The Bible vs. Christianity p. 2c

Now remember when the Messiyah taught, He taught from what’s called the law and the prophets. There was no book called the new testament during His time. He did not go and teach the people from the book of Galatians. The Book of Galatians was not in existence. He did not go and teach from the book of Romans. He did not do any of that. He taught from the laws and the prophets. He taught from the Book of Genesis. He taught from the Book of Exodus. He taught from the Book of Leviticus. He taught from the Book of Numbers. He taught from the Book of Deuteronomy. He taught from Tellihim. He taught from Yeremiyah. He taught from Daniyah. This is where He did all His teachings from. Those books. Because there was no new testament at that time. So you can not be a new testament Christian and say that you are of this Book. Not at all. That’s something non-existent. That’s non-existent creature. Something that hasn’t even been made up in a laboratory yet. Something that’s of the minds of men. You know, something that just doesn’t exist.

Alright, let’s go into number 4. Is there life after death? From the Scriptures we will see the answer to that is nope. Not life after death as it is taught in the Christian religion. And in fact, what we are going to see is that when you die…you are dead. That’s it, when you die you are dead. And when you are dead there is no conscious in you. And when there is no conscious, you can’t see. You can’t hear. You can’t eat. That’s why we mourn over our dead. When a loved one dies, we cry for them because we miss them. That’s called mourning. Because we know that we will not see them again. We know that we will not hear them again. We know that they will not see us and laugh and joke with us and do all the things that they use to do with us because they are dead now, there’s no conscious in the body. There’s no breath. So is there life after death? In the Christian religion, its taught that once a man dies, his spirit continues to live on but that old body goes into the grave. Is that truth? I’m going to tell you now that, that is not truth. And we are going to prove this.

Let’s get this understanding. Whenever we read in Scripture where it talks about the Spirit of man…(talks to someone) we will go over how to keep the Shabbat in the question and answer after the lesson. (laughs) Thank you ahkotee just make sure the apple doesn’t have a worm in it. I will accept the apple.

Let’s start this off in Ecclesiastes 12. Post from the King James. We are going to show that when the Scriptures talk about a spirit in man. It’s talking about what is called the breath of life. We are going to explain what the breath of life is in just a moment. Then we will go over some Scriptures that support what the breath of life is then you will see that there’s no living after death. Because if there was life after death wouldn’t we have left this life long ago to go live another one? I know I would. All the things I have been through and all the things I have seen, I would have said long ago forget this, if there’s another life let me go get it now. Let me do away with one. Whatever means possible, I guess suicide would be the ultimate form of entertainment so to speak… if there was a life better than this one. And that you get this life after you leave this one. That’s why Sam Cook in his song, that great song ‘a change is gonna come’. He says a phrase in the song. He says ‘It’s too hard living but I’m afraid to die because I don’t know what’s up there in the sky’. So what he was saying is just the sentiment that we all have. Is that we actually don’t know what’s after this. But Christians teach a lie to give you…I don’t know if the purpose…well the whole purpose of it is this: Life after death is an ancient doctrine. Just like the trinity, it’s ancient. It comes from way back. We are going to examine and see in the Scripture where this doctrine came from. We will see whose mouth it came from that says you continue to live after you die. That’s straight from his mouth. So look at this.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 Then the dust shall return to the earth as it was. Dust meaning the body because your body was created from the dust. And it says that the spirit shall return to Yah who gave it. This word spirit brothers and sisters is translated from the Hebrew word ‘Ruach’. As we told you that Yah is the Ruach ha Qodesh meaning the set apart Spirit. So this word is translated from the word Ruach. The Ruach means to blow. It means wind. And it means life. It means breath. That’s what Ruach means, it means breath or life. And the actual word that should be there is breath. If y’all can post (it) from the Scriptures, give me the posting from the Scriptures. Ecclesiastes 12:7 from the translation called the Scriptures.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 Where it says ‘and the spirit shall return to Yah’, it should say and the breath, the life breath or the breath of life shall return unto Yah who gave it.

And we are going to see that this is what Yah put into the mans body when he created Adam, he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And Adam became alive. He did not put into Adam’s body a spirit. Because spirits don’t die. Spirits live forever. They live forever.

So let’s look at this. We are going to break this down for you. Post Ecclesiastes 12:7, from the Scriptures. I’m going to show you where it says ‘and the spirit shall return to Yah’. It should be ‘and the breath shall return to Yah’.

Absolutely, that’s what it is because when we see this word spirit, we start to think it’s talking about like a ghost. And preachers preach this all the time within the Christian belief that you have a little man living in you. They say that this is not you. But that you have a little man living in you and when you die the little man comes out and starts partying. So what they are telling you is this: All these wicked men that have ever lived. Adolf Hitler and these other crazy Gentiles, Hebrew and Hamites that have just done some awful things. (Talks to someone) Yeah, a mini me (laughs) right that’s what they say, that a mini me is inside of you. But that’s not true. Now we are going to see brothers and sisters that Yah kicked us out of the garden because of our wickedness. And Yah kept us from what is called the tree of life.

Let’s kick this off with Genesis 2. I’m going to show that spirit mentioned here in Ecclesiastes 12:7 is breath. Genesis 2, let’s look at the creation of the man. Remember wherever you see that word elohim, we are inserting Yah’s true name. Yah’s name.

Genesis 2:7 In the King James it says that man became a living soul. Do you see that? Man became a living soul. So Yah breathed into the body. Now let’s get this. When Yah created him out of the dust of the ground, He formed him from the dust of the ground. Adam was just a human man laying in the dirt. A full human, he was not a (inaudible) and so Yah breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and Adam became a living soul. Do you see that? He became a living soul after Yah breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life. That’s when he became alive. It did not say that Yah put a soul inside of Adam but he became a living soul. A living breathing soul, a human, a being with what is called the breath of life.

The breath of life brothers and sisters, it is your life source. It is your life’s function. Without the breath of life you will not live. Without the breath in your body you can not live. The breath of life contains everything about you. (It contains) your conscience. Everything is stored in what is called the breath of life. So within this breath of life, contains you. It contains you.

It’s just like a computer without electricity. You know if you have a desk top computer, you have to plug that bad fellow in the wall, into the socket to get that electricity and the electricity will turn your computer on. But if you unplug it from the wall socket and you try to turn it on you will not get any power. Because it needs that power, the electricity to make it work. When Adam was just laying in the dirt, he was just a man there. He was dead. But Yah put that breath of life in him, the life breath in him and Adam became living. That’s the electricity that sparks our beings.

Let’s go to Genesis 2:16-17. We are still talking about question 4, is there life after death? The ‘spirit’ in man is the breath of life. So is there life after death? What we are showing you is that after Yah created man, He did not created man with a spirit inside of him. We were just created with the breath of life. That’s what it is. And then that returns back to Yah. We opened this up with Ecclesiastes 12:7 it said that the body goes back to the dust and the breath of life returns to Yah. Your life breath. And Yah stores that up. Wherever He puts it until the end of time, until judgment.

Genesis 2:16-17, this is very critical Ysrayl. Because now you will see the origin of life after death doctrine.

Genesis 2:16-17 Wait a minute. Yah said ‘you shall certainly’. So when Yah says certainly (surely) to anything you better rest ashore that, that is going to happen. (Verse 17 read again). So He is giving Adam a commandment right here. Adam when you do this, you are going to die.

So let’s look. Let’s go over to Genesis 3. This is the origin of life after death, what we are about to read. Because Yah already told you, you are going into the ground, you are going to die. But no, somebody else said no you continue to live after you die. (He lied and said) you know, you have a spirit dancing in you, you go to the dust and that spirit continues on. Let’s look at the origin in the life after death doctrine.

Genesis 3:1-4 v. 1 Read. v. 2 Satan is called a reptile here. Reptilians, we will talk about soon in the lesson about the fallen angels. v. 3 So Eve understood this commandment. She is quoted it back to the adversary. But this is the key right here. v. 4 He said ‘you shall not die’. Wait, didn’t we just read in Genesis chapter 2:17 that Yah said you shall surely, certainly die? But the serpent that is influenced under satan came back and told her ‘you ain’t gonna die’.

So now we have the ground work, the foundation of the beginning of the life after death doctrine. This is where it came from. It came from satan. That’s right he is a liar, he is the father of lies. He was a murderer from the beginning because what he just told Eve right here or Hawah in Hebrew and got her to partake and eat of that fruit that she was not supposed to do. This is when death came in and the adversary literally murdered us (John 8:44). (Talks to someone) That’s right he is a murderer, a murderer from the beginning. He murdered us at the beginning of our history by telling us this lie that we shall not die. That is the same doctrine that is being taught in the churches today because it’s an ancient doctrine. The Egyptians believed in life after death. The Greeks believed in life after death. The Romans, the Babylonians also. The Muslims do. That’s why you see these brothers today, these Muslim brothers say this life is to much of a wreck, I’m promised in my faith in Islam that if I become a martyr (one who is killed because of their beliefs) then I get my 70 naked virgins in heaven. So Muslims believe in the life after death.

But that’s not so. This comes directly from the mouth of the adversary ha shatan or satan. Lucifer in Latin. Hiliel or Azazel in Hebrew. Satan, the adversary this is where he told her that you will not die. But Yah had already said you will die if you do that.

Let’s go to Genesis 3. We are already in chapter 3. Let’s go to verse 19. Look at what Yah says. He is clear on this y’all.

Genesis 3:19 You were taken from the earth. You are not a spiritual being, Adam. Because if you have a spirit living in you, this means that once you die, you continue to live. This is what the Christians teach. That you continue to live, this is big-time in our culture. Hebrew Israylite culture or quote-unquote African-American culture especially in the south, to believe in ghosts or haints. All that stuff is big in our culture. Because we believe that there is life after death and that once the body goes into the ground that there’s a spirit that lives on.

Many of you have been taught Christians and you believe to this very hour that your dead loved one is in heaven looking down upon you. Many of you have fallen into an idolatrous state by praying to the dead loved one. Instead of praying to the Master Yah, you pray to grandma Ethel. That’s who you are praying to. You should have all your worship aimed toward the Father. But you have been taught this in that religion. There is no life after death.

Look at this Yah said to dust you shall return. That’s clear. He said you will surely die if you eat from here, Adam. That’s a positive there, that man will die. Where is Adam today? Has anybody seen Adam lately? Has anybody been hanging out with Adam and (inaudible) like the old days? No, Adam is in the grave. And everybody who has proceeded from him and that lived during his time is in the grave. Enoch is in the grave. Methuselah is in the grave. Seth is in the grave. Moses is in the grave. Aaron is in the grave. King David is in the grave. Their all dead because we die now. But that was not the  original plan of Yah. Let’s go to verses 22-24.

Do you understand Christians that the reason Yah the Most High kicked us out of the garden was so that we don’t take hold of the tree of life and eat from that tree and live forever. We had to be kicked out of the garden for that reason.

Genesis 3:22-24, v. 22-23 So Yah sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. v. 24 Do you see that? Yah kicked us out so that we don’t live forever. So that we don’t have a life after death. We had already sinned and been disobedient to Him. Now had we gone in there and ate from the tree of life, then you would have lived forever. But since He put you out before you had the chance and notice He is guarding the tree of life. He is guarding it with cherubim angels with flaming swords. So the garden of Eden is a physical location on earth. It’s not spiritual. But it’s being hidden and guarded. So no man can go in there and try to get the tree of life.

If you all have ever heard of the fountain of youth, this story that the Gentiles tell. Well that is talking about the tree of life. They have all types of symbolism that they use for the tree of life which they are still looking for till this very day. They are still looking for the tree of life.

So we see that when we die that’s it. What’s in us is called the breath of life. Let’s go to Genesis 6:17. The next two parts being-born again and heaven and hell are short. We  will not go into real deep because then we would be here all day.

Genesis 6:17 Do you see that? Yah said that He was going to destroy all on the earth which has the breath of life. All that is on the earth is going to die. So when Yah brought the flood everything with the breath of life, every thing that breathed man and animal, everything that had the breath of life, Yah killed. ‘From all that is under the heavens all flesh with the breath of life shall die’. Do you see that? The breath of life was taken out of them and they died. Yah did not remove spirits from them but the breath of life. This is what’s inside of man. This contains everything about you. Your whole life. Everything.

Let’s go to Genesis 7:22.

Genesis 7:22 So once again everybody who was on dry land and that had the breath of life, they died. The breath of life is what keeps you going. This is what returns to Yah upon your death, not a spirit.

Let’s go to the Book of Joshua 11:11. Just to show you that it’s the breath of life contained in your body. There’s no life after death. Once you die…that’s it. There’s no continuing to live. There’s no conscious. There’s none of that .

Joshua 11:11 That’s right no man can breathe under water because man was not created to live under water. No man can live outside of earth’s atmosphere because man was not made to live outside the earth’s atmosphere. He was made to live on earth. Man was created from the earth. (Dust you are); Dust you shall return. That’s why even when you fly in an airplane, they must have the cabin pressure right. If that cabin pressure is not right, you can suffocate even on an airplane because you are too high up in the air. We are made for this earth. We are earthly creatures.

Let’s go to Ecclesiastes chapter 3. When you go into the ground brothers and sisters, that’s it. There’s nothing else left for you. So this is why you have to walk correct now. You must get your walk correct, right now. You must be on it, now. Because if you don’t get it correct, now there is no other chance for you. You must get it going now. If you fail right here, if you don’t get right with Yah by keeping His commandments, loving Him and doing what’s right in His sight…you aren’t getting a second chance. You aren’t dying, been dead 5 years and then coming back. Unless you die 5 years before the great tribulation. Where you will be in the first or second resurrection, who knows? There’s going to be two resurrections: one for the righteous and one for the wicked. Let’s go to Ecclesiastes 3.

Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 Do you see that? There you go. There’s one even y’all. (The one event) that befalls the sons of men and beasts. What is that one even? Death. Just like we die, the animals die. One event. As one dies, so dies the other. They have one breath. We have breath, the animals have breath. That’s why we just read that Yah destroyed everything upon the earth that had the breath of life in it.

So the angels which are a different being, does not have the breath of life like we have. That is why they were not destroyed in the flood. But that is for another lesson. So all are going to one place.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 146:4. This is to let y’all know so you understand this y’all. So you won’t be around here thinking it’s okay for you to die now, now that you have your walk straight with The Father because you know there’s going to be life after death, pie in the sky and that stuff. Psst, no-no. Look at this Psalm 146.

Psalm 146:4 It should say His breath goes out. (finishes reading). So when the breath leaves your body and you return to the earth, it says your plans perish. Why? Because when you are in the grave, you have no conscious. You can’t see. You can’t eat. You can’t think. You can’t do nothing. That’s why when you die they can embalm your body and do all that stuff that they do to you. open you up and take all  your insides out. You don’t feel that stuff. Because you are dead. That’s why they take it out of you because you don’t need it anymore. It all stops working. Throw it away, in the garbage, you know.

Truthfully that’s what it is. That is what the embalming process is. And so they can do all those things to you because you don’t feel anything. There’s no conscious. Everything about you has ended. Your days have ended. When you die that is the end of your days. You will not see another day after that. Not in this physical world. Because if you die now, your days will begin either in the kingdom or your days will begin in the lake of fire. You will end up in (one) of two places after this death. See this death (inaudible) sleep. That’s what it is. It’s sleep because your all going to awaken from this death. Let’s go to Ecclesiastes chapter 9. Let me show you what I’m talking about here.

Ecclesiastes chapter 9, I hope that you all are following along and getting some understanding. I’m kind of speeding through these Scriptures because I want to be done within the next 45 minutes or so. Because I don’t want to put too much on you.

Ecclesiastes 9:3-10, v. 3 Now we just read what that one event back in Ecclesiastes chapter 3. That is death. It is one event to all (continues to read v. 3) v. 4 Read. v. 5 Do you see that? A living dog is better than a dead lion. Now we know a lion is the fiercest bravest animal in the animal kingdom. Now if a lion is alive, it will slaughter a dog. But if a lion is dead there is nothing it can do to a dog. So what would you rather have guarding your house? A dead lion or a live guard dog. Do you understand? So He said for the living know that they shall die. We all know that there will be death coming our way one day. Nothing. Whoever had a conversation with a dead man? You know, dead men don’t tell tales right? So if a dead man has a secret, you know in all these mob movies, when they see that a man is going to go out and do something against them. They try to kill that man to quiet him. (Talks to someone) laughs, well she is the exception. Because she is not speaking to dead men, she’s speaking to demons. (Reads verse 5 again). When you are in the grave you have no more memory y’all.

v. 6-7 Everything about that person is gone. Their love, their envy, the things that they liked, the things they disliked, all of that is gone when that person is dead. They do not continue a life after that. v. 8-9 So He’s saying hey go ahead, have fun, have a good time. You know love your wife, wives. Love your husband. Go ahead and do all those good things. But continue to do the good work of Yah. v. 10 Ain’t that something? How in the world is there life after that? Yah told you that you are going to go into the grave and look this is what it’s saying here in Ecclesiastes. Look at that. (There is no work, device, knowledge or wisdom in the grave). That’s why I say whatever you believe Hebrews, you believe it with all your might. And you make sure your belief is of the truth of Yah because your belief  is the ONLY thing that you take to the grave with you. (Talks to someone) No purgatory ahk, not at all. You go into that grave and you go to sleep. You are resting.

So when a man who died 5,000 years ago, when he’s awakened from his sleep. He is going to think it’s that same day that he died. He’s not going to know he’s been asleep that long. Just like when you go to sleep. You go to sleep at 10 at night and you have been sleeping hard. From 10 pm to 10 am. When you awaken you do not know what has gone on from 10 o’ clock pm to 10 o clock am, you were unconscious. You will have no knowledge of that.

So it says whatever you do, you better do it with all your might y’all. There is no work, no plan, no knowledge, no wisdom in the grave where you go. Do you see that? There is nothing coming out of you to continue to live after you die. There is no life after death. Yah told you that you are going into the grave. Satan said you aren’t going to die. Satan is the author of life after death. He said you shall not die but Yah said you will die. You are going to be gone.

And there’s going to come a time for 2 resurrections. Let’s go to John chapter 5. Everyone that is in the grave, is in the grave. They are still there. Go ask pharaoh Rameses. They buried him what three, four thousand years ago. They put all these gold trinkets and all this in his grave as if he was going to take it with him. You go look at the British Museum and see Pharaoh Rameses today. He’s still there. All the gold trinkets they put in his grave with him, they are still there. None of it went anywhere. Rameses is awaiting either the first or second resurrection. And from the looks of things and reading about him, oh man, he’s going to be awakened in that second one. That’s going to happen a thousand years after the first one. So I’m not saying but just from the looks of things, I don’t know where he’s going to be because that’s Yah’s judgment. But just knowing the history of pharaoh Ramases…doesn’t seem like he was trying to serve Yah.

John 5, let’s look at these resurrections. Everyone who has died is in the grave. Adam is in the grave. Moses is in the grave. David is in the grave. They are all in the grave. (Talks to someone) Yep, we are going to get into that. Yoseph when he spoke to his mother (in the book of Yasher after she died), he used divination. I’m not going to talk about that right here. But I’m going to talk about King Saul and Shemuyah (Samuel) the prophet. Many people believe that, that was Shemuyah the prophet being awakened. So they say that, that proves that we have souls and all that stuff. But not at all.

But look at this. Yahoshua speaking in John 5:28-29.

John 5:28-29 So Yahoshua is saying here that there’s going to be what’s called a resurrection. There’s going to be two resurrections when Yahoshua the Messiyah returns. All those who have died in Him, believing in Him, those who have endured to the end will be resurrected in that first resurrection. They will rule 1,000 years on the earth with the Messiyah in the kingdom of Yah. After that 1,000 years is up because during that thousand years, satan will be in prison. After that thousand years is up satan will be let loose from prison. Paroled as we know it today. And satan is going to come upon the earth and he’s still going to go out and make folly on the earth. Then Yah is going to destroy him for good and throw him into the lake of fire forever.

So there are going to be two resurrections. After satan is thrown into the lake of fire then the ones who did not make the first resurrection, they will rise in the second resurrection and they will go into the lake of fire. This is what Yahoshua is talking about right here.

Let’s go to the Book of Daniyah chapter 12. Daniyah spoke about these resurrections. What we just read in John chapter 5, it’s also in the Book of Daniyah. Daniyah talked about these resurrections. There will be two resurrections brothers and sisters. So if a man is in heaven or hell tonight, that means that he has already been judged so what is the need for a resurrection? That’s why now, doesn’t it make sense when we go into the grave now that we stay there and just await Yah’s (call?). He’s going to awaken you in the first resurrection or the second one. Hey you will be in either one. All men will be awaken from this first sleep which is death.

Daniyah 12: 1-2 Do you see that? Distress=trouble, so we are talking about the great tribulation here. So right here he said what? Those that sleep in the dust, remember from dust you came and dust you shall return. Those who sleep because they are going to be awakened. He said they will be woke up, that’s resurrection. To be brought back to life again. So he said that those who sleep in the dust. The first death is just sleep. Because you will be resurrected from it either in the first resurrection or the second resurrection. Then Daniyah said some will wake up to everlasting life those in the first resurrection will be awaken to everlasting life in the kingdom. Those in the second (resurrection), you are going to the lake of fire.

Let’s go to the Book of Revelations chapter 20. See, I just wanted to show you that you are not living after you die here. There’s no reason for you to continue to live on. There’s no life after death. You go into the dust and that is where you stay until the times of the resurrection. There’s no need for a spirit to come out of you and to continue living. That breath returns back to Yah and Yah stores it wherever He stores it. And on the day of judgment and every man is going to be judged, on the day of judgment either in the first resurrection or the second, it will be returned (to you). That is your conscience. So if Yah is judging you, the only way that you can be properly judged is that if you remember what you are being judged for. So He has to return conscience which is the breath of life. He has to return that but you won’t be in these flesh bodies anymore you are going to be changed over to a spiritual body. You are going to be changed to a spirit. Because that is the only way a spirit can live in the kingdom of Yah. A spirit can only live forever. These flesh bodies were never built to live forever. So once these go into the grave, they turn into dust and when you are resurrected you will have a new spiritual form. Whether you are going into the lake of fire or whether you are going into the kingdom with everlasting life. You ae going to be changed into a spiritual form.

Revelation chapter 20. Whatever translation you are reading, it’s all saying the same thing that there is not a spirit living in man. There is not a spirit that comes out of us when we die. We go into the dust and the breath of life returns to Yah. And we wait upon the resurrections from Yah after that breath of life. The 1st or 2nd resurrection, you will be in one of them. Revelation chapter 20.

Revelation 20:4-6, v. 4 Read. v. 5 This is the first resurrection. So two resurrections we have here. The first resurrection is those who are righteous in Messiyah they are going to be raised first. They are going to rule with Him, 1,000 years. The second resurrection will take place a thousand years after the first one. For that 1,000 year time that, that first one is taking place, satan will be in chains locked away in (prison). Let me just give y’all something here. Where do you think man got the idea of a justice system from? The same way how you see he does his criminals, this is something that is not new. This has been with man from a long time ago. It was taught to man by the fallen angels. Because this is the way Yah runs the heavens. The Egyptians had this saying: ‘so above, as below’. Those things that are done in heaven, they are patterned on earth. So satan will be sentenced to a thousand years in prison for what he has done. He’s going to ultimately be sentenced to death. And he will receive ultimately the second death, the lake of fire. He is going to be chained and put away for 1,000 years.

v. 6 Look at that. (It says) blessed and set-apart are those who take part in the 1st resurrection. (Continues to read). So those who are in the 1st resurrection , you are going into the kingdom, you will live forever. The second death are those in the 2nd resurrection, the second death is for eternity. The first death is just sleep. The second death is forever. The second death is the lake of fire. Let’s go to verses 11-15.

Revelation 20:11-15, v. 11 Read. v. 12 Do you see that? He said I saw the dead. These people were still dead. This is when the 2nd resurrection is happening. This is letting you know that when they died they stayed in the grave. They didn’t go nowhere. They stayed in the grave and now they are being resurrected a thousand years after Messiyah had returned. Now they will be resurrected and now they will be judged (condemned).

v. 13-15 Now in the King James Bible. Instead of grave it says in v. 14 that ‘death and hell’ were thrown into the lake of fire. We are going to get into that in just a moment. Hell brothers and sisters is the grave. In this translation called The Scriptures it has the correct translation there as ‘grave’. Hell is the grave. Hell is NOT a place of hot burning torment. THE LAKE OF FIRE is that.

But yeah, there are going to be two resurrections. I am showing you that man will be judged at a select time. Man does not get judged immediately after death. He goes into the grave and that’s where he stays. There’s no remembrance. There’s no conscious (in the grave). This lake of fire was created for satan and satan’s boys, satan’s angels.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 12. I will save number 6 for next week. I’m going to close out with being born again. But right here we are still dealing with life after death.

Who was in the lake of fire? All that we just read in Revelation about satan being cast in the lake are coming. I’m going to do heaven and hell next week, we will close out with being born again. We read that when man dies, he dies right…that’s it. Hey after that, no need for him to live after that. Death is permanent until the resurrections. Yah said you shall certainly die and when Yah gives you that commandment that you shall certainly do this…there’s no debating that. But then we saw that satan came along and said ‘hey Listen go ahead and eat it so you can be like Yah’. So that was the deception of the devil.

So do you see how this ancient doctrine, the trinity this ancient doctrine, life after death is being taught everyday? There’s going to be millions, billions that will hear this false doctrine tomorrow morning in their Sunday worshipping services as they gather on the first day of the week to go into worship when the Most High gave us the 7th day. (inaudible) but then they get up early Sunday morning to go worship the sun on the day of the sun…on the day S-u-n-d-a-y. Do you understand?

Mattithyah 12:27 Read. This is the wrong (Scripture). I put the wrong Scripture down here. Anyway, the lake of fire was created for satan and satan’s angels. (Talks to someone) Yeah you know that happens sometimes, you know how that be ahk, those wrong Scriptures.

But there is not life continuing after death y’all. How hard is that to understand? We could have just went to what Yah said in Genesis and cut if off there. But there is even more on this subject but this is an abbreviated version. But there is no life after death. You don’t continue to go hop-scotching and playing having the power of a spirit. Do you know how powerful spirits are? That’s why when you see situations of ghosts, do you know what that is? Let me explain this. A ghost is a spirit who has the power by sucking energy from you. Especially when a person has died and you release all that energy and that breath of life returns to Yah and all that energy that is released from the body. A spirit can grab hold of the energy. Everything that is in you is encompassed in that breath of life because it’s going up to Yah. And they can just get a little smell of that and get your whole history and present themselves to be you.

That’s why you hear about these people, you know ‘oh grandma is walking through the house late at night’. ‘Oh grandpa has come back and now he is giving you a message’. That is of SATAN. That is demonic, deception. That’s the exact same thing you see with the situation with the prophet Shemuyah (Samuel) and Saul. Let’s go to 1 Samuel chapter 28. We have to go here because we have to understand the power of spirits. Yah did not give you that power of a spirit. You were not born with that. Remember Yah had to kick you out of the garden. He said least you grab hold of the tree of life and live forever. So Yah had to kick out man so you will not grab hold of the tree of life.

So therefore you don’t have spirits in you. You die like Yah said. Yahoshua said ‘everybody that is in the grave’. The book of Daniyah said ‘all those who are asleep in the dust’. They are going to be raised to everlasting life and some to everlasting contempt, damnation.

1 Samuel 28, this is when our first King of Ysrayl, King Saul reigned. King Saul always went to the prophet Shemuyah or Samuel as you know him. Saul was about to go to battle so he needed Samuel’s approval of this but Samuel is dead now. So Saul went to find another prophet but could not find another prophet. Yah cut off communication with King Saul because he became wicked. So Saul goes to a witch (medium) and  tries to conjure up Samuel. Remember, we read in Ecclesiastes 12:7 that the breath returns back to Yah and the body returns to dust. The breath of life returns back to Yah. That’s in Yah’s hands. No man can take that from Yah’s hands. You can’t go get a witch to go grab that out of Yah’ hands. Satan can not take what is in Yah’s hands. Yah stores it away for the days of judgment. So He can restore that breath of life to your conscience and everything about you is (or will be) restored to you. So when He calls you on your particular sins you can’t say ‘oh I forgot about that’. Or ‘oh I don’t remember doing that’. All your remembrance will be given to you in what’s called the breath of life.

1 Samuel 28:6-14, v. 6 Put this verse into your conscious. This verse let’s us know what is about to proceed. What’s about to happen is not of Yah. Why? Because it say right here in v. 6 that Yah did NOT answer Saul. He did not send Saul a prophet. Where it says Urim, that’s talking about the priest’s breastplate. Back in the day, our high priest and priests would wear this breastplate around their neck with 12 stones in it representing the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. And whenever we needed to inquire of Yah about a particular situation, we went to pray to Yah and He would light up those breastplates for yes or no. So Yah did not answer Saul by the prophets. He did not answer Saul by the priests and He did not even give him a dream. So Saul is trying to find out what he will do.

v. 7 Medium=witch. En Dor sounds like some place in Lord of the Rings. I don’t know if there is someplace in there called En Dor but it sounds like Lord of the Rings or needs to be there or something…The Witch of En Dor.

v. 8-9 He cut off all mediums, physics, witches, spiritualists from the land. Now that is what he was supposed to do as the King of Ysrayl. He was supposed to make sure there were no witches in the land. Because witches require death. There was a death sentence (Exodus 22:18) Yah did not want us to consult with demons through witchcraft.

v. 10 Look at that, swearing to a witch!! When Yah already said you get rid of witches and he’s swearing on Yah’s name. WICKED! v. 11-14 Do you see that? She said I see a spirit coming up and the form of the spirit is the spirit of an old man. Now the King James says that Saul perceived that this was Shemuyah. But did we not read in v. 6 that Yah did not answer him so Yah is not going to let Samuel’s breath return through a WITCH! Wouldn’t Yah be going against His Word (if He did that)? (The recording cut’s off here and then comes back stayed tuned for part d).


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