The Abomination of Desolation

Matthew 24:3-24 signs of your coming and the end of the world; vs. 15 read Daniel 7; The tribulation  comes before Yahoshua’s return so do not be fooled by false prophets. Daniel 7:1-8 four winds upon the sea; the sea means people; lion means Babylon empire; bear means Medo-Persians; leopard means Greeks, 4 heads are  Alexander’s generalContinue reading “The Abomination of Desolation”

Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist?

The Israelites said, no prophet ever said Yahoshua pre-existed; They all said He was coming. Was Yahoshua present during creation? Genesis 1:26-27…let us make man in our image. Who is us and our? The righteous angels. Yah was talking to the angels. Yah created man in His own image. Yah created male and female. The wordContinue reading “Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist?”

Are you an Imitator of Yahoshua?

1 Cornrithians 15:1-26, The good news is that the Messiah came to us, died, and was resurrected. He was seen by many after His resurrection. He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve, vs.5. He was seen by over 500 at once vs. 6. He was seen by James/Yacob and then Shaul/Paul verses 7-8. Imitate me,Continue reading “Are you an Imitator of Yahoshua?”

Interesting Websites I didn’t know ‘black’ people were in the middle east because they don’t show them on the news. It was interesting to see that they are called bywords like ‘slave’ as we are called  bywords like ‘coon’, ‘darkie’, and ‘nigger’. We are called everything but Israelites. Notice the man inContinue reading “Interesting Websites”

WordGames:What in the World is Transhumanism?

I remember when I was a very little girl there were two shows I liked watching. One was called the 6 million dollar man and the other was called the Bionic woman. I even had a Jamie Summers bionic woman doll with the navy blue jumpsuit!  The 6 million dollar man had a bionic eye.Continue reading “WordGames:What in the World is Transhumanism?”