon them. That righteous esteem, they will be kings, priests and rule with Messiyah. Those that endure until the end the same shall be saved.

Zephaniyah 3:19-20 He’s going to give you a name and praise. All the people are going to know that you are the children of Ysrayl. You are going to be the kings and rulers if you endure until the end Ysrayl. You are going to have power over the lawless ones. They are going to have to come and pay homage to you. Everything you want in abundance times abundance is YOURS. Yah will put 5 cities for you to rule over. If you want 10 mansions that are 25 blocks long, that’s YOURS. Can’t nobody take it from you. If you want to build a palace of pure gold, command the gold to come out of the earth and build itself  in the structure that you will it to be. That’s for you. You can do that.

So what satan has offered his people is not to what Yah is going to give His people. We have to endure. But first we have to get through this. Let’s go to John chapter 16. We are going to close out here.

John 16:1-4 So He said they are going to think that they are rendering services to Yah (by killing us). Because they will think the man of sin is Yah. And when the inspectors come to inspect your house and you have a Bible there and that’s instant death and they will think that they are doing god’s bidding. They will think that they are doing Yah’s bidding.

Yep, that hour is coming where everybody that kills you thinks that they are rendering service to Yah. Ain’t that powerful. But the persecution is arising family. The Muslims are already blowing themselves up and will blow you up if they think that you are against Allah. So it’s already there family. Having riots over  a movie that looks like a comedy. It looks like a Saturday night live skit. But they are going crazy and blowing themselves up because you disrespected their prophet. And they feel that, that’s what god wants. Because god will reward you with seventy virgins.

The Christians are the same way. More people have been killed under the Christian sword then probably any other religion. We know what Islam does but Christianity does the same thing. All of the world’s religions (do the same thing) because they are lawless. Jesus hung the laws to the cross. So do as thou will. Ha Shem gave the rabbi the power to interpret the laws. So do as thou will. Muhammad didn’t need a law. So do as thou will. And they are going to think that they are rendering services unto their go. Because the man of sin is going to give the decree just like Antiochus epiphany did. Read that, he gave the decree that everybody was to worship his custom (religion).

Probably in the next man of sin lesson, we are going to look at the religious end of it. We are going to talk a little bit more about the false prophet. So we have a few more lessons coming up about the man of sin. But I hope that this one was a blessing to you. I hope you were able to comprehend and see what Yah’s showing you. We started off by looking at the system, the collapse of the financial system and the restructuring of the financial system and everything else is already in form. Democracy, the woman riding the beast. The beast representing the system and the beast representing the man of sin. And America is the leader of all these things. The woman is taking the filthiness of what’s in her cup which is democracy making the world lawless for the appearance of the lawless one. They have liberated themselves so that’s why they celebrate every July 4, 1776. July 4th, the celebration of their independence. Because that’s when these wild jackals declared to Yah that they no longer have to follow His law. They are independent of Him now. So if you partake in July 4th celebrations that’s what you have fallen into. You are celebrating their independence from Yah. In-dependence.

So that’s what it is family. That’s the man of sin lesson. This is his persecution against the children of Ysrayl. So these jackals in their independence, they have the woman out there, the woman of liberation. Is it any coincidence that the United States, that the United States is described as a woman? Do you know that everything here is based on feminine nature? A woman has the same rights as men. (And) reproductive rights, a woman has a right to choose. It doesn’t matter what the father wants but if this woman, if she chooses to have an abortion and kill that child she has the right to do so. Everything here is based on that feminine Jezebel spirit, that demon. And (so) it’s no wonder that Yah calls her a woman. We will talk more about Mystery Babylon in the Revelation series.

So we looked at his system. The seven heads represents the seven branches of civilization or government: government, political, financial, educational, justice and cultural systems. Then we looked at the beast again and the seven heads represented by seven mountains, seven kings. So all of these things relate. They are the same thing. Duality and triple meanings but it all comes back to the world coming back under that one order as Antiochus epiphany said all of my people in my kingdom shall be one people. We are on (he said). One religion all of that is coming.

So I hope this lesson was a blessing to you family as it was a blessing for me to give it to you. Listen to it again if you need to. I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace. Shalom.

*Apocalypse of Eliyah 5  page 750 referenced here. v. 1 And on that day the heart of many will harden and they will flee from him (the man of sin) saying ‘this is not the Messiyah’. The Messiyah does not kill the righteous. He does not pursue men so that he might seek them but he persuades them with signs and wonders.

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The Man of Sin p. 2c

Ain’t no telling what you will be doing on the Shabbat. Oh I’m sorry it’s probably already the same thing you are doing on the Shabbat. You are probably at the club now! Then will come into Shabbat class tomorrow…today rather. And come in kayning (and shaloming) Saturday morning with the brothers and sisters. So profaning the Shabbat won’t be nothing to you. Because you are already doing it.

v. 44 Wait a minute. The customs that Antiochus is bringing are lawless. And it’s strange to us because we are a law-abiding people. We are ruled by Yah’s laws! That’s our discipline. That’s our wisdom in the sight of the nations. So he sent letters by messengers to Jerusalem and the cities of Judah. He directed them to follow customs (that were) strange to the land. v. 45 Now all of this was still going on. This was before Yahoshua came. So we were still having burnt offerings and sacrifices. We were still supposed to do all of those things. We were still keeping the feasts back then. Because we were still in the land. Yahoshua had not even arrived yet. This is before Yahoshua’s time. v. 46-47 They were sacrificing swine, rabbits, horses…all of this stuff on the altars.

v. 48 Listen this is what this is talking about. The man of sin is going to rule over a lawless society. This is what Antiochus is doing, making a lawless society. A society that is not run by the laws of Yah. That’s why when it says ‘it came to Ysrayl’ these were strange things to the land. These were strange customs. They came and profaned the Shabbat. They did this and that (like) sacrifice unclean animals. This is what he’s going to have you doing Ysrayl. The man of sin will have you doing this (but) since you aren’t sacrificing anymore, he’s going to have you eating unclean animals. Many of you still have the lust for that pork chop! Many of you still have the lust for that crawfish! You still have the lust for shrimp and lobster! You still have the lust for drug sorcery!

And when he comes and says I am god, you can do all of that, Do as thou wilt. (He will say) I will not hold it against you. That’s the whole of the law. You are going to jump in head first. Many of Ysrayl gladly accepted his customs and his religion. Remember he was Greek. (He) descended from (one of) Alexander’s generals. (Antiochus) ruled over a part of the kingdom that Alexander ruled over, that Alexander conquered. Alexander was a Hellenist, (which means) the spreading of Greek culture. The root word of Hellenism is hell. And hell means the grave or death. Alexander was spreading death around the world through Greek culture, Greek homosexual culture. The beasts culture. The beast’s system. So this is what Antiochus did. The beast’s system is a lawless society. Democracy, a government for the people, by the people.

v. 49-50 Read. v. 51 ‘overseers or inspectors over all the people’. (There will be) cameras. Big brother watching you, right? (There will be) citizens spying on other citizens. v. 52-55 This is what the man of sin is going to set up. I have this printed out family so it may be a little bit different from the one I’m going to be sending out. I have some things about what I said about the new world order…disregard that because you may not even have the same copy that I have. I just printed this from the lesson that I did. This lesson was back in 2005. So I just went and printed out of the Apocrypha. So don’t want to confuse you, when I said about the NWO earlier. The one that I’m going to send you all is a little different from this. (inaudible) So when we go back real quick to verse 41 when he tells his people to be one. This is going to be the world order because there is nothing new about it. Because we see Antiochus epiphany is doing it and he did this a long time ago before the birth of Yahoshua. At least 3,000 years ago. Right? The man of sin is going to do this in his day. So there is nothing new about this. This is old, old stuff.

I’m going to read v. 51-55 again. v. 56 Do I have to read that again? The books of the law, the Scriptures, the Torah that they found, they tore to pieces and burned with fire. v. 57-58 And he made war with the saints. Right? Remember that? It says that they kept using violence against Ysrayl.

v. 59-60 Listen they were cutting out babies out of the mother’s womb and hanging the child by its umbilical cord. They were doing all that to the Israelites. So if a sister is pregnant with a child and they found that she had 2 children and she is pregnant with one and she already had one and he is circumcised. They killed that child and they killed that mother by cutting that child out of her. And hanged that child by its umbilical cord. It was rough! These are historical facts! So if the woman had their children circumcised of if they found any body keeping Yah’s laws, isn’t this what it said? Isn’t this what Scripture is talking about? Right? He shall make war with the set-apart ones. Right? He shall make war with those that are guarding the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua. This shall be the worse time of trouble ever. It shall be Jacob’s trouble. But we shall be saved out of it. This same thing (will happen) but the majority of Ysrayl are going into the wilderness. But not all of Ysrayl will make the wilderness. We are going to see that.

v. 61 Look at that, they hung them from their umbilical cords and they hung them by their mother’s necks. How cruel is that? Yah tells us not to kill a baby calf and then boil it in its mother’s milk. That’s cruel. How cruel is this? v. 62 Look at that. He is going to make you eat unclean food. We are going to get into it. Wait until we get over ah to 2 Maccabees. Um-hum, so of you all that are familiar with the Apocrypha and familiar with that story of 2 Maccabees chapter 7…uh-uh-uh (smh). That’s all I can say about that. Prepare your hearts Ysrayl.

v. 62-64 Now if very great wrath came upon us that day and Yahoshua said that this day is NOTHING compared to what is on the horizon. When Yahoshua said what is going to happen this time is going-to-be-the-greastest-time-of-trouble-ever. I had to pause on that one. Hanging children by their mother’s necks. Nothing. They will be putting you to death because you got your child circumcised because you are found keeping Yah’s laws. You are found with a bible in your hand. Verse 57 says where the books of the covenant was found in the possession of anyone or if anyone adhered to the law the decree of the king condemned him to death. If you are found with the bible in your hand, you will be killed on site. (Like the movie the book of Eli).

So the man of sin will follow this same pattern as Antiochus. Why? Because the power behind both are the same, ha shatan or satan. (It’s) the adversary, the devil, the great red dragon. Now remember the man of sin is going to proclaim himself to be the greatest of all gods and Antiochus proclaimed himself to be a god. And built altars and statues of himself to himself. He built an image of himself. Now think about Antiochus’ image and the man of sin’s image, is that according to Revelation 13? The man of sin’s image will speak. It will walk. It will communicate. They had Antiochus sitting on the throne. This is what all they built. They built all this stuff in the courtyard of the temple next to the temple and in the temple. They had sitting on a throne next to Zeus!

Now notice his name. He didn’t call himself the manifestation of elohim on earth or the manifestation of the elohim. No, he said the manifestation of GOD. Singular. Supreme deity. Just like the man of sin will say he is greater than all that is worshipped. (This is) a precursor family. Yah is showing you this. (He is) getting you prepared. Because your day is going to be way worse than this. Your people stood on two feet and stood up STRONG against that in that day. And Yah expects you t do the same.

Now let’s just go through here again, through 1 Maccabees chapter 1 before we go to 2 Maccabees. Let’s read through this. Let’s check this out. Let’s break these verses down because this is so profound. Let’s look at v. 44 (reads). v. 45 Get this Ysrayl, you are already profaning feasts (festival days). (Laughs) so when the man of sin comes it will be nothing for you to keep the same feasts he has. Right? If you think that you are supposed to keep a Passover here, he’s going to give you a Passover because he’s god. If you think you can keep a Feast of Tabernacle and the Feast of Weeks which is called Pentecost, he’s going to give you all that because you are already doing it. How can you object to him if you are already doing it? But if you have WISDOM that Yah said that these can only be done how he said to do it and where he said to do it. And for that whatever reason you’re not doing it, you’re going to reject everything this man of sin has to offer you. But not for those that don’t know. Not for those that refuse to know. They are already lawless.

Everybody is lawless doing whatever they want to do and how they want to do it. You are going to have a king that will come and he’s going to rule over all lawlessness but its going to bring order to lawlessness (laughs). I know that sounds like an oxymoron but that’s what he’s going to do. ‘Oh on Mondays we have a 22nd orgy going on’. ‘Mondays at 3 o’clock is orgy time’. but before he came and set a little order to you, you were doing orgies everyday. But he will say naw you can’t do orgies everyday, you can only do it on Mondays. That’s what I mean by he’s going to bring order to lawlessness. He didn’t say that you couldn’t do the orgy. But he just said we are just going to do it on Mondays…or on the Shabbat! This is what he is talking about that he is going to do. (That) you can sleep with little boys and little girls from ages 3 years on up, every Tuesday between 5-6 pm. You can go murder every Friday night from 9-10 pm. That’s murder time. Anybody you felt wronged you, go kill them. All this lawless stuff, he’s going to be their king. You have many people already doing these things so it’s going to fall in line with what they are already doing, including the children of Ysrayl. So when the man of sin comes on the scene he’s going to prevent anybody from observing Scripture.

I’m sorry fam, there are some wild ‘brews outside. Satan has them being loud and running past the center. When Yahoshua comes and gives us that power. And he tells us to go out and all forms, signs of wickedness put it in the ground. And you don’t stop until you hear my voice saying stop. Oh-wee, because the way that the world is going and the wildness that we have to endure. We are trying to stay clean, free of it and I know it’s a struggle. I know it’s HARD sometimes. But there are things that we must do to overcome it so that we can stand when this day comes. Then we can stand even greater and stronger when Yahoshua comes.

So he will prevent anybody from keeping the laws of Yah. He will prevent anybody from even reading Scripture. (v. 51 read) The job of an inspector (overseer) is to inspect something. To check it out. He’s making sure that those people are going and being obedient to his laws and to his rules, to his democracy. And not to Yah’s laws and Yah’s rules. They are already spying on you. They have cameras everywhere. They are peeking into your windows. They are looking at you through your television sets! They have cameras everywhere.

There was an article that came out a few years ago talking about how George Bush signed into law how it is lawful for American citizens to spy on other citizens. ‘I’ll give you thirty pieces of silver if you go over there and pretend to be his friend and you go into his house and tell me what his is doing. Does he have a menorah up anywhere? Does he have a bible in his house? Does he turn to the east when he prays? Does he wear tassels? Does he have any pork in his refrigerator? That’s what they are doing. Antiochus appointed inspectors over the people to watch them. Twenty-four/seven you are being watched. Don’t you see the world is already there?

Look at what everybody is agreeing to when you go get on an airplane. You almost have to get NAKED in the airport. You take off your shoes, your socks, your belt, your shirt, your hat. One wild Gentile said I can’t take this anymore and he did get naked. Because that’s what we are heading to. They have x-ray machines that can look through your clothes but they still want you to take off your shoes and belt. If you have things that can see through that, don’t you see if I’m carrying a bomb or anything? Why do I still have to take off my shoes? Look at all that, under fear. Don’t you know that if they have that much control over the people by blowing up two buildings. Just think when they blow up a hundred buildings. They are going to have full control over the minds of the people.

You are going to say I want an inspector in my doorway to inspect me every morning. When I first wake up, I want them looking at me in my face, making sure I’m not a terrorist. Big brother is watching you. This is what Antiochus did. This is coming again. The FBI is building the largest FBI database out in Utah. They are now capable of tracking and reading every e-mail, every text message, that every person that has access to the internet sends out. They are spying on citizens and intercepting trillions of emails and phone calls. Let me put this article to use right here. This is called U.S. government accused of spying on citizens. Somebody may be putting the link upon the screen now.

It says: Government around the world are repeatedly accused of spying on both domestic and foreign individuals and groups that may threaten the interests of their citizens. Sometimes these accusations are without merit. And sometimes they pan out. William Bently a former official with the national security agency recently said that domestic surveillance in the U.S. has increased under President Barack Obama and trillions of phone calls and e-mails and other messages sent by U.S. citizens have been intercepted by the government.

Do you see? He has appointed inspectors. Now remember the laws and the ways and the culture of the U.S., the woman riding the beast would be the laws and the way of the culture of the world! Because she has taken democracy and she is letting all the kings of the earth drink from her cup. And in that cup is the filthiness of her whoring and she is spreading democracy. So once you go and create a government that is for the people, by the people then next comes the culture. Baghdad does not have long to look like times square. They went to war with the Japanese, today look at Tokyo. Right? So what we are reading here will be used when the whole system is gathered together.

When the man of sin is ruling all of that is already here. This is why they are putting up all the cameras and stuff. The woman riding the beast, she’s going to lead this. London has the highest per capita amount of cameras than anywhere else in the world. There are cameras all over Chicago, NY and Los Angeles. ‘We are going to catch the terrorist’. And they have not caught one terrorist yet. But they are setting all this up to see, that when this happens, when this war goes on, when the man of sin stands up and when he makes war. When he says nobody can keep a Bible, Koran or whatever. We are going to burn those and nobody better to burn those and nobody better not be reading a Bible or Koran because he’s going to say hey I’m god, I’m here, you don’t need those old books. Whatever you need, I’m here for you. And you send a prayer up and he appears right before your face right then and there. What can you do with that? Right?

(v. 53 read again) This happened in that day and that is equivalent to what we know today as the wilderness. Yah is going to send Ysrayl into the wilderness to protect them. But there will be a segment of Ysrayl that doesn’t make the wilderness.

Let’s go to Revelation 12. I hope you all are staying with me here. We are looking at the persecution against the saints when that system is set up. When the system is reformatted. Revelation 12, we are looking at the wilderness now because it said in v. 53 of 1 Maccabees 1 that they drove Ysrayl into hiding in every place of refuge that they had. We were hiding in mountains, rocks and cliffs. That same thing like our Israylite brothers and sisters are doing in the Sudan right now. I was reading an article maybe about a month and a half ago and they were showing pictures of our people hiding in the rocks. Because of the curses and we have turned our back on Yah. Our family in the Sudan, they are being hunted down by the Muslims in the north. Our people dwell in the south. And they refuse to bow down to Islam. So the Arab Muslims in the north are coming down and striking them. So they must run and hide into the cliffs and rocks. Yahoshua said he who is in Judea flee into the mountains. So our people were in every place of refuge we had. Wherever we could find refuge that’s where we could find refuge that’s where we were hiding at during the time of Antiochus epiphany who is the precursor to the man of sin. The place of refuge is called the wilderness for our day and time. Do you see how Yah works the same thing over and over again so you can catch on to His pattern? We can look and see how He works in what’s called the old testament or the new testament. It’s the same pattern over and over. So we can know that we will not get confused about what Yah is going to do for us in this day when the man of sin stands up. He did it for them, in the day of Antiochus epiphany. We read it. So they had to run and they had to hide in the places of safety. Revelation 2 we will read again.

Revelation 12:13-14, v. 12 Ysrayl. v. 13 So the woman was given two great wings of the eagle to fly into the wilderness where she was nourished, taken care of.

Revelation is not the only place that mentions this wilderness. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 35. Because we are correlating this t v. 53 of 1 Maccabees 1 right? It said that they drove Ysrayl to hiding in every place and refuge they had. So that place of hiding or the place of refuge today is called the wilderness. Isaiah 35, Yah said He is going to take us out in the wilderness to hide from the face of the serpent, the dragon, satan. Satan is going to wage war once he is kicked out of heaven for the final time he is kicked down here and he is stuck on the earth realm. He is going to be angry because he knows that he has a short time remaining. So the dragon will be trying to chase us there. Yah said I’m going to nourish you for 3 1/2 years.

Yesiyah 35:1-10, v. 1 Who is ‘them’? When the children of Ysrayl escape and flee from satan and the man of sin. When I say satan, I’m talking about the man of sin because satan will possess the man of sin. They are the same. Because satan is going to give the beast his power. Revelation 13, right? He will give him all his power and authority. ‘And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose’. Yah said he is going to nourish us in the wilderness. Just like He nourished the children of Ysrayl in the wilderness when we left Egypt. He gave us water, vegetation and food. Yah does it over and over again. Places of refuge over and over again.

v. 2-4 Wait a minute. Look at this. Why does it say strength in the weak hands and make firm the weak knees? Say to those with fearful hearts do not fear because the people who make it to the wilderness will be chased there by the man of sin, by satan! He shall sprew a flood. He shall send an over abundance of troops against you. He will form a one world army. He will have command upon millions of troops! And will send them after you. So here you are running, you will have weak hands, they will be shaking. You are so terrified that your hands shake and you can’t even do anything with it. You can’t even hold nothing in them. Your nerves will be so shaky. You know knocking-knees is a sign of fright, weak knees. Anxious (fearful) hearts, hearts beating like man. We just ran from an army that was sending planes, bombs at us. Be strong do not fear. Because the moment that we make it to the wilderness malakim descend down on our behalf and draw their swords. And said stop remember that is said that the earth opened up its mouth? And swallowed up the flood. So the malakim chasing that army is telling that army to stop. They will take their flaming swords and park them into the ground and tell the ground to be obedient to the commandments of Yah and swallow them up. And make those whom Yah had called to make it to the place of safety. For it is the worse time of trouble ever for the children of Ysrayl for the nations and for the world.  (My sidenote: I remember when I use to visit this other Israylite camp. The elder that taught use to emphasize that when we get to the wilderness we will be crying. That is how terrible this thing is going to be he said. He quoted Yeremiyah 31:8-9).

v. 5-6 Look at that instantly healed when you make the wilderness. Look at that. He’s identifying where the wilderness is. It’s in the desert just like it was back then for the children of Ysrayl. But I’m going to have to make a very important, interesting statement about that. For us Israylites in North America because when we understand that the United States is Mystery Babylon and when we read Revelation 18 Yah said He is going to destroy Mystery Babylon. If we run down south meaning down to south America there’s no deserts down there. There’s only jungles. So what shall be the wilderness for those in North America? Aha, we will talk about that one day. v. 7 Now these are not the wild Jackals here. These are the actual animals called Jackals. These aren’t wild Gentile and wild Hebrew jackals that Yah is speaking about. He’s talking about the real animals called jackals. We aren’t going to the home of the jackals because we are already living in the home of those jackals. But we are going to go into the home of the animal jackals. Right? And they are not going to mess with us.

‘There shall be grass with reeds and rushes’. I’m going to nourish you. He said that the desert is going to open up and pools and thirsty land springs with water. We will have all the water we need. To go wash our hair. To wash our body. To wash our clothing and they still will be clean. To heal our bodies. As it talks about in the book of Yahcanan, that there was a malakim that came down and stirred the water of the pool and whoever got into the water while it was being stirred was healed (John 5:4). These are healing waters here. Yah said I’m going to nourish you for 3 1/2 years and this is going to be the setting. There will be grass and trees and all that in the desert for you Ysrayl.

v. 8 It’s for those Israylites that have stood against the man of sin and for those Israylites that have called upon Yah and Yahoshua because fools are worshipping that man of sin and no fool is going to find himself in there. If he does, Yah will send him out of there, will swallow him up so quick. v. 9-10 So this is talking about after the man of sin, when the 3 1/2 years is over Yahoshua coming and going into the land. HalleluYah. We are going to be singing praises to Yah. Do you know that song? Oh when the saints go marching in. I want to be in that number. HalleluYah! That’s what it’s talking about right here.

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 20. We see more about this wilderness. Yah is going to protect us in the wilderness. (Turn to) Yahzeqyl 20. They drove Ysrayl into hiding in every place of refuge they had. The same thing will happen in our time. Yahzeqyl 20 is talking about this wilderness again. Isaiah 35 layed it down, man. There’s going to be vegetation there. There will be food there. Everything we need for survival (will be there). Just like when we were in the wilderness of Egypt. Everything we needed for survival was there.

Yahzeqyl 20:35-38, v. 35 Now this is not one wilderness location. There will be many wilderness locations. Do you know why? Because Ysrayl is scattered all over the world. There’s going to be wilderness locations in China. There’s going to be wilderness locations in Japan. There’s going to be wilderness locations in Africa and Europe. All over the place because Ysrayl is all over the place. That’s why it says (in v. 35) I shall bring you in the place of the wilderness of the peoples, plural.

‘And shall enter into judgment with you face to face there’. Now you know this is, like I say, you may have been that little hard-headed child growing up. Or you may have given birth to a hard-headed child but you know that when you are dealing with a hard-headed child that they will not listen until you get down into their face. Until you have to grab them by the collar and pull them close into you. You have to get eye-to-eye, bend down to them to their face and almost have to growl at them to let them know that you ain’t playing. (lol down south it’s called getting jacked-up by your daddy or mama). That’s what Yah is saying right here. (He said) I’m going to enter into judgment with you, I’m talking to you face-to-face. No longer will I be up here int he clouds in the heavens and you think you can’t see me. You think I can’t hear you. You think I can’t see. I’m right here in your face now. Just you and I in this wilderness. You don’t have to worry about all that, that is going on, on the outside of the world. That ain’t even concerning you. I’m talking to you. He has you by the collar in one hand and got the belt in the other.

v. 36 Read. v. 37 He’s going to make you act right. This is what he is telling you. Just like I had to whip those Israylites, your ancestors out in the wilderness when we came out of Egypt. I had to whip their behinds and whip them right, to get them right, to get them prepared to go into the land. I’m going to do the same thing with you. I’m going to bring you under the bond of the covenant. You are coming into this covenant now. v. 38 He said I’m going to bring all y’all out. I’m going t bring those stiff necks out that talk about having Passover all over the place. I’m going to bring those out that talk about the white man is Edom. I’m going to bring all of them out. I’m going to give them this last chance right here. They are going to come out here and they are going to act a fool in the wilderness. You know you have that stiff-neck, hard-headed child and you have gone over with them ‘listen we are going out to dinner. I don’t want you to do this or that because I don’t want you embarrassing me’. And you get out to dinner and the first thing they do, they start especially if it’s a little boy right. He starts spitting and farting and digging up his nose and throwing boogers and you know what little boys do. And you just told him, we are going out to dinner, I don’t want you to do all of that stuff. So now you have to purge that little one out, boy. You have to take him to the bathroom. Right? To straighten him out.

So Yah is saying even though you have been disobedient, you are still my child. I’m still going to give you a chance to come into the covenant fully. So He said I’m going to purge out the rebels. Read Numbers chapter 16. Read about (Korah), Dathan and all those ahks. Yah opened up the ground and swallowed them up. That’s what he will do out there, purge them out. ‘Obadiyah listen man we over here man and y’all talking about you are going to keep the 7th day Shabbat but we just saw the new moon so we are going to keep the Shabbat over there’. Alright ahk, go ahead. Make sure you are far away, you and your Shabbat. Because soon as that sun sets Yah opens up that ground and you and your Shabbat are gone!

‘Obadiyah, I just saw a goat’. ‘I think we can go ahead and do a Passover’. Okay, you and your goat and everybody that wants to have Passover with you and your goat, y’all go over there. We saw 10,000 people standing over there last night and all of a sudden we woke up this morning and there are none left. Just only the goat. Right? Okay. This is what it means to purge out the rebels. This is when Yah brings us into the wilderness. Yah will lead Ysrayl into the place of refuge, safety. Just like Antiochus epiphany drove us there when he came. So when everybody goes into the wilderness…let’s go back to Revelation 12. Let’s read v. 15-17. We already read it but it makes sense even more now. Let’s look at the persecution that he’s going to bring on you.

Revelation 12:15-17 So not all the Israylites will make the wilderness but the remnant of those that are outside of the wilderness satan is going to make war with them. The man of sin is going to make war with them.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 11. Daniyah talks about these same people in this same time period. Immediately when that man stands up, we are to run to get away to be led by the malakim into the wilderness. And we will be hunted down by satan and his crew. I sho’ had a dream years ago that we were down in South America and we were running away from a South American army. They were after us and we were navigating through the jungle because we were running alongside this river. And I remember this guy there. I’m not sure of who he was but it was like everything about him stood out. I’ll say he looked about in his forties. He had a salt and pepper beard. And he just had this powerful look on his face and he was guiding us through this jungle. And we were being chased by South American troops. We were in South America running alongside the river and we were navigating through this jungle by the river.

And so when we get into the wilderness family we have to run to get there. Because the dragon is going to spew (this flood of waters). But not all of us will make it there. Because once he can’t get those who are in the wilderness then he is going to go after those who are on the outside of the wilderness. Those that are still not part of his system. Those who have not taken the mark of the beast. But Yah has found fit for them to survive the wilderness. This is what they were showing you in the movie The Matrix with Morpheus and his crew. Remember they had the real world and they were outside the real world. They were outside the city of Zion. And they were going out to free people from the Matrix. That’s what they were showing you. But we will go into that when we have the video lesson come out about the Matrix.

Daniyah 11:33-35 Daniyah was talking about those who will not make the wilderness in that time period. v. 33 Do you see that? They shall stumble (fall) by sword and flame. They will be burned to death. We will see that in just a minute what Antiochus epiphany did in his time is what the man of sin will do in this one. We read that in 1 Maccabees 1:41-64 but we are going to 2 Maccabees and you will see.

So they will be beheaded (Revelation 20:4), burned alive, just like they did to us on the plantation. ‘By captivity’ so we are going to be taken into captivity and put into prison and plundered for days.

v.34-35 So they are going through this so Yah can try them. These may be Israelites that come into the truth the night before the man of sin stands up. Or the year before the man of sin stands up. And Yah has not tried and proved them yet. But those that have been enduring for all this time that you been with Yah before the man of sin takes hold of the kingdom and before he sets everything up and before he goes into operation. You have been suffering so you may be the ones that Yah says that have proved and gone through all these things and given up everything, Yah might be telling you to go and rest in the wilderness but those who have not proved themselves yet, you stay out. I need to prove you first. So even those who may be rebels, Yah’s going to give them an opportunity to come into the wilderness because they have been enduring right now. They are going through it right now. So Yah is saying, you are seeing My power, I’m face-to-face with you. This may change you. But if yo are coming out here with that rebel attitude, I’m going to have to kill you out here.

Out of all the Israelites that came out of Egypt on that joyous night, time only two (men) made it into the promised land. Caleb and Joshua. The rest were the children of those who came out. They were so disobedient that Yah had to purge them out. So he will have to do the same thing once again. It’s repeating itself. That’s how we know it’s of Yah because it already happened in the name of Yah.

So when we look at v. 56 of 1 Maccabees chapter 1 it says the books of the law that they found they tore to pieces and burned with fire. v. 56-57 Read. Oh-wee! It says they kept using violence against Ysrayl against those found month after month in the cities. Now, it states that the books of the law that were found were tore to pieces. The books of law are the Torah. So we know it as the Bible, the Scriptures any book that you find with Yah’s truth in it, they are going to tear it to pieces. But they will also burn Korans and all that because he is going t say you don’t need these things anymore. This is the old way. I’m the new way now (he will say). I’m here with you.

Have y’all ever read in the Scriptures where it says that there’s going to be a day coming that Yah will send a famine of bread but of the hearing the words of Yah? Let’s go to Amos chapter 8. This is going to make more sense to you now. What we are going to read here is what that famine for the Word is. Because we just read how Antiochus burned up all the books of the law. So if there’s no books of the law, there’s no Bibles around. And we are going to read where the people are going to find out that this man of sin is a fake yet they can’t go to the book and read for themselves. So there will be a thirst, a famine in the land. People will be hungry for the Word of Yah. For a man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the Word of Yah. Deuteronomy 8:3.

Amos 8:11-13 Do you see? He said that behold the days are coming. They are coming during the times of the reign of the man of sin. His 3 1/2 period. Declares the Master Yah that I shall send a hunger in the land not a hunger for bread or thirst for water but for hearing the Word of Yah. Do you know why? Because the people are going to be tired of hearing this man (say) god, god, god. Showing them signs and wonders and being blinded by these signs and wonders but at the same time they are going to see him killing off a lot of righteous people. They are going to see the lawlessness of his society. And then they will start to see that this man is not who he says he is. And so by that time, he has burned up all the Bibles. What do you need a Bible for and I’m here? I’m god (he will say).

But there is going to be a thirst for the Word of Yah. The people are going to want to know what Yah’s truth has to say. But there’s a thirst coming because Antiochus burned up all the books of the law. Anybody found with a Bible would be killed and that’s what’s going to happen this time. So this is why Yah says there will be a thirst in the land. Not for food. Not for water. But for the Word.

I’m turning through the Pseudepigrapha to find where it says that the people will recognize that he is the false one. So they are going to run away from him. And this is what the people are going to start saying. Because they will see there’s no Bibles around. People are going to remember some of the things they read in the Bible but this man is going to be coming with something totally different. That deception can only last for so long. Even when satan comes to tempt you, that can last for so long. It comes for a season. Resist the devil and he shall flee. Sorry family I can’t find the (Scripture) right now but let us continue none the less. (The teacher remembers the Scripture later on but I just put it here).

Apocalypse of Eliyah 5:10-14 The sinners will groan upon the earth saying what have you done to us O son of lawlessness saying I am the Messiyah when you are the devil? You are unable to save yourself so that you might save us. You produced signs in our presence until you alienated us from Yah who created us. Woe to us because we listened to you. Lo now we will die in a famine. Where indeed is now the trace of a righteous one and we will worship him or where indeed is the one who will teach us and we will appeal to him. Now indeed we will be wrathfully destroyed because we disobeyed Yah. We went t the deep places of the sea and we did not find water. We dug in the rivers and papyrus reeds and we did not find water.

So now as we see that this is what’s coming upon, the system that is to be formed in these last days shall be ruled by the lawless one. There will be no laws, no rules. He can murder, you can murder. And everybody is going to be down with that for a minute. But then they will start t see through this.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 7. Because Yah always punishes un-repenting sinners. But if you have sinned and you repented, Yah will forgive you. So even those who take the mark of the beast, there’s still an opportunity of repentance. Let’s go to Revelation 7 so you can see what I’m talking about right here. When these people start to see through the man of sin.

Revelation 7:9 Revelation 7 chooses the 144,000. v. 9-11 Read. Skips down to v. 13-14 These are those coming out of that 3 1/2 year tribulation (people of all nations, tongues, tribes). v. 15 Do you see? So there will be people coming out of the great tribulation and they will make their robes white. You can repent but if you are an un-repenting sinner…this is what it is talking about. Once they find out…all the Bibles (will have been) burned and they will see through this man towards the end of his reign. And they will be going from sea to sea it says in Amos 8:12 and from the north even to the east they are running to and fro seeking the Word of Yah!! Because right now even when we give these lessons we say go to this Book to read it. We direct you in the Scripture where these things are written. But when the man of sin burns all the Bibles we will not have that luxury. There may be one Bible between a hundred of us. Whenever we come out, whenever we come into the system to teach those and free those from this Matrix, 10 of us will have to take that one Bible together. So we can show the people or we will have to have it memorized. (Like the Book of Eli movie). So the people will remember everything that we said about the Book but they are going to read it for themselves but there will be none because they are going to tear them up and burn them. This is going to happen again. They put the women to death who had their children circumcised. Circumcision is part of the covenant according to Genesis chapter 10. Right?

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The Man of Sin p. 2b

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 6. See satan is a copy-cat. So Yah is talking about something that’s on the spiritual and satan who thinks like a man is always stuck on the physical. So this is why satan’s mark, he’s going to have it on the physical yet it’s going to have a spiritual representation too. Because remember Scripture says you can not buy or sell unless you have this mark. So on the physical he is going to literally put a physical mark on you. Many say that this is a microchip, the RF-ID chip. Could be. They say that it could be many things because right now they have the technology where they can put all  of your banking, medical history onto a little micro-chip smaller than a grain of rice. And many people have already inserted that into their bodies.

Now let me tell you this. Don’t be so crazy and don’t be so foolish about this. Scripture talks about having wisdom concerning these things. Because right now if I go get a micro-chip that has all of my financial information on it and all of my medical history, that’s not the mark of the beast. It’s an option if I get that and it’s an option if I don’t. I’m not being made to have it in order for me to participate in this system. I don’t need that but if I choose to get it, I get it. And if I choose to not get it, I don’t.

But when the mark of the beast is set up, the option is that if you don’t get it, you can not participate in the system. You shall starve. If you can’t buy or sell meaning I can’t go out to sell anything to make money, I can’t go buy anything to meet my needs. I can’t even go buy food for my family, if I don’t have this mark. So the system has not been set up. So don’t be so overly agitated and ‘oh man that’s the mark of the beast, I saw these Jews’. Because the first family that actually received this micro-chip a few years ago were the Jacob family, a Jewish family down in Florida somewhere. And I remember getting into discussions with other Israylites about this and they were saying that was the mark of the beast. That may be a prototype but that is not what we are talking about here. It’s not what Revelation 13 is talking about. Because Revelation 13, it is a life or death situation. Either you get this mark to participate in the system or you don’t. And if you do get it Yah’s going to kill you. Right? So right now, I could get 20,000 micro-chips and put all through my body, that’s not the mark of the beast. Even if they use that micro-chip a few years from now to make that the mark of the beast, right now it’s not. Because the life or death option is not given yet that you must have it to be apart of the system. Meaning that I must have it to pay for goods. (or that) I must have it in order to sell on Ebay. That’s not the system right now.

So remember we are talking about the mark of the beast. The beast is the system. The mark of the system. The mark of the man of sin. The man of sin is the beast and the system is the beast. The system that he is ruling, that lawless society, that lawless world is a beastly system. So I don’t want you all to get caught up in that because you have so many foolish things going on out here and people (saying) ‘there goes 666, I got to run from that’. When Scripture says 666 is the number of a man’s name. They don’t even understand that.

Deuteronomy 6:6-8, v. 6 Read. v. 7 So we are always to teach our children the laws of Yah. v. 8 Do you know that the Jews have misunderstood this and they actually wrap some little thing around their hand and wrap something around their foreheads and put prayers and things in them. But that’s not what it’s talking about. Yah is talking about spiritually here. Because my hand represents power to do. So let’s look at this. What is between my eyes? My forehead. So I hear and I get the understanding of Yah’s Word. So my hand represents… ok (say) someone just told me about the Shabbat. I read from Genesis 2:3. I read from Exodus 20:8-11. I read Isaiah 58:13-14. I read Matthew 12. All of them talk about the Shabbat. Now I know what the Shabbat is and I know what to do and my hand represents me doing it. That’s what it means.

So now the information has come between my ears, between my forehead. I can process it through wisdom through my mind. Now my hand represents the power to do. So that’s all it’s talking about here. Yah is talking about on a spiritual level. But satan since he’s stood on the physical, he is talking about the physical. So when we go to Revelation 13 it says on the right hand or on the forehead because he’s mocking Yah right there.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 11. By the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let every matter be established. So we are looking at the man of sin setting up his system. Because once he sets up his system, it’s going to open up th door and all the persecutions and all that will start. Because you Ysrayl will be in opposition to his system.

Deuteronomy 18:11 So the same thing here. When he says a sign, a sign is a mark. It is an indicator. So this is hat Yah is telling you, to bind these laws and bind this truth up. So if Yah’s laws are on your mind or if Yah’s laws are on your forehead, on your hand that means that satan has a mark too. When he marks you physically on your forehead and hand, that is the mark of his system. Yah’s mark is a mark of his laws. So satan’s mark is going to be a mark of his society which is lawless. It’s going to be a mark of that rebellion. That’s why Yah is going to be so, SO angry at everyone who takes that mark.

Now once again just to show you that hand represents the power to do. Let’s go to Genesis 16. for he shall put this mark upon your right hand and upon your forehead. So Yah’s laws are upon our forehead and they are upon our hand. So satan is making mockery. He’s going to literally put one on your hand just like the Jews are making mockery. They literally wrap something around their hand with prayers with some little box on their forehead. Because they misunderstand this. Satan is going to have a lawless society ruled by the man of sin which will be satan possessed or satan incarnate. Lawless means that no inkling of Yah’s laws will be structured in this system. Everything will be against his laws.

Genesis 16:12 This is speaking about Ishmael or Ishmayl, the son of Abraham and Hagar. This is Abraham’s first son. We know Sarah didn’t like all the things…that she kicks Hagar and Ishmayl out of the camp. So this is when Yah spoke to Hagar and (He) said listen, I hear what’s going on here and I’m going to take care of him. This (verse) is Yah giving a prophesy of who Ishmael would be. (Reads v. 12). Do you see that? It says that he shall be a wild man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him. That means that his hand or his power, his strength would be against every man and every man’s power and strength would be against him. Ishmael is the father of the Arabs. And you see how this prophesy is being fulfilled. Right? His hand, the sons of Ishmael’s hand is against the whole world and the whole world is against them. But when the man of sin comes, he will come and clear all that up. Right?

So hand represents power. So that’s what it is. So even in satan’s world it’s going to represent the power of doing. So when you have this mark and now you can buy and sell which means you accept this lawless society and you accept the rules. Just like when you go vote in democracy, you accept democracy. You accept a government that is for the people by the people. You accept that. By you’re giving your power over to a vote. Let my voice be heard so I’m going to go vote. I’m going to go vote that homosexuality can be taught in the schools and now our children can be taught that they can choose their own gender. And all this madness.

So Yah is going to be upset if you are for this lawless society. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 14. Don’t just let Obadiyah speak these things. Tell Obadiyah to read it to you. I’m going to read it to you. It would be one thing if I was just yapping but I can’t yap without giving you what the book says. So let’s go to Revelation 14 and you will see why Yah is upset. Because now, let’s say that you say that you are serving Yah and that you believe in Yah yet you are part of a system where a man says that he is greater than Yah. How do you think that’s going to make Yah feel? Right?

Husband your wife says that she loves you but she’s out with another man. Wives your husband says that he loves you but he’s out with another man…I mean another woman…another man too sometimes (laughs) you know in this day it’s crazy like that. Right? But you understand. So if you are saying that you love Yah yet you are participating in a system that hates Yah…who’s the liar?

Revelation 14:9-11 Look at that. If you accept that mark of the beast, you are apart of that system. And Yah will kill you and put you in the lake of fire for that. This is real heavy now because we are about to open the door to that persecution that he is going to bring forth. Because the Messianic righteous house of Ysrayl is going to stand against his system. And for that he will make war with them and persecute them unto death. Remember when we read last week that he shall prosper and everything that he sets forth to accomplish, it shall be given to him.

Now let’s look at him making war with the righteous Hebrews and the righteous servants of Yah. That includes Hebrews, Gentiles, the whole nation of Ysrayl. Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 12. Now the door is open. We see that he is going to set up his beastly system. We saw that one of his heads will be wounded until death. That financial system (wounded). Then he will set up a new financial system which is going to pull everything back together. Order out of chaos. The one who created the chaos is the one who brings the order. Order out of chaos equals CONTROL. If I can control the people, then I can have the people to worship me. That’s what these cult leaders do. Right? They control the minds of the people so the people can look at them as gods. But this man of sin is going to be the greatest cult leader that has ever existed!

Daniyah 12, so now we see his system. It is important for you to understand his financial system. It’s important for you to understand how that’s falling. Now I didn’t want to make this lesson super long. You know like I said maybe 4 hours this time. I don’t know. I know the first one was. But I didn’t bring any side articles dealing with the collapse of the financial system. I do have a couple of side articles here to talk about something we will talk about in just a moment but I don’t have any about the falling of the system. I may take one of the mark of the beast lessons that will be part 3 or 4. And I may just read the articles so you can have in your mind how everything that we are reading now is playing out right here in our time. So lesson 3, 4 or 5, that lesson will be reading articles and showing how these things are coming about. Because we have to talk about his wars that he’s going to wage. I’m not just talking about his war against the children of Ysrayl but he’s going to do even more stuff than that. So we have to talk about that too. But right now we are just going to talk about his persecution on the children of Ysrayl.

Daniyah 12:1 I want you to notice this phrase here. When it says ‘now at that time’. Whenever you read that in Scripture ‘now at that time’ we are talking about a future time of prophesy. Michayah or Michayl is the angel that stands watch over the children of Ysrayl. Deliverance is found for everyone that is found written in the book. But he said there shall be a time of trouble or distress such as never was since there was a nation. We talked about this in part 1. That time is when the man of sin stands up and proclaims himself to be a god. That’s going to start the count down to that 3 1/2 year period which he will rule. And that will be the worse time of trouble this world has ever seen. Daniyah said ‘since there was a nation until that time’.

What’s profound about this? We are going back to the days of Nimrod. Remember, I constantly tell you that this man of sin is going to sit on the full seat of Nimrod. Right up to today or tonight, Nimrod is the only man to have ruled over ALL the sons of Adam as a king and as a god. The only one. So Nimrod ruled after the great flood. Nimrod ruled before we were separated into nations. That’s when he began his rule, right after the great flood. Yah was upset at what they were doing because all men came together under one language and we all dwelt down in the plains of Shinar. We only built Babylon after Yah confounded our languages and scattered us over the earth. But prior to that Nimrod was ruling over us as one people, one language and one place.  The global community as they call it now.

So he said that there should be a time of trouble or distress such as never was as a nation. So he’s going back to the times of Nimrod. Right? He’s tying us in with the times of Nimrod. We will never see…WWII wasn’t nothing. WWI wasn’t nothing. The sack of Jerusalem by Titus wasn’t nothing. Antiochus epiphany who we will read about tonight in this lesson, that was nothing. What Hitler did and that listen that is nothing. He said such has NEVER been since there was a nation!! This is that Daniyah is speaking about.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 24. We read this last week. We have to read it again. We have to go back to get some more information that relates to this lesson. Matthew 24. We are going to see that Yahoshua is saying the exact same thing that we just read with Daniyah. But Yahoshua is going to give us a greater understanding of that time period. We are looking at the same time period here.

Matthew 24:15-22, v. 15 We know and we identified that abomination that lays waste is the man of sin. We went through the prophesies in part 1. We read all that. So we know that this abomination that lays wast or this abomination of desolation that is spoken of in the KJV. The KJV is (the same as) the man of sin so Yahoshua says when you see him standing in the set-apart place you know that is talking about the rebuilding of the temple. v. 16-20 Read. v. 21 For there will be great tribulation, great distress, Daniyah said that. Right? He said such as never has been since the beginning of the world until this time no, nor shall never shall be. We are talking about the same time period. This is only going to happen one time in the history of man. You can not have two great times of trouble ever. You can only have one great tribulation. That’s what this is called the great tribulation. And this is going to take place when the man of sin stands up in the temple and proclaims himself to be the greatest of all gods.

v. 22 So this is what Yahoshua is talking about family. He’s talking about the same time. It’s also known as the time of Jacob’s trouble. Because Jacob is going t be in trouble like no other time in his history. Jacob is the name of our father whose name  was changed to Ysrayl, Genesis 32:28. So this is the time of Jacob’s trouble or the time of Ysrayl’s trouble. Righteous Messianic Ysrayl because this is who the man of sin will wage his war with. We will see this in just a moment.

But let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 30. We are talking about the same time period here. Daniyah said that they shall be delivered. Right? Michayah shall stand up and they shall be delivered. Yeremiyah is going to say pretty much the same thing. Yahoshua said when the man of sin stands there, it will be the greatest time of trouble ever. They said there has never been a time like this. Daniyah said the same thing.

Yeremiyah 30:5-7, v. 5-6 Read. Let’s stop right here! Daniyah said this would be the worst time of trouble ever. Yahoshua said that this would be the worst time of trouble ever. Both of them said the same thing. Yeremiyah is saying the same thing. But he says why do I see every man with his hands on his loins as if he’s giving birth?! And why have all of their faces turned pale? Wait a minute. I’m like a dark brown-skinned (person) here. And some of us are even darker brown and we are going to turn pale? Man’s faces are going to turn pale? Do you know some of the colors of some of our brothers and sisters that are in the Sudan? Pale-faced means frightened. You can lose all color if you are frightened like that. How many of y’all have been so afraid of something so much so that when they jumped out on you or maybe walking through the dark and someone jumps out on you and you can just feel your blood just drop. Instantly you become cold. And you start shaking and your heart starts pounding. This is what he’s talking about. Every face turning pale, absence of color because of what they are seeing. You know, you are so terrified that your bows just drop where you stand. Men holding their bellies like they are about to go into labor, holding on to their loins. Grabbing themselves.

v. 7 Yes Jacob, Yahqob or Ysrayl shall be saved out of it. And we are going to look at Yah’s saving hand when this happens. But it’s the time of Jacob’s trouble because our nation is going to be under attack like we have never been attacked before. Yes we were attacked one time by the Romans. Yes we were attacked one time by the Greeks. Yes we were attacked one time by the Babylonians. And the Assyrians and Egyptians, the Medo-Persians but to be attacked by ALL of those world ruling powers at ONE TIME! Because remember the beast is made from all those nations. Remember 5 have fallen. There is a 7th and 8th, all of these nations attacking us at one time. This is the time of Jacob’s trouble. This is what he’s talking about.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 12. That’s the time of Jacob’s trouble. The worse time of trouble ever. Since there was a nation, there shall be great distress. There shall be great trouble such as has never been since there was a world. Nor shall there ever be again. Because Yah’s going to let it run its full course. And once that wickedness is over, it’s not going to be allowed to do it again. So when the financial system collapses and that chaotic world that exists and then the building up of the system…now remember family, I want you to understand this. The reason  you do not hear me saying nothing about a new world order is because the new world order is a righteous phrase given by Yah. Now they talked about Nimrod bringing a new world order but only Yah can bring a new world order because this order is the same since the man fell in the garden.

The world has been listening to the voice of the whispering serpent for the duration of our history. But that is going to change when Yah destroys the whispering serpent and then creates a new heaven and a new earth. The new order is total obedience to Yah. But the order of the world right now is total rebellion and disobedience to Yah. There’s nothing new about that. So they are trying to put this in your mind that the term ‘new world order’ is evil but Yah talks beginning anew and making everything new. Making mankind new. This old flesh will go away. This old sinful weak flesh will go away and now you are in a new spiritual body. All of this is going to be made new. That is when you have a new world order. Not when the man of sin comes and does his thing.

It’s going to be the same world order when he does that. The one that has existed since the time of Adam… rebel against Yah. There’s nothing new about that. Just the way that they are going to structure (it). They are going to bring a world order to structure it as the days of Nimrod to make sure all men are worshipping satan. Right now you have a choice. You can worship Buddha, blah, blah, blah. You can worship Yah right now. But they are going to make it to where you will not have a choice. Well what I mean by that is…let me explain that before someone (says) ‘Obadiyah what are you talking about’? They are going to make it where everyone who thinks they worship a god, everyone who thinks that they worship a heavenly being will be worshipping satan. They will be worshipping this man of sin everybody except the children of Ysrayl.

When you read in the book of Jasher and it talks about Nimrod. And it states about them building the tower of Babel, the tower of Babylon. Right? Everybody was there EXCEPT the children of Shem. Ham’s children were there. They were being led by Nimrod. Nimrod was a descendant of Ham. But you do not see the children of Shem partaking in that. Just like you will not see the children of Shem, the Israylites partaking in this (system). Those RIGHTEOUS Israylites, because yes there will be those WILD Hebrews that will bow down and worship this man. But the righteous of Ysrayl (will not) and these are the ones he’s going to have the problem with…the Messianic house. So satan always makes it seem as though you don’t have a choice. As though you are stuck and glued to him.

Let’s go. Let’s read Revelation 12. We are looking at the time period. Right? This is that same time period. So we are going to get a little more detail about what Yahoshua, Yeremiyah and Daniyah were talking about.

Revelation 12:1-17 This is talking about the children of Ysrayl. Do you see Yah is saying that I’m going to deliver you so high Ysrayl that if you want to kiss the sky you better learn how to kneel. Can you imagine that? Because you will be over the sky. The sky will be beneath you, Ysrayl when Yah raises you to the point where you are supposed to be. And in Yah’s sight you are still here. You are still raised high above all. He said I shall make you high above ALL nations on the earth for all the earth is MINE, Exodus 19:5-6. Now we are in the back reading and Yah is still giving you that symbolism, the 12 stars on her head. Not the 7 like that whore wears out in the harbor of NY, the statue of liberation. She has her 7 but Yah says this woman, this queen, this princess is wearing 12 stars. One for each tribe and this is talking about the nation of Ysrayl. This woman is the nation of Ysrayl.

v. 2 HalleluYah. v. 3 See we still have this same beast. This same beast coming and this same beastly system. Now remember, Revelation 13 tells us that satan gives all his power to this beast. The same man of sin, he’s coming. Right? He’s coming for us. Satan is the great red dragon. Right? He’s coming for us. v. 4 This is the 1/3 (of the angels) that he took with him. When he rebelled satan took a third of the malakim. That’s a lot of malakim! Yahoshua is that child. Satan tried to devour Him. Remember he was out to kill Yahoshua. Herod sought to kill Yahoshua. He went to kill off all the little baby boys that were in Judea, in Yahudah two years and under. Do you remember that? This is what it is talking about. v. 5 This is talking about Yahoshua. So when the child came out it was saved from the destruction of the great red dragon.

v. 6 1,260 days, still being mentioned. Now remember, we just read where Yeremiyah said that when the time of Jacob’s trouble happens, that great attack on Ysrayl, he said that Ysrayl shall be saved. This is when Yah is going to save Ysrayl by putting us in what’s called the wilderness. He’s not going to rapture us anywhere!! There’s no rapture going on and some of these people are waiting on a rapture and they are thinking that a rapture is going to happen and they are going to fabricate a rapture. They are going to fabricate a rapture and we will get into that when we get into the Revelation series.

v. 7-8 See they are still in heaven. (Satan and his crew) and they will be there until they make the final move on Yah’s throne and Michayah is going to stand in defense of it and WHIP-THEIR-BEHINDS and send them down here to earth like shooting stars. As Yahoshua said for lo, I beheld satan was cast out of heaven like lightening! His Power found out what he was doing. They didn’t waste no time to shoot them down.

v. 9 That great red dragon called satan and the dragon who leads the world astray. Yah’s going to send Ysrayl into the wilderness for 1,260 days, 3 1/2 years, 42 months. Right? Because it’s going to be the worst time of trouble ever. v. 10-12 So he is coming down here MAD, angry because he only has a little time left and can’t go up there to accuse the brothers before the face of Yah. He can’t use his slick, snake tongue and craftiness (anymore). No-no they are not having it any more up there. So here you come down here. v. 13 That woman who gave birth to the male child is Ysrayl. And that male child is Yahoshua. v. 14 Time, times and half of time = 3 1/2 years. v. 15-16 So the flood is just language here over symbolism for his army. This is what he is going to spew out. When we come out when Yah says come out of her as we just read in Matthew 24:15, Yahoshua said that when that man stands up and he does that, Yahoshua said it’s so important that we run that we DO NOT go back into our houses for anything. If you are at the grocery store when this event happens, He said keep running. The malakim will lead you and let you know where you need to go because that is the time to go into the wilderness and you will have to run there. You may have to bust a few heads to get there. But Yah is going to lead and guide your hand so you can make it there. Satan is going to come after us.

v. 17 This is the Messianic House of Ysrayl (satan will war against). We keep the commandments and we believe in the Messiyah. This is who he is coming after. This is who he is coming to destroy. This is who he will make his war with. This will be the worst time for Ysrayl EVER.

So satan is going to be cast down from the highest heavens. See satan still can go into the heavens. We can read in the Book of Job that he goes before the face of Yah. We just read that he goes before Yah and he accuse the brothers day and night. So he is still in heaven. Don’t believe that lie that satan is in some place called hell tormenting people. If you watch South-Park, you know Saddam Hussein is his lover. When the lake of fire is set up, satan himself will be tormented just like everybody else in the lake.

So satan will be cast to earth after being defeated by Michayah and the righteous malakim. He will possess the man of sin fully. He will give the beast his power. Right? Revelation 13, he give the beast his power. This will be during the 3 1/2 years of great tribulation. Right? He shall confirm a covenant for one week or 7 years and in the midst of the covenant he shall break it. Right? He will make war with the Messianic House of Ysrayl. Yes- he-will.

Let’s go to Revelation 13 again. This time let’s read verses 5-7. He shall make war with the remnant of her seed. Those keeping the commandments of Yah and those possessing the witness of Yahoshua. Those are not Christians. Christians do not keep the commandments of Yah. Jews do not keep the commandments of Yah and have the witness of Yahoshua. Nor do Muslims. This is talking about the Messianic House of Ysrayl. And by this time everybody else is going to be worshipping the man of sin. So we see that when his system is set up and we see what he is going to do once that system is set up because he will have opposition to his system. And that opposition will be the Messianic House of Ysrayl who are keeping the commandments of Yah and who love Yah. Right? Enduring until the end.

Revelation 13: 5-7 (Read) Remember the mark of the beast. He’s going to rule over ALL the nations. Remember Revelation 17. Right? The waters that you see are peoples, tongues, tribes and nations. The woman who you see and 7 heads of the beast that she sits on represents the seven mountains which the woman sits. It represents the 7 continents. So he is going to be ruling over the world. He was given authority. It was given over every tribe, tongue and nation. So he will rule over all the world. But it was given to him to fight with the set-apart ones and to overcome them. Do you see that? The worse time of trouble ever…Jacob’s trouble. This is talking about the exact same time. When you see the abomination that lays waste spoken of by Daniyah the prophet let him with understanding…you see? We understand that this is the man of sin. We understand that when this happens he is going to open up the door to wage war against the children of Ysrayl, the Messianic House of Ysrayl. He was ENRAGED with the woman. The woman ran into the wilderness so the majority of the Israylites are going to make it into the wilderness. Do you see? Once he sets himself up, he’s coming directly to make war with the children of Ysrayl. This is why Yahoshua said RUN when you see it! YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO GO BACK IN YOUR HOUSE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOUSE YOU WILL NOT NEED! Because Yah is going to nourish you in the wilderness. You have to run and get there. That is the most important thing. You will be led by a malakim. ‘How do you know this Obadiyah’? Well okay, how do I know this. Before we go to Daniyah chapter 7. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 19.

When Yah was about to destroy the city of Sodom and when Abraham intercede he asked ‘if there are 10 righteous will you not destroy the city’? Yah said ‘If there are 10 righteous there, I will not destroy the city’. But He only found four, Lot and his household. So as Lot was lingering behind and the malakim were getting ready to destroy Sodom. The malakim had to grab Lot by the hand and get him up out of there.

Genesis 19:12 Now these men are malakim. Two malakim came down. v. 13 Yah seen that these people were still having sex with the fallen angels. We read in Genesis 6 that the Nephilium were in the earth prior to the flood and after the flood. How do you think they got there after the flood when Yah used the flood to destroy them? Because the people were continuing to do that practice. Where do you think Goliath and all those giants came from? v. 14-16 Do you see? Lot was led out of Sodom right when the angels were coming to destroy it. The angels grabbed them by their hands and said let’s go. And the malakim took them outside of the city.

So when it is time to flee into the wilderness, the same thing is going to happen for you. Yah will lead and guide you, don’t come asking me how do we know when to go or where to go. Don’t even worry about that. Just understand the sign that has been given to you, that when you see this man stand up in the temple, in the set-apart place and say he is god that he is Yah. That is when you go. The malakim will come and grab you by hand and lead you to where Yah needs you to be.

Daniyah chapter 7, because if Yah told you right now (where to go) and if you fell into satan’s hand you would tell satan how to get there, what’s the route and he would be there waiting on us. Right? Because it said that he’s going to be there to spew a flood out of his mouth. He’s going to be there to send soldiers after you. So you don’t need to know that right now. Loose lips sink ships. Right? Even in the military ranks, there’s no one general. There’s no one man who knows it all. Everybody is given a piece and a part. And you keep it that way. Some of you would fall away in captivity with satan and then try to bargain with satan. ‘Ah ah I’ll tell you where the wilderness will be if you give me a couple of million dollars’. Or you say ‘satan don’t want to remember none of this’. You know, you are out having your steak dinner and your wine. ‘I don’t want to remember none of this’. ‘I want to be placed back into ignorance’ (you say). ‘Just make me an actor, make me famous’. Cipher, you Cipherites out there. (You) Judites. Judas.

So when it’s time to go Yah will let us know.

Daniyah 7:25 See that’s a 3 1/2 year period. We have more than 3 witnesses that constantly talk about that 3 1/2 year period.

I was reading where one of the Gentiles was talking about the 1,260 days was meaning 1,260 years and that it had everything to do with the collapse of the Roman Catholic church and that the Vatican was collapsed in seventeen-eighty something and all this craziness. I’m like, the Vatican is still ruling the world right now. You have presidents that go before the pope and bow down and kiss his ring. See we are going to bring the Vatican into this but right now we are looking at the man of sin and we are talking about his persecution. We are talking about his identity. But yeah, we are going to tie the Vatican and all that in here. But what they are talking about the 1, 260…they don’t understand who Ysrayl is. All this relates to Ysrayl. It’s the time of Ysrayl’s trouble. Jacob’s trouble. Because satan is going to be before the face of men and men will bow (to him) as though he is Yah. So when this man of sin starts setting up and starts persecuting family, man we have to be strong. We have to be prepared for this.

Many of us right now are so far from being ready. Many of us right now are already bowing down to satan and can’t figure out a way to stop it. So when this man of sin comes, how will you stand against that when he’s in the flesh? Many of us are already bargaining with satan and don’t even know it. Many of us have left Yah a long time ago so how will we survive a persecution when persecution arises?

So I want to give you something to prepare your hearts and minds for what’s about to come when this man of sin sets up, when he comes into his power, his throne. I want to go to the book of Maccabees. If you all have your Apocrypha’s with you, I told you that we were going to the Apocrypha. I want to look at the book of Maccabees real quick. 1 Maccabees 1, let me set up this historical time-frame for you. But before I do that, I just want to kick this off with Matthew chapter 24. I want to read v. 9-10. We just read 15-22.

Matthew 24: 9-10 (Reads). We are going to read how this thing is going to go down. We are going to read how it has happened in the past. Because what Yahoshua is talking about is part of this persecution. As we see when the man of sin immediately comes to power when he proclaims himself to be a god. When I say god, elohim we know that’s the talk of the world. We know Yah is not a god. Yah judges in the congregation of the gods.

So in the book of 1 Maccabees, in fact this name Maccabees, this is the surname of a family that lived in Ysrayl. Now when we read about…Daniyah chapter 8 I think that we read from last week and we talked about the little horn the big horn. We talked about the goat fighting the ram and the goat having his kingdom split into 4 and all those things. We were talking about the time of Alexander and how his kingdom was split up into 4. And during that time of splitting up into 4 as his 4 generals ruled his empire in 4 separate locations. One of them ruled over the area of the land of Ysrayl and Syria. And from the general came one of his descendants called Antiochus epiphany. Now in the book of Maccabees, the Maccabees were an Israylite family that during the time of this Greek king rule Antiochus epiphany that he brought great calamity over the nation of Ysrayl. And in fact, Antiochus epiphany is a precursor to the man of sin.

Everything that we are going to read about that Antiochus epiphany did during his reign and during his day is exactly what the persecution is going to come about that the man of sin is going to do to the children of Ysrayl. This Antiochus epiphany whose name is translated to ‘the manifestation of god on earth’ and if you all have clicked on that line, that link should be on the screen where you can read the passages of the Apocrypha that we are going to read from. We will read 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees. I have a little information there about Antiochus epiphany. You can print it out and put it with your notes. In fact, I encourage that. If you have a notebook and this link that you should already have…from this link you should print this information out and staple it to your page with all of your notes dealing with the man of sin because this goes right in there.

So we are about to read 1 Maccabees where there is some info on Antiochus epiphany. But what’s really interesting is that image of the corn of Antiochus epiphany. You see that head of the king of the corn, the head of the leader, the financial? If you look at that image it looks exactly like the image of the character or the Christian god Jesus. And if you scroll down to the bottom, you see how I have those two comparisons between Antiochus epiphany and Jesus.

I’m sorry if you are listening to this years from now. (and can’t see it). Jesus and Antiochus pics below.

Now you are going to get a hands on experience, a hand’s on look at what the man of sin is going to do in this war. (This is) why Yahoshua called this the greatest time of trouble ever. This is why Yeremiyah said this is the time of Ysrayl’s or Jacob’s trouble. This is why Daniyah said this is going to be great distress, great tribulation that has never been seen since there was a nation. Because this is going to be tragic  that is brought upon the children of Ysrayl. And he shall make war and WEAR OUT the set-apart ones. The KJV says he shall wear out the saints of the Most High.

Now during Antiochus’ reign, he did some greatly terrible things. Not great things as though they were good. But great as in TERRIBLE things. Very terrible things he brought down upon the children of Ysrayl. And this is the exact thing that is going to happen because this man is the precursor to the man of sin. He was so much of a precursor that many so-called scholars believe that Daniyah was talking about Antiochus epiphany when he said you shall see the abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste. Many believe that this was that man right here Antiochus epiphany but no can’t be because Yahoshua spoke about this.

When Yahoshua spoke about when you see in Matthew 24:15 the abomination that lays waste spoken of by Daniyah the prophet, this had already happened right here. The book of Maccabees had already happened. So Yahoshua was not talking about this time period but the future. That’s why He says let him who understands. Because we understand that this didn’t happen so long ago. We understand that this was not Titus. Because what Titus did to Jerusalem was not the worse time of trouble ever. Can you image in a 3 1/2 year (period) all these things happening at one time? Can you image in 3 1/2 years all the stuff they talk about in the book of Revelation, all that stuff happening at one time. In 3 1/2 years.

Now the Maccabees were a Hebrew family that rebelled against Antiochus epiphany and went to war with him. Yahudah Maccabees. The Gentiles try to promote their history and their ancient kings as something glorious and great. Listen, none of their ancient kings have NOTHING on Yahudah Maccabees! Leonidas…none of them, in fact from Yahudah Maccabees story that they read out of this very Apocrypha in the books of Maccabees that’s what they take and try to create king Leonidas and all these other people you see. You know Alexander and these great homosexuals. Great meaning not good but great because they were big homosexuals. They created all these homosexuals from our history.

So when you read about him and the war that he waged against the Greeks. In fact, this is where if you all have ever heard of Hanukkah, it’s called the feast of dedication. That came from this actual time period in this war that was waged against the Greeks because once we chased the Greeks out of there and defeated Antiochus epiphany, we re-dedicated the temple because the temple became defiled because Antiochus was sacrificing pigs on the altars. This is when the children of Ysrayl got into athletics and they built gymnasiums right next door to the temple. And we were the head athletes in that day.

We wanted to be like the Greeks so much that we had our penis’ circumcised because that was the sign of the covenant that we had with Yah. The Greeks were known as the uncircumcised because they did not do it as a practice. So we wanted to be like them so much that we started uncircumcising ourselves. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know why and I don’t feel comfortable even talking about it! Do you understand, just from a male perspective that has to be some of the worse pain you can ever experience. But we did it in order to be like them. This is why you have the legacy of that time in your sororities and your fraternities. ‘Black Greek’ organizations, letter organizations, right? Because you still want to be like the Greco-Romans. And this is where the man of sin comes from. Right? The 7 heads represents 7 kings, the 7 world ruling nations. Right? You still want to be Egypt. You still want to be Persian. You still want to be Greek, Roman. You still want that society. You love it Ysrayl. So this is what happened during the time of first Maccabees.

So understanding what I’m saying here Ysrayl, you are going to see that when this man stands up to make war, to wear out the saints, this is what is going to happen. This very thing right here. So tighten up your boot straps. Put your seat belt on, pray for strength.

Because I know where many of us are right now, where our walks are right now. AIN’T NO WAY IN THE WORLD WE WILL BE ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THIS.  We are too weak! We can’t even get over the little humps and this is a grand hump. This is going to determine if you will get into the kingdom or not. This is part of your enduring until the end if you are living during this time. Whether you can overcome this. If you don’t worship the image of the beast, you shall be killed. So he is going to threaten you with death and torture if you don’t bow down and worship him just like Nebuchadnezzar did as we read in part 1. (Remember) the brothers Daniyah and them. He put them in a furnace of fire. The fire was so hot that the men who brought the brothers up, they got burned up. But the brothers put all their faith and trust in Yah. And that’s an example of what we have to do.

Please read with me family. 1 Maccabees this is talking about the god-king Antiochus epiphany whose name means the manifestation of god on earth. He called himself a god. And he had the people to worship him as a god, the same as the man of sin. This is a precursor right here to let you know what is going to happen.

1 Maccabees 1:41-64, v. 41 That paper says NWO. That was years ago before Yah gave me a greater understanding. But look at that he said that all shall be one people. Right? All of his kingdom, Ysrayl and all the lands he was ruling over he said y’all shall be one people. Nimrod ruled over all the sons of Adam. Antiochus was trying to sit on Nimrod’s seat. But he only sat on part of it. The kingdom that he was given when his ancestors split from Alexander after Alexander died and they split up his kingdom into 4. Antiochus descended from one of those generals. So their kingdom, he said all the people shall be one. That’s the ‘world order’. The word’s of union, we see that Nimrod spoke about coming in peaceably. We are all one. Unity through diversity. The global community. So Antiochus tells us that all of his kingdom shall be one people. Listen to John Lennon’s song called Imagine. You will see what he is talking about. He’s talking about this very thing right here.

v. 42 ‘And each should leave his customs (laws)’. So now we have the one world religion. v. 43 This will happen again! Because these Israelites are not rooted in Yah. They are not rooted in Yahoshua and Yah is constantly giving them signs and giving them tests so that they can see and stay rooted. So they will gladly adopt his religion! (This is) when the man of sin comes and stands up and pulls fire out of heaven and has the sun dancing in the sky and has the sun coming out at midnight. You will bow down to that! And you are going to sacrifice to idols and profane the Shabbat. Because he will be ruling a lawless society.

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Watching the World For the Man of Sin’s Appearance

Who saw Lincoln? I haven’t yet. They are trying to link Lincoln’s presidency to Barack’s presidency. Why is Lincoln in the news so much lately? The 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation is coming up in 3 years. We have only been free from chattel slavery 147 years. TEXT: States want to secede from the U.S.

Hostess is closing down. This is major. (Hostess was in business 82 years). Those were clean cupcakes. They did not use lard. Wal-Mart employees are talking about going on strike on black Friday. We are headed into those times. People are dissatisfied with their jobs. At first they were mad because there was no jobs. An uprising may be coming. First with banks: banks are getting larger and next there will be one large super bank controlling the money. TEXT: Food is getting more expensive. TEXT: Better get the 50 ways to cook rice cook-book. TEXT: Food stamps system went down yesterday in FL, NY and PA.

The economy is much worse than they say y’all.

Germany, France stand against Babylon. Germany is still mad about WWII believe that. Many are still made in the U.S. because France surrendered to Hitler. Hitler was given the green light by the powers that be but went beyond himself. They gave him technology from the fallen angels. Yeah Italy and Japan helped Germany. They sent satan’s throne, the U.S. leader, the leader of the free world to stop Hitler from being leader of the world. TEXT: They nuked Japan and not Germany.

Yeah that’s interesting ahk that they nuked Japan and not Germany. Nazi scientists went to the U.S. and Russia after the war. Hitler had a group of MAD SCIENTIST! They created holograms, flying saucers, craziness. Do you think that they stopped? The sons of Ham ruled with technology too. Read up on WWII y’all! Germany started WWI and WWII and they will start WWIII. The man of sin will be involved in WWIII, Armageddon and the last war after satan is released from prison. Magog/gog are the sons of Japheth, the Russians in the last war. See the Russians are not chumps even though they laid down some arms. TEXT: sleeping dog…watch ’em.

Sports: I’m waiting on a Hebrew rebellion in sports! Did y’all see that image of Dwayne Wade?!! His pants were so tight! WHO WEARS TIGHT PANTS?! They looked GLUED on. TEXT: Sugar boys.

Andrew Bynum, he was on the Lakers then the 76ers. He dyed and permed his hair! The image of the Hebrew man is promoted as sissy with no strength! Athletes are dressed in dresses and wigs with pink panties now! TEXT: Steve Harvey is going crazy too.

Pay attention to the people in your community. Talks about Tom Joyner etc.

TEXT: Now media asking pro athletes to come out of the closet. TEXT: People look at you wrong if you’re a man being a man…TEXT: UFOs making more appearances now all over. TEXT: I’ve been seein’ reports of that too. TEXT: Brain Gumbel did a story about pro athletes coming out of the closet.

They act like athletes don’t already have talent. Like they need drug enhancement. Hebrews have to be super-human to perform they say. Even some herbs are banned now. They don’t want Hebrews to donate. No see, Lance Armstrong got arrogant. ‘I won these 7 tours’! Lance had a demon. Yep, he’s very arrogant. Lance went against the grain and they ate him up. They don’t want Hebrews in the leagues anymore. The Minnesota Timberwolves only has 2 ‘brews on their team. They want to put you all back in slavery.

Lincoln had senaces in the white house. His son died. Kennedy and Reagan had séances in the white house too. Lincoln spoke about seeing himself in a coffin. Lincoln said there were 2 images of himself in the mirror. They were channeling spirits. Yeah the white house is full of demons.

Talks about power points, lay lines, energy points where spirits come in. Everything is energy. Yah is Spirit and everything comes from him. Tesla figured out the energy points and they shut him down! There are certain energy points that connect all over the world. ‘Power point’ is not just Microsoft. Washington DC and Philadelphia are on the satanic layout. Wa Shatan is satan’s capital.

After the Arab spring last year, now all you see are puppet leaders in Arab countries. Hamas are on their own now.

Jewchristlam—>this is the term for a blended religion. We will talk about religion next week. TEXT: Proof that religion is manmade.

TEXT: Chase issues unemployment debit and food stamp issuance. TEXT: A lot of employers who issue pay card debits for payroll use chase too.

The EBT cards went out in FL, NY and PA. This was a test run. Food factories are closing down too.

Lesson: Do you go over the man of sin lessons? They are coming together. Right? They use to confuse me because Hebrews never use to go over end times prophesies. The Gentiles talked about it but without understanding. I’m glad you all are starting to understand. The American presidency is prime for him to appear. It’s all adding up. Now let’s watch the world.

In the U.S. it’s cool to be openly gay. In the 40s and 50s you could not do this. It’s not cool in Arab countries. It’s not cool in Jamaica. Many men are effeminate now like Dwayne Wade in those tight pants. Athletes/actors in dresses now. There are more murders now. TEXT: Football players wearing pink gloves.

Lawlessness is already here but it will be 10-fold when the man of sin appears. Abortions are legal. A woman ran over her husband because he didn’t vote.

Why do they call Lincoln the greatest American president? 1. He kept the union together. And 2. He freed the slaves.

No Lincoln could not have done this if Yah had not brought us here! You are the central figure to this. We have been free from chattel slavery 147 years. Lincoln was the 16th president. How many of y’all know that Lincoln was gay? Head guards slept in Lincoln’s bed yet people say it was not homosexual. Yet they claim Johnathan and David who were best friends were gay. (My sidenote: This show on the history channel called 10 things I did not know: Lincoln episode said Lincoln had several male lovers and most people polled on the show did not know this).

Lincoln’s interaction with the children of Ysrayl is what made him great. Lincoln lured the children of Ysrayl to sleep with the emancipation proclamation. Now you think that you are free. During slavery we were starting to connect that we were the people of the Bible. And listen, the Gentiles have been lied to also. They are taught that we, the children of Ysrayl are the Gentiles. ‘We have inherited lies’ they will say in the future. The whole world is deceived by satan. Yah will use Ysrayl to break the chains of deception.

Coins: The copper penny: Lincoln faces the opposite direction than the other coins, dime, nickel, quarter etc. The copper penny=brown=children of Ysrayl. They called Lincoln a nigger lover. TEXT: That’s the only brown coin too.

All the other coins are shiny and Lincoln’s is 1 cent, the least and is not shiny. TEXT: The world doesn’t think we are worth a cent. TEXT: Pennies tarnish and get darker, sometimes black. TEXT: We have a copy from the Library of Congress that has a cartoon picture of Lincoln with the nickname as Abraham Africanus the first.

(link posted by an Ima)

They was a solar storm today.

They turned their backs on Lincoln and called him a nigger lover. But at the same time he is called the greatest. And that is because of what happened to us. The man of sin will be greater because of what he will do to us. Matthew 24, persecution by the man of sin upon us. It will mark a history point of before and after the man of sin. The children of Ysrayl will be treated badly. Now you can be prosecuted for speaking against homosexuality. You will be a target for speaking against homosexuality, righteous Ysrayl. We are watching on the towers waiting on the man of sin. Like in our land there were towers to watch for the enemy coming.

The 50 states want to succeed now! Texas is the leader of this movement. Yes, it is a movement! Lincoln came into office in 1860 and the states started to succeed. First 7 left then 11 left. The Confederacy they called themselves. They wanted to keep slavery going. They said a miracle let the north win…no it was the mercy of Yah.

All the things our people did wrong is upon you today to do right…a weight is on your shoulders. Chattel slavery was worse than what we go through today. They worked sun up to sun down and families were split apart. Now its mental slavery. In 1865 they released the slaves but told them if you stay in America, you will serve us. They gave them 24 hours to get out and go to Liberia. They are still eating up Yah’s children.

Barack Hussein Obama…Hussein and Osama, they associate these names with their enemies. Obama is a Christian by faith, a Muslim by name and a Jew by prayer. Did y’all know there is a parallel between Obama and Lincoln? Did y’all know there is a parallel between Lincoln and Kennedy? Obama is also compared to Kennedy. Lincoln was elected to congress in 1846. Kennedy was elected to congress in 1946.

In 1965, marked 100 years of freedom for us yet the civil rights movement began in 1955. We wanted to go into their system. ‘It would be better to go back to Egypt to have meat’. The civil rights movement was done to lick their boots. Yah said we are to be a set-apart people. But no we wanted to be equal to them. Yah said in Exodus 19:5-6 He will place us above ALL people.

Do y’all know sharecropping is another form of slavery? Martin Luther King said some people he met had never seen money in the 1960s in the south.

In 1860 Lincoln was elected. In 1960 Kennedy was elected. Both lost a child in the white house. Both of their wives conducted séances in the white house. Both were involved in civil rights. Why do I have to fight for civil rights if I am a citizen? Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln. Both were shot in the head in front of their wives. Lincoln shot in the Ford theater and Kennedy shot in a Lincoln made by Ford. John Wilkes Booth said he did not kill Lincoln. Lee Harvey Oswald, yeah both called by their full names most serial killers called by full name too. Both Oswald and Booth were killed before their trials. A set up! 1808 Andrew Johnson replaced Lincoln. 1908 Linden Johnson replaced Kennedy. Yeah James Earl Ray was MLK assassin. He used a full name.

Did y’all notice that no states succeeded in the Bush presidency? TEXT: Maybe a civil war on the way.

The man of sin will speak peace coming in. A civil war allowed Lincoln to shine. Presidents have ‘lying’ down pat. Bill Clinton lied about ‘that woman’ ‘give me the definition of ‘is’ ‘the’ he said. They call him slick willy just like Barack Obama is slick.

Texas has over 90,000 signatures. It is a real movement taking place now. It only takes 25,000 signatures per state and the white house has to respond.

1. Civil war. 2. freed slaves. 3. executed in the back of the head. Lincoln : Obama is being set up for something. Kennedy was shot in the head. His brains were all over his wife. This financial system will be shot in the head. If Obama is struck in the head, what if he is healed and comes back? Remember everything has physical and spiritual meaning. Remember Shaul talked about that.

Texas is the 15th largest economy in the world. It has it’s own budget like a country. They may succeed. Do y’all remember that T.V. show called Jericho? A nuclear bomb split the U.S. in 3 parts but Texas remained independent. And everyone wanted them on their side.

Why is there so much controversy about the Obama election? How many terms did Lincoln serve? 2 terms too. But he was killed in the beginning of the second term. What are they setting up with Obama?

April 15th—>The U.S. has to respond to these states wanting to succeed. Hitler’s birthday was April 20th. Columbine and Waco happened in April. April 15th was Lincoln’s death. They keep satanic numerology going.

Order out of chaos, succession to bring the man of sin in. NWO (new world order) is not evil. Nimrod was the first ‘man of sin’. This man of sin will sit on Nimrod’s seat. NWO is when Yah makes things right. Old world order is what happened in the garden…disobedience to Yah.

Revelation 21:1-3 a new heaven, new earth, new Yahrushalom. This is the NWO. Obedience to Yah. Satan has already had a world order–total rebellion. The NWO is righteous with Yahoshua ruling. They don’t want Yahoshua to rule.

*reads about Texas from They thought Lincoln would destroy their standard of living (slavery). They think also Obama will destroy their way of living. This is heavy! Stay watchful. The man of sin is going to wage wars–Russia, China, Japan, Libya. Japan is sneaky. Watch. They bombed Pearl Harbor. Who’s side are they on now? Russia or USA? Obama is going to Asia soon. Succession=chaos. Obama is under a political coup. They want to remove him from office—took down his military man, Petraeus the head of the CIA. Petraeus was a watchmen for Obama. John Allen too. They will gain control of the military now. Malcolm X said: the chicken come home to roost after Kennedy assassinated. They threw out Khadafi.

Petraeus couldn’t keep his girlfriend a secret. Why? Take him down because of that? When Yah allows a man to have more than one wife? Too bad he is not a man of Yah. She had NO CIA documents. They lie. It’s because of what he has seen. Patraeus is Greek and it means ‘stone’. See this does not make sense. It’s a smoke screen. They are about to come against Obama. They will make him look like a hero so he will get a third term and so he will be worshipped. They are making him look tough even though he has no military experience. They are building him up to fight wars. His first term he looked like a whimp. Nobody believed he killed Osama. He is talking tough now. ‘I’ll handle this’ when they went after Rice about Benghazi.

How can you be a man of peace and war? The eagle has 13 arrows and 13 olive branches…war and peace. This is in the seal for this office of president. If you don’t bow to democracy=war with you. If you bow=peace for you.

Petraeus ‘the stone’ was taken out by something soft like a girlfriend. It doesn’t make sense. Petraeus sees the move on the white house. Obama had a meeting with 4 of the generals this week. A new CIA director will be appointed.

The succession and CIA director—all connected. The man of sin has got to come out of chaos. Obama is most effective when talking about unity. Before peace there is war. Before hope, hopelessness. Order out of chaos.

Now the watchmen is gone, Petraeus. What happens next? The next CIA director will not see what is going on in succession of states.

Have you ever heard of the 2nd term scandal curse? There is usually a sexual scandal in the 2nd term of a president. Look for a scandal in Obama’s second term. The man of sin will come out of chaos. So the man of sin will shine in this situation. Some truly want to remove Obama though. Some are just going along with the plan. The world is being prepped for this man. Barack is already leader of a lawless world.

FDR: Roosevelt: They tried to get him out. The business plot. General Smedley Butler exposed it. Yeah he was a freemason. (talks about freemasons). They will be the builders of the temple.

Palestine and Israel are in a small-scale war. Hamas leader of Palestine Liberation Movement, Arafat killed then Hamas voted in as the foot soldiers/security for the PLO. They were labeled terrorist by the Greco-Roman world. A few days ago Israel made a peace treaty with Hamas then bombed its leader an hour later.

Yoyl 3:1-3 1967 the six-day war: Jews parted Jerusalem and gave Gaza to Palestinians. The war in Israel will make the man of sin shine…remember I told you that? War then peace.

The US and Palestine are tied. Hamas are firing rockets made by Iran. They will say Iran is funding terrorists. Hamas bought those weapons. Remember kingdom against kingdom=revealing of the man of sin is close.

Yahzeqyl 13:10 They are white washing the situation. There is no peace. No peace in Israel. Israelites teach to go over there y’all. v. 11 War and blood shed over there now. v. 12 they are falling away because you made them convert to Judaism. v. 13-14 Yah will do it for you. The war will happen so you will not be deceived. We see there is not peace over there.  It’s not time for us to be over there. War is over there.

(talks about the US flag vs. the Confederate flag) The US flag was worse…slavery still exists y’all…prisons. We are the majority in prisons. How many fallen angels watch the USA? 50. There are 50 stars on the flag. Yah said Babylon is a haven for demons. Stars=angels. Satan is in Washington. One fallen angel watches each state. The governors answer to the president. This is why the USA can not be defeated=the fallen are here. Who can make war with this beast? The house of bondage? You play a great role in this. You built this nation. At first there were only 13 fallen here. Now 50. There is a fallen angel over every nation. There are malakim over each tribe, 12 tribes. Michayah is over all the 12 tribes. The temple was white. Satan has a ‘white house’.

Arabs are gone now who will help the Palestinians? The Arabs are gone because of the Arab spring. Iran is busy. Assyria is busy.

Yeah there are solar flares being seen in the sky now. The angels are fighting.

Yeremiyah 51:44-46 A report—ruler against ruler. A civil war in Babylon! Governors are rulers. Violence in the land because of succession. Obama wants to break down borders and give it to the United Nations. Obama is homosexual in office—reports are coming. v. 47 Read. v. 48 What’s in the north?

Yahzeqyl 38, v. 1-5 Read. v. 6 Far NORTH Gog/Magog Russia is coming with Africa, Iran, China with them. Babylon is going to be destroyed by the north.

The lesson ends. Next week we will talk about the man of sin’s religions.

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Like Incense

I want to share some Scriptures with you that comforted me this week: The prayers of the righteous go up to Yah like incense. An angel takes our prayers to Yah’s throne room and they are placed in  golden bowls. Yah said an incense offering was to be perpetual among us, morning and evening. Yah hears us. HalleluYah.

*Exodus 30:7-8, Psalm 141:2, Revelation 5:8, Revelation 8:3-4

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Books: Lincoln

Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln movie is based on this book by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It is called Team of Rivals: The political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. It was published in 2006.


The Israylites recommended this book by Lerone Bennett Jr. called Forced into Glory. It was published in 2000.


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The Man of Sin p. 2a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. This is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you with another Shabbat lesson. HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah. Today is October 27, 2012. I’m bringing you another part in the man of sin lesson. HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah.

The first part of the man of sin lesson we went over a few points about him, some identifying marks that Yah allowed us to go through and bring forward. So we are going to pick up on this today. HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

But before we get started, I just wanted to say Shabbat Shalom to everybody who is listening. Whether this is five years from now, whether it is today at Shabbat class or whenever you are hearing this later in the  archives. Right now I want to say Shabbat Shalom to you. I want to say Shabbat Shalom to the entire Israylite Heritage family. Shabbat Shalom to everybody listening on the phone lines and Shabbat Shalom to everyone in the paltalk room. Shabbat Shalom to all of the Goshens. Shabbat Shalom to the IFRCs. Shabbat Shalom to all the elders, Imas, brothers and sisters, children. Hey Shabbat Shalom to everybody.

For those of you that are new Shabbat is the 7th day of the week given by the Most High Yah in which we are commanded to keep. He tells us to focus in on Him on this 24 hour period according to the Book of Isaiah chapter 20 verses 13 and 14 and Exodus chapter 20 verses 8 through 11 and Genesis 2:3. So HalleluYah and praises be to Yah.

So Shabbat is the 7th day and that is a rest day. And Shalom means peace. So Shabbat Shalom means peace on the Sabbath or peace on this rest day HalleluYah. So that’s what Shabbat Shalom translates to. So we are opening this whole thing up by bringing peace to you all.

Man, I have my blue mountain cup of Jamaican coffee here. It is very delicious. So I have my coffee and I’m ready to roll, I’m ready to go through this lesson and bring you more information concerning the man of sin. Now when I originally did part 1, you know I mentioned that we were going to have a second part to it. And I thought the second part would be the end of that particular lesson series. But no way. Today we are just going to deal with the persecution. Then we will come back with another man of sin lesson part 3. Where we will deal with some other elements of the man of sin. It’s possible that with this particular lesson series here that we could have up to 5 lessons (parts). And part 2 will just deal with the persecution that he is going to bring down on the children of Ysrayl.

So we will look at several different sources dealing with this lesson. We will go into the Apocrypha. We are going to go into the Pseudepigrapha volume one. So if you have those books in your collection, which you ought to have. You ought to have an Apocrypha. You ought to have the Pseudepigrapha volume 1 and 2. If you are not familiar with what these books are…the Apocrypha, they are missing books that were once part of the 66 canon of the standard bible. They were removed by those who felt that they had some type of authority to remove them. So as these were removed, they were put into their own little collection of books. Listen, if we had every book that was supposed to be in the bible or every book that is actually part of scripture, your bible would be big as 2 telephone books stacked on top of one another. I’m talking about the old phone books not the new ones. There’s not that much information in phone books now because of technology. Everything is on the internet now so who needs a physical book? I’m talking about before the birth of the internet. That old phone book back in the 70s and 80s. The one that when you were a youngster learning how to drive and if your feet…you know if you were having problems seeing over the steering wheel you sat on one. You sat on one and you were so high that your head was almost sticking out of the roof. So that is the old phone book I’m talking about. That if your bible had all of the books that were removed, it would be that big. It would be like two of them stacked. But we have the truth. The truth is the Word of Yah and he’s giving us what we need so HalleluYah.

So we will be reading from the Apocrypha and from the Pseudepigrapha. But I do admonish you to get them. But if you don’t have them don’t worry, I will be reading chapter and verse, line upon line out of both of those books. So you can hear but I will still tell you to go and read it for yourself. Purchase these books while we have the time as we are going to see in this lesson, you will see how important it is for you to have these in your archives.

Here at the Israylite fellowship and research centers, we do have these books so if you are ever in town, you can come through and check them out and read them. You can buy them from You can buy them from Barnes and Noble, anyplace that sells books. Any good book store you can find the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha, the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jasher and these other books that were taken from the bible.

Let’s get started because part 1, it was a 4 1/2 hour-long lesson. I will try not to be as long. But hey the will of Yah be done because this is a lot of information here and information that we need to go over. It is information that we need to have. So as long as it takes us to bring forth this lesson (then) that’s how long it will take us. So we are not going to complain about how long the time is. I hope you are not one that (says) ‘oh man that’s just to long’. ‘I can’t sit down and listen to all that’. These lessons are life-giving teachings especially this which is giving you information that you need to know about who this man is and what he is going to do especially to the children of Ysrayl and the world.

You can sit down and watch the latest Bruce Willis move 3 hours straight. You can sit down and watch the latest Batman, avengers and all these movies you can sit down and watch them yet you can’t sit down and hear the Word of Yah for that amount of time? And I’m not speaking against watching movies of course not, we promote that because we understand the hidden message that they are putting in such movies. But at the same time, just as you make time for that, you must make time for the Word of Yah. Is Yah not worthy for at least 5 hours of your time if that is what it takes? Is Yah not worthy of at least 2 hours of your time if that is what it takes?

See when we get in trouble, we call on Yah. But prior to us getting into trouble we can’t even, you know, we have forgotten His name. We don’t even pray to Him, let alone study His Word. So that is that.

Here we go family, the man of sin part 2: The Persecution. Now we already established in part 1 of this lesson, the man of sin just what he would do and his identifying marks. We understand from 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 that he’s going to come on the scene. He’s going to stand in the temple. The temple is going to be rebuilt over there in Jerusalem and the man of sin is going to stand up and says that he is greater than anything that is worshipped or anything that is called a god. Blah, blah, blah.

So we understand that much of him from part 1. We understand that he is going to create a new system. Sorry let me take that word new off. He’s going to create a world system, a world order. The term new world order actually comes from the time of Nimrod. Because it was said that Nimrod brought new order to the new world because the old world was destroyed by the flood. Nimrod was the god-king the son of Kush and he was the first man of the earth to be worshipped as a god and a king. As we read just a little bit about him. In part 3 we may go into a little bit more about Nimrod. I thought I was going to do that in part 2 but definitely in part 3 so you can see the relation between the man of sin and the god-king Nimrod that lived thousands of years ago.

Now what this man of sin is going to do is bring a great destruction so bad on this earth that our Messiyah spoke and said that it will be the worst time of trouble ever. Daniyah the prophet said it will be the worst time of trouble ever and there will not be a time like his ever again. So we are looking at and we understand from Scripture as we looked at part 1 that this man is going to rule for 3 1/2 years, 1,260 days, 42 months. That’s the time period in which he will have to rule and it’s going to be the worst time of trouble that has ever been on this earth.

Now we went into Revelation 13 and we pulled a little bit out of there last week and this is where I want to begin this week’s lesson. Because I told you that we are going to keep going back over some of these Scriptures because every time we go back we are going to pull out something that is for this particular end of the lesson that we are talking about. Now when we went through part 1, we went to Revelation 13 to pull out some identifying marks. Now we are going back to Revelation 13 to pull out something that relates to this lesson right here. And what we will look at first is the man of sin and his system that will usher in the persecution against Ysrayl. He’s going to create a system, a world system or a world order if that is what you want to call it. And like I said this will not be nothing new per se because it’s going to be the same world order of satan getting man to commit sin against Yah.

Now remember in part 1, I said this man will be the leader of this new system that would be a lawless system. That’s why he’s called the son of lawlessness. Which translates into the man of sin. He will be the anti-messiah. He will stand up against the Messiyah when he stands in the place. All of this we understand this.

But now let’s look at the system that he is going to create because once he gets this system into operation…because even last week we looked at the signs of his coming. And so once he gets this system into operation, this will open up the door for him to be claimed a god and for him to kill anything that stands in opposition to his god-hood. And righteous Ysrayl will be the only thing that stands in his way. It will be the only thing that’s on this earth that Yah has given the understanding of that , that is the man of sin. That, that is the son of lawlessness. That is the son of destruction. That is the one who is coming to kill steal and destroy. Righteous Messianic Ysrayl we will be the ones…and so that will stand in his way that’s who he’s going to wage his war with. Because Christianity, Judaism and Islam will be in his corner because all of them are going to be worshipping him as their god.

As I was putting this lesson together and it always is a good point when you are doing research just to see what others have to say pertaining to a particular Biblical topic. So whenever I’m researching something for a particular lesson, I like to see what the Gentiles might have to say about it. I like to see what the Christians have to say, what the Muslims or what the Jews have to say about that particular topic. As I was reading up, they were talking about the man of sin is going to persecute Christians and this is what they are using to major points: They say one that his man will not come until the rapture has happened. Two, then they say that when he does come that he’s going to be in opposition to Christianity.

So when we look at this and looking at this second point that he’s going to be in opposition to Christianity. The man of sin is NOT going to be in opposition to Christianity but will be for Christianity. They will not be able to see that this is him. But you Ysrayl, righteous Messianic House of Ysrayl, Yah does nothing without revealing it to His servants, the prophets first. So you Ysrayl and all true prophets were/are Israylites. So you Ysrayl, Yah is going to give you this and you are going to stand in the face of that opposition and say ‘no we know who you are’. Because when the children of Ysrayl go into the wilderness which we will look at during the same time period to protect them, Yah is going to leave some (Israylites) outside of that wilderness. And these outside the wilderness will be left behind to teach. And so when they teach they will be teaching against this man. And that’s who he’s going to make his war (against). Because we will be in opposition to him.

But the Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, the Buddhist all of these world religions are going to follow him. He’s going to be their god, their king. And they are not going to see what others see or what we see. Because they do not have the truth.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 13. I have my old trusty bible here and it appears to have turned into a little more dust since the last time I touched it. The whole back is missing now. I have a newer Bible over here. But my new thing is now I’m only going to use my e-sword or when I’m working on the computer putting lessons together so I can compare the different bible verses. You have the Scriptures, the KJV, NIV and all these different translations. So as I do research when I’m putting a lesson together I use e-sword for that. But when I am actually doing this lesson I will use my physical bible here. I have a newer one here that I’m going to have to use because I don’t have my gloves. I’m pretty sure when I get finished reading what I’m about to read here it will be dust. The back just fell off so I will just put the page in my hand and try to hold it together.  (laughs)

Revelation 13, we are looking at the system. This is what we are focusing on. I like to do these lessons and really just break them down part by part so you can get a greater understanding. Because when I put everything we are about to read now and all these Scriptures I’m about to present now just deals with his system. We have to identify his system and we have to put his system out there first because his system is what’s going to give way to his persecution of the children of Ysrayl or persecution of the saints, the righteous.

So let’s look at this. We read this last week but let’s go back and get even more information.

Revelation 13:1-3, v. 1 Last week I didn’t get to point this out but I will point it out this week. You have to understand this beast. It said that he saw a beast coming out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns. Right? So if you have 7 heads but you have 10 horns, so at least 3 of these heads have 2 horns on their heads. And there’s 4 has one horn on their head. and each one of them had a crown upon the head. Now we are looking at the system here and then in Revelation 17 we look at the same beast but it’s going to represent more of the man of sin. These beasts…because the man of sin is called the beast. This beast and his system, the beastly system that he’s going to run and they are going to represent him. It’s really vice versa they are really the same beast as we will see. But Revelation 13 describes just what this beast looks like.

v. 2 The dragon is satan. So right here we are seeing that this beast as we went over in Daniyah chapter 7 last week and we saw Daniyah having this vision of these 4 winds and these 4 winds turned into 4 beasts and the 4 beasts represented the world ruling powers of the Babylonian Empire, the Medes and Persians, the Greeks and the Romans. That’s what it represented. So this beast or this man and his system is a conglomerate of all of  these ancient nations. Which right now we are still in the Roman stage. All roads lead to Rome. We are still in a Greco-Roman phase, that Greco-Roman system. So this beastly system is what we are seeing here. And it is that Greco-Roman or westernized system.

v. 3 As we go back and we look at the horns. These horns have crowns. Crowns are for kings and kings rule. So when we go over to Revelation 17 which we will go to in just a moment. We are going to see that there’s a woman riding on the back of that beast. And this woman is identified as mystery Babylon or the United States. And those heads on the beast in Revelation 17 represents the 7 continents, the 7 heads. But over here in Revelation 17, these 7 heads represent a system. It represents a civilization. There are 7 major branches or levels of a civilization. In every civilization you must have government. You must have a political system. You must have a financial system. You must have a religious system. You must have an educational system. You must have a justice system. And you must have a culture. Or a cultural system. So those 7. So in Revelation 17, those 7 heads represents the 7 branches or the 7 levels of civilization of a system.

Now it said that one of these heads only one of the seven had been wounded as been slayed to death. One of them looked like it was dead. It said its deadly wound was healed. And all the earth marveled after the beast. So after he had one of his heads healed understand this. It said that one of his heads had been slain unto death. So only one had been slain. Only one had received a wound. Last week we saw that this wound was the financial system. Let’s look out into the world right now. What is the weakest of all the 7 systems that I just told you? Government, political, financial, religious, educational, justice and cultural, of all of those what is the weakest point in this very hour and threatens to fall on its head and collapse and die? It is the financial system. Because without finances you can not run a government. Without finances you can not have a political system. The government and political system are two separate things because you have your government but then you have your politicians and your political system that runs the government. You have your government but it is nether democratic nor republican. That’s your political system. Sometimes you have the democrats running the government. Sometimes you have the republicans (running the government). Sometimes you have this or that party, independents. All of that. That’s political there. But then you have your government. The government is the established laws and rules. Or how the country is run. That’s your government. But you run it by the political system.

So we see that without a strong financial system you can’t run the government because the government runs on finances. Without finances you can not run a proper political system because the political system is run by finances. These politicians lie, steal and cheat. If there’s no money for them to lie, steal and cheat they aren’t interested in being a politician.

The religious system is based on money. Right? So there’s no coincidence that right now your biggest form in Christianity is the prosperity preaching. Right? Prosperity, finances relates to your religious system. Then your educational system can not run without finances. You can’t pay the teachers. They just had a strike here in Chicago. The 3rd largest school district in the United States went on strike. So if you don’t have any money to pay the teachers, they will not teach.

So everything here is based on finances. The justice system, lawyers, judges, and prosecutors all of them have to be paid. But if you don’t have a financial system…even your justice system. And because you do have finances, it corrupts your justice system. You can pay off the judge. You can pay off the prosecutor. You pay off the dense attorney…whoever. It all relates to finances. And everything when you look at your cultural system…culture, everything about your government, how it interacts, your entertainment all of that is finances.

So if your financial system dies (then) everything in your civilization collapses. So if your financial system has been struck in the head and it looks like it is about to die…

Now let’s look at this. It’s not a coincidence that on your American money whether paper or coins you have the head of the presidents. The presidents are the head of this country or this form of government, democracy. Demon ruled. Demonic ruled. That’s what democracy is, demos stands for demonic, -ocracy rules. So the head of the president is on your money. And the president is the head of this system. So one of the heads, financial was struck and received a deadly blow as unto death. So if you look at your money, you have George Washington on the dollar bill. You have Thomas Jefferson on the two dollar bill. You got your boy Abe Lincoln on the five dollar bill. You have Alexander Hamilton on the ten-dollar bill. You have Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill. You have Ulysses S. Grant on the fifty dollar bill. And of course you have Ben Franklin on the one hundred-dollar bill, ‘the benjamins’ right? And so forth and so on. You have  a five hundred-dollar bill and a thousand dollar bill. Each one of them have a president’s head on it. Because the president of the United States is the leader of the free world. He is the leader of liberation. He is the leader of man’s rebellion against Yah.

This is why you have the statue of liberty or the statue of liberation out in the harbor in New York. So one of the heads received a deadly blow as unto death. And that deadly blow is the financial system which is collapsing as we speak. The dollar is losing strength around the world. You look at the situation over in Zimbabwe. And these things are spreading throughout the world. Once that dollar collapses then your financial system collapses and your government will fall suit. Your political system (will fall). And so everything is based on the financial system. So if that head is struck and it looks like its dead…

But then let’s see what is going to happen once it looks like it is dead. Let’s go to Revelation 13:16-17.

Revelation 13:16-17 Now we are going to go into that 666 maybe in the next lesson but right now this is what I want to show because once that financial system looks like it is dead, it has to rise from the ashes. And when it rises, it’s going to rise anew. Meaning that now we will have a new financial system in order. You know how we use to have paper dollars and coins. This new system you don’t need any of those things. Do you see the way technology is moving towards a cashless society? How many of you now carry cash in your pockets? Not very many because you have a credit card. You have a debit card. You have checks. Meaning if you gave $200 or I gave you $200 in a check, you take that check and deposit your check into your account. Right? And then you take your debit card and then you make purchases with that $200 dollars that I just gave you. You take your debit card and make purchases so you never physically saw that money in your hands. It was just written on a little piece of paper. Do you see? Now you can pay with your debit card everywhere. The gas stations, stores anywhere you can pay with your debit card. They are getting you into the mindset of a cashless society.

And as you see it says no one shall be able to buy or sell except if he has the mark of the beast. Buying and selling is part of the financial system. Right? It is capitalism. So if you can’t buy or sell that is telling us that this has something to do with finances. That it had to restructure the whole system. Now we have a new way of doing things. (Where) the only way you can buy or sell is if you have this mark that shows that you are part of this system. And this isn’t just going to be in the United States. Let’s go to Revelation 17 so Revelation 17 can show you just what is happening here. We are looking at this mark of the system. Right? One of the heads has been struck as if unto death. And then that wound was  healed. How was the wound healed? It was healed when we read in Revelation 13:16-17…the mark of the beast. You can’t buy or sell without this mark. We are going to come back to this and break down just what the mark is.

But first let’s go to Revelation 17 so you can understand that when this system is set up, it said that on one in verse 17 no one shall be able to buy or sell except he that has the mark or the name of the beast. He causes all both small and great rich and poor. So from the famous man to the homeless man, small and great rich, poor, free and slave to be given a mark upon their right hand or upon their forehead. We are going to break down even why that is. Because remember satan is a copy-cat. This is the man of sin, the son of lawlessness, the son of destruction we are talking about that’s going to institute this. After that financial system has taken a blow to the head and it looks like it’s dead. And then it rises up brand new. And everybody that wanted to be part of the new system or government…well not new government. They wanted to be part of the new political system, the religious, justice, cultural systems (then) you will have to have this mark. We ill look at what this mark is.

But before we do that, I want you to see that this thing is going to be world-wide. Let’s go and look at this beast in Revelation 17. It is compared to that beast in Revelation 13. We are talking about the system and we are talking about the man of sin here in both of these. That is where the beast carries its duality. It is talking about the system and it’s talking about the man of sin.

Revelation 17:3-4 This is our brother Yahcanan being carried away by a malak to be shown these things. Having names of blasphemy with 7 heads, 10 horns same as Revelation 13:1. v. 4 We have a lesson on Mystery Babylon, this is talking about the United States. This woman who is riding the beast, this is talking about the United States. And she is going around and she is carrying what is in her cup. She’s carrying democracy. This is what she is going around giving to all the kings of the earth so they can be drunk with her wine. Democracy (means) demonic rule. A government that is for the people, by the people, where the people make their own laws and rules. The people choose their own leaders.

So let’s go down to v. 9-12. In v. 3-4 we see that this woman is sitting on the beast. In Revelation 13 there was no woman sitting there. But Revelation 17 is talking about this same beast with 7 heads, 10 horns but a WOMAN is sitting on it now. So it has a rider and he is being led by this rider. The United States is the leader in this rebellion that’s why the president is called the leader of the free world. The free world is the places where they have democracy. They call democracy freedom. And that freedom is that we no longer have to listen to you, Yah. We make up our own laws. We make up our own rules. We are free to do that now. You had us in slavery and yo did not want us to know the knowledge of good and evil. But satan has come and he has freed us. This is why you have all these celebrities that are worshipping satan and are already worshipping the man of sin even before he has made his revelation of who he is. This is why they throw up the triple six. Because as we read and break down the triple 6, it says that the triple 6 is the number of a man. But we have to calculate it so we can know the number of his name. And it’s going to take wisdom to do that.

But right here we see the woman is riding the beast. The woman is steering, guiding this. She’s guiding the system, the man of sin and all these things. Some say the man of sin is going to be an American president and this is why a lot of them believe that he is Barack Obama. I say I don’t know about that. Because when this whole system comes together, it’s not only going to be the United States. All the borders will drop. But the political, the government, all that will be in place. Democracy, all that will be in place. They are going to bring him, elect him, put him in that office of this world system. How many years is a president given to rule? He’s given four years. The man of sin according to Scripture will only rule 3 1/2 years. So that will not even be another election for him. But the system of Democracy, all of that is going to be there. ‘We choose to have you as god’. That’s why Yah is going to hold this against everybody that partakes of this. Because you choose and you choose to be part of this system. You choose to worship this man as if he is Yah. That’s why Yah says in 2 Thessalonians ‘I’m going to give them over to a strong delusion that they will believe a lie’.

If you don’t love the truth and I am giving and showing you the truth but you can’t see the truth, well go ahead and love the lie because that’s what you love anyway. You want this man to be god before your face because you say Yah doesn’t do enough for you . And this man is going to give you the world right before your face. And that is what you want. Revelation 17, this is that same beast. Right? Seven heads, ten horns.

Revelation 17:9-12, v. 9 The woman sits on 7 heads or 7 mountains. These 7 mountains are the 7 continents of the world. All of mankind dwell on these 7 continents. If you look out into the harbor, the statue of liberty which is a representation of this. The statue of liberty, she has 7 points on her crown. And when you read and do the research it says that each point on the crown represents one of the 7 continents. Because this woman who is guiding the beast rules over the world. The United States which is Mystery Babylon, she rules over the world.

You can take an American dollar all around this world and you can pay for whatever merchandise that you have in whatever country. But I can’t bring a Euro to the United States and pay here. I would be taken to jail. The United States is one of the few countries that has a military base all over the world. She has her military bases in other countries. Over in Korea, Germany (for example). But there’s no German military base here. But she’s all over the place. Because she rules over these 7 continents. So now you see, she’s riding the beast. She’s riding on that system. She’s going to be the one who takes this system to the world because it says that she has a cup that is filled with abomination and her whoring and what’s in that cup is democracy. You know what to make more sense of this, let’s go back up to v. 4. Let’s start reading from v. 5 to verse 12. So this can make that much more sense to you.

Let’s start at v. 4 of Revelation 17. This is the United States riding on the back of the beast now. She’s going to introduce the system of the beast, the beastly system. v. 4-6 He is seeing her. Wow! The United States is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Have you ever been to one of these downtown, I live here in Chicago and even when we had the gathering here in July a lot of the ‘brews were mesmerized by downtown Chicago. We went on a walking tour. We walked for about 3-4 hours rolling with about 150 people. And this was the last day of the conference and most people had went home and we still had this many hanging out with us so we went walking through downtown Chicago. ‘Brews were just marveling at it. Wow look at those buildings. Look how beautiful they are. Look how big they are. You go to New York it’s the same way. Los Angeles also.

Because he marveled he greatly marveled. v. 7 Read. v.8 Goes to perdition the son of perdition. Right? v. 8-9 The 7 mountains represent those 7 continents of the world. She has rulership over all of them. And like I said, out there in the NY harbor, the statue of liberty has 7 points on her crown. And that is what is means. Each point stands for one of the 7 continents. The 7 continents and the 7 seas.

v. 9-10 So it said there are 7 kings. Five have fallen. The kings represent nations. Kings rule over nations and kingdoms. Let’s look at these seven. These 7 represent these 7 nations that have held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. First was Egypt. Then the Assyrians. Then the Babylonians. Then the Medes and Persians. Then the Greeks. Then the Romans. and last the quote-unquote The Americans. Because this Mystery Babylon is the United States. It held Ysrayl in great captivity. When we think about slavery what do you think about? We think about slavery in the United States. Worldwide, we are amazed when the fact come out that there were more slaves in Puerto Rico then there were in the United States. There were more slaves in Brazil than there were in the United States because the United States has become synonymous with slavery. So that’s who the 7 kings represent, the 7 nations.

It said that 5 have fallen. Now by the time the book of Revelation was written 5 had fallen. Let’s look at the five. Egypt had fallen. The Assyrian Empire had fallen. The Babylonian Empire had fallen. The Medes and Persian had fallen. The Greeks had fallen. And it said ‘and one is’. At the time that this was written, Rome was ruling. ‘And the other has yet to come’ it says. The ‘other’ is the United States. He has yet to come. It says that when he comes he has to remain a little while. The United States is not going to see 500 hundred years. Egypt ruled for thousands of years. Assyria ruled for thousands…Babylon…all these nations. But the United States is only going to rule for a little while.

v. 11 ‘The 8th beast that is of the seven’. Now remember the beast over here in Revelation 13 was a conglomerated f these ancient empires. Which the United States is today. And then you have another beast on the horizon called the European Union or the United States of Europe, the EU countries. It said the 8th beast is of the seven. So he is coming from the same background. We know that Egypt places heavily in this land. Yah said, I’m going to send you back into Egypt. We have these jackals building pyramids and sphinx out in Las Vegas. We have a pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. So they are a conglomerate of all these nations. Five of them have fallen by this time. ‘One was’ and that was Rome. ‘And one was yet to come’ that is the U.S. that is number 7. And then there is an 8th and that will be called the United States of Europe. It says in v. 11 that is of the 7 and goes into destruction (perdition).

v. 12 Now we read this last week right? So that is what the 10 horns represent…rulership. This is why they are wearing crowns over in Revelation 13. And over here it is explained that these are rulers. The world according to this group called ‘the club of Rome’. They split the world up into 10 regions. And over these regions there will be 10 kings or rulers to rule over them. So do you see, this mark of the beast is going to be WORLD-WIDE. The same beast here, we see the woman is guiding the beast now and they are going to take this thing world-wide into all 7 continents where all the sons of men, all the sons of Adam dwell.

Let’s go to v. 15 of Revelation 17. Remember in v. 1 of Revelation 17 it said I show you the judgment of the great whore sitting on many waters. And we see that she is sitting on many waters. What do these waters represent? Because the 7 heads represents the 7 continents. Right? So we have that duality going on because we have over in Revelation 13 that it represents that system. The 7 heads represents the 7 points of the system. Now we have it representing the 7 continents. Now we even have a woman on the back of it.

Revelation 17:15 This is the whole world. She’s sitting on top of the whole world. This system will be sitting on top of the whole world. This beast that is guided by this woman sitting on top of the whole world. You think about Mystery Babylon. You think about the United States, the leader, the lone superpower. That if her dollar collapsed, it would collapse the whole world economically. The whole world economic system.

If you look at September the 11th 2001, when the two world trade centers went down it sent an economic downturn around the world. Just from the two towers going down, there were entire industries that fell. There were entire corporations that fell and will never rise up again. Just because of those two towers in New York City, the world trade center. The finances are being attacked. The dollar has fallen.

Five cents today was five cents a hundred years ago. But five cents a hundred years ago, in today’s inflation is equivalent to 5 dollars. My grandmother could go into a store a hundred years ago and with 5 pennies, she could buy a bag of candy that would cost us 5 dollars today. It’s the same amount of money. It was 5 dollars a hundred years ago, it’s 5 dollars today. But a hundred years ago you could buy twice as much as you can today. Why? Because inflation has happened. When they removed the gold and silver standard from behind their monetary system, that’s what began the dollar on its downward spiral. Because before they took the gold away, you could only print as much money as you had in your gold reserves. So if your nation only has 2 billion in gold then your nation is only worth 2 billion dollars. And you can only go print up 2 billion paper dollars.

When the paper money first came out it was only used as a currency note. Meaning that if I was purchasing something and I didn’t have 3 gold coins on me then I could give the merchant this little slip this green-back slip and he could take that to the bank and he could get its worth in gold. So if I had a $1 dollar bill, I could take that to the bank and get a $1 dollar gold coin. Do you see? Because gold and silver are real money.

And then they took away the gold and silver and now you are just left with a promissory note. That’s all it is. This money in this monetary system is only as good as the cotton paper it’s printed on. That’s it. That’s all it’s worth. And that’s how you have to see it Ysrayl so that you don’t get caught up in this system. It’s just cotton. It’s just paper. That’s it.

So we are looking at this financial system but it’s going to be the world over. The mark of the beast is going to be over the entire world. It will be started by the man of sin. So what is actually the mark of the beast? What is this mysterious thing you say he’s going to put a mark on your forehead or hand? What does that represent? Now we already know that it means you can’t buy or sell without it. So it represents finances. It represents a new financial structure. Because right now, you can go to the store and use a debit card, cash or check to purchase something. Nobody is kicking you out of the system because you don’t have a certain mark on you. Right?

So the mark of the beast is the mark of the beastly system. We are looking at a terrible beast. How many of you all if you are walking down a dark alley at night and you see a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns and its growling at you, something you never seen in your life. It looks like a leopard, bear, lion…that would terrify you. Right? So do you see how terrifying this system is going to be? That’s why it is given in this symbolic way of a beast. A beast that we can’t even identify. You can’t say oh I know what it is. Oh the beast looks like a lion. It looks partially like a lion. But we can’t say that the whole beast is a lion. Right? We can’t say that the whole beast is a bear. It’s part bear. We can’t say that it’s a leopard. It’s part leopard. We can’t  even say that it is a dragon. It’s part dragon. So it is something that is made up. This is how strong and powerful it is going to be. So it’s going to be a beastly system.

So the man of sin is called the beast too. So after the collapse of the financial system, the new system will be a cashless society ushered in by this mark. No more paper money, that’s going to be rolling out in the street. Now we talk about when the financial system collapses in class often. How there will be a barter system. There will be rioting and looting  and all these things. We tell you to prepare for that. And from the moment of collapse until this system is up and running there is going to be chaos in the streets. And so from chaos you can create order. If the people are out there starving and fighting over scraps literally. Then someone says hey we are fixing the financial system. We don’t need to fix the government because the government is still the same government of democracy. We don’t have to fix the religious system because now we are going to combine our religions together. We don’t have to fix the educational system because we are going to teach you democracy. We don’t have to fix the justice system because actually it’s based on injustice so hey. And our culture is still going to be the same. But it is the finances that we have to ‘fix’. Because with finances you can gain control of everything else. Right? Everything is controlled by finances.

So let’s look at this mark of the beast. Because we have to understand, before we get into the persecution, we must understand what is going to bring about the persecution. And what system should we be looking for. Because right now we are in a system that like I just stated where you don’t have any mark to go buy and sell. So there is a system that is coming after this financial system receives a deadly wound to the head and appears to be dead.

So after the collapse of the financial system, a new system, a cashless society, this system will represent total rebellion against Yah and Yahoshua. Because it’s going to be the system of the lawless society. Remember that? The man of sin is going to rule over a lawless world. And he’s going to be the king of lawlessness. Once again, going back to Alister Crowley’s statement do as thou will for that is the whole of the law. This is what we are heading to.

So in this system, Yah is going to be upset with everybody that partakes in it. Because it will be outright total rebellion against Yah. Now when we look at this mark of the beast, mark of the beast just means this mark that identifies the beast, this beastly system. Right? The beast of the system, the man of sin is the beast and the system is the beast. So it is going to identify that you are in worship of him. Remember he is going to make himself a god above all gods. So if you are apart of this system, that will be your god and it will be mandatory that you worship him as such. So if you worship him as your god and king (then) you have to denounce Yah as your Father and as your King. You have to denounce Yah as your Creator. You have to denounce Yah as the Be-All and End-All. You would have to denounce Yah as the Sole Creator. And so many people have already done that through Christianity, through Islam and through Judaism. So his religious philosophy is not going to be that hard for them to grasp.

But since you are going to be in opposition to him and he knows that you are the children of Yah, he’s going to make Yah the enemy. So when we read about the beast having great names of blasphemy and all that. Oh man, he’s going to blaspheme to the fullest. There will not be one thing that he will not say bad about Yah. My, my, my.

So before we understand this. Before we go into it to grasp the understanding of the mark of the beast, let’s look at one curious thing about this mark. I want to read this again. Revelation 13.

Revelation 13:16 Remember satan is mocking Yah. Do you remember we read that in Isaiah 14 around v. 12-14? Satan said I shall life my throne above the stars of Yah. I shall be like the Most High. Right? So everything that satan does, he is copying what Yah already has in order. Right? Because if he wants to be like the Most High and if he is going to come down tot he earth and say that I am the Most High, we know a pattern of Yah is right here in His Word. So satan is going to try to mimic that pattern but he’s going to do it un-righteously because satan is going to do it in a lawless world. He’s not going to teach the law because if he taught the law, Yah’s law then he would be teaching the world.

See let us be true on this. Let us be wise about this. We are living already in a lawless world. A world that is void of the laws of Yah. So it will not be that hard for those people to accept it. Judaism does not teach the laws of Yah. Christianity doesn’t teach nor Islam. So when we talk about a lawless society, we are talking about a society without the laws of Yah. Every nation has their own laws, rules which they make up themselves. Not even the nation of Israel in the land of Israel go by Yah’s laws.

So let’s look at this, why he choose to put this on your right hand or on your forehead. Let’s break this down. Let’s go to Exodus chapter 13. Shemot chapter 13. Because symbolically your forehead represents your mind. That’s where wisdom is. It represents the spiritual. Your right hand represents power. When Scripture says that Yahoshua sits on the right hand of Yah, it’s saying that Yahoshua is the power of Yah. Meaning that through Yahoshua, Yah will show His power. Didn’t He do it when Yahoshua walked the earth by Yahoshua raising the dead? Didn’t Yah show His power through Him? Right? Healing the sick and casting out demons all that is the power of Yah.

So when we talk about the right hand, I remember back in the 70s my father and his friends, his best friend he always called his best friend his right hand man. This is one of his friends that he worked with…that’s my right hand man (he would say). Even today, that phrase means that is my best buddy. That’s my boy. Meaning that we have such a good relationship that i would give my life for him and he would give his life for me. Like David and Jonathan. Shaul’s  (the first king of Ysrayl) son Jonathan. They had that. That’s my right hand man. That’s my soul brother, you know.

So when we look at what satan is doing here, he’s mimicking Yah. How is he mimicking Yah? Look at what Yah says in Exodus 13.

Exodus 13:8-9 Do you see that? So Yah said let His laws be a mark or sign upon your hand. Just like satan is going to make his mark of the beast, it’s upon your right hand or your forehead. This is what He said. So Yah said that My laws shall be upon your hand and for a memorial between your eyes. What is between your eyes? Your forehead. Now Yah is spiritually speaking these things. Put My laws in your mind and your hand represents the power to do His laws. Your hand represents your power to be obedient to His laws. Do you see? It is a reminder between your eyes that the laws or Torah of Yah is to be in your mouth for with a strong hand Yah has brought you out of Egypt. Do you see that?

So if Yah is saying I want you to put My laws on your hand, on your forehead, this is where satan is getting that from.