The Man of Sin p. 1b

Do you understand what that means? THE MASTER OF DECEPTION. HE HAS DECEIVED THE ENTIRE WORLD. And if you can not comprehend that (then) you can not understand what this man of sin is going to do. You will not see who he is even though he will be standing right before your face. You will be just as blind as the scribes and pharisees were when they saw Yahoshua standing before their faces and could not recognize Him. (They) called Him a demon.

So the punishment…do you think He will deserve who has trampled the Son of Yah under foot (by) you going around saying there is no Messiyah. And Messiyah said I was sent to you. You go around saying Messiyah will come and He said I’m already here. I already received My reward and am on the right hand of Yah but you don’t believe that. You are trampling Him under foot. You already have the spirit of the anti-messiah already in you. If you already have his spirit then when he comes you will connect. All spirits will come together. It’s going to become one. Then you will come to us and say ‘Obadiyah y’all been lying to us’. ‘Y’all told us that Yahoshua was the Messiyah but He ain’t no Messiyah because look at that there is the messiah and he is in Jerusalem’. Do you see? If you’re not prepared mentally, if you don’t have these lessons to go over this stuff and to understand what Yah has given us, we can be caught up too. Howl Lindsey wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. John Hagee wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. Jack Van Impe wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. Pat Robertson wasn’t given the understanding of prophesy. Yet you go to them and ask what does this mean? What does this verse in this chapter mean? And they give you something that is a great misunderstanding you accept it as the gospel truth. Or as the Good News truth, we don’t use gospel, god’s spell. We don’t put god’s spell on nobody. It’s because of god’s spell that our people now are in the worst crisis that we have ever been in. Because god has put a spell on us. We have to break god’s spell and everything else that goes along with it.

Let’s look at this term the anti-messiah or as John Hagee likes to reference, the anti-christ. Let’s go to 1 John. Because in order to understand the anti-christ the anti-messiah let’s look at where it is written here, let’s look at what the brothers are saying about this term here. Once again we are going to see it referencing the same individual here. We saw in one verse Shaul called him by 2 names. Shaul called him the man of lawlessness or the man of sin and he goes on to call him the son of perdition or the son of destruction. In one verse 2 names. So this guy has a lot of names just like his father does. Do you think satan is going to settle on just one name? Satan is not even his name. We call him that as if it is. It is a title. It means the adversary, ha shatan (in Hebrew). He goes by Lucifer, Hilliel, Azazel, Metatron. He goes by a whole bunch of names. Do you think he cares? Right? That’s why when the malakim descend down as we hear the brothers saying ‘what’s your name’? What does that mean? You know, the malakim are so hesitant to tell their name. I don’t have to tell you my name because what does that mean? I tell you my character and who I am. I am the captain of Yah’s host. I don’t have to tell you my name.

Because satan has angels with those same names. Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. But if a malakim appears before me right now…I’m sorry malakim is plural. If a malak (angel) appear before me right now or malakim, let’s say 2 or 3 or them appear before me right now. And they said my name is Gabriyah, my name is Michayah and my name is Raphayah and they appear before me right. If I haven’t tested their spirit to see what their character is then satan can send three more malakim to me the same night and say ‘hey we have returned to you’. ‘I’m Gabriyah, Michayah, and Raphayah’. And they can be from satan. So to understand the names or trying to get us to tell us their names no-no we need to know their character. That’s why we must try the spirit. (Ask the angel) Does Yah want us to keep the law? Satan isn’t going to tell you that. Satan is going to tell you some craziness, something that has to do with lawlessness. Because he’s the father of it. Right?

So do you see, sometimes the malakim are like don’t even worry about my name. I’m telling you character is what you need to be concerned with. Yah sent me and this is what Yah told me to tell you. Do you see? So prepare yourself. Yah sent malakim to the face of men in the days of old. Do you think He has stopped? Do you think He stopped doing that? Naw, because when He needs to get an urgent message to you BAM that malakim will appear. Now whether you want to see them or not, that’s another story. I know the one who came to Daniyah as we will see, he didn’t want to see him. But he had to see him. So that is all in Yah’s doing and I say Yah if you send one before me, just give me the strength. That’s all I need is just the strength. That’s it. I need the strength to be able to stand on my feet once he speaks. And once I see him. Yah may just send him in the form of something you are familiar with. He may send him in the form of a homeless man so it would be easier for you to see. That homeless man opens up his mouth and nothing but Ruach comes out. You know what you are dealing with then.

1 John 2:18 Now he said that the anti-messiah is coming. You have heard that. We told y’all that the man of sin is coming, the one that is going to stand in place of and against. Because that is what the word ‘anti’ means. The word anti means to stand against and in place of. So the anti-messiah will be against Yah and will make himself in the place of Yah. We read that in 2 Thessalonians. Right? He’s sitting in the temple of Yah to show himself that he is Yah. So the anti-messiah carries this title too. Like (the titles) the man of sin, the son of perdition, the son of destruction. He carries anti-messiah because he’s going to sit in place of and against. He is going to be opposing both through his lawlessness and he’s going to be opposing it through his exalting himself. He’s going to stand in place of. ‘So y’all don’t have to do this (law) because I’m god and I’m going to tell you this and you are my children’.

So he’s going to stand up and be the king or the father of this lawless anti-Yah world. He’s going to be the king of it. He’s going to sit on the throne of it. Do you know Yah will hold the head of state accountable for the condition of that people? When David sinned and counted Ysrayl, David being the king, the nation was also punished. David even questioned Yah. I think this is 1 Chronicles chapter 21. David questioned and said ‘I have sinned but why are you punishing your sheep’? So when we look at this man of sin and he’s going to be the king held responsible for these people. For these people that he deceives and for him standing up and making himself appear to be Yah. And saying that Yah…because right now everybody believes well not everybody.

Let me say, the Christians believe and Christianity is the largest religion on earth. Don’t they teach that the old testament is done away with. So when you have…they say that the God of wrath was Yah in the old testament and that His laws, instructions and all of that is over with. Jesus is more kind. He is more peaceful and loving. Right? So now you have two different books. They say Jesus is God but they really aren’t associating him with their god they call Jehovah. They are making Jesus a whole other god. So that concept is now in the minds of men. That your god can not make his mind up. In one part of the book he’s a god of wrath but then in the last part of the book he’s switched everything and now he’s another type of god. A god of friends and you can do whatever you want to do because that is what the mindset of the Christian is. You can do whatever you want to do and god still loves you. That’s what the man of sin is going to come teaching. Do as thou will that’s the whole of my law. I still love you because you are my children. That’s what is being taught in every Christian church, every Sunday…give me your money and god love you. I can sell you god’s love. I can make you the most loved person in this entire congregation. Just give me 20% of everything you have. I can do that. Right, that’s what they say. So that mindset. That is lawlessness. That whole society, not looking at it just from the secular standpoint. That’s already what 2 billion Christians teach. So he is going step in and say that. ‘Remember in the old testament when I told y’all this’? ‘Well, you are free to do that now’. Do whatever you want to do.

So 1 Chronicles chapter 21 when David stood up to number Ysrayl, it starts off by saying that satan STOOD up against Ysrayl and moved Dawid to number Ysrayl. Dawid is King David. And so why was Yah upset at this? Because Yah told Abraham that your seed would be so numerous that no man would ever be able to count it. So we see that when Yah brought the punishment down on David in v. 8 of 1 Chronicles 21, it says then David said to Yah, I have sinned greatly because I have done this matter. But now I pray, take away the crookedness of your servant for I have done very foolishly. So do you see?

So Yah gave David the opportunity to choose his punishment because He loved David. But this man of sin who is going to be the king of this world like Nimrod was the king of the world and this is going to be the only man other than Nimrod to sit on the seat and rule over all the sons of men. And so he’s going to be held accountable for this. Yes, he will. Let’s go back to 1 John 2. We are going to see. Because the spirit of anti-messiah is already here. We know that the king is to come. But before the king comes or before their god comes, his children are already preparing the way.

We look at every major thing in society beginning with the formation of modern Babylon, 400 years ago. And her government of democracy, a government that is for the people, by the people. The people make their own laws and rules. If they want homosexuality to be in the law, then they go to their house of representatives. They go to a person that represents them. You have these wild ‘brews running around here ‘well I have to vote so my voice can be heard’. What voice do you have in a society that you want to be heard? Do you mean that I’m going to go vote and then they are going to say hey everybody has to keep the Shabbat tomorrow? (Is my) representative going to go to the house of representatives and to the senate and introduce this as a bill that everybody has to keep Yah’s Shabbat? So how’s my voice being heard? That’s what my voice is saying. My voice is speaking the Words of Yah. And if I want my voice to be heard all I have to do is speak it. And Yah’s Word reigns true. Yah’s Word reigns forever.

Those men don’t represent us. Those women don’t represent us. They are against us. So we see in every aspect of this world, everything is being set up to make it a full lawless existence with no signs of law or rule nowhere. Do what you want to do, how you want to do it and as much as you want to do it. And we better not lust after that. We know, even when we read Psalm 73, it’s like man we see that these people seem not to be in trouble. We see that everything seems to be going well for them. That’s only an illusion because when Yah comes to pay them for their crimes, there’s nothing they can do. They can’t escape His wrath. Whose going to help them? There will be none to help.  Satan can’t help you when Yah has you and when Yah’s punishing you, when Yah is whipping your behind. Nobody can come and help you.

You know how your father is the authority figure in the house? I remember as a child when my father use to give me one of those memorable whippings. You know, the ones I still remember to this day and I’m 39 years old and it happened when I was 5. I can tell you what I did. I can tell you the exact moment that he grabbed me. I can tell you when the first sound of the belt, whip or extension cord hit my backside. I can tell you all that. Do you remember one of those whippings? And when I was getting one of those whippings, my mother could do nothing. Because she was in the authority under my father. My father was the sole authority figure in the household. Moms could not do anything against that. Only thing for me (was) to not do it again. That’s it, don’t do it again.

So when Yah grabs you and Yah comes to whip you, satan is under Yah’s authority so what is he going to do? ‘Yah that’s one of my servants why do you have to pick on him’? He would smack satan in the mouth so fast, knock all his teeth out. And would not even let them grow anymore. Shut his mouth up and tell him you can’t even speak anymore. Do you understand?

So that is what we have to look forward to. It’s like when you look at a Gentile and they are some type of super spy. And they have their little 6 shooter and they shoot 8 people with 6 bullets in the gun. and they can do all types of martial arts and beat everybody up. One man beat a whole country just to save his wife. Right? Always making him look like a hero and all that stuff. Right? But every time that hero gets bound up in a bind and the enemy catches him or the one who he perceives to be the enemy catches him and locks him in some type of dungeon. Guess what? The Gentile has to try to figure out how to get out by himself. If he wants to continue to be the hero and save his wife, save the damsel in distress (then) he has to figure out how to do that. But a servant of Yah calls upon Yah. And just like he did with Kepha, Yah opened up that prison door. Yah will unloose those chains that are shackled to you. Because you are His servant and you have called Him. He will deliver you. So that is the difference between us and them. Is that when we fall down or when we get smacked by the devil or when we sin, we can repent unto Yah. We can come back to the Father. We can make this thing we have done right because Yah hears our voice. He hears our prayers.

But those who are unrepentant sinners and just continue doing whatever they are doing, they can’t call upon Yah on the day of destruction. They can’t call upon Yahoshua on the day of destruction. So when you look at that they are not getting away with anything so don’t you go lusting after their society. Let them keep it. Envy not the oppressor and take none of his ways (Proverbs 3:31) because if you start to take the oppressors ways then you will do all the things of the oppressor…even worship the oppressors gods. Can’t y’all see how we want to be so much like them. We want to sound like them. We want to work the same places that they work. And I’m talking about the wild Gentiles (not the righteous Gentiles). Right? We think if they can go out and start a billion dollar corporation because they went to college and got a college degree and we are so foolish we think we can go out and do the same thing. The only way you are going to get that type of money is that if you are serving them and serving their god which is satan. Understand and accept that. Yah takes care and provides for His people. Yes He does. But He does not want you to get caught up in satan’s world and get yourself addicted to satan’s world.

Have any of you all ever had an addiction to anything? Whether it’s an addiction to food, drugs, cigarettes, sex, stealing, lying whatever it was if you have ever had an addition you know how hard it is to break that addiction. Every time you have that addiction (crave), what? One more day; one more hit. Just one more time then I will stop. Just one more big mac then I’ll go on my diet tomorrow. Right? One more cigarette then I will stop cold turkey tomorrow. So Yah doesn’t want you to become addicted to their world because if you become addicted to their world then that addiction is going to come to the fullness of you falling down and you bowing down and worshipping the man of sin. That’s what it’s going to come to. So He tries to keep that out of our way.

Y’all know how hard it was when we first came into the truth to break the ways of the Gentiles. Y’all remember. Some of y’all were PARTY ANIMALS boy. And still when you hear that car bumping down the street and you hear that beat and you remember that song that you use to get your game on to. Oh yeah, you still feel it. Right? Oh man, you have to fight yourself…shoulders and hips start moving and swinging and it’s almost nothing you can do. Right? That beat is on. Then you have to smack yourself, catch yourself. ‘Wait a minute that isn’t me anymore’. ‘Let me come out of that’. ‘Let me shake this off’. Right? It’s a fight to break the addiction of this world because we are a part of this world but we are not of this world. We live in this world. We see all the things of this world. And satan is always marketing those things as if they are the only thing and the best thing. He will never show you an alternate. He will never show you the ways of Yah. And Yah only deals with the best. Yah only offers the best.

1 John 2, we are looking at the term ‘anti-messiah’.

1 John 2:22 So do you see when this man of sin comes and sets up his kingdom, well when he comes to rule his kingdom because the kingdom is already going to be set up. When he comes and rules his kingdom, he’s going to be against Yah. He’s going to be against Yahoshua. But ain’t Christianity already against Yah and Yahoshua? Absolutely. So it will not be that hard. Right? (Reads v. 22 again). He didn’t say the one just denying Messiyah but YAHOSHUA being the Messiyah because there have been many counterfeit messiahs that have been orchestrated by the hand of satan.

So the ones saying naw I serve Jesus. The ones saying there is no Messiyah or Mockdi (sp?). The ones saying that we are waiting on the messiah to come. You are anti-Messiyah. Do you see? And that’s the majority of this world. So the majority of this world are already making things ripe for the anti-messiah. That’s why we have so much murder going on. There’s a spirit that has been released out here family. A spirit of destruction. The ways of destruction are already being made. Chicago is a war zone. One of the ahks last week told me that they call Chicago ‘Chi-raq’ (Chicago + Iraq). You now Chicago use to be called Chi town or the Chi. Now they call it Chi-raq because there’s more murder going on here than there is in Iraq.

And I have been here my entire life and never seen nothing like this. Normally its media hyping up stuff but it isn’t that way anymore. There’s a spirit that has been let loose. Not only on this city, everywhere you read the news, 7 members of one family was found slaughtered! And you just calmly turn to the next story. Ten people were shot to death at a concert last night! You just lick your finger and calmly turn to the next story. What am I talking about? Who actually physically reads the newspaper? Right? I mean you click to the next story, I’m sorry. When you are on your mobile device you use your finger to turn to the next story. Who uses a newspaper anymore? I’m old school but even I don’t use newspapers anymore.

But I am just showing you the lawlessness of this society because it is already an anti-Messiyah society. If Yahoshua was to come up into a church right now looking like He did 2,000 years ago, they would be so quick to lift him up out of there on His head. ‘That dirty nigger is up in here’. ‘Wearing those long gowns’. ‘With that big ol’ beard’. ‘He needs to go shave’. They would throw Him out of the church. Yet this is the one who you say you built this church for. And you would not even welcome Him in there. And He wouldn’t even want to be there. He would come in there and condemn you all. And tell you that He will be back to judge you if you don’t repent. So the spirit of the anti-messiah is already here.

1 John 4, we know what is to come. When he comes to rule the world he is going to set up like a king but the king’s subjects or the king’s people are already here, being lawless.

1 John 4:1-3, v. 1 Read. v. 2 Every spirit that confesses that Yahoshua the Messiyah has come in the flesh is of Yah.

There are only a few of us that are confessing this. On Shabbat, you may have 13 paltalk rooms open. There’s only a handful of us that are Messianic, that believe Yahoshua is Messiyah and has come in the flesh. There is a great non-messianic movement that is on the road right now. And that as we will see is equal to the great falling away. We will see that.

v. 3 Yeah we heard about the man of sin coming but we know that, that spirit that is going to usher him in is already here. Yes we know he’s coming but let’s not close our eyes to what’s already here. Christians can not see that spirit that’s  already here because they are OF that spirit. You are going to sit here and tell me that it doesn’t matter what Messiyah looks like. And then you will put me off from Messiyah. You will put one in front of my face and say this is Messiyah. And then if I accept that, I’m rejecting Yahoshua as Messiyah. If I accept even your image of what you call Jesus Christ, I’m rejecting Yahoshua. Do you see? Grandma has that picture (up) that’s older than me. Your auntie has that picture in there that’s older than you. White Jesus all over the house and then you will tell us it doesn’t matter what color he was yet you have one that is breaking the commandments because we are not supposed to put an image up of anything that is worshipped. That’s called idolatry. You will risk breaking a commandment so this image can be drained in the minds of your children and their children and their children’s children.

When I first came into this truth, one of the hardest things for me to accept was that Charlton Heston  did not look like Moses and vice versa. It took me YEARS for me to remove that out of my mind. I have been watching (that) since (I was) a boy. Every year, the ten commandments for Easter. We would go to Easter Sunday church, come home and watch the ten commandments. We would sit in front of the TV from about 7 pm to 11 pm watching that. And then when I came into this truth, ‘what do you mean Moses don’t look like Charlton Heston’? How could he not? Right? And women talking about how handsome Charlton Heston was and Moses had to look like that with his curly afro and all that stuff.

See that what these images do. These images play a role in breeding the anti-messiah. They are doorways also. If you accept anything about Jesus Christ including his name, his image, his doctrine, you are not accepting Yahoshua as Messiyah. You are the spirit of anti-messiah. Oh wee, we are talking war words now. ‘But Obadiyah you know ah my wife calls on Jesus’. Listen ahk, Yahoshua said He came to bring war…division. He said He will put a father against a daughter, mother against son against son and rip the whole household. Scripture is clear here. That’s why it is mentioning Yahoshua’s name. ‘And every spirit (person) that does not confess that Yahoshua Messiyah has come…Yahoshua ha Maschiach. Right?

And this goes right in…let’s go over to real quick, John. Now we are in the Good News book of John chapter 3. We just left 1 John, the letter of John. Let’s go over to the Good News writings, the eyewitness account of Yahoshua’s walk. Let’s go over to that book. See you have to believe everything about Yahoshua. So if you believe everything about Him that means that the spirit of truth has revealed everything about Him (to you). Meaning that you are walking with Yah. You are not against Yah; you are not anti-Yah. You are not anti- Messiyah. You don’t have that spirit on you if you believe and understand. You can’t go around here teaching that Messiyah pre-existed. That’s going against Yahoshua. That He has come in the flesh, you have to believe that He was a man. He wasn’t a god or angel. That’s what Scripture just said. Right? It said that every spirit tht does not confess that Yahoshua Messiyah has come in the flesh is not of Yah.

Yah does patterns family. Remember when we talked about the lesson with Yahoshua paralleling Ysrayl? We talked about patterns. Yah sent us into the land of Canaan as a conquering army by a General named Yahoshua. He is going to send us back into the land as a conquering army with a General named Yahoshua. He does these things in pattern. When has Yah ever sent a malakim through the womb of a woman in order to save mankind? You have to understand how profound it was for Yah to take a man as Yahoshua was and put Him in the seat that satan use to sit in. Because according to the life of Adam and Eve in the pseudepigrapha, satan himself told Adam ‘you are the cause of my fall’. ‘Because when Yah gave us the pattern of you being created Michayah brought you before all of us and he was the first one to bow down and he told all of us that we had to bow down. Satan said he refused because ‘I was created before you, I’m more esteemed than you, you should bow down to me’.

So satan got kicked out of heaven because of his arrogance. And here Yah is replacing him with a son. Yahoshua calls himself the son of who? The son of Adam, the son of man. Yah replaced satan’s seat with a HUMAN MAN. Take that satan!

You know how Hebrews always complain how they worked on their job 30 years and that they trained all the managers that are above them. Here you are training the one and He rises up above you. so here is satan falling from that great esteem, falling from grace, falling out of Yah’s favor. Because he refused to bow down in humble obedience to the image of Yah in the form of a man. And so Yah brings a man up there and sits Him where satan use to sit. This is My Messiyah now. This is the one that covers My throne. See you must understand that. It would have been easy from the time that man fell for Yah to send Michayah down here to live as a man. It would have been easy for Yah to send him through the womb of Eve. But He never did such a thing. There’s no pattern of it in the entire book. So if you are not believing the truth about Yahoshua, you are already anti-Messiyah.

John 3:18 Him=Yahoshua. See you have to believe in His name. That’s why Scripture says you have to believe that Yahoshua ha Maschiach, Yahoshua Messiyah has come in the flesh. If not then you are part of this anti-Messiyah spirit, this man of sin spirit. So when he comes that’s going to be your god. Because he is going to speak to your heart. Because your heart has already been deceived. Your heart is already open to accept him because you don’t accept Yahoshua and you don’t accept Yah. Yahoshua said ‘I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to Yah except through Me’. So you can’t even get to Yah except through Yahoshua. And you don’t even believe in Yahoshua because you are anti-Messiyah because you don’t believe in the truth of the Messiyah. Do you see? Yah makes this thing known about who His Messiyah is. He manifests it to His servants. Yah can not and will not…that’s why He says study to show yourself approved. He is not going to take the chance of His servants being  deceived because Yahoshua Himself said if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. If that were possible. But He’s letting you know one thing, It’s not possible. Do you see? So you must understand Messiyah. This is why we do all these lessons about Messiyah.

You want to know about the man of sin, of course you need to know about him. But you need to know about Yahshua first. That’s why it took us so long to get here. Because we had so much other stuff to teach on first. This is just as important. But the foundation of understanding our Messiyah…do you understand? HalleluYah.

Let’s go to 2 John. There was another Scripture that I was looking for, it’s not in my notes but it came to my mind and I didn’t go there immediately and now I’ve forgotten what it was. That’s why you have to move, when the spirit, I’m telling you, the spirit is quick when it moves with you and it ells you to go somewhere, you go there immediately. Drop everything and get to that place. And it was a Scripture that backed up something I just said and just that quick, it went away because I didn’t go immediately like I was told. So now I’m going back to my notes here. Let’s go to 2 John.

2 John 1:7 So when the anti-messiah rules, he’s going to be the king but there are going to be smaller anti-messhiahs. Like Yahoshua as we talked about the parallel with Ysrayl, Yahoshua is the King of Ysrayl. He’s the King of the Israylites. He’s the King of the servants. So there are other servants under Him. There are other Israylites under Him. So the man of sin is going to be the king of this lawless world and there are other lawless ones under him. If he’s going to take the title of the anti-messiah then there are other anti-messiahs under him. And that’s going to be the majority of the world. See this spirit is already here. So when he comes into the world, it’s going to accept him. The world accepts its own. Right? It’s going to identify its own and welcome its own. The spirit of anti-messiah dwells in all who say Yahoshua is not Messiyah and has not come in the flesh. So this is the majority of the world, family. They talk about Jesus all day. But if you talk about Yahoshua, you have a fight on your hands. How many times have you gone to try to give them Yahoshua and they told you ‘I am keeping my Jesus’. So if the man of sin comes walking down out of the sky on the light beam and he’s beaming down out of heaven and you have angels ‘ahhh’. You know how that goes. Right? And he’s coming down and he looks like the image of Jesus. Two billion Christians are going to instantly fall before his feet then he will transform his face into the face of Mohammed. Another billion Muslims are going to fall at his feet. Then he will transform himself to look like the Jewish messiah. The 15 or 16 million, whoever follows Judaism will fall at his feet. It’s going to happen like that. We are going to see it from Scripture.

So this other title, the abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste, let’s look at that. Because we looked at son of perdition. We looked at the man of sin and we looked at anti-messiah. So we look at all these terms applied to this man and it lets us know what his character is by these names that he’s called. These names define who he is, the king of the lawless society. But Yahoshua referenced him as the abomination of desolation. Daniyah referenced him as the abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste. Gentiles and even Israylites are running around here teaching that the abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste was Titus and the Romans. ISRAYLITES are teaching this.  Then you have Gentiles saying that the abomination of desolation is just the Romans coming and putting their banner in the area of the temple. But what does that have to do with anything? Because right now if we look at Jerusalem, it is a spiritual mess. Every religion is over there. The Catholics are over there with Catholic Churches. Muslims have a Muslim Mosque standing almost where Yah’s temple stood. And the Jews live over there. So what are you talking about; how is this Roman banner going to be the abomination that lays waste. No we are talking about when that temple is built, that man standing in their showing himself that he is Yah. Standing in the dwelling place of Yah showing himself that he is Yah. That’s what the abomination is.

So the man of sin is called by this title the abomination that lays waste. This means that he will go into utter destruction. Right? He is the son of destruction. If he’s going to lay something waste, he’s going to utterly destroy it. He’s going to destroy everything that is set-apart unto YAH. Including the children of Ysrayl. The prophet Daniyah speaks about him and Yahoshua (also). Now as we go to Daniyah. I’m going to give you a moment to get your calculators out. If you don’t have a calculator near, many of you are on the computer today, just pull it up on your screen. Or some of you math genius’ out there just grab your pen and paper and calculate all this. I never was a math genius and so probably never will be until we hit the kingdom time. Until Yah fixes that problem that’s wrong with me. I just never liked math. You know after you learn how to add subtract multiply and divide, it’s like what do you need anything else for. I took geometry and struggled through geometry and I haven’t seen geometry in my life since that day. Since the last day that I cut class and didn’t show up to geometry class because I just could now take it anymore. I have never seen geometry (again) in my life. Calculus, I’m not trying to build a rocket. What do I need calculus for? You know (laughs). After they teach you how to add subtract multiply and divide that’s ALL you ever do. So what is all this other stuff? But anyway.

We are going to go to Daniyah chapter 9. Let’s break down the abomination of desolation because each and every title that is applied to this man shows what he is going to do. It is obvious for those who have understanding versus those who do not. Because those who do not have understanding think he is going to be against Christianity. That he is going to be in favor of Islam and Judaism. But he’s going to be so against Christianity (they believe). (They believe) that he’s going to line Christians up and force them to take the mark of the beast and all this madness. That’s what they teach. But no such thing.

He’s going to be a smooth sailing, as smooth as Barack Obama. You know, the guy that has Passover at the white house. You know, the guy who went to Jerusalem and prayed to the wailing wall. You know the guy that is a Christian member of Jeremiah Wright’s church. Right? You know, the guy that has a Muslim name and his father was a Muslim, so they say. Right? mmm-hum. He’s everything to everybody. Right? All 3 religions. He has Passover celebrations at the white house. Wearing a Yamaka  going to pray at the wailing wall in Jerusalem. He says he’s a Christian but he has a Muslim name. He appeals to everybody. Watch him.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 9. That’s all I’m saying about Barack Obama, just watch him. I don’t know if he is the man of sin or not. I don’t know that. And I’m not even promoting that in this lesson. Not at all. But like I say he does fit some characteristics and we have to do that as we are teaching about this man of sin. So we have to put that out there. I’m sorry if you are non-messianic and you are listening to this right now. I’m sorry because I do understand that you ripped the book of Daniyah out of your Bibles. And (that) you consider it a false book because Daniyah’s prophesy matches up with Revelation. It matches up with Matthew 24. Daniyah is talking about the man of sin. Daniyah calls Yahoshua the Messiyah. And you say that it has to be a false book. It was written by some crazy Christians and that there was never a prophet named Daniyah so you have ripped it out of your book so you can just listen along. I know you can’t go to Daniyah chapter 9 because there is no Daniyah chapter 9 in your book. I’m sorry.

But we who believe and do trust in Yah and trust in His Word, we are going to Daniel chapter 9.

Daniyah 9:21-27, v. 21 ‘Swift flight’, we will talk about this in another lesson. I’m not going to even go into that. He came swiftly right. Just like you see those vehicles moving swiftly, all right. v. 22-24 Look at this. Gabriyah is telling Daniyah 70 weeks are decreed for your people and for your set-apart city to make everything right again. So from the time that Daniyah got this vision until the time that the malak came and swiftly came to bring him this answer, he said listen, 70 weeks.

Now we are going t stop right here. We have to define what he is talking about because seventy weeks from this time period that Daniyah lived in and we understand a week is 7 days is long ago past and we know that the end of sin has not come. We know that sin has not been sealed up. We know that to cover crookedness and to bring about everlasting righteousness. And everlasting righteousness has not come because Yahoshua has not returned yet. So when He returns that signals the rule of everlasting righteousness. This has not happened.

‘And seal up visions and prophets’: we know that we are still having visions and prophets right, that’s not sealed up. Yah is still talking to us through prophets and through visions. ‘And to anoint the Most Set-apart’: so we know none of these things has happened but he said 70 weeks. These things are supposed to happen in 70 weeks. ‘This is decreed for your people’. Aha, let’s break this down. He’s not talking about 70 weeks as in a 7 day week. He’s talking about a week in terms of a week being a period of 7 years. And some of the Gentiles like to say a prophetic week. That is what he is talking about.

Let me show you what I’m talking about here. Let’s go to the book of Genesis chapter 29. Because in Scripture one week sometimes equals to a period of 7 years. We are not talking about a regular 7 day week. We are talking about in terms of prophesy here. Daniyah is going to give us a time period of Yahoshua’s execution. He’s going to give us a time period also of the man of sin and what he is going to come on the scene to do.

Genesis 29, we are looking at ‘weeks’, 70 weeks he gave. We will see that these weeks are equal to 7  years. 1 week=7 years. So if you have 70 weeks, you have 70 periods of 7 years. So 1 week=7 years, so you have 70, seven-year periods.

Let’s go to Genesis 29. Whew, I got nervous because I see a page of Genesis hanging out here and I thought it is the page that we are going to but that’s just Genesis 6.

Genesis 29:27-28 This is Jacob our father when he was trying to get his wife. He was working for Laban. Laban had him working all those years to get his wife that he loved. Right? v. 27 Do you see that?( Reads v. 27 again). So that week that Laban is talking about is a period of 7 years. v. 28 Do you see? So he completed that period of 7 years.

So when we look at this 70 weeks, we are talking about 70, seven-year periods. So this is why I was telling you to get your calculators out here. Let’s go back to Daniyah 9:24. (Reads it again). so to calculate this we calculate it 70 x 7. This is where we start at first. Because we are looking at that one week is 7 years. And so Gabriyah said there are 70. So let’s look at this. So 70 x 7=490 year period. So everything that he is telling him is a 490 year period. So from the time that Gabriyah brought this to Daniyah, we are looking at 490 years till everything is made right. We are looking at 490 years for the return of Yahoshua to rule Yahrushalom forever.

But Gabriyah breaks it down to Daniyah so that he can understand even clearer. Let’s look at this because even during this time, 490 years consecutively have passed since Daniyah received this prophesy and understanding of it. So let’s go to v. 25 of Daniyah chapter 9.

Daniyah 9:25 ‘Shall be 7 weeks’. Let’s stop right here. He said from the time that Yahrushalom shall be built. Shall be rebuilt. He said until that time we are looking at a 7 week period. So we are looking at 7 x 7. We are looking at a 49 year period right here. So the key to understanding this is when was the commandment given to restore and to rebuild Yahrushalom. Let’s go to the Scriptures. Let’s look at some history real quick. The children of Judah were taken into Babylonian captivity in the year 586 before the common era. Now ehen you are counting in BCE, the years go down. They don’t go up. Like say I wanted to add 10  onto the year 586 BCE, well that number would go down to 576 BCE. Instead of going to 596. Because you count down from BCE, you count all the way down to the common era. This is how the Gentiles have calculated this. And it is sorta on a correct time fame as we look at history and even as we understand the things that have happened during those time periods that they have assigned those numbers too.

So when we look at this, he said (reads v. 25 again). ‘Is seven weeks’ now he’s breaking down a 490 year period so he’s taking 49 years off that 490 year period and saying listen for the commandment given to restore Yahrushalom. Now we were taken into captivity to the Babylonians in the year 586 BCE Now Yah gave the prophesy to Yeremiyah and Daniyah was reading the writing s of Yeremiyah to understand that we were only to stay in Babylon for a period of 70 years. The numbers 70 and 7 are just being thrown all around. Right? So 586 BCE, we stayed there 70 years. Let’s go to verse 2 of Daniyah 9.

Daniyah 9:2 So here we are in Babylon, taken in 586 BCE. So let’s take off 70 from that, the 70 years we spent in Babylon. The going forth and rebuilding of Yahrushalom this actually happened in history. So we were taken to Babylon in 586 BCE. When we left Babylon the Medo-Persian Empire had just taken over. They had defeated the Babylonians and they had just taken command of the Babylonian Empire. Now the Medes and Persians were the world ruling empire.

So take away 70 from 586. (586-70=516) and we are at the year 516. So around the year 516 the children of Ysrayl were freed from Babylonian captivity. So this is when he said ‘from the commandment of going forth’.

Now let’s go to 2 Chronicles chapter 36. When King Koreish or Cyrus the Great his is also called who was the king of the Medes and Persian Empire at that time. When they came and defeated Babylon and it was the year 516, it was time for the children of Ysrayl to go because Yah said that you are only going to be there 70 years. So He gave the commandment, and Cyrus gave the commandment to the children of Ysrayl to go back to Yahrushalom and to restore it and to rebuild it. So from that point, it was 49 years until the Messiyah. We are going to stop there and then we will finish reading v. 25.

2 chronicles 36, this is when the commandment was given by Cyrus the great for the Israylites to go back and to build Yahrushalom and to build the temple and everything. So wild Gentiles try to say that this did not happen, that there is no record of it in the Medo-Persian Empire. Blah, blah, blah.

2 Chronicles 36:22-23 Now remember when Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians came through. They tore down the temple. So the temple was not standing for those 70 years when we were in captivity. They burned it down. So during the days of Nehemiyah and Ezra we were allowed by the king of Medo-Persia to go back home and build up the temple.

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