The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2d

So being born again according to Scriptures as we will read right now in John chapter 3:1-8. It’s real simple y’all. It’s not that hard, what the Messiyah is talking about here. I’m going to tell  you there is not a saved Christian on this planet. Out of the 2 billion plus, there’s not a Christian that has gotten salvation. Because we saw he who endures until the end, the same shall be saved. I’m going to bring another point to you: There’s not one born again Christian on this planet. According to the words of the Messiyah right here what we are about to read. John 3, there is not one born again Christian on this planet. Not one.  (Talks to someone) That’s right Yahoshua was not a Christian. Paul wasn’t either (nor) any of the apostles. John 3, we are going to close out with being born again. Messiyah was talking about this. Remember the two resurrections we just went over right. (There are) two resurrections. The first is for the righteous and 1,000 years after the first resurrection then the resurrection for the wicked will take place.

Resurrection means to come alive again. That’s right there is not one born again Christian on this planet. There is not one saved Christian and there is not one born again Christian according to what Yahoshua is going to tell us right here. According to the teachings of the Messiyah there’s no one born again, Christian. John 3, I’m saying according to what Yahoshua is explaining here. Because if you want to say born again means when you go and convert and now you are born into your new life, well that is what you can use it for but don’t say that, that is what the Messiyah is talking about here. According to what Yahoshua said right here, there’s not a born again Christian on this planet.

John 3:1-8, v. 1-2 Look at this coward coming by night. By night, why don’t you represent Him in the day? Because in the day Nicodemus was among those people who were in the crowd saying execute Him. So brothers and sisters we have to bring Yahoshua to the forefront that’s why our brothers and sisters in Christianity are not familiar with Him. Because He’s been hidden. Don’t come to Him by night, come to Him by day. Bring Him out. v. 3 ‘Unless one is born of Yah’ it says in the Scriptures. And in the KJV it says ‘unless one is born again he is unable to see the kingdom of Yah’. v. 4 So Nicodemus is WAY out there. He doesn’t have NO understanding of what Yahoshua is talking about here. He’s like ‘hey do I have to enter back into my mother’s womb to be born again? No it’s not that. v. 5 Unless one is born again he is unable to enter into the kingdom of Yah. Unless one is born of water and spirit he is unable to enter the kingdom of Yah.

v. 6-8 OH MAN, He broke it down right here y’all!! He broke it down! He said to Nicodemus and I like what He say in v. 9. (Reads v. 9-10) My goodness, what you teaching these folks (Nicodemus)? Here you are a teacher and an elder in Ysrayl and you don’t even know what you are teaching? We still have that today. But I love that verse, verse 10. But let’s break down what Yahoshua is saying here. He said that unless one is born again or born of the water and the spirit, he is unable to enter into the kingdom of Yah. What Yahoshua is talking about here, what born again means brothers and sisters is this: He’s talking about the resurrections. Because when the resurrections happen as I told you, you’re going to be changed into spiritual form. So when He says ‘unless you are born again’ He is talking about when you are born into the spiritual form in the FIRST RESURRECTION. In v. 6 He said that which has been born of the flesh is flesh. That which has born of the spirit is spirit. Do you see that? That which is born of flesh, we are flesh, we are the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve (Hawah). We are fleshly men. He said ‘dust you are, dust you shall return’. But He said that which has been born of the spirit is spirit. When is that born of spirit going to happen? When you get changed into spiritual bodies. Let me prove that is what He’s talking about. Look at verse 8, He said the spirit breathes where it wishes and you here the sound but do not know where it comes from. So He is saying the wind is invisible. Like a spirit is invisible to you, unless it manifests itself to you.

So He is saying like the wind blows, you hear the wind blow but you don’t know where it comes from because the wind is invisible. In v. 8, He says and you don’t know where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone that has been born of the spirit. Everyone that has been born of the spirit will be actual spiritual beings, they will be invisible. This is talking about the kingdom time. So what He is giving you is born again means to actually be in the first resurrection, to be born of the spirit. Well actually both resurrections will be changed into spirits. That’s why when this body goes into the grave, it turns into dust (so) there’s no need for it anymore. The flesh rots off the bone. You don’t need this anymore once you go into the grave, that’s it for this world. Because you are not coming back to this world. So the next world you are going to be changed into the form where you can only survive that world. And that’s a spiritual form.

So Yahoshua is giving him the information of being changed into a spirit, which will happen during the resurrections. This is not talking about converting (to a religion). But born again, it means actually being born when those resurrections happen. When those resurrections happen, you will have a new life. Everything will be new. There will be a new world all around you. You will be in the kingdom. You will see Yah. You will see Yahoshua. Whereas now you can not see Yah because you can know Him through His Word. So born again means to be born of a spiritual being in the first resurrection.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 15:50-58 to show you that this is what Yahoshua is talking about. Now Yahoshua said here in v. 3 in John chapter 3, Yahoshua answered and said to him truly unless one is born again, born above, he is unable to see the kingdom of Yah. So why is he unable to see the kingdom of Yah? Let’s read why. Look at this.

1 Corinthians 15:50-58, v. 50 Do you see that? That flesh and blood is unable to inherit the kingdom of Yah. This is why Yahoshua said in John 3:3 that unless you are ‘born again’. Born from above, unless you will not see the kingdom because flesh and blood will not see the kingdom of Yah. Because it can not last forever because everyone that comes into the kingdom of Yah, when Yah’s heavenly kingdom comes to earth, everyone that enters that kingdom will live forever. So if you are in a flesh body, you can not inherit the kingdom of Yah. Because flesh can not live forever.

v. 51 Look at that. He said we shall not all be sleep. We shall change. Not everybody is going to die. But we all shall be changed. He said this is a secret that I’m telling y’all. Everybody does not know about it. v. 52 Trumpet=shofar. Look at that. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, when that last trumpet is sound. We shall be changed. Changed to what? When he says ‘incorruptible’ (that is) spiritual forms. Corruption, the flesh is corrupt. It is weak. When it goes into the grave it decomposes. That’s corruption. Incorruption is those beautiful glorious spiritual bodies which will not see death (the second death).

v. 53 The mortal has to put on immortality to live forever, to be born of the spirit, to be born again. You will literally have a new life when you are born of the Spirit and come into the kingdom. v. 54-58 So Shaul broke it down for you. When that last trumpet, shofar is blown to signify the ending of the wicked age of man, then the return of the Messiyah, the re-gathering of Ysrayl, re-instituing us back into the land of promise. And the kingdom of Yah is on the earth. You are going to be raised.

Now we saw the 1st and 2nd resurrections in the part that we just read about, life after death. Do you see how all this goes hand in hand? Being born again brothers and sisters is being born of that first resurrection, that’s why according to the words of the Messiyah as He taught born again. There’s not one born again Christian on this earth. There is not one saved or born again Christian on this earth according to the words of the Maschiach. Kayn, maybe something is going on, on Mars or something. Maybe that is what they are doing with their little Mars rover but I know down here on earth no, not yet. Because in order…mic drop.

Okay sorry about that. I accidentally unplug the plug here. Sorry about that y’all. But yeah, let’s go to 1 Peter 1 and we are going to close it out right here. There is no born again Christian on the planet. Not one. (This is) according to what the Messiyah said. Born again, that 1st resurrection as you enter through this existence and you are birthed into a new existence because what you see now…listen when you are into those spiritual bodies, you will not see the world the same. I’m talking about physically. Remember in the Matrix after Neo had his resurrection? And he was able to see the world now for what it was, all those symbols and everything. Man, that movie broke everything down y’all. And I often mention it because it does have a lot of Scriptural concepts. And sense we are a visual people, I always bring it to your remembrance so you can see these things visually.

But that’s what happened. That’s right he saw the code. So when you are resurrected, do you know that your whole vision is going to change. You will not see these colors looking the same. You know, we probably have not seen a true color yet. Even though we have been called colored folks but we haven’t even  seen a true color yet. When you come into that spiritual understanding you will see everything. I mean, it’s just going to be a wonderful outlook. So you will be like a little child that’s born into the earth for the first time. You know when that child was in his mother’s womb all he saw was his mother’s womb. But when he exists her womb, he sees the world in a new light as he is born into the world. So when you are (?), Yahoshua compared the gathering of Ysrayl and the resurrection of Ysrayl, He compared it to a woman in labor pain. And she is about to give birth because tha is what it will be. It will be labor pains. We have to endure this thing to the end y’all. Then we shall see the coming of the Messiyah and see the kingdom of Yah. But you won’t be in flesh and blood bodies, you will be in those new spiritual bodies signifying that you will never see death again. Never, ever, ever, ever.

Let’s go 1 Peter 1, then we will close out. Ain’t the truth, (talks to someone) A line that blinds you from the truth. Ain’t that powerful?

1 Peter 1:23 Do you see that? Now do you see how we have brought a whole bunch of things to a close? How we have made a complete circle? Because he said the living Word of Yah. Remember we started this off talking about the trinity and how Yahoshua is the Word of Yah. Yah’s Word lasts forever through the living Word of Yah which remains forever. So what Yah said in which you call the old testament is still valid today. Always has been valid never thrown (cast) away.

So as we see this, as we know this, that what being born again is y’all. Being born of the spirit, that which is born of the flesh. That which is flesh tonight, we are all born of seed. We are all born of Hawah our mother who is known as Eve. We are all flesh. But He said that which is born of the spirit is spirit. Yah is Spirit. Yah’s Word is Spirit. Having been born again not of corruptible see but incorruptible. Because the spiritual body is not going to rot away like the flesh. The flesh after a certain amount of time on earth gets old and weak. We get old and weak after the age of 30. So how do you think you will live 30 trillion years in fleshly bodies? It can’t be done. So that is why John 3:3 and 1 Corinthians 15 both say that we can not inherit the kingdom of Yah with flesh bodies. You have to be born again. Born again is being born of the spirit literally born of a spiritual being. Literally being changed because we are not going to stay in these bodies. We will be changed over.

So there is no life after death as it is being taught my Christian brothers and sisters. You don’t continue to live after you die. You die and you go into the grave and you await to hear Yah’s voice. You await to hear Yah’s truth. You await to hear Him say come forth my child, you have been found worthy to come into the kingdom. But we saw those who come into the kingdom will barely make it in there. So you have to endure until the end. You get this truth, you have to live it forever. This becomes your new life. This is not a religion. This is a nation. And this nation is governed by a way of life. We don’t have a religion. We are the only nation on the earth that doesn’t have a religion, the Israylite nation. The true Israylite nation. So Father Yah has brought us to this great understanding. I say HalleluYah. I say todah (thank you) Yah. I say Amein (so be it).

That is the end of this week’s part 2. That’s right get those immersings done so you can be brought into the family of Yah.

So we will open up for Q & A now. I hope that this has been a blessing to you all. Part 3 is next week y’all. The Bible vs. Christianity part 3. HalleluYah. All understanding is given by Yah. I’m just a man and so I pray that understanding was given today.

Q: First I want to say todah for the lesson. HalleluYah for that. I have THREE questions. Can you please break down Matthew 17 when Yahoshua was with the apostles Peter and James, v. 2 and was transfigured before them. His face shone as the sun and His clothes became as white as light. v. 3 and behold there stood Moses and Eliyah talking to them. Can you break this down?  (the ahkotee sees the computer screen) Oh, that was just a vision? So they just saw Moshe, yeah I did see that so I’m wondering is this a vision. (She is told to read verses 4-9). v. 9 A vision. (The ahkotee asks) do you want me to stop reading?

A. Kayn, yeah. That was a vision of the kingdom. He was showing you that Moses will be in the kingdom and Eliyah. Ain’t that beautiful? And just knowing that we are having the opportunity, given from Yah to be in the kingdom with those men. If only those three would have been there it would be a blessing but you will see others. They saw a vision. When the prophets were prophesying many of them were prophesying based on visions that they had seen. Remember in the Book of Revelation, John wrote down everything that he was seeing. He was given visions of the future. He saw these creatures coming up out of the earth. He saw tanks and Helicopters and planes and bombs and all that but it was just a vision. So they did not see spirits hanging out with Yahoshua. No that was just a vision. That’s right Daniyah too absolutely. Daniyah said I saw in a ‘night vision’. You know, 4 beasts strolling upon the sea. So those were not spirits. Moses is dead. No man knows where Moses is (buried) right now. Moses is resting. And in the 1st resurrection our brother Moses will be erected to everlasting life. So that is what that was showing you is that, that is a vision of the kingdom. Those were not spirits hanging around.

Q: Revelation 20:6 on the first resurrection that you went over, it says that the priests will be reigning with Yahoshua for a thousand years. It says ‘priests’, we know that the priests are men. What about the women in the first resurrection? This is what I’m wondering about. Are women going to make it to the first resurrection or just the priests? I know men are supposed to be ruling with Yahoshua. But are we the righteous (women) going to make it in?

A: That’s all of us. We are the priests, the nation of Ysrayl are the priests. When Yah said I have made you a nation of priests, He is talking about the whole nation. Now, when we get into the kingdom there may not be anything such as a male or female. Male and female are for the physical. Remember the woman was taken from the man. Yah created the woman just for the man, while the man is here in flesh form. So when we get into the kingdom, male and female that may be out the door. Yahoshua said there won’t marriages in the kingdom, we shall be like the angels of Yah. So we may be one gender and that’s it. But ‘priests’ that includes all of us. All of us will have jobs. All of us will be rulers in the kingdom of Yah. All of us that make it. I’m praying that I make it. I don’t want to be one of those that’s outside the kingdom with gnashing of teeth and that stuff. And all that craziness that will be going on outside of the kingdom.

Q: When you were talking about John, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yah and the Word was Yah, a lot of Christians because it says that in ‘Him’, it keeps saying ‘Him’. That’s why they say that was Yahoshua so ‘Him’ is referring to who? Is it the Word? Is ‘Him’ the Word? Is that a mis-translation? That’s my last question. Todah.

A: Oh no, do you know what that is? It’s spoken of in the masculine because Yah is spoken of in the masculine. His voice, remember His Word is His literal voice as I am speaking to you now. Obadiyah’s voice is a man’s voice. It’s mine. So everything that I speak is spoken of in the masculine. If you are going to write something about Obadiyah, you will say he, him. Whereas you are feminine so your voice is of the feminine so everything that I write about you, I will say she, her. That is why the Word is called Him. It is explained in the masculine because Yah is spoken of as masculine. He is the Father. So that is why it says and ‘His’. Because had it said that Yah had a feminine voice, then uh-oh we have a struggle going on here. So it is just speaking of the masculine voice. His Word is masculine because Yah is masculine.

(Comment by sister Hannahyah): I don’t really want to ask a question. I just want to say todah for the lesson. And I want to make a comment to the Christians that are in the room. If you listened to the lesson very carefully it tells you a lot about some of the false doctrines that you have been taught as far as what priests have been telling you what it is to be saved. I just wanted to make a note to Christians, the doctrines as far as you have been taught. As far as what it is to be saved and born again. And also why is it that we are burying, why are we burying our dead. If you are not to be awakened in the after life whatever they say, in the heaven, that makes you think about it, why are we burying them. Ok, we are not coming back but in the spiritual form. Why are we burying them. We are not coming back in a fleshly form. That is something you have to think about. And also to be born again what does it mean to be born again? When you have been born again, you have been born again in more understandings. That’s all you have been born in. As Obadiyah explained to be born again, the walk you are going to have to do here. It’s the walk you are going to have to do in your fleshly form. In order to be born in the spiritual form you have to walk that walk in the fleshly form. Walk in Torah, in the Word of Yah. So if you can understand that, you can see just how much false doctrine you have been taught. I relinquish the mic.

(Obadiyah comments on sister Hannahyah’s comment): I just want to jump up here and say that what she is saying is absolutely right. That point that she made about the dead. That’s a very good point. That’s why we do bury the dead because once the dead do die there is no more use for them among the living. Because what sense would it make to have a dead body in your house? It’s just sitting there. You can’t feed it. It can’t pay no rent so what is it doing there in the first place? You know. So there is nothing that a dead body can do. That’s why it has to go into the ground after death. After it dies it has to be cast away into the ground. There’s no more use for it among the living. So it doesn’t come back to life. It doesn’t animate. It doesn’t let off a spirit that will come back and hang out with you late at night. I’m saying, wouldn’t that be easy y’all? Truthfully wouldn’t that be easy? If Yah put spirits in all of us wouldn’t that be easier for us to get out these flesh bodies and go in the spirit? Why do you mourn when you lose a loved one? Because you know that you will never see them again. You know that you will never talk to them again. That is why we are so saddened by death.

Q:  (The question was too low to hear). A: The people outside the kingdom: you know as I look at these movies. There was a visual representation of this in the movie Mad Mas Beyond the Thunderdome. In all the Mad Max movies you saw a world after a great nuclear catastrophe. And now man was striving to survive. The world that had previously existed, the world that we know today had been crushed, tumbled, had been no more. So from that, man had to build a new civilization the best he could. He had to go through the eras as the Gentiles call the stone age and the iron age and all these ages. So Yahoshua spoke about the time after the kingdom has been set up. Remember when the first resurrection happens those who make the kingdom will be there for 1,000 years. There’s going to be some outside the kingdom that survive the great war. And those who survive the great war will be living outside of the kingdom. He said outside the kingdom there will be dogs and gnashing of teeth. It’s going to be a scary time outside. I’m going to read Revelation chapter 22.

Revelation 22:14-15, v. 14 So this is the first resurrection we are talking about here. v. 15 So we read here that this is speaking of the 1st resurrection. Reads v. 14 again. You only can take part of the tree of life during the 1st resurrection. In verse 15, it says but outside the kingdom…v. 15 read again. So I guess it will still be B.E. T (black entertainment television station) with their whores outside of the kingdom then. So you will still have B.E.T out there. But inside of the kingdom there will be righteousness. It’s going to be a frightening time outside. Yeah, that’s after the kingdom of Yah, Yeah it’s somewhere in Matthew (being outside the kingdom), I think chapter 24.  But yeah, when He says gnashing of teeth, yeah that’s it Matthew 8:12.

Now this is another point that I want to touch on. Do you understand that? Because remember when Yahoshua returns on the Day of Yah Scripture says the sun will be blackened out. Scripture says that there will be no need for the sun because Yah will be the light to those that are in the kingdom. There will be a bright light shining in the kingdom. Literally.

For those outside the kingdom, they will be in outer darkness. Gnashing of teeth signifies fear. Remember back in the day you would watch curly on the 3 stooges and how his teeth use to nash real fast whenever he got scared. He would do his whoot, whoot, whoot and smack his face. Man listen, that’s what is going to happen outside of the kingdom. This time period is after Yahoshua returns, after the day of Yah has happened, after the saints go marching in, remember that song? After the saints go marching in, those who have survived the great war. Remember when Yahoshua returns there will be a great war. Those who survive the great war will be the ones outside of the kingdom. Remember the Gentiles (nations) have military bases underground. So they will survive it. Then they will come up from their hiding places and now there will be a new world. *Luke 13:28, Matthew 13:42* This speaks of the gnashing of teeth, those outside of the kingdom. The dogs, drug dealers, whores, wicked folks (will be there).

We are going to do a lesson soon about the kingdom and that time period. When we do Revelation, the 7 trumpets lesson we will talk about this information. Yeah this takes place in that 1,000 year period, the gnashing of teeth and the scary stuff going on outside of the kingdom. If you are one of the blessed ones that makes the kingdom, you will be like a god to those outside of the kingdom. You will present yourself before them and tell them what they have to do and they will have to do it. If not, you will be the one to punish them. You will be a servant of Yah and if they are not serving Yah…psst. You will have to go report back to Yah as we read in the Book of Job. It said one day the sons of Yah came before Yah to make this report…satan had to come too. You will have to go up to Yah and say ‘well Yah this city over here, I had to destroy because they refused to here Your voice’. And Yah will give you the thumbs up, nod His head. You know that is the way you are supposed to do it.

I’m going to do a lesson on the 1,000 year period and a lesson on these last wars. There will be 3 great wars. There will be 3 great wars that will end it. There are 3 great wars coming and after that…that’s it. World War III, the Battle of Armageddon and the last battle after the thousand years are up. After satan is paroled there will be one last war. This will be the war to end all wars.

Q: I wondered about when you are going through and you find out that you are a Hebrew and you find out the truth about Yah and you start to be more ‘peaceful’ for a lack of a better word. You don’t act the way you usually do so when people see you they think you have lost your mind because you have become humble, meek. And they start taking advantage of you. They know you speak of Yah, everything is Yah and Yahoshua. And then when you go through something after you become a truth seeker for the Word of Yah, can anyone share with me how do we still fight a fight of faith knowing that everyone around you and everyone is living in darkness, how to fight and still remain in the Word of Yah and fight these adversaries that come up against us in our lives? Does anyone have any Scriptures that I can focus on? I have another question about prayer. How do we pray to Yah? We are not to ask for selfish things, in our hearts we get tested. I know when I first learned of Yah the Most High, it seemed like every devil in the land tried to put hands on me trying to take me down, trying to bring me back to the lie of calling on JC. I see your text pray with a sincere heart and be humble. But when you are humble does that mean I am to lie down and be attacked? To them being humble is like being a weakling.

A: (Elder AsaYah answers) Sorry for the mic jump…All I can say ahkotee is get strong in the Word. Come in here more often and study. Learn the wisdom of Yah so you can be wise as a serpent among them because satan is in them. He uses them to shift you and bring you down, make you doubt and put fear in you that your walk is fake. But you know it’s the truth and you have to keep studying and keep learning so that when they come at you, and you always pray to Yah that He always keep the Word on the tip of your tongue so that whatever they come at you with, you are reassured in the words that you have from Yah and then you find your refuge which is in Yah. Personally, my home is my sanctuary and it has peace in it. None is welcome to bring anything negative or destruct the peace I have with Yah. Don’t throw your pearls before swine. Leave them alone. If they make you feel bad and bring you down and attack you, that’s telling you something. You need to leave these folks alone. Because they are the adversary. You need to get among those that agree with you. And even if you are by yourself, come in the room and talk to us, learn and don’t let them get you down. Don’t let them affect you. I hope that helps. I just wanted to share that with you.

Q: (The question was too low to hear). A: I was listening to your question ahkotee. You know in the kingdom we will have an incorruptible form, body. Yah will give us a spirit at resurrection. Because spirits live forever unless Yah destroys it. Because Yah has all power. But when we get our spirit after the resurrection we will be able to live forever. There will be no sickness, all the things that are in the flesh. No we will not be flesh and blood. We will be like the malakim, angels. No more crying, sick and all that of the flesh. (That) will be no more.

*I will be back with more q & a from the lesson.

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