Book Review: Black Indians


Do you remember not to long ago, I did a book review on a book called The legacy of Ibo landing by Marquetta L. Goodwine? Well in her book she referenced this book. It’s called Black Indians:A Hidden Heritage by William Loren Katz.  Remember she said that the Gullah (Israylites) ran into Florida, after the 2nd Gullah (Seminole) War, they were marched on the trail of tears with the Native Americas to the Oklahoma and North New Mexico areas. She said today people in this region still speak Gullah. The Native Americans that lived in Florida were called Creek and later their name was changed to Seminole which means ‘runaway’ as in runaway slaves. The original book (above) was published circa 1986 by Ethrac Publications. This copy is the updated version, I believe January 2012 edition. This book will tell you what happened to the Gullah out west. I have not read it yet, I’m not going to spoil it for you. I do have this other book (I’m not ready to talk about it yet) that states that the word cowboy is thought to possibly originated as a term for a slave herder. They use to call our men ‘boy’. This book, not mentioned, also states that the slaves taken from Gambia were known to be expert herdsmen and served as cowhands in the southern slaves. The words buckaroo and corral it states entered American ranching vocabulary by way of Gullah buckra and Angolan-Portuguese Kraal (crawl). Bill Picket, a black cowboy was of South Carolina ancestry, Gullah.

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